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STEPPIM THROUGH THE UHnilETKflTIFirst Row: B. Patchen, Second Row: J. Qaarder, Last Row: R. Bump, J. Miss Barton, A. Baumgartner, C. Inabnit, M. Templeton, L. Nipple, J. Porterfield, J. Striker A. Zee, R. Nimz, J. Mosher, R. Blumer, S. Blumer, S, Zurfluh C, Pluss, S. Dudones W. Briggs, R. Purintun, T. Reasa, N. Quint, W. Albertson, Wahl » WE, THE SENIOR CLASS, OF ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY, WISCONSIN PRESENT THE 195 g- 59 HIGHLIGHTSOEPICQTlOn We, the senior class of 1959 dedicate our annual to Mr. Philip Hellestad, our baseball and basketball coach, physical education and history teacher for the past three years. We wish you the very best of luck In the future.BOARD OF EDUCATION Front Row: H. Striker, J. Lynn, Q. Heitzman Back Row: D. Briggs, S. Blumer Absent: R. Whalen PRINCIPAL MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS It is a very good idea to use your time in preparation for a satisfactory future. Let's divide that preparation into three major parts: cultural knowledge, practical knowledge, and financial knowledge. To attain cultural goals, use the library. Plan your thinking: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Select good programs on TV and radio. Talk and associate with good, intelligent men who have a purpose in life. Set your own goal and work toward it. Practical knowledge will never be a handicap. Study your Job and the business of which it is a part. Take night courses: firms sometimes make these possible for promising young men and women. Join "Y" clubs and Informal schools, or organize your own. Dallas S. Briggs Your life has an economic foundation. start early to save and invest. Save in buying a home or other real estate; invest in a business, in common stocks, in mutual funds which are 3et up for the small investor. "Build security with securities". You are your own teacher--be proud of your pupilIFACULTY Walter E. Schneider Hometown: Monroe, Wisconsin College Attended: Plattvllle State Teachers College Subjects Taught: Chemistry, Physics, Science, Biology Marjorie Evans Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa College Attended: State University of Iowa Major: Home Economics Minors: Speech, English, and Science Degree: B.A. Subject Taught: Home Economics Philip Hellestad Hometown: Wlttenburg, Wisconsin College Attended: Luther College Majors: Physical Education, Social Science Minors: Education, Latin Degree: B.A. Subjects Taught: Physical Educa- tion, American History, Coach Robert A. Bean College Attended: Beloit College Major: Economics Minors: History, Government Degree: B.A. Subjects Taught: Civics, World History, Social Problems; Assistant Coach¥Joan Showers Hometown: Belleville, Wisconsin College Attended: Whitewater State College Major: Business Education Minors: Mathematics, Geography Degree: B.E. Subjects Taught: Bookkeeping, Typing, Office Practice, Advanced Algebra Alice G. Barton Hometown: Albany, Wisconsin Colleges Attended: Universities of Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan Major: English Minors: Social Science, Library Degree: B.A. Subjects Taught: English, Speech Donald J. Ulrich Hometown: Fort Dodge, Iowa College Attended: Loras College Major: English Minors: History, Philosophy, Education Degree: B.A. Subjects Taught: English Arlene Oliver Hometown: Albany, Wisconsin College Attended: College of St. Teresa Majors: Chemistry and Latin Minor: English Degree: B.A. Subjects Taught: Alegbra, General Mathematics, GeometryV. U. Elmer Hometown: Albany, Wisconsin Colleges Attended: University of Wisconsin, Platteville State Teachers College, Milwaukee School of Engineering Majors: Agriculture, Chemistry Minors: Science, Shop Degree: B.A. Subjects Taught: Agriculture, Shop Kent P. Klesow Hometown: Horicon, Wisconsin Colleges Attended: University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh State College, Vandercook College Majors: Instrumental and Vocal Music Minor: English Degree: B.A. Subjects Taught; General, Vocal, And Instrumental Music GRADE SCHOOLFACULTY B Mr. Lufl Grade 8 Mrs. Arn Grade H Mrs. Ooecks Grade 1 Grade 3 Mrs. Willis Grade 2 Mrs. Pfisterer Combination 1,2,3 not pictured Mr3. Schneider Grade 7 Mrs. Edwards Grade 5 Mr. Thompson Grade 6COOKS C. Pyrce, R. Asmus, R. Thompson, J. ThillLeon Marty Eugene Krueger Alvin Blumer Wilbur McCreedy BUS DRIVERS JANITORS STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: P. Hogan, C. Inabnit, Mr. Eriggs, S. Runaas, S. Elmer Second Row: W. Briggs, C. Farr, N. Hanson, D. Wahl SECRETARY Miss Charlotte KingENIORSValedictorian REBECCA BLUMER Wayne P. Albertson Honor Club.............3,4 Ann S. Baumgartner Bummy P.F.A.....................1 Band..................1,2,3 Chorus..................1,2 Forensics.............2,3,4 Class Play.............3, Annual Staff ............ 4 President ............... 1 Vice-President .......... 2 Eoy's State...............3 Prom King.................3 F.H.A................... Student Council. . : Chorus ................. Forensics.............2,3, Clas3 Play ............. Annual Staff .......... 3, Editor............. Homecoming Court .... Prom Queen ............. Rebecca Blumer Becky Sharon Kay Blumer Honor Club...........2,3,4 President ............ 4 F. H. A..................1 Student Council .... 3 Secretary ... .3 Band .............1,2,3,4 Chorus ................. 1 Forensics...........1,3, Cheerleader . . . 1,2,3, Class Play............3, Annual Staff ........... 4 Class Officer .... 2,4 Prom Court.............2,3 D. A. R. Winner..........4 Valentine Princess ... 4 Honor Club...........2,3, Secretary ......... 3 V. President. ... 4 Band...............1,2,3, Chorus ................. 1 Class Play.............3» Secretary.................f Treasurer................ Girl's State ............ 3 Homecoming Queen ..•• Prom Court . ........... Spoon. ...................3 William Brigg3, Jr. Wilhelm A Club...................4 Boxing Club..............4 Student Council .... 4 Vice-President ... 4 Basketball .... 1,2,3,4 Baseball.............1,2,3 Class Play.............3,4 Homecoming Court . . .3,4 uott tw tr ro roSalutatorian WAYNE ALBERTSON Robert L. Bump Bob Stanley Dudones Donuts A Club..................4 President ... 4 Student Council . . . 1,2 V. President ... 2 Forensics .... • 2,3,4 Basketball . . . 1,2,3, Clas3 Play . . . Annual Staff . . Homecoming Court . . 3,4 Jacquelyn J. Oaarder Jackie Honor Club . F.H.A. . . . Band . . . . Chorue . . . Forensics Cheerleader Class Play . Annual Staff Co-Editor . 2,3,4 ... 2 1 2.3, . . . 1 • 1,2,4 1,2,3,4 . . 3, 4 4 Boy's Chef...............2 Chorus ................. 1 Carolyn Joan Inabnit Honor Club . . 4 Treasurer .... . . 4 Student Council . . . . 4 President .... Band Chorus . . 1 Class Play . 3,4 Annual Staff .... Secretary . . 3 F.F.A. Sweetheart . . 4 Typing Contest . . . Valentine Princess . . . 4 James Mosher Jim Boy's Chef . . 1 Band . . . 2,3,4 Chorus .... .... 2,3 Baseball . . . 3 Class Play . . Annual Staff . 4 President . . .... 3,4 Secretary . . Prom Court . . Valentine Ball Court . . 4 Pep Club . . . .... 3,4Richard Nimz Dick F.H.A.................2,3,4 Boy'3 Chef................1 Baseball................2,3 Beverly Patchen Bev P.H.A.................... Chorus .................. Class Play .............. Annual Staff ............ Lorraine B. Nipple Nip F.H.A.............1,2,3,4 Parlimentarlan ... 3 Secretary ........... 4 Band..................1,2,3 Chorus .................. 1 Forensics .... 1,2,3, ij Class Play..............3,4 Reporter ................ 3 Clarence Pluss F.F.A........... 1,2,3,4 Boy's Chef................1 Annual Staff ............ 4 Janet Porterfield Port Honor Club.............3,4 F.H.A................1,2,3 Vice-President ... 2 Band..............1,2,3,4 Chorus...............1,2,3 Class Play...............3 Annual Staff ........... k Herald Reporter . ... k F.H.A. Representative . 3 Pep Band.............2,3,4 Orchestra .............. 4CLASS COLORS ROYAL BLUE AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER WHITE CARNATION Ronald Purintun Ron Nicholas M. Quint Nick Basketball..............1,2 Baseball................1,2 Class Play................3 Spade.....................3 Walter T. Reasa Pete A Club Sec.-Treas. ... 4 Student Council . ... 3 Basketball. . . . .1,2,3,4 Class Play. . . . Annual Staff. . . V. President. . . . . .2,4 Homecoming Court. . . .3,4 Prom Court. . . . Homecoming King . . . . 4 F.F.A 1,2,3,4 Vice-President ... 3 President . . . Boy's Chef T . . . Band Chorus Basketball .... Baseball Volleyball .... . 1,2,3 Class Play .... Joan M. Schneeberger Jo Honor Club............2,3,4 F.H. A...................1 Chorus..................1,2 Class Play.............3.4 Annual Staff ............ 4 Class Officer.............3 Homecoming Court .... 4 Homemaker of Tomorrow . 4 Janet Striker F.H.A............1,2,3,4 Chorus ................. l Assistant Director (Class Play)..................3,4 Annual Staff ........... 4 Herald Reporter ... 4 F.H.A. Representative 3Margaret Striker Marg Mary Templeton Temple P.H.A. . . . Reporter Library Club Choru3 . . . Class Play . Annual Staff 1,2,3,4 . . . 4 . . . 3 ::N2 . . . 4 James Allen Wahl Jim F.F.A...............1,2,3, Boy's Chef.................1 Baseball.................1,2 Class Play...............3,4 P.H.A.....................3 Chorus................1 2,3 Forensics ............... 1 Class Play..............3,4 Class Officer.............1 Arlyn Zee Z Shirley K. Zurfluh Zurf A Club P.F.A. Secretary Boy's Chef . Baseball . . Class Play . Prom Court Ping Pong Champion . . 3, J,2,3,4 . . . 4 . . . 1 1,2,3,4 . . 3,4 . . . 3 . . . 3 P-H-A................2,3,4 Treasurer ............ 4satmiGS Albertson, Wayne No use fishing unless you have a line. Baumgartner, Ann I want to be bashful, but the boys won't let me. Blumer, Rebecca A soft answer turns away wrath. Blumer, Sharon Gaze into her eyes and you will see an angel; gaze a little longer and you will see an imp. Briggs, William Napoleon was little, too. Bump, Robert I find every situation has its humor. Dudones, Stanley Don't study your lesson, lessen your study. Gaarder, Jacquelyn Wind her up and lot her go. Inabnit, Carolyn She's witty, she's wise, she's a terror for her size. Mosher, James Women and barbers get in my hair. Nimz, Richard There may be a time for work but I've never found it. Nipple, Lorraine All I need now is a diploma and the confusion Is over. Patchen, Beverly Blushing is virtue's ruler. Pluss, Clarence I hurry 30 slow. Porterfield, Janet Ambition is her middle name, some day we know 3he will come to fame. Purinton, Ronald A man who loves to hear himself talk. Quint, Nick My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees wi th me. Reasa, Walter I never worry; I never fret; what I can't remember, I forget. Schneeberger, Joan She uses her brain with lack-of strain. Striker, Janet Don't try to convince me; I think for myself. Striker, Margaret If you knew Maggie like we know Maggie. Templeton, Mary Enjoy life er its fled. When you die, you're a long time dead . Wahl, James Sometimes within his brain, he thinks a thought. Zee, Arlyn Silence is a great art of conversation. Zurfluh, Shirley In school she is shy and demure, outside we're not so sure.JUNIORS First Row: R. Aeschlimann T. Bergum, B. Blumer, J. Bongiorno, 0. Brewer, J. Briggs Second Row: J. Briggs R. Briggs, W. Briggs, G. Brugger, S. Coplien L. Dehmer Third Row: M. Flesher, N. Hanson, B. Hauser, P. Hogan, B. Holtsapple, D. Inabnlt Fourth Row: J. Johnson, L. Jones, K. Keller, P. Kildow, J. Kopp, R. Larsen Fifth Row: L. Nimz, R. Martini, R. Ochsner, G. Reasa, D. Runaas, R. Schneeberger Sixth Row: L. Schultz, J. Stoehr, R. Thompson, J. Wahl, J. Weiss, A. Westbrook Seventh Row: B. Zimmerman, L, ZurfluhOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES First Row: R. Asmus W. Baumgartner C. Bergen D. Blumer L. Broughton G. Colden Second Row: W. Creuzer B. Dallman R. Douglas A. Elmer C. Farr S. Haddinger Sixth Row: L. Stefanik, J. Swanson, J. Seventh Row: P. wyss, K. Whlteaker, C. Thill, G. Waddell, D, Weber, G. Wheefer Zurfluh Fir3L How: j. Amos, K. Atkinson H. Blumer, G. .rower, J, Cullen, C. Daliman Second Row: L. Dlx, R. Elliott 3. Elmer, G. Flaherty, N. Gempe J, Henningsen FRESHMEN ■ Third Row: C. Moltaapple, G. Jlol tcapple, •. Karaps, M. Kopp, J. Lange, 3, Leszczynaki Fourth Row: G. Lewis, R. Mahlkuck, J. Manahelm R. ‘hri;;, D. Morgenthaler, J. Morganthaler Fifth Rov;: A. ,'iyre, A. Oliver, A. Patty, !. Porterfield, P. Sabin, S. Sellnow Sixth Row: j. Spencer, C. Templeton, T. Thompson, D. Wahl, D. V arne, R, Wame Seventh Row: S. Zee KINDERGARTEN Front Row: R. Blumer, L. Am, D. Heitzman, K. Blaser, T. Schultz, J. Nipple, T. Schneider, S. Klassner, L. Leutenegger, T. Lynn, H. Armitage Back Row: R. Parsons, J. Christopher, L. Hall, T. Week, J. Landis, S. Sarbacker, C. Ferguson, R. Palnick, J. Runaas, R. Pickett, A. Stephenson, M. Widmer, K. Schneeberger 1st Front Row: R. Clark, M. Hellestad, D. Pickett, J. Parsons, R. Elmer, J. Bongiomo, S. Eldred, B. Lynn, M. Blumer Second Row: D. Cleveland, S. Schneider, D. Cleveland, D. Houlberg, R. Armitage, B. Heffner, M. Flood, R. Stavn, M. Flynn, J. Nafzger, T. Stephenson, T. Miller Back Row: H. Pagel, M. Martini, C. Anderson, B. Parker, G. Kapke, J. Atkinson, S. Nipple, K. Sellnow, K. Christopher, C. Ferguson, B. Laughridge Absent: B. Maxwell 2nd Front Row: L. Ames, S. Am, V. Armitage, D. Keegan, S. Quale, S. Aeschllmann, P. Stefanik, S. Zwickey Second Row: D. Rolfe, J. Ames, B. Parsons, G. Klossner, M. Bongiomo, M. Heitzman, A. King, J. Frydenlund, 0. Schultz, S. Wood C. Rankins, C. Walt Back Row: C. Sarbacker, J. Mauerman, S. Cleaveland, R. Sarbacker, J. Nedlose, N. Kopke, M. Kopp, K. Atkinson, A. Runaas, G. Week, T. Parker, J. Frydenlund3rd Front Row: B. Parsons, B. Nipple, D. Cleveland, D. Wilson, R, Flynn, J. Jones, B. Kapke, R. Kopp, S. Wilson Second Row: N. Briggs, K. Malcook, A. Runaas, L. Nipple, P. Flynn, B. Whitehead, R. Blumer, D. Atkinson, D. Ruef, C. Janes Back Row: M. Bongiorno, G. Armitage, C. Frydenlund, J. Gre3sman, R. Week, D. Patty, L. Wilson, J. Sabin, L. Quale. T. Elliott, M. Leutenegger, T. Minder 4th Front Row: J. Asmus, M. Parker, P. Hein, P. Patty, W. Natzger, D. Dixon, K. Keller Second Row: B. Laughridge, R. Atkinson, W. Quale, V. Janes, J, Levitski, R. Kapke, D. Nipple, W. Leutenegger, J. Wait Back Row: M. Templeton, R. Wilson, R. Blumer, S. King, K. Blumer, N. Stefanlk, R. Quale, R. Ames, A. Sarbacker, R. Schultz, W. -Johnson 5th Front Row: K. Blumer, J. Flaherty, J. Mauerman, K. Minder, R. Atkinson, S. Teale, T. Eastman Second Row: N. Parker, V. Schulthess, N. Eldred, J. Gressman, T. Kapke, R. Kapke, L. Jones, M. Whalen, A. Briggs, P. Whlteaker Back Row: K. Blumer, R. Elliott, J. Hendrikson, D. Runaas, T. Jones, D. Flynn, D. Foust, D. Palnick, G. Houlberg, R. Keegen. Absent: N. Jones, J. MillerFront Row: D. Krueger, J. Ame3, L. Minder, L. Flesher, F. Schneeberger, S. Nipple, W. Houlberg, P. Maloook, K. Albright Second Row: P. Bly, L. Johnson, R. Brewer, L. Elmer, P. Ringhand, R. Colden, R. Flynn, R. Mahlkuch, R. Leutenegger, S. Levitski, L. Jone3 Back Row: P. Wait, G. Eldred, N. Houlberg, G. Jones, J. Haddinger, R. Truax, D. Chrisbaum, L. Rolfe, D. Killlngstad, B. Ringhand, G. Parsons, R. Whlteaker, D. Parker. Absent: S. Badertscher, F. Maxwell 7th Front Row: H. Keller, E. Wilson, S. Schulthess, M. Atkinson, L. King, J. Kamps, K. Houlberg, M. Timmerman Second Row: T. Sabin, 0. Parker, L. Templeton, B. Hetlzman, J. Bonglomo, P. Sharer, J. Swanson, V. Teale, P. KJorness, 0. Ames, W. Foust, K. Keller Back Row: D. Atkinson, S. Week; B. Sarbacker, H. Timmerman, E. Runaas, T. Chrisbaum, P. Jones, J. Hlavachek, E. Atkinson, D. Doyle, A. Roenneburg, R. Kopp, T. Hall. Absent: M. Inabnlt, A. Sarbacker Front Row: J. Second Row: J Back Row: W. M. Eastman, K. L. Sarbacker, Stefanik, G. Levit3ki, P. Rolfe, . Patchen, J. Mauerman, D. King, Schneeberger, A. Martini, E. Wait Gaarder. Absent: C. Natzger, B K. Malcook, L. DeVoss 0 L. Reasa, . Ames, R. L. Graves Thill, R. K. Heller, C. Webb Moore, J. Whalen , R. Atkinson, Maxwell, R. Goecks »ANNUAL STAFF Editor ............. Co-Editor .......... Junior Editor . . . Sales Manager . . . Ads Manager . . . . Underclassman Editor Organization Editors Grade Editors . . . Sports Editors . . . Head Typist .... Typist ............. Sayings ............ Ann Baumgartner Jackie Gaarder Priscilla Hogan Janet Striker Sharon Blumer Carolyn Inabnit Terry Reasa Wayne Albertson Janet Porterfield Beverly Patchen Robert Bump Clarence Pluss Joan Schneeberger Jim Mosher Sharon Blumer Jackie Gaarder Carolyn Inabnit Ann Baumgartner Margaret StrikerHOMECOMING King Terry and Queen Becky On January 30 the Albany Comets met the Orfordville Vikings on Albany's floor. It was our homecoming game and it turned out to be very exciting. We won 56 to 49. This wa3 our second victory of the season. Terry Reasa was chosen king, his queen was Eecky Blumer. The court consisted of Joan Schneeberger, Ann Baumgartner, Gaylene Reasa, and Billy Laughridge.L. Nipple, A. Zee, J. Second row: Third row: N. Quint, T. Reasa, W. Albertson, R. Bump, W. Wahl, R. Blumer, J. Gaarder, S. Blumex; J. Mosher C.Inabnit, M. Templeton, J. Schneeberger Briggs,On May 9, 1958 King Wayne Albertson and Queen Ann Baumgartner reigned at the annual Junior prom. Music was rurnished by Preddy Mott's Orchestra. JUNIOR PROMW.B., Mr. S., W.A. PROW DECORATING J.M., C.I.JUNIOR CLASS PLAY First Row: A. Baumgartner, J. Mosher, Second Row: R. Blumer, C. Inabnit, S. B. Patchen, L. Nipple, J. Porterfield Third Row: W. Briggs, R. Purintun, N. W. Albertson, R. Bump J. Wahl, A. Zee, J. Gaarder Blumer, J. Schneeberger, M. Templeton, Quint, Miss Showers, Director, T. Reasa, YOU'RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE Miss ShowersFRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR A. Oliver Pres. R. Blumer V. Pres. S. Leszczynski Sec. J. Lange Treas. SENIOR Top Row: W. Reasa, V. Pres. J. Mosher, Pres. Bottom Row: R. Blumer, Treas., S. B1umer. Sec. S. Coplien Pres. J. Wahl V. Pres. K. Keller Sec. G. Reasa Treas. SOPHOMORE D. Weber Pres. i D. Holtsapple V. Pre3. L. Stefanlk Sec. M. Malcook Treas.« A CLUB First Row: Middle Row: B. Briggs, A. Zee, R. Bump, J. Johnson, Mr. Hellestad, T. Reasa, G. Brugger, G. Brewer, R. Schneeberger N. Hanson, L. Schultz Trea3. V. First Row: R. Blumer, D. Runaas, L. Nipple, S. Coplien, N. Keegan Last Row: C. Inabnit, S. Blumer, G. Reasa, J. Gaarder, Miss Showers, J. Porterfield, J. Swanson, J. Schneeberger CONCERT BAND First Row: R. Blumer, N. Keegan, S. Blumer, G. Reasa Second Row: R. Blumer, B. Blumer, S. Coplien, J. Porterfield, J. Wahlen, K. Keller, W. Albertson, J. Gaarder Third Row: S. Elmer, K. Atkinson, S. Zee, J. Patcheo, T. C'nristaum, K. Gaarder D. Inabnit, P. Kogan, M. Kopp, G. Lewis, J. Mo3her Last Row: D. Heitzman, N. Quint, Mr. Kiesow—Instructor JUNIOR BAND First Row: L. Reasa, G. Levitski, J. Bongiomo, P. Sharer Second Row: C. Webb, D. Chrisbaum, P. Porterfield, P. Ringhand, J. Haddlnger P. Bly, A. Martini, B. Ringhand, R. Mahlkuch, D. Krueger, B. Heitzman, P. Jones P. KJomess, J. Swanson Last Row: Mr. Kiesow, D. Killlngstad, R. Colden, D. King, D. Parker, D. Atkinson, J. MauermanFORENSICS First Row: A. Baumgartner, J. Gaarder, Miss Barton, L. Nipple, S. Blumer Second Row: G. Reasa, R. Bump, D. Heitzman, W. Albertson, P. Hogan Not Pictured: L. Rhyner First Row: G. Flaherty, L. Stefanik, G. Wheeler, D. Heitzman, R. Marty Last Row: Mr. Ulrich, D. Weber, J. Henningson, J. ManshelmF.H.A. First Row: J. Striker, J. Briggs, D. Runaas, L. Nipple, S. Zurfluh, C. Pryce Last Row: R. Aeschlimann, A. Patty, R. Thompson, J. Lange, C. Nipple, S. Schwartzlow, J. Thill, R, Asmus, A. Westbrook, Mrs. Evans BOYS’ CHEF First Row: R. Ochsner, W. Briggs, R. Schneeberger, Mrs. Evans Last Row: E. Schneeberger, L. Rhyner, N. Hanson, D. Blumer, W. Baumgartner J. Bongiomo, C. FarrFirst Row: G. Brewer, A. Zee, N. Quint, T. Bergum, R. Second Row: A. Elmer, D. Maas, G. Brewer, G. Brugger, J. Ohlrich, J. Stoehr, J. Briggs, A. Myhre, R. Jones, Last Row: C. Pluss, R. Martini, D. Weber, L. Stefanlk P. Porterfield, R. Warne Larsen, Mr. Elmer L. Dlx, L. Jones, B. Daliman, J. Morganthaler , R. Nimz, J. Wahl, BOXING First Row: N. Hanson, E. Schneeberger, T. Thompson, C. Farr, D. Heitzman D. Blumer, A. Elmer, 0. Wheeler, W. Baumgartner, J. Stoehr, R. Schneeberger, Mr. Ulrich, J. Bongiorno, W. Briggs Boxing: J. Briggs, T. BergumLIBRARY CLUB First Row: D. Inabnit, C. Holtsapple, B. Holtsapple, D. Holtsapple, J. Briggs Last Row: B. Blumer, P. Kildow, B. Patchen, A. Powers, S. Haddinger, M. Kaher J. Weis3, Miss Barton HOW WE LOOKED THEN R. D.These are some of the men that helped with the addition, they are: Back Row: A. Minder, H. Wardlow Front Row: W. Jensen, R. Carlson, F. Wagner When we came back to school last fall, the first thing we saw was that a new addition had been built connecting the grade and high school buildings. There are three classrooms downstairs and an activity room; on the upper floor there are four classrooms and the principal's office. . FIRST SIX G. Brewer, N. Hanson, R. Schneeberger, G. Brugger, T. Reasa, R. Bump "A” TEAM Back Row: N. Han3on, G. Brewer, G. Brugger, W. Reasa, R. BumD, R. Schneeberger, Mr. Hellestad Front Row: L. Schultz, B. Briggs, J. Briggs, D. Larsen, R. Ochsner, D. Briggs, J. Johnson"B” TEAM Front Row: G. Brewer, G. Wheeler, T. Bergum, D. Weber, 2. Schneeberger Back Row: L. Schultz, R. Kamps, R. Marty, Mr. Bear., R. Mahlkuch, D. Wahl, J. Johnson BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: Hack Row: G. Brewer, N. Hanson, R. Schneeberger, A. Zee, G. Brugger, R. Ochsner, S. Schneeberger, G. Coiden L. Schultz, W. Baumgartner, D. Weber, G. Wheeler, T. Bergum, Mr. Hellestad, D. Larsen, R. Briggs, J. Briggs, C. FarrCHEERLEADERS J. Gaarder, G. Reasa, S. Blumer, M. Malcook, B. Patchen J. G. S. B. B. P.comnmmrs ALBANY VARIETY SHOP Albany, Wisconsin ALBANY LOCKER PLANT Albany, Wisconsin GAMBLE STORE Albany, Wisconsin BOWMAN'S BARBER SHOP Albany, Wisconsin BARTON INSURANCE Albany, Wisconsin CHRISTOPHER'S Albany, Wisconsin DR. D. H. PARTRIDGE Albany, Wisconsin GEN TAPLIN - SPORT SHOP Evansville, Wisconsin TOM'S T. V. Albany, Wisconsin BAUMGARTEN'S SUPER-. MARKET Evansville, Wisconsin A1BANY DAIRY Albany, Wisconsin FARM DAIRY SUPPLY AL'S ELECTRIC Evansville, Wisconsin DR. J. E. LYNN Albany, Wisconsin SILVER LEWIS CHEESE FACTORY Monticello, Wisconsin TIMM MOTOR COMPANY Brodhead, Wisconsin ROY'S AUTO SERVICE Bellvllle, Wisconsin BRODHEAD BODY PENDER WORKS Brodhead, Wisconsin RUPNOW DAIRY SUPPLIES Monroe, Wisconsin PIERCE HARDWARE Brodhead, Wisconsin HERB RUSSEL Monroe, Wisconsin BRODHEAD GAS SERVICE Brodhead, Wisconsin SWISS CHEESE SAUSAGE SHOP Monroe, Wisconsin LANEVILLE SHOE STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin MONROE BAKERY Monroe, Wisconsin RISUM IMPLEMENT COMPANY Brodhead, Wisconsin MONTGOMERY WARDS Monroe, Wisconsin BLACKFORD'S RADIO T. V. Brodhead, Wisconsin ETTERS Monroe, Wisconsin ENGLE ROYAL BLUE Brodhead, Wisconsin • MONROE EVENING TIMES Monroe, Wisconsin COAST TO COAST STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin WEAVER GROCERY Monroe, Wisconsin HEFFEL CHEVROLET SALES Evansville, Wisconsin SCHMITZ STUDIO Monroe, Wisconisn ALBERT H. GILL Evansville, Wisconsin THE OLD BUNK HOUSE Monroe, Wisconsin GRANGE STORE Evansville, Wisconsin HELLAND'S FOOD LOCKER SERVICE Juda, Wisconsin E H TORQUE SERVICE Evansville, Wisconsin HILLTOP INN Monroe, Wisconsin THE BANK OP JUDA Juda, WisconsinALBANY BEAUTY MART Albany, Wisconsin KINGDOM SUPER SERVICE Monroe, Wisconsin GEMPLER'S GARAGE Juda, Wisconsin MARCO'S RESTAURANT Monroe, Wisconsin IVERSON CHEVROLET --------mt-'V. :::f ITTTTT — -------- Brodhead, Wisconsin BANK of BRODHEAD MONROE MUSIC COMPANY Monroe, Wisconsin MONROE SHOE STORE Monroe, Wisconsin BRUNSELL'S AUTO SERVICE Evansville, Wisconsin GREEN'S MOTORPORT Evansville, Wisconsin DEE LOSEY INSURANCE Evansville, Wisconsin CASE IMPLEMENT Brodhead, Wisconsin MAAS INSURANCE COMPANY Evansville, Wisconsin SOUTH SIDE GROCERY Brodhead, Wisconsin BLACKBOURN WALLPAPER STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin SCHWAKE PHARMACY Brodhead, Wisconsin B'S SHOPPE Brodhead, Wisconsin STAIR'S IGA Brodhead, Wisconsin NORTH SIDE GROCERY Brodhead, Wisconsin Member of P. D. I. C. Brodhead rf cons JOE JOHNSON Brodhead, OLIN and AYRES For Better Repairs Sales and Service grodhead, Wisconsin JOSEPH STENCIL Brodhead, Wisconsin CORNWELL WELDING Welding Air Compressors Hammer Rentals Evansville, Wisconsin UNION BANK TRUST COMPANY BJORK'S RESTAURANT Brodhead, Wisconsin PIERCE FURNITURE MART Brodhead, Wisconsin Member F. D. I. C. and Federal Systems Compliments of ‘TruGfiSruvESTOcT: WAYNE ALBERTSON Auctioneer Local and Long Distance Hauling Telephone 215-H Telephone-220W Albany, Wisconsin Evansville, WisconsinSENTRY Household - Farm Machinery - Salary Installment Financing 1612 - lltn st. So. side of Square Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin LEE'S The Store For Women Phone 201 1602 11th Street COMPLIMENTS OF DR. E. E. RONSPIEZ Monroe, Wisconsin Juda, Wisconsin GEMPLER'S TIRE SHOP STUDER SUPER SERVICE Distributor Goodyear Tires Batteries 1006 - 15th Ave. Phone 186 Chrysler Plymouth Massy - Ferguson New Holland Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin BUOB KESSLER X-HAV PITT INO Monro . ftaaio Service Sylvanla T. V. 1209 - 17th Ave. Monroe, Wisconsin P. 0. Box 8l Phone 598 DISCH HARDWARE AND FURNITURE COMPANY ; IdKERR'S SHOES 0 I South Side of Square IV New Glarus, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin WESTERN AUTO Associate Store SCHUETZE'S OP MONROE Lester Baumann Phone 656 Evansville Watch your P's and Q's For Price and Quality MONROE AUTO ELECTRIC MAY BROS., INC. Complete Electrical Wholesale and Retail Sales and Service 1715 12th St. Phone 11HU Monroe, Wisconsin Wisconsin's Largest Supplier of Broiler Chicks 26 Maple Street - Evansville, Wls. Phone 571-572 HELGESON PONTIAC IMPLEMENT .1. GRAHAM'S CAFE nb.v J!kl Betty Bob Graham Evansville, Wisconsin i 7 !su» Union Street Evansville, WisconsinKOLTES KEEGAN HARDWARE and FURNITURE TELEPHONE 49 MAIN ST Belleville. Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS of PET MILK COMPANY Ford Cars And Trucks Ford Tractors and Implement KARLEN SONS Ph. 145 Monticello, Wisconsin I Vr.w J ALBANY CAFE Albany, Wisconsin KLASSY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Construction - Welding Berg Barn Equipment Remodeling, New Homes Built Ph. 28l MAPLE LEAF CHEESE CO-OP Albany, Wisconsin Manager, Fred Oschner Maker of Swiss Cheese Monticello, Wisconsin WASHINGTON IMPLEMENT CO. Case Sale and Service Ph. 128-N Monticello, Wisconsin DOYON tc RAYNB LUMBER Ph. 67 Albany, Wisconsin Congratulations and Best of Luck to the Class of 1959 Mr. tc Mrs. Paul stefonlk Your Quality Source of Home Grown Potatoes KROSTUE IMPLEMENT Albany, Wisconsin FARM BUREAU Sign of Quality A Pledge of Service DEHMER REXALL DRUGS Albany, Wisconsin THE ALPINE CAFE Unexcelled Swiss and American Homestyle Cooking in a Truly Swiss Atmostphere, Garner Stud for Cocktall3 and After Dinner Enjoyment New Olarus, Wisconsin JONES TEXACO SERVICE Albany, Wisconsin HAROLD BERGEN C ontractor in Agriculture Lime and Road Rock Delivery Service Brooklyn, Wisconsin BURI ELECTRIC COMPANY Industrial Residential and Farm Wiring 916-16 Avenue(rear) Monroe, WisconsinCompliments of ARN IMPLEMENT COMPANY Dealers in: Oliver, New Holland, Farm Machinery, Fox Forage Harvestors McCullock Chain Saws Phone 182 New Glarus, Wisconsin ATTICA STORE KREBS PHARMACY Peter A. Hamacher R. P. H. Telephone 38 Rural Route 1 Albany, Wisconsin "We Serve To Serve Again •• Evansville, Wisconsin UNION CO-OPERATIVE TRUMAN E. SHARER off. ». us. m FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR ALBANY, WISCONSIN Telephone Evansville Sc Brooklyn Wisconsin Feed, Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Products Store-75 Funeral Home-13; SPECIAL PARTY ARRANOEMNNTS Phone 118W Evansville, Wisconsin Compliments of EVANSVILLE GREENHOUSE COPLIEN PAINTING COMPANY Phone-hk Evansv le Wisconsln Compliments of Interior Decorating TEALES AUTO SERVICE Tycosing of Barns, Broom Service on Trees, T.V. Aereals Spray and Brush Painting of Homes, Churches, and Schools Telephone-71 2110-13th Street Monroe, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin NASHCompliments of BANK OF ALBANY Albany, Wisconsin Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ALBANY HARDWARE tc APPLIANCE Heating Plumbing Zenith T.V. 4Sadio Sales and Service Albany, Wisconsin WOODY'S DEW DROP INN T-Bone ----------------- Chicken Sea Foods Sandwiches NEW GLARUS HARDWARE CO. G. E. and Philco T. V. Appliances All Types of Floor Coverings DeLaval Milkers and Bulk Coolers Expert Plumbing, Heating, Wiring Phone 14 New Giarus, Wisconsin Dayton, Wisconsin LIVESTOCK HAULING Ship by truck--Reasonable Rates Buyer For Cudahy Bros. Oscar Mayer Co. Dally, Schedules to; Cudahy, Milwaukee, Chicago, And Madison Stockyards Open Mon.-Wed. Frl. 7 A. M. to 12 Noon Trucking Off. 139 Phones: Stockyards 165 RALPH E. LUEDY ViiiM’n r. Eest Wishes To The Class of '39 From THE CRANDALL OIL COMPANY Texaco Products Alvin Blumer, Distributor Phones: 3 3 and 130 Albany, WisconsinCompliments of Dr. P. J. Bongiorno Clinic Albany, Wisconsin "Good Luck, Seniors!" NEW GLARUS CLEANERS Quality Cleaning and Prices Keep up with THE HOMETOWN NEWS NEW GLARUS Subscribe to ZWEIFEL JEWELRY SHOP THE ALBANY HERALD HERALD PUBLISHING CO. Stanton P. Steurl, Publisher Phone 13 Albany Diamond - Watches Gifts for all Occasions We ohe Senior class or tqco annual a success. wish to thank everyone who helPec oH 4 ‘(A y V K s INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Pobliihtti (oi«i Manvloilaint look Imdtrt f AC TO T HOME Of MCE Kansos City •"•INTO t IH II ■ » -i -.ivn i 4 L ' tfit m ■ .. ' r i :• I '?{ 4 | : ’' ,{ f : -? j f ? hi t r »• | . |M ■ - 1 i f f Vl" i ,. • . jjjJn . jr v ' »• • v .r . • •a1 ‘ !fc i j i t . 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Suggestions in the Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) collection:

Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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