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ALAMOGORDO HIGH SCHOOL ALAMOGORDO, NEW MEXICO VOLUME 23 ROCKET HOCKEJ. 'TIIE NHRROR 1970 ua m TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life ................... . . . . 12 Sports ....... . . . 30 Organizations .... . . . 50 Honors . ..... . . 88 Classes . . . . . .98 People .... . . . 140 Index... ...184 1 , mfvm . 'H , A Wa., '.""vf"f zvfftw 'f fiffif-5'-,,-Q , . :Y':"'W H ' ' Q A " ,. 4, .zi,. ' " 1 fiv f 5' Q 4-.S T :::::"a'::u:x:4:y:r4,2,.A.,:.. :z:x:'+",.::a:1:::::::' 'i?a:::?Yf-:M-' i2'f2:::u5?::'ixf::m.A . , - 1, :.p, ,, ' f me-e Y ' flair, ff ,f f. - f , an ':!' syQZ5?siu-..2Z:gQ:frN -fl-'-mi-MY' - wma: v.:-:auf 3::v!3wg:w'::::amsisf-2313ifvfyiffvliwzrvsffikz,r::fiigf'11f55CPf51WY1fwkfffrrfrfirrizffrzz -'-- "ww, vezgzgrf' ' - ,, ,1. f z .xzasafsil-gan.,free:gi'1g:5,f::::i13gj.13ff'-6:59521-f'?5r,::g3,4511,1::51,fff:fi:L:ng51.n X A , - , ' A em ,AL , 'ef ' ...,,,.nf.f:::f-my:QQMQ-,,,,,,,..V.5, W , L H: -w:.:V.f,Wa.. x,ff.fv-,ffm1.f:LL su 'fwffflfffiliif' , X . Q. ,, Q, . . Zeiiillfi W -'Q X 1 1 N, A Skt I 7 . 4 K, W , ff' V ,x -- " ,ff- f V 1 N 1,4 v V4 '-6 -' ' , ff " ,f V 1 'I ff QW, - .f ,,, 1 ,f '5 'S , ,v ,, b " 'W"'.,LL X A V ' - ' 1'-QA 1 ' 'I f A hx A- ' g tl in V if ' -1-4' I YA 2 4'-, r 1 My d QW ': "'. "i f - ,My . 'ns f ' - w r - ., 'xx XA ' . V' fy h R. 'R i Q v --9, ,, 1 .Z X x M I . 'H A. u.. ,.,, I - Nfl--f ss ggjbzj A ., , ., ...J t ' law. The lonely brooding mountain With the golden frosting Has an image cast across it. lt is the image of man. E. E 5 L Q5 A hollow creature, It seems at first. Lonely and anxious, Peering this way and that Searching. Then there are twog Where ever one man is, There is another. With the roar and scream of embattlcment, There is a citadel of men And men must have organization, Organization leads to provision for the young W ' 5' J fffi f " 9:15111 r- i 141 3 f 11, A V' X W L 4' 1 3 ily, .,-', few swf I 4.1, L 'g1,1E:'ff 'emgg 1, was i1,f.1a,11f ' lf- 1 nf ti: wi +2 fwfr' ,3i1g3g:1.Wf.v . .1 ' ,-f' rieegi Y -'ww f - . 1 1151 11, ui? VE.. 'tial 3' ' ' 'L ' f!:f:"'l 1 gg4f?5"itl175E:3 1 wi' 23:2-fic:1.4,,:,-cwiz' ,xilifi 15 Q 14219815 fe ' 1112111 1 ,--4 A Y - ' s 1 yay '1 1' 139,911 .fgdimx 11.511133 1. 1 A vga wing? i l1.11- ' 1 ', if -l?ksie1'1i ' l ' 'asm 11z.""1,z11,1...gi1- K, f . 1 ii,, 1 'A i ' " ' sw- "1 'Q-11:14. sm, WHS? - -1-A V v4 11111211 Q1 L " . fe 1fflifliksf,-u5:"'-iii-L .,.,, S ga? Q . ., .V ' .. ' J 15 v ze :wr SE 1 . A ' 1 111' mf" 1: 'Q51' -L :gf ' ' ,gl W. L "'?W,e.i' il 1 I . r,.,,. 5,7 1 f 1:17 f, " ' 5 nzwzii ' ' . 1.1.1411 ' In 1 ysfswa., W i 1 ,Q 1, 1, Q, q.,- 1.41 '-"'k A' " 1 ' , 13451 f nnhni ,Qi 6 . .114 1 1 3 ,pw v , And that ould cracked looking glass becomes something more than A playtbing for sky and mountain and sun, It becomes the eye oi God Surveying all humanity It becomes the mirror ol life i n I a Y TUDE T LIFE The light that glows between claybreak and sunrise, when the mountains are harshly silhouetted against the backdrop of u erystaline bullereup-colored sky reflects the quietude of a sleeping world. A world of people resting in masses, preparing Lo meet the dawning of the day. A clay when they shall come before their Maker s a mirror-like eye and begin Lo live. Eaeh day is different, yet all are portions of a routine, simple STUDENTS LIFE . . . QUEE , rLoATs, CAR UNIQUE Colorful Tiger Week liegan with Hubba Hubba Day where many students dressed in crazy costumes. The second day. Tiger Spirit Day, everyone supported the team hy ear- rying a stuffed tiger. Wednesday was titled Tiger Day. giving each student a ehanee to dress like a tiger or a Tiger foolliail play er. Thursday. rated ll Olighty Men Dayj, honored the Tiger team. lfriday hrought up 'llll llay. followed hy the parade, game and dance. Queen Cherry Ann was crowned hy Bill Arias. !Xlarno's most reliable fan, at the half-time period. 'llhroughout the week, Seniors and Juniors worked faithfully on eaeh individual float. The Seniors won for their class's third straight year. The junior float placed see- ond, 'l'he winning float chose "the Odds llave Changed" for their motto. The Juniors, decision was "l'ransform With Musclefi Juniors placc second with float constructed as a transforming muscle. i.. I-:ii 1731i visa? ax' fVS:fE'ifz 4 . , 1.1 f V- Ei""'wa t i alt? ff 57? ' 'i i ff 1favtf"Qg'f .gin igisiigff 5 ff it .. , 9 -' izatiifwrti .a Ir" " K 1 Seniors capture the winning title with motto saying "The Odds Have Changedfl This is the class's third straight win. 14 ff .ff1yg:,.:fs5,g:5 . ,f 1 52 e 7511955235 -E if NTS HIGHLIGHT TIGER WEEK Three AHS students observe the coming events for the Tiger Week activities. - 4,5 l r iff' ,. ,. I 112, 1, V , 539 ,J Tfifffwfz j' Queen Cherry Ann Kolhenschalag was crowned by Bill Arias during the football half ume. Todd Clark escorted the queen. ALAMOGORDO HOMECO I GPARADE: The Alamo High Pep Squad, sponsored by Miss Pardue, made ils first public appearance in the Homecoming Parade. W? ly ,,.,, .V I V3 gsm .Q 2 315 ,Ms an fn-' gf, 'mm l an u s s fff-ri,,,w1ff: f:,,,:fw, '. ffm., 1 .,.. L- I K in d ,rr 'f , r . , s '- e so r f s, 'l naw W. r f pemm u s on . 1 ,,.,-iff :7 Q ,J U , 'l : kwa 1 o I A l of 4.1 ,e, - :K x K A-lf' ,. 1 - Ab F--' V, ,L N Vpz, A , A . l u u X, rf. ,W Qu r I s wi l--me eww, ,, ' H , 'fitf "', W fwfqw 'W 'VN ' t f s' 1 L ' W W K -, 5 :E 1' 1 547' A all iw ,VW Wh my 2 i , ,L . 5 gf' I . X gwsi , . , ' 7.4, " .l l 4 5 u ,M pp f br f W ,Y 5' 1 ii-W , - -+-+-mmf viii A 2 md 'idle' E. : A 52' ,..,.,,, I A A .e., ,.,.. , MW s - -f to - wifg 1 '1:we1:-arz4.,:.::::r1:fs. .:.znf:v' ef -I wilf-11 il 'fp'-If'-f'1gf'!fzfi:i15i24f513331:EH1Ef:.:eE:i:,,,3' f ' ' ' 5- 'E z:ff-15115:3.5:.:q3qg:9?gg5gg 1 -s 55:53 -' . The Future Homemakers of America, sponsored by Mrs. Hein, won first place in the car competition. Second place in the car category was taken by FBLA. 1 6 The AHS Tiger football team rides symbol of strength showing their readiness to fight. s egg: 'Y 1 ' , , ' 2 ,+ ., ,x W. z ,,,,. . 7. X A ff' I 1 ' ' ,gm , W- 31 ' - " A g:,, .I ,- Q i e M" K , ,iff - AV A 21 1 . I , 2 " it el gszf - ' i i' , L I ' I ,, 'fn ' fl a t -ii?-1:31 - I I if . ., .,. W . Q. X , P I F . m , m - . Sf i jzmwvt' W' ' ' ig ' A ' A . ., J ,,.. . K in lj Q X -A ,. , W: mia. gt- J xl A , xv ' W, ii ' 'Q lib ' K ., " V" , 'TES ' Jim .. - - ff, . 1 i n w , ' a t 'ww Emma H Lk .JEL ,.,. .s , 3 -. ,ajft 5 ? Egsd R- K - 1 Q " " , ,rr , . x ,wrl N.r. ., .. , " 'K 1 - s. f in ""ff5 :2fsf -Y ,.,. f AHS Science Club entered the third place car. f VARIED ASSEMBLIE PRE E TED Assemblies of both an entertaining and an informative content were presented to the AHS student body this year. They provided a relaxing break from the students, daily classroom routine. The assemblies were usually held outdoors, weather permitting. A most impressive assembly was held during National Constitution Week. There was an effective flag raising ceremony fol- lowed by an original patriotic oration by Janey Dunlop, junior. A program given later in the year was presented by a local student group called iiSir1g Out Alamogordofi The invitation was extended to the audience to join in their song. Needless to say, there were many shy people. An interesting speech was given to the student body by Dusty Huekleby on the use of drugs and their effects. lVlr. Huckleby was accompanied by District Attorney Williams. A question and answer period followed Mr. Hucklebyis speech. Due to poor weather, the program was presented over the public ad- dress system. National Constitution Week at AHS started with a flag-raising ceremony given by the Holloman Air Force Base Color Guard to signify the beginning of Constitution Week throughout the country. 18 iezhfissef1:1..xf:: w is sf: . 1 :1 ai: if 'twig' si ,A 4. HL-f it ,ii 'ZW L., X iowa. 'A' eaggeifitssi-irzzysii 5. iwifriulzfaeaa " ' ,ai 8 ,Jt......... as f-. .fzcram-g, ,M t ...W-1,.a.. 'ft' ' WEP -.. is 'Six' 1 ma it ,ififii me 1- ef as-.:ffsf1:uzf .'-m::3..z.,f,. ..Qafg11,, . 3' 1 3 5 .51 eg- t ik , .. 2. Q z H-':w1:f if The Alamogordo Sing Out group brought their many talents to AHS and presented the program, "Up With People." 1 , A. ,Y . , me . 1 V, B xi ,, p t oo o g...a.......................1 K .nr ' Q Dusty Huckleby, parolee and former drug addict, accompanied by District Attorney Williams, talked to students about the use of drugs. 19 JU IORSW PO DERP FFG ME As one of their projects of the year, Junior Class Council sponsored a powder puff game. The teams were junior girls vs. senior girls. The game was played on Decem- ber ll. Money raised for the game amounted to 35500. The game turned out to hc very excit- ing. Cheerleaders consisted of twenty-six junior and senior boys. The Pep Band was also there to cheer for the teams. The final victory went to the juniors with a score of 21-6. Outstanding players on the junior side included Elizabeth Montoya, quarterback, Vivian Drewett, offenseg Chris- tine Stroshine, dcfenseg and Betsy Stacy, defense. The outstanding play was made by Betsy Stacy who hlocked a punt made by the senior girls. Coaches for the teams included lVlr. Bode, senior girlsg Mr. Vincent and lVlr. jones, junior girls. Officials for the game were Coaches Sepulveda, Mondt, Koller, and Arcienega. Seniors, attempt at making a touchdown is terminated by the slufty moves of the strong junior defense 20 Junior and senior boys, serving as cheerleaders for The junior cheerleaders practice a favorite cheer. the girls powder puff football game, congregate before the fans to do a cheer together prior to the Q kickoff. """W"'?f"" l'!i S, ,, M.-uw - 6 Juniors watch the game intently from the sidelines. 2 1 AL MOGORDO CHRI ITMAS SPIRIT Christmas this year at Alamo High was shuffled about by various activities. The Student Council sponsored a deco- ration eontest. Each elub or organization was asked to develop one idea for a deco- ration Lo put outside of a room, The ideas were developed, assembled and then put up. The Christmas dance, an important event, was also sponsored by the Student Council. The dance this year was in the Sacramento Grade School gym, and the entertainment was supplied by '6The End Result." The gym was filled with couples and singles who enjoyed the holiday festivity and fun. The Christmas parade, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, started at Heights School and proceeded down l0th Street to New York Avenue and proceeded south. Entries from various organizations and churches from the Alamogordo area made up the long line of floats and cars in the parade. Earl Leslie, Mary Ann McNeese and Martin Norris talk over punch during a break in the Christmas dance. Robert Moyer and Mike Craig attend the Christmas dance. 22 D tee'tee The gym is filled with students for the Christmas dance. ESCORTED BY HOLIDAY EVE 'S The Alamogordo Marching Band acted as leaders of the Christmas parade which proceeded down 10th Street. 3dr Q K 1.1 Q ..., lx if Q5 in . Chaperons watch attenijvely over Cluistmas dance. 2 3 'MODELI " D A E Students w one-half days e heating system. Also over t stairs lockers w library was mov The plan Dave Newell to October. The B h 0 e . l announced in thc the Christmas va dr C place at AHS. The down- remodeling took Cl' ed ation would begin one and e moved upstairs and the The clutter in the locker area is all that is left of re elated when it was middle of third hour that ly due to a fault in the Christmas holidays some into the old locker area. s proposed by Principal WH t ol' decided on the d The last of the st vacation straggled piles of books. ll I l 0 tails of the move. d he Board ol' Education in ward the parking lot with their rd approved the plan and ents leaving for the Christmas S Swmf: 154 A lone poster remains in the unfinished new aPPl'0Xim3lelY 1200 Sludenls S0119 for Christmas' Edna Keller and Irene Sida each Crouch before a pile of books that must be transferred -oo'-i library as a reminder of it's recent past. FASHIO School rules have changed since last year and so have student fashions. Skirt lengths have come up, and sidehurns and coat lengths have come down. One of the most radical changes was the appearance of girls in slacksg an alteration of which both D FAD FUN FOR AH faculty and students approved. ln spite of the variation in fashions and fads, however, some things remain the same. Athletes still wear letter jackets and upper classmen still wear class rings. Above: Very happy with the new ruling for girls' slacks, Anne Betts, Donna Douglas, Pat Silvis, Tommy Milladge, Maggie Craig, Paula Gentry, Jo Lynn Hooker, and Susan Hopkins perch on a cement wall in front of the school. At right: Very stylishly dressed with sideburns and bell bottoms, Voner Coleman models his fashion- able attire. 26 SHOW N M I MAXI A D MOD Above: Nancy McDonald proudly displays earrings that she has made. The materials for these pieces of jewelry are such Lmusual things as chicken wish- bones, matches, and small cow hells. Far left: Fashion seems to go from one extreme to another as ,I an Dunlap illustrates in her mini dress and maxi coat. At left: Fashion has combined looks to create a mini pant skirt, such as Jody Phillips is wearing while she collects attendance cards. 27 PROGRAM , ORGANIZATIONS, Something new to AHS this year is the Tiger Beat program. Music was played over the intercom before school each morning. Pictured at right is Bob Waldon, Tiger Beat originator. The AHS Award, presented for the first time this year, was given to Wayne Hatchet for his achieve- ments in attitude, hustle, and stamina. A new organization at AHS is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Members of FCA are: Front: Jeff Borchik, Jolm Kenny, David Evans, Mike Murphy, Dave Robson, Dean Howes, A1Borchik, Van Stratton. Middle: Tom Toohey, Tim McMurray, Ted McMurray, Marty Faile, George 28 Givens, Mike Kolhenschlag, Keith Gray, Danny Hayes, Steve Watkins, Alan Carl. Back: Earl Leslie, Sean Nugent, Rick Williamson, John Gordon, Buddy Guthrie, Gerald Brantley, Jeff Kenny, Dennis Swift, Art Cook, Tom McMurray, Horace Simon. Coach Mondt sponsors the newly-organized goup D STUDE TS AT AHS 'Wm Foreign exchange student, Lindsey Rollo, from mid-January of this school yeax. Kalgoorlie, Australia, arrived in Alamogordo in 29 Q, 1 1 '? QR. WU an., li? M, m ., 2 . wv-ff , .,c,4,. .41 v SPORT After the dawn of limv, the mirror Lhal rcflmtls life- re-I'lm:l4+fl the conflict of man against man: man in pllysiczll strugglv wilh liilllsclf and his emrmies: mun in friendly competition with his brothers. Always the mirror of life receivcs a few new cracksg ai deewpvning of lhc ones already lhere, and a smoothing of the ones jaggccl. iYIun's image has improved, Now he is morn perfect, Moro sure of himsell' IMCITQIIIS45 of hi:- SPORT . . . A ' , ' y i i ,p iii' ii fp-mg: - f ' f- - .LM TIGER TEAM D COACHES B TTLE The AHS tigers broke un eiglite-en-game losing Streak by defeating the New Mexico Military lnslitule Colts in an zilternoun game in Roswell, 27-0. The Tigers gained their first touchdown in the seuonfl quzirtvr and went to the locker room with at 7-0 load. The Tigers gained two more touchdowns for fourteen points in the fourth quarter. As the gun sounded, the Tigers were sailing around on Cloud Nine with ai 27-0 slaughter. The Tigers put forth a lot of effort throughout the entire season. Front: Earl Leslie, Baron Burton, John Morris, Dennis Avila. Rick Williamson, Buddie Guthrie, Paul Weskamp. Scan Nugent, Darrell Brantley, Ted lVlclVlurry, Mark Fcnn. Rufus Cole. Nliddlei Danny Hays, Wayne Hatcher, Bill Daley, Al Borehik, Art Cook, Van Stratton, Bill H4-cd. Bill Gadbcrry, Mike Weaver, Zeke Zumwski, Roy King, Tom Pappas. Pal Henry, Dave Torrez, Horace Simon. Back: Art Salas, Mike Murphy, jeff Kenny, Charles Frazier, David Orr. Rick Arias, Brett Collins, Randy Ray, John Gordon, Nlikc Craig, Wes Brownfield, Jim Brown, Alfonso Pino, Bill Arias, Vlarty Faile. THROUGH HARD GRIDIRON SEASO :bfi his 5 ' . --2 m 01:54, ,,,,.f Dave Vandcr Molcu, Dam Columbus, Chuck Arcinicga, lirv Homlt, ,Ivrry Koller. jack Gcrun, Gordy Cramer, and Hob Svpulvc-dn were ilu- Tigvr coaches. AHS T lic msxw ' vll 33 AH S O Irvin 27 AHS 6 Easlw r,w1,vc I 41 I AHS 0 Rvl Air 28 AHS 0 Yslcta 234 AHS O Chu-Isl raxr I 50 AHS 13 Las Cr rxczn- s 28 AHS 27 NXIMI 0 AIIS 6 MuyI'iul1l 35 AHS 0 Bowiv 30 AHS 0 Artesia 47 me ,QL ' 1, W' SEASO H FOGTB LL FIELD Ted lVlcMurry 1521 and Earl Leslie 1421 block in an off tackle play for A1 Borchik 110, as he gains yardage for the Alamogordo Tigers. jim Brown 1321 carries through with a fake handoff. v 5 I l . The Mighty Alamogordo Tigers are hard at practice as the morning sun comes up over the mountains. 35 AHS TIGERS WRAP UP SEASON AS The successful Tiger basketball season led them to the state tournament held in Las Cruces at the Pan American center. A coin toss gave Mayfield the district championship over Alamogordo. Mayfield was automatically placed in the district tournament finals, while Alamo battled NMMT and Artesia before meeting the Tro- jans. Alamogordo won a decisive victory over Mayfield, 90-77, which placed the Tigers in the state tournament. Alamo lost a tough battle, 78-68, to the Carlsbad Cave- men in the first round, and thus concluded the season with 21 wins and seven losses. AHS 69 Irvin AHS 67 Coronado AHS 78 jefferson AHS 79 Sante Fe AHS 83 St. Mikes AIIS 55 Albuquerque Highland AIIS 55 lrvill AI-IS 78 Las Cruces AHS 78 Coronado AHS 8 I Nlayfield AI IS 87 Las Cruces AHS 76 Goddard AHS 92 Artesia AllS 9l Hobbs AHS 74 El Paso AHS 103 NMMI AIIS 93 Carlsbad AHS 75 Nlayfield AHS 78 Roswell AHS 86 Las Cruces AHS 86 Hobbs AHS 75 Artesia AHS 102 Carlsbad AHS 10l NMMI AHS l 08 NM Ml AHS 72 Artesia AHS 90 Mayfield AHS 68 Carlsbad Two Trojans battle Manuel Herrera for the re bound. 3 6 SAAAA T OURNAME T CHA PIONS Lyman Stough is mighty determined to get that ball. Q Reaching high, Tiger Holly fights for the basket- ball. 'N-XX if Coach .41 ...-Q Glen Markham hLu'riedly explains the next important play to the fighting Alamo Tigers. C Above: The members of this yea.r's varsity Tiger team are: Steve Ulrich, Wilbert Hardwell, Gregg Taylor, Lyman Stough, Jerome Holly, James Klump, Robert Bowman, Voncr Coleman, Manuel Herrera, Dennis Anderson, Harvey Cornett, and John Jenkins. Far Left: Tiger Wilbert Hardwell directs the ball toward the goal as a Trojan tries to stop the shot. A stripe-shjrted referee scratches his head as Alamo's Tiger team and the Goddard Rockets prepared to battle for the ball when it returns to the court. 39 Competition ol' a high quality faced the Alamogordo wrestling squad this year. The Tigers were successful in dcfealing Roswell Goddard. Comprising lhe varsity squad were: . John Kenny, 983 ,lim Yee, 107g Al Lopez, HS, Roy King, 123, Keith Gray, l30, Toby Coble, 137, Danny Hayes, 145, ,lel'l' Kenny, l55g Van Stratton, 165, Tom Toohey, 1753 Dean Howes, 185, and Jeff Borehik, l90. Head Coach Gordy Cramer summarized the season by saying that for a young Learn ,.,ff" and a new coach, the matmen did well. Wrestlers are: Front: Van Stratton, ,Icff Borehik, Dean Howes, 'l'om Toohey, jeff Kenny, Danny Hayes, Tobie Goble, Keith Gray, Hoy King, jim Yee, john Henry, Mike Kolbensehlag. Buck: Wallis, King, Gappa, Hatcher, Zagone, Leary, NlclVlurl'y, Crimmins, Borehik, Moya, Schuh, Irvine, Watkins, Lopez, Hernandez, Cooper, Yee. RE TLER ENCOU TER M '7 ,, J Al Borchik has a tight hold on his Rocket opponent at the Alamogordo 40 Roswell Goddard wrestling match, . x f ' - , i ,,', :gf - -W f 4,1 , f . ,E M Ev mc. .. 1 . ,, wwf My-1fQfssf.fw ,LW, . ' V ix :::Qi?f9f 7? These boys are preparing for the javelin event. Kirby T illotson, thrower of the shot put, practices diligently in preparation for the spring track meets. Coach Dan Columbus awards Demmis Swift, Brian Bolles, David Evans, Alan Carl, and George Givens awards for their efforts in cross country, 42 Thinclads spend many hours running to get in shape. Various calisthenics begin each practice session. hm- 9 gc 5 S491 ,nc - wr-2 ..,. -ll ' . . Q Hays bk .,.. ' L gf :Pm ,W S ,cu 43 AHS SW Alamo golfers, under the instruction of Coach Bill Aldridge, spent many hours at the country club driving, pitching, chipping, and putting in preparation for a busy 1970 golf schedule which began February 20 at the New Mexico Military Institute invitational. Other matches included: invitationals at Socorro and llorizon City, and district meets at Las Cruces, Mayfield, Alamogordo, NMMI, and Artesia. The state tournament was held at the University of New Mexico May 'I5-16. Another group of swingers at AHS this year was the Tiger tennis team. Donnie Hoffman, Bob Borgeson, Gary Kissiah, Bruce Dunn, Harold Roche, and James Miyagashima were the main participants in the many matches and tournaments at- tended throughout the season. These boys performed in both singles and doubles events. The tennis squad made their debut at the Sun Carnival in El Paso. The group also entered tournaments at Mayfield and Las Cruces. Alamogordo hosted the district tour- nament May 9. The state tourney was held May 16. GER ORK TO ATTAI Members of the golf team are joe Wilkinson, Marlin Mush, Mike Parrish. Chuck Dunn, Bob Hunnicutt Robert Dunn, and Rommie Griggs. i Ronnie Griggs explodes a shot from the sand trap located near the ninth green at the country club. 44 i Coach Bill Aldridge assists Bob Dunn with an iron shot as the other members of the golf team observe. V V TIGER BA EB LL TEAM PREPARES : 1 A f s ' if if V. 'Qlzflffi " f ' 2 5 i 1379 , : ' " r A ' : :V ' T fi ' A A it 'A Above: The baseball team prepares to take infield practice after instructions from Coach DeLaPorte. Right: Reyne Roman follows through after a pitch. Far Right: Left-hander J ack Spence winds up for a pitch during a practice session. FOR THIRTY T O GAME SCHED LE fd H 2 2 Above: Shortstop Robert Moyer and second base- man Ray Stevens set up a double-play combina- lion. Returning pitchers from the 1969 season are ,I ack Spence, Randy Ray, Reyne Roman, Darrell Brantley. 47 CHEERLE DERS INSPIRE SPIRIT A special theme was planned by the cheerleaders each week ol' the athletic sea- sons this year. These helped bolster school spirit as well as raise money for the cheer- leaders. To kick oll the '69 football season, a parade and bonfire were held."l'hc parade was described as being the 'Llongest in Alamogordds history." Victory bells were sold to coincide with the theme, 'gliing Out for Victoryfi 6'Lick Bel Airw was supported hy the sale of Tootsie pops. Tiger spirit bounded into basketball season with a car rally and spirit chain. Cheerleaders presented basketball players with favors or locker signs for each game. Half-time at 769-'70 basketball games was enlightened by such entertainment as tri- cyele races and free shot contests. Signatures for the basketball, which was presented to the fighting Tigers, were sold by spirited cheerleaders. Unlike past years at AHS, this yearis cheerleaders gave lull support to all sports, including baseball, tennis. golf, wrestling and track, as well as football and basketball. Above: Hidden under this ferocious tiger costume is Tina Shyne, this year's mascot. 48 Right: Cheerleaders for the 69-70 school year were Ruthie Cooper, Sandyc Stevens, Char- lene Bessire, Kay Watkins, Ann Hammond, and Cherry Ann Kolbensehlag. Tina Shyne was selected as Tiger Mascot. v 1 w Left: Mrs. Burnett, this yearls cheerleader sponsor, cheerleaders encourage enthusiasm among the stu is shown here displaying her homecoming corsage dent body during a football pep rally. given to her by the cheerleaders. Below: Vivacious l Q Q 1 4 Q . n . 04" W7---,. vw--Q-M GRG IZATIONS The mid-morning sun glances off the flatness of the earth. The brutality of the struggling elements casts an image into lhat ever-changing panorama on the mirror. Man sees what is around him and longs lo harness and to Lame it. Ile changes the earth through his ORGANIZATIONS . . . The Student Council this year has brought a whole new effect to AHS. Their main purpose was to get first hand infor- mation to the student body as soon as possible. lt was arranged by President Dave Newell to have an advisory after each stu- dent meeting so that the information would be given immediately to the student body and faculty. Some ol' the main projects for the Student Council included thc selling of Tiger key chains. sponsoring the Christmas dance, and sponsoring the Christmas decoration contest. Early in the year, there was a conven- tion held in Tularosa, New Mexico, where the entire Student Council was welcome. Representatives were sent to the district convention in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in February to represent Alamogordo Senior High School. John Gordon and his date, Suzie Miller, stand in front of a most important Christmas decoration with Mr. Herb Hammond, Student Council Spon- wr. v-I c: ca t'r1 -1 O o c 2 Q L" t"' rn :D U CID as F" me Z o fxr:E?R' Student Council members from bottom left to right: Susan Strode Joanne Lepley Sandye Stevens Jackie Bloth Jane Harwell Sherry Ferguson Pam Melton Gwen Smith, Vivian Drewett, Janie Dunlop, Cherry Ann Kolbenschlag J an Lunsford Clare Rlker Linda Holly Ruthie Cooper Gail Bndges Jean Wilhts Debbie Hobart, Donna Hobart, Sylvia Perry, Susan Hoffman, Debble Marquardt Fdna Keller D lores Sanchez Karen Bonner Patty Rudy Bobble Calderwood Fd Newell Bob Borgeson, Jack Shipman, Mike Kolbenschlag, Larry Torres Ishmael Sanchez Martin Noms Kendell Rhodes Danny Sherman Steve Gutknecht Ronny Rentschler, Mike Saylor. 5 2 HIGH THROUGH YEAR OF 1969- Officers of the Student Council are: judi Waldrep, Treasurerg Theda Ellison, Secretary: Tina Dryden, Vice Presidentg Dave Newell, Presidentg and Sponsor, Mr. Herb Hammond. rv jean Willits, from Student Council, wins victory over Mike Bency as he agrees to buy a Tiger key chain. Dave Newell, president of the Student Council, officiates at many important student meetings. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS LOOK Development of competent, aggressive business leaders was a main purpose of the Future Business Leaders of America. An- other important goal of the local chapter was to raise enough money for members to attend the state convention in April and the national convention in June, to be held in Philadelphia. A candy sale, bake sale, car wash, pop bottle collection, Cold Bond stamp col- lection, and operation of the concession stand at a football game were money-making projects conducted by the group this ycar. As a service to the community, the FBLA presented a Thanksgiving basket of food to a needy family in Alamogordo. Front: Mary Lou Vizeaino, Pres.g Gayle Owen, Vice-Pres., Stella Wade, Rep.3 Georginia Ellinger, Treas.g Suzanne Miller,Sec. Second: Mary Wolfe, Lorraine Teller, Judy Worley, Jody Phillips, Wanda Wallace, Jan Shorter, Gloria Sanchez. Third: Mary Lou Casillas, Christina Piedra, Ishmael Sanchez, Louisa Piedra, Connie Lee, Bonnie Duran, and Mr. Haynes, Advisor. ,?"Ai""T Mary Lou Vizcaino enjoys refreshments after being installed as FBLA president for the 1969-70 term. 54 M ,self m -- V 5 ' - ' .u:.f5far1:ii'1' 'r" 'f i 5 'S :af 35 w tis , I, K fa .-,., , -.1 ' V X 2 'ff-h-L-v..... -Qv--env..-..,,A....W . ..,, . t gg, ,HMM-y .0--,......-.--.n A pnaxuullhi - Mary Lou Vizeaino, Wendy Fryer, and Ishmael Sanchez work hard at a fund-raising project, the car wash FBLA members and Mr. Haynes, advisor, have fun and earn money for the club at the concession stand jack Lee adds a turkey to the assortment of food to be presented to a needy family at Thanksgiving, 5 5 x S lf 5-7"'i"' Q ff V , Top left: Charlotte Shaw pauses thoughtfully as she presides over an F .T.A. meeting. Top righti Cadet teacher, .Rhonda Sumrall, pa- tiently reads a workbook lesson to a circle of first graders at Heights Elementary School. Left: lt's story time as Ruthie Cooper spends her cadet teaching time with Sacramento Elementary School first grade students. 57 AHS BLA Dozens of girls dressed in black and gold dotted the halls and classrooms of Alamo- gordo High School nearly every Friday this year. The scene was the pep squad, a newly-formed organization at AHS. Gold jumpers, black turtlenecks, and black shoes and knee socks were the uniforms worn by the group. Black and gold pom-poms com- pleted the impressive sight when the Pep Club occupied a section of the stands at home games. This group was extremely beneficial in spreading spirit for our athletic teams during school, at pep rallies, and of course, at the games. The pep club sold hundreds of cupcakes at school to raise money. Officers this year were: Theda Ellison, President, Susan Decse, Vice-President, Vicky Campbell, Secretary, Mavis Holland, Treasurer, and Zoe Kirk, Student Council Representative. Miss Sherry Pardue spon- sored the group. Q , . M. ,W .n 5 ' ' , .. 3 , fu' , V- and f fr Wx,-Q ,ara CK A D GOLD PEP SQUAD This pep club skit at the Goddard game makes "suckers" out of various students and faculty members. Left fFront to Back of Linej: Kathy DeRoy, Shirley Norris, jennifer Hudson, Liz Simon, lone Bellows, Betsy Stacy. Second: Pat Malone, Reyna Ross, Marvinell Brown, Marsha Holloway, Alice Morrison, Debbie Anderson, Third: Theda Ellison, Susan Deese, Debbie Hobart, Loretta Hall, Denise Humble. Fourth: Mary Gallegos, Mavis Holland, Vicky Campbell, Judy Douglas, Marcia Meyer, Patty Irvine. Fifth: Nancy McDonald, Margaret Peterson, Suzanne Bonnell, Becky Stone Brenda Van Doren, Jeannine Hall. Right: Roseanne Garcia, Kay White, Debbie Perry, Jody Phillips, Donna Hobart. Not Pictured: Gail Faulkner, Charlotte Shaw Bobbie Elston, Linda Moses, Louise Smith, Juanita Petty, Bonnie Weber. 58 School spirit at most home basketball games is also boosted by the lively music produced by the pep band which is composed of volunteers from the main hand. if e ,N , 1-1 Esmritiw 'H '- ,M , .,,. , 1,5312 2 li' , A fy- A t H' in V X, f 12" -If 1, 92 Yip? ::"a'33'i5LiW11,1-Vfkil ' e. , 'eii 4 vmf.'- 1 'ill eess s,,..1,s. ,H 7i'W5:i'ki1Ri , , ,i F. ' .L f ,ag Pep club sponsor, Miss Sherry Pardue, and mem- bers Susan Dccse, Theda Ellison, and Vicky Camp- bell admire their contribution to Christmas spirit at the high school. The tree was later given to a needy family in Alamogordo. 59 FHA CARRIES A HEAVY SCHED LE The Future Homemakers of America encountered a year filled with numerous activities. The Alamo FHA Chapter hosted the district meeting early in the year. Approximately 150 girls from Tularosa, Car- rizozo, Ruidoso, Weed, Mayhill, Capitan, Cloudcroft, and Alamogordo attended. One highlight of the year was the winning of first place in the Tiger Week parade. The theme of the FHA car entry was "Steam the Trojansf' During National Education Week in November the FHA, assisted by the FTA and FBLA, sponsored a tea for retired teachers. The Mother-Daughter banquet was also held in November and featured a 'Thanksgiving dinner, To raise money, the FHA sold black and gold Alamogordo High School banners. A variety of cookbooks were also sold. The FHA visited the home economics department at NMSVH and a city council meeting. The state convention in April con- cluded the busy year. Sandra Pirtle raises her hand with enthusiasm at one ofthe FHA meetings. FHA members are fleft to rightj row one: Carolyn Hargrove, Vickie Jenkins, Evelyn Silva, Lydia Silva. Row two, officers include Jerri Wittenburg, secretary, Karen Kraenzlgin, histgriang Jean Willits, student council representative, Leona Danley, vice-president, Gail Edmonds, president, Louisa Piedra, treasurerg Bonnie Duran, parliamentariang Ruth Ann Sayger, songleader. Row three: Carole Crawford, Becky Stone, Phyllis Hooker, Johnnie Fish, Dorothy Romero, Christina Piedra, Linda Holly, Lavonne Smith, Cassandra Gregg. Row four: Margaret Furphy, Sherrita Hager, Marsha Lilley, Sandra Pirtle, Mary Lou Casillas, and Mrs. Hein, FHA sponsor. 60 .W ..1w.W.,,..m X x ,QQ Y '53 gr fa 7e2?g,y'? ' E ' ,, 'il Y .hh .Z,.V if LA o JU 1oR DESERT SKI CLUB 'l'hi- si-asonis first snow in tht: mountains hrought 1-xiriteimriil and anticipation to !ltt?llIlJtTI'S ol' tho- Junior Dvsn-rt Ski Club, 'I'ln'w- ski trips wen- plannf-fl this year. L'Ski Lflourlt'roI't" was visited twicn: onrm- in DOCHIllllt?I' and again in january. ln Fifhruary. the' group IlOl1I'll1'yt?d to Ruidoso lor an owrniglit trip aml lots of skiing fun at Sittrra lllanva. tht- higlwsl pvak in the arva. .Xnothcr ski club highlight was thv stylv show ht-hi in Dvueniher at the Alarnogordo Worncnis Club. Skiing and 1-vieiiiiig fashions wvrv xnotlc-lvtl hy hoth male and ltlllklltf Illt'lTllJCl'S of the group. Costuinvs were provirlvtl hy loc'alsto1'1's. lXli'mlJcrship in the ski club was open to both sonior high and mid high school stu- llvuts. Ot'fict'rs this yvar W4-rc Chvri Xlorrison. Prf'sitlt'nt1 lfarl lmvslie. Vim'- Prvsidcnti jackie Bloth. S1-crvtary-'llroasurcr1 and Tina lhylviii Student C0l1llt.'ll Repre- sentativc. Miss Cynthia Fulton sponsored the group. Ntary Ann McNeese, Karen Bonner, and Kathy Box admire the fashions to he modeled at the style show. 64 REJOICES UPo FIRST OWF LL Left: A group of skiers pause for a casual chat utter traveling down one of thc slopes at Cloudcroft. Below: Anne Halfman, Chris Ratliff, Denise Humble, Patti Silvis, and jackie Bloth model at style show i Above: Clouds float above the tall pines at 'ASki Cloudcroftw as skiers prepare to ascend the slopes. Left: Arthur Valle is assisted with his ski gear, ' 65 GOOD CITIZENSHIP, GOVER ME , Promoting good citizenship and interest in the government among the students of Alamo High was the main purpose of Girls State and Boys State. Some of their projects included a Free- dom Assembly, Working a concession stand, selling candy, entering a car in the Tiger Week parade and most important of all, attending the Girls and Boys State in the summer previous to their senior year. Boys State is sponsored by the Ameri- can Legion, and Girls State is sponsored by the American Legion Auxillary. Carolyn Creek was selected as honorary member. She was elected as delegate from Cuba, New Mexico, but was unable to attend the convention because of the fact that she had moved to Alamogordo to live. Gail Bridges, Judi Waldrep, Jane Harwell, and Susan Hoffman perform for Pep assembly. Front Row-Sylvia Perry, Gail Bridges, Judi Waldrep, Susan Strode, Jackie Bloth, Jane Harwell, Carolyn Smith. Second Row Mary Lou Vlzcamo Dolores Sanchez Carolyn Creek, Susan Hoffman, Comic Hurst, Ruthie Cooper. 66 RELATE GIRL A D BOYS STATE Officers of Girls and Boys State are: Mr. Bode, Sponsorg jackie Bloth, Vice-Presidentg Gail Bridges, Mary Lou Vizcaino sells David McLaughlin a box Secretary-Treasurerg J ack Shipman, Presidentg Ishmael Sanchez, Student Council Representative. of candy, 'FWZ We I V,-.M Q . , X I ,gm ,, 2, 5.55 .?sf-1f+j,i:f'p" ,.: , K ,125 W2 a-,Epi sz Q- "'a ffl' .aia Q aaah I' S 9 an 'S - 'ifzfflfi in Qg.fL1ff"e:gEif'f?f,a2g ,C ,,-jgqff, 'g?s:,fzg, , I Kxievf .1 fl , f ffm-' :g g N H-xqg.. I Lf"5g,,,g:fw-g 1. Q x 'ffgyg -f , - V I " 2,1 '- '-'f . K ly fx--fF'fff,aee:4'f? . 4w:,g,5, , ' , . , Grieg '-' ,f mi: zz . ,gfaqst z ff' .- tif Eiff Wig' 1 '1'?k , ,fi ws, V. ul." ' . A -1?l,::.m,fw. '2 n X -Mm.. '24 551.1 S , ,fi Q 1. Members of Boys State are: Ronnie Griggs, Steve Gutknecht, Ishmael Sanchez, Bill Beck, Tom lVIcMurry, Mark Wadley, ,I ack Shipman, Dave Newell, Ed Newell. 67 , A t l,,gjf,,jf, fic, ,,," V ,,",'gg5gfig", M ily 2 "' 552 ff '3 I' A 45 3 ,W : 'I .' "-l 1 M ,,,, , W' f 1 S. . ,B ,E ,g:,. wi E W lx 55 S f ,--if ff! 'V fi, . 'Ji a ,M , 'I-W1 ,. -:rl 152 S3535 way, , ,, , . K ,, . , K y 9 if' Q Af as, .4 l 43 :Q in c El 1' MU ALPH A better understanding of mathematics and the promotion of mathematical study were the primary purposes of lVlu Alpha Theta, more commonly known as Math Club. These goals were achieved through field trips and guest speakers. Highlighting the first semesteris activi- ties was the groupns excursion to the Sac Peak Observatory, which proved to be both educational and entertaining. An important event of the second semester was the Na- tional Nlath Test, sponsored by the Math Club in March. To finance the organization, members paid dues and worked a football and a basketball concession. This year the local Math Club ordered Mu Alpha Theta pins for the members. THETA CHAPTER E .IOYS The Math Club sponsor, Mrs. Linda Heasley, installs the newly-elected officers for the 1969-70 term M ,., 139,35 . Front Row: Mike Bearce, jim Brown, Mike Dobbyn, Kimberley Hunter, Bruce Vail. Second: John Jenkins, Harvey Comett, Sheri Smith, John Marlow, Malcolm Ramsey, Mrs. Heasley. Back: Scott Beardemphl, Robert Ellis, Ronny Rentschler, Ishmael Sanchez, Leonard Garcia, 68 President of Mu Alpha Theta, Mike Dohbyn, receives information on ordering pins for the club members from the organization's sponsor, Mrs. Linda Heasley. jim Brown, Mike Saylor, Ronny Rentschler, and Scott Beardemphl take a refreshing break after a meeting 69 GUEST PEAKER FIELD TRIP Science Club in 1969-70 was led through a progressive and interesting year hy the sponsor, lVlrs. Rohovee. The function of the year's program was to get members acquainted with all fields of science. lVlem- bers went on various field trips which included the Aero-lVled Lab, Carlsbad Cav- erns, Sunspot, and the fish hatchery in lVlescalero. Guest speakers were frequently featured at meetings. Among these were Dr. Kare Wuerscliing, a geologistg Dr. and Nlrs. Selck, a psychiatrist-psychologist teamg and Dr. Alex Burr, the district regional science director. Right: Science Club officers from left to right: John Marlow, Vice-Presidentg Patty Rudy, Presi- dentg and Janice Moore, Secretary-Treasurer. Below: A hilch tube built by Steve Johansen is demonstrated for Science Club members at a meeting. 32 - s x. .. 6 5 , , 5.. N:-rr.. X FOREIG International Club was a new organiza- tion at Alamogordo High School established to take the place of all the previous foreign language clubs. It gave all foreign language students a chance to learn about foreign countries and a chance to discuss foreign languages with fellow students. International Club had as its sponsors Mrs. Arthuree Ricks, Mrs. Diane Burnett, Miss Cynthia Fulton, Mr. George Hall and Mr. James Chavez. As a money raising project, the AHS International Club sold black and gold beanies which had "Alamo Tigersn written across the front panel. The International Club was made up of what was previously the German-French Club, and the Spanish Club. Officers of International Club are Jayne Harwell, Student Council Representativeg Juanita Petty, Vice-Presidentg Donna Hobart, Student Council Representative, Sue Edwards, Secretary, Andrea Lang, Presidentg and Tina Dryden, Parliamentarian. Intemational Club Members are: Front: Judi Waldrep, Linda Moses, Ann Hammond, Juanita Petty, Jayne Harwell, Kathy Pattison, Donna Hobart. Back: Prima Armendariz, Tina Dryden, Andrea Lang, Marty O'reilly, Peggy McCausland, Sue Edwards, Pat Skeens, and Bruce Weber. E TUDE- TS l l T HREE Promotion of student participation in dramatic and interpretative drama was the purpose of the Thespians at Alamogordo High School this year. Members performed in skits and various interpretations at monthly meetings to exemplify this goal. The group was financed through yearly membership dues and a candy sale. The main activity of the club this year was the presentation of three one-act plays in March. Cast try-outs for these were open to all students, as well as Thespian members. 'LAnt-ic Springw and "The Art of Proposingi' highlighted this Thespian event. Right: Thespiam officers from left to right are: Astrid Bielstein, Secretaryg Ron Rentschler, Stu- dent Council Representativeg Bobbi Calderwood, Presidentg Mike Bearce, Treasurer. Below: Jeannine Gregoire and Andrea Lang look over scripts to one-act plays during a Thespian meeting. O E-ACT PLAYSI MARCH 74 Astrid Bielstein, Andrea Lang, and Margaret HIGHLIGHT THESPIA S 69- Peterson study scripts for play try-outs. Allen Norris is shown here making a sale to Travis ' Parsley during the Thespians' yearly candy sale. Shown here are Thespian members. Front: Bobbi Calderwood, Kim Hunter, Andrea Lang, Wilma McNeal. Second: Astrid Bielstein, Cindy Miller. Third: Karen Bonner, Jeannine Gregoire, Nancy Larson, Debbie Alsup. Fourth: Larry Hilton, Ron Rentschler, Mike Bearce, Allen Norris. Back: Doug Moore, Travis Parsley, Phil Taylor, Steve Gutknecht, Miss Bobalko, Sponsor, and Robert Waldon. 7 5 ASHACA LETS STUDE T DI PLAY TALE TSI ARTS A D WRITING ASHACA was an idea born in the minds of a group of people: teachers who felt that students should have an outlet for their literary and artistic talent, and various stu- dents who were interested in learning more about writing and art, and were willing to put time and effort into it. Thus AHS gave birth to ASHACA. The Alamogordo Senior High Associa- tion of Creative Artists was sponsored by lVlrs. Faye Lee. This was its first year and trial test period. The main objective of the organization is term was to publish a literary magazine. The magazine was named 'lf Alma del Tigref Spanish for the SSoul of the T igerf The title was chosen because of its applica- bility to the time and place. At right: Articles to be published in the literary magazine had to be read and reread before they were chosen. Then they had to he mounted and read again, as Chuck Ellis and Belinda Burnett are doing with the help of Mrs. Lee. Back row: David Nicholson, Chuck Ellis, Robert Waldon, Bill Roders, Joe Gallegos fSecond rowj Marion Riel, Jodi Christie, Ashid Bielstein, Belinda Burnett fFront rowj Amy McClellan, Doug Moore, Mary Ann McNeese, Pat Baker, Molly Beasley. it e aa, 2. ,,,,, t 1 .,.,nqae:,,t::,,n f-1 1, , 4 Q Je .,r, . 4 Q z TQ? 0 g I It . ,, ,...,,...tM: ' .. ,..t.. ui.. ,.n,, ,na 76 t . e I ..,, ,ff A , , we 1 Q 1 1 i 4 i , l l Above: Just before deadline time, members of ASHACA gather informally a.round a card table erected in Mrs. Leeds den and work on layouts for their magazine, "L,Alma del Tigre? Jodi Christie and Pat Baker gather around Molly Beasley as she prepares to type the final copy of some articles to be printed in the literary magazine. 77 Nahonal Honor Society members were rated on their character service scholarship and leadershrp The club was established to promote scholastic learning throughout Alamogordo High School Students were rated by their teachers during their Junlor year at AHS and recognized as members of NHS at the annual Honors Assembly at the end of the 68 69 school year National Honor Society had as its actlv lty the selection of the High Schools Boy and Girl of the Month The students in NHS nominated students not in the club from both classes and then rating each student on the four qualities of NHS student characters the members of NHS chose one boy and one girl a month for the school year fs? 99" X f lla Q 'F NHS'S candle lights the halls of AHS during the Christmas season. 78 Fmnt row: Fd Newell Susan Strode Diann Scoby Gail Bridges Mrs. Faye Lee-NHS sponsor' 2nd row: Susan Wheeler Ann Bender Mary Lou Vizcaino Ruthie Cooper' 3rd row: Carolyn Creek Karen Bonner Marcia Meyer Cherry Ann Kolhenschlag Doris Broscoff' 4-th row: Bobbi Calderwood Jeannine Gregoire Susan Hill Friedricke Kuhn' 5th row: John Jenkins Jayne Harwell Darlene Jones' 6th row: Ronald Sanders Scott Beardemphl Tom Sutton Ishmael Sanchez' 7th row: Randy Dumey Jim Brown Farl Leslie Gary Foster and Mike Saylor. 7 7 7 7 7 . . . , 7 7 , Q'-H316 -t I if . ,, s,,,.,Q,-15212-Zig C 212155 5' ' 5: 13 is A "' l --I 5419 'i ,I 5 'll ' A a s 'H if' ff .. . ' ,-in 'fe -1 " Q X f' 49, - gy' g . 7 an n W ff , ,495 -X ,: 'I 4- . i- at , . A 7 7 7 7 7 , , , , , 1 , , 1 , , , 1 , , , S a v 1 Q , i , , DIG ITY TO National Honor Society participates in Tiger Week parade with transformation theme-A Change of Face. J,ff" I , 53" . V, , Edward Newell, President of the local National Honor Society chapter, pnesides over a meeting. 79 ATIO AL FORENSIC LEAGUE WINS The National Forensic League QNFLQ offered students a chance to better them- selves in debate, extemporaneous speaking, prose and poetry reading, duo-drama and memorized drama. The NFL is an honorary organization, and its members had to earn twenty-five points in order to join. Members of the NFL went to KINN to give reports of school activities on the 'cliverything Goesn show. The NFL offered the student a chance to travel to other schools for the purpose of competing for trophies. Speech students also participated in other contests such as the VFW "Freedom's Challenge," the 5'American Legion Oratori- cal Contest," and the Student Congress. Bobbi Calderwood Presidentg Dave Newell, Secre- taryg Ronnie Ferguson, Vice-Presidentg and Ed Newell, Student Council Representative, display some of the trophies won by the Debate Club members this year. Members of the Debate Club include fBottom rowj Ed Newell Bobbi Calderwood and Dave Newell Top TOWD Ronme Ferguson J an Smith Kimberly Hunter Allen Norris and Susan Strode 80 UMEROUS TROPHIES I DEBATE ,Ian Smith and Kim Hunter practice a dramatic duet to enter in a National Forensic League tournament. Ronnie Ferguson, Ed Newell, Dave Newell and Bobbie Calderwood are engaged in a cross debate which features a questioning session by the opposing debate team. I TERACT ISSUESI TER ATIO AL Interact, a Rotary-sponsored club, con- sisted of junior and senior boys chosen by a vote of the members. Boys were selected according to activities and abilities. A highlight of this year was correspond- ing with New Zealand. This country sent slides and information for the presentation of a program. In return, the AHS Interact Club sent slides and data to New Zealand. The organization conducted several worthwhile projects. On the local level, books were collected and donated to the Zia school, and 3100 was donated to the :Tiger Triadfi As a foreign project, the group sent money to assist a newly-formed club in Bolivia. Interact met twice a month, and was sponsored by Dr. Martin G. Jaenke, Mr. Bill Racoosin, Nlr. Andy Hendrix, lVlr. Harold Van Winkle, Dr. Leland L. Fellows, and lVlr. Joseph E. Youngkamp. Officers are: Ronald Rentsehler, Treasurer, Steve Gutknecht, Vice-Presidentg Dave Newell, President, Ed Newell, Secretary, Bob Borgeson, Board Mem- ber. 2 1 lf W , 4 A? 5 I2i'fs'f5 'iefwfgpf 1 2 l is a 5 23 N. 4, Ar' V, p .'f1n:p, - i ,. it . f M ' ig,f,,,,, A ,,- . A Q ,E-QS , ' - ., I ,Jr ' ' ' f' Y ' ' ' N -.. 'Nw ' 1 .-511 . - " i . ' ' -V ' ., , ,M . f "Y-..4., ' , 'F '- ig: 4.""+ ' -'av' H ,,f1Vw1"'1 2 ,Ona I af I ' . a ,, I K, ff , '- it :fn-.f:?4,a?2i0' -. I 'Teas :Tow A+' sf if 9' -' -,a,4'wiZ.a2,vf' ri , A ,, NP -it-wir? . ' I 'A ' F A ff + I l.i"'-ff' 'M' 2q.f..fri1.f'-te 4 E.. f""i ' 1' ' f'+"'f+- w ' fr -ll: is iw, , ,. -v, .,.,..,w' , , . f ,,,... ff . 1 . . , ,. , +.-,, fa, . 4,,,y....p,5 ., AY, A-ae-...swf ' M' 've-4-wi W1 ww- -fda fmggi1w3ef:g?:..,f5aa+f sa. ' ,, ff W e .f I' .wweff ye. ., Q f' - Af . we A- W-f' W . ., 'f -W , , W- ''tm-.f Qw nm , , 4-mf... .-mf W'f'f23ff,w,ffy,g' wu s I ' as,,,,,,V' .Q W Mr. Joseph Youngkamp, Interact sponsor, and members Doug Morgan, Robert Ellis, Scott Beardemphl, Mike Bearce, Steve Gutknecht, Rgnald Rentschler, Donnie Hoffman, Mike 8 Dobbyn, Tom Sutton, Ed Newell, Ronnie Sanders, Allen Norris, Bob Borgeson, ,lack Shipman, and Dave Newell are shown here presenting a check for 85100 for the "Tiger Triad" to music instructors Mr. Kenneth Bender, Mr. Harold Van Winkle, Mr Loren Rhodes, and Mr. Don Thorp. COMM NICATIONA DFRIE DSHIP Lindsay Rollo fthird from lefty, foreign exchange Club meeting with members Ed and Dave Newell, and Lhe AHS sponsor of the organizalion, Mr Student from Australia, is shown at an Interact Rotarians Mr. Bill Racoosin and Dr. Martin Jaenke, joseph Youngkamp. L, '.n.,' 7' 1 my-f These boys find their Interact meetings enjoyable. 83 ff," . F212 1 JU 1oR CLASSICAL LEAGL PLUS Jun.ior Classical League presented a chance for Alamogordo High School stu- dents to study the language, customs, and cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. The purpose of JCL was to help prev serve classical learning at the High School level. The high point of the year was the trip to State JCL Convention in Albuquerque. Friends and honors were gained for the Alamogordo JCL'ers as a result of State Convention. The purpose of the Library Club at Alamogordo High School was to promote interest among library assistants and to allow them to discuss various problems conceming the library. The club was made up of students who were taking library as a class. They worked in the library as assistants for Miss Pardue and Mrs. Montgomery and attended club meetings. JCL sponsor, Mrs. Diane Burnett, and JCL mem- bers-Front row: Becky Stone, Ronny Ferguson, Robert Hill, Donna Crirnminsg Middle row: Darlene Jones, Glenda Hoppes, Patti Woods, Clare Riker, Christine Hendrickson, Back row: Peggy McCausland, Kendall Rhodes, Marcia Meyer, Bruce Vail, and Pat Gallagher shown in afternoon meet- ing for the purpose of planning their annual trip to the state J CL convention. gi' l M 'x ln' fb Q' 84 LIBRARY CLUB FEAT RED AT AH Officers of JCL are: Donna Crimmins, Secretaryg Becky Stone, Treasurerg Ronny Ferguson, Parlia- mentarian and Robert Hill, President. Front: Lynda Stewart, Derlenc Goslin, Peggy Herrin, and Sahra Gardinerg Back: Mrs. Montgomery, Jack Lee, David Barker, Paul Marijn and Mis Pardue. 85 AHS CHESS An opportunity to develop skill in the game of chess was provided the students of Alamogordo High School who joined the Chess Club this year. The Wednesday after- noon sessions were held in the biology laboratory or in the home of one of the club members. lVlr. Herbert Hammond was the sponsor of the group. lVlr. Ernest Grant, ham radio enthusiast, organized the Ham Radio Club for AHS students this year. The purpose of the club was to familiarize the members with the workings of the ham radio and to promote this activity as an individual hobby. The group met on Thursday evenings. Activities included guest speakers and experiments with ham radio equipment. From left to right, Chess Club members are: Gene Wahl, Vice Presidentg Randall Huddlestong Mike Murphyg Rex Wahl, Presidentg Freddie Garcia, Student Council Representativeg Steve johzmseng Larry Torresg and Mr. Herb Hammond, Sponsor. A D HAM RADIO CLUB 86 Concentrating in an attempt to outguess the opponent are members of Chess Club at a weekly meeting. NCOURAGEI DI ID AL HOBBIE Below: Members of Ham Radio Club are: front row: Mr. Ernest Grant, Sponsorg Dwight Hall, Secretaryg Gerald Sauve, President. Back row: Bill Ariasg Steve ,Iohanseng Chuck jamesg Gary Kissiahg and Robert Glass. One of the guest speakers for Ham Radio Club is Mr. Don Scott, representative from G.E., who speaks to members about some of his equipment, 87 mga? 533- K .ay s HO OR Every man is reflected the same in that mzrevn of images until one man sees that he is better. If ho strives harder than he must, hc is recognized. Ile gains respect and is given HONORS . . . ,Muni .,.,.N.-w I ,,g,4f'-P N- "'?1,,,.....w--W X MW 1991 E MEN? 'B Q as gl' If f'-H1 Us F' Ji' t . 5 it dw is mv fm am 'miEW5?"W yn WW" JU 1011 F VORITE Sandye Stevens, ,Ianey Dunlop, Rick Williamson, Tommy Milladge, Al Borchik, and Patty Van Dam were elected finalists for Junior Class favorites. Under the umbrella sit the junior Class favorites, Sandye Stevens and Tommy Milladge. bi. . V, y 1 1, 5 , iyggabnzw " V L ,i1,,. ,W ,WW ,.,.' .-,,,,.,,..,,,..,, ,,,-Jaya, ,, ..,, ,MM .Q 91 I m D TO AHS BY EXCHA GE TUDE T 1 ezksiig. L- ,. W A1 -e . . If i 7 3522! e ii Q, - 16' ' - -,T ,s. i , Q. - . . Wm: mx' 5:2 ff..,,. After returning from a year in Argentina, Emma Phillips gives a speech in Mrs. Rick's English class about her experiences on her recent trip. 93 MARCIA MEYER FUTURE HOMEMAKER Two special titles given to girls at Alamo High are the Future Homemaker award and the DAR title. The winner of the Future Home- maker award was Senior, Mareia Meyer. She and many other girls took the Betty Crocker test to determine their home- making abilities. Susan Strode, winner of the DAR title was awarded on her good citizen- ship and her honor to her country. These and other requirements enabled her to win the title. Names of the girls from the school were given to each teacher. The teachers then rated the girls first, second, or third best. They were evaluated by Mr. Bode and the winner was then an- nounced. Proving that she can be a better homemaker of tomorrow, Marcia Meyer shows her oven- cooking ability. Child care is part of being a future home- maker. 94 We SUSA STRODE WINS DAR TITLE Sitting by Alamo Tiger are alternates for the DAR title, Gail Bridges and Cherry Ann Kolbenschlag. .. if lk? A , :sp A , Susan stands proudly next to an American symbol as she was honored by Daughters of the American Revolution. 95 ALAMO STUDE TS ARE RECIPIE Above: Outstanding Lineman John Gordon and Outstanding Back jim Brown proudly display their Golden Helmet Awards that were presented to them at the fall athletic awards program in january. Right: Marcia Saulnier, 1969 Otero County Fair Queen, reigns over the local fair parade. In state competition, Marcia was selected "Miss Simpaticaw hy her fellow contestants. 96 GF OT BLE WARDS A DTITLES Q , sq wi Susan Strode smiles jubilantly after being chosen Alamogordo 's J unjor Miss for 1970. At the state contest, Susan was named third runner-up. 97 98 CLAS SES A declining sun makes a harsh light in the mirror and it is difficult to distinguish one image from another as the conformity of the man pulls all together in an attempt to teach himself the things he must know The newly learned and long discovered separate man into the channels that his individuality and interests guide him. He is divided into CLASSES . . . STUDE TEXPRESSIO MAI GOAL Reading, writing, speaking, thinking, and listening were goals emphasized by the English Department under the direction of Miss Margaret Harman. department chair- man. Reports and researeh papers were assignments that encouraged the students to use the library facilities. A new addition to the school this year was the electronic reading equipment. These machines were designed to aid the student in increasing his reading speed and compre- hension. These j uniors are busy looking for interesting hooks that can be read for Mrs. Pricels English class. 100 David and Martha Torres look in several magazines for information for English reports. OF E GLI H DEP RTME T AT AHS K We , K , l as , .. Q , . ' W ...Ig - ir... K W , , n mn: uf 1 ' 31. zz: - ,- an .- mg ,H Has: I-f P TE Q 1 ,- wil! , -' Q -Z., If ,,,. M' a a h 'U' MH., i A l -,,- . M 'X ef, ,, f,..,. W .. ,,,.. . M 'war , -' - ' me H - wa m , gg , V V ,,., 1 M I K V: y.k lJk s,.3i,3-f.. .: , , A ,, .Ky ' , K -f I 1 W . I, nw , . H , 4 ,,, f if' g Patsy Gamboatries to improve her reading skill by any W I , , using the reading machine, which is something new to the school this year. Ei' ' -' f 1 Yolanda R0d.l'lqllCZ Mike Craig Debbie Flnefrock and Bill Copeland are defining words for Mrs. Ricks. 10 MA ITIE :THE EW UNUSUAL The 1969-70 school year brought a new elective called Humanities. This was an entirely new course offered by the English department with special help from the departments of history, music, and art. The course, taught by Mrs. Carol Clippard, was designed to give students direct experience in the art forms of litera- ture, music, and art. A chronograph of the development of man throughout the ages was made from contributions from the students. Projects included student efforts at the various art forms and listening programs planned by Mrs. Clippard. Mrs. Clippard gives students background informa- tion for study of Cha.rlemagne's Empire. During their study of prehistoric man, Humanities stude 102 Many of the Humanities students dis- covered hidden talents when they attempted clay sculpting, sketching, and painting. 'Glsistening experiencesi' were a frequent diversion from an ordinary school day. lVlrs. Clippard prepared many tapes on the various units in music and literature, which gave the students an opportunity to hear famous works of art. 253.1 1 fe ,mf 1,r .-.,Ks W- W.. . 5 1 , -' Y L . 1 31 T' 'T IL: - 2: M ,. 2 nts made sculptures, such as those pictured above. Left: Studentsi watercolor illustrations from ARABIAN NIGHTS are displayed by Mrs. Clippard, Mrs. Russell Brown, guest speaker, presents a listening program on Handel's Messiah, -as V L A if k,., si. E. ,.,l.1,,,o . q,.,,.i ' fi f ' - msafmi WH, ,aiiyh M ...V r is K 4 1 Q - , ?f3"f?'F4- Unit illustrations for the Humanities chronograph are contributed by students. 1 O 5 1969-70 AHS SCENE CAPTURED BY Mr. Davis, TIGER TRAX advisor, and members of the journalism class critically examine an issue of the school paper that hasjust been published. Pictures, copy, headlines, cutlines, and deadlines dominated the journalism classes this year. Comprising the TIGER THAX staff were Gail Rogers, editor, David Dewey, assistant editor, Debbie lin-:ising and Huth Ann Sayger, feature editors: Gary Stringer, sports editor: Genie Holder, advertising man- ager: ,lean Willits, exchange editor, Ramona Sanchez and jeff Willits, photographers, Karen Yarkosky, Helyn Davis, Verna Duran, Linda Harvey. Patty lrvine, Vicki Hender- son, Steve lessen, Darlene Jones, Paul Martin, lda Nlirabal, and Charles Simon, reporters. Mr. Bill Davis was the advisor, assisted lay Hob Waldon, Vickie Kyle was editor of the yearbook, and Ramona Sanchez and Jeff Willits were photographers. Staff members were Darlene Jones, Sherry Fenix, jean Willits, Anne Mourning, jo Ann Wright, and Mike Bency. Mrs. Jo Ann Davis was advisor. 104 TIGER TRAX editor Gail Rogers checks a typist' mock-up. ROCKET A D TIGER TRAX STAFFS Rocket editor Vickie Kyte assists Darlene jones with selection of pictures for a yearbook layout, 3 i 1 S i' nal news copy for mistakes before pasting on the Ramona Sanchez, yearbook and newspaper photographer, is busy in the dark room developing some film 1 O5 STUDE T EXPRESSIO SHOW CREATIVE WRITI G A D SPEECH Tape recording and chalk art may not sound much like the activities of a creative writing class, but that is what Mrs. Faye Leeis classes did. The chalk posters, done to music, preceded poetry writing. The stu- dents also recorded some of their poems on tape to suitable background music. The creative writing class was revived this year, after being abandoned years ago. Panel discussions, impromptu speeches, and oralions are only a part of the many classes of Mrs. White and lVlr. Westphal. Not only did the students in these classes learn to speak before people with confidence and to think on their feet, but they also learned to listen to other peopleis speeches and talks. Deborah Armstrong shows Mrs. Faye Lee, her Creative Writing teacher, some of the ideas that she has jotted down for further development in an impressionistic poem or short story. 106 Delores Sanchez, one of the students in Mrs. White's advanced speech class, delivers an original oralion to her class. Each oration is a piece of work done by the students that lasts from four to eight minutes. fav? Above: Mike Murphy raises his hand to ask a question of one of speech's panel discussion groups. The panel, consisting of Wilma McNeal, Mike Weaver, Marcia Woods, and jon Price, discussed the pros and cons of such topics as going steady, student dress codes, and teenage marriages. Left: jearl Petrec discovers that one of the necessities of good literary work is rewriting. 107 MATH STUDE I TERPRET HARD Right: Cathy Lester and Neva Lusk listen atten- tively as their irigonometry teacher explains a new day's work. Below: Mr. Donn Curtis explains the fundamentals of parabolas to his students. Some of the courses Math students were able to take were algebra, arithmetic, astron- omy, analytic geometry, geometry, trigo- nometry, and advanced math. These courses offered the students a new look at our number line, a study of equations, and plain and solid figures. These courses were de- signed for the students who enjoyed math and needed it for college entrance require- ments. 1' 108 ' L QE, PROBLEMS DURI G DAILY WORK i ,,v.,. Left: jim Daniels works diligently to finish his math assignment. Below: Astronomy students look at charts of stars and try to locate our nearest star. ' 109 i .. 'F i if jf 15 5 Lf: -- - f . 3-mzzirsams ,,,f-,emma-1--'Wfm' ' Q PLEASING CHALLE GE TO P PILS Latin students, Ardine Donaldson, .ludi Waldrep, sentences. and ltobcrt llill labor at the blackboard with Latin Students in German listen intently as Miss Cynthia Fulton dictates in the German dialect. M H Wi'ii HISTORY CLASSES REQUIRE MUCH History elasses at Alamogordo High School found many interesting characters in the past such as Napoleon Bonaparte. There were three different types of history courses offered at AHS. These were American His- tory, Current History, and llflodern European History. Another social studies course offered was World Geography. This course studied the physical landscape, both present and past. The teachers for these classes were lVlrs. Barbara Robinson. and Misters Dave Vander Molen, Raymond Vincent, Glen Markliam, Darrell Bode, Charles Areienega, Gordon Cramer, jerry Koller, and joseph Young Kamp. department chairman. Alamogordo High juniors listen intently in an American History class. ,,,.-'if 112 LI TEN ING ABILITY A D STUDY Coach Dave Vander Nlolen, AHS teacher, lectures with a smile as Al Borchik and otherjuniors listen attenlively in his afternoon American History class , 2 , -an f M73 . ' ,o.,. ,. Alma bfi'-.HQ 'Q 4-- 1 fr ro-r I ze il.. ., 115.5 ,Lgy I , I I ' Jim Wagner and his classmates in Mr. Bode,s govcmmcnt class work zealously on their home- work. ACTIVE STUDE T PARTICIPATIO A trip to the Constitutional Convention in Sante Fe and ai mock election campaign were stimulating activities for Mr. Darrel Bodsfs government classes this year. 'llhese contributed greatly in giving the students a better understanding of the functions of our government. Scientific investigation and the science of behavior were emphasized in psychology, taught by Mr. Hay Vincent and Mr. Richard Jones. lfxperiments such as running a mouse through a maze gave students insight into their own behavior. Family backgrounds, differences in human beings, careers and vocations were some of the areas covered in the sociology classes taught by Ylr. Vander Nlolen, Mr. Cramer. and Mr. Areienega, Right: Mr. Darrell Bode, government teacher, leads his class in a discussion of current problems. 1 ff? ff' Above: Sixth period government students listen openly to the information being presented. 114 Involved in an interesting discussion are the members of Mr. Arcienegais sixth hour sociology class NCOURAGED I SOCIAL STUDIES Regina Donaway gives a report in fulfillment of an assignment in Mr. Vincenfs psychology class. Gestures are an integral part of the lectures given by Mr. Richard Jones during his psydhology class. 115 PHGTO SYNTHESIS D MOLARITY Chemistry and biology courses offered at Alamogordo lligh School presented a challenge to students. The courses were especially beneficial for students who faced a future with careers in science or medicine. Chemistry was a laboratory course which covered the study of matter-its composition and the changes it undergoes. During the two semesters students learned many skills in the laboratory. Chemistry was developed for the serious and educationally minded student. Biology was a study of living organisms, cells, insects, animals, and plants. Biology students used the laboratory frequently primarily for dissections. Through dissec- tions the students learned the physical make- up of many organisms. Students in lVlr. Hammondis Hour 1 Biology class, Spence DeLanoy, Charles Frazier, Steve Malone, and Ronald Mitchell, are learning to use micro- scopes for researching organisms. F 116 N' 2 E ee F l .3 ' .2 Tw " ' l'5aS'.'i??Earzr9' x QP wx ,mari -' '7 Q, ,gage 3 fi gh A kg- ,MD pi aw- c 1, 1. me L, bw af 111222 L. " f""?i ' "5 Jimi" . ,' 21: ' , f 1,155 'A f-gg Q' z' ,t 'qe5g, ii X MM Y V7 f as .5225 ?73ii3?nL., V 2 ,. - , a 1.13 .qu Q- 1 1 Br' 1' haf 4, fiffiffjs 2 ,-if. fy' .xg im., ,V in. lm if ,J Q 1 mf w 1 A ' .:,.n 'EJ as Vt , ii 'xsw' .,., 11.9, ., . t ' iv,-Q,.5:fge ': ,,5s1i 'Qi3 qi :F 1' i 'r,t- ' -f--f , , Zahn Neva Lusk and Kathy Lester use a scale in Chemistry while Viki Bonner works in the back- ground. L Travis Parsley and Jimmy Kellum test a tempera-ture. FUSE STUDE TS l l .599 ...f ,, W 15. VL I ,, A f l Marcia Meyer and Denise Ladd prove that Chemis- Students in Chemistry, janey Dunlop, Tom try can be a messy subject. Sutton, and George Givens try out a new group system of learning. 117 S UDENTS USE SCIENTIFIC IDEAS Physics and Electricity were two courses which offered a challenge to Alamogordo High School students who were interested in the scientific curriculum available at AHS. Physics was a laboratory course which consisted of a study of the natural laws and principles of physics as applied to many organic materials encountered in every day life. Electricity began with a basic study of electronics and electrical equipment and later advanced to learning to service such electrical appliances as radios and televisions. The respective teachers were Mr. Ernest Grant and lVlr. Meliton Maestas. 118 Steve Meyers is hard at work along with his classmates in electricity. AH PHYSICSA DELECTRICITY George Sanders tinkers with a drill at the work- table in Electricity. Students, Casey Pack, Dwight Zurawski, Art Salas, Frank Chavez, and Bill Mayton do an experiment with Mr. Grant. 119 PER O ALITIES DE ELOP THROUGH First semester activities in girls P.E. this year consistcd of arclu-ry, spr-cd-an-way, and volleyball. Second scmestcr flipped off with gymnastics. Other sports included were field hockey, track, and field events. and softball. Mrs. l.a Rossa Chambers was the instructor. 'fwo weeks of conditioning and physical fitness tests began each semester of boys, under the direction of Mr. Bob Scpulvcda. Flag football, volla-ylmll. flicker ball. and spccd-a-way Wcrc thc activities included in the- first semeslm-r. S1-cond semes- ter consisted of soccer, track and field, flicker hall, and softball. Speed-a-way provides fun and exercise in thc boys' physical education class. Members of the sixth period P.E. class demonstrate their agility on the balance beam in gymnastics Boys P E class enjoys a strenuous game oi soces r 120 "PRIDE OF THE TUL ROSA BASIN" Carrying the football and basketball crowds in the arms of spirit, the black and gold uniformed hand participants con- stituted a major feature of cvery game. Under the direction of Mr. Harold Van Winkle and assistant, Mr. Rhodes, the AHS Tiger Marching Band brought top honors from musical festivals they attended during the year. As drum majors, Larry Hilton and Bob Borgeson lcd the band in marching drills, Nlajorcttcs Bonnie Weber, Linda Nlunsey, Patti Elliot, and Patti Tryon led the hand in parades and other performances. gg . , O Drum major, Bob Borgeson, directs band at prac- tice. 122 Mr. Harold Van Winkle directs hand during morn- ing rehearsal. ,pri iq, Q4 if it A ., 'sea . 1' I 5 . fzyrgi, ' ,Q ' 5- if y o , if: ' Y 3, ,k,, . L , Aw-L Larry Hilton, drum major, listens intently to directions from Mr. Van Winklc during a morning practice. Lo If 1 A , 'fwfr Il 4 X X 1, cf wifi OURCE OF AHS TIGER PIRIT 4 . 4 4 I . Rf . 6 r 'flint' Ad F 11 -H , ' A Qt. 3? +' .x . -at '9A'6f'W r W , t Y Mnlf ,.V4f,g131. qv M is 'rw fi' illk',.lriFl..,l7 U r ."11""1'i' 13 -7 li 4 X' 4- 'A' lx Q' 1 is fd 4 L X ,,, I K? ft tr1,'f.' ff? VH I if , , Left: Tiger band is in formation to begin practice for performance. Below: Majorettes Bonnie Weber, Linda Munsey, Patti Elliot, and Patty Tryon pose by the victory bell. 123 LYRICAL TRI GS FILL CGNCERT This was Lhc scene at high school orchestra performances: Students screeching up and down the scale with their flutes, tuning their violins, blaring 011 trombones made pandemonium supreme as the orchestra warmed up for action. Suddenly, above all the turmoil, two sharp raps of a haton against a music stand and instantly all was quiet. lVlr. Kenneth Bender gave the signal and soon the room was filled with music that set the pace for performances at concerts and district fes- tivals. Shelby Smith and Jack Rathgeber make up the bass section of the orchestra. " 124 The orchestra accompanies the high school choirs at the annual Christmas concert LL WITH MUSIC FROM GRO P M1'. Kenneth Bender takes orchestra through a new piece of music. Mr. Thorp directs orchestra at Christmas music concert. Rocket photogapher catches intent cellists and violinists at concert. 125 S GI ALC G THE MELODY WAY One could always hear the vociferous roar in the halls of AHS. People were always talking, yelling, hundreds of tortuous un- trained voices merrily screaming the song of the day. There was, however, one depart- ment in school that took in the more promising of these voices. Several concerts were given hy the A Capella, Treble, and Mixed choruses. These groups also par- ticipalcd in many district festivals under the direction of Mr. Thorp. Madrigal Singers: Phil Taylor, Diane Foster, Mike Howell, Shari Robertson, Rodney Thorson, Billie Scott, and Mark Plowman. ra :Y 0. ,.r,,,,,.,,,, T kv1qvr1e'r Treble-Row 1: Evelyn Silva, Shi.rley Sanders, Starla McLean, Ann Bender, Diane Scoby, Mindy Meyers, Rosy Gallegos, Dolores Truijillog Row 2: 126 hvmgygfl 1, - X I .V , by 1 V Q K . S X, Q ', ,ya W 3 ' V i iffbl a o 1 im 1 ' 3 I , A if W 42 ' -of Marie Lux, Linda Howard, Connie Lee, Bea Needham, Donna Kessler, Sherry Fenn, Laura Watkins, Debi Smith, Marsha Secrest, Patti Tryon, Leighty, Jeannine Caldwell, Beth Bremner, Deva McFarland, Row 3: Faye Oliver, Lori Annabel Clifford,and Patsy Bryant. TO THE DELIGHT OF AUDIENCES Ei gms mu? i C Members of A Capella choir are: ffourth rowj Janet Hudman, Mike Howell, Becky Kiefer, Don Mitchell, Susan Hill, Mark Plowman, joNell Barker, Rod Thorson, fthird rowj Kathy Milne, David Barker, Billie Scott, Leonard Miller, Shari Robert- son, Shelby Smith, Dorothy Smith, Dwight Hall, QP fseeond rowj Phil Taylor, Patty Black, Larry Hilton, Madeline Vickrey, Jim McKenzie, Gail Bridges, Mike Julian, Mary Zagone, ffirst rowj Betsey Rambo, Jerry Barllet, Diane Foster, Rodger Amelung, Anne Gonzales, Kevin Gardner, and Kathy Pattison. Members of the Mixed Choir are: Gwen Smith, Margaret Furphy, John Bryson, John Sul1iva.n,,Iean Branch, Naomi Holland, ffrontj Magdeline Quinnones, Renee Chavez, Shirley Norris, Yvonne Milles, Vicky Campbell, Alama Perez, and Jan Shafer. 127 RT IS COLORFUL D CRE TI E The Art courses this year, taught by Charles Soulhard, were mostly made up of first year students. Their main study was divided many ways. Drawing simple objects such as bottles, jars, and boxes started the year. Color theory and principle elements of design came next, followed by experiments with various medias. Students who made up the one and only second year class were independent through- out the year. 'llhey did experiments with prints, woodbloeks, screening, and three dimensional figures done with sculptures, metal, wood, and ceramics, Pat Henry, first year student, works constructively on an assignment of hand lettering with pen and ink 128 Valerie Munee listens while M.r. Southard instructs TG E THUSIA TIC AHS STUDE Songsuk Suchiva, Thailand, foreign exchange student, works diligently on his creation made from clay, ,.Q.mefM'e an-ww, Creations from clay are practiced by second year students. This particular husk was made by Songsuk TIICSC fifsi PC1'i0d aff StUdCYltS look bewildered at Suchiva- odd invention, 129 L PIDARY STUDE TS DON SELVES Lapidary work is the fashioning of stones into attractive, and sometimes un- usual, forms. Lapidary, an art that can he traced to many civilizations, is also a class in which students not only can learn an art, but can wear the profit of the class. Barbara Hill and Lapidary instructor, Mr. Carroll, , discuss the molding of wax into metal, W f, . A Q Lapidary students often make their own jewelry. Above: james Candelaria files a ring. Rachel Perea and Kay Dominquez make free wax 1 30 forms. WITH JEWELRY OF OWN MAKI Above: James Wadako solders a piece of silver for jewelry. ARTICLES M DE BY LE THER A Among the many vocational courses olfered to high school students are leather- craft and woodwork. These two courses are taught by Mr. Gillaland and Nlr. Cook in leather, and lVlr. Bugg in woodwork. This year's leathercraft students learned decora- tion, treating and fabrication of the articles they made. Some of the articles they made were belts, holsters, and purses. They had a wide choice of colors and designs from which to choose. Mr. Bugg taught his first year students the basic fundamentals of woodworking and lool use. They were also taught to design furniture by using power tools und modern finishing techniques. The boys worked on such projects as bookshelves and end tables. Left: Deva McFarland hammers out her design for a belt while jerry Bartlet looks over his work. Far Right: Debbie Branch carefully examines a belt she made in her sixth period class. 132 WOODWORK PUPILS SHOW TALE ' ' 21241. M- ,,,Z. WM-1 hwy ,1.. ,.. ,.,.c.f xgwg -' 'ff ,aff x -fi, ,-'W' -42-2 .. ' Tl ! W , I 1 wi , ' 4' W W3 , 5. fe ' X5 g .,,. ,,,A W .,,.w wg, , .' 1' 1 i . ' 735521 . iff .. .,..V. , . egi w gli? W, K ,Ei .15 i .i .ig gf A M1 f ii, ' ff rvgzvw fs! 1 2' We , 'ff.'e1:ffwW wr-if 1 1.- .11f.ie7.:,aA41i1p::f,7g g 1,-I'7?Hf25f K iqgifiim "" Zfaijiiqggglkfgi .A , .wx 1 , "-' ff' ' ii-Iegimnpiz, , , , ,i,1f1i.1:-im-2a1:f.: K r K V' 's ,f ' 11 16, 1 , iw U Wy" f 'f , ,,,,, ,, ,,1sgfa'1'. s21f if gm - , ,, 1 ,1 if - if V if 4 2337 ,: 1:,i1L:1::1f:5g5i523 1 , W if , --"'1--vv,if- , il M121-I' 'Pxi?i':9i5??'2,-':,fiT" as i .af 4' i, , 1?','?fQ.fi7f3i1fi QQ Q ., , 1 -. Mr. Bugg, woodworking teacher, adds the final touches to a cedar chest. Far Left: Santiago Gonzales gathers the tools that he will need to complete his woodwork project. Mark Fenn puts the finishing touches on his bowl by painting it before he hands it in to be graded. 133 CGUR E I PRACTICAL ARTS THE Juniors and seniors of thc l969-70 school year who took Auto lVleehanics or Mechanical Drawing, both electives, profiled from the courses by learning a skill they could apply later on in their future lives. Auto Mechanics 001 and 002, taught by lVlr. Riggs, gave students basic knowledge of the automobile by use of classroom lectures and demonstrations. Auto Mechanics 003 through 006, instructed by lVlr. Craig, offered students practical experience in engine tune-ups and overhauls, by the use of working engines. Instructors of Nleclianical Drawing, Mr. Nlaestas and Mr. Janes, exposed the students to various areas such as pictorial drawing, three-dimensional drawing, fundamentals of architectural drawing, and the use, care, and handling of drafting equipment. Mike Bearce, Tom Toohey, Benny Moya, Danny Prier, and Bob King learn about the construction and principles of a carburetor in an Auto Mechanics class. JPN airs tr www Above: Tony Orona and Eddie Contreras apply their knowledge to some problems on their engine. 134 KEY FOR A WORKI G K LEDGE Above: Juniors Irah DcWolf and Henry Artiaga work diligently in Mechanical Drawing class. Nathan Leary applies his knowledge to a mechani- cal drawing assignment. 135 Donna Douglas works diligently to get her practice set completed. BUSINESS DEPARTME Personal-use skills and vocational train' ing were available to students who selected business courses as electives. A wide variety of subjects were offered, such as: two years of typewriting, two years of shorthand, office practice, bookkeeping, economies, and business law. A very important aspect of the department was the occupational pro- gram where students applied their acquired skills in actual job situations. Department Chairman was Mrs. lfthel ,lane Strode. 136 Bonnie Duran is working at the City Engineers office. Her job is part of the co-op program here at school. DEVELOPS VOCATIO AL KILL Second year typing students use new electric typewriters to help them improve their speed. These shorthand students are preparing for class. 137 BOTH BOYS A D GIRLS EXPLURE New conveniences were enjoyed by the girls and boys of the home economics department at AHS. Six new dining tables were added to the department along with new Hotpoint stoves. Some of the many things learned in the home economics classes included the study of family relations toward careers and marriageg planning, preparing, and serving a mealg child careg and clothing construction in which they were required to make a tailored or dressy dress and line a garment. This year a new class was added to the home economics department. Boys' Home Economics. The class was taught hy Mrs. Lucy Rohovec. There were twenty-six boys enrolled in the course. The boys learned about food preparation and care of clothes. Right: jeff Kenny learns that ironing isn't so hard after all. Far Right: Patti Tryon, Becky Sweet, and Diane Taylor in Mrs. Hein's fifth period class presented a skit to emphasize young marriages. Below: First year students study fruit vitamins and nutrients they contain. 138 THE MY TERIE OF HOMEM KI Dennis Swift, Baron Burton, and Charles Milladge Future chefs may be found in Mrs. Rohovec's show how to wash and dry clothes and what type boys, home economics class. of detergent to use. 139 P 1 W 1 I THE PEOPLE Golden palcness causes thu sky Lo bcuoinmz il pluslic pink, Lweecled with a gentle blue and lo turn the smoothing hills to haunting purple and orchid shadows as the cast of characters in thc drama performed before that mirror of life are inlrocluced. They are lhc men, the workers, the great, lhe ungrcal, lhe incliviclualsg THE PEOPLE . . 5.6: ,j il. Sac ' 4 Qian, 5 , gs gf f Zi ififimx' iii' A zggn ,. .ai ,pe ' fyiiifiiii, ' Q LW, .ME ..,. , ,, ,,. 1 5 ?Fi::fg3g:igsf25fmm:fY 1 s , ,AV e a 1 5 se '4 s 4 1 A :ici 21 .::155?5s:zse2sL,,,:zmm?fgw, m Y 4 ,11w'53gg' 1 Q x px 1 fa FSL ,M K.. E m. 1 .?s,ifw1'ii . fixire? f,4 fe ,AW XY t., . , . ., ,J 3532 X 5 215565 fs .An- gy W' fgifkkff' xmwf W , me Q' ' W' N J A 1 Q-R .Q J Q M - . 'N Gam fx X JM' .,. PTITUDE TESTS GIVE TO SENIGRS Donna Adams Jennifer Agnew Benny Alexander Debra Allen jimmy Allen Rodger Amelung Dennis Anderson Karen Anderson Lonnie Anderson Robert Anderson Kathy Aragon Danny Arcliulcta Lena Arclnuleta William Arias Deborah Armstrong Duane Artery ljarl Atencio Gary Auhel Tim Ausen Wanda Avalotis Gloria Baca Patricia Baker Jo Nell Barker Norma Bartlett Michael Bearce Scott Beardemphl jackie Beasley William Beck Ann Bender Cindy Bender FORETELL VOCATIO AL F TURE 'ON fi- ' an 6 3 , if C as-.if ,if :lf Q--sri pr- gf! Q, Charlene Bessire Anne Betts John Beyer Astrid Bielstein Robert Bier Janet Bittle Jackie Bloth Katharine Blount Suzanne Bonnell Karen Bonner Norma Borg Robert Bowman Carolyn Boyce Deborah Branch Gail Bridges, Doris Broscoff Curtis Brown Jim Brown Rexalyn Brown Cheerie Bryant Seniors pause from armed services aptitude test long enough to smile for 1970 Rocket photographer. 146 Patsy Bryant G ary Buie J im Burling Belinda Burnett Arron Burton Baron Burton Pat Busby Jeannine Caldwell Roberta Calderwood Philip L. Campbell Mary Lou Casillas Tony Castro Stephanie Cave Terry Chapin Eddie Chavez Joe Clark Kenneth Clayton Brenda Clinkseales Gary Clower Voner Coleman Brett Collins Steve Collums Carol Compton Diane Conner Amy Jane Contreras Janice Cookson Ruthie Cooper Billy Joe Copeland Lynn Corbett Harvey Cornett Helen Countz Bob Covey Vincent Coyazo Bill Craig Mike Craig SENIOR WIN BACKED BY SMILES 343 Senior girls work together to conquer Jrmlors for Homecoming float competition. Carole Crawford Randy Crawford Carolyn Creek johnny Coyazo Leona Dauley Christine Daugherty Frances Deegan Elizabeth Delgado Patricia DeRoy Charles Diaz Gunther Diehl Carol Diers Duane Dixon Mike Dobbyn Donna Douglas Debbie Doyle Melinda Duncan Robert Dunn Bonnie Duran Verna Duran E IOR PRINCESS CHOSEN QUEE Randy Durney Gail Edmonds Robert Ellis Theda Ellison Virginia Erven Phillip Estrada Marty Faile Sherry Fenn Jean Ferguson Ronald Ferguson Cherry Ann Kolhenschlag rides royally as senior princess in Tiger Week parade. 148 Debbie Finefrock Johnnie Mae Fish John Flaugher Brian Fogle J im Folan Carol Forester Gary Foster William Foster Charles Fountain Kenneth Frazier David Fritsch Wendy Fryer Tommy Fuller Paul Furphy William Gadberry ,,,.-wa. . YY' ' ., f ZS ,yeas vw' ,Q....... Mary Gallegos Milo Gallegos Tommy Gallegos Carmen Garcia Leonard Garcia Martha Garcia Carolyn Gardner Kevin C entry Danita Gillen Randy Glasgow Robert Glass Tina Godby Molly Gomez Rita Gomez Gilbert Gonzales Julian Gonzales Santiago Gonzales Victor Gonzales John Gordon Keith Gray AHS Seniors, Terry Messal and Douglas Morgan observe moratorium by wearing black arm hands Ronald Griggs Miguel Gutierrez Theresa Gutierrez Steve Gutknecht Sherrita Hager 1 E IORS PLA 1969 HOMECOMI G Dwight Hall Loretta Hall Louise Hammack Wilberl Harclwell Thomas Hardyman Carolyn Hargrove Mike Hargrove Stephanie Harris Susie Harrison Janie Harwell Clay Henderson Kenneth Henderson Steven Hensley David Herrell lVlary Louise Herrera Susan Hill Larry Hilton Anne Hitt Donny Hoffman Richard Hoffman 0 Seniors make plans for homecoming activities during an advisor group session held during Tiger Week. Susan Hoffman Genie Holder Mario Holguin Chris Holland Mavis Holland Gayleen Hollis Jerome Holly Linda Holly Mike Homiller JoLynn Hooker Carla Horn Kent Hosselton Mike Howell Linda Huddleston Janet Hudman Denise Humble Connie Hurst Denise Irby Mark Jackson Rick James Billie J 0 J arousak John A. Jenkins John S. Jenkins James Jennings Reese Johnson Bren Jondahl C. Darlene Jones Robert Jones David J osselyn Sue Joyner CLASS OF 1970 HOWS SPIRIT Kim June Joseph Keelin Jeffery Kenny Gary King Cherry Ann Kolhensehlag Janet Kraemer Friedricke Kuhn Vickie Kyte Joe Landers Sharon Lebowitz Connie Lee Don Lee Jackson Lee Judy Leftwich Earl Leslie Patricia Light John Loewen Richard Lucero Sally Lucero Eve Luteyn Marie Lux Denise Major Jerry Mallet Dorothy Malone Billy Marinell Debbie Marquardt Inez Marquez Robert Marrujo Paul Martin Robert Martin Donald Mathers Alejandro Maynez James Mayton Treva McBride Katy McClung Danny McDonald Nancy McDonald Penne McDonald James McGovern James McKenzie David McLaughlin George McMurry Tom McMurry Willma McNeal Mary Ann McNeese Nancy Meeks Clara Melendrez Frankie Melendrez Robert Merritt Terry Messal Laura Messer Marcia Meyer Mindy Meyer Charles Milladge Christina Miller 1 FOOTBALLS EXPRESS AHS SPIRIT Brightly colored black and gold foothalls were distributed by Debbie Marquardt and Nancy Meeks in honor of Tiger Week. 154 Cindy Miller Leonard Miller Suzanne Miller David Milne Dennis Milne Barbara Mirabal Ida Mirahal Angie Misquez ljucy Misquez Joyce Mitsdarffer Mike Miyagashima Janet Modisette Frank Moncada Marsha Moon Doug Moore P t W ,-5 Q it at 9 Lys of . i . -in ve,..w, X .L if Q . I ' 7. 7' 37 1 Richard Moore Becky Morgan Douglas Morgan Candy Morrell Cheri Morrison Brenda Mosley Robert Moyer Valerie Munce Michael Murphy Ronald Miyaki David Newell Edward Newell Lavonne Newquist David Nicholson Steve Nolen Martin Norris William Nuttall Elizabeth OcBrien Suzanne Oghorn Ida Olazaba Tony Orona E IORS RUN CITY GO ER ME T Billie Orr David Orr Robert Ortega Rex Osborn Gayle Owen Ann Owens Marilyn Parloven Tommy Pappas Anna Parasich Gilbert Parra AHS seniors, Tom lVlclVlLu'ry, Steve Gutkhecht, Cherry Ann Kolbenschlag, Jackie Bloth, Gail Bridges, and Susan Strode, take their turn at running the city. Patty Patton J ary Penney Deborah Perry Preston Perry Sylvia Perry Kathy Perryman J earl-Petree ,Iaunita Petty Linda Peyton Emma Phillips 156 ,rs Q90 49" 'N J bi., . Jody Phillips Christina Piedra Louisa Piedra Barbara Pierce Mike Pirtle Mark Plowman Joseph Poist Joe Perras Steve Poteete Charles Pratt Marian Quick Magdalena Quinonee Billy Rodney Ragedale Norman Rankin Donny Rardin Gloria Ratliff Randy Ray Franz Reder Bruce Reed William Reed Suzi Miller, senior princess, Tiger Week parade. 8 PIRIT SING AFTER PEP R LLY Debbie Reising Manuel Renteria Ron Rentschler Juanita Reyes Manuel Reyes Mary Rhea Kendell Rhodes Marion Riel Jose Alonso Rivera Irene Roa Carol Roberts Yolanda Rodriguez Gail Rogers Carolyn Roles Reyne Roman Ronnie Lee Roper Reyna Ross Hope Rottman Lee Rowland Patricia Rudy Frankie Salgado Dolores Sanchez Ishmael Sanchez Margie Sanchez 'ls- Suzie Miller, Cindy Miller, and Willma lVIcNea1 sing, "Little girls have pretty curls, but we love football boysf' after a pep assembly. .9-..nn AQ 'QW' Y "Hs- Alhert Silva Ramona Sanchez Selestino Sanchez Rijnald Sanders Joe Sandoval Vicky Sandoval Marcia Saulnier Gerald Sauve Ruth Ann Sayger Mike Saylor J an Shafer Michael Scholter Clarence Schuler Diane Scoby Marsha Secrest Fred Sedillo Tony Sedillo Charlotte Shaw Michael Sheppard Gary Shepperd Danny Sherman J ack Shipman J an Shorter 1 160 COSTUMES HAU T THE TROJANS John Silva Lydia Silva Pat Silvis Bobby Sisneros Pat Skeens Paula Smiley Carolyn Smith Danny Smith Debbie Smith Gwen Smith LaVonne Smith Linda Smith Louise Smith Ryoko Smith Tom Smith Ricky Snell Kim Snodgrass Craig Speck Chris Staley Gary Stansfield Nancy Stephens Jody Stewart Phyllis Stone Becky Stone Susan Strode Glenda Sumrall Rhonda Sumrall Charles Sutton Becky Sweet Dennis Swift HR: Mighty Tiger baseball player, Senior Ruthie Cooper, shows support on Costume Day during Tiger Week. Abe Tapia Phil Taylor Kenneth Teasley Gloria Telles Bill Terrell Neva Thompson Rodney Thorson Robert Tinguely Ann Todd Tom Toohey John Tooke Mike Toon David Torres Eva Torres Martha Torres AHS S Tony Torres Bobby Torrez Patti Tryon Bruce Vail Arthur Valle Brenda Van Deren Kathy Van Fleet Jimmy Van Winkle Paul Vanderpot Mary Lou Vizcaino Stella Wade jim Wagner Judy Ward Mark Wadley Rex Wahl Robert Wahl Robert Waldon Judi Waldrep Regina Walker Wanda Wallace Kent Wallin John Weeks Mike Wells Chris Weldon Peggy Weskamp E IORS SAY LICK BEL AIR '-ed Mr. Westphal and Anne Owens lick their lollipops to show their support for the "Fighting Tigersn on Lick ,Em Day. 162 WN James West Sue Wheeler Kay White Mary Sue Whitney James Williams Robert Williams Jean Willits Jerri W ittenburg lVlary Ellen Wolfe Helen Wood lVleleta Woodard Judy Worley Jo Anne Wright Diane Youngblood Mary Zagone Irma Zamora Ricky Zamora Yolanda Zamora Klad Zimmerle Bill Bier Doug Bourhoun Tigers, Sleeping Beauty, Judi Waldrep takes a quick nap during her royal ride ln Tiger Week parade . Fi' JU 1oR Images of a Junior year reflected Are shiny rings with 771, on them And the joyful feeling Of only one more year to go. The flash of achieving And winning Poster competitions And the chain contest. Seeing football season come and Go into basketball season and All of the others, Knowing it won't be long Until it will be the big year. The important year When there wonit be any seniors To pick on you. Will it really be so great? Sandye Stevens smiles brightly as Tommy Mrlladge tums her class ring. Turning the class nngs is one of the most devoutly followed traditions at AHS. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Front row: Coach Dave Vander Molen fsponsorj, Coach jerry Koller fsponsorj, Janie Dunlop, Sherri Ferguson, JoAnn Ii , Lepley, and Coach Gordon Cramer fsponsorj. Back row: Pam Melton, Sandye Stevens, and Edna Koller. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL: Tommy Milladge, Joe Malone, Emma Jones, Barbara Jones, Nancy Lopez, Mary Coleman, Alma Perez, Evelyn Silva, Vivian Drewett, Trudy Seller, Primitiv Armendariz, jan Dunlap, Diane Taylor, Roy King, Theresa Ortega, john Larsh, Debbie Nunn, and jan Luns- ford. 165 JU Cathy Abbitt, jan Addleman, Debbie Albro, Deborah Allen, Deborah Alsup, David Ander- son, Debbie Anderson, Elisa Anderson, James Anderson Primitiv Armendariz, Mike Armstrong, Danon Austin, Ronnie Avants, David Barker, Ray Barnes, john Barr, jerry Bartlett, Norma Bartlett Terry Batten, Margaret Beas- ley, Chuck Beokman, lone Bellows, Sarah Benitez, Paula Beyler, Judi Black, Patty Black, Harry Blackwell Nancy Rose Bloom, Robert Blount, Elizabeth Bodwell, Brian Bolles, George Bonnell, Viki Bonner, Albert Borchik,' Robert Borgeson, Diane Bor- unda Bobby Bouma, Greg Bouten, Patsy Bowen, Earl Box, Row- land Bradley, Linda Branch, Velma Branch, Darrell Brantley, Gerald Brantley john Braswell, Georga Brem- ner, Dennis Brown, Marvinell Brown, Wayne Brown, Carlos Brusuelas, Forest Butler, Charles Byers, Fara Campbell IOR DRESS UP TIGER WEEK N ' ,Tx .,g,.gi E f ,,?...3.,. Left: Earl Box shows his support during Tiger Above: Energetic juniors make Tiger Week posters. Week. X A ' A - . 3' -'-. , in , Q: zffi-7433 if? . f 1- Y ' L -' 1, s. g in. 'Q' --gal". 511' 5 53 f 1 M45 5' 3, 3 ' av- l fi, W , Vi! U7 M N4 . 1 A K f W 1 A is if 5 G6 A we ai i-fa 2- l f,l,fw W f il fr, ,eff ' x., CQ ki 5 it . l - NLF'-' ., -f"' A in A A Ei . gg XX . S Tim., , I V e e .,,. ww, if fa-gffew g .. ., 'lwmq ' A df" 55, .ru , ',m x . M 121, , ' " ff 1.1. 7,152 1 , m.: ,. V X. ,3,,. , , J y f g nailz by ll 1 L Qt, 1 4- at , e , Y ' K , , , . 1 MQ- if 5' ' F ' s-if - ' A ., - as f' .2255 3' , 5-fir ii f L- ay, I , QVVV . I , Lm A. ,. V ' A , . X 5, ,. X Q ' A r 'o fs af I ., , , K ' ifjiffiff ,J a 515 , i , 7 -v " " Q., y 'W ' , . . i 435 ne , 1 4 f f . .. Q 1 f. ,. - ..,.., Hi, , X ,Q , ., 1 Left: Junior princess ,Ianey Dunlop was one of the many highlights of the Homecoming Parade. Vicky Campbell, Nancy Campino, james Candelaria, Larry Candelaria, Bill Cantrell, John Cappa, Willie Carabajal, Judith Cardcll Alan Carl, Scott Carmiencke, Michael Cerny, Charlotte Chamberlain, Albert Chavez, Albert D. Chavez, Frank Chavez, Louis Chavez Renee Chavez, Ricardo Chavez, Teddy Chavez, Debo- rah Chesanek, Steven Chris- man, Jodie Christensen, Stuart Clapp, Mary Clark Annabel Clifford, Janice Clump, Shcree Coates, Mary Ann Cocciardi, Rebecca Coch- ran, Rufus Cole, Mary Jo Cole- man, Salvador Colmenero Wade Compton, Eddie Con- treras, Albert Cookson, Rus- sell Coonts, Alvino Coyazo, Maggie Craig, Daniel Crim- mins, Donna Crimmins Lawrence Crow, Paula Crum- ley, Phillip Cuellar, William Daley, Mary Ann Dalton, james Daniel, William Daniel, Ernest Daugherty Helen Davis, Rick Davis, Rose Davis, Ardith Decker, Susan Deese, Jimmy Delgado, D'Arm Denton, Kathy DeRoy AH S .IUNIOR MUSCLE PROGRESSES Spence Dclanoy, David Dewey, Irah DeWolf, Robert Dixon, Ralph Dockray, Dermis Dodd, Patricia Dodson, Ardine Donaldson, Ricky Donalson Judy Douglas, Kurt Douglas, Laura Downs, Vivian Drewett, Tina Dryden, Diane Dugan, Jeannine Dunlap, janey Duna lop, David Duran Ernest Duran, David Durham, Susan Edwards, Georgina El- linger, Patty Elliott, Charles Ellis, John Ellis, Bobbie Elston, Brenda Ervcn David Evans, Debbie Farr, Dolores Fcldhuseh, George Felton, Mark Fenn, Cheryl Ferguson, Joe Ferguson, Donny Fish, Ronny Fish Gail Flaughcr, Adelaide Flores, Diane Foster, Paul Fos- ter, Charles Frazier, Ritchie Freeman, Mike F reutel, Mike Fulmer, Barbara Furnidgc Patricia Gallagher, Rosy Gal- legas, George Gallegos, joe Gallegos, Maria Galindo, Pati- cia Gamboa, john Gappa, Aceneio Garcia, Linda Garcia Many ambitious juniors turned out to help work on their homecoming float. 168 A .. X", 'N as -f - .. "ii Y, , ., ,E ,X N S. 2 , -f 12 , ws r ,. .-. , . .-,,,, f . ,sa Q ,xx A Q y . ' 'MQW 'Q R A K K ,fi iv: x . "vi ,- 'f,-'- 4 L-ffl ', .1 x ' 1 ' -: 'ii . I I ' ' f" 4 " ..- f ,. . E' f i ' - 1. " 3,4 ' V, . ,V , . 'X K .k X A his ui , :il x Q' , ,fi ,sa-as " F L 1 5' P' ' ez A r-1 0 X 7 as o h Q it , r ,if - G f ises ,C ,, e ,.,,, K G V: , ?' - t A no - ,, x - QW ' ,gfrwe A -T25 "ef 'f L eg Q, X K sf' K , ff-,,,. x,,l M .ffyw Q .. .,-A X YSQXF.: T, 4 A:,f, eg 'F 15 C Q an Xl , F i fel' 1 53, -. ' rg af ' . R - x . R 'Pee 1 1 ' N ' i New L .1 -- L -iii ' 1 C- f so x J ffl' N-Q 'N . in , 1 W! 1 Bi H i -A, , .., F ,X fs . 1 Q., 5 ,. S ,fm wqa W, . 5 '.-1 ,C--2 if .X . W, 0 Y-lm, M -hai' v. is 5: ,i a Y- -. ff ll!lE , ,..... .,,: f .1.,,.,. wig , , 7, . fi z he ' 1 if ,. C, I C , R - 54-' ' ,, f 43,2 V .j xv? g , ,W A - ,L ,,,- I- L ,Q ka.. wi L r rf ' A -L .jg . , . ta: Y rf V 'Y-1 'M ,P .,. ,, I 1 X, ,sa ' f JFS! 1 f H Eqf afv w,,3ff'f. Ng vffrsfm-:Q-wr'1as::2:-:rsvp -W .. , V. ,,., fl ua i "'h ixiii' we . L ll , Q i . '1giEig, "" tis? - Q. - 1, .. i, it .f , 1, it' , ' K 'H 'V - K " ' iflli-1 51' :IQ , LE 'ggi f i Q S ,U 1 32, . 'Hit ' Q C ' I ' V - ' ' was K ,,,- ,PV I K mfg " 4 -1 1-Q f -- f K , R 9 1 'X 2 K. . ' . s Q, 2' 4 , . z i . . 1 W 4 l i ' ' L'LL" i ,wwf xfgtsww- fm ?fEW '7 1 ' .45 " k l -ff ,Q ' 52 I -L,. L 1 . ive ' " ' V ev , " 1 .A A Q - A " X 635 Qi , fy li ii' 'r" QW? 5 ' ' 45' -up ,I f 1. ' Y H rw L N ,diy ,V . fS?'55H5Y5"' 'if'-2" 333335 . ..., . ' rtiffi-Bam QSEIPYEQ-g? .QW gf 'V' -qs' - .1 55, . . 1 , . Q., H . , . Q ,. .kwa rr ws ' fi ef L.,, ,li . . .a -f f ,, 4 ,gr Q, , ,jizz f-ggigij i f, , L. Aff U' uv ' V fr A. I f., , -H5 -, ,- B ' f e f - . xg - fi. K e .5 ,,, '- .5 rf-Xa, - - disks ..- ,gf ' ggfej- i . f , , 3 'F ii '-tes xt Q, an . . -- W 5 K 1 ' 1 ' .x " ' r '--- ,,L, ifaf Qmafaa , K '.aJaf SQ' ,,: few 1? 1- "' 'T , , . 'A , 5:1 ? . Z Li. ' rl -. , Q 1. N i if . i K gg, L f i r K ini . l ike-'QR - I t . i :L , 4' '. -:' ,. N iii: ., Y F ji I f - as , . 1 ' mga, nga, . ,sms ---fer -,s'l' aq, .5 Va -, me, f .,.,.mga - 1 7 ' - ,. - N -Q, - 1 1- " 1: if-pg 1 -' : 1 - . 11557, , N- f-- V 1. In swf' 'wiiH9Wf ff W, pwg, aw I K I jg, 2 rx if A K x wi . 3,1 'ja 1 4 KS 'R , it -isa-W ' , 4 Qi 1' ' N fgfw ..s Q A L. I 'L , , . ,f i Kg , ' .,,-' ' , , wma aw 'fifllli Q , s-r fb' iif H Sleeping is a favorite class- room activity of junior Larry Lee. Mary Garcia, Sabra Gardiner, Kevin Gardner, George Givens, Michael Gomez, Antoinette Gonzales, Dianna Gonzales, Cynthia Gonzales, Sally Good Marilyn Goodwin, Chris Gor- ham, Glen Graham, Donald Gray, James Garzier, Cas- sandra Gregg, Rebecca Griffin, Robert Grummert, Buddy Guthrie Andres Gutierrez, Irene Gutierrez, Salvador Gutierrez, Sammy Gutierrez, Teresa Gut- ierrez, Mark Haffeman, Barry Hale, Dwight Hall, Jeannine Hall Ma.rily'n Hamilton, Ann Ham- mond, Sandra Hammond, James Harbaugh, Wendell Har- rington, Lou Ann Harshey, Linda Harvey, Mike Harvey, J ess Harwell Patrick Hasenbuhler, Wayne Hatcher, Danny Hays, Vicki Henderson, Debra Ann Hen- dricks, Christine Hendrickson, John Henry, Patty Hemandez, Manuel Herrera Peggy Herrin, Donald Hiles, Barbara Hill, Robert Hi.l.l, Debra Hobart, Donna Hobart, Robert Holguin, Arnold Hol- land, Naomi Holland 169 PIRITED JU IGRS COLLECT MO T Diana Hollingsworth, Marsha Holloway, Phyllis Hooker, Glenda Hoppcs, Paula Hoppes, Steve Houston, Linda Howard, Dean Howes, Randall Huddles- ton Milton Hudman, Jennifer Hud- son, Kimberley Hunter, Patty Irvine, Sam J ackson, Charles James, Vicki Jenkins, Gloria Jimenez, Stcven Johansen Cheryl Johnson, Henry John- son, Penny Johnson, Barbara Jones, Glynn Jones, John Jones, Patricia Joseph, Mike Julian, Gary Kasaya Becky Keifer, Edna Keller, Jimmy Kellun, Grant Kelly, Donna Kessler, Robert Kidd, Patrick King, Roy King, Zoe Kirk. Charles Klobassa, James Klump, Mike Kolhensehlag, Christine Komenda, Steve Kondo, Raymond Konlrust, Danny Kulm, Denise Ladd, Charolette Lamb Tom Lamon, Carl Landers, Andrea Lang, John Larsh, Jeff Latawiec, Renae Law, Stephen Lawless, Nathan Leary, Larry Lee. 170 . S l ' a oaolo f Q on L L 59 W i "f J 51 M A A I ffif K, is wk", o"' 'liz 4 'ara L f lieelo ie-e' r eeer W eer- r - ,gr a M To avr, J ' im C 5 2 f i :V R M L rr, .igrrihilw if X, I PJ - 5 wi' ., is tif: eoa. 'ff Am , e L as f ' i V., r. Nag sg.. M . J i 1, 1 . H J wt. , ,T rx Q il. V-2' 5-'QTL' -1 I BOXES FOR GIGA TIC BO FIRE gn! Boxes, the object of a week-long contest in which juniors were thc victors, were used in the bonfire celebrating the Alamo Tiger's first football game of the season. fi X gg . A VW: ,,,, 1 gs, e.,,eg X41 ff-A L ia fl, M 'BX ,pa ' f ix . . lx fr ,S p , iv " , . ,it, L . All A A tu, E L ' , ., 2" L A 1'4k"! Liv, A k-t. Wil 1 e fa- , A A M ,A,, 11.1, V , t i f 'f+xj4fgi,35gtu1?iA I ,, i 'T v 2 -sf ,A X , fa. .., 1 ' ' fx' z ' in . 'F' , -. el' is gg Mil' .' 'I 9'A"f . -K . XT, . ,. wave 4 is L' ,L , R, k g If ,,,,,k:,, 'sr 5f2T???""V . M ' fl A f ki .w w Q M, 1 , sri, Joanne Lepley, Kathy Lester, james Lewis, Ricky Lewis, Yvonne Leyva, Marsha Lilley, Mariko Link, Larry Lobato, ,I ulene Lomas Nancy Lopez, Peter Lopez, Sam Lopez, Kenneth Lowe, Josephine Luevano, Sheila Lumdie, janet Lunsford, Neva Lusk, Steve Malett Joe Malone, Steve Malone, Dale Ma.nkin, John Marlow, Kathi Marshall, Mike Magda, Marilyn Martell, Armando Martinez, Augustine Martinez Betty Martinez, Linda Mathis, Donna Maupin, Bill Mayton, Charles, MeCamy, Debbie McCandless, Peggy McCaus- land, Amy MeCellan, Linda McCloud Pat McCoy, Gloria McCune, Dean McDougal, Deva McFar- land, Robert McGill, Edward MeKenny, Paul MeKinster, Ted McMurry, Susan McRee James M cSwane, Leonard Meeks, Pam Melton, Roy Messer, Charles Messerli, Timothy Mettlen, Scott Meyer, Jeffrey Miles, Tommy Milladge 171 Cathy Miller, Kathy Miller, Sandra Miller, Tonya Miller, Cathy Milne, Gloria Mirabal, Don Mitchell, Ronald Mitchell, Betty Moncada Dorothy Romero, Mike Montes, Elizabeth Montoya, Patricia Montoya, Janice Moore, Doug Moots, Donnavie Morales, David Morgan, John Morris Alice Morrison, Linda Moses, Dennis Mott, Anne Mourning, Benjamin Moya, Mike Moya, Richard Mueller, Linda Mun- sey, john Myers FIRE DRILL I TERRUPTS D ILY ,f. ,, M...- ra K J " . J., , A fire drill provides a pleasant break for AHS students as they file from the building. Pamela Myers, Pete Najar, Lori Needham, Deborah Nelson, Forrest Nelson, Kent Nelson, Sharyl Nelson, Betty Noriega, Estella Noriega Mary Noriega, Sean Nugent, Robert Nunnery, Linda Ohlinger, Olga Olazaba, Faye Oliver, Stuart Oliver, Martha O'Reilly, Frank Orona Teresa Ortega, Retha Owen, Casey Pack, Jerry Padilla, Sharylyn Painter, Elsie Palm, Travis Parsley, Kathy Pattison, David Peebles 172 4, .,,,,,,,rr . .Q-fe ' -'5 Q , .. wtgoqg .J .. -. 'X as H Y- TIF' Wm--A . v, , as ,,, .s 'W We .. ,, .54 K, X V 1 4 Q u ,. A s Ay, Q Qi, QF, , -, x X x 'ff I 'kffefii " ,, fri I .. -vp -W ,rin-Q.. x we : I I W -4 'Fi ga rv ,mr ,. 'Eg 1 6: 1. r V is I N , y 1 'fx I Q R - - --A - .mms sew- A -s ,li Xu 1 la!! I 'Q ,P Q RW? 7' A , x..:f .t gf is X ' I A , -s Q, i .Y xi l . S3345 -QJMQ 1 1 w ROUTI E FOR O STUDE TS Q4 AD ,, Sharon Pelp, joan Penney, Alma Perez, Cynthia Perry, Donald Perryman, Margaret Peterson, William Phillips, Alfonso Pino, James Pitsch Warren Plante, David Poteete, Kenneth Potulicchio, Bill Powell, Dianne Pratt, Don Price, John Price, Danny Prier, Virginia Proctor Elizabeth Racoosin, Betsy Rambo, Joe Ramirez, Malcolm Ramsey, Michael Ray, Ronnie Raymond, Georgia Reed, Judy Reitzel ..,, V . . ' ' e f'fiffi PM "'-fi5Q3Q- YP P Qigffi' an Terri Rhodes, Mark Riensche, ' Y ,., ff ,,,-ffl! f iii I Clare Riker, Karola Rivers, Xu 4 W Q My i ii' ii , A . Sharon Robertson, David 3, 5 S i ' n r Y' Robson, Ricardo Rodriguez, Il"--' 'fix S - 'EP mf. ' , William Rogers, Dorothy P' A S' . f X - - P A A " Q li Q Romero Q. e reef. ae. . . iq l V , W, 4, A .i .,,,, ,.. . ,1 Egslsmal-y Homo, Lan-y Ross, a S wi ttttt , r ur sms, Charlie Salgado, .R , A , Q Marlene san Miguel, christina 17 ' P? ii' . f . un ' Y ii I it Sanchez, G10I'i2 Sanchez, : 'f:.f' Q 7 4 ,W In Martha Sanchez, Becky Sand- ' y, 4 .S ,.,, ,LA " 1, ers 1 "h-b -g, aff" , f P K I , r "v P P : all 4. f Q . H. r... e NF' ig? 4 P X if , ' -W - ragga-,f , , ,. 1 ,-.,, -fa-, -,:f.f,.-. ,,.. ca., ..,,,, K, S 53 "" 'f'-f-. gi . "" -' , . " - 1 sq, . Srl' 'r ji V Ek! K r . ig? . an gf Q We 7F D' s g,,,,4,H,,,,,mkx X P Qi M, , if Q is ,r iw, 6 .NSR 48. NRE ia? B J 5,2 M. .4 lk David Sanders, George San- ders, Richard Sanders, Shirley Sanders, Susan Sanderson, Teresa Schiefer, Betty Schlensig, Stan Schoenbaum, Jayne Schoenmeyer 173 Billie Scott, Georgie Sedillo, Tmdelle Sellers, Sadie Serna, Steven Sharkey, Peggy Shaw, Steve Sheffer, Debra Shep- perd, Tina Shyne Ed Shoe, lrene Sida, Karin Siddens, Carmen Silva, Evelyn Silva, Lloyd Simon, Charles Simon, Elizabeth Simon, Horace Simon Linda Simon, John Simpson, Pamela Sims, Melissa Skillin, William Sluytcr, Faye Smiley, Betty Smith, Blaen Smith, Charles Smith Dorothy Smith, Edyth Smith, Jan Smith, Kenneth Smith, Shelby Smith, Sheri Smith, Wilmer Soistman, John Spence, jack Sprague Mary Elizabeth Stacy, Dale Stafford, Pat Steel, Betty Ste- vens, Sandye Stevens, Lynda Stewart, Jimmie Stewart, Michael Stolle, Raymond St. Onge Beth Stone, Lyman Stough, Gary Stringer, Christiane Stro- shine, Hilda Subia, ,Ion Sul- livan, Ralph Sweet, Susan Swinsford, Diane Taylor Karen Taylor, Martha Taylor, Charles Telles, Lila Tenney, Stephanie Thames, Larry Thomas, Molly Thomas, Kirby Tillotson, Teresa Tinguely Toon, Abel Torres, Charlotte Torres, Viola Torres, Tom Traff, Vicki Trimm, William Tritthart, Dolores Trujillo, Donald Tucker Brenda Turner, Mike Turri, john Tusing, Lynn Uhring, Steve Ulrich, Theresa Valle, jon Van Dam, Lynn Van jes- sen, Jimmy Van Winkle Madeline Vickrey, Diane Vil. larreal, jimmy Wadyko, Marion Wagner, Wendell Wahl, Lawrence Walker, Steve Wal- ker, Billy Wallace, Mike Wal- ters 174 fs BUM" POSTER DISPLAYS SPIRIT ',--' V V, . 1 if S 1 Q' H ,s V ' I 'Ei 1 -ff--tif' mga my 'as 1- . 1,1-U' A an S ' ., awfet H an ra 1:1 'Q rs' ' . in .AY W . ,gg sir' , . ,ra i if 1 , ldfymifl. . is 1 Q Q a F ,W , my VJ -0 -yaa ,-sf -QJSLSU f 'if V , 5, PM sf Qi-1-i 35 aa lxvxk 1 'lt V, V., V , wa . 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Vg 5 3. , 'V V V, ,V ,,,. ., ,, QV VV V V,:, !V ,. V 'L a 5' :TW P ,gif T . , S 'nf ' l N rw '1 ' 1 .1 '4x'tE2..' W We M , l , Q ,Vg-:s,.i. me 1 . ,V,V,,,,m,,.W,,i ,... , VVVVV T 4 I- F' ,gf 51? ff, ' 'V,, :JW 4 4- 'P 131.5 my gi ,i,,,f'i'i " ,fn X ' Y wif I I "' 4 r ,V FV ' . f 'ilmf A ' i it x W S - Q ref , 2 lm! KK it a , X r A l Coach Dave Vandermolen's classroom is shown decorated in full support of the Tigers. Vandermolen's Blcacher Bums were a full rooting team at the games Us 14 ui me-1 Kay Watkins, Mike Weaver, Paul Webb, Bonnie Weber, Bruce Weber, Cindy Wells, Paul Weska mp, J ames West 9..- :Adi qv-uf James White .Steven White- side Deborah Whitfield, Joe Wilkinson Kenny Williams, Ricky Williamson, ,I eff Willets Ricky Wilson Chet Woods, Charles Woods, Hiawatha Woods Marcia Woods, Patti Woods Linda Wooldridge Erie Wright Karen Yarkosky, James Yee Mike Zagone, Jo Ann Zehr Patty Zufelt, Dwight Zurawski STUDE T RETAKES SPARK GRINS Seniors: Paula Gentry, Susan Hopkins, Alan Norris, Bill Pund x juniors: Pat Armenta, Dennis Avila, Carolyn Bowling, Amber Burch l l i Andrea Coney, Stanley Cox, Patricia Davis, Fred Durham, Curtis Gaylor, Derlene Goslin, Ken Graham, Minnie Graham Tommy Greenwood, Jeanine Gregoire, Carolyn Hampton, Pat Henry 76 PRO JU 10115 A DSENIORS 32, . mug ...l 8 James Candelaria, Manuel Hererra, Edward Schuh, Alfonso Pino, Frank Chavez, and Glen Graham gather at lunch for a few moments of conversation. Students participating in the Youth In Government program listen as Mrs. Frances Fenimore explains part of her work to them. Karen Kraenzlein, Larry Labato, Nancy Larson, Cheri Littell, Patricia Malone Steve McGill, Kim Pringle, Sandra Pirtle, Diane Ricks, Kelton Roberts Leslie Robinson, Blair Amstutz, Richard Arias, Harold Roper, Lucy Sandoval Jerry Shockey, Rose Marie Tannich, Sue Tekell, Bertha Torres, Susan Tripp 177 SCHOOL BOARD, DOCTOR STO ALL, PRINCIPAL, FACULTY, JA ITOR Are: People chosen to teach, to leadg To be respected and to earn respectg To teach students, not classesg And to lead people, Not to do ajob. Above: Members of the School Board, the top branch of the Alamogordo School System, are E. D. McKinley, President, William A. Dunn, Sec- retaryg W. A. Arias, jr., Vice President: Lee L. Peterson, Memberg and Reverend Theodore Holly, Member. The Superintendent of Alamogordo Schools, Dr. Travis Stovall, puts some of his work aside long enough to smile for a photograph. 178 The 69-70 school year was Mr. Dave Newell's first did he see that the school was operated smoothly term as principal of A.H.S, ln his new position, he under all circumstances, but he also spent time fulfilled many important responsibilities. Not only talking to different classes and groups. -...nd J, Ir w-"""' K A.H.S. Vice Principal, Bill Castorena, compares two pages of notes that were placed on his desk. The 69-70 school year is Mr. Castorena's first as Vice Principal of Alamo High. The responsibilities of his job include such activities as diciplinary actions and scheduling. I i. 17 Mr Sidney Bryant, Mrs. Patsy Wright and Mr. Douglas Dillard advise students on courses they should take to hclp them prepare for their goal in life. DARRELL BODE-Social Studies, Boys and Girls State, Senior Class. MAY BRADLEY-IBM. SIDNEY B RY A NT-Counselor. DIANE B U R N E T T-French and Latin, Cheerleaders, International Club, J CL. BILL CASTORENA- Assistant Principal. LA ROSA CHAMBERS-Girls Physical Education, GAA. CAROL CLIPPARD-Humanities, Senior Class. RUTH COBURN-Secretary. GORDON CRAMER-Social Stu- dies, Assistant Football Coach, Jr. Class Council. DONN CURTIS- Mathematics. BILL DAVIS-English, Tiger Trax. JO ANN DAVIS-Business Edu- cation, Rocket. CYNTHIA FULTON-German, Ski Club, Inter- national Club. ERNEST GRANT- Seience and Mathematics, Ham Radio Club. JONNIE HALEY- Business Education. 80 Q is 'il 7' 1 C '-. ll12..ffxi Q s'X 49 M7 c 2 W ., at 5' 'A , K , ,, Vg , p' , 4 . sw pf vi W Za W wx ' IX K . ' - 5 , ,. -653,4 54,3 f.. as 1.: V .Q . fi" Q ,, 1... W" M' L' have ,V i tm. p 11,7-jp.: ',,, 1 f 1 .fr if 4. -1 . 11'i""'1""T1 f 5 fi fn.. J. Q ,, seas ia' ' W. we N 'lu . W I K wwf .fy 2,2 ' A L Q ' Marx 'Pi 5 'lt 4 if " T"f'52- ,Pi 4:-:"' H iv 2-Q gf i+Q ,Q m' - A M V J 3 ' , , fc X , I, fi. if- ' -fff-- S Riff ... ilk 5 :tif 1 625 .1 -EI as-1 an i. 'Hoff Q - Q.. 4: 1' s :H-A, ,Ja x v Fic. '-'aux :-1411572 .f-1' ,, ..-f y-Q3 ' . 3 ,. . 'i 2'i??5'Ef. , 55.2133 - :-1 :fag , 1 P:c3i2.?i'..'. ' -' A .V J - A JMX .N xl. VW.. ,Y 'f as .1--A V , 3 f iff I -1- . ' . I' ziiiwmfifii'25Q?1.if4F2l1PEi kgtg .ea -A iw I i 3. " FN? ' -- Q.. -. . .1-'V 1 .. - ,Q -...rf . -. . K. . A . Yfff- if ia R GEORGE HALL-Spanish, Inter- national Club. HERBERT HAMMOND-Science, Student Council. EUGENE HAYNES- Business Education, FBLA. LINDA HEASLEY-Mathematics, Math Club. JAMES HURLEY-English, FTA. RICHARD JONES-Social Studies. JERRY KOLLER-Social Studies, Assistant Football Coach, Junior Class Council. HOLLY KRONCKE-English. FAYE LEE- English, NHS, Literary Club. PAT- SY LOUDER-Secretary. JULIE IVIAYBEE-Business Edu- cation. JAMES MCDONALD- Science. HELEN MCFADIN- English, Reading. MERLE MILLS-English, FTA. PAT MILLS-Secretary MARY JO MONTGOMERY- Assistant Librarian. ANITA NEWELL-Secretary. DAVE NEWELL-Principal. SHERRY PARDUE-Librarian, Library Club, Pep Club. CATHERINE PRICE- English JUANITA PRICE-English ARTHUREE RICKS-French, Eng- lish, International Club. BARBARA ROBINSON-Social Studies. LUCY ROHOVEC-Science, Home Eco- nomics, Science Club. ERNESTINE SMITH-IBM. CHARLES SOUTHARD-Art. DR. TRAVIS STOVALL- Su perintendent, ETHEL STRODE-Business Education. DON THORP-Music, Chorus. RAYMOND VINCENT-Social Stu- dies. CHRISTIAN WESTPHAL-Speech, English. MARY JAC WHITE- Speeeh, National Forensic Leme. ANNE WILLIS-Business Edu- cation, FBLA. PATSY WRIGHT- Counselor. JOSEPH YOUNGKAMP-Social Studies In- teract Club. 18 PERSONNEL CO RIBUTE TO HS This year the personnel welcomed some new members to their staff. Mrs. Louder performed various secretarial jobs including typing the morning announcements and checking absentee admit slips. Activity direc- tor and Tiger Football coach Erv Mondt was also a new member of this year's personnel staff. Working in the IBM office were Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Bradley. Their job included the handling of report cards and attendance cards. They also helped other schools in the system wi th their attendance records. Our staff of custodians were always on the job and never let anything go unrcpaired. They did everything from changing lights in classrooms to installing panels in hallways. Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Smith keep attendance Mrs. Ruth Cobum answers numerous phone calls in records in order for students and teachers as well. addition to typing reports and preparing deposits. 182 a .0 '.,f IOR REGI TER A D I DEX ADAMS, DONNA: Class Council 143, 144 AGNEW, JENNIFER: Class Council 143, 144 AIVALOTIS, WANDA: 144 ALEXANDER, BEN: 144 ALLEN, DEBRA: FBLA, 144 ALLEN,JIMMY: Band, 144 AMELUNG, RODGER: Ski Club, A Capella, 127, 144 ANDERSON, DENNIS: Football, Basketball, 39, 138, 139, 144 ANDERSON, KAREN: 144 ANDERSON, LONNIE: Band, 144 ANDERSON, ROBERT: Band, Orchestra, 144 ARAGON, KATHRYN: Pep Club, 144 ARCHULETA, DANIEL: 144 ARCHULETA, EVANGELI: 144 ARIAS, WILLIAM: Math Club, Ham Radio Club, Football, Science Club, 32, 87, 144 ARMSTRONG, DEBORAH: Literary Club, 6, 106, 144 ARTERY, DUANE: Band, All-State Band, Orches- tra, 144 ATENCIO, EARL: 144 AUBEL, GARY: 144 AUSEN, TIM: Class Council, 143, 144 AVENA, CONRADO: Band BACA, GLORIA: 144 BAKER, PATRICIA: Literary Club, 76, 77, 144 BARKER, JONELL: 62, 63, 127, 144 BARTLETT, NORMA: 144 BEARCE, MICHAEL: Interact Club, Math Club, Student Council, Class Council, Thespians, Track, 68, 71, 74, 75, 82, 143, 144 BEARDEMPHL, SCOTT: Interact Club, Math Club, NHS, 68, 69, 73, 82, 144 BEASLEYMIACKIE: FHA, 144 BECK, WILLIAM: 67, 144 BEISLEY, PAT: FTA BENCY, MIKE: Rocket Staff BENDER, ANN: NHS, Orchestra, All-State Orches- tra, Treble Choir, 78, 126, 144 BENDER, CINDY: Guidance Council, Treble Choir,144 BESSIRE, CHARLENE: Cheerleader, Guidance Council, 48, 145 BETTS, ANNE: 26, 145 BEYER, ,lOl-IN: 145 184 BIELSTEIN, ASTRID: GAA, Literary Club, Thespians fSec.J, 74, 75, 76, 145, 163 BIER, ROBERT: 145 BIER, WILLIAM: 163 BITTLEMIANET: 145 BLOTH, JACKIE: Senior Class Representative, Girls State fV.P.j, Ski Club fSec.-Treas.j, Student Council, Class Council, Band, All-State Band, 52, 65, 66, 67, 142, 143, 145,156 BLOUNT, KATHARINE: 145 BONNELL, SUZANNE: FHA, Pep Club, 58, 145 BONNER, KAREN: Senior Class Representative, Ski Club, NHS, Student Council, Class Council, 52, 64, 75, 78, 143,145 BORG, NORMA JEAN: 145 BOURBOUN, DOUGLAS: 163 BOWMAN, ROBERT: 39, 145 BOYCE, CAROLYN: GAA, 63,145 BRANCH, DEBORAH: 133,145 BRANCH, WILMA JEAN: Treble Choir, Mixed Choir BRIDGES, GAIL: Girls State fSec.J, NHS fSec.j, Student Council, Class Council, A Capella Choir fTreas.j, 52, 66, 67, 78, 127, 143, 145, 152,156 BROSCOFF, DORIS: GAA, NHS, 62, 63, 78,145 BROWN, CURTIS: Band, 145 BROWN, JIM: Ski Club, Math Club fV.P.j, NHS, Student Council, Class Council, FCA, Football fCaptainj, 32, 34, 35, 68, 69, 78, 90,96, 143,145 BROWN, REXALYN: 145 BRYANT, CHEERIE: 145 BRYANT, PATSY: Literary Club fSec.j, Treble Choir, 126, 146 BRYSON,JOHN: 127 BUIE, GARRY: Band, 146 BURLINGMIAMES: 146 BURNETT, BELTNDA: GAA qulalq, Literary Club fV.P., Assit. Ed.J, 62, 63, 76, 146 BURTON, ARRON: Class Council, 7, 143, 146 BURTON, BARON: Football, 32, 139, 146 BUSBY, PATRICIA: 146 CALDWELL, JEANNINE: Treble Choir fLi- brarianj, 126, 146 CALDERWOOD, ROBERTA: Thespians, Debate Club, 52, 74, 75, 78, 80, 81, 143,146 CAMPBELL, PHILIP: Ham Radio Club, 146 CASILLAS, MARY LOU: FBLA, FHA, GAA, 54, 61, 63, 146 CASTRO, TONY: 146 CAVE, STEPHANIE: 146 CHAPIN, TERENCE: Library Club, 146 CHAVEZ, EDDIE: l46 CLARK,JOE: 146 CLARKE, TOD: Ski Club, I5 CLAYTON, KENNETH: 146 cLlNKscALEs, BRENDA: 146 CLOWER, GARY: 146 COLEMAN, VONEE: Basketball,26,39,146 COLLINS, BRETT: Football, 32,146 COLLUMS, STEPHEN: 146 COMPTON, CAROL: 146 CONNER, DIANE: 131,146 CONTRERAS, AMY: FTA, International Club, Class Council, 56, 143, 146 COOKSON, JANICE: Ski Club, 146 COOPER, RUTHIE: Cheerleader, FTA, Girls State, NHS, Student Council, Class Council, Cadet Teacher, 48, 52, 56, 57, 66, 78, 143,146,161 COPELAND, BILLY: 146 CORBETT, LYNN: 146 CORNETT, HARVEY: Math Club, Basketball, Baseball, 39, 68, 146 COUNTZ, HELEN: FBLA, Guidance Council, Thespians, 146 COVEY, ROBERT: 146 COYAZO,JOHNNY: 147 COYAZO, VINCENT: 146 CRAIG, MIKE: 22, 32, 146 CRAIG, WILLIAM: 146 CRAWFORD, CAROLE. FHA, Ski Club, 60, 147 CRAWFORD, RANDY: 147 CREEK, CAROLYN: Girls State, NHS, 66, 78, DANLEY, LEONA: FHA fV.P.j, 60, 61, 147 DAUGHERTY, CHRISTINE. 147 DEEGAN, FRANCES: 147 DELGADO, ELIZABETH: Band, 147 DEROY, PATRICIA: 147 DIAZ, CHARLES: 147 DIEHL, GUNTHER: 147 DIERS, CAROL: 147 DIXON, DUANE: 147 DOBBYN, MICHAEL: Interact Club, Math Club fPres.j, Chess Club, Science Club, 68, 69, 82, 138, 139,147 DONAWAY. REGINA: 115 DOUGLAS, DONNALEE:26.136.147 DOYLE. DEBBIE: 147 DUNCAN, NIELINDA: Band fHist.J, 147 DUNN. ROBERT: NHS, Golf, 44,147 DURAN. BONNIE: FBLA, FHA fPa.rliamentarianJ, 54, 61, 136, 147 DURAN, VERNA: FHA, International Club, GAA, Tiger Trax, 60, 63, 147 DURNEY, RANDY: NHS qvm, Bend, All-State Band,78,90,148 EDNIONDS, GAIL: FHA fPres.J, 50, 61, 148 ELLIS, ROBERT: International Club, Interact Club, JCL, Math Club, Class Council. 68, 82, 143. 148 ELLISON, THEDA: Senior Class Secretary, FTA, Student Council fSec.J, Class Council, Pep Club fPres.J, Cadet Teacher, 53, 58, 59,143, 148 ERVEN, VIRGINIA: 148 ESTRADA, PHILLIP: 148 FAILE, MARTY: Ham Radio Club, FCA, Foot- ball, Baseball, 28, 32, 148 FENN, SHERRY: Rocket Staff, Treble Choir, 126, 148 FERGUSON, JEAN: 148 FERGUSON, RONALD: Debate Club, Boys State, JCL, 80, 81, 84, 85,148 FINEFROCK, DEBRA: 133,148 FISH, JOHNNIE: FHA, 60,148 FLAUGHER,JOHN: 148 FOGLE. BRIAN: 148 FOLAN, JIM: Band, 148 FORESTER, CAROL: 148 lil?-SSTER, GARY: Ski Club, NHS, 78, 138, 139, FOSTER, WILLIAM: Band, 148 FOUNTAIN, CHARLES: 148 1 FRAZIER, KENNETH: 148 FRITSCH, DAVID: 148 FRYER, WENDY: FBLA, 54, 148 FULLER, TOMMY: Band, All-State Band, 148 FUQUA, RALPH: Ham Radio Club FURPHY, PAUL: 148 GADBERRY, WILLIAM: Football, Orchestra, 32, 14-8 GALLEGOS, MARY: Pep Club, 58, 149 GALLEGOS, MILO: 149 GALLEGOS, TOMMY: 149 GARCIA, CARMEN: 149 GARCIA, FRED: 86 GARCIA, LEONARD: FBLA, FTA, Math Club, Student Council, Class Council, Science Club QStu- dent Council Represcntativej, 56, 68, 143, 149 GARCIA, MARTHA: 149 GARDNER, CAROLYN: 149 GENTRY. KEVIN: Band, 149 GENTRY. PAULA: 26, 176 GILLEN, DANITA: Class Council, 143, 149 GLASGOW, RANDY: 149 GLASS, ROBERT: Ham Radio Club, 87, 149 GODBY, TINA: Class Council, 143,149 GOMEZ, MOLLY: 149 I GOMEZ, RITA: 149 GONZALES, GILBERT: 149 GONZALES,JULIAN: 149 GONZALES, SANTIAGO: International Club, 133,149 GONZALEZ, VICTOR: 149 GORDON, JOHN: Ski Club, Math Club, FCA, Football, 28, 32, 52, 96, 149 GRAHAM, KENNETH: Football, Baseball GRAHAM, MINNIE: Pep Club GRAY, KEITH: Ski Club, FCA, Wrestling, 28, 40, 107,138, 139,149 GRIGGS, RONALD: Boys State, Class Council, FCA, Golf, 44, 67, 143, 149 GUTIERREZ, MIGUEL: 149 GUTKNECHT, STEVE: Class Council, Student Council, Boys State, Thespians, Interact Club, 52, 67, 75, 82, 143, 149, 156, 177 HAGER, SHERRITA: 60, 149 HALL, DWIGHT: Ham Radio Club fSec.J, , A Capella Choir, 87, 127, 150 HALL, LORETTA: Pep Club, 58, 150 HAMMACK, LOUISE: FTA, Cadet Teacher, Band, 56, 150 HARDWELL, WILBERT: Basketball, 38, 39, 150 HARDYMAN, THOMAS: 150 HARGROVE, CAROLYN: FHA, 60, 61, 150 HARGROVE, MIKE: 150 HARRIS, STEPHANIE: 150 HARRISON, SUSIE: 150 HARWELL, JAYNE: International Club fStudent Council Rep.J, Girls State, NHS, Class Council, Band, Orchestra, 52, 66, 72, 78, 150 HENDERSON, CLAY: 150 HENDERSON, KENNETH: 150 HENSLEY, STEVEN: 150 HERRELL, DAIVD: 150 HERRERA, MARY: FTA fV.P.J, Class Council, Cadet Teacher, 56, 150 HILL, SUSAN: FTA, NHS, Cadet Teacher, Orches- tra, All-State Orchestra, A Capella Choir, Treble Choir, 127, 150, 178 HILTON, LARRY: FTA, Cadet Teacher, Thespians, Band fDrum Majorj, A Capella Choir, All-State Chorus, 75, 122, 127, 150 HOFFMAN, DON: Interact Club, NHS, Tennis, Band, All-State Orchestra, 45, 82, 150 HOFFMAN, RICHARD: 150 HOFFMAN, SUSAN: Senior Class Representative, Girls State, Ski Club, Student Council, Class Council, Band, 52, 66, 151 HOLDER, GENE: FHA, Guidance Council, Tiger Trax Staff, 61,104, 151 HOLGUIN, MARIO: Baseball, 151 HOLLAND, CHRIS: 151 HOLLAND, MAv1s1 FTA, Cadet Teacher, Pep Club q'1'feee.y, 56, 53, 151 HOLLIS, GAYLE EN: 151 HOLLY, JEROME: Class Council, FCA, Basket- ball, 37, 39, 90,143,151 HOLLY, LINDA: FHA, GAA, Student Colmcil, Class Council, 52, 61, 63,151 HOMILLER, MICHAEL: Debate Club, 151 HOOKER, JOLYNN: 26, 151 HOPKINS, SUSAN: 26 HORN, CARLA: 151 HOSSELTON, KENT: Ski Club, 138, 139, 151 HOWELL, MIKE: 127, 151 HUDDLESTON, LINDA: 151 HUDMAN, JANET: A Capella Choir, 127, 151 HUMBLE, DENISE: Ski Club, Pep Club, 58, 65, 151 HURST, CONNIE: Girls State, Guidance Council, Class Council, 66, 143, 151 IRBY, DENISE: Band, 151 JACKSON, MARK: Band, Mixed Choir, 151 JAMES, RICKI: 151 JAROUSAK, BILLIE: GAA, 151 JENKINS, JOHN ALAN: 151 JENKINS, JOHN S.: Math Club, NHS, Basketball, Baseball, 39, 68, 78, 151 JENNINGS, JAMES: 151 JOHNSON, REESE: 151 JONDAHL, BREN: 151 JONES, DARLENE: GAA, JCL, NHS, Tiger Trax Staff, Rocket staff, 63, 73, 74, 73, 84, 105, 151 JONES, ROBERT: 151 185 JOSSELYN, DAVID: 151 JOYNER, JOY: FHA JOYNER, SUE: FBLA, 151 JUNE, KIM: 152 KEELIN, JOSEPH: Band, All-State Band, 152 KENNY, JEFF: Ski Club, Ham Radio Club, FCA, Football, Wrestling, Baseball, 28, 32, 40, 138, 152 KING, GARY: A Capella Choir, 152 KOLBENSCHLAG, CHERRY ANN: Cheerleader, NHS, Student Council, Guidance Council, 15, 48, 52, 78, 88, 90, 148,152, 156 KRAEMER, JANET: Guidance Council, 152 KUHN, FRIEDERIKE: NHS, Guidance Council, 78,152 KYTE, VICKIE: Class Council, Literary Club, Rocket Staff fEdito1-J, 105, 143,152 LAMPANO, NANCY: Ski Club LANDERS, JOE: 152 LEBOWITZ, SHARON: GAA fV.P.J, 63, 138,152 LEE, CONNIE: FBLA, Treble Choir, 54, 152 LEE, DON: 152 LEE, JACKSON: FBLA, Library Club, A Capella Choir, 55, 85, 152 LEE, MILDRED: 126 LEFTWICH, JUDY: Class Council, 152 LESLIE, EARL: Football, FCA, NHS, 22, 28, 32, 34, 35, 78, 152 LIGHT, PATRICIA: Ski Club, 152 LOEWEN, JOHN: 152 LUCERO, RICHARD: 152 LUCERO, SALLY: 152 LUTEYN, EVE: FTA, Cadet Teacher, Guidance Council, Band, All-State Band, Orchestra, 56, 152 LUX, MARIE: Ski Club, A Capella Choir, 126, 153 MAJOR, DENISE: 153 MALETT, JERRY: 153 MALONE, DOROTHY: 153 MARINELL, BILLY: Track, 153 MARQUARDT, DEBBIE: Senior Class Representa- tive, FTA, Cadet Teacher, Student Council, Class Council, 52, 56, 143, 153, 154 MARQUEZ, INEZ: FHA, International Club, 153 MARRUJO, ROBERT: 153 MARTIN, PAUL: Library Club, Tiger Trax Staff, 85, 153 MARTIN, ROBERT: 153 MATHERS, DONALD: 153 MAYNEZ, ALEJANDRO: 153 MAYTON,JAMES: 153 186 MCBRIDE, TREVA: 153 MCCLUNG, KATHY: 153 MCDONALD, DANNY: 153 MCDONALD, NANCY: FTA, Pep Club, 27, 56, 58,153 MCDONALD, PENNE: Sky Club, 153 MCGOVERN,JAMES: 153 MCKENZIE, JAMES: 127, 153 MCLAUGHLIN, DAVID: 67,153 MCMURRY, GEORGE: 153 MCMURRY, TOM: Boys State, FCA, Football, 28, 67, 153, 156, 176 MCNEAL, WILMA: FTA, Cadet Teacher, GAA, Class Council, 56, 63, 75, 107, 153,158 MCNEESE, MARY ANN: Senior Class Representa- tive, Ski Club, 22, 64, 76,153 MEEKS, NANCY: 153,154 MELENDREZ, CLARA: FHA, Pep Club, 153 MELENDREZ, FRANKIE: Football, Wrestling, 153 MERRITT, ROBERT: 153 MESSAL, TERRY: 149, 153 MESSER, LAURA: 153 MEYER, MARCIA: JCL, NHS, Class COUIICII, Pep Club, 58, 71, 78, 84, 94, 117, 143, 153 MEYER, MINDY: FHA, Treble Choir, 126, 153 MILLADGE, CHARLES: 139, 153 IVIILLER, CHRISTINA: NHS, 153 MILLER, CINDY: GAA, 63, 75, 154,158 MILLER, LEONARD: A Capella Choir, 127, 154 IVIILLER, SUZANNE: FBLA, GAA, Class Council, 52, 54, 63, 90, 154, 157,158 MILNE, DAVID: 154 MILNE, DENNIS: 154 MIRABAL, BARBARA: 154 IVIIRABAL, IDA: Tiger Trax Staff, 154 IVHSQUEZ, ANGIE: 154 IVIISQUEZ, LUCY: 154 MITSDARFFER,JOYCE: 154 MIYAGASHIMA, MIKE: 154 IVIIYAKI, RONALD: 155 MODISETTE, JANET: Literary Club, 154 MONCADA, FRANK: Football, Wrestling, 154 MOON, MARSHA: 154 MOORE, DOUGLAS: Thespians, Literary Club fPres.j, Tiger Trax Staff, 75, 76, 154 MOORE, RICHARD: Track, Band fV.P.J, Orches- tra, All-State Orchestra, 155 MORGAN, BECKY: 155 MORGAN, DOUGLAS: Interact Club, Math Club, NHS, Tennis, Band, All-State Band, Orchestra, 45, 82, 149, 155. MORRELL, CANDY: 155 MORRISON, CHERlz Ski Club fPres.J, 155 MOSLEY, BRENDA: 155 MOYER, ROBERT: FCA, Baseball, 22, 47, 155 MUNCE, VALERIE: 128, 155 MURPHY, MICHAEL: Class Council, Chess Club, FCA, Football, 28, 32, 86, 155 MYERS, DEBRA: FTA, Cadet Teacher, 56 NEWELL, DAVID: Debate Club, Boys State, Interact Club, NHS, Student Council, 19, 53, 67, 80, 81, 82, 83, 155 NEWELL, ED: Debate Club, Boys State, Interact Club, NHS, Student Council, 52, 67, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83,155 NEWQUIST, LAVONNE: 155 NICHOLSON, DAVID: International Club, Ski Club, Science Club, 76 NOLEN, STEVE: 155 NORRIS, ALLEN: Debate Club, Interact Club, Math Club, Student Council, Thespians, Chess Club fScc.-Treas. and Student Council Repj, Cross Country, Tennis, 22, 45, 52, 75, 80, 82, 86 NORRIS, SHIRLEY: Pep Club, Mixed Choir, 58, 127 NORTEIGA, GEORGE: Debate Club, Literary Club, 155 NUTTALL, WILLIAM: 155 O'BRIEN, ELIZABETH: FTA, Cadet Teacher, NHS, 56,155 OGBORN, SUZANNE: Ski Club, 155 OLAZABA, ILDA: 155 ORONA, TONY: 134, 155 ORR, BILLIE: FTA, Literary Club, Cadet Teacher, 56, 156 ORR, DAVID: Ski Club, Football, 32, 156 ORTEGA, ROBERT: 156 OSBORN, REX: 156 OWEN, GAYLE: FBLA fV.P.J, 54, 156 OWENS, ANNE: JCL, 156, 162 PADOVEN, MARILYN: 156 IIQCPPAS, TOMMY: Football, Wrestling, Track, 32, PARASICH, ANNA: 156 PARRA, GILBERT: 155 PATTON, PATRICIA: FHA, 156 PENNEY, JARY: 156 PERRY, DEBORAH: FHA, Pep Club, 5B,5O,156 SMILEY, PAULA: 160 PERRY, PRESTON: 156 PERRY, SYLVIA: Gi.rls State, Ski Club, Student Council, Class Council, Thespians, Band, 52, 66. 156 PERRYMAN, KATHY: FBLA, 156 PETREE, JEARL: 107, 156 PETTY, JUANITA: FTA, Intemational Club fV.P.J, Pep Club, Cadet Teacher, Band, All-State Band, Orchestra, 72, 156 PEYTON, LINDA: 156 PHILLIPS, EMMA: Foreign Exchange Student, International Club, 93, 156 PHILLIPS, JODY: FBLA, FTA, Thespians, Pep Club fLine Leaderj, Orchestra, All-State Orchestra, 27, 54, 56, 58, 157 PIEDRA, CHRISTINA: FBLA, FHA, 54, 61, 157 PIEDRA, LOUISA: FBLA, FHA fTreas.J, 54, 61, 157 PIERCE, BARBARA: 157 PIRTLE, MIKE: 157 PLOWMAN, MARK: A Capella Choir, All-State Choir, 127, 157 POIST, JOSEPH: Science Club, 157 POTEETE, STEVE: 157 PRATT, CHARLES: 157 QUICK, MARIAN: 157 QUINONES, MAGDALENA: International Club, Ski Club, Mixed Choir, 127, 157 RAGSDALE, BILLY: Chess Club, Tiger Trax Staff, Wrestling, Golf, Band, 157 RANKIN, NORMAN: 157 RARDIN, DONNY: FTA, Cadet Teacher, 157 RATLIFF, GLORIA: FTA, NHS, Guidance Coun- cil, 56, 157 RAY, RANDY: Class Council, Football, Baseball, 32, 34, 47, 143, 157 REDER, FRANZ: 157 REED, BILL: Senior Vice-President, Student Council, Class Council, Football, Baseball, 32, 143, 157 REED, BRUCE: 143, 157 REISING, DEBORAH: 158 RENTERIA, MANUEL: Band, 158 RENTSCHLER, RONALD: Interact Club fTreas.J, Ski Club, Math Club fProgram Chairj, NHS, Student Council, Class Council, T hespians 1 Student Council Repj, 52, 68, 69, 74, 75, 82, 143, 158 REYES, JUANITA: 158 REYES, MANUEL: 158 RHEA, MARY: 158 RHODES, KENDELL: International Club, JCL, Student Council, Science Club, 52, 84, 158 RIEL, MARIAN: Literary Club, 76, 158 RIVERA,JOSE: 158 ROA, IRENE: FTA, Cadet Teacher, 56,158 ROBERTS, CAROL: 158 RODRIGUEZ, YOLANDA: 158 ROGERS, GAIL: Literary Club, Tiger Trax Editor, 104, 158 ROLES, CAROLYN: FTA, Cadet Teacher, GAA, Ski Club, 158 ROLLO, LINDSAY: Foreign Exchange Student, Interact Club, Student Council, 29, 83 ROMAN, REYNE: Basebau, 46, 47, 158 ROPER, RONNIE: 158 Ross, REYNA1 JCL, Pep Club, 58, 153 ROTTMAN, HOPE: 158 ROWLAND, LEE: Football, 153 RUDY, PATRICIA: Student Council, Class Coun- cil, Science Club fl"res.j, 52, 70, 71, 143, 158 SALGADO, FRANKIE: 158 SANCHEZ, DOLORES: FBLA fStudent Council Rep.J, Student Council, Class Council, 52, 66, 106, 143, 158 SANCHEZ, ISHMAEL: FBLA, Boys State, Math Club, NHS, Student Council, Science Club, 52, 54, 67, 68, 71 , 78, 158 SANCHEZ, MARGIE: 158 SANCHEZ, RAMONA: FHA, FTA, Tiger Trax and Rocket Photographer, 105, 159 SANCIIEZ, SELESTINO: 159 SANDERS, RONALD: Interact Club, Library Club, Math Club, NHS, Cadet Teacher, Band, All-State Orchestra, 78, 82, 159 SANDOVAL, JOE: 71, 159 SANDOVAL, VICKY: 159 SAULNIER, MARCIA: 96, 159 SQEIJVE, GERALD: Ham Radio Club fPres.j, 87, SAYGER, RUTH ANN: FHA, Class Council, Tiger Trax Staff, 51, 61, 159 SAYLOR, MICHAEL: Interact Club, Ski Club, Math Club, NHS, Student Council, Baseball, 52, 69, 78, 159 SCHOTTER, MICHAEL: 159 SCHULER, CLARENCE: 159 SCOBY, DIANE: NHS, Treble Choir, 78, 126, 159 SECREST, MARSHA: Treble Choir, 126, 159 SEDILLO, FRED: 159 SEDILLO, TONY: 159 SHAFER, JAN: 127 SHAW, CHARLOTTE: Fl-lA, FTA fPres.j, Cadet Teacher, Pep Club, 56, 57, 159 Sl-IEPPARD, MICHAEL: 159 SHEPPERD, GARY: Band, 159 SHERMAN, DANNY: International Club, Ski Club, Student Council, Class Council, 52, 143, 159 SIIIPMAN, JACK: Senior Parliamentarian, Boys State, Interact Club, Student Council, Band, 52, 67, 82, 159 SHORTER, JANICE: FBLA, 54, 159 SILVA, ALBERT: 159 SILVA,JOHNNY: 160 SILVA, LYDIA: FHA, 61, 160 SILVIS, PATTI: Ski Club, 26, 65, 160 SISNEROS, ROBERT: 160 SKEENS, PATRICIA: FBLA, International Club, 72, 160 SMITH, CAROLYN: Girls State, Band, 66, 160 SMITH, DANNY: 160 SMITH, DEBORAH: Treble Choir, 126, 160 SMITH, GWENDOLYN: Class Council, Student Council, Mixed Choir, 52, 127, 143, 160 SMITH, JAMES: 160 SMITH, SMITH, SIVIITH, SMITH, SIVIITH, LAVONNE: FHA, 61, 160 LINDA: 160 LOUISE: Pep Club, 160 RYOKO: 160 TOM: Ski Club, Band, 160 SNELL, RICHARD: 160 SNODGRASS, KIM: 160 SPECK, CRAIG: Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Baseball, 160 STALEY, CHRIS: 160 STANSFIELD, GARY: 160 STEPHENS, NANCY: 160 STEWART,JO NELL: NHS, 160 STONE, BECKY: FHA, JCL, Class Council, Pep Club, 58, 60, 84, 85, 160 STONE, PHYLLIS: 160 STRODE, SUSAN: Debate Club, FBLA, Girls State, Girls Nation, NHS fParliamentarianJ, Stu- dent Council, Guidance Cowicil, Band, All-State Band, 52, 66, 78, 80, 95, 97, 156, 160 SUCI-UVA, SONGSUK: Foreign Exchange Stu- dent, 92, 129 SUMRALL, GLENDA: 160 SUMRALL, RHONDA: FTA, Cadet Teacher, NHS, 160 SUTTON, TOM: Intematioanl Club, Interact Club, NHS, 78, 82, 117, 160 SWEET, BECKY: 138, 139, 160 SWIFT, DENNIS: FCA fV.P.J, cross emmay fcapuiny, Track, 5, 28, 42, 138, 139, 160 187 THORSON, ROD: Literary Club, A Capella Choir, TAPIA, ABE: Wrestling, 161 TAYLOR, PHILLIP: Thespians, Orchestra, All- State Orchestra, A Capella Choir, 75, 127, 161 TEASLEY, KENNETH: 161 TELLER, LORRAINE: FBLA, Band, 54 TELLES, GLORIA: 163 TERRELL, WILLIAM: FTA, Cadet Teacher, Class Council, 143, 161 THOMPSON, NEVA: 161 127, 161 TINGUELY, ROBERT: 161 TODD, ANN: FTA, Ski Club, Thespians, 161 TOOHEY, TOM: FCA, Football, Wrestling, 28, 40 134, 161 TOOKE, JOHN: 161 TOON, MICHAEL: 161 TORRES, ANTONIO: 92, 162 TORRES, DAVID: 32, 161 TORRES, EVA: 161 TORRES, JUSTIN: 45, 52, 56, 71 TORRES, LARRY: FBLA, FTA, Cadet Teacher Student Council, Chess Club, Tennis, Science Club 86 TORRES, MARTHA: 161 TORREZ, BOBBY: 162 TRYON, PATTI: Band 123, 126, 138, 139, 162 Abbitt, Catherine: 166 Addleman, Janice: 166 Albro, Debra: 166 Allen, Deborah: 166 Alsup, Deborah: 75, 166 Anderson, David: 166 Majorette, Treble Choir, Anderson, Debbie: 58, 166 Anderson, Elisa: 166 Anderson,James: 166 Arias, Richard: 32 Armendariz, Primitiv: 72, 165, 166 Armsfrong, Michael: 166 Artiaga, Henry: 135 Austin, Danon: 166 Avants, Ronald: 166 Avila, Dennis: 32 Barker, David: 85, 127, 166 Barnes, Ray: 166 Barr, John: 166 Bartlett, Jerry: 127, 133, 166 Bartlett, Norma: 166 Batten, Terry: 166 188 1 a v VAIL, BRUCE: Interact Club, JCL, Math Club fTreas.J, Literary Club, 68, 84, 162 VALLE, ARTHUR: Ski Club, 65, 162 VAN DEREN, BRENDA: Pep Club, 58, 162 VAN FLEET, KATHY: 162 VAN WINKLE, JIMMY: 162 VANDERPOT, PAUL: 162 VIZCAINO, MARY LOU: FBLA fPres. and State Sec.J, Girls State, NHS, 54, 66, 67, 78, 162 WADE, STELLA: FBLA fRep.J, 54, 162 WADLEY, MARK: Boys State, Class Council, Ham Radio Club, 67, 143, 162 WAGNER, JIM: Cadet Teacher, 113, 162 WAHL, REX: Chess Club fPres,j, 86, 162 WAHL, ROBERT: 162 WALDON, ROBERT: FTA, Cadet Teacher, Stu- dent Council, Thespians, Literary Club fCopy Editorj, Tiger Trax Ass't. Sponsor, Tiger Beat, 28, 56, 75, 76, 162 WALDREP, JUDI: Senior Class Representative, International Club, Girls State, Student Council fCorr. Sec.J, Class Council, 53, 66, 72, 90, 111, 162, 163 WALKER, REGINA: 162 WALLACE, WANDA: FBLA, 54, 162 WALLIN, KENT: Ham Radio Club, 162 WARD, JUDYE: Debate Club, Thespians, Mixed Choir, 162 WATKINS, BEA: Treble Choir fSec.J, 126 WEEKS, JOHN: 162 IOR I Beasley, Margaret: 76, 77, 166 Beckman, Charles: 166 Bellows, Ione: 58, 166 Benitez, Sarah: 110, 166 Beyler, Paula: 166 Black, Patty: 127, 166 Blackwell, Harry: 166 Bloom, Nancy: 166 Blount, Robert: 166 Bodwell, Elizabeth: 166 Bolles, Brian: 42, 166 Bormell, George: 166 Bonner, Viki: 116, 166 Borchik, Albert: 28, 32, 34, 35, 40, 91, 166 Borgeson, Robert: 45, 52, 82, 122, 166 Borunda, Diana: 166 Bouma, Bobby: 166 Bouten, Gregg: 166 Bowen, Patsy: 166 Box, Earl: 166 WELDON, CHRISTINE: Science Club, 71, 162 WELLS, MIKE: 162 WESKAMP, PEGGY: Band, 162 WEST, JAMES: 163 WHEELER, SUSAN: NHS, Orchestra fPres.j, All- State Orchestra, 78, 163 WHITE, KAY: Pep Club, 58, 163 WHITNEY, MARY: 163 WILLIAMS,JAMES: 163 WILLIAMS, ROBERT: 163 WILLITS, JEAN: FHA fStudent Council Rep.J Student Council, Tiger Trax Staff, Rocket Staff 52, 53, 60, 61, 104,163 WITTENBURG, JERRI: FHA fSec.j, 60, 163 WOLFE, MARY ELLEN: FBLA, Band, 54, 163 WOOD, HELEN: Band, 163 Q WOODARD, MELETA: 163 WORLEY, JUDY: FBLA, 54, 163 WRIGHT, Jo ANNE: Rocket Staff, 163 YOUNGBLOOD, DIANE: JCL, 163 ZAGONE, MARY: Thespians, A Capella Choir 127, 163 ZAMORA, IRMA: 163 ZAMORA, RICKEY: 163 ZAMORA, YOLANDA: Class Council, Pep Club 163 ZIMMERLE, KLAD: Class Council, 143, 163 DEX Bradley, Rowland: 166 Branch, Linda: 166 Branch, Velma: 127, 166 Brantley, Darrell: 32, 47, 166 Brantley, Gerald: 28, 166 Braswell, John: 4, 166 Bnemner, Georgia: 126, 166 Brown, Demiisc 166 Brown, Marvinell: 58, 63, 166 Brown, Wayne: 166 Brownfield, George: 32, 34 Brusuelas, Carlos: 166 Burton, Judi fBlackj: 7, 166 Butler, Forest: 166 Byers, Charles: 166 Campbell, Fara: 166 Campbell, Vicky: 58, 59, 127, 167 Campino, Nancy: 167 Candelaria, James: 130, 167, 176 Candelaria, Larry: 167 Cantrell, William: 167 Carabajal, Willie: 167 Q a Q Cardell, Judith: 167 Carl, Alan: 28, 42, 167 Carmiencke, Scott: 167 Cerny, Michael: 167 Chamberlain, Charlt: 167 Ricardo: l 67 Chavez Chavez, Chavez Chavez Chavez Chavez, Albert: 167 Albert D.: 167 Frank: 119, 167, 176 Louis: 167 , Renee: 127,167 Lowe, Chavez, Teddy: 167 Chesanek, Deborah: 167 Chrisman, Steven: 167 Christensen, Jodie: 76, 167, 177 Clapp, Stuart: 167 Clark, Mary: 63, 167 Clifford, Annabel: 126, 167 Clump, Janice: 167 Coates, Sheree: 131, 167 Cocciardi, Mary: 167 Cochran, Rebecca: 167 Cole, Rufus: 32, 167 Coleman, Mary: 165, 167 Colmenero, Salvador: 167 Compton, Wade: 167 Contreras, Eddie: 134, 167 Cookson, Albert: 167 Coonts, Russell: 167 Coyazo, Alvino: 167 Craig, Maggie: 26, 167 Crimmins, Daniel: 167 Crimrnins, Donna: 84, 85, 167 Crow, Lawrence: 167 Crumley, Paula: 167 Cuellar, Phillip: 167 Daley, William: 32, 167 Dalton, Mary Ann: 167 Daniel, James: 109, 167 Daniel, William: 167 Daugherty, Ernest: 167 Davis, Helen: 167 Davis, Rick: 167 Davis, Rose: 167 Decker, Ardith: 167 Deese, Susan: 56, 58, 59, 167 Delgado,Jimmy: 167 Denton, D Ann: 167 DeRoy, Kathy: 58, 167 Delanoy Spence: 168 Dewey, David: 168 De Wolf, Irah: 135, 168 Dixon, Robert: 168 Dockray, Ralph: 168 Dodd, Dennis: 168 Dodson, Patricia: 168 Donaldson, Ardine: 111, 168 Donalson, Ricky: 45, 168 Douglas, Judy: 58, 63, 168 Douglas, KLu't: 168 Downs, Laura: 168 Drewett, Vivian: 52, 165, 168 Dryden, Tina: 53, 72, 168, 177 Dugan, Diane: 168 Dtmlap, Jeannine: 27, 165, 168 Dunlop, Jane: 52, 62, 91, 110, 117, 165, 167, 168 Duran, David: 168 Duran, Emest: 168 Durham, David: 168 Edwards, Susan: 72, 168 Ellinger, Georgina: 54, 168 Elliott, Patti: 123, 168 Ellis, Charles: 45, 76, 168 Ellis, John: 168 Elston, Bobbie: 71, 168 Erven, Brenda: 168 Evans, David: 28, 42, 168 Farr, Debra: 168 Feldbusch, Dolores: 168 Felton, George: 168 Fenn, Mark: 32, 133, 168 Ferguson, Cheryl: 52, 165, 168 Ferguson,Joe: 168 Fish, Donny: 168 Fish, Ronny: 168 Flaugher, Gail: 168 Flores, Adelaide: 168 Foster, Diane: 127, 168 Foster, Paul: 168 Frazier, Charles: 32, 168 Freeman, Herman: 168 Freutel, Michael: 168 Fulmer, Mike: 168 Ftumidge, Barbara: 168 Furphy, Margaret: 60, 127 Gallagher, Patricia: 84, 168 Gallegas, Rosy: 126, 168 Gallegos, George: 168 Gallegos,Joe: 76, 168 Galindo, Maria: 168 Gamboa,'Patricia: 168 Gappa, John: 40, 168 Garcia, Acencio: 168 Garcia, Linda: 168 Garcia, Mary: 58, 169 Gardiner, Sabra: 85, 169 Gardner, Kevin: 127, 169 Givens, George: 28, 42, 117, 169 Gomez, Michael: 169 Gonzales, Ana Maria: 127, 138 Gonzales, Antoinette: 169 Gonzales, Dianna: 169 Gonzalez, Cynthia: 169 Good, Sally: 169 Goodwin, Marylin: 169 Gorham, Chris: 169 Goslin, Derlene: 85 Graham, Glen: 169, 176 Gray, Donald: 169 Grazier, James: 169 Gregg, Cassandra: 61, 169 Gregoire, Jeanine: 74, 75, 78 Griffin, Rebecca: 169 Grummert, Robert: 169 Guthrie, Buddy: 28, 32, 169 Gutierrez, Andres: 169 Gutierrez, Irene: 169 Gutierrez, Salvador: 169 Gutierrez, Sammy: 169 Gutierrez, Teresa: 169 Haffeman, Mark: 169 Hale, Barry: 169 Hall, Dwight: 127, 169 Hall, Jeannine: 56, 58, 169 Hamilton, Marilyn: 169 Hammond, Ann: 48, 56, 72, 169 Hammond, Sandra: 169 Harbaugh, James: 169 Harrington, Wendell: 169 Harshey, Lou Ann: 169 Harvey, Linda: 169 Harvey, Mickel:'169 Harwell, Jess: 169 Hasenbuhler, Patrick: 169 Hatcher, Wayne: 28, 32, 40, 169 Hays, Danny: 11, 28, 32, 40, 169 Henderson, Vicki: 169 Hendricks, Debra: 169 Hendrickson, Christine: 84, 169 Henry,John: 32, 40, 169 Henry, Patrick: 128 Hernandez, Patty: 63, 169 Herrera, Manuel: 36, 39, 169, 176 Herrin, Peggy: 85, 169 Hiles, Donald: 169 Hill, Barbara: 138, 169 Hill, Robert: 84, 85, 111, 169 Hobart, Debra: 52, 58, 169 Hobart, Donna: 52, 58, 72, 169 Holguin, Robert 169 Holland, Amold: 169 Holland, Naomi: 127, 169 Hollinsworth, Diana: 170 Holloway, Marsha: 58, 63, 170 Hooker, Phyllis: 56, 60, 170 Hoppes, Paula: 170 Hoppes, Glenda: 84, 170 Houston, Steve: 170 Howard, Linda: 51, 126, 170 Howes, Dean: 28, 40, 170 Huddleston, Randall: 71, 86, 170 Hudrnan, Milton: 170 Hudson, Jennifer: 58, 71, 170 Hunter, Kimberley: 68, 75, 80, 81, 170 Irvine, Patty: 58, 170 Jackson, Sam: 170 James, Charles: 87, 170 Jenkins, Vicki: 60, 170 Jimenez, Gloria: 170 Johansen, Steven: 70, 71, 86, 87, 170 Johnson, Cheryl: 170 Johnson, Henry: 170 Johnson., Penny: 170 Jones, Barbara: 165, 170 Jones, Emma: 165 Jones, Glynn: 170 Jones,John: 170 Joseph,'Patricia: 170 Julian, Mike: 127, 170 Keller, Edna: 25, 52, 165, 170 Kellum, Jimmy: 71, 170 Kelly, Grant: 170 Kessler, Donna: 126, 110, 170 Kidd, Robert: 170 Kiefer, Rebecca: 110, 127, 170 King, Patrick: 134, 170 King, Roy: 32, 40, 165, 170 Kirk, Zoe: 170 Kissiah, Gary: 45, 87, 170 Klobassa, Charles: 170 Klump, James: 39, 170 Kohlrust, Raymond: 170 Kolhenschlag, Michael: 28, 40, 52, 170 Komenda, Chris: 170 Kondo, Steven: 170 Kranzlein, Karen: 60 Kuhn, Danny: 170 Ladd, Denise: 117, 170 Lamb, Charolette: 170 La Mon, Tom: 170 Landers, Carl: 170 Lang, Andrea: 72, 73, 74, 75, 170 Larsh, John: 165, 170 Larson, Nancy: 75 Latawiec, Jeffrey: 170 Law, Re Nae: 170 Lawless, Stephen: 170 Leary, Nathan: 135, 170 Lee, Larry: 169, 170 Leighty, Laura: 126 Lepley, Joanne: 52, 165, 171 Lester, Lewis, Lewis, Leyva, Kathleen: 108, 116, 171 James: 171 Ricky: 171 Yvonne: 171 Lilley, Marsha: 60, 171 Link, Mariko: 171 Lobato, Larry: 171 Lomas, Julene: 171 Lopez, Nancy: 165, 171 Lopez, Peter: 171 Lopez, Sam: 171 Kenneth: 171 Luevano,Josephine: 171 Lundie, Sheila: 171 Lunsford, Janet: 52, 171, Lusk, Neva: 63, 108, 116, 171 Malett, Steven: 171 Malone,Joe: 165, 171 Malone, Patricia: 58 Malone, Steve: 171 Mankin, Dale: 171 Marlow, John: 45, 68, 70, 71, 171 Marshall, Katherine: 171 Martell, Marilyn: 56, 71, 171 Martinez, Armando: 171 Martinez, Augustine: 171 Martinez, Betty: 171 Mathis, Linda: 171 Maupin, Donna: 171 Mayton, Bill: 119, 171 McCamy, Charles: 171 McCandless, Debra: 110, 171 McCausland, Margaret: 72, 84, 171 McClellan, Amy: 76, 171 189 McCloud, Linda: 171 McCoy, Patrick: 171 McCune, Gloria: l71 McDougal, William Dean: 171 McFarland, Deva: 126, 133, 171 McGill, Robert: 171 McKenney, Edward: 171 McKinster, Paul: 171 McLean, Starla: 126 McMurry, Ted: 32, 35, 171 McRee, Susan: 171 McSwane, james: 171 Meeks, Leonard: 171 Melton, Pamela: 52, 165, 171 Messcr, Roy: 171 Messerli, Charles: 171 Mettlen, Timothy: 171 Meyer, Scott: 171 Miles, Jeffrey: 171 Milladge, Tommy: 26, 91, 164, 165, 171 Miller, Kathy: 172 Miller, Sandra: 172 Miller, Tonya: 172 Milne, Catherine: 127, 172 Mirabal, Gloria: 172 lVlitchell, Don: 127, 172 Mitchell, Ronald: 172 Miyagishima, James: 45 Moncada, Betty: 172 Montes, Michael: 172 Montoya, Elizabeth: l72 Montoya, Patricia: 172 Moore, Janice: 70, 71, 172 Moots, Stewart: 172 Morales, Donnavie: 172 Morgan, David: 172 Morris, John: 32, 172 Morrison, Alice: 56, 58, 172 Moses, Linda: 56, 72, 172 Mott, Dennis: 172 Mourning, Anne: 172 Moya, Benjamin: 134, 172 Moya, Michael: 172 Mueller, Richard: 172 Munsey, Linda: 123, 172 Myers, john: 172 Myers, Pamela: 172 Myles, Yvonne: 127 Najar, Pete: 172 Needham, Lori: 126, 172 Nelson, Deborah: 172 Nelson, Forrest: 172 Nelson, Kent: 172 Nelson, Sharyl: 172 Noriega, Betty: 172 Noriega, Estella: 172 Noriega, Mary: 172 Nugent, Sean: 28, 32, 172 Nurmery, Robert: 172 Ohlinger, Linda: 56, 172 Olazaba, Olga: 172 Oliver, Faye: 126, 172 O,reilly, Martha: 56, 72, l72 Orona, Frank: 172 Ortega, Teresa: 63, 165, 172 Owen, Retha: 172 Pack, Casey: 119, 172 Padilla, jerry: 172 Painter, Sharlyn: 172 Palm, Elsie: 172 Parsley, Travis: 71, 75, 172 Pattison, Kathryn: 72, 127, 172 Peebles, David: 172 Pelp, Sharon: 173 Penney, Joan: 173 Perez, Alma: 127, 165, 173 Perry, Cynthia: 173 Perryman, Donald: 173 Peterson, Margaret: 58, 74, 75, 173 Phillips, William: 173 Pino, Alfonso: 32, 173, 176 Pirtle, Sandra: 60, 61 Pitsch,james: 173 Plante, Warren: 173 Poteete, David: 173 190 Potolicchio, Kenneth: 173 Powell, Bill: 173 Pratt, Price, Dianne: 173 Donald: 173 Pricc,John: 107, 173 Prier, Danny: 134, 173 Proctor, Virginia: 173 Racoosin, Elizabeth: 173 Rambo, Betsy: 127, I73 Ramirez, joe: 173 Ramsey, Malcolm: 68, 173 Ray, Michael: 173 Raymond, Ronnie: 173 Reed, Georgia: 173 Reitzel,,Iudy: 173 Rhodes, Terri: 173 Riensche, Mark: 173 Riker, Clare: 52, 56, 84, 173 Rivers, Karola: 173 Robertson, Sharon: 127, I73 Robson, David: 28, 173 Rodriguez, Ricardo: 173 Rogers, William: 76, 173 Romero, Dorothy: 173 Romero, Dorothy V.: 61 Romo, Rosemary: ,I73 Ross, Larry: 173 Salas, Arthur: 32, 119, 173 Salas, Freddy: 45 Salgado, Charlie: 173 San Miguel, Marlene: 173 Sanchez, Christina: 173 Sanchez, Gloria: 54, 173 Sanchez, Martha: 173 Sanchez, Rose: 56 Sanders, Becky: 173 Sanders, David: 173 Sanders, George: 118, 173 Sanders, Richard: 173 Sanders, Shirley: 126, 173 Sanderson, Susan: 173 Schiefer, Teresa: 110, 173 Schlensig, Betty: 173 Schoenbaum, Stan: 173 Sdioenmeyer, Jayne: 173 Schuh, Edward: 176 Scott, Billie: 127, 174 Sedillo, Georgie: 174 Seller, Trudelle: 165, 174 Serna, Sadie: 174 Sharkey, Steven: 174 Shaw, Peggy: 174 Sheffer, Steve: 174 Shepperd, Debra: 174 Shyne, Tina: 8, 48, 174 Sida, Irene: 25, 174 Siddens, Karin: 174 Silva, Carmen: 174 Silva, Evelyn: 60, 61, 126, 165, 174 Silva, Lloyd: 174 Simon, Elizabeth: 58,174 Simon, Horace: 28, 32, 174 Simon, Linda: 174 Simpson, john: 174 Sims, Pamela: 174 Skillin, Melissa: 174 Sluyter, William: 174 Smiley, Laura Faye: 174 Smith, Betty: 174 Smith, Blaen: 174 Smith, Charles: 174 Smith, Dorothy: 127, 174 Smith, Edyth: 174 Smith, jan: 80, 81, 174 Smith, Kenneth: 174 Smith, Shelby: 124, 127, 174 Smith ,Sherri ea, 174 Soistman, Wilmer: 174 Spence, John: 46, 47, 174 Sprague,Jack: 174 Stacy, Mary Elizabeth: 58, 174 Stafford, Dale: 174 Steel, Pat: 174 Stevens, Betty: 174 Stevens, Sandye: 48, 52, 91, 164, 165, 174 Stewart, Lynda: 85, 174 Stewart, Timmic: 174 Stolle, Michael: 174 St. Ongc, Raymond: 174 Stone, Beth: 174 Slough, Lyman: 37, 38, 39, 174 Stringer, Gary: 104, 174 Stroshine, Christiane: 174- Subia, llilda: 174 Sullivan, lon: 127, 174 Sweet, Ralph: 174 Swinford, Susan: 174 Tannieh, Rose: 56 Taylor, Diane: 138, 139, 165, 174 Taylor, Karen: 174 Taylor, Martha: 174 Telles, Charles: 174 Tenney, Lila: 174 Thames, Stephanie: 174 Thomas, Larry: 174 Thomas, Molly: 174 Tillotson, Kirby: 42, 174 Tinguely, Teresa: 174 Toon, Donna: 174 Torres, Abel: 174 Torres, Charlotte: 174 Traff, Tom: 174 Trimm, Vicki: 174 Tritthart, William: 174 Trujillo, Dolores: 126, 174 Tucker, Donald: 174 Turner, Brenda: 174 Turri, Michael: 174 Tusing,,Iohn: 174 Uhring, Lynne: 174 Ulrich, Steve: 39, 174 Valle, Theresa: 174 Van Dam, lon: 174 Van Dam, Patty: 91 Van lessen, Lynn: 174 Van Winkle, jimmy: 174 Vickrey, Madeline: 127, 174 Villarreal, Diane: 174 Wadyko,,Iames: 131, 174 Wagner, Marion: 174 Wahl, Wendell: 86, 174 Walker, Lawrence: 174 Walker, Steve: 174 Wallace, Billy: 174 Walters, Michael: 174 Watkins, Kay: 48, 175 Weaver, Charles: 32, 107, 175 Webb, Paul: 175 Weber, Bonnie: 123, 175 Weber, Bruce: 72, 175 Wells, Cynthia: 175 T Weskamp, Paul: 32, 175 West, james B.: 175 White, james: 175 Whiteside, Donald S.: 175 Whitfield, Deborah: 175 Wilkinson, Joe: 44, 175 Williams, Kemiy: 175 Williamson, Richard: 28, 32, 91 175 Willim,,Iefl': 175 Wilson, Ricky: 175 Wood, Chester: 175 Woods, Charles: 175 Woods, Marcia: 107, 175 Woods, Patti: 84, 175 Wooldrige, Linda: 175 Wright, Eric: 175 Yarkosky, Karen: 175 Yee,James: 40, 41,175 Zagone, Michael: 175 Zehr, ,Io Ann: 175 Zufell, Patricia: 175 Zurawski, Dwight: 32, 119, 17 5 E Aldridge, Bill: 44 Arciniega, Charles: 33, 114 Arias, W. A., Jr,: 178 Austin. Fred: 182 Bender, Kenneth: 82, 125 Bobalko, Irma: 75 Bode, Darrell: 114,14-3, 180 Bradley, May: 180, 182 Bryant, Sid: 180 Burnett, Diane: 49, 84, 180 Carro1l, Stephen: 130 Castorena, Bill: 179, 180 Chambers, La Rosa: 180 Clippard, Carol: 143, 180 Coburn, Ruth: 180, 182 Columbus, Dan: 42 Cramer, Gordon: 33, 165, 180 Curtis, Donn: 108, 180 Davis, Bill: 104, 180 Davishlo Ann: 180 Dilsorth, Donald: 182 Dunn, William: 178 Fulton, Cynthia: 180 Gilliland, Zeke: 182 Grant, Emest: 87, 119, 180 Haley, jonnje: 180 CULTY, A MINISTRATIO D PERSONNEL I DEX Hall, George: 181 Hammond, Herbert: 52, 53, 181 Hargraves, Virginia: 182 Haynes, Eugene: 54, 55, 181 Heasley, Linda: 23, 68, 69, 181 Hein, Peggy: 60, 61 Hernandez, Elfido: 182 Holly, Theodore: 178 Hurley, james: 56, 181 Johnson, Rubin: 182 Jones, Richard: 45, 115, 181 Koller, Jerry: 33, 45, 165, 181 Kroncke, Holly: 181 Lee, Faye: 76, 78, 106,181 Louder, Patsy: 181, 183 Markham, Glen: 37 Maybee, julie: 181 McDonald, james: 181 1V1cFadin, Helen: 181 McKinley, E. D.: 178 M.ills, Merle: 181 Mills, Pat: 181, 183 Montgomery, Mary Jo: 85, 181 Mondt, Ervin: 33, 181, 183 Newell, Anita: 181 Newell, Dave: 179, 181 Pardue, Sherry: 59, 85, 181 Peterson, Lee L.: 178 Price, Catherine: 181 Price,,Iuan.ita: 181 Rhodes, Loren: 82 Ricks, Arthuree: 181 Rodriguez, Cristobal: 182 Robinson, Barbara: 181 Rohovee, Lucy: 181 Sepulveda, Robert: 33 Smith, Emestine: 181, 182 Smitlfnjosephine: 182 Southard, Charles: 128, 181 Stovall, Dr. Travis: 178 Strode, Ethel: 181 Telles, Louis: 182 Thorp, Don: 82, 125, 181 Valenzuela, Pete: 182 Vander Molen, Dave: 33,41,113,165 Van Winkle, Harold: 82, 122 Vincent, Ray: 181 Westphal, Christian: 181 White, Mary Jac: 181 Willis, Anne: 181 Wright, Patsy: 181 Youngkamp, joseph: 82, 181 191 The setting sun shows a lonely man, The last left before the final Act in a life long drama. His image is blurred. As the sun falls, It is one moment a glowing golden orb Shining and flashing and rollingg A mosaic of Time and experiences that are Etched in a filgree of brown channels On it's golden face, Then it falls. A crystaline star bursts into sight And gives birth to another and another. At last the gentle moon appears And the man's face is No longer distinguishable. He becomes a shadow Reflected In the mirror of life. 192 ACK LEDGEME TS Mrs. JoAnn Davis .... ....... S ponsor Vickie Kyte ...... ........... E ditor Ramona Sanchez Photographer Mike Bency ..,. .......... S taff Sherry Fenn ..... ........ S taff Darlene ,I ones .... .... S taff Anne Moming .... .... S taff Jean Willets ..... .... S taff Jeff Willets ...... .... S taff JoAnne Wright .... .... S taff The 1970 yearbook staff would like to thank all of the people who were generous with their time and effort and helped make the ,70 Rocket. The following people were a special help and should be thanked individu- ally: Ted Gaskins of GSZC Photography, Marian lVlatthews and Stan Green of the Alamogordo Daily News, Mr. Eugene Haynes, Mr. I ack Glasco, Mr. James Kyte, and all the people who belong to AHS.

Suggestions in the Alamogordo High School - Rocket Yearbook (Alamogordo, NM) collection:

Alamogordo High School - Rocket Yearbook (Alamogordo, NM) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Alamogordo High School - Rocket Yearbook (Alamogordo, NM) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 5

1970, pg 5

Alamogordo High School - Rocket Yearbook (Alamogordo, NM) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 96

1970, pg 96

Alamogordo High School - Rocket Yearbook (Alamogordo, NM) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 9

1970, pg 9

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