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REFLECTIONS 74 Albany High School Reflections on Each day our world shares many thoughts and feelings. Could it be that wc don’t take time to help out a friend in need or that we take our lives for granted':' Each of us has been gifted with a brain to think and a mind to open. We all share hard times, hut we must let the good times surpass the bad. Don't waste time feeling hatred or disgust. Time just won't wait for you: you must live every moment of your life to its fullest If only concern and understanding for one another could be taught to us. Rather, we must experience these things before we even give them a thought. Loneliness is usually a sad and depressed feeling, although after you have seen its effects you should begin to be more sensitive to others. Thoughts and feelings are what make us the persons we are. They are essential for us to live a complete life. Be an individual and remember that no one can take your identity from you. Make up your own mind to accomplish something with your life, and strive for that goal. We are here to enjoy what we do. so find out where your interests are. You will only get out of life what you are willing to give it.  Student Life Reflections on LOOK AT HER A Beautiful sight So natural, so simple Moving with grace Touched by nature herself flow on....... Discover INNOCENCE Innocent and pure Unaware of life’s many hurts Why must she be enveloped by a life We have created. Can we leave her such a problem? She is innocent and pure. ALONE Who can I turn to in times of need? Be it you, or be it mo. First 1 myself must realize. It is I who am alone, not you. Why is it that I'm alone? Will you be my friend? 4NatureWe make friendships, face decisions, cherish dreams. Some die and fade out of our lives-while others grow to immeasurable depths of meaning and significance. In all aspects of our lives we are pushed and prodded to determine which way to go; we are pressured to discover where we are going . . . Where are you going, Albany High Seniors?there is a silent meaning behind all things . . . 7Reflections on Renae Alderman Kelvin Blaser Tim Alexander Eugene Briggs Gail Atkinson Denise Dowden Carey Baumgartner Don ElmerSeniors Terri Elmer I.aura Heinsohn Gary Gill Russell Hill Curt Goltz Keith Hulhert Tom Graebncr Raymond JanesLinda Krupke LuAnn Ostenson Randy Larson Chery! Parker Tina I rson Jack Petersen Jeff Lyle Pat Phillips 10Seniors Debbie Rcasa J« an ie Spoorry Todd Runaas Katie Vnegeli Margaret Sowl Shelley Sell now Daryl ZillioxCLASS MOTTO-All of our yesterdays have brought us hero; now where are we going? CLASS COLORS-Dark blue and Green CLASS FLOWER-Mums-Green GRADUATION DATE-Mav 80, 1974 2 Reflections on Threw Stooge What a weirdo’Who twtid thi Itleonei Aw. comp on you guy ! U. Uiorv comfortable thi- way Dedication A year summer to summer. l9?tt-lS7-J A voarlKx-K gathers memories and reflections, joins them together, and waits for the time when the Imk4 is reopenc-d: lieginning tho year once again. Student , experiencing unity anil togetherness llirmighoul the seasons of the year, capture them treasured moment within each photo and rapt ion. The IP74 Comet bring hack to life a year Itharod by nil student at Albany 14 Ql Gathering incidents, memories, and reflections of school life, and putting them together in a book is a challenging and exciting experience. The ”74" Comet was one such experience. A few of the aspects of putting together this yearbook were the taking of pictures, the writing of copy, and the meeting of deadlines. Making decisions together, using new ideas, and working with a staff as a whole group were a few of the harder aspects involved. Special thanks go to Holgeson's Studio, Miss Bonnie Tollaek. Mr. Terry Astin. Miss Jennie SVohdra (our ad visor), and Mr. Tom McCauley for the long hours sfK»nt in making this Uwik complete. One year’s activities and memories have been summed up in the "71" Comet. Peace is not needing to know what will happen next; and in this yearbook you never could tell what might happen next. As you page through the hook now. and in later years, we hope you will see yourself reflected in some wuv. Best of Luck to the 1975 annual .staff. Sincerely. The 1973-71 Editors 15SENIOR OFFICERS LINDA: Advice to Underclassmen "Whatever you do, don’t drop out of school during your Senior year. After going through three years, you might as well stick it out for a fourth. Be active in school activities.” MARGARET: Advice to Underclassmen "Belong to only as many extra curricular activities that you feel you can participate fully in. Hold your chin up and smile, things aren't as had as they may seem." RUSS: Advice ti Underclassmen "Don’t let the tough times gel you down. Stand by your beliefs, and don’t let others run your lives. As important as it is to stick it out through the had times, remember, don’t let the good times pass you by. J7TEACHER Don Cornwell: Hand and Chorus: High School Pep Band Advisor and Senior Class Advisor Kris Hansim: Librarian: Kathy Gardner: Sciences: Pom Pon Director and Junior Class Advisor Tom Gardner: Agriculture: FFA Advisor Tom Gross: Social Studies: Ecology Club Advisor, Junior Class Advisor. Volleyball Coach. Varsity Basketball Coach, and Athletic Director Kay Miller: Art: Freshman Advisor Ellen Nordin: Home Economics: FHA Advisor and Style Show Coordinator The teachers at Albany High School play an important part in the education of our youth. However, their interests do not stop there. They also play an active part in the many school organizations, sports, and activities, such as Homecoming. Prom and the various class functions. They sene as class advisors, coaches and advisors for organizations.ACTIVITIES Arlt m Oliver: Mathematics: Forensics Coach and Sophomore Class Advisor Iao8 Sherwin; Girls Physical Education: Cheerleading Advisor, GAA, Senior Class Advisor. Varsity and J.V. Girls Basketball Coach, and Girls Softball Team Coach At the end of a long, busy school day, the teachers can be seen working along side the students who are striving to build a great team or cheerleading squad, or working to turn out a newspaper, yearbook, or play production that they can be proud of . With all these activities, though, they are still never to busy to smile. Sin Tens: French and English: French Club and Freshman Class Advisor John Vniiihrhoof: Industrial Arts: Sophomore Class Advisor Bob White: Boys Physical Education and Guidance Counselor. National Honor Society. Pep Club. Freshman Class Advisor. Cross Country. Track, and Junior High Basketball Coach Jennie Wundra: Business Education: Yearbook Advisor, and Senior Class Advisor Sin Zimmerman: English and Speech: Newspaj er Advisor, Pom Pon Director, Sophomore Class Advisor, and Play DirectorBUS DRIVERS: Standing: E. Coplien, M. Blumer, B. Ringhand, M. Ringhand,Seated: J. Rankins, M. Atkinson CUSTODIANS: Top: J. Tway. Left: C. Jones, Right: B. Nipple SCHOOL PERSONNEL The school personnel at Albany work hard to maintain a school to he proud of. Everyone does their part, resulting in a smoothly run school system. 77 SECRETARIES: Left to Right: C. King, P. Aeschliman COOKS AND KITCHEN HELP: At ove: E. Thorton, C. Durtschi, N. Friedrichs Below: L. Friedrichs, K. Blaser. G. Gempeler, L. Ostenson SUPERINTENDENT: Robert Allen SCHOOL BOARD: Standing: P. Hahn. P. Stefanik, W. McCreedy, W. Albertson Seated: V. Lerch, L. Dunphy, S. Blumer PRINCIPAL: Michael Henderson ADMINISTRATION The 1973-74 school term at Albany resulted in a new superintendent and a new high school principal. Robert Allen, the new superintendent of schools previously served as principal at Elroy, WI. He received his Bachelors Degree from U V-Stevens Point and a degree in education administration from UW-Madison. Michael Henderson, the new high school principal, previously taught at Port Washington, WI. He is a graduate of UW-Stout. He also serves as advisor to the Student Council. The Board of Education also serves an important role. The Boat'd works closely with the administration and faculty in creating and implementing policies which reflect the educational philosophy and objectives of the community. They are interested in providing quality education at a minimum cost. 33there’s a new world comi prepare ...JUNIORS—Prepare for Prom LEFT TO RIGHT: Row 1. B Albright, L Martin, B. Alien, L Bncrt-Schl. I). Nipple, ( . Zurfluli, L . J;uu . T. McCrwdy. C. Gill; Row 2, K Baumgartner. J. Bryce, G. Marx. D. King. M. Glass, K. Henningsen, S. Harry. K. Binder. K. Grnobnor, C. Blurner. C. Richardson, J. Klossner. Row 3, T. Schmiedcr. .1 Bellows, M Kigi. K Nipple, L Schlapbach, C. Sleindorf, I). Seblapbnch. B. Bandi, .1 Mnldcnhaucr, K. Tway, C. OihlKins, J Friedrichs. V. kisser, K Fk-scher K GraebnrT. Sec.: t". Gibbons. V Pres.; J. Klossner, Treas.; J. Pryce. Pres. Prom is a big project for the Junior Class. A lot of hard work goes into the preparation of this big event, and everyone works together to achieve a great success. Theme, decorations, obtaining a band, and all the other details must be worked on as a group with t he leadership of the class officers. For Juniors, this year is a busy one. The end of their high school days arc drawing to a close, yet the hardest and most meaningful year is still ahead. Decisions will have to be made concerning choosing careers; what will they do next year after graduation; will they go on t school, where will they go to school, what will they take up. etc. Though there is only one year left in high school, there is still a lot to do in that last year. 2879 Say that once more and 111 . . .SOPHOMORES-Are You With Us? left to right; Row I. J. Aoschliman. K. Binder, F . Runaas, B. Hulbcrt. C. Flood, J. Bhimer. B. Hill. V. Lyle. J. Muuerman. K. Blaster. J. Robinson; Row 2, S. Stenri. T. Black. M Parmer. .1 Aeschliman. J. Elmer, ('. Flynn. G. Glass, J. McCreedy, B. Murphy, G. Gompeior. L. Friedrichs Row :i. C. Moldcnhauer, T. Robinson, B. B rugger. J Kopp, It. Krupke, R. Keepers, G. Briggs, S. Fanner; Row I. J. Alderman. R Manshemi, 1) Dowdon. R. Keegan, G. Ardisson, S. Elmer, It. Flood, C. Schlapbach Feeling more al ease in the high school system, the Sophomores have finally found their place. They have become actively involved in all aspects of school life including studies, sports, and money-raising projects. The big day arrives for sophomores when they receive their class rings. They now feel like they belong. Drivers Education is also a major part of the sophomore year and their favorite subject is Drivers Education. We’ll be seeing a lot more of them as they put to use their newly acquired driving skills. I). Drtwden. V. Proa; V Lyle. Pros,; R. Mnnshcim. Treats.; Ft. Keegan. Sec. 30Football Jones?! 31FRESHMEN—Young and Restless LEFT TO RIGHT: Row 1, I). Jones, R. Alihans. R. Friedrichs, B. Alexander. M. Mnlkow, R. Janes. L. Lyle. A. Hennin son, I). Blumer, M. Bandi, N. Runaas. C. Zweifel, Row 2.1). SChmicder, I). LaBelle. L. Bellows. J. Kennedy. J. Sandlin. T. Mauri. S. Malcook, T. Tway. T Webb, J. Larson. C. Ross. F). Dowdcn Row 3. R. Schneider. J. Rinjthand. J. J. Sollnow, B. Anderson. R Mammon. S Snwl. R. Wooden. J. Keele. I). Dow den This year’s Freshmen were a little nervous almut taking that big step into high school. The High School days that have been looking forward to for so long were finally here. This meant many changes for them; new teachers, study habits, classes, and activities. But they soon proved that they could fit right into high school life. Through their grades, talents, and enthusiasm, they have shown that they can be a very welcome addition at A.H.S. TOR TO BOTTOM: N Runaas. Rrcs; D. LaBelle. Trean; T Tway. V. Pres; J. Kennedy. Sec. 3233Some BARS art for all ages Who need costume for Halloween? Gotta Rush! Aren't we cute in aprons. I made the center f"IdT.’ Conn Wait till I 3435 Straight from the horse's mouth friendships and involvements make man complete . . . ""HOMECOMING 1974” GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD was the theme for the 11)74 Homecoming. On the evening of February 9, at 8:00, couples began dancing to the tones of Summer Haze. A change was made in the court this year. Instead of Senior attendants, the former year’s king and queen came back to crown the new king and queen. It was a full evening of entertainment and fun. 36"GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD” KING RUSSELL HILL AND QUEEN LINDA KRUPKE ALUMNI: King Jim Tway and Queen Jeanie Dunphy JUNIORS: Clayt Sowl and Kim Binder SOPHOMORES: Carl Seh lap bach and Joan Aeschliman FRESHMEN: John Heitzman and LuAnn LyleLEFT TO RIGHT: Row I, J. Moldcnhaucr, K. Voegdi, D. Schlapbach, L. Krupko, T. Elmer, G. Atkinson. T. Larson, K. Binder, ( Steindorf, R I«arecn. I). King, Row 2, J. Aoschliman, J. Sjxiorry, T McCrcedy,G. Glass,C. Gill. C. Parker, I). Rt-asa, K. Graehner, J. Klosaner, V. Phillip , M Sow I, L Schlnplutch, L. Baertschi. ANNUAL STAFF The long tedious hours of work done by the 1971 Annual Staff began with the 1973-1974 school year. The advisor, Miss Wondra, and the editors vowed that they would produce the l»est hook Albany has ever had. The editors were assisted by a versatile staff who helped draw layouts, type copy, create captions, and run errands. The Annual Staff did their best to cover all the major events with photos in addition to popping up unexpectedly for candid shots. ANNUAL EDITORS: LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Atkinson. L Krupko. K. Voegdi. 40NEWSPAPER STAFF Under the directions of a new advisor, Mrs. Zimmerman, the Comet’s Tale succeeded in putting out an issue once a month. Reporters were given regular assignments, with everyone working together, spending many hours on the preparation of each issue. The Comet’s Tale wishes to promote the welfare of the school and to inform, entertain, and inspire its readers. The Editorial Staff aimed at meeting the highest standards of high school journalism. NEWSPAPER EDITORS: LEFT TO 0. Atkinson. J. Spoerry. K. Vdrgrii, M RIGHT: I). Rcasa, P. Phillips, L. Krupke, Sowl. Zimmerman LEFT TO RIGHT: Row 1. M. Sowl, D. Reasai. P Phillips, D. Sehlaphach, Row 2, .1 Moldcnhaucr. T Elmer, (' Blumer, Row S, (I. Atkinson, L Heiiuohn, L Krupke, K. Voegeli, Row •!. T. Schrnieder. J. Bellows 41LEFT TO RIGHT: Row I, L. Martin, S. Parmer, G. Briggs, J. Elmer, K. Binder, Row 2, Mr. Gardner. I). King, T. Elmer. ,1. Peterson. C Schlapl»ach. S. Elmer, R. Krupko. B. Brugger. M. Malkow. J. Kennedy. Row 3, ('. S»»wl, R. Fkx«d, (’. Goto, K. Hulbert. J. Ringhand. J Sell now. G. Gill. R. Hill, B. Albright, C. Baumgartner FFA Future Farmers of America became more feminine this year. The FFA has even added a female officer to its group. In November and December the members sold grapefruit and oranges which was their biggest project. The FFA members organized a Basketball team and played with other teams in surrounding communitites. The FFA also held their annual FFA Banquet in February. Several members also attended the Dairy Judging Contest in the spring. LEFT TO RIGHT: Row 1, S. Elmer, T. Briggs, C. Baumgartner, I). King. Mr. Elmer, R. Krupke, Row 2, (' Sowl, G. GardnerOFFICERS: G. Atkinson, .1 Moldenhmicr. I). Retuta. K Twiiv. Gill, T MeCrecdy, and Mrs. Nordin. advisor FHA The FHA ha-s been busy with various activities from the beginning of the school year. The selling of Stanley products, decorating of the halls for Christmas, A Valentine party at Pleasant View Nursing Home, a slumber party in the gym with a scary flick and food, anti the May style show. April, "National FHA Month", was the busiest month of all. The halls were filled with posters for the poster contest At the end of the month, elections and installations for new officers Sow!. K. Graebner. J. Petersen, Row 4, K Binder. G. Glass, J. Mauermen, J. McCreedy, C. Flynn, V. Lyle, B. Murphy. C. Gill, C. Zurfluh. G. Gill. D. Zilliow. and K. Briggs. LEFT TO RIGHT: Row 1, C. Reaaa. G. Atkinson. T Larson. C. Blunter. I). Richardson, I . Schlaplmch. J. Moldenhauer. Row 2, K Tway, S. Steuri, T. McCreedy, K. Binder, L. Bnertschi. Row 3, J-Blumer.J. Aeschliman, B. Hulbert, J. Aeschliman. K. Nipple. M. GREEN LAKE DELEGATES: D. King. G. Atkinson. C. Gill. 1 . Reusa. I) Schlapbach, K. Tway. T. Elmer, and K Baumgartner. took place.BAND: Left lo Ri ht; Row 1. T. Elmer. M. Sowl, I). Duwdcn, C. Git bons. W. Johnson, B. Fahmey. J. Blumer. J. Atkinson, T MeCrwtly, V Lyle. Row 2,0. Flynn. J. Elmer,C. Flood, D. Dnwden, K. Binder. L. Krupkc, L Hvinsohn. l Rumba. K Blj» er, A. Henninjpson, S. Dixon. R. Flood,C. Slcindorf. Row 3. B. Atkinson, J. Krupdc. 1 . Dnwden, Bruggor. D. King. K. Purdy. C. Schlapbach, L. Schlapbach, T. Black. K. Binder, R. Flood, B. Albright. R. Mammon, .1 Kmghand. R. Althaus. Row 4. Mr. OhhwoII. J Pryce. T. Phillips. K. Nipple. I). Schlaplwch. R. Friedrich a AHS’s Band engaged in a wide variety f activities this year. During the school year, the hand put on four concerts for the public. The band provided entertainment which illustrated many hours of practice and preparation by the band members as well as on the part of their director. Mr. Cornwell. The band also participated in Band Day at Whitewater in October and displayed great enthusiasm. The AHS Pep Band sparked team spirit throughout the basketball season. They took care of the music for all pep assemblies and for home basketball games. They also provided the music for the pom pom routines during these assemblies and games. The band will Ik playing in the Band Festival at Juda on May 11 and throughout the coming summer, they will Ik marching in local community parades.CHORUS: Left to Right: Row 1. R. Alihan , J Klosaner, I.. Oaten-ton. C. Parker, I). Nipple. V. I.isser Row 2. T. Elmer, C. Steimlnrf. I,. Schlaphneh, C. Gibbons, I). Schlapbnch, Mr. Cornwell. Row 3. T Black. R Hsmmon, R. FIo kI. C. Srhlaphuch. J Friedrich . I. Kropke Albany High School’s Chorus provides an excellent opportunity for students to enjoy the fine arts area of music. For those students who like to sing, chorus was the class to join. They participated in four concerts at the high school which were presented to the public. These concerts were the Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Pops Concert, and Spring Concert. The Pops Concert was of overwhelming success. The Chorus sang a number of their favorites which were enjoyed greatly by the public who attended this concert The Chorus provided quality tones at all the concerts and the long hours of practice which tin chorus put in for each concert was evident March 0 marked the Chorus Festival at Juda in which the Albany High School also participated.DRAMA CLUB: l -ft U Right, R«»w 1,T. Larsnn. D. Roasa, [). Runaa . J Kloswner, J. Aeschliman. T. McCreedy, B. B rugger. Row 2, M Sow), D. Black, I). Dowdcn. P. Phillips, R. Larson, T Elmer, C. Steindorf. L. Schlapbach, I, Baortschi, L. Hoinsohn. R. Maiwhclm, (». Atkinson. D. Dowdon. D. Schlaphach. K. Blasor, J MoWonhaur, C. Sow I, M. Parmer, M. Glass, C. Gibbon . J. Pryco DRAMA CLl’H The Drama Club really got things off to a good start. In October, the group pul on a One-Act Play entitled "Antic Spring. A great deal of time was spent on its production by the entire club under the direction of Mrs. Zimmerman. Only a few members had parts in the play, but the rest of the club t w»k an active part in "behind the scenes” activities. The club entered this play in the Wisconsin D’ft to Right J. Klossner. B. B rugger, J. Mddenhauor. M. Glass. K. Purdy. High School Drama Contest. The east received T' a B rating at the Sub-District level and they were pleased with their fine efforts. 46m gkWmwmjm Si1' 1 f a»IT IP ft t d U-ft to Ki«ht: Row I. K. Binder. (I. Atkinson. T. Elmer. K Vocgeli. (J. Glass Row 2, B HuHtcrt, Mr Gross. Advisor, R Keegan. R Mannhiem. B. Band.. J. Aeschliman. J.Spoerry. ECOLOGY CLUB A new club formed this year at Albany High School was the Ecology Club. A group of students got together and discussed different ways to conserve energy within the school and the community. Mr. Gross was asked to advise this new organization. The club accomplished many things to conserve energy and keep the school cleaner. The janitors were asked to fix the water fountains so that they could be operated manually instead of having the water run all of the time. Many of the teachers also conserved on lights. They used them only when necessary, and every other hall light was turned off. The Club is planning to have a clean-up day before the school year is over. DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS Laura Heinsohn—President Tami Black—Vice President Gail A tk inson- -Secretary Lois Schlapbach—Treasurer DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS: I-oft t« Ritfht. Mrs. Zimmerman, Advisor, I. Hoinsohn. Cl Atkinson. T. Black. I,. Sohlafd»ach.FRENCH CLUB: Left to Right, D. Runaas, C. Flood, Row 1. J. C Gibbons. L. Hcinsohn, C. Flynn, I) Dowden. C. Ross. I). Keole, J. Elmer. M. Bandi, R. Janos, J. Moldcnhatior, N. Run- Dowden ■in , C. SU'indorf, R. Mnnsheim, R. Keegan, J. Blumcr. Row 2, FRENCH CLUB la? Cercle Francais realized a dream when several of their members were able to spend Easter in Paris and Tours, France. Le Cercle Francais had many activities this year including a French-English One-Act play production, a Christmas party, record hops, various sales, and participation in the National French Contest. Officers were Denise Dowden, President; David Dowden, Vice-president; DeEtte Runaas, secretary; and Carol Gibbons, treasurer. Seated. Loft to Right, I. Martin, L. Ostenson, J. Kennedy, A. Henningsen, Standing, b-ft to Right, K Robinson, Mrs. Hanson, V. l.isser, D. Nipple, R. Maiwhcim, B. Albright. Seated, Ix'ft to Right, ('. Gibbons, I). Dowden Standing. Left to Right, I . Runaas, Mrs. Tews, D. DowdenFORENSICS How 1, Left to Right. J. Kkwsncr, C. Parker, Right. D. Runaas. L Ostenson.C Steindorf. J. T. Elmer. ('. Zweifel, N. Kuans. Row 2. Left to Keelo, J. Kennedy. L. Kru|»ke. The Forenscis Club may have had an uneventful first semester during the 1973-71 school year, but the second semester proved to be quite the opposite. Advisors this year were Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Zimmerman. Students took time from their busy schedules to participate in Forensics giving them added poise and dexterity in the speech arts. The local contest took place on February 12 here at Albany High School. Mr. Gross served as judge for this contest. The invitational took place at Blackhawk on February 23 and the subdistrict was held at Brodhead on March 6. Plattevillo was the sight of District competition on March 30. Seated. lx-ft to Right. G. Atkinson, J. Acschliman, C. Steindorf, (’. Zweifel. Standing. Left to Right. Mr. Henderson. J Petersen. G. Ardison, F. Kinghand, J. Keele. 4»SPOON AND SPADE WINNERS Debbie Reasa and Randy Larsen were named Spoon and Spade winners at the end of their junior year by the graduating senior class. They were selected on the basis of citizenship, scholastic standing, personality, and leadership. CONGRATULATIONS! Dcbhir Reasa Randy Larsen NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: The main activity of the NHS is the induction of new memln'rs held every spring. This is done with the traditional candle-lighting ceremony before the student Iwdy in the gymnasium. Basic requirements for membership are at least a "B" average, and to qualify highly in the areas of school and community service, leadership in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities, and to show character by being honest, responsible, friendly, etc. in all areas of their lives. Students are selected by a faculty evaluation. In addition to those selected for the Junior and Senior class, provisional members are also selected. These members are: B. Bandi, R. Flood, C. Gibbons, J. Klossner, and C. Steindorf. 50 NHS: lo Ritfht; L. Krupki . K. Vocgeli, I.. Hrinsohn, I). Dmvdcn, M. Sowl.BADGER BOYS AND BADGER GIRLS The State of Badger is a mythical land but each year during one week in June it becomes so real that sometimes its citizens become a bit confused as to just how everything fits together. One question which often arises during this one week is "Where does Badger State end and the State of Wisconsin start?" The selected delegates spend one week in Madison (girls) and Ripon (boys). BADGBK BOYS: Left to Bight: K. Halbert, (alternate). B. Briggs, and K. Hill. BAIXIKB GIRL: Left to Bight; M Sowl. (alternate), and K Vocgeli. During this one week in Madison, these delegates learn how the government works on city, county, and state levels. This program is designed to prepare them for their future responsibilities as citizens. Selection was made by school officials on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and character. Eugene Briggs and Russ Hill were selected to Badger Boys. Keith Hulbert. alternate. Katie Voegeli was selected to Badger Girl . Margaret Sowl. alternate.PEP CLL'B: Loft in Right. Row 1. D. Runiins. Sec-Treas.. K. VoegcJi. President. L. Schlupbach. Row 2. C. Zweifel, N. Runaas, A. Henningxen, T. McCrwdy.T. Elmer, L. Hoinsohn, J. Spoerry, C . Flood. L. Krupkc. Row 3. L. Lyle, I). Dowden, I). Dowden, K Nipple, J. Pryee, C. Marx. C. Flynn, J. Blumor. J. Elmer. Row 4, C. Steindorf, C. Gibbons, K. Flesher, B. Bandi, J. McCreedy, B. Hill. B. Hull ert. B. Murphy. G. Atkinson. Row 5. J. Aesehliman. J. Mauritian, K. Binder. S. Sellnow, G. Glass. J. Aesehliman. K. Binder. Row 6. L. Baertsehi. C. Gill. LETTER WINNERS: Left to Right. Row 1. L. Baertsehi, B. Murphy. L Krupke, Row 2. C. Parker. L Heinsohn. L. Schlapbaeh. Row 3. F. Ringhand. J. Petersen. T. Schmeider. M. Glass, C. Sowl. R. Larsen. Row 4. M r. Gross, C Baumgartner, T. Itunaas, 1). Dowden. D. Black. Row5,S. Parmer, J. Kopp. B. Bnigger M. Robinson.Ix'ft to Right: K« w 1.1). Dowdcn. C. Parker. Row 2. L. Lyle. ('. Flood. (?. Zwcifd, I). Labelle. Left to Right: Row 1. V. Lyle.C. Flynn. B. Hulhcrt, J. Acschliman, B. Murphy. K. Binder. G. Glass. Row 2. L. Friedrichs , B. Band!, L. Sohlaphach, C. Steindorf. S. Stouri, J. Aesohlimnn. Row 2,1). LutaUc. L Lyle, C. Zweifel, N. Runaas. K. Binder, K. Blaser. The girls in GAA are interested in sports more or less for enjoyment. Two highlights for this year seemed to have been the ice skating party and the swimming party. One of the group’s projects was to collect money to help pay the cost of a full length mirror to be placed in the girls locker room. (JAA is organized to encourage go xl sportmanship and to promote girls’ interest and participation in athletics. Left to Right. Row 1. G. Glass, T. McCrcedv, K. Nipple. Row 2. ( Flynn. J. Friedrichs. Row 3, J. McCrecdy, Mrs. Gardner, V. Lyle. Row 4, I,. Allen, M Gums GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION GAA is for those girls interested in participating in competative s| orts above and beyond the physical education classes, but not necessarily to the high degree of our extracurricular teams.Debbie and Gary Gail and Geno KNIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN, the 197:? Prom, was an evening to remember. All the way from the twinkle light ceiling to the band, Summer Haze, things were beautiful. A rock garden and picket fence surrounded the plaza. A hand-built wishing well sat outside the plaza, with gaily colored flowers and decorations throughtout the gym. M Katie and JackLana and Jason Terri and Russ Jack Petersen and Katie Voegeli were king and |ueen. The court consisted of Debbie Reasa escorted by Gary Gill, Gail Atkinson escorted by Eugene Briggs, Jeanie Spoerry escorted by Daryl Zilliox. and Terri Elmer escorted by Russell Hill. The Junior Royalty was Lana Martini escorted by Jason Sellnow. Yes, May 5.1973 has wonderful memories. 55VARSITY BASKKTBALI. Photo At Right, la-ft to Right Mr Greets. ('ouch. Marty Glass, Carl Schlnphach, Roger Flood, Rich Flood, Fred Ringhtuid. Jeff Sellnow. Clayl Sow I. Jack Petersen, Stove Flood Seated, Juv Kennedy, ( arson Sowl. managers. VOLLKYBALL Below, Left to Right: Row 1, B. Alexander. Row 2, T Tway. R. Muttsheim Rmv 3. J Heitxmun, S. S«wl, C. Schlaphach. Row I. M Glass, I). Bowden. F Ringhand, ('. S wl. Row 5, Mr. Gross, coach. IJUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Photo at Ixtft, Left to Right Row 1. Joe Kopp. Rick Althaus. Bobby Alexander, Mike B ndi, Danny Blunter, Joe Keelc, Canon Sow!, manager. Row 2. Mr. Ax tin, coach, R»n Krupke. R»ck Keeper , Kidianl Mammon, Scott Sow], John Hdtzmnn, Tom Webb, Jay Kennedy. manager. gobanan asr: 00H BANANA (X)H OOH BANANA-NA-NA JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right, J. Aesehliman, K. Binder, K Binder. S. Malkow. I). Dnwden. CROSS COUNTRY: Left to Right. Row 1. D. Schmicder, R. Janes. M Bandi, D. Blumer. Row 2, J Kopp, S. Parmer. Mr White, coach, T Schmicder, R Keegan.VARSITY WRESTLERS: Counterclockwise. T. Tway. R. Friedrichs, S. Harry. K Baumgartner, B. Allen, T. Robinson, I) Jones. Mr Hallmark, coach. M. Robinson, D. Dowdc-n, J. Ringhand. B. Atkinson. K FIikwI. C. Moldonhauor. D Black. B. Brugger. The Albany wrestling squad ended the season with 2 wins and 12 losses. The s(|uad also saw two of its members Steve Harry and Marty Robinson place in the Conference meet. The squad is a young group with all returning next year. The squad would have liked to have more wins, but if the boys can look back and say they did the best they could, that is what sports is all about. The I toys learned self- satisfaction. through winning and losing. Steve Harry-most valuable wrestler; Martv Robinson-most WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS • , Top; L. Hoinsohn, Bottom: C. Giblions. Absent: 1) improved. Run:,us. 60VARSITY BASKETBALL Lyk K. Binder. Row 3. L Knipke. K Binder, J. Aesehliman. Row 1. Mr . Sherwin; Coach; B. Hulbvrt, Slat; G. Glass, B. Murphy. Manager; L. Schlapkich Row 2, J Moldonhaucr. C. Flynn. V. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1, C. Flood, C. Zweifel, L Lyle, J. Elmer. J. Aesehliman, J. Blumer. G. Glass. Manager; Row 2. Mrs Sherwin. coach; L. Friedrichs. D. LaBelle. I). Dowdcn, D. Dowden, N. Runaas, B. Hulbert, Slat 61JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ABOVE. left to right T. Astin, Social Studies; C. Hallmark, Science; R. Quinn, Mathematics and High School drivers education. TO RIGHT, left to right: P. Waterman, Grade School vocal music; A. Zimmorli, English TEACHERS. GRADES -I THROUGH 6. left to right: Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Wendorf, Mrs. Gibbons, Mrs. Ludwig, Mrs. Stuckey, and Mr. Kanablc. TEACHERS. GRADES 1 THROUGH 3. left to right: Mrs. Arndt. Mrs. Quadc. Mrs. Blumer, Mrs. Neucnehwandor, and Mrs. Copllen. 64BOTTOM TO TOP; Row l.J. Krupke, C. Runaas Thill 1. U Ju. I. : Row 2. A. McCpecdy. L. Huffman. S. SjR-nr. John on. N Bellow . Row I . Lisacr. U Ruef. G. Kauk. J. Blunter, k Howani R.m i l Fishe r O. H annex, K. Plus . J. Atkinson. S. Dixon. Row 5. D. Hill. G. Hammflton B. Fahrney, C Flynn. J Broge. How H. I). Stochr J G. Gemplcr, B Atkinson. H. Allen. Ron 7. J w tt T“"v-D BOTTOM TO TOP. Row I. A Best, K. For hush. It Robinson. Row 2. G. Mura It, K Atkinson, L. Briggs. IK Mueller. Row 3. C. Kehm. S. Albright. L. Parker. L. Schenk, M Murphy. Row 4. I). Schmieden•. T. Junes. S. Elmer. M. Ilulhert. J. I inn n. T. Alderman. Row 5. L. Hauge, R. Piervy, A. Flood, SI. Trow, L. Sell now,, P. Kennedy. L Johnson. Row 6, SI. Tourdot, T. Alexander. L Shear, B. Golhke, J. Kn‘mk t ki, C. Althuus. Row 7.1) Gums, R. Hummon, D Hunnes.J. Peach. R Paul. B. Jones, and J Panel. SEVENTH GRADE 65Albany's future Junior High School and High School students are beginning their educations with much enthusiasm and imagination. The Junior High students are busy with classes as well as the various extra-curricular activities which they so eagerly participate in. In the lower grades, the little girls fill their extra time with hopscotch, jumping rope, and swinging. The little boys, in the meantime, fill their extra time with baseball, football, and chasing the little girls. Making new friends and learning new thingsseem to make the Junior High and Grade School years both exciting and inspiring. Remember your grade school years and you will think of excited little kids crying and laughing and just having a really good time. This year has been quite successful for them and we hope that their next years at Albany will be filled with as much excitement as their Junior High and Grade School ones had been.How I, J. Atkinson. Row 2, J. Broge, L. Huffman. Row 3, W. Johnson Loft to Right: Row 1. J. Manor-man, R. Allen. B. Tway. Row 2. I). Petersen, I). Stochr. J. Schneider, R. Plus?. J. Gibbons. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL A co-championship at the eighth grade level in basketball for the first time in ten years highlighted the junior high athletic scene. The season went right down to the last ten seconds of the final game with Argylc bumping the Comets 30 to 29 to throw the junior high league into a four way tie. Sharing the title with Albany and Argvle were Pecatonica and Blackhawk, each with 7-2 season marks. Losing only to Argyle and Blackhawk, the Comets ran wild offensively and defensively in their other games, averaging over 10 points per game while giving up less than 28. Offensively it was primarily a four man season with Dave Stoehr, Jim Gibbons, Bruce Tway, and Jeff Mauerman providing most of the shoot ing. They should prove a great asset to the high school next year. 68Left to Right: Row 1. M Tourdot. L. Hauge, L) Alexander, B. Jones. Row 2, B. Golhko. I). Hannes, J. Poach, R. Ilammon. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL The seventh graders didn't win a game, but saw vast improvement throughout the season. The team was extremely small and lacked previous experience, but saw market! advances in their basketball skills, Jim Peach and Dan Hannes provided most of the scoring with help from Larry Hauge. With a lot of off-season work, some undeveloped potential might be discovered.Row 1. Left to Ritfht. B. Best, I). Dustan, L. Brugjper, M. Trow, L Cornwell, J. Schlapbach, R. Murx.S. Krupkc, L. Larson. (.' Mannheim. Atkinson, G. Muralt, L Johnson. K. Kehn, Row 2, L. Sell now, C. T. Kennedy, M. Moldenhauer, R. Hammon. Row •». D. Mueller. J. Althaus, A. Best. A Bump, I . Muralt. T. Hammon. D. Gums, M. Patchcn. F. Nipple. Tourdot, B. Gohlke. A. Flood. M. Tourdol. I). Howery. Row 3. Mr.every day we live, lives on as a — memoryCONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Mr. Richard Alderman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Francis Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baumgartner Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Binder Mr. and Mrs. Harland Dunphy Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elmer, Jr. Cindi Flvnn Mrs. Gill Mr. and Mrs. Tom Graebner Mr. and Mrs. Carl Heinsohn Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hulbcrt Gordon R. Janes Margaret King Mr. and Mrs. Inin Klapper Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Krupke Mr. and Mrs. Fred Laeffel Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Larson Mr. and Mrs. Alan Martini Mr. and Mrs. Dean Parker Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Peterson Peggy Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reasa Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reasa Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roencburg Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Runaas Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Sellnow Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Sellnow Mr. Ole Sow I Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spoerry, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spoerry Mr. and Mrs. William Spoerry Mr. and Mrs. Glen Spring Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Yarwood Daryl Lee Zilliox Mrs. Aeschliman Mr. Allen Mr. Astin Mrs. Barribeau Mr. Cornwell Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Mrs. Gibbons Mr. Gross Mr. Hallmark Mrs. K. Hanson Mr. Henderson Mr. Chester Jones The Kooky Cooks Evie, Nancy, and Charlene Mrs. Donna Ladwig Miss Miller Mrs. Clareda Neuenschwander Mrs. Nordin Mrs. Oliver Miss O'Reilly Mr. Quinn Mrs. Rankins Coach Sherwin Mrs. Tews Mr. John Tway Mr. Vanderhoof Mr. White Miss Wondra Mrs. Zimmerli Mrs. Zimmerman 74JUNIOR HIGH PAGE C uri%e' L J Aw-by VoXn vv Congratulations to the Class of ’74 from your 1974 Comet photographer HELGESEN RESIDENCE STUDIO 1220 Milwaukee Street Janesville, Wisconsin P VARCO-PRUDEIM metal buildings Evansville, Wisconsin 76DOYON AND RAYNE Congratulations Seniors from Krostue Implement Albany Complete Line of Building Materials 862-3267 Wisconsin Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin PRYCE BROTHERS Compliments of BANK OF ALBANY Complete Banking Service Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albany Wisconsin Dealers in Livestock Bulls For Rent Phone 862 3781 or 862-3769 Albany WisconsinCOMPLIMENTS OF TEALES AUTO SERVICE GOHLKE American Motors Furniture Store-Funeral Home Furniture-Appliances Floor Coverings Albany ALBANY WISCONSIN Phone 862-3332 anytime 862-3549 Congratulations Graduates Albany Helps Lives of Everyone By teaching to All And Their Aeeds, Likes and Des ires year-round Albany Herald serving Albany since 1883 ANCHOR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1712 12th Street Monroe, Wisconsin For your savings needsIRV'S MASONRY FLAT CONCRETE WORK KNIGHT MFG. CORP. P.O. Box 229, Phone 862-3854 Irvin Klapper Albany, Wisconsin 53502 Forage Boxes-Spreaders "Auggie” Mixers- Wagons 897-2131 Brodhead, Wisconsin KREUGER CONSTRUCTION Office Phone 862-3276 Chopper Boxes-Crane Service Grain Feeders-Painting Bunks Albany, Wisconsin For AH Your Photo Needs Congratulations POP’S YOUTH CENTER Albany, Wisconsin Dennis Kreuger Albany, Wisconsin 862-3587 KREUGER PHOTO Rose Pop’s Dudones Congratulations from BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY Sincere Service Security, Satisfaction Phone 862-3271 Albany, WisconsinCENTER TAVERN Congratulations STRICKLER’S MEATS Home of Quality Meats and Swiss Style Sausage Custom Butchering Our Specialty New Glarus, WI Phone: 527-2131 Home Of The Bulls Gary Geno's Sandwiches. Cheese, Pizza Albany, Wisconsin IRV’S MASONRY FLAT CONCRETE WORK P. O. Box 229 Inin Klapper 862-3854 Albany, Wisconsin 53502 Congratulations Seniors Compliments of iMM m AUTO • FIRE • HEALTH LIFE FRED BAERTSCHI Route 1. Box 135 Albany. Wisconsin 53502 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES AND SERVICE UNION COOPERATIVE Home of the Famous Cub Cadet Farm and Industrial Tractors and Equipment Motor Trucks 837 North Parker Drive Phone Area Code 608-754-6604 Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 Feed Fertilizer Grain Drying Seed Petroleum Storage Albany-Brooklyn-Evansville Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY AGRICULTURAL CHEST HELGESEN’S INC. Congratulations to Shelley Sellnow PONTIAC RAMBLER TRUCKS SCOUT IHf “” ■ Phone 882-4700 Evansville Wisconsin KARLEN-WOLD FORD, INC. Tel. 938-4345 Compliments Rowley’s Bar Cars Trucks Monticello Wisconsin Evansville, VVI CARTER GRUENEWALD CO., INC. P.O. Box 5—Juda, Wisconsin 53550 Compliments Phone 934-5201 SABER’S SPORTING GOODS IHC TRACTORS MACHINES Janesville, Wisconsin HELLAND’S Food Locker Service Inc. GOLDEN ACRE TAVERN Butchering, Complete Processing, Curing Smoking Sausage Home of Rudy’s Boys Sandwiches, Cheese Pizza County Food Store Juda, Wisconsin Phone 934-5241 Orfordville, Wisconsin 81SCHULZ’S AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP 711-30th Street Phone 608-325-5148 Auto, Truck Tractor Parts Complete Machine Shop Service Monroe, Wisconsin MEL’S SPORT-A-RAMA Guns Evinrude Ammunition Lund Boats Reloading Smoker Canoes Fishing Fiberglass canoes Camping Duck Boats Water Skis John Boats STUDER SUPER SERVICE INC. Massey-Ferguson New Holland tsiku Gehl Monroe. Wisconsin J3 § BLUE STAR ROLLER RINK jj bL gy Jj Monroe, Wisconsin HEIN AND FRANCIS Albany's Home-Owned-Independent Grocery "Just Everyday Low Prices" Telephone: 862-3236 Complete Wedding Attire GOWNS, VEILS, etc. Invitations Announcements BOUTIQUE BRIDAL FASHIONS 1112 1 2 17th . Ave. Monroe. Wisconsin Phone: 325-8130 Moottm aumiMmmm rostmtm mc. 8? Hall s Studio w 20 N. Main St. Phone 754-2713 - JANESVILLE i BEACHCOMBER'S GALLERY TREEHOUSE Fairview Mall and Mart 21(H) East Milwaukee Street Janesville, Wisconsin Phone: 752-6931 ■ wolohan ■ LUMBER CO. Open Daily to 9-Sunday 1-5 Art Supplies Framing Craft Supplies I iecoupage Candleraaking Phone 754-6695 Hwy. 14 By-Pass Lumber—Plumbing—Electric—Heat—Carpet Janesville. Wisconsin O hop utherland's THE UNICORN oon featuring a complete line Maternity Wear 19 South Main Street Janesville, Wisconsin 1027 1st Center Ave. Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520 SCOTTIES STAND Plagues Statues Picture Frames Tables Sculpture Lamp Shades Lamps Bowl. Pitcher Sets Candle Holders Wall Decorations Fruit-Vegetables Highway 11 Brown to w n, W isc ) n s i n Do it yourself . . .Its Easy Free Instruction Classes HOURS: Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Sat 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday Noon to 5 p.m. Phone: 966-3337 FAIRVIEW MALL MART 756-2102 2100 E. Milwaukee Janesville. WI Bank Americard Mastercharge ONE HOUR MARTINIZING For Fruit Trees, Berries, Flowers Shrubs, Evergreens or Landscaping SEE DAN DEE NURSERY Monroe, Wisconsin At The Bridge-Albany, Wisconsin CHESTER WHITES Fay Brewers Sons Breeding Stock Sold at all Times Albany Wisconsin Compliments of EARL AND WALLY 7WICKEYCompliments From The ALBANY LOCKER EDGEWATER CAFE “The Finest Food By A Damsite" Mert Lanore Jones Albany, Wisconsin Fresh and Smoked Meats Homemade Sausages Cut, Wrapped, and Frozen Available Phone 862-3128 Albany. Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Josef Marx BRICK MASON From: Alvin Kranig Excavating 862-3469 Albany, Wisconsin Albany Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY FARMCO COOPERATIVE A Farmer-Owned Service Albany Janesville Argyle Monroe Kohli Office Supply Brodhead Monticello Orfordville Monroe, Wisconsin Compliments of EAST SIDE FARM EQUIPMENT SOLOMON AUTOPARTS CO. INC. Brodhead-897-4666 Monroe-325-4181 I )arl i ngton -776-4541 New and Used Hesston - Brady- Kewa nee - Meyers .1 M - Papec-Kasten - Kools Monroe, WI 53566 Hwys 11 18 East 325-2444 ROY’S SANITARY DAIRY MONROE MACHINE WELDING, INC. Lugano Pizza Butterite Roy’s Dairy Boy Butter 1020-3rd Ave. Monroe, WI Truck Equipment Phone: 325-8127 THE CAMERA SHOP 905 16th. Ave. WESTSIDE PHARMACY Better pictures for you is our only business. Monroe, WI West side of the square Monroe, WI BRUNI-MILLER CO. Building Supplies and Construction Monroe Wisconsin 325-2117 HAURI'S CYCLE SHOP 715 21st Street Monroe. Wisconsin Motorcycle Bridgeston Kawaski Rupp Snow Mobile Parts-Accessories Phone 325-0052 GREEN COUNTY HOUSE Live Entertainment Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Phone 325-3244 Monroe. Wisconsin VALUE VILLAGE DEPARTMENT STORE Hwy. 11 Monroe. Wisconsin Open Dally 10-10 Sunday 10-6 FURNITURE, APPLIANCE, TELEVISION CITY. INC. JD’s White Elephant Phillips and Smith Sales and Service Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 Live Entertainment Hwy 11-81 East Monroe, WI MONROE READY MIX AND MATERIAL CO.. INC. KUHNE Construction Co., Inc. Phone 325-5195 Monroe. Wisconsin Service of Material and Building 1325 19th. St. Monroe, WI Ph. 325-3838 tlheSiuissColony $ MONMOK WISCONSIN (0) Monroe Wisconsin Across from the fin station PIPERS DREAM Jeans and Top Shop Monroe. Wisconsin (2)3 5jQC2)Ii0KC£)3 tg SCHULTZ PHARMACY Compliments of Monroe, Wisconsin Ph. 325-2151 SCHMITZ STUDIOS MONROE BEVERAGE MART CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of 74 Phone 325-2963 Open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Daily Liquors and Wines Cordials Beers CITY TAXI Monroe. isconsin MONROE TV SALES AND SERVICE On the Square 1028-17th Avenue Phone 325-5598 Raymond F. Kneller 1408—11th. Street Monro Glo » Cbmpony inirvjr— Your Zenith Dealer Monroe. Wisconsin 53566 Monroe, I Phone: 325-4185 S 0 TV SERVICE AND MUSIC CENTER BOUTIQUE BEAUTY SHOP North of the Banks. Monroe 903-17th Avenue Phone 325-3731 10044 17th. Ave. Monroe, W I. Complete Beauty Sendees OPEN: Tues.-Sat. Ph. 325-9120  SWISS WHEEL MOTEL ROSA FLORIST 2 Blocks Bast of Highway 69 South Starflower Shop Phone 325-817(3 Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe. Wisconsin Ph. 325-8161 HUGHES MOBILE HOMES EAGLES CLUB Chicken or Shrimp Suppers Wishing Success to Each Student Saturday Night $1.75 Bowling and Bar Monroe. Wisconsin Live Music Saturday Night Phone 325-6159 Monroe. Wisconsin MONROE FLORAL SHOP PAN DOW JEWELERS Downtown Fine Quality Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry Monroe Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Ph. 325-6134 THORPE One Hour Martinizing Paint and Wallpaper Custom Drapery Monroe. Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin ( Va ) FLORINE'S LANZ HARDWARE Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Accessories and Gifts Housewares, Electrical Supplies, Paint Ph. 325-4581 1123-16 Ave. Monroe, Wis. Lillian Leverne Long 1618-11th Street, Monroe, Wisconsin FABRICLAND Lee’s Gas Light Tavern Rick and Jean Lee Monroe’s Most Complete Fabric Shop Next to City Parking Ramp 11 St. Monroe, Wisconsin Sandwiches Daily Meals Fri., Sat., Sun., Nites Ph. 966-3311 Browntown, Wisconsin Marty’s Belleville Bakery TRI-COUNTY APPLIANCE Belleville Wisconsin Phone 424-3305 Maytag-Hotpoinl Brooklyn. Wisconsin □ JAME8WAY . CEMU |H NEW HOLLAND ■Ul LARRY JOHN SALON Monticello—Verona MARTINSON IMP.. INC. «» ».. BROOKLYN, WISCONSIN Phone 938-4841 845-6623Davis Implement Oliver Equipment Pennsylvania Tires Juda, Wisconsin GEMPELER’S SUPER MARKET Groceries-Frozen Foods-Fresh Meats and Sausages Phone 938-4927 Monticello, Wisconsin 53570 Mayer’s Citgo Service Monticollo, Wisconsin Phone 938-4322 SWISS LANES Bowling, Restaurant Cocktail Lounge New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574 Phone 527-2618 Wyman’s Four Corners New Glams. Wisconsin Town Edge Motel and Restaurant New Glarus, Wisconsin Phone 527-9310 JOSTENS is proud to l»e part of Albany traditions. S' K M - •• .«.! • T ft A {) 1 T 1 O S A I VVfPtMNG ft iNf.'i STRAKA JEWELRY Evansville, Wisconsin Congratulations From CHAPINS Fine Foods Evansville Wisconsin Willis Drug Store 7 West Main St. Evansville, Wisconsin Arnold A. Willis R. Ph. Phone 882-4550 Grange Store "Your Complete Shopping Center" Evansville, Wisconsin DR. CHARLES E. NELSON DENTIST Wells Motor Sales, Inc. Chrysler-Plymouth Dodge-Dodge Truck 1250 Milton Ave. Ph. 752-8991 Janesville, Wisconsin K a lersten’s Lawn Mower Clinic 2707 Kennedy Rd. Janesville, Wis. Ph. 752-1693 John Deere and Rupp Snowmobiles Flynn’s Bar Serving Short Orders and Sandwiches Daily Brodhead, Wisconsin COAST TO COAST STORES Jack Martin. Owner Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone 897-4343 BANK OF BRODHEAD Full Service Bank Brodhead. Wisconsin Member FDIC Member of Federal Reserve System FOESCH'S BODY SHOP 897-2274 Brodhead. Wisconsin ( IReiS PHARMACY | C nrts Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone: 897-2595 Compliments of The RECREATION ALLEYS Bowling for Fun and Exercise Brodhead, WI Ph. 897-4363 BERRA S SADDLE SHOP Western and English Equipment Western and English Square Dancing Clothes Open 7 days a week 9-9 Phone 897-4039 Brodhead. Wisconsin IVERSON CHEVROLET INC. 897-2550 Brodhead Wisconsin PETERSONS' SOUTHSIDE GROCERY Brodhead. Wisconsin County Line Beverage Broadhead, Wisconsin PIERCE 'Junnituru W (? wuxu}e 'ZSmUC 1201 - 17th STREET BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN S3S20 SUGAR RIVER RACEWAY 897-4380 Brodhead. Wisconsin LA VERNE LEDERMAN State Farm Insurance Companies 1015 Center Avenue Phone 897-2834 Brodhead. Wisconsin Bjork’s Toggery "On the Square” Brodhead. WI VERN’S SHOE BOX Shoes for the family Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone: 897-2211 KELLY-HAMILTON I nsu ra nee A go ncy 1007 1st. Center Avc. Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone: 897-1181 STAIR’S SENTRY FOODS Brodhead, Wisconsin OLIN AND AYRES Buick Pontiac Sales Service 705 E. Exchange St. 897-4222 Brodhead, WisconsinBrodhead Body and Fender Star Printing Auto body repair, radiator repair, and front end alignment. Offset, Letterpress, Wedding Announcements 805 E. Exchange St. "All your printing needs 103 E. Main St filled here.” Evansville, WI ALBANY BRODHEAD Albany Beauty Mart Wayne Albertson Senior. Auctioneer Albany Lanes Bowman’s Barber Shop The Junk Shop Dehmer Rexall Drugs Brodhead Veterinary Service Pierce True Value Hardware R R. Implement Bluff View Park Arthur Farm Supplies Soloman Autoparts, Inc. George and Edna's Floyd Krause Melody Band Floyd Krause Room and Board for Aged MONROE MONTICELLO Dickson’s Grocery Voegeli Chevrolet Buick, Inc. Ruter’s Bar The Gift Castle Alphorn Motel Burkhard Electric Kundert Oil Co. Monroe Bakery Sid’s 12 Ave. Beauty Shop DONATIONS BROWNTOWN JANESVILLE Browntown Mill, Inc. Montgomery Electric Horse Shoe Bar Jake’s Electric Motor Repair Yosts MONROE The Drapery House The Corner Cafe Ed H. Mund Bernet’s Cheese and Sausage Shop Marco’s Supper Club Warren M. Gerhart, D.C. Gill Oberdas Pacesetter Shoes Kunder-Loeffel Shoes Wolfe’s Office Supply and Art Center The Beauty Mode Stub Kasten’s Hair Cutting Shop Schwartz Insurance Healthways Zesto Hatties Bar The Grill Hermy’s Hideaway Swiss Colony Data Center Gasthaus Motel Kerr-McGee Farm Center Antoinette’s Beauty Shop Luchsinger’s Monuments 89SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALDERMAN,RENAE Ecology Club 4 ALEXANDER, TIM Basketball 1,2,3 Volleyball 1,2,3 Letterwinner’s Club 1,2 Chorus 4 FFA 1.2 BAUMGARTNER. CAREY Wrestling 2,3 Green Lake Delegate 2,3 FFA 1.2.3 (Sentinel) 4 (President) FFA .Judging Team 2,3 One-act play 2 Lettenvinner’s Club 2,3 FFA Awards 3 BRIGGS. EUGENE Volleyball 1,2 Wrestling 1 Letterwinner’s Club 1,2 Badger Bov’s State 3 FHA 4 Prom Court 3 ATKINSON. GAIL Pom-pom 3 Pep Club 3,4 GAA 3.4 Class Officer 2 (V. Pres.) Student Council 4 (V. Pres.) Green Lake Delegate 3 Drama Club 3.4 (V. Pres.) Ecology Club 4 FHA 2.3,4 (V. Pres.) Prom Court 3 Annual Staff 2,3.4 (A. Ed.) Newspaper Staff 2.3, (News Ed.) Typing Award 2 DOWDEN. DENISE National Honor Society 3.4 Pom-poms 3 Pep Club 3 Band 1,2 (Lib). 4 (Pres.) Chorus 2.3 (Sec.) Class Officer 1 (Pres.) 2, (Treas.), 3, (Pres.) French Club 1,2,4 (Pres.) Class Play 2 (Promptor) Annual Staff 2 Newspaper Staff 1,2,3. Drama Club 2,3,4 Triple Trio 2 Teacher’s Aide 4 Guidance Lab 1,2,3,4 ELMER. DON ELMER, TERRI Cheerleader (B.B.) 1.2,3 Pep Club 1.2,3,4 GAA 2,3 Band 1.2,3,4 Chorus 1,2.3.4 Green Lake Delegate 3 Drama Club 1.2,3.4 French Club 1,2 Forensics 1.2,3,4 Ecology Club 4 FFA 3.4 (V. Pres.) FFA Awards 3.4 FFA Judging Team 3,4 Prom Court 3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper staff 1.2,3.4 Triple Trio 3 French Award 2 Twirlers 4 GILL. GARY Basketball 1,2,3 Volleyball 1.2.3 Track 1,2 Cross Country 1 Letterwinner’s Club 1,2.3 Chorus 1,2 FFA 1,2.3 (V.Pres.) FHA 4 FFA Award 2.3 FFA Judging Team 1,2,3 Prom Court 3 GRAEBNER. TOM Wrestling 1 Lettwewinners Club 2 One-act plays HEINSON. LAURA National Honor Society 3.4 Girls’ Softball 3,4 Cheerleader (B.B.) 1 Cheerleader (Wrest.) 2,4 (Capt.) Lettenv inner’s Club 4 Pep Club 1,2.4 Band Chorus 2,4 Outstanding High School Student 4 Drama Club 4 (Pres.) French Club 1,2,3,4 Forensics 1,2 FHA 4 One-act plays 2,4 Newspaper Staff 1.2,3,4 French Awards 3 Guidance Lab 1,2,3,4 HILL. RUSSELL Track 1.2,3 (MVR) Cross Country 1,2,3 (MVR) Wrestling 1.2 (MVW) Ix‘ttenvinners Club 1,2,3 Pep Club 2 Chorus 1 Class Officer 3,4 (V. Pres.) Student Council 2 Badger Boy’s State 3 Outstanding High School Student 2 Homecoming Court 2.4 (King) Pram Court 3 HULBERT, KEITH Basketball 1 Volleyball 1 Lettenvinner's Club 1 Badger Boy’s State 3 (Alt.) FFA 1,2,3 Treas.) 4 (V. Pres.) JANES, RAYMOND FFA 4 FFA Award 2 KRUPKE, LINDA National Honor Society 3.4 Basketball 4 Girls’ Softball 3.4 Cheerleader (Wrest) 2.3 (Capt) Lettenvinner’s Club 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Band 1.2,3 (Treas) 4 (V. Pres.) Chorus 2.3 (Rep.) 4 (Pres.) Class Officer 4 (Pres.) Student Council 2 Outstanding High School Student 4 Drama Club 2,3 French Club 1,2,3 (Sec.) Forensics 1.2,3 (Co-Chair.) 4 FFA 4 Homecoming Court 4 (Queen) Class Play 2 Annual Staff 3.4 (Co. Ed.) Newspaper Staff 1,2,3.4 (Feature Ed.) French Awards 3 Guidance Lab 1,2,3,4 Teacher’s Aide 4 LARSEN. RANDY Spade winner 3 90SENIOR ACTIVITIES Basketball 1,2.3.1 Volleyball 2,3 Track 1,2,3.1 Cross Country 1 Letterwinner’s Club 1,2,3,4 Rand 1,2,3 Drama Club 4 One-act plays 2 Annual Staff 4 Teacher’s Aide 4 LARSON, TINA Pom-poms 1 GAA 1 Rand 1 Chorus 1 Drama Club 2 FHA 2 One-act plays 2 (Make-up) Annual Staff 1 LYLE, JEFF Class Officer 2 (Pres.) FHA 1 Class Play 2 OSTENSON, LUANN Chorus 4 Forensics 3,4 Library Club 2,3,4 Library Assistant 2,3,4 Kitchen Help 2,3,4 PARKER, CHERYL Girls’ Softball 3.4 Pom-poms 3,4 Letterwinner’s Club 3,4 Pep Club 3 GAA 2,3,4 Chorus 4 Forensics 3,4 FHA 1,2,3.4 Annual Staff 3,4 Library Club 1.2,3,4 Library Assistant 1,2,3,4 PETERSEN, JACK Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2 Cross Country 1 Letterw inner's Club 2,3,4 Class Officer 3 (V.Pres.) Student Council I (Pres.) FFA 1,2,3 FHA 4 FFA Awards 1,2,3 Homecoming Court 1.3 Prom Court 3 (Kings) PHILLIPS. PAT Pom-poms 3 Pep Club 2.3 Student Council 1 Drama Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Ed.) Teacher’s Aide 4 REASA, DEBBIE Spoon Winner 3 Cheerleader (B.B) 1 Pom-poms 3 Pep Club 1,2,3 Green Lake Delegate 3 Drama Club 3,4 FHA 2,3 (Rep.) 4 (Pres.) Prom Court 3 Annual Staff 1 Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Ed.) RUN A AS. TODD Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,4 Cross Country 1,2,3,4 (Capt.) Letterwinner’s Club 1,2.3,4 Student Council 1 FHA 4 One-act plays 2 Teacher’s Aide 3 SELLNOW. SHELLEY Pom-poms 3 Pep Club 4 GAA 3,4 Drama Club 3 FHA 3,4 (Sec.) FFA Sweetheart 3 One-act plays 3 (Promptor) Annual Staff 3.4 Newspaper Staff 3 SOWL, MARGARET National Honor Society 3,4 Pep Club 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 (Sec.) Chorus 1,2,4 Class Officer 1.2,3,4 (Sec.-Treas. all four) Badger Girl’s State 3 Outstanding High School Student 4 Drama Club 1,2 French Club 1,2 Forensics 1 FHA 4 One-acts plays 2 Annual Staff 3.4 Newspaper Staff 1,2,3.4 Teacher’s Aide 1,4 SPOERRY, JEANIE Cheerleader (B.B.) 1.2,3.4 Pep Club 1.2,3.4 GAA 2.3 Student Council 3 (Sec.) Drama Club 3 Ecology Club 4 Prom Court 3 Annaul Staff 3,4 newspajier Staff 4 Teacher’s Aide 2 VOEGELl, KATIE National Honor Society 3,4 Cheerleade (B.B.) 1 Pep Club 1.2.3 (V. Pres.) 4 (Pres.) GAA 2,3 Badger Girl’s State 3 Outstanding High School Student 3,4 Who’s Who 3 Drama Club 3 French Club 1 Ecology Club 4 FHA 2,3 (Hist.) Homecoming Court 1 Prom Court 3 (Queen) Annual Staff 3,4 (Co-Ed) Newspaper Staff 4 (Art Ed.) Typing Award 2 Teacher’s Aide 2 Voc. Guidance Com. 4 ZILLIOX. DARYL Basketball 1,2,3 Volleyball 1,2,3 Letterwinner’s Club 1,2 FFA 1,2,3 FHA 4 FFA Awards 1,2,3 Prom Court 3 91FACULTY CREDITS CORNWELL, DONALD G. UW-Madison, Bach of Music Cadet Band High School Band Junior High Chorus High School Chorus GARDNER. KATHERINE A. UW-Platteville, B.S. Biology General Science Chemistry Advanced Biology GARDNER. THOMAS E. UW-Platteville. B.S. Agriculture 1 Agriculture II GROSS. THOMAS J. D. St. Joseph’s College, B.A. UW- Riverfalls, M.A. Area Studies Social Problems U. S. History HANSON. KRISTINE M. UW-Oshkosh. B.S. Librarian-K-12 HENDERSON. MICHAEL J. UW-Stout, B.S. UW-Stout, M.S. Principal-9-12 Guidance MILLER. KAY H. NIU. B.S.E. Art I Art II Junior High Art Elementary Art NORDIN, ELLEN J. UW-Stout, B.S. Clothing Construction Poods Housing Bachelor- K now-How Jr. High Child Development Family Living Textiles OLIVER. ARLENE N. College of St. Teresa Winona, MN. B.A. Algebra I Modern Algebra Trig. Geometry Consumer Related Math Math IV SHERWIN, LOIS J. UW-LaCrosse, B.S. Elementary P.E. Junior High P.E. High School P.E. TEWS. SUSAN L. Milton College, B.A. French I French II French III English 9 Basic Composition Literature Survev VANDERHOFF, JOHN H. UW-Stout, B.S. Ind, Arts I II Bldg. Construction Jr. High Ind. Arts Machine Woodworking Power Mechanics WHITE, ROBERT Ohio State, B.S.E. UW-Madison, M.S.E. Boy’s P.E. Guidance WONDRA, JEANETTE A. UW-Whitewater. B.S.E. Shorthand I Typing I Bookkeeping Office Practice ZIMMERMAN, SUE E. UW-Madison, B.S. American Lit. Attitudes Creative Writing Mass Media Speech Journalism Science Fiction Vocational English 92

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