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M RION L. ( i RDNER Principal ALBERT LOEFFE1. Board of Education President RUTH WHALEN Board f Education Treasurer JAMES PRICE Board of Education Clerk 1Mr. GARDNER Plattcville State Teachers’ Col lege. University of Wisconsin. Principal. American Historv. Social Problems. Mr. WARNER Whitewater State Teachers' College. Coach, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing. Mrs. RYAN University of Wisconsin, English I. Home Economics, Physical Education. Miss BARTON University of Wisconsin. English II, III, IV. Civics, Dramatics. Mr. FAYILLE Beloit College, Milwaukee State Teachers’ College. Band, Chorus. General Mathematics, Geometry. Mr. ELMER Milwaukee School of Engineering, Plattcville State Teachers’ College. University of Wisconsin, Agriculture. Science, Biology.FRONT ROW: Mr. Favillc. Mr. Elmer, Mr. Gardner. Mr. Warner. SECOND ROW: .Miss Smith. .Mrs. Rcinir . .Miss Albers. Mrs. Christopher. Mrs. Ryan. .Miss Barton. Mrs. Edwards. 'paectUy Mrs. Christopher Grade 1 .Miss Smith----------------------------------------------Grades 2-3 Miss Albers Grades 3-4 Mrs. Rcinir . Grades 5-6 Mrs. Edwards — Grades 7-8 Mr. Gardner American History, Social Problems Mr. Warner Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing Mrs. Rvan ............ English I. Home Economics, Physical Education Miss Barton English 11, III, IV, Civics, Dramatics Mr. Favillc Band, Chorus, General Mathematics. Geomern Mr. Elmer Agriculture. Science, Biolog)' 3FIRST ROW: Sylvia Patchcn, "Birdie" rhurnvan. SECOND ROW- Bill Patchcn. George Flaherty. I.ou Graves. .CCttcA ’TKaitUettattce Sylvia Patchcn ... “Birdie” Thurman Bill Patchcn------ George Flaherty - Lou Graves-------- Leon Martv------- Cook Cook Janitor, Bus Driver Bus Driver Janitor Bus Driver (Missing when the picture was taken) a“TKotto: -dedd ? eut Ou% "Sedt id aiture JAMES PRIZI "Jhtf "He uses bis brain, ivith lack of strain." Valedictorian; Band 1,2.3,4; Boys' Chorus 1,2; Basketball 1. 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Class Secretary and Treasurer 5; l diror School Paper 4; Paper Staff 3; A-Club 2,3.4. DANIEL RUFF "Danny” "Plan for the night is cowing” Mixed Chorus 1,2,3.4; Bovs’ Chorus 1,2; Basketball 1.2,3,4; Baseball 4; Forensics 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Assistant Editor of Paper 4; Assistant F.ditor of Annual 4; F. F.A. 1.2,3,4; Band 3.4. JAMES CAR KOI L "fim” "Don't try to comincc Vie; I think for myself.” Forensics 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2.3; Boys’ Chorus 2; Class President 2.4; Baseball ; Basketball 3. S|x rts Manager 1.2; Paper Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3.4; A-Club 2.3,4; F.F.A. 1,2. 5Stcce Gstct Stive . KARL KLOSSNER "Learning is labor, call it what you may” Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3 . 4; A-Club 2,3,4; Class Officer 2, Class Play 3; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4. BARBARA SMOOT “Barb" “Her heart has room for only one." Editor of Annual 4; Assistant Editor of Paper 4; Paper Staff 1,2,3; Captain of Girls' Bowling Teams 4; Class Officer 1; Glee Club 1.2,3; Band 2,3.4; Forensics 3.4; Junior Prom Queen; Class Play 3,4; D.A.R. Representative; I lomccoming Queen. JANNA BRIGGS “Jenny" "Quiet, not to the people who know her" Mixed Chorus 1,2; Glee Club 1, 4; A-Club 4; Class Play 3; Paper Staff 3,4; A-Club Treasurer 4; Annual Staff 4; Outstanding Junior Girl. PHILLIP ZANONI “Bud" “A great sense of humor, with athletic ability too." Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2. 3,4; A-Club 2,3.4; Class Officer 1,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3; Class Play 3.4; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Vice-President of A-Club 4; Band 2,3; Annual Staff 4; Junior Prom King 6'ptowen,: IRed IRoae MICH CAL GLASS “Mike” “Sometimes “set” .mi think, » sometimes I fust “set”. .Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Boys' Chorus 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3.4; Baseball 2,3,4; Forensics 3; Class Play 3,4; Treasurer F.F.A. 3; Annual Staff 4; A-Club 2,3,4. DLLORLS ROFNM BURG “Pee Wee” “Good stuff comes wrapped in small packages.” Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 2.3; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 1,2,4; Paper S’ iff 4; Home-coining Attendant. LOIS WAHL “Louie” “I can resist anything except temptation.” Glee Club 1,2,3.4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; A-Club 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4; Paper Staff 3,4; Class Play 3,4; I lomccoming Attendant. BILL GLOCKS “Willie” “ III great men are dead. I don’t feel so good myself" Basketball 1; Basketball Mgr. 1.2J.4; Baseball 1,2.3,4; Track 2; F.F.A. 3; Class President 3; Class Secretary 2; Paper Staff 1,2,3,4. 7Staton } In the fall of 1947, thirteen intelligent freshmen entered the Albany High School. Thev were from the following schools: Grace llauri. Hardscrabble.Thomas Flood, Kellcv; Willis Zurfluh, Fairview; James Carroll, Pebbles; Karl Klossner, Smilev; Janna Briggs. Norw egian; and Barbara Smout, James Price, Daniel Rucf, Carol Wood, and Miehcal Glass all from the Albany Grades. During the first semester we gained tw o new students who were Lois Wahl from Durand, Illinois, and Delores Roenneburg from Gran ton, but we lost Thomas Flood later in the year. Our officers for the freshmen year were: President, James Price; Vice-President, Barbara Smout; Secretary and Treasurer, Grace llauri. Our advisor was Mr. Gardner. As sophomores, w e started with ten students out of our original thirteen. We had lost Janna Briggs, Willis urfluh, and Grace llauri. Our officers for this year were: President, James Carroll; Vice-President, Phillip Zanoni; Secretary and Treasurer, Karl Klossner. Our advisor w as Miss Barton. In our junior vear we gained three new members: Charlene I'd wards from Dakota, Illinois; William Gcocks from Juda, Wisconsin; and again found Janna Griggs back with us. During this year we put on the funniest class play that was ever staged in .l I.S. The name of it w as “Let Me Out of I Icrc." Our prom, which had for a theme, “Stardust", was decorated in blue and white. The king was Phillip Zanoni and Barbara Smout was his cjuccn. During the second semester w e lost Charlene Kdwards to Fvansville 11igh School. Our officers for this year were as follows: President, William Gcocks; Vice-President. Phillip Zanoni; Secretary and I rcasurer, James Price. Mrs. Rvan was our advisor. Our graduating class, w hich consists of nine members, is as follows: James Carroll, Miehcal Glass, William Gcocks, James Price, Daniel Rucf, Lois Wahl, Barbara •nout. Phillip Zanoni, and Delores Foenneburg. We lost Karl Klossner and Janna Briggs. Karl enlisted in the army and Janna joined Beloit High School. This year the seniors sold the greatest amount of magazines with a total of $229.90. As a result of our afforts and of the whole schools going over the quota of SI I5K.55. We were presented w ith a trophy for our excellent salesmanship by Mr. Nick F.nglcr. We leave Mbany 11 igh, but we shall never forget our Mina Mater, which we will honor bv living up to our motto, “Less Than Our Best is Failure." 8 4U4. WM We, the class of 1951, being of sound mind and body, do bequeath the following qualities, interests, and properties to the following people: 1. Phillip Zanoni, his ’37 Chevy to Joann Peterson. (Sorry trunk door is missing). Also his athletic ability to Eugene Farmer. 2. James Carroll, his trips to the office to Joann Dumphv. Also his physique to Willis Mipple. 3. Bill Gcocks, his Model A Ford to the “Three Muskatcers”. Also his mustache to Burdell Trow. 4. Janna Briggs, her power of concentration to Byron Jones. Also all her cx-bov-friends to Nancy Jones. 5. Daniel Ruef, his long wavv hair to Warren Schcsscr. Also his geometry book to Walter Flood. 6. Michcal Glass, his trips to the Attica store to Alvin Walmer. Also his ability in bookkeeping to anybody who wants it. 7. I.ois Wahl, her dancing ability to Stanley Sisson. Also her late nights and lack of sleep to Gcorgeanne Hlavachck. S. Karl Klossncr, his garage bills to Mr. Warner. Also his driving ability to Shelby Sherbondv. 9. Barbara Smout, hci winning ways to Wanda Garrdcr; also her news reporting job to Cynthia Bartlett. 10. James Price, his interest in Rita Thurman to James Sharer; also his height to Kenneth Butts. 11. Delores Roenncburg, her ability of going steady to I lelcn Krause; her nickname “pee wee" to Robert Rhyncr. The whole class, its power of concentration to the freshmen, its excellent grades to the juniors, its social powers to the sophomores, and its memories to the faculty. 9 cW4 'Pxofi ecy in 1963 the 1951 Seniors of Albany High School arc located in many different places. We look in on James Price and James Carroll who are conferring on the success of their past years teaching. Carroll is one of the most prominent teachers at the University of Southern California while Price holds a teaching job at the largest school in Los Angeles. As they talk, they recall the days back in old .H.S. and give information on the rest of the class. After serving for five years in the United States Navy, Phillip Xanoni, the most prominent member of the class, has returned and settled down as a happily married man. Delores Roenncburg has become a beautician’s wife, and much of her time is spent helping her husband in his shop which is located at Madison, Wisconsin. Mike Class, the great lover of the class of “’51" is happily married and lives on a farm located east of Albany. He is a great success and one of the most prominent farmers of the community. Daniel Rucf, the nighthawk of the class is happily married and still looks forward to nightlife. Why? He owns one of the most prominent nightclubs in Chicago. Lois Wahl, the ambitious member of the class has become the secretary to the Governor of Wisconsin. Besides holding her job down, she is happily married. On her week-ends Lois goes to Albany to see Barbara Smout. Barbara has become the wife of Albany's newspaper editor. She spends her time helping her husband get the weekly paper out. The final member of the class. Bill Goecks, has become one of the great farmers north of Albany, and spends his leisure time fixing his car as he did most of the time when he was going to school. The members of the class who did not finish their last school year in Albany arc also doing fine. Karl Klossner is settled on a farm southwest of Albany. Janna Briggs is happily married and lives in Beloit. Wisconsin. As James Carrol and James Price finish their discussion they are interrupted by the sound of a buzzer which signifies that James Carroll must go to one of his many classes. As he leaves he w ishes Price the best of luck in his job. 107 Pun . On A lay 5, 1950, couples entered the grade gymnasium to find it beautifully decorated in blue and white to carry out the theme of “Stardust". Jerry Billington’s Orchestra from Madison provided the music. t 10:30 P.M. the Grand March was lead by King Phillip Zanoni and his queen Barbara Smout. Barbara's dress was of white taffeta with a double net over skirt. Her corsage and crown were of red roses. Dorothy Pfeuti and Bill Geocks, were the court of honor couple. 11“Sa cf 0D z f M1CHEAL G. Delores R. Barbara S. Bill G. Karl K. 12SUctf cutd 'Jt ui6e t e Gee. Who can this be I). R. Cute M.M. Guess who?? I}. Q. Get it in there Sisson Karl k. I .ockcr room at half 13FIRS I ROW Russell Atkinson. Marjorie I lefty. Marlene Corrrirc. Ruth Krueger, Georgeanne Hlavachck, Joyce Spcich. SI.CONI) ROW': Betty Quint. Helen Krause. Lucille Nipple. Karen Kittleson. Rosclln Horn, Franklyn Smith THIRD ROW’: Roger Stcindorf. James Sharer, Warren Schcsser. Paul Miner. FOURTH ROW': Mr. Miner. Bill Flood. Kenneth Rhyncr. Mvin W'almcr. Glen Malkow. Carl Hannas, Stanley Sisson. Mrs. Ryan. A class of twenty-four very green freshmen entered the doors of Albany High School in the fall of 194K. After suffering an embarrassing initiation they found their place in Albany I ligh along with the rest of us. and enjoying themselves. This class is just about the most active class in high school with practically all the boys in basketball, and with a large number of girls and boys in band and chorus. President----------------------------------------Helen Krause Vice-President...................................Ruth Krueger Secretary----------------------------------Georgeanne Hlavachck Treasurer------------------------------------- Karen Kittleson dvisors-----------------------Mrs. Ryan and Mr. V. U. Elmer 14I IRS I ROW: Phyllis Granscc, Robert Rltyncr, rlyn Miner. Arlic Fahrncy, l.ugcnc Farmer, Miss Barton. SI.CONI) ROW Wanda Trow, Janet Olson, Joann Jumphy, I.ouisc Nipple. Mary Zanoni, Marilyn Malkow. THIRD ROW Cynthia Bartlett. Darlene Malkow. Rita Thurman, Wanda Gaarder, Willis Nipple, Norbert Sperry. FOURTH ROW Roseamu Bryce, Robbert Abbott, Sherwood Carlson, Joann Peterson, Jon Kauk. Twentv-two freshmen entered Albany High School in September of 1949, and after getting over the initiating party, proved to he the class with a large number of students on the honor roll each six weeks. I hc sophomore class is very active in forensics, band, and chorus. Secretary Treasurer Advisor President----- Vice-President Jon Kauk Joann I Jumphy Joann Peterson Mary Zanoni Miss Barton 15FIRS'! ROW: Raul Hannas, Kcndcll Klossner, David Nipple, Shelby Shcrbondy, Burdcli I row, Norman Hosely. SECOND ROW: Patricia Parker, Hetty Fahrncy, Shirley Zanoni, Byron Jones, Richard Schneider, Jerry Seely. THIRD ROW: Mr. Faville, Nancy Jones, Joann Stephenson, Eloise King. Verla Wahl. Marilyn kubly, Hetty Whitehead. In September of 1950, twenty-two green freshmen entered Albany High School. Later during this month, they attended the traditional initation party, put on by the sophomore class, which they survived miraculously. I he class being fairlv large is active in band, chorus, forensics and other extracurricular activities. President Patricia Parker Vice-President.......................—.............Betty Fahrncy Secretary crla Wahl ITeasurcr —......... Paul Hannas Advisor..........................................— Mr. Faville 16ATHLETICSB IT.AM: Rita Thurman, Wanda Gaardcr. I I AM: Ruth Krueger, Betty Quint, Joan Peterson. (?£e tleeuUnAFIRS I ROW: Alvin Waimer, Karl Klossncr, Stanley Sisson, Phillip Zanoni, W arren Schcsser. SI.COM) ROW: Paul I'lmcr, James Sharer. Roger Stciiulorf. Jon Kauk, Michael Glass. James Price. Bill Gcotz, .Mr. Warner. a et6-ciCC - $ 7earn I he Basketball schedule for 1950-1951 was as follows: Nov. 16, 1950 Albany 32 — Milton Union 46 Nov. 21. 1950 Albany 53 •Brodhead 46 Nov. 28. 1950 Albany 70 Juda 41 Dec. 1. 1950 Albany 44 VArgylc 51 Dec. 5. 1950 Albany 55 Orangeville, 111. 65 Dee. 8, 1950 Albany 80 |uda 39 Dec. 12. 1950 Albany 50 New Glarus 49 Dec. 15, 1950 Albany 39 -- - VMonticcllo 55 Dec. 21. 1950 Albany 69 — • Brooklyn 49 Dec. 27, 1950 Albany Milton Union Jan. 5, 1951 Albany 49 Fvansvillc 57 Jan. 12. 1951 Albany 57.... . •Belleville 45 Jan. 16. 1951 Albany 55 Brodhead 70 Jan. 19. 1951 Albany Jan. 23, 1951 Albany Monticcllo Jan. 26. 1951 Albany •Orfordvillc Jan. 30. 1951 Albany Orfordvillc Feb. 2, 1951 Albany Feb. 8,1951 Albany •Blanchardvillc Feb. 13, 1951 Albany Brooklyn • Conference game. 18FIRST ROW: Kcndcll klossncr, Bill Flood, Arlvn F.lmcr. SI-’CON’D ROW: Paul 1‘Jmcr, Shelby Slierbondy, Kenneth RInner. Franklyn Smith. Daniel Rucf, Mr. Warner. 'ScwAet ciCl- The Basketball schedule for 1950-1951 was as follows: Nov. 16. 1950 Albany 25 Milton Union 24 Nov. 21. 1950 Albany 39 Brodhcad 21 Nov. 28, 1950 Albany 22 .... Juda 8 Dec. 1, 1950 Albany 30 Argyle 25 Dec. 5. 1950 Albany 30 Orangeville, 111. 10 Dec. 8, 1950 Albany 32 •Juda 24 Dec. 12. 1950 Albany 30 New Glarus 32 Dec. 15, 1950 Albany 26 •Monticcllo 19 Dec. 21, 1950 Albany 39 •Brooklyn 29 Dec. 27. 1950 Albany . . Milton Union Jan. 5,1951 Albany 28 Evansville 29 Jan. 12, 1951 Albany 24.... . •Belleville 12 Ian. 16, 1951 Albany 25 Brodhcad 27 Jan. 19. 1951 Albany . •Hollandalc Jan. 23, 1951 Albans .. Monticcllo Jan. 26. 1951 Albany Orfordville Jan. 30, 1951 Albany Orfordvillc Feb. 2,1951 Albany • esv Glarus Feb. 8, 1951 Albany Feb. 13, 1951 Albany FIRST ROW: James Price, Phillip Zanoni, Bill Gcotz, Shelby Sherbondy, Warren Sehesser, Daniel Rucf, Bill Flood. SF.CONil) ROW: Paul I liner, Roger Stcindorf. Karl Klossncr. 1 in Walmcr, Stanley Sisson, Kenneth Rhyncr, Mr. Warner. 'Sa e atl FALL 1950 Albany 13 Monticcllo 3 Albany 6 Hollandale 4 Albany 16 Monricello 11 Albany 20 Hollandale 2 SPRING 1951 April 16-------------Brooklyn at Albany April 23------------Albany at Orfordville April 30-------------Brodhead at Albany May 7------------------Juda at Albany May 14--------------Albany at Monticcllo 20FIRST ROW: Wanda Gaardcr, Marilyn Malkow, Janet Bongiorno. Louise Nipple, Joyce S| eich. Betty Fahrnev, Barbara Smout, Cynthia Bartlett, Phyllis Granscc. Arlyn Elmer, Patricia Parker, Marjorie Hefty, Gloria Francis, Betty Whitehead. SECOND ROW: F.loisc King, Nanev King. Rita Thurman, Georgeanne I llavachck, Sharon Gaardcr, Ann Whalen, Helen Krause. Wanda Trow, Marlene Cortrite. Joan Sutherland. Norman Hoslcy, James Webb, John Whalen, Mr. Favillc. THIRD ROW: David Sharer. James Price, Roger Stcindorf, Felix Bongiorno. James Sharer, Franklyn Smith, Verla Wahl. Joanne Stephenson. Darlene Malkow. Karen Kittlcson, FLAG BEARERS: Shelby Sherbondy, Daniel Ruef. Setter Mattel The Albany High School band is comprised of 37 members and is directed by Mr. Favillc. The band meets three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for rehearsal. Each of the sections has a group rehearsal once a week. The band will enter class C in the tournament this year. 21FIRST ROW: Ann Sharer, Vicky Ferguson, Paul Hlavachck, Buddy Smout, Miriam Miller. Joan Dumphy Judy Blumer. SI CON'D ROW: Marilyn Striler, Mary Ruth Bly, .Martha Zimmerman, Shirley Zanoni, Arlene Walmcr, Marilyn Kubly, Mr. Favillc. THIRD ROW: John Briggs, Walter Althaus, Robert Rhvner, Fugcnc I Icftv, Duglas Reasea, Robert Abbott, Roy Webb. The Junior Band is comprised of students from the Albany Schools and pupils from surrounding rural schools. 22I IRS 1 ROW : Roscann Pryce, Betty Fahrncy. Verla W ahl, I loisc King, Betty Whitehead, Nancy King, Delores Rocnncburg, Joanne Stephenson. SF.COND ROW: Ruth Krueger, Janet Olson, Wanda Frow, Marlene Cortrite, Lois Wahl, Rosella Horn. THIRD ROW': Russell Atkinson, Franklyn Smith, .Mr. Faville. Roger Steindorf, Daniel Ruef. "Wtixed (? ux'iu4. I he Mixed Chorus presented part of the Christinas Concert and they will enter the Spring Music Festival at New Glarus in April, 1951. They meet every Tuesday, and Thursday for rehearsal. 24FROM ROW : Roscannc Prvcc. l.ois Wahl, Wanda Gaarder. Janna Briggs. Karen Kiulcson. Joyce Speich, Ruth Krueger, Betty Quint, Marlene Cortrite. SECOND ROW: Warren Schcsser, Bill Flood, Alvin W aimer. Karl Klossner, "Bud" Zanoni, Paul I Inter. I HIM) Ii()U James Price, Michcal Class. James Carroll. Roger Steindorf, Stanley Sisson, Bill Goer . Mr. Warner. I'hc A Club is ;i new organization in school and is comprised of members that have earned letters in forensics, basketball, baseball, chccrlcading, girls physical education and music. I'hc club sponsors parties during the year for its members, and is financed by the candv machine which is patronized by the students attending the Albany Schools. I'hc officers are: President Warren Schcsser Vice-President Phillip anoni Secretary...........................................Betty Quint Treasurer...........................................Betty Quint Advisor.............................................Mr. Warner 25FIRST ROW Delores Roenneburg, Lois Wahl, Barbara Smoue, James Price. Daniel Rucf, Ann Whalen. Vclda Wahl. SF.COND ROW Joann Peterson, Joann Stephenson, Janna Briggs. Marlene Cortrite, Miss Barton, Rita Thurman, Georgeanne Hlavachck, Helen Krause. Ruth Krueger. THIRD ROW: Robert Rhyncr. Bill Gcocks, Jon Kauk, Roger Stcindorf. Karl Klossner. James Carroll. Editor----------------------------------------------James Price Assistant Editor-------------------Barbara Smout, Daniel Rucf Cartoonist--------------------------------------- Jon Kauk Sports (.w.s-----------------------Bill (icocks. Phillip Xanoni Agriculture 9-10............................. Robert Rhyncr Agriculture 11-12................................. Paul Elmer Music News--------------------------------------Roger Stcindorf Senior News ....................................... Lois Wahl Junior News------------------------------------Marlene Cortrite Sophomore News .............................. Joann Peterson Freshman News---------------------------------Joann Stephenson Grade News-------------------------------Georgeanne Hlavachck Humor-----------------------------------------------James Carroll Gossip-------------------------------I Jelen Krause. Rita Thurman Interviews---------------------Ruth Krueger, Marlene Cortrite Typist------------------------------Lois Wahl, Delores Roenneburg Printers----------------------------Lois Wahl, Delores Roenneburg Advisor----------------------------------------------Miss BartonFIRST ROW: Mr. Miner, Bvron Jones, Arlvn Timer. Russell Atkinson, Jon Kauk, Robert Rliyncr, Sherwood Carlson SECOND ROW: Norman Hoesly. Kendcll Klossncr, Richard Schneider, Robert bbott, David Nipple, Paul Hannes. I MIRI) ROW: Arlic Fahrncy. Jerry Seely, Burdell Trow, Eugene Farmer. 'putcvie 'pevuttenA rfntenica. This organization is made up of boys that take agriculture and has four verv important purposes. They arc: To promote vocational agriculture in high school. To create more interest in the choice of farming occupations. To promote thrift. To promote scholarship. I ligh standards of class room and supervised practice work are required bv members who desire advancement in the organization. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinel Advisor FT.A. OFFICERS Jon Kauk Russell Atkinson Robert Rhyncr Arlvn Elmer Sherwood Carlson Bvron Jones V. U. Elmer 27riRST ROW: Janna Briggs. Wanda Trow. Roscannc Bryce. Cynthia Bartlett. Rita Thurman. Miss Barton. SECOND ROW: James Carroll. Russell Atkinson, Franklin Smith, Bill Gocck. Daniel Ruef. 'pa'ieoaica Our local contest was held here March s. 1951, and those participating were as follows: Humorous Declamation James Carroll Humorous Declamation Rita Thurman Humorous Declamation Roseanne Pryce Serious Declamation Cynthia Bartlett Extemporaneous Reading Barbara Smout Extemporaneous Reading Wanda Gaardcr Extemporaneous Reading Betty Whitehead Extemporaneous Reading Eloise King Non-Original Oration Daniel Ruef Non-Original Oration Wanda Trow Non-Original Oration-----------------------Russell Atkinson Non-Original Oration-------------------------Franklin Smith 28riRST ROW: Darlene Malkow, Karen Kittlcson, Cynthia Bartlett. Phyllis Granscc. Arlyn I liner, Betty W Imda-.ui. Mr I a ille SECOND. ROW: I loisc King. Rita Thurman. Wria Wahl, Franklin Smith, Helen Krause. Wanda Prow, Marlene Conrite. THIRD ROW: Barbara Smout. Marjorie Hefty. Betty I'ahrney. Joann Stephenson. Felix Bongiorno. David Sharer. Mattel I’hc pep Band consists of members that play in senior band. Flic band is active mainlv during the basketball season in the winter months at the games and pep sessions.I IRS I ROW : Hetty Quint. Marlene G rtritc, Ruth Krueger. Miss Barton, Georgeanne I llavachck, Helen Krause, Joyce Spcich, Koren Kittlcson. SI CONI) ROW : James Sharer, I'ranklin Smith, Roger Sreindorf, Warren Schesscr, Alvin Walmcr, Raul I:.lmer. tyuuion. DIRECTED BY MISS BARTON Palmer Baxter, an author Roger Sreindorf F.vclvn Baxter, his wife-----------------------------------------Karen Kittlcson nnic Baxter, Palmer’s aunt Marlene Cortrite Mrs. Lois Keene, a neighbor Georgeanne Hlavachck V irginia Keene, her daughter ’ Betty Quint Ka Cullen. Virginia's girl friend Helen Krause Alvin, a butler of Keene’s-------------------------------------------Alvin Walmcr Olga, the Baxter’s maid-------------------------------------------Marjorie Hefty Les Tumaine, a new sboy-----------------------------------------------Paul Elmer Chuck I x Roy, his pal----------------------------------------------Warren Schesscr Lauren Saunders, a friend of Virginia’s James Sharer Aldcn Saunders, a friend of Virginia's Franklyn Smith Claire Wilson, a friend of Virginia’s Joyce Speich Nina 1 lamilton, a friend of Virginia’s Ruth Kreuger Publicity--------------------------------------------------------------------Lucilc Nipple ssistant Director--------------------------------------------- Russell Atkinson 30FIRS! ROW: Janna Briggs, Joann Peterson, Cynthia Bartlett, Rita Thurman. Wanda Gaardcr, Floisc King, Delores Roenneburg, Rosclla Horn, Nancy Jones, Betty Quint, ST CON'D ROW: Mrs. Ryan, Shirley Zanoni, Wanda Trow, Roscanne Pryce, Joann Dumphy, .Marilyn .Vlalkow, Mary Zanoni, Louise Nipple. Karen Kittlcson, Marlene Cortritc, Lois Wahl. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Kubly, Patricia Parker, Verla Wahl, Betty Fahmey, Janet Olson, Ruth Krueger, Darlene Malkow, Helen Krause, Joyce Speich, Gcorgeanne Hlavachck. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Smout. Betty Whitehead. Lucille Nipple, Joann Stephenson, Marjorie Hefty, Delores Dohnicyer, Phyllis Ciransee. Ciirls Physical Kducation is required twice a week and is under the direction of Mrs. Rvan. The girls activities consist of bowling, calisthenics and basketball in the winter and softball in the summer. All girls in high school arc retjuired to take this course. 31Compliments of GULER'S I.G. A. STORE Compliments of F. J. BONGIORNO, M. D. Compliments of THE ALBANY FARM CO-OP After Graduation Keep Track Of Your Classmates READ YOUR ALBANY HERALD Compliments of REX THEATER I VansviHe. Wisconsin Get Your Recreation At The ALBANY BOWLING ALLEYS Compliments of ALVIN MILLER Complements of THE COFFEE SHOP Mr. Mrs. EORREST PURINGTONWHITCOMB ELECTRIC SHOP RCA VICTOR RADIOS Complete Home Service Phone 42 Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of MOBILGAS ROSS "RUSTY" OLIN Compliments of CHRISTOPHER'S Compliments of EDWARD'S STATION Mohilgas — Mobiloil 1 ires — Batteries — Etc. Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of ALBANY LOCKER PLANT Compliments of ALBANY DAIRY Distributor of BWCROI I DAim PRODUCTS Walter . Reasa Phone 360 (Compliments of ALBANY CAFE Mr. Mrs. I KON M RTY If yon ain't team from mistakes, don't make any. DEHMER REXALL DRUGSCompliments of BOB BURDICK Compliments of BANK OF ALBANY "Your patronage is invited and appreciated". MF.MBKK I I 1)1 K l DEPOSIT INS. CORP. Livestock, Hauling, and Buying Compliments of RALPH E. LUEDY House Phone 139 Yard Phone 165 Compliments of THE GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU Phone 70 Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of R. W. Sellnow LIME CONTRACTOR lbanv. Wisconsin Compliments of Dr. D. H. PARTRIDGE Compliments of Dr. E. 0. OSBORNE "Come To The Edgewater Cafe" The food is extra good. Dinners, Short Orders, Sandwiches, French Fries, Steaks, 1 lamburgcrs. Fountain Service. We serve Shttrtlcff Ice CreamCompliments of ALBANY BEAUTY MART Compliments of TEALE'S NASH SERVICE Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY BOWMAN YOUR BARBER Has a good haircut for you Agent for Paris Dryclcancrs of Madison Send in Monday and Thursday Compliments of KROSTUE IMPLEMENT CO. Compliments of EARL ZWICKEY JONES TEXACO SERVICE KAN JONH'S, Manager Congratulations to the Class of 195! 11 hat ever you do, wherever you go. we wish you lots of good luck Mr. Mrs. Truman SharerCompliments of FOX BUILT FEEDS RALPH TIRAX and Kl WI TH KI.OSSM R Dealers CRANDELL OIL CO. Distributor of Texaco Products (ias — Fuel Oil — Lubrication Oil 1 ONA KFNNT'.Y — Agent Phone 70 For Quality Lumber and IInildi ({ Materials Call DOYON RAYNE LUMBER CO. Plume 67 Albany, Wisconsin Compliments of DOMINIC B0NGI0RN0 I hc Albany Hardware and Appliance Dealer for ZENTH AND KELVINATOR Compliments of ALBANY HDWE. SPEC. MFG. CO. The Faculty and The Seniors would like to take this opportunity to thank the business men for helping to make our annual a success.AutographsAutographsAutographsAutographs

Suggestions in the Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) collection:

Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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