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THE A LBAMO 1947 1. W., -.,..4...,. -, Nkiwx .,. ,Q , 5+-Qilqx, gwi' "X.'ff., sv ..,.-.Qu-an-.1 X . M Q Viv NS, ri 2 A.. "mc "1...m dxf ' gf'- ,4 w 5 -4-3' 'gg 'H- lr.. ix .nr ff- LQ J fi .,-vm.-1.-,P-Nvuyg--f -,mr "Ia--ut 'Qi:':Z'?'5""' -.m.+f'+b...X --L.. --:s , M 'ff-.N-' ' ' -41: 'vulc- ,. .., --555' 'fax' 1 4454-f ml! "' f. , ,. M- -.,-,v.a,, ..f', 4. ,S 7!-XE STUDENTS ALBA HXGH SCHOOZ -... 4 ,,. lv ,nf-.4 - lag, sn. DEDICATION mf PRESIDENT OF THE SCHOOL BOARD CHARLES SCAFE TO ONE WHO HAS SERVED EDUCATION FAITHFULLY FOR YEARS, WHO HAS LABORED UNSELFISHLY FOR THE WELFARE OF BOYS AND GIRLS, WE, HE STAFF, DO DEDICATE THE 1947 ALBAMO TO CHARLES SCAFE, PRESIDENT OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. w V I 'if-1 If 'Y-'! r ive if 'QW 1 955' ?. r I fa-41 w f W WA Treasurer Glenna Munson Ran olph A Nast BOARD OF EDUCATION Guy Shafer Lloyd Passley A G5 il Keith Rider Secretary Bailey Hubba gf! Howard Munson SUPERINTENDENT THE COTTAGE Martha Hyde FACULTY 1 E ,- Q in l,:'.fb S,lld I English 31,9 ev-1-'fair'-...M Velma Lee Allison Commerce Prmcipal Elbert Overman Music all Opal Jermin Study H111 Supervisor L1bru'1an Ella Booher B S lhthennt ics ALBAMO STAFF Back ROW Charles Weaver, Joe Butler CEd1torD, Ramon Cooper Middle Row Miss Hyde CSponsorD, Bob Jarmin, Sanoma Hankins, Dick Howard, Kathaleen McClanahan Front ROW Mildred Craig, Bette Passley, Ginger Cook, Wayne Boyer CBus1ness Managerl, Bettie Jo Long, Rosalie Peteflsh, June Brown CHATTEBS STAFF Back Row Jack Hecht fBusiness Managerj, Llrdy WQWHIQS, Kenton Boyer, Keith Pattersor, Bob Prins QEd1torD, Lois Dean McCullum, Maxlne Maples, Caroline Jarmin, Miss Booher KSponsod Front Row John Rider, Jerilea Passley, Treva Lamb, Ruth Ann Jbhkins, Charlene Fullmer, Nadine Nitherspoon, Joyce Bowman, Charleen Cummins w . . O W 1 as H 4' L .4 1 . Q 1 A Q KING AND QUEEN ,FV AND ,gh 4, ,i no -?' HSI. 'Qs rt-7'hblP . 'VINN' nunxnxxsssn-my-xx 1... ATTENDAN T S 4 ' J,if.iRK' fqzim iaga hh , 'FS lbs fy QUEEN ANN KING JOHN Ruch Ann Jenklns SBn1OT 194' nnlev Detebenner Sen or 1947 Freshmen Veva Storms and Charles Foss Sophomores Junnors Celeste Ferree and Pod Uetebenner Laxlne Maples and Don Voss 4 4 Q ' ' x r K ' 0, 1 ' St. L L . I 5 1 l 9 QN .1 if , I lv, f. h ' , f t .. IS f l N 'fi ' v . I . .QQJ SENIORS f423l!'l! '75 4 iii. Q A., .N ,. Vw 41 , a 4 4 , ' f'54' f a i 7' 1 J S M ar " ' 1 .P 7 'g h , , 7 ff of X 1' W' JOE BUTLER RAY DELL C088 He makes his E's' with ease Editor albamo '47 Assist Ed '46 Sr C ass Pres y 5 Baseball '45 '46 '47g Student Council Pres '47 Sr Play '45 '47 Jr Pla '46 X Flirt and the world flirts with you Love and you love alone Basketball '44 '45 '46 ' 3 Baseball '44 45 '46 47 r Play '46 Vice Pres Student Council '473 Senior Vice Pres '47 LINDY EDIARDS Take it easy, have your fun, Let the old world fliker on KE ITH PATTERSON The answer to one maiden's prayer Basketball '44 '45 '46 '474 Baseball '44 '45 '46 '47g Jr Play '46 Chatters Staff '44 '45 '46 '47g Sr See Treas '47g Sr Play ' 7 Glee Club '40 '41 '44 '47 Choir '47g Navy '45 '46 CLAUDE BETEBENNER '44 '45 '46 '47 Being good is an awful lonesome job P S I am not lonesome Baseball '44 '45 '46 '47, Basketball STANLEY BETEBENHER Let others do the laboring and I will do the rest Basketball '44 '45 '46 41, Baseball '44 '45 46 '47 of the Year c.n '46 l1b1mo ning X 4 X N If 3 4 - s . , . 3 . l . I o 47 ' ' : J - . : U I 0 e S e e C O I I . . 4 . at 1 ' 3 n A e e , i?I?,' 4 0 ZTTY, ' . I 1 QIQZ- , f',5ff', 7 1l:' iv AH , ' LQE' 4 4ffTL5'L" . lmgfkiyf ' 4' . . N V A 7 ' x ' WAYNE BOYER Greater men than I have lived. But I doubt it. Glee Club '44. Basketball '44 '45 '46 '47. Class President '46. Albamo Staff '4v. chatters Staff '46, ,3"', 2 Q fa 3 '1 I " .v , , 4 Aus th X - sine ' JIHMIE BUTLER .xr "'U ' I ' Not afraid to work but not exactly in wi., .y sympathy with it. Baseball '44 '45 '46 '47. ERMA CONWAY She's pretty to talk with and witty to talk with. Usher '46 to Jr Play IILDRED CRAIG Blondes are made but red hair 18 the gift of the immortal gods Glee Club '46 '47 Class Sec '45 Vlce Pres '46g Albamo Staff '46 '47 Sr Play '47 Chatters Staff '46 Student Council '47 NANDA CRUTCHER I remember a mass of thlngs but DOthlDg distlnctly Play '46 Chatters Staff '44 '45 '4 ' 7 Sr rlay '47 BETTY EDWARDS Other thlngs we m1ght repea of all we say she's sweet but most Usher '46 Jr Play WAYNE EDWARDS Stand aslde all great msn Here come s another Glee Club '44 '47 ChO1P '4 BARBARA FLESHER One of the reasons men prefer blondes Glee Club '44 45 '46 '47 operates '44 454 Jr Play '46 Softball team '47 Sr Play '47 X ers QS' "A l . 1- 1ll5' mann, lilly F- I Jxbfiiing 9' is Qs- Qb ii xiii 1 . . 6 er' x F - I ' -Q' l be . 3 - iflnll g::lha, :br si 3 . Q A 'Ns g V 15 - it 4 Ng- iw Jr. z , 6 4 3 . ' . 3 ' 7:5 .I A-X f ry . .x t : ' 7' N , 3 , . j' S3 Qxr ,?-,j.A1f Q Kiggkvyd CHARLENE FULLNER Lively, vivacious, v1brat1ng wnth pep H8V1Dg fun wlth every step Glee Club '44 '46 '475 Chior '47 Operetta '44 '45g Jr. Play '46, Pep Squad Leader '46 '47, Chatters '47, Class Sec '46 Basketball Queen '463 Class Pres '45. Sr Play ' SANOIA HANKINB There is a little bit of bad 1n every good llttle g1rl Operetta '44 '45 Glee Club '44 '45 ' 6 '47 Jr Play '46 Chatters Staff ' Albamo Staff '47 Pep Squad Leader '45 Band '44 '4e Sr P1 y '47 JACK PECPT fhink1ng you're thlnking 18 no Slgn you're thlnking Glee Club '44 '45 '46 '47 ChO1F '44 '45 45 '47 rep Squad Leader '40 G Q- Orclfestra '40 '47 Albamo '40 Chatters K 1 Q Staff' '47 S Play '47 EFL, q equal BERNARD H E GER Wh.- ,wfw 1 2 'Q qfma Why bother myself wlth study and care? Before l know lt I'll have gray ha1r Glee Club '44 '46 '47 Operetta 44 '4 Jr Play '4o Cholr '47 Vxoe lrea '45 Baseball '46 '47 Sr Play '47 JACK HENDERSON Why aren't tkey all contented llxe me? Glee Club '44 '45 Operetta '45 Sr Play '47 BOB FODSON Generally sgeaxlng ne lS generally sleaklng Oyeratta 44 Basketball '44 '46 Band '44 Chatters '46 Sr Play '47 LOIS hONEY She IS quiet som tlmes G ee Club '45 '46 '47 Sr Play '47 GLENN JARIIN Tends to his buslness and has a big Job Sr Play '47 RUTH ANN J ENIINS Measured in inches, she's not very tall But measured in pep, she's tallest of all Glee club '44 '45 '46 '41 Operetta '45 Jr Play '46 Choir '47 Class ' Basketball Queen Can '46 Band '44 Albamo Queen '47 Sr Play '47 DICK LAIREHCE lake much of me good men are scarce Senior Class Business Manager '47 Glee Club '44 LAWRENCE LEGGETT SOmBt1m6B I just Slt and think Sometimes I Just s1t Glee Club '44 '46 '47 Baseball 44 ' ' l HAROLD IAHY The glrls big hero KATHLEEN HoCLANAHAN Not a flower, not e pearl, Just a noble all round girl Glee Club '44 '45 '46 '47 Operettn '44 '45 Jr play 6 Chatters Staff '4 ' Albamo btaff '47 bbO1f 47, Sr ' 7 BOBBY NEFF 'Oh cruel world' Oh heartless teachers! o one appreciates my knowledge Glee Club '44 '45 '46 '47 Operetta '44 '4 Sr Play '47 DON PAYIE Love me and the world 18 mine Operetta '44 ROSALIE PETEFISH MUS1C has its charms, Rosalie is one of them Glee Club '44 '46 '46 '47 Operetta '44 '45 '46 Jr Play '46 Albamo Staf '47 Choir '47 Orchestra '44 45 ' '47 Sr Class Buslness Manager '47, Sr Play '47 2 +5.- 1tw -v 5. jf- 6-' 4 1 I Rr: W'a."" BOB PRINS There are two sides to every question, ly sides and the wrong side Operettas '44 '45 Basketball '44 '45 '46 '47 Baseball '45 '46 '47 Glee Club '44 '47 Chatters Staff '44 '45 '46 Editor '47 Jr a '46 Chzor '47 Band VOC1Bl1St '46 '47 Pep Squad Leader '44 Track '45 VERNON PRYOR lbrk may be the grandest gift of God to man, but it's getting pretty stale to me Basketball '44 '45 '46 '47 Glee Club '44 '47 Operetta '44 '46 HAZEL RUSSELL Sugar and spice and everythlng nice Chatters Staff '46 '47 DAVID SIDNEY Little but mighty THELIA SMITH A little learnlng is a harmless thin Thelma 18 harmless Glee Club '45 '46 '47 Softball Team '47 Sr Play '47 BOB STAATS Llfe is short so why not have a good lime while you can Operetta '44 '45 Glee Club '46 Sr Play '47 LORRETTA VAUGHN Speech is silver but silence is golden Glee Club Softball Team '47 QiARlES IEAVER I am young and innocent but I have a desire to be devilish Glee Club 44 '46 47 Operetta 44 45 Jr Play '46 Albamo Staff '45 '47 Sr Play '47 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY WW vii rv X ACT I as the CUFtA1U rolls up for the grand 0p6D1Hg, we beg1n the great preformance w1th a cast of slxty five green freshmen cllmblng the steps to higher knowledge under the direction and SUPBFV1SiOF of Miss Hyde The leads of this great preformance were played by R L Coss actlng as presldent, Ray Coss as v1ce pres1dent, June Browr as secretary and treasurer, Ruth Ann Jenkins as reporter, and Sanoma Hankins and Bob Pr1ns as pep leaders Those who had abil1ty prat1c1pated ID extra cirrxcula 8OtiV1C1OB such as, glee club, oper etta cast, orchestra, basketball, baseball, and other sports We also had some parties durlng the year and wlth all these scenes the curtamn fell on the f1FS act of our h1gh school career ACT II llth the llghts shlnlng brightly, the curtaln goes up for the second act, wlth a cast f Charlene Fullmer had the Mlldred Craig as se retary and Jack Hecht as pep leaders A number of our cast have had several 0XC1t1Ug part1es, orchestra, basketball, baseball ani other sports leading role of presxdent, Bernard Heger as Vice president, treasurer, Ke1th Patterson as reporter, and Sanoma H8Dk1US and left us but wlth our forty bright actors and actresses w have ard our members have partl lpated 1n glee club, operetta cast, ACT III As the curtaln rlses we have a cast of forty four Jolly Juniors, with Mr Overman as our d1roctor Wayne Boyer play1ng the role as presldent, Mlldred Craig as vice President, Ruth Ann Jenklns as secretary and treasurer, Bob rodson as reporter, and Charlene Pullmer, and Ruth Ann Jenklns as pep leaders Several of our jolly ac ors and actresses participated 1n extra BCt1V1t16S sucn as, glee club, orchestra, basketball, baseball, and some worked on the Albamo and Chatters Staffs he outstand1ng cenes of this act were the arrlval of senlor class rlngs, Junior senior banquet and prom, and the JUIIOF class play, 'They Gave H1m a Co ed' The basketball queen, Charlene Bdlmer was chosen from our class We now know that more than half of our preformance 15 over and most of us are well pleased as the curta1n lowers once more ACT In th1s, the fourth and fxnal act, we find forty senlors here to complete the play, oe Butler is play1ng the role as pres1dent, and co staring w1th him are Ray Coss as vice president, D1ng Patterson as secretary and treasurer, Llndy Edwards as reporter, and Charlene Fullmer, and Ru h Ann Jenklns as pep leaders The student council president, J Butler, and the vice presr dent, Ray Coss, were both chosen from our class was Mlldred Craig The Albamo Klnv chosen from our class We chose our class colors WDICF were class The student council representat1ve from our and Queen, Bud Betebenner and Ruth Ann Jenk1rs were green and whlte, our class flower whlch 18 the yellow rose, our motto 18 'The door to success 18 labeled, push' Some of the hlghlights of this act were gyp day, class night, parties, dances, senlor class tr1p, and the senlor play, 'Lena nights, and many other enjoyable After the baccalaureate and about f1D1Sh0d with lots of good R1VOTSn, Wh1CF was given by two dlfferent casts two dlfferent th1DgS took place commencement are ended we f1nd that our four acts are Just and happy memories left behlnd for the next class of seniors 4 .. X f K Q Q 3 T 'ia , Q t wi J 1 V X it Z II 4 66, I In I . - Y . . N ' . . . . H . . 0 forty sophomores under the sponsorship of Miss Hyde. U ' . 'r A IV ' 1 I . . . ' J . 0 l O ' a g ' A u . . . C . . I A IA . SENIOR CLASS WILL e the class of 1947 in the clty of Alba and in the t re of Mi ouri belnb in ood health and in a good mental condition, do hereby make this our last will and tes ament, to the underclassnen a Follows Claude Betebenner vills his slow nd easy ways to Lelvln Dale Bud nete enner ills his ood looks to Charles Nos Wayne Boyer wills his athletic ability to Jerry till r June Brown wills her cuteness to Zena Lee Alli o Joe Butler will his intelligence to Marvin Oliver Jimmie Butler wills his ability to play baseball to Don Ro Frma Jean Conway wills her legs to Lucille Har adine Qamon Cooper wills his technique vith women to Rodney B tebenner Ray Coss wills his ev rlasting love for sports to Kenton Boyer hildred Craig will hex nice and ,oll e ways to Prylli Sulvey wands rutcner wills her ha oy o luck ways to Joyce Bowman Betty Edwards wills her beautiful curly hair to Nadine lthe poon Lindy Edwarls wills his dark curly hair to Vllbur Johnson ayne Pdwards wills all his women to John Harmon Baroara Flasher yoytully leaves period Charl n Fullmer wmlls her popularit to Ginger ook Qanona lanklns wills lor cod nature o Charlene Tack echt will Lis ability to lay the accordian to anyon who the ablll y and can fulfill thi po lt'on Bernard Heber mlls his bashfull ways to sary oodmansee Jack P nderson wills his ,osition s chiet 'oallyhoo r to lax Page Bob Podson will is love fol boxing to harle a s Glen Jarmln wills his site xays to Bill Convay Ruth lnn J nkins wills her p r onalfty t Dixie illiams D1 k Lawrence wills his courteous ways t rdell Toore Lawrence Leggett wills his hei ht to Jack Patton Kathal an NcClanahan wills her brown eyes to sett Qle Staats Harold lahy ill his bility to ar ue to Don Nitners oon Bob Wef wills his s ientifl ability to J mes e er Keith Patterson ills h's red hair to Jerry brown Don Payne wills his blushes to Floyd Southern dosali Pete ish will her inling ability to ella Vae Betebenner Bob Lrlns 111 his in ln bility to Don Moss Nernon Pryor wills his jolly ways to Barry Sidney azcl R1 s h r small wa' t t le r e David idney sorrow ully le ves Treva Lo b Phelm th w'lls her ability to play so'tball to Narll n larncr Bob Ctaats vills his dark hair to Dick Ioward Loretta 81 hn wills her ability to pla Ptball cC1llum Charles sav r will his love or glee clab to Paul we er. -V- A , , l , s a, s- , - ,. , U y Q 9 ' ' L t 1 e Q , , - so - . . , , ,- Y V C M . - s s A ,. P b w 5 - - L ss. . ' f w e . s n. s . r ss. . J . Q . L ' J v' ' A. . A ' ' 9 ' 4 ' e - . s ' . I , vs ' A ' cl V . S ' . 1 C Y' A S . g ' ' " ' w- r L' 'I ' C , F- Q y , . . , f ' ' T -rs L. Y .' Y, ' x in . M v'5 A .4 .1 0 - Y 0 . 1 , , e e . y 1 C . V v V g X -V.: , M 1' ' he L t n l, Cumm ns. . I1 . ' s 'x 1, f , ,,, s A 1' e ' Ima s ' 5' ' ' s ' s l . . A W wg "- V. , ., .. . n .. . . U I' 'I I.- le ' .. , a - J s- L . -V , V . ,, A - . s 4 1 C ,s H tt . ' Q' ,, "J -' Y . " -I F' H N' - .- Lois money wills her abil,ty to make lriends to sharleen ncilanahan. W 1, F3 , 9 S - o O 2- 1 . . , . . 3 1 O :1 , A s C 5 . - "' wv w e-l . y - . . a ,. .- 1- 1 ' ' .A 1. 1+ E . Q V J 5 1 A by . . f l c c s a. 3 5 . L s W .l ' ' . . v .1 I . 3 1 Y U . e - s s , n N . P w' s A s 5' 5 5 . . 7 ' 1 rv J P N , ' 1 U 1 -. A r f ,- L . .resell alll, f .M -, .o Rosall, na d e. fy Y ', - 'P v a ,. fm . r- Cn-1 v- v w Y. VI - A L1 -nip ., ., LL l .4 ,V A JA ln L 0 f v J 1 -f 5.4 Y 1, .L xA 0 " ,-. v ,Y L T I U- . mu - s y y so-- co hols L ,L . " I1 - 7' - ,, - .. ., 'E S s 1. , ' . D IUNIORS Dick Howard Treva Lee Lamb Bettip Jo Long Maxine Maples Ardell Moore Bette Passl ey Iva Jane Russell Dorothy Scott Gary hoodmanaee Barry Sidney Prea idelt Don Mon Vice President Jaek Patton Secretarv Treasury Joyce Bowman Glnger Cook Melvin Dale qc' Glenna Ferris James Hager Paul Hepfer 'Q- '-E 0 Ou gt Qc- Nadine Witherspoon " - Bonnie Sidenatricker - . S Charles Watts Hiyllis Silvey Floyd Sou her: Ida Mae Edwards Dorothy Payne f'N1.X,'K , . -'br 36 Q' is YV' Q' J- ' A- X 04 YN QQ SOPHOMORES Kenton Boyer President Charleen McC1anahan Vlce Presldent Celeste Ferree Secretary Treasurer Charlene Cummins Reporter me Jean Askms Max Atnip Ella Mae Betebenner Almeda Boyer William Conway Esther Dale Patr1cia Flasher Junnor Gunlock '8- af Rx ""' ls.. 36 ,,- 1"' 7' X N A AA Rosal1e Hardee Leona Henderson Bob Jarwin B111 oroon Patr1ca M1ller hex Llnkler harvln Oliver Vlva Deen Pattison Sam y Plank Dxck PTIDI Anna J Radford Kathleen Plder Don Ross Betty Sue Staate Louise Scott Arlene Scott Delorls Ser ent John y Storm Dlxie Yllllnms Lucmlle Hnrgerdine , YA ' ' 5 u y , f rg X , cj if . A S , 4 E -X xl 1 , ' Q ,, 0 .A 0, ii ' - r N 1 4,1 - 1 .' . 1 ' l' l x . .' K J Q or If el is -.' Z ' f u ' ll X V so ew l r s M t XL, V?i2,,A I ip, N A ' A- li' e , 1 V A v. " L. 1 V. S' Huw! Qs V S- C' , r' 'Nl Kg A YI A G so E S. . I , , x : . J if , u r x K 'lf' W4 U if A' , FRESHMEN Jerry V111 er President Zena Lee Alhson Vice President Veva Storm Secretar v 'Teesurer John Rlder reporter Lucymae Haker Loi s Bennett Janda Bennett Shlrley Bo'-'man Bent! Brown Jerry Brown Daniel Collwns Itr1ce Conway Jackle Cook In1s Crutcher B111 Davis Bill Dodson Quth Ann Duvall '.erle Pelkins Don Fullerton Albert Gunlock Opal Gmlock 'T' 43 1,05 QR' 'N. cs V 'ix 4 . ii , . ,V wa...- AN l R v a xl KN lm- Lloxd Harman Pau11ne H61Bt0D Charles donev Roberta Wood Laurence Howard Letha Lawrence Lon Locmls R chard Lu Patr ca leples Marllyn Var' Charles boss Max Pe e Jerry Qidenstricker Helen Silvey Barbara Shoemaker Grace Smith Deloris S,enser Marilyn Stapelton Don Witherspoon Kenneth Willimms EIGHTH GRADE -T-V Back Row Jack Petitte, Charles Jarmin Oral Dean Lamb, Betty Grant, Patsy Storm, Virgil Spenser, James Maples, Robert Duvall Middle Row Dolores Bover, Mildred Ross, Kenneth Ross Fred Jr Forste, Hazel Forste, Futh Laister Mies Palrrer fTeacher Front Row Wanda Henderson, Jess1e Sargent, Rosemarv Passley, Carolyn Jarnun 'Dorns Busbv, Kathleen Radford, Marv Staats Ruth Felkins entered later SEVENTH GRADE X T Top Row Virgil Kirk, Phil Henderson, Herbert Hbolllllm, In lIeC1anahan, Shirley Ferris, Fern Gxidester Bottom Row Cecil Petefieh, Jimmy Welch, Glen Hodgden, Jimmy Dodson, Jerry lann, Jmmy Jarmin, Jimmy Ballee Entered later, Jimmy md Hilton Lawrence -X - f a A- H W 'u "' 1 " . 1 0 - A l D' " I ' 1 . . . 9 ' . ' ""' e . ' . FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Ba ck Row Fiddle Row Front Row Harl Jarmin Lynn Boyer, Carl Maples, Glendore Lamb Leatha Hoog, Irene Conway, Jaruce Betebennrr, Kaye Fullerton, Bob Betebenner Ronnie Onev, Tommie Storm, Leon Chidester, Bobbv Dodson, Darley Joe Cook, Billy Forste, Buford Silvev, Gary Storm Rose Marie Legyett, Ruby Garter Shirlex Baker, Shirley Henderson Juan uta Randall, Charles livers, John Yaples Bobby Williams, Ihrr 1 Turner, Donna Sidenstricker, Jane Farpole, Asvneth Uzvall, Shnrlev Maples, Treva Welch, Car ol Rav Jones, George Weeks, Peggy 1-etitte, Sally Fox Norma Jean Smith THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Back Row 'lhird Ro! Second Row Front Row Phyllis he, bona Jarmin, Dixie Horn, Hazel Hood, Jenna Storm, lhry Kirk, lillard gorsyth, Edward Lacey, Emait Henderson, Harry Betebenner, Irs Ida he Kitchen Teacher . David Dodson, Floyd Garber, Iattibell Garber, Stephen Bodson, Jimmie Busby, Deanna Betebenner, Paulene Forste, Dicky Smith, Cletis Boyer, Marion Garrison, Earl Sallee, Richard Hughey Sally Tappana, Irene Pike, Verna Duvall, Haney Dale, Geraldine Betebenner, Pansy Boyer, Eileen Silvey, Janes Fox, Sandra Fullmer, Gary Sidenstrieker, Jimy Mann, Ramona Campbell 'Rayne Welch, Jackie Lasiter, Lonnie Sargent, Barnum Passle 1, Charles Agee I --.. D I 1 A , I , , I , L . s ,e ' 1 .' . 1 ' .I , e -- Q A ' r , Q -..- O -- n 0 - , . -- 7 . FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Top Row Middle Row Bottom Row Jon Betebenner, Tammy Dale, Hugh Dodson, Eugene Silvers, Joyce Schell, Myra Mcllaniels, Robert Gren, Charles Farpole, Larry Passley, Sonja Buerge, Tommy Lee, Miss Lewis Elmer Garber, Irene Froste, Dickie Greek, Darlene Tyndall, Norma Silvey, Nancy Hodson, Imogine Shelligon, Jackie Williams, David Welch, Dorothy Mae Pike, Dorothy Selby, Donald Fox, Opal Pruzmt Orville Salle, Sharron Shapp, Lynn S1gars, Lee Ro Paulson, Shirley Bover, Rayma Gay Yocam, Leona Duvall, Larrv Greek, Rex Sidenstricker, Max Paulson, Darrv Woolery, Charles Cole, Judv Mann, Donna Randeles G? Jean Crutcher School Secretary 9 O F9 an . ' V 1 - . X ix 1 S f r- i , f - X x. J' ' l Half' - f , , U 1 L V 4 Y 4? 'Al A I Q Q . l . H 0 V ' K. Q x " K I is, y ' ' STUDENT COUNCIL gxiw' A 746 u11d1'6d Cralg fseznor representativej, Ray Coos CVICB preendent , Jack Patton Qgunlor representatlve , John Rlder' ffreshman representative , Joe Butler, Cpreaident , and Esther Dale Csophomore representatlve STUDY HALL ,- A A 51 I ' A 1, '.: 'LL' 5 -A ,. ffl, -: K x Wx '11 T' . X X3'RxfmX .- ' V QL' , ' 1 n u 3 I D J P ' 5- 1 15 .- , 'K' R 4 K 'Wx 5 I VK ,R . w TYPING SCIENCE I MATH EMATICS ENGLISH LIDATB x.,, SENIOR PLAY Back Row: Bernard Hager, Bobby Neff, Ion Honey Bob Hodson Mr Al11son, fSponsorl Glenn Jarmln Kathaleen Mc Clanahan, Charles Weaver, Jack Hecht Front Rom Mlldred Craig Rosalie xetefish June Brown Sanoma Hankins LENA RIVERS Lena Rivers our adorable hero ne June Brown Granny Nichols, her beloved grandmother Mildred Craig John Livingstone Lena's uncle Bernard Heger hrs Living tone his wife who has social arb'tions Ros lie Petefish Caroline Livingstone, their daughter, who is Just like her mother Sanoma hankins Anna Living tone, their daughter who is warm hearted and incere Lois Honey Weaver Frank graham, a southern gentleman Glen J rmin Mrs Craham his jealous wife Kathaleen LcClanahan Durward Bellmont, her son y a ormer marriage Jack Hecht Malcolm Everett a tutor in the Livingstone tome Bob Nef Aunt Millv a colored servant helma Smith Old Ceasor, a colored man ervant vho is always fixin' to do Bob Fodson i P I . ' ' D 0 ' I 'J ' ' l 'J I I a V .P 1 . , - llillli fill ' f 1 sooo oo. . V , ooeasssuuoqsaonnsnlooo' ' K a HS , ' , ' ua. unooon 3 Q ' - 0 . - , - John Junior, their son, who is addicted to slang... ....Charles f' '- 4. . col llliittllt Cl Q " ,X COOOOIOIIOIOOIOC 7 r I F ......... 5' , . ......... . s J ..... SENIOR PLAY Back Rows lildred Cralg, Bob Stasts, Rosalie Petefish, Charlene Fullmer, lr Overmsn fSponsorJ Barbers Flesher, Raymond Cooper, og Butler, Jack Henderson, Ruth Ann Jenkins Front Row Keith Patterson, Ksthsleen lo Clsnshen, Bob Prius LENA RIVERS Lena Rivers, our adorable heroine Charlene Fullmer Granny Nichols, her beloved grandmother Mildred Craig John Livingstone, Lena's uncle Joe Butler Mrs Livingstone, his wife, who has social ambitions Rosalie Peteflsh Caroline Living tone, their daughter, who is just like her Crutcher Anna Livingstone, their daughter, who is warm hearted and sincere Ruth Ann Jenkins John Junior, who is addicted to slang Keith Patterson Frank Graham, a southern gentleman Ramon Cooper Hrs Graham, his jealous wife Kathaleen McClanahan Durward Belemont, her son by a former marriage Eob Prins Malcolm Everett, a tutor ln the Livingstone home Bob Qtaats Aunt Milly, a colored servant Barbara Flesher Old Ceasor, a colored man servant who is always fixin' to do Jack Henderson n A , J I ' e IUIUIOCDIOOO Dis IOC! IUCOIIICOUIOIOCOOOO l OIOOOOOOQ s mother.......................................landa ODUOCUOOOUIOOOIOllillillillliotliill CIO! Oli! Olll Ollllill O OUCOOOIIOOOO ...... 010 Lf lflillsniillllll ' IUNIOR PLAY Qtending Dick Howard, Ginger Cook, Mr Overman, director, Gary Woodmansee, and laxine Maples Seated Nadine Witherspoon, Jack Patton, and Joyce Bowman HIS HAIR WAS AUIT HELLIE Archie Baldwin, a prosperous small town business man of mid dle age Jack Patton Bertha Baldwin his wife a pleasant woman in her early for ties Ginger Cook Sheila Baldwin their daughter , a pretty young girl of nine Joyce Baldwin, their younger daughter Nadine Witherspoon Freddie Baldwin, their son of seventeen Dick Howard Ed Saunders, the Baldwins's neighbor in his early thirties lrdell Moore Babel Saunders, his wife, of about thirty and is the dami nearing type laxine laplee Cleo, the colored maid . . .. !reva Lamb lr Van Dilling, the president of the bank who is dignified Gary Woodmansee Y V -- , . . anno I g f.l.C.l.....l.U..l.llflflflillC'.0lllO.l 1 3 "' Ill.ll.ll..'l...'f...'l.'..'l.lCll.QIUCIO.f , - teen..........................................Joyce B0'm.B.n eoeee ....'..... lfllfll.0.lU.......'..'.'.'l..... .... I. . I'-.......'.'.lC. . BUSINE S S MANAGERS The above are the buslness managers who so successfully con ducted the king and queen contest Jackie Cook Qabsent Max Page, Charlene Cu mings, Kenton Boyer, Betty Paisley, Gary Woodmansee, Rosal1e Peteflsh, D1ck Lawrence ORCHESTRA Standlng Zena Lee Allison, Jack Hecht, Glnger Cook, Bob Prins, Seated Ella Mae Betebenner, Rosalie Petefish, flnstructorl Lr Overman l GLEE CLUB Back Row Thlrd Row Second Row Front Row Lawrence Howard, Don Loomis, Don Fullerton, Bill Dodson, ax Page, John Rider, Bob Prine, Dick Prine, Bobby Neff, Charlgg leaver, Paul Hager, Lindy Edwards, Jack Hecht, lhyne Edwards, Carol Gunlock, Louise Scott, Esther Dale, larilyn Marner, Grace Smith, Freida linkler, Patricia Maples, Helen Silvey, Patrlcia Hlller, Pauline Heisten V1va Dean Pattison, Phyllis Silvey, Glenna Ferris, Barbara Flesher, Mildred Craig, Thelma Smith, Lois Honey, Lois McCu1lem, Leona Henderson, Charleen Cummins, Nadine Wltherspoon, Ruth Ann Jenkins, Charlene Fullmer, Anna V Radford, Rosalie Hardee, Bette Passley, Zena Lee Allison, June Brown, Ella lae Betebenner, Patrlcia Flasher, Lucile Hargadine, Kathleen MoClanahan, Rosalie Peteflsh, Delorls Sargent, Barbara Shoemaker, Marilyn Stapleton, Veva Storm, Lucy lae Baker, Betty Brown Jerry Brown, Jerry Miller, Max Minkler, Bernard Heger, Lawrence Leggett, Charles Moss, Loyd Harmon, Bill Conway, Sammy Plank, Don Iitherspoon, Bill Jordon, Dlck Howard, Jerry Sidenstricker Dixie 'Wllliams, Sanoma Hankins, Betty Staats, Wanda Bennett, 1 ,rfzfiii Our teachers this year are Glenn Allisonfsupt I Elbert OvermanfPrin ,Hrs Allison, lies Hyde, lisa Booher, and Hrs Jarmin Reception for teachers given P T Class officers chosen Seniors ordered invitations and cards CALENDAR 3 lllln Freshman and Sophomore Party Parent Night Teachers Meeting Ohl Joy! Baby Beef Show United States llarine Band Rodeo Entertainment Carnival f! '-uuu... .114 AAA Senior Gip Day Student Cour ci 1 elected We best Greenfneld Yippeelll! School Christmas Program and gift exchanre Christmas Vacation Xxe XX X -5 f1!n ',a,e I'-Fl 4- le played Greenfield Juniors present, Her Nane las Aunt Nell1e' Coronatlon of Klng and Queen Annual Staff Party Lew Year's Eve Dance 6 Extra Vacation Junior play cast chosen Sinclair Oil Show Senior play casts chosen 2 Senior SkBt1Dg party Beat Cartervllle Hooray!! Q fffffff N f W4 Sen1ors present "Lena Rlvers Seniors recieved cards and 1nv 1tat1ons Seniors getting restless Seniors getting violentllll Nun X 'Q' K1ng and Queen and Business Managers elected Beginning of Queen Cortest Indnvidual Pictures taken Seniors w1n in Contest Thenksgivang vacation Thanksg1v1ng dance ...ix Recleved Indlvidual Plctures Speech Class and Anbrlcen Government went to Carthage to Circut Court 1 22 Tri County Tournament at Alba basketball Queen Crowned ' Y S ss 'fb fl. N mW Baccalaureate Sen1or Class N1ght SOHIOF Tr1p Junior Senior Banquet Commencement Graduat1on PHONGRAIHS Hampaten's Studio, Webb City, lissouri School Photo Service, Kansas City, liasouri. 5 1 f 9 X 5 fl - ex . ir ' f . 4 ' ': Fi, -Q 1 " ,Q J 4 4 ' 4 : z- 4- ' n ' , I ' . K -D - a- . 5- N , ll- 14- ' , - - 15- . 19- - , 15- . 21- , - I , by - - A- 24- . 27- - - J , ' al' e + ff--T' Q"".J4Z7""' I 0 +- . -...Q . : + 5 N-.X t': "'.. -.' ,',,-- In ' a 7 Ah L--,-nn-Qnng..n......:' " - A N A X A a 1' v ' 4- I . . , l- - ' 14- . 15- - ' J e 22' ' 20' ' ' , 29- ' . , 51- ' . X x. ,gf f iz' Y f 'L W ff 1 XXX , XY 7 f X fl f aan" 4 -X . . . 4 " 5 r ' 3' A .A 18- ' ' '. 15- " ' ' . ' ' - . ' .' 25- . ' , - , ' za- ' . SR PEPPERETTE LEADERS IR PEPPERETTE LEADERS Shly P I Ru Je ins, Zena Lee Allison, Lucile Hardigine, ar llm Treva Lee Lamb, Dixie Williams. O Boyer, Veva Storms, ir e Bowman, Marilyn Sta let QUEEN ELLA MAE BETEBENNER Sophomore, 1947 A TEAM Standing: Bob Prine, Capt. Ray Dell Cosa, Jack Patton, Wayne Boyer, Raymond Cooper. Seated Claude Betebenner Kenton Boyer,Vernon Pryor and Keith Patterson BASKETBALL QUEEN Glenn Allison, Coach, i B TEAM Glenn Allison Coach, James Hager, C A Watts, Stanley Betebenner Seated John Storms, Kelvin Dale, Wilbur Johnson, and Dick Howard I Standing: S W Boyer, forward K Boyer, guard 'FQ' 512 1 5 lfhqiapix 10 ,wg J ' SCCRL THEY C' OPPONENT Town Team Sheldon Town Team Sheldon Ja per Greenfield Seneca Japser Seneca Carterville Sarcoxie Carl Junct Duenweg Carterville Prius, forward ugh Patterson, guard I I 'J Q , 459 I 1 .. f ' "-E , 'J' . -Ay K I ' I , X. X W U Q . T! ! :E - ' 66 57 Sl 12 . , 1 41 29 L 1 52 lO , X 45 25 . S 5 22 19 V A 47 55 C' 69 25 41 2a , 32 so 47 50 57 19 , 57 52 1 45 52 South West C. 58 52 P! X 5,.K X , 5 Qvfl f , , ' T 227 I :..Q , 1 hfi fl, X I I ' xf -b K It I bl., I 1 3 , l N C L. . r. Cosa, center ALBA , MISSOURI PHONE 12 COMPLETE STOCK VEGETAB LES GROC ERIES MEATS FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS CURING AND HIC KORY SMOKING HAM S AND BACON OUR SPECIALTY CO0PER, Tomi J RMlN'S GE ER l TURE Mr and Mrs. Ted Jarmin PHONE 112 JASPER, MISSOURI COMPLETE STOCK GROCERIES VEGATABLES MEATS DR GOODS SHOES NOTIONS RED BALL BOOTS BIG SMITH AND TEST OVEBALLS AND PANTS MUNSINCWEAR COMPLETE LINE OF KENTONE PAINTS STAR BRAND WOLVERINE AND WILLIAMS SHOES I H+.. lE I FREE g,, 6 p, lmeaning-without restraintj X qw + plus EY ENTERPRISE . s L. n"":J'N X qmeaning-adventurous ener I getic progresswej : equals AMERICA Qthe Land of OPPOYWDIWI ii The bulldmg of Amerlca the home of over 130 mllllons of happy prosperous people today was on a foundatlon of Free Enterprlse freedom to work thmk worshlp and lxve under a democratlc of the people by the people for the people Let s keep the Free Enterprlse system of Amerlca ahve forever THE DISTRICT ELECTRIC CUIIIPFIIIH' A Tax Paylng Instltutlon Government Regulated Investor Owned Locally Managed vi , V ls , ' 5 form of government, that is, TH E CRESCENT CLEANERS FOR BETTER APPEARANCE 120 N WEBB STREET TELEPHONE 150 WEBB CITY, MO IGOOD QUALITY1 'BETTER VALUES' H ISYS FAVILY STORES H O PLEASE VOU S IO PL ASE AGAIN 1 v I I ' ' I WEEE CITY CARTERVILLE T E 'E - -I I E N WEST END PHARMACY 'YourU Modern Neighborhood Drug Store uProfessional Prescription Servicen Webb City, Missouri Burns, Manager PAGE ' s Gnoczlw Complete Line of Groceries and Meats duality Worth Praising Purcell, Missouri Phone 8 IABMIN, s Goodyear Tires and Batteries Red Ball ooots Star brand Shoes Flour and Feed Groceries Meats Hardware Furniture Dry Goods Dewey Jarmin Phone lo Twila Jarm IOHNSON CHEVROLET COMPANY D M Johnson, Manager Pa senser Cars and Trucks Authorized gales and Service 223215 Phone 129W lr I ' VR .. I 1 . L T1 I O C! - - , V .. V ,1 ' -- i gif V CALHOON PUTIAH LUMBFR CO PARKWAY CLEANPRS A11 kinda of QUALITY CLWANING BUILDING HATERIAL 414 Wost Daugherty Street 'n Jonn B Castoggo SHELF HARDIARB Manager NECK CITY HLSSQURI PHOLE 36 IEBB CITY MISSOURI PHONE 81 JASIWR FARMER'S EXChANGE REAL WSTATE Produce Flour Food an Graln Barb l1re Fleld Fbnoe INSURANCE Fertilizer Oils and Greases B F Mlller womf 156 PISONE leo JASPER M0 PHWE139 Excmwsn ELFVU-on Ham slen s P oto Sermce Meats Grocorles Frozen Foods SCHDCIL CDMMEREIAL FDRTRAIT KCIDAK PH DTDBIJPY PHONE 5971 CARTHAGE M0 WEBBC D BU PHOTO PRINT R5 LITHDERAPHER5 SEMCO COLOR PRESS ANNUAL AND TEXT BOOK PUBLISHERS OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHO Roy H Noel POST OFFICE BOX IIO7 PHONE 1412 JOPLIN MISSOURI , I d I O a cooK's Gnocsnr W ,MSDN , . V ITY, NIU. . . ?HIUH I, M A r " -ul--Agro" '7 " ' HENRY GETZ SERVICE STATION Goodrich Sllvertown Tires and Tube Accessories- Willard Batteries Mobllgas and Mobile O11 PURCELL, MISSOURI PHONE 5 , B A A S RALPH STORM 2 ALBA, Mo Phone 5oJ CONGRATULATIONS FROM WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE E C Mammen's and Son Auto parts and Accessories WEBB CITY, MO 20 SOUTH MAIN Groceries and Hardwar PURCELL, MO PHONE 192 HARRY'S SERVICE STATION Sinclair Gas Lubrication Tire Vulcanizing ALBA, MO MEATS caocEa1Es ALBA, Mo PHONE sow BROWN'S GENERAL STORE Groceries Vegatables Meats GALESBURG, MO PHONE QJ5 SCAFE MERCHANDISE COMPANY Dealers in General Merclanaise NECK CITY, MO A L C F E GISEL'S GENERAL STORE ROPER GROCERIES

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