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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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COMET Albany High School Albany. Wisconsin Editor Barb Hanson Advisor Miss Tollack Assistants Carol Durtschi Pam Lyle Johnny Hulbert2tfte, the Senior Class of HRS., dedicate ovlx IX COIflET annual to our good friend, aduisor, and farmer teacher, Tlndrew Oliuer. It would take a great number of pages fa thank him for euery thing he has done for us, iTIang of our outside act laities would not have been passible without his help and and cooperation, fl special thanks fa kim for the time and effort he jpxxt rnfo our Junior f loss play. Without his help, it would not hour been a success. We wish TFlr. Oliaer ail the tuck in the future. Thank you from the Class of XL 3cue, ’-uy "U u Ul 7Z do OMl t 2 UMC UUmt id a sCdiic td ct dZ?7y -emd g zj." uovi ".Ma do a "udid'at emu puamzt id ycao 6M 9 7 - 7 Z ti-' it d He tdauz 9 £7Zi yKb . 6040 dw dat uoupb 6ii 797 -7Z dwuij d dope, yad uZZZ a 6 2AJ uaZ d Zu zzu adw adi tie uz iatioj tint uami cate yziaincay clad u duca y- tied, Cl naiuad. d aoza d deice To t zacad) my A70- i ydHj Cbd ttlC diCUcZ UZH-to O ad da -uiUciH c t ai Jic dd d zazaZae d cl aae zzacc a id id Yi coaz dodaZsij ui?o iH aad tiz y nud zZ Ztd zcO imiZ , Odd. 6u dUt apuudi tiauia) Ytdoi, Owozz ado uu 7977- 7Z zziiczd yzaZj lice czzize to cioo mid amd a di it cizz t io w;» o cu dame L mu. d Jiofoo dmcTaaZ iCdt dut U dad tiodL . vx fruU cdiiZ Ct'?x7 l ccc cci o JZcZo iwd (led.yoay ‘7 7 77L aamCb uzuy ud ydcu," tStuiz daauzvu 4Annual Staff Left to Right: N. Murphy. J. Dunphy, G. Pryce. N. verson. J. Jones, G. Reasa, K. Kopp. C. Durtschi, Cleveland, S. Flynn, J. Hulbert, D. Martin. P. T. Runaas, J. Gempler Lyle, Miss Tollack, B. Hanson, D. Dowden, J. Hal- Editors Miss Tollack--Advisor Barb Hanson--Editor Pam lyle--Art Carol Durtschi--Lay-Out Johnny Hulbert--Business 5Mr. Walter’s Message In the educational career that spans four decades and covers the area of teaching and administration from one room schools to the college, I find it most rewarding to be back in the typical rural setting of Albany and the work with the kind of students and parents that I have always enjoyed and appreciated most. My observations over these many years have told me that it is the country boy or girl that possesses the most profound sense of his or her own destiny in life. Thus, I most approach my task in the Albany School with the hope of helping young people achieve those goals that will be the most rewarding for them. That feeling of dedication is heightened by the fact that many of my predecessors here are among the distinguished people in education in this state. Finally, congratulations are in order to coaches, contestants, and student body of Albany High School for an excellent effort in fashioning a State Championship in Cross-Country which will be a long remembered year in this school’s diadem of history. 6♦iviiv -A n 4 ii-iilM A4»t -A 1 v-;Ui.i£ -i 4y. l -4 p-■ j V- -r M-fr- '', tm;-» - rt 41U T iy ,ly±- .-lr n •A-U.-.l- • .-! J p’p.' » l ■•: ti-ji iU»T« I « t « 4M 0p«l ■ » A jfcpi«gt w4 .!-» P t i f ■ •n7 nuit 4 p pi'p t iH1 v i' i» » i» v t. rtiL’ fipjO ' i rip iv t «lp-t P P .tn-»t- pp -:« pp i-H uPk . l-PpTiPvP'P’ P'APP .-PpTfrP-g-Ar-TljAHfr jf.Ti«Lyiv m i iwkP t ii r -t t i‘t r r r‘i' ' i i .1 ii v»ntn P’ » t-TM»-ArtP4 ,e Prtr . i P ■£ l-l 4-lT 7lrSrt-ii. ppppi.PP 7'.»ytLpVp» « — VtA Tip rWiiPP T 00 P-Tti'3rlP T‘-P' Ov" prp.tltsiri'p.-i. jpP Iljf wPpppi'P ■ •■»»■ AT-TitMtP'Aji-vnTfH y. «. I I A-«k7L.’(ki 4t7l e4tx ritix » lipPl P-PUV A A T-Tt-t PPP'i f' l4-A4- PPlMPP »rt» ’P tiM-pPP ✓ x! r 4 'A f P " V PrvtlTi. O .t J po -t|A“:p-2-x: KEITH BINDER F.F.A. Prom Court 3 Letterman’s Club 2.3.4 Baseball 2 Dairy Judging Team 3 F.F.A. Basketball 3.4 Basketball Manager 3 KARLA BLASER Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Band 1 Chorus 4 F.H.A. 1.2.3 Pep Club 3 RICK BLUMER Student Council 1.2 Senior Class Play 4 F.F A. 1.2.3,4 Homecoming Court 1.2 Letterman's Club 2.3,4 Volleyball 2. 3 Basketball 1.2.3 F.F.A. Basketball 4 GARY DAVIS Transfer Student 2.3 Senior Class Play 4 F.F.A. 1.2.3CAROL DURTSCHI Class Officer (2-See . 3-V. Pres ); Outstanding American High School Student; Student Council 1,4 (Pres); One-Act Plays 3; Senior Class Play 4; Junior Class Play 3; Drama Club 1,2.3,4 (Pres.); Newspaper Staff 3,4 (News Ed.); Yearbook Staff 3,4 (Layout Ed.); Cheerleader 1.2.3, 4 (Capt. 1-4); Pep Club 3.4; Band (Pres.); Pep Band 1,2; Chorus 3,4 (Sec -3); Triple Trio 3.4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 1.2; G.A.A. 4; Girls Basketball 4. BILL DIXON Senior Class Play 4 Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1.2,3 F.F.A. 1.2,3,4 Letterman’s Club 2,3,4 Volleyball 2.3 Basketball 1,2.3,4 Baseball 2 SCOTT FLYNN Class Officer 1 (Treas.) One-Act Plays 4 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Drama Club 4 Chess Club 1 F.F.A. (Pres.) Hog Judging Team 3,4 Prom Court 3 Basketball 1.2 Baseball 2 F.F.A. Basketball 3.4 GARY GEMPELER Transfer Student 1 9GLENDA GEMPELER Senior Class Play 4 Chorus 4 DAN GOLZ Outstanding American High School Student Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Band F.F.A. 1.2,3.4 Badger Boy Prom Court 3 Homecoming King 4 Lcttcrman’s Club 2.3.4 Pep Club 4 Volley ball 2 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Hog Judging Team 4 JULIE HALVERSON Class Officer 2 (V. Pres. , 4(Sec.) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Drama Club 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Chorus 3.4 (Pres.) Triple Trio 3.4 Chess Club 1 Spoon Winner 3 Prom Queen 3 Homecoming Court 1 G.A.A. 4 Cheerleader 1,2 (Capt.) Pep Club 3,4 Girls Basketball 4 BARBARA Outstanding American High School Student Class Officer 1 (Pres.), 4 (V. Pres.) Senior Class Play 4 Drama Club 2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 (Editor) HANSON Band 1,2 Pep Band 1,2 Chorus 3,4 Triple Trio 4 Pep Club 4 National High School Award for Excellence 4 D.A.R. Award 4MARY JANE MILL Drama Club 1,4 Newspaper Staff 3 (Art Assistant) Chorus 2,3,4 F.H.A. 1.2.3,4 (Historian) Substitute Cheerleader 2 JOHNNY K. HULBERT National Honor Society 3,4; Outstanding Teenager Of America 3,4; Class Officer 3 (Pres.), 4 (Pres.); One-Act Plays 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Junior Class Play 3; Drama Club 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 1,2,3,4 (Sports Ed.) Yearbook Staff 3,4 (Business Ed.); Chess Club 2; Forensics 2,3.4; F.F. A. 1,2,3 (Treas.), 1 (Rep.); Badger Boy 3; Letterman'sClub 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Cross-Country 1,2,3; Basketball 1.2,3; Wrestling 4; Track 1,3; Baseball 2,4; National High School Award for Excellence 4. DAVID LARSON Senior Class Play 4 Letterman’s Club 2 Wrestling 1 PAM LYLE One-Act Plays 2.4 (Student Director) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Drama Club 1.2,3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Editor) Yearbook Staff 3,4 (Art Ed.) Band 1,2,3,4 (Sec. -Tres.) Pep Band 1,2 Chorus 3,4 Triple Trio 3.4 Chess Club 2 Forensics 1.2, 3,4 Cheerleader 1,2,3.4 Pep Club 3,4 Homecoming Queen -I ti MISSING MAT LISSERJON MAUERMAN Student Council -I One-Act Plays A Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Drama Club 4 F.F.A. 1,2.3.4 Prom King 3 Homecoming Court 3 Letterman's Club 3.4 Volleyball 2.3 Basketball Baseball 2 PEGGY PHILLIPS Class Officer 1 (V. Pres.) Student Council 2 (V. Pres.), One-Act plays 2 (Student Director) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Band 1.2.3,4 Pep Band 3 Chorus 3.4 Triple Trio 4 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 1 Homecoming Queen 3 Cheerleader 1, 2 ALAN Student Council 3 Senior Class Play 4 Library Club 1 F.F.A. 1.2,3.4 (Sen.) Prom Court 3 PATCH EN Letterman's Club 1,2.3.4 Volleyball 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 2 GAIL PRYCE National Honor Society 3.4 Class Officer 2 (Tres.) Senior Class Play 4 Drama Club 1,2,3 Yearbook Staff 4 Chorus 3,4 Forensics 1.2,3 Badger Girl 3 Prom Court 3 Pep Club 3.4 National High School Award F or Excellence 4 )2GAYLENE REAS A Outstanding Teenager of America 4; Class Officer 1 (Sec.); Senior Class Play 4; Junior Class Play 3; Drama Club 1, 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Feature Ed.); Yearbook Staff 4; Chorus 2, 3,4; Triple Trio 3,4; Chess Club 2; Forensics 1.2..3.4; Pre-Mcd Club 3; Library Club 3; F.H.A. 3,4; Green Lake Delegate 3; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 3; Pep Club 3,4; (Pres.). JON RUNAAS Outstanding American High School Student 4 Class Officer 2 (Pres.), 3 (Tres.), 4(Tres.) One-Act Plays 2 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3 Chess Club 1 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Spade Winner 3 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 4 Letterman's Club 2,3,4 Cross-Country 1,3,4 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Baseball 2 MARY ELLEN SCHMIEDER Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Drama Club 4 Chorus 4 F.H.A. 2,3,4 STEVE SPOERRY Senior Class Play 4 Newspaper Staff 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3.4 Letterman’s Club 2,3,4 Pep Club 4 Cross-Country 2,3,4 Bascktball 1.2 Track 13 MISSING JAMES SCHMIEDERSALLY STEURI Band 1,2 Pep Band 1.2 Drama Club 3,4 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 JOCELYN WEBB One Act Plays (Student Director 4) Senior Class Play 4 Drama Club 1,2,3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Layout Ed.) Band 1.2, 3,4 Pep Band 1.2,3.4 Chorus 3,4 Pep Club 3,4 SUSAN WEEDEN Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 (Student Director) Library Club F.H.A. 1.2,3,4 VICKY WIDMER Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Drama Club 4 Chorus 3.4 F.H.A. (Parliamentarian) Prom Court 3 CONNIE ZILIJOX Junior Class Play 3 Library Club 1,2,3.4 F.H.A. uNational Honor Society Gail Prycc Johnny Hulbert Class Motto Hush A World Is Speaking Class Colors Class Flower Blue and White Blue and White Mums Graduation Date May 31, 1972 Class Officers Johnny Hulbert--President Barb Hanson--Vice President Jon Runaas—Treasurer Julie Halverson--SecretaryDon’t feed the Animals!!!!! Picasso!!vT r bare Fact?????????? ?????????????????? Interior our Runners are Grrrrrrrrrrreat! I!!! Decorators???????? I'm Innocent????? What did you get. Scott??? Put your BEST FOOT FORWARD!?!?!?!? Good Morning, Bill!?!? Jack Benny?!?I could have danced ALL NIGHT?? Twinkle Fingers!! Come on Darcy, we want some action!! Me? Bashful? --Nol ! Who's absent?? Girl Friday?? Say "Cheese"--Limberger?? Yukl! Climbing the stairs of success?? Leave me alone!! Three Muskateers?? Sea of Foam?? I Russ—M. V. R. Peace Jeanie!!Juniors From Left to Right: ROW 1: J. Spring, J. Jones, K. Kopp. J. Gempler, N. Murphy, S. Huffman. S. Flynn, T. Runaas, N. Cleveland. R. Miller, K. Blumer, K. Elmer. P. Steuri. J. Martin, J. Sarbachcr, ROW 2: G. Miller. G. Keepers. G. Gibbons. K. Albright, D. Liddicoat, D. Martin, J. Dunphy, R. Smith. B. Hanson. G. Ochsner, R. Setzcr, T. Clark. T. LaBelle. K. Lyle, Ja. Tway. P. Alderman. D. Aeschliman. Class Officers J. Spring--Sec. K. Kopp--Trea. J. Dumphy—Pres. G. Gibbons—V. Pres. 20Sophomores Class Officers M. Sowl—See. G. Atkinson--V. Pres. I). Dowden—Trea. J. Lyle--Pres. KNEELING: Left to Right—ROW 1: T. Runaas, T. Gracb-ner. G. Lisser. P. Phillips, G. Atkinson. D. Reasa. D. Zilllox, J. Paterson. C. Golz. K. Hulbert. ROW 2: R. Hill. G. Keepers. J. O'Rourke. L. Grinnell, K. Baumgartner. J. Lyle. K. Blaser, D. Stevenson. O. Bond. J. Swanson. E. Briggs, C. Howery. SEATED: R. Janes, I. Larson. L. Ostcnson. S. Parmer. C. Martin. S. Sellnow, L. Heinsohn, D. Dowden. J. Spoerry, M. Vogeli. T. Elmer. C. Parker. M. Sowl. STANDING: T. Alexander. N. Briggs. C. Alderman. R. Larson, T. Krupkc, G. Gill, D. Elmer. 2tFreshmen LYING: K. Baumgartner. D. Black. T. Golz, C. Sowl. ROW 1: T. Schmeider. K. Nipple. L. Martin. M. Glass, H. Huffman, W. Albright, M. Robinson, K. Henningson, J. Pryce, M. Pagel, S. Harri. R. Widmer. S. Flood. F. Ringhand. ROW 2: D. Gerns. V. Lisscr, J. Klossner, D. Nipple. C. Gill. D. Janes. L. Liddicoat. K. Binder, C. Richardson, C. Blumer, T. McCrecdy. C. Gracbner. C. Zurphluh. ROW 3: J. Fredricks, C. Gibbons. D. Schlap-bach. R. Flood, J. Moldenhowcr, S. Hawkins. K. Flesh-er. M. Figi, B. Band!, M. Vitense, L. Schlapbach. K. Tway, M. Huntly, L. Bacrtchi, C. Steindorf. Class Officers L. Bacrtchi--Pres. T. Schmieder--V. Pres. T. Golz--Sec. S, Flood--Trea. 72CLK —CIK -CLK —Ding'! Are you working Shelley???? Another mistake?? Need any help???? Just I and my friend! Betty Crocker?? Story Time?? Give me a Hand!! Profile of What???????? 235?sSS3gKl«fs2; • -- - ■ V-v: ti --L Li .ii-rU -.-Tvp j r jr £ iU u r- tv TV»i-- »H -a-i». TtM -'.ti-pV-l t1 4 -dit: ?K3ffKS£S£E! ;$5 3Kf$£ T T'-V ri-tlrl+l ■ 7 1 H §Jf I K3ttsj saa3£ mL usSibssnsa W l «-w.T -v» ff ih:v-n-r» t-tlft-ititi'J-4S-t tL4.|ULU 1 w1! • •nr,:;, tT|Snril?5l lli-Jt . vn -44 MRS. ALTMAN Speech Library Library Club Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor One-Act Play Director MR. ANSETH Principal Geography Social Problems Student Council Advisor MR. AMIM Agriculture Industrial Arts FFA Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor MR. CLARK Band Instrumental Music Music Freshman Class Advisor 26Home Economics Junior Class Advisor F.H.A. Advisor BlackHawk T ech Coordinator Style Show Coordinator MRS. HAEUSER English 11, English 12 Reading, Drama Club Advisor Newspaper Advisor Freshman Class Advisor Senior Class Play Director Junior Class Play Director One-Act Play Director MR. GROSS U.S. History, World History Freshman Class Advisor Lettermen Advisor Volleyball Coach Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach Locker Room Cleaner Chalkboard Cleaner MISS MILLER Art Junior Class Advisor 27MRS. OLIVER Mathematics Senior Class Advisor Forensics Advisor MRS. TEWS English 9 and 10 French French Club Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor 28 MRS. SHERWIN Physical Education Junior Class Advisor GAA Advisor Cheerleading Advisor Girls Basketball and Track Coach Jr. Class Play MR. T HA LACKER Biology General Science Chemistry Pre-Med Club AdvisorMISS TOLLACK Commercial Senior Class Advisor Annual Advisor MRS. WATERMAN Elementary General Music Jr. High Chorus High School Chorus MR. WHITE Physical Education Guidance Counselor Junior Class Advisor Pep Club Advisor Lettcrman's Club Advisor High School Cross-Country Coach High School Track Coach Jr. High Basketball Coach Jr. High Cross-Country Coach Jr. High Track Coach 29School Bo art) taiwrcnce iDiiriphx}, prrs. 3WigM 4 ump, Sr. Wax$n£ 3PUb ttHon, Jr. HJWter ipfeuH paul ‘Stefamh Secretaries Phyllis Aeschliman Charlotte KingIff Custodians Cooks and Left to Right: B. Nipple. J. Tway. C. Jones (missing). Kitchen Help Left to Right: Mrs. Flood. Mr. Coplein, Mrs. Blumer. Mrs. Rankins. Mrs. Ringhand, Mrs. Atkinson. Bus Drivers Left to Right: C. Martin, J. Martin. J. Sarbacker. L. Ostenson Left to Right: Mrs. Thorton, Mrs. Halverson. Mrs. Dur-. tschi. 31. Hit cm again! Harder! Harder! What’s down there!!!!! Puff the magic dragon!! Hot Dawg!!!!! Detention Hall?? What are YOU reading????? You said what?? 32Raindrops Keep OUR COURT From Left to Right: Scott Flynn. Peggy Phillips. Alan Patchen, Gaylcne Rcasa, King: Jon Mauerman. Queen: Julie Halverson. Dan Goltz. Gail Pryce, Keith Binder, Carol Durtschi, Jon Runaas, Vickie Widmer. Junior Royalty: Mike Jones. Paula Lyle, Angela Aeschliman, Jeff An-seth. Mike and Paula Angie and Jeff 3 Va-Voonil Big Discussion? It’s not that bad! Falling on My Head! Wishing Well? Prom?!?!?!? In a Daze! Close to you!Spoon Spade Badger Boys and Girl J. Runaas Left to Right: D. Golz, G. Pryce, J. HulbertFrom Left to Right: Row 1: J. Hulbcri, J. Halverson. P. Lyle, B. Hanson, R. Blumcr, M. Hill, C. Durtschi, G. Reasa, K. Blascr, G. Gempeler, ROW 2: B. Dixon, A. Patchcn, D. Golz. K. Binder, G. Pryce. P. Phillips, V. Widmer, J. Webb. ROW 3: S. Spoerry, J. Maucrman, G. Davis, S. Stcuri. C. Zilliox, S. Wccdcn, M. Schmeider. J. Runaas. Three girls from Ohio—eager, excited, and hoping to establish careers in New York--are compelled to rent an old gloomy, run-down apartment in the 1972 Senior Class Play, "Come Out Of The Closet". They rent from a tigerishly 37 greedy landlady on their first night in town. And what a night it turns out to be.Student Council Wins Lounge STANDING: M. Glass, Mr. Anscth (Advisor), C. Clcaveland (V. Pres.), C. Durischi (Pres.), P. Stcindorf, M. Mauerman. SITTING: R. Hill, N. Steuri (Sec.-Trcas.), L. Krupke. At the beginning of the year, the 1971-72 Student Council began working on the plans for a student lounge. The school board approved of the idea and the lounge was opened on November 15. The four classes donated furnishings, pop and snack machines, and a juke box which concluded the atmosphere as a pretty good lounge. Other projects tliat the Student Council sponsored were the Christmas party and the 1971-72 Homecoming. 18Drama Club Left to Right-SEA TED: C. Durtschi, J. Halverson, D. Dow den, J. Mauerman, J. Hulbert. STANDING: B. Hanson, L. Heinsohn, L. Krupke, C. Gibbons, S. Steuri. M. Schmieder. ROW 2: N. Cleveland, T. Elmer. G. Liser, M. Hill, V. Widmer, G. Reasa, J. Dumpily. ROW 3: S. Huffman. J. Gempeler. C. Parker, P. Lyle. J. Spring. ROW -J: K. Kopp, J. Jones. T. Runaas, J. Webb, D. Martin, S. Flynn. M. Sowl, K. Albright, J. Sarbachcr, P. Steuri, S. Flynn, R. Miller. N. Murphy. Officers N. Cleveland—V. Pres. K. Albright—Sec. -Trea. C. Durtschi--Pres. 39Front Row: Pete Stcuri, Tracy Clark. MIDDLE Row: Scott Flynn, Mrs. Haeu-ser. BACK Row: Jon Mauerman, Gary Gibbons. The Still Alarm If Boys Wore The Skirts FRONT ROW; Ms. Altman, Johnny Hulbert, Randy Larsen, Carey Baumgartner. Todd Runaas. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Graebner, Jeff Lyle. Gary Keepers. Russell Hill. BACK ROW; Laura Heinsohn, Gail Lisser, Linda Krupke. Celeste Martin, Terri Elmer, Margaret Sowl. 40Speak Out!—Forensics SEATED: J. Spring, C. Durtschl, J. Klossner, G. Dunphy, L. Hclnsohn, J. Sarbacker, L. Krupkc, J. Rcasa, G. Llsscr, T. Elmer. STANDING: K. Blascr, Hulbcrt, R. Miller. C. Sicindorf, M. Sowl, P. Lyle, D. Martin, J. Library Club Helps Students! SEATED: Mrs. Altman. STANDING: S. Wccdcn, K. Albright, C. Zilliox. 4)Newspaper From Left to Right: ROW 1: K. Albright, P. Steu-ri, M. Sowl, N. Murphy, D. Dowden, L. Heinsohn, L. Krupke, J. Mulbert, P. Lyle. ROW 2: T. Elmer, J. Sarbacker, S. Huffman, J. Gempclcr, D. Martin, J. Dunphy, C. Dunschi, G. Reasa, J. Webb. Comet’s Tale Editors G. Reasa--Feature Editor J. Hulbert--Sports Editor Ms. Haeuser—AdvLsor C. Durtschi—News Editor J. Webb—Layout Editor P. Lyle — Editor 42Le Cercle Francais Left to Right: Mis. Tews, J. Gempeler. T. Run-aas, S. Huffman. J. Jones. C. Steindorf, K. Albright. L Bacrtschi. N. Cleaveland, K. Kopp. J. Spring, L. Krupke, S. Flynn. L. Frederick. D. Dowden, J. Dunphy, L. Heinsohn. T. Elntcr, C. Gibbons, J. Moldenhauer. L. Schlap bach. J. Klossner. KNEELING: M. Huntly. L. Schmelder. SEATED: J. Pryce. J. Hulbert. B. Albright. Le Cercle Francais Summary LE CERCLE FRANCAIS started its third year with another candy sale to replenish its scholarship fund. The club furnishes a scholarship to an outstanding French student and club member whenever a graduate qualifies. In its regular meetings LE CERCLE FRANCAIS explores the cultural aspects of French-speaking countries including education, sports, pastimes, and everyday family living. The most popular and frequent aspect is culinary. 43Tillers of the Soil SEATED: F. Hulbert, R. Smith, B. Hanson, S. Flynn. D. Zilliox. A. Patchen. Mr. McGlinn. ROW 1; T. Golz, R. Blumer, S. Spoerry. J. Peterson, K. Blumer, D. King, C. Baumgartner, G. Ochsner. C. Sowl, Miller, T. Alexander, R. Hill. P. Alderman. R. Janes. K. Hulbert. K. Binder. ROW 2: K. Blaser. O. Bond. D. Stephenson. C. Golz. J. Swanson. K. Elmer, D. Golz. B. Dixon. N. Briggs, C. Alderman, G. Gill. Officers u. Zilliox, J. Hulbert. B. Hanson, R. Smith, Mr. Amin, Missing : S. Flynn. A. Patchcn. FFA Sweetheart J. Dumphy FFA Hog Judging D. Golz. S. Flynn, D. Stephenson, J. Hulbert, N. Briggs.Toward New Horizon Green Lake Delegates Officers SEATED: C. Parker, J. Spring.STANDING: M. Hill, V. Widmer, J. Dumphy, J. Sarbackcr. SEATED: C. Parker, M. Hill, V. Widmer, J. Dumphy, Mrs. Gressman, J. Sarbacker, K. Albright, J. Spring, Ro v 1: J. Gempeler, C. Zurfluh, T. McCreedy, L. Liddi-coat, C. Richardson, V. Lisser, K. Grabncr, D. Schlap-back, G. Atkinson, D. Reasa, C. Blumer, D. Janes, C. SEATED: J. Spring, D. Martin. STANDING: J. Dumphy, G. Reasa. Gill. Row 2: D. Liddicoat, M. Voegcll, G. Reasa, K. Flesher, D. Gems, D. Martin, N. Murphy. L. Baertschi, K. Tway, S. P3rmer, P. Phillips, C. Zilliox, S. Weed-en, M. Schmcider.Band Plays Out Brass ROW 1; C. Durtschl. P. Phillips, L. Heinsohn, L. Schlapbach. ROW 2: W. Albright. R. Flood, D. Binder, T. Black, J. Pryce. ROW 3: B, Breuger. K. Purdy, C. Schlapbach, F. Ringhand, D. Schlapbach. K. Blaser, S. Oas, M. Glass. Woodwinds ROW 1: P. Lyle. N. Cleveland, T. Elmer, L. Kopp. ROW 2: K. Albright, D. Dowden. L. Frcd-richs, C. Gibbons, K. Binder. ROW 3: T. Golz, M. Sowl, D. Runaas, J. Elmer. C. Flood. ROW 4: L. Krupke, C. Graeb-ner. R. Larsen. R. Flood, C. Stelndorf, C. Blaser. 46Officers D. Dowden--R. Keeper, D. G0I7.--V. Pres., P. Lyle--Sec. Trea,, C. Durtschi--Pres., J. Pryce--R. Keeper. Twirlers Majorette J. Spring P. Lyle J. DumphyWith a Voice of Singing! OUTER CIRCLE: P. Phillips. J. Webb. L. Krupke. P. Lyle, G. Reasa. J. Halverson, N. Cleveland, D. Martin, K. Blaser, G. Gempeler, C. Gibbons, D. Schlapback, L. Heinsohn. D. Dow den, B. Hanson, C. Durtschi, R. Flood, F. Ringhand, S. Hawkins, T. Golz, M. Huntley, M. Glass, K. Blaser. D. Black, D. King, J. Pryce, K. . Albright, L. Liddicoat, T. Elmer, M. Schmieder. G. Pryce. SMALL CIRCLE: C. Richardson, C. Blumer, B. Bandi, M. Hill, V. Widmer. J. Moldenhaucr, C. Stein dorf, D. Gums. D. Nipple. V. Lisser. MIDDLE: Mrs. Waterman. Officers K. Blaser--Lib.. M. Sowl--R. Keeper, K. Albright--Rep., N. Cleveland—V. Pres., J. Pryce--Sec.-Trea., D. Dowden—R. Keeper. D. King--Lib., J. Halverson--Pres. 48Ode to a Comet Harrier By Coach Bob White When the last watch has stopped And the last jock is hung; Will you be ready to take Your place in the sun? With Ron and Steve Leading the pack; The rest of you Must take up the slack. Or will you be the guy Who let the team down; And now has to hide His head in the ground? The blonde Norwegian Must run a smart race; And try like hell To stay up with the pace. Look up, young man. Get ready to go; For now is the time To put on the show. We have to have Jon and Russ to score; So we've got to bunch A little bit more. We've come this far Together it seems; And arc ready now To capture our dreams. In order for Tracy and Tom to displace; They will need to run One Hell of a race. It's going to take All seven of you; Yes, every one Has got to come through. We must remember Each other school; Wants the victory Just as we do. You've got what It takes So don't let us down; For we are the ones Who will wear the crown. That makes our job Harder it seems: In order to capture Our coveted dreams. You've got to believe In all that you do; In order to make All our plans come true. So dig down harder boys. Come up with the fight; And do your best with All your might. For us to be ready To be number one; We must be prepared When they shoot the gun. And when it is over And everyone is through; The number one team Will wear white and blue. The thundering herd All sixty three strong; Are looking to sing The victory song. And victory will feel Like you are in heaven: So run like hell You fabulous seven. The one who wants the most Will certainly win; So grit your teeth And raise your chin. Sports 49X-Country Brings Home Our Team: KNEELING: Coach White. From Left to mieder, R. Sctzcr. J. Ranaas, R. Hill. Right: S. Spoerry. T. Runaas. T. Clark. T. Sch- Our Trophy Case Is Full Now! Ladder Of Success! 50State Championship Memories of October 30th will live forever in the minds of the 250 junior and senior high school students enrolled at Albany during the 1971-72 school year. On that date, the seven members of the school cross country team competed in. and won the Wisconsin State Championships. It was a feat which no other school of comparable size had ever accomplished in Wisconsin sports history. With hundreds of screaming, yelling Albany rooters living the state course at Kettle Moraine, the Comets placed all seven of their runners among the first thirty-one finishers (in the field of 63 runners) to total 65 points and completely dominate the other eight teams. Seniors Steve Spoerry and Jon Runaas(team captain) bowed out in grand style placing 4th and 24th. Juniors Ron Sctzer and Tracy Clark each ran a fine race in 9th and 31st. Sophomores Russell Hill (voted most valuable by his teammates) and Todd Runaas were fantastic in 11th and 17th. Freshman Tom Schmieder carried more than his share of the load in 30th place. The year 1971 will be remembered most by everyone as "the year the little guys came of age. " For years Albany has produced great junior high runners but could never seem to put it all together in high school to become a contender. But this year the little guys grew up to blast through the regional championships with six of the first nine places and a 38 point margin over runner-up Evansville and to humiliate everyone in the sectional run with five of the first fourteen places and a 33 point win over second place Dodgeville. The Comets, rated number one in the state in a pre-season coaches poll and maintaining that ranking throughout the entire season, captured invitational wins at River Valley, Albany, Jefferson, and Kettle Moraine on the way to their tournament triumphs. Tire season fulfilled an eight-year dream for coach Bob White who commented after it was over, it won’t take us that long to get there again. ’ The five returning letter winners will be among the first to agree. 51Volley That Ball! From Left to Right: ROW 1: D. King, C. Sowl, T. ROW 2: F. Ringhand, M. Figi, D, Zilliox, G. Alexander, M. Robinson, K. Nipple, R. Larsen. Gill, E. Briggs, Mr. Gross. You Got to Pin to Win! From Left to Right: Row 1: R. Schmeider, B. Bru ggcr, J. Alderman, G. Ardisson, J. Creighton, J. Ringhand. S. Oas, C. Moldenhowcr. ROW 2: Mr. Hallmark, J. Runaas, M. Robinson, R. Manshiem, T. Tway, T. Robinson, I). Howery, R. Hill, S. Harry. ROW 3: M. Figi. J. Rankins, C. Baumgart ncr, J. Hulbcrt, R. Setzcr. D. Black. 52We’re Big—Bad and Boss! ROW 1: D. Acsehliman, R. Miller. J. Mauerman, R. Zilliox, F. Ringhand, G. Gibbons. B. Dixon. D. Golz. Keepers. T. Clark. T. Runaas. ROW 2: J. Pryce. D. J. T$ay. G. Gill, Coach Gross. Charge Up J. Spring P. Lyle. C. Durtschi T. Elmer. J. Dunphy 53B-Team Puts Up a Tough Fight! ROW 1: J. Pryce. T. Golz, R. Flood. M. Huntly, R. M. Glass. S. Flood. T. Alexander, T. Schmieder. Larson, D. King. Coach, W. Karls. ROW 2: C. Sowl, Get It Together! 54 C. Gill K. Binder, C. Steindorf, J. Spocrry K. Grabner, D. NippleWe Start Out Walking and Learn to Run ROW 1: J. Peterson, G. Gill, D. Zilliox, J. Rankins, C. Golz, T. Graebncr, J. Hulbert. ROW 2: D. Golz, T. Alexander, E. Briggs, J. Runaas, R. Blumer, S, Spocrry, D. Aeschliman, B. Dixon. ROW 3: J. Maucrman, R. Miller, G. Gibbons, A. Patchen, J. Tway, R. Sctzcr, T. Clark, Mr. Gross. ROW 1: D. Aeschliman, J. Peterson, R. Miller. Gibbons, G. Gill, R. Larson, J. Tway, T. Ru- ROW 2: T. Clark, J. Hulbert, J. Lyle, R. Hill, naas. R. Setzer, P. Stcuri. ROW 3: D. Zilliox, G. ABC—LettermanUp-Up-and Away with GAA! LYING: K. Gracbncr, K. Albright. ROW 1: J, Klossner, C. Zurfluh, J. Sarbacker, K. Kopp, T. Runaas, J. Jones, N. Cleveland, D. Liddicoat. ROW 2: D. Janes, T. Elmer, K. Binder, L. Sclapbach, L. Bacrtschi, T. McCreedy, C. Stcindorf, S. Huffman. D. Sclapbach, J. Moldcnhaucr, C. Parker. STANDING: S. Flynn, C. Gill, B. Bandi, K. Tway, J. Spring, C. Gibbons, Ms. Sherwin. BAR: N. Murphy, J. Gempclcr, M. Voegeli, J. Spocxry, C. Durtschi, J. Halverson, J. Dunphy, D. Martin. 56New and Exciting—Girls Basketball TOP ROW. Left to Right: J. Gcmpcler, T. Run-aas. J. Dunphy, N. Murphy. S. Flynn, J. Halverson. C. Durtschi. J. Spring. K. Kopp. S. Huffman. COACH: L. Sherwin. KNEELING: C Gibbons. L. Bacrtschi, L. Schlapbach. K. Albright, K. Tway. SEATED: J. Moldenhauer. K Binder. C. Gill. D. Martin. Y-E-L-L Everybody Yell! TOP ROW. Left to Right: G. Pryce, B. Hanson. J. Gcmpcler. S. Parmer. J. Hulbcrt. S Spoerry, R. Hill. ROW 2: P. Lyle. J. Dunphy. C. Durtschi. (•. Parker. L. Krupke, K. Albright. ROW 3: J. Halverson. K. Kopp; J. Spoerry'. M. Voe- gli. D. Rcasa. T. Elmer. ROW 4: L. Hcinsohn. J. Jones. S. Huffman. K. Graebner. K. Tway ROW 5: N. Clcaveland, G. Rcasa. N. Murphy, C Gill. C. Zurphluh, D. Nipple. 571972 Homecoming F. Ringhand. K. Graebner. R. Hill, M. Voegell, D. Golz, P. Lyle. J. Runaas. N. Murphy, J. Tway, J. Dunphy. Ride the Peace Train! KING DAN QUEEN PAM 56They Came; They Saw; They Conquered Wc are here to celebrate A victorious day; Because seven great runners Made it happen that way. They came, they saw, they conquered Everyone that was in sight, Through pain, agony, blood, and sweat. They ran with all their might. This was not just a lucky happening On that sunny October day; It was planned a year ago A long, long ways away. It took hours of work and hundreds of miles To ring the victory bell; But victory was inevitable They knew so very well. The smallest school in history To win the coveted crown; Last Saturday became Our little river town. Our number seven runner Coes by Tracy Clark; It was in 31st place That he made his mark. Our youngest runner, Tom Schmiedcr is his name; He placed 30th In that wonderful game. The Norsky brothers did the job That they set out to do; It was an exceptional effort Wc knew they would come through. With Todd 17th and Jon 24th They really did the job; Then thrived on hugs and kisses From the screaming, yelling mob. Little Russell was our man For the umpteen hundredth time; His stride in 11th position Was uninterrupted rhyme. By Coach Bob White Overcoming a poor showing In last year's biggest meet; Ron came in 9th this year As he strided beat by beat. Spoerry was our hero For the second year in a row; His name will go down in history After delivering such a blow. He finished among the leaders To give our team a boost; And bring the trophy home To its permanent roost. Premcct strategy worked. The boys got in position; At the sound of the gun They confronted opposition. But when they made their move And they made it oh so well; A roar went up from the frantic crowd You could hear way down In hell. They strained, they hurt, they did their best They all picked up the pace; They came across the finish line The winners of the race. The crowd went wild, the people yelled They screamed, they wept, they sighed; As other runners in the race Came in, they lost, they cried. The boys arc heroes in this town They did better than their best; They came, they saw, they conquered They surely passed the test. And we will always remember When we take our place in heaven; That wc were in the same school With the fabulous seven.MR. HALLMARK Science Wrestling Coach MR. KARLS Social Studies Reading Jr. Varsity Basketball Coach MR. QUINN Drivers Ed. Math MRS. ZIMMERLl Reading English 628th Grade ROW 1: J. Maucrman, K. Binder, J. Robinson, G. Gempler, K. Blaser, G. Glass. J. Blumer. ROW 2: K. Purdy, N. Briggs, L. Kopp, J. Aeschliman, B. Hill, D. Runaas, V. Lyle, J. Aeschliman, B. Hulbert. ROW 3: C. Martin. J. Kopp, C. Flynn, C. Moldcnhaur, R. Manshclm, R. Keegan. J. Alderman, G. Ardisson, B. Brugger, J. McCreedy, J. Elmer, C. Flood. ROW 4: S. Oas, P. Halverson, R. Krupke, D. Howcry, C. Schlap-bach, S. Elmer, G. Briggs, R. Flood. D. Dowden, J. Creighton. S. Parmer, B. Murphy. T. Black. M. Parmer. S. Steuri, L. Freidricks. 7th Grade ROW 1: R. Althaus. K. Nipple, D. Blumer, J. Sandlin, R. Janes, M. Bandi, S. Hadley, J. Keele, B. Alexander, T. Tway. ROW 2: A. Henningscn, L. Lyle. S. Malcook, C. Ross. V. Jones. ROW 3: M. Malkow, J. Heiztman. J. Scllnow, R. Freidricks, T. Webb, D. Schmieder, C. Hawkins, R. Hammon, J. Larson, L. Bellows. ROW 4: J. Ringhand, C. Zweifel. N. Runaas, D. LaBcllc, J. Liddicoat, S. Sowl, J. Kennedy. Row 5: C. Bond. R. Weeden, M. Trow, D. Dowden. D. Dowden, R. Schneider.Stepping Up to a Victory Clockwise From Top of Udder: R. Keepers, R. Krupke. J. Kopp, C. Schlap-bach. Coach White. P. Halverson. D. Dowdcn, R. Flood. Cheerleaders Top to Bottom: J. Aeschliman, J. Mauerman, D. Run-aas. J. Aeschliman. K. Binder. 64Cheerleaders Top to Bottom: D. Dowden. D. Dowden. J. Ltddicoal, D. LaBelle. S. Malcook. Successful Seventh STANDING. Left to Right: T. Webb. J. Sellnow, S. Sowl. D Schmeider. J. Holtzman. KNEELING: R. Altouse. M Bandi. B. Alexander, D. Blunter. R. Friedrichs. 65Blow Your Horn! ROW 1, Left to Right: J. Atkinson, M. Trow. D. Dowclen. D. Dowden. B. Fahmey ROW 2: J. Krupke, R. Hammon, J. Ringhand, J. Sclincider. S. Dixon. W. Atkinson. ROW 3: J. Blunter, R. Friedrichs, K. Flood. L Lyle, D. Gums, Mr. Clark (Director). R. Althaus, R. Hammon, A. Ilcnnigsen, B. Gohlkc, M. Tourdot. Rah! Rah! Wrestling ROW 1. Left to Right: B. Murphy. J. McCrccdy, Murphy. T McCrccdy, K. Tway. V. Lyle ROW 2: L. Heinsohn. L. Krupkc. N. 66Grade School6th Grade ROW 1: A. Bahn, D. Gums. K. Flood. J. Mauerman, R. Jones. M. Steiner, J. Pagel, J. Schnieder.. ROW 2: D. Hill. B. Fahrney. G. Gempeler, C. Hannes, A. Mc-Creedy, C. Flynn, D. Lisser, W. Johnson. G. Thill. ROW 3: D. Cox, J. Larson, T. Wheeler, Mr. Kanable, S. Dixon, D. Peterson, R. Pluss, P. Larson. J. Atkinson. Absent - G. Kauk. Combined 5th 6th Grade 68 ROW 1: T. Janes. J. Gibbons, B. Gohlke. T. Phillips. B. Atkinson. L. Hadley, B. Tway, D. Stoehr. ROW 2: N. Bellows, L. Huffman, L. Hauge, D. Schmieder. ROW 3: M. Trow. M. Lint, P. Kennedy. A. Bond, Mrs. Wendorf, C. Runaas, C. Althaus, L. Sellnow, J. Krupke. J. Blumer.5th Grade ROW 1: K. Forbush, D. Lawton, L. Steiner. T. Aider-man. ROW 2: L. Zilliox. J. Peach. S. Albright. L. Parker. ROW 3: K. Kehm, M. Hulbert, M. Murphy. D. Hanncs. ROW 4: D. Alexander, T. Alexander, B. Rob- inson, G. Muralt, R. Fisher. M. Tourdot. J. Howery, L. Bond, J. Larson, D. Levins. L. Shear, L. Johnson. R. Hammon, A. Flood, C. Simpson. Mrs. Hanson, S. Nipple. 4th Grade ROW 1 J. Fahrney, L. Haugc, D. Pluss. P. Muralt, T. Conley. M. Tourdot. ROW 2: J. Sandlin. J. Patchen, P. Bellows, M. Reasa, S. Krupkc. R. Weeded, P. Bond, C. Mansheim, T. Gohlkc, L. Isley, P. Zilliox, B. 3ar- backer. ROW 3: Mrs. Gibbons, T. Hammon, D. Johnson, C. Lisser. J. Schlapbach, D. Brugger, J. Kennedy, A. Bump. 694th Grade ROW 1 J. Maikov, W. Levis, D. Crooks, L. Swanson, K. Hadley. ROW 2: M. Moldenhauer, J. Jones, W. Steiner. F. Nipple, V. Hawkins, P. Larson, P. Wheeler. M. Glass. I. Kubly, K. Kcele, L. Gill. ROW 3: Mrs. Ladwig, D. Levins. L. Brugger, R. West, J. Hovery, M. Gums, L. Larson, S. Creighton, D. Martin, D. Dustan. 3rd Grade ROW 1: T. Alexander, D. Kehm, R. Crooks. R. Pluss. T. Stcindorf, D. Kauk, L. Atkinson, B. Lyle, M. Kennedy. ROW 2: T. Simpon, L. Kcele, R. Richardson, G. Gempcler. M. Elmer, D. Moldenhauer, L. Brugger, T. Simpson. D. Dowdcn. ROW 3: P. Zwiefel, K. Jones. Mrs. Coplicn, M. Lint, L. Maikov, C. Sowl. 703rd Grade ROW Is M. Paffrarh, R. Clcavcland, J. Pfeuti, D. Law-ion, B. Heron, L. Flood, T. Brugger, B. Shear, P. Zweifel, S. Falimey. ROW 2: F. Ross, K. Pence, M. Gums, L. Klapper, J. Dunphy, K. Hulbert, J. Lincicum, L. Cook, B. Zcttlc, K. Kchm, C. West. T. Lucdy, L. Robinson, L. Larson. ABSENT: T. Kocbler. Teacher: Mrs. Quade. ROW 1: L. Kchm, J. Conley, L. Flesher, T. Bump, M. Muralt, C. McCarthy, L. Hauge. ROW 2: H. Lint, C. Friedrichs, R. Tomow, W. Cullen, K. Hammon, D. Paffrath, G. Vi tense, R. Wee den, M. Goltz, K. Alder- man, E. West, R. Cox, L. Heron, K. Widmer, R. Bump, H. Blumer, D. Malkow, C. Kauk, M. Janes, T. Nipple. Teacher: Mrs. Ncucnschwandcr. 2nd Grade 712nd Grade ROW I; B. Tornow, L. Muralt, A. Rcasa. J. Kauk, M. Wcndlandt. K. Stoll, G. Gohlke, D. Bond, D. Blunter. Lfsser, D. Briggs. D. Jones. B. Pence, D. Horn. ROW 2: S. Albertson. R. Lisser, G. Gibbons. S. Flood. T. VI- M. Friedricks. T. Hulbert. B. Johnson, A. Butts. R. tense. Back: Mrs. Arndt Combined 1st 2nd Grade ROW 1: A. Crcuzer, M. Seffroad, M. Krupkc, C. ROW 3: L. Flcsher. J. Shell. K. Liddicoat. K. Flodd. Hannes, L. Steindorf. ROW 2: J. Sandlin. J. Adams. C. M. Shear. D. Gohlke. K. Gcmpler, L. Elmer. D. Trow, Elmer, Mrs. Blumer. B. Ncild, K. Peach, K. Albertson. R. Mabie. D. Pence. S. Pfcuti. Absent: L. Koebler. 72Morning Kindergarten Class ROW 1: B. schaller, C. Shell, D. Mur alt. C. Conley. Kehm, P. Zweifcl, C. Zweifel, L. Dodd. L. Kennedy, p. Pluss, N. Colborn, B. Tornow, W. Johnson. M. Brug- P. Shear, J. Pattrath. B. Zcttle, T. Brewer. ROW 3: ger, J. Howery. M. Larson. ROW 2: J. Sandlin. D. Mrs. Spring. Afternoon Kindergarten Class ROW 1: D. Dustan, M. Graves. M. Jones. S. Nipple. J. M. Flood. R. Lerch. R. Shell. R. Neild, P. Lyle. C. Althaus, D. Nelson. A. Aeschliman, D. Luedy, B. F.ver- Klapper. ROW 3: Mrs. Spring. Absent; T. Alexander, hart, D. Wendlandt. ROW 2: G. Schneider, C. Ceslok, 73Beginning Band Left to Right: ROW 1: K. Kehm. L. Johnson. L. Atkinson. S. Albright. W. Johnson. ROW 2: C. Simpson. A. Flood, L. Sellnow. C. Althaus, A. McCreedy, J. Broge. ROW 3: J. Larson, A. Bahn, J. How cry, R. Pluss. G. Mural t, Mr. Clark. Missing from picture: C. Flynn. S. Elmer. 74CONGRATULATIONS Class of ’72 from P VARCO-PRUDEIM metal buildings and WISCONSIN TANKTAINER Manufacturers of Steel Septic Tanks Fertilizer-Petroleum—Liquid Feed—SpecialBest Wishes for Your Future and Our Thank You For the Privilege of Having Served You The Radkes of Monroe 1622-11th Street Phone 325-3515 DOYON AND RAYNE Congratulations Seniors from Building Materials Albany 862-3267 Wisconsin Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany WisconsinCompliments of BANK OF ALBANY Complete Banking Service Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albany Wisconsin UNION COOPERATIVE Your One-Stop Farm Supply Feed Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Grain Dying Storage 3 Locations Albany—Brooklyn—Evansville Wisconsin PRYCE BROTHERS Dealers in Livestock Bulls For Rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Albany Wisconsin Compliments Of TEALES AUTO SERVICE n American Motors Albany Wisconsin 862-3549STUB’S HIDE-A-WAY Serving Tuesday through Sunday Best Food Available Congratulations Phone 882-4880 See To Appreciate Seating Capacity: 250 Live Music 6 nights a Week Dayton Wisconsin Evansville Wisconsin Congratulations Seniors From Harvey L. Kopp TUw Cjlar us New York Life Insurance Co. Life Insurance Group Insurance Pension Plans. Annuities Phone 362-8697 Beloit Wisconsin Reservations: 527-2618 79CENTER TAVERN Home Furnishing For Home Of The Bulls Gary Geno’s The Entire Home Carpets—Furniture—Floor Covering— Small Appliances Sandwiches. Cheese. Pizza GOHIKE’S Albany. Wisconsin Furniture Store Funeral Home 862-3332 862-3332 Greetings From THE EDGEWATER CAFE And ALBANY YOUTH CENTER BRODHEAD SOUTHSIDE GROCERIES INC. “The Foundation for Youth” Chuck Eleane Alderman Congratulations Class Of "72" Mert Lanore Jones Prop: Edgewater Cafe Albany Wisconsin Dean Mary Peterson Congratulations Seniors APPLIANCE SALES and SERVICE mmmm AUTO • FIRE • HEALTH LIFE FRED BAERTSCHI Route 1, Box 135 Albany. Wisconsin 53502 A A Gas Ranges - - Dryers (jj) Washers - - Water Heaters Floor Furnaces - - Water Softeners DDfinUCAn gas service DnUUllLflll PAINT APPLIANCES South Side of Square Congratulations TRI STATE BREEDERS COOP BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY For Service Call Service Bob Seifert Security Satisfaction 862-3271 Albany. Wise. 80 Albany—325-6660 Brodhead—897-4592i £eisk PHARMACY Brodhead, Wisconsin S3S20 Phone 897-2595 Hallmark Cards Gift Department Russell Stover Candies Cosmetics Schlittler Construction Co., Inc. EXCAVATING. DREDGING. FILLING. BULLDOZING SAND AND GRAVEL DIAL: JAC 897-4262 RFD I MEL 897-2993 I | jCOACH HOUSEfl EVANSVILLE, WIS PHONE 882-4300 FLYNN-ALTMAN BUILDERS Footville, Wisconsin Call 876-4911 or 879-2871 HELGESEN’S INC. PONTIAC TRUCKS RAMBLER SCOUT HELLANN’S Food Locker Service Inc. Butchering; Complete Processing. Curing Smoking Sausage Phone 882-4700 Evansville Wisconsin Country Food Store Juda. Wis. Phone 934-5241 53550 Hall's Studio STUDER SUPER SERVICE. INC. Your Massey—Ferguson Dealer Monroe Wisconsin 20 N. Main St. Phone 754-2713 - JANESVILLE 8t350—21st Street NORTHSIDE CHEESE FACTORY MINDER DURTSCHI MONROE, WISCONSIN 53566 MONTICELLO. WISCONSIN Highway 69 South Phone 325-4145 Monroe, Wisconsin KARLEN SONS Tel. 938-4345 Cars Monticello Trucks Wisconsin Sty? 3dl -H our jHHanston ALBANY LANES For Bowling at its Best Ken and Telma Klossner MONROE. WIS. 325-3386 YOUR HOSTS. 8Ul L LETTA MOO OINING • COCKTAIL LOUNGE •’ YEAR AROUND SWIMMING HEIN AND FRANCIS Albany's Home-Owned-Independent Grocery "Just Everyday Low Prices" Telephone: 862-3236 Compliments of JOS. HUBER BREWING AND CO. KRUDGAR CONSTRUCTION Office Phone 862-3276 Chopper Boxes—Crane Service Green Feeders—Painting—Bunks Albany Wisconsin Monroe. Wisconsin ALBANY LOCKER PLANT Fresh and Smoked Meat Albany. Wisconsin Phone No.: 862-3921 82WENDLANDT’S MARKET Compliments of EARL AND WALLY ZWICKEY Beef Quarters—Meat Groceries Brodhead Wisconsin JOANNE S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of Permanent Waving—Haircutting Coloring—Including Frosting BJORK'S TOGGERY R.R. 1 Albany. Wisconsin "On the Square" Brodhead. Wisconsin 53520 CHESTER WHITE Fay Brewers and Sons Breeding Stock Sold at all Times Albany. Wisconsin SCHWARTZLOW BAR 1024 Center Avenue Brodhead. Wisconsin BOWMAN S BARBER SHOP For Young and Old RAE S CAFE Home Cooked Meals Open 7 days a week Brodhead. 897-8166. Wisconsin ALBANY HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES Plumbing—Heating—Wiring T.V. and Radio Repair Phone: 862-3209 Albany. Wisconsin KNIGHT MFG.CORP. Forage Boxes—Spreaders "Auggie' Mixers—Wagons 897-2131 Brodhead Wisconsin MAPLE LEAF CHEESE COOP. Manager: Fred Oschner Swiss. Jack Monterey Albany. Wisconsin Phone: 862-3707 VERNS SHOE BOX Shoes for the Family Vernon Guptill. Prop. 912 West Exchange Street Brodhead. Wisconsin ROY'S AUTO Roy Watkins—Prop. Phone Belleville 424-3581 Located at Dayton. Wis. P.O. Rt. 1 Belleville. Wis. FLYNN S BAR Cheese and Sandwiches 897-8167 Brodhead Wisconsin SCHLITTLE COUNTY LINE BEVERAGE County Trunk T LaVERNE LEDERMAN 10th Street 897-2222 Brodhead Wisconsin State Farm Insurance Companies 1015 Center Ave. Ph. 897-2834 Brodhead. Wisconsin 53520 83THE CHALAT GRANGE STORE Dining and Cocktail "Your Complete Shopping Center" Brodhead Evansville Wisconsin IVERSON CHEVROLET INC. HAGEN CHIROPRACTIC 897-2550 Evansville. Wisconsin Brodhead Wisconsin Office—882-4146 BROOKLYN STATE BANK Congratulations From Brooklyn, Wisconsin 53521 Ph. 455-2311 Member F.D.I.C. CHAPINS Fine Foods Evansville Wisconsin D fX tiM JAMESWAV . OtML ' f,V] NEW HOLLAND IUI WILBURS Evansville. Wisconsin Store Hours Daily M 1 Lfij|N 7:30-9:00 ■ • ] L J MARTINSON IMP., INC. BROOKLYN, WISCONSIN Sunday STRAKA JEWELRY DR. CHARLES E. NELSON. DENTIST Evansville Wisconsin nTTEr jWffili'T M 1 West Main St. 882-4860 Evansville, Wisconsin WILLIS DRUG STORE 7 West Main St. Evansville Wisconsin Arnold A. Willis, R Ph. Phone 882-4550 MOTEL INMAN Located South of City on Highway 213 and 59 Mr. Mrs. Martin Mohr. Prop. 608-882-5240 Evansville, Wis. Congratulations Seniors R. S. GRAY. M.D. R. J. GRAY. M.D. DR. R. G. HEIMERL Evansville Wisconsin Evansville Wisconsin Phone: 882-5170 Congratulations Class of 1972 DR. K. R. SCHOENENBERGER 114 S Madison Street Evansville Wisconsin ANDERSON T V. Sales and Service 10 E. Main Street Evansville Wisconsin Phone 882-4156 84NEWMAN SEED AND FEED ROSA FLORIST Master Mix Feeds Smith Douglass Fertilizer Custom Spraying Star Flower Shop Jy ia Wisconsin Monroe 325-8161 VICELSINGER Compliments of 7-up Distributor SWIGGUM'S BEVERAGE DEPOT Madison Wisconsin Monroe Wisconsin BRUNI-MILLER CO. RUF'S CONFECTIONERY Building Supplies and Construction Monroe Wisconsin 1600-11 St. 325-2117 Monroe Wisconsin BOBER'S BADGER PAINT STORE Home of Mastercraft Paints 1623 10th Street Monroe Wisconsin Good Luck Grads BOB'S UPTOWN MARKET 119—16th Avenue Monroe. Wisconsin MONROE BAKERY Birthday Wedding Cakes PANDOW JEWELERS Swiss Bread Pastries 1007—16th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin Phone: 325-2500 Fine Quality Diamonds Watches. Jewelry Monroe. Wisconsin 325-6134 MONROE FLORAL SHOP WEST SIDE PHARMACY Downtown (Formerly Wainwrights) Monroe Wisconsin Monroe. Wisconsin Compliments of THORPE SOLOMAN AUTOPARTS CO. INC. Brodhead—897-4666 Monroe—325-4181 Paint and Wallpaper Custom Drapery Monroe. Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY FARMCO COOPERATIVE A Farmer-Owned Service Albany Janesville Argyle Monroe Brodhead Monticello Orfordville LANZ HARDWARE Everything in Hardware and Housewares. Just off the Square but still on the level. 85 OrfordvilleGIFT CASTLE Gifts for All Occasions Hallmark Greeting Party Line Monroe Wisconsin Compliments From MAYOR'S CITGO SERVICE 312 N. Mam Street Monticello. Wisconsin 53570 BRENNAN S CERTIFIED SUPER MARKET We Buy Direct—You Buy For Less Monroe Phone 325-4433 Wisconsin SWISS LANES Bowling. Restaurant Cocktail Lounge New Glarus. Wisconsin 53574 . C. o NgratuU hcmj Gia95 S 1 j Colony THE SWISS MISS A. W. Wieser Family New Glarus. Wise. 527-2515 527-2514 Factory Store HAURI'S CYCLE SHOP 715 21st Street Motorcycle Monroe. Wisconsin Bridgestone Kawaski Parts—Accessories Phone 325-0052 Minibikes DISCH HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Hot Point Appliances New Glarus. Wisconsin 527-2114 Monticello. Wisconsin 527-4940 MONROE READY MIX AND MATERIAL CO . INC. Phone 325-5195 Monroe. Wisconsin FERNSTAEDT HARDWARE Quality Hardware and Paints Phone: 938-4830 Monticello Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS FROM Ralph Kehm's Custom Service Monticello Wisconsin Phone 938-4596 Dehorning Castrating HOUSE OF SPIRITS Monticello. Wisconsin Louis and Joan Wips Phone: 938-4958 LARRY JOHN SALON Monticello—Belleville—Verona 938-4841 845-6623 424-3222 Congratulations Class of 72 FREITAGE CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE Monticello. Wisconsin 938-4211 MONTICELLO CONSTRUCTION CO. Starline Dealer Fred C. Durtschi Monticello. Wisconsin KARL H. FREITAG —Insurance— “If it's Worth Owning. It's Worth Insuring” Monticello. Wisconsin 86COXY CORNER RESTAURANT Open 7 days—6:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Noon Specials Orfordville. Wise. “Bonnie and Bo Bodette" ALBANY NEW GLARUS George and Edna's Bar Marty’s Texaco Service Albany Beauty Mart Wayne Albertson. Sr., Auctioneer LeRoy Butt-McNess Products Ralph Leudy Livestock Trucking Glarnerstube Ruef’s Meat Market Walt's Toggery Klassy Milling Co. BRODHEAD Stairs Sentry Market Brodhead Veterinary Service Art’s Texaco Station R R Implement Brodhead Pierce Furniture and Carriage House Pierce True Value Hardware EVANSVILLE Evansville Veterinary Hospital MONTICELLO Tommy’s Barber Shop Voegeli Chevrolet and Buick Rufer’s Bar Woelffer Drug Store Kubly Tire and Service 87

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