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TEXAS WSZDQII IEIDIITFIEID IBF' TIIHIE 'UIIMUUS STFAIFIF swf? , Q, X Q x f x v 4 f 511519 52 . 4 Z U 34 , was U M 3 ae M ww www, 3? 49, my r Q r 1 V r 2 2 :L X 2 r 3 ff Q z 1 4 f P' w Q if 1+ X N 4 J 4 Q x 1 Q x ? Q x 6 x X g Q L Q 4 xx x ax MW 1+ 5 -Haw? . H5 v Z fgmqpx, 3525253 rj: 5 W3 Z 2 wiifkli ,M 235111: ?Z Z 55 Q WWW wwgwf ewyazm vmwm L- Q 4, WM Y", ' ,fd . ,, f., z, e 2 'Qi p' 1 My ha 2 - nqww? 6 .., -,F .-3 is ,Iv 357 f K . . U. 'X wx ' 11 -..- my V . lx 3. Q 1' "wwf r ,fm , ..55Q2mM '4' W ' X H X 5, ,Q 2, x n 97,59 Z ,-. I, 'V Wuxi, ' - , . . ,-Q -'- HSA-4.1.14 'N -, XM-,,, , ', 9 ji V .WI H W, X Y . ' A w.N:1.X'1X NF 1-V-rf", 'A ff "f , x Kg M " ' Q , wx'-wr A J X - "' ""f'.-' Y'-f'q4:f:.:. Kp- Y ' Q x ff?" - Q. ?'?' ...' F fwfr:-wwwE-fs-.Kg-ww, .Mm f n pf 'M'-XIQHS:-swvwwwum-Mq..4,d,,,.A, saggy.. , 33 K J k, ' 4 .31 . 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H , AM .M ' 3, 0 1 x fu S 0 b , 9,2 l W: a D' .nn 1 I gf P Q o O V. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SUM- MER fabovel at the Beach Boys outdoor concert at Joe Freeman Coliseum, ev- eryone looked forward to a great sum- mer. THE SYMBOL OI' THE 1982 WORLD'S FAIR, fabove rightjin Knox- ville, Tennessee was a popular attrac- tion for many people during the sum- mer months. HEIGHTS TRAVELERS Crightl pose in Vienna, Austria on the American Institute Foreign Studies tour of Europe last summer. IN LATE AUGUST fbelow rightl a Heightster runs through the surf to catch a frisbee at everyone's favorite spot, Port Aran- sas. 16 Calendar 0'-.u ' f - we my . rf ', T' ,-f , A, 1: A y ,M ,A 1' MIGHTY MULES Kabovel breakthrough to a new year at the first pep-rally in September. Summer tans fade as visions of school threaten Summer was a time of fun! Many vacationers plans were changed when the Mexican peso's value began to fluctu- ate. Meanwhile in Europe, Princess Diana had a baby boy. Back in the US., the World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee was a grand attrac- tion. Early morning practices for Spurs, band members, and athletes signaled the end of vacation for many I-leightsters. ln addition the Student Coun- cil was also busy preparing the new directory for fish ori- entation and the rest of the year. Keywanettes had their annual Rummage Sale which was a smashing success. Ev- eryone hurried to get in their last trip to the coast before school registration which be- gan August 25. We faced the beginning school year knowing of the changes that had been made. Teachers were found more challenging academically. All classes were concerned with the stricter graduation policy. Along with the concern for academics came a greater in- terest in promoting school spirit. To increase student in- terest a special schedule was arranged so that weekly pep- rallies could take place during advisory time. ,wr is, A , WN Calendar 1 7 RENA MCGAUGHY fright, sells direc- tories at the PTSO Back to School Night while Joyce Park gives a lost par- ent directions. THE SENIOR CLASS of 1983 fhelowj gathers outside to have their class picture taken in early Sep- tember. IN SEPTEMBER fbottomj the Mule Stadium is transformed into temporary carnival grounds for the tra- ditional Howdy Night festivities, spon- sored annually by the Mulepushers. 5 IQ , as .o A 1? for Q 1 . " 'MNA 1 8 Calendar 1 V t ,AN gif, ,XM at N N wifi September: it's that time again With the start of school, September was a time of read- justment for Heights students. Early in the month, Howdy Week helped to start off the year in the right way. Dress-up days and recognition for each class plus a "Mystery Hugger" Contest were planned as spe- cial events. The traditional Howdy Parade kicked off the festivities Friday night for the record breaking crowd of 4000. Besides the usual food and activity boothes, a hot air ballon ride highlighted the Howdy Night festival. Out of concern that there was a lack of competitiveness at Heights, the student Com- petition Committee was formed to make an in-depth study of our athletic and aca- demic programs. The commit- tee, of students, parents, facul- ty, and patrons, began work at the beginning of school and continued through March. ln September, the whole world grieved at the death of Princess Grace of Monaco, the labor union riots contin- ued in Poland, and in the U.S., business failures aver- aged 5OO a week even after interest rates began to de- cline. Finally, at the end of September, the pro football players began a strike that would last for eight long weeks. THE HOT AIR BALLOON, lleftl a new attraction at Howdy Night this year, rises gracefully with its load of lucky ticket holders. THE FOOTBALL PLAY- ERS labove left, take it easy riding on the Fuller Double Deck bus during the traditional Howdy Night Parade up Broadway kicking off the annual event! ' Calendar 19 2 t..,,,f' THIS DAZZLING ARRAY OF LIGHTS, BALLOONS, AND GLITTER Qtop leftl created by the seniors won them first place in the Homecoming Hall Decorat- ing Contest. DURING THE HOME- COMING PEP RALLY Qtop rightl all the ,,,..... . ,LJE WI K 7 Jvf ' sf' -A yell leaders, varsity, JV and freshman cheerleaders combine their talents to lead the crowd in one big cheer. DUR- ING HOMECOMING WEEK fabove leftl seniors showed their class spirit by dressing up in their pjs. ON TEACHER ,wt DRESS-UP DAY fabove rightj athletic department secretaries Lois Mischer and Rita Conaway show spirit by deck- ing themselves in their old Spur uni- forms, complete with curlers and slip- pers. Homecoming spirit high with return of alums . . . October at Heights was the busiest month of the year as thoughts of Homecoming flooded everyone's mind. While high school Heightsters were gearing up for their cele- bration of Homecoming, Heightsters of years past were getting ready for their own Homecoming reunion fun. lt was to be a first ever All-Class reunion for all former Height- sters spearheaded by Mule- 20 Calendar pusher president Bill Fitch. Six thousand reunioners from all over crammed into the sta- dium for the football game and special activities, while 3000 attended the annual PTSO barbeque that preced- ed it. After the barbeque a special alumni parade around the field was held for which "Happy Harry" Heights per- renial ffl fan was the Grand Marshall. After the Homecom- ing court halftime presenta- tion former football coaches and players were honored during a special ceremony. And following the game a spe- cial party for reunioners was held on the football field. The once in-a-lifetime reunion brought alums from as far away as London. At school during Home- coming Week festivities the seniors proved themselves ACCORDING TO TRADITION Qtopj the A. H. bonfire burns on in the stadium the night before the Homecoming game providing a moment of peace and retrospection among all the hectic Homecoming activities. DURING THE HOMECOMING BONFIRE, lmiddlel a "real" mule parades on the track led by Craig Hardy while Caledonia, Amy Heydenreich, watches. PRESIDENT OF MULEPUSHERS, BILL FITCH, Qbot- tomj credited with the organization of the AHHS All Class Reunion, and his wife talk to a reporter from KENS-TV interviewing the large crowd at the bar- beque dinner preceding the game. . . to Heights most spirited by winning both the hall decorating contest and class jar contest. A mural of the school mascot, a mule, was painted at the end ot the Main Hall funded with the money raised in the class jar competition. But October had more to it than Homecoming. As the end ot the month drew near, students began to put thought into new ideas tor Halloween. The Key Club, Keywanettes, Wranglers, and the Mule Stall Council sponsored a haunted house tor all age children. At the same time the Tylenol Scare was terrorizing many people. Calendar 2 'I ALUMS CROWD Qabove leftj the old 'tennis courts for a plate of barbeque at the PTSO-sponsored dinner before the game. AT THE PTSO BARBEOUE DIN- NER Qabove rightj before the game alumni eat and reminisce about old times. Some 3000 former Heightsters attended the dinner held on the old tennis courts. FORMER AHHS CHEER- LEADERS frightl show they still have spirit in the pre-game parade. THE JAM PACKED CROWD OF 6000 FOR- MER AHHS STUDENTS Qbelow right, joins in with the band to sing the Na- tional Anthem before the start of the game. 22 Calender ",i,., uf- " ,I .,., .. t ?ZIu'L'L'f,7Ill4faj mf., QEL. HOMECOMING CHAIRMAN SUSAN SPOOR, PRINCIPAL BARNEY NEW- TON, STUDENT COUNCIL PRESI- DENT LISA CALGAARD, LAST YEAR'S QUEEN LESLIE TERREY, AND CHEERLEADER KATIE ZBINDEN Qabove leftj get ready to present flowers to the Queen, Princess, and class Duch- esses. SOPHOMORE DUCHESS SALLY BAKER, DUKE SHAWN GULLEY, SENIOR PRINCESS HEATHER FITCH, AND PRINCE DAVID SAWTELLE LIS- TEN fabove right, as the band plays the school song following announcement of the '83 Homecoming Court. HOME- COMING KING DAVID BAKER AND QUEEN JOYCE PARK Kleftj ride off in their horse drawn carriage and wave ju- bilantly to the crowd right after their coronation during half-time. EX- AHHS FOOTBALL PLAYERS fbelow left, form a spirit line welcoming the 1982 Mule varsity back to the field after the half time Homecoming cere- monies. Calendar 23 COUNTY COMMISSIONER CANDI- DATE AND EX-HEIGHTSTER Qrightj John Steen makes a point during a de- bate with fellow candidate Lamar Smith sponsored by the Social Studies Honorary. IN NOVEMBER fbelowj Health Occupation student Robin Sherland takes David Huff's blood pres- sure during the annual Health Occupa- tions Blood Pressure Drive. TENNIS TEAM MEMBERS POSE Qbottoml for a picture at a victory party after their second in state victory in early Novem- ber. I 24 Calendar JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS lleftl Emily Winton, Bill Lawrence, Bart Simpson, Kimberly Windship, and class sponsor Linda Anderson carry away their pick of the tallest and grandest tree of all from the Optimist Lot to bring holiday cheer to the halls of Heights. SERVICE CLUB MEMBERS HEATHER FITCH, CHRISTINE NOVIER, LYNETTE FAR- RIMOND AND ROBIN FUCHS fmiddle leftl bar the door to Tiffany Pappas till she has donated food or money during the December hold-up. SERVICE CLUB PRESIDENT SUSAN STEVES fbelow rightl collects food for a needy family from Danal Alden during the club's hold-up before school. THE TRADI- TIONAL CHRISTMAS TREE QBelow leftj donated by the Junior Class stands alone in the main hall before the holi- days. P in Holiday main December topic Cbviously December was dominated by the holiday Christmas spirit and thoughts ot vacation, but holidays were not the only thing the month had to otter. The first success- tul mechanical heart trans- plant Was performed in Wash- ington. While back in San Antonio the suspects in the three year murder ot ludge lohn Wood were convicted. At the same time, students in Key Club, Keywanettes, Ro- deo Club, Mulestall, Wran- glers, and Anne Collins histo- ry classes were busy Working on projects that would help needy tamilies have a happy Christmas. Meanwhile, the Sintonietta was visiting Chica- go. Because ot their outstand- ing performances, the Sinto- nietta was chosen to play at the Conrad l-lilton Hotel in Chicago. While they were there they visited many ot Chicago's historical sites. Students spent their holi- days in various manners. Al- though many students lett town for the holidays, others merely stayed home and en- joyed their vacations in San Antonio. The traditional lights on the river Were a major at- traction as Well as "Las Posa- das" which members ot Los Amigos participated in. Calendar 25 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS ARE THE THREE ALAMO HEIGHTS l 9 8 2- l 9 8 3 NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS frightl Steve Stern, Debbie Klein, and Jim Robinson. These three scored in the up- per one percent of people who took the TOP ROW David Bebinger, Roland Gu tierrez David Baker, Victor Chambers were chosen for the 29-4A All District team. CATHY CASSIDY Qbelow right, earns her Olmos Honor for winning 14th in state cross country competi tion. Winners in the string division of the annual San Antonio Symphony Young Artist Competition are runners up Eve Kocurek, and Jeanne Rogers and first place winner Nancy Norton who swept the string competition. 26 Calendar Olmos P.S.A.TfN.M.S.O.T. exams in their ju- nior year. SIGNIFYING THE IM- PROVEMENT - Qbelow leftj attained by the high school football program, BOT- TOM ROW Dane Amerine, David Huff, Steve Helmke, Augie Barrera KV .Ima g 1 xg i E yr E 5 f f i Honors OUTSTANDING YOUTHS IN SAN ANTONIO ARE OPTIMIST NOMINEES Qbelow leftj BOTTOM ROW Charlotte Pawel, Monica Goei, Alison Hilton MIDDLE ROW Chris Erk, Joyce Park TOP ROW David Huff, Elizabeth Ashby, Lynette Farrimond, John Dun- lap, Susan Spoor, Lisa Calgaard, Robin Fuchs, and Christine Novier. John Dunlap, Joyce Park and Jeanne Rogers were selected citywide winners OUT- STANDING SENIORS LYNNETTE 42 FARRIMOND AND KELLY SAWYER fbelow right, earn recognition for being district presidents of the Student Council and Keywanettes respectively. SENIOR SUSAN SPOOR Qbottom left, was recognized for her leadership qua- lities by the DAR City Good Citizen award. THE STAFF AWARDS HEAD CUSTODIAN, MARTINE LEE fbottom rightj Olmos Honor for his years of hard work and constant devotion to keeping our school clean. Calendar 27 Amy Ware fabove rightl arranges car- nations for Los Amigos, before deliver- ing them first period on Valentines Day. KISS-A-PIG CONTEST ftop Ear right! was a great success and raised over S 300. STUDENTS Qrightl try to de- cide which teacher they want to Kiss-a- Pig during lunch in February LOS AMIGOS OFFICER LISA SPECTOR ffar rightj pins another name on the main hall Valentine's heart of carnation re- ceivers. IN THE MIDST OF THE SAN ANTONIO BLUES BAND CONCERT Qbelowj in February, guest artist Rich Matteson on euphonuim, Assistant Band Director Milton Fox on drums, Head Basketball Coach Charlie Boggess on guitar and Band Director John Bridges on his trusty flugelhorn stop the show with a jam session. SQXU Sf tm HO M45 Qi32 QQCf7f I sf 7 A , of I A 28 Calendar .- 5 fx Q x Y X wgi:.,, .. . ,,L, , w s, , jig - K J GK! N H mt P S r K, is Q. my 4: is it 'I H rg X 1+-we IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL CHEER- the first basketball pep-rally in Febru- Wesi Campus game. LEADERSlbe1owJ build up the spirit at ary during lunch, before the crucial Ed 'N I fig wigs- ' -- it ' S5 f. -l.s 5 2 ,. . ....,- . , . -sm C . . Q? -., X, F s , w sar s , i p . A 3 1 ..Er' --- J 'V - Y' has K ma Gm.. s 11 X X N , if-'is if ' -s f.: i t , M . If X is - i sr il? Sy Q S 5- is X . .C X as R I ,-., - .i.el9"'5f ,. . E ..A. sf- ,. - 1 j . . .,., . -. 1 , - , f , . . - , ----1 '- ' ' t M2 V Q. - lyk .5 Qfisigsiawff-i-1-w s L xy . .mil A --1 -- ' ' - 9' . ..-MSE ' iffw SMX EM . .. ' . ll X, ' Spirit plus hearts make February special Hearts and tlowers were on everyone's minds during Feb- ruary. Students were given the chance to buy that special someone a carnation from members ot Los Amigos and singing telegrams and bal- loons from the choir, all deliv- ered tirst and second period. The week before, l-lECE was busy giving away prizes to anyone who knew that the ini- tials stand tor Home Econom- ics Cooperative Education. Winners received items rang- ing lrom candy to dinner at a local restaurant. Later in the month the cast ot the Senior Play began their endless hours ot practice. But first on everyone's mind was the great success ot the Bas- ketball team. The spirit was high with hopes ot a district champhionship. The kiss-a- pig contest, sponsored by the Student Council was a great attraction at the halt time of the last district basketball game. Meanwhile, the city ot San Antonio was in the midst ot the annual rodeo. Everyone flocked to the loe Freeman Coliseum tor this big attrac- tion to enjoy the carnival rides, games, stock show and rodeo. Nationwide the East Coast was buried under the Worst snow blizzard in forty years. Calendar 29 DURING THE SPRING BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS fabovej were a popular lunchtime activity for many students. LISA CALGAARD, RANDY WHITE. CHRIS ERCK, DAVID GONZALES AND HEIDI SWAIN fright, discuss plans for the upcoming Spring Dance in March, a "Romp in the Swamp." DANE AMER- INE fbelow right, escapes to enjoy the fresh springtime in Cathedral Park. 30 Calendar ,fri .1 ii if N W ' fs -1. A . , - ... M i ' as is , yi K . . ' af ' A E. 'J A it . . .K .E , 7,7 .53 - A 1 A . . . V - 1 4 1 . ' ' X . K .. - in ' . , , .... , . - , -f 1 i , -5' K N -. . - ' is K . .. f . ' -. " ,.... l 'Q Q A i A S I . 1 1 - - A - ' " ..., . I . ON THE BEACH Qtopj many Height- sters were found relaxing in the sun and sand during Spring Break. HEIGHTSTERS Qmiddlel revel in the snow on the slopes in Colorado during , ,, ig, .1 5, is mai f ' 5. mv if kiilixiiif . , 1 , Spring Break. BACK AT HOME, fabovej Seniors work hard on the upcoming production of "Guys and Dolls," the Senior Play. Countdown begins March crept up on us and students started to count down the number ot days until vaca- tion. The Student Council spon- sored a Spring Dance which took place March 31 at the Southwest Cratt Center. Peo- ple appeared in anything from alligator costomes to camou- tlage tor the theme was "Rornp in the Swamp". As the weather grew stead- ily warmer, I-leighters thoughts drifted towards surn- mer vacation. Although this long awaited holiday wasn't yet within reach, students will- ingly accepted spring break as an alternative. The break gave everyone a chance to ski, visit Port A. or just relax in San Antonio. For the first time in ten years, the campus was the site ot the Spring University Inter- scholastic League Literary Contest which was held April 8th and Qth. Students trom District l4AAAA schools com- peted in debate, ready writ- ing, speech, journalism, typ- ing, spelling, shorthand and math events. Calendar 31 xxx . g ----. .rs A N NX X S 'V 1 WN . V X EQ X , V V I -VV VVVV V -.V. ! X 399 Ston Farewell to MiA"'Si'iH Will prime-time TV ever be as good? Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, Harry Morgen, Loretta Swit, David Ogden Stiers Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Larry Linville, Gary Burghoff, McLean Stevenson, Wayne Rogers 1 1 ,-fm., ' mafffhfw-spawnGffywfefff4151 1 MW ' W," A f' 5541, ,V A , f , nfl! fgp -wg, -A M. N? ,E 'f5v"' W' "' uf Q T2fgk -M J lm, fi k , I ff? ii ' . ' , 4 .fp Y U : i. f:4fz:.121A?1i ' Mikel,-wimi,,i3'?,:.g8.' .Y 'Anim , . ' - if W!! 'Q 2? fa at '-if Ig' f f'2,m'l ,,zf.,, W an q QV :IM 'qu , ,,, , w . . 1 ' J'ir Vffww 15 ,Ji Q, fu,Y,-,hw MVA: ik Q., :. gx' f-. fn! . -W'-1 if f : A Ww 1 f -Q44 ,' ff 4, 2 H up .1 an A fl M.C.'S AMY HEYDENREICH AND VIC- THE FESTIVITY OF FIESTA ffar belowj TOR CHAMBERS fbelowl ham-it-up is displayed during the Battle of Flow- during the annual talent show in April. ers Parade in late April. 'Wiki HH! 'w Calendar 35 STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTA- TIVE JESSICA RUTMAN fright! reads her advisory's proposal for bi-annual elections of council representatives in- stead of annual elections which was past in May. MELISSA MILLS Kbelowj concentrates on finishing her last exam knowing it's the only thing be- tween her and summer. ff if aissr .. YJ . . it 'tie' 1 May brings spring fever, graduation, summer! As May rolled around it brought with it thoughts of graduation and the end of high school for seniors. These thoughts caused the dreaded disease of spring fever to take over the entire school. Though it affected all, this ill- ness was especially fatal to seniors. As the year drew to a close seniors presented their ver- 36 Calendar sion of 'lGuys and Dolls". The kids transformed themselves into 1940 New Yorkers and opened Thursday night to a sell-out crowd. Despite the many complications, the Sen- ior tradition was a great suc- cess and a lot of tun for all involved. Meanwhile underclassmen were planning summer activi- ties which for many meant lobs and summer school. The seniors were disgruntled with the fact that they were faced once more with final exams and a late graduation date of lune 2. However at last the year came to an end and both students and faculty reached their final destination - sum- mer! - V , N KN LONG AWAITED SENIORS RINGS Qtopl appeared all over school in spring to symbolize the eleventh graders up- coming seniority. A LONE SENIOR fleftl proudly displays her graduation gown as she reflects back on her last four years at Heights. AS SCHOOL ENDS, TOURISTS SEASON PICKS UP DOWN ON THE RIVER fabovel where tourists take in the sights on the fam- ous river barges. Calendar 37 K o 1 o O Se-mars . . . Iuniors . . . Sophomores Freshmen . Jennifer Ta lor, arliamentariang TOP Huntress, treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Qabovej y p BOTTOM ROW Eloise English, chap- ROW Joe Pantalion, vice presidentg lain historiang Kelly Sawyer, secretaryg Brett Balthrope, presiclentg Granger Talented seniors a smash success Athletic, academic, and musical excellence could all be seen in this year's Senior Class. Among those excelling in athletics were Augie Barrera, Dane Amerine, David Baker, David Hutt, Steve Helmke, and Victor Chambers, named to All-District Football teams. Cathi Cassidy placed 15th in State Cross Country while Holly Fitch, Monique Kleck, Laura Parker, Amy Ware, lohn Hill, and Granger Hunt- ress were on the Mules' F2 in State tennis team. Cheering them on were the acrobatic varsity cheerleaders Heather Fitch, Katie Zbinden, 40 Senior Class Officers ludy Williams, Rena McGaughy, and loyce Park. loyce was named Homecom- ing Queen With David Baker as her King, and Heather was selected Homecoming Prin- cess with David Sawtelle her Prince. Excelling in academics were National Merit Finalists lim Robinson, Steve Stern, and Debbie Klein. For her outstanding Work in school and community projects, Su- san Spoor was chosen by the DAR as Good Citizen in San Antonio. Musically speaking the sen- iors ranged tar and wide in their achievements. Tammy Sanders, lenniter Young, and Kathlenn Terry made All-Dis- trict and All-Region choir, Eve Kocurek, Lisa Schneider, Tammy Sanders and Laura Terry made All-State honors in strings while band mem- bers loe lvy, Brent Mathesen, Connie Weber, Glen Croma and Georgia Maniatas mad Regional band this year. Seniors Won the Homecom ing Hall Decoration contes and poured in their pennies t Win the class jar contest an the prize, the Mule mura painted in Main Hall Wit "Class ot '83" painted on th bottom as a mark ot their Well deserved superiority. ' 551151-2F:m::-'1gfs.a. '-1 rt- " Q. X L Most Representa Seniors N endif! Y 'F 'N K E X . .ks Q' N X Lisa Ca Ion Robinson Lynette Farrimond Brett Balthrope r V Most Representatives 41 x X9 wif, an-M' if .3 N Ll CD N., v"""i 1, ,-J Q .. ,il is PM Sw A ,v K QQ A ww f Q 1 ef 1 - .,, , f X. ,Z j a , www- mk. M mf 2122- - eelo 5 74,735 , , , .,:-, w ff g e 2 ,. Mike Adams Alex Adame Louis Alcoser Polly Allen Danny Altman Susan Alvarado John Dunlap and Ben Wagner are to- tally awesome, 'fer sure! Dane Amerine Siobhain Anders Elizabeth Ashby Seniors 43 Joan Bailey David Baker Brett Balthrop While David Sawtelle, King of the Seven Seas, talks of his victories, David John- son softly murmurs "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs." 44 Seniors Dal Bankerd Augie Barrera Sandra Barrera -'EEMEQI '1 5 Ea. iff W5-'N ' . WA.,,.f X, L,,. .. K v N e 5' 'iii di , Q XEXHXQMXRXXE-Nl f x 3 Q xi Shelli Bass Bruce Beasley Bernadette Bell Stanton Bell Pradip Bhakta Eddie Bibb f "SLK f ' Q 4 ,Mi ' ' " ,A I-ff: WH , 3 122 2 Tracy Bode Chris Bolner Joino Boxmudor ' Becky Gallegos is stopped by an alert Anthony Shields as she tries to make off with the day's ABX list. Seniors 45 Although it appears that Holly Fitch is grinning aimlessly, the reality of the situation is that her retainer is stuck. 46 Seniors Jeanne Braley Mike Branson Shane Brenan Michele Britton Kerry Brosseau Melissa Brown mei' CA We Z W fifffm f , VM 4 W 43? 1 , - Y 7 i' Y V an 1 f , 1 , 3 ,f -X f ,Zi , if Q 'M , in W M, , J Li it sf- Magda Calderon Heather Caldwell Lisa Calgaard aa,a . ... N aaa,, h w K - . - 1 N514 H H SE lm. . Sam Callahan E ' Melody Campbell Sgr ,H ffggmiili f. X xx is ie 3 l S Tim Campbell Esther Canales Christina Cantu Sally Cantu Dane Amerine and his pet owl Horowitz are inseparable. Seniors 47 Albert Carrisalez Tammy Carter Kolleen Castro Gina San Marco is caught red handed while eavesdropping on the librarians. 48 Seniors Allen Cazort Carol Chenault Woody Chipman An F44 r ss fl j W5 - ' ' ' ' 'Nz- - fff- HX. SX - XXXX b is N S rl if ' 'fi X A 3 F W ww +1 is Y' .Q X , Wy . HX.. , 11 K on . -a ,iiffsiir s S N LL--- 21- JN, A in A 2 - .ss L R j ' ELG? .1 W1 W gk K ' mi M2 'Sl 'X ,X fi 'Sf 1-:E1fr::' A- X X gx Ee X Rx X f Q4 X X X ,W -5 3 Wi xx' fi 2 . X Timm A. 'thx . X 5 f Q 'X' fif?' , Y XM' ,QM , N' - ' -1-5-K' f' "" gz :A 15,9 . -',ff5W15wEf2' mf L A 'fm' - . if , XM X n n fiv e ' . M 2 - :ff ' 1, QW ' 5 2 XX " , ry X 'Mx f i ' 'ir X44 5 5 , , ..,,., S. 3 5 4 ! 2 v n If . 9 K I M1 ' il Q 1 it , , , , 5, f ,, mmf . 4 fm , V W . ,, X ,,,,,X- 1 V .V n,:, X fgivr JN ,nn-naman Catherine Coff Martha Comer Lisa Cook Vanessa Cox Glen Croman Robin Dauber Danny DeLeon Jeff Dielman John Doolittle ITLBII Tim Willet can't understand why the person in front papers of him hasn't taken his Seniors 49 50 Seniors Lynn Downing John Dunlap Eric Duxstad Lisa Embrey Eloise English Chris Erck Robert Estrada Elizabeth Falls Gilbert Farias Lynette Farrimond Jack Fenton Heather Fitch Holly Fitch Hector Flores Robin Fuchs Ft 1 X M wi isis I we X ,Q l Q .,.. -L M 2 2 x A 'K 3-f'gQ,m sig f il . .kk. lx 3.5 ' ix. Nw L E E E f Lisa Gaines Joan Gallardo Rebecca Gallegos Terry Snider went all out for the Yul Brenner look alike contest. Riley Galloway Diane Garcia Elvia Garcia John Garcia Isabel Garcia Amy Gause Seniors 51 When David Baker asked his I.O., Tim Sawtelle didn't have a hard time giving the answer. S2 Seniors Monica Goei Cathy Gomez Paul Gomez David Gonzales Michelle Gonzales Mark Greene Dee Dee Griffin Mary Griffith Charles Guenther fax 7 Debbie Guerrero Virginia Gutierrez Mickey Hansen Craig Hardy Susan Harris Lisa Haslund Nancy Hayne Elizabeth Hein Steve Helmke Susan Steves chuckles as she realizes it's difficult to hang up posters when you've taped your fingers together. Seniors 5 3 Amy Heydenreich John Hill Amy Hillman Alison Hilton Mimi Hinton Heather Hoffman Lisa Calgaard winces in pain as Shane Brenan plugs his Walkman into her back. 54 Seniors - L uv N ve 2 X Cf H ge 4-3 Q we ' f .:...e-fwfr: iii wk' 1 1-':f.-ali -'1:,:w-gf-viiwggiiiv . . "':Fb.:,-:qw-'ai I.. 5 . V :X ' N . J 5 gs K N... 5 X 355 EN K xx .1 s I : X-X X S s ff we N K if A Q N is ' ' ' 'W Q, X3 ' ks-1 Vs l gffm R f-flggi N' -IQ-"F W A Wk 3 K+ ' H l Es N w as V ef. ' f fi 1 1 ,3 M i fi L" i A . f ' I 2 , fi -,L Q42 IE? Wi f ,1 f ' I ,. ,,,, ,f . .,., my fwf . M , -' , N ,,,, ww" "" WW V ' X M l ii ., -i y , .I gr, .. ,,..,,g ,-,1,,"1 lf, 1 V , , Z' GF -' f 5' W ,.. Q :jf T 5, b X. 1 . 5 . 3385.7-zfw' Siiiffl WP Q! Joe Pantalion freezes in his tracks as he realizes that he was supposed to put up posters last week. Paul Holchak Sloan Houser Bruce Howard Kara Hultgreen James Humble Granger Huntress Elise Hutchins Samantha Hutchinson Elise Inkley Seniors 55 Alexander Insan Joe Ivy Linus Jacobson Elizabeth Jimenez David Johnson Elizabeth Johnson George Johnson Mark Johnston John Jones Seniors come in many forms. Duck ifl: "Oh 'fer sure!" Duck 32: "Seniors are totally awe- some!" Duck 33: "O-Mi-God!" Duck 44: "It kicks!" Duck 435: "Later dudes!" 56 Seniors res Si me Y regex M is YU we mfg is ,by-lim, me .i M. .4 W -Q 'S Y 1 A V K - . I . iq' New Harlequin novelist Karen Pro- dajko, begins her career by writing a book of her own experiences. Anne J uett Mary Keeler Richard Kernaghan Kathryn Killian Kris Kleck Monique Kleck Debbie Klein Eve Kocurek Kim Lancaster Seniors 57 David Leas Pat Leonard Leslie Lew Kelly Sawyer is shocked to find out that her car has been towed away for the fifth time this week. Laurie Lustfield Bob Lyons Jeanine MacKay Merrick Mainster Georgia Maniatis Robbin Martin 58 Seniors --vb ww Q-"'f ':f. s .:i 1 I' sw ,fig E 7' if John Martinez Loranel Martinuzzi Michael Mason Brent Matheson Ellen McCar1ey Shane McClellan Lance McDougall Robert McGarrough Rena McGaughy Curious Danny DeLeon wonders who that special report is for. Seniors 59 Victor Chambers, notorious miniature harmonica player, must concentrate hard in order to not inhale his instru- ment. 60 Seniors Laura McKinsey Sherri McNeill James McNew Martha Mendoza -Morris Miller Melissa Mills Heidi Mowles Jason Moyer Sarah Murray vw-1.5. , My ,A X X X f wr X335 S Ri x xXx 5? R YT xg 'iii S Suzi . - is .. Ei if fr L " ' ' if K ,, I. Vg, rA,,L 5 . , H sm '1 1 X. XF X .........,- . Y .5 x.-' 1 fri .Av 2 S Dudley Myer Kris Mylin Denise Negron Polly Allen likes a this is ridiculous. Lilla Nelson Mark Nikolewski Christine Novier good tug-of-war, but Seniors 61 62 Seniors Miranda Ortiz Carlos Paiva Joe Pantalion Tiffany Pappas Joyce Park Allen Parker Laura Parker Sarah Parmer Laurie Paschal Charleen Patterson Charlotte Pawel John David Peet Tom Pengelly Karen Prodajko Kelly Quirk 'mi Til if, K 1 ' . eL.L h: V P i i" K ,-:- ":.' Av! P ..'.:, it ' 3 ,f K- K , L S if , X I E , Q. . 5 - , -ri f I ea, I .K 5 3 ' " X K 2f1 l Q--'- s N 5 ' if?-yu "k..':' ' -- 'X Q l siis R isssii na Q,i., - Q new .':: . ,Q. A A ' ' fi R , ,, A -f'iie'3,X Xk,' A ' I, , my ,',.. ' X1 ig,ff'e"xxxE31ge,x,x gi L , fii ifeeiii R LL.LW Q1 51 5 Lw fw Ya if V gi - iii? R 1-1, X , ' s 13 " Q Edna Raines Roxane Ramirez Janis Ramsey A sock in the jaw is nothing to Lynette Farrimond on a Monday morning. Eric Ransleben Brad Riesenecker JoAnn Rios Seniors 63 Isolated and insulated from his neigh- bors, Mark Johnson is content to for- ever listen to his Walkman. 64 Seniors Jim Robinson Jon Robinson Roxanne Rodriguez Suzette Rosas Lynne Rowden Parker Rush Patricia Salazar Tamera Sanders Gina San Marco gi 194 'WINS -. fwjw, bid' David Sawtelle Tim Sawtelle Kelly Sawyer Christy Schick Lisa Schneider Ben Schoenbaum Attention wanders in class, as John Doolittle watches his neighbor, while Bruce Howard waves to the photographer and Dudley Meyer ea- vesdrops on a conversation. Seniors 65 Suzi Schroeder James Scott Heather Sellers Mark Semmes Darryl Serrato Lotte Serrup Robin Sherland April Sisco Linda Sledge Looking through the glass rods, Mike Mason discovers a whole new world. 66 Seniors im .1 . I ,I- -'wws . ,ax Nw: K X or ,gg-ms XM During a pep rally Stanton Bell doesn t care that Kathleen Terry watches a guy in the bleachers 1nstead of hsterung to his speech. Patti Slone Juretta Smith Nancy Smith Terry Snider Lisa Spector Susan Spoor r r gf ':' f M Eg. is Q K' Q5 xx ' XXX xl ax Q A R wk xx N if 2 -wg 1 R ,K ,X - f .' ..'f,-Hs N sf 1 QQ bx is S xxx ez 55-. 5 X is X i. H '? DN S Y ,ek Y N3 Q., K v is .A Q ' K X ff? Q v 2 in ':'V lyifwign H 1 e,1,z.M ef 2 451 S ,f f, '5 A f 5 We G My 1 K lf , V "N Lv my, W F' I' 'MT'- 4 H my Y M 1 1? Mm: 5 f in , 1 I' 4 Wfwff za. David Staudt ., ' ' hm ? ,il ' If Steve Stern 414, :,.M'1'Lf-'Q:l1a7f?Qi:'QIf "gh fl 5 Z? gif 5.,.N .. ng N, 'I:Q.V:G',s ' :iss ini I fum f. 'V V, ,, f John Stevens . 1 L' L- swl.: . if fvf x ff A 'A , ' f Charles Guenther doesrft like to be left without a place to sit. 68 Seniors ww ?C"'v , My -. "ve me MW Mxgt 9 fm zu "sg wk ' K W 4 P 5 'ff' 'Y I 'fs F f-V . ,,A4 , M in X 'VS An V137 , , zfwff' W? ff Rebecca Stevens Susan Steves Mark Stoker Elise Inkley and Nancy Hayne are in hysterics when Elizabeth Falls an- nounces she wants to join the football team. Mike Strauss Heidi Swain Jennifer Taylor Laura Terry Kathleen Terry Leslie Thayer Seniors 69 Georgia Maniatis isn't too happy that the lady only wants change for a dollar and not a pennant. 70 Seniors Lee To Jacqueline Tringle Fred Ullrich Janina Valdez Rodney Valdez Ben Wagner Amy Ware Connie Weber Jeff Weichart 5 , i'1jm-gi, f ff I - ' 4 ' 1, ' J 'ff' ' , 4, 5 ' ,V :iv , ,,,, y , f I 19 i M---V. J ,. ,ff NSN Nfl 1:4 V ,. 'MW Am, Ewan- mia 3 X 8 L S -' ,n 7k'f- " ,. I 5 1 V Mwwwmw VN x e..i....Mm 1 Stephen Weser Eric Wetta Michael Whellan Glen Wheeler Tim Willett Jack Williams Brent Matheson panics when his fin- gers become stuck to a flask full of acid. Seniors 71 Judy Williams Leigh Wirsing Diana Wolfson Bryan Word Sharon Wright Jennifer Young Guidance counselor Roy Balter confers with David Staudt about his schedule. 7 2 Seniors V gi .K I l w, 2 , ' Wifi www I i,' Z dd is 5 ', X 4 ,vw Tl "I ,. .W x Q QS fylgsns ,- ' .free .f - 1539,- s1.f.51:s'1. QQ-Qi: f -Q 3 22wsp1fj.xIg? N A e mfgm ,:-,sxg-vein-1s.f:Lf?1s1-.1-1 , gffm::iwfx::f.z 9 53533"'Ei2ffw-zS'iA,gi-56139I:5ef2ZE,i k ' X gsvkggiffgfsiiwwzeizs . asm,-s. M g t : was-gm,5w1:3gffg's:,:,7-gs -gf , H Katie Zbinden Dalma Zuniga School inspires Albert Carrisalez. Seniors 73 t JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Qabovei Bill vice president: Bart Simpson, Treasur- Spencer, sgt. at arms Lawrence, presulentg Rosemary Garner, erg Erika Bollman, secretary: Stuart Creative class turns chili dogs into Christmas trees Creativity was the keyword tor the Iunior Class this year. The tirst class in a number ot years to sell chili dogs at Howdy Night, members used the S70 made in these sales to buy the traditional Christmas tree tor the main hall and in- stead ot triming it with orna- ments, decorated the branches with candy as a pre- sent to the school. Every two days the tree was replenished and students were welcome to have at it again. Musical talent abounded in the class. luniors Nancy Nor- ton and leanne Rogers earned positions in the Texas Music Educators Association All- 74 Junior Class Officers State Orchestra while three ju- niors, Stephanie Troilo, Tom Gray and lill Knight, had leads in the tall play "Henry Sweet Henry." ln addition Earl Sellers, Bernabe Zapeda, Chris Young and Stephanie Troilo made All-Region Choir and All-District band honors were earned by Kristi Hyltin, leanne Leatherland, Craig El- lis, Richard Sandoval and Whitney Anderson. Another junior, Roland Cru- tierez, was named All-District Cttensive Receiver in football and academically talented ju- niors added l4 members to the list ot National Honor Soci- ety members. lunior spirit was seen in tl ottices to which rnembd were elected. Dan Lantq was president ot the Sintonie ta while Wright Moore w secretary ot the Stude- Council. During Homecoming, tl class elected Melissa Watt I nior Duthess and Clay Tarif Duke. While juniors made L mind-boggling purchases th year, their bank account rnained at more than Sl200l be used and added to ne year tor their surprise Seni Gift. t Rudy Abad Ernest Acosta Alice Adamo Kristen Adams Stephen Ames Jeri Amundson Paul Anderson Whitney Anderson Doug Archer Jesse Arnivas Jackie Arizpe Trey Banack Bright eyed and hushytailed, Paul Escamilla displays the look of in- tense concentration that is his trademark in class. 76 Juniors A 'A I 1 2 ,'f, gy m f, ' 4' A 5 M M, , Aff h ff 5 QW V f W M, 923.5 GJ Aj X 1 1 K 2 wr? pw M 3 X , 1 0 f 51 f 4 Q, 2 ,W VVVA ., agggs, A ,W W W: :M . ,,.-1 .,,- .M ,-.N .xy , , 5533 we n. Y' L ,vs Q V hkL-- - f .ff -M f we-E M T" K E ,gfeway i R W N ' ,. 1 L... I 35 S W Sk? N abt va , il ,,,, Q' f of 4 'Sf w ,, 1 , f Kew! f Y! 2 W x I 'KW ' 135 Q5 ,E 1 41? g " 1' f 455. L 2535? I V , Q if 5 , I' , it Wy an 47 W' We ,, . Tracey Watson gives the whole table her Howdy-Doody-look at the Home- coming Barbecue Supper, as Jeri Amundson protests" I don't know this girl." Maria Barrera Keith Beltman Alexandra Berndt John Bibb Truett Bishop Cory Blocker Patsy Bolduc Erika Bollman Stuart Brackenridge Tres Bradford Shannon Brooke Tricia Brown Heidi Burkholder George Cabaza John Cage Lucy Calvert Juniors 77 78 Juniors Sylvia Cavazos Lisa Chacon Chris Cheever Chris Childers John Childers Geoff Clapp Jamie Cox Jackie Criollo Steve Curry Carrie Cusack Jeff Davis Jeffery Davis John Delmar Jeff Dillard David Dilling Jesus Dominguez Susan Drake Pam Duke Jeannette Dunworth Brian Ellington Craig Ellis Annette Emmons Paul Escamilla Martin Esparza 1 fa. f VW Wa' ,J af- I I ,, V . 'V . xi G 'in' H, I A J, k YQ ,, H ' Q1-M' A ,fIIillk- i., V?.sf L0 Vi ," ' ff' V fV,-,Vffwu :W VV V -w'Tfw W,- ' ,':' A71 p fa 5? f1,, W. f Qs if -fn J fi " 5 4 M if f 2 9 2 ri 1 I 3 my V V , - iT'W31LE,33ELL?Tf' L K 7Lw"4'l '51 'im g' uh", -"' :M .V 2' 'V . Vi f -2 2 ,V ,A, .,.E ef V V f at mf, 4 .Mm A, , MJ fu 11 5 ff' VJ? x :W H, f. i 7 I' Mg, W: H Q 9 1 V ,,,, V H ,W ,,,,,,wW,M , gn of, U Hn H1 f, fm V, . K, V' V MW, .M -X-M f f-Q I.. wr VM 1. - ' . ik. . f f 5fJ? ii 5,'ff V J J W., V W , Vw' Lf fl V f J . ve , V . f l -' i VV ,. g .V., J , V , W . iz, ,'1"i?!z We fluiwfz V ,Oi Ei lwm . Y , Q X5 Q: XI? KS .QM 11-if '-':22k21:.-,s5i'5': - Ez e ? y h hh: .,. V xl I 3 ' Q1 -:D W ti, SK ee li 'fx Se Q 9 X x 4 X ge N Q j C ,W ,..? L- xi ' Melissa Evans Lisa Fanning Mindy Fichtner Jeff Fischer Superheroes Julie Wheatley and Mary Montgomery have just landed and are now taking a bow after a trying battle with H20-man. Duanne Flowers Corie Fuhrmann Brooke Gallager Rita Gallegos Yvonne Garcia Rosemary Garner Scott Garnette Valerie George Juniors 79 Courtney German Jim Glotfelty Greg Gonzaba Tom Gray Holly Greene Tracy Grieshaber Nanette Griffin Pablo Guevara During World History, George Ca- baza, caught writing cheat notes in class, frantically tries to swallow the evidence before a classmate can re- trieve it. Mike Gutierrez Norma Gutierrez Roland Gutierrez Rick Halter 80 Juniors 4-.Q F ,-. 'N' fri ' ' f Xnn1AI'DflVt: I , ,. H . g w'fz5gL if , W.. 1 f 4 ' ' ' . .,,. V I V - ' . 24 f Q we ,f , mf' , , . , , , ,,..,, 2 9322- ff, H 13,35 2 , Y " 555215, '5,"a Q J w ,ffHZ'if., 2, ...Ar WWW 'Wy 4 LW,.. , ,,,i L, . ,,.3 , ,f fm ,' . Hg: . , f A 2 4 -,1, I, .f,,, 6 fix? if? 2 ff ,Q W 95? fe W fs! f - ff I -, if .4 M ,i , ,,.,,, ff! Q W ,MCA wr ff -vm f, ,f j s!! M 1 fig X35 W f f " , .5 , , ,,,, A , ,voir H 'v ,ll e rl l edy l r H ' ei-its ef, ., ,.,,z i igf of an N.. , , , ,,,kk,,, ,,g,,,..,3, Renee Peterson gets overly excited before the performance and starts to do "La Bamba" room. Jonathan Handy Hutch Harper William Harrell Juan Herrera Wayne Herrera Linda Hinkley Simon Hinton Steve Huffmeyer Tristen Hunter Kristi Hyltin Delight Johnson Jeff Kjoller Sky Klaeveman Conrad Klahn Jill Knight Pham Lam in the dressing Juniors 81 Kimberly Winship stands in awe as Stephen Ames looks over his sum- mer date list. 82 Juniors Ouoi Lam AnneMarie Landry Dan Lanfear Bill Lawrence ""',...Q-A , s f -fvgw " I i ,, , 4 If 4 fm, QM' 'B if 'sw N-A M fi H ,, . Z My - ' -LW K ig 1 , iw ,. I A 'V W: A 1 z .. 'L ' sw ,., 1 w W4 , , 9, W Zi , ! 4 Q fy xi' , , A - ' "1 'lf , I V ,, We N 3 L"L l I t - -'fi If " -.4 L 1 an ff " 5 H fiibqz , ' , K K ' ,. fa v " - , I " ' ,zfff A s -J if Q 'f ax, -.Q -43 ,. ,L ,A L, Q 1 lxfli " Q Q sk-fff'...fy '-, N , ,. . x 5, V f V A, 1 . -. - f '-L Clint Leake Jeanne Leatherland Larry Lee Lenya Lemon Antonio Lopez Phil Luna Liesl MacDaniel Lisa Magruder Jackie Markwardt Bacilio Martinez Tricia Mason Jack Matthiessen Jill Matthiessen Benny McEwen Donny McGrath Kevin Mclntyre Jill Knight and Tres Bradford to- gether read sections frorn J ill's love novel. Juniors B3 Mike McKowen Linda McSween Dennis Meadows Jesse Mendoza Joe Mendoza Shari Miller Mary Montgomery Clint Moore Although Marty Rodriguez pretends to be reading an article in the mi- crofische machine, he is actually coming around to 1000 points in Pacman. B4 Juniors S-0' Q,-A-a 'Ars KW wif ,qw 'Q IZA .,,K -sn, Mi 141 ,P - x S55 -.,-'wi' 2 L.h,. rg, X 4 rf , in Q r ll, Mi. :',g'5J'fA F T'S'1TQy:. yyyy f N -A"V lyro M , 2 9 iw Ugg as fl, W X ' 2 L gf W f 5 L f .4 M 'ev-'avi Intellect Greg Gonzaba looks up the meaning of life in the dictionary. Richard Moore Wright Moore Brennen Morgan Blake Morris Danny Mowles Lisa Munn Mike Neira Natalie Newell Hoang Ngo Courtney Norris Nancy Norton Callie Novesad Juniors 85 Kristin O'Connor Bruce Offield Lisa Ortega Catherine Ostrum Kevin Pape Renee Peterson Kasie Pittman Cody Pletz Leacy Pryor Ana Ramirez Winnie Ransleben Li Ravicz Paul Stone thinks he's neat as he walks backward to class. 86 Juniors 'WW W., ww 'av aw ,, , i .gary wwf f gil? 1 'x K w M , w W f it 5 1 fb JI V ,iii 4? A xgaw 2 f fp' . N Q Z 'H WH wk W q ga ,-, up-w e -ff w mug an sw ,,,.. . , W -ff 45- : , .L ,, -yzf., f Q f',-W, ' f 'Fifi 'Y iii? f, ,5 f 'Cf' . M CQ 4 iret r ,.,,, is 4, ., . 2 fzfnfz -ff K ,M ,wmv 'Q nf f Q 4 my . .,, ,Wm lf Q . V 1 3 , . T? X i " X N vo- ...ff ws.- vm:-Q. , as W :., g V08 K . 1 - - s "" John Delmar stares down the ima- ture freshman who tried to pull his chair out from underneath him. Stephen Richardson Yolanda Rico Leslie Ridgill Clay Rips Armando Rivera Debbie Roberts Eddie Rodriguez Ernie Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez Larry Rodriguez Marty Rodriguez Selma Rodriguez Juniors 87 Jeff Fischer says, "Skipping out? No way - I'm just getting a breath of fresh air." Stevan Rodriguez Jeanne Rogers Donna Ruch Paige Sanders Richard Sandoval Jim Satel Paul Schmidtzinsky Melissa Schoenradt 88 Juniors www ww ff WM? WC 5 642,432 , , L no ,W ,Q quiz," i V wg -ia Jig: 'fi -iff aw-,W ,,,,1K,, a f A ,Bk '10 .AW,, in kty I 1 ww 'exam' if sag, f M... Julie Schroeder Erik Schweninger Earl Sellers Stacey Shaeffer Johanna Sharp Anthony Shields Faith Short Bart Simpson Joe Sisco Chuck Smith Tres Smith Mike Snyder Aurora Sola Stuart Spencer Scott Staffel Heather Stansell Juniors 89 Doug Archer tests the power of Wheaties as he tries to pull off the door handle. 90 Juniors Becky Stern Cathy Stevens Tim Stevens Paul Stone 'var -,A W H f if f f f M, D w R452 , mf , 4,33 'Q ,H -V , 'I' 'f f V t,,,, 9 .HC ij w 31. A ifgile 5,111 -,,. fx uv 3 We H , , , A- ,, .1 , t , wwe , Q ,gi 9' WZ Qi if JZ J' if' x Cf up f gg .Q ff if y A 6 v X s s A 12 ,J w ' f ,Y f.. , ff, ,lily 3 3 .5 1 in fi ' 33 fzi. 1 J iw., ., if W g f fi kg fl 15 17 X 4? f my f vs 7 ' 9 If 3 A if f f f V 4562+ 2 fl, ,,,,L, i:'j'?'W' I -' 7. .,,. To . 4 Q, 33 G f , ,. 'mg y ' V., ww 1 1 55'4221f1ffQ' ' ,ii 'W' ' ,W , 5 in 1 nf E We ig , ' 2 V' f , 1123, ,ww ' ff:.. Q. , ,,- . ,, ,f .. ,.. Subadi Sudijanto Giles Summerlin Serena Talley Brian Tarver Clay Tarver Bill Thomas Sharl Thompson Paul Tiemann Mary Trevino Ronald Tringle Stephanie Troilo Melissa Turner On Junior Hippie Day Rosemary Garner and Erika Bollman try to sing "Kumhayah" 1n three part har mony. Marco Villanueva Ana Vitela Mary Wasson Debbie Watkins Tracey Watson Martin Watt Melissa Watt Dan Weingart Laura Weissler Muffet Welmaker Julie Wheatley Jack White Layne Arnold and Jeanne Leather- land try to explain their tardiness to fifth period since they couldn't help the two flat tires during lunch. 92 Juniors M..-.g 4 M, ,fyy i ' ,. "i' V- , '- "' ' "'- in , , V, - f ,I , A , Mn il. Q V 'X 'GAL' ik' I fr' . , M rf I ,, PTSD' ---,ef fm-' 4 Z ii V A 4, 7 gi lf 2 N Y l 1 f 9, 1' fx ff 9,22 Melissa Watt and Clay Tarver stand overcome with joy for they have Just found out they are the Junior Duch ess and Duke of the Homecoming Court, 1982. Shane Whitefield Paul Wilcox Toi Williams Kimberly Winship Emily Winton Susie Wysoki Liz Yoder Anne Zachry Bernabe Zapeda SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS armsg Martha Spencer, sgt. at armsg ROW Greg Zusch1ag,parliamentariari Qabovej BOTTOM ROW David Bebinger, Wendy Bankerd, secretary: Rae Chell Elizabeth LeFlore, presidentg Jamie vice president: Francie Steves, Sgt. at Ahlstrom, chaplain historian TOP Crystal, Treasurer Sophomore talent shines in range of areas , The Sophomore Class proved to be multi-taceted in the talent department with many class members turning in outstanding performances in athletics, music, spirit and other areas ot school lite. ln varsity sports David Be- binger, the sole sophomore on the football team, was named to the All-District Honorable Mention list while Tadd Thom- as represented the class on the basketball team. Sophomore members help- ing the tennis team win its 4752 94 Sophomore Class Officers spot in State were Drew Stew- art, David Dean, lim Williams, Peter Hert and Tom Hart while sophomore Carter Smith lettered in cross coun- try. Two sophs, Shannon Pap- pas and Ben Sanders, lent their talent to the prize-win- ning Sintonietta while Brenda Duncan's vocal ability was spotlighted in the tall musical "Henry, Sweet Henry." Sophomore band twirlers Rae Chell Ahlstrom and Tammy Sykes won gold med- als in the University lnterscho lastic League twirling contest helping that department wir sweepstakes in the annua competition. Leading class spirit were ju nior varsity cheerleaders Sallf Baker, Francie Steves, Anne West, Emily Harrison, Am' McFarlane and Shannoi Raines. At Homecoming Sally Ba ker was announced Sophc more Duchess and Shawl Gulley Duke. Robert Abad Lisa Acosta Albert Adame Kay Adams Rhae Chell Ahlstrom Danal Alden Horacio Alfonsin Sam Allen John Altum Joseph Alvarado Rosemary Alvarado Theresa Alvarado John Archer Violeta Archer Nikki Baines Nancy Baker As her arm falls asleep from lack of circulation, a faithful Lynn Nelson wonders when her partner will return from her three hour lunch break. 96 Sophomores "1-.f-'I 12-42' G ii f .,Lf,.,'. Ja r, 6 f, 2 M , , 2 W e ,-':a'f'1:',1' MM' H225 ff .la f ,,,,. . A 41 I '.i' f- V-t fi A ilei ' we ' 'i'1 f Amr' i 5 WW ,gf ,wi wg. 'fun . Q Y ' Vx 3 ai, 'V Q' ,W V r 1 ' "" , f if .H Q I 5 s 'Q L We , ,mv :wt ,,i,,, ,L A ,W mwah. 1 l 7 553.15 '- 57 qw: F I my V ' , , ' l . , gi, , J-, - , .951 V L. iss? "' . F' ' 9 . 4 y syyy my ,gn , f , 'VJ ' ' ' Y "" N, W B :x y y 'SS A V XX i - ,-A Ashleigh Travis and Anne West laugh as they real1ze they h1t the cute guy on the other s1de of the gym with the volleyball Sally Baker Courtney Banack Wendy Bankerd Rhonda Banks Burton Barnes Sylvia Barrera Blyth Batey David Bebinger Chris Benjamin Lori Bennett Julianna Bermudez Luisoly Bermudez James Bone Ted Boyer Lisa Bratton Reb Brown A paranoid Shannon Raines franti- cally asks what this growth is crawl- ing up her back, while Joe Staffel looks it up in his biology book. I 1 KM ' A "M-+1w Mr.,L V. W4 fLj,y', 5 z If I ry, ,rw ,fs f - f,,.7 ,rrfy , , H., . , BW' ,g vs ,A- . Q., V t, . if " 's.,, , 7 fm? 'f.L 1 J tj, n n Z 5 ilgifgzg,-T 'Q ti"i an J ,t,tA,A, M...,,,WmMW K ' 2 M Wi? '15 wif as ,za W, I www i,-wmwyf - - - ,ff .1 35' . fi 325 lg . Q . "'. 1 K t , gg, Q' fcfgsfi 'xkf' gp-. Z 3, 5 2 HM ,. 0 . h X, 1 f xx :if 3 Q E fi! 2 I C .,.fL, ' ii" V""A, V ' he V ellre l V fi f in 4 4 ' , 1 ,,.. .2 is-'Eg M, - ' Z fl? f ifw k A-1. ' ,Q 7 1, ..,, Wwei Vwwwma VAVVVV . ,sq .V ,, Qui - A ,X if - - f ie X we 5. i 'Q aku A ef e sri Q X w V , Q if Punk Rocker Jessica Rutman signs up to get her cheeks pierced for the Swahelian Cheek-Piercing Palace's After-Thanksgiving Sale. Guillermo Bridges Stephen Buescher Billy Campbell Angie Castillo Mollie Carlson Yolanda Carrisalez Sarah Castleberry Jim Chambers Tami Chambers Debbie Chesney Niles Chumney Charlie Cole Kim Connelly Chris Cooper Ronald Cooper Dawn Copeland Sophomores 99 Bowen Creamer Jamie Crystal Trey Cunningham Lee Davis David Dean Gilbert DeLeon Javier DeLeon David Delgado Reilly Dillon Derwin Dounson Gerald Dounson Shelly Drought Brenda Duncan Edgar Duncan Marc Dupre Robert Edmonson Mindy Edwards Emilie Englel-ze Laurin Fairall John Fellbaum Orlando Fernandez Paul Feurbacher Darrell Fisher Debbie Galloway 2 .F as s-6' fwvhfvz., nl ww 'flaw VSH x ,,,,f 'YSL fe ,, J:f,Eif" J Q f fi A 'wwf' elm., x MN 'ZF eww- ' '-N.. M., K ,f', K Iwi' , f," - H I' V:-if'73V3jf'1QQjfg7f . mfg-, -, A-f, -.,, 414-Wy, f- if L f I 'ra' , V- , L. 56 ff I N J, or if? 'Q , "TL,-Ts 1:21 5' wf f ly in I , 5 gif M wi ii if Ei il 2 f , nl -iffyffiyfiif'z2f1is'If- YISKW v ff 5' ,r E- ,Q ' 9 :"T f f sv 4? Q E 1 3 f jg I .W Mi ' -0. My f ? Z fy 15, 2 X 1 X gg W 5,1 5 , I , 5 , y 5.5 , YY ,, mf ' V' f, ,z , 1 4 H 1 ' X- 1' 5 5 mia? , af 3 wg WM.........,..,-W 1 1,-WWW .L , U .bil an 'owrfr 2-'W if ! aw Jessica Rutman and Sara Solon K can't believe that the ball Jessica mu just served blew up in mid-air. Corina Garcia Lozaro Garcia Laura Garza Lisa Garza Mike Garza Wesson Golson Carmen Goyette Vicki Greer Zff ig Gretchen Grcos Stephanie Guardia Carmen Guevara Shawn Gulley Sophomores 101 George Hagy Babette Hale Jayme Harris Emily Harrison Tom Hart Peter Herff Becky Hernandez Laura Hernandez Lindsey Hertel Anne Hoenberger Stacy Hooper Stephanie Hooper John Hovendon Paul Hughbanl-xs Anthony Hunter Desy Hutt Sara Solon is all atingle when she realizes that Robert Redford hasn't stood her up for their lunch date af- terall. 102 Sophomores , , fl: f M in 1 ,s,, Ja ,W nf 'G ' W we it M., .. ,fe " ,M 1 Ig f f ,zlex ,, fN,,z5i' ' ff' ,' iff 3"- f , a n , ,L 2 'f-..,,h 'M z witmsxxitlu. L ' , Wsw-JVM, H is N ff f' fat :wiki 5' . .igfzwfge ,, .W LW, , f EW ,PV-l' ' if l rf -Nfl H Belinda Jameson Russell Jonas Elizabeth Jones Jimmy Kessler Todd Keuper Hunter Killian Brett Kimmel Bill King Wesley King Edward Kownslar Leah Kregor Jack Kutzer Deborah Lamm Annalee Langham Marie Langmore Miroslav Lanhaus Elizabeth LeF1ore John Lebrecht Mary Lopez Diane Luna Marisol Luna Stephen Maebius Marissa Madrid Jeffery Marker Courtney Banack is mezmorized by N. P the flash from an Olrnos photogra- pher's camera. 1 04 Sophomores David Martinez Reynaldo Martinez Jennifer Matthews Amy McFarlane Julie McGarraugh Jim McNee1 Gerri McNeil Jay Medina -.ff 'Hw- i , i QQW4 s f N' ...- , we 15- :V iw 257' 1111221 w i f ? i do A "'f"'-x an 35f'm"3'i'7' K' i no iL e A time ? X -- . 1 c b 3-. v - Y, X 'sv 1 , ...............,........v.......... N , an i f -V eff i Q M Q , 3 ,rig ,jr W We X3 in N5 X Nl wilwigg R gm K S X K aar if, F X 'ws' X i J is ,S -. Q ,,,, A 3' X S 5, F "A" ' Rc i Y , 'MH V N 5 .f V 6 ' f iisii ,,,... V -A ' If ii4fg,..",fa Y: Paulene Messink Ben Middleton Christopher Millikin Clay Moore Eric Moore Barry Morrell Michael Moser James Mouser Missy Muellich Heidi Muller Sarah Nawrock Lynn Nelson i Forgetting the volleyball game Ka- tie Phelps imagines she is Atlas and attempts to hold up the world. Sophomores 105 Ritchie Newman Ana Nowotony Martita Olson Laura Oppenheimer Shannon Pappas Amy Parker Miles Perron Lee Ann Perry During drama class Misty Tagle tells Sara Zeigler "If you ask me, Adam Ant never needs to be exter- minatedf' 106 Sophomores wwe 1:1 f we H ' ' 4 9- Nflgf -L iff : ' V .. 5 QQ 93635 H 1 ' W : -Q. ei ,, Wa 5424 W MQW uauswlf if N-ff' N1 Q, I7 E4 ' M H WW Q N MQ? A f w , Q -'fx X of "J - J: '. ft .nikfl -.v-W. egg.. .. Egg Lsi'l!v'iE . .. . ,gg gf ., kkk-k- g or " M , is X , MMWMTTA wQ,f S ieo 2 Sa 2 Wi ,' It uzqgr' :,. ., LX u mf X2 Sf X e K wwef N -3 i V L YWVZ 'VHMR Three of the nations top Sumo mud wrestlers, Emily Harrison, Janie West, and Martha Spencer pose for a picture for the cover of Sports Illus- tra fed Magazine. Jill Peters Kert Peterson Scott Petty Eleanor Phelps Katie Phelps Bryan Pritchett Jane Raines Shannon Raines Raul Rangel Daniel Rapnael Wendy Reed Louie Reininger Sophomores 107 Derrick Reiton Leslie Richardson Jimmy Rico Grady Roberts Lindsey Roberts Teresa Rodriguez Ricky Rosas Jessica Rutman Christine Sackett Michael Sanchez Ben Sanders Ray Sandoval Terry Sandoval Karla Sarran Kris Sarran Richard Schlosberg John Hovenden checks the flow of blood after following drama teacher Bill Swinny's direction to "bite your tongue." 1 08 Sophomores W ien, ,, , .X 'Wg mfg, f 12 V fi S, -59519, 'W wmv' i ' ,, 2' QM :Y' A ,M Q , ,fu 'L 4 Q ,211 R 4: 4. if z W 7' Q 22 ,af 2 ' m W ,. fm 5' z Tm Q f Mid 'Um ,K Y FW ma Q-W... -...lf I J' W vw-ev, X LV gf " V' Elm 4 I , .... Si I f 4,45 f f r 6 1 Wu. 3 N ,ete ei Wi! If 6 734 'fi .:, 432 44 WU? 'Kim 3 h e C S me ww.. Captain Elizabeth LeFlore and Pri- vate Debbie Chesney warn the Hu- man Race to lock their doors and stay off the streets for the bombing ofthe Jack in the Box Clown is drawing near. George Schroeder Lucia Schulman Amy Sebesta Kellv Sellers Sandy Servin Kathryn Shepperd Kim Shaddrock Robert Singleton Carter Smith Ellen Smith Laurilee Smith Paul Snow Sophomores 109 Sara Solon Martha Spencer Joe Staffel Mark Stepsis Brent Sterling Francie Steves Drew Stewart Blair Stone Grady Roberts can't figure out whether to go ahead and eat his cookies now or wait until they are baked. 110 Sophomores --M.. X i .J Wie .. Sf ., 1 K. .. ,. Q fm IF' N x N K .. , rrr, if-M -- s' 1, ., A . t if ' -.2 X53 T SX 'S 2 fe X, X fb' slfiz, " ' ? K :,, ' .Q -F :.' ,I ,-Nw? N r N J fuss? ,Lw..,.: Q Nwrssqpnp A -if Sk me .aww 2 1 its N .Q Q L v i s -wigs .-E LRE ' 2923: 1? 1.6 .p-41: ,Q Greg Zuschlag slowly goes through the steps for proper telephone usage "Let's see now, pick it up and then andthen " Kenny Strickland Tammy Sykes Misty Tagle Clayton Taylor Yolanda Tecuanhuey Allen Terrell Lindsey Terrey Stephanie Thaggard Sophomores 'I 11 During Howdy Week, Sophomore girls show their spirit by dressing up as geebs. '11 2 Sophomores Tadd Thomas Debbie Torres Loretta Torres George Toscando Ashleigh Travis Michelle Traywick Omar Valdez Ricardo Vasquez Beth Waldsachs Lori Walk Joe Warren Donald Wayne Anne West Janie West David Whellan Jim Williams ww ,.4r" ., W " ,g P I ' Q V55 ,V ' V A ' Y, , ' v - S 11 -K , 'f14ff,.- A ,V fi Ti? P , kx,f an ' ' mi lv. '-lL2L',1'fK-ies9y'fQ,. 1 . ..."91-W. ..4-'ZKZ like as 1, K ww E 4 .. 15 v ill A if 5 515 f Sf Q fl A disappointed Marie Langmore ap- proaches the Christmas tree in main hall greatly depressed, for she realizes that all the candy has been eaten. Laurie Wolfson Greg Zuschlag Sara Zeigler Sophomores 113 31' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS fabovej Kathryn Johnstong chaplain-historianq O'Nei1l, treasurer: Sarah Stevesg secx p 1 y p thl t y Cebrum Musgrave, ar iamentariang C nthia Cazort, resident: Ka een Freshmen: big success this yeai ln their new home at the highschool this year's Fresh- man Class carried through their traditional tasks as ninth graders with great success. Under the leadership of President Cynthia Cazort, the class made enough money to purchase Christmas turkeys for the entire maintenance staff. The first money-making project was in September, the basketball booth at Howdy Night. The frosh made S52 which helped buy the l6 l5- Freshman Class Officers pound turkeys. ln addition, this industrious class also sold Al-l tin cans filled with unpopped popcorn during the Winter months to help fund other projects. Membership rosters of the majority of school clubs and athletic teams included fresh- men. The Wranglers, girls pep sguad, had the help of some 40 freshmen who cheered on the varsity football and basket- ball teams. Leading chants and yells for the freshman football and ba ketball teams were chee leaders Elizabeth Satel, Cyi thia Cazort, lessica Stephen Ramona Mooreman, l-leathf Brenan and lulie Windes, c elected last spring. Freshmen who made Varsi athletic teams included A: gela Reiton, volleyball, ar Mike Malokoff, tennis. At Homecoming, the cla elected as their Duke ar Duchess Peter Markwardt ar lulie Windes. -52 , 5 - "-' . H m Most Representati ve Freshmen 5 "5s,,..,2' , Q.. 2 2 1 Z2 25 John Beauchamp Cynthia Cazort Amy Abbey Andrew Adams Gary Alcala Carlos Alfonsin Jesusita Alvarado Manuel Aranda Aurora Archer Stephen Archer In science class, Holly Murphy and Robert Devine get together in a joint effort to calculate the intertial mass of Robert's hand. 1 'I6 Freshmen Betty Atwell Joe Bakke Lisa Beagle John Beauchamp at Q. ,.-,.. ,f if Ox ,Sig Gr me N-. V9 R494 W' -uf. 4 savvy ..., ' Wm it .. lg . i e A lm U s ee'i 1 - fi --fk f . iky is A L, B , Li M L,- 5 , Q - W ?" fm ew i s R f , W f,'v' vw ,, v f fy f gif' I W 1 7 , . 4' r , ff f My in 2 ,, 5, Q 1 f 2 1 cf gp Kathleen O'Nei1 is horrified to find out she only made a five on her sci ence quiz. Eddie Bellis Christy Benedum Nick Benson Kim Berry Brenda Blocker Byron Bode Shanon Bowen Tad Bowen Ian Bowsen Bonnie Bradley Heather Brenan Tiffany Bristow Eloise Browning Krys Burleson Byron Buzzini Mona Campos Rather than eating in the pit, John Escamilla tries out tasty art sup- plies for lunch. l 18 Freshmen Allen Castro Charlie Cauthorn Mary Cashel Cynthia Cazort Yvette Chacon Melinda Chambers I-Xysel Cibilclak Dale Clark Julianne Compere Valerie Cox Thomas Crofts Don Cuba Susan Curry Marshall Davidson Lisa Davis Leah De Brooke IIEEEQEE? 7 M4 ,. Al IQLLEBYF Q ... rg ww.. of " M mg! ff W an f , 22: i v, 'Hmm-If b E we L, N., ' ff :LM :WWQVH N M: 'wa' A , L . A ' W Bmw ,:,.Q1:i nfl f W...,W .V W, v ' 'mm r ,,,.,, - ff f, -be Q M W f L I 4 1 f g fl 42? ff ff 5 Z . 5' ,Lg W ,, W! r,,, K A X 0,1 f 5 aw i ,. '- ,ag .gm s M., . . f ,VJ nnrn J, ng e J 1 J Xl K ,Q W W if if .W 'A rw! if ,gk , Q, .N X X we ,'U,:a :g i i,ff1 ,,.. U i'i. " - wmziffws -1.1 'f V ,.,r r, SM, 2 K A 5 :ff 'Ik 'V 'G q ,,:: Y ,, M 'V J .- 9m,g'.,,.111. ,l 5 " MK-f'I' ,J ' ff in .. """vp ww" . ' 1- 6 " - h2f2ff5?f5f?,,,,,,, A 44 vw W ,,,..,, 3 Q i M. 52 1 1 1 My 4 nr fa e E .Q Julio De Leon Ellen Dean Robert Devine Gina Dillard Seana Doherty Missy Doolittle Kristin Dunlap Elisa Ellington Because he walked across the em- blem Chris Troilo gets the royal snag by seniors, Terry Snyder, Mark Johnston, Bob Lyons, and Pat Leon- ard. Freshmen 119 John Escamilla Jay Farrimond Tammy Fitch Sylvia Flannery Maria Flores Ellen Folbre James Foreman Jane Forsythe Brad Foster David Foster Triple Fuhrmann Ralph Garcia Troy Garcia Kim Garnett Julie Garza Perry George During the class hall decorating contest, Sharon Rork and Ramona Moorman can't decide whether to put the flowers in their hair or on the wall. 1 20 Freshmen 4 4 fi ,V 3 fmmflfwaiiif? 4, Ii' , 551555 - fri, 44 ,,.,,5: , 4 .- Wm-' , 1, E, 5 ,..,K by I H 5 f i . , i Q f fgffgfi i !2nffiiI1'4G5?fa 4 mm a W WAQ9? I 15' H i1 2'Q H r 3" , . ' aff f i ,nf fl 4 'N Freshman Duchess Julie Windes and Duke Pete Markwardt both wave as the Oueen's Court circles the field at Homecoming. John Gilchrist Alice Gonzales Mary Helen Gonzalez Monte Graham Susan Green Regina Guggenheim Doug Hall Christin Hardwick Susan Hardy Tara Harrison Walter Hayne Grey Hays Freshmen 1 21 Although Troy Garcia thinks it's funny, Missy Gonzales and Mike Stieren, settled in for another solid hour of history research, realize it's another "fire drill." Trey Hellums Andrew Heppes Tony Hernandez James Hickman Holly Hoffman Robin Hohenberger Celia Holmgreen Teresa Holt Rachel Horn Todd Huntress Rick Hutchins Elizabeth Hyde Marlene Hyde Joe Ingle Tyshion Jackson Kathryn Johnston 122 Freshmen xxxv,xx4ia14.x,.3.Al'E'lm4 W 1 , W Ugg - 11 4 - . 4 mw"'f'f 'law-W.---3 , "5 me , My ---..-.....,,,..,,,, M-.... -ow is eiliw NSA W gun 'YQ S SS V Q Q ,fig Y k- as lil 7 at :ati ...I - .x-..,, , E 5 S gs Q., z .-:.'f'f3E,:3s5.::sf:-ffsn 5 4' hem : ia -. , he gvwgf F X X gi .W ...f Q., Y . Q. , . ig H , e 35 .Q ,:. fi :,S- ,,l-q : igli p iaa ee R.4Q5figQ 'N' xx 2 as 3 XX H W f earl is Q X Q, S X i K ,E . .f x 1 , .. """l--ai .,,, 3N.S?f, 5 1 n A fv-Q Wwjw Lw:VA p my W , ef as we--un.. 'V' ....,..,,. 9 K .X qhxpgge Murray Johnston Chad Jones David Jones Justin Jones Vanna Kelley Kip Kleck Bob Kline Dede Kocurek While baking in the sun on a warm fall day, Trey Hellums is unaware of the approaching danger from the Hand of the Baskerviles. Sharon Lamm Nathan Lang Charlie Leake April Lew Lisa Lew Yuette Lewis John Little Debbie Lively Freshmen 1 23 Sandra Lopez Payton Lord Mary Lovell Amy Madrid Amy Magruder Mike Malakoff Pete Markwardt Brenda Marsh During the Homecoming Bar B Que as Rachel Horn challenges Ellen Dean to a punch chugging contest, she can not decide which cup to choose after twenty three. Nancy Martin Angie Martinez Edwina Marvin Pier Mathesen Jon McWilliams Annie Mclnnis Jim McCutcheon Stephanie Mengden Ns- 9 x. ' 5' we ' Fiscal f, N 7 kg: ' ' M qi - X-J , , AME 4, iv 5' 5 2, sg . "S Q Q 5 . P at 'Q - vs , E: ' R i J X E kk 1 Vppi 'X f"' x we QU? eg M sf 'lv 'WM www f ral 49' 3-'siiiwif' xi, 'i f' f Lziflf .5 2 ?:'Is ' ' ii.:,, Tix?-' 1 law 19" 3 0 ef Mfg , 2 f ' f f 442- ' 1 f J . .155 wi S fu v 2 73 1 K f 5 vwwv , K V, shllnv ' x 14' ' an 'K J NX is if Y iii? A Catherine Menger William Meyers Ashley Mock Ramona Moorman Anne Moses Daniel Munoz Holly Murphy Cebern Musgrave Martha Myer Beth Nawrocki Cory Netwich Curtis Newkirk Heather Brenan looks dreamy while reading a love letter given to her during class. Freshmen 125 Kathryn Johnston tries to explain, at a Freshman Class meeting, how big the cans are going to be, and yet Cebern Musgrave, Sarah Steves, and Kathleen O'Nei1 can't quite believe her. Jonathan Newton Thao Ngo Rhonda Oliver Kathleen O'Neil Albert Ortiz George Parker Angela Paschal Brett Patton Ashley Perkins Pat Pfeil Gary Pierce Shannon Pluchinsky 1 26 Freshmen - 2 ,nav ' K , . Q if .N Q, Q it w 5 . vi , .F ,,',.v W f ,ii f it iiii Y? ff 9 Q5 fr f Q 12 mg M542 f ff f 1,6 4 if f 6 5 f Mr' ff 7, Q , .f Jem? 1 '- LE:-. 9 Q "EM 7 ' , ,tml fwgdwg L 'W' ,A ' .MM si ws 'www it ff 2,f,w K l'h' . 5 25 ? ' '2s1f1s,gw,,w 'N ' IWW' , Q , l ' -W fly ? va ' ,a g 1 K els' ' , .,,. , ,f , if , ., 7,,. . , .,1,,,, ' I , ..-.t 3 A 2? . e 1 WUWWM i ,V ',', , V 4 ,,,, ,ei , 'WM W x v 5, f i 1 5 Chrissie Potter Margaret Ouirk Christina Ramirez Raquel Ramseur Letty Rangel Suzette Raphael Jim Redmond Brett Reed Kate Reininger Angela Reiton Chris Rice Leigh Rips On dress up day freshmen girls con- firm everybody's suspicion that they are still little kids. Freshmen 1 27 At the Keywannette Halloween spook house, Angie Sherrod, alias Madame Zandmore, has never worked in a set-up like this before. 1 28 Freshmen Leticia Rivera Fabin Rodriguez Sharon Rork Annie Rosser Debbie Rubion Krissie Salome Elizabeth Satel Debbie Schlosberg was E as X ss 4 xiii 'N if Amy Schmidt Roy Schweers Joe Scott Stephanie Scott On dress up day, Nancy Martin, has heard of people going batty but this is just taking it a little bit too far. Freshmen 129 Chesley Seals Robert Serrato Michelle Shankle Fred Shannon Debbie Shepherd Angie Sherrod Andrea Sleger Tito Smith In P.E. class Crissie Potter warms up for her night flight to Paris. 130 Freshmen John Snell Lily Sola Miffy Sours Ouinten Stansell Jessica Stephens Laurie Stephens Jody Stern Richard Stevens Lvl wx H. Ura if M . gd Zim 3 m Sarah Steves Henry Suarez Dawn Surface James Taylor x Gary Thompson Toni Thompson Susan Tietz Becky Tolar Jeff Torgerson Chris Troilo Susan Truesclell Elizabeth Turnbull Martha Myers and P1er Mathesen can't believe that a P E test could be this hard. Elizabeth Tyler Alfonso Uribe Suzie Urrutia Joe Van Meter Joe Villarreal f Christine Villastrigo X David Watson Drew Watson E 1 Jeff Weiss Chip Whitehouse Hollyn Williams Mark Williams ' TL Linda Willis gy 5 W " 'Q - . ig tk Julie Windes ff ffzfnx 5 Michelle Winship get 5 A Hunt Winton "ML .W if A EQ 2? M 3,4 William Meyers forgets it is the twentieth century as he pulls his cave woman Seana Doherty down the hall. Q 132 Freshmen ,.- ,M ft Debbie Wiosnesl-xi 1 Jason Witherspoon f Susan Witkowski David Wright Duane Wright Shannon Wright K, A. J. Yoggerst Patrick Yznaga Daniel Zepeda David Zepeda If Deborah Zimmerman Jeff Wiess slowly sinks to the ground as the Pit food takes effect. Freshmen 133 37 H Board of Trustees .... District Administration HS. Administration .. Guidance ........... Secretarial Statt ...... Maintenance .... . . . English ........ . . . lnterrelated Arts ..... Foreign Language . . . Science ............ Social Studies ....... Math ............... Physical Education . . . Library .............. Resource ........... Occupational Education R BOARD OF TRUSTEES Qahovel SEAT- ED Mrs. Wallace McGeeg Mrs. Chesley Johnston, vice presidentg Mrs. David Spoor, assistant secretaryg Mrs. Jack Williamsong STANDING Mr. Michael Brennan: Dr. William P. Fitch, presi- dentg Mr. Richrd Halter, secretary, BE- FORE A BOARD MEETING Krightj be- gins, the board members gather their notes and discuss among themselves the topics to be covered at the meeting. MWHSSKHU' i i 1 E L Taxes, insurance, competition crowd agenda Trustees started the year by raising school taxes and add- ing health insurance benefits for district employees. The board was headed by Dr. William Fitch, himself a third generation board mem- ber. Trustees concentrated their efforts this year on the student competition committee. 'I36 Board of Trustees The committee, which to- taled 233 students, parents, and patrons, was formed be- cause of district patrons con- cerns about the ability of Heights students to compete. The study gathered data on students' competition level and made recommendations to the board Whether or not to expand or eliminate certain programs. Nine different sub-commit tees were organized to cove all areas of competition in the district. One oddity of the soho board this year was that four 3 the seven members were fe- male, making it the only m jority female school board Texas. istrict defines Heights academic education Defining an Alamo Heights academic education and caus- .ng events to happen that will 'esult in achievement of de- Eired student learning goals highlighted the year's action for the district. The staff com- pleted its five year plan for ac- creditation With the Texas ducation Agency and de- sired achievement goals re- sulted. Levels for achievement for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, Advanced Placement Test and the Texas Assessment of Basic Skills test were recom- mended by the administration and adopted by the board. The district's senior admin- istrative staff divided many duties during the year. Super- intendent Calvin E. Gross spearheaded efforts in teacher evaluations. Curriculum Di- rector Don Hendrix led the accreditation process and As- sistant Superintendent Harry ,Q-rss' wx K ss an at . -m g was 1 , i f 3 1 5-Sei . jg s -i s s s ' i l A K ,. , '-" -' -. y ,,. ' , i . s i . , -. ii 1. ..g..,- v..,s..W 3 c 5 s I U r c S ug? - - i ' if ' T W Eiga 2222 t 1533355 ii A Ts Z Kiwigsgrrzx ss X. sg ts is . ,, .WE E ig v 5 S T? Q22 Etgfjlii fits-tif' Ks fi A s Mg Amr ., up , 1 s - Zig i I i 5' ,'-- ,'-- I 1 -i-' , 1 Rf X I . wife,--14: -,"s -L .-.- Orem worked on a major ren- ovation plan for the Iunior School. Business Manager Harry Stanford prepared for new property tax evaluations, due in 1983. The administration also studied recommendations for the student competition com- mitee and took action on sev- eral matters brought up by that committee. Q in Dr. Calvin E. Gross, Superintendent fabove leftjg Mr. Harry B. Orem, Assis- tant Superintendent Qabovelg ML Harry Stanford, Business Manager fbelow leftjg Dr. Don Hendrix, Curriculum Di- rector Qbelow rightj District Administration 137 Mr. Barney Newton Qrightl, principal Ms. Jane Leizear fbelowj, assistant principal Mr. Delbert Rowland Qbot- toml, assistant principal Mr. Abe Prince Qbottom middlel, date process- ing director Ms. Suzanne Norton fbot- tom rightl, alternative education direc- tor High school administration strenghens standards The high school administra- tion's main goal this year was to continue the move begun last year toward stronger cur- riculum standards. Because of the good results ot the amended Foreign Lan- guage and English depart- ments curricula last year, the Science and Social Stud- ies departments, curricula have been revised and updat- ed this year, and expectations 138 High School Administration are high. The support ot student clubs has also been a new arn- bition ot the administration. Student participation in extra- curricular activities has im- proved this year and encour- agement ot school pride by the administration has helped. Principal Barney Newton and Vice Principals lane Lei- zear and Delbert Rowland also attended numerous student attairs throughout the year. Following up on the compe tition committee and the goal: set by the district were majo: thrusts during the last part o the year. As always, the ad ministration has been listening to students, conferring witl parents, and seeing that all the unnoticed things get done around the school. we w fjj ,jg 3,438 ,k,, 2 , 4. i a ai . G ,S as " i X ,f it 42 ,Ax lr A f - 5 I 1 'il M Q 3 15 -. M lf -Q X Q, X f W nf W . Q, W 'M My ,, -M 'Q N ,, 9 Mr. Roy Balter, Guidance Director Qleftjg Miss Ruby McPherson, Counselor fbelow leftjg Miss Ellen Kennedy, Coun- selor fbelow middlejg Mr. Richard Wal- pole, Vocational Counselor Qbelow rightj Guidance computer speeds up college search The Guidance Gtfices new ddition provided students in- tantaneous access to college, iccupational, and financial .id data. The computer-based Guidance Information System las allowed students to exam- ne the ways in which their nersonal criteria for selecting :olleges and occupations at- ect the range ot options avail- tble. Video cassettes have also nrovided students with imme- diate and accurate informa- tion on a wide variety ot col- leges. These cassettes present stu- dents with a preview of the college and all the necessary information they need. Guidance has continued its thrust on communication by mailing parents a bi-monthly newsletter on current events and results of various activi- ties. This year's many night pro- grams sponsored by the Guid- ance Department has also helped communications. The programs included Parents Night, which in- tormed parents on what is in- volved in college educational planning, College Night with ninety three colleges provid- ing students with information about their campuses, and PSATflunior Night where stu- dents are given the results ot their scores. Guidance 139 Secretarial staff Vkffv . aa GUIDANCE ftop leftj Mrs. Barbara Horvath, Mrs. Glenna Fearing, Mrs. Jane Dreyfus PRINCIPAL Qtop right, Mrs. Helen Kelsey, Mrs. Lou Edmond- son, Mrs. Janie Luna ATTENDANCE Qabovej Mrs. Benita Casarez, Mrs. Janet Sarran, Mrs. Nell Bernhard ATHLETIC lrightj Ms. Susan Calkins, Mrs. Lois Mischer S' I K X . Sas 140 Secretarial Staff Cafeteria, Maintenance WW ig' .4 .4 eeeaee wumwm aware ,feteria crew Ktopj TOP ROW Mrs. ary Martinez, Mrs. Angie Rodriguez, rs. Patty Fletcher, Miss Anne Royce, rs. Maria Conteras BOTTOM ROW 5 QS an W S3 'mi . 1 as .. ' gywy?Q swwwwe iee 2 ' 1.1 - Y - 'S :ein-9552 1 Mrs. Frances Mayer: ASSiSt8I'lt MGR- Cardinas, Mr. Max Hernandez, Mr. ager, Mrs. Doris Kirby, Mrs. Connie Martine Lee: Head Custodian, Mr. Reu- Falcon, Mrs. Paula Reeh, Manager ben Moya, Mr. Albert Paz Maintenance crew fabovej Mr. Nino Maintenance 141 - English English curriculum gets face lift Expectations tor students in English classes will be more consistent in the tuture thanks to new curriculum guidelines drawn up in the summer ot '82 and put into ettect during the '82-'83 school year. The guidelines, requested by Principal Barney Newton, made sure all English students cover the basic essentials ot the course at each level. Members ot the English de- partment decided essential components ot the new guide- lines would be a sequential vocabulary list and a planned schedule ot literature. l'Through coordinating grammar, composition, vo- cabulary, and literature, stu- dents benetit trom the consis- tency among sections ot the same course," said English Department Chairman Suzie Ranson. The English curriculum re- vision is part ot the school- wide ettort to up-grade and improve the guality ot a Heights education. English TOP Mrs. Linda Anderson, English English I Major Works MIDDLE Mr. Charlie Boggess, Englis II Developmental BOTTOM Mrs. Marilyn Gonzales, Eng lish II, Basic, Intermediate, Advance Reading DAVID BEBINGER bottom left gives a oral presentation on The Little Prim in English II. if I'OP Mrs. Marguerite Kownslar, Eng- lish II, English III Developmental MIDDLE Mrs. Gettrude Krueger, Eng .ish I, English II BO'I'I'OM Mrs. Mary Norman, Journal ,sm I, II, III, Hoof Print, Olmos JOURNALISM II STUDENTS fbelowj Rosemary Garner, Karen Prodajko, Stuart Spencer, and Paul Escamilla discuss the next issue of the Hoof Print. JIMMY RICO AND DAVID BE- BEINGER fbottomj act out part of a skit as a weekly assignment in Mr. Bill Swinny's English II class. English 143 English SOME OF MRS. LINDA ANDERSON'S FRESHMAN STUDENTS fbelowl Jona- than Newton, Regina Guggenheim, and Debbie Schlosberg look at past stu- dents' Shakespearean projects to help them get some idea of what to do for theirs. 1 . ,,EV- . 4 ' M wi. ii,-i ' iiiii 4 Q - 7 u . X kids ri, if 1 44 English Q94 ff ' 1 I W ,,,,, M-Ns' TOP Mrs. Norma Quarles, English II MIDDLE Dr. Mary Ellen Quinn, Eng lish as a Second Language BOTTOM Mrs. Suzie Ranson, Depart ment Chairman, English Il Maja Works, English IV Developmental OP Mrs. Sandra Riordan, English IV, nglish IV Major Works 'IIDDLE Mrs. Elaine Scherrner, Eng- sh IV lO"I"I'OM Miss Ernest Mae Seaholm, nglish III, English III Major Works ETHRIDGE KNIGHT Qbelowl, contem- ities and English classes about writing porary American poet, talks to Human- and enjoying poetry. x ,L , . ff f,jt2f'fV., , '51 5 L L . , i ,,.gs2fW' , Wag' ' ' ,Wf- . N W - -A . wciygg-"gr ,g . ff... -1, QW I .mai-RX . V,3,:kfI::.'::::.5I-:gI-25:33-'If4, ',qq,v-QQ? "-+-g:::f:s5,' If '-,3::::::::::-1fff'-Qui-i-1-2-i-ai:gif 1. , ,, gigkkkg' J:'f5""fM-'filfl so I',.....::::..:3,g.,g1g9'4- gg -f, - 3 Q -.- g ...A " Y-:-Q'-!fm7L...:::::15:f--4 1? 1 .6. 2' .,,. i English 145 TOP Mr. Bill Swinny, English II. BOTTOM Mrs. Ann Tibbets, English III, English IV. not pictured: Mrs. Dorothy Thompson, English II, English IV IN DR. MARY ELLEN OUINN'S ESL CLASS Qbelow leftb, Miro Lanhaus and Lily Sola play bingo to help them learn English words and word usage. FRESH- MEN AURORA ARCHER, JUSTIN JONES, AND RICHARD STEVENS Qbe- low rightl furiously take notes as Mur- ray Johnston analyzes the character of Lli54LLiLLl.Jl -I f a Pip in Great Expectations for Mrs. Ger- trude Krueger's English I class. ENG- LISH IV STUDENTS MIMI HINTON KARA HULTGREEN, PATTY SLOAN AND ISABEL GARCIA Cbottornj discuss the seven soliloquies of Hamlet to pre- pare for a presentation. www ,f W ,,f,.f., lui' 5 "m'W'e.f l tugging! 1Ul Ili N WSING THE LIBRARY'S QUIET, STU- EIOUS ATMOSPHERE, Cbelowj, sopho- Lore Jessica Rutman writes thesis sen- ences and junior Valerie George re- ews her notes before a major English est. AS ERIC WHETTA PONDERS THE MEANING OF LIFE lbottom leftl, Kel- leen Castro incredulously asks a neigh- bor if Tracy Bode is actually reading MacBeth in Mrs. Elaine Schermer's English IV class. We ' we V,.. fx-Kemp... - rt AN X Q ze i 3 , -js Q- -. W Q76 Q fir 'iw z if f .A- TOP Mrs. Veta Wright, English I, Eng- lish I Developmental MRS. MARILYN GONZALES fbelow left, times Jennifer Young and Eliza- beth Serrato in her Advanced Reading class during an exercise in speed read- ing. English 147 lnterrelated Arts Arts department gets involved The lnterrelated Arts De- partment was involved in many diverse activities this year. Art classes worked on T- shirts and programs tor the choir production, and they worked on perception and the elements ot art. Band students studied the works ot many tamous com- posers and practiced sight reading atter going to Ulla state marching contest in the tall. Meanwhile, the strings prepared tor their December trip to Chicago, Where they were the only all-string or- chestra to play at the 36th Annual Mid-West National Band and Crchestra Clinic. ln November the choir performed the musical, 'll-lenry, Sweet Henry." 148 Interrelated Arts Many students also compet- ed in district choir try-outs and some even continued on to region try-outs. Believability was stressed in drama classes as students performed monologues to achieve a sense ot selt- awareness, While speech stu- dents practiced Writing as well as speaking in tront ot a group. Creativity was encouraged in the humanities classes. Each student prepared a number ot reports and pro- jects. MR. BILL SWINNY'S DRAMA STU- DENTS fbelowj Regina Guggenheim, Elizabeth Nawrocki, and Sara Zeigler practice their parts for the one-act play they are taking to the UIL drama con- test. TOP Mrs. Carol Ackles, Art I, II, III, 8: IV MIDDLE Mr. John Bridges, Honors Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz II Im- V' ti pro isa on BOTTOM Mr. Ira Evers, Speech I, II, 8: III SPEECH STUDENTS fbelow leftj David Martinez, Leslie Thayer, and Trey Ban- ack prepare for their upcoming debate in class. MRS. CAROL ACKLES fbelow right! teaches her advanced art stu- dents Carrie Cusack and Robert McGarraugh how to begin silkscreen- ing the programs for the band's Christ- mas concert. DURING A LUNCH REHEARSAL, Kbot- toml Bernabe Zepeda, Tom Gray, Stephanie Troilo, and Jennifer Young practice their parts for the fall musical, "Henry, Sweet Henry." , s 2 c a 9 . 6 S s 'fs K unna--a-:L-Q TOP Mr. Milton Fox, Honors Band Symphonic Band, Jazz Improvisation BOTTOM Mrs. Sandra Riordan, Hu- manities Interrelated Arts 149 TOP Mr. Gerald Schwab, Humanities MIDDLE Mr. William Swinny, Drama BOTTOM Mr. Gene Wabeke, Choi Music Theory , ff E s E 3 SENIOR ROBERT MCGARRAUGH fbe- Low left, explains his painting to the ' umanities class during their Novem- er creativity unit. JOHN POWELL, lbelow rightj, puts the final touches on a graphic art project for Mr. Roger Lov- lng's Art I class. IN AN AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSAL fbottomj, Byron Bode, Layne Arnold, drum major Joe Ivy, Carmen Goyette, Amy Sebesta, Debbie Schlosberg, and Julie Garza practice their parts for the U I L contest in early November. Y . cali BELOW Ms. Carla Wright, Strings QR' 'If gm. 'ICM rigs Interrelated Arts 151 - Foreign Language Language guidelines improved New curriculum guidelines were drawn up by the taculty department which made sure that students in the language department would cover basic essentials ot each level. While students in French, Spanish, and Latin l and ll still concentrated on the basic conjunctions and vocabulary, students in advanced lan- guage classes tound them- selves Working to improve conversation and tuency. "FIGHTING FOR KNOWLEDGE" Khe- Iowl, Latin II students Chrissy Sackett, Heidi Mueller, Laurie Lustfield, John Archer, Mark Stepsis, and Bret Kimmel These changes were devel- oped to enable students to communicate more fluently by helping them think as well as speak in the language. While French, Latin and Spanish were being im- proved, the German ll pro- gram was in trouble. Lack ot enrollment caused all German classes except German ll to be dropped tor this year. act out the climactic scene from their own handwritten version of "Horatius at the Bridge." KILL 152 Foreign Language TOP Mrs. Linda Anderson, English English II, German II MIDDLE Miss Susan Baltes, Spanish I Spanish III MW BOTTOM Mr. Johnnie Eng, Depart ment Chairman, Spanish I, Spanish ' MW "DU, DU LIEGST MIR IN HERZEN" XSING KELLY SELLERS, ROBERT ED- MONDSON AND JILL PETERS, Qbelow leftj, with Mrs. Linda Anderson in her German II class. MR. TOM PALMER, Qbelow rightj, a representative of Ami- gos de las Americas, speaks to all the 'second period Spanish classes about working in Central or South America for 4-8 weeks during the summer. IN FRENCH IV MW, fbottomj Heather Caldewell, Jackie Criollo, and Eve Ko- curek discuss the social ramifications of the aesthetics in Anouilh's play "Becket." TOP Mrs. Karen Katz, Spanish III, Spanish IV, Spanish V Major Works MIDDLE Mrs. Esperanza Olvera, Span- ish I, Spanish III BOTTOM Mrs. Norma Ouarles, Latin I, II, III 8: IV. "U-'www Wm WMMQ. Foreign Language 153 -- Foreign Language A K Ekxjfyg wrt -if-5 I :ff M H ig: TOP Mrs. Mary Kay Willis, French I, II, III. 8: IV 154 Foreign Language Science faculty Science faculty members were busy this past year taking an in-depth look at the entire high school science program. Science Department Chair- man Countess Nixon said the tudy was along the same lines s the one done on the English nd foreign language depart- ment the previous year. studies department "We wanted to take a look at what was actually being done in terms of methodology and content in all four sub- divisions of science," she said. The study also included the determining of course objec- tives and science philos- ophies. Mrs. Nixon said the admin- istration and science teachers want to help students acquire knowledge colleges and uni- versities are looking for. Therefore, future students in chemistry, biology, physics, and physical science classes can be more confident of re- ceiving a beneficial educa- tion. Q 2.. W' 1 t ' 'mf z IN MR. ANDY COBB'S CHEMISTRY trates hydrochloric acid into an un- cel-mage gf Sodium Carbgnate it con- MW CLASS fbelowj, Brent Mathesen ti- known solution to determine the per- taing, Science 1 55 Science TOP Mr. Robert Comer, Biology I, Biol- ogy II Major Works MIDDLE Mr. Leighton Hendrick, Biol- ogy Developmental BOTTOM Mrs. Countess Nixon, Biology I, Biology I Major Works, Department Chairman 15555 Q , Il, K- 1 ' ' 5 H on-S , am, , f -' . n me :,gz.y ,zfgg1f,-3.7, ' f 7 if 5 "Y57ff'?ffif?, 'swf' 12 1 56 Science KATHLEEN TERRY, CHRIS ERCK, PATSY BOLDUC and MICHELLE BRITTON fbelowl make plant cuttings for an experiment in Mr. Robert Comer's Biology II Major Works class. PHYSICS MW STUDENT LINUS JA- COBSON Qbelow left, uses the school's new telescope for an astronomical ex perirnent. MEENY MEENY MINEY MO WHERE DOES THAT OTHER HYDRO GEN GO?" WONDERS ANNETTE EM MONS fbelow right! in Mrs. Joj Pruett's fourth period Chemistry class. i'A on ' lOP Mrs. Joy Pruett, Chemistry I, lhemistry I Major Works VIIDDLE Dr. Mary Ellen Quinn, Phys- :al Science, Physics I Major Works IOTTOM Mr. Guy Riggs, Physical Sci- I'lCe MS. VEANNA CARPENTER'S PHYS- ICAL SCIENCE STUDENTS fbelowj, Annie Mclnnis, Kim Berry, and Teresa Holt test the solubility of crystals in water and alcohol. IN MRS. COUNT- ESS NIXON'S BIOLOGY I CLASS fbot- tomj, Kay Adams and Sylvia Barrera find out everything they ever wanted to know about fetal pigs but were afraid to ask. ,gas Q i Science 1 57 -- Social Studies Organization, key for ss From American History to Sociology, the Social Studies Department was Well-orga- nized and Well run. American History focused on better decision-making through the study and use ot history and the tying together ot past events with today's so- ciety. While American History classes studied very broad and basic history ot their own country the World History stu- dents mainly studied foreign countries' political systems. The Government classes PROSECUTING ATTORNEY KARA HULTGREEN lbelowj cross-examines witness Christy Schick as Judge Susan had many creative and unusu- al activities this year. From playing political games to holding a mock trial, the stu- dents gained a better under- standing ot America's govern- ment. Besides the required courses, others were ottered, such as Community Services which taught students how to teach and work with children, Psychology, which gave a good background for dealing with people, and Sociology, which emphasized social problems. Steves listens somberly in a mock trial in Mrs. Mary Zuschlag's government feconomics class. 158 Social Studies TOP Ms. Anne Collins, American Histo- ry, World Civilization: Russia MIDDLE Mr. Curtis Cox, Government fEconomics, Business Law BOTTOM Miss Joanne Furtek, Ameri- can History Eerry Brosseau, Robin Sherlin, and 'O HELP THEM BETTER UNDER- LTAND HOW RULING BODIES WORK elowj Stanton Bell, John Doolittle, Paula Moore's government class. MS. ANNE COLLIN'S WORLD HISTORY CLASS fbottomj listens intently to Jon- athon Handy's report on medieval ar- banny DeLeon fbelowj play "Bottle- Chitectufe- .eck," a House and Senate game, Mrs. TOP Mr. Gilbert Hines, American His- tory MIDDLE Mrs. Paula Moore, World His- tory, GovernmentfEconomics BOTTOM Mr. Gerald Schwab, World History 1-.V mi -ww ff,,,,LfMMw, , ,,,,.. , vv--- ,, 'Yi Social Studies 159 Social Studies TOP Mr. Randy White American Histo- ry, Psychology! Sociology BOTTOM Mrs. Mary Zuschlag Depart- ment Chairman, Community Services, Government X Economics, 160 Social Studies MEMBERS OF MS. ANNE COLLIN'S FIRST PERIOD WORLD HISTORY CLASS fbelowl, enact a play about the power of the Church in medieval times during their Middle Ages unit. Juniors Erika Bollman, as an angry peasant, Jackie Criollo, as a pious clergyman, and Stacey Shaffer, as an arrogant noi bleman, act out their parts in a sceru from the play which helped them bet! ter understand both medieval writing and the state of England during thi early l300's. E 2 1 i E 5 I . Math l TOP: Mr. Paul Foerster, Algebra I, Trigonometry Analysis, Calculus AP MIDDLE Mrs. Tammy Frietsch, Funda- mentals of Math, Algebra I BOTTOM Mrs. Marilyn Deesing, Ge- ometry, Consumer Math Fundamen- tals of Math I Computers add This year The maTh de- parTmenT was marked by curriculum change and ad- diTions To iTs program. Five new compufers were boughT and were ac- cessible noT only To all maTh classes, buT also were used by The social sTudies and adulT educafion classes as well as by elemenTary school Teachers. Along wiTh new compuT- ers came a growing inTeresT of The sTudenTs To learn more abouT Them. As a re- sulT, This year marked The beginning of The compuTer club. Anofher addiTion To The DURING LUNCH Qbelowj, Bill Law- rence, Dede Griffin, and Ron Cooper put the computer room to its many output to math scene was Ms. Isobel Zhohar who drilled The maTh Team parTicipanTs consisTenTly Throughouf The year. The curriculum was also changed, affecfing all sTu- denTs inTeresTed in Taking a primer for algebra. ln pasT years The maTh deparTmenT had offered an inTroducTion To algebra course which lasTed Two years. However, This year The course was replaced by The one year pre-algebra course. The Time difference was The main facTor ThaT separaTed These courses. uses, from studiously doing homework to playing games on the school's newest Apple II computers. ""Whng,,, YW'---...., . . ,,,,,, Math 161 -- Math TOP Ms. Carlynn Ricks, Fundamentals of Math II, Geometry, Geometry Major Works MIDDLE Mrs. Susan Thomas, Depart- ment Chairman, Pre Algebra, Algebra II, Trigonometry Major Works BOTTOM Mrs. Rebecca Wallace, Pre Al- gebra, Algebra I 162 Math JUNIOR SIMON HINTON Cbelowl punches in the coordinates for a graph- ic design on one of the school's five new Apple 2 computers. The new units, along with 10 at the junior school and three for the elementary gifted stu dents program, were purchased as par' of the district's expansions of compute: facilities. x I I i Q A i ! K i 5 x K 5 IIS. ISABEL ZSOHAR AND MEMBERS JF THE NEWLY FORMED MATH 'EAM fbelowj listen intently to fresh- an Ron Cooper explain a method us- g discriminants for finding the area of a triangle. IN MS. CARLYNN RICKS FOURTH PERIOD GEOMETRY MW CLASS fbottoml, freshman Tad Bowen proves that two triangles are congruent using an overhead. :ww TOP Miss Mercille Wisakowsky, Pre-A1- gebra, Algebra II, Algebra II Major Works, Trigonometry BOTTOM Ms. Isabel Zsohar, Algebra I, Intro Algebra II F 1 .. , . 7 X f I ' f H Q , ' f - - ,' :' .wmff r e- - 4779. 2 ffl N '22, f V'.k w Ev a, a t ti ian ' Math 163 -- Physical Education Fitness, fun main PE objectives Participation was the main factor stressed this year in all physical education classes with the aim to get all students interested about being phys- ically tit. Through participation the students could have tun and also become tit. To test their physical ability the students were required to take the Governors Physical Fitness Test three times a year instead ot twice a year as in past years. TO MAKE SURE THEIR MUSCLES WILL STILL RESPECT THEM IN THE MORNING fbelowl, Coach Steve Ferrel's The test measured speed, agility, strength, and endur- ance and given to students at the beginning, middle and end ot the year so individual progress could be rated. The department also added one new class to its program tor students interested in dance and fitness. Mrs. Linda Bellinger taught an aerobics class which included a mix- ture ot dance, music, and cal- isthenics. boys PE class begins with stretching ex- ercises on the football field. A ,l.,,,,,,-wfffetr W W W, ,MW me N Q , ,ww MWmWW WwWN,,,,.wwifNw+ 164 Physical Education TOP Mrs. Linda Bellinger, Girls PE MIDDLE Mr. Charles Boggess, Boys PE BOTTOM Ms. Karen Breymann Health roP Mr. steven Fez-re11,Boys PE AS LISA RIVERA, COACH TIM HEN- drisuez discovers that what goes 'up VIIDDLE Mr. Gordon Garrett, Health RICH, AND PAYTON LORD WATCH mlfst ffome down in fourth Penod BOTTOM Mr. Tim Henrich, Swimming DUMBFOUNDED fbelowl, Fabian Ro- swimming PE- ? W 5 1 Qui? 'wg 2 HU: ng i ' , fy af 5 , 5 . ,,.,, ,,... W, 1 .,'- ,UW ,.',,:..,..Q.,,,,,,.,w v,t,W,,' W... Z . N' ' " s X -"H ' lf" I Physical Education 155 - Physical Education TOP Mr. James Littleton, Boys PE MIDDLE Mr. Leo McDaniel, PE Swim- ming BOTTOM Mr. Larry Oxford, PE Tennis :TLS -1 : 166 Physical Education COACH CHARLIE BOGGESS' PE STU- DENTS ISIDORO MARTINEZ AND JORGE DIAZ DE LEON Qbelowj take the tenth lap as they wonder how they ever got here in the first place. MRS. LINDA BELLINGER'S FOURTH PERIO GIRLS PE CLASS fbottomj has "Got tl Beat" unit. during their aerobic dancir , 5 . ...L L 2 , ,1?+i- 'srs if . X g:::e,fe.,--A gig: . u Q H .g.sf:.g.w at W. 1 aaaa - ,.. A . af . to A is . 2 I . . Q ' ' --if l4fs'fSQi , . :.2f'f'if1fi1' s:fS'fE3i:fQf1'-I' a- ji . ff.:fk,3t5,, , : . ' " si--5111.2-Sq"-. , 1 if : t . -. I I , , f , rrrr t ' ss?Ii5':Ef.ii': f " - .w :E . , sxkfijii ali-f ' 2 --yt f-f'fjf"' o "f n qiififwiirf .' 1. N: I". . - Y '- ' T gg .5 k .. jtiim, . 'Q . 11. 1 I . . ik Q X ' ff? 'Q it ' K K . .133 5: f ' 5 ' . A ,,, . - isa. I ,. ' -W A . ,N Z.Q,i-. Qi, A - . . .. A gl 13 K 'fyfiyf -as 5 E K . '. A " 1" ' ffm' - X- ' f I -7:31 fi -.FeI'I' "RTE" -. E A . . ,I at . -..,,,0 --N -gg, TSN I ' '- .9 i'rj-vw, HHi.i'H' 45 . ' A... ' gi W. E --5'l'YJ:Tj,,j'. .-' K , A 2-we 'M'-"'1fY???:r?i!'?is F" w- S25 x we -fs 'e . -wi ll fif'fggf-fs:Ligyfiigj Q W' 1 Q-nu .gif s l IN COACH STEVEN FERREL'S BOYS PE CLASS fbelow leftj, Jesse Mendoza tries for a layup shot as Ian Boysen, Greg Hayes, Ouintin Stansell, and John Felbaum watch the ball sail toward the basket. MEMBERS OF THE FIFTH PE- RIOD PE CLASS Qbelow right, discover that a backhand smash isn't quite as easy as Bjorn Borg makes it look. AS DEBBIE LAMM, SEAN GULLEY, AND TREY CUNNINGHAM WATCH, Bren- da Duncan gives Julianna Bermea a ' . ""-Lliii-"wan-' "M "magic box" gift as a values clarifica- tion exercise for their decision-making unit in Ms. Karen Breymanrfs fourth period health class. 'N Physical Education 167 - Library Thanks to many changes, the library is expanding to much more than simply a place to study or check out books. .Bob Parker, an AXV spe- cialist, became a part of the library staff this year. With him came the birth of the Video MEMBERS OF THE NEWLY FORMED VIDEO CLUB fabovel Albert Carrisalez, Jeff Marker, Nancy Norton, Kristen Adams, and Trey Cunningham listen to club sponsor Bob Parker explain the many uses of a home computer for a high school student. USING THE CARD CATALOGUE TO FIND SOURCES FOR HER RESEARCH PA- PER frightj, Suzette Rosas takes advan- tage of the library's facilities one morning before school. 168 Library Club, an organization formed to increase knowledge and enjoyment of video eguip- ment and computers. Along with the staff addi- tion, new books have been ad- ded to the library, and the fur- niture has been re-arranged and re-upholstered. The library was also usec for the standard reasons this year. ln December the fresh men learned how to use it dur ing a Week-long Workshop and it was used as a meeting place by many organizations X .gay "W fr vi k Q f 'gf f f K 1 t 1 ? pgs? ry' 2 l '- a .H .. 7 5 1 of ",,2 , fwf? G fy A A wb ii. it 44 'rl K Mig,-M 9' KH W-if .LUVT mimi My sz, M2..L,?,,,, ni, ffm i s f 4 f X , , ,1 ksi g f w -- ----M M ,W , , , A2 045.4 74, M---45' - f ,gfejyqwm-rw -- A ' iw ,W - V , ,, , m v- ' "wi wi,Za5ZMA,' ,,:w-man , ' w, f fq?Yg1-mf,-,, Vw ,M - if !'i HEAD LIBRARIAN ENRIOUETA GARCIA Qleftl shows Laura Torralva, Phil Luna, and Carol Bermea how to look up information in the Guin- ness Book of World Records. Library 1 69 - Resource Special students get special aid An understanding audi- ence and special skills helped students with special prob- lems find success in resource classes. The eight-member staff used their expertise to aid stu- dents Who showed deficits in their academics and whose levels of performance indicat- RESOURCE TEACHERS Qbelowj Kath- leen Turner and Susan Swann discuss a ed a need for compensatory education in finding an envi- ronment and atmosphere for academic and social success. Re-enforcement of appro- priate behavior, remediation of basic skills, and supportive counseling from these teach- ers helped students under- stand the meaning of success. student's progress in an after scbool meeting. 1 70 Resource TOP Mrs Brunilda Arzamendi, Educa tional Assistant, Resource Math, Re source History MIDDLE Mr. Robert Gonzales, Re source Aide BOTTOM Mrs. Susan Swann, Educa tional Assistant, Resource Govern ment, Resource History LFOP Miss Beth Theile, Department Chairman Resource Science MIDDLE Mrs. Kathleen Turner, Re- ource English O'I'I'OM Mrs. Shirley Winslow, Re- ource teacher RESOURCE TEACHERS fbelow, Kath- meeting to set goals, plan educational leen Turner, Beth Theile, Susan Swann, Strategies, and to determine what SUP' Lydia Arzamendi, and Shirley Winslow Plies are needed within the depart' begin the week with a department ment- K - S SN. ,X s ev SX-.. Es W1 e.,,,.e . ' ' A V V , AV f l K " ' W f f,, aff 1 5, ,, , vm, . X: E y .V VVV, We 5 f V . ,, , . S, y Il, , , ,X fgfn' X I M. ff fa Resource 171 - Vocational Education OE students earn S, credits While most students were spending a tull day in school, approximately l5O members ot the occupational education classes were earning money and receiving credits at the same time. These were the members ot the Work program who had tour periods in the morning but Worked at paying posi- tions ranging from dental as- sistants to construction work- DURING "BLOOD PRESSURE WEEK," JEANNINE MAC KAY fbelowl gets her ers titth and sixth period. Among the outstanding stu- dents in the program was ot- tice education student Trace Bode, the school's nominee in the Business Careers Devel- opment Program, a nation- wide competition. Vocational students also had time tor involvement in various extracurricular activi- ties such as Senior Play and choir. blood pressure checked by HOSA stu- dent Diana Wolfson. and TOP Mr. Carrel Bowman, Drafting I Architetural Drafting 18:11 MIDDLE Mrs. Elaine Carol, Homemal-i ing I8:II, Home 8: Family BOTTOM Mr. Curtis Cox, Business Lai i S E 172 Vocational Education E 'OP Miss Peggy Cox, Accounting I, Ac- unting II, Typing I IDDLE Mrs. Nila Earle, Homemaking OTTOM Mrs. Betty Gordon, Coordi- TRYING DESPERATELY TO KEEP ated Vocational-Academic Education THEIR EYES ON THEIR COPY fbelowj, ooperative Mr. Mike Morgan's personal typing -:ax :V .,., .ex-fry --.- Q: H' -.amifxisxz riffs-QSV'-ff'Ih1 ' ?iI'3Elff, .-in 'PJ " Y ' - , I .- 9 . "" ' N 3 ' Ek X ?':lfif'Q-l L at , I 1 wx ii it Q it class begins the "quick brown fox . . . routine. , f ,,'fW7'f'.wWW ' Y '3 ,f A I Vocational Education 173 - Vocational Education TOP Mr. George Jared, General Con- struction Trades MIDDLE Mr. David Moacl, Drafting, Shop I 8: II BOTTOM Mr. Mike Morgan, Personal Business, Personal Typing, Typing I ,W f,.- , XV , ,,,V . gsm ' .1 1, "-,' - ' - if . V, ff, j I K ? I "I THINK IT NEEDS A TOUCH OF SALT," says Julie McGarraugh fbelow left, in Mrs. Elaine Carol's homemak- ing class. HOMEMAKING STUDENT RILEY GALLOWAY AND PTSO MOTHER MRS. MARY MIZE HEL- LUMS lbelow rightj prepare desserts for -Mxwizi. 'L5.i:-F55Lfl'2fx2kgQ::1, K. I ':fU'.ff : i I. "'E?S:t:. f' I , , . I. W. 5 - - . , vw - i i i N ,MY . Sl X S 2 ZZ? ,ij-,,-.y rgryly 4 , .glifgw f,f,,,fAgZg. 51, my 174 Vocational Education . . , f I 4' aw w w, f f ,. , ,E . ,-, .M .,, the PTSO sponsored Homecoming bar- becue supper. IN MR. CARREL BOW- MAN'S ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING CLASS fbottoml, Albert Carrisalez asks Mike Adams what he thinks of his blueprint for the new, glass-enclosed, four-story edition of the high school. , J .,,k,r ,. I , erlki it .tzfiifl ' 1-'sw ,..., I K - ,Z . .,,,. ,,,,,. . ,M L . .. , ,. .V., , I. an. WWW-f ,.,,,,. N, . Lwwowkdgyll ,WZQANWM WMMWJMW .,.,,,,.,,wwf"""WW OP Mr. Jess Posey, Industrial Cooper- we Education I 8: II IDDLE Mrs. Sharon Saxer, Health Oc- lzpatio I 8: II QOTTOM Mr. Paul Smith, Distributive ducationI 8: II MR. GEORGE JARED'S GCT STU- DENTS Qbelowj Gerald Bench Basilio final coat f ' , s o pa1nt on the master bed- Martinez, and Steve Rodri h ' guez put t e room of a newly bu1lt house on Hiler St I H W- . ,... 5 r--- , .... I S I 'SLIA f O O me if i' .51 W' fi' Vocational Education 175 Vocational Education IN MR. CURTIS COX' BUSINESS LAW CLASS lbelowj, Georgia Maniatis, Rich- ard Moore, Lynette Farrimond, and Dane Amerine scan the financial sec- tion of the newspaper for their business management section. MRS. WANDA TASSOS fbottoml checks Suzette Rosas' calculations on an adding machine in office education. .. f' hwy y VA... ,, TOP Mrs. Wanda Tassos, Office Educa tion I 8: II MIDDLE Mr. Rick Walpole, Vocations Counselor BOTTOM Mrs. Barbara Welch, Offic Duplicating Practices I 8: II EZ? M' 176 Vocational Education I MR. DAVID MOAD'S ADVANCED 'OODWOKING CLASS fbottom leftj, ohm Cage uses a band saw to cut a xas design plaque. ERNIE CASTOR- O Qbottom right, works at a gluing able making a herringbone-style cut- ting board. OFFICE DUPLICATING PRACTICES STUDENT MATTHEW MOUSER Qbelowl is shown the finer points of printing by Mrs. Barbara Welch as the October 15 issue of the Hoof Print rolls off the presses. Mrs. LaVonne Wiltse, Home Economics Cooperative Education I,II www Vocational Education 177 4 L B D- I a . I 'Qlxwvs 'A I f rf' ls?-I 1. Y .2 'ia .. l Q il ,,M.,..., 1 " 'Ag-.1-1 'A ' - A . 5 1 . ff , g .Ag ' .u e 5 H ' , 1' " ' " 'L -I'f::'.f'. fl ? ' , ' -, , "mx, 1 x . -, - -M. I 'www , - ' i'35I'i.f,,A 'iii G'-' 'Q ,- ' f-K .,, 'ik ,171 w ' Oz., ,, - ,-:...3,,.i?-M: f ., K M M M irfvf. ,. j . Q. .4 5 M 'J n v 1, af 'J N , ' Q' 1 5. ' y 1 1 - - -wg: ' ' , -fr V' x1b,,.. - W. .-1--V .V ff, ' ' ' ' - 4 ' V. -W3 kg..." , - . V .2 - . . 1.-pf, -mfg ' ' , - ., A ,. f " ,M-...-2- ' W ,, -f f - V ' -L . 4i'Q1'4ML , ' 'A ' .5 g'?"" f- - "2 , ,ff f' - "5-P11555 1-1 ,. , . 15553 Z .Q ' ' , V A ' , Kiwi? f " H3.,g Q , ' - w - V ff f 1 V , . , . . . ' . V W ' ' 'A . ' Ui, ' ' Wt, " ' , V ' M Y." ,i Y . W r ' uk ' W, If Q. 1 W, ,y ...yr -1 5 21' I , fr I- -' 11 . GI. -W 'Q f. : , Y X -.ffm ,Qi ,A , ,,tk,.a-, ,Q Fiji: - W. u g w:.m.. ..- f , . . L .. P 5, -- - fr f , I fy.,a.,A ' . sf, - 1 , -.,:, 5 QA.. - -f "gk, -u 'R ,-ww.--.4 A' ' . ,. ff' 4 . V 3 V Q if-N - V Q.. ff I T t Y, , v it I, V : 1.7 'aim Nw.. I gs, " - 2,1 iu. 5' 'K K . ' . ,f - .gif 1- ' 5 f -f . XF..-, Lg if . 5' , X -, ' - 'X ' s ,-jr .ff -. ,- 4. 4 ,, L: if - ,. , 1.1. M ,, . V , ie, , 1 ,W 5.5, 4 , , if ,1L..f, V A . ' . , f ,. ...A,,.L. , I- ' - W-,N A .,r,,,Wyr,:.: 1 R' , fq- . ., : V , Cdr 5' 'J ., hr , , fm K ,, - 45.-,u W , 4 1?'f,-.vw N- ., . Y . 1.41 , f -. - Q f:4Q, . H - Q ,ii,sf1-3. - Q 'f V4 fs , 41 , ,M , 5 M , -S - aw, ,- ,, w Jw' 'I .' "4 MC. '-,, . "9 " - 41 ' ff' 'V . X.- Ak ,q - ?': '- W .U ' . 6'-TR, ,,,,V WH., V K, . X f ',.u' ,-A M U 'V fn n ' - N f 311.0 ' Vg.. , f ' f 1" . -4 "N W' I 5 -, . f " Hg. . , A ' .M W - N ' , - ,- , Q , v. y HM-, 1:1 ' ' " "1-S' 1 .if 'f',"r 5' 1. A , . . 'VV'-M-1. wa., . ' L D A ., 1 ,K ,. A 1 , .H-V3 ' f. Q-j' ff , - K 4 , W. . .A Q , X I Y f- ' 1.1 'f' X, ',f, iff, 1Nfxy""- :,f,r 1 , , 1 , -V , V. , . . ,Q .- ' 1 f' - 4 1 f 4. f , .. . V , . if I . K ,Af A ff, Va f 'f 4- K E3 f , 'fi Y, . 'Er " l,QAw N . V. , r . ffl ,1 . H . , X , F' - ' ', X SJ, ' ' ,4 + 'f' . .. . , J. , K -Q " ' , X ,M J.. 1' ' ' -. 'I' 'T . . .' x ' Q X ,S wwf. , ug , 4 ,Ji V, J U--I , r 1- . . -V V ,A A . . ., 1 v. . X A' 'W v n 4 f .A A Q' . ' ,Y M - . f 1. K .f , 1 .-1: 1 ' X, f W .N N- S. . 9 . ' 5 ' f . A 'Q 51" ' Q , 1 L ' ',. .I - N "-4 Q X ,, , . X . . X 3 -K X . K w A '-- , . , -A f . 4 - x 'X M- x . I . . , W ' Y X., X f Y V , . p V .ff x' . Mr. ,S , I W Q 1151 s . mv" ff 'gf --- . 4... Ig NA ""W I A 414 Q a','Qf ""'-Jw..J,1 Ir 1 14' If " , lA 5f5T,ff33f f If 5 '51 1 4 l!' T 1 A 1 ee fe A ee aae e f 1 , Q? " 19. f. 5 1' .v,2M:q,,,: fMb,':4.,':f-M' w,:'s'q9xv"-':'J'1.' 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MAT ...... NFL ..... NAHS . . . NHS . . . SPO .... SNHS . . . SSHS . . Band .... Spurs ..... Wranglers . . . Cheerleaders . AFS .......... Clown Club . . . Computer Club French Club . . Key Club .... Keywanettes . Latin Club .... Los Amigos .... Los Companeros Rodeo Club . . . Science Club . DECA ....... FHA ...... HERO . . . HOSA ........ CEA ......... Mulestall Council . . . . . . l 94 l 96 1 98 l 99 200 202 204 206 207 208 2 l 0 2 l 2 2 l 3 2 14 2 l 5 2 l 6 2 1 8 222 226 230 232 233 234 235 236 238 240 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 25 1 More color for Olmos '83 The 1983 Olmos Staff set out to create a yearbook with a complicated yet exciting color scheme. The addition of more color to the book was of course more expensive than if the pages had been in black and white. But through careful planning and the loss of sever- al sports teams, the staff was able to cut out sixteen pages thus saving money. Another main objective of the staff's was to try to include as many people as possible in candids. The staff wanted stu- dents to feel that everyone was a part of the Olmos. Also a part of the Olmos were the unique cover, end sheets, and division pages de- signed by Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Pawel along with a little help from a friend. Despite the positive plans in store for the l983 Olmos, the staff faced a challenge in that practically the entire staff was relatively new. Charlotte was the only four year member and Layout Editor lohanna Sharp was the only three year member. The rest of the staff were either one or two year members with little or no ex- perience. HM. .4417 A S, ff , "MW, ,,,mg E - X 5 E Q i l 3 194 Olmos ,sg .www iff ,, fi, 5 if .2 ,narcsf f ff' 1 X,-1, ,-.-,. 1 reef.-1 'f--1-1 ,T is ,Kgs Q, L ,x If1fXgg1Q5E.EE-Lal-',E'lp il3i2:s1xfs-1iff'i"+1'if 5.21151 so-1rfmwz:sw5Qf -Spit. its Q if is i iii XR 2 2 ? ADS EDITOR LINDA SLEDGE Qopposite page, top leftj helps Assistant Editor Sarah Murray compile the list of "Most Popular" nominees. SPORTS EDITORS JOHN HILL fleftj and Heather Caldwell decide on a headline for the swim team page. OLMOS STAFF foppositef BOTTOM ROW: Francie Steves, Assistant Layout Editor: Charlotte Pawel, Editor-in- Chief: John Hill, Boys' Sports Editor, SECOND ROW: Johanna Sharp, Layout Editor: Heather Caldwell, Girls' Sports Editor: Linda Sledge, Ads Editor: Sarah Murray, Assistant Editor: THIRD ROW: Editor: Anne Lynne Rowden, Senior Class Lisa Spector, photographer: Juett, photographer: Jennifer Taylor: Sopho- Kathryn Sheppard, Assistant more Class Editor: Lee Ann Perry, Sophomore Class Editor: FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Hein, Index Editor: Jeannette Dunworth, Assistant Aca- demics Editor: Kristin O'Connor, Assis- tant Activities Editor: Kim Lancaster Assistant Girls' Sports: Faith Short, Academics Editor: FIFTH ROW: Roy Schweers, Freshman Class Editor. Su- san Drake, Junior Class Editor: Jill Mathiesson, Assistant Junior Class Editor: Betty Atwell, Assistant Fresh- man Class Editor: Tiffany Pappas, As- sistant Ads: SIXTH ROW: Sloan Houser, photographer: Laura McKin- sey, Spirits Editor: Mary Griffith, As- sistant Senior Class Editor: Carol Chenault, Honoraries Editor. ' ASSISTANT LAYOUT EDITOR FRANCIE STEVES fabovel and Lay- out Editor Johanna Sharp map out the Activities pages for this year's Olmos. IN THE OLMOS ROOM Qleftj, Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Pawel checks the ladder for mis- takes. Olmos 195 ASSOCIATE EDITOR ERIKA BOLL- MAN fright! gets the facts for a story about the music at Trinity on the phone. LISA MUNNQbelowl buys the November 12 issue of the Hoof Print from Circulation Manager William Harrell. TYPEWRITERS CLICK AS EDITORIAL EDITOR AMY GAUSEKbe- . 5.:37'1-!:2-giS?35?ii3S S tv:-'reef i 55 lisa ftgggisgfs . ':i:bfg:v,3gs'? as i' ' S. if it -Ms sshSxP'r.f ss . or L,:.. . . y .155 i Q 'L sa. f' .t-.2.fwQg:eM E? :fs . ,J if - f -X ' ' .- r1fi':-L low right, and Editor-in-Chief Sally Cantu finish up on their deadline. AT THE WINDOW LEDGE fbottoml, Man- aging Editor Stuart Spencer, Sports Editor Karen Prodajko, and Associate Editor Rosemary Garner paste up their pages for the December 10 issue of the newspaper. . . Midnight oil lights Hoof Print Working long into the night became a part oi lite tor many l-loot Print statiers as they strove to win the traditionally high marks achieved by the paper in past years trom high school press association con- tests. The editorial pages carried two new columns, Pass Go written by Amy Gfause which took a look at problems facing students and gave a positive solution tor them, and Sally Cantu's Game Plan which ex- plained the proper proce- dures in playing many ditter- ent traditional Heights' games. Karen Prodajko's column 196 Hoof Print Time Out gave sport readers a behind-the-scenes look at the mental and physical work put out by our high school ath- letes. The l-loot Print also had sev- eral in-depth features on such events as tormer Secretary ot State Henry Kissinger's press conference and lecture, and Vice President George Bush's lecture, both at Trinity Univer- sity. For the All Class Reunion, the stait put out a commemo- rative issue which covered top events in all the past school years. J Jf f MWg,,,- ... ,. K fx fs f. . . ,, 431 225 f sg... .1 e-f,:,-z.:3imfmz,1s ,, . ,. ,. V, . -Wfwr , :w,l::,ws i 15: I ,, in M--, , 2 :W i D, 1 I B.- .. - ' -,s vn ,. . A " G , ,X 'gm ,, ' ' Q' A . ffgevizf' . A - WWW yyy- , W T' in-S. ASSOCIATE EDITOR PAUL ESCA- MILLAf1eftj rewrites a story on the Sci- ence Department's curriculum study. DURING FIFTH PERIOD fbelow leftj, Ads Manager Lance McDougall search- es through a magazine in search of new ad layouts. EDITOR SALLY CANTU fbelowj makes out page assignments as staffers Amy Gause, Rosemary Garner, Karen Prodajko, and Stuart Spencer discuss news content and feature pages for the late January issue. HOOP PRINT fbottomlg BOTTOM ROW Shar- on Wright, typist SECOND ROW Amy Gause, editorial editor, Sally Cantu, editor-in-chief, Karen Prodajko, sports editor TOP ROW Erika Bollman, asso- ciate editor, Rosemary Garner, associ- ate editor, William Harrell, circulation manager, exchange editor, Paul Esca- milla, associate editor, Stuart Spencer, managing news editor Hoof Print 197 No funding worries for Jab '83 The major difference be- tween this year's l abberwocky and all ot its predecessors is that tor the tirst time, it is being funded by a community pa- tron and unlike last year, will contain no ads. The labberwocky, the school's literary magazine, ac- cepted material such as poet- ry, short stories, art work, and photographs for consideration I DURING A JAB MEETING ftopl at Chris Erck's house, Mark Nikolewski, Steve Pyle, Sharon Wright, and Jill Pe- ters discuss the good points of a poem. SUSIE SCHROEDER fabovej reads a prospective poem as staffers Dee-Dee Griffin, Monica Goei, Chris Erck, and Alison Hilton listen reflectively. JAB STAFF Kabove right, FRONT ROW Chris Erck, Sharon Wright, Monica 198 J abberwocky ' tor publication. Another big ditterence in the organization this year was that there were no staff posi- tions. The idea was that all lab members should be able to share in all aspects ot publica- tion, including editing. Mrs. Sandra Riordan, spon- sor, has sponsored the club previously, but not in the last two years. Goeig SECOND ROW Susie Schroeder, Alison Hilton, Tracy Grieshaber, Jill Peters, Carol Chenaultg BACK ROW Mark Nikolewski, Albert Carrisalez, Li Ravicz, Jon Robinson, Pauline Messinkg ADS PUBLICITY COMMITTEE CO- CHAIRMAN RICK KERNAGHAN fright, discusses a new idea with Tracy Grieshaber. l 11, .i..,..r.i,4v . MARK NIKOLEWSKIK1eftD consults with Erika Bollman about a picture he has taken for the Hoof Print. OUILL 8: SCROLL MEMBERSHIP1belowj FRONT ROW Karen Prodajko, Erika Bollman, Heather Caldwell, SECOND ROW Paul Escamilla, Sally Cantu, Jennifer Taylor, Mark Nikolewski, THIRD ROW Rosemary Garner, Amy Gause, Stuart Spencer, Johanna Sharp AMY HILLMANKbottomj and Carol Chenault discuss a difficult passage from Hamlet during their free time. ,, Outstanding writers make Q58 Strictly an honorary club, Quill and Scroll is made up ot students whose work on the publication statts ot the I-loot Print, Olmos, and labber- wocky has been outstanding. Members oi these publication statts were considered it they spent time working for, writ- ing tor and meeting deadlines for the three publications. This year, twelve students, seven trom the Hoot Print, tour from the Glmos, and one from the labberwocky, plus one lett over from last year's club, qualified for the honor- ary club. Requirements tor membership in this national organization are tough to meet. These requirements in- clude being in the upper third ot their class academically, having junior or senior status, having worked on a publica- tion tor two years, and having received recommendation from the publications spon- sor. Quill and Scroll 199 STEPHANIE TROILO lrightl polishes her part in Henry, Sweet Henry, assist- ed by Mr. Wabeke. THE CHOIRQbelowl TOP ROW Amy Heidenreich, Laura McKinsey, Laurie Walk, Bernabe Ze- peda, Tom Gray, Kathleen Terry, li- brariang Debbie Galloway, Shannon Broke, historiang SECOND ROW Rhonda Banks, Jennifer Young, Nancy Baker, Wesson Golson, Chris Young, Siobhan Anders, Katie Zbinden, Eliza- beth Ashby, THIRD ROW Amy Sebesta, Stephanie Troilo, Melody Cambell, president: Muffet Welmaker, Joyce Park, Samantha Hutchinson, BOT- TOM ROW Gene Wabeke, sponsor: Judy Williams, Ana Nowatny, Earl Sellers, vice president: Daniel Zepeda, Beth Waldsachs, Brenda Duncan, Jeannin McKay, secretary: Jill Knight, robe and uniform Captain REGION CHOIR MEMBERSfbottom righti TOP ROW Bernabe Zepeda, Stehanie Troilo SEC- OND ROW Chris Young BO'I'I'OM Kathleen Terry, Earl Sellers 'H Success builds for '82-'83 choir This year was one artistic success after another for the Heights choir. A fall play, a Christmas concert and in- creased membership in dis- trict choir, made a good year for the outstanding vocal group. The fall play, "Henry, Sweet Henry," in which many mem- bers participated, was spon- sored by the choir, and Gene Wabeke, the choir conductor, directed the production. Receiving a wide audience was the choir's Christmas con- cert, Which was performed at the high school, Cappy's, the airport, and on the river. 200 Choir The number of Heights members in higher choirs was greater than ever before, with ll members in the district choir, 7 in region, and one in area. Toward the end of February the group was involved in a Workshop and concert at Trin- ity. Also, at the end of the month, the choir participated in the University lnterscholas- tic League solo and ensemble contest, and later in April they competed as a Whole group. ln May the group per- formed With the junior and elementary schools' choirs in an All-District choral concert. mmm WWWWMMQZQQ ,"k THE GIRLS IN THE CAST ftopl of the Fall Play, Henry, Sweet Henry, com- plain about school in "Academia Fugue' during the last dress rehearsal. CHOIR MEMBERS BETH WALD- SACHS AND LAURA MCKINSEY fabove leftl try to convince Janis Ram- sey that she must have a cookie while Kathleen Terry looks on. THE WHOLE CHOIR CONGREGATES fabove right, behind Mr. Wabeke and the piano for a round of scales before getting down to the business of the day. THE CHOIR AND SINFONIETTA Qleftl perform at the fall concert which helped send the Alamo Heights Orchestra to Chicago this winter. Choir 20 l THE SINFONIETTA Qrightl FRONT ROW Eve Kocurek, Lisa Schneider, vice president: Aysel Cibildak, Joan Gal- lardo, Paul Tiemann, Jeanne Rogers, Michael Whellan, Jackie Criollag SEC- OND ROW Nancy Norton, Tamara Sanders, secretary, Laura Terry histori- an, Wright Moore, Winnie Ransleban, Stephanie Guardia, Dan Lanfear, presi- dent, Kris Parsons, Simon Hinton, Shannon Pappas, Polly Allen, public re- lations: Paul Hughbanks, Pamela Duke, librarian: BACK ROW Kelly Ouirk, Ms. Carla Wright, sponsor, Ben Sanders, treasurer - .... N PAM DUKE Qabovej and her opponent battle it out for the championship title "King of the Beam" at the Sinfonietta booth on Howdy Night. DURING FOURTH PERIOD fabove rightj, Nancy Z 0 2 Sinfonietta Norton and Winnie Ransleban practice for a performance. A SPECIAL ENSEM- BLE fright, entertains the Homecom- ing Barbecue Dinner crowd at the All- Class Reunion in October. f f' L SN Q. 'X . 42 ,. was I W X 'Z in ,, I ' ' lvlffvma ,, n A X -1' . f 4- , , ,, ,V ff 4? 'ff ' 4 A .15 ig f -fi, rf S3 'ff .W x -V ' W if ff fm, Z iff ff M 4 1 1 I ' 2 tW4W M ,vf I 7 4 'K - 17 32 if , S, it tctt f gf.-.wihw . yi. . JW fm 'ff2ezwh57'4rW?M 'V WW , ,, ,-,, V ' t ft- . M if 55131 TQ w,f'Zt, f' I" , ' M, K W . . w 2 1 ami... LISA SCHNEIDER Qfar leftl practices a complicated piece for the state orches- tra competition. BEFORE SCHOOL ON THE OLD TENNIS COURTS fleftj, Eve Kocurek begs passers-by to buy dough- nuts from her to help send the Sinfo- nietta to Chicago for the National Band and Orchestra Clinic. MS. CAR- LA WRIGHT fbelowl conducts the Sin- fonietta during the Fall Concert with the Choir. Trip tops year for Sinfonietta A December trip to Chica- go was the main focus of this year's Sinfonietta. The third- year string group was chosen as the only all-string orchestra in the United States to play at the 36th Annual Mid-West Na- tional Band and Orchestra Clinic. On the way to Chica- go, the Sinfonietta stopped in Dallas, where they played al- most the same program at S.M.U.'s Caruth Auditorium as they did in Chicago. To make the Sl l ,OOO need- ed for this trek, the 23 mem- bers started fund-raising in the summer with numerous car washes. During the year, they sold brownies, mugs, flower bulbs, and T-shirts, They also held a bike-a-thon, a swim-a- thon, and used their musical abilities at receptions, parties, and other social gatherings to make money as well. ln addi- tion, profits from a joint fall concert with the choir helped swell their treasury. Sinfonietta 2. 0 3 STUDENT COUNCIL fbelowj FRONT ROW Lucy Calvert, publicity director: David Huff vice presiclentg Anne Marie Landry, secretary, Shane Brenan, ser- geant-at-armsg Kelly Ouirk, parlia- mentariang SECOND ROW Emilie Eng- leke, Amy Hillman, chaplain historian: Wright Moore, treasurer: Lynette Farri- mond, district liasonfdistrict presi- dent, Laura Garcia, Kathryn Johnson THIRD ROW Tracy Bode, David Gonza- lez, sergeant-at-arms, Lisa Calgaard, g 5 J , Q 5' mir, ' few: 1, . ,,g5s,:',222i5Qs!ie7,11m mini:,ax-,f.ff?fmffez fPf2Y?fa:J1,A-wr5x1'3mf Q ,,:,,,,,, , , president, Sandy Servan, Sylvia Bar- rera, Brenda Blocker FOURTH ROW Alison Hilton, Samantha Hutchinson, Holly Fitch, Cynthia Cazort, Dee-Dee Kocurek, Rena McGaughy, Paul Gomez FIFTH ROW Elizabeth Ashby, Nancy Martin, Kathleen O'Neill, Leah Kregor SIXTH ROW Sarah Murray, Tiffany Pappas, Heidi Swain, Kelly Sawyer, Elo- ise Browning, Tracy Grieshaber SEV- ENTH ROW Greg Zuschlag, Bill Law- rence, Monique Kleck, Ben Schoen- 2K ,f:5ei,Zfii2,.,,., J? ,- ff,, we ff ,.: 7 ' ,,,. ,,,,f::,,:y.:sj f, H 'vm 'W , ,, A I , V f- ' f - , . t H - ' -- ' ,, le, wif' fig, "I ,Mm - ' mu Q, af: 1, ,,f ' V , a,4,,..,,g,,gf W ,.,, , f - izWf??'J,li7x f I I ,E ,,., My ,, B154 ,fifiiwi Wvlf' . '55L!'1'f5 vli?'ff'fif?73illfU,, Hi S: rfflif--fzzfi 17247. V Kun, - I 759- 4 f' 11",'i1vW,'1f4' , QQ, are :a:,,1g,,,3,'EE,fH I , ,g'g,?w,'if,::5,,, '51, ,, ,, vwfswhy :si :ga H Hg, :fffewff1,1f4,w5,gfgw,2zx,gW ,:1f,,,+.,Mg9,,f,,W ,M-,,.,Wh,,mile .Wag ,fxu-A-4, Winn, ,V.,,,,,,,..f,z,-,wwnalflff for"-M. , if,-,pw ffm 'ffm 1' - J 2, ?f,ifZ52K,,,3 f f , yyy., A Y Q 'eeww f. WeW,,,,,, sw4,meQ,g,,,, . , A,,,,, , ,,,m,,,,,,A,, Wswvgt, ziiffrivxeigfgw , ., DISTRICT PRESIDENT LYNETTE FARRIMOND fright, conducts a meet- ing at Harlandale. 20 4 Student Council baum, David Johnson, Katie Zbinde Cathy Stevens, Jessica Rutman, L Ann Perry, Amy Schmidt, Shannf Pappas, Brett Kimmel NINTH RO Granger Huntress, Elizabeth Leflo. Debbie Chesney, Chris Troilo, Lori Be net, Clay Moore, TENTH ROW Jeff D lard, Tom Hart, Richard Moore, Stua Spencer, Ernie Rodriguez, Ran1 White, sponsor 5555? 55753 Q Q' 5!iffmQ, mf 'K ' '?QZwxi,'i Q 1... Better funds, activities SC goals Sponsoring many iund-rais- ers and putting on better ac- tivities tor the student body were the main goals ot the Student Council this year. Cne oi the council's mon- ey-making projects was the class jar competition, which the seniors won. For this victo- ry, a mule mural was painted at the end oi main hall with the class year on it. The Homecoming Dance was another ot their projects. The dance, held after the Homecoming game, drew a large crowd and a great re- sponse trom the student body. The goal toward which the council was working with all their fund-raising was the sponsoring of the Favorites Dance, or spring dance, usu- ally run and paid for by the Sophomore Class. ln early November a leader- ship workshop was held on campus, to which all officers ot school clubs were invited. The workshop, which lasted four hours, was run by Dr. Earl Reum, a nationally known leadership workshop consul- tant from Denver, Colorado. The next day an assembly was held during which Dr. Reum summed up for the entire stu- dent body what he had said the night before. I ftt, .wif , ,, G DANNY DELEON ftopl rushes to assist team captain Joe Pantalion with a tough shot during one of the qualifying rounds of intramural volleyball. STU- DENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT LISA CALGAARD fabove right, opens the bonfire ceremony during Homecoming week on the field. IN THE GAME ROOM fabove left, David Huff and Joe Pantalion battle it out in the Semifin- als for the ping pong intramural. CON- CENTRATING HARD, DAVID GONZA- LEZ lleftj carefully letters the thank- you poster sent to Dr. Earl Reum after his October Leadership Seminar. s Student Council 20 5 Club members help needy 206 ln late September, after be- ing kidnapped, a group of girls was informed they had been inducted into a rather elite organization, the Service Club. The club's main function was to provide services for the needy, which they did under the new sponsorship of Mrs. Karen Katz. The group had their annual Christmas hold-up, during which students had to either pay a quarter or donate a toy, an article of clothing, or canned goods in order to gain entry into the school. The funds from this project went to Boysville and needy families in this area. THE SERVICE CLUBfabovelFRONT ROW Monica Goei, chaplainfhistoriang Susan Steves, president: Robin Fuchs, treasurer, Christine Novier, vice presi- dent, Lisa Calgard, corresponding sec- retaryg Susan Spoor, publicityfreporterg SECOND ROW Nancy Norton, Lisa Schneider, Carol Chenault, THIRD ROW Stephanie Paredes, Amy Ware, Gina SanMarco, Jennifer Taylor, Heidi Burkholder, Tracy Watson, Emily Win- ton, Heather Stansell, Mary Montgom- ery, Rosemary Garner FOURTH ROW Amy Hillman, Eloise English, Joyce Park, Amy Heydenreich, Katie Zbin- den, Martha Comer, Liesel McDaniel, Anne Zachry FIFTH ROW Lynnette Farrimond, Georgia Maniatis, Kara Holtgren, Anne Marie Landry, Mindy Fichener, Tamara Sanders, Rena McGaughy, Lucy Calvert, Pamela Duke, Julie Wheatley, Robin Dauber STU- DENTS ftop right, line up for tasty bunuelos sold by Service Club at Howdy Night. NEW SERVICE CLUB MEM- BERS Qabove right! relax at the initi- ation party at Susan Steves' house. BE- FORE CHRISTMAS HOLDUP Krightj Jeff Torgerson hands over all his money to club members Robin Fuchs, Georgia Maniatis, and Gina SanMarco. fi n A 5. IIIL QQ' Q" xc . QS' was A Q si tx X -----......,.,,,,,W.. ,xA.. it ouues sg 73-li" 53? 6 ' E 01,809 83 T ..,4 A,,, V AWARD 'W5' ' LATIN NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- fleftl FRONT ROW Chrissie Sackett, Amy Hillman, secretaryg Samantha Hutchinson, Mrs. Norma Quarles, sponsorg BACK ROW John Archer, Stu- art Spencer, vice president: Jim Robin- son, presidentg Mike Morse, Mark Step- sis, David Whellan, STUART SPEN- CER- Qbelowj grimaces as Mrs. Quarles displays the shirt awarded to her by the Olmos staff for her outstanding pa- tience and ability to laugh after the Olmos had scheduled the club picture five times. JOHN ARCHER fbelow leftj and Mark Stepsis engage in a "com- sumption contest" while Chrissie dis- approvingly turns her back to them at the LNHS's picture party. Latin scholars compete, eat Contests and celebrations both played a major part ot Latin National Honor Society events this year. Members competed in both the local and state 'Latin Olympics" which consisted ot a variety ot events in categor- ies ranging trom Roman histo- ry to Latin grammar. A spring banquet was held to honor new and old mem- bers. New officers were also elected at this time. Membership in the Latin National Honor Society is limited to those students who have taken two years ot Latin and maintained a 4.0 average. This year's president was lim Robinson, vice president was Stuart Spencer, and sec- retary was Amy Hillman. The contest was sponsored by the Texas State lunior Clas- sical League and brought stu- dents to compete from all over Texas. Latin National Honor Society 207 MAT makes magna mark in Mo. This summer Mu Alpha Theta members attended the National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, where they competed against nationwide MAT members. Steve Stern and Granger Huntress both brought honors home, Steve placing titth on graphing, while Granger also placed tirst in computer program- ming. During the year speakers from math-related tields dis- cussed their tields during meetings to help broaden members' knowledge of math. Members also attended math contests at other schools, and on lanuary 27 sponsored their own contest at the high school. For this MAT members wrote and de-bugged prob- lems included on the test. L, 1.4 Z' THE REPRESENTATIVE FROM COM- PUTER SOLUTIONS Ktopj, Phil Jack- son, becomes a radical at a Mu Alpha Theta meeting while explaining how "this much" information can be con- densed to a very small microchip. MU ALPHS THETA MEMBERSHIP fabovej FRONT ROW Debbie Klein, Treasurer: Lisa Schneider, Historian: Susan Spoor, secretaryg Chris Erck, sergeant-ab armsg Granger Huntress, vice-presi- dent: Stuart Spencer, sergeant-at- arms: Susan Thomas, sponsorg Paul Foerster, sponsorg SECOND ROW Christine Novier, Holly Fitch, Heather Caldwell, Michele Btittong Monica Goei, presidentg Mrs. Ricks, sponsor: THIRD ROW Jennifer Taylor, Robin Fuchs, Heather Fitch, Jim Satel, Patsy Bolduc, Michael Whellan, Lisa Cal- 208 Mu Alpha Theta gaard, David Dean, Brent Sterling, Na- nette Griffin, Leah Kregor, Carol Chen- ault, FOURTH ROW Emily Winton, Mary Montgomery, FIFTH ROW Mindy Fichtner, Heather Stansell, Anne Marie Landry, Karla Sarran, Donald Wayne, Rod Sterling, Gene Roddenberry, Jamie Cristal, David Whellan, Robin Dauber, Faith Short SIXTH ROW Blake Mor- riss, Ronald Cooper, John Garcia, SEV- ENTH ROW Paul Schmidtzinsky, Julie Wheatley, Valerie George, Liesl McDaniel, Jeri Amundson, Richard Schlosberg, Hoang Ngo, Roland Gutier- rez AFTER THE MATH CONVENTION IN ST. LOUIS frightl, Lance Mandell of Clark, Steve Stern of Heights, and Ca- mille Moody of Keystone show off their first place medals. Steve won his in Graphing. AFTER THE NATIONAL MATH CON- VENTION fbelowj in St. Louis this Au- gust, Mr. Foerster and the delegation from Alamo Heights discuss what they f ---LA-f Mwgw V learned there. :viii -,ff mm Ausii 1 HOANG NGO fabove leftj and Jairo MONITORING CHAIRMAN MINDY Bermudez play with the computers FICHNER Qleftl briefs Leah Kregor on while waiting for tests to grade during the basics of test monitoring at the the Heights math contest in January. contest. Mu Alpha Theta 209 v af JEFF DILLARD Qtop lefty eggs Trey Banack on during practice debate after school. ON THE WAY TO THE BRIAN SPEECH TOURNAMENT ftop rightj, the team of NPL members grab a quick bite a Dairy Queen with Mr. Francis Patton, the bus driver, and sponsor Ira Evers. NATIONAL PORENSIC LEAGUE fabovej BOTTOM ROW Laurie Lust- field, vice president, Micheal Whellan, secretaryftreasurerg Tracy Grieshaber, president, Li Ravicz, vice president, Lucy Calvert, Antonio Lopez SECOND ROW David Martinez, Nancy Norton, 210 National Forensic League Sara Ziegler, Stephnaie Thaggard, Ana- lee Langham, Tres Smith, Mr. Ira Evers, sponsor THIRD ROW David Whellan, Sharon Lamm TOP ROW Tad Bowen, Trey Banack, Jeff Dillard, Craig Hardy, Shane McClellan STEPHANIE THAG- GARDlabove rightjtries to figure out the tournament schedule with Tricia Brown and two contestants from an- other school. NPL MEMBERSQrightj David Martinez, Li Ravicz, Albert Cari- salez, and Katie Lawrence load the van for a long weekend trip to the McAllen Tournament. Contests focus of NFL efforts Participating in and spon- soring competitions at city,dis- trict, and state levels kept the National Forensic League working hard this year. Members competed all over the state, where they repre- sented their school successful- ly in many events. On Sep- tember 17, Tracy Gfrieshaber and Li Ravicz started the year ott Well by winning second place in novice cross-eXami- nation. ln Boerne, on lanuary 14 and 15, left Dillard and Tad Bowen won fourth place in standard debate, and Lucy Calvert won tirst in dramatic interpretation. Sara Zeigler got a third in humorous inter- pretation on the club's trip to Bryan on lanuary 21 and 22. Tracy Grieshaber, in ex- temperameous speaking and dramatic interpretation, and Sara Zeigler, in humorous in- terpretation, gualitied to go to the Texas Forensic Associ- ation's state competition held in Waco March 9-12. To raise money, the NFL hosted both the TFA lnvita- tional Meet on February 25 and 26, attended by GOO stu- dents from 33 schools and the U1L district Literary meet on April 8 and 9. it 4 ' 7 Y ,1.,.' V' ,In ,j g ,. 4 f' Qt? I , -X We . Qi V ' Q2 55:5 sf' Y W , . f..-1, i , . .. .tv-.sf . -W K S ' ,X f iit l W 6 tr L 1 . -, if ff 1. K, Q, Q -, -QM - 4- at N' ti' 2,,:'ff1'1',,f1i'w,iz5"s: Viilfif 2257- AT THE BRYAN SPEECH TOURNA- MENTKabove leftj, Sara Zeigler presents a segment from"B1ithe Spirit" . . . which led to her acceptance fabovej of third prize in humorous interpretation at the award ceremony. MR. EVERS fleftj helsp Tracy Grieshaber polish her dramatic interpretation of Eugene O'Nei11's "A Long Day's Journey into Night!" National Forensic League 211 School projects Projects for the school and community, and competition occupied the National Art Honor Society's time and ef- forts this year. Throughout the year the group printed posters, shirts, and program covers for school plays and concerts. For National Art Month, members participated in a joint project with the PTSO, adding color and design to the Pit's col- umns and side walls. As a community service, the group created the design for AT HOWDY NIGHT ftopj, busy society members sell cookies and earrings. OLD MEMBERS fabove right, discuss plans for the year with sponsor Carol Ackles at the first meeting. KEVIN PAPE AND MELISSA BROWN fabovej confer about the colors to be painted on the posts in the Pit, while Robert McGuerra tapes up some colored paper on another column. Painting the col- lumns to add color tot he Pit area was a major club activity. THE NAHS fright, TOP ROW Edgar Duncan, Sharon Wright, Carrie Cusack, Diana Wolfson, Suzie Schroeder, Dal Bankerd, Melissa Brown, Laurie Paschal SECOND ROW Jeannie Leatherland, Polly Allen, sec- retaryg Robert McGuerra, president: Steve Curry, Kevin Pape, treasurerj Steve Helmke, Robert McGuerra, presi- dent: Steve Curry, Kevin Pape, treasur- erg Steve Helmke, Robert Abad THIRD ROW Mrs. Carol Ackles, sponsorg Deb- bie Guerrera, Kelleen Castro, Marisol Luna, J essiea Rutman, Dawn Copeland. 212 Art National Honor Society keep club busy the Opera l-louse Christmas flyers to benefit the San Anto- nio Symphony Association. Robert Lyons, one of seven who entered works in the an- nual Scholastic Art awards program, Won Honorable Mention with a mixed media piece. The main purpose of the NAI-IS was to increase stu- dents' awareness of art and to inspire and recognize sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors with outstanding artistic abili- ty. 2 rf. Li ., F' , 5 , 7.5 L A , , ,,., ' ,, 4 , , , , af:.,,::.e74:f' ff ,, ,V , 5 fryf 7:7 A ,,, ' . we ,Y.,, , , ,gig . igfkyl m, . gi, nm r" It f 'M f, t 'M fi -.ef IW? X 1 N 1 ff i f MW Q9 , TT "1 , 'SHRRJNQS- i f 1 A 322 7 , H 5 UV V ' f ff I f- ,, 1wif,1-itmawwffftfwit-1., -, " use ww' aww, - 7 ' 7 U tm, 4 - V ,.,., I t,t,,., kxffi .,,,,i1,,.,,.., . 2 .,ttt L ' ',' r , 2 J f. 'QW , i we ' ' i.i4:'W4i5" 5 -v W.. . , . 'ma ,W xvu'j',,, J f wmm'MW1'LliM 'Z ,511 A GROUP OF MEMBERS fleftj cata- loguing items for their March Rum- mage Sale make the most of some do- nations for a moment of fun. NATION- AL HONOR SOCIETY fbelowl BO'I'I'OM ROW Sally Cantu, Liesl McDaniel, Mary Montgomery, Monica Goei, secre- tary: Cathi Cassidy, Mindy Fitchner, Rosemary Garner SECOND ROW Carol Chenault, Heather Stansell THIRD ROW Melissa Brown, Lisa Calgaard, Debbie Klein, vice-presidentg Loranel Martinuzzi, Robin Fuchs, treasurer: Michael Whellan, Valerie George FOURTH ROW Laura Terry, Laura Parker, vice-president: Susan Spoor, presidentg Kimberly Winship, Chris- tine Novier, Heather Caldwell, Chris Erck, Brian Tarver, Wright Moore, Julie Wheatley, Miss Meroille Wisakowsky, sponsor TOP ROW Heather Fitch, Joe Pantalion, Lisa Schneider AT THE WAREHOUSE AFTER SCHOOL Kbot- tom leftl, Debbie Klein and Robin Fuchs plan to do a water-skiing routine with waterproof flags at Canyon Lake this summer as they sort Rummage Sale goods. XJ ncreased involvement NHS goal ln an effort to become more active in the school and com munity the National Honor Society was involved in more project this year than usual. The club had its annual initi- ation banquet November 8 and a rummage sale on March 5. ln addition, the group was involved in Howdy Night for the tirst time ever, selling pop- corn and Winning the booth- decorating contest. All tunds made by the soceity went to the PTSO Scholarship Fund On lanuary 21 and 22 the or ganization went to see the El Greco art exhibit. The Honor Society was made up oi juniors and sen- iors With outstanding qualities in grades, leadership, and citi- zenship. All candidates need- ed high ratings from teachers and administrators. National Honor Society 213 Contest main SPO project AT THE SCIENCE CONTEST sPoN- ,. l SORED BY THE HEIGHTS CHAPTER ' ' 2 'Ui J M ' Qrightj, Debbie Lamm monitors the testing. SIGMA PSI OMEGA fbelow rightj BOTTOM ROW Martha Comen, Monica Goei, secretaryftreasurerg Lisa Schneider, vice president: Patsy Baldu, Kathleen Terry TOP ROW Blake Mor- ris, Bill Lawrence, Paul Schmidzinsky, Chris Erck, Michael Whellan. SPON- SOR ROBERT COMER fbelowl dis- cusses the speaker with Mrs. Pruett and Mrs. Nixon while various club members patiently wait for the lecture to begin. ROBERT EDMONDSEN fbottom right, writes receipts for entry fees at the sci- ence contest in January. -aww-Q, ffct swag, if Sigma Psi Omega, the hon- orary science club, main- tained high academic stan- dards and offered competition for its members as Well. One oi the society's biggest projects this year was its in- volvement in a joint effort with Mu Alpha Theta, the math club. The two groups spon- sored the University lnter- scholastic League's lnvita- tional science and mathemat- 214 Sigma Psi Omega ics contest held at Heights on lanuary 29. The organizations mem- bers were required to have at least a 3.3 GPA in their sci- ence classes and a 3.0 aver- age GPA in order to quality tor the group. ln addition, clubbers needed junior status, meaning they had to either be a junior or a sophomore en- rolled in Chemistry Major Works. Food, money on SNHS agenda Banquets and sales were the Spanish National Honor Society's activities this year. Potential members were ex- amined and chosen in the tall and a banquet was held in No- vember honoring both old and new members. The society held monthly meetings where they dis- cussed plans tor the year and tried to turther their knowl- edge ot Spanish. ln March another banquet was held tor the members. On March 5, the group AT AN AFTER-SCHOOL MEETING Qtop leftj, Mary Montgomery, Kimberly Winship, Shannon Raines, and Corina Garcia concentrate on the program. SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCI- ETY Qabovej BOTTOM ROW Julie Wheatley, Jeri Amundsen, Kimberly Winship, secretaryg Tracy Watson, president: Lisa Calgaard, vice presi- dentg Susan Steves, treasurer SECOND ROW Laura Parker, Mary Montgomery, helped out with the honor so- ciety rummage sale. The SNI-IS was formed to honor those students with su- perior achievements in Span- ish. To be in the group, a stu- dent must have been in upper division Spanish and must have maintained a B or better in all high school Spanish classes. Tracey Watson was this year's president, with Lisa Calgaard as vice president and Susan Steves as secretary. Shannon Raines, Amy Ware, Heidi Burkholder, Heather Stansell, THIRD ROW Yolanda Tecuaney, Jessica Rut- man, Yolanda Rico FOURTH ROW Georgia Maniatis, Anne West, Chris Erck, Lisa Spector, Mindy Fichner, An- nemarie Landry, Cathi Cassidy TOP ROW Brian Tarver, Sean Gulley, Paul Schmidzinsky, David Dean, Joe Panta- lion, Miss Susan Baltes, sponsor BE- FORE A MEETING Qabove rightj, Lisa Calgaard tells Susan Spoor her life sto- ry while president Tracey Watson and sponsor Susan Baltes discuss the agen- da. TRACEY WATSON fleftj answers a question about the Rummage Sale from a member during an early spring meeting. Spanish National Honor Society 215 Sales, trip highlight SSH year One ot the school's most ac- tive groups this year was the Social Studies Honor Society, a club designed to reward those students who have done well in social studies. Toward the end ot Septem- ber the SSHS held their big- gest fund-raiser in which they sold sweat-shirts and shorts carrying the name ot Alamo Heights. At the beginning ot Octo- ber the group sponsored a de- bate at Heights between coun SOCIAL STUDIES HONOR SOCIETY Qabovej BOTTOM ROW Mrs. Mary Zuschlag, sponsorg Amy Hillman, trea- surerg Christine Novier, secretary: Davie Huff, sergeant-at-armsg Amy Ware, vice president: Chris Erck, president SEC- OND ROW Toi Williams, Yolanda Rico, Lucy Calvert, Jeanntte Dunsworth, Laura Weissler, Debbie Klein, Lisa Schneider THIRD ROW Kara Holt- green, Susan Wysoki, Tracy Grieshaber, Julie Wheatley, Emily Winton, Kristin 216 Social Studies Honorary Society ty-commissioner candidates lohn Steen and Lamar Smith. Later the society sponsored a trip open to all students to the Renaissance tair near Hous- ton. The requirements for mem- bership included a 3.5 grade average in social studies, the completion ot American Histo- ry, and enrollment at Alamo Heights tor at least a year, with the exception ot transferred seniors. its it O'Connor, Tracey Watson, Paige Sand- ers, John Garcia, Jairo Bermidez FOURTH ROW Georgia Maniatis, Alex- andra Berndt, Stephanie Paredes, Eli- zabeth Ashby, Lynette Farrimond, Li Ravicz, Linda Sledge, Charlotte Pawel, Tammy Carter TOP ROW Mindy Fihchner, Liesl McDaniel, Annemarie Landry, Tom Hart, David Baker, Greg Zuschlag, Jeff Davis, Dan Wingard, Joe Pantalion, Billy Lawrence, Merrick Mainster 1 DURING THE DEBATE PRECEDING THE NOVEMBER l l ELECTIONS Qleftj County Commissioner candidate La- mar Smith enlarged on some issues as his opponent, John Steen, waits his turn and SSH officers Christine Novier, secretary, Chris Erck, president, and vice President Amy Ware listen intent- ly. AMY WARE, fbelowj, vice presidentg Cris Erck, president, Christine Novier, secretary: and Amy Hillman, treasurer, discuss another dynamic activity for the Social Studies Honor Society. r iv 4 sf,-f y t ,gi +R E V, .RFQ 'fr--'w ' MWY.. EMBREY lleftj holds out one of sweatshirts sold by the Social Stud- 1 Honorary to Joan Bailey on delivery U. JILL KNIGHT fabovej watches one the characters at the Renaissance stival twist wire artistically on the -5, SSH field trip to Magnolia, Texas. AS STUART SPENCER Kabove right, delib- erates over how many sweatshirts to buy, Bill Lawrence tries to convince him that five is a good, round number. 531252 .ies Social Studies Honorary Society 217 Band changes bring excitement An additional marching di- rector, a new flag line, and a trip to state marching contest started ott the band's year with tresh excitement. Led by Mr. Milton Fox, the band received superior rat- ings in the marching and in- spection at University lnter- scholastic League regional marching contest, qualifying them to compete at the state BAND OFFICERS fright, TOP ROW Ben Middleton, sophomore representa- tive: Joe Ivy, drum major: Jeanne Leatherland, uniform captain: Whit- ney Anderson, treasurer: Merrick Mainster, librarian: BOTTOM ROW Connie Weber, president: Sharon Lamm, freshman representative: Geor- gia Maniatas, assistant drum major: April Sisco, vice president: Lisa Garza, chaplain. 21 8 Band level tor the tirst time since the competition was established. Another addition to the band was an all-new color- guard, Whose members at- tended specialized clinics over the summer. Highlight ot the year was the tour-day spring trip to Ep- cotndo, Florida, Where the band competed in marching, Parade and concert contests. CHRISTINE VILLASTRIGO Qupper rightj helps decorate the band hall for the Central Catholic football game the following day. JEANNE LEATHER- LAND frightl helps Mrs. Mainster, a faithful band parent, sell 'I'-shirts for the spring trip. -x 5 ET of 5 gg s Y S culkigik ,gf tg ny. iw ' 5. - mx . -ii' 'N K g 5 " .4521-is X' X mis, fs-ffxrfk .. mf? u ffi N gr ,-., "'-"' v 'Q,llQ.C.z2f - i ,f 7 Q., . .... i S S "" 4 K :,,: -, : ,Q L Q ,,.. figxxft AT ALAMO STADIUM fleftj Joe Ivy and Laura McKinsey enclose small band member Kelly Sellers into the podium for good luck. THE DRUM SECTION Qlower leftj starts off the pep rally with a boom on tie day. AS DIRECTOR JOHN BRIDGES fbelowl leads the band through tricky rhythms and time changes in "Twilight Zone" at the South San game Assistant Director Milton Fox smiles with relief as the drum section finally gets it right. DRUM MAJOR Qfar left, Joe Ivy takes time out to play his trumpet to La Bamba during the half time show at the Central Catholic game. AT THE SOUTH WEST GAME Qleftj Assisstant Drum Major Georgia Maniatis directs the band. Band 219 KICKING OFF QRIGHTQ the annual Night Parade, the Marching Band leads the way from Cambridge up Broadway to the football field. MARCHING BAND QBO'I'l'OM ROWJ Twirlers: Rhea Chell Ahlstrom, Tammy Sykes, Cathy Gomez, Christina Cantu QSECOND ROVVD Sarah Rodgers, Rita Gallegos, Deborah Schlosberg, Suzette Raphael, Sharon Lamm, Kathleen Ter- ry, John Stout, Lisa Zamorano, Rebecca Gallegos, David Pfeil, Rocky Rosas, Lau- 220 Band ra McKinsey, Ben Middleton, Phil Luna, Layne Arnold, Byron Bode, Bill Wipkey, Thomas Cotts, Jackie Mark- wardt, Kelleen Castro, Julie Garza, Yvette Chacon, Ellen McCarley, An- nette Emmons, Faith Short, Blyth Ba- tey QTHIRD ROW, Mr. John Bridges, di- rector, Mr. Milton Fox, assistant direc- I if Q J N 2 tor, Sandra Ysassi, Norma Gutierrez Debra Rubie, Jeanne Leatherland, Lis Garza, Elizabeth Nawrocki, Tamm' Carter, Debbie Adame, Mary Keeler, J a mie Cox, Carmen Goyette, Rhonda Oli ver, Amy Sebesta, Ricardo Sandovai Kris Kleck, Kenny Strickland, Kell' Sellers, Wesley King, Joe Villareal, Jo ngle, Darla Carter QFOURTH ROW, Debbie Torres, Laurie Smith, Sandra nopez, Mona Compos, Conrad Klahn, Iory Blocker, Patrick Pfeil, Shannon Irooke, Billy Bridges, Earl Sellers, dark Williams, Eddie Kownslar, Whit- Ley Anderson, Brent Mathesen, Rich- ,rd Schlosberg, Robert Edmondson, Elizabeth Tyler, Susan Curry, Reilly Dillon, Craig Ellis, Loretta Torres, Al- bert Adamo, April Sisco, Karla Sarran QFIFTH ROWQ Peter Markwardt, Chris- tine Villastrigo, Kim Berry, Mary Helen Gonzales, Glen Crowman, Brenda Marsh, Alice Adamo, Tara Harrison, Connie Weber, Carol Chenault, Mark THE 1982-83 TWIRLERS fleftl Cathy Gomez, Tammy Sykes, Rhea Chell Al- strom, Christine Cantu. Stepsis, Merrick Mainster, Louis A1- coser, Payton Lord, Heidi Mowles, Rox- anne Rodriguez, Christopher Rice, Rhonda Banks, Leslie Ridgill, Michelle Traywick, Kristi Hyltin, Lenya Lemon, Marty Rodriguez, Drew Watson Band 221 Spurs original Before the sun came up, while most of us were still asleep, the Spurs were al- ready practicing. The time and effort they put into each 6:30 AM session was obvious not only in the football half- time performances but at the pep rallies and basketball games as well. They first began practice in late summer, preparing for camp, where they competed 222 Spurs dawn patrol against other schools for rib- bons. During the year, the Spurs decorated and baked for the band, and for the football, bas- ketball, baseball, tennis, vol- leyball, and track teams. Their projects this year in- cluded the sale of football rib- bons, raising money as well as spirit, also, they performed at a nursing home Where they were very well-received, SPUR MANAGER fabove right, Johan- na Sharp. SPUR MAJOR fright, Steph- anie Paredes. THE SPURS fbelowj award all the football players with mums for all their hard work at the homecoming pep rally. my 'wa App g A p ssse , , Q g f. M W ,L,,,, K f,-ff ?""""""""M lprmmmwg , 'W V V THE 1982-83 SPURS Qtopl. CHRIS- TINE NOVIER liar leftj Spur president. THE DANCE OFFICERS fmiddlel Sio- phian Anders, Lynnette Farrimond, Stephanie Paredes, Elizabeth Ashby. ON THE DAY fabovej the Spurs sing the school song while waiting for the foot- ball players to appear at the pep rally. Spurs 223 THE EXECUTIVE OFFICERS fright, BOTTOM ROW Sarah Murray, cha- plin-historiang TOP ROW Robin Fuchs, secretary, Kelly Sawyer, sergeant-at- armsg Mellissa Mills, treasurer, Gina Sanrnarco, vice president, Christine Novier, president. ? .-? i . SPURS fabovej Tracy Waston, Liesl McDaniel, Kelly Sawyer, and Anne Zachry, at the United game strut around the track during the pre-game ceremonies. STEPHANIE PAREDES fupper right, helps a fellow Spur pin a 224 Spurs mum on Shane Brenan the Spur Sweet- heart of the week. THE SPURS fright, at the South San west game demon- strate their spirit by joining the band during the fight song. W , ,, , fi . - : .15 ,We-:,..,,,w'A, Q " A :-:V 5-,, M f. f , 0 ff ., :ye ,Q . , V , A. :,..,, ., W' ,, , W ,, ..,A :ll H V, ' .3 3 , e Q . 'v ny ,sq ' z 3 - V W .f : , ' Q n,-fi ,, ' , , j,- - f , '. A Q ,f , N , f ' , - , 1 - ' ' w wf 1 ew I , ,V , , ' Q W I ..- " if Y V. X M e i Q ,M yW.?:,1 ,,,, , V ,g ' ' ',,,Uf mpg-, ' f '44, f , 7 ' " wi , " ' ' I 1, 5, , 2 ffw,'.Hf,, 4 , , W A Y W,-,,- ,H i ,Www ff! "ttf, wmv W , '?fb.f- '74 M ,W ez, QW - W .4 41, -wwfww :"f,f,,d's:",g-wgg.'w,:f, my k 41g m ,, , , . + gf--: f MZ fri , "" f ff?-4 1 3 S ii E , 5. -K ev. , N .ik sg. - .. 'hz Jw N, -,,i.LX Z - . 1 K 51 Q , W Q X ' - i - . ,. my if K 5 N ., LI,.. A g Q 5 . L,-. N , . iyi3..T,k? L E K , ' in V2 . wg 55. Q ,X X , 1 PAM DUKE fabovej puts a contract out on her favorite teacher as passersby looks on. SPURS Qabove right, Robin i K EARLY IN THE MORNING fleftj the Spurs practice their routine with the band in order to improve their perfor- mance for the upcoming game. Fuchs, Gina San Marco, and Kristin O'Conner grin as their friends in the stands cheer for them as they pass by. Spurs 225 Pom-pons add excitement Pepping up the games and cheering along with the cheerleaders were the Wran- glers, a group ot spirited and talented girls. This year at the games, they added pcm-pom routines tor entertainment at the games. ln addition to attending games, the Wranglers made breakthroughs the tootball team ran through each game. 226 Wranglers The Keywannettes, Key Club, Mulestall Council and Wranglers held a haunted house tor the district elemen- tary students. The Wranglers not only led spirit at the varsity football games, but also junior varsity and a iew freshman games. Later in the year they attend- ed baseball and basketball games also. WRANGLER labove rightl Kathryn Johnston cheers the football team on as they intercept the ball at the South West game. WRANGLERS Qrightl Holly Murphy, Kate Reinger, Betty Atwell, Sarah Steves, and Jody Stern flash the camera their pearly whites with Cale- donia Amy Heyclenreich. AT THE MAC PEP RALLY fbelow leftl Ms. Collins an- nounces the Wrangler officers for the 1982-83 school year. WRANGLERS Laurie Stevens and Kristin Dunlap lead the others in a cheer at a girl's volley- ball game. W,,,,.-f iVVf--f ,,,. , lv rr ' , A ' 'T trfe, ',.,, 4 , A I I , W , Q .5 5: , . it , THE WRANGLERS Qleftl get their breakthrough ready for the football players at half time. SHOWING THEIR SPIRIT flower leftl the Wranglers co- ordinate a new card routine at the South San game. AT A PEP RALLY flower rightj the Wranglers cheer the football players on. THE WRANGLER OFFICERS Qbottomj Christine Hard- wick, secretary, Sarah Steves, treasurer, Lynne Rowden, president, Holly Mur- phy, sergeant-at-arms, Kathleen O'n- eal, vice president: Angie Sherrod, ser- geant-at-arms. Wranglers 227 WRANGLERS Qrightj Sarah Steves and Angie Sherrod really get into the beat of the band at the Central Catholic Game. AT THE COUGAR PEP RALLY Crightj the Wranglers await the oncoming crowd. THE 1 9 8 2- 8 3 WRANGLERS fbottomj Sli' Q - s Wranglers QQ., ' nf L3 ' '1 if WRANGLERS Kbelowl Celia Holmgreen and Lisa Davis wait for our football team to return to the field after half- time at the South West game. LYNNE ROWDEN fbelowl Wrangler president, and sponsor Anne Colm give a pep talk to the football team at the Mac pep rally. The Wranglers are definitely hap- py fbelow rightj at the central Catholic W' game because we just scored. AFTER A HARD FIRST HALF flower leftj of cheering the Wranglers break to get cold drinks at the refreshment stand. WRANGLERS flower rightj don't just cheer at football games anymore. Here they are seen cheering for the girls vol- leyball team. Wrangler 229 Practice brings perfection Practicing 'every morning before school and during tirst period, the cheerleaders and Caledonia perfected their many routines and cheers. At summer camp at South- ern Methodist University, they received a spirit stick and tour superior ribbons. Later they Worked endless hours with the yell leaders preparing tor upcoming tootball games. AMY HEYDENREICH fupper right, 1 9 8 Z-8 3 Caledonia. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Qrightj BOTTOM ROW Amy McFarlane SECOND ROW Francie Steves, Janie West, Emily Har- rison THIRD ROW Shannon Raines TOP ROW Sally Baker. FRESHMAN 230 Cheerleaders The spirit group was a ta- vorite at pep rallies, Where they performed pcm-pcm routines and skits and cheers with the yell leaders. During sixth period and after school, the junior varsity cheerleaders attended camp downtown, While the tresh- men worked hard to add en- thusiasm to the treshman games. CHEERLEADERS liar rightj BOTTOM ROW Julie Windes SECOND ROW Ra- mona Morman THIRD ROW Cynthia Cazort FOURTH ROW Heather Bren- nan FIFTH ROW Elizabeth Satel TOP ROW Jessica Stevens 1. I , me W . V , 1 as W S MW! Q, fiiifmg .749 Lf ' , 2 ' S 3 K Z f - , 7 eg - mms-mi? K in ms AFS fright, BOTTOM ROW Polly Allen, vice presidentg Alexander Insam, Lotte Scerup, Melissa Brown, treasurerg Jill Knight, Sarah Rodgers, vice president: Annette Emmous, Gina E1 Dokari SEC- OND ROW Acel Abildak, Sara Zeigler, Kim Lancaster, Heather Caldwell, Tri- cia Mason, Paige Sanders, Stacy Schaeffer, Kathy Stevens, Laura McKinsey, Nancy Norton, Nanette Griffin, Mrs. Elaine Schermer, sponsor TOP ROW Stephen Huffaker, Jennifer Young, Catherine Ostrum, Tim Willett, Sarah Parmer, Sarah Solon, Kay Ad- ams, Brooke Gallagher, Stanton Bell, Amy Heydenreich, Albert Carrisalez, Dee Dee Griffin. SMILING HAPPILY lbottoml are the foreign exchange stu- dents Lotte Scerup from Norway and Alexander Insam from Germany. 1 t .-,- ..- AFS raises money, helps others American Field Services club members spent their year raising money to aid other people, such as a needy family and foreign students. After a year of hard Work, the club- bers treated themselves to a weekend a Mo Ranch in the spring. Members had continued dedication for AFS all year long. During the summer months, when most students forget about school and all the associated activities, the club held several car washes, and they continued to raise money during the year, through sales of coupon books and baked A.F.S. goodies. Members had three main goals they Wanted to achieve this year. One Was to provide a needy family with food, clothes, and canned goods at Christmas. Their second goal was to sponsor foreign stu- dents. ln addition to giving them mementos to remember Alamo Heights by, the club- bers did everything they could to help the foreign stu- dents teel welcome. The third goal was making enough money through their hard work to end the year with the exciting and relaxing trip to Mo Ranch in the spring. "WF "lf'h"b' Work, fun good A small, hard-working group, the Clown Club, had another successful and tun- tilled year which included performing at parties and schools, and learning all about their art. The group entertained at elementary schools' carnivals, in parades, and at nursing homes tree ot charge, but they used their talents tor money at mix for clowns private parties and gather- ings. Though the clubbers had to buy and create their own' cos- tumes to correspond to their individual concept ot what a clown is, the club turnished make-up and gave a slide pre- sentation demonstrating appli- cation at the beginning ot the year. il A COMMUNITY SERVICE TRIP TO IE BRIGHTON SCHOOL FOR THE .IND Qabovej Clown Club members aphen Wesser and Laurie Lustfield 'ruse the students. CLOWN CLUB- IRS JOHN ARCHER AND LISA OR- TEGA Qmiddle leftj work hard on Sep- tember's club sign-up day. FACE PAINTING EXPERTS MISTY TAGLE AND STEVE WESSER ltopj share their talents with their young customers at Howdy Night. CLOWN CLUB fabovej BOTTOM ROW Sara Solon, Sara Ziegler, Laurie Lust- field, presidentg Misty Tagle, Kristy Hylton, Jill Knight SECOND ROW Lisa Ortega, John Archer, Stephen Wesser. Clown Club 233 Computer Club off to good start Starting off on the right foot, the newly born Computer Club began life with a mem- bership of approximately 40. Members simply needed an interest in computers, not nec- essarily the ownership of one. This unique organization raised money to buy software by printing mailing labels for the high school's administra- tive office. They intended to build up a library of programs and books for future students and members to use. Since the club was in its COMPUTER CLUB Qrightj BOTTOM ROW Stuart Adam, Robert Edmund- son, Ian Boysen, Dee Dee Griffin, Granger Huntress SECOND ROW Mrs. Tammy Frietsch, sponsor: Chris Erck, Quinton Stansel, David Dean, Brent Tarver, Sarah Murray, Heidi Swain, Amy Gause, Albert Carrisalez, John Garcia, Margaret Quirk THIRD ROW James Taylor, Tres Smith, Ethan Hoke, Clay Rips, Tim Willet, Chuck Nelson, Jeff Weichert, Larry Heller, Charlotte Pawel, Linda Sledge, Amy Abbey, Becky 234 Computer Club youth, most meetings consist- ed mainly of getting orga- nized and clearing up admin- istrative business, such as rules and getting a constitu- tion together. ln later meet- ings the members wrote, shared and traded programs, and the more experienced members tutored the less ex- perienced members. The clubbers met every two weeks to sharpen their skills which they displayed at a spring contest in San Marcos. Tolar, Margaret Quirk. ON CLUB SIGN UP DAY ftopl Granger Huntress, Bill Lawrence, and Todd Huntress wait ea- gerly to increase the membership of the newly formed Computer Club. AT A MONTHLY MEETING Qabove lef Charlotte Pawel discovers how to use new computer program. Food, S, song on French agenda Fund-raisers, luncheons, and caroling brought a suc- cessful year to the French Club. Money-makers included two bake sales, one in the fall and one in spring, and a booth at Howdy Night, which Won third place in the booth decorating contest. The club had a spring and a fall luncheon featuring French dishes which were made and judged by club members. December proved to be a full month for the organiza- tion. Cn December 8 the . . M A , A A vm. group visited the lean-Claude Bakery to see how different French pastries are made, and the week before Christmas the club included several teach- er's homes on their caroling route. ln the spring the club com- peted in the National French Symposium held in San Anto- nio. lnstead of having a presi- dent making all the decisions, like most groups, the French Club had a student board or council that ran its activities. DURING CHRISTMAS VACATION Qtopl John Garcia sings French carols with the French Club at a Heights teachers home. FRENCH CLUB fleftj BOTTOM ROWA1bert Carrisalez, SEC- OND ROW Melinda Chambers, Tami Chambers, Leah Kregor, Sara Ziegler, Wendy Reed, Ernie Rodriguez, Heather Bunny Caldwell, Debbie Klein. TOP ROW Jackie Crio1o,John Garcia, Laurie Walk, Missy Muellich, Alexandra Berndt, Robin Dauber. OREO ICE- CREAM fbelow leftj was the money- maker for the French Club sold by Lau- rie Walk, Wendy Reed, and Leah Kregor at Howdy Night. French Club 235 SUPER KEY CLUB CHEFS Qrightj Da- vid Huff, Jeff Case, Jason Moyer, Jim Satel, and Jimmy Glotfelty make their famous Howdy Night hamburgers. kwjwx I , dew T . -N ,m. 5 KEY CLUB Kabovej BOTTOM ROW John Dunlap, Steven Ames, Bart Simp- son, John Hill, Ben Schoenbaum, Niles Chumney SECOND ROW Whitney An- derson, Paul Anderson, Chris Cheever, 236 Key Club 5 Stuart Spencer, Scott Stafel, Jack ' Roberts, David Johnson, Byron Buzzini White, Tom Hart, Wright Moore, Rich- i David Watson, Joe Satel, Marshall Da- ard Moore, Murray Johnston, Lindsey vidson, Donald Wayne. Roberts, Jim Satel, John Delmer, Hutch Harper, Jimmy Glotfelty, Grady Flags, sales, visits fill KC year A range of activities, both in the school and community, kept the Key Club, a boys ser- vice organization, bu- sy. The group's services for the school included raising the flag every morning and lower- ing it every afternoon, selling programs at all the home foot- ball games and tickets for the PTSO's Homecoming raffle and barbeque. The club performed a num- ber of services outside the school as well. ln late Septem- ber members put up signs for the San Antonio Chamber of 1. i --W . X- V., -- . 1- Horrifying Jeff Dillon ftopj puts a thrill into the Key Club-Keywannette-Mule Stall Halloween Haunted House at the Mule Stall. MEMBERS CLEAN UP Qabovel a lot in the Oak Park neighbor- hood at the request of the Oak Park Citizens Association. TRES SMITH, CHRIS ERCK, WRIGHT MOORE, AND Commerce urging people to vote for the road improvement county bond issue. Toward the beginning of October, in association with the Keywan- ettes, the clubbers picked up every day after the crowds at the Texas Cpen. The pro- ceeds of their work benefited the Santa Rosa l-lospital. At various times throughout the year club members visited the children's shelter which is par- tially funded by the Kiwanis Club, the Key Club's parent organization. Key Club mem- bers did whatever they could to help out around the shelter. DAVID JOHNSON fabove right, set up for a bingo game with the men and women at the Chandler Nursing Home during a service project. Key KEYWANETTES ibelowj BOTTOM ROW Melissa Mills, Mary Zuschlag sponsor, Johanna Sharp, Amy Heyden- reich, vice president, Elizabeth Ashby, president, Katie Zbinden, sergeant-ab arms: Sarah Murray, treasurer: Linda Sledge, Amy Abbey SECOND ROW Heather Fitch, Heidi Swain, Anne Juett, Holly Fitch, Kimberly Winship, Betty Atwell, Angela Paschel, Chrissy Potter, Kathleen O'Neal, Kim Garnett, Kristin Hardwich, Lucy Calvert, Ellen Dean, Liz Yoder, Michelle Winsh Leslie Richardson, Missy Muell Christy Renedum, Pier Matthesr Margaret Ouirk. wifi 1 IN PREPARATION FOR THE KEYWANETTE-KEY CLUB MULE STALL HAUNTED HOUSE fright, Heather Fitch and Jeanette Dunworth hang scary wax covered strings. 238 Keywanettes - -e V K 3 5 3 I s I Keywanettes' second year busy ln only its second year of existence, the Keywanettes, the Key Clubs female coun- terpart, has become a popular and active group, involved in many projects and services. This summer, when most students were resting and re- laxing, the Keywanettes were busy working. They visited children's shel- ters, taking toys to the chil- dren and sharing sack lunches and afternoons with them. Later, in August, the club held a rummage sale in the Mule Stall. At Halloween the Keywan- ettes joined up with two asso- ciate service organizations, the Key Club and the Wran- glers, organizing a haunted house. Put together in the Mule Stall, it was open to ele- mentary age district students. December was another busy month for the group. Early in the month members sponsored a luncheon honor- ing the school's girl athletes. Then, to spread holiday cheer, members went Christ- mas carolling as a group and gave money, food and clothes to needy families in the area. ln l anuary the club honored all the faculty members - teachers, administration, sec- retaries, and guidance. Each girl drew a staff member's name and left cheery notes or cookies in their boxes to brighten their day. IN EARLY SEPTEMBER ftopl Heidi Burkholder and Johanna Sharp of the Hospitality Committee place bufiuelos in the teachers lounge to add a little spice to their day. CLUB SPONSOR MARY ZUSCHLAG HELPS SERVE Qabove leftj confused Fish at a luncheon in the Mule Stall sponsored by the Keywanettes after Freshman Orienta- tion in August. AT A KEYWANETTE- KEY CLUB OCTOBER MIXER fabove right, dating game contestants Ellen Dean, Cynthia Cazort, and Eloise Browning wait anxiously to find out which one had been chosen as a date. TEXAS KEYWANETTE LEUTENANT GOVERNOR, KELLY SAWYER, AND CAMPUS PRESIDENT ELIZABETH ASHBY fleftj organize their notes for a monthly meeting. Keywanettes 239 AT HOWDY NIGHT Qrightl Latin Club- bers John Fellbaum, Ethan Hoke, Lucia Schulman, Lucy Calvert, and Lisa Cha- con sell Caesar's Sausage. READY TO BECOME FAITHFUL SERVANTS Khe- lowj are first year club members Lotte Serrup, Lucia Schulman, Mary Griffin, Tracy Grieshaber, Richie Newman, and Jonathon Handy. SUPER SLAVE SALESMEN, LUCY CLAVERT AND STUART SPENCER Qmiddle rightl auc- tion one of this year's slaves Tracy Grie- shaber. POINTING OUT JONATHON HANDY'S GOOD OUALITIES Cbottomj are Lucy Calvert and Stuart Spencer. 6 4 'Q Q 3' i A 1' .Vi 5 V, , Liftni Q," , " 4 W E Q k E SH , is . Frolic, auctions bring fun Practicing Greek dancing, setting up banquets, declining nouns, and knowing what Nero did while Rome burned became an every day task tor Latin Club members. However the year began with a bit ot revelry when tirst year students were sold to the highest bidder at the annual slave auction. At Christmas all slaves were 240 Latin Club treed during the Saturnalia banquet ceremony. Then came spring competi- tion in San Antonio and Uvalde where members com- peted with students trom other schools in anything trom Latin derivatives to grammar. The year came to a close, though, with a banquet honor- ing the newly elected otticers as well as graduating Seniors. -we cle ON CLUB SIGN UP DAY PASSERS-BY Qleftj get the full recruitment treat- ment from Latin Clubber Brett Kim- mel. LUCY CALVERT PREPARES Cbot- tomj to auction off Stuart Spencer and Tracey Grieshaber during the Latin Club slave sale festivities in late Sep- tember. ' is ,A LATIN CLUB Kabovel BOTTOM ROW Aysel Cibildak, Jim Robinson, consul, Stuart Spencer, consulg Lucy Calvert, historian: Lisa Chacon, tribune SEC- OND ROW Wesson Golson, Stephen Eckoff, Mary Griffith, Chesley Seals, Margaret Ouirk, Sara Solon, ,Laurie Lustfield, reporter, Chrissy Seckett, Mrs. Norma Quarles, sponsor TOP ROW Brett Workman, Bruce Offield, John Archer, Mark Stepsis, questorg Ethan Hoke, Lisa Ortega, Kim Connelly Latin Club 241 LOS AMIGOS fbelowj BOTTOM ROW Heather Fitch, secretaryg Joe Panta- lion, treasurerg Heidi Swain, vice presi- dent: Brett Balthrope, Lisa Spector, ser- geant-at-armsg Dal Bankerd, Jill Knight, Mary Montgomery, Jeanette Dunworth, Kimberly Winship, Laura Weissler, Julie Weatley SECOND ROW Amy Ware, presidentg Lynette Farri- mond, Lisa Calgaard, Heather Stansel, Mindy Fichtner, Belinda Jameson, Hei- di Burkholder, Stanton Bell, David Johnson, Rena McGaughy, Gina San- Marco, historiang Sarah Nawrocki, Pol- ly Allen, Susan Wysoki, Liesel McDan- iel, Roxanne Rodriguez, Jennifer Young TOP ROW Nanette Griffin, Yolanda Rico, Yvonne Hernandez, Corina Gar- cia, Carlos Paiva, Rick Halter, Eric Schweringer, Clay Tarver, Rosemary Garner, Susan Spoor, Tom Hart, ser- geant-at-armsg Chris Erck, Laura Park- er, Jeri Amundsun, Laura Terry, Nanc Smith, Cathi Cassidy, Debbie Lamn Theresa Rodriguez, Eleanor Phelp Rhea Ahlstrom, Gretchen Gross. LO AMIGOS PRESIDENT AMY WAR Qbottom rightl recruits Spanish sti dent Jennifer Young as a new membu on the Student Council-sponsored clu sign up day. fx, 0 . .5 sqgf- SQA, M -, f is A W X f it 1 'tiff eiii "' r M --,,, ,,,, , , .- 3 Y. f f . , A 1 . 1 3' -.ann 6 Spain, Mexico trips top LA year This year Los Amigos was very busy having early break- fasts, entertaining around Christmas, and most ot all, raising money tor the two spring trips members planned. The club occasionally had a 6 a.m. breakfast at Mi Tierra, where they also discussed club concerns and projects. The week betore Christmas, Los Amigos sang in Las Posa- das, the annual river-walk pageant, as one ot their big Christmas projects. The club had two major sales this year. First, at Howdy Night, the group sold chalu- 242 Los Amigos pas. Later in the year, betore Valentines Day, the associ- ation sold carnations and de- livered them on Valentines Day. All ot these tund-raising projects were aimed toward two main goals. ln the spring, the club took a day trip to Mexico to broaden their knowledge ot Hispanic cul- ture as well as have tun. Then during spring break, the group went on an extended trip to Spain, their principal project, which they had been looking torward to all year long. A sr 'lr i 1 . ., , liglyf' T will Nf- -vy . 41- ,,',' if Y ,Q ,f 1, ,L ...W-.smite-fir. ,fasf tt... ' i f Q-,-...,.,,,,mm I- . ii5i555'Ltf?3i37 " t - . ii . ' -i . ,, w fzL,f 'frtsmZQ?ZQ wwf " V Wm i, -2 ,-,. ,aw ' 3 nun LOS COMPANEROS fleftl BOTTOM ROW Jennifer Taylor, treasurer: Stan- ton Bell, vice president SECOND ROW David Whellan, Ellen Dean, Michael Whellan, Martita Olsen, Lynne Row- den, Jill Knight TOP ROW Cynthia Ca- zort, Mimi Hinton, Winnie Ranslaben, Michelle Shankle, Michelle Winship, Mrs. Esperanza Olvera, sponsor. NEW- LY ELECTED LOS COMPS PRESI- DENT LYNETTE FARRIMOND imid- dle leftl conducts the first meeting in early September. SPANISH STUDENT RENEE HUTCHISON TUTORS fbelowj Rachel Horn as part of the Los Comps tutoring service. OFFICERS PAIGE SANDERS AND STANTON BELL EN- COURAGE Qbottoml club members to get in on the Spanish club's trip to Spain during Spring Break. t wax mtfiircss. X Q ' 3 Los Comps learn, travel, help included in Los Compan- eros projects this year were lis- tening to visiting guest speak- ers, raising money, a trip to Mexico, and sponsoring a needy family at Christmas. Throughout the year the group had many guest speak- ers visit to enlighten them about various aspects ot His- panic culture. In an ettort to boost enthusi- asm, the officers, who were elected in Cctober, held the club's bi-weekly meetings in a somewhat ditterent atmo- sphere than a school class- room or library: places like La Margarita and Mi Tierra. At Howdy Night Los Com- paneros sold tamales as one ot their fund-raisers. Another source ot income tor the group was a number ot bake sales held at various times oi the year. The club had two goals they were working toward with this moneyg a trip to Mexico in the spring and sponsoring a needy tamily at Christmas, bringing them toys, clothes, and tood. Also at Christmas, the club held a pot-luck banquet which allowed the members to sam- ple a variety ot Mexican toods. Los Companero s 243 Money, membership increased ln only its second year, both the membership and money of the Rodeo Club have in- creased greatly. Their mem- bership went from ll to 35, While their treasury soared from 9513.50 to Sl ,4l3.75, most of which Was made from their fajita booth and Bronco Barrel at l-lowdy Night. The club's community ser- vices included giving a needy family a turkey for Thanksgiv- ing, giving another family a ham and 30 orphans gifts and food at Christmas. They also RODEO CLUB fabove right! BOTTOM ROW Mary Lovell, Amy Magruder, Pol- ly Allen, treasurer: Julie Bermea, Clint Moore, presidentg Miro Lanhan, Rudy Garza, Ernest Castoreno, William Har- rell, Ms. Brunilda Arzamendi, sponsor SECOND ROW Steve Rhiener, Russell Jonas, Steve Garza, Marvin Ivy, Clayton Taylor, sergeant-at-arms: Juan Rodri- guez, Gary Pierce, John Stout, Carlos Alfonsin, Lisa Munn, John Cage TOP ROW Darla Carter, Denise Negron, vice 244 Rodeo Club spent time with residents of a nursing home, visiting them, bringing them gifts, and tak- ing them wherever they wished. The club's trips this year in- cluded one to Carter Ranch in lanuary, William Harrell's re- sort home in the spring, and Laguna Madre on May l5. During the year the Rodeo Club also participated in the Macy's Day Parade held in Alamo Heights, and also the fall Stock Show and Rodeo Pa- rade. presidentg Louis Alcoser. DURING LUNCH ONE DAY IN OCTOBER Qtop rightj Rodeo Club president Clint Moore brings a monthly meeting to or- der as Steve Rhiener looks on. RODEO CLUB MAKES LOTS OF BUCKS Qabovel with it's Bucking Barrel during the Howdy Night festivities in Septem- ber. LISA MUNN HELPS ORGANIZE fright, the club's fajita booth before Howdy Night crowds arrive. IMINDY EDWARDS AND KAY ADAMS Ibelowl learn the joys of pig disection at a club meeting. AS A SPEAKER DIS- all S 'SAA WW CUSSES fbelow middle, endangered species while Stephen Huffaker listens intently. VICE PRESIDENT MONICA GOEI AND SECRETARY LISA SCHNEIDER fbelow bottornl examine some of the club's trophies. SCIENCE CLUB fbelowj FIRST ROW Chris Erck, Michael Whellan, Lisa Schneider, sec- retary: Paul Schmidtzinsky, Sylvia Flannery SECOND ROW Kathleen Flannery, Martha Comer, Patsy Bol- duc, Debbie Klein, Michelle Britton, Mr. Robert Comer, sponsor THIRD ROW Sarah Nawrocki, Stephen Huf- faker, John Garcia FOURTH ROW Mer- ick Mainster, Mrs. Joy Pruett, sponsorg David Whellan. Science Club membership grows Since the Science Club no longer has a grade point re- quirement, and because the club meets simultaneously with Sigma Psi Omega, mem- bership this year has in- creased. Designed tor the advance- ment, enjoyment, and better understanding ot the sci- ences, the club's main activity this year was listening to guest speakers. These speakers, chosen by club sponsor Robert Comer, brought members knowledge and insight into various sci- ence-related vocations. One was David Mclielvy who works at the San Antonio Zoo and is also a tormer lnter- national Bird Authority. He showed slides ot work he has done with endangered spe- cies ot bird. Another reputable lecturer was a representative from the Botanical Gardens ot San Ant- onio who discussed plans tor the year-round display ot blooming plants at the Botani- cal Gardens. The club's activities this year included help with and participation in the Alamo Sci- ence Fair in the spring, and a year-end banquet. Science Club 245 Busy year for DEC Fund raisers, banquets, and contests kept members of the Heights chapter of the Distributive Education Clubs of America busy this year. The group had two main fund-raisers: at Howdy Night they sold pigs-in-blankets, and in the middle of November they had a calendar sale to raise money for club shirts. On December lO the group held an Employers Banquet for all the San Antonio employers of Heights students. ln Cctober the club attended a Leadership Development Conference in Corpus Christi, and in February they attended the Area lV conference at Lanier High School, where they were entered in competitive events of marketing and distribu- tion. Those who were first at area went on to the state confer- ence in Houston from April 21-23, and those who placed at state continued on to the national conference held in lune in New Orleans. W m l s -Q? 22 7 w ,f Wizvfr ,x Q AW 1' B We--ep...-sevv' EIMS S' ..- QAMWZ SBS. sggiw AT THE CLUB'S HOWDY NIGHT BOOTH Qabovel sponsor Paul Smith starts to work. DECA Qabove rightj BOTTOM ROW Janina Valdez, Alice Gomez, Elvia Gicia, Martha Mendoza TOP ROW Shelly Bass, Manuel Gomez, Joe Mendoza, Nancy Hayne, Jeff Diel- mann. AT HER DESK IN A LOCAL LAW OFFICE Qtop rightj Chris Mylin smiles her most professional reception- ist smile. ELVIA GARCIA TAKES A BREAK fright, from checking stock in a book store where she works. JANINA VALDEZ ffar rightj is ready to work with the engraver at her afternoon job at a print shop. -4 mv gm.-1 246 DECA M mm 4? .ss it FEW if -.-1 New division A new division ot the club and "different" banquets brought new interest and ex- citement to the Future Ho- makers ot America. This year the club was di- vided into three groups. The tirst was called the Lads and Lassies, whose members helped people in various ways at home or in nursing homes. The Allamodels, or second group, studied modeling, and to gain experience, took on FHA fleftl BOTTOM ROW Lynne Row- den, parliamentariang John Dunlap, treasurerg Anne J uett, historian: Stan- ton Bell, vice presidentg Jackie Arizpa, Holly Greene, Beth Waldsachs SEC- OND ROW Emilie Engleke, Mrs. Nila Earle, sponsor: Yolanda Carrisalez, Ba- bette Hale, Anne West, Renee Petter- son, Laura Weissler, Mrs. Elaine Carol, sponsor THIRD ROW Leslie Richard- son, Pierre Mathesen, David Johnson, John David Peet, FOURTH ROW Mollie Carlson, Michelle Winship, Michelle Shankle, Lisa Munn, Janis Ramsey, Ja- mie Raines, Carlos Pavia, TOP ROW Chesley Seals, Gretchen Groos. JACKIE ARIZPE AND HOLLY GREENE Qbelow leftj prepare Lime Chiffon for an FHA monthly luncheon. MRS. JOAN DREE- BEN DEMONSTRATES lbelow left, how the blue cloth brings out the blue in Mollie Carlson's eyes during the FHA "Color Me Beautiful" workshop. ON A FIELD TRIP TO CAMBRIDGE PLACE fbelowl Gretchen Groos, Anne West, Chesley Seals, and Michelle Winship grab a snack. FHA OFFICERS STAN- TON BELL AND LAURIE SMITH fbot- tomj enjoy their dinner during FHA's September executive meeting. .,., . s.' Q for FH non-paying modeling jobs. The third group, called the Cratt Group, made cratts such as Christmas ornaments and gave them to charities. Toward the beginning ot the year the club had a Htiesta ole," attended by both stu- dents and parents, to which a variety ot Mexican dishes were brought. Later, in the spring, FHA sponsored a Ha- waiian-style luau which was a huge success. FHA 247 Food, flowers fund HERO From making money to learning more about them- selves, the Home Economics Related Occupations club, a group made up ot students enrolled in Home Economics Cooperative Education, helped its members broaden their experience in the home economics tield. The club had two main money-making projects this year. At Howdy Night they sold baked goods, and during Q91 igirr 1" HERO fabove right, BOTTOM ROW Kathryn Killian, Lesa Gaines, secre- tary: Susan Harris, treasurer: Janet Ruppel, Patti Slone, president TOP ROW Mrs. La Vonne Wiltse, sponsorg Elizabeth Johnson, Debbie Torres, Lisa Ortega, Anna Ramirez, Ernest Acosta, Eric Wetta, Leslie Kale, treasurer. JA- NET RUPPEL DISPLAYS ftop rightj a child's toy she made for use at the local nursery where she works. HERO PRESI- DENT PA'I'I'I SLONE SELLS BAKED GOODS Qabovej during the Howdy Night festivities. A REPRESENTATIVE FROM MARY KAY COSMETICS fright! explains proper make-up techniques to Heather Sellers during a monthly club meeting. MEMBERS KATHRYN KIL- LIAN AND ELIZABETH JOHNSON Kfar right, happily sell mums during Home- coming week. 248 HERO Homecoming they sold mums jointly with CEA, bringing in another protit. Guest speakers were also a big part ot HERCTS activities during the year. Both loan Dreeben, with Color Me Beautitul, and Sue Ridgeway, trom Mary Kay Cosmetics, vis- ited meetings, discussing to- pics such as skin care, make- up application, and all-around beauty. .AA is HOSA fbelowj Mike Branson, parlia- mentarian, Diana Wolfson, president: Isabel Garcia, vice president: Miranda Ortiz, sentinel: Mrs. Sharon Saxer: sponsor HOSA Qleftl BOTTOM ROW Christina Garcia, April Sisco, histori- an: Dalma Zuniga SECOND ROW Ju- lianna Bermea, Denise Negron TOP ROW Theresa Alvarado, Lisa Bratton, Robyn Sherland, Vanessa Cox HOSA OFFICERS DIANA WOLFSON AND DEBBIE LAMM fbelow leftl work hard preparing their booth for the huge Howdy Night crowds. HOSA TREA- SURER DEBBIE LAMM Qbottom leftl accepts the Cystic Fybrosis "Climb-a- Thon" pledge money from participants sponsor Sharon Saxer, Kim Kelley, Denise Negron, and Theresa Alvarado. Snow cone S fund HOSA efforts A snow cone sale at their Howdy Night booth in Sep- tember began a busy year for Health Occupation Students ot America. Profits from this effort helped fund a visit later to an Area l leadership conference in Austin as well as state and national contests. During HOSA week in No- vember, the club held a blood pressure screening clinic open to everyone and later sponsored a Health Career Day and blood drive in coo- peration with the South Texas Regional Blood Bank. One of the club's most suc- cessful projects was the Sep- tember Climb-a-thon during which sophomore Debbie Lamm, l unior Kim Kelley, sen- ior Denise Negron, sopho- more Theresa Alvarado and sponsor Sharon Saxer climbed the Marriott Hotel fire escape enough times to net 96300 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. HOSA 249 Sales put OEA in business A E575 protit from their Sep- tember l-lowdy Night ice cream booth, plus a S10 prize for second best HN booth, and S500 from the traditional Homecoming mum sales put Ottice Education Association members in business. The hard earned money went mostly tor the club's an- nual Appreciation Luncheon where the l5 members treated their bosses to a meal at the OEA fabove rightj BOTTOM ROW Elisa Hutchins, vice presidentg Kristin Ad- ams, secretaryg Lilla Nelson, parlia- mentariang Tracy Bode, president: Ser- ena Talley, historian: Li To TOP ROW Bernadette Bell, Diana Garcia, treasur- erg Suzette Rosas, Anna Ramirez, Katie Pittman, Heather Hoffman. AT THE INSTALLATION OF NEW OFFICERS 250 OEA Sheraton in February. Earlier OEA visited a local orphanage during the holi- days with treats and gitts tor the children. Probably the busiest time tor the group come in April when San Antonio OEA clubs hosted the statewide Leader- ship Conterence attended by some 2000 representatives from high schools in Texas. 1 . A i - J iii PARTY IN SEPTEMBER Qtop rightj OEA officers Tracy Bode and Katie Pittman get ready to celebrate. OEA MEMBER SUZETTE ROSAS Qleftj prac- tices her typing skills to help with her afternoon job as a secretary with a local firm. AT THE FIRST OEA BAN- OUET Krightj sponsor Wanda Tassos takes a big bite out of her hamburger. t MULESTALL Kleftj BOTTOM ROW Shelly Drought, Marisol Luna, Lindsey Hertel, treasurerg Julianna Bermea SECOND ROW Tres Bradford, Polly A1- len. Ann Moses. Theresa Rodriguez, Rena Dillon TOP ROW Matthew Mous- er, Kelly Ouirk, president. MULE- STALL TREASURER LINDSEY HER- TELL RECRUITS fmiddle leftj new members on club sign-up day. COACH LEO MCDANIEL SACRIFICES fbelowj comfort for the benefit of the Mule Stall treasury at the Mule Stall dunk- ing booth at Howdy Night. COUNCIL PRESIDENT, KELLY OUIRK Qbottom left, makes assignments to Marisol Luna and Rena Dillon during a plan- ning meeting before a regular post- football game dance. Stall favorite campus hangout Where did the crowd go after the football games this year? The Mule Stall of course! The Stall provided a popu- lar hangout for the large groups who crowded the cam- pus facility after games, and in addition the council spon- sored a range of student ac- tivities. lt was the Mule Stall who manned the famous dunking booth at Howdy Night as well as a taco vending booth, and later, in its home territory, helped with the school spon- sored Halloween Spook l-louse. At Christmas, the Council helped Elf Louise with her an- nual project. Along with col- lecting, Wrapping, and deli- vering gifts for needy chil- dren, it also held an Elf Louise benefit dance and aided with her radio - telethon. ln the Spring, the Stall was the scene ot more dances and in addition, several movies. Proceeds from these activities went for exclusive parties and other fun activities for Council members. During Fiesta, the Stall sponsored a float in the River Parade. Mule Stall 251 0 o O Football .... Volleyball . . . Cross Country Water Polo . Basketball . . . Swimming . . Tennis ..... Golf .... Track .... Baseball . . if Q ? 1 J -5 , X 'a ,S H 1, ,WN ,,L,, ., . '59 aff? Q,7::-,,,,.., viagra 2 Win if 1abo e1 botto ROW Michael 1671 Richard Fernandez Jesse 1851, David Gonzalez 1301, Bil- mpbell 1621, David Huff 1351, Ro- Virella 1201, Shane Brenan 1221, ECOND ROW Mike Sanchez 1241, owen Creamer 1871, Augie Berrera 801, David Bebinger 1191, Brett Balth- l 9 8 2 VARSITY FOOTBALL v m ' Ca rope 1651, Antonio Lopez 1751, Dudle Meyer 131, THIRD ROW Armando Ri- vera 1101, Russell Jonas 17 71, Glenn Wheeler 1721, Morris Miller 1861, John Jones 1251, Mickey Hansen 1541, David Baker 171, FOURTH ROW Jim Cham- bers 1441, Kevin Pape 1761, Denis Mead- ows 1661, Jason Moyer 1661, Victor Chambers 1701, Dane Amerine 1821, George Schroeder 1321, FIFTH ROW Coach Jimmy Inman, Coach Leo Mc Daniel, Coach Leighton Hendrick, Coach Steve Ferrell, Coach Gilbert Hines, Coach Mike Morgan, Wayne Herrera 1451, Tom Kinzie 1791, Brett Workman 1681, Roland Gutierrez 1881. ew district brings rough season for varsity II The new district change om 32-6A to 29-4A proved to e tough for the varsity Mules, ho won their only game gainst Crystal City, to keep e winning tradition alive. ln this game George chroeder ran for l l6 yards in 5 carries and Wayne Herrera an for 89 yards in ll carries help the Mules rush past rystal City 22-20. Alamo Heights led Crystal ity after the first half 14-6. A ritical safety made in the ird quarter boosted the ules to a l6-l4 lead. Both e Mules and the lavalinas cored evenly in the fourth uarter but the lavalinas did ot overcome Heights' two point lead established in the third quarter. This win boosted the spirit in the team and in the school which carried over to the next game, Homecoming against Laredo United. Over 6,000 people came to watch the Mules wage the hat- tle against the Longhorns. ln the third quarter the Mules came back from a 2l-0 deficit to pull within nine points of the United team. The Mules played tough, al- lowing only one touchdown to be scored against them in the second half. Spirit was still high through- out the game, but lack of size seemed to stop the team short of victory, dropping a 28-12 loss to United. For the season Coach lim- my lnman named as outstand- ing offensive players running backs George Schroeder, with an average of 4.08 yards per carry, Wayne Herrera with an average of 3.29 yards per carry, and Steve Helmke with an average of 3.16 per carry. Outstanding defensive players were secondary David Bebinger, lohn l ones linemen Vicor Chambers, lason Moyer, ends Dennis Mead- ows, Dane Amerine, Armando Riviara, and linebackers Da- vid Huff and George Schroeder ' Varsity Footbal l 255 LATE IN THE SECOND QUARTER Qrightl defensive end Steve Helmke snags Carrizo Springs running back short of a first down on a fourth down play. Mules lost 56-14. WlL9 Central AHOO AH OO AHOO AHOO AHOO AH 22 AH 12 AH 14 AHOO AH18 MacArthur Fox Tech Edgewood Umted Carrizo Springs West Campus Springs West Campus South West 45 284 VARSITY FOOTBALL ' Catholic 28 2O 25 26 ' 20 20 28 56 GAME CAPTAINS fabovel Dudley Myer 135 Wayne Herrera 1451 Morris Miller 1861 Dennis Meadows 1641 and Roland Gutierez 1881 await the coin toss from the referee to begin the Central Catho- 256 Varsity Football lic game. Mules lost 28-6. WINGBACK WAYNE HERRERA CHARGES Qrightj past three Laredo United defenders for a first doyvn in the 28- l 2 loss to Laredo United. WITH THE 6,000 PLUS Qabovej A11- Class Reunion Homecoming crowd looking on, the Mules gather for their pregame huddle before their battle with Laredo United. Varsity Football 257 1 P Q3 y JV X RUNNING BACK ROLAND VIRELLA QZOQ Qabovej runs by two Fox Tech de- fenders for a critical first down. SAFE- TY AUGIE BARRERA 1801 fabove right, stops Fox Tech running back for a loss. 258 Varsity Football The Mules fell 25-0. TRAINER DON MCGRATH Qbelow right, helps an in- jured Michal Sanchez during the Fox Tech game. d Q1 Ns- f WING BACK WAYNE HERRERA 1451 Kabovel is stoped by a Laredo United 'de- fender after gaining five yards. FULL- BACK DAVID GONZALES 1305 Qleftl walks off the field discouraged after a fourth downturnover. Varsity Football 259 lV FOOTBALL W 5 L 5 AH OO Central Catholic AH OO MacArthur AH O7 a AH O5 AH O7 AH 20 AH 42 Edgewood Ulvalde McCollum Crystal City AH 25 West Campus AH O6 Southwest Shutouts cap 'fantastic' season OO - 20 . 20 - AH O7 Fax tech oo l y 15 os ca oo " oo O7 , Four shutouts capped a ju- nior varsity football season that Coach Leighton Hendrick termed "fantastic" Short on manpower but long on desire, the jayvees also suffered three heart- breaker losses, 7-6 to South- west, 8-6 to Edgewood, and l5-7 to lay, in which the turn- around scores came in the last seconds of the games. The 5-5 season was the re- sult of a "very together" spirit, THE 1982 JV FOOTBALL TEAM 1he- low1 BOTTOM ROW Harding McEldow- ney 131, Darrel Serrato 151, Jay Medina 1101, David Driling 1l 11 Clay Moore 1241, SECOND ROW Alan Terrell 1251, Mike Gutierrez 1301, Rudy Abad 1321, Larry Lee 1341, Anthony Hunter 1351, THIRD ROW Javier Deleon 1421, Greg according to the coach, whc credited the team with an ex ceptionally high morale anc winning attitude. "They didn't let the othe teams intimidate. them no mat ter how big they were." Named as key players wen lay Medina, Larry Lee, Grec Zuschlag, Harding McEldow ney, Eric Ranslaben, Rudi Abad, lames Kessler, Shawi Gulley, Anthony Hunter, and Brian Ellington. f Zuschlag 1501, Jeff Kjoller 1521, Bria Ellington 1561, Grady Roberts 162 FOURTH ROW Eric Ransleben 162 Robert Abad 1781, Joe Sisco 1761, Riel ard Scarsella 17 51 TOP ROW Coach MacDaniel, Shawn Gulley 1821, Er! Moore 1551, James Kessler 1851, Coat Leighton Hendrick. 260 J .V. Football RHHS 4A but frosh different Mules have a tough time 'ith 5A schools. This year .lamo Heights moved down i district from 32-5A to .29- A. This meant that all teams iust play in 29-4A with one nxception: the Alamo Heights 'eshman football team had to lay some 5A schools. Ac- rding to University lnter- holastic League rules fresh- ien football players are not llowed to go out of town. ractically the only schools tat are in San Antonio are 5A HE-1982 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL EAM 1abo 1 BOTTOM ROW Coach arrel Bo men Joh G'lchr'st 1351 lames Hickman 1861, Freddy Teche- aney 1221 Troy Ga c'a 1341 W lk lahn 1451, Chad Jones 11 61, Patrick Yz- .aga 171, Tony Tru'llo 11 81 MIDDLE Jo Iakke 1871, R bert S rr to 1281 Br tt att 1501 Edd'e Bell's1101 Joe Vila - schools, so the freshman team had no choice but to play much larger schools leaving them with a l-8 season. This one win came on their first district game when they shut out the Seguin Matadors 8-O. The Mules credit this to hard workouts and determina- tion. The lcey players were leff Torgerson Perry George Pete Markwardt Troy Garcia and Robert Devine. 11701 K'p Kleck 1821 J ff To gerson 151 Marshall Da 'd o 131 T ey Hel- lums1521 John Ne to 1541 TOP ROW Rob tl-X st ong 1621 Da 'dW to 1551 Robe t De ine 1721 Pete M k- ardt 1761 Pe y George 191 Jon M W'1liams 1851 W'll'am Meye 1821 E ory Co en 1801 Coach Jimmy L'tt1 t AH AH AH FRESHMAN FOOTBALL O8 15 OO 20 O W-l L-8 Highlands Fox Tech Clemans Seguin Clemaens East Central Kitty Hawk Kirby Southwest 5-at 'mm Y Freshman Football 261 E E 1 i 1 6 5 HE 1982 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Castillo 111, TOP ROW Christina Ra- Serrato 1101, Esther Cana1es1l 11, Janie EAM 1above1 BOTTOM ROW Corina merez, manager, Toi Williams 131, Mary Raines, Manager. arcia 151, Yolanda Rico 121, Marian Rodriguez 181, Bonnie Garcia 1121, Liz Determination, hard work pay off for spikers Although lacking in both experience and height, the Jarsity volleyball squad had pn abundant supply ot deter- tnination which, along with equal amounts ot hard work and true grit, saw it develop .nto a Hgood, solid" and com- petitive team. l A blow tell early in the year when the varsity spikers' sole returnee, senior Esther Can- ales, was injured in acar acci- :lent only two weeks into pre- season, taking her out ot ac- :ion tor most ot the tirst round. From then on, the brunt ot :he battle was born by tour ju- niors, three ot whom had played junior varsity last year, me sophomore brought up from this year's jayvee ranks and another in her tirst year ot play, and a treshman. As tor size, the team tound .tselt at a great chsadvantage with each opponent. "Every team we played had two or three players 5'8" to 5'll"," Coach Margaret Lan- drum said, "and our tallest player was freshman Angela Reiton at 5'7"." First round play tor the Mules ended with a disap- pointing l-6 record, the only win coming over Laredo Unit- ed. "We played close- games," the coach said, Hbut we didn't put everything in all the time." However, second round was a ditterent story and the squad pulled ott a 3-4 match record, racking up wins over Uvalde, Crystal City, and Car- rizo Springs. 'lWe went three games with every team in the second round," Coach Landrum said. 1'We were determined not to give it away. l'We played tough every match, losing only on height ditterences and inexperi- ence." Coach Landrum called ju- nior team members Bonnie Garcia, Yolanda Rico, Toi Wil- liams, and Liz Serrato, ugreat, hard workers" who played usolidly, consistently and with determination." Sophomores Corina Garcia and Gloria Ccampo were also credited with superior work by the coach. "Gloria played with de- sire," she said, and as tor Cor- ina, 'lLoolc out tor her next year." She had special praise tor treshman Angela Reiton, call- ing her an 'loutstanding tal- ent." I "l believe these girls will come back next year at the very beginning where they lett ott this year." Varsity Volleyball 263 BEFORE THE FOX TECH MATCH fbe- low rightj varsity spikers warm-up with a routine of drills. DURING A BREAK Qrightj Coach Margaret Landrum dis- cusses some new tactics to the team to over come their opponents. VARSITY VQLLEYBALL W 4 L 10 AH 11 Edgewood AH 1 AH 1 AH 2 Uvalde Crystal C1ty Umted Carrlzo Spnngs Southwest AH O Edgewood AH 2 Uvalde 1 AH 2 Crystal C1ty O AH 1 United 2 AH 2 Carrizo Springs 1 AH 1 South San West 2 AH O South West 2 , -I-ft: ,s.ff21stSfff1-: tiff sw - f.,-W..,ff,,,4m-M fr . - - ..,.. Qu. - f X R tt 5 1' it H whvw W WYWW gym v, -, Vi v I W, I W .,,,1, A 1.15191 , A A A ' V' ' tt, :'- f,,2 1 4 I . 1 AH 1 New BI'EiLl1'1fG1S 2 MW is 2 --v. an fm-gunna-4, , , f V' V - ., V:A.v ,. , V- . , ' 2 ' O 1-5, .,Vt-,:Z zfr 2 H AH 1 2 AH 1 2 2 IN A TENSE MOMENT DURING AN EDGEWOOD GAME Kabove left, Coach Margaret Landrum checks statistics as Yolanda Rico cheers for the team. The Mules were defeated 4-15 16-14 9-15. MARY RODRIGUEZ Q81 fabove rightj sets up to hit the ball as Bonnie Garcia 1121 and Yolanda Rico QZJ move to help. The Mules defeated Carrizo Springs 15-12 12-15 15-Y. IN THE GAME AGAINST LAREDO UNITED Cleft, Mary Rodriguez bumps the ball as Yo- landa Rico bends down to return it. The Mules won 15-'1 15-12. Varsity Volleyball 265 CINDY GOMEZ qbeio 1 b g game against S th ful right-handed ser Th M 1 4 1 1 5-9, 15-1 1. Guts bring JV best year ever Hard work and "lots ot guts" brought the junior varsi- ty volleyball team the best sea- son record in the history ot Mule junior varsity volleyball. Standing at 3-4 tor both first and second rounds, the re- cord capped a year ot drills and basics tor a predominate- ly treshman and sophomore team. lndividual standouts ac- cording to Coach Margaret Landrum were junior team captain Lisa Garza, Pam An- THE 1982 J.V. VOLLEYBALL TEAM 1be1ow right1 BOTTOM ROW Lisa Garza 1181 MIDDLE ROW Mary Rodri- guez 151, Pat Herrera 1201, Becky Her- nandez 1151 TOP ROW Christina Ra- W5L8 Edgewood Uvalde Crystal City United Southwest Edgewood Uvalde Crystal City United Carrizo Springs 2 South San West 2 South West lV VOLLEYBALL AH O 2 AH 1 2 AH O ' 2 AH 2 ' l AH 2 Carrizo Springs 1 AH 2 l AH l 2 AH O 2 AH O 2 AH 2 O AH 0 AH O AH 2 2 266 J.v. Volleyball derson, who Won 'lmost im- proved player", and treshman Cindy Gomez who had Ugood potential" . Two transfers from basket- ball, sophomores Becky Her- nandez and Pat Herrera, brought "great attitude and etiort" to the team, helping build outstanding morale, one ot the jayvee's biggest pluses. Coach Landrum said the tu- ture looks good tor these girls because ot their Hgreat prom- ises". mirez, manager, Cindy Gomez 171, Hei- di Muller 11 11, Pam Anderson 141, Glo- ria Ocampo 11 31, Angela Reiton 11 O1, Mary Lovell 181, Janie Rainess, manager , i t div - 2133 A 5 F it sys gi: -fi F 1 54 F E Q4 I - ' LISA GARZA Qleftl bumps the ball to the Laredo United team to help the Mules overcome the Longhorns 12-14 15-14 15-4. HEIDI MULLER SPIKES THE BALL fbelow leftj as a Carrizo Springs opponent gets ready to block it. The Mules were victorious 66-15, 15- 10, 1 5-1 1. BACK TO THE NET fabovej Heidi Mull- er fl 11 spikes the ball over her head as Cindy Gomez UD, Mary Lovell 187, and Angela Reiton Q1 01 move in to help. The Mules lost to Edgewood 15-9, 13-15, 9- 15. WITH AN INTENSE LOOK OF CONCENTRATION fleftj Gloria Ocampo sets up to help teammate Mary Lovell Q81 return the ball to Crystal City. The Mules lost '1 - 1 5, 9 - 1 5. J .V. Volleyball 267 Country Cross Country Cross CountryCross Count W W O 5 U 1 , Q, .,i,:ww,-- - V -,W is pg W M. FOSS ':f : , A fu"- ' SS T0 Count SS Iv CD Q I F , C o f ff' ,,,, rffifos 'Lx tv:ifF.1E51 I Qgwfez.'zS?tg:fie,Q2ff1 , I-:,2f53,., ggx-,M E Z i S 'E .f f-,umfewff 4 5-I ll-7 C D at O W ntuitu ,V Lklft P U is U Pm 5-I ll-7 C 5 O U U Pm I-1 THE 1982 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM above, BOTTOM ROW Andrea Sleger, Eeresa Rodriguez, Julianna Bermea, :arah Castleberry, Joan Gallardo, Lisa Haslund, Holly Murphy, Carisa Valen- pine, Cathi Cassidy MIDDLE ROW Joe l Scott, Jim McCutcheon, Juan Rodri- guez, Marco Villanueva, Tito Smith, Danny DeLeon, Shane Whitefield, Da- vid Leas, Robert Singleton, Carter Smith TOP ROW Coach Karen Rotzler, George Parker, Andy Adams, Stephen Eckoff, Justin Jones, Jon Childers, Ron Tringle, Linus Jacobson, Shannon Pap- pas, Dan Weingart, Paul Hughbanlxs, George Cabaza, George Johnson NOT PICTURED Mike Adams, Becky Gon- zales, Christy Benedum. Cross Country wins top individual, team honors A 15th place at state and 7th at Regionals by Cathi Cassidy plus top individual and team finishes in district made it a aanner year tor cross country runners. Traveling to Laredo tor the October 23 district meet, the girls varsity won second place, advancing them to Regionals. The boys junior varsity also won second and the boys var- sity took third. lndividual honors went to Cathi, who came in tirst, and Linus lacobson who placed Eourth. These wins qualified the two tor lndividual Region- als. Cther district winners were Mike Adams CVD 8th, Andy Adams CWD Sth, Marco Villan- ueva QVD l3th, and luan Rodri- guez UVB 12th. Additional Regional Wins were posted by Teresa Rodri- guez who placed 8th and Sarah Castleberry who came in lOth. The East Central meet proved a high point in the team's season. Running against eight other schools, the Mule girls varsity received first place team hon- ors While the boys jv and varsi- ty came in third. ln this meet Cathi Won an- other tirst, Lisa l-laslund came in 5th, Teresa Rodriguez 9th, Holly Murphy lOth, Rebecca Gonzalez 13th, lulianne Ber- mea 15th, and Christy Bene- dum l6th. Individual honors tor the boys varsity went to lacobson who took a first place, George Cabaza who came in 18th and Ronnie Tringle who placed l9th. Cross Country 269 file viii . an , WITH THE FINISH LINE IN SIGHT Qabovej Linus Jacobson pulls away from his challenger in the East Central meet to finish in first place. WITH AN EX- TRA EFFORT CATHI CASSIDY fright, tries to catch the front runner in the Laredo United district meet. Cathi's hard work payed off as she came in first place. 270 Cross Country lg MQ! ' 5? F522 s m y Q Q? fe M gm 9 .Mg 1 -iq ff fil. A , ul I, I ggy 52' -: A ' .. ,. fiwi, V 3 21 , .Wg .,,. ,, .Q-V .gg is . ,. if . - -vt ' 'sm3Q '?g ' , RUNNING IN THE SAISD MEET, CARTER SMITH fleftj displays great concentration while heading for the finish line. Smith finished with a good time but was not one of the top thirty runners in. SURROUNDED BY RUN- NERS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS Qbe- lowl Ronnie Tringle and Marco Villan- ueva pull away early in the East Cen- tral meet. Tringle finished 19th and Villanueva came in 25th. ,M T , ' 'PW Cross Country 271 I-Ill I-1 -I-I i I-1 4-'I li S- .la ll S-1 ul-I i I-1 4.1 i S-1 4.: 272 terPolo WaterPolo WaterPolo WaterPolo WaterPo 'lf if f -. . ,,., 1: Wg , mlm K ,A ,f 4 , .W H ,, V 4V,V .,b, ,W , ' ' 2 961, V N ' ' ,5f?1'1,,,, f . 1132532-,z " f:f:z:,,'g?- , kgL,a,,?w Wiz , ' f , Hfwww Pgggw W, ,, ' W v - ff ' ,L ,. .,.i" 2',: 4 K. ' f , , I , jvj A fr W .5 , f H. 1' M . M, f W ,.,.1 f ' - f M Q W , M ' - ' ' 'L" 2 . wmv ' ,V ff, K ,f Qff1,Q,' , fbi-1. I . .,4g K 'ff :Wf-,,'f A ,1 "f ' M may . 25 " if I -, ,L ff - V, , fm , ,, fs I ' " k k f ,. W f W Wafgrggmg ,, ,WM ? , W Q X Q 4 Q ,L ,f M ' g , ,. Q ,,,,,,,,, ff -,V ,A V "" .. ,, V,,, ,, ,.,, M 38 Z-8 3 WATER POLO TEAM fback row, Bart Simpson, Rick Halter, Lindsey Roberts, Li Ravicz, Ron Cooper, Derrick Reiton, we Staffel lfront row, Rick Kernaghan 82 rebuilding year for 'young' waterpoloers A young Water polo team ombined hard workouts with hugh competition to empha- ,ze this year as one tor re- uilding. With only one senior, the lules concentrated on :rengthening their abilities uring their tough tourna- ient schedule. The team start- d ott the year by placing iird in both the St. Mark's :urnament and the Northside iurnament, while placing nurth in the U.T. tournament. he Mules ended the year by placing tourth in their Region. "The team gained exper- ience trom playing in these tough tournaments," Coach Tim Henrich said. "This will help them next year when they play these teams again." Hard Workouts were also in the schedule tor the water polo team this year. The team practiced from 2:30-5 p.m. each day, with practice begin- ning with an hour warmup swimming laps. After laps, shots were next on the water- poloers daily schedule. Coach Henrich then had his team Work on formation ot plays. Every Wednesday and Friday the montony ot the daily schedule was broken by the excitement ot scrimmage games. Goalie Rick Halter, often- sive player Bill Lawrence and defensive player Li Ravicz were noted as key players by Coach Henrich. 'lWe had a tough year," Coach l-lenrich said, "but through it all l think we gained a lot ot experienced players." Water Polo 273 E RON COOPER Qabovel swims the ball down the pool during practice. DER- RICK REITON fleftj works on shooting technique during practice. 274 Water Polo www M, GOALIE RICK HALTER Qabovej passes the ball to his teammate down the pool during the U.T. Tournament. The Mules came in third. DERRICK REI- TON Kleftj takes a shot at the goal dur- ing the Regional tournament. The Mules came in fourth. Water Polo 275 'HE 1982-83 VARSITY BASKETBALL mirez, Steven Stern TOP ROW Coach Charlie Boggess, Tadd Thomas, Mike fEAM fabovej BOTTOM ROW Clay Jimmy Littleton, John Stevens, Doug Mason, Sloan Houser, Bruce Beasley, 'arver, Louie Reininger, Roxane Ra- Archer, Jonathan Robinson, Coach Coach Gordon Garrett Zagers cap 'winning' year with playoffs A berth in district playoffs in Jlarch capped off a season vhich brought the varsity :agers almost consecutive :hecks in the win column as vell as a second place in l4 XAAA. While the district record food at 12-2 their overall tally vas 25-5, a winning season. At the conclusion of first found of play the varsity ,tanding was 6-l, their only oss being to South San West. The second half of district Jlay repeated the 6-l record vith the cagers again bowing nut to South San West Febru- iry 8 in a blazing battle which ended in a score of 64-57. -lead Coach Charlie Boggess :aid at that particular game the team's performance was not up to par but that it did have one definite benefit. "We didn't play as good as we are capable of playing. We did play hard and tough, but we still didn't have the game. The good part about it is that we learned from it and it gave us a chance to improve." District play also included the February ll tilt at which the Mules dominated and de- feated Southwest S6-63. High scorers for the game were senior lon Robinson and junior Clay Tarver, each rack- ing up 25 points. Again the cagers came back to foil yet another team, crushing Edgewood S4-42. The seasons' triumphs led the varsity to quality for the playoffs, a feat of which Coach Boggess was extremely proud. 'tWe had four goals this year . . . to win 20 games or more, to win at least one tour- nament, and we ended up winning two, to be district champs, and to be in the play- offs." Three out of four is a pretty good track record in any league. Named to the first MAAAA All District team were lon Robinson, Sloan l-louser and Clay Tarver. Bruce Beasley made the second All-District team. Varsity Basketball 7 VARSITY BASKETBALL W-25 L-5 Harlandale Clark South San South San West Fox Tech John Jay McCollum Harlandale Clements Central Catholic New Braunfels Clements Boerne Memorial Clements Judson Crystal City Laredo United Carrizo Springs South San West Southwest Edgewood Uvalde Crystal City Laredo United Carrizo Springs South San West Southwest Edgewood Uvalde Kerrville CLAY TARVER Q3 4, Krightl takes a Jump shot against a Carrizo Spring de fender in the fourth quarter to give the Mules a 64 56 win. 278 Varsity Basketball BOTH PLAYERS AND FANS fabove leftj watch Sloan Houser M01 put up the winning shot in the last five sec- onds in the Laredo United game. The Mules won 4 8-4 6. DURING AN EXCIT- ING GAME AGAINST CARRIZO SPRINGS Qabovel Jonathon Robinson shoots a long jump shot to help the Mules to a 64-56 victory. MIKE MA- SON C333 Qleftl puts up a short jump shot in between two Uvalde players to help boost the Mules to a '18-44 win. Varsity Basketball 279 WHILE TAKING A TIME OUT Qabovej during second quarter action in the Central Catholic game, Coach Charlie Boggess discusses strategy with his team. The Mules won YO-52. SLOAN HOUSER NO. 1401 Qrightj jumps up for a lay up while a Uvalde defender looks on in distress. The Mules won 78-4 4. CLAY TARVER 134, ffar right, intense- ly guards Carrizo Springs no. 2 1 during fourth quarter action in the Mule dome. 280 Varsity Basketball JOHN STEVENS 1212 fleftl shoots a jump shot while Doug Archer MZ, sets up for the rebound against Uvalde. STEVE STERN fl lj belowl guards West Campus's no. 24 while his teammates look on. MICHAL JANASCH 1241 Qbe- lowl shoots a free throw at the Carrizo Springs game. Varsity Basketball 281 BRUCE BEASLY 1315 Qabovej shoots a lay up through the open arms of two Coog defenders while many excited fans look on. The Mules lost 57-6 4. TADD THOMAS 1301 frightj reaches out to block a Carrizo Springs player's shot. 282 Varsity Basketball EARL MOORE 1355 fleftj shoots a one- handed jump shot against Fox Tech. The Mules won 6 9 - 5 6 . SLOAN HOUSER 140, Cbelowj shoots a fade away jump shot over the outstretched hands of a South San West defender while both players and fans look on. 5 Varsity Basketball 283 Jayvee sets unique goal The main goal ot the junior varsity cagers was to win 20 games, something no IV team had been able to do in 35 years. Although they did not quite make it, falling to the same West Campus scourge that plagued the varsity, their sea- son record retlected the talent and hard work that typified Coach limmy Littleton's squad. Outstanding players cited by Coach Littleton were guards Stuart Brackenridge, lim McNeel, Marc Dupre, Paul Stone and Mike Garza as Well as postmen Roland Cru- tierrez and Scott Stattel. JIM MCNEEL 1301 LOOKS DOWN COURT fright, for someone to pass to during the Carrizo Springs games. The Mules crushed the Wildcats 72-57. 284 J .V. Basketball r ' tl f ,i :wal f , ,:, Y s l 1 982-83 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKET BALL TEAM Qtop rowj Coach J imm Littleton, Marc Dupre, Ted Boyer, Joh: Archer, Scott Staffel, Roland Gutierre fmidclle row, Jim McNeel, Michae Falls, Brian Tarver, Paul Stone, Jame Bone, John Altum Qbottom row, Jo: Bibb, Mike Garza, Stuart Brackenridg JV Basketball W- l 5 L- 1 2 AH 4 0 Harlandale 3 9 AH 4 3 Fox Tech 4 8 AH 4 5 John Jay 5 0 AH 5 Z MacArthur 3 7 AH 5 8 Madison 4 4 AH 4 6 Clark 5 6 AH 4 3 McCullum 4 4 AH 6 4 St. Gerards 5 5 AH 4 8 New Braunfels 3 8 AH 7 3 Clements AH 4 Z South San 3 6 3 6 AH 4 0 Central Catholic 5 2 AH 4 9 Central 5 7 AH 4 9 Boerne 5 0 AH 4 8 Crystal City 2 8 AH 4 7 Edison 4 0 AH 5 8 Jefferson 2 0 AH 4 3 Marshall 4 9 AH 5 O Jefferson 5 4 AH 5 Z McCollum 4 0 AH 72 Carrizo Springs 57 AH 45 South San West 51 AH 4 O T.M.I. 4 4 AH 6 6 Southwest 3 3 AH 7 2 Edgewood 4 0 AH G 3 Harlandale 5 9 AH 3 4 Uvalde 4 0 THE 1 9 8 2- 8 3 FRESHMAN BASKET- BALL TEAM Qabovej BOTTOM ROW 'oe Bakke, Charlie Leake, Johnny Esca- nilla, John Little, Eddie Bellis MID- FRESHMAN "A" BASKETBALL AH 4 'I Burbank 4 8 AH 6 O Southwest 4 4 AH 3 8 New Braunfels 3 5 AH 32 Kitty Hawk 45 AH 39 New Braunfels 6 3 AH 37 East Central 3 9 AH Z 7 Seguin 2 8 AH 6 8 Canyon 4 2 AH 4 3 Clements 3 2 AH 4 l Boerne Z 3 AH 3 6 Kitty Hawk 3 1 AH 42 Kirby 51 AH 4 0 New Braunfels 4 6 AH 4 6 East Central 3 9 AH 5 8 St. Anthony 3 6 AH 2 5 Seguin 3 3 AH 3 3 Roosevelt 5 3 AH 5 5 Canyon 4 2 AH 6 2 Jefferson 4 4 AH 5 '1 John Jay 4 l AH 3 3 Sam Houston 4 2 AH 6 9 Clements 6 6 AH 5 'I Kitty Hawk 6 O AH 4 8 Kirby 5 1 AH 5 6 Kitty Hawk 4 9 AH 3 6 East Central 3 8 DLE ROW Robert Serrato, Albert Oritz, Jeff Torgerson, Danny Munoz, Jose Flo- res, Pete Markwardt TOP ROW Coach Steve Ferrell, William Myers, Walter FRESHMAN "B" BASKETBALL AH 3 0 Burbank 3 3 AH 3 Z New Braunfels 1 8 AH 3 1 East Central 2 6 AH 3 6 Seguin 3 0 AH 8 Canyon 3 9 AH 2 9 Clements 2 2 AH 1 9 Kitty Hawk 2 3 AH 3 7 Kirby 1 8 AH 1 8 New Braunfels 1 7 AH Z 3 East Central 3 2 AH l 2 Seguin 1 3 AH 2 9 Canyon 5 2 AH 3 l Kitty Hawk 45 AH 2 3 Kirby 1 3 Hayne, David Watson, Don Cuba, Man- uel Aranda, Drew Watson, Perry George. Frosh cagers get experience A large freshman basketball team gained experience by working hard and playing tough. The freshmen were divided into two teams which gave each player more experience. This experience is what tresh- man players worked for dur- ing the season. The Mules played many more close games which enabled the freshmen to learn to play un- der pressure. The Mules practiced long hours to get ready tor these games. They ran, shot tree throws and Worked on plays tor the games. They also scrimmaged which gave them more playing experience. 'tThe treshman boys learned what Heights basket- ball is all about," said Coach Steven Farrell. Freshman Basketball 285 Pi? - 5 THE 1982-1983 GIRLS SVVIM TEAM ' Reiton, Linda Hinkley, BOTTOM ROW Nancy Norton, Sarah Nawrocki, Jenni- abovej TOP ROW Aysel Cibildak, Teresa Holt, Allison Hilton, Susi fer Young. lourtney Norris, Amy Abby, Angela Schroeder, Blair Stone, Kim Connelly, Young girl swim team wins league championship Although this years' girls Wim team had only three re- urning lettermen and was pverall a young team, a lot oi lard work and strenuous bractices brought them the :hampionship in the San Ant- mnio UB" league. Winning all four district lual meets, the Mules defeat- gd Lee 58-48, lay 46-42, Tolmes 62-28, and Madison S3-41. This final victory placed the girls first in their league. ln the Texas lnterscholastic Coaches Association meet, Sarah Nawrocki Was a finalist in the 200 yard breaststroke, the 2OO yard Individual med- ley, and the lOO yard butter- fly. Another high point of this meet came when the relay team of Susi Schroeder, Tere- sa l-lolt, Sarah, and Linda Hinkley Won the consolation final. The Holmes meet brought more highlights to the season with Sarah Winning one event, Eve Kocurek and Teresa win- ning two, and the relay team coming in first. With this string of wins be- hind them, the team members made strong finishes in the February 5 City meet, the Spring University lnterscho- lastic League district meet, re- gionals, and state meets. Girls Swimming 287 LINDA HINKLEY Krightj takes the lead in the 100 yard freestyle in the meet against Holmes. ww, GASPING FOR AIR Qabovej Sarah Naw- rocki approaches the end of a laborious morning practice. COMING UP FOR THE FINAL BREATH OF AIR fright, Eve Kocurek fights for the finish in the 100 yard freestyle at a SAISD meet. 288 Girls Swimming A iii F xg , if fg ' Q ui :Nw 'v 5 A it IN AN EARLY MORNING PRACTICE Qleftj Sarah Nawrocki takes a breath of fresh air while doing the breast stroke. SWIMMER EVE KOCUREK fbelowj practices her diving start in an after- noon timed work-out. h ii? as S. 7 I. Girls Swimming 289 s , 115- THE l982-83 VARSITY BOYS SWIM TEAM fabovej BO'I'I'OM ROW Rick Halter, Ron Cooper, Joe Staffel MIDDLE ROV! Charlie Cauthorn, Bill Lawrence, Derrick Reiton, Lindsey Roberts IN CHAIR Rick Kernaghan Swimmers bring home individual, meet honors Although the boys varsity swimmers had limited success in their dual meets this year, tournament competition found them decidedly in the Winning column. Their sole dual win came over Holmes when they crushed the Huskies 56-48. ln dual meets the Mules were short on swimmers which con- tributed to their l-3 season. "Even though we lost to Madison, Lee and lay, the guys did swim well and this helped us prepare for many tournaments," Coach Tim I-lenrich said. The swimmers started off 290 Boys Swimming their tournament play strongly by swimming to an eighth place finish out of 32 teams in the Texas lnterscholastic Coaches Association South- ern Zone Championship. Cut- standing players in the TISCA tournament were Bill Law- rence who took second in the 50 free and fourth in the 100 free, and Derrick Reiton, who finished ninth in the 200 indi- vidual medly, 500 free, the 400 individual medly, and 1000 free. ln the 400 free relay Bill, Derrick, Li Ravicz, and Rick Halter took an outstand- ing third place finish. Cther tournaments includ- ed city championships oi February 5th and UlL, district and regionals on March 4tl and Sth. Coach Henrich stat ed that the city meet is a mee which the coaches use tc tryout their swimmers in differ ent events to see how wel they will do. This shows the coaches what events they wil swim in district and regionals Coach l-lenrich named Ricl Halter, Charlie Cauthorn, Bar Simpson, Li Ravicz, Ronalc Cooper, Derrick Reiton, Bil Lawrence as lettermen thi. year. .gps 04" t IN THE FINAL LEG OF THE HOLMES TOURNAMENT TEAM RELAY fleftj Ron Cooper eyes his teammate Rick Kernigan for the touchoff. LI RAVICZ fbelowj continues to pull away enroute to a victory in the Holmes meet. L WW! L .. yn aux I F A A' wh I, M: 5 1 DURING THE CLARK DUAL MEET Y Qleftj Rick Halter leads the pack in the 5555, 4.344553 butterfly. Rick won the event. Boys Swimming 291 GE'I'I'ING THE MOST DISTANCE IN HIS START Qbelowj Rick Kernigan springs forward at the North Side meet. BILL LAWRENCE FLIES fright, away from a Holmes challenger in the 100 meter butterfly during a dual meet. Bill won the race. Vw , " J 1 , U ilifw 4-"5 3 ki . . IN THE FAR LANE Qrightj Derrick Rei- 292 Boys Varsity Swimming ton gets the jump on the challenger in the 500 free in the January dual meet with Holmes. Reiton finished first. i S! 3 . I, 995 vt I - ,ggzfiflwif 111W-HSA 7 fLAl , MJ E M Awami , vfii V wwf A 'iwrfw L- - -wx ,Y x in x in 'KXKZX NXXXXXXX WW Q2U"fVfZf"? IN THE HOLMES MEET Kabovej Rick Halter takes the lead from his nearest competitor to finish first in the butter- fly. Boys Varsity Swimming 293 'B s: 5 I- fa C2 5 I-' fa C1 'B s: 5 E- Q s: s: GJ Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis 'I x S Q g: T 5 I" e 2 e s E 3 Q G T 5 1- S Q 'L' C Q 5 , I-' E 'Q C 4 5 I I' 2 Q E 5 cu 2 I-' 5 E- THE 1982-83 BOYS VARSITY TEN- Kimmel, Drew Stewart, David Dean, Peter Herff, Coach Larry Oxford, Ste- NIS TEAM Qabovej BOTTOM ROW Hector Flores, John Hill, Scott Petty, P11811 AI'C'h6I', TORX Hart. BT!-ICG Offield, Mike Malakoff, James Taylor, Brett David Whelan, Blake Morris, TOP ROW Granger Hurltress, Trey Banaflk Boys varsity tennis team takes second in state A young boys varsity tennis team won on many courts to take second place in the Texas Tennis Coaches Association State tournament. With only three seniors and two juniors playing on the var- sity team, the Mules won the chance at the state meet by playing tough to take a third place at the October Regional meet. But it took tancy court work in more than one area to get them in the meet at all. The TTCA tried to exclude the var- sity team because Alamo Heights had recently become a 4A school and the other teams in the meet were SA. A court injunction tinally al- lowed the team to compete at regionals. Later the Mules de- feated Lee 12-8 to take third place in the Regional meet. A tinal court hearing was held to resolve the case and send the team in good stand- ing to State. ln the state tour- nament, the netters beat Clear Lake ll-7 in their opening match and then slid by Tyler Lee the north region champs, ll-7. The Mules' next match was against the defending state champions Abilene Coo- pert. The netters passed them lO-7. The Mules lost to Spring Klein lO-5 in the tianls to take second in the state. Following a strong showing in the University lnterscholas- tic League individual competi- tion, the team ended its year with its annual inter squad competition, the Oxford Cup. Boys Varsity Tenni 295 IN THE DUAL MATCH AGAINST KER- VILLE TIVY fRightj Drew Stewart smashes a down-the-line forehand to win the point. The Mules won. COACH LARRY OXFORD frightj discusses the problem with David Dean's knee injury during the netters practice. FOLLOW- ING THE TTCA STATE WIN IN OCTO- BER Qbelowj the tennis team poses for its picture at Amy Ware's house with Coach Larry Oxford showing off their 2nd place trophy. Xi.. . ' .. . S Q gk -, -, -' fwff 'fm 31 i Q if 1 , f 1- Ml, new sfcg .QW - . EH. r -'H 'fig ' ' ' fi.lf-viii 1 1 'J .. ' ' :Q-92.-is -r...a-feflia i-wfsxsr f -r .. . i Q 5' ,gi ' 'if Q I -,N-gag 4 , " Q N 1 'X 'lf ' 5 V- sf' ' - if F A',i 5 .. ' am ir 2 ' "i fm' - ffff? I f Y -1 .mf or f .' E 'iiw v P X- -'if' .Y -'fiv xsi "E, 1 1 'iff is - ., F" 35 i 1 - U SNS: - .1 E 1" iv-wsiigy-'-X. rl 1 lf . 1.:f. IC . . . ,E as -E, E A . ' .. w T' . ' If-fic.: -' 1 A ' 1. if I X. A X gill? 1145'- f I QV xii v ...ei e.., - -1 ' Q, .. ws--.. -em gzfmq. . . s-... A s ff.. 35, ,gs E' it ' f WW A if X fp ff 'ff X" fi" , , zW,X.,MV 4 E 198 2-8 3 JUNIOR VARSITY TEN- IS TEAM fabovej BOTTOM ROW ndy Adams, Stephen Maebius, John Beauchamp, Doug Williams TOP ROW Jim Redman: Coach Larry Oxford, Paul Conditioning, strategy emphasis Conditioning, and learning nd applying new strategies Jere emphasized during the noys tennis junior varsity year. Although team members lid get to enter competition in lual matches and tournament mlay, the focus ot the program Jas on preparation. Team members Went rirough strenuous condition- ing workouts each morning and were required to run a six and a halt minute mile to start ott the tall season. ott-season training continued running, or two miles a day ot all members. ln stretching exercises During the boys with one required addition, were added to the condition- ing program. Schmidtzinsky, Jamie Crystal, Thad Bowen of jayvee year These workouts were de- signed to help develop endur- ance needed tor the long hours tournament play de- mands. Mental conditioning as well as physical conditioning played an important role in the morning practices where the team concentrated on strategies and speciiic shots. J.V. Boys Tennis 297 THE 1982-83 GIRLS VARSITY TEN- ell, Julie Wheatley, Kara Hultgreen, Coach Larry Oxford, Mary Montgon' NIS TEAM Qabovel TOP ROW Kimberly Valerie George, Monique Kleck, Laura gry, Courtney Banach, Shanna Winship, Callie Novosad, Natalie New- Parker, Holly Fitch BOTTOM ROW Raines, Tammy Fitch, Lynn Nelson Experience pays off for girl varsity netters The experience ot tour re- turning seniors and tive ju- niors paid ott this season, with the girls varsity tennis team finishing third in regionals and placing second at the state Texas Tennis Coaches Association tournament. Winning 79 percent ot their single matches and 69 percent ot their double matches, the girls' hard work and increased skill became evident. At the TTCA regional championships, the girls' team Girls Varsity Tennis Won the tirst round by whip- ping Corpus Christi Ray ll matches to l. They lost the tol- lowing round to Churchill lO matches to 6, lout won the third round l2 matches to 8 against Lee. ln the early rounds ot the state meet, Alamo Heights shutout Clear Lake ll match- es to 7, defeated Tyler Lee ll matches to 7, and heat Abi- lene Cooper lO matches to 7. The finals pitted the team against Spring Kline, where it lost 5 matches to lO, placint second in state. lndividual honors went t Chesley Seals and Kimherl Winship who Won all thei matches in state and also t Monique Kleck and Laur Parker who performed exce lently in doubles. Qverall, the girls' team hat a successful year tinishin with a l6 to 3 Fall Dual Seaso record. FOLOWING THROUGH THE BALL Qabovej Monique Kleck drills her two- handed backhand to improve accuracy and power in an afternoon practice. TAMMY FITCH fabove left, gets in a before school workout in preparation for a dual meet in October. WITH PER- FECT FORM fleftj Mary Montgomery follows through on a volley from an op- ponent during a team practice. Girls Varsity Tennis 299 STRETCHING FOR A BACKHAND GROUND STROKE Qrightl Holly Fitch perfects her form for the upcoming State Meet. MONIOUE KLECK AND AMY WARE Kbelowj concentrate on their doubles game during a long wor- kout. wired QW ,H lem, j'QwuW"'?7uFT"',-, - ' My f ., -.... - . - ,,,4,,,. . . Y V,..Lf- ' " W.. l-'V:V W .R fm 300 Girls Varsity Tennis THE 1982-83 GIRLS JUNIOR VARSI- Hollyn Williams, Coach Larry Oxford, TY TENNIS TEAM Qabovej TOP ROW LeeAnn Perry, Leigh Rips BO'I'I'OM Jayvee girl netters work hard to j Spending most ot their time practicing and increasing their skill, the 1982-1983 girls junior varsity tennis worked iiligently to reach varsity lev- sl. Competing against Saint Mary's Hall twice, the junior varsity players won both zimes, with 6-3, 7-2 scores. They also confronted Chur- chill, this time ending with a tie ot 3 matches to 3. At the Holmes High School Invitational Tennis Champion- ship, the Alamo Heights junior varsity girls team placed first in the girls B division with 12 points to ll tor second place Roosevelt. Courtney Banack ROW Julie Windes, Kristin Dunlap, Sylvia Flannery. make varsity and Shannon Raines won sec- ond in girls B doubles. The team worked hard to at- tain these victories practicing in the early morning by stretching out, jogging, and perfecting their torm and style. Girls J.V. Tenru 301 F: O Golf G T5 cv 25 U qi cs 'E U "'.-I-I O U we cn lf Golf Golf Go Golf Golf Eolf - , .Mm , Q. .,.,..U. ,,,.wm,.,.,.,Wwmu FIE 1982-83 VARSITY GOLF TEAM lessen, Jack White, MIDDLE ROW Sanders, Erick Schweninger, Brent bevel BOTTOM ROW Coach Suzanne Brent Sterling, Donald Waynw, Andrew 'Meyers arton, Jack Mathiessen, Jill Math- Heppes, TOP ROW Tim Campbell, Ben iolfers capture fourth place in city Boys and girls golfers ierged together to take sec- nd place in their division and nurth place in the city. ln dual match play, the olfers finished second in ieir division out of seven eams. The Mules finished ahead of ladison, Holmes, Lee, Clark, lcCollum and lefferson. They fell behind Roosevelt 1 take second place which ualified them to play the top vo teams in the other city di- ision. ln this meet the Mules fell victim to injuries, which left them with a fourth place in the City. The golfers not only played in dual matches but also in many tournaments during the year. ln the fall the Mules played in the Demolay, Noth East ln- dependent School District and Corpus Christi tournaments. They placed second out of 15 teams at the Demolay Tour- nament With lack Matthiessen the low scorer. They finished in the top 16 out of 32 teams in the Corpus tournament and the lunior Varsity took a first place finish in the NETSD tour- nament. lohn l-lovenden was the low scorer. They ended the season in the spring with good stand- ings in the NEISD, Northside ISD, SAISD, Austin ISD, San Marcos tournaments and also posted a strong finish in the 4- A Ull.. spring meets. Erik Schweninger was named captain by Coach Su- zanne Norton Golf 303 LAUREN FARREL TEES OFF frightj with a powerful swing as Jill Matthies- sen observes during an afternoon prac- tice at the San Antonio Country Club. Lauren and Jill were the lone female Mule golfers this year. X S? - , , A... A WL 1- me fu c 4 , e.N,,,, ,, V , z "'- Jr 5 1 . , 5 if ' " . f fff- V . . - V - 7-'s " f L'f' f '..' D e r JG 3 Q R of jag'z'ey.5j" I . ' ' MMM. , ,.,,3y,w ' ',"'. 'Q l W ' 21, M . W' 304 Golf DEMONSTRATING HIS PERFECT FORM Qabovel Eric Schweninger shows teammates Ben Middleton, David Saw- telle, and Jack White the correct way to tee off. WITH INTENSE CONCENTRA- TION Qrightj Eric Schweninger aims for good position on the green during an afternoon practice. 5 g C ' www-M u 'V' .ge K , 5 2 if Id' fi 'Q kg Q jf.: is I A .iw - ' ' -,M W, ' ' ,Q M fv . .WNW A K 'I - f W' 3 'f ,r I .Q -1, A V , ' . sv M44 1 1 P sMgv,Qg1. .ff W,k kkvr a ki , QQ ., Q- fi 1 is-SW F 5 3 .f A -ii' 1,f1lfCv'f . X W ' l 2 5 fe gg ' K , K I if V 'S :aegis Ma A ,zifflwfra , DAVID FOSTER TAKES A CAREFUL STROKE fabovej to get the ball into the hole as John Hovendon waits his turn. MAKING A CLOUD OF SAND Qleftj Clint Leake uses a pitching wedge to get out of a sand trap. Q M f W1 awvwww W M, 'lk -awww. MM A w.,,.f ,, , a ,y kg: M Q A 5,, , , ,,,e 5 ,. , ,A W ,A M, ., H - Hwfxm, Wnwwnmwm, W M, M , P 5 5 3 Y A E ng 1 -,,l 1 OT A A ,lm .,iEl,1 L,,. t. ui WA w . t A f fm 1' .. MZ ' iF , ,V in A fm G. 1 I .WWF L. K 'vvwwwawwwmwmw ,-,,, ,lg , yn, A ,A L'w2?"""' I Golf 305 W- -,Y,-Y,f,Y - f - -'HW ff'f W ""' ? Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Trag ' 5571" 6 f f -+ sm 45 5 811, l U x , g 4 . 55 if-......., , K1 f Ai es, 3 A g , , A A 5 J ? A 6 gf wi.. Q r U ' T if fm ri 3 ,K-,. in M , -wg WMWW 1:55- .. 'Mr --... ,,,,. FSU as 2' , VT 7' 3 . if . 5, WITH ASSISTANT TRACK COACH GILBERT HINES CHECKING FORM, STEPHANIE SCOTT LEAPS fleftl over a hurdle during an afternoon practice in preparation for upcoming meets. THE 1982-1983 GIRLS TRACK TEAM Cbe- lowl BOTTOM ROW Kate Reininger, Kristin Hardwick, Christy Potter, Lori Bennett, Ana Nowotny, Lindsey Terry MIDDLE ROW Yvette Lewis, Christian Benedum, Jill Peters, Sally Baker, Mimi Hinton, Cathi Cassidy, Lisa Has- land, Coach Linda Bellinger TOP ROW Julie Schroeder, Holly Murphy, Melissa Watt, Jessica Stephens, Leacy Pryor, Courtney Norris, Stephanie Scott, Re- becca Stephens, Sarah Castleberry. ""Ew,. +'r""'u Ugly Participation, hopes high for girl tracksters With participation almost :ripling since last year, the 30 nembers ot the girls' track :eam entered the season with nigh hopes. Returning lettermen Sarah Sastleloerry, Sally Baker, Sathi Cassidy, and Mimi Hin- :on entered this season with experience and helped guide the team through a tough schedule. Last year, Cathi ranked 5th in the city in the 1600 meter run and also placed 3rd in the 800 meter run at the District meet. Sally Baker, also at Dis- trict, tinished 2nd in the 400 meter run with a 62:83 time. Because ot her results, Sally qualified to represent Alamo Heights at the regional track meet in Corpus Christi. This season's competition, starting March 4 at the Clem- ens lnvitational meet, took the tracksters to Boerne, Seguin, Randolph, Canyon, and Lare- do. Girls Track 307 ', 10 se .' Zxfilhelx . 1'-EQESH RUNNERS fright, Ronnie Tringle, Joe R- Criollo, and Richard Moore line up to W ' New ,W S, .. 1,,:,. 3 W W, run the mile against MacArthur and W-w We M we ' W, "" -A,,, - 1 ' EN '-" ' - ., ' f 'rm K K N 'M- Clark runners. , 'W ,,'QV5l??f'ff2,- A 23f,,'-t'is4ewfQ 55Jz!Pfek:i'W'5'W' .AV , ws, , ,, M i . ' J! H A 5 E S -. K ,Q we 5 5 THE 1982-1983 BOYS TRACK TEAM BO"I'I'OM ROW George Johnson, Justin Jones, Johnny Jones, Roland Vierella, Marshall Davidson, Freddy Techuan- huey, A.J. Terrell, Carter Smith, Chris Cooper, Jimmy Kessler, Robert Brown 308 Boys Track MIDDLE ROW Mickey Hansen, Joe Criollo, Derwin Dounson, Greg Zuch- lag, Jerald Dounson, Robert Divine, Pe- ter Marlxwardt, Richard Moore, Paul Hughbanks, Coach Leighton Hendricks TOP ROW Coach Bowman, Bowen Creamer, Russell Jones, Georg1 Schroeder, Ronnie Tringle, Jack Wil liams, David Bebinger, John McWil liams, John Stevens Returnees lead strong team Eight returning lettermen brought strength and exper- ience to the boys varsity track team. However, the other 42 who turned out for the team when practice began in lanuary provided new head Coach Carrel Bowman with both depth and good runners who gave the Mules a successful season in dual and triangular meets and tournaments. The tracksters showed their potential by crushing Edgewood 5l -l3 in the season opener February 4 and then outdistancing Clark 70-55 and MacArthur 60-45 in a triangu- lar meet. Against all three schools Mules swept most ot the top three places in both track and field events. Later the tracksters length- ened their winning streak in a busy schedule that doubled the numbers ot meets on all levels and saw the Mules com- peting against 4A schools tor the first time. Strong competitors named by Coach Bowman were lack Williams, lohn lones and Da- vid Bebinger in the 800 meter, Roland Gutierrez in the 400 meter, sprinters Roland Vier- ella, Wright Moore and lames Kessler, hurder Mario Zavala and in field events discus thrower Mickey Hansen, high jumper lon Robinson, and pole vaulters C.-eorge Schroeder and Chris Cooper. IN THE MACARTHUR: CLARK TRIAN- GULAR MEET lleftj Jack Williams fin- ishes first in the two mile run. The Mules won 60-45 and '10-55. RICH- ARD MOORE AND RONNIE TRINGLE fabovel, cross the finish line with good times in the mile run against Clark. Boys Track 309 W1 Q 1 5 I I Q K x Vwwx i i 1 A i . - Q , .N x . ., x xv is .Q b g? Q Q M 'F is X5 Wg. S? ,EL we K pix X X-Qian 'S f, Q, -. Liar W . 'ir 035 wa fi? Y-ifzissi iw x -.., m 1 U 1, N PSS 'Wax uv L S X X QP Q , 3 X W! 3 X ,f 1 1 Q t , I-fs. TIE 1982-83 VARSITY BASEBALL David Baker, John David Peet, Barry iel BOTTOM ROW Darryl Serato, Dan FAM TOP ROW Luis Alcoser, Danny Morrell, Marco Villanveva, Joe Panta- Weingart, Shane Whitefield, Dan Lan- eleon, Mike Fernandez, Paul Holchak. lion, Pablo Gurvara, Coach Leo McDan- fear, Larry Lee, Roland Vierella Experience, numbers, work equal success Seven returning lettermen, te largest turnout in years, nd long, hard practices elped the baseball team live p to its potential. One goal the sluggers orked hard to achieve was to etter the '82 season lO-18-2 ecord and the hopes for ac- Dmplishing this were high hen they demolished New raunfels in the first scrim- .age, with the help of a ho- terun, three triples, and two oubles, all which forecast the itstanding hitting the team as to produce throughout te season. This talent helped the Mules t their six pre-district games and also during district. While the rest of the school played during spring break, the team had to forego the idle days as games with Edgewood March 22 and Uvalde March 25 opened the three-month district season. Team members on batting techniques, fielded drill and all-round strategy during their long workouts. These practices also stressed physical condition- ing. Sprints and long distance running were two significant programs that helped develop endurance for extra-inning baseball games. lmprove- ments in fielding ground and fly balls were also important goals met by the team. Named outstanding in the hitting department were Da- vid Baker, lohn David Peet, Mike Fernandez, and Roland Vierella. Cited by Coach McDaniel for outstanding infield play were first baseman Dan Wein- gart, second baseman Danny Deleon, third baseman Baker, catcher Peet, and short stop Fernandez. Outfielders named out- standing were left fielders I oe Pentalion and Paul l-lolchak, center fielder Larry Lee and right fielder Barry Morrell. Baseball If 1982-83 JUNIOR VARSITY BASE- BALL TEAM TOP ROW James Hick- man, Rudy Ysassi, Joe Bakke, Russell Jonas, Manuel Aranda, Hunter Killian, Dennis Medows, Billy Cambpell, Wil- liam Myers, Miles Perron BOTTOM ROW Mike Gutierrez, Omar Valdez, Robert Serrato, Pat Yznaga, Troy Gar- cia, Gilbert Deleon, Danal Alden, Shawn Gully, LARRY LEE fright, throws a hard fastball while Shawn Gully looks on. 31 2 Baseball .W i,1w,.v-Q FROM THE INFIELD MIKE FERNAN- DEZ fleftl gets off a quick underhand throw to catch a runner at home plate. DANNY DELEON AND PAT YZNAGA lbelowj work on their batting tech- niques during practice. xg .XX Baseball 313 ,.k, 'Mum ,,,- - I GILBERT DELEON labovel works on his X hunting form to get ready for the up- coming game. COACH LEO MCDAN- IEL Crightj pitches to his team during batting practice. 314 Baseball FIRST BASEMAN RUSSELL JONAS Qabovej scoops up the low thrown ball while still tagging to the base. CATCH- ER TROY GARCIA fleftj eyes the on- coming pitch during practice. Baseball 115 MQ 'wv' 4 'wr A .g L'-d,f" ':'?3"'i"'2w 'A , . x4, fy? ws'3fiw9f5 l3 pj2i,.rb I Qmfwilfi Qfkffg if 1 'V G55 -. , W ni? sy ff? 5511252353 fit, fafgiuqyig '4 E ifgfagisjzf fi' fn". A i Qi535V:-,,h .fi js 4 4-if if 3' 44 . '95, , vi A 153 .i A . , x ..-1 eff' 1 E E Q I 1 l fi Tb xi' X ? i 3 5? lg 3 5 H Q1 -R Q. Q 21 , f fr v- ' 351' . 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A ' ' whiff 2 ,aew X Q, p " U if -fffmiym " "Q ' A 2 51, , W V sw, Did Someone Say Fiesta?! ww 346 Backers PH01' OGRAPHY cj xXX::l.f, Dorothy LangmorefPhotographer 2615 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78216 Back Senior Accomplishments Mike Adams Freshman Football5 Freshman Track5 Track 2,35 Cross Country 2,3,45 Jets 45 San Antonio Bicycle Racing Club 45 Omega League of Prophets 4. Texas A 8: M Louis Alcoser Clown Club 15 Student Council 2,45 Ro- deo Club 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Baseball Manager 45 Bull Rider 3,4. Polly Allen Orchestra l,2,3, Public Relations 45 Texas State Honor Orchestra 35 Region Orchestra 2,3,45 Chaps 15 Los Compan- eros 15 Los Amigos 3,45 National Art Honor Society 2,3, Secretary 45 Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,45 AFS 1, Treasurer 3, Vice President 45 Rodeo Club 3, Treasurer 45 Service Club 45 Sci- ence Club 2,35 Mulestall 2,45 Honor Roll-Honorable Mention l,2,3,4. North Texas State Univer. or Austin College Dane Amerine Honor Roll-Honorable Mention 15 Freshman Football5 J.V. Football 25 Varsity Football 3,45 Freshman Track5 Campus Life 2,3 F.P. l,2,3,4. Siobhain Hart Anders Chaps 15 Los Amigos 15 Drama UIL Play 1,25 Fall Play 2,3,45 Spurs 35 Dance Of- ficer 45 Choir 3,45 Honor Roll l,3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Keywanettes 3,45 Mulestall l,2,3, Vice President 45 Los Companeros 15 Swimming 1,25 Senior Play 4. Trinity University Elizabeth Ashby Chaps 15 Student Council 1,3,45 Los Companeros 1,25 Los Amigos 35 Spurs 3, Dance Captain 45 Keywanettes 3, President 45 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 2,3,45 Service Club 45 Social Studies Honorary Club 45 Most Representative Senior Nominee5 Choir 45 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention l,2,3,45 Optimist Club for Youth in Community Service Nominee 45 Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 45 Senior Play 4. Texas Christian University Joan Bailey Chaps 15 Freshman Cheerleader: Mu- lestall Council 1,25 FHA l,2,3,45 Cam- pus Life l,2,3,45 Varsity Golf 2,35 Keywanettes 3,4 Backgammon Club 25 Chess Club 45 Art National Honor Soci- ety. 348 Senior Accomplishments David Baker Football 1,2,3, Captain 45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes 45 Key Club l,2,35 Honor Roll 2,35 Social Studies Honorary 3,45 La Leche League l,2,3,45 Homecoming King 4. University of Arkansas Brett Balthrope Football l,2,3,45 Key Club l,2,3,45 Los Companeros 15 Los Amigos 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 2,45 Campus Life l,2,3,45 Social Studies Honorary 2,3,45 Spanish National Honorary 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,45 Sophomore Class President5 Sen- ior Class President5 Most Representa- tive Freshman Nominee5 Most Repre- sentative Sophomoreg Most Represen- tative J unior5 Most Representative Sen- ior Nominee5 Boys State 35 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Mr. Teen Optimist Nominee5 Who's Who in American High School Students5 FCA 4. Colorado College Dal Bankerd Latin Club 15 Chaps 15 Honor Roll 1,25 Los Companeros 2,35 Los Amigos 45 Keywanettes 3,45 National Art Honor Society 2,3,45 Ray Ban Clan 35 WITHIM 4. Texas Tech Stanton P. Bell Student Council l,2,3,45 Key Club 1,2, Chaplain-Historian 3,45 Mulestall Council l,2,35 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 2,3,45 Freshman Class Chaplain Historian5 AFS 2,3,45 Los Companeros 1,2, Treasurer 3,45 Los Amigos 3,45 FHA 3, Vice President 45 Backgammon Club 25 Photograpghy Club 1,2 Hunting and Fishing Club 1,25 Super Scooper l,2,3,45 Ray Ban Clan 3,45 WITHIM 45 Junior Achievement 45 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention 45 Senior Play 45 Freshman Football5 Freshman Basket- ball5 J.V. Golf 2,35 Yell Leader 4. Uni- versity of Texas at Austin Tracy Bode Chaps 15 FHA 35 Keywanettes 3,45 Stu- dent Council 3,45 O.E. Secretary 3, President 45 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention 1,2,3,4 Safety Council 4. Southwest Texas State University Michael S. Brenan Key Club l,2,35 Student Council 1,2,3, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Campus Life l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 45 Social Studies National Honor Society 45 School District Com- petition Committee 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Most Representative Nominen l,2,35 Homecoming Escort lg Home! coming Duke 35 Homecoming King anc Prince Nominee 45 National Honor So ciety 3,45 Favorite Nominee l,2,3. Th4 Colorado School of Mines Katheryn Michelle Britton AFS 1,45 Social Studies Honorary 45 M1 Alpha Theta 45 FHA 35 Campus Lifl 1,25 French Club 25 Chaps 15 Spurs 3 Science Club 45 Fall Play 45 Senior Plaj 45 OOPF President 4. Texas A8:M Uni versity Kerry Brosseau Chaps 15 Campus Life l5J.V. Basketbal 15 Varsity Basketball 2,35 lntramueral Basketball 45 Nominated All District I Sam Houston State University Melissa Brown J .V. Swim Team 45 AFS 3, Treasurer 1 National Art Honor Society 3,45 Na tional Honor Society 45 Mu Alpha The ta 45 Keywanettes 3. Magda Calderon Los Companeros 1,25 Backgammo Club 25 Keywanettes 45 Mulesta Council 15 AFS 15 Chaps 15 DECA 1 North Texas State University Heather Bunny Caldwell Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,45 AFS 2,3, French Club Sgt.-at-Arms l,3,45 Nz tional Honor Society 45 Keywanettn 3,45 Chaps 15 Volleyball Team 15 Soci. Studies Honorary 25 Olmos 2,45 Honn Roll l,2,3,45 Freshman Duchess Nom nee5 Junior Achievement 3 DDD Clu l,2,3,4. Hollins College Lisa Rae Calgaard Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Student Council Secretary-Treasurer of Alamo Assoc. Student Councils 3, President 45 Se vice Club 3, Corresponding Secretary Keywanettes Corresponding Secreta: 35 Junior Class Treasurer5 Mu Alpl Theta 2,3,45 Spanish National Hon Society 2,3, Vice President 45 Nation Honor Society 3,45 Social Studies Ho: orary 2, Vice President 3,45 N.F.L. Secretary 3,45 Los Amigos 3,45 Chaps Mulestall Council 1,25 P.T.S.O. Exec' tive Board 45 U.S. Student Count Awards 45 Who's Who Among America High School Students 3,45 Most Rep: sentative Junior Nominee5 Most Rep: sentative Senior Nominee5 Miss Te: Optimist Nominee5 Jabberwocky Amherst College :lam Callahan Iolf Team 1. Southwest Texas State .Iniversity Vlelody Campbell AFS 1,25 Chaps 1, Secretary 25 Choir Jfficer 1,2,3, President 45 UIL Drama 2,35 Fall Musical 2,3,45 French Club 15 rlonor Roll 35 Vocal UIL solo and En- lemble l,2,3,45 Vocal UIL State 3,45 Senior Play 45 Student Council 4. Trin- ity University Tim Campbell ' 1 larsity Golf 15 Mu Alpha Theta 25 Eomputer Club 35 J.E.T.S. 4. Fally Marie Cantu onor Roll 3,45 Hoofprint Editor 45 Fall lay 45 Senior Play 45 OQPF President . University of Texas llbert A. Carrisalez illulestall Council 15 Photography Club 5 Backgammon Club 25 Hunting and ishing Club 25 Social Studies Honor- ry 35 Jabberwocky 3,45 Sans Souci 3, ongressman 45 Science Club 3,45 lomputer Club 45 Video Club Vice- President 45 AHTV 45 Who's Who in merican High School Students 3,45 FS 3,45 Senior Play 45 Super Scooper i5 JETS 45 Graduation Committee 45 Jmega League of Prophets 4. Texas l8cM University Iathi Cassidy donor Roll l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Cross Iountry 2,3,45 Spanish National Honor iociety 2,3,45 Los Amigos 2,3,45 Na- 'onal Honor Society 3,45 Social Studies onorary 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 .F.L. 45 Service Club 4. University of 'exas at Austin Kelleen Castro flarching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band ,2,3,45 Twirler 2,35 ChaplainfHistor- En 35 UIL State Marching Contest 45 IL Solo and Ensemble 1,35 UIL Twirl- hg Solo and Ensemble 2,35 Los Com- 'aneros 25 National Art Honor Society ,2,3,45 Student Council 4. lllen Cazort nos Amigos 1,25 Los Companeros 35 latin Club 2,35 Key Club 45 Senior Play 5 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention 15 fampus Life 3,45 Cutlass Clan 3,4. louthwestern in Georgetown 'homas Victor Chambers .V. Football 15 Varsity Football 2,3,45 Team Captain5 Offensive and District Lineman 45 Key Club 25 Baseball 1,25 Varsity Track 25 Campus Life - first meeting5 Senior Play 45 Latin Club 1,25 Yahtzee Club 1,3. University of Texas at Port Aransas Carol Chenault Chaps 15 Mulestall Council l,2,35 NHS 3,45 SNHS 2,3,45 Sigma Psi Omega 2,3,45 Science Club l5 Quill and Scroll 45 Social Studies Honorary 45 Colour Guard 45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Service Club 45 AFS 2,35 Olmos Staff 3,45 Jab- berwocky 4. Guy W. Chipman III Olmos 45 Bicycle Club 1. Martha Comer Science Club l,2,3,45 Sigma Psi Omega 45 Track 25 Equestrian Club 15 Service Club 4. University of Mary Hardin Bay- lor Barbara S. Contreras C.V.A.E. Cooperative 2, Parliamentar- ian 3, President 4. Glen Croman Marching Band l,2,3,45 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention 15 Concert Band l,2,3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 All District Band 45 All Region Band 45 Jazz Band 45 First Division UIL Solo State Qualifi- er 3. Texas Tech University Robin Dauber Service Club 45 French Club 3,45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. Danny DeLeon Baseball l,2,3,45 Cross Country 45 Ju- nior Achievement 3. Blinn or Ranger College John Dino Doolittle Varsity Golf l,2,35 Key Club l,2,35 Yahtzee Club 1,35 F.P. l,2,3,4. Univer- sity of Texas at Port Aransas Lynn Downing Mulestall Council 15 Chaps 15 Olmos 15 Los Companeros 15 Campus Life l,2,35 F.H.A. 1,35 Keywanettes 35 Homecom- ing Committee 15 H.E.C.E. 4. South- west Texas State University John Dunlap Key Club l,2,3,45 FHA Treasurer 45 AA Club 3,45 Yell Leader 45 Olmos Staff 35 Los Companeros 1,25 Backgammon Club 2,35 Ray Ban Clan 3,45 WITHIM 45 Honor Roll-Honorable Mention l,2,3,45 Freshman Tennis Team5 Quarters Club l,2,3,4. Eloise English Varsity Tennis 15 J .V. Swimming 2,35 Chaps 15 Student Council l,2,35 Social Studies Honorary Society 25 Campus Life l,2, Student Staff 3,45 Keywan- ettes 35 Junior Class ChaplainfHistor- ian5 Senior Class ChaplainfHistorian5 Mulestall Council 1, Chairman 25 Ser- vice Club 45 Senior Play 45 Backgam- mon Club 25 AFS 35 Honor Roll-Honor- able Mention 1,2,45 I.B.T.C. l,2,3,4. James Christopher Erck Computer Club 45 French Club 15 Freshman Tennis Team 15 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Jabberwocky 45 J.E.T.S. Trea- surer 45 Key Club 3,45 Los Amigos 45 Mu Alpha Theta 2,3, Sgt. at Arms 45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 45 Senior Play 45 Sigma Psi Omega 45 Social Studies Honorary 2,3, President 45 Spanish National Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 Youth in Education Nominee for Optimist Awards. Univer. of Penn. or Stanford University Elizabeth Falls Chaps 15 Student Council 1,45 Keywan- ettes Vice President 3,45 WITHIM 45 Los Companeros 1,25 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 35 Ray Ban Clan 3,45 Wranglers 35 Homecoming Committee 3,45 Gradu- ation Committe 45 Aspen Flyers 3,45 DECA Club 45 AFS 15 Quarters Club l,2,3,45 Varsity Tennis 3. Texas Tech University Lynette Farrimond Chaps 15 Latin Club 15 Sophomore Class Vice President5 Most Representa- tive Sophomore Nominee5 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention l,2,3,45 Los Com- paneros 2, Vice President 3, President 45 Social Studies Honorary 3,45 Student Council 2, Secretary 3, Alamo Assoc. of Student Councils Dist. XV President 45 Most Representative Junior5 Spurs 3, Captain 45 Superstar Girl Nominee 45 Most Outstanding Junior Spur5 Choir 45 Senior Play 45 Backgammon Club 2,3,45 Service Club 3,45 Keywanettes 3,45 Los Amigos 45 Leadership Coun- soler 3,45 Optimist Club Youth in Gov- ernment. University of Texas at Austin. Heather Fitch Mu Alpha Theta l,2,3,45 Los Amigos 2,3, Secretary 45 Chaps 15 Spurs 35 Var- sity Cheerleader 45 Spanish National Honor Society 2, Vice President 35 Ser- Senior Accomplishments 349 Senior Accomplishments vice Club 3, Parliamentarian 45 Keywanettes 3,45 National Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Senior Princess5 Social Studies National Honor Society 3. Holly Fitch Chaps 15 Mulestall Council 1, Treasur- er 25 Los Companeros 25 J.V. Tennis 25 Varsity Tennis 3,45 Keywanettes 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Student Council 45 Service Club 45 Honor Roll-Honor- able Mention. University of Texas Robin Fuchs Band 1,25 Spurs 3, Secretary 45 Mu Al- pha Theta 2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 Latin Honor Society 35 Keywanettes 3,45 So- cial Studies Honorary 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Service Club 3, Treasurer 45 National Honor Society Treasurer 45 Campus Life 1,25 LUG 3,45 Student Council 25 I.B.T.C. l,2,3,4 Nominee for Youth in Protestant Religion Optimist Award 45 Geebons 3,4. University of Texas at Austin Lesa Gaines Chaps 15 Los Companeros 1,25 Keywan- ettes 35 Mulestall 15 FHA 15 H.E.C.E. Secretary 45 Campus Life l,2,3,4. Joan Gallardo Student Council 1,25 Honor Roll-Hon- orable Mention l,2,35 Sinfonietta l,2,3,45 Varsity Basketball 1,25 Varsity Cross Country 3,45 Varsity Track 35 J.V. Swimming 45 Computer Club 45 Mu Al- pha Theta 3,4. U.T. at Austin Rebecca Gallegos UIL State Marching Band 45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Honors Band l,2,35 Sym- phonic Band 45 Twirler 35 UIL Solo Twirling 35 UIL Ensemble Twirling 35 Los Companeros 35 Swim Team 45 UIL Concert Band l,2,3,45 UIL Marching l,2,3,45U1L Solo and Ensemble l,2,3,4. University of California in Santa Bar- bara Christina Garcia Volleyball 15 Basketball l,2,35 H.O.S.A. 3,4. Diana Garcia O.E.A. 3,45 St. Phillips College Isabel Garcia Student Council 1,25 H.O.S.A. 2,3, Vice- President 45 Marching Band 25 Honor Roll Honorable Mention 2. Incarnate 350 Senior Accomplishments Word College John Garcia Honor Roll-Honorable Mention l ,2,3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 French Club 45 So- cial Studies Honorary 45 Science Club 45 Computer Club 4. Amy Gause Chaps 15 Mulestall Council 1,25 Fresh- man Tennis Team5 UIL Play 15 Photog- raphy Club 25 AFS 25 Honor Roll-Hon- orable Mention 2,35 Los Companeros 35 Hoofprint 3, Editorial Editor 45 Com- puter Club Secretary 4 Quill and Scroll 45 Senior Play Program 45 Spurs 35 UIL Play 3. National Bartending Institute Monica Goei Sigma Psi Omega 3, Treasurer 45 Los Amigos 45 Spanish National Honor So- ciety 45 National Honor Society 3, Sec- retary 45 Social Studies Honor Society Treasurer 2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 2, Secretary 3, President 45 Service Club 3, Historian 4. Cathy Gomez Homecoming Duchess5 Homecoming Duchess Nominee 25 Most Representa- tive Freshman5 Honors Band l,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Twirler 2, Head Twirler 3,45 UIL Band First Divi- sion 35 UIL Twirling Solo First Division 45 UIL Marching Band First Division 45 UIL Twirling Ensemble First Division 45 Marching Band State Competition 45 Los Companeros 2,35 Mu Alpha The- ta 35 Honor Roll-Honorable Mention l,2,3,45 J.V. Volleyball 1. U.T.S.A. David Gonzalez Freshman Football5 J.V. Football 2,35 Varsity Football 45 Basketball 15 J.V. Baseball 1,25 Track 15 Key Club 1,45 Los Companeros 1,25 ltchus 15 Campus Life 2,35 Student Council 2,3, Sgt. at Arms 45 Fellowship of Christian Atheltes 45 Senior Play 45 Competition Committee 45 Hooper Inc. Treasurer 4. U.T.S.A. Dee Dee Griffin Chaps 1,25 Wranglers 35 Los Amigos 3,45 Spanish National Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 2,3,45 Sigma Psi Omega 45 Computer Club 45 AFS 45 JETS 45 Honor Roll-Honorable Men- tion l,2,35 Keywanettes 35 Student Council 35 Jabberwocky 45 Senior Play Mary Griffith Chaps 15 Campus Life 1,25 Social Stud- ies Honor Society 3,45 Los Companeros 35 Science Club 35 Red Carpet Commit- tee 35 Latin Club 45 Fall Play 45 Senior Play 45 OQPF 45 Olmos 45 Honor Roll- l,4. Texas Christian University Elizabeth Haslund Cross Country 45 Track 45 Keywanettes 45 Senior Play 45 OOPF President 4. University of California at Davis Nancy Hayne Spanish Club 2,3,45 Keywanettes Class Director 3, Secretary 45 WITHIM 4: Wranglers 35 Ray Ban Clan 3,45 Back- gammon Club 25 D.E.C.A. 45 Aspen Fly- ers 2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 3: Graduation Committee 45 Quarters Club l,2,3,45 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 3. Steve Helmke Freshman Football5 Basketball 15 J.V Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 25 J .V Football 25 Varsity Football 3, Captain 45 All District Football 45 Fellowship oi Christain Athletes President 45 Nation- al Art Honor Society 3,45 Hooper Inc. 4 Texas Tech Amy Heydenreich Chaps 15 Los Companeros 1,25 Los Ami- gos 35 freshman Class Sgt. at Arms Mulestall Council 1,25 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 2,3,45 FHA 25 Spurs 3 Keywanettes 3, Vice President 45 Ser- vice Club 45 AFS 45 Honor Roll-Honor- able Mention l,45 Student Council 3,4 Choir 45 Senior Play 45 Caledonia 45 Ju- nior Duchess Nominee5 Senior Princes: Nominee5 Most Popular Senior Nomii nee5 Who's Who in American Valley Girl U.T. at Austin John Hill Key Club l,2,3, Vice President 45 Stu dent Council 1,45 Campus Life l,2,3 Student Leader 45 Olmos 45 J .V. Tenni: 15 Varsity Tennis 2,3,45 Latin Club l Mulestall Committee l5 Senior Play 4 Ray Ban Clan5 Hooper Inc. 4. South western University at Georgetown Amy Hillman Varsity Golf l,2,35 Student Counci l,2,3, ChaplainfHistorian 45 Keywan ettes 3, Chaplain! Historian 45 Lo Companeros 1,2 Service Club 45 Olmo l,2,35 Social Studies Honorary 2,5 Treasurer 45 Latin Club 35 Latin Hono Society 3, Secretary! Treasurer 45 Back gammon Club 3. Universidad de Domi nican Republica Alison Hilton Student Council 1,2,45 Swim Team l,2,45 Water Polo Team 15 AFS 45 Com- petition Committee 45 Honor Roll 4. Tokyo Community College Mimi Hinton Social Studies Honorary 45 Varsity Track 2,45 Los Amigos 45 Science Club 45 Choir 2. U.T. at Austin Heather M. Hoffman Chaps 15 Office Education 3,4. Rich- land Junior College Paul Holchak Baseball l,2,3,5 La Leche League l , 2 , 3 , 4 Trafaldamore University Sloan Houser Basketball l,2,3,45 Football 1,25 Base- ball l5 Honor Roll-Honorable Mention l,2,3,45 Olmos 4. Agidimnon Institute of Rip-Scam or S.M.U David Huff Social Studies Honorary 2, Sgt. at Arms 3,45 Freshman Football5 J.V. Football 25 Varsity 3,45 Captain 45 All District Honorable Mention 45 Student Council 3, Vice President 45 Sophomore Class Sgt. at Arms5 Junior Class President5 Optimist Youth in Government Nomi- nee 45 Key Club 152,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Most Representative Junior Nominee5 Most Representative Senior Nominee5 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. U.T. at Austin Kara Hultgreen Varsity Basketball Team 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Social Studies Hon- orary 4 Service Club 45 Keywanettes 45 Junior Engineering Technological So- ciety President 45 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Varsity Tennis 45 Water Polo 3,4. Naval Academy, Annapolis Maryland Elisa Hutchins OEA Vice President 45 Honor Role 3,4. University of Missouri at Columbia Samantha Hutchinson Chaps 15 Los Amigos l,25 Photography Club 15 AFS 15 Campus Life 1,25 Mules- tall Council 15 Spurs 3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Latin Club 35 Latin Hon- or Society 3,4 Keywanettes 3,45 Choir 45 Senior Play 4. Texas Christian Uni- versity Elise Inkley Backgammon Club 25 Keywanettes 3,45 Wranglers 35 Varsity Golf 25 Quarters Club 3,45 Campus Life l,2,3,4. U.T. at Austin Joe Lee Ivy Band l,2,3,45 Vice Chairman SAG 3,45 First Division UIL So1ofEnsemble 2,35 Jazz Band 1, Trumpet Section Leader 2,3. David Johnson Freshman Football5 Freshman Track5 Freshman Tennis5 Mulestall Council 2,35 Student Council 2,3,45 Sophomore Class Treasurer5 Los Amigos 2,3,45 Key Club l,2,3,45 Yell Leader 45 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention l,2,3,4. Texas Christian University Elizabeth Johnson Chaps 15 Student Council 25 Campus Life l,2,35 Keywanettes 35 Los Compan- eros 25 Olmos 35 HERO 45 Backgammon Club 25 Mulestall Council 15 Gradu- ation Committee 45 Honor Roll-Honor- able Mention 4. George Johnson Band l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,45 State SLUF Award 35 National BCDM Finalist 3. U.T.S.A. Anne J uett Los Companeros 1,25 Chaps 15 Mules- tall Council l5 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 3,45 Varsity Golf 35 Olmos 3,45 Keywanettes 3,45 Ray Ban Clan 35 FHA Historian 45 WITHIM 45 Honor Roll- Honorable Mention 45 Backgammon Club 2. Texas Christian University Mary Keeler Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band l,2,3,45 Honor Roll-Honorable Mention 2,35 Latin Club 25 Spanish Club 3. U.T.S.A. Kathryn Killian Chaps 15 Campus Life l,2,35 Keywan- ettes 35 Backgammon Club 25 Los Com- paneros 25 Olmos 35 FHA 25 HERO 45 Library Aid 25 Mulestall Council 15 In- tramural Volleyball 45 Honor Roll-Hon- orable Mention l,2,45 Quarters Club 4. Debbie Klein French Club, Historian 1, Treasurer 3, Board 45 Mu Alpha Theta 2,3, Treasur- er 45 Social Studies Honarary 2,3,45 Mule Stall Council 1,25 Chaps 15 Na- tional Honarary Society 3, Vice Presi- dent 45 Science Club 2,45 National Mer- it Semi Finalist 45 JETS 45 Senior Play 4 Trinity University Eve Marie Kocurek Freshman Class President5 Most Repre- sentative Freshman Nominee5 Student Council 1,25 JV Tennis Team 15 Most Representative Sophomore Nominee5 Varsity Swim Team 2,4, Captain 35 Varsity Water Polo Team 2,3,45 Varsity Tennis Team 25 Vice President Junior C1ass5 French Club 35 All State Orches- tra 3,45 Sinfonietta 2,3,45 Service Club 45 Nominee S.A. Young Artist Award Competition5 All State Orchestra 4 Kim Lancaster Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Los Companeros 1,21 Chaps 1: Campus Life l,2,35 Mu- lestall Council 25 Keywanettes 35 F.A.A. 3,45 Spurs 35 A.F.S. 3,45 Olmos, Asst. Girls Sports Editor 45 National Honor Society 4 University of Texas at Austin Katie Lawrence Student Council l,2,3,45 Swim Team 1,25 Water Polo Team 15 Fall Play 2,35 Science Club 25 Sigma Psi Omega 35 Honor Roll Honorable Mention l,2,3,45 National Art Honor Society 3,45 Los Comps 15 Southwestern College Laurie K. Lustfield Social Studies Honarary Club l5 Ameri- can Field Service 1, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 45 Clown Club 1 President 2,4, Sgt. at Arms 35 Choir 15 U.I.L. Choir 15 Student Council 1,45 Na- tional Forensic League 2,3,45 Fall Play 25 U.I.L Play 25 Latin Club 3, Relator 45 JV Tennis 35 West Point or Texas A8zM University Merrick Albert Mainster Band 1, Asst. Uniform Captain 2, Uni- form Captain 3, Librarian and Section Leader 45 Bike Club, Treasurer 25 Sci- ence Club 45 Social Studies Honorary Society 45 Vice Chairman of S.A.G. 3,45 Senior Play 4 Trinity University Georgia Maniatis Marching Band 1, Sophomore Rep. 2, Vice President 3, Asst. Drum Major 45 Honors Band l,2,3,45 Jazz Ensemble l,2,3,45 Iethus 15 Mulestall Council 1.5 Los Companeros 1,25 Social Studies Honorary Society 2,3545 Los Amigos 3,45 Spanish National Honor Society 3,45 Service Club 3,45 Campus Life 45 Backgammon Club 25 Keywanettes 3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Senior Class Sgt. at Arms5 Senior Play 4 Southern Method- ist University Loranel Mlartinuzzi UIL Play l,2,3,45 Fall Play 25 UIL A11 Star Cast 35 National Honor Society 4 University of Texas at Austin Senior Accomplishments 351 Senior Accomplishments Michael Mason Basketball l,2,3,4: Baseball 2,3: FCA, Vice President 4: Band 1: Honor Roll Honorable Mention l,2,3,4: Baylor University Shane McClellan Swing Team l,2: Water Polo l: Key Club l,3,4: Campus Life l,2,3: Nation- al Honor DVA: Honor Society ACSS Robert McGarraugh Bicycle Club l: National Art Honor So- ciety 2, Secretary 3, President 4 Rena McGaughy Chaps l: Class Secretary l,2,3: Los Companeros l,2: Student Council l,3, Directory Chairperson 4: JV Cheer- leader 2: Most Representative Nominee l,2,3: Homecoming Duchess Nominee l,2,3: Campus Life l,2,3: Lug 4: Honor Roll Honorable Mention l,2,3,4: Key Club Sweetheart 2,3: Spurs 3: Social Studies Honorary Society 3,4: Spanish National Honor Society 3: Los Amigos 3,4: Keywanettes, ChaplainfHistorian 3, Sgt. at Arms 4: Varsity Cheerleader 4: Service Club 4: Homecoming Prin- cess and Queen Nominee 4: Most Popu- lar Senior Nominee: Senior Play 4: 8- Pack l,2,3,4 University of Texas at Austin Morris Miller A.F.S. l: Campus Life 2,3: JV Football 3: Varsity Football 4: Fellowship of Christian Athelets 4: BMO Club l,2,3 Muphfphfiey Mills Yahtzee Club l,2,4: Spurs 3, Treasurer 4: Latin Club 2,3: Chaps l: AFS 2: Keywanettes 3,4: Campus Life 2,3,4: Student Council 2: AHDT 4: FHA, Sec- retary 4: Poco Loco Club 4 University of Texas at Port Aransas Heidi J. Mowles Chaps 1: Flags Student Council: O.C.E.: C.V.A.E. Cooperative: C.V.A.E. G.C.T. J oseph's Barber College Sarah Murray Chaps l: Spurs 3, ChaplainfHistorian 4: Los Comps l,2: Los Amigos 3: Mules- tall Council l: Olmos 3, Asst. Editor 4: Backgammon Club 2: Student Council 4: Keywanettes 3, Treasurer 4: Geebons 3,4: Campus Life l,2,3: Senior Play 4 T.C.U. or University of North Carolina 352 Senior Accomplishments Dudley Myer A.F.S. l,2,3: Football, JV 3, V 4: Honor Roll Honorable Mention l,2,3,4: Cam- pus Life l,2,3,4: Senior Play 4 Texas A8cM University Denise Negron Band l,2: Rodeo Club 3, Vice President 4: HOSA 2,3, Reporter 4: Commended Student on PSAT: Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Flute Ensemble Contest 2 Mark Nikolewski French Club 3: Jabberwocky 3,4: Social Studies Honorary Society 3,4: Video Club 4: Hoofpring Photographer 4: Op- timist Nomination for Award in Media Christine "Barbie" Novier Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Mu Alpha Theta 2,4: Social Studies Honorary Society 2,3, Secretary 4: Band l,2: Spurs, Sgt. at Arms 3, President 4: Service Club 3, Vice President 4: Student Council 3,4: French Club, Sgt. at Arms 1, Secretary 3: Volleyball l: Keywanettes 3,4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3: Optimist Nominee 4: Cam- pus Life l,2,3,4: LUG 3,4: National Honor Society 4: Roadhouse Crew 3,4: Geebons 3,4 Carlos R. Paiva Basketball 2: Baseball 2: H.E.C.E. 4: Los Amigos 4 Southwest Texas State Uni- versity J oe Pantalion National Honor Society 3,4: Sopho- more Class Sgt. at Arms: Junior Class Sgt. at Arms: Senior Class Vice Presi- dent: Varsity Baseball 3,4: Spanish Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,4: Los Amigos 2,3, Treasurer 4: Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4: Social Studies Honorary Siciety 2,3,4: DeMolay 2,3,4: National Merit Letter of Commendation 3: American Legion Boys State 3: Joe Phantom Cruiser Club 3,4: Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Texas Achievement Award University of Tex- as of Rice University Tiffany Pappas Campus Life l,2,3,4: Marching Band l,2: JV Cheerleader 3: Spurs 4: French Club, Sgt. at Arms l,3: Backgammon Club 2: Olmos 4: AFS 1: Social Studies Honorary Society 3,4: Keywanettes 3,4: Student Council 4: Geebons 3,4: Who's Who in American High School Stu- dents 3: Senior Play 4: Honor Roll l,2,3 Stefanie Paredes Chaps 1: Spurs, ChaplainfHistorian 1 Major 4: Service Club 4: Keywanette 3,4: Social Studies Honorary Societ 2,3,4: Mule Stall Councill 2: Honor Ro Honorable Mention l,2,3: Honor Roll 1 Who's Who in American High Schoc Students 4: 1982 Super Star Gi: Nominee: Senior Play 4 Texas ABJ Universuty Joyce Park Chaps l: Student Council l: Most Rel Nominee l,4: Mule Stall Council l,E Most Rep. 3: Duchess Nominee l: Dui chess 2,3: Homecoming Queen 4: Prin cess Nominee 4: JV Cheerleader 2 Campus Life l,2,3,4: Lug 3,4: Keywan ettes 3: Service Club 3,4: Choir 4: Sen ior Play 4: Varsity Cheerleader 3,4 Most Popular Nominee 4 Laura Lee Parker Chaps l: Los Amigos 3,4: Spanish Na tional Honor Society 3,4: Social Studie Honorary Society 3,4: Mu Alpha Thet 2,3,4: Mule Stall Council 1: Servic Club 4: Varsity Temnis l,2,3,4: Let tered l,2,3: National Honor Society 3,4 Freshman Class Vice President: Stu dent Council l,2: Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Keywanettes 3: Duchess Nominee 2,5 National Honor Society Vice Presiden 4: Competition Committee 4 Sarah Parmer Chaps l: Los Companeros 2: Mule Staf Council l, Vice President Z: Keywarl ettes 3,4: AFS 2,3,4: F.A.A. 3,4 Texa Tech or University of Richmond Charlotte Ray Pawel Olmos l,2,3,4: Editor 4: Girls Spori Editor 3: Student Council l,2,3,1 Homecoming Committee 2: Honor Ro l,2,3,4: Social Studies Honorary Soc: ety 2,3,4: Social Studies Honorary Soc: ety 2,3,4: German Club l,2,3: Texas A: sociation of German Students l,2,1 Chaps l: Wranglers 3: Latin Club I Backgammon Club 2: AFS 2,3: Syn' phonic Band 2: Marching Band 2: Fa Play 4: U.I.L. Play 4: Senior Play 1 Computer Club, Treasurer 4: Optimi- Award Nominee: Youth in Media 4: Kvl Tennis Team l: Campus Life l,2,3, Keywanettes 3: Co-Chairperson tc Honor Girl Athletes 3: Photograpl' Club 2,3 German National Honor Soc ety 3,4: Graduation Media Committ' 4' Sojourn Manager 4: Texas A8cM Ur versity John David Peet AFS 1,25 JV Baseball 15 Varsity Base- ball 2,3,45 FCA 45 Water Polo 45 Key Club 2,35 Mule Stall Council 1,2 South- eastern Oklahoma University Karen Prodaj ko Latin Club 1, Relator 25 AFS 15 Campus Life 1,25 Varsity Track 2,35 Track Let- tered 2,35 Senior Play 45 Hoofprint, Sports Editor 45 I.B.T.C. l,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Honorable Mention 45 Honor Roll 1,25 QOPF, President 4 Tex- as A8cM University Edna Raines Chaps5 Wranglers5 Attendance Office5 Basketball Roxane Ramirez Volleyball l,2,35 Boys Basketball fstatsl 3,4 Janis Ramsey Chaps 1,25 Wranglers 35 Mule Stall Council l,2,35 AFS l,2,3,45 FHA 45 Campus Life 15 Keywanettes 35 Honor Roll 1,25 Honorable Mention 35 U.T. at Austin Eric Ransleben Football l,2,3,45 Swim Team l5 Diving Team 15 Track 1,25 Band 1,25 Key Club 45 Ski Club 45 F.P. Club l,2,3,45 Port Aransas Club l,2,3,4 University of Ha- waii Roxanne Rodrigurz Chaps 1, Sgt. at Arms 25 Basketball, JV 1, Varsity 25 Cross Country 2,35 Span- ish National Honor Society 2,3,45 Hon- or Roll 1,25 Los Comps 15 Los Amigos 3,45 Flags 4 Suzette Rosas Campus Life l,2,35 Spurs 3,45 Chaps 15 Mule Stall Council 15 FHA 15 Keywan- ettes 35 Latin Club 35 Student Council 45 Senior Play 45 OEA 45 Yahtzee Club 2,3,45 A.H.D.T. 45 Poco Loco Club 45 University of Texas at Port Aransas Lynne Rowden Los Comps l,2,45 Los Amigos 3,45 Hon- or Roll Honorable Mention 25 Chaps 15 Wranglers, Sgt. at Arms 3, President 45 Photography Club 1,25 Backgammon Club 25 Varsity Golf Team 25 Campus Life 2,35 Lug 35 Olmos 3,45 Keywanettes 3,45 FHA, Parliamentarian 45 AFS 45 AHTV 45 Video Club, Secretary!Trea- surer 45 Withim 45 Student Council 35 Ray Ban Clan 3. Gina Louise San Marco Band 1,25 Spurs 3, Vice President 45 Los Amigos, Historian 45 Service Club 45 Keywanettes 3,45 Road House Crew 3,45 Geebons 3,4 Baylor University Tamara Sanders Choir 3,45 Sinfonietta l,2,3,45 Chaps 15 AFS l,2,35 Jazz Band 45 Honor Roll 45 Honorable Menttion l,2,35 Service Club 3,45 Optimist fvoicel Nominee 45 Vocal U.I.L. 3,45 Instrumental U.I.L. 45 Student Council 1,25 Fall Play 2,35 Sen- ior Play 45 All-State Orchestra 4 S.M.U. or North Texas State University David Sawtelle Varsity Golf 2,3,45 Key Club l,2,3,45 Student Council 15 Leche League l,2,35 Homecoming Prince 4 University of Texas at Austin Robert T. Sawtelle Breakfast Club 45 Golf Team l,2,35 Football 15 La Leche League l,2,3,45 Key Club l,2,3,45 Freshman Class Sgt. at Arms5 Most Rep. Freshman5 Home- coming King Nominee5 Yell Leader 45 Ole Blue Driving Expedition l,2,3,4 Johnny Rutherford's School of Profes- sional Race Driving Kelly Sawyer Class Secretary 45 Student Council l,2,3,45 Keywnaettes, President 4, Lt. Governer5 Los Amigos 3,45 Los Comps 1,25 Mu Alpha Theta 35 Social Studies Honorary Society 35 Spurs 3, Sgt. at Arms 45 JV Cheerleader 25 Chaps l5 Mulestall Council 15 Olmos 35 Service Club 35 Secretary 45 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 2,3,45 Honor Roll Honor- able Mention l,2,3,45 Ray Ban Clan5 Senior Play 45 8 Pack l,2,3,4 The Uni- versity of Texas Christy Schick Band 15 Los Comps 2,35 JV Cheerleader 35 Keywanettes 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 HERD, Vice President 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 2,3,45 Student Council 2 Trinity or T.C.U. Lisa Schneider National Honor Society 3,45 Service Club 45 Texas Honor Orchestra 35 Sin- fonietta, l,2, Historian 3, Vice Presi- dent 45 All State Orchesta 2,3,45 All- Region Orchestra 2,3,45 All-Area Or- chestra 2,3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,45 Social Studies Honorary Society 3,45 Science Club l,2,3,45 Sigma Psi Omega 3, Vice President 45 AFS 45 Nonor Roll l,2,3,45 Hoofprint 2,4 University Of Texas Ben Schoenbaum Student Council 3,45 Yell Leader 45 Su- per Scooper 3,45 Key Club 3, President 45 La Leche Club 4 Suzanne Schroeder Los Comps 1,25 National Forensic League 15 Backgammon Club 25 Social Studies Honorary Society 3,45 Honor Roll 3,45 National Art Honor Society 45 Varsity Swim Team 4 Tokyo Commu- nity College Lotte Seerup Latin Club 45 AFS 4 Heather Sellers Chaps 15 HECE 3,45 German Club 2,35 Campus Life l,2,35 Lug 2,35 FHA 1,25 AFS 25 Student Council 2,35 Mule- pushers 15 Mule Stall Council 1 Mark Semmes Jabberwocky 3,45 National Art Honor Society 2,3, Vice President 45 Optimist Nominee for Art5 Scholastic Art Con- testg The Art Institute of Chicago Robbyn Sherland Chaps 15 Mule Stall Council 15 Back- gaznmon Club 15 FHA 35 Alamodels Chairman 35 Teen Optimist for Youth in Fashion 35 Keywanettes 3,45 HOSA Club 4 Incarnate Word April Sisco Band l,2,3, Vice President 45 Campus Life 1,25 Latin Club 1, Scriba 25 Honor Roll5 HOSA 3, Historian 45 QOPF Presi- dent 4 Linda Sledge Chaps 15 Mule Stall Council 1,25 Keywanettes 3,45 Social Studies Honor- ary Society 45 Olmos 45 Backgammon Club 35 Wranglers 35 Los Comps 25 Campus Life l,2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Senior Play 4 Austin College or Mary Baldwin Patti Slone MuleSkinners 15 Student Council 1,45 FHA 2,35 HERO, President 3,4 Incar- nate Word Lisa Spector Chaps 15 Latin Club 15 Los Comps 2,35 Los Amigos, Sgt. at Arms 45 Keywan- ettes, Class Director 3,45 Spurs 35 Golf Team 35 Backgammon Club 2,35 Olmos Photographer 45 Honor Roll Honorable Mention l,2,35 Ray Ban Clan 35 Span- ish National Honor Society 45 Mickey Mouse Club 55 Senior Play 4 The Uni- Senior Accomplishments 353 Senior Accomplishments versity of Texas Susan Spoor Keywanettes 35 Icthus 15 Freshman Tennis Team 15 Mule Stall Council 15 Mu Alpha Theta 2.3, Secretary 45 Social Studies Honorary Society 2,3,45 Service Club 3, PR Manager 45 National Honor Society 3, President 45 Backgammon Club 25 Spanish National Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Los Comps 1,25 Los Amigos 3,45 Science Club 2,35 Student Council 2,45 Junior Achievement 3, Vice President 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Williams College Steve Stern Basketball l,2,3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Na- tional Merit Finalist 45 Football 1 John Stevens Varsity Track 45 Key Club 45 Honor Roll Honorable Mention 1,2,3 Texas Tech or Stephen F. Austin Susan Steves Chaps 15 Ichthus 15 Mule Stall Council 15 Los Comps 1,25 Los Amigos 3,45 Backgammon Club 25 Campus Life 2,3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Spanish National Honor Society 3, Secretary 45 Social Studies Honor Society 45 Service Club 3, President 45 Keywanettes 3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Senior Play 4 Sewanee Heidi Swain Chaps 15 Science Club 15 Backgammon Club 15 Los Comps 15 D.D.D. l,2,3,45 Mule Stall Council 1, President 25 FHA 1,25 AFS l,2,35 Campus Life l,2,3,45 Los Amigos 2,3, Vice President 45 Span- ish National Honor Society 2,3,45 So- cial Studies Honorary Society 2,35 Mu Alpha Theta 35 Keywanettes 3,45 Ser- vice Club 45 Student Council 45 Senior Play 45 Olmos 45 Future Airheads of America 3, Firechief 4 Jennifer Taylor Student Council 35 Class Parliamen- tarian 3,45 Backgammon Club 25 Pho- tography Club 25 Service Club 45 Ouill 8: Scroll 45 Olmos 35 Social Studies Honorary Society 3,45 Los Comps, Sec- retary 3, Vice President 45 Keywanettes 35 Spurs 35 JV Tennis 35 Geebons 3,45 Campus Life and LUG 2,3,4 University of Texas Laura Terry Orchestra l,2,3, Historian 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Clown Club 1,2, Treasurer 35 Mu Alpha Theta 35 Social Studies Honorary Society 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Spanish National Honor Society 45 Varsity Swim Team 35 PSAT Commended Student 35 All-Region Or- chestra 1,2,3,45All-Area Orchestra 3,45 All-State Orchestra 3,4 University of Texas at Austin Leslie Thayer Chaps 15 Speech Debate 45 Jabberwocky 45 AHTV 45 Junior Achievement 4 Jacqueline Tringle Swim Team 15 Varsity Track 25 Chaps 25 Choir 35 HOSA 45 Honor Roll 4 Fred Ullrich Football Manager 2,3,4 S.A.C. or St. Phillips or T.S.T.I. J anina Valdez Varsity Tennis Team l,2,35 Cheer- leader 1,25 Chaps 15 D.E. Club, Secre- tary 45 Keywanettes 35 K-Klub l,2,3,45 "AA" l,2,3,45 National Art Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Campus Life 1,2 Jeff Weichert Marching Band 1,2,35 Concert Band 1,25 Symphonic Band 35 AAJG City Ju- nior Champion 25 Computer Club, Chap1ainfHistorian 45 Omega League of Prophets 45 Honorable Mention 45 Freshman Tennis Team5 Leningrad University or Brown Amy Ware Honor Roll 45 Los Amigos 2,3, President 45 Social Studies Honorary Society 2,3, Vice President 45 Service Club 45 Back- gammon Club 25 Jabberwocky 45 Span- ich National Honor Society 3,45 Varsity Tennis Team l,2,3,45 Future Airheads of America 35 Heidi Swain Fan Club 4 Hollins College Connie Weber Latin Club 2,3,45 Equestrian Club 15 Mu Alpha Theta 25 Band 1,2, Uniform Captain 3, President 45 Flag Corps 15 Stage Band 4 Rice University Glenn Wheeler Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2 Michael Whellan Sinfonietta l,2,3,45 National Forensic League l,2,45 Los Comps, President 3,45 PTSO 45 Student Council 2,3, Directory Chairman 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Mu Alpha'Theta 2,4, Treasurer 35 Social Studies Honorary Society 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,3, Treasurer 25 JV Base- ball 35 Science Club 3,4 Timothy Willett AFS 2,3,45 Social Studies Honorary So- ciety 35 Computer Club 45 Science Club 15 Video Club 45 Senior Play 45 Honor Roll Honorable Mention 2 Jack Williams Key Club l,2,3,45 Social Studies Honor- ary Society 3,45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,45 Varsity Tennis Team 1,25 Varsity Track Letterman l,2,3,45 Cross Country Let- terman 1,35 Honor Roll 1,35 8-Pack S.M.U. Judy Williams Chaps 15 Mule Stall Council 15 Fresh- man Tennis Team5 Student Council 25 JV Cheerleader 25 Duchess Nominee 25 Campus Life l,2,3,45 LUG 2,3,45 Wran- glers 35 FHA 25 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Homecoming Queen Nominee 45 Senior Princess Nominee5 Most Popular Senior Nominee5 Most Rep. Senior5 Honor Roll Honorable Mention 45 Choir 4, Fall Play 35 Senior Play 45 Keywanettes 3,45 Centenary College Diana Wolfson HOSA, Secretary 3, President 45 Na- tional Art Honor Society 3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Fall Play 4 Sharon Wright Chaps 15 AFS 2,35 Campus Life 1,25 Mule Stall Council 15 Jabberwocky 45 National Art Honor Society 2,3,45 Los Comps 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Student! Teacher Relations Committee 25 Hon- or Roll Honorable Mention 45 Hoof Print 4 Leningrad Revolutionary Uni- versity, USSR Jennifer Young Chaps 15 Choir 2,3,45 U.I.L. Solo and Ensemble Contest 2,3,45 District Choir 45 Choir Letterman 45 Fall Play 2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Honor Roll Honorable Mention5 Los Amigos 3,45 AFS 45 Rodeo Club 45 JV Swim Team 3,4, Lettered 3 Texas Women's University Katie Zbinden Chaps 15 Los Comps 1,25 Mule Stall Council 15 Student Council 2,3,45 JV Cheerleader 25 Spurs 35 Los Amigos 35 FHA 25 Service Club 45 Keywanettes 3,45 Varsity Cheerleader 41 S.M.U. or T.C.U. Diana Zuniga C.V.l-LE. Cooperative, Sgt. at Arms 3, Secretary 4 Index Abad, Robert 96, 260, Abad, Rudolfo 16 Abbey, Amy 116, 234, 238 Acosta, Ernest 16, 248, Acosta, Lisa 96 Adam, Stuart 234 Adame, Albert 9 6, 2 2 1 Adame, Alex 43 Adame, Debbie 220 Adams, Andrew 116, 269, 291 Adams, Kay 96, 151, 232, 245 Adams, Kristen 16, 168, 250 Adams, Michael 43, 1 14 ACKLES, MRS. CAROL 148 AFS 232 Ahlstrom, Rhae 94, 96, 220, 221, 242 Alcala, Gary 1 16 Alcoser, Louis 43, 221, 244, 311 Alden, Danal 96, 3 1 2 Alfonsin, Carlos 1 16, 244 Alfonsin, Horacio 96 Allen, Polly 43, 61, 202, 232, 2 4 2, 2 4 4, 2 5 1 Allen, Sam 96 Altmann, Daniel 43 Altum, John 96 Alvarado, Jesusita 1 16 Alvarado, Joseph 96 Alvarado, Rosemary 96 Alvarado, Susan 43 Alvarado, Theresa 96, 249 Amerine, 255 Dane 43, 41,116, Ames, Stephen 16, 236 Amundsen, Jeri '15, 16, 208, Anderson, Whitney 1 6, 2 18, 2 2 1 , 2 3 6 Aranda, Manuel 1 16, 312 Archer, Aurora. 1 16, 146, 241 Archer, John 96, 152, 201, 2 3 2 Archer, Stephen 1 16, 295 Archer, Violeta 9 6 Archer, William 1 6 Arenivas, Jesus 1 6, 2 54 Arizpe, Jacquelin 1 6, 24 1 Armstrong, James 26 1 Arnold, Deborah 92, 151, 220 ARZAMENDI, MRS. BRUNILDA1'10,111, 244 Ashby, Elizabeth 4 1, 43, 200, 204, 223, 238, 239 Atwell, Betty 116, 195, 226, 2 3 8 Bailey, Joan 44, 217 Baines, Nicole 96 Baker, Delmar 42, 44, 52, 23, 255, 31 1 Baker, Nancy 96, 200 Baker, Sally 23, 91, 230, 301 Bakke, Joe 116,261,312 BALTER, MR. ROY 39 BALTES, MISS SUSAN 152 Balthrope, Brett 40, 41, 44, 242, 255 Banack, Courtney 91, 104, 298 Banack, Emerson, 16, 210, 295 BAND 218 Bankerd, Dal 444, 242 Bankerd, Wendy 94, 91 Banks, Rhonda 91, 200, 221 Barnes, John 91 Barrera, Augustin 44, 255, 58 Beasley, Bruce 45 Beauchamp, John 1 15, 1 16, 2 9 1 Bebinger, David 94, 95, 91, 142, 143, 255,300 Bell, Bernadett 45, 250 Bell, Stanton Jr. 45, 61, 159, 232, 242,243,241 BELLINGER, MRS. LINDA 1 6 4, 3 0 1 Bellis, Edwin, 1 11, 261 Beltman, Keith 11 Bench, Gerald 115 Benedum, Christian 1 11, 238 3 0 1 Benjamin, Christoph 98 Bennett, Lori 98, 161, 244, 2 4 9, 2 5 1 , 2 6 1 Bermudez, J airo 20 9 Bermudez, Luisoly 98 Berndt, Alexandra 11 BERNHARD, MRS. NELL Berry, Kimberly 1 11, 151 Bhakta, Pradip 45 Bibb, Edward 45 Bibb, Monroe 11 Bishop, Truett 11 Blocker, Brenda 1 11, 204 Blocker, D. Cory 221 Bode, Byron 111, 220 Bode, Tracy 45, 141, 151, 2 0 4, 2 5 0 BOGGESS, MR. CHARLIE 1 4 2, 1 6 4 Bolduc, Patricia 11, 208, 245 Bollman, Erika 14, 11, 91, 160,196,191,199 Bone, James 98 Bowen, Harry 111, 163, 209, 291 BOWMAN, MR. CARREL 112, 261, 208 Bowsen, Ian 1 11 Boyer, Theodore 98 Boysen, Ian 161, 234 Brackenridge, Stuart 11 242 B,,,,.,.,,,a, Mana 77 Bradford, Alfred 71, as, 251 Anders, Siobhain 200, 222 Barrera, Sandra 44 K , Bra.d1ey,MB9n:n,ie 111 V 1 ANDERSON- MRS LINDA . Bairefgsylvaiae,91,lnlszzwzeodifr '..113ra19W 142' 152 ' ' ' BhSSfQShG11i'4 5.5121 5 e iliv A it 6NaseemfGQf5fi,fi9.Q?i,E2?A'2i And-HS011,Pf15173e1a 266 , ,Bite M '5a,?fl221- 1.,1 pndeersenl- Paul TP, 236 , , .iVVL I ' ! Z 1 21 y ' , If w.,f ?Wg"1' M. .. f,':"'r'. ,il 91" 1 J wwf ,, -'-v , 11 , -:es-ww' , , 1 f 2 1:2 Brenan, Michael 46, 54, 2 0 4, 2 2 4, 2 5 5 BREYMAN , MS. KAREN 1 6 4 BRIDGES, MR. JOHN 148. 2 2 0 Brostow, Tiffany 1 17 Britton, Katheryn 46, 20 8, 2 4 5 Brooke, Shannon 7 7, 200, 2 2 1 Brosseau, Kerry 46, 159 Brown, Melissa 46, 2 32 Brown, Patricia 7 7 Brown, Robert 9 8, 308 Browning, Eloise 1 17, 204, 2 3 9 Buescher, Stephen 9 9 Burkholder, Heidi 7 7, 2 39, 2 4 2 Burleson, Krys 1 17 Buzzini, Byron 1 17, 236 Cabaza, George, 77, 80, 269 Cage, John 77, 177, 244 Calderon, Maria 47 Caldwell, Heather 47, 153, 195, 199, 208, 232, 235 Calgaard, Lisa 41, 47, 54, 23, 204,105, 208,242 Callahan, Sam 47 Calvert, Lucile 77, 204, 210, 128, 240, 241 Campbell, Melody 47, 200 Campbell, Tim 47, 303 Campbell, William 99, 255, 312 Campos, Mona 1 17 Canales, Esther 47, 263 Cantu, Christina 47, 220, 2 3 4, 2 3 5 Carrisalez, Yolanda 9 9, 2 4 7 Carter, Darla 2 2 1, 2 44 Carter, Tammy 48, 220 CASAREZ, MRS. BENITA 1 40 Case, Jeffrey 2 36 Cashel, Mary 1 18 Cassidy, Catherine 2 4 2, 2 6 9, 2 7 0, 3 0 7 Castillo, Angie 9 9 Castillo, Marian 2 63 Castleberry, Sarah 9 9 Castoreno, Ernest Jr. 176, 2 4 4 Castro, Allen 1 18 Cazort, Allen 4 8 Cazort, Cynthia 1 14, 1 15, 118, 204, 230, 239, 243 Chacon, Lisa 7 8, 2 40 Chacon, Yvette 1 18, 220 Chambers, James 99, 25 5 Chambers, Melinda 1 18, 235 Chambers, Tami 99, 2 35 Chambers, Thomas 42, 60, 2 5 5 CHEERLEADERS 2 3 0 Cheever, Christopher 7 8, 236 Chenault, Carol 48, 195, 198, 199, 208, 221 Chesney, Deborah 99, 109, 204 Childers, Chris' 78 Childers, Jonathan 78, 269 Chipman, Guy 48 CHOIR 200 Chumney, William 99, 236 Cibilclak, Aysel 1 18, 150, 2 0 2, 2 4 1 Clapp, Geoffrey 78 Clark, Norman 1 18 CLOWN CLUB 233 COBB, MR. ANDY 155 Coffman, Catherine 49 Cole, Charlie 99 COLLINS, MS. ANNE 158. Connelly, Kimberly 99, 241 Cook, Lisa 4 9 Cooper, Christopher 99, 30 8 Cooper, Ronald 99, 161, 163, 2 0 8, 2 0 9, 2 9 1 Copeland, Dawn 9 9 Cowan, Emory 2 6 1 COX, MR. CURTIS 158, 172 Cox, Jamie 78, 220 COX, MISS PEGGY 173 Cox, Valerie 1 18 Cox, Vanessa 49, 2 49 Creamer, John 100, 255, 308 Criollo, Jacqueline, 7 8, 150, 153, 160, 202, 235 Criollo, Jose 30 8 Crofts, Thomas 1 18 Croman, Glen 4 9 Crystal, James 94, 100, 208, 2 9 7 f Cuba, Donald 1 18 Cunningham, John 100, 154, 1 6 7, 1 6 8 Curry, Steve 7 8 Curry, Susan 1 18, 221 Cusack, Carrie 7 8, 149 Dauber, Robin 49, 208 Davidson, Marshall 1 18, 236, 2 6 1 Davis, Jeffrey J. 78 Davis, Jeffrey R. 78 Davis, Lee 100, 229 Davis, Lisa 1 18 De Brooke, Leah 1 18 De Leon, Julio 49, 119, 260 Dean, Ellen 119, 124, 2389 239 Dean, John 110, 154, 208 , 23. 221 226, 245 234. 295. 296 f- Cana., Sally 47, 1961, 197, COMER, MR. RoBERT.1s6 ,Del-peon.Dame1 159.62 2, 5 , ' 4' 'av-awww. " ' 1 A .,,. . - ' , -. if , - 1- . , f. - - 75 ' 1 1 . . A-1 W A 4 -r IL' lid " ' K If , M VJ L 3 f i" ?7 ' 5a171"f'f Q . - K " len? -4 ' " " Q Mig' ' ' , .sa ... 0.11, ' 7'."'u, f it , 'ffvmm :ug Md, ,l:"Q"?h Ma., v. ,M K A- , ' X 8 2 J. , f , ..,. 'W ffP'w:f"'+ I A - 2 UF f?,f?w5,,.y+jgwT"'8 I", A , , - fe-g g . . Kirb y y ,,, E24 ' , LM W W, "1 ,...Z 7 , ,, i n ,sm W W KMA ,, , M I ,, ,, l . 1 r I My I :M 2 , I v !js,,wVj .Y I b Index , Devine, Robert 116, 119, 261, 3 0 8 Dielmann, Jeffery 4 9, 2 46 DIESING, MRS. MARILYN 1 6 1 Dillard, Gina 1 19 Dillard, Jeffery '2 8, 20 4, 209, 2 5 1 Dilling, David '2 8, 260 Dillon, Reilly 100, 221, 251 Doherty, Seana 1 19 Dominguez, Jesus '28 Doolittle, John, 49, 65, 159 Doolittle, Melissa 1 19 Dounson Dounson , Derwin 100, 208 , Gerald 100, 302 Downing, Lynn 50 Drake, Susan '28, 195 DREYFUS, MRS. JANE 140 Drought, Shelly 100,251 Duke, Pamela '28, 202, 225 Duncan, Brenda 100, 200 Duncan, Edgar 100 Dunlap, John 43, 50, 231, 24'2 Dunlap, Kristin 119, 226, 301 Dunworth, Jeannette '2 8, 1 95 Dupre, Marc 100 Duxstad, Eric 50 EARLE, MRS. NILA 1'23 Eckhoff, Stephen 269 EDMONDSON, MRS. LOU 1 4 0 Edmondson, Robert 1 00, 2 2 1, 2 3 4 Edwards, Melinda 10 0, 3 4 5 Ellington, Brian '28, 262 Ellington, Elisa 1 19 Ellis, Craig '28, 221 Embrey, Lisa 50, 217 Emmons, Annette, '28, 156, 220, 232 ENG, MR. JOHNNY 1 6 1 Engelke, Emilie, 10 0, 2 0 4, 2 4'2 English, Eloise, 40, 50 Erck, James, 50, 198, 208, 21'2, 234, 232, 242, 245 Escamilla, John, 1 18, 120 Escamilla, Paul, '26, '28, 143, 19 '2, 19 9 Esparza, Martin, '2 8 Evans, Melissa, '2 9 EVERS, MR. IRA, 148, 210 Fairall, Laurin, 10 0, 3 0 4 Falls, Elizabeth, 5 0 Fanning, Lisa, '2 9 Farias, Gilbert, 5 0 Farrimond, James, 1 20 Farrimond, Lynette, 4 1, 5 0, 63,176, 204, 221, 242. 2 4 3 FEARING, MRS. GLENNA, 1 4 0 Fenton, Jack 5 0 Fernandez, Michael, 2 5 4 Fernandez, Orlando, 100 FERRELL, MR. STEVEN, 165, 255, Feuerbacher, Paul, 100 FHA 24'2 Fichtner, Melinda, '29, 208, 209, 242 Fischer, Jeffrey, '29, 8'2 Fisher, Darrell, 100 Fitch, Heather, 42, 50, 23, 208, 132, 238, 242 Fitch, Holly, 46, 50, 204, 208, 238, 298 Fitch, Tamara, 120, 298, 299 Flannery, Sylvia, 120, 245, 30 1 FLETCHER, MRS. PATTY 1 4 1 Flores, Hector, 295 Flores, Maria 120 Flowers, Duane. '29 ,li F, FOERSTER, MR. PAUL 161, 2 0 9 Folbre, Eleanor, 1 20 Foreman, James, 120 Forsythe, Jane, 120 Foster, Bradford, 120 Foster, David, 120, 30 5 FOX, MR. MILTON 148, 220 FRENCH CLUB 2 35 FRIETSCH, MRS. TAMMY 161. 234 Fuchs, Robin, 50, 208, 224, 225 Fuhrmann, Canda, '29 Fuhrmann, Carl, 120 FURTEK, MISS J OANNE 158 Gaines, Elizabeth, 51, 248 Gallagher, Augusta, '2 9, 2 32 Gallardo, Joan 5 1, 202 Gallegos, Rebecca 45, 5 1, 220 Gallegos, Rita '2 9, 2 2 0 Galloway, Debra 1 0 0, 2 0 0 Galloway, Riley 5 1, l'24 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Christina 2 4 9 Corina 101, 243 Diana 5 1, 1 5 0 Elizabeth 51, 249 Elvia 5 1, 24 6 GARCIA, MRS. ENRIOUETTA 1 6 9 Garcia, Garcia, 2 3 5. Garcia, Garcia, Garciz, Garcia, Garcia, Isabel 146 Juan 51, 208, 234, 245 Laura 204 Lozard 100 Rafael 120 Troy 122, 260, 315 Yvonne '29, 263, 265 Garner, Rosemary '24, '25, '29, 91,1 43,196,19'1,l99 Garnett, James 29 Garnett, Kathryn 1 2 0, 2 3 8 GARRETT, MR. GORDON 165 Garza, Julie 120, 151,220 Garza, Laura 10 1 Garza, Lisa 101, 2 1 8, 220, 2 6 6 , 2 6 7 Garza, Mike 10 1 Garza, Rudolph 2 43 Garza, Steve 2 44 Gause, Amy 51, 196, 197, 1 9 9, 2 3 4 George, Perry 120, 26 1 George, Valerie 7 9, 147, 20 8, 2 9 8 German, Courtney 80 Gilchrist, John 1 2 1, 2 60 Glotfelty, James 80, 2 3 6 Goei, Monica 52, 198, 208, 2 4 5 Golson, Wesson 101, 200, 241 Gomez, Alice 2 46 Gomez, Cathy 52, 220, 221 Gomez, Cynthia 2 2 0 , 2 6 6 Gomez, Manuel 2 46 Gomez, Paul 52, 204,266 Gonzaba, Vincent 8 0, 8 5 GONZALES, MRS. MARILYN 1 4 2 Gonzales, Mary 121 Gonzales, Melissa 1 2 1 Gonzales, Michelle 5 2 Gonzalez, David 5 2 , 2 0 4 , 2 0 6 Gonzalez, Maria 1 2 2 GONZALEZ, MR. ROBERT 1 7 0 GORDON, MRS. BETTY 1 7 3 Goyette, Carmen 101, 15 1, 2 2 0 Graham, Monte 1 2 l Gray, Thomas 80, 149, 200 Green, Susan 121 Greene, Holly 80, 2 47 Greene, Mark 5 2 Greer, Victoria, 10 1 Grieshaber, Tracy 80, 198, 204, 210, 290, 241 Griffin, Deirdre 52, 161, 198, 232, 234, 240 Griffin, Nanette 80, 208, 232, 242 Griffith, Mary 52, 198, 241 GROSS, DR. CALVIN E. 137 Guerrero, Deborah 52 Guevara, Carmelita 10 1 Guevara, Pablo 80, 31 1 Guggenheim, Regina 12 1, 144, 148 Gulley, Shawn 23, 95, 101, 167, 260, 312 Gutierrez, Miguel 80, 312 Gutierrez, Norma 8 5, 2 2 0 Gutierrez, Roland 80, 208, 255, 256 Gutierrez, Virginia 52 Hagy, George 102 Hahn, Bobby 115, 260 Hale, Patricia 10 2, 2 4 7 Hall, Douglas 1 2 1 Halter, Richard 80, 242, 290, 291, 293 Handy, Jonathan 81, 159, 240 Hansen, Harold 52, 255, 308 Hardwick, Christin 1 15, 121, 227, 238, 307 Hardy, Craig, 52, 21, 210 Hardy, Susan 121 Harper, Sam 81, 236 p Harrell, William 81, 196, 197, 244 Harris, Jayme 102 Harris, Susan 52, 248 Harrison, Emily 102, 107, 230 Harrison, Tara 12 1, 221 Hart, Thomas 102, 204, 236, 242, 295 Haslund, Elizabeth, 52, 269, 307 Hayne, Nancy 52, 2 4 6 Hayne, Walter 12 1 Hays, Gregory 12 1, 16 7 Hein, Elizabeth 5 2, 1 95 Heller, Larry 2 34 HENDRIX, DR. DON 1 3 7 Heppes, Andrew 12 2, 3 0 3 Herff, Ferdinand 10 2 , 2 9 5 Hernandez, Antonio 12 2 Hernandez, Laura 102 HERNANDEZ, MR. MAX 1 4 1 Hernandez, Rebecca 1 0 2, 2 6 6 HERO 2 4 8 Herrera, Juan 8 1 Herrera, Patricia 2 6 6 Herrera, Wayne 81, 255, 256, 2 5 9 Hertel, Lindsey 10 2, 2 5 1 Heydenreich, Amy 4 2, 5 4, 2 1, 200, 226, 230, 231, 232, 2 3 8 Hickman, James 122, 261 Hill, John 54, 195, 235, 295 Hillman, Amy 54, 199, 204, 2 0 7 , 2 1 7 Hilton, Alison 1 9 8, 2 0 4 HINES, MR. GILBERT 1 5 9, 3 0 8 Hinkley, Linda 8 1, 288 Hinton, Mimi 54, 146, 243, 3 0 7 Hinton, Simon 81, 162, 202 Hoffman, Heather 5 4, 2 50 Hoffman, Holly 2 2 Hohenberger, Anne 10 2 Hohenberger, Holly 1 2 2 Hoke, Ethan 234, 240, 241 Holchak, Paul 54, 31 1 Holmgreen, Celia 1 2 2, 2 2 9 Holt, Teresa 122, 157 HOOP PRINT 19 6 Hooper, Stacy 102 Hooper, Stephanie 10 2 Horn, Rachel 122, 124, 243 HORVATH, MRS. BARBARA 1 4 0 HOSA 2 4 9 Houser, Sloan 54, 195 Hovenden, John 102, 108, 3 0 5 Howard, Bruce 5 4, 6 5 Huff, David 41, 24, 204, 205, Groos, Gretchen 101, 150, Hellums, Jesse 12 2, 12 3 2 36 202 Helmke, Stephen 52, 256 Huffmeyer, Stephen 81, 232, Guardia, Stephanie 101, 150, HENRICH, MR. TIM 165 245 202 , HENDRICK, MR. LEIGHTON Hughbanks, Paul 102, 202, Guentherfgi 68 156, 260, 3QgW 269 . f ,W , . ,, , , ,. , ,, 'I mm .,,.. 1 ..,, 264 5 fi is Index Hultgreen, Kara 54, 146, 2 98 Humble, James 5 4 Hunter, Richerd 8 1 Hunter, Russell 1 0 2 , 2 6 0 Huntress, Frank 40, 55, 20 4, 2 0 8 Huntress, William 1 2 2, 2 3 4 Hutchins, Elisa 5 5, 2 50 Hutchins, Richard 122 Hutchinson, Samantha 5 5, 2 0 0, 2 0 4, 2 0 7 Hutt, Deseree 102 Hyde, Elizabeth 122 Hyde, Marlene 122 Hyltin, Mary 81. 221, 233 236 Jonas, Russell 103, 244, 255, 308, 312, 315 Jones, Chad 123, 261 Jones, David 123 Jones, Elizabeth 103 Jones, John 56,255,308 Jones, Justin 123, 14 308 Juett, Susan 57, 195, 247 Kale, Leslie 248 KATZ. MRS. KAREN Keeler, Mary 57, 220 143 Kregor, Leah 103, 204 208 235 Kutzler, Jack 103 6, 269, 238, Lam, Phu 81 Lam, Ouoi 82 Lamm, Deborah 103 167 242, 249 Lamm, Sharon 123, 210 Lancaster, Kim 57, 195 232 153 LANDRUM. MS. MARGARET MARGUERITE 143 KRUEGER, MRS. GERTRUDE Ingle, Joe 122, 221 Inlfxley, Elise 55 INMAN, COACH JIMMY 255 Insam, Alexander 56, 232 Ivy, Joe 56, 151, 218 Ivy, Marvin 244 JABBERWOCKY 1 9 8 Jackson, Sonia 122 Jacobson, Linus 56, 269, 2 70 Jameson, Belinda 1 0 3, 2 4 2 JARED, MR. GEORGE 1 7 4 Jimenez, Elizabeth 5 6 . Johnson, David 44, 56, 204, 231, 242, 236, 237, 247 Johnson, Delight 8 1 Johnson, Elizabeth 56, 248 Kelley, Vanna 1 2 3, 2 4 9 KELSEY, MRS. HELEN 1 40 KENNEDY, MISS ELLEN 13 9 Kernaghan, Richard 57, 198, 2 9 0, 2 9 1 , 2 9 3 Kessler, James 103, 260, 308 Keuper, Todd 103 KEY CLUB 23 6 KEWANETTES 2 3 8 Killian, Hunter 10 3, 3 1 2 Killian, Kathryn 57, 1 98 Kimmel, Brett 95, 103, 152, 2 0 4, 2 4 1 , 2 9 5 King, Bill 103, King, Wesley, 1 0 3, 2 20 Kinzie, Thomas 2 5 5 Kjoller, Jefery, 8 1, 260 Klaeveman, Melodie 8 1 Klahn, Conrad 81, 221 Kleck, Edgar 1 23 Kleck, Kristian 51, 220, 261, 2 9 8 Kleck, Monique 51, 204, 299 Klein, 2 4 5 Kline, Robert 12 3 Deborah 51, 298, 238, Knight, Jill 81, 83, 200, 217, Landry, Anne Marie 82, 204, 2 0 8 Lanfear, Dan 82, 202, 311 Lang, Nathan 123 Langham, Anna 103, 210 Langmore, Marie 103, 1 13 Lanhaus, Miroslav 10 3, 1 4 6, 2 4 4 LATIN, CLUB 2 40 LATIN, HONOR SOCIETY 2 0 7 Lawrence, Katherine 210 Lawrence, William 7 4, 7 5, 8 2, 161, 204, 217, 234, 290. 2 9 3 Leake, Charles 123 Leake, Clint 83, 305 Leas, David 58, 269 Leatherland, Jeanne 8 3, 9 2, 2 1 8, 2 2 0 Lebrecht, John 103 Lee, Larry 83, 260, 311, 312 LEIZEAR, MS. JANE 138 LeF1ore, Elizabeth 9 4, 9 5, l 0 3, 1 0 9, 2 0 4 LEE, MR. MARTINE 1 41 Lemon, Leyna 83, 221 Johnson, George, 56, 269, 32, 242, 224 Leonard, Patrick 58, 119 -, ms - , , ,. ' ' - , . 4 , ,,f, , P' Lew' 1:1 ..biiwliathryr14fv1il"4iffi7'?f21?Z?7P lf I vv if l'ii I iiii ' I " Y L ' 5 8 mg, ,.,,:,g.... .g rieri 4 ,fs few it M. -we We , , 360 2'i25W9'4, f ,- .,e- 1 ,A I 11 Mer. 56 2 Jlgwigy 'Z ftflfig' 51' 2,1 . W. ,ir Pm , f ,., ,,.,, ,I , ' ,M , 7 5.85 .55 ig y y ' j s- 'x y 'fe ,ef if gg ' 3 .- .1 '. fi ffl" 'le 4 1 ' f 55 4 ,51 I , ., 7 -if ,,Wfffwfvvaa31Ss'1" 3 ' .Lv , . " " 1 .2 ',,- Q rv,i "' . I -i i ",i, 2 -1' , P A fr J gf ri' 'Q' 1 W M fm W 4 5, .M ,, f q t , 3 W5 8, hw sf. V .-.1 , , I , 9' ..e,.., 2. , , if .S 3- ,A H , .,,-n-V. ' 4. 1, 1- ,, , ,. M, ., ,. . ,, 1, ,,, A ' f ---1 . , 1 " H V A: .1 , - mf We ,., 1.1. 4, , s 1- ez ' 'Q -, , - fu. .11 ' .' '-f .- -I ., , 1 fx: ,I 6 . ,V V' -1" - ' M' " ' Ol'1nSt0II., UTTBY M "" -' ,u ' 35,6 1 15 'ig-Ji, A ..Q,-ff.: ri, 7 2-leafs, 74' , F5 ' ' "Q,-,,-1, 5"'--Vfie-38 5 "" , gwagy -w ., 1, I f . rm ew w' ,,,, w,,., -. 1. iid, . ,,y,,:1',. ,,, q,, it 3? 7' , fi, 'vi , A , 'arm Q, 51' 7' A N "" If , L ", . 'fx' ' V .'f-Q as ' J 5 if Y 2 ' " . Q ...if 1 M 'X if 41 Q 'V ' gm " 1 if ' It 1 '4- ff ., J f ' W .4 Q.. I I e g V ' Y .3 A ' . I V, H V A 1 9 1" V P 'f 1, Ananda.. .41 , . VX, H fa Yi irr 3 ,gr W, VNV , 1 ly' V. , f ,, ,-, I, 'HI """" l,,.4'QlmtM4!"1 - Mfg: ' '- 71.1.51 ..v-- , ,QQ ,. 'f H 1 5, E V, mr . , -7, . V f, ,. ,,...'a-"ew-ft .. . 'f 'UK ' , f , 2 W 17,5 ,V .. , 5?.,1 WLm.ww,WMmh gg ' V ' X 'ff 1399 1' A, ' K . , -ff e 1 ' '4"""' ' V' ,, ,. f ., . ,. ,. n, , ...W M. , ,. ,W 5 11 ' HZ 'W' fm Q ,H grief: A K' . M ' . , ' 1, .' ,f f 1 .. H ,, -M "MW, I 'f I , -, .. K W, in , , ..fAS,,,a..,-??g.1, . , W , ,wr LITTLETON, MR. JIMMY 166 238. 247 Lively, Deborah 123 A Lopez, Antonio 83, 210 Lopez, Mary 103 1 Lopez, Sandra 124, 252 1 Lord, Payton 124, e165,,221 LOS AMIGOS 242,11 4 LOS COMPANEROS 243 Luna, Diane 103 LUNA, MRS. JANE 140 Luna, Marisol 103, 251 Luna, Philip 83, 168, 220 Lustfield, Laurie 58, 1 19, , 152, 210, 233, 241 Lyons, Robert 58, l 19 MacKay, Jeannine 58, 179 MacDaniel, Liesl 85, 20 8, 2 2 4, 2 4 2 Madrid, Marissa 103 Maebius, Stephen 297 Magruder, Amy 12 4, 24 3 Magruder, Lisa 8 3 Mainster, Merrick 58, 2 18, 2 2 1 , 2 4 5 Malakoff, Michael 1 2 4, 2 9 5 Maniatis, Georgia 5 8, 7 0, 17 6, 2 18, 2 19 Marker, Jeffery 10, 1 68 Markwardt, J aquelyn 83, 2 20 Markwardt, Peter 15, 12 1, 1 2 4, 2 6 1 , 3 0 8 Marsh, Brenda 1 2 4 Martin, Nancy 14, 129, 204 Martin, Robin 58 Martinez, Bacilio 83, 17 5 Martinez, David 104, 2 10 Martinez, Isodoro 1 66 Mathews, Jennifer 1 0 4 Mathiessen, Jack 83, 303 Mathiessen, Jill 83, 19 5, 303 McCar1ey, Ellen 59, 220 McCle11en, Shane 59, 210 McCutcheon, James 1 2 4, 2 6 9 MCDANIEL, MR. LEO 1 6 6, 251, 255, 260, 311, 314 McDougall, Lance 59, 197 McEldowney, Harding 260 McEwen, Bennett 8 3 McFarlane, Amy 1 04, 17 4 McGarraugh, Julia 10 4, 1 7 4 McGarraugh, Robert 59, 149 McGaughy, Rena 40, 59, 181, 2 0 4, 2 3 1 5 2 5 2 McGrath, Donald 8 3, 2 5 8 Mclnnis, Annie 1 2 4, 15 7 McKinsey, Laura 60, 195, 200, 220, 201, 219, 232 McKowen, Michael 8 4 McNee1, James 10 4 McNel1, Gerri 104 McNew, James 6 0 MCPHERSON, MISS RUBY 1 3 9 McSween, Linda 8 4 McWilliams, Stephen 12 4, 261, 308, Meadows, Charles 84, 255, 256, 312 Medina, Modesto 1 0 4, 1 6 7 Mendoza, Jesse 84, 167 Mendoza, Jose 8 4, 2 4 6 Mendoza, Martha 60, 2 4 6 Mengden, Stephanie 12 4 Menger, Catherine 1 2 5 Messink, Pauline 10 5, 1 9 8 Meyers,Wi1liam 12 5, 2 6 1, 303, 312 Middleton, Benjamin 10 5, 218, 304 202, 204, 236, 237 Moore, Clay 105, 204, 260 Moore, Clint 84, 244 Moore, Eric 105, 260 MOORE, MRS. PAULA 159 Meera Richard as, 176, 204, rzleseqaola. 309 Moorman, Ramona 120, 125, 230 4 Morgan, Brennan 85 MORGAN, MR. MIKE 1 7 4, 2 5 5 Morrell, Barry 105, 3 1 1 Morris, Jeffery 85, 208 Morse, Michael 105, 207, 255 Moses, Anne 125, 251 Mouser, James 105, 176, 251 Mowles, Danny 8 5 Mowles, Heidi 60, 221 MOYA, MR. REUBEN 14 1 Moyer, Jason 60, 236, 255 MU ALPHA THETA 208 Muller, Heidi 105, 152, 266, 267 Munn, Elizabeth 85, 196, 244, 247 Munoz, Daniel 1 2 5 Murphy, Holly 116, 125, 226, 227, 269, 307 Murray, Sarah 60, 195, 204, 224, 234, 238 Musgrave, Cebern 1 14, 125 Myer, Dudley 61, 65, 255, 2 5 6 Myer, Martha 12 5, 1 31 Myers, Will 132 Mylin, Kris 61, 246 Martinez, Mary 1 Martinez, Martinuzzi, Marvin, Coutney Mason Miller, Morris 60, 255, 256 Miller, Shari 84 3 Millikin, Christopher 10 5 Mills, Mellissa 6 0, 2 2 4, 2 2 8 MISHER, MISS LOIS 140 FORENIC I d Ortiz, Miranda 62, 249 n Ostum, Catherine 86, 232 Neira, Michael 8 5 Nelson, Chuck 234 Nelson, Lilla 6 1, 250 Nentwich, Cory 12 5 Newell, Natalee 8 5, 2 9 8 Newkirk, Curtis 12 5 Newman, Ronald 10 6, 2 4 0 NEWTON, MR. BARNEY 1 3 8 Newton, Jonathon 12 6, 144, 2 6 1 Ngo, Hoang 85, 208, 209 Ngo, Thao 1 26 Nikolewski, Mark 6 1, 198, 1 9 9 NIXON, MRS. COUNTESS 1 5 6 NORMAN, MRS. MARY 1 4 3 Norris, Courtney 8 5, 307 Norton, Nancy 85, 168, 202, 210, 232, NORTON, MS. SUZANNE 138, 303 Novier, Christine 61, 208, 222, 217, 223, 224 Novosad, Callie 85, 298 Nowontny, Anastasia 106, 200, 307 O'Campo, Gloria 2 6 6 , 2 6 7 O'Conner, Kristen 26, 195, 2 2 5 OEA 2 5 0 Offield, Alan 86, 241, 295 Oliver, Rhonda 1 2 6, 2 20 OLMOS 1 9 4 Olson, Martita 10 6, 2 4 3 OLVERA, MRS. ESPERNZA 2 4 3 O'Nei11, Kathleen 1 14, 1 15, 117,126, 204, 227, 238 Oppenheimer, Laura 106 OREM, MR. HARRY 1 3 7 Ortega, Lisa 86, 233, 241, OXFORD, MR. LARRY 166, 298, 296, 297, 301 Paiva, Carlos 62, 242, 247, Pantalion, Joseph 40, 55, 6 2, 2 0 5, 2 4 2, 3 1 1 Pape, Kevin 85, 255 Pappas, Shannon 10 6, 2 0 2, 2 0 4, 2 6 9 Pappas, Tiffany 6 2, 19 5, 20 4 Paredes, Stefanie 2 2 1, 2 2 2, 2 2 3 , 2 2 4 Park, Joyce 42, 23, 62, 231 Parker, Allen 6 2 Parker, Amy 106 PARKER, MR. BOB 1 6 8 Parker, George 1 2 6, 2 69 Parker, Laura 62, 242, 298 Parmer, Sarah 62, 232 Parsons, Christopher 202 Paschal, Angela 1 2 6, 2 3 8 Paschal, Laura 6 2 Patterson, Charleen 6 2 Patton, Brett 1 2 6, 13 1 Pawel, Charlotte 62, 194, 195, 234, 208, 216, 26 PAZ, MR. ALBERT 1 4 1 Peet, John 62, 247, 311 Pengelly, Tom 6 2 Perkins, Ashley 1 2 6 Perron, Miles 106, 3 1 1 Perry, Lee 106, 195, 204, 301 Peters, Jill 107, 198, 307 Peterson, Kert 10 7 Peterson, Renee 8 1, 86, 247 Petty, Scott 10 7, 2 9 5 Pfeil, David 2 20 Pfeil, Patrick 1 2 6, 2 2 1 Phelps, Eleanor 10 7, 2 9 5 Phelps, Mary 105, 1 0 7 Pierce, Gary 12 6, 2 4 4 Pittman, Katie 8 6, 2 5 0 Pletz, William 8 6 Pluchinsky, Shannon, 126 Powell, John 15 1 PRINCE, MR. ABE 138 Pritchett, Bryan 107 Prodajko, Karen 57, 62, 143, 196, 197, 199 PRUETT, MRS. JOY 245, 157 OUARLES. MRS. NORMA 144, 153, 241 QUILL 8: SCROLL 199 QUINN, DR. MARY ELLEN 157, 144 Quirk, Charles 62, 202, 204, 251 Quirk, Margaret 127, 234, 238, 241 Raines, Edna 63 Raines, Jane 107, 247, 26, 266 Raines, Shannon 95, 98, 107, 230, 298 Ramirez, Ana 86, 24 8, 2 50 Ramirez, Christina 1 2 7 , 2 6 3, 266 Ramirez, Roxanne 6 3 Ramirez, Raquel 127 Ramsey, Janis 63, 201, 247 Rangel, Leticia 1 27 Rangel, Raul 107 Rahsleben, Eric 6 3, 2 60, Ransleben, Winnie 86, 1 50, 2 0 2 , 2 4 3 RANSON, MRS. SUZIE 1 3 5 Raphael, Daniel 107 Ravicz, Li 86, 195, 210, 290 Redmond, James 127, 297 REED, MRS. PAULA 141 Reed, Brett 1 2 7 Reed, Wendelin 10 7 , 2 3 5 Reininger, Mary 1 2 7 , 30 7 , 248 Potter, Christa 127, 130, 238, 226 Ortiz. Albert 1 2 6 30 7 Reininger, Phillip 1 0 8 , ' W 3 , HGV' fff.,W,wnW, V me Q , ,pls 3 . ,J g 'V 415 fl, ., iw Llviilw if 1. 4 V , A A' 5333953213 1' ma A , is f' , , f if 52, gm , , ,V.. 1 ,,:, JW ,',1 teet. 5 Reiton, Angela 127, 297, 267 250 Reiton, Derrick 10 8, 2 90, 2 9 3 Rosser, Annie 1 2 8 Rheiner, Stephen 8 7 Rice, Charles 1 2 7, 2 66 Richardson, Leslie 1 0 8, 2 3 8, 2 4 7 Richardson, Stephen 8 7 RICKS, MRS. CARLYNN 16 2 Rico, Santiago 108, 1 43 Rico, Yolanda 87, 242, 263, 2 6 5 Ridgell, Leslie 87, 221 Riesenecker, Bradley 6 3 RIGGS, MR. GUY 15 7 RIORDAN, MRS. SANDRA 1 4 5 Rios, JoAnn 6 3 Rips, Clay 87, 234 Rips, Leigh 121, 307 Rivera, Armando 8 7, 2 55 Rivera, Leticia 128 Rivera, Lisa 165 Roberts, Deborah 8 7 Roberts, Grady 108, 110, 236, 2 60 Roberts, Lindsey 10 8, 2 3 6, 2 90 Robinson, Jonathon 4 1, 6 4, 19 8 Robinson, James 6 4, 2 0 7 RODEO CLUB 2 4 4 Rodgers, Sara 2 32 RODRIGUEZ, MRS. ANGIE 1 4 1 Rodriguez, Eduardo 8 7 Rodriguez, Ernest 87, 2 0 4, 2 3 5 Rodriguez, Fabien l 2 8, 19 5 Rodriguez, Juan 87, 204, 269 Rodriguez, Julian 8 7 Rodtiguez, Martin 8 4, 8 7, 2 2 1 Rodriguez, Mary 2 6 3 , 2 6 5 Rodriguez, Roxanne 6 4, 22 1, 2 4 2 Rodriguez, Selma 8 7 Rodriguez, Steven 88, 17 5 Rodriguez, Teresa, 1 0 8, 2 4 2, 2 5 1 Rogers, Jeanne 88, 175, 220 Rork, Sharon 120, 12 3 Rosas, Suzette 64, 168, 176, I , ...V,. 'ii' ., 'G . Rowden, Lynne 64, 195, 227, 2 2 9, 2 4 3 ROWLAND, MR. DELBERT 1 3 8 Rubio, Debra 1 2 8 Ruch, Donna 88 Ruppel, Janet 248 Rush, Parker 64 Rutman, Jessica 99, 101, 108, 147, 204 Sackett, Christine 108, 152, 207, 291 Salazar, Patricia 64 Salome, Kristine 128 Sanchez, Micheal 108, 255, 258 Sanders, Benjamin 108, 202, 303 Sanders, Kathleen 88, 232, 243 Sanders, Tamara 6 4, 2 02 Sandoval, Ramon 10 8 Sandoval, Ricardo 88, 2 2 0 Sandoval, Teresa 10 8 SanMarco, Gina 48, 64, 224, 2 2 5 , 2 4 2 SARRAN, MRS. JANET 1 4 0 Sarran, Karla 10 8, 2 0 8 Sarran, Krista 108 Satel, Elizabeth 1 2 8, 2 30 Satel, James 88, 208, 236 Sawtelle, David, 4 4, 2 3, 6 4, 304 Sawtelle, Timothy 52, 65, 231 Sawyer, Kelly 40, 38, 65, 204, 224, 239 SAXER, MRS. SHARON 175, 249 Scorup, Lotte 2 3 2 , 2 4 0 SCHERMER, MRS. ELAINE 1 4 5 , 2 3 2 Schick, Christina 65, 158 Schlosberg, Deborah 1 2 8, 144, 151, 220 Schlosberg, Richard 208, 221 Schmidt, Amy 129, 204 Schmidtzinsky, Paul 88, 154, 208, 245, 297. Schneider, Lisa 65, 150, 202, 203, 208, 245 Schoenbaum, Ben 65, 204, 231 Schoenradt, Melissa 8 8 Schroeder, George 1 0 9, 2 5 5, 3 0 8 Schroeder, Julie 8 9 , 3 0 7 Schroeder, Suzanne 66, 198 SCHWAB, MR. GERALD 1 5 9 Schweers, Roy 1 29, 19 5 Schweninger, Erik 89, 2 42, 3 0 3 , 3 0 4 SCIENCE CLUB 2 4 5 Scott, James 6 6 Scot, Joe 129, 269 Scott, Stephanie 1 2 9, 30 7 SEAHOLM, MISS ERNEST MAE 1 4 5 Seals, Chesley 130, 241, 247 Sebesta, Amy 109, 151, 200, 2 2 0 Sellers, Edwin 8 9, 200, 2 21 Sellers, Heather, 66, 2 4 8 Sellers, Kelly 109, 219, 220 Semmes, Mark 6 6 Serrato, Darryl 66, 260, 31 1 Serrato, Elizabeth 1 4 7 , 2 6 3 Serrato, Robert 130, 261, 312 SERVICE CLUB 2 0 6 Servin, Sandra 10 9, 2 0 4 Shaeffer, Stacey 8 9, 16 0, 2 3 2 Shankle, Michelle 1 30, 2 43, 2 4 7 Shannon, Clyde 130 Sharp, Johanna 89, 195, 199, 2 2 2 , 2 3 8 , 2 3 9 Shephard, Debra 1 30 Shepperd, Kathryn 9 5, 1 09, 195 Sherland, Robbyn 24, 66, 159, 249 Sherrod, Angela 128, 130, 227, 228 Shields, Charles 45, 89 Shodruck, Kim 109 Short, Faith 89, 195, 208, 220 :H ,,, r ,y2,W,,,. 4, .,af2wQ?4fw1 , 5 H E , f p. ..,,,, V. . Nancy 67, 242 Index Shulman, Lucia 1 0 9, 2 4 0 SIGMA PSI OMEGAJZ 13 SINFONIETTA1202 A Simpson, Barton 7 4, 89, 236 Singleton, Robert 1 0 9, 2 69 Sisco, April 66, 218, 249 Sisco, Joseph 8 9, 2 6 0 Sledge, Linda 66, 195, 234. I 238 Sleger, Andrea 1 30, 2 6 7 Slone, Patricia 67, 1 46, 248 Smith Carter 109, 269, 271, 3 0 8 Smith, Charles 8 9 Smith, Douglas 89, 210, 234, 2 3 7 Smith Ellen 109 Smith Juretta 6 7 Smith Laurilee 10 9, 2 2 1 Smith, SMITH, MR. PAUL 175, 246 Smith, Thomas 130 Snell, John 130 Snider, Terence 67, 1 19 Snow, Paul 109 Snyder, ,Q hael 89 Sola, Aug 89 Sola, Maria 130 Solon, Sara 101, 102, 110, 232, 233, 241 Sours, Marjorie 130 SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 2 15 Spector, Lisa 67, 195, 242 Spencer, Martha 94, 107, 1 10 Spencer, Norman 74, 89, 143, 196,19'1, 199, 204, 207. 208, 217, 236, 240, 241 Spoor, Susan 40, 23, 67, 208, 242 SPURS 222 Staffel, Joe 98, 110. 236, 290 Staffel, Scott 89, 236, STANFORD, MR. HARRY Stansell, Heather 89, 208, 307 Stephens, Laurie 130, 226 Stephens, Mary 69, 307 Stepsis, Mark 110, 152, 207, 221 241 1 Sterling, Brent 110, 208, 3031 if Stern, Judith 130, 226 Stern, Rebecca 90 Stern, Steven 68, 208 Stevens, Catherine 90, 204, 2 3 2 Stevens, John 6 8, 308 Stevens, Richard 130, l 46 Stevens, Timothy 90 Steves, Frances 94, 1 10, 195, 2 3 0 Steves, Sarah 114, 131, 227, 2 2 8 Steves, Susan 53, 69, 158 Stewart, Drew 110, 195, 196 Stieren, Michael 122 Stoker, Mark 69 Stone, Kathryn 1 10 Stone, Paul 86, 90 Stout, John 220, 244 Strauss, Mike 69 Strickland, Kenny 1 1 1, 220 STUDENT COUNCIL 2 0 4 Suarez, Henry 13 1 Sudijanto, Subadi 91 Summerlin, Giles 91 Surface, Dawn 1 3 1 SWANN, MRS. SUSAN 170. 17 1 Swain, Heidi 69, 204, 234, 238, 242 SWINNY, MR. BILL 146, 150 sykesxrammy 111,220,221 Tagle, Misty 106, 111, 233 Talley, Serena 91, 250 Tarver, Brian 91, 234 Tarver, Clay 75, 91, 93 Taylor, Jennifer 40, 69, 195 199,208', 243 1 Tecuanhuey, Jose 26 1, 308 Tecuanhuey, Yolanda 1 1 1 Terrell, Allen 1 1 1, 260, 308 Terrey, Lindsey 1 1 1, 307 Terry, Kathleen 67, 69, 200, 2 0 1 , 2 2 0 1 Terry, Laura 69, 202, 242 Thaggarcl, Stephanie 1 1 1, 2 10 Thayer, Leslie 69 THOMAS, MRS. SUSAN 162 Thomas, William H. 91 Thomas, William S. Al 12 THOMPSON, MRS. it . DOROTHY 1 4 6 Thompson, Gary 1311 Thompson, Sherry 91 Thompson, Toby 13 1 TIBBETS, MRS. ANNE 146 THEILE, MISS BETH Tiemann, Paul 91, 202 Tietz, Susan 13 1 To, Ngoc 70 Tolar, Rebecca 13 1, 2 3 4 Torgerson, Jeffrey 131, 26 1 Torralva, Laura 168 Torres, Deborh 112, 221, 248 Torres, Loretta 22 1 Toscano, George 1 12 Travis, Ashleigh 1 12 Traywick, Michelle 221 Trevino, Mary 91, 1 12 Tringle, Jacquelin 70 Tringle, Ronald 91, 269, 271, 308, 309 Troilo, Christopher'119, 131, 204. 260 Troilo, Stephanie, 91, 149 Truesdell, Susan 131 Turnbull, Elizabeth 13 1 TURNER, MRS. KATHLEEN 1 '1 1 Turner, Milissa 91 Tyler, Carolyn 132, 2 2 1 'I' 1 ,I ,,,., , ,, Valdez, Janina 70,1246 4 Valdez, Omar 1 12, 312 Valdez, Rodney 70 Valentine, Carisa 2 6 9 Van Meter, Joseph 132 Vasquez, Ricardo- 1 12 Villanueva, Marco 92, 246, 27 1, 31 1 Villarreal, Joseph 132, 22 1, , 2 6 l , it Villastrigo, Christine 132, 2 1 8. Villrella, Roland 2 5 5, 2 5 8, 30 8, 3 1 1 Vitela, Anna 92 WABEKE, MR. GENE 150 Wagner, Benjamin 42, 43, 70, 231, Waldsachs, Elizabeth 1 12, 200, 201, 247 Walk, Lori 112, 200, 235, WALLACE, MRS. REBBECA 138, 176 WALPOLE, MR.'RICHARD 138, 176 Ware, Amy 70, 217, 242, 296 Warren, Joe 1 12 Wasson, Mary 92 Watdkins, Deborah 92 Watson, David 132, 236, Watson, Tracey 77, 92, 224, Watt, Charles 92 , , , , , ',,, , - f V, as , 1' 1.1:'.5H?wr? Q, 7 Mg'-4 Q 1, fiSf1'W K -' uff1,,?L'zc.- xwlgiifi :fe ,, ?"'EwL A , f-my ' ., 1 -, , ' , L . ' Q fc,- ., M, ,x -fy , V ,, Y 1 Q fi no 4- " . , , I 31 flel i1,e 3 555' 4 if liiwggmaktfi M8137 ,llo 9212040 ' illl I 1,5 - lels , , w95t:Ai1n9 'I' 1, - 2 4 V 107, 1121,-230 l,,,, , lile etta,gffErice y.,il1 14 , , l 1 W?ight4'Dua,-le Wheatley, Julie' 79,,F'9l2i,i fg ,,i 133 I 242,-1298 , J Wiight',f11,Sharoh,a:,.g3, 19,8 S Whee16r,He51'?0n 7155255 ,,,,,y ig ,WR1G.I-meMRsp,vE'r1t41417,7 lle, 1 Whellan, David llVV2ff'2'0 75,13 ili V eWysolgi,,,gSusan,.93, 242 208, 210, 243, 245, 295 Whellan, Michaelvfll, 208, 210, 245, Vlil I 3 'Whipkey, William 220 White, Jackie 92, 236, 303, 304, WHITE, MR. RANDY 160 Whitefield, Shane 9 3 , 26 9 , 3 1 1 Whitehouse, Ulysses 132 Wilcaox, Paul 93 , Willet, Timothy 49, 71, 232, 234 Williams, Williams, Williams 3 0 9 Williams Williams, Williams, Hollyn 132, 301 James 112 John 71, 297, 308, Judy 72,200,231 Mark 132, 221 Stephanie593, 263 Willis, Linda 132 WILLIS, MRS. MARY 154 WILTSE, MRS. LaVONNE 177, 348 Winndes, Julie 121, 132, 230, 301 Winship, Kimberly 82, 93, 26.38, 243, 298 Winship, Michelle 132, 238, 243, 247 WINSLOW, MRS. SHIRLEY 1 7 1 Winton, Emily 9 3, 2 0 8, Winton, Ralph,,1 3 2 t Wirsing, Leigh 7 2 7ii'4 . tvoaei, z:11zgba11 93, zzs,.2sa Yoggerst, Arthur 133 Young, Christopher 200 Young, Jennifer 72, 147, 149, 2 0 0 , 2 3 2 , 2 4 2 Ysassi, Rodolfo 3 12 Yasassi, Sandra 2 2 0 Yznaga, Patrick 1 3 3, 2 60, 312, 313 Zachry, Anne 75, 93, 224 I Zamorano, Lisa 2 20 zava1ai, Mario 80 Zbinden, Katherine 2 3, 7 3, 200, 204, 231, 238 Ziegler, Sara 106, 113, 148, 210, 232, 233, 235 Zepeda, Bernabe 93, 1 49, 200 Zepeda, Daniel 1 33, 2 00 Zepeda, David 133 Zimmerman, Deborah 133 ZSOHAR, VMS. ISABEL 16 3 Dalma 73 24974 1 Wayne, Donald 112, 208, ' 236, 302 MISS xg... N H.. Cl?'ta11? 9?11 733 f J RHX fP?Wfil 1 f 1QQQQ5 Q i f4 ifE1g1 it 6r'in-Chief '

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