Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX)

 - Class of 1959

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Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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, , V .x,. . ,W 4. ' .r if 1 yn ' B., M by A5404 141141, 9-M' ' "'7"""! . ,,A I jlmffad .udhrtgfwl lg, Ji 4,4415 7 cv -44.1-411,41 , :J 41.441-dfz A 4,,,L J ,fm lin-62, f X? ' AA., I ygu 44-PM. 'L RJ ,,f74,,14' 67 "f-i'q?M , 'I f A Aw-- - , . U , 'fr -I 5? .9U.1,fl'l 7Z,044dL- 'Mala '!Ag,,r5,s fifliw Z Yr 'I L54 1,1l'Ld Al -4 k I 4 Puff Cf h 'W' 'MII 94-L ' Q - 3' ' I f4r1-- '?q,,'6! - h Of: ic 'P , , . In 1 r -NNI., , 4 j,L4,v'-ff jM4,n7L4 A JV' N 'fb 5 vp 7?-L' 0-LA? z I Iii' 1 A Xfafw ' ,CLK YN, nor, x - ff M MW N, W LL! Q . W., Bchfti 7 ,V uJL,,,,'C'B VL " my-i,'1,Z 'KN' n.,,,,- . X "C ,, UM xvbq LLM. ,, Vu -f QM if ew a ww , ,alan 71 Lweh 'LN fLCl.'x,01L "W A J I 3, 5 V N W f 1'""fM':"""W'M-""'ff+f""""vllnpnwuunum a - 5 'QA-u 0.5 ":.-5. .5 SC Q 'X ff-vvlnww Og. f ,A , n . I -SQ? - V '- F J' ?:..' M I 1 1' ' eff 2 5 4,1-,af .. Wi ' .wx WK . -f.- , -1 L 4 ll 'Q 1 Q t '1'Y.1 u , -... o ' ' K "J , .. . Q, 5 f Fig, J , Ns! K wg fe 1, 1' . 1 Q ru. X Y 'r sr A-in I N df? ,L I . N - ng, , .xy 7951, A Albo Golden Hugh School Grade School Gym 'flu-A fT'W 1, -W: 5 My he Dedication rw' so-. ,,.....-dl" if-gf, .A V iff! We, the Senior Class, dedicate this annual to Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Hooten, who gave much of their time in helping to make our Senior year one which will not soon be forgotten. IT' I think each year that the Senior Class and their Sponsor have achieved the utmost in yearbook production but the very next year they produce an even greater book than the year before. May I thank each person who has had a part in making the 1958-59 yearbook the best we have produced. It has been a pleasure having you as students and watching you as you work together to share your last moments one with another. We shall always remember you and the work you have done here at ALBA-GOLDEN HIGH SCHOOL. H. Wilton Harmon Superintendent H.W. HARMON S C H 0 0 L ' 'f MANAGEMENT 5. R C ff 'L , . 2-'K Xf ' ATU'-. . ,Q l xi, . ' - ,. - "Ns .ii-' ' '- 6 wx a Board Members J. W. UNDER WOOD President W. H. GALYEAN Vice-President ARLIE FARRINGTON Secretary-Treasurer ELBERT BRITTAIN MARVIN HACKLER ROY BARNETT THURMAN GRESHAM H. W. HARMON Superintendent ' 3 P.T.A. Officers ROSA LEE JONES President BENNIE LOU PATRICK Vice-President EDNA PATRICK Secretary LUCILLE CI-IANEY Treasurer JOE W. MCKENZIE History 81 Math R OSA HAY ES Math BARNEY HOOTON Vocational Agriculture PEARL HAR MON Science HARRY BULLARD Principal 8: Boys' Coach MAR Y SCHULT Z Homemaking NELLON KINDLE Business 81 Girls' Coach MARGIE HOOTON English 8: Spanish LILLIAN H0 WLE Librarian MYRTLE PRICKETT First Grade ELLEN MCKENZIE Second Grade LOLA CATHEY T hird Grade JE WELL OWEN Fourth Grade BLANCHE GARRETT Fifth Grade LONA MCGOWAN Sixth Grade LOU ELLA FR ENCH Spec ial Educ ation C0 SEPTEMBER. 1958 0 VOLUME 4 0 NUMBER I Xa C LASS OF President ............ Vice-President. . . . Secretary ....... . . Treasurer... Reporter . . . . . FICERS . ROBBIE RADICAN . . . . BOUG DAWSON . WAYNE GALYEAN PATRICIA MADSEN . . . . . .JERRY GABY Seniors ANN WHITUS Halloween Princess 3 Basketball Mgr. 2 Most Likely To Succeed Sr. FHA Award Soph. Class Officer Z BOUG DAWSON Most Athletic Sr. Basketball 4 Baseball 4 FFA Officer 3 Vice-Pres. Sr. ROBBIE RADICAN Most Beautiful Jr. Class Favorite Z Halloween Queen Jr. FFA Sweetheart Sr. Class Pres. Sr. EARL RILEY Basketball 4 Class Officer Z FFA 4 FFA Officer 1 Best All-Around Sr. ADR IAN BOWDOIN Basketball 4 Class Officer 2 Baseball 2 FFA Officer 2 FFA 4 PATRICIA MADSEN Glass Treasurer 2 Most Popular Sr. Basketball 4 FFA Officer 3 Annual Staff Sr. MIKE PATRICK Basketball 4 Most Popular Sr. FFA 4 Baseball 1 Class Reporter Jr. JEAN PATRICK Student Council Sr. Annual Staff Sr. Basketball 4 FHA Officer 4 Best All-Around Sr. JERRY BUSBEE Class President 2 Class Favorite Jr. F. F. A. 4 Secretary F. F. A. Jr. NADINE HUDGINS F. H. A. 4 Class Play Z Annual Staff Sr. JERRY GABY Reporter Senior Class Favorite Sr. F.F.'A. 2 FAYR ENE BRANNON Basketball Z F. H. A. 4 JO ANN POPE Halloween Princess Jr. Volleyball 1 DON CHANEY F. F. A. 4 President Jr. Basketball Z Class Play 1 Reporter Soph. SONJA GILLEY F. H. A. 4 Songleader F. H. A Most Likely to Succeed 1 WAYNE GALYEAN Basketball 4 F. F. A. 4 Most Handsome Jr. 8: Sr. F. H. A. Beau EMMALEE ENGLISH F.H.A. 4 Class Play 1 JAMES NEWTON CLASS OFFICERS Presxdent ......... DAVID HUMPHREYS V1ce Presxdent. . . ......... MAX SLOAN Secretary . . . . . . BOB DAWSON Treasurer . . . .... KAY BARNETT Reporter .... . . .JAMES HARRISON Sergeant at arms . . .... CLOVIS CAVE Juniors R lm ,f WJ . -ag. rf! '15 WT? LINDA HILL MARTHA GATEWOOD BOB DAWSON DON ALEXANDER WINDELL WHITUS DAVID HUMPHIREYS LAVON WRIGHT .IANOICE POPE KAY BARNETT NORMA THORN SAUNDRA SEATON DALE WILLIAMS JO EASTEP CAROL HOLLAND MAX SLOAN CLOVIS CAVE JEAN MCKENZIE MARY GIBSON ARLON RAGSDALE SHERRY MCGINNIS L, I A TERRY MCGINNIS A 'G' L x JAMESHARRISON DON PANT ER Sophomores President. . . .. Vice -President. . . Secretary. . . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . CLASS OFFICERS . . . . BOBBY TURBEVILLE .L,, ' 53I:' K . lf ...............-.. . . . BARBARA STOVALL BOBBY TURBEVILLE JIM OSBORN BOB ADRIAN JERRY HACKLER BETTY MATTHEWS JAN JONES BARBARA HOOTON BETH MATTHEWS BARBARA STOVALL JOELLEN MCKENZIE KENNETH THORNHILL CHARLES HARMON PAT TERRY SALLY JOHNSON JOHNNY TACKER BILL HUGHES ROBBIE TERRY CAROLYN BROWN LELAINE HARRIS JANET WRIGHT JERRY GIBSON ,alw- LARRY GIBSON DONNA MANRY ff WANDA JOHNSON f 5 CLARENCE WILLIAMS . N vk 1 Freshmen DON RILEY NANCY OWEN A " MICKEY MCINTOSH CLASS OFFICERS President ............. KAREN MURDOCK Vice-President ........... NANCY OWENS Secretary-Treasurer.KENNETH PATRICK Reporter ............. MICKEY MCINTOSH MICHAEL TUCKER ,Q I I -Q. LINDA HUGHES fl I " I I 'Q' an XC ""'- JERRY HARRIS ' A ,lbl 4 M- W 1 .'I", I A - A A 2 ' D -A., M. r 'fag 1 'f-2 I In X H 2-. Z iff! ' N I A 5 Re RALPH POPE BETTY MONK JERRY ROBINSON KENNETH PATRICK KAR EN MUR DOCK DAVID SIMMS A GARY MCKENZIE JAMES MIZE RXER LENNON EDWARD TACKER BILLY NICHOLS OTHO NICHOLS PEGGY TERRY LYNDA ENGLISH LINDA CAVE JIMMY THOMPSON JOAN PRUNER BUDDY THORN BOBBY FLET CHER DAISY CRUMP PAUL MCKENZIE MARY JOHNSON Eighth continued above Seventh JEANNIE WHITUS DOROTHY WILLIAMS DONALD MANRY BONNIE WALKER SHERR Y SWEEDEN CR E15 ffwfb 44 -N, A4- 7 ,. "" I A I 4. 'O I :fini 125' A481 r"'xf I 'Q-....,f 'R f-3 -ry fy xq,JA "EIT "" 43' -wg Zi" ,QE Ill? divhff 'Jn A 'milf Lx Q ,E 3 at vi 'K ik 61 Af I-'N LARRY HUGHES JUNIOR MCKENZIE WAYMON RAGSDALE GARY HARMON JEANNINE MCGINNIS DOROTHY JOHNSON DIANE WILLIAMS LINDA BUSBEE CHARLIE MASSIE GMiY WEEKS JERRY THORNHILL JACKIE BELL KENNETH ENGLISH PEGGY GALYEAN GLORIA ROACH SARAH NICHOLS MARTIAL ROACH DENNIS HAISTEN BARBARA LOYD PEGGY DEAS PATSY STEED REVIS FREDERICK DELORIS ROACH JOYCE TAYLOR W7 7s 'X Q ,K G- .Q 3 fwjv --, , , 05 'fb Aj A ax Wife? Nmap. T5 vs ,HQ -ua-gi' Y? S ,pm-.sw 4928 nn' "r ,iw ,,s an"?'l ix Y. of 7,14-0" 'Fi on JAMES LOYD GLORIA BAILEY -,f 'f " " T "2 1. ,,,., ix f' ,- .,,- 9. A -1 tv-3" I AL' 1 M, A" 2 '93, ,Q fy A 6 an W ' '12 2 , .JA A fy 4 an fx I -A I iq .dv P' if ivfkx MIIB Is. Q, hx W-IVR ,,.,,, .gf if if , if 4 fi- ' M C '1. mn "S . . D 41? IQ 'i 'Li' Sixth Grade PHYLLIS BROWN JOAN MADSEN LINDA DAWSON DOTTIE POPE DAVID MCKENZIE RONNIE TUCKER LARRY LINDSEY PHILIP SADLER MARY HOLSTER MARY OSBORN PATSY STEGALL BRENDA SCHULTZ EDDIE POSTON TERRY GALYEAN JERRY MANRY KEITH BROWN MARY ANN ADRIAN PATRICIA JOHNSON BARBARA THORN BRENDA FORD JAMES BRADDY ROBBIE HOLLAND JOHNNY BELL TOMMY POWELL ALTON TERRY JACKIE THOMPSON DICKY HARRIS MIKE BROWN MAC HOOTON JOAN WILLIAMS B ENNIE JACK BLACKMON DUENE O'NEAL JEFF BRADDY GAYLE THORN CHARLES ROACH I-IENRIETTA POWELL JOE CLYDE WI-IITUS GLORIA SIMMS CARL MCGINNIS ROSA LOU THOMPSON DAVID I-IACKLER KAY SLOAN DAVID SAUNDERS MARGIE TERRY PHINNEY ENGLISH BARBARA MASSIE MAX ROBINSON .IEANNIE RAGSDALE DENNIS SCOGGINS SARA GR ESHAM RONNIE GABY MARYLIN FORTENBERRY DAVID SADLER MARTHA KEEN MARLON ALEXANDER MIKE RILEY JOYCE BAILEY JOHNNIE SUE TAYLOR DEAN PRATHER A .Q .4 V fi- f -E ', . A? .. X x Ax' . ,N .XJ av .5 7 , , I I 1 N. ..v. K 9 , ..o f ' I 1,4 - by , U4 AL , il -2' -OA 'S LJ C MICKEY DEAS rg. 452.1 Ndlburx S Fourth Grdde DONNA ROACH LINDA WILLIS KAREN MCKENZIE MILDRED JOHINSON RANDALL GATEWOOD RONNIE GALYEAN JOHNNY FLETCHER RONNIE BUSBEE LEWIS ADRIAN JUNIOR WRIGHT DANNY TERRY JERRY WALKER CHARLES PATRICK KENT GIBSON STAN SMITH HAROLD STOVALL ANN WEEKS KATHY BRIDGES JIM HOOTON LEONARD HOLSTER JEAN ROACH VER DIE HASS SANDRA WILLIAMS PHILLIP LEWIS DOYLE EASTEP JOHNNY GLASSCOCK WILLIAM FITZGERALD MARY ALLEN -'11 LARRY ROACH SAMMY BOYKIN JERRY CLASSCOCK PENNY GEORGE DON BAILEY BILLY MCGINNIS PETE WILLIAMS EVELYN LOYD PAM MCKENZIE ANNELLE QUINN JAMES GABY JESSE SWEEDKN BARBARA WILLIAMS JERRY THORN 9 'OW I 5, if ' Q I Q. . pk f,-L, 1' I f"'Nn , 'Si ll I ng ,, 9 L, A 3 "UX,1!!',Y I f, 'E ,E , A ,ph LZ fm? iw V 15. ml, 2 ii I 'r"fm'v , MI ' A K 4" ' 5 I 4 , ' . .' ' if , f' ' ' Z ,nh Q., Q 4' 322. ' :f::"' . V, ,J 1 N316 mi . , Q if VXN5, 5 V, "'-,Hn "A ' 4' ru 1:v nf 'eiz His. Third Grade JOHNNY POPE RHONDA LINDSEY DONNIE DOWELL TERRY BRANNON DOROTHY WILLIAMS ANDY POSTON LINDA LENTZ RANDY MANRY LINDA TERRY JUANITA VAUGHN STEPHEN SIMMS LINDA WALKER MARCUS SIMMS MACK DEAS CLAUDE VAUGHN V. ,' , , ' . I 4 , 4 V ff M " , if, WV J! 41 K I .l, ' E53 V 4 , 5, I. " 1 'V 2 "f'h 'I' ,, , 4, , ' A . :...'v' ' 7" 7 5 4g-fr-.fl jf A: I A v. , 4' VZ :,,. ,. X , H 6 Y W' f' X 'I' aAv'6 , A ,N X:,,lf.Q, gaanvqqwpfka l mf 'fyxf-"fy, ,f .Qin Jigga' vs-X ff ' "L 5' Cf T 1 I 441 ,-'lwlgixl Y' . x df -x - 1,7 , . 'f 1 H :.F2'3J:f4'glu-lc ,E f if 61 fi'f'1 vt? L w.--1 S-W 416 fx-1: .AU ri-Q li qf"T Second Grade R OGER VAUGHN CALVIN BAILEY BRENDA TURNER DEAN CASTLEBERRY BUDDY HASS ROGER GEORGE MIKE MADSEN JIMMY CI-IANEY TOM FOSTER RONNY WEST SANDRA ROBINSON ANN ALLEN DEBRA ROHUS VICKY WALKER PATRICIA LENTZ JILL RUSSELL DEBORAH ALEXANDER BONNIE WEST KATHY ROBERTSON JANE WHITUS FERN RAGSDALE KATY SAUNDERS if '11 ,ff up-nr' Q-an wiki Wx ""'fu1 LC' 1-4 gr-fr uf af f' jj, 'if 1: nw 'Wt-1-f AW. fi -ap-v ' Munuf 11 9m.,,,., If lg-W I. J-fn I f f 'UT A-pdf' r w., 270- Qs ga il 1 5 1-rf' 'iw fha 1-Q AQ. I' , I , 1- f-LA ' T1-1-av ,I M X I , nrhf' ,itll in-sv amfiir ,,..- 4" U " moon ips I 'qgzgv ,Va M S. M 'uv C' lp: ,rl"'- 43 . .4-vs. X 'rf FQ 5J'1'vv" V" , . X First PATRICIA GABY PATSY GABY JUDY SMITH DEBORAH SUE WILLIS JIMMY GLASSCOCK MARSHALL WILLIAMS DELL RUSSELL BARRY LEWIS DEBORAH ANN WILLIS DARLINE O'NEAL SHIRLEY GRISHAM MARY KAY DEBRAI-I ANN BRADDY MILTON TERRY DAVID BROWN JERRY WILLIAMS R OG ER ENGLISH DANNY KE EN DICK FOST ER JOHNNY WALKER DAVID PRUNER DAVID BAILEY BILLY WHITUS ROSEMARY COLLINGSWORTH SHVQQIIZBBIL WIN 6--w"""C Most Popular MIKE PATRICK PATRICIA MADSEN fu . Kg? ' X Y 46? K tgwfdhw' X I 3 bn I i Na - 3 X.. MI, aka V7 In 'XL 4: F" 8 f--lu. 'K Nqbfmx 'E' teh' Most Athletic MARTHA GATEWCOD BOUG DAWSON T' QCSV N .J gtk Most Attractive WAYNE GALYEAN BETH MATTHEWS new aa 1'-IB! f :: zif Most Llkely To Succeed DON PANTER ANN WHITUS ,fp Mi--f iam-MWF' EN...-Q Best All-Around EARL RILEY JEAN PATRICK 'QQ 'WNQX f X F H A Beau And F F A Sweetheart WAYNE GALYEAN ROBBIE RADICAN A, xl 6 3 , QA mah , et fi: ww-Quo-:f1fw+"' 4,-Ev 4?-'.fl.f '. . .':M"', "VY , M' Q' fx Q '- fe 1 -'X-. 4 -- i-X1 F jr ..-' ' X , ,, , M qxqkx Q-if ' N- - 1 F- X ,- Wifi 'f:ri- M N Y 1+ xx' A.,,'fV"3':3 xQnm'tx K 'M if, 'ax '.-. Q V1 'gl ' -. ' ' 0 0 o n 'Ax NE Y 'M' High School Halloween King And Queen JERRY HACKLER BETTY Mmmews Court Entertainment ,F 155 il Q'7"T'P" Grade School Halloween King Ancl Queen aoNNna rucncsn Dome Pope Basketball Sweetheart BARBARA HOOTON Junior Favorites JANOICE POPE AR LON RAGSDA LE Senior Favorites ROBBIE RADICAN JERRY GABY Freshmen Favorites KAREN MURDOCK KENNETH PATRICK c ' r v Sophomore Favorites JO ELLEN MCKENZIE BILL HUGHES Eighth GradeFc1vorites ANN HOOTON ROGER WEEKS rg ' 1' 'im Seventh Grade Favorites LINDA BUSBEE HOLLIS MCKENZIE, JR. 'E 'T' 'War JANUARY 26 1959 - S7 so A van America's National Sports Weekly 25 cents ' xq . I LLLI STRATE K Q25- . . xx-, ,, s..,- g . . , X-,J ', x 8913 "ffm Us 94 ' M Af' I 1 Z , 1, S ,X X., g I v ,iw 4 'W-mfg X , 41 1 j, , .K Q E, Q 1lK1"lum.,. . A ,gym Mfsfuggq' . , ME 1 , -N '53, 1 v 22 'Xa I K' 'r 111 A 1 , ' i W1 s Qltm Boys Basketball Tea m BOUG DAWSON MIKE PATRICK ' A ' xi, x"'x -'--Jr 1-4 ,ff .' --N.,.- ,.., . Mug. 26 i, u 1 ,A .f "'L 4 'X 0, x' wwf x z Q35 V w , 3 WW -- V fs ,, "Ki 0 wJ":" : V Ji? U QE A 1 3 ,gx X , ff' Qu law 52 . 'Q . , Lim . AMX. 321 sf, .K ,, , ,J .,sg'1f.,,i' Ag Q Iv' f ' ,i.g.,y1,,.,1n :gm Q 'fy .-', - 4' 1' M? VW W ' : 7 , sf? , ygggsv f? M igs ,, ,.' 5 A we 'P' W, ,, fv-uv Aww ' ,Q ' mmm My v ,,,,,, as , F9355 L9 V' 'A-- 'ATCA ,Y 1 Y A , f?QTgf1,f1f M : Q . 855, 1,1 5 -"f.L27' ?ivi f , W Sfff 11? Umff, " amy, QW ' ' f 7 M21 41, 4. Ek V Aimff C OACH-NELLON KINDLE MANAG ERS-ANN WHITUS-.TAN JONES DISTRICT GAMES Alba Golden 42 54 58 58 27 59 42 50 BI-DISTRICT GAME Alba-Golden 36 Yantis Point C ampbell Lone Oak Yantis Lone Oak Point C ampbell Woodhous 6 A Yi? ,A F.H.A. Chapter President ......... JEAN PATRICK Vice-President .... KAY BARNETT Secretary ........... PAT MADSEN Treasurer ......... MARY GIBSON Reporter ...... BETH MATTHEWS Song Leader .... CAROL HOLLAND Pianist ......... CAR OLYN BROWN Parl .......... BARBARA HOOTON FHA Beau ...... WAYNE GALYEAN SECOND YEAR CLASS ,4 I Z FIRST YEAR CLASS THIR D YEAR CLASS SECOND YEAR CLASS 3 5 fl, K ' 1 if I FIRST YEAR CLASS TI-IIR D YEAR CLASS 1 kai VA. 4 v e. 1 v I, 1 v n, L , .- . v .na , ' -.1 - ' 'H' , 51, -. 'V . My ,QQ 1 , 5. Cheerleaders ES'-'T-wa -.. -.J .--4, , -. ,-Q, .--.... E- L ALT-E?"-,.'.:.'s'.:'.:.'r.'.e WINDELL WHITUS DALE WILLIAMS JAMES HARRISON KAY BARNETT BETH MATTHEWS .TOELLEN MCKENZIE Student Council i STANDING: Nellon Kindle, Advisory Bobby Turbeville, Barbara Hooton. SITTING: Wayne Galyean, Martha Gatewood, Kenneth Patrick, Jean Patrick, Don Panter, Karen Murdock. Co-Editors. . . . Photogr apher ..... Annual Staff . . . . JEAN PATRICK WAYNE GALYEAN . . . .NADINE HUDGINS Sports Editor ..... . . . . . . BOUG DAWSON Business Manager. . Feature Editor. . . . . . . .......... ANN WHITUS . . . .PATRICIA MADSEN -h., 1' 41 I. -L-: wa-m,y..f.-, . , A 'M-fwfr . 1 fi 2 3 3 , Y . 7 M iii- A 1' ? W Fi - P 4 W' Y? A A ,slfif A 1 I ' . f :Q f""f , Jlleciirj l ' A i' '.-gm. .::"::' ',2'."""""4 g f 1' 21,-f , 4, ' OICLQQ ' .- gkMmml,WfM,1j4'3, A B. gig 'Q' h ., gg ,k!1x,'!-'xi v 1 Q 1 f , ' Q, X59 3' Y " 5:5 . Q' 'ZF 'rf 14 ' ' 1 :R+ Q ' f, , ca? 1- , I' gi f '25 . , .LN 2, 2 Y , Qzgi g 5 1 a- ff-s 1 I J K 1 .4-.- 'I . 'I I ',1, --frail ,. 4 ' f- . f - " x- xy , .. ,fi ey M ,J W.. Y.-ffm QL 'Z' 34 i' favs, ' r A gr A ' 3 ' 'T . ' M A www V, A 1. ,,-,L +- tl X fs- , 'ld E il F1 I , wav, 'J it fm-w.W.,.,,-. Sm. 1.9 l ffl fthe JI 47 1.31- 1 W W' 1-D hul- Q, 5. , flea ? 7 ff t! 4 3 fr w o ' w .I .SQ , Lf, U ,Q-KN" . 053'-' m,""vFP 1 X . 4 Servuce When You Need It B N Spaugh Mr 8. Mrs Grady Ussery STQVALL 8K SQNS Mr 8. Mrs Travis Galyean sekvlcs STATION Cm C'eC"'e'S d Owens Home Applncmce Amllco Pro Ucls Mr 8. Mrs Albert GI lley and Nathan Mr 8- Mrs Roy R Turner SO 5 2331 Alba Texas Pete Taylor Jack Phulrps Chevrolet House Uncle Homer Huclcman Wilsons Bakery Mr 8. Mrs Means 8 Carl Mr 8. Mrs Hudgens and Nadine Compliments Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Mt. Pleasant, Texas Phone PA 4-4l8l Owner - Otis McMlnn SELECT AND SKYVUE THEATRES M1neo1a T exas ANDERS MOTOR COMPANY Ford Sales 8. Service Telephone YO 2 3130 Grand Saline Texas HOWARDJ SCHULTZ Grand Sallne Texas Phone 139 TIRES GIFT! BATTERIES IIOUSEWABEI SEAT COVER! AUTO BUPPLIIS LEATHER GOODS CAMERAS BEVCO FREEZER! PHOTO Aqclgggogllg LEO AED REFBIGERATOBB SPOBTIING GOOD! SEWING MACHINE! ABC WASIIEBS EMORY LOC KER PLANT Grand Saline Texas Gro 8lMkt GULF Emory Texas Compliments of W H GALYEAN Alba Texas Phone SO 5 2410 DUKE HARDWARE Quitman Texas Furmture- Bmlding Materials I I - Gulf Dealer . I I I - I CLANTON S AMLICO SERVICE STATION Phone 8-W Quntman , Texas EDD BARRY Wholesale Meat Tyler, Texas Compliments of WOOD COUNTY SHERIFF Compliments of J P ENGLISH DEPT Commlssl on Agent Humble Oil ancl Paul Usrey Sheriff R fi I C enng o Ml neo la Texas JACKSON MOTOR COMPANY Authoruzed Chevrolet Sales and Service Phone I58 F T GARDNER Gas 8. OII Trade Apprecuated Compliments of Complnments GILMER PACKING CO Oualuty Meats McDADE 81 HAMRICK Dry Goods Shoes Qua11ty Me rchand1sc At Prxces you can Afford HARRIS ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrncal Contractors Kelvlnator Home Applnances Box 696 Phone 7 J Quihnan Texas BROWN S PHARMACY The Rexall Store Drugs Sundries Prescrlptlons 8s Fountain Servnce Qultman Pho 54 Texas J C CHRIETZBERG Wholesale Tobacco Cngarettes and Candles Qustman Texas Compliments C E CAIN HARDWARE Lumber and Furmture Oultman Texas WOOD CO AUTOMATIC Gas 8g Butane System Phone I3 Quitman Texas Commerclal Gas STEWART S .IEWE LRY Expert Watch Repa I r Ph '62 R Oultman . , I To Pay 1 I r Quitman ' I I I . . irst National ank Of Mmeola Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlon Compliments of MARVIN TAYLOR BARBER SHOP U M B Oulfman Texas FOOD STO RE Ph I 46 qurnxnr 'rr:xAs Plume 139 'runs alma mn-rmgngg novsnwmuns snr covmgg sroxrrusa aoonn Qullmcn Texas Au-ro SUPPLIIQ snwma nncnlnns Lmrnnn aoons ABC WASHEBIS cAnmnAs lmvco rnnnznnl nm-ro Acclgsomls Lno .um nzrnxannmrons Home Owned Home Opera ted WOOD COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Owned By Those We Serve Our Arm Elecfrncuty In Every Rural Home Best Wrshes To The Alba Golden School V B Shaw Mgr . 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MALLORY'S l Mineola l Kelpen's Quahty Chekd Ice Cream Tyler Texas Athens Texas Notlnng but the Best THE FIRST NATICNAL BANK Emory Texas Resources Over a M1ll1OH Dollars Member F D I C Compliments of LAWRENCE BUTANE CO 2 Way Radio Dispatched Trucks 24 Hour Servace Hot Point Appliances Home of Happy Hot Poant Hardwuck and Chambers Ranges Quitman Texas Day Phone 2 Night Phone l9TME Radno 8. 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Suggestions in the Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) collection:

Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 53

1959, pg 53

Alba Golden High School - Panther Yearbook (Alba, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 61

1959, pg 61

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