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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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We, the class of 1957, wish to dedicate the Wlnnetkan to our parents . Our parents, who have contributed in so many ways--by preparing us in preschool days for the years ahead, by supporting us during our twelve years of school, by standing behind ‘us and backing us when it was most needed. Since we could not possibly express our complete appreciation, may we present our final piece of work done by our entire Senior class. To you, our parents, we extend our gratitude and appreciation—to you we give our Thanks 7PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Row 1 John E. Lynn, Director; G. E. Heitzman, Member; Walter Pahrney, Clerk. Row 2 Ruth Whalen, Treasurer; Mr. Briggs, Prlncipal;Shirley Blumer, Member. SCHOOL SECRETARY BOARD »( EDUCATION MR. BRIGGS "Attention Please!" Your Job, the job of any one person, is to build a life. First importance in building a life is to develop yourself into a worthy citizen and an admirable character. You shouldn’t wait until you get older to begin building your life. You should keep on the Job all the time and not let anyone discourage you. You have to want to be somebody and amount to something. No one else can do this for you. Rest assured that when you are ready to take a man’s part or a woman’s place in the world that there will be something for you to do. May I give you a quotation from Abraham Lincoln who said, "I will study and get ready and my chance will come,"MISS BARTON "Take Your Seat" MR■ ELMER "Lette go fishing" MISS ROTH "Girls I The locker room is a mess" MR. BEAN "Will you be quiet?" MR. HELLESTAD MRS. SHANKS "Sink it boys" "A-long time ago" h MISS DHUEY "Is everybody ready?" MRS. OLIVER "Let X equal?" MR. SCHNEIDER "Okay, Lets settle down"JANITORS Theodore Falk William "Bill" Patchen BUS DRIVERSANNUAL STAFF I. I unphy, Torn; Gaarder, Sharon; Powers, Jerry; Luedy, Janet; Kjomess, Susan; Rhyner, Judy; Bongiomo, Jo Ann; R« 2 Bergum, John; Blumer, Judy; King, Nancy; Colden, Beverly; Mabie, Karen; Lewis, Dixie; Maass, Lillian; Miss Roth; ft 3 Kauk, Richard; Storch, Betty; Sherbondy, Yvonne; Gransee, Helen; Kildow, Lee; 31y, Mary; Quint, Barbara; Swanson, Robert; R. ii Briggs, John; £ ump, Dwight; Schneeberger, Bob; Nipple, Garey; Grunder, Donald; Killingstad, Jerry; Kleier, John Editor and Stzott f EDITOR --------- ASSISTANT EDITORS JUNIOR EDITOR - - ADS MANAGER ---- SALES MANAGER - - - - Janet Luedy - Jerry Powers Susan KJorness Jo Ann Bongiomo - - Judy Rhyner Sharon Gaarder FINANCE- ---------------------------- Tom Dunphy TYPISTS --------------------------- Helen Gransee Barbara Quint Lillian Maass Nancy King Beverly Colden JOHN BERGUM "Bergy" A nice girl could do wonders with me." Basketball 3 A; Base-all 3, Ij.. Transfer 3 JOHN BRIGGS "Jack" I "Talking of great men— what do you think of me?" Forensics 1, 2, 3, U; Senior Band 1 2,3A; Mixed Chorus l,2,3,ltf Basketball Manager 2; Basketball 1, 3A? A Club 3A; F.F.A. 2,3A» Orchestra Ij.. Finished Yet MARY BLY "Nellie" "I can resist anything, except temptation." Honor Club 2,3A; Pep Band 1,2,3A;Senior Band l,2,3 4i Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Glee Club 1,2; Forensics 1,2; Class Play I ; Home Ec. Club 3 J Prom Court 3A; Pres. 1; Vice Pres. 2; Sec. 3 14-. JUDITH BLUMER "Judy" "She works, she plays, does this, does that." Honor Club 2,3A; PeP Band 1, 2, 3» Mixed Chorus 1;Girls Glee Club 1,2,3A;Senior Band 1,2, 3A; Class Play 2,3A; Forensics 1,2; Dramatics 3; Prom Queen 3 Prom Court 2,3AjOrchestra li SHELBY BRIGGS "Sheb" "I take life as it comes." Home Ec. Club 3A DWIGHT bu::p "Bud" He may be quiet—but who knows?” F.F.A. 2,3,)+;Basket-all 1; Boys Chef l+; lass Play L . SHARON GAARDSR "Goiter Pill" A letter a day keeps ordon away " Pep Band 1,2,3; Sr. land 1,2,3,1 5 Mixed Jhorus 1,2,3» Glee ;iub 1,2,3,)+; Honor ,'lub 2,3,)+; Hone Ec. Jlub 3; Class Play 1+. Class Colors Ro al Blue y White THOMAS DUNPHY "Tom" "Chase me girls, I’m full of fun." Basketball 1; F.F.A. 1 Prom King 3; President 3; Vice Pres, Boys Chef hk. BEVERLY COLDEN "Bev" "All great women are dead; I don't feel 90 good myself." Transfer 1; Horae Ec. Club 3,lj.; Dramatics HELEN GRANSEE "Old Paint" "She may not be a Ford, but she sure can rattle on." Forensics 1, 2, 3, 1+; Twirler 1; Majorette 2, 3; Pep Band 1,2,3,)+; Sr. Band 1,2, 3, )+; Mixed Chorus 1; Glee Club 1,2, 3,1+; Honor Club 3, 1+; Class Play 3 "I" Class Flower Blue Carnation DONALD GRUNDER "Don” My work can always keep until tomorrow," CIp8s Play 3 U; Boy's Chef 3,1 ; P.P.A. 2,3,1 . JERRY KILLINGSTAD "Ed" "I draw my own conclusions." Class Play 3,1 ; Basketball 1,2,3,1 ; A Club 2,3,1 ; Pres. U. MARA LEE KILDOW "Lee" "She's here-I heard her giggle." Class Play I;; Home Ec Club 3 RICHARD KAUK "Richie" "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Class Play 3,1 P.P«A. 2; Basketball 1,2,3,1 ; Baseball 1,2,3,1 A Club 2,3,1 ; Sec. 1; Band 1. NANCY KING "Kingo" "This learning-----what a bore." Pep Band 1.2.3;Band 1, 2,3,ij Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Chorus 1,2,3;Honor Club 2,3,U.SUSAN KJORNESS "Susie" Her thoughts are never in the city—-not this one Cheerleader 1, 2,3,J±J and 1, 2, 3, J+; Girls horus 1,2,3,4; Student ouncll 3Mixed Chorus ,3; Honor Club 2,3,U. D AR Award Janet Luedy JOHN KLEIFR "Klear" "Women disturb me not." F. P. A. 1,3,h; Class 21ay h. T JANET LUEDY "Jenny" Quiet---You should know ier better." Class Play 3,U; Annual ;ditor I;; Horae Eo. Club ;News Reporter UjTyplng Contest 1. DIXIE LEWIS "Fluey 3elle" "Don’t try to convince me;I think for myself." Class Play 2,3; Home Ec. Club 3,U; Dramatics Ui Forensic 2; Mixed Chorus l,2;Girls Chorus 1,2,3,U; Badger Girls State 3. LILLIAN MAASS "Lillie Mae" "Do you think I'll ever grow up?" Home Ec. Club 3,U; Librarian 2,3,h.J A KAREN MA3IE "Kay Kay" "Worry and I have never me t. Mixed Chorus IjGlrls Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Home Ec, Club 3. BARBARA QUINT "Barb" "Of all my fathers children, I like myself best." Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3; Honor Club 2.3,4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Sec.l; .Vice Pres. 2; Class Play 3,4; Forensics 1. VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN JERRY POWERS "Powerhouse" "Lion around men—Gorilla around women." Annual Staff 4; Student Council 3, 4; Class Play 3; F.P.A.l; Basket Ball Manager 3; Boys Chef 4;A Club 3,4 GAREY NIPPLE "Gabby" "Romeo minus loot." Class Play 3,hi P.F.A 2, 3, 4; 3oys Chef h; Basketball 1. JUDITH RHYNER "Judy" "An innocent face, but you can never tell." Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,3; Honor Club 2,3,4; Class Play U; Forensics 1,4; Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 4; Pep 3and 2,3,4; Treas. 1, Pres.2.ROBERT SCHNEEBERGER "Sneaky" "Ooohl That smileV" Basketball 1, 2, 3» U-5 Baseball 1,2,3,1+.; A Club 3,U-j P.F.A. 2,3; Class Play 3; Track 3A BETTY STORCH "Starch" "She smiles at many just for fun But we all know there’s only one." Treas. 3 A Honor Club I4.; Home Ec. Club 3; Girls Chorus 3 A; Si' Band 3, l .; Cheerleader 3A; Class Play 3Al School Reporter I .; Transfer 3 Class Song j- (Tune: Young Love) Written by: Snaron Gaarder 3etty Storch They say for every boy and girl. There’s just one school in this whole world, and we know, it is Albany. The times we’ve had are dear, and true, and we will pass them on to you,to share the joys and pleasures that we had. Underclassmen, Underclassmen, we hope that you will follow. Underclassmen, Underclassmen, we hope that you will follow. YVONNE SHERBONDY "Mick" "Somebody’s got to be the life of the party." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3? Girls Chorus 1,2; Honor Club I4.; Home Ec. Club 3 ROBERT SWANSON "Swany" "He’s a big game hunter —Women are his game." Baseball 2,3A» A Club 3A Basketball 2A; Sec. 2; Boys Chef 3A Track Ij.; Transfer 2  From the CLASS HISTORY Home Room ... September, 1953, thirty-six intelligent, green freshmen entered Albany High School. They were: Dwight 3ump, Dennis Carroll from Peebles; Caroline Broughton from Smiley; Mara Lee Kildow, Shelby Briggs from Norwegian, Karen Johnson from Kelly; Roger Brugger, Nancy Hill, from Searles; Tom Dunphy, John Kleier, Lillian Maass, Donald Nimz from Gardner; Albert Atkinson, Judy Blumer, Mary Bly, John 3riggs, Sharon Caarder, Helen Gransee, Donald Grunder, Richard Kauk, Jerry Killingstad, Nancy King, Susan KJorness, Dixie Lewis, Janet Luedy, Karen Mable, Carey Nipple, Jerry Powers, Barbara Quint, Judy Rhyner, Donna and Duane Ruef, Robert Schneeberger, Yvonne Sherbondy, Pearl Sloniker, and Buddy Smout from the villiage school. Our class adviser was Mr. Elmer. Our officers were: President, vary Bly; Vice-President, Richard Kauk; Secretary, Barbara Quint; and Treasurer, Judy Rhyner. That year we put on a valentine party for the whole high school. We lost Donna and Duane Ruef, Albert Atkinson, Roger Brugger, Donald Nimz, Buddy Smout, and Caroline Broughton. Beverly Colden came from Brodhead to Join our class. In our sophomore year Robert Swanson Joined us from Evansville, but we lost Dennis Carroll. That year we had the pleasure of planning the initiation party. Our class adviser was Mr. Elmer. Our officers were: President, Judy Rhyner; Vice-President, Barbara Quint; Secretary, Robert Swanson; and Treasurer, Marv Bly. The class play given on April 20 was "The Panther's Claw", directed by Miss Roth. Our next big success was the Junior Prom on May U. The gym was beautifully decorated with strips of lavender, pink, and white crepe paper, to carry out the theme "Three Coins in a Fountain". We built a fountain with three coins dropping into it. The music was by Horward Kenny and hia orchestra. The King, Tom Dunphy, and Queen, Judy Blumer, led the grand march. We started our senior year with thirty eager seniors, anxious to prepare for graduation and class trip. Our annual adviser was Miss Roth, and our class adviser was Miss Barton. The class officers were: President, Jerry Killingstad; Vice-President, Tom Dunphy; Secretary, Mary Bly; and Treasurer, Betty Storch. Our first big event was on October 26, when we put on the play, "Willie's Weekend", directed by Miss Barton. About this time. Pearl Sloniker left us. On December 21 we ended the year by putting on a Christmas party for the high school. During the year of 1957, on January 25, there was a Homecoming Dance. The Queen, Mary Bly, was crowned by the King, Jerry Killingstad between the "B" and "A" basketball game with Brooklyn. The attendants were Janet Luedy and Helen Gransee. As our school year comes to a close, we are planning for commencement night. May 2k, and looking forward to a delightful class trip to Washington, D. C. To the Home Stretch,r a A r ipr A At A O aJL « ft .1 k [a . d A t iV r A d‘ A a t -' I 1 « 1 , ft a cs gm , 1U A a LM ' S Ft A v f FRESHMAN CLASS4 i .l Albertson, V,; badertscher, J ; 3aoragartner, A; Blumer,R Bluraer,S; Briggs,V.; R. 2 Broughton,S; Bump,R; Dudones,S; Gaarder,J; Gower,P; Helbner, Y; R. 1 Inabnit,C; Lewis,W; Mosher,J; Nimz,R; Nipple,L; Osen,J; Patchen,3; Pluss,C; Porterfield,J; Purintun,R; Quint,N; Reasa,T; H.s Schneeberger,J; Striker,J; Striker,M; Temple ton,.M; Wahl,J; Welton,J; R.6 Zee,A; Zurfluh,S. t SOPHOMORES ft.i Bergura,T; Blumer,3; Bongiorno,J; Brewer,G; 3riggs, Jeane; Briggs, Jerry; R. 2 Briggs, Richard; Briggs, Aayne; Brugger,G; Coplien,S; Dehmer,L; Douglas,L; R J Plesher,M; Hanson,N; Hogan,P; Holtsapple,B; Inabnit,D; Johnson,J; JUi Jones,L; Keller,K; Kildow,P; Koop,J; Lampa,J; Larsen,D; Rj 5 Martinl,R; Moore,J; Nimz.L; Ochsner,R; Purintun,R; Reasa,G; Rotherrael,A; Runaas,D; Schneeberger,R;Schultz,L Thompson,R; V,ahl,J; Kieland,K; V.eiss,J; .‘.estbrook,A; Zimmerman, B; Zurfluh,L.R.l Anderson,Anita; Atkinson,Bill; Bongiorno,JoAnn; Gransee,Larry; Grunder, Kathleen; Hays,Marilyn R.2 Horan,Jerry; Jones,Lynn; Keller,Margaret; Klentz,Luella; Kopp,Harvey; Lange, Kenneth R,3 Luedy,Edwin; Moore,Ann; Mosher,Harold; Oliver,James; Powers,Peggy; Purintun, Donna R.U Reinitz,Marita; Rothermel,Betty; Rothermal,Carla; Sharer,Anne; Stoehr,Robert; Waddell,Charlotte R.5 Weber,Mary; Weber,Nancy; Williams,Rodney; Absent; Hays,Merlin,R. 1 Nipple, Carol; Asraus, Ruth; Rotherael, Janice; Keller, Karla; Swanson, Janet; Runass, Elva; Keegan, Nancy; Malcook, Maris; Qually, Edith; Haddinger, Sharon; Powers, Alice; Patchen, Beatrice; B. 2 Teacher: Mrs. Edwards; Weber, Randall; Colden, Gary; Reddick, Greg; Wheeler, Gene; Heitsman, David; Crueser, Wally; Jones, Curtis; Whlteaker, Rodney; Bluraer, Donald; Schneeberger, Eugene; Elmer, Alvin. R. 1 Bongiorno, Carolyn; Atkinson, Kathleen; Elmer, Shlla; Kopp, Mardell; fiiumer,Renee; Zee, Shirley; Lewis, Geneverie; Mahlkuch, Riohard; Brewer, Glenn; Teacher: Mrs. Scheider; Gerapeler, Noraan; Wahl, Donald; Sabin, Phoebe; Marty, Randall; Kemps, Ronald; Flaherty, George; Henningsen, James; Sarbacher, Mary; Hays, Laverne; Templeton, Carol.GRADES aA £4 | ' f A K r R.2 Graves,Lee; Malcook,Ken; Goecks,Ronnie; Patchen,Jack; Mau er man, Jerry; Moore,Burton; Schneeberger,Warren; Gaarder,Kurt; Whalen,Joe; Hennlng3en,Lyle; Martini,Alan; Wait,Eugene; Mrs. Osborne; Sarbacher,Leo; Atkinson,Richard; Levitski,Gail; Weber, Jean; Webb,Cheryl; King,Darrel; DeVoss,Leota; Rothermal,Ruth; Krueger, Larry; Heller,Kay; Reasa,Lynne. ft 1 Teale,Victoria; Hlavachek,John; Hawkins,Harold; Jones,Philip; Ronnenberg,Alfred; Weeks,Stephen; Swanson,Jeanne; Heitzman,Barbara; Keller,Hazel; R.2 Kopp,Roger; Doyle,Donnie; Sabin,Tommy; Runaas, Eric; KJorness,Penny; Sharer,Priscilla; Houlberg,Karen; Keller,Keith; Atkinson,Dennis; Inabnit,Melvin; Mrs.Jones; R Kamps,Judy; Bongiorno, Joyce; King,Lucille; Sarbacker,Albert; Templeton, Linda; Faust,William; Parker,Glenn; Sarbacker,Bernard; Chrisbaum,Terry; Atkinson,Edward; Atkinson, Minnie. R.l Jones,Greg; Houlberg,Wayne; Weber,Betty; Brewer.Roger; Chrisbaum, Dennis; Haddinger,James; Gempeler,Mary; Jones,Linda; Schneeberger, Fred; Elmer,Linda; Rj2 Whitaker,Randy; Houlberg,Norman; Mahlkuch, Roger; Killingstad,flick; Bly,Peter; Levitski,Stephen; Krueger,Dennis; Parker,Dennis; Flynn,Richard; Zilliox,Cheryl; Mrs. Relnitz; RJ} Eldred,Gary; Malcook,Phyllis; Flesher.Linda; Minder,Larry; Elmer.Russel; Albright,Keith; Niople,Sheila; Kowalski,Linda; Truax,Roger; Colden, Ronald; Zilliox,Sharon; Johnson,Lloyd.GRADES R. 1 roust, David; Houlborg, Glenn; Schmidt, Robert; Flynn, Daiyiy; Briggs, ArJis; Keegan, Richard; Jones, Tin; Zilliox, Gayle; Flahert;., Jean; Mauerman, Judy; Eldred, Nancy; Kinder, Karen; Gressman, Janet; Teacher: Ij's. Borkovec; H. 2 Miller, Jerry; Blumer, Karl; Runaas, David; Whalen, Mary; Jones, La“7on; Parker, Nancy; Atkinson, Robert; Whiteaker, Penny; Jones, Nancy; Teale, Stephen; Henrikson, Gerald; Blumer, Keith; Henningsen, Roger; R. 2 Hawkins, Sandra; Parker, Milo; Johnson, Billy; Blumer, Kris; Templeton, Merlin; Levitski, Johnny; Hein, Patty; Dixon, Dahla; Janes, Vincent; Lsughrldge, Barbara; Blumer, Rhonda; R. 1 Nipple, Dennis; Henningsen, Paul; Hauri, Barbara; Sarbacker, Alice; Schultz, Robert; Asmus, June; Keller, Kenneth; King, Sharon; Atkinson, Ruth Ann; Moore, Linda; Kowalski, Rodney; Teacher: Miss Flannery; Absent: Wait, Jerald; R. l Zilliox, Larry; Cleveland, Dennis; Jones, Constance; Trydenlund, Katherine; Nipple, Barbara; Jones, Jill; Sarbacker, Charles; Licher, ooleen; R, 2 Minder, Terry; Malcook, Keith; Atkinson, Dale; Ruef, Dennis; Armitage, Gary; King, Florence; Briggs, Nancy; Blumer, Kandy; h. 3 Bongiorno, Michello; Nipple, Lsrry; Schmidt, Karen; Runaas, Alvin; Kowalski, Ksthy; Whitehead, Bernard; Kopp, Roy; Gressman, Jacquelyn; Sabin, Horace; Teacher: Mrs. Sanftleben;SENIOR BAND R .1 Bly,Mary; Moore,Kathleen; Reasa,Georgean; KJorness,Susan; Gaarder,Sharon. R. 2 Blumer,Becky; Bonglorno,JoAnne; Anderson,Anita; Hays,Merilyn; Hogan, Priscilla; Porterfield,Janet; Runaas,Elva; Coplien,Sharon; Sharer,Anne; Blumer,Judy; R.3 Inabit,Carolyn; Kopp,Jeanette; Keegan,Nancy; Gransee, Helen;Zee,Shirley; Briggs,John; Larsen,Richard; King,Nancy; Whalen,Joe; Gaarder,tackle; Rhyner,Judy; R.U Miss Dhuey; Albertson,Wayne; Osen,Judy; Blumer,Sharon; Bongiorno,Joe; tie!tzman,David; Storch,3etty; Keller,Margaret. Darktown Strutters Ball is the theme song for the newly formed orchestra, the "Darktown Strutters." Members are, Moore,Kathleen; Blumer, Becky; King,Nancy; Coplien,Sharon; Blumer,Judy; Albertson,Wayne; Gransee, Helen; Briggs, John; Gaarder, Jackie; Rhyner, Judy; Quint, Nick. Miss Dhuey is directing the orchestra. The "Darktown Strutters" plan to play at neighboring school dances and at A.H.S. Their first appearance was at the schools Thanksgiving Party. Their first public appearance was at the Attica Community Building.GIRLS' GLEE CLUB R.l Templeton,Mary; Keller.Kathy; Wahl.Juna; Zimmerman,Betty; .Vel ton, Joanne; Striker,Margaret; Hays, Merilyn. R.2 Rothermel,Carla; Gransee,Helen; Rothermel,Betty; Keller.Margaret; Moore, Kathleen; Weber,Mary; Quint,Barbara. r.3 Mi S3 Dhuey; Bluraer,Judy; Mabie,Karen; Porterfield,Janet; Reinitz,Marita; Rhyner.Judy; Baumgartner,Ann. R.j; Schneeberger Joan; KJorness.Susan; Osen,Judy; Gaarder.Sharon; Storch, Betty; Dehmer.Llta; Lewis,Dixie. MIXED CHORUS R.l Thompson,Ruth; Kopp,Jeanette; Reasa,Georgean; Coplien,Sharon; Hogan, Priscilla. R.2 Miss Dhuey; Albertson,Wayne; Briggs,John; Bongiorno,Joe; Larsen,Richard.JUNIOR BAND R. 1 Elmer, Shila; Bluiner, Renee; Bonglorno, Carolyn; Swanson, Janet; Atkinson, Kathleen; Atkinson, Richard; R, 2 Kopp, Mardell; Lewis, Geneveria; Marty, Randy; Reddick, Greg; Patchen, Beatrice; Gaarder, Kurtis; Moore, Burton; Patchen, Jack; Chrisbaum, Terry; Standing Miss Dhuey; Atkinson, Dennis; Hlavachek, John; Wheeler, Gene, BEGINNERS BAND Sharer, Prise lease, Lynne; Webb, Cheryl; Bonglorno, Joyce; R. 2 Kjorness, Penny; Heitzraen, Barbara; Martini, Allen; Maurerman, Jerry; Ronnenberg, Alfred; Jones, Phillip; Standing Miss Dhuey; King, Darrel,CLASS PLAYS JUNIOR THE PANTHER'S CLAW Row 1 Robert Schneeoerger Richard Kauk Dixie Lewla Suaan KJornesa Jerry Killlngstad Row 2 Barbara Quint Helen Gransee Jerry Powers Donald Grunder Gary Nipple Betty Storch Judy Blujner SENIOR WILLIES WEEKEND R.l Blumer, Judy; Luedy, Janet; Storch, Betty; Klldow, Kara Lee; Bly, Mary. H7? Miss Sarton; Gaarder, Sharon; Quint, Barbara; Lewis, Dixie; Rhyner, Judy. ITT Brigga, John; Bump, Dwight; Kauk, Richard; Nipple, Garey; Grunder, Donald; Killingatad, Jerry; Kleler, John.PROM ROYALTY KING Tom Dunphy QUEEN Judy Bluraer DRAMATICS CLUB '•lisa Barton; Lewis, Dixie; Colden, Beverly; Zimmerman, Betty; Bongiorno, Joe; Reasa, Georgean; Larson, Dick; Hogan, Priscilla.STUDENT COUNCIL R»1 KJorness,Susan; Moore,Kathleen (sec. treas.); Mr. Briggs; Baumgartner,Ann; Hogan,Priscilla. R»2 Powers,Jerry (pres.); Luedy,Edwin; Bump,Robert (v.pres.); Bonglorno,Joe. FORENSICS R.l Moore,Kathleen; Briggs,John; Reinltz,Marita; Albertson,Wayne; Osen,Judy. ft.2 Gaarder,Jackie; Bonglorno,JoAnne; Rhyner,Judy; Blumer,Judy; Gower,P gjry; Miss Roth. R.3 Miss Barton; Blumer,Sharon; Baumgartner,Ann; Hogan,Priscilla; Reasa, Georgean; Gransee,Helen; Miss Sullivan.HONOR ClUB R. 1 Blumer, Judy; Moore, Kathleen; Storch, Betty; KJorness, Susan; Misa Roth; R. 2 Sharer, Anne; Gaarder, Sharon; Blumer, Becky; Gaarder, Jackie; Bly, Mary; Schneeberger, Joan; King, Nancy; Purintun, Donna; R. 3 Osen, Judy; Blumer, Sharon; Sherbondy, Yvonne; Quint, Barbara; Granaee, Helen; Rhyner, Judy; Anderson, Anita; Bonglorno, JoXnne. "A1' ClUB R, i Mosher, Harold; Killingstad, Jerry; Kauk, Richard; Schneeberger, Robert; Briggs, John; R. 2 Mr. Hellestad; Gransee, Larry; Swanson, Robert; Powers, Jerry.HOME EC . BOVS' CHEF CUBS Bump, Dwight; Grunder, Donald; Powers, Jerry; Dunphy, Tom; Swanson, Robert; Nipple, Garey; Nimz, Larry; Briggs, Wayne; Miss. Sullivan; Zurfluh, Shirley; Briggs, Shelby; Keller, Margaret; Quint, Barbara; Sherbondy, Yvonne; Lewis, ixle; Porterfield, Janett Striker, Janet; Striker, Margaret; Rothermel,Carla; Rothermel.Betty; Weber, Nancy, "addell , Charlotte; Purintun, Donna; Maass, Lillian; Colden, Beverly. F.F.A. R 1 Schultz, Leonard; Atkinson, William; Lange, Kenneth; Grunder, Donald; Bump, Dwight; Jones, Larry; Nipple, Garey; Mr, Elmer; R, 2 Zurfluh, Lee; Nimz, Richard; Bergura, Ted; 3ump, Robert; Stoehr, Robert; Briggs, John, Badertscher,John; Kleier, John; Briggs, Wayne; R. 3 Brewer, Gary; Wahl, James; Quint, Nick; PIusb, Clarence; Hays, Merlin; Williams, Rodney; Brugger, Gary; Johnson, Jerry; Zee, Arlyn.Kauk, Richard; Mosher, Harold; Granaee, Larry; Killingstod, Jerry; Schneeberger, Riohie Bobby Swany"A" TEAM R«1 K uk, Richard; Mosher, Harold; Gransee, Larry; Killingstad, Jerry; Schneeoerger, Robert; Shultz, Leonard R.2 Mr, Hellestad; Horan, Jerry; Oliver, James; Bergum, John; Swanson, Robert; Stoehr, Robert; Briggs, John; Johnson, Jerry,"B" TEAM R.l Quint, Nick; Purintun, Ronald; Bump, Robert; Reasa, Terry; Badertscher, John; Briggs, Billy. R.2 Mr. Bean; Hanson, Norman; Briggs, Dick; Briggs, Jerry; Brugger, Gary; Schneeberger, Roger; Schultz, Leonard. R.3 Purintun, Richard; Brewer, Gary; Ochsner, Ronnie; Jones, Larry; Johnson, Jerry. BASEBALL TEAM R.l Horan, Jerry; Swanson, Robert; Mosher, Harold; Killingstad, Jerry; Schneeberger, Robert; Oliver, James; Kauk, Richard. R.2 Mr. Hellestad; 3riggs, John; Zee, Arlyn; 3ergum, John; Gransee, Larry; Jones, Lynn; 3rugger, Gary; Purintun, Ronald; Mr. Bean.GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION R.l Waddell,Charlotte; Purlntun,Donna; Briggs,Shelby; Mable,Karen; Hays, MerW.yn; Weber,Mary; Mlaa Roth; R.2 Luedy,Janet; Blumer,Judy; Storch,Betty; Power s,P.eggy; Moore,Kathleen; Sharer,Anne; Lewis,Dixie; R .3 B'ongiorno, JoAnne; Weber,Nancy; Rhyner,Judy; KJorness,Susan; Sherbondy, Yvonne; King,Nancy; Quint,Barbara; R.U Gaarder,Sharon; Anderson»Anita; Bly,Mary; Gransee,Helen; Klentz,Luella; Rothermel,Betty; Keller,Margaret; Colden,Beverly R.l Miss Roth; Briggs,Jean; Zimmerman,Betty; Osen,Judy; Thompson,Ruth; Patchen,Beverly; Inabit,Darlene; Weiss,Judy; RZurfluh,ShlrI«y; Porterfield,Janet; Striker,Janet; Striker,Margaret; Gower,Peggy; Welton,Joanne; Templeton,Mary; Keller,Kathy; Flesher,Mary; R .] Inabit, Carolyn; Baumgartner, Ann; Blumer, Becky; Blumer,.Sharon; Coplien,Sharon; Schneeberger,Joan; Gaarder,Jackie; Reasa,Georgean; Wahl,June; XJi Holtsopple,Bonnie; Kildow,Peggy; Hogan,Priscilla; Rothermel,Annette; 31umer,Belinda; Hunaas,Diane; Westbrook,Alice; Kopp,Jeanette; Dehmer, Llta.BOYS' PHY ED- R.l Mosher, Harold; Oliver, James; Schneeberger, Robert; Killingstad, Jerry; ---- Horan, Jerry; Purintun, Ronald; R.2 Mr. Hellestad; Zee, Arlyn; Jones, Lynn; Lange Kenneth; Briggs, Bill; Reasa, Terry; Nipple, Garey; Atkinson, Bill; Mosher, James; R Bump, Robert; Dunphy, Tom; Bump, Dwight; Luedy, Sdwln; Hays, Merlin; Nimz, Richard; Kleler, John; Powers, Jerry; R.U Williams, Rodney; Pluss, Clarence; Grunder, Donald; Gransee, Larry; Kauk, Richard; Stoehr, Robert; 3adertscher, John. R.l Mr. Hellestad; Larsen, Dick; Briggs, Jerry; Purintun, Richard; Swanson, Bob; Bergum, John; Quint, Nick; R.2 Jones, Larry; Briggs, Wavne; Hanson, Norman; Schneeberger, Roger; Briggs, Dick; Zurfluh, Lee; Bonglorno, Joe; Schultz, Leonard; R.3 Moore, Gerry; Wiedland, Kenneth; Nimz, Larrv; Ochsner, Ronnie; Brugger, Gary; Bergum, Ted; Lampa, James; Johnson, Jerry; R.U Martini, Ronnie; Lewis, 3111; Wahl, James; Dudones, Stanley; Kopp, Harvey; Heibner, Bill; Brewer, Gary.GOOD LUCK SENIORS COMPLIMENTS of A1BANY DAIRY | MA3IE CITY SERVICE ALB Airy, WISCONSIN I ALBANY "v I'S’CoITsin FLAHERTY GAS STATION | ALBANY BEAUTY MART Albany, WisdoNSiN ALBANY, WISCONSIN DR. OSBORNE ROSA FLORIST A'lBTCW, ’WISCONSIN 'ITonBuJT," WISCONSIN ZWICK3Y S TAVERN { BRENNAN'S CERTIFIED SUPER'IARK 21 ■ AL5A:17,Tr5coNSiN j Mo:iBo£, 'WisdoNsirl SERVICE TV I 3RUNS2LL COMPANY " EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN 1 eVa:Is Z1Ll2, Wisconsin KUBLY S TAVERN { rfOWTvflSKO, WISCONSIN JOE'S CAFE EVXJTSVILLE, ’WISCONSIN ALBANY LOG:SR PLANT | MAAS INSURANCE COMPANY Albany, WTBCoTTsin I 2Van$VTLL2, ‘VISSSnsin DR. D. H. PARTRIDGE ALBANY VTSGEIsin 1 bjorks restaurant Bft6£):i'2Af)V "WISCONSIN PARSONS' SERVICE ! i RISUM IMPLEMENT COMPANY BROOKLYN, Vh! SCON SIN 1 3R0DHEAD, WISCONSIN STAIR'S I. G. A. 1 1 BLUFF VIEW PARK 6r6B:;2a£ , Wisconsin 1 BROuH AD, WISCONSIN P'JRE MILK ASSN. I 1 SNYDER 3c MARKWARDT CHTCA’CS," “Illinois j MONROE, 'WISCONSIN ENGLES ROYAL BLUE 1 MO I ROE SHOE SPORE BRQ5!I2AB, TTsco isln 1 KOMTOS, WISCONSIN SILVER LEWIS CHEESE CO. 1 WE’IGER 3c B’TRGY AGENCY Mo:iTO2LL 5, tttSCWsiN I MONRO2, WtsCotfsIlJ STEINNAN'S BAR 1 PANDOW JEWELRY ■ Bft6T)}J2AU, WISCONSIN MONROE, WISCONSIN HARSN REALITY INS'RANGE AGENCY 1 NORTHSIDE GROCERY -!oW- c2i wl ESIif" 1 BRODriEAD, WISCONSIN LANE7ILLE SHOE STORE 5OIT2AC)," r 0NSIN 5RODHSAD HARDWARE 1 HELLAND'S FOOD 3c LOCKER SERVICE I juda, mcwzni 3 CARTER 3c GRUENWALD COMPANY I JTUDa fiTEJfRToS -.ttSOTSiN COAST TO COAST STORE 1 PHILLIPS 5c SMITH APPLIANCE BR3DH2A3, .TSTONSIN 1 MONROE, WISCONSIN LLOYD a?:d : arijh s bar 1 THE KLASSY SHOP b'So .iiAii, ’.- isdiffsiN 0 MONROE, WISCONSIN SCHWAFS PHARMACY 1 BLY PLUMBING 5: HEATING COMPANY ■■ BSd!5:12AiT, Wisconsin I EVA.'JsVILLE, WISCONSIN AUSTIN’S DRESS SHOP SScDH5a3, ''.rSJoiisiN 1 ETT2RS I “""PO-.ROE, WISCONSINGOLDENROD CREAMERY Wisconsin Grade AA Creamery Butter from select pasteurized cream Treasure CfolduVuxl Brodhead, Wisconsin Joseph E. Zellner LIVE STOCK HAULING Ship by truck---Reasonable Rates Buyer For Cudahy Bros. Oscar Mayer Co. Daily, Schedules to; Cudahy, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison Stocksyards Open Mon.-Wed. ?c Frl. 7 A.M. to 12 Noon Trucking Off. 139 Phones: Stockyards 165 RALPH E. LUEDY Albany, Wisconsin ------EVa'.ISVTllE, 'ATscJoiTsiN BRAGER'S BARBER SHOP '» rt oOUHOliN -m STATE FARM INSURANCE -----EVANSVILLE, 'WISCONSIN BONE DAIRY SUPPLY ------2v a n’ SV I'llE 7”WI SCO NSIN AL'S ELECTRIC SUPPLY -----evaijsville, 'vrscoNsiN THE SPORT SHOP ------EVaITsVILLE, WISCONSIN HEr’FEL CHEVROLET ------2OTSVTlC’ET WISCONSIN BRADFORD STYLE SHOP ----fiV AN SVthlA,‘ “vTIsconsin EVANSVILLE SELF LAUNDRY -----EVA:iSVILL I, VI’SCoSsiN ALBANY VARIETY SHOP -----aL3A?«, WiSCoCsin schm: TZ STUDIO ------S ’0’ SIN GE.iPLER' S TIRE SHOP -----swiiftofi, WISCONSIN HAWORTH FUNITURE ------n6iWo'5,"“v7T5coNSiN DR. C. B. CAIN ------EVA'WSVnXE, 'WISCONSIN JOSEPH R. GANSHERT D.D.S. -----Mdtfaofi, BLUMER WALGREEN AGENCY -----xmorrrvrszoxm THE BANK OF JUDA ------JtfDA, WISCONSIN KNAPPS MEN’S WEAR ------EVANSVILLE,“"WISCONSIN 3AUMGARTNSRS SVAjTSVTLLE, WISCONSIN MAGNOLIA GENERAL STORE evansVilLs, Wisconsin COZY CAFE -----EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN BRODHEAD. BODY FENDER WORKS -----BMfiHSAn, TIMM MOTOR COMPANY ------BRODriBAS," '.7IECONSIN CUT CURL SHOP ------BRODH Af), WI SCON SIN EVANSVILLE. DRY CLEANING CO -----mnsfaixa, wrggffrgiir CHICAGO NOTHWESTERN -----IVaISVILlEV scjnsinCOMPLIMENTS OP COMPLIMENTS OP TEALES NASH SERVICE DR. J. E. LYNN ALBANY, WISCONSIN VETERINARIAN JIieaA. ALBANY, WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OP CHARLIE MARILYN A Sign Of Quality...A Pledge Of Service DOUBLE C 9 A R ALBANY FARMERS' CO-OP WARD POPANZ MGR. Albany, Wisconsin HEIN FRANCIS KREBS PHARMACY 'Dry Goode Peter A. Hamacher R. P. H. Groceries phone 38 Evansville, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Phone; 36 COMPLIMENTS OP Compliments of DISCH HDW. Sc FURNITURE CO. KNIGHT MPG. NEW GLARUS, WIS. PHONE 120 or 239 COMPANY ASSOC. COMPLETE LINE OP Brodhead, Wisconsin FURNITURE, HOTPOINT Sc KELVTNATOR APPLIANCES, RCA Sc ZENITH TELEVISION, PLUMBING HEATING ZIM MERMAN'S TA VI R N COMPLIMENTS OP Albany, Wisconsin P. J. BONGIORNO CLINIC 1 Albany, Wisconsin SPECIAL PARTY ARRANGEMENTS t T£LANb J RATING niAH,, COMPLIMENTS OP ?o« veil Evansville, Wisconsin Phone 118W EVANSVILLE GREENHOUSE EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN PHONE Ui; COMPLIMENTS OP BANK OP ALBANY OLIN AYERS ALBANY, WIS. COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE MEMBER OP PEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PONTIAC J IU 8 Por Your Heating and Plumbing LUCHSINGER BROTHERS SERVICE Sc Buyer of Livestock Pump Repairing Call Evansville, Wisconsin JACK ZIMMERLI Albany, Wisconsin aowu- Town and Country Barber 108 S83t Main Street ALLL. 1 J Evansville, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin Woolworth's m 5-10 SWISS COLON Y S v A Wide selection of ItT 1720-10th Street Monroe, Wisconsin Cheese Varieties ?3 Monroe, Wisconsin y Doyon jc Rayne Lumber Company ' FRITOS WISCONSIN INC. Corn Chips and Potato Chips Albany, Wisconsin « Monroe, Wisconsin THE STYLE SHOP She buys her Monroe Clothes at Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin LEE'S Coats, Suits, Dresses, Hats, and Accessories, The Store Complete line of for Women, ladies ready to wear ATTICA STORE KARLEN He SONS Rural Route 1 Alosny Wisconsin "We serve to serve again" Telephone llj.5 Monticello, Wis. SPERRY'S UNION BANK TRUST COMPANY Hotel Restaurant Evansville, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin HERALD PUBLISHING COMPANY CORNWELL WELDING The Albany Herald Welding, Air Compressor Hammer Rentals Quality Job Printing Evansville, Wisconsin •» Business Machines Cabinets Office Aupolies Wisconsin Power Light Advertising Specialties Albany, Wisconsin Phone 13 Albany, Wis. Clarence Bly flPj STANTON P. STEURI -PUBLISHER- Bowman Dairy r (HIES i Car washing Grea3in6 SERVICE Brooklyn, Wis. Pnone 216 Brodhead, Wisconsin Ill M-UII 1 1 1 CCMPANy ALBANY CAFE . [C§ ) BUILDING SUPPLY STORE MONROE, WISCONSIN Pltane 7, 7he. JLumLl Nusttl i Albany, Wisconsin Albany Hardware ilitniy H; iblA.i oC oruiuillb LjOvJa o Albany, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Robert Atkinson Phone 12 Farm Bureau . Oscar Thierstein's 1 FARMCO | 1 TT SPECIALTY FOODS FEEDS EXCHANGE Albany Wisconsin 132l+-12th Street Phones; 176 8B2 Monroe, Wisconsin The Waffle Shop See East Side Square A v Monroe, Wisconsin Phone 258 THE ALVIN F. ROTS CO. Monroe, Wis. For All Building Problems Building Materials Monroe Music Company MONROE READY MIX CO. . |,j cp| no muss jgff;a "•“Monroe, Wisconsin CALL -S C0NC,ETt HOCKS NSV GLARUS CLEANERS KOHLI SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ZWEIFLE JEWELRY SHOP FINE JEWELRY-WATCHES-DIAMONDS Printing Office Supply Co. GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS MONROE. "Evervthing for the Office" WISCONSIN NYMAN IMPLEMENT CO. SWISS WHEEL Banjo Pete's Down Town MONROE WISCONSIN Monroe, Wisconsin PIERCE FURNITURE HAHT KELLEY K L 0 T H i S '(Brodhead, Wis.) ,5V I -3 STYLE STORE FOR KEN MONROE, WISCONSIN Phone 756 E83t Side of Square Monroe, Wisconsin DR. K. R. SCHOENENBERGiiR OPTOMETRIST 1114. SOUTH EDISON STREET EVANSVILLE WISCONSIN K. G. SMITH LUMBER CO., INC. '’Material of Quality" Brooklyn, Wisconsin BRODHEAD SWISS CHEESE FACTORY BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN CASPER JAGGI THE GRANGE STORE N. J. Adamany, Proprietor Evansville, Wisconsin CLARK BROS. SAND AND GRAVEL SEPTEC TANKS k WELLS A SPECIALTY EVANSVILLE, WIS, PHONE [ .1 LARRY'S CITIES SERVICE Gas Oil Light Repairing Washing Repair Evansville, Wisconsin DR. HEIMERL Evansville, Wisconsin Badger Petroleum Company Fred Hammerle. Distributor Albany, G ul'f Wisconsin CHRISTOPHERS ALBANY, WISCONSIN PHONE 11 Rads Service iMobiloil Brodhead, Wisconsin SCKUETZE'S of MONROE "Watch our P's end Q's for Price and Quality" Helgesen Pontiac chevrolIt IVERSON CHEVROLET 3R0DHEAD, WISCONSIN Lloyd Iverson-Owner Evansville, Wisconsin 'You'11 Be Proud To Phone; Own A Simmons Built 528 or 2591 none" Simmons Woodcraft -AND - Monroe Construction Co. '•Quality Material and Workman hip" Wendell L. Simmons Monroe, Wise. DRAPERY HOUSE Monroe, Wisconsin KROSTUE IMPLEMENT Albany, Wisconsin JONES' TEXACO SERVICE WASHING GREASING TIRES TELEPHONE 150 AL3ANY, WIS. SHARER'S Albany, Wisconsin ..•FrmsT H rUUNIHHR YonmoiuJ it mu K KIWI TMM Ju THOMPSON MOTORS ORD SALES SERVICE EVANSVILLE, WIS. TRADE WITH THOMPSON SENTRY Monroe, Wisconsin CENTRAL TAVERN 101 East Main Street Evansville, Wisconsin THE LINK STORE Ladles and Children Wear Infants wear and gifts Monroe, Wisconsin HYNE REALTY Evansville, Wisconsin N. Roy 3owraan's BARBER SHOP Albany, Wisconsin BRODHEAD Gas Service Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone; 81 Bank of Brodhead Brodhead, Wisconsin MONROE BAKERY Monroe, ji Wisconsin ALLAN FUNERAL HOME 103 W. Main Street Evansville, Wisconsin SNIVELY TOWN COUNTRY Green County's Furniture Center Highway 11 West, Monroe, Wisconsin '■w ' F. L. BUCHSCHACHER Real Estate and Auctioneer PHONE Of flee-7 5 P . ! Residence-745M Monroe, Wisconsin HOMt ' R0SS " -njs 7Y" OLIN 4 Your Wadham Representative Brodhead, Wisconsin ii - Mias R. n f .■ u i r' J Mias S. COMPLIMENTS OP EDWARDS' MOBILOAS STATION 'SNAPPf ENDING!INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Poblithen (over Monuloclorei Book Binder FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City 

Suggestions in the Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) collection:

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