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. . 53111, 31. +91 XA- -v. v '-vifvqvv 'A t-- X , Nu' ,jtwuv . . ...,.x?ww :MW 'ww Q-f QC u'PL XJ ?rbkf3xJ, LuTN L pu, I , 9 I f S A f 2 ' S f f 4 1.5, J 'S um q'4FJn 4."i A Q .Y 'Wa 5 4 HN I s I I I I I I VOLUME LX PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA JOAN ROBIE, EDITOR DEBBIE WHITE, BUSINESS MANAGER Foreign Exchange S+uclen+ Zehra Ergene Sludenls spend o good deal of lime in class. Zehra rehearses music for the Spring Senior Play during orchesfra, her favorite class, 4' , X x u Turkish exchange sfudeni Zehra Ergener arrives at A.H.S. to begin her life os on Alameda High School sludenf. Spirit runs high at A.H.S. football games. Zehra is enthusiasiic as she ioins Horner rooters at the Berkeley game. T' Jag njoys Life Of A Typical A.H.S. S+uden+ 'VSV' ' 1 ' 'S 3 lx. 3 MR J M BRYAN DEDICATION 'Ihc ASSOCl8lld Students of Alinuda Hlqll School reQpcCtfullx dgdlc xtt thc NC'1lbOOh of 1919 to Nlr J N1 Brx in ss ho 19 Complctmq hls tu entltth wir as PFIIICIP 11 B16 mu ht hallmus xsholcht irudlx th it tht du hllllqlf UHNIIIIIIIIQIX to tht tx k of pmxldmz, for un tduc mon In utnmg mm puhhc 4 mol Xen hc nc 1 nth lcgux of ucrnnpllwhluc t, 1' 2 as ' ' 2 . " . 1 H-, . ,'.v. A- 1 . .2 , 'V 1 . .K-- tiny of :xllll'I'iC'2l rests in its youth. hc' has clcvotvd ' ,. , L. ' ' Q ', , as , . .' ' A, tl 'Q' . ff' "rl irc - lc: "S z jf: 1 " -nl." 55 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES CLASSES SPORTS Dm J cj Cf I 9 24 . . . 52 ORGANIZATIONS . . 98 . II8 0 W As' "' , l"f..v,.,, l .Q Q v ,. . 15 1, L-Ylgpvxvmbdo 4. ,4 muah - . 1' , M L .Lam -we 44-2 if 'WNV' I owl: N' "' 3. , ,j '-',. , .A 1,11 me Q 8 f 7,0 '. Q u 5 K Q 10 ' Y L, ANN . a vw-' hw . . , sf: z 1, 5 'VI' wilt! - - . J". I ' I ' ' I Q ' I - ' ' .." . A sy 2 . A ul' If v --" I - 4' , ' ,. . ' N I 5 1 7 v'v, .... ,,-,- K 4 ' .4 I4 K I - f f H I 6 5 IMA N I A A ,M . HE? H' 4 N wiv, I Ig 4 ,Ar a m A LVM 1:40.81 W, I L., , f. , 1, J.-'si' Q . Q , .. ,, A ,. +- -, a g .- Q . .. - if f' f ' '-ff -f. - -. 5 -2 -A .... Q, ff , 1, ' ,1.nfQ?w.wu:fx:' A - -K :M 'fgj'5"'1' ff W, . ,,, .3 ,'..f3"' , ,,,.'..1,- ,.-, ..-uf - j-5. Lrg'- 'A 1 WfAff:'Qff.f:4.F'1.g'f Q :afvf'f-f-:cm fffff'-1-aw' up 1 f f f Q ' N 4 ' QE " f, 4- QM- -N M' A f Q x ' -' .J h , - A 4 1 ,AI ga ' E ' -5-gigs S ,v n A 2'2vA",'? iff, ,,g,, . rw g.- 3 14. dill '66"'f',z4Wi' , 1 ,iv g iM 1-? 8 f if 1 fl i wt l 1 f .1 I H i 1 'fa-P? E , 1 4 f fl drkz My' message this year is one of thanks and appre- ciation for the privilege that l have had of working with so many' hue people in this school for the past twenty' years. Forty' classes have graduated during that period with about eight thousand students re- ceiving diplomas. lt is always a very real pleasure for me to have former students and graduates greet me with a cheerful hello. It is also pleasant to chat with them about Alameda High School and the things that happened when they were in school or to be able to tell them about the school at the present titne. 'lhey all seem to have a feeling of loyalty and affection foi this scllool. It is also my good fortune to have been associated with such a fine faculty. a group whose dedication. hard work and friendliness have made this school one of which we can all be proud. 'l'he loyalty and 10 Efficienf Leaders Work MR. J. M. BRYAN, Principal PrincipaI's Message affection forthe school that so many' former students feel stems from the fact that the teachers of Alameda High School have been able to inspire the students to be good citizens, to do good work, to gain knowl- edge and skills, and to make happy' and useful lives for themselves. To the Alameda Board of lfducation and to the Clentral .'Xdministiative staff. I am deeply' grateful for the many things that have been done to make the working conditions in the Alameda schools so pleasant. Mr. Hallock has been faculty' adviser to the Acorn for the past six years and in that time has worked many long hours to make the Acorn such a fine book. So to Klr. Hallock and Mr. lingwall. faculty acl- visers, to -loan Robie, editor. to Debbie Nvhite. busi- ness manager. and to the entire staff I wish to express my thanks for produt ing the 19539 Acorn. To Mainfain High Ec1uca'r1ona1 Sfandards 'T 1f...A X, 55' 6 BOARD OF EDUCATION-left to right: Mr. Walfer V. Howeg Dr. Donald D, Lum, Presidenfg Mrs. Lee Cavunuughp Dr. Siucrt Sfephensg Mr. A. Hubbard Moffiif, Jr. DR. DONALD M. RODERICK, Superimendeni of Schools '1'111'1111Q11 11111111 l11fl1lQ11t :11111 1-111111 1111 1111' 1721111111 M 1111' 151111111 111 1Q11111'z1111111 211141 1111- SllIJl'Ik1Illtll111'Ill 111 III 1111 11111' 1'1111 4 S1'114JfJ15, 1314. 15111121111 NI. R1111111111. 1 I 1 1 111111111 11I1I11111111111115 1llXl 1111-11 I11'111'1111'11 1111 111 v ww wwfuv-"ff sf 'rvsrwvvn' -gpm-w 11.15111-1'11 1111751 11l'1IJf111 111 1111-p411'111g 115. 1111111g 1111L1-115 111 .1X1z11111'11z1. '11111' 1111111111113 .11111 111 11111-513111 111111 1111' 151111111 111 1111111 11111311 11415 1'x1'11'15 1111 5111111'111 111 X1 11111111 H1 11 811111111 1111 1111' 1111111111115111111 111 11111 111111 111 11111 1111 11111 IX 111111 Fllll11'IlI 111 X11 II11'11L1 11111 111' Ll5Nlll't'l1 111 11-1 1-1111111 1-1'1'1'1 11pp111'1111111 N . xx'4111k111Q 11111111111 11411. 11111 151111111 111 1'Q11111g1111111 111111115 1111111 11111" 111111115 11111 11115 1Jt'I1l'I'lll1' 11111' 1-1111 1 N 1 1111111 1111 1111111 11111 1111 151111111111'.11111111111111111 111111 1114111111111 11111111 11111111 1111111 1 131111111 12111111 1111' g1'111111'11. . 5 1111111 N1111111111111111111111N111111115.131'.1J1111'1111 X1 1 . 1Q1111l'l11l1'1. 111111 1111- 1111111111115 111 1111' 1511111111 111 131111 111111 X115 111 C IX 111111111 N111 1111111-1' Y 11111711111 X11 H1113 111111. 11 11111 111 111111 S111111111 X11 1111' 51lll11'IlIN 111 X11 1111'11.l. 11111-111111111111115. MR. DONALD J. BELL Vice-Principal MRS. HELEN HOEKSEMA Vice-Principal Assis'ran+ Principals Do Vi+al Work .X YUIA llllrf 1111111 ill'1bllIll1 l1l1'b11l1111l ix 11111' 11111111 x'i1'1- p1'i111 111111. R112 151-11. H1- 11111 1121511121111 j1111s. cllll' of 111511111111 -1111515 z111visi11g 1111' 5111110111 1111111 Hll1l't'I'N. Xlr. B111 1101135 1111' 111111'1f1's 111 p11111 1111- s111111'111 111111- ings 211111 111 p1'1'p111'1- 1111- 1-1111'1'111i1111111111 1111-1111 1111-1-1- ings. .-X11111111-1' 11111' uf 11iQj1n11s 15111211 111 s1'111'11111i11Q ll s111111'111E 1'1g1sws: N111 111-11 is 111511 Illl' g111x'is1'1' l-llll 1111- NI1111's 131121111 111 f1UI1Il'lll. .-XS 1111- L111Y1Sl'I' 1111 11115 group, 1111 1111111115 s111111' 111 1111- 1111'1'1i11gs 211111 QlY1'N 111'1pf1111111x'i1'1'1111111r1ip11111'. Students Bob Manton and Phoebe Moroes consult w1th Mr Bell Mrs. Hoeksemu, Vice-Prinripal, has o friendly chat with two l b t A H S financial matters students, Denine Hilbish and Arlene Roski. Q' fD- . 5 YI' mf X -J H ful: 'fb ' f'Vx , ' '-s- 'A 'Q ,gl gif , ' 11" R if f u if., . f dhfzm. u MR. BUTLER MISS diVECCHIO MRS. C. HOWELL MISS SHOCKEY MR. TOVEY Counselors Offer Helpful Advice The counselling department of Alzuneda High School offers one of the most valuable serriees at student can rec'eix'e during his high school years. The four eounselors, Mr. Butler, Miss diYeeehio. Mrs. Howell, and Bliss Shoekey, are friendly, un- derstanding people who are always ready to help the students. Vihether a student wants a job. 21 ehange of schedule. or just a friendly ehat about some problems. the eounselors ean be depended upon. The guidance that the eounselors offer is very valuable during a studentis stay in high school, but it is even more valuable in his later life. The eareful planning of 21 studentis schedule in high sehool is ll stepping stone to it well-organized adult life. 'lihe friendly words of ztdviee are helpful in preparing at student to meet the problems of tomorrow. But mo:-i of ull, our eounselling department gives qi student at better understanding of himself. his family. and his friends. Testing is another job which requires much thought and planning. Mr. Tovey is the head of testing. It is his job to see that students are informed of the numerous tests that are available for jobs. seholarships, and vocational interests. Through the guidance and testing offered by the eounselling department. the students will be well prepared to meet the responsibilities of adulthood. CAREY, Head Counselor Mr. Butler points out scholarship opportunities to interested students, An Excellent Teaching Staff Offers MR. ALVORD MRS. B. ANDERSON MR. T. ANDERSON MRS. V. ANDERSON MRS. APPERSON MRS. BAUMHOFF MR. BERGES MR. BILLINGS MAJOR BEIGHTLER MISS CARPENTER MR. MYRON B. ALVORD-Commercial Arts Dept., B.B.A., Golden Gate College, M.A., S.F. State. Outside interest: photography. MRS. BEATRICE ANDERSON-Mathematics Dept. MR. THEODORE ANDERSON-Mathematics Dept., A.B., S.F. State. Outside interests: square dancing, photography, camping. MRS. VIRGINIA ANDERSON-English Dept., B.A., U.C. MRS. CHARLENE APPERSON-Language Dept., B.A., U.C., French Club adviser. Outside interests: music, horseback riding, ice skating, hiking. MRS. LOUISA BAUMHOFF-Mathematics Dept., Wagner College iN.Y.i.0utside Yiterests: sewing, reading. Y l MR. ROBERT BERGES-Science Dept., B.S., Norilwestern Univ., M.A., Univ. of Mich., Three R's Clubfbdviser. O side interests: moun- taineering, reading. ' t N MR. HOWARD BILLINGS-Social Science Dept., A.B., Colo. State College of Education, C.S.F. adviser. Outside interests: music, athletics, gardening, reading, travel. 14 MAJOR ROBERT S. BEIGHTLER-R.O.T.C., B.S., West Point, M.B.A., Ohio State Univ., Rifle Team coach, adviser to A.H.S. Junior Ritle Club, Sword and Shield Society adviser. Outside interests: tennis, skiing, swimming. MISS EDITH CARPENTER-P.E. Dept., A.B., U.C., Girls' Block "A". Outside interests: musiq knitting, skiing, theater, travel. MRS. EMILY COKE-Science Dept., A.B., B.S., U.C. Outside interests: wood carving, ice skating, nature study. MR. BARRY CONNOR-Social Science Dept., A.B., U.C., Football coach. Outside interests: sports. MRS. KATHERINE COSSETTE-Social Science Dept., A.B., U.C., ad- viser to Photography Club, usherettes. Outside interests: tennis, golf, swimming, painting, square dancing, skiing. MR. DARRELL W. COUGHLAN-Chairman of the Science Dept., A.B., U.C., sponsor of the Chemistry Club. Outside interests: travel, color photography, gardening. MRS. EDNA CUNDIFF-Science Dept., B.S., Ohio State Univ., M.A., Stanford. Outside interests: gardening and music. MRS. LILLIAN DANNENBERG-Language Dept., A.B., U.C., Spanish Club adviser. Outside interests: opera, books, travel. Courses Ol lnleresl To All Sluclenls '1 Q JQ- MRS. COKE MR. COUGHLAN , ?,,'f,,- Y df! Vs rf" A ff Qi A 1 A' 4 ar P A tx F" ,. f-ww . X N V -7 A , xA. '. 'i MR. CONNOR MRS. COSSETTE MRS. CUNDIFF MRS. DANNENBERG Business students perfect secretarial skills Science students learn when eclipses of the moon occur. l 1 vs 5 fa. , W l' hh' 11 f 1 1 students learn a new meihod of fadormg . 'Y' . fs 'X . YJ' af '. f 'f " ' Hg ,rv .2-' ' ' ' , ji f I . Q 5 Vg -155 N, E, gl - ww-N rw- ,L . . 1:2 -0122 ,Q uri,-4 e Y A -H J :Mi W ,,,,,.- I Q A G my Q-..',1w hd. 1 13.3" ' W 1-'iffc ' .L l If :Z in .l A N Q . K W N, Ig kf giig ly ll 22.115 'Q y 3 9521 'hi 2. M X A . R ' ' .. 'fi Q. ,U wfflv f ' us? . . , 06252 , ? Q A MY: E 4- fa w' S .- M A t V .4 ":fJ,"' 1Q Q " 5 fl l ' 1 x l DODGE MR. FREEMAN MRS. FRIEDMAN MR. GEYER HALLOCK MR. HANSON MR. HAYES MISS HAYS D. HOWELL MRS. HUNTER MR. JACKSON MR. JONES Ar? sfudenis learn io work in different media. Algebra XA .1 fx 1 l 4 -X t . X 1 np' N -.'4 . I "' I J 1 IDM! A Compleie Pre-College Program ls Offered MR. WILLIAM DODGE-Science Dept., B.S., B.A., Univ. of Wash. Outside interests: swimming, skiing, tennis. MR. CHRIS FREEMAN-Woodshop, A.B., Stanford. Outside interests: fishing, photography, reading, shop. MRS. MARIANNE FRIEDMAN-Language Dept., A.B., U.C., French Club adviser. MR. CHARLES F. GEYER-Driver Training, A.B., San Jose State. Out- side interests: water sports, travel, woodworking, gardening. MR. ROGER GRAY-Vocational Arts Dept., A.B., Chico State, Ass't Co-ordinator of Auditorium Activities. Outside interests: hunting, fishing, camping. MR. JACK V. HALLOCK-Mathematics Dept., B.A., U.C., ACORN adviser. Outside interests: minerology, mining. MR. CARLTON V. HANSON-Music Dept., A.B., S.F. State, M.A., Mills, A.H.S. Orchestra and A.H.S. String Trio. Outside interests: deep sea fishing. MR. CALDER HAYES-P.E. Dept., A.B., U.C., Boys' Block "A", basket- ball and golf teams. Outside interest: reading. MISS RUTH HAYES-Mathematics Dept., A.B., M.A., U.C. Mus. MARGARET HENRY-Language nepv., A.B., M.A., U.C., Spanish Club adviser. Outside interests: travel, playing the piano, gar- dening. MR. DONALD HOWELL-Vocational Arts Dept., Vocational and Industrial Arts Credentials, U.C., Sacramento State, San .lose State. Outside interests: working with wood and metal. MRS. KATHLEEN C. HUNTER-School nurse, General Hospital of Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo., S.F. State. MR. LEE JACKSON-Commercial Arts Dept., A.B., U.C. Outside in- terests: growing walnuts, golf, hiking, fishing, music. MR. ASHLEY JONES-Social Science Dept., A.B., Stanford, cross- country and swimming coach. Outside interests: sports. MR. FORREST KLEIN-P.E. Dept., A.B., M.A., U.C., football and basketball coach. Outside interest: skiing. L. AI-.-lc-.. -I --AEA .4.-..l.. -.. IA-.- A- .......:-- .. --.l:- VI in it il' J-s., Q - Students in the cooking classes learn the fundamentals of preparing meals. Training Courses Provide Job Opportunities Alameda High offers subjects which meet the de- mands of all students' interests and abilities. Four years of linglish are given to heneht the precollege student. Classes in social studies, history and govern- ment and politics help each student to realize his responsibilities as a citizen of today. Four years of French and Spanish and three years of Latin enable a capable student to go on to advanced work. Basic algebra and geometry are supplemented by ada vanced algebra. trigonometry and solid geometry. Business and refresher mathematics courses aid those who will go on to jobs after high school. Four years of science may be taken. General science and biology precede the more advanced courses of chemistry. physiology and physics. Home economics classes teach girls how to cook, sew, and manage a home. Various shop courses teach boys mechanical skills. Uur excellent music and drama departments add interest and culture to the school program. Physical education and R.U.T.CI. classes offer a change of pace from the usual school activities. 'lihe newly- instituted honor courses in mathematics and linglish allow the gifted student to do work at a college level. MRS. FREDA KYMPTON-P.E. Dept.: B.A., M.A.: Mills College: G.A.A. adviser. Outside interest: gardening. MRS. MARCEHA LAUCK-Commercial Arts Dept.: B.S.: Ohio Univ., U.C. Outside interests: musicals, shows, reading. MRS. DOROTHY LE HEW-Chairman of Math. Dept. MISS MARION LOS KAMP-English Dept.: B.A., M.A.: U.C.: Student Faculty Committee. Outside interests: theater, music, travel. MRS. IENORE MARKER-language Dept.: A.B., U.C.: latin Club adviser. Outside interests: ice skating. MR. ERNEST MASSOTTY-Vocational Arts Dept.: B.A., Chico State. Outside interests: fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, wood- working. MRS. MYRTLE McKENNA-P.E. Dept.: A.B., U.C.: G.A.A. Adviser. Outside interests: music, opera. MR. JOHN McMlLl.ON-Science and P.E. Dept.: B.S., Univ. of Texas: coach of Soph-Frosh football team, Junior Varsity baseball team. Outside interests: sports. MR. EDWARD A. McMUlllN-Vocational Arts Dept. Outside inter- ests: sports, racing cars. MR. ARTHUR A. MOORE-English Dept.: B.A., U.C.: l.l..B., Hastings College of law: chairman of the Student Faculty Committee, Di- rector of the Student Talent Show. MRS. SARA V. PATTY-Commercial Arts Dept.: B.S., Univ. of Wash.: M.A., Oregon State College. MRS. ALMA PAVID-English Dept.: A.B., U.C. Outside interests: gardening, bridge, reading. MISS FRANCES D. PAYNE-Science Dept.: A.B., U.C. Outside inter- ests: conservation, photography, hiking. DR. JOHN PEOPLES-Social Science Dept.: A.B., Penn. State: M.A. and Ph.D., U.C. Outside interests: music, rocks and minerals, nature study, fishing. MISS PATRlClA PRENTER-Mathematics Dept. Outside interests: mountaineering, skiing, mathematics, and physics. DR. JOSEPH REDIGER-English Dept.: Ph.D., Stanford. Outside in- terests: collecting books, woodworking. MISS EDNA REICHMUTH-Art Dept.: Calif. College of Arts and Crafts. sd -'Q Sfudenls learn new Oechniques In industrial ar! classes. MRS. KYMPTON MISS LOS KAMP MR. McMULLIN DR. PEOPLES SN Qfqffjfgg MRS. LAUCK MRS. MARKER MR. MOORE MISS PRENTER MRS. LE HEW MR. MASSOTTY MRS. PATTY MRS. P'JTNEY I 'W' W W 'Lv J Q ,- ,I The Honors English class enioys a spiriied discussion of William Faulkner. MRS. McKENNA MRS. PAVID DR. REDIGER In mf X 'DQ 'lf' .Nix 'E 10:7 Y-Q MR. McMII.lON MISS PAYNE MISS REICHMUTH .J '7 -..W I I Honor Courses Cover College Work History students learn about the history of foreign countries as well as the history of their own country. . 'N- Members of the mechanical drawing class design a floor plan for a MRS. SCHWARTZ modern house. MR. JEROME SCHNEIDER-English and Language Depts., B.A., Univ. of Wisconsin. MISS LEOTA SCHROEDER-English Dept., B.A., U.C., M.S., Arm- strong College. Outside interest: music. MRS. MARIAN SCHWARTZ-P.E. Dept., A.B., San Jose State, Modern Dance Club sponsor. MR. CHARLES SCOTT-Vocational Arts Dept., B.A., M.A., Colo. State College of Education. Outside interests: hunting, photography, fishing, gardening. MRS. CAROL CEDERLEAF-Music Dept., B.A., Univ. of Wash., Clark College, Christmas Pageant, Pacific Music Camp Clinic, All-City Music Festival. Outside interests: bowling, golfing. MR. LLOYD SISLER-English Dept., Drama, A.B., Fresno State, M.A., U.S.C., Senior Play director. Outside interest: music. MRS. COURTNEY SMITH-English Dept. MRS. RITA THOMPSON-Home Economics Dept., A.B. Outside in- terests1 flower arrangement, golf. MR. BRUCE E. TINGWALL-English Dept., B.A., M.A., Univ. of Idaho, ACORN adviser. Outside interests: travel, tennis, drama, litera- ture. MRS. JOSEPHINE VAN OGTROP-Commercial Arts Dept., Wash. State, U.C. MR. RAYMOND VIDLER-Music Dept., A.B., San Jose State, director of marching and concert bands. MR. SCOTT MRS VAN OGTROP MR. VIDLER ,N 62 N X N.. ,,- vs MISS ANNABEL WANN-Mathematics Dept., A.B., U.C,, Jr. Red Cross Club sponsor. Outside interests: music, Cal, Alum. Activities, folk and square dancing, swimming. MR. KENTON WHITE-English Dept., B.A., U.C. Outside interest: modern literature. MR. LAIRD WILLIAMS-Social Science Dept., A.B., U.C., C.O.P,, American Academy of Asian Studies. Outside interests: hiking tennis, swimming, bowling, chess. MR. HAROLD WOODS-Commercial Arts Dept., S.F. State College. MR, PLATO YANICKS-P.E. Dept., A.B., M.A., San Jose State, Stan- ford, Frosh-Saph football, Varsity Track coach. Outside interests: sports statistics, photography, stamps, rock collecting. MRS. DOROTHY T. LAYTON-Art Dept. MISS GRACE S. POWERS-Social Science Dept., OAK LEAF adviser. LEFT-lhe proper use of the sewing machine is one of the many fundamentals taught in our clothing classes. LOWER-Mr. Bryan, our principal, buys a delicious piece of cake at the Modern Dance Club coke sale. MISS SCHROEDER MR. SCHNEIDER MRS. THOMPSON MR. TINGWALL MR. MARVIN PEARSON-P.E. Dept., B.s., MA., Bemidii same Cal- MR- WOODS MR- YAN'CK5 lege lMinn.j, S.F. State, J.V, Football coach, Varsity Baseball coach. Outside interests: camping, water skiing, fishing, hunting, snow skiing. V .ak-cc MRS. LOUISE THAM-Home Economics Dept., S.F. State, Mills College , my-v MRS. CEDERLEAF MR. SISLER MRS. SMITH MISS WANN MR. WHITE MR. WILLIAMS Q- ' - " f A A ,, , - ra C., - f fi YT? 7 Z.: x, if' V x 'Li V . I 7 A If .es - f 1 L 1 4 A f . Lia, 4' ' l 1'7" ga. .41 x H s- . ,. ,.. , CAFETERIA STAFFfFRONT ROW, left fo right: B. Taylor, N. Poggi, F, McPherson, B, laughter. ROW ll: J. Jordon, A. Mason, J. Johnson, The Work Cf Many Compelenl People a"N . 'S Alameda High sludenls enjoy eafing the delicious lunches served In our newly builv cafeteria Members of the U O TC drill vhree limes weekly in 'he boys' P E yard I ,.-...fn la Elf' 5 'W' MAINTENANCE STAFF-FRONT ROW, lefi to right: R. Crocker, R. Bishop, E. Hagman, E. Smith, E. Higby, ROW II: A. Lorenzona, Head Custodiang F, Lockman, G. Schimer, W. Toy. I. Sfephnni. Keeps Our School Running Efficienlly MRS. lYithout thc pcoplc who pcrform thc spccial scrv- iccs. .Xlamcda High School could not function smoothly. Invaluahlc to thc school is thc oflicc stall. Nlrs. Hall. school sccrctary, and Mrs. Ragsdcll. assistant school sccrctary. arc always busy typing. answcring tc-lcphoncs. and filing cards. Mrs. Ginu- rich and Mrs. Dahl havc thc rcsponsihility of kccp- ing thc students' attcndancc rccords in ordcr. Mrs. Nlcfllara. thc hank clerk, is also very husy. for shc takcs carc of much of thc schools hnanccs. lhc drivcr-training instructor. thc tcxthook clcrk. and thc nursc arc xcry important pcoplc in thc school. 'lihc instructor in drivcr training. Nlr. Gcycr. QiYt's hchind-thc-whccl training to thc stu- dcnts of .Xlamcda High School. 'lic-xthooks. thcir distrihution and thcir maintcnancc. arc thc rcspon- sihility of Mrs. Arlstcn. Mrs. Huntcr, thc school nursc. has hcr sharc of rcsponsihilitics. for shc must sci' that thc' hcalth and wclfarc of thc studcnts arc rnaintaincd in cxccllcnt condition. GINGRICH MRS. HALL MR. LORENZANA 'lio thc stagc crew. thc maintcnancc stall. and thc laundry stafl. much crcdit is duc. For thc various .Nlamcda High School stagc productions. studcnt nm-rings, and fashion shows, much dcpcnds upon Mr. Campcr and thc stage' crcw. 'lihc inaintcnanc c stafl. hcadcd hy Mr. l,orc-nzana. dcscrxcs inuc li crcdit. Bcsidcs keeping thc huilding clcan. thc stall also pcrforms thc spccial scrviccs such as changing hurncd-out light hulhs. and rcpairing hrokcn dcsks. .Xlamcda High School is vcry thankful to thc laundry stall. for it kc-cps i'YC'I'yLl'llI1Q clean. MRS. ARFSTEN MRS. McCLARA MRS. DAHL MRS. RAGSDELL . '4 ,- . K 9 , . . sw-J. , 6 ' IL. 19' iw' ,, - ft 'W -rl I' Ji 5 'L I ."' . Q . f1'fa'.g 'H , Q J HQ DAN LUFKIN Prendeni LINDA SPECTOR Vice Prsudeni Capable Leaders Head Fall S'ruden'r Body Leadelshlp ln the classroom as well as ln the Qporte arena served Dan Lufkm well as he became our Stu dent Body Presxdent for Fall 58 Dan, whlle con ductmg our weeklx Qtudent meetlngs, lntroduced enjox able entertalnment HN term was marked w1th the Same drlve to exceed that hae characterized hun ln all of h1s other act1v1t1es Bobo bugs, Lltterbugs and Clean upbugs became fam1l1ar when Llnda Spector embarked on in all out safetx and antl htterbug campalgn durlng the Fall t rm She mstltuted a new firet bx clex erlx NVFIUIIL h 1 own Qifctx meetmxga which portmud tht vmous tx pu of Qafetx Ofl-CI1dCI'9 1n X H S I lnda bpector dlsplax ed a utahtx and lmaqma tion 1n her term for w hxch She w 1ll be remembered lom Henderson RCCOfdlDg Secret ux kept 100' f mmutes and 'llso mfmagcd the l'all Opemnq Dance Bob Mmton our l'm1nc1alSetretarx qulck lx got the student bodx 1002 for Qtudent dues is w ell aa Securmq mam Qtudtnt rates oan 1'I'lCClflCll w as an excellent X ell Leader as She enthuslaitlcallx led xells at Qamu 'md ralllee throughout the l'1ll pol te Qecwon JOAN FRIEDRICH Yell Leader rom Hsnosnsou B05 M'NT0"' Rlcordmg Secretary Flnuncml Secrefury 26 . , , V' . , I , K: I .l A . l L1 I ' . I rl l V K Q h X 1 -' . k, - V F ' . A . Y ' ' ' . , . '- . . . K ' J . 1 R - . . . ' v . ' ' . ' . . 1 1 1 , S I 'l 1 m 1 . , c L 1 , ' CG " LL ' " SL N " cf . 9 .f . L. , ' ' , ' ' . Q . . V - , J t ., K ' . . K ' - , , f . . . , D . . ,. f . Y 5' ' 1 a t . K A 1 I . ' X ' ' A' t' S ' . . 1, . 1 . , 1 ,ef s.- ,M ..v vp FALL STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE SEATED P McNutt J Friedrich Miss Los Kamp Mr Moore T Henderson L Spector STANDING S Stephens B Minton D Lufkm S Rice B Grufe Sfudenl Represeniahves Govern AH S 'C fa: wb- si"'l "ig kgflia, . if i""Zfev W .f ,ew 1,-r FALL AD BOARD-Seated left to right: K. Wallace B. Minton S. Rice A. Spector R. Jones. ROW ll: N. Eiermun J. Friedrich M. Bell R. Lothian K. Tilton N. Moflitl P. ONeil L. Boucher L. Spector M. Eierman. ROW Ill: T. Lu Flamme B. Divine Mr. Bell T. Henderson D. Luflcin J, Ghiselli. 27 Boards Of Conlrol Mainlain High Slandards N-. 3 3 A, gp 6' 3 Y Q1 FALL WOMEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL-FRONT ROW: D. Sabbafini, P. Nelson, J. Duncan, D. Hilbish. ROW ll: J. Takeda, P. Moraes, J. lngeman, P. McNut1, S. Martin. ROW Ill: V. Maiors, R. Tennant, J. Robie, P. McQuay. ROW IV: A. Yamashla, S. Jelavich, C. Finley, S. Schlemmer. Throughout the fall term the Men's and lN'omen's Boards of Control kept order on the football field and operated the student body meetings in a quiet. mature manner. The Boards of Control, led by Phyllis Nelson and Bill Grafe. vhief couneilors. instill ll respect for LHB., Always High Standards. in the minds of the students as well as a feeling of responsibility in upholding those standards. The girls Chose crisp ties of red plaid which blend- ed with the boys' traditional caps of gold and white. Both Mens and lVomen's Boards enjoyed de- licious potluck dinners at the homes of Mr. Bell and Nlns. Hoeksema. FALL MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL-FRONT ROW: B. Shepard, B. Grafe, G. Orren, M. Klein. ROW ll: T. Blunden, D. Benjamin, W. Farnsley, C. Molenlramp. ROW Ill: S. McCann, S. Dawen, W. Sniffen, T. Rams- den. ROW IV: P. lamasney, P. Schrader, D. Lyorla, T. Cusack. Chrislmas Pageanl' Provides lnspiralion The beautiful Nativity scene of the Christmas Pageant This years Christmas Pageant. "The Shepherds Many students participated in the last src-ne. the Yisionf' was a beautiful. inspiring production writ- ten by Mr. Lloyd Sisler, our drama teacher. 'lihe orchestra opened the program with the over- ture. "A Christmas Carol," which set the theme for the pageant. The pageant told the story of three shepherd boys, who were given the power to see into the future. With this power the boys were able to visualize coming wars and the great advancement seienre would make. The Shepherd's Vision of the scene in Bethlehem. Nativity. They wore the colorful costumes of mam nations as they Came to adore the Christ Child in Bethlehem. At the same time the choir, wearing their robes and carrying lighted candles, marched down eaeh aisle of the auditorium singing. "O Come All Ye Faithful." At the conclusion of the program the audienre was left in awe at the beauty and splendor of the 5l'l'Ill'. The Wisemen contemplating the instrument whizh first viewed the star in the East :QQ 5 JUNIOR PROM-Co-Manager Linda Boucher, Manager Warren Berrie. 4352 ,fi Geayne Horgan and Tom Morehouse are doing a "casual" jig av the 4A's noon dance. JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-FRONT ROW: M Nason. N. Merrill, M. Orih, J. lngernan ROW Il: T Morehouse, B. Shep- J of is Snowflakes provide a magical backdrop as students dance cf the Junior Pram, "Winter Mist" School Dances Are ".Xiul .Xxmi INR' lm." llus iiluiuiilg il.uur' pri-- wuuxl lux llu' .Xcl'nl.Xx41r.1wXx1lI ku lwll uuw ilu' l ill scuiuil is lurl xxilli i'u'1'xmu' xsluw g1tu'1ul1'nl lun Illl 1 1 lmll. I I 'lillt'll Mmu- ilu- Nipll Hop. "l"ii'vlly.A' xsluiv xii- iu ilu- luns spwrliilg ii-uigw ill Miiuly .iiul i.i1- wir.I.11IlQI.1Il1lgiIl1vIlr111Illl'lllsllvl.1k1rwl5Nx1'llnlr1Ili'. Ou Xmviulu-1' fl.llll'QfIN xx.ist1.i1isl11i1i1ul iuu ,. N 1lllLlQlAillYXlIlll'I wiiuln'rl.11ul .is Ilu' 115 Iilisx uu il XN1i1Ii'1'Xllsl. llll'lIill1Xl'lX l'imu. l P M . "And Away We Go," Ihe Fall opening dance, was a swinging again herd, D. Lyer a, . oraes Li Enjoyed By All it ex J 12 Time our for refreshmenls of the Junior Prom. .fu mf? SOPH HOP COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-FRONT RON M Llner D. Mason, J. Roquier. ROW II: P. Stung J Fre chu A Blukeney L.. x If must have been fun for Ohese srudents at the Fall Soph Ho P "rafeny." SOPH HOP Manager Bruce Devine und Co Manager S 4 352233 " ::'?:EE3' Odeon!! ' o'232'! ' T cuff 3 ii if 2ff?Xv1 Jerrilee Jensen , I.. xfzi. ' ali" 19 fz. ,in . HHN!!! 2: 'lvhosufu ,. , funn nan ,,-" H0 oo Nu Whnx , .3 '.f:D 0000? Q' ' no uzuou ND", ' oo uonun. ,uc-'lx 0 0 n .09 gs 1 seems - LMA... "Oh no you don'1!" says Cornelius Hackl, Bob Bradford, as he "Pudding, Cornelius?" asks Barnaby Turller, portrayed by Gerry 'escorfs' Malachi ou! of 'he restaurant Law, to Mrs. Molly, Mary Traude, and Cornelius. The Ma c ma er s ar 'n n er 'nmen +1111 ISp1111gE++a1 1 "l'111' N1.111 11111.1k1'1'.'i 1111 1111211111115 1.11111 1' 111 111111 s11'11igh11'111'11 11111 1-fll1l1llll1fi11ll?. 111111 1'x'1'1'111111' 11215 his 1111N. 1111s th1' 111411 L'1lll5l'I1 111 1110111155111 V111111' 1T4.'15' 111'g11't's 111's111'. 1l11' 1111'1'1'h11111 111 Y1111k1'1's 1111115 111111s1'11 LIN its N1'11i1 ll' 111111.11110I11t'I'1l1il11l1JfX'11I1li1'I'b. H111'g11 1' 1'11gt1g1'11111t111'111g111'1111111k1'1'h1'1's1'1f. 1-1111111 1' Yg111111'1- Y1111111'1'g1'1111'1. 111.11111 111 511'x'1' 1711hs1111, 111'1'111111's 511 Q'1'1111'1'. xx 1111 1111s s11 s111'1'w11 111 1111si111'ss. is -11151 lllxi' 11111 111111 111' 111'1i111's 111 llllil' L1 11111: ilill 111'111111p11s11 putty 111 1111' ll111111s 111 Hrs. I.1'x'i. H1' is f111111'11 111 his t11is111-1-111111111s.1 111.1111111111111'1'. Nlrs. l,1'xi. p111'11't111'11 11pp1'1'111i1 1's 151111 B1'111111f111'11 111111 cil'I'Ii1 l.L1NN 111 ll 111 Y11'gi111.1 llHlllllIl1. 111111 s1111s1'q111'11111 111'1111111's 111- s1'1'11's 111 1111111111115 11i111'-411111-s1'1'k s11'111's. 111111 111111111 XfIlXl'll 111111 lXX1111li 11is1111'11i11I 1'11'1'l1s. 11ss111'11'11 11111112 11115 1111 11ish111st1'1' 1'xp111111' 111 his 111112 1.11111's, .11111 t111' 111'.11111g1i11'1'.11 1111 l'XIJl'l151Y1' 1'1's1z111111111 'l'111'1111gh 1111' 1111111 1111114 111 1111' 1'11s1 211111 l'I'1'XNN. .1 XS11l'l'l'1l11N s11i11l.11'11'1'1111sh1'.11111111Q1111111111h11111ti1111s 1 l'l'f 1'1111'1'111i11i11g 1'x1'11i11g was p111's1'1111'11 1111111 4111111- 111111.1x 111 11111111111.1t11111. ,Xf11'1' 1'11'1'y11111' Q1'ts 4111 1'I111'Hl1ll1 4111 111110111211 2ll11'I1L1klll1l', "Do you have any lobsfer tail?" asks Mrs. Molloy lo Rudolf, Bob Minton, Her dinner companions, Cornelius, Barnaby, and Minnie Fay, Gervrude, 'he rnaid, portrayed by Debbie Whiie, geis a huge laugh portrayed by Susan Oliver, look on. as she fries to overhear her employer, Mr. Vandergelder. A 1 ,5 .qv llffmff I 11r1flf1'gf'ffI11 . . I nz I1 ww Krnzjf lm' .SY 111111111 . ffrrlrzfffr' . . l.m'1z1'!1'11s llfnlql 1frr1zr114gf11'1l1' . 11111111 hi S1111 lx 11lrf.l.f:'1' . lir1rn11f1'x Y'111!.'f2' .Ury ,ilnllrfy . .ilflllllnf F115 . f,-llb7V1fl7l . . 1e11111,1f . .luguxt . . . .1lllKl-I 11111 . .111-SYl'1!07'll 1,1171 1 llwr f,'f1!Ilf . Dixic' .'XI'lf'IA .Ioan I'qTif'C1Tii'h Jim Hvss IJi1mz1NIilw Lnmlv 5ht'I'lIlliiIl .1Il1llllvQl'7' . LII!-,1IllIIf1IQl'I' Uirrz Im' . . .IMI Ilirwrfm' r 7 . . CAST Slvw' Ilubsml ' Du k Ililblliliill . jfrh11NIcIQlw1g114- . Dr'N'Ji4' Uhill' . Bffb Bmdfrmrcl Margie Hupfcr . Dcnnix Hud-fm X 112111121 Rfvnnamz . . fwrnlci Lim . Mary Trzxudz- . Susan cJllYl'ls . f11'fJI'Ql'5lhXX'1il7 . I5wbNIi111fm . Kl'Illl1'lll Ulxllzu 1' . , . -lim IQIKIHIII IIIXSVII . Pmjggy Pgigv I.mdu .-Xllvn l'lX'I'R.'XS Nlikc Clwlqzm Uzivid 'l'4'IK5U'Q4' Cn-rugs' Nllllzircl 'Ibm Ric'hn1fmci Iilll 511111415 IDlRllfl'I'URS . . . . 514-xx' clilfllilllklll . Anm- Lzxmlm . Mr. Lluyd Nslvl . llfllilllll' Stm'vm'l1'3 CIUNI NI I'I"lQl-1115 PI'IIf1f'7'ffI'Y l'2'n.gr11n1 x . Pulaliz fix' Tfr ATM 511111111 l,1ghl111Vg . . ,SAYIIAQP .S'1't!1'11,gx Uvnim- Hilbish . fumlm- 5hQ'IAlIIl2lIl . .Imly Pll'I'1l' 'l'n'1'r3 Clmwltc' . . . . . Huh Vlilcw I'hilCIh4m1pifm. Urmz1lcl'l'I':1x'cr . Marty Kvlvlr. Klum k Nlcmflruy .lI11kf-11f1 . Xfnrilyn llivr'n14m. Bm-th Fcldhz1mmc'r. .S-0117111 lfjffv fx . lfmfzznzm . .'l 1Ir'1'rIif111vg .Irfan Fricdrim h . . Huh XYAIUS . Gnylv RQIQIIIUIIKI . Bilfbiifll Be'x:111 A A tremendous amount of work goes into each issue of the OAK LEAF. First a rough draft of an article is submitted by a student to the OAK LEAF staff. The staff corrects and types the article so that it may be sent to the printer at the TIMES-STAR building. The printer then retums two printed copies of the artitcle, one to be corrected, and the other to be cut out and pasted on the "dummy" copy, the final draft. The 'kdummf' goes to the printer who prints about 1800 copies of the paper. The OAK LEAF is issued on the third Wednes- day of every month, and it is full of newsy items that catch our interest. The semi-annual Senior issues. dedicated to the graduates, are always eagerly anti- cipated. To gain information for these issues, the stafT sends out a Senior Questionnaire with questions such as "What Senior is most fun on a date?" or Glancing at an exchange paper are writers Loretta Rizarri, Neil Stratton and Elaine Ward. 5 N . V .li 1 4' 1 . 45 CAROL MARITZEN MICKI MQNUTT Fall Edifor Fall Business Manager Oak Leaf Contains "Who is most likely to reach the moon first: lest features make the OAK LEAF fun to read During the fall term the students working on tht OAK LEAF carried on spiritedly although they were beset with the difhculty of having an inadequatc staff. This term the staff had one big activity which was a visit to the KTVU Channel 2 studios. The trip was very informative. In the spring semester something new was added to the OAK LEAF. The OAK LEAF staff becamt a journalism class for which one unit of credit is given. In addition to writing for the OAK LEAI the members of the class also write for the weeklx school issue of the Alameda TIMES-STAR. ln th'. way the general public as well as A.H.S. students knows what is happening around our school. Didafing copy is Greg Shapard to Sharon Bishop and Sue Johansen. ,-5""Ny tu, -fr? -- C-v MIKE FASSIOTTO Business Manager Spring Editor STEPHANIE NESBIT Timely School News I".-XLI, S'I'.-Xlfl' Editor . Carol Nluritzvn .flxfl lfrlilmw . Ilvelyn Mzxroulns Stephzulic Nrshil li11s1'11f'w .ilfznzzlgfr . . Niirki NIa'Nul1 .'I5s'I li1l.Yl.llf',YS .Ill1IIll'Q1'l' . Mike lfzissiotto .S'jmrt.s Iizlflm' . Ken Ry hnc looking pleased at the work of their collaborative efforts are typist Judy Sharp, assistant editor Juanita Peniston, and TIMES-STAR editor Roberta Tennant. 72 SPRING S'l'.-XI"l" Editor . . Stephanie Neshil .-iff! lffflftm' . . . Juanita Peniston lillttllfts .ilfllnllgwr . Hike lfzlssiotlo .S'fm1'lx' lfrlilm' , N:-il Stratton 7 'ypisl . . . . . . Judy Sharp 1'ie"IlIllTl' Il'ritwr5 . Mack Mcztlray, Sharron Bishop, Elaine YVard, Lauretta Rizzuri, Sue Johansen, Judy Irmsher, Gregg Shepard Correcting copy are LEFT TO RIGHT: Neil Stratton, Sue Johanson Mike Fossiotto and Stephanie Nesbit. X S+uden'rs And Teachers Alike Enjoy Good i.? :mes A+ A.H.S. ' Wuwxks 5:91 +4 4 . 1 - Student body Vice President linda Spector and two Senior Class members, Bud Pollard and Warren Ulner, serve on the reception committee for the Open House of our new west wing, -x J! I A Y Models and escorts for the G A Fashion Show await their turns to appear TOM HENDERSON Pres do 0 f X news wrms Vice Prosndeni Popular S'ruden'r Leaders Enloy Sprung Term KN hat does it mean to be the leader of an out standing student bods such as we haxe at Alameda High? Tom Henderson Student Bodx President during the spring semester saxs he s happx when ex ery one enjoxs the entertalnment he presents at weeklx stu has done a fine Job in consistently presenting out standing entertainment at the btudent Bodx Meet ings Tom through his leadership faxorablx repre sents -X H 5 at other schools Our spring tice president Debbis YN hlte saw it gn es her a thrill to be able to stand before the stu dents and talk to them Debbie headed the Serxlce lanel and co managed the Opening Dance The student bodx rocked with laughter at meetings be cause of her delightful sense of humor Recording Seeretarx Reed ones IS glad to have the chance to serve the student bodx Reed kept good Likeable Mark Cronenwett serxed as Flnanclal Secretarx and quicklx secured 10024 dues Mark like Debbie enjox ed appearing before the students Yell Leader Gerald Law enjos ed all the act1v1t1c that accompanied the duties of his office His spirited telling at games fired the rooters with enthusiasm GERALD LAW Y ll Laude REED JONES MARK CRONENWETT Roco d 9 Ser BN F non: ul Sec emry 40 1 At'l , I i n A .N s hm - . O I , . - H . , V. ' , , . D. . ' s ' K 4 ' 1 q dent meetings. It should be to his credit that Tom minutes and also managed the Opening Dance. K . n . E 1' A - ll ' fy fl 'H' '3 Q . , , ' l' - , 'V .' .'. . K ' - , . , , I L - . ' . - ' L K . . . I . A . Q Y r in r ry i i r SPRING STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE ROW I S Brooks Mr Bell Mlss LosKump Mr Moore J Slonfon ROW Il G Law T Richmond M cf onen wen o whne r Henderson B Mmson 1 Hnmmelburg R Jones Boards Provide Pleasanl Sludenl' Acllvlhes 48 Y J 'fiat' SPRING AD BOARD ROWI J Hess J Jensen N Weber D White Mr Bell T Henderson T Hlmmelburg N Mom? B Shepard ROW I G Gh II J Roberts M Whlfe M Bell P ONelI K Tulfon A Lomb R Labeflch T Morehouse R Jones ROW III M Cronenweh G low use u R Dunn 4I g-1 xx JUNIOR PROM QUEEN CANDIDATES-SEATED: Pam Martin, and Donna Noon dances provide a joyful interlude as shown on the faces of Pritchard. STANDING: Mary Ann Reynolds, and Pat Howard. Absent Maurine Barteau, Skip Ulner, and Mike Colgan from picture, Julie Craig JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE HEADS-SEATED: S, Sabaltini, re- freshmentsg V. Cannon, publicityg P. Linggi, bids. STANDING: A. Miller, musicp S. Tucker, decorationsg C, Torpey, bidsp L, Archer, reception. BOTTOM PICTURE: JUNIOR PROM-Manager Phil Westernoff - and Co-Manager Judy Bernal. 'O WWI' 'IWW IJ'e5'I'f School Dances Prove To B A slow number every now and then gives the dancers a chance K 'N ,Q X - 'N 4 lx. -sg Lx ' .-n. Wbv Q 'tr I I an Q 7' Y7 Students enioy dancing at the Saph Hop, "lady Luck." Practicing their dancing for the Soph Hop are co-m Higl-iligh+ Of Spring Season 10 nf- ' NM.-as-n.. Cilillltb. I hcl I ill' sprmg Judy Schwartz und manager Rick McCreery 4'iit'IlQiL1I' um tilllk k full uf full-hllrml UpC'IlIIlQ clzmmv. I.m-is l'r'n'lm'ml its 5PIllIQ. fi'i1ll1I'K'Li fJlll5lLlINilllQ clcfumillmls :xml v 5,110 wal that mum h xwirk nm dum' hx thc .-Xml. lifumi l1mI'lAliil'll QIQIVLII N-Ylltl'5N. 1 . l i1ni.1x lhrtl11rIu'hIh Lillill IcilX1'11l1I"U'i'lil1""'i5N 1 X - is lhvx IJIRWVIIIQKI lhm' Srvph Hrmp. "Indy l,11mk." l'.x'vr'w11c had sn mum h hm that no nm' wmulcl hgiw Y'l1t'55K'Ci that P I'lCil1X Iili'lhlIIQ't'I1Ii1 was 11 "hail hu k Lluyf lhf- 'Mil r. zllscl .1 nw. Illliiililrll hy 1-lrrring .x 11114-Q11 hr if.:Q1i hr.111Iih.Y lllhrl' Prrinl, 'HX Night in Riff' SOPH HOP COMHIETEE HEADS-SEATED: S. iferstege, silitp B. Andrus, kids. STAND NG: N, Tennant, publicityg K, Allen, rcre'ticn' J. Ha-ris, decorations. .. 7' 1 ' Q Q-P I Boards Of Control Keep Order Around School iw. .ma r 'qu 'Q Q 9' N.-rl . , Y .4 X " , 4 ' 1 .4 ' X X' 2 'M ev- - SPRING WOMEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL-ROW I: S. McKay, M. Nason, D. Sabatini, J. Friedrich, M. Hopfer, S. Haag, Z. Ergener. ROW II: M. Justin, M. Ulner, J. Schmidt, C. Peters, R. Longren, S. Budd. ROW III: J. Heeley, S. Schlemmer, S. Stevens, R. Lothian, S. Sabatini, A. Ciom. ROW IV: M. Orth, C. Finley, B. Lotz, J. Herine, M. Pilhoff. 'lihe Mens and XYomen's Boards of Control for Spring A59 emphasized ai better enforcement of the regulations against smoking and littering. Bob Minton and joan Friedrich were elected as Chief Counselors and presided at the weekly Board of Control meetings which dealt with the students who had broken school rules. It should be noted that the Boards of Control at A.H.S. are run entirely by students. No adviser is present at the meetings. and it is up to the students themselves to praetiee fairness and good judgment at all times. The fine work of the Boards of Control has kept rule-breakers to a minimum. Concluding the season. the Board of Control members enjoyed a picnic-swimming party at the home of a Board of Control member. SPRING MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL-ROW I: J. Hasagawa, C. Cuttran, G. Plato, M. Ketels, B. Gerald, M. Klein. ROW II: G. Ortiz, R. Slater, G. Orren, P. Lamasney, B. Aspinal, J. Downie. ROW III: P. Shhroder, J. Smeaton, W. Berrie, K. Thomas, B. Buckley, T, Ramsden. ROW IV: P. Stang, G. Shepard, B. Minton, B. Shepard, D. Trover. v-dx v 3 f' Q i The Changlng Scene A+ Alameda Hugh 5 I llll lllllll: M111 Illl UW .-1 i T 3 "vb, During library Week srudenfs are mvxled io VISI' the library and fake a look at fhe new books 44 I LEFT Yell leader Gerald Law was used as a prop when Jammy Payne came fo entertain us or one of our studeni meetings LOWER RIGHT Mr Hagmun school custodlan shows Pom Pom Girls a new step if ff 45 lhls x ear a number of X H S students non honors IIT XHTIOUS fields Xl e are xerx proud of Susan Haag ss ho was our D X R Good C ntlzenshlp xsmner She mon the Dls trlct ,ward .md placed second m the state wldm c Ompelltlon In the f ull X outh K ltx XX eek oflltl mls were elected Ihest studtnts Qimmd 1 INUI'lxlI'lQ knowledge of tht cuts qos ernment FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT CANDI DATES Susan Sfevens Ar! Snyder Mary Ann Reynolds Richard Avanzmo Mary Ann Reynolds was chosen for the honor -W' in-1 Our representatn es to Cnrls and Boss State 1N.1ncx NIoHitt and 'lom Henderson spent a week IIT Sac ramento ss 1th students from all ox er C allfornm lc xrmnq about the state qos ernment Nlarx Ann Rexnolds was selected to represent Xlameda Hlgh m the Amerltan Plcld Serxlee cp. c hangt student program and wlll spend a ss onderful summmr m a foruqn countrx obstrxlnq the xanous customs being practleed that YOUTH CITY OFFICIALS SEATED Debbie Whlre :ny manager STAND BOYS AND Gm.-5 STATE REPRESENTATIVES Tom Hen ING Bull Hopkuns Ilre chief and Mark Cronenwelt mayor ABSENT demon and N'-'MY Momn FROM PICTURE Kay Bruscoe councllwoman and Bull Grofe Clly Assessor WV! X1 Q7 gm Q, 5 O I I ,gs ,X 2 . T . - r 5 .- u . . 5 . Vi 'I - , 52 1 I 4 sl as I I A wx- sq t A ' Q ' . ' . . T, , . 1 . 7 ' I l s r' v Y . I, A s -- -I Q - '- - X V - 4 ,Z ' lf 1 s ' s 14 n 1 A r 1 L s' 4 1 ' i ' ' I . 4 ' o 10 s .- . A- 1 I A ' A '- , ' " , ' , ,'. . -, ., , s , - ,' V V . , . I . . . I . 1 . I H rx ' s 4 1 s 1 v rl I x 1 t - x I 3. - v ry v. r I - . . . I 1 . I I . 1 I . 1 . .' . . , . . . ' , ' , ,., I 1 - - . . - . ' ' I . 1 . 1 . - ' 1 . , ' . ' - ' - A 3 .S . L' 5 Q 1 I my ' f , 7 'T 'E 2, Q 'H ,.. I , .,, , . X W' ' ' I t Q A S u ' Y , l X 1, V. . If-pf 1 , A lk A H S S+uden+s Wm Honors BANK OF AMERICA AWARD WINNERS SEATED Stan Voogd llberal Arts Marsha Mrllett Vocatlonal Arts STANDING Charles Molenkamp Scrence and Mathe matucs Warren Berne Fme Arts I cn Nllllfllh uc re stltctcd 15 f11s.1rd XNIITIICTN 1I'l t 1 I5 mls of Xmt r1c.1 Xc hltxcmtnt Xxsdrd competltxon lht four students who rcctn ed plaquts for ext el lance IH major fields of studs were C harles Xlolen IIIUYIC Stwn X ooqd llheml irts and Nlarsha Xhllett xocatlonal arts Students xsmnmq eertlfieates of ITNTII Xllllflll Fl horpe Xlartm Ixetels oan Heelex RIGHT D A R GOOD CITIZEN Sue Haag BOTTOM MUSIC AWARD WINNERS Mrckey Lufkm Bash Festrval Warren Berne Search for Stars Contest Ray Mlzocuchu Northern Callforma Honor Orzhestra 'Y V-fr 1-f' Xnn X .1masht 1 Susan Hrldfl .md Rohm rt C .unu ch.1tl Btth I' eldhammer ss dS the NVIHDCI' of tht utx xx ldt I mns C lub Student Speakers Oratorx C r1mpet1t1on to Demoeracx Sex eral A H S st11dents .1re outstandmq III musxt md hfn e xx on awm ds 1n local .md state c ompctxtxons .,.4 O ., 1. 4. ' ' 'I Q ,, A L fs. I . f I ' - g AL X '1 2 Y A, u . -, -A - . s - p s AA 4, . . . l A 1 , I kamp. mathematics and science: Warren Berrie. speaking on the subject. "Complacency Danger 5 . yi , . ' . ,L Q -11,2 , ' 0 ' - : ,Q , ' , ' . . , , 'Y 7 A 1 A ' ' R 4, ui x ' I ' 'AL . I JQ ,V xx Haggerty, and photographer Chester Billings. ' rw M3 "Things aren't working out," says Gayle Joy to her manager, Jack "Who's your date?" asked Miss Delaware Watergap as the ' ' Blind Date tries to lead Satchel to the dance. BEST FOOT FORWARD Wins Audience Acclaim CAST U11-ylz' joy . Ginger Potter H1111 Ilnnfner . . . Reed jones llelen .S'1'l1le.s1wr1g1'r D11l1'lz .lliller . . lilllvl . . Maureen Ortli Jay Garfinlde Nadine Merrill 11111111 Hoyt . Tom Morehouse ,l1iIl!'7'I'I1 . Phoebe Homes . Terry Doan Mary Xyhite Doug Shepard . Janet Pc ala Gr1'1'11ie . l3f1'111fD11I1' . . .h'1lf1'hl'f .lfoyrr . . .llfu D1'l11zf'111'1' ll'11l1'r'4g11f1 . 11111. ll114g.Q1'r'ly YN'arren Berrie IJ11 le1'1'lH'7' Bob Shapard XYalt Clannady hlilie l"ll'lk'lll'li Ulff fzifrlrl . K fr 1-In liiffilllgy rllio Snzillz . . Ciaile Nliteheli I'1n1','n1nI.l1ml . . Ken lhoinas PROM til I-.5 l 5 5li.n'on liudd l,Lll'F lfkdalli lo.Xnn li.lIlt'Il.l l,ana lfrankei llope llhipinan Nlike Ciailaghei 'I 'till iIus.u k l.ynnlloy1-y laaiiy N.1lll'll.1 xludy lll2t'I'IIl.lIl llnye Riding Betty l,otf R1 Iliei-ta 'l' Benton Randolph Xlillon lhorpe Nlauia Nason What happens to an average carefree Ameriean boy who attends llinsoeki Prep when he suddenly diseoyers that a glamorous Hollywood star is to he his date at the Senior Prom? This was the situation in "Best lfoot Forward," the hilarious three-aet comedy chosen hy the elass of january '60 for its Senior Play. Bud Hooper Reed Jones neyer dreamed that Gayle joy Ginger Potter would aeeept. hut het Gayle Joy doesn't seem to want to listen to Helen's scheme for helping Bud. C iUXINIl'l"Ill-Ll-15 5111111 nl Du' f tm 'l2iI1l'I IMIQ1 .l1l1IIIIQ4 1' . 'Ibm Clufm la 1,11-,llflriugff , . . .ludy lggvrx l'nfjfffl1M livuy lmtf. Gnu: Hlllllllilll ylllglf' Xlamlu Xuwu l'm4m111 x... -ludy llggvrf .lflzrzfzkfzzg f111fll'1flfl1'r1'tvx . Nudiuc X11-rrill. Hupv Cllipmgum lllQlll1lQl'l.vl1lll'i lluguvr-15. pluyrd ln Xx'l1l'llt'Il livrriv. Ivlls llm'r'. fmxlr. xuu rl-ullx m-ml Ll pulmlu ux lmulk. frixxlx- 1:11111-x pl XXl!!vr1l-Ll .zllil fs: duff- ll:-lm Sllllm-N-Ilgm-1' NlLll1I'l'l'll Huh . liudk I'4'Qlll2lI' girl. lr1XXllUlll lu' had XXIklllt'll that ln- had tha- llu, lfrfnu ilu-u ull llllllplllllllfllb x'm'z1ll5 urisv: Cluylm' rzuft gm In ilu- llilllfl' uf llt'I5i'll lwruxm- Nhv llliill-I ln-vu "lrmkm-nl up" lay ilu' lumultyz Hclvu finds out that Chula' if Budl dzuv. und Hvlvu llL'lkfPIlll'5 fllflfllh. I,iln'rz1lly spriuklvcl Lllrfuluhmll tha- play zum' such sitllzuiuns an thc ullvluplw uf thc- lylind-dzuc tu Qcl 21 mzm: thi- Llflltmlls ral Dr. Rm'lJv1'. thc stvru primipzrl. zmd ilu' zuuiw uf ilu- old grad who wzuus big-limv fmmtlmzillzllXN'il1sm'ki. Hmwu-111111vmlf happily.ligulvifm-lute-clq11m-11 ufllu-l'mn1,HvlcuumlBudmukm-up,mulWimuaki Qc'lSIuuc'l1 fzmlmlvlv public itv. Vllllk' plan ands ns thc . , . . '. . ' , .. BOTTOM Ethel and Minerva are annoyed because of Dufch and mst SIIIQS. l lu' liver lluugx lu l,lfv Arm' l'1'c-4: Hunk , cnennon to Gayle Joy Helen and Bud are having a lovers' quarrel whsle Chester Ones Oo ge! some publlcaly for Miss Joy Acorn Slaff Works Hard To Caplure The Spiril I JOAN ROBIE DEBBIE WHITE ANN YAMASHTA JOAN HEELEY NORLYN EIERMAN Editor Business Manager Assisrani Editor Assisiani Edifor Ari Editor liavh day during sixth pcriod. tht' invmlmcrs ol tht- ACORN stall tnvvt in Mr. Hallotks rooln to ysork on tht' ACORN. Xlost pcoplt' don't rt'alizt'tl1t' trt'mc-ndous amount of timt' and cflort that is spcnt in putting at yvarlmook togvthcr. 'l'ht'rt' art' dtfadlint-s to mcct. captions to yyritv. ads to scll and hills lu collvct. 'l'ht- cditors lx-gan to lncvt during tht' SllIHIIlt'l' lo plan tht- hook and work on tht' hrst draft. ,-Xltvr Illllfll vrasing a final layout or "dummy"i for th- lvook was t'oniplt'tt'd. Maureen Orfh, Daryl Lyerla, ond Mary Whiie look at past year- books to help plan for fhe new one. A19 lntt'nsiy't- work on thc ACORN startcd in Svptcm- lmcr. and tht- busy' stall soon lcarncd how swiftly a picturt- or copy' deadline could roms upon thcrn. Somconv was always making Z1 last minutc' attvmpt to grind out "just a few more wordsu of copy or to lahvl that last picturc. ln February' and Nlarch thc proofs of thc pagers lmcgan to comm' bark from tht' cngrayrr and printer. lt always gavc a thrill to a mcmbvr of thc staff to su' his layout or his copy actually' in print. YYhcn thc lfl5fl ACORN is prcsvntvd to thc students. tht- stall mcmhcrs may take pride in a job wcll dont-. .loan Heeley, Ann Yamashfa, und Mr. Tingwall, adviser, check copy which will appear in Ohe yearbook. hn- Of Alameda High School lirfrtnr . . .... joan Rohic Assistant llclitms . :Kim Yamzishtzi. Juan Hvclvy glrf liflrtrn' . Nwrlyn llivriiigzii .41-fi:'1'!1Pi Editor . Maureen Urlli f,7'.Ql1IlI'IIlff0I1S' l'.'111'tm' , . Nlziry lYhi1v .lsiistfnit IIIQIIIII-Qflfllllli Ilifllvflll' Sur Hu-lvx Sfxorli lirlilm' SM l'I'fIll'vX' . ,S'w12'1'l111.i . Sm 7'Ffll7"l' . .Sm-rwlzzry l'hnmgmf1hw rs Hzzifrims ,lflllllllgff Iizlsilifxs Staff . H1l5f71I'5.9 .slfflf . Hz1.iir1f,ssi.S't11-H Daryl I.yc'rlzi Yirgiiiiz1Rfm . Jmiiiiiv Wyclri Bvth l"cldh:mimn'i' -Io.-Kun Clziiicpzi . jvrry Kziplvr, Bill Brock . . Debbie YVhiu' .-Xrlcnc Roski Yzilcric' How' Judy Pivrc c' Befh Feldhummer and JoAnn Canepa indushiously Oype copy for Securing ads for 'he 1 Hugh sensor gurls say good bye to hugh school days 34 3 , -,. 91 N 1 .Q 7451 r wir ' ?' I 1 Q . ,V ,fff mag.: "-.. , -. - 7 i, .f ii .h.. 4 , gf,4j?: 3 A.,2,,A3 T' 145' 3? 3725 " 'ff 3 2 , 2? .wb y , lf, TOM VETLESON Presldenf Y 13:3- ""? CAROL PRATT Rerordmg Secretory BILL SNIFFEN Financial Secreiary MARY TRAUDE Yell leader FALL OFFICERS ,. ARLENE ROSKI Vlce President Class Cf June 59 Enloy We entered Alameda Hlgh School 1n September, 1955 We elected our hrst cabmet and under the le1dersh1p of IITI Rldout Debb1e YK h1te Stexe Huqhett Susan elaxleh and M1rx 'lraude held our first Class meetmq on October '76 1911 A noon dance Nlmutes to Remember was our stmeste1 s 1ct1x1tx In the hlqh frcshm 111 term rl om Henderson Stexe Huqhett B1llSa11tos Sue elax1Ch and Deb ble YN h1te were our leaders The class sold cupcakes durmq Fun Dax under the cha1rmar1sh1p of exxell Bm h 111d Ron Bruges Rs loxx sophomores we were mpiblx ltd bx B111 Hopkms Xnne L1mb, lX1ncx Nloihtt Ron Bngg 'and oan lnedrleh Our noon dance lhe Green Door xx 15 '1 Qreat success YN 1th the Commq of our hlgh sophomort term xxx turned to Ron Bnqqs P 11111 NIclNutt X1rq11111 Ron lm 1dt rshlp Our l.ll'Jlll0US Soph Hop lopsx l xxx xx IS m 111 rgcd bx Bob Xloxxt rx md D1 1 Ill 1111 lht 1on11111ttu lu illS mu Nl 11tx In 1 s ll XLIIISIHLI 3111 1ntos 1141 t1o11 ll I 11 11111s1c 41111 l r11d11ch publlcnx 1 111 Rode rn lx It 11s 11111 nts 11111 X 1n1 lSl1ll 11d I1 lom 11 1 111 s ll Xss11111111q lc mdu h1pfo1 ourmlx 111 the loxx jllllllil s ncstu xxcn 1 xutt X111 ll mos om mtms 1 llll Suu ll' all 'Q QQ: 19 I . 5 ' es , , 7 1 1' .4 l td K q A J , . C I- , , . . ' fl' 1 , ., L - , . -. . . , 'l ,iv Z . ' L. ' . , . Q .. 1 1 1 . . J Y I . K. K. ,, ,, , .K K 1. , 1, ' ' ., I , c lc ." A , It RTS, 1 ,N vc c 1 .T ' ' KY. . J, ,, . .Y L1 I X 'I K 1 ., 1 1 4 , ' t 4 - Q 111111, Tom He11derson, and Marilyn l'llI'l'ITlHI1 for -1 1 .' ' . 1 5 .' . ' ' 'ur- 1 aj' " . '- l'1 -ll'- Wl' " ' " -1 .' . '-l'l,. 1 1 l 1 l' S1 '1"p' 1 .-X111 - ,1 nb. - V" f'-pl ' 51.-X 1 '1 1.' 1.l' S111 cl" V'l-- Y 1 s ' . sk' . , V ' '1 ' 'ms' ' " " A ,1-1 " M11 'k C1'o11c11 " , .' 1 C11 1tor. Bill S11 'l' XVI-.'c1, 1 l .' -'- H gh- . We sa-- SPRING OFFICERS 91 Blll HOPKINS MARILYN EIERMAN Pvesxdenf Vxce Preudenf Four Achve Years A+ A H S Iuttd llght bluc as thc color for our junxor Nxxxatx xx and jcrklns rlhc outstandlng Cxcnt of our high junxor tum xx xx our unlor Prom Ixlamxngo manxgul bx Bxll Santos xnd Cn axm Horgan Hx xdxng thx tom nntttu xxxxx Xnnc Cloih rutptxon 'N xxlxn I In xn xc xcrtmng ul x X utt c u or x xox XI.xxtx Ixctcls pxxblxtxtx Bob Bradford nxxmt Stanton Qkxt Valcrxc Hoxt rcfrcshmtntx .xncl Hus bxds Ourclagx omccrs xxcrt I 'xrrx R xtto C lillx Roskx Stcxc R14 C, Ron Brxggk and oxn I'r1uI11m h For I'un Dax we agaxn Sold cupcaku XS Ioxx wnxorx xxt pru' ntcd oxxr Sc mor pl xx lln Ilalflmzalxfr managcd bx Stcxx C nn xh xn xntl Xnnc I.xmb C ommxtttx chxxrmxn xxcrm C xxlx R xx mond toxtumxng Barbarx Bcxxn xdxxrtmng Dx nxnt H1Ib1 h propcrtxu udx Pun: publu xtx Itrrx Cowcttc' t1rIxCtS and C xrol Shi I'llII4lI1 pro frfn N ur oxx Qcnnor ca xnct conxxxtcc o om Xttlucn Xrlcnc Ro kl C arol Pratt Bill SIIIIIIC n ntl Nlarx Traudc- During our hugh NCHICII tcrm xxc 'xppc xucl ln our black I clxcti and Sxxcattrx C ndu tht lc xdcx hlp If Bull I-Ioplxxnx Xiarxlxn Furman Stvxc Rua Suxxxx CI'lXlCII xnd Ron Brlggs xxc cnjoxxd our H1 xn' -cnxor .xctxxxtxrx Ours nxor pxrnlt xx ax htld xt Ixxxtlx Rock Ranch on Nlax IB rlom Rxchrnond 'xnd XI xxx Iraudc managed our Senlor Ball Shaxngrx I x Our QFFiCIU'1I.lCJfl on unc II III N xx xx thx Ilm fox xsxxcccvfxxl four xxark at XI xmulx Hlgh Sa h mr I STEVE RICE Recordmg Secretory SUSAN .IELAVICH 'mancual Secretary RON BRIGGS Yell leader , 4557. , I ' x A' . 0 . . .x , 'y ,l. T. ' ' L- -.. .Al- . 1 ni- . . ' Ki lx ' ' ' . fz 'lf r' - ' x- ' I' . A 1lvl', licr- z,zI" fl: Paz .IUN , I" 'zt'xr: . ' ' I' ' "3 . . 'gjozxn .' . .. 'L ' ' 5 F pg' Alan I A. .l., ' I. ., ,sc , I., ' im. " , . ' ' '. ' .1 ' I' f " 12' 2 2 a ' . h- F I: f r 2 .2 .2 -x F.-. : .- 1 . tv. O I ' .' ' "b' ' 'I I 'I' . LI . ' ' . . '4 'ly A-1 ' - . K xi -, ' - w A fi- . W- . L A 2. A. .' 'I ' . 'z. 'I' IIT. ,-2 'f 'g .'-xv. x .fn , 6 x fm 5 R. Betterton B. Bevan J. Birch B. Bonato B. Bradford M. Bradley R. Briggs T. Brown A. Afman C. Airey L. Allen E. Anderson D. Andriese as M. Annas D. Arter L. Ballard M. Barteau C. Beattie ALLEN AFMAN-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Star 8. Key: Prop. Comm. Sr. Play: Spartan Club: Var. Baseball: J.V. Baseball: Block "A". CAROLYN AIREY-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Sub Deb Club: Operetta: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Costume Comm. Christmas Pag.: G.A. Fashion Show. LINDA ALLEN-Mrs. Marlrer's advisory: Sr. Play Cast: OAK LEAF Staff: Jr. Red Cross: Usherettes: Soph Hop Comm.: Adv. Ol"f.: Costume Comm. Christmas Pug. EDNA ANDERSON-Miss Schroeder's advisory. DOUG ANDRIESE-Mr. McMullin's advisory. MELVIN ANNAS-Mrs. Putney's Advisory. DIXIE ARTER-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Sr. Play: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Megaphone Club: G.A.A.: Span. Club: Fren. Club: G.A. Fashion Show. LYNN BALLARD-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: C.S.F.: Sgt.-at-Arms Sub Deb Club: Fren. Club: Christmas Pag.: Dance Club: Fashion Show: Orch. MAURINE BARTEAU-Mr. Howell's advisory: Sgt.-at-Arms Diana Club: V. Pres. Fren. Club: Star 8. Key: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Jr. Prom Pub. Comm.: Saph Hop Refreshment Comm.: Adv. OF. CLARK BEATTIE-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Latin Club: Locker Custodian: Sr. Play Comm.: Adv. Off.: Christmas Pag.: Chess Club. BOB BETTERTON-Rifie Team: N.C.O. Club: Sword B Shield: Drill Team: Supply Off. R.O.T.C. BARBARA BEVAN-Miss Shoclxey's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Chm. Ad. Comm. Sr. Play: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Ad. Comm. Soph Hop: Sec. Sub Deb Club: Rec. Sec., V. Pres. Courtesy Bd.: R.O.T.C. Span.: G.A.A.: Masque L Sandal. JEWELL BIRCH-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Fin. Sec. G.A.: A.H.S. Pom-Pom Girl: Pres., Fin. Sec. Latin Club: Diana Club: Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Chem. Club. BARBARA BONATO-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Diana Club Olf.: Skit Comm. Jr. Pram: Prop. Comm. Sr. Play: Fren. Club: Latin Club: G.A. Fashion Show: Adv. Off. BOB BRADFORD-Mrs. Putney's advisory: Spartan Club: Var. Swimming: Block "A": Chm. Music Comm. Sr. Prom: Bd. of Con.: Chem. Club. MIKE BRADLEY-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Aleathean Club: J.V. Track: Life Mem. Star li Key: Fren. Club: "B" Baseball: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Sr. Jacket Comm. We Enlered A.H.S. In Fall '55 Our IA Dansanl Was "Minu+es To Remember" RON BRIGGS-Mr. McMuIIin's advisory: Pres. 2B Class: Fin. Sec. 2A Class: Fin. Sec. 3B Class: Yell lead. 4B Class: Spartan Club: Ass't Yell Lead. A.S.A.H.S.: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Co-Chm. Class Fun Day Comm. TIM BROWN-Mr. Yanicks' advisory: Aleathean Club OH.: J.V. Basket- ball: Var. Football: Span. Club: Adv. OIT.: Star B Key. WESTON BURKE-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Adv. Pres.: Chess Club: Span. Club. BEVERLY BURNS-Mrs. Putney's advisory: Bd. of Con.: life Mem. C.S.F.: Costume Comm. Sr. Play: Courtesy Bd.: V. Pres. latin Club: Chem. Club OF.: Co-Chm. G.A. Coke Sale: Jr. Prom Recpt. Comm. DOROTHY BUSSELL-Mr. Hallock's advisory. JERRY CAIRD-Mr. McMullin's advisory: "B" Football: J.V. Track: Var. Track. SUE CALOU-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Transferred from Sacred Heart High School: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Dance Club: Fren. Club: Chem. Club. TOM CANE-Mrs. Patty's advisory. JOHN CARMODY-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Aleathean Club: Block "A": Chem. Club: Span. Club: Var. Tennis: Pub. Comm. Jr. Prom. STEPHEN CARNAHAN-Mrs. I.ayton's advisory: Star 8 Key: Bd. of Con.: Mgr. Sr. Play: Block "A": Spartan Club: J.V., Var. Track: J.V., Var. Basketball: Adv. Pres.: Span. Club: Chem. Club. CAROLYN CHAPMAN-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Star 8 Key: Fren. Club Off.: Chem. Club: Adv. Off.: Span. Club. KEITH CIBART-Mrs. Putney's advisory: J.V., Var. Football: Adv. Off.: Jr. Red Cross: Sr. Choir: Christmas Pag. ANNE CIOFFI-Miss S:hroeder's advisory: life Mem. C.S.F.: Star 8 Key: Bd. of Con.: Courtesy Bd.: Chm. Recptn. Comm.: Fun Day Comm.: Span. Club Off.: Sgt.-at-Arms Diana Club. CONSTANCE CLARK-Mrs. layton's advisory. DAVE COLE-Mr. Gray's advisory: Var. Football: J.V. Football: "B" Football: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Fren. Club: Spartan Club: Block "A": Var. Baseball. BONNIE COLEMAN-Miss Sho:key's advisory: Transferred from another school: Ass't Yell Lead. A.H.S.: Fren. Club: V. Pres. G.A.A. MIKE COLGAN-Mrs. Putney's advisory: Sr. Play: Star 8. Key: Aleathewn Club: Jr. Prom Skit Comm.: Adv. Pres.: latin Club: Soph Hop Pub. Comm.: Span. Club. C. Chapman f , ncabqn f A. Ciofii C. Clark D. Cole B. Coleman M. Colgan L. Converse B. Cooley M. Corker mb- I , vu. , if - , 'C' Qi ,M AT" V Tb: ,, I , ' "' f ng Ph , . to SUSAN JELAVICH Besf-looking Girl K. Corica M. Cronenwetf We Sold Cupcakes A+ LARRY CONVERSE-Mr. Hallock's advisory: Adv. Pres., V. Pres.: Span. Club: Latin Club: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Prop Comm. Christmas Pag. WILLIAM COOLEY-Mr. HallocIx's advisory: N.C.O. Club: Span. Club: Ass'f Business Mgr. '58 ACORN: Adv, Off. KEN CORICA-Mr. McMullin's advisory. MIKE CORKER-Mrs. HoweIl's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Sgt.-oh Arms Sparian Club: Span. Club: Adv. Pres.: C.S.F.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. TERRY COSSETTE-Mrs. Lay9on's advisory: Var. Tennis: Chm. Ticker Comm. Sr. Play: Chem. Club: Slar 8. Key: C.S.F.: Pres. Photo. Club: Bd, of Con. NORMAN COTE-Mrs. Marluer's advisory: V. Pres. Adv. IA, 48 Oerms. JACK COTTON-Mr. Gray's advisory: "B", J.V., Var. Foolball: "B", J.V., Var. Baseball, MARK CRONENWETT-Mrs. PuIney's advisory: Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S.: Pres. 3A Class: Ad. Bd.: Life Mem. Star L Key: Vor. Football: Block "A": Bd. of Con.: Spartan Club. JACKIE DAHLLOF-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Transferred from Newport, Rhode Island: Adv. OH.: Fren. Club: G.A. Fashion Show. J. Dean J. Dempsey W. DePew D. Dunn R. Easiman B. Edwards f-. 4- eq Rv -'rv f- 1 3 T. Cossehe N. Cole J. Coifon J. Dahllef L. Dakin C. Davies Fun Day In IB Term LYNNE DAKIN-Mrs. Marlxer's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Adv. OIT.: Vice Pres. Dance Club: Courfesy Bd.: Fren. Club: Christmas Pag.: G.A. Fashion Show. CAROLYN DAVIES-Miss Sl1ockey's advisory: Fin. Sec. G.A.: V. Pres. Diana Club: Ad. Bd.: Jr. Prom Skit Comm.: Soph Hop Ski! Comm.: Sr. Play Pub. Comm.: Adv. Off. JANE DEAN-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Pres., Rec. Sec. Block "A": V. Pres. C.S.F.: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Chem. Club: Adv. OIT.: Fun Day Comm. JANICE DEMPSEY-Mrs. Putney's advisory: Life Mem. C.S.F., Star 8- Key: Pres. Phoio. Club: Block "A": G.A.A.: Fren. Club: Latin Club. WILLIAM DEPEW-Mr. Yaniclcs' advisory. STEVE DOBSON-Mrs. PaNy's advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Spartan Club: Ass'r Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S.: Bd. of Con.: Life Mem. Siar B- Key: C.S.F.: Adv. OIT.: Lalin Club. JOHN DRIVER-Miss S:l1roeder's advisory. FRED DUFFIN-Mr. Yaniclxs' advisory: Aleaihean Club: J,V. Track: Var. Track: Span. Club: Adv. OIT.: Jr. Prom Ski! Comm.: Sgt.-of-Arms Aleafhean Club. S. Dobson J. Driver F. Dullin M. Eierman N. Eierman M. Eisen Q' '1- Fx' 1 '38 A .A 'f X . fi N Q I ' Legg! ff, . 3 fv '5 49 ' F ,, 4 -.. T? gf.-. ' 1 .11 A V. 4 .QQ A . 'ffm T f I 3 i 5 ! l, Elom G. Elderts R. Emonuelson G. Engstrom MIKE COlGAN S, Enos B. Erends Z Ergener B Feldhammer Best-looking Boy "Green Door" Was Noon Dance ln ZA Term DON DUNN-Mr, Yoniclrs' advisory. DICK EASTMAN-Mrs. Putty's advisory, Sr. Play, Sword B. Shield, N.C.O. Club, Audit. Staff, C.S.F., Star 8 Key. ROBERT EDWARDS-Mr. Yuniclcs' advisory, Advanced Band. MARILYN EIERMAN-Mrs. Patty's advisory, Ass't Yell Leader, Pom-Pom Girl A.S.A.H.S., Bd. of Con., Ad. Bd., life Mem. Star 8. Key, Chm, Dec. Comm. Ad. Bd. Dance, Diana Club, V. Pres. 4B Class. NORLYN EIERMAN-Mrs. layton's advisory, Ad. Bd. Ass't Yell leader A.S.A.H.S., Art Ed. '59 ACORN, Pom-Pom Girl, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Chm. Jr. Prom Poster Comm., Bd, of Con., Stage work for Sr, Play, 3R's Club. MARIE EISEN-Mrs. Howell's advisory, life Mem. Star 8. Key, Span. Club, latin Club, G.A.A., Block "A", 3R's Club, Chem. Club. LOYAl ELAM-Mrs. Layton's advisory, Star 8. Key, Fren. Club, Span. Club. GERALDINE ELDERTS-Mrs. Marlzer's advisory. RON EMANUELSON-Mr. Gray's advisory. G. Ferreira B. Fisher A. Fitting E. Forbes T. Forbes J. Forrester Q9 i ,Av . MQ Y' SHARON ENOS-Mrs. Putney's advisory, Life Mem., Pub. Mgr. G.A.A., Adv. OFF., Fren. Club, Pep Club, ACORN business staff. BEV ERENDS-Mrs. Marker's advisory, Adv. Off., Life Mem. Star 8 Key, Sub Deb Club, Span. Club, Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom, Pub. Comm. Sr. Play, Christmas Pag., G.A. Fashion Show, Talent Show, Jr. Red Cross. ZEHRA ERGENER-Mr. Hallock's advisory, A.F.S. Exchange Student from Turkey, C.S.F., Star 8 Key, Dance Club, Orch., Pom-Pom Girl, Bd. of Con., French Club. BETH FELDHAMMER-Mrs. loyton's advisory, Pres., Treos. Fren. Club, Pres., Life Mem. Star 8- Key, Courtesy Bd., Bid, Music Comms. Soph Hop, Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom, Malxe-up Comm. Sr. Play, C.S.F., ACORN Staff, Jr. Red Cross. GLENN FERREIRA-Miss Shockey's advisory, Star 8. Key, Fren. Club, Frosh Baseball, Fin. Sec. Adv., N.C.0. Club. BARBARA FISHER-Mrs. Putney's advisory. ANDREA FITTING-Mr. Yoniclcs' advisory, Fin. Sec. Court Bd., life Mem. Star 8- Key, C.S.F., Sr. Sweater Comm., Refresh. Comm. Jr. Prom, Ticket Comm. Sr. Play, Vice Pres., Song Lead. Span. Club, Chem Club, Adv. Off. T. Foley TOM HENDERSON W. Frazeur Best Athlete . .Ht sl K. ,Zia f if I A i 1' P v5 me ,age 'J' TOM FOLEY-Mr. Gray's advisory: Var. Basketball: Adv. OF.: J.V. Track: Spartan Club: Fren. Club: Span. Club: Chem. Club. GENE FORBES-Mrs. Putney's advisory: Bd. of Con. TOD FORBES-Mrs. Patty's advisory: Sr. Jacket Comm. JOANNE FORRESTER-Miss Shocliey's advisory: Jr, Red Cross: Christmas Pag.: Span. Club: Cafeteria Staf: Choir: Vocal Ensemble: Star B Key: G.A.A. WIN FRAZEUR-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Christmas Pug.: Sgt.-at-Arms Adv.: Vocal Ensemble: Talent Show. JOAN FRIEDRICH-Miss Shocltey's advisory: Head Yell leader A.S.A.H.S.: Chief. Coun. Wmn. Bd. of Con.: Pres. Delthenian Club: Ad. Bd.: Stud.-Fac. Comm.: Class Yell Lead.: life Mem. Star 8- Key: C.S.F.: Pres. 3R's Club. RUTH FROST-Mrs. Patty's advisory: Yell lead. G.A.A.: Pres., Fin. Sec. Block "A": Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Dec. Comm. Sr. Play: Sub Deb Club: Dec. Comm. Christmas Pag.: Adv. OW. GLENDA GILLEY-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Sr. Play Costume Comm.: Fren. Club: G.A.A. NANCY GLIDEWELL-Mr. Yaniclls' advisory: V. Pres. Block "A": Star E Key Ed.: Fresh. Capt. Sub Deb Club: Courtesy Bd.: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Adv. Off.: Operetta: Latin Club: R.0.T.C. Sponsor. DON GREEN-Mr. Hallock's advisory: "B" Baseball: Span. Club: Dec. Comm. Sr. Play: Adv. Yell lead. DONALD GUTLEBEN-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Sr. Play Comm.: Star 8 Key: Jr. Prom Comm.: Chem. Club: V. Pres. Adv. SUSAN HAAG-Mrs, Patty's advisory: D.A.R. Good Citizen: Pom-Pom Girl: Bd. of Con.: Dec. Chm. Christmas Pag.: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Diana Club: Vice Pres. Adv. ROBERT HAEFER-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Star S Key: Span. Club: Christmas Pag.: Talent Show: Band: Orch. DON HAGEN-Mr. Hallock's advisory: life Mem. Star 81 Key: latin Club: Tennis Team: Adv. Off. JEFF HAMILTON-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Golf Team. SARAH HAMILTON-Mrs. I.ayton's advisory: Pres. 8. Vice Pres. Star 8. Key: Pres. 8. Vice Pres. Block "A": Rec. Sec. G.A.A.: Chaplain Sub Deb Club: Pom-Pom Girl: Stud.-Fac. Comm.: Operetta: Courtesy Bd.: Choir: Jr. Red Cross. GEORGE HARRIS-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Crass-Country Team: R.O.T.C. Drill Team: Sword 8. Shield: Span. Club: Fren. Club: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Photo Club: N.C.0. Club. FRANK HASHIMOTO-Mr. HnlIock's advisory: J.V. Baseball: "B" Foot- ball: Star 8. Key. DEBBIE WHITE All-Around Girl S. Hamilton G, Harris "Q C7 F, Hashimoto J. Heeley T. Henderson M. Henry J. Friedrich R. Frost G. Gilley N. Glidewell D. Greene D. Gutleben S. Haag R. Haefer D. Hagen J. Hamilton an 'S 9? l"'h Q JP "'..:'! Q, ,-Q 19 E Q:-W7 Swv 'C-SU B. Hopkins G. Horgan 2 1 V. Hove 2 ,dy C. Howell J. Howey S. Hughett . , '?i C. Ives --1 , C. Jackson ' ' fs' A. Jay W. Q, is S. James B. Herrburn 3 J. Hess D. Hilbish T. Himmelberg J. Hoekenga M. Hopfer BILL SANTOS All-Around Boy JOAN HEELEY-Mr. Gray's advisory: Ass't Ed. '59 ACORN: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Star 8. Key: A.H.S. String Trio: UN Contest Winner: Bd. of Con.: Pub. Comm. Sr, Play: Masque 8 Sandal: A,H.S. Concert Orch.: Adv. Off. TOM HENDERSON-Miss Shockey's advisory: Pres. and Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S.: Var. Football 8 Basketball: Ad. Bd.: Stu.-Fac. Comm.: Delegate Boys' State: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Serv. Panel: Spartan Club: Pres. IB Class: Fin. Sec. 2B Class. MELINDA HENRY-Mrs. Patty's advisory: Rec. Sec. Adv.: Latin Club: Fren. Club: Chem. Club: Star 8. Key: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom. Comm.: Sr. Play Comm. BETTY HEPBURN-Mr, Yanicks' advisory: Star 8. Key: Christmas Pug.: Latin Club: Span. Club: G.A.A. Yell Lead.: Rec. Sec. Adv.: Band: Usherettes: Rihe Team. JAN HESS-Miss Shockey's advisory: Vice. Pres. G.A.: Ass't Yell Lead. A.S.A.H.S.: Ad. Bd.: Pom-Pom Girl: Sr. Play Cast: Mod. Dance Rec. Sec.: life Mem. Star 8. Key: Masque 8. Sandal: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Chm. Jr. Prom Bid Comm. DENINE HILBISH-Mr. HaIIock's advisory: Vice Pres. G.A.: Bd. of Con.: Chm. Prop. Comm. Sr. Play: Diana Club: Star 8. Key: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Span. Club: Skit Comm. Jr. Prom: Chm. G.A. Cake Sale: Dec. Comm. Soph Hop. TOM HIMMELBERG-Mrs. HowelI's advisory: Vice Pres. Aleathean Club: Ad. Bd.: Golf Team: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Adv. Pres.: Latin Club: Chem. Club. JUDY HOEKENGA-Mrs. Layton's advisory: Life Mem. Star B Key: C.S.F.: G.A.A.: Block "A": Span. Club: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Jr. Red Cross. MARGIE HOPFER-Mrs. Putney's advisory: Sr. Play: Sgt.-at-Arms 8- Freshman Capt. Diana Club: Bd. of Con.: Star 8 Key: Christmas Pag.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Masque 8. Sandal. BILL HOPKINS-Miss Shockey's advisory: Var. Football: Var. Track: Pres. 48 Class: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Pres. 2A Class: Choir. Jr. Sweater Comm.: Aleathean Club: Bd. of Con. GEAYNE HORGAN-Miss Shoclcey's advisory: Co-Mgr. Jr. Prom: Co- Mgr. Sr. Sweaters: Pom-Pom Girl: Fin. Sec. 8. Pres. Diana Club: Chem. Club: Fin. Sec. Fren Club: G.A. Fashion Show. VALERIE HOVE-Mr. Gray's advisory: ACORN Staff: Masque G Sandal: Jr. Prom Refresh. Comm Chm.: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Star B- Key: Chem. Club: Fren. Club. CAROL HOWELL-Mr. Yanick's advisory. JACKIE HOWEY-Mr. Yanicks' advisory: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Dance Club: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Sr. Play Pub. Comm.: Adv. Off.: Chem. Club. Jelavich Johanson Johnson Kolberer Kendall Kindall ,new ,J STEVE HUGHETT-Mrs. Putney's advisory5 Ass't Yell Lead. A.S.A.H.S.5 Rec. Sec. IA Class5 Vice Pres. 2B Closs5 Mosque 8 Sandal5 Adv. Pres.5 Spartan Club 05.5 Bd. of Con. CONNIE IVES-Mr. Halloclx's advisory. CARYN JACKSON-Miss Shoclcey's advisory5 Span. Club5 Fren. Club5 Sec. Photo Club5 3R's Club5 Dance Club. STARNES JAMES-Mrs. Layton's advisory. ALBERTA JAY-Mr. Yaniclxs' advisory5 Christmas Pag.5 G.A.A.5 Student Talent Show5 Latin Club5 Pep Club. SUSAN JELAVICH-Mrs. Potty's advisory5 Fin. Sec. IA, IB Class5 Ad. Bd.5 Fin. Sec. 4B Class5 Pom-Pom Girl5 Bd. of Con.5 C.S.F.5 Life Mem. Star 8 Key. MAY JEW-Miss Schroeder's advisory. SUE JOHANSEN-Mr. Yoniclxs' advisory5 Christmas Pa9.5 Adv. 05.5 OAK LEAF Sta55 Usherettes5 Pep Club5 Glee Club. ALAN JOHNSON-Mr. Holloclx's advisory5 Adv. 05.5 Star E Key5 Stage Crew5 Dance Comm. RALPH JOHNSON-Mrs. Marlxer's advisory5 Bd. of Con.5 Rec. Sec. 8. Fresh. Capt. Spartan Club5 Fren. Club5 Dec. Comms. Jr. Prom 8. Soph Hop. JOYCE JORGENS-Mr. Yaniclcs' advisory5 Operotta5 Christmas Pog.5 Student Body Entertainment5 Star B Key5 G.A.A.5 Rec. Sec. Latin Club5 Fren. Club5 Rille Team5 R.0.T.C. Sponsor. JEFF KALBERER-Mrs. Howell's advisory. WILLIAM KEENAN-Mr. Halloclz's advisory5 "B" Footboll5 Span. Club5 Latin Club5 J.V. FootbalI5 Swim Teom5 Adv. 05. BETTY LOU KENDALL-Mr. Gray's advisory5 Span. Club5 Adv. 05.5 Jr. Prom Comm.5 Soph Hop Comm.5 Christmas Pag. MARTIN KETELS-Miss Schroeder's advisory5 V. Pres. Block "A"5 His- torian Spontan Club5 C.S.F.5 Pres. A.H.S. Band5 Var. Golf5 Star 8. Key5 Track5 A.C.A.L. Talent Show5 Chm. Advert. Comm. Soph Hop5 Chm. Pub. Comm. Jr. Prom. THEOLA KINDALL-Mr. McMullin's advisory5 Jr. Choir5 Choir5 Sr. Play Comm.5 Fashion Show5 Music Festival. CAROLE KOCK-Mrs. Marker's advisory5 Span. Club5 G.A. Fashion Show5 Advert. Comm. Sr. Play5 Sgt.-at-Arms Sub Deb Club5 Transferred from Santo Cruz High School. NAN KONIG-Mrs. Layton's advisory5 Transferred from Perry High School, lwo Kuni, Japan5 G.A. Fashion Show. AL LAIBLE-Mr. Gray's advisory. PETE LAMASNEY-Mr. Gray's advisory5 Var. Swimming5 Var. Rifle Team5 Bd. of Con. 05.5 Commander R.0.T.C.5 Drill Team5 Chem. Club5 Life Mem. Star 8 Key5 Latin Club5 Sword 8. Shield5 Block "A"5 Stage Crew. ANNE LAMB-Miss Schroeder's advisory5 Ad. Bd.5 V. Pres. 2A Class5 Co-Mgr. Sr. Play5 Chm. Music Comm. Soph Hop5 Diana Club5 Life Mem. Star 8 Key5 Fren. Club5 G.A.A.5 Adv. Pres. ROBERTA LANGREN-Mr. HaIlock's advisory5 Bd. of Con.5 V. Pres. Courtesy Bd.5 Delthenian Club5 Jr. Prom Bid Comm.5 Sr. Play Prop. Comm.5 Stor 8- Key5 Span. Club5 Christmas Pag. Pub. Comm. MIKE LARGARTICHA-Mr. Gray's advisory. LOUIS LA VENTURE-Miss Shoclxey's advisory. GERALD LAW-Miss Shoclrey's advisory5 Yell Lead. A.5.A.H.S.5 Sr. Play Cast5 Christmas Pag.5 Mgr. Sr. Jackets5 Masque 8 Sondal5 J.V., Vor. Footballg Jr. Prom Comm.5 J.V. 8 Var. Traclz5 Stud.-Fac. Comm. STAN LEBER-Mrs. Patty's advisory5 Star 8 Key5 Fren. Club. AL LOBATO-Mr. McMullin's advisory5 Transferred from Encinal High School. SHARON LOUCKS-Mrs. Morlxer's advisory5 Star 8. Key5 Span. Club5 Christmas Pag.5 Model U.N. Session5 Adv. Pres. JANET LUCASEY-Mr. Gray's advisory: Star 8 Key: Fren. Club: Span. Club: Sr. Play Costume Comm.: Sr. Sweater Comm.: Photo. Club: Jr. Red Cross Rep.: G.A.A. NANNETTE LYNCH-Mr. Gray's advisory: Star I Key: Fren. Club: Adv. OF.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Fin. Sec., Pres. Mod. Dance Club: Delthenian Club. JEANETTE MALONE-Mr. Hallock's advisory: Delthenian Club: Prop. Comm. Sr. Play: Adv. OH.: Pub. Comm. Soph Hop.: G.A.A.: Mod. Dance Club: G.A. Fashion Show: Refresh. Comm. Jr. Prom. HORACE MARTINEZ-Mr. Gray's advisory. BILL McARTHER-Mr. Yanicks' advisory: Ad. Bd.: Spartan Club: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Adv. Pres.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Span. Club. ANTHONY McCRAY-Mrs. Marker's advisory: V. Pres. Adv. JOHN McELVOGUE-Sr. Play Cast: Fin. Sec. Adv. MICK! McNUTT-Mrs. Patty's advisory: Transferred from Arroyo Grande- OAK LEAF Business Mgr.: Sr. Play Pub. Comm.: Costume Comml Christmas Pag.: Pres. Adv.: G.A. Fashion Show: Jr. Red Cross: Sr Choir. PAULA McNUTT-Miss Schroeder's advisory: V. Pres. 2B Class: Pres., V. Pres. G.A.A.: Chm. Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Fin. Sec. Block "A": Bd. of Con.: Stud.-Fac. Comm.: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Delthenian Club. DIANA MILES-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Star 8. Key: Dance Club: Fren. Club Off.: Sr. Play Cast: Soph Hop Skit Comm. DOROTHY MILLAR-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8- Key: Dance Club: V. Pres. Sub Deb Club. GEORGE MILLARD-Mrs. Layton's advisory: Band: Orch.: Sr. Play: C.S.F.: Star 8 Key: Latin Club: Fren. Club: Christmas Pag. MARSHA MILLETT-Miss Schroeder's advisory Rec. Sec. Block "A": Sr, Ploy Costume Comm.: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Christmas Pug.: C.S.F.: Fun Day Comm.: Choir: Chem. Club: Latin Club. ROBERT J. MINTON-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S.: Chief Coun. Men's Bd. of Con.: J.V.: Var. Swimming: Block "A": Ad. Bd.: Stud.-Fac. Comm.: Life Mem. Star 8- Key: Spartan Club: Sr. Play: Chm. Dec. Comm. Ad. Bd. Dance. KAY MODL-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Fin. Sec. Sub Deb Club: Life Mem., V. Pres. Star 8. Key: Pub. Mgr. Courtesy Bd.: Block "A": Sr. Play Advert. Comm.: Fun Day Comm.: C.S.F.: Span. Club: Chem. Club. EILEEN MOEN-Mrs. Patty's advisory. NANCY MOFFITT-Mrs. Howoll's advisory: Girls' State: Class Rec. Sec.: Ad. Bd.: Pres. Span. Club: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Bd. of Con.: Diana Club. CHARLES MOLENKAMP-Miss Schroeder's advisory: "B", J.V., Var. Baseball: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Bd. of Con.: Mgr. of Box OK.: Ticket Comm. Sr. Play: "B" Football: Star 8 Key: Chem. Club. TOM MOORE-Miss Schroeder's advisory. JUDY MORLEY-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Masque B Sandal: Program Comm. Sr. Play: Diana Club: Adv. Off.: 3B's Club: Dance Club. ROSILYN MORRIS-Mr. Yanicks' advisory: Adv. Pres.: G.A.A.: Latin Club: Usherettes: Pep Club. BOB MOWERY-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Mgr. Soph Hop: Skit Comm. Jr. Prom: Ticket Comm. Sr. Play: Aleathean Club Off.: Christmas Pag.: Span. Club: Adv. Off. JEAN MURRAY-Mr. Hallock's advisory: Star 8 Key: Fren. Club: G.A.A.: Delthenian Club: Program Comm. Sr. Play: Mod. Dance Club: G.A. Fashion Show. PAT NAKANO-Miss Shockey's advisory: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Sr. Play Advert. Comm.: Life Mem. Star I. Key: C.S.F.: Span. Club: Chem. Club. DOROTHY NEAVE-Mrs. Putney's advisory. I1 nh 3 B. Minton B. 95 K. Moa: T' E. Moen C7 -Ls N. Mlimff '77 C. Molenkamp - I ' Q 3 I . ' , a n , ii A T. Moore V ' - ' I? it . 5' 1. Morley 'V .V A. NJ 'I-P: ' R. Morris ' vs? " B. Mowery . J. Murray aff- -a-0 '33 P. Nakano D. Neave F. Nerenberg G. Ney VIRGINIA RONZANI Best Actress FRANK NERENBERG-Mr. Gray's advisory: N.C.0. Club: Sword B Shield: Drill Team. GEORGE NEY-Mrs. Putney's advisory. SUSAN OLIVER-Mrs. Potty's advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Star B. Key: Span. Club: Masque 8. Sandal: Sub Deb Club: Mod. Dance Club: Adv. OIT. GLENN ORREN-Mr. McMuIlin's advisory: Adv. Off.: Star 8- Key: Chem. Club Off.: Bd. of Con. Sr. Jacket Comm.: Cross-Country Team: Track: French. Club: Sr. Play Ticket Comm.: Fun Day Comm. LARRY OTTO-Mrs. Layton's advisory: Adv. Yell Lead.: Sec.: J.V., Var. Track: Aleathean Club: Span. Club: Soph Hop Dec. Comm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. PEGGY PAGE-Mr. Gray's advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Christmas Pag.: Adv. OIF. CAROLE PALAIS-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Star It Key: Courtesy Bd.: Pres., Sec. Fren. Club: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Mod. Dance Club: Jr. 8. Sr. Sweater Comms.: Delthenian Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Fun Day Comm. BONNIE PARFITT-Miss Schroeder's advisory. LAURENE PARKER-Mr. Yanicks' advisory: G.A. Fashion Show: Mod. Dance Club: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Delthenian Club: Span. Club: Latin Club: Adv. OIT.: Fren. Club. D JUANITA PENISTON-Mr. Yanicks' advisory: Pres. Courtesy Bd.: Circu- lation Mgr. OAK LEAF: Costume Comm. Sr. Play: Ed. Fren. Club: G.A. Fashion Show: Star 8. Key: Chem. Club. PAUL PENNINGTON-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Aleathean Club Pres.: C.S.F.: Star Hr Key: Soph-Frosh Football: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Adv. Pres: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Soph Hop Advert. Comm.: Jr, Prom Dec. Comm. JOAN PERRY-Mr. I'lollock's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Sgt.-at-Arms Span. Club: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Adv. OIT. JUDY PIERCE-Mr. Hallo:k's advisory: Rec. Sec. Courtesy Bd.: Pub. Chm. Sr. Play: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: ACORN Business Stall: Rec. Sec., Chaplain Sub Deb Club: Adv. OH.: Fren. Club: G.A.A. ROD POCOCK-Mr. McMullin's advisory: A.H.S. Band Drum Maior: Orch.: Latin Club: Span. Club: Christmas Pag.: Stu. Director Band. CAROL PRATT-Mr. Gray's advisory: Rec. Sec. 4A Class: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Jr. Prom Music Comm.: Sgt.-at-Arms, V. Pres. Delthenian Club: Span. Club: Sr, Play Prop. Comm.: Star 8. Key. JERRY RANEY-Mrs. Putney's advisory. Our Soph Hop, "Topsy Turvey" Was Great Success Junior Sweaters And Jerkins Were Light Blue LARRY RATTO-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Pres. 3B Class: Spartan Club OIT.: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Sr. Play Ticket Comm.: Bd. of Con.: life Mem. Star 8 Key: Ass't Yell lead. A.S.A.H.S.: Chem. Club: Span. Club. GAYLE RAYMOND-Mrs. Patty's advisory: Fin. Sec., Pres. Sub Deb Club: Rec. Sec., life Mem. Star L Key: C.S.F.: Chm. Costume Comm. Sr Play: Sgt.-at-Arms Court. Bd.: Soph Hop, Jr. Prom Advert. Commos.: Fren. Club Off.: Christmas Pag. SUSAN REAL-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Fren. Club: Star L Key: Trans- ferred from Honolulu, Hawaii. JIM REILLY-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Rec. Sec., Treas. Block "A": J.V., Var. Swim Team. STEVE RICE-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Rec. Sec. 35, 48 Classes: Ad. Bd. Speaker: Stud.-Fac. Comm.: Adv. Pres.: Aleathean Club: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Fren. Club: latin Club: Chem. Club. TOM RICHMOND-Mrs. layton's advisory: Pres. Block "A": Fresh. Capt. Spartan Club: Var. Football: Var. Track: Sr. Play: Masque 8. Sandal: Sr. Jacket Comm.: Stud.-Fac. Comm.: Adv. Pres.: Span. Club: Chem. Club. JIM RIDOUT-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Pres. IA Class: Aleathean Club Off.: Sr. Play: J.V. Football: Adv. OIT.: Span. Club: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. LAURETTA RIZZARI-Mr. McMullin's advisory: OAK lEAF Staff: Fren. Club: Adv. Off. JOAN ROBIE-Mrs. I.ayton's advisory: A.F.S. Exchange Student to Ger- many: Ed. '59 ACORN: Rec. Sec. C.S.F.: life Mem. Star 8 Key: Pres., Fin. Sec. latin Club: Block "A": Bd. of Con.: Diana Club: A.H.S. Concert Orch. SIDNEY ROBINSON-Miss Schroeder's advisory. JEAN RODERICK-Mrs. I'lowell's advisory: Pom-Pom Girl: Rec. Sec. Diana Club: Pub. Comm. Operetta: Chm. Soph Hop Refresh. Comm.: Prop. Comm. Sr. Play: Star 8. Key: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Bd. of Con. DOUG ROGERS-Mrs. layton's advisory: V. Pres. Adv.: Var. J.V. Swim- ming: Spartan Club: latin Club: Chem. Club: Soph Hop Skit Comm. VIRGINIA RONZANI-Mrs. Putney's advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Pom-Pom Girl: Pres. Star 8. Key: Delthenian Club: Bd. of Con.: Rec. Sec. 2B Class: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Courtesy Bd. LEO ROSI-Mrs. I'lowell's advisory: Span. Club: Soph-Frosh Football: Chem. Club: Sr. Play Ticket Comm.: Star 8. Key: Jr. Prom Comm. c. Palais A p - 8. Parlitt KA J. Peniston i - Q A I.. Parker ' '-M' P. Pennington , J. Perry ., J. Pierce 0 W' R. Pocock ,J C. Pratt J. Raney STEVE DOBSON Best Actor S. Oliver G. Orren I.. Otto P. Page K' 57+ of I 447 fm C? I .fb .,,. f'.' ff A Q-T3 '55 Q. rw. , . 'E f -'- , ' I M fprw, fri xg 7 N: .eil K d X' "ova, X 4 'I - L E 4 JOAN ROBIE L. Ratta Girl Most Likely to Succeed S. Rice G. Raymond S. Real J. Reilly T. Richmond J. Ridout L. Rizzari "Flamingo" Was Our Greal' Junior Prom ARLENE ROSKI-Mrs. Putney's advisory: V, Pres. 4A Class: ACORN Staff: Life Mem., Treas. Star 8. Key: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Delthenion Club: Christmas Pag.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Span. Club: Fren. Club: 3R's Club. CATHY ROSKI-Mr. Yaniclcs' advisory: Ass't Yell Lead. A.S.A.H.S.: G.A. Song Lead.: V. Pres. 3B Class: Fin. Sec. Mod. Dance Club: Pub. Comm. Sr. Play: Christmas Pug.: Delthenian Club: R.O.T.C. Sponsor. JEANETTE ROURICK-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Block "A": G.A.A.: Sub Deb Club: Life Mem. Star 8- Key: Sr. Play Comm.: Christmas Pag. DIANE SABBATINI-Mr. Hallock's advisory: Rec. Sec. Bd. of Con.: Prop. Comm. Sr. Play: Diana Club: Christmas Pug.: Dec. Comms. Jr. Prom, Soph Hop: G.A.A., G.A. Fashion Show. JOAN SAMWORTH-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Dec. Comm. Soph Hop: Yell Lead. 28 Class: Ad. Bd.: Diana Club: Science Club: G.A.A.: Adv. Off. WILLIAM SANTOS-Miss Shockey's advisory: Pres. Spartan Club: Var. Football: Rec. Sec. 3A Class: Mgr. Jr. Prom: Star 8. Key: Comm. Chm. Soph Hop: Fren. Club: Bd. of Con. J. Robie S. Robinson J. Roderick C. Roski L. Rosi J. Rouriclm IDA SAXTON-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Sr. Play Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Christmas Pag.: Span. Club. PAUL SCHRAEDER-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Chm. Clinton High School Drive: Pres. N.C.0. Club: Sword 8- Shield: Var. Rifle Team: Bd. of Con. J.V., Var. Track: Star 8- Key: Sr. Off. Aud. Staff. MARY SCHREIBER-Mrs. Patty's advisory: Pres. lr Rec. Sec. 3R's Club: Pres. Chem. Club: Life Mem. Star G Key: Band: C.S.F.: Block "A": G.A.A.: Pres., V. Pres. Advisory. GEORGE SCHWAB-Mrs. Pat1y's advisory: Fren. Club: N.C.O. Club: Chem. Club: Span. Club: Sr. Play: C.S.F.: Star E Key: Aud. Staff. ROD SHANNON-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Orch.: Star 8- Key: Span. Club: Frosh-Soph Football. JOHN SHATERIAN-Miss Shockey's advisory. GREGORY SHEPHARD-Mrs. Purney's advisory: Adv. Pres.: Span. Club: Soph Hop Dec. Comm.: Fren. Club: Bd. of Con.: Chem. Club: Sr. Play Pub. Comm.: OAK LEAF Staff: Masque 8- Sandal. D. Rogers V. Ronzani A. Roslci D. Sabbatini J. Samworth B. Santos 3 ,Q 'E , si. ,. Y' 'Z 4. 5 999 lx, " . 1 , . '15 Qi' ft: q.. 'gi .1 gr Z' xl' -. o J T' VI 0 T 1 a G o. ll - 3 Ill ft :r . 2. lr Il . 1 :fig Ib G. Schwab R. Shannon J. Shaterian G. Shephard C. Sherinian L. Shoemaker V. Shultis C. Silva C. Simpson Senior Jackets And CAROLE SHERINIAN-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Bd. of Con.: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Fin. Sec. Delthenion Club: Sr. Play: Chm. Program Comm. Sr. Play: 3R's Club: Rec. Sec. Span. Club: Dec. Comm. .lr. Prom. LINDA SHOEMAKER-Mrs. Marker's advisory: G.A.A.: Block "A": C.S.F.: Life Mem, Star 8. Key: Adv. Pres.: Span. Club: Chem. Club: Pub. Comm. Jr. Prom, Sr. Play. GINNY SHULTIS-Mrs. Marker's advisory: Pom-Pom Girl: Diana Club: Masque 8- Sandal: Star 8. Key: Skit Comm. Jr. Prom: Music Comm. Soph Hop: Mod. Dance Club: Christmas Pag.: Jr. Red Cross: G.A. Fashion Show. CAROLYN SILVA-Mr. Gray's advisory: Christmas Pag.: Sr. Choir: Span. Club: Girls' Glee Club: Jr. Choir. CHARLES SIMPSON-Mrs. Howell's advisory: N.C.O. Club: Sword 8. Shield: Capt, R.O.T.C.: Sr. Off. Aud. Stott. SHARON SMITH-Mrs. Putney's advisory. BILL SNIFFEN-Miss Shockey's advisory: Var. Football: Var. Baseball: Fin. Sec. 4A Class: Ad. Bd.: Bd. of Con.: Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Christmas Pag. S. Smith B. Sniffen J. Stanton J. Stiles D. Stitzel J. Stormer Sweaters Were Black JOAN STANTON-Mr. McMullin's advisory: Pres. G.A.: Song Lead, G.A.: Ad. Bd.: Chm. Jr. Prom Skit Camm,: Diana Club: Chm. Music Comm. Ad. Bd. Dance: Stud.-Fac. Comm.: Span. Club. JOANNE STEVELEY-Mrs. Layton's advisory: Ass't Director Sr. Play: Masque 8. Sandal: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Span. Club: G.A.A.: Chem. Club. JOAN STILES-Mrs. Layton's advisory: Rec. Sec. Star 8. Key: Pub. Mgr. G.A.A.: Block "A": Sub Deb Club: Operetta: UN Contest Winner: Courtesy Bd.: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Christmas Pag. DENNIS STITZEL-Mrs. Putty's advisory: "B" Football: "B" Basketball: Aleathean Club. JAMES STORMER-Mr. Yanicks' advisory. NEIL STRATTON-Mr. Yanicks' advisory: Fren. Club: "B" Swimming: Mgr. Football: Adv. Off.: Jr. Prom. Pub Comm.: Pub. Spk. Club. DAVID TERSTEGE-Miss Shockey's advisory: Operetta: Fren. Club Treas.: Span. Club: Star 8. Key: Christmas Pag.: Student Director Sr. Choir: Sec. Sr. Choir: Sr. Play: Vocal Ensemble. J. Steveley CHARLES MOLENKAMP N. Stratton Boy Most Likely to Succeed 1 S 'l!,f"" '5' rin K' 'if in-A 'Q' epl ills .J 43' S. Voogd S. Wakefield C. Wallace K. Wallace .OPs,. 2 Sw D. Terstege M. Traude D. Travers A. Trevino S. Tulloh L. Ucovich L. Vander Kooi E. Veiga K. Vervver T. Vetleson MARY TRAUDE-Mr. McMuIIin's advisory: Diana Club Chaplain: Sr. Play Cast: Yell Lead. IA, 4A Classes: Head Pom-Pom Girl: Masque G Sandal: Ad. Bd.: Chm. Bid Comm. Ad. Bd. Dance: Rec. Sec. G.A.: Life Mem. Star 8. Key. DENNIS TRAVERS-Mr. I-lalloclr's advisory: Span. Club: Adv. Off. ART TREVINO-Mrs. Marlxer's advisory: Span. Club: Soph-Frosh Fool- ball: Band. STEVE TULLOH-Mr. Gray's advisory: "B" 8 J.V. Football: Adv. Pres.: Span. Club: Star G Key: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm. LAURENCE UCOVICI-l-Mr. Yaniclss' advisory: Var. Track: J.V. Track. LINDA KANDER KOOI-Mrs. LayIon's advisory: G.A.A.: Star lr Key: Jr. Red Cross: Latin Club: Span. Club. EMIL VEIGA-Mr. McMuIIin's advisory. KAREN VERWER-Mr. HalIock's advisory. TOM VETLESEN-Miss Schroeder's advisory: Class OH.: Chm. Soph l-lop Skit Comm.: Jr. Prom Music Comm.: Spartan Club: Latin Club: Bd. of Con.: Star In Key: Chem. Club: Adv. Olf. "B" Football. STAN VOOGD-Mrs. I-loweIl's advisory: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Sports Ed. OAK LEAF: Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Latin Club: Adv. Pres.: Var. Baseball. SHARON WAKEFIELD-Mrs. Putney's advisory. CAROL WALLACE-Mr. Gray's advisory: V. Pres., Yell Lead. G.A.A.: Courtesy Bd.: Life Mem. Star L Key: Block "A": Adv. Off.: Latin Club: Jr. Red Cross Rept.: Soph Hop Recpt. Comm. KEN WALLACE-Mrs. Layton's advisory: Star I- Key: V. Speak. Ad. Bd.: Sr. Play Cast: J.V., Var. Swimming: Bd. of Con.: Fren. Club: Spartan Club: Chem Club: Bloclm "A". ELAINE WARD-Miss Shoclley's advisory: Courtesy Bd.: Operetta: Sr. Play: Life Mem. Star lr Key: Usherettes: Fren. Club: Latin Club: 3R's Club. PETER WARNER-Miss Shoclrey's advisory: R.O.T.C. Personnel Oli.: Sword In Shield: N.C.O. Club. Cur Senior Ball Was "SI1angri-La" Graclualion Was Held On June II, l959 PAT WATKINS-Mrs. Hovvell's advisoryp Llh Mem. Star 8 Keyg Bloclr "A"p Latin Clubp G.A.A.7 Span. Club. BARBARA WAUGH-Mr. Halloclx's advisory: Christmas Pag.p Operating Sr. Sweater Comm.: G.A.A.g Sr. Play Comm.p Usllerottosp Pop Clubg Adv. Of. G.A. Fashion Show. KATHY WAXE-Mrs. Howell's advisory: Lifo Mom. Star I- Key: Pub. Comm. Sr. Playp V. Pros. 3R's Club: C.S.F.5 G.A.A.p Song lead. Latin Clubp Jr. Rod Cross: Fran. Club. DEBBIE WHITE-Mrs. Howell's advisoryp Co-Mgr. Soplx Hop: V. Pros. A.S.A.H.S.p G.A. Song l.oad.p Ad. Bd.: Pom-Pom Girly ACORN Bus. Mgr.g Sr. Play Castg Christmas Pug.: Class OR. IA, IB terms. CAROL WINTERS-Mr. Gray's advisory. PAULINE WONG-Mr. Gray's advisoryp V. Pros. Adv.: G.A. Planning Comm. BILL WOOTTEN-Mrs. Marker's advisoryp Var. Footballp Var. Baseball: Aloathoan Club: Christmas Pag.g G.A. Fashion Showg Adv. Pros.: Span. Club. ANN YAMASHTA-Mrs. Layton's advisoryp Life Mem. C.S.F., Star B Koyp Ass't Ed. '59 ACORNg Fran. Club OR.: Cllr. Bid Comm. Soph Hopg Adv. OFF5 Dec. Comm Jr. Prom- Advert Comm. Sr Pla - Bd. of Conn . . , . . y, , Courtesy Bd. CAMERA SHY RONDAL ALEXANDER JANICE ROGGENBUCK MARGO CAMPBELL JOHN RYAN TERRY HANSON ARLENE SHISLER DENNIS HUDSON BETTY SMITH SANDRA HUMFREVILLE MARGOTH LARSEN DON PARKER THOMAS PARTEN JERRY RANEY D. White C. Winters P. Wong B. Wootton A. Ya mashta JOSEPH STEADMAN LEROY STINNETT STEVEN VON QUERNER JOHN WAUGH JOHN WILLIAMS 9 'J E. Ward P. Warner P. Watkins B. Waugh K. Waxo R. Weirmacl l ,fm A7 fx JZ JAY GARFINKLE Presldenf Q8 BETTY LOTZ Recordmg Secretary 1' KEN THOMAS fl 1--5 Fmancual Secreiury CANARA PETERS Yell Leader -.Qs lv' 'fi FALL OFFICERS 40'--0+ R si' jfun-0 JUDY EGGERS Vlce PI'0SldGll' Cur Class ls Small ln Febr11'11x, 1016, xxe b1q 111 o11r four KKK IUHQ xe 1rs '11 Alameda Hlqh S1 hool X81 1le1t1d is membels of Olll Hrst mbmet, R1ed onei Nhren IN non NN all C 'mnadx NI 1rx XX hlte '1nd 11dx Ingemfm O111 xemeQ tex s 'lCllX 1tx xx 1s Qellxnq doughnuts ll fun D IX lllldll 1h1 d1re111onofRe1d onex 'md Nl lI'X XS h1t1 Durmq oul hlgh fruhrnan term class oih1ers 111 eluded Jax G1ffiHklL I mda B11111 her Hop1 C lllpI11'1ll YN nren Berne and l1r1x Dom We held lSllCCC9Nflll noon dan1 e, Hlqh Noon n nu1rx l 1011 In our loxx Qophomorc xemexur Flom Xlor1ho11s1 Phoebe Nloraeg Xlarx lx hlte 11dx I'qff1rS md l1r1x Do'1n awumed claw I1 1derSh1p YN 1 sold 1l'1xS e1rdQ 15 Ulll term projut I he qre'11 Soph Hop I INN bolnq h1ld on O1 to b1 ll 1911 xxaQ th1 hlghllght of our ,B tum Bob Sh1phard 1nd Hope C l'llpITl'1Il m III 1qed1h1 d 1111 1 11111 CUINIUIIILL numbers for th1 Soph Hop XNLFC NI 1rx 1111 l11l Clues, Hoflmm Llilllflllflll Nl 11111111 1 Hlltbglll Xl ko h1d 3 1'xl Ix11l1 p11l111 1 Xnn Sh1rl1x I'LfHSllI1l1l1l llI1CllBUlll h11 IllllNll lllll x lggus 1 111111 C mn 111lJ1 Nl1111 1 1 N 1 1111 111 lgllllll l ' ll or11xn1 111 11,111 111111111 311111111 1 lvlllltl Jll 1h1 foo1lJ1ll PIUQFUII N 1l1 ll 1h1 R11 hmoncl L 11111 1lxx1xx1I1 711 NNTIKII ll N111111111111111 ll H C 1 ll h 111 ll Sudd llllllll Xlll 1 1 N 1 1 II 1l I1 ln SPRING OFFICERS fl GN? CJ TERRY DOAN MARCIA NASON Presndenl Vlce Presldenf Number Bu+ Large In Sp1r1+ 1 11111 11 1 N 11111111 t 1 111111111 1 1111 1 1111111 11 IX 1,11 1111111111f111 11111111 1 11 11111111 NIM 1111111111 1111111111 'l 411 KN 1 1 1 1111t1t1111111Q 111111 11 11111 1 111111111 111111 XX 1r1111 B11r11 1111 1111111 Bfllll 111 111 1q111 1111 pr JYII 11111111 11111111 11 pr11111111 111111111 1 1 1 111 ll 111111p 11111 Il NI llt h 1 1 1 1 1 1 N 111 IKXQIIINIIIC' 1111111 XI111 Il 111111 11111 111g1111 111 FL 111111111111 111 111111111111 11111111 IIIC XIIIN 1111111 11111 B1111 S 1 1 IN 1 IX ll II 1 llt 1 ,4 1 II 1 1 1 S 11111111 ICI 111 111 1, 1111 111 1 1 1111 1111111 111 N1 1 1 IIN 1 1 111 IQ 111 1 1 S 1 1.. " ' ". "'..'1111 H1 16. - 1X1 -Q. 1.'.,"1' 1"'. ' ' ' '1' 'cw - .' 1111111 " " ' '1'11r ' R " R11 ' . '1-' '- 1111111 1r " ' 1 111-x s' 21- ,111 -1 "1" ' Af S' ' Vs. g 11 U' 11 ' I ' 1' '11'Ii1'1 ' -N q".'1-1i111'H' ' fr' ' '. "-IIS ' - 5111110111 B11111. 1' .'- ' ' q111'1. ' -5- ' 1- . .A',-. .' lu! , . 'U 1' ' U U . . ,4 T - PHOEBE MORAES Recordmg Secretary MIKE GALLAGER Flnunclul Secretary HOPE CHIPMAN Yell leader it Abillo 'N J. Barneich W. Berrie B. Betterton M. Block L. Boucher J. Brice u I A. Brophy J K. Brown L "' Q s. Budd .- ' 1 ' fiiiilz 1 f l HIROSHI ABIKO-Miss los Kamp's advisoryg C.S.F.p Life Mem. Star 8. Keyg Chr. Soph Hop Comm.p Jr. Prom Comm.g Chem. Club 05.5 Fren. Clubp Adv. 05.5 Football. JOHN BARNEICH-Dr. Rediger's advisoryg Photo. Clubp Traclxg Tennis: Star 8 Keyp Jr. Red Crossg Fren. Club. WARREN BERRIE-Mrs. Baumhol"f's advisoryp Pres. 3A Classy Rec. Sec. 2B Classy Fin. Sec. 'IB Classy Mgr. Jr. Prom: Pres. C.S.F.7 Aleathean Club: Orch.p A.C.A.l.-O.A.L. Talent Showp Footballp Star B Keyp Sr. Play Cast. BOB BETTERTON-Miss Shockey's advisory. MARGO BLOCK-Dr. Rediger's advisoryg Treas., Sec., and V. Pres. Photo. Clubg Treos. 3R's Clubp Red Cross Rep.: Star 8. Keyp Span. Clubp Chem. Club. LINDA BOUCHER-Dr. Rediger's advisory. JACQUELINE BRICE-Mrs. Baumhoff's advisoryp C.S.F.p Star 8. Keyg Latin Clubp Chem. Club. ARNOlD BROPHY-Dr. Rediger's advisoryp Aleathean Clubp Football: Traclcg Soph Hop Dec. Comm.p Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.p Basketballg Swimming. KENNETH BROWN-Dr. Rediger's advisoryg R.O.T.C. 'Ist Sgt.: N.C.O. Club. SHARON BUDD-Mrs. Boumhoff's advisoryg Rec. Sec. 3A Clossp Bd. of Con.g Delthenian Clubg Christmas Pag.g Jr. Prom Skit 8. Dec. Comms.g latin Clubg Fren. Cluby Dance Clubg Fun Day Comm. FRANK BURNS-Dr, Rediger's advisoryg Aleathean Clubp Span. Clubg Soph Hop Dec. Comm.g Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Footballp Trackg "B" Baslxetballp Swimming. JOANN CANEPA-Mr. Schneider's advisoryg ACORN Stalk Danze Clubp Sr. Play Castp Usherettes. WALTER JACK CANNADY-Mrs. BaumholT's advisory: "B", J.V., Var. Footballg J.V., Var. Baslmetbally Pres. 28 Classg Rec. Sec. lA Classp Star 8. Keyg Sr. Play Castp Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom. BOB CARMICHAEL-Mrs, BaumholT's advisory: C.S.F.g Soph-Frosh, J.V. Footballg Sgt.-at-Arms Spartan Clubg Chem. Clubp Fren. Club. The Soph Hop "Easy Going," Broke All Records We Loved Our Prom, "Winl'er Mist" GARY CATES-Mrs. BaumhoH's advisory: Block "A": Aleathean Club: "B", J.V., Var. Football: "B" Baseball: Soph Hop Comm.: Elect. Comm.: latin Club: Adv. OH. HOPE CHIPMAN-Mrs. Baumholf's advisory: Rec. Sec. IB Class: Co- Mgr. Soph Hop: V. Pres, 3A Class: Yell lead. 4A Class: Rec. Sec. Deltheniun Club: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: latin Club: Star 8. Key. SUSAN COFFEY-Mrs. BaumhofF's advisory: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Star 8 Key: Fun Day Comm.: Jr. Red Cross: latin Club: Sr. Play Comm.: Pep Club. STEVE COOPER-Dr. Rediger's advisory: "B" Football: Span. Club: Jr. Red Cross: Fren, Club. JIM CRITTENDEN-Mr. Schneider's advisory: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O. Club: Drill Team: Close Order Drill Team: Aud. Staff. TOM CUSACK-Mrs. BaumholT's advisory: Star 8. Key: Swim Team: Fun Day Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Chem. Club: Bd. of Con.: Fren. Club: Mgr. Sr. Play. MARIE DELCENIO-Miss Los Kamp's advisory: Freshmen Reception: Advisory Pres. GERALD DeTREVll.lE-Miss los Kamp's advisory. ROBERTA TENNANT Girl Most likely to Succeed hz., "Qs- QU! 43 fix DOUG DIVINE-Dr. Rediger's advisory: Fren. Club: Football: Jr. Red Cross: N.C.0. Club: Track. TERRY DOAN-Mr. S:hneider's advisory: Yell Lead. IB, 2A Classes: J.V., Var. Football: Pres 4A Class: Sgt.-at-Arms Aleathean Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Choir: latin Club: Sr. Play Cast. RON DUNN-Dr. Rediger's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Ad. Bd.: Football: Track: Band: Comm. Chr. Ad. Bd. Dance: Fren. Club. JUDY EGGERS-Mr. Schneider's advisory: Fin. Sec. 2A Class: V. Pres. 3B Class: Ad. Bd.: Star 8. Key: Span. Club: Chem. Club: Soph Hop Comm. Chm.: Delthenian Club: Co-Mgr. Sr. Play. LARS EKDAHL-Dr. Rediger's advisory: Span. Club: latin Club: Soph Hop Dec. Comm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Swimming: Football: Basket- ball: Track. HENRY ELDERTS-Dr. Rediger's advisory. VICTOR FLASHMAN-Dr. Rediger's advisory. J. Crittenden T. Cusack M. Delcenio G. DeTreviIIe D. Divine T. Doan J. Dunn J. Eggers gb I.. Ekdaul Q7 H. Elderts l G. Cates H. Chipman l S. Coffey S. Cooper 'H F.5- bv- 'J -xl' fl, firm '51 Q 1 4 MARCIA NASON All-Around Girl Our Senior Play, V. Flashman M. Gallagher ..., 'N "fri . V its rmrkgi. PQ: MT ,ag C. Finley M. Fletcher L. Frankel J. Garfinkle C. Graham J. Graham "Best Fool' Forward," Was A Hit CAROL FINLEY-Mr. Schneider's advisory: Refresh. Comm. Soph Hop: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Fren. Club: Dance Club: Bd. of Con.: P.T.A. Fashion Show: Christmas Pag. MIKE FLETCHER-Mr. Schneidefs advisory: Talent Show: Masque 8. Sandal: Fren. Club: Operetta: Jr. Prom Play Cast. LANA FRANKEL-Mr. Baumhoff's advisory: Soph Hop Prom Skit 8. Dec. Comms.: Fren. Club: Dance Club: Jr. Sweater Comm. MIKE GALLAGHER-Mrs. BaumhofF's advisory: Fin. Aleathean Club: J.V., Var. Baseball: Star 8 Key: Christmas Pag.: Skit Comm.: Sr. Dec. Comm.: Jr. Christmas Pag.: Sec. 4A Class: Soph Hop Dec. Comm.: Chem, Club: Jr. Prom Dec, Comm.: Span. Club. JAY GARFINKLE-Mrs. BaumhoH's advisory: Pres. 18 Class: Pres. 3B Class: Adv. Off.: Star 8 Key: Aleathean Club: Fren. Club: Bd. of Con.: Soph-Frosh Football: J.V. Track: Sr. Play Cast. CAROL GRAHAM-Mrs. BaumhoWs advisory G.A.A.: Span. Club: Star JOHN GRAHAM-Mr. Schneider's advisory: Star 8- Key: Chem. Club: Latin Club: N.C.O. Club: Drill Team: Aud. Stalf: Proiectionist: Ex- tended Order Drill Team. RICH HESS-Mr. Schneider's advisory: Track: Christmas Pag.: Latin Club: Football Mgr.: Span. Club: Jr. Pram Dec. Comm.: Frosh-Soph Football. GREGG HOFMANN-Mrs. Baumhof'F's advisory: Star 8. Key: Soph Hop Comm. Chm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Fun Day Comm.: Operetta: Stage Crew: Adv. Elect. Comm.: Track. KEN HOLMES-Dr. Rediger's advisory: "B", J.V., Var. Baseball: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Jr. Red Cross: Fren. Club: Adv. Ad. Bd.: Block "A", LYNN HOVEY-Mr. Schneider's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: C.S.F.: Fren. Club. JUDY INGEMAN-Mr. Schneider's advisory: Yell Lead. 1A 8- 3B Classes: Star 8- Key: Jr. Prom Comm. Chm.: Diana Club: Bd. of Con.: Courtesy G Key. Bd.: Latin Club: Dance Club. WARREN BERRIE R. Hess G. Hofmann K. Holmes L. Hovey Best Actor J. Ingeman P. Jackson C. Johnson R. Jones ' fs. -A ' t "' ,g 1 . ' . ' . Y 1 if ,. . 1 l'. Q , X N. D711 i 'Zi' - -rf- zv 4- u h ,eg an ,,... v ,. L. .4 ., V. Kulberg C. Knudsen W. Landreth B. Lind B. Lotz L. luflrin The 4B Term Promises SKIP JACKSON-Dr. Rediger's advisoryg Adv. 05.5 Latin Clubg Chem. Club. CAROLYN JOHNSON-Miss Los Kamp's advisory. REED JONES-Mr. Schneider's advisoryg Star 8 Keyp Rec. Sec. A.S.A.- H.S.g Fren. Clubp Ad. Bd.: Stud.-Fac. Comm.g Pres. IB Classp Fin. Sec. 2B Classy Spartan Clubg Footballp Christmas Pag. Sr. Play Cast. CRAIG KNUDSEN-Mr, Schneider's advisory. VICTOR KULBERG-Mr. Schneider's advisory. WILLIAM LANDRETH--Dr. Rediger's advisory. PAT LANE-Mr. Schneider's advisoryp Pres. Jr. Red Cross: Dec. Comm. Soph Hopg Span. Clubg Dec. Comm. Jr. Promg Star It Keyg Christmas Pag.g Dance Club. BOB LIND-Mr. Schneider's advisory. Sec. 3R's BETTY LOTZ-Miss Los Kamp's cdvisoryp Rec. Sec. 3B Classy Rec. Fren. Clubg Bd. of Con.g Life Mem. Star 8- Keyg Christmas Pag.g Club: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.g C.S.F.g Dance Club. J. McClenndon W. McGregor N, R. Mixokuchi P. Moraes 4 'S :is P. lone WALT CANNADY D. Lyerla All-Around Boy To Be Mosl Fun Of All BUD LUFKIN-Mr. Schneider's advisoryg Star 8 Keyg Fren. Club: Orch.p Bondg Operettag C.O.P. Music Clinic. DARYL LYERLA-Miss Los Kamp's advisoryp ACORN Staffg Bd. of Con.p Pub. Chm. Soph Hopp Pub. Chm. Jr. Promg Jr. Sweater Comm.g Jr. Red Cross Rep. JOANNE McCLENDON-Mr. Schneider's advisoryg Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.g Sr. Play Costume Comm. WILLIAM McGREGOR-Mr. Schnelder's advisory. NADINE MERRILL-Mi. Schneider's advisoryg Prom Dec. Comm.g Fren. Clubp G.A. Fashion Sr. Playg Dec. Chm. P.T.A. Fashion show. Jr. Prom Bid Chm.g Jr. Showg Set Designer for GAILE MITCHELL-Dr. Rediger's advisory. RAY MIZOKUCHI-Miss los Kamp's advisoryg Jr. Prom Skit Comm.p Adv. Off. PHOEBE MORAES-Mrs. BaumholT's advisory: Ad. Bd.p V. Pres. 2A Classy V. Pies. 3A Classy Fin. See. 3B Class: Rec. Sec. 4A Classg Bd. of Con.p Star B- Key: Diana Clubg Jr, Prom Refresh. Comm.g Sr. Play Cast. J.V. Trackg Fiosh-Soph Footbollg Bandp Orch.g Merrill G. Mitchell GINGER POTTER T. Morehouse M. Nason Best Actress is- Eff ,- 'fx i ,-e-an KJV T? 'C7 TOM MOREHOUSE-Miss los Kamp's advisory: Var. Football: Var. Track: Pres. 2A Class: Pub. Chm. Ad. Bd. Dance: Chm. Music Comm. Soph Hop: Ad. Bd.: "B" Basketball: Aleathean Club: Sr. Play Cast. MARCIA NASON-Mr. Schneider's advisory: V. Pres. lA Class: Ad. Bd.: V. Pres. 4A Class: Bd. of Con.: Courtesy Bd.: Diana Club? Ufl Mem, Star I Key: Jr. Prom Pub. Comm.: C.S.F. MAUREEN ORTH-Miss Los Kamp's advisory: Adv. Pres.: Activities Ed. '59 ACORN: Yell Lead. A.S.A.H,S.: Pom-Pom Girl: Life Mem. Star B Key: C.S.F.: Co-Chm. Pub. Comm. Soph Hop: Chm. Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Rec. Sec. Dance Club: Bd. of Con.: Sr. Play Cast. JIM OXFORD-Dr. Rediger's advisory. DONALD PARR-Miss Los Kamp's advisory. CANARA PETERS-Miss Los Kamp's advisory: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Yell Lead. 3B Class: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Refresh. Comm. Soph Hop: Delthenian Club: Bd. of Con.: Operetta: Sec. Fren. Club. GARY PLATO-Miss Los Kamp's advisory: Golf Team: Bd. of Can.: Star 8. Key: Latin Club: Adv. Off.: Block "A". JANET POLA-Mrs. Baumhol'?'s advisory. GINGER POTTER-Mrs. BaumhofT's advisory: Masque 8- Sandal: Dance Club: Jr. Prom Skit E Dec Comms.: Freshmen Reception: G.A. Fashion Show: Fren. Club: Make-up Comm. Christmas Pug.: Sr. Play Cast. STEVE PUCCI-Mr. Schneider's advisory. BENTON RANDOLPH-Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: School Service: Adv. OH.: Dec. Comm. Soph Hop. LORRAINE RATTO-Mr. Schneider's advisory. LARRY SALCEDO-Mr. Schneider's advisory: Christmas Pag.: Masque 8- Sandal: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom: Jr. Prom Skit Comm. SUZANNA SCHLEMMER--Miss Los Kamp's advisory: Bd. of Con.: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Co-Mgr. Jr. Sweaters: V. Pres. 3R's Club: Span. Club: Rec. Sec., Fin. Sec. Jr. Red Cross: Jr, Prom Dec. Comm. DOUG SHEFARD-Miss Los Kamp's advisory: Aleathean Club: Adv. OH. Span. Club: Dec. Comm. Soph Hop: "B" Basketball: Sr. Play Cast. BOB SHEPHERD-Miss Los Kamp's advisory: Mgr. Soph Hop: Sr. Play Cast: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: 2nd V. Coun. Bd. of Con.: Skit Comm. Jr. Prom: Chem. Club: Fren. Club: Student Talent Show: Adv. Band. ALAN SHERAK-Mrs. Buumhoff's advisory. PHOEBE MORAES Best Looking Girl L. Salcedo S. Schlemmer 9 D. Shephard W, Shepherd A. Sheralx A. Shirley M. Orth J. Oxford D. Parr C. Peters G. Pluto J. Pola G. Potter S. Pucci B. Randolph L. Ratto xlsbliiii L? Q I 3: . 3 9 51. .fu V I "3 ., ,. M -5 S 'Abi CW? . A2 "1 yffifseab 'ii w. Q f ff f Q 17: 'we 1 . , Haze.: jr ,K , n 'fr' 4 4 i P- v ip 2 '51 . sm.-0 ' 'Ja 151 5. t R - . xo 4 J i - . , NY w .El . A i 'ei 52"-X I " V ff. is K if-s exe K Megaphones Were Sold A+ Foo+ball Games The class of june. lfllill, has had a yery actiye junior year. As low juniors the class sold paper mega- phones at football games for its money-making proj- ect. The megaphone sale was a tremendous success, which was fully supported by each member of the class. The sale was capably managed by Peggy O'Neil. In the low junior class Mike Sheridan was elected l'resident. Nancy Longaker, Vice President: Vicky Cannon, Recording Secretary: Mary Ann Reynolds. Financial Secretary: and jim Tayernier. Yell Lead- er, were the other students elected to lead the class. The junior class representatives to the Administra- tiye Board were Peggy O'Neil and Jerry Ghiselli. As their low junior term carne to an end, the mem- bers of the class of june, lflfifl, began to plan for their next actiyity-filled semester. The members of the class began their high junior term by spotting the traditional junior sweaters. FALL OFFICERS ROWI M Sheridan N longoker ROW II: J. Tovemier, M. Reynolds, V, Cannon. 78 Pam fXIcQuay and Phil Westernoff managed the actiyity. The colors chosen were light blue for the girls and beige for the boys. On April 17 the class held its junior Prom. "A Night in Rio." The A.H.S. gym was beautifully transformed into a ballroom. Phil Westernofjf and Judy Bernal were manager and co-manager of this gala affair. The hard-working committee chairmen were Sharon Tucker, Decorations: Corrin Torpey and Patt Linggi, Bids: Ralph Roberts, Skit: Allen Miller, Music: Linda Archer, Reception: Sandra Sabatini, Refreshments: Vicky Cannon, Publicity. The highlight of the successful junior Prom was the queen contest. The hye finalists were julie Craig. Pat Howard, Pam Martin, Donna Pritchard, and Mary Ann Reynolds. This semester Tony Blunden, Sam Harrosh, Bob Belmer, Sue Brooks, and julie Craig were chosen to lead the class. ,. '5 SPRING OFFICERS ROWI S Hurrosh T Blunden, B. Bellmer ROW ll: J. Craig, S. Brooks. Junior Sweaters Were Light W nf' 'Iva 5, . in. MR. JACKSON'S ADVISORY-ROW I: M, Fisk, A. Taylor, C. Jaber, S. Brooks, N. Longaker, ROW ll: L. McKinstry, B. Borgman, K. Nutz man, L. Schauer, L. Conlin. ROW III: S. Davis B. Aspinall, T, Ramsden, G. Fulton, M. Klein Mr. Jackson. ROW IV: A. Smith, B. Costes D. Hofmann, D. Christian, B. Powers, MR. KLEIN'S ADVISORY-ROW I: G. Xavier, C, Suman, N, Selsback, C. Builie, L. Thomas ROW ll: D, Dumesnil, J. Fairfield, S. Kap! genehs, M. Murphy, C. Poullin. ROW III: Mr Klein, S. Harrosh, G. Randall, F. R-ndolph S. Rae, C. Poulin. ROW IV: B Va'iSloten B. Robert, P. Riding, T. Woods, S. Courtney D. Norton. Blue And Beige MR. T, ANDERSON'S ADVISORY-ROW l: M Yee, D, Bowen, R. Foppiano, G. Xenos, M. Pet- tersen, J. Sherry, ROW ll: K. Kely, A. Esgar, L. Axtell, J. Horine, N. Spratley, J. Bernal, J. McKay. ROW Ill: A. Peters, S. VonQuerner, E. Dodge, J. Bustos, L. Barnhart, ROW IV: T. Anderson, R. Peterson, J. Armoskus, B. Bellmer, W. Esparza, R. Avanzino. MRS. CUNDIFF'S ADVISORY-ROW I: D. James, C. Chladelc, B. Craig, S. Rofman, M, Quintel. ROW II: P. Marr, P. Magbey, B. Fields, P. 0'Neill, J. Craig, M. Berlin. ROW Ill: R. Ed- wards, C. Cattran, S. Utech, N. Breclre, D, Baldwin, D. Balvin. ROW IV: M. Myer, J. Downy, S. Stone, N. Rogers, A. Millar, W. Sniffen, "A Night ln Rio" Was A Gala Affair vnu lx MRS SCHWARTZ'S ADVISORY - ROW I: R. Muehlbauer, M. Winton, T. McGrath, G. Tesio, K. Craig. ROW II: C. Rasmussen, H. Mitchell, E. LaVioIette, C. Morrison, T, Haner, D. Higby. ROW III: J. Hill, W. Morris, R. Milliken, P. Ran- dall, K. Larsen, R. French. ROW IV: P. Wester- naff, J. Wisner, J. Coleman, R. Schreiber, T. Gielow. MR SCOTT'S ADVISORY-ROW I: P. Mcauay. J Dear, P. Eby, G. Pappas, V. Kadota. ROW II: E. Tornborski, M. Reynolds, J. Graham, C. Johnson, C. McGill. ROW Ill: N. Wallace. D. Rose, H. Hoglund, W. Warfield, D. Gould. ROW IV: R. Corby, J. Schulte, R, Farris, J. Hans J Ghissel. 80 MRS. LAUCK'S ADVISORY-ROW I: B. Hogan, S. Owens, J. Pouiade, C. Orren, S. Watson, H. Jensen. ROW ll: S. Martin, M. Rincon, K. Miller, L. Zaddart, D. Pritchard, A. Gilbert- son. ROW III: J. Rodrigues, J. Derr, K. Law, C. Johnston, Y. LaGrange, M. Maillot. ROW IV: J. Westernoff, T. Collins, S. Hogin, L. Pet- roelie, K. Heaton, W. Thau, J. Tavernier. MISS REICHMUTH'S ADVISORY-ROW I: S. Mc- Donald, B. Pacher, S. Simi, J. Takeda, J. Olsen, ROW II: K. Boggs, S. Laughter, J. Horgan, J. Kyer, S. Chapman, C. Torpey. ROW Ill: D. Duzkworth, J. Fink, N. Yazolino, B. Green, M. McGre or, W. Farnsley, A. Grahn. ROW 9 IV: E. Malenburg, G. Holden, D. Ford, G. Hof- man, S. Modl, J. Morton. L.. KL 'pn N-if 'X ueen Conlesl Was Highlight GI Junior Prom MR. WILLIAMS' ADVISORY ROW I: M. Selby, C, Borncamp, J. Graham, B. Perata, D. Hurbace, K. Gunn, ROW II B. long, S. Stevens, S. Drive, L. Jansen P. Prager, V. Cannon, ROW III: D. Benin min, S. Kint, R. Shaver, R. Negy, C. Torpey P. linggi, D. Avelar. ROW IV: Mr. Wil liams, M. Sheridan, W. Evans, N, Annas, P. Shaw, K. Cummings, B. Ferrell, MR. WOOD'S ADVISORY ROW l: V. Andrews, V. Cross, J. Sharp, L. Archer, J. Driver, L. Schreiber, S. Selkirk. ROW ll: S. Whitaker, D. Hopper, J. Irm scher, P. Howard, K. Newman, B. Wickman, E. Bills. ROW III: D. Allen, L. Clark, B Broughton, R. Stallworth, L. Chapman, J. Adamy. V A , , n H?- 'Q 5 The vocal ensemble performs for the Student Talent Show. Sarah Hamilton creates quite a stir in her stunning ensemble for the fall G.A. Fashion Show. vr"'N"-,?A,.. 1 In 81 Term Was Successful For Low Juniors The members of the t lass uf january. lfllil. had a fahulrmtis high sophcnnrmre term. The Soph Hop is the most sueeessful dance uf each semester. and the Suph Hop ufthet'l2tssufslanl121D'. Iflfil. was nu ex- teptwn. "I'irefly. was a huge 5llK'i'L'55. liruee Ile- X me and Jerri I,ee Jensen were manager and ui- manager uf the dance. Clummittee heads chosen were Dave Mason, Xlusieg Mary I.e Lilner. Bids: jerry lfresehi, Puhlieity 1 .-Xrt Blakeney. Deernsatitmsg and janet Ruuquier. Reeeption. Kiueh eredit must he given tu the eummittee members. for their hard wurk helped to make the danee the sueeess that it was. During this fall semester the elass eleeted jerry Ortiz President. The other elass leaders were Ifrant-es Gillard. Yiee President: Rusty Slater. Reeording Seeretaryg and Margie justin, Yell Leader. 'lihis spring semester the elass of january 1961. had a sueeessful term. Dave Mason was voted class President. His eapahle cabinet inrluded Mary Lee Lvlner. Yiee President: jerry Hiselman. Reeurding Secretary: Judie Maurer. Financial Sl'C'I'Cl2lI'I'I and Klart Lothian. Yell Leader. Jerri Lee Jensen and Ron Lahetieh w ere eleeted as elass representatives tn the .'Xdministratix'e Board. The members of the elass are eunseientinuslj. thinking about their future aetivities, their Junior Sweaters and the junior Prom. .Nt the next elass meeting the eulur and the style for the Junior Sw eat- ers will he diseussed. If the elass handles its aetivities with all the enthusiasm that was given its past aetivi- ties. it is sure to have a most sueeessful four years at .Xlameda High Sehonl. FALL SEMESTER-ROW I: Jerry Ortiz, President, Francis Gillard, Vice President. ROW ll: Rusty Slater, Recording Secretary, Margie Justen, Yell Leader, Ron Labetich, Financial Secretary. 82 is SPRING SEMESTER-ROW I: Mary Lee Ullner, Vice President, Dave Mason, President, Rosemary Lothian, Yell Leader. ROW II: Judie Maurer, Financial Secretary, Jerry Eiselman, Recording Secretary Huge Crowd Attended Firefly MRS. APPERSCN'S ADVISORY ROW I: Mrs. Apperson, L. Davey, M. Stick ney, A. Tribble, G. Thomsen, K. Jensen, M Middlesworth. ROW II: W. Schmeltzer G. Santos, J. Johnson, P. Champion, L laughter. ROW III: J. Je1sen. J. Minton M. Ullnef, J. Rouquier, P. Short, P. Ska:ru,': ROW IV: R. Long, L, Chambers, D. Turner F. Weiss, D. Mason, W. White, D. lens- schfnidt. MRS. DANNENBERGS ADVISORY ROW I: M. Livesey, N. Bernal, B. Gunn P. Carr. L. Timmerma. ROW II: Mrs. Dan- nenberg, N. Barteau, M. Swiney, M. Orio S. Bishop. ROW III: R. E'cter, S. Malling F. Gillard, S. Wallin, J. Schmitz. ROW IV: B. Johansen, R. Nakano, D. lewis, J. Greig A. Snyder. MR. MO0RE'S ADVISORY ROW I: B. DeVine, B. Packer, G. Freschi, R. Perato, D. Costa, D. Stone, E, Smith ROW II: A. A. Moore, R. HiI!, L. Armstrong, C. Horning, S. lorgatiehu, M. Morrison, T. Sutton, D. Qualici. ROW Ili: D. Donald- son, S. Sivuns, S. Burror, J. Kalnnawaki M. Pilloff, J. Sparks, M. Justin. MR. TINGWAlL'S ADVISORY ROW I: V. Bishop, L. Ball, A. Dugan, J. Lewis, G. Maurer. ROW II: G. Megill, K. Cote, B. Wiley, J. Brunckhorst, J. Sparks, G. Styles. ROW III: R. Lalaetich, M. Hartley, D. Gomes, D. Maclntosh, C. Bechtfe, B. Landrath, Mr. Tingwall. ROW IV: N Graves, J. Adragna, L. Oliphant, G. Simp- son, A. Blakeney, P. Stung, T. Welker. r r Low Juniors Plan For The Future f ...a X The Alameda High School String Ensemble entertained many grammar schools with its fine music. The R.O.T.C. spends many hours drilling in the Porter School play-yard. The boys have become a fine, well-trained unit un- der the command of Maior Beightler and Sgt. Greenhouse. MRS. THOMPSON'S ADVISORY ROW I: M. Medina, A. Timmons, R. Lothian, K. Wilson, L. Burress, J. Carmody. ROW II: C. Farwell, N. Winebrenner, J. Wilson, M. Maas, V. Rossos, L. Ostling, N. Eng- strom. ROW Ill: C. Tomine, R. Henderson, J. Maritz, J. Rudolph, P. O'Connell, D. Slay- rnaker, M. Cowart. ROW IV: A. Cook, J. Ortiz, G. Price, B. Bramanto, J. Smeaton, J. Eisleman, l. Finch. These students obtained the status that all good students strive for-that of a straight "A" student. Eighteen students lthree not picturedi made the grade tor the fall semester of 1938. High Sophomores Are Enlhusiaslic Group 'l'ht- tlztss of junta lflfil. t'ntt'rt-d .sXlzinit'tlit High School in Svptt-niht-r. 19.37. Sint t' thvn tht' tlziss hits prowd to ht- ont- of tht- most ztrtivt- :tt .-Xlztmvtizi High School. is low sophomores thc' mcmbcrs of tht- tlztss t-lt't'tc'd -lon Harris as their prt'sidt'1it. His tupztblt assistants yst-rt' Karvn Scott. Yirt- PTCSTLTCIIII I.t-slit- Xlt't'LlTH. Rt-rording St-t I't'l2lI'y1 jon Cook. lfiiizniit St-t'rt'tziry1 :ind Donitzi Bziilo. Yt'll l.t'z1tlt'r. This fall scmcstcr tht- t-lass had two nioiit-y-mztlv ing ztt'tiy'itit's. .Xt tht' lmcginning of the st'mt-stt'r tht' mt-mht-rs of tht- class yytorkcd y't'ry hztrd st-lling pro- grams :it ont- tif tht- footlmll Qzinivs. For tht- st-t ond 2tc'tiy'ity' tht- tlaiss rhost' to st-ll tnktfs yy'hit'h ys't'rt' do- ll2lIl'tl hy tht' yutrious mt'ml1t'rs of tht- tlgtss. lt yyzts wry prolitaihlt' air- it yygas fully supportt-tl hy :ill tht' mt-mbcrs of tht- class. On Friday, Klzirrh 1.5, 19.39. tht' tlztss IJl'l1sl'IlIl'll its fzthtilous Soph Hop. "l,tidy l,lll'li.u in tht' .Khi- mt-dzi High School gyimiusium. This trziditioiiail fl fl S D flXfl "girl-gisk-hoy tlttiittf ztttruttvd mzuiy totiplt-s from tht- frt-shmt-ii through tht- st-nior t lttssts. Tilt' slit t t-ss- ful dzmt t' lnrokt' all prt-yiotis nttviitlzmt t- rt-t ords. Tht- t lztss t'lt't tt'd Rick Nlt Crt-cry and Judy Nrhwttrtz to nittiiugtt tht- stttpcndous tycnt. The t'l'l21lI'IllL'Il of tht- httrd-working t'ommittt't's ys't'rt' Barbara .-Xndrus. Bids: jon Hztiris. Dt't'orz1tioiis1 Judy ilroyssoii. Klu- sit: Kay .-Xllcn. Rcrcptioii: :ind Shvilzt Tt-rsttutx Skit. lil tht- spring st-mcstrr tht- ollircrs for this ztwilotis tlziss yy't'rt' Xlikt' Gannon. Prt'sidt'nt: Judy' Nord- mnrk. Yitt' l,rt'sidt'nt: Nlzitk Kltflrziy. Rt-torditig St-t l't'lill'y1 l,K'lllly Ifrzuitlii. lfinztnt itil St-t rt't1iry: amd .lt-fl .'Xlll'll. X t'll I,t'ttdt-r. lltiriiig its sftplioinfwt' yt'1trtlit't litsstrf ltiiit-, ITU, l. wits y't'ry zit'tiy't-. All of tht' mont'y -mxtkirig zit'tiy'itit's yyt-rt' prohtnhlt: Now tht- mt-mlmt-rs of tht' tlziss gut- ltmtilgillfl foiyytird to iivxt yt'1ir wht-ii thvy yyill lit-t HITIL' igppt'rt'lgissiiit-ii. f D SPRING SEMESTER-ROW I: Judy Nordmark, Vice President Mike FALL SEMESTER-ROW I: Jon Harris. Presidentg Karen Scan, Vice Gannon, President. ROW II: Penny Franchi, Financial Secerruryp President. ROW Il: Donira Bailo, Yell leoderg Jon Cook, Financial Jeff Allen, Yell leader. Absent from picture: Mack McCroy, Recording Secreforyp Leslie Mecum, Recording Secretary. Secretory, 85 MRS. V. ANDERSON'S ADVISORY ROW I: V. Anderson, A. Eaton, M. Ferm S, Gates, S, Brown, Mr. Harlan. ROW II G. Shults, B. Buchan, P. Franchi, D. Bonato M. McGinn, B. Clark. ROW III: C. Riddle C. Bausch, C. Steele, B. Dowler, R. Buccia- relli. ROW IV:T.Fren:h, V. Arntzen, D Raines, W. Partridge, R. Salinas, R. Garside M. Magnani. MR. BUTl.ER'S ADVISORY ROW I: B. DuBoce. M. Ney, L. Hayter, S Fisher, D. Godchaux, G. Guthrie. ROW II P. Quant, S. Dorado, E. Ashcroft, J, Colgan D Doble, l. Jussila, l. Margac. ROW III Mr. Butler R. Bachtell, J. Bolthrop, D. Batte miller, G. You, N. Choate, l. Fontaine. A4133 Lid ll QQ 9'5" fs I ""'i 5 ff ... l , .ix I ...N- 1' Q.Q,yx"y -Q,c,gb,QL1q,-.a C-nous, I-i ?QfL I LL All Were Lucky qxmiaph Hqp,g,Q'l.grgljx Luck" fl,,'1,y,Q NQY MRS. COKE'S ADVISORY ROW I: B. Livingston, C. Cates, E, Higby K. Guisto. ROW ll: M. Miller, J, Galvan P. Irmer, M. langren, J. Hodge. ROW Ill l. Knepper, A. Bart, R. Rankin, W. Eide R. Blathrop. ROW IV: J, Marlin, R. Clausin J. Chili, B. Broly, G. Ford, MR. CONNER'S ADVISORY ROW I: M. Millar, M. Stagnaro, S. Sultan K. Salcedo, J. Lowell. ROW Il: N. Tenant D. Sobol, C. Stanton, K. Swinney, M Thorpe. ROW Ill: B. Swinney, R. Galla gher, J. Stephenson, K. Allen, C. Camping S. Terstege. ROW IV: C. Alrichlzson, J Richardson, L. Taylor, V Sewell, G. Weigel cn Jx MR. DODGE'S ADVISORY ROW l: K. Yamashla, D. Russell, J. Mein J. Tomashek, A. Ruperlo. ROW ll: M. Fink E. Leefeldf, B, Andrus, I.. Willis, L. Mecurn M. Milleif, D. LaVenture. ROW Ill: Mr Dodge, N. Loringer, A. Cafes, B. Dwyer R. Carlwrighr, l. Pefty. ROW IV: F. McGin nis, L. Murphy, S. Wroebel, D. Winchesfer G. Whire, G. Sforey. MRS. HENRY'S ADVISORY ROW I: J. Logan, L, Benedick, K. Baum, H Hanna, J. Johnson. ROW ll: L, Ross, J Pearson, E. Owens, J. McDonagh, V. Hunter ROW Ill: C. McNeil, C. Medaglia, S. Heaton K. Aaroe, R. Flood, P. Emrick. ROW IV S. Brown, D. Kain, A. Brown, B. Doan C. Breedlove. Class lvleelings Are Very Enlerlaining MRS. l.eHEW'S ADVISORY ROW I: S. Shackleton, D. Myers, L. Jack- man, C. McFeron, P. Gorlon, J. Barker. ROW Il: B. Garreh, P. Blunden, J. Charvel, A. Muller, M. Driver, V. Meek. ROW II Mrs. LeHew, G. Garfinkle, E. Lyerla, L, Quinfero, E. Gremminger. ROW IV: J Holly, J. Doggeff, J, Harris, J. Marhieson A. Jay, D. Poole. MISS POWERS' ADVISORY ROW l: J. Nickerson, K. Kofle, D. Sackson, D. Marfinez, D. Bailo. ROW ll: S. lessley, L. Caird, D. Howey, S. Nesbit, D. Dowler, K. Warner. ROW Ill: B. Taylor, J. Long, B. Holly, M. Harfell, B. Wooldridge. ROW IV: R. Payne, C. Sievens, S. Geiserr, G. Mer- rin, C. Hodge, B. Brock. srl 1 ,ML ,J Q . 3,5 . . 1 . ..!, my t ...- g u M! High S Af. 5. .r A. I! MRS. CEDERLEAPS ADVISORY ROW I: Mrs. Cederleaf, L. Wong, I. Wil- Iiams, J. Schwartz, C. Tilton, J. Welch, K. Stuart, A. Takahashi. ROW II: O. Fulton, D. Addy, F. Miller, P. Wallace, B. Wash- burn, L. Traver. ROW III: S. Fletcher, D. Tyree, D. Heitman, D. Whelan, A. Brage. ROW IV: J. Van Sant, L. Keenan, J. Young, R. Zecher, R. Tiner. MR. SlSLER'S ADVISORY ROW I: B. McNutt, M. Gannon, J. Butler, J. Coleman, R. McCreery. ROW II: P. Rogers, B. Rather, B. Oliver, J. Haskell. ROW Ill: N. Stover, G. Mohr, C. Coughlin, S. Shaw, J. Nordmark, B. Buffalo. ROW IV: C. Davis, L. Rourick, J. M:Pherson, J. Crowson, P. Olson. Be U erclassmen ophomores Eager To pp 6 15 fa. E-nd 3 MRS. SMlTH'S ADVISORY ROW I: M. Malnburg, L. litherland, B. Bet- terton, C. Martinez, R. Mendoza, J. Peter- son. ROW ll: C. Smith, D. Quintell, L. Reeves, H. Hurbace, T. Harchous, A. Spec- tor. ROW Ill: J. Davis, J. Hunter, M. Ren- shaw, S. Sandirlc, J. Nelson, M. Tatum. ROW IV: L. Potter, K. Russell, R. Youngman, S. Peterson, M. McCray, R. Smith. MRS. VAN OGTROP'S ADVISORY ROW I: M. Reynaud, J. Takeda, A. Zort- man, M. Vaguera, R. Museo. ROW Il: M Blunclen, T. Ruffridge, J. Koetye, M. Larson J. Turner, H. Meisel. ROW III: J. Phillip G. Atman, J. Roberts, D. Lambe, L. Seger quist. ROW IV: D. Kidd, M. Meany, J Middleton, B. Stevely. These students are working on a chemistry experiment. A.H.S. can be proud that it is keeping up with the rising demands in the fields of mathematics and science. The R.O.T.C. drill team performed for the fall A.H.S. talent show. Their performance was enioyed by all. Scenes Ar A highlight of the fall Senior meeting was the Charleston danced by Ginny Ross and Chuck Russ. Low Sophomores Show Much School Spirit The Low Sophomore elass is a very enthusiastit elected Doug Berry. President. The other olheers and ambitious Class. For its fall money-making proj- eleeted were Carol Reddon, Vice-President: Sue eet the elass of February. 1962. deeided to sell pro- Hartley. Recording Seeretary: lYendy lN'ehn. Fi- grams at the .'Xlameda-lil Cierrito football game. 'Ihr naneial Secretary: and Carolyn Adams, Yell Lead- elass worked yery hard and sold many programs to er. 'l'his time Xaney Weber and Bruce Shephard make this projeet a tremendous success. were ehosen to represent the class in the Administra- 'l'he elass meetings. which were held in the Littl: tive Board. 'lihe Low Sophomore Class this term pre- 'l'heater. proved to be very entertaining with skits. sented a dansant to raise money. The tickets for this pantomimes. and songs by' several talented members allair were only ten eents apieee. lN'ith nearly all the of the elass. 'lihe elass leader for the semester was students ol .-Xlameda High Sehool attending. the 'l'hor Nlaydole. His eotnpeteut cabinet ineluded Pana dansant was very sueeessful. Pellerite. Vice-Presidentg 'liyler Berding. Reeortline, 'lihe l.ow Sophomore elass has been very aetiye Seeretaryg Stan Znoj, Financial Seeretary: and Mar- this year thanks to the capable elass ofheers and the ion Gilmore. Yell Leader. 'l'he .-Xdministratiye enthusiastic elass members. If the class of February, Board representatiyes were 'l'rudy I,aFlamme and 1962. erzntiuues to be as enthusiastic' and ambitious john Hopping. as it has been in the past it is sure to be sueeessful in The next semester the elass ol lfebruary, 19152. the years to eome. V, TMJ. '-7'-., .sf 5 -. '- 5 :Q- L 'L ylifiictxabg nav:-.Q 5 . . . 1' xv.. , lit n K fx- '-'O ROW I: Thor Maydole, President. ROW II: Pam Pelerite, Vice Presi- ROW I: Wendy Wehn, Financial Secretoryg Sue Hartley, Recording dentg Stan Znoi, Financial Secretaryg Marion Gilmore, Yell leader. Secretary. ROW ll: Doug Barry, President. Absent from picture: Absent from picture: Tyler Berding, Recording Secretary. Carolyn Adams, Yell Leaderp Carol Redden, Vice President. 90 Sale Of Foo+baII Programs sv MISS HAYS' ADVISORY ROW I: B. Shephard, R. Sherriff, A. Sci: lages, J. Rice, B, Roventine. ROW Il: C Hedding, S. Heeley, C. Wight, J. Wallace ROW III: G. O'ConneIl, B. Powers, J. Doyle, M. Mitchell, M. Condia. ROW IV: K. Hyde, S. Schlemmer, J. Cusack, P. Pelle:ite, J. Kauffman. MR. PEARSON'S ADVISORY ROW I: S. Doyle, S. Hartley, A. Durein D. Jones. ROW II: E. Serpos, L. Fruzzetti, C. Arter, C. Hockabout, T. LaFlamme, S Clork. ROW Ill: T. Berding, M. Fassiotto, L. Berg, D, Peters, C. deHoas, V. Horning ROW IV: B. Cipresso, T. Berlin, D. Maurice, S. Anderson, T. Bertero, G. VanderRoest B, Boese. Was Successful MR. BERGES' ADVISORY ROW I: M. Pharr, P. Moclntosh, K. Corbett, C. Otto, G. Keeney, R. Reynolds. ROW Il: J. Sabstini, M. Sato, B. Murray, R, Ex- poruza, S. Lair, B. Randall. ROW Ill: B. Barry, T. Wong, G. LaFIumme, F. Mendes, T. Moydole, Mr. Berges. ROW IV: S. Mer- rill, D. McElvogue, B. Painter, C. Rundalis, F. Stewart, S. Kuzinchik. MR. FREEMAN'S ADVISORY ROW I: M. Ruesch, K. Ringer, R. Gromma, D. Enfield, D. Sinclair, ROW ll: M. Davies, S. Grice, P. Gourley, R. Garfinkle, L. Dul- rymple, J. Husund. ROW III: V. Cusul, M. Gilmore, C. Redden, W. Welm, H. Hart, N. Weber. ROW IV: T. Peterson, D. Hom- mond, J. Winkler, G. Giusso, C. Bryant, M. Auron. 55 LA.4..-vs Nut 9001 Low Sophomores Have Enjoyable Dansanl 5 MRS. THAM'S ADVISORY ROW I: N. Obert, D. Daun, J, Riblett, B. Babcock, C. Brander, J. Wilmes. ROW ll: D. Kriens, C. Johnson, J. Allen, J. Reed, S. Campbell, C. Adams. ROW Ill: M. Dickey, C. Bottarini, S. Znoi, R. Clerk, C. Pope, J. Awalt. ROW IV: T. Robinson, J. Wilkins, G. Yamamoto, F. Clinton, K. Cole, G. Thomas Mrs, Pavid shows a group of Senior English students the proper way to diagram o compound subiect. l'l- g A' Chief Counselor ofthe Fall Women's Board of Control, Phyllis Nelson, pours tea at open house in the new building. Freshmen Join Enlhusiasm Of AH.S. 'lihc class of -lunc. l9fil. ht-gan .xllillltllll High School in Sc-ptcmhcr. 1958. For many ycais Ala- meda High School has had mid-tcrm graduations. 'llhis has hccn changcd. and now .Xlamcda High School has just thc june graduations. 'lhc class of junc. 1962. will long hc rcmcmhcr as thc first full ycar class at Alamcda High School, 'llhc ITll'llllXfI's of this spiritcd frcshmcn class hcld thcir first class clcction and clcctcd capahlc- and lin-ly studcnts to hc thc class lcadcrs. Don Bovo was clcctcd l'rcsidcnt. 'lllll' othcr ofliccrs clcctc-cl wcrc Linda johnson. Yicc Prcsiclcntg Paul Ciallus, Rc- cording Sc-crctary: Nlickcy l,ufkin. lfinanc ial Sci rc- taryg and Vicki lf-utlc1'.YcllI,caclci. Klkllk ljllcn licll and Rocky ll'oolc-y wc-rc choscn to rcprcscnt thc 1 lass on thc .-Xdministrativc Board. ln l"chruary'. l959. thc mcmhcrs of thc class hc- ,., taint- high frcshnicn. 'llhis scmcstcr thc class dccidccl to haw a cakc salc for its money-making projcct. 'l'hc cakc salc' provcd to hc a huge' success as it was fully supported hy all mcmhcrs of thc' class. This tcrm Linda johnson was elected President of thc class. Assisting Prcsidcnt johnson wcrc joan Clattran. Yicc PH'Nlllt'Illl Lauric Howard. Record- ing Scc rctary: llavc Uyanagi. lfinancial Sl'lTC'IZiI'f'1 and Yin ki liutlcr. Ycll Lcadcr. lluring thcir first ycar at Alanicda High School. thc inc-nihc-rs of thc class of -Iunc, l9fi2. haw hc-cn vcry succcssful in all of thcir activitics. 'l'hc frcshnlcn havc also hc-cn wry actin- in many of thc school functions. .Xll in all thc mcrnhcrs of thc class ol -lunc. l9fi2. should haw a xcry succcssful four years in high school if thcy continuc to hc as cnthusiastic as thc-5 haw- hc-cn in thcir frcshmcn ycar. Q13 'af M ,ax 1 Off' 4 ROW I: Don Bovo, President, Linda Johnson, Vice President. ROW ROW I: Jaan Cattran, Vice President, linda Johnson, President, II: Paul Gallus, Recording Secretary, Vicki Butler, Yell Leader, Laurie Howard, Recording Secretary. ROW ll: Dave Oyanagi, Mickey lufkin, Financial Secretary. Financial Secretary, Vicki Butler, Yell Leader. 93 .Bl 6 Fine Class Officers Eleclecl By Freshmen 0 Oh IY4 lyi D V'l I I klznf MR. BILLINGS' ADVISORY ROW I: D. Campbell, K. White, M. Harrison, J. Nicolson, L. Cummings, L. Cortez, G. Fresco. ROW II: Mr. Billings, G. Coleman, J. Brooks, G. Fisher, J. Trujillo, B. Hove. ROW III: V. Ball, B. West, R. Starkey, D. Richards, D. Click, D. Wilson, L. Figueroa, J. Ebert. ROW IV: J. Rose, B. Wolker, D. Nesler, J. Maclaren, T. Smith, G. Thomp- son, J. Emelson. MR. COUGHLAN'S ADVISORY ROW I: D. Hanson, B. Elliott, J. Quantrille, D. Perato, C. Rossiter, H. Schmalenberger, C. Smith. ROW Il: W. Fisher, T. Park, W. Olsen, J. Rogers, L. Larson, R. Schreiber, D. Stratton. ROW III: P. Carlson, S. Wake- lee, S. Kendall, J. Rogers, D. Osthotf, L. Pelkey, P. Lane, S. Simi. ROW IV: R. Ma- rine, S. Wickman, P. King, R. Faller, G. Volpi, R. Snell, G. Barrera. MISS CARPENTER'S ADVISORY ROW I: P. Velusques, E. Jackson, N. Takeda M. Jackson, A. Stefani, M. Logan, S. Geg- gattu. ROW ll: Miss Carpenter, L. Graham L. LaViolet, M. Valenzuela, L. Williams S, Montgomery, J. Brown. ROW Ill: D Mitton, F. Jackson, L. Dabodie, H. Waugh L. Thorp, N. Utech, R. Wood, J. Wa'her ROW IV: P. Conroy, D. Sniflen, M. Creese B. Reynolds, T. Leong, G. Toops, R. Woolley S. Shimlan. MRS. COSSETTE'S ADVISORY ROW I: Mrs. Cossette, P. LeBoulanger, S Shirley, J. Torah, F. Mzfashern, B. Ingram ROW II: C. Steele, S. Tafel, K. Greig, P SCommer, C. WhiFfen, M. Meckey, F. Stucky M. Wagener. ROW Ill: K. Gibson, D. Wil liams, E. Salas, A. Jackson, D. Hashimoto R. Kody. ROW IV: K Smeotcn, E. Stockle T. Van Epps, W. Woodruff, J. Stewart K. Otzen, C. Lantz. Freshmen Cake Sale Was Very Profilable MISS diVECCHlO'S ADVISORY ROW l: C. Smith, M. Orton, H, Ainslow V. Butler, M. Daniels, D. Collins, L, Carlile ROW ll: J. Cattran, P. Peniston, C. Schwab M Bell, K. Russus, J. Briscoe, S, Snow, D Ramsden. ROW Ill: B. Skelly, J. Barni C. Zecker, P. Gallus, J. Dealy, B. Milliken K. Marlin ROW IV: R. Franck, F. Braal D. Bovo, M. Hartwig, T. Smeltser, J. Hirst MRS, FRlEDMAN'S ADVISORY ROW I: C. deSteuben C, Shoemaker, .l Hemphill, O. Truffelli, L. Penasales, S Mesple, P. Abrusci, ROW ll: R. Ramariz C. Morton, P. Millard, B. Byrd, R. Murray M, Lufkin, D. Hallows. ROW Ill: Mrs Friedman, S. Peterson, M. Peters, V. Correa P. Fletcher, M. Brockell, C. Johnston, K DeCe'le. ROW IV: L Legler, B. Billetter F. Hockenga, W. Egger, G. Mangels, A Hare, F. Drayer, MR. D. HOWELL'S ADVISORY ROW l: E. Wagner, M. Dutten, K. Nelson K. Fry, J, Blankenheim. ROW Il: M. Butler, L. Waxe, D. Oyanegi, R. Haslam, J. Ball ROW Ill: J. Reed, L. Larson, N. Grubbs, C. Clyatt, T. White, M. Gannon. ROW IV: Mr. D. Howell, B. Anderson, G, Rogers, M. Gorman, J. Broughton, L Quintal. MR. A. JONES' ADVISORY ROW I: J, Butom, M, Kerne, C. Hansen, K. Brophy, L. Hayter, K. Patten. ROW ll: V. Mansfield, R. Graybill, E. Graham, N. Molenkamp, S. Payne, P. Taylor, M. Mar- cotte. ROW Ill: S. Chapter, B. Kronmiller, G. Beattie, S. Colbert, B, Borncamp, S. Guilford. ROW IV: C. Allen, B. Lemos, T. Kiss, B. Blick, K. Snow, S. Hahn, J. Sinclair. we 'M MRS. KYMPTON'S ADVISORY ROW I: R. Dictos, E. Barrett, B. Pappas, L. Knudsen, J. English, L. Howard. ROW ll: Mrs. Kympton, B. Willis, I. Oby, N. Furs- man, D. Moll, L. Knudsen, C. Laird. ROW Ill: L. Parker, R. Falletti, J. McKinney, A. Mew, D. Coggin, N. Neil, J. Jussila. ROW IV: W. Eis, H. Theis, K. Hartzog, R. Cowart, R. Muckey, F. Richardson, A. Haugen. MR. McMILl.ON'S ADVISORY ROW I: C. Gielow, D. Howard, J. Vierra, P. Johnston, B. Gleason, M. Fisk. ROW ll: D. Becker, H. Roupe, R. Barboza, B. Feder- spiel, G. White, D. Mattew, R. Johanson. ROW III: Mr. McMillan, J. Shaver, J. Bos- worth, S. Beckam, S. George, K. Mcleod, S. Levy. Class Meelings Provide Fine Enlerlainmenl MRS. PAVID'S ADVISORY ROW I: L. Dennis, E. Ford, P. Andrew, C. Ross, V. Laurence, B. Allison, K. An- dreson. ROW II: B. McGinnis, C. Hartley, P. Preminger, L. McCoy, J. Cavana, D. Sweet. ROW III: C. Hageman, C. Michael, K. Theriault, C. Gamble, S. Jacobs, J. Mitchell, F. Dean. ROW IV: T. Wood, M. Martin, R. Hann, W. Elderts, J. Burnley, B. VasConselles, T. Welsh. MR. WHITE'S ADVISORY ROW I: A. Hogeland, B. Hepburn, D. Banks. W. Borncamp, M. VanElderen. ROW II: R. Lister, W. Coughlan, N. Olxamoto, D. Craig, W. Van Roelrel, S. Taylor. ROW III: M. McCutcheon, S. Hansen, S. Wazniclm, S. Henderson, L. Johansen, L. Burns, J. Boersma. ROW IV: W. Louclzs, R. Hamilton. J. Picheo, R. Betx, D. Elliotts, J. Broclmell, W. Barncarnp. Many sfudenis enioy 'he delicious food served in the new cafeverio. Life A+ A.H Sfudems taking California history learn abou? the infer-dependence of siafes. Sfudenf body officers wail for the begin- ning of the first Fall Sluden! Body Meeting. 1 f 5K 4. . ',, ' ax- x X' N uf ff Q A If 4' A 3, '31 13' Ea T1 0 N f 5 xg fm up xc -gigs W E5 Women's Block " " Has Aclive Season I I 0 C I l 1. r In. n ROW I: P. McNutt, M. Millett, S. Hamilton, R. Frost, N. Glidewell, J. Stiles. ROW ll: .I. Dean, J. Dempsey, J. Robie, J. Horine, M. Eisen, M. Schreiber. ROW III: C. Wallace, J. Rouriclm, J. Hoekenga, L. Shoemaker, K. Madl, S. Enos, P. Watkins. llaih N'III1'5l4'I' thc XNAUIHCIIAS Block Swirls lakcs part in many VXIT11-t'lll'l'I1'lll2lI' avtivitivs as wcll as many alhlvtic' ac'tix'itics. On Nlarch I9 thc IYo1nci1's Block playcd against thc XYOIHCIIQS Faculty in a gamc of haskcl- hall. 'I'hc- soon' was 6 to -I in favor uf thc XN'm11c11's Block This si-im-su-r they wvnl to San I"1'am'isc'n lu su' WOMEN'S BLOCK "A" FALL '58 SPRING '59 Ruth Frost Sarah Hamilton Sharon Enos Jane Dean Kay Modl President Vice President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Publicity Manager Sarah Hamilton Nancy Glidewell Marsha Millett Paula McNutt Sharon Enos thc lirc'11adic'r Guards and thc' Scots Guards. 'l'hCy also took Zchra Iirgclicr. our l"orvign l'iXl'l'l2lIlgC studs-nl, lu sci- some of thc interesting placcs in San Francisco. The SUIIII-Lilllllllll hYUI11CIliS Block dinner. 4-Iwtioii. and initiation were held at thc' home of Ruth Frost. All in all the hhi0l1ICI'liS Block has had a wry activv SCIUCSICII ROW I: S. Hamilton, R. Frost, N. Glidewell. ROW II: S. Enos, P. McNutt, M. Millett. ROW III: J. Dean, K. Modl. .Af-lf Men's Block " "' Plays Faculiy In Baslceiball III1' XIVIIX IiI111l1 'IX 811111-11 1 111111I111w1'1I 'tl lame uhm h.1x1 p.11t111p11t1'1I III 11 1 II 1tx spurt 111111 uhm hzuc' 1'1'11-1x'1'1I 11 IJI111 lg Il'lII'I' fur th1'11' 1'II111'tN. For i11itiz1ti1111. th1' 111111 I'lIt'ITIIJQ'YS whim' xh1111ff11r11111 161115 21 sh1111-. Ih1w1- mm 1111-mh1'1'f 11111 I11' 1-11f1Ix Yt''CI. I111' thu ILIYTI littI1' xh111'-whim' kite. II11' KI1'11 w B111 1k 'KX 5111 11'tx h.1w h111I 11 x1-rx 111 t1x'1' X1-1111 'I'h1'i1' hig 111 tix itx this 11111 uw .1 I111Nk1't- h11II 3411111 x1hi1h th1'x pI11x1-11 ZIQLIIIINI th1- IIIl'IUIJt'IN 11ftI11'XI1'11r l.1111It1. II11w1111'1'xx1N 1t11 -I III IQIXII 11IlI1t' NIVII w ISI111 lx X. III1' p1'111111IX x11'11' QlX.I2 t11th11 .'xIIIK'I'It'lIl I111-I1I 5t'I'X It 1-. .X1111th1'1' 111 tivity 11ItI11' XI1'11As Igllll k 5Ill i1-ti 1111s tI11' Nt'IIIl-QIIIIIIIQII 1I111111'1 xx IIII h was I11-I1l 1'1-1 1'111lx, .-XII th1- IIII'IIII'Jl'I'S UI thc- XIVIIAS ISI111 Ii S111 i1't3 :1tt1'111l1'1Itl1is NIT? 1'11t1'1't11i11i11Q 11fI11i1' FALL Sandy McCann Marty Ketels Jim Reilly Ken Cummings Barry Parker OFFICERS President Vice President Recording Secreiary Financial Secrefary Sergeani-ai-Arms SPRING Tom Richmond Marry Kerels Jim Reilly Jim Reilly Jim Adamy ROW I: J. Adamy, M. Kefels, B. Minton, T, Richmond A Snyder ROW II S Carnahan M Cronenwefi J. Reilly, B.. Von Valk B. Bradford. S+ar And Key ls Proufi Of Large Membership ,N , 1 ' f 4 C' 7' C S F Members Enloy Fun F1lled ACTIVITIES FALL Warren Berne Mlke Kle1n Bob Bulkley Joan Rohm OFFICERS Pres1dent Vlce Presldewt Flnanclcll Secretary c Edrtor SPRING Marty Ketels Bob Bulkley Lrnda Johnson 'lc t M1ke Klern CII t C9 ROWI M Klern J Rob1e ROW II W Berr1e B Bulkley ulllml s 111 11 1 JI II 111 JK N If I N 1111 11ml 1 1 tha 1 11 3 X I 1h Ll nu N ROWI S Rlce J Robre D Patten P Naclntosh L W1 I1ams R Tennant J Dempsey N Momtt J Heeley J Ycmashta C C1o'T1 L Ergener ROW Il M Van Elderen C Gzelow S Mart1n K Yamashta J Takeda S Stevens P Gorton K Russell Y LaGrange S Voogd J Buto'r1 ROW III G Raymond S Ne brt J Rouqurer S Sh1rley C Shoemaker M Sato S Laughter M Hayame P Quant L Barnhart J Johnson J Frrednch ROW IV E Ashcroft L Mecum S Heeley M Ferm V Cannon J Hoekenga L Shaemake L Ballard G Garlinkle M Gannon J Burch ROW V M Gorman M Klern D Barry B Shepard J Rudolph M F1nk R Cartwnght K Law RON VI M Tnarpe W Berne M Ketels B Asp1nall W Farnsler A Brown R Hll J Robert A Ko h1 K W1ll1an-1s ROW VII M McCroy P Hoekenga M Meany B Thorpe B Bulkley R Avanznno E Dodge B Baly M Nason O O ' . O o 0 o '- ' Re ording Secretary Sue .r r in . L'11 1"Ihrl1u1f11-1sl11p11t' 31111-11 Km'l1slw.Il1' CI.5.I". .-X11 -'s1111c1-ssf11l 11II11i1' hvlcl cl111'i11g II11-sr-1111x111 hu, 1 Hn WH Mali U, AI -il IM ,U-Q.,-111 N. 1 .D 1111. tl -i11slz1Ilz1lif11111111111-11 'l'l11-11111111-1'1s11w Qiu-11 III . I , . . . thc 1-11-11i11g. that th- 1111'1'111, rllll' H11 'rs 1lcl ul 1h1. IKITQIPLVIR 11lt1'111I1-cl Ihr- LIVQJIIIJLLJ C..5.l', U111- NU L l N J L U L ll' l' 1,1-11151 vSg'Q -1- D 1 mn mc. YN Ill h 11 IN It Q 11 111 -I111 I 111 Collyer. I I1 -1111-111h1-rs 1f1I11-C1.5.I'.I1111'1-1z1k1'1111111111 111 ld :XII ' 111111 l 'rs 11 hu 11II1'11cl1'cl thu' 11111f1'1'1'111 1' h11cl U-il , U, thnx diffmw,-m I-LMA-1 Buy 10114-at-,, 'l'l1pX.- yi 5 Ll 111111 1-1111111 Iv '1111-. pn 1-I111111-11111-n-s1i11Q41pm-ll.1sv11111411ir11141l. 1 IC3 French Club Has Enioyable Semesler 'lihv I"i'm'mh Clluh has hcvn wry zu tim' lhiw swimw- tvr. Tho INl'lDlUCI'N hcgzm thi' ycgir hi giving in thc' Yun Hugh Q-xhihit. which uns hvlcl in Sam Ifraiiifisui. Dl1I'lllQlllt'llfllillxif wi'11fmi.lliv lfxwiirli Cfli1iJ.liiqm'lilc'i' with thc Spanish Clhih. hm-lcl thu gmmigil Cllirirtliizv party, xshiih will ln- I'l'IT1l'INlM'II'Cl hy :ill uhm 111- tvlich-rl. It um gi frm ,gui giifgiii' with mum h fund :uid will-i't4iii1i1ic'iit. Rcwntlx 11 mm iiitiviti has hawii ziilchml In thi- PI'4l"l"ll'l nf thx' l'Iil'lll h C.llih. ll i i "CIuriu'i'sg1liiii1 N.. H4lllli.-- xshiih i. ix hvlcl nitric' ai mfiillli un liivsclzix. I hm-sv C.miwi's1il1fni Hfiiirs gnu ixliimlviil gi cligiiiu' IcmwplilliInr1IlN'l'Sll1ti4'I1ISH1ffrfilrzl i FALL Carolyn Chapman Mack McCroy Betty lolz Roberta Tennant Sandra Chapman President Vice President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Edifor SPRiNG Mack McCroy Karen Yamashia Roberia Tennant Beliy Lou Carol Michael 4 Lalin Club Has Enlerlaining Meetings LATIN CLUB-ROW I: P. Addy, D. Stratton, A. Mew, V. Cosol, S. Doyle, J. Takeda, C. Pope, H. Schmalenberger, J. Hemphill, M. Ferm, L. Pelkey, V. Kadota, J. Robie. ROW II: M. VanEIderen, A. Stefani,J. Mathieson, J. Allen, R. Wood, M. Miller, P. Gorton, C. McFeron, B. Elliott, J. Megill, A, Coton. ROW III: D. Oyanagi, J. Emerson, P. Preminger, F. Mendes, D. Barry, E. Ashcroft, M. Sato, B. Babcock, N. Mo- Ienkomp, V. Horning, A. VonSloten, J. lrmscher. ROW IV: D. Coggin, T. Thiss, J. Hasund, M. Hartwig, W. McClure, B. Mowery, P. King, P. Hoekengo, A. Brown, M. Meany, J. Brice. ROW V: P. Lomosney, S. Voogd, J. Roberts, M. Gannon, T. Henderson, B. Bellmer, D. Joseph, M. Thorpe, J. Winkler, G. Yamamoto, The Latin Club mcmbcrs wcrc yt-ry' busy this your. 'I'hcy stztrtccl thvir mcctings by' prvscuting at play' czillcd 'I-X Football Cllussit-.N Tho rust im-Ititlcd Judy Sparks. Richard Hill, Put Grwtmi. and Klisuw ROW I: E. Ashcroft, M, Sato, J. Sporka. ROW II: S, Doyle, V. Casal, P. Gordon. ROW Ill: B. Babcock, G. Yamamoto, C. Tomine. Sutra. .Xt at Izitti mcctmq Mrs. Xlzirkvr told of ht-1 , Q trip tu tht' Brussvls IYc1rIcI's Fair. 'I'ht-t'lub1m-mbt-rs nrg:inizt'd 21 pups-r which thvy Izy tht- Club. FALL Chris Tomine Judy Sparks Pat Gorton Misco Sato Evie Ashcroft t-strcl uncl busy. 1-all tht' "Ad Lib." It Ivuttlrcs 21 yurirty of 21I'lIl'I.'- and -iokrs that hvlp tht' Latin studvnts tri bcttvr uh- tlt-rstuutl their languzigc. 'Iiht' c'Iub's CIhristmus purty wus fun for all who ztttcxitlvcl :md tht- pmc't'ccIs yycnt to tht- "'I'uy Shupu which pmyicla-d toys fur tillfl ncvdy mhilclrvn. Our Iurm-lun C'Xl'llllIlQ't' studcnt, Z:-hm I'.rgt'm'i. wus Iuka-n un zi trmtlI'riISg1I1 l"r:mc'ist'n quid to ll play .-Xc'tiyitit's such :ms thvsc- kt-pt tht- mt'mbt'rs intvi- President Vice-President Secretary Treo surer Song Leader SPRING Gordon Yamamoto Misao Soto Sharon Doyle Virginia Casal Barbara Babcock Q FIESTAS Highlighi' Spanish Club's Way OW I: N. Momff, C. Sherinian. ROW ll: A. Ciom, A, Fitting, J. Perry. SIJZIXNFII hmpilzxlily was cupzmlmh til'lN4lIl5lIA1lIi'd hy mcmhn-rs uf thc Spanish Clluh when they held their an two spcrinl ficslnf. Topping thc' all-Spanish me-nu wx-rv t'Nk'hil2id215. Spanish rice. and fric-ci hczms. 'l'hv cluh mlm pguatia ipulvd in ll juint llhrislmzns party with Ihr- l"x-vm h Clluh. and p1'm'idmi pirmlns. Xlr-xii 1111 gifz hnllf. uhh h um-rm' t'IliHXl'll hx .1ll. Z FALL SPRING Nancy Momh Presidenl Anne Ciom Andrea Fitting Vice-President Jan Hess Carole Sherinian Secrelary Frances Gillard Anne Ciom Treasurer Linda Shoemaker f 4 Denine Hilbish Song Leader Roberf Haifer I Joan Perry Sergeant-at-Arms Jerry Frexhi 45 Zi- - I wh. ' I 0 Ca Sharp, M. Traude, L. Davey, M. Millett, S. Martin, D. Higby, CHEMISTRY CLUB-ROW I: J. Maurer, S. Chapman, J. Schmitz, J. Murray, J. A. Snyder. ROW Il: L. Schreiber, N. Barteau, S. Sivanns, M. Pilloff, J. Sparks, H. Mitchell, J. Dempsey, J. lrmscher, J. Brice, M. Block, V. Flash- man. ROW Ill: J. Peniston, G. Raymond, S. Laughter, B. Aspinall, P. Nakano. ROW IV: V. Kadota, L. Shoemaker, E. Bills, D. Traver, C. Bechtle, E. Dodge, J. Hill, M. Thorpe, K. Law, M. Schreiber. ROW V: P. Magby, J. Takeda, P. McQuay, B. Bellman, B. Parker, C. Bailey, R. Long, R. Hill, R. Nakano, C. Iomine, P. Lomasney. ROW VI: J. Rudolph, P. Stang, J. Smeaton, D. Lewis, S. Lorgsticha, H. Abiko. Chemislry Club Does Exciling Experimenls This ye-zur llu' cihL'I'IllSll'f Cllub lwld its llli't'llll!15- vx'c'1'y hhit'CIllt'SCl2lL'lllLC'l'Si'I1UOI. Nlr. Couglilin. Clhznir- mzm of thx- Scic-m'c D1-pznrtmcnt, was thc clubk capable uclviscr. The Clhcmistry Club is madv up of studcnts who am' intcrvstvcl in performing Sciclltiic' expr-rinmcms whirll coulfl not ordinarily bc' zxttcmptcd during 11 snhool pvriocl. Sonic' of thc cxpcrimrnts ware' dc'- ROW l: S. Chapman, M. Shreiber. ROW ll: B. Aspinull, D. Traver. ABSENT: V. Flashman. C? J- Q- IKTITIIIIIIIQ thc' wa-igllt of um- litvr of uxygvn. ctfhinsi fflwss with IlXlII4JlI1llll'li' ZICICI, zmcl Illlllilllg' fclllllcm 5 I nitrutc' Illfqllll. .X trip lu tha Scunu' lwur lll 52ll. I'IfllIllilSL'U hiqllliglltcd thc' SC'IHf'Sl1'I'AS zxvtivitics. 'libs' rcSpm1sv to thc- progrzxm of thc CiI1Cf'I1lrll'f Club has been 4-xu-llc-nt. :md studvnts sccm um Inkt- L1 IHUI1' avid inte-rcst in scim'm'v sim 1' lhvy haw-11 club wllicll li vlijmzllglm- and infrfrnmzltixm FALL Mary Schreiber Bruce Aspinall Don Traver Victor Flashman Sandra Chapman President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Editor we P SPRING Mary Schreiber Bruce Aspinall Don Traver Victor Flashman Sandra Chapman 107 R CT C Clubs Enloy Jomf Achvuhes X3 JG it QQ Nr- :Q -1 ROWI P Schroeder M Fusk B Hogan M Berlun D Sabbuhnu K law ROW ll Mo or Belghfler S Sievens M Glldewell Y LaGrange J Jorgans D Hngbee ROW Ill P Lamasney B Asplnull E Blls F Nerenburg l Shoemaker J Dahllof ROW IV B Beherfon D Eastman P Warner ,J-. ll' -1 5' ROWI B Schmelfzer S Largarhcha G Sanfos J Phllllps B DuBoce ROW ll J Graham C Weigel R Bachfell D Manfol V Flashmon ROW III J Wesfernoff S Wvoebel D Kldd B Brcley P Sveles ROW IV C Rnndalls Xl Sw Q u 1' I u n Y -- , t y xi. . . 1 - . Q rc 1 n , H, , rl 'sr' V. n 'V A ' A '. '-. .n ' ' 'QQ 108 5 sq WL 7 YW K '-he . JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS-ROW I: J. Lessley, P. O'Neill. 3R'S CLUB OFFICERS-ROW I: S. Schlemmer, J. Fredericks, M. Orton ROW Il: P. Preminger, P. Lane, M. Renshaw. ROW ll: J. Hemphill, C. Sherinian, M. Block. O ' I' P 1' m C mm 'I' S ' rgafllza lOl'IS el' Ol' O ' Llfll Y el'VlCeS 'lihis yrgu' thm' -lllllllll' Rvcl Cmfiss his lJt'k'll xi-ix 'lihc'mm'InlJ4'1sullh4'.IREmluh,r1l11'l11l11l'c'L4'zul1 . - . . f . 2. .. ., .- -. . N ix , I M UU.. sh NIH. In-UIQ., l UH. In,.mm.I.5 l In ,Jul itll ful-uh i iw, x nut Ll lhm Vglzllllllldl Alluui, lu UIJM in dl Ill . . . . tvzzchirw siluzxtii ns. lulks hx now ivan hrrs hc-l Jul uhm h mould lx' lnzulv mlm clulls .mel L.III'l5LIIl2l5 htm lg- P 1 . ' I , , V V , W tha' vluh mvmhc-rs to gum L1 lmctlvr knrmlvclqm- ings hx ilu-cllsgihlvd 1lllIllI'1'II Q11 Unk lxmlllHmp1l.1l. I, I L, H , W - - , l A y Q f . In .nc ul pnp.u.1l1lun in 4 nllc Q1 . Ihr- vlulm mlm lwlpvcl with lhm' aumlml Ri-cl Cams Buth ,lulh ,.nj,,u.d takin!! Um. Vx, hzmul. Stud, clriw. fill gm Ullllllll. 3R'S CLUB ROW I: N. Fursman, J. Ebert, C, Perata, A Roski, C. Sherinian, J. Fredericks, C. Mi- chaels, S. Hartley. ROW II: C, Finley, M Block, L. Knudsen, V. Mansfield, J. Hemphill, M. Sato, F. Macintosh. ROW III: S. Haag, C. Hagemann, S. Schlemmer, M. Orton S. Schlemmer, D, Camobell. ROW IV: Mr Berges, B. Lotz, E. Ashcroft, M. Reynolds, J. lrmscher, S. Melling, L, Tirnmerman. JR. RED CROSS ROW I: S. Schlemmer, L. Johansen, E. Hig- by, C. Wallace, K. Yamashta, M. Millar. ROW ll: P, O'Neill, Z. Ergener, S. Martin, M. Renshaw, J. Leslie, A. Takahashi. ROW Ill: Miss Wann, S, Schlemmer, P. Lane, J. lrmscher, L, Allen, J. Robie. ROW IV: M. Sato, P. Freminger, S. Sandrik, B. Wiley, J. Freschi, K. Cibert. ROW V: L. Thorp, E. Graham, S. Humfrevile, J. Stephenson, G. Mohr. O V 9 0 H ROW l: G. Mitchell, G. Potter, J. Hess, C. Peters, C. Peters, L. Dakin, V. Ronzani, N. Lynch, D. Miles, M. Orth, C. Roski, M. Livesey, G. Xavier, M. Traude. ROW ll: P. O'Neil, M. Henry, M. Eierman, S. Haag, N. Eierman, Z. Ergener, J. Friedrich, S. Budd, C. Sherinian. ROW Ill: D. Millar, N. Menill, I. Saxton, S. Nesbit, P. Prager, J. Craig, K. Baum, C. Finely, V. Cannon. ROW IV: P. McQuay, M. Selby, J. Nordmark, K. Cant, S. Enos, J. Schmitz, C. Airey, C. Farwell, C. Torpey. ROW V: J. Malone, G. Shultis, M. Orio, J. Morley, J. Maurer, M. Ullner, L. Axtell, B. Lotz, C. Torpey. ROW VI: L. Schreiber, J. Horgan, B. Feldhammer, A. Roski. Modern Dance Club Enlerlains Sludenl Body "Everybody loves the cha, cha, cha." And you can bet the Modern Dance Club girls know how to do it. Dances are learned. created, and enjoyed by the members of the club. The presentation of the clubs dances is a special event for our school. The opening number in both G..-X. Fashion Shows was given hy the club. ROW l: L. Dalcin, G. Xavier, N. Lynch. ROW Il: C. Roski, M. Orth. ROW lll: D. Miles, V. Ronzoni. k H L.. 'X 5. .L I Q35 35332: f mt Y-if fi A master dance lesson, given by a group of girls from Acalanes High School, was enjoyed by the A.H.S. girls as was the master dance lesson at the University of Califomia. In the spring term a successful cake sale was held by the club. To close an active year the girls had a fun-filled picnic. SPRING FALL Nannette Lynch President Marina Medina Diana Miles Vice-President Lynne Palxin Maureen Orth Recording Secretary Virginia Ronzani Cathy Roslxi Financial Secretary Nannette Lynch Marilyn Livesey Dance Leader Sue Stephens Ginger Xavier Dance Leader Jan Hess 5 Courlesy Board Members Serve School .9 l 5 if 'V " 'P und- V' T7 I frrle. . W7 V ' ...,,zmxh, Z :ci-V ,Ya af: I FALL COURTESY BOARD-Row I: A. Fitting, K. Modl, S. Wakefield, R. Langren, B. Bevan. ROW ll: 6. Xavier, G. Raymond, J. Penisfon, P. Wang. ROW Ill: E. Anderson, N. Glidewell, S. Owens, C. Palais. ROW IV: L. Jansen, N. longaker, A. Ciom. "CIui1rlc'sy" is thc nirnlru furfmcufm1rsc'l1cml or- ircs that thc board pvrforms arm- svlling lzrmuk uma-if. gzxnimlirms. 'I'hisorg1mimmifm Islllt Cimirlcsy Board. ff'INlHf'11Im Qlllllml UNITS ffl -'X-H-5 lflf lhf' IWW fI'l'5l1' . . . . , . mvn. and making ciillvrcnt fzu'or's for Ilia' lc'zxm'lu'i'r xx hull is umnipmccl ul IIIIIIHI' zmcl Sl'lIlHI' girls, . . V 1 ' Q I clurmlq thc lmliclzxy svzwnl. .Xt thc' cml of c':1c'h svlnw- I limiiglirmt thc' sclwol clay. ai Loilrtrsy Brmrcl girl la U., tht. r1,,uru,SB. Board has A dinncr U, ,.,.l,.bmt,. th, in thc lobby' rvzidy to hvlp any unc in nccd. 'llu' svrx - scn1c'Stc'r's Und. SPRING COURTESY BOARD-ROW I: L. Dakin, V. Kadofa, M. Berlin, J. Stiles, C. Wallin. ROW II: A. Ya- mashla, J. Penisfon, G. Raymond, A. Filling, P. Shaarup. ROW Ill: N. Roquier, J. Rouriclr, E. Bills, J. Pierce, B. Bevan. Girls' Association Has Many Aclivilies X ki A -I W1 is V It 2' ' s fir!-' I T, tv ,A 4 1 N ROW I: Cathy Roski, Yell Leader, Linda Boucher, Recording Secretary, Denine Hilbish, Vice President, Joan Stanton, President. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Ann Shirley, Financial Secretory. ROW ll: Joan Stanton, Yell Leader, Jan Hess, Vice President, Deann Gardiner, President, Carolyn Davies, Financial Secretary, Mary White, Recording Secretary. Frmu cursm ll1t'cJI'lt'IlI. .Xl-1.5. trzivvlcd with thc tha- spring tcrm. 'lhc slum' mgirriccl ulll thc Girls' Associzitirmii. Thr fall scmcslcruf 1958 had thc lhcmc. This spring gi scniur fgirxwll ivplauccl thi' thvmc 'iizxiwvgiy for G.qX." All lcrm Ihr' thcmc was frcshmcn i'wm'ptimi. It was zippruprizitch Ullillltll kvpt in tha' CLA. zu-tivilivs. .-X fI't'SlllUt'Il i'cu'ptioii. "S1lfHIlLlI'iI.U UHHW' U--'Xu llilll 'lv1'l11"'l-U 111111 11 l21rl111111 Fl1111'- 'lhif Dust Blur has lM'Q'Il ll mimi um- lm' Ihr Gills' "I"its You lu ll Xlodcl WVY1' M6211 f111'f'1'ff1'N .Xssm'iziIiuii. Both thc czilmiiivt and thc girls fi-li "Shz1clCs of thc Uricnl" was thc' fashion show ul 4:11 tln'z1c'tix'itics xwi'vsiic'u'rsll1l. Joan Stanton, Carolyn Davies, Mary White, and Deanne Gardner These lovely models and their escorts were featured in the G.A perform a soft-shoe routine to start off the Fall G.A. Fashion Show. Fashion Show, "Fits You To A Model 'T'." X ,mf ,v- .qqx v 'lihe Delthenizin Club in the Tahitian mood be- gun its fall term by presenting the danee. "Bali Hai." Nlztny of the couples who attended the dance wore outfits that earried out the theme. The dance was 11 sutcess. ln the fall semester the Delthenizin Club performed some eh.1ritz1ble nets. Contributing to the P.'l'..'X. toy shop was one of the elub's deeds. ln the spring term the elub again performed eoni- munity servlees. lo the Xlareh of Dimes and the Lake Nlerritt Bezuitihezition Plan, the elub eontrib- uted ten dollars. 'l'he Delthenian Club also made ferztpbooks for the ehilclren in hospitals. The spring semester was a guy one for the Club. "Mardi Gras" was the elubis spring danee. Bright masks were worn by many of the eouples at the danee. A prize was given for the best mask. J 5-.I L ROW I: A. Roslzi, J. Fredericks, C. Pratt. ROW ll: N. lynch, C. Roslu C. Sherinian, H. Chipman. ROW lll: J. Eggers, S. Tucker, M. Millof FALL Carol Bovo Marina Medina Virginia Ross Joanne Wydo Cathy Roski Arlene Roski Sue Rae Carol Prafl Hope Chipman President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secreiary Freshman Captain Scribe Freshman Representative Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms Dellhenian Club Celebrales "Mardi Gr SPRING Joan Friedrich Carol Praff Hope Chipman Carole Sherinian Judy Eggers Marsha Maillof Judy Horgan Jani Grahm Sharon Tucker II GS ROW I: J. Murray, J. Malone, P. McNuM, J. Friedrich, N. Lynch, C. Sherinian, A. Roslxi, C. Palais. ROW ll: C. Prah, V. Ronzani, S. Budd, H. Chipmflm C. PGVBYS, G- Mifchell, M, Maillof, J. Eggers. ROW Ill: l. Parker, R. langren, P. Blunden, L. Collins, C. Torpey, C. Torpey, V. Cannon, T. McGrath. ROW IV: J. Brunckhorsi, M. Middlesworfh, F. Gillard, S. Nesbif, J, Schmilz, K. Wilson, S. McKay. ROW V: M. Reynolds, J. Graham, L. Schreiber, J. Horgan, P. Randall, S. Utech. 'iff ' gm. Diana Club Has Succssful Year ROW I: M. Hopfer, P. Maraes, J. Stanton, N. Moltitt, A. Ciofli, M. Traude, T. Roderick, C. Davies, A. Lamb, M. Barteau. ROW II: C. Suman, S. Haag, S. Jelavich, B. Bonato, M. Nason, D. Sabbatini, H. Martin, J. Craig, G. Xavier, S. Brooks, D. Hilbish. ROW III: M. Eierman, L. Boucher, K. Cant, R. Lothean, J. Hess, N. Eierman, J. Morley, J. Birch, G. Shultis. ROW IV: B. Buchan, J. Ingeman, L. Axtell, G. Horgan, J. Maurer, M. Ulner, P. O'NeiIl, D. White, J. Robie. ROW V: J. Nordmork, D. Bailo, P. Cates, J. Charvet, J. Jensen, M. Justin, J. Dahllof, K. Kotte. ROW VI: M. White, B, Andrus, P. Franchi, C. Medaglia. FALL Janet Jacobson Pat Weber Ginny Shultis Geayne Horgan Mary Traude Phyliss Nelson Barbara Bonato Margie Hopfer President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Chaplain Freshman Captain Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms SPRING lhc' lliana Club has ciijuyt-tl a wry at-tin' 50211. Geayrre Horgan 'l'ht- clubis fall cianu: HIJIIQPZIUJIJ.-Q pmvvcl to bc' a Carolyn Davies big sliccvss. 'lhc Diauas. as always. put a strong af- Jean Roderick wont un serving thcir tciniliitiiiity. Ihr spirit of Barbara Barrara Christmas prcvailcd as thc club pivsviitvtl a Christ- Mury White mas baskct tu a lim-tip family M"'9ie HoPfe' lht' Childrcn's Hfuspital and an urphaus' litmu- A"" Ciom r'cc'cix'cci tht' pi'm'cctis from thc Diana Club lfasliimx M""'ee" B""e"" Shun, "My lCm'hant1'ci City." Tho Lakv Nlvrritt Yacht Club was thc' semis- uf this gala affair pix-- scntiiig fashions with a liraurish. ROW I: B. Bonato, G. Horgan, C. Davies. ROW ll: M. Barteau, G' 5l"'l"" J' R"de"'I" M' wl"'e' Row 'Ili M' Home" A' Cmm' Umm' again thc' Diana Club has m'xu'llt'cl in social M. Traude. amitharitablva1'tix'itivs. T Dances Highlight Spartan Club's Year This year the members of the Spartan Club have enjoyed many activities. "After Hours' was the name chosen for their fall dance. All the members of the t lub worked very hard to put on a terrihe dana e. ".-Xfter Hours" featured stunning and original dec o- rations to add much in the wav of atmosphere. liv- erione who attended the dance had a wonderful tune. ln the spring. the Spartans brought their annual tv danee. "Shipwreck" to our shores. The school gin:- nasium was decorated as it has never been decorated before. Boats. nets, oyster shells and a lighthouse efleetivelv carried out the theme. All students who attended gave highly favorable eomments on the alanee. Clapable leadership. efheient organization. and the enthusiasm of its membership have brought about a very sueeessful vear for the Spartan Club. FALL Bill Erdahl Bud Pollard Ralph Johnson President Financial Secretary Recording Secretary SPRING Bill Santos Tom Vetleson Steve Hughett Gary Gambetta Chaplain Mike Corker Larry Ratto Rush Master Walt Cannady Marty Ketels Historian Marty Ketels Steve Pucci Freshmen Captain Tom Renshaw Tom Foley Freshmen Captain Tom Richmond Milne Corlter Sergeant-at-Arms Steve Pucci Bob Carmichael Sergeant-at-Arms Larry Ratto ROW I: S. Dobson, R. Briggs, A. Snyder, T. B. Johansen, D. Gould, E. Cummings, D. B B. McArthur, R. Jones, T. Foley, G, Afman. L. Ratto, A. Dart. ROW V: T. Renshaw, M, ROW I: L. Ratto, T. Richmond, T. Vetleson. ROW II: S Hughett, M. Ketels. ROW Ill: R. Johnson, T. Renshaw W. Cannady. Richmond, A. Afman, M. Ketels, T. Vetlesen, D. Rogers. ROW ll: D. Avelar, R. Minton, J. Freschi ottemiller, D. Cole, T. Rankin. ROW Ill: R. Slater, C. Ramsden, J. Harris, M. Corker, J. Allen ROW IV: S. Hughett, R. Perota, R. Johnson, 8. Holly, B. Farris, J. Ghiselli, S. Carnahan, K. Wallace non, M. Sheridan, B. Bradford, P. Westernoff, J. Adams, T. Henderson, M. Cronenwett Gan FALL Sylvia Carter Virginia Magers Barbara Bevan Gayle Raymond Judy Pierce Arlene Poggi Jill Metzner Shirley Kapgenehs President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Chaplain Freshman Captain Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms SPRING Gayle Raymond Dorothy Millar Judy Pierce Kay Modl Sarah Hamilton Nancy Glidewell Carole Koch Sharon Enos o ROWI D Miller G Raymond J Pierce ROW II B Bevan S Hamilton K Modl N Glndewell ROW lll S K p genehs C Koch S Enos s 5. Sub Deb Club Travels To "Papaya Junc:'rion" ln thc' full and spring lcrms thc Sub Dc-b Cllub BCFlClk'SlI1iYlIlQ wcizil zu'tix'ilic's. thc' flu .1 so p1'c'sc'11t1'cl tum wry good clamcs. nllnsy StI'm'a't" and frmilccl Nlllll' m'l1zu'ilublv 21115. In thv full sum ui ..Iml,p2,W Jum.,imL-- lgoth dimws wcn. HT? vnjm- rlixbclwninlucl ll I lurk lu tha' l'rjcd l'IIIl'lI Holm 4 I mg m tha- luzistcr 51-nl VZIINPZIIQII was zmuthcr on uhh-to .ill Ll1USCXN'llU2iLlCl'IC.lCCl.ilil'1Ci'0IllIT'llILl'L' mcm- thc c'lub's good clvccls. lhc Sub Uvb Club alan Luc hors workvcl hard to makc thc' dzlnrcs Suc'c'c'ssful. A pium. My A group uf blind ,.hildn,n. LUV Klub Cnlollmfm 1hiS Spflnl Wfm- thi' 5115 Dill All in all thc Sub llcb Club has had Il xnxx ic lun Illub held ll NlOlllCI'-l,2lI1Ql1LCI'I1N'1'IlI1Q'. .-X picnic' was yr-gr, I1 has hr-ld mu-1-ssful gm-igll fum-lions mf gxmmllim' mu' uf thc c'l11bASz1c'IiYitic's. furmcd sc'w1'z1l k'OlNI1lIlIlll.f scrviu-s. ROW I: S. Enos, K. Modl, J. Pierce, G. Raymond, D. Millar, S. Hamilton, B. Bevan. ROW II: N. Barteau, E. Leefeldt, J. Graham B Perata S. Kapgenehs, C. Orren, E. Ashcroft, J, Stiles. ROW lll: J. Schwartz, L. Mecum, K. Scott, K. Newman, J. Rouriclc, P, McQuay K Kelly R. Frost. ROW IV: J. Dear, P. Ebu, J. Sparks, S. Enos, M. Pillaff, S. Burror, J. Rouquier, S. Sivanns. ROW V: S. Oliver, C. Farwell J Sparks A. Gilbertsen, V, Boller, B. Craig, K. Larson. ROW VI: C, Kuch, S. McDonald, J. Lessley, L. Rouriclc, J. McPhe YSOI1. 3 .D is o. T7 SI Alealhean Club Enjoys "London By Nigh'r" l ROW l: D. Hudson, M. Colgan, T. Brown, J. Himmelberg, P Penningfon J. Ryan, J Ridoul, F. Duffin B Ho kins ROW Il: D Sf! l C. C l . , . , . p . . I ze , a HOD, T. Tmle, J, Garfinkle, D. MUHSOH, M- Gullaghef, T. DOUI1, M. Meyer, G. Cafes, A. Spector. ROW III: M Bradley S Rice H Thompson, B. White, S. Harrosh, T. Blunden, B. Doon, G. Johnson. ROW IV: W. Berrie, O. Larry, R, Corten, D. Shepard, Davis, Fdwairdsi, B. Wofren, T. M0I'9l10l-ISC. -l- BUVIEY- ROW V2 J- Cvrmody, G- MGYYUY, J. Dodgevr, J. Bufos, J.Orri1, F. Burns, B. Ferrell, A. Brophy, P. Gonznlas, D. Allen, MW' 'a N 5 ROW I: T. Himmelberg, P. Penninglon, B. Mowery. ROW ll: J. Ryan, C. Corrran, J. Ridour, T. Brown. ROW Ill: T. Blunden, J. Busrus, G. Johnson. lull lflgiil l FI .N . J z Q od clgmu.. but tln DI aught Ill mx fi un Q uc um'rnfIl1n'ln'wt."l,unclm1lax Xllllll .Xlvutlu-2 . ji " . ' N was il Ivrrifif' 5lll'i'1'SS, Illlblllf :xml pI'1'rtigc'-Nsisv. lm llhlllll work thi' Illl'Illl5l'Ii5 of thi' .'hll'2llht'ilIl Klub plamtvcl Irvvs and flown-rs in front of thc' Ill'XX lm11ilcling.'l'l1is was dum- in tha' splmn of IU M l ln- wmrk plll in by thi' .Xli-utln-Lim on this IJl'lP,lt'4l was .1pp1'c'1'i:1u-ml ln vw-r'yrv11i-. rx Nll1KiNNllll tvrm in thc' f.1ll ul ll' mil final 'n .X xi", . ' good lJt'QlllIllIlQ bright flitlm-. FALL Brian Alberg Bill Graph Jim Selbey Jack Crowell Jim Busfus Fred Duffin Terry Doon Tony Blunden . . 4 1 lll thi- sprmg of ITUU xilggwlx ix President Vice President Recording Secretary Financial Secrerary Warden Sergeant-ar-Arms Sergeant-ar-Arms Sergeanr-af-Arms SPRING Paul Pennington Tom Himmelberg Bob Mowery John Ryan Tim Brown Tony Blunden Chuck Currran Gary Johnson "R . viii' 1. 4 ws' ' 9"v 55. -'zrff Q F. 4 ll lwfci H :QA . 5 iff, 7 . E v 1, 4. 4 1 o lr! . , 5 .v . P54 Y ' ' ,, mass ., ' 0 4. ., 'J - .,.,. nf H ,nn Nl- " ' bf' V'- ,fvr - ,,. U -0 . , ,I .4 ' 'o ,y , ' CL:'vvu5'c.v1'Lil'-sYf"-Writ .vw VM- lcv. hwdws fc ww fo' Ahmrvwdn ngc1wrws!Avvc.c S I . VPVYVV i H if fl M, 3231 Q ' . 9 f' ' V...-raw 1-1 Q f ww 4 , O FALL YELL LEADERS ROW I: M. Eiermon, J. Fredrick, N. Eierman. ROW ll: P. Weber, C. Roslli, M. Orfh, C. Von Berlmefeldi. s S., srnmc vm Lumens ROW I: B. Coleman, J. Hess. ROW Il: S. Dobson, J. Law, Larry Remo. W T A W . wry' Spirils Kepl High By A.H.S. Cheerleaders FALL POM-POM GIRLS-ROW l: J. Croig, D. Builo, M. L. Ulner, M. Justin, J. L. Jensen. ROW ll: S. Jelavich, G, Shulfis, G. Horgon, SPRING POM-POM GIRLS-ROW I: J. Craig, S. Hamilton, M. Livesey amilion z . ' ' ' . A S.H Z. Ergoner. ROW Il M Justin, J. Roderick, J. Bnsco, G Shulhs .ov L.!au5 I vs 'Lf - ' lf. I ' Y O A I '-G I I I ' 44 4 f I ii .' 9 ' ' 5' ,INK I Q A f " . I , L' r W' V . A ' I ' G, . s ." , Yi.-,.k I 1'-4 ROW I: L. Theriault, G. Cates, B. Hopkins, D. leMoine, D. Cole, S. Stone, T. Doon, B. Alberg, B. Farris, P. Pafelzick. ROW Il. J. Barr, M Myers, W. Cannady, T. Tiflle, D. Allen, M. Cronenweff, T. Henderson, T. Richmond, B. Wooten, J. Cotton, T. Morehouse, B. Sniffen, A. Snyder ROW III: G. Ney, D. Lufkin, L. Petroelhe, B. Santos, W. Morris, W. Snilfen, C. Kelly, R. Jones, S. Pucci, M. Jacoby, J. Perriera, Manager Coach Butler. Gridders Tie For Second In League fJlll'l12tI'Cl-llilllllg, sinrmth-mlling griddcrs hrouglit lifmur tu Alznnctlii High zigziin this season. Lnclvi' tht' lllI't't'llUI'l of our c-xc'c-llvnt l'tJ2lt'l1t'5. Cliiick Butlc-r and Iforrt-st Klvin. thc :Xl2lIT1t'Cl2i Hoi'- ncts foululit with thc vigor and skill that is traditional uf ,-Xlznnvclzi High to tic with Richmond for sc-cmitl plum' in tht' Al...-X.l.. 'l'hv must t'I'llt'i2ll and vxriting ganna of tht' srzisfni wats with our trzicliticmnzil Ali..-X.I,. rivzil. Bt-rkt-Ivy. l7t'spitt'tl1t't'oltlwt'Qitht'r.Iilziilyluyzil Hurncts turnvcl out to watch tht' hard-fought Quint' and to rout fur tllvir tvzini. 'lihv first half of the Qzimt' was zi hzittlc' of tht' dt'- fvnsv. Bt'i'kt'lt'y scored scvc-n points during the hrst qiizim-r. Dt-ft-nst-s tightened and both .-Xlanicclgi :md Bt'rka'lt'y fuilc-d to score during tht' sc'c'cJnd qt121rlt'l'. During tht' third quarter both :XlZ1fI1CClZl and Bt'rkc'lt'y fraught hard for yzirdzigc. Berkeley. how- vx't'r. sumiul 1.3 points ziqainst our tight dcfcnsc. Bill Suntus thcn niimflilmisly szivvcl Qin intwm- plvtctl pass lu snort' fur .-Xlznnvtlzi. Our t'um't'rsimi Qittvinpt mais lmltu-kvtl. Bcrkt-lt-3 sunivci zigzxin inun- tlu- 4-nd c1l'Il1t'qll2i!'It'I'. ln thc fourth quzirtt-1' Hill Hupkins sc'oi'c-cl tht' ist tnuc'hdrm'n for .-Xlznnvclzi. .BX pass to Cllmrlvs K4-lly sum-ti tht' cxtm points :incl final tc1iic'l1drmn ln lirrkvicx ended thc' Quint with 21SVUTK'Uf.'xl1lITlt'tl2l 1.3. .ind Bciltclc x 31. Morehouse, Pucci, Doon, ond Cures receive some helpful advice from their coach, Chuck Butler, during pracfice ...J ' f ul I- . 1 V V: '10 h L 'R L 7 jf, ,Al I' 4 RE . s.f-QQQL LM BILL SANTOS SANDY STONE STEVE PUCCl DAN LUFKIN TOM HENDERSON End End End Quarterback Tackle BILL WOOTEN Tackle Hornets Drive Hard Againsl Opponenls UPPER RIGHT Wayne Smffen 1331 shows how a good tackle IS made In the Encmal game Santoes 137i can be seen coming ID fast UPPER LEFT Hornet fights hard as he ls forced down nn the Encmal game :- . -,',, mfww .-'13, ' '-6 -.K v Snilfen 1263 nears the goal line with a Castro Valley player close A struggling Hornet clutches the ball as he is brought down in a behind. fast-moving game. CHARLES KELLY GARY CATES BILL SNIFFEN BOB FARRIS MARSHALL JOCOBY GEORGE NEY Halfback Halfback Fullback Fullback Center Guard I I . , PX '. ll. N at 79,,sA ay Q C I Q: ' I W I I . X I' , I 953 , Q f A -? fl ' M . . it Q BRIAN ALBERG LEON THERIAULT TOM RICHMOND TERRY DOAN BILL HOPKINS JACK COTTEN Tackle Tackle Halfback Halfbacll Halfback Halfback o o o And Prove To Be Stuff Compehhon FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD ALAMEDA OPPONENTS T4 El Cerrito T9 I9 Ells 6 T3 De Ania 6 31 Richmond I3 T3 Berkeley 39 UPPER LEFT-Lufkin makes cz good run in the Encinal gameg his teammate helps with a good block. LOWER LEFT-Tom Richmond 1281 forces a fumble as he tackles San Lorenzo player. LOWER RIGHT-Charles Kelly C321 pulls ball out of the air to score for Alameda. DAVE LEMOINE DAVE COLE DICK ALLEN TOM MOREHOUSE MARK CRONENWETT TIM BROWN Guard Guard Fullbaclx Guard Center ' Halfback , H I Mi' X26 4. G ll.-1 f 30 if-.. JV FOOTBALL TEAM ROWI W Cannady M Meyer T Tuttle W Moms P Patelzlck W Sn1fTen L Petroelge ROW ll R Jones D Dlvnne M Meany D Mason E Koetle A Jay B Johansen B Long G Gmfinkle F McG1nn1s ROW III T Harchous C Balley C Hodge N Annas J Morten R Zecher J Armoskus J Matherson E Dodge Coach Pearson JV And Frosh Soph Show Promlslng Abllihes N X1 1 N 1 4 1111111 S lll 11111 1111 III' 1111111111 11111 1 ,Ill 111111 1111110 1111 X 1 X11X11111111 X111111111,h 1h1 11 1n1 xx 1 1 1 N s 1 1111 11 1111 1111n11 1111111111Q 11111 1111111ft11111s1x Q 1m1s 1 11 311111111 Tl 1 1 1 I1 lt 111 s 1 ITS 1 11 1 I1 ll 11 NN 11h 71111111 I1 ll 1 111 1111 11111 1111111 111 x1 s1.1 1111 f111 111 1X 1xp1r11n111 Q 1111111 1111 1 1s1111 1111 r1111111111g 1110111 1 1 p11x11s 111 11111111 11s 111 1111 1r11s11 Sup 11 llll s11111111 1111111 111111 N11 1111 111 111s11 Sup 111 11111 1 s 1 ll 1'-Q FROSH SOPH FOOTBALL TEAM ROWI R Haslam D Banks T Fogarty V Artzen S Gelsert D Oyanagl B Powers D Takeda J Perelrn R Garfinkle T Smith D Hammond B Anderson P Kung R Rankln ROW II L Cowart H Cremmenger M Cormer J Wmkler G Rogers M Hartell B Sweeney L Petty J Holly B Reynolds F Clnton J Freschl M Ney W Elderts ROW Ill Coach? Yanlcks G Fo d D Bovo L Murphy B Brock M Martin S Weuss D Snell J Pouyade M Mornson P Conroy R Fallette M Bollendorf S Hahn Coac J McMullen iff 31 ' " ' 1, I L vw T , , N O O O I I O 1 1111: ' 'ill' 1111' 1111111 1' Xvl1I'.'1lL 111111132111 11'z1111 1L11l11' 1.'111111g1" 111111 111111111111 1111111'1' 1111-11' 1 1 ' QQ, Mr. 1 sta 1'gs1 "5 11'f"'1" , Y: 1.I'.. 4' 41' 1-1 'as '1111' p11111'1's 11111 111111 s1111w1'11 1I1111Y1C1llkl1S1i1115. 11111 111-1 -z111'1 111 11111.1 111 11. 1z11111's. ' '1 - 11'1's 111s11 1111-1 s1111xs1-11 1111'11' 211111111 111 play as ll 11'11111 111 S1l1JXX'1'C1 g1'1'111 51311111 111111 1111 1'llQt'I'lll'5S 111 11'z11'11. " ' jf ' ' ",' 1 '1'111111,111 ' f 11 - s'z1s1111 ws 11- 'Q 11f 111'- '1111 ' 1'11111'111's. N111 P111 :1111 211111 N111 C11 1111 I1 1'x- 1111" 1111-1' 11111' 1'1'11ss-111w11 I41Y2l1. 11 1" 12 . H 11111 I, .11 ,. . 111, 'SNL . , - flfh' ing. 11-1' ".-.' 11 -1 Q 1 z'- 5-2- " - 1111-111111-rs 111 1' P' .' -.' 11 11'z 1 ' '111'1l N11 '. 192111121 111111 vi 11111: Hornefs Cagers Tue For Flffh In ACAL J J lj, 22 ROWI T Foley R lobehch W Cannudy D Dunn ROW II M Meyer M Gannon M Sheridan D Luflun ROW Ill J Orhz S Stephens R Slnier Coach C Hayes lhls war the members of our X amtx h1Sketh1ll team proxed to be xkllled iportemen Lnder the fifth plaee m the X C XI Lndouhtedlx tht mokt thrlllmq game of the Sc 1 son xx ae pl ned 1qa1nSt our cross town rn 211 l Uflllrll Ihe game xshleh ended ln Sudden de 1th for om opponentQ m the Second ox ertlme mae exeltmq from thc openmq momentx Xfter thc firit quarter ended m 1 tne Fl om Henderson went on 1 ten pomt Qprme 1nd Stew C arnahan made 1 long dme down the court to keep -Xlameda ahead of the etQ 71 to 18 A hot and fast thlrd quarter ended ln a tle Hen dcreon mth four xecondx to Q0 III the game N mk a 118 ct to tle thc qime mam 3! to 1 rlhc rt oxeltlmc ended ln 1 39 to 39 deadlock YN 1th lcv than 21 TT1lfllllCl0Q0lI1ll'1t second ox ertlme Hender Son m 1d1 1 perfect jump Shot to mn the q1me 41 to W forthc Horncts MIKE MEYER RON LABETICH JERRY OTIS STEVE CARNAHAN DON DUNN DAN LUFKIN MIKE GANNON TOM FOLEY WALTER CANNADY STU STEVENS TOM HENDERSON GARY SOLTER WWW? ,win f' 13 " r ? ir X.: ca X! O Q " U O O I c va W if 51 '- if s: l s, f -Q I Q 1- T 2' " 'L' , 2 4 f 1 .ff v' .ex ' W ' 4' 2 ' ' A 5 ' ff, xl' l A 2 ff ' 1 9 y I 'M ,+V if fy' Q Vg g . 21, K 1 5 2' fl J l ,Q I 5 2 V: ,4.,H,' . - -Q ' 'l 2 S 'v. - I .1 , , ,, 7 ,. , , '. ' , '2, 1 able direction of Coach Hayes, the eagers tied for U 21t the end of the Hrst half. ' ' 5 . I.: . ,. . 2 I I 2 ' - .' '. 2"'2' ..'- ' "','1 lzxk' '. Q2 2,",i' QV. 'vhs '. 'A 'J 2 A " '21, 1. 2 fx " 2',' ' 2 - ' . ', 1.. ' 1 1 ,x 1 ,,' fi ,, V4 A , N. H' ' 4 , Q, el ,ev I ,' f- ... 4 Ji 1 I ,' . 4 lf l L 1 is 11 f ' 2 , - ' ,Q "1 w' 1 " I A 1 - ff ' , ll 'led X I , 4 - f x , ALAMEDA OPPONENT ALAMEDA 50 EI Cerrito 42 40 29 Berkeley 58 38 32 Richmond 49 48 33 Encinul 48 41 35 Ells 40 55 50 De Anzo 61 41 LEFT: Mike Meyer makes a perfect jump shot against the Dons CENTER: An alert opponent blonks Henderson's shot RIGHT- A vain attempt is mode by a Don to block lutkin s basket. mmf. LEFT: Mike Meyer reaches for two points. CENTER: Henderson is always in there after the ball. RIGHT: Lufkin gets over the heads of the Fremont players for two points El Cerrito Berkeley Richmond Encinol Ells De Anzo OPPONENT 61 49 66 39 71 40 Cagers Have Good Season -ui- I J.V. . q K' M A- pf, 5 N1 i f I e ' 'd Henderson comes up from way down under! Lufkin makes another two poinls for Alameda. 'liliv mc-mlncrs nf llic' tvzim. imclcr thi' clirvc - ziml thc' fincr points of lwskvthzill. 'lihcy also lf-urn in uf Clfuich Klc-in. xsm'kc'cl :xml plziyvcl lizircl IIN'imPfH'I11I1f'f'ffflwmwfffk- Illfflllflllllll thc' sm-fisrmii. 51'4lI'lIlQ luiirluwi x'ii'tm'irs I -Xllllfwfll 5l'V'Y'1il Illillmis im' WMU! "ll U' thi' X 'il fm. Ihr Imam for 111-xl war will lic' 1-ssmlmllx thc xsilli only sm-xx-ii lwsscs, ilu' lvguii was gilwlm' lu plum' ' .. . ' '. I I V ' I SZIINC. With thc' vxpc'rii'iic'c zuicl kiims'l1'clgc' gnu Nllfulfl 'll .ll"""' X 'Uflll fmllllf l'l""'- this 34-gir. thc xiii-iiilmws of thc' ICLUN shuulcl lzilu' ililim' plgiyi-is am' lllllllll lmsim' filmlxiiiiviiliils first plum- iii llll' .'X.CI.qX.l..l1':iQl1m' nvxt srzisuii. ROW I: R. McCreery, F. McGinnis, M. Meyers, M. Parker. ROW Il: Coach Klein, M. Sheridan, D. Ford, M. Gannon, J. Butler. I Y I i f x I , i 'N ffl h 127 1 1 X ROW I: M. Parker, T. Henderson, D. Dunn, B. Hopkins, T. Richmond, B, Farris, T. Titlle, J. Caird, G. Harris, J. Armoskus, G, Coleman, L. Barn- harr. ROW II: M. Cronenwert, Co,-Capt. I.. Petroelie, R. Zecher, E. Koeiie, B. Johansen, M. Ghiselli, W. Sniffen, J. Maihieson, J. Sinclair, P. King lmanageri, D. Maclnrosh lmanagerl. ROW Ill: D. Quilici fmanagerl, M. Jacoby, B. VanSlo!en, R. Wiermack, G. Thomas, P. Parker, J. Adamy, S. Carnahan, J. Coleman, Coach Plalo Yanicks, J. law, Varsily Cindermen Make Showing For School With only one returning letterman on the Varsity track team this year. Coach Yanieks has concen- trated on building up a strong team for the future. The H559 Hornet cintler team was led by Co- Captains Steve Carnahan and Lloyd Petroelje. Car- nahan should go down in Alameda track history as one of the most versatile athletes ever to wear the gold and white. At press time he is near the top in Northern California in the high jump, broad jump. and both hurdle events. Steve is also the defending .-X.C.A.L. high jump champion. and he won the hrst annual school track decathlon this year. CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD-ROW I: J. Cook, D. Sobal, G. Cole- man, G. Yomamola. ROW Il: M. McGregor, G. Orren, R. Wool- ley, J. Barneich. ROW III: J. Coleman, G. Harris, G. Thomas, D. Kain, Coach A. Jones. Other outstanding point winners for the Hornets were Gary Thomas in the 220, 440. and relay: Lloyd Petroelje, discus: Bob Farris. sprints and re- lay: Marshall Jacoby and Rich Zecher, shot: -lim Adamy. mile: Don Parker, 880: Terry little. hur- dles and 440: jim Sinclair and john Coleman, pole vault. Squad members who contributed to the team were Dave Mason, lN'ayne Sniffen. Tom Henderson. Mark Cronenwett, Lowell Barnhart and John Armokus. LEFT: Marshall Jacoby puts the sho! al Encinal Meet. RIGHT Bill Hopkins puts all he has behind his throws. ' A .ax 1 - i- r a-'ff'-4" ' 9 i f, ,ly . 1 f ,.- 2 5 4 " T TOM RICHMOND MARSHALL JACOBY PAUL SCHRAEDER TOM HENDERSON It A up 4 , -I! .. V Y l 1 'P 2 9 . 3 . r, ' fy I MARK CRONENWETT sos EERRIS eos JoHANsoN GERALD LAw STEVE CARNAHAN aiu HoPKiNs JERRY CAIRD DON PARKER Varsily Trackmen Display Good Form A "Cl" traek team was organized for the first time this year. The purpose of the "CI" team is to develop freshmen and sophomores for the "BM and Varsity teams by giying the boys a chant-e to par- ticipate in competitions against other boys of their own ability. The outstanding member of the "Cu team was joel Young. who developed into a great prospect in the shot and the discus. Other members of the team were Dennis Kain. Tom lVoods. John Doggett. Mike Bollendorf, Fred Mendes. john Shine. Joe Barrerzi. 'l'om Kiss. Paul Hokenga. Lynn Nlefloy. Larry Dote, Arnold Mew. Dennis Sobol, and War- ren lllderts. UPPER LEFT: Don Parker comes through to win for Alameda in a closely run event. LOWER LEFT: Sieve Carnahan shows his winning form in the high iump. BELOW: Alameda spikemen gel off to a good sian during practice. f gym!-1 ' VARSITY BASEBALL-ROW I: J. Hasegawa, H. Thompson, E. Evans, J. Butler, C. Molenkamp, M. Meyer, G. Morton, M. Gannon, R. Perala ROW ll: R. lesson, R. Nagy, A. Afman, S. VonQuerner, H. Abiko, M. McGregor, J. Tavemier, G. Ghisselli, B. Doan, Coach M. Pearson Spiriled Ball Team Opens Season The Alameda High School Varsity Baseball team began the 1959 practice season impressively. After winning four consecutive games. they dropped the next four games before starting the ACAL play. With a young, inexperienced team, Coach Pear- son shifted his lineup with Mike Meyer and Bill Doan as catcher: Mike Gannon. first base: Ron l.abetich, seeond baseg Jim Tavernier, short stop: Al Afman, third baseg Rusty Slater. Mike McGreg- or. Steve Von Querncr, and Charles Molenkamp. outheldg jun Hasegawa. Bill Sniffen. Bill livans. Harry Thompson. Rich Jessen. and Jerry Butler. pitchers. Although the team has yet to win a league game. it has shown steady improvement with each game. Many of the A.H.S. hrst-round rivals should be sur- prised, encountering our Varsity in the second half of league play. With the support of the A.H,S. students during the remaining home games, the Varsity Baseball team will give Alameda High School a team of which it can be proud. Charles Molenkamp Alan Afman Gerry Bufler Fl FIBA I -vig 'E 54,4 EJ ff -Ni . it f y I ixkff Bill Doon Bill Evans Harvey Thompson Mike McGregor A it . A-I xr X ,V ,, 'i if ay . ,gf Afflu- I I-ya W' f N livH"" ' Q 1 . .W R61 Mike Gannon Mike Meyer Steve VanQuerner I ,V Ii! all FHM l3l - 12 ',.rs- ..ff I 'EY , pg Fckfffy pw-A". , K ' wx if ,V h-. M 'I I x aiu gi I If - x-4911 , 0 ,I M1357 Q l,- 'F xl 'i Q! I . , . . . A V -' 111. Z-,ga f X W , ' K C , If ,., ' J 2 , ..ff u ' K , l' ,Mx A , gaps' 5, ...M M f.Y1Y'A Y -'4'-"xy I K .-.43 L' -5 -u--. ,U- , Q 3w,,- as xv- N Li UL ' " Q. ,A A xl gf' fb f iff 2. '1 I ,Ep J , , I I ROWI J Mellor J Perelro B Powers T Benero B Blanchard D Bovo S Fletcher ROW ll Coach McM1llon J Holly T French J Middleton A Dan G Mann! D Hommond B Bllener fmanogerj R Barboza lmanagerj JV Ballers Have Good Prospecls 1 hc X B1 chill u 1111 h IS pl 1X Ld ll1gl'lINKlllCl 1111 thl- xL1r rl hc tc 1m co11x1St1r1g rnmtlx of ophu morex 19 ral 111x2lx xounq 111d 1ncxpcr12nccd f1 t hfillx xxhlch 112 thrr1xx11 hx pllchcxx Don Boxer XIIIN Punch 111d Guuqa Nlcrmt 1111 NI1ll II IIC Il D111 pl IX wrt s 11 1 B xcrx If 11111 f 1 Ruch Jessen makes a hu! agamsf Oakland Tec It 1m George Nlcrrltt qu 1fdN hrxt h 1 2 S11 xc H112 h nr md ohn Nlxddlcton plix Second h1x1 111dth1rd h BL IN hcld hx D011 H'1mmond 111d 12k Hollx XI1NI1llo11 thc tc m1 mcmhcu hould 111 1lx1 111111 h p1r1g1uxth1xSm 18011 Npxt Xl II xxlth morn tXpllltIlll hchmd thcm thc X tc 1m 1111 mhcrx Should ha llbll to pl IX 1xx11111111Q Q 11111 Harry Thompson sludes home an a fan movmg play X6 , 1 I 2 1 ,. ol A 2 I ff' 1 ,jf ' Q K , f Q I 1 I H 1, Qs X 3- . Q A I I . , . F 4 If 1 xx Q f ' , , 1 - . 1 ., f . 2 1 , ,A ff l dnl l I 2 2 f x in 2 I al, lx , - I C Q '. 2512 12 2.' 2 'I' -- -2 ."K . 1 ' 1 2 5 5 '2 4 2 ' J 't. 1 I' 2 2 Tonx' Bcrtcrfm, ctatchcr for the tc21111. rcccixx-S thc' Under thc c'11r11pCtCr1t guid2111c2c of thcirc'f121c'h. Mr. as 2: 2' ' "' '. 1 . "2 2'- ' .Xllc 2 ' 2 ' sh xt . oh1 l'c1'c'ir21, I'liil1 1 ' ' , ' . '. 12 ' '2 ' . P Pm " 211111 Bob Bl21111'l1211'd 2 C hc-ldvrs 111' th' 2 I 2 " ' 4 V 2 '. ' V I 'I 1 at A 1. .,, A f V . 2 S 77 . YV s A ' rg ROW I S James B McNuH T Cosseffe I. Bnrnharl ROW ll: K. Williams, J. Barneich, D, Hogan ROW Ill J Grieg M Sheridan J Cormody S Dowin. Absent from pidure: B. Devine Tennis And Riflemen Make Fine Record ll xx 1 1h1 HB1 xv. 11 f111 th1 H111111l 11111l1Nm111 1' 1-111115 11-21111 was Qrcut 211221111 llS IN x 11 Nl111xs111Q J ll 1 11111 1 1 1lir1'1'l1'd I 1' I ' 1 tlcr hc 9 ' - 1' ' - w111'ki11g ' jars got 11Ff to '1 '1S1 s1'11'1. .- Q 1 11. 111111 Ag cs 11 D11 '.',' . C " 'S ' ' ' . ' 1 S. '1g'i11sl I 111g 1 11 J J11sili1111. . "1- S 11'1'i1 '111 '. '111 1111 1h1-11-' . Ken Aoroe Bob Betlerfon and Pete lomasney prcdice in on the new R.O.T,C. rifle range. C GOLF TEAM-ROW I: G. Gambetfu, K. Cummings, M. Kefels. ROW II: Couch Hayes, G. Plato. Golfers, Swimmers Upholcl A.H.S. Slandarcls l'11r tht- sc'c'r111cl straight year our golf tc11111 has tit-f1'z1t1'd ull UIIIUI' at howls 111 rc111z1i11 thc- 1111disp11tt'tl 1h11111pir111 of tht' .-X.CI..'X.I.. fitiidvd hy CIc111t'h Haycs. tht- I1It'IHIJL'I'N 11ml IIIIIB won tht' hrst plat-1' pcmwitirm i11 tht- .-X.CI.A.I... hut 111511 g'11i11t'd murh pcrsrmzil cxpcri- t'Ilt't' ZIIILI 111z1tIt' 11111111 i111p1'11x't-111t'11ts i11 thcir ,QQ11111-. 'I'I11-11-11111 IwI11si11Q st'x'1'1'z1l pltiyvrs this kI1111t'. hut tht' 111111 l1 h1'Ii1'x'1's tht' ltillll will min z1g11i11 11t'xt ft'LII'. VARSITY SWIM TEAM-ROW I: S. Guserf, B. Woolredge, J. Coleman, D. Winchester. ROW il: J. Cook, K. Wallace, B. Bradford, J. Adams, E. Gaemminger. ROW III: Coach Janes, T. Ramsden, B. Parker, A. Snyder. , - . I FF i 5 I . , I T ' v ff' ., , 1, A xy CIf111g1z1t11lz1ti1111s to thv INt'IT1IJt'I'S of our Qrvzit will tt-11111. Our swim team. i11 tht' upi11ic111 of Cluuch .Ir1111's. faux-5 Z1 war uf stiff c'n111pt'titir111. D110 to tht' Iam ul Hlitlly' hm' swin1111Crs. tht' tc-11111 is Iafking in follfm- through puwt-1'. But with thvir high Spiritw. tlt't1-1111i- 11z1ti1111. :xml 21 fct'Ii11gofschm1l s11ppc1rthc'l1i11tl th1'111. tht-1111-111I1t-1'sI111wtht-1111111 pott'11tiz1Itr1111:1kt'11good shtming f111'.'XIz1111t'tIz1 High Sclmfil. J.V. SWIM TEAM-ROW I: B. Hicks, R. Wooley, P. Emrick, J. Johnson ROW II: M. Frey, T. Birding, B. Shepard, A. Brown, M. Gorman B. Dwyer. ROW III: Coach Jones, G. Volpi lmanogerj, G. Filibeni C. Siephens, T. Braal lmanagerl. IEFT clockwise P llnggl J Horgan N Sprafley J Bernal S Lvech RIGHT clockwnse H Chnpman A Shu ef N Mernll S Budd Z Ergener Modern Dance ls An Arl Of Poise Blodern dance is offered as an alternate P.1 choice to girls who are 2A's or above. Dance A is tht beginning class where girls learn basic rhythm pat- terns and exercises. Dance B. C, and D are more advanced classes for girls who wish to elaborate on the things they have already learned. Modern dance helps the girls to develop grace and co-ordination in everyday motions such as walk- ing and sitting. lt also teaches them the fundamen- LEFT-clockwisez B. Burns, B. Kendall, l. Saxton, B. Erends, D. Millar. RIGHT-left to right: K, Baum, .l. Malone, S. Jelavich, I., Schriber, M. livesey. T t ils of good posture and exercise Nlanx girls find th it they appreciate other forms of art md music much more if they have taken modern dance. The Modern Dance Department is under the di- rection of Klrs. Schwartz who does the choreography for our operettas 'ind senior plays and some of our student body meetin, '. la x C7 ' 1 45 1 - K '-v 'W FALL OFFICERS-ROW I: Carol Wallace, Vice Pres.g Sally Laughter, Rec. SPRING OFFICERS-ROW I: J. Sparks, Yell leaderg Jane Dean Sec. ROW II: Judy Takeda, Pub. Chm.g Paula McNu1f, Pres.y Sandra Pres.g Maxine Berlin, Rec. Sec. ROW ll: Maxine PiIlof?, Fin Sabolini, Fin, Sec. ROW III: Betty Hepburn, Song Leader. Sec.: Sue Sfevens, V. Pres.g Janet Rouquier, Pub. Mgr. . . . CI'IVI'l'I9S nloye y any em ers C5 A A A ' ' ' E ' d B M M b 'l'h1'Cii1'ls' .X1hl1-1111.'Xss111111111111 l111sh1-1-11 111111111 111g fi..-X..-X. 1-z11'h s111111's11'1' s1-lla 1111111-. 11111 ils 21IICl s J1111- I 115 1111111111111 111 IJITJYICIIIIVQ Illllllf sp111'1s 111111 411 1111111-f s111's LI s1111l1'111 l1111ly 1111'1'1111,Q. 1111' 11s lIll'IIllJ1'I'5 IIIIIYJIIQIIIIIII Illl' X1'llI'1 1-x'1'1'x 1'x'1'111 H1Ql1l1v'111s111 IIIK' x1'z11' 1111'I111l1'1l ll Ci..'X..'X. 11111 111 , 1 5 . NID11IlS11I'1'1l l11 1111- CLAXHX. 11415 g1x1'11 X5ll1II1'IIl'iII'I1'II x11ll1'1l111ll11x'1'1'1h1'.1Xl111111'1lz1R1-11111111111IJ11p11r11111'11I. s11pp111'1. Alll 111hl1'111 11111111'1'1'1111- 111 R1'1h1111111 High S1h1111I. IQQ11 h 1111z11'11'1' 111' s1'z1s1111 .1 XiII'll'I1 111 sp111'ls is 111- Qlllll .1 11'1p111 RIINNILIII R1x'1'1'. .511 1h1'1'111l 111 1'z11'h s1'- 11-1'1'1l 111 IIN' lIl1'IIIlJ4'I'5 111 lhis sp1'11111ls1x1l1p1'1'1111I1l11ss. 1111'f11'1'. IIIQ' lTll'IIlIM'I'S 1111 l1XV2iIiCIQ'lI 1h1- h1111111's 1h1'1 llilll' Ilt'XX1'5I 1IflfIIIlIlII 111 1h1- Ci..X.1X. lllI'IiI1 llllllll llllr h11x'1- t'LiI'II1'LI llllflllg 1h1' 11'1'111. Ililll' q11g1l 111 11ll Ci.,-X..-X. ft'lII' is 1'11l1-11. I'llCll'I' 1h1- 111111 IIIIII 111 11s 1 AlIlllll'I, 1l11' IIl1'l1llJl'I'N is 111 11111-11 IIIVII' H1111-k Excitement runs high for fhe girls in Q 61h period P,E, Members of 1l1e G,A.A. hold a successful fudge safe in front baskelball game. of 'he SCIIOOI, ..I..l HIFI 4 1 1 'i Z1 M417 vw , X 9, X ..., . 'S K ... Lllk GAA GROUP lll ROWI R Muchlbaur V Rosso ourlck M Mille! K Mo G Raymo d M M1 e R Vlorrls D Szbbalm R A L Osilnng L Pelbey, K Newman B Perafo ouquuer M Mrdcle worfh D Myers M Reynaud J Murray ROW Ill H MH: e Sporls And Acllvlhes Successful Program Girls enloy Speed-Away one of the many spar! o in 6fl1 period P E AA GROUP IV ROWI S Terslege P Wallace J We-'ch B Washburn L Traver B Waugh J Ware K Warner J Tell ROW ll J Shles Steel K YOW13ShfU,G Thonpson P Slwaarup S Swan S Slcvens C Wa a ROW Ill L Vanderkaol P Watkins R Siarberg v 4 O PICTURE FRAMING 0 BOOKS EVERETT E FARWELL 2323 SANTA CLARA AVENUE CWest of Pork Sfreetl VERSAILLES BAKERY BREAD CAKES PIES PASTRY Boked by Heck T306 VERSAILLES AVENUE NEAR ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurst 2 0344 IDEAL SHOE REPAIR CHRIS ESPIN STUDENT RATES ON PRESENTATION OF STUDENT CARD 'I263 PARK STREET LA 2 8373 Orthopedic Work NEW' SMART' DIFFERENT' JOELS MEN S WEAR 1305 HIGH STREET 3 4281 STUDENT RATES CENTER CORNER OF HIGH AND ENCINAL JOE AMBROSE RUSS cmd GENE Meats Grocery Poultry Vcuruety Fsh Produce ALAMEDA BOWL The Sporf for the Whole Fomnly AMF AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS RAY OR RUBY CAYERE LAkehurs1 2 2737 STEVE S SERVICE Consc ent ous Cor Core MOBILGAS MOBILOIL U HAUL TRAILERS E Ste e 2 9937 PARK 8. LINCOLN ALAMEDA CALIF ENCINAL HARDWARE GEORGE A CLAZIE Owner ENCINAL 8. VERSAILLES LA 3 4821 40 . LA - ENCINAL SHOPPING ENJOY BOWUNG AT J. . v ns LA - - Congralulahons +0 +l'1e Gracluahng Classes of June l959 February 1960 TIMES STAR PRESS LAlcel'1ursI' 3 1200 1516 OAK STREET ALAMEDA ALAMEDA DRUG CO 9 1959 Cl d 1960 PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 1501 PARK STREET h T2 2 FOR FLOWERS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY JOHN S TOWATA ALAMEDA S FINEST FLOWER SHOP 2305 SANTA CLARA AVENUE M Sf dbyJh HQ 2305 SANTA CLARA AVENUE LA 2 1314 GENERAL REPAIRING ALL MAKES CARS AND LIGHT TRUCKS T LAKE S GARAGE 2264 LINCOLN AVENUE LA 3 5366 ALAMEDA PERRYS BARBER SHOP HAIR CUTS ALL STYLES BUTCHES FLAT TOPS IVY LEAGUES OTHERS 2530 SANTA CLARA AVENUE LA 3 8541 141 I O Con rofuloiions to fhe Classes of ' n , odern Creations A yle o n Free Fast Dellvery Alomedo i I'1 Alumnus LAke urs - 552 - I JUST North of ca y Hall F I SUTHERLAND PHARMACY RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 1500 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA LAkehursI 2 1422 GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES, from BARKER TILTON Headquarters for LANE CEDAR CHESTS PARK STREET ai ALAMEDA AVENUE LAkehurst 2 0345 ANITA SHOP 1427 PARK STREET HAMILTON BROS ALAMEDA BOOTERY 1434 PARK STREET SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Best of Luck to the Grads of June 59 and February 60 Remember on the Way POLLY DEBS 8: SPALDINGS Wall Guide You Rnght CAROLINES FLOWERS WEDDINGS ARRANGEMENTS CORSAGES ANGELO ROSI Res LA 3 8651 2316 SANTA CLARA AVENUE LA 3 3735 BRENDA HOUSE OF BEAUTY HAIR CUTTING and STYLING OUR SPECIALTY Open Thurs Evenmg Tull 9 P M 2333 SANTA CLARA LA 2 0318 ALAMEDA JEWELERS HOUSE OF REAL VALUES QUALITY DIAMONDS STANDARD MAKE WATCHES EXPERT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING Phone LAkehurs1 2 1188 1407 PARK STREET PELLERITE S PHARMACY JACK PELLERITE Owner 1546 PARK STREET LA 2 4990 ALAMEDA 4 Hours - Mon. thru Sat. 9 A.M.-5:30 P.M. I 2 Congrotulcatuons ond Best Wushes from RALPH ARCHINAL ALAMEDA TYPEWRITER COMPANY 2309 SANTA CLARA ALAMEDA LAkehurst 2 4921 KELLYS BARBER SHOP FLAT TOPS CREW CUTS CONVENTIONAL CUTS 2520 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA ALAMEDA SPORTING GOODS New Ownership FRANK MCMANUS HI AKAGI Everything for the Sportsman SKI RENTAL SERVICE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 1511 PARK STREET LAkehurst 3 7I2I Congrotulotlons to the CLASSES or 1959 ond 1960 'N ALAMEDA 'IS Best Wishes for Your Future Success from the ALAMEDA NAVAL AIR 2235 LINCOLN AVENUE LA 2 I727 I4 I Specializing in JOHN B. HENRY New 8. Used Cors Bough18i Sold ALL MAKES AND MODELS Sove ci Commission Deal Dired with DecIer Bus ness Phone LAkehursf 3 5206 i Res dence Phone ..----""" LAkehursI 2 3138 1814 PARK STREET ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA It IMPORTED ond DOMESTIC 1410 Pork Street ALAMEDA FASHION HEADQUARTERS FOR THE LARGEST SELECTION OF FINE SKIRTS 44 I . -nun 'pqsmn-F-'n""M O I L g TTI I 4 II I HAND-FASHIONED SWEATERS X-I 4. . ,- .' fi M5151 1--L 'F 5 THE RICKSHA Featurlng Varletles of DO NUTS Freshly Made at Dawn I323 HIGH STREET LA 3 3783 ALAMEDA WASH N DRY ROUGH DRY FINISHED LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING T916 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA HEADQUARTERS FOR REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE JUSTIN REALTY AND 'NSURANCE 'I526 PARK STREET 2 3567 Dual Exhaust Systems Mumers 8- Pipes Welding FRANCHI BROS ALAMEDA MUFFLER SERVICE Labor Charge on Muffler and Tanlpupe Combmatnons ROLAND REED YACHT BROKER Hundreds of Boats LA 3 8406 LA 3 0870 ALAMEDA YACHT HARBOR PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS CAMERA CORNER OF ALAMEDA CAMERAS FILMS SUPPLIES REPAIRS PROJECTORS and FILM RENTALS I406 PARK STREET LA 2 5487 GRANDE S SHOES SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY For Women AIR STEP LIFE STRIDE TWEEDIES For Men ROBLEE 81 PEDWIN For Children BUSTER BROWN I408 PARK STREET 3 8374 BONIERE BAKERY GO TO BONIERE BAKERY Quality Always CUSTOM DESIGNED CAKES Buy the Best We Do 1417 PARK STREET LA 2 OIIO I4 I I I No ' ' LA - 2338 BLANDING AVENUE LA 2-IIOO I LA - - ERNIE'S BEAUTY SALON SPECIALTY PERMANENT WAVING HAIR STYLING AND TINTING 2001 HIGH STREET ALAMEDA LA 3 7710 TUCKER S SUPER CREAMED ICE CREAM 1518 PARK STREET LA 2 4960 GOOD CHEVROLET THE GOOD PLACE FOR A BETTER DEAL 2424 SANTA CLARA AVENUE 1630 PARK STREE1 I1 2 ,QQ Qliylorf UI'1U.fUFIL CFIIXIBIEI mi IN A110555 mm msn Sflfrrlo 5111151 'Wi fllllffc Ions 46 IY I ll I I ll LAke urs? -9211 I I OD 1 , I I ' . 9 2 X lffllf I .Sb I I i I -- ALAMEDA LAUNDERETTE COMPLETE ONE STOP SERVICE Dry Cleamng and Funlshed Laundry 2402 LINCOLN AVENUE UUSI Off Park SYJ LAkehurst 3 3348 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES from FIRST SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION T416 PARK STREET LA 2 5626 FRANCK S MUSIC RECORDS HI FI and STEREOPHONIC HEADQUARTERS BIDS PROGRAMS TICKETS ENCINAL PRESS PRINTERS 1329 PARK STREET ALAMEDA HOBBYCRAFT LAkehurs1 3 3980 T356 PARK STREET ALAMEDA REVELATION CLEANING DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT IO! STUDENT RATES 2309 ENCINAL LA 2 9131 THOM Iv1cAN THE BEST SELLING SHOE IN AMERICA If you want 'ro have a blast Ge? shoes Tha? las? af Thom McAn 2224 SOUTH SHORE CENTER BERTHING SUPPLIES ALAMEDA YACHT HARBOR EMERSON DOBLE LA 2 9080 1535 BUENA VISTA AVENUE I 1349 PARK STREET LA 3-T021 ALAMEDA LA 2-7667 - O O 4 Over 40 Years In Alameda LEE CAVANAUGH SR LEE CAVANAUGH JR DAVID CAVANAUGH CERTIFIED DRY CLEANING Congratulahons Graduates YQUR ALAMEDA DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH DEALER CENTRAL and PARK 2 7100 1700 PARK STREET LA 3 5246 GALLENKAMPS na WHERE THE TEENS BUY THEIR SHOES Be sure and make Gallenkamps YOUR family shoe store GALLENKAMPS 1415 PARK STREET 2225 SOUTH SHORE LA 2 0744 LA 1 0232 GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IS OUR WISH TO THE GRADUATING CLASS GADSDEN S STATIONERY STORE 1435 PARK STREET LAkehurs1 2 1844 LAkehurst 2 1 45 ALAMEDA APOTHECARY OLE S WAFFLE SHOP PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY 2237 CENTRAL AVENUE 1507 PARK STREET LA 36168 LA 28108 4 , . , . 1 Q LA - 'I Il 1 ll Shou for the fnfire family I . A 8 I I5II WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA 3244 FOOTHILL BOULEVARD OAKLAND ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL CLOTHING HEADQUARTERS CONGRATULATIONS CLASSES 59 8: 60 ALBURTS wIsHEs You HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS 49 ALBURTS BLUNDEN STEIR S PHARMACY TOT 8: TEEN SHOP W P STEIR O WEBSTER STREET AT SANTA CL R 4 5 EBSTER STREET LA 3 1877 ALA EDA C LH: LA 2 T633 630 CENTRAL AVENUE WALLPAPER WALLPAPER d PAINTERS SUPPLIES FULLER DUPONT BOYSEN OUR CONGRATS TO THE CLASSES OF 59 ALA EDAS GREATEST BURGERS 8- SHAKES 1523 WEBSTER STREET 2 4236 THE CITY OF ALAMEDA THE ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Congra'ruIa+e 'rhe Graduahng Classes of June 59 February 60 IN COOPERATION WITH THE ALAMEDA CITY COUNCIL THE ALAMEDA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS O W ' M , . Ph . FOSTER'S "0IdF0Shi0f1" FREEZE ALAMEDA PAINT 8: , - 160 - - cl and Be Modern and Up to Date Inslst on an All Electruc Home LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY INEXPENSIVE' FAST' CLEAN' BUREAU OF ELECTRICITY Department of Publlc Utllltles Cnty of Alameda 2440 SANTA CLARA AVENUE Use More Electrrcrty In ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA Alameda Its Cheaper' PACIFIC BOWL I6 LANES Free shoes and Instruction to A H S Student Body Card Holders Summer Rates 3543 per lane 7425 EAST I4TH STREET OAKLAND YOU LL HAVE TROUBLE GETTING A GOOD JOB BE A GRADUATE COMPTOMETER OPERATOR Our grads In constant demand Day and Evennng Classes Low Installment tuutnon TRY IT FREE 2 Days or Evenungs THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL 534 20TH STREET OAKLAND TE 2 4202 SORENSON S PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES Portrait Studio l5'l5 WEBSTER STREET 3 2 FAMILY SHOE STORE SMART SHOES FOR TEENAGERS I 507 WEBSTER STREET If you don't have a skill that is in demand I LA - 8l4 I STREHLOW INSURANCE We wrlte c1IIk1nds of Insurance 1361 HIGH STREET LA 3 5252 Ar ur F Str 10 Roland H Strehlow TEMPO MUSIC SHOP RECORDS MAGNAVOX HI FI Instruments Rentals Repalrs Muslc Lessons AGNEW REALTY CO Where Buyers and Sellers Meet Extends Washes of Happlness and Success forthe years to come to the Classes of 59 1428 PARK STREET LA 3 4000 CHEVRON SUPREME GASOLINE and RPM MOTOR OIL WILLIAM H DeLONG LAkehurst 2 9968 3126 FERNSIDE BOULEVARD ALAMEDA NEW PARISIAN LAUNDRY CURTAINS LACE CLOTHS OUR SPECIALTY DRY CLEANING Frank and Rosalee Junca 2811 ENCINAL AVENUE LA 2 1870 COMPLIMENTS OF FREDRICKSON 81 WATSON CONSTRUCTION CO 873 81ST AVENUE OAKLAND LEE ADAMS PONTIAC COMPANY 'PONTIAC NEXT BEST THING TO A JET" SALES SERVICE PARTS 2414 CENTRAL AVENUE LA 2 1121 CARLS BAKERY AND COFFEE SHOP CARL FOSTER LAkehurst 1 0557 2239 SOUTH SHORE CENTER ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Il n I 1 ll - - - th . :II A . . 1510 WEBSTER STREET LA 3-6152 I - l6O O I Congratulations to the Classes of 1959'60 SHAW 8: LUNT REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Complete Line Groceries, Produce and Choice Meats DICK THUNDER, Owner 1424 PARK STREET LA 31808 LA 3 7177 1438 PARK STREET LA 3 2020 JOANNE S BEAUTY SALON PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLING HENSHOP PARK AT SANTA CLARA 3111 SANTA CLARA AVENUE AT HIGH STREET ALAMEDA 3 7962 HUNT JEWELRY CO STERLING SILVER by TOWLE WALLACE GORMAN INTERNATIONAL REED AND BARTON LUNT AND HEIRLOOM FLINTRIDGE CHINA WATCHES by MOVADO HAMILTON LONGINES WITTNAUER ROLEX ELGIN 1430 PARK STREET LA 2 3280 Regmefed JeWe'e' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE American Gem Society CLASSES OF 59 I , LA . I 0 6? ca ETERNA AUTOMATIC K K A 1 - I - l6O NEXT TIME YOU HAVE YOUR CLOTHES CLEANED SEND THEM TO THE CRYSTAL CLEANERS ALAMEDA'S DELUXE CLEANERS WHERE YOU GET THE MOST SCIENTIFIC CLEANING KNOWN TO THE CLEANING INDUSTRY ALL YOUR CLOTHES ARE INSURED FOR FIRE AND THEFT WHILE IN OUR POSSESSION STUDENT RATES Crys'raI C I e a n e r s 1000 2008 ENCINAL Owner 81 Manager 4 Phone: LA 3-0433 S. W. BUTLER Telephone LA 2-7506 SUZANNE'S PASTRY SI-IQPPE LUXUS LAUNDERIE SELF SERVICE FRENCH PASTRY OUR SPECIALTY Automatic Individual Washing S ecial Attention Given to Birthday d . on Complete Drying SSYVICC P Wedding Cakes 1611 PARK STREET ALAMEDA LA H404 G v wArKINs 1519 WEBSTER STREET HEATING SHEET METAL CA M IS A B R O S Established 1931 ROOFING LAkehurst 2 7266 ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA 1901 BROADWAY TUNE UP BRAKES BERTS SERVICE STATION MobIlgas Mobll OII Mobil Products TONY BERTS 1357 HIGH STREET LA 3 3022 WARD S CHRIS and KENNETH WARD Auto Palntmg WeldIng Marlne Repalrs Body and Fender Work 1539 OAK STREET LA 3 7685 SCOTT S FLOWERS CORSAGES ARRANGEMENTS PLANTS Bay Area DelIverIes STONE S BICYCLE TOYS WHEEL GOODS unury 0 2320 PHONE LAKEHURS CLA RA :memo AUTHORIZED DEALER LIONEL AND AMERICAN FLYER TRAINS SH INDIAN BICYCLES 1520 WEBSTER STREET LA 2 3456 AGENCY FOR ENKLI We Sell the Best RepaIr the Best - I I I I . . I . 5 x "The best flowers of all kinds" f ' " I I I n - SANTA ,K ,, Z ,IV4 X -f' I I , 3 ' 3 2 6 4 A ALAMEDA SHELL 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE NAS ALAIVIEDA DEALER IN SHELL PRODUCTS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Automotive Repanrs Tune up Body and Fender Work ES, mates Freely Gwen Extends Wlshes for Success and DICK REISS Manage, Congratulations to the Graduatlng LAkehurst 3 9393 Nates TE 6 4900 CIOSSSS Ol I959 3- 1960 2301 LINCOLN AVENUE ALAMEDA cALLE PLAY GOLF at the ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE FEES Week Days SI 25 800 600 Monthly Ticket Monthly Ticket fvond Saturdavs Sundays Holndaysj SPECIAL RATES TO ALAMEDA HIGH STUDENTS 75c Gfter 2 30 On School LAkeI'1urst 2 432'I Days In Alameda ROY 81 GUS HYDRA MATIC SERVICE I604 GRAND STREET LAkeI1urs+ 2 39I8 Speclallzmg In Automatic Transmlsslon Repalrs and Servlce GUS LYERLA Res LAkehurst 3 4035 56 I I ' I Saturdays Sundays, Holidays 1.50 IS LAND B IDWL ALAMEDA'S NEWEST I4 Lanes Soda Foun+ain Specializing in You+I1 Bowling Programs and Insfruchon Junior Bowling Leagues VN EBSTER 8. PACIFIC LA 1112460 OAK PORT PAR 3 GOLF COURSE PRO BUDDY FRY 9130 DOOLITTLE DRIVE 300 BOWL ACK FRANCIS b 69 1810 SAN PABLO AVENUE OAKLAND CALIFORNIA OAKLAND AIRPORT GOLF PRACTICE RANGE AIRWAY FAIRWAYS LO Ich 2 3436 9300 DOOLITTLE DRIVE I P TOPS IN SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT ISLAND AUTO MOVIE 791 THAU WAY LAUNDROMAT d CLEANERS LAk I1 2 7205 7 f ke urs - 7 I i TEr'npIe or - 998 Open Dcuy ond Nite ITI1ree Blocks from Alomedo Tubej c oven - also on CA f O Ic d A' J Phone e urst - Congratulatlonsl LEUCK REALTY John Mutcheom Murray Ellason Mrs Myers Lola Bennett 1300 ENCINAL AVENUE GOOD WORK EXCELLENT BOOK OFf1ce Phone LAkehurst 2 8452 ALAMEDA WHEEL 8: FQRD KITCHELS BRAKE SERVICE CHEVRON SERVICE RELIABLE SERVICE SINCE 1923 JACK ALBER5 C V DAVIER Chevron Gasoline RPM Motor Orl Ofticnal Brake Testing Statuon No 141 Atlas Tlres 81 Tubes Atlas Batteries LAkehurs1 2 8515 U Haul Tranlers 2217 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA CALIF across from the High School CORNER CENTRAL 8- SHERMAN ALAMEDA QUALITY MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Druve In and Save 2421 ENCINAL AVENUE Phone LAkehurst 2 8887 ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA LAkehurst 2 7700 MORTON BEAUTY SALON LEONA DEZMAN 1414 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA CALIF ALAMEDA SHADE SHOP Window Shades and Venetian Blinds DUPONT TCNTINE Washable Window Shade Cloth DON SOANES LAkehurst 2 0633 914 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA CALIF 158 PARK DAIRY fl 1 , Q Xi COLUMBUS RENARD ALAMEDA INC CATERING SERVICE PRIVATE DINING ROOM EXCLUSIVE FIAT DEALER d g R Cb BOB RENARD A LAk h 2 7980 2313 ENCIN L 2431 CENTR ENUE EDA CALIF The Coca Cola Bo'r+Ilng Company of Callforma o KL ND C LIFORN kl t Our Congra+uIahons and Besf Wlshes TO THE NEW GRADUATES FROM THE BANKS OF ALAMEDA ALAMEDA CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION Wed in ecepfions - Banquets also Clean Used Cars Service lu s C mplete Fiof Service e urst ' AL AV AL , ' 1- ef I A A I A You spar e ogether...with CREDITS THA NKS IN J 11 fl x 1 Il 1111 11 N111 11 1111111 11 N Nl 1 1 11 fl It 151111111111 5lI I 1 X I 1 xx 1 1 I N 1 1 . 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