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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1974 volume:

KHINA irOKYO OKOSL KA ' AN AN WNCl PHILIPPINES % HAWAII PEARL HARB R SAN FRANCISCO. U.S.A LONG BEAt n SAN DIE(j7 s .1- n u LIBERTY, LIBERTY, LIBERTY . 1 19-26 JAN Enroute Hawaii 25-30 APR Enroute Yokosuka 27-29 JAN Marine Exercises, Hawaii 1 MAY Yokosuka 29 JAN Hawaii 2- 3 MAY Enroute Beppu 30 JAN 4- 6 MAY Beppu 13 FEB Enroute Okinawa 7- 9 MAY Enroute Okinawa 14-15 FEB Okinawa 10-11 MAY Okinawa 15-17 FEB Enroute Numazu 12-13 MAY Enroute Kaohsiung 18 FEB Numazu 14-21 MAY Kaohsiung 19 FEB 22-23 MAY Enroute Okinawa 4 MAR Okinawa 24 MAY Okinawa 5 MAR Enroute Beppu 25-27 MAY Enroute Subic 6- 8 MAR Beppu 29-30 MAY Subic 9-12 MAR Enroute Keelung 31 MAY - 12-15 MAR Keelung 19 JUN Enroute Sydney 16-17 MAR Enroute Okinawa 20-24 JUN Sydney 17-23 MAR Okinawa 25 JUN 23-27 MAR Enroute Chen Hae, Korea 4 JUL Enroute Pago Pago 28-29 MAR Chen Hae 4 JUL Pago Pago 30 MAR - 5-11 JUL Enroute Hawaii 3 APR Enroute Subic Bay 11 JUL Hawaii 4-13 APR Subic Bay 12-19 JUL Enroute San Diego 14-15 APR Enroute Hong Kong 19 JUL San Diego 22-24 APR Subic ;j 1 tf iini ' mmm giiiiiiii im!.iiiiiiiiil||l» " « " " f , COMMANDING OFFICER COMMANDER L. E. SCHNITZER UNITED STATES NAVY 21 NOV. 1972 - 10 JULY 1974 U.S.S. ALAMO (LSD-33) FLEET POST OFFICE SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 96601 During the past twenty months in which it has been my privilege to serve as Commanding Officer of the fine ship ALAMO, a great many events of significance have taken place. Our Inspection by the Board of Inspection and Survey in January 1973, our Readiness Improvement Program from February through August 1973, the convers- ion of ALAMO ' S propulsion fuel system from black oil to Navy Distillate between May and September 1973. ALAMO ' S Amphibious and Interim Refresher Training periods in October 1973, our intense preparations for overseas movement and finally our deployment to the SEVENTH Fleet as a unit of the Amphibious Task Force and Amphibious Ready Group BRAVO. The reward for all this was, of course, our participation in Exercise KANGAROO I and port visit to Sydney. The courage and dedication with which each of you met those challenges was simply magnificent. Not once did we hear cries of protest or defeatism; to the contrary, all hands automatically took a round turn and held fast. From Commander to Seaman and Firemen every sailor pressed forward with renewed determination to get on with the business of readying the ALAMO for its ultimate business, that of defending and protecting our nation. I am immeasurably proud of the way in which you, the crew of ALAMO, reacted. I am confident that whatever new problems the future may bring will be met with the same zeal and professional competence shown in the past. To each of you, I most earnestly commend your attention to three areas of responsibility; your men, your ship, and the duty to our country. The man of our profession who keeps his sights on those important duties cannot fail. I depart with the profoundest respect for the loyal dedication and professionalism displayed by the officers and men of the ALAMO, and with the sincere conviction that when the call comes, you will be ready. I dedicate this cruise book to you; the officers and men of ALAMO. In it are captured all the pleasures and the pain we experienced together during our WESTPAC cruise of 1974. 1 know you will read it and reminisce with me as you remember and relive in years to come what we experienced together. My sincere thanks for your loyalty and dedication. Smooth sailing. .- ' ( ' L. E. SCHNITZER COMMANDING OFFICER COMMANDER R. C. KUCERA UNITED STATES NAVY 10 JULY 1974 i EXECUTIVE OFFICER LIEUTENANT COMMANDER L. G. McINTIRE UNITED STATES NAVY ., LT E R HOLLYFIELD FIRST LIEUTENANT LT W N RODMAN OPERATIONS OFFICER DEPARTMENT HEADS LT M E YOUNKER SUPPLY OFFICER LT D O LUCCA NAVIGATOR LT R M SCOTT CHIEF ENGINEER I I LTJG J L FLOOD COMM OFFICER LTJG D G CONKLIN CIC OFFICER LTJG D R HAPP DCA ENS L M SOMMER 3M COORDINATOR ENS T W EDIE A DIV OFFICER ENS R A VOGELSOHN DISBURSING OFFICER ENS R A LION 3rd DIV OFFICER ENS C D LINDSEY 1st DIV OFFICER CW03 F W MARQUIESS E DIV OFFICER OFFICERS ENS W E ANDERSON 2nd OFFICER ENS H B ROBERTS EMO ( CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS HTCS CONVERY OSCS THOMAS EMC SMITH ENC BRILLANTES MRC ORDONA HTC BURNS ENC MORRIS BMC BUSH MMC CARLEY 10 I SHC DINERO MMC HOWARD FTGC COCHRAN RMC LEE NCC BLANK HMC JIMENEZ 11 TAYLOR, J L BOYNTON. D A MOORE, A D FISH, M D BENSON, F B DONOHUE, J M WARDMAN, W H HAISLET, B M BOATSWAIN ' S MATES STEINBACKER, E K MORTON, J L WILLIAMS, T M CUNNINGHAM, T E WILSON, J A FORD, E J RADEMACHER, J MACDONALD, D G HARRIS, .J A FLEMING, P L DYCKS. E H GRAY, G T FIRST DIVISION 12 I think Comet works a hell of a lot better than Ajax! Chief! What are you doing in the can? You ' ve got to have two people to make this seesaw work right, dammit! HUTCHINS, J L MARSHALL, R E CRONIN, P J URBEALIS, B J GILLETT, D D TRAGO, R C BROOKS, D E 13 Next time we get one with a reverse gear. How come we don ' t get flight pay for this? Uh. I think I just lost my contact lens SECON D DIVISION JONES, CL WEBSTER, W C FIELDS, W J LONG, K M KONZ, T A TRAVIS, G S MCFADDEN, J D NEGRON, D BOATSWAIN ' S MATES MARBURY, T C WHITE, J D DUNKLEBERGER, P W JOHNSON, J L LOONEY, M G SPELLS, R E ROSS, M D BRITTON, E L MARTINS, T P VISTRO, R M 15 LAUO Be nice, or I ' ll tear your heart out I How come mine doesn ' t pick up FM stereo? Hsu 16 NO, I don ' t want to see if you can run the davit from up here! This stuff looks better than what we had for lunch! It ' s not MY fault you ' re under that CONEX 17 MCCARTHY, J E YOUNG, G L HERMANY, R A SNEDEKER, M J MARKLEVITS, M B CLARK, J A MILOJEVICH, M J LAWYER, E W THIRD DIVISION FIRE CONTROL TECHNICIANS GUNNER ' S MATES DANT, D M SPIELMAN, S S BROOKSHIER. F R HAYNES, E L B LAMB, W C WAITERS, S BECERRA, M J 18 UP UP RAZORBLADE FUGITIVES GOODBYE. OLD RUST .Wm J r I ' M THE MEANEST IN THE VALLEY! AND AWAY!! RAIL BIRDS. 19 Pedal faster or we ' ll never get to Subic! If the CO had wanted us to say BANG, he would have told us to say BANG. Gee, my Corvair was more reliable than this thing. The pointy end goes in first, right? 20 COLLIN, T E ABBOTT, M E PALMEJAR, J R MILLER, S J HOPKINS, D R KAMPS, M J tJli RADIOMEN SIGNALMEN oc DIVISION KIRKWOOD, D F JONES, W T WELCH, G L QUILLAO, R A AREOLA, N B MINJARES, G R CARMONA, H R 21 Otis down again, Kirkwood? Hiivv ihe lu ' ll (lid Mr. KiKiman ' s skivvies get up there? No, we won ' t play " Me and Bobby McGee " for the. Marines. 22 ROBINSON, BD MUSSLY, E N WROBLEWSKI, P R GRAVES, L W WOOD, J L PERKO. D J BARRY, E M BROWN, W R OPERATIONS SPECIALISTS ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS EWING, M D FRUSCELLO, F D POWELL, J R HORN, W D 01 DIVISION KISTLER, S D KUEHNL, M T O ' MALLEY, T MILLER, G A 23 Five of these and a shot of San Miguel, and you won ' t feel a thing. Gee. it ' s just like watching the dryers at the laundromat. How come I ' m getting Donald Duck instead of Deep Throat? The que.siiun is. Mother, how did you get my SUBIC phone number? AAAAAAEEEEEEIIIIIIOOOOOOUUUUUU. 24 N X DIVISION PERSONNELMEN POSTAL CLERKS QUARTERMASTERS SAWYER, F METCALF, M D KINNEY, R CONWAY, R D WISE, A W IRWIN, W H SIMMONS, P L KEY, J R CARTER, H J HORTT, P L CHAOUSIS, L M TALAGA, J M 25 Five for me and one for you, three for me and one for you, 26 D L H E L L W. I C K No. that ' s not right. ' TAYLOR, B L RORABACK, H E LAOLAGI, A FABUNON, J R LASKY. D W SPEHN, D MAHNKE, D L TAYLOR, S E GABRIEL, R B MESINA, N G OETZEL, C M RIVERA, V R GARCIA, R D ROBERSON, V D SMITH, R G PALLAYA, C G PELTON, R W WOODS, R T GATLIN, K T LOUGHEED, M E 27 I ' ll call your CO ' s paycheck and raise you the XO ' s BAQ. TRONE, A DALCOUR, P Uh, you remember that left ear you used to have HENNAN, C COTTER, S A SLOMSKI, M D CEFARATTI, P G HARRIS, T N LOVINE, L MUNSON, T C 28 How can I make out a 1250 for a new typewriter when this one won ' t work? All you have to do to get vour Laundry back is fill out five of these and have them signed by COMPHIBPAC and CNO, OK? 29 It ' s Red Dog in the first at 3 to 1 And when I remove this sheet, VIOLA! Hamburger to steak. 30 Three gallons of vermouth, four of gin. and one case of olives. If you put it in like this, it compensates for the pitching, right? I i ' LUHMAN, W L KRAMER, M D LACROIX, L J LAMBERT, S J M A DIVISION wmi BARTA, R F SHULAK, E W LEAKE, L P RAMSEY, J H DAVIES, W T BLASCHUK, R A BROWN, D H RAMSEY, S D ai I know that fifth is down here somewhere 32 This is the biggest electric toothbrush I ' ve ever done! SiblR E DIVISION ELDER, J B WILSON, S HEID, D L ESTIPONA, R G CAIN, D N DOHERTY, K BLEDSOE, D R GARNER, J E DABU, J WHITLEY, R 33 Dr. Frankenstein would be jealous. " Now the ship expects to shift from shore power to ... Bleep . . . . " 34 We ' ll have your antenna rotor fixed in a jiffy, Captain. PAUL, H L DUNN, R J KOLLASCH, W M RODRIGUES, J M TAYLOR, L O ESPARZA, R R R DIVISION SWAN, C M SANDBERG, J R IVEY, C E HARNAGE, B A SIMPSON, R D APODACA, S DUNCAN, G E HANSEN, K C 35 No, but it makes the hottest butter rum you ' ve ever had! According to this, the OPS head empties directly into the speed line. Hide it quick before he finds out what it really is! Come on out, Hansen, I know you ' re in there! 36 ABSHEAR, L J SIMPSON, G A DENBOW, K D REED, R D PARKER, R J LAUGHLIN, M M RITTENOUR, E N HUNSAKER, J L CLARKE, D A B DIVISION YUK! These marshmallows always come out well done. SCHMITT, R F FIVEASH, R L MCMAHAN, S L ALVARADO, I 37 HEITZ, R A BAUMGARTNER, R D PAUL, D L YOUNG. L T JOHNSON, K W PERKINS, J E SANDERS, J R HARMANN, N A ALLEN, E W Sugar Content ok, alcohol pressure good 1 38 If I could just get rid of the static, Tokyo would really come in good! i Yes Sir, this is our Junior Officer Training Area. I heard that with a J C Whitney vapor injector we get better gallons per mile. Now, when you turn on this one, you get whiter whites, bluer blues Homeward turns? What ' s that? 39 PRILL, H W KAZ, K J EBNER, G R MAHONY, J E GROOMES, J W HALPENNY, P C M DIVISION BENSON, R A PEDRO, P A EDWARDS, M R GRAY, T C CORNISH, C A BARTON, R M PIKE, D A LEIGHTON, J W MILLER, W C MIXES, J C POPPEN, J D KIRSCH, C E r What lain ' ' I 40 What do you mean " This just casrept the officer ' s country water foun- tain? " Hey, you really look nice steam cleaned. Mr. Scott! -nl l These automatic transmissions are a pain in the Sugar content still good, alcohol pressure down 41 p L D L A Y Y W G •••;SM ' nKxiMUK?: - 1 45 OPERATIONS 49 JAPAN bKll. u UN MT. FUJI, THE ZIG-ZAG, TOKYO I TOWER, THE BATHS OF BEPPU, AND BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN NAHA. II TAIWAN THE YEAR OF THE TIGER, SHIP ' S PARTY TATPF.I AND RAIN Marines, Marines, and more Marines. " Now all hands to flight quarters for One- Alpha, refueling, and Church Call. " (« 5 rjir-,.«3;,-..c,j7 " B. ' ii .jfe ' ' - • ' " j-fe. ' SUBIC NO COMMENT IS NECESSARY! : ' ' i0ifMi0t»»Mji Mt j i0aMt i0uuu it a0 uaitat»t t»t mmut$ai»a%»t%i» 4 jtii i i .J. it f 1 •W-T " m fH m iia ' jajj; 9 il (jZ -fi y HONG KONG BARGAINS, FLOATING RESTAURANTS, A BRIEF GLIMPSE OF COMMUNIST CHINA. ulUii ili " Mri! ■v jO. £11 ' . 1 rM f ii •,M; i - i; rMr ii (S .; ' -. -»i ? i 7 DOES " USS " REALLY STAND FOR UNREP SATURDAY AND SUNDAY? 56 1 n- m X :.«s I Iki:2 ' «»:«■ H I E - l H 57 AUSTRALIA THEY SPOKE OUR LANGUAGE (ALTHOUGH A BIT BLOODY DIFFERENT), AND SHOWED US HOSPITALITY AND A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY LIKE WE ' D NEVER SEEN BEFORE. I I 58 PAGO fs ' ii i.iiiiiiiiir 59 AND THEN THERE WERE ' ! MIDDIES .C y I wonder what the relative bearing grease temperature is? fl! S I know my mother ' s phone number is in here someplace! Uh, Captain, the mailbuoy watch reports that we just hit an UPS truck. GO CHANGE OF COMMAND " I RELIEVE YOU, SIR. ' „ ■ : I- i : 1 i. V ' A« b 61 HAWAII I y A MOMENT OF REVERENCE FOR TIMES LONG PAST, AND THE ITCH FOR HOMEWARD BOUND TURNS. 5 o«.i " IlMeR t KC U« ! 62 n SAN DIEGO 63 STAFF ENS LINDSEY ADVISOR ETR2 WROBLEWSKI , . EDITOR MM3 MAHONY . . .PHOTOGRAPHY, DARKROOM GMGC AVILA .... PHOTOGRAPHY, DRAWINGS YN2 KEY LAYOUT ' BM2 WHITE 0S3 FRUSCELLO LAYOUT LAYOUT JOSN O ' MALLEY LAYOUT WAL«wORTH«ww CruiM Book Sain OITicn " ' J!ii!2. ' I!2lll «3« Innraham Slr««tSuiW 205 £ f.l!! ' ?Jl ;!! !£ San DieRO, California 92109 i I I 1 rmNA) i)TOKVO ' AN ()y1slUNG [VIETN PHILIPPINES JAUSTRALIA % HAWAII PtARL 1I RB K SAN FRANCISCO J U.S.A. 1 () (. H M. SAN 1)1 h(j fi m imi ISMINC III 7I 7 Herschel Avpnuv compantXUi ' - •■» " •■ ' ' •l " » " ' ' « ' »» ' Mir «Na . M« USA

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