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c USS ALAMO LSD-33 WESTPAC-1981 69 92 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Number Subject 3 Commanding Officer ' s Letter 4 Captain 5 Executive Officer 6 Officers 8 Chief Petty Officers 10 Deck Department 11 First Division 12 Second Division 13 Third Division 17 Operations Department 18 OE Division (ET Shop) 19 Ol Division (CIC) 20 OC OS Divisions (Commo Signal) 23 Engineering Department 24 A Division (The Gang) 25 B Division 26 E Division 27 M Division 28 R. Division 33 Supply Department 38 N X Division 40 Master at Arms Force 42 Softball Team 43 Basketball Team 44 Rugby Team 46 Boxing Smokers 49 Color Section 9 Liberty 57 ACU-1 58 BMU -1 59 UDT- 11 52 Crossing the Line 65 Minding the Store 66 General Quarters = ys 68 Arleigh Burke . . . MARINE CORPS MSSG-31 Cruise book staff " NOBODY SAID IT WAS GOING TO BE EASY AND IT WASN ' T " On 24 June 1981, the ALAMO set sail from San Diego to begin a WESTPAC CRUISE. This was the tenth deployment for ALAMO, and for many of you, your first trip to the Western Pacific. The ALAMO has a long and proud history. She made her first Westpac in 1957 where she participated in the Bikini Atomic Tests. In 1962, during her fifth deployment, ALAMO delivered badly needed emergency relief supplies to typhoon-striken Guam. Again in 1964 ALAMO went to the aid of earthquake ravaged Kodiak, Alaska with relief supplies. In 1965 she earned her first award, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, for her contribution to the Vietnam War effort. From 1965 to 1972, the ALAMO repeatedly lived up to her motto, " WE DELIVER ANYTHING - ANYTIME - ANYWHERE. " Today, we are all priviiedged to serve on this great ship. Your hard work has made this deployment one of the most successful in the history of the ALAMO. This cruise has taken us to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Buckner Bay, Okinawa; Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines; Mombasa, Kenya; Diego Garcia; Perth and Sydney, Australia and back to San Diego. In every port you have shown the flag and presented yourselves as true ambassadors of goodwill. Those who first sailed the ALAMO, a generation ago, would be proud of the way you have conducted yourselves. As your commander, I have spoken many times of pride and professionalism, and the importance of striving for excellence. It has to matter to each one of you, and it has. As a result of your efforts, this cruise can only be characterized as outstanding. You steamed over three-quarters around the world and back, served as primary control ship in four major amphibious exercises, including Bell Volcano and Kangaroo ' 81, and did it flawlessly. Every member of the crew did his job and did it well. Had we been needed in any of the world ' s trouble spots, ALAMO was prepared. This book stands as a testimonial to your being the most successful crew to sail the ALAMO. It is a piece of history which you lived for 183 days. In the years to come, remember what you did, remember your shipmates and remember the ship you sailed on. It wasn ' t easy, but being the best never is. L. F. Picotte Commanding Officer COMMANDING OFFICER Commander Leonard F. PICOTTE received his commission through Officer Candidate School after attaining d B;u hclor of Science Degree in Business AdminiMration from the Northern Michigan Univer- sity in 1963. Subsequent assignments after comple- tion of fxplosivo Disposal School have included USS Hornet (CVS 12), USS Hammberberg (DE 1015), USS PricHett pJ) 561), Commanding Officer of USS Mar- athon (PG 89) and Extn utivt-Officer USS ?f Defi- ance (LSD 31). After ol)taining a master? flegree in Foreign Affairs trum San Diego State University, he atter-KJed 4 i .AimedForces Staff Collcjie. Com- niaridA PlCppLcame td USh Al AMO on 10 June 1960 tf dWy asb tC( in Charge of Surface War- fare Officers School Coronado, California. liei liisc( DejK Acad lieuli Cairc OIlic powf Engii caiM EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Commander Jesse M. MACKEY Jr., received his commission in 1968 and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nautical Science from the California Maritime Academy, Vallejo, Ca. After six months of flight school. Lieutenant Commander MACKEY received orders to USS Carronade (LFR-1). There he served as Communications Officer. Subsequent assignments were Personnel, Man- power and Management at Naval Station Long Beach, Calif., Operations Officer on board USS Frederick (LST 1184), Executive Officer on board USS Safeguard (ARS 25), Engineering Officer on board USS Brcwton (FF 1086) and came to USS ALAMO from staff duty at COMMAVSURF- PAC, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. OFFICERS Lieutenant David Baca Supply Officer r lieutenant Commander Alan Dunn Chief Engineer N I Lieutenant Ronald B Cli[)p Navigator; N X Division Officer Lieutenant Albert E. Bathel Damage Control Assistant lieutenant Robert R Konkel Operations Assistant Lieutenant Dennis McNcilly Combat Information Center Officer Top Row (Left to Ri ht): Lieutenant (jg) Ricardo T. Alberto, Disbursing Officer; Lieutenant (jg) Miihael ]. Bond, Communicalions Officer; Lieutenant (jg) Michael V. Domzalski, Second Division Officer; Lieutenant (jg) Edward G. Goodman, First Division Officer. SECOND ROW: I ieutenani (jg) Steven Harrington, Repair Officer; Ensign Rutledge Lumpkin, Third Division Officer; Chief Warrant Officer EHarold McCurdy, Marn Propul- sion Assistant; Ensign Henry L. Pierce, Ship ' s Boatswain. BOTTOM ROW: Ensign Kenneth Philips, Engineering; Ensign Lawrence B. Prosono, Electronics Material Officer; Ensign |ohn L. Romaker Ml, " A " Division Officer 4t - BELOW: Lieutenant Commander Terrance ). McKear- ney First Lieutenant Operations Officer 0 I. fff i CHIEF PET COMMAND CHIEF GMGC WALLACE KNUTESON Chief Petty Officer Wallace K. Knuteson was born 19 February 1938 in Spanish Fork, Utah. He entered the Naval Service in 1957, completing his basic training at NTC San Diego, California in January 1958. He was assigned to Naval Air Station, North Island, intially, and was later transferred to USS Locator {AGR-6). His other assignnnents include the USS Persistent (MSO 491); Beach Master Unit 1; USS Whetstone (BMU-1); Yoko- suka, Japan; Naval Support Activity, Saigon; and later as Japanese Police Liasion Officer and Prison Agent. He has served tours on the USS Tripoli (LPH 10) and US Naval Magazine, Subic Bay, prior to coming to the Alamo. His many awards and commendations include the Bronze Star with combat " V " , Combat Action Badge, Presidential Unit Citation, Good Conduct Med- al, Meritorious Unit Citation, Rifle Expert, Vietman Ser- vice Medal, Battle " E " , Armed Forces and Navy Expedi- tionary Medal and the Sea Service Ribbon. TY (Opposite Page; Left to Right) Top Row: RMC C. Bromberg, MSC C. Forbes, ENC Victor Garza, ETC Larry Coetsch. Second Row: HTC Daniel Hall, SMC R. Hicks, MMC Arthur Kerkau, BMC Robert Longress. Third Row: MMC lames Lucking, MAC Manuel Montemayor, HMC Waller Popiela, QMC Raymond Rosado. Fourth Row: SKC Dennis Santos, BTC Russel Smith, OSC lames Wright, BMC Boston Wells. P[I TY OFFICERS Dwiel i DECK DEPARTMENT LIEUTENANT COMMANDER TERRY MCKEARNEY DEPARTMENT HEAD U ■ s Q CD J o i TO u C TO o E E o It ' flj a: o Z c - O " Q. u -O o on 00 . o c o ; ■- - U " He o t o -r I o CO " - , °c2 Q , " Z JZ Sh- ' ■ CO 2 - — " Qt f C = C i- — TO O — n3 C o r»-i cn U o. Ss c c -7 •— i c o — ■• TO CO " rv, O O O O nj O E O C — ro U U 6C c:Z St ■ .2 r» LO u. ceo " - C nj ro C ro — (J o o 1- OJ 1 O) o 01 E o .E .E , CO u i : ■a c o Is r CO a: . z 00 ,iyi •- £ U CO ' 00 — 3 Z ooQ §Z 11 12 2 n Q. ■:= P z I -I n n -1 ai 73 -I i — = |0 z o qI t 1 re " O S. o -i O) 3 - (T) 3 35 Hero 3-3-; re c- re =i o O a; re 5. OJ S jZ. 03 =o =:■ 5 ' r 3 o« r SO 3- ty, 03 -1 — 25 r z5 re 3 3 ( t 1 03 2 o = r n o o 3 N re L 1 Z o -I - re 73 03 — 02c7 73 O Z ' Ji 03 re n ::? o o 75 03 o -y re ' n ■V 3- CT n - re o (yi :i :: m n O Rot o THIRD DIVISION BACK ROW (left to right): tnsign Parker Lumpkin, SN Keith Carney, SN John White, CMC3 Willie Searcy, Sl?l Robert Dorman, CMGC Wallace Knuteson. FRONT ROW (left to right): SN Theodore Jones, CMCSJ Tobv Quezambra, SA Nicholas Manupella, CMC1 Ceorge Eaton, JiM92 Fred Davis, CMG3 Dale Rose. 13 DECK I 0- c D 1 i 4 ▼ !l (i I I %Mi L OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT X ' 0- r ys ' 1 1 17 OE DIVISION y J f i}f } f »fc- LEFT TO RIGHT: ET1 Randall Cogswell, ET1 Garry Herzberg, ETSN Mark Gomulka, ET2 Kurt Sassenfield, ET3 Angel Garcia, ET3 Randall Brinson, Ensign Larry Pronsono. y Wright u Ol DIVISION r FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: OS1 James Powell, OS2 Douglas Ball, OS3 Ralph Butterfield, OSSN John Spottiswood, OSSN Jerry Harkins, OSSN Andrew Payne, OSSN Loren Mouchon, OSSA Roger Benjamin, OSSN Kent Snyder, OSC James Wright. J ' OC OS DIVISION BACK ROW (left to right:) LT.(jg) Michael Bond, RMSN Jake Scott, RMSn James Alexander, RMSN Bertrum Brennan, SMSN John Duvali, RMSA Derrick Morrow SR Shawn Whitacre, RM2 Mark Mudrick, SMC Ralph Hicks, RMC Glen Bromberg. FRONT ROW (left to right): SMSN Paul Duimstra, SM3 Gregory Jovi, SM2 Robert Thompson, RMSN Clifton Collier, RMSN John Stanley, RM2 Thomas Thiffault. k«»% -V- 1 1 it - - — 1 1 ' " r i fc 20 22 ill ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LIEUTENANT COMMANDER ALAN DUNN CHIEF ENGINEER 23 a I o 2 24 o Q CQ • I 25 o Q UJ U rn — 3 a. u :£ 01 ' aj 60 v Z UJ LL. ■ . y - 00 QJ ■- =5 2 mO U oi c z • §0 a) o c c ap o Z oj CL OJ m " - •- ' E ■to o E o 5 ' EZ . Li- UJ rn c :e = o . -5 „ a. r 26 o .R,- V T3 = " Z .E 0 ' - lL ii: 2 c fo Z c " E ° TO a: CQ o c u ° -J- nj OJ ■ - Z T3 00 i- nj C U ro ; — o . 2-c 0) u. 2 4j 5 2 C o - Jr ti- ns -C OJ c O 01 Z 5 2 E o Z OJ c z o2 ■3 ' aj i : — ■ 2 ' Z nj Li. DO-7 v 1 ro • - t .- u- nj i; c z z 2 -Q - 5 u i: a: 0 UJ u. lyl 2 o d 2°f . . i- o Qi E ZZ 2i ET3 TO ■r - ro t ' 2| S22 z ,- c S: n ti 2 c a; Z u nj iT 2 1= 01 2 2 ? O F2a 2 22 2 o Sju E a: -S ™ 2 .E r 522 q22 27 o (-0 Q Cx z§r2 i- " - a; Ot3 - E OL O zS . o j: CO LO I- cX o ? ° O C 13 H- I € 3 DO 0) Q. Q. IE Q. E 0 C 03 .y -C - u dj c ° c i I C c 2x 11 u. 01 -- -U c r- ?:i t- Q — - C ro O X E — . O n3 D I- I u .t: Q. O 5fO 0 -5 --□ c — ™ o o oa i — Q 28 29 Il y Yf-iw ' " ' 30 I l 31 I 32 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT " I ;v.« 1 i. LIEUTENANT DAVID BACA DEPARTMENT HEAD LIEUTENANT (JG) RICK ALBERTO DISBURSING OFFICER BACK ROW (left to right): SKC Dennis Santos, SHSM Steven Bower, SN Wesley Howard, SA Anthony Ingrande, DK3 Dennison Leeloo, SA Randolph Addenbrooke, LT. David Baca. FRONT ROW (left to right): SKI Michael Sim, SN Warren Westfall, SHI Miranda, DK1 Ernest Cusi, SHI Arsenio Perez. BACK ROW (left to right): MSI Gary Carbonneau, MS3 Terrance Sneed, MS3 Adrian Ralph, MSSR Charles Thomas, MSSN David Harrell. FRONT ROW: (left to right): LT. David Baca, LT.(jg) Ricardo Alberto, MS2 Almario Guzman, MSSN David Wisch, MSSN Bruc e Downey, MSC Conrado Forbes. J4 n Injrande, ' ' KhadSim, )] r i ■ " iff. L 35 36 ti 37 " N AND X « • L " .t ■? «« d Y ■ ' .1 a f QUARTERMASTERS LEFT TO RIGHT: LT. Ron Clipp, QM3 Randy Canfield, QM2 Michael Wilson, QMSA Garnett Savage, QM3 David Tim Louderback, QM2 Thomas Tomchak, QMC Raymond Rosado. 38 y i Wj David SHIPS OFFICE W i FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: MAC Manuel Montemayor, YN3 Bernard Beene, PC3 David Everette, PNSN Clifford Collins, PNSA Charles Tingen, SN Gary Pittman, YN1 Don Doocy, PN1 Robert Smith. CORPSMEN ?= -• ' t ' ' «i. I FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: HMC Walter Popiela, SN Samuel Scott, HM2 Ronald Wargo, HM3 Scott Grise, HM3 John Cash. 39 MASTER AT ARMS FORCE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: OS1 Jdmcs Powell, SSGT R. R. Rodriguez, GMG2 Fred Davis, SGT M.D. Sturdivanl, BM1 Willie Fields, SGT J.A. Jones, Jr., MAC M.inucI Monlemayor. 1 I m{ 41 ALAMO SOFTBALL ALAMO SOFTBALL TEAM UNDISPUTED PHIBRON CHAMPS! WcstPac 1981 saw the USS Alamo Softball team victorious once again. Under the management of Seaman Mills of the Deck Department, Alamo de- feated all other PHIBRON THREE teams to win the Squadron tournament while inport Subic Bay in November 1981. Alamo players also defeated the CTF 75 Staff team 9 - 7, overpowered the USS Knox 4 - 1, and out-hit the Subic NIS team 19 - 13, ail during the same period. Alamo will be long remembered in WestPac as the team that came to win. 42 ALAMO BASKETBALL ALAMO BASKETBALL WINS PHIBRON PLAYOFF - SCORES SECOND IN FLEET- WIDE COMPETITION The combined Navy-Marine Basketball team fielded by the USS ALAMO was well known by the time WEST- PAC was over. Victorious in August 1981, it captured the PHIBRON THREE Basketball competition by de- feating USS Okinawa in the final tournament game 55 - 48. During Australian port visits Alamo out-shot both American and Australian competition. Harold E. Hold NAVCOMMSTA was twice defeated by Alamo 62 - 48, and 100 - 82, in Perth. In Sidney, Manly Waringah ' s players were no match for Alamo, loosing 92 - 86. Eastern Suburbs went down to defeat 76 - 68. Back in Subic, Alamo defeated Subic Varsity 77 - 69. There were many other fine performances by this group. ALAMO RUGBY NOBODY SAID IT WOULD BE EASY! play, nice §rea nize on 11 cons beer over afoe comi ousi 44 One of the more gentle groups aboard the Alamo played an Interesting game imported from abroad. These nice, soft-spoken fellows discovered that Rugby was a great way to pass the time and get exercise as well. Orga- nized by Chief Parks from UDT-11, Alamo Rugby Players quietly went about their business of busting heads, smash- ing faces in, biting, kicking and stepping over dead bodies on the field. Rumor has it that sometimes beer would be consumed after the games, although this rumor had never been confirmed. There was at least one recorded victory over another team; Alamo exploding to trample a demor- alized Okinawa " Green Machine " by a score of 18 - 17. A complete list of this team ' s victories would be too numer- ous to mention. The editor somehow has misplaced the list of losses, but who remembers scores anyway? 45 BOXING SMOKERS ON THE FLIGHT DECK « c .A » i - " 46 ' I 47 AND THEN WE GOT OFF THE SHIP i h 51 J 11 52 I UM L i V ma mm Km ■■ = : m « d |fl| ' I BV ' K ' c A : ■ M ' ' ■Hk .w Bk ■ ' ? ■ ■ % r V H N 1 1 j K ' vJJP 1 SC%«» I J ' WESTPAC " V j -. i«===i W ' - [!?? " - 1 V ' i " iJin m 1 K " ■- ■iSf? v V ACU-1 BACK ROW (left to right): EM3 Scott Nicholson, FN Dan Cotton, EN1 Robert Jenezweski, FN Larry Friesenhahn, FN Rod Parker, QM2 George McClelland, EN1 Chuck Heller, EN1 Ray Rhodes, RM2 Douglas Cone. FRONT ROW (left to right): BMCS Calvin Rennels, FN Steve McQueen, BM2 Jim Thorbjornson, MS2 Gil Villegas, BM3 Steve Romero, SA Gary Mills, FN Steve Curoe, EN2 Craig Burke. f I CD U CQ re to T c U 00-5 • O c a; £ CO 2 , 0) z to OJ C ns — ' fo I— «. z to 5.E S3 ' - ' -i : CM CQ 1 1 QQ £ o r . u z ii .t: C to o o .£ o -o I 0] U Q uj u a. U to - 3 .• — — O !r u Q. 0) 2-S 00 o - z o U l oc - u to U Z u O £ LU O 01 g ° 58 UDT-11 LEFT TO RIGHT: OSSN Michael Sammis, BM2 Douglas Hucker, HT1 Bernard VanSkiver, BM3 Joseph Yeoman, SHC Patrick Park, HT3 Arthur Cummings, MS2 Matthew Manci, QMS Benjamin Williams, GMG2 Richard Abercrombie, HM2 Conrad Ireland, GMT2 James Sierawski, SK3 Clint Sneddon, EN2 David Bicksler, GMGSN Jonathan Gustavson, MR3 Wesley Watson, LT. William Cheatham, LT. (jg) Peter Swanstrom. V i 5 1 I LU CO 5 D- U LU LU Q CQ Q « ■ 60 1 1 62 ( KING NEPTUNE WAS PLEASED 64 SOMEBODY THE STORE HAS TO MIND P -f T 65 WHAT WE CAME HERE TO DO 66 67 o o Q. o 00 0) £ 0) rt I B - lU ! f Cg i UJ u. o LU D X UJ o O Q Q O X o X Q uu o Cl. o f k LU Dd CO S S u t s s -■= S S S 3 i; LU b OJ u2 uu ■ — nj — ' lyi C g oj Q O 1 u o= !: - : X ■:;; - UJ 01 E o OQ uz 1- O u LU Q m O D UU » o o Q LU Cl -J LU X H Z c - I - — - TO U ..9--2 oj in - T) wn , .- i- Ji - u ; o — - TO c c , -□ OJ . o U §. £-§ = or o E - H § C ' - UJ u oj 2 oL - -S 5 ?i ° - cO £ -D ■- Qi . OJ u CQ ' -n -C X i E°- ™ o ' 5 ac - . UJL (TJ E £- E -o C .i: O OJ $ c J2-5 .2. c o QJ c c g 3 O O J= . ■ " It o fe 3 O o In c 5 % O " □ c OJ ? C 3 ■7 CQ o; -li e6 u T3 E ' - j:: O VI " C oJ 3 ' 2 o Q. E -D c • 2 ™ QJ O - TO -SZ z ■ 3 o o i THE MARINES iW is if ri MSSG-31 COMMANDING OFFICER LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROGER L. WILLIAMS Lieutenant Colonel Roger L. Williams was born 15 February 1944 in Twin Falls, Idaho. FHe graduated from Brigham Young University in 1966 majoring in Communications with a minor in Psychology. Fie holds a Master ' s Degree in Management from Pepperdine University. Commissioned a Second Lieutenant 28 May 1966, he attended the Basic School, Quantico, VA., and the Artillery Officers Basic Course, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Sent to Viet- nam in June 1967, Lieutenant Colonel Williams served as the Estimative Intelligence Officer, G-2, 1st Marine Division and as the Executive Officer of Battery F, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines. Upon returning from Vietnam in July 1968, he was assigned to the United States Army Artillery and Missle School, Fort Sill, Oklaho- ma, as a member of the staff and faculty where he served as a Gunnery Instructor until his departure in February 1971. Lieuten- ant Colonel Williams left the active Marine Corps Reserve in his home town of Boise, Idaho, where he served as the Executive Officer, Company C, 4th Tank Battalion, Force Troops, FMF. Re- turning to active status in May 1972, Lieutenant Colonel Williams was assigned to Force Troops, Pacific, 29 Palms, California, where he served as Assistant G-3 for training. He attended AWS, Quantico, Va., following his tour at 29 Palms, and was subsequently assigned to the 3rd Marine Division in September 1973. During his tour in Okinawa, Lieutenant Colonel Williams served as the S-3 of 3rd Battalion, 12th Marines and as Commanding Officer, Battery I, 3 12 until his departure in December 1974. Assigned to MCRD, San Diego, in January 1975, Lieutenant Colonel Williams served as a Recruit Training Company Commander with the 3rd Battalion, and as the Recruit Training Regiment Operations Officer (S-3) Upon his departure from MCRD, San Diego, in January 1978, Lieutenant Colonel Williams served as the Commanding Officer, Marine Barracks, Adak, Alaska, until July 1979. He was then assigned to the Naval War College. Upon graduation from the Naval War College in June 1980, Lieutenant Colonel Williams was transferred to the 1st Marine Brigade, FMF, Hawaii, where he was assigned as the Commanding, H S Company, Brigade Service Support Group until April 1981. He assumed his present duties as the Commanding Officer of MSSG-31 on 15 April 1981 and deployed to the Western Pacific in July 1981. Lieutenant Colonel Williams ' decorations and awards include the Combat Action Ribbon, the Presidential Unit Citation, the Navy Unit Citation, the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, the National Defense Medal, the Vietnamese Service Medal, the Sea Service Ribbon, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, the Vietnamese Unit Commendation Civil Action Medal, and the Vietnamese Campaign Medal. Lieutenant Colonel Williams is married to the former Carole Carlson of Boise, Idaho. Lieutenant Colonel - Williams and his wife Carole resid( in Kaneohe, Hawaii. 70 EXECUTIVE OFFICER CAPTAIN ROY E. GRAY Captain Roy E. Gray was born on 12 August 1949 in Joliet, Illinois. He attended Penbroke State University and the University of North Carolina where he majored in History. After completing the basic school in 1972, he was designated as a supply officer. On his first tour of duty he served as the Supply Officer of Marine Air group 26 located at New River, N.C. In 1975 he was sent to Okinawa to become the Supply Officer of 3rd Battalion, 12th Marines. From there, Captain Gray went to camp Lcjeune, N.C. where he instructed for the Supply Officer School and acted as the Officer in Charge of the Advanced Enlisted Supply Course. In 1979 Captain Gray was selected to attend Amphibious Warfare School, Class 1-80. After completion he was assigned to the First Marine Brigade as the OIC of Customer Service for the Sassy Management Unit. Later he became the assistant OIC of the SMU. He assumed his duties as the MSSG-31 Executive Officer June 5, 1981. His decorations and awards include the Marine Unit Citation, the National Defense Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Captain Gray and his wife Terrie live in Kailua, Hawaii. They have two sons, Trevor and Wesley. 71 SERGEANT MAJOR JOHN D. UNDERWOOD Sergeant Major John D. Underwood was born 23 December 1939 and is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. Sergeant Major Underwood reported to Parns Island for recruit training in January 1957. Upon completion, he underwent infantry training at Camp Lcjcune and reported to the 3rd Marine Division serving with 1 Co, 3rd Recon Bn, 3rd Marines, D Co 1st Bn, 5th Marines, and M Co, 3rd Bn, 3rd Marines sequentially through August 1962, and then reported to 3rd Amtrac Bn, Camp Pendleton. He embarked with units of the 1st Marine Division during the Cuban Missie Crisis blockade then joined 1st Amtrac Bn, 3rd Marine Division. Sgt. Major Underwood landed in Vietnam with the 3rd Marine Division, rotated to Camp Lejeune for one year, then returned to Chu Lai, Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division in May 1966. After spending four months as an instructor at the Basic School, he returned to Vietnam for his third tour and remained there until December 1969. He remained with the 3rd Marine Division in Okinawa with the exception of a ten month tour at Camp Lejeune, through June 1977 while serving as Bn Sgt Major, 1st Bn, 4th Marines at MCAGCO, 29 Palms, California. Beginning the MSSG-31 deployment as the Company First Sergeant, he was promoted to Sgt-Major as of 1 October 1981, Sgt. Major Underwood ' s decorations include the Combat Action Ribbon, the Presidential Unit Citation (three awards), the Naval Unit Citation {two awards), the Meritorious Unit Citation (two awards), and six awards of the Good Conduct Medal. ' 72 OFFICERS MSSG-31 STAFF NCO ' S MSSG- 31 73 5: c T5 — 3- -0 O - re 3 -I £: ? ' - o 3 3 " r— ■ — ' - VI o 2 - 5. - ' z- - ? 3 Q " 5- 3 S c ■ I ■ ° y ' So- ? .5 Or 2 2, r " ! " OP — C - C 3 3 -□ o- p — C 5 - bo:. o " C ' VI — ■ VI ■ -J ■ §3- ' ■ — E. 3 5; I -■ ' z VI hJ ■ =: VI p- o " = t 3 § ' a, " 3 v ' 9. OQ ■ 2 v o- -r S 5 o 3 " Q- y o . " 74 I c m il o: Oi 1 ' . tlfe From left lo rlj;hl: (Bottom row) Cpl Boring, Sgt Bacher, LCpl Casey, Cpl Griffith, LCpl Carpenter, Pf( Brown, Pfc Reed, Pvt Killips, Pfc Mason, LCpl Nededog. (Middle row) Sgt Figueroa, Cpl. FHardison, Cpl. Jonnson, Cpl. Taapken, LCpl Parker, Pfc Harris, LCpl Harwood, Pvt OIlis, Pvt Moyher, (Back row) Gny Sgt Boehmer, Sgt Johnson, Sgt Ross, LCpl Stone, Cpl. Orona, LCpl Flendrix, Cpl. Parker, LCpl Sauer, Cpl. Parrish, MSgt Stcptoe. COMMUNICATIONS 76 I Is- Q. : O Q. • n. Ji u u E jo , ™ o m a£ ouu . 1 -J Q. - iX ' U E i§ = u ro : — a D. -rUU — I R3 - C c := O SO- — -J " i ° 11 u -F — lyi - 2 u c DC - 5, -J g 1 o £ 2 CD t Hi oc js ui c c aj i s 78 80 D. So 5 OJ g £ t — o = — T3 " S L , ' - U 0; - tto - - - . .E o. o rz .CO o DC - Q -• 1- c LZ -J o t l f Q. — = .E fT3 Q. ' q. — U u eo:h = o nc O U o ' - u " o Q nj c 5; fc ■ Q ° a oc , ; c u - u - l E c n " ki. X t 1 i - m SHORE PARTY From led to right: (Bottom row) Cpl. Primiano, LCpl. Quirk, LCpl. Campbell, LCpl. Burton, D., LCpl. Burton, D.E., LCpl. Edwards, LCpl. Goldsmith, Pfc Hays, LCpl. Porter, Cpl. Hammel, Pfc Zeuli, (Top row) SSgt. Vines, SSgt. Rodriquez, Sgt. Fairweather, Cpl. Ryan, Cpl. Fields, LCpl. Christman, LCpl. Muniz, Pfc Martfeld, LCpl. Roberson, Pfc Henrys, Pfc Ridenhour, Sgt. Waldhour, Sgt. Pederson, SSgt. Ziadie, Lt. Higgins. 82 s i i SUPPLY From left to right; (Bottom Row) Cpl. Garcia, R., Cpl. Lay, Sgt. Garcia, Pfc Loya, Cpl. Henry, Pfc Hubert, Cpl. Espinosa, (Middle row) Cpl. Strong, Sgt. Motu, Cpl. Lorenzana, Pfc Reilly, Pfc White, Cpl. Rael, Cpl. Kaaihue, Sgt. Schindler, (Back row) Gny. Sgt. Scott, Sgt. McGhee, Sgt. Brier, Sgt. Slurdivant, LCpl. Rees, Cpl. Cruz, Cpl. Middleton, Sgt. Esain, HM1 McClanahan, Gny. Sgt. Ritter, Lt. Chanenehuk. 84 0! O ] — ' CO uj — : aa. Q. Q. Q. 0 u — c c . 2 C a: — d ' 5 a - X -= = 1 .iC ' - ' ° =: -S CD w 1 o 5 a: o . - : c o. at F U S - i - ' o - o — ' D.Q- i - ° ™ o; c -C a:Q- " ° — CO -S — ' 3C E ; l; — : c o - ■ . a; i o : -o o v - — 5 u 5 C Q- o c £ D C " ■£ uJ (J ■- : ■ Q. o i o ■ c ■ a cc U . ■ c - c — ( i E — D — i z 86 .» .♦ " -s ir m ' ■ f yM: [ V K p b iii W ' ' % .jaLi£:- i fW.W - » ■♦.. .v ix Mt f ■ Ml PROJECT OFFICER EDITOR Fnsign Larry Prosono Editor ' s Note: Well, here it is. The staff and I hope you will enjoy this book and will continue to look at it in the years to come. Although quite a bit smaller than last year ' s cruise book, page for page we feel that there are more pictures of ship ' s company and Marines that you will recognize. The ten dollars that you spent for this book was a small price to pay for the best thing to come down the pike since Mom ' s apple pie. Com- plaints should be addressed to Mr. John Doe, Com- plaint Manager, 85 Degrees North Latitude, The North Pole. THE MARINE LiciJtcnanl Jeff lli gins THE JOURNALIST J02 Damon lohnson THE ARTIST Seaman Stoll Hayi ' s JOWU ON ) ' 92 i m Mi ' . ' - Ml i in:. ' l ' " ' -s- . v.. ■» 1 ■. ; v.. ■. , - ;.A .V !:;. • I. -l

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