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'wg QE n' it ' S VS U4 fi A 51 1- fa k, if 1 .3 if Q3 k 54 ia aj. Ia fi si 5--1 52 af? 55 APY 29 55 'Z Q1 51 , W! YH 5-5' ku 55 E gf. fi! 5 5 . 5 rl' 5 ,, Kg, ,Q 4 az 5 X H Ee oi: 3 E 1 veg E 65 FAQ fm Fi-tag all -We ug. 9 Jn ?' -x - ,751 v 524: 5- if 353 -Q -fr: is :Vi iq u eflfo 0 we Eff. kAlBAwi'5nf,fi 1950 . , , 1 ' ' ,Q gr 1 4, ,, f , ,T . ,' . 3 'QU' '5m','5 f5lQF' ES iaeif-:rib-1S2':fs,,ifQ. 5 z 1 4 ,V ,, , w Y f- 3 f iV!i,f, ,k,,, L, I ' K I 1 . L . , 1, .Li 5 V X V, f as ' Iv A be 'A+ v it , -1- , bww Mr, 1 plc-uni K ' 1 il' hu, ' F., Y. 1-f ur 1 In grateful appreciation to'our 1 parients arid citizens of this com- munity who have helped make our school a better place in which to . live and work we, the Albamo Staff, do sincerely dedicate to them the M' 1950 volume of' our yearbook, the ALBAMOK ' ' Y ' P 7 . L , 5152? 5 figs L ,H ' , 1 9: 22-W:-f ' . -1- ,-r k.W5,jj-'f4:,z', ' 3 -' '- gf'g,,- .. :Z - .5 avi' 5, .1 . J J W, it K .1 W 41-A , -v 5, AED . iz f'eLw 'F F' E V if g5'3f'5':i--,Q lips g n' BUFORD COOPER PRESIDENT IIUIIIIII III IIIIIIIAIIII GUY SHAFFER RAYMOND SMITH VKRN DOYLR KEITH RIDER RANDOLPH NAST LOYD WINCHLSTER WNAMS Ns.. x wa-Q' ,ATM 'Q-ff? s. his ww MM SUPQRINTENDENT PERL L. DUNN A.B. SOCIAL SCIENCE ATHLETIC CQACH PRINCIPAL ELBERT OVERMAN 8.5. IN EDUCATION SPEECH AND DRAMATICS r CARRIE TROY B.S. IN EDUCATION SOCIAL STUDIES, MATH NOT PICTURED: DON MERICLE MUS. B. MUSIC DIRECTOR 485 Kwai NX RUTH DALE B.S. IN HOME ECONOMICS MARTHA L. HYDE B.S. IN EDUCATION MASTER OF EDUCATION ENGLISH, LIDRARIAN SPONSOR ALBAMO 5 fgxg '1u IU GLENN G. WILLIAMS B.S. IN EDUCATION COMMERCE GLENN J. ARTHUR B.S. IN EDUCATION INDUSTRIAL ARTS SCHJUL SIORITARY AlB AMU SIA!! BACK ROW: M'-gs HYDE KSPONSORD, MAX PAGE, JERRY MILLER, BILL ALLEN, 'NIS CRUTCHER, ORvIL MILLER JQIHN RIDER, Dfw WITHERSPQQN, CHARLES JARMIN. FRONT ROW: GRACE SMITH, MARTHA HEGER, LOIS BYNNETT SHIRLEY BOWMAN, VEVA STORM cASSlSTANT EDITORD, CAROLYN JARMIN, SALLY GILLARD, FREIDA MINKLER CARQL GUNLOCK, ANNE OLIVER KEDITORI. BACK ROW: RALPH GENE GUNLOCK IFRESHMAN fSoRHoMoREJ. FRONT ROW: DORIS BUSBY KJU MARILYN MILLER CFRLSHMAN,. ClASS BU D, BILL ALLEN CSENIORI, EARL HONEY QJUNIORJ, DON HUDSOI NIOR,, SHIRLEY PoTTs fSOPHOMORE,, Lons BENNETT tSENlOR,, Sl ISS MA AUIRS A. l. 1 1 CH HHRS SIAH BACK ROW: JINOA STORM, ELLORA GARRISON, D HEGIR. MIDDLE ROW: MR. WILLIAMS KSPONSORI, FR5IOA MINKLER, WANDA BIMNFTT, BIVIRIY WIILIARR, SHIRLEY BOWMAN, ANN OLIVER, MARVIN HOWAR D, CAROL GUNLOCK, FRONT ROW: VrvA SVORM, IWIO CRUIKHIR, DIRIS WARULGW, ROOERTA HOOD, JACKIE COOK. . .Ill IUR PlAY CASI GILLARD, KVILYN WKAVER, DORIS WAROLOW. MILLER, ORETA MILLER, MAX MCREYNQLD5 WANOA HENDERSON. KIHI BHAR , P BACK ROW: MR- OVERMAN UJIRKCTORP, DELORES BOYER, JACK BROWN MID Ill , MELVIN RECTOR, MARVIN HOwmRO, SAILY DLE ROW: CAQOLYN JARMIN, BOB RIDER, DURIS HU5nY, ORVI ATSY STORM. FRONT ROW: RHSEMARY PASSIIY, JACK PIIIIII, ISHIIUSI HIAIIHH OLLY MINKLER, JERILEA PASSLLY, LFTHA LAWRENCE, MARYHA UUEI FRIIUA ., ,R I, SALLY GILL15-RD Junior FREIDA MINKLER, Albamo Queen Senior Alll DANIS 1' IER ILEA PASSLEY S 0 phorn 0 r ef 8 DOLLY MINKLER Freshman f KI G JERRY .TERRY BROWN, Albamo King Senior AIII DANIS 5, . 44 X L JACK BROWN RALPH GUNLOCK Jumof PHIL HENDERSON Freshman Sophomore 9 5m CHARLES HONEY PRF.-5xof.NT 'Seve was evans :now exPzaxeNczg o1aaas raow exvzaxasce DON'T sPeAw.' XNXS CROTCHiR Vxcz ?Risxof.NT fx AM wxLLxNe T0 Bi QQNvxNcE0 BUT snow ME THL PLRSOH WHO CPN CON' vxuce we.' IRENE TREELOTTER SURER JOHN RXDER 5EcRf.1mY Ks SXLLY 10 Tx-mme. I ll SOM 'r ET OIMES SHIME5 QUIE F Y T THE TIA BUT TH' SOME- E- E 'OH MYIZEST H La11s TALKf L PM RENCE HOV! P-RD 'A cuz-MAN cxacus THAT NGLXNG ooesN'1 ccu1aoL.' P NY VIEESE '5xLENci xs GOLDEN, Ho AM X To Mnwe Mos- Rx BUT vi I1 H WAN DA B VIB LIVEENETT RA Y FUN TING w , v'VA MTH EJTH PEP c'oUS, ERY STL:h:'NG ll RICHARD LUM n H A NOISE EHEIS KNSWN D OESNIT ZIKEHE ,n BILL ALLEN HERE I AM, You LUCKY lg Do SEL BIL L KATHLEEN HG, DAVIS THIS MOSER woR'Ry RLS WAV NOT LITT HfM,n E C54 F kNOw LE SIR SED To ' OR ' 450 L W5 HQR UT BL-AU. HHER- woMEN.' MARTH 4 HE NFL, GER TWYLLA WINCHESTER FURTS RT AND SHE LOOKS LIKE AN You LO WITH You THE WOR ANGEL, ACTS LIKE ONE Too, VE ALONE J Lovg AN BUT You NEVER CAN TELL ' D WHAT ANGELS WILL DO.n BILL DODSON nWHlLE oTHERs TALK 0F5xK Q WISENESS, HE ACHIEVES IT. ANNE OLIVER A LOVELY SMILE, A WINNING wAY--THAT'S ouR ANNE ANY DAYH. cgc lL CAROL c H4 :AML TON N GUN 4REpU 4REp CR- A G1 LOCK L 'V0r UL Sr ASH' T GGLE To O UDENT HATIS' 4 DASH VEQDO J CAROL- H a 4 Q ,xv K Ji T4 'I JERRY MILLER DON'T woRRY JERRY, TI-IE BIG OAK wAs A I.ITTI.E NUT FIRST. NO 2- JERRY BP' Ads Gwi 'X Xl uGIRL5' K THEN R we 'E Loo DA WNKLE 11 'UNE 1 1 TA H-n FRU V5 PRE ,IUS1 Tau EMG 'SW SWEET' MEET. ND vERY LIKE To A IRL 'mum G 1 wx K MX EEWQ Q SMXTH uNh55u n 1 I L1 RACE 1 AN0 E JOB. 2 , 9 ,QUIE I ON xv fag ' ,Y p.LV'A15 , Bu 1 A JACKIE cooK Eg 'A SUNNY DIsPosITIoN Y AND A PRETTY FACE--A RARE T, 45, 'IE' A AV COMBINATION ANYPLACE. f E. Qgg3?i1k,.Em:3 I PM R65 M052 LOW R A N0 ,' E 0 CH M CAN 'IOUNG IANRYNC EISURF' LL 100 E A L STX L L E 'YYXHGNY' VI Kuhn In Di cdvi VEVA STORM nHER HEART IS LIKE THE MOON--THERE'S A MAN IN lT.n 12 SHIRLEY BOWMAN HITVS A FRIENDLY HEART THAT HAS MANY FRIENDS.n c as. l' .Ei '5 , K 2 , I ITHERSPOONHAS 'T'S DON WERY CLASS EV EP' EXC 0 I5 N ST, OUR'S PE TION' DELOR ENCER I wouLo gg COULD ES SP 'T' 4WFULLy BEING sooo. BETTER fp I , sur S LoNEsoMg I s BENNETTOMEN THATT. LOIGREATER V: I DOUBT u HAVE LIVED' B WILLIAMSMASS OF EVERLY MBER A G 0'5- B I REMET NOTHIN BU GS: TH'N , TINCTLY 13 4 Aff' X Q3 a ROSE RTA H L fy ,wk OOD SHE LAU FUNNY 1 SUT GHS Nor To 5 TO BEF UN. ITRICE CONWAY HHERE IS A GIRL WITH 4 ggiig LITTLE Gelw cnuckso p1N.nOF FUN AND NE4T AS 4 fm ,, L? X DON FULLEMON A FOOL Musr NO W AN THEN BE QfQHT. D ALBERT GUNLOCK 'Iris Nor WHAT YOU DO 'T 3 WHAT you GET ' lvl TH. 'QWAY 0 E-HQ is 9- Oil' ff ' W 4253 gf nxfw 'O ArUN,7 I 353 fi Q Q Q21-fi-5's5', :'O? 3-NM ifmfai, M 1 JJH Yf t w:gfSX1:5'r Si Illll MASS HIIIHIIISHIS Good evening friends. This is Station A. H. S. broadcasting from its studios in Alba, Missouri, under the sponsorship of G. E. Overman. On this evening's program, we want to introduce to you the dignified Senior Class of 1950, who will give you the latest highlights and the many events which have taken place during 1945-1950. We have with us Charles Honey, who is acting as Preisdent and has done a splendid job in the behalf of his classmates. Also, we have lnis Crutcher, Vice-President, John Rider, Secretary and Irene Blotter, Treasurer. Our mistress of ceremonies will be Freida Minkler, who is our class reporter and is also our Annual Queen, with .Terry Brown as King. She will give the highlights-- This is Freida Minkler bringing you the main events of this class for the four years we have attended the Alba High School. Our Freshman class officers were: Jerry Miller, President, Zena Lee Allison, Vice-President, Veva Storm, Secretary and Treasurer, and John Rider was our Student Council representative. Mrs. Allison was our sponsor..Of the many events, we shall remember most vividly the Riverside Weiner roast held on Spring River, given in honor ofthe Sophomore class. Upon inquiring as to which was the best class that year, we decided that we, the fascinating Freshman class should win the award. This brings us to the Sophomore class of forty-three students from which class we lost four prominent students. We were fortunate to again have Mrs. Allison as our sponsor. Our officers for the year were as follows: President, Max Page, Vice-President, Jerry Miller, Secretary and Treasurer, Jackie Cook, and Lois Bennett was the Student Council member. Our activities consisted of aChristmas party, given at the home of Shirley Bowman, who with her splendid hospitality made it enjoyable for everyone. We took top honors in the queen contest and took great pleasure in crowning Zena Lee Allison, Queen Zena Lee. The Junior Class was led by Jerry Miller, President, Jackie Cook, Vice-President, Veva Storm, Secretary and Treasurer, Shirley Bowman, Reporter, and Charles Honey, Student Council member. The events of this year were the class party held at the home of Ann Oliver, which we enjoyed immensely, the Jr. Class play, and, of course, the Junior-Senior Banquet under the direction of our class sponsor, Miss Troy. This event was the most highly praised of the year. As Seniors we are indeed proud. We have had many honors bestowed upon us as a class. A brief list of these honors are: Annual King and Queen, Basketball and Football Queens, Football Captain, Basketball Captain, and editors of the ALBAMO and Chatters. We presented the Senior class play and it was acclaimed a great success by all these attending. ln May we were entertained as guests of the annual Junior- Senior Banquet. We brought our senior year to an end with the Commencement Exercises, and now, as we file through the closing doors of Alba High, let us keep our class motto forever before us: Now we launch, where shall we anchor? And now a word from our sponsor: The class of 1950 has been one ofthe most co-operative and agreeable Senior Classes it has been my privilege to sponsor. With deep regret I see them pass into history. Best of luck and smooth sailing 'kids'. 14 IHIY WERE 'Q ti . Q xxx . Hx .2 + K-.. , E . f Q X -Q L 'z' V - lf' .f. . W .. 4 5 b Lg? Q ,N JQLQL . ,QAQR I A W., N-. A ff 1 V 11 f ' gkgw- . -W 2 m ,ideas . L b 'H 5 , . fr . .g 1 ' , Y :Hifi 7 Q. 3 X, 5 4 R ,, Q1 Sgr? X 3 L, .1 X' 3 .2 K, JAQTAQ W fl 1 - . - if S if SI IIIR IIIASS Wlll at The Senior Class of 1949-1950 of Alba High School, being in as sane mind and body as could be expected under the conditions, do hereby bequeath the following to our underclassmen: IRENE BLOTTER wills her personality to Oneta Miller. BILL ALLEN wills his height to Marvin Howard. WANDA BENNETT wills her figure to Dolores Boyer. CHARLES HONEY wills his athletic ability to Jack Brown. JACKIE COOK wills her position as editor on the school paper to Doris Ann Wardlow. JERRY MILLER wills his position on the basketball team to Melvin Rector. MARTHA HEGER wills her dimples to Dorothy LeMasters. RICHARD LUMAN wills his friendly attitude toward everyone to Clifford Moser. JOHN RIDER wills his artistic ways to anyone who can fulfill them. SHIRLEY BOWMAN wills her pep squad leading ability to Patsy Storm. ANN OLIVER wills her position on the annual staff to anyone who is capable of fulfilling it. DON WITHERSPOON Wills his ability to argue to Bob Rider. KATHLEEN MOSER wills her height to Shirley Potts. BILL DAVIS wills his bashful ways to John Edwards. INIS CRUTCHER wills her position as the fastest typist to Jerry Hamilton. BILL DODSON wills his curly hair to Jack Petitte. CAROL GUNLOCK wills her love for Bookkeeping to anyone who feels the same way. CECIL HAMILTON wills his eye for girls to Jim Jarmin VEVA STORM wills her position on the annual staff to anyone who has the time. ALBERT GUNLOCK wills his love for speech to Charles Jarrnin. LAWRENCE HOWARD wills his clownish ways to Sandy Lamb. FREIDA MINKLER Wills her gracefulness to Emily Rea. DON FULLERTON wills his ability to get along with everyone to Orvil Miller. BEVERLY WILLIAMS wills her mischievous ways to Doris Busby. MAX PAGE wills his love for sports to Joe Cook. TWYLLA WINCHESTER wills her dramatic ability to Carolyn Jarmin. PAT WEESE wills her blond hair to Kathleen Radford. JERRY BROWN wills his football helmet to Eddie McKay. LOIS BENNETT wills her business ability to Virginia LeMasters. CHARLES MOSS wills his husky build to Earl Honey. GRACE SMITH wills her basketball playing ability to Helen Watts. ROBERTA HOOD wills her Bookkeeping grades to anyone who is capable of fulfilling them. LETHA LAWRENCE wills her false tooth to Cecil Petefish. DOLORIS SPENCER wills her natural curly hair to Mary Lois Edwards. ITRICE CONWAY wills her glasses to Evelyn Weaver so she can find her way around the halls of good old Alba High. 16 MASS PRIIPHHIY May 1960 Dear Alba High School, It has been exactly ten years since the senior class of 1950 graduated. On a recent canvass of the world we found them living their lives in the way theythemselves have chosen. As we walk down the streets of New York, we find a sign which reads 'LOIS BEN- NETT,M, D., , who is now chief owner of the New York Researchlnstitution. Deciding to visit her, we ask the head nurse, who is none other than MARTHA HEGER,where Lois can be found. Learning from Martha that two of our former classmates, BILL DAVIS and DICK LUMAN, are patients in the hospital, we decide to visit them. Upon inquiring further into the matter,we learned that their racers collided head-on while racing at the famous speed-way in New York. As we go down Broadway in New York, we find none other thanthe 'Kackling Twins', WANDA BENNETT and IRENE BLOTTER, starring inthe hit production 'Honey Will Always Be True, Well, whose familiar faces do we see here ? It's the dancing team, BILL ALLEN and DON WITHERSPOON, We decide to go backstage and who should we see but CHARLES HONEY,who is nowbasketball coach of Yale University, pacing the floor, waiting for Wanda, his half interest in the Kackling Twins. Later on as we are driving through the countryside,we see a beautiful farm home with a large silver-colored mailbox out in front. On the mailbox we see the name 'WILLIAM DODSON, This name attracts our attention and we decide to visit him.As the door opens,we see the familiar face of the former INIS CRUTCHER, We also see their little twin boys sitting in their highchairs eating dinner, We go driving downthe streets of Webb City when we see the former VEVA STORM coming from a grocery store pushing a baby carriage with little Junior in it,Tagging along behind are her little boy and little girl fighting over who gets to carry the cookies. Oh! Oh! Look out for thattruck! The owner should be sued for employing such reck- less drivers. As the truck stops, we could swear the driver had blood trinkling down his head, but, alas, it was only JERRY BROWN'S familiar red hair hanging down in his eyes. Inquiring further, we learned that the United Transportation Company,with which he is employed, is owned by none other than CHARLES MOSS, We walk into his office and who should be sitting behind the bookkeeper's desk but ROBERTA HOOD, Now we take time out to rest and go to a movie and guess who has taken Bob Hope's place ? None other than our dear old Alba comedian, LAWRENCE HOWARD, On our summer vacationthrough Tulsa, Oklahoma, we see a woman entering a small house. Agreeing the face looks familiar, we realize it is the former SHIRLEY BOWMAN, We were walking down the streets of Chicago when we heard a newsboy, the son of Mr, and Mrs. ALBERT GUNLOCK, calling out, 'Extra, Extra , We bought a paper and read the 'Big Story' of the day. Who should be the reporter that got the story but ANN OLIVER, Later as we visited the Atlantic Coast, we saw a ship coming in. Deciding to wait and see who was on it, we ran into CECIL HAMILTON, who we later learned has a beautiful farm home near Carthage, Missouri and is waiting for CAROL GUNLOCK who is returning on the ship from Europe where she has been going to school. Looking over Carol's head we see the familiar face of JOHN RIDER who has been on an ex- peditionin Europe. We boarded an airplane on our way to Jefferson City to visit the Governor who is now TWYLLA WINCHESTER. Standing outside is the pilot, LETHA LAWRENCE, and the stewardess, PAT WEESE, Entering the plane we see the famous dress designer, BEVERLY WILLIAMS, Sitting with her is the novelist KATHLEEN MOSER. Traveling through the Ozarks,we stopped ata hotel resort, There to greet us were the co-owners, GRACE SMITH and DELORIS SPENCER, Learning from them that two more or our former classmates lived near by, DON FULLERTON and the former FREIDA MINKLER, we decided to visit them, Stopping at a farm-home to learn directions to the Fullerton re sidence, we find ITRICE CONWAY busily cleaning house, Arriving at the Fullerton farm, we notice it is one of the prettiest farms in this part of the country, We learnfrom them that JERRY MILLER and the former JACKIE COOK also have a farm home near Alba. Our curiousity as to how they are making out gets the better of us and we head for Alba, Upon our arrival they inform us that little Junior is now in the first grade at Alba where MAX PAGE is now teaching, Sincerely, The snoopers of the Class of '50 17 Sl lllll PIAY THE PROFESSOR GOES HAYWIRE Scott Bunting, a young professor . . Lucinda, his stern aunt . . . Katie, his gentle aunt . . Froggy, his pal . Taffy, the terrible Dean Farrell, her Ellice, a charmer Abby, a silly miss Russ, a student . Warren, a college Io, a city reporter fa the r . photog raphe r . . . 1 . Hannigan, a city photographer . Socko, a boxer . . Jennie, the maid . Mrs. O'Brien, a visitor . Millie . . Charlotte . Joan. . . Marian . Wilma . Tom. . Jake. . Eddie . Ken ...,.. Calvin fWestern Union boy l . Director .... Student Director . f . . Q Q EXTRAS Q - . . . - 18 . . Jerry Miller . lnis Crutcher . . Lois Bennett . . Jerry Brown . Beverly Williams . . Bill Dodson . . Jackie Cook . Wanda Bennett . . . .Max Page . . . Charles Honey Twylla Winchester .' . Charles Moss . Don Witherspoon . . Irene Blotter . Shirley Bowman . . Letha Lawrence . Freida Minkler . Anne Oliver . Roberta Hood . Carol Gunlock . Don Fullerton . Cecil Hamilton . . . Bill Allen . . . .TohnRider . .Lawrence Howard . Mr. Overman . Martha Heger SPEECH PlAYS STANDING: MR. OVERMAN-DIRECTOR, ROBERTA Hoon, CHARLES JOHNSTON, CHARLES HONEY, JERRY MILLER MELVIN RECTOR, LAWRENCE HOWARD, JOHN RIDER, BILL DODSUN, INIS CRUTCHER, PAT WEZESE. SLATED IRENE BLOTTER, ANNE OLIVER, LETHA LAWRENCE, DOLORES SPENCER, MAX PAGE, FREIDA MINKLER, KATH LFEI: MQSER, TNYLIA WINCHESTER, ITRICE CoNwAY. VMENIINI SWEHHEAIIT C030 Allll 19 Jll IDR Jack Brown Orville Miller President Vice-President Dolores Boyer Doris Busby Mary Edwards f Junior Epperight . Wendell Flesher Sally Gillard Patsy Storm Jerry Hamilton Wanda Henderson Earl Honey Carolyn Iarmin Charles .Tarmin Oral Dean Lamb MASS IH '51 Melvin Rector Marvin Howard Secretary Reporter v-GQ ABSENT: Kathleen Radford Charles Johnston Lorene Lee Emily Rea , Bob Rider all James Maples Max McReyno1ds Oneta Miller Ruth Nally Rosemary Passley Jack Petitte Doris Wardlow Jack Watts Evelyn Weaver John Wilkins SIIPHIIMIIIH if ll eu Billy Doe Wardlow Eddie McKay President Vice-President i Emi so wsiifli ' 5:5 351 i ddd 1 d.d dd is U12 A ue T1 -d dddd Alfred Blotter Q V iii: he ,L 2' li , f , Loyd Blotter 2 , S K X L fx 5 le Ki iff W if f A Kathleen Cossey Stanley Davis .Timmie Dodson Fren Chidester Betty Eppright Lois Gillard Phil Henderson Jim Highley Glen Hodgden Don Hodson , , ,. ,Z P . WW- Donna Hitchcock Secretary iw aww' K 1 4 fi. Si r , greg 1 ,elm ,. Hi. fir . sfiffig ' SH- fx - U -'- ' H av .ll ' 11 -, :. - - -:s,.-g. ' liiQi3?N'2 . ,, -warg ,, , -Mk Q . rl-Fi 3,525 George Randall Dora Rea Loyd Rea Jimmie Welch Clifford Moser Ellis Vaughn ABSENT: Eleanor Miller Harold Mink MASS Ill 2 Jerilea Passley Reporter .Tim Iarmin Virgil Kirk Milton Lawrence Virginia LeMasters Cecil Petefish Shirley Potts HHSHMA Dan Adams Shirley Baker Mavis Bower Lynn Boyer Irene Conway James Dale Carol Edwards Dorsey Edwards i ff X K ! .Rf ji-.Q A ki, 4-v , I, Joe Cook Janice Betebenner President Vice-President L lv ' i h b e , 'V A Lifi ge i K X . - L. i :'- K ig A , J' 1 R. V455 ,. , . 1 s, ,J me J r a P i ,b , . I Hazel Lee John Edwards J Valeria Flesher we 3' ' is V Ralph Gene Gunlock J if Je r. g Bob Gilliam Mildred Hamilton 4? Betty Leggett Rose Marie Leggett dm. Dorothy LeMasters f Yi' XX Q .' r,X':, MASS UV53 .Timmy Lawrence Carl Maples John Maples Marilyn Miller Bob Minkle r Shirley Dodson Dolly Minkler Secretary Reporter af S 1, at fi f if ,K lf 1? 2 ,J mm Q if e ,J J Juanita Randall Donna Sidenstricker Norma Jean Smith Gary Lee Storm Tommy Storm Jimmie Wilkins Bobbie Williams Treva Welch Dennie Owens Jackie Oliver Peggy Petitte Helen Watts Z5 III:IIIII IIIII .' I 7 'F WTA- X - , x BACK ROW: GEORGE WEEKS, JERRY HATHCOCK, BOB DOOSON, RONNIE ONEY, PHILLIP LOCKHART, CARROLL RAY JONES, BUFORD SILVEY, JAMES HART. MIDDLE ROW: RUBY GARBER, JANICE JOHN- STON, DARRELL MINK, HARL RAY JARMIN, MRS. JENKINS KTEACHERJ, KAYE FULLERTON, LETHA HOOG, JOHN ADAMS, LEON CHIDESTER, TROY HOLLAND, SALLY Fox. FIRST ROW: JANE HARROLE, MARY BLOTTER, ELLORA FAYE GARRISON, SHIRLEY ANN MAPLES, MAUDETTA GRAY, SHIRLEY ANN BLEVENS, AURA GRAHAM, GLENDORA LAMB, KABSENTJ NORMA OGLE. SIVI IH ISIIAIII BACK ROW: CHARLES AOEE, MARILYN BREEDEN, LEONA JARMIN, EUGENE FORSYTHE, MARY KIRK, JENNA STORM, CLETIS BOYER, EMMITT HENDERSON, MRS. MCCLANAHAN cTEACHER,, GAROLD DODSON. FIRST ROW: HERMAN PASSLEY, MARION GARRISON, FLOYD GARBER, WAYNE WELCH, PATRICK SMITH, PEGGY STOCKTON, NANCY DALE. and SIXIH and HIIIIHH Z7 SECUNU GHAHI IIRSI GRADE Z8 I. H. A. BACK ROW: PAT WEESE, CAROL GUNLOCK, LOIS BENNETT, INIS CRUTCHER, PEGGY PETITTE, JANICE BETEBENNER, FERN CHIDEGTER, NORMA SMITH, JERILEA PASSLEY, JUANITA RANDALL, MILDRED HAMILTON, DOROTHY LEMASTERS, HELEN WATTS, VALERA FLESHER, DONNA SIDENSTRICKER, TREVA WELCH, WANDA BENNETT. MIDDLE ROW: MRS. DALE, FREIDA MINKLER, BETTY LEGGETT, MARILYN MILLER, DGLLY MINKLER, IRENE CONWAY, HAZEL LEE, VIRGIIIIA LEMASTERS, ELEANOR MILLER, LOIS GILLARD, SHIRLEY DODSQN, MAVIS BOWERS, SHIRLEY BAKER, IRENE BLOTTER, ROSEIIARIE LEGGETT. FRONT ROW: TWYLLA WINGHESTER, DORIS BUSBY, KATHLLEN CGSSEY, MARTHA HHGER, DORIS WARDLOW, LETHA LAWRENCE. 29 BAII Ui.- BACK ROW: EMILY RAE, SALLY Fox, JAMES HARP, CHARLES ASEE, SHIRLEY POTTS, FERN I CHIDESTER, DoNA HITCHCOCK, JERILEA PASSLEY, JERRY HATHCOQK, RONNIE QNEY, PHIL I LOCKHART, KAY FULLERTON. MIDDLE ROW: NANCY DALE, MARILYN BREEDEN, JIMMY DODSONI PHIL HENDERSON, GERALD DODSON, EMMITT HENDERSON, GEORGE WEEKS, LETHA Hooc, . DARRELL MINK, JACK PETITTE. FRONT ROW: LOIS GILLARD, ELLORA FAYE GARRISON, I HARL RAY JARMIN, JAMES DALE, CAROLL RAY JONES, ELEANOR MILLER, EVELYN WEAVER. I I l I I LEFT TO RIGHT: WANDA HENDERSON, ROSE MARY PASSLEY, DORA DELL REA, MILDRED HAMILTON, ELEANOR MILLER, EVELYN WEAVER, LUIS GILLARD, VIRGINIA LEMASTERS, SALLY GILLARD, LDRAINE LEE, SHIRLEY POTTS, HAzEL LEE, BETTY EPPRIGHT, DORIS ANN WARDLDW, ILLA ALLEN, FERN CHIDESTER, JERILEA PASSLEY, DONNA HITCHCDCK, EMILY REA AND KATHLEEN COSSEY. v ,- .A 'sf Q . VAR 1 Q 'Mm L MA'D R FM .1-.-ii I l ' 30 AIGIBRA IYPINO lIBRARY PING PUNK MlEHANHMl DRAWING lllNlIHHMl AI Plllllilll HIIMI HI C H F E T E H I H x 3 lvl X in Q Y A it -if 7 L,.,,,.x:'.1'k4 5-6:5 Y :pg X Q X ,-,? l az, R 'fm-H 'Sk wg, We, , A A 'Q 'UPA s. EEK, sw. ' E ,X W xx ,fm A S 4 ' 5 'V , .Lb 'A.A6 I rifivffffl . T 9 gf? ,, .5 H5 -ff, -Q Y QQ .P Q 'X gut Y' Q - ggi . V. -, s .4 45 1 me if 6 Y XN,vi'--K 1 V D. Tak, A x 1 Q nf M' - ' S, vig, ..-gb' ,. 3- ,J 7, XVI .411 4 1 2 . 1 . P X X . .P N Nia O' u W 'f Q. fl Q fgygw.. Q: Q if img 'E f if 2. 1 Q N: . - fr. gf wk 4 - if Q N x 5-YY .. lgivk Af x Y X Ay x 1 A sjfqztg 5 ,Qi K K 'ig 6 . 'S , ' - .X r . QSM 5 'Q i' r. .ai .-GI 4 ' 3i' 21 Beverly W HllHBAll llllll Anne Olive 1' ue HHEHDHIHS HIIHBAH SlllIAll BACK ROW: JACK BROWN, CHARLES JOHNSTON, DoN FULLERTON, LAWRENCE HONARO, JERRY BROWN, CHARLES Moss, CCAPTAINJ CHARLES HoNEv, DON HoDsoN, BILL ALLEN, JERRY MILLER, BILL DODSON. MIDDLE ROW: ORAL DEAN LAMB, JOHN WILKINS, CECIL HAMILTON, Eoov McKAY, ALBERT GUNLOCK, MARVIN HOWARD, DON WITHERSPOON, BOB RIDER, JOHN RIDER. FRONT ROW: GEORGE RANDALL, LOYD BLOTTER, CECIL PETEFISH, JERRY HAMILTON, ALFRED BLOTTER, BILL DAvIs, EARL HONEY, JIM MAPLES. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD We They September 16 Pierce City O 0 September 23 Mindenmines 12 0 September 30 Jasper 20 0 October 6 St. Agnes 7 6 October 18 Riverton 7 21 October 21 Webb City B 26 0 October 28 Greenwood 12 39 November 1 Carthage B '4' 6 20 November 4 Weir 48 12 November 10 Webb City B 4' 14 Z8 November 11 Seneca 6 13 November 18 Mulberry 19 0 'Against Alba B Team 37 ' '-'PV ,. ?.1si,3-ri. T: -S.-:v .-. 3. KW to v 232' s lyn BASKHBAII llllll Wanda B ennett HTTEHDHIITS tc 4? .,-., -Z-'sf 3-L 'fri ji,1ff'n'iek+QTf f lla jf her 5 6 I r HF HAM BASKHBAH LEFT TO RIGHT: JACK BROWN, MARVIN HOWARD, JERRY MILLER, MFLVIN REQTOR, BTLL ALLEN, JERRY BRQMT, BILL Doosow, MAx PAGE. IIHHRHAIHRS LEFT TO RIGHT: PATSY STORM, UOLORES BOYER, JACKIE Coow, SHTRLEY BowMAN, IRENE BLOTTER, DORIS BUSBY. 39 BASKHBAll SIIURHHIARII Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Raytown Rushville Redemptorist St. Joseph Duenweg Sheldon Carterville Galena Jasper St. Peters St. Agnes Jasper St. Peters Carterville Lamar Duenweg Liberal Lockwood Seneca Sarcoxie Carl Junction Carterville Seneca Seneca Carl Junction Pierce City Verona Miller Midway Granby Noel We Z6 36 35 2.8 39 33 Z9 30 47 48 Z5 60 46 36 44 41 40 52 50 34 40 35 38 41 37 43 44 54 41 45 41 They 32 33 30 40 31 Z6 Z7 24 19 49 31 2.3 44 54 36 30 25 48 54 36 2.6 34 35 51 34 34 34 39 39 49 58 STANDI 1 OYER, c AY, ARMIN, MILLER, oosom, ARDLOW, PPRIGHT, WELCH. CENTER: BLOTTER. JIINIIIR HIGH HAM 2 U0 SCHIHH HAH DAR SEPTEMBER School openedwith 132 pupils en- rolled, New teachers are: Mr. Williams, Commerce 3 M r, Arthur, Industrial Artsg M1-, Mericle, Music and Band. Class Officers were elected. Cheerleaders were chosen. Teachers Reception, given by the P. T. A. First edition of the 'Chatters'. Senior Class hayride. Freshmen and Sophomore party, Class Queen and King elected. Junior Class Party. Queen and King contest started, Juniors ordered their rings. OCTOBER School Carnival, Seniors Won Queen and King contest. Annual conference of Sub-District Future Homemakers of America. NOVEMBER P, T, A, play 'Mountain Justice. Football and Basketball Queen elected. Football Queen crowned at Mul- berry game. Thanksgiving Vacation. Senior Class sponsored skating party for everyone. DECEMBER Girls defeated P, T, A. womenin basketball, Juniors received class rings. KFSB Talent Contest began. Sheldon girls defeated Alba girls in basketbalL P, T, A. Puppet Show. JuniorClass Play, 'The Boarding House Reach . Band and Glee Club made first- public appear- ance. Senior Christmas party. Christmas vacaiion. JANUARY Backto schoolagain. Seniors re- ceived class cards. P, T, A, womendefeated girls in basketball. Won First place in Lockwood Tournament. Valentine Sweetheart was elected. Senior lockers arrive. FEBRUARY Won First place trophy in Tri- County Tournament at Seneca. P. T, A, Founders Meeting, Style show by Home Economics girls. Valentine Sweetheart crowned. Hayloft Jamboree. Won Second place trophy in Sub- Regional Tournament. MARCH Regional Tournament starts. Speech plays. 'The Tiger's Claw , 'The Man Who Came Back' and 'City Slicker and our Nel1'. Football banquet. APRIL F, H, A, Conventionat C olumbia, MAY Senior play, 'The Professor Goes Haywire . Senior Trip. Baccalaureate. Seniors are out of school for Senior week. Jr.-Sr, Banquet. Commencement. School is out! COOPE.R'S STORES Alba, Missouri Carterville, Missouri Phone 12 Phone 9636 Complete Stock VEGETABLES GROCERIES - MEATS FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Processing -- Pork -- Beef -- Lamb -- Poultry Compliments Of THE EMPIRE DISTRICT ELECTRIC COMPANY Congratulations To the 'Class of 1950 HEDGE - LEWIS FUNERAL HOME Phone 355 Webb' City, Missouri REEVES JEWELRY For Better Quality in Jewelry At Lower Prices 406 Joplin Street Phone 1646 Joplin, Missouri Tl-IE CRESCENT CLEANERS For Better Appearance Telephone 150 120 North Webb' Street Howard P. Martin, Manager Webb City, Missouri For Complete Satisfaction Try THE HUB Phone 708 Webb City, Missouri NORRIS FEEDS For Better Feeding We Pay Full Market Price For All Grains NORRIS GRAIN CO. Webb' City, Missouri Phone 44 I-IUE.Y'S Webb City's Big Family Store Compliments Of .TARMIN'S HARDWARE AND LUMBER CO. Alba, Missouri Phone 50-I CHAPMAN and FOLLMER SUPPLY COMPANY McCormick - Deering Farm Machines International Trucks and Refrigeration IIYIIPIATIOIAL IIARVISTIR Repairs and Service Phone 8 Avilla, Missouri J CONGRATULATIONS AN To the Class of 1950 ., . 1 ,N , ,0 nj ' rmnaniiocue 2608 Main D BEST WISHES ---- 15th and oplin, Missouri Madison Webb City, Missouri CONGRAT ULATIONS ---- To our Students and Teachers for a fine scho ol year. BEST WISHES ---- To our class of 1950. May success follow you on your Voyage through Life. Dr. Glenn R. Oney Alba, Missouri Congratulations to our Stu COOK'S GROCERY 901 Case Carthage, Missouri dents and Teachers. Always Fresh - At Your Grocer a ' ousAuo1 'Q . 0'o 0 .:, A . 0.0 KX IS C.. f' 00000 BREAD 0 0 Q ,,- JOHNSON CHEVROLET COMPANY D. M. Johnson, Manager f'i Authorized Sales and Service Conoco Products Phone 129W Jasper, Missouri ROY WEBB HARDWARE - FERTILIZER - FIELD SEED Jasper, Missouri OWEN SALVAGE COMPANY H. W. Owen, Manager Dealers in Scrap Iron Metals and Used Cars Highway 66 Phone 4804 Carthage, Missouri Why Not Train for Business Joplin Business College The School of Individual Instruction 407 Pennsylvania Phone 3266 Joplin, Missouri Have a Coke THE CONNOR HOTEL Joplin, Missouri Southern Missouri's Largest Hotel 400 FIREPROOF ROOMS Banquet Hall - Ball Rooms Meeting Rooms H. R. Nash, Manager BRAND'S GENERAL STORE Phone l0.T Neck City, Missouri D. C. I-IOUSER Veterinarian COMMUNITY DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. 1027 West Fourth Street Joplin, Missouri Special attention given Phone 5641 to Poultry. ORCHID Office 139 Residence 153 Ice Cream Jasper Missouri Milk Carthage Joplin WATKINS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE South Side of Square Carthage, Missouri Dodge Job Rated Trucks s 0 , . 3 Ing North Main at A Street Phone 912 Joplin, Missouri Greetings to the old home town Pasteurized Dairy Products and Ice Cream The Elliottsn Elliott's Modern Dairy 511 Lyon St. Carthage, Mo. You're always welcome at CHRISTMAN'S The Friendly Department Store in Joplin Lewis Implement Co. John Deere Farm Implements 112 N. Main St. Phone 2324 Carthage, Missouri CARTHAGE EVENING PRESS The Family Paper Covering Eastern Half Jasper County Carthage, Missouri 1882 - 1950 67 years if Progressive Service is your Guarantee of Service, Equipment, and Merchandise at a Saving. KNELL MORTUAR Y Phone 2105 Carthage, Mo. KDMO The Radio House Carthage, Missouri 1490 Kilocycles L. C. McKenney J. J. Daly Manager Sales Manager Compliments of Webb City Daily Sentinel Established 1890 The Wise Buyers Guide Hal M. Wise, Jr., Publisher Calhoun - Putnam Lumber Co. All Kinds of Building Material and Shelf Hardware Neck City, Missouri gag! STUDIO 343 South Main Street Carthage, Missouri Congratulations to the Class of 1950 PAGE'S GROCERY Purcell, Missouri Compliments of G.isel's General Store Phone 19'-R Purcell, Missouri PAINT WALLPAPER GIFTS HOUSEWARES D' H' D AVI S PAIN T ASSOCIATE sronz Independently Owned and Operated Dealer In High Grade Gasoline and Oils 2z:H? i:T'l5'f,2'N 'lSv?N':PP Office 301 E. Broadway Phone 9627 Webb City Mo K WEBB CITY BAN Reynold,s Webb City, Missouri Appliances - Hardwaie The Friendly Bank Member FDIC Federal Reserve System Carthage, Missouri Ulmer Funeral Home Phone 2222 Carthage, Missouri See N THE JO . ES STORE Webb City, Missouri For School Ek Office Supplies For Reasonable Prices Notary and Lou G. Jones, Real Estate Sr. , Proprietor Compliments of J. W. Hart, Druggist The Penslar Store Alba, Missouri JOHNSTON - ARNCE - SIMPSON MOR T UAR Y 26 SO. R oane Webb City, Mo. Mink Service Station Sinclair Service Tires, Batteries, Accessories Phone 50-W Alba, Mo. Western Auto A ssociate Store 'MAMMEN'S' Davis Tires, Wizard Batteries Phone ZOO webb city, Mp. BRADBURY-BISHOP DRUG CO. Quality Gifts Deep Cut Prices Daily. Reliable Prescription! our Motto Webb City, Missouri JASPER FIRST N TIONAL BANK A Need Help? Then see Jasper First. If it can't do the job as well forget it for Yes, Jasper First is money problems or advice and help. Just ask you neig for you, you just it can't be done. the answer to all for just friendly hbor . . HUEY'S Webb City's Big Family Store Lincoln -- Mercury 'Wilson Motor Company Joplin, Missouri Contact ROBERTSON TYPEWRITER C0. COL. CHARLIE CI-,UBB Auctioneer R emington-Rand Products Farm-Household-Grocery Cafes or Antiques At Phone 2930 CHARLY'S LUNCH Phone 3915 50.7 S. Main 423 S- Main St- Carthage' MO' Carthage, Missouri Henry Getz Service .Station Goodrich - Silvertown Tires and Tubes, Mobilgas, Mobiloil Willard Batteries Kz Accessories Phone 3-2 Purcell, Mo. SAMPLE GARAGE Body and Fender Work Carterville, Missouri C. N. GEARHART Successor to McDonald 81 Stephenson Insurance Suite 201-202 Frisco Building Telephone 4200 Joplin, Missouri Neubert's Furniture of Quality Westinghouse Appliances Lowest Prices Carthage, Missouri North Side of Square JASPER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Jasper, Missouri McCormick-Deering Tractors and Machines Bottom Produce , Phone 47 - Parts and Services Phone: 72 Webb City, Missouri INTERNATIONAL NARVESTER WILLIS GARAGE Walter Willis, Owner General Repairing Body Shop and Painting Fairlawn Drive - Optional 71 Phone 3395 Carthage, Missouri fhe Joplin Globe Publishing Co. The Sun Rises with the Globe and Sets with the News - Herald Joplin, Missouri See Us After the Game for Refreshments BOOTS DRIVE-IN, INC. R. 8: S. Motor Sales Co. CHEVROLET Joplin -- Carthage Independent Gravel Company Phone 249, L.D. 27 Joplin, Mo. Producers: Agricultural Lime Stone, Joplin Flint Chat, Flint Abrasives. Flint Sand, Crushed 8z Ground Limestone, Dolomite DRACHENBERG'S JEWELRY Expert Guaranteed Repairing Phone 92.1 Webb City, Missouri BRAECKEUS, Woodwork - Truck Bodies Building Specialists 1201 Wall Joplin, Mo. Sharp 8z Selvey Successors to Teeter Bros. Furniture - Funeral Service ' Ambulance Phone 10 Jasper, Missouri BOOSTERS Swadley Grocery . Bank Cafe . . . Hogan Drug Co. . . Frisco Coal Co. . Carlson Seed Co. . . Tinsley Agency, Realto The Switzer Printing C Webb City Bank. . . 1', . O. . Dr. E. N. Garrison, Optometrist . . The Corner Book Store Empire Garage . . Crow1's Jewelry Co. . Scafe Mercantile Co. . Fe-rree's Florist Shop Ernie Williamson Musi L. G. Balfour Company c House . Alba, . . Alba, Neck City, Webb City, Webb City, .Carthage Webb City, Webb City .Carthage .Carthage Webb City Webb City Neck City Webb City, . Joplin, Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri .Attlebox-o, Mass. nm KS The ALBAMO Staff has reached their goal in completing the 1950 annual. This goal has been attained by working together under the patient and able guidance of our sponsor, Miss Martha Hyde. Our thanks to you, Miss Hyde! Our thanks also to: - Mr. Perl Dunn, who handled the financial matters. The advertisers, who so generously backed us. The entire student body, who worked and played together to make this a year never to be forgotten. Our sincere thanks - - - The Editor FAIllWfll 'A little work, a little play To keep us going--and so good-day! A little warmth, a little light Of love's bestowing--and so, good-night. A little fun, to match the sorrow Of each day's growing--and so, good-morrow! AIIHHSRAPHS 5 ERS -by-L7 YEARBOOKS MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS .5 f 1, s '. 1-- 1 ' 'Sim vi if , 1: 1 qi vi 5 1 1 r ,Q 1 A 2 2 X s fe 3 w x t N 1: , Ar Q f 3 , 1. ,S S it 5 , H' f si-'M 1 F. ,. 1 .jx f I .i 1, . v5 1' Q. -f. -A ,L '12 ff Q 3. 1, 's 34 ,vs -5 E 1

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