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 THE WINNETKAN Published by the Senior Class of ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL Albany, Wisconsin 1952 SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Whalen, treasurer; James Price, clerk; Esther Osborne, president.MR. F. C. RHEMSTEDT Platteville State College University of Wisconsin. Principal, geography, algebra. MR. THOMAS WINKLESS Milwaukee State College English I and II, band and chorus. MISS ALICE BARTON University of Wisconsin. University of Nevada. University of Michigan. English III and IV, social problems, dramatics, civics. MISS MARY RENDALL University of Wisconsin Home economics, science, mathe matics MR. VICTOR ELMER University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee School of Engineering. Platteville State College. Agriculture, chemistry, biology. MR. RICHARD WARNER Whitewater State Teachers' College Coach.bookkeeping, typing. American history. 2MRS. HELEN REHMSTEDT Sixth and seventh grades MRS. GRACE EDWARDS Seventh and eighth grades 3BETTY QUINT "Stupe" "Do you s’pose I'll ever grow up? " Chorus 1,2 A Club 2,3,4 Class Play 2,3 Class Officer 4 1‘fv WARREN SCHESSER "Schess" "All great men are dead I don’t feel so well myself." Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2, 3,4 Band 1,3 Chorus 1,2 Paper Staff 1,2.3.4 Class Officer 1 A Club 1,2,3,4 Class Play 2.3. V . f PAUL ELMER "Pete" "Of all my father's children, I like myself best." Class President 4 Sports Manager 1,2,3 F.F.A. 1,2,4 Class Play 2.3 Paper Staff 3.4. HELEN KRAUSE "Krausie" "Oh. that man. Isn't he wonderful?" Band 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 Class Officer 3,4 Prom Queen 3 Paper Staff 3 Class Play 2,3. y JHHP1 MARJORIE HEFTY "Maggie" "When the moon shines over the cowshed." Band 1.2,3.4 Class Play 2.3 Class Class Officer 4. ROGER STEINDORF "Dorf "The moon is new, the stars are bright. Oh. for my telescope." Band 1,2,3.4 Chorus 1,2,3 Basketball 1.2,3.4 Baseball 1.2,3,4 Prom King 3 Class Play 2,3 A Club 2,3.4. 4BF- ' X LUCILLE NIPPLE "Nip" "There arc always the weekends to look forward to.” mM 4 STANLEY SISSON "Stan" "The answer to a roach’s prayer" Basketball 1,2,3.4. Baseball 1.2, 3,4. Assistant Editor of Annual A Club 2,3,4. Paper Staff 1,4. Sophomore Class Play Chorus 1.2. t KENNETH RHYNER "Kenny" "This lcaming-what a bore it Is." Basketball 2.3,4. Baseball 2.3. 4. Chorus 1.2. Junior Class Play. KAREN KITTLESON "Wumpy" "When she played on her old trombone" Band 2. 3, 4. Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4. Class Officer 3 A Club 2.3.4. Junior Class Play. MARLENE CORTR1TE "Corky" "Have you heard any Rood jokes lately?" Band 1.2,3.4. Chorus 1.2,3,4. A Club 3,4. Junior Class Play Editor of Annual Paper Staff 2,3. CARL HANNES "It must be my farmer’s instinct." F. F. A. Sophomore Class Play. 5ROSELLA HORAN "Ellic" "Oh. for a smooth dancer!" Chorus 1.2,3.4. WILLIAM FLOOD JR. "Billy" "All extremely bright men are conceited anyhow." Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 2.3, 4 A Club 2,3,4 F.F.A. 1. FRANKLIN SMITH "Bruzer" "The devil is a sissy" Band 1,2,3,4Chorus Basketball 1.2.3,4 Class Officer I Class Play 2.3 Forensics 3. JOYCE SPEICH "Joycie" "The smallest rivers run with the greatest noise." A Club 2.3.4 Band Class Play 2.3. GEORGEANNE HLAVACHEK "Gee-Gee" "Oh well, so what if I didn't get it?" Band 1,3.4 Paper Staff 3,4 Class Play 2,3 Class Officer 2.3. ALVIN WALMER "Alvie" "Argue, argue, early and late. If a line were crooked, he'd argue it straight." Basketball 1.2,3,4 Baseball 1,2, 3,4 A Club 2.3.4 Junior Class pjay F.F.A 2 Paper Staff 3.4. 6GLEN MALKOW "I’m an old cowhand." Band 1 F.F.A. 1.2. MOTTO: ROWING, NOT DRIFTING RUSSELL ATKINSON "Russ" "Blow, Gabriel, blow." F.F.A. 1. 2. 3. Chorus Class Play 3 Forensics 2,3. COLORS: LIGHT GREEN AND ORANGE JOHN TAYLOR "Jack" "Lucky school, the day I registered." F.F.A. 1,2,3. FLOWER: YELLOW ROSE JAMES SHARER “Jim" "Slecpy-time guy" Band 1,2,3Chorus 1.2. Basketball 1, 2, 3.4 Baseball 1,3.4 A Club Junior Class Play 3. 7CLASS WILL The senior class members of "52" being of sound mind and body do hereby will to the following people: To Joann Dunphy, Paul Elmer's ability to gab; To Rita Thurman. Glen Malkow's quietness; To Burdcll Trow. Rosclla Horan's giggles; To Willis Nipple. Marlene Cortrite's editorship 9f the annual; To Shirley Zanoni. Marjorie Hefty's green truck; To Joann Petersen. Frank Smith's wise cracking in class; To Donald Ahrens. Warren Schesser’s power of concentration; To Delmar Atkinson. Carl Hannes's taxi cab service; To Shelby Sherbondy, Russell Atkinson's red hair and freckles; To Shirley Abbott. Roger Steindorf's long legs; To John Pluss. Billy Flood's curly hair; To Norman Hoesly. Stanley Sisson's ability to play basketball; To Cynthia Bartlett. James Sharer's piano playing; To Rose Ann. Betty Quint's cheerleading ability; To Mr. Warner. Helen Krause’s dancing ability; To Louise Nipple, Joyce Speich's eating ability. To Carol Sellnow. Lucille Nipple’s job at the lunch room; To David Nipple, Alvin Walmer’s ability to go steady; To Eileen Schnerberger. Georgeanne Hlavachek's baby silting job; To Arlie Fahmey. Kenneth RJiyner's like for social problems; To Jon Kauk, Karen Kittleson's out of this world statements; To Patty Parker. John Taylor's smile; 8CLASS PROPHECY As we see the seniors in 1962. Georgeanne Hlavachck is superintendent of a baby hospital in Chicago. She accepted this position only on condition that she could have weekends off to visit Albany. Warren Schesser is teaching. On weekends and in his spare time, he helps his wife in the Albany Locker Plant. Stanley Sisson is a five star general in the U. S. Army in Korea. Karen Kittleson inherited a gym in Milwaukee for reducing. After she practices on herself she is going to teach others. Helen Krause is a secretary at the latch factory in Albany. Franklin Smith is driving race cars at the Indianapolis Speedway. Russel Atkinson owns Truax Field at Madison and also gives pilot lessons. Paul Ulmer is trying to think of a new invention so he won't have to work anymore. Rosclla Horan is a great actress in Hollywood replacing Betty Hutton. Marlene Cortriteis manager of the Bell Telephone Company. Marjorie Hefty is secretary to a millionaire play boy. Carl Hannes is manager for the Greyhound bus lines. John Taylor is out in California cutting down giant redwood for lumber. Glen Malkowis president of a department store for ladies in New York. Kenneth Rhyneris with the Blue Ridge Quartet singing songs he learned in Albany High. Roger Steindorf owns a boat house and about 20 boats for rent on Sugar is located just beyond the Latch Factory. Bill Flood is working as a bartender for his father-in-law in Zimmerman's tavern. Alvin Walmeris the owner of the old Hien Francis Store and his wife is his cashier. Lucille Nipple works in a record shop and keeps playing the Schneider Polka. It must remind her of her husband. James Sharer is manager of the Pet Milk Company in New Glarus. Joyce Speich is touring the country with her 1962 Chevy convertible. Betty Quint owns a theater with her husband in Albany. It comes out with all the latest pictures.CLASS HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1952 In September. 1948, twenty-four quite green, but very brilliant and capable freshmen entered A. H. S. This was obviously one of the best things that could have happened to Albany High School. These members were: Marlene Cortrite.Georgcanne Hlavachek. Betty Quint. Rosella Horan. Helen Krause. Tena Hanson. Alvin Walmer, Russell Atkinson. James Sharer, Carl Hanncs, Warren Schcs-ser, Roger Steindorf. Stanley Sisson.and Ruth Krueger from the town school; Joyce Spcichand Donovan Malkow from Hardscabble, Marjorie Hefty and Glen Malkow from Smiley; Paul Elmer, Jr. from Peterson; William Flood. Jr. and Kenneth Rhyner from Peebles; Karen Kittleson and Franklin Smith from Norwegian; and Edwin Smith from Jug Prairie. We went through our initiation without any trouble and soon added a much needed bolstering to the athletic squads. We proved that we had quality as well as quantity by having eight band members, eleven chorus members, three A team and five B team members. After finally settling down, we elected Franklin Smith as president, Paul Elmer as vice-president. and Warren Schesser as secretary and treasurer. Our advisor was Mrs. Sell. We gave the Christmas party that year. Of course, it was the best one ever given at A. H. S. This lively group added much pep and variety to the student body throughout the year. Edwin Smith dropped out the second semester leaving us with twenty-three members. Entering the next year as sophisticated sophomores, we soon took our place once more as the class which influenced every happening in the high school. Lucille Nipple joined us from Evansville to bring our total to twenty-four once more. We put on the initiation party with many original ideas. Our scholastic marks were most amazing, and we held the lead on A honor roll members. Another example of our outstanding ability was the fact that we had eleven members in band, seventeen in chorus, ten in basketball, and baseball, two cheerleaders, and three in forensics. Politics were a big issue that year. With the boys all voting together, the following all-girl officers were elected: President. Tena Hanson: vice-president Ruth Krueger; secretary and treasurer, Georgeanne Hlavachek. Miss Barton was our advisor. During the year Donovan Malkow and Tena Hanson left us. All in all. however, we still had a very handsome and intelligent class. These wonderful sophomores also presented one of the funniest and most clever plays called "Life of the Party". Everyone agreed it was very well given. Again in our junior year our class proved itself to be one of the most outstanding ever to be here. That year we also had many members in basketball, baseball, band, chorus, A Club, and two cheerleaders. The following officers were elected: president. Helen Krause; vice-president, Ruth Krueger; secretary and treasurer, Georgeanne Hlavachek, Mrs. Ryan and Mr. Elmer were our class advisors. We gave one of the most beautiful proms ever held at Albany, The gymnasium was decorated to the theme of "The Old Wishing Well", King Roger and Queen Helen were royalty fit to rule over any kingdom. We also put on a wonderful comedy. "That's My Boy” which even surpassed the excellent play wc put on the year before. Without any doubt it was the best junior class play ever put on at old A. H. S. Wc also gavetne valentine party which was very outstanding because even Cupid was there. Entering our senior year, we found that we had only twenty-one members. Ruth Krueger, who is now Mrs. Clifford Elmer, had left us. However, we were joined by John Taylor from Evansville. We elected Paul Elmer president; Helen Krause, vice-president; Marjorie Hefty, secretary; and Betty Quint, treasurer. Mr. Rhcmstedt is our advisor. Again this year we have many members in basketball, baseball, band, chorus, the A club or some other extracurricular activity. One of the best classeswhich ever entered Albany High School will be leaving when we graduate on May 22, 1952. We hope some of our good influence will still echo through the halls of A. H. S. 10THE PROM On the evening of May 11, 1951, beautiful music was floating around the grade school gym. It was the music of Dan Garson's orchestra. They were playing beside "The Old Wishing Well" at the Albany prom. At 10:00 P.M. King Roger Steindorf and Queen Helen Krause led the Grand March. In the court of honor were Ruth Krueger and Clifford Elmer. 11Betty was a member of the class of 1954. She passed away on July 4, 1951, as a result of an automobile accident on July 3, 12FRONT ROW: Miss Alice Barton. Joann Dunphy, Mary Zanoni. Barbara Taylor. Darlene Malkow. Rose Ann Pryce, Phyllis Gransee. Louise Nipple, Cynthia Bartlett, Marilyn Mal-kow. SECOND ROW: Jon Kauk. Jean Rastall, Wanda Gaarder, Joann Peterson. Rita Thurman. Janet Olson. Wanda Trow, Sherwood Carlson. BACK ROW: Arlie Fahrney, Willis Nipple, Arlyn Elmer. Eugene Farmer. Donald Ahrens. Robert Abbott. Robert Rhyncr. THE JUNIORS Advisor .... President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . . . Miss Barton Wanda Gaarder T reasurer 13 Mary Zanoni . Jean Rastall Joann DunphyFRONT ROW: Joanne Stephenson. Eloise KinR. Nancy Maas, Patty Parker. Shirley Zanoni, Betty Fahmey. SECOND ROW: Norman lloesly, Richard Schneider. Verla Wahl. Marilyn Kubly, Paul Hannes, David Nipple. Kendall Klossner. BACK ROW: Shelby Sherbondy. Delbert Behring, Burdell Trow. Byron Jones. Walter Flood. Mr. Victor Elmer. THE SOPHOMORES Advisor....... President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . . . Mr. Elmer Shelby Sherbondy . . David Nipple . . Patty Parker Kendall Klossner 14FRONT ROW; Marvin Cruezer. Delinar Atkinson. Ronald Powers. Floyd Izer John Pluss Warren Nipple. Gordon Whitaker. Paul Hlavachek. SECOND ROW: David Sharer. Eugene Hefty. Jane Briggs. Anne Whalen. Shirley Abbott. Mary Ann Obcrholzer. Eileen Schnec-berger. Larry Bohn. Miss Mary Rendall.BACK ROW: Delores Briggs. Carol Sellnow. Janet Bongiorno, Sharron Dunphy. Isabel Templeton. Donna Malkow, Doris Gransee. Arlene Walmer. Martha Zimmerman. THE FRESHMEN Advisor . . . . President . . . Vice-president Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . . Miss Rendall , . . Anne Whalen , . . David Sharer Gordon Whitaker . Arlene WalmerCHEERLEADERS Joann Peterson. Jean Rastall. Betty Quint. Marilyn Malkow, Wanda GaarderFRONT ROW: James Sharer. Alvin Walmer. Stanley Sisson. Jon Kauk. Warren Schesser, Coach Warner. BACK ROW: Walter Flood. Arlyn Elmer, Roger Steindorf, Kenneth Rhyner, Franklin Smith. William Flood. David Nipple. Shelby Sherbondy also played but was absent for the picture. BASKETBALL-A TEAM The 1951-1952 basketball schedule and scores Conference games Nov. 21 Albany 47 Milton 20 There Nov. 23 Albany 46 Evansville 70 There Nov. 28 Albany 60 •Argyle 36 Here Nov. 30 Albany 69 •Juda 32 There Dec. 7 Albany 42 •Monticello 41 Here Dec. 12 Albany 56 New Glarus 54 Here Dec. 14 Albany 65 •Brooklyn 53 There Dec. 20 Albany 78 •Belleville 33 Here Dec. 27 Albany 48 Fox Lake 33 Randolph Dec. 28 Albany 63 Randolph 49 Here Jan. 4 Albany 53 Evansville 48 Here Jan. 9 Albany 52 Brodhead 50 Here Jan. IS Albany 54 Monticello 61 There Jan. 18 Albany 66 •Orforuville 50 Here Jan. 25 Albany 35 •New Flarus 52 There Feb. 1 Albany 44 •Blanchardville 41 Here Feb. 4 Albany 79 Brooklyn 51 Here Feb. 9 Albany 57 Oregon 41 Here Feb. 15 Albany 50 •Brodhead 62 There Feb. 20 Albany 67 Belleville 35 There 17FRONT ROW: Eugene Hefty. David Sharer, P3ul Hlavachek. Kendall Klossner. Arlie Fahrney. BACK ROW: Walter Flood. Sherwood Carlson. Coach Warner. Delmar Atkinson. David Nipple. Shelby Sherbondy also played but was absent for the picture. BASKETBALL-B TEAM The 1951-1952 basketball schedule and scores Conference games Nov. 21 Albany 29 Milton 34 There Nov. 23 Albany 16 Evansville 29 There Nov. 28 Albany 38 •Argyle 22 Here Nov. 30 Albany 20 •Juda 19 There Dec. 7 Albany 15 •Monticello 34 Here Dec. 12 Albany 36 New Clarus 26 Here Dec. 14 Albany 44 •Brooklyn 17 There Dec. 20 Albany 42 •Belleville 17 Here Jan. 4 Albany 26 Evansville 35 Here Jan. 9 Albany 24 Brodhead 25 Here Jan. 15 Albany 28 Monticello 17 There Jan. 18 Albany 20 •Orfordville 35 Here Jan. 25 Albany 28 •New Glarus 39 There Feb. 1 Albany 13 •Blanchardville 22 Here Feb. 4 Albany 38 Brooklyn 18 Here Fib. 9 Albany 26 Oregon 35 Here Feb. 15 Albany 16 •Brodhead 21 There Feb. 20 Albany 29 Belleville 22 There 18FRONT ROW: Roger Steindorf. Warren Schesser. James Sharer. Arlyn Elmer, Kendall Klossner,Coach Warner. BACK ROW: Franklin Smith,Shelby Sherbondy.Stanley Sisson, Jon Kauk, Alvin Walmer, Bill Flood. Kenneth Rhyner. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Fall: Monticello 8 Albany Monticello 5 Albany Spring: Orfordville here • Brodhead here Juda there Brooklyn thereFRONT ROW: Mr. Winkless, Joann Dunphy, Sharon Gaarder, Georgeannc Hlavachek, Paul Hlavachek, Shelby Sherbondy, Donald Ahrens, Cynthia Bartlett. Janet Olson, Wanda Trow, Marlene Cortrite, Phyllis Gransee. SECOND ROW: Anne Whalen. Patty Parker, Marjorie Hefty. Gloria Francis, Joan Ahrens, James Webb. Norman Hoesly.John Briggs, Joanne Stephenson. John Whalen, Helen Krause. THIRD ROW: Alvin, Walmer, Louise Nipple, Joyce Spcich. Betty Fahrney, Janet Bongiorno. Mary Ruth Bly, Felix Bongiorno. Roger Steindorf, David Sharer. Walter Althaus, Robert Abbott, Verla Wahl, Franklin Smith, Bryon Jones. BACK ROW . Vicky Ferguson. Judy Blumer, Nancy King, Eloise King, Rita Thurman, Wanda Gaarder, Karen Kittleson. Darlene Malkow, Mary Ann Obcrholzer, Douglas Reasa. SENIOR BAND The band is under the direction of Mr. Winkless and will enter the spring tournament in Class C. Some of the members will play solos or in ensembles. FRONT ROW: Anne Whalen.Eloise King. Rose Anne Pryce,Delores Briggs, Shirley Abbott, Mary Zanoni, Marilyn Malkow, Karen Kittlcson, Mr. Winkless. SECOND ROW: Franklin Smith, Marlene Cortnte. Joanne Stephenson, Marilyn Kubly, Carol Sellnow, Mary Ann Oberholzcr. Eileen Schnecberger, Verla Wahl, Robert Abbott. THIRD ROW: Bryon Jones, Wanda Trow.Georgcan Hlavachek. Jean Rastall, Janet Bongiorno, Isabel Templeton, Donna Malkow. Rosella Horan. Russell Atkinson. BACK ROW: Jane Briggs, Betty Fahrney, Barbara Taylor. Darlene Malkow. Arlene Walmcr, Janet Olson, Doris Gransee, Martha Zimmerman. Several more members joined us the second semester. MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus is under the direction of Mr. Winkless. They will enter the tournament in class C. Several members will also enter solos and ensembles. 21FRONT ROW: Ann Sharer, Marilyn Striker. Linda Baumgartner, Miriam Miller. Jackie Gaarder, Mary Templeton, Sharon Blumer. BACK ROW: Mr. Winkless. Richard Kauk, Helen Gransee. Donna Malkow. Terry Reasa, Billy Lewis. Lorraine Nipple. Becky Blumer. JUNIOR BAND The junior band is made up of children who have just begun to play musical instruments. Some have now been promoted to senior band. 22FRONT ROW; Judy Olsen. Georcean Reasa. Sharon Blumer. BACK ROW: Patty Parker, Marilyn Striker. Helen Gransee, Anita Anderson. Phyllis Gransee. Two other Kiris. Joanne Stephenson and Marilyn Kubly, also twirled. TWIRLERS These girls performed at several basketball games this season. They also twirl with the band. 23FRONT ROW: Robert Abbott. Sherwood Carlson, Arlic Fahrney. Robert Rliyner, David Nipple, Richard Schneider, Mr. Elmer. SECOND ROW: Floyd Izer, John Pluss, Walter Flood, Paul Elmer, Kendall Kloss-ner. Delbert Behring, Eugene Hefty, Norman Hoesly. BACK ROW: Paul Hannes. Donald Ahrens. Burdell Trow. Russell Atkinson, Byron Jones. F. F. A. OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . . Treasurer. . . Reporter . . . . Sentinel...... Advisor........ . . . Arlie Fahrney . . . Robert Abbott Sherwood Carlson . . Robert Rhyner Richard Schneider . . . . David Nipple .......Mr. Elmer 24FRONT ROW: Jean Rastall, Joanne Stephenson. Verla Wahl. Phyllis Gransee, Joann Peterson. SECOND ROW: Anne Whalen. Karen Kittleson, Foann Dunphy, Mary Zanoni, Louise Nipple.Gcorgeanne Hlavachek. Janet Olson. BACK ROW: Ro er Steindorf. Warren Schesser. Paul Elmer, Stanley Sisson, Alvin Walmcr. PAPER STAFF Editor Assistant Editor Guest Editorial Art Girls' Athletics Band and Chorus Agriculture 9 10 Agriculture 11 12 Home Economics 9 10 . . Home Economics 11 12 . Sports Warren Schesser Senior Interviews Janet Olson Class News Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior . . Georgeanne Hlavachek Typists Joann Dunphy Louise Nipple Advisor 25 FRONT ROW: Joann Peterson. Wanda Gaarder, Betty Quint, Joyce Speich, Verla Wahl, Marlene Cortrite, Rose Anne Pryce, Karen Kittlcson. SECOND ROW: James Sharer, Paul Elmer, Janet Olson, Coach Warner, Rite Thurman, Alvin Walrner. Warren Schesser. BACK ROW: Roger Steindorf. Stanley Sisson. Franklin Smith. Jon Kauk, Shelby Sherbondy, Bill Flood. A CLUB The A club is made up of all students who have won a letter for sports, music, or some other activity. President. . . . Vice president Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . . . Alvin Walrner Stanley Sisson James Sharer Roger Steindorf 26FRONT ROW: Anne Whalen, Karen Kittleson. Cynthia Bartlett. Joanne Stephenson, Donna Malkow. BACK ROW: Rose Anne Pryce. Elouise Kins . Shirley Abbott. Rita Thurman. Miss Barton. FORENSICS The local contest was held on March 5, 1952, in the grade school gym. Those participating were as follows: Extemporaneous reading..............................Eloise King Extemporaneous reading.........................Joanne Stephenson Extemporaneous reading.....................................Wanda Gaarder Extemporaneous reading..............................Wanda Trow Humorous Declamation...............................Donna Malkow Humorous Declamation...............................Shirley Abbott Humorous Declamation................................Anne Whalen Serious Declamation..............................Rose Anne Pryce Serious Declamation........................................Karen Kittleson Extemporaneous Speaking..........................Delmar Atkinson Extemporaneous Speaking.........................Cynthia Bartlett 27FRONT ROW: Wanda Gaardcr. Rita Thurman, Joann Peterson, Joann Dunphy, Barbara Taylor. Phyllis Gransee, Rose Anne Pryce, Louise Nipple, Cynthia Bartlett. BACK ROW: Arlie Fahrney. Willis Nipple, Arlyn Elmer, Jon Kauk. Miss Barton. Sherwood Carlson, Robert Abbott. Robert Rhyner. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY TEEN TROUBLE Julia Langley..........................Rita Thurman Nancy Langley.................................Wanda Gaarder Ingrid............................Rose Anne Pryce Myrt Wilson.................................Phyllis Gransee Mr. Langley................................Sherwood Carlson Carl Gorloff.............................Jon Kauk Roger Wilson.................................Robert Abbott Snooks..............................Barbara Taylor Hoke..........................................Arlie Fahrney Tommy.........................................Arlyn Elmer Ma Reilly...................................Cynthia Bartlett Delores O'Toole...............................Joann Peterson Bessie ............................... Joann Dunphy Elmer........................................Robert Rhyner Stage Manager................................Willie Nipple Director.......................................Miss Barton Assistant Director....................Louise Nipple 28FRONT ROW: Marjorie Hefty. Rose Ann Pryce.War.da Trow. Karen Kittleson. Joann Dunphy. Mary Zanoni, Marilyn Malkow. Rosella Horan. Betty Quint, Wanda Gaarder, Helen Krause. SECOND ROW: Jane Briggs. Carol Sellnow, Mary Ann Oberholzer, Joann Peterson. Shirley Abbott. Phyllis Gransce, Anne Whalen, Sharron Dunphy, MarleneCortrite,Cynthia Bartlett. Nancy Maas.Eloisc King, THIRD ROW: Miss Rendall, Isabel Templeton, Janet Bongiorno.Georgeanne Hlavachek.Shirley Zanoni.Louise Nipple. Betty Fahrney. Joyce Speich.Rita Thurman.Eileen Schnceberger. BACK ROW: Delores Briggs. Darlene Malkow. Barbara Taylor. Donna Malkow. Jean Rasta 11. Joanne Stephenson. Marilyn Kubly, Verla Wahl. Arlene Walmer. Janet Olson, Doris Gransee. Martha Zimmerman, Lucille Nipple. GIRLS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION Girls' physical education is under the direction of Miss Rendall and is required three times a week. The activities consist of bowling, calisthenics, basketball, volley ball, and softball.FRONT ROW: Lucille Nipple, Marlene Cortnte, Marjorie Hefty, Rosella Horen, Georgeanne Hlavechck, Betty Quint, Helen Krause. Mr. Rhemstedt. SECOND ROW; Alvin Walmer, Warren Schesser, Paul Elmer, Joyce Speich, Karen Kittleson. Franklin Smith. James Sharer, Bill Flood. BACK ROW: Kenneth Rhyner, Stanley Sisson. Roger Stcindorf, Russell Atkinson, John Taylor. Carl Hannes. Glen Malkow. All the seniors made up the annual staff. Mr. Rhemstedt was our advisor. 30COOKS. JANITORS. BUS DRIVERS Birdie Thurman and Sylvia Patchen Cooks Lew Graves High school janitor Bill Patcehn--Gradcschool janitorand bus driver. George Flaherty--Bu$ driver. Leon Marty--Bus driver. 31Robert Welch Whitewater State College Coach, bookkeeping, typing, American History, physical education. Mr. Welch replaced Mr. Warner who left for the navy on February 7. 1952. Mrs. Lois Jones Mrs. Jones is the first grade teacher. She replaced Mrs. Christopher the second semester. SCHOOL SONG Cheer, cheer, for Albany High. Just watch those banners go floating by. Send the squad right out win, Don’t let a single traitor in. (You rah, rah!) We never falter, we never fall. Albany High will win over all. And the loyal cagers will Come home with the victory. 3?3334 Could this be after initiation? S.A.When in Monroe THE CHOCOLATE SHOP is the ploce to meet your friends. Good food Properly priced Pleasantly and quickly served Open evenings In Monroe it's TRACY’S for finer interiors Phone 32 Compliments of ETTER’S Monroe, Wisconsin Dry goods Complete floor coverings service ALBANY FARM CO-OP SUPPLY COMPANY Feeds Seeds Fertilizer Coal Phone 197 Albany Compliments of TED’S SHOE SERVICE Monroe, Wisconsin Compliments of SNIVELY FURNITURE COMPANY Monroe, Wisconsin Congratulations to the class of 1952 Get the right start by furnishing your home with SHARER’S FURNITURE Phone 75 Albany, Wisconsin Plumbing and heating Deep wells — pumps - and general repairing JACK ZIMMERLI Phone 87 or 80 Visit our newly decorated WAFFLE SHOP East side of the square Monroe, Wisconsin For satisfaction guaranteed in your service reauirements see "Where friend meets friend." 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OSBORNE GREEN COUNTY SERVICE COMPANY CO-OP Gasoline Motor oils Tires Fuel Oil Greases Batteries Carl Goecks Albany, Wisconsin Phone 70 GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP WAREHOUSE COMPANY 1 im Fertilizer Feed Albany, Wisconsin Phone 70 37Compliments of BADGER PETROLEUM CO. Compliments of Walter Reasa BANCROFT DAIRY PRODUCTS JOHN DEERE After Graduation Keep Up With The Home Town News Compliments THE ALBANY HERALD of KROSTUE IMPLEMENT CO. Stanton P. Steuri, Publisher Dealers in Albany, Wisconsin John Deere Quality Farm Equipment Learn to bowl and have fun Compliments of ABLANY BOWLING ALLEYS 38dehmer rexall drugs If you don't go on to college, stop in for some of our smart pills. They will not take the place of college, but you will be much smarter if you can get one down. Compliments of BANK OF ALBANY "Your patronage is invited and appreciated. " MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INS. CORP. 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Suggestions in the Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) collection:

Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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