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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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With the passing of the years and those to come, we leave this book in memory of Randall Elliott, a member of the Class of 19 62, who died June 16, i960. One of our fun loving classmates, he eagerly wa3 accepted by all who knew him.• v»l CHOICES Success in life is a matter of making the right choices. Every day and many times a day you choose to do something or not to do it. You may blame others, you may blame conditions, and you may even fool yourself; but you choose success or failure. Choosing one thing or one direction may become a habit. You may choose what you will dream about. Choose wisely. Most people choose to follow a crowd; that is what makes a crowd. You cannot avoid choosing by letting the crowd decide. You choose to follow. Choosing is a great privilege. You can choose to think things through or to obey an impulse--to do things that bring Joy or happiness in the long run, or to do those things which bring sorrow in the years to come. You may make the shortsighted choice that brings only temporary satlsfaction--then regrets. A wise old Greek said that in the market of the gods all things are sold. He was saying that you can buy what you choose to buy. You may choose what you plan to accomplish in life and decide how hard you will drive toward achieving it. To a surprising degree you can choose your health, wealth, and happiness. You can choose plain living and high thinking—filling each unforgiving minute; or you can Just live from day to day. Choose--and remember your choices affect your life.ANNUAL STAFF Editor ......... , Assistant Editor . Junior Editor . Business Managers Proof Editor . . . Art Editor • • • Ad Managers . . . Senior Editors . « Typists .......... General Staff Advisor . . . . . . Shila Elmer . . Renee Blumer • • • Cheryl Webb • Kathy Atkinson Shirley Zee • Carol Holtsapple .... Jeff Kehm • . . Randy Marty Jerry Mansheim . . Andrew Oliver Phil Porterfield . Shirley Sellnow Joann Lange Beta Friedrich .......... Seniors Mr8. Ruth McGinnis The staff has cooperatively worked to compile our 1962 Comet . We hope our readers find enjoyment in it and with fond memories will remember the Seniors in years to come. As Editor, I wish to express my thanks to the staff, our annual advisor, Mrs. Ruth McGinnis, and to everyone who helped make our annual a success. To the 1963 annual staff, I wish you the best of success. COOKS Birdie" "Mabel" "Helen1 CAFETERIA WORKERS B. Thill, P. Malcook, S. Olson, A. Patty, C. Templeton 8US DRIVERS First Row: E. Krueger, A. Blumer, W. McCreedy Standing: J. Rankins, L. Marty, K. Blumer, A. Krueger JANITORS Nell Pryce, Chester JonesSECRETARY BOARD OF EDUCATION First Row: Mrs. S. Blumer, Mr. Heitzman, Mr. Briggs Standing: Mr. Houlberg, Mr. Striker Absent: Mrs. R. Whalen Mi88 Charlotte KingMr. V. U. Elmer "You don't say" Agriculture Qeneral Shop Mr. Phillip Hahn "Do as I say, not as I do." Coach U.S. History Driver s Education Physical Education Mr. Ivan Foote "Alright, now boys" Social Problems Civics World History Assistant Coach Mrs. Ruth McGinnis "Oh Honey" Shorthand Bookkeeping Office Practice Typing Annual Advisor Senior Class AdvisorMrs. Teresa Ross Mrs. Arlene Oliver "The bell has rung" Algebra Geometry English I Mr. Walter Schneider '’Quit Horsin' Around" Hi xocy Chemistry General Science "No A!s for gum chewers" Home Economics Mr. Lee Spangler "One, Two, Ready, Play1 Band Chorus General MusicMr. Leonard Thompson Mr. Paul Will "Alrlghtie" Shorthand Bookeeping Office Practice TypingSENIORSGlenn R. Brewer "Lefty" "He's our star, at least he's out every night." A Club................. 3,4 Vice President.........4 F.P.A.............1,2,3,4 President........... 2,4 Homecoming Court ........ 4 Basketball ....... 1,2,3,4 Baseball ......... 1,2,3,4 Cross Country ......... 3,4 Track.................. 3,4 Kathleen Atkinson "Kathie" "She smiles at many Just for fun, but we all know there's only one." Library Club Treasurer Band Pep Band Chorus .. 1,2 Librarian . . . . 4 Forensics Prom Court .. 3,4 Journalism Delegate .. Newspaper Staff Annual Staff Newspaper Reporter .., "A lot of pep in a small package." A Club Student Council ..., ... 3,4 Secretary Band ,.. 1,2 Pep Band Chorus Vice President .. 4 Cheerleader .. 2,3 All School Play .... Student Director .... 3 Christmas Play 4 Prom Queen 3 Snowball Queen Newspaper Staff .... Annual Staff 4 Class Officers .. 1,2 Vice President .. President Renee Blumer "Wren-ee"Michael Brown "Mike" "I came, I bluffed, I graduated." Pep Club Movie Operator .... .... 2,3 Wrestling Track Football .. 1,2,3 Transfer Student .. 4 Douglas Cullen "Doug" Boys will be boysi" Reading Club .............4 Boy's Chef................4 Chorus .................. 4 Librarian ............ 4 Prom Court .............. 3 Snowball Court .......... 3 Boxing Club ............. 1 Wrestling ............... 4 Track.................... 2 Cross Country ........... 3 Shila Mareen Elmer "Sheba" "Of all the people the sun, I am sure but one." under I love A Club Secretary Student Council ... Band .. 2,3,4 Pep Band Chorus Treasurer Forensics Christmas Play .... Class Officer Secretary Annual Staff Editor ... 2,4 - vt 4 Newspaper Staff ... 3Virginia Mae Finley "Ginnie" "She came a stranger and remains a friend." Library Club ..... 1,2,3,4 Forensic3 .............. 4 Transfer Student ....... 3 George Flaherty "Hot Rod" "Plan for the coming." night is Chess Club ..... 1,2,3 Boy's Chef Forensics All School Play 3.4 Christmas Play . Newspaper Staff 3 Track Wrestling 4 Volleyball .... 4 Reta Lynn Friedrich "Freida" I'm not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today." F.H.A........... Library ........ Chorus ......... Forensics ...... All School Play Newspaper Staff Annual Staff ... Transfer Student 3 5 2 Norman Lee Gempeler "Hermie" "1 never worry, I never fret; if I can't remember I forget." ............. 1,2,3,4 Chess Club ............... 4 James Henningsen "Henny" "To worry little and study less is my idea of happiness." F.F.A. •••••.••••• 1,2,3,4 Chess Club .............. 2 Carol Holtsapple "Quiet in appearance with natures unknown." Library Club ..... 1,2,3,4 President .......... 3,4 Girls State ............. 3 Prom Court .............. 3 Spoon Winner............. 3 Annual Staff ............ 4 Betty Crocker Homemaker 4Glenn Holtsapple "Gus" "My Idea of an agreeable person is one that agrees with me." Boy's Chef ...............2 Basketball ............ 1,2 Baseball .............. 1,2 Track ................... 2 Wrestling ............... 4 Class Officer ........... 3 Vice President ....... 3 Snowball Court .......... 3 Prom Court .............. 3 Jeffrey Kehm ’Jeff" "Beware-I may yet do something sensational." Boy's Chef ............... 2 Wrestling ................ 4 Transfer Student ......... 2 Joann Lange "Jo" "Pull of pep, full of fun, she's a friend to everyone. Student Council .......... 2 Vice President ........2 F.H.A..................1,2,4 F.F.A. Sweetheart ........ 3 Prom Court ............... 3 Homecoming Court ......... 4 All School Play ...........4 Student Director ..... 4 Newspaper Staff .......... 3 Class Officer........... 1,3 Treasurer........... 1,3 Annual Staff ............. 4Richard R. Mahlkuch "Rich11 The blush is beautiful but it is sometimes inconvenient." F.F.A. •••••••••••• Vice President . Chess Club ........ Boy's Chef ........ Basketball ........ Baseball .......... Volleyball ........ Track ............. . 2,3,4 ..... 4 ... 2,3 . 2,3,4 1,2,3,4 ... 1,2 ... 3,4 . 2,3,4 Jerry Mansheim vBanj" "A man who loves to hear himself talk." F.F.A................... 1, Library club .......... Chess Club.............. 1, Boy's Chef .... Chorus ........ All School Play Christmas Play Newspaper Staff Wrestling ..... Volleyball .... Track ......... Randall Marty "Marty" "I1 in in favor of a seven day week-end." Library Club Vice President Chess Club 4 Boy's Chef Student Council •• Band Chorus All School Play .. Snowball King .... Homecoming King .. Spade Winner ..... .... 3,4 Basketball 1,2.3.4 Baseball Volleyball Golf .... 3 4 x? x? -t-uioouj fw ro -t-LoAllen D. Myhre "Mur it "If I'm studyihg when you come in, wake me." F.F.A. ... Tyler . Prom Court Boy's Chef Basketball Baseball . Track .... Wrestling 1,2,3,4 .....4 ::: 3,4 Donald E. Morganthaler "Morgy" " He's a man of a few thousand words." Chess Club .............. 2 Boy's Chef ............ 3,4 Forensics ............... 4 Newspaper Staff ......... 3 Andrew T. Oliver "Andrew T." "Not a 'Country Gentleman', but a 'Woman's Home Companion'." A Club Chess Club Band Librarian Pep Band Chorus Basketball .. 1,2,3 Baseball Volleyball All School Play ... 3 Boy's State 3 Homecoming Court .. 3 Prom Court Class Officer ,... 1,4 President ... 1,4 Christmas Play .... 3 Newspaper Staff ... 3 Annual Staff 4James L. Olson "Oley" "Behind this solemn mask I wear, I like fun and get my share." F.P.A.....................3 Chess Club .............. 2 Transfer Student ........ 2 Audrey Patty "Patty" 'A giggle's the same in any language." F.H.A. ........... 1,2,3, Chorus .................. Snowball Court .......... Phil Porterfield "Willie" "Late nights are bad for one but fine for two." A Club . 2,3,4 Chess Club Boy's Chef ... 2,3 Student Council ... i President Band ... 1,2 Pep Band Chorus All School Play ... 3 Christmas Play .... 3 Prom King 3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff ... 3 Class Officer Vice President . Cross Country 3 Track Basketball Baseball fOM.frStan Purdue "James" "worry kills men. I'm in the best of health." Basketball .......... 2,3,4 Track ................. 3,4 Transfer Student ........ 2 Ricardo D. Seller "Rick" "When darkness falls and daylight ends, my life begins." F ,P. A. ••••••••••• 1,2,3,-4 Student Council ......... 2 Basketball .......... 1,2,3 Baseball ................ 1 Volleyball .............. 4 Class Play .............. 3 Wrestling ............... 4 Pep Club............. 1,2,3 Transfer Student ........ 4 Shirley Sellnow "Shirley Mae" "A shy miss-sometimes." F.H.A..................2,4 Secretary ........... 2 Annual Staff ........... 4 Newspaper Staff ........ 3Carol Templeton "Kay-Kay” "Chkttrr, Chatter, Carol, what.'a the matter?” F.H.A. ••••••••••. 1,2,3,4 Green Lake Delegate . 3 Snowball Court .......... 2 Chorus .................. 1 Shirley Zee Shirley D’zees Don L. Wahl "Homer” "I'll argue though the point be small, you can't let these teachers say it all." Honor Club 4 Secretary .... Boy's Chef Student Council . Basketball . 1,2,3,4 Baseball . 1,2,3,4 Track 4 Cross Country ... "'Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." A Club.............. 2,3,4 Newspaper Staff Treasurer 2 Treasurer President 4 Band President 4 Pep Band 4 Chorus 4 Pianist 4 Secretary ..... Forensics Cheerleader Homecoming Queen .. 4 Prom Court Annual Staff ...... 4 Class Officer ..... Treasurer ...... Secretary Library Club Secretary 3VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORfAN HONOR STUDENTS Zy 3 ,-p 4iv Uw BACCALAUREATE MAY 27 CLASS NIGHT MAY 2 9 COMMENCEMENT JUNE I FLOWER WHITE CARNATION COLORS BLUE AND WHITE MOTTO OUR KNOWLEDGE IS OUR POWER, AND GOD OUR STRENGTH. SENIOR TRIP WASHINGTON AND NEW YORKKay Baumgartner Jerry Brewer Marion Davis Leota DeVoss Mary Dunphy Kurt Gaarder Ralph OibBon Lee Graves Kay Heller Lyle Henningsen Dianne Jahns Darrel King Kenneth Malcook Alan Martini Jerry Mauerman Patricia Mosher Larry Olson Jack Patchen Lynn Reasa Warren Schneeberger Gerald Schwartzlow Judith Stefanlk Curtis Steindorf Betty Thill Barbara Thompson Cheryl Webb Jerold Webb Gerald Weiss Joe Whalen Joanne Zurfluh Richard Atkinson ABSDennis Atkinson Minnie Atkinson Roger Bergen Joyce Bongiorno Sharon Brewer Terry Chrisbaum Orville Cory Diana Dehmer Donald Doyle Michael Dunphy William Foust Tom Hall Barbra Heitzman John Hlavachek Karen Houlberg Melvin Inabnit Philip Jones Judy Kamps Hazel Keller Keith Keller Lucille King Penny KJomess Roger Kopp Dale Martin Robert Maske Jim Morgan John Ochsner Richard Oliver Dan Olson Glenn ParkerAlbee Paulson Rita Pendergrass Dennis Rhyner Alfred Roenneburg Eric Runaas Priscilla Sharer Jeanne Swanson Victoria Teale Linda Templeton Linda Weber Donna Weiss Richard Willison Sandra Wahl ABS HOW WE LOOKED THEN P.M. B.H.Keith Albright Sandra Badertscher Bonita Beckwith Larry Blumer Peter Bly Roger Brewer Harlan Broughton Dennis Chrisbaum Ronald Colden Doris Coole Sandra Davis Gary Eldred Linda Elmer Russel Elmer Dawn Fahmey Nancy Farmer Linda Flesher Kathleen Flood Richard Flynn Mary Gempeler Jack Gibeon James Haddinger Shirley Hauri Norman Houlberg Wayne Houlberg Rolland Jahns Lloyd Johnson Gregory Jones Linda Jones Richard KillingstadDennis Krueger Roger Mahlkuch Phyllis Malcook Frieda Martin Kathleen McCall Larry Minder Steven Mitschele Joyce Morgan Gerald Myhre Sheila Nipple Susan Olson Dennis Parker Bonnie Ringhand Phillip Ringhand Fred Schneeberger Sharon Staedler Glenn Steindorf Linda Stoneback Roger Truax Randolph Whiteaker Jean Kauk ABS FAVORITES A.M. S.E. J.S. -x.« A.O, C.T.?v. o r ' n m ■ A r t - ♦ , n ,4 iftKINDERGARTEN Seated: K. Kleisch, B. Lynn, A. Applebee, C. Armstrong, D. Reasa, D. Gums, M. Sowl, D. Davison, J. Regenold, D. Schlapbach Standing: R. Widmer, D. Isely, P. Byrne, B. Broughton, T. Elmer, K. Herritz, C. Golz, K. Blaser, J. Wimberly, R. Larson, K. Nipple, T. Runaas, G. Atkinson, C. Armstrong, J. Sarbacker, V. Jahns Standing: Mrs. Rust FIRST First Row: J. Sarbacker, D. Martin, S. Stoneback, R. Janes, T. Alexander, T. Larson, J. Byrne Second Row: D. Elmer, M. McMannes, S. Flynn, R. Landon, J. Kopp, P. Laughridge Teacher - Mrs. Wyss FIRST First Row: H. Davis, S. Steuri, D. Aeschliman, M. Wayerski, M. Hahn, G. Miller, K. Kopp, J. Spring Second Row: G. Davison, G. Ochsner, G. Olson, T. Clark, J. Rankins, K. Blumer, T. Runaas Third Row: N. Cleaveland, J. Briggs, J. Jones, K. Elmer, J. Tway, Mrs. GoecksFirst Row: D. Jensen, K. Blaser, L. Broughton, J. Runaas, S. Isely, R. Blumer, J. Mauerman, D. Larson, K. Binder Second Row: R. Miller, G. Reasa, S. Sarbacker, J. Walmer, J. McMannes, S. Flynn, J. Larsh Third Row: D. Weber, A. Patchen, D. Regenold, E. Cleveland, V. Widraer, P. Byrne, S. Steuri, Miss Heyel Fourth Row: B. Dixon, D. Golz THIRD First Row: P. Jensen, H. Armitage, P. Pryce, R. Palnick, J. Runaas, J. Landis, D. Heitzman, C. Elmer, J. Walmer Second Row: S. Klossner, K. Schneeberger, P. Byrne, B. Olson, J. Christopher, S. Malcook, Mrs. Copiien Third Row: N. Wayerski, R. Hahn, K. Blaser, R. Blumer, L. Larsh, H. Pagel, H. Kleisch Fourth Row: L. Hall, T. Lynn, R. Stoneback, S. Jahns, J. Nipple, M. Flynn First Row: P. Alexander, C. Olson, B. Heffner, K. Atkinson, J. McMannes, L. Jensen, Y. Parker, S. Nipple Second Row: J. Atkinson, R. Armitage, S. Eldred, C. Anderson, M. Martini, G. Wimberly, J. Mauerman, R. Davis, J. Bongiomo Third Row: T. Miller, K. Christopher, G. Houlberg, R. Elmer, B. Laughridge, E. Tway, Mrs. Am Fourth Row: R. Clark, M. Blumer, M. Flood, R. Sarbacker, S. Cleaveland, R. lynn, J. Walmer Fifth Row: D. Cleveland, D. Cleveland, J. Coole FIFTH First Row: M. Kopp, D. Martin, D. Keegan, T. Parker, M. Alexander, S. Aeschliman, V. Arraitage, C. Willison Second Row: P. Stefanik, J. Frydenlund, J. Nedlose, C. Rankins, 0. Klossner, S. Wood, J. Weber, J. Frydenlund Third Row: M. Heitzman, D. Jensen, D. Regenold, J. Walmer, A. King, M. Bonglorno, A. Runaas, Mrs. Pfisterer Fourth Row: M. Friedrich, J. Sabin First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: SIXTH B. Nipple, D. Cleaveland, K. Jahns, G. Armitage, D. Wimberly, K. Malcook, R. Flynn, R. Blumer D. Atkinson, A. Runaas, K. Jensen, R. Kopp, P. Schlapback, J. Schwartzlow, C. Frydenlund, D. Ruef D. Martin, C. Janes, L. Nipple, B. Whitehead, N. Briggs, T. Minder, Miss Shirley Johnson H. Kleisch, J. Jones, M. Bongiorno, J. Gressman SEVENTH First Row: K. Keller, D. Davis, K. Blumer, W. Johnson, D. Dixon, T. Olson, G. Pryce, M. Parker Second Row: D. Nipple, J. Larch, R. Friedrich, J, Asmus, E. Olson, M. Templeton, W. Stauffacher, N. Stefanik Third Row: L. Mansheim, V. Janes, P. Hein, R. Blumer, J. Schwartzlow, A. Sarbacker, Mrs. Schneider Fourth Row: R. Atkinson, B. Laughridge, D. Martin, H. Stoneback, D. MartinEIGHTH First Row: Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row Fifth Row: J. Mauerman, N. Parker, P. Whiteaker, S. Alexander, 0. Houlberg, J. Willison, A. Briggs, D. Palnick K. Minder, NanEldred, J. Flaherty, L. Jones, M, Whalen, R. Keegan, J. Miller S. Teale, J, Hendrikson, D. Runaas, R. Atkinson, H. Pryce, Mr. Lufi S. Paulson, D. Flynn, D. Foust, K. Bluraer, D. Tway, J. Oressman M. Coole, T. Jones, K, Blumer, N. Jones O PPORTUNITP First Row: M. Widmer, E. Larsh, P. Patty, A. Fletcher, G. Wame, C. Sarbacker, P. Flynn Second Row: G. Rockwell, p. Wame, A. Rockwell, C. Rockwell, Mrs. StauffacherOUR PROMThe Cobak Orchrestra's music flowed throughout the pink and white decorated gym on May 5, 1961, to set the atmosphere for our prom theme "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White". King Phil Porterfield crowned Renee' Blumer his queen. Her attendants were Kathy Atkinson, Carol Holtsapple, Shirley Zee, and Joann Lange escorted by Doug Cullen, Andy Oliver, Glenn Holtsapple, and Allen Myhre respectively. The princess and prince were Joanie Briggs and Kim Blumer. Even though it was a rainy night, all who attended certainly felt that this was "a night to remember". QUACK' QUACK! Kim Joanie -S. Olson, R. Brewer; M. Davis, W. Schneeberger; S. Zee, R. Marty; J. Lange, Q. Brewer; S. Davis, J. Hlavachek Sandy and John HOMECOMING Susan and Roger Shirley and Randy Marian and Warren Joann and GlennSENIOR Karen Houlberg, LaVon Jones CLARINETS TROMBONES Dennis Chrisbaum Jean Flaherty Jerry Henrickson Ardis Briggs Karen Minder Kay Heller Andrew Oliver Penny KJorness Tim Jones CORNETS FRENCH HORN Shirley Zee Peter Bly Glenn Steindorf Dennis Kreuger Barbra Heitzman FLUTES OBOE Priscilla Sharer Janet Gressman Mary Whalen La Von Jones Larry OlsonBAND SAXOPHONE Minnie Atkinson Jerry Miller PERCUSSION Dennis Atkinson Glenn Houlberg Joyce Bongiorno Joyce Bongiorno BASS CLARINET Karen Houlberg BASSOON Victoria Teale BARITONES Keith Blumer Rolland Jahns BASS Karl BlumerFirst Row: B. Laugnridge, J. Gressman, C. Janes, T. Olson, R. Friedrich, D. Dixon Second Row: N. Briggs, C. Frydenlund, P. Hein, K. Keller, M. Templeton, D. Ruef, T. Minder, V. Janes, R. Blumer, J. Jones, L. Nipple, R. Blumer, S. King MIXED CHORUS First Row: B. Heitzman, V. Teale, J. Bongiorno, L. Templeton, Mr. Spangler, M. Atkinson, S. Wahl, S. Elmer, S. Zee Second Row: D. Weiss, H. Keller, D. Dehmer, L. Weber, D. Coole, K. Heller, L. King, D. Jahns, K. Atkinson, R. Blumer, P. Sharer Third Row: R. Jahns, L. Olson, J. Mansheim, D. Chri3baum, R. Mart , M. Brown, M. Dunphy, A. Oliver, P. Porterfield, A. Myhre, D. Oliver, T. Jhrisbaum, D. Cullen, S. Ilitschele PEP BAND First Row: Mr. Spangler, L. Jones, M. Whalen, L. Olson, A. Oliver, B. Heitzman Second Row: K. Blumer, J. Miller, J. Flaherty, J. Henrickson, D. Chrisbaur Third Row: P. Bly, G. Stelndorf, T. Jones, K. Blumer, R. Jahns Standing: G. Houlberg, J. Bongiorno, M. Atkinson, D. Atkinson, V. Teale“A" CLUB FIr3t Row: T. Chrisbaum, G. Brewer, V. Pres. Second Row: P. Jones, J. Hlavachek, P. Porterfield, A. Oliver, W. Schneeberger, Pres.; D. Wahl, K. Malcook Third Row: D. Rhyner, C. Webb, P. KJorness, R. Blumer, S. Elmer, Sec.-Tres.; S. Zee, M. Inabnit library club First Row: J. Mansheim, J. Zurfluh, Tres.j S. Zee, Sec.; C. Holtsapple, Pres.; Mrs. Will, R. Marty, V. Pres.; P. Mosher Second Row: B. Thill, M. Dunphy, N. Farmer, S. Badertscher, J. Swanson, L. DeVoss, R. Friedrich, L. Flesher, D. Coole, K. Atkinson, M. Gempeler, V. FinleyP. F. A. SWEETHEART Joann Lange SPOON AND SPADE Scholarship Loyalty Cooperation Achievement Citizenship Sincerity Carol Holtsapple, Randy Marty GREEN LAKE DELEGATES Carol Templeton, Shirley ZeeF.H.A. First Row: L. Flesher, M. Gempeler, S. Davis, L. Templeton, Reporter; S. Wahl, Hist.; P. KJomess, Tres; S. Zee, Pres.; M. Davis, V. Pres.; J. Stefanik, Par.; L. Weber, Sec.; H. Keller, L. King, B. Beckwith, K. Flood, L. Reasa, B. Thompson Second Row: S. Nipple, F. Martin, L. Stoneback, J. Kauk, B. Thill, N. Farmer, S. Badertscher, J. Zurfluh, J. Morgan, Mrs. Ross, P. Mosher, J. Swanson, J. Bongiorno, S. Sellnow, K. Houlberg, C. Templeton, J. Lange, A. Patty, B. Ringhand, S. Hauri, P. Sharer, B. Heitzman, M. Dunphy r.r. a. First Row: A. Myhre, Tyler; R. Mahlkuch, V. Pres.; G. Brewer, Pres.; D. Wahl, Sec.; J. Manshelm , Mr. Elmer Second Row: G. Weiss, J. Morgan, G. Schwartzlow, R. Seiler, K. Albright, W. Houlberg, A. Paulson, G. Myhre, R. Brewer, R. Mahlkuch, N. Gempeler, A. Martini, R. Kopp, R. Truax, P. Ringhand, D. Kingforensics First Row: N. Farmer, V. Finley, M. Davis, K. Atkinson, S. Zee Second Row: L. DeVoss, P. Mosher, D. Coole, R. Friedrich, K. Heller, Mrs. Will Third Row: R. Jahns, S. Mitschele, D. Morganthaler, M. Brown, G. Flaherty, R. Golden, J. Henning3en BOYS' CHEF First Row: T. Chrisbaum, K. Gaarder, Sec., K. Malcook, V. Pres., A. Roenneburg Tree., j. Morganthaler, L. Henningsen Second Row: W. Schneeberger, M. Dunphy, L. Graves, J. Patchen. D. Morganthaler R. Oliver, J. Webb J. Whalen, Pres., J. Kehm , Mrs. Ross"A" TEAM Kneeling: Coach, Mr. Hahn W. Schneeberger, J. Hlavachek, R. Marty, S. Purdue, G. Brewer, D. Wahl, P. Jones, C. Steindorf, R. Mahlkuch, J. Haddinger, 0. Jones, J. Whalen, D. Rhyner, Manager "B" TEAM Kneeling: J. Haddinger, D. Krueger, 0. Jones, G. Steindorf, D. Chrisbaum, R. Mahlkuch First Row: Mr. Foote, L. Blumer, L. Minder, M. Inabnit, R. Brewer, F. Schneeberger, J. Whalen Second Row: J. Myhre, Mgr., L. Johnson, P. Jones, G. Schwartzlow, C. Steindorf“A" TEAM CHEERLEADERS Cheryl Webb, Judy Stefanik, Dianne Jahns Priscilla Sharer, Sandy Davis, Penny KJomess"A" CROSS COUNTRY T. Hall, Q. Brewer, P. Jones, S. Dodd, Mr. Hahn, Coach, D. Wahl, J. Hlavachek, W. Schneeberger, M. Inabnit UB" CROSS COUNTRY . Haddinger, L. Johnson, J. Whalen, Q. Jones, P. Schneeberger, D. Krueger . Brewer, P. Porterfield, ManagerBASEBALL First Row: R. Brewer, T. Hall, J. Whalen, W. Schneeberger, F. Schneeberger, M. Inabnit, L. Blumer Second Row: Mr. Foote, Coach, J. Ochsner, G. Brewer, J. Hlavachek, R. Marty, M. Brown, A. Myhre, D. Wahl, E. Runaas, S. Dodd TRACK TEAM First Row: T. Hall, W. Schneeberger, D. Wahl, M. Inabnit, P. Jones, G. Brewer, L. Johnson, D. Krueger, G. Jones, 0. Holtsapple Second Row: R. Brewer, F. Schneeberger, S. Dodd, J. Whalen, J. Hlavachek Third Row: G. Weiss, R. Mahlkuch, T. Chrisbaum, A. Myhre, J. Patchen, S. Purdue, M. Brown, G. Flaherty, D. Chrisbaum, P. Bly, J. Haddlnger, K. MalcookVOLLEYBALL Kneeling: L. Minder, R. Brewer, R. Jahns, M. Inabnlt, L. Blumer First Row: W. Scnneeberger, R. Mahlkuch, D. Wahl, S. Purdue, 0. Brewer Second Row: P. Bly, P. Jones, M. Brown, J. Manshelm, J. Hlavachek Third Row: Mr. Foote, Coach; J. Whalen, G. Flaherty, C. Stelndorf, J. Haddlnger, G. Jones, R. Marty WRESTLING G. Holtsapple, S. Dodd, D. Cullen, J. Manshelm, A. Myhre■TMUK you MONROE CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU SENIORS of 1962 RADKE STUDIO PHONE—515 WISCONSIN Compliments of DR. P. J. BONOIORNO CLINIC Albany, WisconsinDEAN GEORGE AUCTIONEER Appraising-Parra Auctions Pure Bred Sales Phone -- 417R-12 Evansville, Wisconsin Compliments of TEALfife AUTO SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS GRADS. ALBANY MPG. CORP. Albany, Wisconsin S'" x Worlds Pinest Barber Beauty Salon Pumlture Albany Wisconsin Phone 49 "GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIORS BEST OP LUCK TO CLASS OP 62 PROM OP 1962” TRUMAN E. SHARER Telephones; OPP. 75, RES. 132 Green County's Largest Source of Quality Potatoes Pumlture Funeral Director Mr. Mrs. Paul Stefanik Albany, Wisconsin -RIGlDAIRE Albany, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OP ALBANY HDWE. SPECIALTY MPG. CO. Compliments of Bank Of Albany Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Albany, Wisconsin Insurance Corporation Albany, WisconsinBUCHSCHACHER'S Auction and Real Estate Agency Public Sales Service Route 2, Highway 11 and 8l East Phone 745 Monroe, Wisconsin KARL H. PREITAQ -Special Agent For- Northwestem Mutual Life Insurance Company Phone: Business, WElls 8-4381 Residence, WElls 8-4900 Monticello, Wisconsin UNION CO-OPERATIVE Evansville Brooklyn Wisconsin Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Petroleum Products ALLEN FUNERAL HOME EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN Phone 82 New Glarus NEW GLARUS HARDWARE CO. G. E. and Philco TV Appliances DeLeval Milkers Bulk Coolers New Glarus, Wisconsin Welcome to the ALPINE CAFE Karl Hofman Family Swiss Cooking Group Accommodations KNIGHT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Knight Utility Manure Spreaders, Utility Unloaders, Cattle Feeders BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU Seed, Feed., Fertilizer, and Farm Supplies Albany Wisconsin JONES TEXACO SERVICEKROSTUE IMPLEMENT Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin A Sign of Quality A Pledge of Service Selling Midland Products ALBANY FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE Telephone 197 DOYON RAYNE Lumber Co. Albany Wisconsin Boyer's LP Qas and Heating Highway 69 South Monroe -----M Wisconsin LPnG-A? MONROE READY-MIX MATERIAL CO. Certified Ready Mixed Concrete 1203-l8th Street Monroe Wisconsin FRITZ CLEANERS 1308 12th Avenue Monroe Wisconsin THE SWISS COLONY Svuisslolomj MONROE WISCONSIN BOWMAN DAIRY COMPANY PHONE 2627 MONROE, WISCONSIN J. W. IMPLEMENT SALES MONROE WISCONSIN SNIVLEY TOWN COUNTRY Fine Furniture Carpeting HWY 11 Monroe Wisconsin SCHUETZE'S OF MONROE Watch your P's and Q's For Price and Quality BRENNAN'S CERTIFIED SUPER MARKET We buy Direct You buy for Less MONROE PHONE 433 WISCONSIN MULARKEY'S SINCLAIR EVANSVILLE LUCHSINGER BROTHERS (Livestock Dealers) PHONE 117 WISCONSIN EVANSVILLE WISCONSIN "By the High School" BAUMGARTEN'S Quality Footwear for the Family SCHMIDT'S MONROE SHOE STORE Evansville Wisconsin MONROE WISCONSINHelgesen's Pontiac, Rambler Farm Implements Evansville Wisconsin GREEN BROTHERS GRAIN It OIL Government Warehouse Evansville, Wisconsin GRAHAM'S CAFE Betty Bob Graham Highway 14 Evansville Wisconsin BLY HEATING 8c PLUMBING CO. Repairing, Remodeling, Installations Telephone 182 Evansville Wisconsin Compliments Of SWISS FAMILY Bologna, Picnic Meat Loaf All Beef Summer Sausage Made By Waeffler's Evansville THOMPSON MOTORS Sales Evansville Phone 82 Service Wisconsin CORNWELL WELDING Air Hammer Rental (with or without operator) Evansville Wisconsin GOLDENROD CREAMERY COMPANY Manufactures of Fancy Pasteurized Butter Cheese Brodhead Wisconsin OLIN It AYRES BUICK and PONTIAC Better Repairs Sales and Service BRODHEAD DEPT. STORE INC. Federated Store Brodhead Wisconsin Brodhead Wisconsin BANK OF BRODHEAD Member of F. D. I. C. Brodhead Wisconsin SIDNEY WANZER 8c SONS' DAIRY Grade A Milk Brodhead Wisconsin STRICKLER'S MARKET NEW OLARUS, WISCONSIN DISCH HD WE. 8c FURNITURE CO. Hardware, Furniture, Hotpoint Appliances New Olarus Wisconsin ROBERT'S BEAUTY SALON Robert L. Phillips Orfordville, Wisconsin CAPRON'S LP GAS SERVICE The Modem Fuel for Farm, Home, It Industry A size to fit your needs from 20 lbs. to 1000 gals. Orfordville WisconsinTHE BANK OP JUDA Ford Cars Trucks Ford Tractors Implements Member of P. D. I. C. KARLEN SONS Juda, Wisconsin Phone Monticello Wayne Albertson, Auctioneer Albany, Wisconsin BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS Mr. R. R. Harkins Barton Insurance Albany, Wisconsin Dr. E. E. Ronspiez Juda, Wisconsin Maple Leaf Cheese Factory Albany, Wisconsin Juda Service Center Juda, Wisconsin Hein Francis Albany, Wisconsin Walt's Toggery New Glarus, Wisconsin Albany Cafe Albany, Wisconsin G. L. Dorst, D. C. New Glarus, Wisconsin Bowman 8 Barber Shop Albany, Wisconsin Roy's Market New Glarus, Wisconsin Albany Bowling Alley Albany, Wisconsin New Glarus Bakery New Glarus, Wisconsin Attica Store Attica, Wisconsin Stuessy Clinic Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany Beauty Parlor Albany, Wisconsin Brodhead Hotel Brodhead, Wisconsin Dr. D. H. Partridge Albany, Wisconsin Mauerman Implement Shop Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany Locker Plant Albany, Wisconsin BJork's Restaurant Brodhead, Wisconsin Gambles Store Albany, Wisconsin Pierce Purnlture Mart Brodhead, Wisconsin Christopher's Albany, Wisconsin Coffee Shop Brodhead, Wisconsin The Albany Herald Albany, Wisconsin Brodhead Body and Pender Works Brodhead, Wisconsin Texaco Bulk Dealer Albany, Wisconsin Timm'8 Conoco Service Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany Variety Shop Albany, Wisconsin Art's Texaco Service Brodhead, Wisconsin Batch 8 Electric Service Albany, Wisconsin Blackford's Radio and T. V. Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany Dairy Company Albany, Wisconsin Blackbourne s Wallpaper Store Brodhead, Wisconsin Newman Seed Peed Company Juda, Wisconsin Timm Motor Company Brodhead, Wisconsin Holland's Pood Locker Service Juda, Wisconsin B's Shoppe Brodhead, Wisconsin DEHMER REXALL DRUGS RALPH E. LUEDY Livestock, Hauling, Buying Res. Phone 139--Yard 165 Albany Wisconsin Albany Wisconsin Ties Oil Company Brodhead, Wisconsin Borden Foods Company Monroe, Wisconsin Wendlandt's Market Brodhead, Wisconsin Hoffman Dry Cleaners Monroe, Wisconsin North Side Grocery Brodhead, Wisconsin Blumer Walgreen Agency Drug Monroe, Wisconsin New South Side Grocery Brodhead, Wisconsin Monroe Music Monroe, Wisconsin Pierce Hardware Company Brodhead, Wisconsin Monroe Auto Electric, Inc. Monroe, Wisconsin D. L. Witte, Chiropractor Brodhead, Wisconsin Roy's Shell Service Trailer Park Monroe, Wisconsin Ten-Eyck's Pine Bluff Fruit Farm Brodhead, Wisconsin Bruni-Miller Company Monroe, Wisconsin Stairs I.G.A. Foodliner Brodhead, Wisconsin Pilgrim Kitchen Monroe, Wisconsin Iverson's Chevrolet Brodhead, Wisconsin Studer Super Service Monroe, Wisconsin Brodhead Plumbing and Heating Brodhead, Wisconsin Evans Letter Shop Monroe, Wisconsin Jiranie's Naber Inn Brodhead, Wisconsin Monroe Bakery Monroe, Wisconsin Pauls Radiator Service Monroe, Wisconsin Tschudy's Specialty Service Monroe, Wisconsin Kuhne Construction and Lumber Co. Monroe, Wisconsin A Sc P Food Store Monroe, Wisconsin Bob Wigs Cycle Shop Monroe, Wisconsin Willis Drug Store Evansville, Wisconsin Rees Construction Company Monroe, Wisconsin C. E. Nelson, D. D.S. Evansville, Wisconsin First National Bank Monroe, Wisconsin Coast To Coast Evansville, Wisconsin Pandow Jewelers Monroe, Wisconsin Brunsell Auto Service Evansville, Wisconsin Phillips Smith Warehouse Outlet Monroe, Wisconsin Western Auto Evansville, Wisconsin Rosa Florist Monroe, Wisconsin Peterson Plumbing and Heating Evansville, Wisconsin Wisconsin Power Light Monroe, Wisconsin Laufenberg Lumber Company Evansville, WisconsinDee Losey Insurance Evansville, Wisconsin Albert H. Gill Evansville, Wisconsin Judd Refrigeration Evansville, Wisconsin Tom's Barber Shop Montlcello, Wisconsin Blumer Construction Company Montlcello, Wisconsin Marian's Clothing Orfordville, Wisconsin Cozy Corners Orfordville, Wisconsin Rooslls Peed Seed Belleville, Wisconsin Harry Cole Torque Service Evansville, Wisconsin WAYNE K. WAHL --Special Agent-- The Prudential Insurance Company PHONE: Durand, 111. 248-3210 PHONE: Rockford, 111. 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