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 TOE WINNETKAN Published by the Senior Class of ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL Albany, Wisconsin 1950 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOLMARION L. GARDNER Principal RUTH WHALEN Board of Education Treasurer A 0 M I N I $ I R A I I 0 I ALBERT LOEFFEL Board of Education President JAMES PRICE Board of Education Clerk 2MR. GARDNER Platteville State Teachers' College Principal World History American History Geography MR. ELMER School of Engineering, Milwaukee. Platteville State Teachers' College, University of Wisconsin. Agriculture Science MISS BARTON University of Wisconsin English II-III-IV Civics Dramatics MISS MERWIN University of Wisconsin English I Home Ec. Biology Physical Ed. MR. HEITZMAN Iowa State Teachers' College Coach Social Problems Bookkeeping Typing MR. FAVILLE Beloit College Band Chorus Algebra I-IIFront Row L to R: Mrs. Christopher, Miss Albers, Miss Smith, Mrs. Reinitz, Mrs. Edwards. Back Row: Mr. Elmer, Miss Barton, Mr. Gardner, Miss Merwin, Mr. Faville, Mr. Heitzman. THE FACULTY Mrs. Christopher..Grade 1 Mi83 Smith.....Grades 2,3 Miss Albers ....Grades 3,h Mrs. Reinitz ...Grades £,o Mrs. Edwirds...Grades 7,8 Mr. Elmer.....Agriculture Chemistry Science Mr. Heitzman.........Coach Social Problems Bookkeeping Typing Mi8s Barton.............Civics English II, in, IV Miss Merwin.....Home Economics English I Biology Mr. Faville...............Band Chorus Algebra I, II Mr. Gardner..........Principal Geography American History World History 4FRED HANMERLY 'Freddie Slow but sure. Honor Student Annual Staff Class President 3-1 . Paper Staff 1 . Band 1-2-3-1 . Chorus 1 Class Play 3-I . LOREN BAGLEY • Donnie' ’Talking of great men-what do you think of me Class Officer 1-2-3-1 . Annual Staff 1 Paper Staff Editor 1 . F.F.A. President I . Prom King 3 Band 3-1 . Chorus 2-3 Class Play 3-I4. Honor Student a SEMIOKS ALICE MARIE EDWARDS 'Common sense is not a common thing.' Class Secretary 1 Annual Staff 1 . Paper Staff I . Class Play 3 Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 2-3-1 . DARLYNE MILLER 'Curly 'Chatter, chatter as I go.' Class Treasurer i . Annual Staff 1 . Paper Staff 1 Class Play 3-1 Chorus 1-2 Band 2 Homecoming Attendant 3CAROLS JONES 'Jonsie' 'Pleasure first, duty last.1 Annual Staff 1 Paper Staff I4 Chorus 1-2-3-14 G • A • A . 1 NATHAN SPEICH 'Nate' 'Learning is labor-call it what you may. Annual Staff I4. Class Play 3-4 CLASS MOTTO: The Door To Success Is Labeled "PUSH"I ARDEN PATCKEN •Patch 'Sometimes I think I want a girl.' Annual Staff I4. Paper Staff I4 Baseball 1-2-3 Basketball 2-3 A Club 3-U Class Play 3-I4. CLASS COLORS: Maroon and Silver 'Silence is a great art of conversation.' Annual Staff i| Chorus 1-2-3-1+ Class Play 3-I4. Forensics 2 DARYL DAVENPORT 'John 'I'm not in the roll of common men.' Annual Staff I4. Class Play 3-4 6KATHRYN KAUK Kak •On with the dance.1 Honor Student Class President 1 Class Vice Pres. 3 Editor of Annual b, Paper Staff 1-2-3-1+ Forensics 2 Class Play 3-1+ A Club 1+ Sec. 3 Cheerleader 2-3 Prom Queen 3 Band Chorus 1-2-3-1+ Outstanding Jr. Girl D.A.R. Representative CLASS FLOWER: White Rose JUNIOR KLOSSNER •Don't try to convince me; I think for myself.» Honor Student Annual Staff 1+ Class Play 1+ Basketball 2-3 Baseball 2-3-5 A Club 3 Pres. 1+ Class Vice Pres. 2 HURLESS RANKINS •Sometimes I "set” and think, and sometimes I just "set . Annual Staff i+ Basketball 2-j-l+ Baseball 1 -2-3-1+ A Club 3-1+ Chorus 2 Class Play 3-1+ RUTH PHYLLIS DUNPHY •Phillie •Her heart has room for only one. Class Sec. Treas. 1 Class Treasurer 2 Annual Staff 1+ Paper Staff 1-3-1+ glass Play 3-I+ onecoming Queen DOROTHY PFEVTI •It Isn't site but determination that counts.» Class Secretary 2-3 Annual Staff 14 Paper Staff 3-I+ Forensics 2 Band 3c Chorus 1 -2-3-1+ Class Play 3-I+ A Club Secretary 1+ G.A.A. 3 Homecoming AttendantCLASS HISTORY A class of thirteen Intelligent freshmen entered Albany High In September 19U6. Ihey were from the following schools: Fred Hammer- ly and Arden Patchen, village school; Loren Bagley and Junior Klossner, Smiley; Kathryn Kauk, Norwegian; Phyllis Dunphy, Peeble s ; Dorothy Pfeuti, Falrview; Daryl Davenport and Dolores Lenz, Hart; Hurless Rankins, Kelly; Nathan Speich, Hardscrabble; Donald Stewart, Jordan Prairie; and Ramona Olin, Scotch Hill. Uiis group was very small, but widely known. We survived very well our initiation by the class of I9I4.9. Our adviser this year was Mrs. Gressman, our class president, Kathryn Kauk, our vice president, Loren Bagley, and our secretary and treasurer, Phyllis Dunphy. At the end of the first six weeks we gained Darlyne Miller from Monroe, and at the end of the first semester we lost Donald Stewart to Brodhead High. We put on a Christmas party which was easily deemed the best party of the year. Our sophomore year we started with thirteen students, but we lost Dolores Lenz during the first six weeks. Our class then had twelve members with Mrs. Gressman and Mr. Elmer as co-advisers. Loren Bagley was president; Junior Klossner, vice president; Dorothy Pfeuti, secretary, and Phyllis Dunphy, treasurer. In the forensics contest, held in March at Albany, were the following sophomores: Darlyne Miller, Kathryn Kauk, Dorothy Pfeuti, and Ramona Olin. This year we were hosts at an enjoyable valentine party. Our junior year gave us no new class members until March 1, when Alice Marie Edwards joined us from Dakota, Illinois. On April 22 we put on the Junior prom with Rob Edgar furnishing the music. Our theme was "Bluebird of Happiness". Loren Bagley and Kathryn Kauk as prom king and queen led the grand march. All agree it was one of the best proms ever held. On April 1 we put on a very successful class play, "Star Crazy". Our junior class officers were Fred Haramerly, president; Kathryn Kauk, vice president; Dorothy Pfeuti, secretary; and Loren Bagley, treasurer. Mr. Elmer was our class adviser.CLASS HISTORY Our senior year Carole Jones from Brodhead and Phyllis Hughes from Beloit Jo.'ned us to total fifteen, but we lost Phyllis during the third six weeks. Fred Hammerly again this year is our class president; Loren Bagley, vice president; Darlyne Miller, treasurer; and Alice Marie Edwards, se retary. Mr. Gardner is our adviser. This year we were hosts at a very spooky and hilarious Hallowe'en party. Our class play, "Midnight", was held March 31, and Miss Barton was our director. We have five members in band, five in chorus, and two in basketball. Our senior class members, totaling fourteen, are Fred Hammerly, Arden Patchen, Loren Bagley, Junior Klossner , Darlyne Miller, Ramona Olin, Dorothy Pfeuti, Phyllis Dun-phy, Kathryn Kauk, Carole Jones, Alice Marie Edwards, Hur-less Rankins, Nathan Speich, and Daryl Davenport. Although our class is small we have acheived much recognition and are undoubtedly the greatest class ever graduated from Albany High School. CUSS Will We, the class of 1950, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: 1. Arden Patchen wills his height to Arlyn Elmer. 2. Carole Jones wills her nightlife to Janna Briggs. 3. Kathryn Kauk wills her love of dancing to Stanley Sisson. U Alice Marie Edwards wills her quietness to Wanda Gaarder and Robert Abbott. 5. Phyllis Dunphy wills her steadiness to Carole Wood. 6. Ramona Olin wills her love of Algebra to Sherwood Carlson. 7. Darlyne Miller wills her smiles to Jim Price. 8. Junior Klossner wills his Ford to Karl Klossner. 9. Freddie Hammerly wills his ability to study to Glen Malkow. 10. Dorothy Pfeuti wills her blushing ability to Barbara Brown. 11. Daryl Davenport wills his love of photography to Helen Krause. 12. Loren Bagley wills his salesmanship to Louise Nipple. 13« Hurless Rankins wills his crew cut to Danny Ruef. 1I4. Nathan Speich wills his afternoon drowsiness to Bill Goecks. IS Ihe entire class wills its good behavior and quietness to the entire student body. 9CLASS PROPHECY June 7, 19 8, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Klossner, the former Darlyne Miller, were having their last cup of coffee before going to do the chores on their local farm, when they started talking of their old classmates of 1950. They decided everyone had been successful in fulfilling his plans. Loren Bagley has become head owner of a very important lead mine in Colorado, while Freddie Hamme rl y has graduated from denis try school, and is now practicing in Madison. Arden Patchen having liked fishing and hunting, has become a big game hunter and is noted for his marksmanship . Ramona Olin is now a librarian in Madison, receiving world wide fame, for she writes books in her spare time. Nathan Speich and Daryl Davenport have decided they would rather be speed drivers than farmers. The fast freight lines are now moving faster with Hurless Rankins owning his own business and traveling from coast to coast. Dorothy Pfeuti and Kathryn Kauk attended college; Dorothy becoming a bookkeeper in Madison and Kathryn is now teaching school in Milwaukee. Carole Jones, after attending business college has decided it would be nicer to live on a fann, and keep books for her husband. Another farmer's wife is Alice Marie Edwards. She married a a local farmer and is now very happy. Phyllis Dunphy also decided she, after attending college, would be a farmers wife. She now is married and is teaching school in Monticello. Junior and Darlyne decided after this conversation that everyone had made a useful life for themselves and was very happy. 10First Row: D. Pfeuti, K. Kauk, P. Dunphy, R. Olin, A. M. Edwards, D. Killer. Second Row: h’. Speich, F. Hammerly, H. Rankins, Director Miss Barton, A. patchen, D. Davenport, L. Bagley. C. Jones and J. Klossner missing. SENIOR CLASS PLAY •MIDNIGHT Characters Julia Greenv ood, a spinister...............Kathryn Kauk Claire Greenwood, her niece.................Dorothy Pfeuti Bob Morris, Claire's fiance..............Fred lie Hammerly Samuel Hardman, a lawyer....................Nathan Speich Ellen, Mist Greenwood's maid................Darlyne Miller Leonard, Miss Greenwood's chauffeur. . . Daryl Davenport Joe Howard, Ellen's boy friend............Junior Klossner Hugh Nichols, a friend of Joe's..............Arden Patchen Mr. Smith, a mysterious visitor..............Loren Bagley Paula Ward, his companion.............Alice Marie Edwards Mrs. Wick, a housekeeper....................Phyllis Dunphy Kate Bagley, a reporter.....................Carole Jones Eddie Bowers, a newsoaper photograoher. .Hurless Rankins Director......................................Miss Barton As3't Director................................Ramona Olin iiBABY DAYS O M ft N a. Th a n S. PKr i3 a 12"Bluebird of Happiness" was the theme of the Junior Prom given by the class of 1950 on Friday, April 22, I9U9. The gym was beautifully decorated in pastel colors and the many couples danced to the music of Rob Edgar and his orchestra. Leading the grand march at 10:30 were the king, Loren Bagley and his queen, Kathryn Kauk, Kathryn s dress vas of white marquisette and net. She had an orchid corsage. The court of honor couples were Dorothy Pfeuti and Charles Ferguson, Darlene Hoesly and Freddie Hammerly, Phyllis Dunphy and John Aeschlimann, and Marlene Reinitx and Daryl Rhyner. 13First Row: James Price, Mike Glass, Bill Goecks, James Carroll, Karl Klossner, Phil Zanonl, Daniel Ruef. Second Row; Class adviser Miss Merwin, Janna Briggs, Charlene Edwards, Barbara Smout, Lois Wahl, Carol Wood. Missing Delores Roennebur THE JUNIORS The class of 1951 entered high school in the fall of I9I4.7. They started school with thirteen members but during the first few weeks Donavan Malxow dropped out. Delores Roenneburg and Lois Wahl then joined them to make fourteen members. Janna Briggs, Grace nauri, Willis Zurfluh, and Tom Flood left them in their sophomore year, rtiile Charlene Edw rds joined them from Dakota, 111. This year they again found Janna Briggs back with them and also a new member, Bill Goecks from Juda, which makes their class total thirteen. Although not very large this class has contributed much to Albany High School. Nine members are in chorus, five members in band, two in forensics, and six in basketball. President-------------------- ---Bill Goecks Vice President--------------------Phil Zanoni Sec. Treasurer------------------James Price Adviser---------------------------Miss MerwinFront Row; Marlene Cortrite, Helen Krause, Lucille Nipple, Marjorie Hefty, Ruth Krueger, RosellaHoran, Betty Quint, Tena Hanson. Second Row; Paul Elmer, James Sharer, Georgeanne Hlavachek, class adviser Miss Barton, Karen Kittleson, Joyce Speich, Warren Sches er, Glen Malkow. Third Row; Donavan Malkow, Billy Flood, Franklin Smith, Alvin Walmer, Roger Steindorf, Kenneth Rhyner, Stanley Sisson, Carl Hannes, Russel Atkinson. THE SOPHOMORES In September 19i 8, twenty four Innocent, but very green, freshmen entered Albany High. During their frehhman year Edwin Smith dropped out and left them with twenty three members. Last fall they started school with twenty four members again. Lucille Nipple Joined them from Evansville. This class has proved Itself worthy to Albany High School with twenty two members in extra-curricular activities. Seventeen members are in chorus, eleven members in band, two cheerleaders, ten in basketball, and three in forensics. President--------------- Tena Hanson Vice President--------------------Ruth Krueger Secretary Treasurer-----Georgeanne Hlavachek Adviser-----------------------------------Miss Barton 13Front Row: Cynthia Bartlett, Wanda Gaarder, Bar- bara Brown, Janet Olson, Wanda Trow, Rita Thurmar Joann Petersen, Darlene Malkow. Seoond Row; Phyllis Gransee, Louise Nipple, Mary Zanoni, class adviser Mr. Faville, Marilyn Malkow, Joann Dunphy, Roseanne Pryce. Third Row: Robert Rhyner, Willis Nipple, Arlie Fahrney, Jon Kauk, Sherwood Carlsor Norbert Sperry, Eugene Farmer, Robert Abbott, Arlyn Elmer. Missing Grace Flood. THE FRESHMEN Twenty four very green freshmen entered high school September 5, 19h9 After surviving the initiation by the sophomores they soon found their place in high school. From the twenty four members, twenty are in extra curricular activities. Thirteen members are in chorus, twelve in band, three cheerleaders, four In basketball, and three in forensics, which proves they have quality as well as quantity. President----- Vice President Secretary----- Treasurer----- Adviser------- —Joann Petersen -----Rita Thurman -----Mary Zanoni Cynthia Bartlett -----Mr. Faville 16Front Row: Daniel Ruef, Bill Goecks, Karl Klos- sner, Phillip Zanoni, James Carroll, James Price. Back Row: Director Miss Barton, Janna Briggs, Carol Wood, Charlene Edwards, Barbara Smout, Lois Wahl. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY •LET ME OUT OF HERE Directed by Miss Barton CHARACTERS Bessie Rhodes. • . Bona Lynn......... Eve Boyd.......... Hazel Niles. . . . Stevie Cobb. . . . Garret Lynn. . . . Victor Ward. . . . Angela Boyd. . . . Gifford Morton. . Marshal Ward. . . Assistant Director Stage Manager. . . Publicity......... . . . Janna Briggs • • Barbara Smout Delores Roenneburg • • • • Lois Wahl • Phillip Zanoni • . Jimmy Carroll . . Karl Klossner .Charlene Edwards • • . .Daniel Ruef . . . .Bill Goecks . . . .James Price . . Michael Glass • . • .Carol Wood 17 ✓Front Row: K. Kittleson L. Wahl, R. Horan, B. Brown, B. Smout, C. Jones, G. Hlavachek, C. Wood, R. Thurman, P. Gransee, Second Row; W. Trow, M. Cortrlte, C. Edwards, R. Olin, H. Krause, W. Gaarder, D. Malkow, M. Zanonl, Mr. Faville. Third Row: A. Elmer, R. Pryce, D. Pfeuti, A. Edwards, J. Olson, K. Kauk, B. Q.uint, R. Krueger, L. Nipple, T. Hanson, M. Malkow, W. Nipple, Fourth Row: J. Price, D. Malkow, R. Atkinson, R. Steindorf, M. Glass, S. Sisson, J. Carroll, F. Smith, A. Walmer, D. Ruef. MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus is the only singing group that the high school has this year. There are twenty nine girls and twelve boys. Kenneth Rhyner and Warren Schesser Joined us in the second semester making a total of fourty three members. We put on the Christmas concert which was a hugh success. This year we are entering the tournament in class C. under the direction of Mr. Faville. First Row; G. Francis, J. Sutherland, J. Bongiorno, P. Parker, B. Fahrney, M. Cortrite, P. Gransee, F. Hamraerly, A. Elmer, B. Smout, J. Whalen, J. Speich, A. Whalen, M. Bly, Mr. Faville, Second Row; m‘. Mal-kow, W. Gaarder, R. Thurman, M. Bongiorno, D. Pfeuti H. Krause, A. Edwards, W. Trow, K. Kauk, M. Hefty, L. Nipple, C. Edwards, G. Hlavachek, E. King, N. King, Third Row: J. Webb, F. Bongiorno, J. Price, J. Sharer, J. Stephenson, F. Smith, K. Kittleson, C. Wood, M. Oberholtter, D. Malkow, L. Bagley, R. Stein-dorf, G. Malkow, D. Sharer, N. Hoesly. SENIOR BAND The Albany band now has fourty three members and is under the direction of Mr. FavlEe. We meet three times a week for rehearsal and each student has a private lesson. We are entering the tournament In class C. Marilyn Malkow is our new majorette. First Row: J. Blumer, J. Dunphy, J. Hanson, C. Bartlett, P. Hlavachek, B. Smout, A. Walmer, S. Gaarder, R. Rhyner, Second Row: M. Striker, M. Zimmerman, T. Hanson, V. Wahl, Mr. Faville director, S. Zanoni, R. Abbott, W. Althaus, R. Flesher, J. Briggs. JUNIOR BAND The members of the Junior Band are from Albany schools and the surrounding rural schools. Mr. Faville is also the director of this group. This group has not yet had a chan® to show their worth, but many of them have hopes of being in the seniQr band next year.HOT TOUCH MAINTENANCE TRANSPORTATION First Row: Lou Graves, Bill Patchen, George Flaherty. Second Row: Trells Webb, Birdie Thurman. Trella Webb .................................... Cook Birdie Thurman....................................Cook Lou Graves.....................................Janitor Bill Patchen...................................Janitor Bus Driver George Flaherty Bus DriverFirst Row: L. to R. D. Malkow, R. Atkinson, B. Goecks, J. Carroll, D. Ruef, F. Smith. Second Row: W. Gaarder, R. Thurman, C. Bartlett, Miss Barton. FORENSICS Our local contest was held March 3 In the Grade School Gymnasium. Those participating were Janna Briggs................. Cynthia Bartlett............. Wanda Gaarder ............... Russel Atkinson ............. Wanda Trow................... Dan Ruef..................... Robert Rhyner ............... James Carroll ............... Bill Goecks ................. Franklin Smith............... Rita Thurman................. Roseanne Pryce............... Donavon Malkow............... . Serious Declamation . Serious Declamation . Serious Declamation •Non-original Oration .Non-original Oration Extemporaneous Reading Extemporaneous Reading .Humorous Declamation .Humorous Declamation •Humorous Declamation •Humorous Declamation •Humorous Declamation .Humorous Declamation Miss Barton was the director of the group and Miss Merwin was assistant director. 22Front Row: J. Powers, M. Bongiorno, M. Cortrlte, K. Kauk, Adviser Mr. Gardner, L. Bagley, D. Pfeuti, R. Thurnan, D. Miller. Second Row; J. Briggs, C. Wood, C. Edwards, P. Dunphy, A. Edwards, L. Wahl, C. Jones, T. Hanson, Third Row; A. Walraer, D. Ruef, F. Smith, R. Stelndorf, F. Hammerly, J. Carroll, B. Goecks, R. Atkinson, W. Schesser, J. Price. Missing Norma Sharp. PAPER STAFF Editor--------Loren Bagley Ass't Ed.--Dorothy Pfeuti Art Ed.------Alice Edwards Birthdays-----Kathryn Kauk Sports--------Bill Goecks Warren Schesser Gossip------Darlyne Miller Phyllis Dunphy Humor----------------James Carroll Freddie Hammerly Senior News—Carole Jones Junior News-----Lois Wahl Sophomore News----Marlene Cortrlte Freshmen News---------Rita Thurman Band Chorus---Jim Price Special Features--------- Phyllis Dunphy Adviser--------Mr. Gardner Senior Interviews------ Charlene Edwards Janna Briggs F.F.A. News------------ Alvin Walmer Ag. 11 12 Dan Ruef Ag. 9 10-------Russel Atkinson Grade News 7 8------- Marilyn Bongiorno Grade News 1-6-Juanita Powers, Norma J. Sharp Typists---Kathryn Kauk Tena Hanson Roger Stelndorf Carol Wood Dorothy Pfeuti Lois Wahl Printers-Franklin Smi th Warren Schesser 23First Row: L. Wahl, K. Kauk, W. Schesser, D. Pfeuti, J. Klossner, B. ulnt, K. Kittleson, Second Row: S. Sisson, M. Glass, H. Rankins, A. Patchen, R. Steindorf, A. Walmer, Third Row: Adviser Mr. Heitzman, P. Elmer, B. Goecks, J. Carroll, K. Klossner, P. Zanoni, J. Price. A CLUB The A Club, made up of students who have earned a letter in athletics, music; or forensics, now totals nineteen. This is its second year of organization. Mr. Heitzman is the adviser. The A Club has continued having the candy machine which it started last yeAr. Everyone enjoys this. Parties have been sponsored by the A Club, for its members and their friends. President................Junior Klossner Vice resident-----------------------Phil Zanoni Secretary-------------------------Dorothy Pfeuti Treasurer----------------Warren Schesser Adviser..................-Coach Heitzman 24FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F.F.A. has proved very successful this year with Its enrollment of twenty six members. This organization has four important purposes. They are: To promote vocational agriculture in high schools. To create more interest in the choice of farming occupations. To promote thrift. To promote scholarship. (High standards of class room and supervised practice work are required by members who desire advancement in the organization.) The officers of the F.F.A. are President • • Vice President Secretary • • Treasurer • • Reporter • • Sentinel • Adviser • • • •Loren Bagley Karl Klossner . Phil Zanoni . .Mike Glass Alvin Walmer .Bill Goecks • V. U. Elmer 23 ClFirst Row: m. Cortrite, J. Briggs, C. Wood, L. Nipple, R. Krueger, M. Hefty, R. Horan, C. Bartlett, R. Thurman, J. Petersen, W. Gaarder, K. Kittleson. Second Row: Adviser Miss Merwin, D. Miller, A. Edwards, B. Srnout, L. Nipple, N. Zanoni, J. Dunphy, J. Olson, G. Hlavachek, T. Han3 on, H. Krause, P. Gransee, R. Pryce, Third Row: D. Pfeuti, J. Speich, M. Mallow, D. Malkow, C. Edwards, P. DunDhy, B. Brown,' K. Kauk, B. Quint, C. Jones, W. Trow, L. Wahl GIRL S PHYSICAL EDUCATION The girls physical education class, under the direction of Miss Merwin, engaged in various activities this year. This class is made up of all the girls in high school. Each is required to take phy. ed. once a week. Fall and spring activities were softball and calistnentics. Bowling, basketball, and calisthen-tics made up our winter sports. 26A TEAM: RUTH KRUEGER. BETTY QUINT, WANDA GAARDER CHEERLEADERS B TEAM: RITA THURMAN, JOANNE PETERSEN 27Front Row; H. Rankins, B. Flood, P. Zanoni, Coach Heitzraan, M. Glass, S. Sisson, W. Schesser. Second Row: C. Hannes, J. Price, B. Goecks, J. Sharer, R. Steindorf, J. Kauk, K. Klossner, A. Calmer, J. Klossner, Manager P. Elmer. BASEBALL Fall I9U9 Albany 0 Montlcello 8 Albany 0 Montlcello 1 SPRING 1950 April 17 Montlcello at Albany April 2I4. Albany at Brooklyn May 1 Orfordvllle at Albany May 8 Albany at Brodhead May 15 Albany at Juda 26First Row: Coach Heitzman, W. Schesser, S. Sisson, H. Rankins, M. Glass, P. Zanoni, J. Price. Second Row: Manager B. Goecks, A. Walmer, R. Steindorf, K. Kloss -ner, J. Sharer, Manager P. Elmer. BASKETBALL The 19U9-1950 basketball schedule and scores were as follows: Nov. Ik, 19h9 Albany Nov. 18, 19t9 Albany Nov. 22, 19U9 Albany Dec. 2, 19U9 Albany Dec. 6, 19U9 Albany Dec. 9, 19U9 Albany Dec. 16, 19U9 Albany Dec. 20, I9h9 Albany Dec. 30, 19U9 Albany Jan. 1 , 1950 Albany Jan. 12, 1950 Albany Jan. 18, 1950 Albany Jan. 20, 1950 Albany Jan. 2i|, 1950 Albany Jan. 27, 1950 Albany Jan. 30, 1950 Albany Feb. 3, 1950 Albany Feb. 9, 1950 Albany 31 ----Alumni I4.O 26 ----Winslow, 111. 29 I4.I----Brodhead 1 6 32 ----Ar,-,yle 28 IJ -----Orfordville 1 3 31------Juda 3I4. 30------Monticello 56 27 ----Brooklyn 25 29 ----Cassville 32 8 ----- Bloomington 39 6......Belleville 25 -----Juda 29 46------Hollandale l±3 33 ----Monticello O? 30 ....Orfordville 33 2-------Brooklyn 36 8-------New Glarus 50 39......Blanchardville 1 3 29First Row: Coach Heitzman, J. Kauk, J. Sharer, R. Steindorf, F. Smith, A. Elmer, Manager P. Elmer. Second Row: A. Fahr- ney, S. Carlson, L. Bagley, K. Rhyner, J. Carroll, B. Flood, D. Ruef, D. Malkow, R. Atkinson. BASKETBALL The 19l}.9-19$0 basketball schedule and scores were as follows: Nov. 18, 19U9 Albany 32 — . 20 Nov. 22, 19U9 Albany 3b — Dec. 2, 191+9 Albany 20 — Dec. 6, 19U9 Albany 18 — 8 Dec. 9, 19U9 Albany 17 — — Juda 11 Dec. 16, 19U9 Albany 13 — 33 Dec. 20, 191+9 Albany 18 —- Jan. 12, 1950 Albany 17 — — Belleville 13 Jan. 18, 1950 Albany 20 — — Juda 21 llr Jan. 20, 1950 Albany 21 --- Jan. 2I4., 1950 Albany 12 30 Jan. 27, 1950 Albany 3b — — Orfordville 13 Jan. 36, 1950 Albany 21 — Feb. 3, 1950 Albany 25 — 33 Feb. 9, 1950 Albany 17 — 30STUFF and NONSENSE Jl St PosifCr. A- P Ft?WHA)E V Jfiif AtiiN J. O SEPtEHb£RJi, W? Sjvor?? Lov F JT f. A I. 3tCOMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of DR. E. 0. OSBORNE Bob Burdick COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of EARL ZtfICKEY DR. D. H. PARTRIDGE COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of ALBANY HDWE. SPEC. MFG. CO. ALVIN MILLER BOWMAN YOUR BARBER HAS A GOOD HAIRCUT FOR YOU. Agent for Paris Drycleaners of Madison GREEN CO. SERVICE CO. Distributor of Farmco Products GAS - OILS TONY KENNEY - AGENT Send in Monday and Thursdays Phone 70 COMPLIMENTS JONES TEXACO SERVICE °f Complete One Stop Service TEALE S NASH SERVICE Fay Jones, Manager Albany, Wis. Phone 150 Albany, Wisconsin TEXACO FIRE CHIEF GASOLINE COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of ALBhNY locker plant KROSTUE IMPLEMENT CO. Now is the time to learn AFTER GRADUATION To not kill time. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CLASSMATES It always get revenge I READ YOUR DEHMER REXALL DRUGS ALBANY HERALD "JOIN THE GANG" COMPLIMENTS at the jry or Ns EDGEWA TER CAFE THE ALBANY HARDWARE Haraburgers-raalts-ice cream-candy and APPLIANCECOMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of THE ALBANY FARM CO-OP CHRISTOPHER'S COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of INDIANA CONDENSED MILK CO. BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of TRUMAN E. SHARER Albany, Wisconsin McCREE®Y S jp| STORE COMPLIMENTS WHITCOMB ELECTRIC SHOP of RCA VICTOR RADIOS R. W. SELLNCW Complete Horae Service LIME CONTRACTOR Phone i|2 Albany, Wisconsin Albany, WisconsinCOMPLIMENTS Livestock, Hauling, and Buying OF COMPLIMENTS LEE S CAFE of Mr. and Mrs. Loon Marty RALPH E. LUEDY COMPLIMENTS For viuality Lumber and of Building Materials Call DOYON 3c RAYNE LUMBER CO. F. J. BONGIORNO, M. D. Phone 67 Albany, Wis. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of THE GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU ALBANY BEAUTY MART Phone 70 Albany, Wis. "LEARN TO BOAL THEM OVER" COMPLIMENTS of at BANK OF ALBANY "Your patronage Is Invited THE ALBANY BOWLING ALLEY and appreciated" Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp.VILLAGE HARDWARE PHILCO Phone 18 COMPLIMENTS THE PEOPLES CHOICE (DEANS ) DAIRY PRODUCTS wish you Happiness and Good Health through your life's journey ERNEST C. WAEFFLER DIST. Monroe, Wis. IN BEHALF OF TOE FACULTY AND of WISCONSIN POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY TOE SENIORS, WE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK THE BUSINESS MEN WHO HAVE HELPED TO MAKE OUR ANNUAL A SUCCESS. MYERS -iS YEARBOOKS THE PACEMAKERS OF QUAllTV MYERS AND CO. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS

Suggestions in the Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) collection:

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