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Comet 970 Albany High School Albany, Wisconsin Editor: Ann Hanson Assistants: Jan Baortschi Marla lilntnar lirrnda VoegeliWhat Is School?School Is . . .Dedication Here is a dear and true industrious friend.” Shakespeare The class of 1970 dedicates the ‘70 COMET to Mr. John Tway. Thank you. Mr Tway, for all you have done for us during our school years. 4Memoriam Me leaves a white Unbroken glory, a gathered radiance, A width, a shining peace, under the night. - Rupert Brooke The Senior Class w ishes to honor Mr. Arthur Houlbcrg with this memoriam. Mr Moulberg was a respected member of this community and a member of the school board from 1962 until his sudden death in January. 1969. Me took an active interest in all the school activities and was the father of a fellow classmate and former teacher. 5Dear readers. Putting the finishing touches on this yearbook has brought the end to many months of hard work, anger, late hours, and fun. We have tried to put together a book that in future years you can look back upon with fond memories. A very special thanks to our advisor, Mrs. Amend, without whose help, the staff could not have done without; to Mr. Radkc, our photographer: and to each of my editors and staff members who spent many long hours making this book possible. So. the days of the 1069-1970 school year and yearbook have come to an end. Days that could only be what we made them. Days of new adjustments, changes, achievements, and learning, and fun recorded in a mere 93 pages. Best wishes to the 71 Comet Staff and may they find as much enjoyment in producing their “Comet”. 6Comet Staff Meets Deadlines Standing: Mrs. Amend. A. Hanson, M. Blumer. B. Vocgeli, Martini Sitting: E. Tway. B. Laughridge, M. Petersen. T. J Bacrlschi, D. Stoehr. V. Kranig, G. Mabie. R. Blumer. M. Mabic. C. Durtschi. P. Swanson Settlor Editors Standing: Ann Hanson (Editor), Brenda Voegeli, (Art Ed.). Marla Blumer (Business Ed.). Jan Baertschi (Layout Ed.) Seated: Mrs. Amend (Advisor) The Annual Staff of 1970 breathed a sigh of relief as the final pages of the COMET were sent in to be printed. We are proud to announce that we met all the publishers deadlines. The deadlines were set for November 25. December 20. January 25, and the final date. February 15. We hope that everyone will thoroughly enjoy and treasure the COMET of 1970. 7A Message from Mr, Barnes For youth of today, and in the next decade, in a society that is growing more complex each year, education is more than a luxury; it is a necessity. Education must do much more than prepare young adults for a vocation in life; it must prepare them to improve the society which they have inherited. Education today provides the opportunity to live a more full and inspirational life than past generations, and to be more capable leaders and citizens in community and world affairs. Mr. Barnes SuperintendentBoard of Education The 1970 Comet stuff wishes to apologize to the Albany School Board for not having their picture in this year’s annual. Due to the inability to have a camera at one of their regular meetings we were unable to get a picture. We know the School Board works hard during the year to keep the school running smoothly. We would like to recognize the following men as members of our school board. Lawrence Dunphy President Domonic Bongiorno-Treasurer Paul Hahn Clerk Walter Pfcuti Wilbur McCreedy Paul Stcfanik Dwight Bump, Sr. Secretaries Charlotte King Phyllis AeschlimanPersonnel Kitchen Help G. Gcmpeler K. Blascr J. Landis B. Martin Custodians Mr. Tway ABSENT Mr. Jones Mr. Nipple Mrs. Durtschi Mrs. Friedrichs Mrs. Thornton Mrs. Halverson Bus Drivers Mrs. Rankins. Mrs. Kruegar. Mrs Atkinson. Mr. Cop-lien. Mr. Richardson. Mrs. Rmghand toAdministrators and Faculty Guide Destinies ' . • ' ■ • :“Not Only Is Tln r an V but Also a Certain Mrs. Judy Altman WSU Plattcville B.S. Librarian Mrs. Susan Amend Sioux Falls College B.S. in Business Administration Miss (iay Blomquist Northern Michigan University B.S. in Home Economics Mr. Wayne Albertson University of Wisconsin B.S. in Agriculture 12Mr. Clayton Clark University of Wisconsin Master of Science in Music Education Art in Knowing a Thing. Art in Teaching .” Miss Joan Mills West Virginia University B.S. Mr. Andrew Oliver University of Wisconsin B.S. in English 13Mrs. Arlene Oliver St. Teresa B.A. in Chemistry and Latin Mr. James Thalackcr Moorhead University B.S. in Science Mr. DennisSchaut Plattcville University Art Mrs. Susan Tews Milton College B.A. in French Mr. Bob White University of Wisconsin Masters in Physical Education uSeniors Meet Challenge Of Tomorrow ' 4 • l ; - • ' 4 . . . • . . • tJAN BAERTSCHI “Barch” “Bashful and shy. oh what a lie!" Class Officer l.3,4(V. Pres I. Trcas. Annual Staff 3,4 (Layout Editor 4) Newspaper Staff 3.4 F.ILA. 1.2 Drama Club 1.2,3.4 (V. Pres. 4) Forensics 2.3 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 3.4 Chess Club 2,3 Band 1.2,3 (V. Pres. 3) Pep Band 1.2.3 Chorus 4 JAMES L. ATKINSON “Acky" “An active member of F.F.A.- He’ll be a farmer some line day.” Outstanding Teenager of America 4 Class Officer 4 (Pres. 4) Badgei Boys’ State 3 Green Lake Delegate 2 F.F.A., (V. Pres. 3,Pres. 4) Senior Class Play 4 Chess Club 4 (V. Pres. 4) Letterman’sClub 2.3,4 Wrestling 1,2.3.4 Volleyball 4 Track 4 Chorus 1,2 3. Sec. 4) MARLA BLUMER “Whenever she finds herself in life, she'll make a good addition." Class Officer 1,2 (Pres. I. Treas. 2) National Honor Society 3.4 Annual Staff 3.4 (Business Editor) Newspaper Staff 2,3.4 (Layout Editor 4) F.H.A. Drama Club 2,3.4 Forensics 2,3.4 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 3.4 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 2.4 Chess Club 2.4 Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1,2.3 16JACQUELYN BONGIORNO ‘•Jackie” "What’s ihe use of living if you can’t enjoy yourself." Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 2,3.4 F.H.A. 2.3,4 Drama Club 1,2.3,4 (Sec. 4) Forensics 2.3.4 Senior Class Play 4 One Act Plays 4 Homecoming Court 2.4 (Queen 4) Library Club 1,2 Chess Club 1.2 Cheerleader I Band 1,2,3.4 Pep Band 1.2.3,4 Chorus 1.4 Girls Glee Club I RICKY CLARK "Rick” ”1 can resist anything except temptation. F.F.A. 1,2.3.4 Homecoming Court 1,2 Chess Club 1,2 Letterman’s Club 1,2.3,4 Basketball 1,2.4 Baseball I Track 1.2 Crosscountry 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2 STEVE CLEAVELAND "Chatter” "If driving were school, he’d be a whiz." F.F.A. 1.2,3.4 Senior Class Play 4 Basketball 1.3 Chorus 1.2 »7ROGER DAVIS “Rog” “Learning is labor, call it what you may." One-Act Play 1.2.3,4 ChessClub 1.2 Forensics 1.2,3.4 F.F.A. 1.2 Drama Club 1.2,3.4 Chorus 1.3 DAN DUNPMY “I don’t mind work, it somebody does it for me." Class Officer 3(V Pres. 3) Student Council 2 F.F.A. 1,2.3.4 Basketball I JOHN COOLE “Chick” “Sometimes within his brain he thinks a thought.” Drama Club Forensics Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 1.3.4 Library Club 2.3 Reading Club Chess Club 1.2 Basketball 3 18"What! No here!” F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Prom King 3 Chorus 1.2 PL.TI-R ALLEN DUNPHY "Pete” girls in heaven? Then leave me CINDI DURTSCHI “Some say she's studious, some say she's not... we know she’s friendly and that means a lot." Class Officer 3 (Pres.) Badger Girl's State 3 Student Council 2 (Sec.-Treas.) Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 F.II.A. 1.2 Drama Club 2,3,4 Forensics 3.4 Senior Class Play 4 Prom Court 3 Homecoming I French Club 4 Chess Club 2.4 Cheerleader 1.2 Band 1,2,3.4 (Pres.) Pep Band RHONDA ELMER "Thea” “Her life is just a round of laughter.” Student Council I Newspaper Staff 3.4 F.H.A. 1.2.4 Drama Club 1.2.3,4 (Sec. 3. Pres. 4) Forensics 1.2,3.4 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 4 Prom Court 3 Chess Club 2.4 Cheerleader 1.2.3,4 19MICHAEL FLOOD “Mike” "I felt fine until I woke up this morning.' P.F.A. Forensics 2 Senior Class Play 4 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 3,4 Lettermen'sClub 2.3.4 Basketball 2.3.4 Track 1,3.4 Crosscountry 1.2 Wrestling I Chorus 2.3 SALLY GEMPELER "I believe in freedom from everything.” F.H.A. 1.2,3.4 Drama Club 4 Senior Class Play 4 Library Club 1,2.3 Chorus 2.3,4 Girl's Glee Club 2 MICHAEL E. GLASS. JR. “Mike" “You build the ultimate machine, and I’ll push the buttons.” Newspaper Staff 4 P.F.A. 2.4 One-Act Plays 4 Chess Club 1.2 Lettermen’s Club 2,3.4 Track 1,2,3.4 Cross Country 2.3.4 Wrestling 1.2,3.4 Band 1.2,3.4 Pep Band 1.2,3.4 20ANN MARI! HANSON “She has more efficiency in one finger than most have in both hands.” Transfer Student I Outstanding Teenager of America 4 ('lass Officer 4 (V. Pres.) Spoon Winner 3 National Honor Society 3.4 Annual Staff 3.4 (Editor) Newspaper Staff 2.3 (News Ed.). 4 F.H.A. 3.4 (Treasurer) F.T.A. 2 Drama Club 2.3 (Pres.). 4 (Treas.) Forensics 2,3.4 Senior Class Play 4 (Student Dir.) One-Act play 4 (Student Dir.), 4 French Club 4 Chess Club 4 Band 1.2 Pep Band 1.2. D.A.R. Award GENE HOLTSAPPLE "Geno” “I never dared to be as funny as I really am. Student Council 4 F.F.A. 1,2,3.4 Forensics 1.2.4 Let termen’s Club 1.2 Wrestling I (Manager), 2 Band 1.2,3 Pep Band 1.2,3 Chorus 1,2 WILLIAM HEFFNER “Bill” “I mav be slow, but I’ll make it. F.F.A. 2.3 Drama Club 1.2.3,4 Forensics 2,3 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays Library Club 1.2 Wrestling 3,4 Chorus 3.4 21DEAN A. HOULBERG “Hoby” “He's quite a student we can’t deny, but what’s that twinkle in his eye?" Class Officer 4 (Treas. 4) Spade Winner 3 Badger Boys’ State 3 F.F.A. 23,4 (Treas. 4) Drama Club Forensics 4 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 2,3.4 Prom Court 3 Chess Club 1.2 Volleyball 4 Band 1.2,3.4 Pep Band 1.2,3,4 WILLIAM LAUGH RIDGE “Bill" “He argues things wrong, he argues things right. If you leave him alone, he’ll argue all night.” Outstanding Teenager of America 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper staff 3,4 Drama Club 1.2,3.4 Forensics 1,2,3.4 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 2.4 Chess Club 1.2,4 Pres. 4) Homecoming King 4 Letterman’sClub 2.3.4 (Pres. 4) Basketball Volleyball 4 Track 3.4 Crosscountry 3 Band 1,2,3.4 Pep Band 1.2 TERRY LYNNE MABIE “In school she’s shy and demure, but outside we’re not so sure.” Transfer Student 3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 F. H.A. 4 Senior Class Plav 4 Chess Club 4 Cheerleader 4 Chorus I G. A.A. 23 Field Hockey 23 Girls Track 1.2MARY MARTINI “She smiles at many just for fun. but we all know there's only one. Class Officer 1.2 (Sec. 1,2) Green Lake Delegate 3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3.4 (News l-.d.) F.H.A. 1.3.4 F.F.A. Sweetheart 3 Senior Class Play 4 Homecoming Court I Chess Club 2 Band I Pep Band I Chorus .1,4 (V. Pres.) JAMES R. MAUERMAN “Chief “Worry and I never met. so don't introduce us.“ F.F.A. 2.3.4 Senior Class Plav 4 Basketball 2.3 Track 1.4 Wrestling 4 Chorus 3 JANET MARIE MAUERMAN “Mort” “If you're a girl of a few words, yon won’t have to take so many back." Newspaper Staff 3.4 F.H.A. 1.2 Drama Club 2,3,4 Senior Class Play 4 Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Chorus Girls’Glee Club 1.2.3 Homecoming Court 4 U 23TERESA ANN MILLER “Truman" “If laughing is good for one’s heart, she’ll live forever." Newspaper Staff 3,4 F.H.A. 1.2,3,4 Drama Club 2,3.4 Forensics 1,2,3,4 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 4 Library Club 1,2 Chorus 2,3,4 (Treas.4) Girl's Glee Club 2.4 JOEL NIEMAN “He wonders what high "blonde” pressure is. Transfer Student 3 F.F.A. 1.2,3.4 (Sentinel 4) Senior Class Play 4 Chorus 3 CYNTHIA KAY OLSON “Ole” “Full of fun and mischief, too. doing things she likes to do.” Newspaper Staff 3.4 F.H.A. 2.4 Drama Club 3,4 Forensics 4 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Play 4 Prom Court 3 Library Club 2.3 Chess Club 1.2,4 Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Girl’s Glee Club 1,2,3 24YVONNE MARIE PARKER “Bonnie” “Wind her up. and let her go.” News paper Staff 3.4 F.H.A. 1.2,3.4 Drama Club 3.4 Forensics 2.3 Senior Class Play 4 Library Club 2 Chess Club 2 Chorus 2,3.4 Girls’ Glee Club 2.3 MARGARET PETERSEN “Marg” “Her words 3re many, her thoughts arc lew. a crazier girl you never knew.” Green Lake Delegate 2 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 2,3.4 (Manager 4) F.H.A. 1.2 Drama Club 2,3,4 Forensics 2.3.4 Senior Class play 4 One-Act Plays 2.3,4 Prom Court 3 Prom Queen 3 Band 1,2,3 (Sec.-Treas. 3) Pep Band 1.2.3 CLAIRE PRYCE “We often hear Claire with reverence repeat, "God bless the man who invented sleep!" Badger Boy’s State 2nd Alternate Student Council 1.3 F.F.A. 2,3.4 (V. Pres 4) Forensics 3,4 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Play 1.4 Prom Court 3 Lettcrman’sClub 1,2,3.4 Wrestling Chorus 1,2,3.4 (Pres. 4) Male Quartet 1.2 25STEVE F. SCHENK “Leroy” “All he needs is the hook, he’s got the line!” Transfer Student 3 F.F.A. 1.2.3 Forensics 1.2 Senior Class Plav 4 Chess Chib 1.2 Wrestling 4 Chorus 1.2 SHIRLEY STEINDORF “Shirt” “One hundred words a minute . . . writer.” Newspaper Staff 3,4 F.H.A. 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Senior Class Play 4 Library Club 1,2 Band Pep Band 1,2.3.-4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Girl's Glee Club 1.2 Girl's Triple Trio I no type- TERRY STEPHENSON “Wizard” "It doesn’t take a lot of effort not to do my work.” Green Lake Delegate 2 F.F.A. 1.2.3,4 Senior Class Play 4 Basketball 3 Wrestling 4 Volleyball 4 Chorus Male Quartet 26PENNY SWANSON “She's a girl full of sense... nonsense” Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3.4 F.H.A. Senior Class Play 4 Homecoming Court 2 Chess Club 2 Band 1.2.3 Chorus 2.4 Girl's Glee Club 2 BRENDA VOEGELI “Men don’t bother me. I’ve got mine! Class Officer 2 (Pres.) Student Council 3 Annual Staff 3,4 (Art Ed. 4) Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Ed. 4) F.H.A. 1,2 Drama Club 2.3.4 Forensics 2.3 Senior Class Play 4 One-Act Plays 3 (Stage Man.) Homecoming Court 2,3 Homecoming Queen 3 French Club 4 Chess Club 3 Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1.2,3 ELISABETH TWAY “Lis” “What’s the use of worrying when the world’s so full of fun." Class Officer I (Treas.) Green Lake Delegate 3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 F.H.A. (V. Pres. 4) Drama Club 3,4 Senior Class Play 4 French Club 4 (Sec.) Chess Club 2.4 Chorus Girl’s Glee Club 2VICKIE ZILLIOX “Vic” “Happy-go-lucky without a care; may her future be just as fair.” F.H.A. 2.3.4 Senior Class Play 4 Library Club I Chorus 2,3.4 Girl’s Glee 2 DON ZURFLUH “I believe in studying. I’m not in favor of it." Class Officer 2 (V. Pres.) F.F.A. 1.2.3,4 Senior Class Play 4 Prom Court 3 Chorus 2 alional Honor Society The National Honor Society members are seniors wlto were chosen at the end of their junior year in school. They must maintain at least a B average in their academic studies Other criteria for the selection of these students are character service, leadership, and dependability. Marla Blumer Ann HansonSenior Class Officers J. Bacrtschi (Sec.) J. Atkinson (Pres.) 1). Houibcrg (Trcas.) A. Hanson (V. Pres.) As the class of ’70 entered school for their last year at A.H.S. they felt a special excitement. Alter the novelty of being Seniors wore off, they settled down to dictate what would be done by underclassmen. Their year of success started with a dance sponsored with the Juniors. Members of the senior class helped with the task of selling ads for the yearbook. Several candy sales and bake sales proved successful. November brought the seniors to the realization that they had to apply for colleges, universities, and vocational schools. There were anxious hours of waiting for their ac- ceptance until the final word came. As winter set in plans for Homecoming ’70 and for the Senior Class Play were busily being made. The snack bar was open at both basketball games and wrestling matches and was a worthwhile source of income. The second semester made seniors realize that there were only eighteen weeks left until graduation. As the days turned into Spring, they waited longingly for the third of June. Graduation plans, the class trip to Washington. D.C., and Class Night helped to close out the bst year at A.H.S. for the class of 1970. Class of 10 7() 79C. Durtschi, C. Pryce, M. Blumer, D. Zurfluh, D. Malkow, A. Rcasa, P. Dunphy. M. Peterson, M. Flood. R. timer. D. Houlbeig.C. Olson. Paradise in Rome On the night of April 27, l%9. King Pete Dunphy crowned Margaret Peterson his queen. The members of their court were: Gindi Durtschi escorted by Claire Pivce. Marla Blumer escorted by Don Zurfluh. Rhonda Elmer escorted by Mike Flood, and Cindy Olson escorted by Dean Houl-berg. David Malkow and Angela Reasa were the Junior Royalty. Everyone danced to the music of Mearl Kcrm and his Orchestra. King Pete Queen Margaret Junior Royalty 3031Kneeling: S. Cleave land, T. Stephenson, C. Pryce, A. Stephenson. B. Laughudge, J. Nicman Row Two: Mr. Oliver. J Bongiorno.G. Mabic. R. Elmer, B. Parker. C. Olson Row Three: T. Miller. J. Baertschi, M. Blunter.C. Durtschi, V. Zilliox. J. Maurentan Kneeling: S. Schenk. D. Houlberg, M. Glass, R. Clark. M. Flood Row Two: G. Holtsapplc, J. Atkinson. J. Mauerman. B. Heffner. P Dunphy. Mr. Oliver Row Three: S. Klossncr. E. Tway, T. Mabie, P. Swanson, M. Peterson. S. Steindorf “The Mouse That Roared” On Saturday, January 31. the senior class presented ‘‘The Mouse Thar Roared” in the Grade School Gym to a large audience. The play is about a small country. Grand Fenwick, that declares war on the United States of America and wins. Problems arise when Fenwick captures the Q-bomb. There were plenty of laughs and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed. The leads were played by Marla Blunter as the Duchess Glonarta the Twelfth and Bill Laughridge as Tully Bascom. Due to the size of the cast, the senior class asked several underclassmen to take part. They were: Georgia Mabie. Sally Klossner. Vikki Kranig. Jim Runaas. Alan Stephenson, and Johnny Hulbert. Mr. Oliver directed the play with Ann Hanson, Brenda Voegeli. and Mary Martini as assistants. Directors Mary Martini Mr. Oliver Ann Hanson Brenda Voegeli 32When You and I Were YoungThose Were the DaysI f .. . • • , • ’ , • • % • • • • • ' • Underclassmen Have Best YearFirst Row: S. Rank, S. Parmer, (I. Mabic, J. Landis, K. Hul-beri, D. Heilzman.S. Klossncr. B. Martin Second Row: C. Keele. K. Blaser, J. Nciman. P. Pyrce, V. Kranig, D. Stoehr. K. Mauerman, R. Blumcr, S. Nipple Third Row: C. Ulmer, T. Liebert, J. Dunphy, J. Walmers, A. Stephenson, B. Briggs. J. Runaas, J. Walmers, D. Heinsohn 36Class Officers K. Mauerman (Pres.) P. Prycc(V. Pres.) J. Kunaas (Treas.) K. Hulbert (Sec.) Juniors Achieve Rank of Upperclassmen The Junior Class has been very successful with their projects this year. We started the year out with our first candy sale which proved to be a big success. Our car wash in the fall kept us busy and brought us a step further toward our financial goal. This was the first year we had two classes work together on a dance. We were very happy to have worked with the Seniors in getting the dance organized. Our main project for the Christmas season was selling holiday candles. The one event we carried through the school year was our “Holiday Bake Sales '. We made a good share of our money from these. The highlight of our Junior year was the Prom which was held in the spring. 37Sophomores-Newness Is Gone This fall when the opening date for school rolled around, the Sophomore class came a little more confident since they were no longer “green horns." Many members of the class chose to make their high school days more memorable by participating in one or more of the many extra curricular activities available to them. This year the sophomores again engaged tn the quest for earning money. They began with a candle sale in the fall which went over very big. Other projects that were planned were: a Freshman-Sophomore dance, dances after games, and bake sales. Sophomore Class Officers C. Durtschi (Sec.). G. Frycc (Treas.) J. Halverson (V. Pres.). J. Runaas (Pres.) 38Row One: (i. Gempcler, J. Runaas, M. Lisser, G. Davis, G. Roasa. K. Blascr, G. Gempelcr, C. Colborn, S. I lanscn. Row Two: K. Binder, J. Maucrnian. P. Lyle. B. Hanson, M. Hill. G. Pryce. S. Weeden, P. Phillips, J. Halverson Row Three: R. Blumer, D. Larson, V. Widmer. C. Kecle. J. Martin. J. Hulbert, S. Flynn, S. Spoerry. J. Walmer. C. Durtschi Row Four: J. Schmicder, A. Patchen, M. Huffman. B. Weeden. D. Golz. B. Dixon. S. Stcuri. C. Zilliox. J. Nipple. 39Freshmen Class Officers T. Runaas(Sec.) J. Tway (Pres.) R. Keepers (V. Pres.) P. Stouri (Trcas.) The Freshman entered the 1969-70 school year with a mixture of fear, apprehension, humbleness, and excitement. The High School days which they had looked forward to for so long were finally here. This meant new teachers, schedules, study habits, subjects and activities. Some be- came immediately involved in outside activities while others decided to watch from the side lines and concentrate on the seemingly endless school work. All in all. after the novelty wore off. the Freshman seemed to fit in very well at A.H.S. 40Year of Discovery Front Row: J. Gempeler. K. Kopp, J. Sarbacker, J. Spring, D. Alderman, T. Runaas, D. Martin. J. Martin Second Row: P. Steuri. K. Albright, J. Jones, N. Cleaveland, J. Dunphy. D. Acschliinan. H. Davis, R. Keepers. G. Ochsncr, J. Ran- kins Third Row: R Smith, G. Miller. R. Miller, S. Huffman, S. Flynn. J. Tway. P. Alderman. K. Lyle. G. Rank Fourth Row: K. Elmer. G. Parmer. B. Hanson. K. Blumer. G. Gibbons. 41 re supposed to be wrestling! • |Icy! You -You see, it's this way . • Keep those teachers hopping! Are you sure that's right? Nothing is so popular as kindness. -You missed a spot. All people smile in the same language.' • • t Activities, Academics Round Out School Life r 4i «Badger Boys and Girl Jim Atkinson Cindi Dur,sclli Dean Houlberg 44Student Council Sponsors Program M. Petersen, G. Holtsapplc, V. Kranig (Pres.), A. Stephenson. P. Phillips (V. Pres.), R. Blunter. J. Dunphy (Sec.-Ticas.). H. Davis This year the Student Council tried to act more as representatives of the student body. Their first big job was to get the students’ opinions on the existing rules of dress and conduct appearing in the STUDENT HANDBOOK. The council then met with members of the faculty and administration to request some changes be made. This method seemed very satisfactory and effective. The Student Council was in charge of planning the details for the High School Christmas Party held on the afternoon of December 19. Other activities in which the Student Council participated were: Open House for P-TConferences, hosting the Harlem Satelitcs, and the Regional Basketball Tournaments held in Albany. Green Lake Delegates P. Prycc M. Martini K. Hulbcrt Li. Tway 45Farmers Work from Sun to Sun-F.F.A. From: J. Nicman, J. Runaas, C. Prycc, J. Atkinson. I) Stochr, D. Houlberg Middle: S. Spoerry. B. Hanson, J. Mauerman, R. Clark. S. Clcaveland. J. Mauerman. T. Lie-bert. R. Blumer, I). Zurfluh, M. Flood,C. Elmer, B. Briggs. J. Walmer, A. Stephenson. J. Dunphy, D. Larson. A. Patchen. D. Golz Standing: D. Dunphy, G. Holtsapple. P. Dunphy. K. Binder. B. Dixon. S. Flynn. R. Smith. T. Stephenson, K. Mauerman. J. Walmer, K. Blumer. J. Rank-ens, G. Davis. J. Walmer, J. Hulbert, J. Runaas, Mr. Albertson As our year began, we got into the swing of things with a horse show. September 28. It was held at the Ag Park and was opened to anyone. This year on our F.F.A. field trip we went to Milwaukee and visited several places of interest. On December 14. we had a trap shoot which was open to members only. The winners were: 1st place Mike Flood. 2nd place- Dean Houlberg, and 3rd place Keith Binder. From December I until March I we had a pest drive. F.F.A. Sweetheart Karen Mauerman The F.F.A. divided into three teams. The winning team was treated to a supper prepared by the F.H.A. During December we also had a Rat Control Program in the community. For the National F.F.A. week in February, we had announcements everyday over the P.A. system, a display downtown, dress up day. and gave carnations to the teachers. We also had our annual F.F.A. Banquet with our parents. OFFICERS J. Nieman (Seminal). J. Runaas (Reporter), C. Pryce (V. Pres.). Mr. Albertson (Advisor). J. Atkinson (President). D. Stoehi (Sec.). D. Houlberg (Treas.) 46But Woman’s Work Is IS ever Done—FHA Front: K. Blaser. C. Colburn, K. Hulbert. S. Parmer, E. Dunphy Standing: Miss Blomquist, C. Zilliox. T. Miller. S. Tway, A. Hanson Middle: T. Runaas. S. Wccden, J. Gem- Gempler, S. Stcindorf, B. Parker. V. Zilliox, T. Mabie, C. pier. J. Jones. J. Spring, K. Blaser, K. Kopp, J. Nieman, P. Olson. P. Swanson. R. Elmer. M. Blunter, G. Mabie Pryce, J. Sarbacker, N. Cleaveland. K. Albright. S. Flynn, J. The F.H.A. this year participated in the district Rally Meet in Oregon on December 1. The National Program of Work was ‘To Dare is to Care.” which tried to eliminate racial prejudice and worldwide problems. Our group decided on a separate program which is: “Coming Together is K. Blaser (Historian).C.Colburn (Parliamentarian). K. Hul-bert (President ). S. Parmer (Secretary). E. Tway (V.-President). A. Hanson (Treasurer) a Beginning. Keeping Together is Progress. Working Together get her is Success.” Activities for the year included: a hayridc in the fall, a bake sale, recipe booklets. Christmas caroling, and a Valentine Party.Row One: J. Runaas. G. Gibbons, T. Liebert. J. ilulbcrt. B. Hanson. B. Laugluidge. M. Glass, D. Houlbcrg. R. Davis. C. Pryce. A. Stephenson Row Two: P. Phillips,C. Durtschi.S. Klossner. D. Hcitzman,C. Olson. G. Mabic. B. Parker, S. Gempeler.C. Durtschi, G. Rcasa, S. Parmer, S. Nipple. J. Sarbackcr Row Three: B. Voegeli, B. Hanson, P. Lyle. E. Tway, M. Peterson. A. Hanson, J. Mauernian. J. Bongiorno. M. Blumer. J. Tway, P. Steuri, H. Davis, K. Albright Row Four: G. Price, J. Baertschi. S. Steindorf, T. Miller. V. Kranig, D. Stochr, J. Nipple. R. Elmer. J. Nieman, P. Pryce. J.Coolc. D. Martin.G. Miller Act Naturally-Drama Club The Drama Club had many new members this year. We were especially glad to see so many freshman take an active part. The club sold tickets to the three One-Act Plays again this year. The plays were held in October this year. The members also helped with the make-up and scenery for each play. At the Christmas party on December 19, the Drama Club surprised and entertained everyone by having several teachers and students read letters to Santa. During Easter vacation the club worked on a scene from “Winnie the Pooh" which was presented to a children's home. This year the officers were: Rhonda Elmer. President; Jan Baertschi. Vice-President; Jacqi Bongiorno. Secretary; and Ann Hanson. Treasurer. The advisor was Mrs. Oliver. Best Actor and Actress Chosen from One-Act Plays Marla Blumer as “Rose” from “The Claw" Alan Stephenson as “Old Man Warner" from ‘The Lottery" 48Tell It Like It Is—Forensics % The local Forensics contest was held on February 17. The subdistrict was held on February 28. There are several different categories a contestant may choose from. They are: extemporaneous speeches, an 8-minute speech selected from five current affairs; four-nun-utc speech, memorized speech either informative or persuasive; original oratory, written by the speaker and given by memory; public address, an informative or persuasive speech speech written on a designated topic; significant speech. combination of the work of a notable speaker and the contestant; interpretive reading, reading of poetry or prose; memorized declamation, a memorized presentation of a literary writing, or cutting of a literary work; and play acting, act of the selection they wish. We were well represented in each of these categories. The advisors for this year’s Forensics contest were Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Altman. Standing: S. Parmer. K. Davis, M. Glass. K. Hulbert, D. lloulbcrg. B. Laughridge. J. Hulbert. J. Runaas, D. Hein-sohn.G. Gibbons. B. Hanson, J Coole. II. Davis, C. Prycc, M. Flood, T. Liebert Seated Back Row: N. Cleavcland. J Sabacker. J. Landis.C. Olson, B. Parker. P. Pryce. P. Lyle. K. Maucrman, D. Martin. J. Baertschi, M. Peterson. A. Hanson, R. Elmer Seated Front Row: I). Heitzman, V. Kranig. G. Mabie. J. Nieman, S. Klossner, C. Durtschi. A. Alderman. T. Miller. J. Bongiorno, C. Durtschi. M. Blunter 49Three One-Act Plays The Claw C. Pryce. M. Blumcr, D. Houlberg, M. Claw. P. Lyle. T. Liebcrt. Mr. Oliver Arsenic and Old Lave R. Davis. H. Davis. B. La ugh ridge. R. Elmer. M. Petersen, G. Mabic, Mrs. Oliver. J. Nieman Kneeling Front: J. Tway, A. Hanson. P. Steuri. C. Olson. B. Hanson. G. Miller Standing: Mrs. Altman. J. Runaas. J. Bongiorno. J. Bacrtschi, K. Binder, D. Run-aas. M. Huffman. T. Tway. J. Runaas, A. Stephenson,G. Gibbons. J. Hulbert. T. Miller The Lottery 50Comet’s Tales Row One: S. Parmer, S. Klossner.S. Sieindorf. P. Swanson, J Bongiorno, T. Mabic Row Two: K. Mauerman. J. Mauer-man, C. Olson. M. Martini. T. Miller. B. Parker Standing: A. Hanson. R. Elmer. J. Baertschi. D. Heitzman. V. Kranig. P. Prycc, J. Nieman, D. Stoehr, M. Petersen. M. Blumcr. B. Vocgeli.C. Durtschi, M. Glass, B. Laughridge, Mr Oliver The school newspaper is the voice of the students, and we have tried to promote this idea in our COMET'S TALES this year. Included in our monthly issues were human interest articles, controversial surveys, and pertinent editorials. Special sections were set aside for poetry and prose written by the students. Better organization and skilled and willing staff members have greatly increased the quality and popularity of our paper. We thank the entire staff and Mr. Oliver, our new advisor, for all the hard work and time they put into the COMETS TALES. 70 COMET'S TALES EDITORS J. Neiman (Art Ed.). P. Pryce (Sports Ed.). M. Blumcr (Lay out Ed.). B. Vocgeli (Editor). M. Petersen (Bus. Manager). M. Martini (News Ed.). C. Durtschi (Features Ed.)Row One: D. Heitzman, K. Mauerman. B. Hanson Row Two: C. Duitschi. P. Lyle, J. Nipple. N. Cleavcland. K. Albright. K Binder, S. Rank. K. Blaser. C. Stcindorf Row Three: B. Laughridge, J. Bongiorno. I). King.G. Mabic, J. Nieman, P. Pryce, C. Durtschi, P. Phillips, M. Glass. L. Sch-lapbach, J. Prycc Row Four: D. Golz. B. Dixon Standing Mr. Clark. D. Houlberg. J. Runaas.T. Liebert Come Blow Your Horn Jacqi Bongiorno. Majorette Band Officers: Bill Laughridge. Scc.-Treas.;Cindi Durtschi. Pres.; Dean Houlberg. V.-Pres. 52Sing Out a Merry Tune J. Maucrman, J. Baertschi. V. Zilliox,C. Prycc. T. Miller. P. son, E.Tway. B.Parker, C.Olson. B.Heffner, J. Bongiorno Swanson, M. Martini, S. Stcindorf, S. Gemplcr. T. Stephen- Chorus Officers Kneeling: C. Pryce (Pres.) Standing: T. Miller (Trcas.), M. Martini (V. Pres.). P. Swanson (Sec.) 53Row One: E. Tway.D. Stoehr.B. Vocgeli.G. Gibbons Row Huffman.J. Gcmpeler.N. Cleaveland. J. Spring. J. Code. K. Two: V. Kranig.G. Reasa. R. Blumcr.C. Duitschi. R. Kopp. B. Laugh ridge. T. Runaas. J. Nieman.S. Rank. P. Keepers Standing: A. Hanson. K. Dunphy. S. Flynn, S. Pryce. Mrs. Tews Le Cercle Francais One of the golas of the French Club this year was to interest tire members in the history and culture of France. Reports and skits were given during the year to promote this idea and make learning more enjoyable. In February the club sponsored an entire French meal for its members. “Lc Cercle Francais” met once a month, with their tirst meeting in October and their final one in May. The president and secretary were chosen at the May meeting. The vice-president and treasurer will be selected at the first meeting of thefollowing year. Only people from advanced French classes arc eligible for the position of secretary and president. President Diane Stoehr Vice-President Brenda Voegeli Secre tary—Elisabe t h Tway Treasurer Gary Gibbons s R. Miller. T. Runaas, J. Dunphy, M. Blumer. Queen J. Bon-giorno. King B. Laugh ridge. J. Mauerman.M. F:lood. C. Dur-tschl, R. Blumer The Age The 1970 Basketball Homecoming was a very happy one. It began with the basketball game which ended in a victory for the Albany Comets. The game was followed by a dance in the old gym. The gym was very nicely decorated by the Seniors who used appropriate decorations to carry out 56 of Aquarius their theme. At 10:15 p.m. the Grand March began during which Bill Laugh ridge was crowned King and Jacqi Bongiorno was crowned Queen.57Front Row: S. Spoerry. J. Tway. R. Miller. R. Set er. D. Acschliman. J. Hulhert Back Row: T. Liebert, K. Lyle. R. Over Hill, The Comet "yearling cross country team completed a highly successful season with a third place finish in the regional championships and a seventh place position in sectional competition. The harrier squad boasted four freshmen on the top seven at the end of the season and they held their own very well against nearly all veteran competition. Placing three runners among the top four finishers, the "blue and white" thinclads completely dominated the Clark. Coach White. M. Glass. J. Runaas, P. Steuri Over Dale Platteville Invitational for their big victory of the season. The youngsters nearly pulled the upset of the year as they came within six points of Monroe and eighteen points of Dodgeville in the rcgionals. With seven of the top eight runners returning next year, coupled with the influx of a highly-touted, undefeated junior high team, the Comets could very well be the team to beat in 1970. 58Team Shows Enthusiasm and Improvement The Albany Volleyball Team spent a winless but very educational season this year. Learning the rules, moves, and playing knowledge in general were major drawback in our inability to win. At the end of season though, the opposing schools were never sure whether they would be victorious. The team showed good enthusiasm and spirit, and should be real challengers next year. We ended the season with a re cord of 0-6. Kneeling: J. Walmer. J. Mauerman, J. Atkinson, R. Keepers Stephenson, R. Blumer. D. Houlbcrg Back. A. Stephson, D. Middle: Coach Foote, B. Laughridge, D. Heinsohn. T. Goltz. B. Dixon. A. Patchen. J. DunphyJ. Mauerman. J. Tway. D. Aeschliman. R. Blumer, J Run-aas. R. Clark, J. Dunphy. M. Flood. B. Laughridge, A. Stephenson. D. Goltz Triumph Is “UmpIT5 Added to Try Go Comets The 1969-1970 Basketball team had another disappointing year, however, the season was sparked by a few bright spots. The Comets victory over Monticello provided them with their first victory after one an a half winlcss years. They scored moral victories by coming close to upsetting some of the toughest teams. The team showed considerable improvement during the course of the season and arc hoping to come through with additional victories before the season ends. 60J. V. Cagers Show Initiative J. Hulbcrt. K. Lyle. G. Miller. G. Gibbons. B. Dixon, A. Kneeling Mr. Karls.T. Liebert Patchen, R. Miller. S. Spocrry. R. Keepers. P. Steuri This year the Junior Varsity Basketball team did not post the best win-loss record, but in every game they played they gave their all in hustle, drive, and dcsnc. Though they always looked like a winning team, the clock seemed to run out of time with the other team ahead. Mr. Karls, the coach, and the cheering section made the boys really want to try for a victory. Bend Me, Shape Me—Wrestlers The wrestling season started a little slow this year with only seven boys out for the sport. The team was able to recruit three more men. but later in the season the team lost four boys due to injuries and lack of interest. Having this lack of man power the team had to forfeit several weight classes making it difficult to win. The team appreciated Mr Brian Sullivan who drove from Milton every day to coach the team. Standing: Mr. Sullivan. J. Atkinson, D. Heinsohn, M. Glass, man.C. Pryce, T. Stephenson K. Blunter. J. Maucrman Kneeling: J. Runaas, P. Alder- 61Kneeling: J. Mauerman. S. Spocrry. J. Mauerman. 0. Cleveland. T. Stephenson. R. Blumcr. A. Stephenson. J. Aeschliman. I . Alderman. J. Tway Standing: G. Gibbons, Dunphy. J. Atkinson. J. Coole. I). Golz. D. Houlberg, C. R. Clark. S. Schenk. T. Liebcrt.J. Runaas.G. Rank.S. Pry cc, M. Glass. B. Laugh ridge. M. Flood See How They Run—Track The largest turnout in over six years greeted Coach Bob White for the spring track season. With nearly thirty members on the team, it was not necessary to double and triple boys in events and. consequently, each runner could specialize in a particular area. The addition ol the two-mile to the track schedule ot events made it possible for the Comets, who are always strong in cross country, to utilize their distance runners to better advantage. Many tine incoming freshman, riding the crest ot an undefeated two years of cross country in junior high, helped to bolster the attack. Jim Runaas. Dan Aeschlunan. and Ron Setzer headed the distance runners with Rick Clark, Steve Spocrry, and Mike Mood handling the middle distances. In these areas the squad performed as seasoned veterans, while most of the other events were handled by relative new-comers who lacked experience. 67We’ve Got Spirit P. Phillips K. Mauerman P. Prycc T. Mabie R. Elmer 63Letter men—They’ve Got What It Takes Flood. M. Glass. A. Stephenson. C. Prycc, J. Dunphv not tom: J. Hulbert. S. Spocrry. J. Runass. J. Atkinson. R. C lark. T. Liebert Standing: J. Runaas. B. Laughridge.M. 64 •, f Juhior High • An Important Part rInstructors Mr. Charles Hallmark WSU Whitewater B.E. Mr. William Karls University of Wisconsin B.S. Mrs. Alice Zimmcrli WSU Whitewater B.E. Mr. Russell Quinn WSU Platteville B.S. Mrs. Kathryn Jaynes West Virginia University B.M. 668th Graders Prepare for High School Row Four: N. Brigg, K. Shaw, G. Gill. D. Stephenson. C. Gocz. J. Petersen. T. Runaas, I). Elmer. D. Dowden, M. Sowl. L. Wilhite Row Three: K. Blaser. K. Shaw. J. Stavcr. L Krupke, S. Strothman. L. Heinsohn. P. Phillips. K. Kleisch. P. Krcmkoski. J. Kopp. C. Baumgartner Row Two: C. Parker, J. Spoerry, T. Elmer. D. Reasa. M. K. Vorgeli. L. Ostenson.T. Larson. J. Swanson. R. Larson. D. Zilliox Row One: E. Briggs. T. Alexander. J. Lyle. C. Martin. G. Atkinson.G. Keepers. K. Ilulbert. R. Hill, R. Janes. B. Albright 7th Graders Adjust to ISew Schedules Row Four: S. Hawkins, M. Figi. M. Huntley. F. Ringhand. B. Bandi. L. Baertschi. L. Schlapbach. K. Tway. C. Stein-dorf, G. Moldenhaucr. C. Gibbons, J. Fredricks Row Three: K. Henmngson. T. Goez. D. King, D. Schlapbach. K. Shaw. R. Flood. K. Glesher.C. Blumcr. T. McCreedy. J. Klos- sner, I). Nipple. N. Lawton Row Two: K. Baumgarten. J. Pryce. D. Black. K. Nipple. C. Sowl, M. Glass. R. Klitzke.C. Rischardson. D Gurus. V. Lisscr Row One: C Zurfluh. K. Binder. L. Martin. T. Schmeider. S. Flood. M. Pagel, H. Huffman. S. Harry. D. Janes. C. GillJunior Band Row One: V. Lyle, J. Mauerman.G. Glass, L. Kopp, I). King,C. Blaser. R. Flood, S. Rust, R. Larson, C. Stcindort Row Two: C. Gibbons, K. Binder, D. Runaas.C. Flynn, T. Black. J. Alderman. J. Pryce, K. Binder, R. Flood. L. Sch-lapbach Row Three: T. Golz. B. Brugger, J K liner. C. Flood, B. Albright. F. Ringhand, D. Black. C. Schlapbach Standing: Mr. Clark, K. Blaser. K. Henningsen, M. Glass, P Halvorsen. D. Schlapbach, S. Sell now, D. Stephenson, C. Alderman 7’th Grade Team M. Glass. S. Flood, T. Schmcider, D. Black. C. Sowl. D.King. R. Flood, F. Ringhand. M. Figi 68T. Alexander. R. I till, E. Briggs. K. Mulbert.T. Runaas. J. Petersen. D. Zilliox. R. Larson. D. Stephenson, G. Gill Future Champs The Junior High Basketball Team gave notice of “winning ways” for the future as they completed a highly successful season, boasting a 7-2 conference record. The Comets swept through their first seven games before dropping the final two contests to Monticcllo and Brodhcad. The Brodhead Cardinals gained league honors with an undefeated season while Albany and Belleville captured the runner-up spot with identical records. Todd Runaas and Jack Petersen suppled the majority of the scoring punch with 102 and 84 points respectively. The two quarterbacks paced the offensive attack and headed the defensive charge as The Comets zone press and tight man-for-man defense held the opponents to less than 30 points. Daryl Zilliox.Gary Gill, and Dan Stephenson gave the squad good rebounding strength on both the offensive and defensive backboards. The seventh grade squad compiled a 4-5 won-loss record with Clayt Sowl. Fred Rmghand. and Steve Flood pacing the scoring attack. EIGHTH GRADE SCORES Albany 26 Blackhawk 23 Albany 34 Juda 23 Albany 38 Belleville 35 Albany 24 Argyle 21 Albany 33 New Glarus 31 Albany 25 Parkview 19 Albany 50 Blanchardville 25 Albany 24 Monticcllo 30 Albany 38 Brodhead 55 69Track and Cross Country Have Good Year First Row: C. Sowl. R. Mill. T. Alexander, J. Lyle. M.Glass. Row: D. Zilliox. G. Gill. D. Stephenson. R. Larson, J. Peter- T. Schmeider, S. Flood Second Row: G. Keepers. E. Briggs. sen. T. Runaas. K. Hulbcrt. P. Kremkoski. R. Klitze, F. Ringhand Third Front Row: K Binder, C. Gill. T. McCrecdy Back Row: D. Reasa, M. Voegcli. J. Spoerry Junior High Cheerleaders 70 Alternates K. Tway. T. Elmer6th Graders Are Halfway There Row One: M. Parmer. K. Binder. C. Flynn. J. Aeschliman, Rust. L. Kopp. P. Halverson Standing: R. Flood. J. Alder- K. Blascr. N. Briggs Row Two: J. Elmer, J. Mauerman, S. man. B. Brugger. R. Keepers, C. Martin Stcuri.G. Glass Row Three: J. McCreedy. B. llulbert. S. Row One: B. Hill. I). Runaas. T. Black. L. Kopp, J. Wallock, Mansheim, S. Elmer. R. Keegan. C. Schlapbach. R. Krupke. C. Flood Row Two: G. Gempler, L. Friedrichs, V. Lyle. J. G. Briggs, J. Creighton. C. Moldenhaurer Aeschliman. J. Blumer.T. Flood Standing: K. Purdy. R. 72Front Row: N. Strothman, J. Liddicoat. D. Dowdcn, M. Wecden, S. Malcook, J. Sellnow. J. Kecle, J. Kennedy, T. Trow. K. Nipple. D. McGee Standing: B. Alexander. D. Tway, Mrs. Hanson. R. Schneider Blumer. R. Hammon, J. Sandlin. C. Hawkins. C. Farberg. R. 5th Graders Have a Busy Year First Row (F to B): D. Schmeidcr. J. Ringhand. S. Sowl. R. C. Zweifcl. M. Bandi Fourth Row: S. Ross. R. Friedrich, R. Althaus Second Row: R. Alderman, D. Dowdcn, M. Mai- Janes. Miss Rcasa Fifth Row: L. Lyle.T. Webb kow. A. Henningsen Third Row: J. Heit .man,N. Runaas, 73First Row: D. Petersen. J. Larson, C. Flynn Second Row: M. Steiner. A. McCreedy. C. Hannes Third Row: S. Dixon, J. Gibbons. D. Lisscr Fourth Row: J. Blumer. D. Keepers. D. Hill Filth Row: J. Rust. L. Wilhite Standing: J Kreni-koski. B. Fahrney, J. Atkinson. R. Pluss. J. Krupkc. I). Stochr, Mrs. Ladwig 4th Graders—Ready for Work First Row: J. Broge, L. Huffman. G. Kauk, B. Atkinson Row: G. Gempler. M. Lcibig, C. Runaas. C. Gransec. B. Second Row: G. Thill. R. Wallach, T. Wheeler, J. Mauer- Tway, D. Fish. D. Gurns. D. Cox. Mrs. Gibbons man. K. Glood. J. Schneider. J. Pagel. T. Phillips Back 743rd Graders Master Writing Back Row: A. Liebig, L. Sellnow. L. Johnson, C. Althaus. Front Row: G. Glaser. R. Hammon. T. Alexander. M. Tour- Mrs. Quade, D. Levins. P. Kennedy, S. Albright. L. Parker dot. T. Janes. D. Hannes, S. Elmer Middle Row: T. Strothman, T. Alderman. K. Forbush Seated: S.Nipple, L.Zilliox, D.Stavcr, P. Gransce. J. Webb, L. Mange, M. Trow. T. Flood. M. Ccslock. K. Kchm. I). L. Steiner Standing: M HuIbcrt.Mrs.Coplicn.D. Schmie- Lawton (absent) dcr, A. Flood, L. Briggs. G. Muralt, L. Schenk, L. Atkinson, 752nd Graders Improve Reading Skills First Row: J. Fahrney, J. Malkow. L.lsely. M. Moldenhauer. Second Row: L. Klit Jce. T Kennedy, D. Pluss. M. Glass. T. Liebig. F. Nipple Third Row: K. Shaw. I. Kubly, A. Bump, D. Crooks. M. Tourdat. P. Baralt. J. Schlapbach, L. Brugger. R. Weedcn. W Lewis Standing: J. Wilhite. L. Gill. M. Gurns. P. Wheeler. Mrs. Ncucnschwandor First Row: B. Sarbacher, M. Fish. L. Gill. M. Reasa Second Row: R. Wcst.C. Lisser, T. Mammon. L. Swanson Third Row: J. Patchen. S. Creighton. D. Levins. W. Steiner. P. Zilliox Standing: D. Ceslok, K. Keelc. L. Haugc, D. Martin, D. Dustan. S. Krupkc,C. Manshcim, J. Sandlin. D. Brugger. V. Hawkins. Mrs. Blumcr 76Row One: K. Flood. D. Lawton. B. Heron. R. Crooks. G. hitc. L. Malkow, L. Klapper,C. Sowl Standing: S. Staver. Gempler Row Two: R. Richardson. D. Swenson. T. Brug- B. Atkinson. P. Zweifel. T. Luedy, M. Gransee. C. West, D. ger. K. Kehm. II. Blunier. C. Friedrichs Row Three: G. Wil- Dowden. T. Nipple. L Kcele. J . Pfcuti. Mrs. Elmer 1st Graders Enjoy Full Day of School Row One: T. Alexander, G. Davis, F. Ross, K. Hulbcrt. B Lyle. D. Kehm. J. Lincicum, P Zweifel. R. Clcaveland, M. Seffropd, R. Wceden, C. Staver. B. Zettlc Row Two: S. Fall rney, L. Flood. T. Steindorf. M. Kennedy. L. Brugger. 1) Kauk. L. Wallock Row Three: Mrs. Arndt. L. Atkinson. K Jones. M. Gums. D. Moldcnhauer, J. Dunphy, R. Pluss. K. Shaw 77Kindergarten Kapers Back: S. Pfeuti, K. Flood. M. Goez. W. Cullen. J. Johnson. S. Wallock. G. Svcndsen. L. Elmer. D. Malkow. L. Heron. B. Mrs. Spring. R. Lisscr. K. Widmer. D. Trow. L. Kehm Mid- Ceslock.C. Kauk. S. Wilhite. G. Vitcnse (absent) dlc:M. Maralt.C. Svendscn. J. Sandlin,C. Slaver Kneeling: Back: L. Flesher. K. Mammon. K. Liddicott. K. Rust, E. Middle: K. Alderman, T. Bump. D. Dustan Kneeling: B. West. Mrs. Spring. L. Hauge. B. Liebig. L. Flesher. R.Mabie Blaser. R. Bump. M. Janes, K. Gempeler, M. McGee. R. Cox 78Advertisements Are Life Blood '• • ■CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 70 BAKER MANUFACTURING EVANSVILLE WISCONSINBEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE AND OUR THANK YOU FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF HAVING SERVED YOU THE RADKES OF MONROE 1622-11th Street Phone 325-3515 FAUNDALE FARMS DOYAN RAYNE REGISTERED HOLSTEINS COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING MATERIALS 862-3267 ALBANY WISCONSIN T. OLSON SON Albany Rural Route 1 81 WisconsinPRYCE BROTHERS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM KROSTVE IMPLEMENT YOUR QUALITY JOHN DEERE DEALER ALBANY WISCONSIN Albany COMPLIMENTS OF Dealers in Livestock Bulls for rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Wisconsin Good Luck to the Seniors of 1970 TEALES AUTO SERVICE ALBANY WISCONSIN 862-3549 BANK OF BRODHEAD Brodhead, Wisconsin Member of F.D.I.C. 82 rilCOME IN AND SHOP DEAN AND MARY PETERSON SOUTH SIDE GROCERY “SERVICE WITH A SMILE” CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1970 CONGRATULATIONS PHONE 882-4880 EVANSVILLE WISCONSIN THE GRANGE STORE COMPLIMENTS OF A Shopping Center Under One Roof EVANSVILLE WISCONSIN EVANSVILLE WISCONSIN 83COMPLIMENTS OF CHAS. GRAY BEVERAGE COMPANY INC. BOTTLERS OF DR. PEPPER, SUN DROP AND FROSTIE ROOT BEER JANESVILLE WISCONSIN Compliments of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTOR SALES AND SERVICE BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1970 HELGESEN HARVESTORE I l I JANESVILLE WISCONSIN 608 752-7491 COMPLIMENTS OF Home of the Famous Cub Cadet Farm and Industrial Tractors and Equipment Motor Trucks 837 North Parker Drive Phone: Area Code 608-754-6604 Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 JOSEPH HUBER BREWING COMPANY MONROE WISCONSINALBANY SUPER MARKET Seniors of 1970 Congratulations Says to All Graduates Education is the Key to Success and ALVIN KRANIG EXCAVATING CONSTRUCTION Super Market Shopping is the Key to Real Savings Daniel Weber, Prop. Bulldozing Back Hoe 962-3730 Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of UNION COOPERATIVE BANK OF ALBANY Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albany Wisconsin Your One Stop Farm Supply Feed Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Grain Drying Storage 3 Locations ALBANY—BROOKLYN—EVANSVILLE WISCONSIN Congratulations BARTON INSURANCE Compliments of AGENCY PURDUE MASONRY Service Security Brodhead Satisfaction 862-3271 Albany, Wisconsin Wisconsin FRED’S ELECTIRC and REFRIGERATION HELGESEN’S INC. Bulk Cooler Service—Refrigeration Service, Electrical Wiring PONTIAC RAMBLER TRUCKS SCOUT FRED BAERTSCHI PHONE 862-3893 Albany, Wisconsin Phone 882-4700 Evansville Wisconsin HAURI’S CYCLE SHOP ADVANCE TRANSFORMER CO. Motorcycle Bridgestone—Kawasaki Parts—Accessories 350-21 st STREET MONROE, WISCONSIN 53566 Snowmobiles Phone 325-9952 715 21st Street Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 BRUNI-MILLER CO. LENNOX Gas Furnace Oil Furnace Electric Heat Building Supplies General Contracting Decorating Center Phone 325-2117 The Lumber Number Monroe Wisconsin April Air Humidifier Air Conditioning LANZ SHEET METAL HEATING 1129 17th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 Phone 325-2581 DEAN’S DAIRY PRODUCTS MONROE LINCOLN BUY THEM FROM YOUR. MERCURY SALES, INC. FAVORITE FOOD STORE 705-30th Str. PHONE 325-4145 Monroe Wisconsin N. DORMAN CO., IMPORTED DOMESTIC CHEESE KARLEN SONS Tel. 938-4345 Monroe, Wisconsin Cars Trucks Monticello Wisconsin 86 NORTHSIDE CHEESE FACTORY HEIN FRANCIS Albany’s-Home Owned-lndependent Grocery "Just Everyday Low Prices" MINDER DURTSCHI JONES TEXACO SERVICE MONTICELLO, WISCONSIN Greasing—Washing Tires—Batteries Albany Wisconsin ALBANY HARDWARE APPLIANCE UNION CO-OP ASSOC. Plumbing—Heating—Wiring T.V. and Radio Repair Phone 862-3209 Albany, Wisconsin Albany—Brooklyn—Evansville Feed—Seeds—Fertilizer—Grinding BOWMAN’S BARBER SHOP WAYNE ALBERTSON. SR. For Men and Boys Auctioneer Albany, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin 862-3715 CENTER TAVERN ALVIN LEILA Schwartzlow’s Bar Gary Geno's Sandwiches. Cheese, and Pizza 1024 Center Ave. Brodhead Wisconsin THE DEHMERS APCO MANUFACTURING CO.. INC. Dan Dee Nursey Rexall Drugs Albany, Wisconsin 53502 862-3277 1501 W. 7th Avenue Phone 897-2126 Brodhead. Wisconsin EUGENE KRUEGER CONSTRUCTION Compliments of Office Phone 862-3276 Chopper Boxes—Crane Services Green Feeders—Painting—Bunks Albany Wisconsin BJORK’S TOGGERY "On the Square" Brodhead. Wisconsin 53520 FRITZ FARM SUPPLY BLUFF VIEW PARK Kast-Rite Silos Feed-Easy Equipment Fritz Schlapbach Albany Wisconsin Dancing Picnic Park Phone 897-4373 Rt. 2 Brodhead. Wisconsin 87J. BOYLE SON WITHER NURSING HOME Lennox Htg. AC Brodhead 897-4450 1301 West 3rd Ave. Brodhead. Wisconsin 897-4040 THE CHALAT Dining Cocktail Brodhead COAST TO COAST STORES VSTORES Evansville Wisconsin MOTEL INMAN FOESCH'S BODY SHOP Brodhead. Wisconsin 897-2274 Located South of City on Highway 213 and 59 Mr. Mrs. Martin Mohr. Prop. 608-882-5240 Evansville. Wis. IVERSON CHEVROLET INC. WILLIS DRUG STORE 897-2550 Brodhead Wisconsin 7 West Main St. Evansville. Wis. Arnold A. Willis. R. PH. Phone 882-4550 JOHN'S SERVICE LEE AND JUDY ZURFLUH 1001 First Center Avenue Brodhead. Wisconsin 897-2797 Zurfluh’s Bar Evansville Wisconsin MAUERMAN IMPLEMENT SHOP HAGEN CHIROPRACTIC Tractor and Farm Implements Brodhead. Wisconsin 897-2010 Office Evansville Wisconsin 882-4146 SUGAR RIVER RACEWAY GRAHAM'S CAFE 897-4380 Brodhead Wisconsin Highway 14 Open 24 Hours WENDLAND'S MARKET H. C. YOUNGMAN. D.D.S. Beef Quarters—Meat Groceries Brodhead Wisconsin Evansville Wisconsin 88  BAUMGARTEN FINE FOODS LEADER PRINTING Evansville Wisconsin 116 East Main Street Evansville. Wisconsin R. S. GRAY. M.D. R. J. GRAY. M.D. Evansville Wisconsin STRAKA JEWELRY Congratulations Seniors DR. R. G. HEIMERL KUHNE CONSTRUCTION. INC. Evansville Wisconsin Monroe Wisconsin DR. CHARLES E. NELSON. DENTIST STUDER SUPER SERVICE. INC. 1 West Main St. 882-4860 Evansville Wisconsin Massey—Ferguson—New Holland Gehl—Owatonna Monroe. Wisconsin ANDERSON T. V. Congratulations Class of '70 10 East Main St. Evansville, Wisconsin 53536 HUGHES MOBILE HOMES Cal Anderson Ph. 882-4156 Monroe. Wisconsin 325-3194 Congratulations Class of 1970 DR. K. R. SHOENENBERGER SWISS WHEEL MOTEL Evansville Wisconsin Monroe Wisconsin SAMUELS. SORKIN. M.D. WEST SIDE PHARMACY 14 West Main Street 882-4690 (Formerly Wainwrights) Evansville Wisconsin Monroe. Wisconsin MAAS INSURANCE AGENCY DEARTH MOTORS Evansville Wisconsin Monroe Wisconsin 89Compliments of FRITO LAY, INC. Monroe Wisconsin MONROE BEVERAGE MART for All Your Beverage Needs 325-2963 Hy. 11-81 East Best of Luck to All Seniors in the Future 2d 3d Lt. Trk. Plat 1158 Trans. Co. WIS. ARMY NATIONAL GUARD Monroe. Wisconsin MONROE FLORAL SHOP Downtown Monroe Wisconsin MONROE BAKERY Birthday Wedding Cakes Swiss Bread Pastries 1007—16th Ave. Monroe. Wis. Telephone 325-2500 PHILLIPS SMITH FURNITURE APPLIANCE CITY INC. We Service What We Sell Highway 69 South Monroe. Wisconsin 325-4111 WARDS CATALOG AND APPLIANCE CENTER 325-3147 Monroe Wisconsin PANDOW JEWELERS Fine Quality Diamonds Watches, Jewelry Monroe. Wisconsin 325-6134 LANZ HDW. Monroe. Wisconsin Estr—1887 Just off the square But still on the level SCHULTZ PHARMACY Walgreen Agency Monroe. Wisconsin BOBER'S BADGER PAINT STORE Home of Mastercraft Paints 1623 10th Street Monroe. Wisconsin Congratulations Graduates he Swiss Colontj MONITOI WISCONSIN BRENNAN'S CERTIFIED SUPERMARKET We Buy Direct—You Buy For Less Phone 325-4433 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING Monroe Wisconsin GIFT CASTLE Gifts for All Occasions Hallmark Greeting Party Line Monroe Wisconsin FERNSTAEDT HARDWARE Quality Hardware Paints 938-4830 Monticello Wisconsin 90Congratulations from THE BOARS NEST VOEGELI CHEVROLET AND BUICK Emil and Gerri Monticello Wisconsin Monticello, Wisconsin Best Wishes DICKSON'S GROCERY STORE ARN IMPLEMENT Small store with big discount prices Monticello Wisconsin Oliver and New Holland Phone 527-2512 New Glarus Wisconsin KARL H. FREITAG NEW GLARUS MEAT MARKET —Insurance— "If It's Worth Owning, It’s Worth Insuring" Monticello Wisconsin New Glarus. Wisconsin Meat Processing Landjaeger Other Home Made Sausage DISCH HARDWARE FURNITURE CO. KNOBEL GARAGE Hotpoint Appliances New Glarus. Wisconsin 527-2114 Monticello. Wisconsin 938-4940 Chrysler—Plymouth—Dodge IHC Trucks David Brown Tractors New Glarus Wisconsin GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL SWISS-AIRE MOTEL Monticello. Wisconsin Compliments To The Class of 70 All New—Air-conditioned—Full carpeted Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wilde Highways 69-39 Phone 527-2621 New Glarus. Wisconsin 53574 Compliments from SWISS LANES MAYER'S CITGO SERVICE 312 N. Main Street Monticello, Wisconsin 53570 Bowling, Restaurant Cocktail Lounge New Glarus, Wisconsin 527-2414 MONTICELLO CONSTRUCTION CO. Your Badger Dealer Fred C. Durtschi Congratulations to The Class of 70 THE SWISS MISS Monticello Wisconsin A. W. Wieser, III New Glarus, Wise. Phone 527-2514 MONTICELLO LIVESTOCK SALES Monticello, Wisconsin Sale every Monday night at 8:00 91ALBANY MONROE ALBANY BEAUTY MART ALBANY LANES ALBANY LOCKER PLANT ALBANY YOUTH CENTER GEORGE AND EDNA'S BAR JOANNE’S BEAUTY SALON BRODHEAD BRODHEAD RECREATION CENTER BRODHEAD VETERINARY SERVICE DERENDINGER RUEF CONST. CO. F F GRAIN EQUIPMENT FLYNN’S BAR KAY ANN’S LADIES FASHIONS PIERCE FURNITURE CARRIAGE HOUSE PIERCE HARDWARE RAY’S CAFE SHELDON-ZIMMERMAN BANCROFT DAIRY STAIRS SENTRY MARKET IDLE HOUR MANSION ROSA STAR FLOWER SHOP SOLOMON AUTO PARTS CO., INC MONTICELLOx MONTICELLO BEAUTY SHOP THE ATTIC SHOP TOM’S BARBER SHOP WOELFFER DRUG STORE NEW GLARUS ERB IMPLEMENT EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE VETERINARY HOSPITAL JANES AGENCY—REAL ESTATE INSURANCE JANESVILLE MRS. KARL’S BAKERIES 92prv««

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