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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1984 volume:

r % m 1984 W€ST PflC Che Alamo mission San Antonio De valero In 1718 hy the authority of Spain ' s Viceroy of Mexico, Father Antonio de (Dlivares established the mission San Antonio de Valero in San Antonio. Che cornerstone of the chapel known today as the Alamo was laid in 1744. Named in honor of St. Anthony de Padua and the marques de valero, Spanish viceroy, the mission was founded for the purpose of Christianizing and educating the Indians. Che four acre mission establishment included stone living and teaching quarters for the converted Indians, and a two-story building for the monks. (The various buildings were situated around a verdant, irrigated plaza and enclosed by the thick quadrangle well. Che mission ' s activities eventually ceased and it was abandoned in 1793 and the mission archives were removed to San Fernanda Parish Church in San Antonio. It was before fllexico ' s revolution from Spanish rule that a company of Spanish soldiers from Alamo del Parras in Mexico, used the mission buildings as barracks. Chus ioas probably derived the name " Alamo " . Che Alamo defenders held the garrison through 13 days of siege. Subsequently, the Alamo was used as a commissary by the United States Government, and as a Confederate quartermaster depot during the Civil War. Care of the sacred shrine finally was given by the State of Cexas to the Daughters of the Republic of Cexas, who are the present custodians. USS ACAm© (CSD-33) " lDe deliver anything, anytime, anywhere " USS ACAm© (CSD-33) u as built by the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation of Pascagoula, Mississippi. Che keel was lain an 11 ©ctnber 1954, and she was launched on the 20th of January 1956. Che ship mas commissioned 24 August 1956 and placed under the command of Captain J. C. Semmes, u$n. After commissioning, the ship visited Galveston, Cexas and then sailed to Norfolk, Virginia to complete her initial loading and outfitting. Assigned to the Pacific Fleet, the ACAJll© passed westward through the Panama Canal, arrived in her home part, San Diego, California on 13 ©ctober 1956 and reported to Commander Amphibious Farce, u. $. Pacific Fleet for duty. In the fallowing months, ACAm© and her crew successfully completed shake down training and Amphibinus draining, milestones in the attainment of combat readiness. Finally after numerous inspections by various senior commanders, ACAm© was pronounced ready to take her place in the Fleet. USS ACAIH© (CSD-33) is 510 feet long and 84 feet wide at the beam with a cargo capacity of more than 2,400 tons. Iter well deck, 395 feet long and 48 feet wide, can be flooded ta a depth of 10 feet by an elaborate push button ballast system. £his large area, plus the expansive super deck and mezzanine deck, afford ACAm© the ability to carry 3 CCU ' s, the largest of the amphibious craft, or 20 CCm ' s or 40 CCVP ' s. As many as 200 2 ton trucks, for combat, can be transported at one time. In addition to the complement of 21 officers and 351 enlisted men, ACAm© is capable of cmbai ' king 272 troops plus 29 troap officers and 9 staff officers. Che ship ' s twin propulsion plant develops 24,000 horsepower, driving the ship at speeds in excess of 23 knots. For armament, the ship has 3 mounts of Cwin 3 " 50 caliber anti-aircraft guns. For the handling of supplies and equipment, the ship has 2 cranes, capable of lifting 50 tons each. Che USS ACAm© competently fulfills the qualifications of an amphibious assault ship by displaying flexibility of use, swift mahility, and demonstrated qualities of a powerful tactical weapon. Che USS ACAm© is ready to meet any challenge of the present or the future, in peace or in war. )l)e fulfill both missions as indicated by our motto: " we deliver anything, anytime, anywhere " . A 7 — k w y A V - .-».,« i « v w m 4 111 p L . ■ » P M r • CDR. R. V. B€RG COMMRNDING OFFICER, 16 RUG. 1984 - ? for for and opet Eat IES! CAPT. J. H. WALL COMMANDING OFFICER, 28 MfiY 1982 - 16 AUG. 1984 I fhese last several months have been a rewarding experience far everyone. I have seen the crew of ACAflKD mature, grow, and develop into a coordinated working unit, you have worked long and hard hours and have made an outstanding reputation for yourself throughout the Pacific Fleet, your enthusiasm and individual expertise have enahled ACAHKP to meet all of her operational commitments, ffie have been recognized for numerous awards and excellent performances, you have made this WE$Z?At the most memorable of my career, you have a lot to be proud of. may this cruise hook serve as a fond reminder this time. Keep charging! M marc E. Anderson 84 CDR. M. €. ANDERSON €X€CUTIV€ OFFICER COMMANDING OFFICER UNITED STATES SHIP ALAMO (LSD-33) FPO SAN FRANCISCO 96660 3 November 1984 From: Commanding Officer £o: Creio of ACAm© Subj : Cetter of Appreciation 1. I received the following message from the Commanding Officer U$$ $1 COUIS: PERSONAL - for CDR BERG from tkVl GAINES Subj : Stem Gate Repairs 1. Well done to you and your creio on the timely completion of stern gate repairs prior to VACIANtT BEIO 85-1KS. Despite heavy port loading and and the distraction of Typhoon 1DARREN, you com- pleted all work in time to join £ask Force 76 for this important R0KN-U5N Exercise. Additionally, you came very close to sweeping every event in the Professional Olympics. 2. you have certainly established a reputation of being the best deploying Gator in 1DESCPAC. 2. Che comhined effort of everyone through your skills, dedication, and professionalism has made ACAmo the Number One Gator in the Pacific Fleet, you have established neio standards of performance at sea and ashore that have made other Commanding Officers envious. 3. Za you, the crew, goes my heartfelt gratitude and most sincere " Congratulations " ! 1 ' r R. V. BERG 1 » sqi Wet to hnoi " Wltti R find did you hear the one about the fat lady? B Well, the squadron was around here a minute ago. C Does somebody hove a Tylenol? D What do you mean this is black market stuff? € Woke up Mr. Felizardo, the skipper wants to know why we ' re going 15 knots backwards? F So you want to join my harem? s u p p L V LTJG Austin MSC Bauton MS3 Bright MSSN Brown MS2 Chrlstensen MS3 Cuellor MS2 DIvIvq MSI €duvola Front Rouu MS2 UUIsch. SN McMullen, FN Solazor, MS3 Cuellor. MS3 Mlllon, DK1 fleues. Second Roiu MS2 Horrel, MS2 Nunog, MSSfl €mono, MSSN Duncon, MS2 Divivo, MSC Bauton, LTJG Austin, Bock Row MS3 Thomas, FN Gionopolous, MM1 Gibson, GMGSN Hammer, MSSN Brown. MSSR O ' Hara, MSSN Hammel, MSI Seville. 11 MSSN €mano MSSN Flores MSSN Hamel MS2 Harrel if. MSSN Kellough MS3 luedtke MS3 Mlllan MS2 Nunog I MSSfl O ' Horo MSI Sevlllo MS3 Thomas MS2 Wlsch 12 Ula LTJG Austin SKC Modejo SKC Mariano DKSN flatliff DK1 Reyes DK3 Vanwltzenburg SKSN Griffin SKSN Ramos Front Roiu SHSN Benbouu, SHSN Green, SHSN Woodward, SHSN Bieske. DK1 Reyes Second flow SH3 lewis, DKSN Ratliff, SKSN Griffin, SHI Thompson, SKSN Ramos, SKC Mariano, LTJG Austin, Back Row SN Smythe, SHSN UJarnecke, SHSN Hozlett, SHSN Ingrande, DK3 Vanwitzenburg. 13 SHSN Benbouu SHSN Bleske SHSN Dial SHSN Green SHSN Hazlett SHSN Ingrande SH3 lewis SHSN Sims SHSN Smythe SHI Thompson SHSN Warnecke SHSN Woodard o p R n T o N S % $ SI LTJG Taylor OSC Powell OSC Hought OS3 Brodburn Front flow OSSN Gutterez, OS3 Mills, OS3 Brodburn, OSSN Skinner, Bock Row OSC Hought, OS3 Gore, OS3 Williams. OS2 Payne, OS3 Raimer, OS2 Somuelson, OS3 Halyok, OSC Powell LTJG Taylor. 16 OS3 Gore OS3 HalYok 052 Johnson 053 Mills OS2 Payne OS3 Rolmer w 17 €T3 Bowen €T3 Dlnsmore €T3 Hedtke €T3 Jenkins Front Row €TC LePoge, €T3 Jenkins, €T3 Barrios, 6T2 Moro. LTJG Fiedler, Bock Rouu €TC Danzig, €T3 Bowen, €T2 Previe, 6TSN LeClerc, €T3 Steven s, JQ3 Holmes, €T3 Dinsmore. 18 €TSN leClerc €T2 Moro €T2 Previe €T3 Stevens J03 Holmes 19 LTJG Johnson RMC Bromberg RMC Norton SMC Shore SMSR Bryant SMSN Foster SMI Gonzalez SM3 Johnson n Front Row RMSN Boyce, RMSN Finical, RMSN Stlnson. RMSN Undsey, RM3 UJiglngton. SMSN LUotson, SMI Gonzalez, Back Rouu RMC Bromberg, RMSN Rysula, RM1 Hoynes, RMSN Agnew, SM3 Johnson, RM3 Wesley, SMSN Foster, RMS Flncher, RMSN Cannon, SMSN Long, RM3 Morrouu, SMC Shore, LTJG Johnson. 20 SMSN Long SMSN Sanchez SMSN Schack SM2 UUolloce RMSN flgneuu RMSN Boyce RMSN Cannon RM2 Flncher RMSN Finical RM1 Haynes RMSN Leach RMSN Lewis 21 RMSN llndsey RM3 Morrouu RMSN Osburn RMSN flysula RMSN Stlnson RM3 Wesley RM3 UUiglngton 22 3 I 6 Jn : g i N R I N G I J H i « • ¥ H9 V 1 ' 1 1 M x 23 I y. y. ' m y. y. y. y. I y. y. y. y. y. y. y. y. y. y. y. y. y. y. I ' . y. y. y. y. y. I m - I ' . y. y. I . y. I - . y. 7. y. y. y. y. y. I ' . y. y. y. I - . y. y. y. y. y. yAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyAyX X AyAyAy AyAyAyAyAyAyAyAy. y. y. y. y. y. I ' .I y. y. I ' .I y. |v.| I ' .I I ' .I y. I ' .i Ixl y. y. y. I ' .i y. y. y. I ' .I 1 1 Ixl Ixl 1 1 y. y. I ' .I 1 1 f .| I ' .I I ' .I Ixl I ' .I Ixl I ' .I I - .I Ixl I ' .I I - .I l ' l l .l l ' l I ' .I 1 1 I ' .I fhe Engineer ' s Cament Noiu each of us from time to time has gazed upon the sea and matched the warships pulling nut to keep this country free. And most of us have read the book or heard the lusty tale About the men who sail these ships, through lightning, wind, and hail. But there ' s a place within each ship, that stories never reach And there ' s a special breed of men that legends rarely teach. It ' s down below the waterline - it takes a living toll A hot metallic hell that jailors call the " hole " . It houses engines run by steam that make the shafts go round, A place of fire and noise and heat that beat your spirits down IDherc boilers like a hellish heart with blood of angry steam Are armored Gods without remorse - are nightmares in a dream? libose threat that from the fires roar is like a living doubt (That any minute would scorn, escape, and crush you out. iDhere turbines scream like tortured souls alone and lost in hell As ordered from above somewhere, they answer every bell. Che men who keep the fires lit and make the engines run Are strangers to the world of night and rarely see the sun. iPhcn ships converge to have a war upon an angry sea Che men below just grimly smile at what their fate might be. (They ' re locked below like men foredoomed - who hear no battle It ' s well assumed that if they ' re hit, the men below will die. cry. (There ' s not much difference Far threat of ugly, violent down below death down that every war may bring there ' s a common thing. So if you ever heard their song or tried to tell their tale (The very words would make you hear a desperate spirit ' s wail. And people, as a general rule, don ' t hear a dying soul, So little is heard about that place the sailors call " the hole " . But I can sing about this place, and try to make you sec (The h opeless life of men down there - cause one of them is me. And I ' ve been down there for oh, so long, that part of me has died. (The part that lives on without light, to be a lost hope ' s guide. I ' ve seen these sweat-snaked hero ' s fight in superheated air Co keep their ship alive and right, though no one knows they ' re there Amid the boiler ' s mighty heat and the turbines ' hellish roar. $0 when you see a ship pull out to meet a warlike foe Rememher faintly, if you can, the men who sail below. m M M H H M M MM3 Rxelson MM2 BajQdQ €N3 Carrillo MR3 Cherbouski MM1 (SUU) Gibson MRS Guenot 25 MR3 Itollono MR3 Kaskallo FN Klngcade MR3 Klttredge FN Kot och €N2 Pauwels €N1 Qulcho MR2 Regldor €N2 Shauu €N1 Tobos FN Vicars €N2 LUalk 26 5 Jl0 LTJG Smith FN Bettls BTC Broiun BT3 Cather FN D ' flgostlno FN Devlin FN Dwuer 8T3 €spirltu FRONT ROW LTJG Smith, BT3 Soto, FN Relchord, BT2 Perkins, BT2 Shonnon, FN Hoik, FN Hewitt, FN Thomas, FN Manuel, BT1 Mullins, MIDDL€ ROLL) FN Shepperson, FN Devlin, FN D ' flgostino, FN Bousch, BT3 €spiritu, BT3 Cather, BT3 Smith, BTC (SUU) Ness, BACK ROW 8T1 Goodwin, FN Dwyer, FN Shirk, BT3 Michoelson, BT3 Robertson, FN Ross, FN Faulkner, FN Fry, FN Hill, BTC Brown. 27 FA Faulkner FN Franklin FN Fry FN Gianopolous ST1 Goodwin FJT1 (SW) Guttierrez FN Hoik FN Hewitt FN Hill FN Johnson BT2 (SW) Lotz FN Lucas 28 If ' FN Manuel BT3 Mlchaelson BT1 Mulllns BTC (SUU) Ness FN O ' Brien BT2 Perkins BT2 flaumer FN Reichord 29 BT3 Robertson FN Rogers FN Ross BT2 Shannon FN Shepperson FA Shirk BT3 Shuck 8T3 Smith BT3 Soto BT3 Sperru FN Thomas FN Bausch CUU02 Sandle 30 €M3 Davis €M3 Gilman 31 FN Hagen IC1 (SW) Harper FN Hill IC3 Jimenez €M2 Krlvens FN Mullls €M1 Osqdq FN Prehatney €MC Roberts €M3 Scroggs IC3 Smith o FN Waldrip IC2 Watson IC2 Vantassell I 32 (ope ' Hogc O ' fte €NS Holloron MM1 Rquino MM3 Archam- beault FN Buetel FN FJuonarati MM3 Byrne MM3 Cambot FN Caperton FRONT ROUU FN Kennedy, MM3 Cambot, FN Johnson, FN Leavy, FN Gros, FN Moscol, MM2 Bojodo, FN Carpenter, SCCOND ROUU FN Goulet, MM3 flrchambeault, MM2 Thomas, MM3 Haskins, MM2 Naillon, FN Buonarati, FN Caperton, FN lovejoy. VNSN Foote, €NS Halloran, BACK ROUU FN Grant, MM2 Hogan, MM3 LUilson, MM3 Martin, FN LaMarr, MM3 Bryne, FN Buetel, MM1 O ' Rielly, MMC UJeaver. 33 FN Carpenter MM3 Curtis FN Deleon MM1 Gibson 4fe, fe Ffl Goulet FN Grant FN Gros FN Grummel MM3 Hasklns MM2 Hogan MM2 Ibanez FN Cockburn gMdm FN Ke nnedy MMCS Kerkau Ffl Laxson JM 34 FN leavY Ffl Lovejoy MM3 Martin FN Mascol Ffl McNeil FN Morgan MM2 Naillon MM1 O ' Reilly MMC (SW) Reed FN Salazar MM2 Thomas FN Towne 35 CUU02 Dlckerson HTC Manuel FN Bishop HT3 Burton 36 FN Duuyer HT2 Feliberty HT2 Forshay HT2 Groulx 37 HT2 Homernkk FN Jones HT1 leach HT2 lecourneau HT3 liplarskl HT3 lunsford HT2 Terry HT2 Wilson 38 Do, «0 HMC Houkoos PNC Holcomb QMC flosado NCI Carpenter M FRONT ROW PNC Holcomb, QMC Rosodo, QM2 Bright, QM1 Doerfleln, NCI Carpenter, HT1 Peterson, IT Phillips, SCCOND ROW QM3 Hall, PC3 Wig. HM2 Neuuton, HM2 Minter, QMSN McClain, BACK ROW HM Cassaberry, YNSN Burk, SN Marshall, HM3 Davis, QM3 Bailey, QMSN Crain, QM3 Bolhar, HMC Haukoos 41 QMSN Croln QM1 Doerfleln QM3 Hall QMSN McClaln HM Cassaberry HM3 Davis HM2 Minter HM2 Newton YNSN Burk VN1 Cubic VN3 €lias VNSN Gomez VNSN Schalden- brond SN Marshall 4 W J PC3 lllig PNSN McMullen 43 u 1; 1 1 ' I 1 " f r 9 kit ■ Btfj ' L i3=. f f CUU02 Uonczewski SN Barber SN Bodrick SN Bonse SN Bowling 8M3 Bushleu SN Cheeks Sfl Connearneu FRONT ROUU SN Taylor, BM3 Jackson, 8M2 Zarzeck, BM2 Disbrouu, BM3 Difolco, BM1 Delecruz, CUU03 lonczewski, SCCOND ROUU SN Dean, BM3 Bushleu, SN Lavin, SN Bonse, SN Bodrick, SM3 McLaughlin, SPICK ROUU SN Tibbitts, BM2 Reid, SN Cheeks, Sfl Stabile, SN Hinan, SN Barber. 45 Sfl Dean BM1 Delecruz BM3 Dlfolco 8M2 Dlsbrow SN Heard SN Hlnan SM3 Jackson SN Lavln SN Stabile SN Taylor BM2 Zarzeck L 46 I FRONT ROW BM2 Sutherland. SN Firman, BM3 Hanenberger. SN Lyons, BM3 Gammad, SN Meyer, BM3 Olaes, SN Diaz, SN Krivan, SN Poventud, SN Dangerfield, BM3 Bourke, S6COND ROLU BMC Logan, BM1 Duplechain, SN McLeon, SN Harris, SN Suneson, SN Marsh, SN Rono, SN Kemp, BM3 West, LTJG Moore, BACK RWO BM1 Herner, BM2 Schiller, SN Lusk, SN Lallien, SN Landsman, SN Drake, SN Schropeshire, SN Johnson, BM3 €dwards. SN Dangerfield SN Diaz SN Drake BM1 Duplechain 47 6M3 €dwards SN Firman 8M3 Gammad SN Guzman 8M3 Hanenberger SN Harris SN Johnson SN Johnston SN Jones SN Kemp 8M1 Herner SN Krlvan SN Landsman SN lasslen SN Lusk SN Lyons 48 SN Mcleod SN Meyer BM2 Micholek BM2 Schiller SN Schropeshlre SN Suneson BM2 Sutherland SN Turner BM3 UUest 50 GMGSN Buck GMG1 Gordo FRONT ROW GMGSN Suck. GMGSN Rngus, GMGSN Weller. BACK ROUU GMG2 Horton. GMG1 Garcia, GMG2 Rothmund, GMG3 Spicer, LTJG Buccariell GMGSN Hammer GMG3 Harton GMG3 Splcer GMGSN UUeller GMG2 Rothmund GMGSN Rogers % a 52 SN Gerry BM3 Lewis FRONT ROLU 6N2 Sorrells. BM3 Olsen. BM2 Lossells, €N2 Sears. BACK ROLU BM1 Voschall, FN Tolliver, FN Rood, SN Gerry, BM2 Cisconeros. 53 BM2 Lossells FJM3 Olse n FN Rood €N3 Seors €N2 Sorrells FN Tolllver 54 HAWAII PI YOKOHAMA UUHIT6 B€ACH NAHA PUSAN INCHGON POHANG SASABO 55 I ' ■ £5: T 4jp y » - Hfe iw ■■■•■ :- 8 . ■ ■ ft. T jj £ • - v ■ p -■ «• J « r " » • t •HflMfl 111 y i ■ tr ■ 58 J ' l ■p«m f fiL:t ! ' ■■9 Li pi I I II I ■■M HI i!J ■■■■■ ■Lac " n f w SASfiBO 64 COMMANDING OFFICER UNITED STATES SHIP ALAMO (LSD-33) FPO SAN FRANCISCO 96660 may 28 1984, $an Diego, California - Che imc comes to life with the sound of a whistle and a voice says, " Underway, shift colors " . ACAmo is on her way to IDestPac 1984. Che next one hundred and eighty-nine days will bring new experiences to the creui. During the cruise the ship will experience casualties to her boilers and stern gate, but u ill recover and meet many commitments. Our schedule will take us to the Japanese ports of yokahama and Numaau; the Okinawan ports of Buckner Bay, Oura ©an, and Naha. Che ship will also travel to Incheon, Pusan, and Pohang in South Korea. Of course, we will also have port calls in Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. During IDestPac ' 84, the crew of the " mighty ma " has worked hard and played hard. We ' ve demonstrated the pride and professionalism that is dominant onboard ACAm©, and, indeed, lived up to our motto - " li)e Deliver " . 65 DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY U.S.S. ALAMO (LSD-33) FPO SAN FRANCISCO 96660 NOTICE of Eventual Return Issued as Solemn Warning to the ffiives, Girl- friends, Relatives, and Friends of the men onboard 11SS ACAm© (CSD-33) Pery soon he will be back in your midst, dehydrated and demoralised, to rightfu lly take his place once again as a human being. Engaged in life, liberty, and a somewhat belated pursuit of happiness far an unspecified period of time - he will be your responsibility. In making your preparations to welcome him home, you must make allow- ances far the crude environment which he has been living in for the period of time he has unwillingly absented himself. He must be handled with extreme care. Be tolerant of his language, his vocabulary has changed, with or with- out accent you must understand the Navy grammar is slightly different from that which is used by real people. In a relatively short period of time he can be taught to speak properly. Far the first few days he is home, until he is completely housebraken, be especially careful when he is in the company of women, particularly those who are young and beautiful. His intentions are sincere, although at times may he dishonorable. Bear in mind that beneath his tanned and rugged exterior there is a heart of gold, the only thing of value he has left, treat him with kindness and occasionally with a glass of rum and coke, and now and then a little " tTCC " . you will be surprised how fast you can rehabilitate that which is now a hollow shell of the proud civilian you once knew. Don ' t feel hurt if he sits down at the dinner table and feeds himself as if someone were going to take his food away from him. If he shunspotataes, rice, beans, scrambled eggs, cheeseburgers, hotdags, stew and chili mac, don ' t be upset (they all remind him of the last few months). Break him in slowly and he will soon adjust to normal eating habits. Please show no alarm if he prefers to stir his coffee with an oversized spoon. Don ' t be bewildered when he calls his food " chow " , his bed a " rack " , a movie a " flick " , or the floor a " deck " . Don ' t be amazed when he salutes in the company of superiors. Never make a flattering remark about the Air Force or the Army, and don ' t even mention the Navy. Please refrain from blowing any whistles or sounding gongs while he is in the shower (it might emharass the neighbors). He is actually harmless although his actions may seem a little strange at first. Just remember, he has been at sea for quite some time. Keep the refrigerator full of food, mix, and coke, and the bar with Bacardi and San miguel and break out the " civies " as he will be home in less than sixty days. Sincerely, Uncle Sam 66 HOM6COMING Homecoming was as oil homecomings ore, full of tears of joy. Homecoming broug ht families and friends back together for the first time in 6 months. Rnd when they sounded liberty call the end was at hand. UUaCOM€ HOM€ ' 5 fl. I ' m q dad? 13. This is a nice place to stand. C. Rnd you said I ' d never have friends. 1 Mom! D. It ' s all mine. 69 fl. fllamo drinking team. 8. Raw fish, I ' ll drink to that. C. I bet you can ' t do that sober? D Chorus line. A. I think it sous beer. B. Rlamo bunny and his girlfriend. C. Stop in the name of love! D. You ain ' t knocking me down. 72 r— J , ' iMk B. . IHJ ' ' •• ; H H V w " v T J9 ? fckl M ?W tfiu " W ( BmMS R. The bopsY tuuins. B. don ' t see it. C. Look Mr. Nouurocki, It ' s my foc ' slel D. Here lies George, rest in peoce. 6. Quit peeking Mr. Fiedler! 74 fl. Coffee, tea, or me? B. Boy, did I ever pick a winner! C. Now this is step 4. D. Quit watching met €. So that ' s what shore patrol is all about. F. Crossdressing con be fun. G. Okay, everybody get ready to lean to the right. H. He did it wrong again. I. I ' d rather fight than switch! J. So you want beef. I „ A. Here ' s one for Mom. 8. €xcuse me, Mr. Felizordo, but the €ngineer ujonts to see you ASAP. C. Out of order. D. Who need hair with bodies like ours? €. I uuonder how for I con stick it up there? F. It ' s okay guys, he always acts like this. G. Bui - we haven ' t had one drink yetl 75 A. Okay I give up, what is it? 13. Vou want me to pull on this line? C. flin ' t I suove and sophisticated! D. London Bridge is falling down. 6. UUow, I could ' ve had o V-81 F. flin ' t my badge real shiny? G. So what if I didn ' t use my pit spray. aunts ' , fl. What color point do you use on number 3? 6. Do you think we con stir the natives up this way? C. Yea, We ' re going back to Pll D. We ' re taking on what? €. Alright, where are the scumsucking commies at? F. Survey saysl 77 k A. Who threw the old tires in the fire ogoin? B. Well it looks like PI ogoin. C. No head herel D. Swiss family Vosholl. 78 ST€€l BGRCH ST€€L B€flCH 80 CfiPTfllN ' S WORK I IV. ' f|« 83 SHIP ' S PARTY 84 SWIM Cflll PHOTO CONTEST Cliuunu RAI FOTO SRF€TV Safety was headed up by IT Phillips. HT1 (SW) Peterson and MM1 (SW) Gibson acted as the IPO ' s as they worked on 3-M and safety throughout the ship. CRUISE BOOK STfiFF flRRGHII! Here it be. " Mighty Mo " Cruise book of 84. The stoff, seen here hard ot work, labored many extra hours to chronicle a most successful six months mission. 1 flnu worthwhile cruise book needs an individual to take hold and withstand the varied pressures of putting It all together. MS3 Thomas, overall €ditor, has done a super joblll PNC Holcomb, staff advisor held it all together while SM2 UUallace and RMSN Cannon, provided much needed assistance. FN Mascol and J03 Holmes were staff photographers, without whom this book wouldn ' t have been possible. Meanwhile, IT Phillips cruise book officer, " worked out " at pushing the staff towards completion. We all hope you like it. 93 I ADMIRAL ' S VISIT ( 96 SbM£TM A ' 6 Oi C SO 77 S l ty Ootr Q 97 98 " £. CAN " OC ' L ° ,-weoTHeP.ENO op UU€ TH€ CR6UU Of TH€ AlflMO D€DICRT E THIS 1984 CRUIS6 BOOK TO FRI6NDS RND FRMIIV WHO WAITED FOR US. 99 DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY US S. ALAMO (LSD-33) FPO SAN FRANCISCO 96660 " OE CONCLUSION " When we set sail back in Way It u as hard to believe rue would see tbis oay. But now tbat it ' s all came to an end, il)e can look back to where it all began With a sigh of relief ana smiles of good cheer, Cause soon we ' ll be tied to Number Six Pier Working haro on the tradition, " ACAmiP can it u " , Now all in WcstPac knows this is true. IDhen we see our families that are all so sweet. (They ' ll say, " Hey, He is an AlAIUiP Sailor A member of the elite! RH12 Robert Wesley AC Am© Commun-a-gator 100 in WAL§WORTH Cruise Book Sales Office PUBLISHING Suite 20. 5666 La Jolla Blvd COMPANY La Jolla, California 92037 MARCEMNE M18BOIRI I Jk I m

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Alamo (LSD 33) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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