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4 i uf 'M ' :ffl ,5zEx1', 1, , x J ,ji . 32 . A A 4 1, ,yn f up A, flrll. ev v- 4 I- r -u Q . Q. sf: ,D " - , ' G ,. I 'k,' M as 4 I ,. . 9- n A is-fl .' I H . 1 A A1 'lvl . 1 1 . N n L , I' A ,J .,u' f A , , Q- a 4 fm . JE . . n 1 x,ur.w..l, 1 V Jgiii-Qi ' f? 1' , 1 4 V 1 ' 1 HQ-I .. 1 1.511 4,4 If 1' .-sf LL nil ,tf Inn 5 E E I 3 E E 1 k - W ,3x5.T?'i,,- 9 'Q i Mi I I gl U ' l si.. -A .. ti m J ..B ' .fl ' . A I 5 l ll, , ' a 4- I,-ll ,I ,I, n Q ' in ., 'ami 1. Q '5 .I sefJir'1eE it I F il B 'F I U in E .N L... A . ix I f - 'ww 1 El. ' Ylfi THE ALBAMO ,948 p i . , V ' ' . ... "Aga -.1',Ef"-4 -' ffw -uf. 4- 5'-, 7.. , . - - -- - ' ' "-' 'T' ' 'V-" ,, 1' . . , v wtf- I A I- AHL. 1.1-'H I: ,,,x u,.'ti T, Ag., ,. "' v I N' -1 .. . . ..,-3 .:.. . - " ' K ' m ' 'j"q'f'.wf'!?1'fs -JM. -:Swim "..,Q . ,, ' X -- r,,, 3, '- ff , ' F, . , .Q . tu. 3 .'W'-?,Z!"- 1 -41 -4-47 1 - ' '--H ., 'ww . V.- ' 1. V f " , .. f 4"'W?1"QF:,"fs,a-.: "'! f 'U' 1+ 5 ' - I 5-7'-.043 - ':'a743f'L'i-f'2i'-." 75- .fn JW" :imp ' ' h ?"1T"' 'J' - AF 'f..'-.,13!f?1'5,'A"' "F" -' 1-1" 'N' 19.4 .:'-.1. A-'.LQu,e' '13, -:SE-cz .J ' '-Uv' . V ,,.,, .-+L .H+ ,E W l..-ag-siguwltp :,.,g3g.,::- - ..,, . ,g+'+-f+ '1 ':f:,. . . ' ,s , , A ,- , SC-63 -, 1 , -'25 - -A' 'ff v "'.- J' ' ' ' ' Q? " 1 ' P iff CTM: J-hgh ,Schoofl Studlenta lecbca fion We, the Alba annual staff, dedicate this edition of the 'AlbamoW to the Seniors of yes- terday, today, and tomorrow. This book is in memory of the thrills of that last year when class meetings and elec- tions, even the routine of classes, took on an added value in the anticipation of events to come. Furthermore, entwined in our memories is the excitement of Senior week when the ban- quets, teas, and commencement services took place, when the Seniors wore their caps and gowns in the joyful thought of graduating and when they felt a wistfulness, regretting to leave the school and friends they knew so well. If in years hence, a graduate of A. H. S. glances through this year book and remembers more vividly his days in high school, our ef- forts in its publication will have been re- warded. aw: Nb'-' Wlyne BUYUF gsr is ,iff5gffs5 Kenton BOYS' Senior of Yesterday t2'l 'mtff it , ' ' 2,457 senior of Tomorrow L . ,--. . Ardell Moore Senior of Today Ea O! glclucafion dl lb IWN uf!-, ., mi '4,:A?3XV",1-fc? , 9 3' 'A l 5'5- 'ANN sf Qgpxiiaa f i ?11 Y HE! fx ii: f qfwm FV- ' ,' 1 . v ', xg. ,' f ' ,P 5' '.. "df, .5116 gb ..f X Al- ,A "WA" . 1X ,Q v, 545 "als 3' 1 wt "V '- I T i f Q . l- 6 .95, 1 , '. Y V ' ' P -9 fix' van,-Q . lil-U' f '. ' vw " . x p: N., 8 x 3 3 .V . 1 X ,. 1 4 my V31 Treasurer Glenna Munson l President ' r Guy Shafer dag' Y . r Q 1 Cb J gaining, 3 Charles Scafe Kilim alder Lloyd Pauley Howard luhson Randolph A lggg ,V f 5, V' figzhl Affff 5LiQ?L ulgerinfenclenf 135482 2 ftrigyi. W. Glenn Allison Me Ae CEducationD I I 'f,l"u'La.1J'1,x, As the 1948 Albamo goes to press, no executive has been selected by the school board to take Er. Al1ison's position. Many and varied are the changes that have been made in the Alba schools since the day Mr. Allison accepted the position as superintendent. His fine job of coach- ing has brought to the basketball teams the praise and respect of the district. Because of his cordial personality, his kind and soft-spoken temperament, his insatiable interest in the general welfare of the Alba school system and all its activities, his total understanding and fairness in dealing with the every day problems confronting him, his sterling quality as an educational administrator and a gentleman, we, the students, wish to express our gratitude and sincere appreciation. B, 3. CPolitica1 Sciencel -jg2LlClMHZgZf Elbert Overman Bo so flusicb Volnn Leo A111a0n A. B. .KBHIIBIBI Ad inistrationl ,X 4 X, 'N 1 1 . X, Q? Q. N l . rx '.-, NT. K Q A. P. Anderson Ira. Opal .hrnin Rohit! C.: lain A. -li ttnglghl iStudy H1113 B. 8. Bcienco 1 W' 28744 186' ffl f :Ls g are If 'f,.,,,, ,, , ,4W.,,, ' L fzigyjfjg hww 'Qfn ' 1-51253. " V, f,-mfifzfljg . -M15 A11 f. - ' 1 1 f ff' -. V, ,fi 5 S" .' 'fy-f':v'p " ' , , he 'K .jf 1. Mgwwgwwf W" f f- wmwwmivw asf?" I ' .A .gm .911-, -V , ' ', 1 H 11- -' ' ' .X .' Q' ' V y .,. ,iff-' -'i ,I g -1, " ,:f ,. lig vgivly JA' 7'5- hifi .. - ,' I-wg. . Wiiff? QL , 5- ,4W.1.. Mr., ZOBB L09 A111S0n 50Phonor-e A6523 2 :mb 'frm eniord O 71 2554 I fl gf' "7 " Don Voss "Girls are a nuisnace, but I Fw V wouldn't mind having one.u F1'eShmHf1 Play '45s vice President '47g Baseball '475 Kjnn Candidate '475 PPP Club '47-'483 President '48s Class Business lanager '48, Berry Sidney "He'd argue with a sipnboardl' Junior Play '47g Orchestra '47- '485 Glee Club '483 Paper Staff '485 Time and Score Keeper '48g Pep Club '47-'48g Speech Play '485 Student Council '48g Op- eretta '485 Senior Play '48, Bettie Jo Long "Why worry ii' my work isn't done. I'm going to be happy J while I'n. young. " Glee Club '45-'46-'47-'483 All X School Play '46g Annual Staff '47-'485 Speech Play '48, Senior 2 41 if Q-qv rel 's Play '48g Secretary and Treasurer yo, D '4R. Joyce Bowman "When hm and duty clash, let duty go to smash.' Operetta '45g Freshman Play '453 All School Play '46g Pres- ident '45g Glee Club Staff '47g Senior Play '48s Can- idate for Queen '483 Annual Staff '48g Speech Play '48. Junior Play '47g '45-'46g Chatter's Pep Leader '483 Ginger,Cook 'Lead me not into tenptation but show me where it is. ll A11 School Play '46g Orchestra '45-'46-'47-'48g Junior Play V473 Annual Staff. '47-'433 Speech Play '4Bg Senior Play '48. Q' w-,.4'f I -J -fr? Xia- X 91 ' T QI' Nui ? ae- -?f -AF , uh: fl :Ll -.Q v--w ' .:-.:,ff.,.-,- f'ifffwf5j' 5 ggtygilgggjzg , 1 fi ,ou ' 2 an-!3 1' ,,,.' ff' X 127' are NN 'api .IQ !'.:' ' y 5 f A 1 i A I M! I n 4 "1 , 'I 4- 1'z,f Q G u' f 4. , J ,fl 'nga :if - f n i as fii1'f' . f a 1 J 1 I . ,W . P E11 X W A Q f'f , -. gl mann '-Or W I' ' Z . 'E 1 .Qui R 'T"'n .l 7f'I If 'f ...h ,,, . L...--...,...--,,, Velvin Dale 'A true friend if ever there was one.n Freshman Play '4Eg Speech Play '47g Senior Pley '48g Baseball '46-'475 Basketball '45-'47-'4' Ida Fee Edwards nI'm just a he girlon ppy carefree Glee Club '45-'46-'47-'48, Op- eretta '45. Glenna herria nA daughter of the Gods, devinely tall and most devinely fair.u Glee Club '47-'48g Pep Club '47-'48g Business Manager '48. Lueile Earwadine 'She seems dignified, but wait until vou krow her.u . flee Club '47g Pep Squad '47g Senior Play '48. Janes Heger WA merry heart that laughs at care.n Basketball '45-'47-'48. Paul Hager nminutes of Study are to hhm as hours.n Secretary and Treasurer '45g Glee Club '46-'47-'48g Choir '47-'48g Quartet '48. Dick Howard nLove and leave 'en, kid and deceive 'em.' Glee Club '46-'47g Basketball '45"46-'47-'483 Baseball '46 '47-'48g All School Play '46g Senior Play '48g Sneech Class Play '48s Annual Staff '47- '4a. Maxine Maples NThinking you're thinking is no Ope All end '46 for '46 '47 I' I sign you're thinking.n etta '45g Freshman Play '45: School Play '46g Secretary Treasurer '45g Pep Leader Junior Play"47g Canidate Queen '475 Glee Club '45- '47-'48g Chatter's Staff '485 Senior Play '48g Stu- dent Queen '48: Speech Play '48. Council '483 Basket Ball Ardell Voore Always in haste but never in a hurry.n Il Pasket Pall 'dhg Cperetta '45g Vreshman Play '45g Secretary and Treasurer '46g All School Play '46g Paseball '47g Junior Play '47g Time and Score heeper '47-'48g Chotter's Staff '48g Speech Class Play '48g Glee Club '48g Operetta '48g Senior Play '48, Jack Patton HA fair Maiden smiled on him--once.n Junior Play '47g Baseball '47g Student Council '47- '48g Basketball '46-'47-'48g Secretary and Treasurer '47g Speech Class Play '48g Ann- ual Staff '48. Bette Passley 'Quietness protreys hidden knowledge.n Glee Club '45-'46-'47-V483 gp- eretta '45g Reporter '45g Vice President '46g Business Fanager '47g Annual Staff '47-'48g Sen- ior Play '48. Ibrothy Payne 'So Still, so serene, and quiet is she, we know not what to say.n Glee Club '45-'46-'47. Iva Jane Fussell 'A lot in a little package.n Glee Club '48: Pep Club '48, Dorothy Scott 'If teachers would only listen they would learn a 1ot.' Glee Club '45-'46-'47-'48s Op- eretta '45g Soft Ball '45-'46- '47-'48g Operetta '48. Nadine Witherspoon 'She never had but one idea and it was wrong.n Glee Glub '45-'46-'47-'48g Freshman Play '45g Junior Play '47g Chatter's Staff '47-'48g Speech Play '48g Senior Play '48. Gary Wood ansee 'The tragic stage was setg then the clown walked in.' Baseball '46-'47-'483 Junior Play '47g Speech Class Play '483 Annual Staff '43t 39115-OX' Play '48. r K - 3 1:37 fi l'1f ,, fr li 1 ! QS Nr if' 'C IN . I 00' gun? 1-gr Phyllis Silvey 'Not having much to say, gBUt19 and quiet in every way. Glee Club '45-'46-'47-'483 OP' peretta '45g Pep Club '47-'48. Cc Ae Watts 'Bashful lt's true, but a heart emasher, too.' Baseball '47-'48g Basketball '47-'485 Junior Play '47g Senior Play '48g Speech Class Play '48. U 6 'Scottie' n..u..' 'Our Editor' 'Identical' 'Sweet and Shy' 'New Look' .. .. .. ,x 'Baehful' l Baby Doll' ,Du-I, 'Sweet Ida' we, I add 'UM the Senior class of 1947-48, being of sound mind and body, do hereby draw up and seal our last will before depart- ing from our beloved Alma Mater. I, Paul Hager, will my position as chief ballyhooer to Max Page. I, Dick Howard, will my fondness for the girls to Junior Gunlock. I, Melvin Dale, will my love for studies to anyone who wants them. I. I. C. A. Watts, will my Joyce Bowman, will my position on the pep squad to ruddy complexion to Wayne Bailey anyone with the ability to fill it. I, Barry Sidney, will my crooning ability to Don Wither- spoon. I, Don Moss, will my personality to Jerry Miller. I, Bette Passley, wish to keep my intelligence but give my books to anyone who wants them. I, James Hager, will my loud laughter to Melvin Rector. I, Ginger Cook, will my characterization as mother and grandmother in the plays to Charlene McClanahan. I, Nadine Witherspoon, will my genial smile and pert vi- vaciousness to Beverly Williams. I, Glenna Ferris, will my poise and calmness to Bessie McClanahan. I, Iva Jane Russell, will my shorthand to Esther Dale. I, Phyllis Silvey, will my quiet ways to Patte Miller I, Bettie Jo Long, will my ability to play softball to Myrtle Vaughn. I Dorothy Scott, will my dimples to Pauline Heisten. I: Gary Woodmansee, will my lazy ways to Kenton Boyer. I, Maxine Maples, will my love fpr the Cardinals to any one who is as good a fan as I am. Jack Patton, will my position on the basketball team Dodson. I, Lucile Hargadine, will the divine beauty of my voice to Mickey Betebenner. I, Ida Mae Edwards, will my expressive, appealing eyes to Mary Lois Edwards. I, Ardell Moore, will my job as score keeper at the basketball games to anyone who can handle it. I. to Bill The foregoing instrument, was on the date above, given, and in our presence signed, sealed, published, and declared by the said Senior Class, testators named therein, as and for their last will and testament whereupon we, at their request, and in their presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our name and address. Senior Class Alba High School gh I A' ' I la. V 1:5 ar' ' 15" Lf- qi I 1-1 l pete ' 2 14 .,,.. uniord -.1 T", 'J' . , . f ' l V fm., nr-"" f""nsi Nd QN- 'Q' .,JfI I IX Kenton Boyer President Charleen HoC1enehan Vice-Presiden+ Elle Mae Betebenner Secretary Max Atnip Erma Jean Askina B111 Conway Esther Dale Celeste Ferree P8tl'1 01 I F1 9 ghgr Junior Gunlook Leona Henderson Bessie Ueclunlhln ratrioie Hiller ll! linkler lhrvin Oliver 7311! PIB Pettilon nick Piine Kathleen Rider Bob Jlfllih Betty Stunts 'ST Benny Plnnk FJ- nm v. Radford gg, 1 -., 'IX f.. Johnny Storm L , KW' "M" f K' ySi inf' xx.. nine Williams FW ig X34 . , .lx ' Rodney Betebenner 1 li X-"1" lex hge f President Jerry Killer Viee Preeident En' Jackie Ceek Beoretery I Zenn he Lllleu bell Bennett Ina Bennett Llrley Blllll lettr lx-en Jerry Broil Itrlee COIVQ Inle Crutcher Bill Dedeen Edith Dodsnn Ruth Ann Duvall Den Pullerten Albert Gmleok Opel Gmleek Lloyd Herne: Ceoi 1 Hemi lton ,SZPAOIIIOIVJ .fy -W nr' l Ink 'gf lil? 'T' M ,6- aon. ' 'J ? 1 ,, 1 54' I. "C" in ' ,Ulu 1, Ji' 's fi, b ' A Q Q , Qi F , K t " ' A ' ' r-.W A F -- I Q Q 1,, 11 Martha Heger Paulho Ho ioton . 3 B111 mghloy Charles Honoy 4-I y 1 Roborta Hood Iotha Lavrono Don Load.: Richard Lula: Marilyn lanor Friedn lfinkler Charlol lou Arm Oliver Joh! Ridor Jerry Sidenstrieker Holoa Silvoy Graco llltl Dolorio Sponsor Veva Storms larilya Staplotea Don Iithoropooa Pat sv Storm Presment Dale Harmon Vice-Prenident Beverlv Will iams Secretary J a ck Brown Tree aux-er Dolores Boyer Doris Busby Robert Duvall Lois Lawardl Walter Eppright Ellen Gil lard I'e5Ah'lel'l .Q-if ' I6 X 1? I 1 5 .1 'C' Billy Green -4 fl? -'Offs Sd NYT' 'U ii' V Jerry Hamilton "' ' Wanda Henderson Gerald Honey . 4 G 9 Marvin Howard Carolyn Jarmin Charles Jarmin Dera JOIN! Oral Dean Lamb Lorine Lee -4- ..,- Y' l ff dll r' :ill iii. Elf My Z ' I, du ,dxf 3 'T 0 'YIIUY Isa' '17 .rv- T Bonnie 1.. Thurlo Wayne Bailey 0116118 Miller James Maulea 5 4' tm-is Wardlow 4? -011 J 6' jr. I Roberta Whited Evelyn Weaver Melvin Router Jack Watts Jack Petitto Enely Rea ltary UVHSV5 Kathleen Radford Bob Rider ' Roamary Pauley all SA? Bal' ai wx Ga ry loodmansee Soni or l'U'lUCl Say Back Row: Mr. Oveman, Bob Jermin, Jack Patton CBusiness Managerj, Kenton Boyer Niddle Row: Ginger Cook CEditorl, Joyce Bowman, Gary Woodmensee, Ella Mae Betebennef Front Row: Bette Passlev. Dixie Williams, Dick Howard fadvertising Manager, Betty Staata I Cams ufuneaa anagem in -vs-wld' Back Row: Glenna Ferris, Donald loss, Kenton Boyer, Bill Dodson Front Ron Mary Staats, Ann Oliver, Billy Green, Dixie Williams Cllaffero 3...-..q 4 ..,... w-wr1'2,'va JW" A Q Hack Row: Barry Sidney, Ardell Moore, Vaxine Maples fEditor Front Row: Neoine Witherspoon, Celeste Ferree fCo-editorl .Skulmf M I .H 1:1 Standinzx Bettie Stunts, CJr.j, Maxine lap1os1fVioo-President, Seated: Lois Ben ett ysophcmorej, Jack Patton fseniorl Barry Sicmey CPresidentj, Carolyn Jarmin QF:-eshmezd FIRST ll SECOND GRADES Back Rom Jerry Forsythe, Robert Smith, Joan Borghardt, Teddy Turner, Larry Paaaley, Hugh Dodson, Larry Busby, Rich- ard MoC1anahan, Shirley Boyer, Ronald Johngton, Ngncy Hgdgon Elmer Garber, and Hrs- Munson. Seeonu Rows Hex Sidenstricker, Donna kandall, Bobbie Tynd- all, Leona Duvall, Virgil Eughey, Billy Mahy, Darryl loolery, Rayma Gay Yocam, John Dodson, Orville Sallee, Patsy Dixson, and mm-1-. Selby. from. now: Rachel nay munaon, Mary Sue Cooper, Billy Greek, Jimmy Storm, Lynn Sigara, Susie Garber, Barbara Ogle, Larry Greek, Tommy Maples, Dorothy Weeks, Orin Passley, Larry Vaughn Getz, and Ronald Snith. THIRD I FOURTH GRADE 5 Back Rows Gary Sldenatricker, Mattie Garber, Dickey Smith, David Dodson, Dixie Horn, Tommy Betebenner, Joyce Schell, Jimmie Busby, Myra Jean Icbaniel, Sally Tappana, Jerry Ever- itt, and Pansy Boyer. Second Ron Tammy Dale, Sonya Buerge, Jackie Lockhart, Irene Pike, Beverly Ann Barkley, Gene Silvers, Deanna Betebenner, Stephen Hodson, Geraldine Betebenner, Jon Betebenner, Charles Harpole. Belva Ogle, and Eileen Silvey. rn-at Rows Charles Cole, Norma Silvey, Irene Fbrste, Darlene 1ymdall, Barbara Hubbard, Donald Fox, David leloh, Opal Pruitt, Imogene Schoellgen, Dorothy lae Pike, Verna Duvall, Dorothy gelbv. Dickie Gres", and Lonnie Sargent. I' FIFTH! SIXTH GRADE Bao - - --- Q- '--v-u uouuu bu ' Glendora Lamb, Leatha Hoag, Donna Dodaon,, Jenna Stogzfngzgy ggsgisj Mrzsrgirrqngffdsnggg liddle Row: Carroll Jones, Gloyd Garber, Phillip Lockhart, Buford Si1vey,.Eugene Foro 1 Billy Forste, Pob Dodson. Harl Jarmin, Hazel Hood, Nome Ogle. Emnitt Henderson Cletig B3 1 M1115 ' ' n "Po ' N Dal , th , Front Row: Marion Garri I .nay e Asvno Duilll wayne Welch' son' Herman Pllnlnv. Leon Chidester. Jeno! Hart, Richard Hughoy. SEVENTH GRADE Y v Y -1 Back REQ: James Dale, Joe Cook, Carl Maples, Bob Betebenner, Tommy Storm, LYUY1 Boyer. and John Values- Second Pow: Gary storm, Norma Jean Smith, Peggy Petltte, Juennte Pendell, Treva Velcn, and Prs. ucclanahan First Row: Shirley Baker, Shirely Henderson, Janice Betebenner Irene Conway, Donna Sidenstricker, and Bobby Williams. EIGHTH GRADE Back Ron Cecil Petefiuh, Jim Welch, Milton Lawerence, Virgil Kirk, Hurbert llcfmllum, Phil Henderson, Jimmy Sallee, Jim Dodson, Mrs. Dale Cfeacherj, Jerilea Passley, Shirley Ferris, Bonnie Price, Jane Mctllanahan, Fern Chidester. ,mud Cari "WILD ROSE' Director Elbert Qnrun loeeci may Lliftff Back Row: Melvin Dale Charleen Mcclanghan, C. A. iatts, Jack Patton. Kenton moyer, Y Paul Hager, Ardell lloore, laxine Maples Cf, 1:51 : ' Front Row: Nadine Witherspoon, Di ie Williams 62? L 1 Dick Howard. Jovce Bowman, Gary Woodmansee, Us Ginger Cook, Barry S1dr1ey,E11a Mae Betebenner, V1 Celeste Ferree ff ,ffdN'5Q1MN , ZGNY Camo' QA! ' DVRVNOUSE ,X bw X 5 455 'gramaihs 'D enior pid? 'THE NAD MARCH HEIRS' Director Elbert Overman Obadiah March, a retired millionaire... ...Jack Patton Letty, his daughter-in-1aw.... .... .... ... ..... Ginger Cook Hamlet, Obadiahfs grandson ......... .... .........Arde11 Moore Cordelia, 16 year old granddaughter ...... ..Nadine Witherspoon Rosalind, 21 year old granddaughter.... .......Naxine Maples Henrietta March Gordon, his daughter... .... Lucile-Hagardine Bruce Lawrence, a young lawyer ........ ........... Don Moss Jane Kenning, his stenographer...................Joyce Bowman Madeline Duval, a night club singer............Bettie Jo Long Baron Kurt Dubois, a handsome young Frenchman....Barry Sidney Farber, the butler:osouooooeeoeroaooooossoeooo Frsd, the chauffereoeooon--one--oooololloaonoo Frieda, the maid ................ . ............ . Didy Hunnicutt, one of Cordelia's friends ..... Bob Normal, husky young wisecracker.... .... ... Juke! Kallikak, another young wisecracker ..... .....Pau1 Hager ....Melvin Dale ..Bette Passley .Phyllis Silvey Gary'Woodmansee ....Dick Howard ul'li0l' pfay HBETTY JANE FROM PUNKIN LANEn Director Glgnn Johnny Finch, a country boy.... .... .. . Auntie Bean, darling of Punkin Lane .... .. Gertie Gilbert, a city girl ....... ... .... Gordon Gilbert, an artist .... . ....... .. .. Prudence Putter, with a nose for news .... . Betty Jane, from Punkin Lane ........... Hank Hardwater, a handy'man. .... .... ,. Martha Simmons, a love-lorn gir1.... .. Ketohy Finch, Johnny's sister....... . Squire Simmons, a hard businessman... Harvey Higgins, fr m Boston ......... rrse Gilbert, I mOtheruoeoooeeaoae Allison oaaeeeeKQnt0n Boyer ...Micky Betebenner Charlene McClanahan ......Marvin Oliver eoeeeeAnnav Radford ....Celeste Ferree .....Junior Gunlock ..Beasie McC1anahan .....Dixie Williams .......Dick Prine ....Johnny Storms ...Betty Staats Le CM ' 1 , L Q' gt 4 Back Row: Glenna Ferris, Phyllis Silvey, Iva Jane Russell, Lois Bennett, Ann Oliver, Carol Gunlock, Zena Lee Allison, Ardell Moore, Nadine Witherspoon, Barry Sidney, Cecil Hamilton, John Rider, Paul Heger, Jerry Brown, Dick Prins. First Row: Letha Lawrence, Roberta mood, Deloris Spencer, Itrice Conway, Bettie Jo Long, Dorothy Scott, Grace Smith, Betty Brown, Don Loomis, Albert Gunlock, W. J. Smith, B111 Highley, Don Fullerton, Charles Moss, Jerry Miller, Richard Luman. - ei eo-A O l O0 1 ,WS 6: ENS q'ogedS,4S .AN-he B Zgazfefgaf ,wen llaxino llaplos Senior f'N PN ' "- 'N N Q 'xx . Q- QWFQ 4 - ' M ' ,, ,Ig f- , ., Eff 7 ,. ' "'. 9 if 1 25 N , 4 52121 'Q "fx a ta at Yi' i-V JJUAX 'Inf 2 331' '-'F' U V3 ' 3 5 J ' ' we ' I ., A5 , V kv l.I if v, 9' Q ., J tp M- 2,51 I ' M X, --ff ' A ff- . me A- f L i 1 -3 .L " 2' i 1 r Y A K, A gadkefgaf V Q N f Q i I5 .4 . mg, 055 3? , Back Row: John Storms, John Rider, Jerry Brown, B111 Dodson, Jerry Miller, Charles Honey, Mr. Allison fcoachj Front Row: James Hager, Kelvin Rector, C. A- Watts, Kenton Boyer, Jack Patton, Junior Gunlock, Kelvin Dale, lax Page, Dick Howard These trophies represent the teams or the past two years. Back Ran John Storm, B111 Dodson, James Hager, Jerry Hiller, Dick Howard. Front Rom lr. Allison CCoaohJ, C. A. Watts, Kenton Boyer, Jack Patton, Junior Gunloek, lelvin Dole. 5070'- X few ward 'B Center I 'ram-keeper SCOP'-keeper 5 ff lr- 6 VISITORS Q3 S HOME TEA C we fa if ' 21-.QLZF 7"70'ofx.Q. 7 I THEY WE Duenweg 37 44 Carterville 26 30 Jasper 33 44 Carterville 27 59 Duenweg 26 31 Carterville 30 41 Minden 8 29 Southwest City 20 40 St. Peters 28 24 Carterville 56 26 St. Peters 28 24 Southwest City 36 34 Duenweg 26 40 Sarcoxie 41 27 Carl Junction 23 38 Carterville 27 32 St. Peters 42 46 Goodmnn 46 52 Anderson 34 46 w Pineville 44 28 fij' FZ . Carl Junction 17 47 Seneca 25 43 fc"Pt"m, Pm-ce City 32 53 Forward Sarcoxie 23 25 Corterville 34 27 Guard HGPJAOQ Calling all Seniors!!! You're g01ng to get drunk, Gary- Nhat are you trying to do, scare traff1c awgy Ay if l .fur D811 player, et a young age. GODS my ny llc remark., Cutie!! What a cute picture Zlhy d1dn't someone push him in? Cuddle ug a little Legsl?81j closer. if " seniors mn i scot. guts kid. Fotgr mighty smons. Happy neue girl CO0PER,S Tomi ALBA , MISSCURI PHONE 12 ,COM PLETE STOCK VEGETABH.'ES GHOCEB IES MEATJS rnozzu Pogo nocxnns CURING KND HIC KORY' SMO'K ING I-IAMS AND BACCN O UB sp!-:C IALTY Salam: OF urg iq, ff! Fi, e "" llillnd ' we it C , wa Z- ' Qi ' M i' A f 1 A f V 'S A THE ROAD AHEAD For some it leads to college ...... for some, a place in business or industry . . . . . . for the girls, perhaps, it's mar- riage and a home. Regardless of your choice, opportunity lies ahead. Oppor- tunity that stems from the American way of free choice, free speech, freedom to build a future. The Empire District Electric Company, a business-managed, tax-paying, free-enterprise wishes the class of 1948, good luck ...... and good living ...... the American way! Servung the Empire Dnstrrct of the Southwest for 38 Years THE DISTRICT E.LlElITRlII comvnnv HUEY'S " GOOD QUALI TY' " BE TTER VALUES' N TO PLEASE YOU-IS TO PLEASE AGAIN N WEBB CITY HAMFsTEN Pl-loro SERVICE p School Commercial Portrait Kodak Photocopy SQOSQ 5:26334 Q 33SJ'e1f??'32. Coca Cola Baby Dolls Milk Shakes Malts Sundaes Sodas Chocolate Cheery Strawberry Lemon Lime Vanilla Pineapple Lemonade Limeade Orangeade Root Beer Potato Chips 400 anal A Barbecue VX '5559595 ' ., .I-3' - JY Cheese Chicken Salad Tuna Fish Bacon A Tom. Ribs Chicken Fry Steaks Hamb. Steaks Co bination Cold Plate Salads-- " Sl aw H Potato Lettuce N Tomato H C. Cheese N Fritos Cones Milk Coffee Hot Chocv Tea Bottle Beer Tom. Juice Water Beef Pork Hamburger Cheeseburger Hot Dog Coney Chilli French Fries Ham Soup We En Owen at Hain Thurman Wilson Toast Joplin, mo. IOHNSON CHEVROLET CGMPANY D. M. Johnson, Manager Passenger Cars and Trucks Authorized Sales PHONE 129W and Service --I E"TE Jasper, Mo. THE cnescer-IT CLEANERS FOR BETTER APPEAR EIA NCB 120 N. WEBB STREET TELEPHONE 150 WEBB CITY, Mo. J. W. Hart, Druggist The Penslar Store Phone 42 -Ubi. Ilo ,4- rnurnrluunns . Lnuoanrnzns I P R I N 1 c R s SEMCO COLOR PRESS ANNUAL AND TEXT BOOK PUBLISHERS OKLAHOMA CITY I, OKLAHOMA Roy H. Noel POST OFFICE BOX llD'I PHONE 1412 ' JUPLIN, MISSOURI WEST END PHARMACY CALHOON-PUTNAM LUMBER co. All Kinds of Your friendly drug Store BUILDING MATERIAL R. O. Burns Manager and SHELF HARDWARE WEBB CITY UO- PHONE 266 NECK CITY, MO. PHONE 36 C4 JASPER FARMER'S EXCHANGE Produce Flour Feed COOK'S GROCERY Oils and Greases Grain Barb Wire Groceries Meats Frozen Foods Field Fence Fertilizer PHONE 156 PHONE 160 EXCHANGEHA ELEVATOBAA CARTHAG3 MO' PHONE 5971 PAGE-'S GROCERY PARKWAY CLEANERS n 1 t L1 CO p 6 6 ne QUALITY CLEANING of John B. Castogno Groceries and Meats Manager Quality Worth Praising ALBA CAFE DRACHENBERG'S JEWELRY Authorized Dealer Georgie Forsyth for Keepsake Diamonds Alba, Mo. Phone SOJ Webb City, Mo. PHONE 921 0241625 BOTTLING COMPANY 'The Pause That. Refreshes' Joplin, Mo. HENRY GETZ SERVICE STATION Goodrich Silvertown Tires and Tubes Mobilgas and Mobile O11 Willard Batteries Accessories PURCELL, MISSOURI PHONE 3-2 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Wizard Batteries Davis Tires E. C. Mammen and Son PHONE 968 WEBB CITY MO. I SWADLEY'S Groceries and Meats Vegetables E Feed School Supplies Delivery Service PHONE 20 W ALBA MO. HARRYVS SERVICE STATION SCAFE MERCHANDISE COMPANY Tire Vulcanizing Dealers in Lubrication Sinclair Gas General Merchandise ALBA, MO., NECK CITY, MO. c1sEL's GENERAL sfx-om: GUY Shafer' Groceries M. F. A. Automobile Hardware Crop Insurance PHONE 19 PURCELL, yo, PHONE zo J ALBA, Mo. JARm1N's GROCERY Compliments I Ted and Susie Jarmin Staple and Fancy Groceries of -Ffllit Vegetables Meat Kemton Paints Patterson Service Station and Sports Store I PHONE 112 Jasp erlL-M04 1 Alba , ' llc . "H "2"z,v-- - , , H J I . L un' . lx jx If ' '-,H W, NX ' n .fd-" 1 f f X A f - J4 ?o be 5 fm uf09I'6l,9 of L "X , , 1 A A 1- A ,Q l ef U I "' N.. I 1 , it Q A L 'Y 4 1 ,v ' 1, ' I VA? p ,, 5,1 lfvrnrl 1 ' ' . fi " !, ,f - ' I J! 1, , '1, .4 MT, '...-- g ,, N ' 5 A, Lf,-tg Hui ix Ui! f SE L "N N' K Q 1 TK at N X T' k F ,xg gi X 'rv F xv NQN-'fy A ,- J , Wffajzlew t W Q CQ 1 'fa rw, 'YE' --f. M., - ' f , i .W X. . 1 ffmww.:f J 'F iz 'R , . A , J' I 'Mi "1 Q: .. 1-. REQ, Y Rf ' '-, at 1 "2 , I H' fl, g it i 1 e e 4 fe , at ,H ,fp ti 5 Sw ,fe e ' X W r H' e , 'fi .-R :tt 'vw 1 7 wr' '-Q r""r' ff fa fiwj an .9 f PEM? N ggi 'J ku-V VA" ,,,- ' Y , . fax 'E A c A L" sfi?f'jfj1?! if at . L E ff f if lg' , , E src-f e , ,ff . . 1, -- m J' i 1- ,. E ' 9 .-4 Fw. . gh K R I gg? f1'1l,5t"q if if Q Q2 ft ff ,4- E .. 9 E .f gan...-f' ,f .- Y 'f"v, X. r, VV. "' X. - x xv ? R -.1 5 , im. -. 'E' 1 'L A . w lit' , if ' f - N, H Y 1,3 . -. 5, 'np-ff" I .y rg! !: iz h T wx! 2 .V X , 1 YT YNWINIMHH Z- School Starts. nlnto each life some rain must fall.n 5- Class officers elected 11- Freshman and Sophmore party. 15- Pep Leaders chosen--- Rah! Rah! Pah! V,si , AI,,,, E " ADJ, 5 N A I lx - . g IIHHUIHHI 3- Chatters makes first ap- pearanoe. 7- Annual Queen candidates and business managers chosen 8- Some of us smiled at the little birdie. 120- Basketball game at Uuen- weg. WE WON!!! 20- Man of the Year elected. Yee, Woody!! 22- Senior's and Mr. Overman gyoped. 31- Sophomores won queen con- test!! Queen of Yearbook crowned. School carnival kept kids out of mischief. !E!n-M 5: 1 f 1 effe- 4' X Q QUYINIHQM 10- Jr. class skating party. 12- Drove little birdie to suicide. CHad individual pic- tures made.j 2O-21-22- Basketball tourn- ament here. WINNFRS AGAIN!! 26- Turkey Dey Dance. if , + I 1? 4 I DMHNIHRH 1- Junior play cast chosen. 3- Revenge on Southwest City- 11- Speech plays CQuit0 I success!!!j 17- Senior Christmas party- Cjlgguiaf ZNQULNR! 1- Everyone looks sleepy! 6- Played St. Peters there Still no comment!!! Senior play cast chosen. Operetta cast chosen 22-25-24- Seneca Tournament 24- Played St. Peters Comment: WE WON!!!!!! 25- Gym catches on fire Efficient fire department put fire out! 29-30-31 Anderson Tournament E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 49 Q JdHlUlN 18- Tri-county Tournament Wildcats defeat Pierce City. 20- Play Sarcoxie Wildcats score victory! 21- Comets defeat Wildcats for first place. 23- Seniors decide they know more than teachers. 24- Teachers convince Seniors the hard way that they still are smarter. 25-26-27-28 Sub-regional Tournament at Carthage. 1 5. K X x ,., Xkfr ,X Xi mmnmH5E9Zz9wnn ' I lI3lIDln 4- Operetta Alba Hi comes through with another success! Juniors hard at work on play. Basketball queen crowned. 18- The Farmer's Daughter went to Carterville! An ual and Chatters Staff party, 7' 4, f 7 MQW xg, 1 004 Qgiisrewmw leLlHll 1- April Fool's Day Junior play Juniors challenge Seniors! Seniors then decide to learn 18- Parties held by Freshmen and their parts. sophomores. 19- Played St. Peters here. fno comment!! 39555 christmas vacation. Yippee! 22- Junior Christmas party- 29- Vacation ends. 51- Everyone celebrates Juniors receive rings. Seniors receive their gift requests! 555541 ly SEMEU EULUH PRESS 'LQ T- ge e y4"' ti W ffilllnmnk Senior play. A success? Hatch!! Seniors board bus for Jeff City. Juniors show their affection for Seniors by giving banquet! Seniors enjoy lenior Week! Bacculareatte Commencement CTears flow like wine.! Gym flooded 15- Seniors take leave of Alba High School. 15- Seniors gone but not forgotten! 'sn -1 4 swf' -up - ,531 . L5 .. 6 1 1 K L A, - 5L.A.,,w.- , , 1 Q V. L if .A 1 fr J ,J 153' le- 1? ' F. is ..,3, R1 Q 1 1 -'E w ? 5 , , JFQN fs 17' Q 3 35 ,L w K PM? - , ., 1 4 H T! gb ' V wx ,filt .57 .JF .--1 V .- s . A ' - ff .N . " . . , i. 4 x' . '.- n .A 1 J-. 5 .K X , 'lr-c--'nyfifgiw Af , "N I fk!' Al 1 ' ,,.J,' . 'N 1 'S vw '--- ' -111.2 ' I X ","-5, 'Tl I1.vvT,v 'J - ' , f- 4 gn: ' W!-1, wx . A QQ if' j5"i ..L,4v f:,.YLj- A sf,-'-'R-: , I "F-5.2 j""!Q4fF'f..fx:l5A . " ' ' L-"2 5:13 245:49 '-'J' ' ,if A -Eg , - , -QM fl . W ,. H' 75.1 GQSA ga l ,gi 1, if 1fi1,,QFQ1 ,i'f 2 ' - Qi! 1,. - ',. A 'T M 1. xg.. , V' N l 5. 'Q ig.. png- gig, uv X165 ::::'J?' :I 5' - X ,'1'1,,A-Q 19 Q, if M, , V 1, 114- ,' - m V: , if I Vw- UQ, 1 , W ,U Lg 1 , Q - - :'?v:'1': q., 5 iff. 1:-.'..A 1 i, 5. Y ' If I ,, . av ,1 ,u, Q Rf . , - 'E 1 E, Q I I : 3 4 ng ui 11,53 A Q54 7'f'f' !'?25i2z 4 "'-fl.. QQA 'f-1.vA?-.X ab I X f 0 1n"f cf '44 nn? 3013 ' it fw f X , X x nx- 1 'I ,- Y , 1 .H ,. r 'if Q37 A .Ag M X ' - QA? JN N5ffffX I 3 Y? 7 gg 1 EQN 52 M P Q P Q 2 H "f f N, 1 f . ,z4,..:,f.f-,Q 'Jfu - 'N X? C? 4 . -Q J ' Ls. ' Y w '7V1l,n,-,af , t I ww- m ' I ' ' U A '5z .W 14,1 ff ,QA UQQkjf flaw? - Qi, K vfmwp fffy 0U ,gs 4 JM u, . f O Wm, I ov ., .- ff.-Q-:g. .Ln 4, I 15.1 ' F' ,ww 4 an "' tw! F + ,541 .-F - f 1 ,L 3 ,IV u.-.., - ' . 3 0 V W I X , e ia Fi .1 r r Q49 ' , 'ag pg-51-: . 'rj -E ' ,-- Y 1- ', 'Ke aff re 5 41:5 .. J' if -. -' 5' Pr?-'f - , - ,pf-, Y' P ck. .V V 3' .fi-rf 3252 R - I 1-:il ,-Ji r 1 If A ei 'Ili' Q' L 3+ aiwq V V3 .-L74 K 1 ' ' ,- . . ' 1. ' - -7"'E!7fA:'f I ' wifi?-1ff'?,f4rfs'i3 . p 5 f9ff'1' QQ?-' 1 Tai 'r7?'f . f e1L-559' q " in , ,, . , , ,g'f.g, .- 3' 'L s 1 jr fi' " EW,-f E, gflflk, 'K if 1 La-.T ' 7 4 If . L 3, , , , ' iii f Y , 1 4' .. , ' ' xl ' ' N P 3: s 4 .5 . .5 " ' .- Eu' -2, -hr , F. f- 'X :qv 1 ,gm .A Q4 1 -La ' .H 1, ' 5 ' ,, Yr 1 I' Q, ff -Q V v I 4 if , f . N , 3 ff A 9 r ' s , Q af f 1' as I ' I ,f ' r 5 .J + -4 I . game +1 f 1 " xv BL' V D, V754-ff? - 'Gi' XT aa ' V - I Q' if kg, ' Y ,yi jg V '.. .,5, ,, ggggig, V .W ,,,,Ef,.i4z. 1 2 -lf.. rv- iw , fuk. - , ,Aw sqm v .ya , ,Q 5 Q- l' -'SGT ffl ' 5, 'X -'Jil' ' , ,, mi, ks.: - . Kg-.4w"+Q' . -P Vx . f . If P.-grglifi ' - js: ' 5:5 Q . A 1 ' ' 1' F 'B I QY 1 Q I 1 , b 5 if 2, , ii . WY' .J -fnifl 5'-MYWIV , 1 -ig." pww- . 2 ' 'ff 'fi' gp- E, 9 'W ' 1 if ' . ' .1 4 5 Q ' girgbfg-I? s 1 I Q A 5 VM X-E! J A ti , W K VW f f WW W fr'

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