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Eywffj? 5' fish A .1 S2 Qyifaivgig? ff5i,:5 fffff-,af .Y ' iqf ff W yy SfsJfff?f Qi.. gif Q5 W Pip BUF A511 '14 'Ld' Za? bbc 132254, A fdicgj jf! QW 2: if L' Z WW 15604441 AW Q1-L72 rig! jfidf fig Z 1 ?2fQff+Uw ff! V X f . L A ' 1 N Q 1' s. If 7- L if 4 'A,,4e!.gz,A,4V7n 1 4 pf' ' C' Z- 5 A 'La in 4,-' , "f",f' 5321, . 4 q ,A , f1,,d71,7 M in L df! Q4 D I -fi , n ' Q If T206 . C ' .?'7- , L "'-7e3L3, , -' 4!"'fc.1g, lg ii K .47,ff1.zlpQ, I P dy - ma , . ' fff ig.1Yi4 A ,L, -dv ,Li , X K I ,all I , Ji, 'I 1 - E , N 7 fi 41 . 1 . ' 'fgfzfaf A A Milt Y QA, 3 fy I J If 1 fur. , I V 1 Q - -L'9'f?? 7 Y. el-Z1 V- W, 63.11 ' YQ, - 21. Q277 7 bf ' N, if-1 lf" 1 ' SSX 'ffffff gf ,, Qfw UN- Q . A' ,, M' 5-rg ,v,f,,, . -'C i 1,2 C- Q9 fig H2 15 5156 L 35 C 14 11,72 4f1,ZJ ,, Qi 5? N-'Q7 Kauai A Cixi K C L f 57" ,z, Ka CCM, ' L cf Xl C L iff' ?Q K 7,2 2965 cf fig kj FORWARD 5, fp! f2',f if N111 wf' J N hu 1 .f X ,, 1 ffl 4,7 sl ,gfp . 4 . Y C14 L ,iff 1 Y f ff 'f i 1 -Zi A 61? 2 , - A xx ' ' ' ' , ' ,1 , Jfff ' 1, - ' , 'U' 'lf . ' .74 .X --'fc' ' ,4 , xx' C , -- "-"'f 1 if H X ' V - "' , 1' ' ' - K ' 7 V I ' 4, L V 7 Y ' ' 'f Q i5iPC'g' , C ' 1 f Y 'figw "f ,4 Q" 7 A ' V 6' VV ' 1 -X j ,nfl ' it Q K ' 51' , 91 5, A ug, ' ' 1 .7 1' Cc 5 L 7, 1 f fx Cf, QLH 71' fcr. ffLi!IY C Ci cf 'Ti' CL-"' C - " 9' ' , 1 g, C . if I-ZX uf . "' " 1 V ' A '5 C ' 7 ' 1 'ME' C Q 1 'K 1 V. f Cy X .Z , f , - f f V .LV ,, V-I 55 1' ff, I 5" A K K ' 9, -ff 'gg CX is C K it KB W X. -111114111111.111111l1111'11-1-111g11.Xl111111'1l11 High. , 5 5 . . . 1 ' Z 111' pg111.'1' 111 lllllli l1:11'k KIYVIK 11111' 111111v1l11's l1VI'l', tl L11 111l1'111i11 111111 s1111i11l. I11 l1'z1fi11g lllfilllgll thc pz1g1-s 111 fullmx. w1'sh11ll g11i11 21 lillI'Ill1'I' -Il. 13111 i11111 llllf inf 1l11' 11113: 111 whi1'h 111' l111x'1- l11'11111l1'111'1l 11111' i11- 11'1'1's. z1111l i111'1'1'g1s1'1l11111' 111'q11g1i11I11111'1's i11 s1'h1111l 1 111l 1'111111111111ily lif1'. ,Xl11 .1 .N lllll 11111111 115 11111' svl ml lil'1'11111lw1111li1'siwll11' 11111 i11 XXlll1'll 111111 l1'i.'111'1' i1111' f1111.' l: of s'l111l QI '111. This lf" ' l'1 ', hc' il sp1- .Il .'1'I'X'lI1Q thc 1'111111111111ity 111' in z 42 ' ' 11' 1111'- Q1'l"s uf s1'1'X'i11'a 11fl1'1'1'1l hy h1' ' DIY, h 'lpS ll 111 111-V1-lop ll s-lx'1-s llllll s -is 11s Illl 1l11' 1'11111l 111 g11111l ship. Will tl '. -tl 111f-'l1tNi11111i111l,l1'1 ll, 1'Illl'I' thi. w111'l1l uf lllk' .111 l' lx 11111l ll11'i1' 1 N 1' 111 N IN 1 11M 1 11 11 N I N11 1 1 1 1 ix S 11 1 INUIL 1111 Ill 1 N IX llllllg 1 Xl I 11111111111111 1 N 111 1 1 ll llk I1 1 1181 11 S N X N 1111 N 11111111111111lx -1'l X.. N fr?-,,'i.,. -do YQPQ Y " - A ig - I .4 A -'24, PARK STREET BRIDGE ACORN 1958 V O L U M E L I X MARVIN ROGNEBY, EDITOR NANCY KAPGENEHS, BUSINESS MANAGER L1:5':? ..-JA' aiu 5'fmf2K z T V 4 LAQC ,Q PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA School And Communi+y Joi: Alameda High's award-winning band parades before bystanders on Park Street during the annual R. O. T. C. parade. Members of the Girls' Associaiion hold a Christmas party for some of the Special Class of Washington Grammar School j-W., V lr ..,y' In Promoting General Welfare Q.-W The Work Exploration Program initiated last fall helps students to gain practical experience in offices throughout the city, such as that of the City Engineer, Mark Hanna. The Grand Master of the Masons in California presides over one of the most significant occurrences of the year, the laying of the cornerstone in the new west wing. , -E 5 ' 'f 1623 5 Mglgb L ' 5 12 g,,f THIS IS THE CITY ISLAND OF ALAMEDA AS VIEWED FROM THE AIR. DEDICATION The students of Alameda High are proud to dedi- cate this ACORN to the citizens of the city of Alameda, a progressive community that realizes the importance of good education in a period when many communities seem to be indifferent to and unaware of the importance of providing a basic education for their youth. Our community realizes that the schools must produce a well-rounded citizen, and it tries to provide the best possible surroundings to achieve this end. Our citizens have approved the school tax and bond elections which have made it possible to -Hfaintain and further our educational program. Furthermore, private groups have stimu- lated the general interest of our community in the welfare of the educational system by promoting scholarship funds and foreign exchange programs. YVC thank them for this fine support. lPho'Io of Clyde TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS l24 . 44' 4 ffl' W Acnvmes . . . . 26 . . . . 54 QQ! . . . :oz L f . . . . W km of svfi, fW M631 JJ! W V Q P Qywqj - I N99 VMJQJ ffniiifijw Vi if km WW W W X ff? W Ti- i Y NEW WEST WING AIJIVIINISTRATIUN V 9 M, Y alia, f..- if -J? , M WML X XJ- not :tg 'Q Alameda ls Proud Cf Eclucalional DR, DONALD M. RODERICK, ff' f Superintendent of Schools ff Ei f 'Ze 5 f' I t t X t ,, Our schools are a vital part of our community and the community can well be proud of them. The Board of lidueation and our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Donald M. Roderick, have worked diligently to provide unlimited educational opportu- nities for the young people of this city. Few of us realize that the Board of liducation is a group of people who are truly dedicated to the youth of Alameda. They serve without salary and 4 l 4 1 qv-q-Q... FW ... im . 1 gr-cf-e l 4 1 3 f . R. E if they spend hundreds of hours each year, planning, working, and determining methods of finaneing an educational program which will offer every boy and girl an opportunity to prepare himself to take his place in our modern world, a world which has progressed more rapidly during the last twelve years than in any other period of history. May the Board's future planning be as farsighted and note- worthy as it has been in the past. BOARD OF EDUCATION-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mr, Walter V. Howeg Dr. Donald D. Lum, Presidentg Mrs. lee Cuvunaughg Dr. Stuart Sfephensp Mr. A. Hubbard Moffifi. System Mainlained ,LBy Able Leaders .W 1 3 LL LffL!UL4'4'qLf3ff5 ffl! A J l-1.14 ,' Jill, 'ill i,l,WyljlM!lZif,ZM ' , ,E 0 , L Cf if it I il T ' MR J M BRYAN, firm i 1 Principal is Message No informed person will deny that our schools are in the spotlight today. The American educa- tional system is one of the most commonly discussed topics of our time. This is as it should be. The continuing quality of our educational system is one of the safeguards of our democracy. In this rapidly changing world of phenomenal technological ad- vancement and new patterns of living, it is only natural that ideas and counter-ideas should be flow- ing freely. We have in our Alameda High School Creed some old but very important ideas which, l believe, bear repetition in our yearbook. "He, the students of Alameda High School, realiz- ing that the ultimate aim of every American school is true citizenship in the classroom and on the play- ground, do subscribe to this our creed: fl-I A ' H nil 'Wye will never disgrace this, our school, by any ZICI of dishonesty or cowardice. XYe will work for the best interests of our school, both singly and together, through courtesy for each other, respect for authority and politeness under all circumstances. YYe will not only obey all rules of our school, but attempt to encourage a like obedience on the part of others. "Thus, in all these ways will we strive to transmit to future students a finer spirit of citizenship." , IQXCH ujfff? N24-C I wish to thank 1 ' ' " . . . . , ' ' y ' '. . .g Marvin Rogneby, Editorg Nancy Kapgenehs, Business Managerg Kay Briscoe, As- sistant lfditorg and the entire ACORN staff for working diligently for a whole year in order to produce and publish the H358 ACORN. ll NK MRS HELEN HOEKSEMA ASSlSfGIlf to the Prlnclpul In Charge of lnsfruchon 1111111 11111 1 111111 ll 111 o Ho111S1'm1 -M1111 1111 1111111 1 11111 1p 11 III C 111121 of 1nS1r11111o11 Sh1 1111 151111 111111111 to th Glrls 51sko11111o11 .11111 1111 1111111111 N B111111 of 11111101 11111 1N lI1 1h11g1 of 11111111 111111 1111 1111 16111 Sh1' 11111 111 sh 111111 .1 1 11 r1'1111l1 111111111111 fo1 1 11o11l of good S1111 1111111 MR EARL SHRIBER Asslsianl to the Prlnclpal In Charge of Affendonce and Gundunce IIIIQ 111 111111 11.1rs 11 X1lI111111 11 1 X11 Shr1h1r111 1111 111 1111111 1111 Joh 1111h l111l .111 11110111111 H1 h1 131111 111 1h1111 o 11 1111111131111 1111111 IN 11111 .11 ol 1h1 N11 31111111111 of 11.11111 1111111 hox 1111111 11111 llltlllflfllllll S1 111 11110K Xl 1h1 1 1 o 1 1 S , 1 N 111111 XIX 1 11 111 111111 12 MR DONALDJ BELL Vlce Pnncnpal X1 V111 Pr11111p.11, Nlr B611 holds :111 1111 po1'1.1111 pos111o11 .11 A H S H1 IS Lhf o111 YN ho must 1o11s1r1111 1h1 111.11111 proq1.1n1 1.11h s1mcs 111 .md 1h111 1111 1h1 1111111111 111 proqr 1mm111g 1h1 11ho11 1111111111 bod1 H1 1111 .1s 1h1 .11111Qo1 to 1h1 5111111111 Bod1 OLHKLIX 11111 to 1h1 Xllll 1 15111111 of Control He .1150 shows hls fl1I'thLl 11111 rut III Qtudent 1111111 1111111111111 111 111111111111 111 11h1C11C 1on11s1s and SUPPKJITIIIQ our 11 11111 1111h 1'11thus1aSm . X, " '1' '1 .71 ,1 1 4 f A ' ,' ' 2 f l I . . k. .. ,. ' 1 ,S ' AY Iv 1 ' P. 1.2 , ' AY l . 1 ' ' .' ,Q ' K 'z 5 1 A 5 ' ' 1 1 1" ' z11'1' 11' 11 lg1' 1 Mrs. ,.k. Lyn A.-,'A, 2 ,lf fl ' :li-1 Q " 'z 1' W' if A I2 ' , . ' 1 2- 11 1 'zjf' 1 '-".'.1z l o1hCr i11s11'111'1io11z11 I'I11111'f12l1S. Y1'1 no 111z1111'1' h ' .' al' ', x 1' .1 h's hz fi A' ' ' 1 ' ' I , .' 1'1 . . D11'1 's 1", .'1 .-1 '1 111. - ' ' gsz ' " s" '11 . '15 'zj"f11' I I -x 1.12K-'X 4' ,A I14-'lv 5 " 1 . J- 1 . 1 111'1i " ' .' F. th' 'l s' of 111. 12131 f1'2l1' ill .-X.H. .'.. it is 111111 4Q'I'1'll1 1'1'f'I'1'l 111111 111', 111' .1111' .. .14 f111'1'111'll 111 ll 1111-1111 11111111 111' 5 1 ,L,'. COUNSELLING DEPARTMENT TOP-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Charles Butler, 2B-3A Counselling, P. E.p Mr. Richard Carey, Testing, Social Science, C. S. F. Advisor, Miss Lucille diVecchio, 3B-4A Counselling, Social Science. BOTTOM - LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Charlotte Howell, lB-2A Counselling, Social Science, Mr. Chester Millett, Job Placement Counselling, Miss Frances Shockey, 4B-IA Coun- selling, English, Chr. 3B Class. Guidance And Counselling Are Vital To All There are several services eonneeted with the counselling department: testing, guidance and counselling, and job placement. The purpose of this department is to guide the student in the selection of the courses best suited to his needs and to help him to make himself a well-rounded person able to be an asset in the community. Mr. Carey, who is in charge of testing, performs an invaluable service. He gives Mrs. Howell discusses a college catalogue with an tests which indicate interests and may suggest the voeation for which a student is best suited. Mr. Carey also gives the college entrance examinations. The counsellors have much information on scholar- ships and college entrance requirements. Through the job placement counsellor many opportunities are offered to students who wish to work. Miss diVecchio explains scholarship opportunities to a high iunior. eager underclassman. I A . .ow , J' g 13 We-Q.-we +3 sf'X .NM V , - Y 5 AX The study of a line tangent to a circle holds the interest of this solid geometry class. Math And Science Keep Us A+ World Pace MATH-SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS, TOP-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Beatrice Anderson, Math, Chr. 4A Class, Mr. T. Anderson, Math, Mr. Robert Berges, Science, F. T. A. Club Advisor, Mrs. Emily Coke, Science, Mr. Darrell Coughlan, Chr. Science Department, Chr. 4B Class, Chemistry Club Advisor, BOTTOM-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mrs. Edna Cundiff, Science, Mr. Jack Hallock, Math, Acorn Advisor, Miss Ruth Hays, Math, Mr. James Hull, Science, Mrs. Dorothy LeHew, Chr. Math Department 14 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Donald Rogers, Science, P. E.p Miss Annabelle Wann, Maih, Jr. Red Cross Advisor, Mr. James Young, Mafh, Studenf Record Auditor. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Miss Frances Payne, Science. Blathetnatics though it be the language of sei- ' H N .s ' enee. ts of great importanee in non-st-ienufie fields. as well as in eyeryday liying. If one learns to reason logically in mathematics. these patterns of logieal thought fan be earried over into other fields. Blathe- maties at .fXlameda High is well taught and brings out the praetieal side, as well as the tlieoretiral side of the sub-ieet. For those who are outstanding in mathematies. there is a pilot ntath course called Honors Math. whieh carries the students from yery' adyaneed algebra subjects through analytic geome- try' and ealeulus. This new math program under the direction of the Bfathematies department head has proyed sueeessful and will be continued: all in all the math program at Alameda High looks yery bright. The ability to think logieally and to apply knowl- 3 edge to praetit-al problems is neyer better taught than in the seienee Class. In this age of rapidly ad- vancing ideas we ran be thankful for a fine science department that stresses this ability in all its courses. Now that seienee departments all oyer the nation are being appraised in terms of their ability to tearh. our department ean proceed in good eonseienee. knowing that it gives the very' finest in seienee edu- eation. From the study' of the first prineiples of gen- eral seienee to the rules of eleetrieity and eleetronies in physics, students are constantly given the ehal- lenge to be Curious about and to inquire into the world around them. Students. although they may not enter some Held of teehnology requiring seienee, will hnd that their training will be of immense value to them through- out their lives. Plant stem structure proves to be a fascinaring sulaiec! for these biology students. mg?-if Km, 'f' U 52 BTN i ,film . 4' nl' .'r""-'ww , ng!! 1 1. - ..4,.,, .--rm m..uuuv.v1ou .ef -'rf aw. J., .,w,,,,, . . f""f'f"""j1v+w-A Y- . W'-t,.f" 'wsu-Zn.. ,....-5 ,A,3.,. ., t V., . .5 ,. x Z . ueff.s..a,..,hm,,, , Wm 1:-if-vrvrrqw?-r,..m V. 4 , W -v. ,Ah 'H-'vw-n4M..,.,,,. , -...M N, W " 'wwf ' An old English manuscript provides a stimulating topic for discussion in this English class. English And Language Fosler World Peace ENGLISH - LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS TOP ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Virginia Anderson, English, Miss Marian Los Kamp, English, Mr. Arthur Moore, Student Faculty Advisor, English, Chr. 2A Class, Mrs. Alma Pavid, English, Mrs. Kathleen Putney, English BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Joseph Rediger, Chr. English Dept., Mr. Jerome Schneider, English, French, Chr. 3A Class, Miss Leota Schroeder, English, Miss Paula Sheller, English, Mrs. Courtney Smith, English, Star and Key Advisor. 1' Y 16 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT lEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Margaret Henry, Spanish Mrs Francis la Fon fume French Mrs Lenore Marker Luhn lahn Club Advisor Mlss Phyllis Reeves French French Club Advisor Mrs Marlo Tuys Spunlsh Spnrlsh Club Advxsor 1 11 141 1 111111 1 1111111 Il1'l'll1 1111111 113111111111 1111111111111 1 11111111111 1 1 1 11111 11111111' 111 hllll 1 114 1 1111 1111 4 1 4 1 4 ll 4 II 11-11111 111 11111411 1111 111.14 111 4 Q 111111111111 111 lg N1 1 1 Il IX 1111111 1111114 1 1 111 11 111111111 .111 NN 1 111 11 XII 1 11111 IN 1111 ll 11 X1.1111111.1 H 1 1111 111111111111 111111 1111111 1 Il 11111 .1 1111 1111111 111111 11' 1 1 1 1 1 N1ll11X 111 121110 1 l1L11N . . . 1 4 4 1111111111 1111 l!1111ll1lllI'1'111l111 11111 N111 X1 111 1 ll 1 p11 .11r1 1 1 ll 114 It 1 1111.11 11111111 1111111 11 lx 111 . . 1111 Q 11111 111 ll 1 1 11111 111 X H S. 1111 1111111 11 111111 lllt CII N111 11111111 IIIQ ll . 11 11 11111111 111 .111111111111 111 LIN 114 llxl we -us 11: pros mu WK 'H X ,X ,X , -t'otRi'4--"" Q , I. . f.- -nxirrgu srArr.wLPRf-WA W ,I , L, A ? ' V ' riin-fait fur v I i -i I ,. Q' 3 term I J I' ,, 2 gg if ."' , .rf 'M i if A . 'sly 4 ,fir ' fx sf -f I fi aw . A, , . . .. The United Siates' iudiciol sysfem is the topic being studied in this Government and Politics class. Hisiory Bridges Gap From Pasi To Preseni 'l'hc purpose of thc study of history has long bccn zur lIIILlt'I'SlilIIdiIIQ of standing of thc past. sclws zuid others is thc prcscnt through an undcr- Today ri knowledge of our'- csscntizil. Thus, if history hc' tht' mvzins to such an cnd, it is ri niodcst invvstmvnt with grczit dividends. ln A. H. S. the his I8 tori' of main is studied from thi' 'V .sf Q19 i L CZIYCHIZIII to Khi'ushr'hc'x', and historical cvcrits zum' girizrlyzcrl in an vffort to determine their vffort on civilization :is wr- know it today. Our newly-r'c'qtiii'c'rl c'ix'ic's coursc' is zrinivd :it pri'- ducing Citizcns who will undvrstnnd rind :tcccpt tht' rcsponsibilitirs of clCmor'i'z1c'y so that it will r'Cm:iin forcwr' vital. SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT TOP ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Howard Billingsp Mrs. Kay Cossehe, Photography Club Advisorp Mrs. Charline Decker. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Ashley Jones, P.E.p Dr. John Peoplesg Mr. Harold Woods. 'S fi. - ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Miss Grace Powers, OAK LEAF Advisor. 119 .15 L... 1 VOCATIONAL ARTS DEPARTMENT TOP ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Chris Free- man, Wood Shop, Industrial Arts, Mr. Roger Gray, Radio and Electrical Shop, Industrial Arts, Mr. Don Howell, Machine Shop, ln- dustrial Arts. BOTTOM ROW--LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ernest Massotty, Mechanical Drawingg Mr. Ed- ward McMuIIin, Auto Shop, Mr. Charles Scott, Industrial Arts. Shop Training Prepares For Work And Play Yoezitionzil training at Alzimedzi High is impor- life The other type of course offered is more or tant and quite varied. The courses offered are di- less explorzitorvg it gives the student ai general idea vided into two distinct types. The true vocational of the field. For some it is 21 Chance to develop 21 courses are such things as the two- and three-hour hobby. Courses available in addition to those al- machine, auto, or radio shops. Here the students rezidv mentioned are industrial arts, woodshops, and zietuallv learn a trade which will serve them in latex meviiiiniczil drawing. Working at the lathe and other machine tools helps prepare these students for a practical trade. Members of a drama class rehearse scenes for a Masque and Sandal production which will be presented during a student meeting. Students in the art department at Alameda High show great interest in their work as they prepare Christmas decorations. The Vocal Ensemble spend many long hours preparing for their performances before the students. MUSIC ART DRAMA D:PARTMENTS TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Carlfon Hanson Orchestra Mrs Dorothy Layton Art Mass Edna Relchmufh Art Chr 2B Class BOTTOM ROW Mnss Caro' Shaffer Choua Music Mr lloyd Slsler Drama Mr Ray mond Vldler Band Fme Arls Broaden Culfural Background lhlLl91C addx much to the spmt gaxetx ind tradl tlon of -X H 5 W hat would football games be xuthout the band, or the Chrlstmas pageant wlthout the orc he-Stra and xoeal qroupsg In art our Students max learn mam thlnqs from xnter color pamtlnq to the makmq of potterx and the bL11lLllYlQ of Sets for the Semor llu 'Xlr S1Qler N dmmu Clagsee are x med too The Stu dent learns to 'ict YNltl'l hw wx hole bodx through pin tomlme and to lmproxe hli Speetkmq 'll31llU Il'lIOl1ffl1 dlctlon exerc1xeQ Fach term the dmmi cl BQ preQents 1 plqx for the Student hodx Our Oalented orchestra practices hard to keep up the quality of ns unusually fine work 31341 2l 1 1 1 F - 1 I 1 1 - : . , . i - 1 I - ' , . C L , ., , - . . K 4 . v t , L f 1, . - 1 y .. .G Y, . i A p 1 a A 1 A 5. - C L k m C n A, ' 1, Y. , . V. A i N v. . V v n A 1 T' K 1 1 K , l . 7 '. ' . . c 1 v 1 Q A 1 O . .' ' ' Q W ,' ' . . J 4 1. " Zf, . I 1 1 t 'L ' 4 A K , ' 1 2 4 ' .f ' . . ...- nk R.O.T.C. cadets train to perfect skilled movements in the manual of arms. Here they are executing "stack arms." 0 O R.0.T.C. Trams For Leadership It is with great anticipation that the cadets of our occupied, for in addition to tactics and military sci- grcat reserve oflicers' training corps look forward to ence, principles of leadership and discipline have the opening of their armory in the new west wing. been taught. After having operated in cramped quarters for the R.O.T.C. classes are in session from 7:50-8:42 past one and one-half years, the R.O.T.C. will be before the regular school session begins. glad once again to expand its program of education A class in swimming is also held for R.O.'l'.C. in military science and tactics. Nonetheless, the pro- students during sixth period. Alameda High can gram has been full enough to keep these fine boys well be proud of the record upheld by the R.O.T.C. P.E. AND R.O.T.C. DEPARTMENTS-TOP ROW, left to right: Mfsgr. Wilbert Brown, rifle team coach, Non- Coms Club advisor, Miss Edith Carpenter, Women's Block "A" advisor, Maier John Farnsworth, Omcers' Club Advisor, Mr. Calder Hayes, Chr. P.E. Dept., advisor Men's Block "A", Mr. Henry Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Forrest Klein, Mrs. Freda Kympton, Mrs. Myrtle McKenna, Chr. P.E. Dept., Mr. Marvin Pearson, Mrs. Marian Schwartz, Modern Dance. 22 The sport of basketball promotes good, healthy sportsmanship and keeps students in top physical condition. Boys' physical education at Alameda High is a well-balanced program designed to build a solid character and to mold a sturdy body. Through healthy competition among them- selves, these boys learn the essentials of eo- operation and good sportsmanship. ln the varied sports program that is offered. boys can find the sport that suits them best. while sampling from among the other sports. The sports that are offered in the boys' physi- cal education program are volleyball, basket- ball, swimming, and touch football. A required course of hygiene and First aid is also included. Rugged exercise also forms a part of the curri- culum. Other sports such as track and baseball were eliminated from the P.E. program owing to the fact that our field was not available for use, but students next year will be able to take ad- vantage of these games when our field is re- opened. P.E. ls Pleasure With A Purpose The Girls' P.E. Department is divided into regular P.E. classes and Modern Dance. A variety of sports are enjoyed each semester, including such things as swimming, basketball, softball, hockey and speed-a-way. ln Modern Dance the girls work to improve their own dancing skills. They also study rhythm and compose dances. This year, for the first time. the Modern Dance classes, in co-operation with the music department, pre- sented a program for the Student Body. This training helps immensely in the development of poise and grace. The purpose of physical education is much more than the promotion of physical htness. gives a girl a chance to work with others in a group, as well as to develop her own skills. The Health lidueation program is also very important: the girls study personal hygiene. first aid and home nursing. Volleyball, one of many girls' sports offered, is a fast, active game enioyed by all. COMMERCIAL AND HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS-TOP ROW, left to right: Mrs. Joanne Higbee, Clothing, Mr. Lee Jackson, Dictation and Transcription, Steno., Mrs. Marcella Lauck, Oitice Practice, Mrs. Sara Patty, Steno., Typing. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Einar Sorensen, Accounting, Mrs. Louise Thom, Clothing, Home Management, Mrs. Rita Thompson, Foods, Homemaking, Mrs. Josephine Van Ogtrop. Students Plan Careers In Cffice And Home The Courses oflered in the commercial department are of value to the college prep student as well as to the business student. A variety of skills is offered, but typing is basie. When a student decides on a business course, he usually takes typing. oflice practice, short- hand. accounting, and machine calculations. A few skilled students are plaeed in jobs upon graduation. All girls, whether they have a career or not, will some day become homemakers. The courses at A.H.S. are designed to help our girls to make a suc- Ottice practice students learn the operation of a mimeographing machine. cess of homemaking. ln foods classes the girls study nutrition and learn to cook meals as a unit. Home safety is also studied. The apartment is used for practical work in entertaining and housekeeping. 'l'he ability to sew adds much to good homemak- iugg sewing the girls learn to do beautifully in tht clothing classesg some even design their own crea- tions. llach term a fashion show is presented in co- operation with the l'.'l'.A. Students in a foods class study the modern way to cook. . 5 s i 5 . 5 4 'fi w-9 OFFICE STAFF-TOP ROW, left to right: Mrs. Helen Arfsten, Book Room, Mrs. Kay Dahl, Attendance Office, Mr. Charles Geyer, Driver Edu- cationg Mrs. Inez Gingrich, Attendance Office, Miss Barbara Griggs, Asst. School Secretary. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, School Secre- tary, Mrs. Elizabeth Hemrich, Librarian, Mrs. Kathleen Hunter, School Nurse, Mr. Al Lorenzana, Head Custodianp Mrs. Esther McCIara, School Bank. These People Are Vital To Our School This section of the book cannot be closed without a word about all these people whose motto is school service. The oflice staff works hard to help the ad- ministrators keep the school functioning smoothly. Mrs. Hemrich has charge of the library, which con- tains a good supply of books for reference work or pleasure reading. The text books and their care are the concern of Mrs. Arfsten, text book clerk. Nlr. Geyer instructs students in the fine points of driving as well as in basic mechanical operations. Mrs. Hunter, the school nurse, helps carry out the city health program. The rnany school productions pre- sented could not take place without the aid of the stage crew. Last but not least are the maintenance crew and the laundry staff which work to keep our school neat and clean. MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT-FRONT ROW, left to right: H. Stvuizi, M. Anderson, L. Camper, F. Schuster, I. Stefani, E. Higby, E. Hagman. SECOND ROW: A. Lorenzana, Head Custodiang G. Schimer, R. Crocker, F. lackman, P. Eular. QP K' "" W' gf, Q ww xv xw i - X ?7 ACTIVITIES I 54 on xmas If A Ixxxvl iw 1 on na, fe L Sham. Q U b e. X xl E""" 1 I XV JI U SEECIQCILSB . I f kk v ,.,f'yX f L 'III II' its I'IfI?iw ' Q 'f' x ,j Tl I -N - I . I JI I II r fu wh I QI 2 2' no 1 I I 2 ' II I'iI K f I I, I 'If I Il E I Fall Sludenl Body Funchons Run DON BELL SUE CHURCH President Vice President Under tht outstanding ltddershlp of Don Btll l resident of the fall semester IQ 17 the weeklx All meda High Sthool student meetings met the trfzdl tional hxqh st mdards which hdxe been set through out the xedrs Xbly assisting Don, was Sue Church who served as our Vice President and headed the Presldent, represented Alimeda High it xdrious ollit lal functions Our Recording Seeretirx 1m Funcr did an :xc ellent Joh ktepmq 100 per Cent mlnutcs for thc tum Ns lm mu xl Surttux lee Archer w is busx securing student rms from loc il pl mes of business ind p xx mg bills ineurrcd hx the student bodw Penm Draxer our spirited Yell Imder, did 1 wonderful job supporting 1nd cheering the te1m at A H S footbill Q nnes l7ll1ULS III xc ommendable manner our student meet ings wert llwaxs interesting 'md wall conducted rl he IX C A l O A L 'lalent Show 1n whleh talent from othcl sc hools was prtsented and tnjoxtd hx ill FALL STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW leff Vo rlghf Mr Bell Mr Bryan Miss LosKnmp Mr Moore S Church ROW ll S Anderson D Hoglund S Husund N Brad! S Moody L Spector ROW Ill L Archer J Ferner R Blunden D Bell C Jensen 28 O . w X 2 nz 'K -' ', " "'z "1 " " ag . . , . . . , . ' A L' . . 1 . . 1 ,. L L . L -- . 1 'K K. 2 K ' 1 y , L- K - 4. q I. ' ' 1 It ' 2 'rx' np A, lv nL'.nv . K Y my K' A . 1' F . K K Q xx I 1 .K n ntl. ' . ', - . L . iz Service Panel. Don and Sue, as President and Vice- The fall terms leaders carried out their responsi- C' 'A xl' x A C 1 .4 2 vr . kv ' I . ,Lv ' 2 v 1 v' 3 -1 , - ,lv I xx . 4 I I I xi' x I I lv N L1 v lv 5.4 I x . r x ' I l T I Z ' I ' I . I ' , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . . : - . -, --2' A f. U tr ., P , - V' x ,f X , Smoolhly Under Able Leaclerslnp JIM FERRIER LEE ARCHER PENNY DRAYER Recordmg Secretary Fmancnal Sezreiary Yell Leader SllXlI1g Xlmudl Hlgh School students is tll 1 qmunrnq bodx thc E111 XLlI'I1lI11NII'lLlXC Bcurd ss IN m 1dr up of rcprucntitlxu from each cl N lhesc fluted Xd Bo nd members mrrled out the wishes of the students 1nd prm lded is well for c re mu student ffm ernment responslble for the E111 Openmq Demee Rldxn Hlqh ss hleh xx as xerx sueeosfullx rnwnaqed bx our Recording SCCFCITFX 1m Irerrler ind Vue Presldent Sus rn C hureh C urt lNelson deslgned the flex er blds ss hlch NS ere of Qold 'md blur resemlillnq the old l-Blllillllll flung ln alluons lhe ClCiOf'iIl0HQ eomnnl tce he'1ded lux nfl Berm mn e irrled out thus thfmm Sc rx mg ws ehalrmcn ofthe x drmus other rommntteu were Patt Stllckler publlcltx Dan Lufkm music Chrls ensen, refreshments and Din long Skll Xlso durmq the fill term the enjox able student bodx meetmqs presented were a eredlt to the hard workmq Student Faeultx Commlttee who qreatlx asslstcd Presldent Bell ln hls seleetlon of mterestmq as well as edueatlonil programs for our Fhursdix meetmqs FALL AD BOARD FRONT ROW left to right C Von Berckefeldt S Towata M Ullner L Skinner C Davies K Thomas ROW ll C Torpey S Church J Ferrler P Sfrnekler J Freschl D Long ROW Ill C Nelson J Berman R Wolff W Newell L Archer C Jensen ROW IV P Reynolds D Bell D Lufkm B Pollard T if 29 I Q uf fi: ,Z 'l, he , in. 15' . 2 . ,. K- h '- E s T .,,., K ' -is , . s Zin.. ' ' A, , K, x t. In . l Y, . I I . is , N. , I Z, , V. C ' , fn. A. 'j K, Q. N u . , li. ,lv A-L v. I tl v . 2 l .,.. , , .V J l Q . , . . . r, . ,C K, . . N Y . A 4 . . ' As IS tradltlonal at A.H.S., the Ad Board was . ' , . f , ic I K ec .. N . I A ' . , lk P , . - V' ,U l l l ' I 'YA' xl fl C ' fl Q . KV K . - . ' .A . . V K . 1 1 V 1 v r 4 1' I i Q ' l , - . . ' . ' . , , . .1 . . A . .. KV , . 4' - C , ' ' C, ' " ' ' K 1 . f, 5 ' W - ' . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . ' , . . 2 lf ,nl v 3 J' 6' -v s 'Q : Xi., ' :.. M Q X A 'L I , f v N l - L-- 'N . f Boards Qenlrol Keep Us On Our Toes NJ no ff: 'tv -on-Q. ev' rn, FALL MEN S BOARD OF CONTROL FRONT ROW left fo rush C WhlIghurch3G Farwell C Hooper W Stanley ROW Il S Noruye S Carnahan J Metzner H Pon G James ROW lll B Hansen B Hopluns T Veileson S Stevens ROW IV D Thorpe J Collins Owen S McCann S Wllkln P Hansen R Johnson l he ls all Men s and TN omen s Boards of C ontrol were led bs Garx lsarvsell and Nanex Bradt Chief w ere TN aw ne Stanlex I' d Stapel C huek TN hitehureh and Chrls Hooper Xlens Board of Ciontrol and Sue Bx rne, Gail Andrus Kathx Brown and anct TN allm, TN omen s Board of C ontrol On eaeh board are 94 members who are chosen bx the Ad Board and a special student faeultx Com mittee lhe boards enforce rules at student boclx meetings football qamcs and other school affairs seniors five high Juniors and fixe lovw juniors During the term the qlrls xx ore rcd plaid ties whitc mlddies, and nan blue skirts whilc the boxs more their traditional gold and white caps rlhc boards ended their term bx haxmq dmnc rs with their td xisors Xlrs Hoeksema and Nlr Bell FALL WOMEN S BOARD OF CONTROL FRONT ROW left to right S Walters J Wallin S Byrne N Brad! G Andrus K Brown ROW Il B Sultan J Roderick N Momh A Yamushfa J Friedrich N Enerman ROW III C Snell J Wydo S Barbour S Delvenlhal J Losee ROW IV M Jones S Glllard P Weber B Beegel 31 V V 'G r 'I r" -4 ' I 1 Ei X lil 5 i af , "" I I M .ai i T 1. t u BBQ ec 'x K' ' ' . - , lxmhib .I 'L . , . ,I . Y .V ,Y 1 Y ,V 9 I A i .fa c 1 X" ' 1 Clouneilors of their respective boards. Assisting them Seven high seniors are Chosen as well as seven low 4 . .I , , c , . , . ., 1 . .. . . . , if . ' g 1 I Q ' ' .', ' ' I f . V 5 4 . 1 ' b. . H 4 ii.. A . ' V f - nn,. 4 I f A I ' Dances Highlight Social Activities "solve" 1 Students sway to music on records at the Opening Dance, "Harbor Lights." - irnml tluiiim' l'mm with its clt-wi' hicls :incl This yczir, thv tlziiifcs wvrt' hvttm' than n'x'i'i': iwll tht fr planncd, wcll zittcn The fall opcning siicccss zincl. us thc' first clznicc of thc' fzill sciin'stc'i'. l21llI1l'lN'Kl thv tvrm 'l'hc' ncxt clziiifc, thc' Soph Hop, Nllzisy Going," was hc-lcl Uctfilwr ll. 'lihv trziclitimizil girl-ask-hen' clziiicc, "Riclin' High," was gi hig Bw l this dvd, und wcll likvtl. Cl1'U1I'11liHllS- finning thc- swing sc-iiivstm'i"s social aictivitivs spring ripening cluiicv. "H1n'hm' Lights." wzi in high SHIP pi'z'sc'iitt'cl on l"t'lnruz1i'y Ql and lIlII'ULllll't'Cl tht- ncxx ' ' fi'i'shnit'ii to .-Xlziiiivclzi High. lfollmxiiig this clinica- tht' Junior Prmn. "l'llz1mingu," wits cnicnvtl hy .eX.H.S. stuclvnts. clzxnfc was zi rt'c'0rcl-lbrcwiktni' and ai crctlit tu thc' rl-hi, mph hop- -.MV and M3 Slmduwqu was tht 5'lPh"m"l"'5 ifhfiPI'f'Sf'I11f'fi ll' linzil clziinvrwftlit- yc'ni'n1nl riiliiiiiizitvcl .-X.H,S. night 'l'ht' lust fnll clzincv, "l'iiclcrwzitc'i' lfziiitzisyf' uns lift-. Students at the spring Opening Dance find it to be an enioyable affair. Refreshment time between dances finds muny students engaged in friendly conversation. WF' 32 x For many weeks ahead of time. high sopho- mores were seen scurrying about Alameda High School. preparing for one of the highlights of the A.H.S. social calendar. the Soph Hop. Clever posters were circulated in each classroom, and members of the Sophomore class carried bids to publicize this memorable dance. Proving that their preparations had been excel- lent. the Sophomores were proud to know that their Hop had broken all records. This record- breaking dance, "Easy Going." was held on Oc- tober l l, 1957, in the A.H.S. gym, imaginatiyely decorated for the occasion. The Soph Hop was ably managed by Bob Shepherd and Hope Chipman. To assist them. the following committee chairmen were chosen: Hiroshi Abiko. bids: Daryl Lyerla, publicity: Judy llggers. reception: Mary White, skit: Linda Boucher, ttttlslcl Ann Shirley, refreshments: and Gregg Hoffman. decorations. Hop And Prom l'1?'YK SOPH HOP-Co-Manager H. Chipman, Manager B. Shepard CHAIRMEN-FRONT ROW, left to right: M. White, skit, G. Hoff- mann, decorations, M. Orth, H. Abiko, bids. ROW ll: D. Lyerla publicity, A. Shirley, refreshments, L. Boucher, music, J. Eggers reception. Draw Large Crowds 'l'he class of lfebruary 59. inspired by the beau- ties of the world beneath the sea. selected the theme. "L'nderwater Fantasy," for the fall term's Junior Prom. 'l'he dance was held on Friday. Noy. l5. in the Alameda High School gym which had been completely transformed by imaginative decorations. In the background was a scene de- picting a half-sunken treasure ship: the remainder of the decorations consisted of artistic replicas of underwater adventure: a pirate treasure chest gleaming with gold and jewels. a suspended octo- pus, fishnets. starfish, various Howers, and multi- colored sea shells. As its bid. the class used a glittering. globe- shaped hshnet in which a goldfish was suspended. .-Xttached to this tmusual bid was a small. gold dance program. JUNIOR PROM-Co-Manager J. Hopkins, Manager C. Russ CHAIRMEN-FRONT ROW, left to right: J. Randall, decorations K. Briscoe, bids, P. Nelson, I.. Spector, skit, E. Maroulqg, skit ROW ll: P. Weber, publicity, C. Maritzen, sales, S. Winsby musicp G. Camicia, W. Ullner, bids. George llvIl.fhf7I4Qf0H Slvjli llere. a three-art eomedy bv the famous team of Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. served as the vehicle for the presentation of the aeting abilities of the members of the elass of June 53. 'lihe elass gave this de- lightful faree as their senior play on the nights of November l and 2. The plav begins as Mr. Newton Fuller. who greatly admires the supposed advantages of living in the Country. deeides to buy an old, historic' farmhouse in Pennsylvania. a farmhouse in which George YYashington has onee slept. He does this without eonsulting his wife, Annabelle, who hates even the thought of living outside the city limits. Adding to the fun are Bfr. Kimber, the humorous hired hand: Katie and Hester. the temperamental household help: Rladge, Raymond, and Unele Stanley, other members of the familvg and many new neighbors and aequaintanees. COMMITTEES l'1rrf1f'r!ie'.x . . . . Janet Henson PPQHVIIIIIX , Carol Snell Publirily .... Liv lforbes Tirkfli . . , Nanrv Kapgenehs Sounrl . . Rodney Nfell, .Xllen Mille-1' Ligliting . . Glenn qlzunes, Don 'liraver Singf Seftiugx . . . Lenore Lavne .Make-up . . Judes- Losee. Pat Good Sound Ejerfv . . Chris Hooper, Jaek Ross:-r DIRECTORS ,llanager . ..,.. Vfendell Kit-w C0-lllfznrlgez . Cathy Christrnann Director' , . Mr. Lloyd Sisler Student Dirertm Diana Homme yi ef UPPER-Annabelle and Newton tell Hester that they are going to move back to the city. Actors are Sue Byrne, Francis Castle, and Janice Larsen. LOWER-Rena Leslie, played by Christine Leefeldt, looks on while Francis Castle as Newton goes after his daughter who has iust eloped with Steve. Rena Leslie and her actor-husband, Clayton Evans, played lay Jim Batterslay, argue while Steve and the Fullers watch. Y. g., .QQW 'H 'ig -Q Y An interesting change of pace is olfered by carolers in The traditional nativity scene emphasizes the meaning the Christmas Pageant. of Christmas. Beautitul Pageant Presented At A.H.S. Participants in a Mexican Christmas celebration wait anxiously as one of their number attempts to break the Pinata. 36 The beautiful Christmas Pageant presented at A.H.S. this year was named Unto All the World. The pageant begins with the appearance of a little boy and girl from a yellow house. The chil- dren join other children in Christmas games. The horrified parents of the other children come and drag them away, scolding, "You must never, never play with Children from the yellow house!" The little boy and girl are left alone on the stage. The scene is now the Church. and the minister is telling his congregation frontaining these same parents yi about Christmas in other lands, proving that Christmas is for everyone. The Congregation is transported to Germany, Mexiro, England, France, and Holland. The pageant ends with the yery moving manger scene which shows Nlary, Joseph, and the angels looking at the Infant. This inspiring pageant was written and di- rected by Mr. Lloyd Sisler. Others in charge were Miss Shaffer. choir: Mr. Hanson. orchestra: Mrs. Layton. Costumes: Mrs. Schwartz. daneeg Miss Reiehmuth. stage sets: Mrs. Hoeksema. publicity: Bob Males, soundg Carol Snell. student direetorg Greg Hoffman, pin rail: Don Trayer and Glenn James, lighting: and Pat Good, make-up. Playgoers Ushered In With Skull -Xt each important it tix itx held in our auditorium munben of tht Lxhtrttto and R O T C were on hand to help sell L1ClxCIQ paw out proqrama ext ort people to their Qeati and anmer anx queetions During the past xeai the iuditorium Qtaffs were busx sw 1th their important dutiex at both the Fall and Spring Ctrtduation at tht I' ithtrs Follies it tht C hrietmas Pageant and at the Senior Plaxx Gear U6 I1 aslzzngton Slept Here and Iadzex 0 the jun The time and Qerxicee which are gn en xolun Students of -Xlameda High School and hx xmtorx attending the performantu USHERETTES FRONT ROW left to right J Ware M Murphy B McCoy L Tlmmerman R Duncan ROW ll P Rivera M Irmer L Davey B Jennings D Hlgby L Flashman ROW Ill G Walter B Hlll P Irmer S Terstege E Ward P Bozdeck AUDITORIUM STAFF FRONT ROW left to right G Santos P Champion K Aaroe R Locke L Potter K Law ROW ll T Jarrett R Oliver E Herom R Bachtel W Millard J Downie ROW Ill R Llvesey M Slebert F Nerenberg L Clinton L Knepper F Castle ROW IV R Hull S Wroebel P Schroeder l 3 7 O O which might arise. tarily by these staffs. are greatly appreciated by the I li .' 1' 4 ' 2 i A . Q ' ,' .l , -K ti 4' , .' K, , .' ' ' ' P. 1 4 i , .,'.. 1 . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , . I I . , I : . I l , . ' i I . Z ' I ' . I ' I ' I ' I . . : . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' . : . ' , . ' , . , . ' , . , . . : . , . , . , S. Brown. Talenlecl Muslc Groups Provlde Key xwlf Rambo Qulllcl ROW ll J Raab BAND FRONT ROW left to right C Marnzen M Schrleber B Hepburn J Sharp C Martinez R Smnh D B Long C Boharmn M Snapp R Edwards R Haefer R Vldler ROW Ill J Adamy N Tennant W Farnsley J Derr R Shaver R Garslde G Millard Durmq thc p 1st xcdr thc b 1nd and thc orc hun 1 haue bun xcrx IC tue 'I hex h uc 1dded Splflt to 1ll of our 1mport mt school f1tt1w1t1cs 111d hdxc part1c1 pdtcd 111 m 1111 c1tx fur1ct1ons 'Xlcmbcrs of both 1t tcndcd thn IHUNIC fcNt1v1l 'tt C O P rl hc orchutm d1rcctcd hx C irlcton Hinson plax Cd at both thc lf ill and bprmq Semor Plaxs c C hr1Stm1s P 1qta11t and the cm vsldc mum futn 1l ll 1th 1tN mtmhcrs rcsplcndcnt lfl thclr now gold md whltc llIl1fOIIT1S the btmd, d1rutcd hx Rt11111o11d Xlldlfl' plax cd forthe Al 1mcd11 H1gh School P rl A for the students at XCITIOUS clementdrx schoole 111 Xlimcda, at A H S Student bodx mee-tlnqs and 1t football qamce, and 111 tht cltx wlde mus1c fcstn al In 11dd1t1on tht hmd plow cd lt two spemal ucnts th1s xmr thc Vetcrms D11 pt1r1dc md the dcd1C1 tum tcrcmom 11 whuh tht corncretom of our mu lmulldmq YN 1K l'llLl ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW left to rlght K Hyde S Heeley J Heeley C de Haas E Hlgby ROW II V Meek J Mafhleson B Coggm B Wnllson L Lufkln ROW III M Gourley A Maller H Carlson W Smffen A Spector ROW IV B Babcock M Mornson R Bellmer W Brown M McCroy W Berne .Uri 9 o x . 1 6, ' 1 lv.. ' ' ' N' "' Q . , 31,1 Y 1- -1' 1: . - f x L I ,', f--- ., + . J' , ,, .. . MV' Y" ' W4 , R, A ,, . . 5 v -4 uw U "V -1 Q 1 Q 1, t i 1 Y A we .ik Q J V' W 1 L j N I 'Q 1 My .Y N, W M , H W Q ,- 35.221 y fl w 4 ' K ' 'dv 1 H T ' 1 ' ' ' i - .,. ff il " ' 1 I ' 1 -- .. .., I 1 j 1 ' ' v 1 V, N . .. ' 'v' , - -f L , V 5, 'Tw .1 - 2 C 1 :Q .1 4, 1 14 of ' " , , . 1- f , , ' ' - Nl f-ee , , . fr' - W' 'V - 1 swi ' ' ' , 4 , U . In vga, , K x .1 ,V- - , ' : . ' , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , . " '. : . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , , , . , . , . . ROW IV: P, Reynolds, R. Pocock. . 4 x r v ' v m v 1 w xv v, . . 1 . - 1 4 ' 1 s 1 v r 1 1 . 1. 1 , , 4 . . 1 , , , 1 I 1 L J Q 1' K C C 5 I A L K k n -A Q, I , - 1 - I v. . 1 r 1 v, . w- N. 1 v . v , v 1 - I K A A l , ' n L n 4 r I f v c' - 1 . v 1 v r r Y 1 1 I r 4 I I , . . 1 1 1 ' I 4 1 . .1 . . I . k. 2 1 1 - C l 1- a Q A f - A Q 1 . , . , . . . , , ..,, , , 1 , . , . , , ., c , ' Ac c 1 , , 1 L I , 4 . , . . 2' , 1 1 ' K. ",th sw: -2 .' 11" fz 1 1- ' ', . . . -, .' .- v' ' . ,. ' Y, ' . , V , 1 ' , 1 . , , , . 1 . 1. 1 K , , 1 . ,. 4 . I 1 . V. . ' 1 L-v x- 3 x I h H v I - l ' v ' . , , . ,. 1 4. 1 . - , ' : . , . , . , . , . ' . : . , . ' , . ' , . , . . : , , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . . fx, .sa r 9 1, 6 X Tx, .s VV . . I 1 ' - 3 'R' 'nd' ' 1 Note In Malor School Performances CHOIR FRONT ROW left to rnght P Wong P Gorton L Poupeney M Malnberg L Freltas D Baxter M Llvesey C Wallace C Morey C Davis N Stormer S Purtee ROW ll J Boyd C Peters B Perata N Rueda J Nordmark R Rowe S CYEVOISIEY L Smith K Craig J Lessley A Poggl Mlss Shafer ROW III J Jorgens B Ahlberg P ONelll M Tatum D Lyon S Terstege J lngeman A Thayer V Hunter B Hull R Haefer ROW IV V Hunter G Walter R Wong K Persyn W Frazeur R McEachern J Beattle B West J Hull F Castle D Fravel ROW V B Wong B Wlllls B Hansen J Marshall K Park B Larsen A Grahn M Largartlcha ROW VI K Warner D Hlgby Xltunedtt High St hool is xerx fortunate to hate uteellent performance w hieh helped much to make such .tn outstanding music department Our actixe the pageant a great success Visitors as well as stu Shaffer hate participated in mam presentations fictxxe tot al groups also sang 1n the X H S rl alent During tht C llIlNLI'll'1S Pagtant the thoir qaxe an Show VOCAL ENSEMBLE FRONT ROW left to right K Crang P ONelll GIRLS GLEE FRONT ROW left to right C Pope M Mitchell E D Baxter C Wallace S Crevolsler R Rowe ROW II W Frazeur Lewis, D Martmez K Gunsto C Davls P Olsen ROW II B Mohr B Hansen D Fravel R Llvesey F Castle ROW III R wlllIS G Keeney H Melsel P Carr K Baum C Snoey ROW Ill S Gnce G Walter N Stormer L Smlth S Terstege J Hlll M Lenvllle C Hockahout C Prlce J McPherson S Schuetz P Blunden ROW IV V Figueroa L Segerqulst F Muller S Heaton C Sllva ROW V S Dorado G Pallzzolo L Traver E Maroulas J Rlblett 39 O . , . ' , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' ' , , . , . , . , - . I - , Z , - , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . 1 . , . , . - , . , . , . , . , . A. f .. 'T k', 'S , , fr. ,rss s f -1 v'4 x W Ll I Li S K L. n ' Y li K I L u .L. L Km, I ln A '- vocal groups, under the direction of Miss Carol dents greatly appreciated the talents displayed. These .I ' X , ' 'J I I ' R l ' I' . I .. 1 I G ll i ' li .i 1 .V .1 l I I . .iI. I' - . .I I i l l I I I I I . I -. . I .l : I I l I I i . , . , . . , . . : . . I , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , 1 . :. . , . , . ' , . , , . . : . ' , . , . , . , . , . . . I , . , . I , . , . , . . . 1 . ' , . . ' , . , . , . . : . , I , . , . , pq. MARVIN ROGNEBY NANCY KAPGENEHS KAY BRISCOE LENORE l.AYNE Edutor Business Manager Asslstant Editor Art Edntor Acorn Staff Records Memories OI Pasi' Year Another ACORN leaves the prc ss to record III word and plcture the memorles of events during the past year It leaw es w1th the smcere hope that It wlll nlwaws keep alne the Splflt of A H S 1V1th th1s goal uppermost 1n thelr mlnds the 1958 I he work began as far back as last unc when the staff was chosen, and new features for the book were d1scussed Durmg the summer months, the staff met often and planned the theme stwle, and laxout of the 1958 book As school opened agam the staff contlnucd 1ts work p1cturcs were scheduled and duly taken, ads were SOl1ClICd, the budget was bal smced, the semors p1ctures were taken and sent to the engrax ers, and copx was wrltten proofread, and tx ped sex eral t1mes rl he staff whlle workmg werw hard on th1s book, has enjoxed a feelmg of accompllshment as lt has watched the development of the 1958 ACORN from ldeas on scratch paper lnto a fimshed book We on the staff smcerelx hope that w1th1n these c omparatn elv few pages max be retamed somethlng of the spmt and tradltlons of Alameda Hlgh St hool BUSINESS STAFF SEATED left to rlght Sarah Hamnlton Sharon Wakefield Sharon Enos STANDING Cathy Roskn Joan Stiles Debbie White O ,,. V Y 1 .R I 'K ,,, Q . . . . L v A v ' I , . Y' 1 v a 'v A ' , 1 A 5 K 1 .ACORN Staff has worked hard for several months. ' W . I . ' .H . V , ,. , J , Y' Q . . ' Y ' ' k V . Y . . ' 'V .Y 1' ' L , V Q . y Q 4 . . r ' ' ' ' ' 1, a 1 t ' , Q x L v Z K 1 D- . . C . ' L, A . A' s . - r ' 7 , 1 1 - 4 'Wo 2 Qi "W E ,s. - Editor Mr. Schneider checks over copy with Francis Castle and Volerie Hove, Virginia Ross, and Joanne Wydo look over Carol Snell. ACORN copy before starting to type. ACORN STAFF --lssistznzt Editor ,-1 rt Edilor .eIrtiz'ilifAs' liffitm' . fjfgfllllltlfl-UIIA' lizlitm' Smzior Editor Boys' Sports Eclilm' . Class Editori' Sm' 717111111 Xlurvin Rogneluy . Kay Briscoe l,encn'e Laym- . Carol Snell llziroline Yeller Margaret jones . Francis Castle Cynthia Ferguson, Martha Caswell Virginia Ross SPl'7'FlIl7',Y Joanne lYydo -S'Pf'fPfIlI',1' . Valerie Hove .S'ef,'r'et111'y Jeanne Andersun Plz0t0lQ7'11f1lzm's . . Nelson Benton, 'Ferry Clussette, Bill Brzxdt lf11,s'iriz'5.i illflmzgwr . . Nanny Kapgenehs rliviytzlrzt l311s1'r1m.i ,llflIIIl4Lf!'7' . . Bill Cooley l3z15im's5.S't11jf . . . Sharon Wakefield 1'311.Sir10s,i .Stuff . Debbie White lizzsirzzfyi' Stuff Cathy Roski l3usmass.S'ff1jj . . Sharon lfnos HllXll1P.SS'.S.fIl-ff Nirnh june Hamilton HIJi'fI1!'AX . Huff . . klfigni Stiles Margaret Jones, Martha Caswell, and Caroline Yetter make corrections on the printefs dummy. The elements ofa good picture are discussed by Bill Brodt, Mr. Hallock, and Nelson Benton. x, Q-N-V """"f'Q-..,,.,..,.v A J Oak Leaf Siaff Reports The School News Mx SHARON MOODY CHUCK WHITCHURCH Fall Co-Editor Fall Co-Editor As all A.H.S. students know, about the busiest people around Alameda High are those on the OAK LEAF Staff. lts busy reporters can be seen with open notebooks and ready pens, chatting with stu- dents and teachers or covering club meetings and social activities of the school. To its readers, the staff reports the news of activities around school, writes amusing sketches of students and teachers, and provides accurate sports reports covering A.H.S. football, basketball, and baseball games, and swimming, tennis, golf, and track competitions. This year each student body member received his frcc OAK LEAF approximately once a month. The Judie Buckley and Cathy Roski solicit an ad from Tuckers to finance the OAK LEAF. ,,r,,,, , ,. i JERRI PRAGER JUDIE BUCKLEY Spring Editor Business Manager scnior issues, containing a summary of the OAK LEAF Senior Questionnaire, were dedicated to the graduating classes of February and June '58. The wide circulation may surprise many of its avid readers, for it is read in other states as well as in California. Miss Grace Powers, faculty advisor, and Editors Jerri Prager and Judie Buckley, have done a fine job of supervising the efhcient OAK LEAF Staff in its outstanding coverage of school news. Students enjoy the OAK LEAF because it reports such a variety of items ranging from important school problems and political happenings to amusing articles on all the latest gossip, fads, and jokes. Renee Woods and Jerri Prager discuss copy with Mr. Schowalter of the Times-Star Press. Editor . . ,elsustzrrzt Editors lizzxinffss flliirizzlgrr' Sports Editor C,'irt'ulati0rz Editor Feature Writers Ptl0tlIxQ7'tlf1iI1'li . . Cathy R The latest issue of the OAK LEAF is examined by Stan Voogd, Micki McNutt, Judie Buckley, Jerri Prager, and Juanita Peniston. l"AI,I, STAFF Jerri Prager Sharon Moody, Chuck lYhitchurc'h . Judie- Bufklcy Stan Pictu' . Renee lN'oods oski, Jani Graham, Rosellcc Barncastlc Nelson Bcnton Sports editor Stan Pierce, as well as Cathy Roski and Evelyn Maroulas, spends many hours writing feature articles. SPRING S'l'Al"l" Editor . . . -Iudic Buckley ,rlssistant Editors . . livclyn Maroulas, Jerri Prager, Mike Fassiotto liusinesi .Marzager . . . Judie Buckley Sporty Editor . Stan Voogd Cfirrutation Editor Juanita Pcniston Photographer . . Nelson Benton Proof reading the OAK LEAF before it goes to press are Juanita Penistcn, Sharon Moody and Jan Graham. 5. Q FRANCIS CASTLE Fun Day Manager DEANN GARDINER Co Manager JOAN ROBIE Alameda Hugh s Exchange Student to Germany Many Gulstancllng Students 0 Pun Dax IS held once ex erx two tears at Aldmedt Hlqh and 19 a great fax or1te w1th the Qtudents and teacheri ahke especlallx di ex erxone geta an earlx start for the fun Fl hc qxm xard 15 transformed 1nto .1 tdxnn al filled wslth boothx sponsored bx x.1r1o11S clubs and orffanxzatlons at A H S rlh1Q xear Pun BANK OF AMERICA AWARD WINNERS Kay Briscoe Flne Arts Wendy Newell Vocational Arts Dan Lufkm Math and Sclence Marvin Rogneby Liberal Arts ,- -.1 44 D tx w 19 I'Ih1I1cl0tCl lax l'rt1n11s C astle and Deann lc dllltll 04111 Robxc xx xx Selccttd bx the Amenean held 1111 c to 1 c our forelqn ext hange student and spend t tl 1 lltll 1 Xlillllfdd to bc 1 part of th1s program ind pm CN thi um for tht Stl1Clf'HlfQ who follow SCHOLASTIC ART AWARD WINNERS lenore Layne and Curt Nelson if fr A. I gf, 1 1 U ' 4- 'K . vx lv v lv f it . A f I 2 A- . . 1 1- ' 1 --'Af I Lv f ' f 'Q f V ' V' K 1 C"'1r ' 3 ' ' 1 ' ' L ' her st11i1mer in one of 54 Countries. 'Ioan is the first ' " 1 ' ' ' V ' '5 .v V V 5 s L1 cn ' 1 1 . ' 12 ' k ' . ' : 1 6 ' 313 1 fl N pf 1 my X :Q rj ' I, Y ,I A ? , , , f .R ff? 1 1.4" 1 4, 33 fp. fn 7 'L 'sm 4523 I If .Q 43,1 A I .asf WINNERS OF UN CONTEST J Shles L Layne YOUTH CITY OFFICIALS P Sfrlckler Treasurer C Chrlstmonn Councllwomon L Forbes Sup? of Schools and G Mcrneho Councllwoman Alameda Hugh Wm Honors AUX .mfnrdx md IUIIUIN unc 1 lux X +1 Bow S1111 111 lm IC LXIIIIICINUI the B111 411 qudf-mC thlg WW th gflwldgm XM XM Hd uk X111Cr1f1 M616 Dan Lufkm Xlath and DCICINC Nlrxrxln Rogncbx Ilbcral X112 Ixax Brwcoc' P1110 Xrte ind IN Qndx 'Ncucll Yocatmndl Arts 1 Icctcd to Youth C ltx YN CCL mer: Ron Nlnldch cm P111 Strlckler LIZ Forbck Grazm Nlarnctto Cond 61117611 hx C ml Rmqll md C athx Chrmmann For 1 ss lx thaw Studcntx Selectvd for Cf1rIQ 81.110 xx 11S Vcndx Nuscll 11111 lrmulx part m our Cltx gm Crnmvnt won In I cnorc I ax nv and C url Nelson lhn L 1111: d Natlom Contest hx mm Sulcx fillll Icnorc I um NOICC of Demon ram hx 811.11011 Xluoclx md D X R BOYS AND GIRLS STATE REFRE:ENTATIVES Wendy Newell VOICE OF DEMOCRACY WINNER Sharon Moody and Jlm Ferrler D A R GOOD CITIZEN Carol Snell 45 5- . 4 Q -, n - ' Q7 'Z 1 F' I 9 2 A 1- I A is I' . 1 . . f 4 S-'X gil , 1 1 'il .- 1 " J A. X I f H , .375 3'1"-If ..5w1. .Q ' ' 1 .-, . .11 I HI. 1 1 , 1 ,gg .UNI .lvl , 1 2 I-,.fL'y' 'f""- ,ff 1114- 'll' 1, 5 f 1 f'.IS,'Jf1f, ' Q 92 'fp' sl' 1,211 ' 1 1 C". -,., ff, Ill ,, J :'Nf,,,1, 1 .1-3, ff ff qi?-If? .!1,L?:Vf. 7 ,Q , 1 f . 5. JU W: . ' 'fg 3I'.12L'I"f, Q .W fl , . - E, I ,I I I S I J ,TX .,-I L as , ? in! , . , I if ,A ' ,, '.1-',,g' ylziiffn , fl- 5 ' -, I Q vu, 4.1.1 . .3- , A., , 1 1 , +. 3, Y , .. 5, If le. 1 r ! , :Ia " 1 4 S' " 1, ' . . z . ' , . . : . ' , g . ' , F - 1 - I - r 0 0 M' 1' ' " .' 2 I mn 1' .1 .I-1.5. I 1' .'z ', 1 1'I'I'- '11 4' ' 2 k I . 5 fi I 0 Q' " 1- .1 'Q 11- 1 1 ' ' - A - 'fl l 1. 1 I 1 . , A . -v .Y Y V Y U I. Q Y. . Q 4 V , . Q 7 1 Y V g 1, 1 4 1 , 1 .. ' ' ' . 1 - K . A . 1 A Q 'I I ' ' I 1 - - ' ' ' , ' ' ' 2 1 1' 1 .' . 4 'CFC' ', 1' I 1' K - " K-'L'f -,hw 'L -A'w V. :R , ' ' . , . 1 . - , I Sprung Student Body Affairs ,W LJ? -aff' 'ix JIM FERRIER BETTY RANKIN President Vlce President lroxmg the Soundnew of his leaderihlp and tht trammg that he had had as Recordlng Seeretars lm Ferrler Serx ed 1n the posltlon of Stud nt Bodx Preerdent durmg the Qpnng term 1958 From thc xerx firet student body meetlnq, lt became apparent that the Sprmq term would bc a Queeessful one as 1m eflielentlx conducted the meetlng and mtro duced the Ven enjovable entertamment Senmq 1n the 1mp0rtant capacltx of VICE Prem dent, Bunny Rankln headed the Serwlce Panel and arranged for the hlqhlx CHICITHIHIHQ A C, AI U Xl lalent Show Rccordmq Seeretarx Dan Lufkln not onlx kept lntcrcstlnq and perfect I'I1ll'll1lCS but ako verx ablx managed the Qprlnq term opemnq dance Fmancml Seeretarx 'I errx Thelen Secured 100 per eent IH Stu dent duee, collected and paid our b1llQ and ob tamed speexal Student rates Our extremelw enthu slastle Yell Leader Sue Scott led the Student bodv 1n xelle at A H S student meetmqe and kept the School Qplrlt runnlnq hlqh at our baaketball qameg baseball qamea, and track meets SPRING STUDENT FACULTY FRONT ROW left to right J Battersby Mr Bell Miss los Kamp Mr Moore B Rankin BACK ROW L Eusterlmg S Scott T Thelen D luflun S Stevens D long if 46 'JS-' Q O Li , ft A 1, , ,- ,Lf L ' Q' 'M -275, ,yjrcl "dl , '4 fr-ljjlwitg , 1' ,3:w'?".. M f wfr, D V. ' . . I I A , . . ' L L L L L , .L n 1. K Q . 1 L L K 4 T ' A Q L 4 1 J . . . , 4 .. , . , ., . L I . L 4 , L x o f C I L I K a C f v - , . D V . T y ' L L , K L , L ' . t, . . L L L L L . L . L , ' J , - A t , L - . t . . . . . , , . . L , L . , 1 L v , A Y. . . . Y . - .- ' . E . . K , , 1 L I L L . .L . . 4 . , . . Y L , 1 L C n I L nl . . 1 . . V . . , C A n s a Jn' L 1 n L 1 , -, . .- I : ' I ' I I ' I . . : . , . , . , . , . , . . V, 1 , - l . 5, 1 , . L Are Efflclen+ly Organized DAN LUFKIN TERRY THELEN SUE SCOTT Recording Secretory Fmonclol Secretory Yell leader lhc sprung term s Student Iweultx C ommlttet met once a week to dlaeuss student hodx entcrtam ment and worked hard to aeslst Presldent 1m Ir errlcr 1n ohtalnlnq the hest entertalnment poselhle The fflrt that our meetmqs Contalned 1 good xarletx oi top cntertalnment was proof that tht Commlttce Another hard workrnq student hods board dur mg the sprlnq term xx as the Xdmlmstratlxe Board rl he -Kd Board allots student bodx funds and makes lmportant deelslons coneernlnq Qehool qox ernment In addltlon to 1ts mam other dutles the Sprlnfr Ad Board sponsored the Opening D mu, Harbor Ilqhts whlrh began the term s sorml Sexson 1nd introduced the new freehmen to our school cletx As IQ tradltlonal the dance was m tn tqed hx thc student bodx s RCCOFdlHQ Sccretirx and Vlce Presl manager was Dan Lufkln, co manager, Bunnx Ran km Ablx asslstlng them as Commlttee chalrmen were Llnda Spector, pubhrltx Tom Henderson sklt Kax BTISCOC blds Donna PM elar decoratlone Jlrn Battersbx, muslr , and Pat YN eher reeeptlon 'md refreehments SPRING AD BOARD FRONT ROW left Io right S Scott D Avelor C DCVI5 l Skinner R Lofhlon B Dnvme ROW ll J Baifersby T Blunden B Ranlun I. Boucher L Spector S .leluvlch ROW III D Lufkm T Thelen T Henderson P Weber R Jones J Cook YF Q.. 47 O O O s K A L - C I J A 1 n . I C f V lA.L .vm II. 1 . I ' K LBA Q ' V K, c s ' c -Y . iv.. 4 xx 4 1' ' ' ,' ,f - did a good job dent. Therefore, the sprlng terms opening dance , , , ' , ' A ' S .' - 1 3 A ' 1 - S , -, I' , . 5 . . ' , l I - , . I . ' , . 1 , . . , Q ' I. . : . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , I, fb X . Y Q C X, LI g I 1 e. L-:LL Boards Of Conlrol Malnlam Order in SPRING MENS BOARD OF CONTROL FRONT ROW left io nghf V Flashman B Hopkins L Rufio S Hugheff S Siephens ROW IIK Wallace R Johnson S Puccu B SIIIHSN B Shepherd B Hansen ROW Ill S Carnahan B Sanfos M Cronenwerr B Bradford P Hansen W Berne D Jones Sc rx IIIQ' e1ch spx meg Board of C ontrol xxc rt txx tntx four students xx hose dunes included rn.unt nnlnq or dtr III our student meetmgs, asslstmg .md supcrxls mg the students dt A H S games keepmq our school mat and clean and Qenerallx quardlnq dqamst 14 cndents around school hx seelnq that 'ill students ohserx ed school rules and requlatlons lhe sprmvf Nlen S and YN omen s Boards of C on trol elected Stu Stex ens and Sue Bx me as thelr C hltf C ounulors 1 o Limit them the folloxxmq ofhcer xxtrt tltcttd Chris Hooptr lxdrtn Rtndftll lust X lee C Ul1IlCllOI'S, D IXC Thorpe .mit icohson Strond Y lee C ounellors Paul Hansen anct Dun xr in Rec ordlnq Set retancs and Dax e ones, Bonme 'lhomis oan I'r1edr1ch Strgeants at Xrms Durlnq the sprmq term the qlrls chose lxght hlue md hroxxn strlped ues trlmmed 1n xxh1te to xxexr xx 1th thur naxx hlue sltlrts "1IlClXSl'1llC' mlddxes Nlcm l us of the 'Xlen s Board of C ontrol xx ore thelr Hold 1nd xxh1tc raps SPRING WOMEN S BOARD OF CONTROL FRONT ROW left fo rlghl' K RandalLfB Thomas S Byrne J Jacobson J Dungan J Fruedrlch ROW ll M Whne C Mamzen C Von Be dkgfhldl R Tennant C Shermlan M Elerman ROW III J Jacobson M Nason B Loiz E Maroulas V Ronznnl J Randall ROW IV J Benson B Burns G Mutchell J Mefzner P Hogan C Snel A X13 Y -I N 7:3-'x 5 r- .154 X 1 V 4-n 'ri 49 O O x ,-mai' 3 . , K , QN 'T 5 a . If A 1 lj A ' x -X 5, with Tl ' S 4 i S I - , - ' 1 - - r - 1 - 1 . , . . :. , . , . , . , . , . . 1 - , . . - , - , . , - , - - l v- x - -. l -x 1 vs - 1 ' O- - 7 :'-- A . K 1 I 1 A I, ..,. . , Z A , s Q . , 2 1 5 I I .' ' I ' 2 A - ,- A Z 'T . , J' ' Jr ' -' . J ' - . ' ' ' f I s "-- A " - ' ' 1. , -1, J , - . K ., .. . . , , . , . . , . . ' , ., ' ' V , ,. ' ' . ' ,.. . J ' , K , . . . .t . K .,, 1 . 4,4 , 1 . . . . . x . , .4 1' ., K c .1 . I .1 I ' , K ,S , . S mf ' ' , ' . I .. Z ' . I ' ' ' .I VA. H A V. 5. , N. A - , , B. , H. L . A 1 - . ' ','.' .' B , ' 1 , Z ' B ' . . , - I i I ' ' I , ' I ' I . , . . 1 . , . , . , . , . K , . . 6 . ' - A ,O 6- ' f I' 'S , . 1 , af ' ,- qi Q A X V 117 Q . K . s -- ' K J jf V ' ' g , , s Q i 1 Q. I U. - '- X 1 N S .. - V Y ,I J, j x x fi! Q.. I , XX i I. '-A 1 " ., ' 'SS f , . gk 5 N ff 6. A, 4 , .4 Q "M '- M....4 - 1 of-N . 1 , C Life And Times A+ A.H.S. TOP LEFT-A.H.S. students support Women's Block "A" society by purchasing decals. TOP RIGHT-Norlyn Eiermcn and Ken Wallace are given a tour of the new west wing before it opens. CENTER- Students milling in the lobby and engaging in conversation was a familiar sight before classes begin. LOWER LEFT-Good pastry is enjoyed by all at the G.A.A. cake sale. l.OWER RIGHT-Students of an art class prepare decorations for the fall fashion show. 50 The spring term's Soph Hop. "NIC and My Shadow," followed tradition as Alameda High's girl-ask-boy dance. It was presented in the A.H.S. gym on May 2. 1958, and was enjoyed by those attending it. The dance was under the very capable leader- ship of Manager Tony Blunden and Co-Manager Mary Ann Reynolds. The committees were headed by the following: Mike Sheridan, decora- tions, Sharon McKay, musicg Judie Irmseher, refreshments, Jim Tavernier, skit, Judy Takeda. bidsg Sue Martin, publicity, and Sally Laughter. reception and invitations. The soph hop is always informal, on the dance floor, the couples could be seen in bright cottons and sports shirts, dancing to the latest hit records. The class worked hard to make this last dance on the A.H.S. social calendar a success. SOPH HOP-Co-manager, M. Reynolds, Manager, T. Blunden. CHAIRMEN-FRONT ROW: J. Takeda, bids, S. laughter, recep- tion, S. Martin, publicity. ROW Il: M. Sheridan, decorations, J. Irmscher, refreshments, J. Tovernier, skit. S A -- --arygqyr . " iss' r , f X 1 5 'X . Yujf' X . S . I 5 "' s p . 5 i 1 J . , r .. if "' if 4.-7' -'. 5 A TT ll .fr "'-' . ir .1 'TV l vi if t Spring Dances, A Huge Success The class of June '59 presented its Junior Prom, '6Flamingo," on the evening of Friday, April l 1, l958, in the A.H.S. gym. The semi-annual junior prom is always one of the highlights of Alameda Highs social season, this prom was no exception. The bids were bright pink flamingos on a black background, and the decorations also followed the clever Hamingo theme with palm trees and pic- tures of flamingos decorating the gym. The prom was managed by Bill Santos and eo-managed by Geayne Horgan. Heading the committees for the dance were Anne Ciofh, re- ception, Norlyn Eierman, adyertisingg Paula Mc- Nutt, decorations, Marty Ketels, publicity, Bob Bradford, music, Joan Stanton, skit, Valerie Hove, refreshments, and Jan Hess, bids. JR. PROM-Co-manager, G. Horgan, Manager, B. Santos. CHAIRMEN-FRONT ROW: M. Ketels, publicity, V. Hove, refresh- ments, B. Bradford, music. ROW II: A. Cioiti, reception, P. McNutt, decorations, J. Stanton, skit. 51 SPRING SliXlOR PIAY 'lht' til2l5S ul lwhru ux ill prututttl tht lul ui wus tlirt't'-zu-t t'lJlHt'tlX Imlnt of Ihr lint ui tht .X.H.S. ziutliturium ou Nlztrrh lf: uutl lfm. 'lht' vurtzuu riscs mu tht' triul ul Nlrs. Gmtltm. gi lrcut h xxmu.u1 .ut usctl uf uiurtlt-ring hvr hus- llkllltl. .-Xftvr thc' rust' has ht-vu trivtl in thv vuurt- multi. tht- wccuc switrlu-s tu tht- jury rmmm. wltvlx' tht' twclvc jurists :irc sccn iu llt'2tIt'tl ilI'QllIHt'IlI. Nlrw. CIrum'. ll wutltlmy mt-ictt lguly. thinks that Nlrs, Ctmrclun is irtliurcritl tht-utlmt-rt-lm-t-11 lwlit-vt' ht-r guilty. Slowly. for uuusuul rmtsurts. cguli ul tht' t-lt-vt-11 t'll'llll't'N his iuuul. Stfllgf' .Wwlllrigs Dt-guui Clurtliurr 'lifzfrwli . . . . Ciurtml xlill'llAt'Il PI'lJfH'l'flI'5 Bud Pullaml. Szuidru lliushy Pzllilirify . . Virginia Xlugvrx l'mgr'11n1.i Smzzizl . 1,1.Ql1fllIQ rlflllff'-Ilfl CONI Nl l'l"l'lilCS . . . . Kgtrcu l't'llt'ritt' Rotlucy Klcll, Allcu Milla-r lluu 'l'r'tu't'r'. Kilt-un Lliiflltr l':u XXX-lx-rg jill Nlctzuvr UPPER-Mayme and Tony do a lively dance much to the horror and disgust of two fellow iury members. LOWER -Mrs. Crane proclaims the defendant innocent after eleven of the jury house have voted guilty. COURT ROOM AUDlliNCl'1 Carole Utech Nlzury Murphy Craig .-Xmrhcin Ngxtliuc- Nlztydult- Bula Olivvr Kztrcu Pcllvritc' Carrol Xlziritzcu Xlluttlai l'll'21Llt'I' .lim Scllmy Stu Stcvt-tis Put Hogan Carrol Bunn Charles Kelly J. J. Pressley in on the receiving end of a strong blow after he has nearly strangled Muyme Mixter. I-,,.,. lf' Z' , f X F1 U U U XI QQLV7 CQXQS K XXI, S ,ffl ZZ, CLASSES Q f .A 1 X - g ' -xi N-L" 9 .lv A agp FALL OFFICERS JACK ROSSER GAYLE JOHNSON Pregidem Vice-President We Entered Alameda High As Anxious, Four exciting years have gone by since we were freshmen in Alameda High. These have been pleas- ant years for all of us, jam-packed with activities which will provide colorful memories of the many happy hours that we have enjoyed together. We have tried to do our part as good citizens of the school community and have given our support to the faculty and the student body as a whole to keep Alameda High the fine, outstanding school that we want it to be. Our low freshman term began as Judy Maillot and Steve Long helped us to have our very first social event, our lA Dansant. Our officers during our first term were Bob Powell, Patt Strickler, Bunny Rankin, Jeff Berman, and Frances Rueda. Our big event as high freshmen was "Noon News," a dance held on May 25, 1955. Our leaders for the term were Fritz Jager, Sue Byrne, Janice Larson, Jane Thomas, and Frances Rueda. XV e took our first step as sophomores with a noon dance, "Autumn Leaves." Terry Thelan, Pat Good, Bonnie Beegel, Hank Pond, and Jane Thomas helped us to make it a successful event. In our high sophomore year came our long-to-be- remembered Soph Hop with "Guys and Dollsu as our theme. Chris Jensen and Sue Delventhal, man- ager, and co-manager, gave a big assist to our class ofiicers: Bunny Rankin, Ju Dee Losee, Janet Wallin, Sue Delventhal and Kitty VVilcznski. Heading com- mittees for our dance were Janet Wallin, bids, Sue Scott, decorations, Sue Byrne, publicity, Barbara Bertero, theme, Ruth Janke, reception, Bunny Ran- kin, skit, Cathy Christmann, music, and Judy Mail- lot, refreshments. Not to be forgotten was Fun Day celebrated during the same term. Ice cream bars were our money makers. It almost seems like yesterday that we were low juniors and were giving our noon movie and selling if JUDEE LOSEE ANN MAEYAMA STEVE SLAUSON Recording Secretary Financial Secreiary Yell Leader 56 SPRING OFFICERS 4' SUE DELVENTHAL DAN LONG V ce President President Enfhuslashc Freshmen In Fall Of 54 football programs Blll Boller tmcc I arson C 'nlc ohnson eff Berman and Sue Scott sch ed rs our capable leaders As hlgh JU1'l1OI'S we had the pleasant task of choos mg our junlor sweaters udx HHFIWIQ and Hank Pond helped us 1n selectmg the hght blue In league stxle Isle of Our Dreams was the theme of our profitable dance w h1ch was managed bx jeff Berman md Patt Strlckler rlhe nxght was trulx dreamx thanks to the clexer ldels of Cathx Chrlstmann udx Malllot Ixnda Romanoff Conme Herranz Dommlc fcrro C hrls Hooper ack Rosser mel Bull Boller Our c lass ofheers were Lee Arc her lx ucn Randall Sue Bx rne 1m Battersbs and Leslle Rex es At last we became semors and we gaxe our xerx successful .Senlor Plax Georce Washznvton Slept Here IN endell Nfew and Cftthx Chrlstmann man tged our great performance and D1ana Homme serxed as our Student Director lrxerxthmg went well thanks to Nlr Slsler our actors and our com DAVE OLIVER YeII Leude mlttee heads 'met Benson, propertles C arol Snell programs, LIZ Forbes publlcltw Nancw Kapgenehs t1ckets, Rodnex Mell Allen Mlller, sound Glen ames Don Trax er, hghtmg Lenore Lawne, stage settmgs Barbara Bertero, Patt Str1ck1er, make up Chris Hooper, ack Rosser, speclal sound effects Our class officers were ack Rosser Gaxle ohnson u Dee Losee, Ann Maeyama and Stexe Slauson W e as hlgh senlors have been sportmg our char eofxl brown sweaters and jackets whlch Sue Byrne 1nd lm Battersbw managed to find for us We have h 1d mam successful actlvltles th1s term under the le xdershlp of Dan Long bue Delxenthal Stexe Slauson ack Rosser and Dave Ollver is we look forward to our future wlth antxelpa tlon we the entlre class of une 1958 Jom 1n ex tendlng our thanks and appreclatlon to the frcultx of Alameda Hlgh for the guldance help and thoughtful conslderatlon wh1ch we hu e been shown throughout our hlgh school xears 411. 1' JACK ROSSER ST .IE SIA JSON Fnnonclal Secretary Recorchng Secretory 57 A . ' . ln , 1 ,, . -VV , . V 'I A ' I V. V . "Z , v -N. 'e ' V - ,. , ' 5 ,. 2' .g ! . ' ' ' .sk , 1 Fr 5 V - 3. L i - . . 0 0 I . l r - V B1 ' x I 1 n . 1- 1 ' .7 4 . . , 7 -It . A . , n V , , 4 . Ja . . , I , I - 'V , s a . ' .I . -, ' 9 ' 9 li , V A , . . V V 54 5' V V J V J . V . . e , V , Y D V I . I K V J . , . V . V . V V V , . . V . 1 . , . K . V V , k , - V V ' V V I V ' ' X ' ' ' V , , 4 I I , 4 , , V V V ' 1 r VI b x I f I v V , JV , I c . c V . . ' 'V ' 1 '- - jf - VV 2 1 1 V . - , . , . , V .. , . . , - 1 - - E s V , , , V 5 w V, - 5 xr x ' ' I V E y . L V , L , I I l , , L V V VA . V . VVVV V . ,, V ,J V, V ,, . . . , J. . , , , V V V ' V 1 y V V V l I ' sg 1 . 1 - . , - c . V , . V I . V . . . . - - ' , 7 K5 5 9 7 - 1 - , , . . . . V V V V - , . fn .L ll I 1 - R C V V VV T . . . C V KY C R , , C .' ' . L . 1 ' ' ' c I . ' , e I I 4 n l x 3 , C ' t K s 1 n V 1 A ga V V 3 gf , -, sm , V 4, -, ff. vi, - ' b f . f 1 V 1 -V, ' ji? V I , , 1 'g. ,, 5' ' r . . - We Held IA Dansanl For Our Firsl Activity BUNNY RANKIN-All Around Girl. WINIFRED ALLEN-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Delthenian Club: Star 8- Key: Soph Hop Theme Comm.: Jr. Prom Music Comm.: Span. Club. ROBERT ALLISON-Mr. Billings' Advisory. JEANNE ANDERSON-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Span. Club: Xmas Pag.: Fin. Sec. of Courtesy Bd.: Soph Hop Pub. Comm.: ACORN Staff: G.A.A.: Sr. Play Pub. Com. 8. Stage Comm. OVE D. ANDREASON-Miss Reeves' Advisory: Christmas Pag. WILLIE ANDREWS-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Var. Basketball: J.V. Basketball: Var. Track: J.V. Track. LEE ARCHER-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Fin. Sec. of A.S.A.H.S.: Pres. 3B Class: Bd. of Control: Ad. Bd.: Aleathean Club: Block "A": Sr. Play: Star 8. Key: Var. Football 8. Baseball: Student-Faculty Comm. HELEN ASHCROFT-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Vice-Pres. B Fin. Sec. of Courtesy Bd.: Sub Deb Sgt.-at-Arms: Soph Hop Music Comm.: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Chem. Club Off.: Block "A": Fren. Club. SANDY BALBINI-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory: Span. Club: Photog- raphy Club. BERNIE BALVIN-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory: Transferred from Tyndall High, South Dakota: Track: Basketball: Student Body Off.: Class Off. JIM BATTERSBY-Mr. Cougl1lun's Advisory: Spealler Ad. Bd.: Mgr. Sr. Jackets: Fin. Sec. 3B Class: Aleathean Club: Span. Club: Star 8. Key: Senior Play: Student Faculty Comm. GLORIA BEAVER-Miss Carpenter's Advisory: Span. Club: Soph Hop Pub. Comm.: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: G.A. Fashion Show: Jr. Prom Pub. Comm. JIM BEATTIE-Mr. Billings' Advisory. BONNIE BEEGEL-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Operetta: C.S.F.: Bd. of Con.: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Christmas Pag.: Star 8 Key: 2B Class Rec. Sec. JANET BENSON-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Bd. of Con.: Span. Club Rec. Sec.: Life Member Star 81 Key: Sub Deb Pres.: Chr. Sr. Play Prop: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Christmas Pag. "Noon News" Was A Big Event ln Our IB Term NELSON BENTON-Miss Carpenter's Advisory: School Photog- rapher: ACORN and OAK LEAF Photographer: Sword 8 Shield Club: Sgt.-at-Arms Non-Cams.: Span. Club: R.O.T.C. JEFF BERMAN-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Aleathean Club: Life Member of Star 81 Key: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Mgr. Jr. Prom: Ad. Bd.: Opening Dance Comm.: Fin. Sec. IA and 3A Class. BARBARA BERTERO-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Star 8. Key: Soph Hop Comm.: Diana Club: Modern Dance Club: Span. Club: Jr. Prom Bid Comm. DICK BISHOP-Mr. Rogers' Advisory: Sr. Plays: Var. Football: Soph. Hop Skit Comm.: J.V. and Soph-Frosh Football: Var. Track: Span. Club: Spartan Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Bd. of Con.: Chem. Club. BILL BOLLER-Miss Carpenter's Advisory: Class Pres.: Rec. Sec. of Aleathean Club: Life Member of Star 8. Key: Chr. Jr. Prom Skit: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Christmas Pag. CHRISTINE BROPHY-Mr. Billings' Advisory: G.A.A.: Soph Hop Pub. Comm.: Span. Club: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Sub Deb Club Chaplain: Rec. Sec. of Women's Block "A": Courtesy Bd.: Life Member Star 8 Key. ELWOOD IWOODYI BROWN-Mr. Billings' Advisory. JUDIE BUCKLEY-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Sub Deb Club: Editor and Bus. Mgr. OAK LEAF: Life Member of Star 8. Key: Pres. of Courtesy Bd.: Jr. Prom Ref. Comm.: Sr. Play Pub. Comm.: R.O.T.C. Sponsor. SUE BYRNE-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Co-Mgr. Sr. Sweaters: Chief Councilor of Women's Bd. of Control: Sr. Play: Sec. of 3B Class: Vice-Pres. of 'IB Class: Diana Club: Life Member of Star 8. Key: Chr. Soph Hop Pub. Comm. NANCY CAPPS-Mr. Rogers' Advisory: Sub Deb Club: Soph Hop Theme Comm.: Jr. Prom Reception Comm.: Sr. Play Advance Sale Ticket Comm.: Fren. Club: Sgt.-at-Arms Courtesy Bd. FRANCIS CASTLE-Miss Carpenter's Advisory: Block "A": Sr. Play: Operetta: Sports Editor 'I95B ACORN: Christmas Pag.: Span. Club: J.V. and Var. Rifle Team: Choir Pres.: Military Ball Bid Comm. MARTHA CASWELL-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Pres. C.S.F.: Life Member of Star 8. Key: Class Editor of ACORN: Operetta: Student Talent: Latin Club: Fren. Club Off.: Christmas Pag.: Jr. Prom Pub. Comm.: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: G.A. Fashion Show. ELEANOR CHOATE-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Span. Club: Delthen- ian Club. CATHY CHRISTMANN-Miss Carpenter's Advisory: Councilwom- an: Pres. and Vice-Pres. Diana Club: Pres. of Span. Club: Chr. Jr, Prom: Co-Mgr. Sr. Play: Star 8. Key Vice-Pres. JIM FERRIER-ALL AROUND BOY BARBARA CLARK-Miss Carpenter's Advisory, JACKIE CLARK-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory. JON COLLINS-Mr. CoughIan's Advisoryg Bd. of Con.p Block "A"g Var. Rifle Team: Fren. Clubp C.S.F.g Star 8. Keyp Chem. Clubp Sword 8. Shield Soc. SHARON CREVOISIER-Mrs. Pavid's Advisoryp Corresponding Sec. Betonian Clubg Modern Dance Clubp Operettap Choirg Vocal Ensembleg Fashion Showg Talent Show. CRAIG DAVIS-Mr. CoughIan's Advisoryp Bd. of Cont.y Mask 8. Sandalp Sr. Playg Spartan Clubg Star 8. Key. GENE DAVIS-Miss Reeves' Advisory. SUE DELVENTHAL-Mr. Rogers' Advisoryg Fin. Sec. 'IB Classy Soph Hop Co-Mgr.g Bd. of Con.g Mask 8. Sandalg Sr. Playg Vice-Pres. 4B Classg Rec. Sec. Diana Clubp Christmas Pag. BOB DRAGGE-Mrs. Kympton's Advisoryg Transferred from High Point High School, Beltsville, Maryland. ROSALEE DUNCAN-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. MARJORIE DUPLESSIS-Miss Carpenter's Advisory. LORETA ESTERLING-Mr. Rogers' Advisoryg Pres. of Block "A"'p Sub Deb Club Fin. Sec.p G.A.A.p Fren. Clubp Star 8. Keyy Sr. Play Program Comm. BEVERLY ERHARDT-Miss Reeves' Advisoryg Talent Showg G. A. Fashion Showg Modern Dance Clubg Transferred from Castle- mont High School. EDDIE EVANS-Mrs. Pavid's Advisoryg Varsity Footballg Varsity Basketballg Spartan Club. CYNTHIA FERGUSON-Mr. Howell's Aclvisoryp Class Editor of ACORNg Courtesy BcI.p Sub Deb Clubp Span. Clubp Sr. Play Ticket Comm.p Transferred from Castlemont High. PATT STRICKLER-BEST LOOKING GIRL. We Named Our ZA Dansant, "Autumn Leaves" LEE ARCHER-BEST LOOKING BOY. JIM FERRIER-Mrs. Pavid's Advisoryp Pres. of A.S.A.H.S.g Rec. Sec. of A.S.A.H.S.g Var Football: Var. Trackg Mgr. of Opening Dancey Ad. Bd.g Student-Faculty Comm. LEIGH FLASHMAN-Mr. Rogers' Advisoryg Mgr. of Usherettesg G.A.A.p Latin Clubp Chem. Club. LIZ FORBES-Mr. Coughlan's Advisoryp Sr. Playg Transferred from Lowell High School, San Franciscoy Delthenian Clubp Youth City Official. DAN FRAVEL-Miss Reeves' Advisoryg Sr. Playg Operettap Christ- mas Pag.g Talent Showp R.0.T.C.g Non-Coms Clubg Vocal En- sembleg Choir. PAT GARRET-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory. JUDY GILLETTE-Mr. Rogers' Advisory. LORELEI GOLDING-Mrs, Cossette's Advisoryp P.T.A. Fashion Showg Spanish Club. JACK GOMEZ-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory. PAT GOOD-Mr. CoughIan's Advisoryp Span. Clubg Diana Clubg 2B Vice-Pres.: Mask and Sandalp G.A. Fashion Showg Chr. Make-up Christmas Pag., Sr. Play. RON GRANT-Mrs. Pavid's Advisoryg Transferred from St. Joseph's High School. ALAN GREEN-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory. MARILOU GRIGGS-Mrs. Cossette's Advisoryp Delthenian Clubp Soph Hop Pub. Comm.g Jr. Prom Pub. Comm.g Sr. Sweaters Comm.g G. A. Fashion Showp Star 8- Keyp Sr. Play Prop. Comm. JACOB HALDI-Mrs. Kympton's Advisoryp French Club. BOB HALL-Mr. Coughlan's Advisoryp Span. Clubg R.O.T.C.p Commander Auditorium Staffp Sword 8. Shieldg Sec. Non-Coms. Club: R.O.T.C. Drill Team. "Guys And Dolls" W IU 1' " 3 i N 9.-y 32 :Ja as Our Greai' Soph Hop SUE BYRNE-BEST ACTRESS. BILL HANSEN-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory: Bd. of Con.: Var. Bas- ketball: Var. Track: Block "A": Christmas Pag.: "B" Baseball: Choir: Vocal Ensemble. JUDY HARTWIG-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory: Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Soph Hop Comm.: Bd. of Con.: G. A. Fashion Show: Jr. Prom Comm.: Courtesy Bd. LEONARD HAUGH-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory: Soph Hop Comm.: Soph-Frosh Football: Freshman and J.V. Basketball: School Service: Freshman Baseball. NANCY HEAD-Miss Carpenter's Advisory: Treas. Betonian Club: G.A.A. MIKE HEANS-Miss Reeves' Advisory: Latin Club: Sr. Jacket Comm.: Dec. Comm. Soph Hop: Senior Play. CONNIE HERRANZ-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Span. Club: Star 8. Key: Jr. Prom Ref. Comm.: Chr. Modern Dance Off.: Bd. of Con.: Christmas Pag.: Operetta: C.S.F.: Soph Ref. Comm. JERRY HILL-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Operetta: Talent Show: Christmas Pag.: Latin Club: Vocal Ensemble: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Jr. Red Cross. DIANNE HOMME-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Student Director Sr. Play: Chr. Sr. Meeting. JEAN HOOK-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory: Bd. of Con.: Soph Hop Ref. Comm.: Jr. Prom Theme Comm.: Sr. Play Ticket Comm.: Life Member Star 8- Key: Jr. Sweaters Comm.: Operetta: Christmas Pag. CHRIS HOOPER-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Spartan Club: Bd. of Control. MARDELLE HUDSON-Mr. Rogers' Advisory: G.A.A.: Women's Block "A": Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Latin Club: Sub Deb Club: Jr. Prom Mus. Comm.: Chem. Club. JILL JACOBSON-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory: G.A.A.: Bd. of Con.: Transferred from El Camino High School, Sacramento: Pep Club: Soph Hop Comm.: Delta Gamma Club. FRITZ JAGER-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory: Pres. of 1B Class: Fren. Club: Latin Club: Mask 8. Sandal: Christmas Pag.: Pres. and Sgt.-at-Arms of Aleathean Club: Sr. Play. RUTH JANKE-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Rec. Sec. Courtesy Bd.: Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Soph Hop Reception Comm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. '12 'T C7 We Sold Football Programs As Low Juniors 62 BARBARA JENNINGS-Miss Carpenter's Advisoryg Span. Clubg Red Cross Rep.g Usherettesg Sr. Play Program Comm. CHRIS JENSEN-Mrs, Kympton's Advisoryg Mgr. Soph Hopg Vice- Pres. Aleathean Clubp Speaker of Ad. Bd.p Var. Footballg Var. Track: Men's Block "A." PETE JOHNSEN-Miss Carpenter's Advisory. Sr. Playg Mask 8. Sandalg Star 8- Keyg Sword 8- Shieldg Auditorium Staff. Span. Clubp Chem. Club: N. C. O. Club. GAYLE JOHNSON-Mr. Coughlan's Advisoryp Vice-Pres. 4A Classp Rec. Sec. 3A Classy Vice-Pres. Courtesy Bd.: Fun Day Comm.g .lr. Prom Bid Comm.p Delthenian Cluby Fren. Clubp Vice-Pres. Modern Dance Club. DAVID JONES-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. MARGARET JONES-Mrs. Cossette's Advisoryp Pres. G. A.. Diana Clubp Bd. of Con.g C.S.F.g Life Member of Star 8. Keyg Christ- mas Pag.p Fren. Clubp Sr. Editor 1958 ACORN: G. A. Fashion Show: Student Faculty Comm. SHARON KAIN-Miss Reeves' Advisoryp Span. Clubg Choir: Vocal Ensemble. NANCY KAPGENEHS-Miss di Vecchio's Advisoryg Business Mgr., 1958 ACORNg life Member of Star 8. Keyp Sul: Deb Club Rec. Sec. and Sgt.-at-Armsp Pres. of C.S.F.p Sr. Play Chr. Ticket Comm.g R.O.T.C. Sponsorp Block "A"g Bandg G.A.A.g Pub. Comm. Soph Hop and Jr. Prom. STAN KAPLER-Miss di Vecchio's Advisoryp Var. Football Mgr.: Var. Track Mgr. GEORGE KEERAN-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory. MIKE KIADO-Mrs. Cossette's Advisoryg Life Member of Star 8- Keyg Drum Maiorg Bandg Orchestrap Christmas Pag.p Latin Clubg Chem. Clubg Mgr. Soph-Frosh Baseball. LORNA KIDD-Miss Carpenter's Aclvisoryg latin Club Song Leader. Soph Hop Reception Comm.. Jr. Prom Ref. Comm.p Modern Dance Clubp G. A. Fashion Show: Christmas Pag.7 Student Talent Showp Courtesy Bd. PAT LAHEY-Mr. Billings' Advisoryg Span. Clubp Soph Hop Bid Comm.g Theme Comm. Jr. Prom. G. A. Fashion Show. JOE LANGUEMI-Miss Carpenter's Advisoryp "B" Baseballg Non- Comsp Sword 8- Shieldg R.O.T.C. STEVE SLAUSON - BEST ACTOR Our Jr Swealers Were Blue lvy League 63 Vice-Pres., Star Key, Deltheniun Non-Coms Club Women's Block Dec. Comm. Christmas Pag. 1 I lsle Of Our Dreams Was SANDRA LINGGI- JANICE LARSON-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory, lB Rec. Sec., 3B 8. Key, Sr. Play, Vice-Pres. and Rec. Sec. Delthenian Club, Soph Hop Comm., Span. Club. CAMELLA LA VIOLETTE-Mr. l'lowell's Advisory. LENORE LANE-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory, Delthenian Club, Cour- tesy Bd., Sr. Play Sets, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Fren. Club, Sgt.- at-Arms, Block "A", Soph Hop Theme Comm., Art Editor ACORN, Vice-Pres. C.S.F., Life Member, Star 8. Key, G.A.A., Chem. Club, Stage Crew. CHRISTINE LEEFELDT-Miss Carpenter's Advisory, Span. Club, Pres. Fren. Club, Latin Club, Sr. Play, Life Member, Star 8 Club, Life Member, C.5.F., Courtesy Bd. ALBERT LINDAHL-Miss Carpenter's Advisory, "B" Football, Sword 8- Shield. Miss Reeves' Advisory, Fren. Club, G.A.A., A", Sub Deb Fres. Captain, Soph Hop Recep- tion Comm. Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Chem. Club, Sr. Play Ticket Comm., Star 8. Key. RON LIVESEY-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory, Var. Football, Var. Basketball, Var. Swimming, Star 8. Key, Pres. Jr. Red Cross, Fren. Club, Latin Club, Span. Club, Sr. Play Cast, Jr. Prom DAN LONG-Miss Carpenter's Advisory Ad Bd., 4B Class Pres., Student-Faculty Comm., Aleathean Club Rec. Sec., J.V. Base- ball, Sr. Play Cast, Opening Dance Skit Comm. STEVE LONG-Miss di Vecchia's Advisory, "B", J.V. and Var. Basketball, Aleathean Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Var. Baseball, Opening Dance Comm. JUDEE LOSEE-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory, Vice-Pres. 2A Class, Bel. of Con., Courtesy Bd., Soph Hop Skit Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Diana Club Off., Rec. Sec. 4A Class, Span. Club, GORDON LUCE-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. ANN MAEYAMA-Mr. Coughlin's Advisory, 4A Class Fin. Sec., Courtesy Bd., Jr. Prom Dec. and Pub. Comm., C.S.F., Star 8- Key, Latin Club, G. A. Fashion Show, Fun Day Comm. VlVlAN MAH-Mrs. Tham's Advisory. JUDY MAILLOT-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory Sr. Play, Chr. Soph Hop Ref. Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Chr., Delthenian Club, Pres of Modern Dance Club, Christmas Pag., G, A. Fin. Sec., 3A-B Class Rep., Co-Manager Sr. Ball. CAROL SNELL - GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Our Jr. Prom Our Senior Apparel Was MARVIN ROGNEBY-BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. TOM MARITZ-Mr. Roger's Advisory: Span. Club: Star 8. Key: J.V. Basketball. BARBARA MARKS-Mrs. CosseNe's Advisory: Fren. Club: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Slar 8- Key: Fres. Rep. and Sgt.-al-Arms Del- rhenian Club. GRAZIA MARNETTO-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Exchange Sludenr from Italy: Youth City Official. WILMA MATHEWS-Mrs. Kymp!on's Advisory: Transferred from Oakland High. BETTY McCOY-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Sfar 8. Key: Jr. Red Cross: Ushereties. RON McEACHERN-Miss CarpenIer's Advisory: Var. Football: C.O.P. Music Festival: Block "A": All County Fullback: Yourh City Official: Bd. of Con. JOHN McGlLL-Miss Carpenter's Advisory: Swim Team: J.V. and Var. Foorball: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Span. Club: Christmas Pag.: Masque and Sandal. GLENN MEANS-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory: Var. Rifle Team: J.V. Rifle Team: Sword 8. Shield: Non-Cams Club: Fren. Club: Drill Team. RODNEY MELL--Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Sound Technician N.C.O. Club: Sword E Shield: Span. Club: Aud. Staff: Siar 8- Key. WAYNE MELTON--Miss Reeves' Advisory: Srar 8. Key: Fren. Club: Chem. Club: Span. Club: Var. and J.V. Foofball: Christmas Pag. GEORGE MENDOZA-Mrs. Kymp!on's Advisory: J.V. Track Team. WENDELL MEW-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Frosh, J.V. and Var. Baseball: Ad. Bd.: Bd. of Conirol: Mgr. Sr. Play: Life Member of Srar 8 Key: Fren. Club. DAVE MORAES-Mrs. CosseMe's Advisory: Jr. Prom Pub. Comm.: Soph Hop Pub. Comm.: "B" and J.V. Baseball. LESLIE MORGAN-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory: G.A,A.: Vice-Pres. Women's Block "A": Span. Club: Chem. Club: Jr. Prom Ski! Com.: Sr. Play Props: Life Member of Srar 8- Key. "George Washington Slept Here" fd 1 -'fi' ii, jf vixi we , C37 EDDIE EVANS-BEST ATHLETE WALT MUSSO-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Fren. Club: Aleathean Club: Jr. Red Cross: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm, JIM NEAVE-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory: Chem. Club: J.V. and Var. Basketball: Var. Football: Men's Block "A": Var. Track. CAROL NELSON-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory: Pres. Betonion Club: C.S.F.: Life Member of Star 8. Key: Span. Club. CURT NELSON-Mr. Rogers' Advisory: Ad. Bd.: Aleothean Club Off.: "B", J.V., and Var. Baseball: Span. Club: Scholastic Art Award: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Sr. Play Pub. Comm.: Jr. Prom Bid Comm.: Chr. Bid Comm. Opening Dance. WENDY NEWELL-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Life Member C.S.F. and Star 8. Key: Girls' State: Bank of America Award: Ad. Bd.: Bd. of Control: Christmas Pag.: Modern Dance Club: Sub Deb Vice-Pres. SATOSHI NORIYE-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Star E Key: J.V. and "B" Football: Bd. of Con.: Var. and J.V. Basketball Mgr. DAVE OLIVER-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory: Star 8. Key: Aleathean Club: Yell leader 4B Class. TERRY OLDERSHAW-Miss Reeves' Advisory: Var. and J.V. and "B" Football: Star 8. Key: Block "A," . DUNCAN OWEN-Miss Reeves' Advisory: Fren. Club: Var. Basket- ball: Star 8- Key: C.S.F.: Chem. Club: latin Club. DON OYEN-Mr. Rogers' Advisory: Pres. Men's Block "A": Var. Track: Star 8 Key: Var. Football: Spartan Club: Soph Hop Dec. Comm. BRUCE PACKER-Mr. Rogers' Advisory: Sr. Play: Christmas Pag- eant: Swim Team: Fren. Club: Chem. Club: Star E Key. BETTY PADILLA-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: Pres. Delthenian Club: Span. Club. PAT PARKER-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Aleathean Club: J.V. Foot- ball: French Club. HARMON PENNOCK-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory. ln Our Enlerlannlng Senior Play STAN PIERCE-Miss Reeves' Advisory, "B", J.V. and Var. Base- ball, Sr. Play, Sports Editor OAK LEAF, Rec. Sec. Spartan Club, Operetta, French. Club, Photography Club. EMRIGHT PITTS-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory. HANK POND-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory, "B," J.V., and Var. Football, Block "A", Pres. Spartan Club, Fin. Sec. 2B Class, Latin Club, Star 8 Key, Skit Comm. Jr. Pram, Dec. Comm. Soph Hop. PETE POOR-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory, Aleathean Club, Star 8. Key, Span. Club, Chem. Club, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Soph Hop Skit Comm. LYNNE POUPENEY-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory, Student Talent, Operetta, Christmas Pag., G, A. Fashion Shows, Vocal En- semble, Span. Club, Modern Dance Club. JERRI PRAGER-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory, Mod. Dance Club, Fren. Club, OAK LEAF. MARGARET PRICE-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory, Span. Club, Chem. Club, Jr. Red Cross. SHERRY PURTEE-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. JUDY RANDALL-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory, Bd. of Con., Chr. Jr. Pram Dec. Comm., Star 8. Key, G. A. Fashion Show, Span. Club, Jr. Prom Skit Comm., Christmas Pag. KAREN RANDALL-Miss Reeves' Advisory, Vice-Pres, 3B Class, Life Member Star 8. Key, Rec. Sec. of Modern Dance Club, Vice-Pres. of G.A., Delthenian Club, Operetta, First Vice- Councilor of Bd. of Con., Skit Comm. of Sr. Play, Soph Hop and Jr. Prom. BUNNY RANKIN-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory, Vice-Pres. of A.S.A.H.S., Sgt.-at-Arms and OH. of Diana Club, Rec. Sec. G.A., Star 8 Key, Fren. Club, Class Off. BONNIE REIS-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory, Pres. and Yell leader G.A.A., R.0.T.C. Sponsor, Fin. Sec., and Frosh Capt., Sub Deb Club, Sr. Play Props, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Span. Club, Rec. Sec. Chem. Club, Rec. Sec. Photog- raphy Club. JERRY RESTAGNO-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory, Star 8. Key, Latin Club, Sr. Jackets Comm., Chem. Club. LESLIE REYES-Mr. Rogers' Advisory, Christmas Pag., Sr. Play, Yell leader 3B Class, Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Skit Comm., Sec. OAK LEAF, Span. Club. PETE REYNOLDS-Miss Carpenter's Advisory, Ad. Bd., Var. Track, Star B Key, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Opening Dance Skit, A.H.S. Band, Fren. Club. MARVIN ROGNEBY-Mr. Rogers' Advisory, Editor of '58 ACORN, life Member of C.S.F., Life Member of Star B Key, Chem. Club, Bank of America Award, Fren. Club, Off. Club, R.O.T.C. Batallion Commander. LYNDA ROMANOFF-Miss Reeves' Advisory, Bd. of Con., Christ- mas Pag., Soph Hop Theme Comm., Star 8. Key, Sub Deb Club, Span. Club, Sr. Play Ticket Comm., Modern Dznce Club. JACK ROSSER-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory, 4A Class Pres., 4B Class Fin. Sec., Bd. of Control, Bank of America Award winner, Sr. Play Cost, Span. Club, latin Club, C.S.F., Star 8. Key life Member. -f""7 -0' Our Sr. Picnic Was Held Cn May 3, I958 RITA ROWE-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory, Jr. Prom Music Comm., Tranferred from Franklin Jr. High School, Valleio, Calif., G.A.A. Sr. Play Ticket Comm. FRANCES RUEDA-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory, Yell Leader 1A and IB Class, Student Talent, Jr. Red Cross Treas., Span. Club, Leader Modern Dance Club, Sr. Play Comm. STEVE RUPP-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory. TOM RYAN-Mr. Rogers' Advisory. HELAINE SALSBERY-Mr. Rogers' Advisory. LOUIS SCHMITZ-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory, Golf Team, Block "A", Span. Club, Camera Club. CAROLYN SCHULTZ-Miss Reeves' Advisory, Operetta, Christmas Pag., Talent Show, Modern Dance Club, Vocal Ensemble, Delthenian Club. SUE SCOTT-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory, Yell Leader of A.S.A.H.S., Sub Deb Club, C.S.F. JOHN SIMS-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. PETE SKAARUP-Mr. Billings' Advisory, Var. Swimming, life Member Star 8. Key, C.S.F., Chem. Club, latin Club, J.V. and "B" Football. STEVE SLAUSON-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory, Aleathean Club, Sr. Play. CAROL SNELL-Mr, Billings' Advisory, D.A.R. Good Citizen, Rec. Sec. Sub Debs, Sr, Play Program Chr., Bd. of Con., Courtesy Bd., Vice-Pres. and Life Member C.S.F., Activities Editor of '58 ACORN, life Member Star 8. Key, Student Director of '57 Christmas Pag., Bank of America Award Winner, Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Comm., Fren. Club, F.T.A. WAYNE SNYDER-Mr. Rogers' Advisory, High Priest Spartan Club, Vice-Pres. Block "A," "B," J.V. and Var. Football, School Service. SANDY SOUSA-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory, C.S.F., Star 8. Key, Transferred from Analy High School, Sebustopol, Calif. TOM SPIERSCH-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory, Band, Span. Club, "B" Football, "B" Baseball. MARGARET STEPHENSON-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. PATT STRICKLER-Miss Carpenter's Advisory, Ad. Bd., Treas. of Youth City Week, Vice-Pres. of 1A Class, Co-Mgr. Jr. Prom, Bd. of Con., Vice-Pres. Span. Club, Diana Club. LYNDE STUART-Miss Reeves' Advisory-Theme Comm. Soph Hop, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Sub Deb Club, Span. Club, Sr. Play Ticket Comm. ROGER STUART-Mr. Rogers' Advisory. LANE SVENDSEN-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory: G. A. Fashion Show: Christmas Pag.: Span. Club: Jr. Prom Theme Comm.: Modern Dance Club: Delthenian Club. LOIS TERPENING-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory: Fren. Club: G.A.A.: Women's Block "A": Star K Key: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Skit Comm.: G. A. Cake Sale: lB Cupcake Sale. TERRY THELEN-Miss Reeves' Advisory: Fin. Sec. of A.S.A.H.S.: Christmas Pag.: Block "A": Star B Key: Span. Club: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Spartan Club: Var. Football: J.V. Basketball: "B," J.V., Var. Baseball: Fun Day Comm.: Pres. of 2B Class. ED THERRIEN-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Transferred from St. Jo- seph's High School. BONNIE THOMAS-Miss Reeves' Advisory: Bd. of Con. Sgt.-at- Arms: Sr. Play: Christmas Pag.: Soph Hop Pub. Comm.: Star 8 Key: Jr. Prom Skit Comm.: Sr. Play Programs: Diana Club: '57 ACORN Stalf. JANE THOMAS-Miss Reeves' Advisory: Pom Pom Girl: Assistant Yell Leader: Song Leader G.A.: 2B Yell Leader: IB Fin. Sec.: Sgt.-at-Arms Diana Club: Courtesy Bd.: Pub. and Skit Comms. Soph Hop: G.A.A.: Pep Club. DAVE THORPE-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory: Bd. of Con: Christmas Pag.: life Member C.S.F.: Star 8. Key: Talent Show: Band: Fren. Club: Chem, Club: Sr. Play Program Comm.: Jr. Prom Theme Comm. KEN TIMMONS-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. GUIDO TRUFELLI--Mr. Coughlan's Advisory: J. V. Baseball: Track: Pep Club: J.V. Football: Mgr. Baseball: Span. Club. GORDON VAN NEST-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory. BOB VELASQUEZ-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory: Aleathean Club: Skit Comm. Soph Hop. GEORGIA WALTER-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory: Mgr. Usherettes. JANET WALLIN-Mr. D. Howell's Advisory: Vice-Pres. Diana Club. LEE WASHBURN-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory: Star 8. Key: "B" Baseball: J.V. Basketball: Span. Club. JOYCE WARE-Mrs. Pavid's Advisory: Span. Club: Vice-Pres. Jr. Red Cross: G.A.A.: Modern Dance Club: Usherette: Future Teachers' Club: Soph Hop: Jr. Prom and Sr. Play Comms. Bll.LY GENE WEST-Mrs. Kympton's Advisory: Transferred from Coleman High School: Class Pres. EVA WILLET-Mrs. Cossette's Advisory: G.A.A.: Star 8 Key: Fren. Club: Orchestra: Operetta: Jr. Prom Ticket Comm. Our Sr. Meeiing Was .IEANNIE WILLIAMS-Mr. D. HoweIl's Advisory: Sub Deb Club. JIM WILLIAMS-Miss Carpen0er's Advisory: R.O.T.C. BOB WILLSON-Mr. Rogers' Advisory: Life Member Star S Key: C.S.F.: Orchestra: Band: Chem. Club: Non-Coms Club: Christ- mas Pag.: Operelra. CAROL WILSON-Mr. Rogers Advisory: G.A.A.: Latin Club: Delrhenian Club: Chem. Club: Fren. Club: Soph Hop Comm. CHARLENE WOODRUFF-Mr. Billings' Advisory: Span. Club: Jr. Red Cross: Jr. Prom Music Comm.: G.A. RENEE WOODS-Mr. CoughIon's Advisory: Vice-Pres. G.A: Delihenian Club. MOTO YAMAMOTO-Mr. Rogers' Advisory. GARY YELTMAN-Miss di Vecchio's Advisory. CAROLINE YETTER-Mr. Coughlan's Advisory: Organizations Edilor '58 ACORN: Fin. Sec. C.S.F.: Soph Hop Music Comm.: Life Member Srar 8. Key: Chem. Club: Band: Orchestra: Future Teachers' Club: Fren. Club: Latin Club: Sr. Play Program Comm.: Jr. Prom Ref. Comm. STEVE YOUNG-Mr. D. HoweII's Advisory. TOM BOURLAND GARY BRADFORD BARKI EY COGGIN DOMINIC FERRO MARINELL FITZPATRICK RICHARD FRENCH CAMERA JOHN GALE GLEN JAMES RICK KILGORE DEANE LORD LUCY LUERAS BETTY McCOY 'W ,- OO vie SHY if ELAINE MQWILLIAMS MARY JANE PHILLIPS MERNA REID TOM SAUNDERS COURT STEWART BOB WILLIS "Summer1'ime" Was The Theme GT Our Sr. Ball 70 We Say Farewell To Alameda High School UPPER LEFT-Kathy Brown, Bob Mason, Wayne Stanley, and Sharon Moody preside at one of their class meetings. UPPER RIGHT- Seniors of the class of February 1958 enioy a curtain call after their very entertaining senior meeting. LEFT CENTER-Ed Therrien, Chris Hooper, Christine leefeldt, and Janet Benson proudly display their attractive sweaters and jackets. RIGHT CENTER-Members of the :lass of February 1958 enioyed a delicious dinner at their senior banquet, which was held at the Zombie Village. 1. oi, if LEFT Happy seniors take time out for a :hat at their dazzling senior ball RIGHT Bob McNulty Doug Durem and their dates Janet Dungun and Judy Hohmann spend a wonderful evening at the senior ball A Foggy Night m London Town 71 T I 1 - A ly X l . iq w . an ll ,J gf Y V g 0 tg , , T I l l fi , ,x A tl p t 3 ll t, l',, , Q 1 ' -f - t In. ....... FALL OFFICERS Q1 STUART STEPHENS JANET DUNGAN President Vice-President We Sfarfed Cui Although small, our class of February, 1959, has had big ideas right from the start. Throughout the years we have had capable leadership from our class officers. To each of these we extend a word of thanks for the magnificent job that they have done in providing us with so many outstanding activities. At our low freshman class meeting we decided to give a dansant, "Spring Flingf' to get into the swing of high school life. President, Bill Grafe, Vice- President, Linda Spector, Recording Secretary, Kay Briscoe, Financial Secretary, Pat Weber, and Yell Leader, Evelyn Maroulas served as our officers. The first of our cupcake sales was given during our high freshman term when Stuart Stephens, Pres- ident, Deann Gardiner, Vice-President, Carol Mar- itzen, Recording Secretary, Carol Bovo, Financial Secretary, and Evelyn Maroulas, Yell Leader, man- aged our class affairs. Thus ended a very successful and profitable first year for us. Rigl-1+ In The Swing just a few weeks later, as low sophomores, anxious to have more money in our treasury, we held our second cupcake sale. It, too, was very successful, thanks to the help of our officelsz Linda Spector, Phyllis Nelson, Barbara Calkins, Karen Pellerite, and Pat Weber. Fun Day took place during this same term and Sandra Winsby and Tom Whelan managed our Fun 'Day concession. We sold coke and found that everyone was terribly thirsty. The big event, our Soph Hop, came in our high sophomore term when Bill Grafe, President, Jill Hopkins, Vice-President, Donna Avelar, Recording Secretary, Judy Short, Financial Secretary, and Bar- bara Calkins, Yell Leader, were our leaders. "Anchors Aweigh" was managed by Paul Hansen and Dean Gardiner. Working with them were the capable committee heads: Linda Spector, Evelyn Maroulas, Skit, Phyllis Nelson, Bids, Gary Gambet- ta, Publicity, Carol Von Berckefeldt, Decorations, VIRGINIA ROSS DEANN GARDINER SANDY MCCANN Recording Secretory Financial Secretary Yell leader 72 SPRING OFFICERS BILL GRAFE CAROL VAN BERCKE T FELD President Vice-President When We Presenled "Spring FIing" Sandra YVinsby, Music, Janet Dungan, Betty Cow- art, Reception. Our noon drag racing movies shown on a rainy day marked the beginning of our low junior term. Skip Ullner and Eugene Camicia were the capable chairmen of this affair. The class officers for the semester were President, Gary Gambettag Vice- President, Donna Avelar, Recording Secretary. Carol Bovo, Financial Secretary, Virginia Ross, and Yell Leader, Pat Weber. As high juniors we attended student meetings in our class sweaters which Bud Pollard and Carol Maritzen helped us to choose. The girls had yellow Cardigans, and the boys had gray and yellow three- holers. Our Junior Prom, 'GUnderwater Fantasy," which was uppermost in our minds, was managed by Chuck Russ and Jill Hopkins. Our oflicers were Stu Stephens, President, Janet Dungan, Vice-Presi- dent, Virginia Ross, Recording Secretary, Deann EVELYN MAROULAS Yell Leader f, PAT HOGAN Financial Secretary Gardiner, Financial Secretary, Sandy McCann, Yell Leader. As low seniors wc gave our Senior Play, LADIES OF THE JURY. Gary Gambetta and Phyllis Nel- son served as our manager and co-manager, and Janet Jacobson was our student director. Our capabale oflicers this past term have been Bill Grafe, President, Carol Von Berckefeldt, Vice- President, Janet Jacobson, Recording Secretary, Pat Hogan, Financial Secretary, and Evelyn Marou- las, Yell Leader. lVe are looking forward to many exciting activities that will take place in in our senior year. Our Senior sweaters, our Senior meeting, our Senior Ball and graduation next winter are the special events which will make up our last term at Alamcda High. YVe thank our understanding advisors and all of our teachers for their helpful guidance throughout our high school years. .ft Nd" NZD' .,fi,'tiW far' ' we' - if--1-r if .,e,.zf.Z JANET JACOBSON Recording Secretary 73 We Held Cup Cake Sales ln Our High 40 ,ov fi- BETTY AHLBERG-BEST LOOKING GIRL. KOKI ABIKO-Miss Payne's Advisory: Swimming: Track: C.S.F.: Star 8. Key: Chem. Club: Fren. Club. BRIAN AHLBERG-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: "B," J.V. and Var. Football: Var. Track: Cast of Operetta SEVENTEEN: Aleathean Club: Block "A": Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Play Cast. CRAIG AMRHEIN-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Bd. of Con.: Fren. Club: Track: Sr. Play Prop.: Shamrocks Auto Club. DONNA AVELAR-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: Ad. Bd. A.S.A.H.S.: Bd. of Con.: Rec. Sec. 2B Class: Vice-Pres. 3A Class: Christmas Pag. '55, '56: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: OIF. Del- thenian Club: Life Mem. Star 8- Key. PAT BOSTED-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Fun Day Comm. CAROL BOVO--Mrs. Hi9bee's Advisory: Fin. Sec. IB Class: Rec. Sec. 3A Class: OIT. Delthenian Club: Modern Dance Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Star 8. Key: Soph Hop Comm.: OAK LEAF Stall MARIANNE BRAAL--Dr. Peoples' Advisory: Sub Deb Club: Fren. Club: Chem. Club: Christmas Pag.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Star 8. Key: Fun Day Comm. KAY BRISCOE-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Asst. Ed. ACORN: Sr. Play Cast: Christmas Pag. '57: Rec. Sec. IA Class: Ad. Bd. A.S.A.H.S.: Jr. Prom Bid Chr.: Bd. of Con.: Chaplain Diana Club: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: C.S.F. BARBARA BROCKWEHL-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: Soph Hop Skit: Jr. Prom Skit: Sr. Play Prop.: Sub Deb Club: Fren. Club: Fun Day Comm.: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: Modern Dance Club. GENE CAMICIA-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Fren. Club: Soph Hop Skit: Soph Dop Dec.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Spartan Club: Fun Day Comm.: Sr. Play Prop. JEAN CAMP-Miss Payne's Advisory. TOPPER CARDWELL-Miss Payne's Advisory: Var. Baseball: J.V. Baseball: Christmas Pag.: Span. Club: Chem. Club: J.V. Foot- ball: Star 8 Key. HARRY CARLSON-Miss Wann's Advisory: Sr. Play Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Span. Club: Mem. of A.H.S. Orch.: Band. SYLVIA CARTER-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Fren Club: Sub Deb Club: Fun Day Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm. Freshman And Low Sophomore Terms JANET CLARK-Dr. Peoples' Advisory. JO ANN CREESE-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Jr Prom Dec. Comm.: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Christmas Pag.: Fun Day Comm.: G.A.A. JACK CROWELL-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Mem, and OIT. of Aleathean Club: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Sr. Play Prop.: Fun Day Comm.: Soph Hop Comm. GEORGE DAVIES-Miss Wann's Advisory: Soph Hap Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Fun Day Comm.: Sr. Play Prop. DON DE LONG-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm. JANET DUNGAN-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: Vice-Pres. 3B Class: Chr. of Soph Hop Reception Comm.: Ad. Bd.: Sr. Play Cast: Star 8 Key: Off. Diana Club: Rec. Sec. of Bd. of Con.: Fren. Club: Jr. Prom Comm. BILL ERDAHL-Mrs. I-ligbee's Advisory: Spartan Club: Block "A": Star 8. Key: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr, Prom Comm.: Fren. Club: Bd. of Con.: Sr. Play Cast and Comm.: Var. Golf Team. ADOLPH ESCOTO-Miss Wann's Advisory: Span. Club: Reserve Ticket Comm.: Star 8 Key: N.C.0. Club: Sword 8- Shield: Usher two Sr. Plays and FATHERS' FOLLIES: Refreshment Comm. Military Ball. GILBERT ESPARZA-Dr. Peoples' Adisory: Aloathean Club: Christmas Pag. WANDA FRAZIER-Miss Wann's Advisory: Sr. Play Comm.: Latin Club: Cast of Operetta SEVENTEEN: Star 8. Key: Choir: Fresh- man Captain Betonians: Jr. Prom Sales Comm. GARY GAMBETTA-Miss Wann's Advisory: Pres. 3A Class: Mgr. of Sr. Play: Spartan Club: Soph Hop Comm.: Star 8 Key: Chr. of Pub. Soph Hop.: Frosh Baseball: Reception Jr. Prom: Pub. Jr. Prom. DEANN GARDINER--Mrs. I-ligbee's Advisory: Vice-Pres. IB Class: Co-Mgr. Soph Hop: Fin. Sec. 3B Class: Chr. of Pub, IB Dance: Life Mem. Star 8 Key: OIT. Diana Club: Bd. of Con.: Fran, Club: Prop and Sets Comm. for SEVENTEEN. GLORIA GIORDANELLA-Miss Payne's Advisory. BILL GRAFE-Miss Wann's Advisory: IA, 2B, 4A, Class Pres,: Sr. Play Cast: Aleathean Club: Christmas Pug.: Prop. Comm. Operetta SEVENTEEN: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Star 8- Key: Fren. Club, STU STEPHENS-BEST LOOKING BOY. SHIRLEY GREAVES-Dr. Peoples' Advisoryp Soph Hop Comm.g Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.p Mem. of G.A.A.g Latin Clubg Span. Clubp Star 8. Keyp Christmas Pag. PAUL HANSEN-Mr. Massotty's Advisoryp Bd. of Con.7 Var. Swim Teamp Mgr. of Soph Hopp "B" Footballp Sr. Play Castp Fren. Clubg Chem. Club. KAREN HARVEY-Miss Wann's Advisory. NANCY HOOD-Dr. Peoples' Advisoryg Sgt.-at-Arms Betonian Clubp Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.p Operetta SEVEN- TEENg Christmas Pog.g Choir: Sr. Play Comm. JILL HOPKINS-Mr. Massotty's Advisoryg Vice-Pres. 2B Classg Co-Mgr. Jr. Promp Soph Hop Comm.g Sr. Play Setsg Chem. Clubp Fren. Clubg Christmas Pag. '57. JANET JACOBSON-Miss Wann's Advisoryg Student Director Sr. Playg Rec. Sec. 4A Classy 2nd Vice-Counselor Bd. of Con.p Courtesy Bd.g Soph Hop Skit Comm.p Jr. Prom Comm.g Life Mem. Star 8. Keyg Diana Club. TOM JOHNSEN Camera Club 1 -Miss Payne's Advisovyg Sr. Pluyg N.C.O. Club: Bondg Span. Club. CHARLES KELLY-Mrs. Higbee's Advisoryp J.V. and Var. Fcotballg J.V. and Var. Basketballg J.V. and Var. Baseballg Aleuthean Clubg Block "A"p Span. Club. NORMAN KING-Mr. Massotty's Advisory. ROBERT LARSON-Miss Wann's Advisory. PAT IUGENBEEL-Miss Pclyne's Advisory. JOHN LINDERMAN-Miss Payne's Advisoryp Var. Busketballg Chem. Clubp Star 8. Keyp J.V. Footballp Sr. Play. PAUL LIRA-Miss Wann's Advisory. RAYMOND LEE LOCKE-Miss Payne's Advisoryp R.0.T.C. and N.C.O. Clubg Camera Clubg Treas. of N.C.O. Club. LINDA SPECTOR-ALL-AROUND GIRL. "Anchors Awelgh" Was Our Terrific Soph Hop BILL GRAFE-ALL-AROUND BOY. DAN LUFKIN-Miss Payne's Advisory: Var. Basketball, Baseball and Football: C.5.F.: Star 8. Key: Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S.: Mem. Block "A": Ad. Bd.: Fren. and Chem Clubs: Student Faculty Comm.: Mgr. Opening Dance. VIRGINIA MAGERS-Miss Wann's Advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Prom and Soph Hop Skits: Jr. Prom and Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Sub Deb Club: G.A.A.: Pub. Cllr. Sr. Play. CAROL MARITZEN-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Delthenian Club: Rec. Sec. IB Class: Co-Mgr. Jr. Sweaters: Chr. Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Bid Sales Comm.: Skit Comm. Soph Hop and Jr. Prom: Bd. of Con.: Circulation Mgr. OAK LEAF: G.A.A.: Band: Chem. and Fren. Clubs: Sr. Play Pub. Comm. EVELYN MAROULAS-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Yell Leader IA, IB, and 4A Classes: Pom Pom Girl: Delthenian Club: Chr. Skit Comm. of Jr. Prom and Soph Hop: Sword 8 Shield: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Bd. of Con.: Sr. Play Cast. NADINE MAYDOLE-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: G. A. Fashion Show: G.A.A.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm. SANDY McCANN-Miss Wann's Advisory: C.S.F.: life Mem. Star 8. Key: Bd. of Con.: Yell Leader 3B Class: J.V. Basketball: J.V. and Var. Swimming: Sr. Play Cast: Fren. and Chem. Clubs: Block "A": Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Comm.: Fun Day Comm. PETER McDONALD-Dr. Peoples' Advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm. MARINA MEDINA-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Officer Del- thenian Club: Modern Dance Club: Sr. Play Cast: Christmas Pag. Cast: Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Comm.: G. A. Fashion Show: Span. Club: Pep Club: Masque 8. Sandal. JACK METZNER-Mr. Massotty's Advisory: Soph Hop Dec. Comm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Christmas Pag. Props.: Sr. Play Props. JACQUELINE Ullll METZNER-Dr. Peoples' Advisory: Sub Deb Club: Bid and Skit Comm. Soph Hop: Fun Day Comm.: Christ- mas Pag.: Bd. of Con.: Jr. Prom Skit, Bid, and Dec. Comm.: Sr. Play Cast: G.A.A.: R.O.T.C. Span. KEN MOSELY-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory. MARY MURPHY-Miss Wann's Advisory: Fun Day Comm.: Jr. Red Cross: Pep Club: Sr. Play Comm.: Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Comm.: Usherettes: Jr. Choir: Christmas Pag. PHYl.llS NELSON-Miss Payne's Advisory: Vice-Pres. 2A Class: Diana Club: Co-Mgr. Sr. Play: Bid Chr. Soph Hop: latin Club: Chem. Club: G. A. Fashion Show: Bd. of Con. STEPHEN NICHOLS-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Sr. Play Sales Comm.: Star 8. Key: Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Comm. .jig Pye, Sl. , av' T X. .f' c x 213.223 We Gave Noon Drag Movies In Our 3A Term SANDRA AQTRESS. ROBERT OLIVER-Miss Payne's Advisory: Fren. Club: R.O.T.C. Non-Coms. Club. BILL ORR-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Christmas Pag.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. KEN PARK-Mr. Mossotty's Advisory: "B" Basketball: J.V. Basket- ball: School Service: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Soph Hop and Sr. Play Comm. KAREN PELLERITE-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: Fin. Sec. 2A Class: Off. Delthenian Club: Sr. Play Cast: Courtesy Bd.: Jr. Prom and Soph Hop Comm.: Star 8. Key: Fren. Club. ARLEEN POGGI-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: Sub Deb Club: C.S.F.: Star 8. Key: Fren. Club: Chem. Club: Operetta Cast: Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm. BUD POLLARD-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Ad. Bd.: Mgr. Jr. Sweaters: Star 8. Key: Spartan Club: Swim Team: Open. Dance Bid Comm.: Class Ex. Bd.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. PHIL PRICE-Mrs. Putney's Advisory. KEN RHYNE-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Ad. Bd.: Sr. Play: Chem. Club: Star 8. Key: Soph Hop, Jr. Prom and Sr. Play Comm. PAT RIVERA-Miss Wann's Advisory. SANDRA ROBERTS-Miss Wann's Advisory: Sr. Play Cast: Best Actress, Sr. Class: Christmas Pong.: Choir, Masque 8. Sandal: Soph Hop Bid Comm.: Sr. Play Pub.: Girls' Glee: Jr. Prom Comm. KAY BRISCOE-GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Our Jr. Sweaters Were Gray Ancl Yellow 78 TI? ,Q 45 por. :Ch V.: ...uw BILL SOARES-BEST ACTOR. BILL ROBERTS-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory, BARBARA RODRIGUES-Dr. Peoples' Advisoryp G. A. Fashion Showg Sgt.-at-Arms, Betonian Clubp Choir. VIRGINIA IGINNYI ROSS-Miss Payne's Advisoryp Fin. Sec. 3A Classy Rec. Sec. 3B Classy OH. Delthenian Clubg Life Mem. Star 8. Keyp Christmas Pag.g Fren. and Chem. Clubsp G. A. Fashion Showp '58 ACORNQ Fun Day Comm.g Sr. Play Prop.g Jr. Prom and Soph Hop Comm. CHARLES ICHUCKJ RUSS-Dr. Peoples' Advisoryg Jr. Prom Mgr.g Var. Swimmingp Men's Block "A"g Span. Clubp Sr. Play Cast: Soph Hop and Sr. Play Comm.p '57 Christmas Pug. JIM SELBY-Mrs. Higbee's Aclvisoryg Aleathean Clubg J.V. Foot- ballg Skit Comm. Soph Hop and Jr. Promp Fren. Clubp Bzl. of Con. JUDY SHORT-Mrs. Higbee's Advisoryg Fin. Sec. 2B Classy Fren. Clubp Sub Deb Club: Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Skit Comm.p Sr. Play Comm.g G.A.A. A LENORE ILENII SMITH-Dr. Peoples' Aclvisoryg Soph Hop Skit Comm.g Sr. Playp '57 Operettag Masque 8. Sandal. BILL SOARES-Miss Wann's Advisoryg Fren. Clubg Christmas Pag.g Skit Comm., Soph Hop and Jr. Promg Jr. Red Cross Rep.y Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.p Sr. Play Cast and Crewg Fun Day Comm. KEN SOUSA-Miss Wann's Advisory. LINDA SPECTOR-Mrs. Higbee's Advisoryg Sec. Ad. Bd.p Song Lead. G.A.g Student Faculty Comm.: 2A Class Pres.p Vice-Pres, IA Classy Bd. of Con.p Diana Clubg Skit Comm. Chr. Soph Hop and Jr. Promp Pub. Chr. Open. Danceg Chr. Operetta Props.: Operetta A:comp.g Star 8. Key, Life Mem.p Masque 8- Sandalg G.A.A.p Chem. Clubp Fren. Clubp Christmas Pag. KOKI ABIKO-BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Our Jr. Prom Was "Underwater Fantasy" 79 I' ,A- .1 .J- 7 fl! is DAN LUFKIN-BEST ATHLETE. STUART lSTUl STEPHENS-Mr. MassoNy's Advisory: 'IB and 3B Class Pres.: Chief Counselor Men's Bd. of Con.: Ad. Bd.: J.V. and Var. Basketball: Life Mem. Star 8- Key: C.S.F.: Spartan Club: Fren. and Chem. Clubs. GARY TEED-Mr. McMullen's Advisory. WARREN ULLNER-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: WALTZ DREAM Casf: Mgr. Class Movie: Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Sifs: Sr. Play Props.: Jr, Prom Bid Chr.: Props for SEVENTEEN: Fren. Club: Fun Day Coke Comm. CAROL UTECH-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Chem. Club: Star 8 Key. CAROL VON BERCKEFELDT-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Soph Hop Dec. Chr.: Ad. Bd.: Star 8 Key: Bd. of Con.: 4A Class Vice-Pres.: Diana Club: Fren. Club: latin Club. PAT WEBER-Miss Wann's Advisory: Pom Pom Girl: Bd. of Con.: Ad. Bd.: Fin. Sec. 'IA Class: Yell Leader 2A and 2B Classes: Chr. Pub. Comm. Jr, Prom: C.S.F.: Sfor 8. Key: Diana Club. TOM WHEl.AN-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Chr. 2A Fun Day Comm.: Vice-Pres. Chem. Club: Dec, Comm. Soph Hop: Pub. Comm. Sr. Play: Fren. Club: Star 8. Key: C.S.F.: Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom. WRAY WILEY-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Span. Club: Jr. Red Cross Rep.: R.O.T.C. STEPHEN WILKIN-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Sr. Play Casl: Jr. Prom Skit: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Soph Hop Dec. Comm.: Span. Club: Fren. Club: Fun Day Comm. SANDRA WINSBY-Mrs. Higbee's Advisory: Vice-Pres. Sub Deb Club: Chr. Mus. 8. Refresh. Comm. of Jr. Prom: C.S.F.: Life Mem. Star 8. Key: Chr. Sr. Play Pub.: Co-Mgr. Fun Day Comm.: Fren. Club: G.A.A. ROY WITTENAU-Mrs, Higbee's Advisory: J,V. and Var. Football: Sparfan Club: Span. Club: Dec. Comm. Jr, Prom: Soph Hop Bid 8- Dec. Comm.: Sr. Play Crew: Chem. Club. LORETTA WONG-Miss Payne's Advisory. Pl'lYLl.lS WONG-Miss Wann's Advisory: Chrisimas PUg,: Choir: Jr. Choir. JOANNE WYDO-Mrs. B. Anderson's Advisory: Bd. of Con.: Off. Delfhenian Club: Sr. Play Cast: Christmas Pug. Cast: Star 8 Key: Chrisfmas Pug. Pub. Chr.: Opereffa Pub.: '58 ACORN: G. A. Fashion Show: Fren. Club: Chem, Club: Fun Day Comm.: Soph Hop, Jr. Prom, and Sr. Play Comm. Ladies Of The Jury Was Our Greal' Sr. Play We Leave BETTY AHLBERG RANDAL ALEXANDER ROSALIE BARNCASTLE DOUG BROWN VICTOR BEULMAN PAT CASEY The Fun AI' AHS ln CAMERA SHY SAM DUNCAN BILL FLETCHER CAROL FORNEY ALICE FOSTER VICTOR GALLEGOS GARY HESS PAT HOGAN ROGER HOPPING VALERIE HUNTER MARY ANN IRMER JERRY KAPLER AL LAIBLE January l959 DAVID LE MOINE CAROL MCCLAREN ANNIE PHILLIPS JIM PHILLIPSEN JOHN VAN ROEKEL UPPER LEFT The sensor ball A Foggy Night In London Town IS enloyed by Ron Stuckney Barbara Peterson Shirley Hasund and Geoff Nunes UPPER RIGHT Th Jumor sweaters are modeled by Carol Mantzen who wears the gurls cardlgan and Stu Stevens who wears the boys three holer During a break un the senior play rehearsal Mr Snsler gives has actors some helpful hunts on how to Improve the deluvery of theer Innes High Juniors Stage Junior Prom ,,,. Kr 'Ui 'W M49 President Vice-President Recording Secretary MARK CRONENWETT ANN CANTOR BILL SANTOS LARRY RATTO CATHY ROSKI STEVE RICE The class of June 1959 kept the ball rolling with many activities throughout its low junior term. A class meeting, high-lighted by entertainment from the girls of the class, was first on the list. Class elec- tions were held and the results were as follows: Mark Cronenwett, Presidentg Ann Cantor, Vice- Presidentg Bill Santos, Recording Secretaryg Tom Vetlesen, Financial Secretaryg and Steve Hughett. Yell Leader. The next activity was the selection of blue junior sweaters and jerkins. Nancy Molhtt and Bill Hopkins led this activity. The class then held 21 larrv Ratio, Joanne Sfeveley, and Sieve Rice proudly display their Junior Sweaters and Jerkins. 82 FALL ""' OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Financial Secretary Yell Leader TOM VETLESEN STEVE HUGHETT RON BRIGGS JOAN FRIEDRICH noon movie as a money-making project. In its high junior term the class presented the lovely Junior Prom, "Flamingo," Bill Santos and Geayne Horgan were chosen as Manager and Co- Manager, and .Ian Hess, Paula McNutt, .Ioan Stan- ton, and Marty Ketels were the committee chair- men. Larry Ratto, class president, also worked very hard to make the prom a great success. The 3B's are now looking forward to their last year of high school and to the many exciting things that happen to seniors. "Flamingo MR. GRAY'S ADVISORY ROW I: Wallace, C., Larsen, L Lynch, N., Silva, C. ROW ll: Heele ' J., Page, P., Stephens, S., Kendall, B., ROW III: Gray, R., Mariinex, H., 4 Ilflmii Nerenberg, F. ROW I : Lar- galrficha, M., dawiiiji., Lamasney, P., Ross, J., Foley, TY' I MR. HALLOCK'S ADVISORY R ' Bussell, D., Hilbish, D., Malaxmbj, bbgfn ., Perry, J. ROW II: ' L., Waugh, B., Langren, R., ' ., ur- ray, J. ROW Ill: Hashimofoff., Carr, T. Williams, J., MY. i. ROW IV: KDuck- worth, K. John9,'X. A., Hagen, D., . NRC" Was Brllllanl Success MRS. HOWELL'S ADVISORY ROW I: Howell C. . , ar au . : Camp bell M Gardere G.: Sherinian C: Eisen S., Ballard, L. ROW III: Kal ROW IV:YOT Terry G on, C., Ridaul, J., Waugh MR. JONES' ADVISORY ROW I: Penisfon, J., Glidewell, N., McKin- zey, S., Johansen, C., Morris, R. ROW II: Hepburn, B.-5 IfQQIie2gkfEaEEEr?L.fsF4!tiag, A.CRgii, Q, Click, P. Row III: mm-Q, M., Mitchell, P., Slraffon, N., Martin, C., Jorg ns, A. ROW ., , 1-.rv-m. .- 83 3B Girls' Jerlcins Were Powder Blue MRS. LAYTON'S ADVISORY ROW I: Mrs. Layton: Sleveley, J.: Sfiles, J.: Yamashiu, A.: Clark, C. ROW II: Van-cler ISQQLJB: oekenga, J.: Wallace, K.:SFeId-- h, , .: Robie, J. ROW III: Cossetie, T.: Slarnes, J.: OMo, L.: Rogers, D.: Hudson, D. ROW IV:AVQi er, D.: Hunter, V.: Ryan, J. Carnahan, S, ilIakJ, 62' MRS. MARK ER'S ADVISORY ROW I: Erencls, B.: Roles, T.: Dakin, L.: Loucks, S.: Sumner, S. ROW II: Shultis, G.: Shoemaker, L.: Chapman, C.: Allen L.: Ar . Row III: Fgmfw.: A.- Row: ymimon, B., Q- ten, B.' cEIvogue, J.: Mb MR. McMULLlN'S ADVISORY ROW I: Briggs, R.: Andriese, D.: Pococlc, R. ROW II: Orren, G.: Shannon, R.: Miles, D.: Bonalo, B.: Haefer, R. ROW III: Vundall, T , L.: Palais, C.: Rourick J.: Skin- ner, , Row IV: viega, E.: Mmm, D.: Traude, M.: Samworfh, J. MRS. PATTY'S ADVISORY ROW I: Oliver, S.: Schreiber, M.: Jelavich, s., nuke.-, s., now n. noiage, J.: Raymond, G.: Haag, S.: Frost, R. ROW III: Forbes, T.: Stine , .: Leber, S., Taylor, D.: Rasiman, B. ROW IV: Dobson S.: Graybill, J.: Shanley, D.: Cane, T.: Roberts, W.: Boys' Junior Sweaters Were Big Hit MISS SHOCKEY'S ADVISORY Jackson, C. ROW II: Ward, E., Ri ! iorrester, J., Davies, C., Nakano, P., Va ez, .,Hm,J., Rowllmq Venture, L., Hodge, J. ., Sue, K. ROW IV: Betterton, B., - lera, G. Members of a P. E. class are enthusiastic as they watch a game of basketball. I N i I PJ AV, 5 ,I 1 V I A , MRS. PUTNEY'S ADVISORY ROW I: Mrs. Putney, Neave, D., Dempsey, J., Hopfer, M. ROWiII,WyIlake6eld, S., Enos, S., Burns, B., ' ., TI ROWAIIE Neyli., Colgan, M., ., I . ' lA IV: Cibart K., Bradford, R., Qgnnn. ., Logan, M., Annas, M. I MISS SCHROEDER'S ADVISORY Row I. Puffin, B., Robinson, s., rqqlgyfi.-P Anderson, E., :Qu-EER Row II: Min Schroeder, Millett, M., Modl, K., Dean, J., Airey, C. M. ROW Ill: Driver, J., , Reilly, J., Afma - ' ROW IV: Holmes, G., , ., .'2 veien, T., Molenkamp, ' ' -I f . Low Juniors Have Successful Term 'Q sa., 213 R.. 'Citi - as Q' FALL I ' C OFFICERS 3 fm' Q y so yy E if f' N SPRING P .,, "N 51 F ' W - iff? '- mv "':' ' F III' IQ FN' , 5 President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Yell leader WALT CANNADY PHOEBE MORAES WARREN BERRIE REED JONES JULY INGEMAN WARREN BERRIE HOPE CHIPMAN SHARON BUDD PHOEBE MORAES GAILE MITCHELL The class of February 1960 started the fall term by electing Y'Valt Cannady as President, Phoebe Moraes as Vice-President, VVarren Berrie as Record- ing Secretary, Reed Jones as Financial Secretary, and Judy Ingeman Yell Leader. This 2B class will long remember its Soph Hop, "Easy Going." This dance broke all previous records. and the thanks go to Bob Shepherd, Manager, and Hope Chipman, Co-Manager. Committee heads Hiroshi Abiko, Daryl Lyerla, Judy Eggers, Mary Wlhite, Linda The ski! for the Soph Hop, "Easy Going," inspired many students to :mend the dance. 86 Boucher, Ann Shirley, and Gregg Hofmann also did their part to make the dance successful. During the autumn term, this class sold football programs at the Richmond game. As low juniors, the class had an outstanding term under the leader- ship of President lVarren Berrie and Vice-President Hope Chiprnan. The class hopes that all of its 3B activities will be as successful and profitable as the activities have been this year. "Easy Going" Was Enioyed By Everyone MR. GEYER'S ADVISORY ROW I: Quintell, M., Shirley, A., Fields, B., Marues, P., Potter, G., Brice, J. ROW II: Frankel, L., Cottey, S., Taylor, J., Graham, C., Budd, S., Chirnan, H. ROW III: Cu sack,il,66IIaQher ., Miller, W., Sherak, A., Gartfnlde, . ROW IV: Cates, G.- Hofmann, G., Berrie, W., Gillispie, DJRIEL ---- x. michaeg Traver, D. MISS LOS KAMP'S ADVISORY ROW I: Morig, C., Tennant, R., Peters, C., Dealey L., Ware, J., Schlemmer, S. ROW Il: Miss Los Kamp, Thomas, B., Perrier, N., Forbes, G., Orth, M., Lotz, B. ROW III: Mizoruchi, R., Plato, f a , .,lyerIa, D., Stuart, D. orehousw H ROW IV: Jes- sen, R. 'degirevu e, ., Parr, D., Shepard, D., she5fwru,'r" as Ji DR. REDIGER'S ADVISORY ROW I: Ekdahl, L., gunn, Oxford, J., Brown, K., Cooper, S. ROW II: Barneich, .I., ogman, W., Hall, J., Brophy, A. ROW III: Flashman, V., Divine, D., Burns, F., ,HoImes, K. ROW IV: Wilson, L., Winebrenner, N., Mitchell, G., Block, M., Morrison, C. MR. SCHNEIDER'S ADVISORY ROW I: Finley, C., Lane, P., Eggers, J., Nason, M., White, M. ROW II: Mr. Schnei- der, Snapp, M., Ingeman, J., Merrill, N., Galbraith, S., Canepa, J. ROW III: Hess, D., Knudsen, C., Salcedo, L., Hovey, L., Christian, P., Crittenden, J. ROW IV: Doan, T'-Mllace, W., Luflrin, B., Pucci, S., 87 High Sophomores Eleclecl Capable Crews V!! FALL :- oFFicERs Q A LX ri Q 14 sf T, . Z" 1 SPRING w ,Dv M OFFICERS Ii .jf . X4 I ,--... ' W3 President Vice-Presidenl Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Yell leader JOHN FARNSWORTH SHARON TUCKER SUE MARTIN VICKY CANNON SHARON McKAY CHUCK CATTRAN SUE BROOKS JOHN FARNSWORTH PAM MARTIN JULIE CRAIG At the beginning of its low sophomore term, the class of June 1960 sold Alameda High pennants. It was a very profitable sale, and every pennant that was made was sold. This activity was under the watchful eye of John Farnsworth, the 2A class Presi- dent. Other helpful officers were Sharon Tucker, Vice-President, Sue Martin, Recording Secretary, Vicky Cannon, Financial Secretary, and Sharon McKay, Yell Leader. Also in its QA term, the class found Dick Allen, Marshall Jacoby, and Lee Clark suiting up for Varsity Football. As high sophomores, this class held its Soph Hop which, with the co-operation of the whole class, was very successful and was enjoyed by all who attended. Alameda High looks forward to the many more things that will be accomplished by this class, which is now at the long-awaited half way mark of high school. The 2B's can scarcely wait to become upper- classmcn, and they hope their next two years will he as happy as the first have been. Class leaders of the high sophomore class plan the bids for their Soph Hop Colorful Pennanls Were Sold A+ A.H.S. MRS CUNDIFF'S ADVISORY ROW I: Bierman, C., Currier, B., Craig, B., Chladek, C., O'Neill, P., James, D., Rozman, S. ROW II: Price, C., Balvin, D., Craig, J., Berlin, M., Schaffer, S., Le Claire, J. ROW III: Clark, J., Edwards, R., Brecke, N., Pan- dolfo, F., Utech, S., Hulfman, A., Meyer, M. ROW IV: Snilfen, W., Read, B., Rogers, N., Leuthold, B., Stone, S., Thomas, G., Miller, A., Downie, J. MR. JACKSON'S ADVISORY ROW I: Hough, S., Castillo, O., Taylor, A., Linville, M., Thompson, J., Blaschek, L., Fisk, M., Sabatini, S. ROW II: Borgman, B., Longaker, N., Brooks, S., Boller, V., Jager, C., Makepeace, S., Conlin, L., McKinstry, L. ROW III: Jo , Farnsworth, J., Bee- mon, D., avis, S., Lone, D., Costas, R., Aspinall, B., Klein, M. ROW IV: Jackson, L., Weston, W., Powers, R., Hofmann, D., Christian, D., Walker, F., Ramsden, T., Smith, A. MR. T. ANDERSON'S ADVISORY ROW l: Xenos, G., Yee, M., Foppiano, R., Draper, K., Horine, J., Pertersen, M. ROW II: Westington, V., long, S., Esgar, A., Spratley, N., McKay, S., Bernal, J. ROW Ill: Games, R., Peters, A., Dodge, E., Bustos, J. ROW IV: Mr. Anderson, Bellmer, R., Barbour, L., Avanzino, R., Petterson, R. MR. CAREY'S ADVISORY ROW I: Gunn, K., Borncamp, C., Queen, B., Cannon, V., Marks, N., Prager, P., Hur- bace, D. ROW ll: Nagy, R., Jackson, E., Torpey, C., Linggi, P.,Driver, S., Roggen- buck, P., Grcham, J. ROW III: Shaver, R., Shaw, D., Ferrell, B., Avelar, D., Evans, B., Ross, G. ROW IV: Sheridan, M., Wilson H., Annas, N., Reinhard, N., Kint, S., Cummings, K. "Me And My Shadow" Was Terrific: "Hop" MR. KLEIN'S ADVISORY ROW I: Kapgenehs, S., Murphy, M Selsback, N., Xavier, G., Suman, C., Poulin C. ROW Il: O'Connor, C., Fairfield J. Figueroa, V., Hunter, V., Rae, S. ROW Ill Dean, R., West, E., Craig, L., Harrosh, S. Hansen, K. ROW IV: Randoll,,G., Woods, T., Sanborn, D.,'VanAvSIoten, Wi, Raob, J. Roberts, J., North,'D."i "" ,,Y, ,.-K' MRS l.AUCK'S ADVISORY ROW I: Owens, S., Fox, P., Gilbert- son, A., Walther, P., Martin, S. ROW II Stormer, S., Miller, K., LaGrage, Y., Mail lor, M., Jansen, L., Pritchard, D. ROW III law, K., Thau, W., Ryan, C., Long, B., Flenniken, W., Rodrigues, J. ROW IV: Heaton, K., Westernoff, J., Petroelie, L. Hogin, S., Tavernier, J. 'W 2 if? in , MISS REICHMUTH'S ADVISORY ROW I: Martin, P., Olsen, J., Packer, B., Houston, J., Takeda, J., Simi, S. ROW II: Horgan, J., Kyer, P., MacDonald, S., Torpey, C., Cowart, J., Andrus, M., laugh- ter, S. ROW Ill: Kingery, J., Andrus, M., Green, B., Malenburg, E., Fink, J., McGreg- or, M., Duckworth, D. ROW IV: Yazolino, N., Grahn, A., Morten, G., Broyles, M., Modl, S., Farnsley, W., Holden, G. MRS. SCHWARTZ' ADVISORY ROW I: Craig, K., McGrath, T., Tesio, G., Rasmussen, C., Taylor, J., Muehlbauer, R., Winton, M. ROW ll: Milam, N., De- Guerre, C., Randall, P., Clark, J., Devine, S., Larson, K., Mitchell, H. ROW Ill: McGregor, C., Bulkley, R., Retz, B., Hill, J., Graves, L., Milliken, R., Ploncyak, A. ROW IV: Schrei- ber, R., Jacoby, M., Westernoff, P., Gielow, T., Wisner, J., Morris, W., Coughlin, R. 2B's Look Forward To Being Upperclassmen 0 1 . Penney Drayer operates the spectroscope while other chemistry students look on. During the O.A I..-A.C.A.L. Talent Show stu- dents anxiously await their cues to go on stage. hs . 1.x lo MR. SCOTT'S ADVISORY ROW I: Mooney, P., Pappas, G., Eby, P., Kadota, V., Prasloski, M., Celli, V., Dear, J. ROW ll: McQuay, P., Turker, S., Tamborski, E., McGill, C., Graham, J., Reynolds, M., Thayer, A. ROW Ill: Hoglund, H., Clinton, L., Filiberti, G., Blunden, A., Truiillo, W., Corby, R., Gould, D. ROW lV: Rose, D., Schulze, J., Farris, R., Siebert, M., Melton, V., Ghiselli, G., Walker, V. MR. WOODS' ADVISORY ROW l: Ruggiero, B., Thomas, J., Howard Pfligewmanlj., Wickman, B., Sharp, J. Cross, V., Ailexander, B. ROW ll: Hopper D., Schrieber, L, Stuart, M., Archer, L. Bills, E., lrmschelpj., Whitaker, S., Andrews V. ROW lll: "V.enilgrson, R., Clark l. Broughton, B., Stallworth, R., Allen, D. Mclellan, T., Adamy, J. ROW IV: Barr, D. Garrett, T., Alcock, B., Koetie, E., Welker, T. Balbini, O., Chambers, L, Low Sophomores Uphold A.H.S. Standards Wfiiif .WV I FALL W oFFlcERs 145 I ,,. SPRING X was N" ., , OFFICERS 132' X Q? f i , Presideni Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Yell Leader DAVE MASON JERRILEE JENSEN MAXINE PILLOFF JERRY EISELMAN BARRY PARKER BOB JOHANSEN JUDY MAURER MARY LEE ULNER JERRY FRESCHI MARILYN LIVESEY As high freshmen, the class of February 1961 held an important class meeting, conducted by the newly-elected President, Dave Mason, to decide on a money-making project. The purpose of this project was to earn enough money to pay for ACORN pic- tures. There were many good suggestions as to what the project should be, but a noon movie came out the winner. The movie was a huge success, thanks to Barry Parker, the chairman of the committee, and to the support of the members of the class. This Bob Johansen, Mary Lee Ullner, and Judy Maurer discuss possible activities for their 2A Class. 92 class showed much skill in presenting exciting activities. The time flew and soon the class had begun its second year of high school. As 2A,s the class was under the spirited leadership of President Bob Jo- hansen, Vice-President Iudie Maurer, Recording Secretary lllary Lee Ullner, Financial Secretary Jerry Freschi, and Yell Leader Marilyn Livesey. The class has already begun thinking about its Soph Hop next semester, and all are looking forward to it. Fine Officers Led Class Sucessfully MRS. LA FONTAINES ADVISORY ROW l: Sticlrney, M., Tribble, A., Davey, L. Ullner, M., Thomsen, G., Middlesworth, M ROW Il: long, R., Johnsen, J., Champion, P. Noriye, N., Santos, G., Schmeltzer, W ROW lll: Short, P., Minton, J., Jensen, J. Rouquier, J., Gates, J., Slxaarup, P., Ger- hcrdt, C. ROW IV: Savala, R., White, W. Mason, D., Lawton, P., Turner, D. Ml, MOORE'S ADVISORY ROW I: Pitts, S., Enos, S., Hertemon, J. Truffelli, N., Cant, K., Erdahl, J., Sivanns, S. ROW ll: Quiiici, D., Dahl, C., Donaldson Kolonawslci, J., Burror, S., Justin, M., illo M oar s ROW lll: DeVine, B., Costa D., Jac son, L., Armstrong, L., Horning, C. Stone, D. ROW IV: Mr. Moore, Largarticha S., Sutton, T., Morrison, M., Smith, E., Hill R., Perata, R. MISS SHELLERS ADVISORY ROWI Rodriguez M Meglll J Ball L Dugan A Lewis J Bishop V ROW Il Sparks J Styles J Cote K Brunclxhorst J Mauer J Wiley B ROW Ill Simpson G Labetlch R Landreth B Maclntosh D 'U Oliphant L Bezhtle C ROW IV Gomes D Blalxeney A Stung P Andragna J Sowell J Banley C MRS. TAYS ADVISORY ROW I: Graybill C.- Gunn B: Timmerman L.' Carr P.' Schmitz J.- Swiney M. ROW ll: Bishop S: Orio M.- Bernal N.: Melling S: Gillard F .'Wallin S.: Livesey M. ROW III: Carlisle G: Rees E.: Greig Ju Lewis D.- Johansen Rx Conine En Nakano R. ROW IV: Van Vallrenburg W: Slater R.- Snyder, A., Hasegawa J., Weiss, F. 93 2A's Look Forward To Their Soph Hop MRS. THOMP50N'S ADVISORY ROW l: Lothian, R., Rosso, V., Bennett, S. mons, A. ROW ll: Engstrom, N., Ostling L., Farwell, C., Carmody, J., Hull, N., Maas M., Wilson, J. ROW Ill: Tomine, C., Slay maker, R., Cook, A., Rudolph, J., Ortiz, J. Cowart, M. ROW IV: Price, G., Eiselman J., Smeaton, J., Finch, L., Snapp, T. Brumante, B. The Band's new uniforms are modeled by George Millard and Mr. Robert Crown, Assemblyman of the 14th District, talks to Carol Maritlen. a very attentive Government and Politics class. 0: ff . : l.lN. An experiment in measuring horsepower is performed by this Mr. Spafford of Oalc Ridge mystifies students with time delay physics class. reactions. 94 Burress, L., Wilson, K., Medina, M., Tim- New Freshmen Enfered Info Fun A+ A.H.S. A . wr 1 .ae FALL eee -P' OFFICERS Q- .. Q l 3 'rf J at SPRING OFFICERS Presideni Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Yell Leader ALLAN DART JUDY NORDMARK RICK RANKIN JIM ROBERTS JUDY SCHWARTZ JIM ROBERTS JOHN DOGGETT JON HARRIS RICK RANKIN KAREN SCOTT The class of june 1961, began its four years of high school on September 10, 1957. The 1A's held their first class meeting on November 26. At the meeting they had some lively entertainment, and they discused a cupcake sale which was held on December 4. Under the terrific management of Allan Dart, the class President, the sale was a big success, and the class made a substantial profit. The Vice-President, Judy Nordmark, was also very help- ful in arranging the activities. Many students help Oo make 'he high f1eshmen's noon cup-cake solo a success. XN'hen they were 1B's, jim Roberts became Presi- dent. His cabinet consisted of john Doggett, Vice? President, Jon Harris, Recording Secretary, Rich Rankin, Financial Secretary, Karen Scott, Yell Leader. They had their second successful cupcake sale on March 12, and are already planning more enjoyable, as well as more profitable, activities. This class definitely has much class spirit and co-opera- tion, and it is anxiously looking forward to its QA term. Freshmen Cup '. 1 K ' C 1,1 MRS. COKE'S ADVISORY ROW l: Higby, E., Livingston, B., Guisto, K., Hayame, M. ROW ll: Cates, P., Galvan, J., Fuller, L., Lodge, J., Langren, M, Freitas, E. ROW Ill: Lynch, W., Rankin, R., Dart, A. Knepper, L., Balthrop, R. ROW IV: Manful, D., Wesley, E., Braly, B., Click, J., Taylor, B. MRS. HENRY'S ADVISORY ROW I: Pearson, J., DuBois, S., Johnson, J. Benedick, L., Baum, K. ROW II: Ross, L. Logan, J., Heaton, S., McNeil, C., Medaglia C., Hunter, V. ROW lll: Randel, J., Brown, S., Aarol, K., Morrison, J., Flood, R., Fo- garty, R. ROW IV: Owens, E., Doan, W. Kain, D., Cook, J., Breedlove, C., Legaux, K 96 ,, ,fs f Cake Sales Were MRS. V. ANDERSON'S ADVISORY ROW l: Geiger, D., DeGuerre, D., Salinas, R., French, T., Arntzen, V., Garside, R. ROW Il: Carpenter, L., Buccierelli, R., Mog- nani, M., Dowler, R., Blanchard, R., Dick- herber, J. ROW Ill: Clark, B., Eaton, A., Riddle, C., Bausch, C., Franchi, P., Blevins, D. ROW IV: Anderson, V., Brown, S., Gates, S., Harlow, M., Bonato, D. MR. BUTLER'S ADVISORY ROW I: Fontaine, L., Jussila, L., Snoey, C., Fisher, S., Colgan, J., Godchaux, D. ROW Il: Bottemiller, D., Choate, N., Ney, M., Duplessis, C., DuBoce, B. ROW Ill: Quant, P., Ashcroft, E., Hayter, L., Hertzig, S., Guthrie, G., Doble, D. ROW IV: Bodvell, R., Stone, E., Buch, A., Balthrop, J., Fearon, A., Hashimoto, Y. Successful, Profifable Affairs MR. HULL'S ADVISORY ROW I: leefeldt, E., Ruperto, A., Toma shek, J., Teves, M., Yamashta, K., Rueda, N. ROW II: Andrus, B., Mein, J., Willis, L. Millett, M., Serpos, J., Mecum, L., Fink, M. ROW Ill: LaVenture, D., McGinnis, F., Cart wrighf, R., Hertzig, L., Petty, L., Dwyer, B. Cates, A. ROW IV: Hull, J., White, G. Castleman, P., Wroebel, S., Winchester, D. MRS. LE HEW'S ADVISORY ROW I: Driver, M., Jackman, L., Barker, J. Gorton, P., McFeron, C., Myers, D., Mrs. LeHew. ROW Il: Churvet, J., McVey, D. Meek, V., Muller, A., Martinez, L., Shackle- ton, S. ROW Ill: Heron, E., Garfinkle, G. Holly, J., Gremminger, E., Lyerla, E., Mc- Gregor, M. ROW IV: Poole, D., Jay, A. Quintero, L., Doggett, J., Harris J., Bar- neich, P. Oo O OO '-AJ MISS POWERS' ADVISORY ROW I: Robinson, K., Nickerson, J., Kotte, K., Mattern, S., Martinez, D., King, P. ROW II: Lewis, E., Nesbit, S., Dowler, D., Lessley, J., Howey, D., Hartman, G. ROW Ill: Holly, B., Long, J., Gilmer, T., Patelzick, P., Gei- serf, S., Warner, K. ROW IV: Cluuson, R., Pashayan, ., Broch, B., Hodge, C.: Merritt, G. MISS SHAFFER'S AVISORY ROW I: Wong, L., Miller, F., Seeley, D., Williams, I., Stuart, K., Takahashi, A. ROW ll: Fletcher, S., Waugh, D., Thompson, H., Wallace, P., Washburn, B. ROW III: Schwartz, J., Welch, J., Tilton, C., Traver, L., Addy, D. ROW IV: Keonan, L., Zecher, R., Van Sant, J., Watts, G., Truscatt, R. 97 Freshmen's Spirit lmpresses A.H.S. MR. SlSLER'S ADVISORY ROW I: Shaw, S., Olsen, P., Logan, S. McPherson, J., Rourick, L., Oswald, S. ROW II: Johnson P., Nordmark, J., Mohr, G., Graham, S., Palizzolo, G. ROW III Rather, B., Oliver, R., Nolen, R., Peel, M. Stover, N., Coughlan, S. ROW IV: M:Nutt, B., Millar, J., Rogers, P., McCreery, R. Gannon, M., Haskell, J. MRS. SMITH'S ADVISORY ROW I: Betterton, B., Malnburg, M., Mar- tinez, C., Mendoza, R., Peterson, J., Scott K., Rhea, J. ROW Il: Quintell, D., Reeves L., Potter, L., Pereira, J., Hurbace, H., Smith R. ROW III: Davis, J., Nelson, J., Bylander, I., Renshaw, M., Sandirk, S., Hunter, J. Tatum, M., McCray, M., Harchous, T., Rus- sell, K., Youngman, R.,Peterson , S. MRS. VAN OGTROP'S ADVISORY ROW I: Lillard, P., Skinner, L., Takeda, J., Webb, S. ROW II: Schvetz, S., Vaquera, M., Reynaud, M., Blunden, M., Phillips, J. ROW III: Koetye, J., Bowen, J., Steveley, J., Meisel, J., Powell, C. ROW IV: Afman, G., Ryan, P., Meany, M., Stiles, P., Kidd, D. 3 MR. YOUNG'S ADVISORY ROW I: Persyn, K., Sultan, S., Salcedo, K., Miller, M., Lowell, J., Stagnero, M. ROW ll: Sewell, S., Stroud, W., Tenant, N., Swin- ney, B., Sobol, D. ROW Ill: Stumborg, S., Allen, K., Terstege, S., Camping, C., Swee- ney, K., Stephenson, J. ROW IV: Richard- son,J., Weigel,C., Gallagher,R., Ulricsen,J. ow Freshmen Choose Able Leaders 1 Fx ff" Presndent Vnce Presldent Recordm S t , SPRING OFFICERS "F We g eue ary Fmanclal Secretary Yell Leader DON HAMMOND DON KRIENS sus HARTLEY WENDY WEHN STAN ZNOJ U1 nu rx 'f lllbli Xlxmtdx Hugh umlconul rl hrouqh the nd of thur '1dXlSOI'9 tc tc ht rs ind thc upper clxssmen, the lXs quncklx hu mme iccus lomed to tht Ks its of hlqh sc hool rl ht otha c rs of lhlh class dld 1 Hue job durmq the sprmq term 'md the class m ldc 1 stirt XNl'llCh promlses sum css m the fol lowmq three md 1 hftlf xears Under the capable leidershlp of Don Himmond Prcsldent Don krl cm X141 Prcsldent Sun Hirtlex Fm mcnl Secrc tlrx YN cndx YN ehn Recordmq Sec retstrx Stout o Xtll c ldtr thc IX elm hmld xts hrstc 1 good showing IH the Held of sports md Xlamedx Hlqh expu ts mam out ompllshments from thrs cl rss ln the future Flhls class his alrmdx shown much enthusmsm md xmbltlon 'md lf thex strlve to ketp up the spmt teamwork ind efhclencx of the other chsses tht I Xs wxll produce m mx CXCIIIHQ wctnlttes at X11 med 1 Hlqh The entertumment at the Freshmen Receptnon was thoroughly Low freshmen omcers Sue Hartley Stun Znol Don Hammond enloyed by all the new students and Don Knens make plans for then sandwich sale 99 bk If ' -- W V I -5 K D -. N ' flffzfi-.O .- Q - -sf 2 M , :ti-'f 1- a- V . I i .f-',q':.,',1.f6:- . ,f , . l W if lf . NR I R txtwfg, :..:'Q. K I ju ll L-. .f ,Q 2 ' 1 '4 " ' 1' Zn j. Y' In: ' 3 ' Q ' 'Q 5 'lass lhtf IHCWCUIIWFS f-ef W Ihv Cl2lSS Of l'lCl7fll2lI'E'. l952- meeting on April 16. Low freshmen boys also made ' l s I ' .' C fi- I , .2 t . L-Q I . Zi A L' v- 1 - ,Q xx 2 I 2 , Q , I . . . . u.., ' .,., ' 2 ' ' I M ' I , . Q I 1 n n 1 nw L nil. K x il I ul I i A4 K A. .i. 2 f . Q . ' .O 5 .f . - ' ,- , , . f , , , z z , . f . , l C f C I A u , I L A ' C Q L ' s ' l- ' , 1 li' c . . , x "3 Y"'- 1-l ' 1 ' 2 .' '- I it " 2 Q -' ru . 1 ' I 'l l- - 1- 1 'C' X A K. ' s E Y ' XX Q N Low Freshmen Enlered lnlo The Fun Of ,. 1 K - I y . Q '. .--..4 MISS HAYS' ADVISORY ROW I: Candia, M., Schlemmer, S., Cusack, J., Kauffman, J., Mohr, B., O'Connell, J. ROW Il: Silva, A., Shephard, B., Wallace, J., Santos, N., Doyle, J., Powers, B. ROW III: Cau, M., Ladmier, B., Hedding, C., Hee- Iey, S., Hyde, K., Ghighiazzo, A. ROW IV: Rice, G., Morris, L., Soulage, G., Rovenlini, R., Slrerrilf, R. MR. PEARSON'S ADVISORY ROW I: Hartley, S., Doyle, S., Clark, S., Jones,, D., Hockalzour, C., Hopkins, D., Du- rein, A. ROW Il: Boese, R., Hopping, J., Fassioffo, M., Berg, L., Berding, T., Pelers, D. ROW Ill: La Flamme, T., Arter, C., Serpas, E., Fruueffi, L., Horning, V., de Haas, C. ROW IV: Berlin, T., Cipresso, B., Anderson, S.: Maurice, D., Berrero, A., Vander Raesf, G. IOO flu: MR. BERGES' ADVISORY ROW I: Esparza, R., Randall, B., Maclntosh, P., Pharr, M., Ono, C., Reynolds, R. ROW ll: Maydole, T., Wong, T., Berry, D., La Flamme, G., McElvogue, D. ROW Ill: Mer- rill, S., Randall, C., Pullman, E., Mello, E., Keeney, G., Lair, S. ROW IV: Slewari, F., Hoginchik, S., Painter, B., Sabbatini, J., Sato, M., Murray, B. MR. FREEMAN'S ADVISORY ROW I: Gourley, M., Garlinkle, R., Hasund, J., Pelerson, T., Hord, P. ROW Il: Davies, M., Gramma, R., Sinclair, D., Ringer, K., Wehn, W., Gilmore, M. ROW Ill: Enfield, D., Reddon, C., Grice, S., Casal, V., Weber, N., Harf, H. ROW IV: Hammond, D., Dal- rymple, L., Giusso, G., Pruner, C., Winkler, J., Bryant, C. Alameda High School With Enthusiasm MRS. THAM'S ADVISORY ROW I: Reed, J., Awalt, J., Campbell, S. Wilmes, J., Pope, C., Daun, D. ROW II Johnson, C.: Znoi, S., Thomas, G., Cole, K. Kriens, D. ROW III: Wooten, E., Babcock B., Brander, S., Riblett, J., Allyn, J., Adams, C. ROW IV: Yamamoto, G., Larsen, S. Wilkins, J: Bottarini, C., Robinson, T. huns Under the careful instruction of Mr. Massotty, students learn Students learn transcription which is an important part of the details of mechanical drawing. Office Practice. if R Mr. Geyer explains safe driving to students of a driver training Members of the 3B class create flamingos for decorations at class. their Junior Prom, "FIamingo." lOl l J3- Ge V R X XKU has ' 'g K s 1: X - , E2 ,. - V. . H m , f-' --- -'T-I Fr ' ,352 'f215'2.i-YXQH , X5 X 7- ' X . x , X , X I ' i u X ' F 9 N X f T.. 3- -, u h 'W A i , it .U , ORGANIZATICDNS -f iz l N, ,Q W li'-'-2 gg Ll-J 'W ix V! A W X Q 7 2- N- K, If ,ii V jg:-wxx l ef I7 N". X , , U. f ,. Xf wax ggi if W' 1 X . 'r '61 IJ t X J -N45 . I NLE, eu T., YQMLA - 1 4 ' : A 1' - y ff' 'S X I ll Q --f A S . I X4 b ' V' , F. fu S K! V X X N . X X X X I 1 ,. v f ' M f f 1 x t ibm.:-1 161' ' ' "N ,AJ 'X ' ' Y 5 X A 5 . , X .. wi ----- Lioiixn C.S.F. Focuses Attention On Scholarship FRONT ROW J Roberts S Dobson M Ketels J Rudolph C Tomme M Caswell M White M Orth L Layne J Roble A Flttmg ROW II B Oliver W Warfield C Yetter C Snell P McQuay J Heeley J Takeda P Gorton J Burch A Yamashta A Maeyama E Ash croft ROW Ill M Funk J Farnsworth B Bulkley T Glelow L Barnhart V Kadota J Dempsey M Reynaud L Wlllls J Rouquler J Hoekenga K Brlscoe J Steveley ROW IV R Cartwright M McCroy M Klem B Aspmall B Wlllson S Slauson L Axtell P Quant W Newell L Easterhng S Slaughter M Nason ROW V S Voogd W Farnsley W Berne V Cannon N Molflitt C Chlodek A Cnoffl L Shoemaker L Mecum ROW Vl M Thorpe C Molenkamp J Rossen D Thorpe C Hooper K Abuko S McCann D Luflun S Stevens C Leefeldt FRONT ROW J Roberts N Kapgenehs M Caswell BACK ROW C Snell J Robre C Yetter L Layne The Qahfornla Seholarshlp Federatlon has aqaln prow ed to be one of the most enjow able and useful orqanlzatlons ln the sc hool The club, Com wlth the Star 81 Kew and has been QIVITIQ free tu IOFIHQ serxlees to those people who haxe need of them 'lhe C, S F eo sponsored 1 dance wlth ,,,, I men High and ex ers one enjox ed lt llT1lT1Cf1SClX The tnnual C S F eonxent1on was held at Xlo tlcsto Hlgh School 'I he dax was spent ln mam md xarled '1ct1x1t1ts all plinned to help the sc ho ltst1c.1llx mmded studfnt Xll nn ill tht memhtr cnjoxcd txcrx .ictlxf flI'lClVtUI'll'1NNl'lIlC xc ll SPRING FALL N Kapgenehs Presldent M Caswell C Snell Vlce Presldent L Layne P McQuay Secretory S Scott C Yetter Treasurer J Roberts Editor J Robue I : . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' ' . 1 . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . , f , - , . . , . I ' . : 1 ' , . , . , . , . , . , . l , . , . , . , . , . , . , . : . , . , . , . , I. , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . 1 . , . , . . : . , . , . , . . posed of honor students, put on 21 joint meeting 7 ,G 3 . 1 . - . , " .. 1 . ' ' ' . A - sg . , s . x I V x I ' x v r . ' v L r 4 w ' y - nz . W1 - ' lO4 Slar And Key ls Largesl Group A+ AH S FALL SPRING Sarah Hamilton Preslclenl Vlrglnla Ronzanl Sharon Wakefield Vlce Presldenl .loan Silles Vlrglnla Ronzam Secretary Gayle Raymond Sharon Enos Treasurer Arlene Rosk Nancy Glndewell Editor Kay Modl rl he Stem Ind Ixu Souetx of Xl uned 1 Hwh hx the lzrgest number of students of mx orqanm mon IH the school HX H S Um be proud of thls Qloup of students Q ich xuth 1 B ix erxqe or xbme lhc club to sponsored fl student meetlng mth thc S l ind reuxud m mx cmnplunents llqhtcd bx 1 speual touch rl he OL1tSI'lI'lLl1llQ lctlx ltx of St 1r ind Ixex w 'is the 'mnu 11 plenu held clunng the sprmq texm All the members is will 1 X11 Smlth the fadxlsor of the club were urs plc md wlth the suc c essful xc wr FRONT ROW S Wakefield Vionzqnlq S lHEE BACK Row e RuunhiB? s Enos Kcmana These above average students have the dnslmdlon of forming the largest OIQGHIZCTIOII ln the school 105 O . Q X , lv 1 -2 ' xi' A' s. N. 'V A 2 x 2 lm . 3 Al n A n .mls if .li K Q .K 512' " C 2' 2. Q ' ' R 'f .' 1 f , l t' '. ' CZ..'. 1 'V " z I' ' ' ' The xnonthly meetings of the society are always high- ., ' ,'..' ei' t. l I Qt '.z"'- Hz 1 'i' up 2. 2 ' " ' " if Tj ' K ' ., W xl A-1 -l A. . . rkvl v I-11 I FALL SPRING Beth Feldhammer President Ann Thayer Ann Thayer Vnce Presldeni Carolyn Chapman Carolyn Chapman Secretary Canara Peters Ann Yamashla Treasurer Dave Terslege Juamta Pemston Editor Mack McCray lhe Ir rench C lub 15 one of the most successful cmrgdnlmtlons it AH S as shown hx 1ts large memhershlp .md xarled actnlues At the clubs monthlx ITICCIIHQN the members heard manx txpts of HILISII rmglnq from Freneh Qhrlstmds C arols to pldno md trumpet numbers rlhe adxanud l ranch students put on 4 plaw entltled I 1 l'2llIT1 est un Bon Inxcntc ur wlth whlch thc members sulate Ill S ID ll mnusco spokc at another meetlng I he trlxdltlondl flower sale was held on March lfl, md prmxded the school wlth 1 prewew of sprmq In rc nc h sc hol1rsh1ps wc rc xlso lSNllf'd hx thc 1 um French Club Flowers Add A Touch Ol Sprung French Club members made this ost ear one of the mos! su cces sful thai they have ever had N " z ' - ' if 4' s g 1 v v r v ' Ls 1 . . L A I Al were delighted. Mme. Raven of the French Con- : -' fz " i'.'i Q 1 ' H' j. V X m f - - r x K-1 Lv Y A L 2 y. x x K 4 l 2 v' X -l l. C chit 'EMM H at ' .4 " , Q...- FALL SPRING Cafhy Chnstmann President Pu!! Sinckler Pai? Sfrlckler Vice President Denlne Holblsh Janet Benson Secretary Vnrguma Ronzam Vlrglnla Ronzanu Treasurer Anne CIOH. Jan Hess Song Leader Andrea Fmmg Ron Bridges Sergeant at Arms Nanzy Momf! ll 5111111111 1111 X1 IN 1111 1 1111 111 111 1 5JlIlIN11 p1111111Q 11111111111 X1l111p11 11111111 Q111 111 1111111111 11 11111 1111111s1111Q 111111111 NI11111i X11111 1 1111 1 1 1 IS 1 N111 111111111 11111111 X1 IN 1111111 11 NC 1111111 X1 11111 of 111111 1111111115 1111 I'I1LI1l1JLYN 11111111 1111 1111115 11111 111 1111111 XI1'1.11 111 11111 Puerto R11 111 Xprl 111 1111 p111f1w11m1111 1111111 111111 of R11 111111 1 S 1111 ll 1 11111p 1111111 1 1111 B111 111111fh1111 X1 lx 11111111111 11 1 11111 11111111111 m111111q 111 1111 ll 11 11111 tllllq N1 111111 Sp 1111511 s111d1111s put 1111 1 1111 11111111113 p111 Sp mish C lub m1:111nqs 111 1 1111111111111 11 X H S 11111 s11r11f'111111g of 11h11h X11 811011111151 1111 pr111111 Spanish Club Dmner Adds Zes+ To Season The spamsh Club ugum proves fo be an wwe :lub . . . . . I '11-X1 's I1 '11 p1'z.'11 11z"1 1'1'1' '1 1111 Spz111i.11 c11ll1 111: 11211 21 . '.'i1'1111 1'1111'1'111i11111's singing 211111 p1z11'i11g 1h1'ir guitars. O11 .- "1 1. ' ' 2 1 " 'z "1 ' 21111 -12'ill,l" 2" 11' 2 . '12 z "-1 v ' 'f'K.F' I 0 0 Q ' , Q 1 ' 1- Lalin Club Members Sludy Ancient Rome FRONT ROW L Blascher B Forgman J Honne J Roble J Takeda S Decker S Laughter S Long S Martm B Minton P ONe1Il M Block ROW ll C Snoey L Davey J lrmscher A Eaton C McFeron A Mayama V Kadota S Rlce B Oliver M Elsen ROW III C Leefeldt G Thomsen P Skaarup J Sparks M Pnlloff S Slvanno M Mlllett J Sums J Rosser J Mathreson J Allen C Sump son ROW IV C Yetter J Megnll J Bruce P Garton E Ashcroft J Stephenson D Addy J Koetle K Aaroe B Hopklns V Boller ROW V B Babcock M Sato S Doyle V Casal V Hamng B Thorpe M Fassnotto A Lamb B Feldhammer M Colgan ROW VI P Lamasney P Skaarup J Armoskns P Hansen D Berry S Merrlll J Wllkms J Wmkler G Horgan D Hllblsh M Ketels B Brad ford L Ucovuch G Merrntt ROW VII M Funk B Bellman J Hull R Teterson S Slauson R Brlggs D Thorpe C Molenkamp I hc I dun C lub has aqam shown that lt 15 one 01 the most X 1 1s1t1l Clubs IH thc school rl hc: club Latln Club members enloy cupcakes served by Peggy sponsored 1 tr1p to mans of the local colleges for O Nenll Judue lrmscher and Joan Robne our foruqn cxylmngn student, Cframa 'Xldrnetto -nd thu studs ms uno ws mt w1th L1r1111.1 as com PLIIIOIIN found II just 11s lntcrcstmq as shc dld llfxnx of the I lllll C ll1lllT1C6LlllQS h.1xLb11n pro c 111111 1 p 1 hx s "' 11kc1 s 1ss ll1111 xx IN 1str1cllx Rom 111 II 111111 II lllll xcrsmn of L 111 1m1s111Q lltllf R111 Ifllllllf' 110011 C l Llll llli SUKLCSS FALL J Roble M Sheridan J Jorgens P O Nelll S Decker lO8 Preslclent Vuce Presudent Secretary Trea surer Song Lf-ader SPRING J Armoskus J Horme S Laughter J Sparks C McFeron ga I it L , I f 1 1 Y 5.3 A 53 'N it . 5 7 1.1 gk, . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' , . ' l . V : . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . , . , . . 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - ' f V. - - s 1 - ' 1. K- ' 1 ' A. K. L ' , . . K. I . , , . fl V I. . , I . A. I , ' 1, , 3 Y . - - , 1 vl 1 s 1' X' f r ', . , ls 1 L A 1 - 11' 1 T124 I -' - vfcl 'cl with UIILCINLZ. ng plays ut rn I' Nlrx. 4 fa Xl: L'l1.'.c's." 'gpg Q " 4' 1 play, "I"-1 " .ll fI'l'.U :md 21 L1 ' " hat 4-111 ally z if K " f ' 1 A A I, W . 'l'l1 ' 1 lllll llilb just lllzislwcl un 2 c' ' "2 l .1 "-.'.'f11l I f4'2ll'. . . 3 ,af f . f i Ful'ure Teachers Try "Sample" Lesson xxx Q FRONT ROW C Snell J Roble J Takeda K Yamashla S Schlemmer M Schrleber N Ererman ROW II C Yetler L Kidd C Shermuun .I Frlednch M Block M Essen E Ward ROW Ill N Glldewell E Ashcroft S McKay J Bernal B Lotz S Melllng ROW IV L Con lm S Utech G Tesla J Sprotley A Gllbertson rl he Future Inu hers of Xmerlc 11 though It lg 1 comparatn elx new group, has bein extremelx actue TI he club IS Composed of peoplc plannmg to go 11110 the field of edueatlon h xll Q xme X few members m the Club x mted .md ol strx ed eldsses m some of the puhlle schools m Xlameda X Elm was held on the tedchmq pro fusion 'md some of the members gmc p1.1et1ce K5 I N hc le l X nent to a confer Ct iS S' um md rm 1 Pun Dax booth All dttlu club llltm this cltmonstrates the splrlt it X H S FALL SPRING Shurley Gnllurd Presldent Mcry Schneber Sue Barbour Vlce Presrdenr Kuihy Waxe Rezordnng Secretory Carole Shenman Mary Schneber Fmanclol Secretary Joan Frlednch C Sherrnlan M Schrleber J Fnedrlch 3-i in 7 3 .f,, Q ' , , s , , ,XI '4Aj T , . L A b vb W ' 1 .' ' ,.' I' The club Sold programs at a very exciting foot- ,-.L.' I I. N 4 Q K v vf , A l-pf: mx. 'l' - . " ' ' en T 21 tliill Jose .11-Q zz' ,' .. ' YT' FALL BOARD FRONT ROW leff lo nghf S Wakefield J Buckley Fm Sec E Wochtel Pres G Johnson Vlce Pres ROW ll C Fergusonl Hurtwlg V Ronzam B Burns ROW III K Modl D Fusold E Ward Service To School ls lht C Olllttsx Bo trd under tht CllI'CCllOl'l of Nlrs l-Iockstmt 'lc ts rs a hosttss commlttee for Xlamedl Hlqh St hool lhe Courtesx Board members dxrect new students to thelr first adx 1sorx and help usxtors loc tte the facultx members that thex wlsh to see lwerx term the Courtesw Board sells much needed -X H S book cox ers 'l hls X ear marked the first t1me the Qlrls were able to wear the m1dd1es and tles whleh are the mark of the x irled orqamzatlons In the fall the gurls had red sc arfs w 1th w hlte polka dots The sprmq term mem bers chose 1 pmk md whlte strlpe whleh was xerx btcommq Xt Chrlstm ts tlme the Courtesx Board Courtesy Board MoHo members madc HlOClQI'IllNllt C hrlstm is tncs thtst llonq wlth orlqlnxl pl uc c mls wart cltllxucd It e teh teacher The Courtesx Board tool-. our forelqn txchanfrt student, Gra71a Nlarnetto on 1 tour of S tn Pram xsco the q1rls took Grazl 1 to some radlo and IClCXl9lOIl programs At the end of meh term 1 dlnncx 19 held md it tended by the members lh1s tt rm tht fin tl fhnq w IS 1 barbeeue whleh was followed bx 1 swlmmlnf partx lhls past war w 18 1 dellqht to tll SPRING BOARD FRONT ROW left fo right B Feldhummer N Mom!! Rec Sec A Clom C Wallace ROW II A umashfa 5 Hamrlton G Johnson L Layne L Krdd ROW Ill S Wakefield J Buckley Pres .I Anderson Fln Sec A Maeyclmu K Pellerie ROW IV N Capps Sgt of Arms H Ashcroft Vlce Pres R Langren UO Q gg. XY7 sv Q7 W vc l' 01 -'A . .. 'l gg h.. - 1 W, ' ' I Q, n , . z,.'.'z.' .f.'.'t ' r. ,z 2 4 'Wg l ' '. " ' , . ' . 7 A ', V A L' A L ' and the trip wasapleasure to all who went. ln Xlay 'K' ' ' 'A 4 . 1 2' t".7 'z 1- g " . , 'K - I' F f 2 'K '21 f' ' I Q." .. I f 13" cf 'zsa 2. : . , . ' , . , . , . ' . : . ,. , .5 G n ' H y ' 'cr M . .HV 'ln' C 1 W J 1 1 ., V . -'11 Jam Ferrner and Betty Ranlun model the latest fashuons Karen Cralg and Judy Schwartz take time to look at the tradltlonal at the G A Fashion Show glfts passed along to the new G A officers each term GA Promo+es Lashng Frlenclshups lht Cnrls Xssocnatlon whlch h zrmomouslx statu tlnt ll wlll keep lts qlrls slsters through the xmrs ht gms e 1eh term vuth 1 freshman Reeeptlon 'I hls orc dslon is tht Start of a sxsterlx rel xtlonshlp for m xnx qlr S The fall eabmet members chose A red In League SITIPC mth three buttons as thelr txe and followed through the1r term XNltl'l 1 C alxpso theme rlht nimc of thelr Irreshmin Receptlon uv Blemc mdo and their seml mnu xl f1Sl'IlOII Show xx is en txtltd Cfmbhean CFUISC whuh wen enjoxed hx p xrtlclpants md uewers allke Xfter the sprmq term S ofheers hid ehostn then llght blue plald tles YV1tl'1 lace 'tround the edges thex proceeded wlth the1r Dlsnexland theme The Freshman Reeeptlon was ent1tled -Xdx entureland md H19 a xcrx mee experlence for the new Qlrls rlhe frtshlon show xx is '1 huge success FALL OFFICERS FRONT ROW l Spector Song leader B Ranlun Rec Sec J Mulllot Fm Sec BACK ROW K Randall Vuce Pres S Anderson Pres SPRING OFFICERS FRONT ROW M Jones Pres R Woods Vice Pres M Traude Rec Sec BACK ROW J Burch Fm Sec D White Song lender pf T7 N-X I' 1 ' 4' A . U. El ' Q ' , - ,, X ? I ' . 0' f . I 1 be it if 3 o o o o Q " , " ', ,. .' ' , '. , ' . N- ' A' ' -, '-, , ,. ' . , .,. - . . .. , . . . . . , . 1 .. . .. 1 . Q . . . . I . ., . I . , 1. 1 -K .' -z ' . .' , . 5 2 i sz ' ' Q ,. ., ' ' , , .' , , ' , ' , . I . ' '. . . ., ,'. . . . . . . . . . , . 4 , . . . . lx. .' . . ' . 1 I U v. . U . V .. . . . . , 1. A ' .' H ' , " ' , , , . ., . ' , , ' X , ' . I . I . ,. . ,. , I .. - ' ' . ' , if ' ,, ' , . ' . , V . . , .. I V I I ln ' ll . 1- C K A ,At- 'Q , I H, M ? 1 . , 5 . , . my .5 . , . . : . , - , . .f . , . " : . , .5 . , - .5 . x . . . - . ,t . H. ' - x, A 1 s. 1 , 7 . I ' Q ' I . , 'X ,, ,Q 5-QKX H V I L E x, X, , , ,V we A 3, R O T C Clubs Work Togelher SWORD AND SHIELD FRONT ROW leftto rlghi E Maroulas S Greaves J Buckley B Rels N Kapgenehs J Mefzner C Palals D Hrlblsh ROW ll P Schraeder S Dobson G Means A Lmdahl J Languemn B Wlllson ROW Ill J Collins F Caslle R Mell G James G Luce R Hall P Johnsen lhc Bon C mms morn form 1llx lmcmn LN llu Nun C 0fnIT1lSNlOllCCl Clfllccrs C lub IS 1 h ual Xkflllxlllg or f llillrlllllll x hu h pIOXlClCSITlrll1X mmm xlvlc llll 1 lc lm thc numbus of tha choral he Sword incl Shulcl 1 cmnpfmcl ul Llu ullucr mc sponsors m thx R CJ l C D uc s ID lu ITTOYITIITQ md on sonu mtcrnorms Xl mx wus nu msn ul 1 IUJICNC ussu tsl hum U fm rm un mnull c mm chmcc XNl1lCl'l was CIllONlC,l lux 1 who lttcmlccl Xlam pn ldcs hmm bun cmcrmcl hx 1 tu lTlCIlCfJfMl1USC m nc hmg x gnc ll 1 nk m Xla 1 m tu 1 lfblll gulmxx NON COMSCLUB FRONT ROW left io right R Oliver R Loce K Law B Aspunul J Downie ROW ll E Jackson J Crittenden B Schmeltzer R Mllllken G Sanfos V Flashman Jr K Auroe ROW lll J Ballhrop E Dodge l. Cllnfon S largarhcha K Brown J Roham ROW IV J Hold: G Ferreira C Sampson T GI low N Kung P Lamasney J Schulze ROW V G Ross J Kapler G Schwab J Van San! F Nerenbery ROW VI R Sweet Eel Payne N Mickelson W Wiley D E sfman G Holmes ROW Vll J Wll llams D Benlamln O Andreasen ll2 O O O O " . ' -I . 2 ZA. - It 2 .2l.,l. .. ivzll 1 ' " A' I Q I' 2 2 ' - ' " Ll' '- 2 , . l A . I- 2 12 .A- . V, .s , . , ,- if - V ' ' ' ' . ' . ff ' 5 all 'R our flI1'lmllz1lim1, l ' ' 2 'X ' Q' ms N l 1 l i' 1 fs' U ' U juclf 'l :xt thc :mn :xl c'mnpc1iticm lwlcl at Lim' 'ln I r . ' 2 . - s ' .'- - -ws , . . , , , , . l 2 " . 'x. 2 lx .' .' X . . . ,. lhc' clul n "tx vzxrly ' . . ' I , ' 2 A. . if . A 2 . xliljfll' l'z1msxx'm'Ll1 IS 21 u'ry c-upululv 2lClYlSUl' to mc " 2 " sh ' zu c'cl11c'z1timmzl I' lisc- - l, llll'S' clulms zmcl pmxiclcs lhv im'cmiw that aku 'l'l1 ' clubs, working harm ni usly, plzmm-cl l 's ' Q' Isf ' ':1rcl. T l , W., -nu. FRONT ROW C Yetter C Snellme C Chapman ASQILI-gh D Hlblsh J Rcgehggh P Wt I M Nason M White A Clom J Rolzle ROW ll E Anderson S Schlemmer R Tennant B Burns f-47" I1 Bnggs J Hess M Orth K Modl J Bruce J Steveley ROW Ill J Hoekenga ,gBl'l"'s G Horgan'1-4QB Minton, B J :ms B orgersag S Doleson LYKQBP ROW D Thorpe B Bra ford R Jones S Carnahan Fish rd L Ross H Ablko Chemlslry Club Fosters Sclenhflc Interest President B Santos Flnanclal Secretary A Roslu Executive Commlttee A Clam Vnce Preslclent J Hess Edltor Recordlng Secretary G Orren Sergeant C hemlstrx Club members haxe had a. Xen ae tue xear cox ermq both xnterestlng meetlngs and trlps to lectures and pomts of serentlfle mterest An unusual experlment IS usuallx presented at ex erx meetmg and IS espeelallx well FCCCIX ed when tht members themselx es partlelpate IH the experl ment 'lhelr mam trlps to ban Franelseo make the Chem1strx Club a werx speelal thmq to :ts members Nlanx C,hem1strx Club members placed tntrles m the annual SCICHCC Ffur and were xerx surprxsed and pleased ulth the mnumerable ldeas represented bx the manx dlfferent schools B Bevan Executive Committee B Bums at Arms H Ablko Executlve Committee J Roble Club members conduct an experiment an electrolysis H3 .A 4 'x te 1 M , 1 K, -I V ,. 9 , 1' .. ' . i Q in 1 g 1 K a XX N sm K J 2 . , 1 l 0 ' .7 'N : . , . ,Cb , . , . I , . r , . :-:- , . . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , '-fe 4 ' - . , . , . , . , . , . . : , . , . , wr . W-. VV , .S , 'fC' , . , . : . , . - , . , . , . , . , . . O O I O l . v l v v v A A, A L ' . 1 ' 1 K . K, R 1 1 ' l I , . V , Y v . . . A . . ., ., , , . w - V . K. K f , . . , . . , ' . FALL SPRING J Dempsey Presrdeni S Dempsey M Block Vrce President R Corby T Cossehe Secretary C Jackson Corby Treasurer M Block Mrs Cossehe Sergeant or Arms J Burnerch lhe Photoqrlphx Klub certfunlx knoxxs hovx to put anx xdle tlme lxlnq around to good use rl hw xear thex xx ere xerx busx takmq PICILIYCS fox the club Q annual Contest whlch xx as held ln Max ln lXox ember the club xxent to like Merrltt IH order to snap plcturcs and ended up roxunq 1 crew boat Golden Gate Park Plaxland md Sutroi were haunted bx a few members 1n Aprll and on Fun Dax the Club had a httle peep shoxx mtereshng study rn shll lifes provldes a perfect prcture ol a club meehng Annual Pholography Conlesl Proves Amusmg FRONT ROW J lucusey V Flushmun M Block J Dempsey A Taylor ROW ll K Cosseife T Corby S Brown C Jackson ROW lll M Morrlson J Bornelch D Traver D Norfh 'Wx X 114 FRONT ROW L Fontaine C Wallace D Sabbahm D Hllblsh J Irmscher P Lane S Schlemmer J Nickerson J Forester ROW II C Davls S Schlemmer P Slunner J lessley P Wallace G Maer P ONenll M Berlin ROW Ill 5 Marhn J Rolare J Heeley S Ter siege M Renshaw B Lolz J Ware ROW IV G Shulhs J Malone M Muller B Jennings J Dowme G Walls D Thorpe Happier Holidays Assured By Jr Red Cross Junior Red Cr s members work hard making clever favors or e patients of Chlldren s Hospital C CC FOSS IN lll Cllgllllftlllllll W hclp othcrs It also qu es the memhers 1 sense of icspcmsihilltx and tc aches them to rcspcct thc Xmciic in Rcd C loss and its xsculc I he members decorated Oqlx knoll on Fl h mlcs gn IIIQ ind C hrlstmas and xx ent to fi regional con fcrencc it the LIIIX ersltx of C ihfornm rl hc club xlso ittcndcd i n.1tional confercncc in Xl ix hclcl in San Francisco 'I he Rcd C ross drlxe ss as xeri succcssful and thc Clilc lxnoll prolects hmc SPRING Ron Lnvesey Joyce Ware Peggy O Nenl Suzanna Schlemmer Carol Wallace Glnny Shulhs iccclxcc much Ji sc President Vice Presndenf Rec Secretary Treasurer Rep ai large Rep of large FALL Pav Lane Peggy O Nell Suzzmna Schlemmer Ron Lnvesey John Downie Judy lrmscher 115 " ' 1 fr. .S ' il X 4, 3 X Q ' l 2 wc ,, N 3 N Q I O l . os . f eh ' ' ' ' . 'J " H 'lh' Jr. R'l CI 1 'fc ' 'hicjh trains the willing hands and minds of students to 2 I sir 1 ' V my Al C ni -- " . J . ' ' ' 2 'J- r 2 I. 2 , . 2 f ' C s -c ' A 21' . r . . -.L-I, . -, Z f v I . L- f . , ., claim. , . Bock ls A Shmmg Enlerprlse MENS BLOCK A FRONT ROW W Snyder D Oyen T Thelen BACK ROW T Henderson M Cronenweft 'I he how of Al 1mtd1 Hugh School xx ho h uc ruuwd 1 block letter for thelr work ln mx x lr sm sport are ellqlhle to become Block A mam hers You can tell at a glance when xou see 1 news lx 1n1t1ated member for he IQ Carrxlnq a llttle shoe shlne klt around and beqqlnq to do xour shoes for ten cents 21 shme The Block A mem bus max attend am school game from foo ll to sw1mm1nq,free1fthex produce 1nofhclalB Ck X card A fine dlnner was one of '1 numher of lntereitmq meetmqs whleh were held FALL OFFICERS W Cotlen President C Jensen Vlce Presldem D Bell Funanclal Secretary T Thelen Recordmg Secretary FRONT ROW L Schmitz M Ketels G Plaio J Collnns F Casfle S M:Cann ROW ll J Carmody J Famer R McEachern D Oyen W Snyder T Oldershaw ROW Ill C Russ H Pond B Ahlberg B Erdahl B Bradford ROW IV M Cranenweii C Jensen J Baltersby S Carnahan B. 116 New I ll ll II 0 9 ll ' ' 1 . 2 'z if ' 2" V- -, 1 , . I A. .2 - '. ' . . H .. E I 1 . L A V - -,n 1 V V lv C V." 1 A' .V . .1 ', c ' .. . ,I 1 . -vga -. 1 , . 1, ',L. 1 Q a , A I. L , lb " ' 1 1,- 45 :A n C . K ke . 1 H ff- , . . , . , . . : . , . . 2. ' , , , . ,. ' , . , , . 1. , . ' , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . . . I ' n '7 Lg Q 6 f , A x j J, Y ' ad, 5, r , 1 1 w n t , l ,yy , .mr w , 3 , v V- 1 A a f ,. Bock Adorns School W1+h Decals L ll L lil ,ll X H nl 11111 pmx tl ll ll Xa X 11N I cmd tum JN 4 lll f c 1 11 1111 pom pomx N0 3101111111111 ll 1 unix foot ll R KUIIILIN 0 tm 1 1 1 1 mqu cu1s1sl11c IJUIIIIX 1 1 ll Hurml mmm N mxlzlflnthctm if FALL SPRING i Hogland Presrdenf L Easferlmg Bradt Vice Presrdem L Morgan Barbour Recordmg Secretary C Brophy Easierlmg Frnanual Secretary R Frost Smlih Publicity Manager L Layne FRONT ROW R Frost L Easferllng L Layne BACK ROW C Brophy L Morgan FRONT ROW C Brophy L Easterlrng L Morgan L Layne ROW II M Hudson H Ashcrofi N Kapgenehs J Dean S Hamnlfan ROW III S Lmggl L Terpenmg N I I I I ' 'lvll' LY I11 'mls Bl 'li is ll Clllll cl1'Yr1ix'cl lu thc 51' 'ls 111 .1 . .S. '10 1 " ' 'cd ll ll -j. hu " c'xc'vptiu11z1l 11tl1lctic z1l1ilitl'. 'l'l ycznr hvy up' ' thvir full " li' s'll' lg thc goll and 6 I' ' 5 .' I' ' ' 1 'z 1' lzll Q, if g11111w. .-X11c1tl1c'r zu-tivily, which sprczuls Seann' uf 9 thu lliltllllllll. of A.H.S. to thc far ' ' f thu L ' 'Y 'X sz 'fs h-s1ll'4 fl"zl.' "'h Wzyzfigl- 'F' ing ' - . .FX trip In S1111 l'LI'2lIll'lSl'U wan - K' .ul l11 all u11cl3"11x'c illl 'Qt 'z i I ' 'r111. X1 jr D. ' . ' N. ' - ' . 5- . . 1 1 il e. - -' I I , Master Lesson Enioyecl By Dance Club People FRONT ROW J Ware S Scott J Larson D Millar J Hess G Potter K Randall J Malllot G Johnson V Ronzanl D Mules L Dakm G Shultls P Mooney D Gardmer N Lynch K Draper ROW Il C Herranz J Frledrlch N Elerman M Ererman L Svendsen M Cas well D Hrlbrsh D Whrte B Packer W Newell M Orth J Prager M Medina C Leefeldt S Ollver ROW lll G Xavler G Mutchell J Malone B Thomas J Horgan L Romanol? V Boller S Stephens J Falrlleld J Buckley L Kldd D Baxter E Anderson M Del cenlo ROW IV C Palals S Wakefield C Farwell R Lothlan P Llnggu S Utech N Spratley A Gllberts C Torpey D Avelar C Anrey J Hartwlg R Fopprano C Von Berckefeldt ROW V C Bovo J Bernal M Maullot J Craig L Boucher S McKay C Peters N Stormer M Selby ROW VI V Cannon P Prager S Tucker FRONT ROW Judy Malllot Gayle Johnson Sue Stephens BACK ROW Karen Randall Vlrglma Ronzanl Thx Nludern Danna C lub HQAIII prox ul to Inc one of thc most ZIKLINC clubs 11 X H S Bvtssun cake mlm and dfmcc sklrt sales thu found t1m1 snmss lhc club ITMl!ll'XIS sun plc 1 cd to XlSlL 1 111 llllli IIT S111 I1 1nc1su1 1nd thu bmu f 111 Ill lIlX IIIILHNIIIIL, 1111 1 X 1111111 Nllllll nt mul I w1s 1111 on x 1 Jups lllil was cxucnnlx sucuss ll X n11s ll sscm xs1s 1 c 1111 s s 1 311 ll tlll tum FALL SPRING Stevens Presndent Maullott Bertrand Vnce Presndent Johnson Hess Recording Secretary Randall Scott Fmanclal Secretary Ronzam Knens Dance Leaders J ess Rueda Dance Leaders F Rueda 118 . y 5 1 R v I U . 4 J . . Z ' I ' .I ' I ' . I ' I ' I ' I.' ' . I ' I ' 'I ' . I ' . I . ,I . , I. , . , . . 1 . ,. . , . ' I , . , . , . - , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , , , . , . : . ' , . , : ' , , . 1 A 4 f - . I K f ' - - . - , n F - Y F F nl L I Q nk'r v X F to dunu' ut the Freshman Receptions and l2lSl1lUll dan " cp' " ' Q2 "1 , 2 ' ght lyk 1 'zs.g " . - --- ing 'ax I lay' thc Cl21lll'i'I'S Zlllll thc- x'm'.1l grr . 1 " .' " -Y .' " l. .A 1.1 -' lcx. 'z.' h1l l 1 l 111. 1 I 1'f ' 't ' ling to llu' s. - J. ' R. ' - ' G. J. ' K. s. ' ' v. ' J. ' . H F. , FRONT ROW G Ross D Avelar K Pellerlte C Schultz C Marltzen B Marks R Woods J Malllot J Larson B Padllla ROW II L Forbes C Leefeldt P McNutt M Medina N Lynch J Malone G Johnson A Roskl E Muroulas ROW III J Frledrlch L Schreuber S Utech L Layne L Svendsen W Allen C Roskl G Tesno D Dumesnll ROW IV A Thayer J Wydo C Bova C Pratt V Ronzanl K Randall J Murray V Cannon C Jager ROW V J Graham R Langren M Maullot L Parker S Tucker C Sherlnlan J Olsen ROW VI M Reynolds J Eggers ROW VII P Randall H Chnpman S Budd S McKay J Bernal L Archer Dellas Journey Info The Unknown FRONT ROW Carol Bovo Donna Avelar ROW Il Marma Medma Betty Padllla Janice Larson ROW Ill Joan Frled rlch Karen Pellerlte Gmny Ross Joanne Wydo FALL Grlmshaw Stagnaro Larson Padilla Janke Pellerlte Frazier Eggers Avelar J Fnedrlch lhe IJLIIIICIIIEIII C lub htd 1 xexx well organ ized Near whuh tended to be full of mam enjox able surpnses, lncludlnq thelr dance ent1tled Stardust The Delthenmns donated to mam c l"ldTllILN such .is thc Unltcd C rumde 1nd the Red Cross Nlanx needed ehlldren S organlzatlons re Cen ed donatlons and much needed publleltx ws as gn cn xsorthx musu rl he spnnq dance c alled Lnknossn w as .1 huge Success because mdnx people xx ere so c urlous thfit thex ws ent to End out uh nt thc mx sterx was Presndent Vlce Presldent Recording Secretary Fmanclal Secretary Freshman Captam Scrnbe Sensor Representatnve Freshman Representatuve Sergeant at Arms Sergeant at Arms SPRING B Padnlla J Larson D Avelar C Bovo M Medma J Frledrlch G Ross G Tessa J Wydo K Pellente 119 Ca 'X , ,gg 5 Q I A 'G X , s lx wk III I :. ,. ,. ',. ,. ,. ,. ,. ',. ,. '. : . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. , . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ' ' l ,Nu 1 3. I rlr--v I I I ' , A CK - - . . . . . , K I I l . - 'V r .L v .Y I I I ' 1 Q 1 I- . . l H. .. Y . .. . -r..1--xrv 1 .x I'r if xx .. ., .. . dell 1 si ' K lt... . l , nv ly Q h rv , . K. .. e ' 'Z 3 E. . I. C. '-' . J. ' . B. ' ' ' . R' . D. K. . . M. . . . l J. ' .' D. -- . 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Zwood Tume Was Had By Sub Debs lhe Sub Deb Club nextr sloxxtd doxxn for 1 mmuu xn Lhlg past xt II IS thur record of xct1x1 tus pmx ts rlhc name of thur f1ll dame xx 1s fxxmmd xx hlch xx IS '1 nux xx ord haxmg no slg mbc mat xxhitsotxer txtept fox the ful th lt ll xx ns tht Il um of 1 hlghlx successful d mc 1 C h lll uns xxeu QIXLII 1 subst.mt1.1l .imount of mcnux from the Sub Dth rlrulsurw md tht I'IRIHl'J1IS themselx ts Hxtd basktts for the mtdx t C hrlstmtls tlme rlhe annu 11 danec Spiqhcttl Rlg xx is presented and ended the term xerx nc .ltlx FALL R Bertrand Newell Kapgenehs Rels Hogland Sultan Buckley Hamllton Presndent Vlce President Recordmg Secretary Fmancual Secretary Chaplaln Freshman Captain Sergeant at Arms Sergeant at Arms SPRING J Benson S Wmsby C Snell L Easterllng C Brophy S Lnggl H Ashcroft L Ballard FRONT ROW Nancy Kapgenehs Lorreta Easterlmg Sandra Lnggl BACK ROW Wendy Newell Chrlstlne Brophy Freshman Representatnve N Glldewell Helen Ashcroft Judy Buckley FRONT ROW J Horme B Brockwehl B Ahlberg S Ollver S Scot L Blaschek D Mullar A Pogga C Brophy ROW II C Snell L Ballard S Kapgenehs A Gllbertsen B Erends N Kapgenehs B Bevan J Stules S Hamllton ROW III J Benson S Carter J Short S Wlnsby H Ashcroft L Easterllng B Rels C Alrey N Glldewell J Buckley ROW IV V Magers N Capps M Hudson S Llnggl L Stuart J Metzner S Stephens G Raymond J Puerce Il 121 ll ll ' V' ' ' -1 - 11 - , . 1 t 1 . 1 ' .1 f- -11 - , - 1. 11 f 1 ' 1- . . 4 . 1. 1, - '1' ' -1 F 1 r 1 1' 11 -1 . .. c 1, 1 ' 1 ' '2.'1. x ' ' ' ' Q '- . 1 .1 11 - 1 1 1 '1 1--1 1 1 1 . 1 I 1 1. . , . 1 1 'lf ' 2 ' 2 T 'Q 2 ". . 2 '- 1 . .K1 1.-.4 -1 L 5. 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Alealheans Launch "Spuclniclc" 99 FRONT ROW S Long D Long W Musso B Valasquez J Rosser C Nelson F Jager P Parker ROW II S Slauson J Carmody W Melton P Poor C Jensen J Baftersby S Rlce W Brown P Prnce ROW III T Doan G Esparza B Mowery P Penmngton T Hnmmnlberg T Brown T Morehouse B Hopkms ROW IV W Berne L Ono F Dulffin T Blunden F Burns C Cattran J Selby B Ahlberg C Kelly ROW V J Farnsworth S Hogln J Rldouf C Slewarl' S Stone A Brophy G Cafes J Crowell M Gallagher f 1 hc ll 1h cnt 11111 1111111011 11.11 PUNLIIIIIIQ u1jm,1l1lL 11111 xunth 11 l11l1 IKIIXI S th clul lx mul 1 c111rL11t aunts 111d plum 111111 S 11111111111 11 lllll ll J 1111 111111111 cl1111t1c thrmlqhmll thc XL ll llll thn plucud f1o1111h111 b1sk11b1llg.1n11 111111 11111 Xlr B11.111s Imugn Pxchinm Studcm fund 511 YN atnr Sh 1g the club 11111111111 1111111 xx 1 ucntqd III H111 stxlc 11111 11 1 111 111 ox 1 1 1 mx p r1c11r1 ful FALL SPRING Blunden President F Jager Jensen Vlce Presldeni D Olnver Boller Rezordmg Secretary D Long Mason Flnanccal Secrefary C Nelson Crowell Sergeani al Arms J Bahersby 123 1, I 1 1 I Qs 5 'llh 1 Al 1111 121 C21 1 Sp1 2 '11 1 11 l1l11 ti11.'. I11 thc lull, 11 1 1 'vpt in 1111111 " 1 1 ll thc - - 1 1-1 L-2 -,L- . , "WI ' . .." '. was 111115. very SLlC'l'l'SSl-lll. 'l'hc1 .'xl1'Zllhl'2lIlS l12lX'l' sIp'11 2 5 11111 l 1 - 1.15 - fe it---. Z 1-1 , V. ' I ".'zl I 1 Q aj." 1 1 's' ' 1 'gs pri' 1 ' 11 'asa jjggll- 11 '1 '1 ' ull. R. ' f C. . - . I . B. ' 1 B. ' ' . J. - - . 1. . ,QUU I- ' C15 :L -'dwg J, '4-wws. J, 2 Ysxxhv A' 'u'A"-VL A- gg: ,,.. 4 I 'Q L- N. vp.,- 1 I , X ALAMEDA YACHT HARBOR Q 2 Y. f Q 1 i N s PCDRTS bi !I A XY ' my LM. , , i H K 3 D f' , ,, i Z X wffrixfw 1,1 S ff, ',XXX x X X xx i 5 , Q25 'S g If . 5 , '25, :X Mg f A . K . ' ' f i FALL POM POM GIRLS-KNEELING: D. White, J. Birch, M. Traude. STANDING: N. Eiermun, J. Hess, M. Eiermun. A 1 SPRING POM STANDING POM GIRLS-KNEELING: P. Weber, V. Ronzam : M. Justin, M. Eiermcn, N. Eiermcln, M. Orih School Spirii Boosied By Cheerleaders .HV ' -J 'Q 0 'C f -9.1 1 f asf . V3 W , ij., 'LL' K., we f Wei- '5 wail Q . I ....anh6' N FALL YELL LEADERS-FRONT ROW: June Thomas, Sue Scolf. BACK ROW: Judy Kriens, Ricki Berfrund, .loan Friedrich. SPRING YELL LEADERS - FRONT ROW: T. Thomcs, S. Scoff, M. Truude. BACK ROW: R. Briggs, J. Hess, J. Fredricks, R. Hughen. I I if QQ VARSITY FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: B. Parker-Mgn, lbArcher,lG. Tesio,f,Q,. Delu4Riv.,aQ g:?owFereig,' J. Skinner. ROW lg C T. Morehous5,I. Richingo , T3 Thbn, E. Ev 'ns T. djdirshuw, J. Neave, 11 Dada, D. Qld , dd'El1'BeiVIgr. ROW III! K. Free . Bishu15:I,1j3nien..'F.'Flfnder I 'lpitenfm Be R. Qgntgb C. Dino, R. McEuchea-n. NROW IV:-'NL Cronenwen, QW. Snidegg. B. Ahlberg, S. Sfonekb. egtp. Cong. Woofe1bhM:AJg5ghy2 Hornefs BaHle Thirppgh Hard-Foughf Season 4 uvf I ff 0 - I The story of the Alameda High School Varsity football team of 1957-58 is one of fine team play, smooth functioning, and good sportsmanship. Bril- liant playing was evident from the very first game. The Hornets' sportsmanship, and the hard, but clean, team play are a great tribute, not only to the players, but also to their excellent coaching staff. Head coach Chuck Butler, line coach Forrest Klein. and backfield coach Don Rogers deserve a great deal of credit for their fine work. SCOREBOARD OPPONENT AlAMEDA 20 Encinul 20 6 Velleio 6 6 De Anza 21 6 El Cervilo 19 I9 Berkeley 0 14 Richmond 0 0 Piedmonf 15 6 Hurry Ells 0 The most thrilling game of the season was played with our cross-town rival, Ertcinal. Capitalizing on lincinal fumbles, Alameda had a two-touchdown lead just 12 seconds into the second quarter. The jets, however, refused to fold and came roaring back. In the fourth quarter the Hornet rooters were stunned to find the scoreboard indicating lincinal leading 20 to 14 with the clock showing only three minutes left in the ball game. lYith just 42 seconds left to play, fullback Meliachern bumped into the end zone for the final score of 20-20. The Hornets rolled over every league team except Berkeley, Richmond, and Harry lills, and although hnishing fourth in th A.C.A.L., the Hornets were third in offense and second in defense. Ron Mc- liachern made All A.C.A.L. fullback on the hrst offensive team. Don Bell, Don Dela Riva, and lYel- bornc Cotten made Second defensive team, Chris Jensen, Don Bell, lYelborne Gotten, Chuck Patino, and liddv livans made second defensive team. 127 .f 'JZ f " A -ef E cuucx PATINO If If "W 'P .- - L, - Halfback m - I GEORGE TESl0 Halfback 5 gk' , - BILL HOPKINS . Q . " Halfback I .. DAN LUFKIN 4- - y -51 Quarterback f I' 'T ,X , I Y W ..-.. Q . if 95 1 ' EDDIE EVANS , H ,, Quarterback 5- '3 E' 1- ' 4 - JOHN SKINNER ' I H Ifb I. C uc 5. 4 an S , ,E TOM RICHMOND M si U O Hallbuck TOP: Fullback Ron McEachern C291 is tackled after a long gain in Ag- . ' - .. the El Cerrlto game. H W. RONFTITEQRHERN BOTTOM: End Don Bell ISU is downed after a great catch in the Encinal game. I -Al A X A - LOWER LEFT: A trio of Hornet players swarm on an unidentified El Cerrito player. WELBOURNE COTTEN 1 4 ' Fullback I fW'v-LL 1' JIM NEAVE if I Hqlfback CHARLES KEl.l.Y CHRIS JENSEN TOM HENDERSON P " Halfback End Tackle ii I V LEE ARCHER KITT FREEMAN JOHN McGlll. fi A If f 3 I ,jg and End End Q' ' 1 If Y VI-5. , :sy ,ff 3 ,,.' ' E 2 if W , K M l 'A Q a ' 1 'Q Q' , Q , ' gl 4 1,9 I --I-ft V.: ,,,r A an V at V I . l It -.hwrwt TOP: Fullback Welbarne Coften l30l is downed after a long ramble in the Encinal game. BOTTOM: All-A.C.A.L. Fulllaack McEachern l29j slips Oo the turf afier a big drive. LOWER RIGHT: Charles Kelly C323 caiches a beautiful downlield pass in the Encinal game. MARSHALL JACOBY Tackle DON BELL End 'Q ?I G: www ' 3 f' Maw. DON DELA RIVA DICK BISHOP Tackle Tackle RUSTY CANTOR BRIAN AHLBERG Tackle Tackle I kka ,eae A A c,c 'K I I " , ' Sf,Q...,14,1 - ,fA I I ,K .. I ., . . lx I 3, I 4 Q' Jr V ,fl A ' ,I 5 .4 .- "Y ff ' 3' IMWJWMVI WAYNE SNIDER Cenfer MARK CRONENWETT Center SANDY STONE Cenfer BILL WOOTTEN Guard JIM FERRIER Guard HANK POND Guard TERRY OLDERSHAW Guard TOM MOREHOUSE Guard DAVE COLE Guard TERRY THELEN Guard 'T Q I QF X1 5, g -'fy .gil "' If f rf ...Xu 1 Q . x 1 Maj, VL, . 'inf p 2, . as-1 ls ek W gi w vn., ,.., :I N'I.- . 351 VE: L A J 3 3 -.4. 'xi 'N k5!'1f?2f fx JV And Soph Frosh Squads Show Promnse YL '7' ,4- 10 L3 K. -Qswx 'Y Jv roorsAu. mom now R wemnuck s Ho www cannqgbihiauoaersbypo Avolma r.wmh.ePa.4qnfos,S Puccu Row II R Dunri L Ruhu pqimyeq B SmfT3pfT Farr G Johnso euthClharl ROW Ill' C Cah.r.nnJRrJones,l,k Keenan! Norlye 3 0 G Layiw GR! J coeeqnyl ClurkJ r uh 9 l'he JUHIOI' Varsm led hx Coach Don Rogers had a rugged fast paced season The squad won approxlmatelx half of thelr games and wxth steadx practlce, the team soon hecame a well orgamzed Hghtlng un1t NN1th mam standouts on th1S fine team we can certamlx expect another great xarsltx squad next tear lhe Soph Prosh football team, under the expert management of Coach Vlarxm Pearson ran mto tough c0mpet1t1on thrs xear The 1mprox ement sportsmanshlp and Co operatlon shown hx the squad pleased Coach Pearson greatlx 'lhls xltal foothall experlence shows up ln all Hornet squads SOPH FROSH FOOTBALL FRONT ROW Coach Pearson D Sobel Mgr M McGregor B Green H Hoglund M Meaney A Snyder T Snapp J Farnsworth T McLellan S Cantor J Sowell ROW II J Llnderman T Harchous R Nagy B Barley J Mafhneson J Armoskus G Garfinkle R Zecher B Cosfes D Woods P Pafelzlck W Trulrllo ROW Ill R Edwards J Orhz B Johansen J Eusel man D Moson A Jay A Muller W Smffen J Roberts B Long R Slaier -.4 O 1 I O . I X . A ' A f , J 251 , 1 W . 1' ,Q X M, gr tg A --so A We J f 1 A . A . 3135 ffifl ' A 'JV J' H ff J S.. f pc- . f . v- f f te' H ' l A IJ 13 e Q 1 B J ag we Q e 1 , . wi Q 'f-:iz -of M. 'gm f . ' ' , I A KV -V, A . , . - f . . V " ' . I L' . V 4 . 1- X L l ' I' K, ' I' . . . Y . v . . ,Y K 1 ' Q 4, Q ' 1 .." ' V 1 , ,L , . , ' , ' . ' - 5 r - r -r ' 1 - 1 - I - f - 1 . , . , , , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . - , . , . , . ' , . , . , . , . . 'rg .V ' . 52 I Av X ' 1 - ' a ,' -Q' gf ' 4' ' x , ,,,, , ' n Hornel Cagers Finish Near The Top WILLIE ANDREWS EDDIE EVANS BILL HANSEN TOM HENDERSON CHARLES KELLY STEVE LONG Xe! E-:D DAN LUFKIN JIM NEAVE DUNCAN OWEN STEVE SLAUSON STU STEPHENS lhis xerrs x irsitx xxound up 1n a tie for third place hut the fight ind dettrminatlon of this qreit squad was first Class Highlx rftttd Ru hmond ltnevx that thex had reallx pl txtd 1 game xxhen thex squeaked hx the Hornets in fin oxtrtimc fl to 80 meda rooters xx ere kept on the edge of thtir se LIS hx the surprising precision of the srnoothlx efficient squad High point man on thls xeirs squad was Dan Iufkin folloxxed eloselx hx IIN lNe1xe and liddit lxftns Din Luflun made tht Xll A C XI second tc 'tm Archie Nlartinez xx 1s qix en Spec ml mention hx tht sportsxxiitcrs for his qrt tt pl'lXlIIL in tht qtmu Stexe Sliuxon, Stex e Long Bill Hansen lom Hen derson IN 1ll1e Andrews Duncan Oxwen and Doug Geller made fine showings FRONT ROW S Nonye Mgr S Stephens B Hansen E Evans W Andrews ROW II Couch Hayes S auson J Neove S Long ROW III T Henderson D Lufkm C Kelly D Owen 1 W O O YY N .,, ,K . H " ,' ' fa' 1? Q . 'lf "- . - 'N ' X ' i Q . " 1 ,- -. . 1.1 .,. Q , n- 'v 2.4, 1 t 3' v 41- ji , 5 I T A . 4 .tx K ' 1 L. sl! . 'I .4 '- s h- ' I 'X ' .Q h W I If L- --' L I- 'Af K sz I If lr ' , 12 .iv in one of the most exciting games of the year. Ala- preceding his mid-term grziduzxtion. Stuart Stephens, X .. lv . A , ,. . A VC V 3 VY .si , . f '. . ' ' 1 . ' , . ', . , . . 23 it .Q 4 A f- x - A in . S' .. ff L' T in ' ' ' A '- if I Q i K 1 , I s ' -, p - -- f , ,M X I , ' . ', f - R Q, . I ff? ' . X L if ' 'O ' r T we Q - T ii ejfis 25,3 Tom Henderson gets a beautiful hook shot away, over the guard Jim Neave C211 and unidentified Piedmont player grapple for of a Piedmont player. the ball in a spirited game. J.V. Hoopsters Round Out Good Year The basketball team was a very young and inexperienced team this year. The majority of thc Hornet lineup consisted of freshmen or sophomores, while most of the other Junior Varsity A.C.A.L. teams were composed of juniors. The team. never- theless. won half of its games. By the end of the sea- son they had developed into a smoothly working group. Next year's team will consist of some of these fellows and should be on top of the league. Although all these men may not make varsity next year. they will make a wonderful J.V. squad. Those showing varsity ability for next year are Rusty Slater, Ted Snapp, Ron Labetich, Jerry Ortiz, and Steve Carna- han. FRONT ROW: Coach Klein, W. Cannady, J. Ortiz, S. Carnahan, T. Brown. ROW II: B. Evans, M. Meyer, R. Labetich, C. Hodge, D. Mason, R. Jones. ROW III: T. Snapp, M. Gannon, A. Dart, M. Ney, J. Miller, R. Slater. 133 Varslfy Ball Team MeeIs SI'rong Cpposlhon SAM ALLEN MOTONORI RICH WENDELL DUNCAN ARCHER AFMAN YAMAMOTO JESSEN MEW 9-If DAN CURT EMRIGHT LUFKIN NELSON PITTS Ihr Hormt x usntx hrs been gleatlx hunpeud hx run thu xeir C oxth Ptarxon forcmw x good season but could not QIXC mx dehmte lmeups he tause sux of the nlne practice games were Canceled OWIHQ to ram Fl he HornetS had Don D1ekherber and B1ll IN oot ten m the xnfield II cndx Mew at second base, Fm Ilght Puts at thxrd base and Dan Iufkm at Qhort B LL TERRY B LL SNIFFEN THELEN WOOTTEN stop Our b xttcrx COIISISLCLI of C urt lNclson md Sam Dum in on the mound and lerrx Thelen bCl'1lI1d the plate Lee Archer and Rleh essen were 1n left field Nloto Yamamoto and Nllke Snapp ln center held, and eff Berman and B1ll SHIH-CH ln rlght Held The Hornets dex eloped mto a good team thls x ear hut were faced with xerx Ntrong tompetxtlon Hard work md Strong te 1m plax kc pt thc prospec ts hrlght VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW M Yamamoto .I Berman M Snapp J Cohen A Afman ROW II E Pms C Nelson T Thelen S Duncan W Mew K Hulmer ROW III W Morrls J Wisner R Jessen D Lufkln B Wooifen D Dlckherber E Smffen 134 Q 0 O LEE x ,..', .. -R ., I ,. 5 ar , ' f Qi M ' K , 'V J t w ' E 1, 4, iw-V .4 I I V I v, --. - v - 1 v I L-L - f 1 r w v.- 1 I ' vx - 1 'I ' ' L . 2. " K ' 1 . . I , f . . , A .. . . . . , ,xx , 1 E - ' 2 .3 '12 . Az' f' ., :az '2 1 2 ' I N I V Y X L I v, , , A L L Y . I J . . e ., , 1 . . X Y . .Y v , C - . ., . ' ' ', . , Y - ,W , ,' , . . . ' ' . I A I . l . 'if lc ..J',. . , . - "2 A I ,z rl' f ' is t . - : . , . , . , . , . . : A 1 - 1 - r - 1 - r - - 5 ' 1 ' 1 f 1 . , . , . , . . 1 ' P 1- ' 3 - , " J 4 H I 9 V , X , . N. .. E. I , X. . VI g ' f, v 3 4- L xl p ' . Baseball Aclion sam o-man puts one figm in there during the Haywqfa game. "' asf ,uf 1 M15 91,1 .3 MIDDLE LEFT Don Dlckherber slams the ball into left field MIDDLE RIGHT Moto Yamamoia crosses the plate io score ln the Hayward game LOWER LEFT Terry Thelen makes the play at second whsle Muke Snapp backs hum up LOWER RIGHT A through the screen view of the Horne! bcmery Duncan and Thelen 135 Junior Batters Make Good Showings l ,1 I X P J.V. BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: C. Merrit, J. Hasegawa, H. Thompson, M. Meyers, J. Ghiselli, J. Millar, C. Molenkamp. BACK ROW: Coach Rogers, T. Snapp, L. Thode, B. Evans, .I. Tavernier, M. Gallagher, A. Smith, G. Ford, Mgr. .-Ks this book goes to press thc A1amcdaj.V.'s haw lowing boys hziw also playa-tl outstanding bull: only been hczitcn by San Lczmdro. They bcztt Bishop Chuck Molcnkzimp. czttchci' and outhcldcrg Miki' OiDowd by zt score of 21-0 on 17 hits, Castlcmont Meyers, czitchcrg jcrry Ortiz, captain and second by at score of 2-0 and the St. joseph Varsity I-0 in Z1 hziscmang and Rusty Slater, short-stop. YH' hztvc zi thrilling no-hitter pitched by Billy Evans. The fol- finc tcam with good prospects for ncxt yeafs varsity. Pitching ability is shown by Harry Thompson as he pitches for Jerry Ghiselli snags the ball forthe out in the San Leandro game. Alameda against Hayward. sq. ,Q Varslfy Cmdermen Exhlblf Grea+ Po+en'r1aI FRONT ROW B Balvm J Neave W Andrews T Richmond C Ccmran T Morehouse P Reynolds ROW II M Cronenweti' F Duffin B Hansen R McEachern B Fnrrls M Broyles D Oyen ROW III D Thorpe S Carnahan E Evans J Ferrler J Morten Coach Jones Xllhough h1mpc11dhx lhm xu 1thcr md l1clx of 1 tl 1111 AliITlLd'1S LIDLICI men haxc prutlced md h 1x1 shoxxn 1 'food potentlal Ron Nlal uhcrn rm the 160 md UU 111 good fmd 9 7 1 suondx respecux elx Alameda Q xerx xpudx 111 IX tn IDI xx 19 composed of Stexe C 1rn1h'1n Bob 11 IIIIN lhllllb XIICIIKXSS md anchor man Ron Nlcluhcm Stcxc Carnihfm who set the North C o 1x1 B hlgh jump record l1sLxL11 lookcd qu ll 111 that ex ent He also looked xerx prommng IH thc hro21d jump Pete Rex nolds turned m qood tlmes IH the 880 Brlan Xhlhcrg 'I om Nlouhouse NI ITIL Neaxc and llddle Fx 'ms sklmmed the IILIICIICS 1n fast tlme l'red Duflm w IS our hard xsorlong mllcr md lom Rlchmond gaxe good speed to the te 1m md max he used ln the '70 WILLIE STEVE CHUCK MARK FRED EDDIE ANDREWS CARNAHAN CATTRAN CRONENWETT DUFFIN EVANS BOB TOM RON TOM M PETE FARRIS RICHMOND McEACHERN MOREHOUSE NEAVE REYNOLDS 15 T' vw' i gun I37 O O O 0 . : . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . . : . 2 .- 'A 2 I' 1 '12 12 2" 2 12: " 'A 'Rf ' 11 il 11121, '1 12 l H1211 2 1 iz LL 'K 1 . ' .- 11, ' . '1 time. He has heen clocked u11oIhCiallx'at 10 seconds Cronenwett, and Mike Broyles put the Shot. Jim C A- . , r. AV ' . A , 'M . 1. , 2, .4 ' 1 vc . X. ' .' A. .1 11 I' 12 1 5 1' ' In 2 2 , ' .l ' 12: ' "4 '12 x ' w x- Y' H 'x l r 1 ,V v . fr . .2 . . . 2 2 , . l 1 2. ,-- . JI 4 7 Q 15 I, tr " .f-1-' I I ,., 'Y 2 I S Alameda shows up strongly nn the hurdle compeilhon agams! Arroyo and San Leandro 1 Ama Ron Mciachern and Wnllle Andrews get set of 'he svamng Carnahan McEachern Farrls and Andrews prachce for 'he relays blocks In a prachce session 138 JV Splkemen Show Depfh AWV' ,YK fp! 1. our -at 'N-eq., -Q... ii" Jerry Calrd breaks the tape ln fhe 75 yard dash durmg the Norm Santos neatly clears the hugh lump bar al the San Lorenzo Arroyo San Leandro meet mee? L ndu tht to1ch1nQolH1Ilk LS thc X It h LS Shown 'ood spud md dcpth Ihr flrtt footcd mlm tt tm xx twompostd of crrx C urd crrx Crum I urx Otto md YN ax ne Smffcn Gerald Lau looked ood III tht troll Paul Schrwcdtr shoutd great form mth thc shot put md dmus ohn Slms looked tux good III tht 350 YN unc SIIIHCII md Rohut pred m the 13 70 Coach ones IN x en much pleased wslth thc hard work and potcntml llJlllIN possosul hx thus futurt x tmtx st xrs JV TRACK FRONT ROW J Armoskus L ONo D Mason J law J Calrd J Roberts P Palelznck L La Veniure ROW II W Snlffen J Marhleson J Sums G Hofmann P Schroeder R McCreery B Johansen ROW S Gelserf A Cook B Bramanfe M Bradley D Macintosh R Ronlun B Swmney A J y 139 I C O I S .f """- . 1 , X ' f' a 1 8, .3 l "' . . I W5 ' Qt ll .Q ,Av A - K f' 0 2 fl .1 ' ' ' 1' - 'YP A 4 H-of w....el '- " ""Y' '-vqpwvon-v -own f -' "z"4 1 'Jonny v. 'um ' ill . 'zy ' 1 " if 7 ' 49 V " 1 ' - . " ' I ' johzmsc-n ram hurdles, and Mike Bradley had good di . .I .Z 1. K l r V . .I . ' . . Swimmers And Marksmen Win Fine Slanclings RIFLE TEAM-KNEELING: MfSgI. Brown, D. Beninmin. STANDING: J. Collins, F. Cosile, G. Meuns. Last year's fast-paced .-X.H.S. swimmers have shown great ilnprovement this year and should end up the season fighting for the A.C.A.L. crown. Barry Parker and Ken XYallaee have turned in record- breaking times. Chuck Russ, Bob Bradford, Art Sny- der. and Sandy Xleffann all show rect:rd-breaking ability. YYithout the services of jim Battersby. Pete Skaarup, and Jim Reilly, the team could not have had such a sueressful season. The .AX.H.S. rifle team placed number thirty-two in the nation in the recent IYilliam Randolph Hearst Match and also won a second place in the Oakland Rifle Match. lop man on the team is Bob Betterton, who, in one match, shot 190 out of 200. After firing a team score of 905 out of H300 at Oakland High, the Hornets have assured themselves a place among the top teams of the liast Bay. VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM-FRONT ROW: P. Hansen, J. Bofiersby, J.V. SWIMMING TEAM-FRONT ROW: D. Rogers, J. Jollnson, C. Skoorup, C. Russ. ROW II: B. Parker, K. Wallace, S. McCann, Stephens, J. Morrison. ROW II: T. Ramsden, J. Harris, T. Cusack. A Snyder. ROW Ill: Coach Ashley Jones, B. Minton, J. Riley, B. Bradford. ROW III: Couch Jones, P. Wesfemoff, D. Barr. . K if? 1 " .1-5'+'F' TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: B. McNuM, T. Cossehe, S. Dowen, B. Devine. BACK ROW: L. Burnhnrf, J. Craig, D. Hagen, M.Sheriden, C. Hooper. Rackei Men And Golfers Have Good Prospecls 'l'his yearis golf team looks as if it might rome close to the top in A.CI.A.l,. honors. ln their first match of the season they defeated Aealanes 5 to U. Top man on the team is Louis Schmitz followed closely by Gary Plato. Marty Ketels, and Bill Erdahl. By the time the A.C.A.L. matches hegin. all members should be ready. This is the last year for spring golf: next year the golf matches will he in the fall. Alameda High Srhool has always produt-ed line tennis players. Coach Chuck Butler reports that this years team is no exception. The I1l1IlllX'IAOIlC man is Mike Sheridan who provided stiff Competition this year. The men bidding for positions are Chris Hooper. Ben McNutt. Lowell Barnhart. Don Hagen, james Greig and 'lierry Clossette. Prospeets for this hardworking team look yery promising at this time. GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: R. Long, G. Pluto, M. Kefeis, S. Hurrosh. BACK ROW: L. Schmitz, K. Cummings, T. Himmelberg, B. Erclahl, Couch Hayes. .. 141 X, . : K 5 3212 3 E Q Q f -'Q M,, PWMWM' lj if -Q fg if fe? 39 K aa v v " , . ' y1? A v ax New Sports Offered ln G.A.A. x 34. x., I I X lim fix' "H mg , X-N, ' . f. ef! , t, ,, y . , ,s .Q ' f'.f l'?5X.l -fr 'K , ' , ,- .3 ' fl: .N 'rf -rx EQ .Q ff. cp j . if ' .. . ' ,-Ai, XX NMX X 1 N I... . . gkygvly Q y I Q I7 1 4 5 If x, s , , XZ- V-V- 0,4 l 1 ,MA FAU. G.A.A. OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: S. Enos, Publ. Mgr., S. Gillclrd, SPRING G.A.A. OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: P. McNuM, Vice-Pres., B. Vice-Pres., J. Dean, Rec. Sec. BACK ROW: S. Walcefleld, Fin. Sec. S. Reis, Pres., C. Wallace, Yell Leader. BACK ROW: L. Jansen, Rec Sec., HGSUNJ, Pres-2 B. Reis, Yell Leader. S, Stevens, Publ. Mgr., J. Horine, Fin. Sec. Something new has heen addedl 'l'his term thc G.A..sX. has increased its already long sports list hy three: field hoekey. deck tennis and hSllIl1CTi'll21.-A Field hoekey was played for the first time in four Fears while deek tennis and "Slimerella" were of- fered this year. Along with participation in sports, the girls were husy attending "play-Clays," two of whieh were spon- sored hy Alameda. Ciastlemonl and Iineinal attended the hrst, while Porter. Lincoln. and Haight Gram- mar Schools attended the seeond. In the spring term the pencil and fudge sales. whieh boosted the treasury, were followed hy a po- litieal convention. 'llhis year ended with the annual "Spread" entitled "Coney Island". Basketball is one of the favorite sports in G.A.A. Soccer is a game thoroughly enjoyed by all G.A.A. members. Q 1 .-ui. uint.. , ...- .n- . . .1 M. . --..,., ,Ma W.. . 1-1 ,UQ-ts "3Q'fa.5,.g:: -.0 . 9?-. , , '10, fm" L" 7-"uf ' v ' -...,.'sff. .. A s-af: ,f , an k .. 3 1-wrlfjxisf . H .,?....Q fN'2 'W N 4 IN MEMORIAM CHISTIR HXIIOCR NIIILPTT 1906 1078 111 a11 111111 111 1111 t1111h111q p111 11s11111 NS 111 11.111 11111 011111111 1111 111111 1111111111113 11141111111 1111111 111111 11111111q1 an 21111111 111 1111 111111 111Sp1r.1t11111 .1111 SU1111 111 11111 C1111 H X11111111w.1 11111 111 g1f111 11111 S11 11111111111 H11 11.111 111161 10 111 111111 . , 111 1 1 enum11.11c1,1 h111 1111 11111 1111 11111111111 1I1l11L 111 IIIN .IIIC1 11111111 1 IIN 11.1111111Q 11111 1111111 1 1 klL1L1tl11N 1111 111 11Q111x111 111111 11N 111111 1 Nllllt .1111 , LUIIL 111 1 N 111111 1 11111 4 Thv. ., , ' . , .." .f ,AXA .- 1 hr .. . ,Q .. b'q1 .., . '. 11' . . .ds WL' . .-,' . IA.. 1. th. CI11 .. 'f "s qf' '1' 1:1 1 111 S' " 2 l ' 1 f111 111 111 .-X11 '1'1 H1911 S1111 1 1 11'1'1 1 111 111' of 1'1'1'1'1' 11111 111111 girl 111111 111111 I111' good f111't11111' 111 111' 111sp11'1'11 11'1'.5 'Q ' N-1. H's. -,1 1'11'z '. '11 111. '1-' 1 y1'1'1'f ' lf 111 X111 11111111. 1'1' 1111111111-1' 111111 415 L1 111z1s11'1' 11'z11111'1'. 1'11z1111.1 1111 1111111151-11111,1111111-11111111-111111111115111 1111 11 11'11 1' . 6 M p1D I LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY INEXPENSIVE FAST CLEAN BUREAU OF ELECTRICIT ATRG' 2440 SANTA CLARA AVENUE Ala: CALIFORNIA ty Aleuineela. Our Congra'ruIa+lons and Besf Wlshes TO THE NEW GRADUATES FROM THE BANKS OF ALAMEDA ALAMEDA CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION 7 Be odern and U - o- csfe"'. . .1 Insist on on AII-E eciric H ' ! ! . . .. . . :AT A7- Depcxrtmenf of Publlc Uhlmes, Cnty of Alessi: . ' 2. r 41 Use More Elec 'i in it R . . . IT's Cheap . BLUNDEN TOT 81 TEEN SHOP 1445 WEBSTER STREET FRANCK S MUSIC RECORDS HIFI HEADQUARTERS 3 1877 1349 PARK STREET LA 3 1021 STEVE S SERVICE Consclenhous Car Care MOBILGAS MOBILOIL Dual Exhaust Systems Mufflers 81 Pipes Weldlng FRANCHI BROS ALAMEDA MUFFLER SERVICE Labor Charge on Muffler and Tallplpe Comblnahons J E STEVENS LA 2 9937 PARK 8. LINCOLN ALAMEDA CALIF 2338 BLANDING AVENUE LA 2 1100 I' TUCKER S SUPER CREAMED ICE CREAM 1518 PARK STREET LA 2 4960 ERNIES BEAUTY SALON SPECIALITY PERMANENT WAVING HAIR STYLING AND TINTING 2001 HIGH STREET ALAMEDA LA 3 7710 148 I LA - l - Q - - U-HAUL TRATESV No ' ' I Y I I ALAMEDA LAUNDERETTE AND DRY CLEANERS ONE - STOP - SERVICE 2402 LINCOLN AVENUE LA 3-3348 GOOD CHEVROLET THE GOOD PLACE FOR A BETTER DEAL 2424 SANTA CLARA AVENUE 29211 -' RICHARD G JACOBSON INSURANCE AGENT uto Lnfe Fnre Cosuo I 2402 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA Phone LA 2 6133 HEIRIQACRT-IARMACY C Nu -W-:B SEIR Owner WEBSTER STREET AT SANTA CLARA ALAMEDA CALIF PHONE LA 2 1633 ALAMEDA Congrclfulohons Groduofes for School or Summer SHOP PENNEYS 8: SAVE ALAMEDA PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO WALLPAPER ond PAINTERS SUPPLIES FULLER DUPONT BOYSEN 1523 WEBSTER STREET LA 2 4236 V II I I II LA - I , ' W ' I 2 ' '-:I X14 I A - - - ' - ly . . , 15.357 , , - N ' I I I NEXT TIME YOU HAVE YOUR CLOTHES CLEANED SEND THEM TO THE I CRYSTAL CLEANERS ALAMEDA'S DELUXE CLEANERS WHERE YOU GET THE MOST SCIENTIFIC CLEANING KNOWN TO THE CLEANING INDUSTRY ALL YOUR CLOTHES ARE INSURED FOR FIRE AND THEFT WHILE IN OUR POSSESSION STUDENT RATES rysial C I e a n e r s 2000 2008 ENCINAL Owner 81 Mclnctger Phone: LA 3-0433 s. W. BUTLER COMPLIMENTS OF JAOUES BUICK CO AND OPEL 243I SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA LAkeI'1urst 2 6400 ALAMEDA JEWELERS HOUSE OF REAL VALUES QUALITY DIAMONDS STANDARD MAKE WATCHES EXPERT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING Phone LAkehurst 2 II88 'I407 PARK STREET BONIERE BAKERY eo TO BONIERE BAKERY Quolvfy Alwcxys CUSTOM DESIGNED CAKES Buy The Best We Do ENCINAL SHOPPING CENTER CORNER OF HIGH AND ENCINAL JOE AMBROSE RUSS AND GENE Meots Grocery Poultry Varuety Fns Produce ALAMEDA WASH N DRY ROUGH DRY FINISHED LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 1916 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA PELLERITE S PHARMACY JACK PELLERITE Owner 1546 PARK STREET LA 2 4990 ALAMEDA SUTHERLAND PHARMACY RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE T500 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA LAkehurst 2 1422 GENERAL REPAIRING ALL MAKES CARS AND LIGHT TRUCKS Just North of Cnty Hall LAKE S GARAGE 2264 LINCOLN AVENUE LA 3 5366 ALAMEDA 151 Il T Il T417 PARK STREET LA 2-0I'IO , h I I I I HAND FASHIONED SWEATERS I4IO ALAMEDA 32 FASHION HEADQUARTERS FOR THE LARGEST SELECTION OF FINE SKIRTS IMPORTED d DOMESTIC ALBURT S FOOT OAK ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL CLOTHING HEADQUARTERS CONGRATULATIONS CLASSES 58 8: 59 ALBURTS WISHES You HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS T52 I on Pcxrk Street I I5II WEBSTER ST. ALAMEDA 44 H . LAND I I CAMERAS PICTURE FRAMING GIFTS for tlne workmanship bring your films to Rnatt s 1350 PARK STREET PHONE LA 2 4074 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES 0 PICTURE FRAMING ff0m BOOKS FIRST SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION EVERETT E FARWELL 2323 SANTA CLARA AVENUE I4I6 PARK STREET LA 2 5626 CWest of Park Streetj STONE S BICYCLE TOYS WHEEL GOODS S mo PHONE SEASIDE STATION SANTA LAKEHURST W CmcAo0 PERCY L SNYDER CLARA E 3 3264 DEALER LIONEL AND AMERICAN FLYER TRAINS 2301 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA AGENCY FOR ENGLISH INDIAN BICYCLES We Sell the Best Repair the Best PLAY GOLF at the ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE FEES Week Days Sl 25 Saturdays Sundays Holndays I 50 Monthly Tucket 8 OO Monthly Ticket fvoud Saturdays Sundays Holndaysb 6 O0 SPECIAL RATES TO ALAMEDA HIGH STUDENTS 756 after 2 30 on School Days LAkehurst 2 4321 I I o 1 ' I I I O I . I . , I 1 .,., ,I ' X I 3i3,?f".,:.. X I I . . g 1 Tures and Batteries -- .I X 'M :T f 3122- -2 .de . " -QL-I I I ' I I ' TEMPO MUSIC SHOP RECORDS MAGNAVOX HI FI Instruments Rentals Repairs Muslc Lessons 1510 WEBSTER STREET LA 3 6152 HAMILTON BROS ALAMEDA BOOTERY 1434 PARK STREET SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Best of Luck to the Grads of June 58 and February 59 Remember on the Way POLLY DEBS 8. SPALDINGS Wxll Guide You Rnghl Congratulatuons to the Class of 1958 SHAW 81 LUNT REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE DICK THUNDER Owner THE RICKSHA Featuring Vanetnes of DO NUTS Freshly Made at Dawn ALAM EDA APOTHECARY PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY 2237 CENTRAL AVENUE LA 3 6168 STREHLOW INSURANCE We wrlte all kmds of Insurance 1361 HIGH STREET LA 3 5252 Arthur F Strehlow Roland H Strehlow SCOTT S FLOWERS The best flowers of all kmds CORSAGES ARRANGEMENTS PLANTS Bay Area Dellverues 1520 WEBSTER STREET 2 3456 ENJOY BOWLING AT ALAMEDA BOWL Where You Always Get an Even Roll SOFT DRINKS and SANDWICHES For Your Convenuence AMF AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS RUDY HOEHN LAkehurst 2 2737 154 1438 PARK STREET LA 3-2020 1323 HIGH STREET LA 3-3783 ll ' ' ' ll I ll ' II LA - h CHEVRON SUPREME GASOLINE and RPM MOTOR OIL WILLIAM H DeLONG LAkehurst 2 9968 3126 FERNSIDE BOULEVARD ALAMEDA GRANDE S SHOES SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY For Women AIR STEP LIFE STRIDE TWEEDIES For Men ROBLEE 8K PEDWIN For Children BUSTER BROWN T408 PARK STREET LA 3 8374 BIDS PROGRAMS TICKETS ENCINAL PRESS PRINTERS T329 PARK STREET ALAMEDA 2 7667 VERSAILLES BAKERY BREAD CAKES PIES PASTRY T306 VERSAILLES AVENUE NEAR ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA Phone LAkeI1urs1 2 0344 ANITA SHOP 1427 PARK STREET CHEVRON SUPREME GASOLINE cmd RPM MOTOR OIL WILLIAM H DeLON6 LAkeI'1urst 2 9968 3126 FERNSIDE BOULEVARD ALAMEDA BLUNDEN TOT 8: TEEN SHOP T445 WEBSTER STREET LA 3 1877 KELLYS BARBER SHOP Speclollzlng In FLAT TOPS CREW CUTS CONVENTIONAL CUTS 2520 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA I55 I "Baked by Heck" LA - : - I VM" M ' Aylomr UIXUIUFIL C'FllXl5l6f mm IN Amp SEE wmssu Sflfcrlo HIIESIIINF CUNFECTIUIIS GENSLER LEE OF ALAMEDA DIAMOND SPECIALISTS The Largest Selection of Dlamonds and Nationally Advertlsed Watches All Leading Brands Jewelry and Watch Repair NO CHARGE FOR CREDIT NO MONEY DOWN 1359 PARK STREET LA 2 4686 B E R N A R D l EXCLUSIVE DRY CLEANERS Also Featuring Ladies Tallored Slacks and Pedal Pushers Men s Slacks Made to Speclal Order Button Holes Made to Order Kmts Hand Blocked I222 PARK STREET LA 2 2876 LA 2 2877 SEE THE NEW EIREDOME EIGHT AT BEAN and CAVANAUGH Over 40 Years In Alameda LEE CAVANAUGH, SR LEE CAVANAUGH, JR DAVID CAVANAUGH YOUR ALAMEDA DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH DEALER 1700 PARK STREET LA 3 5246 T56 THE CITY OF MDAMEDK acl THE ALAMEDA CHAMBER Co grai' la're 'rhe Classes of June 58 and Febr ary 59 OF COMMERCE FAMILY SHOE STORE SMART SHOES FOR TEENAGERS 1507 WEBSTER STREET REVELATION CLEANING DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT IOM STUDENT RATES 2309 ENCINAL LA 2 9131 NEW PARISIAN LAUNDRY CURTAINS LACE CLOTHS OUR SPECIALTY DRY CLEANING Frank ond Rosolee Junco 2811 NCINAL AVENUE 1870 TUNE UP BRAKES BERTS SERVICE STATION Mobnlgos Mobil Oll Mobil Products TONY BERTS 1357 HIGH STREET LA 3 3022 MENSHOF PARK AT SANTA CLARA CAROLINES FLOWERS WEDDINGS ARRANGEMENTS CORSAGES 2316 SANTA CLARA AVENUE LA 3 3735 AGNEW REALTY CO Where Buyers ond Sellers Meet Extends Wnshes ot Hoppnness oncl Success tor the yeors to come to the Closses ot 58 1432 PARK STREET LA 3 4000 WARD S CHRIS ond KENNETH WARD Auto Pomtung Welding Morlne Repours Body ond Fender Work 1539 OAK STREET 3 7 85 158 , I . . - E LA 2- ' "ANGELo" Ross - Res. LA 3-8651 I I - 159 - LA - 6 FOR FLOWERS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY JOHN S TOWATA ALAMEDAS FINEST FLOWER SHOP 2305 SANTA CLARA AVENUE Modern Creatnons Styled by John Alameda Hugh Alumnus 2305 SANTA CLARA AVENUE LA 2 1314 ALAMEDA WASH N DRY ROUGH DRY FINISHED LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 1916 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA CARROLL TRAVEL SERVICE C W HENRIETTA TOURS Europe Domeshc Hawau HOTELS RESORTS AIR STEAMSHIP BUS 1412 PARK STREET 3 0 68 TOPS IN SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT VHS S16 pl IT' ISLAND 1 I - 791 THAU WAY Three Blocks from Alameda Tube LAUNDROMAT ond CLEANERS Phone LA 2 7205 ALAMEDA HOBBYCRAFT LAkehurst 3 3980 1356 PARK STREET ALAMEDA ENCINAL HARDWARE GEORGE A CLAZIE Owner ENCINAL 81 VERSAILLES 3 4821 ALAMEDA SPORTING GOODS SWITZERCRAFT BOATS JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS Sk: Rental Servlce Athlehc Goods 1532 PARK STREET LA 3 7121 PERRYS BARBER SHOP HAIR CUTS ALL STYLES BUTCHES FLAT TOPS IVY LEAGUES OTHERS 2519 SANTA CLARA AVENUE LA 3 8541 159 . I I I . I . I - also LA - 7 LA - l Congratulations and Best Washes from RALPH ARCHINAL ALAMEDA TYPEWRITER COMPANY 0 SANTA CLARA ALAMEDA LAkehurst 2 4921 GOOD LUCK GRADUATES PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS CAMERA CORNER OF ALAMEDA CAMERAS FILMS SUPPLIES REPAIRS PROJECTORS and FILM RENTALS BARKER TILTON Headquarters for LANE CEDAR CHESTS PARK STREET at ALAMEDA AVENUE LAkeI'1urst 2 0345 'I406 PARK STREET LA 2 5487 CAMISA BROS ESTABLISHED T931 ROOFING SHEET METAL HEATING AIR CONDITIONING CERTAIN TEED ROOFING T901 BROADWAY ALAMEDA LAkehurst 2 7266 7 HEADQUARTERS FOR REAL ESTATE IN ALAMEDA ITS AND INSURANCE ALAM EDA JUSTIN REALTY AND STEAM LAUNDRY INSURANCE I526 PARK STREET LA 2 3567 2235 LINCOLN AVENUE LA 2 I727 6 O 23 9 . a . ' I ' wiffgm I . NEW! SMART' DIFFERENT! ' S JOE'-S MEN S WEAR FURNITURE of ALAMEDA EXCITINGLY NEW ond DIFFERENT COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 1305 HIGH STREET LA 3 4281 phone LAkehU,S, 2 1933 STUDENT RATES 1623 PARK STREET ALAMEDA CALIF Dont Throw It Away TRADE IT IN TRADER BICKNELL UNITED SERVICE APPLIANCE Co PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLING FURNHURE W AP"L'ANCE5 Soles and ServIce JOANNE S BEAUTY SALON 3111 SANTA CLARA AVENUE A H B'Ck"e" AT HIGH STREET AI-AMEDA LA 3 72297 1522 WEBSTER STREET LA 3 8500 Q, 6 LU Q HUNT JEWELRY CO STERLING SILVER by TOWLE WALLACE GORMAN INTERNATIONAL REED AND BARTON LUNT AND HEIRLOOM FLINTRIDGE CHINA ,Hmm WATCHES by MOVADO HAMILTON ETERNA AUTOMATIC LONGINES WITTNAUER ROLEX ELGIN 1430 PARK STREET LA 2 3280 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RegIstered Jeweler AmerIccn Gem SOCIETY CLASSES OF 58 59 L . wr? ' I I I .. I - A 18- - 9 - S 4' I ,R 'I6'I LEE ADAMS PONTIAC COMPANY 58 PONTIAC NEXT BEST BET TO A JET SALES SERVICE PARTS 2414 CENTRAL AVENUE LA 2 1121 FOSTER S Old Fashion FREEZE SUZANNE S 630 CENTRAL AVENUE FRENCH PASTRY OUR SPECIALTY OUR CONGRATS TO Specucnl Attenhon Given to Bnrthdoy cmd ALAMEDAS GREATEST BURGERS 81 SHAKES 1519 WEBSTER STREET LA 3 2404 BERTHING SUPPLIES w Lwfyfax If ff J ALAMEDA i Hundreds of Boots EMERSON DOBLE LA 3 8406 LA 3 0870 ALAMEDA YACHT HARBOR LA 2 9080 'I535 BUENA VISTA AVENUE GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IS OUR WISH TO THE GRADUATING CLASS GADSDEN S STATIONERY STORE 1435 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2 1844 LAkehurst 2 1845 I Il ' ll I THE CLASSES OF '58-'59 Wedding Cakes f!-' ' J 'II' f nf' ,M I 162 I-I XRXE YOUR BAY? NEIGHBOR The United States Naval AIr StatIon IS located at the west end of the natural Island OCCUpled by the City of Alameda OrIgInalIy an CflCIenTII"ldlCI'1 fishing ground and later part of a vast Spanish land grant It covers an area of approxImately 2679 acres Includ Ing 981 acres under water It was from thIs poInt that the hIstory makIng pIoneer flIghts over the vast reaches of the PacIflc Ocean to the OrIent were launched lust twenty three years ago FIVE years later on the first of November In ninteen forty the statIon was commIssIoned wlth a handful of some 200 mlllldfy and cIvIIIans IIttle cIreamIng of the thousands who would loin them to swell the Station s popuIatIon wIth the advent of the Second World War Today havIng played such an Important part In the success ful concIusIon of that great conflict the Air Station IS the largest IndustrIaI establIshment In the Bay Area and the largest of the Navy s AIr STGTIOHS ID GXISTSHCS The present day peace time mIs sIon of thIs complex operatIon IS one of fleet support provIdIng TGCIIITISS to support the vital operatIons of fleet carrIer patrol antI and support to the overhaul modIflcatIon and maIntenance pro grams for all types of naval OIVCFQTI In addItIon It serves as a prImary avIatIon supply outfittmg and assembly poInt wIth dockIng TUCIIITIES capable of handIIng the largest aircraft carrIers afloat To adequately descrIbe the functIons of the StatIon and IIS Importance In the communlty ID terms of employment materIaI equlpment and TGCIIITISS would far exceed the space available In thIs entire yearbook Let us therefore sImpIy say that as a malor department of defense actIvIty the Naval AIr STOIIOH IS a part of the team that IS constantly strIvIng to maIntaIn the all Imporant state of readiness necessary to meet the threat of attack that may come wIth little or no warnIng to destroy us and our democracy To under estImate the Importance of thIs effort could well mean the utter elImInatIon of the way of IIfe we have fought and dIed for sInce our country was founded ASSOCIATION SUPPORT THE FLEET ll l E Il submarine, transport, and training aircraft: furnishing facilities THE ALAMEDA NAVAL AIR STATION ll ll In your first Job BEING PART or THE TELEPHONE ' eowune 9 if T ,fe 'f' e ggqsffffyfe 4-f 5, 5 X T-X S Lt s the Zzftle thmgs that count TEAM MEANS Worklng wlth fellows and gurls your own Earmng good pay rlght from the start Enloylng many plus values lncludmg pald vacatlons regular raises a luberal benefit plan and advancement opportunn hes too Maknng new friends lntereshng work pleasant surroundings and being helped by a friendly supervisor and lots more Q Paclflc Telephone p WHERE THE QEENS BUY THEIR SHOES GALLENKAMPS Be sure and make GallenKamps YOUR family shoe store GALLENKAMPS T415 PARK STREET LA 2 0744 OLE'S COMPLIMENTS or WAFF'-E SHCP FREDRICKSON 3. WATSON 1507 PARK STREET CONSTRUCTION CO. LA 2 8108 873 8lST AVENUE OAKLAND 4 . l I O . T 'T . - - ifif552Ef5222i25fi22525f5 sis: - li f 11:,:5f3:5:r:r::::s11:f: rs: 4 ,- "' L :QI fiiiiiifiiifiiiiiiiiiiii ' ' LN a e 5ii5?5i5Ei?5s " ' lt -' T S fbileix ,,,.,.:.,.: 3, . Ls-.- . ,A by 5a3si:5?22z.f:5 Q 2 ' - ::3:5:::,1,.5:j:5: .- I ' - I X ivy-j - - 11 ll ' - ffeiseesasi 1 , L-J .E V f 'T T ' A ' .,....T..T...., .' ef ' ' fy ' X . . . . , . . 1 I I l Il Tw I ll Shoes for he Entire family '63 U91 1.12 You taster itzuulity DRINK 'T W ofa , I Q' 556 , ,fa -era I 5 :SIZE IOTTLED UNDEI AUTKOHYY Of DIE COCLCOLA COMPADH If THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA OAKIAND CALIFORNIA CHAS SMITH LENNOX WARM AIR FURNACES PLUMBING 8. HEATING Hoyt Water Heaters Telephone LAkehurst 2 2442 1250 PARK STREET ALAMEDA CALIF WESTERN MARKET Complete LIne GrocerIes Produce and Cholce Meats 1424 PARK STREET LA 3 1808 LA 3 7177 Telephone LA 2 7506 LUXUS LAUNDERIE SELF SERVICE AutomatIc IndIvIduaI WashIng Complete DryIng SSYVICS 1611 PARK STREET V WATKINS ALAMEDA MARSHALL STEEL CERTIFIED DRY CLEANING Congratulahons Graduates CENTRAL and PARK 2 7100 ARTS SUPER SERVICE Eagle and Webster Streets Alameda COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Featurmg SHELL GASOLINE AND OIL ARMSTRONG TIRES AND BATTERIES ISHELL dm + 2 II I I Ii item IIIIIIIIIIIIII ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONORED 165 - 1 I ' ' ' 1 LA - G. . l --, , E A- A T CT , fa, - W 41 - c 2 mrs. '1'l""'ly1rl.-nv . If . '!"'a-. f,..'y " I, . " ' , -I .,I"'!' ISI 1 IETILIQE-.'5 wr' If ' ---- i.I,g-M L--see - , L Y BRENDA HOUSE OF BEAUTY HAIR CUTTING and STYLING OUR SPECIALTY Hours Mon thru Sat 9 AM 5 30 P M Open Thurs Evening Till 9 P M 2333 SANTA CLARA LA 2 0318 Furniture Built LA 3 5958 C and B DO IT YOURSELF CENTER to Order Plywood Lumber Supplies Cut to Size Pratt Lambert Paints Bilt Well Cabinets 2712 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA CALIF ROSS WRIGHT WRIGHT SELLS RIGHT REAL ESTATE INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC BUS LA 2 5733 RES LA 2 4081 2511 SANTA CLARA ALAMEDA PACIFIC BOWL 16 LANES Free shoes and instruction to A H S Student Body Card Holders Summer Rates 3552 per line 7425 EAST 14TH STREET OAKLAND IDEAL SHOE REPAIR CHRIS ESPIN STUDENT RATES ON PRESENTATION OF STUDENT CARD 1263 PARK STREET LA 2 8373 FORMERLY MUSSO S BEST WISH ES FROM PLAZA DRIVE IN RESTAURANT CORNER OF GRAND AND HARRISON OAKLAND Dining Room and Car Service AMFRICAN DRY CLEANERS W H CATTON We will clean it or dye it Just phone we call coll for 81 deliver promptly LA 2 1023 2717 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA BEST WISHES FROM THE ALAMEDA THEATRE Always the best In Motion Picture Entertainment 2317 CENTRAL AVENUE LA 2 4483 166 O C - I , ll ll President A.H.S. Alumni Association ll - - ll I , . . . .. ll . . - ll ' I . . . J L fl CV L L My vw Vgfrajuilgpdlrfidl h iff Jjffjjjpqfrgwiglasses of JUllIE I958 FEBRUARY I959 TIMES STARlW PRESS was T516 OAK STREET LAkehurst 3 T200 ALAMEDA YOU l.l. HAVE TROUBLE GETTING A GOOD JOB ,.. lf you don't have a skull that IS In demand Nw .50 CO. BE A GRADUATE COMPTOMETER OPERATOR FLOOR COVERWG Our grads nn constant demand 4939 BROADWAY Olympic 3 8422 Day and Evemng Classes OAKLAND CALIF Low Installment tuntlo ' TRY IT FREE GUNNAR HANSEN 2 Days or Evenmgs Res LA 2 8085 THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL 534 24TH STREET, OAKLAND TE 2 4202 'I6 7 . , It if M , .J I ,Tix UT ',wJf'lfC Q ff if Jl' l A ll J a." X J ,fl ITL Jpqiiftdj My QQ!! l 'L M L, .. f f ' ' 21 f , LM " U V Vt of Ml 0 W f jf mlm dgn - . A 6 fu O M T - 'C dt U14 f, a ' is X' W I D 5 QXL 6 A S ll 7 tx M15 CREDITS UXCI9 1h1 S lx Smtth CCBIHPWIIX 1 11gr1x111Q C 11111111111 X11 11111 1 11Qr1x111q C o111p mx 11otoQr1phx 111 Photo 111111114 1115 r THANKS to Wir Brx 111 for hw 1111dc1St111d111g 'md 111'1p to Nir B1-11 fo1 h12 COHU'l1Jl11lCJl"1 to 11111 In Umrzorzrzrrz p1Q1 to hir 101101-C l111FCJI'11ll X11 111 QI X 1 S1111 CNIICIIIQ 11111 111111 11 1pp11111 hop to Nlr P111 for 111N 1x11:111z11t plfturcs and qlllfk Qcrure to th1 S 1x S1111th C o111p111x 1111 1111 1ttr11t1x1 CCJXCIX tot11C ofhcc St1f1f11r p11t11r1 1111111151 AUCJHQ and thc 11S1 of 111 thc1r f11111t11S N11 R1111111111t11 for h11 1111p xs1t11t11O 'ut xsor11 11111 1111111 Cx1'lLI11LN Ning PCIYNCIS 11111 111r 11111 Nl 111 fox thu pu111111tx g1x111 11'1fCJllQ11Cll1I 1111 t1 rm N11 I 111011 11111 th1 o1h11 p1 11t111 111sK1x for t111 1111n11ogr1p111n1f 1111111 1111 1111112 St11 for 1111 C1111 of IIN p11t11r1Q 111 SI1lC1CI11S IIIC1 11111111 111111111111 111111 CxCJI1lI'l1Jl1IC 11 1I11CiInI11 1111311 11111 1111p1d111 X mous 11 115 to 1111111 1111S1JCJCJ11 1x11111 K 168 I . 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