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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1956 volume:

3-NJ C 1 . PA putt X 'Y IM N W,f"f Y N If X I fl fx Lfv, ,, I J LIU. 9? f J 3 99 2 A A fpw-5+ P9 E ' V JW My ,ff ' r . V , W L 4, ' M i 5 E E E i 5 H Q F E 5 x 1 r l956 Albamo on Published Bq The Senior Class Of A l ba High School Dedication To one who has served us faithfully as a teacher, neighbor and friend, who has a lways been loyal to our school and had its best interest at heart, who has been eager to extend help and encouragement in e very possible way, and who has been instrumental in spreading knowledge, citizenship and Christianity, We the Senior Class, in order to show our appreciation, dedicate ,this 1955-56 ALBAMO to the memory of our beloved friend and teacher, Mrs. Lela Smith McC1enahan. Superintendent y Principal --A ' -""Q Current History Board Of Education ttiiiiiiiiaffiirdm Orpheus Huttsg Harvey Cookg Hester Askins, Seo.: Harvey Hodson, Presridentg Roland Hubbardg Chester Black: Stephen W. Young, Superintendent. Francis Book Coach k Shop Faculty I, s 1 PQ' 'sy r A ? X if fiiiii' My X Mrs . Brno utine Pierce Commerce M Mrs. Doris Ann Bolick N Home Ec. Mrs. 'hryla Jarn in Seventh dc Eighth Grades Not pictured: James H111 English 1 N 5 'te Warren Mrs, Opal Jarmin Ire. Kathryn Conner Mrs. Juanl 'Ulf-fd 42 Fourth Grades fifth an sixth Grades First an second Grades Cooks: Mrs. Goldie Petter I Bus Drivers: Monk Dennis, Ray Burris, George Harver. Custodian Mr. Roy Key son and Mrs. Georgia Forsythe I Seniors Tom Betebenner President Deanna Betebenner Vice-President Jean Cook Treasurer Evelyn Eppright Secretary Pansy Boyer Dean Eight Joan Hunter Gary Sidenstricker Jeanette Cook Gilbert Totten Richard Roy Eileen Silvey Mattie Garber Dick Smith Stephen Hodson Joann Capps Larry Hutts its Irene Pike George Flasher Earl Lewis Flora Harper Carol Miller Lonnie Sargent If W A gin C... - ? ,sway OSD. , JL Q.. ,M 'rf T , qw' ' ' xx QF f ,aff F,3,g5A, , Z! - :vMf .5t , , r A n if, Q, 4' I "fn 4.-Ei . . 1 'VV' I 'G I 5 " ,Mi . Tim ' 5 A 5 . Vi 9?N3 H 'fm EJ ??1V'31f.'E'H "' , Q 2 ' , X' 5 - WM 1 A , 2 , kiwi: my A, ,j duis.,fj -X3 diV?yM5w'Ge0rb9?. wmQw4f5Qf 1' .2 mi .,,AA-' vVV-- H9-w P MW, Lonrxlfa 'V-W me L' ' fa- NNQ,-A I ' ' ' A ' 'f 1' V4 Q, am 'H V M Q' W ire Lie and "N JO714 ' ug- f , 'Wh N 3 4 Class Will Believing ourselves to be of sound and disposing minds and memories, we, the Senior Class of Alba High School, so make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament in manner and form as follows: I, Lonnie Sargent, will my place on the bench to Ronnie Johnston. I, Jeanette Cook, will my mischievous ways to anyone who can get by with theme I, Gary Sidenstricker, will my good work in shop to Larry Passley. I, Eileen Silvey, will my old beat up report cards to the needy. Richard Roy, will my bookkeeping grades to Choppy Crain. Evelyn Eppright, will my height to Jeanette Ferguson. I, Tom Betebenner, will nay curly hair to Jack Lockhart. Dick Smith, will next year's fun to those who make the most of it. larry Hutts will "who's leaving?" I, Joan Hunter, will my place on the cheerleading squad to Dorothy Weeks I, Jean Cook, will good times at Alba to Janice O'De1l. Earl Lewis, will my respect for teachers to James Melugin. Stephen Hodson, will first chair trombone to Tom Ambrose. I, Mattie Garber, will gypping school and staying home to Norma Silvey and Beverly Daniels. I, Flora Harper, will my long hair to Bonita Brewer. I, Joann Capps, will my love for animals to Lucy Holman. I, Irene Pike, will nay quiet ways to Dorothy Alumbaugh. I, Carol Miller, will my admiration for Robert Cummings to Mary Cooper. I, Gilbert Totten, will anything I have to anyone who will take it. I, George Flo sher, will Mr. Book to the Juniors. I, Deanna Betebenner, keep everything I have, because I need it. I, .Dean Hight, will my way with the ladies to Bob Silvey. I, Pansy Boyer, will my ambitious ways to Linda Betebenrler- We, here y designate and appoint our friend and teacher, Miss Troy, Exeoutor of our last will and testament, believing that she will fairly and honestly execute the same. We further desire that Mr. James Hill and Mrs. Ernestine Pierce of Alba High School witness this our last will and testament. I. I. I. I. I. I. In te stimony, Witness: CIASS OF 1956 0 Tom Bete enner, Presi en Class Prophecy Looking through our timescoper, borrowed from spacefunnies,we turn two years into the future, hoping to see a preview in the lives of the 1956 graduates. Coming into view is our first subject, larry Hutts - still working for iime telephone company. Turning up the volume, we hear him giving instructions to Sheriff Innnie Sargent. Lonnie, we decide, is there to guard a diamond studded platinum telephone, created for millionaire, Jeanette Cook, now exfwife of King of Slovia and others too numerous to mention. Gleefully writing down figures in a little brown book is tax col- lector, Richard Roy. Looking for a reason, we find that he is nmnwprk- ing on a commission instead of salary. Next on hislist is Eileen Silvey who is now married and living in a sixty foot trailer. On her 5-D, 30 inch television screen, we see Dean Hight interviewing his guest star, trapeze artist, Mattie Garber. We learn that she acquired this talent slipping out of class in her high school days. Eileen's neighbor, Jean Cook, comes in and reminds Eileen that, Piano Player Joan Hunter is on another channel. She, along widm singer Pansy Boyer, offers serious competition to Liberace and his new partner George Flesher, who plays the tuba. By turning the dial on the timcscoper, we view PresidentEhrl lewis debating with Deanna Betebenner. Listening in, we discover that Deanna, a leading Washington exterior decorator, wants to paint the White House pink. Examples of her work, displayed by Gilbert Totten-Tbm Betebenner Construction Co pany, are coming into view, but first we must put oncur dark glasses. Turning to a dance studio, we see Stephen Hodson teaching Joann Capps the latest dance steps. In the back, we see Carol Miller resting her feet in hot water. Looking closer, we recognize her pupil as Dick Smith and we understand. Running our scope on a street scene, we hear Gary Sidenstricker describing a lady driver to a policeman. The description fits IrenePike but no, there's Irene in that dress shop waiting on a customer. When we hear Gary say, 'She's on both sides of the street' we know that it must be the star pupil of our driver's training class, Betty Williams. In a movie studio on the same street, we hear a familiar voice. As the picture comes in we find that we have entered in the middle of an auditioning for a part in the new Robert Cummings movie. First in line is Evelyn Eppright. Recalling her old nickname, we wonder if the part could be that of Bob's secretary. A click of the dial and we view the exit of Ringling Sisters'Amuse ment Company. Walking dizzily out the door with a pay check, is Flora Harper. A button on her coat informs us that she is Class A Merry-go-- round tester for Department C. Happy in the knowledge that our classmates are turning into such fine citizens, we can now turn off our timescoper and remember not to be walking down that same street ten years from now. Senior IT'S A GREAT LIFE Deanna LOngWOrth0oos Susan.............. osoooososooooher younger Bisternooo Valerie.. ........ ...engaged to Deanna's grofessor. Evangeline ....... ...... a maid from the city jail Frank Jarrett .... Rita Hale ....... Bryan Howell ..... Avery Randolgh ................ changion hotrod racer John C. Longworth ................. mayor of the city. Theodosia.....president of the Women Voter's League O'Haraqoo oaoo oosooloaoooolslaoooooooosooaf701iCeILlBno Governor Harrison ..... .chief executive of the stays. Carolyn Ingraham....president, State Voters' League. Lucy Denton ......... ,matron of the lsychiatrio Ward. onscnooocoooolchief of Zkoliceo ..........Valerie's friend. ....grofessor of Criminology. louoaeooonoqa college studentonoo Plaq ...ransy Boyer ...Carol Miller ....Joan Hunter ......Jean Cook .George Flasher .....Joan Cafps .Stephen Hodson ....Larry Butts a u o 0 .Dean Evelyn Ebpright s o 0 QQEHTI Lewis .Gilbert Totten ..Ei1een Silvey ..Jeanette Cook mevyfg., 1, . 5 or 4' Junior Play f.. .1 3 ,H ,.I Libby Ryder' - Arden Ryder.. Stella Backus Frank Backus. Tillie Meek.. Ac ton Chance . Otis Marvin.. Luverne Speed Warner Melton Iris Alda .... Arlene Ivans. 25 5 2: MURDERED ALIVE ............A society matron.... ...........1he maidsnoooososse ... . ....... lhe dumb detective.... ... .......A dashing young lawyer.. ........D1e girl from Creston Corners .... ......Ihe young inventor..... ............'Ihe seance woman......... .... .......... Sweet young secretary.. The Mysterious Stranger . . . . . . . . . The ghost re turned Her charming young daughter..... .. .........A nagging, henpecking wife.. ...The henpecloed husband.... uneeedloyce .Dorothy Alumbaugh . . . . .Joan Melugin ......Tom Ambrose . . . .Shirley Boyer . . . .Ernest Cra in . . . . . .Larry Hutts ..Beverly Daniels ..J. C. Waggoner .Anna Marie Myers . . . . .Dorothy Pike ..Jaclcie Lockhart 0 llfilorg J. C. Waggoner President Bill Crutcher Vice rresident Joan Melugin Sec . Treas. Don Hight Joyce Schell Regorter Charles Cole Herbert Miller Shirley Boyer ,Choppy Crain -we-r 'mf I yivu 5 w,,,ii9f 'Q"""7' "JF:-.....4u Patricia Musgrove Tom Ambrose Frances Cassady Jackie Lockhart lFMNAnna Marie Myers Eugene Whltehead Norma Silvey David Pierce Beverly Daniels Dorothy Alu baugh Don Fox Dorothy Pike ,hwgx Sovuo more S n - so if- f EX Q Wx . 1 5? re Ib Q .II f ... 'f' XZ !"I,: Ronnie Johnston President Bob Silvey Vice President Buddy Warren Sec. Trees. Janice 0'De11 Tom hssiter Truman Roy Shirley Eppright B111 Brewer Bud Pope Wanda Vaughn Larry Passley Deen Edwards Jack Hendrix Rayma Yocam Kirmit Harper Bob Moser Rex Sidenstricker Joyce Heisten Karl Shaner James Cassady 'John Biggs Dorothy weeks President Fkaamfu Larry Getz Vice-President Patsy Dixon Sec.-Trees. Jeanette Ferguson James Mblugin Katherine Alumbaugh Elmer Garber Judy Lightner Lucy Holman Thomas Rea Madeline Shupp 3 Barbara Williams Orin Passley Susie Garber Mary Cooper Wayne Cook Susan Lauck Jimmy Storm Bonita Brewer Bruce Gregory Lillian Lucas Kay Shaner Olive Harper Jerry Forsythe Tommy Maples Clara Carter 7tha8th Deanna Sargent Gary Gillum James Wgrren Richard Lassiter Alice Smith Charles Dodson Dale Cole June Pendergrass Linda Betebenner Beverly Gott Samuel Morton Jeanette Garrison Jean Howe John Lightner Jack Brewer Virginia Pettey Larry Woodmansee Phillip Harpole Patricia Moser Stuart York Sharon Renson Barbara Ogle Wanda Daugherty Fred Ogle Ronald Henry Buddy Getz David Cook Gene Manles Pauline Pritchett Ronald Cook Bonhgm Oney Stanley Baker Robert Redden Noma Eppright Karen Sidenstricl 16 N1-uf was? homores Il Jon 5 blll Lru xannie Cook P3 9 Alice Emi ii dvic C 5, 24? .gf-, ew f Q 1. I 5"'4vg ' Q 'fl- fgh "Riff P: U 3 Fi-W iq, , we .., N Ban I' Q. 3, -ffx' ' lt" f"x"' Q x 1 .A ' x' ,' xp' Q J 0 ,L s 4 A Q .5 l .1YQ:xe'ifOv,QM,L S ,R:sf.xx!Jls.' rg' .A ..'b.64f h f. , fly jp y'g ..L,"x, . ,p,g. 'f 1 Qi Jti JQQ YAYQQ Ii? 1 :0l7.'c"2jh ' 'E"J9X'v"lQ "'1'p. m1kg,'0 K! Taxv inf'-4 ff I f - f v 'i?'4"'e D Y . 'fivlfvi F95 O ' " -4 wr-,DEE J.. ,- r f--QN ffqf, x mi 4' ' '-X an ' ,Q,lA4l. fA' f vb, 1 15 'Vp' vi ' I-VV-. .. . NFA .gin N-I Drgx . fx,4.x wlff' 4 'N , 47.5 ,ga -. A I. , 'U 5.7- 'gl O P H xQ .9-,q'x1kx, QQ' f V: ' f - ,Q DY 't"'7r'2i N 6'lV AQQD 1sVl!','1 'M ,S Off: kai? , NJ 1 fN,,A' Q- mflk z 15 I ' ok -.r lb ftanfllxs' L DJAYI f:'r.f.,-. F'g!,.:. LKJ' pf, X A kin., 1 'J xxx? f-" ' ' Q1 s'A'. hi' n f fa' 1 Q1 1 'ap u Al " 3 Q3 9 'f2 g.9 ' F' l I 1 4 by 16 nfgitw- 'QQAN' af 'fa' 4' , f'a1y,?n.,g 'bv wx J' .fl .ff 4 KX XQXYL' .pt 5 ' "4'5a"f Hy tn , .x, :, q ' as' 'Q in """' g"' .izqgbrlo "4'f",'f'lg', N O . ' 5 hlkid f 'o c . " -fr ,QF . 1 .wx'4f'ff.' sl ft L QMAY.: U ' ' 4 ,fQ',f,'lN.F1. mf. Q, V . 'pf Nj , eg 5 4 lf A ,f,f'x5V-'iff f --Qfllwn ' , 'f -1 a:T l'a' w'7ln -- 4 4-'Ewan' 9"v O f 5 Miss Merrq Chqi sgmasSf1' 'X ' ' ,,..'Ofx -1 0" .M gf! JEAI1 CCOK Front row, 1 t Nancy Hodson Kay Shaner Barbara O'Ne1l Pansy Boyer Joan Melugin Joan Hunter Second row, 1 to r Flora Harper Frances Cassady Patricia Musgrave Norma Silvey Eileen Silvey Mr. Horace Ley Third row, 1 to r: Susie Garber Olive Harper Beverly Daniel Jean Cook OP! 6-LEE CL UB J' 1 43 ff A556 swyiiy Q 'I 4 il, in 4 " -r Q 4n 4. D' ' .X Left to right: Rayma Ga Yocam Lucy Holman Shirley Boyer Judy Lightner Dorothy Weeks Standing: Jeanette Cook K Fifth ,sa Sixth Grades Seated, Left to right: Eddie Henson, Donald Dean, David Dean, Jerry Ogle, Sharon Hcog, Susie Aedden, Paula Rose, James Black, Danny Roy, Carolyn Pettey, Second Row, 1. to r: Howard Sidenstricker, Junior Shupp, Janet Cook, Betty Harpole, Micheal McKinstry, Darelene Garrison, Mickey Cook, David Hodson, Ronald Boyer, Sandy Turner. Third mow, l to rg Mrs. Warren, Robert warren, Nancy Forsythe, Patricia Grieshammer, Jackie Fox, Herbert Lewis, Trudy ann Woodmansee Robert Readshaw, Louise Davis, Gary Jarmin. -Third 8 Fourth mGrades Seated, left to right: Wayna fritchett, Carol Ann Rodney, Judy Tappana, Johnny Farpole, Charles R. Henry, Bobby Dean, Bobwy Snyder, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Vernon Chidester, Billy Lewis, Judy Turpen, Sharon Purcell, Tommy Black. Second Row, l to rg Carl Sargent, Wanda Iork, Ramela Grieshammer, Judy Black, Billy Roy, Steven Kirkpatrick, Dlmo Turner, Richard Manes, Susan Headshaw, Charlotte Baker, Steve Coofer, Stexe Woodmansee, Rebeccg Warren, Third How, 1 to r: Mrs. ncClanahan, Linda Benson, Daisy Dodson, Phil Cook, David Betebenner, Janie Silvey, Phyllis Lewis, Jane Black, Carol Silvey, Jonathan Cook, Stanley Wooduansee, Leonard Boyer,.Claude Powell, Tommy Moser. Rhythm Band .- -. mu Seated, left to rightg Dottie Benson, Patty Mathis, Vaughnda Sargent, Micky Henry, Charles Sargent, Leslie Kerr, David Black, Rodney Sidenstricker, Delbert Black, Kathy York Standing, left to right: Vicki Bowman, Connie Poling, Jane Ann Petebenner, Karen Henson, Margarett Dodson, Barbara Boyer, William Kerr, Charles Sargent, Mildred Dodson, Eddie Hoog, Jeannie Kay Davis, Janie Hutts First a Seconded, Grade C S ,F W ' M 4? i X l vt, fl Seated, left to rightg Cheryl Lassiter, Vaughnda Sargent, David Flack, Micky Henry, Randy Cooper, Mikey Dean, Charles Sargent, Deborah Epperson, Karen Henson, Mildred Dodson. Second row, left to rightg Delbert Black, Charles Rodney, Barbara Eoyer, Charley Epperson, Otis Wood, Margarett Dodson, Lonnie Orr, Vicki Powman. Third row, left to rightg Jeannie Kay Davis, Eddie Hoog, Dottie Benson, Arlia Wright, Patty Mathis, Janie Hutts, Kathy York, Jane Ann Betebenner, Connie Boling, Mrs. Jarmin. S haf F X I so 5 1,-we We xx f ,I V' ' Left to right: Standing John Oliver, Truman Hoy, David Pierce, Dean Hight Left to right: Seated Shirley Lppright, Lucy Holman, Larl Lewis, Dorothy Alumbaugh, Betty Williams 9 if ' -'Q-Q5 f 6TuDENT COLIN LIL Left to Right: Standing Lonnie Sargent, Gilbert Totten Tom Betebenner, Larry Hutts Left to night: Seated Pansy Boyer, Evelyn hppright, Dean Hight, Deanna Betebenner, Joan Hunter SS Sh f-:mom 'br fyx mm' . as gi " A M140 S W X ' -1' -.SO K A LF M muugn, 91k:r Left to Right: Standing Richard Roy, Dean Hight, Dick Smith Left to Right: Seated Pansy Boyer, hvelyn Jean Cook, Deanna Jeanette Cook - Y H 1 fr-vw" qw.-avfe W ,,f Max Attendants EVELYN EPPRIGHT JOAN MELUGIN " SA - if i-if 1 A Q ts' i 7 X' ' W: 'f... if I A AV 3 , fl, r' . , I Q 5 ' 'igg ' ' v QB X Xx 5 I N L A K L . 1 I 5 li wa r ! Y '64,v1!Lx J i :ALS J 01661 5 2, if . X I ax , S, 5 x 15 ' f f f:.JWf ff' ,Laffy '44 if 425' V : I v . 'G V if In . :L 5 L., .ffff ' f . " M W' ' il- '- . J .1 , s K. .- Lf Y -4 . I 7 ,, , f g 2 , , sf 9 J k ' 7 ' E A ' . A W : ': X 3 X X 5 f xxx X Left to right: Giloert Totten, Dean Hight, Eugene Whitehead, George Flesher, Dgvld Pierce, Ricnard Roy, J. C. Waggener, Ernest Crain, Stephen Hoason, Jacxle Lockhart, Coach, Mr. Boon. v. vf 4 ,. l x Basketball 1 W Left to right: Bill Brewer, Ronald Johnson, Truman Roy, Herbert Milier, Pete Pierce, B141 Crutcher, Don Hight, Bob Silvey, Earl Lewis, Center, Mr. Book, Coach. Junior High AA 'T 7 y rr' r 4- Front row, 1 to r: June Pendergrass, Alice Smith, Barbara Ogle Back row, 1 to r: Jeanette Ferguson, Linda Betebenner, Dorothy weeks Se or Hugh ni ' Cheerleaders Left to right: Pansy Boyer, Joan Hunter, Joyce Schell, Jeanette Cook, Shirley Eppright, Shirley Boyer, Rayma Gay Yocam. L f , A -WN Q f if bb is Z A ff . A rr- ,Q Q f kr-ww . Qi 4 Xb I .gg Q M' if 'why Q se " f ? . ,fifmf-Xszezf '- Mi if 75153 H 1: WWII" ,gilflgii f 2 'ilxiiiieh - fin,-: V .mg . A , 30. bmi! .,:,A. 5.55-' K , A.VV w1,Q.m, ,,?,gf-yfs,5 irlsiim zff ifisfi? :ig ' fi'-" 2321231 71l',lg?': . . I r Y 'I Q f x., . - ,Vg xx t ,,.. -5 lo f 2 1 , ' 9 55315 fb, XYBXSV M Aw , - I E .ij Ai ffwiuba k N . A-,V i A 'K' A R Z We W, K wi Nw 3, we n w-41 as N as 2' ff e fe gt , S A P6 2 ,X W' A M , F A Q me gf? f Aw , -x, -'Q r T ,fi f W 534 'WP ' f if 4' 'Y f " D:?:fe1i?EL is 4' ' ' V , L, 1 Q 4 -,. , Z, H , Q, ,W ' ,gi .-N-........... is M ,f , f 65599 , T M: k +mf...w . X 1 .AQ - .4 , ' nv. I - We f 'RN K AN 1 Q ,, , N99 ,NX vp N lf QW Q yg . 'Nl 'VU Q' Variety Second Hand Store lM1eeler's Switzer Printing Getz Service Station Purcell Telephone Co. Coulter McGuire Bank Cafe Rose Barber Shop Roy D. Foss L. G. Balfour Co. Shoop Davis Lewis Produce Page Grocery Patterson's Service Station Minerva Candy Gene Mallos Radio 2 TV Booste rs webb city, webb City, Purcell, Purcell, Joplin, Alba, Alba, Carthage, Carthage, Purcell, Purcell, Alba, Webb cwty, Webb Cit Vp Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri MiSSOUP1 Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri WEBB CITY BANK "Your Friendly Bank Since 1882" member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 N Bill Owens Bur-B-0 BAR'BE'CUF. SAQIDWICHES -- - -:JL 1 Jr... Webb City, Missouri I' fl!! Q, THE CRESCENT CEEANERS FW 1 If f FOR BETTER APPEARANCE I Howard P. Martin, Manager f 4 N DELIVERY ON TUESDAY AND FRIDAY 141,11 Telephone 150 120 North Webb Street WEBB CITY, MISSOURI HUEY'S A COMPLETE FAMILY STORE Joplin Webb City Crown Coach Company MAyfair 4-1200 Joplin, Missouri L Z . 1 -' ' Mon Wm if m f, M i,,.,. C LIL ff y r JA:-:I .-:4 H f g :,.,f55kff5Sg' "'f'-:gag-, um .4 ' L f nf r C Q a Fastemark sun' noun manners or sas: munv Pnonucrs u 4 wits COMPLIMENTS L 'QT'?t2.f39i ff... .. ..' L G-sau .V t O 'L Qgmif S 'ng Tisfff-E Home land and loan Co. ef' fi, L W l lruiiilx Webb City Missouri ' V Karbe Super Market Calhoon-Putnam LUMBER COMPANY All Kinds of Building Materials SELL MORE FOR 51.00 fl Tixx A W . ' fgtf iQ.'?1??, tE2WIQ1sx'2yl 'f:'f . QQ? on f ' 1 if. V' O' 6: '4 5' 16th and Ma.dison Phone 36 . 0 oi NECK CITY MISSOURI Q., ' Webb City Missouri 'N f GD 212121. Qeoo sf QKQ U Y Know" Mir Good Home Lighting Means so Much . . . . Costs so Little! Home is the center of family activity, and a well lighted home has warmth and charm. Good home lighting helps young eyes develop properly, protected from eye strain. It means that all the family's seeing tasks are much easier. Check your home lighting now. Be sure it,s adequate. Proper home lighting means so much to your family, yet it costs so little! THE DISTRICT ELECTRIC COMPANY Q NORRIS GRAIN C0 Compliments of NORRIS FEEDS FOR WHERE THE WORKING MAN BETTER FEEDING CAN AFFORD GOOD FURNITURE Full Market Prices Paid For Grain Webb City, Missouri Carthage, Missouri Webb City, Missouri COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. 8. Mrs. H. S. Berry Drochen berg's Jewelry Best Wishes Nationally Known I0 the 3Ii1r1fg'2:0H1gS CLASS OF 1956 JEWELRY Johnston - Arnce - Expert Guaranteed Repairing Simpson Mortuary Webb City, Missouri Phone 472 Webb City Bradbury - Bishop Drug Compony H.L. BISHOP GEO. KIRK, JR. Registered Pharmacists FREE PARKING One Stop Service For Sovmor Super Morket IGA MICKEY PURCELL, MGR. DRUGS - FOUNTAINS - SUNDRIES - GROCERIES Webb City, Missouri Mummens Western Auto Associate Store DAVIS TIRES WIZARD BATTERIES ERNIE WILLIAMSON MUSIC HOUSE "EVERYTHING IN MUSIC" 611 Main St. Joplin, Missouri Phone 968 Webb City, Mo. MARDICK TIRE 8. APPLIANCE CO IARMIN'S HARDWARE Headquarters for Philco for over 25 years LUMBER COMPANY PHILCO: TELEVISION REF RIGERATORS Phone 42-J 3rd Sz Virginia Joplin, Mo. ALBA MISSOURI BOWLUS SUPPLY COMPANY We Specialize in Service IF IT'S FOR A SCHOOL WE HAVE IT 1015 North Broadway Pittsburg, Kansas CITIES SERVICE STATION PROMPT, EFFICIENT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Operator: J. D. Collins Phone 12-M Alba, Missouri '--. .. ,,.,. ..... . can ou. JF -I Ar Jegcfin .Simca wLere quagfy ia fhe IQTQNV1 Mui i g . Q' 1'wI11t,t 'TL ' 1 V 5tal'lJdl'J Representative I qyyaat ' MR. ROY H, NOEL MAyfoir 4-1412 . ' Box II07 Joplin, Missouri ,,,, sEMco coton Pntss, mc. J I T29 N.W. 3 Oklahoma City 'i"fi"'--1'xf"mw"' CEntraI 2-7848 FOrest' 5-4487 A Good Place To Do Your Banking A A 1 mfncumrs Ann mums nun an ' I' I B W -L I MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION P 4 , ? 7' O NCQ il 1 X ukig Webb City, Missouri X g,QWsrr - fgul' MFA MUTUAI INSURANCE C0. R 8 S MOTOR SAlES CO. Columbia, Mo. ' ' AUTO- LIABILITY- F IRE - HOSPITA L NATIONWIDE CLAIM SERVICE No Membership Fees or Assessment S xxll S 1,5 I Y Guy Shafer, Ins. 'I'."."i Phone 20-J-Purcell 13112 , , Alba, Missouri INS U ED JOPIH1, Missouri HEDGE-LEWIS FUNERAL HOME John Lewis Dick Lewis PHONE 355 Webb City, Missouri Owens' Sporting Goods 112 W. 5th Joplin, Missouri Dealers for RAW LINGS SPAULDING RIDDE LL Burtrum Brothers Motor Company Largest New and Used Car Dealers in the Middle West FAMOUS FOR FAIRNESS Joplin, Missouri Compliments of JOPUN Jordon-Belsford Motor Co. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH IMPERIAL 628 Main St. Joplin, Mo. Sales and Service Joplin, Mo. . W. , Edd" wh' Jorllumuronsurriv Housewares 8. Gift Shop Manager: Joe Storey 527 Joplin St. Phone MA 3-5003 Joplin Missouri 121 Main St. Joplin, Mo.- COOPERS STORE GROCERIES- MEATS FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Phone 12R Alba, Missouri TRUCKS PHNTIA6 GRIFFITH BROS. PONTIAC A CARTHAGE, MISSOURI 1221 Oak St. Telephone 5944 L". 'a x 4 I D ., ,n 1-41. . 7 1 4- ,,' .E ,. -.14 :L . . yu fxxfztf , -1, 9. .' .11-'L' 1' ' a '.' '1 12 L 1 at 1.1 , 131.323 I Qs! J-. Us WV X- .: 5 H- r 3-ay r r,,. 1 ,L Qi . ,mg ,,: V-.Y-g , , . rg. x 4.-., 1, -. . K ...B ' X ,L,. r , , .ln V ,1., .. ,', ,, .. ,..r.,:g." " L Q h ,M Z, ,I ...V ., ,T , 9, MH I 'Ad' ' 014. YQ Wu 2-5 , ,,. F: vs .ww I , I: I-,UE Tl! I '

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Alba High School - Albamo Yearbook (Alba, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Alba High School - Albamo Yearbook (Alba, MO) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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