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 - Class of 1946

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fl1 5K", YI L NIKW WF! ff is rek .BL 27 Z I7 f - V, - 'V . , f S1 lc? yf f f 1 fs fi. QQ A 1 5 X 4 W -2 L.. , - - E-' T .. . 11 6' L Z1 ' Z4 1 A 7. Z 4 XX 1, '-mf, K fn U fl' 5 1? ff l TIL 46 GLMOS STAFF GF 1946 Editor .... ..,.,..... , M M A.. ,., , A Betty lo Hailey Assistant Editors s.s,7.,,,,, S, Ann Edwards Mary Ann Gill Layout Artist. ,aa... -, ...-, ..... ..a..,.a, a ., , ..,Betty Avery Feature Editors, ,,,,,.i. . Sports Editors o7,,. 7, Art Editor .,,.t,., Photographer ottott,t Assistant .i..,.tt..ioto Club Editors S, ..,i ,o Copyreaders ooo.,,ooo Snapshot Managers oii,,,, Typists .,V.. . . SI-loward Ferguson Allene Miller saaaalohn-King Don Beinackle Roy Scrivener Marvin Couch ,Nelson Miller a,,ataGlenn Fuller Hal Copeland Dorothy Graf Ginger Short , .,,,,., Marjorie Clapp joyce Derden lane Millikan loan Sturman Nancy Vogelsang Mary Pat Zachry Ioyce Bruff Betty Dittman Patty Stone Marion Eckles Charla Farrell Pat Housman Marjorie Miller Business Manager oo..,to,oo - .,ooo ,Florabelle Dinn Advertising Manager Assistants oooooooo,oooooo. o,,.. . Editorial Sponsor , ooo... Business Sponsor ,,,.ooi...o c o.oo S Photography Adviser o..,.oo a S o ,, o Patsy Sheridan Danny Allensworth Shirley Fisher Marie Frank Beverly Manton Margaret lo Samuels Bill Shoemaker jackson Stith Barbara Wheless W .vv,.v oMiss Bessie Brigham Mr. L. W. Freeman a Miss Pearl Strobel FOREWORD , . . During the years following l946 we trust that each of you, while looking through the pages of this book, will recall the happy memories of Alamo Heights High School, the deep friendships that were culminated over a period of years, and the fun we had. We sincerely hope you will enjoy this annual as much as the staff enjoyed bringing it to you. . . . THE EDITOR DEDICATION When tragedy struck May 8, 1946, it was difficult to under- stand just Why God should take one so young, so talented, and so loved: yet God promises that some day we shall understand. With this- promise God took Allene Condon Miller, Iunior in Alamo Heights High School and Feature Editor of the '46 Olmos to His Wonderful garden of Somewhere. lt is not for us to pity or sorrow, rather, it is for us to realize that when He took this talented person He was but completing one more step in His great plan for us all. She had completed her mission in life, and thus God saw fit to take her from among us. Because of her many talents and her ability to make people love her, Allene Miller continues to be not a memory but a living presence. Knowing this We feel that We can quote with Allene and with Tennyson: y "Sunset and evening star And one clear call for me, Let there be no moaning at the bar When I put out to sea." w....1.1 OUR SCHOCL ADMINSTRATION ROBERT B. REED Superintendent of Alamo Heights Public Schools Bachelor of Science, Southwestern Texas State Teachers' College Master of Education, University of Texas BOARD OF EDUCATION Andrew Dilworth, President E. M. Groos, Vice-President A. M. Michael, Secretary Perry Shankle E. F. Doyle L. D. Orrnsby A. E. Robertson AD MIN TRA1-IGN , ALANKO HEXGHTS SCHOOL L.G.N'l5'TROM PNNCIYN- 51.8108 HIGH QGHODL Students: his day, as in all days, when so many f the "breaks being against eir failures by point- of no better ' gg to On t are complaining o " and rationalizing th at fate, l can thinh d girls who are tryi od than that which htitled "Pls them ing a finger suggestion to boys an ve into manhood andw oqnanho a priceless little bash e be a nanwnen he ceases s to search for ' fe. and gre cones from P. Man Thinhethn 1 "Pl nan only begins to to whine and revile, and commence the hidden igustice which regulates his li as he adapts his snind to that regulating factor, he ceases to accuse others as the cause of his condition, and builds himself np in strong and noble thoughtsg ceases to hich against circum- stances, but begins to use them as aids to his more rapid progress, and as a neans of discover the hidden pod ers and possibilities within ine himself ." 6 Nyitromn, Principal ' TRQM Pringipcxl of A1 enior Hiq1THgfghHeiqhtS Oo NOIEJEZZSSLOT of Arts South Mcxste In Univei . ern Meng of Arts S1ty Od1St University MR. E. 0. ARSERS Bcmd Instructor 5' W MISS EVELYN BAUMGARTNER Music MISS BESSIE BRIGHAM MRS. ELAINE FOOTE English-Iourricxlisrn Home Economics fw- +4f-in-'GGSW-11 MR. Louis W. FREEMAN Algebra MISS ANNA BELLE GILMER English MRS. IEAN BUTLER Geometry MISS DOLLY D. HARREL Spanish I a s . 1 I MISS Iss EVELYN HERMAN usiness Admlmstrcrtlon MISS MILDRED PARR Biology MISS PEARL STROBEL History , ' 2 1 7 SW 24, vb,1Gwwf.,- ji 'F 2 , , X P-4'-Ir"CfOU"'f1 -lNzQ,, HAYMQ MRS. MARY PICKENS Mathematics-Physics MRS. ARRA P. SAWYER MRS. OMA VORDENBAUM English-Speech hun! Spanish MISS MARY K. WELHAUSEN Typing MISS FRANCIS SIMS Health Education MISS HELEN DAWSC Secretary lull 5251116125 """'mfE:-Lu" ff X go maj -3: k v sv 'XX 'ix 5 5 Q' SENIUR CLASS .- -- H ,,.f -115932 ,,,t, ,,,,1 ,,'. CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: lane Millikan, Girl Historiang Fannie Heard, Parliamentarianp Scotty Page, Sgt at arms Renee Fisher, Treasurer, Nelson Miller, President, Alice Burgoyne, Vice-President: Marion Eckles Reporter Ann Edwards, Secretary, lohn King, Boy Historian. The salute ot the year goes to our advisors, Miss Strobel, Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Vordenbaurn, and Mr. Michulka, and their assistants, class president, Nelson Miller, and advisory presidents, I. R. Nicholson, Dick Whitehead, Ioyce Derden, and Roy Scrivener. Some ot us are deeply rooted in the ideals and traditions of Alamo Heights, others are more recent arrivals, but ali of us have caught that which will never entirely leave us-appreciation, loyalty, and comradeship. The blend- ing ot the old and new, the fusion ot aspiration with achievement, the mix- ing of work with laughter-these aims will remain with us long after we cease to be the Seniors of 1946. SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS ELLEN ADELE ALCORN-"Dell" To teach third grade Rationing '43g Girl Reserve '43 '44y Advisory Vice- Pres. '43 '44g Girls' Chorus '45 '46p Service Club '46y Adv. Treas. '45 '46p Baccalaureate Usher '455 Mixed Chorus '46g Sr. Play Production. FLORENCE ALDRETE - "Florry" To be a nurse Rationing '43. MARY ASHBROOK - "Marie" To be a buyer for Neiman-Marcus Rationing '43p Girl Reserve '43 '44g Sr. Play Pro- duction. BETTY AVERY - "Pokey" To get a driver's license Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46g Service Club '45 '46g Pep Squad '44 '45 '46p Chorus '45 '46g Mixed Chorus '46p Olrnos Layout Artist '46p Tennis Club '44 '45 '46g Assemblies '46g Victory Corps '437 Boys' Chorus Accornpanist '46g Quill and Scroll '46y Sr. Play Production. MARY LOU BABEL - "Bubbles" To be a Power's model Girl Reserve '44 '45 "46g Service Club '45g Girls' Chorus '45p Pep Squad '44 '45, Sgt. '45, OPAL BAGWELL - "Ouija" To find some of the things I lose Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46g Pep Squad '44 '45 '46: Girls' Chorus '45 '46y Tennis Club '45 '46g Assemblies '45 '46g Mixed Chorus '46g I-loofprint '45 '46p Sr. Play Production. IACK BALDAUF - "Iackson" To join the Air Corps Boys' Chorus '45g Assemblies '45g Adv. Officer '45. MARY ANN BECK- "Becky" To get a good education ' 33 'ken fezfiigt .3 F . ,We . f SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS NANCY BICKHAM - "Nan" To own a 1946 Ford Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Sgt.-at-Arms '46, Latin Club '46, Assemblies '45, Office Helper '45, Baccalaureate Usher '45, Service Club '45 '46, Historian '46, Adv. Vice-Pres. '44, Pep Squad '44 '45' 46, Captain '45, Senior Play. ALPHA BRAND - "Alfalfa" To go to T.S.C,W. Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Service Club '45 '46, Pep Squad '45 '46, Graduation Decorations '45, Sr. Play Prompter. IENNIE MAE BRAND-"Hinnette" To be a Home Ec instructor Girl Reserve '45 '46, Service Club '45 '46, Pep Squad '45 '46, Graduation Decorations '45, FRANK BROUGHTON - "leff" To go to Rice Science Club '45 '46. GRACE BROWN-"Blondie" To be a commercial artist Girl Reserve '45 '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Science Club '45 '46, Sr. Play Production. ALICE BURGOYNE - "Dumbo" Destination: Tokyo Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Secretary '46, Latin Club '45, Tennis Club '46, Office Helper '44, '45, Assemblies '44 '45 '46, Ir. Class Sec. '44 '45, Service Club '45 '46, Corres. Sec. '46, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Majorette '45, Student Council '44 '45 '46, Reporter '45, Rec. Sec. '46, BCSLA Voting Delegate '46, Sr. Class Vice-Pres. '46, Nat'l Hon- or Society '45 '46, Sr. Play Usher. MARY IEANNE BURGOYNE -"Burgoyne" To be a good sport Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Girls' Chorus '43, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Assemblies '44, Sr. Play Production. HARRY BURKHALTER - "Bit" To finish A.6.M. Hi-Y '44 '45 '46, Victory Corps '43, Assemblies '45, Sr. Play Production SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS PAT CAMERON - "Pat" To show my horses at Madison Square Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46g Social Service Chairman '45 '46g Science Club '46g Service Club '46, Library Club '46: Assemblies '44g Sr. Play Production. CHARLES CHADWELL - "Charlie" To be a doctor Hi-Y '45 '46, Vice-Pres. '46y Football '45, Letter- man '45, Basketball '46, Captain '46, Track '46g Tennis '46, Assemblies '45p Senior Play. LUCY CHAPMAN - "Luce" To smash beetles with my little hammer Girl Reserve '45 '46p Pep Squad '45 '46p Assemblies '45 '46p Girls' Chorus '45 '46g Sr. Play Production. ESTHER CLASSEN - "Bunny" To keep smilinq Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46g Assemblies '44 '45 '46p Band '44 '45 '46, Majorette '45 '46, Sec.-Treas. '45 '46, Service Club '45 '46, MARGARET CONDER - "Cissy" To make statues out of wax Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Reporter '45 '46g Service Club '44 '45 '46, Parliamentarian '45 '46g Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Treasurer '45 '46y Assemblies '457 Adv. Sec.-Treas. '45p Ir. Class Nom. Comm. '45g Latin Club '44 '45 '46, Sec.-Treas. '44 '45, Graduation Usher '45g Hoofprint '45, DOLORES COPPEL 5 "Doey" To be a second Bette Davis Girl Reserve '44 '45 '467 Pep Squad '44 '45 '46y Service Club '45 '46g Adv. Sec. '46g Assemblies '45 '46g Girls' Chorus '46p Hoofprint '46, MARVIN COUCH - "Pete" To get rich quick Football '44 '45, Letterman '45g Assemblies '45g Track '44g Adv. Sqt,-at-Arms '44g Adv. Treas. '45g Olmos Artist '46p Boys' Chorus '45, I-Ii-Y '45, IAMES COYLE - "Iimmy" To be a surgeon Science Club '45 '46, ":fif :rg 7,4 ,V f ' .vw , t ww i:32g' ,rk,::, 1 ,- 1 1' , - gjxwfr T ' ' A N ' , it 1-3? 5' , s 5 tx ev f 4, S K' if 'mv , fs' F H ' 3 ii ' ' str, fu , Q6 SENIORS, THE-IR ACCOMPLISHMENTS ASA EUGENE CUNNINGHAM- "Ace" To be a good boy Track '46, Adv. Sgt.-at-Arms '46, Boys' Chorus '45 '46, Boys' Sextette '46, Mixed Chorus '46, Assemblies '44 '45 '46, Senior Play. IOYCE DERDEN - "Ecyoj" To be a foreign correspondent . Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Social Service Chair man '45 '46, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Service Clul: '44 '45 '46, Latin Club '44 '45, Adv. Vice-Pres. '45 Adv. Pres. '44 '46, Library Club '46, Nat'l Honoi Society '45 '46, Treasurer '46, Olmos Copyreadei '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Ir. Class Nom. Comm. '45, Am. Legion Oratorical Contest, Third place '44 '45, Assemblies '44 '45 '46, Office Helper '44, Ouill and Scroll '46, Sr. Play Production. ' FLORABELLE DIN N - "Elo" To fly Girl Reserve '44 '45, Service Club '45 '46, Tennis Club '44 '45, Library Club '45 '46, Reporter '46, Olmos Adv. Mgr. '45, Business Mgr. '46, Hoofprint '46, Sr Play Finance Mgr. BETTY ANN DITTMAN-"Dodie" To move back to California Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Office Helper '45, As semblies '44, Tennis Club '45 '46, Treas. '46 Doubles Team '46, Pep Squad '45 '46, Hoofprin '45 '46, Adv. Sec.-Treas. '44, Olmos Snapsho Mgr. '46, Service Club '46, Sr. Play Prompter. MYRTLE DOZER - "Myrt" To be able to sleep late in the mornings Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Co-chairman Decorating Committee. MARION ECKLES - "Red" To be a psychologist Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Publicity Comm Chairman '44 '45, Pres. '45 '46, Service Club '44 '45 '46, Program Chairman '45 '46, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Lt. '45 '46, Science Club '44 '45 46, Treas. '44 '45, Secretary '45 '46, Office Helper '45, Rationing '43, Sr. Class Reporter '46, Inter national Chorus '44, Assemblies '44 '45, Victory Corps '43, Adv., Pres. '45, Nat'l Honor Society '46, Senior Play. ANN EDWARDS-"Muscles" A To gain Weight V Rationing '43, Victory Corps '43, Girl Reserve '45 '44 '45 '46, Social Co-chairman '45 '46, Service Cluk '44 '45 '46, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Science Club '45 '46, Tennis Club '44 '45, Student Council '45 '46' BCSLA Voting Delegate '45, Sr. Class Sec. '46, Hoof print '45 '46, Ass't Editor, Olmos '46, Office Helpei '44 '45, Assemblies '45 '46, Olmos Circulation '44 '45 Ouill and Scroll '46, Sr. Play Production. PATSY LEE ENGLE-"Boney" To teach Algebra and Geometry at Heights Girl Reserve '45 '46, Pep Squad '45 '46, Servicq Club '46, Science Club '45 '46, Tennis Clul '45 '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Ouill and Scroll '46. y l SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS CHARLA FARRELL - "Digie" To compose music Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Parliamentarian '45 '46g Service Club '45 '46, Treasurer '45 '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Science Club '44 '45 '46, Parliamentarian '45 '46, Girls' Chorus '43"45, Accompanist '45p Octette Acc. '44 '45y Sextette '45 '46p Band '43 '44 '45 '46, Letter '46p Office Helper '45 '46g Swing Band '44 '45 '46, Gradu- ation Usher '45g Tennis Club '43 '44, Adv. Pres. '43 '44p Adv. Sec.-Treas. '44 '45, Adv. Vice-Pres. '45 '46, Boys' Sextette Acc. '45 '46g Assemblies '43 '44 '45 '46, All-City Band 465 Solo Club '43 '44 '45 '46g Olmos Typist '46, Nat'l Honor Society '46g Sr. Play Usher. RENEE FISCHER - "Square-jaw" To be a card shark Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46p Comm. Chairman '45, Chaplain '46g Service Club '44 '45 '46, Historian and Reporter '44 '45, Pres. '45 '46g Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Lt. '45 '46y Student Council '44 '45 '46, Secretary '44 '45, Vice-Pres. '45 '46g Science Club '45 '46g Assemblies '44 '45 '46p Office Helper '45, Hoofprint '45g Baccalaureate Usher '45p Sr. Class Treas. '46g Quill and Scroll '45 '46, Secre- tary '46, Nat'l Honor Society '46g Sr. Play Usher. GLORIA FORSTER- "Glo" To be a millionaire Rationing '43y Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46g Decoration Co-chairman. t IOHN FOSTER-"Ears" To find a college that Will take me Band '43 '44 '45 '46, President '46, Letter '46, Football '44 '45, Letter '45: Senior Play. LOUISE FRANZEL - "Weezer" To make a lot of money Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45p Latin Club '44 '45 '46. GLENN A. FULLER-"Rufo" To be a good engineer Olmos Ass't. Photographer '46g Science Club '44 '45 '46, Ass't. Program Chairman '45 '46p As- semblies '44 '45g P.T.A. Forum '44g Ouill and Scroll '46, Nat'l Honor Society '46p Sr. Play Pro- duction. EDITH GILDER - "Satchel" To be a concert pianist Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45, Pep Squad '43, Assemblies '45p Victory Corps '43p Girls' Chorus '45 '46. MARY ANN GILL- "Mag" To be or not to be Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Publicity Co-chairman '46 5 Assemblies '44 '45 '46 p Sr. Graduation Usher '45, Service Club '45 '46, Committee Chairman '46, Olmos Circulation '44 '45 '46, Ass't. Adv. Mgr. '45, Ass't. Editor '46p Quill and Scroll '45 '46, President '467 Girls' Chorus '46g Senior Trio '46, Mixed Chorus '46g Nat'l Honor Society '46p Sr. Play Sales Mgr. '46. SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS LEE GILLILAND To be a veterinarian Hi-Y '43 '44 '45, Chaplain '44, Victory Corps '43, Adv. Vice-Pres. "45 '46, Ir. Class Treas. '45, Student Council '43 '44 '45, Football '44 '45, Letter '44 '45, All-City '45, DOROTHY GRAF - "Skipper" To make a place in medicine for women Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Science Club '44 '45 '46, Program Chairman '45 '46, Service Club '46, Olmos Club Editor '46, Band '43 '44 '45 '46, Let- ter '45, All-City '46, Solo Club '44 '45 '46, All- State '46, Swing Band '45 '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Nat'l Honor Society '46, SIGRID ELIZABETH GRANBERG-"Cigarette" ' To establish my own Srnorgasbord Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Assemblies '45 '46 IOHN GREENE - "Long-John" l Aeronautics l Boys' Chorus '45, Boys' Sextette '45, Hi-Y '4 '45, Assemblies '45, GEORGE GROESBECK - "Gooseneck" To be a petroleum engineer Hi-Y '45 '46. PATRICIA GUENTHER- "Patsy" To be a social butterfly Victory Corps '43, Assemblies -'44, Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, BETTY IO HAILEY - "Curly" To be as prosperous as the Vanderbilts and as? Wise as Mr. Anthony Rationing '43, Victory Corps '43, Office Helper '4-'if Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Service Club '45 '46, Committee Chairman '46, Science Club '45 '46, Ten- nis Club '44 '45 '46, Singles '45, President '46, As semblies '44 '45"46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Captain '45 '46, Heights' D.A.R. represen- tative '46, Ouill and Scroll '46, Sr. Play Prompter, Nat'l Honor Society '46, Olmos Editor '46, t v JOHN HALLAM, IR. - "Max" To join the Navy Track '45 '46. 7 SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS VIRGINIA HALLAM - "Carrie" To go to college Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46g Service Club"46g Office Helper '45 '46, Olmos Circulation '46, Graduation Decorations '45. PHILIP P. HALLMARK- "Pill" To marry a rich Woman , Football '44, Sr. Play Production. MAPION HAMILTON - "I-Iam" To be a good cook Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Assemblies '45 '46, Girls Chorus '45 '46: Sr. Play Production. SHIRLEY SUE I-IANSON-"Susie" To be a geologist Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Soph. Class Officer, Soph. Nom. Comm., Service Club '45 '46g Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Office Helper '45, Tennis Club '45 '46p Senior Play. CATHERINE HARRINGTON - "Kitten" To own a colonial house with a long, red brick driveway Band '43 '44 '45 '46, All-City '43 '44 '45 '46, All-State '46, Directing '44 '45 '46, Letter '46, Librarian '44 '46, Sergeant '45, Solo Club '43 '44 '45 '46p Science Club '44 '45 '46p Service Club '45 '46y Assemblies '43 '44 '45 '46, Nat'l Honor Society '45 '46, Sr. Play Musician. VIRGINIA I-IARTMAN - "Va Ha" To be a surrealistic artist Rationing '43y Victory Corps '43g Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Publicity Co-chairman '46, Service Club '45 '46g Assemblies '43 '44 '45 '46, Tennis Club '43p Pep Squad '43 '44 '46g Treas. of Soph. Class '43. FABRA HAYE - "F ibber" To have a good time ' FANNIE HEARD - "F innie" To be a dress designer Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Finance Comm. Chairman '44 '45, Treas. '45 '46, Service Club '44 '45 '46, Social Service Chairman '45 '46g Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Sgt. '45, Lt. '45 '46y Octette '44 '45g Assemblies '43 '44 '45 '46, Latin Club '44 '45p Sr. Class Parliamentarian: I-Ioofprint '46 7 Quill and Scroll '46, Sr. Play Program Manager. , - I ,iv ,Q althg, f. Q :ip , eflfzzwv m .wx , ,-- ,f - f , , -1 , I ' I uw., '. -:YR ,C vs Q 1 we f , , , 4. 5 l 5-',s,f1.fg: - 1 -,ygghggt . - F 'bL1???4KI.4'T':fnm::fl:ri,'1. f- ""-tw .mi ' I- 'I' " L Y " , -- self A - in , 4 . " irt .. . W,-.1 .fvistwi ' i, st if ,W Vlgz .. SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS DOUGLAS HEARN -- "Doug" To be an engineer Hi-Y '45 '46g Basketball '46, Tennis '46, Senior Play MARGIE LOUISE HEILIGMAN -"Marg" To major in English Girl Reserve '42 '44 '45 '46, Latin Club '45 '46 Science Club '45 '46p Tennis Club '44 '45 '46. GLADYS HITZFELDER - "l-Iitzie" To do something useful in life Girl Reserve '45 '46p Graduation Decorations '45. PATRICIA HOUSMAN - "Pat" To be a concert pianist Rationing '43, Victory Corps '43p Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Music Co-chairman '46p Service Club '44 '45 '46g Vice-Pres. '46p Octette '44g Ac- companist '43y Pep Squad '43 '44 '45 '46, Pres. '45 '46, Lieutenant '45 '46g International Chorus '44, Assemblies '43 '44 '45 '46g Girls' Chorus '43 '44 '45, Vice-pres. '45, Swing Band '45 '46g Band Accompanist '45 '46g Ottice Helper '45 '46g Hoof- print '45 '46g Baccalaureate Program '44 '45: Olrnos Typist '467 Quill and Scroll '46p Nat'l Honor Society '45 '46, Pres. '46g Sr. Play Usher. CAROL HOWARD - "Mei Mei" To go to Texas U. Rationing '43g Victory Corps '43g Girl Reserve '43 '41 '45 '46g Pub. Co-chairman '44 '45, Vice-Pres. '46 Office Helper '43 '44y Assemblies '44 '45 '46g Science Club '45 '46g Pep Squad '43 '44, Cheerleader '44 '45 '46g Tennis Club '44 '45 '46, Sec.-Treas. '44 '45, Sgt. at-Arms '45 '46g Service Club '43 '44 '45 '46, Chair man '45, Sgt.-at-Arms '46y Soph. Class Pres. '44g In Class Pres. '45g Most Rep. Ir. Girl '45, Most Rep. Sr Girl '46p Girls' Chorus '45y Quill and Scroll '46g Nat' Honor Society '45 '46, Sec. '46g Senior Play. y BETTY IO HUNT-"B.l." t To Work in a Siberian salt mine , Rationing '43p Victory Corps '43g Girl Reservl '43 '44 '45 '46, Tennis Club '43 '447 Pep Squat '44 '45 '46y Girls' Chorus '45 '46, Mixed Choru '46y Assemblies '45 '46. y IOSEPH IENNINGS - "Ioe" I To be an engineer Band '43 '44 '45,'46, Letter '46, All-City '44 '46, Vic Pres. '45 '46y Solo Club '45 '46, Assemblies '44 ' '46g Hi-Y '43 '44 '45 '46, Treas. '45 '46y Science Clu '45 '46g Student Council '455 Mixed Chorus '46p Boy Sextette '46, Senior Play. WILLIAM IESSEE - "Billy" l To hunt tor Dr. Livingston Hi-Y '45 '46g Assemblies '45 '46p Swing Ba ' '45 '46, Manager '45 '46g Band '44 '45 '46, Sgt.- Arms '46, Letter '46, All-City '46, All-State '46. SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS IOHN KING - "Buzz" To study medicine Football '44 '45p Track '46g Hi-Y '43 '44 '45 '46, Pres. '44 '45, Sec. '45 '46p Student Council '44 '45 '46g As- semblies '44 '455 Basketball '46g Sr. Class Boy His- toriang Olmos Sports Editor '46, Most Rep. Sr. Boy: Quill and Scroll '46p Nat'l Honor Society '46, All-City Council: Sr. Play Stage Manager. GLADYS KNEUPER - "Pug" To be a typist Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46p Student Council '45g Pep Squad '44 '45 '46g Office Helper '467 As- semblies '44, Sr. Play Production. THOMAS LANCASTER - "Smitty" To look after Ianice IOAN LEWIS - "Ioanie" To reach five feet v Girl Reserve '46p Science Club '46. MARY IANE LUCAS - "Possum" Success Girl Reserve '44 '45, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Science Club '46g Sr. Play Production. ROY MCCOLLUM - "Snake" To be an automotive engineer , Hi-Y '45 '46p Band '43 '44g Football '44. ROBERT MCDANIEL - "Bob" h . To get rich quick Football '45, Letter '45p Track '46g Science Club t '44 '45 '46, Pres. '45 '46, Assemblies '44 '45 '46g Boys' Chorus '45 '46g Boys' Sextette '45 '46g Mixed Chorus '46, Senior Play. . NORMA MAY - "Shorty" To have a date with Van Iohnson Pep Squad '43 '44 '45 '46, Service Club '44 '45 '46y Olrnos Ad. Associate '45p Sr. Play Produc- tion. ,,, -, -F-5f13 . - -1.1. -55' ' -'11-' SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISI-IMENTS IEAN LOUISE MENGER-"Ie-anie" To be a fashion designer Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Service Club '44, '45, Science Club '45, '46, Assemblies '44 '45 '46, Adv. Vice-Pres. '44 '45, Adv. Treas. '45 '46. MARIORIE MILLER - "Marge" Always to have Sims as my buddy Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Finance Co-Chairman '44 '45, Service Club '45 '46, Reporter '45 '46, Tennis Club '44 '45 '46, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Vice-Pres. '45 '46, Graduation Usher '45, Adv. Sec. '45 '46, Science Club '44 '45 '46, El Ojo Editor '44 '45, Assemblies '45 '46, Library Club '46 , Library Club '45 '46, President '46 , Girls' Sex- tette '45 '46, I-Ioofprint '45 '46, Olmos Typist '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Senior Play. NELSON MILLER- "Nero II" To prove or disprove Einstein's theory Olmos Photographer '45 '46, Student Council '43 '44 '45, Science Club '44 '45' 46, President '44 '45, Treas. '45 '46, Adv. Pres. '45, Adv. Vice-Pres. '46, Nominat- ing Com. '44, BCSLA Voting Delegate '43 '45, Ten- nis Club '46, Assemblies '43 '44 '45 '46, Senior Class Pres., Most Rep. Soph. Boy '44, Quill and Scroll '45 '46, Vice-Pres. '46, Nat'l Honor Society '45 '46, Sr. Play Production. IANE MILLIKAN -- "Iarrie" To fly over the Andes Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Tennis '44 '45 '46, Serv- ice Club '45 '46, Baccalaureate Usher '45, Pep Squad '44 '45 '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Girls' Chorus '45 '46, President '45 '46, Girls' Sextette '45 46, Mixed Chorus '46, Assemblies '45 '46, Student Council '45 '46, Sr. Class Girl Historian, Quill and Scroll '46, Senior Play. BETTY MOORE - "Bett" To go back to the I-lawaian Islands I Girls' Chorus '45 '46, Latin Club '44 '45, Assemblies '45 '46. I IANE MORRISON - "lame" To sail to Calcutta Girl Reserve '46, Service Club '46, Girls' Chorus i '46, Sec.-Treas. '46, Mixed Chorus '46, Assem-t blies '46, Pep Squad '45 '46, Manager, Girls', Sextette '45 '46, Senior Trio. y CLAIRE NEVELOW - "Pancho" l To be Iohn's other wife i Girl Reserve '45 '46, Program Chairman '45 '46, Service Club '45 '46, Girls' Chorus '45, Program Chairman '45, Assemblies '45 '46, Pep Squad '45 '46, Sgt. '45 '46, Senior Play Usher. I I. RECTOR NICHOLSON-"Nick" To go to West Point I-Ii-Y '45 '46, Adv. President '46, 1 i l 1 SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS RONALD NEITHAMER - "Widgetf' Chemical engineer Football '43 '44 '45, Manager '44 '45, Letter '44 '45, Track '44 '45 '46, Manager '44, Basketball '46, I-Ii-Y '44 '45 '46, Reporter '46, Sr. Play Production. RICHARD NISSEN - "Dick" Engineer Basketball '46. LYTLE NORTON - "Frisco" To become an experienced cavalier I-li-Y '45. A SCOTTY PAGE - "Lisp" To graduate from AGM. I Hi-Y '43 '44, Victory Corps '43, Adv. Treas. '46, Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Football '45, Letter '45. LLOYD PAPE - "Pear" To raise race horses ALEX PEGUES - "Alley" To come back to Heights WILHELMINA PETERS - "Willie" To be a salesgirl AUDREY LEE PHILLIPS - "Phlips" To be a psychiatrist Rationing '43, Victory Corps '43, Sec. '43, Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Pub. Co-chairman '44 '45, Historian '45 '46, Science Club '45 '46, Tennis Club '45 '46, Office Helper '43 '45, I-Ioofprint '45 '46, Service Club '43 '44 '45 '46, Committee Chairman '44 '45, Social Chairman '45 '46, Stu- dent Council '43 '44 '45, Pres. '46, BCSLA Voting Delegate '44, Pres. '45, Soph. Class Nom. Comm., Ouill and Scroll '46, Nat'l Honor Society '45 '46, Most Popular Girl '45 '46, Senior Play. SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS W. H. POWELL-"Dubbie" To play like Harry Iames Band '45 '461 Swing Band '45 '46g Assemblies '45 '46p Boys' Chorus '46, Sr. Play Production. REAGAN PRIES To graduate from college Victory Corps '43, Assemblies '44 '45 '46p Boys' Chorus '45g Hi-Y '44 '45 '46, Secretary '45g Stu- dent Council '44 '45 '46, Reporter '46p Track '44 '45 '46, Letter '45 '46p Adv. Vice-Pres. '45g Senior Playp Cheerleader '45, Mixed Chorus '46. GEORGE D. PRICE-"lorge" To become a qualified physicist Science Club '45 '46, Vice-Pres. '45 '46g Assemblies '44 '45 '46g Sr, Play Production. QUEENELLE PRUETT - "Oueenie" To live up to my name Girl Reserve '44 '45g Girls' Chorus '44 '45. HM RILEY - "Lem" To be a mechanical engineer Hi-Y '45 '46y Tennis Club '45 '46, Olmos Circulation '45p Adv. Sgt.-at-Arms '44, Adv. Officer '46, As- semblies '46. FRANK ROBERTSON, IR. - "Sonny" Builder and contractor Hi-Y '44 '45 '46, Sgt.-at-Arms '44, Vice-Pres. '45, Chaplain '46, Cheerleader '45, Track '44g Foot- ball '44. CHARLES I. ROGERS- "Buddy" To rocket to the moon Assemblies '46. MARY RYAN - "Mimi" To have my name in lights Girls' Chorus '46p Assemblies '46g Girl Reserve '45 '46. SENIORS, 'IHEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS ROY SALINAS - "Roy-Boy" To be a dentist Hi-Y '45 '46, Track '44, Football '45, Most Popular tBoy '46. I ROY SCRIVENER - "Scribby" To be a builder Victory Corps '43, Track '44 '45 '46, Hi-Y '44 '45 '46, Chaplain '45, Sec. '46, All-City Council '46, Basketball '46, Co-Captain '46, Assemblies '45, Boys' Chorus '45, Adv. Pres. '46, Olmos Sports Editor '46. PATSY SHERIDAN - "Pat" To find an ambition Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Pep Squad '45 ,'46, Tennis Club '44 '45 '46, Science Club '44 '45 '46, Olmos Cir- culation '44 '45 '46, Assemblies '46, Service Club ,'45 '46, Office Helper '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Olmos Adv. Manager '45 '46, Senior Play. VIRGINIA SHORT - "Ginger" To go to Duke U. Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Tennis Club '45 '46, Service Club '46, Isibrary Club '46, Adv. Vice- Pres. '46, Olmos Club Editor '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Senior Play. IOAN STURMAN - "Woody" To be a director of religious education Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Gradu- ation Usher '45, Service Club '45 '46, Chaplain '45 '46, Tennis Club '44 '45 '46, Assemblies '46, Pep Squad '43 '44 '45 '46, Sgt. '45 '46, Library Club '45 '46, Sec.-Treas. '45 '46, Olmos Copyreader '46, Sr. Play Production. MARY WARREN TAULBEE - "Boochie" To be an electrical engineer Science Club '45 '46. li i GLADYS THEIS - "lirnmie" To keep all of my friends Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Hoofprint '45 '46, Sr. Play Production. EDGAR THOMPSON - "Tommy" To be an admiral Boys' Chorus '45, Assemblies '45. ,E ,.. 49 SENIORS, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS IACQUELYN TRITT - "Iackie" To be a florist Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46p Comm. Chairman '45g Pep Squad '43 '44 '45 '46, Twirler '45 '46g Adv. Pres. '43p Adv. Vice-Pres. 441 Service Club '45 '46p As- semblies '43 '44 '45 '46y Sr. Play Usher. IOHN TURNAGE - "Turnaqe" To prove a point square Science Club '45 '46. MARY ELEANOR VADEN - "Pete" To go to Switzerland Girl Reserve '45 '46p Sr. Play Production. NANCY LEE VOGELSANG- "Nan" To qo to Southwestern Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46p Pep Squad '44 '45 '46p Service Club '46p Tennis Club '45 '46p Office Helper '45, Olmos Snapshot Manager '46p Nat'l Honor Society '46p Sr. Play Production. y BERNEICE WALLACE - "Blondie" To major in math Girls' Chorus '43 '44, WINNIE WATTS - "Mouse" To discover who Poco Moco is Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46, Assemblies '44 '45 '46pl Service Club '45 '46, Science Club '45,'46y Pep Squad '44 '45 '46p Girls' Chorus '44 '45 '46g Girls" Sextette '46. IOSEPHINE TERRY WHITE - "Hippy" To be a singer at Club El Dorado Rationinq '43y Victory Corps '43g Girl Reserve '43 '44 '45 '46g Music Co-Chairman '45 '46g Service Club '44 '45 '46, Secretary '45 '46y Pep Squad '43 '44 '45 '46, Sgt.-at-Arms '45 '46, Drum Major '45 '46, Office Helpl er '44 '457 Assemblies '43 '44 '45g Science Club '45p Girls' Chorus '43 '45p Octette '43 '44 '45g Olmos Circu- lation '44 '45y Nat'l Honor Society '46y Sr. Play Usher '46. . RICHARD GRAY WILLIAMS- "Dick" ' To be a coach Football '43 '44 '45 '46, Manager '43, Letter '44 '45, Captain '-455 Track '44 '45g Hi-Y '44 '45, Treas. '45g Assemblies '44 '45g Adv. Pres. '455 Most Rep, Ir. Boy '45g Boys' Chorus '44 '45. SENIORS, THEIR ACCOIVIPLISHMENTS IOHN A. WILLIAMSON, IR. - "lack" To be a good engineer Hi-Y '44 '45 '46, Sgt.-at-Arms '45, President '465 Stu- dent Council '44 '45 '467 Football '45g Band '437 Assemblies '447 Adv. Vice-Pres. '43 '44p Nat'l Honor Society '46p Senior Play. ELLA WOODBURY - "Lula Belle" To take Sims' place Girl Reserve '44 '45 '46p Rationing '43p Olmos Circulation '45p Office Helper '-465 Sr. Play Pro- duction. DONALD WOODBURY - "Don" To be a rancher Hi-Y "45 '46. DAVE YOUNG, IR. -+ "David Buddy" Agricultural engineer Tennis Club '46p Band '43 '44p Hi-Y '44 '45 '46p Basketball '46. +0929 Ez. i l. Murder, he says! 2. Speed demon, herself. 3. She'll be here in a rnin- ute, Alex. 4. Aw, l wouldn't say that. 5. Watch the birdie. 6. A blonde, a brunette, a redhead. 7. Be tidy, girls. 8. Ever seen tour such cuties? 9. Gopher Gill. 10. l don't know how he does it, but he does it. v QQ., .,....... I 5 l. Our Sweetheart. l2. You again l3. Mutt and left. 14. Srnilin wolves. l5. Big Boot. 16. Charli Spivak. 17. One of loe's friend l8. Coy Boy. 19. Do I bore you, 20. Two churns. 21. "Don't Fence Me ln" V 415 ,Z 1 X 0 N - . L 'C-.. X I - 1 NL My W Wif i! W ' Jun? R3 JU ICR CLASS CLASS OFFICERS President, Raymond Erbeng Vice-President, Herbert Mills: Secretary, lean Closuitp Treasurer, Mary lane Fellbaum. The Iunior year is an important one, and this class has lived up to all expectations. Mary lane Fellbaum and Howard Pieper headed the Latin Club, and Howard also was Major of the band. The football team-a "junior team"-was led to many victories by our Raymond Erben. This year has been one of preparation for the year to follow, for we look not backward, not at the present, but ever to the future. . . . TRICKS AND TRAITS l ALCORN, KATHRYN Helpful and generous . . . those beauti- L ful eyes . . . always attractive ALLENSWORTH, DANNY His pugnacious hair . . . keeping us in stitches . . . definitely different ANDERSON, BILL Quiet and interesting . . . a male Lau- ren Bacall . . . careful driver ATWELL, NELL Disarmingly pretty . . . those quiet lady- like Ways We all like . . . oh, those eyes! AYRES, MARY IANE Unsuspected wit . . . that Kathryn Hep- burn accent BACON, HELEN Being nice and friendly . . . being late to classes . . . smiling a lot BAKER, BETHEL Understanding . . . shy until you get to know him L I BARDELL NORTH Able to discourse endlessly on world affairs . . . magnificent sense of humor .K W A F4 ' ' 4-,M L4 BAUERS, BoB L L Brilliant boy . . . having a Wonderful , ,,f, ttr.t. ,,i, M ., ,. ,,,,rcyy , , time . . . that perpetual smile V, y EOATNER, ILM A tiii ittf , The silent "Yoakum" type . . . a brain ,,... 'ff' ,,t. , L . . . those Boatner specials! A , ..,'i ., f,f l BRADFIELD KENNETH Q, f X vii T consmnfiy moving about . t . iendmq ii L people things . . . talking about Brackenridge t""' iir M ' 'ii"" BRADLEY, IOAN - L t Aloof but likable . . . chumming around S- with Barbara . . . looking neat f Q. . , .....,. , A ' ' L .,,,,,,, A talkative boy . . . very nice . . . that A A D , A fiiiiffiii grin 'R A y tp, y K t 1 fz" T .T ll- ' 1 l BROWDER, BILL - ,RL 'R t A sense of humor . . . that long, lean gm -.i:- 2 N, ,,, t lqqer 1 if it L.,, BROWNING, PAT t,tt stisst Cute as they corne . . . perpetually . . Alf' 5 chewing gum . . . talkative , Vg y K T,V V Listening to what you have to say . . . ' tt smiling . . . talented " ,f CALDWELL, WARREN . RLR, 5 it l Everybody's favorite . . . what a phy- .tls L ll, sique! . . . he excels in everything gf,-,U.x L, W , 1 4 CLAPP, MARIORIE ' itiL,i t,, , if 'N Q t, Great fun to be with . . . wonderful A '.,. 'flfff , A " I 5 F if sense of humor . . . those eyelashes H i fiff A - CLOSUIT, IEANNE A vivid imagination . . . a colorful per- sonality . . . "that figger" COLTON, PAT Attractively quiet . . . a worried look . . . those rosy cheeks CORT, GEORGIA Dry sense of humor . . . the tone of her voice . . . "Let's talk about Brazi1" 4 OUR IUNIORS . . COYLE, MARTHA ANN A persistent tease . . . talented and in- telligent . . . beloved but bewildering CRANE, MARY IANE Our friend "Pinky" . . . one swell friend . . . very, very cute CROWE, MILDRED ANN Attractive blonde hair . . . practical capable, and full of sense DAVIS, IACKIE Constantly chattering . . . energetically energetic . . . those bobby soxes DAVIS, IO ANNE lncessantly chattering . . . alway the go . . . a favorite character DEWBERRY, MARILYN Being sweet and interested ming with Dolly DIX, IOHN The big tease . . . very carefree, . . . what long hair? DOLAN, PATRICIA Chewing gum . . . being haPPY and rolling those eyes DOUGHERTY, NANCY One of the best we know . Helpful and wise . . . her beau DURKEE, DANNY Definitely good-looking! . . . a loyal pal . . . that "Quiet" shirt DURKEE, DOLLY ' Great domestic ability . . . nice and friendly EARLE, SUSAN A very sweet girl . . . thoughtful an generous . . . always reading ENGELKE, ALBERT Another silent man, but very, very cute and alert . . . blushing ERBEN, RAYMOND Leadership and capability . . . athletic . . . one of Teach's "boys" FELLBAUM, 'MARY IANE Distinctive hair . . . reserved bu gay . . . everybody's favorite FITZGERALD, BILL Devilish and prankish . . . very likable and friendly - FOUNTAIN, LEE Always has a word . . . definitely carefree FULLER, RAMONA Her colorful jacket . . . co operative . . . very interested GARCIA, lOl-INNY Unusual eyes . . . swell guy . . . very friendly GAUNTT, ROLAND Let's not swoon . . . caustic comments . . . never speechless GORDON, IOHN A "lady-killer" . . . being "little Boo cute and funny . . . TRICKS AND TRAITS GRABSKY, MARY DELMA Perfectionist . . . aloof until you know er . amusing GREENE, NANCY Generous . . . everybody likes her . . . outstanding black hair GREEN, TOM Those cute bow-legs . . . likes girls . . . Hubba, hubba HANSEN, ERLING Generous . . . his worried frown . . liked by all HARVEY, DON Always courteous and kind . . . air- plane enthusiast HEILIGMAN, KATHLEEN So friendly and genuine . . . the smile . . . domestically inclined l-IEITKAMP, MELVIN Sincere . . . sheepish grin . . . studious HOPKINS, DOUGLAS Dependable . . . an able athlete . . . "the voice" HOWE, FRANCES Generous to everyone . . . hard worker . . . petite IRBY LOIS Capricious . . . full of fun and pranks the life of any party IRELAND, IOHNNY A really swell boy . . . thoughtful . . . good-humored IANSEN, LILLIAN An avid reader . . . sweet and help ful . . . pretty blonde hair TONES, BOBBY Everybody's favorite . . . outspoken . . . mischievous KELLEN, HAROLD Dresses like a chip . . . Miss Dawson's headache . . . a musician at heart KEMPER, DWIGHT A man of few words . . . quick very friendly KIRBY, BILL Good athlete . . . a satirist . . . loads KNOX, IOHN Dry sense of humor . . . kind and help- ful . . . very gentlernanly LACKEY, MARTHA LOU Definitely on the clever side . . . original and lively . . . ghostly tales of suspense LEAVITT, DAVID Iovial . . . a husky man . . . another with rosy cheeks LEBRECHT, CHARLES Good athlete . . . cute yellow sweater . . . tricky sideburns LEHNER, LARRY Goodlookin' . . . earnest and sincere the cutest smile 5- , , I 4 I fr I' 'W .'... '- ,V,, 2 Via I 4. is f .K Q.. " - 1','.fif'E'f"':: , ' 13-ff' N A, I F hu rf A f A L ll7i4i'lW' I ' , f, K 3 ..,,.v. it . , ,H A . 0' :V ' '.f1'fr"f7EL,ffrE5Jf - 5. ,."L ' 7"" If ' ' . - " R t! A g ,. ii fit' ii. 1 vi I A ff' :Lk 'V',, I K ix., ,. I I. A W A F I Vw' 'L sniff, .,.,,:- into . J' 552532 ,ill W,,L t 3 in in ,Q 'lf g" vi gun. L K , .. , ' H, j mr 2' . fm: 22712-rr ttlt I ' ' I 3 , 5 f6"'i:?fE-ig Zvi -f' 5 if' PM , 4, , 2,4 OUR IUNIORS . . . LEI-IYE, BILLY A future Will Iames . . . an inviting Southern drawl . . . excellent band member LIPPARD, LOUISE ' An excelent artist and up on the latest . . . a very cute kid LONGMIRE, GENE Devilish . . . very satirical . . . a way with boys LOVLESS, VELMA Breathless . . . very lively . . . those funny faces ' MCCOMAS, MARTHA Being late to classes . . . being jolly . . .,co-operative MCCOY, BETTY Good musician . . . an incessant hys- terical giggle . . . "confused kid" MCCREIGHT, BOBBY A friendly guy . . . likes to whistle . . . oh! Frankie MCKINNEY, BETSY Unusually pretty . . . worries a lot . . . thoughtful MASTERSON, TOM Always seeking advice . . . his proud walk . . . great capabilities MENDICINO, TONY First-class lady killer . . . his quiet, low voice interests us all MILAM, IERRY An entertaining soul . . . likes his motor- bike and Marjorie Miller MILLER, ALLENE Brilliant quirks . . . attractive . . . charming MILLS, HERBERT One nice guy and real friend . . . smart but mischievous . . . an able football star MITCHELL, IACKIE Definitely pugilistic . . . generous and fair . . . inimitable Walk , MOORE, DEAN Those jokes . . . hilariously humorous . . . loves his bicycle MORRIS, OSCAR A smooth dresser . . . good looks . . . a very swell guy MORRIS, SAM Excellent athlete . . . good sport . . . cheerful smile NEAL, PAT Cute . . . mischievous . . . friendly NIST, ALLAN Doesn't talk too much . . . has some- thing worthwhile to say always PAPE, MARVIN Arser's right-hand man . . . very shy . . . plays a good clarinet PARKER, SHIRLEY Ouiet until you know her . . . sweet and very ladylike . . . TRICKS AND TRAITS PIEPER, HOWARD A very polite boy . . . Srnart and knows what to do . . . devilish PHILLIPS, GILBERT I-Ie sends us with his boogie-Woogie . . . the tall, lean type POGUE, PAT Rather sophisticated . . . what a physi- que . . . that haircut PRIVETT, GEORGE Friendly . . . intelligent . . . helpful READ, BILL So very, very likable . . . Goach's "right- hand" man . . . those dimples REEKERS, ROSE ANN Casual and flirty . . . definitely lov- able . . . popular ty- 1 I REINHACKEL, DON A A Very, very jolly goodfellow . . . good wi august , . 4, A hunter . . . playful at times Q gt y ,-Ai ROBERTS, PATTY Exuberant . . . friendly . . . always late to classes , ROGERS, FRANCES Notoriously gay . . . pantomirning . . . ' T ti,i',". snapping eyes I 2"- ROLSTON, MARY , yi ,.,, J Being interested . . . gesticulating . . . 'I if that attractive giggle 3 ,M .2'i SAMUELS, MARGARET IO IIIJ ,A Warm-hearted and open-minded . . . " . 5 ky Truthful . . ., the most adorable clothes i f , SANDERS, LOUIS stttiis iiitift lust plain "swell" . . . considerate . . . I l A SAUER, HERBERT It t,.,i , A loafin' man . . . likes his cow, Patty . . . ' - has such a husky build , ??5,, an 3, 'I SCARBOROUGH, ELEANOR ttt Q, ,X The sweetest smile we know . . . forever his happy . . . always a true friend "' SCOTT, BOB - f Aloof, but ah! . . . likes brunettes! . . . d erent J SEEBACI-I, METZ Attention girls! . . . has a distinguished air . . . very nice SENG, RALPH An all-round boy . . . those blue SHELTON, WILLOWDEEN The bubblin' type . . . you on her SIMMANG, ROSS Reserved but devilish . . . always smiling SPICER, DAVID Entertaining . , . curly black hair eyes can count SPooNER, TACK Sweet . . . dependable . . . terrifically Gtffflctlve f 2 .-X511 in ,ff,f iw, I Et- .1 'A if 22 ? fs i i it Kaf- f 1 if . , ..,,, . 1,1-,f 11 wf- ,,.R-'wsi.ff- ,.f ' l"?5"lg ...Ni -1 . ,z .f was-vf ws , .saw K" tt ff " gggksfgails A -,I . t . 55 'Mir . , Hp .2 . . 535 -if I ,f If I it-i2fff15j2fE'fa-2 3 -5 - A " R- .. X jr.. ,,iE55ZHie I Y pt f jlzgggsf ,W . K: ,Qifjf 11, is J . , ,, i I ' ff WVAVXWV ,U 'Y 4,6 , ,p:., '-:f ry Li! 2 Nil . . . TRIOKS AND TRAITS STEELE, VIRGIL Good dancer . . . "Steel" blue eyes . . . silent STEINMAN, BILLIE Likes domesticity . . . is interested in other people STEPHENS, DAVID Sweet . . . good physique . . . "a steady man" STEPHENSON, ROBERT Beware of his guileless expression . . . quiet . . . those cowboy clothes STONE, PATTY "Oueenie" . . . affable and likable . . . - everybody's favorite . MN , , WT Y.. e ,f A STRAYER, PAUL Tantalizing . . . girls! . . . definitely clever TIDWELL, HOWARD Another bright boy . . . that guilty smile . . dresses smoothly THOMPSON, IERE Intelligence personified . . . Southern drawl THORN, DONALD An able debater . . . up on the latest current events VAN DYKE LOUISE A loyal friend . . . terrifically cute . . . fun 'fl WAGENER, MARTHA . , fyeashw aww at te- 'tt if gl' K .,k: i':' ,.,,, , , ..- 'iqi i I - QeM1.,,::4f2,, H , S ggzgsilzw W K' f' f ,31g?5ftf"'m ' 5 Ll -,ft 1,5 ,i Q 396' My , , Q, fm 'gifts' if rf if :au A , , g i, -S -". ,, - we ,Y l ' At , lf I c ,rl Horses are her life . . . very likable and different , ft,, A ,,t, ytlr r l.',tI , WALCOWICH, BOBBY if lzll The tone in his voice . . . silent man . . . I l'l'l I ' co-operative WATSON, CHARLES The talkative type .- . . a big tease . . . always chews gum WATTS, IANET Indifferent . . . representative . . . pretty WEST, SAM Those yellow pants! . . . funny WHELESS, BARBARA ' Indefatigable . . . always eager for every- thing . . . beautiful hair WHITE, STEVEN Little but valuable . . . likes activity . . . pugnacious T WILSON, IOHNNY Vastly funny . . . lean and lanky WOLLE, FRANK Nice and friendly . . . unusual WRIGHT, NORMA Making us howl . . . a miniature prize . . . great friend of Iosie and Frances YATES, MARGARET Quiet . . . but we like her . . an actual blonde ZACHRY, MARY PAT Ouaint . . very intelligent . . . neat and attractive . . . friendly L, AN Xb fy fl X ,597 5 Ph zaozzfbs SCPHCMCRE CLASS x G' 4, , . .gszgy aegis CLASS OFFICERS Bartlett Cocke, President, Marie Frank, Secretary: Lou Marr Carter, Treas- urer: Clay McGaughy, Vice-President. On parade! That is the way a sophomore feels! Trained in the way he should go, sent out on his own, he enters Senior High, knowing that he is still "green" and that this first year is the proving ground for his high school career. We of Gilmer's, Harre1l's, Butler's, Freeman's, Reid's, and Wellhausen's advisories have made this year cz profitable one, entering with eagerness all the school activities. We are proud to have done our best. PERSONALITIES AND PASTIMES ALEXANDER, BETTY LOU Sensible . . . Doing things the right Way ALEXANDER, KAY Meek . . . Expecting no favors AUSTIN, ELIZABETH Cute . . . Studying ALLISON, CAROLYN Casual . . . Being pleasant BAGWELL, MARY IANE Ouiet . . . Writing notes BASS, ANN BARRY, CHARLES Boy's boy. . . Hating homework Appealing. . . Being glamorous BAZELL, MARGARET Reserved . . . Asking why BONNET, BETSY Dimples . . . Smiling BELOI-ILAVEK, BETTY IEAN Flirtatious . . . Primping BOOTH, I ACKIE Reserved . . .Natural BOREN, RILEY BOOTH, MILBY Dry Wit . . . Keeping us amused Sleepy . . .Wearing blue jeans BURGER, PHILIP Good-natured . . . Football CALDWELL, LOUISE BURGOYNE, MARTHA IUNE Sympathetic . . . Helping others Witty . . .Talking baby talk CARTER, LOU MARR Flirtatious . . . Collecting hearts CASMERE, NANCY CARTER, SCOTT Mischievous . . . Losing books Deliberate . . . Being heard CAVEN DER, BILLY Nimble Wit . . . going to the ranch CAVENDER, IIMMY Fun-loving . . . Ioking A fir., ill L lkirl X xl , '64 B , WS? Q5 ' ,- Jag I I , I at 6 we wr AY? .36- .nu-f SOPHOMORES . . . THEIR Cl-IADWELL, NANCY Friendly . . . Being herself CLAYTOR, IUANITA Petite. . . School? COCKE, BARTLETT Ambitious . . . Being popular COHEN, MALCOM A 5, ' Bashful . . . Fishing COPELAND, HAL Likable . . . Tooting his horn gl CORNEILSON, IOAN -r ..,- X if Friendly . , . Singing DANAL, RENEE Vivacious . . . Marvin DE LANGE, WALTER Humorous . . . Getting along DELCHER, IEAN Sweet . . . Looking innocent DE LOACH, AN ITA Perpetual motion . . . imagination DEUTSCH, IIMMY Undecided . . . Playing his guitar FALLON, SONNY Impish . . . Lou Marr FERGUSON, HOWARD Clever . . . Making straight "A's" FISHER, SHIRLEY Lively. . . Working in the office FORD, IANICE Sensible . . . Smiling FRIESENHAHN, MILTON Studious. . . Trying to spell his name FRALEY, CAROLYN Easygoing . . . Getting news FRANK, MARIE Good disposition . . . "Chic" GERAGHTY, LARRY Fun-loving . . . Practical joker GIBLER, XOCHITL Conscientious . . . Being studious GIBSON, IIMMY Sense of humor. . . Reading PERSONALITIES AND PASTIMES GIBSON, PATSY Conscientious . . . Being studious GRAY, IOHN Friendly . . . Helping people HABERMAN, CHARLES Studious . . . Making plans HARLOS, ELGIN T Courteous . . . Asking questions HART, MAXEY l Athletic , . . Making good grades HASCHKE, DIANN E Sweet . . . Like her sister l 5 HARVEY, KEITH Tirnid. . . Shying away from girls HELLMUTH, BETTY RAE Considerate . . .Listening HERWECK, IAN ET , Scatterbrained . . . T.M.I. HERWECK, IOAN Swell . . . Thoughtful HIESTER, MARY BETH Reserved . . . Selling tickets HOFF, MOLLY Athletic . . . Gym class HUNTER, JEAN T Coquettish . . . Boys i IRVIN, BARLOW Companionable . . . Football IVY, IAMES Capable . . . Whistling IACKSON, PEGGY Effervescent . . . Making a lot of noise , IARMON, IIMMY Interested . . . Enjoying life IENNINGS, PAT Outstanding . . . Standing out IESSEE, WALTER , Cowboy . . . Playing his bass horn IOHNSON, EVERETT Teasing . . .HOPE-ing l ONES, l ACKIE Devilish . . . Talking 1-.,. us', . , -v-.,..1,.,i,,.,,,effswm x - 7.45 T- ,, s - 1 ,.,,,ig,4,,,.,..ot,,, 'uk 'ra ,.g 'v I na, 4 5 ll 55 ffifffg - , f Q. A , 'W' - K A . ..f'i5'ee9- Q. ' T. ,diff , , N .. z fl' ' 4 'f- tiff, ' 5 ' ' '4::4fJ.i lift: H?" ' . ' 45' - '- is Q X Elma i ,fm,,.aL,Qf.i ' as sz 'tw-11 ., f ' ' , .. my al f ltli A S f-1'--+ t i 15 A K ' - y M. lTiU"f'J62I7AW.ff-,Xt ' 2764 lx H - - ,Sk A Q ik wb' iam Q, I 'V lf, K if 1-.-itzwweisfwsfre-2 in jigm I rf' X Hhlqg, t 3- 4.--.3 , ,,L.,,,,W,,.. SOPHOMORES . . . THEIR KAGAY, BETTY RAE Blonde beauty . . . Twirling her baton KARNES, IOAN NE Vivacious . . . Being friendly KEETER, IACKIE KAPPELMAN, LIONEL Honest . . . Taking it in Shy . . . Looking innocent KOHLER, COLETTE Brain . . . Studying LAMM, LOIS Sweet . . . Iimmy LA GUE, BEVERLY "Pigtails" . . . Saxophone LEARY, TERRY Ambitious MAN TON, BEVERLY . . Knows the answers LITTLE, MARGARET Pensive . . . Reading Original . . . Helping Miss Harrell , tytt MARSHALL, MAXINE I+ s,t . Refreshing. ..Catching the boys lyy MASSARQ, JAY Ii 99x ""'ev' 33 'Tb' lariv MAXEY, HERSHEL Artistic . . . Amusing us Driving . . . Saying little MCGAUGHY, CLAY Short, but sweet McKEE, BARBARA Retiring . . . Excelling MELVIN, IUNE "Beige" . . . Looking sleepy MEYER, BUDDY Polite . . . His car MITCHELL, MELVIN MILLS, ROSE ANN Smiling . . . Giggling He-man-ish . . . Algebra class MORENO, TONY Quiet . . . Taking life easy MORGAN, DAVID Happy-go-lucky . . . Girls PERSONALITIES AND PASTIMES MYNIER, BETTY LOU Babefied . . .Latin NICHOLSON, IOE WHITE Collecting freckles . . . Mischievous O'BRIEN, DONALD Sensible . . . Considerate PARRISH, KATHRYN Sweet . . . Being with Ioanne PEYTON, GEORGE Congenial . . . Bunkey PRADO, CELIA King . . .Always present PUE, IIMMY Ioyous . . . Lets the world go by ROBERTSON, DOLORES Chatterbox . . . Studying ROBIN, DAN Y Rolling along . . . Little ROBINSON, GERALD Determined. . . Fighting RUSSELL, LOUIE Clownish . . . Full of fun SCHNEIDER, DOROTHY Peppery . . . The army SCHNEIDER, HILMAR Quiet . . . Wistful X.. rrlrimgis, ,fi-.V ,, ,V gp.. YL -P , g . -is I ap I , 1 li F1-Q QW m,,,... gfgfi, 1 .f ., mme. we. f My of -A t Q I .. .54 f-1 H :Ze 32.1-'W -i"'j'!5? W "5 nuff' fe I "' Y- 41 SCHUHARDT, HELEN ,,t, .Aw Blonde glarnor. . . Maiorette y SCHUMANN, ALFRED Studious . . . Listening SCOTT, SUSIE Scatterbrain. . . Danny SHAW, ARDETH Sincere . . . Making friends SHAW, PEGGY Cute little flirt . . . Peacock SHAWD, SAM Goodnatured . . . Driving SHOEMAKER, BILL Friendly . . . Arguing SMITH, NANCY Sociable . . . Saying "He1lo" ttir . ,,,5,,1.,,tb-if. .f.f ,,f,5,g K In :E 1,W,1f:ei,,- i fn ftt, , -ui Fa -I rf 'H 'lm SOPHOMORES . . . THEIR SPECHT, MARILYN Ambitious . . . Fishing for "A's" SPENCER, LESLIE A leader. I . Dancing STACEY, BETTY 5 i'i, 4 V' ,g4 . Cute . . . Plays the piano I I , N I I STIENBRING, CLIFTON i : y 55 ,gm yy, Faithful . . . Enjoying everything N .2:i1 I J' I I i 'T Polite---F1YiHqhiSmOde1S 'I '55 STITH, IACKSON 93 iq' Intellectual . . . Honor Roll STOWE, I-IENRIETTA Industrious . . . Learning STRINGFELLOW, WILLIAM Full of pep . . . Talking SUMMERSETT, IAMES Strong, silent type lllll ' SWEENEY, RGBERT D Diaboliccrl . . . A,H.H.s. Band --K1 WP THOME, DONALD A af N, "Red" . . .Getting out of Work THORPE, ALFRED Unusual . . . Chemically-minded in-it , - UHR, RICHARD "Dreamer" . . . Gets around VANDER STRATEN, EMILIE Poised . . . "Dusty" WAKELY, IEANNETTE Inguisitive . . . Piano WALLACE, GAYNELL Untiring . . . Library club WELCH, EARL Nice and Friendly WILLIAMS, BRUCE Gleeful Whistling WENZEL, ANTHONY Listening to others . . . Trustworth He-man . . . Football , i -I fiff --s, t ff I iiif Worr, DAVID i Loyal. . .Being himself f 6- i t YoUNc, KATHRYN M rf Y P d t H I, y he A FY, ru en . .. er car YOUNGS ROSS Y' 12 015258 , .. A !',a,. I A Q 'um E - if X , ,f if -1, MH: sv A, , 1 ' - 1 . , ,. M, 1. , . k .2 , , ,gk ,QL ,z A . --- 5: f f . JL" ,. 2 I? MR V , I . wi' 9 W 'ii' zifr :W I .u -vw 4. in 3 ,, M , ,. "-' t e d L, ff' f RIM. W M Q 5 I 1. ,m ,1 52 Q? Hi. :::ffS.' '- .' I A.,'5 'V I . A -,L.L- 0 Ll Cl I n U S ,, I , ai ' ,q JK I jg, , . ,,1. fm .... . 'T' , . ,, M G 5 T Jolwn King 'L '11 r ,f'v'-L":.- IQEIDIQESENTATIVE .CCI POI I-I OWCI PCI MCDST IQEDIQESENTATIVE JUNICDIQS W C IQI II MOST QEDIQESENTATIVE SQDHQMQIQES HQ! C0 Cl P 120195 " A 1 .5 ,Q Q M M .MJ 1 Q l .... and the same to you, tool 2. lust smile, that's all. 3. Look for the silver lining. 4. You h brute, you. 5. A beaming miss on the "beam" 6. Three gals on a scooter. 7. Sh! Don't say that, girls. 8. Put your little foot. 9. Smil- in' sons. lU. lnteresting occupa- tion. ll. Balancing, beauteous Bar- bara. '.:i 'iiiii ff 71 is - MW iliie 2 . ROUQLES 5 in V. , -.1 9 : f 1 r 1 1 i , l' 4'-. L r N "' X1 1. 1 H Q We, wh , Q Q a Q 1. w I f flag ,V 1 V W NV ' rx 1 I ,.... S i fu ,re -.1 .sth Pi . ff .,.,,. is ff f..'. 'tl -. W 'fin - ,W - .. K --f-sv Y 52254 1 ' -, what will happen next? 1 brain buster. l8. Three "cu Summertime 2l Flirtin a stars. vi l 12. Hey you! 13. It's all that, boys. 14. Rig. the middle of thingsy Just ridin' through life. l6. Wo 5 T Call meuup sometime. 22. lo's Boy. 23. Reaching fo? N. fm N . 3, V I W Qi X ' E Q- X . Hxj ' nf" U OD ,fn Q X X . 'K 1 'I X Q14 . '- 'gl ' :Q Gi R--gm A, f . ' ' ' fig-Qi. "" M H' Q---K -1 , ' - , --A gi- -.g nz W 'I -4,-, S g , f 154, ,WE QA Y' ' 5 A N rglvok 'EA 'Q---J K F - X CUVTUES -Ww- 3 As.. Vx IUNIORS: I. Brutt, M. A. Coyle, A. Miller, H. Mi S. Morris, M. I.-Samuels. SENIDRS: EA. Burgoy: vice-president: I. Derden, treasurer: M. Eckles, Farrell, R. Fischer, G. Fuller, M. A. Gill, D. Graf, B Hailey, C. Harrington, C. Howard, secretary, I. Kii N. Miller, A. Phillips, N. Vogelsang, I. White, Williamson. ln a formal assembly on April ll seventeen s dents, eleven seniors and six juniors, were initial into the Alamo Heights chapter ot the National H1 or Society. Membership in the society is the hi: est honor which the school bestows upon its studen selection being made by the faculty on the basis high scholarship, constructive leadership, servit and citizenship. 3 The Alamo Heights chapter of National Hof Society, number 822, was organized in l929, ai its total membership is 278, 98 boys and l8U girls, Miss Gilmer Sponsor 2. I QUILL AND SCROLL The purpose of Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Iournalists, is to encourage and reward individual achievement in lournalism. To become a member a student must meet the following requirements: Cl7 He must be ot at least Junior standing: C27 He must be scholastically in the upper third of his class: C37 He must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or cre- ative endeavorg C47 He must be recommended by the advisor or by the committee governing publicationsg C57 He must be approved by the executive secretary. Membership in the Richard Halliburton Chapter of Quill and Scroll is the final reward for worthy achievement in Alamo Heights high school jour- nalism. Vice-Pres., Nelson Miller Sec.-Treas., Renee Fischer 36 Qi? WH i ' ,iS'l9Ei:'i--' 3 'H 1, Audrey Phillips- President Burgoyne, A. Caldwell, W. Casmere, N. Cocke, B. Closuit, I. Copeland, H. Danal, R. Edwards, A. STUDENT CCUNCIL Vice-President - Renee Fischer Recording Secretary - Alice Burgoyne Treasurer f Ieanne Closuit Corresponding Secretary - Torn Green Sergeant-at-arms - Herbert Mills Chaplain - Ioe Iennings Parliarnentarian - Howard Tidwell Reporter - Reagan Preis Miss Lighthouse - Sponsor FiSCl'1er, R. King, Roberts, S, Frank, M. McCoy, B. Robin, D. Green, T. McGorughy, C. Samuels, M. I. Heister, M. B. Millikan, I. Spenser, L., Horton, C. Mills, H. Tidwell, H. Hueber, I. Penson, D. Wakely, I. Iennings, I. Phillips, A. Watts I Iones, I. Preis, R. Williamson, I. SER I G SCHGOL The Student Council's record this year is, as usual, one of service to school, community and country. These, our elected representatives, have charge of all ticket and sticker sales. They provide members for hall duty, office help, and ushers at assemblies. For their Christmas project they collected S95 to help establish a library for the blind, here in San Antonio. As sponsors of the War Chest and March of Dimes drives, they had the co-operation of the student body in collecting S150 for the former and S65 for the latter. When the call came tor canned goods to help the starving people of the war areas, the Student Coun- cil urged us to bring all We could spare. All is not Work with our Student representatives, however, for in March, they gave a Wonderful Barn Dance. Two trips, one to the B. C. S. L. A. convention Cof which We were president for 1945-465, and another to the Austin High School Student Council, Austin, Texas, were enjoyed by all the members. I l Iohn King - President lst Term Officers Vice-Pres. - F. Robertson Secretary - R. Preis Treasurer - D. Williams Sgt.-at-arms - I. .Williamson Chaplain - R. Scrivener Reporter -- R. Erben Bauers, B. Boren, R. Burger, P. Caldwell, W. Carter, S. Cavender, I. Chadwell, C. Cocke, B. Cohen, M. Colten, P. Copeland, H. Cunningham, A. Engelke, A. Erben, R. Fallon, S. Ferguson, H. Foster, I. Gibson, I. Gray, I. Green, T. HI-Y Mr. La Grone - Sponsor Groesbeck, G. Haberman, C. Hansen, E. Harvey, D. Harvey, K. Hearn, D. Holland, B. Iarmon, I. Iennings, I. Iessee, B. Iohnson, E. King, I. Knox, I. Leart, T. Manton, B. Massaro, I. Masterson, T. McCollum, R. McCreight, B. Meyer, B. Mills, H. Mitchell, M. Moore, D. Morgan, D. Neithamer, R. Nicholson, I. R. Nicholson, I. Norton, L. O'Brien, D. Pieper, H. Privett, G. Reinhackel, D. Riley, I. Russell, L. Salinas, R. Seng, R. Scott, B. Scrivener, R. Spooner, I. Shoemaker, B. Iohn Williamson - President 2nd Term Officers Vice-Pres. - C. Chadwell Secretary - R. Scrivener Treasurer - I. Iennings Sgt.-at-arms - I. Foster Chaplain - F. Robertson Reporter - R. Neithamer Stephenson, R. Stith, I. Strayer, P. Stringfellow, B. Summersett, I. Sweeney, B. Thompson, I. Thompson, T. Thorn, D. Tidwell, H. Thorpe, A. Young, D. Youngs, R. Williamson, I. West, S. Wilson, I. Williams, B. I Whitehead, D. White, S. Woodbury, D. Wolf, D. L TIN CLUB Consuls: Howard Pieper and Mary lane Fellbaum Quaestor: Allene Miller Tribunus: Hal Copeland MEMBERS Austin, E. Booth, M. Bass, A. Burqoyne, M. Clapp, M. Closuit, I. Conder, C. Cort, G. Coyle, M. Crowe, M. Frank, M. Franzel, L. Heiliqrnan, M. Mitchell, I. Mynier, B. Reekers, R. Scott, S. Shelton, W. Spooner, I. Stone, P. Thom, D. Watts, W. White, S. Zachry, M. P. Miss Flesher - Sponsor -pun--f.-in f K. Alcorn B. Bauers F. Broughton G. Brown M., Clapp P. Colion I. Coyle M. Coyle M. Dewberry M. Eckles A. Edwards P. Engle C. Farrell R. Fischer in SCIENCE Mr. Davi G. Fuller D. Graf B. Hailey C. Harrington M. Heiliqman C. Howard L. Iansen I. Ienninqs C. Kohler M. Lackey M. Lucas B. McCoy R. McDaniel S Sponsor I. Menqer A. Miller A. Phillips H. Pieper G. Price R. Reekers P. Sheridan I. Siith W. Strinqiellow P. Stone M. Taulbee D. Thorn A. Thorpe I. While CLUB F Robert McDanie1- President President- Robert McDaniel Treasurer - Nelson Miller ' ' Vice-President - George Price Parliamentaxian - Charla Farrell Secretary - Marion Eckles Program Chairman - Dorothy Graf Asst. Program Chairman - Glenn Puller l , . .tim-g,, B' ai 'B Ann Edwards Assistant Editor - w,,,f,. ,z W' , it ?d d A A '?dd A t S . gf' 5 .aw 2 it Z. - , , , , , , of t Snapshot Managers: Patty Stone, Betty Ann Dittrnan. Not pictured, Ioyce Bruff. ' Q-1 ' 1 " A . ' Q, ,. L V ,.tt :tis M A ,- t,r,r -QVA ' L' ' " t -"' "" ' -'f'.3?f?i.v .. " fem- lt 5 ' f 1 I N . iff, , -'f . : T ai l Marvin Couch Art Editor Betty Avery Lay-out Artist Allene Miller Feature Editor Betty Io Hailey Editor ULMCS El i u, Mary Ann Gill y Assistant Editor J 4 ti. 1,1 Typists: Marjorie Miller, Pat Housman, Marion Eckles, Charla Farrell. y Nelson Miller Photographer Elo Ulnn Business Manager tt .rigs 5 K rpg ., - - L- gm. , ..,. .9,-'kA.feee2i' : ., .' -f - 6 il. - i f 'E ii qw, ,. Q. Wfgiw. . E, . mm ,, K.a, , WV,, tt ' Y t K M -'W i t Q, W ti Mfrx? g-gfhv, 'H a 'fwtlxy 'lltifftf' 'W iv .W Ak ill Q Q . 3, Q News sf tr ' fi f -,... ve- 'um Miss Pearl Strobel Photography Advisor - ,Ir Miss Bessie Brigham Editorial Sponsor Mr. Lewis Freeman Business Sponsor Dorothy at y if Club Editors: Ginger Short, Hal Copeland, Graf Patsy Sheridan Advertising Manager Ioan Sturman, Nancy Lee Vogel- Ioyce Derden, lane Millikan, Mary Pat Not pictured, Marjorie Clapp. - Don Relnhackel Sports Editor Roy Scrivener Sports Editor Iohn King Sports Editor Howard Ferguson Feature Editor GIRLS Alcorn, A. Baqwell, O. Bradley, I. Bruff, I. Chapman, L. Davis, I. Gilder, E. Hamilton, M. Housrnan, P. Hunt, B. Ienninqs, P. Iones, I. Lippard, L. Longmire, G. McCoy, B. Millikan, I. Moore, B. Nevelow, C. Parker, I. Rolston, M. Roberts, P. Sandoval, H. Stacey, B. Stone, Watts White: Yates, P I. I. M any C H O R U S Directed by Miss Baumqartner Bauers, B. Baldauf, I. Bowman, I. Brock, B. Couch, M. Cratch, S. Cunningham, Ferguson, H. Greene, I. Hopkins, D. Keelen, H. Kirby, B. Lancaster, T. Lerner, L. McCreiqht, B. BOYS McDaniel, B. Mendicino, T. Phillips, G. Preis, R. Reinhackel, D Sanders, L. A. Scrivener, R. Senq, R. Spooner, I. Stith, I. Steele, V. Thompson, I. . Watson, C. Williams, D. Ioyce Bruff Charla Farrell lane Millikan Marjorie Miller lane Morrison Winnie Watts SEXTETTE Miss Baumgartner - Director Asa Cunningham Howard Ferguson Iohn Greene Douglas Hopkins Bobby McCreight Robert McDaniel , It ,MQ Miss UQ SERVICE 1, CLUB U Vice-President - Pat Housman Program Chairman - Marion Eckles Rec. Secretary- Iosephine White Treasurer -e Charla Farrell Corr. Secretary - Alice Burqoyne Sgt.-at-Arms - Carol Howard Parliamentarian - Cissy Conder Chaplain - Ioan Sturman Historian - Nancy Biclcham Reporter - Marjorie Miller Social Service - Fannie Heard Social - Audrey Phillips Telephone Committee - Mary Ann Gill, Betty Io Hailey xref' hthouse J SPOUSOI Bickham, N. Derden, I. Housman, P. Bradley, I. Edwards, A. Howard, C. Brand, A. Eclcles, M. Lonqmire, G. Brand, I. Farrell, C. May, N. Bruft, I. Fellbaum, M. Menqer, I. Burqoyne, A. Fischer, R. Miller, A. Closuit, I. Gill, M. McCoy, B. Conder, C. Hailey, B. Millikan, I. Coppell, D. Hanson, S. Miller, M. Coyle, M. Harrington, K. Nevelow, C. Dinn, F. Heard, F. Phillips, A. Renee Fishe -P Roberts, P. Samuels, I. Sheridan, P. Sturman, I. Tritt, I. Watts, I. Watts, W. Wheless, B. White, I. Wright, N. T residei NTEACH' ff woRKER The contributions and services rendered by the Girls' Service Club this year were made possible only through the untiring efforts of each individual member. As a result S510 was given to the Red Cross, 355 to the War Chest, and a check for S30 was pre- sented to the blind as a Christmas gift. Hours of hard work enabled the the selling of two hundred member- ships to the Alamo Heights War Memorial, the finding of information concerning a thousand names of Alamo Heights boys in the service, the presentation of candy, fruit, and a program for the blind at Christmas, and the sponsoring of a clothes drive for war sufferers' rehabilitation. Beautiful doll cradles were made and sold, and the proceeds were used to help the blind. Social life was not left out of the Service Club calendar. Semi-annual dinners were held in Cctober and February after the installation of new members, and on December l7 an open house was held in the school cafeteria. The season closed with the annual tea in May honoring the seniors who have rendered to the Service Club leadership and, above all, service. F Chffsffnqs o pemhouse 'KW CHEER LEADERS Frank Robertson Audrey Phillips Ccrrol Howard Recxqom Preis SWING BAND Xochiil Gibler - Vocalist Pai Housman ,,,.,,.. Marjorie Clapp ........ Hal Copeland , ,ooo W Billy lessee ,oo,.o,,, lack Spooner .,,, W. H. Powell ,v..o, Dorothy Graf ,,,o,,.., Accompanisi .S String Bass . ..,..,,l, Cornet A .o,loo,. Cornet Trumpet Trumpet Saxophone Beverly La Gue ,,v.,o..,. .volo,, S axophone Tommy Carhart ..,..,....,.,o ,o...,. S axophone William Strinqlellow Saxophone Donald Thorn .,,.....i...oo ....,,. S axophone Clinton l-leirholtzer ,,,.o. ,,o,o. T rombone Marilyn Iones ,,l,,,,... ..o,,, T rombone Charla Farrell ...o.,, ,l,.. , - Drummer Mr. Pai Arsers .o,. l.,u,. D irector 'Q Pat I-lousman - President Vice-President - Marjorie Miller Secretary - Nancy Bickham Treasurer - Cissy Conder Sqt.-at-Arms - Iosephine White DRILL OFFICERS -Q""' Captains: Nancy Bickham, Betty I. Hailey Lieutenants: Renee Fischer, Marion Eckles, Fannie Heard, Pat Housman Serqeants: Ioan Sturman, Claire Nevelow A t i L.: Miss Sims - Sponso PEP Q -' ' .. .... i,,. ,, I ' I I I 1 f ' f 1- if ' H F' ,Y Q", I ' 'E , ' 553 ' . " rtrr Q . , ' .f 'H 'L ' 1 K A x ba.. I ' ,,'ff3I' ' - fwi is -Q., ,. n f I , . 'fn , :ii - Q - 1 ff' ' , ' - Q in 1 ' ' if 1 I . S K J . . 'Q - -.f .im K - F dl . fa, i .. fa --59 ". ' Ulf fl . LH! , 4 JH , wfiii' . , ,. 'f f ttt.t - If' ,. I 'lf s,-i 'E ' iii' F I M I V I 1,7 I ,ig I A j,g,,5,. '-" f I E7 - I ' I . 1., F' ttrr ' W Es if '- Ls is - . .. "" I ' A it,r 'ral . Q . 2 ff '-'r : Mig I' ". 1- Y... 'Q fi .W is - -:7E7f':rS 'N ' 'I ' ' " if f E' I f rttt .fi ll' ' I "-' --L' 1 fr' I I 'I I .LT .. - A .f y y y . e gk A Avery, B. Baqwell, O. Belohlavek Booth, M. Bradley, I. Brand, A. Brand, I. M. Bruff, I. Caldwell, L. . B. I Bickham, N. Burgoyne, M. Carter, L. M. Casmere, N. . Chapmcm, L. Closuit, I. Conder, C. Coppel, D. Coyle, M. A. Danal, R. Davis, I. A. Derden, I. Dittman, B. Eckles, M. Engle, P. Edwards, A. Fellbaum, M. , Fischer, R. Fisher, S. Frank, M. Gill, M. Hailey, B. Hanson, S. Hartman, V. fa Vi? kgyg zyq I I illtt, 4 I ' 'If :., qv .. .. A '- .. . Major - Iosephine White Twirlers - Alice Burqoyne, Iczckie Tritt , ' ' .5 49' div'-V Mei e -v 4 ,K wif! :I 5 PM L M J ,.:. . . frrc Q V V H , ,.,. 4 ep: f f.,V 5, 51.557 3 .. K' ' 'k:" V 'ii5"' - ' ,. , V e e e D ' H ,, 1 l - f , eee e mf is ,,' ' ' "K ' ig 'K . err! ,.., K K M 5 .V , , ,,.-,,L , i H , ev , ,,, -, K' K' K f K it E I Q sim- X . ..., J X I 'ff .W ' . RW, f " IP k"'-: ' k,': xikl ' ikg K' , 1 'K K L. Jylk K ? f:9fg.i,'s. . ,. . .,. , .. Hiester, M. Herwick, I. Herwick, I. Hunt, B. Irby, L. Ienninqs, P. Shaw, A Sheridan Stacy, B. Stone, P. Sturmun, Vogelscm 1 if . 'K N H , ,,, ge 4-'51 WF V . ' gjlifff Iones. I. Wuqener. - M L ee Kneuper, G. Watts. I. . Kohler, c. whele-ss, J, Lackey, M. Wright N- , , f. .,,, Lippard, L. Morrison AK' 4' " e . Lonqmire, G. Samuels, I. - ,svvg 'Q 'K U .W '-f-uv aff . . , . ' N . ...,., X if-Ixxgfg ' I -Q A Marion Eckles - President Alexander, B. L. Alcorn, K. Allison, C. Atwell, N. Austin, E. Ayres, M. I. Avery, B. Bagwell, O. Bagwell, M. I. Bazzell, M. Belohlavelc, B. I. Bickham, N. Bonnet, B. Booth, I. Booth, M. Bradley, I. Brand, A. Brand, I. M. Brown, G. Bruil, I. Burqoyne, A. Buraoyne, M Burqoyne, M Caldwell, L. Cameron, P. Carter, L. M. Casmere, N. Chadwell, N. Chapman, L. Clapp, M. Classen, E. Closuit, I. Conder, M. Coppell, D. Corneilson, I. Cort, G. Coyle, M. A. Crane, M. I. GIRL RESER E CLUB Vice-President - Carol Howard Secretary - Alice Burqoyne Treasurer - Fannie Heard Sergeant-at-Arms - Nancy Bickham Chaplain - Renee Fischer Parliamentarian - Charla Farrell Historian - Audrey Phillips Reporter - Cissy Conder Crowe, M. Davis, I. A., Davis, I. Danal, R. Delcher, I. Derden, I. Dozer, M. Dittman, B. Dinn, P. Dewberry, M. Dolan, P. Dougherty, N. Durkee, D. Eckles, M. Edwards, A. Engle, P. Farrell, C. Fellbaum, M. I. Fischer, R, Forster, G. Fraley, C. Frank, M. Gibler, X. Fisher, S. Gibson, P. Gill, M. A. Graf, D. Guenther, P. Hanson, S. Hallam, V. Hailey, B. I. Hartman, V. Haschke, D. Haschke, l. Herwick, Ia. Herwick,. Io. Hellmuth, B. Hiester, M. B YE f l-litzfelder, G. Kneuper, G. Parrish, K. Sturman, I- Hoff, M. Lamrn, L. Phillips, A. Tritt. l- Hogan, K. Lippard, L. Reekers, R. A. Theis, G. Housrnan, P. Longmire, G. Roberts, P. Vflden, M- E- Howard, C. Loveless, V. Rogers, F. VCIII Dyke, L- Howe, F. Lucas, M. I. Rolston, M. Viindef Struten. E- Heiligman, M. DeLoach, A. Robertson, D., Voeelsunq. N. L. Heiligman, K. May, N. Samuels, I. WCIQGIIGI, M. I- Heard, F. Menger, I. L. Scarborough, E. WCIICGIY. I- Hunt, B. I. Millilcan, I. Scott, S. WCIHCIC9. G. Hunter, I. Miller, A. Shaw, P. Watts, I. lrby, L. Miller, M. Sheridan, P. VVCIUS. W- Iansen, L. Mills, R. A. Short, G. Wheless. B- Iennings, P. Mynier, B. L. Schuchardt, H. While. I- Iones, I. McCornas, M. Smith, N. WOOdbUfY. E- Kagay, B. R. McCoy, B. I. Spect, M. Wright. N. Karnes, I. A. McKee, B. Stacey, B. Young. K. Keeter, I. McKinney, B. Stone, P. ZGCIIIYV M- P- Kohler, C. Nevelow, C. Steinman, B. "To find and give the best" is indeed a fitting motto for this large group. Their fields of activity are many and varied, giving each a chance to display her special capabilities. Not only has this organization sponsored a very successful Red Cross campaign, but also an equally successful carnival with the Hi-Y for World Fellowship. Christmas for Wesley House furnished impetus for their annual Christmas project: also, the girls donated a fully decorated tree to the Robert B. Green Hospital. To help the Lion's Club build a Youth Center, the Girl Reserves sold tickets to the Minstrel Show. Girl Reserve dramatic talent asserted itself in the Girl Reserve, Hi-Y Christmas assembly, a project which coordinated the best efforts of the Music Department, the Art Department, Girl Reserves, and the Hi-Y. On the social side of the ledger we find an installation tea, Christmas party, Monday night suppers, and Hanging of the Green meant fun for all. Delegates will be sent to the statewide Girl Reserve conference this summer. Miss Harrell- Sponsor AN This year has brought a "first" to the band members in several instances. Letters were presented for the first time to the seven eligible seniors: Esther Classen, Charla Farrell, Iohn Foster, Dorothy Graf, Catherine Harrington, loe len- nings, and Billy lessee, at the annual fall concert on December 12, 1945. Offices were bestowed on the following: lohn Foster, president: Ioe Iennings, vice-president: Esther Classen, secretary-treasurer: and Billy lessee, sergeant-at-arms, marking another first in band tradition. The senior band not only brought entertainment to the school at assemblies and pep rallies, but it also livened up the football field with brilliant performances under the leadership of Howard Pieper as drum major. Drum rnajorettes were Esther Classen, Betty Rae Kagay, and Helen Schuchardt. At the Region 6 Texas Music Educators' State Contest the marching band received a rating of first division, and the concert band likewise was given the rating of Division One. Alcorn, K, Foster, I. lessee, W. Pongrass, I. Boren, R. Gray, I. Iones, M. Pieper, H. Bennett, E. Granberry, M. Kagay, B. Schuchardt, H. Caldwell, M. ' Graf, D. Krouse, B. Stienbring, C. Classen, E. Gibson, P. Keyes, R. Strombeger, C. Cohen, M. Galloway, I. Keeter, I. Stringfellow, B. Clapp, M. Hansen, E. Longrnire, L. Stiegler, P. Chidsey, M. Harvey, D. LaGue, B. Spooner, l. Carhart, T. Harvey, K. Lehey, B. Shuman, P, Carter, S. Hierhozer, B. Mitchell, I. Sweeney, B. Copeland, H. Hierhozer, C. Montgomery, G. Sweeney, R. Carroll, B. Gimes, R. Mcllhany, C. Thorn, D- Chaprnan, B. Hoffman, L. Martin, C. IA' Ebert, B. Harrington, C. Masterson, T. Williumsbnz W. Farrell, C. lennings, I. Pape, M. Wilkinson' S. Flowers, W. lessee, B. Powell, W. H. Young, P. iq,- 'N is E57 ,. 2 i , Q f . r I President - John Foster 1: ' Vice-President -- Ioe Ienninqs 4 Qjvii ' Secretaly - Esther Classen V 'f ' Sergeant-at-Arms - Billy lessee . , . u . Koi Majors - Howard Pieper, lack Spooner Q, f L L ' ' . C Librarians -- Catherine Harrinqton, ,D- fgne Beverly LaGue, Sammy Io Wilkinson ISDQ, P55655 X M W- wb, Helen Schuchardt- Esther Classen - Betty Rae Kaqay TWIRLERS Pat Cameron Susan Earle loyce Derden Florabelle Dinn Imogene Haschke Kathleen Heiliqman Marjorie Miller Willowdeen Shelton Ginger Short Billy Steinman loan Sturman Gaynelle Wallace LIBRARY Miss Carver - Sponsor CLUB Marjorie Miller - P resident Secretory-Treasurer Iocm Sturmcm Reporter Florcxbelle Dinn Activity Chcxirrnorri Imogene Hcrschke Q, iw . -fm' , sill . 1 DON'T TAKE MY PENNY! CAST SALLY, a maid with a purpose Y,,,,.. ,,, , 7 , Marion Eckles NORMAN PORTER, a publicity man ....,. Charles Chadwell ' ' lane Millikan CALEB, her absorbed father s,7,s7,,s,,.s,.w, ........,s7,7. I ohn Foster MARK, her farm-minded brother o,,o,,.,. ,o........, I oe Iennings MAVIS, her attractive sister ,.,..,o,,oo,,. o.,...., , ,..o . Pat Sheridan m,Nancy Bickharn IOANNA, her loyal girl friend ,,or,o,r,.........,,r.,... Carol Howard PENNY, a pretty little miss. .,ro,,oo,..,......,.r,,roorr,o , LYDIA, her busy mother o,.,,.,l,re., , KERRY, her boy friend. r,...,.,,v.....,.. .,or,,o,, A sa Cunningham GREG, his pal ..,,.......r...,,,o,.............,o.r,,o.roe, Reagan Preis GRAM, just herself o,,,o,,.o.,.,.,,,,o, , ,o,..,,,.rr,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,o Ginger Short MONSIEUR HENRI, a French designer e,,o,, Robert McDaniel CLAIRE l gAudrey Phillips ELSIE pretty young models ....oo,,oo,.,, .C Shirley Hanson LUCILE S livtmsfie Miner RED, a delivery boy e,.,..oo.,o, , .o,.oo,,e,,,e,o,.,,,r.,o,, .o,, oo,, D o ug Hearn HARRISON DAY, a young authors Yooreer. , re,, Iohn Williamson EVER S x , f , 023 + 236 65,445 l SPECIDL GQLDEN MEMQMES orn A mieurv GooD vegan A+ .N QLAMQ H5164-ITS U ww W I cl ke 9 12 W 460 4 SEPTEMBER School Started "Get Acquaintedu Assembl? Uvalde pep rally and toot ball game Lanier Football game gd ffm I , 7 ze, " All rw if L g 5' f, -SLA 3 wifes 1 if 's -""""""" gh NC ff' f OJFOBER South San pep rally and foot- ball game Pictures made for the annual Edison bon-fire Edison pep rally and football game - Rubinoff concert Cotulla game Girl Reserve-Hi-Y Carnival NOVEMBER 26 31 2-Tech pep rally and football game ll? 8 -Armistice Day assembly 9 l-lot Wells pep rally and foot- ball game Armistice Day Parade 12- I3 DECEMBER l2-Fourth annual band Christ mas concert Christmas assembly-School out for Christmas holidays 5 ff l8-Service Club open houe . J I v 1 Xqwxwxv 7 Y 9? A1 fc ,f X pf LZXNUARY School started again New term First publication of Girl H serve "Gleam" t wr W j-rv I E " 'fm 71111115 i I 8.. ll- l4- l5- 21- 22- FEBRUARY Girl Reserve formal-"Youth for Christ" speaker, Billy Graham Girl Reserve supper Class officers announced Mr. Ieoffrey Morgan, speaker Assembly Holiday-George Washington's Birthday Pl 11,75 ? li? '23 lo Z5 I0 an 2 MARCH l - Favorites elected 12 - Band concert l8-Announcement of new National Honor l Society members 21 -Quill and Scroll installation 22-Heights invitation track and tennis mee Senior lemon social. 25 - Student Council trip to Austin 26 - Senior play cast announced 'Tit' it N QXQNX' 7 Or i' Q APRIL 8 - Student council elections ll -National Honor Society installation 13 -- Pep Squad luncheon 4 l5 - Girl Reserve picnic l7 16 - Girl Reserve elections 23 19 - Assembly 26 23 - Service Club elections 29 27-30 - Girl Reserve cabinet trip to Monterrey 30 MAY lunior-Senior Prom Senior play Senior picnic Baccalaureate Commencement School out for summer! 52141 'Was Lookin' Shariqhaied Thinkin' Glamour boy Motorcycle blues What a happy group! Heavy? GD 151 .Go on in . Gopher Gill aqai . Oh, brother . Two favorite cutie . Happy-ao-luck . You don't say . Humph! . All aboard- Y 5 4 :ff 5 3 cg I 3 ,J an in Q! ,gif is i T- X .4 t A ig! it is .X Whc1t's the use anyhow? We'1i tctke the dare! Waiting rot eonierninq to hctp- pen Sitting and cr rocking Hi, guy! Two little cuties! Feeding that line czqctin Iust cr perfect friendship Lippcrrd rides crqain "Shy guy" "We three" LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Eortyesix of the Alamo Heights High School, do hereby devise and bequeath these certain items to those faltering undergraduates following in our footsteps, Whose struggle upward has been impeded by our precedence over them, hoping thereby that these traditional effects will continue to resound through the halls of our beloved institution: ASA CUNNINGHAM relinquishes his remarkable vocal cords to IAMES MELTON. GLADYS KNEUPER bequeaths her no-dermerit record in Pep Squad to LOUISE CALDWELL. IACKIE TRITT leaves her shy, sweet little ways to RAMONA FULLER. IOE IENNINGS bestows his skill as an automobile mechanic on HENRY FORD. ELLA WOODBURY sadly leaves her cooperative spirit and her baseball bat to MARY BETH HIESTER. IOSEPHINE WHITE wills her smile, her singing, her baton, and everything but Tom to some deserving Alamo Heights girl. EDGAR THOMPSON leaves his notorious car to MARTHA LOU LACKEY, in case hers breaks down. LOUISE FRANZEL surrenders her erratic ideas to BUBBA COWAN. WIDGET NIETHAMER and IOHN WILLIAMSON bequeath their good sportsmanship to the CAVENDERS. DOROTHY GRAE wills her oxfords, her saxophone case, and her football ability to LOU MARR CARTER. IEAN LOUISE MENGER bequeaths her petite beauty and sparkling smile to BETTY MCCOY. GLORIA EORSTER and MYRTLE DOZIER give their faithfulness and dependability to ROSE ANN MILLS. CAROL HOWARD leaves a little of her leadership to MARIE FRANK. The rest she will take with her Wherever she goes. DON WOODBURY presents his studious inclinations - inclinations, that is-to BILL SHOEMAKER. WILLIE PETERS wills her colorful wardrobe to IACK SON STITH, who is not doing so badly himself. PATSY LEE ENGLE intrusts her shy, sweet disposition to BETSY BONNET. BETTY IO HAILEY leaves her genuine character and wonderful personality to benefit all the girls at Heights. ROY SALINAS presents his title as Best-dressed Boy at Heights to HILMER SCHNEIDER, who will probably win it next year because of his large following. IANE MILLIKAN bestows upon PATTY STONE the ability to be liked and esteemed by everyone. IOAN LEWIS gladly wills her dancing slippers to DONALD THORN. BETTY MOORE and IANE MORRISON leave some of their lovely songs to the music room, which, after all it has suffered, undoubtedly will appreciate them. GINGER SHORT surrenders to GEORGIA CORT her unlimited supply of hilarious jokes. MARIORIE MILLER bestows her famous individuality upon EMILIE VANDER STRATEN. PATSY GUENTHER wills her million little conversations with everybody to the TELEPHONE COMPANY. IACK BALDAUE bequeaths his many admirers to SKIP MILLS. PATSY SHERIDAN wills her perpetual energy and cheerfulness to RENEE DANAL. DICK WHITEHEAD presents his cigarette case to GEORGE PRIVETT. , SIGRID GRANBERG sends fond farewells to her friends as she sails for Sweden. MARION HAMILTON bequeaths her habit of cutting classes and her hair in classes to any giddy Heights girl with enough nerve to do both. ERANK ROBERTSON wills his good nature and steadfast loyalty to WARREN CALDWELL. EDITH GILDER relinquishes her foolish questions and her unique car to LOIS IRBY. ANN EDWARDS bestows her capacity for happiness upon MARTHA ANN COYLE. , OPAL BAGWELL regretfully surrenders her fiendish love for fresh air to MISS BRIGHAM. MARY ANN BECK and MIMI RYAN intrust their graciousness to IEAN DELCHER. ROBERT MCDANIELS relinquishes to HOWARD PIEPER his book on Parliamentary Law. MARGIE HEILIGMAN leaves her willingness to help in everything to IOAN BRADLEY. ALICE BURGOYNE bequeaths her ability to win friends and influence people to DALE CARNEGIE. PAT CAMERON presents her enthusiasm for horses and her collection of blue ribbons to MARTHA WAGENER. HARRY BURKHALTER wills his amazing capacity for mischief and his new red hair to DONALD THOME. OUENELLEIPRUETT bequeaths her Southern drawl to ANGELA BOWDEN, who has tried so hard to acquire one. GRACE BROWN and BERNICE WALLACE present their blond tresses to NANCY GREENE. DICK WILLIAMS relinquishes his football skills to SAM MORRIS. CISSY CONDOR wills her infectious gaiety to NORMA Wright. DOLORES COPPEL intrusts some of her sirenish ways to IACKIE MITCHELL, hoping that IACKIE may acquire a list of boy friends as long as DOLORES'S. BETTY AVERY wills her ready smile to ELEANOR SCARBOROUGH. IENNIE MAE BRAND and GLADYS HITZEELDER give their reliability and loyalty to MARY PAT ZACHRY. CLAIRE NEVELOW surrenders her place in the Roc kettes to next year's lucky girl. MARY IANE LUCAS bequeaths to GENE LONGMIRE her happy, carefree attitude. NELSON MILLER hands over the long list of offices he has held to RAYMOND ERBEN, who has already won an overwhelming number for himself. NANCY LEE VOGELSANG bestows her diligence and perseverance upon BILL BROCK. CHARLES ROGERS and LLOYD PAPE give their patient hard work and quiet manners to PAT COLTON. IERRY MILAN bequeaths his motorcycle to IIMMY SOMMERSETT. MARY ELEANOR VADEN leaves her lovely disposition to those who should have one like it. PHIL HALLMARK wills his aggressive nature to FRANCES HOWE. VIRGINIA HALLAM bequeaths her interest in music to ANITA DE LOACH. FRANK KIRBY and TOMMY LANCASTER surrender their many amusing antics to IOHNNY IRELAND, to add to his collection. TOM MURPHY leaves his reputation for being The Perfect Man to TOM GREEN. VIRGINIA HARTMAN bestows upon IACKIE IONES her ability to get in and out of trouble gracefully. ALPHA BRAND presents her beautiful Oriental eyes to MADAME CHIANG-KAI-CHEK. MARY LOU BABEL intrusts all her interesting qualities to BARBARA WHELESS. FRANK BROUGI-ITON wills his popularity with the teachers to LEE FOUNTAIN. NANCY BICKHAM bequeaths to IOSIE SAMUELS her endless enthusiasm and vivacity. FANNIE HEARD bestows a little of her innate glamour and style upon TITA WATSON. CATHERINE HARRINGTON wills her most prized possessions - her flute, her manuscripts, and her treas- ured volume of Marcus Aurelius - to her second home, the auditorium. CHARLES CHADWELL leaves his advice, "You've gotta be a football hero," to all the Heights boys who would love to know his secret charm with the girls. GEORGE PRICE bestows his astonishing mastery of things scientific upon ALFRED THORPE. LUCY CHAPMAN gladly sends her black bangs back to the bottle. BETTY DITTMAN bequeaths her talkative nature to BOB SCOTT. MARION ECKLES wills her original ideas, witty remarks, and outstanding leadership to FRANCES ROGERS. DUBBIE POWELL surrenders his pompadour to STINKY ANDERSON. SHIRLEY I-IANSON gives her all-around good qualities to BUNKY BURGOYNE. GRACE KRUEGER and GLADYS THEIS bestow their quiet good-nature upon NELL ATWELL. IOHN TURNAGE presents his polite manners to BILL KIRBY. CI-IARLA FARRELL wills her musical versatility to IOSE ITURBI. ROY SCRIVENER presents his debonair ways and unfailing charm to HAL COPELAND. IOAN STURMAN intrusts her awe-inspiring dignity to IOYCE BRUFF. NORMA MAY gives her flustered manner to PATTY ROBERTS. IOHN KING wills his brains to those of us who find ourselves somewhat lacking in this respect. DICK NISSEN relinquishes a bit of his stature to STEVEN WHITE. WINNIE WATTS imparts to LOUISE LIPPARD her secret on how to give men her own way. MARY WARREN TAULBEE leaves to MILDRED CROWE her practical mind and good common sense. REAGAN PREIS leaves many memorable things behind him. SCOTTY PAGE presents his typewriter to MISS WUELI-IAUSEN, who might throw it back at him. BILLY QESFSEE bequeaths his ability to play the trumpet louder and harder than anyone else to SCOTT A TER. DOLORES MAROUEZ intrusts her enchanting look to SHIRLEY FISCHER. ESTHER CLASSEN surrenders her position as majoreite with The IIJCIHCI to IACKIE KEETER. DOUG HEARN and IOHN HALLAM present their flowing IOCICS to PAUL STRAYER. IIM RILEY bestows a reputation for being a swell all-round guy to IERE THOMPSON. MARVIN COUCH wills his everlasting popularity and charm to LOUIS SANDERS. ADELE ALCORN carefully intrusts her glamorous speaking voice to DANNY ALLENSWORTH. MARY ASHBROOK leaves her fiery hair and temper to SUE EARLE. FLORESECEEAEALDRETE bestows her studious ways and her knack of getting things done to HAROLD N. MARY ANN GILL surrenders her daring deeds to ROBIN HOOD. IOYCE DERDEN presents her astounding mental powers to CHARLES I-IABERMAN. RENEE FISCHER bequeaths to that up-and-coming MARY IANE FELBAUM her representative record. GLENN FULLER leaves everything -e but his unquenchable love for Dorothy. FLO DINN wills her succession of care to those who ride the bus. PATRICIA HOUSMAN bequeaths her magnetic personality to DOLORES ROBERTSON. IOI-IN FOSTER and FABRA HAYE bestow their calm, collected manner upon WILLIAM STRINGFELLOW. IOHN GREENE leaves his chewing gum to the front desk on the last row in Room IO. GEORGE GROESBECK intrusts his handsome appearance to SONNY FALLON. LEE GILLILAND presents his smooth, suave ways with the girls to BARTLETT COCKE. BETTY IO HUNT wills her professed admiration for the boys to QKATHRYN ALCORN. I. R. NICHOLSON surrenders his sauntering gait to MISS BAUMGARTNER. DAVE YOUNG bequeaths his skillful capacity for inventing C J to IEANNE CLOSUIT. AUDREY PHILLIPS leaves to the school her name and fame, which shall live as legend and can never be equalled. ROY MCCOLLUM just leaves. We do hereby make, constitute, and appoint Mr. L. G. Nystrom to be the executor of this, our last will and testament, thereby revoking all former wills and testaments by us at any time heretofore made, and declaring this to be our last will and testament. Signed, sealed, and published by the testates above named, as and for their last will and testa- ment, in the presence of us: THE CLASS OF 1946 MISS PEARL STROBEL MRS. ARRA PORTER SAWYER MRS. OMA ECHOLS VORDENBAUM MR. VICTOR MICULKA SENIOR PROPHECY The New York World's Fair of l96O lay before me-an impressive sight. All states, countries, and peoples were to be repre- sented, and how wonderful it was that I might be there too. Excited and eager as only a tourist can be, I also felt somewhat lost among the surging masses. ' As I entered the fairgrounds, who should grasp me by the arm but my old school chum REAGAN PREIS. Was I alone? No, from then on I was no stranger to New York. Above the tumult of the crowd Reagan informed me that he was now master of ceremonies at the Stork Club and, he added, IOSEPHINE WHITE was the vocalist there. Finally arriving at the gate, I was iolted to see IOHN HALLAM', who was selling tickets. Iohn managed to gasp that he was happily married to PATSY "BUBBLES" ENGLE, star of the Hoi-Polloi Burlesque Theatre. He had just sold tickets to that cattle rancher from Texas, IOHN FOSTER, and his fiancee, GRACE BROWN. I said good-bye to Iohn and, propelled by the crowd, moved on to the exhibit of French paintings. The lecturer here was HARRY BURKHALTER, who was displaying a masterful knowledge of his subject. Among the engrossed listeners I recognized MARY ANN BECK, an artist herself. After the lecture Harry told me that FLORENCE ALDRETE was a test pilot for ROY SCRIVENERS airplane company, and that his friend IACK BALDAUF was owner of the Baldauf-Astoria Hotel. I decided to attend a travelogue, "Life in Siam"g it consisted mainly of views of Buddhist temples and Oriental dancing girls, and finding these very dull, I turned to observe the audience. Across from me sat LLOYD PAPE-sleeping peacefully. After many attempts I succeeded in waking him. He murmured that he was a Fuller brush salesman and had married MARY RYAN, who sold magazines house-to-house: so they live on their combined fortunes. I left Lloyd, who returned to his nap, and walked to the front of the theatre. There I met BUZZ KING who had been waiting patiently three hours for his wife, RENEE FISCHER. Buzz related that he was vice-president of the Fischer National Bank, but Renee was president. Remembering some of our Alamo Heights classmates, he told me that IOAN STURMAN had been elected first woman mayor of the city and that MARVIN COUCH was taking Chief Earle's place, I parted with Buzz-still waitingmand went to the World of Tomorrow. This building was filled with previews of things to come. Prominence was given to the latest rocket ship designed by the mad inventor, GEORGE PRICE. Other exhibits were the House of the Future, whose architect was IOHN WILLIAMSON, and squirtless grapefruit by the noted horticulturists IOE IENNINGS and DICK NISSEN. I was also interested in that exciting new invention, "Smell-O-Vision," by ROBERT MCDANIELS. Being ravenously hungry-a trait remaining from my school days-I entered the Swedish Smorgasbord, owned and operated by SIGRID GRANBERG. She mentioned having see LEE GILLILAND vacationing on the French Riviera. Lee had been married ten times, and his present wife was the glamorous movie star, IACOUELINE TRITT. She also described the success of ASA CUNNINGHAM, appearing as Figaro with the La Scala Opera Company in Milan, and the discoveries of MARY ELEANOR VADEN, an archaeologist in Mexico. Sigrid moved on to greet her other guests, among whom I noticed the Elsa Maxwell of the era, ALICE BURGOYNE, dining with Henry Ford IV. She was charming everyone completely, particularly her waiter, IOHN TURNAGE. 1 The Fair was over for the day, but I left it with regret. As I was trudging back to the busline, I watched a long, gleaming limousine approach. With a screech of brakes it came to a sudden stop, and WILHELMINA PETERS, draped in mink and dia- monds, graciously picked me up on the carrier. I learned that she had married a millionaire and become one of the city's out- standing society leaders. I. R. NICHOLSON was her bodyguard, and GLADYS HITZFELDER designed her clothes, exclusively. She showed me a copy of her recent biography, written by the eminent author ELIZABETH IOSEPHINE HAILEY, whom I remem' bered as "Curly." Oh, yes, she continued, her life-long friend, ELLA WOODBURY, had devoted her life to raising fine Pekinese dogs. Willie let me out at my hotel, and we waved farewell. It had been a tiring day: but before going to bed, I turned on the radio and listened to the Walter Winchell of his time, DUBBIE POWELL, in his nightly commentary. Awed by the immensity of the crime, Dubbie announced the theft of the Statue of Liberty by the notorious mad musician, EDGAR THOMPSON. He also revealed that our Ambassador to Chile, MARY ASH' BROOK, was going to confer with the President of the United States, NELSON MILLER. The commercial at the end of the Broad- cast suggested trying GILL'S PILLS, originated by MARY ANN. BERNICE WALLACE was my waitress at breakfast the next morning. I picked up a newspaper and was startled to read the headlines, "Daredevil CLAIR NEVELOW Killed While Going Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel." I hastened to read PATSY "Louella O" GUENTHER'S gossip column. She wrote that CHARLA FARRELL had been nominated for the Academy Award for her excellent direction of the picture, "Going the Other Way." Another of her interesting items was that "Tarzan" IIM RILEY and "lane" IEANNIE MENGER were splitting up, both in the movies and in matrimonial life. As I turned the pages, I recognized DOROTHY GRAF. Under her picture was the caption, "Woma1 Surgeon Indicted for Feeding Little Babies Ground Glass." Starting out to view the city, I headed for that familiar landmark, the Empire State Building. Running up and down the IOZ flights of stairs to keep in trim, was DICK WILLIAMS, AlIfAmerican. Patiently clocking him was his wife CAROL HOWARD, who made good use of her muscles by becoming a masseuse. Next on the list of things to see was Times Square. It was as I had always imagined it-teeming with people, filled with the shouts of newshawks and street vendors, the center of life of our greatest city. Looking at the billboards, I noticed on one an advertisement of that great romantic team, MARION HAMILTON and CHARLES ROGERS, starring in "LoveC?i at First Sight." On another was a full-length picture of MARGIE HEILIGMAN in shining armor, representing her interpretation of her latest play- Shaw's "Ieanne D'Arc." Hearing the shrill cry of a peanut vendor, I found DICK WHITEHEAD, who informed me that he was married to NANCY LEE VOGELSANG, the "Apple Annie" of 42nd Street. He also recalled that IOAN LEWIS was delivering ice in the Bronx and that DON WOODBURY had become a great financier on Wall street. I hated to leave my old friend, but there were many things with which to fill my hours. I rode the bus to Central Park where I became so engrossed feeding the pigeons that I failed to hear a soft, southern voice addressing me. It was indeed OUEENELLE PRUETT HAYE, who had brought her children up from San Antonio to see the Fair. She assured me modestly that EABRA was doing quite well selling insurance. Anxious to know more about the classmates who had remained true to the hometown, I pressed her with questions. RONALD NIETHAMER, she said, had fulfilled his lifelong ambition to build a post office for the citizens of Alamo Heights. GLORIA FORSTER had been elected president of the Y.W.C.A. and was managing as efficiently as always with the help of her devoted friend, MYRTLE DOZIER. BETTY DITTMAN had gone to Corpus as tennis coach there and was fast producing future stars in this field. But the greatest surprise of all was that SCOTTY PAGE had at last made good and had become principal of our dear old Alma Mater. v I SENIOR PROPI-IECY-Continued Now I decided to investigate the famous shopping centers of New York. First I entered Saks, to look for a mink coat. Models WINNIE WATTS and MARY LOU BABEL were so enchanting that I was carried away by their spell and bought the first one I found. Later, as I passed down the street, I was fascinated by the sign-"McCOLLUM and MCDANIEL, Makers of Magnificent Mattresses"-but I did not have the time to chat. Hearing a raspirtg "Brother, can you spare a dime?" I turned around and saw befuddled and bewhiskered ROY SALINAS-a bum. I took him to the nearest restaurant and, warmed by a cup of coffee, he told me his story. He couldnt explain it, he brooded, his wife was tired of him, his children shunned him, even his pets-the dogs, the mice, the goldfish, his beloved catseall left him. Only the parrot remained, and it would not speak to him. I did my best to console Roy and went on my way. Drawn to Woolworth's by some mysterious force, I followed the sound of music to the back of the store. There sat PAT HOUSMAN, who made a living playing tunes and selling music. Pat shared an apartment with VIRGINIA HARTMAN, who was a clever cartoonist, and NANCY BICKHAM, a telephone operator. lust then I heard a loud honking outside the window. Pat explained that this was the way her old flame, CHARLIE CHADWELL, a double-decker bus driver on Fifth Avenue, signaled to her. Musing upon these old romances, I left Pat. Suddenly there was an hysterical shriek and ADELE ALCORN was upon me. In her friendly manner she related that she was organist at St. Patrick's Cathedral. She also told me of her comrades, PAT CAMERON, who was a Spanish translator for a book company, and GINGER SHORT, a gag writer for comedienne EDITH GILDER. To climax the day I wanted to take in a boxing match at Madison Square Garden. The national heavyweight title would be decided between "Killer" FRANK KIRBY and "Grinder" GEORGE GROESBECK. Milling in the masses was our Congress- woman from Texas, MARY IEANNE BURGOYNE. She reminded me that IOHN GREENE had become director of the WPA, and that SHIRLEY HANSON was working as head librarian in the Congressional library. She recounted happenings at an educa- tional convention she had just attended. She renewed friendship with MARY IANE LUCAS, now the Dean of Women at Texas University and heard an excellent lecture given by LOUISE FRANZEL on Einstein's theory of relativity. Then Mary leanne, who at least sees, hears, and tells all, whispered that LUCY CHAPMAN was a beauty parlor operator, GLADYS KNEUPPER, a typewriter saleswoman, and NORMA MAY controls most of the stock in a large factory of nylon hosiery. My last day in New York was a happy one. I took the subway to Brooklyn and amused myself by reading the signs and advertisements. On a large poster was a picture of FANNIE HEARD, who had been elected by subway riders as "Miss Turn- stile of the Week." Looking over the shoulder of the person next to me, I read the title of a new book by the budding novelist ANN ADWARDS, "Forever Amethyst," assisted by her able secretary, OPAL BAGWELL, Arriving in Brooklyn, I headed for the stadium to see the Dodgers, pitched by TOMMY LANCASTER, in a baseball game. PHIL HALLMARK was the unfortunate umpire. lust as he called "Out!" he was hit by a bottle thrown from the stands. I tried to see where the destructive missile had come fromethe strong right arm of VIRGINIA HALLAM. Listening to reviews of the game, I spied BETTY AVERY. A piano teacher at lulliard, she told me that she had as pupils the children of GLADYS THEIS, a dis- tinguished interior decorator. Betty also said that the famed AUDREY PHILLIPS was undergoing treatment from the eminent psy- chiatrist, IOYCE DERDEN, for a terrifying complex that she will be an old maid. I went to a nearby hotdog stand, owned by MARY WARREN TAULBEE. The air was filled with the odor of garlic and Sauer- kraut, but we held a long conversation. She mentioned that ESTHER CLASSEN was a tight-rope walker in the Ringling Brother's Circus and that DOUG HEARN was life guard at Coney Island. lust then the radio blared forth in the regular week-day program, "Stell Dallas, Loser in Love," starring BETTY IO HUNT. Taking an extra hotdog with rne, I left Mary Warren and boarded the subway back to New York. Greenwich Village should never be missed by the tourist. It is as Bohemian as Paris yet distinctively American. As I wan- dered up and down its narrow streets, I encountered a group of children surrounding an organ grinder. I was amazed to meet GLENN FULLER and his trained monkey, Dorothy. In a faked Italian accent Glenn told me that around the corner IERRY MILAM had a thriving fruit stand. However, Glenn added, Mrs. Milam, the former MARIORIE MILLER, had run off with Ierry's life savings and made a long-awaited trip to see the beauties of Palestine. Suddenly we saw a strange figure coming down the street, playing weird melodies upon the flute. As it drew nearer, I realized that it was CATHERINE HARRINGTON. Glenn restrained me from breaking into her apparent reverie by informing me sadly that she makes a tour of the streets every day playing the flute, believ- ing that she is the Pied Piper of Hamlin. I soon came into the tenement section-children playing in the streets, rickety houses, washing waving in the breeze. Noise and confusion seemed to prevail everywhere. However, above the DINN I heard FLORABELLE, screaming across from her flat to PATSY SHERIDAN'S. They both yelled "Hella" Flo's husband, DAVE YOUNG, made a living by selling some of her old cars. Patsy and DOLORES MAROUEZ lived together, gathering considerable fame as being marvelous fortune-tellers. A visit to Radio City was, of course, a requirement of a trip to New York. I attended the broadcast of "Information Please," whose brilliant, spontaneous quiz-master was MARION ECKLES. Appearing as guest that night was "lust-Bring-'Em-Back" TOM MURPHY, a wild game hunter from darkest Africa. Afterwards I talked with Marion, who said that IANE MILLIKAN, BETTY MOORE, and IANE MORRISON were in the next studio practicing for their act, which was known as the "Musical Musketeers." Night had now descended upon the city, and I wanted to celebrate a wonderful vacation by going to the "2l" Club. As I entered, Chef IAMES COYLE was holding an argument in the corner with the manager. During the orchestra numbers BILLY IESSEE, recognized by his fans to be a successor to Harry lames, gave out with all the trumpet solos. The floor show featured an attraction better than the Dolly Sistersfthe BRAND GIRLS-IENNIE MAE and ALPHA. When their routine was over, they came by my table. Iennie Mae was married to FRANK BROUGHTON, a gambler, but Alpha was still looking. Sitting opposite me with their escorts were CISSY CONDER and DOLORES COPPEL, co-editors of Vogue Fashion Magazine. The glamour of these two girls was dazzling. After a delightful evening's entertainment I strolled slowly back to my hotel. Passing-a milk man, I recognized through the early morning fog, FRANK ROBERTSON. We exchanged sleepy greetings and went on. The closing of the hotel door was symbolical to the closing of the curtain on a drama of life. I turned once more to thoughts of suitcases, tickets, and home. But before drifting off to sleep, I reviewed the happenings of the last three days-the places I had been, the old friends I had seen. micutmis ilu' 11 6 mf ' B1 MIOCHF l. The lamp-lighter 2. Some intelligent CPD gals 3. A posin' cutie 4. Are we embarrassed? 5. Interesting, Boys? 6. The strong woman! ,nf 5' .. The "eyes" have it 1 A "pair" grows in a loguot tree Lets have a smile Don't let the books tool you No, no, not that Well, well Next time use my theorerr. O w W KX Qing I .1 6 f fv k n Q .u. Q' 03 , 6000 I , N I X gg P5 , J 1 Nap gf ,. 9 1 'N Qi 4 ' ' wi? v 5 yggt f fp as-Y -. N' - Nui I 'F 02215 FOOTBALL X Coach "Baldy" Martin Coach "Dub" Norton i S ' l B WM, in ANAL ff: 'VV' nit ... Am ,tfififlffft 1 First Row, Lett to Right: Donald O'Brien, Charles Chadwell, Sam Morris, Douglas Hopkins, Bobby Iones, Dick Williams, Herbert Mills, Herbert Sauer, lohn Dix, Maxey Hart. Second Row: Larry Lehner, Iohn Williamson, Iohn Foster, David Stephens, Bill Kirby, Tom Master- son, Danny Durkee, Gilbert Phillips, Pat Poque, Robert McDaniels. Third Row: Phil Hallmark, Bobby Walcowich, Metz Seebach, David Spicer, Leslie Spencer, Marvin Couch, Louis Saunders, Iere Thompson, Torn Green, Ralph Seng. Fourth Row: Ronald Neitharner, Phillip Burger, Scotty Paqe, Raymond Erben, Bill Read, Ross Youngs, Howard Ticlwell, Iirn Boatner, Lee Gilliland, Larry Geraqhty-Coaches Norton and Martin. SEA O SUMMARY Although the Mules started the season with only six lettermen from a squad of forty-four, the team showed itself to be a very powerful and hard fighting one. Uvalde expected to beat the Mules, but after short runs by Erben and Read the Mules showed they had a strong team. Heights' la st score was made on a pass from Green to Read, making the final score 31-l2. The Lanier Voks were the second try for the Mules on September 28. The Mules took the lead early in the game when Erben threw a pass to Couch for six points and a leading score. The next tally was made by Durkee, and later Erben ran over to give a yet bigger score. With backs Stephens, Hart, Green, and Dix, Heights pounded to the goal line and Green went over, ending the game 36-0. On October 5, the Mules went to South San Antonio to play an exciting, but muddy, game. They fought very hard, only to get within the Bobcats' 20-yard line by a long run by Erben. The game ended a scoreless tie. On October 12, the Alamo Heights' fans saw the most exciting game of the year with the Burbank Bulldogs. The Mules' first tally was a 20-yard pass from Erben to Chadwell, who ran 76 yards for a score. Erben tossed Durkee a pass for the second score. Bobby Iones, all-district center, intercepted a lateral and made Heights' third score. After the score was tied at 25-25, Erben came through with a 61-yard run that ended the game with a 32-25 victory for the Mules. On October l7, the Mules traveled to Edison for a renewal of their rivalry with the Golden Bears. Heights received the kick-off and immediately moved to within the Bears' IO-yard line and were held there. However, after regaining the ball, the Mules led by a score of 7-O after a long pass from Erben to Page was completed. Outstanding in the game were Erben's passes to Couch, Page, and Phillips: and defensive play by Morris, Gilliland, and Williams. Edison finally made their lone score near the end of the game, leaving the final score 27-6 in favor of Heights. The next game was played in Cotulla on October 26. Despite valiant efforts on the Cowboys' part, Heights out- played them, and the score ended 32-O. After the game the team went to Laredo for the night. The game with San Antonio Tech was played on November 2. Tech took an early lead, but that lead was soon overcome by brilliant passing by Erben and running by Read. Tech came back and scored, but again Heights came out in front with a fine run by Erben. Williams scored the last touchdown on a line play late in the game, making a Heights victory certain. As usual there was fine line play with Hopkins, Gilliland, Sauer, and Iones in the spotlight. The final score was 20 for Heights to l2 for Tech. ' The Hot Wells Blue Devils came to Heights on November 9,for their annual district game. The Mules scored early in the game on a run by Williams and were never in danger throughout the game. Again it was the good playing of Iones, Gilliland, Morris, and Couch, and the pass-catching of Page that were the outstanding features of the game. The final score was 39 to O in Heights' favor. - The Mules played their last game against the Harlandale Indians for 36-A district championship on November 22. The powerful plunging of Rate and Tope gave Heights their only defeat with a lop-sided score of 26-6. The Mules made their only touchdown on a pass from Erben to Read. The regional champs showed too much strength and power for the Mules' line. RAYMOND ERBEN DICK WILLIAMS Back Back Captain Co-Captain 'msvg k ' 555 MARVIN COUCH End SCOTTY PAGE End G L ' HQ m I-7' X, if Wi W F55 gk as -if HERBERT MILLS Tackle V y xl 'V X X, I- 'N' il- if i f YOUICS Rlad URBEN Closdwcl Ld'lNn,ml Jann Pa. 4 i 4 saucy Hlflfla S'?f73...f HQKDCS Fo 6 fer Grew! Pl-nn, Duke M404 Kir UA afm. LEE GILLILAND Guard V ,A- I fn, A- 7 ' 1 1 SAM MORRIS Tackle ' 4 L f TOM GREEN 3 L f Back 'j 'I . L L Aim A Wits -WQM' VS iii, BOBBY IONES LAM FM ,,,1i 1 I I ,Il E R Center A BILL READ Guard DANNY DURKEE V Engl DOUGLAS HOPKINS B Guard -5 - . vibfy B 4 , 5 ' xg' A f fly-12 flu' ' fr' WW gf Q. 15:'?'r?i " ""H' 5'- 1 .K ,, 'G 1 11: "-- Q , H ff ,, g X. . ' -.1 h ang, g .f 1 .. .5 9' 'f'i'Q7f'Q" ,, H'.f'?ff-"-fi 'Q ii- '-'Q ' 2531. as f f?f?2,4,.,,V-3.31 P- - 42442. if -f .x3,5.,,Q :,l Q.. .ve . ,. .qv I-gg' 1 1 Sw-f'1"'3gf'Q. 1 , f'i.-2 'if .JJ -.4 ...J an-ig Ik M ft W9 N' W BILL KIRBY I f ' il ' ' IOI-IN FOSTER Guard 5" -, Tackle 'i I , M, .Q H F5 ., J, Z l--. - 4- ' -, uf - Q , I i Q f' ' VQ, "" ' BLJQ, I .I 13-ff f E " I fix.-M fi i V Ttgiif Y-L I L Q , - ' .ni Us .7 ' 2' I'I':fwf" af ,ml A, My 'E ia NI if 1, . gg, . x, V , .A ,eqliiiyg igfgwff I -- . R ,, :vii ' -4' I 7ffif'?xmM'5'?I5if'Nl. f.-Q-g 31' ,f ,Y I- , ' ' gp If- , ' .. A . " Q 1, - I .w , 5 ggfi I X, W ,.v ' . 1, V? Jas ' X - ,,- '-:. L ,, ,I .gy " N .f I -'diff A Q-ew Lag' ffm-ff-pm . A 1 fiwfifl. I 1 RONALD NIETHAMER Manager X 3 GILBERT PHILLIPS End ROBERT MCDANIELS ROSS YOUNG End Guard Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Interesting? Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Uvalde .ss,.s 7 77 3l-l2 Lanier ..,ss.., . 7 36- 0 So. San Antonio,.,.,,., 7 77 U- O Burbank ,.,,,s, 7 7 ,v,,ss, ,,,,,s,,, 3 2-25 Edison ,.v,,. i,,ii,, 7 27- 6 Cotulla 7 ,,,,s,s ,,,... 7 7 32- U Tech ss.,,...i,, ..i,. 7 20- U Hot Wells ,,....s,, 7 777777 77 39- U Harlandale ..77. 7. 7 77 6-26 Instructions for destruction A l . Burning the bear Heading for a touchdown ---V 1- . YV Y. . rn- , ,v ., .1-ln ln NEITHAMER High Hurdles TRACK The opening of track season, March 8, found Coach Martin and a five-man team traveling to Laredo for the Border Olympics. The team was composed of Chadwell, Preis, Cunningham, McCreight, and Sauer. Although the team won 'no honors, the needed experience was gained by all. On March l6 the Heights track team entered the first big meet, the Edison invitation. Reagan Preis, who Won fourth place in the mile, was our only representative in the Winner's circle. Although a number ot Heights boys were entered in this meet, they couldn't make the speed of their opponents. The Alamo Heights lnvitational Meet ot March 22 proved to be a bit better for Heights' boys than the preced- ing one. The mile relay team composed of McCreight, Cunningham, Chadwell, and Iones took third place in the event, and Preis again took fourth place in the mile run. Other boys battling with Heights' spirit Were Thome, who was in the high jump tinalsp Chadwell, who ran a good 8805 and McCreight, who ran a creditable 440 dash. di' 4' T' PREIS MCCREIGHT, DIX, KING, IONES Mile 440 Sprint Relay MEYERS, MCDANIEL 220-Yard Dash IONES, CUNNINGHAM, CHADWELL Mile Relay SAUER Shot-put MCCREIGHT 440 Dash Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Alamo Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights - Heights Charles Chadwell - Captain BASKETBALL A Team Scores 14 Harlandale - 26 l7 South San Antonio 19 Lanier - 41 23 Burbank - 39 19 Hot Wells - 55 26 Edison - 43 29 Harlandale - 41 36 South San Antonio - 47 21 Lanier - 55 31 Burbank - 43 29 Hot Wells - 37 28 Edison - 40 A Team Squad Bowman, I. Chadwell, C. Garcia, I. Hearn, D. Kirby, B. McCarthy, I. Morris, S. Neithamer, R. Nissen, D. Spooner, I. Won 4 1 B Team Squad Engelke, A. Ivy, I. Knox, I. Masterson, T. Moore, D. Shoemaker, B. Spencer, L. Steele, V. Thompson, I. Young, R. B Team Scores Lost 12 , x .,.,.,... AE Miss Sims Coach Booth, I. Brulf, I. Burqoyne, A. Chadwell, N. De Loach, A. TENNIS CLUB OFFICERS Vice-Pres. .,...s....,,.. N. Chadwell Sec.-Treas. ,.,,,. ..,... B .Dittrnan B tt I H .1 SQL-at-arms ........ . ..... C. Howard GPY QV G1 ey resident Dittman, B. Hanson, S. Miller, M. Smith, N. Engle, P. Heiliqman, M. Millikan, I. Stone, P. Gibler, X. Howard, C. Parrish, K. Sturman, I. Gill, M. A. Irby, L. Phillips, A. Vander Siraten, E. Hailey, B. Kohler, C. Short, G. Volqelsang, N. Miller, A. W ,ff-f-win ,. . fy. M53 B 3 ,"'5 ' Y "Nrf?:fv"+--mff. Ei. 1, . . ' . ,gi-, at 1 y ga s . v ? 1 -S W 5 A 5 Nancy Chadwell wish f g ASQQZYQWQ, K 5, t :gif ' 1 ' ' Sf! 1 fm ' 1 - ga: g fp A . rw 1 ff? A it tt Q . ..-efwfswn 1 vm m-,,r-y22--g1..- Af, V U .M in ,f'3g,,1g Wewfv fZ:'1.5a.Hf-Q .-.. ,te-ef A tr if TENNIS TEAM Betty Dittman t V Kathryn Parrish Emily Vander Straten Ioanne Karnes Colette Konler Allene Miller W4- Y . L W lk W , M: I: .Z 5 Q 4 'A 1 ,. .xi . a 5 1. iiflllf ' .6 i- ' Y, , ,. , , ,W Y .nr- YYVn Y,,- V Y I4 - - -H ' ' 4 x -wr-1 I I N 4 ,,,,...,.,T 1 V A X Y U95 4 i 3'1u.kR X f wf I 1 fx L! L! Q? ' 12, D f I jf .. 1, , m X MX f - :xx ' Q A if X j 9 if X f if gf Y . 4 q G00 cb V 1 - ,...,-1,... CGMPLIMENTS CF T. E. ZBEIITICS JI. LUIHLCI CO. 901 Victoria Street 1295 San Antonio. Texas "lf"7?' " "'7?"'+"7"Q"' A PAGE OF GGOD NAMES frank Bros. "T"Q""l""lf"l' "'?'Q""l"1l""l' 'l""lf'f"W""l""l' -l"ilf'4""l""l"' "'U"1""'l"il""l""l' Lumber :mel Bllilcling Materials CITY LUMBER COMPANY Forrest Dinn, Gwxmer St. Marys St. 7114 "ANYTIME IS THE RIGHT TIME" 4 ORANGE DELICIOUSLY NATURALLY HEALTHFUL soon TWO UNEXCELLED PRODUCTS "THE HOME UF QUALITY BEVERAGES" Enjoy these two beverages whose flavor is derived from pure citrus fruit juices and whose quality is unsurpassed. You,ll agree it's no wonder they're the AT DEALERS EVERYWHERE B-1 BOTTLING COMPANY OF SAN ANTONIO 1912 BROADWAY GARFIELD 6118 Connell Sz Gladwin Paint Co. Distributors of DU - PONT PAINTS 81 PAINT SUPPLIES F - 1281 1117 E. Houston St. NEWTON W. JACKSCN Phone Fannin 6381 400 Aztec Building Compliments of Emile and Marcel Robin DR. B. TIDWELL O P T O M E T R I S T 122 W. Houston St. Compliments of S. C. STANLEY CURLEE CLOTHES Thirsty or Not You enjoy . . GRAPETTE "'7i"'U"iT'T-"+"'Q""l"'7'Q" "l' -l""lfif"i" "PWS- Compliments of IBIOHJWQY IFIIIHIICC COIP. Glen Wilson Roy Garwood 901 BROADWAY BROADWAY PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Phone T-2633 Broadway at Mary D. Alamo Heights San Antonio Texas For every kind of good insurance call F-0765 HAMILTON - BONNET Milam Building BEST WISHES TO ALAMO HEIGHTS SCHOOLS C. L. BROWNING, JR. CONTRACTORS Garfield 5201 HOBART - DAYTON SALES AGENCY 718 E. Commerce SCALES, SLICING MACHINES F oon MIXERS Foon CHOPPEES J. K. Stark F-2792 BEST WISHES g TO SENIORS OF ,46 FEOM A FRIEND ..cb-4k -il--1'il-- 'kill Miki- Y BOWDEN'S PHARMACY We Print THE HOOF PRINT PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 'A' FOUNTAIN SERVICE GORDON PRINTING CO SANDWICHES and SODAS C-8133 Q f Across from Alamo Heights School 1' 1k , GREATER LUKE'S Phone Trav1s 3358 5901 Broadway Alamo Heights DEPT' STORE O 1' if SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 5021 Broadway BUILDING A GOOD REPUTATION SINCE 1852 "Home of Good Luck Wedding Ringsi' Bell's is Texas' Oldest Iewelers! For 94 years BELL,S has proudly served you-your parents-and your grand- parents. Today, we enjoy a sp endid reputation for square dealing and value giving-a reputation which we zealously guard in every transaction. Your conHdence is our greatest asset! I. L S 516 E. Houston St. 94th Year ig'-wir -?i"'Qf"l""l"il' '-i""?"'l""l""l""l" 'lf"l" "I" "?"'0""l""l""7"Q""?31" 'Q' "l"'l" "I" "I" 19' ".F?"'?" ' ORIGNAL SENIORS . . CONGRATULATIONS Mexican Restaurant FROM "Food With That Original A Mexican Flawv REALTOR FRIEND 117 Losoya Street C-7982 DOWN TOWN Alamo Heights J tt C3116 C RED 81 WHITE BURKE Staple and Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats and Vegetables if Phone T-3396 1020 Townsend Ave. House of Fashion Millinery and Accessories 324 N. St. Mary,s Street Cathedral 8551 San Antonio, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF SUMMERS DRUG STORE No. 21 Broadway at Inslee A N D SUMMERS DRUG STORE No. 4 ' 5000 Broadway MARGUERITE BEBINCEB PIANO STUDIOS 233 Harrison Ave. T-3748 FRANK ROBERTSON ' BUILDER ' 227 Cloverleaf Fannin 8204 Travis 3391 BAGWELL' SERVICE STATION BLUE BONNET GROCERY 81 MARKET if 1- Yogi gjggfghgod ALAMO HEIGHTS COMPLETE FOOD STORE Dealer 1 1 5031 B1'0adWaY T-1551 T-3311 I 6301 Broadway For SALES or RENTALS in ALAMO HEIGHTS Jack Holt or TERRELL HILLS t C a I I HARTMAN ALAMO HEIGHTS REALTY COMPANY BARBER 5H0p T - 3 8 8 1 GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF 1946 "We Appreciate Your Patronagen -k T - 1 8 1 1 Visit Our New Toy and Gift Department E if ALAMO HEIGHTS LUMBER CO. 5939 Broadway T-3388 BERT MINSHALL, Owner BETTA WOLF Manager PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE 'k T. L. YOUNG BARBER SHOP "Near the Schoolv 5931 Broadway Complete New Show Every Friday Sunday and Tuesday BILLY BURKE UTHOROKLEANU Laundry 8: Cleaning i' Compliments of SAN ANTONIO MUSIC COMPANY ISAAC BLEDSOE, President Conn, Pan-American, Cuvalie Band and Orchestra Instruments - i' 4909 Broadway T-3348 3I6 W. Cemmerce Street Garfield I33I .BEST w1sHEs UOMPLIMENTS T0 OF STUDENT BODY ' AND WOLFF 8: MARX FACULTY ,, FROM YOUR San Antoni P. T.. Ag Quality Store ,Q-, ,.q-YY4.11+, .g.,,.4:...4-,J0--f-Q--0----O--O--Qr-g..D- -+4--ki-4 BEST WISHES TO OUR FUTURE CITIZENS INSURE WITH FRANK L. JONES i' GENERAL INSURANCE "' 1125 Alamo National Bldg. Office F-4151 Home T-3732 to sell you the best insurance gf money can buy. MCH-HANY COLEMAN 8. CO. g coNoco SERVICE STATION 1125 Alamo National Building 3202 McCullough Ave. Telephone F4151 sANANToN1o TEXAS TTHEWS BOTTLERS OF 1 MATTHEWS ORANGE, STRAWBERRY- GRAPE- ROOTBEER ' LEMONADE , 1 r ALAMO HEIGHTS CAKE SHOP I "It's Fresh Every Hour of the Day" F91- X rf The Most Complete Variety of Party Tea Cookies, Rolls and Pies, Wedding, Birthday and , l Party cakes Your Graduauon Flowers 1- Reasonably Priced BREAD - ROLLS -- COFFEE CAKES Call 4 5915 Broadway Travis-4121 l 1 Kelly - Scherrer 'l' l . Pershing 6184 + 4 1' 3 The Came' of Amaction 326 West Josephine Street 3 1' l r f ... - f + l 4 l BOTTLED uNDErz Aurv-aoszarv or THE COcA.c:oLA COMPANY av SAN ANTONIO COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY E l 'i""l""l"iP"Qf"l' 'TTY e'l"'i"Q' l"Q""l"'1f"i' wrwv-71-4+ -.Q--qr-5-wa .7-gr-9-H 4 4 + + + + l + l 7-ofwr' Appliances Air Conditioning Radios, Etc. L. B. KELLY CO. Headquarters for phonograph recordings in Alamo Heights 5310 Broadway San Antonio 2, Texas Travis-3394 "Where Beauty Is an Artv ART BEAUTY SALON 3131 McCullough Ave. PASCAL 81 ROLF SERVICE STATION 13,7021 3130 McCullough MR. CHANEY 1? - 9911 MR. HARTLEY M . R JACOBS Mobilgas Mobiloil THE IZE BOX ALAMO HEIGHTS CLEANERS 81 HATTERS Modern Equipment "Ladies' Work a Specialty" W. D. Cornelison T-4111 5943 Broadway "Good Goodies Always" 5320 Broadway T-0151 W. D. Thurman, Manager ' SHAW-PERFECT DIAMONDS ' FAMOUS MAKE WATCHES ' SMART JEWELRY CREATIONS TEXAS' GREATEST IEWELERS 203 EAST HOUSTON ST. In the Gunter Hotel CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '46 , il' The Largest Store in the M 6 Largest State 3 Qferw' GLENN rnsrfn NASH co. SALES AND SERVICE 1501 Broadway G-7288 ls Comp lments Compliments f 0 of A'-AMO HUBBY CENTER DR. R. A. STURTEVANT 5935 Broadway 5937 Broadway "'7i"Q""l" 19' -l""l""l""Y'?""Y"T""l"iT"Q""l"i' -l""'l""l""O""7"'l""lf"9""if"lfilf"7'T' G. w. MITCHELL General Contractor g h i gkqi 16532 1- 612 American Hospital and Life Bldg. San Antonio 5, Texas W. J. LACKEY 81 CO. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Frost Bank Bldg. F-2497 If You Need A Corsage After Six! We are open evenings and Sundays WILLIAM C. KING FLOWER SHOP J. P. WILLIAMS HARDWARE 1 Sherwin - Williams Paint Firestone Tires 3133 McCullouch Ave. P-9861 San Antonio, Texas CONGRATULATIONS When A Camera Clicks O H T T E, Think of CLASS OF 46 'A' Ggnefal STUDERS Oldsmobile Company Your Oldsmobile Dealer 'Ir 801 Broadway F-7355 I. M. CAVENDEB, IR. Owner FOUR CONVEN IEN T STORES 315 Alamo Plaza Aztec Theater Bldg. 402 San Pedro 1032 South Presa PIGGLY WIGGLY Buy Your Favorite Foods with Confidence at Piggly Wiggly ir 28 STORES TO SERVE YOU 22 EQUIPPED WITH COMPLETE I MEAT MARKETS 'A' ALAMO HEIGHTS STORE 4878 BROADWAY PIGGLY WIGGLY SAN ANTONIO COMPANY Owned and Operated by E. A. Bosse "Q""lfT'W' "P"'Qf"l"'7?'?fi' , Ll l CADWALLADER A. J . S M I T H 81 SEEDS - PLANTS - BULBS GENERAL INSURANCE 5001 Broadway Majestic Bldg. San Antonio San Antonio Texas Congratulations, Class of ,46 filinLl,ui31ZigI1ft2ifs'2ifZ2f Bfiiffct J- R- GE-I-T5 Let Us Help You MILLER 81 MILLER REALTY CO. T-2631 5932 Broadway Gulf Service Station ALAMO HEIGHTS Beauty Box Beauty Shop 5721 Broadway "We know why as well as how" T - 2531 EULA BITCHEY, Owner NEICE 81 MODESETT FIRESTONE STORE 5012 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 'A' HOME OF AUTO SUPPLIES AND HARDWARE ORMSBY "The Only Dealer Automotive Engineer in Texas" SERVICE ALL MAKES OF CARS 61 TRUCKS 24-Hour Wrecker Service One Block South Transit Tower Garfield-0113 YOU ARE ALWAYS NEVELOW BROTHERS 456 Main Avenue 'A' F - 1301 WELCOME San Antonio ' . PHOTO SUPPLY 615 North St. Marys Distributors KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES if i' 'k EVERYTHING LONG LIFE BATTERIES PHOTOCRAPHIC COMPLIMENTS OF CITY HOME BUILDERS A CORPORATION 2024 N. St. Marys A G-7114 E E l 4 r 5 + ? + P "'l""7'Qfii""Y'T" "l""l" 10' "U" "5 ..p4wgr-gr 'Q' E .IOHN A. WILLIAMSON COMPANY -DISTRIBUTORS- F EN ESTRA Steel Windows 8: Doors ALWINTITE Aluminum Windows MODERNF OLD Doors 804 Avenue A Fannin-0134 M. L. AND M, 11. STITH RIFLE TELESCOPE SIGHTS TELESCOPE SIGHT MOUNTS TELESCOPE FITTED RIF LES 500 Transit Tower ' "U" 'if "I" "I" "I" "O" "O" il"1'fil"i" 4 "l"iT"i' 10' "l""l" 15' "Tiff- H. E. B. H. E. B. SILVER VALLEY PRODUCTS R. L. Clapp, Manager Compliments Compliments to Of CLASS OF 746 J. M. SCHUCHARDT From a Friend CONGRATULATIONS TO THE g Martin 81 CO. GRADUATES OF 1946 K'Make your old age as happy as your 448 S- St- Marys school days, through one of our annuity plans. Insures your ,k life, gives you a life-time monthly check at , maturityf, 24-Hour SBIVICC 'A' . 'k FRANK FALLON, General Agent WASHING THE PAUL REVEIIE LIFE LUBRICATIGN INSURANCE COMPANY STEAM CLEANING "' . P. -d as Our Speclalty e 29331 I . , . 1 , f .- 1 ,I f 'f. I ' R X' W 3 ,X P g fy' "J If 5,145 kj If X f av' ' ' f ' la In E X lf XX X a5V.1.. ' if ,l,2p2,f1iW' , ' A- . .Z f ,f A N lfff I X , 'W ff 3 34 XX Mi :Ms www! M "w ju xl i , X J L V1 mei 'NQ I , M , .. W 1. , l r X ' 'X Q 1 9- V1 ' 4 .1 N Z al6.7vfAw M- . . , f' "' 'af ff 'f ' l'f"P-"Z",-"ll"Q.I1'5-"Y'T"' f "LM'2p11i1Sj1,X,1.xj:.,,jEPfe:-QiiiiYNVX Q3I1"'4'2 ll' "'S 'WI' 323.711 N- QTUWAIW 0517223 7 "ff-' fi Hqnmkg-T1g,f"f''Mwnyw' wif 5. ' ' ' new-v 1 , . L,., 'rv 1 rqbqj Zz K' I -4 f fff ' 4 5 gf x i Qi! X 4,1 14. I Qi GQ- E' 7 211 al W 69 2 79 Lfdlt TX ,iw Z1 W -I , , 4 mn L 1 All 971 Dm, x u , .ufyfmf-I . ' ff 1

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