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WE, THE SENIOR CLASS, OP ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY, WISCONSIN PRESENT THE Those who follow us are breaking a trail into a new tomorrow, it is our hope that the trail we have broken proves true and useful. It is our prayer that the great highway will lead through time to God's eternity. We Invite you to Journey with us through our year book and see how we at AHS acquire our wisdom.We, the Senior Class of 1958, dedicate this annual, the Winnetkan, to Mr. Walter Schneider. During our High School years he haff taught us Biology, Science, Chemistry, and Physics. We extend our gratitude to you, Mr. Schneider, and we give you our "Thanks".ANNl AL STAFF WINNETKAN STAFF Editor....................................................JoAnn Bonglomo Co-Editor....................................................... Kathy Moore Junior Editor.............................................Ann Baumgartner Sales Manager ........... ................................ Anita Anderson Typists............................................Anne Sharer, Nancy Weber History........................................Marita Rlenitz, Mary Weber Wil1 .................................... Betty Rothermel, Donna Purintun Q . Kenneth Lange, Lynn Jones Prophecy................ •.......................Jerry Horan, Merlin Hays Commlttees on senior Picturea Judle Norden«' Merilyn Hays • ................... Jerry Horan, Anita Anderson Anne Sharer, Jim Oliver -irJo 18 throu«h the co-rm . Harold Mosher 958 that we 5re bringin£ i'w!'ion and effort of the entire Senior Class 8 bo(ok o' —» •• to you. JJuxM »". on mm DALLAS BRIGGS Bachelor of Science-Platteville State University of Wisconsin Master of Arts-- State University of Iowa Major--- ------Math Minor— -------- Science Phy Ed History MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS There are many who say that we've seen nothing yet In scientific advancement. It is predicted that the next twenty years may witness changes so great that we can scarcely imagine them in the field of industry and recreation and general industrial and social living habits. In all these changes that may come about, regardless of all the machines that may be built, it is well to remember that there has as yet been found no substitute for the mind of man and no substitute for the human race. Remember that for the preservation of America as a nation of free people, the educated person is the best defensive weapon we have. Education may yet pay its biggest dividends in supplying us with a peaceful world. Board of Education 1 Lynn. J: Heltsman. G: Pahrney. W. R. 2 VJV.a’en R; Prlggs, D; Blumer. S. 9FACULTY Miss Barton-English Mr. Bean-Social Problems, World History Civics Mr. Elmer-Agriculture Shop Mr. Hellestad-Coach Amer. Hist. Mrs. Cooper-Music Mrs. Oliver-English Algebra Miss Showers-Typing Bookkeeping Shorthand Office Prac.COOKS "Birdie" Thurman Mabel Stephenson JANITORS Theodore Falk William "Bill Patchen DRIVERS Wilbur McCreedy Alvin Blumer Qeorge Flaherty Leon MartyR.l Marita Reir.itz, Treasurer; Nancy Weber, Secretary; R.2 Edwin Luedy, Vice-President; Jim Oliver, President. VALEDICTORIAN JAMES OLIVER "Jim" "And still the wonder grew that one small head could hold all he knew." Baseball 1,2,3, ; Basketball 1, 2, 3, ; Class Plays 3,4; Class Sec.l; Class Pres. 4; Badger Boy; A Club vice-president .4; prom court 4 . KATHI£BN MOORE "Kathy" "Cut out to be an angel but someone ran away with the pattern." Band 1,2,3,4; Girls Chorus 1,3,4; Mixed Choru3 1,2; Class Pres.2; Student Council 3: Honor Club Vice-Pres.3;Pres.4;Drama tics 2; Homemaker Award 4; Forensics l,2,3,u; prom court 3; cheerleader 4; Class Play 3,4; Ass't Annual Editor; neW3 reporter; Badger Girl; transfer 1; Pep Band 1,2,3. CLASS OFFICERS SALUTATORIANWILLIAM ATKINSON "Bill" " Every man must get to heaven his own way." P.P.A. 2,3,4; Volleyball 3; Class Play 4. ANITA ANDERSON Neet3 " If I had the wings of an angel, wouldn't I look silly?" Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 4; Baton Twirler 1,2; Pep Band 3; Girls Chorus 1,4; Mixed Chorus 2; Class play 3, 4; Homecoming Attendent 4; Annual Staff 4; Honor Club 2,3,4; Dramatics 2. Class Trip Neu YorU JOANN BONGIORNO "Jo" " Every girl has her devilish moment, but they don't usually last so long !" Band 1,2,3,A; Treasurer 2; Homecoming Attendent 4; Girls Chorus 1,2; Student Council 2,4; Dramatics 2; Honor Club 2,3,4; Madison Typing Contest 1; Pep Band 2,3,4; Newspaper Reporter 4; Class Play 3,4; Junior Editor 3; Porenslcs 2; Prom 3ucen 3; Annual Editor 4; Prom Court 4; Honor Student. MERILYN HAYS "Huffy" " A smiling face is always a welcome sight." P.H.A. Vice-Pres. 4; F. H.A. 1,2,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Honor Club 4; Jr. Red Cross 1,2,; G.A, A. 1,2; Chorus 1,3; Class Plays 3,4; Transfer 2. MERLIN HAYS "Merl" "Girls are bothersome, but I like to be bothered-." P.P.A. 1,2,3, ; P.F.A. Pres. 3, ; Band 1,2,3, ; Pep Band 2,3, ; Pep Club 2; Class Plays 3, ; Student Council 4; Basketball 2; Volleyball 3i Transfer 2. Class F ouey Re at Rose JERRY HORAN "Jarvis" "Why take life seriously? You'll never get out of it alive." Basebal) 3, 1; Basketball 3, ; A Club 3, ; Class Play 3; v LYNN JONES "Hurk" "Love is far too simple a game for an intelligent man to indulge in." Class Play 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; A Club 4; Student Council 2; Vice-Pres. 3. MARGARET KELLER "Margie” "If school's a dream, wake me up quick, I'm having a nightmare." Girls Chorus 1,2,3; Mixed Choru3 1,2; P.H.A. 2,3, ; Honor Club 4; Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 3, ; Class Play 3, .EDWIN LUEDY "Ed" 'Blessed are those who say nothing for they shall never be quoted." Class Play 3,4; Student Council 3; Volleyball 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Secretary 2; Baseball 4; Prom Court 3. HARVEY KCPP "Whitie" "There's peace when he's asleep. Goodnight!" Class play 3; President 3; Vice-Pros. 1; Boys Chef; Baseball Manager 2; Basketball 2; Volleyball 2,4. Moffo. Bl+BYs KENNETH LANGE "Kenny" When trouble's brewing don't look for Kenny--he's in the midst of it ' Boys Chef 2; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Class Play 3,4. HAROLD MOSHER "Mosh" "Kind of quiet kind of shy but underneath he's quite a guy." Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; A Club 2,3, ; A Club Sec. 2,3; A Club Pres. 4; Vice Pres. 2; Prom King 3; M.V.P. 3; Track 3, 4; Prom Court 4; Class Plays 3; 4; Honor Student.DONNA PURINTUN "Slugger" "I'd rather be small and shinning than big and cast a shadow." Honor Club 3,4; Home Ec. Club 2,3; Class Play 4. JUDITH NORDENG "Judie" " 'Tls love that makes the world go round. Gosh! How fast it's spinning. ’ Treasurer 1; Forensics 3,4; Class President 2,3; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Student Council 3; Cheerleader 4; Trl-Hl-Y 1,2; Class Play 4; All School Ploy 2: Transfer 4; Student Librarian 2; F.H.A. 4; J.H.A. Parliamentarian 3. Robes V Vi i e Km PEGGY POWERS "Peg" "As long as you are innocent, fear nothing." Chorus 1; Home Ec. Club 4. MARITA RSINITZ "Oran'ma" "Do angels have red hair .’" Mixed Chorus 1,2; Drama Club 2; Girl3 Chorus 1,2. 3,4; Treasurer 3,4; Honor student; Forensics 2, ,4; High Magazine 1,2, 3,4; Prom Court 3; Class Play 3,4; Ass't Librarian 3,2,3,4; Spoon Winner. ELIZABETH ROTHERMEL "Betty" " Whenever I feel like working, I go lie down until the feeling goes away." Transfer 3; P.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Class Play 3,4; G.T.A. 1; Forensics 1. Class Colors• Red, VJiife ANN SHARER "Sonny" Only weeds grow tall, so I stay small." Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1; 2; Girls Chorus 1,2; Honor Club 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3; Clas3 President 1. m. ROBERT STOEHR "Bob" " Worry kills men. I'm in the best of health." Treasurer 1; F.P.A. 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 2,3. V CHARLOTTE WADDELL "Waddles" " Time tells on anyone, especially a good time. Forensics 1; Home Ec. Club 3 Girls Chorus 1; Secretary 3; Class Play 3 4; Annual Staff 4; Home Coming Queen; Prom Court 3; Honor Student.NANCY WEBER "Nanc" "Pull of fun ::nd mischief too, doing things sne shouldn't do.” P.P.A. Chapter Sweetheart 3; Honor Club 4; Home Ec. Club 3; Class Play 3,4; Class Secretary 4; Madison Typing Contest 3; Annual Staff 4; Prom Court 3; Honor Student; DAR Award; MARY WEBER "Cou3ln" "Is she as quiet as she seems?" Transfer 3; Home Ec. Club 3; Class Play 4; G.A.A. 3; Girls Chorus 1,3,4. PROPHECY OUT OF THE PAST AND INTO THE FUTURE. Let s see what has happened to our class. The year is now 1968. Here we find Harold Mosher and JoAnn Bonglorno happily married and raising a family of little Moshers. Barney's Barber Shoppe Is now occupied by Harvey Kopp. He spends much of his time happily running across the street cashing rubber checks in Betty's Bar, operated by Betty Rothermel. As we visit the Horan Ranch, we find Jerry happily eating chicken. By the way, he has chicken for breakfast, dinner, and also supper, and goes to bed with a leg in each hand still asking for more chicken. Going back into town we meet Ann Sharer, Albany's first female mortician, talking about bodies to Bill Atkinson who now runs the Evansville Salvage and Wrecking. Merilyn Hays and Charlotte Waddell are now married to prominent businessmen and are setting the town's record as far as children are concerned. Lynn Jones, who Is now owner of the Albany Publishing Company, has written "How To Stay Single." Peggy Powers, Marriage Counselor, has also written a book; "Two Can Live as Cheaply as One." Up on the hill at Albany Hill we find Bob Stoehr, head of the Ag Department, trying to get milk from peanuts. In town we find a big factory occupied by Merlin E. Hays—world's largest manufacturer of reclining seats for all cars. On main street we see the Beauty Shoppe operated by Nancy Weber who is training white streaks to stay in hair. Jim Oliver is busy counting his millions of dollars he made inventing crash helmets for mice that go up in the next "mousenix." Eddy Luedy is in Milwaukee managing the Braves. Going a little farther we see Arthur Murray's Dance Studio, owned and operated by Anita Anderson who has Just become engaged. Mary Weber is appearing in the Grand Ole Opry aa their new "Singln' Sweetheart." Marita Relnitz is chief switchboard operator of the Trans-Atlantic Telephone Company. Donna Purintun and Judle Nordeng are touring the world with the world famous Women Globetrotters. Donna is head coach and Judle, after a lot of ups and downs ha3 Just become instructor of the cheerleaders. We hear that Kathy Moore, married to her millionaire husband. Bob, is living a life of luxury and teaching 7th and 8th grades on the side. Kenneth Lange, owner and operator of Chicago's largest stockyard i8 beefing" about the cost of living. Margaret Keller, after a career of nursing, has settled down to a cozy life of analyzing bacteria with her husband, who is a scientist.CLASS WILL We, the class of 1958 of Albany High School, being of sound mind, declare this to be our last will and testament. Anita Anderson-her baton to Mary Lou Maher and her dancing to Margaret Striker. Bill Atkin8on-his Elvis-type side bums to Larry Nimz and his car to Larry Stefanlk. JoAnn Bongiomo-her ability to go with one guy to Sharon Nordeng and her role as Junior prom queen to Alice Westbrook. Merilyn Hayes-her clarinet to James Finley and her talkativeness to Bonnie Holtsapple. Merlin Hayes-his F.F.A. Jacket to Joe Bonglomo and his reclining seats in his Nash to anyone planning on a camping trip. Jerry Horan-his wit and wisdom to Carol Pryce and his role as homecoming king to Robert Bump. Lynn Jones-his height to Larry Rhyner and his quietness to Jackie Gaardar. Margaret Keller-her restaurant Job to her sister Kathy and her artistic ability to Jerry Johnson. Harvey Kopp-hls love for school to Georgean Reasa and his wisecracks to Janet Porterfield. Kenneth Lange-his good times In Evansville to any interested party and his "ear-to-ear" smile to Jerry Briggs. Edwin Luedy-hls Job in the Btockyards to Judy Osen and his Milwaukee Braves baseball ticket to Jim Mosher. Kathleen Moore-her place on the A honor roll to Carolyn Inabnlt and her newspaper reporting to anyone with a "nose for news". Harold Mosher-his basketball ability to the team's able managers and a certain Italian to himself. Judie Nordeng-her cheerleading outfit to Ruth Thompson. She was going to will Carl but decided to keep him. Jim Oliver-his class presidency to a deserving senior of '59 and his favorite cheerleader to the Juniors with the hope that they will take good care of her. Peggy Powers-her phy-ed tennis shoes to her sister Alice and her hearty laugh to Wayne Albertson. Donna Purinton-her long eye-lashes to Sharon Blumer and her driver's license to Norman Hanson. Marita Relnitz-her soprano voice and bright red hair to Qenny Waddell. Betty Roti.ennel-her boyfriends to any underclassman who wants them and her rock-and-roll collection (Elvis Presley records included) to Albany High School. Ann Sharer-her good times in study hall to Ann Baumgartner. She leaves her Social Problems desk to Becky Blumer and her books gladly. Robert Stoehr-his blonde hair and blue eyes to Larry Jones and his good nature to the faculty. Charlotte Waddell-her homecoming queen crown to Joan Schneeberger, her shorthand notebook to Stanley Dudones and her sweet personality to Lee Zurfluh. Mary Weber-her class play part to Darlene Inabnlt, her blush to Lita Dehmer, and her quiet ways to Jean Briggs. Nancy Weber-her good grades to the Junior class and her F.F.A. sweetheart Jacket to Jeanette Kopp. We, the Senior Class of 1958, leave our money problems to the Juniors, our hard work and intelligence to the sophomores, our four years of fun and fellowship to the freshmen, our sincere gratitude to our teachers, and our best wishes to our Junior, sophomore, and freshman friends in their future at A.H.S.CLASS HISTORY In 1946 fourteen pupils entered first grade. We were: Raymond Althaus, Linda Baumgartner, Glenda Beyer, JoAnn Bongiorno, Harold Feback, Vicki Ferguson, Larry Gransee. Ronald Hilliard, Jerry Horan, Harvey Kopp, Edwin Luedy, Peggy Powers, Marita Reinitz, and ton Sharer. Gory and Gene Sperry Joined us, but we lost Harold Feback and Ronald Hilliard. Mrs. Feback was our teacher the first half of the year, and Mrs. Schesser the last half. We started our second year with the addition of Leonard Fisher, and Allen Bronson, but without Raymond Althaus. Our teacher was Mrs. Christopher. Anita Anderson, Kathleen Grunder, and Patricia Krautch began third grade with us, and Miriam Miller Joined us. Our class wa3 divided. Mrs. Laughridge and Mrs. Partridge v ere our teachers. Our fourth year found us without Patricia Krautch, Allen Bronson and Leonard Fisher. Our teacher was Miss Albers. We started our fifth year intact but v ere soon Joined by Mary Weber. This year Mrs. Reinitz taught us. Our 3ixth year began with three new students: Ronald Friske, Margaret Keller, and Harold Mosher. Mrs. Rhemstedt was our teacher. We lost Vicki Ferguson during the last part of the year. We gained William Atkinson and William Aube at the beginning of seventh grade, but Bill Aube left us. Again our class was divided. Our teachers were firs. Rhemstedt and Mrs. Eflwards. In our final year in the grades, Mrs. Edwards was our teacher. We were minus Linda Baumgartner, Harold Mosher, and Bill Atkinson; but Bill rejoined us. During our eight years we participated in various Christmas programs, operettas, class projects, music festivals, and tour3 through factories, schools, museums, and the state capitol, besides taking part in a radio program. A class of twenty five Innocent FreShman entered Albany High Schhol In the Autumn of 1954. We were fifteen from the village school plus LaVonne Shade. Ten from, the local rural schools: William Betlack, John Cullen, Lynn Jone3, Kenneth Lange, Harold Mosher, James Oliver, Donna Purintun, Robert Stoehr, Charlotte Waddell, and Nancy Weber. Kathy Moore Joined on from Campbellsport. We. survived the initiation on Friday, October 1, 1954. For being the ’unfortunate losers of the magazine sales, we put on a spectacular party. Our Civic3 Class took over the cancer drive and helped make it a success. Our Class officers during this year were: Ann Sharer, President; Harvey Kopp,-Vice-President; Jim Oliver, Secretary; Bob Stoehr, Treasurer; and Mr. Bronkala, Class Advisor. As Sophomores we gained Rodney Williams, Merllyn and -Merlin Hayes, and Luella Klentz. We lost Bill Betlack and Ronald Friske. That year we sponsored the traditional initiation party on Friday, Oct. 24. This wa3 the flr3t year the High School had a student council. Our members on it v ere JoAnn Bongiorno and Lynn Jone3. Our class officers were: Kathy Moore, President; Harold Mosher, Vice-President; Edwin Luedy, Secretary; JoAnn Bongiorno, Treasurer; and Mr. Elmer, Class Advisor. We started our Junior year v ith the addition of Carla and Betty Rothermel, but lost John Cullen, Rodney Williams, Kathleen Grunder, Glenda Beyer, Luella Klentz, and Mary Weber. We enjoyed putting on our first class play, "Everything's on Ice", given March 22, 1957 and directed by Miss Roth. We also gave the magazine sales party that year. Our Junior Prom, "Dancing in the Dark", was held May 10, 1957. We danced to the dreamy music of Benny Ehr"s orchestra, with Harold -Mosher and JoAnn Bongiorno as king and queen. After anxious weeks of waiting for our crepe paper and many mix ups, our paper arrived exactly four days before prom. In spite of this, our gym was quickly but beautifully decorated in lavendor, black, and white. We enjoyed serving at the alumni banquet on May 25. Our student council members v ere Kathy Moore and Edwin Luedy. Our class officers were: Harvey Kopp, President; Lynn Jone3, Vice-President; Charlotte Waddell, Secretary; Marita Reinitz, Treasurer; and Mr. Schneider, Class Advisor. As Seniors we started the year with three additional classmates; Mary Weber, Rodney Williams, and Judie Nordeng, from Evansville. We lost Larry Gransee, Carla Rothermel, and Rodney Williams. No one in our class will forget the day when we had out class pictures taken. At 3:30 p.m. the Albany School bus arrived back in Albany from Madi3on with the seniors, minus all the boys, but three. They had to find their own way back, since through a misunderstanding they weren't at the bus when it had to leave . The class hasn't lived this Incident down yet. On Oct. 25, 1957, we presented another fine class play, "Meet Me at the Prom", which was directed by M13S Barton. We sponsored the Christmas party. On Jan. 24, 1953 Charlotte Waddell was crowned Homecoming Queen by the King Jerry Horan. The Attendants were Anita Anderson and JoAnn Bongiorno. Our cla33 officers were: President, Jim Oliver; Vice-President, Edwin Luedy; Secretary, Nancy Weber; and Treasurer, Marita Reinitz. Student Council Members v ere JoAnn Bongiorno and Merlin Hayes. Our Class Advisor was Miss Barton. As a class, which represents more brains and ability than any other class, we are looking forward to graduation and a splendid class trip to New York City.SENIOR MEMORIES JiYYy Jo- i a Harare J M 1 ? - A? 2 - H XYchi Jo KaOiU fCcLshtu ) ini£ liss Patten Harold Jarv- Harold J NedsJUNIORS R.l Albertson, Wj Baumgartner, A; Blumer, S; Blumer, C; Briggs, W; Bump,R. 5:1 gSEV oSSS'feidfj in T•QSin? eftekia:ai!hi?rl r, J. R.4 Striker, M; Templeton, M; Wahl, J; Welton, J; Zee, A; Zurfluh, S. R.5 President Mosher, J; V. President Schneeberger, J; Secretary Inabnit, C; Treasurer Osen, J. Absent Judy Scott.SophomoresSOPHOMORE R.l Blumer, B; Bergum, T; Bonglorno, J; Briggs, J; Briggs, J; Briggs, R; Brugger, 0. R.2 Douglas, L; Dehmer, L; Flesher, M; Hanson, N: Holtsapple, B; Inabnlt, D; Jones, L. R.£ Keller, K; Kildow, P; Kopp, J; Lampa, J; Larsen, D; Martini, R; Nlmz, L. R.k Johnson, J; Lund, E; Ochsner, R; Purintun, R; Schneeberger, R; Schultz, L. Thompson, R; R.5 Wahl, J; Weiss, J; Westbrook, A; Zimmerman, B; Zurfluh, L; R.6 Class Officers: Qary Brewer, Pres.; Priscilla Hogan, Sec.; Sharon Copllen, Vlce-Pres.; Diane Runaas, Treas. Absent Reasa, 0; Rothermel, A.R.l Asmus, R; Baumgartner, W; Blumer, D; Broughton, L; Colden, 0; Creuzer, W; Dallman, B. R.2 Douglas, R; Elmer, A; Parr, C; Finley, J; Haddlnger, S; Holtsapple, D; Jones, C. R.3 Keegan, N; Keller, K; Maas, B; Maass, D; Maher, M; Malcook, M; Nipple, C; R.4 Nordeng, Sj Powers, A; Pryce, C; Rhyner, L; Rothermel, J; Runaas, E; Schneegerger, E. R.5 Schwartzlow, Q; Schwartzlow, S; Stefanlk, L; Swanson, J; Thill, J; Waddell, 0; Weber, D. R.6 Wheeler, 0; Whlteaker, K; Zurflug, C; Class Offlcers-Pres., Wyss, P; Vice Pres. Heltzman, D; Sec. Patchen, B; Treas. Bergen, C. Absent, Cochrane, C; Ohlrlch, J.GRADE SCHOOL Mrs. Goecks Mr. Lufl Miss Flannery Mr. Thompson Mrs. Borkovec Mrs. Schneider Mrs. Arn Mrs. Edwards Row 1 Sarbacher, R; Ames, J; Kopp, M; King, A; Keegan, D; Stefanik, P; Zwlckey, S; Mauerman, J; Cleaveland, S; Parker, T. Row 2 Mrs. Inez Goecks, Rankins, C; Atkinson, K; Frydenlund, J; Ames, L; Wait, Bongiorno. M: Week, G; Quale, S. Runaas, A; Klossner, G; Schultz, 0. Armitage, V; Arn, J; Aeschliman, S; Sarbacher, C; Henningsen, K. Absent Frydenlund, J. Row 3 Sdc!irarU,Sd; S; Heitzman, Row 1 Sabin, J; Cleaveland, D; Week, R; Wilson, L; Nipple, L; Wilson, S; Frydenlund, C. Row 2 Miss Flannery; Quale, L; Atkinson, D; Malcook, K; Jone3, J; Wilson, D; Nipple, B; Briggs, N; Armitage, G; Blumer, R. Row 3 Kopp, R; Bongiorno, M; King, Florence; Whitehead, B; Runaas, A; Janes, C; Gressman, J; Ruef, D; Minder, T.Grades R.l Nordeng, K; Quale, W; Parker, N; Quale, R; Wilson, R; Johnson, B; Levitski, J; Keller, K. R.2 Krs. Borkovec; Blumer, K; Nipple, D; King, S; Asmus, J; Ames, R; Henningsen, P; Tempelton, M. R.3 Blumer, R; Hein, P; Atkinson, R; Dixon, D; Laughridge, Bj Janes, V; Wait, J; Stefanlk, N. R.l R.2 R.3 Atkinson, R; Jones, T; Haulberg, J; Blumer, K; Henningsen, R. Mrs. Am; Miller, J; Schulthess, D; Flynn, D; Keegan, R. Mauerman, J; Jones, N; Jones, L; M; Maas, C; Whlteaker, P. 0; Teale, S; Runaas, D; Blumer, C; Henrlkson, V; Bldred, Nj Minder, K; Parker, N; Faust, Oressman, J; Flaherty, J; Briggs, A; Whalen, R.l R.2 R.3 Mahlkuck, R; Haddlnger, J; Brewer, R; Minder, L; Truax, R; Schneeberger, F; Levitaki, S; Bldred, 0; Johnson, L; Albright, K; Houlberg, N; Chrisbaum, D; Bly, p. Mr. Lufi; Colden, R; Whiteaker, R; Killingstad, R; Jones, 0; Parker, D; Elmer R; Houlberg, W; Nordeng, A; Krueger, D; Jones, L; Elmer, L; Badertscher, S; Ames, J; Walt, P; NlpPle SJ Flesher, L; Malcook, P.R.l Keller, K; KJorness, P; Week, S; Atkinson, E; Inabnit, M; Runaas, E; Ronneburg, A; Doyle, D; Atkinson, D; Kopp, R. R. 2 Mr. Thompson; Chrisbaum, T; Wilson, E; King, L; Teale, V; Kamps, J; Sharer, P; Cockrane, J; Templeton, L; Swanson, J; Wahl, S. R.3 Keller, H; Hlavachek, J; Atkinson, M; Schulthess, S; Houlberg, K; Bongiomo, J; Foust, W; Heltzman, B. R.l Sarbacher, L; Martini, A; Whalen, J; Wait, E; Malcook, K; Hennlngsen, L; Oaarder, K; Ames, 0; Schneeberger, W. R.2 Mrs. Schneider; Mauerman, J; Patchen, J; Graves, L; Maas, 0; King, D; Ames, G. Krueger, L; Goecks, R. R.3 Reasa, L; Wilson, L; Webb, C; Rothermel, R; Heller, K; De Voss, L; Levitski, G; Stefanik, J. R.l Brewer, G; Hays, L; Marty, R; Maas, R; Templeton, C; Blumer, R; Ames, D; R.2 Mrs. Edwards; Sabin, P; Kamps, R; Mahlkuch, R; Wahl, D; Flaherty, G; Hennlngsen, J. R.3 Lewis, G; Elmer, S. Bongiomo, C; Atkinson, K; Zee, S; Kopp, M; Sarbacker, M.BADGER GIRL AND B 0 Y FFA. SWEET HERRT NANCY WEBER THIS SPOON represents — Scholarsnip. Loyalty, Cooperation, Achievement, Citizenship, and Sincerity in the four years of high school. MARITA REINITZClass Plays Junior Play “ EVERYTHING'S ON ICE Director: Mi3s Barton Ass't Dir.: Donna Stage Mgr.: Margaret Marita, Bill, Harold R.l Hays, M; Reinitz, M; Sharer, A; Anderson, A; Waddell, C; Weber, H; Moore, K; Bongiomo, J; Keller, M; Rothermel, B. R.2 Oliver, J; Mosher, H; Horan, J; Kopp, H; Luedy, E. R.3 Jones, L; Hays, M; Lange, K, JoAnn, Edwin -MEET ME RT THE PROM" Anita Mary Betty JudiePROM ROYALTY JoAnn Bonglorno and Harold Kosher reigned as king and queen at our Junior Prom, "Dancing in the Dark." Members of the court include; Marita Relnitz, Nancy Weber, Harvey Kopp, Charlotte Waddell, Edwin Luedy, and Kathleen Moore."A" Club R. 1 Schultz, L; Oliver, J; Zee, A; Johnson, J. R. 2 Mr. Hellestad; Mosher, H: Jones, L; Horan, J. Honor Club V. Pres. R. 1 Blumer, B; Bonglorno, J; Moore, K; Runaa3, D; Purlntun, D; Treas. Sharer, A. R. 2 Miss Showers; Schneeberger, J; Coplien, S; Porterfield, J; Gaarder, J; Blumer, S; Reasa, 0. R. 3 Weber, N; Keller, M; Hays, M; Anderson, A; Osen, J. 34OFFICERS R. 1 Hansen, N; Schneeberger, E; Lund, E; Rhyner, L; Martini, R. R. 2 Mrs. Shanks; Schneeberger, R; Oschner, R; Wheeler, G; Lampa, J; Bongiorno, J. OFFICERS R. 1 Mrs. Shanks; Nordeng, J; Hays, M; Nordeng, S; Runaas, D; Swanson, J; Powers, A; Wyss, P; Asmu3, R; Pryce, C; Schwartzlow, S. R. 2 Porterfield, J; Striker, J; Zurfluh, S; Maher, M; Nipple. L; Templeton, M; Keller, M; Rothermel, B; Powers, P. R. 3 Striker, M; Keegan, N; Nipple, C; Thill, J; Maas, B; Malcook, M; Blumer, B; Inabnit, D; Holtsapple, B; Holtsapple, D; Briggs, J. 35Osen, J; Anderson, A; Blumer, S. BAND R.l. Moore, K; Blumer, B; Bongloroo, J; Blumer, S; Reasa, 0; Osen, J. R.2. Anderson, A; Hayes, M; Inabnit, C; Nipple, L; Wyss, P; Runaas, E; Porterfelld, J; Copllen, S; Sharer, A. R.3. Keegan, N; Swanson, J; Blumer, B; Lund, E; Zee, S; Gaardar, C; Patchen, J; Inabnit, D; Mosher, J; Whalen, J; Albertson, W; Qaardar, J. R.U. Heitzman, D; Hayes, M: Keller, M; Miss Dhuey.Girls' Glee Club R. 1 R. 2 Bergen, C; Weber, M; Reinitz, M; Maas, B; Porterfield, J; Moore, Malcook, M; Keegan, N; K; Bongioroo, J. Hogan, P; Miss Dhuey. R. 1 Atkinson, K; Blumer, R; Bongiorno, C; Elmer, S; Sharer, P; Bongiorno, J. R. 2 Chrisbaum, D; Levitaki, 0; Webb, C; Reasa, L; Lewis, G; Heitzman, B; Kopp, M. “ R. 3 Parker, D; Atkinson, D; King, D; Miss Dhuey; Marty, R; Mauerman, J; Brewer, G; Martini, A; Jones, P; Heller, K; Swanson, J; KJnorness, P.Forensics R.l Reinltz, M; Nordeng, J; Templeton, Osen, J; Moore, K; R.2 Mr3. Shanks; Baumgartner, A; Rea3a, 0; Albertson, W; Hogan, P; Nipple, L; Miss Barton. Library Club V.Pres. R.l Maher, M; Nordeng, S; Holtsapple, D; Holtsapple, B; Thompson, R R.2 Miss Barton; Patchen, B; Haddlnger, S; Powers, A. sec.Tres. R 3 Striker, M; Blumer, B; Runaas, E; Briggs, J; Inabnit, D. R.l Jones, C; Larsen, D; Quint, N; Hays, M; Lange, K; Stefanik, L; Blumer, D. R.2 Jones, L; Atkinson, B; Williams, R; Pluss, C; Weber, D; Niraz, R; Stoehr, R; Zee, A; Farr, C. R.3 Elmer, A; Baumgartner, B: Creuzer, W; Schwartzlow, G; Brugger, Q; Wahl, J; Brewer, G; Finley, J; Mr. Elmer. O © Sec • Rep. Pres Tres. V.Pres. BounGirls' Phy Ed R. 1 Nordeng, S; Broughton, L; Zurfluh, C; Schwartzlow, S; Thill, J; Holtsapplc, D; Maher, M; Pryce, C; Keller, K; Swanson, J; Patchen, B. R. 2 Runaaa, D; Weiss, J; Kildow, P; Rothermel, A; Thompson, R; Reasa, G; Hoitsapple, B; Hogan, P; Nipple, C; Wyss, P; Wahl, J. R. 3 Inabnlt, D; Blumer, B; Briggs, J; Plesher, M; Keller, K; Coplien, S; Dehmer, L; Zimmerman, B; Kopp, J; Keegan, N; Cochrane, C; Powers, A. v ■»»» gfrf i R. 1 Powers, P; Striker, M; Patchen, B; Striker, J; Schneebcrger, J; Templeton, M; Purintun, D; Runaas E; Rothermel, J; Sharer, A. R. 2 Weber, M; Nordeng, J; Inabnlt, C; Weber, N; Osen, J; Waddell, C; Bongiorno, J; Blumer, S; Maas, B; Malcook, M; Moore, K; Bergen, C. R. 3 Porterfield, J; Blumer, B; Zurfluh, S ; Welton, J; Keller. M; Asmus, R; Rothermel, B; Haddinger, S; Gaarder, J; Hays, Merllyn; Baumgartner, A; Anderson, A. 39Boys' Phy Ed R. 1 R. 2 Brewer, 0; Kopp, H; Zurfluh, L; Mr. Hellestad; Brugger, G; Nlmz, Dallman, B; Brlgga, J; L; Larsen, D; Maass, Lange K; D; Luedy, Douglas, L. E; Johnson, R. 3 J; Oschner, R. Schultz, L; Creuzer, Finley, J; Elmer, A. G; Douglas, R; Colden, G; Jones, L; Eongiorno, J; R. 1 R. 2 R. 3 Blumer, D; Farr, C; Wheeler, G; Briggs, Dj Hansen, N; Mosher, H; Horan, J; Oliver, J; Schneeberger, R; Schneeberger, E. Mr. Hellestad; Weber, D; Jones, L; Purlntun, D; Briggs, B; Bump, R; Reasa, T; Baumgartner B; Zee, A; Atkinson, B. Stefnlk, L; Pluss, C; Purlntun, R; Schwartzlow, G; Stoehr, R;, R, Wahl, J; Jones, C; Whlteaker, K; Rhyner, L.Secretary CHARLOTTE KING Student Council Pres. V.Prea. Sec.Tres. R.l Bongiomo, J; Blumer, S; Wahl, J; Runaas, E. R.2 Hays, M; Reasa, T; Mr. Briggs; Larsen, D; Baumgartner, B;"A" TEAM R.l Brewer, 0; Horan, J; Jones, L; Mosher, H; Brugger, 0; Oliver, J; Bump, B. R.2 Schultz, L; Johnson, J; Schneeberger, R:Reasa, T; Quint, N;"B" Team R.l Hanson, N; Briggs, J; Larson, R; Wheeler, Q; Schneeberger, R; Briggs,R; R.2 Schultz,L; Johnson, J; Ochsner, R; Schneeberger, Q; Weber, D; Mr. Bean Baseball Team R.l Schneeberger, R; Brewer, G; Mosher, H; Oliver, J; Horan, J; Hanson, N; R.2 Schultz, L; Brugger, 0; Ochsner, R; Jones, L; Jones, L; Douglas, R; Zee, A; R.3 Johnson, J; Briggs, B; Luedy, E; Zurphluh, L; Mr. Heliestad.« GOOD LUCK SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OF Ads Manager - Charlotte Waddell Evansville Auto Salvage Company Sadke Studio Evansville, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Albany Dairy Grange Shopping Center Albany, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Albany Beauty Mart E H Torque Service Albany, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Coast to Coast Store Bowman's Barber Shop Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Silver Lewis Cheese Company Ferron's Mens Wear Monticello, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Pierce Hardware Jaggl Swiss Cheese Factory Brodhead, Wisconsin Brodhead, Wisconsin E. 0. Osborne, D. D. S. Tom's T. V. Sales Service Albany, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Lanevllie Shoe Store Brodhead Body Fender Works Brodhead, Wisconsin Brodhead, Wisconsin Engle Royal Blue Heffel Chevrolet sales Brodhead, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Dr. D. H. Partridge BJork's Restaurant Albany, Wisconsin Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany Locker Plant Monroe Shoe Store Albany, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Schwake Pharmacy Christophers Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Bob and Wig's Bar A P Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Dr. M. W. Haack - Optometrist Evansville Laundry Evansville, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Brodhead Farm Service Alvin Blumer - Oil Distributor Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Evansville Plumbing Heating Northside Grocery Evansville, Wisconsin Brodhead, Wisconsin Brodhead 0a3 Service Dehmer's Drug Store Brodhead, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Pierce Furniture Mart Brunsell Auto Service Brodhead, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Flaherty's Pure Station The Bank of Juda Albany, Wisconsin Juda, Wisconsin Rlnghand's Dairy Bar Maas Insurance Company Evansville, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Bartons Insurance Agency Knapps Mens Wear Albany, Wisconsin Evansville, WisconsinTurner Schwartzlow Evansville, Wisconsin Gamble Store Albany, Wisconsin Roy A. Schultz Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe Music Company Monroe, Wisconsnn Dr. J. E. Lynn D. V. M. Albany, Wisconsin Monroe Bakery Monroe, Wisconsin Jorgensen Brothers Evansville, Wisconsin Albany Variety Store Albany, Wisconsin Genevieve Taplin - Sport Shop Evansville, Wisconsin Etters Monroe, Wisconsin Phillips Smith Appliance Monroe, Wisconsin Holland's Pood Locker Service Juda, Wisconsin Joe's Cafe Evansville, Wisconsin Oempler's Tire Shop Monroe, Wisconsin Schmitz Studio Monroe, Wisconsin Evansville, Dry Cleaning Company Evansville, Wisconsin Stocker Body Shop Monroe, Wisconsin Blackboumes Wallpaper Store Brodhead, Wisconsin Blackford's Radio (c T. V. Brodhead, Wisconsin Hennager Norton Monroe, Wisconsin Smith's Barber Shop Brodhead, Wisconsin BRIGHAM LIVESTOCK Local and Long Distance Hauling Telephone-220W Evansville, Wisconsin Dr. K. R. Schoenenberger OPTOMETRIST 114 South Madison Street Evansville Wisconsin ATTICA STORE Rural Route 1 Albany Wisconsin "We serve to serve again" FRITOS WISCONSIN INC. Com Chips and Potato Chips Monroe, Wisconsin 3rlt-oS ONION BANK tc TRUST COMPANY MEMBER of P. D. I. C. and FEDERAL SYSTEM Evansville, Wisconsin THE STYLE SHOP Monroe, Wisconsin Coats, Suits, Dresses, Hats, and Accessories. THE LINK STORE Ladies and Childrens Wear Infants wear and gifts Monroe, Wisconsin SCHUETZE'S of MONROE "Watch our P's and Q's for Price and Quality" LARRY'S CITIES SERVICE Gas-Oil-Light Reparing + Washing Evansville Repair WisconsinKROSTUE IMPLEMENT Albany, Wisconsin JONES' TEXACO SERVICE WASHING GREASING TIRES j co TELEPHONE 150 ALBANY, WISCONSIN SHELBY'S MOTORPORT CAFE Highway 14 24 Hour Service Evansville, Wisconsin By the High School BAUMOARTEN'S Evansville, Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY SERVICE CO. CO-OP Albany Monroe, Wisconsin Gasoline, oil, grease, fuel oil. BANK of BRODHEAD Member F. D. I. C. Brodhead, Wisconsin GRAHAM'S CAFE Betty Sc Bob Graham Union Street Evansville, Wisconsin K. 0. 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SOUTH SIDE OROCERY Phone 38 Brodhead, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Dean Mary Peterson KEEP UP WITH THE NEW GLARUS HDWE. CO. HOMETOWN NEWS GE. Philco Television Appliances Read the ALBANY HERALD All types of Floor Coverings Wedding Announcements Printed Smith-Corona Typewriters HERALD PUBLISHING CO. Stanton P. Steuri Phone 13 Albany De Laval Milkers Bulk Coolers Expert Plumbing, Heating Wiring Phone 14 New Olarus, Wisconsin UNION CO-OPERATIVE COMPLIMENTS OF TEALES NASH SERVICE Evansville Brooklyn ALBANY, WISCONSIN Wisconsin Feed, Seed Fertilizer Petroleum Products NASHOur very best wishes To the Class of '58 UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY LIVE STOCK HAULING Ship by truck--Reasonable Rates Buyer For Cudahy Bros. Oscar Mayer 4 Co. Dally, Schedules to; Cudahy, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison Stockyards Open Mon. -Wed. Fn. 7 A. M. to 12 Noon Trucking Off. 139 Phone8: Stockyards 165 RALPH E. LUEDY Albany, Wisconsin Congratulations and Oood Luok to the Class of 58' From Mr. Mrs. Paul Stefanlk Retail tc Wholesale Your Local Source of Quality Table Potatoes. Grown on the former "Turner Farm", at the bend of the road on the South-East edge of the Vllliage. We thank you for past patronage, and hope to serve More of you better In the future. Good Luck WOODY'S DEW DROP INN A sign of Quality...A Pledge of Service T-Bones—Chicken ALBANY FARMERS' CO-OP Sea Foods WARD POPANZ Sandwiches MANAGER {pO-OPh Dayton, Wisconsin wALBANY HARDWARE APPLIANCE HEATING PLUMBING 'T.V. RADIO PROMPT - EFFICIENT SERVICE ALBANY, WISCONSIN ' COMPLIMENTS OF EVANSVILLE GREENHOUSE EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN PHONE 44 SPECIAL PARTY ARRANGEMENTS TRUMAN E. SHARER FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR ALBANY, WISCONSIN Evansville, Wisconsin Telephone: Store - 75 Phone 118W Funeral Home - 132 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publtthttt Co««t Monvtdittxii look lifttfm FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City

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