Alamo Heights High School - Olmos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX)

 - Class of 1937

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Alamo Heights High School - Olmos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1937 volume:

Jaw WX 57 A I l ! lit 'jr- if 4 V , 'I ff , 1. CQ, lmdu 'X f 5 X .HM All J Z! n' , X x JWWW r M ' . 1 f .- ' Z- Ng fi f N , -"" ',. 2. I. F, I wg -at X' I I . x V K' K, 1' If ug be I X x- 'Jf f f as, kk Wi'7fg',Q' Qbwfyf i. M1 ' ll r M M xx w gif 1, -v Y. Ulf? f ri-, Q X' - lr '-1-""' 13754, ' gf- ffff 'Qt x' Q Xt f- 1 - X' XM H. X X !:, Q-Afl f ...ff " We . , A x J .. -r, - .- '41 " - . 1 -'D 1 tax gif ' f x x'olf:?3 X' .W 1 lvl? X inf: 0 I ?s ..',,,,, X X' w , fl- ' zz Sy' Affffvqr axis"-.!Q,, Q N -,Ty QS :'.7a,42f1 ,i,,JwQQ:- Y, ,g Wvgf, J..-:,v.. ,xf5g4f,f.n s Qclvk ., :Pf,'.J4.z1,iUm e g g g- TwN l 65 1' N-f X s Jp- : J Q. .P X .' ZZ THE DEDICATION To a greater Alamo Heights High School-greater in spirit, greater in standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, greater in wisf dom and culture, greater in boys and girls Whose power for service to their Country and to the World shall equal that of leaders in the several epoehs in the history of the United States The Ulmos of 1937 is respectfully tleclieatecl. I r, Y , wf p IA, f xi x ,7','W1lll .1 r Z, ef - , ' 0 Xp XFX my r f ff ,gy 3 U u N' ' N X - f'VJ:Eri54Nfp,f AM L i ' W W r i fi W h cwmf -:XE FOREWORD lt has been a short year, but one packed with things we should remember, things so vivid that we smile at the idea of ever forgetting them. Nlost of us have out grown memory booksg few of us are patient enough to keep a diary. Hence the Olmos. As we present the Qlmos to guard your mem ories, we make the following modest request: 'Youli scarce expect a staff our sige To make a book divinely wise, So if we chance to fall below La Retama or the Moizticello Don't view us with a critical eye, But pass our impe1'jQ:ctions by, fl. H. H. S. Alamo Heights forever We will praise with heart and soul Marching along together With our colors Blue and Gold Ever with loyal spirit Striving for heights untold May Pride and Honor and Glory be forever in her name We'll back our school and we'll back our team And follow them to fame-so- Alamo Heights keep marching- Proudly bearing the name we love. 2 'Eg H- Jacnfiy am! C!a4,4e,4 G. W. GOTKE Superintendent .UU 1 BOARD OF EDUCATION E. E. DOYLE ERNEST M. GROOS President Vice-President MRS. S. X. CALLAHAN Secretary A. M. MICHAEL W. P. FITCH DR. T. G. DUCKWORTH L. D. ORMSBY R. B. REED Prineipal 'inf' 4.- Q6 'Q fl f 4 FACULTY MISS BOLES Health Education MR, BROWN Commercial MR. CATE English and French pf MRS. CULMER Art MR. HILL Dramatics H MISS BRIGHAM English MISS CARVER Librarian MISS CLARK Latin MISS GILMER History and English ! 67 LCLVVVM 61114 if4'Zb'w'l. MR. LA GRONE Mechanical Training Q. I fc..LY F Q 1 l lYr,, I ,if G I I? X kc ' za R' xxx J S I . ' Y MQW NJ J' FACULTY MISS LIGHTI-IOUSE History MR. MENGER Health Education MR. MILLIGAN ,gwfw MR. MARTIN Coach MRS. MILLER Home Economics VW1 -A Mathematics MRS. NEUHAUSER English and Spanish f' AJ f few A 1 W ' li 1 kx MRS. PICKENS Mathematics I ! Y ,V 1' final! 1 l.i1C.lccrl. .' MRS. SAWYER i Spanish 8 ,Agf n.f.f-4, J , .1 "4 ' 'V , - , K' Q4 1 I+ I ! I , f 11 1 " ,AL F ' ... I' 4 ffbugtfw-4 A MR. TODD ' ' ' f' Y Science "' ., 1 ' 5' A V Y ' , Af-. A 4. ' It if Q J .... L . v "X ' ' ' 'L I ' S MR. WALLACE I! I S J " ii' Band and Orchestra six " l " 1 V. J. . A I , H T ' J- A-'5 i ' x I X 'S""'g, "4 XJ Q. df W N Q. r f A f " f'ARl. NlSW"l'ON t uf BILL CAIN ldis- Pn.-sldcnf Scnmr l Vue-l'n-widen! Smior Class '36, 'V flaw '56, 'K' M Must Rlprescnlalivc Boy "U lfuurball "SS, 'Sh J lfnollmll '35 J l N K l. . Slgrrn't.1ry 5,-gl CQl.1ss l36,Y',' Tllf"'Y'l. Y l -lmnor Play l'rcsulcnI Hand and Ufahcitm '36, 'ST' Swvfh Vm-l'rl-wx-In-m lr. flux Nnrimml Honor Socncty VJMIIGIQ lb nf Hn Y l'ruml1,nr WS, 'Sh Ihfurmtncs n4'3Y'H Prmulcnl Hr-Y '66, '37 H "LHl'fw-1Lf1f fdf' lTLOlSli HARTMAN l'Al.'l. VlLLARliT 51 rhggmnt .ur arms Mn:-1. fl.ns'Sf1, 'V' lfnotlmll '84, 'SY 'VI l'rv.-snlrm 'lr f,.l.w. 'RS Fxtcsxupuranwus Speaking '56 Ddmtc 'ML '57 M36 K. L. ISLRRY Rlporlur 51-mor Class '36, 'T P.lrln.nncnl.Lr:.xn Sensor Class '36, '57 lf l lllfRlXl7R'l' STl'f'Kl lrl.lN.,n 1 Nnfllr f l.m wr R if-..v.lnl lf. Mlm 4 lul- ,X1-M l'uVul.lz lim S l hurl Ruse rvux lfuozlmxll 'Sn Cllcc Club rllfdflx 'S' C hcss C lub W Q . S6 lk If I f -P Vx I 1 ,JW Q ' ' . fa X 'wa lf M in Wi SENIORS ROBERTA ADAMS Dramatics Volleyball Basketball Essay Writing Glee Club Declamation Baseball 5 im f f HARRY ANKERSON Student Council '34, '35 Tennis '36, '37 National Honor Society Hi-Y Olmos '36 gm.. 7 4 ., .I 4 RICHARD BATTLE Olmos '37 Hoof Print '36, '37 Hi-Y-Reporter '36, '37 Glee Club Football '35, '36 Advisory President '35, '36 Dramatics EVELYN ALLING Girl Reserves National Honor Society Hoof Print Student Council '36 Olmos junior Play Glee Club ,A Q J -V-Af"1,'.1V V ,f BARBARA ARCHER One Act Play National Honor Society Girl Reserves ' Glee Club r ' f 1 4 , wwlf gwldf WW BILLY BAUERS CHARLES BECKER WNV! - ""DA,,.S2,, 9 riff? f QM' fl Jw ' A ,sf 'Q A N4 .1 21 of fd 5510 A-ew MURRAY BETTS Football '35, '36 DANN BECKLEY Band and Orchestra NANNETTE BOERNER Band and Orchestra wi SENIORS H. O. BORGFIELD T1 N 2 'VfF-f- W'- Hutif Print '56, '57 jj, y, ph Basketball '56, '37 Glee Club '35, '56 BILL BRAID Ten '37 A ' , U P V. F . s J' ' K . sf Vw - AMYE BIESS BOWLES Library Hoof Print '56, '57 " ivy I IARRY O Band al r ti Hoof ri t- flung: Editor '56, '5 Olmos Stuff '57 , - 1 , BILL BUSBEE C O jj .f kwa 5404. Student Council '55, '36 President '56, '37 - 1 1 , , , . Hoof Print Editor '57 sb! wif fzf'-f""C l 'WY' . National Honor Society j , Treasurer, junior Class '36 ' ' f' ' Spelling ,,,, pw r -2-54-' -"-""'M.f ' Glue Club Treasurer T. H. S. P. A. Dramatics Chess Club '35 Tennis '55 Olmos MARIAN CALZADO Dramatics LAVINIA CHESTNUTT Glee Club Library Club '35, '36 Volleyball '34, '35, '36 Pep Squad '34, '35, '36 Girl Reserves '34, '35 Texas Centennial Play '36 Baseball Tennis National Honor Society VIRGINIA CAGE Hoof Print '36 Glee Club MA RUE CARSON ' , m 4 A .VQVYV 'bv Jun lk 'fr' NU' V , iff" f . , - " .7 I .ff we .X . Wyfr I ,. I we JIMMIE CLUTTER Iloof Print- Advertising Nmuger '56 Iixtempo '36 SENIORS VIOLA CRAIG Pep Squad MARY JANE DAVIS Girl Reserves - Hoof Print jOE DAVENPORT Student Council '57, Treasurer IX VIRGINIA DICKERSON Tennis '54, '56 Girl Reserves '54, '55 Glee Club '54, '55, '56 lb. Q-11'-'Sk 'XL'-Agfx Secretary, junior Class '56 junior Play '56 tx Advisory Vice-Pres. '57 ' N" Es. ffie' Cheer Leader '56 ' X National Honor Society Hull of Fame '57 fDuchessj DOROTHY DELL I DOUGLASS "7 X Tennis Club ' E- ' ' Olmos '55 ' I "3 , Girl -Reserves '3 sf " gl X - Advisory -Seve-tary 156, '57 Glee C,mb,.,56. V DOROTNY DQWNHAM H6617 Fame' '57v.fDuchessl S. Dfamamfsf ' I 1 A ' Libpary Club , i , X' Glee Club FRANK DOWNS Basketball '56, '57 'fx I f' Track '56 If ry 1,5 Ti V. .1 :jl4'f2if7x,n' ,fy-J ' " HAROLD DRUCE GUNTER DUCKWORTH Dfammfs RUTH DUKES Hi-Y '36,"37 Hoof Print '56, '57 Football '56 Tennis '54, '55 Golf '55, '56, '57 Glee Club Advisory Vice-Pres. '55, '56 Olmos Staff Essay Writing '56 Debating '57 Library Club Reporter '57 Girl Reserves '57 Glee Club '56, '37 City Wide Essay Contest '57 Plays '56, '57 National Honor Society I H C1'.X N l I ' I 3. 1 s ,x .2 Sv' 5 v I, I 1 J . ,ll f ,. . W,35yy'g'E'N1oRs ,Mi I' I GEORGIA FITZGERALD ' f' ' ' , P Glee Club K J , Dramatics F , , Girl Reserves-Program Chair- ' f- , h' ' man '36, '37 " ' Hoof Print-Cir. Manager '36 GEORGIE MAE FULLER Dcclamation '35 Hoof Print '36, '37 Olmos '37 Girl of Today Club A ' ONZALES Football '34, '35, Capt. '36 Basketball '35, '36, Capt. '37 Track '35, '36, '37 Hi-Y '36 Olmos Junior Play '36 HELEN GRAHAM QE,-ugx VX-' mwah-' Girl Reserves '34, '35, '36 Vice-President '35, '36 ' President '36, '37 W National Honor Society Vice-President '36, '37 Olmos '36-Co-editor '37 Hoof Print-Assistant Adv. Manager Glee Club Girl of Today Club '3-3, '35 JEAN GUERDRUM Advisory, Secretary '34, '35 Advisory, President '36, '37 Girl Reserves All-City Coun- cil-Vice-President '36, '37 Pep Squad '36 Library VIRGINIA HANSEN Pep Squad '34, '35 Lam' BETTY HERPEL . L Girl Reserves '36, '37 I Sergeant-at-Arms '36, '37 ' Advisory, Secretary '35, '36 Advisory, Treasurer '36, '37 Olmos Staff '37 Glee Club '36, '37 National Honor Society ELIZABETH HODGES' Typing 'f I f f 1,k1 is LV Erma! 17, ff- 1' ,NA N ROBERT HOFF 6 I f ff N iv 'v SENIORS JEANJACKSON f - -V, ,,,,C ,qw Pep Squad Hoof Print LAWRENCE KIQMPIQIER j jf tg, JOE KOPECKYXQK X 25 y Hi-E '36, '27 A A I M 1 Aff,- O 'tr' '3 , '35 C .N UK V ' f Biifidgsi' Y' 1' N 'L fqffwg' C. A. LIPSCOMB, JR. Baseball '33 Track '34, '35 Dramatics jj Glee Club '35, '36 cl Student Council '33 ,lo MAiY LOCKE I - t Olmos Girl ves Glee lub BART LUCAS UW, Cf Hi-Y Sgr.-at-Arms '35, '36, '37 I Advisory, Vice-Pres. '35, '36 Advisory, Secretary '36, '37 Olmos '37 Hoof Print '35, '36 Dramatics fi' '1 f' 1, 4f! H p ' LTL' A ,a1f"Jj JEANET MCCLUER Pop Squad Library Q Spelling KATHERINE MCDOWELL Glee Club Dramatics MARY ANN MCDOWELL Tennis '36 ' cf Girl Reisives A, f 1 Gl C ' Oliirfos U ' I BETTY MARIE Mc N Assemblies , lx flr lf 3 G. , ,iw SENIORS GLADYS RUTH MCNAMARA Declamation '55, '57 Glee Club '35 Olmns Staff '36 Girl Of Today Club LAMAR MOREA Baseball Track Debate '36 RAY MOUNTFORD Track '35 , Q V 'Pj , CLIVE MUELLER HI-Y U QZMWLQJL. M 7 Glu- Club VIRGINIA NESBITT L5-A-Zvi NL. LI. f Pep Squad X -7" X lloof Print 'VL jj- "' ' J cf ,gs WJ f EVELYN PAPI3 CQ- -A ' X y , gf vII b'IIT'm's4, , WW, ,MM gIg,fIIg5,H',2d S V Dyk! l I Evvy .ItIOna Onor Oclety I 'A' ,QM 2 B Z3 ar M. as -70:11 PIERCE fffyff, BILLY RANDOLPH In A I - - T' l-1 '55, '56, '57 Iliff' li,22iin55'.,,g6'.3?7 Brlglierball '55, '56, '37' C 'E Olmfm .36 .57 - ' FUIIIINII '35, '56 F3 Offhfsfm '34' 'ss '56 Ad"iS"'Y' TMS- '31 ' ' Advisory, Pres. '36, ' 7 l 5 G lf '55, '36 ' Gl'ec- Club Y, Baseball f54 ,' J Senior Play '57 NJN National Honor Socictyx I 'HI y VL V 1 yy MORTON ROBERTSON 00, 1 fp ff Dramatics ,Aff Hoof Prim ,QM A M, NANCY ROWE Glee Club Library '36 Volleyball '35 tb 4 SENIGRS 'x IDA KATE SADLER junior Play '36 ' Glee Club Pep Squad '34, '35, '36 Library '36 Volleyball '34, '35, '36 DOROTHY SHAW Volleyball '34 Student Council '34, Secretary '36, 37 Hoof Print-Assistant Editor '36, '37 Olmos-Co-editor '36, '37 Girl Reserves Most Representative Girl '37 National Honor Society Senior Play '37 A EEN SHAW f r M " e ub - 4, .x ad 1 X A 1 , .ry MJ BILLY SILVEY ' Hi-Y K Glee Club Hoof Print Olmos Track '34 N XX . PATWSMITH cf'f4.W,5ff,- , Library '36, '37 LLL? aah-A fllldff QV" I l' Ll'-2, ..,' 224507, f'1jM'-P"-4-'X SAM SNELLJ ff - hiv Glee Club jf ,log Cheer Leader '36 4-4jV" ' i ll' Extempo '36, '37 if .f.ff.,a4-106 Senior Play '37 of K If - Declamation '37 j,'-0' 7 '40, EVANGELINE STAATS Dramatics Glee Club - Band and, estra V! N- X- ' . 1 M RUSSELL STONESIEER Glee Club , f f ,""Ji' ,f7,,,.,. f. , f A MARYf ELLEN STEWART Hoof Print Olmos Typing '36 I JOE STREET f Cheer Leader Qlll ' Y Nation Hon f 5 A l L I W X X Nx , rl '-, f h - il' fill ll xl' SENIORS LILLIAN STREET Queen-Hall uf Fame '37 MARIA SYKES Girl Reserves-Vice-Pres. '36, '37 Dramatics X Nw MARY ANN TEAL Orchestra '34, '35, '36 lnterscholastic League Spelling '36 Pep Squad '35 Band Sponsor '35, '36 FRANN THULEMEYER Pep Squad '35, '36, '37 Essay Writing '36 Declamation '37 Glee Club '35, '36, '37 RICHARD STRONG Manager-Football MS' ALTER SYMO DS Olmos-Adv. Mgr. '37 ' AXXJJ Track '37 Senior Play '37 ,I J V., ,I ,., BETTY THORMAN Glee Club Girl Reserves PAT TRENT ON Fnmball '54, '35, '36 VIRGINIA TRUEX MARSHALL TRUEX 'JN' Glee Club 1' ' L f Assemblies .V K J' Y ' f xy , ,fl C, - ' V J Lx Glee Club Assemblies ff i WI' O QD .4 .QQ SENIORS JEAN TULLOSS Orchestra '34, '35, Band Cheer Leader '36 Hoof Print Girl Reserves '34, '35 Secretary '37 Advisory, Vice-Pres. '35 Tennis '35 Glee Club '35 Most Popular Girl '37 AILEEN VOGES Pep Squad '35, '36 4 J f' l - . 'vi 1 i cf vb ' A ' I JEWEL WALKER Glee Club Pep Squad '34, '35, '36 Track '34 Baseball '34 Volleyball '34, '35, '36 Tennis '35, '36, County Singles Champion Tennis Pres. '37 CLIFTON WIETERS BOBBY WINN Band and Orchestra Olmos Hoof Print' 6 Q. UQ' Football '36 Tr ' S - f c X BOBBY VAN HORN GAINES VOIGHT LEROY WEILBACHER Hi-Y Glee Club Advisory, Pres lyr w ill' Wi JOE TOM WIN ER Football '35, '36 Track Basketball MARY KAY Girl Reserves YVXJC .CF X WOODS X A." 1-'f 0 JU N 1 ORS :CYNTHIA ADAMS ANN ATXVELL OLIVIA BARRIER JOHN BAINES RUTH BATTLE ANN BISHOP CELESTE BERRY JIMMY BOLLER 1 L JERRY BOOKER DARRELL R PLM. La ES, SALLY BRAIO ' BRUCE BROUGH MARIAN BREMER DOROTHY BRUNSON DICK CALLAN I' to-Z I "ma, ' Kmgw TOM CAIN' S' J' 17.11, C, PAULINE CARSON AMN ,ff bf I JOE CHARLES CHAPMAN gf WALDINE CLASSEN VERNE CLOPTON JI. JU N I GRS A sgif r J. W. COKER Wm-I , VI BILL COIQEZVX4 . ,, QA . ,Z f' In K! M I A I LL V , lu. f . Q! 1 .Al A I, 1 C1 -,ff ' DOROTHY DAKIN J Q, 1, ,XX BRIAN DAVID Q., J LN K LAURA de SALME N' ... GERALD DEUTSCHER HARRIET DRISDALE MI 6-V4 Q BOB DRUCE x. -wut EDWIN DUERR I M WWW A K . 'xi Xx, BILL EDDINS 99 X VIRGINIA FAIN WL4vv'-424 FRANCES F Y 1. -f I,afz,c,ff2W f WMM JAMES FRANKS DOROTHY LEE FREEMAN WALTER EREEMAN I A Lzfn ' 3'v,,yW""'M TED FRISCHMUTH 1217 - , my A LEROY FRIESENHAHN H, 5 Jgjff SAM FUIQE-R , f " .ffff Yww, 5 ff GERALDINE GERHOLDT " 1 I.. 1 f""f Q po- x i JUNIORS ADA GONZALES WAYNE GOTKE jOI-IN GROSSMAN WALTER G OVE J RUTH HANABURY BOB HAUSSER JANE HIDELL J f- Q65 7 ,A - L, ,J C AQ, ,E 5 JANE E K 'WU Omfmf MA Y HOUSE G! . 'N ,f WJJONXL4 fxJfK MARY OLIVE HULL CAROLINE HUTCHINS VIRGINIA HYATT N M .' I 1 , , . I , IONE JACOMINE . Qi ANABEIIXEFFERDS JOE JEEFERDS ,wrwxku J-Ji 1 D OEHYPJOHNSON .1 - 3 X ' MKATHERYN JOHNSON 3P"',yvJJMfJ. 17.1 J- K, J. . MARIE JOHNSON ' 'Ln I . J D MJ . X in N f N 1' Jifxff Z -g,-..A I JOHN JOHNQDNJ, AX I J REGI LD JONES J' JEANNE KAGAY QM' JUNIORS ELAINE KAGEL JACK KELTS MELBA KOPPLIN BETTE KUNTZ fini., , MARJORIE LAMM DQLLY KUNTZ O - HOYT LACY -V ' C LEO LEGGE T f ' I gi ,Y gf 14, f fi, VV I Xw NU 1 MARY ELLEN MCCRARY J Lx MAE ELLA MCCOLLOUGH J ANN, BILLY MCFARLING J .. , cr, 4 .1,.'U x, , lf' uf-N '!f " XI YQ 'X MARY MCMURRY ,, DORIS MALLEPELL N MATTFELDT land! cz! JANE MATTHEWS, I 4' 'xx I VIRGINIA MATYEAR M Y MAVERI ,xt fix: fvgfxx ICK MENGER CONSTANCE MOODY PAUL MOONEY sq. f IV' qv' 'fv- 'K 'S- . A AL A, fav!- JUNIORSD CYNTHIA MOORE - , " E A MARYEIVTRGINIA MORRIS ARTHUR NAOEL ,W ,Mx MARGQRIS QIEWBERRY X'I V F ff, Q JANE OATESN Sf, ff 'ZVV Tb-EI'-E.- QDMS 0 MIMI OGDEN LOIS OSBERN DORIS PAGE MARGARET PARRISH I ,V ROBERT PETER LAW - PHILLIPS LT D' N, '3 ROBERT PINCUS HELEN RAYSON DAVID REED DEAN REYNOLDS RUTH RHODES JEAN RIGSBY TOMMY ROBERTSON HARRIET ROGERS xl! Aff' SALLY ROGERS ' W f ff W X aj, ' 'Nr ' 4 . Lf" 1. - I iff' ff?-ff .11 C-J' M ' , gf 10-f -X Ex JUNIORS Y QMARY SUE RUCKER GLORIA SAIN HOWARD SASSEEN RICHARD SCHROEDER WARREN SEILER ,,J.M'J"' EDWARD SHIERIDAN In A MARY SKELTON . pf! JEAN SHAW J xl ""R , Wffff Ng. I ,If f I ROBERT SMITH , X f' ,' fp-6Sfwff,?fffW'f ff' J MARGARET SNYDER Y X- ' n X I WMA J, ,Nw ,ju GEORG ARMMIERVILLE V, L . HELEN SP Gfw- ' s! ,L JW SADIE GRAY STAFFORD A NA STEAR ' 153,44 gA,,3-,J My JUDY SUGG JAMES LBOT ,f . 1' 52.1 if WILSON TISYLOE . o' L J ' TOMMQ' TIBBETS I , M .J f1' S+,-Nc I L a - ! 'S V f X S DORIS TIDWELL X. if 1 X 7' HILDA TILLOTSON MARY TRENTON JUNIORS ROYCE TROUTH , f. 1,4264 I il 'LY A, JA K VANDERWEIDE I , MELVAH VOIGHT CHARLOTTE WALKER CHARLES WEISS r J 9 PHYLLIS WEST ,nf JXVW , LJ H 2' V 1 u.?'J, 4 fb VJ- .'fpf jfff' vu W f ' DOROTHY WHITTIER JACK WILLIS KBQTRSCE ALICE RUTH YATES TED ZILLER SOPHOMORES WYNNE ADAMS GEORGE APOSTOLON ANITA ARNESON FRANCES LEE ARCHER RHODA BAYLOR JACK BEBINGER I 50 IN 'IX PHIL BECKLEY MXBERRY I X,-" . YVARREN BETTLEY ANNETTE BIEBERS MARGARET BLOME ERWIN BOREN SYLVIA BOWLES MARVIN BOWMAN GLORIA BRAMLETTE Jo BOYD BOB BROOKOVER CAMILLE CAMPISCHE MARGARET CALLAN JIMMY CHARLTON BOB CORRIGAN 015' f of wfg' vQf" 13' FP SOPI-IOMORES LORRAINE CRAIG MARTHA FRANCES CRAIN JOHN DAVIS BOBBY DELERY EDITH DELSOL DIANE DICKINSON O'DARE DOUGLAS ANNIE LEE DOWNHAM OSCAR DRISDALE B RBARA DUKES S.--BGJLAJ FLORENCE EWING CEDRIC FERGUSON O. H. FINCH f' f I,-E136 ELSIE FINKBEINER f- f L '- DAN FIN LAYSON - O. C. FITZHENRY I. D. FRALEY EDWARD FRANKSTONE I TSA fzxblfl BARBvARA FRISCHMUTHNBMMXBR BILLY GIBSON ELISE GROOS SCPHOMORES BETTY LEE HAGY BILLY HAUSMAN ' MARY JANE HAYWARD EARLE HAWLEY AMY HEARD MILDRED HEHS L 'L ENC' Nf56'jWn'1 CAROLYN HERFF GUKA My MIN QJUANI HERFF , Q J ,wjzwf-, L L , - Af-04' AANHIDEL ELNA JEAN HIGGINBOTHAM ELIZABETH HILL ODELL HOPPER WILMER HORN GWENDOLYN IRELAND DOROTHY JANE JEWELL DOROTHY JEAN JOHNSON STEPHEN JONES HENRY JUDMAIER STANLEY KAROTKIN PRIEST KEMPER 'C' -10 MU' in '57 S13 'CF' ,36- 'Z' SOPHOMORES KITTY KENNEDY KEVIN KOECI-IER LEONARD LANE MARY GLADYS LASSIG , ELOISE LEWIS 4 g,j14f'47 .ag 1 ffl!-1 f LUCILLE IHNDLEY 'IANE LOUISE LITTLETON BRUCE LOCKE I f MARY JANE LYLES I jEAN MCCLUER CLYDE MCCOLLOUGH ELEANOR MCLERNON DON MCNA M I NCLARENCE MANGHAM I I I JOE MARKO f M' M7 Q MASON QV MQ ED MASSEY RAYMOND MASSEY FLORRIE MATYEAR . GEORGE MITCHEL KATHERINE MILLER f' Y V . ,jf I' JVC QPSS SOPHOMORES Amy'-N--X22 NXf9fXQfI5 v LORINE MOFFAT 'I L X RY' P J J V JULIETTE MOORE i?VL,.fi'W,JL V BILL MURRAY BETTY LOUTMUDD JOHN MURRAY MYERS SAM MUELLER SUZANNE NEWTON OTTO NIEDER X my if -I ting' I MAEJM FA 'TOOLE LUCILLE PAPE CHARLES POST JACK PETER JANE PHILLIPS x MJ' xl 'ZNJRQ ' -ET V7- r-if f-f ARL 'NRATLIFFE :J JS ,J A n , A , L ,, GILES REYNOLDS BETTY LEE, PICCARD " DIXIE MARIE REES A 4 4 fl AMSIE JEANNE REMY YW H f - RUTH RHODES '. KL' CHARLES ROBERTSON i E' I' ,Q 'US 'R SOPHOMORES EVELYN ROEGELEIN JOYCE RUSSELL JOYCE SALLEE JAMES RYAN RUSSELL SCHRAM FREDERICA SHAW EDNA LEE SHAW MARY SHELBY SHEID BOB SHELLMAN I VIRGINIA SMALLEY W ANN SMITH IN JEAN SMITH ADRIAN SNYDER BARNARD STEWART ED STURCKEN BETTY GAY STURCKEN ,ff ' LUCIEN TALIAFERRO -g,'- I-"I LARRY TROUT FRANCES ESTHER TRUAX MAY TUPPER BESSIE TURNER SDPHOMORES COLEGATE VILLARET ELFRIEDA VOGES BONNIE WATERMAN EDGARDA XVATERMAN ANN WILBOURNE JULLIETTE WILKE MAC WILSON WILL1 MS g Wyman W UU VVLQJ JIM WILSON a vozi 1' e4 f Q LILLIAN STREET, Queen CHARLES CRAIN, King J 1 HERBERT STUCKE Most Popular Boy J 1 ,, V 'ri - in nf- 34 XX I: Q s -J xx O ' A ., 3 JJ if x Q3 tj :' QQ x Af' YH f x v 3 X . JEAN TULLOSS Most Pbpular Girl if W3 W. of Efw DOROTHY SHAW Most Representative Girl ,JW Ap su A M BILL CA11Q8fy Most Fepreseqta ive 'Boy W tw- E s ? x 7'5- DOROTHY DELL DOUGLASS, Duchess WIILIAMJQUSBQEQ Duke V V f X IQ! 'x ,, X -, XIJMXK I f , L! I, ', M ,fbi f -'Vx Lk 'V I. VM' ,Hu Ikx j ' ww X. VIRGINIA DICKERSON, Duchess RICHARD BATTLE, Duke uf J" If ss W f 3, sf H Q? Q' VC IM Qyf I af . 8 r ' if -2, ,9 We Shall Always Remember Harry Ankerson, our fair weather friend. Barbara Archer's insane laugh. Charles Becke'r's blond curly hair. Dann Beckley and his fiddle. Marion Calzado's version of "Sing an Old- Fashioned Song to a Young Sophisticated Lady." Lavinia Chestnutt's hair. Jimmie Clutter and C. A. Lipscomb-the way they dance. Viola Craig and Ida Kate Sadler-girl athletes. Walter Symonds indifference, and how the girls fell for it. Roland Gohmert-the most handsome boy in Heights. The perfect gentleman and athlete-Frito Gonzales. Betty Herpel's charm. Helen Graham's infectious laugh. john Krueger and his Cords. Carl Newton-one of Heights' most outstand- ing boys and our class president. Dorothy Shaw-one of the best all around girls. Mary Ellen Stewart and jean Tulloss-little women. Sam Snell's varied ways of talking-none of which are original. Lillian Street being beautiful without trying. Herbert Stucke in his own quiet way. Virginia and Marshall Truex as talented dancers. Bill Busbee and Bill Cain as Height's most representative boys. K. L. Berry as "China-Boy." Evelyn Alling and her favorite phrase '93 We Shall Always Wonder How Richard Battle managed to keep so many girls on the string. How H. O. Borgfeld keeps from being "Gone With The Wind." How Virginia Dickerson can be a true friend to so many. How Dolly Douglass stays so immaculate. How Georgia Fitzgerald can sell so many doughnuts. How Ruth Dukes makes "A's" in English. How Mary Scott Locke keeps her cute figure without dieting. How Mary Ann McDowell can be such a staunch friend yet such a dreaded enemy. why Katherine McDowell tried to beat Shirley Temple's time. How john Pierce had enough strength to let out such inhuman yells at football games. Rojo Robertson's writings are always so cynical. Wtiat gave Billy Silvey the idea that he gets around. Why Russell Stonesifer doesn't take a cure for his St. Vitus dance. How anyone can be more curious than Frann Thulymeyer. ' If Bobby Van Horn's hair bothered him as much as it bothered us. How Robert Hoff found so much fascination in model airplanes. Why Betty Thorman and Billy Randolph are so linmercifully rough. If "Cy" Trenton is as shy with girls as he appears to be. How Paul Villaret keeps his car together. If Gaines Voight ever gets tired of following Dolly Kuntz around. If Harry Brunson really meant it when he said girls meant nothing to him. Why Clive Mueller thinks he's such a big shot. If it's really love between Evangeline Staats and Bobby XV inn. "Oh, Honey!" 'll If Bill Braid is related to Bob Burns. Qaazlfa BACK ROW: Leo Leggett, Ricbard Battle, Duke Pbillipx, Paul Villaret, Roland Gobmert, Clmrlei Crain, Pat Trenton, Albert Baugbmunn. Bill Eddim, joe Tom llvinftler MIDDLE ROW: K. L. Berry, Wfayne Gotbe, Wfillitznz Rotzler, Darrell Boren, Ed Sheridan, jobn Btziner, Alfred Huglrer, Huard Norton, Abel Gonzaler, Billy Rznelolpb. Murray Betty, jobn jobniton FRONT ROW: Dan Finlayron, Verne Clapton, Herbert Sturbe, Harry Teal. Gunter Durbuortb. j. IW. Coker, jark Vande- zriede. Harold Rodgerxr, jimmy Boller COACHES: C. S. Menger, I. E. Martin FGOTBALL The 1936 Heights Mules, district and bi-district champions, left no doubt in the minds of those fortunate enough to see them in action as to their superiority over all previous teams since the entrance of Heights into Class B football. Playing a ten game schedule, of which nine games were won and one lost, the Mules coasted to a district title, a birdistrict title, and in the final game of the season for the regional crown were defeated in a hard fought battle. Opening the schedule, Heights journeyed to Georgetown on September 18, and thoroughly trounced the Eagles 27-6, the second team and scrubs playing a large portion of the game. Playing on the home gridiron, the Mules next took on and defeated with ease the invading Sinton Pirates 25'0. In one of the hardest fought games of the season the Mules galloped to New Braunfels and in a night game were forced to call upon a last minute rally to score two touchdowns and pull the game out of the fire. The final score was 12-6, the winning touchdown being made in the last 50 seconds of play. Playing their fourth game of the season, Heights, in humbling the Hondo Owls on the home field 23-0, became the only undefeated team in the city. - .1 rf 4 UQ- KF! I fi AE -.. .Qt , , L eg sr Q .e ali, tw D 'X if R 3' t -N t r. W X A, 5 ' KJ , 'L fa 'iii-'Y "' , I A va 'i i , isnt 9 ew rg , W. ,,: 1. ' wks 1,4 - .ifexffiivgii y , 5? . V' - i . Hosts to the St. Anthony Yellowjackets on Howard Field, the Mules were pulled out of a hole late in the final period when Betts intercepted a jacket pass deep in Heights territory and galloped 85 yards through the entire St. Anthony team to a score, putting the game on ice 13-0. For the first time in the history of the school Heights turned back the Edison Bears, the score being 14-0. Played on a muddy Howard Field, the game was in Heights favor from start to finish, and opened play in District 59-B. In a tilt in which their unbelievable form was at its best, the Mules took on and blasted into defeat the highly touted Luling Eagles 35-O on Howard Field. The highlight of the day was Gonzales's fourth period 65 yard jaunt to a score on the return of a Luling punt. In the last scheduled game of the season, the powerful Heights machine earned the right to play in a bi- district game by riding into defeat the Lanier Voks 10-O, again on Howard Field. The tilt marked their eighth consecutive victory and their first district championship. Thoroughly outplaying the Carrizo Springs Wildcats, but lacking a much needed scoring punch, Heights, playing on Eagle Field, rolled up a total of 20 first downs, held the much baffled Wildcats to but one, but were forced to score within five minutes of the final gun to win 7-6. Following Carrizo's touchdown on the second play of the game, made by a 64 yard run, Heights spent the remaining time driving deep into Wildcat territory, only to be repulsed time after time. Finally, late in the final quarter, a 30 yard sprint by Betts and a conversion gave the Mules a bi-district crown. In the last game of the season on December 11, the highly elated Mules, followed by a large crowd of enthusiastic fans, traveled to Yoakum to do battle with the Yoakum Bulldogs, Against a visibly stronger eleven, Heights scored in the first quarter, only to be overtaken in the second and fourth periods and defeated 14-6. During the entire season the Mules scored 169 points while holding all opponents to 32. They were captained by Abel "Frito" Gonzales and coached by Irvin Martin and Carl Menger. 1hv1ihi: BACK Row: llullliiml Razgltr. Billy Randfflplv. john fobrrrfozz. Alfred HllglJL'f. B1llEdl1'l7l.l, He'7I1'-1'flzdlrlrllef. Couch Martin FRONT Row: Len Lfggrlf. Billj Cnlberl, Abel GiU7IItllK.l, Eduunl Slveriduzl. joe lluirzkler BASKETBALL TEAM The flashy scoring quintet had a most profitable and exciting year, finishing second to Harlandale in the county. Getting off to a bad start by losing to South San Antonio by one point and to Harlandale by nine points, the Mules went through the rest of their schedule to defeat the six remaining teams by wide margins. The most exciting game of the season was against Harlandale. In this game, Heights out-scored, out-dribbled, and out-passed the Indians to the tune of 55 to 18. Another game against South San Antonio gave the fans a thrill when the Mules nosed the Southsiders by three points. Abel Gonzales, a flashy guard, was high point man during the season with Billy Randolph running him a close second. The rest of the team ran as follows: Sheridan, Downs, Winkler, Eddins, Hughes, and Johnston. At the beginning of the season, the basketball team was composed of Downs and Randolph at forwards, Sheridan and Gonzales at guards, and Alfred Hughes at center. Due to the ineligibility of Hughes and Downs at mid-term, the team was rearranged with Bill Eddins taking over Sheridan's place at guard and Sheridan going to forward. john Johnston filled in at center in Alfred Hughes' place. Randolph and Gonzales remained in their same positions. Other members of the squad were joe Tom Winkler, William Rotzler, Billy Colbert, H. O. Borgfeld, K. L. Berry, Henry judmaier, Lucian Taliaferro, Phil Beckley, and Leo Leggett. A late start due to the unduly long and excellent football season handicapped the Heights' team severely, for it is to be noted that every basketball player was also a football man. With this in mind, the team must be handed a great deal of credit along with its coach who trained the boys in both sports, practicing long hours with them to develop the fine team work that showed up in all their games to make possible the high rating they received. l 1 BACK ROW: Regirlizld jrmei, Mrlluilirnz ll"ill1,1mv, Bruce limuglf, Allawi Bdllgblllelfl, Bill Eddirii, Cfmcli zlldrtin FRONT ROW: ll"'.1l1erSjn1fn1di,juejefferdi, Billy Rurldnlpla. K. L. Berry. Abel G'rn1:.1lei TRACK TEAM The 1937 track team successfully advanced the name of Alamo Heights in field events in an attack led by K. L. Berry, Bill Eddins, Abel Gonzales, Albert Baughman, joe jefferds, Bruce Brough, Walter Symonds, and Billy Randolph. Coach Irvin Martin took his boys to several track meets including Laredo, Brady, Fort Worth, jefferson, and Edison. At Laredo, K. L. Berry came in Hrst in the -H0 yard dash and 110 yard high hurdles, while Eddins con- tributed with a thrilling second in the 880 yard dash. In the meet at Brady, Berry took second in the 440 and broad jump with Eddins taking third in the 880 In the medley relay Berry, Eddins, Gonzales, and Baughman finished third. At Fort Worth, where competition from all over the state was entered, Berry took second in the 110 yard high hurdles and third in the 440 yard dash to bring home honors for Alamo Heights and San Antonio. Bill Eddins gave the boys a run for their money but failed to place in the 880 yard dash. In the county meet at Edison, Alamo Heights finished second to Edison with a total of 36 points. K. I.. Berry tied with O'Connor of Edison with 15 points for high point man. Berry set a new record in the broad jump with a leap of 20 feet, 11 inches. He finished second in the 440, discus, 110 high hurdles, and third in the javelin throw. Eddins showed the boys how to run the 880 yard dash by coming in first. Gonzales came out in fine style to take second in the 220, third in broad jump, and fourth in the discus. joe jelferds finished third in the low hurdles. "Hank" Baughman took first in the high jump with Bruce Brough taking third in the high jump also. Randolph and Brough tied for fourth in the pole vault. To finish the day Eddins, Baugh- man, jefferds, and Gonzales took third in the mile relay. Coach Martin must be given credit for the success of the track year for the way in which he coached the boys and stayed with them through thick and thin. I 4-inn-s Q-afwfme ......... .W-as BACK ROW: Paul Mooney, Tom Cain, joe Claarler Chapman, Luke Hill, Bobby Hauiier, Dice Callan, Harry Ankerfon MIDDLE ROW: Couch Neuvmm, Min' Bolei, Maj01'ie Lamm, Ada Gonzales. Ma1'y' Sue Rucker, Helen Ruymn, jimmy Talbol, Bill Braid, W'ayne Goike FRONT Rowi Kitly Kennedy, Carolyn Hulrbini, Betle Kun!z,jeu'el llvalker, Margare! Snyder, Mary Skellon, Sully Braid TENNIS CLUB Winning two out of four matches, the 1957 Alamo Heights boys' netters succeeded in placing second in the county, while Luke Hill smashed his way through to win the championship in boys' singles. The girls from Heights, by playing consistently, managed to finish first and second in the doubles and singles events respec- tively. The season opened with a match with Brackenridgeg this first match was lost by a narrow margin. The next match with Thomas jefferson had the same result, both the boys and the girls teams losing their matches. In the match with Edison the boys team emerged victorious. As Edison did not enter any girls team this year, the Alamo Heights girls team did not play in any matches against them. The Somerset team was also defeated when they played here on the Heights courts. In a return match with Brackenridge both teams were again defeated. Stockdale came to our courts and was defeated by the Heights boys, but their girls team won the matches from the Alamo Heights girls. A return match at Somerset was lost by the boys team, but the girls team was winning when the match was called, due to darkness. Their final match against Edison resulted in a draw, each winning one doubles and singles match out of the four scheduled matches. At the end of the year, Luke Hill ranked first on the boys' singles team, with jimmy Talbot and Harry Ankerson running a close second and third. In the doubles, Dick Callan and Bobby Hauser were first, Bill Braid and Wayne Gotke, second, and Paul Mooney and Tom Cain, third on the squad. The girls team had no exact rating, but it consisted of Margaret Snyder, Bette Kuntz, Sally Braid, and Ada Gonzales. ., , .ik- ' -,,,-'L' -1.- Z.- -fif- ,71- 11 "E'?2'- ....4 O O00 11? fi'- 1..- --X ,f-Q. -1.1. 7- 7-1? Lie"-'Lk J-1 .. 2 Z-Lt. 4 ll. .-7--- V - - ii - iv- - ....-1-- -R . mu-Kli Zfvilfli dll I 014.5 BACK ROW: Ilnwfle Ad.1m,f. Gilei Reqwaldi. Arufaef jeffierdi. BillBzri!1ee, Miss Liglwllmzzie, jinmzji Boller' FRONT ROW: Dumlbrm Ddllizz. Harker! Sllrcke, Anilrz Arr1eif1n,l0e jelfenfr, Dm'u1f541 Sfmzr. for Dalrerzpurl, Dolly Kllflll, fnfnl D.11'i.r STUDENT COUNCIL Providing the students with an active part in the administrative functions of the school, the Student Coun- cil is the most representative body of Alamo Heights. The group is composed of twelve members and a presi- dent, the members being chosen from their respective advisories and the president from the student body at large. Head of the 1936-1937 Student Council was Bill Busbee, who was assisted by joe jetferds, vice-presidentg Dorothy Shaw, secretaryg treasurers, john Krueger and joe Davenportg reporter, Herbert Stucke: sergeant-at- arms, Dolly Kuntzg and parliamentarian, Dorothy Dakin. Early in the school year, the sponsorship of the council was changed from Mr. Reed to Miss Lighthouse. because of the p1'incipal's lack of time to spend working with the group. Under Miss Lighthouse the organiza- tion found it possible to hold weekly meetings and thereby undertake many more activities than t.hey had pre- viously done. As in former years, the Student Council handled the sale of tickets to all football games and dramatic performances of the school. This organization supervised the collection of Christmas baskets and saw that the food and clothing were distributed to needy families. Twelve baskets were filled. A Christmas dance took the place of the customary mid-term Student Council dance this year. Nominees for election to the Hall of liame were chosen by the council and the election of the favorites were supervised by this group at a cost of five cents for each student voting. The money was used to pay for some of the art work done in the "OImos." Another object of the Student Council is the supervision of an "Open House," which is held annuallyg much of the success and value of this entertainment is due to the cooperative work done by this organization. sf.-0-.J 1 l"' 'ill ' 'Al 3 l4,4l- 'T luck Row: illelmfi lhfgl, lfrelm Ripe. H111 Cain, H.1n'Vyflflleerirnl, ll"1lli.1m Huihee, Billy R,u14lul,blJ,'Iue Slreel Mmm I- Rowg llumlfu IJJAIVI, Ilfnwllu Slutty Olin.: I5.1r1'ier, lielly f1L'1'IDL'f. llelen Gmlitmz. Elelwl Allnllq, Dnmlliy Lee Free- n1.m. Mri. Nenfun ter FRUNI ROW: Duffy Kzmlg, Ii.u'f1.n.1flrrlwr. L.111r1f.1 f,-fltlfllllll, jtme! 1lll'C,ifIll,'7'. fillet' Rlflfl llllei. l'1r'gn11.1 l7icierim1, Belle Kant: NATIONAL HONOR SGCIETY A chapter of the National Honor Society was organized at Alamo Heights High School in 1929. The object of this society is to create a desire for high scholarship, to stimulate effort to render service, to promote the def velopment of character, and to encourage worthy leadership. Only juniors and seniors who have been in Alamo Heights for a year and who have an average of "B" in their studies are eligible for membership. Not more than ten per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the junior class can be elected to this society. Two places are held open until the night of graduation when two more seniors are honored b fl -ati t tl ' A outstanding qualifications. y c cc on o me organization. The faculty selects the members because of their lt is customary in Alamo Heights to hold the formal initiation before the student body in an assembly pro- gram at which time the new members are presented with diplomas, the club pins. and ribbons of the club colors, white, yellow, red, and purple. The gold pins which are worn by members of all chapters of the organization are given each year by the Alamo Heights Parent Teachers' Association. Mrs. Neuhauser, sponsor a fain this 'ear, has etfi'- tl' f ltill 'l l ities of this group. g y cicn y u cc mer responsibilities in directing the activ- This year eleven seniors and seven juniors were found worthy of wearing the National Honor Society emblem. The officers for N56-1937 were as follows: President, Harry Ankersong vicespresident, Helen Grahamg and secretary-treasurer, Evelyn Alling. BACK ROW: llfzvwie Golie. Bill-J H,IIlll11.lII, uniljllfl Trzylne. Clive Mueller, Luke Hill. foe Knfverify, joe Charlet ClJ.1f7ll1.JVl, R0b61'l Pinciii THIRD ROW: Billy Gilzimi. Tam C.1in. Prieil Kemper, jabzi Bezirzet. Bobbi Hi1u.i.ie1'. Dirk Ciillun, Bruce Lucie SEcoNimRow: Mr.Tui1'il. H.ll'7',1 A7lkE7'.lf77Z, MJcll"il,io1zU"illi.1nii, Cbtzflei Cmizz, jinzmj Tizllmi. Riclmra' Bdflltl BJN Li1c,1.f ll"tzl!er Grove. R1r,i1iell Sclaninini FRONT ROW1 fubzi Pierce, joe jenfefdi, Bill Cain, file Sffeel. Ginzler' Dm'lezz'm'1lJ, I-lefberl Slllfff-'. Bill Silrelm. Ed Sll!7'L'kc'7I, RoberlSn1itla.j. Il". Coker I-llfY CLUB The Hi-Y Club is an organization of high school boys under the sponsorship of the Y. M. C. A. The pur- pose of this club is admirably expressed in the following statement, which is the members' pledge: "The pur- pose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." Although the club has made no formal drive to improve conditions that might exist in the school and community, this organization, because of its size and purpose, has influenced many indirectly and thus actively carried out its pledge. Under the leadership of Mr. Todd, sponsor of the organization, the Hi-Y Club had enjoyed a series of events to cover many phases of lifeg such as speeches made by local business men on character building and vocational guidance. The meetings held every Tuesday night at the Y. M. C. A. are often followed by swims and games in the gymnasium. Another feature of the programs is a "Best Girl Night" to which all the boys bring dates, and a theater party is enjoyed after the meeting. At Christmas time the club, with the Girl Reserves, sponsored a Christmas pageant which was given twice, once at the Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church and another time for an assembly at school. Several boxes of food went to needy families from the Hi-Y Club at this time of the year and also at Thanksgiving. The South Texas Older Boys' Conference was held in Houston, Texas, February 12. Carl Newton was president of the conference this year, and several members from Alamo Heights attended the conference. This year's work was ably directed by the officers of the Hi4Y Club, who were as follows: President, Bill Caing vice-president, john Kruegerg secretary, joe Street, treasurer, Bill Silveyg and reporter, Richard Battle. . 'I v-1-N 1 -..... .........., Q F' vi HALK Ruwi lflul-e Ildl'lNltUl, Helly Knrrlg, lxlJ1'l!9,lI:!'J?It'L'1 Crain. Belly Tbnrnnuz. l'lJ7'?'lC'f Driidule, K.1tlJr-'pn Aliller. Elite Groot, Georgia Filzgemld Timur Row: Al.l!',Q.Il'L'f PJYTIIII, lflfuie Leuiii, Mary Shelby Shied. Evelyn Alling, Marg Kay W'fl0d,l, jean Tullou, Alire Ruth Y.11ei. Alai Tupper. Anim Arrzewrz. jane Lllllelrlll Slft.oN1m Row: jane! Mtlflner. fflvjlt' Sallee, A!l.lllKl jelferdi. GQll'5'fIdfll'3I1 lfeldlld. M.n',1 june Darii, Muffy' Sm!! Locke, Dorothy Lee Ifreen1,m. 'Indy Sugg, Dolly Kunfz, Mm Liglathffuie FRONT Row: I'.mln1u C.u'ifn1, IDm'u1l1y Shaun Dorothy Uvlyillier. Iaiuunrzu Phillips. Ruff: Dkk61', jerry Gerbnld, Barbara Arclzur. Dl!Y'flf!JV1 Dell Duuglui 1, Helen GTJIJJIII. Altar-7' ffllllly. Helen RJ,1,1Il7l. Dnmlhj jolyrlmn. Mary Seellon GIRL RESERVES 'lille Girl Reserves are a part of an international organization-the Young Women's Christian Association. This year the Alamo Heights' club successfully carried out its purpose to End and give the best. To open the year's activities, the Girl Reserves gave a tea to welcome all girls that were new to this school, or in the sophomore class, and the women of the faculty. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, the club gave boxes of food and clothing to poor families, As customary, the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y boys presented a Christmas program which was given at a school assembly and again at the Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church. On january li, 1957, the club gave a "Frontier Ball." Then a couple of weeks later they were hostesses at one of the monthly suppers held at the Y. W. C. A. Doughnut day, an annual affair, was held February 26. To close the year's varied activities, a tea was given for the senior girls and a picnic was held at Camp Bullis. The splendid work done by the Girl Reserve officers and their able sponsor, Miss Lighthouse, kept matters running smoothly and forty-tive members interested. The officers for 1956-1937 were as follows: President, Helen Graham, vice-president, Maria Sykesg secre- tary, jean Tullossg treasurer, Mary Scott Lockeg sergeant-at-arms, Betty Herpelg and program chairman, Georgia Fitzgerald. Chairmen of other committees were Evelyn Alling, Serviceg Dorothy Whittier, Council Suppersg Dolly Douglass, Telephone, and Mary Ann McDowell, Social. ,....,.s,..c.,,.s. .,,, , . . T fam? BACK Row: Paul Mooney, 0'dell Hopper, Bill Cain, Howard Safreen, Plyil Berkley, Ray Sioley, Vernon Shaw, Adrian Snyder, Wilmer Horn, Brian David, janzer Frankr, Henry Iudmaier, Brure Locke, Bobby IVinn, George Bridgeman, Bob Murray, jack Eddinr, Bob Saneen, Guy Halter, Bill Silriur, Gerald Deutrrlaer, Tom Cain, Ruth Hanabury ' MIDDLE ROW: Maud Walker. Virginia Nobling, Evangeline Staatf, Olivia Barrier, Nannette Boerner, jimmy Charlton, Dorii Page, judy Stagg, Eleanor MfLernon, Virginia Smalley, Charlotte Walker FRONT Row: john Lorke, Lerry Avery, Tom Fitzgerald, Howard Duckworth, Edwin Smalley, Freddie Mueller, Conrad La- mont, Darid Naffringer, Stanley Hutchinr, julia Baylor BAND AND ORCHESTRA The Alamo Heights School band and orchestra are composed of both junior and senior high students. During the first semester of each term more concentration is placed upon the band than the orchestra because of its participation in football activities which include sponsoring the games. In the second semester, orchestra work is emphasized and it is customary to attend some music festival or conference. This year, however, they did not take the trip which they had planned due to an influenza epidemic. The primary purpose ot such organizations is to encourage and further music appreciation and education. Mr. Glen Wallace, the director, has worked diligently with the group to attain its purpose, Stepping out in new uniforms given by the P. T. A., the band this year has helped the football team in winning the bi-district' championship. Besides furnishing music for the annual Firemen's Supper, it has partici- pated in the various parades including the Battle of Flowers Parade. The officers chosen by both groups are president,Bill Cain1 vice-president, Nannette Boernerg secretary and treasurer, Evangeline Staatsg and sponsors, Mary House and Harriet Drisdale. The band and orchestra having given several entertainments, have been active socially throughout the year. The orchestra furnishes music for assemblies, school plays, and all school events that require music. Meet- ing every morning at eight o'clock, the whole group practices for fortyefive minutes and members are given in- dividual instruction at one of the two classes held during the day for that purpose. WIC in l-ulqu--- my -..F-wax., f . 1.8191 BACK ROWS Sully Rogan. M.n'Ilv.1Ifitiflfev Crain. lfluiit' Lezrii. Rhoda Bnbmlnr, jenn jtlrimn. Elm- Girrzm, june Lilllgtan FOURTH Row: Elsie lfifiklzeimw. Ada Cfm1.:.1lei. Elm jfiin Iligginlmzhnriz. Iflnrrie Al.:1V1t.1r. join' Sallee. jenn MrCluev'. jean Gillffdflllll. Vial.: Cmig. THIRD Row: Aileen Vugu. M.1rjrn'1e Rlwdei. Am,iieje.n1 Remix. Rullv Rbodw. Cillefldlll-H1 Irel.1nd. Marg Glirdhyr l.a.i.rig, Sadie Grey SI.ifum'. luil1.EtlP'L'l Blume. Elfriedtl ITIIKQJ' SFCOND ROW: lif.11v'ice llnille. M4 Rue Cinwun. Mi.-1 Balm. june Ellen Hillje. Cnml-in Hulrlvini. Hin-rift! Rogtri. Summne lX.fulun. Luiniti Clyeilnult, Camille C.l!IIll7l,Il'l"t', Ming Olive Hull. An.1beljefferd.v, jenn Slmir, Margie F.:-y 0'T00le FIRST Row: Dumlhj julmiwz. Lldfllc' Lindley. Annie Bell Lnriig. Dolly Kunlz. Darulbp Dniin. jewel lI".1lker. Marry Siellon. Htonr Tinnti. Fmnn Tlmlenleiu. Edu.: Lee SlJ.1u'. l'irgini.1 lfeibell. Darulbp llnbillier. Kazlvleen Slmug Lormifie Cmig. Helen Sfnnlg CHEERLEADERS: l'irgini.1 Diclwwwz. SumSnell,jneSlre' Tulloi r. PEP SQUAD The most enthusiastic group to be found in Alamo Heights is without a doubt the Pep Squad. The girls' untiring vim, vigor, and vitality shown throughout the football season helped the undefeated team to compete for regional championship. The girls work hard during the football season to entertain the spectators in the time during the half. They may be seen early in the mornings, drilling under the tireless supervision of Miss Boles, their able spon- sor. They not only march and form letters, but they furnish most of the pep, enthusiasm, and cheering. Their activities are not over with the fall season, however. During the spring they hold meetings once a month, have picnics and parties, and represent the school in the Battle of Flowers Parade. For all this, each member receives ten points for extra curricular activities. , Six years ago the Alamo Heights Pep Squad was organized. and thirty names were on the roll. Now, there are over a hundred members of this active organization. The present officers are the following: President, Mary Skeltong vice-president, Dolly Kuntzg treasurer, jewel Walkerg secretary, Dorothy Daking and sergeant-at arms, Sally Rogers. 'VWHQ rv -M2 BACK ROW: H. 0. liwgftfd. Bill Huilurc. 5.1121 Smff. 1'ftfe'7I G1.zfv.1111. 114.111 frzcfimi. Eftzirze lxfigel. I'.1f1'icii1 SNIIII7. Paul l'ill.1rel lY1lDDLE ROWS 7'tdF1-1-rlmfrrfh flrwflfii Sfhlltl Bubbly llvirzrz. Giwngiiz Fitggemfd. Rirlnlrd Hallie. A1111 Heil linzclei, Mitt Hrigbimz FRONT Row: Milli filth ljvllfl. Ellflll Alliug. julm Pierce. jerry Gwlmlrf. Gmilta' D1zL'l1z'm'lf1. Mari Ellen Sltimrf. H.n'ry Bfmgimz. Git'U7'.QIf' MJ: Fuller HOQF PRINT Besides serving the journalism class as a practice school for its students, the Hoof Print has served as a medium for transferring school news, gossip, and humor to the student body. Members of the Hoof Print Staff, composed of those students taking journalism, have devoted the greater part of their spare time in giving to the students of Alamo Heights a paper far superior to any offered them before. Due recognition should be given to Bill Busbee, editor, and Dorothy Shaw, assistant editor of the Hoof Print, who gave a great part of their free time to working on the Hoof Print. Mr. Key, who sponsored the paper the first half of the school year was an important factor in the publish- ing ofthe Hoof Print. It was his helpful instruction that really kept the paper going at all times despite the circumstances. Miss Brigham, second sponsor of the Hoof Print, should also be praised in that she so efficiently took up the sponsorship of the paper immediately upon becoming a member of the Alamo Heights faculty. Although the editorial department of any paper is important, it is the advertising department that deter- mines whether there will be a paper or not. Because it is a school paper, the Hoof Print has no other publish- ing funds save those derived from advertising space sold in the paper. For the first half of the school term, 'limmie Clutter and Helen Graham served as the advertising managers, and the second half term, Luke Hill and Sam Snell attended to this part of the paper. Because of the lack of funds, the Hoof Print was unable to run newspaper cuts, but instead ran the cheaper linoleum cuts. Those helping in this field were Bobby Wfinn and Teddy Frischmuth, who supplied the paper with amusing yet artistic cuts. One may be led to believe that the Hoof Print activity was confined just to Alamo Heights: however, with the aid of exchange editor Harry Brunson, the staff managed to keep in contact with other schools in the nation. aa? ----vu--' -. 8"t"'V'- 36 'Q P S . Yr iii 151 as as ff Q , I SW BM K Row: 1111 F11111111111111, 15111 1311111113 l1".111'11' C1111111, C1'1'111'g11 111.111 151111111 5.1111 511111 ililllkll Row: 13111111111 17.11111 1111111111 '1'I1112cl1. 12111111 1.11111. 1ll.11 A1'll1711z1, 11.111 1.11111111, 1f111i11 A1111114. A111111 A111111111. ln'- IQ1IIl.1 D11111'11111. l1".11111'S1111111111i,M1'1,1'11'11111 SHUNI1 Rowl 131111 f.1iI7'1, 1111111 1711111, R1111J.1 H.1i1111, IS114111111' 1l11L11'111111. 111.111 511111 L111'11, 111.111 1f11rll Sl1'11'.11I. H.11'1'y 111'IlIItI1?1, 13.111 1,111.11. 11111. N11111.111111' FNUN1' Row: 1111 1111111. 131111 11111111. 11.171 '1'1111r111. 11111111 G1.111.1111, 17111111111 511.1113 171111111111 l1Hl7l1flt1', 1111111 1'111'c1, 13111 S1111 1. 11111111111Ii.11I1e,1111111 15.111111 GLMOS STAFF Under the joint guidan1e of Mrs, Pickens, Miss fflark, and Mrs. Neuhauser, the staff of the Ulmos has produced an annual that is even better this year than the one last year. One of the most apparent improvements is in the grade of paper used. Helen Cir.iIi.:'n and Dorothy Shaw, members of the National Honor Society, were chosen as co-editors of the IOV7 Olmos. Using the experience they have both gained in their work on the Hoof Print, these girls have worked long and efficiently to prepare the attractive arrangement for this yearbook. Much credit is also due to the following students who have given their time to help toward making this a better 1957 yearbook: head of the circulation department, Harry Brunsong head of the business department, Wrilte-r Symondsg head of the advertising department, Betty Herpel, snapshot editor, Billy Silveyg class picture editors, Mary Scott Locke and Georgie Mae liuller. The art department, consisting of Bobby Winn, Ted Frischmuth, and Ruth Dukes used the Mexican motif in designing the book. On each title page is depicted a scene referring to the life or customs in Mexico. Under the title "Activities" the start has attempted to present a comprehensive survey of the school year, not chronologically arranged, but grouped according to the various clubs, sports, and other activities. The annual this year is not dedicated to any one person, to any certain group, but to that particular thing toward which we all have .1 deep feeling of pride and love-The greater Alamo Heights High School! the -e f w fig at em! 'EW .,..wM--A QI? BACK ROW: Reber! Pincuf, Luke Hill. BillM1m'.15. Bill Cain FRONT ROW: Anim Awzemn, Rutla Dubai. Mr. Todd. Elvira Leuii. Rhoda Baylor DEBATE CLUB Seventeen ambitious boys and girls gathered together in September under the able direction of Mr. Todd with one idea in mind-to debate. The first elimination was held january 18, 1937 and all but the above group were eliminated with Anita Arneson and Eloise Lewis, Luke Hill and Robert Pincus making up the "A" teams. This same group was chosen as the teams to represent the school in a final elimination on March 2. On january 29, Alamo Heights conducted an invitation tournament of 28 teams representing seven schools- Alamo Heights, jefferson, Brackenridge, john Reagan, Victoria, San Marcos, and Austin in which john Reagan won first place. Friday and Saturday, February 5 and 6, Alamo Heights participated in a tournament held at 'lohn Reagan High School, Houston in which 25 schools were represented. Heights' boys were eliminated in the second elimi- nation round andthe girls were eliminated in the semi-finals by Reagan, who was in turn defeated by San Marcos. Saturday, March 6, a tournament attended by five schools was held in San Marcos. Alamo Heights placed again, the boys winning second place and the girls winning third place. The Heights girls invaded Yoakum Friday and Saturday, March 12 and 15, to go to the quarter-nnal in the tournament in which 40 schools were represented. The largest tournament of the season was held in Austin, March 20, where 50 schools sought to place. The Alamo Heights girls came through with flying colors to the quarter-finals when they were eliminated by Greenville. In the county tournament with South San Antonio, Edison, and Edgewood, Heights again brought home the bacon when both the boys' and girls' teams took first places. In all the tournaments Alamo Heights teams have made excellent showings and much credit must be given Mr. Todd, who has given so much of his time toward furthering their success. ku:--u-:gg X .7 "1?':s:,, . CHORUS The high school chorus is composed of students from the Sophomore, junior, and Senior Classes. The entire group consists of about one hundred students, both boys and girls, who meet three times a week-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at eight o'clock in the high school auditorium. This organization does not attempt to compete with professional choruses but is merely for those who enjoy singing and have no other opportunity to do so. Anyone who is able to sing is eligible for membership. Although it was not done this year, it is customary for the chorus to 'sing carols at Christmas time at the teachers' homes. This year Christmas songs were sung at the December meetings of the Parent Teachers Association in a very colorful program prepared entirely by the high school chorus with the help of Mr. Hill, the sponsor. The entire chorus has performed often in assemblies, and also groups of from two to five people out of the chorus have sung at school programs. At our pay performance this year the chorus sang numbers taken from the gay nineties. The boys gave as their selection "The Tattoed Lady" with joe jelferds making a good "lady," and the girls in their old fashioned dresses rendered the song "Hey, Babe, Say, Babe." Three members of the chorus sang at the coronation of the queen Wednesday, March 31. Popular songs are very much in demand by the students and comprise a large number of the songs sung, but classical music is also studied. The boys' and girls' parts are learned separately and then put together. Each student receives a grade every six weeks in chorus singing, and one-half a credit is received toward high school graduation, and extra-curricular points are given for participating in various chorus activities. ww-w...,.,,,,n I .QAIZP P, Q E :K """-f-.NNN ,ai " Se? fungi VT .-J I I A v -. I vs.. qu S Q-,U . v,,,,,,Am---M 'N-Q., wh? wh. ' W' 1 Hx., .M ,,4-,fu Xtxjxvgv ,X f Ph , 7 TY 'K of Qffkfll sd N 4 S . 4 Ns xxx Www an nina F55 nw, v, u if ' 'L ' . S K3 IW". f'U'll fx uv 'Q 'lv' 1 ii -,mga i wvflh 'fx SSRN ,ww ' I . Q 'if wg-X . A ,,g::+-64' f QQZXJ' ,V dyliiz' ,, 'V ""fK-'ff' l 0 , f ' , X Q Q' r ' w K . v 1 D u xx Z MX W , bk! I r X I' v' 1 J' M If ,- ' v 1 .if- 1 wfi Ki M im N il 5 VX? an J is I lf If W , ,I H ' N 0 '1 n L f f fix '. J r' ' nf, W 4- 5 nl, ' Y . ' . 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SOUTHERN MOTORS, INC. CHAS. A. SEYMOUR CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH -ova 1100 Broadway Phone F. 9354 t THE GROOS NATIONAL BANK SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Founded 1854 , FORD AND LINCOLN SERVICE PAPPA S GRILL LINCOLN ZEPHYR SERVICE . GOOD FOOD - WELL SERVED FAMOUS FOR THEIR Phone Fannin 4983 150 Simpson St. L. B. HARRIS LEXIE ROSS HARDWUUD LUMBER THE HAIRDRESSER LUMBER FOR Trucks, Wagons, Furniture, Boats and all other hardwood requirements rough or surfaced SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Over Delehants BUY AT THE LAUTERSTEINIS MILITARY ISIIDING AND SPOR'l:S APPARIEL A 5 E . 209 ALAMO PLAZA 3 32 Years on Alamo Plaza 514 Houston G. 6702 The kind 0 hair J! lin that DRINK f I S you dream about ABOUT TOWN C Yldfllfdl and eary to handle IN BOTTLES Rfcmls v'ouA, :Ising SAN ANTONIO cocA-coI.A 5 BOTTLING CO. OLMOS PARK 125 Laffite Street G. 4256 104 El Prado Drive P. 5171 v"'. 'nil . .gyd- u. 13,1 1 'Q .11 - - 1 ,l - . , 1. WZ' 'vu' -1 -, k ..-1'-., 12, - , '- gy 1 ' -,Q .9 ' if 1, 2 '. f, ' ,-Q.: . 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Suggestions in the Alamo Heights High School - Olmos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) collection:

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