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We the Class of 1971 wish to honor all young men in our area who have served in the Armed Forces. Although we honor all oui men who have served, we wish to dedicate our 1971 annual to the four men pictured here. Two of them, Kris Blunter and Kenneth Keller, were killed in action in Viet Nam and Cambodia, respectively. The other two died shortly after they had returned from their commitments in the service. Keith Keller Terry Minder Kris Blumer Kenneth KellerThe Senior Class commemorates the ’71 COMET to the memory of Michael Dean Krueger. Michael was a member of this community and a member of the school from 1961 until his death in July. 1970. Michael was a close friend to all who knew him and has left many fond memories to family, friends, and classmates. (juxdjuuijj day ii u -t jt, ?? yta L- UyyJt o o uk£L luu t jt. JU uMo orf tytyruMUltJ XL Jet AaAd 4y t . at uz 6L ZuotA, tiu XU»ri ri b(U4j iJ O O. XUUMjC oJ UA4Ay£dt 4i£l t£juis kModd CGst y o tft h ony d} tfa- Ao A,. r ou twtstKheAAy feyZGfaAy UtO £v4 Ctf£ (2yTidi d£OLLj {5l£ iXAAj 6. CCj . U yCU ULy S?n6 f72l2Jt£) tJ idUiMcL du r?j£ c snt, 4w £ntje . ( - cv te t rp a. yAtsny oU u o n a) '-A st Z Sbi o zyzOLs. '7 ax- utia . (JLu + zf wLL ul xa i (AuloUc il. u tiA rzy a a c£. l£Xc4JL £Cyr a 7ys u£ (eA-y - 0— olacjld JOL, caL 6 yt umjU - y tay Cerx ■ JtiAc, 6? fituA K- yru Wa yOfwuaA ZUrffy $f- {2rni nd '-Ai c I o J972 %lc4ynt 4Editors Attended Workshop The annual staff began six busy months by sending their editors to a workshop in Ml. Horeb on September 29. The day was spent being instructed on how to finance, plan, and carry out a successful yearbook. Picture taking began early in September and when the first glossies came, the staff worked hard which enabled them to beat their first deadline by sending two more pages than were required. The deadlines that followed were met with a little more difficulty due to minor complications. ROW ONE: D. Heinsohn. B. Hanson, D. Slochr ROW TWO: J. Hulbert, D. Simpson. V. Kranig, G. Mabie. P. Lylc.C. Durtschi. Mrs. Amend. ROW THREE: S. Parmer, R. Blu-mcr. K. Blasct. Comet Editors V. Kranig Art Mrs. Amend Advisor G. Mabie Business D. Stochr—Editor R. Blunter- Business sSuperintendent’s Remarks It has been said that man’s inherent "Laziness” caused him to invent all the work saving devices we have today. Fundamental even in the desire to avoid work is the awareness that man must work in order to live. Work is part of man’s nature. Without meaningful work and goals man would not have evolved into what he is today. This is what we hope to accomplish while students are in the Albany Schools. Not only is it essential from a psychological standpoint, that man must work, but the rewards of life also come from some meaningful employment. Without some meaningful goals most individuals drift from one situation to another never finding themselves. We hope while you are in school you will develop the goals and work habits that will carry you in years to come. 6 Seniorsf KENLYN BLASER F.H.A. 2,3.4 (Historian 3. Parliamentarian 4); Library Club 4 Library Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 (Photographer) Band 1.2,3,4 (Vice-President 4) Pep Club 4 Chrous 4 (Robe Keeper 4) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Forensics 4 ROBERT BRIGGS Dramatics Club 4 Junior Class Play 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Prom Court 3 RO ELLEN BLUMER Dramatics Club 4 Chorus 2 Seinor Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3,4 (Layout Fd. 4) Chess Club 1 French Club 3 8JOSEPH DUNPHY Student Council 2 Homecoming Court 1,2,3 Junior Class Play 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3.4 Basketball 1.2,3.4 Prom Court 3 Volleyball 3.4 Letterman’s Club 2,3.4 CURTIS ELMER Chorus 4 Junior Class Play 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 DAVID HEINSOHN Student Council 1 One-Act Plays 4 Dramatics Club 3,4 Newspaper Staff 2,4 Band 1.2,3.4 Pep Band 1.2,3,4 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Chess Club 1.3 Basketball 1,2 Class Officer 1 (President) National Honor Society 3,4 Forensics 2,3.4 Wrestling 3,4 Spade Winner 3 Volleyball 3 Baseball 3,4 Lettermens’ Club 4 Badger Boy 3 Outstanding American High School Student 3,4. 9DONNA HEITZMAN One-Act Plays 2,4 Dramatics Club 1,2,3.4 Newspaper Staff 2.3 (Editor 4) Band 1,2.3 Pep Band 1.2,3 Pep Club 4 (President) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Chess Club 1 Class Officer 1,4 (Secretary) Prom Court 3 Forensics 2.4 Pre-Med Club 4 KATHY HULBERT F.H.A. 1.2.3 (President 3) Pep Club 4 Chorus 2 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Green Lake Delegate 2 Class Officer 2 (Secretary) Forensics 1.2.4 COLEEN KEELE F.H.A. 1.2 Library Club 1.2 Dramatics Club 1,2 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Forensics 1,2 Pre-Med Club 4 toSALLY KLOSSNER One-Act Plays 2,3.4 Dramatics Club 2,3,4 (President 4) Newspaper Staff 2,3,4 (Business Ed. 4) Chorus 2 Senior Class Play 3.4 Junior Class Play 3 Forensics 2,3.4 tyiKKI KRANIG Student Council 3 (President) One-Act Plays 1,2,4 F.H.A. 1 Dramatics Club 1.2,3.4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Lay-out Ed.) Pep Club 4 Cheerleader 1,2 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3.4 (Art Ed. 4) Prom Court 3 Forensics 1.2,3.4 Pre-Med Club 4 French Club 3 MIKE LA BELLE Transfer Stduent 4 One-Act Plays 4 Senior Class Play 4 Class Officer 4 (Vice-President) nJULLIANNE LANDIS F.H.A. 1 Library Club 1 Chorus I Scnoir Class Play 4 Girls Glee Club 1 Forensics 1,2.4 GEORGIA MABIE One-Act Plays 3.4 Transfer Student 2 F.H.A.3 Dramatics Club 3,4 Band 3.4 (Sec.-Treas. 4) Pep Band 3.4 Pep Club 4 (Sec.-Treas. 4) Chorus 4 Senior Class Play 3.4 Junior Class Play 3 Girls’ Glee Club 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Prom Court 3 Forensics 3 Homecoming Court 4 THOMAS LIEBERT One-Act Plays 3.4 Dramatics Club 1.2,3.4 Newspaper Staff 2 Band 1.2 Pep Band 1.2 Pep Club 4 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 F.F.A. 1,2.3.4 Basketball 3.4 Track 2,3,4 Prom Court 3 Forensics 1.2 Cross Country 3,4 Wrestling 1 12SHIRLEY MALCOOK F.H.A. 1,2.3,4 Dramatics Club I Pep Club 4 Chorus 1.2.3 Cheerleader 2 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Girls’ Glee Club 2 Chess Club 1 Forensics 1 BARBARA MARTIN Dramatics Club I Junior Class Play 3 Forensics 4 KAREN MAUERMAN Student Council 1,2.4 F.H.A. 1 Library Club 1 Dramatics Club 2.4 (Treasurer 4) Newspaper Staff 3.4 (Feature Ed.) Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1.2 Pep Club 4 Cheerleader 1,2.3.4 (Captain 1.2) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play Spoon Winner 3 Class Officer 3 (President) Prom Court 3 F.F.A. Sweetheart 3 Forensics 1 Outstanding Teenager of America 4 Girls’ State 3Prom Court 3 (Queen) Forensics 2 Pre-Med Club 4 French Club 3.4 (President 4) SANDRA NIPPLE F.H.A.4 Dramatics Club 1.2.3 Pep Club 4 Chorus 1 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Girls’ Glee Club 1 PEGGY PRYCE One-Act Plays 2 F.H.A. 2.3.4. (President 4) Dramatics Club 1.2,3 Newspaper Staff 2.3.4 (Sports Ed. 2.3. 4) Bnad (President 4) Pep Band 1 Pep Club 1 Chorus 2.4 (President 4) Cheerleader 1.2,3,4 (Captain 3.4) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Girls’ Glee Club 2,4 Green Lake Delegate 2 Class Officer SHIRLEY PARMER F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 3 Treasurer 4) Library Club 4 Dramatics Club 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3.4 (Art Ed. 4) Pep Club 4 Chorus 1.2.4 (Robe Keeper 4) Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Girls’ Glee Club 1.2 Annual Staff 4 Forensics 1.2,3.4 wSUE RANK JIM RUNAAS One-Act Pla-’s 3 Newspaper Staff 3 Band 1.2,3.4 Pep Band 1 Chorus 1 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 F.F.A. 1,2,3 (Reporter 3) Chess Club 1.2,3 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 1.2,3.4 Cbss Officer Treasurer 1,3 (President 2.4) Forensics 1,2 Outstanding Teenager of America 4. Wrestling 1 Crosscountry 3.4 Pre-Med Club 4 Lettermens’ Club 2,3,4 Badger Boy 3 DAN SIMPSON Student Council 4 (Vice-President) Pep Club 4 (Vice-President) Transfer Student 3 F.F.A. 1.2 Basketball 4 Track 1.3 Class Officer 4 Baseball 4 Lettermcns Club 3.4 15ALAN STEPHENSON Student Council 1.3 One-Act Plays 3 Dramatics Club Pep Club 4 Senior Class Play 3.4 Junior Class Play 3 F.F.A. 1.2,3.4 Basketball 1,2,3.4 Homecoming Court 4 (King) Prom Court 3 (King) Forensics 1 Volleyball 3.4 Lettermens’ Club 2,3.4 (Sec.-Treas. 3) DIANE STOEHR One-Act Plays 4 (Student Director) Library Club 4 Dramatics Club 1,2.3.4 Newspaper Staff 3.4 (News Ed.) Band 1 Pep Band I Pep Club 4 Chorus 1 Senior Class Play 4 Junior Class Play 3 (Student Director) Girls Glee Club I Annual Staff 3.4 (Editor 4) F.F.A. 1.2,3.4 (Secretary 2.3.4) Chess Club 3 Class Officer 2.4 (Treasurer) National Honor Society 3.4 Forensics 1.2,3.4 Outstanding Teenager of America 4 Pre-Med Club 4 (President) French Club 3 (President) D.A.R. Award 16Peanuts. Muscles????????? Senior Officers Having a ball. He’d eat anything! Seated D. Heitzman Secretary D. S toe hr Treasurer Standing J. Runaas President M. LaBelle- Vice-President Telling it like it is. Hungar!! 17D. Heinsohn and D. Stoehr NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The students belonging to National Honor Society are chosen by the High School faculty. To be eligible, they must rank in the top one-fourth of their class scholastic-ally. be good citizens, and possess leadership traits. SPADE AND SPOON WINNERS The spoon and spade winners are named at the end of their junior year by the graduating senior class. They are selected on the basis of good citizenship, scholastic standing. personality, and leadership.Badger Girl State is a mythical land which is modeled after the State of Wisconsin. This model state is made up of 500 teen-age girls who run their own government. During the week at Badger Girls State the girls were given assignments and speakers lectured about state, county. and city government. After much campaigning, elections were held tn order to elect city officials, county elections. Badger Boys State is similar to Girls State. 1000 boys spend a week in Ripon, where they set up their own city, county, and state governments. This year some Boys Staters, including both of Albany's . abandoned the tradi- and state officials. The highest official elected, of course, was governor. After the elections the girls were busy organizing their government. The final day ended with a walk to the state capitol where the newly elected Badger state officials legislated on bills that would make the state of Badger a better place to live. tional Federalist and Nationalist parties and supported write-in candidates. All in all. both Jim and Dave had a good week and learned a lot about politics and government. 19 J. Runaas, K. Mauerman, D. Heinsohn.Georgia Mabic. Jim Runaas, Donna Hcit man. Robert Mauerman, Tom Liebert, Vikki Kranig. Joe Dnnphy Briggs, Queen Peggy Pryce. King Alan Stephenson, Karen CHERISHED DREAMS On April 26. 1969. the class of’71 had one of their “cherished” dreams come tme-their Junior Prom. At 10:00 p.rn. Alan Stephenson crowned Peggy Pryce his queen in front of a mountain scene set off by pastel colors of green, yellow, pink and blue. The couples danced to the music of the "United Sound" and when they were tired they sat in the garden and enjoyed a cool glass of punch or walked around to admire the decorations which included a small pool. Junior Royalties 20When tired, the couples went to the garden to rest. “I could have danced all night” “I crown you Queen” “Grand March” Arch of Entry” 2324UnderclassmenROW ONI:: C. Durtschi. S. Hansen, K. Blascr. G. Reasa. M Hill, S. Weedon. P. Lyle, G. Gempcler. C. Colburn. ROW TWO: D. Larson. G. Gempcler, J. Halverson. B. Hanson, J. Nipple. V. Widmcr, C. Zilliox. G. Pryce, S. Steuri. P. Phil- lips, J. Mauerman. ROW' THREE: K. Binder. S. Spoerry. D. Gotz, B. Dixon, M. Huffman, J. Hulbert, J. Runaas, M. Lis-ser, R. Blumer. The Class of 72 Junior Officers C. Durtschi- V. President S. Hansen- Secretary J. Runaas-Treasurer J. Hulbert President 26Helping! Bow TsTrying. We Got Caught! Peaceable Carol. The Odd Ones. Being Tough! Some Class! 27Band Blowers 28 AVhat do you mean I’m not suppose to paint this!”ROW ONE: R.Setzer.P. Steuri.D. Acschliman, J. Rankins. T. Clark, G. Keepers. P. Alderman. ROW TWO: R. Miller, J. Martin,T. Runaas, J. Gempleler, K. Kopp. J. Spring. ROW THREE: G. Parmer, J. Jones. J. Dunphy, J. Sarback er. D. Martin. ROW FOUR. K. Albright, N. Clcavcland. S Flynn, S. Huffman. ROW FIVE: G. Ochsner.G. Rank. J. Tway. K. Blumer. K. Lyle.G. Gibbons, B. Hanson. The Class of 73 Officers T. Clark President J. Dunphy Secretary T. Runaas Vice-President R. Smith (not Pictured) Treasurer 29The Class of 74 9 Kneeling: R. Janes. R. Hill. D. Stephenson. T. Runaas. J. Petersen. C. Golz. Standing: C. Martin, J. Staver. S. Snellnow. L. Krupke, P. Phillips. M. K. Voegeli. G. Atkinson. D. Reasa. D. Dowden, M. Sowl, S. Parmer, G. Lisser. ROW THREE: L. Hcinsohn. C. Parker, T. Elmer. J. Spoerry, T. Larson. L. A. Ostenson. ROW FOUR: C. Baumgartner, J. Swanson, D. Elmer. R. Larsen, N. Briggs. ROW' FIVE: D. Zilliox. K. Blaser. G. Keepers, J. Lyle. T. Alexander, K. Hulbcrt. C. Howery. E. Briggs.Freshmen Class Officers M.Sowl J. Lyle D. Dowdcn J. Peterson Study Hall!?!?! mmmmmmmm ... good ! ! Leftovers anyone???????” 31Faculty and AdministrationKnowledge Exists Mr. Wayne Albertson Agriculture F.F.A. Advisor Mrs. Judy Altman Speech Librarian Freshman Class Advisor Mrs. Susan Amend Commercial Annual Advisor Checrleading Advisor Senior Class Advisor Mr. James Anseth Industrial Arts High School Principal 34To Be Imparted Miss Christine Bradley. Intern World History Freshman Class Advisor Mr. Clayton Clark Instrumental Music Junior Class Advisor Mr. Ivan Foote Social Science Varsity Basketball Coach Junior Class Advisor Volleyball Coach Mrs. Lois Gressman Home Economics F.H.A. Advisor 35Miss Kay Miller Art Junior Class Advisor Miss Joan Mills Physical Education Sophomore Class Advisor Mrs. Arlene Oliver Mathematics Senior Class Advisor Forensics Advisor Mr. Andrew Oliver English Junior Class Advisor Dramatics Club AdvisorMr. James Thalacker Science Senior Class Advisor Pre-Med Club Advisor Mrs. Susan Tews English French Freshman Class Advisor French Club Advisor Mrs. Pat Waterman Chorus Mr. Robert White Physical Education Guidance Counselor Track Cross Country Junior High Basketball Coach 37School Board D. Bonjorno (Treasurer). P. Hahn (Clerk). W. Pt'cuti (Di- Stefanik (Director), W. McCreedy (Director), rector). L. Dunphy (President). D. Bump (Director). P. 38Custodians Mr. Jones Mr. Nipple Mr. Tway Bus Drivers Mr. Richardson Mrs. Blumet Mrs. Rankins Mrs. Atkinson Mrs. Ringhund Mr. Coplien Cooks Mrs. Durtschi Mrs. Thornton Mrs. Friedrichs Mrs. Halverson Kitchen Help K. Blaser J. Martin J. Martin K. BlaserSports“Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is” The 1970-71 Homecoming was sponsored this year by the Student Council who did a very good job organizing the event. It began with a basketball game against Blanchardvillc. The A team was defeated, but the B team came through with a victory. Both teams are to be congratulated on their fine effort. The game was followed by a dance in the old gym. Hveryonc enjoyed themselves as they danced to the music of the United Sound. At 10:30, King Alan Stephenson crowned his queen, Peggy Phillips. Representatives of the classes were: Freshman: Darlin Alderman escorted by Jack Petersen. Sophomores; Jolene Spring escorted by Jim Tway. Juniors; Gaylene Reasa escorted by Jon Maucrman, Seniors; Georgia Mabie escorted by Jim Runaas. 4243KNEELING: J. Mauerman. J. Tway. D. Aeschliman. R. G. Gibbons. D. Golz, A. Stephenson, T. Liebert. J. Runaas, Blumer.T. Runaas. STANDING: D. Simpson, J. Dunphy. Coach Foote. Varsity Has Tremendous Spirit It was another disappointing and frustrating year for the Albany Comet basketball team. They began the season with a lot of spirit and observers could sec they had potential. In several games they were “in” the game until the final minutes but they managed to win only two games during the regular playing season. Many of the players will return next year and hopes are high that after another year of growth and maturity the Comets will be back in great form next year. The Junior Varsity team is to be congratulated on their 5 wins during the season. They ended the season on an encouraging note by winning their last 4 games. K. Mauerman C. Durtschi P. Pryce J. Dunphy P. Lyle 44KNEELING: R. Keepers, T. Clark, J. Lyle. K. Hubert. Gi,,»J- Hubert. Coach: Mr. Karls. STANDING: P. Stcuri, J. Petersen, D. Zilliox, R. Larson, G. 45ROW ONE: S. Spoerry. T. Runaas. J. Tway. D. Aeschliman, R. Miller. ROW TWO: J. Runaas. R. Hill, J. Lyle. T. Clark, J. Petersen. ROW THREE: T. Liebcrt. R. Larson, G. Gibbons. R. Setzer. J. Runaas. Cross Country Goes to State Living up to all pre-season expectations, the cross country team whirled through the fall season like a spring tornado while dumping 106 of 122 opponents in its path. Paced by Steve Spoerry (Most Valuable Runner) and Jim Runaas (Captain) the squad climaxed the school’s most succcsful sports season with a sixth place finish in the state championships. The yearling team, with only one senior in the varsity line-up. won invitationals at Madison West. Albany, Jefferson. Kettle Moraine, and Plattevillc. Tournament ac- tion saw them capture the regional championship and runner-up honors in the sectional run before their big effort in the state meet. Spoerry will return next year along with Jon Runaas. Dan Aeschliman, Ron Setzer. Tracy Clark, Todd Runaas, and Russell Hill from this year’s varsity contingent. Those seven liarners, along with a host of other top-notch prospects, should make the Albany Comets the team to beat in the fall of 1971. 46 This year's wrestling squad is shaping up into one of our best teams in years. Although most of the wrestlers are not experienced. they show good promise for this year and future seasons. D. Hcinsohn, Mr. Hallmark. C. Gotz, R. Setzer.G. Parmer. R. Hill. E. Briggs, J. Creighton, T. Gracbncr, J. Rankins, M. Huntley, C. Laird, J. Runaas. Wrestlers LLFT. D. Zilliox. K.Blaser. K. Hulbert, G. Gill. D. Stephenson. T. Alexander. E. Briggs. RIGHT: R. Keepers. R. Blum- Volleyball Although the Volleyball Squad again suffered through a winless season, a great deal of improvement was seen in technique and spirit. With the majority of boys having another year or more of eligibility left, things should be on the upswing in the future. It is hoped that more matches can be scheduled for the 1971 season to create greater interest and participation. cr.J. Mauerman, J. Dunphy. A. Stephenson, A. Patchen. 47KNEELING: J. Runaas, A. Stephenson. G. Gibbons. J. Dunphy. T. Liebert. S. Spocrry. MIDDLE ROW: J. Mauer man. K. Binder. T. Clark, G. Miller, J. Tway, D. Simpson, J. Runaas, R. Blumer. D. Aeschliman. J. Huibert. THIRD ROW: K. Blumer, K. Lyle. A. Patchen, B. Dixon. D. Golz. D. Heinsohn. Lettermen 48 ActivitiesSEATED: K. l3uerman. D. Simpson, P. Phillips, Mr. Anseth, D. Martin. P. Alderman. STANDING: T. Runaas. A.Patchen. P. Phillips. Student Council Helps to Abolish Dress Code The Student Council experienced one of its busiest for quite some time. Early in the fall, the old question of the dress code arose again. The Council drew up a dress code they felt represented the students. The School Board approved the “code" except for the item allowing girls to wear slacks. After much discussion, a special meeting was called at which parents, students, and the administration were present. At the meeting it was voted to drop the dress code completely. The annual Christmas party was again sponsored by the Student Council. This year, instead of students ex- changing gifts, each student was to bring a small gift or money to be sent to an orphange. The Council also collected clothing to be sent to the Salvation Army. In February Homecoming had to be planned. The date was set for February 5 but due to a snow storm it had to be postponed until February 19. The Council appreciated the help of the Seniors who worked on decorations. A member was selected to represent the students at the monthly Parent-Teachers’ Organization meeting. This action was taken in hopes that the communication between the teachers, parents, and students would be improved. JOSEATED: P. Pryce, D. Heinsolm, J. Hulbcrt, S. Spoerry, J. Runaas. STANDING: D. Dowdcn, S. Klossncr, D. Heitz-man. G. Reasa, C. Durtschi, P. Lyle, T. Elmer. M. Mill. S. Parmer, K. Blaser. ROW TWO V. Kranig. M. Sowl. J. Hal verson. L. Krupke. L. Heinsohn, J. Nipple. K. Blaser. D. Stochr. K. Maucrman, Mr. Oliver. Comet’s Tale In 1970-71, the stall of the COMET’S TALE for the first time has published its paper along with the community’s weekly. THE ALBANY HERALD. The new professional look has given us added incentive and pride in our school paper. We thank THE ALBANY HERALD for its cooperation. D. Stoehr—news Ed. D. Heitzman—Editor S. Klossncr Business Ed. K. Maucrman Features Ed. Mr. Oliver Advisor S. Parmer Art Ed. P. Pryce Sports Ed. K. Blaser- Photographer V. Kranig Layout Ed.Drama Club Performs at Christmas Party ROW ONE: D. Heinsohn,C. Elmer, J. Hulbert, M. LaBelle, J. Tway, T. Liebert. A. Stephenson, R. Briggs, P. Steuri. ROW TWO: S. Parmer. S. Klossncr. R. Blunter, P. Lyle. C. Durtschi, G. Reasa. D. Martin, J. Spring. ROW THREE: G. Mabic, J. Dunphy, K. Mauerman, J. Sarbacher, T. Elmer, J. Halverson. B. Hanson. L. Krupke. ROW FOUR: D. Hcitzman, L. Heinsohn, M. Sowl, D. Dowdcn, V.Kranig, G. Pryce, D. Stoehr. J. Nipple. K. Albright. The Drama Club started the year by sponsoring the annual 3 one-act play competition. This year the play, Honor and the Glory, directed by Mrs. Altman won the right to go the to district competition. It was Albany’s turn to host this competition so the Drama Club was asked to organize the event. The Club did something new this year by presenting a one-act play to the student body at the Christmas party. The play was accepted very well and helped to generate the Christmas spirit. Officers J. Hulbert V. President V. Kranig Secretary S. Klossncr President K. Mauerman-Trcasurer 52One-Act-Plays "The Honor Glory"-WINNER D. Heinsohn—Thomas Mrs. Altman- Director J. Ilulbert-Jamie S. Klossner- Maggie K. A lb right-St. Director "Overtones” D. Hcitzman- Margaret C. Durtschi- Maggie V. Kranig Harriet D. Stoehr-St. Director Mr. Oliver-Director G. Mabie--Hetty "The Moonshiners" J. Sarbacker-St. Director Mrs. Tews—Director J. Tway-Revenue Officer P. Stcuri MoonshinerForensics SEATED: D. Marlin. J. Landis, D. Heinsohn. J. Spring. S. Hcinsohn. M. Sowl. T. Elmer. STANDING: D.Stochr. J. Parmer. B. Martin. C. Durtschi, G. Pryce. L. Krupke. L. Sarbaekcr. Mrs. Olvier (Advisor). K. Blaser. Library Club C. Martin, K. Albriglit. S. Weedon, L. Ostenson. Mrs. Altman. J. Sarbacker, S. Parmer. K. Blaser. 54Le Cercle Francais SEATED: P. Pryce (Pres.), J. Dunphy (V.-Pres.), S. Huff Dowden. T. Elmer. M. Sowl. J. Gempeier, N. Cleaveland, man (Treas.). T. Runaas (Sec.). STANDING: Mrs. Tews M. Voegeli, S. Flynn, K. Kopp. J. Jones, L. Krupkc. (Adv.). P. Stcuri, L. Heinsohn, G. Keepers. J. Spring, D. The French Club’s main purpose is to have different money making projects to give a scholarship to one of its members at the end of the year. Pre-Med Club Mr. Thalacker (Adv.), J. Runaas (V.-Pres.), D. Stoehr (Pres.), Pryce, K. Albright,S. Huffman. Absent-C. Keele (Sec. D. Heit .man, G. Reasa, V. Kranig, S. Flynn, T. Runaas. P. Treas.), The Pre-med Club is a new organization formed so interested students can explore the field of medicine. The activities of the club included field trips, movies, and guest speakers. Several money making projects were held to earn money for scholarships.SEATED: C. Colburn. P. Pryce. J. Spring. M. Hill. V. Wid-mer„ K. Blascr, R. Blumer.G. Rcasa, D. Martin. STANDING: J. Sarbacker. Mrs. Gressman. J. Gempeler. C. Zilliox. S. Parmer, S. Nipple. S. Weedcn. K. Albriglu, S. Parker. J. Dunphy. Homemakers Give Gifts to Service Men The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of pupils studying homemaking in senior high school. This year our F.H.A. had the planning for the tall rally. Our activities this year arc: Christmas caroling on a hayride. a dance, giving gifts for our men in the service, a Valentine Party, and an Easter Party. Officers J. Sarbacker- Historian P. Prycc -President J. Dunphy-Secretary C. Colburn Vice-President K. Blaser—Parliamentarian S. Parmer—Treasurer J. Gempeler-Reportcr Mrs. Gressman—AdvisorROW ONE: S. Hanson. D. Stochr, J. Hulbert, J. Dunphy, Mr. Albertson, A. Stephenson. N. Briggs. J. Runaas. ROW TWO: R. Janes. K. Hulbert. K. Binder. R. Smith. C. Elmer, J. Mauerman, J. Peterson.C. Gotz, R. Blunter. J. Rankins. S. Spoerry.C. Baumgartner.T. Alexander. ROW THREE: G. Ochsner, K. Blascr. D. Elmer, R. Briggs. S. Flynn. K. Elmer. R. Briggs. S. Flynn. K. Elmer, K. Shaw. D. Stephenson. D. Zilliox. T. Liebert, J. Swanson. ROW FOUR: J. Walmer, D. Gotz, B. Dixon, A. Patchen. G. Gill. Tractor Pull Proves Successful The F.F.A. continued their activities through the summer with a tractor pull August 16 which included tractors from Green County only. The first activity in the fall was another tractor pull which included both Rock and Green counties. Other activities included: a trup shoot, a varmit hunt, hog and cattle judging contests, and a deer hunting contest. The an nual F.F.A. Banquet was held in February during National F.F.A. Week. Because of the transfer of Sandy Hansen. F.F.A. Sweetheart, Jeannie Dunphy was elected to finish her term. Officers Mr. Albertson- Advisor S. Hansen- Sweetheart N. Briggs Sentinel J. Hulbcrt-Treasurer A. Stephenson V.-Presidcnt J. Dunphy-President D. Stoehr-Sccretary J. Runaas-Reporter 57Band Plays at State Fair ROW ONE: P. Prycc. K. Blaser. L. Heinsohn, R. Dibbles, R. Larson. D. Dowden, K. Albright, C. Durtschi. ROW TWO B. Dixon. I). King. M. Glass. J. Runaas. C. Stein-dorf, C. Gibbons. T. Goltz. ROW THREE: D. Goltz. G. Mabie. L. Schlapbach. S. I'lood, T. Elmer. K. Binder. L. Krupke. ROW FOUR: M. Huntley, J. Prycc, R. Flood, D. Schlapbach. K. Blaser. N. Clcavcland, M. Sowl. P. Phillips. FLAG CARRIERS: F. Rmghand, D. Black. MAJORETTE P. Lyle. TWIRLERS: J. Spring. J. Dunphy. Band Activities August 15. . . September 12 September 20 October 30. . December 21. April 3..... May 1....... May 8....... ......................State Fair Dedication of Whitewater Stadium ....................Cheese Days ...............Halloween Parade ...............Christmas Concert ............Solos and Ensembles ......State Solo 3nd Ensembles ......Band Festival at Brodhead Band Officers P. Lyle Drum Majorette K. Blascr-V. Pres. P. Prycc-Pres. G. Mabie Sec.-Treas. 58ROW ONE: R. Mill. K. Blascr. D. Elmer, C. Elmer. ROW Pryce, P. Lyle. S. Hansen, G. Pryce, K. Albright. ROW TWO: M. Hill. C. Colburn. G. Mubie. G. Reasa, C. Durtschi, FOUR: V. Widmer, J. Halverson. J. Nipple. K. Blascr. M. P. Phillips. S. Parmer. ROW TH REE: N. Cleaveland, P. Sowl. Chorus Does Well Under New Director The Albany High School chorus had a busy year. They participated in the traditional events—Christmas concert, spring concert, music festival, graduation as well as some special field trips. One of the highlights of the year was going to White-water to hear the National Band of New Zealand. Although the Chorus did not contain any members from the previous year 3nd lacked volume in the male sections, it was a fun. challenging year. Chorus Officers K. Albright Librarian S. Parmer Robe Keeper P. Pryce-President C. Durtschi-Sec.-Treas. K. Blaser-Robe Keeper M. Sowl-Librarian 59Junior HighROW ONE: D. Nipple, D. Gurns, J. Klossncr, L. Liddicoat D. Janes, C. Richardson, K. Binder, C. Zurfluh, C. Gill, C. Blumer, V. Lisscr, K. Graebncr. ROW TWO: U. Huffman. D. Black, M. Pagcl. L. Martin. K. Baumgartner. M. Glass. S. Flood. M. Robinson, S. Harry, K. Nipple. B. Albright. C. Sowl. ROW THREE D. King. M. Figi, J. Pryce. R. Wid- mer, T. Schmieder. J. Moldenhauer, D. Schlapbach, T. Me-Crcedy, K. Hcnningscn. M. Vitense. T. Gol . F. Ringhand. ROW FOUR: K. Tway, C. Steindorf, S. Hawkins. B. Dibble, M. Huntley. L. Baertschi, B. Bandi, L. Schlapbach. C. Gibbons, K. Fleslter, J. Friedrichs. K. Shaw, R. Flood. Junior High ROW ONE: L. Kopp. J. Robinson. D. Runaas, C. Flynn, L. Friedrichs, S. Stcuri, B. Hill, M. Parmer, J. McCrccdv, T. Black, K. Blascr. ROW TWO: J. Blumer. J. Mauerman. N. Briggs. C. Flood, N. Lawton. S. Rust, J. Elmer. B. Hulbert, J. Acschliman. G. Glass. ROW’ THREE: R. Manshiem. B. Hrugger. S. Oas, R. Keepers, V. Lyle. G. Gempler, K. Binder. J. Aeschliman. L. Kopp. ROW FOUR: G. Briggs. R. Krnpkc. K. Purdy, C. Schlapbach, R. Flood. P. Halverson, C. Martin. D. Dowdcn. ROW FIVE: T. Robinson. C. Moldenhauer, S. Parmer. S. Elmer. J. Creighton. R. Keepers, D. Ilowery.Junior High Teaching Staff Mr. Willaim Karls Junior High Social Studies Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Mr. Russell Quinn Driver Education Junior High Mathematics Mr. Charles Hallmark Junior High Science Wrestling Coach 63 Mrs. Alice Zimmerli Junior High Language ArtsKNEELING: T. Schmeider. C. Sowl, S. Flood, M. Glass. K. Hawkins, F. Ringhand. R. Flood. D. Black. Baumgartner. STANDING: B. Albright, D. King, M. Figi. S. 8th Grade Basketball The eighth grade basketball team lacked size and strcnghl among its cagcrs. but made up for those deficiencies with a tremendous amount of spirit and enthusiasm. As seventh graders they compiled a 5-5 season mark with three of the five losses being by only two points. The boys have strived to improve upon their skills and abilities and will be looking forward to high school competition next year. 8th Grade Cheerleaders C. Gill K. Tway C. Steindorf K. Binder C.Graebner 647th Grade Cheerleaders KNEELING: K. Binder. J. Aeschliman. J. Aeschliman. J. Mauerman, V. Lyle. STANDING: J. Blumcr. 7th Grade Basketball L to R: P. Halverson. L. Kopp. C. Schiapbach, S. Parmer. R. Flood. D. Dowden. R. Krupke.G. Briggs. K. Purdy. R. Keepers.Jr. High Runners On Floor: M. Glass, K. Purdy, R. Keepers. On Bench: F. R. Keegan. L. Kopp, Coach: Mr. White. Ringhand. P. Halverson T. Schmeider. Standing: S. Parmer, Jr.HighBand FRONT ROW: J. Mauerman, V. Lyle. D Runaas. L. Kopp. J. Elmer. S. Rust.C. Flood, K. Blascr. MIDDLE ROW: B. Bruggcr. L. Lyle. K. Binder, G. Glass. J. Acschliman. P. Halverson. K. Purdy. K. Flood. R. Altousc. R. Friedrichs. R. Hamilton. BACK ROW: D. Dowden. D. Dowden. M. Trow, T. Black. R. Flood, C. Flynn, C. Schlapbach. J. Kennedy, R. Schneider. Not Pictured: Mr. Clark. Director. 66ElementaryFIRST ROW. f to b: R. Friedricks, R. Janes, R. Hanimon, J. Ringhand. SECOND ROW: B. Alexander. J. Sell now. T. Tway. D. Schmicder. STANDING: J. Kcele, M. Rampent- liall. R. Althaus. R. Schneider, M. Trow, Mr. Kanablc, D. Dowden, C. Zweifel, J. Liddicott, L. Lyle, K. Nipple. Sixth Grade ROW ONE: C. Farberg. S. Malcook. M. Bandi, R. Alder- Belle, S. Ross, J. Kennedy, T. Webb, R. Weeden. ROW man. C. Hawkins. ROW TWO: N. Runaas. A. Henningsen. FOUR: D. Dowden. S. Sowl, M. Malcook. STANDING: J. Hcitzman, D. Blumer, J. Sandlin. ROW THREE: D. La- Mrs. Wcndorf. 68Fifth Grade FRONT ROW: B. Fahrney. M. Steiner. T. Phillips, J. Lar- Rampcnthal, S. Dixon. J. Blumcr, D. Stoehr, R. Pluss. D. son. J. Mauerman. G. Gempcler. SECOND ROW: G. Kauk, Keepers. D. Peterson. C. Runaas. Miss Reasa. D. Lisser, J. Rust. B. Atkinson, C. Flynn. THIRD ROW: K. FRONT ROW: J. Pagcl, T. Wheeler, L. Huffman. J. Atkin son. J. Broge. D. Hill. MIDDLE ROW: C. Hanncs, R. Rob-inson, J. Krcmkoski, K. Flood. D. Fish. G. Thill, D. Cox. D. Gurns. BACK ROW: Mrs. Hanson. J. Krupkc, A. McCrec dy. B. Tway, J. Gibbons. S. Hazeltine. J. Schneider. 69FRONT ROW: D. Lawton, D. Schmcidcr. T. Janes, D. Steiner. Mrs. Gibbons, K. Kehm, P. Kennedy. L. Johnson. Alexander, J. Howery. L. Atkinson. K. Forbush. D. Hannes, D. Levins. L. Schenk. S. Albright. M. Ceslok, A. Flood. S. Nipple. BACK ROW: L. Shear. L. Fourth Graders I5C0W5W WDrAjr, 70 SEATED: L. Parker. L. Sellnow. G. Muralt, B. Robinson. C. Simpson, L. Briggs. STANDING: C. Althaus, M. Trow. L. Zilliox. S. F.lmer. M. Tourdot. M. Hulbert. R. Mammon. G. Glaser, D. Staver. B. Gohlke, L. Haugc. T. Alexander. Mrs. Ladwig.Third Grade SEATED FRONT ROW: A. Bump, J. Fahrney, C. Man sheim. K. Shaw. L. Larson. SECOND ROW: T. Kennedy, B. Sarbaeker, M. Fish, R. West. J. Malkow. STANDING: D. Ccslock. M. Glass. M. Gurns. S. Creighton, T. Ilammon. D. Levins. W. Steiner. J. Sehlapbach. W. Lewis, M. Moldcn-haucr. T. Gohlke. L. Swanson. D. Brugger. Mrs. Coplien. FIRST ROW (Seated): C. Lisser. S. Krupke, L. Brugger. I. Kubly. SECOND ROW: J. Howcry. J. Patchen, P. Muralt. R. Weedcn. V. Hawkins. THIRD ROW (Standing): D. Crooks. D. Pluss, D. Dustan. D. Martin. L. Hauge. P. Wheeler. K. Keele. L. Gill. BACK ROW: Mrs. Ou.ule. L. Isely. M. Rcasa. M. Tourdot. D. Gerber. F. Nipple. .1. Sand lin. P. Zilliox. 7tBACK ROW: J. Lincicum. P. Zweifel, L. Atkinson, W. Gerber, C. Sowl. B. Zc'ttle, L. Malkow, B. Lyle, B. Atkinson. R. Crooks, Mrs. Blumer. SECOND ROW: D. Moldenhauer. M. Paffrath. G. Gempler, L. Robinson. S. Staver, C. West, T. Steindorf. T. Nipple, E. Panner. FRONT ROW: L. Klap-per. D. Kauk. F. Ross, B. Heron. R. Pluss. T. Alexander, M. Scffrood. Second Grade FIRST ROW: C. Staver. K. Shaw. K. Kehm. K. Jones. R. Richardson. SECOND ROW: D. Kehm, T. Brugger, L. Flood. J. Dunphy, S. Fahrncy, L. Brugger. THIRD ROW: T. Simpson, T. Luedy, C. Ball, K. Hulbert, P. Zweifel. D. Dowdcn. FOURTH ROW: L. Keele. D. Lawton, M. Gurns. J. Pfeuti. M. Kennedy. STANDING: B. Shear, C. Heinrich, R. Cleaveland. Mrs. Neuenschwander. 72First Graders BACK ROW: D. Trow. D. Gohlke. J. Sandlin. W. Cullen. R. Weedcn, S. Pfeuti. J. Shell. K. Gempler, T. Heinrich. Mrs. Moore. DESKS: E. West. F. Gerber. L. Elmer, K. Wid- iner. L. Fie she r. L. Haugc. ON FLOOR: T. Bump, L. Kehm, C. Staver. K. Hammon, K. Alderman. ABSENT: D. Pence, M. Jones. ROW ONE: C. McCarthy. K. Liddicoat, J. Heinrich. M. Glaser. R. Cox. K. Rust. K. Flood. L. Flesher. ROW Golz. ROW TWO: R. Mabie, M. Muralt, L. Heron. H. Blu- FOUR: M. Shear, C. Friedrichs. R. Bump, C. Kauk. D. Paff- mer, G. Mabie. I). Malkow. ROW THREE: D. Dustan, B. rath. Mrs. Arndt. 73Kindergarten FRONT ROW: R. Fish, D. Horn, C. Elmer. CHAIRS: K. Adams. R. Fish. G. Gibbons. B. Ceslok, T. Vitense. BACK: Albertson. J. Kauk. D. Briggs. A. Creuzer, M. Lisser. S. Al- Mrs. Spring. ABSENT: D. Kehm. S. Canon. K. Peach. B. bcrtson. STANDING: M. Seffrood, R. Lisser. J. Johnson. J. Pence. FRONT ROW: G. Schneider. D. Jones. B. Neild. CHAIRS: Wendlandt. . Gohlkc. D. Blumer. A. Butts. L. Muralt. C. Hannes. A. Reasa. T. Hulbcrt, S. Flood. L. Steindorf. M. BACK: Mrs. pring. ABSENT B. Johnson. Krupke. STANDING: M. Friedrichs. B. Alderman. R. 74AdvertisingCongratulations Seniors of 71 XP VARCO-PRUDEN, INC. EVANSVILLE. WISCONSIN 53536 Best Wishes for Your Future and Our Thank You For the Privilege of Having Served You The Radkes of Monroe 76 1622-11th Street Phone 325-3515Compliments of Bank of Albany Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Faundale Farms Registered Holsteins T. Olson Son Rural Route 1 Albany Wisconsin Albany Wisconsin Doyan Rayne Complete Line of Building Materials 862-3267 Albany Wisconsin Congratulations Seniors From Krostle Implement "3 QUALITY farm - EQUIPMENT Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin 77Prvce Brothers Union Cooperative Dealers in Livestock Bulls for Rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Albany Wisconsin Your One-Stop Farm Supply Feed Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Grain Drying Storage 3 locations Albany—Brooklyn—Evansville Wisconsin Stub’s Hide-A-Way Compliments of Teales Auto Service Albany Wisconsin 862-3549 Serving Tuesday through Sunday Best Food Available See to Appreciate Seating Capacity: 250 Live Music 5 nights a Week Dayton Wisconsin 78 ALBANY SUPER MARKET Congratulations Class of 1971 Home Furnishing for the Entire Home Carpets—Furniture—Floor Covering Paints Small Appliances ift GOHIKE’S Dean Mary Peterson Furniture Store Funeral Home 862-3775 862-3332 Congratulations Seniors Congratulations mTrjcan family AUTO FIRE HEALTH LIFE FRED BAERTSCHI ROUTE 1. BOX 135 ALBANY. WISCONSIN 53502 BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY Service Security Satisfaction 862-3271 Albany, Wisconsin CENTER TAVERN Good Luck to the Seniors of 1971 Home of the Bulls BANK OF BRODHEAD Gary Geno s Sandwiches. Cheese Pizza Brodhead. Wisconsin Albany Wisconsin Member of F.D.I.C. Greetings from COMPLIMENTS OF BRODHEAD RECREATION THE EDGEWATER CAFE and ALBANY YOUTH CENTER ■ Come to Syrstegard's and Bowl. Phone 897-4363 “The Fountain for Youth Chuck Eleane Alderman Brodhead Wisconsinj SejFsA MOOKE business fobms. me. % ( ouft P'MOKptaxtgfrie W Brodhcad, Wisconsin 53520 Phone 897-2595 Hallmark Cards Gift Department Russell Stover Candies Cosmetics MONROE. WISCONSIN • AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.' QA UNION COOPERATIVE Your One Stop Farm Supply STUDER SUPER SERVICE, INC. Your Massey—Ferguson Dealer Feed Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Grain Drying Storage 3 Locations Albany—Brooklyn—Evansville JnL Wisconsin Monroe Wisconsin HELLANN’S Food Locker Service Inc. KARLEN SONS Butchering; Complete Processing. Tel. 938-4345 Curing Smoking Sausage Country Food Store Juda. Wis. Phone 934-5241 53550 Cars Trucks Monticello Wisconsin HAURI'S CYCLE SHOP ALBANY MEAT MARKET Motorcycle Bridgestone Kawaski Parts—Accessories Rupp—Snowmobiles Minibikes Fresh and Smoked Meat Albany Wisconsin Phone: 862-3921 715 21st Street Monroe, Wisconsin Phone 325-0052 53566 Congratulations Class of ’70 ALBANY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 80 H. C. VOUNGMAN D.D.S.. S.C. 16 West Main Street Evansville. Wisconsin 53536 Phone: 882-4338 WILLIS DRUG STORE 7 West Main St. Evansville Wisconsin Arnold A. Willis. R.Ph. Phone: 882-4550 ANDERSON TV Sales Service 18 E. Main Street Evansville. Wisconsin Phone:882-4156 CHARLES GRAY BEVERAGE CO. INC. 2424 West Court Janesville Wisconsin R. S. GRAY. M.D. R. J. GRAY. M.D. Congratulations Seniors CARTER GRUENEWALD CO.. INC. Juda. Wisconsin Evansville Wisconsin Phone:882-5170 1. H. Dealer New Idea Fox New Holland Compliments of NEWMAN SEED FEED Master mix feeds LaVERN KEEHN Smith Douglass Fertilizer Custom Spraying Baker Employee Juda. Wisconsin LEADER PRINTING MONROE BAKERY Birthday Wedding Cakes 116 East Main Street Evansville. Wisconsin Phone 882-4850 Swiss Bread Pastries 1007—16th Avenue Monroe. Wisconsin Phone: 325-2500 Congratulations Class of 1971 DR. K. R. SCHOENENBERGER 114 S. Madison Street Evansville. Wisconsin 53536 BEVERAGE MART Monroe Wisconsin STRAKA JEWELRY ■rrmTTTM BOBER'S BADGER PAINT STORE Home of Mastercraft Paints 1623 10th Street Monroe Wisconsin Evansville Wisconsin WILBUR'S Evansville. Wisconsin Store Hours Daily 7:30-9:00 ■ . 1 b I Sunday Good Luck Grads BOB'S UPTOWN MARKET 119—16th Avenue Monroe. WisconsinALBANY HARDWARE APPLIANCES JOANNE’S BEAUTY SALON Plumbing—Heating—Wiring T.V. and Radio Repair Phone: 862-3209 Albany. Wisconsin Permanent Waving—Haircutting Coloring—Including Frosting Complete line of wigs and wig supplies R.R. 1 Albany. Wisconsin ALBANY LANES EUGENE KRUEGER CONSTRUCTION Office Phone 862-3276 For Bowling at its Best Chopper Boxes—Crane Service Green Feeders—Painting—Bunks Ken Zelma Klossner Albany Wisconsin ALBANY PLUMBING PUMP SERVICE MAPLE LEAF CHEESE COOP. Adolf Zimmerman Shop: 862-3287 Home: 862-3727 Albany. Wisconsin Manager: Fred Oschner Swiss. Jack Monterey Albany. Wisconsin WAYNE ALBERTSON. SR. CHESTER WHITES Auctioneers—Albany. Wisconsin Fay Brewers Sons Breeding Stock Sold at all Times Phone:862-3715 Albany Wisconsin ATTICA GARAGE Compliments Arthur Keehn, Prop. Repairing and Used Parts of EARL WALLY ZWICKEY Phone: 862-3532 Albany. Wisconsin BOWMAN S BARBER SHOP APCO MANUFACTURING CO.. INC. for Men and Boys Manufacturing Knit Wear 1501 W. 7th Avenue Phone:897-2126 Albany Wisconsin Brodhead Wisconsin THE DEHMERS Compliments of Dan Dee Nursery Rexall Drugs BJORK’S TOGGERY “On The Square” Albany. Wisconsin 53502 862-3277 Brodhead Wisconsin 53520 HEIN FRANCIS BLUFF VIEW PARK Albany’s Home—Owned—Independent Grocery “Just Everyday Low Prices” Dancing and Picnic Park Phone: 897-4373 Brodhead Wisconsin 82 THE CHALAT RUCHTI IMPLEMENT CO. Dining and Cocktail John Deere Sales Service Brodhead Brodhead Wisconsin 53520 FLYNN S BAR p hop utherland's 897-8167 i j oon Brodhead Wisconsin 1027 1st Center Ave. Brodhead. Wisconsin 53520 FOESCH S BODY SHOP SUGAR RIVER RACEWAY 897-2274 897-4380 Brodhead Wisconsin Brodhead Wisconsin IVERSON CHEVROLET INC. WENDLANDT S MARKET 897-2550 Beef Quarters—Meat Groceries Brodhead Wisconsin Brodhead Wisconsin KNIGHT MFG.CORP. Forage Boxes—Spreaders “Auggie” Mixers—Wagons 897-2131 Brodhead Wisconsin WITHEE NURSING HOME 1001 West 2nd Ave. 897-4040 Brodhead Wisconsin LaVERNE LEDERMAN DONALD L. WITTE. D.C. Chiropractor State Farm Insurance Companies 1015 Center Ave. Ph. 897-2834 Brodhead. Wisconsin 53520 Brodhead Wisconsin OLIN AND AYRES Buick Pontiac Sales Services 705 E. Exchange St. 897-4222 Brodhead Wisconsin BROOKLYN STATE BANK Brooklyn. Wisconsin 53521 Ph. 455-2311 Member F.D.I.C. PETERSON GULF SERVICE Leonard Peterson. Prop. Hercules Tires Goodyear Tires Washing. Greasing General Repairing 1002 Center Ave. 897-2444 FAHEY HARDWARE. INC. Brooklyn Wisconsin Plumbing—Heating—Wiring Speed Queen—Amana—Norge Ph. 455-2161 83Compliments of FRITO-LAY INC. Monroe Wisconsin FERNSTAEDT HARDWARE Quality Hardware Paints Phone: 938-4830 Monticello Wisconsin LUGANO PIZZA Manufactured by ROY S SANITARY DAIRY. INC. Monroe Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS FROM Ralph Kehm's Custom Service Monticello Wisconsin Phone 938-4596 Dehorning Castrating MONROE FLORAL SHOP Downtown Monroe Wisconsin LARRY JOHN SALON Monticello—Belleville—Verona 938-4841 845-6623 424-3222 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING Monroe Wisconsin SWISS-AIRE MOTEL All new—Air Conditioned—Fully Carpeted Mr. Mrs. Duane Wilde Highways 69-39 Phone 527-2138 New Glarus. Wisconsin 53574 PANDOW JEWELERS Fine Quality Diamonds Watches. Jewelry Monroe. Wisconsin 325-6134 SWISS LANES Bowling. Restaurant Cocktail Lounge New Glarus. Wisconsin 53574 Congratulations Graduates Jhe Swiss Colont| Monroe. Wisconsin ARN IMPLEMENT Oliver and New Holland Phone 527-2512 New Glarus Wisconsin WEST SIDE PHARMACY West Side of Square Monroe. Wisconsin GOOD LUCK TO TWC GRADUATING CLASS Congratulations From THE BOARS NEST Emil Gerri Monticello Wisconsin 84Albany Brodhead Albany Beauty Mart Albany Junk Shop LeRoy Butt—McNess Products Marty's Texaco Service Ralph Luedy Livestock Trucking Brodhead Veterinary Service Coast to Coast Stores Pierce Furniture Carriage House Pierce v s Hardware Stairs Sentry Market Brooklyn Evansville Curless Barber Shop K. G. Smith Lumber Co., Inc. Evansville Veterinary Service Monticello New Glarus Woelffer Drug Store Voegeli Chevrolet Buick Erb Implement Walt's Toggery Autographs 85 $ nlitt (»!»«« m v ■ ?S' '- 'rw k •A V r.x- s. .. • -. «• . - "• %»•■ " - • -. -' «—-- . • v • - • t : . -'• ■' -• -;r' -r »£x -• •-x'. ; - : ' '•• •• « -•' v »; v‘ •- v. .-. .v-.- ■-'. . '.. "r •-.- .- V ■ i ■- . - £ :. . - - •• -• •; v i v V i

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