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COMET ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY, WISC. EDITOR RHONDA BLUMER ASST. EDITOR PATTI HEINMEMORIAM Death’s but a path that must be trod. If man would ever pass to God. Thomas Parnell The senior class hopes that this “67 Comet will help preserve the memory of our friend and fellow classmate, Joseph Schwartzlow. Born on November 12, 1947, his untimely death came on January 16, 1965, while we were sophomores.  DEDICATION We, the graduating class of 1967, are proud to dedicate this annual, the ’67 COMET to Mrs. Oliver in appreciation of all the time and effort she has spent on us. Mrs. Oliver has always strived to make us better individuals, whether in speech forensics, mathematics, or outside the classroom. Thank you again, Mrs. Oliver, for your assistance and guidance during the pastCOMET STAFF SEATED: T. Olson, S. King, R. Wyss, D. Martin, R. Blumer, P. Hein, K. Dunphy, M. Spencer, C. Dunphy. ROW 2: M. Parker, D. Dixon, T. Durtschi, G. Voegli, B. Whitehead. G. Waterman. Mrs. McGinnis, K. Keller, J. Zurfluh, D. Dunphy, G. Pryce, B. Baumgartner. ABSENT: B. Laughridge. With this edition of the COMET, we, the seniors, hope that it will bring pleasure to it’s readers in future years and a reminder of the class of '67. As editor of this year's COMET, I want to thank our advisor, Mrs. Ruth McGinnis, for ail the time and effort she has given to help us prepare the annual. I also want to thank my able annual staff and anyone who helped with the '67 COMET. Best of luck to the '68 COMET staff. RHONDA BLUMERPRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Various schemes to set the world right have been pushed with great and sincere effort, and many not without value and not without temporary success. In general, such movements have relied upon regimentation of the masses and restrictions of individual liberties. They have failed because human nature abhors regimentation and desires liberties. No plan of regimentation can fully replace Individuals responsibility. Education, rather than regimentation, offers the greatest promise. Today the sad situation is the lack of concern and the lack of interest and effort to find solutions for the ills and weaknesses that beset us. Education cannot solve all problems. Youth can. Education should try to get youth in a frame of mind to be self-reliant; each to solve his own problems and help others solve theirs. Dallas E. Briggs. PrincipalBOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Mr. Lawrence Dunphy, President; Mr. G. E. Heitzman, Clerk: Mr. Arthur Houlberg, Member. STANDING: Mrs. Ruth Whalen, Treasurer; Mr. Dallas E. Briggs, Supervising Principal; Mrs. MarySowl. Member.FACULTY ’67 MRS. LANZ Band MR. WHITE Physical Education Driver Education Assistant Coach MRS. MASON English French Freshman Advisor MRS. OLIVER Mathematics Speech ForensicsMISS KIKLAS Art MR. THALACKER Science Junior Advisor MR. HEFFERNAN Agriculture Sophomore Advisor MISS COOPER Home Economics MRS. MC GINNIS Business Senior AdvisorMRS. KISLIA Chorus General Music MISS DIAZ, Spanish Title I Teacher MR. FOOTE Social Studies Head Coach MRS. MITCHELL Physical Education No Picture Available MRS. LIEBIG English LibrarySTUDENT COUNCIL Clare Pryce Susan Aeschliman Marla Briggs Tom Durtschi John Sloe hr Rhonda Elmer Dahla Dixon Gordon Klossner NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ray Wyss Rhonda Blumer Pani HeinBUS DRIVERS Mrs. Blumer. Mrs. Rankins, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Swartz. Mr. Briggs. Mr. Baertschi. Rev. Hahn. Mr. Tway. ABSENT: Mr. Butts. COOKS Mrs. Phillips. Mrs. Halverson. Mrs. Thurman. Mrs. Thornton. i CAFETERIA HELP G. Briggs. R. Briggs. M. Best. V. Armitage. J. Asmus. JANITORS Mr. Pryce. Mr. Tway. ABSENT: Mr. Jones.RUTH A. ATKINSON Pooch ie Small, but so Is dynamite.DONNA J. BEYER Cuz In school she's shy and demure--outside we're not so sure. RHONDA L. BLUMER Johnnie In scholarship she heads the list, she has brains others missed. KRIS BLUMER Kris Why teachers turn gray. PEGGY J. COLBORN Peg- Sweet. petite, nice and neat. DAHL A J. DIXON Dixie-Cup A lively person with a friendly way. a sense of humor and always gay. CONSTANCE J. DUNPHY Connie Full of fun and mischief too. doing things she likes to do. RICHARD C. DUNPHY Dick 'Although my schooling has done me no harm. I feel much safer on the farm. JAMES A. DAVIS Jim A car. a car. a kingdom for a car. THOMAS H. DURTSCHI Tom A smile for every fellow, and two for every girl.” PATRICIA A. HEIN Pat Her hean is like the moon--there's always a man in it. ROGER E. FRIEDRICH Roge I'm just a country gentleman now. but someday I’ll be a Woman's Home Companion. JERRY P. HOLTSAPPLE Rouch •• President of the Boredof Education.VINCENT R. JANES Baboon Farmers were the founders of civilization. KENNETH L. KELLER Kenny Shy, but the girls won't let me. ROBERT D. KEELE Toad I fell on my head when I was young but it didn't affect me, didn't affect me, didn't affect me. SHARON A. KING Meat What a combination; redhair and a pleasant disposition. THEODORE T. KREMKOSKI Ted If I ever find love. I’ll put it in a test-tube. ■ DIANNE L. MARTIN Dide Activities, studies, social whirl, all belong to this charming girl. BARBARA J. LAUGHRIDGE Barb All great women are dead -- I don't feel so well myself. SANFORD L. MOORE Sandy I call it driving, but my friends call it madness. TERESA D. OLSON Terri Rain or shine, she’s never on time. GREGORY L. FRYCE Greg All girls are in despair to find out how he waves his hair. MILO G. PARKER Mr. Paka Not too bold, not too shy, just a happy medium guy. DAVID L. SCHENK Dave Whoever divided the week into schooldays and weekends sure did a messy job. DOUGLAS G. SCHILLER H Doug Of all lovers, he is king. MERLIN R. TEMPLETON Butch What! No girls in heaven? Then leave me here! NEIL P. STEFA NIK Spud What is life without a little mischief. EUGENE R. VOEGEU Gene I put my troubles in a pocket with a hole in it. GEORGIA J. WATERMAN George” Not too serious, not too gay, but just right in every way. RAY A. WYSS Ra by-Baby Wise and Lengthwise. GLORIA M. VOEGELI Gloria It's nice to be natural, when you’re naturally nice. I'm the patient type, where's the nurse? JOHN F. ZURFLUH Hans Dennis Nipple Jeanette Mathews Donald Murphy (No Pictures Available) SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ray Wyss, Treasurer; Roger Friedrich, Vice-President; Terri Olson, President; Patti Hein, Secretary. CLASS MOTTO: OUR KNOWLEDGE IS OUR POWER AND GOD OUR STRENGTH CLASS COLORS: GOLD AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER: WHITE ROSE COMMENCEMENT: JUNE 2. 1967 SENIOR CLASS TRIP: NEW YORK CITY VALEDICTORIAN: RAY WYSS SALUTATORIAN: RHONDA BLUMER HONOR STUDENTS: PATTI HEIN GEORGIA WATERMANSENIOR ACTIVITIES ASMUS, JUNE M.: Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,2,3; Library Club 4; Reading Club 4. ATKINSON, RUTH A.; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,2; Library Club 4; Band 1,2; Pep Band 2; Reading Club 4. BAUMGARTNER, BETTE L.: Betty Crocker Homemaker 4; Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 4, (Student Director); Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,3,4; Library Club 3; Creative Writing Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; Homecoming Court 1; Chorus 4; Reading Club 4, (President); Pep Club 1. BEST, MELVIN H.: One-Act Plays 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Math For Fun Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Forensics 2, 3,4. BEYER, DONNA J.: Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,2; Library Club 4. BLUMER, KRIS; One-Act Plays 2.4; Senior Class Play 4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Boys Chef 3; Band 1; Pep Band 1; Chorus 3; Basketball 2. BLUMER, RHONDA L.: National Honor Society 3,4; Girls State 3; Annual Staff 3, (Jr. Editor); 4, (Sr. Editor); One-Act Plays 2,4; Senior Class Play 4; Class Officer 1,2, (President); 4, (Reporter); FHA 1,2,3, (Parliamentarian); 4, (Historian); Library Club 1,2,3; Dramatics Club 2,3; 4, (Secretary); Homecoming Court 1; Prom Queen 3; Band 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Chorus 4; Forensics 2,4; Reading Club 4; Pep Club 1. COLBORN, PEGGY J.; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 4; Library Club 4; Reading Club 4. DAVIS, JAMES; Senior Class Play 4; Boys Chef 4; Chorus 4; Transfer Student 3. DIXON, DAHLA J.: Student Council 4, (Secretary); Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 2, 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,4; Library Club 1,2,3; Dramatics 3,4, (President); Band 1,2,3,4, (President); Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2,3,4; Pep Club 1; Reading Club 4. DUNPHY, CONSTANCE J.: Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 4; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,2,4; Library Club 1,2,3; Creative Writing Club 2; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; Chorus 4; Reading Club 4; Pep Club 1. DUNPHY, RICHARD C.: Student Council 1,2, (Vice-President); Annual Staff 4; Senior Class Play 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Boys Chef 4; Prom Court 3. DURTSCHI, THOMAS H.: Student Council 4, (President); Spade Winner 3; Annual Staff 4; FFA 2,3, (Secretary); 4, (Vice-President); Chess Club 4; Boys Chef 3; Homecoming Court 4; Prom Court 3; Chorus 3,4; Male Quartet 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 4; Letterman Club 4, (President). FRIEDRICH, ROGER E.; Senior Class Play 4; Class Officer 3,4, (Vice-President); FFA 2,3,4, (Treasurer); Boys Chef 3,4; Prom King 3; Chorus 3,4; Boys Glee Club 3,4. HEIN, PATTI A.: National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 3, (Vice-President); Spoon Winner 3; Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 2; Senior Class Play 4; Class Officer 1,2,4, (Secretary); FHA 1, 2,4; Dramatics Club 2,3,4, (Treasurer); Prom Court 3; Band 1,2; Pep Band 2; Chorus 4, (Secretary); Cheerleader 1; Reading Club 4; Pep Club 1. HOLTSAPPLE, JERRY P.: Senior Class Play 4; FFA 2,3,4; Boys Chef 3; Chorus 3. JANES, VINCE R.: One-Act Plays 4; Senior Class Play 4; FFA 1,2,3, (Sentinel);4, (Reporter): Chorus 4; Basketball 1; Letterman Club 4; Wrestling 2,3,4. KEELE, ROBERT: Senior Class Play 4; Chess Club 1,2,4; Math For Fun Club 1; Baseball 1; Wrestling 1.2. KELLER, KENNY L.: Boys State 3; Senior Class Play 4; Class Officer 1,3, (Treasurer); 2, (Vice-President); Boys Chef 3; Homecoming Court 1,2,4, (King); Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 3; Track 3,4; Letterman Club 4. KING, SHARON A.: Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 4; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,3,4; Library ClubSENIOR ACTIVITIES 3,4; Prom Court 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3; Chorus 4; Cheerleader 4; Reading Club 4; Pep Club 1. KREMKOSK1, TED T.: One-Act Plays 4; Senior Class Play 4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Math For Fun Club 1,2,3,4; Creative Writing Club 4; Dramatics Club 4; Cross Country 4; Track 3,4; Letterman Club 4. LAUGHR1DGE, BARBARA J.: Annual Staff 4; One-Act Play 3, (Student Director); Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2,3,4; Creative Writing Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4, (Student Director); Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2,4; Forensics 2,3,4; Pep Club 1. MARTIN, DIANNE L.: Student Council 1; Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 4, (Student Director); FHA 2,3,4, (Secretary); Library Club 3,4; Prom Court 3; Chorus 4; Reading Club 4; Pep Club 1. MATHEWS, JEANETTE: Senior Class Play 4; Transfer Student 4. MOORE. SANFORD L.: Senior Class Play 4; FFA 2,3,4; Transfer Student 1. MURPHY , DON: Senior Class Play 4; Transfer Student 4. NIPPLE, DENNIS: Chorus 3; Senior Class Play 4. OLSON, TERESA D.: Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 2,3; Class Officer 3, (Secretary), 4, (President); FHA 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1,2,3; Creative Writing Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Queen 4; Prom Court 3; Band 1,2; Pep Band 2; Chorus 4; Foernsics 2,3,4; Cheerleader 1, 4. PARKER, MILO G.: Annual Staff 4; Senior Class Play 4; FFA 2,3,4; Chess Club 4; Boys Chef 4; Chorus 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1; Track 2. PRYCE, GREG L.: Annual Staff 4; Senior Class Play 4; FFA 2,3,4; Boys Chef 4, (Secretary); Chorus 3,4; Male Quartet 3,4; Basketball 4; Baseball 4. SCHENK, DAVID L.: Senior Class Play 4; Chess Club 1; Dramatics Club 2; Chorus 4; Wrestling 1; Cross Country 1; Track 2. SCHILLER, DOUGLAS: Senior Class Play 4; Chorus 4; Transfer Student 3. STEFANIK, NEIL P.: Senior Class Play 4; FFA 1,2,4, 3, (Reporter); Chess Club 3,4; Boys Chef 3; Homecoming Court 3; Chorus 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Cross Country 4; Letterman Club 4. TEMPLETON, MERLIN R.: One-Act Plays 4, (Stage Manager); Senior Class Play 4; FFA 3; Boys Chef 3; Prom Court 3; Chorus 3,4, (President); Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Letterman Club 4. VOEGELI, EUGENE R.: Senior Class Play 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Chorus 3; Transfer Student 2. VOEGELI, GLORIA M.: Annual Staff 4; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 2,4; Library Club 4; Reading Club 4; Transfer Student 2. WATERMAN, GEORGIA J.: Annual Staff 4; One-Act Plays 4; Senior Class Play 4; FHA 3,4; Library Club 3; Chess Club 4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Chorus 4; Forensics 4; Reading Club 4, (Secretary-Treasurer); Transfer Student 3. WYSS, RAY A.: National Honor Society 3,4; Boys State 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Class Play 4; Class Officer 2,4, (Treasurer); 3, (President); Library Club 3; Chess Club 1,2,3,4, (President); Boys Chef 3; Math For Fun Club 1,3,4; 2, (Secretary-Treasurer); Creative Writing Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 3; Forensics 2,4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1. ZURFLUH, JOHN F.: Student Council 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Class Play 4; Class Officer 1, (Vice-President); FFA 2, (Secretary); 3, (Vice-President); 4, (President); Chess Club 2; Boys Chef 3,4; Prom Court 3; Chorus 3,4, (Treasurer).(LtdeadaMMestROW 1: B. Keele, B.Dodd, A. Runass, R. Briggs, B. Jacobs, D. Cleaveland, J. Stoehr, H. Klcisch, R. Kopp. ROW 2: C. Janes, R. Lynch, E. Stephen, J. Schwartzlow, K. Dunphy, M. Spencer. C. Frydenlund, M. Briggs, N. Briggs, J. Jones, D. Martin. ROW 3: D. Atkinson. K. Malcook, L. Nipple, P. Schlapbach, J. Gressman, D. Ruef, K. Bell, K. Schlap-bach, B. Whitehead. ROW 4: E. Tway, T. Bell, M. Spoerry, T. Minder, K. Schmieder, R. Blumer, G. Armitage. JUNIOR CLASS AND OFFICERS Vice-Pres: B. Dodd President: K. Dunphy Treasurer: E. Tway Secretary: R. LynchROW 1: R. Erickson, P. Henningsen, J. Frydenlund, R. Halverson, D. Dunphy, J. Thompson, J. Frydenlund, J. Thill, S. Schenk, A. King, T. Wyss. ROW 2: B. Blumer, P. Stefanik, N. Beyer, C. Bellows, M. Kopp, V. Armitage, S. Martin, K. Holtsapple, S. Weiss, S. Aeschliman. ROW 3: B. Nipple, C. Rankins, P. Liebert, D. Martin, D. Keegan, S. Wood, P. Gempler, M. Drye, M. Heitzman, S. Bnrtschi. ROW 4: K. Henningsen, M. Friedrick, L. Pense, Mr. Heffernan, G. Briggs, V. Artz, D. Parmer, A.Runaas, G. Klossner, T. Parker. SOPHOMORE CLASS AND OFFICERS Secretary: V. Artz Treasurer: P. Stefanik President: T. Wyss Vice-Pres: J. ThompsonROW 1: J. Atkinson, R. Davis, B. Heffner, D. Krueger, M. Flood, J. Mauerman, D. Zurfluh, P. Armi tage, R. Webb, T. Stephenson. ROW 2: J. Bongiorno, B. Parker, S. Gempler, S. Steindorf, J. Baertschi, C. Durtschi, M. Klapper, M. Petersen, P. Swanson, M. Martini, M. Blumer, B. Voegeli. ROW 3: J. Walmer, C. Pryce, D. Houlberg, B. Laughridge, J. Coolc, R. Erickson. M. Glass. R. Clark, D. Dunphy. G. Holtsapple, P. Dunphy. ROW 4: T. Miller, J. Mauerman, R. Elmer, E. Tway, C. Olson. P. Kremkoski, C. Broughton, R. Sar-backer, S. Cleaveland, G. Pendergrass, J. Krieger. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Treasurer: E. Tway Secretary: M. Martini President: M. Blumer Vice-Pres: J. BaertschiAcUuitfato I lli nr.l A r»fM( I'u.mii ■ nr : |f j ; • : ' • i 1 J . •I J . . Jl • • 1,CAMELOT On May 7, 1966, Roger Friedrich and Queen Rhonda Blumer reigned at die annual Albany Junior Prom. The Grade School Gym was decorated in the colors of gold and white. A castle, drawbridge, pillars, and flowers carried out the theme of CAMELOT and die music was provided by the Townsmen of Madison. At 10:00 P.M. King Roger crowned Rhonda as his Queen. Members of their court were Sharon King escorted by Thomas Durtsclii, Patti Hein escorted by John Zurfluli, Dianne Martin escorted by Richard Dun-phy Jr., and Teresa Olson escorted by Merlin Templeton. Our princess Dawn Martin was escorted by Jerry Voegeli.HOMECOMING ’67 Rick Clark. Cindy Durtschi; David Dunphy, Mary Lynn Martini; Queen, Teresa Olson, King, Ken Keller; Kathy Dunphy, Tom Durtschi; Susie Aeschiiman, Keith Malcook. ’’TASTE OF HONEY QUEEN TERRI KING KENNYTEAMSENIOR CLASS PLAY HILLBILLY WEDDIN’ Our Senior play was an extremely funny farce of hillbilly life. Paw Belsnickle is a man with a problem. Rather SIX problems--in the form of six unmarried daughters. Juney Lou, his third daughter, is a pretty girl and wants to marry Homer Upchlager. Since he wants to marry her, at first glimpse the solution may seem simple. But no! Maw Belsnickle has decided Juney Lou cannot be married until Ceelie, a ripe old nineteen, and Bonnie Mae, the bookworm, are safely married off. She elects Paw to get husbands for them. Paw takes his shotgun off the wall with a very simple method of procuring the necessary husbands in mind. It was a merry mix-up from then on; but everything ends well for all.THREE-ONE ACT PLAYS THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST G. Waterman D. Dixon B. Baumgartner Mrs. Liebeg J. Coole C. Pryce P. Henningsen THE UGLY DUCKLING (Winner) M. Spencer C. Dunphy T. Kremkoski P. Kremkoski P. Schlapbach V. Janes D. Martin L. Nipple ABSENT: Mrs. Mason THE DOCTOR’S DUTY M. Heitzman K. Blumer Mrs. Oliver S. Aeschliman K. Schlapbach S. King H. Kleisch R. Blumer M. Best T. OlsonFLUTE Mary Kopp Peggy Prycc Marla Blumcr Donna Heitzman Karen Mauerman Margaret Petersen Cindy Olson OBOE Jackie Gressman CLARINET Brenda Voegeli Cindy Durtschi Jan Baertschi Jackie Bongiorno Diane Stoehr Cathy Frydenlund Bill Laughridge Janet Mauerman Penny Swanson Jocelyn Nipple BASS CLARINET Nancy Briggs BARITONE Sharon King Randy Blumer TIMPANI Jim Runaas TROMBONE Susan Durtschi David Heinsohn Duane Bell Billy Dixon Danny Golz ALTO SAXOPHONE Dahla Dixon Shirley Steindorf TENOR SAXOPHONE Kenlyn Blaser ALTONIUM Mary Martini BASSOON Barbara Laughridge BARITONE SAXOPHONE Mark FriedrichCORNET Dennis Ruef Susie Aechliman Alan King Mike Glass Kenneth Schlapbach Gene Holtsapple FRENCH HORN Mary Jo Heitzman TUBA Keith Henningsen PERCUSSION Dean Houlberg Karen Pitman Jon Runaas ALBANY SENIOR BANDBAND OFFICERS Dahla Dixon Randy Blumer Jackie Gressman ■ CHORUS OFFICERS John Zurfluh Patti Hein Teresa Olson Merlin Templeton SEXTET Susie Aeschliman Sharon King Mary Jo Heitzman Dennis Ruef Keith Henningsen Susan Durtschi QUARTET Jackie Bongiorno Brenda Voegli Jan Baertschi Cindy Durtsclii MAJORETTE Jackie BongiornoDO-RE-MI SOPRANOS Vicki Armitage Rhonda Blumer Jackie Bongiomo Glenda Briggs Connie Dunphy Kathy Dunphy Susan Durtschi Mary Jo Heitzman Diane Keegan Sharon King Mary Kopp Barbara Laughridge Debbie Martin Dianne Martin Barbara Nipple Teresa Olson Diane Parmer Janet Schwartzlow Peggy Stetanik Elizabeth Tway Shari Wood Georgia Waterman ALTOS Susan Aeschliman Bette Baumgartner Nancy Beyer Beth Blumer Jackie Gressman Patti Hein Connie Janes Pam Liebert Shirley Steindorf Edith Stephan Penny Swanson Cindy Olson Mary Martini John Thill Jim AtkinsonTENOR John Zurfiuh Merlin Templeton Dennis Ruef Ross Halverson Randy Blumer Ken Schlapbach Jim Davis Jim Frydenlund Jim Thompson Butch Jacobs Neil Stefanik Mike Spoerry Dennis Nipple Milo Parker Tony Parker Claire Pryce Dale Atkinson Steve Schenk David Schenk BASS Dennis Cleaveland Terry Minder Doug Schiller Arlie Runaas Alvin Runaas Larry Nipple Greg Pryce Roger Friedrich Mark Friedrich John Stoehr Vincent Janes Tom Durtschi Ronald BriggsTRIPLE TRIO OCTET ROW 1: T. Olson, S. King, S. Aeschiiman. ROW 2: M. Kopp, S. Steindorf, S. Wood. ROW 3: M. Heitzman, S. Durtschi, F. Stefanik. DRAMA CLUB SEATED: C. Frydenlund, R. Lynch, G. Waterman, V. Armitage, P. Gempeler, P. Schlapbach, C. Dun-phy, D. Dixon, M. Spencer. KNEELING: T. Olson, K. Dunphy, P. Hein, R. Blumer, C. Janes, J. Gress-man, M. Heitzman, S. Aeschiiman. STANDING: T. Kremkoski, B. Laughridge, A. King, D. Houlberg, M. Best, M. Glass, B. Jacobs, D. Atkinson, K. Schlapbach, R. Erickson, P. Kremkoski. ABSENT: B. Laughridge. ROW 1: M. Freidrich, G. Pryce, K. Schlapbach. ROW 2: L. Nipple, H. Kleisch, C. Pryce, R. Blumer. ABSENT: T. Durtschi.READING CLUB SEATED: T. Olson, M. Spencer, J. Gressman, D. Keegan, R. Wyss, M. Friedrich. ROW 2: G. Waterman, C. Dunphy, B. Baumgartner, P. Schlapbach, D. Dixon, J. Asmus. ROW 3: B. Dodd, J. Coole, G. Voegeli, P. Colborn, B. Keele, T. Wyss. STANDING: S. King, D. Martin, R. Blumer, K. Dunphy, P. Hein. LIBRARY CLUB SEATED: R. Lynch, P. Colborn, K. Dunphy, M. Spencer, D. Martin, G. Voegeli, M. Glass, B. Heffner, S. Steindorf, C. Janes. ROW 2: C. Olson. B. Dodd, S. Schenk, S. Durtschi, C. Frydenlund, S. Gem-peler, M. Briggs, D. Beyer, J. Asmus, S. King, S. Aeschliman, B. Laughridge, S. Wood, J. Bongiorno, N. Beyer, B. Keele, J. Swartzlow, J. Gressman, J. Coolc, P. Kremkoski.BOVS’ CHEF ROW 1: R. Briggs. D. Atkinson, B. Jacobs, D. Cleaveland, H. Kleisch, G. Pryce, J. Zurfluh. R. Friedrich, J. Davis, R. Dunphy. MATH FOR FUN CLUB ROW Is R. Wyss, B. Whitehead, T. Kremkoski, R. Blumer, G. Arinitage, B. Dodd. ROW 2: K. Schlap-bach, K. Bell, M. Best, H. Kleisch, K. Schmieder.FHA SEATED: R. Lynch, C. Janes, C. Frydenlund, B. Laughridge, J. Gressman, J. Asm us, N. Briggs, M. Briggs, D. Martin, B. Baumgartner, D. Dixon, C. Dunphy. STANDING: Miss Cooper, P. Schlapbach, S. King, R. Blumer, S. Durtschi, T. Olson, K. Dunphy, D. Martin, P. Colborn, G. Voegeli, P. Hein, J. Jones. SEATED: S. Durtschi, M. Peterson, J. Baertschi, C. Durtschi, M. Blumer. B. Voegeli, J. Mauerman, E. Tway, R. Elmer, B. Parker, S. Gempeler, M. Kopp. STANDING: S. Aeschliman, M. Heitzman, P. Stcfanik, D. Parmer, P. Licbert, D. Keegan, N. Beyer, S. Weiss, Miss Cooper.FFA SEATED: A. King, G. Pendergrass, D. Dunphy, J. Thompson, N. Stefanik, T. Minder, D. Atkinson, T. Parker, A. Runaas, G. Holtsapple, B. Jacobs, R. Friedrich. R. Dunphy, S. Moore, J. Zurfluh, R. Briggs, R. Clark, A. Runaas, R. Armitage, T. Stephenson, P. Henningsen. STANDING: J. Thill, R. Weff, G. Pryce, R. Erickson. M. Spoerry, D. Dunphy, P. Dunphy, T. Durtschi. J. Stoehr. LETTERMEN CLUB ROW 1: T. Minder, M. Spoerry, C. Broughton, J. Thill. K. Malcook, R. Kopp. ROW 2: M. Templeton, J. Thompson, R. Clark, G. Armitage, K. Keller, D. Rucf, E. Tway. ROW 3: L. Nipple, T. Krem koski, J. Stoehr. ABSENT: T. Durtschi.CHESS CLUB SEATED: R. Blumer, G. Waterman, T. Kremkoski, T. Wyss, J. Coole, R. Erickson, B. Dodd. B. Laugh-ridge. STANDING: C. Olson, J. Bongiomo, C. Frydenlund, T. Durtschi, R. Lynch, J. Stoehr, C. Janes, P. Schlapbach, R. Wyss, P. Kremkoski, B. Keele, N. Stefanik, J. Gressman, G. Armitage, B. Whitehead, M. Glass. FORENSICS ROW 1: B. Laughridge, J. Thill, M. Spencer, C. Frydenlund, P. Stefanik, B. Liebert, B. Parker. ROW 2: T. Olson, T. Bell, B. Laughridge, R. Blumer, M. Friedrich, K. Schlapbach, K. Henningscn, P. Gcmp-eler. ROW 3: R. Blumer, D. Dixon, L. Nipple, G. Waterman, G. Veogcli. ROW 4: P. Kremkoski, R. V yss, M. Best, J. Coole.BADGER GIRL Rhonda Blumer BADGER BOYS Kenny Keller Ray Wyss FFA SWEETHEART Kathy Dunphy SPOON WINNER SPADE WINNERVvViW J wMmmm pH WiMSmimVARSITY CHEERLEADERS Marla Briggs Peggy Stefanik Kathy Dunphy Terri Olson Susie Aeschliman JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Cindy Durtschi Jackie Bongiomo Rhonda ElmerB-TEAM CAGERS R. Halverson, J. Frydenlund. T. Parker, R. Clark, D. Dunphy, R. Kopp, Mr. White, A. King. L. Nipple, B. Jacobs, P. Kremkoski, K. Schlapbach, B. Laughridge, D. Dunphy.GO! FIGHT! WIN! G. Armitage, T. Minder, K. Malcook, J. Stoehr, G. Pryce, T. Durtschi, Mr. Foote, T. Wyss, D. Ruef, M. Templeton, E. Tway, N. Stefanik, K. Keller. VARSITY COMETSBASEBALL SLUG IT SEATED: M. Spoerry, R. Halverson, D. Dunphy, T. Parker, C. Broughton, R. Clark. KNEELING: . Thompson, G. Pryce, G. Armitage, K. Keller, D. Ruef, T. Minder. STANDING: R. Blumer, M. Templeton, L. Nipple, Mr. Foote, E. Tway, J. Stoehr. WRESTLING PIN HIM KNEELING: H. Kleisch, A. Runaas, J. Thompson, R. Blumer, D. Atkinson, K. Bell. STANDING: J. Atkinson, M. Glass, M. Flood, T. Kremkoski, R. Erickson, G. Klossner, Mr. Thalacker.TRACK KNEELING: D. Dunphy, C. Broughton, K. Keller, D. Ruef. J. Thompson. STANDING: Mr. White, B. Jacobs. D. Atkinson, R. Kopp, J. Stoehr, E. Tway, G. Klossner, T. Kremkoski. R. Clark, T. Wyss. CROSS COUNTRY KNEELING: R. Clark, Mr. White, R. Kopp. STANDING: G. Klossner, M. Spoerry. D. Ruef, T. Durt -schi, N. Stefanik, T. Kremkoski, J. Thompson, J. Frydenlund, M. Flood, C. Broughton.SPORTS SNAPSGRADE BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 1: G. Davis. S. Spoerry, K. Binder, M. Huffman, S. Flynn, J. Mauerman, L. Liebert. ROW 2: J. Runaas, B. Dixon, D. Golz, A. Patchen, G. Webb, J. Hulbert, R. Blumer. ROW 3: H. Armitage, J. Dunphy, H. Kleisch, J. Walmer, M. Alderman, J. Runaas, Mr. Quinn. GRADE CHEERLEADERS K. Mauerman P. Pryce K. Vocgeli S. Malcook J. HalversonEIGHTH ROW 1: J. Landis, S. Nipple, R. Blumer, K. Atkinson, J. Armitage, T. Liebert, P. Alexander. ROW 2: Mrs. Zimmerli, K. Schneeberger, K. Hulbert, D.Heitzman, S. Malcook, M. Krueger, R. Briggs,J.Wal-mcr. ROW 3: C. Elmer, J. Runaas, H. Pagcl, J. Walmer, R. Keepers, M. Alderman, H. Kleisch. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH ROW 1: G. Webb, G. Davis, M. Huffman, B. Martin, G. Pryce, P. Lyle, G. Reasa, J. Walmer. ROW 2: Mr. Butts. S. Steuri, D. Golz, B. Dixon, S. Parmer, D. Heinsohn, J. Dunphy, A. Stephenson. ROW 3: C. Keele, K. Blaser. K. Mauerman, S. Klossner, D. Stoehr, P. Pryce, S. Flynn, R. Weiden, S. Eldred. SEVENTH ROW 1: J. Runaas, V. Widmer, K. Blaser, D. Bell, D. Mikkelson, S. Spoerry, J. Martin, J. Mauerman, J. Hulbert. ROW 2: J. Schmeider, K. Voegeli, R. Blumer. T. Fletcher, D. Larson. K. Binder, C. Keele. K. Pitman, C. Colborn. ROW 3: Mr. Quinn, A. Patchen, J. Halverson, M. Schmeider, S. Weeden, P. Phillips, M. Hill. J. Nipple. C. Durtschi.SIXTH ROW 1: R. Keepers, M. Goakey, G. Ochsner, H. Davis, L. Mikkelson, R. Smith, M. Cooley. S. Voegeli, J. Martin. ROW 2: D. Martin, J. Spring. J. Huffman, T. Runaas, K. Albright, D. Fletcher, T. Clark. J. Tway, R. Miller. ROW 3: Mr. Leopold, A. Buol, J. Kopp, K. Blumer, G. Palmer, G. Gibbons. K. Elmer, J. Jones, D. Alderman. ABSENT: S. Sarbacker. FIFTH AND SIXTH ROW 1: R. Larsen, D. Reasa, 0. Briggs, J. Stavcr, G. Keepers, S. Sellnow, G. Atkinson, T. Alexander, C. Baumgartner. ROW 2: Mrs. Lerch, K. Hulbert, S. Steuri. J. Sarbacker, K. Kopp. J. Gempeler, J. Rankin, D. Aeschliman. ROW 3: C. Goakey. J. Peterson. K. Lyle, G. Miller, J. Dunphy, J. Briggs, N. Cleaveland, S. Flynn. FIFTH ROW 1: C. Martin, J. Spoerry, M. Voegli, T. Larson, R. Hill, R. Janes, B. Artz, J. Lyle, P. Kremkoski. ROW 2: K. Blaser, T. Cooley, J. Krueger, T. Runaas, T. Elmer, K. Scherer, C. Parker, C. Golz, J. Swanson. ROW 3: Mrs. Arndt. K. Kleish, P. Phillips, M. Sowl, D. Stephenson, N. Briggs, D. Dowden, G. Hcinson, L. Krupkc, D. Elmer.FOURTH ROW 1: B. Pitman, R. Klitzle, J. Webb, K. Henningsen, R. Weeden, D. Black, L. Bliss. L. Martin. ROW 2: B. Bandi, H. Huffman, B. Albright, L. Davis, K. Nipple, D. Gurns, M. Glass, C. Blumer, M.Busjahn. ROW 3: Miss Obenrader, D. Sclilapbach, S. Hawkins, T. Golz, C. Gibbons, M. Figi, C. Steindorf, K. Flesher. FOURTH ROW 1: K. Baumgartner, S. Busjahn, M. Pagel, R. Widmer, K. Binder, T. McCreedy, D. Janes, C. Zurf-luh, D. Nipple. ROW 2: K. Armitage, C. Richardson, S. Flood, J. Klossner, J. Pryce, R. Flood. F. Ringhand, T. Schmieder. ROW 3: Mrs. Ladwig, L. Sclilapbach, J. Moldenhauer, D. King, S. Sowl, K. Tway, J. Baertschi, J. Friedrichs. THIRD ROW 1: R. Keepers, C. Martin, K. Binder, J. Aeschliman, S. Sperstad, B. Hulbert, M. Bliss, G. Glass, K. Blaser. ROW 2: Mrs. Coplien, B. Brugger, V. Lyle, C. Flood, G. Briggs. L. Kopp, R. Mansheim, R. Kruple, M. Briggs. ROW 3: S. Rust, C. Moldenhaurer, D. Dowden, R. Flood, G. Artz, S. Steuri, M. Parmer.THIRD ROW 1: C. Flynn, D. Runaas, J. Blumer, J. Elmer, J. Mauerman, T. Flood, J. Aeschliman, K. Purdy. ROW 2: B. Hill, K. Swartz, L. Kopp, R. Webb, P. Halverson, C. Peterson, K. Cooley, S. Elmer, R. Turner. ROW 3: Mrs. Quade, N. Briggs, R. Keegan, L. Friedrichs, J. Ringhand, C. Schlapbach, J.McCreedy, T. Black, J. Alderman. SECOND ROW 1: R. Schneider, S. Sowl, Y, Yoerger, E. Fletcher, J. Heitzman, R. Althaus, B. Sperstad. ROW 3: R. Weeden, R. Janes, J. Sandlin, C. Hauri, M. Bandi, K. Nipple, L. Lyle, L. Busjahn. ROW 3: S. Ross, D. Dowden, C. Mikkelson, R. Pitman, P. Cooley, A. McCreedy, T. Webb. ABSENT: Mrs. Neuensch-wander. SECOND ROW 1: K. Akey. T. Tway, R. Hammon, A. Henningsen, D. Moore, J. Sellnow, D. Schmieder, P. Dodd. ROW 2: R. Friedrichs, C. Zwiefel, S. Malcook, J. Keele, B. Alexander, M. Malkow, D. Blumer. ROW 3: Mrs. Pinnow, C. Hawkins, T. Hauri, D. Dowden, M. Trow, J. Kennedy.FIRST ROW Is G. Thill, J. Brogc, K. Armitage, S. Nipple. J. Rust, M. Artz, D. Hill. ROW 2: R. Tracy, G. Voegeli, J. Kremkoski, K. Flood. J. Gibbons. J. Pagcl, R. Pluss, J. Krupke. ROW 3: Mrs. Schroeder. S. Dixon, D. Keepers. D. Petersen, J. Blumer, W. Yoerger. FIRST ROW U B. Turner. C. Flynn, J. Atkinson. J. Schneider. T. Phillips, J. Mauerman. D. Cox. D. Gurns. ROW 2: M. Liebig. K. Armitage, C. Runaas. C. Hannes, B. Tway, M. Briggs, D. Moore, D. Stoehr. ROW 3: Mrs. Smith, J. Larson, K. Bell. B. Fahrncy. T. Wheeler, R. Mahlkuch, L. Huffman. KINDERGARTEN ROW 1: M. Tourdot. L. Briggs. L. Sellnow, G. Muralt, C. Peterson, K. Kchm, P. Kennedy, V. Hawkins, M. Cooley, M. Trow, D. Hannes. ROW 2: R. Wcedcn, S. Elmer, D. Schmeidcr, P. Wldmer, B. Akcv, T, $a button, M. Hulbert, G. Tracy, A. Flood, L. Atkinson, L. Armitagc. ROW 3: Mrs. Spring, T. Flood, J. Hoff, M. Busjahn, I . Janes, C. Stiver, R, Hammon, 1. Kubly, L. Schenk, S. Albright, J. Gorton, A. Liebig.KINDERGARTEN ROW 1: C. Althaus, L. Hauge, L. Moore, L. Parker, B. Sarbacker, T. Alderman, S. Bliss, K. Forbush. ROW 2: Mrs. Spring, M. Gurns, T. Alexander, L. Johnson. S. Jones, S. Nipple, R. Pagel, S. Mahlkuch, M. Cox. SPECIAL ROOM ROW 1: F. Turner, T. Keehn, S. Whitehead, E. Rockwell, A. Pluss. ROW 2: P. Laughridge, C. Hawkins, J. Sarbacker, M. Widmer, Mrs. Rust. TITLE I TEACHERS Mrs. Flannery Mrs. Wendler Mr. Kanable Grade Principal iA WISCONSIN INDUSTRY Serving the nation through the efforts of the people of Wisconsin. Our continued growth and success rests squarely on the shoulders of the people who are Pruden Products Company. As a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered metal buildings, we are proud to have residents of the Albany area providing an important part of the expert technical ability and skilled workmanship that is so vital to our success in the metal building industry. PRUDEN PRODUCTS CO. Evansv i11e, W i s. CONTEMPORARY STEEL BUILDINGS DESIGNED FOR EXCELLENCY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE AND OUR THANK YOU FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF HAVING SERVED YOU THE RADKES OF MONROE 1622-11th Street Phone 325-3515Good Luck To The Seniors Of 1967 Congratu1 ati ons SENIORS COPLEIN PAINTING COMPANY BANK OF BRODHEAD Brodhead Wisconsin Monroe W i scons i n Member Of F. D. I. C. Compl iments of Compl iments of TEALES AUTO SERVICE Albany Wisconsin Telephone 862-35 9 JOSEPH HEBER BREWING COMPANY Monroe WisconsinCongratulations Seniors from KROSTUE IMPLEMENT Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin Congratu1 at ions To The Class Of 1967 HEIN S FRANCIS GROCERS William Hein Proprietor DAIRY BAR 55 Flavors Splits Shortcakes UNION COOP ASSOCIATION A 1bany Brooklyn Evansv i11e Joe McDonald Wants You To Be Refreshed Evansville Wisconsin Congratu1 at ions Class of 67 Congratu1 at i ons Evansville Wisconsin Compliments of DOBSON MILK TRANSIT, INC. Phone 882-A880 Orfordvi1le Wisconsin Phone 897-3264 or 897-4600 WARDS MONTGOMERY WARO □ Processing Is Our Specialty FOOTVILLE MEAT CO. Monroe W i scons i n Phone 876-3231 Congratulations Footv i11e W i scons i n BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY Serv ice Secur i ty Sat i sfact ion Phone 862-3271-A1bany, Wis. PRYCE BROTHERS Dealers In Livestock Congratulat ions Buiis Sen iors For Rent DEAN GEORGE Auct ioneer Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Route 1 Evansville, Wis. Albany Wisconsin O A K T R O N INDUSTRIES, INC RADIO TELEVISION LOUDSPEAKER ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLIES HIGHWAY 69 SOUTH MONROE. WISCONSIN. 53566 KNIGHT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Heavy Duty Manure Spreaders Cattle Feeder Boxes Oscillating Tandem Wagons Feeder-Mixer Units Brodhead Wisconsin J W IMPLEMENT SALES, INC. Zesty - Fresh - Delicious PIZZA Highway 69 North By Lugano Ask For It At Your Store Ford - Gehl - Kewanee Try It At Your Restaurant Made By Phone 325-3302 Monroe, Wis. ROY'S SANITARY DAIRY, INC. Monroe Wisconsin Congratulat ions Class of 67 Compl iments of BANK OF ALBANY Complete Banking Service THE ALBANY HERALD Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Your Community Newspaper Albany Wisconsin Mr. And Mrs. David Swartz BRUNI - MILLER CO. Building Suppl ies General Contracting Decorating Center Phone 325-2117 The Lumber Number Monroe Wisconsin AlP liUf'D riQMEO MOTEL INMAN A«c Cooc 608 882-5240 LOCATED SOUTH LOOel OF CITY ON HIGHWAY 213 AND J Mm. AMO M. Mahv.n Mom», P«OM. AN 5vl L W'S. Good Luck To The Seniors Of 1967“ TRUMAN E. SHARER Telephone: Office 862-3775 Residence 862-3332 Furniture-Funeral Director SOUTH SIDE GROCERY Serv ice With A Smile Open Till 9:00 Weekdays Open Till 6:00 Sat.S- Sun Good Luck To The Seniors Of '67' If You Want Your Auction To Really Pay, Have It Conducted The Public Sales Serv ice Way PUBLIC SALES SERVICE Phone 527-2129 New Glarus Congratu1 at ions To The Class Of 67 F rom TRIANGLE CONDUIT CABLE CO. INC. Footv i11e W i scons i n 71 SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS ATTICA STORE Grocer ies Cold Meats Garvers Feeds Albany W i scons inFlowers For All Occasions Corsages, Wedding Flowers Cut Flowers, Potted Plants EVANSVILLE GREENHOUSE Phone 882-5580 202 South +th Street Evansville Wisconsin Best Wishes THE BANK OF JUDA Juda Wisconsin SPRING GROVE, DECATUR MUTUAL INSURANCE 897-2535 Herbert Stuessy, Secretary jsj SCHULTZ PHARMACY Walgreen Agency Monroe Wisconsin ARNESON HOERLER Bulk Milk Hauling Footville Wisconsin Compl iments of JOSEPH L. STENCEL Brodhead Wisconsin FRITZ CLEANERS 1308 12th Avenue Monroe Wisconsin FOESCH'S BODY SHOP Brodhead Wisconsin Phone 897-227 + phGhmOCJL (FORMERLY SCHWAKE S) ROBERT REIS. R. pM. BROOHEAO. WIS. GRAHAMS CAFE Highway 1 + Evansville Wisconsin Betty Bob Graham Open 2 + Hours SCHMIDT'S SHOE STORE Southeast Side Of Square Monroe Wisconsin Quality Footwear-Correct1y F i tted ATTICA GARAGE Arthur Keehan, Proprietor Phone: Albany 862-3532 K. G. SMITH LUMBER CO. INC. A Complete Line Of Building Supplies- Material of Quality Phone + +5-2811 Brooklyn, Wisconsin CAPRON'S L. P. GAS SERVICE Bulk Bottle Gas Orfordville Evansville W i scons i nSTUDER SUPER SERVICE, INC. Massey-Ferguson-New Holland Owatonna Monroe Wisconsin NORTHERN PROPANE GAS COMPANY N 0 R G A S Hwy 69 South Monroe Wisconsin Phone 325-5131 MONROE READY-MIX 1203 18th Street Monroe Wisconsin MONROE COLD STORAGE The Cheese Industry's Ice Box Monroe Wisconsin MONROE CHEESE CORPORATION Monroe Wisconsin Congratu1 ations Class of 67 EVANSVILLE BODY SHOP Evansville Wisconsin 'VERSON CHEVROLET Congratulations to the Seniors - Ph. 897-2550 Brodhead Wisconsin CORNWELL WELDING Welding and Air Compressor Rentals Evansville Wisconsin Best Wishes to the Class of 67 EARL'S Earl and Luccille Vickers Serving Hamburgers £■ Pizzas MAR7SNSON IMPLEMENT, INC. Phone 455 3231 or 635 3738 JAMESWAY HU Implements . Tractors £Q' ™ NI Sales Service Brooklyn WIS. 5'521 Congratulations Seniors COFFEE CUP Donna Schenk Albany Wisconsin BLUFF VIEW PARK Dancing S- Picnic Park Brodhead Wisconsin Phone 897-4373 JONES TEXACO SERVICE Greasing - Washing Tires - Batteries Albany Wisconsin FERNSTAEDT HARDWARE Phone 938-4830 Monticello Wisconsin Qual i ty Hardware R. S. GRAY, M. D. R. J. GRAY, M. D. Evansville Wisconsin MAPLE LEAF CHEESE CO-OP Swi ss-Brick-Muenster Cheeses Albany WisconsinCongratulations Seniors DR. R. G. HEIMERL Evansville Wisconsin DISCH HARDWARE FURNITURE CO. Hotpoint App1 iances New G1arus,Wis. 527-21 14 MonticellofWis. 938-4940 KARLEN Sr SONS Tractors Implements Monticello Wisconsin WENDLANDT'S MARKET Brodhead Wisconsin You Expect More From Standard And You Get It! LEE'S STANDARD SERVICE 1102 Center St. Brodhead Wisconsin Anberscm fainting ani» .Aluminum Supplies BRODHEAD, WIS. STKAKA JEWELRY GIFTS Evansv i 1 i scons i n FURNITURE APPLIANCE CITY, INC. We Service What We Sell Hwy 69 South-Phone 325-4111 Monroe Wisconsin CLARK IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Sales ■ Service McCulloch Chain Saws Monroe Wisconsin MAUERMAN IMPLEMENT SHOP Tractors Farm Implements Phone 897-2010 Brodhead Wisconsin DEHMER REXALL DRUGS Don't Be Too Late Schmart Congratulations UNION BANK TRUST COMPANY An Authorized Trust Company Evansville Wisconsin BRENNAN'S CERTIFIED SUPER MARKET We Buy Direct You Buy For Less Monroe-Phone 325-4433-Wisconsin FRED S ELECTRIC and REFRIGERATION Bulk Cooler Service — Refrigeration Service Eleotrical Wiring FRED BAERTSCHI PHONE 862-3893 Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of THE GRANGE STORE Evansville Wisconsin Best V ishes Seniors CHAMBERLIN AUTO SALVAGE Brodhead WisconsinBOWMAN'S BARBER SHOP Shop For Men And Boys Albany Wisconsin BILLINGS FAHEY HARDWARE Speed Queen-Amana-Hardwick Brooklyn Wisconsin THE CHALET Dining £• Cockta i 1 s Hy 11-81 West Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520 Congratulations Seniors WILLIS DRUG STORE Evansville Wisconsin D0Y0N RAYNE Complete Line of Building Mater i a 1s Phone 862-3267 Albany Wisconsin WISCONSIN GAS COMPANY 11 East Ma in Street Evansville Wisconsin Alfred Henning CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Monroe Wisconsin One of the Best Congratulat ions To The Class of 1967 DR. K. R. SCHOENENBERGER Evansville Wisconsin ALBANY HARDWARE APPLIANCE Zen i th Color TV Sold and Serviced Phone 862-3509 Albany, Wisconsin Congratulat ions to the Class of 1967 SCHLITTLER CONSTRUCTION CO.INC. Jack Melvin Schlittler Brodhead Wisconsin COLLIN'S TV Sales Service RCA Admiral B W and Color TW 7“ +066 Brodhead KARL'S CABINET SHOP Route 2 Box 188 Brodhead Wisconsin ALBANY SUPER MARKET Says to All Graduates Education is the Key to Success And Super Market Shopping Is the Key to Real Savings Daniel Weber. Prop. SUGAR RIVER RACEWAY Phone 897- 380 Brodhead Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY FARMCO COOPERATIVE Farm Suppl ies-Feed-Seed Plant Food-Petroleum Albany Wisconsin Congratulations From DONALD MOORE'S PRODUCE Rural Route Brodhead WisconsinCompliments of NATIONAL FARMERS ORGANIZATION N F 0 N.D. BREITBACH D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 167 North Main Oregon, Wisconsin 53575 Phone 835-5353 TIMM MOTOR CO. Ford Dealer Brodhead Wisconsin OLIN Sr AYRES Buick and Pontiac Better Repairs Brodhead Wisconsin CARTER Sr GRUENWALD CO., INC. Juda Wisconsin Your 1 H C Dealer 934-5201 GREEN COUNTY FAST FREIGHT Phone 325-4114 0. L. Hare, Owner RALPH E. LUEDY LIVESTOCK,HAULING, BUYING Res Phone 862-3839 Yard Phone 862-3265 Albany Wisconsin OUR THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING BACKERS: SPRING GROVE,DECATUR ALBANY MUTUAL INSURANCE 897-2535 Herbert Stuessy, Secretary FROM ALBANY ALBANY BEAUTY PARLOR ALBANY BOWLING LANES ALBANY LOCKER PLANT ATKINSON STRAWBERRY PATCH DECATUR FEED SERVICE JOANNE'S BEAUTY SALON MABIE'S CITGO STATION THE NEW ALBANY BARBER SHOP WAYNE ALBERTSON AUCTIONEER DONATION BARCROFT CRABTREE Best Wishes THE BANK OF JUDA Juda Wisconsin Compliments of FRITO LAY, INC. Monroe Wisconsin FROM BRODHEAD APCO MANUFACTURING COMPANY ARTHUR'S FARM SUPPLIES BJORK'S RESTAURANT BLACKFORD’S MOBIL SERVICE BRAGERS BARBER SHOP BRODHEAD CLEANERS BRODHEAD DEPARTMENT STORE BRODHEAD PICKLE COMPANY BRODHEAD RECREATION BRODHEAD VETERINARY SERVICE COAST - TO - COAST DYNA-VAC FURNACE FLORINE'S Gift Shop and Ready To Wear South Side of the Square Monroe EVERSON FLOOR COMPANY GOLDENROD CREAMERY COMPANY HAHNS FLORAL H1NTZMAN WELDING SERVICE JIMMIE’S NABER-INN JOHNSON’S FRUIT VEGETABLE STAND KAY ANN’S LADIES APPAREL PETERSON GULF SERVICE PIERCE FURNITURE PIERCE HARDWARE RHYNER OIL COMPANY MONROE ROLLER MILLS MONROE TV SALES SERVICE PAN DOW JEWELERS REES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ROBERT’S BEAUTY SALON ROSA FLORIST STARFLOWER SHOP SWISS COLONY TSCHUDY’S SPECIALTY SERVICE VERYL’S BEAUTY SHOP DONATION $3. 00 - A FRIEND RUCHTI IMPLEMENT RUDY KOPP STAIR’S SENTRY MARKET STUESSY CLINIC TENEYCK’S PINE BLUFF FRUIT FARM TIES MOTOR SALES FROM FOOTVILLE MARGARET OF JANESVILLE INC. RED’S BODY SHOP VILLAGE GARDENS IIES OIL COMPANY TIMM’S CONOCO SERVICE THE INDEPENDENT REGISTER VERN’S SHOEBOX FROM ORFORDVILLE BUSY GRILL CHRISTENSON’S LOCKER GROCERY SAGENS VARIETY STORE FROM OREGON LEN’S MOBILE SERVICE OREGON T.V. REEVE JEWELER FROM BROOKLYN LARSEN MOBILE MEYER’S FRUIT FARM FROM EVANSVILLE ANDERSON’S TV SALES SERVICE C. E. NELSON, D.D.S. COAST - TO - COAST STORE DEE LOSEY EAST SIDE GROCERY EVANSVILLE VETERINARY HOSPITAL H. C. YOUNGMAN, D.D.S. THE CROAK BROTHERS FARM FROM MONT1CELLO TOM’S BARBER SHOP FROM MONROE BEHRING MOTOR COMPANY DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER GEMPLER’S TIRE SHOP KUHNE LUMBER COMPANY LANZ HARDWARE MONROE BAKERY MONROE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MONROE FLORAL SHOP FROM JUDA HELLAND’S FOOD LOCKER SERVICE

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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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