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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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FIRST ROW: M. Purintun, SECOND ROW: V. Wahl, J. THIRD ROW: P. Webb, J. E. Kleier, Assistant Editor, G. Patty, h. Flood, M. Strikor, A. Webb, A. Rhyner, D. Reasa, Editor. . J. Powers, P. Krueger, S. Storch, Miss Barton, Advisor, F. Sherbondy Goecks, 0. Francis. 4 M « J. Whalen, Assistant Editor, W. Kopp, W. Althaus, A. Pfeuti, b. Ross, Olson, K. Briggs, D. Ronneburg, J. Webb. PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CUSS OF 1956 EDITOR: DOUG US REASA ASSISTANT EDITORS: EDWARD KLEIER JOHN WHALEN ADVISOR: KISS ALICE BARTON ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY, WISCONSINMR. RUSSELL P. DIEHL B.A. Ripon College, M.E. University of Colorado. Social Problems, American History. PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Every individual at one tine or another finds it very difficult to make a decision. The reason is that his fear of doing the wrong thing outweighs his self confidence. Let us grant that the making of decisions is not an easy matter. However, we must remember that a decision made with great care and deliberation is almost always better than no decision at all. Avoid postponing your decisions indefinitely and take those steps that lead to success. The denocractic way of life is well exemplified in the schools. Decause of this democratic idea of-tho individual, he is n t cn y taught but has the actual experience to make decisions for himself. The schools today offer not only the basic fundamentals of learning, but also the qualities of moral aid spiritual values, brotherhood in mankind, vocational guidance and the maturity that is so necessary in everyday living. Therefore, both goncml nncl vocational education are Interdependent in the vital social processes of preparing for life. An individual is known for the work that he docs and his vocation permeates his entire life: it determines his social status and prestige, ' is residence, his friends and his entire outlook on life, ' hen an individual is so prepared for these situations, he will be a part ?.r building c better world tomorrow. Hoard of Education DIRECTOR...........................Ralph Jones CLERK...........................Walter Fahrney TREASURER..........................Ruth WhalenMISS ALICE BARTON B.A. Universities of Wls., Nevada, and Michigon. English I, II, III, and IV, Dramatics, Forensics. MR. VICTOR ELMER B.S. University of Wls., Milwaukee School of Engineering, Plattevllle State College, Agriculture, Chemistry, General Science. MR. KENNETH LEONARD 3.S. Milwaukee State College. General Math, Chorus, Band. MRS. ARLENE OLIVER B.A. Saint Teresa College. Geometry, Algebra, Biology. MR. RICHARD KLIEPOTH B.S. Milton College, University of Wisconsin. Physical Education, Coach, Sooial Studies, History, Geography. MISS KATHYRN SULLIVAN B.S. Viterbo College, Home Economics. MISS DELORES ROTH B.E, Whitewater State College, Bookkeeping, Typing, Shorthand, Girla Physical Education COOKS "Birdie" Thurman, Mabel Stephenson CUSTODIANS T. Falk, B. Patchen BUS DRIVERS G. Flaherty, L. Marty, E. Mable, A. BlumerGrade School FIRST HOW: Mrs. Smull, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Arndt, Mrs. Sanftleben. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Reintz.WALTER ALTOAHS "Walt" "I take life as It comes Baseball 1,2,3,4 Clas9 Play 3ihl Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Class Officer 3» A Club 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 2. KENNETH BRIOOS "Trouble "Never trouble trouble n till trouble troubles you. Baseball l,l|; Besket-ball 1; Mixed Chorus 1, f.f.a. 1,2,3,u; B°y 8 Chef RAYMOND FLOOD "Koe" "I'm a woman hater. but the Bible says love thy enemy." Baseball 1,2; Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; A Club 3,4; IV f Mixed Chorus 1. » m GLORIA FRANCIS "Glow" "Never ready, always late but she smiles and you wait," School Reporter 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Dramatics 4; Forensics 4. JEANNINE GOECKS "Jeannle" "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Girls Chorus 1,2,3, j; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Class Play 4; Home Ec. 4; Homecoming Attendant 4.EDWARD KLEIER "Ed" "The thlnkinpeat thinker that ever thought." Transfer 1; Assistant Editor ki Forensics 2,3»U; Fixed Chorus U; Class Play 3,lj; Dramatics ! ; Class Officer 3,1 . WILLIS KOPP JR. "Willie" "Not a bit of school work nothing but gym; this would be heaven to him." Basketball 1,2,3,1 .; Baseball 1,2,3,1 ; Class Officer 2,3; Prom King 3; A Club 1, 2,3,U» Class Play 3. JERRY OLSON "Red" "Although he doesn't shock you, he is a live wire." Basketball 3,1 ; Class Play 3,1 ; Baseball 2,3,1 ; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,! ; F.F.A. 3, A Club 2,3 U. PAULINE KRUEGER "Always the same in sun or rain." Mixed Chorus 1,2; Home Ec. U; Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,U; Clas3 Play 3,1'. GERALD PATTY "Humphrey" "God bless the man who invented sleep." Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,1 ; Boys Chef 1 ; Basketball 1,2; F.F.A. 1,3.CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation ALBERT PFEUTI "Al" There are two days you should never worry about tomorrow and yesterday. Baseball 2,3,L; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,F•F«A• 1,2,3pUs Class Play L. DOUGLAS RLASA "Joug" "I never dodge responsibilities. Can I help it if they lead to honors?" Band 1,2,3,'m Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 f; Baseball 1,2,3; Boskotball 1.2,3} Class Officer 1,2} Class Play 3j' } Student. Council President ’v; Editor of Annual Pop Club Dramatics ; Forensics ►} Boy's State 3} Valedictorian, MILTON PURINTUN "Milt" "I thought I saw him study, but lo it was a dream." Basketball 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Baseball 1; F.F.A. 1,2,3, ; Class Play ii; Roys Chef U, JUANITA POWERS "Te-Dee" "I'm not really bashful. Mixed Chorus 1,2} A Club 2,3 U; Home Ec. U; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,1 ; Class Officer 1,2,3,6s Class Play 3,i ; Home-coming Queen. ■I ALAN RHYNER "Tuffy" "Dynamite comes in small packages." Class Officer 1; A Club 2,3JiJ F.F.A. 2,3, ki Basketball Manager 1, 2,3tU; Ppseball 1,2,3,U; Band 1,?,3,U; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 U; Class Play 3,i4.DUANE ROENNE3URG "Burner" "I don't mind school, it's the studying." Mixed Chorus 1; Class Play lx; P.P.A. 1,2,3; Band 1; Baseball li; Boys Chef lu SYLVIA STORCH "She came a stranger and remains a friend." Transfer U; Girls Chorus U; Home Ec. k; Class Play lx; Homecoming Attendant. ELMER ROSS "I never fail, except when I don't succeed." Basketball 1,2,3,lx; A Club 1,2,3,lx; Baseball 3»lx» P.F.A. 1,2, Class Play 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Class Officer ?,U; Homecoming Klngj Salutatorlan. faye sirr»r,.c:,jY "Lead me not into temptation, but chow me here it is." Prom iueen 3; Mixed Chorus 1,2.3,f; Girls Chorus 1,2,3, +; Class Ploy 3,U; Home Ec. Club bm MAPTLYN STRIKER "I know more things than I will ever tell." Girls Chorus 1,2,3, ,; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3? Home Ec. Club lx; Band 1; Cla?s Play 3,lx; Twirler 1, D.A.R.VELDA WAHL "She’s like a vitamin ad—bubbling over with vim, vigor, and vitality." Cheerleader 2,3; Girls Chorus 1,2,hi Nixed Chorus 1,2,3? A Club 3,4; Home Ec hi Class Flay 4 PHILIP ’. EBB "Boots” "Always good for an argument, a lau h, or a bit of fun." Baseball 1,3»1-} Class Ploy 4; P.F.A. 1,2,3? Basketball 2,3,4; Transfer 1. CLASS ROBES Gray JAMES WEBB "Odd” "I’m not a card but the whole deck.” Band 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Class Officer 1; Basketball 1.2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; A Club 1»2,3»U; Bovs Chef 4; Pep Club 1,U. ALICE WEBB "Ring on her finger is worth two on the phone." Student Council 4, Pep Club 3; Class Play 3,4; Home Ec. hi Mixed Chorus 3; Transfer 2; Girls Chorus 3,4 A JOHN WHALEN "Ike” "A little nonsense now and then is relisned by the wisest men.” Basketball 1; Band 1, 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,4; A Club 2,3,4; Vice President 4; Class Play 4; Pep Club 2,3,4.FIRST ROW: Judy Bluraer, Beverly Colden, Richard Kauk, John Kleier, Garey Nipple, Yvonne Sherbondy SECOND ROW: Kary Bly, Sec., Thomas Dunphy, Pres., Mara Lee Kildow, Janet Luedy, Jerry Powers, V. Pres., Pearl Sloniker THIRD ROVJ: John Briggs, Sheron Gaarder, Jerry Killingstad, Dixie Levis, Barbara Quint, Betty Storch, Treas. FOURTH ROV : Shelby Briggs, Helen Gransee, Nancy Kine, Lillian Kaass, Judy Rhyner, Robert Swanson FIFTH ROW: Dwight Bump, Donald Grunder, Susan KJorness, Karen Kabie, Robert Schneeberger Junior (I.isn ) ppff'-y Powers, Robert Fir.GT Ar.itr Anders n, Lynn Jones, Edwin Leudy, Sec., r ° StoOhr} .illi-n At!.lns »i, orrs Dnnrn Put’’} ntoi GECirj XW; Lorry Gransee, Margaret Keller, Kathleen Moore, ?rcsM Jon a nirintoi., Cliarlotto '..'auuell, Deyers T :r J 0’.: Kathleen Or under, Harvey Kop p, Harold Mosher, V. Pros., Marita Reinitz, Mary Weber, Joanno Bongiorno, Treas. FOURTH ROW: Jerry lioarn. Kenneth Lange, Jones Oliver, Ann Shajer, Nancy Webor John Cullen not pictured ’ H' “S8 p7r.LT HOVJ: Uayne Albertscn, Pros., Susar. 3roughton, ‘.’illiao Lewis, Beverly Patchen, Tcr y Heasa, V. Pres., l ry Templeton, Treas. i,7.C ! D ECU: Ann Baur.gartner, Robert Birsp, Jc :es J.osher, oqc. , Clirenee Plus: , Joan Schnoeber er, Janes Uahl , « ,,,, XKIIiD T.CV: Rebecca Bluner, Stanley, Rickard . i z, Porter, iel::, r.enneth Smith, Joann Uelton , FOIT'.TK r:C”: Siiaron Bluner, Jackie Gaardor, Peggy Grower, Lorraine Hippie, ..onald Purinton, Janet Striker , . FXFT!: ECU: Arlyn Zoo, William EriGgs, Carolyn Inabnit, Judy Osen, Hick Quint, Hargaret Striker, SIXTH ECUs Shirley ZurfluhFirst • Second Grade FIRST ROW: P. Flynn, J. Asmua, R« Schultz, P. Hanningsen, W. Johnson, A. Sarbacker, L. Moore, K Blumer, D. Sohenk, M. Parker, S. King, B, Laughridge, D. Dixon, R. Sonnenburg, X. Keller, L. King, P. Hein, R. Blumer, V, Janes SECOND ROW: M. Whalen, J. Flaherty, J. Oressman, L. Jones, K Blumer, N Parker, R Keegan, J. Miller, R. Sonnenberg, R Hanningsen, J. Mauerman, O Houlberg, M. Templeton, J Levitski, R. Atkinson, D. Flynn, S Teale, Mrs. Sanftleben. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Arndt, T Jones, N. Jones, G. Henrikson, D. Pauat, D. Runaas, P. Whlteaker, K. Blumer, S. Paulson, C. Smith, R. Atkinson, A. Briggs, C. Schenk, J. Small, K. Minder, N. Swenson, N. Eldred. Third Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: K. Albright, L. Minder, L. Flasher, R. Elmer, P. Kalcook, L. Johnson, M. Houlberg, D. Parker, G. Eldred, D. Chriabaum, R. Flynn, J. Smull, H. Malhkuch, S. Levlaki, D. Krueger, D. Klllingstad, B. Weber, R. Brewer, P. Schneeberger, E. Atkinson, J. Hlavachek. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Smull, G. Jones, R. Colden, R. Truax, H. Whitaker, W. Houlberg, J. Haodlnger, L. Jones, P. Bly, G. Parker, A. Ronnenberg, P. Jones, A. Sarbacker, W. Faust, L. Templeton, T. Sabin, K. Houlberg, A. Finley, Mrs. Jones. THIRD ROW: H. Keller, S. Sonnenberg, S. Wahl, L. King, M. Atkinson, D. Doyle, K. Keller, B. Sarbacker, V. Teale, J. Bongiorno, E. Runaas, M. Inabnlt, T. Chrisbaum, R. Kopp, R. Kjorness, B. Heitzman, P. Sh8rer, J. Swanson, D. AtkLnson.Fifth Si th Grade FIRST ROWs R. Marty, L. Graves, K. Maleook, R. Atkinson, J. Weber, D. King, J. Patchen, J. Whalen, R. Goecks, B. Moore, J. Kauerman, G. Levitski, K. Gaarder, C. Webb. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Reinltz, P. Sabin, C. Bonglorno, G. Lewis, R. Blumer, S. Elmer, G. Flaherty, K. Atkinson, M. Kopp, G. Brewer, C. Swenson, W. Schneeberger, Mrs. Osborne, THIRD ROW: D. Wahl, C. Tc.-.pleoon, A. Martini, L. Sarbacker, L. Krueger, R. Sonnenburg, L. Reasa, L. Hennlngsen, R. Sonnenburg, R. Malhkuch, J. Henningsen, M. Sarbacker, L. DeVoss, V. Finley, S. Zee. Seventh Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Mrs. Edwards, A. Elmer, W. Cruezer, G. Colden, J. Swanson, E. ualley, R. Whiteaker, G. Wheeler, N. Keegan, C. Nipple, K. Keller, E. Schneeberger, G. Reddick, C. Jone3, Mrs. Osborne. SECOND ROW: B. Krueger, R. Flesher, R. Schneeberger, J. Moore, J. Bongiomo, I. Jones, E. Runaas, A. Powers, B. Patchen, A. Paulson, D. Blumer, R. As-’tus, M. Mal- ook, R. Weber, D. Heitznan. THIRD ROW: D. Krueger, D. Larson, R. Martini, L. Schultz, D. Inabnit, K. Keller, K. Flesher, A. Westbrook, J. Kopp, D. Runaas, J. Wahl, B. Ziramernan, S. Coplien, Pi Hogan, G. Reasa. SEATED: A. Webby Secretary; S. STA .DI'JG: D. Heasa, President; Kjorness, Vice-President; J. Bonglorno, J. Osen. J. Powers, L. Jones, R. Bump, Mr. Diehl, Advisor.Junior Prom On ’ ry I1', 1955» couples entered the grade gymnasium tofind It beautifully decorated in dark blue, powder blue, end white to carry out the theme of "blue Moon." Jerry Billinrton s Orchestra from Yadison provided the music. At 10:00 P.M. the Gr nd March was led by King Willis Kopp and Queen Faye Sherbondy. Faye's dress was of saafoom Breen taffeta with a double net over skirt. Her corsage wss made of a white gardenia and three white carnations; her crown was supplied by the Jos ton Company.FIRST ROW: M. Templeton, J. Gaarder, L. Nipple, S. Blumer, J. 3e£» SECOND ROW: Miss Roth, G. Francis, J. Bonglorno, H. Gransee, V. Flontz, r.. voore. P. Slonlker. n THIRD ROW! Miss Barton, J. Brlgga, W. Albertson, E. Kleler, D. Reasa. FIRST ROW: J. Olson, J. Webb, E. Kleler, A. Pfeutl, SECOND ROW: A. Webb, P. Krueger, J. Goecks, V. Wahl, V Althaus. , . THIRD ROT.: M. Striker, F. Sherbondy, G. brands, J. D. Ronneburg, P. Webb. D. Reasa, A. Rhyner. S. Storch, V. Purlntun Powers, Miss Barton, » FIRST ROW: Mr. Leonard, C. Inabnlt, J. Blumer, S. Storch, J. Striker, M. Templeton, J. Welton, K. Grunaer, P. Krueger, G. Francis, M. Striker. SECOND ROW: D. Lewis, B. Storch, M. Keller, J. Schneeberger, B. Patchen, S. KJorness S. Blumer, G. Beyer, S. Gaarder, J. Gaarder, J. Osen, R. Blumer. THIRD ROW: M. Reinltz, A. Webb, J. Bonglorno, P» Slonlker, B. Quint, K. Fable, N. King, H. Gransee, M. Striker, J. Powers, V. .lahl, L. Nipple, F. Sherbondy, J. Goecka. FIRST ROW: y. Keller, P. Slonlker, V. Relnttz, J. Mosher, A. Rhyner, J. Briggs, S. Gaarder, A. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Leonard, B. Quint, J. Welton, S. KJorneas, W. Albertson, N. Quint, G. Patty, Y. Sherbondy, K. Moore. THIRD ROW: J. Porterfield, D. Reasa, J. Whalen, W. Althaus, E. Kleler, J. Olaon, S. Dudonus, M. Weber. I eP Band FIRST ROW: D. Reaae, P. Slonlker, S. Coplien, N. Quint, D. Heitzraan. SF.COND ROW: U. King, J. Blumer, M. Bly, R. Blumer. THIRD ROW: H. Gransee, J. Webb, J. Whalen. (hee r leaders IN ORDER: B. Storch, J. Gaarder, B. Quint, S. Blumer, S. KJorness FIRST ROW: B. Patchen, D. Lewis, J. Goecks, V. Wahl, F. Sherbondy, C. Waddell, C. Inabnit, J. Osen, P. Grower, M. Bly, K. Grunder, 0. Beyers. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Livingston, J. Striker, S. Storch, M. Striker, A. Webb, Y. Sherbondy, S. Gaarder, S. Bluraer, S. Briggs, J. Schneeberrer, M. Striker, L. Nipole, J. Porterfield, J. Welton. THIRD ROW: J. Gaarder, B. Storch, B. Quint, J. Powers, P. Krueger, L. Maass, K. Mabie, B. Colden, M. Kildow, A. Bumgartner, M. Keller, P. Sloniker, J. Luedy. Boys Chef FIRST ROW: C. Pluss, R. Hiraz, R. Swanson, J. Wahl, J. Mosher. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Livingston, D. Grunder, T. Dunphy, S. Dudones, A. Zee, N. Quint, W. Lewis. THIRD ROW: G. Patty, D. Roenneburg, J. Webb, M. Purlntun, K. Briggs, K. Lange. FIRST ROW: J. Wahl, A. Zee, J. Oliver, R. Stochr, K. Smith. SECOND ROW: Mr. Elmer, N. ulnt, J. Briggs, R. Bupm, L. Gransee, J. Kleler, D. Bump, K. Briggs, M. Purintun, K. Lange. a THIRD ROW: W. Atkinson, C. Pluss, G. Nipple, W. Albertson, A. Pfeutl, E. Ross, R. Schneeberger, R. Kauk, D. Grunder, A. Rhyner. Drama ti cs ROW ROW: J. Blumer, A. Anderson. SECOND ROfW: G. Franlls, J. Bonglorno, M. Relntz, K. Moore. THIRD ROW: Miss Barton, E. Kleler, D. Reasa. FIRST ROW: R. Blumer, S. Elmar, C. Bonglorno, J. Swanson, K. Atkinson, d. nopp. SECOND ROW: G. Lewis, M. Kopp, L. Shultz, J. Whalen, K. £arrder, D. IJJ®bnlt THIRD ROW: E. Runass, B. Patchen, L. Reasa, J. Patchon, B. Moore, R. AtK.nson, FIRST ROW: M. Bly, K. Moore, B. Blumer, L. Nipple, A. Anderson, J. Bonglorno, SECOND ROW;S Althaus, J. Webb A. Rhyner, J. Briggs, R. Larson, N. King, S. Copliei Coplien, J. Blumer, S. Blumer, G. Reasa, J. Osen. THIRD ROWr D. Reasa, J. Gaorder, J. Whalen, P. Hogan, P. Slonlker. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Leonard, H. Gransoe, V.. Keller, B. Storch, I) . Holtzman, N. kulnt. 1 • liiiml Mr. Leonard.FIRST ROW: G. Beyers, J. Welton, J. Porterfield, J. Striker, R. Blumer, J. Gaarder, S. Blumer, D. Purlntun, C. Inabnlt, J. Osen, P. Grower, S. Zurfluh, Miss Roth. SECOND ROW: K. Moore, D. Lewis, S. Briggs, B. Colden, A. Anderson, S. KJorness, S. Gaarder, B. Quint, M. Templeton, L. Nipple, S. Broughton, K. Grunder, M. Striker. THIRD ROW: M. Relnitz, N. Weber, C. Waddell, J. Luedy, M. Bly, J. Bonglorno, J. Blumer, K. Mable, J. Schneeberger, A. Bumgartner, P. Powers, M. Keller, B. Storch. FOURTH ROW: M. Weber, B. Patchen, P. Sloniker, N. King, H. Gransoe, J. P0wors, P. Krueger, V. Wahl, J. Goecks, M. Striker, A. Webb, G. Francis, Y. Sherbondy, S. Storch. Physical tealion FIRST ROW: W. Albertson, K. Lange, 3. Atkinson, A. Zee, R. Nlmz, W. Lewis, C. Pluss, D. Reasa, L. Luedy, S. Dudones. SECOND RC77: Mr. Kllefoth, J. Kleler, T. Dunphy, K. Purlntun, J. Webb, E. Kleior, J. Whalen, G. Nipple, J. Cullen, D. Bump, R. Swanson, D. Grunder, J. Wahl, N. Quint, G. Patty, K. Smith, J. Mosher. CENTER: K. Briggs and J. Roenneburg boxing.FIRST ROW: J. Olson, R. Schneeberger, W. Kopp J. Killlngatad, SECOND ROW: Mr. Kllefoth, H. Mosher, A. Pfeuti, L. Gransee, E. W. Althaus, A. Rhyner. R. Flood, R. Kauk. Ross, P. Webb, FIRST ROW: R. Bunp, T. Reasa, R. Stoehr, H. Kopp, W. Briggs, SECOND ROW: Mr. Kllefoth, R. Schneeberger, J. Killlngatad, H. L. Jones, J. Oliver, R. Kauk, J. Powers. J. Briggs Mosher, L. Gransee,FIRST ROW: J. Briggs, J. Bongiorno, P. Sloniker, S. Oaarder, N. King, M. Bly, B. Quint, R. Kauk. SECOND ROW: R. Swanson, A. Rhyner, A. Anderson, H. Gransee, J. Blumer, J. Powers, V. Wahl, S. Kjorness, R. Schneeberger, H. Mosher. THIRD ROW: Mr. Kliefoth, R. Flood, W. Kopp, E. Ross, J. Olson, W. Althaus, J. We'ob, J. Whalen, J. Killingstad. FIRST ROW: Kr. Kliefoth, J. Killingstad, W. Althaus, A. Pfeuti, J H. Mosher, J. Webb, R. Kauk. SECOND ROW: H. Kopp, E. Ross, R. Swanson, P. Webb, J. Poenneburg, K. Briggs, W. Albertson, R. Schneeberger. THIRD ROW: J. Oliver, J. Horan, W. Briggs, L. Jones, J. Cullen, K L. Gransee, J. Wahl. . 0 Ison, W• J. Briggs, . Sralth, A. Kopp, Zee, tA.VT rifc«v W.GvoLrt c«. R. HndevSon ‘3.WrTC'» l '«U "3. c s«.n r 1 K. ‘V HI A U H.weVaev G. cvje'i-i C.'iTVaVjn'it V?. umP H 9, Vt. - tfS Krue jS' ti. Vu A fA. ReinVta mm LHlf»r e ,?) um«v' »WtN «t " Cso a tr tA.T- mP «ron f s :i 9 VTYi ««v 3. (ra ri«'r V »fteo o. S.SVu 'r m 3, um« 4R V SV« on4 l -WF 1 ?W K. Moof« 'S.C.uttelt — Xoil eW fc» k«r Dedication D E D I C A T E D T 0 THE A L U k IT I K A ?! Y 0 ? W H C K A RE CUR P A • Xi ENTS. PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER..... ...Dwight Bump Alice Zimnerli Carol Zellnow ALUMNI 1891 Nettie Flint-Woodbury 1892 Deceased Flo Annis Stephenson Minnie Srockway-Reese hertie Carle-Winbigler Hannah Coon-Lockwood Minnie Grey-Fowler Abbie Green John Li tel Deceased Deceased Jhicago, 111. Deceased Kansas City, Mo. Deceased Deceased 1893 Myrtle Atklnson-Conway Lillian Eldred-Fleek Jesse T. Gravenor Allie Howard-Hatch Mary Jones-Rarasey Albany, Wis. Deceased Deceased Los Angelos, Calif. Deceased 1891 Lena Albertson-Lewis Angelina Hulburt Mae Litel-Prichard Harry Mathems Sadie Phelps-Gee Richard Thurman Lila Watkins C. W. Whitcomb William Zache Attica, Wis. Chicago, 111. Oregon, Wis. Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased 1895 and 1696 No Classes 1897 Jessie Broughten-Oravenor Pearl Flint-Nelson Deceased Deceased Clara Kittleaon-Gordon Chicago, 111. Ella Koore-Bowraan Deceased Lulu Van-Patten Evansville, Wis. Warren Roberts Deceased Mable Silver-Webster Albany, Wis. Lelia Turner Albany, Wia. Agnes Walters-Pengra Brodhead, Wis. 1896 Chas. Reese Milwaukee, Wis. Etta Atkinson-Edwarda Monroe, Wis. Grace Barton-Gothompson Portage, Wis. Mary Broderick Janesville, Wis. Emma Croake Janesville, Wis. Coyla Flint-Belle Lake Forest, 111. Altho Graves-Francis Deceased Harriet Thurman-Smith Deceased Ora White Madison, Wis. 1899 and ISiO No Classes 1901 Harriet Blakely-Ford Elizabeth Croake John Fitzgerald Deceased Deceased Chicago, 111. Addie Flint-Ayres Ben Grey Katie Jacobson-Reynolds I. R. Kittleson Nettie Luce-Luchsinger Earle Tilley Lillian Wessel Albany, Wis. Deceased Deceased Mcnrco, Wis Deceased Chicago, 111. Deceased 1902 • Fred Blakely Margaret Croako-Shearman Joe Hemingway Louis Mitchell George Thurman Claudia Turner Cnetek, Wis. Deceased Oregon, 111. Deceased Rockford, 111. Albany, Wis. 1903 Floy Atherton Walter Bubb Margaret Hewitt-McCormick Jay Murrey Alice Martin-Haberman Florence Phelps-Millard Frank Roberts Deceased Deceased Portland, Ore. Madison, Wis.. Deceased Ontario, Canada McGregor, Minn. 190 Ho Classes 1905 Edna Dodge-Dooley Erwin Graves Irene Tilloy-Grahan 1906 Deceased Deceased Evansville, Wis. Vera Baker-Harper Junction City, Cre. Mae Broderick-Gravcs Albany, Wis. Bessie Cleveland-Kennett Madison, Wis. Jessie Dodge-Bristow Lydia Hulburt-Ripley Verna Kittleson Roy Phelps Tessie Warren-Svans Flossie Morgan-Smiley nauiouiit Ontario, Canada Aztec, New Mexico Deceased Albany, Wis. Sseraaento, Clif. Deceased 1907 Grace Blackford-LaFlash Marian Phelps Robert Smiley Viroqua, Wis. Chicago, 111. Albany, Wis. 1908 Hart Croake Max Murrey Rose Wessel-Holura Daytona, Fla. San Anselmo, calif. Deceased 1909 John Atherton Lyle Barton George bishop George croaxe Hazel Edwards Telia Griffin Fannie Hulbert-Rydei Edith Lewis-St: ley Deceased Neillaville, Vis. Deceased Florida Deceased Albany, Wis. 0jai, Cnlif. Brooklyn, Wis.ALUMNI 1909 (Continued) Oren Lewis Deceased Mae Nlcholis-Johnson Livingston, Wis. 1910 Maurice Barton Georgia Bump-Gardner Prank Christopher LeRoy Gilbertson Ernest Kittleson Mary Ruehlow-Zentner Harriet Tllley-Lenmel Nathan Tilley Harry Walters Albany, Wls. Delavan, Wls. Albany, Wls. Deceased Albany, Wls. Albany, Wls. Kadlaon, Wls. Beloit, Wls. Montlcello, Wls. 1911 Charles Atherton John Lltel Pency Palmer-Schaefer Harry Peckham Iva Towns Ivan Towns Vance Wall Clarissa Wood Walter Wood Deceased Enclno, Calif. Milwaukee, Wls. Deceased Albanv. Wls. Deceaw ' i Brodhead, Wls. Deceased Albany, Wls. 1912 Mabel Ostrander-Jones Leslie Partridge Jessie Peckham Chester Phelps Joseph Reoves Albany, Wls. Kenosha, Wls. Albany, Wls. Deceased Deceased 1916 Alice Barton Carrie Gravenor-Vance Avah Lewis-Wood Stella Preece-Jarman Lucille Pryce-Atklnson Pieda Smith-Moore Alice Wall-Johnson Albany, Wls. Osage, Iowa Carlton, Oregon Albany, Wls. Albany, Wls. Nebraska Brodhead, Wls. 1917 Thomas Croake Deceased Doris Gillette-Steindorf Albany, Wla. Esther Hein-Oaborne Harry Jacobson Birdie Lewia-Root John Oatrsnder Harleigh Peckham Erna Peteraon Ivan Phelps Mary Salley William Wall Lllah Whalen Albany, Wls. Albany, Wls. Monticollo, Wls. Deceased Boscobel, Wla. Mt. Horeb, Wla. Deceased Illinois Elkhorn, Wls. Detroit, Michigan Esther Asmus-McCreedv Grace Bartlett-Edwards Ray Dodge Cllffe Gelbach Ina Gllbertson-Luchslnger Louie H. Jones-Watts Luther Kittleson Ethel Lewis-Hefty Cecil Whalen John Wood Deceased Albany, Wls. Deceased Albany, Wls. Deceased Brooklyn, Wls. Albany, Wls. Evansville, Wls. Washington, D.C. Deceased 1913 Addle Carver-Loeffel Fay Flint-Prestegard Florence Knapp-Trow Kenneth Knapp Edna Phelps Shirley Roberts-Croake Will Ruehlow Harry Smiley Georgia Smlth-Broughton Albany, Wls. Lee, 111. Albany, Wls. California Albany, mis. Albany, Wls. Deceased Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. 1918 Dale Atkinson Delle Atkinson-Trow Alma Johnson-Rose Albanv, Wis. Brooklyn, wis. Toman, Wis. 1919 Fay Atherton-Kruth Amanda Carlson-Potter Stewart Conway Helen Croake-Kaufman 311a Hein Dorothy Jaoobson-Dufloth Lapeer, Mich. Janesville, Wls. Pontiac, Mich. Janesville, Wis. Albany, Wis. California Genevieve Jacobson-Stiffler Albany. Wis. Gladys Jones-Frautsohy Evansville, Wis. Maude Larmer-Dohs Footvilie, Wls. Hazel Lewis Deoeased Cecils Popanz-Schultz Evansville, Wis. Lucy Smith-Sowl Monroe, Wis. 1920 1911 . Prances Atkinson Albany, Wls. Mildred Goslyn-Soliday Brodhead, Wls. Cris Lamson-Eldred Luther, Mich. Marie Lamson-Cole White Cloud, Mich. Burnett Wood Deceased 1915 Prances Atkinson-Carlson Albany, Wis. Harry Croake Deceased Grace Edwards-Schwartzlow Deceased Bessie Gelbach-Moote Florida May Hughes McOinnlty Deceased Walter Lewis Deceased Cecils Anderaon-Disch Orfordville, Wls. Thelma Armstrong- Burt Albany, Wis. Gladys Bowman-Smith Albany, Wls. Ralph Conway Madison, Wls. Madeline Jacobus-Rutledge California Josephine Litel-Johnston California Arils Ramsey Milwaukee, Wls. Margaret Scott-Sicotte Chicago, 111. Nellie Towns-Gillette Albany, Wls. 1921 Helen Armstrong-Scott Wilda Berryman-Cloyd Eugene Crawford Hazel Edmunds-Sorenson Janesville, Wis. Madison, Wls. Albany, Wis. Janesville, Wls.ALUMNI 1921 (Continued) Royal Everill Chester Francis Claire GIllette-Brehn Vaughn McManus Donald Partridge Harry Partridge Arthur Patchen Fred Phelps Kathryn Ramsey-Ball Stephen Swarm Harry Thurman Kitty Webb-Fronk 1922 Harry Carroll Mae Gillette-Lundeen Pauline Gravenor-Savory Tressle Hein-Payne Arlene McMamue-Partridge Jake Schesser Nellie Smith Elsie Sylvester-Worlow Bellot Wls. Waananttton l . C. Atnens, Wis. Deceased Albany, Wls. Barberton, Ohio Albany, Wis. Madison, Wis. Monroe, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Manitowoc, Wls. Albany, Wis. Ripon. Wis. Atlanta, Ga. Deceased Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Wauwatosa, Wis. Los Angeles, Calif. 1923 R. Boyd Atkinson George Barton Theodore Burroughs Haven Everill Wilma Fllnt-RIese Bessie Hughes-Kaufraan Luclie Lamb-Patterson Edward Oliver Beatrice Stephenson-Schesser Francis Thurman Genevieve Trow-Gilbertson Ivan Whalen Albany, Wis. Palmdale, Calif. Sheboygan, Wis. Norwood, Ohio Deceased Janesville, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wls. Beloit, Wis. Evansville, Wis. Albany, Wis. 19214. Lowell Babcock H9rry Baumgartner Lucille Broughton-Honig Lucille Francis-Carpenter Alvina ilein-Gibson Ruth Hood-Parks Willi ms Hughe3 Iva Janes-Brigga Esther Jones-Ziramerman Ivan Kittleson Doris Knlght-Peterson Hazel Lewis-Singletary Harland Mitchell Lilah Moore-Markley Charles Phillips Ina Smout-Mahoney Sidney Tilley Janesville, Wis. Monroe, Wis. Madison, Wis. Florida LaCrosse, .is. Miller, Ind. Deceased Albany, Wis. Basco, Wis. Albany, Wis. Toxm. Deceased Deceased Gaines, Mich. Albany, Wis. Milwaukee, Wis. Milwaukee, Wis. 1925 Elizabeth Armstrong-Murphy Alice Burap-Wrlght Catherine Carroll-Peters Harriet Gillette-Cuthbert Frank Holtsapple Ruth Hulburt-Striker Ava Janes-Olson Grace Jone3-Moyer Deceased Madison, Wis. Beloit, Wi3. Madison, Wis. Albany, Wis. Monticello, Wis. Beloit, Wi9. Albany, Wis. Thelma Lewis Albany, Wis. Lena Mathems-Miller Elrln, 111. Harry MeInert Springfield, 111. Helen Nye-Crawford Albany, Wls. Henry Olson Albany, Wls. Helen Silver-Zimnerli Albany, Wls. Paul Purinton Spencer, Iowa May Thornton Albany, Wis. John Thurman Madison, Wis. Elda Twist-Manke Deceased 1926 Harold Glave Arlington Heights, 111. Lila Hein-Christbaura Albany, Wis. Slwyn Klttelsen Albany, Wis. Erma Klitzman-Prisk Monticello, Wis. Elmer Krueger Footville, Wis. Rachel Laughridge-Nipple Albany, Wis. Ethel Lewis-Ayres Brodhead, Wis. Orville Lewis Belleville, Wls. Florence Malkow-Keehn Madison, Wis. Fred Lockwood Green, Iowa Hazel Oliver-Bernhagen Madison, Wis. Lee Reasa Ralph Reider 3ernice Rhyner-Pfeuti Wilbert Rhyner Nell Scott Ada Smith-Rhyner Hilda Webb-Peckhara Carroll Whalen Freda Zi-mnerli-V ilson Doris Zlmmerman-Guarder Harriet Moore-Tiederraan Monroe, Wis. Madison, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Deceased Janesville, Wis. Albany, Wis. Deceased California Albany, Wis. Michigan 1927 Cecil Broughton Rockford, 111. Helen Broughton-Sellnow Monroe, Wis. Walter Bump Manitowoc, Wis. Shirley Conway Albany, Wis. Victor Davenport California Ruth Dolan-Dillon Chicago, 111. Roberta Erickson-Loeffel Albany, Elsie Reasa-3roughton Stoughton, Wilma Francis-Maass Evansville, Wis. Emily Laughridge-McGrath Argyle, Wis. Cecil Roberts-Mabie Albany, Luella Siaith-Polly Madison, Thelma Stewart-Frisch Wisconsin Virginia Tllley-Day Madison, Wis. Robert Theiler Des Moines, Iowa Wls. Wls. Wls. Wls. 1928 Vaughn Whipple Monroe, Wis. Ila Webb-Gillies San Diego, Calif. Lucille Soramerfelt-Michaelis Wis. George Roberts Racine, Wis. Stanley Knight Brodhead, Wis. Helen Kittleson-Coplein Monroe, Wls. Marcelline Graves-Root Albion, v;js. Earl Gillette Beloit, Wis. Melvin Everill Chicago, 111. Alice Davis-ZIramerli Albany, Wis. 1929 Mary Atkinson Arnold Ayres Chicago, 111. Brodhead, Wls.ALUMNI 1929 (Continued) Beth Conway-Gardner Decoesed Pearl Gelbach-Wittington Maryland Lethe Pecwham-Zee Brodheed, Wis. Caryle Porterfield Brodhead, Wis. Ruth Sraout-Wheaton Deceased Paul Zee Broohesd, Wis. 1930 Paul Baumgartner Albany, Wls. Fred Bluiuor Albany, Wis. Dwight Bump Albany, Wis. Karland Gillette Monroe, Wi8. Chester Jones Albany, Wis. Mildred Kease-Rhynor Albany, Wis. Eugene Rechsteiner Monticello, Wls. Beulah Schultz-Anderson Janesville, Wls. Gladys Sommerfelt-Anderaon Monroe, Wis. Helen Steindorf-Edwards Portage, Wis. Lucille Tilley-Wick Madison, Wls. 1931 Fern Erlckson-Carlson Walter Whitcomb Valller Walroer-Brewer Faye Shafer-Prycc Clarissa Strecck Zolma Reasa-Klcssner Frank Gillette Kenneth 3aumgartnor Ruth Qualley-Malkow Wilbur Zimmerman 1932 Virginia Bertiett-Blumer Sam Bauman Kao Blureer-Holtsapple Lorraine Dame-Webb William Hein Sheldon Holtsample Floyce Janes-Nowton Edward Killingstad Fay Jones Helen Klitzman-Lange Iva Laughridge-Briggs I .awls Peckham Ruth Pryce-Clson Petty Snow-Klttleson Fay Brewer Frances Blumer-Schlittler Indiana Oklahoma Albany, Wis. Albany, Wia. Illinois Albany, Wls. Madison, Wia. Lancaster, Wia. Monticello, Wls. Albany, Wls. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Deceased Albany, Wis. Janesville, Wis. Evansville, Wis. Albany, Wls. Albany, .iis. Evansville, Wis. Albany, . is. Evansville, Wia. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Monticello Wis. 1933 Max Armstrong Dorothy Bagley-Kessler Victor Briggs William Briggs Harry Cole Ervin Coplein Arlene Flint-Peterson Evelyn Krueger-DeRemer Lethe Laughridge-Zwelfel Alvin Miller Harry Peterson Rose Schenk-Rhyner Gertrude Schultz-Fanning Ruth Streeck Deceased 3eloit, Wls Albany, Wis Albany, Wis Evansville, wis Monroe, Wls Madison, Wls Brooklyn, Wls Belleville, Wls Beloit, ia Albany, Wls Albany, Wis Rockford, 111 Milwaukee, Wis Eva Wescott-Farberg Helen Whitcomb Reardon Dillard Zimmerli Lillian Zurfluh-Beer Evansville, ••'is. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. Monroe, Wls. 1931+ Francis Donovan Ellis Edwards Helen Webb-Killingstad Mary TnurmBn-Klttleson Raymond Althaus Rodney Kittleson Lona Swenn-Christopher Vilah Sommerfeldt-Feterson Clifford Keasa Willis Heasa Arnold Reasa Elaine Pierce Arthur Peterson Grace Mauerman-Stearns Ruth Jono3-Frye Bonit8 Jon©9-0eorge Perry Janes Mary Briggs-Thlll Madelene 3rewer-Clomens Louis Teale 1935 California Texas Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Beloit» Wis. Monroe, Wis. Richmond, Calif Hockl'ord, 111. Monroe, Wls. St. Louis, No. Albany, Wis. Monticello, Wis. Rockford, 111. New London, Wis. Madison, Wis. Evansville, Wis. Evansville, Wia. Albany, Wls. Brooklyn, Wls. Albany, Wis. Phyllis Anderson-Bennotte Ed • -rtort wis. Oren Burt California Elvyn Conners Evansville, Wis. Donald Donovan California John Christopher Albany, Wis. Vlvl8n Broughton Monticello. Wis,. Arthur Broughton Flat v'li , . Joe Graves California Jack Graves Albany, Wis. Dorothy Kulburt-Porterfield Brouhead, Wls. June Jones-Althaus Beloit, Wis. Charlene Krostue-H8ddinger Albany, Wls. Alice Tegen-Judley Madison, Wis. Cleo Cole-Nimz Ge8n Kittleson-Heasa Purnell Schultz Kathryn Teale-Flaherty Donald Watts Doris Watts-Carol Smiley Deceased Albany, wis. Deceased Albany, Wise Oakridge, Tenn. Janesville, Wis. Albany, Wis. 1936 James Croake Leo Francis Worden Francis Alice Jones-Olsen Daryl Malkow Maude Moore-Frencis Walter Rease Lillie Schenk-Tompson Eunice RecnsteinerKubelius Lillie Pf euti -Nutter Grace Sommerfeldt-Watts Washingron Appleton, Wls. ilonroo, Wis. Clinton, Wis. CrHfornia Monroe, Wia. Albany, Wis. Evansville, Wis. Georgia. Arlington, Vc. Oakridge, Tenn. 1937 Geneva Albertson-Heffel Evansville, ia. Hobart 3urdick Madison, Wis. Phyllis Broughton-Anderson Janesville, Wis. Pave Chri3t09her-I ovlin North Carolina1937 (Continued) A LtJHHI Shirley Hoesly Dorothy Jones-Breeoe Sva Jones-Hein orl rric -Wenger Harold Sraout Maxine Stewart-KJorness Chicago, 111. Janesville, Wis. Albany, Wia, , Wis. Jvnnavillo, Wia. Albany, Wis. 1933 Wayne Albertson Jeanne Atkinaon-Runnas Helen Burt-Gieseke Duane Dixon Charles Dixon Albany, W1b. Albany, Jrfia. Sacramento, Calif. Albany, Wia. California Phyllis Ferguaon-Baungartneri- . '.'is Maxine Gibbons-McKinney Harvey Graves Virginia .Hoealy Naomi Jones Maynard Kittleaon Jack Kail Ruby Laughridge-Bernatein Antonia Nuwash-Tornow Harriet Phillipa-Webb Elaine Schlittler-Reaaa Elaine Stafford-Stroke Fannie Marty Irene Stroeck-Dustan Sylvia Weber-Moore Laura Smiley-Pluss Janesville, Wis. Albany, Wis. Madison, Wis. Evansville, Wis. Albany. Wia. Brodhead, '.’is. Appleton, Wia, Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Rockford, 111. California Stevena Point, Wia. Beloit, Wis. Monroe, Wis. 1939 Carol Broughton-Reaaa Marian Cornstock-Maurer Pauline Kittleson-Goecka Bernice Kildow-Smout Donald Root Roy Webb Charlene Sanderlln-Beutel Iva Reimer-Sanderlin Ruth Wella-Prench John Lewis Robert Gillette George Bagley Robert Tobin Laurence Dunphy John Zurfluh Leroy Root Ruth Klitzman-Schudda Norma Jones-Plumer Dorene Jones-Culles Charles Prirrs Willis Eaton Veuphn Lewis Sanford Weber Ruth Peterson-Patten Vance Anderson Monroe, Wis. California Monroe, Wis. Evansville, Wis. Monticello, Ms, Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Brodhead, Wis, Monroe, Wia. Albany, Wia. Rockford, 111. Jhio—c, Army 111. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Army Evansville, Uis. Evansville, Ma. Deceased Albany, Wia. Beloit, Wis. Evansville, Wis. Monroe, Via. 111!ncis Janesville, Wis. 19U0 Charlene Wittwer-Je'.uth ‘ Robert Zwlckey Creacence Graves-Waterhouse Betty Hoealy-Ouc. Ihor Virginia Johnaon-King Doris Eaton-Rlnghand Elsie Johnson-Wild Kenneth Morgonthaler Nelson Peterson Paulino Pryce-Hulburt Virgil Pryce Benjamin Rieraer J » -sey, 11. V. Maryland California " Albany, Wia. Evansville, Wia. Monroe, Win. Albany, Wia. Albany, Wia. Brodhead, Wis. Albany, Wis. Brodhead, Wia. 191 1 Robert Atkinson Lois Barton-Gresaman Jack Croake Miriam Davia-Bluraer Franklin Dittmer Charlotte Dixon June Dixon-Suchau8ki Mary Dunphy-Jennings Leroy Elmer Lorraine Falk-Jones Paul Farnsworth Riley Gelbach Helen Glasa-Elraer Harry Jacobson Shirley Jonea-Bluraer Kenneth Klttelaen Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Beloit, Wis. Albany, Wis. Beloit, Wis. Los Angles, Calif. Lake Worth, Fla. Monroe, Wis. . I . Albany, Wis. Madison, Wis. Beloit, Wis. Brooklyn, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. Albany, Wis. California Albany, Wis. Mnnocoto Inez Kopp-Bourbon Irene Kopp-Blumer Moses Laughridge Madeline Loeffel-Atkinson Frank Nuwash Charlotte Peterson-WierLaG: .:.(;o Par!.,171. Alice Root-Krueger Albany, Wis. Gordon Steindorf Deceased Eileen Stephenson-Zurfluh Albany, Wis. Sva Stephenaon-Swenaon Brodhead, Wis. Helen Stewart Harland Wilkinson JcnosM'1'.’is. 191 2 Evelyn Bagley-Gillette Jordan Carlson Alice Cleveland-Esterhay Bernadine Dunphy -France Harold Eldred Robert . -utscM James Harker Marian Jscobson-Mainer Donald Sisson Doris Swenson Charles Thalraan Kathryn Tobin Mary Waolchli Ewald Zwlckey Mary Wood-Ringhand Badger Village, Wis. Gloria Wittwep-! •-i8ky Sheridan, Wyo Rockford, 111. Eaat Troy, Wis. Hammond, Ind. Denver, Colo. Albany, Ms. ‘lire one in 3’ ullsburr, Ms. Madison Wis. Callfornla Monroe, Wia. ■ie ;ey. '"'is. Z c.p-o, 111. Madison, Mia. Albany, Wia. Ponetha Forruson-Ooecks Albany, Wis. Victor Sucharaki Lake Worth, Florida. Joyce Steindorf-Maurerman Albany, Wis. Benjamin Siaaon Milwaukee, Wia. Ellen Tobin Chicago, 111. Alvina Traux Milwaukee, Wia. 19U3 Budge Ooatdlk Donald Jones Phylis Peteraon-Dunphy Eugene Krueger June Purlntun-Janes Middleton, Wia. Wash!nrton Albany, Wia. Albany, Wia. Albanv. Wia. ALU i: N I 19 +3 (Continued) Kenneth Sisson Janesville, is. Gloria Zwicky-Malay Chicago, 111. Betty Grcvenor-Dixon Albany. Wis. David Zanoni Kadiso- , Barbara Glass •:vanston, 111. Barbara Pryce-Zanoni Madison, ’. is. Billy Pryce Brodhead, V is. Donna Smith-Schcnk Albany, - is. Duano Zwiefel •Tuda, ‘. is. Walter Naaf Chicago, III. 19 8 Lois Folk-Jones Albany, Vis. Hazel Blumer-Dtaaz Milwaukee, Wis. Robert Barley Brovntcvn, is. Rose Waelchi -Jearer hadison, Vis. Kathleen Broughton-tJron Sterling, 111. Ray Laughridge Albany, Vis. Kellie Dunnhy-McCrco' y Antony, Wis. Delores Fiedlor-Mauermcn Albany, 19 Villiar. Fiedler Albany, "Is. Elizabeth Gurtnor-GerberEvoos-ville, is. Jean Steindorf-Burdick Madi.son, is. Eileen Hammer ly-Kesslor “t. orth, Texas Joyce Reosa-Trutnian Brodhead, is. Honor Hefty Blythe, Caltf. Sam Ferguson Army Eetty Hoesly-Schultz Albany, -is. Jean Granvenor-Hanek Madison, Wis. Richard Horan Evansville, Vis. Donald Schenk Albany, is. Joanne Jacobson-Vankins Albany, Wis. Arlene Peckhntn-Wilde Tennon ? 5 David Jones Brodhead, ’ is. Frank Wood Albany, V is. Phyllis Kauk-Pickett Evans vi lie, ’ is. Jeanne Molm Monroe, wis. Charlene Kruegor-Ficdler Albany, . is. Frank Stewart Brodhead, Wis. Margaret Oberholzor-Zimmorman ’..’is. Kenneth Spelch Orfordville, V is. Jerry Rhyner Deceased Donald Ruef Army 19 5 John Schneider Army Robert Smith Marines Theod re Speich Or ford vi lie, V is. Douglas Stephenson .Ibany, ’. is. Russell Albright Albany, .’is. Phyllis Zanoni-Buehl Monticello, Win. Edward Trow Evansville, V is, Joan Zuicky-HIcks Freeport, 111. Rosella Zurfluh-Eriggs Albany, V is. Ardith Trow-Meyer Ettrick, Wis. 19lf9 Kathleen Lewis-Knee Milwaukee, V is. Donald Cleveland Albany, Wis. Daryl Rhyner Air Force Douglas Peckhaa Army “Marlene Reinitz-Treacinway Madison, is. Herman Hoesly Blue Mounds, Wis. Robert Phillips Albany, Wis. Albert Phillips Janesville, Wis, Stanton Steuri Albany, Wis. Shirley Schenk-Kalb Madison, Vis. June Sisson New York, N.Y. Isadore Dunphy-Peterson Albany, WIs. Arlcno Broughton-Ferru on Uiscons r. Marilyn Flora-Pryce Brodhead, wis. Stanley Burrington Minnesota Doris Burdick Madison, is. 19 6 Charles Ferguson Peru, Ind. Howard Flood Albany, Wis. Llyod Broughton Platteville, V is. Grace Pcckham-Flood Albany, V is. Gloria Dixon-Strayer Brodhead, V is. Vernon Schelp Rockford, 111. Norma Hannes-Tence Milwaukee, V is. Gloria Schneider-Glass Albany, V is. Dorothy Jacobson-Baertschi Albany, ’. is. Ralph Sellnow Albany, V is. George Laughridge Janesville, V is. Norma Smith-Armitage Albany, ’..’is. Wilbur McCreedy Albany, V is. Margaret Spinhirne-Parmer Evansville Shirley Peterson-Johnson Brooklyn, VJis. Wayne Wahl Durand, 111. Jean Qualley-Elraer Woodford, V is. Betty V.'heeler-Levich Evansville, V is. June Qualley-Blumer Monticello, V is. Gertrude Zimmerman Albany, V is. Garland Rankins Albany, V is, Viola Stuntz-Cchlapbach Verona, V is. 1950 Dolores Stephenson-Frehner Albany, Wis. Ellen Speich-Schindler Monroe, V is. Loren Bagely Albanyv Wis. Henry Schneider Madison, Wis. Daryl Davenport Armv Helen Thalmann-Schlapbach Albany, Wis. Phyllis Dunphy-Aeschlimann Albany, wiff. Alice Edwards-Dittburner Beloit, Wis. 19 ? Fred Hamnerly Minnesota Carol Jones-Becktolt Monroe, Wis. Jerry Gelbach Monroe, Wis. Kathryn Kauk-Peterson Oregon, V is. Donna Thurman-Speich Orfordville, V is. Junior Klossner Albany, V io. Eetty Petersen-McCaslin Janesville, V is. Darlyne Miller-Klossnor Albany, Wis. Marilyn McCreedy-Clark Albany, V is. Ramona Olin Janesville, Wis. Eunice Zwiefel-V ood Albany, Wis. Arden Patchen Albany, V is. Roy Mcuerman Albany, Wis. Dorothy Pfeuti-Krupke Albany, V is. Delores Dunphy Milwaukee, Wis. Hurless Rankins Janesville, V is. Sue Osbornc-Jonos Albany, V is. Nathan Speich Monticello, V is. Lyle Trow Army A L U M I? I 1951 Jane3 Prico Blnnchardvillc, Vis. Daniel Ruef Orfordvillc, Wis. Janes Carrol Jaoan Karl Klossner California Janna Bricgs-Thcadgull Beloit, Vis, Barbara Cnout-Ctouri Albcny, Vis. Phillip Z3noni Albcny, Vis. Michael Glass Albany, Vis. Loic Vahl-Kopki Evansville, Vis. Delores Ronneburn-riiillips Albany, -.'is. Bill Goecks Clevaland, Ohio 1952 Karon Kittleson DoCoroh, Iowa Jo n Taylor Air Force Lucile Ripple-3chnoi .er Albany, Vis. Alvin Vainer Navy Kenneth Rhyner Army Letty %uint-Jordan Juda, '. is. Glen Maikov; Monticcll.o, Vis. .:illie Flood Albany, Vis. Roselle Horan Brooklyn, Vis. Jane: Akr.rcr Waukesha , ’. is. Franklin Jmith Chicago, 111. itr.nlcy Lisson Milton Junction, Vis, Joyce opcich-kir.ucr Mcnticollo, '..’is. Carl Honncs '.lbany, Vis. Marjorie Kefty-Chris 'ir. on Oregon, ’..’is. Paul Elncr Brooklyn, ’.’is. I.clen Krr.usc-Acrncn Monticello, Vis. Roger Stoindorf Varrer. Schosser Madison, ’.'is. Albany, is. Russel Atkinson Madison, Vis. Georceannic Klavacheck Milwaukee, is. Marlene Cor Albany, Vis. 1953 Millie Ripple Albany, Vis. Marilyn Maikov; Monroe, ”i:. Phyllis Gransee-Valr. r Albany, Vis. Eugene Farnor Monroe, ’ is. Richard Jensen Brodhea , Vis. Darlene Kalkow-Gill Brooklyn, Vis. Robert Rhynor Germany Joan Dunphy Milwaukee, is. Vanda Trov. Kdisor, is. Janet Olson Madison, Vis. Calif. Joann Peterson- Reese Rite Thurman Albany, Vis. Albcny, Vis. Jon Kauk "anda Gar.rdor-Follor Monticello, Vis. Cynthia Barthett-Bacley Albany, Vis. !!ary Zcnonl Madison, '.’is. Louisa ITipple-Gpring Monticello, is. Barbara Taylor Janesville, is. Sherwood Carlson Beloit, Via, Arly.n Miner Platteville, .’is. Rose inn Pryco-Davenport Albany, '.’is. Robert Abbott Iarinos krlie Fahrney Ravy 1S5W Betty Fnhrncy Vhitewnter, '.-is. Paul Ikinno3 Albcny, is. Roman Rosely '• lbany, ’is. Eloise King Albany, Wis. Kendall Klossner Albany, Vis. Nancy Kaass Evansville, Vis. David Ripple Albany, Vis. Shelby Sherbondy Joanne Stephenson-Sellnov; Albany, Kavy Vis. Burdell Trow Albany, Vis. 1955 Shirley Abbott-Rogors Lannark, 111. Delnar Atkinson Albany, ••’i 3, Janet Bongiorno Milwaukee, Vis. Delore. Briggs Janesville, Vis. Jane Briggs Albany, "is. Marvin Cruezer Monroe, Vis. 3harm Dunphy Milwaukee, Vis. Doris Grnnsee Rvansville, ’..'is. Eugene Hefty Albany, Wis. Paul Hlavachek Lorraine Jensen-Whitehead Brodhead, Navj Wis. Donna Malkow-Zimmerman Monroe, Wis. Mary Ann Oberholzer Waukesha, Wis. John Plusa Albany, Wis. Ronald Powers Madison, Wis. Lea Reese Calif, Eileen Schneeberger Whitewater, Wis. Carol Sellnow Monroe, Wis. David Sharer Joan Sutnerland-Spring Monticello, Navy Wis. Isabel Templeton Albany, Wis. Ronald Swanson Albany, Wis. Anne Whalen Milwaukee, Wis. Gordon Whlteaker Albany, Wis. Martha Zimmerman Madison, Wis. Ve, the maduatinr cla3 9 of 19 56, would like to extend our he rti‘’?t thank.? to the Altnnt ?' the Albany Hirh School for the s-irrort end encouragement von have given ua in the oast. You not only oreoare a ban-one t every year to welcme us Into your aspociot'on, but vou airport our extrr--currlculer activities, and helo to make "Our School' one of wh -h we ran bo L pro -»| p k n« |» m ym«n mjk «... f i J) IE. A -•. P O.K'® 'r 6 V Co. iroetni P •Hipp e 'W-Tro Pw«ttn« r a u R.Q x j « A p , Otb.-aa» n'» o pvt Wvbon P Si D. « ui we W. no YC i h.ov s n.viW v«t sf9 v n x A.ttN4 'lc «40n 1. VtSce tX%T« k»«iS fc.3 or 4 an Id d R. T«in4 W N. a X%v, e» ? «. •'. n r, u tf WUU |,P« « K.VO.Tc.wan 4 3.ftan in r il ,p ' jr q. fi n - Vfc, VMktwtT 3. »e K.L m«v H«n Ot p XO AV R Tk w a« CsttVatatWcX • % t miy • »" lNKiYTftK«y ii jmw (1 c. 0 • ••: ««'•'"COMPLIMENTS OF ... - ■ PHCNS 01 LANEVTLLE SHOE STORE BRODHEAP, WISCONSIN BRODHEAP HARDWARE BRODHEAP, WISCONSIN 3 0RGE LOSS, CUSTOM TAILORING, STITTS BR DHEAD, WISCONSIN LYLE COTTM B’tVER OP LIVE STOCI AND FAIRY BROPHEAP, WISCONSIN .•• •?—CI ' IM STOP BRO FEAD, WISCONSIN miN INSURANCE REAL ESTATE AGENCY EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN PR. P.S. 1-AT,TR CHIROPRACTOR EVA N3V ILLS, V ISCONSIN GALLAGHER AND BEWICK PHONE 1 EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN . SCFWTTZ AND SON DAIRY CATTLE •r-p.- , '•'TSCr "STN NYMAN F-TPUSM; NT CCKPA’T vONROE, WISCONSIN SCHMITZ STUDIO MCNROS, WISCONSIN n BAKER’S BOOK S'T'ORE MONROE, WISCONSIN P v- ’-ISCONS T N CHARLES R. KCHLI JEWELER MONROE, WISCONSIN ROSA LCRIST MONROE, WISCONSIN EINHBCK3 GROCERY B, WISCONSIN TFE STYLE 3HA? WO NS WEAR ’TNROE, WISCONSIN SHIVELY TOWN A’IP COUNTRY MO.vroE, WISCONSIN VONROE SHOE STORE MONROE, WISCONSIN SCHUETZB’S OR VONROE VONROE, WISCONSIN BRODHEAD, 'ISCO:tsIN MRITOS WI5C0 -SIN INC VCNRCE, WISCONSIN HA WORTH FURNT’RE CovpV Y VCNRCE, CO’-'PLP 'TTS O'? ETTERS LINK STORE MONROE, DAYS SAUAOE KITCHEN RH NSELL AU'O service EVANSVILLE PRY CLEANER EVAN$VTtt2, WISCONSIN PR. K.R. SCHENSNBEROER EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN DR. R.G. HSIMERL EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN HEX THEATER EVANSVILLE, WISCONSIN HEFFEL CHEVROLET EVANSVTLIE, WISCONSIN .T.J. STRAP A NP SON EVANSVTLL7’, WISCONSIN BRACERS BARBER HPOPMEAP, MTSCONSTN STUESSY CLINIC BROPHEAP, VTSCONSTN NORTHSIDB GROCERY 5R0PMEAD, WISCONRTR STRCMMEN'S MOTOR SERVICE BROPFEAD, WISCONSIN PIERCE ■=’- HNTTNRE MART BROnHEAD, WISCONSIN JAGGI S“PER SERVICE COMPANY BRODHEAP, ISCCNSTN TIKM MOTOR COMPANY BROPHEAP, WISCONSIN jrroi swiss cheese factory 3RODHEAO, WISCONSIN 3IJ0RKS RESTAURANT BROPHEAP, WISCONSIN W. E. HEIN BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN Y. W. KEIENBTTRO BROPHEAP, WISCONSIN SOUTH SJOE GROCERY BROPHEAP, WISCONSIN RIS V IMpLS r NT COMPANY 3R0PF2AOf WISCONSIN VIRSEL'S DRESS SHOP NEW GLARTTS, WISCONSIN TSCHUPY'S S ORT NSW OLARUS, WISCOvstv TFE GLARUS 'f’HEATER NEW GLARES, WISCONSIN KARLEN AND SON MONTICELLO, ,JI3CC?SIN ART'S STANDARD SERVICE 3R0PHEAD, WISCONSIN COPLIENE NURSING H0’!Z BR0DH2AD, WISCONSIN GREEN COUNTY BANK 3R0PHEAD, WISCONSIN WISCONSIN MONROE, WISCONSIN WISCONSIN EVANS"TLL-, ••’ISCONSTV EVANSVILLE, VISCCWf CHARLES VOGEL LIVESTOCK DEALER 3R0PFEAD, WISCONSIN CLARK BROTHER EVANSVILLE, WISCONSINCOMPLIMENTS OP MABIES CITIES SERVICE ALBANY, WIS. ATTICA STORE ATTICA, WISCONSIN ALBANY BEAUTY MART ALBANY, WIS. ALBANY LOCKER PLANT ALBANY, WIS. DR. E. 0. OSBORNE D. D. S. ALBANY, WISCONSIN ALBANY MANUFACTURING CORP. ALBANY, WIS. ALBANY VARIETY SHOP ALBANY, WIS. FLAHERTY’S PURE OIL ALBANY, WIS. ALBANY DAIRY ALBANY, WISCONSIN DEHMER'S REXALL DRUG STORE ALBANY, WISCONSIN BARTON'S INSURANCE AGENCY ALBANY, WISCONSIN DR. D. H. PARTRIDGE D. D. S. ALBANY, WISCONSIN HERBERT STRIKER YOUR PRIDE SEED CORN DEALER MONROE, WISCONSIN STREIFF CHEVROLET, INC. SALES-SERVICE-BODY SHOP NEW GLARUS, WIS. DOYON RAYNE LUMBER COMPANY A PHONE 67 ALBANY, WISCONSIN GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP WAREHOUSE NEWMAN SCHRADER, MANAGER ALBANY, WISCONSIN MC CARTHY IMPLEMENT CO. ALLIS CHALMERS SALES AND SERVICE EVANSVILLE, WIS. EAST SIDE OF THE ' MONROE, WISCONSIN TIES OIL COMPANY WISCONSIN'S PIONEER CONOCO OIL J0B3ER BRODHEAD, WIS. Robert Atkinson, Mgr. HERALD PUBLISHING CO. ★ The Albany Herald ★ Quality Job Printing ★ Business Machines Cabinets ★ Office Supplies ★ Advertising Specialties ALBANY, WIS. PHONE 13 STANTON P. STEURI -PUBLISHER-COMPLIMENTS OF KRGSTUE IMPLEMENT CO. ALBANY, WIS. THE GRANTS STORE A EVAN’SVILLE, WIS. OALirp c AND c CHRI STOP HER S ALBANY, WIS. TRUMAN E. SHARER FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTOR ALBANY. WIS. ROYAL BLUE STORE BRODHEAD, WIS. HYNE REALTY EVANSVILLE, WIS UNION MUTUAL INSURANCE CO, STNCE 1876 EVANSVILLE, WIS. GEOROE SMITH St SON GROCERIES St MEATS EVANSVILLE, WIS. "IT PLEASES US TO PLEASE YOU" BOWMAN'S BARBER SHOP ALBANY, WIS. BANK OF BRODHEAD BRODHEAD, WIS. atipuA, e urice JOSEPH L. STENCEL LAWYER BRODHEAD, WIS. FORREST BRIGHAM DEALER IN LIVISTOCK PHONE 220w EVANSVILLE, WIS. ALBANY CAFE ALBANY, WIS. MONROE READY TX CO. NO MUSS-NO FUSS-CALL Us SWISS WHEEL BANJO PETE'S DOWN TOWN MONROE, WIS. BRODHEAD CLEANERS FOR THE BEST BRODHEAD, WIS.COMPLIMENTS OP DISCH HDW. ft FURNITURE CO. NEW GLARUS, WIS. PHONE 120 or 239 COMPLETE LINE OP FURNITURE, HOTPOINT KELVINATOR APPLIANCES, RCA ic ZENITH TELEVISION, PLUMBING (c HEATING KROGER STORE MONROE, WIS. FOR FINEST OP GROCERIES U. S. CHOICE MEATS FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES PHONE 235 MGR. JOHN E. KLEIER COMPLIMENTS OP COMPLIMENTS OF 3ANK OF ALBANY DR. J. E. LYNN ALGANY, WIS. VETERINARIAN COMPLETE 3ANKIN0 SERVICE OLIN AYRES 3UICK PONTIAC BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN JONES TEXACO SERVICE WASHING GREASING TIRES MEMBER OP FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CO' PLI E'ITS OP EVANSVILT E GR !•' NEOUSE EVA US' 1 LIE, WIS. PHONE kit CONGRATULATIONS FROM PHILLIPS ft SMITH APJLIANCS MONROE, WIS. TELEPHONE 150 ALBANY, WIS. GREEN COUNTY S MOST oc U»LPT2 SELECTION OF HOME A? LIAHCKSCOMPLIMENTS OP COMPLIMENTS 0 P HEIN k FRANCIS COMPLIMENTS OF ALBANY HARDWARE APPLIANCES PHONE o ALBANY, WIS, COMPLIMENTS OP DODGES "MONROE LUMBER £e TIEL CO." 254 -MONROE- I CHEVROLET, I | |?1 | IVERSON CHEVROLET CO. "WHE E PRIEND MEETS FRIEND" TELEPHONE 36 BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARDS' MOBILGAS STATION COMPLIMENTS G A Sign Of Cuality...A Pledge Of Service ALBANY FARMERS• CO-OP WARD POPANM mR. OOLDENROD CREAMERY COMPANY BRODHEAD, WIS.LAKER .ANUFACT 'JR I ! 'G COMPANY MONITOR COMPLIMENTS OF WATER SYSTEMS PITLESS UNITS KNIGHT MANUFACTURING WELL SUPPLIES JACK ZIICJERLI YOUR ALBANY DEALER COMPANY ft ASSOC. 802 WILLIAMSON ST. BRODHEAD, ’WIS. MADISON, WIS. PHONE ALPINE 7-2181+ live stock hauling SHIP BY TRUCK-REASONABLE RATKa BUYER FOR CUDAHY BROS. ft OSCAR MAYER CO. DAILY SCHEDULES TO CUDAHY, MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO, AND MADISON STOCKYARDS OPEN MON.-WED. ft FRI. 7 A.M. TO 12 NOON PHONES SdH65139 RALPH B. LUEDY ALBANY, WIS. CARTER NEW IDEA SPEED QUEEN WASHERS DRYERS GRUENEWALD IUTEB HATOOtt AJ. HARVimi v INC, NEW HOLLAND WATER SYSTEMS PLUMBING STORES AT MONROE JUDA COMPLIMENTS 0 F F. J. BONGIORNO CLINIC ALBANY » WISINTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Ptkluktft ■ (•»«» look lujtfi fACTOIT HOME OFFICE Kansas City’■ssnrc 0

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