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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1980 volume:

" —wHiaaB ' - V] i C .. JT c S«i - l ( INDIAN OCEAN ODYSSEY iM 1 B Bggg 1 1 ■i H t H H • . H IV j B J K H Ih E 5SSSbES5 S B ■ Alamo, The Monument Alamo, The Ship CDR Cagle CDR Picotte Change of Command Officers Track Chart Ships in Convoy Crossing the Line Helo Ops On the High Seas Ports of Call Pearl Harbor Subic Bay Thailand Singapore Australia Homecoming Diego Garcia Gunshoot i 4 Picnics 54 5 Softball 58 6 The Crew 60 7 OC Division 61 S 01 OE Division 64 10 N X Division es 2 Deck Department 72 14 First Division 73 16 Second Division . Third Division 76 18 79 21 Engineering Department 82 32 A-Gang 83 33 B Division 86 35 E Division 89 3S M Division T 92 41 R Division 95 44 Supply 98 47 Embarked Units 102 50 Tigers 106 52 Parting Shots 110 I «M THE ALAMO MISSION SAN ANTONIO DE VALERO In 1718 hy Ihe authority of Spain ' s Viceroy of Mexico. Father Antonio de Olivares established the Mission San Antonio de Valero in San Antonio The cornerstone of the chapel known today as the Alamo was laid in I 744 Named in honor of St Anthony de Padua and the Marques de Valero, Spanish viceroy. Ihe mission was founded for the purpose of Christionizing and educating the Indians The four acre mission establishment included stone living and leaching quarters for the converted Indians, and a two story building for the monks The various buildings were situated around a verdant, irrigated plaza and enclosed by the thick quadrangle well. The missions activities eventually ceased and il was abandoned in 1793 and the Mission archives were removed to San Fernando Parish Church in San Antonio Il was before Mexico ' s revolution from Spanish rule that a company of Spanish solders from Alamo del Parras in Mexico, used Ihe mission buildings as barracks Thus was probably derived the name " ALAMO " . The Alamo defenders held the garrison through 13 days of siege Subsequently, the Alamo was used as a commissary by the United States Government, and as a Confederate quartermaster depot during the Civil War Care of the sacred shrine finally was given by the Stale of Texas to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, who are the present custodians THE USS ALAMO Built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation at Pascagoula. Mississippi. The USS ALAMO is 5 10 ' long and 84 ' at the beam with a cargo capacity of more than 2.400 tons. Her well deck. 395 ' long and 48 ' wide, can be flooded to a depth of 10 ' by an elaborate push button ballast system. This large area, plus the expansive super deck and mezzanine deck, afford the USS ALAMO the ability to carry 3 LCU ' s, the largest of the amphibious craft, or 20 LCM ' s or 40 LCVP ' s. As many as 200 2 • 2 ton trucks, for combat, can be transported at one time. In addition to the complement of 2! officers and 384 enlisted men, the USS ALAMO is capable of embarking 272 troops plus 29 troop officers and 9 staff officers. The ship ' s twin propulsion plant develops 24,000 horsepower, driving the ship at speeds in excess of 23 knots. For armament, the ship has 3 mounts of Twin 3 " 50 caliber anti-aircraft guns. For the handling of supplies and equipment, the ship has 2 cranes, capable of lifting 50 tons each. The USS ALAMO competently fulfills the qualifications of an amphibious assault ship by display- ing flexibility of use. swift mobility, and demonstrated qualities of a powerful tactical weapon. The USS ALAMO is ready to meet any challenge of the present or the future, in peace or in war. CIDIC ll€NNIIIE f,. CaVGIIE Commander Lonnie F. CAGLE. U.S. Navy, was born in Dixon, California on 14 November 1937. He entered the Navy through Officer Candidate School in May 1961 and then reported aboard USS EDSON (DD-946) as First Lieutenant and then as Weapons Officer. In 1964 he was assigned as Executive Officer. USS CONQUEST (MSO-488). He then attended Mine Warfare School and was assigned as Mine Countermeasure Officer for Mine Squadron EIGHT in Charleston. South Caroline, in 1966. Commander CAGLE assumed command of USS CLARION RIVER (LFR-409) in 1968. He then attended the Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey. California, where he was awarded a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1973. Upon completion of the Command and Staff Course at the Naval War College in Newport. Rhode Island, he was assigned as Executive Officer. USS POINT DEFIANCE (LSD-31) in 1974. Commander CAGLE reports aboard from duty on OPNAV Staff where he was RDT 6 E Development Coordina- tor for Navy Satellite Communications Programs. During a 23 month span. Commander CAGLE led ALAMO through Enewetok " 79 " and WESTPAC " 80 " . after bringing us out of Todd Shipyard in January of 1980. Commander CAGLE has been awarded the Bronze Star with Combat " V " . Commander CAGLE is married to the former Joyce Lynne Williams of Oakland, California. I I E fnl««) SOUBI i m CDR R PICOTTE Commander Leonard F. PICOTTE received his commission through Officer Candidate School after graduat- ing from the Northern Michigan University in 1963. Subsequent assignments after completion of Explosive Disposal School have included USS HORNET (CVS 12). USS HAMMERBERG (DE 1015). USS PRICHETT (DD 561), Commanding Officer of USS MARATHON (PG 89) and Executive Officer USS PT DEFIANCE (LSD 31). After obtaining a masters degree in Foreign Affairs from San Diego State University, he attended the Armed Forces Staff College. Commander PICOTTE came to USS ALAMO from duty as Officer in Charge Warfare Officers School Basic. Coronado. California. n CHANGE OF COMMAND EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR E. C. Yarbrough OFFICERS 10 n HO ' DiS ' ir. - .8 " 5£.4 OF OKHQ " rv KottC elA o K«fMtiDJ O M ( N r. () 1, 1 A V.- ,y peiching ' V, -y? " o ' uisba (jS. s£ l • ' r ' fj " - - ' " s, ---til ■■ • ' HONSHl ■ ' -=Yoin.Sti««) M ; ' H .V4 y ' N I) ( y -v » ' ' " ' a ' ai , • ■ " " " ' " ' ' e- ■■■■■ H»d« ltSa " " ■ Sai (Kifna Cunib " " C.UNTO " c KAZAN RKTTd SN lip ..., i - A ( ■. ■ T li I I P " -; Ca«« Cm anfrot . ' ..„ ,.„., „a„ ' A ' Chip«io0O J 1 ' ■ivf N T i!- Odrov Ormkenon NOR T H nonw.tori Shtwo P A r I F I c Johni fl Uland Hot«ocia—t rvrto— o AlIFii Ilia Ckirx H Toko MARSH LL ' " Moiwro Amo CILBtRT IS UN OS . WMh«ng»on lilond Chrtilmol l« ond Ocvon Uland Souih.fn G.ib..t PHOENIX ISLAM! - l lond« Cantor fw « S iob»i ,, ,-g,o ' . V Molo-to Ouodokonal 1 San Cnitobot I ItenfMl) I « E-3»b« ' » Mck«on • tlfttts ;a ' d wr t .Mwll I- SyA y ■ Aol( «n li ' ond ' Storbwck lilond ' TOKF.LU ISLANDS tlLI.ICE Fwnofvh Akgfu OwH li « Sof to C ' f It Nwhwneno . S.o.ii I HFBRIDtS . BoFVkt ll l 1 ItpJritu SontO I J Eromongo V »f«r4.»ld lUi »«l«p ' o " ■ ' " • " ' »o Nouv IU Col donl - - 9 " ■ Nukula lo Fohoofo ISLANDS . - Nufoktto Boi«mo- ' ii,»Woil,» SAMOA ISLANDS Sovo. . Upol. ft«i d Horn ' Rokohaogo Dono ' It . Panrhyn ] Vo»to litmd • •Co ' oi ' " Ulond ' . i S MARQIMSK EN»e Nuhu H «a , Uo Muho Ui Pv • Mn« Oa Mo ' vuo Ulendi TwKwila SoM lilond KlJl f d Vonwo L»vv LA sontrrE ' .mo lono ' - ruiuno , Ato ' i » " OK IS A.tulak- ' Mont M . Mawkc A Toh.«. Mo ' uivo Moo ■ TcM f}atopw Cp Ills R«oo •■ . ••»•« D« d« GiMcvii ' TfAMlVTl ' • AfsTlMI t ' i wa- a B ■ . !l»i Cembk ' 0 no N»ncta Mir ' tlo«d • Philip lilond Nortolk Itlond T A S M A " V. s t ' r PA CI F i I ' I 1 — Vpy, -«■ . CONVOY Hi, ijr, — »,; A 4. K - S=r 14 J T5 CROSSING THE LINE Af-rm • i HELO. OPS -H i I v • x4 ' V .0 (,)■ t I ■m ' When he calms down, put him back to work. " TRUST ME! " " So that ' s what they do. " |l{ " " " »lll||lll||l||||l|! ' ' mir I I V.ii, mm Who are these men. and why are they smiliVig? r 4 I i H i:i ■ n J ' Fi ' iL. « You want me to do what? E Peck-a-boo! WW % Now what? It - I 32 " I I I t i r 1 jk SILIOIC lEAT S== ' — DELROSARIQ tNlcrrni dbw 36 I First Place Ports o ' Call Photo Contest: Tom Robinson RM3 T in A II I A N ID UGLCOnC T PHTTflan ciTa ■FliTTEvP A 1 i SINeAVIPCICIE A. I Ti: ' s::g . . TA jTjm n - -. " ' " - a . ' , tfy iritt in AViLiiriCAViiAV I I in aV T € H IE i I aV S T SAN ID II IE jiijiiy li: 35ICID I I i 1 m b Ifs Great To Be Back Another Place We Visited DIEGO GARCIA ! I f I % I GUNSMOKE A F STEEL BEACH PICNIC I ' ll 1- I ' .iftl ' tiS f I M 1 W- inn 11 RING SIDE . k iK ■ it " -V jr-- j:; « , ST ' WMBMS ' • ■ - " " tK t aascfr«i-.- - l .-, - SOFTBALL 5SB|[B BU .WHRI i- ' -miim ■. ' •: ;■ " :..»»■: ■ A . - ' •■■» ' ' iy ■-?«-,; ' 3.-- • . ' ts-- ■•■■-- ' ».■ ».■••-:• 61 RM: John Woods RM3 Jim Gilberl RMI Chuck Amies 62 RM3 Henry Hodge RMI Al Swalla RM2 Ron Crouse 63 T 64 ET3 John Hamilton OSSR Luis Lopez OSC James Wright 65 ET3 Curt Sassenfield SR Tony Ingrande OS2 Lester Roberts ii ? ET3 Paul Duvall ET3 Dave Masseth OSSN Ralph Bullerfield SN Kerry Watson OSSN Terry Skeans 66 67 I I 68 1. 1 1 9 ;- pA L W |b wHm 1 1 Mi ENC Victor Garza PN3 Ramon Rodriquez QM3 Tommy Tomchak SA Bernie Beenc QMSN Tim Louderback 69 HMSN Scolt Grise SN Sam Scott HM3 Rich Cash QM3 Willie Twiford QMI Gale Williamson 70 YNI Ray Wright SN Randy Canfield SA Harry Haws PC2 James Hess 71 OBCK t BTVW?7riBA T 7i SA Mark Prindable SN Greg McCuiness 74 SA Dave Harris SA Tony Dobrovolny SR Tony Zabaldo ( SN Paul Rubera SN Wesley Howard SA Gary Pitlman I SA Jeff Kuinanchik SA John Novak SN Terry Spoon SA Gary LeMonde ' « ll) SN Randy Ballenger SR John While SA Andy Campbell SA Dave Garcia 75 76 BM2 Paul Harlow SR Brian Long BM3 Tim Smith SA Dave Monahan SA Larry Gray SN Ray Battles SN Tim Pimentel BM3 Rick Lowes . 77 BMI Ralph Schneider SN Edwin Genson SR Henry Burrows SA Don Dobson 78 79 ENS Michael Bond CMC I Jim Alvarez CMCC Wally Knudeson I GMG3 Tom Hobensack SN Nale Sheppard GMG2 Lee Larson BO CMGSN Mike Klingle SN Kielh Garney CMG2 George Eaton 81 I ■i ' lii 83 ENFA Dan Hall EM Tom Malina MR I Jose Restrivera 84 «ll 1 ENC Joe Coran MM2 Gary Walk EN2 Jeff Lewis ENFR Bill Hoffman MR3 Craig Hansen ENFA Ron Riggle 85 i B6 BTFN Willie Richmond FN Duck Depelris PR Troy Marcum BTFN Roy Dell 87 BTFN Sam-NTtelo BTFA Harry McCuen FA Ken Schrivner BTFN Bill Barnes 86 I 89 EMI Serafin Cabral EM3 Paul Williams EMFN Tom Pearlman ICFN Lou Medly EM3 Kurt Ritter 90 FA Mark VanTassel EMFN Phil Cox IC3 Don Smith ICFR George Acuna 91 92 MMC Art Kerkau MM I Jerry Edmunds MMFA Mark Costa FA Don Cilstrap MM3 Rat Singleton MMFA Dave Haberkorn MMFN Steve Ohnesorge MMFN Tom Brady MMFN Wayne Shafer 93 MMFA Ben Herrick MMFN Leonardo Cruz MMFR Roy Young MM2 Geoffrey Brackeen FA Tim Davis MM I Jim Lucking MMFN Snake Mitchell MM3 Noel Bajada MM I Conrad Feria MM2 Pete Enge MM3 Al Boyd MMFR Jon Nichols MMfR Jim Fassler FA Dwain Raymond MMFR Mike Wichkoski FR I. Towne 94 irtwi 95 % HTFN Ken Schmill HTFA Ken Wenk 97 98 SKC Ken Eaton DKSN Dennis Leeloo MSC Conrado Forbes MSI Nicanor Mina MSSA Dan Bontumasi SHI Pepito Lagac SHSN Amadeo Castaneda SHI Bernie Robinson DKI Jacinto Delacruz 99 SKI Tony Guevarra MS2 Almario Guzman MSSN Kevin McBennett SK3 Marty Plaisance SKSN Bill Smith SKSN Manny Garza MS3 Tim Mullen MSI Fred Rudy MSSN Mike Musselwhilc 100 102 r I I f 106 ■-- -t ' il. i Earl Adams Ted Depetris r Bruce Michelich Serge deSomov 107 Steven Kizer Brian Doocy Michael Picotte Michael Seaman Ramon Rodriguez Brian Kumanchik Jonathan Yarbrough 108 I KOttt 109 f y 1 r r L ■ 1 1? 1 H« ? H ' w. — . • U ' V » 1 I Bi N 1 B ' - ,j " » H Bp » V- A H ■Ik 1 ' Hl k H 1 -JF i . ... I H l««-r S ' : i I Mil. k s » CRUISEBOOK STAFF Officiating LT Jim Little LTjg Tom Williams In The Dugout J03 Larry Battis Editor RM2 John Woods Photographer RM2 Jim Gilbert Photographer ET3 Kurt Sassenfeld General Specialist SPECIAL THANKS TO RMS Tom Robinson ENFN Scott Rengaard GMGI Jaime Alvarez 121 t FIN ff 122 ' ' i 1 --... .4-.-i ,t,. :. ; y-- .V;C -y ap . J::: ■; ' - r ' k: m 1 it r I

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