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Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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 Board of Education Maurice L. Barton President Board of Education James Trice Clerk Board of Education Ruth Whalen Treasurer Harvey L. Eronson Principal Shorthand, Typing Bookkeepingi'i ..u'.V .ft in .' ■ M y tjy i . Gardner :ooch Social Problems Torld History un. History Civics Mr. 0. teller Band Vrs• 0. Weller Mixed Choru3 "iris Chortis ::i3S Metcalf Home Economics Chemistry !!r3. Gressrmn Home Economics Biology Mrs. Graves Latin Algebra I Algebra TI Hr. Elmer .'.griculturel-iv Chemistry Science Miss Barton Englishl-T ' Dramatics „-r n-vi •" »f TITTT M.T ' v.1  OFFICERS "CLASS OF 1948" william Fiedler '’Billy” "Eat, sleep, and bo married.” Clas3 President Band Eoya Chorua Mixed Chorus Baseball Pr sketball Sports editor of annual Prom King 1947 Douglo3 Stoph-nson”Douc" "He lnughs when the world weep3." Vice President Boys Chorua Mixed Chorus Class Officer 1946 .’oan Ev ickev "Shorty" ‘'3uiet ! But oh my ! " Secretery-?reosurer Homor Student Glee Club Mixed Chorus Assist. Ed. of annual Humor Ed.-school paper Class Officer 1945  Kathleen Broughton "Kak" "Her heart Is in Albany" Honor Student Band Glee Club Mixed Chorus Publicity Director-Winn. Editor of school paper Class Officer 1945 Robert Sr.Ith "Bob" "Twinkle, twinkle athletic star." 3oys Chorus Mixed Chorus Band Basketball Baseball Bur in ess ?iona£er-7.inn. Sports for 3chocl paper '■wm Homer Hefty "Butch" "For he's a Jelly good fellow." I Basketball Baseball Literary Editor-TTinn. Phyllis Kouk "Click" "Bashful?? Hot to people who know her I " Bond Glee Club Mixed Chorus Social Editor-7?inn. Sr. rep. on school paper Elizabeth Gurtncr"Betty" "Always roing places in a hurry." Glee Club Mixed Chorus Art Editor of Winn. Art Ed.-school paper Sec. to principal MJoanne Jacobscn "Jake" "Always the 3sm© man In hor heart." Drum f'njorotte Glee Club Chorus Cheerleader 1945 Class Officer 1945 Humor Ed.-school paper Eileen Ilanmerly"Cookie" "Lcom to do things as they cone." Honor Studexit D.A.H. representative Hand Glee Club Mixed Chorus Class Officer 1946 Ed1to: of the Winn. Grade re: .-school paper Robert TUigley "Bob" "Greater non than I hove lived, but I doubt It.” Basketball Band lu;s Chorus Mixed Chorus Assembler of '.Vinn. Class Officer 1946 .I c ha rd Hor on " Bob" "As carefree as the morn -ing air." Basketball Ba3eboll Bo 73 Chorus Mixed Chorus Assembler of Winn. Charlene Krueger "Toots "She con keep up with the Fiedlers." Glee Club Mixed Chorus Cheerleader 1948 Class Hdltor of Winn. $M. rep. on school paper Class Officer 1945 From :;uoen 1947 Betty Hoosly "Dots" "She treats all men alike." Bond Gloe Club Mixed Chorus Art Editor of Winn. Assist. Ed.-school paper  Margaret Oberholzcr"?.!o" "Rot- what she does, but how she doe3 It." Glee Club Mixed Chorus Sand Prod. Manager of V.’inn. John Schneider "Johnny" "The smallest rlvors run with the greatest noise" Baseball Assembler of '.7Inn. David Jones "3ruce" 'Try to ar-iue If you can -I can beat most men." Ba3eb8ll .33enbler of 7 Inn. Gerald Hhyner "Jerry" "Be stoops to nothing but the door." Basketball Baseball Assembler of .71nn. Dolores Fiedler "Dottle" "You're only young once" Band Glee Club Mlxod Chorus Cheerleader 1940  1 Nellie Dunphy "Snooks” "All great women art dcod-I don’t feel so well nyself." Assembler of '.Vinn. wr ■ Ml Donald cf "Donny" "Plan for the night is coming." Boys Chorus yixed Chorus Assembler cf V.’irm. "Ho who looks ahead never falls behind" Old Hose and Silver White Gardenia Phyllis Zanonl "Thill" "Chatter, chatter, as I CO." Horecoming Queen 1043 Assembler of '.Vinn. 1= V.I '.'.' j V. r V. I-1,' A' 7T? HISTORY In the fall of 1944 twenty-eight green freshmen entered the Albany High School. They were from the following schools; Nellie Dunphy, Kathleen Broughton, Howard and Donald Flood, and Mildred Mitchell from Peebles; Phyllis Kauk and Johnnie Schneider from Norwegian; Margaret Oberholzer, Betty Hoesly, Douglas Stephenson, and Robert Bagley from Smiley; Dolores and William Fiedler from Fair View. Elizabeth Ourtner from Hardscrabble; Donald Ruef from Searles, and Richard Horan from Krause; Edna Welland from Jordon Prairie; Hulda Haurl and Homer Hefty from Harvey; Joanne Jacobson, Irving Hevrin, William Parmer, Jerry Rhyner, Eileen Hammerly, Joan Zwickey,Phyllis Zanonl, and Charlene Krueger from the village school. In the second semester Robert Smith from Chicago, Joined our group while Phyllis Zanonl, Edna Welland and Hulda Haurl moved away during the first year. Our freshmen officers were: President, Joan Zwickey; vice president, Charlene Krueger; secretary and treasurer. Joanne Jacobson. We started our sophomore year with Phyllis Zanonl back, but minus Donald Flood. Eefore the year was over, William Parmer, Howard Flood, and Irving Hevrin also left us. Mildred Mitchell moved to Beloit. Our officers during that year were: president, Douglas Stephenson; vice president,William Fiedler; secretary and treasurer, Robert Bagley. Our Junior year found no new class members until the second semester when Bruce Jones came from Brod-head to Join us. We put on the prom this year with William Fiedler and Charlene Krueger as king and queen. Our one act play was given In district contest. Officers this year were:William Fiedler,president Kathleen Broughton,vice president;and Eileen Hammerly as secretary-treasurer. We began our senior year with all twenty-two class members. They are: Margaret Oberholzer, Douglas Stephenson,Charlene Krueger, Elizabeth Gurtner, Robert Bagley, Joan Zwickey, Kathleen Broughton, William Fiedler, Eileen Hammerly,Dolores Fiedler,Homer Hefty, Jerry Rhyner, Phyllis Kauk, Betty Hoesly,Donald Ruef, Phyllis Zanonl, Richard Horan, John Schneider,Joanne Jacobson, Nellie Dunphy, Bruce Jones, and Bob Smith. Officers this year are: William Fiedler, president; Douglas- Stephenson, vice president; and Joan Zwickey as secretary-treasurer. We surely hope the underclassmen have something left to learn because we are taking a lot of the know -ledge with us. ’' W y A' WXCLASS PROPHECY While Homer Hefty was sitting in his office one day in May, 1968, at the Smithsonian Institute,a late bit of news was reported that a discovery of unusual dinosaurian fossils had been made on the Wm. Fiedler farm near Albany, Wisconsin. This historic discovery had been made when Billy was plowing corn. Upon hearing of the find, Homer immediately hopped a plane and hastened to Albany where he was soon at the site of the Fiedler farm. Shortly after Billy and Homer were discussing the class of "48",the best class that ever graduated from Albany High School. Of course, the discussion began with Billy himself. He had taken over the operation of one of his father’s farms following his graduation, and since he didn’t especially care for his own cooking, he was soon Joined by Charlene Krueger. Dolores, Billy's sister,was married several years after finishing school, and is a farmer’s wife near Albany, Maybe you can guess who the farmer is? ? ? Eileen Hammerly, upon graduation from A. H. S., attended the university and became an English teacher She taught for several years in Albany,following Miss Barton’s retirement. In 1965, however, she resigned, and accepted the position of professor of English grammar at the University of Wisconsin. After attending the Methodist Hospital’s Schools of Nursing, Joan Zwickey became a nurse. Today she is head nurse in the Stephenson Clinic located on the bank3 of Sugar River. Douglas Stephenson is the head surgeon,and is gaining world-wide fame because of the lelicate operations he performs. Another of the class of "48"was Joanne Jacobson, »ho was married the month after graduation.She is liv -ing on a farm near Albany. Richard Horan has his own radio-television show called, "The Corney Horaney Show." It was selected by critics as the corniest show of 1967. Richard has a large coast to coast audience who enjoy his original Jokes and gags. Being interested in chemistry and science, Bruce Jones Invented a formula for preparing gasoline from air and water. He now has his own factory which produces 50,000 gallons a day. The F.B.I. called one of our class members. Bob Smith. Recently he came to national attention when he was in charge of the capture of a large counterfeiting ring.Reports have been made that he is being considered to fill the vacancy left by New York's Chief of Police. Elizabeth Gurtner chose drawing as her career. Her artistry is very much in demand since she received recognition for her talents. Because of special interests in Albany, it seems that Margaret Oberholzer couldn’t leave. Todayshe is happily married and has settle down in the village. Since he was a farm boy, Johnnie Schneider decided to make that his occupation. He is making a good living by selling home grown products to Albany's peo -pie. On account of his experience in driving Ford cars,Donald Ruef is now chief tester for the company. He is able to give the tests in half the time they formerly required.After attending college, Kathleen Broughton returned to Albany as the bride of a local fellow. She settled down to a quiet married life on the outskirts of Albany. Betty Hoesly became a private secretary upon fin -ishing school. Now she is the personal secretary of Mr. Bronson who had given up his teaching career to establish a lumber company. Lining dancing very much, Phyllis Kauk became a dancing teacher after graduation. Recently she found -ed a dancing school in Milwaukee where she teaches people the art in ten easy lessons. The fashion world drew much interest from Robert Bagley who began designing womenfs apparel in the 1949's. By 1964 he was established in Hollywood where he designs the gowns of important actresses. Nellie Dunphy is the proprietor of a filling station and garage. She also operates a used car bus -iness, which she says is very profitable. Fbr some reason, Phyllis Zanoni was another lass who Just couldn't leave Albany. At the age of 22 she married a successful Albany businessman. This is what happened to the only class which graduated from Albany High School with both quality and quantity. CLASS WILL The senior class members of "48" being of sound mind and body do hereby will to the following people: To Karl Klossner, Phyllis Kauk's love of dancing; To Grace Haurl, Charlene Krueger's complexion; To Janna Briggs, Margaret Oberholzer's talkative-To James Price, Jerry Rhyner's height; ness; To Daryl Rhyner, Donald Ruef's night life; To Ralph Sellnow, John Schneider's mustache; To Daniel Ruef,Robert Smiths arrangement of hair; To Mr. Gardner, Douglas Stephenson's ability to wiggle his ears; To Gertrude Zimmerman, Phyllis anoni's blushing ability; To June Sisson, Joan Zwickey's height; To Fred Hammerly, Nellie Dunphy's leisure time; To Norma Smith, Dolores Fiedler's cheerleading; To Darlene Miller,Elizabeth Gurtner s art ability; To Daryl Davenport, Eileen Hammerly's musical ability. To Willis Zurfluh, Homer Hefty's ability to get along with the teachers; To Dorothy Pfeuti, Betty Hoesly's mathematical ability. To Junior Klossner, Richard Horan's coraey wit; To Lois Wahl, Joanne Jacobson's majoretting; To James Carroll, William Fiedler's bass horn; To Bud Zanoni, Kathleen Broughton's power of concentration: To Nathan speich,Robert Bagley's ability to write letters; To Vernon Schelp, Bruce Jones' car. A southern plantation theme was carried out In the beautifully decorated gym for the Junior rrom on Saturday evening, April 26, 1947. The gpr. was decorated with yellow and white crepe paper and flowers scattered here and there, vlth a life-like negro mam-ray gazing upon the dancers »3 they swung and swayed to he suslc of A1 Alverson and his orchestra. Dancers were served punch after dances. Chairs w ro placed along each side of the gym and around card tables on the ends for the comfort; of the dancers between dances. Lighting was furnished by floor lamps. Loading the grand march at 10:30 wert the king and class president, William Fiedler and his queen. Charier ' Krueger. William is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fiedler and Charlene ia the laughter of Mrs. Edward Krueger both of Albany. Charlond was IresSod In a white net gown. Her corsage was of red and white carnations. The court; of honor couples were: Kathleen Bro ;ghton,Charles Ferguson; Dolores Fiedler, Douglas Stephenson; Joanne Jacobson, Garland Rankins; Joan Zwickey, and Stanton Steuri.  '•'ront How: Arlene Droughton, Ralph Sellncv., Grace Tool.! y: , Venon Schelp, Noma Smith. Second RowrGertrude Zinnernar., Robert Phillis, Marlene Reiriits, V.'ayne Y.'ahl, Gloria Schneider,Stanton St curl. Third how: Dorothy '.Vainer, Dotty V.’hoolor, Charles Ferguson, June Sisson,Daryl Rhync-r, clos3 advisor Miss Barton, Margaret Spinhime. TIE JOI.IY JUNIORS In the Toll of 1945,thirteen bewildered freshmen entered the Albany High School.They now hove eighteen members and arc known es "The Jolly Juniors." The juniors contribute much to our school's activities. Nine members of their class participated In band, ond fifteen belong to the chorus. Four junior boys: Robert Phillips, Ralph Sellncw, Vernon Schelp, end Charles Ferguson arc on the basketball team.Three of the boya:nalph Sellnow, Vernon Schelp, ond Charles Ferguson nrc on the baseball team. Stanton Steuri is mono gor. Juno Sisson, Vernon Schelp, ond Charles Fcrruson are participating in forensics. last fall the juniors presented a comedy," Double Sxpo3uro," as their class play. Vomen Schelp was chosen king for the prom which n a ilven April 24,1948. The theme was"Apple Blosaon Time." Jinn or class officers President----Charles Ferguson Vice President----Daryl Rhyncr See.-Trens.----Stanton Steuri Class Advioor-----Miss Barton"t ■' Front How: Nathan Spiech, Dorothy Pfueti,Kathryn Keuk a Olin, Darlene Miller, Loren 3agley. Second How: Ruth Dunphy, Junior Kloasner, Daryl Davenport, Hurleas Rankins, Arden Patchen, Fred Hommerly, class advisor Mrs. Oressman. THE SILLY SOPKCMCHES In September 1946 thirteen green freshmen entered Albany Hlarh School.Darlene Miller cane from Monroe during the second six weeks,' whereas Donald Stewart transferred to Brodhesd during Christmas vacation. This year the sophs number twelve since they lost Delores Lent during the first six weeks. From their actions, they received the title of "Silly Sophomores." They are prominent in school activities. Three members participate in band; four In chorus; three, In basketball; three, in baseball; and four In forensics. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President----------Loren Bagley Vice President-Junior Klossner Secretary--------Dorothy Pfeuti Treasurer-----------Ruth Dunphy Class Advisors---Mrs. Gressmen Mr. Elmer Front How: Delores Ronneburg, Jannn Drives Groce Saurij Borbara Snout, L0I3 Wahl, Carol Wood. Second Row: Janes Frico, Daniel Ruef, Karl, Yichnel Clo3s,cla33 odvisor Mr. Gardner,Jar.ea Carroll Philip Zanoni, Thomn3 Flood, ’.Mills Zurfluh. THE FRES1D.IE1I Entering Albany High School on September 2,1947 , a proup of 14 very green freshmen were added to the school’s enrollment. Looking especially reen the first w--eks, they were Initiated by the sophomores in the fall. That day, having been set aside In their honor, all the freshmen boys appeared in school with their chlrt3 on Inside out. Mr. Gardner and Mr. Bronson,both being new,also wore theirs in the sane way. The irls were compelled to weor their clothes in the sane fashion. In thin way everyone recognizod the honored persons. During the first rcoks, Don Molkow dropped out, leaving only 13 in the class until Delores Ronneburg and Lois V.nhl cone. Although the class isn't so very lorye, 3ome members are taking part In extra-curricular activities. All the Mrls are in the chorus, and four boy3 olso sing. Three boys played on the A team, and 0 fourth played on the B team. Throo boys played on the baseball team. FRESHMEK CLASS OFFICERS President----------James Frice Vice President—-Barbara Smout Sec. and Trees.----Groce Haurl Class Advisor------Mr. Gardner 1 Charlene Krueger, Kathryn Kauk, Dolores Fiedler. Front Row: Charles Ferguson, Michael Glass, Fhillp Zanonl, James Price. Second Row: Robert Phillips, Ralph Sellnow, Robert Smith, Richard Horan, Vernon Schelp. Third Row. Stanton Steuri, Junior Klossner, Arden Patches, 'fcrlesa Rankins, Coach Gardner,Robert Bagley William Fiedler, Janes Carroll.— — :. -: zz23 zz zz± BASKETBALL Shortly after baseball closed basketball started There were twenty-eight boys that went out for this sport. The boys that made the first and second teams were: Robert Smith, Gerald Rhyner, Richard Horan, Homer Hefty,Robert Bagley, Vernon Schelp, Ralph Sell-now, Daryl Rhyner, Robert Phillips9 Charles Ferguson, Arden Patchen, William Fiedler, Hurless Rankins, Junior Klossner, Loren Bagley, Phillip Zanonl, Mlcheal Glass, and James Price. Later on in the season Karl Klossner, Wayne Wahl, and Howard Flood Joined the squad The boys didn't have a very successful season, losing every game ,although they showed great improvement during the season and won the first game at the subdistrict tournament. Basketball Schedule with Scores for 1947-48 Nov. 14 Albany 25 Brooklyn 70 Here Nov. 18 Albany 33 Monticello 49 There Nov. 21 Albany 20 New Glarus 33 There Nov. 25 Albany 27 Blanchardville 46 Here Dec. 2 Albany 23 Juda 33 Here Dec. 5 Albany 21 Alumni 33 Here Dec. 9 Albany 24 Black Earth 42 Here Dec. 12 Albany 20 Brodhead 76 There Dec. 16 Albany 27 Evansville 35 There Dec. 19 Albany 18 Argyle 46 Here Jan. 6 Albany 33 Black Earth 61 There Jan. 9 Albany 28 Juda 54 There Jan. 10 Albany 13 Monticello 58 Here Jan. 23 Albany 31 Brooklyn 46 There Jan. 27 Albany 25 Evansville 53 Here Jan. 30 Albany 29 Belleville 45 Here Feb. 3 Albany 13 Brodhead 42 Here Feb. 6 Albany 27 Hollandale 44 There Feb. 13 Albany 21 Orfordville 35 Here Subdistrict Tournament at Brodhead February 17, 18, and 19 Feb. 17 Albany 38 Juda 36 Feb. 18 Albany 17 Oregon 52 Feb. 19 Albany 23 Brooklyn 39 F ont Row: James Frice,Charles Per ujson,Vernon Schelp buc Zanoni, Karl Klossner, Junior Klossner. Second Row: Coach Gardner, Gerald Rhyner, Arden Fat-chon, Hurless Rankins, Richard Horan, V.'illiozn Pledler Third Row: Stanton Steurl, Robert Smith, Homer Hefty, Ralph Sellnow. BASEBALL Sixteen boys went out for baseball in the fall of 1547. They were: Fhillip Zar.oni, catcher; Ralph Sellnow, third base; Robert Smith, pitcher;Jerry Rhyner, center field; Howard Flood, second base; Johnnie Schneider, short stop; Homer Hefty, right field; Karl Klossner, left field; James Price, second base; Bruce Jones, third base, Junior Klossner, second tasc;Arr!en Fatchen, center field; Hurless Rankins, first bane William Fiedler, left field; Charles Ftergusor, right field; Vernon Schelp, short stop. The first game was played with Monticello with Albany losing 4 to 21. Second game was with Montlcel-lo and they won 5 to 6. Third game was with Juda with a score of 3 to 18 in their favor.: '.; i. 7 ; MEKTiWMWl y-Jtw.v. First Row: Grace Peckham, Betty Koesly, June Sisson, Eileen Hannerly, Darlene Reir.itz, Ramona Ollr.,Dorothy Walmer, Setty Wheeler,Earbar Smout,Charles Ferguson, William Fiedler, Douglas Stephenson, Robert Phillips, Hurless Rankins, Robert Earley. Second Row: Grace Kauri, Jdargaret Oberholzer, Lois Wahl, lorma Smith, • lene Broughton, Phyllis Kauk, Kathleen Broughton, Janna Briggs, Carol Wc 1. Delores Ronneburg, Vernon Schclp, Ralph Se-’1 now, Daryl Rhyner, Loren Eagley. Front Row: Dorothy Pfeuti, Kathryn Kauk, Charlene Krueger, Dolores Fiedler, Elizabeth Gurtner, Joanne Jacobson, Gloria Schneider, Vargaret Splnhlrr.e,Robert Smith, Michael Glass, Stanton Steuri, Richard Koran, Donald Ruef, Philip Zanoni, Daniel Ruef, James Price. FYont Row; Mrjorotto Joanne Jacobson, Eloise King, Wanda Oaarder, Grace Peckham,Kathleen Broughton, Stan -ton Steuri, Ralph Sollnow, Rita Thurman. Second Row: Arlene Broughton, Dorothy Ffueti, Phyllis Kauk, Elleor. Hammerly, Robert Bagley,Gertrude Zimmerman, Norma Smith, Marilyn Bongiorno, Robert Smith. Third Row: Gloria Schnoller, James Frico,Roger Stelr.-dorf,Charles Ferguson,Kathryn Kauk,War. la Trow,Dolores Fiedler. Fourth Row: Margaret Oberholzor, barren Sehoaser,FTeJ Hammerly, William Fiedler, Betty Hoesly, Robert rhll- llpa  ■......................................................................— ■■ ■■ r-Vorit How: Arlene Broughton,Gloria Schnei ler, Margaret Splnhlme, Betty Wheeler. Second Row:Doroth7 Walmer,director Miss 3arton, Daryl Rhyner. Norma Smith, RobortPhillipo. Third Row; Charles Perguson, Marlene Rolnitz, Vernon Schelp, June Sisson, Ralph Sellnow, Stanton Stouri. DOUBLE EXPOSURE Director, Mias 3arton CHARACTERS Dr. Markham Carruthers-----------------Stanton Steuri Markham Curruthor3-------------------Charles Perguson Curtis Ellis------------------------- .-Vernon S hoip Tate Smithora ------------------------- Daryl Rhyner Henry Hoaslngton---------------------------------Ralph Sellnow Mrs. Darlene Phipps Hoealngton-------•-----June Sisson Mar doc Holmes-----------------------Arlene Drought on Olnny Oates..........................-Marlene Relnitz Norma Slater---------------------------- Norma Smith Marion V.ylie--------------------.--Margaret Spinherno Oonevlave Hobart-------------------------------Dorothy Walmer Christobol Crenshaw------------------Gloria Schneider Sarah Crenshaw---------------------- Betty WheelerSENIOR CLASS PLA Front Row; Kathleen Broughton, Phyllis Kauk, director Ml8e Barton, Elizabeth Ourtner, .Dolores Fiedler. Second RowrMargarot Oberholzer,Eileen Kamnerly, Betty Hoesly, Phyllis Zanonl, Charlene Kruogor,Homer Hefty, Joan Zwlckey. Third Row: 3ruce Jones,Willlam Piedler,Richard Horan, Douglas Stephenson, Robert Bagiey, Robert Smith. THE AUGELL BRATS Director, Hiss Barton CHARACTERS Kathleen Broughton--------------------------------Fat Angell Elizabeth Gurtner-...........................-.-- ram Margaret Oberholzer------------------------ Jllphant Eileen Hanmerly------------------------- ""RJ}wh BattT Hoeslv -Venetla Van Ar.en rhyXll»Z«Donl.........................Twil. T.ltohell Charlene Krueger---------------------- ' Joan Zwickoy............... -........---DorothyAn ell Bruce Jones............................OrUj William Fiedler.....................:---- Richard Horan-...................... Douglas Stephenson............................Azarlas Parody Robert Baglay................................... ££11 Phvilla 3 k-l-"-ii--ii-i-I- -"----Second Assistant Dolores Pl.dl.r...................Ae.l.tant Dlreotor Homer Hefty.............................Sta 6 KanagerFront Row: Darlene filler,Dorothy Pfuetl,Dotty Hoesly Ramona Olln, Kathryn Kouk,Elizabeth Gurtner, l!argoret Oborholzer. Second Row: Vernon Scnclp, Charles Ferguson, Juno Sisson, Jame3 Carroll, Robert Smith. F0RETISIC3 The local ontest was held March 3 In the Grade School Gymnasium. Those particIpoting were: Charles Ferguson------------------------------Serious Declamation. Varararct Oborholzer———Serioua Declamation. Robert Smith..........-.............Serious Oration. Darlene Miller---------------Extemporaneous Reading. Dorothy Pfeutl-----------------Humorous Declamation. Dotty Iloosly----------------------Original Oration. Paracna Olin ----------------- Humorous Declamation. Eathym Kouk--------------------Humorous Declamation. Elizabeth Gurtnor--------------Humorous Declamation. Vernon Sc he In-------------F.xtemroroneour Speaking. Juno Sisson------------------Extemporaneous Reading. Janos Carroll------------------Humorous Declamation. The league contest was held on March 17 at the Grade School Gymnasium. The district contest at Plettevillo occurred on o Saturday, April 10. SCHOOL PAPER Front Row: Arlene Broughton,Gloria Schneider,Kathleen Broughton, Joan Zwickey, Joanne Jacobson, Margaret Splnhirno. Second Row: Elizabeth Gurtner,Stanton Steuri.Barbara Smout, Daryl Rhyner, Marlene Reinitz, Robert smith. Third Row: iileer. Hammerly,Kathryn Kauk,Betty Hoesly, June Sisson, Phyllis Kauk, Charlene Krueger. HILLSIDE ECHOES Editor--- --------------------------Kathleen Broughton Assistant Editor--------------------------Betty Hoesly Special Features------------------------------Margaret Spinhirr.e Senior Interviews-------------------------------Gloria Schneider Arlene Broughton Band------------------------------------Stanton Steuri Agriculture News--------------------------Daryl Rhyner Class Reporters J eahman---------------------------Barbara Smout Sophomore---------------------------Kathryn Kauk Junior---------------------------Marlene Reinitz Senior------------------------------Phyllis Ksuk Charlene Krueger Art Editor--------------------------Elizabeth Gurtner Grade Hews------------------------—-Eileen uanmerl7 Humor------------------------------------Joan Zwickey Joanne Jacobsons Typists-----------------------------------June Sisson Arlene Broughton Advisor--------------------------j,£r. Bronson Front Bow: Dorothy Ffeuti, Joan Zwickey, Kathleen Broughton, Arlene Broughton, Gloria Schneider, Delores Roenneburg, Carol “ ood, Joanne Jacobson,Margaret Spin-hlrr.e, Janna Briggs, Director Mias Barton. Second Row: ilizabath Gurtner, Ruth Dur.phy, Dorothy •Valmor, Barbara S out, 5.1 leer. Haamerly, ••tty Wheeler, Nellie Dunphy, Dolores Fiedler, Margaret Cfc rhoizer . Third Row: Norma Smith, Marlene Relnitz, Betty "oeoly, Grace leckhnm, June Sisson,Gertrude Zimmerman, Kathryn Kauk, Phyllis Kauk, Phyllis Zanoni, Charlene Krueger. GILLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION The girls gym class was under the supervision of M' 3 Alice Barton,and various activities provided the physical education. The group took part in different kinds of boll, playing baseball or volleyball in the fall and spring, and basketball during the winter months. A basketball tournament wa3 held in March. Another snort lr. which the girls were engaged wa3 archery. This was practiced only in the spring when weather conditions were favorable. After some rac-tice most of the girls managed to hit the target. C 1 n -henic3 occupied 9 share in the phy. -ed. program also. For variation the girls sometimes danced ar.d taught the art to those who •■•anted to learn. Kikes were arranged for the class to make the program more interesting. In the beginning of the school year ar. athletic club was formed and the following officers woro elected: President---------------------Joan Zwickey Vice President---Marlene r;.einitz Sec.-Treos.-----------------Eileen lianunorly Just posmc O P. $9? 0.H. Pvtiry senerr O.F. HOW DID 7H«y CeT SUCH SHINy Noses?? WP wey vjho's C.K. THAT smite IS p OfUGflNUA. 8 s. LOOK ATTKOSe LeGS MS THIS Isn'T AN OCTopus-iTt m. GUCSS WHO e.H THey look iWoCEtfT 6uT ARE THey?? The Winnetkan Staff wishes to thank the -following people for their cooperation in publishing this annual. 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".....iuujJ. 1f,7 ivr,vmw-lEW •».■?.• TwY f -6 t T.--4 SHEET SIZE 4X5 FOLDED BOX CONTENT 6 SO SORRY 6 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 6 CONGRATULATIONS 0 BON VOYAGE 14 ENVELOPES Price Per Box - 80c PLUS YOUR STATE SALES TA SEND MONEY ORDER FOR ONE OR MORE BOXES TO SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 4925 Glendale KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI .SdJMfiMtfUIG , ,v. ,v,Tw.■.:, rT?.Laft.?.■■ DAV-SON CORK BACK . :.. — il. —-. .:. :.x BULLETIN BOARDS The above Uluxtrotioa show the 24" x 38" alxe DAV-SON Cork Beck Bulletin Board with ilngU t la glow door. lock ar.d koy. So price lUL STYLE! TWO SET IN GLASS DOORS 30" x 48 ---------------------- 20" x 60" ----------------- 38" X 48" ..........-.... .—■ 38" x 60" For Use In: FACTORIES SCHOOLS OFFICES STORES CHURCHES CLUBS PUBLIC BUILDINGS HOSPITALS SALES ROOMS a Tho above lEuxtratloa »bow tho 24" x 38" tixe DAV-SON Cork Bark Burette Board, plain, without alas door. Soo price list PRICE LIST DAV-SON Cork Back Bulletin Boards aro constructed with light walnut finish frames. Posting surface consists of l «" cork mounted on Vi" 3-ply veneer. These Bulletins are made to last, as only the finest materials are used. Furnished In the following iUm and styles. Order by Stylo and 51 STYLE: PLAIN—NO GLASS 12" x 18"............................. -IS 18" x 24" ------------------------------ ».7S 24" x 36".............................. -M 36" x 48"................................ }«» 36" x 60" -.................... 17-50 STYLE; SINGLE SET IN CLASS DOOR 18" x 24"----------------------- - 24 x 30" ------------------------ 24" x 36" ------------------------ 14.50 17.SC 20.00 30.00 ... 32.50 1-15 ... e.2s priett F.O.B. Chicago—Special Stx « and Finishes to ordor. The above tllusaatlon show the 30" x 48" tfee DAV-SON Cork Back Bulletin Board with two eet in glass door , lock and koy. So price list School Gift service 4925 GLENDALE KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI ,, ,M| ( tumuli! linn u cats immi m imii mn-cmm as 

Suggestions in the Albany High School - Comet / Winnetkan Yearbook (Albany, WI) collection:

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