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DEDICATION We, the Class of 1954, dedicate this annual to Albert Loeffel, a member of the Board of Education during the years of 1948 - 1951. THE BANK OF ALBANY Member of the F.D.I.C. Albany, Wisconsin THE MONROE BAKERY John Ammon, Owner Monroe, WisconsinIn memory of: Donald Nimz, a member of the Class of 1957, who died November 17, 1953. Although he was with us for only a short time, he was eagerly accepted as one of us. He will be long remembered as a quiet, kindly, and courteous boy by those who knew him. TURNER AND SCHWARTZLOW SALES AND SERVICE Dodge and Plymouth Phone 551 Evansville, Wisconsin HELGESEN IMPLEMENT COMPANY International Harvester Dealer Evansville, WisconsinTHE COMET Published by the Senior Closs of Albany High School Albany, Wisconsin 1954 BOARD OF EDUCATION Frink Hanrath, Principal; Walter Fnhrney, Cleric; Ruth Whalen, Treasurer, Kyle Miller, President. Frank Hannah Carroll College University of Wisconsin Principal; Bookkeeping GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE WAREHOUSE COMPANY Phone 70 Albany, WisconsinMR. ROBERT WELCH Whitewater State College Typing, General Math, Physical Education, Ass’t. Coach MR. LEO BRONK ALLA Whitewater State College Social Problems, Biology, American History, World History, Coach, MISS ALICE BARTON Universities of Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan Geography, Algebra, English III, Dramatics, Forensics MRS. MILDRED THOMPSON University of Wisconsin Home Economics, English I-II-IV, Girl’s Health, Girl’s Physical Education MR. VICTOR ELMER University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Engineering, Plattcvillc State College, Agriculture, Chemistry, General Science MR. KENNETH LEONARD Milwaukee State College Civics, bund, chorus KROSTUE IMPLEMENT COMPANY JOHN DEERE Machinery Albany, WIsconsin Phan• 99GRACE EDWARDS 7-8 Grades ESTHER OSBORNE 6-7 Grades GENEVIEVE RKINITZ 4-5 Grades LOIS JONES 3-4 Grades BEATRICE SCHESSER 2 Grade EVELYN SANFTLEBEN 1 Grade TEALE'S NASH SERVICE Repair and Service all make cars Phone 49 Albany, WisconsinCOOKS, BUS DRIVERS, JANITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Berdie Thurman, Mabel Stephenson. LEFT It) RIGHT: George Flaherty, Lew Graves, Leon Many, Bill Patchen, Ellsworth Mabie. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGH T: B. Fahrncy, Secretary; E. King, President; P. Hunncs, Vice-President; K. Klos-sner, Treasurer; Mr. Hanrath, Advisor. t. THE STYLE SHOP hirst in Ladies Fashion Monroe, Wisconsin SNIVELY TOWN AND COUNTRY Highway 81 West Monroe, WisconsinDOYNE RAYNE LUMBER COMPANY Phone 67 Albany, Wisconsin BETTY FAHRNEY "Fetty" “Who said I was quiet and reserved?m Class Officer 1,3,4; "A Club 3,4; Blind and Chorus 1,2,3,4; Editor Annual; Junior Prom Queen; Junior Class Play; Glee Club 1. PAUL IIANNES "I want to be bashful, but the girls won’t let me Junior Class Play; F.F.A. 1,2,4; Chorus 3; Annual Staff; Class Officer 1,4. NORM AN HOESLY mJakem "If school is liberty, give me death Junior Class Play; Annual Staff; Band 1,2; F.F.A. 1.2,3,4. ELOISE KING "Elie" "An innocent face - but you can never tell9 Band and Chorus 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; “A'Club 2, 3,4; Junior Class Play; Senior Class President; Annual Staff. KENDALL KLOSSNER Klaude" "Napoleon was small too" Basketball and Baseball 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 2,4; Annual Stuff; Junior Class Play: F.F.A. 1,2. NANCY MAASS "I just can not control my girlish blush" Junior Class Play; Class Officer 3; Annual Staff; “A Club 3,4. DR. D. H. PARTRIDGE Albany, WisconsinDAVID NIPPLE -Louie’ "Late nights are bad for one, but fine for two. 9 Junior Class Play; Junior Prom King; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; “A Club 2,3,4; Basketball Manager 3,4; Annual Staff. SHELBY SHKRBONDY •Bandy9 uHe who hesitates is bossed" Baseball and Basketball 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 2,3; Junior Class Play; “A" Club 1,2,3, 4; Annual Staff. JOANNE STEPHENSON -Stevie9 •Oh, that guy. Isn’t he wonderful?9 Class Officer 3; Junior Class Play; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Paper Staff 1,2,3; Girls Glee Club 1; Ass’t. Editor Annual. H. BUR DELL TROW 'Beak9 take life as it comes9 Annual Staff; F.F.A. 1,2; Junior Class Play. MOTTO: ‘NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS9 FLOWER: WHITE CARNATION COLORS: MAROON AND WHITE DR. F. J. BONCIORNO, MD Albany, Wisconsin J. C. LYNN, DVM Albany, WisconsinCLASS WILL HEIN FRANCIS Albany, Wisconsin ALBANY HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE Albany, Wisconsin CLASS PROPHECY In the year 1964, Mr. und Mrs. Ralph Sdlnow Jr. (nee Joanne Stephenson) are having a quiet breakfast (of course, that doem’t include the chickens cackling) on their chicken farm when Joanne brings up the subject of her former dass mates — Betty Fahrney, Paul Hmines, Norman Hocsly, Eloise King, Kendall Klossncr, Nancy Maass, David Nipple, Shelby Shcrbondy, and Burdell Trow. Betty is now a very successful teacher living in Kentucky on her pi .citation. Her chauffeur takes her to school every day in one of her 1970 Chevrolet . Paul is the president of the Chevrolet Company and lives in New York City. He is seen at all the nightclubs with the most beautiful women of New York City and the world. Norman is a farmer; of course, he is a different kind of farmer. He has a special hired man for each job. Norman just signs checks, eats, und sleeps. Eloise is the President's personal secretary. She lives in Washington, D. C. She is flown back to Albany quite often in her per»nal plane, the Elouiseanna. Kendall has jurt invented a new type of television. It is a mixture of three-dimension and cinemascope. It is also in color. He and his wife, the former Doris Cransee, are presently touring the world for the third time. Nancy is a bookkeeping teacher and head of the Bookkeeping Department in Los Angeles City High School. She runs over to Hollywood and plays an occasional movie part. She is much in demand ns a star, but will not give up her teaching job, because she loves it. David sells Nash cars in Albany. He now has his own manufacturing plant right here in Albany. Everyone comes from near and far to see the new “Nip Nosh", David's own invention. Shelby is a foreign diplomat. He tours all foreign countries creating good will. He occasionally comes back to the United States and gives lectures on his tours. Burdell is running for the office of President of the United States. He is at present the Vice-president. According to the Callup Poll and FORTUNE MAGAZINE poll he is going to win the election by a landslide. Joanne and Sonny thus decide that the Gass of nineteen hundred and fifty-four is well taken care of; anyway the chickens are getting hungry. ALBANY DAIRY mBancroft“ ‘Pete’ Reasa Albany, Wisconsin EDWARDS MO Bl LI GAS STATION Mobiligas, mobiloil Albany, WisconsinCLASS HISTORY In September of 1950, twenty-two green freshmen entered Albany High School. We were: Paul Hannes, Burdell Trow, Shelby Sherbondy, Eloise King, Kendall Klossner, Betty Fahrney, Byron Jones, Shirley Zanoni, Patricia Parker, David Nipple, Verla Wahl, Betty Whitehead, Kenneth Butts, and Jerry Seeley from the village school; Richard Schneider and Walter Flood from Peebles; Joanne Stephenson and Norman Hocsly from Smiley; Nancy Jones and Marilyn Kubly from Searfes. Later during this month we attended the traditional initiation party, put on by the Sophomore class. This we survived miraculously. Our class advisor this year was Mr. Faville, our officers: Patricia Parker, President; Betty Fahrney, Vice-President; Verla Wahl, Secretary; Paul Hannes, Ireasurer. We put on a Christmas party which was easily deemed the best party of the year. In February we were joined by Nancy Maass and Delbert Behring from Juda. Our class, being fairly large, had nine in bund, two in basketball, one in baseball, seven in the girls’ glee club, six in mixed chorus, and two in forensics. At the end of the year we lost Nancy Jones when she moved to Illinois. Jerry Seeley and Kenneth Butts quit school this year. Betty Whitehead passed away on July 4, 1951, as a result of an automobile accident of July 3. We started our sophomore year with seventeen members. Our class advisor was Mr. Elmer, our officers: Shelby Sherbondy, President; David Nipple, Vice-President; Patricia Parker, Secretary; Kendall Klossner, Treasurer. This year we gave a very enjoyable initiation party. We were joined by Kenneth Troxcll and Carl Marsh, but both left us during the year. Marilyn Kubly and Byron Jones also quit school this year. Marilyn is now Mrs. John Smith. Delbert Behring moved to Monroe. In band we had seven members; in basketball and baseball, two; in mixed choius, six; in "A” Club, six; and in forensics, one. Out junior year was our most outstanding year. Our advisor was Miss Barton, our officers: Joanne Stephenson, President; Nancy Maasa, Vice-President; Betty Fahrney, Secretary; and Shelby Sherbondy, treasurer. Our class play, given in October, was “Eighteen Carat Boob', the best play ever given in A.H.S. The date for our prom was May 1, and the theme was “Garden of Roses'. The gyro was beautifully decorated with roses and pastel colors. We danced to the dreamy music of F'rank Douglas and his orchestra. Queen Betty F’ahmey and King David Nipple led the grand march. This was the first prom for many years that came through with a profit. As for extra curricular activities, we had two active in basketball; two in baseball; five in band; three in mixed chorus, eight in “A" Club, and one in forensics. This year we lost three members of our class: Verla Wahl, who is now Mrs. Mahlon Frie, Patricia Parker, who moved to Beloit, and Richard Schneider who quit school. I his fall we returned to Albany High as seniors with twelve members in our class, but in the first six weeks we lost Shirley Zanoni and Walter Flood, which brought our total down to ten. Our class advisor is Mr. Hanrath, with Eloise King as President, Paul Hannes, Vice-President; Betty F'uhmey, Secretary; and Kendall Klossner, Treasurer. Our class sponsored the Halloween Party which was enjoyed by all. The main feature of the party was the “House of Honors'. At the basketball games you can always make sure there will be one cheering section there, and that is the seniors at their lunch stand. This year we have two in basketball; three in baseball; four in band; one in mixed choius and girls’ glee club; six in “A Club; and one in forensics. 'I he members of the graduating class are: Joanne Stephenson, Eloise King, Nancy Maass, Betty Fahrney, Kendall Klossner, David Nipple, Shelby Sherbondy, Burdell Trow, Paul Hannes, and Norman Hoesly. Although our class is small, we make up in quality what we lack in quantity. WHITMORE INSURANCE AGENCY Everything in Insurance9 Evansville, Wisconsin EDGEWATER CAFE Home Cooked Meals Albany, WisconsinJUNIOR PROM 1953 At 10:00 P. M. May 1, 1953, King David Nipple und Queen Betty Fahrney led the grand inarch to the music of Frank Douglas and his orchestra. The march was led through a trellis covered with yellow and pink roses into the grade school gym which was beautifully decorated with white, yellow, green, and pink streamers with roses pinned on them. A small picket fence surrounded the orchestra, and a large one stood against the base of the stage. Across it was the theme “GARDEN 01' ROSIES’ in pink letters. Betty had a white nylon dress with four layers of net; each layer came to a point shorter than the previous one. She had a corsage and crown of yellow roses. In the court of honor were Joanne Stephenson and Ralph Scllnow, Jr.; Wandu Gaurder and Robert Feller, Jr.; Janet Olson and Shelby Sherbondy; Patricia Parker and Gilbert Disch, Jr. THE EVANSVILLE REVIEW Evansville, Wisconsin HYNE REALTY Evansville, WisconsinJUNIOR CLASS ROW ONE: Left to Right: E. Izer, L. Reese, E. Hefty, P. Hlavachek, D. Sharer, M. Creuzer, G. Whileaker, L). Atkinson. ROW TWO: C. Scjlnow, I). Hriggs, 1J. Mnlkow, M. Oberholzer, Miss Barton, S. Abbott, S. L)unphy, A. Whalen, J. Bongiorno. ROW THREE: R. Powers, L. Jensen, I. Templeton, J. Sutherland, M. Zimmerman, D. Gransee, J. Briggs, E. Sehnerrberger, J. PluS9. CL SS OFFICERS LETT ’IX) RIGHT: Miss Barton, Advisor, M. Oberholzer, Treasurer, S. Dunphy, Secretary, I). Malkow, Vice-President, A. Whalen, President. MacCARTHY IMPLEMENT COMPAN) Evansville, Wisconsin BRUNSELl. AUTO SERVICE Willys Cars, Trucks, and Jeeps 469 East Main Street Evansville, WisconsinLhF I 10 RIGHT: D. Sharer, L). Cranscc, L. Reese, A. Whalen, E..Hefty. Miss Barton, C. Sellnow, D. Malkow, M. Lruczer, S, Dunphy, J. Hongiorno, M. Oherholzer, G. Whileaker, J. Pluss, ? . AMiotl, J. Sutherland, E. Schcenberger, M. Zinntertnaa, D. Atkinson. GRANDMA’S BEST YEARS Mrs. Abbott.................the mother........... Sadie.......................the maid............. Joyce Abbott................ the oldest daughter.... Marion Abbott...............the younger daughter .. Dottie Morgan...............Marion's chum ....... Willie Abbott...............the son, ugc 13 ..... Sborty......................Willie's side kick... Jim Meyerson................Joyce's beau......... Gram........................Mrs. Abbott's mother- Parch.......................a crook.............. Mabel.......................his wife............. Bubbles ....................their daughter....... Mrs. Carlson................a society matron..... Miss Quelch ................a skinny spinster.... Edwin Carlson...............Mrs. Carlson's son -.- Cousin Oscar................A meek little man.... .. Martha Zimmerman ......Carol Sellnow ......Doris Granscc Eileen Schneebergcr Mary Ann Oberholzer ....Dei mar Atkinson ...Gordon Whiteaker ........David Sharer ......Donna Maklow ........ John Pluss .....Joan Sutherland ......Shirley Abbott ....Janet Bongiorno .....Sharron Dunphy ..........Les Reese ......Marvin Cruezer ALBANY FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY CO. Phone 197 ;4 6any, Wisconsin DEHMER'S DRUG STORE Albany, WisconsinSOPHOMORE CLASS KOW ONE: J. Webb, G. Pally, W. Kopp. Althaus, H. Flood, J. Olson, R. Miller, Mr. Welch. ROW TWO: K. Briggs, J. Whalen. D. Hcasa, R. Fleaner, E. Klier, P. Webb, E. Ross, D. Roenneburg, A. Pfeuti, M. Purinlon. ROW THREE: P. Krueger, G. Francis, S. Keller, N. Sharp, J. Powers, M. Striker, V. Wahl, J. Goecks, F. Sher bondy. CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Welch, Advisor, D. Reasa, President. J. Powers, Secretary, E. Ross, Vicc-nresident, W. Kopp, Treasurer. ROYAL BLUE STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin BROUHEAl) CLEANERS Brodhead, K iscunsinrfA” CLUB HOW ONE: Mr. Bronkalla, A. Whalen, Secretary; K. Klossner, President; D. Nipple, M. Zimmerman, J. Powers, M. Ohcrholzer, Treasurer; E. King, Vice-President. ROW TWO: W. Althaus, S. Sherbondy, W. Kopp, 0. Sharer, 0. Briggs, J. Bongiorno, J. Briggs. HOW THREE: J. Whalen, J. Webb, E. Ross, N. Maass, B. hahrney. CHEERLEADERS M. Zimmerman, B. Quint, 1). Gransee, S. Kjorness, V. Wahl. i COAST TO COAST STORES Hrodhead, Wisconsin HRODHEAD HARDWARE COMPANY PIERCE FURNITURE MART Hrodhead, WisconsinFRESHMEN CLASS ROW ONE; M. Bly, B. Quint, Mr. EJmer, J. Rhyner. R. Kauk. R°W ft King H. Gran sec, K. Johnson, IX Lewis, K. Mabic, Y. Sherbondy, S. Gaardcr, J. Blumer, J. Brig » R ,n J? BUI, S Briggs, M. Kildow, S. Kjorncss, J. Letidy, D. Ruef, L. Maass, E. Klicr. BOW FOl R: G, Nipple, R. Schnecberger, IX Bum T, Dunphy, R. Bruegger, A. Atkinson, C. Powers, D. Carroll, G. Killing8 ®® IX Ruet. Q.ASS OFFICERS M. Bly, President; R. Kuuk, Vice-president; Mr. EJmer, Advisor. J. Rhyner, Treasurer. B. Quine, Secretary. SHOKEY’S Brodhcad, Wisconsin SOUTH SIDE GROCERY Quality Meats, fruits, and vegetables Brodhead, WisconsinROW ONE: N. Hoesly, G. Powers. J. Pluss, R. Powers, M. Creuzer, E. klier, K. Brings, M. Purinton. ROW TWO: A. Pfeuti.R. Brugucr, E. Ross, W. Althaus, H. Miller, T. Dunphy, D. Ronnenburg, A. Atkinson, Mr. Elmer. ROW THREE: 0. Ruef, E. Hefty, P. Webb, D Nipple, F. Izer, L.. Reese, G. Whiteaker. FORENSICS L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Known wherever fhere ore schools and col logos Ray Wildeman Rop. Box 3152 Phono 4-7233 Madison 4, WisconsinBASKETBALL "A” TEAM HOW ONE: K. Klossnor, S. Shwhondy, E. Robs, L. Reese, W, Kopp. ROW TWO: D. Nipple Manager, D. Sharer, P. Hlavochek, W, Allhaus, R. Hood. ROW THREE: E. Hefty, Mr. Bronkalla. SCHEDULE November 20, 1953 Albany .... 34 Brodhead..............54 November 24, 1953 'Albany .... 60 Orfordville...........55 December 1, 1953 Albany .... 47 Juda..................48 December 4, 1953 Albany .... 31 Blanchardville .... 42 December 11, 1953 'Albany .... 55 New Glarus............48 December 15, 1953 'Albany .... 58 Belleville............40 December 18, 1953 Albany .... 32 Monticello............51 January 8, 1954 Albany .... 46 Argyle................50 January 12, 1954 'Albany .... 48 Brodhead..............61 January 15, 1954 Albuny .... 52 Brooklyn..............80 January 22, 1954 'Albany .... 62 Blanchardville .... 58 January 26, 1954 Albany .... 59 Orfordville...........62 January 29, 1954 Albany .... 39 New Glarus............56 February 2, 1954 'Albany .... 55 Juda..................52 February 5, 1954 'Albany .... 43 Monticello............49 February 9, 1954 'Albany .... 47 Brooklyn........... 40 February 12, 1954 Albany .... 50 Argyle................62 February 16, 1954 Albany .... 54 Belleville............56 'Home Games ARNOLD CHEVROLET COMPANY Brodhead, Wisconsin ALBANY BOWLING ALLEYS Albany, Wisconsinir BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT HO : J. Olson, J. Ikiggs, G. Nipple. T. Dunphy, J. Webb, R. k«uk. G. Potty. SECOND ROW: R. Schneebereer. P. Hlovnchck, R. Flood, E. Hefty, D. Sharer. THIRD ROW: Mr. Welch, H. Hrueggcr, IX Bump, G. Killingstcdt, D. Atkinson. P. Webb, J. Pluss, A. Pfeuti, G. Whiteaker, I). Heusa. BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Mr. Bronkolln, E. Hefty, K. Klossner, S. Sherbondy, D. Nipple, E. Ross, W. Kopp, J. Olson, k. Welch. SECOND ROW: D. Sharer, W. Althaus, P. Hlavcchck, H. Hood, G. Whiteaker, J. Webb, D. Heasa, R. Hruegger, P. Wrbb. 5TUESSY CLINIC Brodhiod, Wfjcons nTWIRLERS S. Blumer, J. Olsen, G. Heasa, A. Anderson, H. Gransee. PEP BAND ROW ONE: M. Oberholzer, S. Gaarder, A. Sharer, J. Blumer, N. King. HOW TWO: J. Bongiorno, H. Gransee, M. Bly, J. Sutherland, J. Bongiorno, R. Blumer. ROW THREE: A. Whalen, N. Ouint, Mr. Leonard, W. Lewis, M. Miller.SENIOR BAND JUNIOR BAND ROW ONE: A. Anderson. L. Nipple, J. Kopp, G. Re as a, S. Blumer. ROW TWO: J. Bongiorno, G. Brewer, N. DeVoe, P. Bogan, S. Coplien, J. Gaarder. ROW THREE: N. Quint, Mr. Leonard, W. Lewis, RALPH E. LUEDY Livestock, Hauling, and Buying House Phone 139 Yard Phone J6SMIXED CHORUS HOW ONE: J. Blunter, S. Keller, M. Bly, A. Whalen, M. Oberholzer, M. .Striker, I). Ixwis, V. Wahl, Y. Sherbondy, G. KnincU, S. Gaunter. HOW TWO: S. .AltboU, l Jensen, J. Rhvner, ||. Gransee, I), Briggs, J. Geocke, k. Mabie, S. kjocness, I. Templeton, I’. Krueger, F. Sherbondv, Mr. Leonard. HOW THREE: 0. Malkow, E. Scbneeberger, B. Quint, I). Grimace, J. Bongiorno, P. Sloniker, N. king, C. Sellnow, E. king, N. Sharp, J. Powers, M. Zimmerman, J. Sutherland. HOW POUR: A Pfueti, D. Henna, P. lilavnchek, E. Hefty, W. Althnun, I). Atkinson, U. Sharer, J. 01 non, G. Patty, I). Hucf, J. Hrigga. GIRLS9 GLEE CLUB HOW ONE: Mr. Uonnrd, J. Blunter, S. Keller. M. Bly, A. Whalen, M. Obcrholzer, M. Striker, I). I.ewia, Y. Sherbondv, G. Francia, S. Ganrder. HOW TWO: S. Abbott, 1- Jennen, J. Hhyner, B. Quint, H. (iransce. I). Brig». J. Geocks, K. Mnbic, S. kjornettn, I. Templeton, M. Zimmerman, F. Sherbondy. HOW THREE: E. Schnccberaer, D. Malkow D. Gron-■ee, J. Bongiorno, P. Sloinker, N. king, C. Sellnow, hL. king, N. Sharp, J. Powers, V. Wahl, P. kruegcr, J. ■ uther-land.|PX1NG l urin,on ®n l K. Briggs. R. Flesher, IX Ruef, A. Atkinson, J. Klicr, J. Nhnlen, I). Carroll, B. Trow, • Klicr, N. Hoesly, R. Miller, P. ttnnnos, R. Powers, M. Crurzer, F. Izer, Mr. Hanralh. GIRLS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION ROW ONE: Mrs. Thompson, S. Briggs. SjlMonies .M. Oberholzer, E. «»«. A- Jjur . m tVDl’Mltk , J! Gransee, M. Kildow, Mr. tfelch. RON I WO: ohmSont rdcr ' RON THREE-S. Abbott, J. Sulher- Bongiorno, K. Mabie. j. Blumcr. J. Rhyncr, Y. Shindy. M. Blv. S. Ommda.lROW THHtt. g H««f, Janet, J. Stephenson, F. Sherbondy, B. Vahrney, C. Sellnow, L. Mum, n V. «ahI. j. I l eudy. ftON FOUR: P. Sloinker, U Jensen. I. Templeton. J. Briggs, N. King, J. Geocks, . bharp. Power . M. Zimmcrmnn, I). Gransi-r, E, Schneeberger.GRADES MOR ONfc..- J. Onen, M. I empleton, J. Schneeberger, S. Blumer, A. Sharer, K. Grander, M. Keller, I. BonRiorno. |. Beimlz, Mrn. Klwunis. HOW TWO: J. Goarwr, A. Anderson, W. |.ewi«, N. Quint, J. Horan, T. Rcasa H. Iriskc, IL Kopp, E. l,ucdy. HOW THREE: R. Blumer, I.. Nipple, P. Power ., G. Bayers, L. Gransce, M. Miller M. "©ber li. rrttchcn, S. Dudoncs, J. Dongiorno. GRADES 6-7 HOW ONE: Mrs. Osborne, I). Inabnit, M. Striker, M. Flasher. K. Keller. G. Heasa. D. Hunans. U SchuU . J. Cooke, B. Kruegar. ROW TWO: I- Jones, J. Hongiorno, H. Martini, H. Schneeberger, G. Brewer, K. J- Kopp, B. Zimmerman, P. Hogan. ROW THREE: I- Dehmcr, J. Wahl. S. Coplein, J. Slricker. A. Westbrook. t. Fleshcr, I). Kruegur, J. Wahl, A. Zee, V. Sisson.GRADES 4-5 HOU ONE: Mr , Reinitx, K. Keller, D. Ruhl, S. Hnddinger, I). Friske, A. Patty, A. Elmer, E. Scbneebcrger, H. Mnhlkuch, M. Sor backer. RflR TWO: K. Rhitcaker, R. Sisson, R. Marty, B. Pate ken, M. Mu I cook, N. Keegan, K. Miller, G. Reddick, h. Kunaas, A. Powers, C. Nipple. ROR THREE: J. Restmns, R. Asmus, I). IHumor, N. DeVoc, P. Sabin, R. Sonncnbcrg, C. Jones, D. Heitzman, R. ( euxer, R. Reber, G. R'heeler. GRADES 3-4 ROW ONE: Mrs. Jones, |„ Damme ns, K. Malcook, R. Atkinson, R. Schnceberger, K. Gaurder, G. Eeviski, G. Damme ns, S. Elmer. L. Reusa, R. Sonne nburg. ROR TWO: J Patchen, D. Frcidricb, A. Martini, G. Ikewer, L. Sarbacber, G. Latvia, J. Rbalen, S. Friske, J. Reber, C. Rcbb, M. Kopp. ROR THREE: I- Rcetroas, L. Graves, J. Mauerman, L. Krueger, G. Flaherty, D. King, R. Blumer, I- DeVass, K. Atkinson, C. Bongiorno.GRADE TWO HOW ONE: Mrs. A. Oliver (substituting for Mrs. Schcsacr), K. Moulburg, I . King, L. Templeton, 11. Keller, P. Sharer, P. Kjomcss, B. Ibitzman, I). Atkinson, 1. Inabnit, K. Keller. HOW TWO: S. Wahl, I). Dehmer, R. Higbee, M. Atkinson, E. Atkinson, S. Sonnenburg, I). Doyle, R. Kopp, C. Parker, B. Sarbneker. ROW THREE: J. Bong iorno, J. Cooke, V. Toale, A. Sarbacker, W. Foust, A. Honneburg, J. Hlavachek, T. Sabin, E. Runaas, P. Jones. GRADE OISE ROW ONE: R. Elmer, D. I’urkcr, (,. Eldred, S. Levitski, L. Minder, R. Atkinson, S. Nipple, H. Schneeberger, L . Jones, C. Jones, Mm. Wile ben. ROW TWO: C. Friedrich, K. Albright, R. Killingsted, Willett, I- Wclton, g f-J° ob, B. »eb«, J. jlsddingcr, R. Trunx. ROW THREE: W. Houlbcrg, F. Gilbertson. N. Houlberg, R. Mnhlkuck, R. Hurdick, R. Brewer, P. Potty, L. Flesher, P. Malcook, P. Bly.ANNUAL STAFF STANDING: B. Fabrney, Editor; J. Stephenson, Adt. Editor, N. Moans, Class Rill; N. Hoesly, Class Propbec bondy, Class History; B. Trow, Class History; P. Hunncs, Class Will; D. Nipple, Class Prophecy; Mr. Hawat SEATED: E. King, Class History. IN FOREGROUND: K. Klossncr, Gass Prophecy. S. Sher-Advisor. Hose Murphy . . . . Jim Murphy........ Junior........... Heth............. Jewel............. Dorothy.......... Neil Armour .... John Webster . . . Stage Manager. . . Assistant Director Director......... SENIOR CLASS PLAY ■PLAIN SISTER” a pleasant watchful mother........................Betty Fnhrney a discouraged father..........................Shelby Sherhondy sixteen and all boy................................Norman Hoesly {Ae plain sister . Eloise Kio(. her pretty and selfish sister . . Joanne Stephenson Junior s current girl friend........................Nancy Moass Beth's youthful employer......................Kendall Klossncr a young neighbor of the family......................Paul ...................................................Hurdell Trow ....................................................David Nipple ....................................................Miss Barton Here is a gripping story of an all too common condition. Plain Sister wasn't so plain, but just overshadowed by her more striking and very selfish sister, Jewel. Beth, the plain sister, was the backbone of the family's financial support for Jim, her father, had a very meagre salary and eventually lost that. When Neil Armour, Beth’s employer, called to see her, Jewel played up to him so effectively in Beth’s new dress, she apparently swept Neil off his feet. The whole story is one of conflict between Beth's idea of duty and her On behalf of the senior class, faculty, and undet'class-men, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the business men who have helped to make our annual fierce desire to cut loose from ail responsibility and tell some of her family just where to head in. Junior, the rather level-headed brother, finally takes a hand and unravels a mixed-up skein of human events. Jim, the father, disappeared and caused distress among his family, but comes bock with a smile, for he found that his insurance policy hod matured and furnished a neat sum of ready money. Neil Armour discovers in Plain Sister a girl of real worth. a success. They helped us, now you help them. Give the business men advertising in the annual your full patronage. HEARLD PUBLISHING COMPANY Albany, Wisconsin Betty Fahmcy, EditorSTUFF AND NONSENSE 1 Delores, Shirley, Joanne, Jane, Doris, Maitha, Anne, FJoise, Donna, Eileen. 2. Norman, Paul, Dkwid, Burdcll, Shelby Kendall. 3. Joanne, Nancy, Eloise, Betty. 4. Janet, Starron D, 5. Nancy M. 6 Judy 7. Sharon Dl Anne, Nancy M. 8. Betty, Shuron C. 9. Nancy. M. 10. Anne 19. David, Betty 11. Pauline, Anne, Juanita, Betty, Nonna, Patty, 20. Barb Jeannine, Sandy. 21. Mara Lee 12. Betty, Sharon G. 22. Velda 13. Shirley, Doris, Donna, Jmet, C:vol. 23. David 14. Gloria 24. Norma 15. Roger 25. Miss Barton 16. Betty 26. Dixie 17. Lillian 27. Mr. Elmer ia Nancy INITIATION ‘CUTE D. M. CLASS ’54 JR. PLAY MISS A. W. CUTE DOGS! M.Z. B.Z. OH! D.M. P.H. S.A. L.R. PALS - H.G. N.K. J.L. LEG WOW! C.S. MMM! J.S.STUFF AND NONSENSE 1. Gordon 2. Martha 3. Kloise, Donna M., Nancy M. 4. Yvonne 5. Doris 6. Joan S. 7. Anne, Norma 8. Dari), Alan, Sharon 9. Duane, Donna K. Helen, Junct, Rarb 10. Sharon G. 11. Morn Lee 12. Helen 13. Sharon G. 14. Sharon G. 15. N orma 16. Marilyn 17. Marilyn 18. Marilyn, Faye, Juanita, Pauline 19. Norma and Faye 20. Martha 21. Donna M. 22. Susan 23. Mary 24. Jerry K.COMPLIMENTS OF CONDON MOTOR SALES Rrodhead, Wisconsin BLACKBONRNES WALLPAPER STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin CHARLES GOLDEN STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin FLANAGAN'S MEN'S WEAR Brodhead, Wisconsin BRENNAN'S SUPER MART Monroe, Wisconsin PHILLIPS SMITH HARDWARE Monroe, Wisconsin BOUB KASSLER Monroe, Wisconsin BURKHALTER MUSIC STORE Monroe, Wisconsin CENTER MARKET Monroe, Wisconsin B B DRY CLEANERS Monroe, Wisconsin MONROE MUSIC STORE Monroe, Wisconsin HAWORTH'S FURNITURE STORE Monroe, Wisconsin HALL'S RADIO SERVICE Monroe, Wisconsin SWISS COLONY Monroe, Wisconsin LINK'S Monroe, Wisconsin BOWMAN'S BARBER SHOP Albany, Wisconsin KUNDERT SHOR SERVICE Monroe, Wisconsin BLUMER PHARMACY Monroe, Wisconsin KEMPERT'S PHARMACY Monroe, Wisconsin MADGAL JEWERLY STORE Monroe, Wisconsin ROTTLER'S VARIETY STORE Monroe, Wisconsin MONROE SHOE 'SERVICE Monroe, Wisconsin ALBANY LOCKER PLANT Albany, Wisconsin LATCH FACTORY Albany, Wisconsin BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY Albany, Wisconsin PA VS MART Evansville, Wisconsin KREBS PHARMACY Evansville, Wisconsin JIM'S LG.A. Evansville, Wisconsin WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Evansville, Wisconsin ALBANY BEAUTY MART Albany, Wisconsin JONES TEXACO SERVICE Albany, Wisconsin DR. OSBORNE DDS Albany, Wisconsin AUSTIN'S CLOTHING STORE Brodhead, Wisconsin MADISON TYPEWRITER COMPANY Madison, Wisconsin MABIES CITIES SERVICE Albany, Wisconsin SID'S BEAUTY SHOP Monroe, Wisconsin BRODHEAD GAS SERVICE Shcllane Bottle Gas Appliances WORK BASKET GIFT SHOP Evansville. Wisconsin

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