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l 7 I 1 Ill' ,N Olmos 1973 Volume 4-7 Alamo Heights High School San Antonio, Texas Edited by the Olmos Staff winking at cute boys munching crunchy apples - X sharing food and each other S sporting o new bow tie 3 legging and relegging waving ca smart arm 4 'xfmx temng hoity-toity iokes dozing in ecstasy 21" tickling giggly girls 6 creating ci plucking with c crazy Nort plumber's buddy . ' f 'f ' 4 imitating bobbing buoys 8 skipping out of class ig'f"Mi1e.',,,,, , '-. 44 i. -..-Q. 'je calendar . . academics - - clubs ..... athletics . . . students ..... advertisements twirling and swirling color 10 Calendar With summer's end . An arctic sun's desire to take its winter rest and the consequent in- vasion of cold, gray armies of clouds signal to the millions of northern birds that their winter migration must begin. For three short months, they have lived happily and without a care, but the call of a howling north wind notifies them of their eviction and sends them southward in search of a better existence. The great flights begin and go on for days before a final landing place is found. Finally, their descent begins with one bird leading the way to land, and the huge numbers behind him quickly following, happy, strong, secure in their numbers. RIGHT Sunset over the northern ocean forewams the huge flock of birds that their journey must begin. FAR RIGHT After a long flight, these Heightsters set down using any clear space available. B'ELOW Hungry but happy, student migrants find food in laughter. 12 . fd .fl ,. gif? Q ,- ,, s 171 iss 5 . comes the mlgrohon A decision by the school board the howling wind of the south? scheduled the annual migration to Alamo Heights for August 21. It brought the multitudes to their traditional winter home, where for nine months they experienced a chunk of life that was designed to prepare them for the future. These students also were happy and strong, and they, too, felt secure in their numbers. ABOVE Anxious to have first choice in teachers, Heightsters crowd the library door- way during pre-school registration. 1 Q ABOVE LEFT And in this corner, Paul "Byron Steele" Smith shakes hands and comes out welcoming freshmen. LEFT This young hombre, adorning Senorita Timmins, door, greets students with "Snap-E-Tom!", Spanish for hello. ABOVE Student Council member Lisa Embs hands Sandra Calderon a gift certificate to Baskin 81 Robbins for being the one millionth person to pick up a Literature book as number 999,999 Natali Evans lands one on Lisa 's shin. ,av Though our flight was long and sometimes difficult, we were happy to see each other again. We recognized the veterans of these annual migrations and welcomed the newcomers. We established a mood these first weeks of school as we established ourselves, one of happiness and concord. and under- stood the importance of being joyful together. 15 Many changes had occurred at Alamo Heights while we travelers were away, and, as we found upon our arrival, few of these were subtle. For example, our entire power structure had been overhauled and the new leader was a mild mannered, Steele fisted ex-boxer-bandleader whose friendly greetings soon became legion. And because he liked and trusted his flocks, in late September he estab- lished an outdoor recreational area complete with picnic tables, telephone booth, decorated trash cans, and cold drink and candy dispensers. Changes, mostly in attitude, and mostly for the better, continued. However, the traditions which had endured for so long remained. RIGHT A pair of Heightsters try to decide between '4Yessir, That's My Baby" and "Theme from the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteauf, selections on the new jukebox. BELOW The annual pep Tally parade began at the high school and it grew ...andGREW...and grew. .. AND GREW. 'WK V3 all 5 , Q15 sr 'E lf? 'X I 16 , .WMI l I 1 if wo-url-is Z l mi fo .. N 'L E 5 . 1 I l i Q l 1 I X ei- ,QI r 7 1 ,?... , .. , if . ".-i'?'L',,:.".f 171 - ' " -on '. Spirit must be the essence of life at Heights because it always seems to be present. Again this year, it mani- fested itself in athletics, in forensic competition, in good grades, and in the smile of a friend. Although many don't realize it, it is the motivating force in school that keeps us moving ever forward. ABOVE CENTER Faculty members and administrators and peasants dine on ex- quisite Renaissance barbequed chicken at the humanities class picnic. FAR LEFT Susan Straus, Homecoming Queen, is elated at hearing the news of her honor. LEFT 1972 Homecoming Court waits on a flower bedecked float for the halftime presentation. Left are fseatedj junior duchess Amy Gorman, and fstandingj fresh- man duchess Susan Swearingen, princess Barbie Sweeten, princess Marie Quereau, senior duchess Sally Somers, and sophomore duchess Nancy Fuhrman. 11' If - WK- .f ... 17 fl? AIHJWSW Celebrations were common in October. ll' they werenit honoring victorious teams or carefree weekends, they were acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the city of Alamo Heights. 'lfhat particular party lasted about a week, with preparations beginning months in advance. Rather than attending just to entertain them- selves, many AH students became a part of the festivities by participating in some and running others. We sought knowledge and seized the opportunity that the anniversary celebration offered to learn more about the history of our city. Going back half a century, we were able to see and partly understand the people of that time. The history of our school was traced by a special com- memorative issue ofthe HOOF PRINT in which stories about important school events were reprinted from 50 years of past HOOF PRlN'l'S. 18 ABOVE LEFTA curious Celebratio official could swear he saw a leg 'neat those pants. LEFT The tall man of th Alamo Heights Anniversary Parade coul swear he had a longer cane. FAR LEFT The South rises yet again at the parade. LEFT Ed Sealy was so excited by the Golden Anniversary that he rushed out and bought himself some cowboy clothes and rented a horse. BELOW Pioneer patriarch Ferd Farkle and his carousing clan of solemn sons and dainty daughters pose for a picture. .., . -....,e.,.-w' "Nu," ' . .,,t', - 19 1-- - ? --"-L' ' , -zzffs 5 f ' V x 3 i ,of 4 V. i. x, P", .." -' A W5 ' V L A r 2 u K V T , . Vrkr ss V zrkkz l -5 .i,g. 1:512j,g-A t 5 , -R p I ' ABOVE The principal's office displays - attractive artwork submitted by students for the student directory cover. RIGHT Bruce Hill wonders if thc new student directory will bc as good as the old one. ABOVE RIGHT Asleep since 1942, Rip Van Joe Tyler awakens to find all his school buddies somewhat advanced in years. 20 Y ,ae -K After Celebration week had ended, the regular business of school was again at hand. For the most part we were finished with the menial chores of getting settled such as re- gistration, paying towel fees, and signing permission slips for field trips. We were now involved in more creative work: painting 'cmeaningful messagesw on trash cans or spirited messages on the main window. Concern for the students was ex- pressed again, in late October, with the addition of a new and different kind of counselor whose job it was to advise students who came with problems of a personal nature. As administrators be- came more involved in student affairs, many students became involved in thc affairs of their country by playing important candidates, roles in the campaigns. BELOW LEFT Parents listen intently as Miss Sandra Ketter explains the goals of her speech and drama classes at Back to School r r tai L-in Night. BELOW Missy Burnett persuades a voter that her candidate far exceeds the other in merit. 21 As the day of the turkey neared, we looked back at our first three months ol' school and the warmth we had felt then, not only because ol'San Antoniojs summer-like autumns, but also the excitement of.meeting new people, seeing old friends, and all the activities that make up the beginning of a school year. However, those months were gone, only memories. We were wearing coats now because the weather was colder and so was the knowledge that school was real it was time to settle down and SOLVE that quadratic equation, MEMORIZE the names of those Greek gods, and TRANSLATE that paragraph on page 57 beginning with HEstc es." There was excitement, too, but it was different. Clubs were finally getting organized and money had to be raised either by showing movies or selling bean rolls. Of course, most of the thrilling events were planned, but some unexpected things happened, too. K 4 ,W xg , ,,,,..lg.,. S, ,, ei J' I W' It J I 4 N A ix is .15 ,gzgj-:,.,,. , , Q, "veg, ' ,g,g,gf-T,,, gf' f ,,'i li- 'K yu ' ,sf 'g'1,g, f, . , ' A " gg., e , We A ' ' . .- ' 1 i litem f lffff' ff" 173 K Q. V n 0 " -, ,. .gpg H arg-.-g , -- . M N. , ,. i, ' it-A f . 1 ' - , , , , 'ff ,, ,W ' 4 t M gs' my Q Q :fl I xt V, ,713 -Q . .3 as f F , A, V S x 1sf.?I ' 5' Ft rf ' A' t ' A ' ' -K 4- 5 l i , M ,. , , , A I, ,, , .Q , I 5, , ' ,1 ' ' AT C , :ef 'X ,K . ' ' as 5- ri " ' 'J .f 1 N if i 1: 'N ' ,fsf , J . A 30- ' 5 as P L L - ,i f - , 1, ' ' sag 1 . if 1 staffs, - . t w 25 I K -. 5 su 5, . . f t . -T,-q 1 ien,, e ' cuue Q ' ,-" ,",, ,. f'1-sffif.'i'1ffYf' ' j I ' rf' ' i Q . " :,,,K"'r" M. E'lli2fiG522?I:fQ,EsYM, "'i 'ff A' I3 ,,,,, f at N- H e ' r 'reet " A . v e - - ,.,,, 1 -, ABOVE Steve Wright backs up Ed Sealy as he tells ol' Bruce Hill to git outa town, or else, during the Texas Ted pep rally. ABOVE RIGHT A Texas Tedder, James Jones smirks, "Fd rather be a roper than a doperf, RIGHT Fire officials answer a call to locate the source of a hazardous gas leak beneath the gym floor on a cold November day. 22 LEFTA special guest appearance by the Marx brothers Chico, Harpo, and Groucho makes money for the JABBERWOCKY. BELOW The threat of gas leakage drives these shy creatures from their home, the sweatnasium. i Ji. 23 Winter closes in ilu year rounded the corner and once again Christmas was upon us reminding us ot tht. necessity lor universal peace in the world as well as within ourselves. ll was a time for the joy of giving and receiving gifts and for the joy of helping out people who weren't as fortunate as the rest of us. It was a time for happiness and for music to fill the frosty winter air. It was a time to pause . . . and think. lt was Christmas! 24 TOP "You all are probably wondering why l asked you here tonightfi conductor Harvey Biskin explains. ABOVE Gene Gardner realizes that he dropped off his sack lunch instead of his Christmas donation. RIGHT Winter's cold temperatures, combined with heavy rain, sent a Douglas fir, unusual for this area, sprouting through the floor and the emblem to boot. BELOW This young FCA member with two right feet employs a nifty method of painting skateboards for the Christmas Clearing Bureau. BOTTOM Examining a broken toy, Billy Lehne tries to decide on the best way to repair it. ,M 5559 it-f , Christmas vacation was long and happy and most of us found il difficult to return, but ready or not, we were back early on january 8. School was slow in starting, and about a week later as we were still gazing out our windows . . . WHAT THE HEY! we could see them now, the advancing clouds from lhe north that meant snow! The Usnowi' began to pelt the ground. We thought it was snow . . . at any rate, it was white, and before long we were rushing out to build "snow" men, throw Nsnowi' balls, make "snow,' ice cream, and all the other snowly things we imagined people in the North would do. And then somebody said the stuff we had been playing with was only sleet . . . 'But later that night it really did snow and those who laughed first just didnit laugh at all and those who laughed last laughed best and laughed once again as they heard on the radio at 6 a.mL the next morning there would be no school that day. 26 ABOVE Winter's storm left many trees cloaked in icicles. ABOVE RIGHT Mr. and Mrs. Jones instruct their son, Spulnick, on building grasspeople. ZX, X','f"" X X 5 .ok . up v 4 ,fm P N45 , L .. 'NK jf 29' o 9 we -J Vi E F W- . . i ,... , v Q, 53.43 .. ijrf. ,mpg - .,,-- I. b If -4 - A 1 Q r we .., ' gmt- "X ' 4 If A Q 91-I ' g ln., A - - '. Qi: 52:2-" 5 , ... N I . X , , 1 T15-V - A QA ' ,V ffqhyiq f . .. 1 iw fa.-1 . . 1' 'If 'P ' r 114-'-If ir Y V 1 up V, Q A iw.. ff-it 'EXW' ff. 5 SLTYYZ ' . H, I., z ,ta ,fy 'V A A ' -Vfawvf mf' ' -:AO G LM? ' M-'Fl , 'fri ,.-115 .':2':'Qt if ,fa 4, ,1g:,. ' I -, - 'xg' gf, .-Hwy T, 'iiwffe II ' fygfgl l . 14. gf 1 ,, ,, tw .. 2:1 Wt ix ,G . I.lJlv - 4-+4 gi Q i ABOVE LEFT The front yards of houses, in a matter of hours, turn into new frontiers, however . . . TOP . . . there are exceptions. ABOVE After being locked out of his home, for approximately 8 hours, 32 minutes, Elliot Cunningham has reached his freezing point. A OI,l.l1 BF lltlNMIifLAlthough she is no relation to Eugene, Dawn O7Neal has an incredible writing talent, Proof of this came when she was chosen for one ol' three honorable mention awards across the nation in a journalism con- test sponsored by SEVENTEEN Magazine and Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Dawnis story was in competition with hundreds of other articles written by journalism students about the achievements of other stu- dents. Her article told about Walter Light, a 1972 Alamo Heights graduate, who worked with a tribe oflndians in Mexico. Both merit recognition for their initiative and skill. A 1 l .3 al ABOVE RIGHT To the dandy delight of coach James Tatsch, Patty Wallis and Mrs. Dale Brown strive for possession of the basketball during the contest between the girls' and female faculty's basketball teams. RIGHT A POW bracelet wearer removes her remembrance upon his return to the United States. -sa""H x.,-. HI 'XlUSll11XlDlZS -Nearly everyone feels disgusted about the waste and length of the Viet Nam war. Tired of seeing the war drag on, Kathleen Gar- rett sent her prisoner of war bracelet to President Nixon in early December and told him that the time had come for him to wear it. The President replied with a letter saying he under- stood her viewpoint and hoped a peace agreement would soon be reached. Olmos honors Kathleen for putting her opposition to action, rather than just idly complaining. In late january, a cease fire was reached and shortly afterwards the American prisoners of war were slowly released and returned home. For the first time we found a non-partisan issue of that war, one that we could all be happy about and our painful in- volvement there was finally over. 29 Peaceful existence, which had already been initiated in one part ol' the world, was now taking hold at Alamo Heights. We realized that we depended upon one another for many things. For help with difficult projects. For ideas in solving problems. For making tough adjustments easier. For sharing joys and laughter. Or even for an occasional quarter for lunch. LEFT As fire chief Henry Spaulding dete mines whether it is a boy's bike or a gir bike, coach Ted Masser records other il portant data for bicycle registratio BELOW Determined to beat the oppositic in the chariot races, Latin club Carol Wagner, Ann Keeling, Lucia Lv -u a and David Fey, roar onto the track. I 1 I i l l " ii ' M-. 9- 4225, il i f . 'Iw i '- fl ,EFT Miss Josivilma Oleveira of Brazil re- urns a friendly smile during her January isit to the district. ABOVE Local sports- ian takes a pot shot at what he mistakingly ssumes to be a wounded bear during the econd snowy onslought. g,- 31 TOP Standing among thousands of car- nations, a Los Amigos member loses his cool and strangles a bouquet single handedly. ABOVE Los Amigos sponsor Johnnie Eng and president Carolyn Branch confer about carnation cards the night before Valentines Day. RIGHT This steer, bearing the brand of his captors, hides as he waits to appear at the Mule Stall kicker dance. 3- "' D AW 4 may rl -A V f i , 2 x Q 1 ' g ifs, 541.514- ' asain: ye . 1 -"fe-it ilfglx ff. ,ly 1' j'Dg!'j' Y . f.-,gt 1 19,53 ..E3E,.V? But something happened around Valentine's Day which lightened the mood. Perhaps it was the little note you received first period with your Carnation that said LOVE, or maybe the fact that you got a flower from someone special you liked but didnlt know liked you. Whatever it was, the high that we experienced during those last weeks of winter took us sailing on over the Mule Stall dance and Harlem Clowns game to that pinnacle of ultimacy, the Roosevelt game. LEFT A bright bystander tries to relate the force of gravity with the descent of the spirit balloons at the Roosevelt game pep rally. ABOVE A Trinity University student takes time out from her TV cameraman duties to shave with an old-fashioned, bulky electric razor during half-time at the Heights-Roosevelt game. 33 RIGHT Researchers journey to the new media center for data. BELOW AH band members get a glimpse of downtown New O,LEENS during their visit there to march in a Mardi Gras parade, cmioi cane 34 -Ydunsur -'cnuxicn WW XY scour moqr-cum QV i TW lm' X1 f Q . f - Spring and we're At the height of our happiness, there were definite signs pointing to- ward the coming ol' spring. A budding tree or the birth of a single flower conveyed the message that springtime was, indeed, on its way. air borne again lt was a time for traveling, for going new places and seeing new things. Whether we expaneded our vistas through books or traversed the country by bus, we were going some- where. K i'hg.3'-7 ' r LEFT Will Carter glances over the Ten Commandments in the DEER I-IUN'I'ER'S BIBLE during Book Fair. ABOVE Humanities students romp around in the Big Thieket on their March field trip. .u':xsm"' , IK- 35 Back from our adventures, we found ourselves confronted with April, and everyone knows there just isnit time for uschoolw in April. Of course, the learning went on, but it was different. For at least three glorious days calculus was replaced by roller skating and Physics Il gave Way to rock musie appreciation. Students became teachers and teachers became students and all had an identity crisis. E V ,qv 36 TOP While fashioning a tlowerpot in a mini- mester clay-modeling class, Courtenay Phillips quietly prays for heavenly guidance. ABOVE Duke David requests a hundred armed and mounted knights to guard the doors at the UIL contest from the sovereign kingfish Sir Steele. RIGHT Scott Walker creams Betsy Landsman with a cascarone during Fiesta Week. 'S as i 'W ....... .r...fJ. , . c . .,... ,Q .y....,, . ff: , "-mark sfgijsi' kkkr y K K .1 'Ha . . V .fsiivt , W . , , ti I ' Ll f' T572 'fffli -Z. Sita . K, ' - . E i Hifi. . -A ffm - ' ' if zzfr-A . fiirtl 1 fx' 9595251 ':,:. .': .Q?.W,.,M.,1itv1ag,5 3. .. .zix 4 .L ,l:.:,..1- Q f.?:5:V?:k . St- , -,J ' .X V- , r -is. Quiz Q 18 fi- ,V . ' ' gps' - I. ..:-.Q V' 1 In--nl ,sf - , 3 'W'-'FQKTIIKNTSI 1 l 1 A., 'T V1"3'2ZiZ7?1, ' - J' ' . 'tgjggs-g..'5 --,ti ,gs-,- -wig jg ,,, l Then came the University Inter- scholastic League contests to Heights and along with them came smart stu- dents, brilliant students, geniuses, all from the other schools in district 29.-XAAA, And when you found your- self competing against them in the science contest and fzing at that unanswerable question number one. you wished you had studied more in 'Lsehoolf' We were also having fun cele- brating. Easter coincided with Fiesta Week and Spur, band, and Super- Scooper members, plus a multitude of others, were busy helping out with as well as participating in the massive TG festivities. LEFT Katherine Carter sautes onions for Shur-Tenda steaks during a gourmet cooking class. BELOW Laurie Light graciously accepts an Easter gift from the resident bunny, Sally Frazier. 37 Fiesta Week was barely over and those starlit nights at the coast but a bittersweet memory, when we had to pause and study for that final trans- fusion of knowledge from brain to paper . . . exams. Seniors were ready to call it quits and all too eager to truck on to some far out place for Senior Day. ABOVE Determined not to be late to their typing exam, two students bask in the early morning moonlight hours before the start of their test. RIGHT Alison Wenger and Steve Wright enjoy the Sandy pleasures of Senior Day at the coast. 38 ABOVE Students get the go-ahead for take- off LEFT . . . leaving behind empty runways. The arctic sun crosses the celestial equator and begins its slow, deliberate climb toward the north. The days are longer and warmer and the birds know the time has come to begin their annual trek northward. Their stay here has been a long one and looking back, the mere fact that they have survived means that they are stronger. Many will not return but many more will make the same trip again and again as the laws of nature dictate. Academics 5 1 41 Boord of Trustees fseatedj Mrs. Blair Labatt, Mr. Ralph 1 Ware, Mr. Paul H. Smith, presidentg M John Goode, vice presidentg fstandingj M William Ochse, Mr. Louis H. Haring, Jr secretaryg fnot picturedj Mrs. Carl C Jockusch, assistant secretary. -1 Superintendent Mr. Allan G. Cannon 43 Central Administration Mr. Max D. Kahn Business Manager and Tax Assess: Dr. William H. Stanley Assistant Superintendent 3 3 it B? 5? fi - 5 f' 5. X 5 Mr. Vernon O. Harp Director of the Educational Development Q Center t ii Q 3' lg 0 E Q A-f' ti ff ! X X53 LEFT Management Team-lseatedj Mr. Harry B. Orem, Mr. Max Kahn, Mr. Floyd J. Crouchg fstandingj Dr. William H. Stanley, Mr. Allan G. Cannon. 45 L Q Q rv, , , I Q 1. 'lil ' it' '.1- -'g' ,,,, Vik, M .yy .H V I .V ' H . 7 V A J, - -, ,i,, i 1,ii,Q X, .-LQ-,X , V - nnth i ' QOUIS lnote: 'VZ h'i Inllllarflin'f2ilvi6hpl l,, to th'l5ln.'l'1'l12: Studs ''Bryfbn1145552519Qfgilzelfll fnayhe alquarter oi fftheii new 2 ' d6llaiiS'worth,ol' textbooks t li'fAlamoWHgj,glztgg fl : year 'anti-lgwillibe ,,,f r espongiblehfor taki Lmit V end of the' ye lqlQil'l'lVllt5r1 fycxtiilxizzwiiimw'EbNli1mpl ftfspohsihle for bicy lyoix fikutzjtl rgglsffatlonfgettlng:'upVa hall patrol ltlmigo now h vandalisrn, Theyaye work Q o.oo PF92f?f'1 lewd U39 1LTJheYa1'ffW How 'hm' flmzivh' M :h VfQlilflSlllf0I:'HC0'tlI'SEf"' evdluati i Q,Lo K ,l,kT, L - Wlfvelllasked' them l ,:,A, H5s5i'llltl1el7"lV6f1i1LlQ!1C Alld 135' I Il Swdgntgn dg Va Mnunahelg ofili flitflerflbeivg another of my objectives w we ve abked them to set up a tutonal prognam worlung at two oi the elementary schools and they ve done a good yeh We have stuclentb Loumehng some who have had problems and solved them are helping others work 1.0 mvolve students ln th: mstructlo programs at one of the colleges and have done that too l' we or sux llrmlly Whlle they art stlll ln h school A , ' f', .q -' , ,..,, ,N i ' I X 1 . . -4 ' l H l Q. " 'n-t F " t . 't A. " ll 5117- ' , ,." - ,.,, , ,, . I V' K Vlwilill ll I I ' , V L V ,.yA l,,, L m K v ,. . ' , ,W t . h ,3,itakang,5a,mat,h tor gilsclgngye courses W V , . ,, ,,.l , ,,yy . wh, ., . yy V , t Y , to . -A ' ,,,, V then' way through smular Linea and AR LEFT Mr. Byron Steele, principal EFT Mr. Vemon Adams, assistant princi- al. BELOW LEFT Mr. Dan Sciaraffa asistant principal. !"fi B lie -W, - f Lew successes hat has laeenryour gtive problem this year? i"i if Y ' AI don't thinkpthere has fbeen aff rsual administrative problemipipthrs in or nnpn ,. ,Has your fzimpressionfi'off Alamo ghts and its,students changed since' iihave been here? .VIA 3 , When I thestndents, 'ci well- manneredgfiwell behaved, and L zlligent. Andjche onlyfthingtfwould 1 10 -Fha? is that are very pful. I guess flfhave neverVyv,, :hool where 'nice to Or where- eP?f-21318 45i1Pif0ff55d T511 acts of the-,schoolgprogram sotewell. rink if is father ajeungguasituaripn I have enjoyed it and thisdvvhole ragfeat deal. fifiif VT B' . I L a v L , , I ABOVE Instructional Leadership Team fstandingl Lee Lahourcade, Student Council representative, ,I eff Schwartz, freshman re- presentative, fseatedl Bob Kingman, sopho- more representative, Mrs. Mary Thompson, library representative, Mrs. Mary Zuschlag, chairman, social studies, Mrs. Mary Lee Durham, chairman, Englishg Mr. Johnnie Eng, chairman, foreign languageg Cindy Lewis, senior representative, David Schoen- baum, junior representative, Mr. Vernon 'Adams, co-chairmang Mr. james Tatsch, chairman, physical educationg Mr. John Tor- bert, chairman, resource, Laurie Wright, secretary. fnot picturedj Mrg Byron Steele, chairmang Mr. Joseph Buckley, chairman, science, Mrs. Marie Schwarz, chairman, mathematics, Mr, Guy Cope, chairman, vocational education. ' 1: RIGHT Mrs. Mary Norman, Director, Public Information. Z ABOVE Mr. John Beckham, Certified Public Accountant, Mrs. Virgie Whitehead, Deputy Tax Assessor, Mrs. Anna Mary Ward, Tax Clerk, Mrs. Dora Barrientos, Accounts Payable, Mrs. Ruth Canion, Secretary, Mr. Gerald H. George, Accountant, Mrs. Alice Gattanach, Payroll Clerk. RIGHT Mrs. Fredilyn C. Watson, Mrs. Sylvia Novier, Mrs. Dorothy Dunkle, Miss Helen Dawson, Mrs. Grace Parr, Mrs. Helen Bolding. 48 awtfeiairwriwfrf LEFT fseatcdj Mrs. Belva Brayman., book- keepcr. fstandingj Mrs. Pat Weldon, book- keepcrg Mrs. Trox Perry, director of cafe- terias. BELOW Mrs. Lois Caldwell, educa tional diagnosticiang Mr. Nick Baxter, educa tional diagnosticiang Mr. Donald E. Sabol lntcrn in Psychologyg Miss Brenda Atkins educational diagnostician. High School Secretcarie RIGHT fseatedj Mrs. Jean Bixby. fstandingj Mrs. Allison Waltisperger. BELOW LEFT Mrs. Nan Ball, Mrs. Doris E. Duffy, BELOW RIGHT Mrs. Kathryn Finertie, Mrs. Carol Bialas. .- 4 - x P 1. x ABOVE fseatedj Mrs. Herminia Perales, Mrs. Frances Mayer, Mrs. Esther Garcia, Mrs. Paula Reeh, Mrs. Helen Lieck, Mrs. Nellie Villareal, Mrs. Deh'ose Finck. fstandingj Mrs. Irene Scholtz, Mrs. Helen Barrera, Mrs. Eileen Wasson, Mr. Jose Espinosa, Mrs. Addie Hughes, Mrs. Beatrice K. Rangel, Mrs. Margaret Stein. LEFT fseatedj Mr. Faustino Sanchez, Mr. Henry Hemandez, Mr. Mike Egan, Mr. Larry Espinosa, fstandingj Mr. Martine Lee. 51 Guidance BELOW Mrs. Paula Wright, counselor. RIGHT Mr. Homer Smith, director of guid- ance. 1' i I U i 4--,sw LEFT Mr. Abram Prince, counselor. BE- 5' LOW Mrs. Flora Lightfoot, vocational coun- , ' ' selor. fl it .A .onli 53 WEE! 1 KW Mary B. Carver Library When students came back to school on August 21, one of the first changes that greeted them was the bright orange doors and bench, newly painted, at the south end of the main hall. The new look was an attempt by Mrs. Mary Thompson, librarian, to 'gbrighten the atmosphere of the library and give it a friendlier lookf, Other friendly additions this year include music via an Am-Fm radio which provides a soothing atmosphere for students as they study, and color- ful posters and mobiles donated by the art department. Also new are some 1500 hardback and 600 paperback volumes. Other facilities available to bot students and faculty include privat study carrels for individual study, copy machine, tape recorder, fill strips, record player and a typewritei Approximately 14,000 volume ranging in subject matter from th Abominable Snowman to Zoroastriax ism, plus complete collections of 12 periodicals and four daily newspapei offer students the best in referenc material. But with all of the great facilitif the library has to offer, Mrs. Thoml son insists that, "The nicest thingsi the library are the studentsf, ' flrs. Helen Wallace librarian ., ...,,. ls-.....,. ,! ! A in-1, Q . - B 1 A H OLMQS HQNORS-Thanks to the illustrious Mrs. Thompsonis idea of injecting a burst of color into the main hall, scores of doors throughout the school are now permanently psyche- delic. The brightly painted doors create a more friendly, informal atmosphere throughout the halls. Mrs. Mary Cahal Thompson Head Librarian B.F.A., lVl.L.S. Sophie Newcomb, North Texas State University Mrs. Harriet Parish Librarian ?,,. . el English Films, projects, research, and field trips played an important part of the English departments program this year. Traditionally, freshman English has been a basics course, centered on obtaining a good foundation in gram- mar, vocabulary, and usage. But the year was also a period of transition from learning the basics to applying them. After studying the techniques used by such authors as Shakespeare and Homer, students expressed them- selves in journals and creative writing assignments. Other than authors, movies and art provided subject matter for freshmen to write about. Sophomore English this year focused on effective communication. Grammar and usage were reviewed, but the application of these skills was the main objective. Students expressed themselves not only in papers, but in special projects. For example, one class of students communicated in artwork their impressions of The Pearl, by Steinbeck. Another group of soph- omores created their own presenta- tions of still-life photography with 56 Mrs. Mary Lee Durham English 1-2 Developmental, English 5-6 Ma- jor Works B.A., M.A. Rice University, St. Maryis University narration. Extensive reading and apprecia- ting literaturc were the main goals of junior English. All types of literature from different time periods and years were covered. Some works included Macbeth, Clockwork Orange, and various works from the literature text- book. Vocabularies were increased as a means of understanding more litera- ture. One class of juniors held a mock trial, and students portrayed various authors, defending their themes. Ban- ners and collages of students person- alities as well as book personalities added to the appreciation of the art of communication. The seniors had a wide range to choose from for their course of study. English for them varied from genre studies, to studies of international authors, to perhaps an intensive study of a single author. All of these choices mst: lVlrs. Lou Renee Bond English 7-8, English 7-8 Major Works B.A., M.A. University of Texas, Sul Ross College, Te: ASIM, Our Lady of the Lake, Sl. Mar' University i were exercises in perfecting one writing skills, whether it be in sevei papers throughout the year or in 4 in-depth research paper. Most of the studies were supplemented by projec in the Humanities program, or by fie trips, such as the excursion to Fil Repertory Theater to see Hamlet. f in" Miss Peggy Cox English 7-8, Modem Literature 1-2 B.S., lVl.A. Southwest Texas State University Seniors Tom Ware, Alison Wenger, john lVlcSwain and Cindy Lewis take advantage of Trinity University's extensive reference ma- terial for work on their English research papers. 57 A scene from The Pearl comes to life on sophomore Robin Engle's sketch pad fol- lowing a study of John Steinbeck's novel in Miss Anna Belle Gilmer,s English class. 58 Mrs. Sylvia Flores English 1-2 B.A. Our Lady of the Lake College .,,,..,--71. is fl Miss Anna Belle Gilmer English 3-4 B.A., M.Ed. University of Texas 'pl ' 'll rs. Frieda Krueger nglish 1-2 .A. niversity of Texas, Trinity University Diligently working on a unit objective in their individual instruction program from Miss Penelope Lakich's English class are freshmen Sandra Smith and Nancy Ulrich. is Miss Penelope Lakich English 1-2, English 5-6, Creative Writing 1-2 B.A. Trinity University 59 Mrs. Kathleen Maxwell English 5-6 M.A., BJ., B.S. University of Texas, University of Missouri Daniel Baker College .X 'VF Vfflff 42 less Salsa W W 4? 1? ,T if it '7 60 English 3-4 My Miss Barbara McComas B.A. Trinity University The Honorable joan Stange listens wl attorneys Loretta Martin and Marla Stc present their cases during court trials authors in Mrs. Kathleen Maxwell's jun English class. lrs. Rose Ellen Ranson nglish 3-4 Major Works, World Literature -2 Major Works, Humanities .A., M.A. William Jewell College, Trinity University Miss Earnest Mae Seaholm English 1-2 Major Works, American Litera- ture, English 5-6 B.A., M.A. University of Texas, Texas Women's Univer- sity, University of Colorado Miss Barbara MeComas' sophomore English classes learned to express themselves through still life photography. Here Brian Kost snaps a dramatic scene between Rusty Pierce and Lisa Ford to include in his presentation on melodrama. 61 Q. Y Mrs. Ann Tibbets Business English, English 5-6 B.A. Mills College, Missouri University, Trinity University 62 Among seniors who were ABXed during afternoon classed to attend a special matinee perfonnance of Hamlet by the First Repertory Company last September were Janice Ludwig and Susan Ford. Mr. Charles Worrel English 3-4 Developmental, English 5 6 B .A . University of Texas Ilrs. Veta Wright ,eading .A., M.Ed. Vreensboro College, Trinity University OLMOS HONORS-Our very own edi- tor, Elisa Krause, now has another achievement to add to her overflowing trophy case. Last spring she was chosen to participate in a national writing contest sponsored by the Na- tional Council of Teachers of English, which involved expository, autobio- graphical, and extemporaneous writing. When the finalists were an- nounced, she found that she was one of three finalists in San Antonio, and twenty-three in the state of Texas. Perhaps we will be reading her best sellers before long. ,, Q t 1 " Students in junior English transfer their impressions of books and films they have studied into visual images onto a collage banner for a group project. 63 Journalism .Field trips to daily and weekly newspaper plants, visits to San An- tonio's four television studios, and a series of guest speakers from the world of publishing highlight the year for journalism students. Between field trips and visits, first year students are initiated into the mysteries of news writing, advertising, make-up, selling subscriptions and papers, and arc charged with the rc- sponsibility of gathering and writing the school news of the day for pub- lication in the Hoof Print. Second and third year students turn theory into practice as they staff the bi-weekly newspaper, with special emphasis on the in-depth feature, in- terpretive news writing, and effective opinion writing in editorials Hlld columns. A first hand look at the audio-visual aspects of electronic journalism is offered through pro- duction of HP-TV closed circuit tele- vision broadcasts. 64 Nlrs. Nlary Norman journalism 1-2, Journalism 3-4, Hoof Print, Olmos B.A. Bennett junior College. University of Okla- homa, Trinity University, lncarnatc Word College. Second year journalism student Hen Spaulding puts finishing touches on his pa pasteup before sending it to the printer. lr. Donald E. Sabol, intern psychologist for 1e district, addresses the journalism 3 class n establishing a self-identity. The latest issue of the Hoof Print is sold throughout the school by Journalism I students like Joe Tyler. 1 ' x H55 Mr. Warren Uecker, a representative of Henington Publishing Company, explains various type styles to members of journalism Class. 65 Fine Arts A flexible course structure and a wide variety of artistic, musical, and dramatic mediums allowed fine arts students this year to develop their own creativity. Two major goals shaped the structure ol' the art department this year. The first ol' these involved leaching technical skills to students with natural artistic talent. The ercative art students were encouraged to develop proficiency in all mediums, including drawing. painting. ceramics, and modeling clay. The second aim ol' the department was to give a strong background in the arts and.the role they play in civilization. Slidi- presentations of famous Oll,lEC'l'lCS Dl'XH'l,'l'lS and trips to the Nlarion Koogler Nleblay Art Institute and the Witte Museum increased students' awareness of art. 'llhis year art teachers adapted their courses to the interests of students they taught, to include experimentation in weaving, enamc-ling, and silversmithing. Like that ol' the art department. the speech curriculum provided a basic course for first-year students. 'lfhe in- troductory eoursc set up life-like situations to practice speech training and provided opportunities for stiif dents to speak before audiences, with assignments including personal exper- ience speeches, research speeches, and orations. Later courses centered on prose, poetry, and dramatic interpreta- tions, radio and television skits, public addresses, and debate, On a trip to the elementary schools, Speech 2 students performed the annual storytelling for the lower grades. Individualized instruction, al- lowing choral students to pace them- selves, characterized the music curriculum this year. With background studies in music history and theory, students learned the formal approach to music and were also allowed to express their own creativity through the medium of their choice. Live performances of pop or classical music, original compositions, and slide 66 -Q , ,, ,,,. , .z, Mr. John Squire Adams Art 1-2, Art 3-4 B.A., Diploma of Portrait Painting Trinity University, Cleveland Art Institute, Univer- sity of Texas, Texas ASLM presentations to music were among the projects students created. A trip to New Orleans to partici- pate in the Mardi Gras parade high- lighted the year for band members. Another new project for the band was the resurrection of the stage band, whose repetoire consisted of con- temporary dance music. University ln- terscholastic League contests played a big part this year as in past years, and band members also participated in the Battle of Flowers parade and the annual Band Festival at Alamo Stadium during Fiesta week. Emphasis was placed on drama as an art form and a bodily communa- citive skill for thespian students this year. A laboratory environment en- couraged students to participate in all facets of the course, including back- stage work and acting skills. Nl Never Saw Another Butterfly" was the drama department fall production, and was performed both on campus and at OLMOS HONORS -As with eve culturally alive institution, Alar Heights possesses its share of Picass and lVlatisses to be. Susan Mengd and Julie Marek have illustrated bd literally and figuratively their exti ordinary artistic ability through cl hibiting outstanding talent in all . pects of art, including painting, scul ture, printing, silk-screening, batikir and clay modeling. Temple Beth-El. Alamo Heigll dramatisits also hosted the Univers lnterscholastic League one-act pl contest in March, and taught creat drama to grade school students at t free form New Age School. l Mr. Richard Cranford "An Band, "B" Band BM., M.M.E. Univeristy of Texas, North Texas State University Mrs. jamie Lynn Greene Art 3-4 B.S. Hosstra University UIJIOS HUNORSfBecausc of their excellence in all areas ol' orchestral performance, Will' Rudd, Patti Wallis, Ed Sparks, and Andy Biskin fnot pictured, deserve a sincere salute. Each of these hand members has been awarded top honors in University lnterscholastic League district com- petition, and Wilf has reached the pinnacle, having earned a chair in the All-State Orchestra. 67 Art students, interested in keeping the campus clean, decorated trash cans for the new outdoor recreation area. 68 Miss Janis Hilbert Music Theory, Mixed Chorus, Chorus B.A., M.Ed. Texas Lutheran College, Trinity University QLMOS HONORS -If Lee Hinson an Kerry Barrow continue to achieve a many honors in the real world as the: have in the world of competition, the. they should soon rake in the do-re-m Both singers earned a spot in th All-Region choir, and went on ti participate in area auditions. rs. Sandra Ketter rama 1-2, Drama 3-4, Drama 5-6 .B., M.Ed. ugustana College, University of Illinois OLMOS HONORS -Paula Krumboltz, Jeanie Stiba. and Janet Pogue have devoted an immeasurable amount of time, interest, and talent to the theatre during their high school years. All three have worked on every play produced at Alamo Heights in the last four years, including school productions and University lnterscholastic League one-act contest plays. Paula and Jeanie were selected as All-Star Cast members for the 1972 Ull, production. I L 'Ns 3 fg Mr. Roger Loving Art 1-2, Art 3-4, Art 5-6 BA. University of Illinois, University of Wyoming 69 OLMOS HONORS -Once more, Alamo Heights can pride itself on its outstanding orators, due to the long list of accomplishments of Paula Krumboltz, Randy Fein, Jeanie Stiba, David Duke, and Tom Simms. These students have consistently won top honors in speech tournaments throughout the state all during their highschool careers. They deserve a big round of applause for bringing honor to themselves and their school. Mr. Gale Nelson Speech 1A-2A, Speech 3-4, Speech 5-6 B.A., M.A. San Antonio College, University of Texas, Southwest Texas State University, Trinity University of California P UPWPF4 llliNtlllf5fli1terested in be coming laureales among the debating set, Randy Fein, Tom Simms, ani George Mead sacrificed their vacation to developing their speaking skills a summer workshops. Apparently thei weeks ol' study and research paid ofl for Randy, who attended Georgetowi University in Washington D.C., ani Tom, who spent time at the Universitj ol' Houston, both won fourth place il their respective tournaments whiel ended the workshops at both school: George concluded his studies at th University of Houston by winnin third place in debate and second plac in extemporaneous speaking. it li i Humanities Perhaps the most exciting course il' the 1972-1973 curriculum was the iinovative humanities program. Led yy a team of five teachers. the course vas offered to junior and senior stu- ents interested in art, music. drama. terature. and social sciences, and heir effect on the hehavior of man. ifith these concepts in mind, the tudents proceeded with studies in eligion, personal identity, creativity, tolities, early Creek history. and the lenaissance Age. During the religion study, stu- ents visited Temple Beth-el and heard epresentatives from several different eligions, including Buddhism, Iatholicism, and Unitarianism. This iortion of the course was designed to ielp students define and clarify their fwn religious attitudes and beliefs. as vell as those of other faiths. The personal identity segment of he program tried to answer questions ueh as "Who am l'fi' and "What am ?'i, and the class was visited hy a isychologist from the Community 'Guidance Center. When students were sked to use their imaginations and alents during the creativity study, lnusieians composed piano and guitar rrangements, dramatists acted out ieir own skits, aspiring authors wrote ories, and crafty artists created ollages. These same inventive people imulated political campaigns and iseussed various views during the tolitieal segments of the humanities irogram. Studies of our cultural roots en- ouraged investigation of early Greece nd the Renaissance era. The class ivided into four groups during the tudy of early Greek history. each roup choosing a social structure to fork with. In the Renaissance study, tudents looked at the art, music, and rama of this period and linked them hose of other periods. say John Squire Adams Humanities B.A., Diploma of Portrait Painting Trinity University, Cleveland Art Institute, Univer- sity of Texas, Texas ASLM "'N The two birds are, in reality, humanities students in masks they designed for a mock Greek tragedy, The Cod Cobbler. 71 . 'fry ,. wi, , ef fl +A ,tv frkffi'-ff' ' ...px M 'f Q-as-fff:'f:,. - , Miss J anis Hilbert Humanities B.A., lVl.A. Texas Lutheran College, Trinity University 72 Senior Janet Pogue, a talented guitarist, performs her own arrangement of an original composition for a creativity demon- stration in humanities. Mrs. Sandra Ketter Humanities B.A., lVl.Ed. Augustana College, University of Illinois he 19 alia bicycle tire is transformed into the base a creative collage in an original manities project Mrs. Rose Ellen Hanson Humanities B.A., MA. William jewel College, Trinity University i I Seniors Suzanne Park and Lexie Anderson, stoking up cultural points for the class, visit the local art gallery, Fiesta del Sol. 73 Dr. J. Lawrence Driskill, one of many guest speakers for humanities classes, lectures on Japan and its religion. 74 Mrs. Mary Zuschlag Humanities BA. Texas Tech University 5 r 5 ,- 1 P L Nancy Carnes and Scott McCullough adm the artwork of Mary Pat Mitchelle ass paints in humanities. Science Physical science, biology, chem- ry, and physics were the courses fered to science students this year. asses were divided into varying in- lsities of the four above courses in der to fit the varying interests of the idents. For example, physical science stu- nts had the option of spending the ar getting a general background, th emphasis on generating some erest in science and becoming niliar with the equipment, or idying the basics, with emphasis on nth, physics, and chemistry con- Jts. In the biology courses, living ganisms were studied, beginning :h plants and simply structured imals for the first-year students. :ond-year class members focused on : study of animals, and visited the p and other animal habitats to ob- ve their behavior in closed environ- :ntal situations. Chemistry students learned about : hows and whys of science. With s of class discussions and frequent Js to the lab, these classes em- asized the laws and rules of nature l the universe. Three choices were offered to ysics students, depending upon their erest in the course. For the non- jor, the course consisted of the :ics and a little more practical, itside usage, while students in re- ar and advanced physics dealt more h concepts and working problems. rpg, 1 i , . This year's winner of the Frog Pin-Up Contest displays the winning pose. at E .,k. Mr. Joseph Buckley Physical Science Laboratory, Physics 1A-2A B.S., NLS. Trinity University, Texas ASIM 75 Mrs. Mary Clare Anderson Biology 1-2, Physical Science Laboratory B.S. Henderson State College Tom Kingman sets up a trial run on the air track, measuring the length of time it takes an object to go down a frictionless slope, for his physics course. Mrs. Waneta Bowman Biology 1-2 B.S. University of Texas, University of Califor at Berkley, Stanford University ,fanx w ' Q, I 'T' 7' I . Andy Cobb bmistry 1-2, Chemistry 3-4, Chemistry I Major Works S., M.Ed. ithwest Texas State University l OLMOS HQNORS -While most of us spent the summer basking in the hgt sun, several of our more industrious students filled the vacation months soaking up knowledge. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, these students attended courses related to their special interests at various universities. Margaret Pawel and John Cuellar both learned more about math- ematics at their respective schools, Southern Methodist University and University of Illinois. David Duke re- sisted the tourist traps of New Orleans and concentrated on his computer and chemistry concerns at Loyola, while ,Ian Preston pursued chemistry, math, and physics-astronomy at Louisiana State University. Mr. Robert Comer Biology 1-2, Biology 3 BS., M.Ed University of Georgia, University of Texas Trinity University, I ,H M. 5, k N -' I 'sl Q ls A r "M ll' 77 liob Ilaskin turns on the hunsvn liurncr to dislill cyrzlohcxunc, licforc the zulmiringgg eyes 0lvTOll1SlIllI'I'lS,J0il1lfl21I'lt!f,kllld,lliT1 Griffin. 78 Mr. Charles lVlacKeen Physical Science Laboratory, Chemistry 1-2 B.S. Southwest Texas State University, Univer- sity of Texas, University of New Mexico, Seattle Pacific College Mrs. Countess Nixon Biology 1-2, Biology 1-2 Major Works B.A., M.A. Duke University, Trinity University, Im nate Word College Guy Riggs of Texas Science Laboratory Mrs. Veanna Stewart Physics lA-2A, Physical Science Laboratory B.S. Texas Womanis University of Denton, Uni- versity of Texas at El Paso, Trinity Univer- sity Mike Bronson learns that life really is a rat race in his biology class' experiments with those furry white rodents. I SS J 1 'te,"'4? jg ' -f 79 Mathematics A sulijeet new lo the mathematics eurrienlum this year was consumer mathematics, offered to qualified junior and senior students. ln addition to teaching a consumer how to make a wise choice when tat-ml with several alternatives. the course taught an intuitive literacy in the simple opera- tions ol' arithmetics, a type of math useful in the market place ol' goods and services. Une ol' the new methods used in the mathematics department this year was a liorm ol' team teaching with individualized instruction. Students used Learning Activity Packets of Learning -X ctivity Sheets, to help them study. Lectures, group activities, in- dividual help, testing, silent lah. and open lab were ai part of each period. Students were able to move ahead to the next level ol' math as they finished. This method was designed to meet the needs ol' the individual student and to help him work on his own. 'lfhe department continued to integrate the computer into its courses during l972-1973. Starting with first year algebra and major works geometry 7 students studied a two-week unit on computer appreciation in which they got actual hands-on exper- ience programming the computer. 'l,'l1ereal'ter. the computer was available for use where appropriate in all eourses through calculus. The mathematics department con- tinually evaluates its effectiveness by summarizing student performances on standardized tests, frequency of suc- cessful college placement exams by students, success in college mathe- matics, and surveying effectiveness ol' the curriculum for the non college hound student. 80 Mrs. Marie Schwarz Algebra 1-2, Geometry 1-2 Major Works B.S., M.A. Texas Lutheran College, University of Texas, Southwest Texas State University Mr. Ray Clapp Geometry 1-2, Consumer Math 1-2 B.S. Trinity University ,fa r. Walter DeBill gebra 3-4, Algebra 4- Major Works S., M.Ad. nited States Military Academy at West Eyint, New York University, Trinity Univer- 2 -' 1 fff' H 1 ' , " - v ,f Mr. Paul Foerster Algebra 3-4, Calculus 1-2 Major Works BS., M.A. Trinity University, University of Texas, Oakridge School of Reactor Technology, Texas A8LM Math students work on Learning Activity Packages with the help of Mrs. Sandra Frasier in the enlarged classroom area de- signed to provide more working space for this individualized instruction program. l l 81 Mrs. Sandra Frasier Algebra 1-2, Algebra 3-4 B.A., M.A. Southwest Texas State University, Incarnate Word College 82 Mr. William Funk Geometry 1-2, Elementary Analysis B.S., lVl.Ed. Southwest Texas State University lVlrs. Judith Getts Algebra 1-2, Developmental Math 1-2 B.A. Trinity University as l e math departmentis teletype, connected San Antonjo's Computer Terminal rporation, helps jim Griffin and Barbie ver solve a complex problem. Mrs. Rhetta Hamilton Algebra 3-4, Algebra 3-4 Major Works BA., M.A. Trinity University, Our Lady of the Lake College, Incarnate Word College L I up g my Mr. John Heffner Geometry 1-2, Related Math 1-2 B.S. Texas ASM 83 Miss Patti Humphreys Related Math 3-4-, Algebra l-2 BS. Belmont College 84 Mr. Paul Morris Related Math 1-2, Related Math 34 B.A. Texa A8ilVl, St. Maryis University Students in second year algebra class c pare thc temperature of a cooling cut coffee to a logarithmic function in ano' example of Mr. Foerstcr's real application of mathematics. U foreign gonguoge Spanish, l"1'a-iivli, Cvrniaii. ami aliii vlassvs 4-arnv a liltlc 1-losm-r lo icir i'4-spc-ifliw f,'Ullllll'l1'S and vullurvs iis past yr-ar. llllll' l'IIlplldSiS lor :reign language: slumlm-nls was plawd ii uiulvrstamling lhv pm-oplfvs ol' llin- irgvl language through vom- IllIllK'iilIlOIl skills. 'l'h1-sv skills won- elm-wlopvcl in lliv iiguagn- lali and in working willi orklxooks and la-xllioolss. liul in 972-IUT3. lil-lil trips aml spr-vial pro- cls wen- also more c-ommonplacc. A ip to llw Wurslll-sl higliliglilcrd thc' :ar lor Uerxnan sluclvnts. and Spanish ass me-nibefrs visited the' Xl:-xivaii arlwl and svvi-ral ol' lhc San ,Nnloiiio issions. l"rcnm-h 1-uisinv was pre-parm-fl ,1 lhn- 5IOlll'IIl4'l rooks taking l"rc-mfli, hile' liilllll sluflvnls drew maps and mipilvnl reports alioul lln-ir lioman lceslors. ln thi- way ol' classroom in- ruclion. lilmstrips and movif-s sup- mlli-iiliwl liasic' lb0Ulill'ill'Illllg, and leaks-rs olils-ii allvmlufl various 1-lassc-s i talk aliout their vulturvs. Oulsiilm- 4- classroom, students were vn- vuraged to join language' 1-luhs anrl ,irsue their studies over ilu: summer. jr p-:':'- Mr. Michael Walley models a pair of authentic German hiking shorts for mem- bers of his German class. 1 2 Q. i i 4 l l v .ii an .9-gr' , -1f'1.5" -if 9 ff' - V v fzilifii """i', Mr. Johnnie Eng Spanish IA-2A, Spanish 5-6, Spanish 5-6 Major Works B.A. North Texas State University, Stanford University 85 Martha Pulliam holds the Roman arch that she created from sugar cubes for a Latin project. li :.1 86 Mrs. Almeda l-lodge Spanish 3-4-, Spanish 3-4 Nlajor Works, French 3-4, French 5-6, French 7-8, French 9-l0 B.A. Southern Methodist University 1 Bruce Barenblat and Nancy Levit displ sombrero, chalcco, scrape and embroider skirt for mostrar y decir in Spanish 3-4. Ylrs. Karen Josey Spanish 34, Spanish 3-4 Major Works, gpanish 78, Spanish 7-8 Major Works .A. Wayland Baptist College Mrs. Courtney Newton ' Spanish 3-4 B.A. 1 University of Texas l l l l Spanish l-2 class listens to a taped Spanish exercise in the Language Lab. l 87 Mrs, Norma Quarles French 1-2, Latin 1-2, Latin 3-4, Latin 5-6 B.A. University of California at Los Angles, Occidental College at Los Angles, University of Texas 88 lVlrs. julia Sturdivant Spanish 1A-2A, Spanish 5-6 BA., M.Ed. University of Texas, Rice University, Trinity University, lncarnate Word College, Univer- sity of Barcelona lVlrs. Almeda Hodges' French 3-4 cl samples the cheese fondue they concoc as part of their studies of French Cuisine. .4 ,X if .ss Joan Elizabeth Timmins 'anish 1A-2A, Spanish 1B-2B, Spanish 3-4, anish 9-10 Major Works iversity of Texas, Lindenwood College, iiversity of Valencia ,J L L s,,'f. as l ' , ea Nancy Wilson laughs at Charlie Brown's antics on a humor poster drawn by one of Mr. ,Iohnie Eng's talented students in Spanish 5-6. Mr. Michael Walley German 1-2, German 3-4 B.A., M.A. Pennsylvania State University, East Texas State University af -WY' 1,5 89 Sociol Studies For social studies students, this year dealt with the study of man both from historical and modern per- spectives. ln the required courses ol' World and American history, emphasis was placed on an increased understanding of the past and an insight into the present. The main concern in government classes was to discuss man as a 'cpolitieal animalw who created in- stitutions to satisfy his needs. Economics also studied the American business institutions. Students in psychology and soci- ology classes studied the nature ol' man and his relationship to others. Latin American studies presented an intradiseiplinary approach to another area within the Western Hemisphere. New developments in the depart- ment included the usage of the San Antonio Express and the New York Times to gain knowledge of current events. Other activities included making a movie lor the Western section of American History, debating relevant school and political issues to learn the law-making processes, and using simulation games. 90 Mrs. Mary Zuschlag Government lA, Lati BA. Texas Tech University n American Studies 1 Mrs. Lou Mangold explains to World Hist students how to fulfill their reading c tracts. lr. Melvin Barborak 'orld History 1-2, Sociology 1-2 LA., BLA. outhwest Texas State University, St. lary's University, Our Lady ol' the Lake ollege l l l l l .. ha ,,, I' l l I l ' .J M 'V 1 , -A :,. 3 , . rap, bus ., 1 l IV. fi! i' N , Latin American studies student senior Diana Cabaza, aided by Mrs. Mary Zuschlag. whips up a Mexican meal. Mr. Curtis Cox Government lA. American History l-2 B.B.A., NLS.. ,I .D. Baylor University, Trinity University, Lon Morris junior College ! l 91 l Mr. Joseph Guillory World History 1-2 B.A., M.A. Louisiana University, Centenary College 92 Mrs. Frieda Krueger American History 1-2 B.A. University of Texas, Trinity University 4 Mr. Gale Nelson World History 1-2 B.A., M.A. San Antonio College, University of Te: Southwest Texas State University, Trir University, University of California v is a part of his American history studies Zecil Martinez reads the morning news for a etter grasp of current events. M9 ' 'Q4""'. Mrs, Lou Mangold American History 1-2, Govemment 1A B.A. Incarnate Word College Gznf 5 0 lyk , s...rr L. lVlr. Harry lVlcBain World History 1-2 B.S. Trinity University 592' 93 'J' in K 5,1 ' -W tr C I . ,.,- .X 1,5 . , 1 V mx Fx ., , ,. ' I xii :fl K Y V2 . Q' 1 I , ' fu, :LJ--1--' L':'u ' 'J i 7 ' 4 il "F 'C Q Y an 'Q fi, l NC C "iz x 'r r . ev -, - ,Q ,fs Q, Y A is U ffl? N - - "' J 'YY '. Q S' il .. 7:1 "' -H1 f y . ,AA.. C ,fy 6 as 9 f ,. ' lf Y 15" . ' ,'-'1:.,, ,Tw .. l V A ,A A , nz ,:,A f 4 :- 5 2 Sift? e .l C .ig nba? , V bm A 33 Q, 1 .QQ L 'K W fi .31 . ,Q , J, fi siHfc . fgv I... A it-it 515598 Decision 372, a political poster compiled by fall government classes, presents a variety of cartoons and photographs concerning the November election. 94 lVlr. Thomas Robert Smith American History I-2, World History 1-2 li.A. Trinity University Mr. james Walkup Government 1A-ZA, Economics 1-2 l3.B.A. Cumberland University, Texas Christi: University, Trinity University, St. Mary University, Incarnate Word College Dhysicol Education Fondly referred to as PE., the aysical education department offered :veral courses every six weeks this ear in order to meet the varied terests of students. With classes ranging from howling -v volleyball, emphasis was placed not ly on playing the sport as a means exercise, hut also developing a -lortsman-like attitude. For freshmen and those upper assmen lacking this credit, a semester as spent taking health. Com- 'unicahle and infectious diseases were scussed, as well as mental health, ist aid, and dangerous drugs. Generally speaking, the physical ucation in P.E. was directed at veloping strength, endurance, flex- lity, balance, and coordination. Participation in team sports was attempt to help people get along ltter in groups, and the semester of alth required of all students was ,signed to help them handle the lmplexities of contemporary living. I I l Mr. James Tatsch Boys' Physical Education B.A. St. Mary's University The indoor swimming pool, heated all year, gives students an opportunity to swim in all weathers. 95 ' sua-M5 Mrs. Dale A. Brown Girls Physical Education, Health Education B.S. University of Rhode Island 96 Miss Robin Gray Girls Physical Education, Health Education BS. University of Corpus Christi l 2 .5 lVlr. William Horlen Boys Physical Education B.S. Sul Ross State College 'r""+"""' ,..- f 1- 'If?f'f' it K -:ig e . 0 if az . K -M 1 I L A J 9 , . x MR' ' my 2 l inklin Devine, proud of his full lotus sition, waddles to his P.E. teacher to get LA' for the day. I Mr. James Keener Health Education, Boys Physical Education Bowling Green State University B.S., M.Ed. Hazel Spalten aims at the bucket on a free throw shot. 97 Mr. Ted Nlasser Boys' Physical Education BS. Southwest Texas State University 98 Miss Frances Sims Girls' Physical Education B.A., M.Ed. University of Texas Taking advantage of the flexible P.E. 1 gram, Woody Lindsey enrolled in cei walking. During a volleyball game in P.E., Scott NlcClanahan takes his turn at serving. iss Susan Spice Els' Physical Education BA., Bs. A y iversity of Texas at El Paso - 3 Mr. Walter Wayne Williams Health Education, Boys' Physical Education B.S. Blinn Junior College, Southwest Texas State University at- f l -7' 99 Homemcaking A mixture ol' old and new ele- ments made the l972-1973 year more enjoyable for all homemaking stu- dents. The basic cooking, sewing, and child care courses were supplemented by classes in Child Development, Home and Family Living, and Home Furnishing to present attitudes and values which would give students a guideline lor homemaking in the future. The neighboring community was used to its fullest this year by the students. Child Development classes visited kindergarten children from ages three to five to discover how to treat their own offspring in the future. Consumer Education elass members branched out by going from used car lots to supermarkets to find the best products lor their money. After care- ful investigations, this class prepared and devoured its own Thanksgiving dinner. A trip to Piedras Negras for comparative shopping was also a pro- ject of the Consumer Education stu- dents. But even more was added this year. Gourmet cooking was taught to interested students who might want more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for their after school snack. During Christmas celebrations, this class prepared a meal for teachers and administrators. Of course, if you asked the girls about their most welcomed addition to the overall program, it would pro- bably be the admission of boys to certain classes. ln any case, all ofthe new elements in the program seemed to combine very well with the older, basic courses, making for a very worth- while year. I Mrs. Elaine Carol Consumer Education, Family Living, Home- making 1B-2B, Homemaking 34- B.S. University of Texas Kurt Kinnie compares prices and quality various automobiles for his Consumer classes. 100 l l I uzanne Woodley buys a tamale from Carol 'an Norman, adding another dime to the llexico fund for the homemaking students. d d ddd, .- '-- 'N"""' . -in as Mrs. Nila Earle Homemaking IB-2B, Child Development, Home Furnishing Bb. University oi' Texas na ET Betty Lyn Ford adds finishing touches to the Christmas tree ornament she designed for her Home and Family Living class. 101 Kim Cloughley puts a seam in her entry in the sewing contest sponsored hy the home- making classes. 102 Mrs. Ursula George Homemaking 1A-2A B.S. Texas Tech College University Child Development student jeff Hinso helps teach two small students from a loc: kindergarten to use the telephone. 2 2 3 2 5 E Vocational Education The vocational education depart- -ent turned out everything from umbers helpers to nurses aides nring the past school year. This de- Iirtment focused on those students terested in learning a trade or means ' support before graduating from igh school. A wide range of courses was failahle in l972-73. Health :cupation took in students interested nursing, dentistry, and lab chniquesg the Industrial Cooperative raining program offered instruction becoming everything from electric- ns to photographers. A little closer to high school, udents in Coordinated Vocational cademic Education took care of the pper work: they printed the Hoof int, typed and ran off notices, and Jplicated papers for teachers using ie schoolis offset press and the du- icating machines. Secretarial services were covered Office Education, and Distributive rlucation students studied sales and rvices. Students had an opportunity to ve school to work under the Co- erative Partime Academic Education ogram. First year students in PAT learned a single skill operation d more experienced students rked on a multiple skilled opera- n. As in most other Vocational ucation classes, students over 16 ars old were positioned and went on school in the morning, working in e afternoon at paying jobs ranging m an air conditioning mechanic's lper to an X-ray technician. Mr. Guy Cope Vocational Supervisor BS., M.Ed. University of Texas, Texas A8zNl, Incarnate Word College, Our Lady of the Lake College. OET student Laurie Wright exercises sales- manship to peddle a miniature plastic foot- ball player for a money-making project. l 103 he Q ,tg i Mr. Denson Ellerbee BA., Distributive Education 1-2, 3-4 Centenary College, Texas Western Univer- sity, St. lVlary's University Photographs of many facts of Office Educa- tion are displayed in the window near the emblem. John Couch saws away at his project wood for CVAE. l 104 l Mike Green prepares a liypodcrinic for Atom Ant in his Health Occupations class, 'QV George jared AE 1-2, CVAE 34 niversity ol' Maryland, East Texas State niversity, Texas A8zlVI K Mrs. jean joseph Office Education 1-2, Office Education 3-4 BA. University of Texas, Texas Woman,s Univer- sity, Incarnate Word College 105 Health occupation students inspect a plaster cast of teeth, I Mrs. Lula Belle Kinslow CVAE 1-2, CVAE 3-4 B.A., B.S. Mary Hardin Baylor Mr. john McConnell Industrial Cooperative Training 1-2 dustrial Cooperative Training 3-4 BS. University of Colorado 19 COPAT 3-4- Frances Ross AT -.., ssociate of Art Antonio Art Institute University, San Antonio College, Vocational students run off the 1972-73 schedule for basketball fans. Nlrs. Helena Tynan Health Occupation Health Occupation BS. Columbia Teachers, l-ZZ, 34 College E i 1 Business Whether for personal use or future job use, typing, shorthand, and book- keeping were offered to Heightstersi in 772973. The business department offered these courses to practical- miiided students with hopes of their becoming as proficient as possible. ln the first semester of typing, classes learned the keyboard and the basics of operating a typewriter. As they moved into the second semester and began practicing their skills, stu- dents often typed to music and took timed typing tests. Shorthand students spent the first half of their year learning the symbols and the theory behind the course, and Wrapped up with a second semester full of practicing their skills. Bookkeeping, offered mainly to those students interested in getting a headstart in the business world, started off the year with the practical aspects of the course. As they became more adept, make-believe business trans- actions were recorded by class mem- bers in books called Hpractice sets". Mechanical drawing and shop were also part of last year's curri- culum. Mechanical drawing, or drafting, was offered to our aspiring architects and contractors, while the shop course attracted those students interested in working with machines and engines. 108 Mrs. Helen Reid Typing 1-2, Shorthand l-2 B.B.A. University of Texas Pam Kirk, Ann Dalton, Mike McAllister, Evely Nixon giggle as they type to the t of 'L0h Mama, Can This Really Be the to be Stuck Inside of Mobile with Memphis Blues Again?" l- lr. John Corner eneral Shop .S., KLA. outhwest Texas State University rt 'la u limi fft W Q? ab' " inwg , - ! ,,,,.avY Genevieve Kinney adds up a column of figures to record in her 'Spractice setw. Mr. Douglas Graham General Drafting B.S. East Texas State University, New Mexico Military Institute 109 Ronald Merks hacks up a board on a circular table saw for his shop project. 110 Mrs. Wanda Tassos Typing 1-2, Bookkeeping B.S. Our Lady of the Lake College, St. lVIary's University Dimi Nlaniatis practices feverishly for shorthand test. lr. james Walkup 'eneral Business .B.A. exas Christian University, Cumberland niversity, Trinity University, St. Mary's njversity, lncarnate Word College ' "Yi xX ' LSI - -4 A' 1' Yffff' Eg- .f fl In M Arthur Flores carefully inscribes a circle on one of the blueprints mechanical drawing students were required to draft. mfaffl 'Wal Miss Linda Wise Typing 1-2 B.A. Baylor University 111 Resource A very specialized and non- struetured atmosphere was character- istic of the l972-73 resource depart- ment. 'lfeachcrs worked with students who showed deficits in their academic skills, and whose level of performance indicated a need for compensatory education. The combination study hall- resource room was complete with maps and many reference hooks, and each student was dealt with differently and individually by his instructor. 'lfhe teachers used the campus facilities and special techniques to help each child compensate for his academic problem. 112 Mr. Allan Barrow Resource teacher B.A., lVI.Ed Trinity University, San Diego University, Our Lady ofthe Lake, St. lVlary's University Mr. John Torbert tutors a World Histi student, giving some additional help bef a test. 1 i 1 1 i is., Ann Coover Esource teacher S. tiversity of Wisconsin I Mrs. Sylvia Harlan Teacher aide Q Mr. John Torbert Resource teacher B.S. University of Texas, Trinity University Clubs i . i n 1 N l i I, ' Q L 1 v 2 5 i A l 1 A Q 115 Draniatists Pxplorm-mi lite in a Jewish t'0l1l't'1ltl'2.lti0ll Camp, in this fall prociurtion of "I Nvver Saw Anothe-r Butterl'ly" hy Colvstc Raspanti. .N play, -Ivwish songs and dam-vs, and an audio visual poetry presentation told tht- ultimately hopeful story of the hlcak 14-wish prison, Over fifty students portrayed thu childrt-n and thuir teachvrs in 'l'4-rvzin Conrvii- tration Camp, with svnior Paula Krnniboitz cast in tht- leading roh' of Raja Finglariclerova, the autobio- graphical charactcr who alone vscapcd from' tht- camp to writc tht- pla multi-lvvei scam- th-sign provid challenging setting for cast nienl with stark barheci wirr' contra with poignant chihlrviias drawing show 'l'e-rvzinis immediate tcrroi vwntual liopfn Enthusiastic tht-s learnt-il cf-rffnionial jewish songs clancvs, with the he-lp of Rabbi I lfrt-unri ol' 'lfernple Beth-El, and I ings wx-rf' pro-it-ctccl onto a hackdr an innovative attvmpt to invoh medias into thc production. Nlctionol Thespion Society eatedj Bill Getner, Mrs. Sandra Ketter, O,Neal, Rob Boldrick, Jeanie Stiba, Robert Eonsorg ffirst rowj Meredith McAtee, Greg Seal, Paula Krumholtz, Lisa Maudin, Jim 'IcCalpin, Carol Calvert, Evelyn MacDonald. Franks. second rowj Georgine Christenson, Nancy M,-21, ,Q ,E ' 1+ - ' -if. : Wx: .- ff 1 - . :V ' I I . Notionol Honor Socieiy 118 . L if ,ff -v- ,,, .t----napa flirst rowj 'l'0m Simms, Patti Wallis, julia Vvacli. lizitlivrinc' King, lilisa Krause, fsecond rowj Nlaclvlinv tlootvv, l,isa Prvss' Ivy, Pain Yanllorn, Sally Sim-fvrt, Cathy Sl'll0t'lllit'll, Kathy Coopvr, Nl:-rry Hvtli Bryant, Susan Nl:-ng:clvn,jolin Spive'y,ftllirrl rowj .lean Stilia, Alison Wvngvr, lCvelyn Nixon. Nanvy Carnvs, Cindy Lewis, Caroline' Liljenwall, Chris Lev, Carolyn Branch, Nancy Splintvr, Linda Xloorv, Diane Hanson, ,Indy Hump, Sharon Dorsey, jan Preston, Karrn Ostrnin, fll0llI'lll ronj Dm-umm Wong, llarbiv Sin-wr, Ellen linppe-l, Candy Clark, Nlervdith Nlt-Ate-1-, llolly Stvwart, Elizabvtli lillgvlkv. ,lanis Luclwig, Dm' jvmiings, Chuck Kriivgvr, john Nlv- Swain, Wendy Erickson, fnot sltownl Louisa Aikin, Diane- llartlvy, Katlivrinr' King, 'l'0in Kingman, .lnliv Xlarvk, Paul Smith, julie' Williamson, Danny Andrvws. Sarall Wiggins, lieth Chainlwrs, ,-Xnclrvw lliskin. 119 ffirst rowj Evelyn Nixon, president, Barbie Siever, vice president, Carolyn Branch, secretaryg Katherine King, treasurer. fsecond rowj Lisa Pawel, Gail Gray, Jenny Killian, Ann Dalton, Wendy Erickson. fthird rowj Donna Storm, Laurie Light, Betsy Thaggard, Liane Cox, Marianne King, Julie Kinser. ffourth rowj Julia Veach, Debra Benitez, Margaret Adams, Paula Jacobs, Diana Miller. ffifth rowj Alice Ball, Sherrie Williams, Elizabeth Engelke, Lisa Pressly, Penny Carter, Pat Reilly. fsixth rowj John Dreyfus, Madeline Gootee, Janelle Jones, Daina Wilburn, Elisa Krause, Susan Adams. fseventh rowj Jamie Calvert, Kay Anderson, Barry Gliechenhaus, Leo Tynan, Alison Wenger. feighth rowj Sherry Block, Mary Weller, Chris Hill, Janet Rogers, Elizabeth Ames, Susan Brusenhaun. fninth rowj Mary Ellen Martin, Ann Oldfather, Maura Osbourne, Tara Riklin, Mallonee Davis, Sandy Garza, Ann Harwood. ftenth rowj Lynne Hendry, Suzanne Park, Virginia McGaughy, Elaine Miller, Diane Hierholzer, Heather Douglass, Ginnie Van Hardeveld, Janie Drought, Lupe Ramirez, Debbie Deras, Ellen Ruppel, Peggy Padilla. fnot picturedj Julie Williamson, Gale Gregory, Susan Cook, Corita Parker, Leslie Embs, Maureen Hillman, Karen Ostrun, Kathy Cooper, John Cuellar, Caroline Steinberg, Debbie Deleplane, Sandra Calderon, Deanna Wong, Dawn O,Neal, Elizabeth Campbell, Sally Hite, Sidney Swearingen, Jackson Diehl, Sandra Garza, Cynthia Tyron, Martha Flores, Rudy Rosillo, Susan Keahey, Bob Kingman, Steve Brannan, David Stewart, Robin Cook, Ann Worrel, Martin Phillips, Stacy Brooner, John Gilliland, Carl Oliver, Lee Ann Martin, Randy Erben, Rosanne Doyle, John Sulak, Yolanda Garcia, John Griffin, Diana Ranson, Patty Wallis, Bruce Hill. 120 Spanish National Honor Society - . 3. If i ty- AE., 4 32 . we K M -V sz ,Qff 5' ,otin Notionol Honor Society .J -li rowl Mrs. Norma Quarles, sponsorg smith, Chris Lee, Roh Boldrick, treasurerg Barrett Moursund. rowj Lisa Pressly, Evelyn Carol Matula, Bridget Burns, dy Bump, Sharon Dorsey, Sandra ughan, Cathy Shoenfelt, president, Nancy Splinter, Martha Pullium, Jeanie Stiba, vice president, Diana Caboza. fnot picturedj Andy Biskin, Kathy Brecka, Doug Dodge, john Goudge, Maureen Hillman, Willie Hoyack, john McSwain, George Mead, Lucia Tredidi, Steve Wright. Mu Alpha Theta ffirst rowj Sally Warren, Debbie Benadus, Betsy Thaggard, Nancy Fuhrman, Mary Weller, Manette Gootce, Sharon Wetz, Marjorie Verner, Debbie Delaplane, Bridget Burns, Elizabeth Englke, Julie Rogers, Martha Spivey, Jim Griffin, president, Ellen Ruppel, historian. fsecond rowj John Sulak, Barrett Moursund, Bruce Hill, Ann Dalton, Ann Kaufman, Kay Anderson, Elizabeth Pawel, Marianne King, Susie Everidge, Debbie Haas, Donna Balin, Meredith lVlcAtee, Diana Ranson, Susan Mengden, Barbie Siever, treasurer, Karen Ostrum, secretary, fthird rowj Susan Sheldon, Janet Rogers, Melinda DeBriyn, Rosalyn Springmeyer, Emily l-leitkamp, Jackson Diehl, Lee Lahourcade, Margaret Pawel, Karen Goetting, Sally Siefert, Lisa Pressly, Paula Jacob, Dianne Pike, Erin Moran, Madiline Gootee, Pam Loring, Carolyn Branch, Katherine King, Elizabeth Elliot, Sharon Dorsey, Donna Storm, sergeant-ab arms, Cindy Lewis, chaplain., ffourth rowj Rob Boldrick, Barry Gleichenhaus, Martin Phillips, Thomas Nau, Jim Adams, Elizabeth Campbell, Bob Kingman, Daina Wilburn, Penny Carter, Heather Schultz, Lee Smith, Bruce Maurer, Karen Hemplke, Jannele Jones, Susan Cook, Carol Matula, Kathy Cooper, Juliana Marek, Paul Foerster, sponsor. ffifth rowj Deral Judy, Michele Cooper, Margaret Beck, Jimmy Paschal, Jeff Berler, Bob Baskin, Stuart Glienchenhaus, Andy Biskin, Steven Diehl, Jim Hull, Art Graf, Jeff Hull, Tom Sims, Alice Ball, John Ambler, Nancy Splinter, Judy Bump. fnot picturedj Hal Agler, Deborah Arat, Quentin Baker, Brad Barenblat, Bruce Barenblat, Maggie Beck, Clay Becker, Melinda Brady, Steve Brannan, James Calvert, John Carter, Beth Chambers, Candy Clark, Molly Collins, Nancy Cook, Henry Donzis, John Dreyfus, Randy Erben, Ralph Evans, Myron Gerhard, John Graves, John Griffith, Susie Hamilton, Robert Hardin, Maureen Hillman, Jeff Hinson, Tom Kingman, John Lawton, Genie Leftwich, Nancy Levit, George Livesay, Caroline Lilijenwall, Connie Lock, Hans Mangold, Kitty Mullen, Jesse Pantalion, Allison Wenger, vice president, Patty Wallace, sergeant-at-arms, Corita Parker, Jan Preston, Erin Shaw, Marty Thompson, Lucia Tredici, Julia Veach. . 122 x x x X XXXXXQ National Forensic League F t 5 . . S i I ffirst rowj David Duke, presidentg George Richardson, Brenda Mason, Mimi jefferson, Robert Seal, Donna Morel, Paula Kmnho Mead, first vice-presidentg Rob Boldrick, Shari Buls, Marijean Eng, Carol Wagner, Liz Tom Simms, David Fey, Tom Kimmel, second vice-presidentg Evelyn McDonald, Calvert, Paul Smith. fsecond rowj Mr. Gale Ivey. secretaryg Jamie Calvert. Ueasurerg Gary Nelson, sponsorg Larry Fuller, Randy Fein, i 124 Quill oncl Scroll 'first rowj llenry Spaulding, Elisa Krausv. Ostrum. fnot picturcdj Ge-orge Goodv. olly Sff'W2lI't. lllfrfilifll NlCflU'f'- Wf'l1df'll Elizalx-th Campbvll, Dawn 0'Yral. Susan all. fsecoml rowl Tim Jarvis, Holly HRIWII. Nloorv, Vanity Cook. Nluuru Osbornv, Andy Kim Scott. :Xlny Henley. fthird rowj ARIN' Biskin, Alan Oxford. Nlrs. Nlzuy Norman, -larwood. .Ianni-s Kellrr. Nlary Paul, Nlolly gpgngor, llurray. ffourth rowj Kathy Coopvr. Karen 12 Service Club ffirst rowj Elisa Krause, Martha Block, lieth Walters, Patty Wallis. fsecond row, Diana Hanson, Donna Storm, Carolyn Branch. fthird rowj Leslie Eisenschmidt, Sally Siefert, Diane Horn. ffourth rowj Dimi Maniatis, Elizabeth Romano, Nancy Nicholson, Mary Pat Mitchell. ffifth rowj Sally Warren, ,Ianis Ludwig, Mary Paul, Laurie Wright, fsixth rowj Alice Ball, jean Comer, jenny llsu, Donna Rowe, Deanna Wong, lscvcnth rowj Amy Henley, Karen Ostrum, Cindy Lewis. feighth rowj julie Marek, Kerry Miller, Martha Pulliam, fninth rowj Dianc Bartley, jean Stiba, Alison Wenger, Kathy Cooper, Caroline Liljenwall, Carol Matula. Qtenth rowj Erin Shaw, Janelle jones, Barbie Siever, Holly Stewart, Ellen Ruppel, Susan Mcngden. feleventh rowj 'l'ara liiklin, Diana Cabaza, Mrs. John Helen Reid, sponsor, Madeline Gootee, Wendy Erickson, Katherine King, Pam Van llorn, Nancy Cook, Susan Sheldon, Carol Creeden. fnot picturedj Susie llainilton, Carolyn johns, Paula Krumboltz, Meredith McAtee, Evelyn Nixon, Janet Rogers, Joyce Shovlin, Susan Straus, Sarah Wiggins, Candy Clarke, Leslie limbs, ,leanette Lock, Pain Loring, Linda Moore, Julie Williamson, Stephanie Wolff, Elizabeth Campbell, Melinda Debryin. 126 .ay 'ja 4 .Ya an ley Club l L , v r r"r' 25-S ,,. 'LY I I5 If 1' ,,v -:'r' ' KEYS ffirst row! Paul Smith, presidentg Chris Hill, vice presidentg Bob Baskin, treasurer, Art Graf, Bobby Cohen, Jackson Diehl. fsecond rowj Bob Kingman, David Stuart, Glen Holchock, Carl Oliver, Mike Bartley, john Conger, Lee Lahourcade. fthird rowj Bill Sawtell, john Griffith, Phillip Locke, Ben McCaleb, john Ambler, Jeff Sugarman, Bruce Barenblat, Mr. Walter DeBill, sponsor. ffourth rowj Howard Haring, Robert Seal, Barry Gleichenhaus, Bobby Wray, Martin Phillips, Tod Maclin. Knot picturedj Randy Erben, secretary, Will Carter, Tom Stanley, Brad Barenblat, Stephen Diehl, Stuart Gleichenhaus, Matt Griffin, Lane Mitchell, Ray Romano, Madison Smith. 127 ffirst rowj Hugh Mathews, secretary, Jack Lewis, treasurerg Forrest Smith, sergeant- at-armsg Tom Kingman, vice presidentg Bobby Bass, president. fsecond rowj Bagan Davis, Will Rotzler, Tow Ware, Bubba Sellers, Mary Thornhill, Elizabeth Romano. fthird rowj john Hendry, Mike Virgil, Martin Virgil, George Livesay, Clay Becker. ffourth rowj Lester McGilveay, Paul Journavouz, Brad Camp, Brian Wright, Cathy McCalin. ffifth rowl Rudi jeminez, Bruce Hill, J anis Ludwig, Nancy Nicholson, Steve Miller. fsixth rowj Coach McBain, sponsor, Arthur Zurtuche, Tommy Chido, Stuart Campbell, Alan Jochimson. fnot picturedj Randy Thomas, sergeant-at-armsg Susan Straus, Scott Walker, Nancy Stouffer, Sally Hitc, Phillup Orosco, Pat Wakely, Cecil Martinez, Norman George, Mike Connally, john McSwain, Phillup Sewell, Brad Nabors, "A" Clu Katherine Carter, Paula Braymen, Lf Fischer, Pat Reilly, Diana Miller, A Manning, Elaine Miller, Carl Harnisch,, Leinbach, Bonby Cavinder, Billy Caven4 Richard Hocott, Mike Wisdom, Cha Thomas, Phil Farmer, Cip Jasse, D: Sielski, Dania Wilburn, Kelly Theis, Br Cunningham, Tom Fuhrman, Jim Garris Steve Wright, Davis Lilles, David Gorn john Livesay. 128 I , ! l I E I I 6 2 Q E l l i l 1 1 fthird rowj Lucy Norton, Brent Hoey, Randy Parr, Tommy Chiodo, Chris Lee, Mark Crabtree, Phillip Duke, Karen Helmke, Patti Gilhousen, Karen Klahn. fnot picturedj Rudy Bishop, Stephen Jacobs. 129 Student Council RIGHT The trading post provides many needed supplies for students, as well as a year-round source ol' income for the Student Council. FAR RIGHT Executive committee: QEH Bob Baskin, parliamentariang OO Lee Lahourcade, ILT representative, fm Julie Williamson, cor- responding secretaryg QCD Kathy Cooper, vice presidentg fUl Wendy Erickson, historian, QTJ Carolyn johns, chaplain: flj Mary Pat Mitchell, business managerg QVJ Paul Smith, presidentg KEJ CeCe Cheever, treasurer. fnot picturedl Barbie Siever, per- sonnel managcrg Henry Spaulding, fire chief, Susie Hamilton, recording secretaryg Randy Erben, sergeant-at-armsg Tom Kingman, sergeant-at-arms. LEFT ffirst rowj Karen Ostrum, Kathy Cooper, John Carter, Jim Griffin, Lane Mitchell, Keich Jung, Julie Kinser, Diana Miller, April Manning, Nancy Levit, Patty Reilly. fsecond rowj George Mead, Robert Seal, Jean Stiba, Laurie Wright, Mary Pat Mitchell, Carolyn Johns, Caroline Liljenwall, Madison Smith, Nancy Fuhrman, Leigh Fischer, Virginia McGaughy. fthird rowj Nancy O'Neal, Jamie Calvert, Melinda DeBrilyn, Janelle Jones, Elizabeth Romano, Donna Balin, Meredith NlcAtee, Randy Erben, Holly Stewart, Sabra Walker, Barbie Siever. ffourth rowj Susannah Schaefer, Madeline Gootee, Carolyn Branch, Katherine King, Lisa Ford, Ann Dalton, Liane Cox, Manette Gootee, Jean Cheever, Michele Clark, Liz Elliot, Cfifth rowj Henry Spaulding, Jimmy Carter, Mitchel Kaliff, Scott Riklin, David Palans, John Brown, Paul DuBose, Lee Lahourcade, Cathy Lyman, Vicki Trammel. fsixth row? Richard Price, Dee Jennings, Baron Cook, Andy Biskin., Clary Loiselle, Trip Worden, David Bryant, Elaine Miller. fseventh rowj Bruce Barenblat, Anne Oldfather, Marty Thomp- son, Kim Evans, John Gilliland., Rod Hinson, Tab Alessandron, Charles Randall, Tom Pressley, Heather Douglas, Jimmy Paschal. feighth rowj Bob Baskin, Melanie Kaliff. Sally Frasier, Paul Abrahanson., Kim Cloughly, Sam Boldrick, Annie Mock, Annie Castleberry, Bob Howell, Ralph Evans. fninth rowJ Wendy Erickson, CeCe Cheever, Nancy Rowe, Amy Gorman, Kathy Sawyer, Jennie McCaleb, T. C. Helland, Sancy Seymour, Debbie Stewart, Phil Kettering, Hike Jackson. ftenth rowj Dawn O,Neal, Erin Shaw, Cecil Martinez, Evelyn Nixon, Tom Stanley, Cathy Clegg, Sherrie Williams, Betsy Landsman, Sylvia Martinez, Sarah Ewing, Jimmy Turner. feleventh rowj Doug Dodge, Scott Walker, Laura Liebman, Kathy Thornhill, Joelle Miller, Cheryl Hartwig, Torn Kingman, Susie Hamilton, John McSwain, Janis Ludwig. ftwelfth rowj Scott Jutson, Alan Schoenbaum, Maura Osborne, Blair Banks, Susan Swearingen., Virgina Drought, Alan Oxford, Julie Williamson, John Cuellar. fthirteenth rowj Eddie Ambler, Kitty Campbell, Paul Smith, Mr. Curtis Cox, assistant sponsorg Craig Hicks, Scott Moore, David Duke, Miss Linda Wise, sponsor, Rob Jutson. fnot picturedj Stan Shaw, Mary Spector, Phillip Gardner, Will Hausser, Ellen Ruppel, Leo Tynan, Greg McCalpin, Debbie Cranford, Lisa Embs, Carol Wright, Sidney Swearingen, Mike Green, Cindy McCarley, Phyllis Hertz, Kathy Vecera, Cindy Jones, Terry Wray, Walter Hopper, Marie Sorleau, Leslie Sebesta. 131 Advisory Presidents Counc RIGHT ffirst rowl Paul Smith'x', Tucker Cuellar, Wendell Hall, fsecond rowl Caroline Liljenwall, president: Sally Hite, vice presi- dent: Suzan Stebbins, secretary, Sally Siefert, Parliamentariang Melissa Tillotson, treasurer: Bobby Bass, chaplaing Tara Riklin, sergeant-at-armsg Martha Pulliam, Larry Balser, Joan Cheever. fthird rowj Becky Beer, Elizabeth Gaston, Ci.ndy Lewisili, Susan Brusenhan, Linda Kline, Laura Pogue, Roland Castillo, Bruce Hilllf, Edward Sealy, Donna Rowe, Stacey Brooner, Ree lrlearnii. ffourth rowj Debbie Raider, Cynthia Christian, Cindy Wordie, Laurie Light, Sally Stebbins, Pam Liljenwall, Robert Schultz, Steve Lewis, Jim Aiken, Deborah Benitez. ffifth rowj Vicki Canales, Susie Caughy, Anne Oldfatherli, Patty Leslie, Yolanda Gomez, Shen-y Block, Diana Westbury, David Rymer, Lester McGilvray. fnot picturedj Mallonee Davis, sergeant-at-arms, Kathleen Garrettif, Tom Kingman, john Scalyf, Melanie Kaliffx, jeff Sugarmanl, Glenn l-lolchakaf, Phil Orozco, Steve Brannan, Bridget Brierty, John Ames, Myron Gerhard, Beth Walters, Barry Gliech- enhaus, Elizabeth Ames, Pat Meerschiedt, Bill Mitchell, Bobby Goudge, Tim Wolff, Betty Ramos, Paul Biechlin, Leslie Sebesta, Art Graf, Vicki Canales, Bill Newton, Bland Schwarting, Sabrina Shawd, Mary Thoun- hill, Betsy Thaggard, Gus Gutierrez, Cynthia McCarley, Stephen Diehl. ll' denotes honorary member wil' Cifggfff wang . 'Q Q , ,U V' U. SM , 4522 FAR LEFT Larry Balser and Bubba Schultz bushwhack Billy Carleston for a United Fund donation. LEFT An Advisory president helps deck the halls with rolls of colored tape in the APC's entry in the window decorating contest. n I 'F 5 C I 133-F ff? Ya 2-U-. ' ' ' zsafalk V - ..a:igq AKQCJSKB, ,... Safety Council RIGHT ffirst rowl Henry Spaulding, presi- dentg Ann Kaufman, Donna Rowe, Nancy Wilson, fsecond rowl Sara Jung, Melinda DeBryin, Helen Krueger. fthird rowj Norma Luna, Lynne Hendry, Suzanne Park. ffourth rowj joan Cheever, Sally Frazer. ffifth rowj Sherry Block, Lisa Burkhardt, Janet Hans. fsixth rowj Heather Douglass, Kathy Lyman. fseventli rowj Diana Westberry, Sue Oppert, Elizabeth Elizando. fnot picturedl John MeSwain, Tom Kingman, Arthur Zer- tuche, Rudy Jimeniz, Clay Becker, Norman George, Keich Jung, Cecil Nlartinez, Polly Payne, Debbie Delaplane, Laura Schwarting, Donna Storm, Annie Castleberry, Debbie Stewart, Sharon Sitterle, Joelle Miller, Cindy Ladd, Linda Borgeois, Manette Gootee, Michele Clark, Lisa Ford, Steve Smith, Debbie Scott, Nancy Brusenhan, Emily Heitkamp, Rosalyn Springmeyer, Amy Scott, Cindy Lewis. BELOW Safety Council members Nancy Wilson patrols the locker area during the lunch period. 11 :,-Hg LEFT At a Mule Stall dance Scott McCul- lough pleads with Nancy Carnes to retum his hand. ABOVE Two l-leightsters play nswing the Statuew at the Mule stall. Mule Stoll LEFT Senior Council: ffirst rowj Nancy Cree, vice presidentg Sally Hite, secretaryg Paula Krumboltz, publicityg Leslie Embs, house and rules. fsecond rowj Mary Pat Mitchell, house and grounds: Susan Ford, treasurer: Nancy Jo Casey, presidentg Barbie Sweeten, house and grounds. fnot picturedj Danny Jensen, entertainment. L. Q' .13 1 +5 A ,Avg-'kwa' if Lqb Ly We 1 JSY' 'mf 1 f ' A Sf, ,...l ' 'vu -, -. 135 Mule Stall MD ABOVE Freshman Council: fclockwise from 12:00 p.mJ Ann Wilson, house and groundsg Kathy Thornhill, house and rulesg T. C. Helland, vice presidentg Holly Adamsg publicityg Kristy Huey, house and groundsg Laura Pogue, treasurerg Cindy Geppert, en- tertainmentg Sally Golden, presidentg Cindy Wakely, secretary. RIGHT junior Council: fsittingj Caroline Haight, house and groundsg April Manning, treasurerg Kathy Sawyer, secretary. fstandingj Kathy Clegg, house and rulesg Elizabeth Gaston, puhlicityg Kim Evans, entertainment: Sherrie Williams, vice presidentg Barry Gleie- henhaus, house and groundsg Donna Rowe, president. f TOP Sophomore Council: fstandingj Nancy Fuhrman, presidentg Virigina McGaughy, publieityg Marty Thompson, entertainment. fsittingj Sabra Walker, house and groundsg Lori johnson, secretaryg Heather Douglas, vice presidentg Lisa Ford, treasurerg Sara Jung, house and grounds. fnot picturedj Bea Moye, house and rules. ABOVE Sophomore Council members Bea Moye and Marty Thompson plan another Mule Stall extrava- ganza. RIGHT funder phonej Alan Oxford, editorg Nancy Cook, editor. fstandingj Ellen Ruppel, Heather Douglass, Manette Gootee, Jim Paschal. ABOVE Ellen Ruppel, Heather Douglass, Manette Gootee, and Nancy Cook discuss the relative merits of expanding circulation to a national level. ABOVE RIGHT Alan Oxford thumbs through Bart- lettie Book of Absurd Sayings to get an idea for his next article. 138 Hoof Print TV l,l'Ii"'l' Miki' Bronson and Brucv Miller adjust thv controls on the video tape machina- hefore an taping. BELOW l,lil"'l' David Dc-'ason sets up thc' television cquipmvnl for an instant rc-play of his last show. VAR l,Ei"'l' Murudilh MCAIQA- opens an Hl'l'V newscast with hcfadline C0l'lIIIll'lIiill'i1'S. 139 eeee M - 2 gg ,z . MN,A,..M-as Hoof Print ABOVE RIGHT As they write headlines, Holly Stewart a.nd Mike Bronson giggle, pretending to ignore Henry Spaulding's paper dolls. ABOVE Holly Hawn, Susan Moore, Wendell Hall, and Henry Spaudling anticipate Mrs. Norman's reaction to their article entitled, "Articles of Revolutionf' 1410 fi. . v 2 l 2 2 4 5 F -A i 1 Q l 1 i 3 r Q -0-3,-T-'l"3LY1,." J PIT LEFT fleft to rightj Mike Bronson, photo- grapherg Holly Stewart, manwg news editorg Meredith McAtee, editor-in-chiefg Wendell Hall, editorial editorg Susan Moore, associate editorg Rochelle Krajian, business managerg Holly Hawn, feature editorg Tim Jarvis, circulation editorg Henry Spalding, sports editorg David Deason, television pro- ducer. fnot picturedj Dawn 0,Neal, assistant editorg Lisa Miller, assistant associate editorg ,. te.ot L. Bruce Miller, typistg Michael Begeman, photographerg Phillip Sewell, photographerl George Goode, editorial staff, advertising manager. ABOVE LEFT Fulfilling her edi- torial duties, Meredith McAtee helps Susan Moore decide how to arrange her copy. ABOVE Working late into the aftemoon, Hoof Print staffers often become so hlulgry that even Mrs. Norman is forced to eat her pencil. 141 42 Jobberwocky -'h' :f1g5z,fg:.:sg?gg, gait, ,gm K 1 ,,,. W,,,. ,H .,..,f pi ,:V,, in H2342 V 1 'K ..,' , ABOVE Courtney Phillips pays Kathy Cooper for a new set of Pro Keds so she can jump higher and attain greater heights in her Writing. it ty f s at .r -F 1 , wx nr l ' flk If ...- 5 ,g3ggu1 -H+ if if Q WW I' E C 'ir Pi ?t?" l f ' 4 ABOVE fsittingj Page Bristol, Helen Huff, Missy Burnett, Greg McAlpin, Mary Spector. fstandingj Teresa Kerr, Kathy Cooper, editor, Suzanne Park, Marty Thompson, Alice Ball, David Schoenbaum, Karen Ostrum, editor, Brad Foster, Jim Keller, Robert Seale, jeff Schwartz, Andy Biskin, editor, Joe Kerr, editor, Laurie Light, Nancy Cook. LEFT To the suspicion of Jeff Schwartz, Robert Seal, Greg McAlpin, Karen Ostrum, and Courtney Phillips, Missy Bwnett swears that she did NOT embezzle her fab subscription money. if 'C s I 1 N.. QQ Olmos fon the waterj Jim Keller, photography editor, Randy Klose, sports editor, ffirst rowj Laurie Light, photographer, Lellen Fowlkes, sophomore class editor, Adriene Atwell, freshman class editor, Ree Hearn, photographer, Katherine Carter, honorary clubs editor, Carol Matocha, senior class editor. fsecond rowj Beth Walters, ad manager, Deane Horn, business manager, Jacene Cox, assistant honors club editor, Nancy Nicholson, staff, Mary Paul, assistant senior class editor, Anne Harwood, junior class editor, Debbie Haas, index editor, Betsy Thaggard, assistant sophomore class editor, Betsy Bostick, assistant activity clubs editor, Kim Scott, junior class editor, Sidney Swearingen, assistant activities editor, Lisa Miller, assistant honorary clubs editor. David Park, photographer, Patty Stewart, staff, Caroline Haight, assistant index editor, Molly Murray, photographer, Suzanne Park, assistant ad manager. fthird rowj Paul Oatman, photographer, John Dreyfus, academic editor, Charles Gregory, photographer, Howard Haring, photo- grapher, ffourth rowj Elizabeth Campbell, layout editor, Nancy Cook, assistant editor, Maura Osborne, art editor, Suzan Stebb ill WI ins, clubs editor, Jim Adams, assistant academic editor. Qfifth row, Ann Kaufman, assistant layout editorg Elisa Krause, editor- in-chiefg Leo Tynan, assistant editor. fnot picturedj Mike Fannin, photographerg Robby Alden, assistant freshman class editor: Jackson Diehl, sports editorg Lee Lahourcade, staff. LEFT Katherine Carter and Nancy Cook study a picture, in search of a catchy caption. ABOVE Protected by laser beams, Elisa Krause and Leo Tynan draw and type last minute tripaks. 145 Vocational Industrial Clubs ot America Chapter 225 Purpose: To promote citizenship in the world of work. ABOVE Ray Ganido, sergeant-at-armsgBob Kerber, Gary Wyatt, Mr. John McConnell, sponsorg Tim Stitler, Kim Christiansen, Doug Power, Russel Syma, presidentg Martha Lobit, secretary-treasurer. fnot pictured, David Glassock, J oe Gravengaard, james jones., parliamentariang Down O'Nea1, vice presidentg Robert Parker, Georgia Swinehart, Steve Ulrich, Carter Lifschulz, Worley Wayland, Max Altgelt, Gene Gardener. RIGHT Mr. McConnell prepares to lecture V.I.C.A. members. dw-' - Jvc? 2: all 'M' ..' ZZ: av V .A , Q ,, L, , - 1" Way- 7 s., .A 'Q Q- 1, K .1131 lf? .K N QMS i? .,, 1 X. JH. Vocational Gpportunities Clubs of Texas Chapter ll6 Purpose: To improve vocational skills. LEFT ffirst rowj Richard Diaz, Robert Clark, Hillary Caballero, Robert Swinehart, Tony Canales, Albert Perales. fsecond rowj Mr. George Jared, sponsor, Roland Shorey, Paul Ramirez, Joe Jimenez, Larry Delgado, Roland Estrada. friot picturedj Allen Hug- gins, Danny Moreno, Richard Vergus, John Couch, Gilbert Garcia, Richard Hemandez, Ysidoro Rodriguez, john Swigart, Ed Taser ano, Art Zertuche, jamie Zuniga. 147 Office Educotion Association Purpose: To provide a setting for students of similar interests to meet. RIGHT ffirst row, Cynthia Rodriguez, Mag- gie Lopez, Marjy Schneider, Kathy Vecera, Diana Dye, Laura Laremore, Delisa Andrews. fsecond rowj Jane Costa, Mary Ann Diaz, Carrie Gutierrez, Kathy Foreman, jo Ann Kuykendall, Cheri Dedo. fthird rowj Cathy Schultz, Linda Moore, Suzanne Stevens, reporter: Helen Krueger, historian, Tomi Thompson, Kitty Hecker, sergeant-at arms, Jody Stevens. ffourth rowj Jeanette Locke, presidentg Melissa Chapman, first vice presidentg Donna Rowe, second vice president, Laurie Wright, secretary, Deanna Wong, treasurer, Aurora Carrasco, sergeant- at-arms. 148 ABOVE As Jeanette Locke types, Laurie Wright checks the copy. RIGHT Mrs. jean Joseph, sponsor, supervises her first period Office Education students. Texas Association of Health Occupations Students Purpose: To give students an oppor- tunily to get vocational training in health occupations. LEFT Loretta Martin prepares a film to show to the club. BELOW ffirst rowj Gaileen Martin, John Wysoki, David NlcNew, Charles Chenowith, Yolanda Garcia, Sue Guenther, Sherry Scheffler, Richard Rostedt, Jill Harmon. fsecond rowj Becky Sykes, Loretta Martin, Jennie Wendell, Ellen Cheaney, Nelda Val- dez, Betty Ramos, Yolanda Lopez, Phyljs Hertz, Maxine Lee. fthird rowj Mrs. Helen Tynan, sponsor: Mike Green, president: Kitty Mullin, vice presidentg Michelle Primono, secretary: Marion Prucha, treasurerg Jeff Weix, parliamentariang Vicky Canales, sentinalg Adriana Garcia, historiang Debbie Ball, reporter: Diane Fitzgerald. Knot pictured? Marney Burchell, Diane Hughes. 2701 "TV Distributive Eclucotion Clubs of Americc Purpose: To give students an oppor- tunity to work during school hours. BELOW ffirst rowj Susie Creech, presidentg Jean Astin, secretaryg Cipriano jasso, treasurerg Peggy DeLeon, sergeant-at-arms, Beth Chambers, reporterg Tracy Frazer, Sydney Moore, photographer. fsecond rowj Debbie Cody, Lilly jasso, Diane Wetzel, Patti Pung, Norma Ostrander, Jamie Killian, Ricky Hughes, Patti Humpheries. fthii rowj Sharilyn Owing, Donna Power, Brent F lowers, Betty Cody, Donald Willoughb Qfourth rowj Julie Alyn, Brian Hoffma Bobby Melland, David Grassel. fn' picturedj Gary Johnson, John Bosill Bobby Miniell, Mary Castro, janet Huggir ,Iennie Samuels, Mike Mason, Donold Van Martha Alexander, Anita Harbordt, Be' Moore., Mr. Denson Ellerbee, sponsor. .ss , f' .1 if 'f i O ABOVE LEFT ,lvnnie Samuels greets customvrs at the Samuels Glass Company. TOP Hobby Nlvlland and Mikv Mason ring up husinvss at Mcllougalls Laundry, LEl"'l' Al Park Plaza Motel, jean Aston works as a desk clerk. ABOVE Susie Cn-ecll displays llllI'dlV3l'I' ai Rhodes. DECA l Confdl fe .A TOP Sharilyn Owens and julie Alyn display merchandise at joske's. TOP RIGHT Pack- ing and selling is Brian Hofl'man,s job at Plate 'n Platter. ABOVE Sydney Moore is working ut the desk at Bob Crockettis Office Supply. RIGHT Cip jasso prepares food at Dennyis Restaurant. 152 t 3 ,,.,-W ' O i.oio. 2' 252, 32 UTP' .l--sul., . LEFT Lilly jasso, Betty Cody, Willie Hoyack, and Lucille Lindsey take a break from working at Handy Andy. BELOW LEFT Checking supplies is one of Gary johnson's jobs at Huffaker Hardware. BE- LOW Norma Ostrander, Peggy DeLeon, and Patti Pung greet customers at Handy Andy. ...ay 153 Future Homemokers of America Purpose: To develop homemaking skills. BELOW ffirst rowj Beverly Galloway, Jenise Whitten, Ann Brownfield, Sabrina Wright, Jeff Hinson, Kathy Sawyer, Elizabeth Ro- mano. fsecond rowj Christina Pakenbusch, Diana Ranson, Betty Lynn Ford, Debbie McDougal, Melanie Kaliff, Susie Preston, Barbie Sweeten, Nancy Stouffer, Susie Ha- milton, Carol Matocha, Janis Ludwig, Teresa Matuchi. fthird rowj Mrs. Nila Earle, spon- sorg Leslie Bibb, Karen Muerin, Ross Ander- son, Nancy Murray, Sally Sommers, Janet Rogers, Nancy Jo Casey, Paula Jacobs, Vicki Jones, Lisa Chiodo, Elizabeth Mahan, Judy Bump, Pam Dye, Mrs. Elaine Carol, sponsor, ffourth rowj Melinda Brady, Erin Shaw, Laurie Roiz, Doc Monical, Jimmy Turner, Laurie Roiz, Tim Jarvis, Heather Schultz, Laura Wheeler, Alice Ball. 154 7 J if - :ws fini, f iii' is E W.S,,vni1, I ? li ,.,, h z Naya sn.,-L -- Y Ai , f ,, ,, . f 1: . an LEFT ffirst rowj Delia Rodriguez, Mary Rico, Bonnie Whissler, Sharon Philipps, Kristy Huey, Debbie Dingle, Kathy Hay, Janet Pletz, Michelle LeFrancois, Sarah Ewing, Carol Van Norman, Jenny Embs, Margaret Ross, Sarah Ford, Elaine Hurst, Cindy Wakely, Debbie Benitez. fsecond rowj Betty Gandy, Kathy Perry, Barbara Hughes, Sandy Smith, Eileen Lynch, Brenda Martin, Mary Olive Haglestein, Susan Gruber, Kim Clockly, Cindy Word, Kim Chaughley, Laura Eisensmidt, Linda Lein- bach, Nancy McDonald, Janet Collie, Sarah Mackbrey, Cindy Perkins. fthird rowj Lilly Fiorillo, joel Miller, Linda Bourgeses, Iris Sampson, DeeDee Lynch, Debbie Davidyan, Lucy Hartwell, Cheryl Hartwig, Diana Garza, Bridget Weldon, Judy Daniels, Laura Gaines, Laura Pogue, Julia Bush, Liz Hem- mick, Michelle Mahan, Peggy Pickett, Susan Duncan, Linda Woffard, Patty Rockstroh, Rosemary Chavez, Valencia Grady, Michelle George, sponsor. fnot picturedj Bonnie Cun- ningham, Tracy Riggs, Linda Aquilar, Ann Hovendon, Sara McCreath, Sharon Sitterle. 155 Red Cross Purpose: To sponsor and participate in service projects coordinated with the American Bed Cross. ABOVE RIGHT Charles Bradshaw screams in agony while Lisa Pawell prepares to amputate while brushing up on her first aid instruction. ABOVE Diana Ranson coos to Lisa Pawell and Melinda DeBryin, "Now hold still, girls, this won't hurt a bit." RIGHT ffirst rowj Diana Ranson, president, Leslie Eisenschmidt, vice president, Joan Strange, secretary. fseeond rowj Melinda DeBryin, Lisa Pawell, Lisa Pressly, historian. fthird rowj Rose Ann Doyle, Kay Anderson, Elizabeth Perdue, Laura Eisenschmidt. ffourth rowj Carolyn Creeden, Wanda Davidyan, Emily Heitkamp, 1 fifth rowj Mrs. Almeda Hodge, sponsorg Sue Oppert, Carol Matula. 156 Q. xx X Library Aides To assist the library staff routine activities. Putting things straight, Philip Marsh Janet Collie help Mrs. Thompson get y for another day. ABOVE ffirst rowj Ostrum, Kathy Thornhill, Karen um, Hollis Harrell, Andy Biskin, Joe , Janet Collie, Philip Marsh. fsecond Q Kathy Cooper, Lori Lew, David Duke, Mrs. Mary Thompson, sponsor. Quot pic- turedj john Robinson, Lewis Herder, Cissy Hensarling, Luann Whiting, Walter Howell, Bryan Kost, Curtis Clark, Sarah Libbatt, Lori Sitterle, Mary Jackson, Laura Lee Henderson, Philip Thomas, Chip Telford, Harper Warren, john Webbles, John David- son, Alan Schoenbaum, Hulse Wagner, Mona Pratt, john Couch, Melba Powell, Darrell Johnson. Fellowship c Christion Athlete Purpose: To offer Christian athletes a chance to help themselves and their community through various projects. ABOVE ffirst rowj Bobby Bass, Dee jen- nings, Tom Furhman, Will Loomis, Paul Bury, Bubba Schultz, Stan Shaw. fsecond rowj Jimmy Ging, Billy Mitchell, Baron Cook, Trip Worden, Steve Brannon, Madison Smith, Paul Dubose, Micky Wakely, Will Carter. fthird rowj Bob Han- naman, Martin Ziesman, Robbie Alden, Larry Balser, David Rubrecht, Ben McCa1eb, John Park, Randy Thomas, Bay Romano, 158 Tom Pressly., Mason Matthews, Billy Carl- ston, Bobby Howell, Coach Jim Heffner. ffourth rowj George Livesay, Bob Kingman, jeff Beall, Shawn Shaw, John Walters, George Steiren, Bandy Erban, Kevin Brady, Lester McGilvrey, Tim Garrison, David Leib- man, Norman George, John Ambler, Kirk McClellan, Danny Dobbs, Tom Stanley, Chuck Krueger, Brian Brady, john Hendry, Tom Westberry, Martin Virgil. RIGHT Bobby Bass, presidentg Dee jehn- ings, vice president, Tom Fuhrman, secretary, and Coach Heffner, sponsor: put their heads together to plan club activities. Billiards Club Purpose: To promote interest in pocket billiards. ffirst rowj Penny Carter, Mr. Walter DeBill, faculty advisor: fsecond row! Everett Abner Ammann, technical advisorg Ed Sparks, president, Morris Muniz, Gilbert Garcia. fthird rowl Art Graf, Ricky Dickens, Chris Lee, Arthur De Los Santos, Victor Rodriguez. ffourth rowj Scott Abrahamson, Ann Thompson, Barrett Moursand, Mike Rodriguez. fnot picturedj Maureen Hillman. Alamo Heights Bicycle Racing Club Purpose: To promote bicycling and bicycle racing as a sport. Qpicturedj Rob Jutson. fnot pictured! Scott jutson, Alex Flores, Harold Flores, Ray Romano, Ronnie Gallegos, Mr. Chuck Wor- rel, sponsor. 159 Equesirion Club Purpose: To encourage an interest in horses and horsemanship through sharing knowledge of horses and equestrian skills. RIGHT Kelly Boyer., Diane Sartain, Diane Horn, Monica Rubrecht, Anne Keeling, Brenda Mason. BELOW ffirst rowj Mrs. Veta Wright, sponsorg Laura Liebeman, Sharon Wetz, Barbara Borneburg. fsecond rowj Wanda Davidson, Cindy Doerr, Ricky Hughes, Pat Burton, Pal-O-Mine. 9? :Q ii? 'F .,, , Y . 2 at an 12 hi Na W I if 2 x""'1'-vu! TQ., ,'.,AL. . x QIXQQXJ-1 1 I W ,Q K P """" -V. ,,, .-asf , 4. M 'T 5 - - Wi . , ,. ,, T -ska-. 1 G, Q? AQ lif' , V' Ajilf' fr , 8.,.h . - ' K' ii "l . ' I I -1.-9, Y A I ,qs , rv .x .4 5 5 xl... FAR LEFT Pat Burton, Lois Menger, Cathy Collins, Laura Brown, Little Doc. LEFT Allison Herder, historian, Kim Scott, treasurer, Molly Murray, secretaryg Anne Harwood, presidentg Sally Warren, vice president, Little Doc. fnot picturedj Susan Potts, Lisa Miller, Vicki Trammel, Lois Menger. 161 Chess Clu M 3 sift :ik 162 ff ..sfi.....l Purpose: To provide opportunities for those interested in chess to practice and sharc chess skills. ABOVE ffirst rowj Myron Gerhard, vice president, Chris Brown, president, Jim Adams, secretary-treasurer, Steve Dorsey. fsecond rowj Grant Eckoff, Hal Agler, David Fey, Steve Jalobs. fthird rowj Rusty Pierce, Mr. Bill Funk, sponsor, Raymond Canales. ffourth rowlp Tom Pressly, Larry Kanter, Hans Mangold, Larry Beck, Barry Glickenhouse. Cfifth rowl Felix Ramos, john Cordell, Alan Smith, Mark Crabtree. fsixth rowj Art Graf, John Sulak. fnot pieturedj Matt Gates, Robert Botteloff. RIGHT John Cordell contemplates a key move. t Art Club Purpose: To allow students taking art or interested in art to explore the many medias in the field. ABOVE LEFT ffirst rowj Roberta Engle, Lynne Handry, Elizabeth Elizondo, Nancy Jo Casey, secretary. fsecond rowj Betsy Wallace, Lou Ann Cable, Sara Jung, janet Rogers. fthird rowj Rene Zuehl, Diana Westbury, treasurerg Andy Sykes, Caroline Liljenwall, president. ffourth rowj Mr. John Squire Adams, sponsor, Maura Osborne, Harold Flores, Charles Bradshaw. fnot picturedj Kathleen Garrett, Pam Liljenwall, Lucia Tredici, Cynthia Tryon, Jennifer Chambers. LEFT Diana Westbury ex- periments with new designs through pen and ink drawings. 163 Antique Clui Purpose: To stimulate the appreciation of the past through knowledge of antiques and helpful charity work for the community. ABOVE ffirst rowj Dodie Schoenig, Diana Cahazo, Tammis Schoenig, Laura Wheeler. fsecond rowj Alex Brady, Norma Luna, Donna Balin. fthird row, Elizabeth Ro- mano, Laurie Light, Patty Kiesel, Elizabeth Engleke. ffourth rowj Robert Seal, Kathleen Seale, Sylvia Luna, Tamara Powell. fnot picturedj Jamie Calvert, Ellen Ruppel, An- nalisa Ponebchek. 164 ABOVE Dodic Schoenig, presidentg Diana Cabazo. vice presidcnlg Tammis Sclioenig, seerctaryg Laura Wheeler, lrvasurcrg Donna Balin, historian. RIGHT Tamara Powcl is satisfied with the good old dolls that just cry ulVlama.u 'it 5 5 5 A S5 x -1-f , .. :,........,.. ,Ara ' UNE '., I '+- .J v-- ' 'YT if vyi- ,,,- ii...- 4-' ' 5.2 5.2 1 4 as fr- Gymnastics Club Purpose: To enable students to prac- tice gymnastics an outside activity and prepare those who wish to com- pete. LEFT ffirst rowj Jenni Hsu, presidentg Elaine Hurst, Zetta Young, Cindy Wakely, Judi Daniels, Laura Pogue, Reyne Syma, sergeant-at-arms: Sandee Bogart. fsecond rowj Caroline Haight, Susan Turner, Dodi Schoenig, Elaine Andreen, Beverly Filli- pone, Pam Christian. fthird rowj Molly Murray, Patti Burtan, Tracy Griggs, Pam Van Horn, Laura Gaines, Lori Harshaney, Sandi Smith, Leslie Lutrell, Amy Scott. ffourth rowj Holly Adams, Maurette Rock- stroh, Lisa Burkhardt, Patty Brewton, ser- geant-at-arms. Knot pictured, Dimi Maniatas, secretary-treasurer, Phyllis Thomas, his- toriang Erin Adams, Annie Castleberry, Cathy Ciulla, Jacene Cox, Kelly Gentle, Sally Golden, Nancy Haight, Kim Harring- ton, T. C. Helland, Linda Leinbach, Nancy McDonald, Michelle Mahan, Laura Miller, Lisa Miller, Liz Nloran, Martha Richardson, Rene Sanchez, Lorie Sitterle, Lou Celia Stubbs, james Watkins, Mark Willis, Mary Francis Haerr, Ted Roberts, Charlotte Blag- gart, Debbie Stewart, Billi jo Thompson, Sally Siefert, Sandy Ondarza, Nancy Loomis. Q.. T---l, f. - .., , , ' NY. 4 I D '- .-Q fill . H, ' ' - -- .--1-.- V .1 X2 " .L , 4 t H .Z , . xx - A --,-2' ., l i V A - 1, ,Z K v yt.: '- ' ' I . 'i"!.11i'V!-L , .- g - A ft. waiv -4 Q! . e e .A , ' 1 Y ..-g J- -., .-....--...----.s, -,, ---, - - ..,: .LL-z gg,.'g:i '- ,fFgnj'553:f, A .1 f .Z -151 4. Q ,U ABOVE jenny Hsu exhibits a graceful turn as she teaches the Gymnastics Club balanc- ing techniques. LEFT Reyne Syma prepares to walk in a backbend position, 165 Latin Club Purpose: To keep alive the enthusiasm for Latin. ffirst rowj David Fey, Nancy Splinter, Deral Judy, Patty Price, Tom Pressly, sergenat-at- arms, Lucia Tredici, treasurer, Cathy Scho- enfelt, secretary, Jeanie Stiba, t1ibuegDiana Cabaza, consul, Lisa Pressly, consulg Paul Scrivano, sergeant-at-armsg Sharon Dorsey, Sylvia Luna, Glen Davis. fsecond rowj John Brown, Kent Krause, Stephen Dorsey, Wal- ter Hopper, George Livesay, Rob Boldriek, Bobby Gouge, Ralph Evans, Carol Wagner, Paul Smith, David Black, Sandra Vaughn, James Watkins, John Burke, Eddie Lynch, Barrett Moursund, Ed Sealy, Martha Pull- iam, Alan Smith, Carol Matula, Teresa Pit- man, Lori Lew, Peggy Pickett, Peggy Bump, Mrs. Norma Quarles, sponsor. fnot picturcdj Gary Archer, Gary Armstrong, Kathy Breka, Thomas Bullard, Bridget Burns, Doug Burns, Carroll Devine, Franklin Devine, Charles Gottardy, Mike Earhart, Bobby Howell, Ann Keeling, Tom Kimmel, historiang Gus Kroschewsky, Mike Mason, Evelyn Mac- Donald, Steve McDaniel, Laura Paschal, Scott Presnell, Jayne Roach, Ted Roberts, Susan Seigh, Robert Splinter, Stephen Springmyer, Mike Ussery, Betsy Wallace, Ronnie Williams, Mariglen Wilson, chaplain. 166 Sr W9WN0N .-e ps, .ug My , 1-air, -i fr' Vw- 1. -Q11 tution. QB Q ,gy A-m.-iw-..4,f1-w-i, ..,.. H...,,,,,., ,.,,, .f f-- f vi - , J- --.V . 1, ,f.ff,3,. -.. 11 ..--1.-.......sww-... .wg -qu-Q Via., E: W ,b.........,.........,,- ., , , 4, Q. Q f f' FAR LEFT Et tu, Brute? LEFT Rob Bold- rick expostulates on the Latin Club consti- 'PH' ' I : . Q A Y S . , I3 Q. if, German Club Purpose: To promote interest in the German culture and to form a fellow- ship of interested students. Qfirst rowj Rudy Klein, Amy Henley, presi- dent, Myron Gerhard, vice president. fsecond rowj Priscilla Rowe, Hal Aglar, fthird rowl Mr. Michael Walley, sponsorg Kay Klein, Audi Roche, Jeanie NlcCreless, Anna Carter. ffourth rowl Howard Schmidt, Sylvia Martinez, joe Kerr, Susan Wetz, Cynthia Tryon, Valerie Sobey, Liz Fearing, Hans Mangold. ffifth rowj Ricky Riser, Clifton Valley, Mickey Krueger, Art Graf, Cindy Lewis, Bill Gentner, Chris Brown, fnot picturedj Robert Rudeloff, Stacey Fen- lins, Teri Boldt, Nancy Murray, Darryl Suggar, Hans Breithbarth, Mark Moore, Sally Mandar, Angie Willie, Eric Wratten, Karen Klahn, Alan Schoenbaum, Clay Bec- ker, Allen Walker, Scott vlutson, Russ Pic- ket, Ann Brumfield, Leigh Fischer, Stephen Roof, Annette Poplin, joe Tyler, Debbie Arant, Robert Seal, secretary-treasurer. BE- LOW The German Club act out their favor- ite history lesson with the familiar "hell Hitlerf' 168 cans Souci Purpose: To raise money for French Club activities. ABOVE ffirst rowl Molly Collins, Rob Koplan, Dawna McCarthy, treasurer, Mar- garet Beck, Lisa West, vice president: Char- lotte Maggart, secretary, Louisa Aikin, presi- dent, Richard Alva, Wanda Davidyan. fsec- ond rowj Michelle LeFransois, Melinda DeB- ryin, Bea Moye, Susan Lohman, Holly Nie- holson, Jennifer Stone, jacene Cox, Susan Sheldon, Nlelinda Brady, jeff Krueger, Mar- geri Krajean, Mrs. Almeda Hodge, sponsor. fnot picturedj Barbara Barnburg, Steve Dou- glas, Larry Fuller, Susan Potts, Andy Wright, Anne Ostrum. LEFT Susan Sheldon, Molly Collins, and Margaret Beck are deep in French discourse. JL-331'-5 os Amigos Purpose: To foster international un- derstanding among the Spanish speak- ing nations of the world. ABOVE Ellen Ruppel, secretary, Tricia Loh- man, sergeant-at-arms, Katherine King, vice presidentg Kathleen Garrett, PASF chair- mang Nancy Jo Casey, business managerg Carolyn Branch, presidentg Janet Rogers, chaplaing Mr, Johnnie Eng, sponsorg Susan- nah Schaefer, points chairmang Alice Ball, publicity chairman. ABOVE RIGHT Janet Rogers explains bean roll procedure to Debbie Benitez. RIGHT Carolyn Branch, Tricia Lohman, Janie Drought, Randy Er- ban, Katherine King, Madeline Gootee, Ja- net Rogers, Debbie Benitez, and Will Hauser trade stories of the Los Amigos trip to Mexico. 170 W' i LEFT Q first rowj Carolyn Branch, Katherine King, Ellen Rupple, Nancy ,lo Casey, Janet Rogers, Susannah Schaefer. fsecond rowj Marianne King, Liane Cox, Betsy Thaggard, Tricia Lohman, Janie Drought, Alice Ball. fthird rowj Kathleen Garrett, James Lud- wig, Carol Matocha, Elizabeth Romano, Laurie Light. ffourth rowj Lynne Hendry, Mary Pat Mitchell, Marie Queareu, Susie Hamilton, Suzanne Park. ffifth rowj Bruce Hill, Melinda Brady, Madeline Gootee, Anne Oldfather, Nancy Cames. fsixth rowj Windy Erickson, Maura Osborne, John Dreyfus, Carol Holding. fseventh rowj Margaret Pa- wel, Penny Carter, Nancy Cree, Sally Som- mers. feighth rowj Molly Murray, Debbie Delaplane, Laurie Roiz, Vicki Jones, Elvira Flores, Sandra Calderon. fninth rowj Kay Anderson, Lisa Pawel, Lupe Ramirez, Ha- rold Flores, Peggy Padilla, Sarita Brown. ftenth rowl Tara Riklin, Nancy McDowell, Elaine Miller, Ginia McGaughey. feleventh rowj Margaret Adams, Erin Moran. ftwelfth rowj Mary Weller, Ann Worrel, Ann Dalton, Heather Douglas, Mallory Couhy. fthir- teenth rowj Sherry Block, Mary Ellen Mar- tin, Kerry Miller, Susan Straus. ffourteenth rowj Barbie Siever, Susan Adams, Candy Clarke, Sandy Garza, Donna Rowe, Cathy Clegg. ffifteenth rowj Laura Wheeler, Karyn King, Helen Krueger, Debbie Benitez, Robin Cook. fsixteenth rowj Anne Kaufman, Ann Harwood, Mary Paul, Leigh Fisher, Sidney Swearingen, Melanie Kaliff. fseventeenth rowb Sherrie Williams, Heather Heam, Diana Miller, Melissa Tillotson, Debbie Deres, ,Ia- nelle Jones, Tucker Queller, feighteenth rowj Nancy Wilson, Todd Maclin, Elizabeth Ames, Sabrina Shawd, Sally Frazier, Heidi Walter. ABOVE Smiling with relief, Janie Drought, Carolyn Branch, Madeline Gootee, Randy Erben, Will Hauser, Katherine King, Tricia Lohman, and Todd Maclin sigh after decorating the main hall window. Knot picturedj Betsy Bostick, Linda Butch, Randi Cantu, Rachel Cheney, Nancy Cook, Susan Cook, Mallonee Davis, Elizabeth Engelke, Randy Erben, Kim Evans, Gail Gray, Alison Herder, Chris Hill, Maureen Hillman, Sally Hite, Susan Keakey, Bob Kingman, Tom Kingman, Rob Koplan, Elisa Krause, David Liebmann, Debra Littleton, Pam Loring, Olivia Marquez, Mark Mohley, Evelyn Ni- xon, Carl Oliver, Teresa Reagan, Lee Smith, Suzan Stebbins, Donna Storm, Ginny Van Hardeveld, Pat Vann, Julia Veach, Eric Voight, Beth Walters, Sally Warren. 171 2 Brothers Of The Brush ond Golden Anniversory Belles ABOVE RIGHT ffirst rowj Louisa Aiken, Sally Siefert, Martha Block, Laurie Roiz, Kathy Sawyer, Cece Cheever, Liz Ames, Margaret Beck, Elizabeth Romano, Diane Horn, Stuart Campbell, Susan Adams, Herb Riordan, Kelly Campbell, Erin Moran, Janet Peacock, Caroline Haight. fsecond rowj Me- linda Brady, Debbie Scott, Lessie Bibb, Dee Jennings, Bobby Bass, Bruce Hill, Madeline Gootee, Kerry Miller, Karen Helmke, Jim Griffin, Nancy McDowell, Tamara Powell, Betsy Wallace, Alice Ball, fthird rowj Janice Ludwig, Nancy Nicholson, Nancy Stouffer, Susie Hamilton, Sally Hite, Wendy Erickson, Marie Quereau, Holly Stewart, Meredith McAttee, Helen Krueger, Janie Drought, Ann Harwood, Caroline Johns, Mary Thorn- hill, Amy Henley, Laura Wheeler, Heather Campbell. ffourth rowj Nancy Brusenhan, Maggie Darnell, Susan Straus, Chris Hill, Mary Ellen Martin, Lisa Pressly, Margaret Pawel, James Jones, Molly Murray, Mary Paul, Clifton Valley, Elizabeth Engelke, Elizabeth Cambell, Kathleen Garrett, Elisa Krause. RIGHT Lisa Ford pleads with Rusty Pierce "Please help me pay off the mortgagef' BOVE tfirst rowj Kim Harrington, Martha ichardson, Lisa Burkhart, Wendy Arm- rong, jan Scott, Heather Douglass, Glenn olchak, Lisa Pawel, Mary Weller, Lellen owlkes, Laura Liebman, Maggie Dahlgren, isan Saigh, ,Ieanne McComie, Yvonne Per- il. fsecond rowj Patti Brewton, Kim Chit- :nden, Sandy Garza, Becky Morris, Norma una, Phillip Locke, Pat Reilly, jenice lhitten, Diana Miller, Pam Liljenwall, Ann alton, Pattie Leslie, Ginia McGaughy, Eli- ,tbeth Elizondo, Drdrie Van Norman, Laura Gaines, Janet Hans, Debbie Dingel. fthird rowj Michele Lefrancois, Nancy Furh- man, Will Loomis, Meredith Dubose, Betsy Thaggard, Manette Gootce, Lee Lahourcade, Karen Goetting, Randy Sandoz, julie Viech, Lisa Ford, Liane Cox, Melissa Raider, Lynn Hendry, Diana Westberry, Laura Chamber- lain, Chris Baltes, ,Ieane Grahm, Vicki Tram- mcl, Sondra Alfonso, Rhonda Shultz. ffourth rowj Anne Rubsamen, Cynthia Christian, Blair Banks, Tammy Speare, Molly McMillan, Kelly Boyer, Cindy jones, Margaret Adams, Diane Sartain, Ann Mock, Paula Boring, Cheryl Hartwig, jan Davis, Amy Scott, Gail Gray, Lori Jo Harshaney, Elaine Cox, Debbie Deres, Laura Shwarting, Martha Spivey, Polly Paine, Nancy Levit, Karen Hoffman, Cathy Lyman. ffifth rowj Craig Clements, Leslie Sebesta, Bill Sawtelle, Steve Krause, Lois Menger, Laura Brown, Pat Burton., John Guardia, Aristides Priakos, Pam Kirt. 173 74 Vivid tissue paper covered the large window at the emblem, in the Latin Clubis contribution to a Window Decorating contest. Sponsored by the Spuris Spirit Committee, the contest provided clubs around the school with a new way to show their spirit. Each week during football season, organiza- tions such as Chaps, Los Amigos, the Antique Club, the Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes, the Latin Club, and the Advisory Presidents Council, covered the window with paper, paint, and creativity. The enthusiastic FCA, with their prizewinning Spirit Siren, gave all . , , , E 5 students wishing to share their spiri chance to disrupt the quiet of the ha with a screaming siren. As well as decorating the embl window, many clubs supported 1 athletes by producing skits at I rallies. The APC,s time machine, 1 Faculty political play, and the FC. melodrama were highlights in a seas of routine fake football games. I rallies, besides boosting the morale the football team, provide a great v to release pent-up emotions beff sixth period. - 1 . . . l' 1- -2 I 'A ,411 yy . ,W 1. '., 1' -3- f. 1' '-'T ,, 1 ,V-:,. Y -V K. V , . . . . . ,.,, ..., . , Q .. -- fr KL4.,,. .Nm . , W X' . F ' 4 .Jia .5:brx-1 -Qvggfj xl A-.-'-,, in-ur , 3111-' K., .ini " ' -'45f'3"3 -.v.ix'f' ABOVE Our erstwhile football players, the object of the pep rallies, laugh at the antics of Steve Wright and Texas Ted Masser. FAR LEFT A favorite emcee, Mr. Gale Nelson, contributes his dramatic presence to the annual faculty skit. LEFT Troglodytes Yo- landa Gonzales and Tara Riklin grunt a round in the APC's theatrical presentation. 175 E 4 gjf f ,X A ,Y Q 1 ww, sl .. is , 2 . - -., I K ., Q i 'fx . , . . .Q m, ABOVE The struggling, strangling heroine of the story is kidnapped by the blue meanies from Roosevelt in the FCA's hilari- ous skit. RIGHT Simo shows the Spurs how not to wave to visiting cheerleaders. FAR RIGHT Students block traffic once again in the annual parade down Broadway. 176 Nr- M A I... . Atvv ' e 1 I "t :Q , 3 so g .z .,. .. E x K i- . Q I 41.72, 2I'tvZ A ll 5 id: 351 81 f 'iz G i 5 44: P' A. J1-.lkvqfq , Jil. . of ' Qi i 1 LEFT The once repressed animal instincts of our prancing pedagogues emerge in the faculty pep rally skit. BELOW Happy Chappy coppers split the scene in their mail truck after a rigorous round of pie fights. 177 Chops Xi ' A 'fi "" " 11 'ff .s m in -z.: ,ii -1, fi, . . , . " ' 'V i" fi? W , X . ., K. xg W , I ,K , --f www ,viim ff ' :ik f i. it 1 :QU 'C if' iff' , ..,, , Q 2 . . 3, , , V W, ,.,1 , f, n , li 9? 'F 5 2 I A i i l fi-'gl 91.1 '1 x , sf -1 . A ,, L . ., mf .N-'-1" ' K l 1 25 ,. ' . ,:f 5f , . " ,5 ,mfm f m-1 If - i " H , ., A L . fvf- f M K . X .6 G J Q p- '- - -' -Q---wr-'-M-' '- -Q---H ' fn- M Q ,Ja M- , ,, . .... .QQ41 ,W-gm:--1-'--A-lf: ...,-if-tug. .-...A A ..- , H vu- ...-..-.-. -.-.--- q- -- l 1 -Q - -ff ,I .zum .. .4r..r , ,psf -L. ,..:. - .ga-V 'T' " ....' -q V- '-A 9' --- - --- Q- , ' ,,,, 41, , , p , ':., .mg-Q -- A-Y---, -Q -, - ',.,.. - ..,'... -,..-...... .- V q ..-.-. I It , ,J ,tgg-', , y f , , W.-Q ,L,. , -ax.:-uufg '-vfw - ,. . ' , ...., , 4,9- q,.: , ,,,,.,: ::v.- ffw-1:5-5 -ig.-44-.. Y- W. .... in .. ri- 'f"' :H : rg f - H. - vb,--. ,- ,J Q . . . ' -----'-"--wif f'-----'--"- - 1:62. t...:'.:':-:af '-- ' lg -A v- -..--q--V! j.,,,,.A-.,.,,. .. ,.Q.- H-.. ..,--.,. .---.- -- , ' ' , v ,-- 'iq f , Bl! I 1 if-f ', '.-.- -ff ' b N.. Q 1 ' - - , :gp , 'V ' A1-'Q uk! ff-L42 179 Chop Officers RIGHT Sheriffs: jean Cheever, Patty Leslie, Leslie Sehesta, Virginia lVlcGaughy, joan Cheever, Ann Dalton. BELOW Rangers: Elizabeth Romano, Suzi Preston, Sidney Swearingen, Kathy Worley. Susie Shobe, Alice Ball. ABOVE Miss Robin Gray, sponsor. RIGHT Executive officers: fstandingj Julie Kinser, sccretaryg Donna Rowe, historiang Sabrina Shawd, chaplaing April Manning, treasurerg fkneelingj Kathleen Garrett, vice presidentg fsittingj Beth Walters, presidentg fnot picturedj Genie Lowery, secretary. 180 if sw N , es- ' WFkRNlNb IT IS R CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO POSSESS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ON SCHOOL PROPERTY VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED LEFT Sergeants-at-arms: Janet Pogue, Barbie Siever, jean Aston, Marie Quereau, Susie Hamilton, Terrell Smith. BELOW Deputies: Laura Pogue, Cindy Wakely, Ann Wilson, Susan Swearingen, Blair Banks, Sandy Seymore. . -14 uv' ' ..- l 181 Spurs LEFT Mrs. Dale Brown and Miss Fr: Sims, Spur sponsors. BELOW ffirst Melissa Tillotson, Maggie Damall, M1 Pulliam, Sherri Byrd, Jamie Killian, I Kline, Peggy Padilla, Gale Gregory, 1 Rogers, Cheryl Hagenson. fsecond Sherry Williams, Nancy Jo Casey, Mari Mitchell, Marjorie Verner, Jeanie Kii Vicki Jones, Madeline Gootee, Suz Parks, Debbie Delaplane, Maureen Hill fthird rowj Laurie Roiz, Melinda DeB Susie Everidge, Caroline Haight, Cheever, Kathy Sawyer, Becky Beer, N Rowe, Marsha Smith, Debbie Black' ffourth rowj Debbie Haas, Tara R Louise Hartwell, Pam Loring, Liz E E ui l i iroline Liljenwall, Evelyn Nixon, itherine King, Carolyn Branch, Lisa West. nfth rowj Diane Pike, Susie Coleman, rlly Stewart, Elizabeth Engleke, Diana ibaza, Jan Preston, Penny Carter, sannah Schaefer, Elizabeth Gaston, Cathy egg. fsixth row, Sarah Wiggins, Sally mers, Tricia Lohman, Nancy Carnes, endy Erickson, Lisa Pressley, Amy nnley, Anne Harwood, Janelle Jones, ndy Lewis. fseventh rowj Lee Smith, 'Scene Cox, Barbie Sweeten, Laurie 'ght, Jeanette Locke, Carol Calvert, ILTICY Wilson, Mary Paul, Peggy Foster, ,redith McAtee. feighth rowj Jeanie Stiba, esa Chiodo, Rosalyn Springmeyer, Emily Heitkamp, Karen Helmke, Mary Ellen Martin, Ellen Ruppel, Kerry Miller, Lousa Aikin, Susan Adams. fninth rowj Carol Matula, Karen Steinle, Julia Veach, Lexie Anderson, Maura Osborne, Candy Clarke, Paula Krumboltz, Susan Moore, Diane Bartley, Robin Sistrunk. ftenth rowj Erin Shaw, Donna Storm, Sue Oppert, Elisa Krause, Julie Williamson, Alison Wenger, Molly Murray, Mallonee Davis, Leslie Embs, Margaret Beck. feleventh rowj Janie Drought, Elizabeth Ames, Genie Schoenfield, Betsy Bostick, Diane Horn, Julie Marek, Sally Warren, Debra Littleton, Laura Wheeler, Heather Schultz. , - ,"'. ' I 'f T ' , " , ,. 5. . .- -e 'P Q' 'af - ' ' ' if W' 'P' ' "1 it fa 1"- Topcderc ffirst row, Caroline Haight, Evelyn Nix! Nancy jo Casey, Pam Loring, senior cc manderg Cindy Lewis, junior command Sally Siefert. fsecond rowj Kerry Bartl Susan Adams, Kerry Miller, Carolyn Bra Katherine King, Penny Carter, Paula Jac! fthird rowj Anne Oldfather, Che Hagenson, Caroline Liljenwall, Le Q -3 Chiodo, Martha Block. Spur Cfficers LEFT Executive Officers: fsitting on pole! Janie Drought, sergeant-at-arms: Elisa Krause, historian: Katherine King, treasurer, Wendy Erickson, president: Mary Ellen Martin, secretary. fholding two polesj Maggie Darnall, vice president. BELOW Drill Officers: ffirst rowj Maura Osbome, Erin Shaw, Lexie Anderson, Mallonnee Davis, Becky Beer, Alison Wenger. fsecond rowj Pam Loring, Carolyn Branch, Sarah Wiggins, Leslie Embs, CeCe Cheever, Melissa Tillotson. BOTTOM Managers: Evelyn Nixon, Katherine King, Barbie Sweeten, Diane Bartely, Madeline Gootee, Caroline Liljenwall, J an Preston., fd : l Y. -w--,. W- '5 . 'x -F 1 w, Spirit Leaders RIGHT Spur Major: ftop steph Sally Siefert. Spur Majorettes: fbottom steph Paule Jacob, Martha Block. BELOW Caledonia: Genie Schoenfield. 186 my WG ,U P ...'L-is Z 2 1'-f' K . Q LEFT Freshmen Cheerleaders: fseatedj Sally Golden, Kelly Robinson. fstandingj Linda Liljenwall, Nancy MacDonald, Debbie Raider, Debbie Stewart. BELOW LEFT Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Sarah Ewing, Lisa Ford, Suzie Preston, Joan Cheever, Nancy Furhman, Jeanie McCrelless. 187 faloftj Janie Ludwig. fstandingj Sally Hiw Nancy Nicholson. fkneelingj Nan Stouffer, Susan Straus. X Iheerleaclers y Hite, Nancy Stouffer, Janis Ludwig, san Straus, and Nancy Nicholson perform motions of "Locomotive" to inspire the players to another effort at the Sam pep rally. . ,, V iz? " sf, B e x g:-aff ff? r 2 E l ! .. l 5. i e 1 w w 4' X h K Bon ffirst rowj Mr. Richard Cranford, directorg Phyllis Thomas, Suzy Schrag, Nancy 0'Neal, Mark Roberson, Nancy Splinter, Mark Moore, Mariglen Wilson, Susan Cook, Cathy Shoenfelt, Joe Taylor, Brent Hoey, Mike Boehme, Jack Dishon, Bob Verner, Steve Gomez, Jenny Embs, Linda Wofford, Peggy Pickett, Sharon Dorsey, Kathy Cooper, Susan Potts, Bland Schwarting, Sharon Wctz, Mary Frances Haerr, Pam Van Horn, Margaret Ross, Patti Wallis. fsecond rowl Bruce Maurer, Rene Zuehl, Anne Thompson, Betsy Maher, Iris Sansom, Nancy Comer, Grant Eckhoff, Tracy Griggs, Karen Ostrum, Jimmy Paschal, Lester McGilvray, Andy Biskin, Carol Creeden, Dimi Maniatis, Ruth Clark, Liz Howell, Anne Ostrum, Liz Hemmick, Diana Ranson, Mourette Rockstroh, Debbie Cranford. fthird rowj Sarita Brown, Mary Navarro, John Graves, Mark Spaulding, Henry Spaulding, John Park, Mike Rodriguez, Gary Armstrong, Lane Mitchell, Randy Parr, W Rudd, Dee Jennings, Ed Sparks, Sta Jenkins, Paul Scrivano, Thomas Nau, Mi Bronson, Susan Duncan, Judy Bun Martha Richardson, Priscilla Rowe.ffou1 rowj Debbie Scott, Becky Anderson, L Gentner, Teresa Pitman, Robin Cook, Lu Duncan, Sandra Vaughn, Patty Rockstrc Harvey Scheffler, Peggy Bump, Chris L Art Graf, Lee Hinson, Ronald Calderc Mike Carroll, Richard Pfeil, Merry Bc Bryant, Rosanne Doyle, Susan Sheldn Michelle Cooper, Jackie Eldridge. ffii rowj John Spivey, Lee Lahourcade, Jo Griffith, Peter Krause, Russell Pecke Clifton Valley, Mark Mobley, Chr Krueger, Stuart Gleichenhaus, Rob Calderon, Robert Splinter, Kent Grifi Scott Mitchell, Randy Klose, Sc Abrahamson, Deral Judy, Eddie Stau Steve Douglas, Pat Meerscheidt, Ral Evans, Tony Athens. LEFT Band Officers: ffirst rowj Kathy Cooper, sergeant-at-armsg Cathy Schoenfelt, librariang Karen Ostrum, sergeant-at-armsg Debbie Cranford, xcretaryg Merry Beth Bryant, chaplaing Diane Ranson, treasurerg Nancy Splinter, librarian. fon the wallj Robert Claderon, assistant drum majorg John Spivey, sergeant-at-armsg Dee Jennings, presidentg Art Graf, vice presidentg Scott Abrahamson, sergeant-at-arms. 191 BELOW Band twirlers: Susie Schrag, Pam Van Horn, Margaret Ross. Feature Twirler: Phyllis Thomas. BELOW RIGHT Band Major: Patty Wallis. QEv5.fL1f:s,.',f:1ii:1: 1,5 I mf. . 5 Q5 Charles Holding Keith Hoppe Diane Horn Willie Hoyack Jenny Hsu Jeff Hull Patti Humphries Hike Jackson Paula jocob 'gDon't worry," says Marie Quereau, HI'm not really studyingf, it ' ' 41.91 Seniors-289 290-Seniors Brian j arvis Tim j arvis Cip j asso Lillie j asso D aniel j ensen C aroly n johns Dee jennings Alan jochimsen G ary johnson Nlark johnson james j ones Vicki jones Paul j ornayvuz Kiech jung joe Kerr Dedicated to the mystery gul of Alamo Heights. Jamie Killian Katherine King Tom Kingman Randy Klose Karen Koch Rob Koplan Rochelle Krajian Elisa Krause Dan Krocker Chuck Krueger Mike Krueger Paula Krumboltz Jo Ann Kuykendall Missy Landsman Tim Langner David Lagerquist John Lawton Chris Lee Chris Lee and Corita Parker discuss their favorite TV show, nHow the Grinch Stole Christmas." 292-Seniors ouvios HoNoRsaPeflwPS the destiny of toclay's youth can now be viewed with a little more optimism, at least at Alamo Heights, considering the number of Students who were ehosen to represent the school in thi- San Antonio Optimist Clulfs annual Youth Appreciation Week, November 13 through 19. Names were 'l'om King- man Ulf. Teenage Optirnistj, Barbie Siever QCflLlCHtl0Itb, Julie Marek Qartj, Susan Nlengden Qartj, Stephanie Wolff Qjcwish religionj, Norman George Qsportsj, Kathy Cooper Oliss Teenage Optimistj, Sarah Ewing Qlashionj, Evelyn Nixon tprotestant religionj, Bobby Bass t'l'exas Youth Con- ferencej, ,lim Griffin tseienc,-cj, and Stephen Dorsey Qagriculturej, juclgcml on the basis ol' high achievement in particular fields. Also honored, but not pictured, were Cindy Worcl Qfashionj, Paul Smith tgoveriiinentj, Will Carter Qsafe clrivingj, Ylike Green Qmedicinej, Mary 'l'hornhill tfiatholie religionj, Jack Lewis Qcominunity ser- vicej, Lee Hinson Qmusiej, llenry Spaulding trespect for lawj, and Lucy Norton, who won the Optimist Clulfs award in the 'LYouth in Musiew category. Terry Leick Maxine Lee ,lim Leinhach Cindy Lewis J ack Lewis Terry Lewis Carter Lifshutz Sarah Light Caroline Lijenwall Seniors-293 Martha Lobit Jeanette Lock Stacy Locke Tricia Lohman Nancy Loomis Maggie Lopez Silver and Bullet gallop around the corner leaving Terry Lewis and Mike Dirksen hang- ing from il convenient oak branch. 294-Seniors Pam Loring Janis Ludwig Rudy Luna Joe Lynch Charlotte Maggart Jeff Manupelli Julie Marek Gaileen Martin Mary Ellen Martin Olivia Marquez Anna Martinez Richard Mason Carol Matocha Hugh Matthews Mike McAllister Seniors-295 Meredith McAtee Cynthia McCaIley Scott McCollough Debbie McDougal Franny McKee john McSwain Linda Meerscheidt Mark Meissner Bobby Melland Stephanie Brooner proves to disbelieving Sally Hite and Marilyn Theurer that she can put more food in her mouth than anyone else. 296-Seniors fggla?-in M1 W, ax aim: 3 um 42,5 ,X K 2. vw l V'-11111 f ,iq .333 9 . - 65. - , "Maybe you would like a fig newton in your ear?" threatens joe Taylor. Susan Mengden Karen Meurin Kerry Miller Mary Pat Mitchell Linda Moore Nanci Moore Susan Moore Steve Morton Barrett Moursund Seniors-297 Kitty Mullen Roby Munford Brad Nabers Nancy Nicholson Evelyn Nixon Richard Nordhaus Paul Oatman Anne Oldfather Dawn 0'Neal g'If you don't like my outfit you can tack it," defends Caroline Liljenwall. 298-Seniors hi. . 'A .I il Susan Strausva cool chuck ln boots Phil Orozco Maura Osborne Karen Ostrum Christina Pakenbusch Jesse Pantalion John Park L E Dee Jennings breaks in his new set of dentures while eating in the pit. Suzanne Park Corita Parker john Parshall Mary Paul Margaret Pawel Dianne Pike janet Pogue Analisa Ponebshek Teresa Portela 300-Seniors Susan Potts Tamera Powell Lisa Pressly Michelle Primomo Martha Pulliam Patti Pung lVlarie Quereau Lupe Ramirez Betty Ramos Suzanne Park, Terrell Smith and Cheryl Cheaney can,t keep their hands off their favorite teacher Mr. Handsome. -qu :P Seniors-301 Diana Ranson Kelly Ranson Gary Richardson David Rilling Jayne Roach janet Rogers Laurie Roiz Andrew Ronald as J on Ross OLMOS HONORS-In many Cases, be- longing to a minority group serves as a handicap. However, Andy Biskin, Kathy Cooper, Elisa Krause, Chris Lee, Corita Parker, Ellen Ruppel, Tom Sims, Holly Stewart, and Alison Wen- ger are members ol' a minority con- sisting of less than one per cent of graduating high school students throughout the USA, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Among l5,000 semifinalists through- out the nation, and 713 in Texas, the nine were honored as National Merit Semifinalists due to their excellent National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test scores, and are in competition for 3000 lVlerit Scholarships, awarded this spring. 302-Seniors Brian Hoffman nonchalantly grades "her with an "An in hemline class today. Richard Rostedt Will Rotzler Priscilla Rowe Worthly Rudd Ellen Ruppel Steve Rymer Dan Ryan Norman Saathoff Kenny Salsman Seniors-303 -1 Jenni Samuels Rene Sanchez Mike Sawtelle Roh Jutson shows his interest in Nixonas campaign., 304-Seniors LEFT The hard-fighting Mules close the Roosevelt game, and the season, with a prayer. 209 Junior Varsity Football RIGHT Coach Wayne Williams gives con- structive Brannan ponders yardage. over for 210 advice to quarterback Steve 1143. BELOW Coach Tony Arevalo the situation on third and short BELOW RIGHT The mules power a touchdown against Lanier. I v San Marcos Seguin Lanier MacArthur New Braunfels Fox Tech Roosevelt 331-Si - r -j ,,fjf.ljf "': -.g1EP,.,-f-H' i' K -A,-,,g,.,.---0-"' V. l -,ax - - - - .L -- ,,., --'-""""i ' ' I W . 11 --' . -s-mne!5--'!e""'2."'- 'Til 4 rx 7 ' p1,w3fy,:4,a.Z,.., . . . - - 5 A 4-50.5 if ,, 'asia ' A hp'-f -f . , - , Q N0 4 'lk ? ' -L9 - N4 , , 4' , , 1 E' i . , is f . 1, 2, 5 T-. Ak hV, . . . A -' 'yfhsg' - 5 1' 1 ' ' office: V,-GN QP 'fi -.-A ' ff .-4 :L-F '. -- 8 . . I' f ' -pg, if ""'ff---f 5, we 3 Q' 'QB 5,5 -wviif:aav.,4- ,a,+1l,z, f , ,' Q, ,, X gf ,,.g ,r f. :", I .,,. 51- y - W-cm, 4 Q, 4 5 3525, 1',.3:':1LQ :Q-.'" V, V..'3,s. -.3 .J A ,, A Aj., ' ' 3. "Jw - g a:--' ' 5 n ,Vi V -' f a .ff-via 'fix'-T -IU-" E- . :ati ' .,..::O5,v,- Q ,534 Q ia- 1. ,, - .4 VLn,,,,-gx-5' ,LA .,.V-31, " fwlya'--rf der? lid.-gAL5L'w.,qg,,p, 4, I --1 fr--1'r1r.: ' f " -'fl' 'L "'. ' -J .,a' - 3- 'f - 1+ A- W' fin.,-" -- A-Q nfl? . y o. -'i'-, .4 tHE .. r., " f ',gJ'L., Q3 up if ,N .1-Q, K K m, at-,1..,Q, :.1j f. ,.. urn' ,,.' ian? '- -Y W " V fi? .'. A , tffylizddigiif-in-,"' -T?-' ' ' ' VJ. ' "' Jr: " ,, -if ,ight ,W ' .. :K 'gs . -, X.,,., --vf - 4'-5,4 -. ..-.- W , Q . :rl ,Qt , ag fy, 'W' " gf .A'f.,F 'fs f2l'f41's ...a-.-.AQ--"'u.L:'i': a 'DAL A1194 -" Yum Er' 5 ' Lu VE Junior Varsity ffirst rowj Rob Smith, Mike Bartley, Mike Earhart, Tom Bourgeois, Henry Garibay, Kevin Conger Tardes, Mickey Wakely, Madison Rivera, Mich Feurbacher, Clarence Speckmiear. Robert Rudeloff, Martin Zisman, Pressly. Qsecond rowj Carlos Collazo, Ed Paul Jackson, John Walters, Marvin 2 ABOVE RIGHT Roland Castillo 1115 tucks the ball and gets ready for some hard running. RIGHT Freshman defense shows a good example of gang tackling as they throw the Holmes Huskies for a loss. BELOW Blue team ffirst rowj Larry Beck, manager, Keith Clementson, Jimmy Thurmond, Bobby Goudge, Tom Westberry, Matt Gates, Eddie Lee, Rick Riser, Johnny Doyle, Erick Gregory. Qsecond rowj Coach john Heffner, Larry Delgado, Joe Peacock, Dwight Chumbly, Butch Vitala, Dean Norris, Drew Smith, Mike Wasson, Mike Crawford, Baron Cook, Coach Mike Martin. Freshman Footbol' Blue Team AH 6 Marshall O AH O Jay O 14 35 AH 0 AH 0 Churchill Roosevelt AH 8 MacArthur 0 AH 16 Holmes 0 AH 0 Roosevelt 30 AH 0 MacArthur 34 AH 8 Holmes 8 H Mk. H! v,kM ,,, , ,......... .,.,, iwi.. .. -j.,,,q ...QM in pu'-.-,.x-V v ,-an..-Q, M- A--4 "-' Y - ,,,, ,,,,,, -,- -..M..V.....-....--....a,,.s.,...,..--W rerr . I 1 V 4 5 gg 5 - it fl il G, is L 'Tir e ere' Q : , g m' I- -'ffl Qi 1,4412 Axfnffllgt, . ,K+ . v- vc, qw- -- 11, ,... A . A , " I ,AAS V 0 Q Kr.-M7. K v---"-' ,,. , ,is A I ,Q Ei. t M 4 J 'A , 3 A ' ' l ',,,1rf A ' V l 1 l 5 'lfi ' xkp k, gygiil v ,L . .1,, I ff. V, J W K g NA I ! Vx ,, ,, M ,, by may - w rras A EMA A , . " - . - ... Q ffi' - L, I I iitn - " 5 gf. -..:, if I lili 4 all-. 11 A A if mix lift A -, N 'S in 'a ' . -A , W. ' if . "VK, ' -. V I S Km, 1 A , I . ' XF? 'Q R . f l"" A 3 R Ai E - A QS A A 'LVE .. . :J V . l3 Q 1" lk 6 W Y V G llrg G 6 Nm I QT. was 1 ll T-" . V ,, I - .1 "L, J, ff I .. .' 212 ' W f y 4.'12,f 2 was li -.K L "5 v. r . Gold Team Marshall Jay Churchill Roosevelt MacArthur Holmes Roosevelt MacArthur Holmes Dean Norris 1321 unleashes a pass on the I'LlIl. ABOVE Gold Team ffirst rowj Tommy 0'Leary, Jim Martin, John Phillips, Roland Castillo, Phillip Duke, Chris Montesclaros, Larry Beck, manager. fsecond rowj Gus Shriener, Larry Biedenharn, Bobby Jornayvaz, Stan Shaw, Cliff Douglas, Johnny Joyce, Gregg Dunn, Pat Mullen. fthird rowj Coach john Heffner, Peter Ellis, Steve Dubinsky, Rob Swain, Walter Graham, Ben Sewell, Coach Larry Martin. 213 I an W 2 4 BOVE Qfirst rowj Wayne 0'Connell, Cecil Steve Rymer, John McSwain. fsecond rowj Connolly, Phil Sewell, John Lawton, lartinez, Phil Kettering, Rick Nordhaus, john Worthy, Gary Jochimsen, Mike Norman George, Pete Bommer. :ool Crew Bottles Fiercely for Elusive District Title So close-and yet so farg so ood-and yet not quite good enough -that was the story of the 1972-3 lamo Heights basketball team, which, spite compiling a 24-9 season cord, could not quite manage to rest the District 29-AAAA title from oosevelt. The Nlules, led by coach Mel arborak. played brilliantly through- t the year, but lost two heart- eakers to the Rough Riders to finish cond in loop play with a l2-2 slate. Heights was sparked throughout e year by the superb play of senior nter Phil Sewell, who averaged l8.2 ints in 27 games, along with senior orman George. who averaged l5.5 ints in 29 games: senior post Mike nnollyg senior guards Steve Rymer d John NlcSwaing junior guard Cecil artinezi and junior post Pete mmer. Heights opened the season with three wins over Austin teams. Austin Johnson fell 54-52 in the opener Nov- ember 2l, followed by two Nlule wins over Austin Reagan. We then competed in the Northeast lnvitational, and after a 72-69 opening loss to Spring Branch, went on to win the consolation title with victories over Victoria Stroman, Judson, and Lee. Tragedy then struck the Nlules after a win over Antonian, as Phil Sewell was injured in the Austin Tournament December 8, and with Norman George ont with flu. Heights lost two straight before winning one. With Phil out, the Xlules lost three more games the following week to Austin Johnson, Victoria, and Central Catholic before scoring a 58-55 win over Central after the 6-i'Vz center rejoined the lineup. .-Xt 9-6, the blue and gold quintet then took runner-up honors in the San Antonio Tournament December 29 with wins over Laredo Nlartin, Harlandale. and Churchill before a 56-55 loss to Brackenridge. The district season opened ,lan- uary 2. and triumph came over Seguin, Highlands, San Nlarcos, NlaeArthur and New Braunfels before the first show- down with Roosevelt Jan. 23. The Xlules dropped the initial Roosevelt game 59-52 at lilossum .-Xthletic Center before 2,5-1-3 fans despite a I8-point performance from Sewell and a l-'l--point total by Nlike Connolly. Following the loss. Heights won six straight over Sam Houston and their first five foes, then battled the Riders a second time at home before 2.700 screaming supporters. This time it was -L3-Jfl in over- time, and perhaps all that should be said about the game is that we came so near . . . 215 BELOW Assistant coach Jim Keener. BOTTOM Assistant coach Wayne Williams. 7 216 BELOW Head coach Mel Barborak. RIGHT Managers Stacy Jenkins and Marvin Speckmaier. Varsity Basketball Austin Johnston Austin Reagan Austin Reagan Spring Branch Victoria Stroman Judson Lee Antonian Lanier Del Valle Austin Crocket Austin Johnston Victoria Central Catholic Central Catholic Laredo Martin Harlandale Churchill Brackenridge Seguin Highlands San Marcos MacArthur New Braunfels Roosevelt Sam Houston Seguin Highlands San Marcos MacArthur New Braunfels Roosevelt Sam Houston LEFT Mike Connolly goes up strong for the lay up in the Mules' victory over Highlands. BELOW The Tapaderas perform a Hag- waving routine to brighten up the half-time. I-' 2 ' f 1 if S.. - . ' -Uliln 4 b 4 f-:sr L-- - ' L 217 15" , 6 ABOVE Norman George shows off his gorgeous shooting style against the Rough Riders. RIGHT Steve Rymer gets high for the basket and another sure two points against Sam Houston. 218 LEFT John lVlcSwain fires over a Roosevelt defense from the free throw line as Phil Sewell gets ready for the rebound. BELOW Cecil Martinez lays it up underhanded under a few Cherokees. 2 ABOVE Looking for the outlet against New Braunfels, Norman George comes down strong. RIGHT Phil Sewell handles the ball with his usual agility in the Mules' triumph over the Seguin Matadors. FAR RIGHT Mike Connolly stretches high for the shot over the Sam Houston defense. 220 X 11 i -.. 4. A I 5 .I 'mm .,,. gage LEFT Steve Rymer throws one in against New Braunfels' suprised defense. BELOW Mr. Barborak gets some coaching in during the game. New 9 affi ' .1-I X- ,syu X 221 RIGHT Cecil Martinez outruns the Owls for an easy two points. BELOW One-handed Phil Sewell adds another basket in the fight with Roosevelt. BELOW LEFT Norman George stands at ease on the court. 2 2 i 4 -s ig 1, N .MA W Q ,, J 55? 0' Q5 , , 1 a 4 0 ' . - 4 'ls 5 5 ABOVE For the first time in high school basketball, the overflow of spectators view the game on closed circuit television in the auditorium. RIGHT john Cuellar and a Trinity University student operate behind a camera borrowed for the exciting Roosevelt game. 224 navy, LEFT Phil Sewell up in the air for one of his patented jump shots over the Cherokees. ABOVE LEFT Mike Connolly rips down rebound from the amazed Unicorns. BELOW Norman George struggles for the ball with a Rough Rider with fierce determination. Junior Varsity Basketball J unior Varsity Basketball 1972-73 AH 45 Highlands 65 AH 38 Sam Houston 54 AH 44 Jefferson 70 AH 33 Marshall 41 AH 51 Kennedy 45 AH 47 Roosevelt 49 AH 49 Churchill 54 AH 56 Churchill 46 AH 34 Central Catholic 32 AH 58 South San 47 AH 59 Seguin 55 AH 41 Del Valle 38 AH 45 Lee 46 AH 39 San Marcos 46 AH 51 Mae Arthur 41 AH 46 J ohn J ay 51 AH 53 New Braunfels 55 AH 40 Roosevelt 35 AH 50 Marshall 49 AH 37 Seguin 32 AH 45 McCollum 37 AH 59 San Marcos 34 AH 43 New Braunfels 45 AH 43 Roosevelt 40 AH 60 McCollum 45 RIGHTjunior Varsity Qfirst rowj Phil Kettering, Scott Abrahamson, Casey Creamer, Mike Fanning, David Park, Paul Bury, Howard I-laring. fsecond rowj Coach Jim Keener, Gary jochimsen, Rene Montemayor, John Hendry, Jeff Beal, Andre Goddard, Robert McDonald, Jim Brosseau. 226 3 B R 1 f of 4- 5 1-4 . l L , 1 ..h.,,-JJ... ' E, E - , 7-, 4 Li FAR LEFT Phil Kettering shoots from the base line as Gary Jochimsen, 41, and David Park, 31, work for rebound position. LEFT Robert McDonald tries to block a New Braunfels shot. BELOW After a good move Phil Kettering lays it up as John Hendry looks on. - Y I' 'wif' 4- K ! x ABOVE ffirst rowj Steve Brannon, Eric Voight, Russell Kopp, Darrell Duggar, Steve Arizpe. Qsecond rowj Kevin Brady, Dan Rheiner, Jim Sheppard, Marlg Urban, Robert Splinter, Gary Vazquez, FAR RIGHT Coach Wayne Williams talks over the situation with the team. 228 Sophomore Basketball 1972-73 30 Highlands 36 Jefferson 45 Antonian 22 Marshall 31 John Jay 47 South San 50 McCollum 36 Central Catholic 38 John jay 37 South San 33 South San 33 Holmes 40 John Jay 46 South San 32 Marshall 41 Holmes 50 Central Catholic X43 1 l ,132 V .3 t Sophomore Bosketboll LEFT Dan Rheiner, 4-0, goes high for the second-half tip. BELOW CENTER After driving hard, Darrell Duggar gets his shot off. BELOW LEFT Robert Splinter puts it up from the corner. 229 il l Gold Teom Gold AH 43 I lolmes AH 27 J ay AH 44 Churchill AH 50 jay AH 32 Holmes AH 35 Lee AH 49 MacArthur H 36 Roosevelt AH 56 Lee AH 37 Marshall AH 48 Jay AH 52 Churchill AH 34 MacArthur AH 24 Holmes AH 28 Roosevelt AH 29 Lee AH 22 Marshall AH 49 Jay AH 29 Churchill AH 41 MacArthur AH 66 Holmes Blue Teom Blue AH 31 Holmes AH 37 Jay AH 32 Churchill AH 59 Marshall AH 34 Lee AH 27 MacArthur AH 25 Roosevelt AH 34 Lee AH 46 Marshall AH 33 ,I ay AH 41 Churchill AH 24 MacArthur AH 37 Holmes AH 16 Roosevelt AH 43 Lee AH 31 Marshall AH 33 J ay 25 Ch urchill AH AH 27 MacArthur AH 1 6 Holmes in Xl 'x VY! Freshman Basketball ' LEFT Cold team Qfirst rowj Steve Duke, Bill Zent, John Joyce, Brian Brady, McAllister, Glenn Szopa, Larry Balser. Coach Tony Arevalo. A 'I' fsecond rowj Coach Larry Martin, Philip Tfvw 4411.4 ABOVE John Joyce goes up strong for a shot. LEFT Blue team ffirst row! Bubba Schultz, Baron Cook, Henry Johns. fsecond rowj Coach Larry Martin, Greg Dunn, Tom Westberry, Xavier Montemayor, Billy ' Carleston, Dean Norris, Stan Shaw. FAR LEFT Tom Westberry fights hard for the ball. new-:fans E 231 Boys Tennis RIGHT Paul Trautman displays an excellent backhand. BELOW RIGHT ffirst rowj Paul Trautman, Scott Walker, Lenny Walence, Carl Oliver, George Kampmann, Mac Irving fsecond rowj Brad Oxford, Martin Phillips, Barry Gleichenhaus, Bobby jornayvaz, jim Daniell, Brad Camp, Carl Harnisch, Paul ,lornayuazz fnot picturedj Brad Nahers, Ben lVlcCaleb, jimmy Clements. The Alamo Heights tennis team had a very successful season in l972-3, ranking among thc top teams in the state throughout the year. Coach Terry Oxford led his boys and girls net squads to first place finishes in the San Antonio High School Championships, the Corpus Christi UIL Tournament, and the Texas Schools Tournament. Third place also went to the Mules in the West Texas Open Tournament, along with high places at the Abeline, Kincaid, and Spring Branch tourneys in the spring. Although no state team championship is determined in tennis, Heights had without question one of the top three teams in the state, and, considering the first place finishes in the San Antonio and Texas Schools tournaments, very likely the best. Several team members were also ranked among the top netters in the state, and were expected to perform well in the district, regional, and state meets. The first meet in which Mule netters competed, the San Antonio High School Championships in the falls, saw seven singles and doubles titles fall to Heights. Brad Nabors won the boys A singles in the San Antonio com- petition, while Scott Walker and Brad Oxford won the boys A doubles, Paul ,Iornayvaz won the boys B singles, Paul Trautman and Carl Harnisch won the boys B doubles, Paula Brayman won the girls A singles, Elaine lVliller won the girls B singles, and Elaine Miller and Susan Ford won the girls B doubles. Winning in the Corpus Christi Invitational from Heights were Nancy Levit and Elaine Miller, who won the 232 LEFT Scott Walker practices throwing the tennis ball 100 feet up before his stupendous serve. BELOW Freshman Mac Irvin and Brad "Toots-Beari' Oxford are a promising doubles team. BOTTOM Disabled vet Paul jornayvaz was unable to compete for the majority of the season due to an illness. AWQT i 4 XPEJ' i. ,,, .gil N 'ig ii., ' girls B doubles, while a boys singles victory in the Texas Schools meet came from Brad Nabors. Although no Mule netters won individual titles in the West Texas Tournament, Nabors was runnerup in boys singles and Debbie Deres and Pat Reilly were second in girls B doubles. Also placing well in tournaments during the season were Brad Camp, Mac lrvin, Martin Phillips, Jim Daniels, Meredith Dubose, Lenny Walence, Ben McCaleb, and Barry Gleichenhaus. 233 RIGHT Ben lVlcCaleb perfects his service form. FAR RIGHT Carl Harnish and Martin Phillips are quite confident about their next match . BELOW Bobby Jornayvaz approaches his forehand volley with the approval of his partner Carl Oliver. 234 H..---" fr 5-,Qu L 1 V . I ,. lv ' ,V ,Q A N I ' 3- ,, 3- ? ii ABOVE Barry Gliechenhaus and jim Daniels warm up for their oncoming match. LEFT Brad Camp prepares to lob the ball into the back court. 235 RIGHT ffirst rowj Julie Kinser, Pat Reilly, Nancy Levit, Elaine Miller, Debbie Deres, Susan Brusenhang fseeond rowj Cynthia Christian, Heidi Harnisch, Susanne Woodly, Susan Ford, Meredith Dubose, Margaret Saunders, Leigh Fischer, Ginny Van Hardeveldg fnot picturedj Paula Brayman, Diana Miller, April Manning. BELOW RIGHT Top player Leigh Fischer, waits in the ready position. 236 i- 4 V-' 1 ., :wifi 'li'-"?i'5?u X N... , , 5, X E f- r SX fx t iiiiipkx -x iii VA 6 wi-Nwegli '11-'wi'-HfiZ'Yb?'GI'it- t' ' Y ' 'V 1' :tri il ' - . - s s i e o t I l ,,,.., s'W'M ' '- 2 ' W!! Ybibxw-S 74- i ,. Y i wr-'ffpi --Misc"ftrcicfzi-'---4135551 1 v h,V- , V- M:nf.........,,..g, mlm iu.'9'f'4'4ll:ixv.?Mq ' , 1Kx1yxx.S.XXikik'k'xLwZ ,. H , ff- ,ff '::::::-fs miter, ---rr-?--wWi3tZ:w,,:ff-f-'-1-14-fs-fcvftctctqs isss t "' ,:,,, L ,,,, ' "'! '4 -flf--wlifibffiifZ'f5f1f-EffIii'13331,-F-Ft.'1,::0f-I I - , 51-7fT'33PP.'w -. :M VFD'-1iiivfC'iL"f -t -. My -ww-.,.f-e ,vw f,--' ef - + wif .- 1 s - mm m f K ' H:ia:gvQ::QNNM. VQX . t "3 if ,.,.. , Lum '--'lwb i- ' ""-Maggg ku w b X xox Qi Y -- -4 A n t ' t A f t ' s , - e t ,, to ' r it ff!-xv:-' ABOVE Meredith Dubose anticipates the ' . ifligl, ' 1 . precise moment of contact to send the ball soaring over the net. LEFT Two team mem- bers interrupt their set to discuss the pros and cons of playing in warm-ups. 237 TOP Nancy Levit delivers a smooth volley as her doubles' partner Elaine Miller grins in delight. ABOVE Tennis coach Terry Oxford watches a team workout. RIGHT Susan Ford's strong backhand contributes notice- ably to her successful tennis game. i ABOVE Pat Reilly prepares to hit a fore- hand volley, to the calm approval of partner Debbie Deres. LEFT Paula Brayman moves over for an overhand slam. 239 Since the arrival of coach Chuck Worrel at Alamo Heights two years ago, superior boys swimming teams have almost become a tradition, and this year's squad was no exception. Many excellent team placings and individual performances highlighted the season. Coach Worrel this year saw six lettermen and one All-American, sen- ior Brian Wright, return from last year's regional champion team. Seniors Alan ,Iochimsen and Stuart Campbell joined Wright as team captains. The boys started their season Nov- ember l0 with the State Water Polo Tournament at College Station. Bob Kingman received honorable mention fi . RIGHT ffirst rowj David Rubin, Kirk Tuck, Brian Wright, Alan Jochimsen, David Rymer, James Keller, Alex Hendry. Qsecond rowj Stewart Campbell, Stacy Locke, Stephen Diehl, Coach Chuck Worrel, Jeff Sugerman. fthird rowj Will Loomis, Jackson Diehl, Bruce Hill, John Beckham, David Gillespie, ffourth rowj George Stieren, Boh Kingman, Richard Matthews, Shawn Woten, Phillip Locke, Clay Ellis, Quentin Baker, Rudy Bishop. ABOVE Jackson Diehl comes in to the wall at the Northeast Invitational for 100-yard butterfly. 240 all-state honors for his outstanding play in the event, though the team as a whole was unsuccessful. Much more success swimming- wise came December 8-9, however, as boy mermen placed sixth in the Texas Interscholastic Coaches Association Pre-Christmas Invitational over 40 other schools. The medley relay team of Brian Wright, Quentin Baker, Jackson Diehl, and Randy Thomas placed fourth, and Wright placed third in the 50 freestyle and fourth in the l00. Victory then came for Heights ,Ianuary I9-20 in the Austin ISD Invitational, followed by a seventh place finish in the Northeast Invita- Boys Swimmin tional, January 26-27, and eighteenth place finish February I-I the T.l.S.C.A. Championships Dallas, a meet featuring 55 teams. Placing in the difficult T.I.S.C competition were George Stieren, v placed fourteenth in the 200 freesl and Brian Wright, who captu eleventh in the 50 free and fourtee in the I00. Leading team performance in regional meet, March 2-3, were sen Wright, Jochimsen, Campbell, Br Hill, and Alex Hendrie, juniors D and Baker, sophomores Stieren, K man, Phillip Locke and Stephen Di and freshman David Rymer. fl 5 Qi fl l 5 1 E I 5 l S ABOVE lsometric exercises are a part of every swimmer's routine, including Rudy Bishop's. LEFT Tommy Chiodo and Will Loomis try to convince Mr. Worrel that Tommy was only this far away from breaking the Olympic record in 100-yard breast stroke. 241 BELOW Stuart Campbell watches f Kingman rock himself to sleep. RIG Quentin Baker kneads a cramp out of toe. if f if .-sf, I' - li We H 24 ,, -ij" 1, A, LEFT Brian Wright makes a concentrated ,al 7 x V V -ff -31, effort in the 50 yard freestyle competition. 45.65, 41, 'Q Q gm "'W' ABOVE Alex Hendrie adjusts his hand paddle L ' 4 1, 'i A W for a series of pulls. X V , i -aw Q 6 ei' i W W, 'S W - e v' Z 'Q 243 Girls Swimming The gdrls swimming team in 1972-73 was unquestionably one of the finest athletic squads in the history of Alamo Heights. Not only did the girl swimmers go undefeated in dual meet competition, but they won two other major invitational meets and were strong contenders for the state championship. Coach Chuck Worrel led his team into the state championship meet March 16-17 as one of three favorites. Four team members are also almost certain to receive All-American honors. The 400 free style relay team of Nancy Murray, Pam Wright, Cissy Hensarling, and Kathy McAlpin held the fastest time in the state in their event, and seemed to be well under the qualifying time necessary to receive All-American honors as pile of the top 20 relays in America. Also leading team wins through- out the year were captains Mary Thornhill and Carolyn Johns, Barbara Baker, Pam Kirk, Ann Worrel, and Karen Goetting. Girl swimmers opened their season December 8-9 with a victory in the Texas lnterscholastic Coaches Pre- Christmas Invitational over 40 other teams. Triumph also came in the Austin ISD Invitational January 19-20, along with third place finishes in the Northeast Invitational and T.1s.C.A. championships in following weeks. The Mules also scored a 7-0 record in dual meets, including wins over both teams, MacArthur and Midland Lee, which defeated them in the invitationals and challenged them for the state title. 244 TOP Pam Wright stretches for the water amidst her competitors. ABOVE Barbara Baker giggles as fellow swimmers toss Mr. Worrel into the pool. LEFT Ann Worrel dares her big brother to make her swim a 400-yard butterfly time- IIial. BELOW Mary Thornhill contemplates the rough workout ahead. fr-we' LEFT ffirst rowj Liz Howell, Emily Blase, Julie Viets, Genevieve LeMessurier, Kathy Thomhill. fsecond rowj Cissy Hensarling, Carolyn johns, Mary Thornhill, Barbara Baker. fthird rowj Coach Chuck Worrel, Kathy lVlcAlpin, Nancy Murray, Lisa Pawel, Elizabeth Roberts, Pam Kirk, Karen Goetting, Ann Worrel, Pam Wright, Sabrina Shawd, Mourette Rockstroh, Roxanne Ryden. 245 ABOVE A spasmodic leg in the midst of conformity. RIGHT Pam Kirk strolls across the pool to confer with Chuck about her stroke. FAR RIGHT Nancy Murray clowns around with the fellas during practice. 24-6 1' , I ., i . ,g, , ABOVE Kathy McAlpin, alias the Creature from the Black Lagoon. LEFT Carolyn johns and Nancy Murray takes part in isometrics to help strengthen themselves. 247 248 Golf Alamo Heights golf maintained during l972-73 its reputation as the enduring pride and joy of the athletic department. Mule golfers entered district and regional competition in April as strong favorites after a successful tournament season. Coached by James Walkup, the golf squad filled its usual position during the year as a major district prospect, although tough opposition was encountered from Roosevelt, Seguin, and New Braunfels. Leading the Heights squad were seniors Billy and Bobby Cavender and Charlie Thomas, along with juniors Mike Wisdom, Jim Leinbach, Marvin Bickabaugh and David McAllister. Early successes for linksters came in two Austin tournaments in October and November in which Heights placed second and first, respectively. Billy Cavender was the low scorer in both meets, and receiving medalist honors ABOVE ffirst rowj David Stewart, Dicky Davis, Rick Canendar, Billy Cavnedar, Steve Lewis, Mike O'Neal, Kent Martin, Tim Wolff, David Palence, Eric Lange, Jim Leinbach, Coach Jim Walkup. fsecond rowj Bobby Cavendar, Richard Hoeott, Mike Wisdom, Scott Ricklin, David Goetz, Charlie Thomas. fthird rowj Marvin Rickabaugh, David McAllister, Peter Sorenson, Bill Sawtelle, Paul Dubose, Matt Griffin, Mark Cavendar, Lee Lahourcade, Leslie West. in the latter. Second place also went to the golf team in the San Marcos lnvitational, as Billy Cavender again took medalist awards. Other invitational meets in which the golf team placed well were the Del Bio Invitational February 23-24, the Border Olympics March 2-3, the SAISD Invitational February 26, the North East lnvitational March 5, and the Corpus Christi Invitational. Alamo Heights also hosted its own invitational golf tournament during mid-march, a very successful event in the teamis season. Overall, the golf team was very strong throughout the year. Difficulty was encountered, however, in finding a strong fifth man to join the first team of Cavender, Cavender, Hocott, and Thomas. Thus depth was perhaps the greatest obsticle facing the Mule linksters in their bid for a district title. .xx Nt , ..f' A .ff"" T . Nt. f- v. vig- I I . ew 1. 3, 4. b N iiiiiittttttg' 's X , ,I X ras i. Y' '5EZ?'?V f 1 H 29 ' ' Q' Af 'Z' A , -4 ' 5'f"1vf L. X 'Alf - A ' .fig -C g V . V7 ,, 'L E Q W ' if - lf t 1, -A 2 - 4 Q36 5' - ' 'u M , ',-' A A ' Y , 1 . 'iq V A. V 5' - if 'Q yi. i as e f n W 4 LEFT Rick Cavendar helps Tim Wolff adjust the giip on his putter under the fascinated gaze of Leslie West and Dicky Davis. ABOVE Sirongman Mike Wisdom performs one of his superhuman feats, snapping his driver like a stick of raw spagetti. ABOVE RIGHT Richard Hocott sinks a short putt on the eighteenth green at the San Antonio Country Club before the astonished eyes of nearby trees. I . f i ' 'bv r- s,, -.J' . Y, " ,si . 2 ' 'ff' ill -f 'z A fr "' ' , . .- -f ' fn- ' - P J.. f I ' '-Q. "' . -- sph. 'w':f' , ' "' , 'ff-12 -'F - if-fy 5:35 4 'Z fs..-- :ffl +R L" W J wif '47 W i " i i 1l.,ff ... R p , M 4 I 'E F, ' T' yi . -fn .J - fu... - ,.,..,,, X "A " - -- r E ' ,,- 2 - K . 77k,f wif- ,, .ph 53 ai. .:2'3,,-QF. lT-4.3f"13i4lrgQ'1'25alL'1j33:?g,1al'ljr.'E is-.Jig Q" f. .......,..l A Rf .,.f ,M-jV4r.f'x V f- in., 4' .g,,f.'lgqi1t7" ., -ima: 2 -4-,'f:,r.',,'-:S 5: 'gg'.,.,1iv qs. : L ,A Y f A w ,Q gf . , fis:'ffgi:fg?3i 1 N .1 . f f .--11 -we 'Y '-"fi ff?-H11 5222 ' :.?if'??"'c5f"9 EEE-XiE51'i5fr 3-I f'?Zf ilsi e- N L 'A' - " W" ' "iffffaffQ51 531.5359 1 f. L ' f' Q Q r . 2- - , "'ft f1- h ,sf'f.f22,., M vs- , , W , 1 ' ' - rx---, . - .' ' . 1' f, .- maxi' "lf?g5,me'-Y ,fig -. 4,,.,Qq5,,, 34.49 . ., ,- '25 f?2',.axy,. .gy,:V'1'fl. +?fS'4fvwf4jiQ221!,gf,. .,.1 '5'A" , 5i:LwgL.Sf5?5:T-EJ-vi :3'4i'M72 'f':fi5?'1ilZl13:1-1 1 W. 's-.75-'xztv:,:v4:s:-Q-, ,.. 71 .I . 1' yfgwevfva - 1-,+13'1f'i?E:5i,Qsrn,,f'qlQf' - ' r.:q'.:.,- .3 , ga qqif-,.1t Tgmagc? .38-45-fr, ex ' Mi, -gzigr: Rkifiikxlssgfmugniag-fmffg, ki .- +1.. 1 1 24,1-gg1,L,,,.:.ffi,-ft' CiQ:il.1.' ,.KL?ER'Li -if N331 . '- If - - vf-If-wr f-"YQ-sr"-":., f --:"': - - ,J-113' :Z'"'ti'7!'fif71'-33x15'4'f'f5'2??i155533- "'?5""31"7'aei , we-z ,-..':iIl: qgqg-5. f-..-'X n,. ,-. rf.-gg, .4 ,.. .M . .5951 sw'e,.9g.g5:f.:,:!f:fzt1Qf,3I3,z.fvf 'w g -- , -hvzgg 1.2. IZ' .5 f 14.4 '1','-' ffl... ' Airbag f,,'9.:- ff., , .1 '5 -mwa'1f3.'f?'?f'7'ff-'-4' I 62 's fum 15 535 .f 5 'Qin 21521faiiixiarg-QriffjieisigswffskggigLegg if ,Jann fn .V ,1agg.-A., 3,584 , ,... 'wiv -.yi-2 . -ww? if 1 1 me f ,,:- f' " Q 2 N Qaltjf is Q'-.i I N31 . is v,-R rep .Q ,gt k , . gf, ,J R15 A ,KI ,"1-J 'gg-n'?+'.3f3 -E -' 5 -1:-grfgas :fy f,,5f4..3,.-:.r1s-pts-ve, AQ. ' ,pk ,Q Y .v-?:. few.: f-New u N -Iv v-..-43 1- , ,f ff? 'fs 2'T"?."i-f.-4'f1',f5Q- 5192+ ' 'sfvfiw -: f 24-9 RIGHT Richard Hocott, Billy Cavendar, Charlie Thomas, Mike Wisdom, Bobby Cavendar, and J im Leinbach are among the golfers whose solid ability helped the squad to its successful season, BELOW Mark Cavendar, Bill Sawtelle, David Stewart, and Matt Griffin hop aboard the Golf Cart Express, conducted by Paul Duhose and Lee Lahourcade. BELOW RIGHT David McAllister, Mike Wisdom, and Peter Sorenson carefully survey the golf course before beginning another day's practice round. 250 4., J. , 'Saw LEFT Charlie Thomas pulls back to send his ball soaring out of the sand trap it unfor- tunately found its way into. BELOW Team members Rick, Mark, and Bobby Cavendar, Dicky Davis, David Stewart, and David Goetz restlessly await Coach Jim Walkup for some putting tips during aftemoon practice at San Antonio Country Club. ...H PQ fp as If JLG . ll fly .I 0, 4'--4.6-on kwa.,- 251 ABOVE Jim Leinbach's ball, oblivious to the obstacles of six shadows, rolls relent lessly towards the first hole, although Marvin Rickabaugh remains unimpressed by the valiant little ball. RIGHT Strong golfer Bobby Cavendar experiences a little trouble in the rough. FAR RIGHT The teamis top player, Billy Cavendar, demonstrates his putting form. 252 fig -an- J H , t W9 TW . ,,,V i . ff "NH" . . A ,L ,, I Km! , , .' ,L A , . K W, -- bidi ff ,. . , M, , . MM ,. , .t , V, ef. fs., 1 . ,,,, , ,, ,. .. ,, " w1:w.i1,,aA Y . -vw, --we Q , f.. JL v' T g s ff 1 T n f my Q .5-,fWz,.f, .s,f..12af'bf. ,M '33 J if gg f,fN ,Fin V, 5 D gn f ,--,, 1,, I ,ESF ,,,i ,,1:f,-A XL, ,kg,,zQ,,fff wtf 225 532 .Qsf,',.,, . i f QL 5 , 5, rK'.,,2,,ffM' -My If ,,,. ,M,1,f.,, 5: .7 gy? - u ay . ' " f v, T ,1 W- 5 f " 1 , s ' t 5 2" o r " ' 4 - - A if l fffg ffw rw 1, ym iffi sffwfw 51' 1 K, X T .' 1 " i' . " ' e f r We ' :U - ak - fx' F W ' - . -fw -W ' V W .i, ,i ,A.. 1 y M iff Q Iii i t Mf r s ,,r ,Y Ziggy: , if Y' 'ff v E5 fi vwwf My ' W-if Q :ff fs asf? e5'f:Q?ggf,F ' iff. 1 are 55,3-gI3ff,Qfve,.rfgrlfgiigf-,,,5g:, 59,5 5 if . 4 Effwfmfrv , ya- M55-g 6 ,isis is Y.. ? .. 1 V' A 4 s . , ,r 4 1' 5,1 if A .. r .1 my i 'ing l l H4 ,.v. . ,. wtf 4 k 4' pq.- ifflj. -rl-' -H-, .,f E. :fag :lf rf- ' 1' . Y 'F - r. gg' ' nJ x ---a.f- nnvr-y Stu 'vm -A-. M K .-31, :ii Q ,...,... ,W Q ,....... ... 1 ABOVE Jim Leinbach warms up on the putting green before hitting the links. LEFT Peter Sorenson, the victim of a sore loser, chuckles over his victory despite the golf club thrust through his chest. 253 Baseball "lf our pitching comes throughf' said baseball coach Bill Horlen in February, Mwe can definitely win the district championshipfl Pitching, then, was the central story of this years baseball team, and, all considered, the story turned out nreasonably well," as coach Horlen would say. The 1973 version of the Mule baseball squad was young, inexperi- enced, but definitely willing to make a strong push for the 29-AAAA title. Only four seniors, Hugh Mathews at first base, and Steve Miller, John McSwain and Bobby Bass in the out- field, started as the Mules opened their schedule March l, so the outcome of the season ultimately depended on the juniors' development of proper CXPEEFV ence as the season progressed. Filling out the starting line up from the junior class were pitchers Bruce Cunningham, Bobby Ray, and Dana Wilburn, along with short stop Cole Newman, among others. District 29-AAAA was a tough one for baseball in 1973, and Heights faced strong competition throughout the year from Roosevelt, New Braunfels, and MacArthur. Trouble in non-district action also came from local powerhouses Churchill and Jefferson. Other district games during the spring came with San Marcos, High- lands, and Sam Houston. Heights competed in two invitational baseball tournaments dur- ing the spring, the North Loop Tournament and the Austin Invita- tional Tournament. 254- RIGHT ffirst rowj Charles Gottardy, Pete Cavazos, Roland Castillo, Daina Wilburn, Mason Matthews, David Sielski, Rudy Luna, John Conger, Kelly Thies, fsecond rowj Bobby Bass, Bobby Wray, Clarence Bourgeois, Tom Stanley, Rene Sanchez, John McSwain, Steve Miller, Bruce Cunningham, Hugh Matthews, Phil Farmer, Cole Newman, Gary Baker, Paul Beichlin, Coach Bill Horlen. BELOW Phil Farmer, Hugh Matthews, john McSwain, Bobby Bass, Gary Baker, Steve Miller, Rudy Luna, and Rene Sanchez show just how hard Varsity Baseball practice really is. FAR LEFT Pitcher Daina Wilburn looks over the opposition and grins at the thought of an easy game. LEFT Rudy Luna whips the ball in with good form. BELOW Mason Matthews tosses an easy one during batting practice to an eager Mule batter. BELOW Clarence Bourgeois practices the difficult art of bunting. RIGHT john Conger relays the ball into the infield. 256 - Q My K as lu .., K ,H .5 - I xg, I K- A A i if we Q -HR: eww .jf 5 KR me - . .,, ' . ,. 11. -f P e f Q i l LEFT Bobby Bass watches in shock as john McSwain knocks one over the fence and into Broadway traffic. a.L ABOVE Coach Bill Harlen gives a few tips on covering his position to John Conger. LEFT Phil Farmer hunts as Clarence Bourgeois catches and Bruce Cunningham looks on. 257 ,, ,, ! ,,fj', I Miki if, if ,f -,f gil 1 ,Jil 33,332 L 2 , V. ff f ' i' .. 'MW ' QL m,,,f5W,k ,j.f ,,.. W1 531693: 4, . 'T' , 5 , .v i I7 " 1? M ' ,Q-W, J ' f -.s , .. - ., .Q ,A , ,,, 4 L.""'-K " , f fm R' ,wwf 5 mf.g,g,,,W r 4 . Ue'i1g..J ' V . M my f ggguigig A I I ,, M 1 fi-5' w W TOP Fine catching lxadition is passed on from senior Phil Farmer Qcenterj, to junior Tom Stanley fleftj, to sophomore Clarence Bourgeois frightj. ABOVE Junior Charles Gottardy warms up during batting practice. RIGHT Coach Bill Horlen demonstrates best fielding methods for the benefit of the team. 258 P , .,, ,,,f M ai? 452 ,-' E ' R ef , 1 '15 , fri V'T Hg ik S fl ji 0 Q . . 4 ' i 1 X ' u,i Zfk, fredii- B' -. " . Q., ,paw V I' - 'wxxkgige 3247? I " 'J ff .a5'l Ml 4' '43 I 4 ,4,L3a"f,'1, ,iawgt .962 . K f, qi M 1 fr 4 E Q- 6 i r 6, Q Rises 'ff is in ,iq LEFT Rene Sanchez shies away after making the big play. BOTTOM John McSwain takes warm-up swings while Bobby Bass makes a few choice comments, BELOW Sophomore, Paul Biechlin is getting a few fielding techniques from Coach Bill Horlen. w-- -x-f if-,sq 4,4 if i 4. ,i .45 figvf .igwi ,gu,., ,3?,f .rdg A ':. J"?- nb gwywy .lv Track The 1973 Alamo Heights track team was one of the most talented groups fielded in recent years. Out- standing individual stars and overall team quality combined throughout the season to rank the Mules highly. Heffner led the Coach John varsity squads to fine finishes in six invitational meets along with the dis- trict and region meets held in April. The Heights team opened the season March 3 with the Northside Track meet, and continued with the New Brunfels Invitational March 9, the North East Invitational March 17 and the College Station meet lVlarch 24 before completing with other 29-AAAA teams in the district champ- ionships March 31-April I. Regional qualifiers then entered the San Antonio Invitational April 7 before braving the extremely tough competition of the Regional champ- ionships April 13-14. Three lVlule tracksters distin- guished themselves early in the season through record-setting performances. Dec Jennings had already broken a 7-year-old school record in the 260 ABOVE 440 yard relay leg man Bobby Bass crouches at the starting block, baton in hand. RIGHT Clay Becker practices a few quick starts before running the 100 yard dash. 440-yard mn as major meets began, while Rudy Jimenez set a new school record in the shot-put and David Gorman led the city in the discus. Other strong contributers to the track effort were Bobby Bass, Dean Heaser, Robert lVlacDonald and Clay Becker in the 440 relay, Tom BELOW Track team members Dwight Chumley, Clay Becker, Bobby Bass, Robert McDonald, Matt Gottlich, Greg Warden, Bill West, and Peter Ellis relax between events in a duo-meet. BOTTOM LEFT Mark Mahone flies over the hurdle, one step ahead of his opponent at the Fox Tech meet. -nnopmnw.-r...-v --E ."-L Q 1 i'4!F!!9wf FW?" 'Pi ABOVE LEFT ffirst rowl Charles Cheima, David Black, Steve McDaniels, Gus Schreiner, Mark Cavazos, Billy Mitchell, Peter Neesham, l'l0Wal'd SChm.idf, Peter Ellis, Dwight Chumbley, Greg Warden, Keith Clementson, Bill West, John Pafk, Mark Mahone, Rick Riser. fsecond rowj Arthur Zertuche, Gus Krus, john Ambler, Forrest Smith, Mike McAllister, Aurthur Guterrez, Bobby Bass, Randy Thomas, David Lillis, Kevin Conger, George Livesay, David Gorman, Stewart Glicenhaus, Clay Becker. fthird rowj David Liebmann, Eric Gregory, Kent Griffin, Lane Mitchell, Lester McGilvary, Bobby Goudge, Butch Vitela, Dee Jennings, Tim Garrison, Robert McDonald, Bob Hannaman, Rudy Jiminez, Coach John Heffner. Fuhrman and Steve Wright in the 8805 George Livesay and Mark Mahone in hurdle events, Bass, Becker, and Heaser in the 1003 Tim Garison and Lane Mitchell in the mile rung and Jennings, David Lillis, Keith Conger and Lester McGilvray in the mile relay. Principal field placers were Jimenez, Gorman, Forrest Smith, Arthur Gutierez, Tom Bullard, Clay Becker, and John Ambler. 261 RIGHT Steve Wright gives Mark Mahone timings from his last race. FAR RIGHT Rudy Jiminez puts the shot fshots the put?j BELOW Robert McDonald and Arthur Gutierez come out of the block for the start of the 100 yard dash. BELOW RIGHT Nanook and the boys wait for the flying finish. W N smwmmwk ' I 1 ,r. - K I + V I tiss Q ,, ..-, , iii' 1 262 LEFT George Livesay warms up a few muscles, Kevin Conger tapes a few muscles, and Matt Gottlich, Randy Thomas, and Greg Worden relax a few muscles. BELOW With a Herculean effort, David Gorman puts forth the shot. .....-....... . ex I pi' .awrnulkv 12 iq s '.,,, A, Y 1.1- ,, . 1 ' - , ' f:f'g,11:1 Lrg- 4, i- . Vg 4. lj. , l 'ff - -M -+4-.f5'f'M?efu f-1-: if V 263 Cross Country The cross country team had a brilliant season in 1972, winning the city championship along with placing fifth in the regional meet. The team of Tom Fuhrman, Lane Mitchell, Tim Carison, Rick Riser, and Billy Carleston outran 44 other schools to take the fifth place award in regionals, Lane placed fourth individually to qualify for the state meet, while Tom captured 17th. Mitchell then went on to take 13th in the state championships, an excellent finish considering his sopho' more status. The Mule cross country team also won the city championship in the 4, 10, and 13-mile runs. While Mitchell won in the four-mile event, Junior Garison won the 10-mile and Junior Fuhrman was victorious in the 13-mile event. Freshmen Carleston and Riser were also placers, showing a great future ahead for cross-country. All cross-country competition takes place in the fall, with the state meet coming in early December. The erossscountry squad, according to coach John Heffner, spent almost three months preparing for the city, regional, and state meets by running extremely long distances all over the suburbs surrounding Alamo Heights, perhaps the most grueling training routine in high school athletics today. RIGHT Tom Fuhrman kickes the habit during the track season along with Bill Lehne, Tim Garison, and Rick Riser. BELOW ffirst rowj Stuart Gliechenhaus, Lane Mitchell, Tim Garison, Tom Fuhrman, Rick Riser. fsecond rowj Gus Kroschewsky, Jimmy Geng, Bob Hannaman, Will Carter, Coach John Heffner, fnot picturedj Bill Lehne. 264 1 il' ', . '- -.. 44. . - 'S- ABOVE Lane Mitchell, rated 13th in the state, sprints down the home stretch. LEFT Jimmy Geng, Stewart Gliechenhaus, Bob Hannaman, and Gus Kruschewski run over various types of terrain while training for the up coming meet. 265 Girls track this year featured a team strong in sprints and enthusiasm, but with too little depth to make a strong district challenge. Leading the team during the spring were Patty Leslie, a regional finalist last year in the 220, Sally Sielfert in the 60, long jump, and 440 relay, and Emily Blase in the long jump and 880 relay. Other strong contributers were Yolanda Gomez in the 100, Tracy Lomax in the 100 and 60, Sarah Ford in hurdles, Rene Zuehl in discus, and Sylvia Lenna, Linda Reid, Donna Girls Track Balin, Candy Clark and Carol Forsythe, in short running events. Coaching the girls track team during the two-month long season was lVlrs. Cookie Stitch, who listed the girls at 20 strong placers in a number of meets. RIGHT Sally Siefert, Tracy Lomax, Yolanda Gomez, and Patti Leslie team up in the 220 relay. BELOW ffirst rowj Linda Reid, Rene' Zuehl, Sarah Ford, Patti Leslie, Yolanda Gomez fsecond rowj Carol Forsythe, Sylvia Luna, Sally Siefert, Candy Clark, Tracy Lomax, coach Miss Cookie Stitch fnot picturedj Diane Horne, Emily Blase, Donna Balin. 266 a A LEFT Sally Siefert lunges out of the starting blocks. BELOW Sarah Ford shows excellent form in the low hurdles. BOTTOM Sylvia Luna, Rene' Zuehl, Candy Clark, and Sarah Ford make up the girls 4-40 relay team. . . 1- -mf, T' f - ea f' - mM..-.,.,.,L,,,,.,y S- em W .M S -1- M. 111 EFI.-33 6 267 Students 269 A V .434 , :,,w-,V 1 ox ff" ,A Q 1, W ' . . 'f 'JU 'A' Q dw ' " , . f Wes? , if K- 73 H Lf V , . , A W ,Wu . ' ,Q r W : K .. fy "V W J' v.,,.,w - " ' 'M ' A my ' ' , ' x "gp ' 'Q 'Lv' -'Y' ' IQ. w . I LL. 1 V f , ' .. 1 -A 1 ,. , , W. . J . f ,W I . X . f .. , 1 4 . JK 'W I 1, .. . K- A 4 f Q.. , - b , N, K , lv f In R. -v QW .W M .WM , ,N 1 . Q nk .. 'S W 'QW' ' Q -f - ' f . f ' , ' A A -K as .' 270 if V 1 ' .. ' H f , , M1 ' 9. ,affix x mi , " A Y Y U 'rv ,, l viii? Dee Jelmgigsfi nf- ,.- ,L 'wax , ,sf 'vga Mm e ., I L , W ' -WR. .3 Af T' Nha 5 1 ,W L ff 'n .X l ' .4 , N1 Tk , 5,14 " " , .2 v . yiv 31 ,bf AN 0 lv F 5i1 ' 1 A - ! SEA! 4 -. ' ,, , in I iq I nlorf, 4 , i fl- X' ff' ,Q Q-P' 41' ' if vb., J' h 'sfl 'Q 'VL if ' K ,, V , f , ,,...w , A Susan Adams Louisa Aikin Martha Alexander Dean Amerine Lexie Anderson Jean Aston Barbara Baker Gray Baker Tim Balin You never know where Paul jornayvaz will pop up next. '13 A 1 ., :Q .Mp Aga., L' :ft f. . ,, H 'ff J, if I Seniors-273 -.,' No, it,s not Halloween, Ijust have a cold. 274-Seniors Deborah Ball Kathy Barnhart Diane Bartley Bob Baskin Robert Bass Richard Beil Jeffrey Berler Leslie Bibb Andy Biskin Martha Block Betsy Bostick Greg Brady Melinda Brady Carolyn Branch Paula Braymen Genie Schoenfelt says I ot this great trade-in deal for my Cutlass' I," f Qi? 4. ' J53'w,f91-,.-.f.fg ' MULE i i s 3 2 Stephanie Brooner Ann Brumfield Laurie Bryant 3 Merry Beth Bryant Judy Bump Marney Burchell Sharon Byrd Ignacio Caballero Diana Cabaza David Lagerquist picks out his lunch. -riff 276-Seniors 1 N '--l-dna John McSwain casually bays to Phillip Se well, "Hey Phil, what do you say we split tl1isjoint?,' Sandra Calderon Brad Camp Scott Campbell Stuart Campbell Luis Canales Nancy Carnes Katherine Carter Penny Carter Maria Carraseo Melody Carson ,I ohn Carter Nancy Jo Casey Susan Caughey Billy Cavender Bobby Cavender Beth Chambers Cheryl Chaney Melissa Chapman L'Pass me another banana," grunts Stuart Campbell, 278-Seniors qi '31 Ive 'bs . , X Kathleen Garrett comforts her bereaved child, after a break up with Raggedy Andy. Ellen Cheaney Georgine Christensen Curtis Clark Candy Clarke Bill Colbert Susan Coleman Seniors-279 Lupe Colunga Jean Comer Michael Connolly Nancy Cook Kathy Cooper Amy Cordell Nancy Cree Susan Creech John Cuellar Apparently Brad Camp forgot his flea collar today. rzgff. -.',,,a 1 280-Seniors OLMUS lit VN' -X or-Kathy Cooper, Paul Smith, Stephanie Wolff, 'l'om Killgrnarl, and Alison Wenger have proven over the last fcw years that it pays to participate in and contribute to the life of the school and community. Based on excellent performance in these areas, all five were selected to compete in the 1973 Outstanding Teenager of America contest which will fill the winner's coffers with honors and admiration, not to mention a chance at a chunk of S6000 in national and regional scholarship awards. Maybe thcyill have us all over for dinner to celebrate, Maggie Darnall Mallonee Davis Reagan Davis David Deason Peggy De Leon Dee Ann Dickson Mike Dirksen Sharon Dorsey Janie Drought Seniorsg281 David Duke Patty Dyer Leslie Embs Elizabeth Engelke Wendy Erickson J ack Espinosa Phil Farmer Randy Fein Debra Filippone knows. 'KE 282-Seniors il 5 5 5 1 Q Bob Baskin profiles for us the nose that , inimi- N9-W 5 vp..- " - ,QL-.?g K 5 ?" fgIwi'.' s , an ...M-.--M. 191 A f M. . v lg 'T fl WA' Kathy Foreman Brad Foster Tracy Fraser jerry Frazier Yolanda Garcia Kathleen Garrett Norman George Bill Gentner George Goode Richard Price cannot believe that the math teachers are doing the Can-Can on the stairs. 284--Seniors 6'Danny Jensen, you couldn't grow a mustache if you triedf, laughs Sally Hite. Madeline Gootee .Alan Goss J. B. Gouger Art Graf David Grassell J oe Gravengaard Mike Green Karin Greene Charles Gregory Seniors-285 Tim Garrison is confused., 286-Seniors J im Griffin Sue Guenther Caroline Gutierrez Cheryl Hagenson Susie Hamilton Ginny Hansen Anita Harbordt Vicki Hardwick Marilyn Harmon fw. Z IVY.. 5 r ' ? -'E VK X , 5 sv .f , K -an 1 wg, I 'S '-LQ, ,x 1 1 , A x if 4 W' f , fy 1 s Q- 4- 'Y' Ji he fr 3 kqliliif 5 1552 OLMOS HONORS-Involvement in the Alamo Heights Golden Anniver- sary Celebration was not restricted to those who were alive in 1922. Tom Kingman, the celebrationls student co ordinator, deserves credit for organiz- ing and encouraging student partici- pation in the gand event. The fact that approximately half the AH student body rode in caravans to surrounding towns, worked in booths at Heights Nights, or acted in the production of :'The Story of Alamo Heightsw proves Tomas success. Hopefully Tom will be as helpful, and generous with his time in the upcoming Centennial Celebra- tion in 2022. Bruce Hill Chris Hill Maureen Hillman Lee Hinson Sally Hite Brian Hoffman 288-Seniors Charles Holding Keith Hoppe Diane Horn Willie Hoyack jenny Hsu jeff Hull Patti Humphries Hike Jackson Paula Jocob '4Don't worryf' says ll' not really studying." ami larie Quereau, HI'm J, , 1 .1 1. J' Q ' ,Lift ' .1 X" - . L. VIN A Seniors-289 290-Seniors Brian Jarvis Tim Jarvis Cip J asso Lillie Jasso Daniel Jensen Carolyn Johns Dee Jennings Alan Jochimscn Gary Johnson Mark Johnson James Jones Vicki Jones Paul Jornayvaz Kiech Jung J oe Kerr .Vs-.-,f ef' ,re K' Dedicated to the mystery girl of Alamo Heightsa Jamie Killian Katherine King Tom Kingman Randy Klose Karen Koch Rob Koplan Rochelle Krajian Elisa Krause Dan Krocker Seniorss291 Chuck Krueger Mike Krueger Paula Krumboltz jo Ann Kuykendall Missy Landsman Tim Langncr David Lagerquisi John Lawton Chris Lee Chris Lee and Corita Parker discuss their favorite TV show, "How the Grinch Stole Christmasf' 292-Seniors ULMOS HONORS-P9fl13PS U10 destiny of toclay's youth can now be viewed with a little more optimism, at least at Alamo lleights, considering the number of students who were chosen to represent the school in the San Antonio Optimist Club? annual Youth Appreciation Week, November lfi through l9. Names were 'l'om King- man tMr. Teenage Uptimistj, liarbic Siever teclucationj, Julie Nlarek tartj, Susan Nlengden tartj, Stephanie Wolff Qewish religionj, Norman George tsportsj, Kathy Cooper Qliss Teenage Optimistj, Sarah Ewing tlashionj, Evelyn Nixon tProtestant religionj, Bobby Bass Cllexas Youth tion- ferencej, ,lim Griffin tseieneej, and Stephen Dorsey tagriculturcj, judged on the basis ol' high achievement in particular fields, Also honored, but not picturcrl, were Cintly Word tfashionj, Paul Smith tgovcrnmentj, Will Carter tsale drivingj, Nlike Green Qmedieincj, Vlary Thornhill Qflatholic religionj, Jack Lewis tcommunity scr- vicej, Lee llinson tmusiej, llenry Spaulding Qrespect for lawj, and Lucy Norton, who won the Optimist Clubas award in the uYouth in Nlusicu category. Terry Leick Xlaxine Lee ,lim Leinbach Cindy Lewis Jack Lewis Terry Lewis Carter Lifshutz Sarah Light Caroline Lijenwall Seniors-293 Martha Lobit Jeanette Lock Stacy Locke Tricia Lohman Nancy Loomis Maggie Lopez Silver and Bullet gallop around the corner leaving Terry Lewis and Mike Dirksen hang- ing from a f'0nv4-nicnt oak brunch. 294-Seniors Pam Loring Janis Ludwig Rudy Luna Joe Lynch Charlotle Maggart Jeff Manupelli Julie Marek Gaileen Martin Mary Ellen Martin Olivia Marquez Anna Martinez Richard Mason Carol Matocha Hugh Matthews Mike McAllister Seniors-295 Meredith McAtee Cynthia McCa.rley Scott McCollough Debbie McDougal Franny McKee John McSwain Linda Meerscheidt Mark Meissner Bobby Melland Stephanie Brooner proves to disbelieving Sally Hite and Marilyn Theurer that she can put more food in her mouth than anyone else. 296-Seniors qw? L Ha, Fw . ,NX ,gf 1?-X 'Dx- "Maybe you would like a fig ncwton in your ear?', threatens joe Taylor. Susan Mengden Karen Meurin Kerry Miller Mary Pat Mitchell Linda Moore Nanci Moore Susan Moore Steve Morton Barrett Moursund Seniors-297 Kitty Mullen Roby Nlunford Brad Nabers Nancy Nicholson Evelyn Nixon Richard Nordhaus Paul Oatman Anne Oldfather Dawn O,Neal "If you donlt like my outfit you can tack it," defends Caroline Liljenwall. 298-Seniors 1 N Q' 'ww Oki I ll' Susan Straus-a cool chick in boots Phil Orozco Maura Osborne Karen Ostrum Christina Pakenbusch Jesse Pantalion John Park Seniors-299 5 , V i Dee Jennings breaks in his new set of dentures while eating in the pit. Suzanne Park Curita Parker john Parshall Mary Paul Margaret Pawel Dianne Pike janet Pogue Analisa Ponebshek Teresa Portela 300-Seniors 15' Susan Potts Tamara Powell Lisa Pressly Michelle Primomo Martha Pulliam Patti Pung Marie Quereau Lupe Ramirez Betty Ramos Suzanne Park, Terrell Smith and Cheryl Cheaney can't keep their hands off their favorite teacher Mr. Handsome. -qt Md' x wr JF Seniors--301 Diana Ranson Kelly Ranson Gary Richardson David Rilling J ayne Roach Janet Rogers Laurie Roiz Andrew Ronaldas J on Ross UIAIUS llUNUliS'IIl many Cases, be- longing to a minority group serves as a handicap. However, Andy Biskin, Kathy Cooper, Elisa Krause, Chris Lee, Corita Parker, Ellen Ruppel, Tom Sims, Holly Stewart, and Alison Wen- ger are members of a minority con- sisting of less than one per cent of graduating high school students throughout the USA, and they wouldnit have it any other way. Among 15,000 semifinalists through- out the nation, and 7l3 in Texas, the nine were honored as National Merit Semifinalists due to their excellent National 'Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test scores, and are in competition for 3000 Merit Scholarships, awarded this spring. 302-Seniors Brian Hoffman nonchalantly grades uher' with an "An in hemljne claw today. Richard Rostedt Will Rotzler Priscilla Rowe Worthly Rudd Ellen Ruppel Steve Rymer Dan Ryan Norman Saathoff Kenny Salsman Seniors-303 Jenni Samuels Rene Sanchez Mike Sawtelle Rob jutson shows his interest in Nixonas campaign. 304-Seniors Susannah Schaefer Sherry Scheffler Suzy Schlichenmaier Genie Schoenfeld Kathy Schultz Danny Seale Edward Sealy Bubba Sellers Phillip Sewell Catherine Shoenfelt Joyce Shovelin Sally Siefert Barbie Siever Becky Sikes Tom Simms Seniors-305 Robin Sistrunk Sharon Sitterle Forrest Smith Paul Smith Steve Smith Terrell Smith Sally Somers Henry Spaulding John Spivey Eddy 'lhefrly s earrmgths are too tight. if OLMOS HONORS-During election years, oness good citizenship is usually measured by whether or not he votes. Rumor has it that Susie Hamilton, the DAR Good Citizen for 1972, did not vote in the November 7 Presidential Election, but this could be due to the fact that she has not yet turned 18. To make up for this shortcoming, how- ever, Susie is well endowed with a strong sense of responsibility, initia- tive, tolerance, courtesy, leadership, and other qualities which form a model citizen. Nancy Splinter Suzan Stebbins Jody Stevens Holly Stewart Jean Stiba Nancy Stouffer Seniors-307 David Duke, struck with jealously, ignores Paula Kromboltz's talent for waving with two hands. Susan Straus J im Stribling Barbie Sweeten Georgia Swinehart Russell Syma J oe Taylor Charlie Thomas Marilyn Theurer Randy Thomas 308 -Seniors '-m...x" 'EP 1 4.5 ff- 'll '.J'.!-+.,v-. 'F Mary Thornhill Leticia Toscano Tommy Tuggle Jimmy Turner Nelda Valdez Pam Van Hom Janet Van Houten Donald Vann Julia Veach No matter how hard Terry Lieck tries, he canat draw a straight line on Monday mornings. Seniors-309 Janet Rogers screams, "Since when did caterpillars become part of the Caesar salad" while Wendy Erickson plays balloon. Robert Verner Pat Wakely Betsy Wallace Patty Wallis Beth Walters Tom Ware Chris Weatherford Alison Wenger Lisa West 310-Seniors C.. ii ,,,'vd?' Sarah Wiggins Julie Williamson Donald Willoughby Mollie Wilson Stephanie Wolff Deanna Wong David Worley Johnny Worthy Brian Wright Chris Wright Laurie Wright Steve Wright Gary Wyatt Seniors-311 . S Q a 1 ! 1 Q a E I A I 2 i F 1 k A E I l 1 . . ' ,X-. ,. 1 '- 3 LF 4 rf" ,. X Wd Avi:-fr X af .V ,Y , 9 A- 1. . I . 1 . "Sf - -. - 4-,, :i .5 , , 1 45 -., 5. x ,..l A-. ., ,- . -Q.. ,Q v , ',,j, Nemlnees zz , iv' f 5 PK," ' .Jr 44 .rr , l A -4 . L". X , QQ, fb e ,f ,fs-1' f W, f,,g?qS .1.,,,.5, A-ff... ,Q "What do you mean, New Years was a week ag0'?', asks Frazier Stitt in bewilderment. 314-J uniors Scott Abramson Hal Agler Doris Alvarez Julie Alyn John Ambler Elizabeth Ames John Ames Delisa Andrews Debbie Arant Gary Armstrong Donna Balin Alice Ball Bruce Barenblat Kerry Barrow Jeff Beal Margaret Beck S35 Clay Becker Becky Beer Debbie Berry Diana Bigler Joel Bird Debra Blackburn Michel Boehme Jamie Boemer Bob Boldrick Teri Boldt Peter Bommer Hans Breithbarth Sarita Brown Joan Brumfield Kim Brusenhan Nancy Brusenhan Mariglen Wilson just loves that Everynight Shampoo she's been using. juniors-315 Maureen Buerkle Thomas Bullard Melissa Burnett Bridget Burns Mike Burns Paul Bury Greg Callaway Carol Calvert J amie Calvert Elizabeth Campbell Kelly Campbell Vicky Canales Kathy Kendell directs a new student to the pit. 31 6-Juniors While receiving radio waves from Mars through his special antennae, Doug Dodge computes the infomlation on his AH calendar. Randi Cantu Anna Carter Will Carter Mallory Caughey Louise Chamberlain Dianna Chavez Cece Cheever Jack Chiodo Leesa Chiodo Tommy Chiodo Chris Clark Ruth Clark Juniors-317 While Greg demonstrates his pueker power Jeannie Stiba wonders . . . 'Elf he kissed me once, will he kiss me again?" 318-Juniors Pat Clay Cathy Clegg Debbie Cody Susan Cook Jaycene Cox Debbie Cranford Casey Creamer Carol Creeden Bruce Cunningham Elliot Cunningham Wanda Davidyan Mark Davis Melinda Debriyn Debbie Delaplane Mary Delgado Carroll Devine Jimmy Franks defies the law of gravity. Juniors-3 19 Jackson Diehl J ack Dishon Danny Dobbs Douglas Dodge Pauline Dolch Henry Donziz Lucy Duncan Elizabeth Elliott Robert Ellis Lisa Embs Randy Erben Kim Evans Susie Everidge Mike Fanning Lilly Fiorillo Brenda Flowers Tara Tiklin demonstrates the latest in lip motions from Spurs. 320-J uniors X H" 'E T iff, up I Debbie Delaplane has found an IIIUCYIIOLIB method for eonceallnv her cheatnotes Doug Filnayson Mark Fitzgerald Lynn Ford Peggy Foster jim Franks Sally Frazier Tom Furhman jesse Gallegos Ronnie Gallegos Leo Garcia Mike Garcia Gene Gardner Henry Garibay Tim Garison Elizabeth Gaston jackie Gates Did you know that Allison Herder is part lndian? 322-J uniors Myron Gerhard Patti Gillett Barry Gleichenhaus Marco Polo Gomez Steven Gomez David Gorman John Goudge Gale Gregory john Griffith Andrew Gurwitz Gus Gutierrez Debbie Haas Caroline Haight Wendell Hall Robert Hardin Howard Haring 7.1, ' Anne Harwood Carl Haunte Emily Heitkamp Karen Helmke Donna Rowe che Oppert is all there. john Hendry Amy Henley Allison Herdcr jeff Hinson cks to be sure that Sue Juniors-323 Brent Hoey Carol Holding Cindy Holm Susie Hopkins Charles Hoppe Cindy Horner Dianna Hughes Ricky Hughes Paul jackson Rudy Jimenez Gary joehimsen Janelle jones Deral Judy Melanie Kaliff George Kampman Ann Kaufman Jim Keller Kathy Kendall David Keahey Patti Kiesel Karyn King Jeannie Kinney Linda Kline Marjorie Krajian 4 i ,J .f me F-'ig Wg x Peter Krause Helen Krueger Eric Lange Laura Laremore Brad Lawton David Liebman William Lindsey Debra Littleton George Livesay Tina Lohse Arsenio Lopez Yolanda Lopez Kathleen Scale calculates the diameter of the pie with a precision instrument. Juniors-325 Robelt MacDonald Todd Maclin Hans Mangold Dimi Maniatis April Manning Loretto Martin Cecil Martinez Mike Mason Mason Matthews Richard Matthews Carol Matula Bruce Maurer Roxanne Ryden runs through Donny Osmondls latest hit . . . "And They Called lt Puppy Lovef, 326-Juniors Ben Nlcflaleb show Elliot Lunnm ham and the Olmos photovrxphcr how wx ell hw new boots held up aft: r the last lrall rlde David McAllister Robert McCall Ben McCaleb Greg NlcCaplin Dawna McCarthy Kirk McClellan Jeanie McCreless Lester Nlcflilvray Lisa Miller Erin Moran Neal Moses Kevin Murphy Molly Murray Thomas Nau Mark Nelson Cole Newman Dottie Norton Sue Oppert Shawn Orton Peggy Padilla David Park Janet Peacock Richard Pfeil Lee Pilluk Lisa Embs makes Carol Calvert an offer she can't refuse while her button men hack her up. 328-juniors W I sf W,-W' bv f it 9195 -'W Q, If we 9 l "Looks like wcire going to have to ampu- tatvi' says Dr, Rc-cky Beer. Suzi Preslon Elizabctli Powell Xlurvin Rlfiliilbilllgll 'l'urz1 liiklin Herb Riordan Nlark Roberson ,Iohn Robinson Chris Roche Nlourette Rochstroh Elizabeth Romano Stephen Roof Donna Rowe Nancy Rowe David Rubrecht Rudy Rosillo Susie Schrag Juniors-329 Amy Henley refuses to let trespassers inthe north W ing. 330-Juniors Roxanne Ryden Lorraine Salazar Kathy Sawyer Nancy Schulte Heather Schultz David Schoenboum Debbie Scott Kim Scott Robert Seal Kathleen Scale John Shaver Erin Shaw Sabrina Shawd Susan Sheldon Linda Sherwood Susie Shobe 3 Lee Smith Jeanne Somers Peter Sorenson Hazel Spalten Ed Sparks Marvin Speckmiear Rosalyn Springmeyer Brad Stair Kyle Stallings .Ioan Stange 'l'0m Stanley Eddie Staucll Wendell Hall drools over the figures in his math book. Juniors-3 31 5 i 2 5 E s 5 Karen Sleinh' K Nick Stephano I Suzanne Stevens Doug Stewart Tim Stileler Fraser Stitt jennifer Stone Marla Stone Q Donna Storm jeff Sugarman john Sulak Sydney Swearingen Clay Becker gets 21 helping hand with his pre-pep rally preparations. 332-juniors Rob Swoezy Nancy Telotiv Kelly Thies Phillis Thomas Philip Thompson Kathi Thrailkill Nlrlissa Tillotson Lucia 'l'rmlici Cynthia Tryon Leo Tynan Clifton Vallvy Pal Vann Susan Sheldon drifts off into thi' world of butterflies. juniors-333 Casey Creamer gazes in awe at his substitute teacher, the jolly Green Giant. 334-J uniors Maijorie Verner Martin Virgil Mike Virgil Sally Warren Bill Weaver Jeff Weix jennie Wendell Sharon Wetz Diane Wetzel Laura Wheeler LuAnne Whiting Daina Wilburn S fm Qw fi X Q, 5,3 un i' ,s i r -. -A f wf r. ,1M,,f. - 13:14-ii-Sk gzi gi 34,553- JH' -' V : . ' "-gg if" , 52,1534 , 4 'Q' . . . N g Wes Williams Sherrie Williams Mariglen Wilson Robin Winters Mike Wisdom Pam Word Kathy Worley Erick Wrattvn Bobby Wray Sarita Brown gets help on her homework from her favorite hrefly FCl'dII'ldl'ld QD-'en'- 'llli' , MW I I ,4 , 12 ' 'X .-- pw-. , ll .V .sd m 1 -WMALV 1-A61 ' nun' f, . 1, " K? .' ff ' ' ' . ' , xix' V in , tv . ,K O Qi: J ll' I2 ., - I . , - . . 4. 'gf .- -T ' 'N QI QB with 'iw Q iw., Am ww '--- ' 'EQ?24'i"Zr,'-Efiifi' ii Z" PPIX 1 ' Q62 Jfb. . 1 SV: I HHN -1, ' If , x.x:.R FH- ? -In Nor'fn:lXrieesf,V ...-- Steve! I I 1 If ri 'Bi .XVXAUJI1 I XM 1: AQIU. - if :N Www fr ,lfg-'Zi ' V A, 1' '.V' 0-. -'J ' " ' , . 1.80,-.1 ,ipgh . ' Ofhl ' r T., Y' -5' ' ' .,, . 3- . .c 1' 4 , V , 1 W. , V 'ox 1 -N h - va. UQQQ' if A .sh r, I bu 1 ,Q X , , 'i.4!i'I'-bk" 'E' 3 'ykx -. V Q A a' ' r 2 . 'lx lf? 7' H' : ' in x 2 w ---. V'-f'af"fx V 3131 ,Qi 8 ,Y ,i .. A, . ,X A-W 'fs A 'fi K 'j uyv x A5 -. '- 'f- ,-11 2-Q, 'K' ' -jk' Ig.: . :A-, X ' , ' f-" V- ' 'S S ., 'K ' Q N ,. , ' ,J ...b- ' - 't ". ' Y : Y "if--J . V X Xp . .ff ef ' -' fV4i:2SaX" - . 3, Q , ' ' - , ' Q, 5 U Vr XX-751. lx'-.X Q ' , V Hghrmain , v - A f" - : , Q Q95-gg ' '- .. . Q- .Qf 'ylgixf' X. fab- f 31.4. j: , 1 Y V -. ij: I V .,' L ' - 1 Q - ' ' 1 ,, ,f12-QI'gfQif- f..:g,, ii QTLVV 'y V ' My 1. ,. . .-' .-' V V V, A mmf:-SMX Q5 ' ' M'5ik9' rf: . ' A x .- . ., X A" ff . 1, '. V- ,-V- . E. B: M. fr. W A V ,K I ' L lyfggagh , "', a 'V ' '- ' Sarmlung 'V-4-.N Gilman ,Q 1. . 0 J ,- -if - 4 , -,L 537 ' V A V .:'f , - ,L W ' ' ' ' V351 22 'i' KM J p. - ' 1 Q ELK , . ,QU :Q-fl, V X ' igif , . 2- 4, - V ::- ' Q, V- ffgfgn ' 5' ..3. x ' Helen Huff looks the other way while she trims her nails. 338-Sophomores Jim Adams Margaret Adams Richard Alba April Anderson Kay Anderson Gary Archer Steve Arizpe Suzanne Baker Vicki Ball Chris Baltes Brad Barenblat Barbara Barneburg Mike Bartley john Beckham Mike Begeman Debbie Benitez Paul Biechlin David Black Sherry Block John Bogart Paula Boring Clarence Bourgeo Kelly Boyer Kevin Brady is Laura Brown and Sabra Walker are caught reading "The Sensuous Woman". Sophomores-339 340 -Sophom ores Steve Brannan Kathy Brecka Patty Brewton Page Bristol Mike Bronson Stacey Brooner Chris, Brown john Brown Laura Brown Dani Brucks Susan Brusenhan Gina Buchanan Shari Buls Peggy Bump John Burke Lisa Blukhardt Barbara Bumard Pat Burton Linda Butcher Lou Ann Cable George Carroll Michael Carroll Pete Cavazos Mark Cavender at nw Andy Centeno jennifer Chambers jean Cheever joan Cheever Rachael Cheyney Candy Clark Michelle Clark Nancy Cloud QQ Bobby Cohen quickly explains to Mark Cavender and Carl Oliver the rule of thumb, 'Thumb times it works, thumb times it doesn't.,, Mike Clay Bobby Cohen Catherine Collins Molly Collins Lynn Colton Terry Colunga John Conger Robin Cook Sophomores-341 john Sealey: fastest Pecos. 342-Sophomores WP Ondy Cooper Liane Cox Tucker Cuellar Ann Dalton jim Daniell John Davidson Glen Davis Rob Daubert Abel de los Santos Elida de los Santos Debbie Deres Stephen Diehl ist this side of the l..- ,. I L john Brown adds his lunch, Valerie Diggs Debbie Dingel Stephen Dorsey Steve Douglas Heather Douglass Rosanne Doyle John Dreyfus Paul Dubose Darreyl Duggar Susan Duncan jo Anna Dyer Mike Earhart Jerry Eastman jackie Eldridge Elizabeth Elizondo Robin Engle some spice to his life, and Sophomores-343 Jenny Killian calmly instructs the boy he- hind her to stop dipping her hair in the inkwell. 344-Sophomores Mark Etlinger R alph Evans Sarah Ewing Liz Fearing Mitchell Feuerbacher Leigh Fischer Hubert Foreman Carol Forsythe Lellen Fowlkes Nancy Fuhrman Larry Fuller Betty Gandy 52 E ..,.,1 - , . -an-2 - 5'-f.f 1" 1: ' A f LZ .12 ' "'V"?' ll Sandy Garza Patti Gilhousen John Gilliland Stuart Gliechenhaus Karen Goetting Lisa Goldberg Elva Gonzales Liz Goodnight Manette Gootee Stan Goudge Jeanne Graham lta Gravengaard John Graves Gail Gray Kent Griffin Matt Griffin Meet Raymona Romano, the Belle of the Brush. Sophomores-345 Pam Hagadus Bob Hannaman Janet Hans Hollis Harrell Kim Harrington Wendy Harris Darice Hart Lucy Hartwell Ann Worrel and Susan Keahey go over last minute plans to sabotage the boys bath- room, 3464Sophomores Cheryl Harlwig Lisa Hauser Dean Heaser Lynne Hendry Diane Hierholzer Karen Hoffman Glenn Holchak Suzanne Hoppe Walter Hopper Bobby' Howell Cindy Howell Helen Huff Chester Hurst Bonny I-loyack Stacey Jenkins Kay jemigan Lori Johnson Cindy Jones Sara Jung Susan Keahey Kandy Kiepprien Jenny Killian Tom Kimmel Marianne King Sophomores-347 Now Kay Anderson knows why you sh0uldn't eat a big lunch before an algebra test. Bob Kingmann Pam Kirk Karen Klahn Rudy Klein Kent Krause Gus Kroschewsky Cindy Ladd Ann Lawton 348-Sophomores Lee Lahourcade Betsy Landsman Genie Leftwich Bill Lehne Patty Leslie Nancy Levit Laurie Light Pam Liljenwall Connie Lock Phillip Locke Vicki Lockwood Susan Lohman Will Loomis Rita Lopez Norma Luna Cathy Lyman Diana Westberry giggles as she puts the final touches on the cover of her latest True Confession magazine. Sophomores-34-9 Scott Perdue looks both ways before crossing thc street. 350-Sophomores Eddie Lynch Mary Lynch Evelyn MacDonald Betsy Maher Mark Mahone Philip Marsh Kenny Martin Brenda Mason Diana Matthews Alice Matteucci Terri McAtee Scott McClanahan 1 lddi l va in ,,.A M by so hy MM . . ..,f f55g5gWmE?M M Sara Mclilreath Virginia McGaughy Mollie McMillan George McNew ,Ieanne Mc0mie Lois Menger Robin Meyer Bruce Miller Diana Miller Elaine Miller Lane Mitchell Robin Mitchell Mark Mobley Doc Monical Paula Moon B. J. Moore james Shepard's gamma ray vision disinte- grates his friends hand. Sophomores-351 Paul Moore Becky Morris Bea Moye Morris Munoz Rodney Neil Pixie Newman Holly Nicholson Lucy Norton Steve Kaak, part time conductor of the Brackenridge Eagle. 352-Sophomores 3 A-. ' ' 1 ,I ,, ,V ,--.wg,.- 31 waxes.-fmvwssaiwama W 9 Marty Thompson whimpers, "I canlt hear you, my thumb is in my ear." Carl Oliver Nancy O'Neal Laurie Oyfoole Randy Parr Jimmy Paschal Lisa Pawel Polly Payne Kathy Perry Martin Phillips Peggy Pickett Rusty Pierce Annette Poplin Tom Pressley Patty Price Felix Ramos Melissa Raider Sophomores-353 ?L5,frf,, Q vt wif w i g .. 4293 12. ,gm we M, ,..3 R in , R R - Paul Biechlin author of the book A ebay THOUSAND WAYS T0 IMPROVE YCSUR i ' . ' --'Q , ,. M HANDWRIFING i at im., f 354-Sophomores Leslie Ray Linda Reid Pat Reilly Dan Rheiner Martha Richardson Robyn Rickert Stacey Riley Ted Roberts Kathy Robinson Michael Rodriguez Ray Romano Keith Rosen Margaret Ross Erik Sanchez Diane Sartain Margaret Saunders Bill Sawtelle Harvey Scheffler Alan Schoenbaum Laura Schwarting Jan Scott Paul Scrivano John Sealy Leslie Sebesta Shawn Shaw Carol Smith Madison Smith Valarie Sobey Courtney Phillips shows us her new Yoga position called "The Endv, Sophomores-355 Maria Soileau Danny Spear Tammy Spear Mary Spector Richard Spencer Robert Splinter Martha Spivey David Stewart john Swigert Reyne Syma Pete Tassos Betsy Thaggard Phillip Thomas Anne Thompson Marty Thompson Melanie Thornton Lori Johnson, mesmerized, watches Ll trail of ants crawl up her pants. 356-Sophomores J.D. Eastman blows the whistle to start the boys on their daily race. Vicki Trammel Scott Turner Susan Turner joe Tyler Karen Ullrich Mark Urban Mike Ussery Ginny van Hardeveld Sophomores-357 Spiro Agnew tells Stacey Brooner that the time is now 3:44 p.m. 358-Sophomores Gary Vazquez Eric Voighl Hulse Wagner Mickey Wakcly Sabra Walker Scott Walker john Walters John Webbles YM. Q2 Mary Weller Diana Westberry Leslie West Brooks White jenise Whitten Ginger Wilson Linda Wofford T im Wolff Ann Worrel Trip Worden Chawn Woten Leslie Yeager Dale Youngs Shelly Zimmerman Lucy Zuehl Rene Zuehl Pixie Newman becomes a zombie after studying twelve hours for her Yoga test. Sophomores-359 -, Q ...X ,9, I P 'Wy K . ,fi "" "' 734' 'V 4 A N, A A :fm , s oss 10 . Qers i K . D gil 1 X I I , ,, v A ,QR X! M w K W8 xt. 1,, i 5 , :wf K ,Ina Y 'Ml' ii K I A I i y , L KVVJ: K X . fir' i:.g ,,i Q V ,g .ylg . 7 . f .. 11 i Sf W 4 a A .V X fggo bg, i 5, '57 5.5. ,. .. WiVIaggie'Dah1gren 'A I isergemifAaf-arms ' ' ' Ann Rubsamen - Q Parliafnbntarian m QQQQ I m n ,, , if ' K ' N-ivxwh 3 Siis ' Sweanngen T' --1-if A 'IYI 'd t iv. FK, ii .NM , . , 1y.,,1, Presl en 7,31 ,sw 'fin xx, p A , f Presl t gm 42 ' ff , 9 J, ' x A F Jrii. 6 :iQ is H, J G af, 6153255 up 5 :Q ,x T' ca- F! - any 1 J 1 , ,,,V,tR Q Lx- A v f , - - he M ' 1 -QQ gag, K L N' M,-wifi' km Q - , W ,iir S i par IJ. .i I f"'+' , ' .4X:F1fHE'Wi:s, t 4' . Q.: f , 'L 1 Q X. X AIA, -sf-.N 's Chnstgan k E w, 1 -91 w ',.' ,,,, .U Mel-- u-4 . , 1 A - ,fi X m ,. ...u n 1-of . Q I ww- 1. fx V 9 1 - rdf' 'iff ii F: .gfaizaqjg .s :J I- . ?. 2 ziffc ku, - I, 'F,',g'Pc4 J . ,v vi- W 4 lk-' 'Iva ' Y-15:3 ' 7--. ,rv-4 usvf. K' .. '.'Q "l'.., . 4, I . K 'l in ls .1 1 362-Freshmen Paul Abrahamson Holly Adams Jim Aikin Robby Alden Tab Alessandro Chrissie Alexander Sandra Alfaro Kathy Allaway Elaine Andreen Wendy Annstrong Adrienne Atwell Cathy Ball Larry Balser Blair Banks Larry Beck Victor Benson Amy Beveridge Larry Biedenharn Emily Blase Joey Blasko Julie Blumenthal Sam Boldrick Suzanne Boring Linda Bourgeois 1X ,fi N. Jackie NlcDavid discreetly tries to get a bug out of her coke. Brian Brady Susan Brewton Jeanette Brown Lana Bryant Richard Buerkle Doug Burns Elizabeth Bury julia Bush Randy Cadwallader Ronald Calderon Jeff Callaway Liz Calvert Nick Campbell Billy Carleston Roland Castillo Todd Castle Freshmen-363 364-Freshmen Annie Casileberry Mark Cavazos Rick Cavender Roscmary Chavez Barbara Chenault Gino Chincarini llrucc' Chittenden Cynthia Christian Dwight Chumbley Robert Clark jimmy Clements Keith Clcmentson Kim Cloughley Nancy Comer Baron Cook Michael Crawford Amy Beveridge blows it off. Craig Hicks says, "All ri ht who spiked my , fp, tea. Ann Creech Bonnie Cunningham Maggi Dahlgren Judy Daniel Debbie Davidyan Dickie Davis ,I an Davis Larry Delgado Franklin Devine Lori Devlin Cindy Doerr John Douglas Mitch Kaliff grins,"Hey, matey, new in -,N town. 366 -Freshmen Cliff Douglass Virginia Drought Steven Duhinski Meredith Dubose Phillip Duke Greg Dunn Emily Egan Laura Eisenschmidt jenny Emhs Marijean Eng Elizabeth Evans Natalie Evans Beverly Filippone Kim Fitzgerald Sarah Ford Don Frost Rex Fugatc Laura Gaines Vivian Garner Diana Garza Kelly Gentle Cindy Geppert David Goetz Sally Golden Yolanda Gomez Bobby Goudge Ede Goza Bill Graham Ann Rubsamen answers, "You do that again and I'll shove these potato chips down your throat. ,' Freshmen-367 Walter Graham Vickie Gray Pam Greer Tracy Griggs Susan Gruber john Guardia Theresa Guenther David Gugenheim ,iw air ww - 1. , fi Ricky Lillis and Pizza Pele entertain the class during a lull in physical science class. 3684Freshmen M Mary Frances Haer Donna Hagadus ary Olive Hagelstein Nancy Haight Randy Harlan Heidi Harnisch Lori Harshaney Sarah Harte Kathy Hay Teresa Helland Liz Hemmick Craig Hicks Rod Hinson Ann Hovenden Liz Howell Barbara Hughes Resident witch doctor out, "Wl1o's next?,' Roland Castillo has a crutch on Dean Norris and Larry Vitela. 370-Freshmen Kristy Hughey Elaine Hurst Mac Irvin Cal lvey Mary Jackson Mimi Jefferson Henry Johns Jo Lynn jones Bobby .Iornayvaz Johnny Joyce Mitch Kaliff Larry Kanter Ann Keeling Janyce Kezar Kay Klein Steve Krause Jeff Kruger Eddie Lee Thomas Lee Michele Lefrancois Elaine Hurst shouts, 'il know, let me answer." Linda Leinbach Genevieve Le Messurier Lori Lew Judy Lewis Freshmen-371 372-Freshmen Steve Lewis Laura Liebmann Linda Liljenwall Clay Loisel Melanie Long Linda Luna Sylvia Luna Eileen Lynch Elizabeth Lynch Nancy MacDonald Robert Madden Michele Mahan Rosemary Marek Brenda Martin J im Martin Kent Martin Lisa Maudlin Jenni McCaleb Jackie McDavid Ian McNee1 Keith McWilliams Pat Meerscheidt Leslie Millard joelle Miller rv Laura Miller Billy Mitchell Scott Mitchell Annie Mock Chris Montescloros Clay Moore Scott Moore Liz Moran Holly Adams finishes off her lunch with a tasty glass of tobasco sauce. Donna Morel Terry Morrell Grace Muehlbrad Patrick Mullen Freshmen-373 Prankster Franklin Devine answers the phone, '6City County Morgue? 374--Freshmen Carol Noel Dean Norris Nancy Northway Tom 0'Leary Mike 0'Neil John Ortega Ann Ostrum Brad Oxford wt' ,ff Sf as David Palans Sandy Pantalion Mary Parker john Parsons Laurie Paschal Joe Peacock Elizabeth Perdue Lucy Perez John Phillips Beto Pina Janet Pletz Laura Pogue David Porter Mona Pratt Debbie Raider Gilbert Ramirez Baron Cook, joe Peacock, and Tom West- berry play their daily game of freeze tag. Freshmen-375 Ann Creech treats her favorite munchkin to lunchkin. Glenna Ransleben Charles Randall Suzanne Rheiner Tom Rickert Mary Rico Scot Riklin Rick Riser Kelly Robinson Austin Roche Patty Rockstroh Cynthia Rodriquez Delia Rodriquez 376-Freshmen ,QW AZ 'far' things gil better I C326 Pete Rozelle Monica Rulrecht Arm Rubsamen David Rymer Susan Saigh Ricky Salsman John Sandoz Iris Sansom Debbie Satell Bill Schiller Norma Schraeder Jane Schaefer I A ,Wi l i 5 L Valerie Moral decides to have faj coke, Qbjsprite, fcjnone of the above, fd? U0 refund. Gus Schreiner Bill Schoefiel Rhoda Schultz Robert Schultz Freshmen-377 Jenny Embs warns lVlr. Riggs that her pistol is filled with HQSO4. 378-Freshmen Bland Schwarting Amy Scott Trey Scott Arthur Seeligson Page Sellers Ben Sewell Sandy Seymour Baker Shaw 'ig' 'Q -0,523 Stan Shaw Lorie Sitterle Allen Smith Drew Smith Sandy Smith Ramero Sotelo Steven Springmeyer Sally Stebbins Debbie Stewart Jackie Stone Max Strozier Lou Celia Stubbs Debbie Sugerman Danny Sullivan Rob Swain jeff Swartz Annie Mock secretly tells Laura Leibman that Maggi Dahlgrenis bathing suit is too revealing. Freshmen-379 Susan Swearingen Joe Swinehart Robert Swinehart Glenn Szopa Willy Tarkington Lynette Thompson Kathy Thornhil.l Sherri Thrailkill Jimmie Thurmond Tabla Tidmore Natalie Tift Mary Toney Kathy Ciulla takes a big hit off the sun shine. 380-Freshmen X T 3 ,fl y it o ff ,, eeeiii T J 1.. if -ff P in ,E Wig gjiw T - 2 fe 1 iii, ffswff: -f, ni.. f"'4 WN ii mfffif f . FE 2 it Charles Moustach Randall. Julie Viets Beatrice Villarreal Carol Wagner Cindy Wakley Randy Waters Mary Weathersby Brigitte Weldon William West Lisa Whiting Mark Willis Ann Wilson Melanie Winters Suzanne Woodley Cindy Word Zetta Young e waxes the end of his Freshmen-331 Advertisements 383 Bob Crockett Office Supply all 5204 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 78209 32 Canat Beat The Courlvsy V 1 D j S4 SWICS At Chismx f lSllYliit1Vt? apparel N shoes for man N boy 5309 Broadway 820-9596 MM ' 0 CHINA GLASSWARE 0 ENAMELWARE 0 GOURMET COOKWARE I GIFTS R Y.,- S'T'UI.'B'iOi 522b BROADWAY SAN ANTONIO,TEXAS 78209 384 The Shoe Box HA 80 I 3 Iiruudway A TANDV CORPORATION COMPANY Norlll Still. 5162 Bmadwiw 222 xYOIldt'l'IilIld CAMPBELL LUMBER CO. Since 1908 VA -,gil -1'6-uf girl'-:fx-hz ia I Once You Try It sg 1 s. . You Will Love Q I1 11 1 7 1 The SUGAR D P FREE ff , 1, u r epper Difference Dr W1 II P fif W T ,QW Ill, 1111111 111' 3 3 DR PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 3190 East Houston Street San Antonio, Texas Phone: 22522721 385 Congratulationq lo thc S 1lr1 ior Class of IQ73 from the classes of 1 938 1967 and 1968 TELL YOU TY STUDENT LAN 'IIIE ABOUT THE TRINITY P n rapidsfire order ht-'ll tell you three things: TIIIQ TRINITY PLAN is Trinity Universitfs undergraduate curriculum . . . 'f TRINITY PLAN lets him plan his own degree program . . .THE TRINITY PLAN doesnzt ask anyone to repeat material nastered in high school. Qet the Trinity student catch his breath and then ask for a quick history of TIIIQ TRINITY PIAN. IAle'll tell you that live LIGHTS ago Trinityis students and faculty threw a tired, loekstep curriculum out the window. They substituted IU general goals vhich a Trinity student meets at his own rate of speed. . .taking advantage ol' many' extensions of THIS TRINITY 'LAN . . . honors programs, elective pass-fail courses, independent study or tindergraduate research. I' you like what youive heard. write Trinityis Director ol' Admissions for catalogues and illustrated brochures. Trinity has 33 undergraduate programs in a College of Arts and Sciences, a School of Engineering and a School ol' Business Administration. I ' ' I THE UNIVERSITY IN THE SUN ki 7 I 5 Stadium Drive ' 736 701 I S 'kv ITG 4 ly S - f terr ILT Z gli' e wr , ss ' X .Da f X l N Qiyyf S "5 In 5 f X ? S S ATWELL W ' ATWELL SESS S 5,55 N S JEWELRY S JEWELRY s f S 54241M Q 1 5 e5o39M , XT'i 38 OO ERT N PUBLIC RELATIONS START AT THIS ADDRESS. 147 EAST IVIISTLETOE C GYLHNIS An agency is known by the companies it keeps fe 0 0 K L H Stereo Systems ' S 0 N Y Tape Recorder-Radio Stereo Systems S TV Terrell Plaza North Star Mall 4 FROST BROS 5 f U 2 Horam Q? 'TK SHOES comms Qgillage Q1nr11er BAGS WIGS 5000 BROADWAY-ALAMO HEIGHTS "'1" 'f0f: '--"'- 5004 Broadway- :::.S:..A , ' :5:5:5:s:s:sg5g:g:3 Z., :aim V HJAH 5 ,.... S.,., , he , E .... 0 S S S SS Exclusive 2'fA "" """0 ' A "':: I .. 1 - 1 ',':1:.,f .:.b.vAi:: :f2 55' -7 Everything for the Young The Hangout for Alamo Heights For the Young at Heart TA 6-0501 The Shoe Shed 5010 Broadway Alamo Heights San Antonio, Texas 78209 Young Fashion Look for Men Phone 826-3341 CONFIDENCE IS CAVENDER LXKESQYRAL XJ- FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS E99 Loan Association of San Antonio Nl A R Il 1 A II d P1 II pQ ll aa? nf' 115' 'Q 'EEA es' 'fig fi' CONGRATULATIONS KARCHER I CUUSER advertising marketing 8 communications 390 Congra tulalions Seniors from PARK PLAZA MOTEL 2908 Broadway 1 r fr f.:J 'li' ofa TA F 3 2 b v 6459 N NEW BRAUNFELS SAN ANTONIO MAURICE'S HAIR , 941' SALONS Broadway Cleaners and Dryers 110 , I roadnax 1 4 S A M ' r 391 KAPPA TRI-HI-Y ART BEAUTY SALON RH fond tastes M p4 I ww, SAMUELS GLASS C0 , , ' Mgmllliki1fTS:i'jMfWWWWiiiI The P111 CUSI11 OD YN NA ' SQ B YN 1 or N VN NA hx x! N lg w Q N 5' sQ N I I N Qs . . . formerly Wexneri Ng YN 732 North Star Mall Nl clothes that work . . . for people who play gx ,Q t Y NI lwnis lwnh leonls leonh leonis S A T E L 394 'S E 5' xQ YOUNG REPUBLICANS President: Mary Ellen Martin Vice Pres.: Chris Hill Sec.: Susan Adams Treasurer: Betsy Thaggard Sgt-at-Arms: Lee Lahourcade 1 B JIM'S COFFEE SHOPS breakfast lunch dinner d y 395 a supermarket and then some. offering... wide wide aisles, friendly smiles and all the services that make shopping a pleasure. san antonio,austin,corpus christi,kerrville and now houston I Qu 1-Q 1,0- Gfffg Womeo Qenduif Loop 410 and Broadway Qjeuqeo BRGUGHTON MOTQRS, INC. 2130 AUSTIN HIGHWAY IMPORTED PARTS F-'OR ALL FOREIGN CARS C5123 655-0241 SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS 78213 f DEE IIlffinzu.f.s gn fx uiiifz xvfo1alI Dai! na fi J 7 OAK PARK FLOYVERS LOUIS A. OEHL .,,QLi2fQE4l::1 OFFICE 824-1744 0 RES. 824-1219 1975 Nacogdoches Road SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78209 'I'I1anks for helping us be No. I CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1973 its teams . . its players - - - its supporters ..... its coaches 8. faculty .. Nl U LEP U SH ERS z - FLOWERS sf r ' AND I - . " ' , p Q i GIFTS . 'g if ' . -U "'1"r' as ps ssp sp e Jr ire Sk e 1905 San Pedro E' B' Castro' Jr' San Antonio, Texas More San AHtOHl3HS Replace Wxth Rehablt Batteries Than With Any Other Brand! RELIABLE BATTERY COMPANY 1 15 San Pedro 224-9201 Complete Automotive Electrical Service .. . We , ,ggi ' all by SiII's Snack Shack Austin Hwy. and Montclair Congratulations Scniors Oak Park Drug Dick Conine 1965 Nacogdonzlics Ralf San Antonio, Tm-xas 78209 V o swagen, Inc. TK il-7542 SATISFACTIUN CUARANTICED 1330 B i Q ' roac way 24- . I Conn' in d11flVlSll our Village Grill 8 ig I VENUS OIL CO. HLHHIU HEIGHTS HHTIUHHL BHHH 5201 BHUHIHUHU SHH HHTUHIU, TEXHS HILLMAN OIL CO. We're Proud of - AHHS and the Fine Class of '73 KMAC - KISS G0 MULES John F. Cunningham Mulepusher ., I., 4 Laurel Heights Pharmacy 9f09N N1-' 'X PEI 3161 M Z -Q' Q -i O BUN 'n' BARREL rIm3A-LL, 1 -TINQALL 0 ,O f 1970 PONTIACS 1 9 2 TINDALI. PONTIAC 3915 SAN PEDRO PE 6-1561 GMC TRUCK DEALER '-1 'Firestone Charles Moore SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST 615 AUSTIN HIGHWAY P o E B26 1551 SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS 78209 Patt' s Drug Stores 5150 Broadway Alamo Heights San Antonio 9, Texas SAN ANTONIO 9, TEXAS No. 2 150 TERRELL PLAZA TA 4--3201 No. 1 NO. 3 51 Broadway BI'03.dWay TA 6-0616 TA 41-4-561 U N PAINTIEII FUIINITI RIS CUM PAN ' 21 9 EAST ASHBY 732-8272 Tim lflolton and Raymond Russell 9 a FLOWERS I gifts 2101 Nl cfCull0ugl1 at A sllby 734111141 Compliments of Mobil Service Center 6510 New Braunfels 82474631 Wyatt Loves Kids and Big P ple Too. ED THOMAS Manager WYA TT'S CAFE TERIAS 1200 Auslin Highway in Terrell Plaza SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 943' GOEIED 061' and A 05X owed airs U' 0460 wmb0 .xbff , . :G , '01 , n- 'K ' L..- - 9' , 'b mmm Us A , BY Norm A Y 1 gpg ..' 5. 53.73 jyi n un lifa 5, -5 +- Y- ,-,I ZX.. in tgjxb A Maa- PREVAIL - Iidnairpistered Thrcugh The Eenevclent .Piuspice sCf Wm.C.'l'ASSOS, PROP . 'GBVPJTH 40 Private Party Room to Available For Parties From :G iff 826'6571 8400 North New Braunfels Just Off Loop 410 ll was a real pleasurfw to Work with the staff of thu OLMOS this year. photography 5025 BROADWAY SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78209 15121 IZI-5167 TABAK'S OF TEXAS 1 uicfk Clean C6-ntvr 6403 Broadwz COIlgI'illl,llillf' the' Class of 1972-1973 O X65 Once upon ci time A dog drank wine A monkey chewed tobacco On ci streetcor line. The street cor broke, And the monkey choked, And they cull went to Heaven In ci little green boot. il It HELPI s our bu iness You saw- lime- and monvy banking al the Broadway with hfflpiilll svrvicus Singh as UQ convr'nir'nt Exprvss- way anim-ssil'rilily', Q5 i-l't"l' banksidr' parking, daily intvri-sl on savings, H-j voniplctc- Nlorlgagf' Hank Divison, 435 Bank-.-Xnimicarrl. Q65 TN. Motor Bank opvn 7 lo T every day except Sunday . . .and Illillly' nioro ailvantagvs. LOOP 410 and NAXCOGDOCHES ROADfI'llUNlC 824-0-M-111 Index A Abrahamson, Ralph 131, 362 Abrahamson, Scott 159, 191, 192, 193, 31, 4, 226 Adams, Holly 136,165, 178, 362 Adams, james 122, 144, 162, 338 Adams, Margaret 120, 171, 173, 178, 338 Adams, Susan 120,171,172,,l83,184, 273 Agler, Hal 122, 162, 168, 314 Aguilar, Linda 155 Aikin, James 132, 362 Aikin, Louisa 169, 172, 181, 273,119 Alba, Richard ,169, 338 Alden, Robert 145, 158, 362 Alessandro, '1'ab 131, 362 Alexander, Christine 178, 362 Alexander, Martha 150, 273 Alfaro, Sandra 173, 362 Allaway, Kathleen ,178, 362 Altgelt, Allen 146 Alvarez, Doris 314 Alyn, Julie 150, 314 Ambler, john 122, 127, 131 , 158, 314, 261 Amerine, Dean 273 Ames, Elizabeth 120, 13 2, 171, 172, 183, 312, 313, 314 Ames, john 132, 199, 314 Anderson, Alexis 183, 185, 273 And erson, April 173, aaa Anderson, Kathryn 120, 1 A nd erson, And erson, Rebecca 192 Ross 154 22.156.171, 338 Andreen, Gayle 165, 178, 362 Andrews, Danny 119 Andrews, Delisa 148, 314 A rant, Deborah 122, 168, 314 Archer, Gary 166, 338 Arizpe, Arthur 338, 228 Armstrong, Gary 166, 192, 314 Armstrong, Gayla 178 Armstrong, Wendy 173, 362 Aston, Gloria 150, 178, 181, 273 Athens, Anthony 192 Atwell, Adrienne 144, 178, 36- B .9 Baker, Barbara 273, 245 Baker, Gary 273, 254 Baker, Quentin 122, 240 Baker, Suzanne 338 Balin, Donna 122, 131, 164, 178, 314, 266 Balin, Tim 273 Ball, Catherine 178, 362 Ball, Deborah 149, 274 Ball, Alice 120, 122, 143, 154, 170, 171 , 172, 178, 180, 314, 26 Ball, Vicki 339 Balser, Larry 132, 158, 362 Baltes, Christine 173, 178, 339 Banks, Blair 131, 173, 178, 181, 360, 362 Barenblat, Brad 122, 127, 339 Barenblat, Bruce 122, 127, 131, 314 Barneburg, Barbara 160, 169, 339 Barnhart, Kathryn 274 Barrow, Kerry 129, 31? Bartley, Diane 129, 83, 184, 185, 274. 119, 26 Ba1'tley,john 127, 339 Baskin, Robert 122, 1327, 130, 131, 274 Bass, Robert 128, 13' , 158, 172, 274, 254, 261 410 Beal, J 011' 153, 314, 220 Beck, Lawrence 162, 362 Beck, Margaret 122, 169, 172, 183, 314 Becker, Clay 122, 128, 134, 168, 199, 312, 313, 315, 261 Beckham, llolm 339, 240 Beer, Becky 129, 132, 182, 185, 315 Begeman, Michael 141, 339 Beil, Richard 274 Benitez, Deborah 120, 122, 132, 155, 171, 178, 339 Benson, Victor 362 Berler,je1'1'rey 122, 274 Berry, Deborah 315 Beveridge, Amy 362, 178 Bibbs, Leslie 154, 172, 274 Biechlin, Paul 132, 339, 254 Biedenharn, Lawrence 361, 362 Biglcr, Diana 178, 315 Bird, Joel 315 Bishop, Rudolfo 129. 240 Biskin, Andy 121,122, 131, 143. .1 57, 192, 274, 119, 125 Black, David 166, 339, 261 Blackburn, Debra 183, 315 Blase, limily 178, 362, 245, 266 Blasko, Joey 362 Block, 11artha172, 184, 186, 275, 26 Block, Sharon 120,132, 134, 171,178, 339 131L1lTl61l1l1H1,Jl1.11C 362 Boehmc, Michel 192, 315 Boerner, Jamie 315 Bogart,,1ohn 339 Bogart, Sandra 165 Boldrick, Robert 117, 121, 122, 124, 166, 31 5 Boldrick, Samuel 131, 362 Boldb Tcri168, 315 Bommer, Peter 315, 215 Boring, Paul 173, 339 Boring, Suzanne 362 Bostick, Betty 144, 171, 183, 275 Bourgeois, Clarence 339, 254 Bourgeois, Linda 134, 155, 178, 339 Boyer, Kelly 160, 173, 178, 339 Bradshaw, Charles 163 Brady, Alexandra 164 Brady, Brian 158, 363 Brady, Gregory 275 Brady, Melinda 122, 154, 169, 171, 172 178, 275 Brady, Richard 158, 339, 228 Bragg, Belinda 178 Branch, Carolyn 120, 122, 131, 170, 171, 1213, 1:14, 1215, 275, 119,26 Brannan, Stephen 120, 122, 132, 158, 199, 337, 340, 228 Braymcn, Paula 128, 178, 275, 236 Brecka, Kathleen 121 , 166, 340 Breitbarth, Hans 168, 315 Brewton, Patty 165, 173, 340 Brewton, Susan 363 Brierty, Bridget 132 Bristol, Cynthia 143, 340 Bronson, Michael 141, 192, 193, 340 Brooner, Stacey 120, 132, 340 Brooner, Stephanie 276 Brosseau, ,lim 22 Brown, Christopher 162, 168, 340 Brown, Jeanette 363 Brown, ,lohn 131, 166, 340 Brown, Laura 178, 173, 340 Brown, Michelle 155 Brown, Sarita 171, 192, 315 Brucks, Dani 340 Brumfield, joan 315 Brumfield, Rae 168, 276 Brusenhan, Kim 315 Brusenhan, Nancy 134, 172, 178, 3.15 Brusenhan, Susan 120, 132, 178, 340, 236 Bryant, David 131 Bryant, Lana 178, 363 Bryant, Laurie 276 Bryant, Merry 191, 192, 193, 276, 119 Buchanan, Regina 178, 340 Buerkle, Maureen 129, 316 Buerkle, Richard 363 Bullard, 'Thomas 166, 199, 316 Buls, Shari 124, 340 Bump, lludith 121, 122, 54, 192, 276, 119 Bump, Peggy 166, 192, 193, 340 Burchcll, Marnie 149, 276 Burke, ,lohn 166, 340 Burkhardt, Lisa 134, 165, 173, 178, 340 Burnard, Barbara 178, 340 Burnett, Melissa 143, 316 Burns, Bridget 121, ,122, 166, 316 Burns, Douglas 166, 363 Burns, Paul 316 Burton, Patricia 160, 165, 173, 340 Bury, Elizabeth 178, 363 Bury, Paul 158, 316, 226 Bush, julia 155, 363 Butcher, Linda 129, 171, 178, 340 Byrd, Sharon 182, 276 C Caballero, Hilary 147 Caballero, Ignacio 276 Cabaza, Diana 121, 164, 166, 183, 27 1 19, 26 Cable, Lou Ann 163, 340 Cadwallader, Aldes 363 Calderon, Robert 191, 192, 193 Calderon, Ronald 192, 193, 363 Calderon, Sandra 120, 171, 277 Callaway, Greg 316 Callaway, Jeffery 363 Calvert, Carol 117, 183, 316 Calvert, Elizabeth 124, 363 Calvert, ,1ames120, 122, 124,131, 164 Can1p,,1ohn 128, 277, 232 Campbell, Elizabeth 120, 122, 131, 14 172, 178, 316, 26, 125 Campbell, Kelly 172, 178, 316 Campbell, Nick 363 Campbell, Scott 277 Campbell, Stuart 128, 172, 277, 240 Canalcs, Anthony 147 Canalcs, Bridget 132, 149, 316 Canales, Luis 277 Canales, Raymond 162 Cantu, Randi 171, 317 Carleston, William 158, 363, 231 Carnes, Nancy 171, 183, 277, 119 Carrasco, Antonieta 148 Carrasco, Maria 277 Carroll, George 340 Carroll, Michael 192, 193, 340 Carson, Melody 278 Carter, Anna 168, 317 Carter, jimmy 131 Carter, John 122, 131, 278 Carter, Katherine 128, 144, 178, 277 Carter, Pennison 120, 122, 159, 171, 18 184, 277, 1 19 Carter, Walter 127, 158, 317, 264 Casey, Nancy jo 135, 154, 163, 170, 1 182, 183, 278 Castillo, Roland 132, 363, 254 Castillo, Rose 178 Castle, Todd 363 Castleberry, Mary 131, 134, 165. 178, 364 Castro, Nlary Elle11 150 Caughey, Mallory 171, 178, 317 Caughey, Susan 132, 278 Cavazos, Mark 364, 248, 261 Cavazos, Pedro 340, 254 Cavender, Nlark 340 Cavender, Richard 361 , 364 Cavender, Robert 128, 278, 248 Cavender, William 128, 278, 248 Dalton, Ann Centeno, Andrew 341 Chamberlain, Laura 173 Chamberlain, Loutse 317 Chambers, Elizabeth 122, 150, 278, 119 Chambers, jennifer 163, 341 Chaney, Cheryl 278 Chapman, Melissa 148, 278 Chavez, Diana 317 Chavez, Rosemary 155, 364 Cheaney, Ellen 149, 279 Cheever, Cecile 130, 131, 172, 182, 185 317 Cheever, jean 131, 178, 180, 341 Cheever, joan 132, 134, 178, 180, 187 336, 341 jhenault, Barbara 364 Ehenoweth, Charles 149 heyney, Rachel 171, 178, 341 Shincarini, Gino 364 Cooper, Brynda 122, 192 Cooper, Kathleen 120, 122, 130, 131, 143, 157, 191, 192, 280, 281, 119, 26, 125 Cooper, Ondrea 342 Cordell, Amy 280 Cordell, john 162 Costa, Sylvia 148 Couch, john 147, 157 Cox, Carmen 120, 131, 171, 173, 178, 342 C0x,jaeene 144, 165, 169,183, 318 Crabtree, Mark 129, 162 Cranford, Debra 131, 191, 192, 318 Crawford, Michael 364- Creamer, Casey 318, 226 Cree, Nancy 135, 171, 178, 280 Creech, A nn 129, 365 Creech, Susan 150, 280 Crecden, Carol 156. 192, 318, 26 Cuellar, Charles 132, 171, 342 Cuellar, john 120, 131, 280 Cunningham Cunningham, Cunningham, Cunningham, 155, 365 Bruce 128. 318, 254 Bonnie 155, 365 john 199, 318 D Dahlgren, nary 173, 178, 360, 365 120,122,131,171,178,180 ahiodo, jack 199, 317 hiodo, Leesa 154, 183, 184. 317 hiodo, Tommy 128, 129, 317 Zhittcnden, Bruce 364 Ihittenden, Kimberly 178, 173 Ihristensen, Georgine 117, 279 ,hristian, Cynthia 132, 165, 173, 178, 360, 361, 364, 236 hristiansen, Kim 146 'humbley, William 364, 261 iulla, Katheryne 165 4 lark, Candace 122, 171, 178, 341, 266, 1 19 Elark, Chris 317 Jark, Cams 157,279 Ilark, Glenda 192, 317 lark, Michele 131, 134, 178, 341 lark, Robert 147, 364 larke, Callie 183, 279, 26 lay, Michael 341 'lay, Robert 318 legg, Cathy 131,136,171, 183, 318 lement, Craig 173 lements, jamie 364, 232 lementson, Robert 364, 261 loud, Nancy jo 341 loughley, Kimberly 131, 155, 364 ody, Betty 150 ody, Debbie 150, 318 ohen, Robert 127, 341 olbert, William 279 oleman, Susan 183, 279 ollie, janet 155, 157, 178 olllns, Catherine 161, 178, 341 ollins, Molly 122, 169, 178, 341 olton, Terri 341 olunga, Guadalupe 280 olunga, Theresa 341 omer, jean 178, 280, 26 omer, Nancy 192, 364 onger, john 127, 336, 341, 254 onnolly, Michael 128, 280, 215 ook, David 131, 158, 364, 231 ook, Nancy 122, 138, 143, 144, 171, 178, 280, 119, 26, 125 ook, Robin 120,171, 192, 341 ook, Susan 120, 122, 171, 192, 318 173, 342 Daniel, judith 155, 165, 178, 365 Daniell, james 342, 232 Darnall, Margaret 172, 182, 185, 281 Daubert, Charles 342 Davidson, john 157, 342 Davidyan, Debbie 155, 365 Davidyan, Wanda 156, 160, 169, 318 Davis, Glen 166, 342 Davis, janette 173, 365 Davis, Mallonee 120, 132, 171, 183, 185, 281 Davis, Mark 318 Davis, Reagan 128, 199, 281 Davis, William 365, 248 Deason, Marion 141, 281 Debriyn, Nlelinda 122, 131, 134, 156, 169, 182, 319, 26 Debo, Cherie 148 llelaplane, Debbie 120, 122, 134. 319 Deleon, Peggy 150, 281 Delgado, Larry 147, 365 Delgado, Mary 178, 319 Delossantos, Abelardo 159, 342 Delosantos, Elida 342 171. 182. Deres, Deborah 120, 171, 173, 178, 342, 236 Devine, Carroll 166, 178, 319 Devine, Franklin 166, 365 Devlin, Elizabeth 365 Diaz, Maryann 148 Diaz, Richard 147 Dickens, Richard 159 Dickson, DeeAnn 281, 119 Diehl, jackson 120, 122, 127, 145 Diehl, Stephen 122. 127, 132, 34 Diggs, Valerie 343 2 , Dingei, Debbie 155, 173, 178, 343 Dirkson, Nlichael 281 Dishon, jack 192, 320 Dobbs, Daniel 158, 199, 320 Dodge, Douglas 121, 131, 320 Doerr, Cynthia 160, 365 Doleh, Pauline 178, 320 Donzis, Henry 122, 320 Dorsey, Sharon 121, 122, 166,192 , 240 240 , 281,119 Dorsey, Stephen 162, 166, 343 Douglas, john 365 Douglas, Steven 169, 192, 193, 343 Douglass, Clifton 366 Douglass, Heather 120. 131, 134, 137, 138, 171, 173, 178, 336, 337, 343 Doyle, Rosanne 120, 156, 192, 193, 343 Dreyfus, john 120, 122, 144, 171, 343 Drought, janie 120, 171, 172, 183, 185, 281 Drought, Virginia 131, 178, 366 Dubinski, Steven 366 Dubose, Meredith 173, 178, 366, 236 Dubose, Sidney 131, 158, 343, 248 Duggar, Clement 168, 343, 228 Duke, David 124, 131, 157, 282 Duke, Philip 129,131, 361, 366 Duncan, Lucy 192, 320 Duncan, Susan 155, 192, 343 Dunn, james 366, 231 Dye, Diana 148 Dye, Pamela 1.54 Dyer, jo Anna 178, 343 Dyer, Patricia 282 E Earhart, Michael 166, 343 Eastman, jerry 343 Eckhoff, Grant 162, 192 Egan, Emily 178, 366 Eisenschmidt, La1u'a 155, 156, 178, 366 Eisenschmidt, Leslie 178, 156, 26 Eldridge, jacqueline 192, 343 Elizondo, Elizabeth 134, 163, 173, 178, 343 Elliott, Elizabeth 122, 129, 131, 183, 320 Ellis, Peter 261 Ellis, Robert 320, 240 Embs, jennifer 155, 192, 366 Embs, Leslie 120, 135, 183.185, 282.119, 26 Eng. Nlarijean 124, 366 Engelke, Elizabeth 120, 122, 164, 171, 172, 183, 282,119 Engle, Roberta 163, 178, 343 Erben, Randy 120, 122, 127, 130, 131 158, 171 , 199, 320 Erickson, Wendy 120, 130, 131 , 171, 172, 183,185, 282, 119, 26 Espinoza, jack 282 Estrada, Roland 147 Etlinger, Mark 344 Evans, Elizabeth 366 Evans, Kim 131, 136, 171, 312,320 Evans, Natalie 366 Evans, Ralph 122, 131, 166, 192, 344 Everidge, Susan 122, 129, 182 Ewing, Sarah 131, 155, 178,1.87, 344 is Fanning, Mike 145, 320, 226 Farmer, Philip 128, 282, 254 Fearing, Elizabeth 129, 168, 178, 344 Fein, Randy 124, 282 Feuerbacher, Mitchell 344 Fey, David 124, 162, 166 Filippone, Beverly 165, 178, 366 Filjppone, Debra 282 Finlayson, Douglas 321 Fiorillo, Lily 155, 320 Fischer, Martha 128, 131, 168, 171, 344, 236 Fitzgerald, lxim 366 Fitzgerald, lV1ark 321 Fitzgerald, Phyliss 149, 283 411 f. Index Flores, Alexander 1 59 Flores, Arthur 129 Flores, lllvia 171 Flores, Harold 159, 163, 171, 283 Flores, Martina 120, 283 Flowers, Brad 283 Flowers, Brenda 150, 320 Ford, Bettilynn 154, 321 Ford, Lisa 131,134, 137, 173, 187 Ford, Sarah 155, 178, 366, 266 Ford, Susan 135, 283, 236 Foreman, Beverly 283 Foreman, Hubert 344 Foreman, Kathleen 148, 284 Forsythe, Carol 344, 266 Foster, Bradley 1 43, 284 Foster, Peggy 183, 321 Fowlkes, Lellen 144, 173, 344 Franks, James 117, 321 Fraser, Tracy 150, 284 Frazer, Sally 131,134, 171 , 321 Frazier, jerry 284 Frost, Donald .166 Fugate, ,I ohn 367 Fuhrman, Nancy 122, 131, 137, 173, 187 337, 344 Fuhrman, Thomas 128, 158, 321, 264 Fuller, Larry 124, 169, 344 G Gaines, Laura 155, 165, 173, 178, 367 Gallegos, Jesse 321 Gallegos, Ronnie 159, 321 Galloway, Beverly 154 Gandy, Betty 155, 344 Gareia, Adriana'149 Garcia, Gilbert 147, 158 Garcia, Leonel 321 Garcia, Michael 321 Garcia, Yolanda 120, 149, 284 Gardner, Gene 146, 321 Gardner, Philip 131 Garibay, Henry 321 Garison,'1'im 128, 158, 321, 264. 261 Garner, Mary 178, 367 Garrett, Kathleen 132, 163, 170, 171, 178 180, 172, 284, 29 Garza, Diana 155, 178, 367 Garza, Sandra ,120, 165, 171, 173, 345 Gaston, Elizabeth 132, 136, 183, 321 Gates, Jacqueline 178, 321 Gates, Matthew 162 Geng, jimmy 158, 264 Gentle, Kelly 165, 178, 367 Gentner, William 117, 168, 192, 284 George, Norman 128, 134, 158, 284, 215 Geppert, Cynthia 136, 178, 367 Gerhard, Myron 122, 132, 162, 168, 322 Gilhousen, Patricia 129, 345 Gillespie, David 240 Gillett, Patti 322 Gilliland, john 120, 131, 337, 345 Glascock, David 146 Gleiehenhaus, Barry 120, 122, 127, 132 136, 162, 322, 232 Gleichenhaus, Stuari 122, 127, 192, 345 264, 261 Goddard, Andre 226 Goetling, Karen 122, 173, 345, 245 Goetz, David 367, 248 Goldberg, Lisa 345 412 Golden, Sally 178, 136, 165, 187, 367 Gomez, Marco 322 Gomez, Steve 192, 322 Gomez, Yolanda ,132, 367, 266 Gonzales, Elva 345 Goode, George 141, 284, 125 Goodnight, Elizabeth 345 Goolee, Madeline 120, 122, 131. 171, 172 182, 185, 285,119, 26 Gootee, Manette 122, 131, 134, 138, 173, 345 Gorman, Amy 131 Gorman, David 128, 199, 322, 261 Goss, James 285 Goltardy, Charles 166, 254 Goudge,,1ohn 121. 322 Goudge, Robert 132, 166, 367, 261 Goudge, Stanley 345 Gouger, james 285 Goza, lide 367 Grady, Bruce 199 Grady, Valencia 155 Graf, Arthur 122, 127, 132, 159,162, 168, 191, 192, 193, 285 Graham, Melinda 173, 178, 345 Graham, Walter 368 Graham, William 367 Grasse1,John 150, 285 Gravengaard, llse 178, 345 Gravengaard, joseph 146, 285 Graves,,1ohn 122, 192, 345 Graves, Nlarjoric 1 55 Gray, Gail 120, 171,173, 178, 345 Gray, Vickie 178, 368 Green, Robert 131, 149, 285 Greene, Karin 285 Greer, Pamela 368 Gr:-gory, Charles 144, 285 Gregory, Erie 261 Gregory, Gale 120, 182, 322 Gri1'fin,,lames 122, 172, 286 Griffin, Kent 192,193, 345, 261 Griffin, Robert 127, 345, 248 Griffith, ,lohn 120, 122, 127,192, 322 Griggs, Tracy 155, 165, 192, 368 Gruber, Susan 155, 178, 368 Guardia, ,lohn 173, 368 Guenther, Suzann 149, 2186 Guenther, Theresa 178, 368 G ugenheim, David 368, Gurwitz, Andrew 322 Gutierrez, Arthur 199, 261 Gutierrez, Carolina 148, 286 Gutierrez, Gustavo 132, 322 H Haas, Debbie 122, 144-, 183, 322 Haerr, Mary 165, 192, 368 Hagadus, Donna 368 llagadus, Pamela 346 Hagelstein, Mary 155, 178, 368 Hagenson, Cheryl 182, 184, 286 Haight, Caroline 136, 144, 165, 172, 182, 184, 322 Haight, Nancy 165, 178, 368 Hall, William 132, 141, 322, 125 Hamilton, Susan 122, 130, 131, 154, 171, 26, 172, 178, 181, 286 Hannamam, Robert 158, 346, 264, 261 Hans, ,lanet 173, 178, 134, 346 Hansen, Ginny 286 Harbordt, Anita 1 50, 286 Hardin, Robert 122, 322 Hardwick, Vicki 178, 286 Haring, Howard 127, 144, 322, 226 Harlan, Randall 368 Harmon, Marilyn 149, 286 1-larniseh, Brentano 128, 287, 232 Harnisch, Lucilc .178, 368, 236 Harrell, Hollis 157, 346 Harrington, Kimberly 165, 173, 178, 346 11iu'ris,Wcndy 346 Harshaney, Lori 165, 173, 178, 368 Hart, Darice 346 Harte, Sarah 368 Hartwell, Louise 183, 287 1lartwell,,losephinc 155, 346 Hartwig, Cheryl 131, 155, 173, 178, 347 Harwood, Anne 120, 144, 161, 171, 17 183,184, 323, 125 llaunte, Carl 323 Hauser, Lisa 34-7 Hausser, William 131, 171, 199, 287 Hawn, Holly 141, 287, 125 Hay, Kathy 155, 369 Hearn, Heather 171 Hearn, Rec 132, 144, 287 Heaser, Dean 347 1-leeker, Kitty 148, 287 Heitkamp, Emily 122, 134, 156, 183, 32 Helland, Teresa 131, 136, 165, 178, 369 Helmke, Karen 122, 129,172,183, 323 llemmick, Elizabeth 155, 192, 369 Henderson, Laura 157, 178 Hendrie, Alex 287, 240 Hendry, john 128, 158, 199, 313, 323, 21 Hendry, Lynne 120, 134, 173, 163, 17 171, 347 Henley, Amy 168,172,183, 323, 26 Hensarling, Alana 157, 245 1 llerder, Allison 161, 171, 178, 323 1 llerder, Lewis 157 1 llernandez, Richard 147 Hertz, Phylis 131, 149, 178, 287 1 Hiatt, Mary 178 Hicks, Franklin 131, 269 Hierholzer, Diane 120, 347 Hill, Bruce 120, 122, 128, 132, 171, 17 288, 240 Hill, Christopher 120, 127, 171, 172, 28 119 Hill, Mary 178 Hillman, Maureen 120, 121, 122, 159, 17 182, 288 Hinson, Jeffery 122, 154, 323 Hinson, Lee 129, 192, 288 Hinson, Rodney 131, 369 Hite, Sally 120, 128, 132, 135, 171, 17 188, 288 Hocott, Richard 128 Hoey, Brent 129, 192, 193, 324 Hoffman, Brian 150, 288 Hoffman, Karen 173, 347 llolchak, Glenn 127, 132, 173, 347 Holding, Carol 171, 178, 324 Holding, Charles 199, 289 Holm, Cynthia 324 Holzschuher, Louise 178 Hopkins, Susan 324 Hoppe, Charles 324 Hoppe, Keith 289 Hoppe, Suzanne 347 Hopper, Walter 131, 166, 199, 347 Horn, Diane 144, 160, 172, 183, 284, 26 26 Horner, Cynthia 324 Hovenden, Ann 155, 1.78, 369 Howell, Cindy 178, 347 Howell, Elizabeth 192, 369, 245 Howell, Robert 131, 158, 166, 199, 347 Howell, Walter 1 57 Hoyaek, Bonny 347 Hoyaek, Willie 121, 289 Hsu, Jenney 165, 289. 26 Huff, Helen 14-3, 347 Huggins, Allen 147 Huggins, Janet 150 Hughes, Barbara 155, 369 Hughes, Rebecca 149, 324 Hughes, Rickey 150, 160, 324 Hughey, Kristy 136, 155, 178, 370 Hull, James 122 Hull, Jeff 122, 289 Humphreys, Patricia 150, 289 Htu'st, Chester 347 Htu'st, Elaine 155, 165, 178, 370 l Irvin, Harland 370, 232 lvey, Carlton 124, 370 .1 Jackson, Mary 157, 178, 370 Jackson, Paul 324 Jackson, Richard 131 , 289 Jacob, Paula 120, 122, 154, 184, 186, 289 Jacobs, Stephan 129, 162 Jarvis, Brian 290 Jarvis, Tim 141, 154, 290,125 Jasso, Cipriano 128, 150, 290 Jasso, Lilly 150, 178, 290 Jefferson, Mimi 124, 178, 370 Jenkins, Kendall 168, 192, 347 Jennings, Desmond 131, 158, 172, 191 192, 193, 290, 261,119 Jensen, Daniel 135, 290 Jernigan, Kay 347 Jimenez, Joe 147 Jimenez, Rudy 128, 134, 199, 324, 261 Jochimsen, Alan 128, 129, 290, 240 Jochimsen, Gary 324, 226, 215 Johns, Carolyn 130, 131, 172, 178, 290 245, 26 Johns, Henry 370, 231 Johnson, Darrell 157 - ohnson, Gary 150, 290 ohnson, Lori 129, 137, 178, 347 ohnson, Mark 290 ones, Cindy 131, 173, 178, 347 ones, James 146, 172, 290 ones, Janelle 120, 122, 131, 171,183, 324, 26 Jones, Jo Lynn 178, 370 Jones, Vicki 154, 171, 182, 290 ornayvaz, Paul 128, 290, 232 omayvaz, Robert 370, 232 oyce, John 370 Judy, Deral122, 166, 192, 324 ung, Kiech 131, 134, 199, 290 lung, sara 134, 137, 163, 178, 336, 337 347 utson, Rob 131, 159 utson, Scott 131, 159 Kettering, Phillip 131, 226, 215 Kezar, Janyee 370 Kiepprien, Kendy 347 Kiesel, Patti 164, 324 Killian, Jamie 150, 182, 291 Killian, Jenny 120, 178, 347 Kimmell, Thomas 124, 166, 347 King, Karyn 171, 178, 324 King, Katherine 120, 122, 131, 170, 171, 183,184,185, 291, 119, 26 King, Marianne 120, 122, 171. 178. 347 Kingman, Bob120,122,l27,158,171, 2-1-0 Kingman, '1'0m 122, 128, 130, 131, 132, 134, 171, 199, 281, 288, 291, 337, 348, 119 Kinney, Genevieve 182, 324 Kinser, Julie 120, 131, 178, 180, 236 Kirk, Pam 173, 178, 348, 245 Klahn, Karen 129, 168, 348 Klein, John 199 Klein, Katherine 168, 370 Klein, Rudolph 168, 348 Kline, Linda 132, 182, 324 Klose, Randy 144, 192, 291 Koch, Karen 291 Koplan, Rob 169, 171, 291 Kopp, Russell 228 Kost, Bryan 157 Krajian, Marjorie 169. 324 Krajian, Rochelle 141, 291 Krause, Elisa 63, 120, 145, 171, 172, 185, 291,119, 26, 125 Krause, Kent 166, 348 Krause, Peter 192, 325 Krause, Stephen 173, 370 Kroeker, Dan 291 Kroschewsky, Gus 166, 348, 264, 261 Krueger, Helen 134, 148, 171, 172, 325 Krueger, Michael 168, 292 Krueger, Preston 192, 158, 292. 119 Kruger, Jeffrey 169, 371 Krumboltz, Paula 117, 124, 135, 183, 26 Kuper, Cecile 178 Kuykendal1,Jo Ann 148, 292 L Ladd, Cindy 134, 178, 348 Lagerquist, David 292 Lahoureade, Lee 122, 127, 130, 13.1, 173,192, 349, 248 Landsman, Betsy 131, 349 Landsman, Harriet 292 Lange, Eric 325, 248 Langner, Tim 292 Laremore, Laura 148, 325 Lawton, Ann 348 Lawton, Brad 325 Lawton, John 122, 292, 215 Lee, Chris 121, 129, 159, 192, 193, 119 K aliff, Melanie 131, 132, 154, 171, 324 aliff, Mitchell 131, 370 'ampmann, George 324, 232 Canter, Larry 162, 370 aufman, Ann 122, 134, 145 171, 324 'eahey, David 324 'eahcy, Susan 120, 171, eeling, Antionette 160 178, 347 J 3 Lee, Eddie 371 Lee, Maxine 149, 293 Lee, Thomas 371 Lefrancois, Michele 155, 169, 173, 178, Leftwich, Genie 122, 349 Lehne, William 349, 264 Leick, Terry 293 Leinbach, Jim 128, 293, 248 , 1f 6, 70 eller, Jim 143, 144, 324, 240, 125 endall, Cathy 324 erber, Robert 146 err, Joseph 143, 157, 168, 290,125 err, Teresa 141 Leinbach, Linda 155, 165, 178, 371 Lemissurier, Genevieve 178, 371, 245 Leslie, Patti 132, 173, 178, 180, 344, Levit, Nancy 122, 131, 173, 178, 349, Lew, Lori 157, 166, 371 183, 178, 292, 144, 292, 371 266 236 Lewis, Andrew 128, 199, 293 Lewis, Cynthia 122, 132, 134, 168, 183 119, 26 1.ewis,Judy 178, 371 Lewis, Steve 132, 360, 372, 248 Lewis, Terry 293 Libott, Sara 157 Liebmann, David 158, 171, 325, 261 Liebrnann, Laura 131, 160, 173, 178, 360 372 Lifshutz, Carter 146, 293 Light, Laurie 120, 132,143,144,164, 171 349 Light, Sarah 293 Liljenwall, Caroline 122, 131 , 132. 163 183,184. 185, 293, 119, 26 Liljenwall. Linda 178, 187. 372 Liljenwall, Pam 132, 163, 173, 178, 349 Lillis, David 128, 261 Lindsey, Woody 325 Littleton, Debra 171, 183. 325 Livesay. George 122, 128, 158, 166, 199 325, 261 Lobit, Martha 146, 294 Lock, Connie 122, 178, 349 Lock, Jeanette 148, 183, 294, 26 Locke, Philip 127. 173, 349, 240 Locke, Stacy 294, 240 Lockwood, Victoria 349 Loltnian, Susan 169. 349 Lohman, Tricia 170,171,183, 294 Lohse, Christina 325 Loisel, Clary 131, 372 Lomax, Tracy 266 Long, Melanie 178, 360. 372 Loomis, Nancy 165, 294 Loomis, Will 158, 173, 349, 240 Lopez, Arsenio 325 Lopez, Maggie 148, 294 Lopez, Rita 349 Lopez, Yolanda 149, 325 Loring, Pam 122, 171, 183, 184, 1 26 Lowrey, Genie 178, 180 Ludwig, Janis 128, 131,154-, 171, 172, 206, 295,119, 26 Lima, Rudy 295, 254 Luna, Linda 178, 372 Luna, Norma 134, 164, 173, 178, 34-9 Luna, Sylvania 164, 166, 178, 372 Lyman, Cathy 131, 134, 173, 178, 349 Lynch, Eddie 166, 350 Lynch, Eileen 155, 372 Lynch, Elizabeth 155, 178, 372 Lynch, Joseph 295 Lynch, Mary 350 MacDonald M ,Evelyn 117,121, 124, 166 MacDonald, Nancy 155, 165, 178, 187 MacDonald Robert 199, 326, 261 MacDonald Robert 226 85, 795 Maclin, Todd 127, 171, 326 Madden, Robert 372 Maggart, Charlotte 129, 165, 169, 295 Mahan, Michele 155, 165, 178, 372 Maher, Elizabeth 154, 192, 350 Mahone, Mark 199, 350, 261 Mangold, Hans 122,.162, 168, 326 Maniatis, Dimi 165, 192, 326, 26 Manning, April 128, 131, 136, 178, 180 326, 236 Manupelli, Jeffrey 295 Marek, Juliana 122, 183, 295, 119, 26 Marek, Rosemary 178, 372 413 Index Marquez, Olivia 171, 295 Marsh, Charles 157, 350 Martin, Brenda 155, 372 Martin, Gailleen 149, 295 Millard, Leslie 372 Miller, Bruce 141, 351 Miller, Diana 120, 128, 131,171, 173,178 351, 236 Miller, Elaine 120, 128, 131, 171, 178, 351 236 Miller, joelle 131, 134, 155, 372 Maier, v Martin Martin , ,lames 372 , Kenny 199, 350 Martin, Lee 120 Martin, Martin, 2 Loretto 149, 326 Mary Ellen 120, 171, 172,183,185 95 Martin, William 372, 248 Martinez, Anna 295 Martinez, Cecil 128, 131, 134, 326, 215 Martinez, Sylvania 131, 168 Mason, Brenda 124, 160, 350 Mason, Michael 150, 166, 326 Mason, Richard 295 Mathews, Richard 326, 240 Matocha, Carol 178, 144, 154, 171, 295 125 Matteucci, Alice 350 Matteucci, Teena 154 Matthews, Diana 178, 350 Matthews, Hugh 128, 199, 295, 254 Matthews, Mason 158, 326, 254 Matula, Carol 121, 122, 129, 156, 1 326, 26 66,183, Kerry 171, 172,183, 184, 297, 26 Miller, Laura 165, 178,373 Miller, Lisa 141, 144,161,165, 178, 327 Miller, Stephen 128, 254 Miniel, Robert 150' Mitchell, Mary Pat 130, 131, 135, 171,182 297 Mitchell , 26 , Robin 351 Mitchell, Scott 192, 373 Mitchell, Lane 127, 131, 192, 193, 351 264, 261 Mitchell, William 132, 158, 373, 261 Mobley, Mark 171 , 192, 351 Mock, Annie 131, 173, 178,373 Monical, Doc 351 Montemayor, Rene 226 Montemayor, Xavier 231 Montcsclaros, Chris 373 Moon, Paula 351 Moore, Clayburn 373 Moore, Beth 150 Moore, Linda 148, 297, 119, 26 Moore Mark 168, 192 7 Moore Nzmcy 297 Morel, Mauldin, Lisa 117, 372 Maurer, Bruce 122, 192, 326 McAllister, David 327, 248 McAllister, Michael 295, 261 McAlpin, Kathy 128, 178, 245 McAtee, Meredith 117, 122, 131,141,, 172, 183, 296,119, 26,125 McAtee, Terri 350 1v1QCa1eb, Ben 127, 153, 327,232 McCaleb, jenny 178, 131, 361, 372 McCall, Robert 327 McCa1pin, Gregg 117, 131, 141, 327 McCarlcy, Cynthia 131, 132, 296 McCarthy, Dawna 129, 169, 327 McC1a.nahan, Andrew 350 McClelland, Kirk 158, 327 McCo1lough, Seott 296 McCreless, Jeanne 168, 187, 327 N1cDaniel, Stephen 166, 261 N1cDavid, Jackie 178, 372 McDougall, Debra 154, 296 McDowell, Nancy 178, 171, 172 McElreath, Sara 155, 178, 351 McGaughy, Virginia 120, 131, 178, 137, 171, 180, 173, 336, 351 McGilvray, Lester 128, 132, 158, 192, 327 261 McKee, Franny 296 McMillan, Mollie 351 McNeel, Abbey 372 McNew, David 149 McNew, George 351 McOmie, Jeanne 178, 173, 351 McSwain, john 121, 128, 131, 134, 296 254, 215, 119 McWilliams, Keith 372 Mead, George 121, 124, 131 Meerscheidt, Linda 296 Meerscheidt, Patricia 132, 192, 372 Meissner, Marc 296 Melland, Robert 150, 296 Mengden, Susan 122, 178, 297, 119, 26 Menger, Lois 161, 173, 178, 351 Meurin, Karen 154, 178, 297 Meyer, Mary 351 414 Moore Moore Moore Moore a Paul 352 Scott 131, 373 Qsustm 1471, 183,297,125 , Sydney 150 Moran, Erin122, 178, 171,172, 327 Moran, Liz 165, 373 Donna 124, 373 Norton, Dorothy 328 Norton. Lucy 129, 352 O Oatman, Paul 144, 298 O'Connell, Wayne Oldfather, Anne 120, 131, 132, 171, 298 Oleary, Thomas 374 Oliver, can 120, 127, 171, 353, 232 O,Neal, Dawn 120, 131, 141, 146, 298, 25 125 O'Neill, Mike 374, 248 Oppert, Sue 134,156, 183, 312, 328 om-20, Philip 123, 132, 199,299 Ortega, john 374 Orton, Shawn 328 Osborne, Maura 120, 131, 144, 163, 171 183,185, 299,125 Ostrander, Norma 150 Ostrum, Anne 157, 169, 192, 374 1 Ostrum, Karen 120, 122, 131, 143, 151 191, 192, 299,119, 26,125 O,'1'oole, Laurie 178, 353 Owings, Sharilyn 150 Oxford, Alan 131, 138, 119 Oxford, Robert 374, 232 P Padilla, Peggy 120, 171, 182, 328 Pakebusch, Christina 154, 299 Palans, David 131, 375, 248 Palomo, Maria 178 Panta1ion,jesse 122, 299 Pantalion, Sandra 178, 375 Park, David 144, 328, 226 Park, john 158, 299, 261,125 1 Moreno, Danny 147 Morrell, David 373 Morris, Becky 173, 352 Nlorton, Steve 297 Moses, Neal 327 Moursund, Barrett 121, 122, 159,166, 297 1 19 Moye, Bea 137, 169, 178, 336, 352 Muehlbrad, Gracie 373 Mullen, Kitty 122, 149, 298, 119 Mullen, Pat 373 Munford, Robby 298 Munoz, Morris 159, 352 Murphy, Kevi11 327 Murray, Molly 144, 160, 165, 171, 172 183, 327 Murray, Nancy 154, 168, 245 N Nabers, Brad 128, 298, 232 Nau, Thomas 122, 192, 327 Navarro, Mary 192 Neesham, Peter Neil, Rodney 352 Nelson, Mark 199, 327 Newman, Cole 327, 254 Newman, Pixie 178, 352 Newton, William 132 Nicholson, Holly 169, 178, 352 Nicholson, Nancy 128, 144, 172, 188, 206 298, 26 Nixon, Evelyn 120, 131, 171, 183, 184, 185, 298, 119,26 Noel, Carol 374 Nordhaus, Rick 298, 215 Norris, Dean 374, 231 Northway, Nancy 178, 374 Park, Suzanne 120, 134, 143, 144, 17 182, 300 Parker, Corita 120, 122, 300, 119 Parker, Mary 375 Parker, Robert 146 Parr, Thomas 129, 192, 193,353 Parshall, John 300 Parsons, ,lohn 375 Paschal, james 122, 131, 138, 192, 353 Paschal, Laura 166, 178, 375 Paul, Mary 144, 171,172, 183, 300, 26 Pawel, Elizabeth 120, 122, 156, 171, 1 178, 353, 245 Pawel, Margaret 122 , 171, 172, 300 Payne, Mary 134, 173, 178, 353 Peacock, janet 172, 178, 328 Peacock, joseph 375 Perales, Albert 147 Perdue, Elizabeth 156, 375 Perez, Lucy 178, 375 Perkis, Cynthia 155 Perrill, Yvonne 173, 178 Perry, Kathleen 155, 353 Pfeil, Richard 192, 193, 328 Phillips, Phillips Phillipsl john 375 Martin 120, 122, 127, 353, 232 Sharon 155 Pickett, Peggy 155, 166, 192, 353 Pickett, Russell 168, 192 Pierce, Alexander 162, 336, 353 Pike, Dianne 122, 183, 300, 119 Pina, Alberto 375 Pitluk, Lee 328 Pitman, Teresa 166, 192 P1etz,janet 178, 155, 375 Pogue, Laura 132, 136,155, 165, 178, 18 375 Pogue, Janet 178, 181, 300 Ponebshek, Annalisa 164, 300 Robert 132,158, 377, 231 Poplin, Annette 168, 353 Portela, Teresa 300 Porter, David 375 Potts, Susan 161. 169. 192. 301 Powell, Elizabeth 178, 329 Powell, Melba 157 Powell, Tamara 164, 172, 301 Power, Donna 150 Power, Douglas 146 Pratt, Mona 157, 178, 375 Presnell, Rollan 166 Presslv Lisa 120 121, 122, 156, 166, 172, 183, 301, 119 Pressly, Tom 131,158,162, 166, 353 Preston, jan 122, 183, 185, 119 Preston, Suzi 154, 178, 180, 187, 329 Priakos, Aristides 173 Price, Patty 166, 178, 353 Price, Richard 131 Primomo. Michelle 149, 301 Prucha, Marion 149 Pulliam, Martha 121, 132, 166, 182, 301 26 Pung, Patti 150, 301 Q Quereau, Marie 171,178,181,172,301 R Raider, Deborah 132, 178, 187, 375 Raider, Melissa 173, 178, 353 Ramirez, Gilbert 375 Ramirez, Guadalupe 120, 171, 301 Ramirez, Pablo 147 Ramos, Betty 132, 149, 301 Ramos, Felix 162, 353 Ramsleben, Glenna 376 Randall, Charles 131, 376 Ranson, Diana 120, 122, 154, 156, 191 192, 302, 119. 26 Ranson, Kelly 131, 302 Ray, Leslie 178, 354 Ray, Terry 131 Reagor, Teresa 171 Reid, Linda 129, 178, 354, 266 Reilly, Patty 120, 128, 131, 178,173, 354, 236 Rheiner, Dan 199, 354, 228 Rheiner, Paula 178, 376 Richardson, Gary 124, 302 icliardson, Martha 165, 173, 192, 354 Rickabaugh, Marvin 329, 248 Rickert, Lisa 178 Rickert, Robin 354 Rickert, Thomas 376 Rico, Mary 155, 376 Riklin, Scot 131, 376, 248 Riklin, Tara 120, 132, 171, 183, 329, 26 Riley, Stacy 354 illing, David 302 iordan, Herb 127, 329 iser, John 376 iser, Ricky 168, 264, 261 ivera, Edwardo 199 oach, Jayne 166, 302 oberson, James 192, 329 oberts, Ted 165, 166, 354 obinson, John 157, 329 obinson, Kathy 354 obinson, Kelly 178, 187, 376 oche, Austin 168, 376 oche, Chris 329 oekstroh, Mourette 165, 192, 329, 245 ockstroh, Patti 155, 192, 376 Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez. Cynthia 148, 376 Delia 155, 376 Michael 159, 192. 354 Victor 159 Ysidoro 147 Rogers, Janet 120, 122, 154, 163, 170, 171 182, 302, 26 Rogers, julie 122, 178 Roiz. Laura 154,171, 172, 182, 302 Romano, Elizabeth 128, 131, 178, 154, 164, 171, 172, 180, 329, 20, Romano, Ray 127,158, 159, 354 Ronaldes, Andrew 302 Roof, Stephen 168, 329 Rosen, Keith 354 Rosillo, john 150 Rosillo, Rudy 120. 329 Ross, jonathan 302 Ross, Margaret 155, 192, 355 Rostedt, Richard 149, 303 Rotzler, Will 128. 199, 303 Rowe, Donna 132, 134, 136, 148,171, 178 180, 312, 329, 26 Rowe, Nancy 131, 183,329 Rowe, Priscilla 168, 192, 303 Rozelle, Pete 377 Rubin, David 240 Ruble, Catherine 178 Rubreclit, David 158, 199, 329 Rubrecht, Monica 160, 377 Rubsamen, Ann 173, 178, 360, 377 Rudd, Wortley 192, 303 Rudeloff, Robert 162, 168 Ruppel, Ellen 120, 122, 131, 138, 164, 170, 171,183, 303,119, 26 Ryan, Daniel 303 Ryden, Roxanne 178, 330, 245 Rymer, Steve 303, 215 Rymer, David 132, 377, 240 S Saathoff, Norman 303 Saigh, Susan 166, 173, 178, 377 Salazar, Lorraine 178, 330 Salsman, Kenneth 303 Salsman, Richard 377 Samuels, Martha 150, 304 Sanchez, Erik 199, 355 Sanchez, Heron 165, 304, 254 Sand0z,,1ohn 173, 377 Sansom, Iris 155, 192, 377 Sartain, Diane 160, 173, 178, 355 Satell, Debbie 377 Saunders, Margaret 355, 236 Sawtelle, Michael 304 Sawtelle, William 127, 173, 355, 248 Sawyer, Kathy 131, 136, 154, 172, 182 330 Schaefer, Jane 178, 377 Schaefer, Susannah 131, 183, 170, 171, 305 Schefeler, Harvey 192, 355 Scheffler, Sherry 149, 305 Schiller, Bill 377 Scliliehenmaiser, Suzy 305 Schmidt, Howard 168, 261 Schoelzel, William 377 Schultz, Heather 122, 154, 183,330 Schultz, Kathleen 148, 305 Schultz Rhonda 173, 377 Schultz, Schoenbaum, Alan 131, 157, 168, 355 Schoenbaum, David 143, 330 Schoenfeld, Genie 166, 183, 186, 305 Schoenig, Dodi 164, 165 Schoenig, Tammis 164 Schraeder, Norma 377 Schrag, Suzanne 192, 329 Schreiner, Gus 377, 261 Schulte, Nancy 330 Schwarting, Bland 132, 192, 378 Schwarting, Laura 134, 173, 178, 355 Scott, Amy 134. 173, 165. 378 Scott, Debra 134. 172, 192,330 Scott, Emory 378 Scott, ,lan 173, 178. 355 Seott, Kim 144,161.178. 330. 125 Scrivano, Paul 166, 192, 355 Seal, Robert 124, 127. 131, 14-3, 164, 168 330, 117 Scale, Danny 305 Seale, Kathleen 164, 330 Sealy, Edward 132, 166, 305 Sealy,john 132, 355 Searcy, james 129 Sebesta, Leslie 131, 132, 150, 173, 178 355 Seeligson, Arthur 378 Sellers, Rob 128, 199, 305 Sewell, Bennie 128, 378 Sewell, Phillip 141, 305, 215, 125 Seymour, Sandy 131, 178, 181, 378 Shaver, john 330 Shaw, Baker 378 Shaw, Erin 122, 131, 154, 183, 185, 330 26 Shaw, Stan 131, 158, 379, 231 Shaw, Teddy 158, 355 Shawd, Sabrina 132, 171, 178, 180, 330 245 Sheldon, Susan 122. 169, 197, 330, 26 Sheppard, james 228 Sherwood, Linda 129, 178, 330 Shobe, Susie 178, 180, 330 Shoenfelt, Catherine 121, 191, 192, 305 119 Shorey, Roland 147 Shovlin, Joyce 305 Siefert, Sally 122, 132, 165, 172,184,186 305, 266, 119, 26 Sielski, David 128, 254 Siever, Barbie 120, 122, 130, 131,171,178 181, 305, 119. 26 Sikes, Rebecca 178, 305 Simms, Tom 122, 124, 305, 119 Sistrunk, Robin 183, 306 Sitterle,jean 157, 165, 178. 379 Sitterle, Sharon 134, 154, 306 Smith, Allan 162, 166, 379 Smith, Carol 178, 355 Smith, Drew 379 Smith, Eric 199 Smith, Forrest 128, 199, 306, 261 Smith, Lee 122, 171,183, 313, 331 Smith, Madison 127, 131, 158, 355 Smith, Marsha 182 Smith, Paul 121, 124, 127, 130, 131, 132 166, 281, 306,119 Smith, Sandra 155, 165, 178, 379 Smith, Steve 134, 306 Smith, Terrell 178, 181, 306 Sobey, Valarie 168, 178, 355 Soileau, Maria 131, 356 Somers, Jeanne 331 Somers, Sally 154, 171, 183, 306 Sorenson, Peter 331, 248 Sotelo, Ramiro 379 Spalten, Hazel 129, 178, 331 Sparks, Ed 159, 192, 193, 331 Spaulding, Henry 130, 131, 134, 141, 192 306, 125 Spaulding, Mark 192 415 Index Spear, Danny 356 Spear, Tammy 173, 178, 356 Speckmiear, Marvin 331 Spector, Mary 131, 141, 356 Spencer, Richard 356 Spivey, John 191, 192, 193, 306,119 Spivey, Martha 122, 173, 356 Splinter, Nancy 121, 122, 166, 191, 192, 307, 1 19 Splinter, Robert 166, 192, 356, 228 Springmeyer, Rosalyn 122, 134, 183, 331 Springmcyer, Stephen 166, 379 Stair, Brad 331 Stallings, Kyle 199, 331 Taylor, Joseph 192, 308 Tassos, Pete 356 Telford,Joseph 157 Telotte, Nancy 178, 333 Thaggard, Betsy 120, 122, 132, 144, 173,178, 356 Theurer, Marilyn 308 Thies, Kelly 128, 333, 254 Thomas, Charles 128, 308, 248, 119 Thomas, Philip 157, 333, 356 Thomas, Phyllis 165, 192 171, Thomas, Randall J. 128, 129, 158, 308, 261 Thompson, Anne 159, 192,356 Thompson, Billi Jo 165 Thompson, Lynette 178, 380 Thompson, Martha 122,131,137,143, 356 Thompson, Sheila 178 Thompson, Tomi 1,48 Stange, Joan 129, 156, 178,331 Sta.nley, Tom 127, 131, 158, 331, 254 Staudt, Charles 192, 193, 331 Stebbins, Sally 132, 178, 379 Stebbins, Susan 132, 144, 171, 307 Steinberg, Carolyn 120 Steinle, Karen 183, 332 Stephan 6, Nick 332 Stevens, Jody 148, 307 Stevens, Suzanne 129, 148, 178, 332 Stewart, David 120, 127, 356, 248 Stewart, Debbie 131. 134, 165, 187, 379 Stewart, Doug 332 stewart, Houy 131, 141, 172, 133, 307, 119,26, 125 Stewart, Patti 144 Saba, Jean 117, 121, 131, 166, 183, 307, 1 19, 26 Stieren, George 158, 240 Stiteler, Tim 146, 332 Stitt, Fraser 332 Stone, Jacqueline 379 Stone, J ennifer 169, 332 Stone, Marla 332 Storm, Donna 120, 122, 134, 171, 183, 332, 26 Stouffer, Nancy 128, 154, 172, 188, 307 Straus, Susan 128, 171, 172, 188, 308, 26 Strawn, Chris Stribling, Jim 308 Thomson, Philip 333 Thornhill, Kathy 131, 136, 157, 178, 380, 245 Thornhill, Mary 128, 132, 172, 178, 309, 245 Thornton, Melanie 178, 356 Thrailkill, Kathleen 333 Thrailkill, Sherri 380 Thurmond, Jimmie 380 Tidmore, Max 380 Tift, Natalie 178, 380 Tillotson, Melissa 132, 171, 182, 185, 333 Toney, Mary 380 Toscano, Edward 147 Toscano, Leticia 309 Trarnmel, Vicki 131 , 161, 173, 178,357 Trautman, Paul 232 Trediei, Lucia 121, 122,'163, 166, 333 Tringle, Alex 1,99 Tryon, Cynthia 120, 163, 168, 333 Tuck. Kirk 240 Tuggle, Tommy 309 Turner, Jimmy 1.31, 199, 309 Turner, Scott 357 Turner, Susan 165, 178, 357 Tyler, Joe 168, 357 Tynan, L66 120, 131, 145, 313, 333 U Virgil, Michael 128, 334 Vitela, Larry 261 Voight, Eric 171, 358, 228 W Wagner, Carol 124, 166, 381 Wagner, William 157, 358 Wakely, Cynthia 136, 155, 165, 178, 181 381 Wakely, Michael 158, 358 Wakely, Pat 128, 199, 310 Walence, Leonard 232 Walker, Sabra 137, 178, 358 Walker, Allen 168 Walker, Scott 128, 131, 358, 232 Wallace, Betsy 163, 166, 172, 310 Wallis, Patricia 120, 122, 192, 310, 119, 2f Walter, Heidi 171 Walters, Elizabeth 178, 132, 144, 171, 180 310, 26 Walters, John 158, 358 Ware, Tom 128, 199, 310 Warren, Sally 122, 161, 171,, 183, 324, 21 Waters, Randy 381 Watkins, James 165, 166 Weatherford, Chris 310 Weathersby, Mary 381 Weaver, Bill 334 Webbles, John 157, 358 Weix, Jeff 149, 334 Weldon, Brigitte 155, 178, 381 Weller, Mary 120, 122, 171, 173, 178, 35' Wendell, Jennie 149 Wenger, Alison 120, 122, 183, 185, 281' 310, 119, 26 West, Leslie 359, 248 West, Lisa 169, 183, 310 West, William 381, 261 Westberry, Diana 132, 134, 163, 173, 173 359 Westberry, Tom 158, 231 Wetz, Sharon 122, 160, 168, 192, 334 Wetzel, Diane 150, 334 Wheeler, Laura 154, 164, 171, 172, 1,82 Strozier, May 379 Stubbs, Louise 165, 178, 379 Sugarman, Debra 178, 379 Sugarman, Jeffrey 127, 132, 312, 332, 240 Sulak, John '120, 122, 162,332 Sullivan, Danny 379 Swain, Robby 379 Swartz, Jeff 143, 379 Swearingen, Sidney 120, 131, 144, 171, 173, 180,313,332 Swearingen, Susan 131, 178, 181, 360, 361, 380 Sweeten, Barbie 135, 154, 183, 185, 206, 308 Sweezy, Swigart, Rob 383 John 147,356 Swinehart, Georgia 146, 308 Swinehart, Joseph 380 Swinehart, Robert 147, 380 Sykes, Andrew 163 Syma, Rebecca 149 Syma, Reyne 165, 356 Syma, Russell 146, 308 Szora, Glenn 380 Ullrich, Karen 178,357 Ullrieh, Stephen 146 Urban, Mark 357, 228 Ussery, Michael 166, 457 V Valdez, Martha 178 Valdez, Nelda 149, 309 T Tarkington, Willy 178, 380 416 Valley, Clifton 168, 172, 192, 333 Van Hardeveld Jenny 120, 171, 178, 357, 236 Van Horn, Pamela 165, 192, 309, 119, 26 Van Houten, Janet 309 Vann, Donald 150, 309 Vann, Pat 171, 178, 333 Van Norman, Deidre 173 Van Norman, Carol 155 Vargas, Richard 147 Vaughn, Sa.nd.ra121, 166, 192 Vazquez, Gary 358, 228 Veach, Julia 120, 122, 171, 183, 309 Vecera, Kathryn 131, 148 Verner, Marjorie 122, 182, 334 Verner, Robert 192, 310, 193 Viets, Julie 173, 178, 381, 245, 119 Villarreal, Beatrice 381 Virgil, Martin 128, 158, 334 334 White, Brooks 359 Whiting, Lisa 381 Whiting, Luanne 157, 334 Whitten, Sandra 154, 172, 359 Wiggins, Sarah 183, 185, 311, 119, 26 Wilburn, Daina 120, 122, 128, 334, 254 Wille, A ngela 168 Williams, Wes 335 Williams, Ronald 166 Williams, Sherrie 120, 131, 136, 171, 18. 312,335 Williamson, Julie 120, 130, 131, 133, 31 119,26 Willis, Mark 165, 381 Willoughby, Donald 150, 311 Wilson, Wilson, Ann 136, 178, 181, 381 Ginger 359 Wilson, Mariglen 166, 192, 335 Wilson, Mollie 311 Wilson, Nancy 134,171,183 Winters, Melanie 381 Winters, Robin 335 Wisdom, Mike 128, 335, 248 Wissler, Bonnie 155 Wofford, Linda 155, 192, 359 Wolff, Stephanie 281, 311, 26 Wolff, Tim 132, 359, 248 Wong, Deanna 120, 148, 311, 119, 26 Woodley, Susanne 178, 381, 236 Word, Cynthia 132, 155, 178, 381 Word, Pam 335 Worden, William 131, 158, 359, 261 Worley, David 311 Worley, Kathryn 178, 180, 335 Worley, Wayland 146 Worrel, Ann 120, 171, 178, 336, 359, 245 Worthy, Johnathon 311 Woten, Chawn 359, 240 Wratten, Erick 168, 335 Wray, Bobby 127, 335, 254 Wright, Andrew 169 Wright, Brian 128, 311, 240 Wright, Chris 311 Wright Laurie 131 148 183 311 '76 Z :Pl 245 ' 1 1 'H Zl'I'1llC1'l6, Arthur 128, 134, 147 199 761 Wright am Wright, Stephen 121,128, 311 Wyatt, Gary 146, 311 Wysoki, john 149 Y Yeager, Leslie 359 Young, Zetta 165, 381 Youngs, Dale 359 Ze-tty, Erika 129 Zimmermann, Shelly 359 ZBman, Xlartin 158 Zuehl. Lucy 359 Zuehl, Rene 163, 192, 359, 266 Zuniga,,Iarnie 147 Senior Accomplishments Susan Adams Texas A St M Chaps l,2, Photography Club I, Los Amigos 2,3,4, jabberwocky 2, Spanish National Honor Society 4, Spurs 3,4, Tapaderas 4, National Honor Society 4, Young Republicans 4. Lousia Aikin William and Mary French Club 1,2,3,4, Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Young Republicans 4, National llonor Society 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3. Lexie Anderson Latin Club 1,2, Biology Club 2, Chaps l,2, Spurs 3,4, Captain 3, Drill Officer 4. jean Aston Texas Tech University ,Iunior Historian 1,2, FTA l, Sans Souei I, Los Companeros 1,2, Junior Varsity Cheer- leader 3, Chaps 1,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Distributive Education 4, Secretary 4, Red Cross 2, Tuesday club 2. Barbara Baker Chaps 1, Swimming l,2,3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Gary Baker SMU Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 3,4, Football 1,2, Deby Ball University of Texas Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3, FTA 1, FHA 3,4, Health Occupations 4. Kathy Barnhart Trinity University Chaps 1,2,3, Biology 2, Mule Stall 2, Vice 'President 2. Diane Bartley Texas A Si M Gymnastics Club 1, Los Amigos 2,3, Chaps 1,2, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3, Spurs 3,4, Young Republicans 3,4, Tapaderas 3,4, National,Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Bob Baskin Duke University 418 Key Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Big Brother 4, Student council 1,3,4, Parliamentarian 4, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3, Mule Stall Council 1,2, President 1,2, 'SBP Band IV, HAP Band 2,3, Marching Band l,2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Instrumental Music Club 2, S. U. Honorary Member 3, S. U. Projects Chairman 4, Billiards Club 3, Vice President 3, National Merit Letter ol' Com- mendation 4, Knights ol' Cobalt 3,4, T.A.S.C. 3, Triad 4. Bobby Bass Texas Tech University Football 1, Advisory President Council 1,2,3,4, Sergeantaat-Arms 2, Vice-President 3, Chaplain 4, Baseball 1,4, Varsity Track 1,2,3,4, FCA 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4, A Club 2,3,4, President 4, Representative at Boys State 3, Treasurer Senior Class 4. Leslie Bibb Southwest Texas State University FHA 3, Treasurer 3, Alamo Heights Belle. Martha Block University ol' Texas Chaps 1,2, Los Companeros 1, Junior llis- torians 2, Los Amigos 2,3, Secretary of Advisory 3, Demetra Tri-Ili-Y 3,4, Secre- tary 3,4, Spurs 3,4, Tapaderas 4, Spur Majorettc 4, Service Club 4,Safety Council 4. Sandee Bogart South West Texas State University Gymnastics Team and Club 1,2,3,4. Betsy Bostick University of Texas Los Compeneros 1,2, Red Cross Council 1,2, Art Club 1,2,3, Junior Historians 1,2, Chaps 1,2, SPLIIS 3,4, Olmos Staff 4, Olmos Salesman 1,2,3,4, FHA 1,2, FTA 1,2. Melinda Brady Trinity University Transferred junior Year, Chaps 3,4, Los Amigos 4, Sans Souci 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Young Republicans 4, FHA 4, Alamo Heights Belle 4, Advisory Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Honor Roll 4, Carolyn Branch Chaps 1,2, Los Companeros l, Sergeant-at Arms 1, Student Council l,2,3,4, Lo Amigos 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4 Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4 Secretary 3,4, Spurs 3,4, Spur Captain 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Tapaderos 4, Servici Club 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4. Paula Braymen Texas Tech University Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4, Chaps 1,2,3,4. Stehpanie Brooner l University of Texas Chaps l,2,3, Ranger 3, Secretary ot' Fresl man Class l, D.E. 4. Ann Brumlield Texas Tech Chaps 2,3, German Club 4, Merry Beth Bryant Hardin Simmons University Latin Club 1,2, MA" Band l,2,3,4, Chapla, 4, National Honor Society 4, Stage Band I Judy Bump Hardin Simmons University Latin Club 1,2,3, Chaplain 2, Latin Hon Society 3,4, National Honor Society 4, 'E Band 1,2,3,4, FHA 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Sherri Byrd Texas A St M Musical Comedy 1, Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3 Data Processing 3,4, Vice President 3. Ignacio Caballero South West Texas State University CVAE 1,2, Student Council 1,2,3. Oscar Caballero Schreiner Institute Library Assistant 4, President ol' COP Class 4. Diana Cabaza Trinity University Latin Club 1,2,3, Consul President 4, Anti- ,que Club 3,4-, Vice President 4, Chaps 1,2, Spins 3,4, Latin National Honor Society 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Service Club 4. 'Sandra Calderon FHA 1, Los Amigos 4, Spanish National Honor Society 3. Brad Camp University of 'Texas Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4, MAN Club 1,2,3,4, Etudent Council onor Roll 1,2,4. 2, Honorable Mention Bcott Campbell University of Texas tuart Campbell exas A Si M wimming Team 2,3,4, Captain 4, MA" Club ,4, FCA 2. ancy Carnes ice University rt Club 1,2, Los Companeros 1,2, Ser- ant-at-Arms 2, Los Amigos 3,4, Gym- astics 4, Young Republicans 3,4, Chaps 2, Spurs 3,4, Alamo Heights Belle 4. aria Aurora Carrasco n Antonio College ember of Office Education Association 4. elody Carson uestrian Club 1,2,4, Science Research, ub 3, Chaps 1. hn B. Carter stin College bberwockey 1,2,3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, balt 3,4, Triad 3,4, Student Council ,4, Swimming 3, National Leadership aining Institute 1, Photography Club 1, ncing Club 1, National Merit Scholarship tter of Commendation 4, Student Police lations Committee 3, German Club 4. therine Carter unt Vernon Los Companeros 1,2. Los Amigos 3, Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4, Young Olmos 4, Demetra 3,4. Republicans 4, Penny Carter University of Texas Chaps l,2, Spurs 3,-lv, Tapaderas 4, Los Companeros 1, Los Amigos 4, National Honor Society 4, Spanish National Honor Society 4, Alu Alpha Theta 3,4. Billiards Club 4. Nancy jo Casey Los Companeros I, Los Amigos 2,3,4, Chaps 1,2,3, Spurs 4, Xlule Stall Council 2,-1, House and Rules 2, President 4, Art Club 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Tapaderas -I-, Red Crow Council 2, Secretary of Advisory 1, ,Advisory President Council 2, Jabber- wockey 3, Los .Amigos Business Manager 4. Billy Cavender University oi' Texas Varsity Golf l,2,3,4, Baseball l, Student Council 2. Bobby Cavender University ol' Texas Baseball 1, Student Council 1,2. Spanish National Honor Society 1,2, Varsity Golf 2,3,4, Nominated Most Representative 1,2, Mu Alpha Theta 3. Beth Chambers St. Thomas Melissa Chapman University of Maryland Transferred Senior Year O.E. 4 Ellen Cheaney South West Texas State University Chaps l,2. Health Occupations Club 4, Mixed Chorus 2,3. Candy Clarke Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Bridge Club l, Los Amigos 2,3,4, Campus Life 3,-I-, Service Club 4, National Honor Society 4. Spanish National Honor Society 2,3, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Thespians 4. Curtis Clark South West Texas State University Projectionist Club 1,2, C-un Club 1,2, Swimming Team 1,3. Bill Colbert Texas Tech University Gun Club 1, Participated in Speech Contests 1.2. .lean Comer San Antonio College Chaps l,2,4, Service Club 3.4. Corre- sponding Secretary of Service Club 4, Nlichael Connolly University ol' Texas Basketball 1, junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3.4, Football l, Varsity 2. Nancy Winston Cook SM U Chaps 1,2, Ranger 3,4-, Thespians 1, Los Companeros 2, President 2, Biology Club 2. Vice President 2, Demetra 3,-1, A.P.C. 3, ,Iabberwockey 2,3,4, Student Beview 3,-i, Editor 4, Olmos Assistant Editor 3,-1, Nlu Alpha Theta 4, Spring Play 2, National Honor Society 4, Service Club 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, l.L.'l'. Committee member 4. Kathy Cooper ftliddlebiuy College "Aw Band I,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Stu- dent Council 2,3,4, Historian 3, Vice Presi- dent 4, Service Club 3,4, Parliamentarian 4, National Honor Society 3,4. Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,-L, jabberwockey 2,3,4, Editor 3,4, National Merit Semi-Finalist 4, Nomi- nated Outstanding Teenager ol' America 4, Nominated Nlost Representative 3,4, Nomi- nated Nliss Teenage Optimist 4, Member in good standing of Bridge at Lunch Brunch 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Explorer Scouts 3, Passed Organic Chemistry 2. Sunshine Cooper Trinity University Transferred Senior Year, Class Vice Presi- dent 1, Pep Squad 1, FHA 1, Gymnastics l,2, Drama Club 1,2, Drama Club 1,2, Spanish Club 3, Student Council 3, Ecology Club 2, Secretary 2, President of Ecology Club 3. Nancy Cree University of Texas Chaps 1,2,3,4, Los Amigos 3,4, Nlule Stall Council 4, Vice President 4, Olmos Sales- man 4, Los Companeros 1,2. 419 Senior Accomplishments Susan Creech Chaps l,2,3, Biology Club 1, D.E. 3,4, President 4, Los Compancros I, Student Council 4, Advisory President Council 4. Maggie Darnall Trinity University Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Vice President 4, Fall Play l,4, National Thespians 1,2,3,4, Most Outstanding Thespian 1, Jabberwockey I, Red Cross Council 1, Photography Club I, Fencing Club 1, German Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Young Republicans 3,4, Girls Basketball Team 4. Mallonee Davis Texas Tech Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4-, Los Amigos 3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha 2,3,4, Advisory President Council 3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Drill Officer Spurs 4, Demetra 4, lVIule Stall Council 3. Beagan Davis University of Texas Football 1,2,3,4, Advisory Vice President 3,4. Dec Ann Dickson San Antonio College Chaps 1,2, FHA 1,2, Honor Boll 3,4, National Honor Society 4. Sharon Dorsey SIVIU Chaps 1,2, Marching Band 3,4, SAW Band 3,4, Latin Club 2,3,4, Latin Honor Society 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,-4. janie Drought University of Texas Los Companeros 1,2, Chaps 1,2, Junior Historians 2, Biology Club 2, Spurs 3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Los Amigos 3,4, Ser- geant-at-Arms 4, Demetra 3,4, Treasurer 4, Spanish Honor Society 3,4. David L. Duke III Stratford Physics Society 3,4, National Forensic League l,2,3,4, National Thespian Society 1,2,3, National Leadership Training Program 420 1, Student Council 2,3,4, National Science Foundation Students Science Training Program 4, Chairman Caruga Campaign Committee 3,4, State Finalist Debator 3,4, Trinity Science Fair Winner 1,2,3,4, Optimist Club Recognition Student 3, Knights of Cobalt 3,4, Knights of Cobb 2,3,4, Triad 3,4. Patty Dyer Texas Tech University Chaps l,2,4, Spurs 3, French Club 2, Antique Club 3, Art Appreciation Elizabeth Engelke Austin College Chaps l,2, Thespians 1, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, Los Amigos 2,3,4, Spurs 3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, Antique Club 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Wizard Of Oz 1,1 Never Saw Another Butterfly 4, Wendy Erickson University of Texas Chaps 1,2, Deputy 1, Los Companeros 1, Vice President l, Science Research Club 2, Chaplain 2, junior Historians 2. Los Amigos 2,3,4, Advisory Presidents Council l,,2,Slu- dent Council 3.4, Historian 4, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, Chaplain 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Demctra-Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Mule Stall Council 3, House and Rules 3, Service Club 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Spurs 3,4, President 4, Nominee Most Re- presentative Senior 4. ,lack L. Espinosa St. lVlary's University Basketball l,2, Drama Club 3, Speech Club 3. Phillip Farmer Baylor University Football 1,2, Basketball 1, Baseball 1,2, Varsity 3,4, LSA" Club 331. Randy Fein University of Pcrmsylvania Cobalt 3,4, National Thespians Honor Society 1,2,3,4, Safety Council 4, National Forensic League 1,2,3,4 Chaplain 4, Stock- broker Club 1, Speech Letter 2,3,4, Speecl 'Trophies 1 ,2,3,4, ,Iabberwockey 3,4 Announcefs Club 4. Dean Ferguson San Antonio College I Debra Filipponc I Diane Fitzgerald I San Antonio College Nursing School FHA I ,3,4, Health Occupations Club 4. Harold Flores San Antonio College Spanish National Honor Society 3,4, Lo Amigos 4, Art Club 4. Martha Flores San Antonio College Los Amigos 4, Spanish National Honor Society 4, COPAT Club 2, French Club 4l Susan Ford University of Texas Chaps I,2,3,4, Tennis 2,3,4, Demetra 3,4 Kathy Foreman St. Mary's University Chaps 1,2,3, Office Education 3,4. Brad Foster Texas A SL IVI Chess Club I, Fencing Club l, Hoof Prix Staff 4, ,Iabherwockey 4, Student Revie Staff 4. Adriana Garcia Texas A 81 I Health Occupations 1,2. Bill Gentncr South Western University Thespians l,2,3,4, Vice President Marching Band 1,2,3,4, NAS Band 2,3 Gun Club 4, NEDT Award 4, Choral Mus Club 1.2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2. George Goode University of Texas Student Coullcil 1,2,3, A.P.C. 1,2, Football 1,2,3, Varsity 2,3, Track 1,2. LUV, Club 3,4-, Hoof Print Staff 4, Nlu Alpha Theta 3.4, Nladcline Gootee SMU Los Companeros l,2, Los Amigos 3,4-, Stu- dent Council 4, junior Historians 2, Service Club 4, Nlu Alpha Theta 3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 3,4-. Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4-, Spur Officer 4, Nominee for Wards Award -i-. ' Rob Gottlich Texas A Sz Nl "AU Band l,2.4, Marching Band 1,2.4, Latin Club l, Gun Club l, lnstrunlental Nlusic Club 2, Basketball 1,2. Transfer Senior Year. Rugby 3, Rowillg 3, Athletics 3, Judo Club 3, School Perfect 3. Art Graf University of Texas Stamp and Coill Club 1, Chess Club 2,-11, German Club 4, Charter Member and Presi- dent of Pocket Billia.rds Club 3,-l, Xlu Alpha Theta 3,4, lxey Club 2,3,4, Delegate to the Texas-Oklallonla District Key Club Conven- tion 3, Advisory President Council 4. Honorable Nlention 1,2,3,4, Young Re- publicans 4, Delegate ot the White Hat Convention 4, NNIR.-X 4. LSR 4. Marching Band 1,2,3,4, Concert Band 1,2,3,4, Stage Band 4, UlL Class ll Solo 4, First division UIL Class l Solo 4, Division 4. j oe Gravengaard Texas A 81 Nl Football 2, ICT 4. Karin Greene Nlike Green University of Texas Track 1, Latin Club 1,2, Projectionists Club 1. Health Occupations 3, Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4, Student Council 3,4. Charles Gregory Baylor University Football Varsity Manager 1, Projectionists Club 2,3, Olmos Staff 4, Safety Council 4. Norman George Texas Tech University Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball 2.3.4. Gini Club 1,2, 'UV' Club 2,3.4, Student Council 1,2Z,3, Safety Council 3,-4. -I im Griffin Rice University Student Council l,4, Chess Club 1, Basket- ball l,2, Nlu Alpha Theta 2,3.-I-. President 4, Biology Club 2, Spanish National llonor Society 2,3, Campus Life 3,-4. Honor Roll l,2.3.4, lxnights of COBALT 3.4. Xlath Contests l,2,3,4, Los Amigos 2, S. L. 3.4. Triad 3,4, Caruga 4, Nlinimester 2.3.4. Book Fair 1, National Honor Society 4. Sue Guenther San Antonio College 'Transferred ,lunior Year. Spanish Club l,2, Girls Softball Team 2. Baseball Team 1.2. Office Education 3, Health Occupations -1-. Cheryl Hagenson University of Texas FHA 1.2, Equestrian Club 1.2, Spurs 3.4, Sergeant 3, Captain 4, Chaps 1.2. Honorary APC Nlember 3, Latin Club 2,3.4, Tapaderas 3,4, A.H. Representative to San Antonio junior Xliss Contest 3, Fall Production 4. Susie Hamilton University of Texas Chap Officer l,2,3,4, Class Officer 1.2. Student Council 1,3,4, Spanish Club l.3.4. Leadership Workshop 1,2, Service Club 3.4, Student Congress-Piedras Negras 3. Nlu Alpha Theta 4, DAR 4, Nominee Nlost Representative 1,2, FHA 4, Nominee Nlost Popular Senior 4. Ginny Hansen University of Wisconsin-Parkside Cllaps 1,2, Advisory Committee 4, Gym- llastics Vicki Hardwick San Antonio College Phineas Fogg 1, Lifeline 3,4. Carl Harnisll Washington alld Lee Universitv 'Penne Team 1,2.3,4, varsity 2.3,-L, latin Club 2, Club 2,1-l,4, Louise Hartwell North Texas State University Chaps l,2, French Club 1, Art Club 2. Spurs 3 I Holly Hawn Roallokc College Chaps l,2, Hoof Print 3.4, Nlixed Clt0I'tlS 4. Honor Roll 4. Will llausser SNR' Track 1.2, Basketball l, -XPC 1.2. ,l.V. Football l,2, Varsity Football Student Council 3.4, Los Amigos 3, Saftey Council 4, Freshmen orientator and Bitl BFOHICT 10 H Freshman advisory 4. Ree Hearn Tt'li Varsity Tennis 1,2,3, Chaps 1,2.3. Honorary Nlember .-XPC 4. lloof Print 4. Olmos Pho- tograpller 4, Bicycle Club 3, Advisory Vice President 4, Honorary Honor Roll Nlember 4 ,lack Hebd on Austin College Photography Club I, Physics 3,4. Kitty Hecker Nlusic Club 1, Chess Club 1. Chaps 1, FHA l. Office Education 3,-L, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. Gary Henderson University of Texas Cissy Hensa rling Soutll West Texas State University Swimming 4, Transferred Senior Year, Nlixed Choir 2, Secretary Young Repub- licalls Comal County 2, Secretary of New Braunfels Booklet Club 3, Varsity Tennis Team 3, Swimming and Diving Team 3, Spanish Club 1. Bruce Hill University of Pennsylvania Football l,2, Swimming 3,4, Captain 4, Spanisll National Honor Society 3,-1-. Los Amigos 3,4, Vice President of Advisory 1,2, APC 3,-1-, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Nlu Alpha Theta 4. 421 Senior Accomplishments Chris Hill University of Pennsylvania Spanish National Honor Society 4. National Honor Society 4, Los Amigos 4, Key Club l,2,3,4, 'Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, Young Republicans 4, Vice President 4. Maureen Hillman Boston College Spurs 3,4, Los Amigos 3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 3,4, Latin Club 3. Latin National Honor Society 3,4, Billiards Club -l-. Lee Hinson Baylor Nlarching Band l,2,3,4, "A" Band 1,2,3.4. District Band 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, President 4, Outstanding junior Award in Chorus 3, Chamber Choir 3,-li. Region I, III, 3,4, Stage Band 2, Lifeline Club 3,4. Sally Hite University of Texas Chaps l,2, Chap Officer 1,2, Spurs Drill Officer 3, Cheerleader 4, Los Amigos 2.3, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3. APC 4 Vice President -1-, Demetra 4. 'Nlule Stall Secretary 4. Rose Nlary llollan West Point Diane Horn Texas A 81 M University Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Equestrain Club 1,3,4, Biology Club 3, Service Club 3,4, Belles 4, Olmos Business Nlanager 4. ,leff Hull University of Texas Photography Club l,2,3,4, Vice President 4, President l,2,3, Phineas Fogg Club 2, Vice Prcsident 2, German Club 3, Vice President 3, Advisory Program Manager 3, Student Council 3, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Fencing Club 1, Secretary 1. jim Hull University of Texas Photography Club l,2, Vice President 1, Phineas Fogg Club 1, Mu Alpha 3,4, Advisory Sergeant-at-arms 2,3. 422 Hike Jackson University of Texas Football 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1, Freshman Class Officer Sergeant-at'Arms 1, Student Council 3.4. Safety Council 4g Advisory Vice President 1,2. Paula ,I acob Texas Tech University Chaps 1.2, Spurs 3,4, Spur Nlajorettc 4, 'Iapaderas 4, Red Cross Council 1, Los Companeros 1, Los Amigos 2,3, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, Nlu Alpha Theta 2,3,4. Brian ,I arvis Hendrix University of Arkansas Golf Team 1,2, Student Council l, Honor Roll 4. Tim ,I arvis Hendrix University Golf Team 1,2, Advisory President Council 1, Nlixed Choir 4, Hoof Print Staff 3,4, Winner of 'tBetty Crockery' Test 4, Honor Roll 4. Cipriano ,I asso ,l.V. Baseball 1, Varsity Baseball 2,3, "Aw Club 2.3,4, Advisory Sergeant-at-Arms 2,3, DFCA 4. 'Treasurer 4. Dee Jennings University of Texas Football l, Basketball 1, Track 1,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Band President 4. Student Council 4, Sophomore Class Officer Ser- geant-at-Arms 2, Junior Class Officer Ser- geant-at-Arms 3, Senior Class Officer Vice President 4, Science Research Club 2. Vice President 2, Instrumental Music Club 2, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Stage Band 4, FCA 2.3,4, Vice President 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Co-Captain of Track Team 4, Treasurer of National Honor Society 4, Cross Country 2, Nominee for Most Representative Senior Year 4. Carolyn johns Baylor University Chaps 1,2,3,4, Los Companeros 1, Chaplain 1, Advisory Vice President Red Cross Council 1, Student Council 2,4, Chaplain 4, Los Amigos 2,3,4, Swimming Team 2,3,4, Captain 4, Service Club 3,4, Demetra 3,4. Vicki Jones University of Texas Spurs 3,4. Paul Jornayvaz University of Texas Tennis 1,2,3,4, Varsity Tennis 2,3,4, A4 visory Sergeant-at-Arms I, Vice President! "Aw Club 2,3,4. Kiech ,lung TCU Football l,2,3,4, SafetY Council 4, Studei Council l,4, Dress Code Committee Scuba Diving Club 2,3. Patrick Kerr ' San Antonio College I 'Transferred Senior Year, Mixed Choir 4. Katherine King Rice University Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3, Treasurer 4, Tapade 3,4, Los Companeros 1, Los Amigos Chaplain 3, Vice President 4, Mu Alp Theta 2.,3,4, Service Club 4, Span National Honor Society 2,3,4, Parliami tarian 3, Treasurer 4, National Ho Society 3,4, Student Council 4. Tom Kingman SMU Los Companeros 1, Los Amigos 4, Foot l,2, Varsity 3,4, Track 1, Basketball Student Council 4, APC 1,2,3, Sciei Research Club 2, Mu Alpha Theta 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Spa National Honor Society 3,4, SAN Club National Merit Commendation 4. Rob Koplan Austin College Swimming Team 2,3, Mixed Chorus French Club 4. Rochelle Krajian Trinity University Los Companeros 1,2, Los Amigos 3,4, Ai Appreciation 1,2, FHA 3,4, Chaps 1,2 Transfer 4, Travel Club 1.2,3, Honor Roll l,3,4, Hoof Print Business Manager 4. Elisa Krause Rice Olmos 1,2,3,4, Freshman Editor 1, Faculty Editor 2, Layout Editor 3, Editor-ln-Chief 4. National Honor Society 3.4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Spurs 3,4, Historian 4, Service Club 3,4, Historian 4, Alu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 2.3.4. Nlational Nlerit Semi-Finalist NCTE Award Winner 4. Chuck Krueger University of Texas Gun Club 1,2, 'f-V, Band 2,3,4. Basketball 1,2,3, Big Brother 4, Nlu Alpha Theta 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Biolog' Club 2. Instrumental Nlusic Club 1, Vice President of Advisory 1, Sergeant-at-Arms of Advisory 2,3, Honor Roll 4, Nlarching band 1,2,3,4. jo Ann Kuykendall San Antonio College Office Education 3,4. Paula Krumboltz Southwestern University National Thespian Honor Society 1.2,3,4. President 3, Secretary 4, NFL 4, Servicc -Club 3,4, National Leadership Council 1. Chaps 1,2, Officer 3, Spurs 4, School Play 1,2,3,4, Lettered in Speech and Drama 3,4, Qualified for State 4, Speech Awards 1,2,3,4, Announcers Club 4. David Lagerquist California State College at Fallerton Michelle Langlinais European College Volleyball Team 1, San Antonio Belle 2, Advisory Representative 3,4, Secretary of Copat Club. Tim Langner University of Texas John Lawton Texas Tech SSAP Band 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3,4. FCA 2.3, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Student Council 2. Marching Band 1,2. Maxine Lee San Antonio College Class Sergeant-at-Arms 1. Y-Teen 1. Class Vice President 2, Y-Teens 2. Class Chaplain 3, Health Occupations 4. ,lim Leinbach TCU Golf Team 1,2,3,4, Lettered 3,4, "A" Club 3,4, Cindy Lewis Trinity University Chaps 1.2. APC 1, Honorary Nlember 3,4, Red Cross Council l,2, Nlu Alpha Theta 2,3.4, Chaplain 4, Science Research Club 2, 'Travelogue Club 2, Spurs 3,4, Tapaderas 3, ,lunior Commander 4, Youth for NlcGovern 4, German Club 4, Safety Council 3.4. Olmos Sophomore Class Editor 2, Knights of Cohalt 3, Thcspians l. National Leader- ship lnstitute 1, Senior Class Parliamen- tarian 4, National Honor Society 4, Service Club 4, Honor Roll l,2,3,4. Jack Lewis University of Texas Football 2,3,-lf, Student Council 1,2.3. WX" Club 3,4, Terry Leick Texas Tech Brother of the Brush 4, Advisory Sergeant- at-Arms 1,2,3,4-. Caroline Lijenwall University ofthe South Chaps 1,2, National Thespians 1,2.3, Bridge Club 1, Texas Youth Conference 3, Standing Nlember Student Council 2,3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 2.3.4, Young Republicans 2,4, Art Club 3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Tapaderas 3,4, Parliamentarian of APC 3, President 4, Service Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 4. Nlartha Lobit South West Texas State University Chaps 1, ICT 3,4, Secretary 3. Treasurer 4, Library Club 1,2. Jeanette Lock Baylor University Chaps 1,2,3, Spurs 3,4, FTA 1, Chaplain 1, Office Education 3,4, President 4, Service Club 4. Stacy Locke Football 1, Varsity Swimming 2.3.4. Honor Roll 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 1. Tricia Lohman Texas Tech Los Amigos 3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Chaps 3. Spurs 4, President of Advisory 3.4. Nlaggie Lopez San Antonio College Office Education 3,4. Pamela Loring SNII' Chaps 1,2. Red Cross Council 1. Los Com- paneros 1, Los Amigos 2,3,-l-, Parliamen- tarian 4, junior Historians 2, Parliamen- tarian 2, APC 2, Spurs 3,4, Captain 4. Alu Alpha Theta 3,4, Tapaderas 3,4, Senior Commander 4, Demetra 3,4, ,I anis Ludwig University of Texas Advisory President 1, Chaps l,2. Los Com- paneros 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Los Amigos 3,4, Nlule Stall Secretary 2.3. Spurs 3,4, Nlu Alpha Theta 3,4, FHA 3,-l-, Cheerleader 4, "Aw Club 4, Service Club 4, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 4, Nlost Popular Senior Nominee 4. Football Sweet- heart Nominee 4. Demetra 3,4, Rudy Luna University of Houston Baseball 1,2,3,4, Chess Club 1.2. Vice Presi- dent 2, Projcctionist Club 2,3, Shop Club 1 Biology Club 2, Band 1,2,3. 1 joe Lynch St. Edwards University Transferred Senior Year Basketball 3. Base- ball 3, Swimming 3. Charlotte Nlaggart Texas Lutheran College French Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4. FTA 2, Lifeline Club 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, Librarian 3. Vice President 4, Honorable Nlention 2, Honor Roll 3.-lf, Safety Council 4. Juliana Marek University of Dallas Chaps 1,2. Chap Officer 2, Spur 3,4, Service 423 Senior Accomplishments Club 3,4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Biology Club 2, French Club l,2,3, Vice President 3, Student Council 2, Participant in Leader- shop Workshop 2, Most Representative Artist 3, Olmos Honors for Art 4, Partici- pant in Optimist Week for Art 4, Advisory Vice President 4. Olivia Marquez Gailleen Morten San Antonio College FHA 3, HOCT 4, Loretto Martin Student Council 1,2, Health Occupations Club 4. Mary Ellen Martin TexasA8zM Gymnastics l,2, Los Amigos 4, Biology Research Club '2, Knight of Cobalt 3,4, Chaps l,2, Yell leader 2, Spurs 3,4, Secretary 4, Jabberwocky 1,2,3, Olmos Staff 1,2, Young Republicans 2,3,4, Vice President 2, President 3,4, National Thespian Honor Society 1,2,3,4, National Spanish Honor Society 4, National Forensic League 1,2,3, Track Team 3. Carol Matocha University ol' Texas Chaps 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Mule Stall Council 1,2,3, Food 1, Treasurer 2, House and Grounds 3, Safety Council 1,2, Sopho- more Class Officer 2, Parliamentarian 2, Advisory Presidents Council 3, junior Varsity Cheerleader 3, Olmos Staff 3,4, Assistant Junior Class Editor 3, Senior Class Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Los Companeros 1,2, Secretary 1, President 2, Los Amigos 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Art Club 1,2, Leadership Training Council 1,2, Young Republicans 4, Alamo Heights Belle 4. Teena Matteucci FHA 3,4. Hugh Matthews Texas Tech Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3,4, SAN Club 3,4, Safety Council 1,4, Chaplain of Advisory 1,2,3,4. 424 Mike McAllister University of the South Basketball 2,3, Track 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Meredith McAtee University of Texas Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, National Thespians 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, Red Cross Council 1, Junior Historians 2, Service Club 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Student Council 2,4, ,Iabberwocky 2,3, Hoof Print Editor-ln- Chief 4, SU 4, Quill S Scroll 4, Drama Productions 1,2,3,4, Antique Club 3, AH Belle 4. john McSwain Vanderbilt Football l, Basketball l,2, Varsity Basket- ball 3,4, Baseball l,2, Varsity Baseball 3,4, A Club 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, National Honor Society 4, Latin National Honor Society 3, Freshman Class President, junior Class Treasurer, Nominee Freshman Class Favorite, Sophomore Class Favorite, ,lwiior Class Favorite, Student Council 3,4, Honorary Member Advisory Presidents Council 3, AHHS Nominee to International Student Congress 3. Linda Meerscheidt San Antonio College Chaps 1,2, German Club 1,2, Art Club 2,3. Susan Mengden SlVlU Chaps 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Service Club 4, French Club 2,3, Biology Club 2, Young Republicans 4, Youth Appreciation Week 4, Olmos Honor for Art 4. Karen Meurin Texas Tech Chaps 1,2,4, Art Club 1, Student Council 1, Future Homemakers of America 4. Kerry Miller Baylor University Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Los Amigos 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Class Chaplain 3,4, Spur Coke Manager 4, Photography Club 1, Fall Play 3, Gymnastic Club 1, Service Club 4. Mary Pat Mitchell University of the South Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Thespians 1, Los Compancros l,2, Los Amigos 3,4, junior Historians 2, President 2, Demetra 3,4. Student Council 3,4, Business Manager 4. Mule Stall Council House and Grounds 4, Young Republicans 1,2,3,4, Service Club 4i Nominee for Miss Outstanding Teenager 4 Honor Roll 2,3,4, Fall Play 1, Book Faii 3,4, Representative to TASC 3, Youth Ambassador to People to People 4. Linda Moore San Antonio College Homemaking Club I., Biology Club 2 Future Teachers of America 2, Spanis National Honor Society 2, National Hone Society 3,4, Office Education 4. Nanci Moore University of Texas French Club 1, Equestrian Club 1, Vic President 1, Fencing Club 1, Mu Alph Theta 3,4, Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Gymnastic Club 4. Susan Moore Austin College Marching and A Band 1,2, ,labberwock 1,2,3, Sans Sopci 2,3, Biology Club 2, Cha 3, Spurs 4, Hoof Print Associate Editor , Quill and Scroll 4, Honor Roll 3,4, Re Cross Council 1,2, Young Democrat 4. Barrett Moursund Trinity Latin Club 2,3,4, Latin Honor Society 3, Mu Alpha Theta 4, National Honor Socie 4, Billards Club 4, Chess Club 1, Bridge Clu 1. Nancy Nicholson University of Texas Chaps l,2, Student Council 1, Juni Historians 2, Spurs 3,4, APC 3, Demet 3,4, Sergeant-At-Arms 3,4, Service Club 3,2 Jabberwocky 3, Cheerleader 4, OLM STAFF 4, Football Sweetheart 4. Rick Nordhaus North Texas State Basketball 2,3, Varsity 4, Key Club 2,3. Paul Oatman Texas A 81 M Chess Club 1, Band 1, OLMOS STAFF 4. Anne Oldfather Newcomb Chaps 1,2, Spanish National Honor Society 3, Los Amigos 3, Honorary Member APC 3, Student Council 3, Los Companeros 1, junior Urban Coalition 2. Phillip Orozco University of Texas Football 1,2, Varsity Football 3,4, Key Club l,2, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, APC 2,3,4, A Club 3.4. Maura Osbome University of Texas Chaps 1,2, Officer l,2, Los Companeros1,2, Spurs 3,4, Drill Officer 3,4, Art Club 3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, Los Amigos 3,4, Student Councd 2,3,4, Demetra 4, jabberwocky 3,4, Student Review 4, Quill Sz Scroll 3,4, Officer 4, OLMOS junior Class Editor 3, Art Editor 4. Karen Ostrum Mu Alpha Theta 2,3, Secretary 4, Los Amigos 2, Marching and Concert Band 1,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Instrumental Music Club l, Ecology Club 3, Service Club 3,4, President 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 4, Spanish National Honor ociety 2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 3, abberwocky 2,3,4, Editor 4, APC 3, tudent Council 4. Alan Oxford O. P. Schnabcl's School of Recycled Trash Christina Pakenbusch San Antonio College HA 1,4, Pre Med Club 2. ohn Park Baylor Projectionist Club 1, Rifle Club 1, Advisory reasurer 1, Reporter 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, ecretary 4, Track 4, Diving 3. Suzanne Park Advisory Vice President l, Chaplain 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Chaps l,2,3, Latin Club 1, Los Companeros 2, Jabberwocky 3,4, Safety Council 3,4, Los Amigos 4, Red Cross Council 3, OLMOS Ads 3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 4, Student Council 1, Spurs 4. Corita Parker Mu Alpha Theta 3, Spanish National Honor Society 3, National Honor Society fl, Library Club l. Vice President 1, Annual Assistant Editor 1, Photography Club 2, Pre Med Club 2, Science Research Club 2, Vice President 2. Mary Paul Texas Tech Chaps 1,2,3, Spurs 4, Tapaderas 4, Home- making Club 1, Treasurer 1, Biology Club 2, Secretary 2, Los Companeros 2,3, Red Cross Council 2.3, Historian 2,3, Art Club 3, Junior Class Officer 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Safety Council 3, Los Amigos 4, Service Club 4, OLMOS Staff 4, Assistant Senior Class Editor 4, Alamo Heights Belle 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Young Republicans 4, OLMOS Salesman 4. Dianne Pike .University of Texas Chaps 1.2. Spurs 3,4, Art Club 1,2, Sans Souci l,2, Christmas Program 1,2,3, Fall Play 2, A Chorus 2,3, Mixed Chorus 3, Vice President 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Advisory President 4. Janet Pogue Trinity Gymnastics Club 1, Advisory Chaplain 1, Chaps 1,2,3,4, Chaps Officer 3,4, National Forensic League 1,2,3,4, National Thespian League 1,2,3,4, Mule Stall Council 2,3, Summertree 3, Bald Soprano 3, l Never Saw Another Butterfly 4. Susan Potts Texas Tech Marching Band and A Band 1,2,3,4, Instrumental Music Club 1,2, Equestrian Club l,2,3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4. Tamera Powell Sam Diego State Chaps 1,2, Antique Club 4, Alamo Heights Belle 4, Spring Play 3. jan Preston Rice University Red Cross Council l, Projeetionist Club 1.2, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, National Honor Society 4. Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4. Lisa Pressly Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4, Equestrian Club 1, Science Research Club 2, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, National Honor Society 4, Spurs 3,4, Hall Manager 4, Tapaderas 3,4, Chaps l,2, Antique Club 3,4, Advisory Presidents Council 3. Richard Price Texas Tech Football 1, Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball 1, Cross Country Track 2, APC 1, Student Council 4, Advisory Sergeant-at-Arms 2, FCA 2.3. Michelle Primomo University of Texas French Club l,2, FTA l, Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3, Chonis 3, Homemaking Club 4, Secretary 4, Advisory Treasurer 3. Martha Pulliam Los Companeros 1,2, Red Cross Council 1,2, Science Research Club 2, Latin Club 3,4, Latin National Honor Society 3,4, Service Club 4. Travel Club 3, Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, OLMOS Salesman 4, Demetra 4, Advisory President 4. Marie Quereau TCU Chaps 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Sergeant-at Arms 4, Los Companeros 1,2, Los Amigos 3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms of Advisory 1,2, Nominee for Homecoming Queen 4. Betty Ramos San Antonio College FHA 1,2, Health Occupations 3,4, VICA Reporter 3, APC 4. Lupe Ramirez Biology Club 2, Pre Med Club 2, Los Amigos 4, Spanish National Honor Society 4. Diana Ranson Princeton University 425 Senior Accomplishments Instrumental Music Club 1, Choral Music Club 1, Red Cross Council 1,2,4, Vice President 2, President 4, APC 2, Mu Alpha Theta 2,4, OLMOS Salesman 1,2,4, A Band 1,2,4, Marching Band 1,2,4, Treasurer 4, Spanish National Honor Society 4, Senfice Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, AH District Band 2,4. David Rilling University of Texas Track 1,2, Football 1,2, Jayne Roach Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3, Los Companeros 1, Los Amigos 2, Latin Club 4, Art Club 1,2, Junior Historians 2, Science Research Club 2, jahberwocky 2,4, APC 3, Student Council Committee 2,3, Swimming l. Cynthia Rodriguez San Antonio College OEA 3,4. Janet Rogers Stephen F. Austin Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Spanish National Honor Society 3,4, Service Club 3,4, Art Club 4, Los Companeros 1,2, Los Amigos 3,4, Chaplain 4, Junior Historians 1, Advisory Vice President 3,4- Laurie Roiz University of Texas Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Los Companeros 2, Biology Club 2, President 2, Red Cross Council 2, Chaplain 2, Los Amigos 4, FHA 3,4, AH Belles 4, Young Republicans 4. Will Rotzler California Technical College Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, Track 1. A Club 3,4. Priscilla Rowe Stephen F. Austin Chaps 1, Equestrian Club 1, Marching Band 2,3,4, Concert Band 2,3,4, German Club 4. 426 Worley Rudd Baylor Marching Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, San Antonio Youth Symphony 3,4, All District Band l,2,3,4, All Region Band 1,2, All State Symphony Orchestra 4, Out- standing Bandsman Award 3. Ellen Ruppel Texas A SZ M Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, ,IV Cheerleader 2, Jabberwocky 1,2,3, Gymnastics 1,2, Fall Play 1, Los Amigos 3,4, Secretary 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, Historian 4, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 4, National Merit Semifinalist fl-, Piper finalist 4, Service Club 4, Science Research Club 3, AH Belles 4, Student Review 4, OLNIOS Salesman 4, Antique Club 4. Steve Rymer University of Texas Basketball I,2,4. Norman Saathoff Texas Tech Gun Club 1. Rene Sanchez Southwest Texas State University Varsity Softball 1,2, Football 2,3, Tennis Team 3, Track 3, Gymnastics 4, Baseball 4. Mike Sawtelle University of Texas Swimming 1,2,3, A Band 1. Susannah Schaefer SMU Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Los Companeros 1, Treasurer 1, Advisory Secretary 1, Los Amigos 2,3,4, APC 3, Student Council 2,4-, Demetra 4. Sherry Scheffler San Antonio College Chaps 1,2, Science Research Club 2, Health Occupation 4. David Sehoenbaum Pitzer ,labberwocky l,2,3,4, Student Council 2. ILT 3, Chess Club 3. Genie Sehoenfeld Texas Tech l Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Caledonia 4, Los 1 Companeros 1, Thespians 'I , Biology Club 2l Vice President 2. l Dodi Schoenig Baylor University Chaps 1,2, Fall Play 1, National Thespian: l,2,3,4, National Forensic League 2,3,4 Photography Club 2, Antique Club 3,4 President 3,4, Gymnastics Club 4. Kathy Schultz University of Texas A French Club l,2, Chaps 1,2, FTA 1,2, OE 4. Xlixed Chorus 3. ' Edward Sealy TCU Advisory Vice President 2, President 3, Latin Club 4-, ULMOS Photograph Assistant 4. Bubba Sellers SMU Football l,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Baseball 1. Catherine Shoenfelt University of Texas Chaps 1,2, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer Secretary 4, Latin National Honor Soeie 3,4, President 4, A Band 3,4, Librarian Marching Band 3,4, National Honor Soeie 4. Joyce Shovlin Chaps 1,2, Equestrian Club 1,2, Secretary Science Research Club 2, Mu Alpha The 2,3, Service Club 3,4, Sans Souci Thespians 1, NFL 1,2. Sally Siefeit Texas Tech Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Tapaderas 3,4, Companeros 1, Equestrian Club 1,2, Amigos 2, Girls Track 2,3,4, Spur Major National Honor Society 4, Service Club 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3.4, APC 4, Parlia- mentarian 4, Gymnastics 4. Barbie Siever Rice University Chaps l,2,3.4, Deputy 1, Historian 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, JV Cheerleader 2, Bridge Club 1, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Spanish National llonor Society 2,3,4. Chaplain 3, Vice President 4, Service Club 3,4, Vice President 4, Los Amigos 3,4, Los Companeros 1, Knights of Colbalt 3, Student Council 2,3,4, Personnel Manager 4-, Thespians 2, National Honor Society Belle 4, Science Research Club 2, Safety Council, junior Class President 4. Tom Simms University of Texas NFL 2,3-.4-. National Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, National Nlerit 4, Speech Letter 2.3,4. Robin Sistrunk Spurs 4. Copat Club 4, Treasurer 4. Forrest Smith University of Texas Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Track l,4, A Club 3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Key Club 1,2, Biology Research Club 2, Sergeant-at-arms 2, FCA 3.4, Brothers of the Brush 4. Paul Smith Vanderbilt Student Council 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, President 4, Key Club 2,3,4, Director 2, Secretary 3, President 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, President 2,3, National Forensic League 1,2,3,4, Parliamentarian 3, jabberwocky 2, Chess Club 1, Science Research Club 2, President 2, Safety Coun- cil 2, APC llonorary Nlcmber 3,4, Latin National Honor Society 3,4, junior Class Parliamentarian 3, Senior Class Sergeant- at-Arms 4, Nominee Most Representative 3,4. Steve Smith Texas A 81 M Basketball 2, Football Manager 3, Assistant Student Safety Coordinator 4, UFAC 3,4, Nlulepushers 2,3. Virginia Snell Duke Chaps 1,2, Officer 2. Henry Spaulding San Antonio College APC 1,2, Student Council 3.4, Safety Council 4, President 4, Football 2, Basket- ball 2, National Forensic League 3.4. A Band 3,4-, Nlarching Band 1,2,3,4, Sports Editor 4, Respect for Law Optimists 4. Chess Club l, Sergeant-at-Arms Class 2. john Spivey Naval Academy A Band 1,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,-lt, Sergeant-at-Arms 3,-L, National Honor Society 4, District Band 4, Student Council 2, Advisory Sergeant-at-Arms 3,4, Photo- graphy Club 1, Chess Club 1,2, French Club 1,2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Mu Alpha Theta 4. Safety Council 2, Ham Radio Club 1. Nancy Splinter Southwestern University Chaps 1, A Band 2,3,4, Nlarching Band 2,3,4, Librarian 4, Instrumental Music Club 1,2, Art Club 2, Red Cross Council 2. Latin Club 2.3.4. Latin National Honor Society 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, National Honor Society 4. Safety Council 4, Belle 4. ,I odic McCullough Stevens San Antonio College Chaps l.2.3. Hoofprint l,2.3. Typist 1,2,3, Circulation Manager 2.3, OFA 3.4. Sergeant-at-Arms-1. Holly Stewart University of Texas Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Jabberwocky 1,2,4, HOOF PRINT Managing Editor 4, Junior Historians 2, Thespians 2,3,4, National Thespian Honor Society 2,3,4, Chaplain 3, Treasurer 4, Demetra 3,4, Historian 4, Antique Club 3, Wizard of Oz 1, Miracle Worker 1. Words 2, Curse You, jack Dalton, I Never Saw Another Butterfly 4, Summertree 3, Service Club 4, National Nlerit Semifinalist 4, National Honor Society 4. Belle 4, Student Council 1,4, Quill K Scroll 4. Patti Stewart West Point Jeanie Stiba University of Texas Student Council 4, Service Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Historian 3, Tribune 4, National Thespian Society 2,3,4, NFL 2,3,4, FT-A 1.2, Chaps l,2, Spurs 3,4, Nlu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, HOOF PRINT 4, UIL Contest Play 2,3, All Star Cast 3. Nancy Stouffcr University of Texas Latin Club l,2, Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Cheerleader 4, FHA 4, Mulestall Council 2, Demetra 3,4. Susan Straus Pine Nlanor Chaps 1,2. Spurs 3,4, Cheerleader 4, Los Companeros 1, Los Amigos 2,3,4, Junior Historians 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Student Council 3. Honor Roll 4, Sergeant-at-Arms Class 1, Chap Officer 2, Spur Drill Officer 3,4. Vice President Class 2, Young Republicans 1,2,3,4, Service Club 3,4, Demetra 3.4, Homecoming Queen 4. Youth Ambassador People To People 4, Nominee for Nlost Popular Senior 4. jim Stribling San Antonio College Barbie Sweeten University of Texas Transfer Sophomore Year, Chaps 2, Spurs 3,4. Demerit Officer 4, Advisory Secretary 2,3, Vice President 4, Nlulestall Council 3,4, Class Officer 4, Nominee for Football Sweetheart 4, Nominee for Nlost Popular 4-, Nominee for Homecoming Queen 4. Charlie Thomas University of Texas Student Council 1,2, Golf Team 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Mary Thomhill University of Texas Swimming Team 2,3,4, Captain 4, Latin Club 1, A Club 2,3,4, Chaps 1,2,3,4, Chaps 1,2,3,4, APC 4, Drama Club 1,2. Randy Thomas Baylor A Club 2,3,4, Swimming Team l,2,3, Track Team 4, FCA 2,3,4, Chorus 4. Nelda Valdez San Antonio College 427 Senior Accomplishments FllA l,2, Health Occupations 3,4, Student Council 4. Donald Vann Advisory Vice President 1, President 2, Student Council 2, Football l,2,3, Baseball 1,2, Track 3, DECA 4. Pam Van llorn Texas Tech A Band 1,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2, Twirler 3,4, Sans Souei 1,2,3, Officer 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, National Honor Society 4, Red Cross Council l, Gymnastics Club 4, FHA 3,4-, Service Club 4, Advisory Officer 3. Denise Vargo San Antonio College Athletic Association Choral Club 2. 1, Drama Club 2, Kathy Vecera San Antonio College Chaps l,2, OEA 4. ,lulia Veach TCU Chaps 1,2, Spurs 3,4, FTA 2, Honor Roll l,,2,3,4, Los Amigos 2,3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, National Honor Society 4. Robert Verner San Antonio College Marching Band 3,4, Stage Band 2,4-. Gregg Vucko University of The Americas Betsy Wallace Stephen F. Austin Chaps 1,2, Equestrian Club 1, Art Club 4, Belle 4, Young Republicans 4, Latin Club 4. Patty Wallis Texas Tech A Bzuid l,2,3,4, Marching Band 1,2,3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 4, Mu 428 Alpha Theta 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Band Secretary 3, Drum Major 4, District Band 2,4, Regional Band 4, Track 2, Basket- ball 4, Service Club 4, Instrumental Club 1,2, Honor Roll 4, Advisory Secretary 2, Treasurer 4, Science Research Club 2, Olmos llonor for Music 4. Beth Walters Chaps l,2,3,4, Chaplain 3, President 4, Red Cross Council 1,2, Junior Historians l,2, Secretary 2, Los Amigos 2,3,4, Officer 4, Demetra 4, Service Club 3,4, APC 4, Olmos Ad Manager 4. Tom Ware SMU Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball l, Basketball l,2, Student Council I, Nominee for Vlost Representative I. Chris Weathford Air Force Academy Advisory Sergeant-at-Arms.2,3,4. Alison Wenger Rice Chaps l,2, Spurs 3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4-,- Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Service Club :i,4. Lisa West University of Texas Transfer Junior year 3, Chaps 3, Spurs 4, Sans Souci 3,4, President 4. Sarah Wiggins Duke University Class Chaplain 1, Treasurer 2, Secretary 4-, LOS Amigos 2.3, Los Companeros 1, junior Historians 2, Red Cross Council 1, Student Council 1,2, Service Club 3,4, National Honor Society 4, Office Education Associa- tion 4, Demetra 4, Chaps Officer 1,2, Spurs 3,4, Drill Officer 4, Nominee for Most Representative Freshman 1, Most Repre- sentative 2,3, Nominee Most Representative Senior, Homecoming Duchess 3, NFL 3. Mollie Wilson University of Texas Chaps l,2, French Club 2, OBA 4. Deanna Wong North Texas State University Los Amigos 2,3,4, Spanish National Honor Society 2,3,4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, OEA 3,4, Treasurer 4, Service Club 4, National Honor Society 4. Cindy Woten l University of Hawaii Transfer Senior Year John Worthy Texas A Si M Basketball 1,2,3,4, Football 1, Scuba Clu 1,2, Vice President 1,2, Biology Club l Ham Radio Club 1,2, Fencing Club 1. David Worley University of Texas Golf l,2, Basketball 2, Sergeant-at-Arm Advisory 3,4-, Red Cross Council 2. Laurie Wright North Texas State University Transfer junior Year, Spurs 3,4, OEA 3, Reporter 3, Secretary 4, ILT Secretary Service Club 4, Student Council 4. Steve Wright Texas Tech A Band l,2, Marching Band l,2, Football Track 1,2,3,4, lnstrumental Music Club 1,' Student Council 2, President Class 4, FC 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Mu Alp Theta 4, Publicity Chairman Track 4, T Captain Track 4, Latin Club 2,3, Lat National Honor Society 3,4, Nominee Mo Representative Senior 4. John Wysoki San Antonio College Coin Club 1, Health Occupations 4. Erika zeny Trinity University Gymnastics Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4. 2 nobbing o ball that won't fall reading cn good book 0 baby. ,ffffff watching 0 baby cuddle g . as i , , 145.52-r f I :gf K W New X, if X lr- ur -an Mif- W sux ,IS 'X x S sis 1' if i . 3. N k"- 1- if 3 Q. F, Q an K . - -1, T X iw 3 Q, fm gi ,X v if W in i i J , , .Q A - ,. Ki. A -V, ,, , ,K l. gi rm j Q - Il l X vi , H X,:Y'T4fe5r,- L, 'J 4 gf SFI ,f' fggnfb AEN 1, 5 ,W S X Tw 1 I 'A ' -f i.1"fii3 Y'-' X 1- .1 5 , , - -- ' "- 'Y . ' ' 'S ,. ' ' Nj ' f ' V 'ff 9 .. . ' me fy .,, ,EV fwgiiq ':w4'.,ix ' I - V-L, Q 1' A .i gg qmfig x-,Q if 3' 'L ..,. 45? gn: x- ' ' i, 'N 3 4 w. f'f'1--QYWD fy gg + ' urn Xu 1. , -.X 1 ' 2 i ' A " ffm, . ,,., , f,wik,iY ,xirxf .yfnwa-2 ,N.,xvYs1. , Q Q I ,xx V xt- VX ,gh v sv' KS. - A X Q pm ti Q, 4 A-2 7 X w .R K' Q. -M , 5 L4 ' X , . 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