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1973 COMET ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY, WISCONSIN EDITOR Nancy Clcaveland TABLE OF CONTENTS ASSISTANTS A J E A I D E N C P U L D N Jennie Dunphy--Art M N D T O N E V D Kitty Kopp— Business I I E I R I M E E Teri Runaas—Layout N O R V T O E R X I R C I S R N T s S L T T I T A I H A s ADVISOR R A S s E S 1 G R Y I N T M H G Miss Bonnie Tollack I E O N N 7 15 27 35 57 65 71 77 34PEOPLE IDEAS REACTIONS THE TOTAL CAUSE THE REASON THE TIME WHICH IS OURS TO USE THE WEB . . . AN IMAGE OF INTERCONNECTION THE BASIS OF THE PEOPLE 1973 Our resident artist creates another and another . . . 2 Just one of us. Policies are made, but the world keeps turnin'.HOT PANTS OUT — WET PANTS IN! The look of what? You can tell a lot by a persons hands. Look closely and you might see a pickle. Walking for C.R.O.P. Washing the bodies! The sign above speaks for itself! A day of smiles. 3sport. 4Keeping a close eye on Girls Shop. 3AcOtuK(Atna£i KClayton W. Clark Lois J. Sherwin OUR PERSISTENT, DEVOTED, Jerome Uher James E. Anseth Kay Miller Lois Gressman JEROME UHER—Vocational Agriculture, Junior Class Advisor, FFA Advisor. CLAYTON W. CLARK—Instrumental Music—Band. Sophomore Class Ad-vicor. LOIS J. SHERWIN—Physical E .ucation. Senior Class Advisor, Girl Basketball Coach, Girl’s Softball Coach, G.A.A. Advisor, Pom-Pom Advisor, Cheerleader Advisor. SUSAN TEWS—English-French, Junior Class Advisor. TOM J. D. GROSS—Social Studies, Sophomore Class Advisor, Athletic Director. Basketball Coach, Volleyball Coach, Letter-Winners Club Advisor. BONNIE TOLLACK—Business Education, Senior Class Advisor. Yearbook Advisor. JAMES E. ANSETH--Principal, Industrial Arts, Student Council Advisor. KAY MILLER—Art. Junior Class Advisor. LOIS GRESSMAN—Home Economics. Senior Class Advisor. FHA Advisor. PAT R1CIA WATERMAN—Music-Vocal. ROBERT WHITE—Physical Education, Guidance Counselor, Senior Class Advisor, Pep Club Advisor, Cross Country Coach, Track Coach. Junior High Basketball Coach. LINDA K. HAEUSER—English, Sophomore Class Advisor. Newspaper Advisor, Drama Club Advisor, National Honor Society Advisor. ARLENE OLIVER—Mathematics. Freshman Class Advisor. Forensics Advisor. KRISTINE HANSON— Librarian-English, Freshman Class Adivsor, Forensics Advisor. JAMES THALACKER—Science. Freshman Class Advisor. Arlene Oliver 8Bonnie B. Tollack AND SINCERE FACULTY Susan Tews Tom J. D, Gross Patricia Waterman Robert White Linda K. Haeuser Kristine Hanson James ThalackerDISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR Education is not learning; it is the exercise and development of the powers of the mind; and the two great methods by which this end may be accomplished are in the halls of learning or in the conflicts of life. Princeton Review LEWIS WALTERS SCHOOL BOARD SECRETARY LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Hahn. W. Pheuti, S. Blumcr, L. Dunphy, W. McCreedy, W. Albertson. to Phyllis AeschlimanBUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Coplien, M. Blumer, J. Rankins. M. Ringland, M. Atkinson. SUBSTITUTE: A. Runaas. COOKS KITCHEN HELP SECRETARY CUSTODIANS LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Durtschi. N. Fredrichs. E. Thornton. LEFT SIDE: J. Martin. J. Fredrichs, RIGHT SIDE: C. Richardson. L. Qs-tenson. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Tway. C. Jones, B. Nipple. Charlotte King nSweets for the sweetest! Getting back to nature! Cards in the library? SHAME!! Don’t you know you have to direct with your eyes open? Mrs. Barribeau likes her work and she does it well! Alright-----in the bag! It must be nice to have clothes! Day’s done! 12Kids arc dying to get out of band but Mr. Clark just won‘t let them! Is It safe to look? Boy, thats a big one!! 13NAUGHTY PULLS KIDS WOULD NEVER THINK OF DOING ... IF THE TEACHERS WERE LOOKING!! LIKE . . . Pouring salt in someone’s food Sticking your tongue out at your ’’Arch Enemy" Taking a little nap during the rush Jabbing the tires of the cute little car Or even having a student catch some teachers doing something naughty Throwing your books away before the end of the year And thinking to yourself,. "The teachers aren't really that bad after all!" Going through the papers on the principal's desk uSejtunbANTICIPATING GRADUATION AND YET IT COMES TOO SOON 16KIM BLUMER CAMERA SHY SENIORS KIM LYLE Soy’s Stare 3 i .F. A. 3.4 Letterwinner’s Club 1 One Act Plays 4 Class Play 3.4 Wrestling 1 Volleyball 1 Spoon Winner 3 Prom Court 3 Drama Award 3 Letterwinner’s Club 1 Cross Country 1 Track 1 Class Play A SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS N. Cleaveland--Vice-President S. Huffman--Secretary K. Kopp—Treasurer J. Dunphy--Presidcnt COMMENCEMENT: MAY 30, 1973 CLASS MOTTO: NOW IS THE TIME TO BEGIN OUR LIVES CLASS FLOWER: ORANGE AND PURPLE MUMS 17 CLASS COLORS: ORANGE AND PURPLEBoy's State 3 Letter winner's Club 1. 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Judging Team 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4(Capt.) Cross Country 1, 2 Track 1. 2, 3 Prom Court 3 Typing Award 2 Homecoming Court 4 Class Play 4 DANIEL AESCHLDviAN Band 1, 2, 3 Pep Band 1, 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 Drama Club 1, 2, 3. (Sec. -Treas.) 4 (Pres.) French Club 2, 3 F. H.A. 1. 2, 3 (Sec.) 4 Newspaper Staff 3 One Act Play 2(Stud. Dir.) 4 National Honor Society 3, 4 Library Assistant 1. 2 Library Club 1, 2, 3 Music Clinic 1, 3 Pep Club 2 G. A.A. 3. 4 Wrestling 1, 2 Track 1 Student Council 2 F.F.A. 1. 2 Class Play 4 Pom pons 4 Teacher Aide 4 Green Lake Delegate 3 Triple Trio 2, 3 Guidance Lab 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 KATHY ALBRIGHT i 18 PATRICK ALDERMANAnnual Staff 3 (Co-Ed.) 4 (Ed.) Band 1, 2, 3, 4(Pres.) Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 (Vice-Pres.) 4 (Pres.) Drama Club 3 (Vice-Pres.) 4 (Sec. - Treas.) French Club 1,2,3 F. H.A. 1 Forensics 1,3,4 Student Council 3 (Vicc-Pres.) Class Officer 4 (Vicc-Pres.) One Act Play 4 National Honor Society 3, 4 Pep Club 3 (Sec-Treas.) 4 G. A.A. 3 Class Play 3,4 Outstanding American H. S. Student 4 JEAN DUNPHY F.F. A. 1, 2, 3 (Pres.) 4 (Pres.) F.F. A. Judging Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 1 F.F. A. Swino Award 3 Class Play 4 NANCY CLEAVE LAND Annual Staff 3 (Co-Art Ed.) 4 (Art Ed.) Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Pres.) French Club 1, 2 (Vice-Pres.) 3, 4 F.H.A. 1. 2 (Sec.) 3 (Pres. )4(Par.) Girl's State 3 Twirier 2.3, 4 Forensics 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 3. 4 (Feature Ed.) Student Council 1 (Treas.) Letterwinner's Club 4 Class Officer 2 (Vice-Pres.) 3 (Pres.) 4 (Pres.) Who’s Who Among H. S. Students 4 Drama Award 3 DAR Good Citizen Award 4 Basketball 4 (Asst. Scorekceper) Triple Trio 2, 3, 4 One Act Play 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3. 4 Class Play 3, 4 Green Lake Delegates 3. 4 Basketball 3, 4 Homecoming Court 3, 4 (Queen) F.F. A. Sweetheart 3 Outstanding American H.S. Student 3 Who's Who Among H. S. Students 4 Prom Court 3 Softball 4 19 KENNETH ELMERAnnual Staff 3, 4 Drama Club 3, 4 French Club 1,2,3 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 (Art Ed.) Letterwinner's Club 3, 4 One Act Play 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Prom Queen 3 Softball 4 SHELLEY FLYNN Annual Staff 3, 4 Cheerleader 1 Drama Club 3, 4 French Club 1, 2, 3 F. H.A. 1, 2 (Rep.) 3. 4(Treas.) Newspaper Staff 3, 4 (Layout Ed.) One Act Play 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Basketball 3 (Manager) 4(Manager) French Club 1, 2 (Treas.) Letterwinner's Club 1, 2, 3 One Act Play 2 National Honor Society 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Cross Country 2 Track 1, 2 Volleyball 3 Prom King 3 Typing Award 3 Guidance Lab 1, 2, 3, 4 JANE GEMPELER 20 GARY GIBBONSDrama Club 3, 4 French Club 1, 2. 3 Newspaper Staff 3 (Co-Ed.) 4 (Ed.) Letterwlnner's Club 4 Class Officer 4 (See.) National Honor Society 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Teacher Aide 4 JUliE JONES French Club 1 Lettcrwinner's Club 1. 2,,3, 4 Class Officer 1 (Vice-Pres.) One Act Plays 4 Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4(Capt.) Volleyball 1, 2 Basketball 3(Capt.) 4 (Capt.) Spoon Winner 3 Prompting Award 3 Softball 4 SUSAN HUFFMAN Annual Staff 3, 4 Drama Club 3, 4 French Club 1, 2, 3 F. H.A. 1 Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 4 G. A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Basketball 3 (Scorekecper) 4 (Score keeper) Prom Court 3 Softball 4 Baseball 1 Class Play 4 21 RONALD KEEPERSAnnual Staff 3 (Co-Bus. Ed.) 4 (Bus. Ed.) Drama 3, 4 French Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H.A. 1 Newspaper Staff 4 Lettcrman's Club 4 Class Officer 3 (Treas.) 4 (Treas.) One Act Play 4 National Honor Society 3, 4 G. A.A. 3. 4 Class Play 3, 4 Basketball 3(Co-Capt., Most Valuable Player) 4 Outstanding American High School Student 3 Who's Who Among H.S. Students 3, 4 KATHRYN KOPP Annual Staff 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 Prom Court 3 Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4 Triple Trio 2. 3 F. H.A. 2, 3, 4 (Pres.) Forensics 1,2,3 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 (News Ed.) Student Council 2 One Act Play 4 G. A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Pom pons 4 Teacher Aide 2, 3, 4 Green Lake Delegate 2, 3 Drama Club 3 Forensics 3 Letterwinner’s Club 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Judging Team 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Crosscountry 1, 2, 3, 4 (Manager) Track 1, 2, 3 Class Play 4 Bookkeeping Award 3 Typing Award 2 Pep Club 3, 4 Softball 4 DARCY MARTIN RANDALL MILLERAnnual Staff 3, 4 Cheerleader 3 (Capt.) Drama Club 3, 4 Chorus 1 F. H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Pres.) Newspaper Staff 3, 4 (Sports Ed.) Letterwinner's Club 3, 4 One Act Play 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, (Vice-Pres.) 4 (Pres.) G. A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Pom pons 4 (Capt.) Green Lake Delegate 3 GREGORY OCHSNER F.F. A. 1, 2 Letterwinner's Club 2. 3, 4 Class Play 3 Volleyball 2 Wrestling 2, 3 Basketball 3. 4 Homecoming Court 3. 4 Prom Court 3 Softball 4 JUANITA MURPHY F.F. A. 2, 3. 4 Basketball 4 (Trainer) Class Play 4 Baseball 1 Prom Court 3 23 JEFFRY RANKINSAnnual Staff 3 (Co-Layout Ed.) 4 (Layout Ed.) Drama Club 3, 4 French Club 1, 2 (Sec.) F.H.A. 1 Forensics 1, 2 Letterwinner's Club 4 Class Officer 1 (Sec.) 2 (Sec.) National Honor Society 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Outstanding American H. S. Student 4 National H. S. Award For Excellence 4 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4 Class Play 4 TERI RUNAAS Annual Staff 4 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H.A. 1 (Rep.) 2 (Hist.) 3 (Vice Pres.) 4 (Sec.) Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 (Vice-Pres.) One Act Play 1. 2, 3, 4 Library Assistant 1, 2 Library' Club 1, 2 G. A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Pom pons 4 Letterwinner’s Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Teacher Aide 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Crows Country 1, 2, 3, 4 (Capt. ) Track 1.2,3 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 JULIA SARBACKER 24 RONALD SETZERAnnual Staff 4 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Drama Club 2,3,4 French Club 1, 2, 3 F. H.A. 1. 2, 3, (Treas.) 4 Twirier 3, 4 Forensics 2, 3 Class Officer 3 (Sec.) Pep Club 1. 2, 3, 4 G. A.A. 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Teacher Aide 4 Green Lake Delegate 2 STANTON STEURI Drama Club 2 Letterwinner's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 1 (Pres.) One Act Play 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 F.F.A. Judging Team 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4(Capt.) Cross Country 1 Track 1, 2, 3 Homecoming Court 2, 3 JOLENE SPRING Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 1, 2 Forensics 1 Newspaper Staff 3 Student Council 3 (Treas.) 4 (Pres.) Class Officer 1 (Treas.) One Act Play 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3 Class Play 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Cross Country 1 Track 1. 2 Volleyball 3 Prom Court 3 Homecoming King 4 Prom Court 3 JAMES TWAYTeach er Jip Tit Settlors have $reatl j appreciate 6 their teacher as nnber tanbinc; people, (or their pxdunce, anb earnest besxrt In creole on atmosphere In which we couth become inbivlbuats. In Kionkxng them xve hove selecleb a passage iram THE TROFHET THEN SAID A TEACHER, SPEAK TO US OF TEACHING, AND HE SAID: NO MAN CAN REVEAL TO YOU AUGHT BUT THAT WHICH ALREADY LIES HALF ASLEEP IN THE DAWNING OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE. THE TEACHER WHO WALKS IN THE SHADOW OF THE TEMPLE, AMONG HIS FOLLOWERS GIVES NOT OF HIS WISDOM BUT RATHER OF HIS FAITH AND HIS LOVINGNESS. IF HE IS INDEED WISE HE DOES NOT BID YOU ENTER THE HOUSE OF HIS WISDOM, BUT RATHER LEADS YOU TO THE THRESHOLD OF YOUR OWN MIND. THE ASTRONOMER MAY SPEAK TO YOU OF HIS UNDERSTANDING OF SPACE, BUT HE CANNOT GIVE YOU HIS UNDERSTANDING. THE MUSICIAN MAY SING TO YOU OF THE RHYTHM WHICH IS IN ALL SPACE, BUT HE CANNOT GIVE YOU THE EAR WHICH ARRESTS THE RHYTHM NOR THE VOICE THAT ECHOES IT. AND HE WHO IS VERSED IN THE SCIENCE OF NUMBERS CAN TELL OF THE REGIONS OF WEIGHT AND MEASUREMENT, BUT HE CANNOT CONDUCT YOU THITHER. FOR THE VISION OF ONE MAN LENDS NOT ITS WINGS TO ANOTHER MAN. KAHLIL GIBRAN THE PROPHET 26JUNIORS HOLD FUN-FILLED CARNIVAL Spread a little sunshine! Officers: R. Hill—Vice Pres., M. Sowl--Sec. andTreas.. D. Dowden--Pres. 28 Happy as always?ROW 1:G. Lisser. D. Dowden, M. Sowl, C. Martin, L. Ostensen, S. Sellnow, T. Elmer. K. Blaser, D. Elmer, T. Alexander. J. Lyle, D. Zilliox. ROW 2: C. Parker. T. Larson, P. Phillips. D. Reasa, G. Atkinson, S. Parmer. L. Heinsohn, L. Krupke, T. Runaas, J. Speorry, K. Voegell, J. Peterson, R. Hill. ROW 3: C. Howery, R. Larsen, L. Bahl, R. Janes. T. Graebner. G. Keepers. L. Briggs, C. Baumgartner, K. Hulbert, C. Goltz, D. Stephenson. G. Gill, N. Briggs. All American boy??? This year, the Juniors sponsored a number of activities including the Halloween dance. carnival, and Junior Prom. There work was profitable and much effort was displayed. 79BOTTOM ROW. Left to Right: C. Gill. T. McCreedy. D. Janes. K. Binder. D. Schlapbach. C. Zurfluh, K. Graebner. K. Tway, L. Bacrtschi, B. Bandi, C. Gibbons, J. Moldcnhauer, L. Schlapbach, C. Steindorf. K. Flesher, C. Blumer, D. Gurns, V. Lisscr, J. Klossner, D. Nipple. TOP ROW: J. Pryce, M. Glass, K. Baumgartner, H. Huffman, M. Robinson, R. Flood, K. Nipple, S. Flood, F. Ringhand, M. Huntly. T. Goltz, K. Henningsen, M. Figi, D. King. B. Albright, G. Marx, T. Schmeider, C. Sowl, D. Black, D. Watkins, L. Martin, S. Harry. OFFICERS K. Graebner --Secretary C. Steindorf--President S. Flood--Treasurer J. Pryce--Vicc President When is the switch? 30SOPHOMORES ENJOY DRIVING AND WEARING CLASS RINGS! Beat it! I'm not moving! After one year the Sophomores have finally adjusted themselves to high school atmosphere. An exciting thing about being a Sophomore is the new experience of driving and wearing class rings. 31J. Elmer—Treas., B. Hill--Vice Pres., T. Black--Pres., D. Runaas—Sec. OFFICERS Finding that place to think and thinking when you find it. Noon hour happiness is gathering around and playing concentration. Sounding Off Firewood, anyone? 32FRESHMEN— THEY FINALLY MAKE IT! The Freshmen quickly adjusted to high school activities. They sponsored a few money-making projects on Maxwell Street Day which proved to be very successful. The class proved to have a positive attitude about working, and have established 3 good, all-around first impression. ROW 1: J. Aeschliman, C. Binder, J. Mauerman, G. Gempeler. J. Robinson, K. Blaser, L. Kopp, J. Blumcr. G. Glass. ROW 2: L. Friedrichs, N. Briggs, B. Hulbert, J. Elmer, C. Flood, D. Runaas, B. Brugger. G. Briggs, D. Howery, R. Keepers. ROW 3: B. Murphy. B. Hill, J. Aeschliman, J. Kopp, S. Parmer, D. Dowden, J. Creighton. S. Elmer, G. Ardisson. ROW 4: S. Steuri, V. Lyle. J. McCreedy, M. Parmer. T. Black, C. Flynn, C. Schlapbach. ROW 5: K. Purdy, R. Flood, R. Krupkc, H. Keegan, C. Moldenhauer, R. Mansheim, J. Alderman. 33 Grin and bear it!!! Let me sec now?WINTER STRIKES AGAIN! Winter it falls hard and never seems to end It's the creeping of the cold The shivering walk to school Winter thrives on excitement Of the warm ride home on the bus Of the first snow day in the year It’s getting your V.W. stuck in a snowbank and slipping on the ice Winter is basketball games and after school activities and semester exams but without people winter is just snow 34 Actwitieb ■JHOMECOMING 1973 LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Ringhand, K. Binder, D. Aeschllman, N. Murphy, J. Tway, J. Dunphy, J. Peterson. K. Tway, R. Flood, J. Acschliman. King and Queen of 1873 37YEARBOOK STAFF ADDS NEW DIMENSIONS TO BOOK! FRONT ROW, Seated: K. Kopp, T. Runaas, J. Dunphy, J. Jones. SECOND ROW: D. Dowdcn. J. Sarbacker. J. Gempeler. N. Murphy. BACK ROW: M. Sowl. C. Parker. S. Parmer. J. Speorry. G. Atkinson, S. Sellnow, L. Krupke, S. Flynn. D. Martin. K. Voegeli, J. Spring, N. Cleaveland, Miss Tollack. The editors wish to extend a big THANK YOU to Miss Tollack. the staff, the photographer and everyone who has helped in the production of the 1973 COMET. Countless hours were spent in the Business Education room carrying out the plans of the yearbook. For those who devoted time to work, we are sure that they will feel their time was not wasted and that they will see a little bit of themselves in the book. We have tried to give each organization and sport equal coverage and space. Even though deadlines were not met. we feel that the extra time has helped us to produce better coverage of events, organizations, pictures and color. We hope you will thoroughly enjoy the special effect pictures, the theme, and the book generally as a treasured memory of the past school year. A "COOL LADY" who does her share of pullin' the load! 38EDITORS. LEFT TO RIGHT. FRONT ROW: J. Gempeler—Layout. S. Huffman— Editor, S. Flynn—Business—Art. STANDING: Ms. Haeuser--Advisor, D. Martin, --News, N. Murphy—Sports, J. Dunphy—Feacure. COMET’S TALE COMES ON STRONG As a result of Sue Huffman's two week Journalism Workshop in Madison, this Year’s Comet's Tale took on a more polished, professional look. Added features this year included a new mast head, a regular cartoon, more pictures, and an expanded editorial page. The increased number of letters to the editor indicated that the change was for the better. SITTING. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Martin. J. Dunphy, S. Sellnow, J. Gempeler. D. Reasa. Ms. Haeuser. STANDING. G. Atkinson, S. Huffman. L. Heinsohn. N. Murphy. L. Krupke, S. Flynn. D. Dowden. T. Elmer. P. Phillips. M. Sowl. 39CLASSES REPRESENTED THROUGH STUDENT COUNCIL BOTTOM. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Black, J. Klossner, J. Mauerman, J. Kopp. TOP: P. Stcuri. J. Sarbackcr, J. Spoerry, R. Larsen. The Student Council sponsored this year’s Homecoming. "Seven Separate Fools." which featured the band. "Revolutionary. " The student body elected the king and the queen from a ballot of both boy and girl athletes. They were also responsible for organizing the Christmas party and the dance. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Initiated into the National Honor Society, at the end of their junior year, these people looked into the candles which represented the eternal light of knowledge, character, scholarship, leadership, and service, and pledged to uphold the high purpose of the organization to which they were elected. striving in ever)' way by word and deed to meet those ideals. LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Kopp. N. Cleaveland. S. Huffman. G. Gibbons. K. Albright. T. Runaas. 40SPOON AND SPADE WINNERS Sue Huffman and Kim Blumer were named Spoon and Spade winners at the end of their junior year by the graduating senior class on the basis of citizenship, scholastic standing. personality and leadership. Congratulations! BADGER BOYS AND GIRL Jeanie Dunphy. Dan Aeschliman. and Kim Blumer. (missing in picture) spent a week in June to learn about government on city. county, and state levels. The program was designed to prepare them for their future responsibilities as citizens. Selection was made by school officials on the basis of leadership. scholarship, and character. OUTSTANDING TEENAGER Jeanie Dunphy received this honor based on leadership, abilities. unusual talents, academic achievement, and community services. These accomplishments reflect honor on her community, school, and must bring pride to her family. Her biography is listed in the 1972 fifth edition of 41DRAMA CLUB STRESSES A PERFECT PERFORMANCE!! SITTING: L. Heinsohn, L. Krupke.J. Jones, D. Schlapbach, C. Gibbons, K. Albright, J. Sarbackcr, S. Sellnow, G. Lis-ser, S. Huffman. STANDING: D. Dowden, J. Dunphy, D. Martin, S. Flynn, T. Larson, K. Kopp, T. Runaas, P. Phillips, J. Moldcnhaucr, J. Gempcler, J. Spring. D. Reasa, T. Elmer, N. Murphy. N. Cleaveland. ON STAGE: J. Spoerry. Ms. Hacuscr, K. Voegeli, G. Atkinson. OFFICERS Don't despair "vimen", it is only me; Pete Steuril J. Dunphy--Vice-President K. AIbright--President N. Cleaveland—Secretary -Treasurer The cast and crew show their appreciation to a beautiful director. 47LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Martin, R. Keepers, K. Kopp, P. Stcuri, N. Cleave-land, K. Albright. N. Murphy, S. Flynn. ONE-ACT PLAY WINS ‘A ” RA TING RIDERS TO THE SEA Sustained mood, good characterization, original setting, and much effort were portrayed through the play that helped to win the "A" rating at New Glarus. The case and crew of RIDERS TO THE SEA, directed by Ms. Haeuser, traveled on to Platteviile and received one "A" and two "B's". SEATED: J. Klossner, Ms. Sherwin, J. Dunphy. STANDING: C. Stein -dorf, T. Elmer. VARIETY SHOW DRAWS CROWD The variety show consisted of another one-act play, THE OTHER MOTHER, directed by Ms. Sherwin, and other talent acts including a soft-shoe routine, a song from the album, JESUS CHRIST. SUPERSTAR a pom-pom routine, a laugh-in skit, and a motorcycle gang. 43BOYS AND GHOULS TOGETHER BACK ROW: Ms. Haeuser (Dir.), D. Aeschliman, P. Steuri, J. Tway, K. Lyle. G. Ochsner. K. Albright. K. Kopp. J. Jones. J. Gempeler, N. Murphy. ON DESKS: K. Elmer, R. Setzer. G. Gibbons. R. Keepers. J. Spring. IN DESKS: J. Sarbackcr. D. Martin, S. Huffman, J. Dunphy. ON FLOOR: S. Flynn, T. Runaas. Count Dracula and DIrga in Albany? Yes! But on stage for the Senior Class Play. Not only monsters, but clocks that scream, and robots that talk make up for an altogether scary performance. FOND MEMORIES No Senior who participated in last year’s class play "Tune in on Terror" will ever forget the writhings of Arnold, the shrieks of Rozika, or the chortles of Dr. Von Slasher. One year later the C3st can still pick up on any line from "Oh my stars and worn out garters! " to "Stop you vimens, stop dead in your tracks!" Due to an entire class effort, the production was "the talk of the town."VOICES OF OPINION FRONT. BENDING: G. Lisser. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. FROM MIDDLE: J. Klossncr. C. Parker. J. Dunphy, L. Krupkc. T. Elmer. N. Cleaveland. C. Steindork. D. Black. J. Sarbackcr. MIDDLE: C. Gibobns. From prose to declamations, speeches to poetry. Those were a few of the catagories that were used in voicing an opinion in forensics. Participants looked forward to receiving an "A" and going to state, but experiencing speaking was more important than attaining personal recognition. STUDENTS AID LIBRARIAN LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Parker. T. Robinson. This year, there were not enough students interested in joining the Library club. Those who were interested, helped the librarian with such chores as stamping books, learning how to file, placing books on the shelves, and helping other students in the library. Julia Sarbackcr. chairman of the Forensics Club, believes strongly in perfection. 45FEMALES JOIN LETTERWINNER’S CLUB! OUTSIDE OF "A". LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Harry. D. Black, C. Sowl, R. Setzcr, T. Runaas, R. Keepers. D. Zilllox. K. Lyle, G. Gill, J. Tway, R. Ringhand, Mr. Gross, R. Larsen, J. Rankins, D. Aeschliman, T. Schmeider, J. Peterson, R. Miller, R. Hill, C. Baumgartner, M. Robinson, T. Alexander. INSIDE OF "A": K. Kopp, S. Huffman, S. Flynn, N. Murphy, J. Dunphy, T. Runaas. This year, the Letterwinner's club functioned as an organization to expose the athletes to other sports events other than what was offered at Albany. One event that the members attended was the U. W. M. basketball game. The club members hoped to change the past years of inactivity by earning money to purchase letter sweaters to be worn at sports events. In addition, the Letterwinner's Club decided to let the female letter winners join their once exclusive club. Advisor Cross and the male members felt that as long as both males and females won letters, they should be able to participate in the same club. Going co-ed was a jolly improvement! Hull? Guys and girls? 46SWISH TO THE TUNE OF .. . ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Blumer, T. McCreedy, K. Binder, K. Blaser, G. Glass. ROW 2: J. Aeschliman, K. Tway. J. Elmer, J. Robinson, T. Larson. ROW 3:C. Parker, D. Martin, J. McCreedy, C. Flynn, J. Moldenhauer. ROW 4: D. Rcasa, P. Phillips, C. Flood, D. Schlapbach, C. Gibbons. ROW 5: J. Sarbacker, V. Lyle, G. Atkinson, S. S el blow, K. Albright. ROW 6: B. Murphy, L. Freidrichs, D. Dowden. 47 DcEttc attempts to master counting and coordination.FHA HOLDS THEIR FIRST DISTRICT RALLY!!! KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Gill, J. Mauerman, J. McCreedy. V. Lyle, M. Parmer. J. Moldenhauer. C. Gibbons. S. Steuri, K. Binder, C. Zurfluh, V. Lisner, J. Blumer. J. Spring. J. Aeschliman. K. Binder, C. Blumer, C. Richardson, C. Parker. STANDING: G. Glass, D. Schlapbach, K. Graebner, T. McCreedy, S. Parmer. K. Albright. J. Friedrichs, L. Bacrtschi. OFFICERS: K. Voegcli. D. Reasa, N. Murphy, D. Martin. J. Sarbacker, J. Gempelcr, J. Dunphy. STANDING: K. Tway, B. Murphy, S. Sellnow, G. Atkinson, T. Larson, J. Aeschliman, Mrs. Gressman. GREEN LAKE DELEGATES Last June, these people attended the American Baptist Assembly to exchange ideas between FHA members. Participants were selected by club members. Some of the meeting dealt with drugs and economy. Kathy participated in the State Chorus and Darci attended the President's Banquet. There was also a "Howdy Doody Night" where skits were performed. Under the same principle Carey attended the council the following week representing the FFA. The assembly proved to be educational and fun as well. LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Albright, D. Martin, C. Baumgartner, N. Murphy, J. Dunphy. 48ENERGETIC FFA MEMBERS HAVE PROSPEROUS YEAR! KNEELING. LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Martin. R. Janes. B. Albright, D. King, K. Baumgartner. D. Ziliiox. G. Gill, C. Baumgartner. STANDING: C. Sowl, G. Marx, D. Elmer, D. Stephenson, G. Ochsner, J. Peterson. C. Goltz, K. Hulbert, K. Blumer, C. Howery. Mr. Ulier. TOP: J. Pryce, R. Widmer. T. Elmer, M. Robinson. SWEETHEART! OFFICERS Shelley Sellnow LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Blumer. K. Hulbert. G. Gill. K. Elmer. C. Goltz. D. Ziliiox. The FFA started out what was to be a busy year by first having a candy bar sale. They soon followed that by selling fruit. Picking a most appropriate month, the Sweetheart Dance was held in February. The fellows then organized 3 basketball team and enjoyed competing against other FFA teams. All these activities helped to make it a very successful and eventful year. 49NOTE THE SIGN . . . BAND IN SESSION! ROW 1: D. Dowdcn, C. Gibbons, K. Binder, C. Flood, D. Dowden, D. Dowden, M. Trow, L. Friedrichs, L. Kopp. ROW 2: T. Elmer. C. Steindorf, R. Larsen, R. Flood, K. Blaser, D. Runaas, K. Graebner, L. Krupke, N. Cleaveland. ROW 3: L. Schlapbach, T. Black, K. Binder, K. Binder. R. Flood, B. Albright, R. Mammon, R. Alihouse. J. Ringhand, L. Heinsohn. ROW 4: Mr. Clark. R. Friedrichs, K. Purdy, D. Black, C. Schlapbach, M. Huntly. J. Pryce, K. Nipple, D. King, B. Brugger, J. Moldenhauer, D. Schlapbach. MAJORETTE Terri Elmer TWIRLERS Jeanie Dunphy Jolene Spring Among all his responsibilities, Mr. Clark finds time to relax, listen to music, and read. 50TRIPLE TRIO OFFICERS "PIANO PLAYERS Denise Dowden and Linda Krupke BELOW: T. Black--Lib., D. Runaas --Robe keeper, C, Steindorf—Vice-Pres.. J. Friedrichs--Robe keeper. ABOVE: K. Blaser—Lib.. D. Dowden--Sec.-Treas., L. Krupke--Rep., N. Clcavcland—Pres. CHORUS IN CONCERT ROW 1: R. Flood. J. Prycc, B. Brugger, R. Mansheim, C. Schlapbach, K. Purdy. ROW 2: L. Schlapbach. V. Lisser, S. Parmer. K. Blaser. J. Klossncr, G. Lisser, D. Janes. D. Runaas, B. Hill. ROW 3: L. Baertschi, N. Cleaveland. J. Friedrichs, L. Friedrichs, T. Elmer, T. Black. DIRECTOR: Mrs. Waterman. 31G.A.A. MEMBERS—AND THEIR CRAZY STUNTS!! ROW 1: L. Schlapbach, K. Albright, S. Flynn, N. Murphy, D. Martin, G. Gempeler, S. Huffman, B. Bandi, S. Steuri, K. Graebner, K. Tway, G. Atkinson, B. Murphy, G. Llsser, J. Sarbacker, C. Parker, D. Schlapbach, B. Hill, C. Gibbons. ROW 2: T. Runaas, K. Binder, J. Spoerry, K. Kopp, C. Stelndorf, G. Glass, D. Runaas, J. Aeschllman. S. Sell-now. K. Voegeli, C. Flynn, T. Elmer. J. Aeschllman. V. Lyle, J. Dunphy, K. Binder, J. Blumer, J. Spring, J. Mol-dcnhauer, K. Blaser, V. Llsser, L. Kopp. i gjfll Weel Hang Toughl Stuffed III Playing in the snowl Showers after exercise! Tumbling Is Fun! 52PEP CLUB PRODUCES LIVELY SKITS! I now pronounce you man and wife! OFFICERS: D. Martin (Sec. -Treas.) N. Murphy (Pres.) K. Voegeli (Vice-Pres.) ROW 1: LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Bandi, B. Murphy. T. Black. C. Flynn. K. Voegeli. S. Flynn. ROW 2: C. Flood. K. Binder, J. Elmer, G. Class, J. Mauerman, J. McCreedy, J. Aeschliman, J. Spring, G. Atkinson, D. Reasa, B. Hulbcrt, B. Hill. ROW 4: J. Spoerry, J. Jones, L. Schlapbach. D Dowden. K. Tway. S. Huffman. D. Martin, N. Murphy, L. Krup-ke, K. Kopp, N. Cleaveland. 531 QUEEN SHELLEY AND KING GARY The class of 1973 will long remember the week of preparing and decorating for their Junior Prom. "Precious and Few" certainly does not express the number of memories held by those who attended. The music for the evening was provided by Hot Hands Herbie. Jeanie and Dan Julie and Kim 54Pete and Jolene Jeff and Nita Jim and Darci "JUNIOR ROYALTY" Brit Hall and Carmen Zweifel PRECIOUS AND FEW I crown you Queen Shelley. I crown you King Gary. 55TALENTS SHOWN THROUGH MINI-COURSES For a break in the winter curriculum, AHS this year initiated mini-courses from candle-making, camping and how-to-study, to influence of rock. Forty-four different mini-courses were offered with the help of community members, students, and teachers. Enthusiasm generated . . . and hopefully it will continue. 56THE TEAM WORKS AT NETTING UP A VICTORY KNEELING: B. Albright. J. Prycc. M. Glass, C. Schlapbach, D. Dowden. R. Mansheim. STANDING: T. Alexander. NL Figi. D. Zilliox, G. Gill. F. Ringhand. R. Larsen. D. Aeschliman, C. Sowl, Mr. Gross. Ready, get set, goal . . . keep it up guys!! The goal of this year's volleyball team was to work as a team whether winning or losing. After working out eight hours a week for six weeks, an improvement could be seen by spectators, players, and coach alike. Positive thinking will get it over!! 58THE SPORT OF HAND TO HAND COMBAT SITTING: R. Paul, D. Robinson. J. Pagel, D. Jones, D. Keepers, D. Peterson, M. Pluss. KNEELING: T. Webb, K. Baumgartner, S. Flood. S. Harr)’. STANDING: Mr. Hallmark, M. Robinson, D. Black, R. Setzer, C. Baumgartner, M. Figi. R. Mansheim, C. Moldenhauer, G. Ardison, B. Brugger, T. Tway. m n 'I -r asa® Nothing like messing around! Winning! A feeling of accomplishment. GO GUYS! PIN! This year the Albany wrestlers sponsored the Albany Wrestling Invitational for the second time. They put in a good season by averaging three hours of practice a night which included running and learning new holds. All in all. the wrestlers put up a good fight. LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Krupke. B. Hill, C. Gibbons. 59A TEAM THAT DOESN’T QUIT! KNEELING. Left to Right: R. Keegan. S. Parmer. J. Kopp. STANDING: Mr. White; (coach), R. Hill, T. Runaas, T. Schmieder. R. Setzer. R. Miller, (manager). A moment to relax. No rest for runners. Although Albany didn’t successfully win its State Cross Country title, the yearling team overcame almost insurmountable odds to place third in the State championships. Crippled by the loss of last year's most valuable runner, Russell Hill, with a leg injur)' incurred in the regional run. the squad regrouped it’s forces to gain the state finals for the third year in a row. The youngsters had a mediocre season in the won-loss column, however, capturing invitational championships at Albany. Platteville, and Lake Mills. Albany should remain the distance running capitol of Wisconsin at least for a few years as this team was composed of three freshmen, one sophomore, two juniors, and only one senior. In the state finals Albany showed great power with Ron Setzer--third, Todd Runaas--fourth, and Tom Schmieder--fifth. 60RUN WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! Mr. White (coach). LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hill, R. Setzer, R. Keegan, J. Tway. D. Aeschliman, S. Parmer, T. Schmied-er, J. Kopp. BATS, BALLS, AND GLOVES . . . SITTING. Left to Right: C. Parker, J. Mauerman, C. Flynn. B. Murphy, D. Runaas. K. Binder. T. McCreedy. D. Schlapbach, C. Richardson. C. Blaser. KNEELING: L. Heinsohn, L. Krupke, L. Schlapbach. M. Sowl. C. Gill. S. Flynn. S. Huffman. N. Murphy, K. Albright, C. Gibbons, D. Janes, J. Moldenhauer, C. Blumer, K. Graebner, K. Tway. 61CHEERING—RIGHT ON ■ JfW LYING: J. Spring. C. GUI. KNEEUNG: J. Spoerry. STANDING: C. Steindorf, J. Mauerman, J. Dunphy. THE EXCITEMENT OF VICTORY LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Peterson. D. Aeschliman, T. Runaas, R. Keepers, D. Zilliox, R. Larsen. F. Ringhand, J. Tway. Mr. Gross. G. Ochsner. —■ "i Tim Tway. hooked on basketball, dunks another two big ones for Albany. II 3ONWARD TO VICTORY Junior varsity players work hard at rebounding the ball for perfection. ABILITY IMPROVED THROUGH COMPETITION LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Astin. R. Krupke. J. Kopp. D. Dowden. M. Glass. C. Schlapbach. R. Flood. R. Flood, C. Sowl. D. King, R. Keepers. KNEELING: R. Friedrichs. STANDING: K. Graebner. T. Elmer. TOP: K. Binder, D. Nipple. J. Aesch-liman. WE “IS” A TEAM! SITTING, Left to Right: B. Bandi, K. Binder, J. Aeschliman, B. Murphy, V. Lyle. C. Flynn, C. Binder, J. Moldenhauer. L. Kopp. K. Blaser. C. Gill. S. Steuri. STANDING: T. McCreedy (Asst. M3n.), L. Baertschi, N. Murphy. S. Flynn. K. Tw3y, D. Martin, J. Dunphy, L. Schlapbach, S. Huffman, K. Kopp. T. Runaas, Ms. Sherwin (Coach). (Missing in picture) G. Gempeler(Man.). 64SuKotyv High8th GRADE—A CLOSE LOOK AT TOMORROW’S PEOPLE ROW 1: C. Hannes, D. Hill, R. Pluss, S. Dixon, J. Kmpke, J. Blumer, N. Bellows, J. Mauerman, J. Larson. B. Tway. ROW 2: J. Schneider, B. Fahrney, C. Flynn, A. Bond, D. Lisser, A. McCreedy, C. Runaas, K. Flood, R. Jones. ROW 3: J. Gibbons, G. Thill, W. Johnson, J. Broge, G. Kauk, J. Atkinson. L. Huffman, D. Stoehr. ROW 4: J. Kremkoski, G. Gcmplcr, D. Cox, D. Robinson, D. Keepers, B. Atkinson, T. Phillips. 7th GRADE—THE FUTURE LIES IN THEIR HANDS ROW 1: J. Sellnow, V. Jones. R. Friedrichs, M. Bandi, D. McGee, D. Dowden, M. Trow, D. Dowden, R. Alexander, R. Janes, R. Weeden, T. Webb. ROW 2: D. Jones, D. Blumer, J. Larson, L. Bellows, C. Bond, S. Ross, N. Runaas, D. La-Belle, T. Tway, J. Heitzman. ROW 3: D. Schmeider, J. Sandlin, K. Nipple, A. Hcnningscn, S. Malcook, L. Lyle, C. Zweifel, R. Althaus, J. Ringhand. ROW 4: J. Keele. R. Hammon, S. Sowl, M. Malkow, G. Truitt, J. Kennedy, R. Schneider. 66NEW ADDITION TO JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY Mr. Astin Mrs. Zimmerli Social Studies Reading Reading English J. V. Basketball Coach Mr. Hallmark Mr. Quinn Science Drivers Education Wrestling Coach Math CADET BAND RAISES MONEY FOR NEW UNIFORMS ROW 1: K. Kchm, D. Dustan, L. Bruggcr, L. Atkinson, A. Bump, S. Krupke, M. Tourdot, C. Simpson. ROW 2: L. Johnson, W. Johnson, B. Fahmey, J. Blumer, J. Atkinson, A. Flood, C. Flynn, W. Atkinson. ROW 3: K. Flood. T. Phillips, J. Patchen, F. Nipple, R. West, M. Tourdot, D. Gums. ROW 4: J. Krupke, T. Gohlke, C. Althaus, L. Sellnow, J. Schneider, S. Dixon, B. Cohike. ROW 5: R. Hammon, R. Pluss, J. Schlapbach, Mr. C. Clark. 67PLAYERS SHOW ENTHUSIASUM BOTTOM ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Sowl, J. Larson. D. Blumer. D. Schmei-der, J. Sellnow. TOP ROW: B. Alexander. R. Althaus. M. Bandi, R. Fred-richs, R. Hammon. SPIRIT GROWS! BOTTOM ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Gibbons, D. Stoehr, J. Mauerman. TOP ROW: K. Flood, R. Pluss, J. Schneider, B. Tway, D. Cox.8th GRADE CHEERLEADERS FRONT: D. Dowden. L. Lyle. STANDING: D. Dowden, S. Maikov, D. LaBelle. 7th GRADE CHEERLEADERS FRONT: L. Huffman. STANDING: J. Broge. C. Flynn. A. McCrcedy. TOP: J. Atkinson. The Junior High basketball team took on a new look this year for various reasons. In previous years each team had to play every school in the league. After revision, the league was divided into two sections. This helped to cut down on competition and the members of the team were able to play more throughout the season. The attitude of the team was to strive for overall improvement of each player’s skill not necessarily winning at all costs. The Junior High held practices in the morning before school because the gym was unavailable after school. John Heitzman was unable to play most of the season because of a knee injur)’, but the rest ot the team took up the slack and performed equally to a full team. The seventh graders proved they had much ability throughout the games and will undoubtedly have a promising future. 69JUNIOR HIGH IS SOMETHING SPECIAL!!! ! To be in Junior High at Albany is something special. With four outstanding and well qualified teachers, the students live in an exceptional educational atmosphere. It is a particular)' exciting time for the Junior High students to still enjoy a few grade school activities but at the same time prepare themselves for high school. During the past year the students participated in activities such as the talent show, concerts, a play, art and science projects, and debate teams. The eighth graders celebrate their graduation by going out for an evening and paying the expenses with their own earnings. 705th AND 6th GRADERS ENJOY NEW SURROUNDINGS! ROW 1: D. Crooks, L. Brugger, L. Larson, S. Krupke, T. Gohlke, P. Muralt, ROW 2: B. West, J. Schlapbach, J. Sandlin, J. Patchen, J. Peach, D. Brugger, Mrs. Wcndorf, M. Glass, J. Jones, T. Kennedy, I. Kublcy, J. Fahrney, K. Keele. ROW 3: V. Hawkins, L. Parker, M. Tourdot, A. Bump, D. Martin, L. Zilliox, D. Truitt, R. Marx, J. Howry, G. Muralt, M. Murphy. ROW 1: D. Gums, L. Shear, D. Schmeider, T. Janes, L. Hauge, S. Elmer, M. Hulben, M. Tourdot, J. Pagel, D. Hannes, B. Gohlke, B. Jones, R. Paul, M. Reasa, D. Pluss, F. Nipple. RCM 2: B. Robinson, L. Briggs, C. Mansheim, L. Islcy, M. Trow, L. Scllnow, P. Kennedy, C. Althaus, L. Schenk, K. Kehm, A. Flood, C. Simpson, S. Albright, K. Forbush, M. Ccslok. (MISSING: Mr. Kanable). ROW 1: S. Nipple, D. Alexander, L. Gill, T. Alexander, J. Howery, D. Ceslok, D. Johnson. ROW 2: R. Paul, D. Dustan, S. Creighton, L. Hauge, M. Courtois, C. Lisscr, M. Gums, P. Bond. ROW 3: R. Hammon, L. Bond, P. Bellows, J. Larson, L. Atkinson, L. Johnson, T. Hammon, W. Larson, B. Sarbackcr, D. Levins, P. Zilliox, D. Levins, J. Malkow, R. Weeden, M. Moldcnhaucr. (MISSING: Mrs. Hanson.) 723rd AND 4th GRADERS SEEK OUT NEW IDEAS! ROW 1: T. Simpson, C. Sowl, B. Zettlc. R. Pluss, D. Kchm. ROW 2: L. Bruggcr, L. Flood, P. Zweifel, M. Gurns, T. Stein-dorf, B. Heron. L. Klapper. M. Elmer, Mrs. Gibbons. ROW 3: R. Cleaveland, B. Atkinson, J. Dunphy, P. Zweifel. D. Moldenhauer, T. Alexander, K. Pence, C. West (ABSENT: S. Fahmey). ROW 1: L. Keele, R. Crooks, L. Cook, D. Dowden, T. Bruggcr. ROW 2: T. Luedy. R. Richardson. J. Lincucum, B. Shear, F. Ross, K. Hulbcrt, L. Robinson, M. Seffrood. J. Pfeuti. Mrs. Ladwig. ROW 3: K. Jones, T. Kocbler, L. Malkow, M. Kennedy. D. Kauk. L. Atkinson, G. Gempcler, C. Truitt, K. Kehm. ROW 1: M. Go z, C. Friedrichs, R. Cox, D. Truitt, R. Williams, K. Gempcler, D. Malkow, M. McGee, W. Cullen, T. Bliss, D. Shanks, R. Weeden. ROW 2: K. Widmer, L. Kehm, L. Flesher, C. McCarthy, M. Muralt, C. Kauk, M. Shear, E. West, D. Pence, T. Nipple, K. Hammon, L. Flesher, H. Blumer, J. Reynolds. 731st, 2nd 3rd GRADERS-ENTHUSIASTIC STUDENTS! ROW 1: D. Trow, R. Wendlandt, M. Janes, J. Sandlin, B. Pence. S. Pfcuti, R. Bump, K. Flood, J. Shell, D. Gohlke.ROW 2: L. Hauge, G. Vitcnse, D. Dustan, A. Reasa, S. Flood, K. Alderman, L. Koebler, K. Albertson, L. Heron, R. Mabie, L. Elmer, Mrs. Coplien. ROW 1: M. Seffrood, L. Steindorf, T. Hulbert, T. Vitense, D. Bond, D. Blumcr, T. Bump, L. Muralt, S. Albertson, A. Creuzer, K. Stoll, C. Hannes, M. Friedrichs, Mrs. Neucnchwander. ROW 2: M. Krupke, B. Helwig, B. Neild, G. Gohlkc, D. Horn, K. Peach, R. Lisser, D. Jones, G. Gibbons, C. Elmer, D. Briggs. 74 ROW 1: B. Schaller, M. Jones, M. Brugger, L. Dctra, P. Pluss, M. Graves, G. Child, B. Courtois, C. Klapper. ROW 2: D. Lucdy, C. Williams, D. Ceslok, C. Zweifcl, D. Dustan, J. Kauk, D. Muralt, D. Wendlandt, D. Nelson, A. Aeschli-man, R. Lerch, C. Shell, J. Althous, Mrs. Quade.KINDERGARTENERS 1st GRADERS-SMALL, BUT MIGHTY! ROW 1: C. Ccslok, M. Kock, J. Adams, R. Nelld, T. Brewer, M. Flood, D. Kehm, B. Zettle, G. Schmeider, J. Sandlin, J. Paul, W. Johnson. ROW 2: L. Kennedy, T. Alexander, P. Lyle, R. Shell. P. Zwelfel, M. Lisser, L. Dodd, B. Johnson, M. Cblburn. Mrs. Arndt. ROW 1: B. Stoll, G. Heron, D. Marchant, M. Cayler, R. Crooks, B. Child, S. Larson, D. Nipple. B. Hall, I. Malkow. ROW 2: J. Lincicum, P. Shear, M. Thompson, K. Crcuzer, S. Pfeuti, C. Briggs, W. Zee, K. Boss. T. Blumer, E. Hel-wig, C. Drye, Mrs. Spring. ROW 1: R. Atkinson, L. Williams, K. Hawkins, T. Earlywinc, G. Lewis. ROW 2: K. Horn, P. I'ourdot, M. Pence, S. Keegan, S. Nipple, S. Bump, M. Waterman, S. Olson, D. Levins, Mrs. Spring. ROW 3: R. Peach, L. Colborn, S. Lerch, 1’. Kocblcr, M. Nipple, J. Howery, D. Kinney, D. Zurfluh. 75OF THE PEOPLE ... 1973.CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS!!! Mr. Walters Mrs. Quade Mrs. Spring Mr. Anseth Mrs. Wendorf Mr. Clark Mr. and Mrs. John Aeschliman Mrs. Gressman Mr. and Mrs. Russell Albright Mr. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alderman Mrs. Haeuser Mrs. Virginia Blumer Mrs. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cleaveland Miss Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dunphy Mrs. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Elmer Coach Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flynn Mrs. Tews Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gempeler Mr. Thalacker Mr. and Mrs. George Gibbons Miss Tollack Mr. and Mrs. Max Huffman Mr. Uher Mr. and Mrs. Chester Jones Mrs. Waterman Mrs. Ruby Keepers Mr. White Mr. and Mrs. Willis Kopp Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lyle Mr. Astin Mrs. Ella Martin Mr. Hallmark Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Krause Mr. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Miller Mrs. Zimmerli Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ochsner Mrs. Arndt Mr. and Mrs. Garland Rankins Mrs. Blumer Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Runaas Mrs. Coplien Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sarbacker Mrs. Gibbons Mrs. Helen Ceslok Mrs. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Spring Mr. Kanable Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Steuri Mrs. Ladwig Mrs. Neuenschwander Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Tway 7 8GOHLKE Furniture Store Funeral Home Furniture—Appliances—Floor Covering Albany Phone 862-3332 Anytime Congratulations Class of 73 from VP - Varco-Pruden Metal Buildings Evansville, WisconsinCOMPLIMENTS OF TEALES AUTO SERVICE Compliments of ALBANY WISCONSIN 862-3549 Complete Banking Service Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albany Wisconsin PRYCE BROTHERS Dealers in Livestock Bulls For Rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Albany Wisconsin 80UNION COOPERATIVE Your One-Stop Farm Supply Feed Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Grain Dying Storage 3 Locations Albany—Brooklyn—Evansville Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From Harvey L. Kopp NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Life Insurance Group Insurance Variable Fixed Annuities Pension Plans Health Insurance Phone 362-8697 Beloit Congratulations Seniors from Krostue Implement Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin KNIGHT MFG. CORP. Forage Boxes—Spreaders "Auggie” Mixers—Wagons 897-2131 Brodhead Wisconsin 81marvin e. helgesen m. ph. Photography in Modern Tempo HELGESEN RESIDENCE STUDIO The Full Color Studio 1220 E. Milwaukee Street Janesville, Wisconsin HELGESEN HARVESTORE, INC. Route 2, Box 318 Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 Branches Hwy. 23 Dodgeville, Wisconsin 53533 Hwy. 60 West Hartford, Wisconsin 53027 Main Office (608) 752-7491 Compliments of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES AND SERVICE THE CASINO Chinese and American Home of the Famous Cub Cadet Farm and Industrial Tractors and Equipment Motor Trucks Banquet Facilities 837 North Parker Drive Phone Area Code 608-754-6604 Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 Reservations Phone 938-4324 82 Congratulations Seniors GREEN COUNTY AGRICULTURAL CHEST FRED BAERTSCHI Congratulations to Julia Sarbacker Phone 862-3893 Albany, Wisconsin 53502 Albany Dairy Queen Congratulations from Congratulations BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY POP’S YOUTH CENTER Sincere Service Security, Satisfaction Albany, Wisconsin Phone 862-3271 Albany, Wisconsin Rose Pop’s Dudones IRV'S MASONRY FLAT CONCRETE WORK CENTER TAVERN Home Of The Bulls P.O. Box 229, Phone 862-3854 Irvin Klapper Gary Geno’s Sandwiches. Cheese. Pizza Albany, Wisconsin 53502 Albany, Wisconsin For All Your Photo Needs KREUGER PHOTO J Dennis Kreuger I Jm JOSTENS Albany, Wisconsin 862-3587 Creators of Fine Class Rings, Awards, Announcements, Yearbooks, and DiplomasShop utherland's oon TRI-COUNTY APPLIANCE Maytag—Hotpoint—Amana KAMM’S FARM BAKERY 1027 1st Center Ave. Brodhead, Wisconsin 53S20 Homemade Bread Rolls Phone 455-2031 Brooklyn, Wisconsin HELGESEN’S INC. PONTIAC TRUCKS RAMBLER SCOUT Phone 882-4700 Evansville Wisconsin Compliments ROWLEY’S BAR Evansville, Wisconsin wolohan LUMBER CO. Phone 754-6695 Hwy. 14 By-Pass Lumber—Plumbing—Electric—Heat—Carpet Janesville, Wisconsin CARTER GRUENEWALD CO., INC. P.O. Boy 5—Juda, Wisconsin 53550 Phone 934-5201 McCormick Tractors and Machines MARTIN REALTORS AGENCY Hall's Studio J03t M.L.S. Janesville, Wisconsin Phone 752-5802 STUD 0' 20 N. Main St. Phone 754-2713 - JANESVILLE 84HELLAND’S Food Locker Service Inc. Butchering, Complete Processing, Curing Smoking Sausage N. DORMAN CO., IMPORTED DOMESTIC CHEESE Monroe, Wisconsin County Food Store Juda, Wisconsin Phone 934-5241 Stye 3dle jHour Jfl MONROE. WIS. ansion 325-3386 350—21st Street MONROE, WISCONSIN 53566 YOUR HOSTS. MIL LETT A MOOM OINING • COCKTAIL LOUNGE • YEAR AROUND SWIMMING STUDER SUPER SERVICE INC. Massey-Ferguson New Holland Gehl Monroe, Wisconsin ONE HOUR MARTINIZING Monroe, Wisconsin JOS. HUBER BREWING COMPANY From "The Nation’s Swiss Colony" Monroe, Wisconsin Phone 325-3191 SCHULZ’S AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP 711-30th Street Phone 608-325-5148 Auto, Truck Tractor Parts Complete Machine Shop Service Monroe, Wisconsin 85KREUGER CONSTRUCTION MARTY’S TEXACO SERVICE Office Phone 862-3276 Chopper Boxes—Crane Service Grain Feeders—Painting—Bunks.... Albany, Wisconsin Randy Marty, Manager Washing - Greasing - Batteries - Tires Phone 862-3250 - Albany, Wisconsin KARLEN SONS Wisconsin Power Tel. 938-4345 C Light Company Cars Monticello Trucks Wisconsin Congratulations NORTHSIDE CHEESE FACTORY— STRICKLER'S MEATS Minder Durtschi Monticello, Wisconsin Home of Top Quality Meats and Swiss Style Sausage Custom Butchering Our Specialty New Glarus, Wisconsin Phone 527-2131 86ALBANY LOCKER CHESTER WHITES Fresh and Smoked Meats Homemade Sausages Cut, Wrapped, and Frozen Available • Phone 862-3128 Albany. Wisconsin Fay Brewers Sons Breeding Stock Sold at all Times Albany Wisconsin ALBANY LANES Compliments For Bowling at its Best Ken and Zelma Klossner of EARL AND WALLY ZWICKEY JOANNE S BEAUTY SALON Permanent Waving—Haircutting Coloring—Including Frosting R.R. 1 Albany. Wisconsin I HEIN AND FRANCIS Albany's Home-Owned-Independent Grocery "Just Everyday Low Prices” Telephone: 862-3236 BANK OF BRODHEAD Full Service Bank Brodhead, Wisconsin Member FDIC Member of Federal Reserve System LA VERNE LEDERMAN State Farm Insurance Companies 1015 Center Avenue Phone 897-2834 Brodhead. Wisconsin FLYNN S BAR Cheese and Sandwiches 897-8167 Brodhead Wisconsin OLIN AND AYRES Buick Pontiac Sales Service 705 E. Exchange St. 897-4222 Brodhead. Wisconsin PETERSONS' SOUTHSIDE GROCERY IVERSON CHEVROLET INC. 897-2550 Brodhead. Wisconsin Brodhead Wisconsin SUGAR RIVER RACEWAY BERRA'S SADDLE SHOP 897-4380 Western and English Equipment Western and English Square Dancing Clothes Open 7 days a week 9-9 Phone 897-4039 Brodhead, Wisconsin Brodhead. Wisconsin FOESCH'S BODY SHOP LARSEN'S SERVICE STATION 897-2274 Mobil Products Brodhead. Wisconsin Brooklyn, Wisconsin Phone 455-2551 87□ Bflt JAMC WAV . GCHU H jfl New HOLLAND ■Ul MARTINSON IMP., INC. «B.24., BROOKLYN. WISCONSIN MORTENSEN AUTO REPAIR Complete Automotive Service Skiroule Snowmobile Sales Service Brooklyn, Wisconsin Phone 455-3621 CASEY STONE. INC. Beer, Wine Liquors Brooklyn, Wisconsin Phone 455-2161 Congratulations From CHAPINS Fine Foods Evansville Wisconsin GIBBS' RESTAURANT Joanne Earl Gibbs Phone 882-5481 Union St.-Hwy. 14 Evansville. Wisconsin Fast Carry-Out Service GRANGE STORE "Your Complete Shopping Center" Evansville Wisconsin ANDERSON T V. Sales and Service 10 E Mam Street Evansville Wisconsin Phone 882-4156 DR. CHARLES E. NELSON DENTIST Congratulations Seniors DR. R. G. HEIMERL Evansville Wisconsin j WILBUR'S "SELL-RITE" Evansville. Wisconsin Store Hours Daily 7:30-9:00 Sunday 7:30-12:00 WILLIS DRUG STORE 7 West Main St. Evansville Wisconsin Arnold A. Willis. R.Ph. Phone 882-4550 2f“ " 1 I COACH HOUSE EVANSVILLE, WIS PHONE 882-4300 STRAKA JEWELRY Evansville Wisconsin ■■WEnZEuzEE' MTrurWm VILLAGE GARDENS Sandwiches and Pizza Daily Fish—Shrimp—Chicken: Steaks Fri., Sat. Phone 876-9511 Footville. Wl VILLAGE MART Footville, Wisconsin Congratulations Graduates Kathryn Selch WALSH’S SERVICE STATION Footville. Wisconsin 53537 Richard Walsh. Prop. 88 Compliments of NEWMAN SEED AND FEED Master Mix Feeds ALBANY LIBRARY Smith Douglass Fertilizer Custom Spraying juda Wisconsin LARRY JOHN SALON Monticello—Verona FERNSTAEDT HARDWARE Phone 938-4841 845-6623 QUALITY HARDWARE AND PAINTS Compliments of Congratulations To The Class of 73 SWIGGUM'S BEVERAGE DEPOT CITY TAXI Monroe Wisconsin Monroe. Wisconsin MONROE BEVERAGE MART Compliments of Phone 325-2963 Open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Daily Liquors and Wines Cordials Beers SCHMITZ STUDIOS CONGRATULATIONS GRADS MONROE READY MIX AND MATERIAL CO.. INC. THE SWISS COLONY Monroe Wisconsin Phone 325-5195 Monroe. Wisconsin THORPE MONROE BAKERY Birthday Wedding Cakes Paint and Wallpaper Custom Drapery Monroe. Wisconsin Swiss Bread Pastries 1007—16th Avenue Monroe. Wisconsin Phone: 325-2500 RUE'S CONFECTIONERY PANDOW JEWELERS 1600-11 St. Fine Quality Diamonds Watches. Jewelry Monroe Wisconsin Monroe. Wisconsin 325-6134 VALUE VILLAGE DEPARTMENT STORE Hwy. 11 Monroe. Wisconsin Open Daily 10-10 Sunday 10-6 FLORINE’S Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Accessories and Gifts Lillian Leverne Long 1618-11th Street. Monroe. Wisconsin 89EAGLES CLUB Chicken or Shrimp Suppers Saturday Night $1.75 MONROE FLORAL SHOP Bowling and Bar Live Music Saturday Night Downtown Phone 325-6159 Monroe. Wisconsin Monroe Wisconsin Good Luck Grads BOB’S UPTOWN MARKET PIPERS DREAM Clothing Boutique For Guys and Girls 119—16th Avenue Monroe. Wisconsin 1602-11th Street Phone 325-5169 Monroe. Wisconsin MONROE TV SALES AND SERVICE On the Square 1028-17th Avenue Phone 325-5598 STRICKLER’S MARKET Home-Made Sausage Your Zenith Dealer Monroe. Wisconsin 53566 West Side of the Square Phone 325-9376 Monroe. Wisconsin THE CAMERA SHOP 905 16th Avenue S 0 TV SERVICE AND MUSIC CENTER Monroe. Wisconsin North of the Banks. Monroe 903-17th Avenue Phone 325-3731 FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CITY. INC. Phillips and Smith Sales and Service Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 HAURI’S CYCLE SHOP 715 21st Street Monroe. Wisconsin Motorcycle Bridgeston Kawaski Rupp Snow Mobile Parts-Accessories Phone 325-0052 SWISS WHEEL MOTEL HUGHES MOBILE HOMES 2 Blocks East of Highway 69 South Phone 325-4586 Wishing Success to Each Student Monroe. Wisconsin Monroe. Wisconsin ROSA FLORIST Star Flower Shop We Like The Nice People Of Albany BECKERS LEADER STORE Monroe 325-8161 Monroe. Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY HOUSE jm ®(? Ka®G31S®@ Monroe, Wisconsin Live Entertainment Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Phone 325-3244 Monroe. WisconsinGREEN COUNTY FARMCO Albany, Wisconsin Phone 862-3270 MAPLE LEAF CHEESE COOP Manager: Fred Oschner Swiss, Jack Monterey Albany, Wisconsin Phone: 862-3707 For Fruit Trees, Berries, Flowers Shrubs. Evergreens, or Landscaping SEE DAN DEE NURSERY W. K. Dehmer Albany, Wisconsin BOWMAN S BARBER SHOP For Young and Old DAN DEE NURSERY Lita Sutherland Diana Hall Albany, Wisconsin Compliments From The EDGEWATER CAFE "The Finest Food By A Damsite’ Mert Lanore Jones Albany, Wisconsin WEST SIDE PHARMACY Your Downtown Prescription Center Monroe, Wisconsin ROY’S SANITARY DAIRY Monroe, Wisconsin Compliments of SOLOMON AUTOPARTS CO. INC. Brodhead Monroe Phone 897-4666 Phone 325-4181 BOBER S BAOGER PAINT STORE Home of Mastercraft Paints 1623 10th Street Monroe Wisconsin BRUNI-MILLER CO. Building Supplies and Construction Monroe Wisconsin 325-2117 KUHNE CONSTRUCTION. INC. Monroe Wisconsin DISCH HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Hotpoint Appliances New Glarus, Wisconsin Monticello. Wisconsin Phone 527-2114 Phone 938-4940 SWISS LANES Bowling, Restaurant Cocktail Lounge New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574 Phone 527-2618 Vilhelm'Cell 3toiss Club NEW GLARUS, WISCONSIN KNUDSON’S HARDWARE Mautz Paint Sporting Goods Orfordville, Wisconsin Phone 879-2620ONE-LINE ADVERTISING ALBANY Wisconsin Power and Light Ralph Leudy Livestock and Trucking Curless Barber Shop Wayne Albertson Senior, Auctioneer Albany Beauty Mart George and Edna’s Bar Floyd Krause Room Board for Aged Floyd Krause Melody Band BRODHEAD Rees Construction Company Pierce True Value Hardware Soloman Autoparts Company, Inc. Bluff View Park Pierce Furniture Brodhead Veterinary Service BROOKLYN Evansville Veterinary Hospital Zurfluh's Bar Heffel Chevrolet and Oldsmobile FOOTVILLE Lit Colonel Cafe MONROE Boutique Beauty Salon Baumgartner’s Cheese Store, Inc. Burkhard Electric Company J. D.’s White Elephant The Chocolate Shop Schultz Pharmacy Ted’s Shoe Service Moore Business Forms, Inc. The Gift Castle Northern Propane Gas Co. MONTICELLO Dickson’s Grocery Tommy’s Barber Shop Mayer’s Citgo Service Rufer’s Bar Gempeler’s Grocery NEW GLARUS Wyman’s Four Corners DONATIONS ALBANY Methodist Church MONROE Bauman Ace Hardware Pace Setter Shoes Ricky’s Pizza House Shamrock Bar Bob and Wigs Cycle Shop Alphorn Motel MONTICELLO Voegeli Chevrolet and Buick 92INDEX FRESHMEN Aeschliman. Joan 32.33,47.48,52.53. Aeschliman, Julie 33.36,37.48.52,63.64. Alderman, John 33. Ardisson, Greg 33,59. Binder. Kris 32,33,37,48, Black. Taml 32.33,43,50.51,53. Blaser, Kolleen Blumer. Jackie 33,47,48.52.56. Briggs, Gary 33. Briggs. Nancy 33. Brugger, Brian Creighton, Jay 33. Dowden, David 33,34, 58,63. Elmer, Jill 32,33,47,53.56. Elmer, Scott 32,33. Flood. Christy 33.47.50,53.56. Flood, Ricky,63. Flynn, Cindy,52,53.61,64. Friedrichs, Loma 3,33,47,50.51,56. Gempler, Gloria 32,33,34,56. Glass. Gay 32,33,47,48,52,53.56. Hill. Brenda,52,53.59. Howery, Dennis 33. Hulbert, Beth 33,53. Keegan, Ronnie 32.33.60,61. Keepers, Rick 33,63. Kopp, Joe 33.40,60,61,63. Kopp, Leila 33,50,52.64. Krupke, Ron 33,63. Lyle. Valerie Mansheim. Rick Mauerman, Julie 33.40,48,53,56.61.62. McCreedy. Janet Modenhauer, Carl 32.33.59. Murphy. Becky 33,47.48,52,53,56.61,64. Parmer, Mary 33,48. Parmer. Steve 32,33,60,61. Purdy. Ken 32.33.50,51. Robinson. Janice 32.33,47. Runaas, DeEtte 32,33,50.51.52,61. Schlapbach, Carl 32,33.50,51.58,63. Steuri. Susan 33,48.52,56.64. SOPHOMORES Albright, Bill 30, Baertschi, Laurie 30,31,43.48,51.64. Bandi, Bernadette 30,52,53,56,64. Baumgartner, Kendall 30,49,59. Binder. Kim 30,36.37,47,48,50.52,61.63.64. Black. Danny 30,32.40,45,46,50,59. Blumer. Cheryl 30,48,56,61. Figi. Mike 30,58.59. Flescher, Karen 30. Flood, Roger 30. 50,63. Flood, Steve 30,59. Friedrichs, Joyce 31,48,51. Gibbons. Carol 30.33.42,45,47,48.50,52.59.61. Gill. Colleen 3.30.43,48.56,61,62.64. Glass. Martin 14,30.58,63. Golz. Tim 30. Graebner. Kris 30,48,50,52.61,63. Gums, Diane 30. Harry, Steve 14,30.46,59. Henningsen, Ken 30. Huffman, Harvey 30. Huntley. Marty 30,50. Janes, Diane 30.51.61. King, David 30,49,50,63. Klossner, Jayne 14,30,34,40,43,45,51. Lisser, Vicky 14,30,48,51,52,56. Martin, Louis 30,49. Marx. Gunther 30,31,49. -McCreedy, Theresa 30,47,48.61,64. Modenhauer. Jean 30.34.42,47.48,50.52.56,61,64. Nipple, Debra 3,30,63. Nipple, Kim 30,31,50. Pagel, Mike Pryce, Jeff 30.49.50,51.56,58. Richardson, Charlene 48.56,61. Ringhand, Fred,46,58. Robinson, Marty 30,46,49,59. Schlapbach. Darlene 30,42.47.48,50,52,56.61. Schlapbach, Lois 30.50,51.52.53,56.61.64. Schmieder, Tom 14,30,46,60.61. Sowl. Clayt 3.12, L4,30,46,49.58.63. Steindorf, Connie 30,43,45,50,52,62. Tway. Karen 30.36,37,47.48,52,53.61.64. Vitense, Marshall 31. Widmer. Randy 49. Zurfluh, Cindy 30,48. JUNIORS Alexander. Tim 29,46,56,58. Atkinson. Gail 3.29,38,39,42.47,48.52.53. Bahl, LaVern Baumgartner, Carey 29.34,46.48.49,59. Blaser, Kelvin 29,51. Briggs, Eugene 29. Briggs, Norman 29. Dowden, Denise 29,38,39,42,47,50,53,56. Elmer. Don 29. Elmer. Terri 5,28.29,34,39,42,45.49.50,1-2-6 . 63. Gill. Gary 14,29,46,49.56,58. 94Golz, Curtis 29,49. Graebner, Tom 6,29,56. Heinsohn, Laura 3,14,29,39,42,50,61. Hill, Russell 29,46,60,61. Howrey, Chuck 29,49. Hulbert, Keith 29,49. Janes, Raymon 29,49. Keepers. Gary 29. Krupke. Linda,50.53,59,61. Larson, Tina 29,42,47,48. Larsen, Randy 3,29,40.46,50,58,62. Lisser, Gail 29,42,45,51,52. Lyle. Jeff 6,29.56. Martin. Celeste 6,29. Ostenson, LuAnn 14,29,56. Parker. Cheryl 2,29,38.45,47,48.52,61. Parmer, Steve 29,38,48.51. Petersen. Jack 29.34, Phillips. Pat 5,29.39,42.47. Reasa, Debbie 3,6,29,39,42,47,48,53. Runaas, Todd 28,29.46,60.62. Sellnow, Shelley,52. Sowl, Margaret 29.34,38.39.61. Spoerry, Jean 29.34,38,40.42,52.53.62. Stephenson. Dan 29,49. Voegeli, Katie 3.29,38,42,48.52.56. Zilliox, Daryl 28.29,46.49,58,62. SENIORS Aeschliman, Dan 18,, Albright. Kathy 16.18.40,42, Alderman. Pat 16,18,56. Blumer, Kim 41,44,49,54. Cleaveland, Nancy 1,4,17.19,38,40,42,43,44.45.50 51,53. Dunphy, Jeanie 1,17,19,36,37,38,41,42,43,44,45. Elmer. Ken 6.19,44.49.56. Flynn. Shelley 2,14,20,38.39,42,43, 54.61.64. Gempcler. Jane 6.14,,44.48.52. Gibbons, Gar)'16,20, Huffman. Sue 14.17,21.39,40.41,42.44,46,52.53. 61.64. Jones. Julie 3,16.21,,54. Keepers. Ron 4,21, Kopp, K. 1.14,17,22,38.39.40,42.43, 64. Lyle, Kim 5.14.-14,46,56. Martin, Darci 3,14,,44,47,48, Martin, Jayne Miller. Randy 5, Murphy. Nita,, 52.53,54,61,64. Oschner. Greg 23,44,49,64. Rankins, Jeff 3,4,6,23,46,55. Runaas. Teri,42.44,45, Sarbacker, JuUa 24,38.40,42.44,45,47,48.52,56. Setzer. Ron 24,44, Smith. Randy Spring. Jolene 4,6,,52.53.54. 62. Steuri. Pete 2, Tway. Jim 25,36.36,43,44, Be see'in ya!!! 95

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