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Alamo (LSD 33) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1976 volume:

r S-J l ' - ' 5: Cii.uli.. ..-.. -• A. .J Miner t-f.ia I. - ■ " A M f-; V J y Lttt A V» l w ( ' ■ -rW l V ' ' , fhi.t M .-•fv -- ' J- . " - ' LvZ- -S V tt« .1 ' .-..x ? 7C-, ' ■■ 1 ,vJ. Si , ■ ' ' ' - --v .t Jj. - . " O vOY 1 ♦ w «•. vr j T ' VV »-r " - " ir I » ' " .Vc cc ' c ' V t ; Vi i . ' tt S nSS ALAMO LSD-33 WESTPAG 1975 - 76 f W U.S.S. ALAMO (LSD-33) is a swift and powerful unit of the Pacific. Commissioned 24 August 1956, she bears the name of that revered National Monument, The Alamo, at San Antonio, Texas. She reflects the spirit of the Texas Volunteers of 1836 and gives credence to their cry, " Remember the Alamo. " The Primary mission of the USS ALAMO is transporting and controlling combat loaded boats, craft, vehicles and tanks to be landed in early assault waves on enemy beaches. A secondary mission of the USS ALAMO is to act as a boat haven, repairing amphibious craft of all sizes. Her armament, electronics, and speed make the vessel a top performer in the Amphibious Forces. Its versatility, embracing a multitude of amphibious tasks, makes this ship very much in demand by the Fleet, the Army and the Marine Corps. We fulfill both missions as indicated by our motto: " WE DELIVER ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE " Built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation at Pascagoula, Mississippi. The USS ALAMO is 510 ' long and 84 ' at the beam with a cargo capacity of more than 2,400 tons. Her well deck, 395 ' long and 48 ' wide, can be flooded to depth of 10 ' by an elaborate push button ballast system. This large area, plus the expansive super deck and mezzanine deck, afford the USS ALAMO the ability to carry 3 LCU ' s the largest of the amphibious craft, or 20 LCM ' s or 40 LCVP ' s. As many as 100 2y2ton trucks, for combat, can be transported at one time. In addition to the complement of 21 officers and 384 enlisted men, the USS ALAMO is capable of em- barking 272 troops plus 29 troop officers and 9 staff officers. The ship ' s twin propulsion plant develops 24,000 horsepower, driving the ship at speeds in excess of 23 knots. For armament, the ship has 4 mounts of Twin 3 " 50 caliber anti-aircraft guns. For the handling of supplies and equipment the ship has 2 cranes, capable of lifting 50 tons each. The USS ALAMO competently fulfills the qualifications of an amphibious assault ship by displaying flexibility of use, swift mobility, and demonstrated qualities of a powerful tactical weapon. The USS ALAMO is ready to meet any challenge of the present or the future, in peace or in war. .•.■ -lx ;- 4 OCTOBER 1975 4-11 OCT 11 OCT 12-21 OCT 22 OCT ' 23-30 OCT 1 NOV 2-5 NOV 6-14 NOV 15-16 NOV 17 NOV 18-20 NOV 21-22 NOV 23-24 NOV 25-26 NOV 27-30 NOV 1 DEC ■ 2-12 DEC 13-14 DEC 15-16 DEC 17 DEC 18-21 DEC 22-23 DEC 24 DEC - 13 JAN 76 14-18 JAN 19-22 JAN 23 JAN 24-25 JAN DEPLOYED FOR WESTPAC ENROUTE PEARL HARBOR HI INPORT PEARL HARBOR HI ENROUTE KWAJALEIN MARSHALL IS. LOAD KWAJALEIN MARSHALL IS. ENROUTE SUBIC BAY R.P. SUBIC BAY R.P. ENROUTE SASEBO JA UPKEEP SASEBO JA ENROUTE NUMAZU JA PHIBOPS NUMAZU JA ENROUTE OKINAWA PHIBOPS OKINAWA INPORT BUCKNER BAY ENROUTE PUSAN KOREA VISIT PUSAN KOREA ENROUTE SASEBO JA UPKEEP SASEBO JA ENROUTE NUMAZU PHIBOPS NUMAZU ENROUTE KAGOSHIMA VISIT KAGOSHIMA ENROUTE YOKOSUKA JA UPKEEP YOKOSUKA JA ENROUTE KEELUNG VISIT KEELUNG ENROUTE OKINAWA INPORT BUCKNER BAY V - . ' NV ■• ,. ' ' v 26-29 JAIM 30 JAN - 1 FEB 2-3 FEB 4-12 FEB 12 FEB 13-23 FEB 24-25 FEB 26-29 FEB 1-7 MAR 8-12 MAR 13-14 MAR 15-21 MAR 21-25 MAR 25-29 MAR 4-5 APR 6 APR 7-16 APR 17-18 APR 19-20 APR 21-22 APR 23-24 APR 25-26 APR 27-30 APR 1-2 MAY 3-6 MAY 7-17 MAY 17-18 MAY 19-24 MAY 25 MAY PHIB TRAINING OKINAWA ENROUTE NUMAZU LOAD NUMAZU ENROUTE SINGAPORE CROSSING THE LINE CEREMONY UPKEEP SINGAPORE ENROUTE THAILAND VISIT THAILAND PHIB TRAINING EXERCISE ENROUTE SUBIC INPORT SUBIC PHIBOPS SUBIC ENROUTE HONG KONG VISIT HONG KONG OPERATI ON PHILIPPINE SEA OFFLOAD MARINES NUMAZU UPKEEP YOKOSUKA ENROUTE IWAKUNI VISIT IWAKUNI ENROUTE BUCKNER BAY VISIT BUCKNER BAY ENROUTE INCHON KOREA VISIT INCHON KOREA GROUP SAIL BUCKNER BAY LOAD BUCKNER BAY ENROUTE PEARL HARBOR INPORT PEARL HARBOR GROUP SAIL SAN DIEGO CA HOME SAN DIEGO CA M. ' Ky ' Am • ' •f;; r-,- ' «- ' ' ' ■ kjir ■ ai-i -- ■), ' {■■- , r H »»:, -.«». .p,, ,a,.,,a,, ,««X I COMMANDING OFFICER COMMANDER R. G. KUCERA UNITED STATES NAVT 10 JULY 1974 L This cruise book is a chronical of a long and arduous WESTPAC cruise. We shared many memories together, some pleasant and others not so pleasant. Of this we can be sure, we over came extreme hardships in true style. We brought credit to ourselves and to this fine ship by our spirit and performance. We were there when it counted and we built a fine reputation of which you all should be proud. To each of you my thanks for your contribution to the ALAMO ' S fine record and may you cherish this reminder as I always will. Commander R.C. Kucera Commanding Officer EXECUTIVE OFFICER These last eight months have been a rewarding experi- ence for everyone. I ' ve seen the crew ot ALAMO mature, grow, and develop into a coordinated working unit. You have worked long and hard hours and have made an out- standing reputation for yourself throughout the Pacific fleet. Your enthusiasm and individual expertice has en- abled ALAMO to meet all of her operational commitments. We have been recognized for numerous awards and excel- lent performances. You have made this WESTPAC one of most memorable of my career. You have a lot to be proud of. n lay this cruise book serve as a fond reminder of this time. Keep Charging. LCDR John D. Louk Executive Officer LCDR P.D. McCURDY FIRST LIEUTENANT LT D.R. RAINEY NAVIGATOR DEPARTMENT HEADS LT R.C. SCHAEFFER CHIEF ENGINEER LT T.R. GREGORY SUPPLY OFFICER LT H.R. WRIGHT III OPERATIONS OFFICER 4 OFFICERS LTJG L.H. LEMMELIN II DCA LTJG CD. LINDSEY III CIC OFFICER LTJG R.A. LION JR. 3-M COORDINATOR LTJG H.B. ROBERTS B DIVISION OFFICER ENS L.E. MADSEN A E DIVISION OFFICER ENS J.S. APPELQUIST DISBURSING OFFICER ENS G.A. WALLACE JR. WEAPONS OFFICER ENS W.B.H. SMITH COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER ENS M.D. SULLIVAN N X DIVISION OFFICER ENS W.D. GRAVES 1st DIVISION OFFICER ENS L.P. TIPPETT 2nd DIVISION OFFICER ENS R.A. RIEGER DCA CW02 R.C. DICKERSON SHIP ' S BOS ' N CW03 F.F. MARQUIESS A E DIVISION OFFICER CW03 H.C. ANDERSON MPA CHIEF PIUY OffimS BMCM ERB MSCS BANTA HTCS HELLER BMCS NELSON BMC HATCH BTC SCHNEIDER EMC MEPHAM ENC BRILLANTES GMGS GONZALES MMC HOWSER MMC ROCKHOLD MMC TOWNSEND 10 MRC HANSON OCS MANNING RMC BERRY SKC TABORNAL YNC SHEFIELD 1 T- 11 FIRST DIVISION BMl WILKES BM2 FOSTER BM3 CALDON BM3 HARRIS BM3 RADEMACHER SN BALLARD SN GILLETT SN GILLEY SN GOULD SN JOAQUIN SN LOUIS SN MARSDEN SN MOLINA SN ORTIZ SN OWEN SN STEPHENS SA BALES SA BELL SA BRICKEY SA CASTILLO I 12 SA HENSON SA LIVINGSTON SA PESQUERA SA VEALEY SA KONZ SR McBRIEN 13 Imft) t? ? SECOND DIVISION if BMl MEISTER BM3 MARTINS BM3 ROSS BM3 THORTON SN DUNKLEBERGER SN HILL SN LANDES SN RAFERTY SN WARD SN WEBER SN YATES SN EVANS SA GARRATT SA LEONARD SA ORDWAY AA POST SA RICHARDSON SA SELLARS SA SPELLS SA VETTER 15 SR DAVIS SR MURPHY SR QUINN SR SWANSON I 1 li l i THIRD DIVISION V I GMGl BARTLETT GMGl COULOMB GMGl VALDE FTG2 SNEDEKER FTG3 BECCERA GMG3 PHILLIPS FTG3 PITTS FTG3 SCROGGINS GMG3 SMITH FTG3 SPIELMAN SN MEEHAN SN 0 ' BRIAN FTGSN SNAIR FTGSN TOMASELLI FTGSA BATUG FTGSA DESCHEPPER FTGSA GRAEVE GMGSA JOHNSON SA MEARIDY GMGSA SCHRIEBER 18 I 19 OC DIVISION RMl NORTON SMI OUILLAO RM2 PETERSON RM2 JONES RM3 COATS SM3 FINNEY RM3 MURRAY RMS WOODS SN DOUCET SN HUTCHINS SMSN TULLOS SA BANFORD SMSA O ' DELL RMSA JENKINS 20 r 21 01 DIVISION m ETl JOHNSON HMl PEOPLES HM2 COBERLY ETR2 JACOBS 0S2 KISTLER 0S2 WIGFALL ETN3 CLAYTON ETR3 FRANTTI HM3 JACOBSON ETN3 STROHM S03 VARNEY J OSSN BITTEL SN CRONIN OSSN ELBERTSON 22 1 SN GREEN SN RODRIQUEZ OSSA PRATT 5 X D I $ I N y YN3 PRESNEL PN3 ROBERTSON QMSN CROFT PNl HARRINGTON YNl PETERSON QM2 CONWAY QM2 SAWYER PCSN FERRANTE PNSN FILIBECK QMSN HERKES SN HURDON SN WHITE QMSA LOFFLER 24 YNSA MOORE QMSA STAGNERO PNSA YASUTAKE 25 SUPPLY X US MSI CERVANTES MSI CUDAL MSI GONONG MSI LIBED MSI LABRADOR SMI PIPER SKI GAIIBLE SKI SUFFERi i 26 MS 2 CRUZ MS2 FIRME SH2 EBNER SH2 GARCIA MS 3 BAUTISTA MS3 CEFFARANTI SH2 MORRISON SH3 ALMAZAN MS3 COTTER MS 3 DELAPENA SH3 DANIELWITZ SH3 PACOMIO MS 3 ENCOMINCA MS 3 ESTRELLA SMSN CONNELLY SN DELA CRUZ MS 3 SLOMSKI MSS i. BARELLA SHSN LARSEH SA VISTRO 27 DK2 TANCIATA DK3 AGDUYENG DK3 POLIN SN CARILLO SKSN DENNELLER SA HAMOY 3 J I 28 29 A DIVISION (Or MMl STEVENS EN 2 ILLIONARDO EN 3 BARCELONA EN 3 BARNEY EN 3 BROWN EN 3 COKER MM3 STRATER EN FN MARCH I ON I EN FN NYBOR EN FN RUSSEL ENFN SMITH MMFN COOPER MMFN JAMES MMFN VALANTINE ENFA BEST ENFA HILL 31 5 1(1 31 E DIVISION ICl TOFFOLO ICl WILSON IC3 ELLIOT IC3 SIDDALL EM3 BURR EMS GONZALES EM3 MILLS EM3 NORTON EMS WOODS EMS GREEN EMFN BUTLER ICFN MARTIN Picture not available EMFN WEIRSMA EMFA JONES EMFA THOMAS EMFA WEIDMYER 32 33 B DIVISION BTl FOWLER BTl SPANIOL BT2 ABSHEAR BT3 BERGER BT2 BAUGARTNER BT3 HUMES BT3 HARMAN FN GOETZ BT3 SMITH BTFN DREON BTFN SALAZAR BTFN STEWART BTFN JONES BTFN SERRA I BTFN WELCH BTFA BRYSKI FN WOODMAN BTFA MIKOVSKI 34 BTFA McMEHAN BTFA SCHULTZ BTFA MURRAY BTFA TUCKER BTFA WHITBECK BTFN VALDEZ BTFA KINLICHEENEY 35 n% M DIVISION 0o% MM2 MARTIN MM3 ENCINA MMl GARNETT MM2 COWHERD mo PRATER MM 3 RACCA MM3 BLUE MM3 EDWARDS IM3 THOMAS Fi I ELLENBERGER MM3 GARZA MM3 MAHONEY MMFN KIRKER MMFN MEEKS MM3 FRALEY MM3 LOESCHE MMFN YOUNG MMFN COOK MM3 OLSEN MM3 PEYTON 36 1 37 FA INK MMFA LYNCH MMFN MILLER FA BAJADA MMFA 0 ' CONN ELL MMFA OESTRINGER MMFA COGHILL MMFA JOHNSTON MMFA PATERSON MMFA SCHACT FA McMENAMY MMFA RYAN FA WOOD FA VERSAW FA WICKLAND FA CRIPPS FA HATCHER MMFN GONZALES FN ENGLISH I I 38 39 V R DimiON HTl HATT HTl PAUL HTl SKYES HTl JOHNSON HT2 SIMPSON HT2 TUXHORN HT3 HOLMES HT3 JONES HT3 Mclaughlin YN3 MURRAY HT3 SANDBERG htfn henry FN LAWRENCE HTFN LESH HTFN LUNN HTFN MILLER HTFN RAPACZ HTFN RUNTE HTFA CORNEJO HTFA HAGAN 40 FA McCLURLEY HTFA TURNER HTFA WILBER 41 ACU-1 OX BMl BUNBAR CM2 AUTREY BM2 DONALDSON BM2 GREEN EN2 SNOW GMG3 BENNET BM3 BILLINGMEIR BM3 EDWARDS BM3 HADLEY EN 3 MADSEN EN3 MARTIN EN 3 TUZZOLO 1 42 FN CAUDILL FN COUCHON FN DUNN FN HAYES Picture not available SN MORRIS FN ORLANDO SN PASSON ENFN POWELL 43 U. S. M. C. i . BOAT OPS 46 ir » ' - H i 47 VEST OPS 48 PHETTT HAIDS 49 I 50 t D A T THE DAT OF REGKONINfi 52 t CROSSING THE IINE 53 KAOOSHfMA I ' i 54 SAseeo i . i ri Mi - , . i , iiM ■ : 4 HOLIDAY ROUTINE 56 SPOBTS 57 p. I. I M ' FORESKIN INN 58 KrjRt-n 59 THE PABTT 60 61 V HOME AWAY FROM HOME 63 WHERE ' S THAT? 64 ( 1 «m «-v 65 m m ' THAILAND WHAT? I 68 al f 69 70 h 1 TIME ; - OFF 72 I 73 b OKINAWA 74 r w. i 11 « 76 - J HOME!! 77 V r T i V - !t i r SAN DIEGO. HOME I«TW [WBLCom 79 CBUISE BOOK STAFF ADVISORS: LTJG CD. LINDSEY III LTJG M.D. SULLIVAN . CREW: SH2 GARCIA - COVER DESIGN EMFN BUTLER - PHOTOGRAPHY - DEVELOPING - LAYOUT WALS WORTH rUBLISHINC COMPANY CruiK Bnoh Sain Omcn 44:18 InKwham SlrtuSuite 202 San DirKo. ( ' alifornia 92109 ■ cC-.v- I V yALgwotf I H yww CruiM Rook S«l«« OfficM pva LI CM INC III 443H |„p.„h.ra Suwt-Suiw 202 . " ... .Zf: Sun Di |o. CiUrocnia niW

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