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 - Class of 1988

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.fx .AL X mx, ,754 f' A J XQf U F xx , A -f ,lx Y ' 1 Y 1 ' , rx ,WN . x . w , Tkkxkx 5 N x X , VN VK X3 Ewffi N: ,PLN fl 3, JS :gf Lf f A g 1 ,gk LW A 1,33 txfjf A If Q9 J fl Q1 . fffxii jx f -f 6 K f W? Qmfg :SQ fi, 4352? if Q, N81 3,1 JCL QQ I EE r P, Y A Alomo Heights I-Iigh School L Soh Ahrohio, Texos 78209 The Glrhos Execurive Sroff J y L Fl T 5 i H ri 5 Ay cjbidi Copy Editor Jeff Pirluis D d LI yd Sporrs Tf Rb S yBI '5 K AM- M W 'v' 'if f -:L 'fm 32 Q M 4' ?,,,.,,, 2 asia f, Q. E5 NE is Q 1? iw. -us? me r" ,gf M 1 ' 42 E X.-5 M M + K pf X I "' - Wi' p T19 1,4 ,w , m 'EiT ' W ' H551 WWW 'wliil f' 45-ESQ M: A , my Y, , M ggi .fi ax A gf 'W ,, . .-Vg, J l 4'- H ZW H53 4 1 'ww ' ,I . qkx K' Q:-Hr' QM? 1 xx? X Qs? N Q5 4 A . KHQQQ1 k M i f 5 'E' X if 1 i s wma ' Q - ar- X. .,-, . . JQL f WJ!! ! 1' I 1 Y Y' aa, J, ,, -4 :fx nw L 'r QQ fn I , xi fi, if Ly.-f viizflfggfj 5 M422 if 'J A Si i, xf .4 1 jf ,' K7 :QP 0 M .fzgf Gmkhg 54,9 i in fjg, fi .VPN 5f34X"'xy1QQLf1 2:97, f,f:,'ml' xx was if SYCMT1 ' f , P3151 KEYS q"f2?:L1' Wifi? HQ. ,hmm 551 ' ig 5g'x1Q,y' Q? Q MVN A I 'Li Jf " Em 'z M WE F W N41 Pi " 2' f.. Gifiil 'xg' ffgfzlqj :nina !f!,gfgi.N hifi? 'Qi' 'aiHQ'lq3i N., 'Sir fsiix ww 'Q f ,V 5 "Rf EIN' lf' xl ', 1, :N w N. 1. Q ' if fqQ,,-X. My E fx, 6 82,1 M 1. NRM N ,xv r x xg 'E.11".. H114 sin ,, Y W, , 5.12 y 1 aw LN? Q 31,14 ' Lt,i.75.1 iff 13?-' .f.Lxa..' 1 3'- ug? 1 N " 'H Ely Q-Q ffl '-.QS f ,X K. F , 7Q4l3 fy' JXID6 x w. xx Nw EN -f '-Eff' ,if iiill Q ,J fy 3 4' V M 1:32 R, ,Q ,ff LL' 4' Y ,QP Mx fl :.s:..:L,5'iiE,,f N! U 4 1. X Y. g f vw, wg + -by 5 U if Xfi' wJ: in 5' flex 'il LL J N ff .4 4 , 4 ag- 1? v Na' fi ,PJ V Q Yr K Qlrxnk W 2: ' fa v W 'N ffm n LXR W 5 W1 may 5 X 5 AQ 1 Q ,U 4 5 Q 355 YV I XV, x-f 7 .3-lf G ff:'f1F7.1. Eif1LAj1,. fgmgfg-A . jg 1, ,'.f 'I ,fix ' I 'V 1 -fill? 5' ,Wg f IJ, N1 mxpix ' ., ,W 5 ' F? Ks N V"wYfa N71 HQ Vfiflq. f we .mx 'Hn 'FPR-x '-:'f1'.i:f- fin Val' 2,-s V1 X7 N. I '7 i 4124111 1" ' 3:-v J '-1 1 -' H Ei ill ,Pg ,IW -f 'mi yy, XJ ,Q gx 1 .fgf w, A. HE X, rl, 'I Lmi1,,:p ENN N QUE Y . iig, iff E A, 1 U iiriw. , im' R' , .--. ,, --'f?'?6f 4. F, T YW ,JZfg3gf" j Q ' " " W ,ff A N V 4 W nf 74. V , a,,m,,:.+ .-D'::r:"' . zawfsw- .,.,., 4. "u"f1w 3 In 4 qzffif? ffl? KJ. . X Q sf , ' WA! gi Leywf-43 U ,ZW 3253 f . .SHS . -"IVA . K .. . 5. VL 11" 1' by ' 'Eff 'icq Y HJ P, Mi U36-B Q? X22 5 ff W ll '95 fU'ii" Lf-f - gif? .5,.fw w 1 f K1 v . 4 Qui V 3 RQ .W A ull' WS" VN QNX 1 1 x,,,R-fi XYQ-Jn X, ,, LW Q Xxix Mwii ,,,Y 3 A", ' A" yin yfvffva i-.7 'sl' 'f 4 - I , 3 4 Q av., nz .5 4. 1 XL, ' N315 gif 1 46: ,J J .fi 5, v. ,sf ,Nl 1 , my 1 X M ri Ha' 4 rv Hi Q 5 -J!! 1 VA A C2-1' 94-3 fifyfxl Cray My Qi A! . J fi gf 7 QQ 9 5 CW? B350 Q swim X0 W N R 'UWM C e Porry W' h Us X Meer Your Chooerongs Join IN The P rw A Word From Our Sponsor fweer Your I-76 I Come C eer Us Oo Compere Wirrm Us 0000 11 K 1 x ! 1 X 1 Y r' N ' W Y' ., SB , W1 ff' 6.453 A 75" 15221 -'W ,Qftziiilfx 3 " A J 1 , , WH, .Qi-, j -2 ,V , y , f f,.-,f m. ,W ' mlm-W M jf exam ., XM 2 if HWY Wu" if xx" f:gVAf1,w,,f X ' Q ffwfragi , ,X 1, , -, L,,,,,,,,y , 4 13 Summer Fun 1987 v f L ' IWW , mfs-3 , -ww f , ,- Q A Mu K fc sf :fp gs 11373 if ABOVE: Laura Frank made lasting friends at North- western University. BELOW: Erina Duganne and Cory Russell spent time in France working on their accents and learning about the culture. 1-. A.-.A 'wh-1 vim..-mv hunch ma., inf X, , AW, ., J, 4- .- . 4 M -pn A , lr ' h . f i . wwwmwrrzcglg., , 5 Ls! ABOVE: Teri Soules traveled to China, BELOW: Tenny Cibildak 14 - Student Life tries the delicacy Boston is famous for while visiting family. X MW LEFE Steve Cortez explored new areas and discovered new things. BELOW: Heather Drought spent a large portion of her summer at the beach while Scott Hollingshead spent his sum- mer behind a boat. W1 ,,:,-t-- is ...: K wfi' 4 f End Cf Summer Meons 'rip Home Summer '87 srorred off prerry slowly. SA. nod rvvo vveelss of "wer" roin our rnor did nor slow Heignsrers dovvn. We srill nod our summer jobs ond our sum- mer sleeping ro Iools forword ro. Some of us even had our sum- mer vocorions ro dreom obour. We vvenr ro Fronce, Chino, Coli- fornio, Boston, ond, of Course 1 Porr A. We even vvenr ovvoy for summer school ro Horvord, Bos- ron Coliege, Norrnvvesrern, ond Andover, buf some of us sroyed home ro go ro good old T.M.I. We mode mony friends ond creored mony memories. Sum- mer '87 will definirely sroy vvirn us forever. Srudenr Life - BELOW: Dress-Up Day was fun even for the teachers: Mr. Duffy is a Blues Brother. x .si w 13 2. I I if .H L 1 QL, ABOVE: Seniors Brad lowers, David Lloyd, Brad Jones, and Brad Hardy work at Senior Booth. 16 - Srudenr Life Hs., ' ff ,. f 1 .., ABOVE: Overview of Howdy Night crowd shows the cha- otic fun and excitement. BELOW: Catherine Shweers and Jenn y Schneider dress up for Hippie Day. L urfixfhl Above: Students display their pa- triotism on Red White, and Blue Day. li 2 , 'Q 7 375 Above: Varsity Cheerleaders and Caledonia ride in the Howdy Night Parade. HN. Raises Money, Promores Spirir Howdy Nighr nor only raised money for clubs our ir also promored school spirir, Heighrsrers always come rhrough when ir comes ro school spirirl We pur on a good show when Howdy Week presenred "Dress Up Days". We had fun wirh Hippie Day, Blues Drorhers' Day, 50's Day, and Blue and Gold Day. We all were amazed how much spirir rhe srudenrs and faculry had during this weels, We celeorared our way rhrough rhe Howdy Nighr Parade and cheered our lungs our ar rhe pep rally our, mosr of all, we Hpigged our" wirh rhe Howdy Nighr food. We saw some of rhe same boorhs lilse rhe Wranglers and Spurs' Calse Walls, rhe Dunlsin' Boorh, Jr, Class Pizza, 5infonerra's Faiira Boorh, AFS. Corron Candy and, of course, Warerpolo's Tropical Drinlss, We also had rhe advanrage of rrying our new boorhs like the French Clubs successful music dedicarions, l4eywanerre's T.C.l3.Y., and Sr. Class' Shishlsahob, Heighrsrers showed rheir spirit and rheir apperifes successfully or Howdy Nighr. Srudenr Life - 17 Should I Go Stag? 'wc - n ABOVE: Trent Harkrader is astounded by Cathryn Forrimond's sugges- tions for their weekend plans. LEFT: Johnston Kleck and Tifini Roberts use their passing period for serious talk. ABOVE: Walter Hamner and Kristen Irvine and Tim Gulley and Caroline Kopecky double to a football game. RIGHT? Freshmen Tracie Claypool daydreams about a certain senior. Srudenr Life HOW TO FLIR 7? He gets her attention- He "sweet talks" her- He finally gets her! RIGHE Trey Mumford and Becky Ruhman obvi- s Q- ously believe lunch is the best time for "togeth- erness". BELOW: Joanna Satterfield ond Matt Simpson use lunch to get to know each other. T. , WW. vim--1 1 .hlvssrn 1 Or Talse A Date? This year Heights students have fallen into the some relationship rit- uals as years before. The vocabulary has changed bacls from "going out" to "dating", The patterns are all too obvious. Sophomore girls are being courted by Senior guys, Senior cou- ples are springing up everywhere while the Freshmen remain single and the Juniors fall everywhere in between. lt almost became a crime to be dateless, Some people believe in playing the field while others want to have nothing to do with the opposite sex until they have completed their high school career. Both of these might be hard to believe with all the flirting and Cupid's arrows being fired, ln a poll recently talsen, students said lunch was the best time to get to lsnow each other, followed by the classroom and through mutual friends. Long distance relationships have also affected a few students. One student said, "lt's hard but if it is real love our relationship will go on forever!" Another student believes long distance affairs are impossible saying, "The guy cheated on me left and right, he stopped calling because of 'phone bills '." You can malse up your mind on this one, All in all, love fills the air and brealss some hearts Your grades may have slipped because of it, you may have even experienced temporary insan- ity, but it's well worth itll Student Life - 19 What Do We Wear? ABOVE: Senior girls show off '87-'88 styles. BELOW: Josie Meador and Beth Bailey are dressed as "typical Heightsters". ABO VE Curly hair has put girls into a frenzy. ALSO ABOVE McClellan and Martita Hunt- ress display glasses as fashion statements. :sg l Heights Has No Stylel This year at Heights individualism and varied tastes were brought out by the clothes we were wearing. There was no one wright" way to dress. Some people stuck with the traditional preppy look while others sported the more updated "Vogue" loolss. Layers have been left behind and more simple two-piece outfits Student Life have become more evident. For guys, faded blues and pastel oxfords were the uniform. For girls, minis and high collared shirts and sweaters were a favorite. Accessories were also a biggie. Girls wore more jewelry, belts, hair bows, patterned hose, and carried purses than ever before. For guys as well as girls, bother- some contacts tools their place. Horn- rimmed and bright colors were the most popular frames. Through their specs, these stu- dents could still tell that: "PADS COME AND FADS PASS BUT ALAMO HEIGHTS STILL HAS CLASS". LEFT? Does anyone like to show off his ankles anymore? Just a bunch of SHOES!! Whether it be high top rennies or plain old hunting boots, everybody's got a pair. ABOVE: Trey Azar puts some school spirit Q into his fashion statement. RIGHT? Jean- I wear was back and strong as ever. g ABOVE: Being practical was on the minds of every- one: BACK PACKS were the answer! RIGHT? Terence Brown and Bill Fenton show their iconoclastic charac- ter by their choice of clothes. Srudenr Life - 21 Lunch Is The Mosr Irhporronr Period Firsr Thru Fourrh Is A Blur To Heighrsrers, firsr period rhrough fourrh period is norhing our wosred hours rhor Iseep everybody from rheir HLunch Plonsf' Teochers olwoys shriels when rhey heor those disruro ing words, 'iWhor ore you doing for lunch?" The Freshmen ore srill srucls or rhe Pir while rhe Upperclossmen ore srill regulors or Wendy's, Toco Cobono, ond Chris Modrid's. Lunch is definirely rhe mosr popuf lor rhing in on AH. srudenr's life. Ir is o rime ro sociolize, get coughr up on gossip, ond do unfinished home- worl-Q. On rhe whole, 12135-1185 is on ernorionoi ourler from rhe rigorous ond dismol orrnosphere creored by the siclsening green riie ond boby blue holls in which we wolls. Our lunch period hos olrered our sysrems forever. 12185 will olwoys seem lilse o rurning poinr in our lives. g Q 5 4? A if ,, if sr 1' 1 ' ,fs S My 1 rg., !'4fi Vgm M- 1, fl 5 L' " 31 i K tw, 'W' f ,, . T f' '21 wi 'aw fig? ZA Y 'Wi ff "" TTT ii, 1 ff,, lb Q'r ' if mm, If f my i' ABOVE: Freshman still enjoy lunch by the Pit. RIGHE Beth Bailey waits in a drive-thru window line because she has to get back for another one of "those DARN meetings!" 22 - Student Life N .. ,Vg Q yt' if nf SX ABOVE: Jennifer Kale and Cynthia San Marco enjoy a tasty lunch at La Fonda. N., ABOVE: The lunch time rush makes it hard for .Seniors to squeeze out of the Senior Parking Lot. Below: A lowly frosh daydreams about going out to lunch one day. iq, 4 ABOVE: Kenny Dorbandt, Tim Craig, and Ben Gallagher go out for a burger. BELOW: Kathryn George and Mike Hartman sit and chat after lunch. ..A.... 't ......,... . eses Q 'Xi kg E In Q Q :E Q' 7 LQQL Is ' .:w X L ,,.. IQ' ' . V - 1.-2: 1 . . ' ' as .k.- 1 -1 'fm ,,,,b,.., lg o r ABOVE: Christina Pape calls her mom to come pick her up for lunch. 23 Who Moises The Buclss? , ,kk, , ,. , Above: Heorher Drought ond Chorles Burmeisrer rolse up exrro money for weelsend ocriviries by grooming rheir neighbors' yords. Too bod Chris Hoden couldn'r join in rheir weelsend follies. Chris wos o lifrle shorr on money ond oyerdrown wirh pride, Piighrg Heorher Persful forcefully fries ro sell the purple ond oronge belr. Below: Trey Mumford srroregicolly ploces fhe renrh boslser of rorrillo chips on rhe rroy designored for rhe Horrs' roble. The Bouncing Bills Wirh rhe economy busr ond rhe bouncing srocls morlser, mosr sruf denrs found Themselves o lirrle shorr of chonge. For rhe Freshmen ond Soohomores, gerringjobs vvos rough. ln mosr oloces of business, io is rhe minimum oge. Despire our oge mosr of us vvorlsed for minimum vvoge, ond minimum vvoge is exrremely minimum. Those of us who could ger jobs, did so. We vvorlsed onywhere from deoorrmenr srores ro resrou- ronrs ro orcheologicol digs. We spenr our rime being sloveedriven for o meosly rhree buclss ond rhirry five cenrs. Begordless of vvoges vve eorned ond rhe hours vve vvorlsed, we Ieorned vvhor ir meonr ro be oorr of rhe vvorlsing force, ond usuolly spending more rhon vve eorned. IN GOD WE TRUST. E PLUBIBUS UNUM. xl grin' 1 TOP. Alonno Brown eorned her living by scubo diving for be-orls ABOVE Dovid Menlse srudied under Dr Kilgor Von Hoff, ond EOST Germon orcheologisr, digging ond lobelling orrifocrs. LEFT: Jennifer Srephens wonders if she were hired for her loolss or norurol obiliry ro blow up bolloons JFAMILY nes. 25,4 TUPDAYNIGHTLIVE 3 swromrv PYTHON 0 HANG LIT 1. fe0LLe2 cADe 2. AT HOME nv B50 3. cowzmfefvce STORE! FPESHMAN GROUP 1. U2 i Q. BRYAAO ADAMS' 4 P N6 2 our .Crowes CAI? oxvczwas AUD 1. BMW ' A KElTfl LAN6fUl2D! muck 3. CORVEITE- PA voemss SK! RESOR T CARTOON HERO 1. Miami' M0055 1- T405 2. 0501265 Jersofv Q. PARK cmf 2, grocer 000 3. ww BEACH Q DA YT OIVA 3 MALIBU 1 1. SOUTH PADRE EXCHRCE 1. I WA! SICK 2. MY DOGXCATA TE IT 3. I HAD A STROKE IN THE HALL 'rom POP I I I DR PEPPER 2 COKE 3 AGA f iv . K lg my hA, h Ili 5 x N? R kv x. as 97 . I H ,, . M4 4 ' "H" A Ag, gr . ..,, , VT In kk ykyk V K, VK K 'VVV 4 jj,-i ,i , i K gi ii kv p ' 1 Vh-' -, I L X kry- , 5 W t K I V yy 0 fa. 5"ff"f5ff 91" ' Al g h h . A h y? A 5 if ,E ': ' .V ?T mVVA,A. 9: ,V AL A m m L 2. vw. ada. 3 op 9 ,V I 4 f I-'vagal' Q Bfrdlm 500114 Mama! Wflfffuw 3' Tw Long Of A Wai J 0 ,I f '-4 'airy H 4. . Q I ,V-1, Lili' A - ,' 3, 1" , N1 f. f fo - .jllQ , LA f fv 2 Pv1fF4m4a4 1. Nam!-leawl Of Cafbmgw 1g MfyA1y i Daugm, Mama 5' ' 2.B.,,,1eW I 4 , 'A s. w4,, cm? ww rm? 5, 4 eww sw I Tu1uZ'Aud Shui Q Cad' Bug Me Love 3 l-fund Deg! Nagil' X oo r f f X f 000 OVOVITQS 2 1 ,i . o A V VV . A 1 ' - , . , H iL . ' . In V, 1 i l 'K , H H, ,l x op r ' . ,, . ' ' 1,1 Q f , o ! F ' - 29 JLIDGMENTAL ru 010115 E 1. 02011110 PAIN! Q. FAMILY r1Es 2. 1u001v11011r1A10 MVEEEP b ' Q. 211111 Q' X -6 2. BPONCO . A 5 ROCK 01201112 W 1. UQ 1. EXTRA 2. ROLLING STONE! Q. NQTQAWEEERY 3- X-MEN 2. GRAPE f01'1012111K W... 1. c01cE CLASSIC ' . P PP PPPPPP Q. 112 AGAINST My RELIGION 3,1 PIP PPP A 2. 1101111110 TO WEAR T00 THPASTE 1. 001011 TE Q' C2557 . BEAN EZEQEO 3' UWA BMW Q. CHICKEN FAJITA 2. 00117 LIKE MEMCAA1 E00 30 F JUNIOR! lx I CAR roofv CRARAC TER? M SEPWCE 1. DPOOPY . A Q. OR 0 A . ll 574 WON 3. Ziafiiwffyr NME Ea BEACH 1. mum PADRE . Q. vefvfce, CAUP 2. ANYWHERE IN HAWAII ZZ S221 A05 KUUL -PVD 2. RALPH! mug MART 1' GRAPE Q. TROPICAL PUNCH 3. 'KPIKEDH A . R 11151: PQALPAY FPC. E0 Q. APRIL 15TH Q' 'CECUND ONE 3, JULY 4TH 3. FORTY-FOURTH ONE U .cfcf RESORT 1 I 1. CPESTED BUTTE Q. PARK UW 3 .cr MORITZ TURN E: FACE ihe STRANGE 1987-1988 marlsed many changes ro rhe Alamo I-leighrs communiry as well as San Anronio. Lincoln l-leighrs was consrrucred even rhough rhe residenrial area had nor been com- plered. Sunser Ridge decided a face lifr was needed and gor o whole new remodeling job, We saw Town and Counrry and Hy Marcus leave offer serving our communiry for over a decoder We found consolarion by frying ro ger in shape or rhe new heolrh clubs. We rhoroughly enjoyed rhe new arrival of Sea World of Tex- as which opened in April on rhe our- slsirrs of San Anronio. .Q 1 if""----A 1 - ,- Y M M ills Changes in our ciry were nor rhe only rhings rhar became differenr. ln- dividually all of us Heighrsrers exper- ienced some sorr of change, phys- ically, emorionolly, ond! or psycho- logically. 1 J A , .V , D . MM. ,,,, ,...L..., st K U 'Y 'm'rrf'W-MM,,,, 5 Q4 n H Z I I llyliitintz fy f-A it in """"?1lxlH Wwlfiiim. i,... V My ,un 18 rltgmnni W4 ' WW ' " V ' , . V . , . ll' L 'H ' " . iii eil-if' 'fs 'A " 3 ., J 1 li , ,.,,, " ' ' . r mf i 'alive 'f 4' , ,,f 1 J' fr , ,f W L ' 4' ,,', f ",ii'i ,, 'A 'mf' ' of fwlzfgig' ' we 3.4 f",' .j"',Xx1 WbfwpglYW-QWVTZWWl'-i'j?Vrl:"ji -J,v,,,f?i J ' ,- ig fr, f ,, 7-,, if W! V , ,,i', - - 4 - - A W .-5. Vri W if fyfrgyff gvg,f,.w2, My 1. T. W 5,.M5M Above: Lincoln Heighrs, when complered, will be o new residenrial area adding ro rhe - A gr 3- f V gf Alamo Heighrs communiry f ' ,...- W f,, "' , 'tr i,i.. . . 'J f ,Wi f i RR ' A ., "" fa or if i A 1 is r iir- ' .L ,i' ,, K -f L V Acsi .W c .. Xa A A Above: New healrh clubs became a fad ro mosr Heigr srers, especially rhe Concord. Above: Sunset Ridge hoped ro ger more business by remodeling and enlarging rhe shopping cenrer. Righrg We said goodbye ro Town and Counrry and I-ly Marcus rhis year. Cl-l Cl-l . Cl-l C'-lANGES WE'VE GCT SPIRIT!! Heightsters once ogoin dis- ployed their enthusiosm for the Mules ot our Muiedome pep rollies. Somehow, some- woy our good ole odministro- tion orronged two pep rollies for us this yeor. We porticipot- ed in one during footbol seo- son ond one in ooslsetbo' seo- son. The ever tomous skits were o prominent oorrel of Ioughs, olong with some new odditions such os reloy roces ond the Spirit Meter. The cheerleoders Isept us enter- toined with their chonts ond smiles while the Spurs donced right into our heorts. Along with the music of the bond ond the fight for the Spirit Stids Cwon by the Seniors? Come the honored ployers. Of course, we oli lsnow the reoi meot of the rolly wos Mus", os o whole, the student body. Thonlss, kids, for supporting ond porticipoting in Ai-i.I-i.S. sports!!!! Right. Ron Weiss, Chris Moore, AI- bert Mcixieel, Cuotro Groos, ond Brody Hordy demonstrote their ooilities to be reol men in drog. Hey, Ron! Your slip is showing! Spirit ond No Spirit. were reolly proud of them. Left: Cotherine Browning got on oerobic worleout by being the otfi cioi Spirit Meter. Herjob wos to run up ond down the scole to show Left: Spurs strut their stuff!! We oil ,vis 'sw ABOVE LEFT: Heorner Senn shows her Cnrisrmos spirir by weoring jingle bells. ALSO ABOVE: Croy Lewollen proves rhor o French berer isn'r rhe only rning rnor inspires orrisric rolenrl MATFHEW SIDEMAN CIefrD hir the slopes during rhe nolidoys. ABOVE: Heignrs srudenrs keep eocn orner worm offer o long doy skiing. AN ENTHUSIASTIC GROUP OF SENIORS Clefrb celebrore ine New Yeor. Above: Jennifer Srephens ond Tenny Cibildols reolly resr rneir Above: Ame Weiding Und John DWQVWOVW VWOY '059 men' 'Umm sromocns offer being suspended in rne Roller Coosrer for over5 ofrer rney ride the Zipper. hows' Below: Tim Robens and MIG Hooper enjoy G fun me on me Below: We oll enjoyed seeing Mrs. Horr's disronr cousin or rne carousel. srocl-z show. Moooooo! M r if tvs 1 fs Left: Libby Forrirnond, Corrie Shorp, ond Heother Snow relox on their woy to Europe. Little did they Isnow thot their plone wos being hyoclsed to Cubo. They Ioois hoppy now but you should hove seen their foces when they Ionded or Hovono lnrernotionol. Below: Unidentified Heightsters potty down in Colorodo. Right: Liso Fuhrmon Ioolss smitten os she stores or oll the hor guys on the beoch in Port Aronsos. Upper Lefr: Jamie Malal-:off watches over rwo lowly fresh- men who are paying rhe price for walking on the AH seal. Above: The famed Sr. parking Lor "lore spors" have seen rheir lasr days. Left: A bunch of rowdy derenrioners display the hard life of staying afrer school. They've experienced AH. Law!!! Above: Jeff Robinson, "Robo", grimaces as he is issued anorher "C" Above: Brian Levy is durnbfounded as ro why he gor a excuse- parlsing riclser. 31 3 Above ond below' Long Tron does his impression of o zebro pronr before ond offer cromhning for o big French 8 resr, ndon ond Joson Cone worls diligenrly or homework in closs Below: Holr Vaughn lunch hour in rhe quier orrnosohere of rhe 47 Sr. Prince 6 Princess Suson Kesrly Corherine Drowning Srephonie Crews Nominees Jeff Pirluls Robert Hammond Dovid Menlse Mocls Hunrress Soon. Dulse G Ducness Cecily Cornovole Lindo Gomez Elizobern Snyder Jennifer Tierz Nominees Morls Johnson Trey Shonlsen Kurr Sreves Tnomos Wirrh Jr. Dulse G Ducness Nominees Klmfny AVTWSFUTZ Jeremy Cgffey Srephonle HOIE Sqm Delmer Holey Goslsell Glen Segroro Brod Simpson Den Swonls Fisn Dulse G Ducness Melisso Borron Louro Hollsreod Morie Lovell Dino Rubio Nominees Sreven Horris Morls Meodor Brondon Doiney Dovid Reed Srudenr Life Do nor srond or my grove ond WQGQ Iom nor mere. l do nor sleep. Iom Iom lom lom o rnoosond winds rnor blow. rne diomond's glinr in snow. the sunlight on rioened groin. me genrle ourumn's roin. When you owolsen in ine mornings hush, lom me swifr oplifring rush Of guref oirds in circled fliglwr. Iom ine sofr srors moi shine or nignr. Do nor srond or my grove ond cry Iom i nor rnerei I did nor die. -on Indion verse In Memorium Sosonne Morlser 19o9-1988 Pool Dunford 1972-1988 Joson Felder 1978-1988 Q' Memoriol - 5 'iii Poe-rry Roberr Hommond ond Corh' rine Browning had poetry pub- lished in the PEGASUS poetry magazine. I L N 3 3 mv ,!j"Q"-I K X Y 1-. ,Ll ,L I X xy It ,CXYY fxii ky yi XYXXXXX-,ff X x X Y X X X x Academic Decorhleres K X fl Lefr ro Right: Jeremy Rurmon, Ku Pt 76 X mosi Wilson, Kennerlw Sclwworrz- , mon, Robbie Soclserr, Sclwyler Bo XY X rey, Ned Wells, Jeremy Dirrmon jc ,I Kevin Crosby. x li ' xfi i .-fr sul 1 fx? l S . 1 EY K-ia .' 'su b ' I My ' ,N1':'. .LEW ' 'J i . ART Roberr Wymer, winnei of me 1987-88 Scholosf rics Arr Aword, ond No- 'mpg rionol Finolisr. . 4-X, - 923' gm Caja' sf' - hi , . fpjwg. . is , ,V seam QW As we enrered rhe holls of Alomo l-leighrs High School, we mode on impression. lr is o well I lsnovvn foci rhor ir is nor eosy ro be o fish, our we did ir our woy. We mode o sweep of oll rhe conresrs rhor yeor, Ar our firsr holl decororing conresr, ond needless TO soy rhe losr, we rools firsr prize ooove oll upper clossmon. Our holl nor only our did our elders, our we humiliored rhem. The clossjor comperifion wos highly comperirive. Agoin we showed our spirir, rhis rime by conrriburing money ro rhe Srudenr Council. Our reword for our efforrs wos rhe fooulous "Welcome ro rhe Nluledome" murol. Everyrime onyone enrers rhe gym ro see o boslserooll gome, rhey will be reminded by our efforts. ln 1984-1985 our I closs gove high school o furure ro lools forvvord Top. Chorles Wondless, Doyno Holleron, Corhryn Forri' mond, Senior Secrion TO l The Fufure Cf '88 The door ro rhe furure is vvide open, our rhe direcrions once in if ore mony ond voried. Mony of us vvill go ovvoy fo ore on orrrocfion ro inreresred seniors, ond mony orgonizo rions hove begun rushing rhem. Orher seniors ore inferesfed in fhe Armed Forces, or simply finding rheir sforr in rhe job morlser. Wherher ir be lovvyer, foshion designer, oonls reller, or lieufenonr, every one of our senior closs hos rhe molsings of o success We ore fhe furure ond rhe furure loolss oerrer rhon ever. I hope we will oll rerurn TO see eoch other or our rwenrierh yeor reunion so vve con heor oooui oll rhe progress ond developmenr our dreoms hove gone rhrough, We vvill oll be neor forry ond vvill oe morried, some porenfs, ond inevirooly fofrer. Our children might even oe enrering high school fhemselves, hopefully our high school, The clorhes vvill oe slsimpier, rhe music fosrer, our in confidence our school vvill srill reroin rhe volues vve lsnovv if ro hove. As Sir Richord Sreele vvrore Every mon is rhe molser of his ovvn forrune ond ir seems rhof rhe forrune of rhe closs of 88 is exceedingly college ond prepore for rhe coreers of our choice, ond mony vvill go direcrly ro rhe job morlser. A mojoriry of rhis yeor's college-oound seniors ore inreresred in TCU. ond rhe Universi- ry of Texos in Ausrin. The frorerniry ond sororiry orgonizofions promising, Q 1 if S Senior Secrion 3 S ii .af I "" " ' wif . 1 iiii f i Nix i S 5 i Ti an f mm ,W N Q is i 5 M 5 1. , Senior Secriom By Jimmy LeFIore, Teri Soules Senior Secrion gg fagm SXX1 ,Pm if QQ? . ,I 5 Meer Your Hosrs - 65 f L LVL, W m", i 9 "-y x ggi"-J, ' iiiooiii , ff Lf,' K ,, gs, fqgiix, Yi is 2525, fr-is :ai W L iisi f - s .22 v, .f,,' 11 f-" , yf sf ffyA, ,2 m,,A, . s "" ' H 'L r ,I --1-f v -"- f 1, ff fi ,Z'- o ' 4 i I 7, may , L -'ff-9 Jeeves iw if if -i f :,,1f- f " A , . i ' 55 'K f , , ',,.1, ,'Lk ,A , f s r , iii 2-A h W 7 - i H+ V fx I A L si 5 7 ' L' 1 A K. 1945 ,et V V. 4 is ' ig A? ' 'A' LV 1 V Q I ig - vV'A,, ssiiii - i s ..:, '1. ' .. 1 i 1 2 sz f. 1 ? ., r ,liil - "YLi .4 - 'N is . A V' 4: ,-,vr L s , . is vw I ..,, ,xii ,K ,ff .V ,. , - 3 E' i V f,, is si, ii . ., A 1 if L V 6 Libby Forrimond, Chris Moore "Mosr Represenrorive Senior" Closs of 1988 p a 1' ty p 1 c s fb gg 5 X I gigs-.irffa,ffizf"'ff:4f s i R ,ff 3 J xb 4. 1 5 1 Cb-f5'XQC' offs Heorner Snow Mods I-iunross Nominees Closs of 1988 t ppairc sy 'r 45 5 ga 2 'Wm ww , g jf? af MM ,WI WE, gg!! QWQW' A ,, Q .g 4 9' qsgfaym WW pf f' 'Hr ggi' 'N ,w'm1Qy4giF if if 35 +2 4"-high! M M igrf 'gary ff F9152 Www ff ,535 5 91 I if an 1, T"'xYfL in T4 'ffm 4' f W if f N5 'f mufwwffif ' .4 an 4 1 Qjf Q 'VW gifnvaa Wim, f es 5 4 Jomes Deegeor Heorher Senn Nominees Closs of 1988 party pics 4 s e - f , I ,X 4,NL ., .4 4 f ,QR H Q ,Q ,, , ,, M, X Q.. .. . , .. . ,, X .N . eq.. 4,7- ffifgw A Ng. QQIQQ, 21 ff 1 -- f- W Q gif. gi 5i1gEif,51.?'f 4 if Fff'M::f:.QE 5' -1,5 ., iffy" :fi 5' wif" sw 'gf-2-5-j. .1 us: , 3 1 N ,K , , Q f W Q I- -sf N Q .g - , ' A 1: Qiiw iw RI, ,z gs Re, seq, - we - V is ' - 4 , , - f 5 35 Effef f " ,. 5 Q ' Q I - '- Q ,ii Q : K 5, 'h 315- fi:-S. If-fl. N ffm: 57 i '51 , Q ,, - , , 1-1 - , - se .-,E-g.-V ,ge ssh- ,-..,, - i , , .-5 ' 55 , I 51:-:Zi I-55.1, s, N. - lm. -,g if-if-gfpf' Y , "'sx'fi-31' x. 3,34-Q -31 gf Q P1 'VL ,, - X ,V M Q J Y ' i ab y,s1:. N fs Rvws-Q swf Lf F 5? sf Q f ss L, ,Y ,kyle ev H m??T,wM if sig N 5 ws- , 'Q nf-.J we , ,, 3 i , up I i?iW?'ffEfX,fL , Q?" f 9 gf ,, ,, 37 U X M. ' ,, , Q ' Seniors .4-ang., 943 mf? 'iv MAURICIO AGUIPIRE "Merciful" r Arr 3,49 Loriri GA, Los Am 4, Los Comp 8, Morh 3,45 MAT 8,45 Olmos S5 PresA8, SS 45 Ser- vice 85 Soc Sr Hon SAI Srudem C 45 HR 3,45 YoIe CHRISTINA ALCDNSQ Hchrzssyf' r p HP 4- Tufts' Universir or Boston , ,Y I University Q I ' f ' EDWf'W?,g rf3II?CINIEC5Ar f MICHAELARNOLDI, I fIMiI4G" + Dim 45 LOIIYT. CI,1,,2,3',45 1,2,3,4g NHSQQ' 'OIFFSOS 1,25 'Sd CIub1,2,8,4j 3,4g,HI'k,f 2,3 45 BOFWCI I 2gIFOII'PIOy, 2-.EB 1, University gIf Wyonfjingr ff' I , CARQLINE BAIRI5II,I -f'cU1r-'lr + r Key ,I1,2,:-,Ag ,LQslAm ,Los Ir I Comp Ig MAT' 8,4ggNHS.3,4,-Scif cn spse-rv cs o,4, Soc SI 3,4gfSC 3,45 WA 3,43 HRr1,2,3,4: Spurs 2,31 Wro ,11 ANHS , 2,81 Aipho Omega 'Ig Hugh ,O'IDrien. YOUVII Lead 2, XVho's Whom Muie Sr Coun 4, UT Austin I Q, I I ICHRISTOPHEI3 I f ALLISON I I Comp CI 45 Los, Am'1,2,, Los Comp '35 ,IV Tennis, 2, VITenoiS 2,3,4,j Woshingron 6 'Lee r or SMU 1 I r I IKHISTINAMCIA I Los Am2C5,4y Los Comp, 1,2 Ge-rf ?'r1onI1,2g? SSH Spf NFL 4, HPI 47 rmmdrrI1,i2 gs, Gdff,C3,4: ,AGM I f 'WILLIAM p g AII'I'I5III9N6 I I ', , rBErHANY,iBA1LEv if I . HBH , I' - f Los Ikcblg ASIIIVE, ,fI3IIIOQuQl' dc-31 8: I Texas Q I I , ,,'fMQIQSTQ'Q jf I Hey 51,25 Los AmJ4gII.os1Comp '23, ,Sci CI 2, 55 4, SC 215+-IRI 8, L ASPUFS 23,45 weary 1,jFcIzs,IQ1oy ati, :iI3QY'0"Uf"IV?fSIVYf ' 2 5 I ,W ,. -iz, g I 5eF1f0'SI+Irf9 E, ,qu fix MAUPJCIO SBOHMER 'iDieTi'iCi'i" FHA 4, Incornore Word ALANNA BROWN 'xRebei" A AFS 2,85 Keyworierres 23,45 Los AM SA, Los Comp 1,25 OL- MOS 12, Pres. Ciub 4, Sci Ci 23,45 SSH 35 STUUGDI' C 83 SMU, Coiorodo Coiie-ge PATPJCE , ,BURGARD LOS AM 23,49 MAT 2,35 Sci CL 23, Service Ci 45 SSH 3, Honor Roi! 1,2,8,4g NHS GA, SNHS 23,45 UIL 2,3 f , ' CHARLES BURMEISTEPX 'xChuc3i4" C Loriri Ci 2,3,4, Mor 23, Pres, Ci 4, SSH SA, Honor Roii 1,2,3,4, U Boii 1,213,415 Nor, Merii Com- me-ridoble Srudenr, Greriodo School of Medicine KENT CALGAARD NFL 2, Srudegilrg 23,41 D-ifioli 1,2,3,4, Honor Roll Horiorobie' Menriori 1,2,8g TCU, U of Kori- sos, Eckerd A A LARRY A gBPiOUGi-ITON g SCATHERINE ' Bixoxviiiixie A "Coin AFS 3,45 Los AM SA, Los Comp 25 MAT 2,8p Sci CL 3,45 Service Ci SA, Sruderir C 3, WA 4, Pori 2, Honor Roii 1,2,:3,4, SNHS 2,3,4, VTeririis 1,Q,8,4, Virocis 8, CC 3,45 VNerrers Ci. A 'WUI Q 'yi I Mrs. Esquivel gives Cyrirhio Som Morco poimrers on forging her morhefs mome. Seniors - 71 i ,WX Q V J f 4. E yly' 2 . 2 , 5 4 ,,,' ,V x L ref E r lre w,i,.,s X k N 7 KM , , , 3 l K 5 JN iQ LISBETH CHURCH AFS 3,41 HP 3,45 Keyr1,2,4g Las Comp 35 'Sr CI Secretory 45 HR 4, Spurs 2, Wran 1g Track 1, BBL Srar Ag Mary Baldwin r MICHELLE CLIFTON MARY COLE' I NKOCYII I FHA '85 Olrnos 4, HR 3,4 Texas Tech L Tenny Cibildals gers quife annayed asrlkoberr Hann- mond conrinues ra feed her 'R'garbaQe." AYTEN cmaf-x14 L L "'l'enny" AFS 8g Key 1,2,3,4p Olmos 3,44 Pres CI 11g,San Saud 23,43 SC 4, Clags Treasurer 25 JV Ten 'l,2g Mary Baldwin L PAUL CUFTON Las Am 2j.WA 4g HR 1,2,f3',45 JV Baseball 29 V CC l,2,3,4g V Soc 1,2,3,4g VnTracl5 l,2,8g Who's Whollh SNHS 25A UT RUSSELL ,COCDPER MAT 23,45 NHS 3,41 sms som l,2,Cl,4gwSS 45 SC -4g WA 3,4g HR 1,2,3,4,JV CC1,24 NFB 3, V FB 4, National Merir Commended Scholar Seniors -+ 78 A JULIEMDAVILA A , JAMES DEEGEAR Los Comp 1,2,4SNHS 23, MAT- 1,2,3, NHS 4,,SSH 8,4, WA 8,41 HONOR ROLL 1,2,3,4, GB-Dori 1,2,3,4, Woshingron ond Lee JEREMY DITTMAN DECATH. SA, Los AM 3, Morh Te-om 123,45 MAT 28,45 NHS 8,45 Pres. Cl 45 SSH 4, Honor Roll 123,45 Bond 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1 DAIN DREYER , A LOS AM ESA, MAT 28,43 NHS SA, SSH 4, WA 8,44 Honor Rolf 128,45 VTem'1is 1,2,3,4g SNH5 2,C3,4, VNerrers Ci 3,45-Nori. Merir, Horvord, Srondord' A JQHN ADUIGNAN GAPXRETT DAVIS E A A A "Crash" A Science-.Cl 2, Foil Play 8,45 Spring, Pioy 8,42 Viwimmirwg 1,2,3,4, vwofer Poio 1,2,8,4, ,vTrocls 31 Aubum,,SFA, A ' STACY DIKES Los Comp 1,,Borid 1,2,8,4, Hom or Ro!! Honorable Me-nrion 8, University ofHQL1sron, A ond M JENISE DOUNSON DE 4, MAT 8,45 Sci C! 2,3,4,'SSH 3, Honor Roll 1,"2,8,4 . r HEATHER DROUGQHT , LIDA ENFERAD "Jer Ser" , DE. 41 Son Antonio College Seniors r- 75 IT--if MIS!-IELI.E FISCHNAR H I Arrg DE 3,45 TEXAS WOMENS UNIVERSITY CHACE FRIDGE DAVID GALBREATH CATHERINE GALLOWAY I'Kirry"I Lorin CI 2,35 Bond 1,213.45 Spring Ploy 85 Texos Tech I JOANNE GARCIA ' Bond 2,33 Cross Counrry, SAC: -Texas AGI' ' I LAURA FRANK Morlbqro College MICHAEL FULTON I NFODSU I ' Moria Dollesreros srollss his nexr immocenr vicrim, I Seniors - JEFFREY AHALLSTEAD ' Jeff" MAT 23,45 Pres. C145 Son Souci 1,2,8,4g SSH SA, Srudenr Ci, WA 45 Sgrororms 45 Bond 15 Trods 25 Cross Counrry 8,45 University of Virginia BRADLEY HARDY "Hcirdly" A Los AM GA, Los Comp 25 SSH Sr Student C 1,2,3,4g Porliornenror' ion 85 Goff 1, Boseboii 1,2,8,-4, UT5 TCU XVILMA HARPER A group of Seniors proc- rice A ro perfecr x'Tne Squore Donce Rep" in hopes ro quoiify for rneir foyorire snow Jommini ROBERT HAMMOND "fzigsby" AFS 25 Hoofprinr 2,3,4g MAT 2,35 NHS 8,4g Pres, CI 45 SSH 35 Student C 1,45 WA 8,45 Pres, 4, Chop, Hisrorion 12,35 Honor Ro!! 1,2,8,4g Foll Pioy 25 Swimming 1,2 Worer Polo 12,39 Sr Tropez Business Coliege TRENT HARKRADER Hoofprinr 23,45 MAT 23,45 Son Souci1,2jSSH 0,45 WA 8,45 Pore liornenrorion 4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g Tennis 1,2,3,4g Duke DEN HARRISGN Seniors - 79 TIM HUGHEY 1 Arr SAL MAT 4, sci o za, sfo denr C 2,8g Honor Pioli 123,45 FB 1,2,3,4,w Boseboli k'1,2,3,4i Track 1, TCU Corn Coriffe and Trey Mumford have rnasrered rhe arf of 'soul cleans- ing" in rhe-iriYoga IV AP Ciass. LILLIE IAPPINI 1 Arr 15 FHA '11 Keywonerres 11g Universiry, of Texas ar Ausrin BARBARA INGRAM K NSQQZVII , AFS 3,45 Arr 3,215 FHA 1,25 Key 3g Lorin CL 2,3315 Spurs 45' Wranglers 1, NAHS Ag Schreiner s APRIL HUMPHRIES 1 1"App1Q" f a FHA 4g' MAT 4g 'Pre-S.'ClUb' 45 Honor Roi! 4, .IV volieyboti 11 V Volieyboli 243,22 11V Trock 1,2g cfosscoimy ig FCA 25,4 Abis lene Christian University 1 DMD Hunmoo g 5'Hurr-my-foes' ' AFS 45 Arr 3,45 Sons Souci 23,451 . Bond 1,21 Parsons Rhode island Schooi of Design A 1 1 C CARMEN -HUTCHINS AFS 81 DE 3,45 Dimensions Ag Los Am QQ SrudenrC 2g WA Aj rwrangiers 15 Who's'Who in American High School Srudenrs, Norionai' Sociery -for Disrins guished American High School Students ' ' ADRIANA yIDROGO 'Adriu 1 1 AFS' 3,45 Dirnensionss 45 iA 4, Keywanerres Gg fi.os AM 45 Los Comp'1,Q, LMATL C1455 Sci CI Gp S5Hon'4i WA' 8145- Honor Roi! 128,45 Rice or AC-,Ml 1 ' KRISTEN IRVINE 1 s Keywonerfes 15 Los AM 2,132 Sci Ci 2, Wrangle-rs,1g University of Texas ' ' W . Seniors -f WERNER KEIDEL Comp CL 2: Los AM 85 SNHS 2,85 JV Tennis 15 V Tennis 28,45 X JEFFREY KEUPER AMY KICJLBASSA SUSAN KESTLY 8 K 'Suz' ' ART 45 Los Comp 2g Sci CI 28,45 Service'CL 45 Sinfionerro 1,2,8g Srudenre C 1,2,8,4g Honor Roll 1,4fWronglers1p Trockg Universi- ry of Texas A Tim Hughey Con? help but 'xsoiil The beans" when he discovers he hos been elecred heed of rhedeon-up crew. AHMED KHATTAB "Medo " AFS '1g Honor Roll ig Americon University in Coiro TIMOTHY KIPXKMAN xkxTimrl Arr 43 Sons Souci 8,45 SSH 45 WA 45 Fronklin College Seniors -- 88 SHARON LAWRENCE AFS 4: I-loofprinr 8,45 Keywon- erres l,2,8,4g MAT' 23,45 NHS 8,4gLVideo lg Honor Roll 123,41 Spurs 2,3,4, Wranglers EGAN LITTLE S "Bun" Fl-IA81 Swim Team 3,45 Worer Polo 2, Sourhwesr Texas A DAVID LLOYD "Shmoyd" I AFS 4g OLMOS'4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4p Springpiay 8, Tennis 1,25 Golf 45 SNHS,- University of Texas I I I DANIEL LCDNGORIA IA 'Ig' Video 2g FOOTIDGII 15 .IV 2g V 8,4g Traclsp Texas Tech S I TALYNE LOVE Comp CL 4, Los Camp 2: MAT Aj Srudenr C 15 WA 45 Honor Roll 'Ig Bond'1,2,3,4g Fall 'Play 25 Tracts 2,3',4g Soccer 4, Universi- ry of Texas i ' I JAMES LEFLORE I 'IBOIdy" ART 2,8,4g Dimensions 4g OL' Mos 8,45 Pres, cr 4g sexo 2, Srudenf C 'Ig Honor Roll l3,4g Fall Ploy 45 Spring Play, 41 Universiry of Texas I S I LAURA LIVELY A f f"Tasho" AFS 8,43 ART,3,4,g,FHA 45 Spurs 1,33 Texas Tech With exrreme concenrrorion, Russell Cooper decides ro ger o 'jump srarr" on his nexr assignmenr. Seniors - 85 .mam VU' CYNTHIA MAPXTINEZ NORMA MARTTNEZ Honor ROI! 1 ' KEVIN MCCLELLAN lTHGrryIl ART 13,45 FHA 4g1Ag1,2,3,4g Los AM 2g1Sons Souci 2, Parsons School of Design , - 1 ALEX MCGPTAW ART1,C3, Porliomenrorion 2, Uni- versiry of Texosor Son Antonio ALBERT MCNEEL ' IA 2,1 Los'AM 8, MAT 85 SSH 3, Srudenr Cf1,Q,8,4, Honor ,Roll BA, Folk Ploy 4, Spring Pioy 4, FB 1,2,8,4yBoskerboI1',1,ADose-boil 1,2,3,4, Track SA, FCA 123,45 UIL GA, Texas Tech or Universi- TY of Texos ' . A fxk FIRENE MARTINEZ L "Rene-ef' CVAE 1, ODP 15 Son Antonio conegeoe f LEN MCCLANE NAHS 4, Keywonerres 1,2, Los AM 4, Los Comoii, Service CL 8,441 Spurs 23, Wrongiers 1, Campus Life GA, Trock1,2, Pine Monor Coifege A ,MARY MCFARLING 4 A "Kenny" A JosEPH1NE MCNAMEE Y 1 A "Dodiro1" AFS 3, Keywonerres 1,2,3g Los AM 8,45 Los Comp 1.2, MAT 4, NFL 45 Sons Souci 3, Video, 4, WA 4, Honor Roll' 1,2,8,4, Foil Pioy 1,25 Spring Play 3, SNHS 3,45 Nofionol Merir Semifinolisr 4, Whds Who 4, Duke or Hoi- lins - A ' , BOBBY MEADOP4 Hoofprinr 14, Video 1,1 WA 4, Honor Roi! 1g2,3,'4g Bond 1,2,8,4, Cross Counrry SA, Boy- ior ' ' Seniors - 8 CHRISTOPHER MOORE l'Scrorch" Los AM 25 Olmos 45 SCT Cl 25 SSH 3, Srudenr C 2,3,4, Sgr-oreorms 1,2,8, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Spring Ploy 8, UT, Boseboll 1,2,8, SNHS 2 , As Jessica Pollols begins ro feed Mrsj Hcirr's killer gerf bil, l'Rombo", Morgorer More-no excloims, "OOOooh, be corefullf' TREY MUMFORD A "Mumfy'i' A Arr 3,4, Olmos 4, Honor Roll 3,-4, UT T , , YVETTE NEIRA 1 DE 3,45 Key 2, Service Cl 1, Hon- ' or Roll 1, Wranglers 1, UT , MARGARET MORENO "Merge" AFS 3,45 -Olrnos 4, Son Souci 1,2,8,4, Sci,Cl Q, WA 4, Cross Counrry, Honor Roll Q,3,4, Wronglers 1, lncornore Word College TRACY MORSE S "Rocy" AFS 8,41 Key 3,4, MAT 3,4, NHS 4, Son Souci 2,8,4, Sci Cl 3, Ser- vice Cl 8,45 SSH 3,4, WA 4, Hon- or Roll 1,2,3,4, Wronglers 1, New York Universiiy ABHUIT MUKHERJEE T"l3obul", DELIA ,MUNOZ Los AM 2,3,4, Los Comp 1, MAT 23, Service Cl 3,4, Srudenr C 3, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Wronglers 1 SHAWNEE NELSON A A 'fShowri" CVAE 2, ODP 4, Wronglers 1 1 ' Seniors -- 89 Q K i 2 l Q an I ,X Q5 fa i' an an 'ff JEFFREY PWLUS4 5 2 'El Jefe" L0SfC0fY1Q1.2ffMAT 6Q Olmoszip Srudenr C 4,2,8,Z1g7 FfBcIl71g2g3j-42 Bose-bolii 1,2g3,4, BoskerbculIf 15 ,Tuioneg UT . h fx . 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GREGQRY Rosfxs A - I I IA 253,45 I-IR 1,22 JV Swimming 2,35 Water Polo 2,12 University of Texosgor Rice :NNI I I-IEATI-IEP. RUSSI Seniors -+ OG Nga CATHENNE A SCHWEER5 AFS Spliey 12: Las AM 8,4g Los Comp 14251 MAT 4, Olmos C35 WA 3,45 Honor Roll 85 SNHS 3,45 Texas Tech' A ' T h MARCUS SHAFFERT VTennls,1.2,3,4g VN-errersg UTg Mar A 1 BIRGE SHULMAN 1 "5PlufQe" T Arr 12,45 Dimensions 45 Olmas 4g1Treasurer 45 Swimming 23, UT , JOSEPH ASLAUGHTER "Joe Pro" SSH 4, Football 1,2,8,41 TracI1r2g SMU A 1 IHEATHERS SNCW A "Snowflake" A AFS 3,4g Olmas 8,45 San Souci 1,2,S,4g SSH'4g Secrerary 125' Honor Rall HM 1,2,C3,4g Cheer' leading 1g UT - HEATHER SENN r "Heier" or 1 ENAHSQ4 Key 45 Spurs 2,C3,4g Wranglers 11 Spring' Play 85 Traclfalg TCU 4 S' A QARRE SHARP l r"lCawee" 1 Key 1,25 L05 AM Og SNHS S5 Los Comp 1,25 MAT 253,45 NHS 3,45 PYES, Cl x4g SEFWCE' 45 3,45 -Srudenr C 253,49 Secg 35 Sgr-are arms'1g Honor Roll 12,8449 Spurs S 35 Wranglers 1g Nuevo Laredo Camrnunlry College T ,HEATHER SlXT MARTHA SMRH "Mardi" A.FS'3,4gr Arr 35 Key 12 Los AM 3,4jLos4Carnp 25 Olmos 45 Stu- dent C 2,35 Cl'xap,Hisrarian 41 WrangIers1 ' A TTER: JSOULES ' 1 "Terror" A FHA 23,45 Olmos 2,1145 Pres, 'Cl 42 Srudenr -C 2g Honor Roll A 2,85 Wranglers 15 STQQHSO F Ausrlng TCU 1 T ' h ,Seniors - O5 FRANK TORRES EDUARDG UPJBE e Y'Edword" Amy Kiolbosso c:Qn'r help e e but flirrwirh her teacher whiie Carmen HUCYWUS' pretends nor to nonce. was VILLZXREAL Arr, 2,-3,45 FB 223,41 Troda 2.34: 5or1Arsronio Col!ege K 1 f yn v : e"GreQ'e' W e Dimen., '4fNHS 8,21p,Pres4 45 Soc, sm. f:a,4,e WA 3,45 Cc 2,5,4 , ' LTfOCk'1,2gh 5fGf9iQ-UKLQ 85 Srriders Tribrhiorie V25 Hdtf-More J rhon ' Finisher m 2,245 e Cemrury, ll! 'VSCHQOIL Winner 41 GGFFTWQOHICI 1,2 :HR 'w1,2,3,4j' i3ondA 1,25 eBrowr1Univ, e ' W e e5AMAeNIHA e ' e e VAELLGL7 e , 1 Keywmeffes 4 1,2.8,4g Lorie 'CII 2551.05 Am4gG,4: Los Comp, e1,2, MATYGQ Oimos 3p,SCiQ 23,45 Serv.. cs, img sci' 213' eporlgomen- e rbrion 1, Whokfwhc In Am. High School Srpgjenrs' ' CHEM evAUea-:Ame f 'Dimerx 4g FHAl1p'ServQ, CI. ,2Q3,A45'Te:gQs' Af me Me mammals VlL1QANUEVA' e f'fBeeggf'e A M AFS 3,45 FHA41,3,Q4g 1565 Am, '45 e Lqs Compg 2,1 Wromgiers 1g'ln' . pcrryore Wqrd m 4 A 'h SUZANNAH VINSQN Dimes., 45 Los Am. 28,45 MAT e 2345. SE'!'V'.'Cf 2,35 HR '1,2,3,4g Nof1.fHOr1Or Socg 3,47 Sf5or1iSh- Norl. 'Honor 'Soc 3,45 Norl. Mefir -SE?!'TfifiDOIfS'f'Ag' Wore: Polo 2,85 L Swimming Who! WHO 454 V," PQYUOFIGAQOIFGQS h 1 Lf e e 5.gmQ+ge+e 97 WE'VE GOT SPIRIT!! l-leighrsrers once ogoin dis- ployed rheir enrhusiosm for rhe Mules or our Muledome pep rollies. Somehow, some- woy our good ole odminisrro- rion orronged rwo pep rollies for us rhis yeor. We porricipor- ed in one during foorooll seo- son ond one in ooslserooll seo- son. The ever fomous slsirs were o prominent oorrel of loughs, olong wirh some new oddirions such os reloy roces ond rhe Spirir Nlerer. The cheerleoders lsepr us enfer- roined wirh rheir chonrs ond smiles while rhe Spurs donced righr inro our heorrs. Along wirh rhe music of rhe oond ond rhe fighr for rhe Spirir Sricls Cwon oy rhe Seniors? Come rhe honored ployers. Of course, we oll lsnow rhe reol meor of rhe rolly wos "us", os o whole, rhe srudenr body. Thonlss, lsids, for supporring ond porriciporing in AHHS. sporrs!!!! Righr: Ron Weiss, Chris Moore, Al- berr McNeeI, Cuorro Groos, ond Brody Hordy demonsrrore rheir obiliries ro be reol men in drog. Hey, Ron! Your slip is showing! Spirir ond No Spirir. were reolly proud of rhem. Lefr: Corherine Browning gor on oerobic worlsour by being rhe offi ciol Spirir Meier. Herioo wos ro run up ond down rhe scole ro show Lefr: Spurs srrur rheir sruff!! We oll Loolsing Bock Ar The I-lolidoys Winrer Breols rnorlsed rhe firsr long-ovvoired holidoy for oll of us Heighfsrers. We boughr our friends Chrisrmos presenfs ond reolized how expensive everyfhing reolly vvos. We celebrored Chrisfmos by going slsiing in Colorodo, hunring in rhe hill counfry, ond even sunoorhing in Ho- vvoii. All of our brorhers ond sisfers ond even friends from college come horne. We enjoyed egg nog, Chrisr- rnos corols ond chesfnufs roosfing on on open fire. New Yeor's Eve vvos spenr vvifh loved ones ond close friends. We ei- rher vvenr ro privofe porfies or cele- brofed dovvnrovvn wofching rhe fif- THOSE WHO MIGRATED NORTH: Cbelowb enjoyed rhemselves by molsing ongels in fhe snow. . . ' V ,rl 7 , . ,W is feen minufe fireworlss show rhof srorfed or midnighr by the Alomo. We hove so much ro lools forvvord ro rhis yeor Iilse rhe Winrer ond Sunw- rner Olympics, fhe presidenfiol elec- rions ond for rhe Closs of '88, grodu- orion ond fhe righr ro vore. Heighf- srers hove o busy yeor ro look for- word ro. BELOW: The Junior closs provided AH. wirh o beoufiful free in the Moin Holl. . BELOW LEFT: Keirh Longford gets o Iirrle hungry on his woy ro fhe office during fourrh period. decororing with poinserrios. BELOW. Mrs. Foz ond Mrs. Kelsey gave rhe rnoin office Chrisrrnos spirir by ,r-s gg? V' ABOVE LEFF1 Heorher Senn snows ner Cnrisrmos spirir by wearing jingle bells, ALSO ABOVE: Croy Lewollen proves rhor o French berer isn'r ine only rning rhor inspires orrisric rolenr! MATTHEW SIDEMAN Cleft? hir rne slopes during rne nolidoys. ABOVE: I-leignrs srudenrs lseep eocn other worm offer o long doy slsiing. AN ENTHUSIASTIC GROUP OF SENIORS Clefrl celebrore rne New Yeor. i S7 Do You Love Me? i Sr. Volenrine's Doy morlsed o very speciol rime in our lives in '88, Once ogoin l.os Amigos sold rhe srudenr body ond foculry rheir everfso-fom- ous cornorions. Finding our nomes on rhe big red heorr, plosrered in moin holl, become ihe unofficiol inrromurol sporr of rhe weel-z. We senr corno- rions ro our girlfriends ond boyfriends. Those of us who forgor ro buy corno- rions senr our "friends" flowers rhru rhe office or surprised eoch orher by giving bolloons. Some of us even gor oround ro giving eoch orher condy, coolsies, ond l-zisses. On rhis holidoy, we become fesrivemby dressing in red ond vvhire, For rhe firsr rime rhis yeor we hod o chonce ro show orhers rhor we cored. Sr. Volenrine's Doy hos prov- for l-leighrsrers ABOVE: Los Amigos members srond nexr ro rhe heorr which I disployed the nomes of rhe people who will receive corno- rions. LEFT: Sroff members received rheir shore of Volenrines roo. RIGHT: John Worshom rhreor- ens ro jump offer Declsy Morrin refuses ro be his Volenrine. en ro be one of rhe fovorire holidovsl The middle of Februory broughr us worm weorher os well os rhe 1988 Rodeo. The weels of fesriviries srorr- ed wirh rhe rrodirionol rroil ride ond rhe o om, breolefosr, Despire rhe foci rhor mosr of us did nor orrend rhe breolsfosr, we come well informed rhor Rodeo seoson hod srorred.'s Rodeo Heighrsrers spenr rhe whole weels going ro rhe srocls show os well os porriciporing os bull riders. We spenr n'iosr of our rirne ond money on rhe cornivol rides even rhough rhey were 52.25 eoch. We eosily spenr SSO in one nighr. While recooperoring from rhe rides, we wenr ro rhe livesrocls borns. Those of us who rools dores found ourselves ploying gomes ond win- ning sruffed onimols. We even resred our srrengrh on rhe boxing bogs, We wonred ro lsnow if we hod whor ir rolses. The rodeo lefr os fosr os ir come. Yiholll Ride 'em, cowboylllll K , V T 5-Yves, , Y Above Left: There wos 0 lor of 1 , competing done or rhe 1988 Rodeo, We oil enjoyed seeing rhe guys ride ond show rheir stuff. Below Left: Freddy Cosrillo does some serious procricing before he comperes in rhe Rodeo. S i was Above: Anne Welding ond John Duignon rnoy lose rneir Iuncn offer rney ride rne Zipper. Below: Tifini Roberrs ond Julie Hooper enjoy o fun ride on ine carousel. Above: Jennifer Srepnens ond Tenny Cibildol-z reolly resr rneir srornocns offer being suspended in rne Roller Coosrer for over 5 hours. Below: We oll enjoyed seeing Mrs. Horr's disronr cousin or rne srocls snow. Mooooool Wl-lERE DID YOU GO? Spring Breals '88 marlsed a weels long vacarion for all of us Isids ar Alamo Heigbrs. Once again we were able ro relax and unwind. lr was a rime ro concenrrare on our fans, poclser boolss, and repuiarions. Spring Breals was also a rime for exploring and discovering wirn friends. A group of C30 Alamo Heiglwrs " ., -. - k iaiggff' srudenrs roured Europe wirn Randy Wbire, Delberr Rowland and Linda Anderson, Tne irip consisied of places lilse London, Paris and Loire Valley. Some of us siayed close ro rne beaches. Parr A. and Souin Pa- dre were srill everybody's favoriies. Tben rbere were rbose l-leigbrsrers wno rraveled ro Hawaii, California, Jamaica, and as far as Africa. Spring Breals was basically fne iime ro gef away from scbool, soals up some rays, and signrsee. We will always remember fbe fun we bad on Spring Breale '88, We will never forger fne places we saw or ine friends we made, , , A Ha 5, WV I A Above lefr1 Alanna Brown enioyed a won- derful Spring Breale '88 in me Virgin lslands and Africa. Below Lefr1 Cam Cariffe did some moror cross racing in Ausrralia. Unforrunarely he did nor finish rne race because be roola rne wrong rurn bur was larer discovered living as a rrans- laror for a women's aborigine rribe. Above Middle: Wirlw ner money she earned from ber garage sale, Teri Soules now lives ar, 222 Loire Valley wirn me resr of rhe AIFS rour group wno ran away during Spring Breals. Rughrz Lisa Fuhrmah Ioolss smirreh as she ares ar all rhe hor guys oh rhe beach in Porr Arahsos, Lefr: Libby Forrimohd, Corrie Sharp, and Hearher Show relax oh rheir way ro Europe. Lirrle did rhey Ishovv rhor rheir plone was being hyoclsed ro Cuba. They look happy how buf you should have seen rheir faces when rhey loaded or Hovoho Ihrerhoriohal, Below: Uhidehrified Heighrsrers porry dovvh ih Colorodo, Al-l. Lqvv M TNS V903 TTTOT9 TTTOTT QVQTI The A P5009 CON mmf? T5 ON TT TOISGS TO ling cleon. Police lseep us on our foes, A-H 'OW force M5 been CVOCHOQ 99V TWO UQ TTOUTS Of CTGTQUTTOTTA 590' checlsing for red zones ond the re- down hord on srudenisi The OTTGTT' iors hove Ieorned rheir ploce os rhe Served Spofs hourly. Lefs foce if. dOnCG Offifle NOS given OUT TTTOT9 CS dominonr closs. They srill ger rheir Wgve l-mod O rough Yeo, ond fewer A's rhon ever before. vvgyl ond me emblem is lqepr sporls- -, ..., ,,e.,, A.,, ,,,ff ' -Qiww "'k 5 'T Kgs sy F ,iii Q Q ii, f 'di ..,, ABOVE: JoJo Srorrmiller, Nicls Lombrechr, Alberr McNeil, Jeff Pirlucls, ond Pioymond Dodlsin hold up rwo freshmen os rhey scrub rhe emblem wirh roorhbrushes. 1. Fish do nor vvolls on emblem. 2. Mrs. Scirron does coll home. O. Do nor porls in reserve spoces. 10 Things To Remember 4. Afrer four rordies you ger derenrion. 8, No smoking on compus. 5. Do nor osls Ms. Willis ro repeor onyrhing. 9. Sr, Porry iS nOi O school fUfWCTiOVi- o. Lunch srorrs or 12185. 10. Foorboll ployers ore on o conrrocr. 7. Do nor porls in red zones. V 'i Upper Lefr: Jornie Mololsoff worches over rwo lowly fresh- men who ore poying rhe price for woilsing on the AH seol. Above: The forned Sr. porking Lor "lore spors" hove seen rheir Iosr doys. Lefr: A bunch of rowdy derenrioners disploy rhe hord life of sroying offer school. They've experienced AH. Low!!! Above: Jeff Robinson, "Robo", grirnoces os he is issued onorher "C" Above: Brion Levy is durnbfounded os ro why he gor o QXCUSG- porlsing riclser. 'i' ai 4 2 ,Ha Ae 2 WW: ? Working For The Weekend l-leighrsrers hove o differenr vvoy of srudyingg we crorn! Crornrning hos become on ocguired rolenr ro mosr I-leighrs srudenrs. We crorh onye vvhere from 2 hrs, before o resr ro 10 minures before rhe rnoin evenr. Hordly ony srudying vvos done during six week resrs. We oil soved our crorhming for rhe finol exoms. The Freshmen could nor use rheir ond rhe cromming skills ro ger by, Sophomores ore srill frying ro nnosrer rhe skill. Juniors seem ro believe rhor rhey've gor ir down buf rhe Seniors srill come our on rop, for rhey con honesrly soy rhor rhey hove mos- rered rhe skill of crornrhing. This oll goes ro show rhor l-leighrsrers leod life in the fosr lone. ABOVE: Mike Corberr gives o serious side TO his clossvvork. A slighr runny nose couldn'r even stop him from complering his work BELOW: Julie Hooper is dumbfounded os she discovers she srudied rhe wrong rnoreriol for rhe resr she is obour ro roke. ABOVE: Libby Forrimond gers some Iosr rninure rnoreriol down during lunch. She frequenrs rhe gf igiii .g l if i. i , Moin holl sroirs. Look for her! LEFT: Lisoberh Church is osrounded by whor she is reoding ond won- ders if o Srephen King novel will be occeproble for o book reporr. 3. Above: Choce Fridge che-cies in wirh on "A" excuse ofrer rhe fomous "Sr Sisip Our Dey". Below: The line rwisred down rhe holi offer o whopping rhree-fourrhs of rhe Senior Cioss roois ' rhe doy off. if Us mm Above ond oelovv Long Tron does his impression of 0 zebro plonr before ond offer cromming for o big French 8 resr. Left: Joseph Rendon ond Joson Cone worls diligenriy or Complering rheir homework in cioss. Below: I-iolr Voughn srudies during his lunch hour in rhe guier ormosphere of the librory. Homecoming 1987 3 X K Qgifxevifmtxwevnf' ' Keirn 48 - Student Life Longford Nominees Coinryn Forrimond Brod Hordy Libby Forrimond Chris Moore Heorner Senn Alberr Mcixleel Anne Jonnsron JoJo Srorrmiller Sr. Prince E: Princess Jr. Dulse 6 Ducness Nominees Nominees Suson Kesrly Jeff Pirluls Kimmy Amsrurz Jeremy Coffey Cornerine Browning Roberr Hommond Srepnonie Hole Som Delmer Sreprionie Crews David Menl-ze Holey Goslsell Glen Segroro Mock Hunrress Brod Simpson Ben Swonls Soon. Duke G Ducness F isn Dulse E: Ducness J so D so 5.5 y . , Nominees Nominees Cecily Ccirnovole Moria Johnson Melisso Borron Lindo Gomez Trey Shonlsen Louro Hollsreod Elizoberh Snyder Kurt Sreves Morie Lovell Jennifer Tierz Thomos Wirrn Dino Piubio Sreven Horris Morls Meodor Brondon Boiney Dovid Reed Srudenr Life - Ax -,qw 75'f'lFxI..4l., K 'all 'Q' Mk Q.-M 5 P Do nor srond or my grove ond Weepg I om nor mere, I do nor sleep, I om 0 rnousond winds mor DIOW. I om me diomond's glinr in snow. I cm me sunlignr on ripened groin. I om me genrle ourumn's roin. When you owdlsen in me mornings hush, I om me svvifr uplifring rush Of gurer birds in cirded flignr. I om me sofr srors mor shine or nignr. Do nor srond or my grove ond Cfyg I om nor mere. I did nor die. -on Indion yerse In Memorium Susonne Morlser 1969-1988 Pdul Dunford 1972-1988 Jdson Felder 1978-1988 ,p 'Sty kg 3 wxwj'-ak 'x fli- Memoriol - 51 ,Q .ff f'iE:f1::'-5:4w:?.1,...,,,.. A ,,,. . - Z." - " .- --TF, Vi' , .5 A, A 74-2 75. , . '51, T n -9. Tiff- "" Tilqfffm .frifff 1 71 5 'U xii ri 3' x f .r 1' 1 5h.,:2.- .--,ff , 3 5 '.,zi L zgfjzqgl-L91 1 MQ , J ' " i fwfr .i -T. ii- ii T --f-A i i W , ii ffm' A Q. fziriiiiir pi 2 ' iii , T T 4 f 43111. ,ig '- 'B i '57 r'gg,rf'i,G"' Q -434 - , A Y ' .I A. I . iifl in 4 1.5-1, 'I Y, 5, 3 . gi . Qjf-Qg?Qffff?jgj:.g2TTg -. 2 I 71. ii' T, pil :fir wifi 'Elf ii T - , A Y 4 ' 7 yilizi' KX,E'i7h? 31351 ,ffl -' ' I .- 1. "ii 'T T if" ii-.if viii.- ifis A x .ii 1 i is f iii 5.i?!i.ak ,",21 e f- ' :fi f A . . r ' ,4-li. yen' ' 2 gg? LC' .IQ , ' .W 'fz.ie4ff"' jyiifi, X "W"'i 31 ., 3x,"433V Oprimisr Worrn Nominees Lefr ro Rignrz Louro Escomillo, Ross Richie, Corrie Snorp. NOT PICTUPTED Jonice Dounsen, Srepnonie Crews, Elizobern Moebius, Srephen Kornleen O'Keefe, Roberr Wymer, Doniel Hollovvoy, Greg Tucker, Robert Hommond, Swinr. s Q ,, Y - .f , Q- X . . .. Q K 5 'gi " ?f " - Q f- FT . is f J .fn Q! 'SNP-9157 K 5 T I 2 K :Q . -2 - fr.. . : - .Q 53.. . ws .. Wiwwwgw 5 5 in ' :EQ e-L. , ,,5. ee, T-5 W iw . , ,, mr M Mr 5 Nm QQSQ6 E, x Xw is ,wr Si, xv WZ' om V .if rfifilsfiir S , W MTW if.. X T we W ,A is Q A wwe 2 X ,Q Xe N, X T , , few . g Qi ek X 1 ,X New , ,Q . X N T Q H f T T' T ' W X fn ' A S T X sw X - Tik i " H i - .g. --r" i ..,. , A , K i is 1' ,g .. re f. ,.:'q.':f::, were . M f T 5 i ' T? '- . 1 - - T A r Q. ,. T T ig is . .. ' . - - - IW , T' f .ei-eff ' Egg ei - me 1.,.- - A ,,... M K Q 52 5 . . mail? .,,. : Norionol Merit Semi Finolisrs Lefr ro Piignrp Jeremy Dirr- mon, Scnyler Dorey, Doin Dreyer, Dodiro McNomee. NOT PICTURED: Suzonnoh Vinson ond Dovid Gol- breorh. . ff, E: "f r 1, 'fig 2-, I . 'U' ' . .' - '14 Y f fppv. . . vi 4-'J , w fr b H X T , fr i wiiigii Fifi: I if Q' . iii T iii 54, ,f 2 A 'KJ f lu- ,ef A Al '- ff! 1. , - -' " "W, ,gf - .fff -Qi '5 X, I I -Fexsxi ' -.jrrfh 1 i" , , ..- I f Ti. , g ' . 5: :Us fVg X W7 'Sax V ' 5 5 v T i f in -we , 'L E.: " ii .A 23 .3 hi ek - - , -aimfi, , 'ISL - 1:-W. .rf X ries , A X si... 1.1: j-.yv-a..,-.w--:k"'- ' X3-4 ', ffv. '- "il V Poe-rry Roberr Hommond ond Corb- rine Drowning had poerry pub, lished in rhe PEGASUS poerry mogozime. N2-'-9-..,, ,,,. xf 3 All Region Bond g ,MJ 4 ,... A , .,,T, . ' '21, V-L ,-rf-F-: - ',-,2"2-,,gg1e:1f'1Q32' Z 21 s- .-JJ ff.,-"1 -feral" Es. 5 .f - - l r H,.,:,.a ,. -. f -3 . twig, ff? ss-ff-'fi' ,, 'K EP Q.-gn off., ,, .,Z??1QZfT1'4." H 'S "" ' - -' 1g4-,,: ,k '-" .531 .. 'f ' ' . 1--f -1'i'i - -- - i"'1- . . :..i5'il , All Disrricr Foorboll -, ,1 19 "' J JQSR I I ,. - 551 gg Len ro mgm, Bobby Nelson, Bill Arm- ii . gh 4 ig - . -, 1 -f f- . . , u s-Q , ,, -, W - V -rg strong, Jeremy Coffey, Luis Villoreol, Cliff '1 3, . , - :ffm ., . I 'si , '46 'i S122 5 em., , ,jaw pared-es, Nor PICTURED: Porricls cools, ' J , J" - : ,' .fir f -- ff, --1 ,"- fg:-'-a T' f v 4 H-d em.. , , , r f .KL Y- ,QQEEQPQQQL5 1:gz::Q,:fQ-,igieigigll .alvgigggvi f c ., ' .'C'i.-- 'PLL 4 ,-+--- s-,5ii4i??.1"' 7-5 wg... . ' ff' 1- ,e -"Mrs '.3"'if" ' - . V , H, M - .a gp - vm . -Mi qw-. mr, J , S : , " ""'i ' 'jf-:" IL -- ,fy ... Q ' ,sv n 9j kw '1i"".,x?tLzL,-Zgjfzqffayfgegr -.'.-.-.7-tier,-,.-"f' L. ..'z5f11:.., f ' Ze:-' .1-1'-, ".- f is :-Mere? "Q " Hg... .fggf . -,:,f,1:-95" E , ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,.M,, H 1 y "M, Av,.j.FL4g,g:9,,,igamvuz.a::a H3514 ,,.. 1, 355 mm., , WE J ' Zzlc, 7 ' 'i-1 Q. ,o,::,-ffrmwz. .f.mfw-.-.,.L,,- .. . ,f-,f Top: Bobby f Meodor, Kumosi 3 Wilson, Jeremy F Dirrmon, Ned Wells, Dorrom: Tricio Deon, l Fisher. r Burch, Williom g.- 'l ,QQ X i LQLKK yn, 1 it Y? ,f X ,QXY YXXXXSfYf ff' Y I x xv X KX rf? 74 ,fx xv Academic Decorhleres Lefr ro Righr: Jeremy Rurmon, Ku- mosi Wilson, Kennerlw Schvvorrzf mom, Robbie Soclserr, Schyler Bo rey, Ned Wells, Jeremy Dirrmon , jc 1 Kevin Crosby, Q ,X 'Q Y li x 'C la 5 E X lr l . M 2 .4 5 ' By? e X vim 1 . 513 R1 . ,li me r V' I ART " Roberr Wymer, winnei of rhe 1087-88 Sclwolos- El 13 rics Arr Aword, ond No- l . rionol Finolisr. a f"' 7 1 . - gp, if j fgg:,.a-, . U A Q-5.-A "5-grxfci . ' Wah' If ,Aww-mi ,MW W gm ,ww am, g Q ,W Af Senior Secrion NMS 4 QQSN QW As we enrered rhe holls of Alomo l-leighrs l-ligh School, we mode on impression. lr is o well lsnown focr rhor ir is nor eosy ro be o fish, our we did ir our woy. We mode o sweep of To p 1 Chorles Wondless, Doyno mond Holleron, Corhryn Forri- oll rhe conresrs rhor yeor. Ar our firsr holl decororing conresr, ond needless ro soy I rhe losr, we fools firsr prize ooove oll upper clossmon. Our holl nor only our did our elders, our we humiliored rhem. The clossior comperirion wos highly comperirive. Agoin we showed our spirir, rhis rime by conrriburing money ro rhe Srudenr Council. Our reword for our efforrs wos rhe fobulous "Welcome ro rhe Muledome" murol. Everyrime onyone enrers rhe gym ro see o boslserooll gome, they will be reminded by our efforrs. ln 1984-1985 our closs gove high school o furure ro lools forword Senior Secrlon Q0 Q0 ofxe vvirh me ro mond, ond l-leorher romonces. Todoy's Throughour our four yeors, vve hove forged relo- rionships rhor will losr for o good while, We hove worched our friends develop ond mofure inro rhe personoliries we lsnovv rodoy. Love is o rnony splendid rhing ond hos come in excess ro rhe Closs of '88, Journey rhe doys when Jesse Psomirez ond Chondro Rodriguez, lsenr Colgoord ond Corhryn Forri- Snovv ond Chris Moore vvere blozing love olfoirs ore perhops nnore serious ond longer losring. Wolrer l-lomner ond Kristen Irvine ond Jomes Deegeor ond Lisoerh Church seern ro hove speciol bonds we oil odmire. Friendship is onorher speciol rie rhor our Seniorcloss hos rnosrered. Wherher we ore orhlericolly, ocoderhicolly, or sociolly inclined, rhere vvere friendships ro 1 'wwf fri 5,- pi, ,fiff gs 4' 'if f ff be mode. The one unique guoliry found in our senior relorionships is rhor everyone gers olong no morrer vvhor rheir inreresrs ore. 58 - Senior Section ABOVE: A I b e r r McNeel, Nicla Lonnbrechr, Jeff Pirlols. LEFT: Wolrer Homner, Krisren Irvine. X -if QQ: , 3 ,1 N v I OO f Senior Secrion Ar Losr Tneir Yeor I-los Come Some rnignr soy if is o joy, some mignr coil ir o neorrbreols, our our closs of 1988 nos finoily orrived or our senior yeor. Ir nos been o long ond rreocnerous rood, clurrered vvwn books, pendh, bockpockg ond reocners serring up derours. We nove goined ond Iosr friends, joined ond quir sporrs, possed ond foiled courses. To orrive or rnis poinr, some rnignr rninl-Q we oll de- serve medols of nonor, buf, ro mosr of Us o diplomo is oil we need. No rnorrer now nord we mode if on our reocners, or now nord our reocners mode ir on us, we gor rnrougn ir. We nove ex- perienced neoriy rwenry different FN Q. , fDm: L83 U10 OQ 'Spa- o -fo T320 i2,C1fD3 -.C Eggyf' QOQ3a QEWSQ qgggxffg 3'-nga NWQQQQ UO 4 -vxqgg O' 632 jun 6' wifi-C Qifngn G 3' N4 20249 21339, i LD 13 ro" rD5AL9,EO:f 39QCg Q. O19 EQCIQE WQEQG GMSSQ IOQQU' FDDCO Qgggi C-x", 01554 Ono 30 O-ZR LQ-v Qoffac Q RIGHT- Teri Souies, Lduro Zinsrneisrer, LEFT1 Donny Longorio, Nick Lomf brecnr, Sreve Cosrilloc Billie. , mx - The Furure CDT 88 The door ro the furure is vvide open our rhe direcrions once in ir ore mony ond voried Mony of us will go ovvoy ro college ond prepore for rhe coreers of our choice ond ore on orrrocrion ro inreresred seniors, ond mony orgonizo- rions hove begun rushing rhem, Orher seniors ore inreresred in rhe Armed Forces, or simply finding rheir srorr in rhe job morlser. Wherher ir be Iovvyer, foshion designer, oonls reller, or lieurenonr, every one of our senior closs hos rhe molsings of o success We ore rhe furure ond rhe furure loolss perrer rhon ever I hope we will oll rerurn ro see eoch orher or our rvvenrierh yeor reunion so vve con heor ooour oll rhe progress ond developmenr our dreoms hove gone rhrough. We vvill oll be neor forry ond will be morried, some porenrs, ond inevirooly forrer. Our children mighr even be enrering high school themselves, hopefully our high school. The clorhes vvill be slsimpier, rhe music fosrer, our in confidence our school vvill srill reroin rhe volues vve lsnovv ir ro hove. As Sir Psichord Sreele vvrore, Every mon is rhe molser of his ovvn forrune, ond ir seems rhor rhe forrune of rhe closs of '88 is exceedingly promising mon vvill go direcrly ro rhe job morlser A moioriry of rhis yeor s collegeeoound seniors ore inreresred in TCU, ond rhe Universi' ry of Texos in Ausrin The frorerniry ond sororiry orgonizorions Y Ex Senior Secrion As the Closs of 1988's picture is ploced omongi others before us, l con't help but recoll whot forged these foces. From Howord, to Wood-l ridge, to Combridge Elementory Schools, ond Alomo Heights Junior School, we hove motured into something soeciol, It is on odd feeling we get when we lools bocls on oll the chonges thot hove occurred. Friends hove grown toller, others hove been possed up from their once immense height, some ore fotter, still others thinner, noneQ theless, we ore still friends, Remembronces of birthdoys, sleep-overs, ond other treosured times enforce the ties we hove todoy, ond will odd to those which we will molse in the future. Our development ond growth come from the per- iods in grommor school, ond our personolitie reflect thot growth. We hove oll mode ourselvej into something soeciol. E ii WMM W. .N.., M... ' - N --lfq . Mj Z.Q ""f'1 " ' "-,' 1 il ,,,V V ly , 5 133 5 EX W , - ' 5 iii i ii if i ww? - ffiifu ii N Senior Section By Jimmy Leiflore, Teri Soules 36 ws: Senior Secrion ww W' Q, 5 9 352 3? Sxff Meer Your Hosrs Top Macl-1 Hunrress Vice Presidenr, Middle Trenr l-larlsrader Parliamenrarian Pioberr Hammond, President, Borrom Heather Eersful, Treasury, Libby Farrimond, Sgr or Arms, Lisaberh Church, Secrerary, Nor Pictured Marrira Smirh, Treas , Jeif l-lallsread, Sgr ar Arms Senior l Q9 Class Officers" Class of 1988 Fife? Seniors of '88 Define fhe Word Greaf As rhe sform oealss and fhe school oe- comes soecrarors of rhe magnificence, rhe Seniors of 1988 our fheir marls on our high school. Seniors sold rhe rradirional Shishlsaoobs GT l-lowdy nighf and made a SSOOOO orofir. Presidenr Rooerr Ham- oo Seniors mond acfiyafed fhe selling and enforcing of senior oarleing lor sficle- ers, which as usual, are yery popular. Mrs. Lin- da Anderson and Mr. Boo Parleer sponsored rhe class officers during rheir 4-year sray af Al-l. and were invaluable ro rhe grareful seniors. The seniors' giff TO fhe school will oeaurify rhe school and will he a lasring remembrance ro rhe class of '88.l Through rhicls and fhinf rhe seniors did if all wirh rhe adjecriye rhar rhey are synonymous wirh, . . . . . GREAT!!! l I "f,' Q 2 s l V A, 1 "-A 1 ' ' 4 1 ,AgVg?Q' 3 VVZ K' 11 wV?,Qi 5'Q:Z' QQ V , rsii 1 i ' 1 f s r 1 s L: M3-if ,, f i Vi A,,, f ,AA. 8 8. V V 1 1 'fir 'f" " 1 , 2 ' if wif fr,rmfgig-iQfz,1gif, , , V 1 1 1 f'A ' ' 'A" 8 1 is or r , 1, , , " " ' if 'rw ' , gf Lf" J Q,f,W,V ' gZ',f227i,.-f 9 V, 1 iiii 1 . 8 H'1, 'A iir 7 '- AW 1' iiii f' ' ' 1- ,,, f ,i 1 1 . A 8 ff if X 1 1 1 as -,,.' , - X ,,. f , 8 I v:', f if mfg X if , , K 1 ' , 'gifs , . i -,,, :,,I ,,', yi' 'V Z f ll 1 ,A'VA , Libby Forrimond, Chris Moore Mosr Represenrorive Senior Closs of 1988 Q B p a 1' ty p 1 c s fi if N 'T 1 ,1 -ff'f,1?'ij,f ug! 5-L 'X 0 V?" K If 5, V!! xi 4. 1' 1 i J I A x x R i i yah I Sf Heorner Snow Mock I-Iunross Nominees Closs of 1988 t ppairc sy M alwpifif 335331114 Q M W W 3 3, VV 1112 E3 22 i W QV if rims W We 51' in gag 5552? iffxgffixfiff 'Y' as KW , A A M93 1 5 3' I 0.1 www ! F' ,mi ,Mi ff. W 4w w W' " ' unatlivi W 4 if Jomes Deegeor I-ieorner Senn Nominees Closs of 1988 party pics -. 1' 1 .. 1, Q I W . f ,, ,i 1 if .TQ 'ff ig' - V" . ,, , 1 " ' j Y f Q, 1 ' , , -1 , gym i 1 rwwv, ff is 1 f , A , 'I 1- in 1 J " xi Qi?" -, V . , if ,, 5, V- if V VV .1 , 7 'Q ,Wg ,V if 1 , .. -fn ,f f 2 ' W ' or ,u a-A., ,, gg, Q jf VV V, :ff .gk ' 9 f ,, M ' r Q -mi - f if ,' ?'f'5'f.1'if? I " iff 11 1 r- 11 JM, ffeiwli .mi yi "SIL , - I V V VV gif, 'f,5Zgg,fV 533 I , A . , , ,fi 1 I 4. 'W P' 'mf , Vf 1 1 ' A V gf Q , . , Q 'XQT Seniors - 67 J .-N ,,'-fi. f J QL L' i im M ,P ' f '.. My H X wx ri f , X W V 1' xxx . I .. """','A"xffr"lfAf'3,1' Tfx- ' 4 ig, frm. J i VA,'.i':' fi sXxv.,l.'X.j',x, .J rb- h h I A 3,-j -'I N is M i Q . -- mf Libby Forrimond, JoJo Srorrmiller "Norninees' Closs of 1988 par ty pics , A is .XR -. .im HQ -...Q I '-th-L... r --M. Chris Moore, i-leorher Seng Keirh Longford, Emily Conovon "Nominees" "Mosr Populor of Seniors" Closs of 1988 CIOSS Of 1935 a 'A t pp ite! 68 - Seniors .away F1 ' A ', 'ww EW MAURICIO AGUIRRE "Merciful" ATT 8,4g LOHFI 3,45 Los 45 Los Comp 35 Moth 3,45 MAT 8,49 Olrnos 8, Pres Sg SS 4ge5er- vice 8, Soc Sr Hon 3,4g Srudenr C 45 HR 8,45 Yule cl-WSTINA ALGNSCD 'xChrisSyn" HP 4, Tufts University or Boston Universiry L ' ARClNlErGA MICHAEL ARNQLD, H V - ry, ,,vMH4ef' Dim. eafroraq Cl ,142,og4, MAT' 1,2,3,4g NHSs2g,Oimos 142, Sci Club 123443 SC 1,2: WASAQ HR ,2,3Q4g sqm 1,e2,rFol1 my 2g FB 1g Univergiry ef Wyoming? .r Q g QARQLWE Emma A vcuhrf r Key'1,2,G.41fLps Ames, Los comp 1, MAT 0.41 Ns-use a,4,scr in 3g'5Gr'V'Cl rm: sec SYS,-4g sc 3,45 WA 3,41 HR '!g2g3g,4:85pUrSgg7 '2,3gf Wro 'UANHS '2gC557AIpho Omega U15 Hugh O'Briene Yourh Lead 2,-Wncfs Who Ag Muie Sr Coun 45 UT1 Auisrin H r r CHRISTOPHER rr ALLISON r Comp Ci Age Los Am 1,21 Los Comp-Bg JV Tennis, 25 V Tennis 2,1145 wosnsngronra Lee ,or SMU r . . r + KRISTINA ARCIAr -LQ5QAr'11ff3,4g Los Comp142, Ger- monf1,25 SSH-'Sp NFL,,4g 'HR 4g -BQnde r1,r213, GQifT 8Q4Q AGM MLLIAM H SQARMSTRQNG - , ,, uBn Los Arne 2g?Sdn5 So1.rci -4, hL'e'Co1e I ACrive9,DiIingUef der cg e Texas. MrsrzssA nf-wmv L4 VMole3fOf" r g :4ey11,2: iLosg.Am 414 Los comp r r2gc:,nsa curzrss me 4, Hao, MSpursr 344: WrcJ11giFolIr Play C35 Y rer Boyk:r Ejniversirye' f r m . Seniors +-, 69 Jeff Herrick is coughr red-bonded ocrimg our his bigge5r fonrosy. SCHYLER BATEY DAViD BETUO W Chico 'AFS 45 Lor Ci 45 University of Podovo Ciroiyb 70 - Seniors ' MAR14 BALLESTEPSOS i i"Spiise" Foorboii1,2,3,4 ' ieiugeoixv 'BARBA A ixelregn A FHA 81 ODP 2, SC Qi Soccer 2,8,4g Sr. .Philips Coiie-ge DMD BAi1REi'AAii1 iGCT'1j nA 1,2,o, SC 1.2.35 Poor- boii 1 SCOTT BENESCH LAEL BGGOMOLNY Aff 4g LOS AVTK 4g Aj 3 Coiorodo .Coiiegg 'lx '24, 'lu 1171 fri? MAURICIO BQHMER UDierricn" FHA 4, lncornote Word ALANNA BROWN A "Rebel" AFS 2,85 Keywonerres 2,3,4, Los AM 8,45 Los Comp 1,25 OL- MOS 1,2, Pres. Club 41 Sci Cl 2,8,4, SSH 8, Srudenr C 8, SMU, Colorodo College , PATRICE ABURGARD Los AM 2,3,4, MAT 2,85 Sci CL 2,35 Service CI 4, SSH 3, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, NHS 514, SNHS 2,3,4, UIL 2,8 CHARLES BURMEISTER s'lCl'iucl4f Lorin CI 2,84 Mor 23, Pres. Cl 4, SSH 3,4, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g D- Boll 1,2,6,'4, Nor. Merit Com- mendoble Srude-nr, Grenodo School of Medicine KENT CALGAARD 'lC3irn" NFL 2, Srudenr C 2,3,4, B-Boll 1,2,8,4, Honor Roll Honorable Menrion 1,231 TCU, U of Kon- sos, Eckerd LARRY 1 'BROUGHTON , CATHERINE ' srzowmirio ,UCQIJ1 AFS SA, Los AM 3,-4, Los Comp 2, MAT 233, Sci CL 3,45 Service Cl 8,45 Srudenr C 3, WA 4, Por! 2, Honor Roll 1,2,8,4, 'SNHS 23,43 VTennis 1,2,8,4g VTrocls 3, CC 8,-4, VNerrers CL 'iw sq' E Mrs. Esquivel gives Cynrnio Son Morco poinrers on forging ner n'iorner's norne. Seniors 71 :I EEEEEQEMMCANAVANE E ,E , , E ' E E Keyig Los Am 8g Los Comp1,2, Seryfq 4554: og4, Hrz1,2, Wren j1fET'47C5"'E2'3'415NF0FY Dddwifv i5TEPHANiE. CARTER NfNH5if4: W 42 ISGY 1f2Q3:f LOSQ Comp,1,2, Olmos 25 Serv C! 8,45 E 5C'fK2j3',4, 'HR 2,Z3,4gi WTQD 1, , rioseadmog 45 sc: 29, mp 4 V?fM ELISSA iE CA5TlLliO '? fi AESB: 'Key E1,2,Los Am 2,8,4gE fLO2CGf'f1P1: Serv C1134 SWQFH-EE U A"' 6054284 ,SS-U WA 94 Eze: Q , M00 :1:gWhQ's WhOnHS Sw: E 'fiEf1fSifWhO'f- WO MW5iC39'?SE ff ff3'Ff5i4ffBi?f1ff ?'?f3f4f KNQOF , .ig A IRIANA fCHX3iPiAi E W0f?Pf 3,3: Z ?f9S'CYY 3'Q5Cl 1.23" cinema 5 zap Evolleykabll f 142,324EE 5 li fesxgag umqfmre wma, E ,Z E QE-9LmSGtSiQr5 h A, E 7 - :wf. .f, 4 , .. ,. f f 4 E , 1 ' :Qggjiiiggvzfgigg A L " ' E E .zf:24ff:' 4 u ,Q i:g,ff5',, E ,W E WQWWWZ ig 5' 1 , 4 mggjzg i K ,JENNIFER CARNOVALE A E , VMJGOHE Arr 2g Los Am 23,45 MAT 3,45 Sci Cl 23,41 ServCl 8,45 Soc Sr 2,8,4g SC 3,451 WA 8,4g 'HR 123,45 Wren 1pSNHS4, SMU or Vanderbilt E ' EERNANQQ E l . 3 ' CASULLG E CVAEE 4g46gT 81 kk STEPHEN CASTILLC5 FHA 4jlA1gfLOs Com ZGQVHR SQ A Spring ploy 45 .FCA-AQ Fr FB 15 Jv FB 25 V FB 3,42 JV Bosebdll '1 , 2a V Bosebollliag 1sr Team A' 'AAAA-DfSfYiCr' Bflsebdli - Sf SA Lighfiowployer of Wee!-1, 25 Tx TGCh4' QV. ,E E E EPATPJCK' f CAUTHORN HEATHER ECHILCUTT AFS 4: Lum Q,4fP'f9S.CYA4b sc 4 fum W E, rr i 'MM L LISBETH CHURCH Ars 3,45 HP 8,45 Key 1,2,4, Las Comp 3g srl Cl Secrerary :lg HR 4, Spurs 2g1fWram lg Tracls 15 QB Sror 4, Mary Baldwin MICHELLE CLlFTON MARY C:oLE - V I I FHA 85 Olmos 4, HR 3,44 Texas Tech T Tenny Clblldols gets quire annoyed as Ploberr Ham- mond continues ro feed her ,"garbage." .AYrENfClalLDAl4 S T "Tenoy" A115135 Key 1,2,3,4g olmos 314, Pres Cl Ag San Saud 23,45 504, Class Treasurer QQ JV Ten 1,25 TMqryo BoldWm ' h ' PAUL CLIFTON EOS A041525 WA HR 'l,2,0,ifvg JV Baseball 25 V CC 1,2,8,4g V SOC 1,2,3,4, TV Track 1,2,3g Who? Whb fig SNHS 22 UT W' L RUSSELL COOPER A MAT 23,45 NHS 3,4j Sons SOUCi 1,2,8,4g SS 4g SC Ag WA 5,4y4HR 1,2,0,4g JV CC 1,2g JYFB 85 V FD 45 Narlonol Merir Comrrzended Scholar A , T A Seniors - .78 ELIZABETH CORNETT HBerh" FHA 2,45 MAT 85 S5 451-IR '2,8,k4g WP 23,45 All-Dsr 2nd Team5 All Reg Srd Team, All-Am I-lon Menrion5 Swim 2,85 Store Relay CC 45 UTSA or Sr. Edwards STEPHANIE CREWS Key 512,35 Los Arn 2,85 Los Comp 15 MAT 123,45 NHS 8,45 - Olmos 25 Serv Cl 3,45 SS 3,45 SC 23,45 video 1, WA 4, HR 123,45 Wran 15 Cheerleading 23,45 DAR Award, 45 Duke KATHERINE CROW "Karhie" 5 Arr 35 Sans Souci 3,45 Fall Play, .45 -Spring Play'45 UT During semester exams, Hillary Middleron day! dreams abour ner vveelsw end plans. 74 -- Seniors STEPHEN comrsz A ' "Steven I IA 'l,2,85lSC 4, BB 'l,2,8,45 Draft CI5 lsr Pl Regional and lsr Place Srare on drawing, AGM 5 KEVIN CROSBY DGCOTI'Y4j MAT 28,41 NHS 4, S5 45 HR '1,2,3,45 Narional Nlerlr Commended Scholar 45 Tennis 15 JV SOC5 AGM I DGNAH CROWLEY "Doan's" Arr 1,2,8,45 NHS 3,45 Fall Play 2,35 Spring Play 2,85 UTSA JUL115 DAv1LA JAMES DEEGEAP1 Los Comp 1,25 SNHS za, MAT 12,35 NHS 415 SSH 3,44 WA 3,41 HONOR ROLL 128,41 GB-Bolt 123,45 Woshingron ond Lee T JEREMY DITTMAN DECATH. 8,45 Los AM Sy Morh Team 1,2,3,4, MAT 2514, NHS 8,45 Pres. CI 4g SSH Ag Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g Bond 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1 DAIN DREYEP1 Los AM 3,41 MAT 23,45 NHS GA? SSH Ag WA 8,45 Honor Roll 1,2,8,4g VTennfs-1,2,S,4g SNHS 28,41 SVNerrers Ci 8,45 Norl, Merir, Horvordg Srondord- JOHN DUIGNAN 'di S GARRETT DAVIS A f "Gosh" A A Science Cl .22 FolleP1oy 8,4g Spring Ploy 3,45 eVSwimrning 1,2,0,4g vworer Poio 1,2,G,4g vTrod4 85 Auburng SFA J STACY DIKES Los Comp '15 Bond 123,45 Hon- or Roll Honorable Mention 85 Universiry of Housron, A ond'M A JENISEQ DOUNSON DE 42 MAT SA: Sci Ci 2,8,4, SSH Og Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 A HEATHER ronouom LIDA ENFERAD A A A S"Jer 5er"e DE 45 Son' Anronio, College Seniors - 75 Sruhhed, offer four yeors of high school, Jeff Pirluls fiholly L fihds sourh wing. R RRPAUL FARIAS f i i2LizAi3ETHi R i emiziximown i e "Libby" - 'Key 1,251.05 AM Dj LDS Comp 2g 'MAT 28,45 NHS 844g Pres. CI '2!4g Service Cl 45 55h Sp Srudem C, 233,45 WA 4: President of So homore Cioss, K r-or-ormig PQ i'5Q- 4,ui 76 -W Semibrs R R ROBERT ENGLISH "Robbie" , Arr Qg Loriri CI 8,45 Los AM 15 Sci Cl 3 WA 3 4 Honor Roll 2 3 W L Trocix 1,2 dress Counrry 22 ond M LAURA ESCAMILLA Hoofprinr 0,41 Los Cemp 25 MAT 215,45 Pres, CI 4g SSH 3,45 WA 3,41 Honor Roll 2,3,R4g Vos- SOI'g ' DEANNA 'ESPINOSA CATHRYN1 , W mixiximowoi i i'Trino"R i V Los AM 8, Oimos 4g Sfudem C 4, Hpruor Roi! 45 Cheerleading 1,25 Universiry Of Texas e GUY FiELDENf i R 'yclffifi R IA 1,2,3,4p Rllohd 15 Golf 8,45 V Sqccief 45 FCAg Howard L MISHELLE FISCHNAR I Berry" Arrg DE SA, TEXAS WOMENS UNIVERSITY CHACE FRIDGE DAVID GALBREATH CATHERINE A A GALLOWAY "Kirry" I Lorin CI 2,35 Bond 123,45 Spring PIoy Sg Texos Tech JOANNE GARCIA 4 Bqnd 2,8p CrossECoUnrry, SAC: TQXQSAGI I ' A ' I 'LAURA FRANK I Marlboro College , MICHAEL FULTON I +"FQbs" I Morls BoIIesrero5 srollss his nexr innocent vicrim. Seniors' +- A i3ETE i GAPECIA 1 DE 4, IA i,2'Q8,4g Swimming 3, A ,Temis1,2giUTSA h V PATRICIA GARZA AFSE3,4g FHA,8,4g Los AM 3,45 Wrorigiers 1 i A RUTH GOLDSMITH Hoofprinf 2,45 Key ZLMAT Sp SSH 35 WA C3,4g Bond fig' Spring Pioy 2, Wrsryon m TOMMY GREEN A 'iGringo" Los Comp 1,2 MAT 12,35 Hon- -Or' Roll- 'lg2,3,4g B-DUN 123,45 - Horvord i LAURA GUZMAN ii 'iGoose" A Q Los 3,45 Bond 13 SNH5 3,A4g K f Track 22 Sr. Mory'sg TCU 78 - Seniors A G MARIA GARZA CVAE SAE ODP 2g Preside-mrs Ci 45 Honorikoii 8 i MTHRYNGEQRGE PQGCHELLE GREEN ' XROOCNG ' ' ' EHA 1,Q,G,4, Tmcie 1,45 vQneyL boil 35 Tennis A JAG4 CSUENTHER AFS Qg Arr ig FHA 2,3g Lorin Ci -3,4g- Los Comp 2,85 Los AM 3, MOTU TeOfTi 'lg MAT 23,45 Pres. Ci Ag so G 4, SSH SAE WA 8,45 Honor Roi! G 123,41 Spring Pioy 45 NSHS 2,345 Vonderbilr WLLIAME HADEN' A "Chris" A A E .lEF F REY HALLSTEAD l'Je-ff" MAT 28,44 Pres, Cl 4g San Souci 1,215,111 SSH 3,45 Srudenr Cl: WA 45 Sgrvarearms 4, Bond 1, Track 25 Cross Counrry SA, Universiry of Virginia BRADLEY HARDY "Hardly" Los AM GA, Los Comp 25 SSH 3, Srudenr C 1,2,8,4g Parliarnenrar- ian 3g Golf 1, Baseball 123,45 UT, TCU WILMA HARPER A group of Seniors proc- rice ro perfecr "The Square Dance Rap" in hopes ro qualify for their favorire snow Jannimin'. ROBERT HAMMOND "Rlgsby" AFS 25 Hoofprinr 2,3,4g MAT 2,3g NHS 8,45 Pres. CI 4g SSH 3g Sfudenr C 1,45 WA OA, Pres. 49 Chap. ,Historian 1,2,3g Honor Roll 1,2,8,4g Fall Play Qg Swimming 1,21 Warer PoloF1,2,O, Sr Tropez Business College TRENT HARKRADER Hoofprinr 23,45 MAT 23,45 San Souci 'l,2g SSH 8,45 WA 3,45 Par- iiamenrarian 45 Honor Roll i,2,3,4g Tennis i,2,3,4, Dulse BEN HARRISON Seniors - MICHAEL HARTMAN L T "M6shlso" RACHEL HERNANDEZ FHA 1, Los Comp 2, Bond 1,232 L SWU L L JEFFREY HETPTICK L T Herr" DAYNA HOLLERGNT FHA SA, Treasurer 11 Cheer- ieoding '1, 2g Track 1, Texos Tech STEPHEN, HoLLowAY 80 -- Seniors, EMILIO HERNANDEZ SCOTT HOLLINGSHEAD JILL HUGHBANKS Jule T L Los Comp 2,35 MAT 4, Service Cl 3,45 Honor Roi! 39 Spurs 4, Bond '!,2,3g North Texas Store Umiversiry . fi, TlM HUGHEY Arr 3,45 MAT 4g Sci Cl 2,3g Sru- denr C 2,81 Honor Roll 1,2,Ci,4g FB 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4, Tracie 1, TCU Corn: Carlffeg and Trey Mumford have mosrered rhe orr of "soul cleans- ing" in rheir Yoga lV AP Class. uiula AIAPPINFIF Arr 15 FHA 15 Keywanerres 1g Universiry of Texas ar Austin BARBARA lNGRAM '5poz" AFS 3,41 Arr 3,45 FHA 1,2g Key 35 Latin CL 23,-4g Spurs Wranglers 15 NAHS 4? Schreiner APRILHUMPHRIESCAA' g A. Upgpplen. D FHA 4, MAT 45 Press, Club Hanar Roll A4gj.lV volleyball 1, Vs Volleyball 23,45 N Track 1,25 Cross'Counrry15 FCA 23,49 Abi' lene Chrisrian Universiry- A DAVID HURTADG 'il-lurr-my-foes" A AFS 4g Arr 8,42 Sans Soucl 23,45 il3and 1,21 Parsons Rhode island School of Design CARMEN HUTCHINS AFS 35 DE 3,45 Dimensions 4g Los Am 2? Srudenr C123 WA 45 Wranglers 15'Wha's Who in American High School Srudenrsg Norianol Sociery forgy Disrin- guished American High School Srudenrs AADPJANA ianaao 1 ir A-Adil? AFS 3,4g DlfTiGOSiODS 45 lA 45 Keywanerres 81 Los AM 4rQLos Comp 1,2g'AQy1AT 13345 Sci Cl13g SSHan Ag CWA 3,45 Honor Roll 128,45 Price or AGM . W 1 isrrisrcrr iixyiiiic Keywanerresik Los AM 2,85 Sci Cl 21 Wranglers' 15 University of g Texas,-A ' A Seniors i-- 81 DONNA iAciZsoN' J CARIN JAHNA "iAndreo" Dimensions 4, Keywanettes 2, 'Sci CL ft- S urs 44 Bond 128 , P , . , , 1 Spring Piay 8,4,!NAHS 2,85 Uni- versity of Texas ' BRAD JoNE-5 f Latin CL 8,45 1.05 AM 1,2, Honor Rail 128,45 Tennis 12, Football 2,8, Vanderbilt J ' SARAH JORDAN Keywanettes 2, MAT 4, Senfice CL 3,4,gStudent C 2, Honor Roll GA, Spurs SA, Spring Play -3,45 Swimming 1, Water Polo"l,f2,3, Who's Who Among American High 'School Students 4, Society of Distinguished' Students GA, Austin College LAZARO JUAREZ npxeneu K ,V Los AM 2,3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 3,45 JV Tennis 12, University of Texas A 82 - Seniors A onsooiw JAcoi3s ANNE JOHNSTON i'Annie lf' S Los AM S, Los Comp 1, MAT 3,45 Service CL SA, SSH 8, Vice- pres. i,2, Cheerleader 12,45 University of Texas "T GREG JONES Honor, Roll ,i,2,3,4, Band 1,2,8,A, Track, 2,8,4g.1 Cross Country 3, Football 45 SMU BRAD Jowiins g "Sl4anlser" y ART1, Student C 1,81 Honor Roll l,2,0,4, Fall Play C35 V Basketball 23,45 2nd place in annual En- cinitas Surnng Championship C JENNIFER KALE E J FHA lg Los 25 Los. AM Gp OLMOS 4, Honor Roll 'l,2,8,4, Foil Pldyl 4: Texas Tech en or ..... C ,. .CNN +:,...,,,.s.,.c, , ---N -- --N-:: J l 3 N eg W M A Y 1 ANNEX 5 E XXX Lx N s .exit , . . wig-P-NL-:S - :NN 5 V ' , , 3 www ' S, ,J . - fi 'Q i- t-E' f is if n A f .1ci ,,.,, - - , 2 -, L- vilsffl iii- file , Es... li. ,Q s we XS SS N S w X x N s- - rf ' Se 5565 , 'ef X A X X Q Ofxs. Qs E532 5 1 ,Q WERNER KEIDEL Comp ,CL,2g Los AM C52 SNHS 2,35 JV Tennis 1g V Tennis 28,45 TCU A S JEFFREY KEUPER AMY HOLBASSA SUSAN KESTLY is is "Suz" ART 45 Los Comp 2, ,Sci Ci 28,45 Service CL4, Sinfionerro 12,85 Srodenr C s1,2,8,45 'Honor Roll 1,45 Wfonglers 1g,Trock, Universi- ry of Texos. Tim Hughey confr help but "spill rhe beons" when he discovers he hos been elecreci heod of rhe cleon-up crew. AHMEoc i4HATTAi3 .lMedQ,, V AFS 'lg Honor Roll lg Americon University in Coiro TIMOTHY KIP-KMAN .Timm Arr 45 Sons Souci 8,45 SSH 44 WA 4, Fronlslln College T Seniors e- 83 f Ned Wells, rnor Sneoley Senior, successfully sreols money from rne Freshmen closs for ine fourrn consecutive yeor. 2 NICK LAMBRECHT IA IA, I-Ionor Roll 1,45 Trocls 1,25 Boseboll 1, Foorboll I,Q,3,4,' Tex! . I oslech or Texas AGM - eisiziriimrscaroizo or ifi4eebyf', A 1 IMAT-,C5,4g Srudenry C Honor I Roll 'I,2,3,4, Bonc5'I,2,SQ4p,FoII?' ' I Ploy GA, Spring Plcy QA: TCU, 1 84 4 Seniors I C TIM KISELIS Los AM 8, Los Comp 2, MAT 2, Honor,RoII 2, JV Doslserboll 2,3, V Bosl-serboll 4, Teiios AGM DEi3oi2AH ,i4ocui2i5i4 AFS 3, Dimensions 4, German' CI. 1-,2, MAT 8,45 NFL 45 SCI CL 3,4g, Service CL 8,2I, SSH 4, Vid- eo 2,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, ,Foil Ploy 1,2,8,4, Spring Pioy I,2,3,4, Swimming 3,45 Worer Polo fly -31 'Diving 1,2,8,4, Texos AGM cmxoiiisiis IQOPECKY DE 4, FHA 3, Keywonerres 1,25 Ijos AM 2,35 Los Comp I, MAT 2,4, Honor Roll 1,2,8,4, Wron- glers 1, Whos Who 45 Universi- ry of, Texos or SMU RICHARD LAMM I "Cho " C F35 Bond 123,45 Srore Solo Ensem- ble 1,2,4, Region Orchesrro 4' Region Jozz Ensemble 45 Sourhl wesr Texos , , , CARMEN LAUREANO .fda K SHARON , LAWRENCE AFS 4, Hoofprinr 8,4, Keywan- erres 1,2,8,'4, MAT '2,3,4, NHS 3,45 Videoiig Honor Roll 1,2,C3,4: ,Spurs 23,41 Wrangiers ,EGAN Limis L L 'Bun' ' FHA 8g Swim Team C3,4,L WGTGV Poio 25 Southwest Texas DAVID LLOYD ' "Shmoyd" AFS 45 OLMOS 41 'Honor Rail 1,213,115 Spring Pioy 8, Tennis 1,23 Goff 4, SNHS, Universiiy of Texas' S ' DANIEL LLONGORIA IA 1, Video 2, Foorbaii1,JV 2, V' 8,45 Trocisg Texas Tech , ALYNE LOVE' Com CL 4 Los Cami 2 MAT P 1 D :' 4, Srudenrf 'ig WA 14, Honor Roll 1,,Band 1,2,8,,4, Foil Piay 2, Trocls 23,41 Soccer 4, Universi- ry of Texas A H ' , ' JAMES LEFLORE "BOldy" W ART 23,44 Dimensions 4, OL- MOS 8,45 Pres. CI 4, Sci CD25 Srudeni CD15 Honor Roll 3,45 Foil, . Ploy,4, Soringpiay 4s Universify of Texas S ' LAURA LIVELY so A i'iTQsiiQ" A ' AFS 3,45 ART 8,4, FHA 4, Spurs 1,82 Texas Tech Hi, - , xp-:ine M -isi Es Q! 'Q i K Wim exireme concenrroiion, Russell Cooper decides ro get o 'jump sion" on his nexi ossignmeni. Seniors - 85 ii Brenda Reitori contin- ues ro Elisfen TOE ine srirnu- i1afing 4 PhysiiC5 iecrure,eCar fie4Sharp, arne rebel she is, E decides io brealseouf for lufichecfivie E Ee ELiZAi3ETHqfMAEBIUSf AFS Zig KeyvxganerreSb1,2,3, NHSQ E 1 3,215 Presi Club 45 Sang Souci 1,2,a,4p5ewice Clube 524, sine fionerra 228,45 Smdenr C42 WA "3j2ig 1-Ionaf Rail ' W i ii?XMES' MALAKOFF fMAT 8,45 WA 45 Varsify Tennifz 1,2Qf5,4j -ffl singies 23,45 ik? 'doubleS'f.3,21g Team Captain 42 ,Disrricr Singies Eunnereup 15' Dis? rricr Doubles, Champion 2g Stare Doubles' Champion 21, Disrriq Bingies Chompianiii " i +CYNTHiA MAME! in K 4- nsydn H ' Los Comp 2,62 MAT, 114: Sef- vice CL 8,45 WA 4, Hanoi Ren 1,2,3g BOf3d 3,47 VNOOQIGFS, 15 Crass Country 2485i Tracie' 253, Wha'5fXVha Among American. High Sdnooi Srudenrs Q3,4g Socin :eryfofqDisfinguished American' .High Schoal Srudenrs, GA: Uni- versity CfTexa5 J nl Vi 86 is seniors E JENNIFER MAGEE 'E ' 'JUniper" 3 Band 123,41 Marching Bond 1,2,3,4,y1g2hrl'7iUS 3l,2,3,4gfSweep- stakes Winner in Saurherniong resriof Champions ?ar Band 3g Hardin Simmons SUZAMNIQIE MARKER FHA 28,45 Band 1,2g Teen Con Surnnounr. 218,4g if ' ADniANA iMAnTiNEz E E f?Nanafi' ie E DE 85 Sinfionerra 2 h E WU! CYNTHUA. MARTTNEZ TNGRMA MARTINEZ Honor Roll 1 KEVIN 'MCCLELLAN A C "Horry'f L ART 314: FHA4: TA l.2.3,4: LOS AM 2, Sans ,Saad 2, Parsons School of Design, ALEX MCGRAW ART18, Parliornenrarlan 2, Uni- versiry of Texas or Son Anronio ALBERT MCNEEL IA 12g Los AM 3, MAT 8, SSH 3, Srudenr C 1,253,215 Honor Roll GA, Fall 'Play 4, Spring Play 4g- FB 'l,2,8,4g Boskeroall 1, Baseball '1,2y3,4, Track 8,41 FCA 1,2,8,4jk Ull. SA, Texas Tech or Universi- ry-of Texas TIRENE MARTINEZ A 1 'Pseneef' CVAE lg. ODP 1, Son Antonio College C L LEN MCCLANE NAH5 4, Keywanerres 1,25 Los AM 4, Los Comp 3, Service CL 3,45 Spurs 28, Wranglers 15 Campus Life 0,45 Tracie 1,25 Pine Manor College 1 ,MARY -MCFARLING A AuKClTl'1y" A JOSEPHNE A MCNAMEE , L, , "Dodira" AFS 8, Keywanerres 1,2,3g Los AM 3,4,fLos Comp 1,2 MAT 4, NFL 4, Sans Souci 3, Videor4,' WA 4, Honorllloll 1,2,8,4, Fall Play 1,23 Spring Play 8, SNHS 16,45 Narionol fMerir Semifinolisr 4, Whofs Who 4, Duke or Hol- lins 1 Dorznv MEAooR Hoofprinr 4, Video 1, WA 4, Honor 'Roll 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 8,45 Day- lor A Seniors - 87 'BENJAMIN MENGDEN' f'Conan" e a a e f DAVID MENKE 9 f --me" Los AM 2,35 MAT 2,s,4, sa CI 4g Hcinar RO1I'1,Q,8,4g Soccer 2,12 5vgHs 2,3 ,4g Boyrorg smu HILZXRY NJDDLETQNA - a ffleberhf' . ee aFHA1g sA 43nLQ5cQmpe1,2,saca a e e1,'2,3g,Band 1,2,3,4g Saurhwesr Uhiversiry , Q, - 'NClCJi!'9" L- ' A-A, 1.p,flAA 15 -K-GY-..1,2,3,4i l-O5 Campg,1,2g LOS. AM OA: MAT 2855554 3,44 5rudenT,Cg4g WA 'a3,4,fQH6nof non i,2,3,4, Track 2, Wror'ig1er5 1g' SNHS 3,4 Pfifzer College? QT , e e SUSAN MONSALVO 4Q 'fBObO'f ' fx-mg Lg KEYA, sq cr 3,4 TCU 65+ Sfnfofs T ALLISON MENGER FHA 34- Latin Cl 84' Cheer- leodmg 1,2,3,4, Dxvlng 1,2, Soarhwesr Texas Srare Universi- ELIZABETH W fMIPxANDA 1 Arr Dimenjsionsfh. Hoofprinr 23,45 Sarah Lawrence Coilege 'or Sr Edwards W 'Q W MARIS a A MONTEMEYOR a -"Mar" Los! AM 3,42 Los,COmp 1,-25 on e mos 4f,Srucienr Ca Si -Tennis 1.2'.3:aUTSAg Sourhwesr a x CHRISTOPHER MOCRE "Scorch" Los AM 21 Olrnos 4, Sci Cl 2, SSH 3, Srudenr C 2,8,4g Sgr-or-arms 1,2135 Honor Boll 1,2,8,4, Spring Ploy Sp U12 Bose-boll 12,85 SNHS 2 As Jessico Pollolx begins ro feed Mrs, Horr'so lslller ger- bil, "PioPnbQ", Morgorer Moreno Lexcloims, 'lOOOool'1, be corefuE!" TREY MUMFORD xrMUmfyfr K Arr 3,45 Olmos 4, Honor Roll 3,45 UT YVETTE NEIRA- DE 3,43 Key 2g Service Cl 15 Hone or Roll 1g Wranglers 15 UT MARGARET Monrivo "Merge" AFS 3,45 Olrnos 4-jk Son Souci 1,2yi3,4g Sci,Cl By WA 45 Cross Counrryg Honor Roll Q,8,4g Wronglersm lncornore Word College TRACY MORSE l'Rncy" 1 AFS 3,4g Key BA: MAT SA, NHS 41 Son Souci 2,C3,4g Sci Cl 3, Ser- vice CI SA, SSH GA, WA 41 Hon- or Pioll 1,2,3,4, Wronglers 15 New York University 1 ABHUlTfMUl4HERJEE y "l3obuI'f S , DELIA MUNOZ Los AM 23,45 Los Comp 1, MAT 2,8p Service CI 8,41 Srudenr C C34 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Wranglers 1 SHAWNEE NELSON A e"Sl'iown" QVAE 2g ODP 4, Wranglers 1 Seniors - 89 KATHLEESISI QKEEFE -smff' V A Ldrln Cl 1,23 WM, Honor non sg A N Bond 1,2,8,4g Spring Play 85 In-5 comore Word Coikg-ge r JOHN ORTIZ DE 1,,FHAr1g sasuo A f A SC TTAPAREL MAT 4: NHSr4g Sfudenr C 4f Honor Roll 3,45 Vwotgr Qolog V5wimmir1g, Sronfordg UCLA, UCSBg Pepperdine ,A r r A rA1yxY Pfmow l ' HEATHER PEIXSFUL V i HBGBH .o Service, C1 3,415 Srudenr' C 42' Treasurer 4: Wrongiers, 1g - Cheel'1eoding'2g BoylorVUniversi-A Q0 -fr Seniors MIN DEI3QRAHz orxucmr , ,'xSpoUm!sy'F A 5 Dimensions Ag UT l AAANNA PALMIERI? AFS 8515, KeyA1,4g Lofin Q Cl 1,2,3,4g Son,SougI SAQ Service Cl 8,43 Sinfionisrro 123,45 WA G,45,4Honor ,Roll g1,2,G,-43 Swim' rning1j Golfrztg NYU, Penn Sroreg rSHAWN1,Pf-XRSQNS AFS 35 Arr 44 Dimensions 4goKeyf 2g1NFLg 2,3rOImosr6g Son Souci za, sa ca 2, srudenf c 5, WA 45 Fan Ploiy 12, spring may 1,2,s, ,Ohio 5rorerUniversiry " A A o MICHAEL PECHE A CVAE1,2pTSTIj . ADELLlAHo PETElfASCjN il - xxDJr1' ' i Arr1,2,o,a,oDP 3,4 . ,, Lg . , X Q lui V :il . , x ' 11 , - F Q in gl ix E S JEFEREY QlTLUK vEz41efe' 1 LQS Compf1,2g MAT 35 Olmos 119 Srudenf Cg1,L2,8,Ag fF-BoI!r1,2,Sg4p Bosebcilt :1,2,3,4g .1BQSKefbQll.A 1g TulonegUT q V Q . ,V . JESS!C!-X5 POLLAIQ ffJessieif AFS SA? Olmosh 45 Sod' Sduci 3,45 SSH 451 wA jo,4, Mcsssrf LORRAINE QUINTANLLA SuSonnCh QViriSoQL1, pomes o 1irrle amber' TQSSQC3 Q5 j 5'f10V00 jl-GW? remC9 gGXP?Vi?QC9S O SHI? 'bfi rhe+nomgueQ ond leaf c:o1mS ,l H DuH 5" I Mfemfsf Qnivefsiry Qf TQXOS DAVfD 'fP UMABEJ0 5DONALfj REDMOND LQS AMQSQ MAT 2QCXNE+lSk3,4g SSH 3,42 WA C1453 Honorilfkcsli M 1,.'2Q8,21g TrocI4 1,2g Crois 'Country 1,2,8gz1, Soccer 23354, ,American L f?Trg1cl5fDrIvihg 5ChooI H Seniors -- Q1 BRENDA , REITON FHA 25 Los comp, 2, MAT GA, Pres. 3.4, Service CI1 114, ,WA 4, W E V Swimming 12,45 V Wore-rh Poto 1,2,3,4, Universiry of Coti' - fomio E E w REBECCA RENDoN , E X'Minnie, Mouse" ee E, R DE 45 Los 13 Soc, Stud, Hon. 4, HR 1,245 TYQCR 2,4 - 1 E :mc ECUDS E Jennifer Srepnens reods ro ner fovorire group of srudenrs 'xHon5eI ond GrereI". , Q2 -f Seniors JOSEPH RENDON i I . f IA 3, HR 28,45 FB1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,0,4g Norionol Hispanic Schol- or Awords Semifinotisr, JournoI+ ism ,Workshop for Minoririesg 1sr piece --r Drofring Comperirion' ,EMILY REYNOLDS MAT 45 NFL 3, HR 1,2,3,4g FP 4, De-bore Tournomenr, UTSA TBRUQE n1cHAno5oN Roonoise or Sourhwegrern E .ROSS RICHIE E E kwxaipll z. - . H Arr 2g8,'4, 'MAT'2j3f'Presf' 45 German Club Q, 'SC 11, Video 2, HR 12344, FB 9,1g2,3,4, FCA 2,3,4g Nod, Arr' Soc. 28,45 , Ichrhusi1,2,0,4pNor!."Merit Coml mended , Srudenr, University' of Texas , . E - ' f JoHN moon, , H E- "Porch" E E DECOrh.f,8g Olrnos 3, SC 2,3, HR 1, CC1, FB 2,8,4pTrocRr2p Penn. VSYQT9. . . L- f ' TINA RIVIERA A g 'Iefsofyf' Bond 12,85 Texos A ond I WILLIAM ROBBINS I'BiII" Olrnos 45 WA 4g HR 1,2,8,4y Worer Poio 4 JEFFREY ROBINSON "Jeff" BB1,2,3,4g Eagle Award in Boy Scours of Amerifzog UTSA PATRICK RORI4 HR 1,2,3,4, FB :s,4, soar 1,2 PAM ROUNDTREE Arr 2g CVAE 25 ODP 2 is W" Jeff Kemper develops Q ron nose wnile hugging I'iis reocner, Mrs. Aclsles. GREGORY ROSA5 K V X Greg! I ' IA 23,45 I-IR 1,25 5V Swimming 2,85 Worer Poio 2,3g University I Of Texas hor Rice I I HEATHER aussi Seniors - O3 As Krisren 'IrvIne'Sh mother j Wdliisi Qin' i The i rodiri, Wei! TGVLHOETIDGFTTWOVGSTQ the ,opposirei side fof fthe pouch DK Qfspeed5of1QOOO imilesiper hour. i 0 iPQCfBERT L. SACKETT STEveNsAPiP,AN i f i +"Sreve" i 'FHA og HB za, BB1,'2,O,455oi RQ55 ',,L LESLIE SCHOENVOGEL , f"Georgio Girl' i V Tenn. 2,35 CC 3 ' Q4 - Seniors ' Mi' CYNTHQA SAN i , i Z l!MARCO i i ffDQQev'! A l 5 FHA .3,. Olmos 4g HR 2,3,4g 4Tex-- - os'Tech 5 Y i " iJENISIYii5CQHiNliIliiER1 f 1 i ii Schnozi i AFS 3,44 Lovin Cl. 1.25, Los Compi 4g'SC 3,45 HR SQ SQHOQ pkfly '35 SA, DonceXTheorre 12,35 Mod' ern Doncei Comp. 43 FOIGVQO-i 5 then' Ar?siAcqdemy5 NYU or CUNY i m i i i4f5NNETH f SQHWARTZMAN Diecgrh. 4jHP 3,4, Soc, swag 4: f sc ci HR1234 5 Urs 345' , :I - . , . 1 P ' . Bond 1,Q,3,4g Spririg Play '3 'Mary Boidwiri or ATD5 or Coin redo Coiie-ge L L A h , M . - f iii ' f 0 V I - W i 4 CATHERINE SCHWEERS AFS3 Ke-y12 LosAM84 Los Comp 12 MAT 4 Olmos 8 WA 3 4 Honor Roll 8 SNHS 8 4 Texas Tech MARCUS ,SHAFFER mennls 1,2,.I3,4, VNerrers,l UT, BTRGE HSHULMAN A "5plUrge" Arr 1,2,4g Dimensions 4, Olmos 4,- Treasurer 4, Swimming 23g UT U JOSEPH SLAUGHTER "Joe Frof' SSH 4g'FOOTbO1I 1,2,3,4, Track 25 SMU HEATHER SNQW "Snowflake" T AFS 8,49 Qlnnos 3,4, San Saoci r1,2,3,4g SSH 4, Secrerary 1,2g Honor Roll HM 1,2,3,4g Cheer- leading 1, UT A A HEATHER SEHH A A 'THE-ifer" , NAl-lS f3,4, Key 4, Spurs 2,3,4,' Wranglers 11 Spring Play 3, -'Track Tyr TCU A A f CARRIE SHARP I , T'Cowee" A Key 1,2,'Losf AM 3, BNHS 83 Los Comp '1,2, MAT 2,3,4, NHS 3,45 Pres. Cl 14, Service 43 SSH 3,4, Srudenr ,C 2,8,4, Secg 3, Sgvor- ' arms 13 Honor Roll 1,2,8,4g Spurs 3, Wronglersf1, Nuevo Laredo Cornmuniry College , HEATHER SIXT MARTETA SMITH A "Mardi" AFS 3,45 AU 35 Key Tj EOS AM SA, Los Comp 25' Olmos 45 Stu- denr C231 Chap. I-lisrorlan 4, Wranglers 1 A TEN SOULES A E l'lTerror" FHA 2,3,4, Olmos 23,45 Pres. CI 4, Srudenr CQ, Honor Roll' 25, Wranglers 1, Srephen F Ausrin, TCU, A ' A A Seniors - O5 JOSEPH STATTMILLER "Jojo " AFS 15 Comp. 25 Los Amigos 2,3g MAT 8: Olmoso 4g SC 1,2,3,4p HR i,2,3,4g Spring Ploy 45 FB i1,2,S,4g BB 15 BSB! 'lg Trocli 1,2,3,45 U.5. Air Force Acodef mY TPQBEPTT STEVENS "Rob" 1A 'TQQSQ HR 47 BB 12,-3,4g Tex- osAondMi RAYMOND STEVES MoLLY 5ToNE LORTE STRAUBE T'Srrowberry" ' DE 45 TA 3,4 961- Seniors ' ""'!xl '...ill QQ. JENNIFER' STEPHENS q HJ-Beon" T AFS 8,4ySpurs Sp Wrongiersig Foil Ploy 14 North Texos Store X Hoius STEVES DE j,gAiHA 3,45 UCLA or Te-XOS A QF! MICHAEL THOMAS ' 'TMiise" DE 45 Dimen. 45 IA 1,2fSC Ag WA 4, Bond 1,234 German Ci. 1, Firsr Choir Tubo 81 Universiiy of Virginia . L F RANK TCDRRE5 EDUARDO LlPwll3E "Edward" H l Amy Kiolbassa c:an'rl'weIp our flirr wirn loser reacher while Carrnen Hucrlwins prerencls nor to nance. ,l.UlS VILLAREAL Arr 2,8,4g, FB iZ,S,4f,Troc:l4 233,41 San Anronio College GREGORY TUCKER in Hcafeg' '.e,e e e, n Dimen. 4, NHS SA, Presg 4, Soc SrUdlfl,8,4A1 3,4g 2,5145 Trackl 125' Stare Ult Gy , Waco Srriders Trlarhlon 2, Half-Mard mon Flnisl1er'2,8,4, Cenrury' ill Sdiaol winner Agjmijgerman' ,Cl 12, HR '1,2,3,4j Band 121 1 Brown Univ. h . SAMAW-'A a VAEULO f , u 1: W Sly n Keywanerres 1,,2,3,4, Larin Cl. Q, Los Am. 8,4g Las Comp1i'l,2g r ,MAT 3g Clmos 3, Sci, Cl. 23,4- ,pqzsefv .rrr ag :mfr sc 4, Pornqmeni rarion 13 Wna'siil'Who ln Arn. ,r High School Srudenrs l alan: eivAual-mm, Dimen. 4, FHA-1, Serv, Cl, Ziff Banrgl. ,1,2,8,4, ,Texas A and M BQl3l3lE,JO a VILLANUEVA r ffBeegg" a AFS SA, FHA 1,8,8i3 las Afng,4y Los Comp: 28, Wranglers 1, ln' ggarnare Word l SUZANNAl:l VINSON Dimen. 4, Los Am. 2,1145 MATQ ,x', W 2,3,4, Serv. Cl 28, HR 'l,2,3,4,'i Nail. jlflonor Soc. 8,41 Spanish ' Norli Honor Socf8,4p Narl, Merirg Semifinalisr 4, 'Worer Palo 2,356 Swimming 2,85 Wl'lo's Who 45 Pomona College 4 1 aaill i : Seniors j- 97 ff AAAA A "5puds" , o Foorooli 45 ifrocla Og CUTZ5 i CAROLINE L WATTS AFS r4,fK2ey 2g4p?Los Comp 1: 'MAT 8pService Cl 3,45 Video 1g WA 45 Honor I?-:ji,,1,2p QSQUVS 253,45 Wranglers i'iyiUniversify of Dollos A 7 A A an . NE SWELLS ' Dec? 4, Dimensions 4, Morh Team 1,2,3,4g MAT 23.45 NPS 4g Pres. Cl 44 SSH 4g 'Honor Rd!! 1,2gQ34g Banda 1,2,3,4g Spring APIay.f 2,81 Swimmingfworera Polo 1,2,S,4g. Ga-rmanyflig Rice' CTAMELA woufomn MARY wma-ir A "CaUrrney'f f Arr 4, FHA 2, sradenf C 1,2,:3, Honor Roi! 1,2,3,4p Bond 1,2,8,4 Q8 - Saniors 'mkk ALEQSA xiQARlviAo4 gi.izANN WEBB A "Tenison' ' C AFS 3,45 FHAi3,4g Honor Roll 851: Sourhwesrerrif' 1 iiuivmsii AGWILS N "Mos" A Dec. 8,45 Marh Team A35 Siu- ,denr 2g Video 2gAHonorrPgoIl 3, Band 1,2,8,4, Spring Play 'LG' Tracl-z 3,45 Air Force Acodemyg AGM or C ijoHN AWOPXSHAM Hoofprinr 3,49 Srudfmi C 25 WA 8,43 Honor Roll 123,43 Trock 2g Cross Country 3,45 German Ci 25 French Ci 25 UT W SANDRA WRIGHT "Sandi" Lorin Ci 12,35 MAT 35 Son Souci Sp HonorgRoII 1,27 Austin College ROBERT WYMER KARIE E YOUNG "Spiny" AFS 4, IA 128- Larin Cl , . , . 2,45 Band 12,85 German Cl. 1,25 Uni- versiry of Texas ar SA. or Tu- lane LAURA ZINSMEISTER "Lolo" Arr 45 FHA 8,45 Keywanerfes 1, Los Comp. 2, Sci. Cl. 28, Soc. Srud, Sg SC 1,3g HR 1,8g Wran- glers ig Spring Play 4, Tlfiearer Arrs Follies, Tnearer Afrsg Sre- phen F. Ausrin or Texas Tech ' ... SES 3 " S - V, 1. wife- . I 11x-Mieifa' Q We X 5 wi wigs I I gfagwg Q Q H ,f - we AAAAA in -- f ' F e,:: Danny Longoria fries TO spend Arne majoriry of his rime admiringwhis favorire person, himself. CHRIS YEVAK FHA 2,35 lA'8,4g Track 3,45 Besr in srare Drafring Cornperirion, UTSA or UT TAMMY ZAPATA .,ZOp,, FHA 2,3,4g MAT 45 SC 415 VB 1,2,3,4g BB 1,2g HR 8,4g Texas Lutheran College MIGUEL ZORRILLA "Mike" SC 2, Campus Life Srudenr Sraffg FB 1, Tenn, 0,49 Sans Sauci 1,2,8,4g Texas Clnrisrion Universi- VY Seniors -- QQ 4993 Lefr ro Piighr: Trey Azor, Vice Presidenrg Dorrie Hunrress, Secrerory, Morrhew Sipemon, Treosurerg Holey Gosliel, Choploin-l-lisroriong Cindy Nenrwicls Presidenr i 99 . Pa.ftY p1cs Juniors Experience Upperclossmenship The Juniors finolly mode ir ro rhe uupper- clossrhon" srorus, ond ler rheir creorive sryle flovv even more. Hovvdy Niohr vvos o success for rhe Junior closs rhis yeor, rhey roised over 5800 oy selling slices of pizzo. 100 - Juniors Their ooorh proved ro he ouire populor ond rhey ended up selling our eorly. Wirh Cindy Nenrvvich in choroe os Presidenr rhis yeor, rhe Juniors profirred rhrouoh nwony en- deovors, such os cor vvoshes, oolse soles, ond orner vorious fun- droisers. The Junior closs vvos olso ouire involved in sporrs vvirh mony of rhem corhpering or rhe vorsiry reoms. lr rerrospecr, rhe yeor 1987-88 vvos on excir-J ing previevv of rhe Sen- ior closs of 1989. is - .F J ru if mf Holey Goslsell, Robert Thomos "Most Represenrorive Juniors" Closs of 1989 Q9 p aj' ty p 1 c s YJ! 5 ,.- fwxgi v 4 u : .' :Ar f L' 'La' Lj fly' .1 ff by SUE J 31 2 J Q I . JJJM' Nominees Closs of 1989 party p1c:s fix Tifini Rooerrs, Jeremy Coffey 649 Kelly Hordwicls, Som Delmer "Nominees" Closs of 1989 Q B p af ty p 1 c s Juniors Kimberly Amsrurz Ahiro Archer Raquel Avolog Richard Azor kzmes Bailey Srocy Boker Bryon Dombery Andrew Sores , John Beach Ellzoberh Deblnger' Elizoberh Deck: L W Doyid Befheli Corhy Dlounr Cyhrhio Boehm 102 - .luqlors l , V. Mam,w,n ' , , 22-1221" M f f , nf' 'Z A i 5 5 -New , gk .21 ,em -rf :iii af 1 '. , f 4, yr ,Q , 'ra ,jf Q, 5 ,, V , wr " "5 "2 ,feiylail ,MJ ,,,, ., 5 2 1 15" ary ,gy 5 , in K5 rgf , 3 g y Q J il ' U , , .gr 'Q 2 . l 2 fm 'fr 1 . x 23 - wr wi, i M 2 A 4 ff fm! f M ,fs f ' 3 ex fn? 1 X ...,.... X D r X N -s z .mf KY? fi ff 2? 2 l Gigi Spicl-:elmier ond Kelly O'l3rioh fry rheir be-sr ro impersonate rhe Blues Brorhers. ' 3: ,,,,,.. M6 Aly? 3 eff -r -1 Q ' " ,, fe l r l 7 f""R 1 'MW' jj rr 2 xi., ,,,- ir, ,V ' I - M 401 ' Y r V,l rr"'r"" I Q A V Q - - - 1 ,N - 3 , I r H ffl' '55, G ' 1 ? iflffpfwir x ' 'Jil-9 Z lf , if 'r " ' r . ,H fi , , H H f 53 gf' fl mf l he - 1 ree ww ri ' A, vw , .4 limelm 2 lil ? Z - , Q f5 'gg"4ff', ff , X 'l2E.r35?F':: sr -3 0 'ff 0 'x ,f 4 0 ' "Vo o o 9 a Q", ,I ofa o o 99 ,nap J g L1 I -. ff - :X 1 Q fyygffa 2 5 an WT . , , + r 9: 'nl 1, ' f f tar , V ,,,. yr ,V A H ., r , 4: , 1 , Q " " , 'J -1 . r 1 ,4 , U ' ,.,, ff, Q V f jfi. 5 , " ,,,k. , ,Ll -Q. if - , ff' X W 3+ f,w George Olson rs osrounded wnen o oysronder rells nim rlnor ir rolses rwo ro rwoesrep. 'V 4' N 4! 'ju' .f ,fm w-1.5 v . 3 .s2ff."'X 4 'fsffrf Soroh Boswell Morls Bowlond Ivo Brorne Anronio Bronnon Jill Brorron Terence Brown Elizoberh Brunl Doneyrno Bryonr Morrho Burch Jill Burpo Donn Burr Jennifer Byrd Jeremy Coffey Alejandro Colvillo Corey Cornohon Jenny Cosores h Roxanne Covozos Ernesr Chopmon Juniors -- 108 Closs Of '89 lvlulemooiles Cors of differenr sizes, shopes ond colors lirrer rhe porlsing lors ond srreers surrounding Alomo Heighrs. lvlosi Juniors drive Americon mode cors, our o lucley few drive expensive imporrs. There ore rhree coregories of cors in rhe Junior clossg rhe mo- chos, sruds, ond ropless. All Juniors who drive rheir own cors foll inro one of rhese coregories. The require- menrs for o mocho ore os follows: 1Jl3roncho, Suouroon, Blozer Jeep, or Wogoneer 2DDeofening srereos, preferooly Alpine, Kenwood, or Pioneer CJDIQC. lighrs 11DCol4ed-on mud From rhis group we move on ro rhe second, rhe sruds. Sruds prefer flosher, sporrier ond fosrer cors. To uphold rhe srud imoge, one musr oppeol ro possersby ond invire ex- ciremenr wherever he goes. Studs love ro be worched. The condirions include: 1DCorverre, SOOZX, Musrong, Jerro, BMW, Prelude, Celico ond Jog 2DVuorners C3DCor olorms ond rodor derecrors The losr group is rhe ropless. Peo- ple who prefer ro go ropless love rhe whipping wind, rhe hor sun, ond oll rhe orrenrion rhey receive in their ouromooiles. Needs include: 1Jl3ig, long older models or new ones like Musrongs, Chryslers, Things, ond VW Roooirs 2Jl3loring music Cspore rhe ex' pense, rhough, since ir will jusr ger ripped off? Sblkoy-Bon sunglosses Owners of converrioles love rhem becouse rhey ore greor for rhe oeoch ond owesome for meering new people. All Juniors love cors wherher rhey ore Americon-mode or imporrs, cheop or cosrlv, big or smolI,. Cors ore noriceoble ond oppeoling ond definiiely Alomo I-leighrs BELOW LEF7? Ashley Parsons decides to go topless. BELOW: Allison Dreeben is sitting pretty on top of her car. 104 Juniors af-L..wi" A fx , if ,Q Q . ,1 'V ,, n F' ..?,, Reber? Clwesneye Y Paige Chilcgrr . b Morceio Cnoperenov Riihoro Coinerl e Morgofer Conowcay joson Cone L oyfghone Cooke V 'Michoe-I Corberr d 'Jennifer,Crone b"'f ' '-4 ' ' ' ii M112 :wi 2 ' ' ' M xfymq 5 vi, V , ,,,, , ,931 My , f Aw , I A, 7 A ' I " Avvv. ' Y 24525 ,W,i,p 1, iff A 'f ' ff 1 , . K uff 'w " f me . ' H 77 2 31. ww f ei 1 .- www f , ?Q'5fM5 X 1122522 bww "" f QW f U K , "' as V "' f , " ,A L' ' " p ' A e 'df' e - - ' . x 'A' , by 5 , ,1 W " w. I . N, M , ,. . - f f- f f. fp - s , g, -, -f'2121,::faf,fep:zw,:, ,Qt f ,,,h - , -ff" W"' n v , W" ,l ,- . .Q , A,,...i V' .W 4 W ,,5,,,,g,e' f -- 1 2 :V ,V . 1 ,, Q gp Z . .. ff, ,, j 5 Zvwyym M346 f fig? Q S, a Q mg' ,Z X ww! x , f , ,Q in Q f' S ,A A , 4 s A lffony Porrerson ond Libby Debinger ore bewildered when rney find nur rnor Pe-eWee's Ploynouse is going off the oir, ' ,flifxwf f 4 ,, H7411 y5','fs9ff'2i'iWQ 'VAQWM' 1.1! eiffww, v fswwzagg , fa' , , f 'Aa If :Leon Crowley 'Cdrios 'Cruif' Les1le Dovig Meredirh Dovis Sfllmuel Qelmer K Joiob Dirrrnon 'Keiiy Donoghue Kem-Qerh Dorbondrl Allison Dreeben ' Juniors 4 105 'Erina Duganne Kennerh Duncan Kyle Durand Darrell Edwards William Edwards 'Travis Eiland Christina Falcon Rigihard Farias W Parricls Fee Jude Felder William Fenton Russell Fichrner Ann Flannery .lose Flores my Leticia Flaresi Q Holly Foersfer l - Nancy Ford 106 - Juniors X ,ex Xa we RQ? nam I ws. 9155- If rv XX X ,-am NX N. .-was, X .Q Nr Mi? 5 iw? S QW 3 Y QE' x on ff -wx A rr v T 'l" 1 " ,fr xx' wig W, y E i E5 X. ,A .:,, . N . " 'T' . ., X edgy --: E- NsQi,,,g:if .. - nl- - 1 x Julie Mcjween ponders on wriar she has ever done wrong ro lseep Harvard from accepring her oppllcorlon. iz Bruni rninlrs nanging our in rne barnroom is more suirable alrernarive ra going ra class. V ff l ,,.,.. iw ,g V VVV- :i1.g,i, V- V, f 'mr ,fQ .i,,y y Mfr gy -V ,. Q.: A, f , . """ - :.,':ff9i'5yiA4El7'7' .V , , "WE 'i ?f",f l , fer-1 .f.? " . 22- -95' viiywk ii -www V V , vain 7 'ggi Mir' -i gl if 'k" i gi ifi i V , U K - 1 K Q f 4 pf -1 1 1' 1 HQ' li rf I ff' ' zz QQ, , 1 K ,W , , , ii W ,,,. ,V 55, if K 1 41' gig he Q f f ' ' 2 f "W Y' ' ,ff 'Yi M for v " ' ' 'rj ., :,'i wil W fgr, J," ff -Sy 1 ff A W We 2 2 9 S 1' gr I W' , 1' iii r . , r it .I M 7 '77 'n Q i S J jg f gf? lgifr . iifiuiff' ,,'L V 'A 4 z"m,'-rar: , M5 , wifi' ii G Gufielle Frizzell Tonya Fry Pilar Galwardi Carmen Garcia Federico Garcia Courrney Gardner Guadalupe Garza William Garza G Haley Gaskell Jocelyn Gessner Samuel Giesey Laurie Gomez Enrique Gonzalez Rafaei W Gonzalez Timothy Gonzales Ernesr Groos Suchil Guerra Tirnorhy Gulley ,Desiree Gullo Cynthia Gutierrez Srephflfiie V Hale I Jo Ann Haley W Alisha Hardernan Kelly Hardwick Junlorsf- 107 , ci-leorheryHoysi Chondolee Helms.- - ,,.. ,....,, , , Soroh Boswell decides ro corch her own meol insreod of eoring our. Munchin' Gut Juniors rhrive on rheir lunch preols. They olwoys nfionoge ro molse plons ond end up piling ions of people in rheir cors for o well-deserved binge. Juniors will consume food jusr obour onywhere ond everywhere our Brod Simpson con'r figure our rhor rhe reoson he's nor being ollowed inro Hsiu Yu's is rhe no shorrfno service rule. rhese ore rheir rop five hounrs. The firsr on rhe lisr is Telso Molino. Nlosr Juniors Chow-Down here oecouse of rhe oppeoling decor. Following Te- lso's is Wendy's. The New Super Bor is rhe rnoin orrrocrion. Hsiu Yu offers o Porricls l-lorleinsc MOl'ShQllHC1rrell Shannon Hoyess 108 fl 'Juniors l 'J Qiisg , ' Y Shoy Rolls is confused when she reolizes rho she is going ro have ro sir on the floor ro eor delicious orroy of Chinese delicocie ro sorisfy srorving Juniors. Srudenr freguenrly eor or Chris Nlodrid's r -QCI- , ,V , A 4 . f ' ef I i r Q 1 lm 77550 Q' JE'- wwiff 5 "GET MACJ-IO". Q l J Air f Mft ., V- V rg fi li lg D "f ,g I e 7 L' i la 'F' Alb ,dis ' w mv H ' ff fmfmc , ,, ,,,,.. M ., , , f I ' 'A' ,. f , .. a 4 ' I , A . K1 e Hoily He-nsey g M K ' Chfisrian He-rff L . , ' RasalindahHernandezf Chfisrian Hoffman . eE3raoIss,'!-iolzhausen ' I t. , . K M"1 A ' c c 4 I' M ' 'fu 27 L A ' 'L an VR " W H ' ' ' ' juiigf-199 er a ' a c a c 9 'Pr T e Mflfli Hvff a 'h' J 1 5 - DQVOTVW HUUVQSS J ,, 5 Afmg? Jeffefff 4 ' Vxrgnma Jeffers 5 5 Richard Murray explains ro Perry Shanlsle and George Karurz rhar rhanl-as ro Special . - . , Z ' :v :sz 45' f 'ww 5 :P f Awxhegam f nf. . W n I L K he can no Nonger "pinch an inch," Q :Anne Johnsen -. e c cmmcprd mhn9on7 Harafdflaaesff' m' 5' George tiafurz ya -J - -'Keliy' Keisiingf , L' ' Janiafsf-5 109 f V ,Morlen Kirby Piebecco Kizer 'i Johnston Klecls l Sobre Korrin Chrisrino l Long Charles Large ' Ellzoberh Leo! 'V Je-onne Le-Florefi Megan Mocdciniel Brion Moebius Keri Mondiigo l Molly Morkwordr l Alyson Morfin Shoroyne Mosseyl. John Morhe-sen xl A Q 9 F' ,.., 'Swv mfs 4 Q W S 2 i X fs ij: il 'wx F 4 If wr f--, Y Qt S SQ. Wx .,..-.KN ' U -. .x f.f':Smfbr dv M LQ. , .... ., ' 1 aft, A, .K S 1.55 N , . gig 1 . . . , , . l L iw . - . is t 253, N 5 HQ' ,. M 'if' qw,'f7.1, i Cuorro Groos doesn'r know whor ro do when oliens conrocr him rhrough his wollsmon, 110 - Juniors X . .ex . W V - mi. YN E .1 it , Q , , ex -'A Y jg , Q YQ? K X Jil' X A x ye S X I 'X QQ e x 2 ' Q 5 Mtn 31, 'iv w ig 2 al, H, S Q56 ' .Y 4. vi Sk SQ X Q X Egg Q2 . ,yu-,, ,. 1 4 .5, s 21 '. F, S i 1 ' QT 'K i i f Asses . 'ye , Q. - .E ., X X F! X is X wa s QR so g . X X .1 K. , xf we X. x Q 1 Q NES AQ 3 J Qi S 5591 XX fa- QQ K5 N if at -.Q x X 9 E x X if Si . , .. .. X X ' . Q i we.'vrs:iei4QsLg371""'X""hf"Q'1A4Eb'3?,T3" Y' we WX x W NSF? V ..., i i we N 'Sk Noe x -.......,, 2 5 Sora McCafnish .Kathleen McGrafn ' 1", John Mglnryre Juliet Mt:Sween I Kathryn Meador Kevin Meiior Liza W Mendoza Jenn Meniaegf 4 Chris Mihaiovith Robert Miiier Shannon Miiier H ,1gXViliiam Mimrns 'f'f'NOfO1iG' Moore .1 Lacie Morrison 1 Stacey Moyer LEFT: Holly Hensey, Siephanie Hale, Brad Simpson, and Carny Pointer ger ready ro do ir as ine Romans do . , . ABOVE Marrnew Sidernan exciaims, "I.ife's a pany!" Q Juniors e- 111 Richard Murray lkoberr Nelson Vicroria New Elizabern Naworny Kelly O'BrIen Carole Offer George Olson Kristin Owens Krisrlna Pape Ashley Parsons Tiffany Parrerson Meredirh Parron Andrew Payer Benjamin Peavy Laura Perez 112 - Juniors ff A- ya' ,I ' ww ra .yew , . A . " ' I , - , f ff ,W . 5 ,... , ' .- , - ,Q A .ir r . I E W.. , :r ,ff 'if f ii r Ml ' r2fSW,3?2 lirffrrmw "f" " M525 f miw r 4 --W fm 2915. M. i vi Mlzrfgrr ' a A Z I rm ewrfflw- Am f ' W i .9 , -.eww """"' ' f, '-W-1, 13 Q 5 3' .2 f r ' i - . 1, ' f , ' , gg .,,3' ' f 4 ,fl Z ' L: f , fz. - 1 f . ' ,N y ' , 'f ' ""' or ' wk - W' ,, '5,,y,: r V ,r 5 ii, , ,nr , 1 53, l A group ol spirlred Juniors would rather pose for picrures rnan warcn rne foorball game. lm.. if lf 'V 7 fbff f f: ef ,Q W 'hi Wr5 r: - .mora l - T1 W WW 'I'7, 4 ' Y' M4 V iff' f fix 1,,,., A ,1 1 'i'Q',f " fi " if f' , f ' f' A W '1- A-,fr gf, W rffff wcf .- 'f.6,.'m 'Tir , ,M V, : r ' r . .1 Ja 2 9 h , l l Q... I .M K , 1525, i fi I ' i ,f"' i' M ff V v V 5 L' s gfi if igfi rg . .wp : g g i .e i -A i if we 2 A i f Qi Julie Mc5ween, Porri Williams, Dorrie Hunrress, Joanne Sorerfield, ond Le-oh Crowley do rhe Holsey Polsey ond pur their left leg our. Porricls Horlsins procrices the fine orr of sleeping while sronding in mein hell. ' if .2 ,eg i Shelbi Perersori -Monicopery f Corherine P Poimier ' i Jeremy Poyo f Rcisie Pulidoh H i Siiojf Rolls' A f Renee Piomseuri i H Robert Piourher f Nlafifoe ROY f Dulce Resendiz 'Jl.lfllQ'3L - no VSYQNZQO Reyes M Noe-mi Reyna i David Rivela '- Erin Plobersorl i Tifihi Robe-rrs David Be-rhel jusr realized rhar he has chewed a piece of Aspirgum ihsread of bubble gum , ,,., 11- V ,.,. .M ,iz 5 i ,ff M f ffff XA! " ij? 9 , 4ff',,,. Vfdlfv 5 '. ' at JHZM f gi ,M Mi fl 4 f ff fi 4 "W M' f?1'vii,i,,'.i71wiI" M' f S1 - 5 iiax 1 ' ' ' if f ,af im yM,,M , John Robinson L David Ross Rebecca Ruhmann i Lev Piulahih ' Cory Russell Jae Rust Shawh Safir Patrick Samara , Chrisrina Sanchez Ashley Sorel 114 - Juniors , X f W K -gp , Q, wi Z 2 A ff ,gf Q f- iii . 'MM' H H wwf , L, ,,:,4f::?1l5fab ,"' '-ff-W .KA W' J 5 4 M' g I ff f i ! A f M V ! . WT If f .f W i V , 1 , 497 99 fav U i -' ' ' 4, Cl fe 1 W " . ff 4 J! 7 g f V y f 2 f ff ,ff j Y y ,W 1 , Q ef! X X q gfzx ff WAX f 4 M 5 Mff yy W if A 1, 1 J, '- f.f' 5 " , K ,, L, vw f ,,l i az 'qu 'Vw XM if I , if L 4 f gf f W., f, W X X W Q J' L, Wi 4' X 11 Q? W ff, S M ff' dv W 6 4 gy f I A' f ' s I l R-.. ?f4, fQ A W 5 ml I A ,,L,, ,, ' 554' . W ' H if ,A M l E X 1421 f MM V 71 vii ?' fly g f 2 ff f, f ,Q 441' -. 'ff gif' if , , f 'M .x 7 A ,W ., go 1 4 1 ffgizf' iv Q l 2 f -2, A, wll-viiw W ,ffl fl mmf ' 'ff o ll Q Morrhew Schenck Willlom Schmldr Glen ' Segroro Donold Shoffer Perry Snonkle Brod Simpson Jomes Simpson Terence Smirh Amy Snell Dovld Snell Leon Solon Gigi Splclselmler ' Lyne-fre Sreworr Douglos Stone Korherlne Srrlcklond ,ff 57 ,iw X5 4- fl fff iff 3 l 'D' ,M ff , rr V sy l 1' J W W' N415 'I . 'fn V 4130 fi' " H 2 E+ 1' ' fl a fl fff f J F ' glfkzfig' . ,Z I 'SQ , L74 ?l .H '4 2 A ,V lf! , Lucy Sullivon B6QfGfT1l0 Swank Doniel Swinr Porricio Thomog, Plobe-rr Tnomos Alon Thomason Korhryo Thrush -A Perer Todd Dione Toney Everodo Torres Juniors -- 115 ' Gregorio Torres Chrisrina Van Meier l Todd Varian Amy Villasrriga Angela Walker' Brian Weosrer Caroline Webster Ronald Weiss Marrhew Wier Dominic Wilser Felicia Williams W Pam Wiliiams Christina Wilson R John Winrer Eric Wood R 1162- Juniors A lx 2 QQ ? Q, s A X g ii e ,QQ s x A x if 'ies ESS Y M : LMS .- . R R Y 3 JN 4' K ,.- ia ig we NRA i ,xiii . ,I ,I -253355 s f is fx siege ie- W 5 X , .f N 935 l MN rv-we 5 - 1 X as-we iw ..-.i-X S fjiixks iial ki : if,, ew.. - Q fe " ' -, f 5 iv 5 -fx Ji, ie Q seg e . i e 'Fw 2 - ha i .. . X s . -- X .e es Si: ., Ssizilfei X ' , s: . :s -vs -, Ks S , Ammo, 'ses . ,I . si ls. 'Relief S . .. ,.: ,- . 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X 1 Q, 5 .uf 4 Nf aa Tanya Yaang h Galeanor Younger Harvey Zaparah Edna Zopiainsh r Fibberr Zepeda Thomas Zunigo 'V Juniors -- 117 , ., QW:-i' ,f.e f , fy, -"' : ' ,, M MW Top Ben Smirn Sgr or Arms Allison Duperior Secrerory Korie Fosrer Presidenr Jennifer Tierz Vice Presidenr Borrom Susono Cohen Treosurer Meridern Fulron Porlimenrorion Susonno Person Sgr or Arms part p1cs Sopnomores Snovv Born Plesponsioiliry E: Generosiry Afrer on impressive fresnmon yeor, me Sopnomores surprised us even more by ex- nioiring rneir rrue copo- oiliries. Ar Hovvdy Nignr, more mon 5000.00 vvos eorned or rne closs's sousoge-on-d sricls ooorn. Generously, Sophomores rney donored mosr of rnis money ond oougnr Qifr cerrificores ro l-l.E.B. for rne cofererio lodies, vvno were very Qrore- ful. Presidenr lsorie Fos- rer porricipored in rne l3residenr's Council ond ser up rne colendor of evenrs for me onnuol Al-l. Glvmpics. A suc- cessful cor vvosn olso odded ro me Sopno- mores' lisr of impressive occomplisnmenrs. Wirr me nelp of Sponsor, Dr Berry lvloss, rne closs ol 1990 snowed vvnol rnev could ocnieve. S S , 7 ,Awe Q55 is slits SNS Nominees" Closs of 1990 PHICY plcs Som Snonnon, Lexie Cox ZZ, "Most Represenrorive Sophomore" LQ-J,,,, ,V - H N . : ' C1055 of19QO 4 l Pal' U' if 'e" if' 9 ,,,V I 9 , 9 il ' x I ,fun '5,4Q.:-'Eg 'R 2: 'fIfLL',,'jT3,3qll',, yi 2-P' ,f " 3' f N' f ,f f' "2'r3',,, 'A-fiff ' G 'A J If 1 :ima li M-H-A . r if ' ,few Q 4' eeewo - f o,of , r Q .' f ' f 5 i V.. 2 2 f E ,.4, ,,A. , f ' 1 LJW'7ZL'?' v- ag? '-. Y I 4HL',,' ' 4 iw-....,.,.-w i' .',, V' . f A X xi if f ' wwf W ' ' ' ff fr f on 5 I Lindo Gomez, Thomos Wirrn Q 3 "Nominees" 3 M 0, N C1055 of1QQO 1 ' PHFCY ? 1? X p1cs 1 is f X 'ri 9 L, I 5 Z Sophornores lljf, --.J Shgw is mf M 9 in Trey Scnenlsen, Jennifer Tierz QB The Olmos Stoff lnvestigotes The Chorge Thot Sophomores Are Not Just There Or Here , . . The Sophomores Are Everywhere! The teenoger's pride ond joy is o cot. To be eligible to even get close to this oqect of odorotion, one must be the right oge ond hove mode the correct test score! Most Sophomores tolse Drivet's Educotion before or dur' ing their lOth grode yeor, in hopes of mostering the importont slsill of driv- ing. Upon completion of the course ot schools lilse All-Americon Driving or the Jewish Community Center, the coveted l'leorner's permit" is issued. The mogic dote orrives .... the loth birthdoy - the Sophomore rushes to the neorest Texos Deportment of Public Sofety. As described by Kelly Snell, the DPS office is filled with long lines of people thot go oround in circles, or- tows pointing the mosses in the cor- rect direction. After honding the clerls behind the counter the necessory in- formotion, the student is given two sheets of poper to tolse the driving test. l'Don't touch the poles while porollel porlsing ond you'll hove o good chonce of possing," counsels Kelly. New drivers find they hove lots of friends with erronds to run, brothers ond sisters to drop off ot ofternoon closses, ond o money shortoge from gos donotion . . . The Sophomores ore everywhere! TOP RIGHT: in the pit Allison Duperiet, Jonno Byrd, ond Meredith Fulton tty to hide from the public. ABOVE: All heods CLeoh Moore, Denise Espin- oso, ond Heother Henderson? turn when o mole specimen struts by. RIGHT: Drion lngrom loughs, thinking the com- ero is solely on Kevin Hunter. 120 - Sophomores Y Sw i X. ,xt Q x y MN F rf X X M 4 W Q V' ' ' S39 Y ,N my ISS .... S X Q eo Se Xl Q 4-my L. vi., Sw +R 1 ly .:,3 l5,. 'QL eg Q Q1 egg l QS 1 if No? j if Q fl -is ., gr r i. X N lyll llallye 'V,, M X 5 xi ,meta 5 s Slwxx' x Egg? S sk l I . X xg ,E XX gl Iwi: ,. N RWXO l X is X. 3 1 f pf! I N M M -Q ..,, ji? :QF-.E ' M. 1 xi qs 1 l K r 2 X f 2 l Y X X r xx Q George Alonzo Marissa Alrarnirano Krisrin Anderson Downie 'Arnngrrong Joseph Asriefard' M M Kimberly 'Azgrixf Greg Baird Elizaberh Dalalse David Barr Grady Bashara Richard Barz Melinda Baugner Bern Bell y f lRlonlBloiJnrf l Michael Bogomalny Charles Bollfrass Mary Bonilla Sreven Brinkley Marrhew Broersma Roger Brooks James Browning Courrney Buck Sabrina Darmelsrer Janna Byrd Sophornaresffgr 121 Delizio Coppellini Cecily Cornovole Evoristo Correjo' Jomes Correr,lV John Cose' jigs 'Se-on Cosrrqono Eduordo Cerdo, s Srephonie Chocon ' C Michoel Civello Duncan Clowe Susono Cohen Christopher Conklin Porricls Cook Ale-xondro Cox Annolynn Cox Alcides De Lo Moro Alysso Delgodo Anrhony Delgodo C122 Sophomores or rrrrrr 15 VIP' Thinl-ring obour rhe hecric weels she hod jusr experienced, Downie Arrnsrrong grins wirh relief rhor the Weelsend is here, The six weelss resr offecred dll rhe sophof nnores in Mr. Con'ier's "impossi- ble" biology closs. All eyes grew wide os rhe lengrhy resr wos honded our. ln o ponic, Clorlr Wirrh fell our of his deslr, Creoring o domino effecr, Moury 5corr's resr poper flurrered ro rhe floor, reveoling irself ro rhe enrire closs. Tolsing odyonroge of the opporru- niry, Chris Conlslin dove for the poper, lsiclsing Cecily Cornovole who lsnoclsed over Susono Co- hen's conrrobond Big Gulp which spilled on Mr. Corner's resr lsey, rendering ir useless. lg relay , 3 WI. MW.-,-I V I -.,, ff ,g Y.. M ...W ,,:.f..W.,,,.gM,f1 N.,,, . A WW. , gfw 2 'Nj . 4 .Q -V auf fm,.,:'5 vi .JL k ' M? 1' ,K , of We f X ig 5, , f f f 4 fl ff .fy v Y if fl 5 ? Z V J Aix if - . f , L,,Vg . , , ..,. . f ' " Zi 5 X f k ff 4 H 5,4 Mgfpew ff f J. gif 3 1. A ' ' 42 A ' f ' J Y A w A 2 ffmwmwm wfwf flMyrwfifvlwgfvfiiavwlirzsgeefffflru,zfsJm47Ww+ ' - - -J 5 x A f ' . ' 1, in K vi' .. 4, ff 1 QM . .- ' . . "Wg, .. V f ,. wffge , l :ls ry .W ,,.. . rw., ,M ., ,Lf. . , ,-:v - -V - ,. I f 9 3, A 'N , , ,. A ' ' - 1,3 :S rgygqgf , V f 5? f H7 1 5 M45 l A . . WM .. IIIV - ' 5 .zz ,,,v V' .W 4 'lr I L' ww". 0 2 .M s, Q 14 4 W ,M r 4951, Q 4 .. f 4 2 1 an 41. y Q '1' J' 3' f 'ii lv 3, W A 45 NA.. wa .4 lr , .' in f .Q .. rf f " Z V femnw ,- - , my - ,wg 1..,,, gm? . M, f I M. . .V '-wif?-We I. sl . fd- 2 wg f ... V -vw? .V WWW K f My . . , - ff 'z S M? A . ff HW. E 5 1 5 i gy. 'nm can ..- W me - "A ' Z sazirmi ' ,.Z sigjlw . , . I. ,. X , Cnrisropher Dewar Edward DeXVees Robert Dixsan James Drought Jay Due Alisse Dulaney Allison Dpperierlh M Jeanene Englgn .1 SAM SHANNON fries ra sway afrer Mr. Corner announces a aaiz. Denise Espinosa Karen Evans Nicole Fagerberg Charles Falcon Meredifh Fast Joy Feiner Adrian Felix Jennifer Felux Claire Fielden Jeremy Fielder Saphamares, +5123 Whor Are The Sophomores Doing? lmogine hoving only five minures berween closses! Blurred foces ond hurried feer odd up ro Sophomores nor gerring ro knovv much obour eoch orher during rhe school doy. Whor ore rhese srudenrs reolly like ond vvhof ore rhe hobbies rhor bring rhem rogerher ofrer hours? Tennis proved rhe mosf populor off-compus sporr, vvirh hunring run- ning o very close second! According ro o survey of iOrh groders, music ond ploying musicol insrrumenrs vvos righr up rhere vvifh rennis ond hunr- ing, Joe Asrleford's mony hobbies in- clude golf, soccer, moking brocelers, fishing, ond vvorching rhe Rocky l-lor- ror Picrure Show. Suzonno Cohen likes doing rhings vvirh friends. Liz Bokke folks mony hours on rhe phone! Bollooning ond roppelling seem like once-in-o-liferime opporru- niries ro mosr people, buf ro Derick Thomson borh sporrs ore freguenr hobbies. Chris Devvor, Gorrison Surron ond Greg Boird express rheir love for ABOVE: Bob McConnell hos nor yer ocquired rhe skill of eoring wirh one hond like junior Morhew Sidemon. l1lGl-lT1 Soroh Jordon force-feeds Dustin Hicks some mysrery meor. TOP PilGHT: Susonno Person, dressed for Ho- woiicn weorher, inspires Louro Wolrholl ond Julionno Glover ro imogine rhemselves on rhe beoch or Woikiki. 124 - Sophomores boskerboll. Greg is olso o collecror of boseboll cords ond vvorks vvifh com- purers. Movies rore high on every- one's hobby lisr. Any rime Gideon lungmon needs ro ger ovvoy ond venrure info onorher world, ir's "Gol- oxy, here we come!" And mony Sophomores spend o lor of rime working vvirh ond for rheir churches. Mony Sophs collecf rhings fhof mighr come in hondy somedoy! Su- zonne Person hos o purse full of Hop- py Meol roys rhor sfoy hidden unril she vvonrs ro ploy vvirh rhem during closs lecrures. Srreer signs ond minio- rure liquor borrles moke up Brion Levy's colorful collecrion. Bur Pere Si- monife hos no rime for collecring, os he devores mony hours ro his hobby of undervvorer boskervveoving. Anfhony Delgodo enjoys ploying his rrumper in rhe Al-l bond. Four wheel- er roces ore Trey Willerson's vvoy of hirring rhe rood. Guess vvhor Juliono Glover's fullrime hobbie is . . . chos- ing boys! Whor ore rhe Sophomores doing? They're foo busy vvirh oll rheir hob- bies fo be found! l -'HN is ,i gg .ss as 'K .umm ini . me is 11: ses s f sf 'NW 'es 3 G as gg e 2 I e iifli I -i is N'AM.w:X:'5s:'., Y'--Z'-. '5?5?.' X ,, mi sfesg,-1 .f nf 'I ' 'I S' ei I1 ef J... .35 is ia William Fisher Charles Firzparrick Katharine Fasrer Darwin Franzen Meriderh Fulron William Gallagher William Galvan Michael Gambino Jalse Garcia Ruben Garcia Jessica Gilbert Juliana Glover' Linda Gomez Roberr Gonzales Andrew Gorham R. Scarf Gorman Brandon Granr Stephanie Grearhouse John Greehey Jesus Guerrero Frances Harris Jennifer Hawkins Amanda Hayes Holly Hayes Sophomares - 125 Hunr Hellums Hearher 'Henderson H Juke 'Henslee Leyto Hernandez Cory Herrera Dusrin Hicks Steven Higby Micnoel Hinojosa Kevin Hunter Brian Ingram H Juhe Ingram Jorrerr Janssen Mark Johnson Marla Jones Micnoei Jones ..,. sei 1? , ff K "4 fr , , ' fx? W 0 fl 1 X 5 f ' if 5 :X A 9, fe ,if , we H ,H N-fe iff-5,1 :5'.,sS:f ' I m:v:'.rr' '- , . :en - :L , - f A V . QQQJE- L ,ar 2: ,,' wsu '- ' --'- - .- f if f-19 41? ' 27 s. 1 H, . ,ii Y rr,,' 4, f r ,wr 'ww :il H,3 L. H .M 'Lg ,wr if or-S ' f in szw wgxXiEEg 4 . M 'ws 'il' ri si A , f ff 3 x Xe 4 J f, fx A .L ' , S 2 r' X w Q25 5iErEisJs 1 4 ,H l 9H..HW,s -s ABOVE: Piclsing o rorrillo on me ground, Stephanie Cnocon says, "Wnor rney don'r know con'r nun them." RIGHT: J.VH cheerleaders snow rneir spirir ond legs. Gideon Jungmon Evelyn Kennedy Karnryn Kennedy Christopher Kern Trovis Kemper 126 - Sophomores g ,,, H 3 ,s, H s7,V H H . yg wrf -' ' " 1 f xy X W! Q 5 55' W 'ig j f MZ w T552 if X fig f fs 55 s 2 rr . f ' """5' : ?W f f jf if ga 1 M ff r 5 4 f ,t Jr 2' Jfwg fr " I 1 69" 5 , 2 H -r ,L ' ' . QE g H yy sryy,s H :S ' .,.. 1 223' 5 ew rj f 1 'M ' ,B Q' f 5 if 1 4 ,.,,,, , i S f 527 HH 2 H ff' mit if H1 Jqff sr 3 M5 gf r K 2 HH fr: 4 Y ' gg H ' ' fr! V I rr,4 5 Wim' ' 'lf' ' 'EJ if' f f' -5 Z f r w r f A we H M fy:-' Harem' i 3.3 s, P 5 I' :WM.W,s " " ,'1 , , o r 1 A' H ' " - ' . , H. -' H ' H . H- f , ,V K 'V' M "' ff M Q5 H r pr w r H , 'wo H . Aff ZH HH H -new ff 4, H yy 0,9 Lf :' 1 W. , 5, H' HHHH 4 3 2- Z' ff ' f elis ,f ,. - 'fer' n32,1,f WH H I gg f' .A H rl 1' i . HH sn? i g A HH Wg? fy , f S 4 cr L ,ffl f We QQ 2 Milfs, 4 ll l l l L h ,ua-v""0' ,www 4,1 ,M ,fwfuwff wwnzvff' wfq' IWW Rene Krenekl i Robin Longford L Joshuol Lechowicl-1 ' Todd Levine Brion Levy L LEFT: MICHAEL BOGOMOLNY fries ro sell rnusrord during HOWDY NIGHT, ABOVE: Suzonno Cohen ond Meredirh Fulron ore found dozing during school hours. QQ wmv may J Robert Lublonslsi ' Guillermo Luno Vicky' Mogorr Carlo Morcus Morlcl 'Moson "2' h'l ,llllr L gg llll A i if ' - K f' r',y . l 5 Wilbur Morrhews Af Ploberr McConnell 1 43 l f L ll- fi". .., M L L L. 514 A R wwy.1,,, f 1' ,if L,,.,f vw.. f 2 4, ' 'f wwf -, f H f K 1 W 1 ew 3 M X l Q I was , A44 4 0 ' 12 f ' K W 3 3, sg 5 1 L "" -- 4, 'Ml "f Arny Mlnnieor as f ChorlesMocls on f L. Wig - ,,,,L Jennifer Moeller ll 'U ' fh l4lerrle'Monnig A l ' l Leoh'Moore f .'.' 1 , l A f fm Morgorer- Moore Q! SylvioLMOren0 L Sophomores - 127 Joy Mulshe-Uee Dovid Murroy Reborn Murray Michoel Nowrodsi John Newborn Korhryn Norris Thomog Norrhimgron Proyfnond Nunez Seon Oi-reefe M Choo Oliver Mory Oliver More Orriz Doniel Osrrower Dom Pory Porricio Perron Susonno Person Geoffrey Pererson Scorr Philiips 128 - Sophomores rs g. S -. 'Q P . em 'X N 'f vm- ' 'M 'fi l aw s e M 2 I ' V N ' , , My Kinks Q ' ' .E 15: ,,... 7. X 5f'r r 1- S i' 1 Q gx X M X X Q1 x 5 1 Ng wg QQ W X X we X S' b y X x , W wi K is X Q ' rr gw i rg 5 X W - X ES YS sf , ggi ,sg S s New N x Q N S, Ci 'Qi QP ' rw 1 we of B X cz -- axv M. rr,or. FN Ss X5 , PUB' xv , X K -K ,, X ,R A,- 'WF 5 X gr 5? 4 3 ar fs S 3 M- A 'Qi ' 'N ' ""' ,. r A o W W., A x or L ' wx -:rx or x5 R if X vw 1 M3235 is R' SQ - e . X , ' f sfjfrf Q , T . ,:,, , , Q X QQ Q .1 3 1 X' A' Rb 4. 12.3, egg . ro W. , QQ . . W r . be zr. i : of , ,Ere .K ,.,.k . 1 fr.. , Wx . - ' so QQ S e Xe Q " xx 'gk Q X X gas W s NMS' ws. x far X 2 iv re, 6 X Q X ur f Mr -. g W X Pkg ,Q A X N Q K if .... -A Wi? 'TW L f H 7137? ?""'M' M ' 35211 " MW M . M ff 1,f?'5f',i?152' N " Q - 'N H H ,,,,. if f Q , N- 1 V .rf wwf , ei L : 5 2 ,N , ii 4' E fi ri fe -f 3 'iv 'MA H Wffi2zzxi:: " ..f mg .,.. , .,, f W, 7' Z ,., f V , v.fv,. ,,f , ,ff WMM!! fr I as 'if LEFT: WILDUR MATFHEWS, offer rwenry doiquiris, discovers rhor rriere is reolly no olcohol in rriem. Bronden Purmom Domingo Quinrdnillo Corimo Ramirez, Lourcfs' Rdriiirez ' V Brion, Pseiron , I . 2 i Jason Pieirzer Stephanie Higgins M-1 zwl J. Ailen Rindfuss Q? ,, xr" W rr lone ' Risien LEFT: Gcirison Surron performs his lizord mor- ing coll. Sophomores - 120 Whot ls A Sophomore? Freshmen oll seem to wont to be one, but ofter nine months of being one, everyone who is one wonts not to be one. Does thot molse sense? We decided it might be worthwhile to investigote further this opporently unnoturol stotus. The word, Sophomore, is derived from the Greek words sophos, meoning wise, ond moros, meoning foolish. Most of the Sophomores we lsnow definitely recognize their bril- lionce by now, But who would ever believe they ore, os Webster's Dictio- nory put it, 'lfeebleminded . . . with o potentiol mentol oge of between eight ond twelve yeors . . . ConlyD copoble of doing routine worls under supervision," No woyl We oslsed some of the closs mem' bers to find out whot being o Sophof more meons to them. Ivlorlo Moson perhops most oppropriotely de- scribed it, soying she feels like she's "in limbo", ond John Greehey soid this yeor he's "just trying to get by in school." An ononymous contributor stored, 'lA 10th grode person is someone who is not in the llth grode, not in the 12th grode, ond definitely not in the Oth grode!" Profound. A remorlsobly honest response come from onother Sophomore who preferred not to be identified, soying "they ore people who ore trying to molse up for their mistolses when they were freshmen." lsn't it grotify- ing to see how they hove olreody gotten oll those errors out of their system ond ore now prepored to be productive citizens? Louro Woltholl underlined o pecu? lior ouolity of the Sophomore soying l'No one is new, but no one is old," Are they middle-oged people then? Mr. Newton ond Mr. Rowlond cote- gorize o Sophomore os "one yeor older thon o freshmon ond two yeors younger thon o senior." But we lsnow some freshmen who ore older thon most sophomores ond some sophomores older thon seniors This con get confusing. Loolsing for ci more officiol version we decided to visit with the clos: leodership. We tollsed to Closs o 1990 President, Kotie Foster. She see: o Sophomore os "o person in the 10th grode who mooches off olde people CPREFERABLY WITH GOOE DODS AND NICE FACES? for rides tc lunch." Now we were getting some where - obviously they do hove gools ond oqectives, ot leost if the Sophomores ore femole. After numerous interviews ond in depth onolysis of this subject, perhop the sofest is the more bosic definitior provided by Rusty Smith, 'Some body who should be o Junior in the coming yeor," or Robin Rose' 'lthey've groduoted from the fresr men closses, but ore not quite in the upper clossesf' And Chucls Fitzpotricl colls it 'lonly their second yeor in Higl School," The sophisticoted reoder will nc doubt find oll of the obove informc ABOVE: JIM CARTER exploins the "credit cord principle" to Amy Minnieor. tive most beneficiol in trying to ur derstond whor o sophomore is. Nc doubt he will hove olso concludel thot the Greelss weren't dummief They were probobly right, o sophc more's got plenty of broins, but he i just lsilling time till he con figure oc whot to do with theml RIGHT1 Robin Rose, Motrhew Sidemon, ond Gorison Sutton prepore to fill their bellies. 130 - Sophomores HUM ww' 51 7 if 43 , ..' f ' fl ' 1 .,.. ,. ,gi lr- ,Q ' KX S 3 QRS YS 5 rr 7 12355 S gil? xN ' X 9 SEQ ax REQ F Q if S ll R Q S N255 1 Q g. 6' .,.. l rw "f' Q32 5 Ex ls 5 el . EE ,MM S we rf rr ax. if ef 93.5 4' A... Shay Roberrson Richard Rogers Rabin Rose .lill Rose! Kelly Ross r Jose Ruiz Jr. S Gabriel Rurnnan Ricardo Salazar Charles Sanchez Brer Sono Carlton Schenlsen Krisrlna Schneider Maury Scorr Sam Shannon Peter Sirnanire Benton Smith , Leon Smirn Kelly Snell S' Elizabeth Snyder Darren Sreger Sopnomores - 181 Robe-rr Srephens Misrye Stevens Kuff Sreves Edward Srane Eileen Sullivan '5J7w ,ii " I W 1 f , J 'Wig' ff f f f 4 f 2 fr ., nw ,, 'Wm 'rME5sEZ?.:Ei2iu,v V f , I . 'W - 5 as . , M if 2 ff, ff M! 5 64 ,,.hg. SHAY ROBERTSON proves ro rhe cameraman her friendship with Cory Herrera. Garrison Surron 3Wendy Sykes Frederilsa Tausch . Marc Thiligen Jason Thomas Frederick Thomson Jennifer Tierz Juan Uribe 1 Maria Villa 'Ramps Benjamin Walker Laura Walrhall 182 - Saphamores 1 fa 2 iw fy il I 1 'I ri 599 ,-.V ' 1 'fy 15 , ' 3 iiffgi 2 f -' ' r . if ,Y Q, , i i 1 E l PETER SIMONITE is prepared for his audiriq with the new x'MonI-sees". ,..,, ., 2. J-2: '-e.:a,:f,,::f .4 vi ii- "i' i H .,,, V .,:.ffi gf: , ,j. , V ,lr I ii Hin I! 5 iz, ,4 Q, me-Q 1 . .W s imma 1 -2 ,W .. ss 3 r --"' X or h f ' f Q A ' 's f Y Q, " 'vm ""'s r ,ff ' , gs I at - ,....s h 's W s 5 K, ii A V r T F X A Wig A - W W , I , A ,X 3 ei i ! 'f L R of . H Q 4 an K K ' 7 xg , , A Q, I G M 55 Chris Conklin poses for his porrroir from Porish Phorogrophy. 1 A ss' or IST? ess QQ H XM X A ry 3 sm xx Q xlfxhx P 1 E X R X YL N 35 S sf? gg 2 lim ' Q 5 sepsis S Q, Q S 3 is 5 . X Q? X x . ,is iss In .Qs - , M :X QR , 1 KLM me LEFV: Louro Wolrholl is olwoys prepored for school in rhe mornings, 'Qs was gm xjg Johhlworef Q J r Llso Weoveriing Bred Wier s Y Poulo Wmsinson Wiliiorn Willersoh Morrhew wang Bryceririlsoh Jenriifer' Wilson Ciorlsrwirrhr, IHQfT1QSfWi?ffi hgiloyrohr Woodsj Donieiwworrei ' ..s, K F ,r ' 3., R K .L Q Eg L.-E V: fli-11.1 :iii s" .5 , Miawiiiii ' A ' if Li x w fi x .. ' ff . I Navi ' E z - - , FA,,rj5A V V 45 ' Q- so Roberr Zeigler so Sophomores he-Q 138 Lefr ro Righr: Beclsy Morrih, Vice-Presidehr, Jeff lowers, Sgr. or Arms, Milse Moore, Porlimehrorioh, Chip Lutz, 1 Choploih-Hisrorioh, Jeremy Kelly, Sgr-or-Arms, Morie Lovell, Secrerory, ohd Brohdoh Rohey, Presidehr 1 X Part 1 picsy Closs of '91 Shows Sighs of Leodership Plehry of hord worls, ohd moriyorioh poid off for the fish rhis yeor, Led oy rheir impressive closs presidehr, Broh- doh ROOGY, progress wos ochieyed eorly. Ar I-lowdy Nighr, posrries were sold, which pro- duced o hohdsome profir of oyer ia4i00.00. 104-F h Proceeds from Howdy Nighr were used ro buy Chrisrmos rurlseys for rhe high school iohi- roriol sroff, Spohsors Mr. Deloerr Psowlohd ohd Mr. Chorlie Boggess lsepr rhe Freshmoh oh rrocls oy hoyihg rhem rolse porr ih rhe pooper-scooper pro- grom, hoyihg o cor- wosh ih mid-April, omg gerfihg rhem ihyolyec ih mohy orher yorious ocriyiries. All ih oll, rhd firsr yeor for rhe closer of 1991 shoped up rd he simply o sigh of her rer rhihgs ro come. f M , '-af? f' M V ? Becl-xy Morrin, Milse Moore "Most Psepresenrorive Fresnmen party pics S!! ff A"N 'Nfo' 71,161 E x N"7 X, os.,-.fvx iv - K Dino Psuoio Dovid Reed Nominees Closs of 1991 MSS' Grercnen Jones Brondon Roney Nominees Closs of 1991 party plcs party p1cs ,,,,n M 9 in We 5 G19 Closs of 1991 L 9VV9i N L E , 1, 5 . , 0 1 I 0 0 Q51 Q fx X .i ' ' ,X I Q 1 n s 4 91 R f lf XX In .3 f' X ' 1 5117 X X Q g . K I 2 15 I if Freshmen 5 h Niclnolos Abbzb Alexander Aguillon h h Mqrls Alcocer U 4 Charles Alliibrw Corherine Angie Elizabeth: Archer Rociogjxzpioin ' ' Trevor Bain Louis Bqlderos Anthony Borrienrez Melissa Barron gf ,ir, .Triciovbeon l Brion Beasley Jessica Becgker gh Wifigjy Billeboulr TOP, Krisren Gibson, Melonie Pierce, Sreoh- onie Tossos, ond Arnondo Sorrerfield rry ro lools innocenr offer being Coughr robbing rhe picrure cose. TOP RIGHT: Chose Kopeclsy is thrilled ro see rhor his porion worked on Chris O'Connell, RIGHT CENTER: Michele Morley, Robin Ewing, Rochel Srnirh, ond Louro Hollsreod form rhe Alomo Heighrs' Golden Girls Club. BOTTOM RIGHT1 Angelo Morrin rerurns from spoce, forgerring ro remove her onrennoe. OPPOSITE PAGE: Leslie Crofr is nor Sure, so she does nor roise her hond, Mm! wif'-x ' , ., "ffs,,,,.,., um i. V T, '5'iW""f 4irz1'?4wT1 mm 'f' Freshmen - 137 Travis Brown Wayne Brown T Kaci Bralnolser , Natalia Bruni Julia Bohls lf nor anyrhing else, fhere is one fhing rhar freshmen do NOT lool-z forward ra rheir firsf year ar Alamo Heighrs High: Tl-lE PIT. Impressions such as big green slimy monsrers and gianr roaches are rheir oiggesr fears, however, rheir firsr day proved MOST of rhese supersririons wrong. Fourrh period is over, and your sromach is growling, so you head ro rhe malseshifr cafereriaffall our shelter. As soon as you open rhe door, rhe smell of fish and refried beans meers your nose, and you rry ro avoid rhe hor food line. On rhe way ro rhe snacls oar, you ger used ro rhe fish, and rhinls rhe pir isn'r so bad offer all. Afrer your candy is in rhe pox, and you've paid your life savings, you're oacls up rhe srairs ro sir and ear in rhe com' forr of rhe grass, TVGGS, Gnd anrs. You finish your meal, and head off ro fifrh period, and prepare ro rerurn again, romar' VOW. TOP INSET. Joseph Tkivas pays rhe lunch line arren danr ro ralse his lunch away BOTTOM TNSET While her friends rolls happily, Dina lluoio concenrrares on removing her foor from her purse 138 - Freshmen 1 A LEFT: Elaina Dagger laughs ar her ownjalse as Dina llubio fries io keep the mills in her Laura Buchelr - William Canavan chris Cardinale Rebecca Casrilla Michael Cerda ' - india Chumney Jennifer Clark C Tracie Claypoal Christopher Coffman Brian Conaway Yverre Conrreras r Charles Carhren Bradley Crabrree Karen Crirchlaw Lesley Croft Williarn. Crowley Adeia Cruz C Corey Dailey , Gregory Davis - Rosernin Daycx Freshmen - 189 Samuel Dibrell G Maria Diequez Roger Dillard Elizabeth Dirrmar Elaina Dagger Floyd Eason Robin Ewing Jason Felder Stephen Fernandez Carolyn Fichrner William Flannery Sara Flores Nicole Flores Maria Flares Plaheleh Fallxerrs Angela Gallegos Nora Garcia Sonia Garcia Chris Garza Mario Garza Kristen Gibson - Elizabeth Goode Thomas Gomez Chrisrina Gonzales Angel Gonzalez Rene Gonzalez i Ursula Gonzalez ' Violer Gracia Gisele Graves Thursron Griffin 140 - Freshmen so '-Ml ABOVE: Ann Wieding drowns in rhe sea of fresh- men's parenrs' cars. LEFT: Seniors Danny Longoria and Marla Baliasreros have ro hold on ro Marrira Hunrress' Chair ro keep her from flooring away. Keiiy Guerrero Amy Gurierrez Chance Hale Alexander Haley Laura Haiisread Stephen Hanzei Srephen Harris Aiii Harrison A John Harrison Rurh Harhaway '4' i i X Scarf Henning 2' Justin Henry Robert Henry . Lori Hernandez l M Y James Hicks J Freshmen - 141 Freshmen Conrriourions The Freshmen closs lounched mony communiry service projecrs rhis school yeor. Ar Howdy Nighr rhey sponsored rhe posrry boorh which successfully sold o voriery of bolsed goods, During Chrisfmos rhe Freshmen gove rurlseys ro AH. cus- rodions. They olso cleoned up down- rown Olmos Porls, As rhe officol "pooper scoopers" during Fiesro, Freshmen were seen in rhe Borrle of Flowers Porode. The Freshmen closs hos donored much rime ond efforr ro help our communiry. Righrg As Jeremy Kell honds our food, Mr. Rowlond whips our his pocl-zer dicrionory ro discover rhor rhe Freshmen hove misspelled "posrries." 'Yverre Hincjoso Joson Holleron m Perer Horro Morrho Hunrress J Srerr Jacoby is Charles Johnson Grerchen Jones T ' Sreworr Jones Jeffrey Jowers Rogelio Juorez Mogdoleno ' F Jungmon ' Julio Keidel ' J John Kell Russell Kirlsmon I 74? , 142 -4 Freshmen Joseph Klein Philip Kline L i A Charles Kopeclsy Sonna Kweffef Matthew Kunkel L Stephanie Lambert Dorian Lewis Emily Lielq Christopher Lindner Marie Lovell Sharon Lublanslsi Chalres Lutz, IV James Mandi Angela Morrin Rebecca Martin ABOVE: While Yoda QOLJT of picrure ro nghrb direcrs her, Srephonie Lonnberr tries ro use rhe Force ro Ievirare her shoes. LEFT: Carrie Moore is dismayed when she glances down and sees rhar she is sranding in shaving cream. Freshmen - 143 RIGHT: Sorolw McPherson ond Annie Sreves presenr Elise Sloughrer for her freshmen de- buf. RIGHT CENTER: Morie Lovell, Jeremy Kell, Becky Morrin, ond Brandon Roney srore or funny-Ioolsimg phorogrooher Drod Wier. DELOW1 Louro Hollsreod disoloys her omozing cheerleading roleors or o vorslfy foorooll gome. Ross Morrin Joseph Martino Diono Morrinez Pere Morrinez Momy McCann QNX Amondo MCDuff Tiffony McEIdowney 5 Amy Mc6ougl1y z Eric McKenzie ' I Soroh McPherson , 144 - Freshmen ...lg L Morls Meodor' EricoVMendozo M Kenneth Miller Adomfllllillsop L Andrew ' Minnieor , . Sherle Monsolvo Corrie Moore l Eugene' Moore Michod Moore Michele Morley Noel Murphy 'Amber Newkirk ' Julio Nichols Mono' Norrhihgron Cecilia Onegoh Fronl-:lirn Porker Srephen Porlser Allen Porerson Henry Perez JesSSco Perez Rochelle Perroh Melanie Pierce Clinr Poulrer ,loseph Prevosr loshuo Prichard M Ashley Purcell Brandon Honey Liso Rongel Teddyllloy David Reed Freshmen -- 145 R Jone Reinlnger R Sonic Reyes r Bryon ' Rlhdfuss Joseph Rives Ariosroslo Rodda lsooc Rodriguez l W Dino Ruoio Elizovero Rukhlrlo Megan Russell Christopher Ryoh Make Soenz Roberr Soldono ' Esrello Sonchez Gromr Sondldge Amondor Sofrerfield John Schehken Jed Schmidt l Adom Schworrzmon Ne-no Scorr Borboro Segovlo l Ted Serhrless Chrlsrlon Sheppard ' lone Shows Liso, Simpson Corrie Skinner Elise Slaughter Amy, Smoll Rachel Smirh Roberr Smlrh Shelley Smith 146 - Freshmen ABOVE: Will Flonnery is less thon impressed with the opponents' performonce or holf- time LEFT: Jone Pieininger yelps in poin ofter Amy McGoughy mischievously stobs her thigh with o pocls of bubblegum. A BELOW: Jeff Jowers ond Stett Jocoby think thot being o freshmon isn't so hot. Fish At Foot Of Totem Pole A new beginning! They hove DOT estoblished ony creclentiols to wotls their woy up to the top of the totem pole. There ore no beods on their neclsloces or scolps on their belts. At the bottom of the totem pole is o young worrior on his first roid, he is fighting ogoinst experience. Freshmen ore given much respon- sibility ond privileges, olthough they con not go off compus for lunch. Freshmon Emily l.ieb soys," Eoting outside is much better compored to being tropped in o cofeterio!" Stett Jocoby stoted, "There is less busy worls in high school . . . though the worls is horder, it is more meon- ingfulf' "The people ore o lot eosier to get olong with!" Eloino Duggor ex- cloimed. Freshmen encounter mony new situotions ond struggle to moster them, ond experience molses the dif- ference between them ond upper- clossmen. Freshmen Brandon Sprarigler Williamlireea Casey Sreaarr 17 i Annie Steves Lisa Street Amiee Swinger Hilary s5rudeboIsei5 L ffhrisrian Swank Stephanie Tassos Joel Taylor Scarf Terrell ' Taylor Tllaggard Rachel Thomas Melissa Tomes Stephen Tompkins liiderinalie Traxrls Lee Valdez Leiicia Vasquez Jenkins Vaughan V ,Lucas Valez Jason Villarreal Oscar Villarreal Robin Wairr Joshfklalker . Kelley' Warson Michael Welch Ann Wieding Wesf Wiafer V is Luis Wirrman 'A lon Wood 148 +fFreshmen ffasdilsif LEFT1 Jennifer Clorls, Corrie Moore, ond Indio Chumney go over cneor nores os Beclsy Mor- rin loolss our for The reocher. BOTTOM LEFT: Trying ro escope school, Som Dibrell rnolses ir posr rne guns ond dogs jusr ro be stopped by the elecrric fence. BELOW: Rochelle Perron fries ro disorrn rhe Ioclser bomb lefr for her by the Conrros. George Woods Krisren Yores Borboro Yocings l Adom Zomoro Brion Zinrgroff Diono Zollingo ' Manuel Zunigo Freshmen -5- 149 150 - Meer Your Choperomes Qj I , 1 Y 218 A kr-LW Meer Your Choperones - 151 Alomo Heights Boord Cf Trustees l BOARD OF TRUSTEES CAooveD Cstonding L to RD Jon Ford, Richord l-lolter, Chorles Lutz, Dorrell Willerson Csitting L to RD Jed Moebius, Alon Dreeben, Toolsie Spoor. l 152 - Boord Of Trustees Dedicotion Shows The Alomo Heights Boord of Trus ees hos been tremendously instrl menrol in developing our ocodemi othletic, ond motivotionol direction through their resources ond hor worls. We feel fortunote to hos such devoted Ieoders who lseep tr welfore of the foculty, students, or public in focus. The spirit ond pric shown in Alomo Heights is o dire result of the Boord. Alon Dreeben presents Mr, Ore: Cleft? with this mognificent sketch fr the Boord Room. .1-Q Dr. Slorer, Aloh Dreebeh ohd Toolsie Spoof Crop? ore omozed by rhe omouhr of mohey rhe disrricr hos ro spend. Richord Holrer Coboveb reods over rodoy's issues. Mr. Newroh, Clefrb ocrively supporrs rhe high school during o Boord Meer' img Boord Of Trusrees - Alomo Heights Bids Welcome To Super Superintendent Dr. Sloter Alomo Heights is extremely fortu- note to hove chosen o wonderful superintendent, Dr. Chorles Sloter. He is from Brookline, MA, ond is morried ond hos o doughter. Dr. Sloter hos three gools to help improve our ocodemic environment. They ore to educote oil students, to show o need for the orts, ond to estoolish o oosis for leorning. When Dr, Sloter soys he wonts to oroodly educote oll students, he meons ol! students, the hondicopped, the od- vonced students, the students who ore turned off or hove foiled school, ond the overoge students. He olso feels thot the need for orts is just os importont os the need for moth, his- tory, ond science, He would lilse to oring oocl-Q the choir, ond he is vvorls- ing to occomplish this. Dr. Sloter olso feels thot vvorleing with one's honds, os in ort, sculpture ond woodvvorls, is eguolly importont. For the third gool, life-long leorning, Dr. Sloter vvonts stu! dents to leorn to vvrite vvell, os vvell os to leorn o different longuoge. He feels thot students ore not getting enough proctice in writing. Dr. Sloter soys thot students need to write for the rest of their lives, whether it is on essoy on o test or o business report. Dr. Sloter feels thot leorning o new Ionguoge is just os importont. He speolss French ond is novv leorning Sponish. After college, Dr. Sloter ond his wife, Sondy, joined the Peoce Corps 154 - Superintendent ond fought English os o foreign lon guoge in West Africo. After returning to the stores, he received his Moster't degree ot Occidentol College in Loi Angeles. Dr. Sloter is impressed vvitl the tremendous school spirit of ou district, the eogerness to vvorls vvitl others ond the positive ottitude to word the school. Welcome to Alomo Heights, Dr Sloter. Dr. Sloter Cbelovvb enjoys these quie times, vvhen he con reod poetry c enjoy ort vvorls. j l if Z 2 l 3 2 S L. il Dr. Cnories Slorer, Clefrb Superinren- dent Mrs. Penny Simone, Cobovel Curricu- lum Direcror Mr. Horry Orem, Crop Iefrb Assisronr Superinrendenr Mr. Everirr Vondernom, Crop rignrb Business Monoger Disrricr Adminisrrorion - 5 ., xy RIGHT: Mr. Borney Newron, Principol, shines os bright os rhe AH emblem. BELOW: Mr. Delberr Psowlond, Assisronr Princi- pol, mixes humor wirh his regulor school du- ries. BOTTOM: Dr. Jone Leizeor, Assisronr Principol, hos helped molse rhis school yeor on excep- rionol one, MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Rolph Horris, Arhleric Direc- ror, hos done wonders for oll sporrs reoms in 1987-88. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Psowlond hos flnolly rnose rered the slsills needed ro use rhe relephone. l 156 - High School Admlnisrrorion ls 0 sa--lin-we 1 X Q i lr. Bolrer CoboveD helps Dorlo Conowoy fill our on opplicorion ro go obrood. lirs. French Crop? helps Srephonie Crews go over her college opplicorions before sending them if Mr, Roy Bolrer, Clefrb Guidonce Director Mrs. Eorlene French, Crighrb Counselor Miss Ruby McPherson, Crop? Counselor Miss Ellen Kennedy, Cborrornh Vocorionol Counselor Guidonce - 157 Mrs. Virginia Meriwerlwer, Cabove righrb Arli- Ierics Secrerary. Mrs. Barbara Horvarn, Mrs. Sally Beard, Ms. Carol Burrs, Cropl Guidance Secreraries. Mrs. Lericia Esquivel, Mrs. Janerr Sarran, and Mrs. Neil Bernhard, Crop lefrb Arrendance Sec! reraries. Mrs. Angie Faz, Mrs. Helen Kelsey, and Mrs. Lou Edmondson, Cborrom riglwrl Principals' Seqreraries. 158 - Secrerarial Sraff The people responsible for rhe wonderful meols in rhe pir include Clefr ro righrb Edido Gorzo, Mory Rivero, Jonice Moeller, Fronces Angie Rodriguez, Thornnnosee Lewis, Peorl I-lorvey, Porry Flercher, Rosie Ponrojo, ond Rosie Moroles Nor picrureo: Doris Kirby. Mos" From the holls of English ro rhe floors of rhe ooslserboll courr, rhe Alorno Heights rnoinrenonce sroff never comes up shorr. They include row, Iefr ro righrb Willie Solozor, Joe Rodriguez, Monuel Aseoero, Joe Volencio, Qfronr row, left io righrb Adelo Morrinez, Ruben Moyo, ond Perez, MoinrenoncefCofererio - Mrs. Enriquero Gorcio I Librorion I Mrs. Dororhy l-lorbordr - Clerk AS I I Mr. Bob Porlier Audio Visuol Universiry of Alcorroz Mrs. Morio Soncho Clerls Korhy Kennedy, Crop righrb leoves rhe Iibrory, when the new sysrern reminds her rhor she forgor ro check rhe bools our, Denise Espinoso, Crop lefrb finds ir eosier ro srudy sronding up in rhe Iibrory. Brod Weir ond Todd Ziegler, Crighrb ore nor sure from which side rhey should leove rhe llbrory. 160 - Librory l P i . 5 . I H 5 Is This Kid Teaching You? Q! fx ya Jauof 'SJW 25 uosiawv A051 'SJW 33 salozuog UAHJOW 'SJW rg zioyi uaioyi 'SJW 33 asizuow OAISW 'SJW rg aioow oinod 'SJW rv 1gU3mgNV Foculry N Foculry FCJCT: The sroff hos collecrively 109 children. Mrs. Corol Aclsles Arr I, II, Ill, IV Syracuse Univ. Mrs. Collins CropD hos this srodenrs orrenrion when she rollss obour rhe Americon Revolurion. Miss I-lorvvell, Coboveb con'r exploin ro Mrs. Ronson josr how good her lunch is. Nore. Universiries Lisred In This Secrion Are Ploces Of Undergroduore Degrees. 162 - Focolry Mrs. Koy Ame-rson Homemolsing I, Food ond Norririon, Child Developmenr, Home Monogemenr Tex. Womans Univ. Mrs. Lindo Anderson English I Honors, English IV SW. Tex. Sr. Univ. Mr. Chorlie Doggess PE., English ll, Boslserboll Sr. Mory's Univ. Mr. John Bridges Bond Tenn. Tech Univ. Mr. Don Byrd Geornerry, Pre- Algebro SW. Tex. Srore Univ. Mrs Eioine Corol I-Iomemolsing I Fomily Living ond Porenthood, Clothing ond Textiles Univ. of Tex. Ms Veonno Corpenter Physics I Physics I Honors, Physics II, AP, Physicol Sci.- TWU P . RTVF E583 ': K is Mr. Andy Cobb Chemistry I, Chemistry AP II, Physicol Science SW. Tex. Store Univ. I 1 Mrs. Anne Collins U.S. History, World History Univ. of Tex. Mr. White Coboveb is shoclsed when Mr. New- ton informs him thot his trucls hos been towed from the Senior porlsing lot. Mrs. Moore Crightb is olrnost tordy to closs. Wili her students occepr her excuse? Mrs. Foz Crop? is busy keeping up the office duties. Foculty - 168 Faculry Focr: Teachers' pers include dogs named Hobo, Pancho the Wild Muff, Rufus, Pinra and Orro. Some cars are named Ace, Barney NO-Tail, Gully, and Shadow. Tlnere's a raranrula named Ocravia and a scorpion named Sydney. Mr. Pioberr Comer Biology l, Biology ll AP Univ. of Georgia Miss Peggy Cox Typing I and ll, M, Accounring SW. Tex. Srare Univ. 164 Faculty . ,. . C mv. ie cg WE .,,. .... SQ iv 5 Q. . -2 1 Mrs. Anderson Cropb rells rne class vvnar rney will be discussing in rne poerry unir while Susanna Person rninlss abour Alan Bindfuss' Pepsi. Mr. Curris Cox Governmenr and Economics Baylor Univ. Mr. David Duffy Physical Science, Algebra, Pre- Algebra Univ. of Tex. Dr. Joanne Cox Amer. l-lisrory, Amer. Hisrory, Major Works Dominican College Mr. Johnnie Eng Spanish I and ll Honors Norrh Tex. Srore Univ. Miss Lee Anne Evererr Head Volleyball Coach Sourh Wesrern Univ. ar Georgerown Mr. Paul Faersrer Calculus, M.O.C.E. Algebra ll Triniry Univ. Mr. Ira Evers Public Speaking, Speech Il-IV, Drama l NTSU Mr. David Foresrer lnrro. Biology, Coach Foorball and Baseball Srephen F. Austin Univ. Mr. Bruce Finls Consumer Marh, Days Soccer, Geomerry, Cross Counrry Eckerd College Mr. Roberr Fosrer General Drafring, Technical Drafring Archirecrural, Drafting Sam Housron Srare Univ. Mrs. Amerson, Crop? is abour ro demonsrrare Mrs. Riordan and Mrs. Thomas Clefrb lisren ro Ms. Piiclss describe rhe wonderful dinner she Faculry 165 Faculry Focr: Whar do our reachers vvonr ro be "when rhey grovv up"? Here is whar we found our. Ben Franklin, Mother Teresa, Joanne Woodward, rhe Pope, Neil Armsrrong, Gary Trudeau, Queen Elizoberh i, Jane Pauley, Howard Hughes' heir, Johnny Carson, Goldo Meir and Broolse Shields. Many were ouire soris- fied being rhernselves. loo Foculry Mr. Gordon Gorrerr Healrh, Arhleric Trainer Forr Hays Kansas Srore Univ. Mrs. Marilyn Gonzales English ll and IV Sourhern Cola. Srore College Mrs. Suson Groos Spanish ll, Spanish Ill Major Works McMurry College Mr. Anronio Gomez CVAE, General Consrrucrion Trades SWTSU Mr. Gary Graser Bond Univ. of Michigan r Mrs. Joner Horr English lll, Olrnos Florida Srore Univ. F i i ., I ,A ' Q' NW, M K .av-F' ' Mrs. Pruerr Crap? raises rinne our from her lunch period ro help rhis young lady figure our hai. many oroms rhere ore in iron. wil Mr. Marls Hewirf MISS Chris Xlorld l-Ilisrory, P.E., Foorboll Harwell Aggertoclloq' coach and Head English II Gnd IV C006 H Z Doy's Tracls coach Univ. of Georgia ' eo MOVY Hflfdlfl Mr, Gilbert Hines Baseball coach ' Univ. of Florida Baylor Univ' Mr. Paul l-lunr F.O.M., Geomerry and Pre-Calculus Mansfield Store College Ms. Cindy Jennings Arr l Texas Tech Univ. Mrs. Karen Karz Spanish I, Spanish lll and Spanish IV indiana Univ. K Mr. Comer iropb helps Dulce Resendiz figure our Dalron's Law before the big resr romor- row. Mrs. Wallace Cborromb shows Mellissa Tomes what she did wrong on lasr nighr's home- vvorls. Faculry Foculry Focrr SW: of rhe reochers hove or ore working rowords o mos- rer's degree. Mr. Croig Kirby AEC, Vorsiry Foorboll SWTSU Mrs. Morguerire Kownslor English lll, Regulor ond Honors Triniry Univ. Mrs. Mignon Mobry English I Triniry Univ. Mrs. Melvo Monzlse I English os ci Second Longuoge. Our Lody of rhe Lol-we Univ. 168 - Foculry i A 'i l 1 l i I l 1 i l x S F may - - limrny Le Flore Cborromb is glod rhor Mrs. Horr finolly decided ro show her rolenr ro her four hour closs ond ploy rhe bongo-drums. Mr. Cobb Crop? helps Ashley Porsons ond Sobrino Burrneisrer ro undersrond rhe meosuring 4 vopor pressure. Ms, Moryonne McCurdy Lorin Ifll, Bosic English I Agnes Scorr College Mr. Dovid Mood Woodworking I ond Il, Drofring I SWTSU Ms. Anrio Moore Speech Porhology Univ. of Tex. Mrs. Poulo Moore Business Low, World Hisrory Triniry Univ. Willis iropb decides rhor she will vvoir unril ro eor insreod of now wirh Jenny Mrs Korz Cborrornb rells Joson Felder how proud she is rhor he mode on A on his Soon Foculry Focr: Our reochers, os srudenrs, were senior closs presidenrs ond members of clubs lileez siu- denf council, norionol honor so- ciery, biology, orr, Soonish, ond French ond received high oco- demic honors. I Dr Berry Moss Brirish Lire-rorore ond Composirion, English Ill, ond CL A Looisiono Srore Univ Mrs, Mory Normon Journolism lflll, Hoof Prinr Univ. of Olslohomo 170 - Foculry 85 Mrs. Countess Nixon Biology I, Biology l Honors Duke Univ, Mr. Lorry Oxford P E Tennis, Boys ond Girls Tennis Yole Tr Tw "You gove me o WHAT on my speech?" proresred Alberr McNeel ro Mr. Evers ofrer gerring his grode bocls. isis in ff, ---Q-.......,, --+--.,.,.....,,, ,V Lili M-wif r, Cox Crop? rells Drerr Fronzen rnor he can'r come in unless he pays her rnree MEuM's. r. Foersrer Cborromb is pleased ro see rnar someone undersrands figurore numbers. Mrs, Joy Pruerr Chemistry I, Regular and Honors, Science Depr Chairman Univ of Tex Ms, Linda Pruslsi Healrh Ms. Gail Raney Resource morn, Eclucarion Assisi Sournvvesrern Univ Mrs Suzie Ranson English ll I-lonors, Correlared Lanaguage Arrs IV Trinity Univ Ms, Carlynn Ricks Geomerry, Trigonomerry fPres Calculus, Informal Geomerry Srerson Univ Faculry Foculry Focr: The sroff, os o group, nos over 1448 yeors of reocning exper- ience. Mr. Porlser Cropb wos fold ro sir in rne noli unril ne nod reod The Consrirufion. Mr. Cox lIefrD cneclss ro be sure no one is ioolsing, offer noving o rolls vvirn one of rne counselors. '74-IC- , Mr. Guy Riggs Pnysicoi Science Univ of Tex. Mrs. Eioine Scnermer English ill, Correiored Longuoge Airs Som Housron Srore Univ. Mrs. Sandro Riordon Engiisn IV CAdv. Plocernenrl, Hurnoniries, Advonced Theorer Arrs Augusrono Coile-ge Mr. Ge-roid Scnwoo World Hisrory, Honors ond Reguior Olsionorno Ciry Univ if'-A .sr-""""" ,,r,..,' Mr. Paul Smirh Markering Educarion, Disrriburlve '. 'A Educarionf 7 SWTSU 1 .Ars Mary Spradley PE., Tennis, Cheerleaders, Study Hall, Wranglers, Girls Soccer Tex. Tech Univ 7 ? if A Mrs, Freda Zucher Crop lefrb, rhe disrricr's school nurse vvho visirs rhe high school every Wednesday, finds her desls piled high wirh rhe docurnenrs showing which srudenrs have nor had rheir irnrnunizarion shors yer. Mr. Eng Caboveb is pleased ro see rhar some one Isnaws whar Buenos Dias means. Mr. Finls Cboriomb explains ro April Humphries rhe wonderful world of Algebra ll. Mr, John Seaholm I American Hisrory, Governmenrf Economics Sam Housron Srare I Univ. Mr. GJ. Springer PrefAlge-bra, Geomerry, Algebra ll Sr. John's College Faculry - 173 Foculry Focrz l-love you ever wondered whor your reocher did for o living in high school? Well, so hove we ond here is vvhor we found our rhey did: Shorr order- cools, drummer, worlsed in o condy srore, sold clorhes or Seors, loo ossisronr, worlsed in o fosr-food roco ioinr, worlsed os on l-l.E.l3. checlser, horrle fed ooby colves, cor hopped or on AGW Roof Beer srond, sodo jerls in o drug srore, vvorl-red in oil fields, poper boy, o srripper Co person who prepores news- popers for rhe pressb, o life- guord, ond o doncer in on op- ero producrion. 174 Foculry Mr. lkoberr Mrs. Morgorer Srovoll Surron Sponish l, ll, ond Corripurer Morh 1 IV ond 2, Compurer Tex. Wonfion's Science AP Univ. Rider College Mrs. Wondo Tossos Ms. Berh Thiele Resource Science . ond Morh Business Coreers SWTSU Our Lody of rhe Lolse y A Typing, Personol Typing, General M Q, . Ms- ., ,wp Mrs. Gonzoles ond Mrs. Schermer Coboveb enjoy o nice quiet ond rore lunch owoy from school ond srudenrs. W5 r. Moss Cropb loolss over Karie Fosrer's essay paper ro give her some ideas on improving ir. rs. Kelsey Cborromb rells Mrs. Faz hovv glad she is ro see how many reachers were or school roday. Geomerry Honors, Vanclerbilr Univ Mrs. Dororhy English ll, English IV Mr, Don Tirus Cornparer Marh Mrs. Korhleen Language Arrs I- IV, Resource U.S. Univ. of Urah N Mrs. Rebecca Tex, Tech Univ Faculty - 175 Foculty Foctz Some of our oculty's interests ond hobbies ore: Snowfwoter slsiing, bils' ing, swimming, reoding, sewing, fish- ing, hunting, needlepoint, stomp col lecting, troveling, cobinetmoleing, gourmet cool-ting, running, comping, jigsow puzzles, 50's ond oO's rock ond roll, ond tennis. Mrs. Borboro Welch Office Duplication Proctices Longwood College Mr. Piondy White Sociology- Psychology Trinity Univ. Mrs. Mory Koy Willis French i-V Univ. of Colo. Mrs. Shirley Winslow ED. Lomo Univ. 176 Foculty TOP: Mrs. Corol comes to the oid of two of her students during o sewing lesson ABOVE: Mr. Porlser con't woit to develop his lost roll of film for rodoy. Miss Isobel Zsonor Algebro, Trig. !Pre- Colculus Honors, Geomerry B Triniry Univ. Mrs. Normon quesrions Mr. Duffy, ClefrD obour his new fosnion sforernenr. Hos Mr. Rovvlond Cborroml rciken over os holl rnonirer insreod of Assr, Principol? Miss Mercille Wislsowslsy M,O.C.E. Algebro ll, Algeoro ll, Honors Tex. AGI Univ, Ms. Corlo Wrignr Orchesrro Supervisor Norrh Tex. Srore Univ. Mrs. Mory Zuscnlog Government! Economic Regulor ond Honors Tex. Tech Univ. Foculry - 177 PM K V? W3 , 'Li' Wg 83 Q S as gm S , ,mm l gg ' 8' r Q www. aww 1 s ..,,,f Each member playe Kenrh Langford isa-Q, ' " 2 d ro hrs grearesr capabuhry we ima .. Y Q2 in -A aww 'S' Q3 ws Q .X.n f A ws which made us the besr if U . .. . ,, 180 - Band ABOVE: 1987-88 Bahd officers, Jasoh real, Clfreshmah Repj Robin Langford Cs more rep.D Sarah Thompson Clseporrerb, Vaughan CLibrariohD, Karhleeh O'K CChaplaihD, Bobby Meador CHisroriahD, nerh Schwarrzmah CVice-Presidenrb, Wells CPresidehrD, Alyhe Love CSecrer NOT PICTURED: Cyhrhia Marrih CTreasurJn LEFF1 1987-88 Drum Majors, Jeremy Dirr Drum Major, Keirh Langford, Ass'r Drurvl jor. Spirir From The Soul The 1987-88 Bond showed much spir- ir TO rhe Mules rhis yeor. The bond's inrense procrice ond musicol rolenr en- obled rhem ro produce specroculor holf- rime enrerroinmenr. They olso enriched rhe performonce of rhe Spurs by supply- ing rhem wirh o srurdy bocl-z-up. Their spirir encouroged orhers ro porricipore in rhe exciremenr of rhe gome by gerring involved in rhe cheers. Their spirir is op- preciored by oil. ABOVE LEFT: 1987-88 Twirler Lindo Gomez. LEFT: Drummers Keirh Longford ond Piichord Lomb doydrecim os they beor their drums during procrice. Bond - 181 SQ ,Li Q X iz .M tw.. .V,.L,, mA,AL Fw . T . A. ,,,v,.,, '.,L . A -Wm X.,A., mmx- . 'A kA'.1 e Q - l "1" Q 88 , um XR 8 Yrs- ' W JA-Af -SNMMM 1987 - 88 Bond XM mf Q Rn 182 - Bond I Ik 1. f ABOVE: Joyne Driggs CSpurs Sponsorl, Gory Groser CAssr. Bond Direcrorb, Jonn Bridges Cl3ond Direcrorb. LEFT: Gory Groser becomes omozed offer he reolizes rnor he nos been reaching rhe wrong performance oil morning. Bond - 153 Dedication Brings Rewards The 1987-88 Spurs have put forth much dedication to bring about great results. After numerous practices they have produced a winning combination. This team brought home a win in the 4- A competition at West Lalses in Austin. They have performed many outstand- ing routines at our games which have added to the Mule spirit, The Spurs should be commended for their effort as well as their results, TOP: Maggie Moore looks evilishly away as she realizes what time in the morning it is. RIGHT: The band playfully marches around Molly after she malses a mistalse in the routine. 184 - Spurs 'lWe are all so dedicated to the team that no matter what happens, we will always be winnersl" 'UN' Heather Senn ABOVE: 87-88 Spur officers Cleft ro rignrl Cindy Nerwich, Shoron Lawrence, Heorher Senn, ond Kelly Hordwicls. LEFY: Chose Firdge loolss slyly oround, frying ro corcn 0 glimpse of some eorly morning excite- ment. OPPOSITE PAGE: The 1987-88 Spurs. Spurs - 185 m L D O. Ln i 0 29 VE: The Spurs drill or eorly morning procrice me bond. T1 Soroh Boswell becomes excired offer nlering the rourine perfecrly, in-ww we W z ,.,.l.,, Q K E-.1 V ' K I ..,. 5 Spurs 188 On The Rood To Perfection The 1987-88 Freshmen, Junior Vorsiry, ond Vorsity Cheerleoders oroused the competitive High School spirit in our student body. They pushed rhe Mules to work or rheir potentiol ond ro produce victories. Their leodership is nor only seen ot sports functions, but olso or Pep Rollies ond other school octivities. The Cheerleoders' dedicotion to the Mules hos produced o wonderfully spirited yeor. school spirit. "Being o cheerleoder hos shown me my leodership obiliries os well os my ,, -Anne Johnston 4. , CDOTTOM LEFT? Freshmen. Crop? Becky Morrin, Cmiddleb Grerchen Jones, Louro Buchels, Cbottomb, Louro Hollsreod, Rochel Smith, ond lone Shows. CDOTTOM RIGHT? J.V.: Crop? Lindo Go- mez, Cmiddleb Elizoberh Snyder, Hetrie Monnig, Cbottomb Tricio Perron, Jennifer Trerz, Allison Duperier. 3 it 4 12' ,.r' ,,' 'P fx I' T A in rr , , V " '- 3 , 5 .. . .1 ' 1 . h ,- ,1 . , ry, 4., ' 6 5 t fm ' . 5' r 5' , 'f I nf' . "" ,..f f. 3 . U1 - 'H r., hd v,.VV R I kk . lg, , K. K . ft' .M . X rl N... " , ,"',,'W,f EL, ,Y ' 1 ,H T' ' W "UC 1, Y, r ".. .g is ,f - . rv Fas- T '31 2 f if T . f3fi,,vylfrzr:,' 'gg ry ,IQ x 5, ,rr . L52 T T - 7 F 7 ' " he '- MQ' . ' .fr A f ' fmif, ,, 5 ff ' g , , . ' ,,' al . Ei 'V 'r- ffa lit' , f' .V . T 8 T", iff Q it .. . .rff K M4 . .L g g bakggr jgisy Q A , -L VH. Ir - 4- . Z' Z 11,33 ' f 4.2115 sri YW fm ' f - Sc? ' lil? ' in xg, - K. 4 if A T 1 V' at ,A :lm I V A. 5 4 , 4' fr y: fi -- ,ff 11' ' ,,. . 'ff. , lg W ' ,I v, A 5 ' V7 V ,,k, Z jf, l r ' A ... .',sf -3. 2-W 'K 'if 5 f " ?' . BFA' "2 4, in ,gg i t A VM f. ff.. 'if 1 .3 V , - M, 1 ' 3 , L . Aa ah M m 5 8 . .t gf -fr ,T ' Vg A. , x .. . A is ' 2 'W' ' 1 .Q r V T V gg a Q ff' its " " fi fi - k U . ag A f i t . ' MQ- .f Y 7 ,iff 11, W. f-126 is Y . . . . kg, r-,' ,ir 1. - ,, , -'gr f M- ff. , ,l m ,.-,- , ' ' sl 'N . wx- ,, r f , fb "" . if: fl 5. 2 ' 24:8 -11 ,221 '- Q A , Q " I ,.f, 'I T 53 e9lgi,g,. jeg, . daeligjiigeg gi ty T ,f,fi6,5?,, lui?" ,,, gtg . 'I elf Q R Cheerleoders are L ,L . X L JS' ,. me . 1 183 L 1'A , ,,, - LEFT: 1987488 Vorsiry Cneerleoders: Crop ro bor- romb Anne Jonnsron, Jenny Crone, Srepnonie Crews, Libby Bebinger, Allison Menger, ond Ho- ley Goslsill. BELOW: 1987588 Coledonio Srepnonie Correr, , my V- Cheerleaders - 189 Spirit From The Fish The 1987188 Wanglers all have some- thing in common: a dedication of Alamo Heights spirit. They are dedi- cated to their friends which brings them closer as a group. You can hear their dedicated enthusiasm from the screams and yells coming from the stands. They also show dedication to other school- mates by helping the Spurs in competie tion. Their dedication has brought them the recognition of the most spirited group of freshmen. Above right: The Wranglers prepare their necese sities for the road trip including music, malse-up, munchies and, most of all, friends. Right: Aman- da McDutf smiles after she is awakened by Mule cheer. 190 - Wranglers ' s "Being a Wrangler has not only brought me closer to my friends but to school." - Ruth Hathaway. LEFT: A group of rired Wranglers ger rogerher ofrer showing rheir spirir for The Mules. BELOW: The 1987-88 Wronglers. .av ,, ge rc f Wronglers - 191 "' "? 192 - Come Join The Clubs We Come Join The Clubs - 193 OLMOS 0 , .." 0 . 1- ",':":-":w":tx" ack, . , .,4 .Nw it ,1, Q-,'g 9"",a.Vs V' 4' se. 9 -9 f'l'l..... 9 i ' f' 4' if Q' 'Oar' .fig tix 9 as wr' , ,-swf' -3 gli av., mis- .0.,g,,4A?,...-QL, I ,K , ff is .ff.sffzf..- tx .. A ARR LEFT: Jimmy LeFlore rocks his brain for nevi and exciting ideas for the cover of the Olmos TOP RIGHT: Caroline Webster exclaims, "Dc you really rhinls I can go out this weekend! Pleose, I'm on the Olmos staff!! X BOTTOM RIGHT: Teri Soules meditores whili "Producing an annual is hard worls. Teri, Jim- my and the rest of the Olmos gong had some tough moments, but the result is a creative, fun, truly memorable yearbook," she puts the finishing touches on the Olmos i Mrs. l-larr, Sponsor. l -1-...A,., ai yw,........f 194 - Olmos 'P t O. iii 1,54 if V N BELOW: Fronr row CL ro RD Mrs, Hari, Hearner MGQOV1 MOCUONGW. Monica PQVVY, JUHCI Keidel, gnowl Temy Cjbjldgfq' Jimmy Leplofe, Qmd Downie Armsrrong, Marrira Srnirn, Trey Mum- rowg Teri Soules, Jeanne LeFIore, Becky Rho- fordi 4VfW VOW2 BVOC5 Wief, Bob MCMOnne-ll, mon, Jennifer Felix' 50m Dibrell? Ord row: Perer Simanire, Milse Jones, Jennifer Kale, Jeff n,. ily. in l..l' J A.. ,,' . la, U, 0 "':.":.5 ll I ' . g. lqhu raf., Q. :Rn Q' D.'l"'us.,. ar '!.XN54 0a'p 'Xf"'0 Q 9 sw Us , - s rg' ABOVE: David Lloyd reaches Chris Moore naw ro crap picrures ro fir in rne righr space on rneir Iayaurs, Lefr: Members of ine execurive sraff pose for a quick picrure for the Hoofprini. P Pirluls, David Lloyd, Cynrnia 5anMarco, Chris Moore, Dirge Shulman. Olmos MIDDLE RIGHT: Piaberr Hammond, Cory Rus- sell, and Sharon Lawrence rry ro decide if their article is ro conrroversial ro prinr, l Wil filz ij 'WM 1 ,J , as -if iw 5? 196 - Hoofprinr l-ICDCDF Ei iii E ABOVE: Sharon Lawrence and Psoberr Hammond look ar rhe pages drawn our an rhe board Each page of rhe Hoofprinr is drawn our on rhe board while rh articles are placed in eacl secrion. "I-loofprinr is a high school newspa- per rhar invesrigares in wriring and prinring srories and arricles of inreresr ro rhe communiry. This year we have por a lor of efforr in several conrroversiol areas, and ralsen an in- deprh lools ar rhernf' Mrs. Norman, Sponsor. RIGHT: John Worsharn Ioolss ar the clocls ro see if ir is finally 3:30. PRINT DOVE: John Worshom inrerviews people ir rhe Hoofprinr. ELOW: Mrs Normon ond Cory Russell go wer rhe orricles ro be published in rhe nexr ,ue of rhe Hoofprinr. how: FronrCL ro iw Tifini noberrs, Cory Rus- ll, Cynrhio Boehrng 2nd row: Kennerh hworrzmon, Bobby Meodor, Trenr Horlse der, Robe-rr Honnrnond, Rurh Goldsmith, hn Worshorn, Dovid Rivelo, ond Suchel Jero. P ig, ABOVE Mrs. Normon rries ro exploin ro Dovid Rivelo rhe difference berween her life line ond love line on her hond. Hoofprinr - ABOVE: Front row CL to PQ l-lettie Monnig, Alyeen Sullivan, Elizabeth Mobius, Suzanna Person, Stephen Holloway, Kristen Owens, Kristin Anderson, 2nd row: Amber Newlsirls, Amanda l-layes, Aleisa Warmacls, Melissa Castillo, Anna Lisa Palmeri, Ord row: Liesebet Tausch, Sabra Kurtin, Carter Wood, Hilary Studabalser, Ashley Parsons, Pete Horta, 4th row: Mrs. Wright, Clifton Hiclss, Jill Rosel, Jill Bratton, Jennifer Clarl-2, Misty Stephens, Aleisha I-lardeman, Mr. Johnson. ABOVE: Mr. Johnson starts the morning oft with the usual scales of wormups. LEFT: Sinfonietta practices for the upcoming UIL contests in the Spring. SINFC wifi qi 5 fy 531, 12. ,D "The Sinfonierro is o club in which srudenrs from Aiomo Heighrs con persue rheir inreresr in orchesrrol music. We porricipore in UIL os o group ond individuolly. In oddirion, we go on one or rwo rrips for conresrsf' Sooro Kurrin, Violo pioyer. TOP LEFT. Amondo Hoyes procrice for rhe Chrisrmos concerr ro be performed or Com- bridge Elemenrory school. ABOVE. Mrs. Wright conducts her fourrh peri- od closs in hopes of corrying rhem for in oil upcoming conresrs. LEFT: The violin secrion of rhe Sinfonierro checls rwice rheir sheer of music hoping rhor Mrs. Wrighr is rhe one on rhe wrong poge. Sinronierro - 199 200 SCIENCE CLUB LEFT Alonno Brown Joy l-lorris Deboroh Ko curellz ond Sornonrho Voello enjoy cill the foscinoring onimols or the zoo "Our gool is ro explore oreos of science rhor con'r be explored in g rhe clossroom such os rhe Zoo ond S f ' ff 3 -i Boronicol G-ordens. Speol-:ers ore g plonned for rhe spring semesrer 3 X s sy A on inreresring topics." Mr. Comer, Sponsor. I ,iif BELOW: Fronr row CL ro PO Trey Jones, Perer Simonire, Alonno Brown, Monico Pery, Lech Solon, 2nd row: Suson Kesrley, Cecily Cornovole, Jennifer Cornovole, Joy Horris, Deborcih Kocurels, Mike Jones, Dovid Rivelo, Dovid Menke, Amy Kiolbossci, Ord row: lone Piisien, Scorr Phillips, Suzonnoh Cohen, Greg Boird, Jenise Dounson, Loroine Holey, 4th row: Jennifer Tierz, Clork Wirth, Croig Browning, Hillory Middleton, Mr. Corner, 5rh row: Corlo Morcus, Jeonene English, ond Elizooerh Snyder. - Science Club CVAE FUR!! llillikl ' Mrs. Lee, Sponsor The moan purpose of CVAE is to develop dents to be successful in sociol ocnvines leodership quolities ond prepore our' stu- uuvn: Morio Gotzo stonds proudly or the to prove to her clossrnotes thot she ium os done her homework, IGHT: Second period CVAE students show ff their "self explororion" bulletin boord thot full of their excellent worls, Front row CL to PQ Mrs. Lee, Jeff Dioz, ricio Flores. 2nd row: John Krueger, Freddie Hernondez, Amy Torres. Willioms, Angel Gorzo, Morio Gorzo, Le- Costillo, Jeff Keuper, Everodo Torres, Leylo ff L CVAE - 201 ABOVE: Fronr row CL ra RD Mr, Smirn, Lida Enferada, Jenise Daunsan, Yyerre Neira, Pas rrice Burgardg 2nd row: Jessica Ramirez, San- dra Wrignr, Becky Rendan, Blanca Floresg Dacia row: Hollis Sreyes, Mil-ze Thomas, Pere Garcia, Donna Jackson, Carmen l-lurcnins. RIGHT- Amy Kialbassa and Carmen Hurcnins learn new and exciring ways ro buy and sell, DE W.. .g ' l'Tne purpase of Nlarllzering Educa- rian is ra reacn marlsering and ll business relared funcrians sucn as buying, selling, adyerrising, rrans- pariing, srarying, shipping, receiv- ing, and invenrary control." Mr. Smirlw, Sponsor. I ACADEMIC DECATI-II.0lNI "Mrs Zuscblog ond I nod on ex- 'remely diificulr rime selecring rne fi, wol reomf' Ms. Corlynn Piiciss "I guess Decorblon hos been O posi- rive experience for me becouse I've been oble ro srudy o lor more rnings rnon I would normoily nciye the chonce ro." Sbonnon Hoyes Decorneleres include CFronr Row? Ned Wells, Kennern Scnworrzmon, Jeremy Dirrmon, CBocI4 Row? Jeremy Piurmon, Sbonnon I-Ioyes, Marc Iocobs, Long Tron, Scnyier Bo- rey, ond Kumosi Wilson. M.: I K, We-.1 5. -ummm Acodemic Decorbion - 203 4 ABOVE: Frohr row CL ro PO Edward DeWees, Carlos Rodriguez, Perer Simohire, Trey Jones, Cliff Paradesg Qhd row: David Barerra, William Galvari, Adriana ldroao, Leal Dogolmohy, Hil- LEFT: Coach Fosrer helps Jean Mehl-we vvirh rhe scale of her drawing while also rryihg ro persuade her ro ehrer her drawing ihro a cohresr. ff 41214 lory Middleroh, Jessica Giloerr, Greg Rosas, Grd row: Kehherh Cepeda, Brer Frahzem, Joe Flores, lean MGOISE, Amy Kiolbassa, Meriderh Parton, Srephahie Carter, Arh row: Brooks Holzhauseh, Eric Wood, Bill Edwards, Coach Foster, Huy To, Chris Yeval-Q, Frederica Taush, and Clihr Fielden. "My rhosr imporrahr goal for lhdusrrial Arrs is ro parricipare ih local and srarewide compeririohs while winning o lor of firsr place awards." Mr. Mood and Mr. Fosrer Sponsors. INDUSTRIAL ARTS , W- Melissa Mahoney is exrrernely en' aoaur her new projecr rhor she was LEFT: Edward DeWees can'r decide wherher ABOVE- Sixrh period woodworking class celef ro keep his masrerpiece for himself or give ir orare-5 ofrer a lang, hard day ar rhe saws, ro his dag. www RIGHT: Maris Alcocer fries ro earn "brownie" poinrs by cleaning up rhe woodworking room. IA- BELOW: From row CL ro PO Mrs. Amersori, Keri Gessner, Mrs. Corol, Billy Gorzo, Rachel Hernandez, Srephoriie Lomberr, Louro Lively, Hollis Steves, ond Liz Ann 1 it 9s,xMw"i"w ABOVE: Porricio Gorzo resrs her eyes while the resr of her Clossmores ore Ieornirig rhe essemriols of childhood developmernr om forriily relorions. Bock row: Webb, 206 - FHA s 1 'xFurure Homernolsers of Arnerico is o club for ochieving personol goo! by developing projecrs rhor ore relored ro rhe Hornemolsing oreos. FHA is o Iocol, regionol, ond norionol club." Mrs. Arnerson ond Mrs, Corol, Sponsors ABOVE: Mrs, Anderson rries diligenrly ro rnolse BELOW: Fourrh hour Homerhoking 1 srudenrs rhe rounds oround rhe Ciossroom ro help work hord rorry ond finish rheirworlhongings eoch person indrviduolly, on rirne. swiwx E Q FHA - 207 20 The purpose of AFS rs ro promore globol frxendsnrp rnor will Ieod ro world peoce Our morror IS Wolls peoples of rne eorrn rnen ond only rnen snoll ye nove peoce Mrs Scnerrner Sponsor rogerner, rolls rogerner, oil ye 8 - AFS ABOVE: Our foreign exchonge srudenr Anmid Khorroh, from Egypt, gers dressed up for o nignr our on the rown in Son Anronio. TOP: Dovid Borello, our foreign exchonge srudenr from lroly, enjoys o gourmet lunch or the pir. ELOW: Front row CL to RD Ahmid Khatrah, avid Botello, Courtney Gardner, Heather now, Louro Frank, Anna Palmeri, Tiffany rottetson, Laine Ingram, 2nd row: Cory Rus- sell, Patricia Garza, Catherine Browning, Lo- raine Haley, Josie Nleador, Julie McSween Ord row: Liz Ann Webb, Garrison Sutton, Bob bie Villanueva, Martita Smith, David Hurtado LEFT: Sharon Lawrence and LizAnn Webb are debating whether to go to Greece for the summer. ABOVE: Margaret Moreno, during an AFS meeting, doydreams about living in Zim, babwe. Tracy Morse, Urina Dugan, Lizbeth Church, Libby Bebinger, and Jenny Crane. mms!!! AFS - 210 GCT BELOW: Mr, Gomez and Pere Marrinez dis' cuss rne nevvesr rrends in rne consrrucrion business, "GCT srands for general consrrucrion rrade. One of our main goals is ro prepare ourselves gi for rne worl-Qing world of romorrovv. GCT is also for rnose srudenrs vvno vvanr ro develop rneir slsills in consrrucrion rrade, i BELOW: Front row CL ro RD Mary Flares, Esrella Alonzo, Grd raw: Ahredo Rivera, Michael Hir Sanchez, Mr. Gomez, 2nd row: Paul Garcia, cjosa, Jose Aranda, Jose Ruiz, Miguel Borbc Mr. Gamez, Sponsor. Yverre l-linojosa, Lericia Vasquez, George l i cacr J l 1 l 1 1 E. Crysrol Broughroh fries our her new slsills on the relephohe. X KQ i siis s -' V i,i-we . k,- .. A - , ,, "Office Duplicorihg is o locol ond srorewide club which promoies leodership ond fellowship ouoliiies omohg members. Also, ODP helps ro rroih srudehrs ih office oho sec' reroriol work." Mrs. Welch, Spohsor. fi Morisso ABOVE: Frohr row Cl. ro PO Julio Niclaols, Mory Dohillo, Dorboro Segovio, Qhd row, Alromiroho, Shown Nelson, Trish Hordowoy, Crysrol Broughroh, Dellioh Perersoh, Michele l-lerrero, Mory Avolos, Grd row: Lupe Gorzo, Mrs. Welch, Shoroyhe Mossey, Lori l-lernondez, Ahrhohy Sorelo, Ben Hihqoso, ond Greg Hernohdez. cw essfsssi I i sssisicsiissesfiiieiggaf is lfii . ABOVE1 Ben Hihojoso and Greg Herhohdez rry ro rell rheir clossmores rhor drugs is nor rhe ohswer. ODP ir "Service Club is o group of girls dedi- cored ro providing service ro rhe school ond rhe communiry, The membership isbosed on ocodemic grodes, rorings given by sroff mem- bers ond willingness ro serve." Mrs. Korz, Sponsor. BELOW: Fronr row CL ro PO Jennifer Cornovole, Corhy McGrorh, Delio Munoz, Coroline Boird, Cynrhio Morrin, Brendo Pieiron, Somonrho Voello, Len McCloine, Jill Hughbonlss, 2nd row: Suson Kesrly, Elizoberh Mobius, Ann Flannery, Srephonie Correr, Corrie Shorp, Libby Forrimond, Soroh Jordon, Courrney, Gardner, Erino Dugon, Morolie Moore, Cheri Voughon, Melisso Cosrillo, Anno P meri, Leoh Crowley, 8rd rowi Mrs. KGTZ, Emily Conovcin, Leoh Solon, Monico Pe-ry, Cloire Milom, Srephonie Crews, Holey Goslsell, Dorrie Hu e , Cindy Nerwich, Ashley Sorel, Allison Dreeben, Dong Burr, Trocy Morse, l-leorher Persful, Ashley Porsons, Kelly O'Brien, Dorlo Conowoy, ond Corherine Browning. SERVICE BELOW: Allison Dreeben rlwinlss up new come rnuniry projecrs for rrie upcoming yeor. l-lelp- ing our rbe less forrunore people of Son Anfo- nio is only one of rlie mony rbings rbe Service Club hos ro offer. LUB ABOVE: Trocy Morse rries ro convince Libby Forrimond rnor she reolly didn'r pur onyrriing in ber drinls. BELOW: Cnrisry VonMerer, Leoh Solon ond Monico Pery prove ro every girl rhor Service Club is definitely ffl. BELOW: Corrie Shorp rypes up riwe minures for rne nexr Service Club meering. Service Club - 218 ABOVE: Lizberh Church laughs hysrerically as Sharon Lawrence "curs up" in class. l ABOVE: Libby Farrirnond says A-OK. ro many differenr ideas broughr up ar rhe Keywanerre meeting. BELOW: Fronr row CL ro PQ Claire Milam, Samantha Vaello, Alanna Brown, Tenny Cibildals, Laci Morrison, Caroline Baird, Josie Meador, 2nd row Marrira l-lunrress, Theodara Srubbs'Bing, Laura Perez, Downie Armstrong, Julie Ingram, Juliana Glover, Carla Marcus, Libby Bebinger, Tifin Roberrs, Becky Kizer, Dacls row: Mrs. Mabry, Allison Dreeben, Hearher l-lays, Tracy Morse, Robin Rose, Allison Duoerier, Jane Risien, Mega Macdaniel, Laura Walrhall, Ashley Parsons, Susanna Person, Caroline Warrs. KEYWA l 214 - Keywanerres ABOVE: Hearher Senn prepares Halloween gifrs for all the srudenrs ar Alamo Heighrs. LEFT: Laci Morrison raises charge or rhe Keyvvanerre meering by organizing spring fundraising ocriviries. BOTTOM: Tenny Cibildals and Alanna Brown discuss new ideas for club ocriviries and fun- raisers. .viii "l4eyvvanerres is o club for girls inreresred in doing school and community service worls and hav- ing fun, roo. Keywanerres do ser- vice projecrs through rhe Salvarion Army, Elf Louise, rhe lnner Ciry Developmenr Cenrer, and inde- pendenrly. Keywanerres also have funraisers and informal par- ries." Mrs. Mabry, Sponsor Keyvvonerres "The Computer Club exists for students who ore interested in Ieorning obout the woy computers ore used in businesses, ond to compete omong eocn other. Also, the Com- puter Club is for students who wont to leorn opplicotions ond uses for computers." Mr. Sutton, Sponsor. FAR RlGHT: Greg Jocobs goes over his print out in Computer closs trying to decide where oll of nis mistol-:es ore coming from. RIGHT1 After printing out his whole reseorch poper on the computer, Dobul Mulseijee reol- izes he forgot to turn tne computer on, ABOVE: Front row CL to PQ Doniel Swint, Bo- bul Mulserjee, Mr. Sutton, Bocls row: Loroine Holey, Alyne Love, ond Elizobetn Deck CGMPUTER CLUB 216 - Computer Club DOVE: Fronr row CL ro PO Trocy Morse, Derh oiley, Heorher Snow, Tenny Cibildols, Jenny rone, Soroh Boswell, Erino Dugonne, Leoh olon, 2nd row: Annolynn Cox, Piussell Kirk- on, Tim Kirlsmon, Jessico Pollols, Korherine row, Jennifer Felix, Elizoberh Moebius, Mor- orer More-no. ELOW RIGHT: Morgcirer Moreno ond Jessico ollols fry ro persuode oll French speolsing eighrsrers ro join the French Club. 1' l "The French Club hos fun ocriviries which give o diverse group of sru- denrs o chonce ro worls rogerher ond build new friendships." Ms. Willis, Sponsor. -.l Sons Soucci - 217 7 Q 3 , 4 A f. Q 'Zi 14525 fl ' 9? qw ,z rg f ,iw f , ,, Z' , f 2' Srudenr Council ST "The Srudenr Council is o group of individuols serving os on exrension of rhe srudenr body ond provides o plorform from which srudenrs rnoy express rheir opinions ond concernsf We srrive ro conrinue rhe rrodirions of our school ond creore new ones. All srudenrs ore encouroged ro ger in- volved ond rnolse rhelr high school yeors rhe besr rhey con be." Libby Forrimond, Presidenr Srudenr Council officers include CFronr lKovvI Jennifer Cornovoleh Porliomenroriong Corolineu Boird, Disrricr Lioison, Srephonie Crews, Public- iry Direcrorg Rondy Whire, Sponsor, C5econc Row? Suson Kesrly, Secreroryg Allison Dree5 ben, Treosurer, Corrie Shorp, Vice Presidenr Libby Forrimond, Presidenr, CSrondingD Bro Hordy, Sgr, or Arms, ond Chris Moore, Sgr. o Arms. Nor pictured is Louro Fronls, Choploi I-lisrorion. 'llr's on eosy vvoy ro ger involve vvirh your school." Jude Felder ENT CQUNCII. l'This yeor, rhe Srudenr Council's oim is gerring more rhings for rhe school ond gerring more non f Srudenr Council members involved in school ocriviriesf' Mr. Psondy Whire, Sponsor he srudenr Council: Cllow 13 Chris Moore, ennifer Cornovole, Allison Dreeben, Louro ronls, Corrie Shorp, Libby Forrimond, Suson esrly, Sreohonie Crews, Coroline Boird, Drod ordy, Cllow QD Elizoberh Schneider, So- onrho Voello, Cindy Nenrwich, Tifini Rob- rrs, Tiffony Porrerson, Josie Meodor, lsimmy msrurz, Jude Felder, Lindo Gomez, Julie ln' grom, Gorrison Surron, Tommy Zoporo, Adrien Feliz, Cllow SD Jenny Schneider, Dow- nie Armsrrong, Tenny Cibildols, l-leorher Snow, Heorher Persful, Louro Wolrholl, lsorie Foster, Elizoberh Moebius, Elizoberh Beck, Gigi Spiclalemier, Sreve Cosrillo, Heorher Chilcurr, Serh Bell, Chris Willioms, Porricls Horlsins, Alberr McNeel, CBocls Row? Glenn Segroro, Mr, White, Erino Dugonne, Liz Bolslse, Shoy Rob errson, Moggie Moore, Jennifer Tierz, Sreph onie Correr, Russell Cooper, Corhryn Forri mond, Roberr Hommond, Milse Thomos, Jim my Correr, Doine Dreyer, Corlos Morrinez Jomes Deegeor, ond Ross Richie. Srudenr Council 220 LGS COMPANERCDS BELOW: Eronr row: CL ro PO Jenny Schneider, Downie Arnwsrrong, Glen Segroro, Louro Wolrholl, 2nd row: Trocy Holbrook, Corlos Morrinez, lonno Bird, Corlo Morcus, Kirsrin Yores, Brd row: Lizo Mendozo, Gobe Burl mon, Brod Wier, l-lolr Voun, Jill Brorron, Elizo- berh Fordg rlrh row: Eileen Sullivon, Fredericlso Touch, Morls Tildgen, 5rh row: Will Schmidr, ond Mrs. Srovoll. - Los Cornponeros "Los Componeros is o Sponish Club for sru- denrs ro porricipore in fundroising ocriviries ond offend locol culrurol events in rhe corn- muniryf' X Mrs. Srovoll, Sponsor. l l E l 3 5 i fi ss ABOVE LEFT1 Louro Wolrholl oslss herself if ir i: possible ro srill be 0 member of Los Cornpon eros offer foiling her exom, ABOVE1 Cecily Cornovole, Louro Downie Arrnsrrong, ond Corlo Morcus how fun Soonish con be. DIMENSICDNS i BELOW: Coroiihe Websrer ohd Dirge Shulmoh decide which works of orr rhey should ehrer ih rhe lirerory cohresr. ,lllihgym i I i H24 W :,: I 1 I fwiflc ' 'The purpose of rhe Lirerory Mog- zihe is ro ehcouroge wrifihg ond o showcose srudehr rolehr ih orf hd Iireroruref' Mrs. Thompsoh GHT: Frohr row CL ro PJ Jimmy LeFIore, uro Frohls, Cheri Voughohg 2nd row: Trocy ibrools, Eiizoberh Mirohdo, Jessico Brisrowg d row: Krisriho Pope, Corolihe We-besrer, oh Crowley, Cormeh Hurchihs, Dirge Schulr oh, Bock row: Ms. Horwell, Sponsor, Amy rroh, ond Mrs. Thompson, ' Q ggi UL! Dimehsiohs - i'Los Amigos is on ocooemic club whose mojor purpose is ro provide oddirionoi culrurol opporromiries for me srudems os well os sociol ocrivif ries. " Mrs. Korz, Sponsor. ABOVE: Cioire Milom ond Somonrho Voello BELOW: Allison Dreebem fries ro show Kell' seem ro be oil fied up when mey were Hordwicls how ro soy "Ole-I" wirh rhe rigio osiced io help poss our rhe Hollovveeo gifrs. Sponish occenr. 222 - Los Amigos XM: Los Amigos I 4' LEFT: Somonrno Voello rnrows in ner ideo ro nold rne nexr Los Amigos meering on me window sill. ABOVE: Cornerine Scnweers fries ro exploin rne word "siesro" ro ner clossmore Julionno Glover. ,dv-1'K.u Front row CL ro RD Morriro Smirh, Russell, Cloire Milom, Melisso Cosrillo, Dee Munoz, Poige Donner, Alonno Brown, Browning, Melisso Boird, Croig 2nd row: Len McCloine, Porrice Suzonnoh Vinson, Louro Guzmon, Gorzo, Nicole Fogeroerg, l-loley Gos- Julie lngrom, Julionno Glover, Alisse Du' , Marlo Moson, Somonrno Voello, Kris- rino Folcon, 3rd row: Jennifer Cornovole, Srepnonie Crews, Leol Bogolmony, Adriono ldrogo, Cuorro Gross, Milse Coroerr, Norolie' Moore, Kelly O'l3rion, Kimmy Arnsrurz, Snon- non Hoyes, lone Piiseon, Je-nnefer Tierz, Corn erine Scnweers, Dodiro Mclslomee, Mrs. Korz, 4rn row: Tommy Gonzolez, Libby Forrimond, Corrie Snorp, Richard Coiner, Psonold Weiss, Allison Duperior, Lindo Gomez, Meridirn Fosr, Meridirn Fulron, Allison Dreeben, Dono Burr, Bocls row: Trenr Horleroder, Ann Flonnery, Dovid Lloyd, Greg Tuclser, Doin Dryer, Brion Mobius, Porricls l-lorlsins, Williom Fisher, Mi' cnoel Nowroclsi, Richard Borz, Som Snonnon, Morio Monremoyor, Tucls Beocn, Sreve Andres, ond Psofoel Gonzolez. Los Amigos Lorin club members include CFirsr row? Viclsy Moggor, Sobrino Durrneisrer, Herrie Monnig, Allison Menger, Bryce Wilson, Cnrisrino Pope, Dovid Becio, Korie Young, CROW QD Doug Stone, Perer Sirnonire, Kelly Keisling, Gideon Jungmon, Heorner Cnilcurr, Sobre Kurrin, Do' vid Murroy, Dill Edwords, Boucny Newburn, Micheol Bogolrnony, Joson Tnomos, ond Mornew Droersmo. "I feel rnor Mrs. McCurdy CSponsorD is rrying ro rnolse Lorin more inreresring ond fun rnrougn rhis club." Julio Keiclel l Hlgnoronrio esr beorirudof' Doug Srone ond Sobrino Burmeisrer 2 Morrnew Broersmo, Gideon Jungmon, ond Bryce Wilson ocr scholarly in their Lorin closs Or or leosr rry ro. ,ij l"" 224 - Lorin Club Noriohol Arr I-Iohor Sociery i'The purpose of our choorer is ro hspire ond recognize our srudehrs who hove showh oursrohdihg obiliry h orr, ro ihcreose on oworehess of rr ih relorioh ro orher curricuior ond xrrowcurricuior schooi ocriviries, ohd 'o offer service rhrough rhe visuoi urrs ro rhe school ohd commuhiryf' Mrs. Corol Acisles Frohr Row: Com Coriffe, Jimmy LeFIore, Dirge Shulmoh, Ross Richie, Loihe ihgrom, Trey Mumford, 2nd row: Mrs, Aclsles, Amy Porroh, Tim Kirlsmoh, Bess Nowomy, Louis Villorreol, 3rd Row: Elizoberh Ford, Len McCIohe, Shown Porsohs, Elizoberh. Mirohdo, Leoh Crowiey, Jessico Brisrow, Roberr Gohzoiez, Doyid Hurrodo, Louro Lively, Srephohie Correr, Bock Row: Korhrihe Srriclslohd, Dohoh Crowley, Roberr Wymer, Andre Le Jeuhe, ond Todd Vorioh. Ross Richie, Jimmy Le-Fiore, Dirge Shuimoh, ohd Jessico Brisrow discuss who gers rhe good croyoms. NAHS - Norionol l-lonor Sociery N.H.S. members include CFronr row? George Olson, Don Redmond, Louro Fronls, Roberr Hommqnd, Jennifer Cornovole, Libby Forri- mond, Trocy Morse, Coroline Boird, Elizoberh Moebius, CRow QD Greg Tuclser, Srephonie Crews, Cory Russell, Poige Bonner, Corrie Shorp, Shoron Lowrence, Suzonnoh Vinson Russell Cooper, Porrice Burgord, Milse Corberr Jenise Dounson, CRow SD Cindy Nenrwich Erino Dugonne, Dovid Derhel, Melisso Mo honey, Erin Roberson, Kelly O'l3rien, Courrf ney Gardner, Norolie Moore, Ann Flonnery Hlnregriry, diligence, ond dedicorion ore rhe moin chorocrerisrics of l-lonor Sociery members. This orgonizorion recognizes rhose srudenrs who hove exhibired oursronding scholosric ochievemenr ond srrong morol chor- ocrerf' Corrie Shorp, Presidenr 6-NHS Anne Johnson, Shoy Rolls, Morc Jocobs, CRow 43 Jeremy Rurmon, Scorr Porel, Doin Dreyer, Schyler Borey, Ned Wells, Kevin Crosby, Rob- err Thomos, Cuorro Groos, Bobby Chesney, Jomes Deegeor, Jeremy Dirrmon. Cory Russell, Erino Dugonne, ond Poige Bon- ner show off rheir brillionce by eofing rheir colse wirh urensils, while Dovid Bethel fries ro figure our rhis unique concepr . . . wirh lirrle lucls. Dorney Newron enjoys vorious opporruniries ro mingle wirh rhe srudenr body, os he con- grorulores the new members of rhe NHS, Bl 12 wk! Spanish Honor Sociery ,HS members include CFrOnr rOWD Sara, hompson, Delia Munoz, Cory Russell, Paige Onner, Wilber Marrhews, Elizaberh Leal, raig Browning, Mrs. Susan Groos, CROW 27 Mukheqee, Luis Perez, Elizaberh Beck, OY laire Milam, Alanna l3roWn, Cynrhia Mar- inez, Lacie Morrison, Krisrin Anderson, Carhe rine Drowning, CROW GD Dan Osrrower, Pa- rice Burgard, Caroline Baird, Melissa Casrillo, l.S. is rerrificl Where else can a have so much fun speaking a language?" David Menke Toorie Kennedy, Nicole Foberberg, Kimmy Amsrurz, Julianna Glover, Marla Mason, Mau- ry Scorr, Srephonie Grearhouse, Chrisrina Fal- con, CROW 45 Adriana ldrogo, Suzannah Vin- son, Parricia Garza, Mike Corberr, Kelly O'l3rien, Naralie Moore, Shannon Hayes, Ha- ley Gaskell, Jane Rizian, Jennifer Tierz, Carh- erine Schweers, Karhy McGrarh, CROW 55 Cuarro Groos, Dominic Wiker, Dain Dreyer, Siglo de Oro is rhe local chaprer of rhe Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica Membership is open ro upper division srudenrs Who have excelled in rhe srudy of Spanish and neW members are iniriared during rhe fall semesrer Members Offer Weekly ruroring ses sions for srudenrs in Levels I and Il Members also collaborared Wirh rhe Narional Honor Sociery ro sponsor rhe Honor Socieries Rummage Sale on March 12 Mrs Susan Groos, Sponsor Greg Tucker, Rene Juarez, Allison Duperior, Meredirh Fast, Meredirh Fulron, Allison Dree- ben, Cindy Nenrwich, Dana Burr, Ashley Sa- rel, Laura Guzman, David Lloyd, Anne John- son, Jennifer Carnovale, CROW OD Brerr Fran- zan, Richard Cainer, Ronald Weiss, Parrick Harkins, William Fisher, Richard Darz, Michael NaWrOcki, Chrisrian Herff, Mark Parchman. 'ukr- u . , I .. . . 1 rr SHS - 227 "This yeor rhe Norionol Forensic Leogue hos been ovvorded wirh o rolenred group of up ond coming prize winning de- borersf' Iro Evers, Cooch I'Even when our von burned up in rhe middle of novvhere ond vve oll hod ro fir in o very smoll vvreclser - I hod o greof lime! And I rhinls we hove oil become o lor closer from rhis experience. " Coroline Websrer "Ir's ojob rhor doesn'r require exper- ience, Isind of like rhe ormyf' Dorrell Edwords Chrisrion I-Iemoin debores why Annolynn Cox should prepore for her nexr debore rourno- menr. lr's probobly becouse he never needs ro! I "We'rejusr Iilse o fomily, we oll Iools our for eoch orher. And even rhough I wound up in rhe pool, I hod o lor of fun. Ir's definirelv on odvenruref' Deboroh Kocurels 228 - NFL Debore reom members include CFronr row? curels, Nicole Foberberg. Nor picrured ore Col- Berh Sullivon, Dorrell Eclwords, CBocl4 row? Joy Iier Boshoro, Chrisrion Hemion, Annolynn Cox, Mulsheqee, Corollne Websrer, Deboroh Ko- ond Amy Smoll. Nononol Forensic Leogue Social Srudies l-lonorary Social Srudies Honorary members include CFronr rovvb Hearher Hayes, Caroline Web- srer, Aleisa Warmacle, Caroline Baird, Mrs. Zuschlag, Greg Tuclser, James Deegeor, CROW 29 Erina Duganne, Allison Dreeben, Marshall Harrell, Jeremy Dirrman, Elizabeth Becls, John Mclnryre, Tim Kirlsmon, CROW 85 David Rive-Ia, Kennerh Schworrzman, Melissa Baird, Kelly O'Brien, Glen Segraro, John Wor- sham, Chrisrino Pape, CROW AD Mac Hunrress, Long Tran, Srephanie Crews, Tracy Morse, Carrie Sharp, Adriana ldrogo, Lael Bogoe molny, CROW 53 Eduardo Uribie, Charles Bur- meisrer, Dain Dreyer, Don Redmond, Trenr Harlsrader, Jacls Guenrher, David Lloyd, Rob- err Hammond, Russell Cooper, Sara Thomp- son, Brad Wier, Marri Burch, Michael Naw- roclsi, Darla Conoway, CBacl4 RowD Will Schmidr, and Kevin Crosby. "Our goal is ro provide sound sru- denr-relared acriviries for rhe whole I school such as a geography rrivia quiz, vorer regisrrarion, mocls Super Tuesday elecrion, and a field rrip ro rhe new jail." Mrs. Zuschlag - "lr's an inreresring way of learning hisrory!" Sara Thompson SSH - 229 CAboveJ For a switch, Dodida McNamee, Sam Dibrell, and Milse Welch give the camera their best shot. Russel Crightb Kirlsman, Deborah Kocurels, and Mr. Parker admire the technical slsills of Do- dida McNarnee and Kirsten Yates as they battle it our for "Video Queen for the Day." Cl3eIowD Video Club members include Milse Welch, Josh Walker, Russel Kirlsman, Sam Di' brell, Stet Jacoby, Deborah Kocurels, Kirsten Yates, Mr. Parker, Dodia Mclslamee, and Greg Baird. Club is to broaden students knowledge and interest in the entertaining field of communication. Mr. Bob Parker Sponsor The airn of the Video if if 55. l 2130 - Video Club Af ,., 2 t t i 2 g f E 1 fi , 5 , Q 1 Wy Presidenrs' Council Presidenrs' Council members include CROW lb CROW QD April Humphries, Teri Soules, Tenny Donner, Chorles Burmeisrer, Jeremy Dirrmon, Jimmy LeFlore, Chris Moore? Corrie Shorp, Cibildols, Korie Fosrer, Roberr Hommond, Jeff Holsreod, Ned Wells. Libby Forrimond, l-leOrherChilcurr, Holey Gosf Brendo Reiron, Greg Tuclser, Ross Richie, lsell, Cindy Nenrwhich, Elizoberh Moebius, Cory Russell, CROW 83 Glen Segroro, Poige "The Presidents' Council is o group of leoders of rhe school Who shore rhe desire ro provide leodership rhroughour rhe school rhrough speciol prqecrs ond communico- non." l I l Dr. lone l.eizeOr, Sponsor r - l 1 I - l - Q l - I 282 MU Alpho Theto members include Mr, Foerf ster, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Springer, Robert Thomos, Shoy Rolls, Erino Dugonne, Coroline Doird, Jere emy Dittmon, Shoron Lowrence, Poige Bon' ner, Ned Wells, CROW 25 Soto Jordon, Erin Roberson, Jude Felder, Jeon Menlse, Allison Dreeben, Kristin Anderson, CROW CD Trey Jones, Jeremy Rutmon, Jimmy Cotter, Elizo- beth l3ecls,Michelle Brome, Shonnon Hoyes, Trocy Morse, Corrie Shorp, Cory Russell, Nicole E E 5 1 'I . Foberberg, Brion Webster, CROW 49 Long Tron, Don Ostrower, Monico Pety, Elizobeth Moebius, Cynthio Mortin, Jill Hughbonlss, Bren- do Reiton, Louro Perez, Peter Simonite, Mot- thew Willis, Bill Fenton, CROW 55 April Humph- ries, Notolie Moore, Jenise Dounson, Soro Thompson, Julie Henslee, Cotherine Schweers, Drod Wier, Holly Foerster, Cynthio Boehm, Gigi Spiclslemier, Kelly O'Brien, Hettie Monnig, CROW OD Courtney Gordner, Tommy i - Mu Alpho Theto .uw Zopoto, Jonno Byrd, Suzonnoh Vinson, Adriono ldrogo, Lorroine Holey, Morrie Burch, Alyne Love, Dovid Meinlse, Jock Guenther, Keith Longford, Mil-ze Corbett, Ben Smith, Som Shonnon, CROW 75 Sobro Kurtin, Holly Hensey, Jenny Crone, Cindy Nentwich, Tootie Kenne- dy, Ashley Sotel, Dono Butt, Som Delmer, Doin Dreyer, Jomie Mollsoff, ond Croig Browning. "There ore so mony lsinds of moth problems - it's Qreot tO be oble to explore them through this Wonderful Orgonizotion. " Brod Wier J Mu Alpho Thero ererny Dirrmon, Kevin Crosby, ond Som honnon discuss onorher one of rhose eorrh- horrering morh problenns. MMU Alpho Thero is on honorory club rhor is o worlsing orgonizorion which porricipores in rnorh con- resrs ond researches different morhemoricol techniques. " Mr. Poul Foersrer, Sponsor lc is be - ' ff? ,. Wim "MU Alpho Thero is o Club where someone con leorn new fields of morhe emorics, ond explore oreos of moth Thor nornwolly he doesn'r ger ro do in o closs roonnf' Nlorc Jocobs Mu Alpho Thero - 233 World Affairs Club l'm very proud ro be a member of mis fine group of concerned and car- ing individuals. Kelly O'Drien W.A,C. members include CFronr roWD Lean Solon, Brenda Reiron, Cynrnia Marrin, Eliza' bern Maebius, Laura Franls, Carlwerine Drown' ing, Libby Farrimond, Tracy Morse, Michelle Drame, Adriana ldrogo, CRoW QD Darla Conoway, Nicole Galwardi, Courtney Gard' ner, Lael Bogomolny, Anna Palmieri, Korn leen O'l4eefe, Shawn Parsons, Jessica Pollals, Caroline Baird, Amy Parron, Ann Flannery, Carnerine Scnweers, Margarer Moreno, CROW CD Tammy Garcia, Elizabern Beck, Rum Goldsmirn, Erina Duganne, Jean Menlse, Kimmy Amsrurz, Allison Dreeben, CROW 45 Marr Scnencls, Monica Pery, Milse Corberr, Roberr Thomas, Alyne Love, Roberr l-lamf mond, Parricls Caurnorn, Jann Mclnryre, Paul Clifton, Jann Worslwam, Don Redmond, Greg Tuclser, Tim Kirman, Caroline Websrer, David Rivela, Mr. Curris Cox, CRoW 55 Doug Srone, Chrisry Van Merer, Dominic Wilser, Jeff Hall- sread, Russell Cooper, Joe Rusr, Milse Thom- as, Maris Parchman, Dill Robbins, Parricls Har- lsins, Jamie Malalsoff, Jacls Guenrlwer, Dail' Dreyer, James Deegear, Carmen Hurchins. ' -' A .. A, ' -" A A K- K , 9.1.3 , , , Q x C ,A .C -4 ,f me kiqfxst f:sQ,s,r fi sl 4 . jp gg: wg, Q . W ' v K X . ,A as . ' ' A , -K - f - ' -wLx.fl1v.sTiu 1 -, 1 ' . Q . 7 1 an., fr . ,Q ,ass , 5 ,k-Q.,7,,f .,,.-FC, fm L1 L.. Q .. x 5, .f I5 Q i 'fy i ,.m::.m.,'Ne sq-my .wfif'xQ,.15Yfls3-Tz35,"j 3 is -A gil 1 5, - i .,., ,ss . .MMA ,C ,- ,, ,., ,ct he 5,-Ns.. gf iY.,,,., 'C' .gg J .F , , Q . 4 V ...A fx, X. M . -xg k M 2- 2 as-If: , 'E. . K. by , ,kv essex K , .+ , MC . 1 , 234 - World Affairs wwe 2 f f W M, len M A x E Xl is yy irrrr s iiii Psoberr Thomas may be a mem- ber of rhe W.A.C,, buf he'sjusr a dovvn home Texas boy. "l enjoy being a member because ir lseeps me informed and inreresred abouf vvhaf's going on in rhe vvorld by having spealsers falls abour evenfs of imporfance fo rhe U.S. in- volving orher counfries. Before l vvas invired fo be a member of fhe WAC., l vvas never really inreresred in vvorld affairsg by offending rhe meerings and lisrening ro spealsers l have now become more aware of evenrs fhar involve rhe U.S," Monica Pery V, c c gil Ubi Erina Duganne and Greg Jacobs discuss up and coming evenrs with Zer Baer-Harsr, Direc ror of rhe San Anronio World Affairs Council "High School Ourreach Program," afrer ar rending a meering abour rhe siruorion in Cen rral America World Affairs Club 'kgs 9 , 8 A-,f ' - , T ,,,."'-ww R 'av ' 5 Q 2 w .Kg E43 ia CQ.: ,f W ff' n Perscfmoliries Ar I-Ieighrs Molse rhe School Fun and Unique A After School Llfe is Celebroriom Time ,M Q .ig 4, NV R ,Ang 'fm 'Q tix, . L r a 112 3?-1.1. 1 2 f 4 2 A ,, ff N M I ggi 42371 M A .f xii 32 ---, 1- K . ,sy , g f f gi 3 HE 9 ff R If "Friends cr Aredr I-lord They are All Wm Alamo Heights Q ro Come By Around You!" .J V ,I P4 244 - Come Compere With Us 5 3 gig. Q Alu, Foorboll ' 1. ,, MULES1 "lf you think you'Il lose, you've Iosr. For our in rhe world you'II find, success begins wirn 0 fellows will, Ir's oil in rhe store of mind." Mules Have Best Year ln The Alamo Heights Mules 1987 Varsity team set their preseason goals at nothing less than a state championship. The team, led by a strong senior class, didn't win the state championship, but may have accomplished more as a group than any other in the history of football at lAlamo Heights. l The Mules got off to a fast starr, winning their first five games, includ- ng a 20-0 victory over regional pow- rhouse New Braunfels. The Mules ad not beaten the state ranlsed Uni- orns in 88 years. But that came to n end as the Mules, led by a swarming defensive unit, manhan- died the Unicorns from start to finish. With a hard-nosed defense and an explosive offense, the Mules fvere feared by opponents. Defen- aively the Mules were led in tacl-xles nd interceptions by JoJo Stattmiller, ut the strength was in the line, led y Luis Villareal, Cliff Patedes, Bobby Nelson, and Raymond Steves. Offen- sively, the strength was distributed equally among several. Running bacle Jeremy Caffey scored 12 touch- downs, and Joe Rendon six, while auarterbacls Jeff Pitluls passed for eight scores. Six of Pitlul4s eight touchdowns went to leading receiv- er JoJo Stattmiller, from 82, 40, 20, 61, 85, and 45 yards. The Pitluls-Statt- miller connection was lethal, The '87 Mules accomplished a great deal, and the seniors this year can leave lsnowing they've set this program off in the right direction. Head coach Ralph Harris described them at length. "This senior class has been involved in the turnaround of this program. ln four years they've seen a football program go from low participation, low self esteem, very low winning percentage, to evolve into a solid program with solid com- munity support, greatly increased participation. lt's now one of the 41 Decades more competitive programs in this part of the state." The list of accomplishments is long: the first eight win season in 40 years. The first back-to-bacls playoff appear- ances, as well as the best bacls-to- bacls records C7-4, 8-85 ever, The Mules lost in the Bi-District round of the playoffs, but it was the second year in a row to make it. The Mules, for the first time ever, had two 1,000 yard players. Quarterback Jeff Pitluls passed for 1,017 yards, and Jeremy Caffey rushed for 1,018 yards. Four Mules made 1st Team All-District. Bill Armstrong at linebaclser, Cliff Paredes at defensive taclsel, Luis Villareal at offensive and defensive tacl-zle, and JoJo Stattmiller at wide receiver, de- fensive bacle, and return specialist. 1987 was a great year for the Alamo Heights program, and will be remembered for a very long time for the great success. lx .-,X cont Row- Trey Azar, David Barrera, Scott oss, Joe Rendon, Greg Jones, Stephen Cas- lo, Danny Longoria, Thomas Wirth, JoJo 'attmiller, 2nd Row: Coach Gilbert Hines, uis Villareal, Maris Ballesteros, Charles andless, Patricia Cools, John Ridgill, Brad Ewert, Mil-ze Row: Coach Dave Foerster, Coach Gordon Garrett, Head Coach Ralph Harris, Bill Arm- strong, Cliff Paredes, Chucls Large, Trey Schenlsen, Scott Hollingshead, Coach Maris Hewitt, Coach Bob Foster, Coach Craig Kirby Fulton, Coach Don Byrd, Grd 3 . .. . X, ,f,,- nf S Vs ccc. ki X iw A Lint J 4th Row: Nick Lambrecht, Anthony Sotello, Albert McNeeI, Tim Hughey, Jeff Pitluls, Jer- emy Coffey, Paul Farias, Joe Slaughter, Top Row: Pat Callaghan, Bobby Nelson, Ross Ri- chie, Bobby Chesney, Pat Rorls, Russell Coo- per, Raymond Steves Football - f my r , V Em if I. i W. . . - , Photo Courtesy of The Recorder-Times, Son Antonio, TX. Left: Free sofery Jojo Stortmiller breolss up o poss intended for 0 Clemens receiver. Stottmiller brolse up mony opponent posses ond wos o big reoson why the Mules were so rough ogoinst the poss Bottom left: A stiff Mule defense, led by Porricls Cools, Cliff Poredes Roymond Steves, ond Bill Armstrong couse Q Clemens fumble ALAMO HEIGHTS MULES . C8-CD AH 19 WHEATLEY 20 NEW BRAUNFELS C32 WEST CAMPUS 20 EDGEWOOD 27 PLEASANTCDN 23 UVALDE 17 CARRIZO SPRINGS 6 SOUTHWEST 28 MEMORIAL 28 KENNEDY 6 CLEMENS OPP. 8 O 25 Q 12 28 14 28 O 6 35 "This senior Closs hos gor- ren us to the threshold of the throne room. Hope- fully this is the beginning of o trodition thot will be o store power in AA." -Heod Cooch Rolph Horris 248 - Footboll Left: Quorterbock Jeff Pitluls looks to pitch the boil to o running bocls ogoinst Edgewood. The Mules won 20 to Q. Right, Jeremy Coffey, the Mules' leoding rusher, muscles his woy post o Wheotley defender in the opening gome of the seoson. The Mules shot down the Eogles 19-8, 7'i?""lET JoJo Stottmiller CFSXWR, 5'f?", loOD JoJo Stott- miller's list of occomplishments this seoson reods like o novel. Stottmiller vvos one of the biggest teom leoders in the group. His ottitude on ond off the field vvos highly respected by teommotes ond oppo- nents. JoJo shored the teom coptoin duties with Jeff Pitluls which shows respect from both the teom ond the cooches. l-le led the teom in receiving on of- fense ond occumuloted the most toclsies for the defense. For his performonce on the field, JoJo vvos nomed to the lst-Teom All District 14-AA in three positions, He vvos o unonimous choice for defensive bocls, while olso molsing lst-Teom wide receiver ond return speciolist. Stottmiller vvos nomed to the city's sub-5A lst Teom on defense ond 2nd teom on offense. JoJo plons to continue his coreer in college. f Below: Cornerbocl-1 Tim Hughey returns on intercepted boil ogoinsr Clemens. Hughe-y's interception stifled o long Clemens drive ond put the Mules in good field position. Footboll - 240 l lkignrz Roymond Sreyes C653 swollows up o Clemens bocls os Bryon Bombery C325 helps our, The Defensive end Sreves wos one of rne mosr renoclous nlrrers on the reom. 250 - Foorboll Above, Running bode Joe Plendon is finolly rripped up offer o big goin. Rendon neorly broke the run for o roucndown ogoinsr me Clemens Buffaloes. Lefr: Three Mules, Alberr McNeel, Tim Hughey, ond JoJo Srorrmiller sworm on o Clemens running bocls just os he breolss owoy. Below: Quorrerbocls Jeff Pirluls pircnes the boll ro o running bod-2 os Ilnemen Bobby Nelson, Trey scheme ken, ond right end Bill Armsrrong look for blocks. l ff 5 I l Phoro Courtesy of The Recorder - Times, Son Anronio, TX ABOVE Defensive rod-zle Bobby Nelson drogs down ine Edgewood quorrerbocls disrupting his throw. Joe Piendon rol-:es o from Jeff Pirluls en ro o big goin ogoinsr in ine Bi-Disrricr ploy- Hs. Joe wos ine big ploy mon or rne Mules, os he scored six ucndowns, five on runs of 2, 17, 70, 15, ond 65 yords, nd o punr rerurn of 77 yords goinsr New Drounsfeis. He wos Iso the Moles 2nd Ieoding re- eiver. RIGHT: Trey Azor puts o nord shor on o Clem- ens running bode, Azor ond ine whole dee fense wos Isnown os one of rhe hordesr hirring reoms in the oreo. Foorboil - 2 Never Die" Attitude Chorocterizes '87 J.V. The 1987 J.V, footboll teom fin- ished the yeor with o strong 5-2-1 record, Led by o strong, ruthless de- fense thot leept opposing teoms in ploce ond offense thot rose to the occosion when it needed to, the Mules estoblished o never soy die reputotion. Cooch Nlorls Hewitt chor- octerized the group os U . . . o teom thot never refuses to die," referring to the number of ployers lost to the vorsity ond the teom's refusol to give up. l'These Isids just lsept pulling ond worlsing horder vvhenever o teom- mote got moved up," Cooch Dove Foerster odded, The Mule J.V.'s ployed three un- defeoted teoms ond honded them oll their first loss. Their most outstond- ing gome come ogoinst o tough ond undefeoted Jourdonton teom. The defense ployed outstonding in stifling the explosive offense of their oppo- nent, stopping them severol times on cruciol ploys in their ovvn territory. lt vvos up to the offense, though, to get some points up on the boord for the victory, ond os they hod done before, they come through for the gome-vvinning 8 to O. This J,V. teom shows the strength thot the Alomo Heights progrom is beginning to consistently hove yeor in ond yeor out. The future is bright ot Alomo Heights. i ,T or if-of ' - li i , so ssii , ' LLFN' ,gg -.J is fi it -S 5 ,L osgg L if 'T A "A , ssis r ff g s , ,L ,fs is WF sg . F T hVh.,, ' ki .,E. f. fhf., ugly. 5 L W L j K W s s or me - so ,es - T 3 , Q54 x 1 T - , ,.. 1 , 5 -- 5 X K -f W - If . f. T fs iid L iii f J A f sf' out 5 ttf - - Q 'tg -- -to i t -f t t , -' as " - ' 4 T'i 1 sk gii '--, 5:?E 1- .:,.sf f "- ' .s.:. -- .,.,,. L D h I wig hh A gp-Legg, Y . X gg . , s BOTTOM ROW CL-RD Ruben Gorcio, Todd Le- Swonls, Jerry Fielden SRD ROW CL-RD Clorlf Terrence Smith, Collier Boshoro, Tom North- vine, Luis Ruiz, Ted Poscuol, Williom Golvon, Wirth, Mott Sidemon, Dovid Borr, Robert Lu- ington, Edgor Gorzo, Morls Ortiz TOP ROW CL- Ted Tidmore, Corlos Uribe, QND ROW CL-RD' bionslsi, Rico Roy, Gene Forios, Kevin Hunter, RD Bryon Bombery, Morls Johnson, Potricls Ruben Gorqig, Fred Ggrmgn, Joe Serrgrgl Chris Conklin, Kurt Steves 4TH ROW CL-RD Horl-sins, George Corutz, Joson Cone, Trovis Joey Rust, Hunt Hellums, Robert Stevens, Ben Bruce Gormon, Tony Herrero, MOVIQ Thiltgen, Eilond, Broolss Holzhousen, 252 - l.V Footbcll Freshrhon Sguod l-los Brighr Fufure The 1987 freshmon foofboll feom ombined o sfrong defense wifh on xplosive offense for on 8-2 record nd one of rhe mosf successful comf Doigns for o freshrnon reom ever Ol Alomo l-leighrs. Considered by rnony 'o be rhe rnosf bolonced feom ever were, fhe freshmen come in ro high .chool nor hoping ro win buf expecre wg fo. The freshmen's sfrengrh wos in heir offense. An oggressivefexplof ive sryle ollowed rhis feorn TO run up wig scores ond be oble ro score from Jnywhere on rhe field. The offense overoged 23.3 poinfs per gome. They were solid in every posirion ond guire diversified os fhey could ex- ecufe bofh fhe run ond rhe poss, The defense, os well, wos ouife strong. They IRGQT opponenrs' yordf oge or o low ond forced nwony fur- novers fo give fhe boll bocls TO rhe offense. Their exemplory orrirude mode fhe boys very coochoble. They worlsed exfro hord fo Ieorn rhe sys- rern "These I-:ids ore very coocho- ble. They hod one rhing in mind when rhey corne up here - ro win. They weren'f our here for fhem- selves, rhey were o unif," one cooch soid FO describe rhe reom. The fresh- men ore o sign of rhe success fhis foofboll progronfi will hove in fhe fu- rure. Sfrengrh is in numbers, ond rhis is one of rhe biggesr iurnouis in o long fime. Forry-five ro fifry lsids mode rhe confirnirrnenf TO excel- lence ond rhor's whor o srrong prof grom needs ro ger srronger. The fufure is brighr or Alorno Heighfs. . n f' l mi. b R N K Q -an R sw vf .. T-Q .- 1 T-NT 11 6 A ,JA .. . TT KJ TY -r.- ii'i F Tl 5 , A 'i-. .ff - A V . .if r T csci T . . . 5 - T--ik T - rir KT - K- , . ,, .. 4 , . is P fwm:H i i if 3 . A .Eli -"ff Sl . - Q! ' -if . K .g . 3, , J, is . QD, . . Ku K c , . .- 5 , T . . , O A g g . K J ,S ,L - T- N T-kT R Q- A- K fi T iiiigfim A if W -- I K 9 ddcc L- T i- LH L' J L J al My Xl-2-sf' ' A .. ji -K mi'-sf eff-l ! f Rl 1-rK-- '. -, - T fill. .yfi -1- .T .Q , f-NT-QT. K l il - " "' - . Q .fry T ' . . ,Q ' 4 ,. W -K .1. Q TN? ' fs X - fl, Ng Jig. b . iss? Q H V,-is-fm. w . PVA Q . -5' R X fjmywd fr C' i, Y N K A K . Q, ., A X V A Q Rfi gs i'-- . gg '...- .-,, T, , 1 ,Q .V K I V Krk. f f K - T A - T TK V- rK - - - - - f. ,, . rr. f ..'. .T -T: .-k -i QT VT QQ -Q ' L, f T il Ti T! ' 2' ' Q 1 'T T - fn ' -- .. L -, .., T ....- Q - Ti A A f 'Till-'K' T ii- T T I T TT - A f A V X ---- ---- K T K -L T - - TT gas,-s,,L4 S. M, .V .sr wbff.g-? ckzslsrw sig- -Q ifiwbf-riigfbwgglcr.-i isis. ff L . . - .- N. . f T T 1 TSR ii ,A 35.31-C X., Assam g-.Pa Ami.-5 f S- .. vw- . TTOM ROW CL-RD Jed Schrnidr, Pere Mor- o, Lee Voldez, Milse Moore, Alex Agleon ry Doly, Josh Prirchord, Johnny Schenlsen ul Gorcio QND ROWCL-RD Poul Durnford risrion Swonls, Dovey Gorzo, Lupe Jones vid Reid, Fronls Porlser, Thomos Cuornez i Gurhrie Porrerson, Rusry Griffin, Robbie Srnirh SRD ROW CL-RD Brion Zinfgroff, Drondon Roiney, Scofr Terrell, Bryon Brown, Monuel Zunigo, Chris Linder, Moria Meodor, Lonce Blonchord, Brondon Chrisfensen, Chris Ryon, Clinf Poulfer 4TH ROW CL-RD Nole Murphy, Joe Morrinez, Boiley Wood, lsooc Mohoney, Mil-ze Welch, Fred Allison, Andrew Moneor, Jerry Rodriguez TOP ROW CL-RD Phil Klein, Fronls Prevosr, Wesr Winfer, Croin Conovon, Roberr Henry, Sreven l-lorris, Roger Dillord Freshmon Foorboll - 25 4 Mules Continue Winning Tradition The 1987-1988 Alamo Heights Mules baslsetball team continued the rich tradition that this school has ex- perienced fot years. For the third year in a row the Mules entered the playoffs as the 14-AA district champi- on. This year's team finished the reg- ular season at 28-8, with a district marie at 15-1. The Mules swept through three tournaments, terrorizing their foes and coming home with two Consola- tion Championships and a first place finish at their own Alamo Heights lnvi- tational Tournament. Rob Stevens, a senior wing, was named the tourna- ment MVP at the Muledome. Coach Charlie Boggess character- ized his team as udedicated to the idea of fundamentals and steady play which was the lsey to our suc- cess. They had a very good worls ethic in practice, They worlsed on the little parts of the game. "These lsids are a very close group on and off the court. They have great respect for each other and those traits have manifested in quite a few games." Much of the success of this year's team can be attributed to team de- fense, rebounding, and free throw shooting, in which the Mules led the city. The team had no real offensive star. "The leading scorers changed a often as the box score changed,' Boggess commented. "That show the unselfishness of this team." A lot of credit also has to goto thl bench. "This year we had bett depth and could utilize more pe pIe," Boggess said. The team was nowhere short a great, being ranlsed in the city ani state top 10. lt all goes to show thc the 1988 Mules were GREAT. Front Row CL-PO: James Deegear, Steve Cor- 2nd RowCL-RD: Manager April Humphries, COO, Coach Chtlflie BOQQGSS, Jeff tez, Steve Sarran, John Robinson, Kent Cal- Manager Lisbeth Church, Trainer Gordon Golf- Brad lowers, Den Peavy, Coach gaard, Tommy Green, Charles Burmeister rett, Rob Stevens, Tim Kiselis, Kenneth Dun- Schuster, Manager Marla Parchman Kenherh Duncan shoors a free-rhrow shor ih rhe win over Wesr Campus oO-42. ABOVE RIGHT: Tommy and Tim Kiselis prepare ro oacls-up Kehherh Duhcarfs during rhe home win over Memorial, we 2 W :HF .- - or LEFT: A scramble for pasirioh ral-res place ofrer John puOblI'lSO0'S free-rhrow. BELOW: John Rooihsoh rahs rhe fosr breals ln rhe Sourh Sam Toomamehr game ogaihsr Judson. Doslserball - Scoreboard 1988 AH, Mules AH 79 BURBANK AH 65 JEFFERSON AH 65 NEW BRAUNFELS AH 68 MCCOLLUM AH 62 WEST CAMPUS AH 65 EDGEWOOD AH 88 PLEASANTON AH 62 UVALDE AH 82 CARRIZO SPRINGS AH 68 SOUTHWEST AH 84 MEMORIAL AH 76 KENNEDY AH 69 WEST CAMPUS AH Q7 EDGEWOOD AH 85 PLEASANTON AH 54 UVALDE AH 78 CARRIZO SPRINGS AH 67 SOUTHWEST AH 80 MEMORIAL AH 81 KENNEDY AH 65 AUSTIN LANIER AH 66 KERRVILLE 256 - BasIserbaII ABOVE: Coach Charlie Boggess prepares his players for rI'ie fourrh period in me 65- 62 dramaiic win over Ausiin Lanier. TOP RIGHT: Tim Kiselis fires a jumpshar during rhe AH vs. Uvalde game. BELOW: The Mules' infamous pre-game huddle. 62-58. "All rhe good rhirwgs, oll rhe bod rhings, oll rhe wins ond losses hove gorren Us ro rhe I poirwr we're or righr now," Heod Cooch Chorlie Boggess FAR RIGHT: Jomes Deegeor purs up o procrice 8-poim shot before rlrwe Mules' romp over Edgewood. Cooch Boggess ond Assr. Cooch Rondy Schuster shore o few of slsepricism wirh rhe referee or rhe owoy gome in Pleosonrorw. RIGHT: Kem Colgoord seols rhe win over Wesr Compus, Boslserboll - 257 ABOVE: Free-rnrovvs are pracriced before rne Seguin Taurnamenr game wirn Edison. TOP RIGHT: James Deegear blocks our opponent 17542 ro gain rignrs ro rne rebound. BELOW: Kennern Duncan rowers inra rne air for rne rip-off opening rhe game. W U' JV. Mules Sweep Through Disrricr The 1987-88 J.V, Mules hod one 'hing in mind going inro rhe seoson, und rhor vvos TO come our of ir os successful os posr yeors. Thor gool Nos occomplished ond ogoin in o big Noy. A 22-2 seoson record olone shows 'he Kind of yeor rhese boys hod. .Sweeping rhrough disrricr wirh o lo-O 'ecord for rhe fourrh srroighr yeor ser 'hem up for rheir biggest gome of rhe yeorz A finol resr ogoinsr rhe Aus- rin J.V. chonfips, Ausrin Lonier. Trolling by 10 or holfrime, rhe Mules poced rheir woy rhrough rhe second holf ond cur rhe leod ro four wirh under o minure remoining. Kevin Mellor hir o long 3-poinrer wirh io seconds ro go, ond rhen pressure defense gor rhe boll bocls inro rhe Mules' honds for one losr shor. Trey l-liclss onswered wirh o rwelve foorer OT rhe buzzer ro Win ir. l'The reom oloyed wirh o lor of dererminorion rhe whole ye-or," Cooch Rondy Schusrer sold. "They hod o greor orrirude, ond rhey were just greor comoerirors rhroughour rhe whole yeorf' Schusfer olso corn- rnenred on how rewording ir is for hirn ro cooch lsids lilse rhe ones he hod rhis yeor. ACK ROW Cleft ro righrDCooch Rondy Schuse Melron, Chris l30iVd. D90 Wflllfef. Bred 5imD' bius, Morsholl l-lorrell, Brerr Sono, Kevin r, Morls Thilrgen, Richord Derfs, Joson Cone, SOO, Bob MCCOfWI'W9ll- FRONT ROW fleff V0 Mellor, Sean Sgfirl Cnorlge Moclgl llen Piindfus, Chris Porlser, Trey Hiclss, Psyon ITQW5 MOU Willis, Som SWOVWWOVW. Brion MOG' J.V. Boslserboll 259 260 Well-Bolonced Freshmen Finish Second This yeor's Freshmon boslserooll coming from Chip Lurz. 1Q87f-'RE-SHfV1AN BAMETBALL reom showed greor promise in finish' ing second in o very rough disrricr. The loop consisred of Eosr Cenrroi, Son Morcos, Seguin, ond rwo reoms from Judson. The Mules were rhe runner-up ro Seguin. Cooch Bob Fosrer chorocrerized rhis group os well-oolonced ond hord worlsing. The reom wos led in scoring by Crone Conovon, Trevor Boin, ond Dovid Peovy wirh solid ploy olso FRONT ROW CL-PQ: Thomos Gomez, John Dioz, Josh Prirchord, Poul Gorcio. 2nd Row CL' PQ: Neil Spongler, Milse Moore, Robbie Smirh, Jeff Jowers, Dovid Peovy, Morls Meodor. Grd The Mules esroolished rheir pres- ence in the disrricr by going on o six gome winning srreols eorly ofrer Chrisrmos, "Thor srreols," Cooch Fos- rer felr, "wos rhe moin reoson we finished in second plocef' There is definirelv greor promise for rhis group of Freshmen. Cooch Fosrer feels we moy be seeing some of rhese ployers helping rhe Vorsiry os soon os nexr yeor. Plow Cl.-RD: Cooch Boo Fosrer, Monuel Zunigo, Chrisrion l-lunrer, Greg Dovis, Monre McConn, Pioberr Henry, Crone Conovon, Trevor Boin, Poco Prevosr, Chris Lender, Chip Lurz. ii T N A... T i 'li OPPONEN7 OPPONENT SCORE Eosr Cenrrol 74 New Brounfels 39 Judson CgroyD 41 Wheorley 37 Lonier 51 Fox Tech 45 Buroonls 45 Som I-lousron 73 Devine 48 Sr. Micheol's 34 Hondo 50 Son Morcos 61 Highlonds 67l Judson Cgroy 56 Judson fred? 55 Eosr Cenrrol 48, Seguin SQ Son Morcos 48 Judson Cgroyb 50 Judson CredD SQ Eosr Cenrrol Q5 Judson CredD 54 Seguin 52 it rg Q si - Freshmon Boslserboll -if As S 3 2 5 if S Boys Cross Country Vorsity Runners Tolse District For the third yeor in o row the Vlules Cross Country teom coptured 'he district crown. The Boys Vorsity running resulted in o district chom- pionship ond o fourth ploce finish in the regionol meet, just missing quolifi- Austin Morothon, The teom coptoins were Greg Tucker ond Poul Clifton, With o portion of the competition Country Teom ochieved suc- through their hord worls ond Their countless hours of 1' cotion for the stote meet oy six points. In oddition to this, John Wor- shom ond Don Redmond ron the 'T 331 in the 5A level, it wos tough running this yeor. GOOD JOB, GUYS!!! Cross Country Vorsity boys Ore- CBOttOm bert, Greg Tuclser, Chod Oliver, Cuoiro Groos, I Doyid Golbre-oth, Milse Nowroclsi, Den Meng- RObertThOft1OS, POUI Cl!f!OI'!, Mihe COV' CTop Row? Don Redmond, John Worshom, den, ond Bobby Meodor, Boys Vorsity Cross Country - 261 Boys Cross Country Vzrsir ,lf .pwgaiidl -ff' ' wif W' ABOVE: Cross Counrry Vorsiry runners woir or the srorring line. BELOW: Cuorro Groos ond Milse Corberr run necl-2-ondrnecls during Q rneer. 262 - Boys Vorsiry Cross Counrry 2 Z 2 2 5 i 1 ABOVE: Greg Tucker grirnoces os he sees ine finisn line in ine disronce. ABOVE: Cnod Oliver srrercnes our before Q nord doy's rice. Boys Cross Couhrry JV. DOVE: Edword Srohe srores srrohgely or rhe Olmos phorogropher who hos een TVOCJSJOQ him down rhroughour rhe meer. BELOW: Eric Wood srrerches efore o procrice me-er or rhe school. an-cm ,pf . . .4 ABOVE: John Mclhryre looks confused os ro why we chose him for rhis picrure. Croig Browning disploys his rolehr during rhe Mediho Voiley meer. Boys JV. Cross Couhrry Y 263 Cross-Country Girls Win District: On To Regionals The girls varsity cross country run- ners put forth a lot of extra effort and hard vvorls and vvon the district championship this season. Coach Bruce Finls along vvith the team cap- tains, Michelle Brame and Paige Bon- ner, helped push the team on to regionals, A combination of neat and fast competition helped the team's success. Top runner Violet Gracia contributed her best to the team with her outstanding times, Intense vvorlsouts and hard training not only helped produce a first place finish in district out also many other strong performances for the girls cross coun- try team. With Carey Carnahan, Erina Duganne, Michelle Btame, Vio- let Gracia and Beth Cornett returning next year, the team should most definitely have another victorious season in the year of 1988-1989. The girls varsity cross country team will probably DOT only be district champs next year out will also have a good chance at placing high in regionals. Back tow: Standing: Violet Gtacia, Paige Donner, Carey Carnahan, Beth Cornettp Front: Kneeling: Erina Duganne, Michelle Brame and Cathe Browning. y . 264 - Girls Cross Country Afrer o hord meer, rhe winning reom CTop Right? poses for rheir vicrory picrure. Mnchelle Drorne CTop Lefrb pushes her hordesr ro reoch rhe finish line firsr. Cpicrure compli- ments of The Recorder-Timesb. The runners CLefrD imporienrly owoir rhe re- sulrs or disrricr. Corey Cornohon CAboveD gives her Qreoresr efforr for rhe Mules. Girls Cross Counrry - Tennis VARSITY TENNIS TEAM DCDMINATES AGAIN The Alomo Heighrs Vorsiry Tennis Teorn once ogoin hos shown dorni- nonce over irs opposirion wirh fheir hord worls ond froining. The Mules' consronr morivorion helped finish rhe seoson wirh o 18-4-I finol record ond IO-gonwe winning srreols. Copruring rhe srore rifle for fhe sec- ond consecurive yeor wosn'r eosy, our fhe Nerrers were forfunofe ro hove nor losr rnony ployers frorn losr yeor. 'lWe only losr our Nos, o ployers, ond our No. I girl ployer, Everybody else come oocls. However, winning is eosier soid rhon done, Qur ployers were infenr on conrinuing TO worls hord ond improving," "Our Isids ser o gool ro oe os good os rhe SA reoms. Gerling good enough ro oeor rhe 5A schools en- ooled us ro reoch rhe heighr we hove," soid Cooch Lorry Oxford, The Mules hod rwo viciories over Lee, ond one over Churchill, Clorls, ond lloosevelf. The Girls Vorsiry Tennis reom end- ed wirh o 157-AO singles record win- ning 7Q.7'Z-, of rheir rnofches, Their ISO-ol record in doubles leff Them wirh rhe overoge of wins or o8.1'Zsi Jonno Byrd, Ann Flonnery, Srocy Bo- lser, Dorfie Hunfress, Holly Hensey Soro McCornish, lsinwnwy Anwsrurz I I ,Cofherine Browning, ond Tonyo Young were some of rhe nwoior con- rriourors on rhe girls reorh. The Boys Vorsiry Tennis reofn fin- ished wirh o 187-65 singles record ond 122-oo record in doubles. Top rwo ployers, Jornie Mololsoff ond Trenr Horlsroder, led rhe reorn TO o vicrory for rhe singles ond doubles srore crown, Orher srrong ossers IO rhe ooys reonw were Doin Dreyer, Werner lseidel, Holi Voughon, Trey Willerson, Brod Simpson, Brion Moe- bins, ond Cuorro Groos. 'lThe Isids reolly Iilse The reonw os-I pecf ond fhey Iilse ploying for rheir school," cornmenred Cooch Lorry Oxford. In Oxfords I4 yeors or Heighis, rhe feom hos won rhree srore feorn fi- rles. They hove finished second sev- en limes. Even rhough nexr yeor is going ro be o lor of hord worls, due ro fhe lose of so mony fop ployers, with rhe good cooching ond ihe exfro efforf pur forrh by rhe rernoining ployers the rennis feom will hopefully oring Heighrs o rhird consecurive srore rifle. .'-K X 25' I 4 S l'i55ffw Alonno Heighrs Vorsiry Teom- CL ro RD, Corlo Morcus, Sfephonie Hole, Srocy Bolser, Emily Kieo, Meredirh Fosr, Kinwrny Afnsrurz, Michelle Brome, ond Corherine Browning Row Two Chrisropher Allison, Milse Zorrillo, Morcus Qoo f Vorsiry Tennis Shoffer, Holi Voughon, lkonold Weiss, Donnie Shoffer Row Three Chrisry Von Meier, Ann Flonnery, Soro McCornish, Aimee Jeffers, Hol- ly Hensey, Jonno Byrd, Dorrie Hunrress, ond Tonyo Young Docls Row- Werner Kiedel, Doin Dreyer, Will Schmidr, Trey Willerson, Joson lleirzer, Trenf Horlsroder, ond Cooch Lorry Oxford, Nor Picruredz Jomie Mololsoff, Brod Simpson, Brion Nloeoius, ond Cuorro Groos 1 ' 2 ,Z ' " swag? mwmwwi 5 , A ' , iwwimwmg lwymwwMw'i ,, i s g,,f - f 1 ' ' ' 1 ' ' , ' ' ,,,. ,V X s ,,,,,, Qmgyi f ., ,,f5v,pg,Qigs515mf5sygg'g,qj21g5? ,VV. W9fyfiV1:sQQQQQQZEQHQM siri filiflffLQZ2535? risi r , 1 - A r Above: Sophomore Jonno Byrd rushes ro rhe ner wirh her greor forehond drive. She won her morch o-0, ofi ogoinsr Lee. nf-4,--. 7 -...W-Q iff? f1?vHf 1 'mwmm5r Wh' i i L' r, ." -f 'f ' , 'rw W x 1 -. Q ' , K ,Mx W, . n , rwm-M f A ,A X .Qfuwisar fb X I ' Q, Am f ' 5Qtr? kv bover Juniors Ann Flonnery ond Soro McComish smile ofrer dominoring rheir opponenrs. he number one doubles duo gove rhe proud nerrers onorher vicrorious win. Below: Junior Brion Moebius rerurns o boclshond from his Loncosrer opponenr which finoiized rhe morch 64, o-1. Above: "Our region is rhe srrongesr in rhe srore. Ir is cerroinly os rough os rhe srore meer," Cooch Lorry Oxford. Vorsiry Tennis - Neffers Win Second Sfraighf Team Tifle Alamo Heighrs has seen rhis some- where before. Ler's see . . . Ch yeah, lasr year. The Mules came our lsiclsing, grab- bing an edge in doubles acrion, and raising rhe wind our of Lancasrer TO win rheir second srraighf srare class AA rennis ream rifle. Heighrs' 1441 masrery of Lancasrer seemed parricularly uniform when compared TO rhe Mules' 156 margin of yicrory in rhe 1986 rournamenr. "Going info ir, you neyer lsnow whar ro expecr, You're always yery leery ar firsr. l felr confidenr wirh my game, rhoughf' said senior Trenr Harlsrader. Coach Larry Oxford commended rhe No. 1 doubles ream, Jamie Mala! lsoff and Trenr Harlsrader. 'lThey have played in srare finals four years in a row. They were sec! ond rheir freshmen and sophomore years and rhe champs rheir junior and senior years. They lsnow whaf ir's all abour, They Isnow how ro prepare, and rhar carries oyer ro rheir reammaresf' said Coach Larry Oxford. As expecred for rhe girls, rhe rwo fop players, junior Ann Flannery and sophomore Jana Byrd borh win rheir marches and if was over ar Qi. 'lThe ream wasn'r confenf ro resr on rhe ralenf rhey had lasf year. They all lsepr improying and build- ing," said Coach Oxford. For l-leighrs, ir was hard ro lose fhis season, period, W .mls Alamo Helghrs Srare Champions Fronr Tkow- CL ro RJ, Carherine Browning, Dorrie l-lunrress, Sracy Balser, Janna Byrd, Ann Flannery Row Two Coach Larry Oxford, Tonya Young, 268 - Varsliy Tennis Klmmy Amsfurz, Holly Hensey, Sara McCaf mish Row Three Tre-nr Harlsrader, Werner Kiedel, Jamie Malal-zoff, Holi Vaughan, Will Schmidr Dacia Row. Dann Dreyer, Brad Simpf son, Cuarro Gross, Trey Willerson, and Briad Maebius i-""" Above: Juniors Hoily Hensey ond Kirnrny Amsrurz resr while vvorcning rneir reornrnores donfiinore rneir opponenrs. Above: Seniors Jomie Moioisoff ond Trenr Horlsroder oroudiy nold up rneir fourrn consecurive srore rropny. Beiow: Srocy Boiser ploys o iong nord rnorcn odding onorner win for ine Muies. She crushed ner opposirion o-rl, 6-3. R , ,r ,v i ii: lrk' :QQ K . . bove: The number one ployer, Jomie Moioisoff, once ogoin rurns onorner greor forenond. Vorsiry Tennis W g A 1. Above: Doin Dreyer slices o winning drop shor. Above: Trenr Horlsroder serves onorher oce. 270 - Vorsiry Tennis Abovei Girls vorsiry reorn odd spirir by singing rlfie Heights Fighr so before their march. Below: Srore members show spirir by decororing rneir cors before rhe srore meer. JV Works To An Undefeored Seoson The Alomo l-leighrs Junior Vorsiry reom hos o very promising furure with rheir 8-O finol record. Eoch of rhe ployers vvorlxed exrro hord ond rruly dedicored rhemselves ro rhe reom. l Srrong ossers for rhe girls reom ln- luded Meredirh Fulron, Mourie Scorr, Amv Srringer, ond lsorie Fosrer. reom. The junior nerrers dominored Mor- sholl C12-85, crushed Corpus Chrisri Ising C10-OD, ond slsimmed over Lee C19-55. Everyone ployed ro his oesr ooiliry ond occomplished on our- sronding record. Since rhe reom consisred of mosrly of improvemenr ond he expecrs nexr yeor's reom ro be even srrone ger, The ployers enjoyed represenring rhe Mules ond were very morivored ro oe rhe very oesr rhey could oe. The furure loolss very orighr for rhe reom ond could mosr lilsely odd good lndividuol efforrs by Dusrin l-liclss, Thompson, Ricls Johnson, ond Beoch, conrrioured ro rhe boys WSE 'lf 'Q P' ,di we Alomo l-leighrs Junior Vorsiry Tennis om: Fronr Row: CL ro TRD: lsorie Fosrer, John och, ond Elise Sloughrer. Docls Rovvi Rick hnson, ond Jimmy Correr Nor Picruredf freshmen ond sophomores, rhis yeor's junior vorsiry reom wos cred- ired by Cooch Lorry Oxford vvirh lors ployers ro rhe Vorsiry reom nexr seo- son. Ky 1, p.J!rg?ff-,ff ff?XyL,?c, ..,VV X Meredirh Fulron, Mourie Scorr, Louro Wolrholl, Purcell, Robin Rose, Amy Smoll, Joy Feiner, Ashley Porsons, Amy Srringer, Andrew Poye er, Trevor Boin, Derels Thompson, Dusrin X, s ,if fy f xf'r'if'Q' ff jf x 2 ,VQN J jjx ig A 1 A A jwygffsx E Ayr Xffjf Rf' jffyff fi 2 KJ gy gf if ff fr My A ly ,.f,fif-.XJCP 2 f f hy! "jf-'XVYf Ucjg"'c.,N,.fy'v ,, fry., ff, Xxx ,1' I Xi, XYX' ek! E!! f x. ,kvk yfyxky FX? jj X? fx 5, If if 3, ,Q sf -XX 1,1 Jil ,Az fx' jf V5 . V3 if fy gy J 5 . - 1, A, ,Y 4 i f' ,ff .f Hiclss, O'ConneIl, Choce Kopeclsy, Dennerr Al- lison, l-lonzel, ond Kell. JV. Tennis - BOYS SWIMMING l-lord Work Poys Qff For Swimmers f""10HL Brion Pieiron Coboveb reoches for rhe finish line which clinched one of the duel meers. N 272 - Boys Swimming Borrom Ciefr ro righrb Dovid Golbreorh, Scorr Perel, Douchy Newburn, Gorrerr Dovis. 2nd row: Mike Dogolmony, Brion Pieiron, Borr Bolfross, John Cose, Dill Robbins. 8rd row: Joson Kephorr, Trovis Keuper, Mike Jones, Ruben Morrh, ond Cooch Jim Yores. Wirh severol strong swimmers rerurning ro rhis yeor's reom, rhe boys looked promising. Teom members looked forword ro o success- ful seosonlndividuols who propelled rhe Mules roword vicrory were seniors Dovid Golbreorh, Scorr Porel, Dovid Berrio, ond Gorrerr Dovis. Also conrriburing ro rhe push were Bouchy Newborn, Borr Bolfross, ond John Cose. Teom efforrs resulred in o fourrh ploce vicrory in rhe Son Anronio Ciry Chompionship. Fourrh ploce wos olso roken in rhe l-lolidoy lnn lnvirorionol. Mony duol meers resulted in wins for Alomo Heighrs. Under rhe leodership of Cooch Jim Yores, rhe Mules onrici- pored chollenging ond inreresring opponenrs. Some of rhe reoms encountered were Clork, Morsholi, ond Tofr. Scorf Pore! ond Bouchy Newburn Coboveb woir for rhe whisrle ro srorr rhe roce. i Q Dovid Berrio rolses 0 breols between roces. Dovid Golbreorh Coboveb Ieoves oll opponenrs for behind in rhe 500 rn roce. ,E Z, Y' Q2 A- Q, Cooch Yores gives his reom helpful odvice during rhe disrricr rournomenr. Boys Swimming - 278 Girls Pool Their Efforrs The girls' reom wos hompered by o locl-4 of swimmers, bor eoch mem' ber wos exrremely dedicored ond worlsed very hord ro overcome rhe 5A schools rhe reom compered ogoinsr. Top reom members Joye Horris, 'Deboro Kocurels, ond Trocy Holbrools helped rhe reom reoch irs finol srond- ings. Sophomore loye Horris ploced in rhe ciry finol compering ogoinsr some of rhe roughesr schools in rhe 5A region. Re-rurning senior Deboro Ko- curels oided rhe reom wirh her diving slsills os well os her swimming efforrs which guolified rhe girls for disrricr. Even rhough rhe reom wos hurr becouse of ineligibiliry, Cooch Yores gove rhe girls credir for worlsing hord during rhe seoson. Below: Cooch Jim Yores gives insrrucrions one encourogemenr ro his re-om. XTX ,M W M? 'E ww WM. The Alomo Heighrs Girls Swim Teom: CL-PO Heorher Youngs, Joye Horris, Kirsren Yores, De-boroh Kocurels, Brendo Pieiron, ond Cooch Jim Yores. picruredg Trocy l-lolbrools ond Suzonno Bloir. Below: Heorner Youngs edges oheod of her opponent during o 500m roce, ,. 3g I E-We " - 'V V - -2 i, , .. , ,, ' " ff' . i-4-mr, V, , , - ' - , , V w5.l:,f,4 :y,V .,5,1,. -"4:':iV?VV's':7ffMfz!3 5 , " ' f-fi, ,,.. N,i..i.r A, ,,,,, ww, ,4 . , 'Q' rf ,fy , VVVV , ' .:,:ffVV1 f ' 'f"i75'i' -JfI?1'f'Z6Uf,wJ5'f'i,, 322637 r - fV ,V 'f",' 'Liz-,i "', v K Lf:--, ' . R 'lil k"' ' I "fJ:w,Wf!, 1 , , , N f eee -ff i V V. ,,,. V, . . 1', ' "9 . " W 'll' ,V 'A " ' '-',, I ' ,, 'L' ,,k,, , V. ,' K , M 'V fo o Vr yvef V, f s ", '- A "" , ,, s , ' -'i'i'i 'V 'W"- . ,, ,'.' ' wz- n 1 ' is A -w e 'n', VV V . 4 V Y'ni' , , ,,V.- V f l 5, ksis . -' I g .V V,,, , , V: H V, " , Vf . , V, "e'n "J' -ffi ,W -' frg' , ,,,L: , , , - , M i V ,J,,-3 , V- jj, , 1 A I . 4', 4 ' .. f ' "- , ',' M , I ,g.f,w,Riff? if z -f ' i i i , ,,e,,..' i ,,, 1,1 Of' if -'vwmmlmy ,, V V ?3?QYff . 2-Wfww, . V M , , W 2 'f , 421' fr i im V . ' . , -rf' W , V We Q,-.Vw .Q ,VVVVV Q , , 7 M t V Y, K ww iw A Mzwgipii V A W, ' My ,, J 4 ,,,V ,L f 1 ,,,,3, gg VV, png, . , V W V ,V in V I W M ' if if , f f' f A0 '-XM: , . ' , ,W V ',,V , , le, f f f I , , I , ,Q f I Above: Joye Horris odjusrs ner goggles during her orn period procrice, ar 9 f 1 is Q r - ,, 'few +fff1fzfg, , '2i,EQ?srz,i,vmgf'tf' I l I A Q i i -waz 6, , , . . , -.,, , , if rf 3 4 javwigkwl , ,Vysg ll VVss M55 ' Q ,,V, V wzgg , , 4 V V. g s. V . M ef, I ff-,,r,,,, M "Mb Q , ' VVVV V,,, 'V-if f ,IV ,, , 1 5 f Above: While resting on rne diving boord, Sophomore Joye l-lorris lisrens ro Coocn Yores' insrrucrions. 'Nm j ,Lf !,,, I 5 . l , 1 Above: Senior Deboro Kocurels nervously smiles os rne reom is on ro o meer. 275 s f l iii g M Boy Poloers Corrie Close To Srore Scorr Porel resrs during on inrerrnission or rhe Morsholl gome. 276 f Worer Polo Top CL ro RD Milse Jones, Trovis Kueper, Brion lkeiron, Gorrerr Dovis, Ned Wells Schyler Borey, Michoel Bogornolny, Borr Dollfross, Scorr Porel, Cooch Jim Yores Dorrorn KL ro PO Bill Robbins, Kevin Rogers, John Duignon, John Cose. Becouse of o previous rule chonge, o fourrh ploce finish in rhe Psegionol Worer Polo rournonnenr vvos no longer good enough ro quolify for rhe store ployoffs. The Mules ended strongly vvirh o successful yeor, ploying oll 5-A reoms. Leoding Alorno Heighrs were Seniors Scorr Porel, Dovid Derrio, Gorrerr Dovis, ond goolie Egon Lirrle. Also ploying were Schyler Dorey, Ned Wells, Bouchy Nevvburn, John Cose, ond Borr Bolfross. Scorr Porel wos nomed ro All-Region ond All-Srore while Bouchy Nevvburn ond Dovid Berrio mode All-Region. The Mules foced some very difficulr connperirion rhis seoson, Sonne schools ployed included Clorls, Morsholl, ond Tofr. Brion Pieiroh prepores ro be subsrirured in rhe Tofr gom PICTURE COURTESY OF THE RECORDER-TIMES he worer poioers roi-ae 0 breols during rhe Ciorls gome discuss their srroregies wirh one ohorher. E. PlCTURE COURTESY OF THE RECORDER-TIMES Coach Jim Yores gives helpful hihrs during O gome. HCTURE COURTESY OF THE RECORDER-TIMES Dovid Be-rrio shoors for o gool os Egoh Lirrle blocks our 0 mon. Wore-r Polo 277 Runners l-lope To Better '87 Moria The 1988-89 Mule trocls teom hos one goolg to finish better thon their 8rd ploce finish lost yeor. Competing in one of the toughest districts in South Texos doesn't molse things eo- sier, out the Mules feel they con do it. With returners lilee Joe Rendon, Jojo Stottmiller, Jeff Pitlucls, ond Jer- emy Coffey to poce the sprinters, thot ospect of the teom oppeors to be strong. Those four will probobly molse up the sprint reloy while Ren- don will olso compete in the 100m. Stottmiller will olso compete in the lOOm, the mile reloy, ond the long jump. Pitlucis ond Coffey will both tolee their speed to other events such os the 200m ond the 400m, respec- tively. Luis Villoreol will be o strong con- tender in the shot put ond discus. Cuotro Groos ond Milse Corbett will both move into trocls with Groos run- ning long distonce ond Corbett run- ning the guorter ond the mile reloy. This yeor's teom moy not hove the numbers, out it will be hord to beot. "Competing in one of the toughest districts in the store will bring out the best in our boys" Cooch Gilbert Hines Front Row CL-RD: Johnny Schenken, Boiley Croig Drowning, Greg Jones, Russell Cooper, 4th Row CL-RD: Louis Villoreol, Long Tron, Dry' Woods, Bryon Bombery, Dovid Reid, Bron- 8rd Row CL-RJ: Kurt Steves, Som Delmer, Gor- on Dombery, I-luy To, Top Row CLVRD: JoJ don Roiney, Stephen l-lorris, 2nd Row CLFRP: rison Sutron, Thomos Wirth, Morls Johnson, Srottmiller, Joe Rendon, Donnie Shoffer Chod Oliver, Chorlie Soup, Kelley Keisling, 1- s if so Above: JoJo Srofrmiller honds off the boron ro Milse Corberr during rhe mile reloy Er rhe Mules' procrice meer in Februory. Crighrb: Louis Villoreol Iounches o shor pur uring Q procrice, Louis is o foyorire ro win rhe disrricr championship in rhe shor. Tkighrz Jeremy Coffey honds off ro Joe Ren- on in rhe second holf of the miie reloy. low: Joe crosses the finish line in firsr ploce. Boys Trocls Girls Track Girls Track Shows Promise Wirh rerurning lerrerman Erina Du- ganne, Hearher Hayes, April Humph- ries, Paige Bonner, and Cory Russell, rhe ream hopes ro repear rheir firsr place finish ar disfricr rhis season. Individual experrise lay wirh Tammy Zapafa and April Humphries who were borh exrremely sfrong as- sers ro rhe girls rrack ream rhis year. Team srrengrhs were shown in rhe sprinr relay, mile relay, and over- all disrance running. The rop-norch varsiry 400m relay ream will consisr of Jeanene English, Tifini Roberrs, Hearher Hayes, and Libby Bebinger, Srandours in rhe mile relay are srill undecided because of ineligibiliry bur will mosr likely have srrong runners such as Cory Russell and Paige Bon- ner. Top ranked distance runners are Tammy Zapara, April Humphries, and Paige Bonner. New freshmen like Becky Marrin and Grerchen Jones are very helpful on rhe J.V. feam. The Mule Relays in lare February will puf rhe Mule runners up againsr rhe rough 5A schools such as Lee, Fox Tech, Clark, Jefferson, and Mar- shall, as well as disrricf foes, Edgewood and Memorial. Xaraya, L K lx Rllll an I The Alamo Heighrs Girls Track Team: Fronrz CL Nicole Flores. Back Row: Coach Don Bryd Bebinger Paige Bonner Carrie Skinner Juli ro RD Rochelle Green. Middle Row: Tifini Robe Tammy Zapata, Violer Garcia, Elizaberh Henslee Tiffany Parferson Marr: Burch Jos: errs, Karie Fosrer, Leah Moore, Ashley Percel, Lausch, Jeanene English, Cory Russell, Julia Meador and Trisha Bean Becky Marrin, Grerchen Jones, Annie Sreves, Kiedel, Erina Duganne, Hearher Hayes, Libby r 2 Below: Fresnmon Grercnen Jones procrices rne J.V, nurf dies offer scnool, 1tm............. :Mvs I l M . ,l ,- ,aug ' , ' V ., "Wa 'H NM H ar my ,, -W Lisswow V1 A, , ,, ,,,,, K. J "7 ,.s,.,,,.11MfJr 22 Above: Junior Cory Russell srrercnes nord before running 4 rne BOOM in rne Mule Reloys. lx m llhililav-'W Above: Seniors Emily Conovon ond Rocnelle Green onxiously woir for rneir ADOVG: 5GniOV Tflmfny Zopofo prepores evenr in New Brounfels or rneir firsr procrice meer. for rne lO0Q JUFUD Of rhe UVOlClG' rrocls meer. 281 Volleyboll Vorsity Ploces 4th In District Vorsity girls showed tremendous improvement this seoson. Their 7-Q record compored to lost yeor's 8-18 vvos due to the teom's spirit ond dedicotion. Top ployers Tommy Zo- poto ond April Humphries were ovvorded honor in All-district with Zo- poto os second teom spilser ond Humphries os second teom server. Cooch Lee Anne Everett presented the girls with competitions omong themselves this yeor. The 7 Club ovvord wos given to ployers who scored seven points or more in one gome. These ployers were Louro Ro- mirez ond April Humphries. The Cen- tury Club winners were chosen for those who scored 100 points in o seoson. This included Cothy Poiner, Tommy Zopoto, April Humphries, ond Louro Romirez. The oce-spil-:er ond the oce-servers were ployers thot scored the most non-returnoble spilses or serves. The oce-spilser vvos April Humphries ond the oce-servers were Tommy Zopoto ond April Humphries. Everett vvos on excellent cooch ond she reolly encouroged the girls to be the best they could be. Although the Girls Vorsity volley- bollers hod limited success this yeor, their opponents found them decid- edly tough to beot. The future for volleyboll loolss very bright. With the Spilsers' some determinotion ond ef- fort rhey put forth this yeor, next seoson will be even stronger. SEATED CL to RD. Tommy Zoporo, April men Phillips Cmonogerb, Ann Flonnery, Louro lindo Hernondez, Corhy Poiner, ond Kothy Humphries, Adriono Chopo,,STANDlNG: Cor- Piomirez, Jessico Gilbert, Coach Everett, Psoso- McGroth Csrudent orhletic troinerb. Right: April Humphries gets prepored to bump the boil to her Southwest opponent in the sec- ond round of district. Below: Highest scorer of the yeor, Tommy Zopdto, scored 117 points this seo- son. Photo Courtesy Of The Recorder-Times, Son Ant- onio, Texos. Photo Courtesy Of The Recorder-Times, Son Ant- onio, Texos. Above: Cothy Poinier concentrotes on returning Memorials serve. Photo Courtesy Of The Recorder-Times, Son Antonio, Texcis. Vorsity Volleyboll W-7 L-Q . West Compus Edgewood Pleosonton Uvolde Corrizo Springs Southwest Memorial T Kennedy West Campus Edgewood Pleosonton T Uvolde . . Corrizo Springs Southwest Memoriol T Kennedy T QW f'Thevorsity teom set o gool this seo- son for being in top four ot district. They determined the gool through senior leadership ond through them- T selves ond their opponents," T , -Cooch Lee Anne Everett Girls Volleyboll - 283 JV'ers1 Close Gomes, Good Spirir JTV. Spilsers finished rhis seoson wirh o o-17 record. Even rhough deprh wos locking in rhe Mules, rhe girls proved their srrengrh by beoring lorge reoms such os Uvolde 7-15, 15-7 ond 15-5. They ployed good, hord gomes ond pur forrh rheir oesr efforrl Top scorer Amondo l-loyes, scoring 111 poinrs, greorly helped rhe reom rhis seoson. The seven club honors included Diono Toney, Mirro Alvorez, Kelly Ross, Amondo Hoyes ond Lies- ber Tousch. Ace spilsers ond servers were Kelly Ross ond Amondo Hoyes. 'Good spirir ond dererminorion helped rhis reomworlsf' sold Cooch Lee Anne Evererr. The girls' orrirude grew srronger os rhe seoson grew oerrer. Evererr soid rhe furure Ioolss good for rhese girls becouse of rheir 'lcommendoole orrirude ond efforrf' Loclsing experience in rheir rourno- menr ploy, rhe J.V. girls concenrrof- ed on procricing slsills ond individuol rolenr. "We oll become very close in procrice ond in rournomenrs which reolly helped our gome since we communicored berrer wirh eoch orh- er," soid sophomore coproin, Amon- do l-loyes. Their volid orrempr or hov- ing o winning seoson creored on or- mosphere rhor bonded rhe girls' spirit ro insure o vicrorious reom for nexr yeor. Seored Cl ro rD1 Cormen Phillips Cmonogerb, Csrudenr orhleric rroinerb, Srondingp Diono Cooch Lee Ann Evererr, Amy Minnieor, Ursu- Amondo Hoyes, Kelly Ross, Korhy McGrorh Toney, Corinno Romirez, Lieseoer Tousch, IO GOOZOIGZ Gnd MlI'fO AIVOVGZ. 284 lv. Volleyboll Freshmen Show Besr Efforr Despire rhe lacls of experience, irhe freshmen volleyball squad grew lin borh enrhusiosm and slsill during lrhe 1987 season. These slsills were pracriced daily rhrniinh fundamenrals and drills. These srressed serving, spilsing, and erring. Besr game, according ro Coach ee Anne Evererr, was rhe vicrory over Carrizo Springs. She felr al- rhough rhis could nor be rermed a vicrorious season, rhe improvemenr rhe girls showed in rhis game made rhe ream efforr a "winner" Top scorer Jessica Perez conrribure ed her besr and was also named ace-server. The 7 Club owords were presenred ro Violer Gracia and Pso- senin Daya. They borh scored seven or more poinrs consecurively in one game. Alrhough rhe ream's record 1415 did nor show ir, rhe members really progressed during rheir season. The girls have grear porenriol and wirh more experience and pracrice, rheir abiliry will nexr season be recog- nized. red Cl ro rl: Yverre Hinojosa, Karhy McGrarh Csrudenr arhleric rrainerb, Jessica Perez, Carmen Phillips, Rosemin Dayo, Standing: Gigi Graves, Lisa Eigel, Coach Lee Anne Evererr, Adela Cruz, and Violer Gracio. ecial rhanlss ro srarisricians Cnor picruredb Allsse Dulaney, Jane Piisien, Shay Psoberrson, Lisa Fuhrmann, Freshmen Volleyball - 285 Young Team Has Good Potential -, fm i Mr 5 S " R -1' r 1 it tri f g, i k wal its 1 it , s is X A A o o up , 5. RR ii.. .- , A x 5 .ep 55? 5 gf I F s ff Q -, g ,W 3 QI - .t..C., .Qc .L C - N. ,, .. .,.. L A . , ,, sf , L. f fwikg T, .. K .A.. L 5 kl5"'X'5'- .V N k..,... in N ,.,, ,uri .Q , KMA I t ,,.,.:,. C . s w WS V ,K ss . 't -,J J- 'wx sig'-i f -f ' . NEP- A ' .. r- , . Richard Murray takes a practice swing during SAISD tournament. 286 - Golf Top row CL to RD Clint Fielden, Matt Wier, Brad Wier, Seth Bell, Jeff Hetricla, Christior Hunter, Chris Dewer, Tom Gorham, Bottom row CL to RD Carey Carnahan, Lorrainq Haley, Adam Milsap, Jason Holleron, Richard Murray, Jeremy Poyo, Rabon Murray Kristine Arcia, and Coach Bob Parker, The golf team had a lot of potential for this year. ln the SAISL Tournament, they earned 18th place in which 50 entrants consister mainly of 5A teams. The Mules also finished a respectable 5th placr in the Matador Classic. The boys team was led by Seth Bell, Tom Gorham, Chris Dewe and Jeremy Poyo. Also contributing to Alamo Heights success wer Jeff Hetricls and newcomers Richard Murray and Jason Holleron. Th Mules hope to defend their ist place victory in Regionals and go c to State. Leading the girls team was Carey Carnaham. She placed 15th the AHISD tournament in Austin, Also adding their talents wei Lorraine Haley and Kristine Arcia, The girls hope to win district ar advance on to Regionals. Coach Bob Parlser is pleased with his younger group of golfe The Mules worlsed hard to try to capture the coveted state title ! 45.4. f3g:2'q12g2w5.5 QC, Y Chris Dewer lseeps his eye on rhe boil os he rolses 0 ree-off shor. s 2 Q' , , -- C .4 ... X.-,-C, r ww ,. k 4 s' X' xx 7 Mrffi A 1- K' 3 X' L, W,-an , 3 ye K .f N X .,A. . M- -v-.. . . . Q ,A ,M .K V is NK Serh Bell concenrrores oh his swing during rhe Morodor Clossic. Courtesy of The Recorder-Times Picture Courtesy of The Recorder-Times Herrick mes ,O pw in O birdie during one of fhejr Tom Gorhom corefully observes rhe breolss of rhe green before he puffs. Go BOYS SOCCER Kickers Srriye To Be The Besr ' " ' ' ' an fn n " 'wif ,yy-. 4? - V-78.19, ,f - , , Z iw as gf' gg: - i l 7 2 I i Mork Bowlond Coboveb ourwirs his opponenr by curring him off. 288 - Boys Soccer r 2 Top row lefr ro righr: Chris Hoden, Poul Cliffon, Ropheol Gonzoles, Ben Mengden, Phil Cline, Mike Nowrocki, Doniel Worrel, Cuorro Groos, Roberr Thomos, Duncon Clowe, Cooch Bruce Fink Borrom row: Dovid Ruvelo, Mike Corberr, Don Redmond, Dovid Murroy, Porrick Cooke, George Olson, Eric Wood, Mork Bowlond, Trovis Terrell, Former Sfore Chompions, rhe Alomo Heighrs Soccer Teom looked promising rhis yeor. The Mules hod mony rerurning ployers ond ser high gools for rhis seoson. The feom wos led by Porrick Cooke os goolie, Mike Corberr, Eric Wood, Mork Dowlond, ond Cuorro Groos or midfield, ond Chris Hoden os sweeper. Also odding sfrengrh ro fhe reom were Troyisi Terrell, Poul Cliffon, Roberr Thomos, ond Don Redmond. Under rhe oble leodership of Cooch Bruce Fink, rhey onricipofed mony chollenging ond inreresring opponenrs. Some of rhe feom encounfered were Churchill, Modison, ond New Brounfels. While soccer is only in irs fourrh seoson or Alomo Heighrs, gomes were well offended ond spirir wos high. The Mules look forword ro conrinued success in rhis fledgling sporr. l ?Y M DURING THE GAME Coboveb Chris Hoden orremprs ro lsicls rhe boil berweeh rwo Churchill defenders. -Jr Ywmmwwmf4f:p,,MM1J , M4321 K' , K sz f ' - J HIFI , K ..,. ,M if H! M M COACH BRUCE FINK Cobovel gives helpful odvice ro ployer Trovis Terrell. Q .: 4.. .L ERIC WOOD Coboveb ihbounds rhe boil ro his reommore TRAVlS TERRELL Cobovel rries ro breols up rhe ploy or midfield. uring rhe New Drouhfels gome. Boys Soccer - 2 Locls Of Experience Hurts Girls Soccer Alomo Heights Girls Soccer Teom opened their first seoson with the help of the school boord, porents ond dedicoted cooch Mory Sprodley. The victorious reputotion of the Boys Soccer Teom vvos difficult for the girls to compete with. Cooch Sprodley believes thot with hord vvorls ond the strong leodership of holf bocls Anne Flonnery, this yeor hos been o voluoble leorning exper- ience ond offers o promising next yeor. l'Time ond this yeors expere ience will build o stronger teom" soid cooch Mory Sprodley. The Alomo Heights Junior School girls soccer teom hos been district chomps for the post two yeors. The freshmen girls were experienced i ond helped the teom. Freshmen Neno Scott ond Soroh McPherson were tvvo of the top ployers ond were strong ossets to the teom. Gne problem which hompers the teom vvos vvorlsing oround sched' ules. The girls hod seporote proctices, Holf of the girls worlsed during first period ond the other holf of the teom procticed ofter school. This con- flicted with oll the girls vvorlsing to- gether ond mode things very diffi- cult. Ulf oll the girls connot proctice together ond be fomilior with eoch others' techniques then it vvill be cho- os on the field," soid cooch Mory Sprodley, Other strong ossets to the teom were forvvord Corey Cornohon, full- bocls lsimmy Amstutz, forvvord Jen' ny Crone, The goolies were senior Elizobeth Moibius, ond junior Cothy Poiner. Vorious schools ployed were Modison, St, Mory's Holl ond Churchill. All the schools thot the teom ployed hove hod girls soccer for more thon rhree yeors. Cooch Mory Sprodley sold, "The future loolss bright becouse of the upcoming junior schoolers who ore experienced ond hove ployed to- gether on o winning teom." After oll of the girls' hord vvorls ond dedicotionl this yeor, next seoson loolss very promising for the Alomo Heights girlsl soccer teom. l l E I l 3 3 t Alomo Heights Soccer Teomg Front Row: CLtoPsD, Kothryn Thrush, Cothy Pointer. Row Two: Wondito Poporito, Violet Grocio, Jeon Menlse, Locie Morrison, Amondo Hoyes, Jude - Girls Soccer Felder, Row Three: Neno Scott, Soroh McPherson, Elizobeth Moebius, Loel Bogo- molny, ond Cooch Mory Sprodley, Bocls Row: Kristen Anderson, Jenny Crone, Alyne Love, Robin Rose, Cory Herrero, Jonnel Guero, ond Ann Flonnery. Sluggers Aim For Ployoffs This yeor the Alomo Heights Mules will sport o different lools. Though the teom returns four storters, there will be quite o few new foces tolsing the field for the Mules. Pitcher-Grd oosemon Steve Costillo, shortstop Brody Hordy, pitcher-Std bosemon Tim I-lughey, ond center- fielder Jeff Pitlul-2 oll return to form the nucleus of the poll club. Joining the four returners in the storting line- up will oe Senior lst oosemon Albert McNeel, 2nd oosemon Btod Ewert, left fielder Jeremy Coffey, ond Fresh- mon utility mon Chonce Hole. The ospect of this teom thot Cooch Morls Hewitt lilses the most is the gteot othletic ooility of these ployers. "Whot they locls in slsills they molse up for with their sheer othletic ooili- ty," he Commented. The Mules hope to improve their morls o yeor ogo by molsing the ploy-offs. lt will be tough with district opponents lilse Uvolde, Pleosonton, Edgewood, ond Southwest, out the Mules feel they con occomplish mony of their gools, ond the ployeoffs is definitely one of them. "This yeor we hove o good group of othletes who ore con- stontly striving to do their best." - Cooch Morls Hewitt Front row Cleft to right? Tom Northington, Joe RUST, 205 VOW Geff T0 WQTTV5 COOCVW MOH1 dy, Jeff Pitluls, Tim Hughey, Chonce Hole Glen Segroto, Steve Costillo, Hunt Hellums, Hewlfff UV0dEW9"ffJ9"emYC0ff9Yi BrC1dH0t- Bose-boil LEFT: Alberr McNeeI, the Mules' Isr bosemon, sreps info rhe borrer's box during o conresr or Judson. ' ly! A 2? ,im .fv ,. 3 3223, 4 , ig' j I g,,? 3 Mainz ' Q MM RIGHT: Hunr Hellums drives rhe boll in rhe Judson game. BELOW: Brod Hordy husrles bode ro Isr bose ro ovoid being picked off DURING A PRACTICE AT THE ALAMO HEIGHTS DIAMOND CABOVED Tim Hughey prepares for some groundbolls. 292 - Doseboll Young JV. Work To Goin Experience The JV. boseboll sguod of 1988 is looking ro vvin gomes bur, more imporronr, goin voluoble experience. Mode up of mosrly Freshmon boll ployers, rhis yeor's reom hopes ro occomplish o greor deol. Ploying some very rough reoms ond severoi double- heoders oughr ro give mony of rhe kids good poying rime lovers ro rhor vvill enoble rhe p improve on rheir ski Is during o Ieorning yeor. Cooch Chorlie Boggess rokes over rhe JV. Cooching duries ond hopes ro leod his reom ro on impressive record ond prepore rhem for o fu- rure on rhe Vorsiry. OP ROW Clefr ro righrb Jed Schmidt, Robbie Smirh, George Alonzo, Andy Minnieor, Joe Morrino, Kevin Hunter. BOTTOM ROW Clefr ro right? Clinr oulrer, Josh Prichord, Wilbur Morrhevvs, Morrhew Townsend. 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Bain, Trevor 186, 260 - 5 Bainey, Brandon 49 1 1 1 Baird, Caroline oo, 212, 214 215219, 220, 227, 229, 282, 284 A A Baird, Greg 121, 200 Baird, Melissa 69, 228, 229 Baker, Stacy 102, 266, 268, 269 Bakke, Elizabeth 121, 219 tinidercis, Louis 186 Ballesreros, Mark 70, 77, 141, 245 BALTER, ROY MR. 157 842 -4 index Bambety, Brian'102, 248, 252, 278 Barba, Gregory 70 Barba, Miguel 210 Barr, David 121, 252 Barter, David 240, 245 Barrera, Vincente 70 Barrientez, Anthony 186 Barron, Melissa 49, 186 , Barrows, Michael Bashata, Grady 121, 228, 252 , Bates, Andrew 102 Batey, Schyler 52, 54, 70, 208, 226 ' ' 6 Batz, Richard 121, 228, 227 Baugner, Melinda 121 Beach, John 102, 228, 271 Bean, Tricia 54, 186 BEARD, SALLY MRS, 158 Beasley, Brian' 186 Bebinget, Elizabeth 102, 105, 189, 209, 214, 280 4 , 1 0ec11,i1El1zQbern,102, 216, 219, 227, 229, -202, 28413 Beker, Jssica 186 Deli, Seth121, 219 Benesch, Scott 76 Bennett, Stefani A nEr1r1HAt10, N511 Mas. 158 Bethel, David 102, 114, 226 Bettia, David 70, 208, 209, 224, 278 Billebault, Wendy 186 Blanchard, Lance 258 Blount, Cathy. 102 Blounf, mains 121 , Bodkin, Annie 50, 96, 245, 246, 248 Boehm, Cynthia 102, 187, 282 uoaaass, CHARLES' Mix. 162 Bogornolny, Lael 70, 204, 228, 229, 224, 290 Bogomolny, Michael 121, 127, 224, 272 001115, Julia 188 Bohmer, Mauricio 71 Ballfrass, Charles 121, 272 Bonilla, Mary 121, 211 f Bonner, Paige 228, 226, 227, 281, 2 11 264, 280 , Boswell, Sarah 108, 108, 187, 217 ' f A . Bawland, Mark 108, 288 . Brame, lva 108 Brannon, Antonio 108 Brannon, Sean Brattan, Jill 108, 198, 220 Barton, Julie Breymann, Karen 2 ' 8RlDGES,'JOl-iN SMR. 162, 188 02, 5 Brown Brinkkoeter, Shannon , Brinkley, Steven 121 Bristow, Jessica 221, 226 Broersma, Matthew 121, 224 Brool1s,QRoger 121 Broughton, Crystal 211 A Broughton, 1 Larry 71 Brown,5Alonna 71, 200, 214, 215, 228, 227 Btownjierence 20, 108 Bi'own,,Ttavis 188 1, Wayne 188 Browning, Catherine 49, 55, 71, 209, 212, 222227, 284, 266, 268 Browning, James 121, 200, 228, 227, 282, 268, 278 Brubaker, Kaci 188 ' Bruni, Elizabeth 108, 107 1 Bruni, Natalia 188 L 1 Bryant, Doneytha 1082 , Buchek, Laura 189, 188 , Buck, Courtney 121 , ,L , Buitron, Michael A , 'S f "'1' ,S ' , Burch, Martha 54, 108,229,282 1 g Burgard, Patrice 71, 202.228, 226,227 Burmeister, Charles24,i71, 229, 281 Butmeister, Sabrina 121, 168, 224 Burpo, Jill 100 Butler, Thad BUTT, CAROL MRS. 158' Butt, Dana 100, 212, 228, 227, 282 BYRD,'DON Mix. 162, 245, 280 Wllyrd, Janna 120, 121, 220, 282, 266, 267. 1268 r3yra,11rsnn1fE-r 108 Coffey, Jeremy 49, 58, 101, 247 Calgaard, Kent 71 fi , Callahan, Patrick 245 1 ','V- , rrkr, ,- cniytiio, Alqandra108, A M Canavan, Emily 48, 68,1 212, 281 Canavan, William 189, 258, 260 Cappellini, Delizia 122 Cardinale, Chris 189 Caritfe, Cameron 42, 81, 225 Carnahan, Carey 108, 264, 265 Carnovale, Cecily 42, 122, 200, 220 CAROL, ELAINE MRS. 168, 176, 206, 207 carnavnie, Jennifer 72, 200, 212, 218, 219, 1 1228, 226, 227 LSCARPENTER, Ms, VEANNA 168 Carrejo, Dotina Carrqo, Evoristo 122 Carrejo, Janet Cotter, Stephanie 72, 189, 204, 212, 219 Carter, James 122, 180, 219282, 271 Casares, Jenny 108 . 1 Casares, Jessica 2 Case, John 122, 272 Castillo, Fernando 72 1 cosrilio, Melissa 72, 1175, 212, 223, 227 Castillo, Rebecca 139 . 7 Castillo, Stephen 72, 219, 245 7 Casrleberty, King 72 Casrrqana, Sean 122 Cauthorn, Parrtcls 72, 234 Cavonaugh, James Cavazos, Roxanne 103, 116 Cepeda, Kenneth 204 Cerdo, Eduardo 122 Cerdo, Michael 139 Chacon, Stephanie 122, 126 Chapa, Adriana 72 Chopa, Rosalinda Chapman, Ernest 103 Chesney, Robert 105, 226,245 Chiicutt, Heather 72, 219,224 Chilcutt, Paige 40, 105, 231 A Chopereno, Marcela 105 Christensen, Brandon 253 Chumney, India 139, 149 Church, Lizbeth 46, 66, 73, 209, 214 Church, William , Cibildals, Ayten 14, 73, 214, 215, ,217, 219, 231 1. Q, Civello, Michael 122 ' Clark, Jennifer 139, 149, 198 Clarls, Randy Claypaol, Tracie 18, 139 cirfroo, Mietiesie 73 Clifton, Paul 73, 234, 261, 288 Clowe, Duncan 122, 288 1 . COBB, MR. ANDY 163, 168 ' , Coffman, Christopher 139 Cohen, Susana 118, 122, 127, 200 Cainer, Richard 105, 223, 227 Cofe,jMary 73 COLLINS, MRS. ANNE 162, 163 COMER, MR. ROBERT 164, 167, 200 Conaway, Brian 139 Conoway, Margaret 105, 157, 212, 229, g 234 Cane, Jason 47, 105, 252 QCotil1lin, Christopher 122, 133, 252 Contreras, Yvette 139 Cools, Patricls 122, 245, 246, 288 Coolse, Shane 105 Cooper, Rosseil 73, as, 219, 226, 12212, A 234, 245, 278 7 5 Corbett, Michael 46, 105, 223, 226, 227, 232, 234, 261, 262, 288 Cotnetr, Elizabeth 74, 264 Cortez, Stephen 15, 74 Cothren, Charles 139 ' , Cox, Aiexandro 49, 119, 122 fl Cox, Annolynn 122, 217, 228 COX, MR. CURTlS 164, 172, 234 COX,5DR. JOANNE 164, 171 fcox,e7v11ss PEGGY 164 Cra8iree, Bradley 139 Craig, Timothy 23 Crews, Stephanie AQ, 53474, 157, 189, 212, , 218, 219, 223, 226, 229 Critchlow, Karen 139 Croft, Lesley iso 229, 2:12, 234, 266, 268, 270 DPJGG5, MP15. JAYNE 183 Dtought,'Heother 15, 24, 75 Drought, Jan71es'123 Due, Jay 123 DUFFY, Mix, DAVID 16, 1o4, 177' Duganne, Erina 14, 106, 209, 212, 217, 218, 226, 229, 232, 234, 235, 264, 280 DuQQer,'Eloino 139, 140 Duignan, John 75 Dulaney, Allisse 123, 223 7 Duncan, Kenneth 106 C it cror1e,Jer1r1sfer 105, too, 189, 209, 217, Dunfotd, Paul 253 . 232, 290 I 1, 7 Duoeriet, Allison 118, 120, 123, 188, 214, Crosby, Kevin 54, 74, 226, 229, 233 223, 227 Crow, Katherine 74, 217 Crowly, Donah 74 Crowley, Leah 105, 113, 212, 221 Crowley, William 139 Cruz, Adela 139, 283, 285 Cruz, Carlos 105 7 , Cueva, Jose Dailey, Corey1139, 253 Davila, Juiie 75 Davis, Edward Davis, Garrett 75, 272 Davis, Gregory 139, 260 Davisgleslie 105 Davis, Meredith 105 7 1 Dayo, Rosamin 139,283,.,285 De la Moto, Alcides 122 M Debroolse, Kathryn Deegear, James 67, 75, 219, 226, 229 234 Delgado, Alyssa 122 Delgado, Anthony 122 Delmer, Samuel 49,"101, 105, 232, 278 Dewar, Christopher 123 Dewees, Edward 123, 204, 205 Diaz, Jeffrey Diaz, John 260 Dibrell, Samuel 140, 149 Dieauez, 'Moria 140 Diises, Stacy 75 Dillard, Roger 140, 253 Dittrnan, Jacob 105 'V - A Ditrman, Jeremy 52, 54, 75, 180, 203, 226, 229, 231, 232, 233 Ditrmar, Eiizobeth 140 Dixson, ,Robert 123 Donoghue, Kelly 105 Darbandt, Kenneth 23, 105, Dounson, Jenice 75, 200, 202, 226, 232 DREEBEN, MP1, ALAN 152, 153 Dreeben, Allison 104, 105, 212, 213, 214, 218, 219, 222, 223, 227, 229, 232, 234 Dreyer, Dain 52, 75, 219, 223, 226, 227, , Fatrimond, Cathryn 18, 48, 57, 76, 219 jaorooo, Kyle 106 liljurand, Tiffany Eason, Flayd,i140 Echeverria, Donald Echeverria, Donna 7 ye EDMONDSON, MRS, LOU 158 C , T Edwards, Darrell 106, 228 Y Edwards,.XVilliam 106, 204, 252 Erioeo, 'trove ioo, 224 Errtbrey,3fCheryl Enferadg1'LidO'75, 202 ENG, SMR: JOHNNIE 164, 7 , English, Jeanene 123, 200 ,igl 250 Engiish, Robert 76 Escamilla, Jeano 53, 76 Escamilla, Laura Espinosa, Deanna 76 y Espinasa, Denise A 12O,'Sfl2i3,l 160 ESQUIVEL, MRS. LETIQA71, 158 Evans, Karen 123' i,', CVCV 16 A EVERETT, M155 LEEANNE 165, 280, 253, I 284, 285 EVERS, MR. IRA 165, 170, 228 Ewert, Phillip 245 Ewing, Robin,,140 Fagerbetig, Nicole 123, 223, 227, 228, 232 Falcon, 'Charles 123 Falcon, Christina 223, 227 g ' Falcon, Margaret Forias, Paul 76, 245 Forias, Richard 106 Farrimoncl, Elizabeth 46, 48, 66, 67, 68, 76, 212, 213, 214, 218, 219, 223, 226, 231, 234 V' H A index - 4 reef, Meredith 120, 220, 227, FAZ, ANGIE 0150,-160, 175 ' . is fee' P01051 12651 Feiner,,Joy f 5 Felder, Jason 140, 169 ,FQlder, Jude 106,'218, 219, 202, 290 Felix, AClriOfX 123, 219 g Felux, Jennifer 123, 217 1 . 5 A Fenton, William 21, 1 fernandez, Richardfw fi 11 A Ferfjanclez Sfephen140i2 A cerelyn 1406? A Hcnrner, Russell 106 Fielciien, Claire 123 h Fielden, Guy 76, 204, 2525 22 2 A FieIder,,,Jeromy 128 1 Qi 1, FlNK,,0lX1JCE165, 170, 288,ff28S?1 5' rlse11ner,,i,11l6nel1,77 1 5 5 5502121500507 1 F1snep,i11 KiJiii6m,54, 125, 220, 227 Firzparrick, Charles 125 5 1, 5 Flannery, Ann 106, 212, 220, ,226,fi204 266, 267, 268, 290 , 4 -17, fif 5 Flores, 0100001202 5 5 Flores, Jose 1106, 5204 Flares, 2Lericia106 Flares, Maria 140, 2210 Flores, Nicole 140 , Flares, Saro14OV 1' g y Foersrer, Holly ,',. ,1 ,V , 1 ':?QER5T5l1- PAUL 1155L3?1Z1Q912321 293 1301136116 5R6heleln 14057257 ,EQgg,1iNancy 106, 5220 .5 een, 15 1 , DAVE 165, 2451 Fbrsyrhe, John A y 1rasr1aR, ROBERT 165, 2045 1245, 260 FOS1Qf,5,K0YhOI'lD9 118, 125,,g175,,f21Q, 281, A 271.21250 A gf n,1, FT0lf3lS,1gg0l.J1TQi14, 577, 202, 216g:,219,..221, 11 ,ol ' ' 5 1'1Fr1f1nZerfQ?DC3rwin 125, 171, 204, 227 FRENcH,, EARLENE 157 , , 5 Fridge, ci-lace 47, 77, 185 nnellol f Frizzell, 'Ganelle 107 ' Fly, Tonyo 107, M M ,A ,',, Fuhrmqnn, , ' , 1 Fulron, ,Men6er1i,f,5116g 120, 125, 121.220, 722712 , 1 , gF0li0n, Michaelf77,5f245 1 ,l,21' g,,,'S05i6re6rn, 06146 77, 261, 272, 270 5 1 wcfdligigher, William 28,125 1 A Gallegos, Angelo 140 1 ,Q 5 A Galloyyey, Carherine ll,7,1 eelyengywilliem 125,204 ,1e1 5 6n1ky6i6g,1 191161 107, 204 lflloln ' 66mp1n6,,51Mr61nel 125 1 1 0441- index 1 1 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, ' '1 1111 Garcia 1 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Gordne 1282, Carmen 107 Eloy Frederica 107 . J6l4e125 5 Joanne-QJR 1 Nara1140 h1,1 A 1 5 Paul 210, 250, 260 Pere 78, 202 A Ruben 125, 252 , , Sonia 140, 284 , . 1 r, Courtney 212, 2261 , , 234 . ','W il fffl 7 W A 1eAi1REr, ,GORDON 166, f 245 971211191 Garza ' Angel Chris 140 Garza, Gauclalupe 107, 211 A Garza, Maria 5 i , Garza, ,Mario 140 Ji 1n,, Q , 1 Garzo,,,PC1rricia 78, 206, Garza, 5S17!i11iar'n 107, 206 G0skelL1l:lQley 49, 100, 101, 107,2189, 212, V 223, 227, 52-31 George, Karhryn 23, 78 Gessner, Jocelyn 107, 206 A Gibson, Krisren1140 Giesey, Samuel 1107 Gilberr, JessicaQ125,g2041 , ' Goode 5 6112666611140 lfeeidsfnrrn, P1urh778, 107, 204 1 Glover, .1Ul10fL1CsTi 124, 125, 214, 220, 227 , Gomez, Laurie 107 ' - . Gomez, Lindo 49, 119,,1,25, 181, 188, 219 220 Gomez, Thomas 1402253411260 , , 600010 ' A f.E1:3jQl2ZG1eSy'ChflSflf1O 140 g A csengeles, Robert 125 1 7, L Gbnzaies, Timothy 107 V,,, Ganzales, Angel 140 , GONZALES, MARILYN 161,,,166g,g174,i 1 5 eenznaez, Enrique 107 , , ,517 '511 G00ZOl0'Z,5,1?xGfO9l107, 220,F2662gf l,,7 06ne61ez,j1Bene140 7 V Gofiidlef, 151, rsula 140, 284 G6rdon,'Bei1y Gorham, Andrew 125 Gorman, Scot? 125, 252 Gorman,AWilliam 252 W5 , 11,. 1 Grocia, Ruben! 2 V, Grocia, Violer1,140j,'i280, 285, 290 5 5 Granr, l3r0nd0nf1251 ,y 5 ,1,1 ,,,1160AsER, GARY 166, 160 csfeyee, Gisele 140, 288, 285- 1,1,,1 1 Grearnouse, Stephanie 125,1f227fj A afeeney5,,7iJoi1n 1125 Green, Rochelle 78, 280, 281 Green, Thomas 78 Griffin, Thrusran, 140, 250 , Grimm, Suelien , y , , 5 Groos, Ernesr107, 110, 220, 226, 2 712612, 262, 268, ,2, 1' GROOS4 susAN116Q.227 1 Guenrher, Jacl1 78,f229, 232, 234 - A 5 1Guerra,1S1.lchil1O7, 197, 290 Guerrero, Cesar y Guerra, Jesus 125 ,1 Guerra, Kelly 141 ,I Guliey, Timorhy 18, , Gallo, Desiree 107 f Gqrierrez, Arny141 11 5,1 G0rierrez,1Cynrhio 107 1 Guzman, Laura 78, 228, 227 , Haden, William 24, 78, 288, 2891 Hale, Chance 141 y llnle, s1epnnn1e49,107, 111, 266, Haley, Alex6n6er5141,,y 55 , X 1 15 Haley, Jo Ann 1,107rj2O0, 209, 216, 2321 Hollsread, JeffreyZ72,1201, 204 ininllsreed, inure 49,j141,,144, 166 Hammond, Robe-rr 40, 50, 55, 66, 70, 79, 196, 197, 219, 226, 201, 204 , A 1 1 Zlflamner, Walrer 18, 58,94 , I 5 1-lan,'Jar'nie 1 1 Hanes, Laura g 6112541111 f' 2 A Hann, George 11 1 Samanrha yy j , , Srephen 141 4 HARBOP-DT, MRS. DOROTHY' 160 Hardaway, Lorricia 211 4 1, Hardeman, Alicia 107, 198,7,5'11ViAgjf55f5 2,51 1 . Hnrowielf, Kelly 49, 107, Hardy, 416, ,46,27Q1, 210, 210 A H6rl41n6,fi?25ff1cl417140,106, 110, 2'l91,l220, 227 , y Harlsraderjiifenr 18, 79, 66, 197, 223. 229 269, 264, 265, 270 5 Horns, Joy 200 y ,x151 1 1' 1 Harper, Wilma 79, , 1 , Harrell, Marshal1?l05,7229 1 T A Harris, Frances ,275 HARR6, MPQ.'l'KALF5H156, 245 iffl,1H6l-rie,2 srepnen 42, 141, 250, 276 Hanlson, Alli 141 5 Harrison, Den 79 1 1 V. Harrison,,John141, 5 5,,,y HART, MRS. JANET 11161,16Sgg1111661,17166, 194 Hefffmdfw. Michael ,HOryE1y,fPearl, 159 1 1 A 175 HABWELL, M155 CHRiSTlNEV162, 167, 221 ,H6rh6vyay, Rurh 141 1 A Hawkins, Jennifer 125 Hayes, Amanda 125, 198, 199, 284, 290 Hayes, Holly 125 'i Hayes, Shannon 108, 208, 228, 227, 202 ways, Heather 108, 214, 229 2 Hellarns, Hunr 126, 252 Helms, Chandaiee 108 l-lemion, Christian 228 - 1 1Henderson,iHearher 120, 126 Hendricks, Mary 12 A ' Hennig, Scorr 141 , Henry, Jusrin 1412 "22 ,, Henry, Roiaerr 141, 250, 260 Hensey, Holly 109, 111, 202, 266i,'268,'-269 Henslee, Julie 126, 2821 . lappini, l.illie8122 1 ldrogo, Adriana '81, 204, 223, 227, 229, 232, 234 1 1 1 lngrorn, Barbara, 81, 209 a Ingram, Brian 120, 126 ' f 211"1gl'CJi"f'i, Julie 126, 21457, 219, 223, 89 -Irvine, Kristen 18, 58,2 81, 94 2' Jagksan, Donna 82,2202 22 Jaclsson,'Keirh- Kirby,,Marien110 y y Herff, Chrisrian10Q, 227 1 Hernandez Emilia 80 Hernandez, Feiicia 2 Hernandez, Greg 211 1 Hernandez, Leyla 126 Hernandez Lori 141, 211 Hernandez Hernandez 1 Rachel 80, 206 Rasalinda 109, Jqmbs.,ereQofy 82, 210, 285 f, Jacobs, Marc1203,'226,f'200 - Jacoby, 5rerr,142,, 147 A Jann, Corin 82 ' Janssen, Jarrerr 126. Jeffers, Aimee 1092226172 A Jeffers, Virginia109 y 3 m Herrera, Cary 126, 182, 290 1 Herrera, Juan 252 22 . Herrera, Michelle 211 Herring, Nicole 2 1 1 1 Herricli, Jeffrey 70, 80 1 MR. MARK 167, 2452 ' ' 27 H1c1e,1Dasr1n124, 126, 198 Hicks, James 141 Hicks, Richard A 1 Higby, Steven 126 HiIl,15racey2 ,l-IINES, MR. GILBERT 167, 245 - Hincjosa 2 2 2 ,Ben211 ' ' ' Michael 126, 210 2 Hincyasa, Hinqosa, Yverre.,142,1210,' ,528-3, 1265 HQwmon,,.cmsr1on 109 . Hoiiorooi, Tracy 220, 41221, 27257 1 Hoiieron,1Dayna 57,80 Holleron, Jason 14222 2 Hoiimgsac, SCOTV15, 80, ,245 y I-iaizhausen, l3rool45109,,204, 252 E. H9oper, Jane 40, 46, 1091 1 H6rrQ,Pe1er142,19a , , y HORVATH, MRS. BARBARA 158 ' 1' -l+1Uff,Nlarl1109 1 4 1p10gnimf1e,J111a0,212,1202 A ' f Hughey, Timorhy281, 80,1 245,,247,,,248 .1 JENNINGS, MS. ClNDY 167 1 Hf?1lQwaY.Srepl'1en1'58,80,19852 1 as , ,11ennedy, Eyeiyn 126, 2272 Kenriedy,5l4arhryn 126, 160, 202 KepharrQJason1 2721 15 1 11 Kercheyille, Jana , Kern,'Chrisrapi'1er 126 , 1 A ,age-s11y,y,s0SQn, 49, as, 200, 212, 218,219 Keuper, Jeffrey 83, 98 1 . 5 Reaper, Travis 126, 272 Kharraa, Ahrned188, 208, 209 ,1e11a18assa,.igmy 97,.2200,i202. ,204 KIRBY, MPQCRA16 168,2245'1 1 Kirlerinan, Russell 21142, 217 141r14mof1,.r1mori1y 00, 217, 229, 234 Jimenez' Michael? A , , Kiselis, Tinniorhy 84 22 222 fomson' Ame 82' 109' 226' 227.2 2 Kizer,'Reiaecca 2110, 214 , ,. Johnson' G70"eS' A 1 1111 9 1211 1 isieqf, JQm510nf1a, 110 1 Johnson, Mark 49, 126, 252, 278' Kteiagi jGgeph,143 . h Jarman, Richard 1109, 271 . Kane! pm 145 J9'if??fO0f,1'?if'f'e1451,159, 14850194111 foeoomn' 84, 200 Jones, BFOUIGY ' 21 ? Kopeclqyirggfgline 18, 84 2 500251 5189021 25212451 278 , KOpec14yf,.Ch8?1es1401 1 Jones, Grerchen 135,f142,?188,i28O,,2131 .KOWNSLAPM MARGARET 168 5 Jones' Krenels,22Rene 127 22' 1 Jones, Marl1126 A 21'i if 11 Kwegerfmhn y My Jones' 'WCh01?312612f2?0011,272 mefferf 505552140111 JOQGS, ,'l2 2 1 4 Jordan,11S9r9i1'91521f 12442121, 23? ..,. 110511, fsabfaf 2110, 2198, 199, 2221 f Jowers, Jeffrey 104, 142,1'147, 260, 5184 gf: yjfj, ,,1, y , , ,J 2 JQWer5iThROben416'Lg:82 V V kg!.?: L if . L JL20rez7,L0zOfo 822 25 12 71' 1 JL5arei,fRene1227ff 1 5 .1i,1arez,1Rogelio 142 2 Jangman, 61490111120 ,7,1, 5224 fgfi A A , , i . JUn9ff1QwM999ofeno1142 ii -ff i1i.7 , . , '2 iarnberr, Srephanie 143, 2062 ' Humphries, Apfai 81, 178, 201, 282,2280,12 288 4 , , 1 '1HUNT,, MR. .PAUL 167, 202 l4ale,11Jennifer 28 ,1'. 821 1 Kararz, George2110O, 1 1 , , Hunrer, Chrisrian5260 212 A :ri jg y 211011141 Kevin 120, 126, 252. '1ATZfMl15-1'W'1EN1f1?' 16?f1.10912121,2221 'HUffiIfeSS, DOfO1'11y210Q,'113,,212,'2CJ6, 2601 12? ,, A A Hunrress, Marrha142,, , y Ke?ney"2I?'ebeCC0 Fu l-lungress Marrira 20, 141, 214 '1 1y12 11 2 2Kgfg?I'1'MO14?' , W 4 2iH0r9irress,+Roberr 49,66 67, 229.1 Kegel' Wwe'18S1ff2O0'11266z+- Hanooo David 51, 209 A 1 K?i?'i091,is5e"Y,1,10Q- 3941 275 H0fq31f1s,1carmen 01, 97, 202. 221, 2324 Ken' Je'2emY2m' 111 Kell, John 142 , M , KEl.SEY,'2MRS,?2HELENf'158fj175i KENNEQY, Miss Eiiian 157 Larnljrechrg Nicholas 50,158,184 A :.LOfQlfif1, Richard! 181 A Lander, Lara T W 1 11 Lang, Chrisrino 110 , Langford, Keith 84, 1180, 1811, Langfardgifkobin 27, 180 Large,Charies11O ' Q Lawi71on,,Annie Lawrence, Sharon 85, 01, 7185, 196, 209 11,214,226 Lazenby,Arnanda12 2 1 Le, Jeuney Marcei . . l.e:Jeune, Paul 1 Lean, E11zabe1h11110,1,227 - , Lechoyyicls, Jashua 127 1 tef1ofe,i11ic1mes 85, .11ca,,194, 221, 225 igefiore, Jeanne 110 A LEIZEAR, JANE 156 1 f' T 1 V 1 1 ,. 1, index 84 1 Mc6rowQ,4lexonder2287 8' M00110, 100v10'25, 49, 200, 227, 282, 00 2231232 2 2 8 2 846 Levine, 1000 120 Levy, Brion-51, 127 Lewoiien, Croy Lewis, ,0orion' 148 Lewis, Thomossee 159 'V ue-0, E11111y 148 2 1 Lindner, Cr1ri5ropher,148 Lirde, 'Eglin 852 ' Lively, Louro 85, 206 1 ,, 1, L10170, 00210 15185, 228, 227 V LonQn'11re,VApri1, 5 ' ' 2, H Lonrgorio, Donie-1 85, '99, 141 Lou15E, LPQMA 1 i Love, Myne 85, 180, 210 VLove11, Morie 49, 148,144 Lubionslsi, Roberr 127 .iVLUb1C1f1S141, Snoron 148' . Luno, Guiijermo 127' 1 Lurz, 'Charles 152' ' MABRYi12M1G1l1CN 100, 214, 215 MocDon1ei, An'1ondo110,'214 1 1 Mocirigoi, Germoine V, Moet:-ius, Brion 110, 228 ' M0eE105,8E11z000r11 00, 198, 212, 217, 219, 225.281, ,202,-204,1V220 '2 Mogee, Jennifer 88 ,M0Q011, v1011y 127, 224 Morrinez, Adriono 86 Morrinez, Corlos 219, 220 1M0rr1r1ez, Cynrhio 87, 227 , Morrinez, Diono 5 Q 8 Morrinez, irene 87 , Morrinez, Liso A Morrinez, Normo 87 1 Morrinez, Morrinez Pere 144, 210 Sondro . , Moson,fMorIo'127, 1220, 227 1 M1lIer,VKenner1'1 145 1 2 Mnser, 1100011 111, Miller,,Shc1n171on 111 ' Millsop, Adorn 145 ,r711m0:15, 1171111001 ,111 7 Minjorez, Merri ,V V V 1. Minnieor, Amy 127, 180, 284 Minnieor, Andrew V145, 22534 A Mirondo, Elizobern 88, 221 MOAD, DAVID 189, 2041 1 ,1Mcc0m151100f0i111, 200, 207, 268' 2 Mossey, Shoroyne 110, 211 Morheseh, John 110 Morrhews, Wilbur 127, 227 Moyer, Froncefr 159 1 McConn,,Mor1ry 144,280 2 1' Moe1ler,3Jenn1fer 127 Morf1nig,.1-ierrie 127, 188, 198, 224, 282 Monsolvo, 5110110 145 Monsolvo,,,5uson3 40, 88 1 ' Monremoyor, Morio 88, 223 VV MOCRE, ANITA 169 V in Moore, Corrie 140, 145, 149 , ,L 7110010 Christopher 40, 07, 00, 02, 218, 219 ,L McClone, Len 87.,y,212, 228 f 2 Mcc1e1100, 110-v1n'20,2 87 1 McConnell, Roberr.124, 127 554 2 MCCURDY, MARYANNE 169, 224 McDuff,,Amondc1144 7 .5 f , Me15100w0ey,2 11f100y 144' MgForling, Mory 87, 2 2 rl M0i5ouQ?1y, Amy 144, 147 V MCQrOI0QlVK0thieeni111, 212, 227,285 284, 285 ' 1 MC1nryre,1JO1'1n111, 229, 204, 200 ,L McKenzie, Ericf144 A on McNomee, Josephinef52, 87, 2281 VT MCNeeI, A100r1'40, 50, 50, 487, 170, 219, 245, 247 , , q 5 Mcprasrxsozu, 'RUBY 157 McP1f1er5on,,,Soro21 144729015 2 111001, 0101105 127 Moore, Eugene 145. V Moore, Leoh 120, 127, 280 , V Moore, ,Morgorer 127, 184, 21'-7 1 W 2 MOOFE, Michael 49, 134, 105, 145, 250, ,260 Moore, 282 S101010111, 212, 220, 226, 227, , Moons, PALJLA 161,,168,2189 Moore , Moroles Rise 'L 5 ' 1 , Rosie 159 4, Moreno, 171010010-1 84, 217, 284 Moreno, Pedro 250 , ,V Q rf, 1 ' Moreno, Rinberr Moreno,VSy1vio 127 QV, 'ly , Morrison, Locie 111, 214, 215, 227, Morse, Trocy, 89, f209,Ff212, 3218, 214, 217, ' 228, 229, 282, 284, V MQSESJLJOHN 1251 2 Moss, 0131117 170,175 V Morley, Michele 145 Moyo, Ruben 159 V VV MQYGETQSTOCQY 1117: if M0111eg-50, AbhUi189, 210 m0111011-00, 102 128, 2272522012 Mumford, Trey 19, ,V24, 81,8917 L, 100002, 1:0110 1212, 228, 227 Munoz, Ale-0,89 LV . , MUrphy,'Noe17i145, 253 2 Murroy, V0ovic1VV128, 224,288 Mdrroy, Tiobon 128 . 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Ostrower, Daniel 128, 227, 282 Owens, Jeffrey Owens, Kristen 112, 198 OXFORD, LARRY 170, 266, 267, 268 Palmien, Anna 90, 198, 209, 212,284 Pape, Kristina 28, 112, 221, 224, 229 Parchman, Marla 227, 284 ' Paredes, Cliff 58, 204, 245, 246 Patel, Scott 90, 226, 272, 278 PARKER, Bots too, 172, 176 Parker, Franklin 145, 258 Pari-ter, Stephen 145 2 Parsons, Ashley 104, 112, 168, 198, 212, 214 Parsons, Shawn 90, 284 Paterson, Allan 145 Patterson, Tiffany 105, 112, 209, 219 Patton, Amy 90, 221, 284 Patton, Meredith 112, 204 Paty, Dan 128 Payer, Andrew 112 Peavy, Berjamin 112 Peavy, David 260 Peche, Michael 90 Perez, David Perez, George 159 Perez, Henry 145 g Perez, Javier Perez, Jessica 145, 288, 284 Perez, Julio . Perez, Laura 112, 214, 282 , Perez, Luis 227 Perran, Patricia 128, 188 Perron, Rochelle 145, 149 Persful, Heather 24, 66, 90, 212, 219 Person, Susanna 118, 124, 128, 164, 198, 214 I , Peters, James Peterson, Delliah 90, 211 Peterson, Geoffrey 128 Peterson, Richard Peterson, Shelbi 118 Pety, Monica 118, 200, 4212, 218, 282, 284. 285 Phillips, Carmen 288, 284, 285 Phillips, Scott 128, 200 Pierce, Melanie 145 Pitluls, Jeff 49, so, sa, vo, 91, 245, 247, 248, 249 - Pletz, Amy 91 'H Poinier, Catherine 111, 118, 288, 290 Pollals, Jessica 89, 91,f 209, 217, 284 Pontcga, Rosie 159 A Poulter, Clint 145, 258 Poyo, Jeremy 118 ' Prevost, Joseph 145, 258, 260 Prichard, Joshua 145, 258, 260 Ptxuiirt, JOY 166,171 PRUSKI, LINDA 171 Pryor, Thomas Pulido, Rosie 118 Pumorejo, David 91 Purcell, Ashley 145 Putman, Branden 129 Quintanilla, Domingo 129 Quintanilla, Lorraine 91 Rolls, Shay 108, 118, 226, 282 Ramirez, Corinna 129, 284 Ramirez, Jesse Ramirez, Jessica 202 Ramirez, Laura 129 Ramseur, Renee 118 RANEY, GAlL 171 Raney, Brandon 184, 185, 144, 145, 258, ,278 Rangel, Lisa 145, 288, 285 RANSCDN, SUZJE 171 Routher, Robert 118 Ray, Marica 118 Roy, Teddy 145, 252' Redmond, Donald 91, 226, 229, 284, 261, 288 Reed, David 49, 185, 145, 258, 278 Reininger, Jane 146, 147 Reiton, Brenda 86, 92, 212, 281, 282, 284, 275 Reiton, Brian 129, 272 Reitzer, Jason 129 1 1 Rendan, Joseph 47, 92, 245, 248, 249, 278' Rendon, Rebecca 92 Resendiz, Dulce 118, 167 Reyer, Eloisa A Reyes, Sonia 146 Reyes, Steven 114 Reyna, Noemi 114 Reynolds, Emily,92 Richardson, Bruce 92 A Richie, Ross 58, 92, 219, 225, 281, 245 RICKS, CARLYNN 165, 171, 208 Ridgili, John 92, 245 Riggins, Stephanie 129 y RiGGS, MR. GUY 172 y Rindfuss, Bryan 146 , Rindfuss, J. Allen 129, 164 RIORDAN, MRS. SANDRA 165, 172 Risien, Jane 129, 200, 214, 228, 2271 Rivas, Joseph 188, 146 Rivela, David 114, 197, 200, 229,, 284, 288 Rivera, Alfredo 210 Rivera, Joseph , Rivera, Mary 159 Rivera, Tina 98 1 Robbins, William 98, 284, 272 Roberson, Erin 114, 226, 282 Roberts, Matthew U Roberts, tifioi 18, 41, 101, 114, 195, 1 219, 280 , Robertson, Shay 181, 182, 219 Robinson, Jeffrey 51, 98 Robinson, John A A Rodda, Anastasia 146 Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez Angie 159 Carlos 204, 278 lssac 146 Jerry 258 Jae 159 Rogers, 'Richard 181 Rorls, Patrick 98, 245 , Rosas, Gregory 98, 204 Rose, Robin 180, 181, 214, 290 tkosoi, Jill 181, 198 A Ross, David 114 Ross, Kelly 181, 284 Ross, Stephen 245 Roundtree, Pamela 98 ROWLAND, MR. 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Q ,Ibis Sk A w J xp l is If M Z. F N V Q FROM THE EDITORS1 'M- 'AN 7 'rr L if lf if The parry of Heighrsfesr has cerrainly been exciring, We have " Q5 seen our srudenrs, arhleres, scholars, and spirir leaders TOISG us f rhrough an exhilararing year. Worlsing on rhe Olmos has really X 3' f made Us appreciate rhe rimes rhar have passed before Us in 87-88. 9 The fun, sorrow, humor, anger, and boredom have all been cap- " qi 1 rured ro rhe besr of our caoabiliry. The Olmos rool-1 an a new lools , N. N wirh more pages, new sections, and more arr. We have enjoyed ' Q vga worlsing on ir and musr rhanls you for giving Us rhe momenrs ro preserve, The year has ended for everyone buf rhe barry will 2 conrinue in '89, x K Y Jimmy LeFlore jf rf and 855' " , T", Teri Soules, f l, in L Co-Edirors C? ,J ' "gl, Ai 3393, 2 ,T 'Ere A VL XL, 'fin' l Xa' AQ , Q SEQ .J ' BR?-l,ii 'Q . 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