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DO YOOD OWN Help beautify America. I Think Big. but act small. Those who indulge, bulge. Don't rush me. I’m going as fast as I can! If no one claims me in 30 days. I'm YOURS. I’d rather switch than fight!THING. .. Caution: Adults at Play. Ik reasonable, do it my way. Act your Age. not your Shoe Size. Winnie the Pooh for President, the children's choice. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.Bedicatton JHrs. Jflascut Wc the senior class of 1969, would like to dedicate our "69" Comet to Mrs. Mason as a way of showing our gratitude for her help. Mrs. Mason has tried to help us become better students and to develop our abilities to our best advantage. Thank you. Mrs. Mason, for you assistance and guidance during the past four years. principal’s Message The word commencement usually means to students that their education is now finished, and they think formal education is at an end. Nothing could be further from the truth. Commencement means just the opposite, regardless ol what students intend to do after high school. If the individual takes a job immediately after school, he has to begin learning the job, so education continues. If the student continues some type of additional schooling, formal education goes on. So commencement is not the end, it is the beginning. The beginning of contributing to our society, the beginning of our life's work, with more independence and more responsibility. With independence and responsibility, comes the ability to handle freedom. I hope that the training you received while you were a student at Albany High School will help you after commencement. regardless of what you choose to do.Pres. Mr. Dunphy, Mr. Houlberg, Mr. Barnes. Treas. Mr. Bongiorno, Mr. Stefanik. Absent Clerk, Mrs. Sowl. School tSuarci Secretaries Charlotte King Phyllis Acschliman(©ur Xeadere thmors Helpers MRS. LOVEDAY BELISLE Chorus MR. N. JOHN BORGEN Band MR. IVAN FOOTE Social Studies CoachMRS. MARGARET LIEBIG Creative Writing Library MISS JOAN MILLS Physical Education MR. ANDREW OLIVER English MRS. AUDREY JANDRLY Art MRS. ANN MASON English FrenchAssistants S. Flynn J. Landis B. Martin C. Keele Custodians Mr. Prycc Mr. Tway Hus Hrinrrs Mrs. Rankins Mr. Tway Mrs. Blunter Mrs. Ringhand Mrs. Krueger Mrs. AtkinsonX ': '■ r % «r . ■"■ ’j , K r ? v-l. v, ' p- . •. a lj;' !JTT ' ' -Xv y ft -■ . .v' --$ - l ? "y Ju , ' V x ■ K r i ; - LX X X X hi ■( •' LVs ' ' ! I ••“.• •« . F JT ■•’ • , "" wl J » X; V V F u S»jJ ■ ' T'1 5. V T % ' A. Jf ! ft '•Xr -'v - ’ ; V — J k AvA 1 "» V HVx. •, V , Xv.; SENIORS BHBE3 3F?3E! "N 4JI X-rtr'- 'Al vSUSAN AESCHL1MAN “Susie" Student Council 2 One-Act Plavs 1,2 F.H.A. 1.2,3 Library Club 1 Dramatics Club Newspaper Staff 3 Homecoming Court 2 Band 1.2,3.4 Pep Band 1,2.3.4 Chorus 2,3 Cheerleader 1,2 BETH BLUMER “Rosie" F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 (Parlimentarian 4) Newspaper Staff 4 (Typist) Chorus 2,3 GLENDA BRIGGS “Beulah" Senior Class Play 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Chorus 1,2,3.4 Girls Glee Club 1,23 DIANE BUTT Transfer Student 2 Annual Staff 4 (Layout Editor) Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 2,3.4 (Reporter 4) Newspaper Staff 4 Dramatics Club 3 DAR AWARD 4 VICKI LYNN ARM IT AGE Annaul Staff 4 (Art Editor) Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 1,23,4 Library Club 3 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Chorus 2,4 Forensics 1,2,4MARK FRIEDRICH “Fred” National Honor Society 3,4 Boys’ State 3 Annual Staff 4 (business manager) Class Officer 4 (treasurer) Creative Writing Club I Newspaper Staff 3.4 (editor) Band 2.3,4 Pep Band 2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Male Ouartet 2 Forensics 1.2.4 Reading Club 2 Outstanding Teenagers of America 3 DAVID DUNPHY F.F.A. 1,2,3 (Treasurer 3) 4 Library Club 3 Chess Club 1.2.3 Boys’ Chef 4 Creative Writing Club 4 Newspaper Staff (Business Manager 4) Homecoming Court 2.4 Chorus 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1.2 Track 1,2.3 Green Lake Delegate 3 SUSAN DURTSCHI "Durtsch” Spoon Winner 3 Senior Class Play 4 Class Officer 9 F.H.A. 1,2(treasurer 2) Library Club 2 Chess Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 (treasurer 4) Newspaper Staff 3 Prom Court 3 Band (V.-Pres. 3) Pep Band 1.2,3,4 Chorus 2,3 Girls’ Glee Club 2,3 F.F.A. Sweetheart 3 JAMES FRYDENLUND “Jim” Chess Club 2,3 Boys’ Chef 4 Prom King 3 Chorus 2,3,4 Basketball 1.2.3,4 Track 3 nifje Cop at HastJOHN FRYDENLUND PEGGY ANN GEMPELER Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 1,2.3,4 Library Club 3 Chess Club 3 Dramatics Club 3.4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Chorus 4 Forensics 1,2,3 F.F.A. 4 Chess Club 1,3 Math for Fun Club 2 Prom Court 3 Cross Country 3,4 Track 1,2 Class Colors (Breen and JHhite Class iFlotoer! ®hite Jflum ROSS HALVERSON One-Act Play 4 Chess Club 1,2,3 Dramatics Club 2,4 Newspaper Staff 4 Homecoming Court 1,3 Chorus 2,4 Male Quartet 2 Forensics 3 Basketball 1,2,3.4 Baseball 1,2 Co S trine, to §eek, to 3find, and JJot to IHield. LARRY HANSON Transfer Student 2 Student Council 3 Prom Court 3 Wrestling 3,4MARY JO HEITZMAN “Jo" Student Council 1 Annual Stall'4 (editor 4) One-Act Plays 1.2 Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 2,3 Library Club 1,2 Dramatics Club 1,2.3,4 Newspaper Staff 3.4 (feature editor 3,4) Prom Court 3 Band 1.2,3.4 Pep Band 1.2.3 Chorus 2,3 KRISTINE HOLTSAPPLE "Kris" Annual Staff 4 Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 1 Dramatics Club 3 Newspaper Staff 4 MARSHA HUNTLEY “Mutlcy" Transfer Student 4 National Honor Society 4 Student Council 4 (Scc.-Tres.) Annual Staff 4 Senior Class Play 4 KEITH HENNINGSEN “Henny" Annual Staff 4 One-Act Plays 4 Senior Class Play 4 Dramatics Club 4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 (Editorials) Band 1,2,3.4 (Librarian) Pep Band 1,2,3 Forensics 1,2,3.4 DIANE KEEGAN National Honor Society 4 Senior Class Play 4 Class Officer (Sec. 3) F.H.A. 1,2,3.4 Dramatics Club 3,4 Prom Court 3 Chorus 1,2,3 Cheerleader 1,3 Girl’s Glee Club 3 Greenlake Delegate 3GORDEN KLOSSNER “Kook ’ Student Council 2 Spade Winner 3 Class Officer 1 (President 3) F.F.A. 3 (President 4) Basketball 1,3 Wrestling 2 Cross Country 2,3,4 Track 1,3,4 (Commencement.’ 3Jnne 4, 1969 Sr. Class Crip Netn Orleans KATHYRN KEbLE “Kathy” Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 3,4 Library Club 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3 Chorus 2 Girls Glee Club 2 MARY KOPP Senior Class Play 4 Class Officer (Secretary-4) F.H.A. 1,2,3.4 Dramatic Club 1,3 Band 1,2,3,4 Pep Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Forensics. 1,2,3.4 Girls Glee Club 3 Girls Sextet 1 ALAN KING “Swede” F.F.A. 2,3.4 Band 1,2,3,4 Pep Band 1,2,3 Basketball (Manager 1,2.3)DEBRA MARTIN “Debbie" One-Act Plays (Student Director 4) Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3 Library Club 1,2 Chess Club 2 Chorus 1,2 Newspaper Staff 3 GARY KRANIG “Kwick Draw" Chorus 4 Basketball 4 Transfer Student 2 Homecoming King 4 PAM LIEBERT “Illy" Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3.4 Library Club 3 Dramatics Club 3 Chorus 2,3.4 Forensics 1,2,3.4 SUSAN MARTIN Senior Class Play 4 Library Club 3 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Chorus 4 Girls Glee Club 3 ANTHONY PARKER "Tony" F.F.A. 2,3 (Secretary 4) Chess Club 2 Chorus 2 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 2DIANE PARMER Onc-Act Plays4 (Prompter) Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 1,2. (Secretary 3,4) Library Club 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Forensics 2 Just ARUE B. RUN A AS “Runny” One-Act Plays 4 F.F.A. 1.2,3.4 Drama Club 3,4 Wrestling 2,4 JOHN POPANZ “Pope" F.F.A. 3.4 Transfer Student 3 CATHERINE RANKINS “Cathy” National Honor Society 3,4 One-Act Plays 4 (Student Director) Senior Class Play 4 Class Officer 3 (Treasurer) F.H.A. I Drama Club 3 Forensics 1,4 PEGGY STEFANIK “Richie” National Honor Society 3.4 Girl’s State 3 Senior Class Play 4 Class Officer 1,2 (Treasurer) F.H.A. 1.2,3,4 (Treasurer 4) Library Club 1,3 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 (Vice-President 4) Forensics 1,2.3,4 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4Student Council 4 One-Act Play 1.4 F.F.A. 1,2.3.4 Dramatics Club (Vice-President 4) Newspapci Staff 3.4 Prom Court 3 Chorus 2,3 Forensics 1,2,3 Wrestling I SHHRI ANN WEISS “Midget" One-Act Plays 4 Senior Class Play 4 Class Officer (President 4) F.H.A. 1,2 (Treasurer 3, President 4) Library Club 1.3 Newspaper Staff 3 (Humor Editor 4) Prom Court 3 Chorus 3 Green Lake Delegate 3 SHARI WOOD “Woodic” Student Council (Vice-President 3) Class Officer (Vice-President 1.4) F.H.A. 3 (Historian 4) Library Club (President 2. Vice-President 3) Newspaper Staff 3 (Head Typist 4) Prom Court (Queen 3) Chorus 2,3,4 Unitor Students JHark ifriedrichs JRarsha Huntlrtj Biane ISreijan Ikathij 3Raitkins lleggtj Strfattik JOHN THILL “Thilly” JIM THOMPSON “Tcamson" Class Officer (Vice-President 2) F.F.A. 2.3 (Seminal 4) Chess Club 2 Prom Court 3 Chorus 2,3 Wrestling 1,2.3.4 Cross Country 2.3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 V.-Prcs. S. Wood Treas. M. Friedrich I’rcs. S. Weiss Seer. M. Kopp The Senior Class went to New Orleans for their class trip during the Easter vacation. In order to make our destination. we needed to raise money. Our first money raising project was “Rake Day ', which we held last fall. Then for fun we had a card party. The kids enjoyed it as much as the parents and guests. For the hungry people, we sponsored candy sales at noon hour. Also we had a Chcil supper in January'. The Seniors had two dances for recreation. The first was on November 15 and we featured the “Prodigal Sons." Then on January 17. we had our 1969 Homecoming. The theme was Crimson and Clover. It wasn't Halloween, but we sold brooms anyway. Maybe they bought them for next year. We also sold school sweaters in heather tones. Of course, we can’t forget our Senior Class Play. And the 1969 Comet helped us too. So the Seniors of'69 were very busy. A thank you to all who helped support us in any way and a big thank you to all the kids for their help.— • , ’ I,i J V V lii 5 ': i f Si ■V ■ •'I v vv Yi H f A 11 • L 6 j 7r - ■ Ii ■■ w V ' v , • ' , V k r-W » £ A Ut 4 UNDERCLASSMEN , '•■ Top row M. Glass, J. Coole, J Nicinan. P. Dunphy. Row 2 M. Rood, D. Krueger. D. Dunphy. R. Clark. T. Stephenson. Row 3 B. Laugh ridge, G. Pendergrass, R. Armilage, R. Davis, D. Moulberg. Row 4 J. I'ogle. J. Bacrtschi, J. Maucrman. P. Swanson. Row 5 J. Bon-giorno. B. Voegeli, S. Stcindorf, t. Tway. T. Miller. Row 6 G. Holtsapple, S. Schenk. M. Peterson, i. Mauer-man. J. Atkinson. Row Row 7 C. Durlschi. R. timer, A. Hanson. M. Martini, C. Olson, B. Parker.Trcas.- J. Baertschi Pres.-C. Durtschi Seer.- R. Davis V.-Pres. D. Dunphy (Due jftRore IDear to tl]e @Iop tivities was a dance sponsored early in the year. This was on September 20. 1968 and was a record hop. As a means of earning money for our senior class trip next year, we sold Polliwog candy. We held our annual prom on April 26. 1969. Our advisors were Mr. Thalackcr and Mrs. Rindsig. Mrs. Mason was our advisor for prom.Top row A. Stephenson, H. Klcisch, J. Walmer. D. Heinsohn. Row 2 R. Bellows, J. Dunplty, J. Runaas, S. Rank. C. Keele. Row 3 K. Mauerman, D. Stoehr. V. Kranig, J. Nieman, T. Liebert. R. Briggs. Row 4 M. Krueger, P. Armitage, P. Alexander, C. Elmer, J. Walmer. II. Pa-gel. Row 5 S. Nipple, J. Landis, P. Pryce, K. Blaser. S. Parmer, S. Klossner. Row 6 K. Ilulbert. R. Blumer, D. Ileitzman, S. Mal-eook. K. Atkinson, B. Martin.V.-Prcs.-V. Kranig Scc.-P. Pryce Treas.- D. Stoehr Pres.- J. Ruriaas JHalf 39Uatt tUljere The 1968-1969 year was a busy one for the sophomores. In our class meetings we decided on the following events: a carnival, which we held as freshman and 3gain this year, a car wash, and several bake sales, one of which was held after a basketball game. Our advisors were Mr. Albertson and Mr. Oliver.Top row B. Dixon. D. Golz, N. Stroth-man, A. Patchen, G. Webb. Row 2 J. Schmicdcr, D. Larson, S. Flynn. M. Huffman, R. Blumer. Row 3 S. Slcuri. J. Nipple, B. Hanson, G. Pryce, V. Widmer, P. Phillips. Row 4 S. Spocrry.J. Walmcr, S. Wceden, ('. Zilliox,C. Keelc, J. Hulbert. Row 5 J. Halverson. G. Reasa, C. Colborn, P. Lyle, M. Hill, M. Schmicder, C. Durtschi. Row 6 K. Blascr. J. Martin. K. Binder. J. Mauer-man, J. Runaas. M. Lisser.The freshman class began its climb toward a goal of $400.00 with plans for a series of films to be shown on Saturday afternoon, during the months of January and February. These films were chosen from among the best Walt Disney and other popular movies and were shown at a very reasonable rate. Our class dues helped raise us another step on our ladder toward success. The third step up was the dance we held in the spring. Various minor projects were also to be considered and with hardwork and cooperation our goal was reached.QIahiiian Holiday On the night of April 27,1968. King Jim Frydenlund and Queen Shari Wood reigned at the annual Albany Junior Prom. The members of the court were: Mary Jo Heitzman escorted by Larry Hanson. Susan Durtschi escorted by John Frydenlund. Diane Keegan escorted by Jim Thompson, and Sheri Weiss escorted by John Thill. We also asked Edith Stephan and Hans Kleisch. the ’67 royalty, to be on our court. The gym was decorated in the colors of pink. blue, and yellow. A large tiki was the center of attraction, with a mural surrounding it. Music was provided by the Marvels of Beloit.Peggy Phillips, Joe Dunphy, Peggy Stefanik, Ross Ilalvcr- Flood. Carol Durtschi, Rick Blumcr. son, Brenda Voegeli, Gary Kranig, Julie Halverson. Mike Crimson anti CloserStanding- R. Briggs. P. Armitage. M. Krueger. D. G0I2. A. Patchen, T. Liebert. D. Stoehr. D. Dunphy, H. Kleisch, J. Nieman, A. Runaas, S. Flynn, J. Hulbcrt, K. Binder. J. Mauerman, R. Blunter. J. Walmer. J. Popanz, M. Martini. Mr. Albertson. T. Stephenson. J. Walmer. Sitting J. Thompson, D. Dunphy, G. Hottsapplc, J. Thill, J. fillers 1 The FFA formed a basketball team this year and we feel we were very successful. We also held a Freshman Initiation and a Parent and Son Banquet this past year. Money making projects included a corn drive, a tractor pull, and a horse show. This year the FFA and FHA have been working together. We had a FHA. FFA banquet in November 3nd a dance in February. The dance included a floor show, along with a record hop. The Chapter selected its sweetheart for 1968-69 Mary Martini. Runaas. A. King. G. Klossner. J. Frydenlund. T. Parker, P. Alexander. S. Schenk. P. Dunphy, D. Krueger. M. Flood, R. Clark, G. Pendergrass. D. Houlberg, J. Runaas. J. Mauerman, J. Atkenson, R. Armitage. Kneeling H. Pagel. C. Elmer. J. Dunphy, S. Spocrry, A. Stephenson. J. Walmer. the jloil We worked with the American Legion, planning a cement slab for future tractor pulls. The chapter took a trip to Chicago December 5. 1968 to sec the International Livestock Exposition. FFA officers for 1968-69 are Pres. Gordon Klossner. Vicc-Pres. Jim Atkinson, Secretary Tony Parker, Treasurer John Thill, Reporter Terry Stephenson, and Sentinel Jim Thompson.Standing A. Hanson, P. Liebert, S. Wood, D. Butt, P. Ste-fanik, B. Blumer, D. Keegan, D. Parmer. S. Weiss, V. Kra-nig, Mrs. Rindsig. Row I S. Wecden. K. Blaser, C. Zilliox, K. liulbert, V. Arnntage. K. Biaser, M. Martini, P. Swan- son, K. Atkinson. K. Keclc. Row 2- E. Tway. M. Blumer. J. Bongiorno, T. Miller. M. Kopp, S. Rank. S. Parmer. S. Steindorf. P. Gemplcr. B. Parker. D. Martin. P. Pryce.C. Colborn. JMomemakers This year we had many projects including a bake sale, style show. Forcigh Foods Dinner, and caroling. To unite the FFA and FHA organizations, we planned several activities such 3s a hay ride, a FFA banquet sponsored by the FHA, and a dance. of Homorrohi Our meetings were usually held the first Tuesday of every month. At our October meeting. Initiation for new members was held. To promote our general theme. Jobs, Careers, and You, we attended rallies and planned a rally for our school.Row 1 J. Nicman, P. Pryce. J. Landis. A. Hanson. J. Bon-giorno. Row 2 P. Lyle, J. Nipple. M. Hill. M. Peterson. B. Voegcli. J. Baertschi. Row 3 G. Reasa, R. Elmer. J. Fogle. D. Heit man, T. Miller. C. Durtschi. Standing S. Weiss. J. Runaas. J. Hulbert, G. Pryce, S. Parmer, C. Keele, J. Thill, D. Martin, K. Atkinson. B. Parker. S. Aeschliman, S. Durtschi. C. Durtschi, E. Tway. J. Mauerman, C. Olson, K. Mauerman. D. Stochr. M. Blumer. D. Keegan. P. Gem-peler, V. Kranig, D Houlbcrg. Back Row T. Liebert, R. Halverson. R. Davis. J. Runaas, A. Stephenson. A. Runaas. D. Houlberg. Bramatics This year our meetings were usually held on the 3rd Tuesday night of each month. There was only a couple of exceptions to this and these were our parties. We worked hard this year selling tickets to the one-act plays. We also put on a comedy which went over big. This was to earn money to send a student to a drama clinic held at a university in the summer.Albany High School was again well represented in the forensics contest this year the competition included the drama contest in the fall and the speech contest which was held in the spring. Our students were entered in almost every area open for competition. These included original oratory, interpretative reading of prose, four-minute speeches, play acting and others. 05reat (Drators Row 1 J. Nicman, P. Pryce. J. l ndis, A. Hanson, J. Bon-giorno. Row 2- P. Lyle. J. Nipple, P. Stefanik. M. Peterson, B. Voegcli. J. Bacrtschi. Row 3-G. Reasa. R. Lliner. J. Fogle, D. Heitzman, T. Miller, C. Durtschi. Standing S. Weiss, S. Parmer. M. Kopp. P. Liebert.T. Licbert. J. Thill, R. Halverson, D. Martin. V. Armitage, R. Davis, J. Coolc, J. Runaas. D. Heinsohn, A. Runaas, M. Frederichs. K. Mauerman, A. Stephenson, C. Rankins. D. Stoehr. M. Blunter, V. Kranig, D. Houlberg.Standing R. Halverson, P. Stafanik, S. Wood, S. Weiss. J. Thill. M. Heitzman, D. Dunphy, A. Hanson. M. Friedrich. Row 1—M. Peterson. C. Durtschi. Row 2- B. Voegeli, M. Blunter. B. Laugltridge,T. Liebert. K. Atkinson. Row 3 C. Olson. J. Mauerman, T. Miller, S. Martin. G. Briggs. Row 4 E. Tway, J. Bongiorno, B. Blunter. K. Holtsapple. J. Nieman. Row 5 D. Butt, D. Parmer, V. Armitage. P. Pryce. Row 6-J. Baertschi. P. Gentpeler. B. Parker, S. Steindorf. Tilt PAPER, in its second year, has been successful due to better organization and a reliable staff. Improvements include a different colored front page each issue, and we now have our own office. Due to the cstablish-of an art department, and competent typists with a year of experience, the appearance of our newspaper, has been improved. Wc wish next year's newspaper staff “good luck”, and hope they can come closer to making THE PAPER a vital force at Albany High School. We thank everyone on the staff, our advisor. Mrs Liebig, and all the students who helped us. Editors and Department Heads- - THE PAPER 69 t |3aper Editor Mark Friedrich Layout Editor—Peggy Stcfanik Business David Dunphy News Ann Hanson Features Mary Jo Heitzman Sports John Thill Head Typist—Shari Wood Humor—Sheri Weiss Art Ross HalversonSitting-K. Holtsapplc. V. Armitagc (Art Ed.). D. Butt Blunter, A. Hanson, K. Henningsen. M. licit .man (Ed.). (Layout Ed.). M. Friedrich (Business Ed.). Standing- M. A. King. M. Huntley, B. Voegeli, Abs. J. Baertschi. The “Comet” staff hard at work! Comet producers The Annual Staff hopes the student body of Albany High School enjoys this chronicle of their 1968-69 school year. We hope that in future years these pictures will invoke fond memories and will recall some of the good hours we spent here. As editor. I wish to thank the entire staff, the junior girls as assistant editors, and our advisor for all the hard work they have put into this annual. Row I B. Voegli. C. Durtschi, I . Pryce. M. Kopp. D. Heitzman, M. Blumer. Row 2 P. Lyle. B. Laughridge, J. Bongiorno, B. Hanson. K. Mauerman. C. Olson. M. Perter-son. Row 3 J. Mauerman, J. Nipple. S. Sleuri. P. Swanson, M. Heitzman, J. Nicman, K. Blascr. M. Friedrichs. Row 4 D. Golz, B. Dixon. D. Heinsohn. S. Durtschi. M. Glass. C. Durtschi, S. Aeschlirnan, A. King, P. Phillips, G Holtsapplc. Row 5 Mr. Borgen, T. Liebert, K. Henning-sen. J. Runaas. D. Houlberg. Jacqi Bongiorno. Majorette J$omid of ;$fu0tc Sec.-Treas. M. Peterson Pres.-S. Aeschlirnan V.-Pres. J. BaertschiRow 1 K. Atkinson, M. Kopp, C. Olson, P. Prycc, P. Sle-fanik, S. Martin. S. Parmer. Row 2-G. Briggs, V. Arntit-age, S. Wood. P. Liebett. S. Malcook. S. Klossner. T. Miller, B. Parker. Row 3 T. Stephenson. J. Maucrman, K. Tway, R. Blunter, K. Hulbert. M. Martini. S. Stcindorf, J. Nieman. P. Gempeler. Miss Burnworth. Row 4 J. Mauer-man, J. P'rydenlund, M. Flood, H. KJcisch, D. Dunphy, R. Halverson, G. Kranig, J. Nieman. J. Walmer. 31 |Hear jHustc Wc participated in the Christmas Concert and presented several songs. When Santa Claus arrived in Albany, we caroled downtown. This spring we presented a musical show. Several of our members also participated in the festival. V.-Pres. Peggy Stefanik Pres. Ross I lalverson Scc.-Treas. Gary KranigR. Blumer, K. Mauerman, J. Thill, B. Vocgeli, C. Pryce, M. Huntley, J. Dunphy. C. Durtschi. Student Council The National Honor Society members are seniors who were chosen at the end of their junior year in school. They must maintain at least a B average in their academic studies. Other criteria for the selection of these students arc character, service, leadership, and dependability. D. Keegan, P. Stefanik, M. Friedrich, C. Rankins, M. Huntley. Jionor StudentsStanding J. Thompson. M. Glass, C. Prycc. R. Halverson, G. Kranig, R. Clark, B. Laughridge. G. Klossner. Kneeling A. King, J. Atkinson, J. Thill. J. Frydenlund, D. Dunphy. The Albany High School Lettcrman’s Club was reorganized in 1965 after having been inactive for a number of years. The primary purpose of the “A” Club is to promotr athletics and good sportsmanship at Albany High School. Several fund raising drives have been sponsored since the club was reactivated, and a motion picture camera and projector have been purchased for use in taking and studying game film A definite procedure has been established in each major sport for the procuring of a letter award. This is based on a point system, and when a boy earns the necessary number of points to win a letter he automatically becomes a member of the “A” Club. An example of this is in basketball. where a total of 140 points qualifies a boy for a major letter award. He earns 5 points for each quarter in which he participates, thus earning a letter when he has played in 28 quarters. Hetternmt Basketball, (Cross Country, Crack, ffircetling■Badger (f irl Peggy Stefanik 5puon ® inner Susan Durtschi Badger B ny Mark FrederichMARRIAGE PROPOSAL TAMING OF THE SHREW M. Petersen M. Blumer J. Thill R. Halverson D. Hulbert A. Runaas R. Davis Mrs. Mason C. RankinsMr. Thalacker. Sitting D. Keegan. P. Stefanik, S. Weiss, C. Holtsapplc. P. Licbcrt, S. Martin. M. Kopp, K. Keele, S. Durtschi. Kneeling J. Frydenlund, K. Henningsen, R. Halverson, J. Thill. J. Frydenlund, T. Parker. L. Hanson. G. The play is a farce, with the main plot based on a young man's mistaking a private home for an inn. The comedy arises from mistaken identities, cross-purposes, an intercepted letter and an overheard conversation. The Hardcastle’s are constantly at each other: site wants to move to London where she can sport the new fashions, and he likes the country and all things that are old “old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine, and an old wife.” The young man who makes the mistake is Marlow: He is bashful with virtuous women but quite bold with wom- Klossner, A. Runaas. Standing V. Armitage. D. Parmer, B. Blumer, D. Martin. S. Wood.G. Kranig, J. Popanz, M. Friedrichs. A. Kmg.J. Thompson, M. Huntley. C. Rankins, G. Briggs. D. Butt. M. Heitzman, S. Aeschliman. Ho Conquer by OLIVER GOLDSMITH en of another kind. Miss Hardcastle is mistaken by Marlow for a common barmaid, which sets the course of the play. She set out to continue the delusion to win a handsome, young husband. Miss Lumpkin, the "country bumbkin" keeps things going by impishly misleading Marlow. He is not only comic in himself but the source of comic complications. He is not above playing kicks.on his mother Mrs. Hardcastle. who regards this . "pretty monster as the very pink of perfection.Standing R. Clark, G. Klossner. Mr. White. J. Thompson. B. Laughridge, J. Frydenlund. Kneeling M. Glass, J. Runaas. J. Hulbert. G. Webb. Low back complications prevented Rick Clark from repeating as state CCS champion, but he led the Albany harriers to their second straight Indian Invitational Championship. The team, in a rebuilding year because of heavy graduation losses, boasted another winning season, despite the presence of many newcomers. Clark picked up invitational championships at Verona and Plat tevillc. Gordon Klossner closed out a tremendous high school career with many clutch performances, the most significant being runner-up to Clark in the Platteville Invitational. MEET RESULTS Monroe-24 Monona Grove 38 Albany 64 Albany-20 Belleville-42 Albany-21 Parkview 39 Shawano Invitational 9th (12 teams) Albany Invitational 4th (13 teams) Jefferson Invitational 3rd (9 teams) Indian Invitational 1st (11 teams) Platteville lnvitational-2nd (7 teams) W1AA Regional 3rd tie (10 teams) WIAA Sectional-10th (13 teams) CHross (EountroJ. Runaas, T. Stephenson. R. Clark, R. Halverson, M. B. Laughridge. J. Dunphy, J. Frydcnlund. Flood. G. Kranig. Mr. Foote, A. Stephenson, H. Kleisch. UarsittJ The 1968-1969 version of the Comets has been perhaps the least successful team in many years as far as won-lost records are concerned. As this is written, the record is no wins against 12 losses. Several reasons for this negative record can be given. Hie team was very short on experience, as well as stature. Early in the season two boys quit the squad for personal reasons, while another was disqualified for training discrepancies. Despite the record, the boys gave all they had. and their fight and determination is to be commended.Standing Mr. Zweifel B. Dixon J. Walmer A. Patchcn R. Blumer S. Spoerry J. Maucrman Kneeling D. Golz -D. Heinsohn J. Mauerman S. Flynn J. Hulbert Junior JarsittJ Wrestling Standing M. Glass C. Pryce Mr. Myhre A. Runaas J. Thill Kneeling J. Runaas D. Larson J. Atkinson J. ThompsonVikki Kranig Rhonda Elmer Peggy Pryce Peggy Stefanik Karen Mauerman THE 'COMETS WILL TRAVEL WITH MIGHT Mary Jane Hill. Alternate Shirley Malcook Carol Durtschi Pain Lyle Julie Halverson Peggy PhillipsJUNIOR HIGH A mm Row 1 J. Swanson, D. Elmer, S. Strothman, L. Ostenson, T. Alexander, T. Larson, D. Zilliox. I . Kremskoski, N. Briggs, C. Parker. C. Golz. Row 2 J. Lyle. R. Larson. B. Schmcider. D. Stephenson. K. Blascr, C. Goakey, G. Liss-er, G. Gill, R. James, S. Sellnow. J. Spoerry. Row 3 D. Dowden. M. Voegeli. P. Phillips. K. Kleisch. L. Heinsohn. L. Krupke, D. Reasa. J. Peterson. R. Hill, E. Briggs, G. Keepers. Row 4 T. Runaas. K. Hulbcrt. T. Elmer. G. Atkinson. K. Scherer, J. Staver, C. Martin, M. Sowl. JJuntor Row 1 J. Sarbacker. K. Kopp, J. Spring. J. Dunphy, G. Rank. P. Alderman. H. Davis, B. Hanson. J. Rankins, G. Gibbons. Row 2 G. Miller, T. Clark. D. Acschliman, T. Runaas, S. Flynn. K. Albright. N. Cleaveland. S. Huffman, J Jones. Row 3 J. Kopp. R. Keepers, K. Elmer. R. Miller, G. Parmer. P. Steuri, K. Lyle, K. Blumcr, M. Gookey. J. Tway. Row 4 1). Alderman. J. Gempeler, D. Martin, J Martin. R. Smith, G. Osehncr. Junior 3Htgh Jnstructors Mr. Charles Hallmark Science Elementary Principal Mr. Leon Kanablc Social Studies English Math Mrs. Alice Zimrnerli Mr. Russell QuinnRow 1 D. Dowden, M. Sowl. L. Krupke, K. Kopp. Row 2 K. Albright, C. Gibbons, K. Binder, R. Elmer, R. Larson. T. Runaas. Row 3 D. King, F. Ringhand, D. Black. L Heinsohn. L. Beartschi. R. Flood, L. Schlapbach, R. Smith, J. Pryce. Row 4-D. Schlapbach. K. Henningsen, M Glass, Runaas. (Eadrt Sand (Chprr leaders J. Spoerry J. Gempeler J. Spring J. Dunphy M. VocgeliRow I C. Sowl, P. Steuri. T. Clark. J. Tway, D. Aeschli- Glass. T. Schmeidor. T. Runaas, i. Lyle. Row 3- K. Lyle, man. F. Ringhand. Row 2 K. Baumgartner, S. Flood. M. G. Gibbons. R. Miller. (Urnss (EountrtJ Dan Acschliman, with record-shattering performances, led the Albany Junior High School Cross Country Team to an undefeated season as the squad scored perfect scores of 15 points in each of their three meets. Acschliman set course and meet records at the Albany Invitational (5:38.2); The Indian Invitational (5:35.2); and the Sun Prairie Invitational (5:18.2). Tracy Clark garnered runner-up honors in each of the invitationals, and the two eighth graders will be tough to beat as they move into high school next year. MEET RESULTS ALBANY 15 ALBANY 15 ALBANY-15 SUN PRAIRIE 50 MCFARLAND 50 SUN PRAIRIE 468TH GRADE BASKETBALL Kneeling R. Keepers J. Tway D. Aeschiiinan G. Ochsner T. Clark J. Rankins Standing R. Miller J. Kopp R. Setzer K. Lyle G. Gibbons G. Miller Speed, agility, and experience earmarked the junior high school basketball squad for 1968-69. Although they lacked the tremendous height displayed by the other league teams, they compensated for it with good, sound basketball saavy. Nearly every other team had at least one six-footer while the Comets “big man” stood only live and a half feet tall. This accounted for the 500 season record. Dan Aeschliman provided the majority of the scoring punch with nearly fifteen points per game. He also lead the team in free throw percentage. Tracy Clark was the team leader in field goal percentage. Jim Tway, Kim Lyle, and Gary Gibbons rounded out the “top five." Todd Runaassaw action on both the seventh and eighth grade teams. The seventh graders displayed good size and were never really out of any of their bail games. 7TH GRADE BASKETBALL G. Gill J. Peterson D. Zilliox T. Runaas P. Kremkoski K. Blaser K. Hulbert J. Lvle R. Hill T. AlexanderDistance runners featured the junior high track squad us the tremendous eighth graders prepare to enter high school next fall. For the past four years most of these boys have been getting themselves ready for high school athletics and the high school squad will be much stronger next year for their presence. The strength of these harriers lies in the mile and two-mile, but the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association limits junior high track runners to a half-mile. Lack of size limited the performances this past year but conditioning and technique gave promise of good things to come. Kim Lyle. Ron Setzen. Dan Aeichliman. and Tracy Clark paced the running events while Jim Tway led the field event corps. ®rack Kneeling T. Runaas. T. Clark, D. Aeschliman. J. Lyle. P. zer. R. Miller. J. Peterson, R. Larson, C. Baumgartner. Alderman. Standing B. Hanson. J. Tway. K. Lyle. R. Set-AOTOGKAf' H 4 M K • Is % irr" - rcj a - • vr'. 5 %' y v rrtr V 'TV.''® . ,r‘ Si! 'v •-; %4 h w:4 HT t jM sri l i : . ADVERTISING yCONGRATULATIONS Class of ’69 from yp VARCO-PRUDEIM metal buildings Evansville, Wisconsin and WISCONSIN TANKTAINER FUEL STORAGE SEPTIC TANKS Division of Varco-Pruden, Inc. Evansville, WisconsinCONGRATULATIONS SENIORS -Radies 5lMo Doyon Rayne Complete Line of Building Materials 862-3267 Albany Wisconsin Congratulations Seniors from Krostue Implement Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin 63Nationally Accredited Monticello, Wisconsin S.P.F. Swine Breeding Stock Hampshire, Yorkshire, Duroc BERNARD FRIEDRICH PRYCE BROTHERS Dealers In Livestock Good Luck to the Seniors of 1969 BANK OF BRODHEAD Brodhead, Wisconsin Member of F.D.I.C. Come in and shop Dean and Mary Peterson SOUTH SIDE GROCERY “SERVICE WITH A SMILE” Congratulations Class of 1969 Bulls for rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Albany WisconsinSTUB’S HIDE-A-WAY Serving Tuesday through Sunday Best food available see to appreciate Dayton Wisconsin Congratulations Phone 882-4880 Evansville Wisconsin MONROE LINCOLN PROCESSING IS OUR SPECIALTY MERCURY SALES, INC. FOOTVILLE MEAT CO. Phone 876-3231 Footville, Wisconsin Highway 69 South Phone 325-4145 Monroe WisconsinCompliments of Joseph Huber Brewing Company FRED S ELECTRIC and REFRIGERATION Bulk Cooler Service — Refrigeration Service Electrical Wiring FRED BAERTSCH1 PHONE 862-3893 Albany, Wisconsin Congratulations Monroe Wisconsin BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY Service Security Satisfaction 862-3271 Albany, Wisconsin Seniors of 1969 Congratulations ALVIN KRANIG EXCAVATING CONSTRUCTION Bulldozing 862-3730 Back Hoe Albany, Wisconsin KNIGHT MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Heavy Duty Manure Spreaders Forage Boxes Feeder—Mixer Units Oscillating Tandom Wagons Brodhead Wisconsin TRUMAN E. SHARER Funeral Director 862-3775 Furniture Store 862-3775 Albany Wisconsin MARTINSON IMPLEMENT INC. Farm Equipment Parts Service Accessories Supplies 455-2411 Wisconsin BrooklynBoars and Gilts Purebred Chester White For Sale Allen Myhre 862-3321 Brooklyn HELGESEN'S INC. PONTIAC TRUCKS RAMBLER SCOUT Phone 882-4700 Evansville Wisconsin ARNESON HOERLER Bulk Milk Hauling Footville Wisconsin BRONI-MILLER CO. Buildirrg Supplies General Contracting Decorating Center Phone 325-2117 The Lumber Number Monroe Wisconsin ZWICKER LUMBER CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone 325-9157 1514 17th St. 350—21st Street MONROE, WISCONSIN 53566 Monroe Wisconsin BOBER S BADGER PAINT STORE Home of Mastercraft Paints 1623 10th Street Monroe, Wisconsin BRENNAN'S CERTIFIED SUPER MARKET We Buy Direct—You Buy For Less Phone 325-4433 DEAN'S DAIRY PRODUCTS Buy Them From Your Favorite Food Store Monroe Wisconsin Compliments of FRITO LAY. INC. Monroe Wisconsin ALBANY HARDWARE APPLIANCES Plumbing—Heating—Wiring T.V. and Radio Repair Phone 862-3209 Albany, Wisconsin ALBANY SUPER MARKET Says to All Graduates Education is the Key to Success and Super Market Shopping is the Key to Real Savings Daniel Weber. Prop. WAYNE ALBERTSON, SR. Auctioneer ATTICA GARAGE Albany, Wisconsin Arthur Keehan, Proprietor Phone 862-3532 Albany, Wisocnsin Compliments of BANK OF ALBANY Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albany, Wisconsin BOWMAN’S BARBER SHOP For Men and Boy’s Albany, Wisconsin Registered Chester White Boars Gilts For Sale at all Times CENTER TAVERN FAY BREWERS Phone 862-3716 Albany, Wisconsin Gary Geno’s Sandwiches, Cheese, and Pizza THE DEHMERS Dan Dee Nursery Rexall Drugs Albany, Wis. 53502 862-3277 FRITZ FARM SUPPLY Kast—Rite Silos Feed—Easy Badger Equipment Fritz Schlapbach Albany. Wisconsin HEIN FRANCIS Albany’s - Home Owned - Independent Grocery “Just Everyday Low Prices" JONES TEXACO SERVICE Greasing—Washing Tires—Batteries Albany, Wisconsin MAPLE LEAF CHEESE CO-OP Swiss-Brick-Muenster Cheeses Albany, Wisconsin McNESS PRODUCTS LeRoy Butt Albany, Wisconsin Phone 862-3335 APCO MANUFACTURING CO. INC. 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It can be yours with the Compliments of TEALES AUTO SERVICE Wisconsin Telephone Company An Equal Opportunity Employer Male and Female Albany Wisconsin 862-3549 BRODHEAD Independent Register Johnson’s Fruit Stand Kay Ann’s Ladies Fashions Pierce Furniture Mart Pierce Hardware Sheldon-Zimmerman Bancroft Dai Stairs Sentry Market Stuessy Clinic Vern’s Shoe Box BROOKLYN Brooklyn State Bank EVANSVILLE Erstad Insurance Agency Evansville Veterinary Hospital Mr. Jack’s Salon Samuel S. Sorkin, M.D. MONROE Burkhard Electric Co. Gempeler’s Shopping Center Lanz Insurance Monroe Bakery Monroe Music Company Pace Setter Shoes Rosa Star Flower Shop Ruf’s Confectionery Solomon Auto Parts Co. Inc. Swiss-Aire Motel Village Gardener MONTICELLO Tom’s Barber Shop Voegeli Chevrolet Buick OREGON Reeve Jeweler The Senior Class of 1969 wishes to thank all the sponsors who helped to make this “Comet” possible. 77" itw rTi- .IV- J U 1" •:?n V,. i? •: • ■%■. . V .. } . w4 ' •• • !A%’» k JU3£ P ■; v-V. ‘ . .1 }V » ♦Vv Efem l • . :v°- . „► M'TfT ivj. UV ' •■ • .I 'v • ■ ' -: .• ;! ' i • I 'K; V « .. «V •• T.- ' . % , ...... - : • ,r, ■"•• ••v '»rr%jc - " ' V ‘ " - . • , . ; •' -• v W jf L • . ji II 4 rr y v 'M- vV.f " ji ft ' t; m nt vpfc- v" • , f wr, . i k 4 V M

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