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THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 HANDS YOU THE “A” She Buys Her Clothes At LEE'S The Store For Women verything in Ladies Ready to Wear and Accessories Monroe, Wisconsin WHITMORE INSURANCE AGENCY Everything in Insurance Evansville, Wisconsin PagelThe Senior Class of 1955 wishes to dedicate this annual to Miss Alice Barton, who has been on the staff of Albany High School for 24 years. During our four years in high school, she has been our class advisor for two years, directed our class plays, was our annual advisor, and taught us civics, English, geography, and algebra. R. W. SELLNOW, LINE CONTRACTOR Never A Job Too Small Albany, Wisconsin Phone 173 Congratulations to the Class of "55" KELLEY KLOTHES Across From the Postoffice Monroe, Wisconsin Page 2• 1 t!t. t . - •; fell . .»»•••- . ............... « » • •» • ; • • r; -• fill • • . • . ■ • •• • ? • ! . . r •: • ♦•••• : ...................... ; •;:: • ? 1 :: t ■ : ' ......... ..... .... ■i.iiti.if .,?.t • ......... ••• 5 t'AV.t.UiU;,] • ........... . . . •••«•• •• .. ' • .•••♦••• » • • •• • sit: .?• . j ' v • ■ --- Ml ••»• • trr •« j . - • . • «• ••• • |. frit i;: ».«. .•.•••a. ••• •» •• • • • • . fc: ’ • • • • - • ■ • • • • • • » ••• • ’ ■: :: ttZt: .:: t  PRINCIPAL FRANK L. HANRATH Carol I College University of Wisconsin Principal Bookkeeping For youth, in a complex society, education »s more than a luxury; it is a necessity. It must do more than prepare youth for life; it must prepare them to improve on the society which they have inherited, to live more fully than the past generations. and to be more farsighted leaders in world affairs than their predecessors. Frank L. Hanrath BOARD OF EDUCATION Ralph Jones......President Mrs. Ruth Whalen.Treasurer Walter Fahrney...Clerk Frank L. Hanrath.Principal ALBANY HARDWARE SPECIALTY MFG. CO. Albany. Wisconsin Page 3 NICK’S ALLEYS Phone 18 Albany. WisconsinMR. KENNETH LEONARD Milwaukee State College Civics. Band. Chorus. General Math MR. VICTOR ELMER University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Engineering, Platteville State College Agriculture. Physics. General Science MRS. MILDRED THOMPSON University of Wisconsin Home Economics, English I-IV, Girl's Health. Forensics MISS ALICE BARTON Universities of Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan Geography, Algebra. English JIMV, Dramatics MR. ROBERT WELCH Whitewater State College Typing. General Business, Physical Education, Assistant Coach MR. LEO BRONKALLA Whitewater State College Social Problems, Biology, American History. World History, Girl's Physical Education, Coach DR. PARTRIDGE, DENTIST Albany, Wisconsin STROM MEN'S BRODHEAD MOTOR SERVICE Sales and Service Hudson Texaco Brodhead, Wisconsin Page 4GRACH EDWARDS 7-8 Grades ESTHER OSBORNE 6-7 Grades GENEVIEVE REINITZ 4-5 Grades LOIS JONES 3 Grade KAY PETERSON 2 Grade EVELYN SANFTLEBEN 1 Grade ATTICA STORE KROSTUE IMPLEMENT COMPANY Route 1 John Deere Dealer Phone 215-N Albany. Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Page 5COOKS "Birdie" Thurman and Mabel Stephenson serving one of their delicious dinners. BUS DRIVERS AND CUSTODIANS Row one: Lou Graves and Bill Patchen Row two: George Flaherty, Leon Marty, Ellsworth Mabie, and Alvin Blumer BLACKBOURNE'S WALLPAPER STORE, For Beautiful Papers, Loudon Blackbourne, Prop., Brodhead, Wisconsin JAGGI SUPER SERVICE COMPANY. Pure Oil Products, 24 Hour Heavy Duty Towing Service, Brodhead. Wisconsin Page 6« « :■ ; :l:l: i: . . K; t ::: ' '•:«v •• • •iC.I! . ••• i'.r -■••• It it ’: Hj-ih?Si ■■■-= : ■ •sit.?;.v: •• •• , . I «UUi • • : • • •• • • • • ....................... . ..CLASS COLORS Blue and Yellow CLASS FLOWER Yellow Carnation CLASS MOTTO The Fast Is Forever Gone But The Future Is Still Our Own CLASS OFFICERS Vice-President.....Janet Bongiorno Treasurer..........Eileen Schneeberger Secretary..........Sharron Dunphy Class Adviser......Miss Barton President.......... Anne Whalen ANNUAL STAFF Row One: R. Powers. J. Pluss, E. Hefty. D. Atkinson. L. Reese. Assistant Editor: P. Hlavachek, Assistant Editor: R. Swanson. D. Sharer. Row Two: M. Oberholzer. E. Schneeberger, D. Briggs. M. Zimmerman. D. Gransee, C. Sellnow. J. Briggs, L Templeton, A. Whalen. Co-Editor. Row Three: M. Cruezer. D. Malkow. J. Bongiorno. L. Jensen. S. Dunphy. Co-Editor: S. Abbott. J. Sutherland. Miss Barton, G. Whiteaker. HERALD PUBLISHING COMPANY Printers of Quality Job Printing Stanton P. Steuri, Publisher Albany. Wisconsin Page 7SHIRLEY ABBOTT "Shorty" "Somebody's got to be the life of the party. " Annual Staff 4; Forensics 1, 2. 3; Class Play 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4. DELMAR ATKINSON "Delmie" "Not that 1 love studying less, I just love fun more. " Annual Staff 4; F.F.A. 2, 3. 4; Chorus 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Forensics 1; Basketball 1. 2, 3. JANET BONGIORNO "Jan" "She treats all men alike. " "A" Club 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3. 4; Class Vice-President 4. DELORES BRIGGS "Dee" "Dee is full to the brim of humor, fun, and lots of vim. " "A" Club 3, 4: Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Class Play 4. JANE BRIGGS "Tis" "It's not what she does, it's how she does it. " "A" Club 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4: Chorus 1, 2. MARVIN CRUEZER "Cruise" "Sometimes I think I want a girl. " Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3. 4; F.F.A. 2. 3. 4. SHARRON DUNPHY "Red" "Keen sense, common sense, and room for lots of nonsense. " Co-editor Annual 4; Class Play 3. 4: Class Secretary 3, 4; Paper Staff 2; Honor Student; Homecoming Queen 4. DORIS GRANSEE "Corky" "Oh, that guy, isn't he wonderful. " Prom Court 3; Annual Staff 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; "A" Club 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3,4; Class Play 3, 4; Honor Student. GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU Co-op Warehouse Newman Schrader. Manager Albany, Wisconsin Page 8EUGENE HEFTY "Gene" "He began talking when he was 6 months old and hasn’t stopped yet. " F.F.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; F.F.A. Officer 3. 4; Prom King 3; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2. 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 4; Class Play 4. PAUL HLAVACHEK "Chek" "We can’t all be great men, but that’s your hard luck. " Band 1, 2. 3; Chorus 1. 2: "A" Club 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Assistant Co-editor Annual 4; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Class Piay 4. LORRAINE JENSEN "Sis" "Late nights are bad for one, but fine for two. " Chorus 2. 3, 4: Annual Staff 4; Class Play 4. DONNA MALKOW "Moser" "Always the same man in her heart. " Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3, 4; Class Officer 2, 3; Forensics 1, 2, 3. 4; Prom Court 2. MARY ANN OBERHOLZER "Obie” "She’s a pleasure, a treasure, a joy without measure. ” Honor Student; Homecoming Attendant; Class Piay 2, 3, 4; Paper Staff 2; Class Treasurer 3; Prom Court 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; "A" Club 3, 4. JOHN PLUSS "Chon" "Lead me not into temptation -- but show me where it is. " Basketball 2. 3. 4; F.F.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Class Piay 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Badger Boys State. RONALD POWERS "Ronnie" "Sometimes I set and think, sometimes I just set. ” Class Play 4; Annual Staff 4; F.F.A. 3, 4. LES REESE "Pinky" "Lucky school, the day I registered. ’’ Baseball 3. 4; Basketball 3. 4; “A” Club 4. President 4; Class Play 3; Co-Assistant Editor Annual 4; F. F. A. 3; Prom Court 3. RALPH E. LUEDY Livestock, Hauling and Buying House Phone 139 - Yard Phone 165 Albany, Wisconsin Page 9EILEEN SCHNEEBERGOR "I "Her heart is like the moon -- always has a man in it. “ Class Play 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Class Vice-President 2: Treasurer 4: Annual Staff 4: Salutatorian; Homecoming Attendant; Paper Staff 2. CAROL SELL NOW "Selin" "A handful of fun is better than a bushel of learning. " Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3. 4; Annual Staff 4; Prom Court 3. DAVID SHARER "Dave" "I love to hear myself talk. " Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball Manager 3. 4; "A "Club 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Class Play 3. 4; Class Officer 2; Annual Staff 4. JOAN SUTHERLAND "Jo" "Have you heard any good jokes lately?" Honor Student: Homemaker of 1955; Class Play 3. 4; Band 2, 3. 4; Chorus 2, 3; "A" Club 3. 4; Annual Staff 4. ISABEL TEMPLETON "Izzy" "Quiet, not to the people who know hei. " Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play, Assistant Director 4. RONALD SWANSON "Ron" "There may be a time for work, but I’ve never found it. " Annual Staff 4. ANNE WHALEN "Buddy" "She uses her brains without strain. " Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; "A" Club 2, 3, 4; Forensics 1; Class President 1, 3, 4: Valedictorian; D. A. R. Winner; Class Play 4; Assistant Director 3; Co-editor of Annual 4; Paper Staff 2. GORDON WH1TEAKER "Whit" "Oooh! That smile!" F. F. A.; Annual Staff: Class Play 3. 4; Forensics 3, 4. MARTHA ZIMMERMAN "Zim" "I can resist anything but temptation. ” Annual Sraff 4; Class Play 3, 4; Cheerleader 2. 3. 4; Prom Queen; "A" Club 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4. Page 10 MONROE MUSIC COMPANY Dealers in Hallicrafters TV. Radios, and Record Players in Various Makes Records and Sheet Music Monroe, WisconsinCLASS HISTORY In September, 1951, twenty-seven green, but intelligent, freshmen entered Albany High School. We were: Delmar Atkinson, Janet Bongiorno, Marvin Cruezer, Doris Gransee, Paul Hlavachek, Ronald Powers, David Sharer. Isabel Templeton, Anne Whalen, Gordon Whiteaker, Martha Zimmerman, Arlene Walmer. Warren Nipple, and Larry Bohn from the village school; Shirley Abbott and Donna Malkow from Babler; Delores Briggs and Jane Briggs from Norwegian; Sharron Dunphy from Peebles; Eugene Hefty. John Pluss, Mary Ann Oberholzer. and Eileen Schneeberger from Smiley; Carol Sellnow and Carole Cowan from Searles; and Floyd Izer from Brooklyn. Our class survived the initiation party given by the sophomore class very well. Our class officers this year were: Anne Whalen, president; David Sharer, vice-president; Gordon Whiteaker, secretary; and Arlene Walmer, treasurer. Our class advisor was Miss Rendall. We put on a Christmas party this year which was naturally the best ever given. In March we were joined by Marilyn Schadewaldt, but she left us during the year. Larry Bohn and Carole Cowan also left us. We started our sophomore year with twenty-five intelligent members. Our class advisor this year was Mr. Elmer. Our officers were: David Sharer, president; Eileen Schneeberger, vice-president; Anne Whalen, secretary; and Paul Hlavachek, treasurer. This year we gave a very successful and enjoyable initiation party to the freshmen. This year we lost Warren Nipple. Our junior year was a very outstanding one. We started with twenty-four members. Our class advisor was Miss Barton. Our class officers were: Anne Whalen, president; Donna Malkow. vice-president; Sharron Dunphy, secretary; and Mary Ann Oberholzer. treasurer. In September, we were joined by Les Reese from California. Our class play given in October was "Grandma’s Best Years". It was the best play ever given in A. H. S. Our junior prom, led by King Eugene Hefty and Queen Martha Zimmerman, was a success. The theme was "April in Paris", and the gym was decorated in green, pink, yellow, orchid, and white. Our senior year was our busiest one. We started the year with twenty-five. Ronald Swanson joined us from Evansville. Our class advisor this year was Miss Barton. Our officers were Anne Whalen, president; Janet Bongiorno, vice-president; Sharron Dunphy, secretary; and Eileen Schneeberger. treasurer. We put on the Valentine party this year, and it was a big success. Ronald Swanson graduated in January; Janet Bongiorno left us in April to go to Italy, to bring our graduating class to twenty-three. Graduates are: Shirley Abbott, Delmar Atkinson. Delores Briggs, Jane Briggs, Marvin Cruezer, Sharron Dunphy, Doris Gransee, Eugene Hefty, Paul Hlavachek, Lorraine Jensen, Donna Malkow, Mary Ann Oberholzer, John Pluss, Ronald Powers, Les Reese, Eileen Schneeberger, Carol Sellnow, David Sharer. Joan Sutherland, Isabel Templeton, Anne Whalen, Gordon Whiteaker, and Martha Zimmerman. Congratulations To the Senior Class of 1955 TRUMAN E. SHARER Albany, Wisconsin HEIN AND FRANCIS Fine Foods and Groceries Phone 36 Albany, Wisconsin Page 11JUNIOR PROM At 10:00 P. M., May 7, 1954, King Eugene Hefty and Queen Martha Zimmerman led the grand march to the music of Jerry Billington’s orchestra. The gym was beautifully decorated with pink, yellow, orchid, green, and white streamers, and Paris scenes. The theme was "April In Paris". SENIOR CLASS PLAY John Stanley.........................A successful business man...... Mary Stanley.........................a successful wife and mother John. Junior.........................A musically inclined son....... G1 dys...............................A romantically inclined daughter "Sister".............................A young pest....................... Grandma Stanley......................a positive-minded old lady..... Mrs. Austin ........................An anxious mother.............. Mr. Austin ..........................A business executive........... Stevens............................. A business-like butler......... Dottle Austin........................A socially minded young lady ... Dollie Austin........................A twin sister of Dottie......... The radio man........................A radio electrician............ Kenny ...............................A member of the orchestra....... Joe .................................A school friend................. Polly................................A member of the orchestra...... Jack.................................A member of the orchestra...... Louise ..............................A member of the orchestra...... Mabel Johnson........................A neighbor girl................. Pat Lewis ...........................A member of the orchestra...... Grace Evans......................... A member of the orchestra...... Laura Smith..........................A school friend................. Stage Manager......................................................... Assistant Director................................... Director............................................. DOCTOR BONGIORNO Albany, Wisconsin Page 12 ,. John Pluss .. Carol Scllnow .. Paul Hlavachek . Martha Zimmerman .. Shirley Abbott . Donna Malkow . Sharron Dunphy . Marvin Cruezer .. Eugene Hefty . Eileen Schneeberger .. Delores Briggs . Delmar Atkinson .. David Sharer .. Ronnie Powers .. Anne Whalen .. Gordon Whitcakcr .. Doris Gransce . Lorraine Jensen . Mary Ann Oberholzer .. Jane Briggs .. Joan Sutherland . Lcs Reese .. Isabel Templeton .. Miss Barton CHRISTOPHER’S GROCERY Albany, WisconsinLAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of 1955 of Albany High School, being of sane mind, are about to pass out of this educational institution. We declare this to be our last will and testament. Shirley Abbott - Wills her man troubles to Marilyn Striker and her big brown eyes to Glenda Beyers. Dclmar Atkinson - Wills his scientific ability to Duane Ronneburg and his wise cracking to Douglas Reasa. Jane Briggs - Wills her friendship with Judy Rhyner to John Briggs and her gum-chewing themes to Mr. Hanrath. Delores Briggs - Wills her quietness to Velda Wahl and her back-bends to Pauline Krueger. Janet Bongiorno - Wills her height to Donna Purinton and her clarinet to John Whalen. Marvin Cruezer - Wills his driver’s license to Donald Grunder. Sharron Dunphy - Wills her red hair to Margaret Keller and her way with Mr. Bronkalla to Alice Fay Webb. Doris Gransec - Wills her blushing ability to Yvonne Sherbondy. Eugene Hefty - Wills his curly hair to Edward Kleier and his driving style to Jimmy Webb. Lorraine Jensen - Wills her ability to go steady to Mara Lee Kildow. Donna Malkow - Wills her ways of having fun to Dixie Lewis and her better grades in the Senior year to Raymond Flesher. John Pluss - Wills his trips to Monticello to some Junior boy and his talkativeness to Robert Stoehr. Carol Scllnow - Wills her dancing ability to Lilian Masss. Ronald Powers - Wills his "36" Chevie to Bill Betlach. Eileen Schneeberger - Wills her job at Dehmcrs to Walter Althaus and their ability to get over arguments to Juanita Powers. David Sharer - Wills his singing ability to John Kleier and his driving ability to Karen Johnson. Joan Sutherland - Wills her studying ability to Sandy Keller and her good marks to Karen Mabie. Les Reese - Wills his athletic ability to Kenny Lange and his ability to get along with girls to Larry Gransec. Anne Whalen - Wills her piano playing to Gloria Francis and her class presidency to Willis Kopp. Mary Ann Oberholzer - Wills her long black hair to Faye Sherbondy and her trombone to Jeanine Goecks. babel Templeton - Wills her restaurant job to JoAnne Bongiorno. Gordon Whiteaker - Wills his height to Elmer Ross and his smile to Janet Leudy. Paul Hlavachck - Wills his artistic ability to Bob Miller and his trips to Monroe to anyone who wants them. Martha Zimmerman - Wills her babysitting job to Mary Ruth Bly. In witness whereof we set our hands and seals on this 20th day of May, nineteen hundred fifty-five. LYLE CONDON, Buyer of Livestock - Dairy Cattle, Phone 372, Brodhead, Wisconsin. SCHUETZE’S OF MONROE, Men's Boys’ Clothing, Where Quality is Our Greatest Tradition, Monroe, Wisconsin. Page 13CLASS PROPHECY In 1965 as Mr. and Mrs. David Sharer (nee Mary Ann Oberholzer) start discussing their successful classmates of 1955. they find: Shirley Abbott is now Mrs. Luther Wyttenbach. They live in Monroe where Shirley is employed as a nurse at St. Clare Hospital. Delmar Atkinson is a specialist in the field of explosives. He has just designed a new bomb. Janet Bongiorno is a famous Hollywood actress. Her most recent picture is "Lucky Me" co-starring with Tony Martin. Delores Briggs is a voice teacher in New York City. She has a television show every day. Jane Briggs is a world famous social problems teacher in Paris. Marvin Cruezer likes Chevy cars so much he has just purchased the Janesville Chevrolet Plant and is head of General Motors. Sharron Dunphy has become an acrobatic teacher in Hawaii. She specializes in front and back sommer- • saults and cartwheels. Doris Gransee is now married to Kendall Klossner who owns the Philco Television Company. She also appears on television. Eugene Hefty has just invented a car with jet speed. He lias his own manufacturing plant in San Diego. California. Paul Hlavachek has just left on a world wide search for his ideal girl. He also designs gowns for Marilyn Monroe. Lorraine Jensen is married and lives in Brodhead with her husband. Wendell Whitehead. Donna Malkow is also married and lives in Monroe with her husband. Merton Zimmerman. She works at the hospital also. John Pluss is now touring the world as a famous orator with his wife, a girl from Monticello. Ronald Powers has just been appointed as a foreign ambassador to France. He is still driving his slightly used "36" Chevy. Les Reese is a barber in California. He specializes in bird nest hair cuts. Eileen Schneeberger is now married to Walter Althaus. In her spare time she is a model in New York City. Carol Sellnow has become a famous bookkeeper. She is now a private secretary to the Governor of Texas. Joan Sutherland has become President of the Commercial Department of the University of Oklahoma. Isabel Templeton now owns her own restaurant in Miami, Florida. Anne Whalen is touring the world as a famous pianist. She has put Liberace out of business. Gordon Whiteaker is a famous civil engineer working in South America. Martha Zimmerman is a beautician in Hollywood. She fixes many of the famous stars’ hair. As David and Mary Ann conclude, they find each member of the Class of 1955 very successful. Now Mary Ann must go to the Wisconsin General Hospital in Madison where she is a nurse. DEHMERS REXALL DRUGS Phone 7 Albany, Wisconsin Page 14 TEALES NASH Phone 49 Albany, Wisconsinmm ............ Mti ‘iidjiSiSsSS .111."', .......... ■ ........ . :r:. • ...............■ • ••• • I,....... i. ............ ;:r. i • i£?:: -tjj ;7 j 1 rr:: • ••• « txrjvvw «•••••••• • «• lit- Vl« tt|l| • • Ult 1 ••.•• «••••»« •••••• • •••« •••••!« »••• • ■ ■a it ■ at ft a aaa i • a . • • .a . .. . ; ::::............. r:::riarsiUil1i» at »••••« lijipl1 : :: lint • • ••• •• i •... • hi ,J Kttl;s;r.i;v.r. • • • i, ••• •• . 1 x .'V-.yv jsm .......... •••. t::: u: i j • '••••! ui tns:s • tuTmut •. ■■! • ;••• it::!." ::::: — 3S:!S!??n«Srr::.: : • ■ ::i U- tutr »:rt!! S: •H:i! i !U» gift;:; j:: H..'Ml: 7 ii.. •;I .::-. .••• is.-.s.-i; mm ■ UlHi ••••• ••• i i! t • • ' - tun:}:::.......... -lit ; fjri I IRow One: Mr. Welch, John Whalen, Gerald Party, Albert Pfeuti, Ray Flood, Waiter Aitnaus. Willis Kopp, Milton Purintun, Alan Rhyner. Row Two: Robert Miller, Douglas Reasa, Kenneth Briggs, Duane Ronneburg, Raymond Flesher, Edward Kleier, Elmer Ross, Phillip Webb, Jerry Olson, James Webb. Row Three: Marilyn Striker, Jeannine Goecks, Juanita Powers, Velda Wahl, Faye Sherbondy. Norma Sharp, Alice Webb. Pauline Krueger, Sandy Keller. Gloria Francis. CLASS OFFICERS Walter Althaus Juanita Powers Edward Kleier. Willis Kopp... Vice President Secretary Treasurer President ROTTLERS VARIETY STORE We have been serving this community for many years with dependable merchandise BLUMER PHARMACY at popular prices. Save at your Walgreen Agency Drug Store West side of Square Zenith Hearing Aids - Eastman Kodak Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Page 15SOPHOMORE CLASS Row One: K. Johnson, Y. Sherbondy. J. Luedy, S. Briggs, P. Sloniker, B. Quint, U. Lewis, S. Gaarder, Mr. Elmer. Row Two: S. Kjorness, M. Bly, N. King, H. Gransee, J. Blumer, K. Mabie. J. Rhyner, B. Colden, L. Maass, N. Hill, M. Kildow. Row Three: D. Bump, D. Grunder, G. Nipple. J. Killingsiad, J. Powers, R. Swanson, T. Dunphy, J. Kleier, R. Schneeberger, R. Kauk, J. Briggs. CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Quint.....................Vice President Robert Swanson....................Secretary Judy Rhyner.......................President Mary Bly..........................Treasurer Page 16 THE WAFFLE SHOP, Monroe, Wisconsin W, D. STOVALL JR,, M.D,, Brodhead, WisconsinFRESHMAN CLASS Row One: J. Horan, H. Mosher, E. Luedy, L. Gransee, R. Stoehr, J. Oliver, R. Friskic, J. Cullen, L. Jones. Row Two: C. Waddell, N. Weber, D. Purintun, K. Lange, B. Betlach. H. Kopp, B. Atkinson, K. Moore, P. Powers, Mr. Bronkalla. Row Three: G. Beyers, M. Weber, K. Grunder, M. Keller, A. Anderson, M. Reinitz, A. Sharer, J. Bongiorno. CLASS OFFICERS James Oliver, Robert Stoehr Harvey Kopp Anne Sharer. .Secretary Treasurer Vice President President SCHWAKE PHARMACY, Brodhead, Wisconsin FLANAGAN’S MEN’S WEAR, Brodhead, Wisconsin Page 175th-6th-7th-8th GRADES Row Is L. Schultz, R. Schneeberger. Row 2: R. Flesher, G. Brewer, D. Krueger, J. Moore. Row 3: D. Inabnit, J. Vaughn, M. Flesher, R. Martini, S. Coplien. Row 4: J. Wahl, D. Larson, J. Cooke, J. Striker, B. Blumer, L. Nipple, S. Dudones. Row 5: J. Wahl, J. Osen, M. Templeton, N. Quint, S. Blumer, J. Kopp. Row 6: B. Patchen, W. Lewis, A. Zee, J. Gaarder, M. Striker, T. Reasa. Row 7: J. Bongiorno, J. Schneeberger, L. Jones, B. Krueger, Mrs. Edwards, P. Hogan, B. Zimmerman, G. Reasa. K. Keller, D. Runaas. Missing, L. Lloyd. Front to Back Row Is C. Jones, K. Keller, D. Blumer, J. Swanson. D. Fiske, A. Patty, R. Whiteaker, Mrs. Osborne. Row 2: S. Haddinger, E. Schneeberger, C. Nipple, G. Reddick, M. Malcook, G. Colden, E. Runass, M. Sarbacker. Row 3: N. Keegan, R. Malcook, B. Patchen, R. Asmus, A. Powers, D. Pierce. Row 4: R. Sonnenburg, A. Elmer, W. Cruezer, D. Heitzman, J. Westmas. Row 5: D. Wahl, S. Zee, R. Marty, C. Templeton. STEFFEN’S BEN FRANKLIN STORE, to $5. 00 Variety Store, Evansville, Wisconsin. HYNE REALTY. Homes - Farms, Business Properties, 10 West Main. Evansville, Wisconsin. Page 18Row One: G. Lewis, L. Krueger, J. Fierce, M. Kopp, R. sonnenbtirg. Row Two: G. Flaherty, K. Atkinson, C. Bongiorno, R. Blurner, G. Brewer. Row Three: S. Friske, L. Rcasa, A. Martini, L. Westtnns, J. Pierce, D. King. Row Four: I.. Sarbacker, J. Patchen, G. Levitski. J. Mauerman, C. Webb, B. Moore. L Grave' Row Five: W. Schneebergcr, K. Gaardcr, K. Malcook, J. Whalen, D. Fredrick. L. De Voss Mrs. Genevive Reinitz, Teacher. 3rd-4th-5th GRADES Row One: Row Two: Row Three: Row Four: R. Kopp, H. Atkinson, V. Teale, M. Inabnit. J. Swanson, S. Sonnenberg. H. Keller, P. Kjornes , T. Chrisbaum, A. Ronnenberg, K. Houlberg, J. Hlavachek, M. Atkinson. D. Doyle, W. Faust, L. King, G. Parker, J. Bongiorno, L:. Runaa . A. Sarbacker, K. Keller. L. Templeton, B. Sarbacker, S. Wahl. Mrs. Loi Jones. Teacher. SNIVELY TOWN COUNTRY, Two Store- in Monroe TURNER SCHWARTZLOW, Evansville, Wisconsin Pa 19Row One: Row Two: Row Three: Row Four: Row Five: Missing: S. Nipple, T. Pierce, K. Albright, F. Gilbertson, I. Flesher. T. Vaughn, N. Houlberg, G. Jones, P. Bly, J. Haddinger, R. Burdick. R. Brewer, D. Chrisbaum, R. Whiteaker, R. Colden, L. Jones, L. Minder, F. Schneeberger. L. Johnson, D. Parker, R. Flynn, S. Levitski, D. Krueger, C. Friedrich, R. Mahlkuck. G. Eldred, R. Elmer. W. Houlberg, B. Weber, P. Malcook, R. Truax, K. Lloyd, E. Hermanson, D. Killingstad. Miss Kay Peterson, Teacher. 1st-2nd GRADES Row One: Row Two: Row Three: Row Four: Row Five: T. Jones, P. Whiteaker, J. Gressman, D. Faust, N. Jones, K. Blumer, Evelyn Sanftleben, Teacher. J. Flaherty, J. Miller, L. Jones, S. Teale, M. Whalen, N. Eldred. B. Hermanson, D. Flynn, N. Parker, C. Schenk, K. Blumer, G. Hendrikson. R. Atkinson. A. Briggs, J. Levitski, G. Houlberg, J. Mauerman, D. Vaughn, R. Atkinson. K. Minder, R. Keegan, P. Patty, A. Sarbacker, M. Templeton. BRODHEAD GAS SERVICE. Bottle Gas and Appliances, Brodhead, Wisconsin. LA NEVILLE SHOE STORE, Shoes for all the Family, Stores at Brodhead and Evansville. Page 20CHEERLEADERS M. Zimmerman, D, Gransee, V. Wahl. B. Quint, and S. Kjorness A CLUB Row One: Row Two: Row Three: Row Four: R. Kauk, M. Oberholzer. J. Blumer. J. Rhyner, S. Kjorness. S. Gaarder. A. Rhyner. N. King, V. Wahl, J. Powers, P. Sloniker. Mr. Bronkalla, D. Briggs. M. Bly, B. Quint, D. Gransee, J. Bongiorno, M. Zimmerman, A. Whalen. J. Sutherland. J. Briggs. J. Whalen. W. Kopp, P. Hlavachek, L. Reese. E. Ross, W. Althaus, E. Hefty, J. Olson, J. Webb, D. Sharer. BRODHEAD SWISS CHEESE FACTORY. Casper Jaggi, Brodhead, Wisconsin BRODHEAD PLUMBING AND HEATING. Maurlce-Homer-Ethel. Brodhead, Wisconsin. Phone 92 Page 21FORENSICS Row One: J Blumer, M. Bly. S. Abboit, Mrs. Thompson. Row Two: H. Gransee. C. Waddell, P. Sloniker, D. Malkow. Row Three: J. Briggs, E. Kleier. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Left to Right: E. Ross, j. Powers, W. Althaus, G. Francis, M. Striker, W. Kopp, P. Krueger, F. Sherbondy, E. Kleier, D. Reasa, N. Sharp, J. Webb, A. Rhyner, S. Keller, J. Olson. BJORK’S BADGER GAS SERVICE, Brodhead, Wisconsin, Phone 390 or 47. BJORK’S RESTAURANT, Home Cooked Meals, Phone 390, Brodhead, Wisconsin. Page 22SENIOR BAND Row One: Row Two: Row Three: Row Four: M. Bly, J. Sutherland, J. Bongiorno, B. Blumer, K. Moore, A. Whalen, S. Kjorness, S. Gaarder. D. Sharer, J. Webb, W. Althaus, A. Rhyner, J. Briggs, J. Bongiorno, N. King, A. Sharer, S. Coplien, J. Blumer, P. Hogan. J. Whalen, M. Oberholzer, D. Reasa, J. Rhyner, J. Gaarder. J. Osen, S. Blumer, G. Reasa, A. Anderson, H. Gransee, D. Heitzman. N. Quint, A webb • “pep band Row One: M. Bly, B. Blumer, K. Moore, J. Bongiorno, H. Gransee, S. Gaarder. Row Two: A. Webb, J. Whalen, M. Oberholzer, J. Rhyner, A. Whalen, N. King, A. Sharer. J. Blumer, N. Ouint. PHILLIPS AND SMITH APPLIANCES, Green County Sewing Machine Center, Necchi and Domestic Sewing Machines, Monroe, Wisconsin. DOCTOR H. B. CARADINE, DOCTOR J. F. CARADINE, West Side of the Square, Monroe, Wisconsin. Page 23MIXED CHORUS Row 1: M. Reinitz, K. Grunder. A. Sharer. Mr. Leonard. S. Gaarder. L. Jenson, D. Lewis. Row 2: M. Keller, P. Sloniker, E. Schneeberger, J. Briggs, G. Party, A. Rhyner, A. Webb. M. Oberholzer, K. Moore. Row 3: C. Sellnow, B. Quint, D. Gransee, W. Althaus, D. Reasa, D. Sharer, E. Hefty, A. Whalen, P. Powers. F. Sherbondy. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB Row 1: S. Kjorness, C. Waddell, D. Lewis, J. Bongiomo, L. Jenson. P. Krueger. S. Keller, A. Sharer. G. Francis. Row 2: S. Abbott. J. Blumer, D. Briggs, K. Mabie, K. Grunder, M. Keller, J. Powers, A. Webb, M. Striker, Mr. Leonard. Row 3: E. Schneeberger, M. Bly, J. Rhyner. I. Templeton. N. Sharp, J. Goecks. G. Beyer. M. Oberholzer, N. King, S. Gaarder, P. Powers. Row 4: D. Gransee, H. Gransee, P. Sloniker, B. Quint, M. Weber, A. Anderson, M. Reinitz, A. Whalen, C. Sellnow, V. Wahl, K. Moore, M. Zimmerman, F. Sherbondy, D. Malkow. GRANT'S MAPLE GROVE INN, Monroe. Wisconsin. LYNN'S FURNITURE AND HARDWARE, Phone 40. Monticello. Wisconsin. Pa »24F.F.A Row 1: R. Kauk, A. Pfeuti, J. Olson, E. Ross, P. Webb, M. Purintun, K. Briggs, R. Powers. Row 2: R. Stoehr, M. Cruezer, D. Ronneburg, D. Grunder, B. Schneeberger, R. Flesher, K. Lange, Mr. Elmer. Row 3: D. Bump, D. Atkinson, E. Hefty. G. Nipple, J. Pluss, R. Miller, G. Patty. B. Betlach, A. Rhyner, J. Briggs. BEGINNERS BAND Row 1: N. Keegan, J. Kopp, C. Bongiorno. Row 2: R. Larson, M. Kopp, B. Patchen, D. Runass. Row 3: Mr. Leonard, C. Nipple. STUESSY CLINIC, Brodhead, Wisconsin. Page 25Row One: S. Keller. J. Powers, V. Wahl. P. Krueger, M. Oberholzer. M. Reinilz, A. Anderson, A. Whalen, S. Dunphy, Y. Sherbondy, D. Gransee. K. Grunder, D, Purintun, S. Abbott, S. Gaarder, D. Lewis, K. Moore, J. Rhyner, L. Jensen, K. Mabie, M. Kildow, L. Maass, H. Gransee, J, Luedy, A. Sharer. Row Two: Mr. Bronkalla, S. Briggs, J. Goecks, P. Sloniker. B. Quint, M. Bly, S. Kjorness, N. Hill. C. Waddell, M. Striker, N. Weber, G. Beyer, M. Zimmerman, F. Sherbondy, C. Sellnow. N. Sharp. J. Bongiomo, D. Malkow, J. Sutherland, K. Johnson, N. King, P. Powers, J. Briggs, M. Weber, I. Templeton, M. Keller. J. Blumer, B. Colden, E. Schneeberger, J. Bongiorno, A. Webb, G. Francis. Mrs. Thompson. Center: D. Briggs. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Left to Right: G. Nipple, M. Purintun, R. Stoehr, M. Cruezcr, D. Bump. B. Bctlach. E. Kleier, R. Friskie, R. Miller. W. Atkinson, G. Patty. E. Luedy. K. Briggs. K. Lange, J. Powers. H. Kopp. J. Cullen, Mr. Hanrath. On Mat: D. Atkinson, J. Webb, R. Fleshcr, D. Ronneburg, D. Grunder. J. Whalen. OLIN AND AYRES, Pontiac and Buick. Brodhead, Wisconsin KREBS PHARMACY, Prescriptions with Confidence, Evansville. Wisconsin Pa 26f -fl mmm ■ • . tiVlCA ■Mfot «»•» • v :::• inttiutniut itin.iU'.r oncnr. • ••• •••• i Ijtrrrrxst • • • • ««••••• ». • • •• • • • iSiwmiiMcCarthy implement company Our Sales Make Friends - Our Service Keeps Them Evansville. Wisconsin Page 27 HUBER MEAT MARKET Fresh Meats and Groceries Custom Slaughtering and Complete Processing Telephone 28 Monticello, WisconsinALBANY FIRE DEPARTMENT Albany, Wisconsin Page 28 Your Friendly Service Station Brodhead. WisconsinLeft to Right: W. Althaus. R. Flood, E. Ross, L. Reese, and W. Kopp. A TEAM Row 1: J. Briggs, W. Althaus, L. Reese, E. Ross. R. Flood, W. Kopp, A. Rhyner. Row 2: Mr. Bronkalla, R. Kauk, E. Hefty, J. Olsen, J. Pluss, A. Pfeuti, P. Webb, P. HUvechek. THE SWISS COLONY, 1302 18th Street, Monroe, Wisconsin. ARNOLD CHEVROLET, "Where Friend Meets Friend", Brodhead, Wisconsin. Page 29BASEBALL Row One: P. Webb. L. Reese, P. Hlavachek. B. Swanson. E. Hefiy, J. Killingstad. Row Two: R. Kauk, W. Kopp, W. Althaus, J. Olson. J. Webb. B. Schneebcrger. Mr. Bronkalla. Row Three: D. Sharer. G. Whileaker, R. Miller. H. Mosher. A. Pfeuti, J. Briggs. B TEAM Row One: J. Briggs, R. Kauk, R. Swanson. P. Webb, A. Pfeuli, J. Olson, A. Rliyner. Row Two: Mr. Welch, J. Horan. B. Schneeberger, H. Mosher, L. Gransee, J. Killingstad, L. Jones, J. Oliver, D. Reasa. Since 1919, VOEGELI FUNERAL HOME, "Known For Service", Phone 26, Monticello, Wisconsin. COAST TO COAST STORE. Hardware and Appliances, You buy for less at Coast to Coast Stores because we buy for less, Brodhead, Wisconsin. Pa$e 30 C. s. . H. G. L. R. J. B. S. K. Homecoming. H. K. Janet and Leo n. M.. S.A- S. w. . T. M.C. . D-A - , , A.W. . N.S. phone 9 jany. Wisconsin 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. R. K. J. B. . D B Y. S. . G. F. . M. K. . J- B- S. D.» A.W. M. Z. S.G. h.g. ALBANY DAIRY •Bancroft" P =' = ReaW Wisconsin Albany.4. S.G., A. W. 16. J.W. 5. C.S. 17. A. R. 6. E. K. 18. P. H. 7. I. T. 19. G. B. 8. R. A., D.M. 20. W. K. 9. D.M., L. R. 21. S.G.. 10. M. O. 22. H.G. 11. L.J.. J.W. 23. D.G. 12. E.R. 24. S.G. 13. A. S., M.S. 25. D. M. 14. J. S.. D.M. 26. I.T. 15. D. M. 27. J.S. Page 32Compliments of GOLDENROD CREAMERY COMPANY, INC Brodhead, Wisconsin Compliments of ALBANY FARM CO-OP Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of KNIGHT MANUFACTURING CO. Stanley Knight Tel. 61 Brodhead, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF WEIBEL ACCORDION STUDIO Monroe, Wisconsin CHARLES R. KOHLI Monroe, Wisconsin MABIES CITIES SERVICE Albany, Wisconsin BAKER'S BOOK STORE 1508 11th Street Monroe, Wisconsin CHARM CENTER Monroe, Wisconsin MONROE CASH MARKET Jerome Howe and Lee Riese Monroe, Wisconsin KARLEN'S BAKERY Monroe, Wisconsin MAGDAL, THE JEWELER West Side of the Square Monroe, Wisconsin ALBANY Albany, ALBANY VARIETY STORE Albany, Wisconsin HOTEL BARBER SHOP Jim Farmer Monroe, Wisconsin MONROE SHOE STORE Monroe, Wisconsin DR. E. H. MAURER, Chiropodist Goetz Theater Building Monroe, Wisconsin EUGENE BEAUTY SHOP 1014J 17th Avenue Above the Waffle Shop Monroe, Wisconsin B and B DRY CLEANERS Monroe, Wisconsin SID'S BEAUTY SHOP 1705$ 10th Street Monroe, Wisconsin BEAUTY MART WisconsinCOMPLIMENTS OF ALBANY LOCKER PLANT Albany, Wisconsin CHRIS TAVERN Albany, Wisconsin JONES TEXACO STATION Albany, Wisconsin BARTON’S INSURANCE AGENCY Albany, Wisconsin PET DAIRY PRODUCTS Roger Collins, Distributor McCREEDY S GROCERY Fresh Meats Vegetables N. ROY BOWMAN Albany, Wisconsin DOCTOR OESBORNE, Dentist Albany, Wisconsin MABIES CITIES SERVICE Albany, Wisconsin ALFRED RHYNER OIL COMPANY Brodhead, Wisconsin WHALEN’S GROCERY Albany, Wisconsin WOLFE’S STOP AND EAT 1323 17th Street Monroe, Wisconsin BOUB AND KESSLER Radio Service 1209 17th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin DRS. FERRIES HENNAGER Veterinarians Phones 2637-2637 M Monroe, Wisconsin BRODHEAD FOOD MART Olson Bros., Prop. Brodhead, Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY BANK Brodhead, Wisconsin MAUERMANN IMPLEMENT SHOP Tractors and Farm Implements Brodhead. Wisconsin ROYAL BLUE STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin BANK OF BRODHEAD Brodhead, Wisconsin BRODHEAD FEDERATED STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin WISMER AND JONES TAVERN Brodhead, Wisconsin DR. S. L. CAIN Brodhead, Wisconsin AUSTIN'S CLOTHING STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin RISUM IMPLEMENT CO. Sales and Service Brodhead, Wisconsin BRAGER’S BARBER SHOP Brodhead, Wisconsin JOSEPH L. STENCEL, Lawyer Brodhead, Wisconsin DR. J. K. HANSON Brodhead, Wisconsin HAHN FLORAL Brodhead, Wisconsin CLARK BROTHERS Excavating of All Kinds Evansville, Wisconsin BRUNSELL AUTO SERVICE Willys Cars, Trucks, Jeeps Evansville, Wisconsin HAMILTON HARDWARE CO. Hardware for Hard Wear Evansville, Wisconsin JIM’S I.G.A. STORE Evansville, Wisconsin KARLEN AND SON Monticello, Wisconsin KUBLY'S TAVERN Monticello, Wisconsin ROSA FLORIST Monroe. Wisconsin TTTTTTTTTi mBsm A Ai1, v' wil y

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