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% THE WINNETKAN Published by the Senior Class o f ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL Albany, Wisconsin 1949AdminMinxitUM ALBERT LOEFFEL Board of Education President HARVEY L. BRONSON Principal RUTH WHALEN Board of Education Treasurer JAMES PRICE Board of Education ClerkSUSS BARTON English II-III-1V Civics I Girls Phy. Ed. MRS. SELL English I Band Chorus MRS. DAHL Geometry Algebra Home Economics MR. V. U. ELMERS Science Physi cs Agri culture MR. M. L. GARDNER Coach Geography Biology Am. History Social Problems MR. H. L. BRONSON Principal Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping1 .1 .1 ] ] ] ] 1 ] 1 ] 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Front Bow L to B: Mr . Christopher, Mrs. Partridge, Mr . Beinitz. Mr . Laughridge, Mr . Edwards. Back Bow: Mr. Elmer, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Bronson, Mrs. Dahl, Mrs. Sell, Miss Barton. THE FACULTY Mrs. Christopher . . . . Grade 1 Mrs. Laughridge . .Grades 2 3 Mra. Partridge. . .Grades 3 4 Mrs. Beinitz. . . .Grades 5 6 Mrs. Edwards. . . .Grades 7 8 Mi 88 Barton . . English II. Ill, IV Mrs. Sell . . . Band Chorus Mrs. Dahl . . . .Home Economics Geometry Algebra Mr. Elmer..............Agriculture Physics Science I Mr. Gardner, Coach . Physical Ed. Geography Social Problems American History Bio logy Mr. Bronson, Principal .......... Typing Shorth and BookkcepingSTANTON ST EUR I •Doc' Stanton's a swell guy, Wc know, You'll always fjnd him on the go. Band Chorus 2-3-4 Class Play 2-3-4 Forensics 4 Officer A Club Cheerleader 4 Edi tor School Paper Annual Staff SetutrtA, mv DARYL RHYNER He may seem shy but he is one swell guy. Honor Student Paper Staff 3-4 Cl ass PI ay 3- 4 Annual Staff Sr. Class President ROBERT PHILLIPS 'Satch A sparkle in his eyes and a devilish grin on his face. Band Chorus 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff Cl ass Officer THE FORTY-NINERS MARLBSE REINITZ ' Dumbo' A Musician at heart, with fun in her soul, A living by nursing is her goal. Salutatori an Paper Staff 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Q ass Play 2-3-4 Sr. Cl ass Officer Annual Staff Homecoming Queen '49 JUNE E. SISSON ‘Legs' I can resist everything except temptation. Honor Student Paper Staff 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Forensics 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Officer A Club Editor of the Sr. Annual Homecoming AttendantAft. FINE BHOUGHTON 'Lee She uses her brain with lack of strain. Valadictori an Paper Staff 3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Band 3-4 Forensics 2-4 Cl ass Play 3-4 Annual Staff D.A.R. Representative CHARLES FERGUSON Ferg' I'm a woman-hater, but the Bible says 'love thine enemies.' Puper Staff 3-4 Band Chorus 1-2-3-4 Cl ass Play 2-3-4 A Club CLASS motto : "TOMIGHT WE LAUNCH TH 6 SHIP, TOfAOftftOXd WfcCROSS., THE BAY - DORIS BURDICK 'Dode' Her heart like a moon always has a man in it. Paper Staff 4 Chorus 4 STANLEY BURR INCHON ‘Big Burr' The fountain of perpetual speech flows here. Paper Staff 4 Chorus 4 Forensics 4 Class Play 4 HOWARD FLOOD •Mike’ Don't study your lessons, lessen your studies. Chorus 2-3GRACE PECKHAM 'Teeni e When study interferes with a good time, cut out the study. Paper Staff 4 Cl ass PI ay 4 band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3 Forensics 4 Prom Queen 1948 Annual Staff RALPH SELLNOW 'Sonny CLASS FLOVJER: WHITE ROSE GLORIA SCHNEIDER Shorty Mischievous, frolicsome, smiling, and gay, You'll never be bored with her company, we say. Paper Staff 3-4 Band Chorus 1-2-3-4 Forensics 4 Cl ass Play 3-4 Cheerleader 4 Annual Staff VERNON SCHELP •Schmo A great sense of humor with spesking sbility to match. Paper Staff 4 Chorus 1-2-3- 4 Forensics 2-3-4 a ass Play 3 Prom King 1948 A Club NORMA SMITH •Slick When there's fun, he is tops, in athletics he’s great, Among all the kids he 11 always rate. Paper Staff 4 Band Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Play 2-3-4 Annual Staff A Club She can sing, she can dance, Give her more than one quick glance. Paper Staff 4 Chorus Band 1-2-3-4 Forensics 4 Cl ass PI ay 3 Annual Staff Cheerleader 4MARGARET SPINHIRNE ‘Marge' True she burns the midnight oil. But sad to say ’ tis not for toil . Paper Staff 3-4 Cl aas PIoy 3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 1.......... o BETTY WHEELER CLfcSS COLONS: RfLD and Jhcte WAYNE WAHL •Bud Although he doesn't shock you, he’s o live wire. Paper Staff 4 A lot of zip, especially where gym is concerned. Class Play 3-4 A Cl ub DOROTHY WAL.VER KARLEN GERTRUDE ZIMMERMAN •Gert’ Angels are perfect, but 1 m a woman. Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staf f In school she is shy and demure. Outside of school we re not so sure. Annual Staff Band 1-2-3-4 Homecoming AttendantGlaU c liAiosuf, SENIOR CLASS HISTORY A class of fifteen innocent freshmen entered Albany High School in the autumn of 1945. We were: from the village school, Marlene Reinitz, Betty Wheeler, June Sisson, Pat Molm, Grace Peckham, Charles Ferguson, Robert Phillips, Vernon Schelp, and Ralph Sellnow: from the local rural schools, Arlene Broughton, Gloria Schneider, Gertrude Zimmerman, Margaret Spinhirne, Norma Smith, and Daryl Bhyner. This group, the class of 1949, very quickly made itself prominent around school. Wo survived the initiation, sponsored by the class of 1948, and went along our straight and narrow path. Our advisors were Mr. Elmer, Mrs. Carlson, and Mrs. LXin-phy, and our class president was Ralph Sellnow. In October we showed our superior abilities by winning the magazine sales campaign. Our reward for this was a trip to Madison and free tickets to a university basketball game. We put on the Christmas party which was a huge success. During April of that year we lost Pat Molm. We started our sophomore year with Pat Molm, Howard Flood, and Stanton Steuri, but we lost Pat again soon after school started. During the year-we were joined by Dorothy Walmer Karlen and James Schoville; we lost James after only a few weeks. Our advisor was Mrs. Anderson and Ralph Sellnow was again our class president. We sponsored the initiation party which was noted for its new and original stunts. The class presented a one-act play, 'The Valiant.' a well-acted tragedy, in the local dramatic contest. Our junior year is one of our most outstanding years. We started that with our class intact, but were soon joined by Wayne Wahl. Charles Ferguson was our class president and we were assisted by Miss Barton. (Air class play, given in October, ‘Double Exposure,' the funniest com- edy ever given by any class. April 24 was the date of our prom at which we danced to the dreamy music of Al Alverson. We selected the theme 'Apple Blossom Time,' and the gym was beautifully decorated with a rainbow of pastel colors. Vernon Schelp and Grace Peckham, our prom king and queen, led the grand march. This was undoubtedly the best prom Albany has ever had. We started school last fall with two additional students, Dons Burdick and Stanley lurnngton. Mr. Bronson is our advisor, and our class officers are Daryl Rhyner, president; Marlene .Reinitz , vice-president; and Robert Phillips, secretary and treasurer. We presented the thrilling mystery, 'Who Killed Aunt Caroline?’ as our senior class play. Our class sponsored the Hallowe'en party which was the 'party of the year.' We have nine members of our class in the band; eight, in the girls’ glee club; five, in the boys’ glee club; thirteen, in the mixed chorus; and seven of our members participated in forensics work.HISTORY (co„t) The members of our graduating class are Arlene B. Broughton, Marlene Reinitz, June Sisson, Gertrude Zimmerman, Margaret Spinhirne, Grace Pcckham, Doris Burdick, Gloria Schneider, Dorothy Calmer Karlen, Norma Smith, Betty Wheeler, Ralph Sellnow, Stanley Purrington, Vernon Schelp, Stanton Steuri, Howard Mood, Daryl Rhyner, Wayne Wahl, and Robert Phillips. Together we represent more ability and brains than was ever massed together in one class. July 1, 1955, Stanton Steuri, editor-in-chief of the ‘Albany Herald,' dropped in at ’Sonny’s Clip Joint for a haircut. This is Albany's barber shop run by his old A. H. S. classmate, Ralph Sellnow. In their conversation they started reminiscing about what happened to the other members of their class of 1949. They came to the conclusion that their friends had all been successful in carrying out their plans. Marlene Reinitz graduated from Methodist Hospital and is now nursing at the St. Clare Hospital in Monroe. The ‘Albany Beauty Shop’ and its proprietor, Robert L. Pin Hips, are doing a prosperous business. He is assisted in this by Doris Burdick who attended beauty school; then decided to settle down in Albany. They hear occasionally from Charles Ferguson, now on tour with his own concert group. Another famous member of the class of 1949 is Inward Mood who has hunted wild game all over North America. Grace Peckham and Dorothy Walmer Karlen are to be found living in the vicinity of Albany. Both have settled down to work as housewives which they seem to prefer above all other occupations. Completing the quartette of married students are Betty Wheeler and Margaret Spinhirne. Betty lives in California, where her interest in the U. S. Marines has taken her. Margaret lives with her husband in Albany; they seem very happy. One of the most prosperous farmers in the area is Daryl A. Rhyner. lie chose dairy farming, and his land is used for experimenting in new methods by the State Department of Agn cul ture. Several of the members of the class of '49 are to be found in Madison. Among them are Wayne Wahl, who is making his fortune in the used-car business, and his secretary, Gloria Schneider. Stanley Lurrington is in Madison where he ls a government accountant. We hear Vernon Schelp over the local radio stations where he is making good as a comedian. Arlene Broughton is assistant to a prominent surgeon, but her personal interest in medicine may cause her to change professions. CLASS PROPHECYPROPHECY (tont") Hie three remaining members o! the class, {ertrude Z unite man, orma Smith, and .June .Sisson all iovr ew V»rk as their headquarters. Gertrude mtikr i regular flights to I ermuda. in her occupation as uirltnr hostess. ormo. a iVAYL, is stationed here, too, am. dune, wife of a prominent banker does port time modeling as a hobby. thus Stanton and alpli decided that Llioi r classmates were nil happy and looking forward to useful lives. GIgaA Will t.ASl WILL ANU ILSTA'LM Of TIL GLASS 01 1949 We, the class of 1949, being of sound mind and hody, do hereby bequeath the following: 1. Gertrude Zimmerman leaves her quietness to Jimmy Carroll. 2. liownrd Flood leaves his ability to skip sciiool to anyone who wants it. 3. Doris Burdick leaves her love of dancing to Junior hlossner. 4. Daryl Ihyner leaves his jeep to Warren Schesser. 5. Stanton Steuri leaves his ability to remember things to Mr. Bronson 6. Marlene Beinitz. leaves her piano-plaving to Georgeanne iilavachek. 7. (dona Schneider leaves her flirtatiousness to Alvin Maimer. P. Hal ph Sell now leaves his basketball ability to Lddir S«ii th. 9. Stanley Burrington leaves his typing errors to next year's typing class. 10. Norma Smith leaves her musical ability to Loren Bagley. 11. June Sisson leaves her extracurricular activities to Kathryn Kauk. 12. Arlene Broughton leaves her work in the liot lunch program to Barbara Smout. 13. Vernon Schelp leaves his gi ft of gaL to Arden Patchen. 14. Wayne Wahl leaves his ‘.'odel T’ to Miss Barton. 15. Dorothy "aimer Karlen leaves her talent for playing basketball to Betty Quint. 16. Margaret Spinhirne leaves her love of late hours to Mrs. Dahl. 17. lobert Bin Hips leaves Ins long fingernails to Danny buef. 18. Betty Wheeler leaves her ‘steady’ to Darlene Miller. 19. Grace Beckham leaves her love of Lnglish to Dorothy Bfeuti. 20. Charles Ferguson leaves his voice to Kenneth ’ hyner. 21. The entire class leaves its ability on ‘how to co-operate with the teachers’ to the entire student body.PNOM The Junior From 'Apple Hlosson lime’ was given by the Class of ’49 on Saturday, April 24, 1948. The gym as beautifully decorated in pastel colors and the many couples danced to the music of A1 A1 verson and his orchestra. Leading the grand march at 10:30 were the king, Vernon Schelp and his queen, Grace Pecjt-hem. Grace was dressed in a gown of rayon satin and net.. Her corsage was of red camillias and white gardenias. The court of honor couples were Margaret Oberholtzer and Uouglas Stephenson, Kathleen Lroughton and Diaries Ferguson, Gertrude Zimmerman and l.alpn Snellow, and Charlene Krueger and William Feidler.Front How: (L. to R.) D. Calmer. A. Broughton, N. Smith, J. Sisson, D. Burdick B. Wheeler, M. Reimtz, G. Schneider. Back Row: Miss Barton. S. Steun, R. Phillips, S. Burnngton, D. Rhyner, R. Snellow, C. Ferguson, G. Beckham. SENIOR CLASS PIA •Wit) KILLED ALTS! CAfCLINF.?' Directed by Miss Barton CAST Eleanor Endicott..........................................Grace Beckham Agnes, her daughter..............................June Sisson Beryl, about 16 ............................. Gloria Schneider Cicely, the youngest daughter ............... Arlene Broughton Aunt Caroline...................................Dorothy Wnlnter Miss Mabbit, her companion................................Betty Wheeler Louise McLain, Ricky’s teacher..................Marlene Reinitz Una Hagaman, takes piano lessons............Margaret Spmhirne Richard Endicott, the only son.............. Charles Ferguson Dan Donovan, Beryl’s love light ................ Daryl Rhyner Dave Thompson, the young reporter .... Stanley Burrington Lieutenant Clayton..............................Stanton Steun Assistant Director.........................................Dons Rurkick Stage Manager....................................Ralph Sell now3. VERtslor S ■■■■■■ 6, EXTRUDE z June. GLORIA S. GKACE P Norm s.I J 1 J f F f I I » » I » » I | I 1 I | I Front Row: (L. to R.) D. Ffeuti, K. Kauk, R. Olin, F. Dunphy, D. Hiller, Back Row: Mr. Elmer, L. Bagley, F. Hammerly, A. Patchen, H. Rankina, D. Davenport, J. Klossner, N. Speich. JUNIORS The class of 1950 entered Albany High School in the fall of 1946. At that time they were a very quiet, shy group of students and strangely enough they remain much the same. Despite their sire, the class consists of only twelve members, they are really quite active in extra-curricular activities as they have four in chorus, five in band, and four in basketball. President. . . Vice-president Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Advisor. . . . Fred Hammerly .Kathryn Kauk Dorothy Pfeuti Donald Bagley . . Mr. ElmerI I 1 I 1 1 1 « 1 Front How: L to H: C. Wood, D. Honneburg, Miss barton, B. Smout, L. Wahl Back How: M. Glass, D. Huef, J. Carroll, P. Zanoni, K. Klossner, J. Price SOPHOMORES Ihe class of 1951 entered Albany High School September 2, 1947. At that time they were a very inexperienced group but have since carved their place in Albany High. They survived initiation and now consider themselves very important upperclassmen. Though small, the class has only ten members, they are very active in extra-curricular activities. All the girls are in the glee club and four of the boys also sing. At present they h ve two senior band members. President- ------------- James Carroll Vice-President ------------ Phil Zanoni Secretary and Treasurer- ------ Karl Klossner Advisor- ---------------Miss Barton1 J J } » » » I ,» I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Front Row: L to R: J. Speich, R. Kreuger, M. Cortrite, M. Hefty, G. Hlavachek I!. Quint, R. Horan, T. Hansen. 2nd : H. Krause, P. Elmer, H. Flood, A. Calmer, Mrs. Sell, R. Atkinson, J. Sharer, D. Malkow, C. Ilannes, K. Kittlesai. 3rd : L to R: W. Schesser, K. Rhyner, R. Steindorf, S. Sisson, E. Smith F. Smith, and G. Malkow. FRESHMAN Airing September, 1948 , 24 extremely green and innocent freshman entered Albany High School. After suffering some embarrassing initiations, they found their place in school. Ihis class of 24 is the largest in school. To prove that they have quality as well as quantity, they have 8 band members, 11 chorus members, 3 A team members, and 5 B team members. President- ----------- -Franklin Smith Vice-President --------- -Paul Elmer Jr. Secretary and Treasurer- - - - - Warren Schesser Advisor- --------------- Mrs. Sell7 7 7 7 7 7 Front How: (L. to R. ) Mrs. Sell, A. Broughton, H. Kreuger, K. Kittleson, 11. Horan, G. illavachek, B. Snout, C. Wood, D. Bonneburg, H. Krause, G. Schneider. Back Row: M. Cortrite, D. Pfeuti, K. Kauk, N. Smith, M. Reinitz, J. Sisson, R. Olin, D. Burdick, B. Wheeler, B. Qiint, L. Wahl. M. Spinhirne not pictured. GIRLS GLEE CLUB The girls' glee club, consisting of twenty-two members is singing in Class C this year. We have eight altos, seven second sopranos, and six first sopranos, showing that the group is well balanced. We have participated in several concerts this year, in which we showed unusual ability.’ ’ ' ’ .1 J ,1 J » Front Row: (L. to R. ) Mrs. Sell, F. Smith, K. Rhyner, V. Schelp, H. Steindorf, R. Sell now, R. Phillips, C. Ferguson, J. Price. Back Row: R. Atkinson, W. Schesser, S. Sisson, J. Carroll, S. Burrington, L. Rap ley, D. Ruef, J. Sharer. BOYS’ GLEE CLUB The boys’ glee club of sixteen members, four singing first tenor, seven second tenor, and five basses. They sang in Class C at the contest this year. The boys all enjoyed singing and in several concerts they proved that they were mighty though small.Front Row L to R: Mrs. Sell. A. Broughton, R. Kreuger, K. Kittleaon, G. Illavachek, B. Scnout, C. Wood, D. Ronneburg, G. Schneider. Row Two: M. Cor trite, D. Pfeuti, K. Kauk, N. Smith, M. Reinitz, J. Sisson. D. Burdick, B. Quint, L, Wahl. Row Three: K. Rhyner, V. Schelp, F. Smith, R. Steindorf, R. Sellnow, R. Phillips, L. Ferguson, D. Ruef, J. Price. Back Row: S. Steuri, W. Schesser, S. Sisson, R. Atkinson, L. Bagley, J. Sharer, J. Carroll, S. Burrington. 1 1 1 1 1 1 MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus, madeup of the boys’ glee club plus selected members of the girls glee club, is singing in Class C at the music festival. This organization appeared in several concerts this year and displayed much talent. As one of Albany's three choruses to take part in the contest it showed itself to be really worthwhile.I 1 1 I 1 ,1 1 1 Front Row (L. to R. 1: W. Schesser, R. Phillips, M. Cortrite, G. Peckham, S. Stcuri, R. Sellnow, A. timer, J. Price, R. Steindorf, T. Hansen. Second Row: Mrs. Sell, M. Bongiorno, D. Pfeuti, G. Zirwnerman, N. Snith, F. Hammerly, E. King, R. Thurman, W. Gaardar, K. Kauk, W. Trow. Third Row: A. Broughton, C. Ferguson, G. Schneider. SENIOR BAND The Albany High School band under the direction of Mrs. Sell, is proving itself to be a very capable organization. We now have band every day, which helps us to progress faster. The group entered the tournament in Class C this year. We marched with the direction of Mr. Sell. The Senior band now has three twirlers; Wanda Gaardar, Phyliss Gransee, and Barbara Smout, in addition to Tena Hanson, our majorette. Albany’s formerly small band has grown to thirty-nine pieces. We have the quality to go with our quantity, too.Front Bow L to H: 1. Hanson, M. Malkow, L. Nipple, D. Bonneburg, B. Sraout, A. Walner, G. Francis, B. Fahrney, A. Webb. J. Sutherland, P. Parker, M. Hefty, J. Speich, J. Bongiorno, D. Miller, J. Wahlen. Second Row: P. Gronsee, S. Gaardnr, N. King, B. Fleshcr, J. Webb, C. Wood, E. Smith, K. Butts, G. Malkow, F. Bongiorno. D. Sharer, P. Hannes, D. Bonneburg, G. Hlavachek. A. Wahlen. Back Bow: K. Kittleson. M. Glass, F. Smith, L. Bagley. D. Malkow, R. Flood, B. Trow, S. Sherbondy, B. Whitehead, W. Nipple, K. Rhyner, H. Krause, B. Kreuger, Mrs. Sell. 1 1 I J 1 JUNIOR BAND liie Junior Band is made up of students from the Albany schools and rural schools in our vicinity. Mrs. Sell is the director of the group, many of whom have graduated to senior band. They appeared in concerts this yeir and showed that despite inexperience, the group has real talent.PEP BAND Front Row: L to R: W. Gnardar, R. Thurman, E. King. A. Elmer, G. Peckham, F. Homme rl y, M. Cortrite, C. Hood, R. Steindorf. Second Row: D. Pfeuti, G. Zimmermon, N. Smith. Mrs. Sell, G. Schneider. A. Broughton, K. Kauk, W. Trow. ORCHESTRA Front Row: L to R: S. Steuri, W. Gaardar, Mrs. Sell. R. Thurman. Back Row: W. Schesser, R. Steindorf, C. Ferguson, J. Price.Front Row: L to R: A. Broughton, G. Peckham, J. Sisson, N. Smith, G. Schneider. Back Row: Miss Barton, S. Steuri, V. Schelp, S. Burrington, J. Carroll. FORENSICS The local contest was held on the afternoon of March 18 in the Grade School Gymnosium. Those participating were: Stanton Steuri........................ Vernon Schelp ........................ Stanley Burrington.................... James Carroll......................... Arlene Broughton....................... June Sisson .......................... Grace Peckham......................... Gloria Schneider...................... Russel Atkinson ...................... Norma Smith .......................... Extemporaneous Speaking Extemporaneous Speaking Extemporaneous Speaking . Humorous Declamation Extemporaneous Reading Extemporaneous Reading . Non-original Oration . Non-original Oration . Non-original Oration . . . Original Oration Miss Barton was coach for the group. The league contest was held on March 24 at Orfordville.Front How: L to R: D. Pfeuti, K. Kauk, V. Schelp, R. Sellnow, N. Smith, S. Steuri, J. Sisson, L). Burdick, M. Reinitz, G. Schneider, P. Dunphy Row 2: W. Gaardar, A. Broughton, D. Ruef, W. Wahl, D. Waliner. G. Peckham, S. Burrington, B. Wheeler, B. Smout, P. Fisher. Back Row: R. Steindorf, S. Sisson, W. Schesser, D. Rhyner, C. Ferguson. T T T r PAPER STAFF Editor- - - - -Stanton Steuri Ass't. Editor - - June Sisson Art Editor - - - -Norma Smith Sports- - - - - Vernon Schelp Ralph Sellnow Humor - - - - Marlene Reinitz Gloria Schneider Senior News - - Doris Burdick Junior News - - -Kathryn Kouk Sophomore News -Barbara Smout Freshmen News -Stanley Sisson Grade News 8-Wands Gaarder Grade News 1-6- -Patty Fisher Advisor ----------- Senior interviess - Dorothy Pfeuti Phyllis Dunphy Band Chorus - - Charles Ferguson Ag. 11 12 - - - - - Daryl Rhyner Ag. 9 10 ------ Daniel Ruef Special Features- Marge Spinhirne Betty Wheeler Typists ----- Arlene Broughton Grace Peckham Wayne Wahl Stanley Burrington Printers ----- Warren Schesser Roger Steindorf ---------- - -Mr. Bronson 1 1Front Row: L to R: A. Patchen, U. "aimer, K. kauk, S. Steun, Coach Gardner P. Sell now, J. Sisson, C. Ferguson, M. (.lass. Rack Row: P. Zanoni, V. Schelp. J. klossncr, II. Rankins, R. Phillips. K.. Klossner, j. Pri«. . A. Tlic ‘A’ club, made up of students who have earned letters in music, athletics, and forensics, was organized near the end of the school year of 17-18. Coach Gardner is the advisor. Resides sponsoring two of the dances alter the basketball games, the 'A' club put on a Valentine Party which was held in the Grade Gym on February 12. All the students have enjoyed the candy machine and juke box, two projects which the ‘A’ club worked on and succeeded in getting installed. President-...............-Ralph Sellnow Vice-President ----- Stanton Steuri Secretary................Kathryn kauk Ireasurer- - -- -- -- - -June Sisson Advisor- -------- -Coach GardnerFront Bow L to B: T. Hanson, M. Cortrite, B. Horan, B. Kreugcr, H. Krause, B. Quint, Mias Barton, G. Hlavachek, J. Speich, M. Hefty, K. Kittleaon. Second Bow; D. Miller, A. Broughton, D. Bonneburg, B. Smout, L. Wahl, C. Wood, D. Walmcr Karlen, G. Peckharo, B. Wheeler, G. Schneider. Back Bow: D. Pfeute, N. Smith, K. Kauk, P. Dunphy, G. Zimmerman, D. Burdick, J. Sisson, B. Olin. M. Be i n i t z. GIBLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION The girls' gym class, under the supervision of Miss Alice Barton, engaged in various activities during the year. In the fall the group played baseball and took hikes. During the winter basketball, dancing, calesthenics and games were scheduled. A basketball tournament among the girls was also held. In the spring activities again reverted to baseball, hiking, with an addition of archery.MSkEfUilly 1 T Front. How: L to R: S. Sisson. W. Schesser, R. Sell now, H. Rankins, V. Schelp, P. Zanoni, J. Klossnor. Back Row: Coach Gardner. S. Steuri, J. Price, L. Bagley, A. Patchen, M. Glass, C. Ferguson, J. Carroll. BASKETBALL Nov. 9 Dec. b. 12. 1948 A1bany 18 16. 1948 A1bany 44 19. 1948 A 1bany 30 23. 19 48 Albany 18 3. 1948 Albany 30 7. 1948 Albany 42 10. 1948 A1bany 37 14. 1948 A1bany 37 17, 1948 Albany 40 21. 1948 A1bany 34 12, 1949 A1bany 29 14. 1949 A1bany 38 18. 1949 A1bany 55 21, 1949 A1bany 40 25, 1949 A1bany 35 1. 1949 A1bany 46 4, 1949 A1bany 48 7. 1949 A1bany 27 10, 1949 A1bany 32 14. 1949 A1bany 27 - Alumni 33 - Orfordvilie 38 - Blancha rdvi11e 35 - Black Earth 43 - Bro dhead 46 - Juda 56 - Argyle 49 - Brooklyn 48 - Juda 37 - Evansvilie 38 - Monticello 60 - Brooklyn 46 - Brodhead 77 - Belleville 64 - Mon ti cel1o 61 - lio 11 an dal e 33 - Or fordvilie 45 - Evansvilie 57 - New Glarus 24 - Winslow, 111. 74Front Row: L to R: R. Phillips, J. Price, A. Walmer, L. Bagley, M. Glass, K. Klossner, J. Sharer. Row Two: B. Flood, D. Ruef, K. Rhyner, Coach Gardner, W. Wnhl, D. Rhyner, J. Carroll, R. Steindorf, F. Smith. Center Back: P. Elmer BASKETBALL 16. 1948 Albany 34 Or fordvi 1 le 12 19. 1948 A1 bany 20 Bl anchardvilie 12 23. 1948 A1 bany 22 Black Earth 12 3, 1948 A1bany 16 Brodhead 20 7. 1948 Al bany 18 Juda 16 10, 1948 A1bany 27 Argyle 14 14. 1948 Albany 30 Brooklyn 20 17. 1948 Albany 26 Juda S 21. 1948 Albany 24 Evansvilie 17 12. 1949 Albany 10 Monticello 24 14, 1949 Albany 22 Brooklyn 11 18. 1949 Albany 17 Brodhead 21 21. 1949 Albany 23 Belleville 19 25. 1949 Al bany 21 Monticello 23 1. 1949 Al bany 34 Hoilandale 17 4, 1949 Albany 27 Or fordvi lie 25 7. 1949 Albany 16 Evansvi11e 12 10. 1949 Albany 38 New G1orus 21 14. 1949 Albany 16 Winslow, HI. 30T T 7 T T J J J J J T T T J J T T T 7 Front Row: L. to R. C. Ferguson, A. Walmer, K. Klossner, S. Sisson, P. Zanoni, R. Sellnow, J. Klossner, M. Glass, L. Bagley; Back Row: S. Steuri, J. Carroll, A. Patchen, H. Rankins, D. Rhyner, W. Schesser, J. Price, Coach Gardner. BASEBALL FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 Judo 8 A1bany 3 April 20 Juda at Albany Juda 3 Al bany 4 April 26 Albany at Monticello Monticello 7 A1bany 1 May 3 Brooklyn at Albany Monti cello 3 Albany 6 May 9 Albany at Orfordville May 13 Brodhead at Albany K7 Nope 0.1. Kwt  u u u.I I J ■p Hamburgers and Mai teds COMPLIMENTS 1 at the o f J SUGAR BOWL TEALE'S NASH SERVICE J m Francis and Oren Burt A1bany, Wisconsin J T VILLAGE HARDWARE COMPLIMENTS J Albany s Most Modern Store o f J Hardware Heating TRUMAN E. SHARER App1i snces Albany, W i scon sin J ? PHONE 18 J J ALBANY OIL CO ••••HOME OF -' FARM BUREAU FEEDS J ALBERT LOEFFEL PROP EXTENDS BEST WISHES J T Home Owned Home Operated GREEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU r WHITCOMB ELECTRIC SHOP COMPLIMENTS Phone 42 j RCA Victor Stromberg Carlson OF j Radi os DOYON AND RAYNE LUMBER CO. Records Albums Needles r NORGE HOME APPLIANCES r rAfter Graduation Keep Track of Vour Classmates COMPLIMENTS Head Your Albany ■ i c r a 1 d o f Larry and Pearl Arnold ALBANY HERALD PARKER S WELDING SHOP PLANNING A VACATION? Your Patronage Invited and USE Appreciated THE MILWAUKEE ROAD BANK OF ALBANY Member Fed Deposit Ins Co rp Keep Up With The Styles COMPLIMENTS at the o f ALBANY BEAUTY MART CHRISTOPHER S WI1AL N S GROCERY COMPL I MENTS Home of Quality Foods o f Call 12 We Deliver ALBANY LOCKER PLANTCOMPLIMENTS JONES TEXACO o f SERVICE THE ALBANY HARDWARE Complete One Stop Service an d Fay Jones, Manager APPLIANCE Albany Wis. Phone 150 BOWMAN YOUR BARBER We’re Pulling Has a good haircut for you for the Agent for Basketball Team Paris Dry cleaners of Madison L J CAFE Send in Mondays and Thursdays COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS o £ o f F J BONO IORNO M.D. EARL S TAVERN COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS o f of ALBANY HDWE. SPEC. MFC. CO. INDIANA CONDENSED MILK COCOMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF HEIN FRANCIS JACK GRAVES COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF HARRY EDWARDS RALPH E. LEUDY K M CLEANERS CLEANING AND LAUNDRY SERVICE COMPLIMENTS PICKUP DELIVERY SERVICE WEDNESDAY SATURDAY OF Footville, Wisconsin Tele phone 3 9J 1 2 BOB BURDICK REISE STUDEBAKER GARAGE Now Remember ---Anyone Can Drift and Dream, But it Takes A Real Live Carp To Swim Upstream! DEHMER REXALL DRUGSTORE BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN Right Here In Good Old Albany

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