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.1 V-.. 1 N- V45 1 5, fx A41 I ffm' 019' 6' 4-fffv-'zz JF ,ew .- 5 x ff N" ff If NW! 1 Y, + W ' ll ' , 1 ' ax f L sf , f Q , ,Q 1 qu If uf vxb A ' f L J lf' L X-., 9 - L EEA 4 ' , Q' fr H v U. L V ' if " ' ' U L L ' X ff f , gf V A ' I , "I V " ' h L, L! " f M ' A 1 I. f 1 WN A L X xx, -, w o Q, a' ' 1 A 1, i 1' p ' 1 Q - .' ' ' ' - . ,ll '7 2 X , 1. U 'X 1, V ft , F -X' N' M M E5 -J N Q- w f x X. K , X If Q J 'M , wx " t R I l f J' 1 ,X , jf? g I, ui f wut' A Ki I x - 'V , 3 V X P , , Q ,L-f X V X N -V . L., L' . V' , 'X k If L, X L ' ,fx 2 1 , V , in I ' tub X ,H K If. r wx' x U 1 x Y ' N ' Y xx S M L x L, X bf J . 2 'VL' Ax, 1,, v ,WJ Au 1 , . J ' fy V I ' " ' D V L, . x, P X ., 1 , , .I L , gf Xl, Y v l I J M m V V U ,MXL X1 X' V X ' L K1 ' ' Av W W " .u 'f . QL' - f .tn J H W , , 1 , w Lv ,XJ ,I bxx 3 :L ' , ' wg j . V H I , I ' f? I HN l, ,J if , ' jk N . A ff , 1 H V 1- fl I , is h Wg. ' L - " L -ig., , - .1 !" V f' 1.4.1-iff' ' A , . K 1' I W J fjrff' 1-7, r - V- 'A . :P M.:-' 1' fa 1 -' A - ' N R ff ' A V' X ,. ' I JTQTSL .q , f-I . 4 A if , .- . 2 , 7 K: L .A f ,uf , V- 5 ,,.jV ' ' A ' ,ff 4,17 Qggr ffl '1' , . . , M - ST-4" " , ' ,. . -.. 'g If ,.. -0 W , JY K 1' ,M . ,V ': K. U . ai I 6 ity 523534211 3 X gi X Risk Elk 3 R 3 if W Wfffji JWQAQZMMWM JZMVQZM y My Lzflfsfblvf 74 xlwkkim it E XQHQKENX fi 'Eggs xaglillf U Ri .- 'ax-' ill' Tig YL ' in F- 2 ' .QSO J. 'ESQ -A tg, . Ei 2, R t 'B Eg. Q35-1 2g LJ" ,iffy 2 5 f, - pf kewl- .fpffv ' 4 , , ' KMA - fqzww Wf V ff , .ff Q W, 'WMQIM W dn W baLihJw P wp wi I M MZ W Qfwjb Awww. WNW? fiifaff wif GMXW W ,WM M ' 111:31 Vw iZ"'Z,,J.:j7..1 FLH5- ?7 11+ Mg' B ! Jew' 5 Efw, LWKJU Jwgf " 12:11 i ' ' 'N ,.' lp ,--- , , ,- X, "1'3,'J5Tf,-Q75 V.,-.A ,,. 'A L--. . . .4,f, ..,,.- -f. I 'T K., ,,.qf, K ,..,,., , , ' ' ., .4321 ' ,.Ag-,141-'.'1 - T - ,.:5'J,g,qs 2,- . -mzf-7 . A ' - , 531 9 -if 4 ' . ' . " 4623? A. - ' N" ii fi , V, ..,Qfi.:Pf3111'4fLE5f5q,f " A-J " -1-'iz " J' -L-SUV?" - 1 4411-lgf'Y-54-ffilz. V ' - , ,-..- .- - .-7: 'fir -E. .A V1 . -5. V4 . wg, K" J." v ..:'3':-1 1 fi? If . i 0 559 " , ' f3,1gS?,i?gsf2. -' x.'v',:4.- VOLUME LIV PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA KEN DeVRIES, Editor GRACE CUDWORTH, Business Manager n'- ,.1' 5515, fs -,Fif u. ,,..- f - , S52 'wg v f"""H,x ff' wx I. 2 - 3 ' 5 I KX is,Ww,,! jf HI 5: M -A A S 1 5 2 5 wav QA OF .. :y, ,552-,.t 2: , , .J 1 ' -zifiiiz Jw 1 '-5 1, 52523, . .win 4. .AL . JJ . A .g5ifg:'Z,'f, , '-:fx.-:'--- - 435445 Fi' I'-f '. -1 'VJ w . :. -Jr if -i,' , ,fm 'JZ .5 .Qs -'fif' '-fit: . Lf Q ,. ff.- 4 -rv. 12:5 ,XTR r- - nv z.:-ff: ?.'f'-l -W3 I lr. 1- f 5, V, 4 -X4 Sf- Wk: --25' ffvx ff 5.53, ,H-VA. - 1-,z 1 -.--1-5, f-gg,-1, - 4 of .Q :X 5.5-'A .- -4:-,... , 1 yu na- . 4.53 . ' --H 1,M.ggJ,., sf Y-Sf! '45 1- :Q V ,L w. ,. n .,x ., --1. .4 .4,, .V 725.511 -Q 7 . 1 ,U - ,, '!.-nz, X 'L' ." , , .f .1 .1..f. V, .mf .-512' ' ,?sB0fK' CREDITS Photography The George F. PcnnCy's Hartsook Studio Ifngrarirzg California Art and Iingraving Company Printing The 'l'imcs-Stan' Prcss f,'oz'ez's The S. K. Smith Company fr 1- PM 1 XJ W" D . ,egg A Z, TABI E QF CQNTENTS - Q? I,f'diC'Z1tiUIl !xdITl1I1iSlf2lli0I1 Classes Activitics . cJl'g2llllZ1lti0I1S Sports R.U.'l'.C Z. . .-X1lv1'1'l is1'1111'11ts mm: 6 I0 254 98 I20 144 163 l7l 1 2 l i: X I il DEDICATIQ In dedicating this ACORN to Mr. William G. Paden, the staff and the high school community pay tribute to a name conspicuous in the history of public education in California. YVhile he has spent almost his entire professional career in Alameda, as principal and superintendent, Mr. Padens abilities have been recognized both statewide and nationally. For twenty-seven years he has served as our Superin- tendent of Schools. During this period, the Alameda school system has grown greatly in physical equipment, enrollment and scholastic achievement. Indeed, Mr. Paden may confidently know that he has delivered to his successor one of the most efficient, well-organized and excellent school systems in the state-if not in the entire nation. Mr. Paden is a man of exceptional versatility. His knowledge of educational principles and practices is matched by his knowledge of history, and he posseses professional knowledge of the law. His interests are universal. The great outdoors with its mountains and deserts draws him, people, with their love and tradition, fascinate himAfand he mingles among the great and the obscure with equal ease. Mr. Paden's opinions and judgments are sought by those in high office. Complex problems simplify at the impact of his keen mind, and his alertness is a constant stimulant to those about him. He "loves life." In appreciation for Mr. Paden's service to the high school during his administra- tive years, and with the genuine expression of "happy days" to him for the future, we dedicate this annual to him. May he continue to enjoy his years ahead in the satisfying knowledge of having done a great work. 3111 irllvmnriam JUNE 1952 - DIQCIIMBIZR 1952 'lihe ACORN Staff sincerely extends its sympathies to the friends and relatives of the following who were formerly associated with Alameda High School. Faculty MR. FRANKLIN CUMMINGS 1897 - 1952 Mr. Cummings, a teacher of English at Alameda High for twenty- six years, endeared himself to the students and faculty of Alameda High School because of his distinguished character and stimulat- ing personality. Although his loss will be severely felt, his memory will linger long in the hearts of those who knew him at Alameda High School. Studentf DAVID ALEXAND1-ZR Former Students PRIVATE FIRST CLASS DONALD ALPIQRS. UNITED STATES ARMY CORPORAL HERBERT NGRTON, UNITED STATES ARMY as PREFACE Win? 3 1 .Q ai W pm,n" THEN . . . fifty years ago, in 1903, Alameda High School was small. The present Language Building served the purpose of providing the workshop of education for a few hundred students and a dozen teachers. NOW .... fifty years later, in 1953, Alameda High School has grown to ma- turity. Two thousand students and a hundred teachers and staff work together toward the fulfillment of the American dream. Today our school covers an entire city block. THEN . . . in 1903, Alameda was a quiet, residential town. High school students studied Latin, Greek, Grammar, Rhetoric, and Fine Arts. The boy friend took the girl friend for a ride on his bicycle built for two, and both hummed the tune of 6'Annie Roonief' Swimming was a favored sport and the Debating Society occupied the time of many a young genius. NOW .... in 1953, Alameda's population is approaching 75,ooo. To meet the needs of modern living and a growing community, our school pro- vides courses in Homemaking, Auto Shop, Machine Calculation, Creative Writing, Senior Problems, Slide Rule, Pottery and Choir. In sports, our athletes compete with other schools of the Bay Area in football, baseball, and basketball. Our girls participate in Modern Dancing, Archery, and Fencing. Interested students learn and share experiences in such clubs and activities as Star and Key Honor So- ciety, junior Red Cross, Boys' State, the Operetta, and Chemistry Club. Our graduates now number in the tens of thousands, and many a distinguished citizen holds Alameda High as an endeared Alma Mater. Fifty years is but a tick of the clock when compared with the endless cons since a child learned from his first teacher. But in that time, education has stepped boldly forward-kindergarten, elementary school, high school, and college. The school of today has been a dream of many. Those of s'then" gave us a start- ing point in the realization of the "nowf' Draw 33 1 , .1 ,' r' f-" . - .1 JA., .. ,' f ew. fn fir , fgf-,. YQ".-1" 3' ,f ,L-. principal .I .Brya .-3,1 :' x x ,I VITY' Agri' , A-5" 14,37 ,W 1 , M . ,lf- I MSP W Dr Donald Al Roderzck Superzntendent 0 Schools In assummq the tdm1n1Strat1on of 1 school xx xtem 1n xx hlch d11lx more th rn ten thousand future e1t1zens of th1s great natlon are learnmq the Qkllk that make for reaponslble part1e1pat1on ln 1 demoeratle soeletx 1 new supermtendent searches deep Wlthlfl h1mSelf to make Qure of hm xalues He li at once em ed and honored by the responslblhtx and truat hm fellow eltlzens hate placed upon hlm He Lan but pledge to earrs forward th1S trust to the best of h1s ab1l1tx BOARD OF EDUCATIONI Le t to rightj Dr. Donald D. Lum President ' Mr. A. Hubbard Mo tt r. Alr.Ha1ryR.Pennell Mr. Waller V. Howe Dr. Stuart Stephens Mr. M. Bryan The Alameda Higl1 School was started in the year 1894 in a small room over a store on the south- west corner of Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue. It was one of the first high schools to be es- tablished in California. By 1902, the enrollment had reached 200 students and the old wooden building on the Porter School grounds became too small to house both the high school and the elementary school. The Alameda Board of liducation announced that a bond election would be held to raise money for a new high school building. The students worked hard for the bond elec- tion in order to have a new school. The night of the election, when victory was assured, a big bon- fire was made in the vacant lot at the corner of lYalnut Street and Central Avenue where the west wing of the present high school now stands. The cornerstone of the new building was laid on September 9, 1902. This building became the west wing of the present Alameda High School and was dedicated May 23, 1903. Sixty-five thou- sand dollars was set aside for the purchase of land and for the building. When it was completed two dollars and ten cents remained in the fu11d. The new building was considered the acme of perfection in 1903, and visitors came from far and wide to see it, commenting upon the wide halls, the artistic stairways, the chemical labora- tory, the art room, and the magnihcent and spacious assembly hall now known as Little Theater. Dr. A. YY. Scott was principal of the new high school until 1904. Dr. George C. Thompson re- placed Dr. Scott at the beginning of the fall term in 1904 and served as principal until 1939. He saw the school increase from 372 pupils to approximately 2,ooo. He also saw the construction of the fine building which houses the high school today. Mr. Ford Samuel, who is our present Post- master, was a student of the high school in IQO4. and provided me with the material for this brief history of our school. To Mr. Ernest Coppo. Mr. Robert Pape, faculty advisors, Ken DeVries, editor. Grace Cud- worth, business manager. and the entire staff of the Acorn, I wish to express my appreciation for the splendid manner in which you have worked on the publication of the 1953 Acorn. gg, aw., MR. DONALD j. BELL Mr. Bell. the Vice-Principal. constructs thc master program and aids thc advisors in the programming ofthe entire student body. As Vice- Principal. he acts as the advisor to the student body officers and the NIcn's Board of Control. and in their opinion, he is indispensable. Mr. Bell is always present at any athletic event. being the faculty representative for all such activities. He is the perfect example for our student body to follow. as hc is respected and admired by all. M RS. HELEN HOEKSEMA Mrs. Hoeksema is the Assistant to the Principal in Charge of Instruc- tion. a very big and important title at A.H.S. Among her many duties are being advisor to G.A. and the Womenls Board of Control, orienta- tion of new teachers, and taking charge of the audio-visual and other instructional materials. Mrs. Hoeksema radiates friendliness. and besides being a splendid personality. is always ready to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. MR. EARL SHRIBER Mr. Shriber is the Assistant to the Principal in Charge of Attendance and Guidance. It is one of his duties to keep track of the absences of the entire student body. ln addition, the always busy Mr. Shriber is in charge of the auditorium staff and the box office. He is in close contact with the counselors. and serves as chief counselor. Mr. Shriber is one whom everyone wants to call his friend. , I Wa U' , f .1 , M1 , Q H ii 1 1 M, af . , ' ww M N ,ws it W y , 'Q i J if I ii 5 f . K ,A am E7 MW Q 9 if gt A A gl 5? N, Y , R +1 ' 3 , ' .nel ' mpg Q3 V F . , , "'Ki.,f ,A .9 4 f K, ', ,fm?1w3s-- gk A Q, -f . fiwiv 1 4 " L: 'Q I fl Q' 2 as -Y 1 , , M FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Rau' I Nlrs. Franri-s Lee, lfrvmli: Mrs. Margery Wvisenhorn, Spanish. Ron' II- Mrs. LeNorr' Markvr, Latin, Frm-nth: Mr. Earnest Ellis, Basie. Abseni from pifruw- Mrs. Maria Tays, Spanish. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTM ENT Row I- Mrs. Louise Thani, Clothing: Mrs. Rita Thompson, Foods, Honieniak- ing: Miss Hazel Bennett, Clothing, Foods. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Row I-Mrs. Sara Patty, Shorthand: Mrs. Marcella Berry, Oflice Praetiee: Miss Mil- dred Herrick, Machine Cal: Mrs. Eliza- beth Brooks, Typing. Row II---Mr. Earl Fraley, Business Eng- lish, Business Math: Mr. Lee Jackson, Shorthand, Transcription, Student Ae- eounts: Mr. Reuben Span-th, Banking. Absent from picture--Mr. Einar Soren- sen, Accounting: Mrs. Elsie Roenier, Typ- ing, Shorthand: Mr. Harry Nr-thery, Typ- ing: Mrs. Josephine Yan Ogtrop, Typing, Continuation School. ART, MUSIC AND DRAMA DEPARTMENT Row IA-Mrs. Sue Starck, Choir, Gln-e. Row IlfMr. Edward Lee, Band: Mrs. Dorothy Layton, Art, Pottery and Leather: Mr. Lloyd Sisler, Drama and English: Miss Edna Reiehmuth, Art and Stagerraft: Mr. Carlton Hanson, Orchestra: Miss Niurian LosKarnp, Drama and English. I I f-.-.. V ,F 5 se. 4 'M hi' ' ., I fr OFFICE STAFF Left to right-Mrs. Esthcr Mctllara, Bank: Mrs, Hclcn Arfstcn, Bookrooniz Mrs. lnrv Gingrich, Attcndancc Uflicc: Mrs, Nancy Yospcr, Attendance Ufhcc: Miss Pat Ro- maine, Principals Office-1 Mrs. Elizahc-th Hall, Principals Office FACUIfI'Y NOTES ln thc ycar 1874, thc faculty at Alamcda High consistcd of two tcachcrs and a principal. Sincc thcn. thc faculty has stcadily grown to whcrc in l953 Alanicda High has a total of nincty-fivc pcoplc cur- rcntly in cinploy. Oli thesc. cighty-four arc rcgular tcachcrs. and scvcn arc non-ccrtificatcd cniployccs hcsidcs thc principal and his thrcc assistants. Quitc a changc has takcn placc in our faculty for thc fall tcrin of 1952. Nlr. Cadwcll. Mr. Hancock. Mrs. Patti-rl. hir. Rccxcs. and Miss Rt-go lcft to tcach at thc ncwly complctcd Encinal High School. Niiss Barth. Mr. liirkholin. Miss Connclly. Nlrs. Goodalc. Miss Hook. Miss jolly. Klr. licvinc. Mr. Stowcll. and Bliss Vcnard all rcsigncd. On a lcavc of ahscncc wcrc: Xlrs. Andcrson. Nlrs. King. and Mr. Nloorc. Xlrs. Anderson took a trip to Europc. A highlight of hcr trip was an audicncc with thc Popc. A ncw addition to thc King family. Judy Lynnc. arrivcd on thi- 20th ol' Sc-ptcinhcr. l952. Mrs. King is undccidcd as to whcn shc will rcturn to tcach. Mr. Moorc was last hcard from Gcncva. Switzcrland. llc had just rcturncd from Austria with his family and was occupicd with wintcr sports, His favoritc sport is riding in a onc horsc opcn slcigh, ln thc spring tcrni Mrs. llarrctt. Mr. Saunclcrs. and XII: Socolotsky rcsigncd. whilc Miss Wilson lcft for Encinal High School. Nancy Vospcr also lcft us alitcr scrving as sccrctary in thc attcndancc oflicc sincc thc fall tcrin of lflnll. Nliss Hcrrick. on a lcavc ol' ahscncc. tcinporarily nioxcd to Los Gatos in ordcr to spcnd onc ycar thcrc hcforc rm-turning. Scrving on spccial connnittccs this past ycar wcrc llr. Yigncss and Miss lX'ilson. Dr. Vigncss actccl as city chairman for organizing thc tcachcrs in canvassing in favor of Proposition No. 2. Dr. Vigncss is also on thc California 'licachcrs Ethics Connnittcc. Nliss YN'ilson. Prcsidcnt ol' tht- California Associa- tion of 'lcachcrs of English. Ct-ntral Scction. attcndcd thc National Council of lcachcrs of English at Boston during thc 'lihanksgiving vacation. MAlNrl'ENANCl'i DEPAR'l'MEN'l' Ron' I-ff-Mrs. Made-linc Anderson Row II-B1-rt Gctz, jose-ph Blankcnhc-ini, Al Lora-nzano, Richard Everton, Harlan Struif, Franz Lackncr, Edward Hagman, Rudy SIt'lfll'llt'I7, Italo Str-fani -V ' virhgilg ,AQ 417'- Ai ' if '-gp,-w J a 9, va. .6 3 va f 1 an 1 1 xp 'mu 5' sw ' 'SW E x -'gn in 5 W, f is xi? 1 x if y ' ,ifiid A I , .op fy asf O, , , , -fi SS 'Y M tl 1 X ,H . ' f 3 Prexzdent Dax e Mutt h Vzce Preszdent C all Fletcher Ihe vcn popular Dava Mutrh was elet ted Prcsldc nt of tht Stu dent Bodv aftt r sc rving as Rt 1 ord mg Sccretarx and in turn did in excellent job Gail Flctchtr lul lilltd htr duties as Vicc Prt sidm nt more than adequately, while Re- cording Secretary 'Ibm Iuhbock kept perfect and unique minutes. Financial Secretarv Don Furbush secured 100 per ct nt student body d es in record time, ar d Yell Leader Chet Singley held the schools spirit at its highest throughout the fall term. 20 1X7t'LUIdl7lg Secretary loin Lubbock lfirzflrtcirzl .S'efret11r.1' Don FLlTlBllSll Yell Leader Chet Singley .J if -X if 'Wi ,QAM A2 , 4 Ml STUDENT F.-XClUIfI'Y COKIXIITTEE Roar I- T. Luhl'v0c'k, Nfiss LOS Kamp. D. Kfllifh, NIV. Ciunirninqs, C. Flf-tvhi-r, llmrkz-t, Mr. Bryan Ron' Il G. DllI7I'l'l', NI. llc-bk:-i', P. 'l.I'l'IltU,1J. i'1HI'iJllNil,fi, Sinulry, ll. Fl'it7I'I' .-XDXIINIS'l'R.'X'l'IYlf BUARD lfnzrl U, Mutwh, M. Stand:-, Crm lu-I. IQ, I'h'tc'h4-1, S, W'onQ, D. Dmvsf-tl, IJ. Iniblwfk Roan' II- D. Furhush, N. B1 nu-ix. CI. Stzinle-3, 'lf Luhhmk, N. Bzirh4'r, S. Df'Huvr'n, S. Turnvr, S. Stanton Ron' III Kirk. R. lfzmvpzi, Cl. Siiiulvv, I., l"i1x,I.. x'I'l.lS'lllf'7, Pvrkins 'lhw Student Fiiriilty Clmiiiiiitti-fp uwiiipfw-1-cl of tw-lw studvnt im-nihvrx and six Iiziviilty IIl1'IIlht'I'S. me-t mmm- 11 ww-lx during' thi- umm hour. 'lhix wvininittm- hvlpi-d to ohtain Ihr- viitvrtuiiiiiim-lit for our Studvnt Buch' IIll'l'IiUQQ. and thi-n rvportvd :ind dii- vuswd thc- studvnts' i'vm'tirw1is to Ihr' ini-vtiiigx. .M gi nwult. iw- gm thc- hm-st in r-ntm-rt11in- ixivnt. plus a vm-ry wvll-run fall te-rin, 'Ihv .-Xdrninistratiw Board of Algiiiiw-dai High ix nwiiipmcci of tm-iity-tim IIlt'Illhl'I'Y of the- Studvnt Body. NN'ith .Irwin Bgirhvr prwidiiiq me-r rhvir in:-vtings. the- Ad Board dr-vidvd rhf- ziniount of nimic-3' to hr- gillcittvd to vgiuli whool cwrgzinizzition. to thi- Prvsi- dvnt of rho Stlldfiflf Body. to c-zivli zithlf-tim f-vm-nt. and to all othe-r svhool :xvtivitie-S dur- ing thf' full tvrin. Vlihl'OIJt'I1iHQIj1lIli't'. "Ri4h1Wiii... ww IIl.lllLlQ'f'd hy 'limi I.i1hhm'k and figiil Flvtihl'r. It prrwvd tri hr? n wry xvoiidwfiil and mu vwiiul ciaiuu-. WOMENS BOARD OF CONTROL 'lhv Me'n's and xvOII1l'I1lS Boards ol Control ihow Dim lx Row: li and -Iam' Cfrorlwt IOSITYK'218Illvll'cll1l4'l-cl0LlIlS1'lOT5l-O!'lll1'lkllll tw-nn. 'l'hv IXX'1'I1lN"lAOllI'IIl1'IIllJl'TNOlil'ill'l1 hoard assistvd in km-vping ordc-r at our xtudvnt lIll'l'llI1Qi, 'lhvy wx-rv also sw-n at thi' football QZIIIIVS. making surf' that 4-xwyiliixig ww undvr vontrol in thx- rootvrs' standx. Thr' Boards of Control arm- rrspvm-te-d and adrnircd hy all thi- studvnts of Alam:-da High School for thi- wondf-rful work th:-5 did in hm-lping to km-p our Studvnt Boch "tops," Ron' Rau' Ron' Roni' 1- ll. Slay, Shm'rx'c'y, Crock:-t, S. Wbnu II'---D, Dowsm-tt, B. Fc-rricr, M. Ye-da, M. Stnudv, .-X. Olin-ra, Major III---S, Hintl, P. Clvrnvnts, P, Halv, C. Rirhzirdson, B. Piirvis, B. Tollvfson 1V--- Hvndvrson, C. Than, R, Swisher, D. 'l'aylOr, Lvllar, Sod:-rlund MENS BOARD OF CONTROL Ron' ISB. NIrCIlary, B. fviarks, L. Chiam-sv, D. Roc-sth, D. Kiadison, B. Loorz Row II--C. VVook, T, Lohr, P. Cokv, J. jr-tt, R. Pznrslf-y, D. L:-ar, D. Rohr-rtson Row III! I. Thomas, B. Heyn, H. Ahlborn. O. Saundvri, G. Gladdr-n, G. Payne- Row IVfR. Brown, H. Harpfr, B. BOQES, B. Mason will sd, if , is 1 1 ' , 1 5 6 "X tg Q 7' 1 MLM 5 2 aw 8 Prrsidrnl Tom Lubbock X Talented Tom Lubbock. follow- ing in thc tradition set by preced- ing recording secretaries, was elected President for the spring term, and did a tremendous job. Our Vice-President. gracious Pat Cummins. also did tremendous work for Alameda High School while concentrating chiefly on the Servicc Pancl. Our Recording Sec- retary was casual Duane Roach. who proved very conscientious and succeeded in obtaining 100 per ccnt minutes, while energetic Kent XVilliams, our Financial Secretary. secured many studcnt rates and performed a workmanlike task in getting 100 per cent student body dues. Our Yell Leader was viva- cious Bev Tollefson, whose inspira- tional yell leading helped bring Alameda High another A.C.A.L. Basketball championship. Vice-Pffxiderzl Pat Cummins Recording Secretary Duane Roach Financial Sesretary Kent Williams Yell Leader Bev Tollefson S'l'UDl'1N'l' I".fXClfI.'l'Y CIOKIXII'l'Tl'1l'1 Ron' IW Cf. Nifty, B. 'l'utc'r, Miss Los Kamp, Sodvrlund, X. Hnrnlnztki, Shvrvv-x' H01 ll Mr. Bt-ll, 'lf Lubbock, H. Nlzwlu-rizit-, K. wvllli2lIllS, Bfr. Bryan V Ron' III D. Furbush, B. Hryn, S. Hitrhf-r, D. Rout-h ADKIINlS'l'R.-Ylwlvlf BOARD Hou' I K. xvllll2iIIlS, P. Cummins. D. Dowst-tt, S. Biqqnrt, N. Harbvr, 'l'urne'r, D. Lubbovk lfrm' II S. 'l'urnt-r, L. Yvlztsqttvl. S. Dt'lluw'r1, CI. Stanlt-y, 'lf I.ubbot'k, M. Standi- Rnrz' III D. Rozlrh, I. Nikolai, D. Childs, D. Hutson, E. Roduvrs Kurt ll' B. Ht-rn-rat, P. Cioktf, B. 'l'ollt-fum, B. H+-yn, CI. Smith, B. Estv-Q For pn-st-ntation to tht' studvntx tht- Qpring Studi-nt Fzttulti' Coxnmittvt' arrangvtl il wide varivty of programs which wvrr' both highly vdut-ational and cntvrtaining. Of partiCular intvrvst we-rt' tht' appc'arant't'S of Fmnkir' Albvrt and tht' Parks Air Form- Bnst- Hand. The Ad Board presents-d its traditional opt-ning dance. "Howdy" which was man- aged by Duane' Roach and Pat Cummins, L'ndvr Spealwr Bob Ht-yn. tht' Ad Board voted on tht? tt'rm'S t'xpt'nditurt-S. invluding tht' purrhast- of gold baskvtballs for our champion basketball team. 11 111' 5lH'1l1Q NI1'11Y 111111111111 f411Il1I'11 .:I1p1x11'1-11 111 1111-ii'1111c1i1i1111g1111-111111 111111 XX'1llI1' 11111S.1111111-1111-131111 111111- l111'il' l'Y1l1'IIl1'1X 111-111 1111111111111 111111 11111-11111-1' 111-N. 111111111 x1'l1'1l'I1! 1- '-1111 C 'il'1l1 XI 1X 111 11- 1-11-1-11-11 C 1111-1 L111111N1-11111. LIIIC1 .11 5111 11, 11111 1 .1 1 x . 11 11 . 1 1 . - 1l11'l1'11 1111- 1111-1-11113K 111111 11'i111x111l111- 1111111'z1x. '1 111- 1111111111 111 11111111111 11211111 p1'11x'1'c1 111 171' x'1-1'x 1-1111 i1-111 x-.111'11i11Q 11111111-X. Fi - s V7 M1 VA? 64, Y 'Y Www AM YYUKIIQNS BO.-XRD U17 C1ON'l'ROL l311z1'l H1'I1d1'l'N41I1. S. Mnjm, M. 811111111-, P. R1-id. CI. xlllfk CQ. f1lK1XN'Ul'I1l, L, 151111-111-1', K, N111 1'. 114111- Icllli' II ll. Nimrdy. NI. 1'111'111111. IJ. V-11111-11. 11. 1'111x1N. S. D1-1 111-1. S. '11-1111-11, N, f1111s1-111, 11. XNH111-1'1ow lfnrr III KI. 1-11-111111Q, P. V111-.111111. S, X111111111 1. R, I,1111d.111,C1. I1l1ll1, H. 011111111 Nil-1X8 BO.-XRID UI' CIUXTROI, H1111 I 11. Ii2ll'lIl'I, Vw. 15.11111-N. R. 1i111xx11, 11, fN1.11111-11111-. P. C.11111-, B, H1-111, H, 11111111 Ie0Il Il B.1i11111d.17. 1'i1'1'l1 . MIVI. H, VY1111d. 111 1111-11. 15. B1-11111-I. CI1'11wd11S Rnzi- III B. XLNCJII, S. WN'11idd111. I., PL1x11111. H. .X1'11111d, D. Cihildi, Kirk, I. Nikolai , ,I xw .Q -2 ah I 1 1, JL in ' s Xw5,i,Y nazi, lf. 3 W X' is 'g2"f','? ?'f' 3' W 1 1 ' ' W xl, A - A Ai ' L 4 Y If v z ' fm' 'A fi ff ' v 5 . 1' M 2 - i 4 .i 5? ', Q If ' F E nk r 'M' E Y 1 I 1 2, I I ?' i X I 4 ? il 3-.,. vi, i Q'7'41' ' fs 3 :W- Ar qfw- A 'mn 1 x - . 1 H," -' '-we . Q at 'Q 'Q M ss at 5' L as r' Q x, , 3 i, Q - -an-. , H '31 4 4 , -R -4g 1 ,pa Us , N, 4. ,G S , M -- , , ' I ,z . . VL A ,, -A... xv-, 3 f. -QL- frf' :. V' .1 ' 3 - eff 5' .,m?f,':,l .5 . pg-M K, , 3 1 sf it ,Nw -S X 115.3 5.3.1 -A . K5 Q-gl fl- -iff, kj r M Z a-'V' ,E ' ' iv all - W "N ' 5 159 'is lf? Prrxirlrzzf Duzmr- Rozwh FALL OFFICERS 5? ' s , , ,,A J , ,Q NC. 3 ns. Vice-Prmizlerzl Norma Adair Ifefording Ser: vlrny Elmf-r Prim- lfinrmcinl .Slfcretrny Skip Pc-rkins Yell Ifrzzler' Shirlr-y Hvillmvrlm' Presirleni Don Furhush SPRING OFFICERS Vice-Prwirlefzl Mary Doumitt Recording Secretary Marilyn Shultis l"irzr1nciaISecre!rlrj' Pat Rvid Yell Lenzlez NOFIIILI Adair Nl JRMA ADAIR DIANA AIRALE Miss Marshalls Advisory, Yvll Miss Marshalls Advisory, -Ir. Le-adrr ZA, 2B 8: 4B Class, Sub Prom Comm., Soph Hop Comm., Dvb Club, Song Le-advr CLA., Adv. Off., Re-d Cross Rep. Vive Pres. 4A Class, Co-manager A'Night in Rio,i' Pom-Pom Girl A.S.A.H.S., Ad Board, "Di-atb Takes a Holidayu ARLEN ALLINGER DONALD ANDRIESE Mr. Hull's Advisory, C.S.F., Tri' Mr. Young's Advisory, Choir Iota, Che-m. Club, Fr:-nth Club, Chess Club, Sword 81 Shield, Non-Coins PAT ARCHINAL BILL ,.xRMfjUR Miss Marshalls Advisory, Diana Mr. Hull's Advisory, Span. Club Club, Sr. Play Maki'-up Comm., Star 8: Kvy, Span. Club, R:-d Cross Rvp., Sr. Play Skit BILL ASSERSON LARRY BAKER Mr. Sislc-r's Advisory, Trans- Mr. Hull's Advisory, Varsity fi-rrf-d from Philippine' Islands Football, Block A, Bd, of Con- trol, Christmas Pageant, Span. Club, J.v. Football, Adv-. oat., Frosh-Soph Football DONNA BANCS VVILEY BARNES Miss Marshall's Advisory, G.A. Mr. I-Iull's Advisory, Varsity Fashion Show, Chaplin Sub Dvb Football, Varsity Track, Club, Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Football, B. Football, JN. Bas- Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep., kvtball, B. Basketball, Boys' Glu- Span. Club, C.A.A., cil'lf'Hl. Club ROD B.-XRTH TED BEALURE Nfrs, Smiths Advisory fwfr. Hull's .-Xdxisory SHIRLEY BEATY BROOKS BEECIHER Miss Marshz1ll's Advisory, Soph Mrs.Smith'sAdvisory,R.O.'l'.LI., Hop Bid Comm., Sr. Swt-zitvr DVC. Comm, Military Ball, Non- Comm., jr. Sw:-ater Conim., Coms Adv. Off., Star Zi Kcy, Latin Club NURINE BERTERU ANN BULENTINI Miss M2lfSllllll.S Advisory, Rm: fvliss Marshzill's Adxisory, Lfsli- Scw. Sub Dvb Club, Star SL Kry, 1-rc-ttf-, Stair Zia K1-y, CI.S.l". Adv. PWS., G..'X..'X., RQ-d Cross Rm-p., Jr. Sw:-:att-r Clomin., Sr. Swfuitc-r clllllllll. BOB BUNINU LIONEL BRACKINS tv K Mr. Hull's Advisory, Buskvt- Mr. Hull's Advisory, liusv- Q 'ff'-.Q ball, Varsity Bziskvtlmll, Blot-k .X hall, j.Y, Baslu-tlmll, Yursity uk Basketball, Varsity Bust-ball, ,N ,. "'. A mms B101-it idx, Choir V ' E 4 .Q K ' K. :VE 1 -'r- B Q CHARLO'l"l'E BRENTON Miss Marshalls Advisory, Yicc Pres. IA Class, Diana Club, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Bd. of Con- trol, Star Sz Key, "Death Takt-s a Holiday," Bid Chairman of Jr. Prom, Opcrcttzx, Christmas Pag- cant BOB BRUYVN Kfr. Hull's :Xdxistnx TRACY BL'RGE'l"l' Nlrs. Srl1ith's Advisory DARLENE CAMPBELL Miss Marshalls Advisory, Ush- erctte, Cafeteria Stall' PAT CARDWELL Miss Marshalls Advisory, Adv. Oil., Der. Comm. Jr. Prom, Soph Hop Bid Comm. BETTY CARERO Miss Marshalls Adxisory. Red Cross Rep. JANET CARTER Miss Marshalls Advisory. Pres Sub Deb Club, Soph Hop Dec Comm., Adv. Vice Pres., C..'X..'X. Red Cross Rvp., Fri-nrh Club 34 RC JBERTA BUT! JM Mrs. Starck's Advisory, Student Body Aeeompanist, French Club, G.A.A., Chem. Club, C.S.F., Operetta, Christmas Pageant, Choir Jonx mxxox Mr. Hull's Advisory, "Death Takes a Holiday," Masque BL Sandal, Christmas Pageant, Op- eretta CLEMENTINA CAREBELL Bicycling Club, Bathing Team, Bird Watchers Club, Debating I.:-aque, Megaphone Club GENE CARTER Mr. Hull's Advisory JIM CHAYEZ Mrs. Le Hew's Advisory LOUIS JAMES CHIANESE Mrs. Lc Hew's Advisory, Track Team, Chairman Sr. Play Prop, Comm., Bd. of Control, Blork A, Sr. jacket Comm., Tri-Drlts MARTIN CLASBY Mrs. Lv He-w's Advisory JIM COFFEE Mrs. Le He-w's Advisory SHIRLEY COLLINS Miss Marshz1ll's Advisory, Tri- Iota, Red Cross Rr-p. ARTHUR Cl JRTEZ Mrs. Le Hew's Advisory, Block A, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, B Track, Tri-Dclts 519 NORMA CHURCH Miss Marshall's Advisory PEGGY CLEMENTS Miss Marshall's Advisory, Asst. Editor '53 ACORN, Girls' State '52, D.A.R. Good Citizc-n, Bd. of Control, Chairman jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Oak L1-:if Stall, jr. Prom Art, Dux, 8: Bid Comm, Life- Mrm. C.S.F. 8: Stair 8: Kc-v, Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Adv. Rf-p., Tri-Drlts SYLYIA COHEN Miss Marshalls Advisory, Adv, Off., Jr. Prom Dx-cu Comma Sfrilx' 81 S1-rg:-ant :it Arms of Drlthvnizin Club JOANNE COPLEN Miss Wzinifs Advisory CKJLLEEN CRITCHLCINV Miss Marshalls Advisory, Del- thcnian Club, Red Cross Rm-p., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Adv, Ofl., G..-X. Fashion Show GRACE CLfDVVUR'l'H Miss YVann's Advisory, Busini-su Mur. '53 ACORN, Asst. Busi- nvss Nlgr., '52 ACK JRN, lfin. Svc. CLA., Pri-s. Diana C luli, Life' M1-ni. Star K Kry. Bd. of Con- trol, Cl'1airman Di-r. Comm. jr. Prom, "Un-atli 'l'akvs a Holiday" l'A'l' CCMMINS Miss Marsl1all's Advisory, Yiw' l'rf's. A.S.A.H.S., Sona I,t'1lCll'l CLA., Asst. Yvll L1-advr lib., Xiu- Prrs. 3B Class, Lift- Mr-ni. Star S1 Ki-v, Ad Board. R.O,'l'.C, Sponsor, Diana Cluli .IEANNE DANIELS Miss Wann's Advisory, Rrd Cross Rvp. KEN Dc-YRIES Mrs. Le- Ha-w's Advisory, Editor '53 ACORN, lklizr. Fun Day, Pics. 3B Class, Pres. jr. Rod Cross, "Di-ath Takvs 21 Holiday," City Mgr. Youth City, Ad Board, Bd. of Control, Tennis Team, Pri-s. Spartan Club, jr. Prom Daw., Pub., Bid Comm., "Down in thi- Yallc'y,i' Soph Hop Bid Comm., Editor Fr:-nt'h Cluh, Clwin. Cluli NIARY DUL'lNIITT Miss Wanns Advisory, Yicv Pri-s. QA Class, Yf-ll Lc-adcr 3B Class, Sona Load:-r C-.A., Vice Pres. G.A., Asst. Y:-ll Lead:-r A.S.A.H.S., Yirz' Prvs, 4B Class, "Dt'Z1tll Takes a Holidayf' Diana Culb, jr. Prom Doc. Comm, 36 JACK CLMMINCLS Mrs. Le' ll:-w's Advisory, Coll 'llz-ani, Blork A, Star K Kvy, Span. Clulm, Sr. Jaflu-t Comm., jr, Swf-atvr Comm., "Dc-atli 'lialws a Holiday." Jr. Proinlli-11 L-UIHIYI. Nl lRMAN D.-Xlll, Mrs. Li' llc-w's Advisory, li lfoot- liall, lfootlmall, Jr. Proin Art . . , , . Lonnn., Sr. llay lrop. Loinm., Bd. of Control ,IUHN Di-GRANU Mrs. Li- Hew's Advisory, Prvs., 'llI'1'1lS,,St'liEt'2'tIll at Arms of Adv. ARNOLD DUBBERT Mrs. Le Hc'w's Advisory, Spartan Club, B 'l4rac'li, Prom ,Art Comm. RONNIE DONVEN Miss VN'annis Advisory, Diana Club, CLA. Fashion Show, Span. Club, Latin Club, Nlalu'-up Connn. Sr. Play. Adv. Nfl. ji JAN FISHER Miss Wann's Advisory, Advisory Ofhver, Ifsherettc ALBERT FORD Mrs. Le Hr-w's Advisory WILLOW' FRASHESKI Miss Wannis Advisory, Fin. SCC. 81 Vice Pres. of Sub Dr-b Club, G.A. Fashion Show, Spanish Club, Adv. Off. JIM FLJIMURI Mrs. Lf- Hew's Advisory, Tri- Delts MARJC JRIE FLRUNO Miss NVann's Advisory, Jr. Prom Dec: Comm., Adv. Off., Chem Club, G..-XA., Block A, Sr. Sw:-utr-r Comm., C.A. Fashion Show- Fall '52, Bd. of Control CARC JLYN Fi JDRINI Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Off., Latin Club, Rev. Ser. 8 Sergeant at Arms of Dr-lthenian Club CLEUTHA FOSTER Miss Wann's Advisory, Choir, Advance Dance, "Down in thc Valley," Christmas Pageant, Star Zi Key, Girls Glc-e, Spring Fes- rival CLAUDIA FRITZLER Miss Wann's Advisory, Pres. Girls Block A, Student Faculty Comm., Servire Panel, G.A.A., Life Mem. Star 81 Key, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Sr. Play Costume Comm., French Club DON FURBUSH Mrs. Le Hew's Advisory, Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., 3A Class Pres., Student Faculty Comm., Ad Board, Bd. of Control, Service Panel, Manager of "Night in Rio," Pres. 4B Class ED GALLAGHER Mrs. Le Hew's Advisory, Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Spartan Club, Tri-Delts, Span. Club, Chem. Club, Sr. jacket Comm., Sr. Play Prop. Comm. MARGARET GALLAGHER Miss Wann's Advisory, Adv. OH., Tri-Iota, Soph Hop Comm., Cafeteria Staff, Life Mem. Star 8c Key JO ANNE GIBSON Miss Wann's Advisory, Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross, Auditorium Staff, Choir, Photography Club DON GILESPIE Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Varsity Basketball, Sr. Jacket Comm., Jr. Sweater Comm. ROBERT GOBBLE Mr. I-Iull's Advisory GARY GORDON Mrs. Le Hew's Advisory, jr. Prom. Dec. Comm., Ad Board, Soph Hop Bid Comm. EY.-X GAMEZ Miss Powers' Advisory GREY GILBERT Miss Wann's Advisory ,ION GILLIAM Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Color Guard, Varsity Rifle Team '51- '52-'53, Non-Coms, Military Ball Dee. Comm., Masque 8: Sandal SHARI GCINIINGER Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, G.A.A., Adv, Oil., Spanish Club, Photo Club PHILIP GREIG Mrs. Le Hew's Advisory, Basketball Manager, Life Mem. Star 8: Key, Tri Iota, Chem. Club, Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club 39 DORIS GUY Miss VVann's Advisory ANNE HARAMAKI Mrs. Starck's Advisory, G.A.A. Prvs., Vin- Pres. 8: Yrll L1-adm-r, Student Faculty Comm., Block A, Star 8: Kvy, Jr. Prom Dux Comm., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Chem. Club, Frf-nth Club, Adv, Off. ANNE HAUGEN Mrs. StarCk's Advisory, Trans- forrc-d from Coral Gablvs, Flor- ida, Adv. Off., Diana Club, Sr. Play Comm., Choir SHIRLEY HEIMERLE Mrs. Starrk's Advisory, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Dec, Comm., Christmas Pagcant, G.A. Fashion Show, Mgr. Mako-up Comm. Sr. Play, Yell Leader 4-A Class, Asst. Businf-ss Mgr. ACORN, Asst. Yell Lvadf-r A.S.A.H.S. '52 8: '53 BILL HERRERA Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Ad Board, Sr. Play Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Stat 8: Key, Spartan Club, Tri- Dvlts PAT HALE Mrs. Starclfs Advisory, Club, Bd. of Control, "Dc-nth Takes a Holiday," Rm: SPV. IB Class, Pub. Mgr. G.A.A., Rc-an SL Fin. Sm: Blork A, Jr. Rvd Cross Sc-C., C.S.F., Rf-p. to J.R.C. Country Counvil Pagrtu- GARY HARTNIAN Mr. Sislz'r's Adxisory, Christmas Pagc-ant, Adv. 1 Jil., Spanish Club FRANCES HAZARD Mrs. StarCk's Advisory, Soph Hop DPC. Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Adv. Off., Sr. Play Skit, Jr. Sweater Comm., Lift- lvlrrn. Star 8: Kc-y, Orchvstra, Span. Club KEN HENRY Mr. Hull's Advisory BOB HEYN Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Block A, Spf-akcr of Ad Board, Studrnt Faculty Comm., Bd. of Control, Masquv 8: Sandal PAT HICKS Mrs. Brooks' Advisory DANA HUWE Nlr. Sisler's Advisory, Sr. Jzirket Comm., Adv. Pres., "De-ath Take-s a Holiday," Tennis Tc-am, Alrathc-an Club BETTY Hl.'Flf Mrs. Starrk's Advisory, Stud:-nt rli2ill'Ill DAVE Hl."l'CIHESON Mr. Sislzrs Advisory, Adv. Oil. FERN ,IESSEN Mrs. Starck's Advisory, R,O.T.CI, Sponsor, Sword and Shield, French Club LARRY Hi DGAN Mr. Sislf'r's Advisory, j.X'. Base- ball, Varsity Baseball, Soph Hop Pub, Comm., Adv. Offief-r WANONA HUDNALL Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, ISA Adv. Pr:-s., Soph Hop Dem: Comm., jr, Prom Comm., Sr. Play Make-- up Comm., Delthr-nian Club LI-IOTIS HUNTER Mr. Sisl:-r's Advisory KIARULH .IANSEN Mrs, Starc'k's Advisory, "Down in the Valle-y," Soph Hop Bid Comm., jr. Prom Bid Comm., "Death Takes zi Holiday," R.U,T.C. Sponsor, Masque and Sandal, Blur. Aud. Staff, Frenvli lflub, Tri-Iota Joux JETT Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, B. Trask, French Club, Chem. Club, Bd. of Control, Adv. Off., Jr. Red Cross BARBAR.-x JOHNSON Mrs. Starck's Advisory WILLIAM JOHNSON Mr. Sisler's Advisory WINONA KEALOHA Miss Powers' Advisory, Pres, G.A.A., 'KDeath Takes a Holi- day," Adv. Ser. JANE KOURY Miss Powers' Advisory, Choir Christmas Pageant, Aud. Staff, Jr. Red Cross TOM LEONARD Mr. Sisler's Advisory 2.4 wh. l RICHARD JOHNSON Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Opcreftta, Soph Hop Comm., Christmas Page-ant, Sr. Play Comm., Adv. flfln. WILMA Joxas Mrs. Starck's Advisory, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Soph Hop Der. Comm., Opcrvtta, Sr. Play Skit, Jr. Sweater Comm., Liff- Mem. Star 8 Key, Sr. Sweater Comm., Adv. Pres., Drlthenian Club BARBARA KOSSIECK Mrs. StarCk's Advisory JANE LEE Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, C.S.F. Star 8: Key, Bd. of Control DELORES LILLY Miss Marshalls Advisory ELEANOR LIMA Mrs. Starek's Advisory, G.A.A. Vice Pres. gl Fin. Ser., Block A, Life Mem. Star 81 Key, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Orchestra, Chem. Club, Student Talent, Adv. Off. BEVERLY LINDQUIST Mrs. Starck's Advisory RON LONGMAN Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Choir, Orchestra, Operetta, Adv. Pres. TOM LUBBOCK Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Student Body Pres. 81 Ref. Ser., Star 81 Key, C.S.F., Varsity, 81 B Baseball, ACORN 81 Oak Le-af Staff, 2B 8: 3B Ref. Ser., Boys' State, Senior Play Cast, Youth City Mayor, Block A HAROLD MACKENZIE Mrs. Smith's Advisory, JAX, Varsity EL B Football, Varsity Track, j.X'. Baseball, Block A, Adv. Pres., Masque 81 Sandal ELLEN LINDAHL Mrs. Starck's Advisory, Life Mem. Star 8: Key, C.S.F., Sgt. at Arms of Block A, G.A.A., Bd. of Control, Latin Club, Span. Club GARY LONGANECKER Mr. So4'0lofsky's Advisory, Chair. Dee. Comm. Soph Hop, Block A, B Football, j.Y. Football, Var- sity Football, ,l.Y. Bas:-hall, Varsity Baseball, Adv. Ofl. ROBERT Ll IORZ Mrs. Smith's Advisory, "Death Takes a Holiday," Masque 8: Sandal, Christmas Paizeant '51 K '52, Bd. ol Control, Red Cross Rep. to County Couneil, Student Talent '51, Adv, Pres. CAROL MACK Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Life Mem. Star 8: Key, Soph Hop Bid Comm., ACK PRN Staff, Sgt. at Arms at Diana Club, jr. Prom Bid Comm., Ref, Sm: Chemistry Club, Spanish Club RUBY MADDOX Mrs, Brooks' Advisory, Span. Club, G..-X.A., Choir, P.'I'.A. Fashion Show, Christmas Pag- rant, G.A. Fashion Show DORIS MADSEN Mrs. Brooksi Advisory, Chr-m. Club, 'liri-Iota, Latin Club, C,.A.A. M.-XRIE MARDERS Miss Wann's Advisory BOB MASON Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Varsity Football, Adv. Pre-s., Bd. of Con- trol, Block A, Varsity Track, B Football, Masque 8: Sandal CAROL JEAN MAY Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Chia-f Counselor Bd. of Control, Chair- man G.A. Christmas Party, Adv. Pros., Jr. Sweatrr Comm., jr. Prom Pub, Comm., C.S.F., Lift- Mvm. Star S: Key, Frvnrh Club. Opt-retta KEN McC.-XRTY Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Junior Sweater Comm., Masquv 8 San- dal, Christmas Paqrant 44 Ht DRACE MANN Mrs. Smiths Advisory, Star 62 Key, Block A, 'lirark 'IR-am, Chcm. Cluh, Yarsitv Football, j.Y. Football, Span. Club KAREN MARK Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Pom Pom Girl, "Dc-ath Take-s a Holiday," Jr. Rr-d Cross Rvp., Adv. Ofl., Pagvttv Pros. JOYCE MATSON Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Treas., Jr. Rod Cross Rr-p., Frenfh Club, Life- Ninn. Star 8: Key, Tri-Iota, Sr. Play Cos- tume Comm. KATHERYN MrCAR'l'Y Miss Marshalls Advisory, Adv. Off., Star 81 Kvy, Choir, Christ- mas Pagc-ant, Spanish Club PAT MCKEE Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Svnior Sweatcr Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Soph Hop Bid Comm., G.A.A. lfsherettc-, Jr. Rod Cross 3 ? 'of JUDY MERRILL Mrs. Brooks' Advisory MELVIE MORRIS EMMA MORRIS Mrs. Brooks' Advisory IMAGENE MC JSLEY Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Svc., Miss lNIarsh:ill's Advisory C,.A.A. KARIN MULTZ Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Vim- Prvs. Page-ttf' Club, Fin. Sec. G.A. Asst. Yr-ll L1-advr A.S.A.H.S., Pom-Pom Girl, "Drath Takes ll Holiday," Masquc' Sc Sandal, Bd. of Control, Star 81 Kry, Che-m. Club. Frc-nch Club 1 DIANE MUSSU Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Ulli., Spanish Club, Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Jr. Swvatc-r Comm., Cliristmzis Pam-:int SALLY NICHOLS Mrs. Brooks' Adv isory, Yin' Prrs. Block A, Rev. Scc. G.A.A., "D0ath Takes a Holiday," Stu- dent Talent, Masque S Sandal, Soph Hop Pub., Dec., Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Lifr Me-m. Star 8: Key CECIL MURRAY Mr. Hull's Advisory CARI DL NARAHARA Mrs, Brooks' Advisory, 'l'ri-loin, I'll4K'lll'll Club, Adv. 'l'rrusurm'r Adv. Svc., jr. Sw:-sit:-r Comm. GRANT NIEMAN Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Mgr, Soph Hop, Chairman Ref. Comm. of jr. Prom, Star S Key, "Dr-nth Takes a Holiday," jr. Swi-atc-r Comm., Sr. jacket Comm., Masque 85 Sandal, Alvathvan Club 45 DAVE NUL'l'IlliXIL'S Mrs. Smiths Advisory, Spartan Club, Pres. of Adv., Star X Key, B Football, B Travk, Ad Board BILL OAKLEY Mrs. Smithis Advisory, Non- Coms' Club, Adv. Ser., Sec. Frm-nrh Club, Sr. jacket Comm., Sr. Play MARY UCDEN Mrs, Brooks' Advisory, Pres. 8: Sec. of Adv., G..-X. Fashion Show, Sr. Sweater Comm. RAY OKAMOTO Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Adv. Pre-s. and Sergeant at Arms KAY OWEN Birs. Brooks' Advisory, Sr. Play, Masque Sz Sandal, Upf-retta, Christmas Pageant, GA. Fashion Show, Adv. Pres., Soph Hop Dec: Comm. ual EMIKO NORIYE Miss Brooks' Advisory, Tri-Iota, Sr. Play Pub. Comm. JEAN OGDEN Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Treasurer TOM OKADA Mr. Hull's Advisory RICHARD CDSHIMA Mrs. Smith's Advisory, B Foot- ball, B Track, Tennis Team, j.V. Football Mgr., French Club, Adv. Treasurer, Chemistry Club, Star and Key ANNETTE PAILLIER Miss Powers' Advisory, Student Talent, Red Cross Rep. DAVID PARKER Mr. Sisler's Advisory RICH PARSLEY Mrs. Smith's Advisory, jr. Red Cross, Chem. Club, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Star 8: Key, Tri-Delts, Spanish Club, Adv. Pres. LES PEDERSON Mr. Socolofsky's Advisory, R.O.T.C., ACORN R.O.T.C. Editor, Manager Aud. Staff, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Treas. Sword 8: Shield, Chairman Mu- sic Comm. Military Ball HENRY PERKINS Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Youth City Mayor, Boys' State, Pres. C.S.F., Life Member C.S.F. and Star and Key, Fin. See. 4A Class, Ad. Board, Bd. of Control, "Death Takes a Holiday" FRANK PINKARD Mr. Socolofsky's Advisory, Oak Leaf, French Club, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Track, Sr. Jacket Comm., Sr. Play Comm., jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Pres. .4 SUZANNE PARKER Miss Wann's Advisory, Pres. Sub Deb Club, Ree. Sec. Sub Deb Club, G.A. Fashion Show, Soph Hop Dec. Comm.. Jr. Prom Dee. Comm., Adv. Off. GERALD PAYN E Mr. Socolofsky's Advisory, R. O. T. C., Pres. Non-Coms, ACORN Organization Editor, Chairman Rec. Comm. Military Ball, Treas. Non-Coms, Balcony Mgr. Aud. Staff, Treas. Span. Club, Vice Pres. Span. Club JANET PEPPARD Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Vice Pres., Choir, Christmas Pageant ROBERT PERKINS Mr. Soeolofsky's Advisory, Bd. of Control, Track Team, Chem. Club, Span. Club, jr. Sweater Comm., Tri Delts, Star and Key KEN PLOURDE Mr. Hull's Advisory 47 DONNA POTTER Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Ulf., C.S.F., Jr. Prom. Comm., Soph Hop Comm. INA PUCKETT Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Off., Soph Hop Comm., Jr, Prom Comm. NEIL RADABAUGH Mr, SoColofsky's Advisory BERNARD RATTO Mr. Soc'ol0fsky's Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, C,S.F. B Football PATSY M. RAVENSCRAFT Miss Powers' Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, Student Talent, K'Death Takes a Holi- day," Christmas Pageant, G..-X. Fashion Show, French Club, Chem. Club, Adv. Vice Pres. I-LLMER PRICE Mr. Socolofsky's Advisory, Pres. 2A Class, Rec. Sec. 4.-X Class, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, Men's Block A, B Football LEE ROY PUGH Mr. SOColofsky's Advisory LEON RAMSEY Mr. Socolofsky's Advisory, "Down in the Valley," Choir, Christmas Pageant, Span. Club, Non-Coms Club JOHN RATTO Mr. Socolofsky's Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, C.S.F. Bt DB RAYZOR Mr, Som'ol0fsky's Advisory B Track, Varsity Track DONNA REA Miss Powers' Advisory, Block A Sgt. at Arms, G.A.A., Latin Club Pres. and Fin. Ser., Choir, "Down in the Valley," "Dc-ath Takes a Holiday' Prologue, Caf- eteria Staff, L'Shl'fl'lll'S. Balrony Mgr. DALE RENO Mr. Sofolofsltys Advisory, Pres, Block A, ACK PRN Sports Editor, Chairman Sr. jacket Comm., Varsity Football, Varsity Base- ball, Life Mem. Star 81 Key, jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Student Fm'- ulty Comm. DIQANE RUACH Mr. Socoloskjfs Advisory, Rev. Set. A.S.A.H.S., Pres. QB 84 -PA Class, Mgr. Ad Board Ups-nine Dance, Bd. of Control, Ad Board, Boys' State, Chairman Jr. Sweater Comm., Mui: Frm Day Danu- JEAN ROWEN Miss Powers' Ads isory, Adxx. Vice Pres., Auditorium Stull, P.-YI' REID Miss Powers' Adxisory, Yin- Pres. 3A Class, Bd. of Control, Rec. Ser. JA Class, Fin. Sect 4B Class, Diana Club Sut. at Arms, C..-X. Fashion Show, Adi, Pre-s. MARILEE RICE Miss W'zinn's Adxisurx MEREDITH R4 JBINSC JN Miss Pow:-rs' Adxisory MAL'Dl'1 RUSPINI Miss Powers' Adxisory, Spun. Club, R4-d Cross Rep., Czifc-ts-rin Sr. Play Prologue, C.A.A. Stull' JON SAGEN Mr, Socolofskfs Adxisory, "Down in the Valley," Orches- tra, Band, Christmas Pageant '52, French Club, Soph Hop Comm., jr. Sweater Comm., R.O.T.C., Non-Coms, Sword Sc Shield GERALDINE SANDERS Miss Powers' Adxisorx Q- ARLINE SANTOS Miss Powers' Advisory, Aud. Staff, Latin Club, Star 8: Key, P.T.A. Fashion Show, Sr. Play Prolozue, G.A,A. JEAN SHERVEY Miss Powers' Advisory, Co-Mgr. Sr. Play, Rec. See. Bd. of Con- trol, Adv. Off., jr. Sweater Comm., Jr, Prom Bid Comm., G.A. Fashion Show, Student Faculty Comm. BILL SKELLS Mr. Socolofsky's Advisory, Latin Club, Block A, Non-Coms, Yar- sity Football Mgr., B Traek, Soph Hop Dee, Comm. DIANE ELIZABETH SMITH Miss Powers' Advisory, Usher- ette, Vice Pres. of Latin Club, Operetta, Mgr. Jr. Red Cross, Cafeteria Staff, Latin Club Fin. Ser., Star 8a Key, Choir DON E. SMITH Mr. Young's Advisory 50 PATRICIA MARIE SANTOS Mrs. Cokc-is Advisory MARILYN SHULTIS Miss Marshalls Advisory, Ref. See. 4B Class, jr. Prom Der. Comm., Adv. Off., Delthenian Club Seribe, Red Cross Rep., Sr. Sweater Comm., G.A. Fashion Show DAVID N, SMITH Mr. Youngs Advisory DON SMITH Mr. Sisler's Advisory, Trans- ferred from Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, Hawaii HAROLD JEAN SMITH Miss Powers' Advisory ' RALPH SMITH Mr. SlSlf'YAS Advisory JEAN SUDERLUND Miss Powm-rs' Advisory, Block A l'rvs,, G,A.A, Pub, liar., Bd. of Cloritrol, Mull of Jr, SXN'K'2llt'I' Comm., Fin Sc-my JB Class, Yvll 1.1-zidvr IB Class, Fin. Sc-cy IRA lllnss, Jr. Prcmi Bid Clcmmi. REBA SORY Miss Pow:-rs' Adxisoix CAROL S'l'ANl.EY Nliss Povw-rs' Adv isory, Ad lSu.n'd Yin' Spczikvig CIlmii'm.m ilpwii- im: Dzmu' Bid Clmiim.. Pum- Pom Girl, Ciliziiriiiziii Jr. Pmiii Bid Comms "De-nth 'ligilws ai Holiday," Yin- Pres N lfiii. Sw. of Pagcttr' Cllulu, GA. lfieliiuii Show, Adv, Preis. DELQ IRIS STEVENS Miss Powvrs' Adx isuix,, Fiwxirli Cluli, llliuir. 1 hrli. stiii MXL farm JANET SNYDER Miss POVv'f'l'S- Advisory ALFRED SOMERSET Mr. Young's Advisory, Jr. Rcfd Cross, "Death Taka-s a Holiday," Jr. Prom Skit, J.Y. Baslwthall RUBY JEAN SPILLER Miss Wann's Advisory BETTE STEVENS Miss Pow:-rs' Advisory, Chair- man Rm-cz Comm. Jr. Prom, Sr. Play Program Chairrnan, Adv. Pres., Asst. Ycll Lf-advr of A.S,A,H.S., Mzr. Sr. Swcatvr Comm., Dc-lthc-nian Club Frrsh- man Capt., Star Sc Km' DONNA TABLER Airs. Colm-'s Advisory, Choir, Christmas Pagc-ant, Opt-rf-tta, Soph. Hop Comm. Rt JSEMARY TAMBC lRSKI Mrs. Coke's Advisory, G,A.A., Latin Club, Band WARREN TEETER Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Opt-rf-tta, Adv. Pres., Cha-mistrv Club, Jr. Rc-d Cross Re-p., Tri-Drlts JUAN THOMPSON Mrs. Cokos Advisory CLACDIA TILDESLEY Mrs. Cokv's Advisory, Class Edi- tor '53 ACC BRN, 'iDc'ath Takvs a Holiday," Christmas Pageant Asst. Dirvctor, Chairman jr. Prom Art Comm., Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Star K Kvv, Dc-lthf-nian Club RUBERTA TRUVVBRIDCE Miss Pow:-rs' Advisory 52 LARRY TAYERNIER Mr. Youngs Advisory, "Dm-ath Takes a Holiday," Fin. St-tx 1B 8: 3B Class, Ad Board, Christmas Pageant, Soph Hop Sr Jr. Prom Comm., B Trark, B Football, Upervtta PAT THOMAS Mr. Sislc'r's Advisory, Trans- ft-rrvd from Yalln-jo jr. High School SARAH ANN THOMPSON Mrs. Brooks' Advisory BEX' 'IQULLEFSUN Mrs. Colts-'s Advisory, A.S.A.- H.S. Yvll Lt-adm-r, Assistant Yell Lvadvr A,S.A.H.S., Vim' Prefs. 3B Class, Yr-ll Lf-ad:-r 15A Class, Ad Board, Bd. of Control, Chair- man Rc-C. Comm. for Soph Hop Sa Ad Board Dance, R.U.T.C. Sponsor, Diana Club BARBARA 'I'l."l'ER Mrs. Cokm-'s Advisory, Prvs. CLA., Pres. IB Class, Co-Manager Soph Hop, Fin. Sec. G.A.A., Youth City Firrrhief, Ad Board, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, "Death Takrs a Holiday," Sub Dc-h Club C' .J 44' -5 CLINTON WELLS Mr. Youngs Advisory, Span. Club, jr. Swcatc-r Comm., Chr-m. Club, Sr. Play, Spartan Club BOB WHITELOCK Mr. Youngfs Advisory, RN. Sw. HA Class, Dc-cz Comm. Jr. Prom, Dr-c. Comm, Soph Hop, Jr. Prom K Jr. Swvatr-r Adv. Rvp., Sr. ,lacks-t Comm. KATHRYN WHYTE Mrs. Cokc-'s Advisory TVIENOLA WILKERSUN Mrs. Cokc-'s Advisory BETTY WILLIAMS Mrs. Cokrfs Advisory, Block A, Star and Kr-y, Fin. Snr. C.A.A., Adv. Off. an 's if PAT WHl'1.X'lAl"II.I, Nlrs. Colm-'s Advisory, Se-1 rm-tary ACORN, Bd. of Control, Chap- lain X Svribc' Sub Dvb Club, Tri' Dm-lts, Oak L1-af, fi..-X, Fashion Show, Lifx' fylvm. Star K Kvy, Soph Hop Bid Comm., jr. Prom Bid, Dc-r., Pub. Comm., Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Chr-m. Club Trl-as. BETTIE WHITLC JW Airs. Cokfs Advisory BETH WVIESF Mrs. Colu-is Advisory, Editor Oak L1-af, Bd. of Control, Asst. Business Nlgr. Oak Loaf, Rm: Sw. IA Class, Sr. Play Malv--up Comm., jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Star K Kvv GERALD WVILLER hir. Young's Advisory, B Track, Varsity Track, ,I.V. Football, jr. Prom Dfw. Comm., 'KDcath Talws a Holiday," Block A, Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Soph Hop Adv. Comm. CWEN WILLIAMS Miss Powers' Advisory, Prrs. Dclthcnian Club, Soph Hop Bid Comm. Chairman, Yirv Pres. French Club, Fin. Sc-an French Club, Freshman Captain Del- thvnian Club, "Dc-ath Talws za Holidayf' G.A. Fashion Show, Sr. Play Prog. Comm. GENEVA WILLIAMS Mrs. Cokefs Advisory MAURA WILI.I.-AMS Miss Powrrs' Advisory ORA WILLIAMS Mrs. StarCk's Advisory GAIL WILSON Mrs. Cokos Advisory, Ad Board, Opcrctta, "Dc-ath Takvs :n Holi- day," Chairman Pub. Comm. Jr. Prom, Soph Hop Comm., Fun Day, Masque' 8: Sandal, Yiw- Prrs. Jr. Rrd Cross CAROL WONDOLLECK Mrs. Coke-'s Advisory, Bd. of Control, Advisory Pre-s., Spanish Club, Chr-mistry Club KENT WILLIAMS Mr. Young's Advisory, Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., City Mgr. Youth City Week, Mgr. Ad Board Danrv, B Track, Ad Board, Masquv 8: Sandal, Music Chair- man Jr. Prom 8: Ad Board Dancv, ACORN Photographs-r, Oak Leaf Staff, Opcretta NADINE WILLIAMS Miss Wannis Advisory, Choir, Talent Show, Opervtta, Christ- mas Pageant, "Ring Around Elizabeth," Adv. Off., Jr. Red Cross BOB WILSON Mr. Youngs Advisory, Boys' State-, C.S.F., Sword gl Shield, Non-Coms,Latin Club,R.O.T.C. Rifle' Tc-am PAUL WISHON Mr. Younis Advisory as SM ED YVIQNDRA Mrs. Smith's Advisory, Baskrt- ball, Chemistry Club, Adv. Pres., C.S.F., Football, Tri-Delis, Latin l ww' 55 BARRY WYSLINC JERRY YOUNG Mr. Youngs Advisory, Red Cross Mr. Young's Advisory, Junior Rep., Photography Club, Sword Sweater Adv. Comm., Soph Hop 8: Shield, Aud. Lighting, Mili- Dee. Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. tary Ball Comm., R.O.'l'.C, Comm., Sr. Jaeket Adv. Comm., Adv. Off., Star Sz Key JOYCE YOUNG KENNETH ZIB Miss Wann'sAdx-isorx Mr. Young's Advisory, Star 8: Key, Chemistry Club, Freneh Club, R.U.T.C., Non Coms, Tri-Delts CAM ERA SHY JEANNE .ARCHER MARIE BALLEW JOEL BEARDSLEY JOHN COLER-DARK -J-GAVION GUERRERO PAT GREENE SYLVESTER HARPER THERESA MALOY ALIG-E MCDANIEL JOHN MeMULLIN MARIANNE MURRAY ANNETTE O'CONNER CLARK POWELL DOROTHY SWANN CLAUDINE WILSON MEMORIES Rememberf-the awe and exeitement we felt that first day bark in 1949: the friends we made, the ones who've gone. the ones we see eaeh day. the ones we'll have for the rest of our lives: our movie and Fun Day donut booth: our eomplete freshness. zest. and enthusiasm whieh we showed in all we attempted. Remember-our wonderful advisors who seemed like seeond parents: the eompletc joy and pride we felt when our Soph Hop. "Roekin' Horse Ramble." proved sueh a sueeess: our happy-go-lueky attitude toward everything alike. Remember-the feelings of importanee we experieneed at beeoming upper elassmen: the mint green junior sweaters we proudly wore eaeh student meeting: our 'lsuper doopern hot dog stand at our see- ond Fun Day: our beautiful Junior Prom. "Night in Rio." whieh we know was worth the hours spent in its preparation. Remember-our varsity green jackets and sweaters, eoat and tie day, Senior soek day, the pienie, the banquets. our lovely ball. and finally the culmination of four very happy years, eaps, gowns, diplomas, mixed emotions of joy and sadness. the termination of our high school days. the most wonderful days of our life. NN'e sineerelv hope that you will never lose these wonderful memories whieh arc so mueh a part of all of us. and when. as time goes by. you feel those memories fading and read this and remember, we feel our task worthwhile and just then eompleted. 45 v 6 da! I Clif, ff. A '? 1 ' f ' 4. as M4 Us , ,p ,gg 2 , fx 4 l 'I J- Ml 52 if mweaapm f '4 'Q' Q 'Y I' I l ,n ' . Jllci V- na.-S 9 U1 'l 1 0 Vw U 'Jf' ' J I i? f 's' . "fx" , 1 . ,Ev vig 0. af- W I . i2 I' V9 fl li 'KIT wr' A iff' l-1 F Q All Around Box Be t Lnokzng Bog Bm! Iookzng C zrl Richard .Xguxru Sl'1lI'1QX DCH ne n Bob L xhm mn Sue Brown I ' S-. f ,V . ' 1, ,51,.fg,4f.n11,-Q,-,L , ,. A A -Km QQVA v - , fx Vw, ' w :S .al "Tcl ' ,vi :ggi 1' , ,M Bo3'Mo4t Likrly to Succeed 1 ox L1 elm 0 Sufn 1 Hn! htm Bm! -irtnm Strvc- Kofm II! ervlu S1 mt President Bob Marks FALL OFFICERS Q I ig ' ' ,, R f Am S4 ffl 5. iw? ff Vire-Presidenl Liam' Frovrz-r Rernrrling Secretm y Arlwn Olivcra lfinanfial Secretary Barbara Wanlcss Yell Leader Sharon Randall President Richard Born SPRING OFFICERS MVB E? Vice-President Barbara Whitakc-r Recording Secretary Sharon Randall lfinrlrzrial Secretary Barbara Bridgr- Yell Leader Barham Wanlvss N I I JOHN AVERY .5 RICHARD AGUIRRE Mr. Goldman's Advisory, Pres. lA Sr IB Class, Mgr. Soph Hop, Ad Board, Bd. of Control, Baseball, Spartan Club, Mur. Sr. Plan Mr. Goldman's Advisory RICHAR BORN Mrs. G0ldman's Advisory, Pres. 4A Class, Pres. 3A Class, Adv. Pres., Var 'ty Tennis, Aleathe- ans, Jr. Prgm Dev. Comm., French Cldb, Soph Hop Der. Comm. BARBARA BRIDCI-l Miss Hays Advisory, Fin. Sw. G.A.A., Fin. Se-C, Star 8: Key, Life M1-m. C.S.F. Sa Star 8: Km-y, Soph Hop Skit Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Sr. Play Make-up Clmirmzm RUBBIE BROWN Mr. Goldrnan's Advisory, QA Class Prcs., Varsity Track, Yar- sity Football, Bloek A, Bd. of Control, Spartan Club, lst Vice Cofunselor Bd. of Control, Adv. O . jL'DI'l'H ANDERSON Miss Hays' Spun. Club , Still' 352 K1-y, Comm., Jr Soph Hop Pres. 81 Rev Advisory, Rev. See. Diana Club, C.S.Ir'., Sr. Play Properties Prom Bid Comm., Skit Comm.. Adv. Ser. VIRGINIA BERNARDI Miss Hays' Advisory, Roe. See. Delthenian Club, Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Sr. Play Program Comm., Adv. Pres., French Club SONIA D. BUZDECK Miss Hays' Advisory, Soph Hop Dee. Comm. I-LYELYN BRIGGS Miss Hays' Advisory, Upr-rr-ttzi, Sr. Play Program Comm., jr. Prom Dee. Comm., Soph Hop Skit, Adv. Pres., Freshman Re- reption Entertainment, French Club, Red Cross Rep., Delthen- ian Club SUE BROWN Miss Hays' Advisory, Rec: Set. G.A., Sgt. at Arms Deltheniari Club, Soph Hop Rec. Comm., Senior Play Make-up Comm., Christmas Pageant, G.A. Fashion Show, Student Talent CHARLES BRUCE Mr. G0ldman's Advisory, Blork A, Varsity Football, J.Y. Foot- ball, B Football, Varsity 'l'rac'l-1 JOAN M. CAMPBELL Miss Hays' Advisory, "Ring Around EliZabc'th,u Masqum' 8: Sandal, Christmas Page-ant, Di- ana Club, G.A. Fashion Show, jr. Prom Rf-r. Comm. GAYE CLAUSNITZER Miss Hays' Advisory, Assistant Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., Soph Hop Comm., 'KDown in thc- Yal- lc-y," G.A. Fashion Show PHIL COKE Mr. Goldman's Advisory, "Rina Around Elizabvthf' C.S.F., Bd. of Control, Ind Yin- Counsvlor Bd. of Control, Mgr. jr. Prom, Spartan Club, Ad Board, Sword Sr Shivld, Fra-nth Club JIM CROWDUS Mr. Goldman's Advisory, A.II.S. Color Guard, Non-Coms, Bd. of Control, Photography C l u b , R.O.'I'.C. Drill Te-am, Band, jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Play Property Comm., Auditorium Staff, Sword 8: Shield RAY BUTKOVICH Mr. Frc'c,man's Advisory ELAINE CARPANETO Miss Hays' Advisory ROGER CLOUGH Mr. Goldman's Advisory, French Club ang! DOROTHY CREPEAL' Miss Hays' Advisory KITTY CROWELL Miss Hays' Advisory, "Ring Around Elizabt-th," Christmas Pageant, G.A. Fashion Show, jr. Prom Skit Comm., Soph Hop Skit Comm., Fresh. Rec. Enter- tainment, Student Talf-nt, Del- thenian Club XVARREN CRUIHERS Mr. Goldman's Advisory, Prrs. 4A Adv., Non-Coms, Spanish Club SHIRLEY DcAHAVEN Miss Hays' Advisory, Vic:--Prrs. G.A., Yin- Speakcr Ad Board, Co-Mgr. Soph Hop, Bd. of Con- trol, Rec. Sec. Diana Club, Ad Board, ACORN Assistant Bus. Mer. 3 Z X FRED DUNCAN Mr. Watt's Advisory CARI JL I-'LUYD Mrs. Stzirflfs Advisory CLARK GILBERT Mrs. Lf- Hew's Advisory ,Bi HERMAN DAVIS Mr. Free-man's Advisory, B lst J.Y. Football, B 8a Varsity Trafk, Student Talent, Christmas Pag- rant, Adv. Pres., 2A Class Exrfu- tive Comm., Sr. Play Skit Comm. CAROL Dc-MEO Miss Hays' Advisory, Dc-lthcnian Club, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Dev. Comm., French Club JEAN FALLAVENA Miss Hays' Advisory, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Dc-r. Comm., Spanish Club LIANE FROERER Miss Hays' Advisory, Oak Leaf Assistant Editor, Vice-Pres. 3B Class, Sgt. at Arms Bd. of Cun- trol, French Club Pres., Chap- lain Diana Club, R.0.'I'.C. Sponsor, jr. Prom Drc. Chair- man, "Ring Around Elizabeth' THOMAS GREENE Mr. Goldman's Advisory 3' 4 CAIL CRIMES Miss Hays' Advisory, jr. Prom Dr-cu Comm., Adv. Prr-s., Spanish Club, L'shf'rf'tt6 LORIS GAYLE HAMMER Miss Hays' Advisory, C.A.A., Co-Mgr. lfshz-rr-ttvs, Soph Hop Skit Comm., Jr, Prom Dt-tx Comm., Spanish Club KATHLEEN HARRIS1 PN Miss Hays' Advisory SUE HINTZ Miss Hays' Advisory, Sgt. at Arms of Diana Club, Sr, Play Pub. Mgr., "Ring Around Elin- hm-th," Bd. of Control, Soph Hop Bid Comm., jr. Prom Bid Comm., Adv. Fin. Sc-C., Spanish Club RICHARD HOFMAXN Mr. Watt's Advisory, Jr. Rm-L1 Cross Rep., Chem, Club Svc., Non-Coms, Senior Play Pub. Comm., Military Ball Dec. Comm., Auditorium Stall, Span- ish Club, Oak Leaf taff R.O.T.C.Staff n' :I GREGORY HAGERBAC MER Mr. Goldman's Advisory, Sec. Non-Coms, R.U.T.C, Drill Tc-am, Auditorium StaFf, Star 81 Kvy, Sword 81 Shit-ld RALPH HANSEN Mr. Goldman's Advisory, Ad Board, Jr. Prom Dc-C. Comm., Dc-cz Comm. Ad Board Dann-, Student Talent, Sr. Play Sound- :-ffr-rts Comm. GERALD FORNEY Mr. Coldman's Advisory SAMMY HITCHER Mr. Watt's Advisory, Varsity Basketball, Vice-Prrs. Blork A, Prvs. Block A, Basrball, Baskrtball SALLY HULLIDAY Miss Hays' Advisory, Soph Hop Pub. Comm., jr. Prom Bid Comm., Sub Deb Club, Fin. Sc-C. Sub Deb Club, G..-X..-X. ROSE MARY HUMBERT Mrs. Thanrs Advisory, G.A.A., Ushr-rvttl' SUE JACOBS Miss Hays' Advisory, "Ring Around Elizabrthf' Jr. Prom Der. Comm., Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Fin. Sec. 2A Class, Fin. Sec. 3A Class, Vice--Pres. Span- ish Club, Diana Club, G.A. Fashion Show WANDA JOHNSON Miss Hays' Advisory ALICE KING Mrs. 'I'ham's Advisory, Dvlthvn- ian Club, Yell Loader lA Class, Soph Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Frvnch Club, Adv. Prcs. Sr. Play Comm. KAY ALINE KRAIQSSE Mrs. Tham's Advisory, Soph Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., G.A. Fashion Show, Delthenian Club, "Ring Around Elizabethf' Jr. Red Cross Rep. 66 FRED IRWIN Mr. Wa!t's Advisory SHARON JENSEN Miss Hays' Advisory, Bd. of Control, C.S.F., Sr. Play Pro- gram Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., French Club Roc. Sec., Choir, Delthenian Club, "Down in the Valley," Adv. Vice-Pres. JANICE KAYE Mrs. Tham's Advisory, Ushrrettr- Inspector, Jr. Rc-d Cross Rf-p. STEVE KC JFMAN Mr. Watt's Advisory, "Ring Around Elizabeth," Administra- tion Editor '53 ACORN, C.S.F., Latin Club, Fun Day Comm., Adv. Prf-s., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Tri-Dells BOB LAHMANN Mr. Wa!t's Advisory S, s rut? V dm IIN t . ADELL LIND Mr's, 'l'hnm's Adxisoiy, l2.A.A., Soph Hop Dm . Comm., jr. Prom DW. Comm. TED LC JHR Mr. Wutt's Adx isory, Bd. of Con- trol, Suph Hop Dux Comm., -Ir. Prom Dm: Comm., jr. Swe-zitvr Comm., 'llc-nnis 'll-ami, Pres. Alvzxthrziri Club, Adv. Pres., Mgr. KA Class Fun Day Booth PAUL LLCE Mr. WZltt.S Advisory, Non-Coms, Spanish Club, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Play 'llirlu-t Comm., R.U.'l'.C. Stall, R.O.'l'.C. Drill lrzun, Band, Auditorium Stull' SOPHIE LCERAS Nlrs. 'lihzmrs Adxisory, Pre-S. IB S: IA Adx. PAl.'L LLNDBERC Air. Wltttis Advisory, Si. Play Pub Comm., Sword it Shia-ld, Latin K Chem. Club. Xlilitziry Ball Dm: Comm., Non-Coms, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Star X Km Auditorium Stall' SHARON LEE LIPKA Mrs. 'lihum's Adxisory, Lulin Club, Fin. Sz-cp Latin Club, ji. Prom Dew. Comm. PEGGY ANNE LOVE Mrs. 'Ill'l2iIlliS Advisory, Dr-lthe-n- ian Club, Bd. of Control, Latin Club, Frcnvh Club, Star .Sz Ku LULU LCCOBEEDEE Prf-s. Busy Br-Q Sc-wing Club, Fin. Stir. Gorman Club, Girls' Swim- ming TL-am, Open-tta, Yin-- Prr-s. HOIIIK' Making Club RAE FRANCES LLNARDI Mrs. 'I'ham's Advisory, Sopli Hop Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Bd. of Control. jr, Rvd Cross Rc-p. Adv. Pri-s., Latin Club, Fun Dziy Comm. CAI-'PY LYK INS Sir. YN'.1tt's Adxisory, "Ring Around Elizzib:-th," Fin. Sw. QB Class, Soph Hop Music Comm.. jr. Prom Pub. Conim.. jr. Rcd Cross Rcp.. Chairman Bid Comm. for Spartan Dance-, Spanish Club SHARON MALONEY Mrs. Tham's Advisory, '53 ACORN Staff, Auditorium Staff, Bd. of Control, Chemistry Club, Choir, Operetta, Spanish Club, "Ring Around Elizabeth," Stu- dentwnt I E ' CAROLE MQHUGH Mrs. Tham's Advisory, 'l'ri-Iota, Spanish Club, French Club, Soph Hop Comm., jr. Prom Comm., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Fun Day Comm. JOAN C. MCWHINNEY Mrs. Tham's Advisory, Delthen- ian Club, Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Jr. Prom Dee. Comm., Adv. Off., Sr. Play Comm., Stu- dent Talent, Class Entertain- ment RON OLIPHANT Mr. Watt's Advisory CAROL PATE Mrs. Barrett's Advisory, Adv. Pres., Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Frenrh Club, Sr. Play Program Comm., Chemistry Club, Choir, Star -S: Key 68 Bi JB MARKS Mr. Watt's Advisory, Pres. 17B Class, Mgr. Jr. Sweater Comm., Soph Hop Skit Sc Bid Comm., B Football, Mgr. Sr. Play Property Comm., Bd. of oCntrol, Fun Day Comm., Mgr. Dee. Comm. for Spartan Club RON MCNEILL Mr. Watt's Advisory, Student Talent, Oper:-tta, Masque 81 Sandal, Sr. Play Student Direc- tor, Band, Sword and Shield, R.O.T.C. Color Guard, Non- Coms, C.S.F. ED MURRAY Mr. Watt's Advisory ARLEEN OLIVERA Mrs. 'l'ham's Advisory, Spanish Club, Yell Leader 15A Class, Soph Hop Comm., Ref. Sec. 3B Class, jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Bd. of Control, Diana Club BOB PERATA Mr. Watt's Advisory, Sword 8L Shield, Non-Coms, Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Military Ball Dee. Comm., "Ring Around Elizabeth," Auditorium Staff ALLAN PETTERSEN Mr. Watt's Advisory SHARON RANDALL Mrs. Tham's Advisory, Rec. Ser. 4A Class, Yell Leader 3A Class, Rec. See. QA Class, Activities Editor '53 ACORN, Diana Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Adv. Pres., Frenrh Club, Chem. Club WILLIAM REED Mr. Freeman's Advisory, Yar- sity Basketball Mgr., Varsity Football Mgr., Block A GEORGE RODENBORN Mr. Freeman's Advisory, C.S.F., Latin Club, Spanish Club, French Club, 'LRing Around Elizabeth," Fun Day Comm. EDDIE ARNOLD SARAFIAN Mr. Freeman's Advisory, Choir, Christmas Pageant, Sr. Play Pub. Comm. 111' GORDON QUINN Mr. Watt's Advisory OSCAR REED Mr. Goldman's Advisory, B Football, B Track, Varsity Track ,IACK NORMAN ROBINSON Mr. Goldman's Advisory, Oper- etta, Orrhestra, Talent Show, A.H.S. Quartet, Choir, Soph Hop Bid Comm. TONY SANTOS Mr. Freeman's Advisory, j.Y. Football, Varsity Football, Op- eretta, jr. Prom Comm., Block A, Choir YERNA SCHOTT Mrs. Barrett's Advisory, Adv. Pres., Vice-Pres. IB Class, Rec. See. IA Class, Soph Hop Rec. Comm., Ad Board, Jr. Prom Co- Mgr., Sr. Play Co-Mgr., Or- rhestra 69 4-W' .me BARBARA SCHR1 JEDER Mrs. Barrettis Advisory, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Adv, Pres. 8 Fin. See., jr. Prom Bid Comm., Sr. Play Tieket Comm., Usher- ettr' MARION SEGERQ-L'IS'I' Mrs. Barretfs Advisory, Girls' Sport Editor '53 ACORN, Sr. Play Tirkvt Comm., Chairman Fin, Comm. for jr. Prom and Soph Hop, Christmas Pageant, Adv. Off., Jr. Red Cross Rep. ROBERT SILVA Mr. Freeman's Advisory, B Bas- ketball, B Football RICHARD SINGLETON Mr. Freeman's Advisory, B Foot- ball, Y. Football, A'Rin+2 Around Elizabeth" -IFRELL' SCO'l"l' Nlrs. Barrf'tt's Advisory, Adv. Off., Student Talent, C.S.I-'., French Club, Student Hand- book Comm., C..-X.A., Orrhes- tra, Soph Hop Comm. RC IN SELF Mr. G0ldlIl1IYl'S Advisory Jos SIMMONS Mr. Free-mnn's Advisory, B Foot- ball, A'RinQ Around Elizabeth" DORI 3'l'IIY SMITH Miss Hays' Advisory RON SPADONI Sir. Freemans Advisory, Adv. Yire-Pres., .'xlC'Z'llhf'3l'l Club, Jr. Prom Def. Comm., Adv. Rep. BILL STANTC PN Mr. Freemans Advisory, Adv. Pres., Chairman Music Comm. for Soph Hop 8g Jr. Prom, Stu- dent Talent, Orchestra, HRinpz Around Elizabeth," Jr. Sweater Comm. RICHARD STAMM Mr. Fri-f'rnan's Advisory, Choir, PHIL STANZ Mr. Fr:-r-manis Advisory, B Oper:-tta, Christmas Pagf-ant, 'I4YZ1I'li, .'AlPIlthf'2l'l Club, Jr. Prom Football D1-11 Comm., Adv. Rc-p. MARCIA S'l'AL'DE RUNNIE FRANK STEFANI Nfrs. Barrrtfs Advisory, Yin'- Prrs, 2B Class, Ad Board, "Ring Around Elizabeth," Life Mem. Star 8: Key, Co-Mgr. Fun Day Dance, Chairman Pub. Comm. Jr. Prom, Bd. of Control, Bd. of Control Uffircr, Assistant Bus. Mgr. '53 ACI PRN DARLENE STREY Mrs. Barrc'tt's Advisory, Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm. HAIL TH.-XL' Mrs. Barr:-tt's Advisory, Adv. Off., Frvnrh Club, Latin Club, Soph Hop Comm., Jr, Prom Comm., Bd. of Control, Sr. Play Comm. UL'IDA THOMAS Mrs. Barretfs Advisory, Adv, Off., Soph Hop Dc-C. Comm., "Down in the Valley," Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., French Club, "Ring Around Elizabeth," Choir, Student Talent Show, Chemistry Club Mr. FX'f'f'IIlfll'1iS Advisory RI JSE SWISHER Mrs. Barrc'tt's Advisory, Bd. of Control, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Jr, Prom Dm: Comm., Adv. Prvs., G..-X. Fashion Show ISIAH THOMAS Mr, I'lI'f'l'IIl2ll'lAS Advisory ALICE THURNHILI. Mrs. Barre-tt's Advisory '57 Hs: , . I KARULE TUMPACH Mrs. Tham's Advisory, Lift- Mvm. Star 8: Kry, G.A.A., Rr-r. Sw. Latin Club, Adv. Rvr. Sw., Adv. Fin. SPC., Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Sr. Play Tim-km-t Comm. HENRY WALKER Mr. Frc-1-man's Advisory, J.Y. LQ Varsity Football, B 81 Varsity 'l'rarl-A JEANELL B. WARD Mrs. Barre-tt's Advisory, Jr. Red Cross, Choir, "Down in thc Yal- lf'y," Christmas Pagvant, Soph Hop Skit Comm., Jr. Prom Dc-V. Comm. RAY WERMACK Mr. FrN'man's Advisory, Basvhall, Alf-athr-an Club, Jr. Prom Dc-cz Comm., Soph Hop Dm: Comm, ANNE WILLIAMS Mrs. Barrf'tt's Advisory, Spanish Club, Adv. RN. Sw., Soph Hop Pub. Comm. I . Y A A W X. J Iil.lZ.-Xlil'1'I'Ii XALKSHN Nliss Di Y1'i'm'liio's Advisorv BARBARA WANLESS lvlrs, Barrc-!t's Advisory, Fin. Sw. 3B Class, Yi-ll lmadm-r 4A Class, Bid Comm. Soph Hop, -Ir. Prom Bid Comm., Prom Dr-f. Comm., Svnior Play Program Comm., Spanish Cluh, G.A. lfashion Show l'A'l'RICIA ANN WARNER Mrs. Barrc-tt's Advisory, Soph Hop Comm., jr. Prom Comm., Adi. Nfl., Sr. Play Comm. BARBARA WHITAKER Ml'S. Barrn-tt's Advisory, Yin-- Prvs. IA K 4A Class, Rm-my Sa-r. lB N KB Class, Chairman Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Soph Hop Rm-my Comm., Sr. Plav Program Comm., Adv, Rr-my Sw..' LAL'R.X WILLAN Airs. Barr:-tt's Advisory, G..-XA., Jr. Rc-d Cross Rr-p., Choir, Christmas Paucfant, Ups-rPtt:1 CAMERA SHY IROY ARY JERRY BOWEN BARBARA CAIN PAIGI: DORAIS ELM-X LU GOODEILL LLOYD JOHNSON GEORGE MARTIN DONALD MERKELEY PATRICK MORLEY TOM SAUNDERS WILLIAM SMITH KAY THOMPSON CLIFF WALLACE CAROL WILLIAMS MEMORIES Our class began high school life with a bang under the leadership of President Richard Aguirre. That was the term when we held our first class meeting and gave our first noon movie. On Fun Day we "scrubs', Inade a big hit selling potato chips at our class booth. As High Freshmen. we were again headed by Richard Aguirre as president. We held our second class meeting and gave our second noon movie. By Il'll'Il we were becoming well accustomed to high school life. By the time we became Low Sophomores we began to develop and show some originality. We broke the tradition of giving a 2A noon movie and gave a noon talent show instead. It was a great success because of the abundant talent in our class. Our president that term was Robbie Brown. YVhen we Hnally became High Sophomores we felt pretty important. and we had a reason for that feelingve-we were giving our Soph Hop. We called it "Juke Box Jamboree." and it was a really won- derful dance that DOIN' of us will ever forget. Our president was Bruce Bradley. and we'll always rc- member those class meetings that term with Sylvester Harper as our g'energetic" Yell Leader. Wfhat spirit he created! Then came our Low junior term. and were we ever happy to be upper elassmen at last! Rich Born was our president and he and his cabinet helped make our soda pop booth on Fun Day a real success. As High Juniors. we brightened up student Ineetings when we blossomed out in our yellow junior sweaters. With Bob Marks as our IBB president our class gave a beautiful Junior Prom, "Portrait of Venice." Remember the gondolas. all the flowers. and the framed scenes of Venice which we used for our original decorations? Our Low Senior term under President Rich Born has been more fun than all the others put together. We presented our Senior Play. "Ring Around Elizabeth." which was a hilarious comedy, and taking part in this play gave us each a thrill wr-,ll never ferget. Now we are all looking forward to our final 4B activities at Alameda High School. , 4 w g-+ '32 , M -41 .4-rfh ,7 S mx X qw , W W ,xx "' -Q 1. U' 3 M 2 fm?- , 'f S E: i',3f .-'." I ai ' xx 'x 4' .. 5' , ' -" '-, M aa... R' M A gem 44 Y. 252 wtf H3 Q E 0 an ' H N Ez Q Q AS.q J I Vail , mf! ' I ,ing gn. '7' fp M w 1 ' ww 1 - Y 1 Q 2 V ,--' ' A y ' 2 3 X Q Tv x 'n 5 5 . I . A 5 -.I It 4 ,, 4, k.:h:,,nykw A K , H 6,9 A, 1, as 'f' -7, . . v ,gi , ff? - , x E F30 ?'.'I':l' Naicgxm I fifx, ' X v lx, Q , V xg 2 I 'KKK V i at v . l A ff 1 I A 9 J 'Q' v, L -S.-ff' ' SENIOR FAVORITES ACTOR Jeff Chandler Stewart Granger Marlon Brando BAND Stan Kenton Billy May Glen Miller FEMALE VOCALIST Doris Day Rosemary Clooney Joni James COMEDIAN Martin and Lewis Bob Hope Jackie Gleason RECORD Why Don't You Believe Me Oh Happy Day I'm Yours 'l'.V. PROGRAM I Love Lucy Dragnet Time for Beany SUBJECT P.E. Physics Drama EATING PLACE Andy's Bimbo's Zip's Tiny 'S V ACTRESS Marilyn Monroe Susan Hayward Loretta Young DANCE Bunny Hop Tango Waltz MALE VOCALIST Eddie Fisher Perry Como Frankie Laine COMIC STRIP Pogo L'il Abner Dennis the Menace MUSICAL PROGRAM Dance Time Mlisic' Box Hit Parade MOVIE Because of You The Stooge- Amcrican in Paris SPORT Football Basketball Swimming ,C 'ft f , FOOD French Fries Steak Spaghetti 1 I l FALI, AND SPRING Ol-'FICZIQRS President Vice-President Refording Secrelmj' 1"innnri11lSecrelr1ry Yell Lender Roland Nvwton Margir Flmninu Bvtty Carr Sylvia Duran Dottir' Hutson U4-iq Pi:-rrv Jzmr- Hr-ndf-rson Dizmr' Hofmann Katrc-Un Romanofl' Sylvia Duran lYith thc' st1rc'n'ss of tht- Soph Hop in tht- hack ot thc-ir minds. tlu- class of .Iunmx 1954. stzxrtvd think- ing about tht-ir Junior Swvatvrs. Undvr tht' lvadvrsliip of Dirk Lvar and Shirlvy Maria' thvy dt-ridrd upon navy hluv as thvir rolor. This sviiim-stvr was 1-nliw-nm-d by two vlass inf-vtings. hoth of which fva- turvd a wry good varivty of t'nt1'rtainms'nt, As High juniors. thry wcfrm- fznvd with ons- of thc' mmt outstanding social vwnts of thc tvrm. thi-ir junior Prom. lhvy rvspondvd with "Moonlight and Rom-sf' 11 title- which furnishvd an appropriatv thvmm- for a wry romantic datum-. It was ahh' IIli1l'lZlQl'Cl hy Chnvk Smith and Sum: lutvr. This concluded a Inflmorahlc' thru- yr-ars of high srhool lifv. and thvy arc- now looking forward to incvting successfully thc ClCI1l1il'ldS of thc-ir Sm-nior Yi-ar. 76 2 fel " 2 f , . U in '25 'V A ' 'ff f Y, Xl 'f , f , 4 4 W 5, if A H gif- f ' ,Q D 5.. 1? 'ft' ff , .. V., ,A iv a fp V 4. 4, 4 ' Z I . in lv :I 1 , ew ' 450, H5 i ff 4 if Q , ' 5 mf 2 W 1 'Q' Sf: ai Bl' Q V Hia. 'F' V Q ' Q , ,Q N ,M V " QA df iv .V M , KA, N in K fb 'I ' y ki sv ' W h 6 I .. -.wa 5 3 Q X? 43 5 ,f P' QQ v sf - V, L lr VLA A 1. 51 Y 'V " ' Q - V . -1. , ' 3, v ' A -Q-I .mag . ,, ,. , f J - s J' .,., , 9 an 7 Z , U B Q., 5' - 3 5 cv- :QA ,I ,A KJ 0- M A I nf av an ff ' 'T V at ,gay af Q W 3 M' vigil' +1021 'IV' V Qs lv v 4g:"fa M .M A gg? M 1-M if 22 'ygfisfw if ww f' km A 06 fail A vi - 2 , J.. , I ' pg , 1 7 .fy g if :I d ' 5 ,, rg f . 'al S Q r Q ., s Ay , ' 1 ref Wy. 1 "1 3 fm P4 ,z, maui , 721 2-Ek W G ' i QL f V ,J "4 Hx ,L .4 H 1 XA Z' ww' fq' K' in W LM M, , ,, , sv . , M 1, 4 W .. "' I , Qi A 1 jg, ,S 3 va I .44 VH rt hi gin-nn! 2 I H F f I ' fm ' 8 1' 4 gg, ! i 4 ,. ' 9 3 .f - lv -4 3' V 7 any gg' 1 gi 7 me fb "wut: 'Z ' ' .1 Y I 0, 5 1 'Avg ' an ? ff , V 1 Q 1, .- WW .QQ . K an m Y " ' i .Q - ' J - QV - Y-'t , 0' 1-In A 1 nm an 'LI S v 'H wg. 1 ' FI Ali' ' ' 4 .2 + 4 ff, 'J . V flfK9'j'l5,'7 ,Q 1 . 1' VQ"jg.g.f.+' 1:1-141' ,- - ,.-nm'-"". f-" -if mt i . ff . 21 K .xi no F- AL ,s wg., ' 5 fy" ' if 'E' " zz., ' 'M I w 5 I".XI.I. .NND SPRING Ul"I"IfIIQRS ps Prniden! Vita-Preiident lfl'fOfIli7lgSPEfPffI7.1' FIIIIIYICIIII Semetrny Yell Lmflfr Irvin Nikolai Carol Moody Juni- Whitt- Sandy Inuoltl I,.xY:'rn Hotvllin Ritliaird Clanrpzi Ilzirliara xv1lIIIK'l' Bill .Xrnnlcl Ifluyd Ilaui Alainii' lN'ittv'n As Hi fh SoJhmi10i'i's. tht- Class ol' F4-hriiarv. 1955. was callm-cl u Jon to viva' thi- lirst lmig mvial t'Y1'!lI S I , n . in their high sfhool farm-cr. This was thc- Soph Hop. and thi-ymi-t thi- rlizillviigi- with flyiiigi-r+lrm1's. lurvak- ing all prvvious rm-vords. socially and finanvially. 'llhc-y chose lor thvir tht-nw the- "Roaring 'llwm-iitim'S." which evcfrvonv n'n'0x'4-cl. and onct' again tht- Ha Dr-rs and sht-iks of tht- Charli-stun 1-ra tu-rv hack at , J , . I .'X,H.S. This alliziir was nianagcd by Bill Gould with capahlm- assistants froni Erlm-nv Ifln-tclic-r. who was ro-iiiaxizigvr. Iliis vlass vontinuvd the-n to fulfill thi- pmiiiisv thvy haw' slicmn lirmii the- day thu-x' wi-rv I-ntl-ring Frm-slnnvn. In the-ir Low 'Iunior yvar tht-y t-alla-cl on thi- abundant tale-nt in thvii' claw and pmdun wd an outstanding re-vuv in thi- funn of thi- 15.-X Ialf-nt Slimv. As ont- ran sm' frmn tht-ir past avtivitis-s. niufli ist-xpi-I-ti-doltlmii in lllt'll'I'l'lIl1lIIIIIlQ yi-an in .'X.I'I.S, 5 5 5' YL' ' if rf gi W' 'W if M" ' V K 5 A A af' frm ,L Q 3 1 rc A : "WZ - 1 n Z? if 4 x, , "WV, if? Y an AM - 4 4 ,, 'X ,, M f 451125 A '5 3 4 Lv. I 174- P. 6 14 4 W, f 'F' ,K 'i,,kf,:1 V A, Azv 'fr it wits ri ,Q A A N4 3 gg., JN 4- 'Q 1, r rw ' ' BF , P32135 ff' Q- Q 1, ' .Y A ,. Lg it rf 'W' xx Q1 vi EH " J - Q 'E fm W H -K, 'J Q '-fig 3 5 f A215315 Q4 M 1 'Q "4 sv 'if ff? if T' i 5,41 F . mi Q if 4 V 5 f x A A W U' " 4 K J 1 W bf f ,xy Ah my ' fl x , -N ' I, Q Nw 51? w ZW , gf ' ' :L . U ,, ' ' u 142 'F fff f I QV KW' b . .- f- 1 ALM' fa 3:5 Civ- E, J if vp Q Q 4 1 3 5 K 1 3 Q j X ' If I K A' Kofi! ' ZW 4 v- - I 1 ' 4' T' .ti f. f 5 9' 1 xfffpvsl T, 'ff "' 5 1 X 2 " Q u,f-.,+, , g A. H x 1 5 In an if if N fi FALL AND SPRING OFFICERS Preiidenl Vice-Preiidenf Ifffflfllfflg Serrelfni' Financial Se5rel11l'y Yell Lwlrlw' Bill Gartin Peggy Lahnlann Naney Kennadx Ric-h Harkness .loan Parsons Dan Loser- Joan flirdwood Linda Cfattrcin Hill Clartin Janet Hoelcin The elass of June ,55 entered their 2A term full of enterprise and zeal. They started on their road to success with a noon movie. whic'h drew a very good crowd. Next on the agenda was the tradi- tional elass meeting. which introdueed some exceptional talent to A.H.S. On the last day of school. just before the Christmas Holidays, they ehose to hold one big party in the gym instead of the eus- tomary advisory parties. This party was very festive and featured dancing and zorehy refreshments. In their QB term they had a lot of fun producing their first big afllair. the Soph Hop. The very clever name ehosen for this dance was "Coney Island Capers." It was well managed by Leroy Velasquez and .Ioan Parsons. 'liheir capable assistants were the following eommittee ehairmen: l'ublic'ity. Peggy Lah- manng Nfusie. -Iaek Henderson: Refreshments. Naney Kennady: Skit. .lane Starr: lleeorations. Rex Prieeg Reception. Sandi Iurner: and Bids. Naney English. 'liheir c-ilorts proved highly successful. 84 3 f S 2 F' 2 2 ' If w,, 'Q ,vf , ' - , , Q 5 -'E M Y V' B- g l - 1. P9 ,. ff - W.-I ' ,ln gl' 'im 'N'-I A 74 ' li W 7 .. . , 'Q iv. Q YY 41, fl: x N 17 V If 1, , A 1A jf ,, ,P 'Y ni' ref n ' 'al 9, 2 5 4 wr z 1,-T, , T31 JZ' ,L A J f Wah fa, ,NM 3 As. 5 , xi KWQF ,, tg ' :I ,Vg Y , ,iv . ,, Q2 If T5 I vs.. 'WC 5 , 2 - A uv,-fr. -by if 9 K Q4 C A 5 14 Hb. 1 A, ... gk ,.,w -,4 x 1 4' bt. ku P0 9 r . U, f ' . 51 H fum' g'.xU-Pr Q' " X I ,fp 1 2, x, ' g. -Y -1 5-6+ M 5-F s , 4 I' ',- s tid! Q ug 5 11 4 v '51 5' f 1 r Q. M , LQ., V. 23+-K ff ' ' -f . , YM 'vm A' f ' is ' K 5 S H? .f f an KL' f . , V 5 M 5 " I 1 I K . i 'Q' W i 'K L xv? 3 pf 3 M f L ' 5 Qui Q gf , vi W M 3' M' wg if , Q X My ,gg H.. X 1 A K f ' A 'N X-I 1, , 41 W Iv A ,wav A if "-' w 'af- 1 M W X bn. wx ye' 6 ,M W , V V "ii, ' 2 ni L T' M ,A 1-fax .fl Q ,ve at ' if Qi 1 ,kk--A' ' J ' fl ' 'I if Hqmg viii hm'f'4 eg' 1? rf ,M 1 9 r ' :sa 'R sa I Q "W ff' -1 ff an f. vi Q wk 15' W I 8 A fggfww i 5 . 1 QA P f I? Q Y an 4, ' if , ,, wsszw' 1-,A W , fi ' ff io E, -.n ,4,i ,M gg 'Qi kg v 4 M ' . V ' ' , 3 ' ,, if 5. -m mf ' 'Z' A 'ff' AM' if ,.., ff Af , W A ,.-J fg. .I 5' 1 F iw Wk, V W' ' g F5 y, m , ,,1: :W - . 1 ' A-' fm F4 +0 -525 , A, ?" 4 fi . Eg fi' f . f If S Q 254194, f sw Y 5 ,, G ff? 135 Q Wav ' - f , ., 1 f Q 3 3. A ix, E, , :Q 4 5' , '49 vi 43" RUSS SCIHYV,-XB.-XCl'll'lRiS .XDYISURY Roar' If G. Coleman, B. Usd:-n, .-X. Smith. B Alf-xandvr, R. Crump, II. Law, Miss Srhwulmrlir-1 Row II--N. Tanaka, C. Younu, Nl, Mzidsvn, l. Alston, Y. johnson, il. Catlvtt, li. Nutnli Rau' III-f B. Blarkmnn, M. Bay-lf-y, W. Bradford J. Arnold, L. Williams, P. Pie-ru-, D. Mol-Bridv Rozz' IV-f .-X. Olsvn, C. Hans, P, Cox, Mills D. Lc-wis, C. Hunt MISS SHUCKEXNS ADVISORY Hou' I-D. Tofanclli, N. Farnzin, H. Pvt:-rson K. waiif-f, R. Baitingc-r l Row II-S. Hopkins, M. Arionus, K. jr-tt, D. Gordon, J. Hr-rman, Miss Shorkc-y Row III-N. Rivas, G. Brooks, N. Hamilton, Barnes, K. Finley, T. Murphy Row IV-K. Blacklork, J. Hendvrson, H. Bithvll. R. Silva I lr-rry Olin-i' 11-:ids thi- hull:-tin to Sir. llullm'k's :advisory Miss Shorlivy working on programs with somf- of her' studvnts. Left to right-gl. Hr-nclvrson. M. .-Xrionus, Hopkins, J. Hvrman u EEN? MAN AGAINST CRIME 'N STEEL TRAP Aff' TAKES TWO TO TANGO wi 57.1 2 'juan- W'-ouw ' STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE TELL ME WHY fi THE LUSTY MEN U FALL AND SPRING OFFICERS President Vit?-Pre.fident Recording Seerefarj' lfirzrnzfifll .S'f'rreI111y Yell Lender Bert Estes -Iovcc Peterson Ethel Rodgers Sally Foppiano Carol Beard -Iini McDonald Becky Newell Sally Foppiano Larrv lfox Shirlev Lexi This class really started to make a definite impression at Alameda High School with their pop- ular candv booth which they managed on Fun Dav. ln January they had a successful class movie. They also carried on the tradition of basketball contests in the mornings during long advisories. In their Low Sophomore vcar they put on an unusually distinctive class meeting which featured El good hand and several amusing skits. Those who took part in the entertainment were: Becky Newell, Nancy Davies, Carol Brady. Sid Briggs, Doug Brenton and Rich Bullock. The members of this class have shown Html only good class spirit hut school spirit as well. They have actively participated in manv school functions. 90 IILI W, ,fa Q Q . Hn , Q , 4 W, V ,W , 3 21 ' .,.a., ,Ta ' t Q, 5 x 5 Q, . v . I " if " Br I an " Y , .4 Ja. ' ,pq ' 6 . J 'Z Q X " M . " "1" , ff 5 ' , , f A J Wvw ' ' Q Q Av Nj if 1 63,5 W l I 2 I , V, i A 1 5 I X E, Q ,, sv: gf il as 1 Q? .. 1 N .. M M - 4 -4. Y W ,sw Q-f 1 1 4, , m V A W Y 1.1 f' :Z M IS? ' v' ' :S Y by 5 M t 9 V ' W A nt 3 A 4 Q . Y ' 'Q 1 G? me 35 ' , , Q, yi. V if - .,.., , 7, ' Q54 S .ww 1 S K Rv Q vl' X A ,tm X , I M- anew Lx wmv! A WW N as ' . A M an Ki nf My xv fm - 5. 9' , we W, Q ' ' rr " M ii . .I we M mm f.- K 1 V' YK-'i 3, H r ai T V - X , Q 5 fi: X .ff V H 8 H Wx.-N ' x ' . 43" , Lfillwgrl , 5 X 4 li. 4 ,I fQf9S,'4ii4:d, I .. ,, 'P . . Qi I l!w 53-F- iv? if if FALL AND SPRING OFFICERS Presidenl Vice-President Recording Sffmetary I'qi71f17Zl'l0l Sffrefzllj' Yell Leader Dvan Sagcn Satoko Sugiyama Carol Kavanagh Nano' Hvnry Joan Osorio Dino Barhis .'Xlc'tric'r' Grindstafl .lzxnr Blair Dvan Saw-n l':lt Gogol In thc' fall when school startvd. this class quirkly shown-d school spirit hy giving a noon danu: "'l'hc' Frosh Frolivf, which providvd an vnjoyahlc- noon-tiinv for thx- rvst ol' thc' Studi-nts. Sc-wral dilll-rr-nt advisories showcd thvir Christmas spirit hy giving pavkagvs to thc' ncvdy. 'Iwo adx'isorim's. Kliss Rvich- muth's and Nlrs. BCrry's. distinguishvd tliviiisvlvvs hy winning thr- P.'l'.A, ina-lnhvrsliip driw, YN'hc'n thf' class bvfalnm- High Frvshlnvn in Fvhruary. thf-y rontinuvd to partic'ipatv CIIllIl1Sl2iSlll'1illf' in activitics as they had dom- thc' prvvious tc-rin. Ihr' class had many stiru-wl'ul x'c'1ituri's: thc-y had their own class Cards printcd lilac' our studvnt hody fards, tha- ofhwrs vapahly condurtvd thvir vlass meeting on April 15. and on May 6 thx-y hm-ld tht-ir IB movin. for which thvy t'i'0I1OI11lt'21ll5' printffd their own tickvts. 92 I I 6 5 n 'Q 4' W s f' ' A Q rf f, If 55 v J' f , . M is ,f, -4 V L 59, 5 :A ww ' 4 f l 9'5" mx V I H A I ,Q W 'net' W mi 'V f v , Q ' 9 ' 5 1 Z A A ,,AW ,, , E1 V , 7? fy 6 , IA.. . 4 s ii if I 1. 7' if X '- P' ' ' 53 D , as, 0- Ur 5' 8 " -'T . f 0 v vu L if' '-T"1fff W 2 ,.. 3. ,, M W cr ,. ew,-f, .Qu .1-4 9-4 5 al! 2275 2 .. f 2 1 ... 5' W . A W. f . , a .4 5 , 1 xx 5 - 55 s aw-'xi ,, .+. A 'V' -4' W.- -4.4 Afxf ' ' 'lxwx If W W an P4 " A ff' Y 'Q .Tl Q, 3? V - 5 if 55 5' Y 5, U 9 a I Q, M ' sf gf: , V , Q f' " 6 1, K4 g pr ' ' :I ,W 0 I , 2, Q 'ffm S., ' , , 04? ' Jn " 5 A 1' ,E r r 'ff QM! f ff ' ca , 'EQ w V X Mmm' qxkiy f I MMM,---L 1 ? V - T 8' 1 3 f 'Aj ,, 1 r ,N A F P ln. 1 'DIZ ff' ' - H M5 Q 0 .4 A- ' M- F . . ', . if ..Ln :a-.,.:. H X'-fig, ' , -W ATT ,.........-p-r WHY DONT YOU BELIEVE ME? W- 5' Presidenf Vire-Presidmzl Re'f01'r1i1z,g Serretzny l'iZi7IIl1Il'llI1SFIVFHIYJ' Yell I,FlI!1'f'7 Chuek MOfQ'h0llSl' Tony White Nunn' Lipkn WW-iicly He-:ins lJonn:1Sh:1w For Low Freshmen, this class was certziinly full of enthusiasm and spirit. As soon as they begun Alameda High, they started planning for Z1 noon day dzinre. It was held on Mzireli 25, and almost four hundred students attended. This successful venture was named very appropriately, "High Noon Hop." Their class meeting on April l5 was reported hy many as the best lA meeting ever held. - V. . J ,.-,X 9 ' 1ys-rifskgl-N, 'Lic " i,if4fM I I fl' if Z' I "At . 1 5' ' .1 ' Fil 1 x-fx x 4 F x.'?3Z,'H i t 1. F ' . I 2 iii 1 if it 2 - V2 Q EQ E " T5 V 5 ,,i.f ' G J 1 Hai?" ,ffl ,5p"1l',1w ff MRS, C2USI'1'I"I'E'S .AXDYISURY Rm: I C.. I'If7i'I', L. i.m1trr-x'ns, IJ NI1IIr-lt, I.. SlUl'IlI!'l , 'I' JUIIIISUII Run Il B. Pmtt, N. I,1pIN.n, IJ. XILIQVIH, x.. 'I'urnr'r', 'If IN'hit4' Run- III C., P11-rmv, ff. II.llIk2IdIIII'. l.. Imp'-A. L. Szantrm, SUCIf'I'IlIIICI Hun' II' Lars:-rl, Santan. NI, JYuI5Iv'ur'I. I' cIl'lIIl!'IIXN'!'Il, IJ. SI1uw, R. Ra-1-xv N NIISS ENNISA .-XDYISKJRY Roar I li. Hord, I,. Ulyun. B. llgnrtvr, Sinha tini, Burrvss, VV, Hvum, G. Num-s Run' Il G. 'I'lk0XVIJI'Id!l', II, NII4'I111In't0s, Gul lllilll, ZIIIlIIll"l'III2IIl, Ii. NII'IiIxuum-, .Y II.1iI:- Ifou' III .X Botte'I11iII1'l', I'Iz1Idi, 'If Nm-wmn IJ. NIItc'I1rII, II ZQ-4'Ixr'l', S, IIuopa'r Hou' IV K. RQAI4 IISIXIIII, H. IJumzll1. L. Nikolai B. I"lIl'I'lS1'II MRS. I.IiIi'S ADVISORY Hou' I E. Smidvr, I. IIz11l'iwr1, S. Wlxclr, IJ III-ul:-y, JOLIIIIIR' 'IIf'I'D1'IIII1U Rau' II Hzmsfn, L. IJuI'Iir1, I". IIIUIIIIIII, j Caro, D. Iipplz-r, .-X. 'I'vc-tm' Razz' III D. Erirkson, Smith. G, NIilL'DllIIilIiI M. Suthe-rland, YV. xILlI'IxII2lIIl Ifuu' II' L. JN'iI5cm, .X11cIm'rwx1, P. c.IIIIIi54'lIII' NI. I,t'Alt'Il MRS 'I'.XYSA ADVISORY Ifun' I Gill:-apic-, I'. Ilminu. I,.IlI'IKkI'x, I' Mmdolv, I.. fIlIl'l'IIl Ifuu' II Q-.LlIIllSll. NI. I'1.ncI4m, -I. iluatm, IJ Iluungu. M. Ngalmlmn Ifnzn' III IJ. IYr'tI1a'lr1, II. XIUIIM, II. 'IkI1nlll.nx .X. luxtvs, R. tlmuh Iwgr IIN In. IIIUI'5lt'Il54'll, In, II.llIlIlll, R. I'Il.1LI If-x, IJ. II1.1u, X. I'IumI MRS. 'IHK JNIPSK DNS .XDYISI DRY R014 I L. Brooks. L. Bmdx, Y. Quintvll. B Hanson. 'If RlIL1t'I1 Ifrm Il K. Phillipw, R. I.Xt'l'I.1, Lluolf-3, R Burtln-sun Ron III K. 'llxylmg B. LI1'otI1f'1'4. Ci, I.g1iz1411'. li Irwin Nun II' Mrs. Ihompwn, Y. SI1.m. IJ. XVQHH 1 j. .Mtn Immun. IS. i.g1xr1.x1'. L.. I'Ull,1y-d 4-Y g . .3, . In f lx, X ua V, .i , v , . 5 , y 195,--W 1 ve.. I I - - -F'3:I...' ' f-fi Q, -H-gig ' K - ,I 13'-IRI . . . 'mf' " I f I :,,I,f J.. 5, -. : . II ' 1 In: fi , I T fl .X-. ' ' ' ng' I , ,R2:zg,.. -1' I 1 ' I x if if ff Z, 'IIA . Q., -. I IW .,,vI I nfx:-. .I . I' I. . 2 --'- 'I I-. -.ff . "N LV" .fLI.'T5TVi-1. I-' 'Jil ' .Q ' ' "' ' 1' r . . I '.,,yI.' .','. , "H ,Fx Hi"-s?'f'AS"r 'Why Ig, ,, 4QSg,I,,.,.,.,In gI1g,:I.,IgI5-F-.x,gI, .4I . AI f,lg,,,gQ,,P gf-r. I I mrI'vII"If4'-ef.. 611-IIffsQ.II1rf:'I' .I-GSI 'Q' ffm ,, I . .,,.m . ..,g..r,,1g... , ,X .Ig If , ,WI .9 .of .,., ,,4. JW.. IRR ' 1-p Sa g, wiagq,Q.'I1'EfI25f. 1 .gi3IIIE+2.I?wII.. 1IgI1IF I -ala -"IWW My an 1.144 fv fxgfywrfi-lf1I1f:rs:1v 1,,,, 'fiiis' if 4415? gg? 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'I SQ " I-7:-f'.I5ff'-I' " ' 1-.I'..4I' .'IvI T If'-HI,-Il' ' 2.5" 1 ' ltwsfr :II7-1 :I I. if 'fu -2-1 IM' Y I '-'fb ' ' ' " '.n: .I 'I' I-,FH-I I 'vi I I I ,Ig K x,z.., V In .tgzar f g.4,,x.4I.:1,I,I,t,I'g. - . 4I..:.AI - ,L I I-a. 5 ,L DI' ht, I..-r ,-an . ', ,Mari X153 HI ' 35 ey la' ' 5 IVF.. -I 74 - X .4 A A. IIQQJEE yfaf- ' I'.'I I'5s"WI su? ij , ff 54 I ' H .I . I-'ffl' ' ' f 'Lk' 'Lf Wfmgaii 51555.-IL'-QFII 13-Li' '1IIgI, QgIY4f. I " riff 6 "3I?ffiI: 'IQIQIII .1,gy5YEM5,gg II 'MTI -QII -'C' I' 'I ' "' +I " ' 'f ff-"ef 35. 1,1LIIf -'Q-1 - 3,245 : I " .1 .f Ifg-.1-'.II'II , I Q- jvr:-'I' QS," hw!! '1 Q? L' .IL . .f"' .'1 I - Q- --Y-I'.'EI' 33321 9' I 55'-. fe.-Ii ' ?w-01"-25-" 'Q051 'ENG' .:'- , -I -'xf !"I- ' I .'?I'?,:Q3iff 'WI -,QQ-q f'-igkif-Sy, . .5 L.7I:i P. jljfg kjfgjv 3 ff I I SI JS: kc 732 . def:-.-Sf' , Ss, 'Vx ' '1 1' I, .I II 5 I ga-, 4 I I' -fp , , I JIILQRQQI .fp wi' Q' I' 5 I is , 4. ff 1" y If gal. v I,s,,-,N :Q , Z SQ-Ns? .X ., .I I,-Ag gr n.5I . Q 5-. IIS I I ,I J. I , I A .', , .V 1. I, I,v -1 S: Y . :I E 5?.f'4iv' ?T" 'I !!Z., 1,- 1 I ' I 1HfII:lI-II' ' A VIZ' ie...--.1-' 2 , f- I .fr "I 'IQ-fb I.-fy' 'I ' -III' " ' I ,,, If IIQIIM M . 'K . svgjd ' I ,-f"' I- . . . ":1"17:hr" I'-ar'-P-II' xml"--Tlfsa-Iii' ' " ' ' ry ' ruf"""' , Amana' J H W I , r B .If .ruff 2 QW' ,V 'V' ,Q it af , 2 QM ,, ., K QQ! A A 1, N1 f .1 V 3 . W , 5 3 1, as 4,4 ,as-'l"""W"" 'Wagga kzgf Yin? if ' er :AM 5' -QN Q 3 CALENDAR FALL 1952 S1'j1fcir1z In ff First day of school. Ah. those smiling t?j faces. Kit. Diahlo 13: Alameda 0. A very unlucky numhvr. Frc-shmc-n Reception. Frosh girls grcrcftc-d in true Wc-stc-rn stylc-. Fremont 0: Alameda 27. Oh Happy Day! Opening Dancc- i'Kic'kofl." 'I'hc- opening social 1-vvnt of thc' season. Ortobfr Don Furbush gets 1005 student body dues, beating Porter Davis' record hy two claw Richmond 19: Alameda 13. That unlucky numhc-r again. Piedmont 36: Alameda 7. Still trying hard. 17 Ex-wc'c'k. So soon? San Lorenzo 6: Alameda 32. Yva for us! Report cards. 'l'hc- truth c'omc's out! ,lunior Piom "Portrait of Venicc-." Ah. thosc' Vvnc-tian nights! Nozmm bfr 8 Sc-nior Play "Death 'l'alcc's a Holiday." Our Sc-uior 'l'hc-spians haw- a hit. Hayward ll: Alameda 32. Plowc-d 'em under. ILA, Fashion Show. Look at those models! lic-rlwley 158: Alameda ll. .lust wait 'till next yc-ar. Soph Hop "Roaring 'l'wc'ntic's." Dvtinitc-ly thf- c'at's pajzuuasl French Cluh Party S'Paris a la Nuitf' lfnc' honnc' suc'c'c'ss. Student Talent Show. Should at least make Broadway' 311 Thanksgiving Vacation. At last! Ilfrfnzbfz' 3 Ex-week. Blood. sweat and tears. Frosh Frolic: The Frc'shmc'n takc' ovc-r. GA. Calcc' Sale. Lilac' Nlother usc'd to halts-. Political Convention. Nlay thc' hc'st man win. Election. Our new lc'adersf'l'om. Pat. Duane. Kent and Bc-V. Christmas Pageant "Rehearsal for Christmas." Puts us in thc' holiday spirit. St. .losc-ph 25: Alameda 67. Ad Board Dancic- Wliine Out." YW' takc- "'l'imv Out" to cc'lc'hratci victory. Christmas parties. Hat. drink and hc' inc-rry. .lanuczry GA. Political Convention. lYonic'n in 1Yhitc'. GA. Election. Five very proud and happy girls. Student Body meeting 6'NIasquf' and Sandalf' We applaud our Sarah 13c'rnhardts and Edwin Booths. Senior Blrvting. Should auld ac'quaintanc'e' bc' forgot . . . ma tx. nf ,M ...ww 4 1, ff fi 5 55,5 8 Q if W 5? VTE Aw Bl ll Ea S91 - r' fi' L ,f 2 sill... -I f. -p ,J gd? Ill I8 20 20 24 26 .J 9- I2 I7 I9 20 20 2 .3 26 28 8 I .3 I 7 09 8 I5 2 9 -I 3 II I2 II -I -2 CALENDAR - SPRING 1953 Frbruary Military Ball "Black Magic." Barbara Tutor crowncd Quccn of "Black Magic'." First GA. mccting of thc tcrm. Our outstanding G.A. officcrs show off thcir candy-canc stripcd tics. Richmond 4'01fXl?lI'Ilf'dEl 45. WY' bcat thc mighty Oilcrs and gct sct to go to thc Tournamcnt of Champions. Ups-ning Dancc "Howdy." Rod Niiramont dcclarcd thc holdcr of thc most "Howdys." INR- ovcrcomc San Lorcnzo to bc dcclarcd A.C.A.L. Champions! Frcshmcn Rcccption. Thc Frcshmcn girls arc lcd through a day in thc halls of A.H.S. by Buzzy thc Hornet. ,Marrh Scuiors vs. 'Iuniors in thi- Iicnch W'ar, 'I'hc Scniors try to supprcss thc 'Iuniors' rcbcllion and kccp thc Sf-nior Bcnch. Ex-wcclz. Is shi- rcally going to study or is shc clcaning out hcr locker? 3-IMI Tournamcnt of Champions. Aftcr final gamc in which wc dcfcatcd Chico 62 to 46 wc arc hailcd as Champions of Northcrn California. Mr. Bryan proudly calls a spccial Studcnt Body mccting to congratulatc our liaskctball Varsity :md IN'alt Sasscr is callcd upon to spcak as spccial authority on inte-r-school rclations. Studcnt Body mccting. XV4- gct a prcvicw of HRing Around Elizabc-th" and hcar about Frankic .-Xlbcrtls most cmbarrassing momcnt. First day of spring. Spring hits thc halls of A.H.S. although it lookcd likc thc dcad of wintcr. I Scuior Play "Ring Around Elizabctlif' IVc watch Elizabcth suffcr through thc horriblc prob- lcms of inhcriting moncy, Iircshmcn Dancc "High Noon Hop." This won an Acadcmy Award? Studcnt Talcnt Show, Our vcry cxccptional talcnt takcs on a Frcnch acccnt and gocs to Calc Parisicn. Eastcr Vacation bcgins. Tcachcrs brcathc a sigh of rclicf and thc kids hopc lor a wcck of sunshinc. April GA. Fashion Show. Fashions lit for a Quccn. or any A.H.S. girl. ISA Talcnt Show. IYho says yaudcyillc's dcad? .lunior Prom. INR' wandcr through a drcam ol' "Moonlight and Ross-sf! fl..-X. Cakc Salc. Thc picccs arc thc biggcst. tht- lrosting's thc gooicst. and thc salcsgirls thc prct- IIVSI. .llay Sopli Hop. "Concy Island Capcrsf' NN'hccccl Low Scnior Picnic. Sunburns and stomach achcs. High Senior Picnic. IYhy can't cycry day bc likc this? film' Scnior Xlccting. Laughing on the outsidc. crying on thc insidc. Scnior Ball. Thc most beautiful dancc of all four ycars. Graduation. That prizc piccc of shccpskin at last. Last day of school, Frccl ll liuiirzem Afllllllgfl Gram' Cudworth slmitfnrli Hlfilm l'1'QH3' Clviuf-nts 50,12 , ,,. km bw, ri,.s "Aw all the- pirturvs talwn for this pagr? ls thi- vopy ini' Is thf- layout halant'c'd?n ilihvsc arc- hut a fvw of the qui-stions om' has to answvr whvn hi- vdits a yvarhook. For vight months thu- stall' has hm-1-n working fi-vs-rishly to put out tht' hcst yvarhook that has 1-wr comm- out ol' Alamvda High. living vditor of thc' ACORN. ons- he-gins to apprc-viatv what an outstand- ing studvnt hody and finff favulty Alanivda has. Had it not hcfxn for thc lim' co-opvration of all c'onu-rnvd this hook rould nvvc-r havv hcvn puh- lishvd. l would lilu' to thank Nlr, Cloppo and Mr. Papv. our larulty advisors. r '+L f ok ' fir Isa fmrl nm-nrlincr hvln wc' would haw' hvvn in uttf-r io1'w1t..ou. t..:':r ...c-.4 ,,,, and g I turmoil. I also vxtvnd my apprc-riation to thi' wholc' Editorial and liusinf-ss Stall. who haw' inadc- us all proud of thi- 1953 ACORN. WH' hopv you will vnjoy it as iuuvh as wx' did in 1-diting it for you. Kurs l,PLVRll-LS Art Editor Tom Lubbock Ifarulty Adriior Mr. Ernest Coppo Secretary Pat VVheatfill pfwlvxlflrzt liuximfn ,Wann-Lffrs an Glynn, Shirls-3' H1'i1111'rlr-, Doug Rnlmvrt 3011, Sllil'l4'f' Dvllnxv-rm, NIJIl'1'iRi Stand:- Uzgnnzfrlllmzx 111111 Sjnrnlx lfrlilmx zurion Svuvrquist, Dznlf- Rr-no, Sharon XIII l0Y'lf'y', Ge-rzuld Paym- .'!Ul1I'I.flfe" liziifmx Claudia 'I'ildr's11'y, Shzlmn Rzmdnll, Gail WWI son. L4-s Ps-dvrsorm. Stuff Kufmzin IJIIFIIHK' .-lfi:'1Km KI11 Rohr-rt Pape- Am' M Edilor Faculty Advisor Jane Crockctt Miss Graco Powc-rs vm-m' Turnvr, B11.x'ir1r.u A'1ll1llIffFT.' Bc-th Wicsc, Bm' Yvrnon, A.x1xi.Yl11rzl Brui- nfss Managers Buxiness Almzngfr Cm-na-nv Turm-r l"AI,l, S'l'Al"l" Hdilnr llurn- Cirfwkf-it .'1,Ui.XflI7If Ifllliflkf Br-x' Yr-rnon 1g1l.Xil1c".U Afflllllgfl KQVIIPIN' vI1llI'll1'I' Ifrunk Pinkurd, Auivrzni Spmm Ifzlilm: Niikm- Tymn, Ax- lfrnture lfrilem -Claim- SPRING S'I'.Xl" lfrlilm Bvlh xfirsm' .-fuixfrlrlf Edflm IAZIIN' I'ms-wx' lf1HfYIFlYAfl1llllQF7 811-4111 Sodwrlund lfllflllfj' .'1rl'I'fm1 Miss Grain- Powvrs YN1lk, ,I:1r1a'C.1'm'lu-tl. DlIIlI1IVIqLlN- Aistant Sperm Editorg Royce- Gladdrn, Sporls lfdiforg Ray lor, Tom Lubbock, Karin Kohut Waller, Assistant Sports Editor I06 fs-:sf . 5 if hh. Y Editorif1I.S'tr1ff Feature Writers B4-th VYif-sv at dvsk: Liam- lfrcwrvr, Ray VVallc-r stanclinu I.arr5 Kirwan at typvwritr-r: Dolorf-s Brouan, Donna Ilx ton, Katy Whitf-, Karin Kohut Standin! llllll' Oak L1-al stall' se-ts as its goal l'2ll'l1 yvar ilu- hopm' of produving issul-s wliivh gin- llir' stud:-nt an c-ntl-rtaininq and intvrvsting vowragc- of lilv lu-rc' at .'X,ll.S, High srhool nn-wspapvrs. Illllllgll thi-y an- not ax prol'1-ssional as thosl- sold at I'0l'I1l'l' iivxxwtariclw. arf' an 1-ssl-ntial part ol' the- life- and traditions ol' thu- Sl'l1U0l.2lI1ClNW'llfllll'llll'SlllCll'IllS0ll.'X.ll.S. rf-garcl tln- Ualc Lval' in thc- traclition whirh wv haw trivcl to upliolcl and im'rs-:mx ililll. l'llJl'IUR lfrlilor Bvtli YN'i1-sw Qw H11 linfw .xlIl71IlQ1'7 .ll-an Socll-rlunzl u-., ...-..,,, Bllllllfxx r1r111.S'pnrtl lirlitml Oak I,f'1ll,QIillli at work jvan Socl:'rl.1nCl at clrsk: Carol McDowrll, Siivliam-l 'llyinn standing 5 ,MIS Dl'1A'l'H TAKES A HOLIDAY CAST Ccra . . . . Pat Ravenscraft Fidelc . . . . Grant Nieman Duke Lambert . . John Cannon Alda .... . Claudia Tildesley Duchess Stephanie . . Gail Wilson Princess of San Lucca . . Karin Multz llaron Caesarea . . Tom Lubbock Rhoda Fenton . . Sally Nichols Eric Fenton . . Don Flifhllfili C0rrad0 . . Larry lavernicr Grazia ....... Kay Owen His Serene Highness. Prince Sirki of Vittoria Alexandria . . . Bob Loorz Nlajor Wlhitread . . Henry "Skip" Perkins PRoLom'li Al Somerset jaek Cummins Jerry Willer Mary Doumitt Barbara Tuter Norma Adair Arlene Santos Karin Mark Grace Cudworth Jean Rowen Winona Kealoha Donna Rea Clinton Wells Duane Roach Dana Howe Ken DeVries Carole Jansen Carole Stanley Gwen VVilliams Pat Hale Charlotte Brenton Kent Williams DI-1A'l'H TAKES HOLIDAY The class of June, 1953, presented their Senior Play, "Death Takes a Holidayf, on November 7 and 8. This class, instead of giving the usual light-hearted comedy, presented a serious play, The plot of the play centered around the idea that Love will inevitably triumph over lleath, In the play. Death. Prince Sirki. takes a brief holiday to Earth in order to experience the diflf-rent senstations of mortal life. He falls in love with Princess Gratzia. and as the end of his holiday draws near. he realizes he will have to leave Gratzia. She persuades Prince Scrki that she must accompany him and their love for each other is so strong that they leave together. The invaluable Mr. Lloyd Sisler not only served as the very capable director. but he also wrote the prologue which added a great deal to the play. Miss Edna Reiehmuth designed the handsome set. 'l'he play was very well received by an engrossed audience who will remember this dramatic production for many years. MANAGr:Rs Manager . . . . . Duane Evans Co-Manager . . -Iean Shervey Programs . . llette Stevens Publicity . . Joan Dufour Properties . Louis Chianese Make-up . . Shirley Heimerle Costumes . . . Barbara Tuter Student Director . . 'I'illie Varvil 5 fir ,438 ., As, F ' fi' bl , f 2 11 Q "V," , if , . 8:45 Aovlsonv Pow-wow A ' I ,iii 1 A ,ar-nb. 9:58 MUSIC HATH CHARMS 1 qw " -,Q f , , if f I ,jay 4 L V . 1 vu' f. 'ff' . fi A s . , Q W, 'F . 1 A QNX' 1.-Z' zfwb, fl 11:45 BARGAIN BASEMENT ng U sqm., M , , . 5 , 'F' 'fs' 7 J 5 E, . f 1 ? j MQ? Z 1, 5 'L ul ' 3 T 1 Lf A'-2 KJ-X 4:43 x. ix. fc Q I ,A ,SE .N F' tg ,ssl ut 1. S! 4 jk u -fu.3m,:sf1-A ' V X x.1,.,51Mkq,5,,,. v - , xp: , X , :lm 1 JSFVWL . xr -1, .. f 1' 1 3' 1 ORCHESTRA Rau' I--K. Tr-nnicr, N. Smith Row llf--S. Pricc, Hutchinson, R. Mira- mont, Y. Schott, L. Burns, P. Hcaly, C. Houland, 1. Ncwton Row III--B. Carnahan, M. WVynltoop, Brooks, J. Scott, 'If Summa, Y. Pimentcl, E. Lima, P. Arauon, Mr. Hanson Row IV - -R. Mirandzi, D. Stcycns, Mer- rill, -I. Millctt, B. Stanton, B. Tillson, C. Dcxte-r, H. Harp:-r, L. Fox, N. Dahl Row V - R. Nc-thc-rwood, B. Thomas, Murdock, F. Crump, Carr:-tt, R. Sch:-ucrmann, 'lf Willics, ll. Mauill, Cowan, F. Gucrro, Frankland BAND Row I f- 'If Wink:-l, R. Halliday, W. Fr:-ycr, P. Luce, D. Ye-ltman, P. Fishcr K. Tc-nnicr, N. Smith y Row II-R. Robertson, K. Blaclclock, D. Strvcns, A. Pc-rry, Spill:-r, Mzinn, K. Longancckcr, E. Karvoncn, C. Schcllcn- bcrg, B. Yay Row III -- D. Hanna, L. Scholar, Y. Pimcntcl, Thomas, Jackson, Wool- lr-y, J. Bosch, J. Richardson, S. Foppiano Row IVfJ. Roberts, R. McNeill, R. Stev- rns, R. Blackman, L. Brodr-ur, P. White-, A. Eicholz, VV. Smith, G. Myrrs Alamcda High School is vcry fortunatc in having an cxtrcmcly finc orchcstra to play for us at all important functions. Lfndcr thc capablc dircction of Mr. Carlton Hanson. thc orchcstra has pcr- formcd at graduation and thx- Scnior Play. Our always csscntial band. dircctcd by Mr. Edward Lcc. pcrformcd at many functions during tht- past year. lhcy addcd much to thc spirit at thc football gamcs and pcrformcd a community scryicc whcn thcy playcd for the welcoming of two Aircraft Carrie-rs from Korca. 'lihc band also accompanicd tht- Talcnt Show. CIHORAL Mrs. Sum- Starck ORCHESTRA Mr. Carlton Hanson BAND Mr. Edward Lf:- 4 I M 'fire 1 4' , ,fb X 1 X we 1 5 vp: Hx fs 3 s 5 w v W ixmfv, l H0V1't..SlflIfl' 'li-ft to right: D. Romh, B. Wlilson, Pwkins, D. I'lllI'lJllSll, 'lf Girls' State- P1'uuylllr'i1i4'rits Luhhovk BUYS' SFl'Arl'l'i Again thix ye-411' liyv ol' our outxtgiiidiiig hoyy wcrc- sc-nt to Boys' Stntc-. 'l'hc-y lvznrnvcl hon our stutt- Qrm-riiiiivnt lll1Ill'Il0HS hy forming and running tht-ir own "stz1t4"' goyf'r11i11r'nt. Exim-h nl' tht- lmyx was 1-lr-rt:-cl to thr- following oflfiu-N: lion Furhuyli Sffi'I'4'IiiI'iy' ol' Puhlit' XYorks. Skip Pe-rkim N11-mhvr ol tht- Siiprvim' Court. 'loin l,uhhot'k S4-m'i'r'tzi1'y of Ritlltlll llygiviis' lor tht' stzitv. llimm- Rrmcli .Xx- xistsmt llixtrivt .Xttorm-y. :mtl Hoh Wilwn ll Jaoiiitvcl to thc- Fish zmcl Chaim- clOlllIIllNNlHIl. 'lhrfy :ull , ll Agra-1-llmt thiy uns ll yr-ry prolitnhlt-1-xIn-1-it-im- lor tht-m. CllRl.Si S'l'A'l'l'l This ymr. Piggy Cllr-1111-1115. xpomorn-cl hy tht' Amcrirzm Lvgion Auxiliary. had thx' honor ol' ht-ing st-lc-rtt-cl lirom thc- junior class :mtl wht to Girls' Stats in Sacrzlmm-nto. 'I'ht'rc' shc- took part in tht- city. l'0llIlIY :incl State- vlt-Vtions in orclvi' to iiiiclvrstziild iuSt how tht- Qrwvriliiivitt works. amd wsu livrst' rity 1-flitor on tht' stall' ol' thi- daily pupvr. i i YOL"l'H CITY ll Illi' .-Xggiiii thix yvni' .Xlzm1:'clz1. Nom' llzmiv. and St. Iosvphk lligh St hools p4n'ti4'ipi1tt'cl in Youth Lily Wm-k, spomore-cl hy tht- Uptimixt Ciluh ol' .'Xl1llIll'ClZl. Ewry yt-ur thc- various vity offiviulx gm' 1-lm tml from tht- xtudmit hodivs of tliw- wliools to gow-rim the' city for 21 yu-1-k. lht- lin- ofhviuls who took Ililfl from Alzum-clzx High Svhool yu-rv Kvnt Willizimx 21N City Nlznitzegw. liarhurzt 'liutvr its Firm- Chit-li. Donnin 'lliylor an City Clvrk. :mtl lluzmv Roach :md Skip l,1'l'l'ilIlN zn- lloimvilmv-n. Alltvr ll hr-itil' wi-1-k ol' cliimt-rx. lllllk'lN'0IlS. lmiiqiirts. llll't'tlIlQS. und oth:-r 2it'llYlIir's. tht- tlnowri ol- fifizils wvrc- prawn-ntvd pluqtivs nt St. .lost-plfs High School whivh sc-rwcl to rs-mind thvm ol' tha- wt-wk in whit-h tht-y took ow-r thx' rvspoiisihilitivs of gow-rning a vity. lion' I B. 'lillU'l. ,, , , , , K, XN'llX Q. D, xoi IH cziix 0FFlCll.fXl.5 RM H K Dy Rwfh. S. Pt-rkim 'll 7 Rau' IfD. Rvno, F. Lirna Ron' II-P. Arrhinal, M. Standv, D. llottvr, X. .Xllingvig B, YN'ilSon, Cf. Tildr-slr'y, S. Hr-imrrlv SENIOR OPPORTL'NI'l'Y DAY lhf- Low and High Svniors again took adyantagr' of Sm-nior Opportunity Day on Blay QU to hvlp dc-- ridr' the-ir futurv vorations, lhm- fitting thm'nn- was "Opc'n Doorsf, It was wr-ll plannvd hy Co-Chain IUPD Dale' Rcno and Elvanor Lirna. and thi-ir Gr-nrral Chairxnvn Shirlvy Hr-irnm-rl:-. Marcia Staudv. Hob Wilson and Phil Cola:-. lhm- typists ol' thx' program and c'o1'rc'Spondc-nw wvrc' Pat Archinal and Donna Pottvr. Program row-r dvsign was lurnishvd hy .-Xrlvn Allingcfr and Claudia 'llilclvslm-y. Mr. Koi-hlm-r svryvd as Coordinator ol' thiQ highly inforinatiyc' allair. FUN DAY On May 213. 19532. Fun Day was hvlcl. a hi-annual affair at .Xlaxnvda High. 'l'hv Nlanagor and Clo- Nlanagr-r wort' Kvn Dc'Vrivs and Blary .lanv ll:-vlwr, All thi- ClQiQl'Q, rlnhc and oth:-r org:mimrions had rhvir own booths and 4'UIlt'l'SSlUllS and sold a grral yarivty of things. ranging all thc way from poprorn and ook:-Q to I-'rvnch pastrivs. Thr' Choir put on a lalvnt Show whivh was wry popular. and latvr in tht' aftvrnoon tht- Ad lloarcl hold a Fun Day Danrv. tht- "Lollypop Hopf' It was nianagvd hy Duanm- Roach and Nlarctia Stand:-. At tht' danvr Judy Aasum was vrownvd Klllt'l'I1 and was pros:-ntvd with a hvautiful orrhid vorsagz-. Fun Day was trum' to its nainv. Eyvryonz' had a ycry vnioyahlv titnfz and wx- arm- looking forward to ncxt ycar'S Fun Day. C0-,Manager Alariagw Marv janv Drwlmr Kr-n D1-Yrif-Q 7 v .M M f A nf ,,,,,,' 4 ,,4.-f""' ,,f' - I ,vw N--' Y A V' Q90 6 , ,W-,,,wQ1, ,' 1, , AMW A .F , ff .fi ,f 5, " , i , ,f .gf 5 Q ' 1 as 'QU' ., vw ..., -, .:. ,d z . ., aw n - 2' . -ffl ? ' 4- 'fr' .- ,. ' 55.5 W 2 V' wagging . '. ,f 4'-5 . 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H- . fl - Aa- EE ',L'i,"1'.. f.p,,-N -, 1J'Jw'f'- 3 3,,,,5-M., ,, p v '-n.-1 A A gy!-,xg--l k., X , M 1 ,, QM' W I- ' , -,, - .,- 9 ' x ig' . fi. 42' '53-9' 7 .. QM UBB O C-C 'M Lf r, x F.-Xl,l, UFl"lCllQRS Krn Dr-Yrit-s, Pri-sidvnt: liar- la Gvrafzhty, Yin' Prvsidt-nt: Shirlvy Lvflar, Rr-rording Sw- rr-taryi Ginw-r WVatc'rlow, Fi- nanrial Sl'4'ff'I2lI'Q'I Dvlori-s lN1-ir, Pat Halt-, County Llounvil: Karin Mulu, Publi- ritv Manasr-r SPRING OFFICERS Pat Halo, Prvsidrnt: Richard Parsley, Yivf'-Pr:-sidfrnt: Car- lr-nv Wallvr, Rf-vordinq Sm'- rm-tary: Shirley Kr-nnfldy, Fi- nancial Sc'rrc'tary: Carol M21- raldo, Doylr- Harris, County Cfminfil Rou' 1- I.. Brady, DuFour, C. 'liildvslc-y, K. Multi, K. Mark, P. Halr, G. W'atf'rlow, S. Smith Rau' II B. Forrtsrh, F. M1'Elx'ogur-, D. Clohill, B Yay, K. Whit:-, D, Wvir, R. Franrk, D. Lorvn rannn Ron' 111 Hook, C. Pollard, l'r'arson, Cf. .lansr-n, N. Knight, KI. Nlaraldo, R. Long Hou' IV B. Cowart, Stanton, S. Krnnrdv, CI. VVallf-r, .-X. Humplcrrs, Rivhards, F. Paixa Ron' V Miss Wann, P. l'almf'r, K. DvX'ri1-s, R. l'arsl1'y, D. llarris, .-X. Sanford, B. Smith JUNIOR RED CROSS lhr- nlunior Rnd Cross of .-Xlamvda High School has hm-vn wry avtiw this past yvar. 'lihv organization vondurtvd thc Rvd Cross Fund Drivv. hvlpvd out at thc' Chaptr-r llousc- and carolvd at Oak Knoll during Christmas timv. For thi' Eastt-r svason tht- .Iunior Rvd Cross madc' tray favors lor thc- hoys in the hospital. Thx' .I.R.C. work:-d hard to providt' a ray of happinvss for thosm' who would othvrwist- hav? gont' without. Faculty advisor. Miss .Xnnahrl XYann. gan- many hours of svrviu' to thc' rluh and its purposc. and with thc' ofliu-rs of both thc' lall and spring tvrnis gave- .Xlamvcla lligli a rluh to ht' proud of. Rua' I- K1.CQri'auhti,fi. W'atr-rlow. K. lbl'X'I'll'S, P. Half-, D, YNY-ir Rott' II CI. Nlaraldo, S. K1-nnc-dy. C, WVallr'r, K. Niuln Ciluh lIll'lIll'N'l'S workin: on a Clhrislinas projwt 35,1 2 Row lfP. Fostcr, B. Color-Dark, A. Pcrzita, Major, li. Lima, M. Luthcr, NI. Rntto, Ehy, B. Prcsco, ld. DcYrics, K. Takao, J. Andr-rson, J. Bristow Row IIvR. Butom, M. Rohwcdcr, W. Jacobs, D. Warrcn, B. Lichhart, N. Wcstlxy, J, Gololmick, IJ. Lf-ur, K. Owe-n, R. Newton, G. Day, J. Day, P. Gouol, J. Newton Row I1IfJ. Conncll, S. Foppiano, S. Fircstinc, lviuchlhauf-r, N. Hamilton, D. Robcrtson, S. Pricc, M. Quinn, O. Pivrrc, D. Sowcrs, J. Frankland, A. Mvloy, N. Powvrs, P. C11-mc-nts, B. Bridzc, C. Maraldo Razz' IV7R. Dalhy, G. Rodcnhorn, P. Frost, cif'lIIlSl"lilW, G, Schinalcnhm-rg:-r, .X. Crindstafli, C. Johnson, C. Ercnds, S. Jcnscn, H. Pcrkins, 'lf Lubbock, ISI. Clasby, P. Whvatfill, E. Lindahl, C. .Xbrahainson 'lihc California Scholarship Fm-dc-ration 0li:xl2iII1t'ClL1 High School cngagcd in nuincrous activitif-s during thc past ycar. In thc fall tc-rin. C.S.F. and thc Chcinistry Club Cnjoycd a dclightful cxcursion to San Francisco. Thi-y visitcd thc Fcrry Building. thc Plantcariuni and dcYoung Bluscuin in Goldc-n Cato Park. and thc Presidio. In tht- spring. choscn club nicrnhcrs attcndcd tht- C.S.F. convcntion which was hcld in Gilroy. California. On May 8th, thc Junior and Scnior IIlt'Il1l'Jt'l"S wcnt to thc Uni- vf-rsity of California Campus wht-rc thcy rcccivcd a plcasant vicw of collcgc lifc. During thc spring scincstcr. C.S.F. sponsorcd a Latvian lrio at ont' of thc Thursday studcnt incctings. lhc Trio. 21 charming group of acconiplishcd musicians. ollcrcd tht- studcnts an cnjoyahlc varictyl of conccrt music. 'I'hv final activity for thc ycar was a party givcn in honor of thc graduating Scniors and ht-ld in tht- Klodvl Apartnicnt of thc Honicniaking Dcpartincnt. lhc ofhccrs. undcr thc lcadcrship of Klr. ROt'ClKxI S. Stinson. workcd cxccptionally hard and wcrc ahlc to coinplctc a vc-11' activc and intcri-sting ycar. FALL OFFICERS Dick L:-ar . jvznn Swanson Urir- Pivrrf- . Donna VYurr'1-ri . Iii! I".-XLI. Ol"l"ICIliRS Left Io right--J. Swanson, D. Iii-air, D. wv1lI'!'l'l1, U. Pivrrr' SPRING OFFICERS I.eftto1ilgh1Y N, Pmvc-rs, D. VV:1rrr-n, S. Pc-rkins, N. WW-stby Mr. Stinson gives out life- nivmbf-rship pins to S. Perkins. A. .-Xllingrr, KI. Clzishy, P, Cllr-nivnts, and E. Lima . Prvsidvnt . . Yin'-Pr:-sidi-nt . . R1-rordinx: Sl'C'l4i'I2ll'Y , iziriviul Sl'1'I'l'lllI'Y SPRING Skip Perkins Donna VVzlrrr'n Nunry Powvrs Norm n VV:-stby I A fl! v 2,41 Rozt' Iv--S. Chapin, A. Pt-rata, L. Sugiyzinia, D. VVai'rt-n, S. Knowlvs, P. Fostc-r, E. Castaldo, K. Bergvn, Happ, C. Kavanagh, D. Burns, N. Barber, J. Bristow, M. Dm-Vric-s, W. Jacobs, J. Newton, K. Tzakao, J. Ehy, C. Maraldo, CI. Moody, Pc-arson Rom' II- VB. Clolrr-Dark, L. Crest:-tto, E, LaFontninc-, K. Tonipach, H. Smith, P. Hansen, M, Cooper, B. But-vhni-r, C. NIt'Dowr11, KI. Bzirtvll, C. Bt-rnizin, Osorio, C. Axtt-ll, C. Erends, L. Gilmore-, R. Mt'Kellar, N. Rickt-r, S. Dutuit, S. Marie- Rou' III--T. McDonnell, J. Rasniussrn, M. Doylv, J. Gu-cn, D. Dowsrtt, A. Chastf, P. Lahrnann, S. Price, L. Nunn- lcy, S. Bowen, M. Quinn, E. Lindahl, Y. VVinklc'r, Starr, C. Dunran, C. Sega-rquist, G. Waterlow Row IV-Y'-S. Verge-z, R. Waller, D. Lear, J. Connell, A. Furbush, K. Kofman, L. Velasquez, J. Lcwy, B. Purvis, B. Briduv, Anderson, K. Roniainofi, K. Owvn, P. Hina, N. Knight, Knowlf-S, M. Lrwis, dt-Tre-ville, N. Powvrs Ron' V- D. Robertson, D. Broeun, B. Wnndruiii, CI. Grvig, D. Bur-ll, CI. Dextc-r, A. Burtlc-son, Cl. Bowrn, Kirby, NI. Stiiudv, B. Pre-soo, YN'niil:'ss. CI. Shaft-, Bcity, K. Blcilairtv, M. Luthrr, R. Frziigc- STAR AND KEY SUC1IIi'l'Y I ".f X LI, OFFICERS SPRING Dick L1-:ir . Pr:-sidvnt . . Sue Yvrgel Donna W':irrQ-n Yicz--Prt-sidrnt . , Helen Smith JOYCI' Rzismussc n . Rwording Scwrc-tzzry . Paulinc- Hansvn Sur- Ya-rgw . . Finzinriril Svcretary , . Peggy Lahniann Bfltty Cole-r-Dark . Editor ....... Dick Lear FALL OFFICIIQRS Hou I B. Lloli-i-D11rk,D. YN'4xrrr'n, S. Yviun-1. Rasmus- svn Hou' II- D. Lf-iii' l'111l Uffiuflt Sprin-Q Bvlty Purxis l'rr'sidvrit llliarlvnz- Shofz' Karol 'l'on1pac'h X'ii'1'-l,f1'Sldl'Ill Pa! Fostvr .IOYi'f'clOI1Ht'll R1'l'fJTCllI1HS1't'l'1'l2lI'Y Mary Rohwvdrr Clharlc-nv Shofr- l"inam'ial S v'1' iw-tarv W'alt Qlarobs Sliirlr-X' Knowlw-Q Sona Ia-adm-r Pat fiouol Rott' I-C. Shofr, P. Fostc-r, W, Jacobs, M. Rohwn-der, P. C0201 Q Rau' II-- K. Tonipavh, B. Purvis, Connvll, S. KhOXN'lf'S During thc- ya-ar thc' Latin Club hvld I1 cakm- sale which nvttvd a handsornc- profit for thc c'lub'S tn-asury. A Christmas party for tht- c-ntirr' vluh was he-ld in tht- school rzifvtm-rizi providing a whole- sonic- and vnjoyablv aftvrnoon for all who att:-ndr-d. 'Ihr' Club also hc-lpvd 'Iiri Iota in sponsoring thu' adoption ol' ll Polish war orphan. Birs. Lt-Norv Niarkvr. dirvrtor of thc- club. providvd tht- club oHClc'crs with many vziluablm- and intvrz-sting ida-as. At thi' rlosc- of thx- tvrni tha- Latin Club hc-ld a "Hvllo Suni- iiic-r" party. bidding gooclbyv to 2lIl0tllt'TIIll'IIlOI'Z1l7lf'yi'l1I' at A.H.S. I..-XTIN CLUB Nun' I P. lfostm-r, S. Knowlm, Nvwton, L. Lynch, Pr-arson, S. Foppiano, D. W'ariisa-r, W, Hn-ans, Stott, CI, jaw-r, M. llvrbst, Blair, W. jarobs, P. Gouol, M, Luth:-r, M. Dc-Yrir-S, L. .Xllimgc-r Rau' II ,lf Laiiibvrt, B. Yay, Butle-r, Murray, M. Lvwis, Starr, Ramnissvii, ll. Aslin, D. Lvar, D. llzihill, C. johnson, Bristow, I.. Halliday, NI, Plouowslu-, M. Rohwvdc-r. Cl. 'lillfIN'I4, CT, PlUIllQI'l'I1, Mrs. Marlwr Row Ill G. Haskrll, CQ, Rodcnborn, Conm-ll, B. Purvis, K. Toiiipafli, C. Shofc-. L. Clattran, Ray, R. Pvdvr- son, Sm-ll, M. Lariiasnvy, Ci. Bow:-n, NI. Ml'fllltt'll1'OD, Gr:-niiiiinuvr, M. Slivrilli, P. W'1'Stl'l'I10fl rzsidrnt . . . Larry Paxton Xilfl'-PI'l'Sldl'Ill . . Sus- Jnrolis Rwordinu SI'i'I'1'l2ll'Y . Judith .Xnde-rson l'in:inc'i:il S1'l'Il'tllliX' . Rich l'il'L'St'lll Song La-:edt-1' . . Dottif' Hutson Sfim-:irit-:it-.'Xi'iiis . P1-um' Lziliiiiunn Top Pidurf Razr' I---P. Luhniunn, J. Andm-rson, B. Lit-bhurt, G. Barbour, A. Ulivera, S. Jacobs, B. Scare, D. Hutson, S. Hintz, J. Wanlvss, C. Duncan, S. Bavhzind, M. Rutto, L. Stornier, S. Wade-, M. Ovcrstrfet, N. Lipka, P. Frost, D. Orton Row II---B. Carr, J. .-Xwz1lt,C. Roinzinowitv, K. Romanoff, R. Burtlt-son, D. Epplf-r, R. Jacob, L. Yazolino, C. Era-nds, D. Evrrton, E. ROd2r'l'S, Czunisu, C. Pziyncr, D. Healy Hou' Ill C. Roblr-s, S. Whiddvn, A, Eirholz, 'l'. Lubbock, J. H1-ny, M. Tyinn, Sodvrlund, J. Justin, B. Cavnar, B. l"ot'rts1'h, C. Axtvll, B. Cowzirt, D. Olson Rau' IV R. Brown, B. Marks, S. Biggurt, R. Aquirrv, J. Druyvr, B. Kaplvr, D. Childs, D. Sagf-n, D. Burhis, K. Rohit-, S. Murphy, N. Davirs, Ciflin, R. Pi-tm-rson, G. Rodt-nborn Ron' V Lima, G. Lopl-Z, B. llvnry, B. ,lJhUIIl1lS, D. Middlvsworth, B. Mowt-ry', B. Dryam, R. Craig, R. Pong, B. Ncflson, Boylv, D. Rirhniond, S. liisi-liiinn, C. Robic, G. Pauline Bolton: Pirtuze Row I R. VVzillvr, B. Colf'r-Dark, lf. Colt-i'-Dzirk, Fi. Fl:-tvhn-r, Wl. Aliiiand, C. K21N'21DZlgh, Osorio, W. Burns, I.:-vky, M. Bzirtc-ll, R. Mt'Kt-llur, J. Criinshziw, J. Moffitt, J. Fallawna, G. Grixnrs, D. Kirton, B. Conklc-, C. Dukvs Ron' II P. Huh-, Wlhisnzind, Rusniussm-n, S. Taylor, A. Galbraith, Golobifk, A. Mollart, T. Paiva, S. Rryn- olds, L.. MvL.ui'thy, M. Wliliuvmf, I.. Paxton, D. But-ll, R. ffunvpu, B. Lum' Run' III Buhle-s, KI. W'ullu'r, NI. Sllllltlllllld, C. We-the-rn, .-X. Christ-, Knowlvs, N. Kr-lly, L. Nunnlry, E. Dun- huus, R. Jzisuizin, Svhultv, R. l"i'z-srlii, Wzirhvld Hou' IV Duvat, S. l'1'it'r, Br:it'lu'll, .X. Crindstz1ll',C. Rc-id, Grvvn, M. Scholz, L. Fox, May', T. Rizzari, R. Yi-uni, R. Elrod Rau' IV N. Chise-lli, Dt-Hzuin, C. Yi-rnon, L. Bzlnton, Y. Smith, P. Uwe-ri, N. Rivas, N. Haast-, Wittenuu, VVziliiish'y, M. Nutv, Mi'oi''ski, VV:-ndlc-rid, D. Doty, H. Nt-wvll 'l'ht- Aluiiivdzi High Svliool Spanish Club was coiriplvtcly rt-orgunizvd in tht- spring tcrni of 1953. :ind tha' iiic'1iib4-i'st'liosv tht' nuiiiv "El Cirrulo Espanolf' During tht- spring tt-rm tht- nvw club ht-ld inzmy vzirif-d and intvrvsting im-n-tings with n variety of vntt-rtaining fvaturvs. The- purpose of tht- club mis to ht-lp tht' studt-nts gain zi hm-tti-r undt-rstandingf of tht- pvoplc- and customs of Spanish speaking vountrit-s. Lndvr tht- conibinvd sponsorship of Nlrs. Xlaria lays and Mrs. Nlargvry Wfviscnborn, "El Cirvulo lispzifioll' was ahh- to zittziin ll club iiiviiibvrsllip of 170. 'I30 lm!! riff, ,,,X .x'f,,1,,L Sur' X wmv 1 I'1r's1cIv'r11 lurk IPM I':111I1I1r'IILn1w-I1 Xlmf'-I'l'1-sicivrlt fQ1I1I'IJ:nx . IJir'IxIIrmIItr1g1I111 Rr-4mcIir1uSr'trv'I.:1x S111'YII'!v'l In Xnm' Rztttr- IQILQIIII i.1I S1'mnv'I.11N IS'-tu Clwlrl'-IJ.t1k " wi nk IA'2II' I'.d:'m IJ1-I.I.f-4.1 Ifmul Ilzxv, CQ. IJz1y,I3. CIcvlr-1'-Ilznrk, D. I.r':11' lfnn' li S. XI1'l'Q1'l, R. II:-fmamn, I'. II:nI1HfAr1 l'ncIvr tht- lm-acl:-rxllip of N111 Ilgxrrvll QIOLIQIIILIII. tht- CIN-mistry Clluh t'fJIIlIJIl'U'KI il xt-ry inte-rw-Ntirmu tx xwll tu 1'cIuc':1t1m11tI x1'411'. Svvvrztl IZISVIIIQIIIIIQ vxp4'1'Il1n'x1tx xwrn- IJt'I'IflI'III1'CI hx' 1 Iuh IIll'IIlIN'I'S gmt chr- IIIVVIIIIQN. prming tw tht- 1l1r'1r1Imv1'sz1gztiI1 that wld wzxyixxg. 'Nt-s'i11g is I!l'IIl'XIIlQ.H Hug' 41, tht- plub um IIIIN wxlr. tlllllt' ll If-xv ul ltx IllK'IIlI7l'l'N Immd tum- tn IJLlI'lll'lIJilI4' m tht' Studvrlt Igxlvnt Shun. In th'- I1II tht- ClI1r'rnist1'y Clluh. with Cl.S.I'I.. -IUl1I'lIl'Yl'CI to S1111 I"1z1r1m'ism'rv MII:-rv th'-5 xixitm-cl tht' NIIINVIIIII HI' 'YLIUIIHII St'ir'r1c'r'4xl1tI 1I1-'I-xt-itinff I,IllIll'lklI'Il1Ill. .-Xt tht'I-Im-ui'tht-um-1111-Kiln-mixmCllttlmfliu-1-X.tml 5 , 1 IIl1'IIIIll'l'N VUIIICI Nirlvvtvlx' mx' that "CI1c'1rlist1'x' Wm I"un.', Ron' I S. I.zxr'mr1, S. IIouk, S. Urtfm, W'c'ndlz1nd, B. iICJIf'Y-Dl1l'Ii, I.. SllQII'JIIHlt, I'. II:nlc-, fl. klnrlsn-rl, I'. Ilinu. NI. I'1lll'lIIlU, K. Multi, F. KllI'XfPIll'D, G. Burhour, -I. Swanson, .-X. Burtl:-son Nou' Il R. Iilrod, NI. Qlmylv, KI. Ronlzmuwitv, R. Stmvlms, C. jurirh, NI. Polzt, Justin, ll, 'I'uwntzu, I'. IILIIISVII U. Pivrrr-, Dlly, R. fIIIlEl'Il'Il, Millvtt, B. 1.4111211111-c'Iif'1', R, Hofmmm D l I 011' Ill I. Igxllm-1'. M. IJIVIIIIIIH, CI. fLe'muhty, C P, IIIIIOIIIHS, W'ittc-111111, N. Rim, D. Wt-ir, I. Rane-r1s4'1':xft, B. Bridgv, I :xIlLIl'I'SOIl, IJ, Brouun. IJ. I,vznr, S, xIt'I'!f'7, N. I'mwrs, I-I, Kzurm-my R. I,l'df'Ik5UII ou' IV NIV. Clouuhlun. Kirk, X, Furhush, Y. :Xlstt'l'. K. I-Ioc'I-zuhout, Dart. fl. Williams, .-X. Ilzxrullxznki. If. ima, .-Xwzxlt, I.. 'I'l1n-lvn, ll. De-xt:-r, R. ixIldl'K'XV, G. Day, B. Wvulton, R. Dulhy How I-D. Rc-a, E, Lindahl, C. Fritzlcr, P. Hale, S. Nichols, J. Soda-rlund, E. Lima Row II-B. Williams, M. Furuno, J. Aasum, C. Fla-Lchr-r, B. Hoisineton, A. Haramaki The lVomcn's Block A did much this past year to promote- thc Spirit and cnthusiasm shown at our gamcs. 'l'hc colorful pom poms and school dccals which thc girls Sold wcrc cvidcncc of this fact. Woxncn's Block A sponsorcd a studcnt body mccting in thc fall of '52 and again hrought thc Gad-a- Bouts to thc portals of AHS, A progrf-:Qiw dinnf-r waQ he-lcl for tht' incoming mc-mhcrs during which thcy wcrc- formally acccptcd into tht- organization. 'lihc lN'omcn'S Block A had two ncw sponsors the last tcrm. Rliss Janis Botts and Miss -It-annv Marshall. who had many finc idm-as for intn-resting activitics for thc Block A. Ihr- ofhcr-rs and sponsors workcd vcry hard to makz- tht- yr-ar of l95fl a vm-ry succcss- ful one for thc lYOIIlt'II,S Block A. Ron' I---J. Sodcrlund, S. Nichols, P. Hale, E. Lindahl Row II-C. Fritzlf-r, G. Fletcher, B. Hoisinzton, D. Rea FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS President President Claudia Fritzlc-r ,Ican Sods-rlund Vice-President Vice-President Gail Fl:-tchcr Sally Nichols Reeording Seeretary Recording Secretary Barbara Hoismgton Pat Hale Financial Secretary lfinanrial Secretari Pat Halc Liam- Froercr SBVIEBGYLI-HI-Alllll Sergeant-at-Armi Donna Rea Ellen Lindahl 132 I".-XLI. OFFICII-ZRS SPRING OFFICERS Prfvirlent President DZIII' Rvno Snninis' Hitrhf-r Vice-Prexidenf Vife-President Samrny Hitrhe-r Isiah Thomas lferording Sefrelniy Refording Secretary Paul Tri-nto 'Iiom Lubbork lfinnncirzl SFClFfllII' l"inr1ncinISenelf1r'y Gordon Dupri-v .uh Harold Marks-nzir' Sfrlgefznl-fit-,-Irnii , , ' ' .S'e'rger1nl-at-Arnzs Daw- Niadison ' ' 'M' " 1' Louif' Chianvsc Rmb I D. R4-no, S. IIitc'hr-r Ron' ll 'If I,l1lvlmm'lx, I. UIAIIUIIIZIS, II. NIM lwnlif- Razz' Ill fl. Iliipn-v, P. Ir:-nto, I7. Madison, I,, Clliiznirsf L'ndr'r thc' lvzidm-rship of pn-sid:-nts Dali- R1-no and Szini IIilm'hc'r. the- BI:-n's lilork A roiiiplvtvd 21 wry SIIKTPSSI-lll yvzir. 'lihr' NL-n's Iilovk .PX has hm-n 21 trziditionzil vluh in A.H.S. for 11 numhvr of years. and with thi- :iid of the-ir nr-xv fzirlilty advisor. Mr. Caldvr I'I4iym-s. thnx rluh was zihlm- to promote thr- Qood sportsmanship and athle-tic prom-ss for whirh .AX.II.S. has de-ve-lopcd surh za widvsprvad rvputa- tion. Row I S. Hzirpvr, 'If B1-zilorv, 'If Swishvr, I.. Brzlrkins, H, Munn, S. Hitc'hc'r, IQ. Duprm-, 'If Luhhork, B. Lah- lnann, Cloffvv, Y. Owvns. .-X. Clortr-1, D. Childs, R, Brown, I.. Clhizinwsr- Row II I.. Mason, Murdork, B. Ilr-yn, II. xI2IlII'i1'I'lZIi',IJ. Rvno, P. 'IiI'1'IlUP,fi. Morr-us, W. Ilzwis, G. S2lllI'ldf'Y'S, I Harp:-r. B. Mason Rnu' Ill- 'ML Ilziyvs, johnson, B. johnson, G. I,onganvc'kc'r, 'If Santos, Cl. Ihorton, I, Ihonizis, G. 'I'ahlr'r, H. Urnnsky, Grimm, .X. Burtlsson, Mr. Sovolofskx' Rau' IV II. Laundry, .-X. LHHV, G. Skvlls, .X. Iluppv, K. Noriyf-, jmkson, IJ. Ross. D. Madison, L. Rom-rs, L. Bakrr, H. 'I'urnc'r, B. Boriino, Mc'NI11lIin. II. .Xhlluorn 133 'x El""'f"T."fP'fff3""5?'K"'N' f- I,,,,..,-5-,vp-.,?, 'fQj'ffg'---MN-m-f-'------"""'i, Q5 """"""'"""'I"""f"".."""'JP ,..-....,,,,- -Kff.I""N":f"f:::wqgg,':v"' "-' ix X' ,-Nr'-"M 0 --"' ,???':f.H. PM---W"'--',"' ' 1 'V 5 """',2"""' .55 ' ' "- 0 --- S . - y , Z fn, ,f . ..,f 1. .J ,-f. Q. .. - , .A . . '. -. 'V' X P x .. f . Y- ' , .' - .sa - fn .,. D 1 ' Q 7 . .f 1 - - B-. , ,xx ,fI, , II, , ,I I , , I YII,.II .II I J , ,, II, 5' ff-II I, II . ,. 5 1. IN I. IIIIXI if In ,III If I,..I MCI. I.I WIA- ,I -.,, I I FIJI it I , II IIAV . IL , 1 vi wt, ' ' ' -x rm . 5-1 f E 1 X - f ,' -A -- . ,f -. - - N -Az -. N- -' z 1 - , 1 :f 1 J. - ' . - Cf, fx.,LI2?N: ff' - ' -, -X . ""- ,al ff 1 : .1 . 1 -- 1- - - H . . 1 1 -'.,1 Y- -. 2 ' ' " ' ,'5 . J 1. . . '- 11-I,-'I .jgjf '-,I 1' A wwf- 1 2 I, x 1 ' . 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Cowart AUDITORIIQM S'l'AFl" Rau' IP- L. Pvdvrson, R. Ward, E. 'l'nylm', R. Andrf-w, R. Pr-dr-rson, L. Cole-r-Dark, D. Mr- Bridv, G. Paym- Row II-B. P1-rata, P. Lundhz-ru, R. Mn'N1-ill, R. Hofmann, Mr. Shribf-r, A. Mcloy, A. Kina. I.. Kirwan Row 111 -D. Olson. D. Harris, R. Prado, P. Gvnr-rc-ux, E. Watt:-rs, R. Powrrs, R. Dirkon. R. Goodman, R. Cochran Roar IV-V C. HnQr'rl'mumPr, R. Buitinqe-r, 'lf Wlllll2lIllS, P. Hull-r, D. WV:-sslinu, R. Stnunuro, I.. Hatfh, R. Lofstrzunrl, C. Fvrrir-r, M. Hamilton C IA F FTERIA STAFF Row I-D. Campbell, I. Ravcnscraft. E. Bras- sard, E. Swishvr, M. Ruspini Row II-E. Mclllara, Y. MCShanv, E. Wriuht Row 111-E. Cnuqhlan, L. Xiarrh, B. YVhf'lan Hou' IV--I. Scott, B. Powrrs, B. Mcliwinu. F. Mason M. tl L MJ Rox' I Y. L1-1-, S, xNllllt'l'. Rohm-rts, fi. Blvdsof-. L. San . ivolas, . . l'rr-yillo, R. Brooks, Carroll, R. Santos, S, Li:-hrr, K. VV:illm-r, 'lf Rzmvh, Y. Quint:-ll, Pzitrivk, D. Thau, fx. Bottvnillvr, R. Elrod Rust' ll' D. Costas. L, .XlllDQf'l', C, Hoqlund, L. Clrzlvvn, Camp, B. Thomas, 'l'r'rpr'ninu, Clzinlp, R, Lof- strzind, B. Putt:-n. .X. Bvlluomini. Butlvr, Cinnphcfll, .-X. Goldvn, P. Whitt-, L. Espinolzi ,QOH Il1fMr. Hull, Kirhy, S. Prirv, H. Karvonvn, E, Danhous, P. Davis, N. Rivas, B. Bowman, Nvwton, Knowlrs. Bl. Lf-wis. CI. Crt-iq. A. Li-1-, N, Knight, L. Nunnlr-y, D. Sowvns, .X. Fit-lds ffmi' IV -S. Mzilonc-y, D. Craig, E. Shaw, F. 'liZlYl0lx, A. Bignonc-, R. Pvdvrson, R, Frzmris, Wzirv, JZICRSOII, Cl. Mxutildo, QX. Stvinhw-ru, Cf. VVz1llf-r, R. Hamlin, Pvtvrson, D. Smith, Y. Smith, A, .Xllingvr For 21 nuinhvrs of ye-urs 'liri Iota has hr-1-n ont- ol the most important vluhs in .-X.H.S.. inzisnuuh as it has rontinut-cl to promote- tolc-ranvv. lirim-ndship. and good ll-llowship among tht- studs-nts. Following through with the-ir thvmv. 'liri Iotzi udoptvd ll tm-vnagv Polish girl.Zophiz1 Hnrtinzm. who was orphzmvcl in tht- last war. 'l'ht- orgzmizzition was zihlt- to hc- hor fostvi' pzirvnts for ont' yvar hy svnding. with the- ziicl ol othvr rluhs. 5315.410 11 month. This provide-d Zophia with niziny things which she- otlivrwisc- would do without. Thr' vluh hvld intvrvsting and diflivrvnt mvvtings :ind olitvn had outsidt- spvzilwrs as gut-sts. In tht- spring tvrm thc- mvinhcrs vnjoyvd Z1 sut'c'r'ssful pivnit' :tt LiX'm- Oak Park. L'nd1-r tht' vfhcii-nt su- pvrvision of Mr. -Izunvs Hull. tht- cluh ziwoiiiplishcd many wondvrlul things :md prowd again that its principal aim. intffrnzitionzil undvrstanding. was more than rvalizvd. Rau' I Y, Smith. R. Elrod. L. Nunnlry Row II .-X. .Xllinqcr XXIII! c31.'11'ICV:I.lRS SPRING OFI-'IC il'lRS Plfgfdfllf . '7't"ffd?"' xrllln xhngm. Xvrnia Smith :md ' A Judy Nuton I Iii-Pleilldmll Viff-Pzmizlfiil Loir-tm Nunnlry Iowth clump Y . A ,X l I li ggggffll' 1eFf0l'di7ZQSe"f7c"fllIl C Lolzi San Nirolzis 1'l?fZriqi:iS:gl3ij,H"l fznrinfzrzl QPKVFIIIIW ' Lorman Nunnlvy lfzlitor 1 - Riu' YN'allr'r hdllm Donna EW-nton X ' . 4 ii . ff- 2. gs ,. Su, Q"2v'?'sv 4 ,, Q f 3 wifi: 1 1 'J 9 9' A , " wwf W - v m f 1 f, 1 V , ffgvff ':" ' " 1 9 . , ,A 4 1' x X A ' ' " " 'w',.'e v,f.fM,lLM L 7 , V .f m '6 , V , w x Q , M 3 L. .1 v A4 'fi' 7.1 any 4- Y Q'-1 H :ff ,af Y If ,v A ' . 1 , 5 fn 5 fgfjv fm gig! f 5,25 'Q ,J 4 ggi Z f 9 N F Y ' fi' 1 'K fa 1 fx -2' V i Q 'f fa 1 .. ,, , V4 H QV in , E 6 ,ff5a,fj,ff ' c f , ,, T! S' " 7 , l I I 4 'L ,f SJ 53 1 ' 1 Z X4- ...-......L.:.-LA-, .. ff ...-.,w..w M mx ,vmdssmv-Q-5 . . A eu QQ ,N , ,J , v,' .......-.-.,N'wwau-ml: .vw-W.,-ms.---M.--.. -. , H , ...V -'f ,1 ,ny 'J4g5"Si' 1,11 -VW? ,s,1a,,ff?xfimiif WLS 3? QL 5Q34Qf afgQ'g.RW9sf fix' ff' ,., wg-wfmwff, wif, f 5 WT m 33 ff vp K ' f rw - L- ' 5 . , 1. , Q, - ,, 5 , ., ., V- V , f . -9 J' I .lv if-0 g,,l:,. 'Q M -3, fi LK iqmkhaiy 9-' gg'-4 Q .iw :W .,.. X vx Q. NM Q FALL OFFICERS President 'I2lC'l'iIL' Krmslcy Virf-President -Ianr' Crovkc-tt I"inmzfif1ISefretnr1' cifilff' Cudworth lfffflfdiflg Sefretmi Diana Airalc' 1'-I'F5h7I1II71 Captriirz Marcia Staudm- Iwt Sffrgearlt-rl!-Arn1.t Bm' Tollcfson 21111 Serlgerint-rlt-.4rn1.v Sur Hintz Chaplain Lianr' Frorfrvr SPRING OFFICIICRS Prewidfnt Graff' Cludworth Vi1'f-Prfiidfn! Shirlvy Hf'inir'rlv lfinnnrirzl Sffcrflnry Klarria Staudf' Ift'f07I1I7lHSPIVFIIIII Shirlr-x' Dc'Haw'n I'-765111711171 C'apl11z'n llanr' Hvndcrson lt! Sergeant-at-.liznzf Pat Reid Qrzn' SFT-EEKITII-Ut-A7'7II.Y Carol Graham Chaplain Marqiv Flvminfl Rau' IfM. Firming, Hvndvrson, BI. Staudv, C. Ciudworih, S. Hvinin-rlf-, Dr'Hax'c'n, P. Rrid Horn' 11 B. Iollefstm, L. Frm'rr-r, Hintz The' Dianas. a nm-w rhih in A.H.S.. had many intfxrn-sting and varivd avtivitit-5 in 19315. 'l'l1m-luhpr1-- sc-ntvd thru' danvvs during thc- yvar: "St'arm'ruw Sc'ra1nhlm'.', "lJouhh- Dutch" and thvir annual for- mal danvv which was ht-ld in liay. Among othvr numerous activitivs. thx' vluh wvnt iw'-skating and hvld a pot lurk dinnvr for their parvnts. 'l'hs- offirvrs of both tvrms worlufl c'xc'vptimially hard to inalu- thvir first ycar in A.H.S. outstanding. R011 lf.-X. Hauuvn. F. Hazard, P. Cummins, Ci. Mark, P. .Xrc'hinul, P. R1-id, HC'IlIlt'l'll', ll. Brvntoii, G. Cud- worth, M. Doumitt, C. May, G. Gilbc-rt, J. She-rwy, B. Toll:-fson Rou' II- S. Randall, T. Mc'D0nnc'll, A. Ratto, B, Svarc, R. Dowvn, .X. W'illiams, S. jafohs, .X. Ulixera, S. Hint7, J. Andf-rson, J. Campbt-ll, M. Staudc, L. Frovrc-r, P. Lahmann, S. Dr-Haw-n Row III-S. Ingold, S. Major, K. Rornanoil, L. Silva, S. Larron, S. Orton, J. Hs-ndcison, j. Dart, M. Flc-ming, H. Brimer, K. Kohut, B, Mullrr, S. Biggart, G. Watvrlow Rau' IV-S. Turn:-r, C. Nfoody, Wittvnau, 'I'urnf'r, S. Dowd, S. Hook, D. Hofmann, B. Barhis, CI, M4'Dow0ll, B. Bucrhner, S. Srhulzv, C. Ge-raghty, L. Cattron, Starr, M. Sholz 138 .-Xl.l. Ol' I' ICIHRS li! -S147gQ'l1Vlf-flf-:IIHIA lima' I ff-' P. Lovr, B. INanlz'ss, B. Str-W-ns, S. Brown, C. Fodrini, NI. Shultis, Dufour, Y. Brrnardi, C. Krivns, Parsons limi' II S. Ilwlu-1', Girwood, Cohn-n, W. Jones, R. I'lI'2lHl'li, Mzinuuin, ll. Nolmlv, CI. K1-rnplc-, C. Dyf-, li. Curr Hou' Ill Ii. 'l'z1ylm', KI. wl1'l'Ill'I', S. Hopkins, NI. Qnuylv, S. -Ivnsvn, Cl. IJr'Mz'n. K. lirowm-ll, M. R1-nfro, .X. VN'ut- l'n1l.lZ. .Xslin Hoff' II' KI. llorkini. Nriinnn, S. 'llay-lor, A. flz1lln'z1itl1,K. Krznissr, l'.l1m'dw4-ll.f9. Willianns, .X. King, K.Iizmv1-- linu, I.. lnlnntl, ff. 'l'ilcl1-SIU 'llim' ID1-ltlivnilxns xpmisrm-cl two CIZIIIVVS lm' thx' inf-niluvrs and tlivir clntvs. In tlu' lull thc- girls pn-se'11tm'd "Lights Outn and in tht- spring "Bunny Hop." Cr-ln-brzxting tlivir twm-:ity-sf-x'v11tli hirtliclay. tlim- llvlthvn- inns lic-ld 21 closvd Cliillfi' at thai Hotvl Clarvxnont. Ihr' oflicvrs and IIIVIIIIXTS wmks-d togr-tlivr tn nizikr- tlif-ir first yvzir at .-X.H.S. one' to I'l'IIlCIIll'N'I' for many yvars to COIIIV. I Hmm' I' .X. Kina. Y. Bt'1'fl2ll'dl. G. IVIIIIQIIIIS, P. Czxrdwvll. S. Cohvn Rim Il --C. Dwg Parsons. K. Krznissv. CI, lfodrini, NI. Shultis, B. S M. Qunvlv 1'1.1'xHfr'7If lluclx .xllhlllll IYI1 1'-Plfillffrli' I74n1r1.i'l'gix'lnl' m ' ' fxe'1'fvifli11g.Ne'Ne'frli Clnrnlvn Fodrini I'IlIfIl1!'ZilIl Sfrlrtfzr Claw' QIIZIIISIIIIYFI' Yii'uiniz1Bv1'n:xrdi nfl Sfigg11rzt-11?-:linr., Sur' Brown S4-11'ln' Xlnrilxn Slinltis SPRING Ul'l"liIlCRS f'uw1fIe'r1l Gm-n Williams I'iz'r-Prexiflfrzl Chiu' cll2lllSIllIll'l' lfu'mdz'ng Sf'ts7'l'lIl7l Xvlfllillfi Bcrnardi l"l-Illlllfl-fll Sefretml Pat Czirdwvll lit SFIQFIIIZI-l1f','I777li Kay Krznissv 2711i Seigmnt-111-Arrm Gloria Dyr- Srribr Sxlx in Colivn Row I- F. Wilk, J. Millvtt, D. Sousa, H. Bi-rg, D. Hawv, R. Born, F. Castaldo, CI. D1-xtm-r, X. Burtlu-son, R. Longman Row II--V L. Yr-lasqur-2, R. Nrwton, J. McDonald, .-X. Happc, B. Ross, S. Briggs, B. Good, R. Estvs, R. Bullork, T. Lohr Row III---R. Spadoni, P. Stanz, D. Brvnton, D. Ycltmzm, R. Ferrell, K. Rupp, j. Sam-n, B. Toll:-fson, B. Loorz, T. Mvdaglia Roar' IV'--R. Elrod, Pvivrs, Franvis, Ii. Paxton, G. Nieman, M. Nvwvll, R. H2ll'liIll'iS, R. VVr'1'i11zu'k, L. T'l0llil11ilH, D.Ro:1rh, C. Wood Thi' Alvathvan vlub has Il n11'1nl'mr'rship of forty boys who mort at thi' hom:-s of diflivrviit nivnihc-rs oncc- a we-vk. Thx' club had many avtivitic-s this yvar. In this fall tvrm the- .'Xla'atlie-ans prvsvntvd the-ir annual "Salt XN'a1c-r Shagw hold at thx' Advlphian Club. Both spring and fall oHiw'r'rs did nn outstand- ing job in fulfilling thvir offiu-s. FALL OFFICERS 4 Prexiden! Tvd Lohr Vin'-Prefideizf Ron Longman lfcfordirzlg .S'ffr'rtf1H' Frvd Castaldo 1'i1ilZlI71l'llll Sfrretrzry Bob Good SFVQFIITIY-llf-AIVIIK Gary VYood .Klan Happf- IVIIIIIFII Tom Mrdaglia 0 Raw 1-- T. NI:-daglia, G. VVood, T. Lohr, R. LUIIUIIIZIII. l". 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Saunders, A. Happe, C. Bruee, K. Noriye, L. Mason, J. John- son, B. Johnson, R. Stefani, R. Brown, D. Madison, Mr. Millett Row IV7H. Ahlborn, L. Baker, A. Lane, J. Griffin, H. Mackenzie, P. Trento, T. Swisher, H. Mann, T. Santos, B. Carmignzmi, D. Ross, Mr. Soeolofsky VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1953 grid season was ushered in with Alanweda High hoasting one of its heaviest and most ex:- perieneed lines in recent years. The line was anehored with returning veterans Paul Trento, Dale Reno. James Coffee. Dave Madison. and Bob Carmingnani. Harold Bfaekenzie and Ron Stefani. the best of the Junior Varsity linemen. rounded out the defense. In the baeklield were veterans Gordy Dupree and Ted Swisher with Leotis Hunter and Levi Mason adding the needed speed. As has hefallen all Alameda teams in reeent years, injuries Cut deep into the plans of Coaeh Soeolof- sky-this faetor Causing his well-planned attaek to bog down. Fighting. often with terrific handieaps. the Hornets gained mueh honor around the league by giving the highly vaunted Richmond Oilers a seare, when on a freezing. windhlown night the Hornets fought the Oilers in a thrilling Contest that ended with the score. lfi to 9. As the veterans dropped by the wayside because of injuries. many boys without varsity experience were foreed into play and boys like Robbie Brown, Dick Childs. Whitey Thornton, Charlie Bruee. Harvey Oransky. and Henry Landry showed promise of things to Come. While laeking the knowledge that Comes with experience. they showed the Courage and aggressiveness that is needed for a strong and winning team. By Carrying eighteen sophomores, Coaeh Soeolofsky developed a team that can he expeeted to Carry on the tradition of the fighting teams that Alameda and Coaeh Socolofsky have produeed. lht- stands art- t-inpty: tht- last showt-r has ht-t-n tnrnt-tl oil: tht- lotltt-r room is xatant: thc hattlt- uni forrn has ht-t-n put away: anotht-r war of tht- t'ot.1,hall giants has tornt- to an ahrnpt t-nd. and with tht' passing of tht- gala holiday spirit that at-t-oxnpanit-s tht- rt-x-it-x-.'inQ of tht- Qladiators in tht- pitt-h of hat- tlt-. Qot-s tht- t'oat'h of tht- .Xlarnt-da High Sthool Hornt-ts. Clharlt-s Sot-ololslty. .Mitt-r t-ight yt-ars of tht lioothall wars at .Xl-IS.. "Stu", is liortt-d to tall a trnt t- sintt- pt-rsonal hnsint-ss dt-inands his prvst-nf: in his hotnt- statt- ol Kansas. XYhilt- liihtinq in tht- ranks of tht- rnost powt-rful ltutgnt- in Noi-tht-rn Clalilornia. "Sot-U Villllt' out aht-ad 26 tiint-s in tht- furious hattlt-s that ram-d on tht- tnrl' ol' tht- .X.C2.,X.l,. sthools. llt- droppt-d only fiftt-t-n dt-t-isions to tht- t-nt-rnv. whilt- six t-ndt-d with tht- gotl ol' war nntlt-titlt-cl. 'l'ht-st- t-nt-ountt-rs nt-t- tt-d "Sot-', a total of 728 points as against -l7fl lor tht- opposing gt-nt-rals. Coat-h Stwololslty did not rt-strit-t his talt-nt only to tht- gridiron. httaust- in tht- olli-st-ason ht- t'oat'ht-tl tht- t-lass li tratk tt-atn and prodntt-tl somt- ol tht- lint-st t-indt-rrnt-n in tht- statt-. ln 1951. "Sot-'sn li rt-lay tt-ani xton tht- North Coast titlt-. Xnd so with tht- rolling ol' tht- drlnns. wt- ol' gxllllllilill lligh Svhool hid liart-wt-ll to ont- of tht' lint-s nit-n t-vt-r to pass through tht- portals ol' this institution. ln tht- lilitt-t-n yt-ars "Stu-3' has ht-t-n a t'oat'h. ht has tnadt- inany frit-nds. all ol' whoin art' sorry lUNl'l'i1llIl lt-aw tlit- 1'0LH'hlIlQIH'Uiil'i9lflIl l7f'4'2lllSl' in los int' hiin lioothall lost-s ont- ol' its lint-st rt-prt-st-nLativt-s. 5 t Xhovt-: "Sot"' with l'.E. class. Bt-low: "SUCH at honit-. .Xhovt-: "Sot"' at dt-slt. Bttlow: "SUCH in adxisory. Y. l"OO'l'B.Xl.I. Row I-f-T. Golden, L. Litherland, C. Braekins, R. Brown, G. Burk, P. Perata, H. Evans, J. Meuhlbauer, K. Narahara, A. Lewis Row ll--J. Brooks, Boone, A. Aclragna, N. Read, I-'. Wilks, G. Pauline, L. Williams, D. Ken- nadav, J. Howard Ron' III- C. Jans, M. Newell, A. Hoffman, I. Nikolai, R. Singleton, I". Carroll, R. Slam, C. Carlin, J. Peterson, C. Butler, D. Sheriff, Mr. Hayes, W. Arnold FROSH-SOPH I-'OO'IiB.-XI.l. Row I-G. Colman, J. Henry, J. Warren, A. Contraris, B. Lane, T. Weldon, J. Rawley, B. Kysor Rau' II-G. Vivian, F. Forman, G. Miller, P. Monroe, P. Bell, S. Levy Row IIIfD. Middle-sworth, D. Barbis, R. Peterson, D. Maggers, L. Fox, E. Kerr Ron' IV--M. Hunt, B. Estes, B. Mowrv, R. Quinn, G. Bowen JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL L'nder the tutoring ol' Calder Haves. the Junior Hornets promised to earrv on the fine tradition ol good football at A.H.S. Launehing the season as if they were going to set the league afire. the J.V.'s swarmed over all opposition and aeted as if they were not to be denied until several players were ealled up to the varsitv to fill in on that injury-riddled team. 'lihey were finally stopped bv the El Cerrito team. and the rest is history. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL 'Ihe Baby Hornets of Alameda had a rugged season under the eoaehing of Mr. Seott. Many future stars were in the making and valuable experienee was gained bv all. In .Xlamedak new football setup. a bov. even to be kept on the squad. must be a better than average plziver. 'Iihis qualiheation has been adopted in an attempt to build bigger and better teams for the future. i i W ' n 4,-513, 91 , Q B. Weibnlk I , f an 'L B lahmcnn ll Ni- S. Hitcher ,,...-1 fl .,...-f- in Q! I gm JX BASKI-ITBALI. VARSITY BASKIZTBALI, llail thx- K'0IlCilll'I'lIlQ llx-rox-sl lhx- 19.35 Hornx-ts of .-Xlamx-da High hayx- just x'o1nplx-tx,-d thx-ir 111ost sux'x-x-sslul sx-ason sinx-c- Hank .Ionx-s took ovx-r. haxli in 1944. Not only arx- thx-y Alanix-da County Ath- lx-tix- l.x-agux- Chanipions. hut. hx-x'ausx- of thx-ir vit-torir-s in thx- ,li0l1I'I'lZlIl1PI1I of Champions. thx-y rx-ign as l'llIiIllIJlUI1S of Northx-rn California also. Boasting a tx-11111 xml wt-ll-round:-d strx-ngth hut laxlxing in hx-ight and dx-pth. Coax-h .lonx-s xx 21g torx'x-xl to usx- many of thx- illllll' playx-rs during thx- x-ntirx- ffalnt-. Wiillix- Davis. thx- lx-agux-is lx-ading Sl'fWl't'l'. was indispvnsahlx- to thx- tx-a111 on tl1x- floor as wx-ll as in thx- st-oring dx-partnix-nt. Not only was XYillix- thx- lx-agux-'s lx-ading sx'orx-r. hut hx- hrokx- thx- all-time storing rx-x'orcl for thx- 'l'ourna111x-nt of Clhaxnpions as wx-ll. Also hx- was thx- lx-ading sx'orx-r at thx- Chico Round Robin tournatnx-nt in which thx- Hornx-ts plat-x-d sz-t-ond. Sant Hitxhx-r's floor play was unsurpassx-cl i11 prx-p x'irx'lx-s and his storing in thx- x'lutx'l1 kx-ptAla1nx-cla in niany hall 2111111-s. I.ionx-l lirarkinsl shooting. faking. and passing wx-rv supt-rh and l1is x'ontinual harassing ol' opponx-nts Qayx- thx- x-nt-111y littlx- rx-st. lsiah Vlillfllllili. x'allx-d hy many thx- unsung hx-ro of our squad. was so lll1lgIlllll't'Ilt on thx- hatkhoards that 111x-11 who towx-rx-d far ahoyx- hi111 lounxl it difhx-ult to x-ontrol thx- hoards: in l'ax't. llN'I'l' was not onx- ganix- in which an opponx-nt x'x-ntx-r had t'0ITlIJl4'tt' control of thx- haxlxhoards. Sylvx-stx-1' Harpx-r was thx- all-around playx-r that x-yx-ry tx-ani nx-x-ds and oftx-n dx-px-nds on. His passing. shooting. Clrihhling. and all-around play wx-rx- so dx-px-ndahlv that Hank had a hard ti111x- rx-plating hi111 whx-11 l1is oyx'r-agqrx-ssivx-11x-ss t-ausx-d him to foul. 'l'ogx-thx-r. thx-sv hoys liOI'Illt'Cl il lt'z1tIl that was dxfstinx-d to r11lx- thx- prx-p haskx-thall world front l"rx-snxw to thx- Orx-gon hordx-r and from thx- Paxilix' Ox-x-an to thx- Nx-vada linx-. In lK'Z1g'lll' play thx- llornx-ts t-111x-rgx-d with a rx-tord of tx-n yixtorix-s and only two dx-fx-ats. losing only to Rixhniond and El Cx-rritxw and latx-r avx-nging hoth dx-fx-ats. l11 thx- two tournamx-nts in whix-h thx-y partix-ipatx-d. thx-y wo11 x-ight gatnx-s and lost Ollly onx- for a sx-asonal rx-x'ord of twx-nty-six yixtorix-s and six dx-fx-ats. lhx- l93i3 llornx-ts of Alanix-da High Sxhool wx-rv dx-linitx-ly Clliatnpions ol' Clhainpionsl -I l'X IOR Y.-XRSITY B.-XSKIi'l'BAl.I. LillCll'I' thx- tli1'x'-x'tio11 of our nx-xx x'x+ax'l1. Clhuvk l511tlx-1'.thx- H355 Junior llx1r11t'ts had ll most sllx'x'x-ssllll sx-axx111. Thx- llahy llxvrnx-ts txtolx sx-x'xi11d plaxx- 111 tht- 1X.t1..X.I.. JllI1lUl'xi2lfSlly lx-aqux' and plax'x-d IMI! playx-rsx111 tl1x- .Xll- l,lt2iQlll' tx-ani. ln ll'2lLlIll' play thx- llornx-ls x-xunpilx-xl il rx-x'ord ot' x-ight wins and four lossx-s. lfxtr thx- x-11tirx- sx'Ltsxr1l tht-y won llllfllwlwll anxl lost Yf'YI'Il x-11x'x1u11tx-rs. Cfxwaxh liutlx-r. i11 his lirst yx-ar at .Xlanix-da Iliul1.xlx-vx-Ixtpx-xl sx-xx-ral linx- playx-rs. who shoulxl hx-lp thx- xarsity xx-rx lllll1'll 11x-xt xt-ar. Roar IH-R. Lanx-, A. Connor, Kfay, R. Pritx-, D, Losx-x-, R. Elrod Hou' II- Blurdorlx, Hx-ndx-rson, D, Lx-wis, H. Harper H011 III B. Bowfn, C. Butler, E. Rainx-S, NI. Klrflutrhxfon WI fi 97,2 1 - .Jr .Zu 1, 2L3d8iQ lam- gn. NJ g, E' S ZX A. VARSITY TRACK Row I---A. Lcwis, N. R1-ad, H. Evcns, J. Jctt, U. Rccd, I. Alston, L. Yazolino, O. Pic-rrc, D. Andricsc, W, Barncs Row ll B. Thompson, J. Jackson, J. Griffin, T. Morgan, J. Willcr, H. Mann, Y. Uwcns, J. Harpcr, R. Andricsc, L. Mason, R. Cobb Roar' IIIW -Mr. Jollcy, Pcrkins, C. Brucc, D. Ross, H. lviackcnzic, R. Brown, D. Childs, B. Marks, B. Hcyn, A. Lanc, R. Harpcr, Chavez, P. Kaplcr 4 Y 9 '-'-""'- - i B TRACK Row I--J. Hook, D. Hr-ss, R. Hollcrson, C. Davis, H, Huntcr, B. Smith, W. Hydc, R. Pugh, C. Washington Row II-P. B1-ll, A. Baglcy, A. Eichholz, W. Jacobs, R. Dahl, J. Cronin, G. Roblcs, W. Olivcr, T. W1-ldon, D. Mag:-rs, D. Jida Row Ill-Mr. Butler, M. Hunt, R. Jacobson, R. Curtain, F. Baca, D. Lf-wis, K. Sato, R. Petcrson, P. Pr-rata, J. Carl:-tt, K, jon VARSITY TRACK "With a littlc luck thcy can win it.', So goes the prcdiction that Coach Jollcy inakcs about his 19523 Hornct track tcam. Bccausc thc scason is still underway at this writing. it is impossiblc to givc final rcsults. but from pre-season showings and last year's rcsults. it is safe to predict that thc train will bc onc of thc bcst that Coach Jollcy has cvcr produced. Vcry strong on thc cinder paths but lacking sufficicnt strcngth in tht- hcld cvcnts. Alaincda must still rf-ly on thc runncrs for most of thc points. lN'hcn thc final points arc countcd. you can br- surc Alaincda wil bc up ncar thc top in thc vcry strong Alamcda County Athlctic Lcaguc. B TRACK Cndcr thc coaching of Chuck Butlcr. the 1953 Baby Horncts of Alaincda High continuc to cnjog thc farm- thc-5' carncd undcr thc now rctircd Coach Socolofsky. Ve-ry strong at almost all positions. the-y :irc surc to turn in anothcr iinc scason this yt-ar. 'liabbcd as onc of thc bcst class B tcams in Northcrn California last ycar. thcy arc working vt-ry hard at retaining this ncw won fanic. 154 L- if .- --L JVM A .-........a. S 5 ii , , I ' hw-was Q-xx I q , 5 1952 A.C.A.l. TRACK SCORES Berkeley Alameda El Cerriio Richmond Piedmont Hayward 59 49 47Vz 47'A 2895 ISV: 0 ., ,.,.,,ifz A- , L: ,... Ami 1 V My 0 . 1 San Lorenzo Q ,ww , V M, ,,z,. H4 'ff , I 5 z iam 'wk i ' "-' ' .A '-f-Sqn 81,-a ., N, 4 Q fl.. .... M A H , - ' Lf, si. 'Y -ii: It A -fs 4,43 u A .meg g 5 ff N. W. -gui.. Ag' 3.21 gm ,Q X' x 515' 1 y Y "mmf QA, A 1 I .Q r A L 2 Aa 1 il fb x ' . N xl wi f : ,auktww A 3235? Y Nl , 5' Q G K xiii- - AW? f - 34, A , gms. i an-""""0 2 W 1x QM, I Ai"- : I o L, fi? 15 -an-Q-..-.H,.L -vw-4 93.3. ff""""' f,1v-y-W". 5 .45 at AB.-4,15 90 ' , . TENNIS Coach Hank jones predicts that his team will 'gwin its share" of matches in the strong A.C.A.L. League. Knowing the tall Texan's modesty. you Can expert the team to represent Alameda High in line style and as is a custom with Alameda teams, this one will be in there lighting all the way, Lvnder Couch Jones' fine teaching. we know murh valuable experienve will he gained for the future. 'hues M' . TENNIS TEAM Row I-J. Bosch, J. Warren, A. Burtleson Row II-P. Healey, T. Lohr, R. Miramont, R. Spadoni W . . W... wig?-' ' 'iv Left to right-A. Burtleson, J. Conroy, R. Burtleson. Absent from the picture-J, McMullin, Frqneis GOLF Coaeh Lewis Jolley is expected to field a team that should go all the way in the Alameda County Athletic' League this year. With veterans john MCMullin. thc 1953 Northern California junior Cham- pion. Alf Burtleson. and Jael-L Cummins anchoring his team. we don't see how they ran miss. As of this date they have met no opponents but, from last ye-ar's showing. they should be rated at the top. VARSITY GOL1' FALL OFFICERS jean Soderlund Sally Nichols Anne Haramaki Winona Kealoha Eleanor Lima Noreen Westby SPRING OFFICERS Carol Towaia Louise Sugiyania Betty Williams Barbara Bridge Eleanor Lima Anne Haramaki G.A.A. SPOR'l S PROGRAM lin-w Tennis Coaching Badminton 'liournan Archery Golf Horseback Riding Hockey judo and Tumbling Icc Skating Basketball Volleyball Bowling Riflery Spccdaway Bowling ,Roller Skating Folk Dancing Softball 'liennis 'I'ournann-nt Swimming Canoeing Nlodcrn Dancz lVhen girls become high freshmen and have an "A" or "B" in physical education. they are eligible to become members ofthe Girls, Athletic Association. They may express a desire to join the group. Girls are approved by the girls' physical education faculty on the basis of skill and sportsmanship. 'l'herm- is a varied field of sports for girls in the Girls' Athletic Association. Some ol' the sports are available- away from school. The girls taking a team sport receive seventy-live points. 'l'he members of the winning team receive twenty-live extra points. The girls taking an individual sport receive fifty points. Those who are outstanding rcceivc extra points for that sport. Numcrals arc given to the girls on winning teams and to the girls who are outstanding in individual sports. lVhcn a girl accumulates six hundred points. sho may receive a Circle HA." A Winged "A" is pre- sented to any girl who has nine hundred points. When twelve hundred points have been accumulated by any girl. she receives the Block "A" and automatically bccoincs a member ol' the Girls' Block "A" Society. The Girls' Athletic Association elects oflicers and holds business meetings. They have two sales a semester in order to raise money. 'lihcsc sales are the Cookie and Fudge Sale and the Pencil Sale. Nfany social events are enjoyed by the girls. Some of these cvcnts are the G.A. Talent Show, the Play Days with other schools. and the Student Nleeting sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association each term. The semester is climaxed by a Spread. when the numerals and awards are presented. l ff? 1? :Hx 3 W Qxvyi 5 in W ,fi!,f? 1 +r'y Ihr. I X. Bv'II11IIRli. .XHdl'lXUIl. li. Hnimlw NI.1S1fylm, S. ISM l1.iIld. NI. Halt' ll. IS. 151111:-.C .Xxull RMA' II X'..X1rf1'. D..Xkf'1f.Cl,l5f-gncl. S.li4ww1'Il '.. Ihllld. IQ. Bm'111g1r1. K. Br-rm xx , . . . - D, Duty, N. Duvix-N, S. Dmvd, ll. lluwwll, l IJIIIIVIIII , - - - . . Ixmm' Il R.lJ11x'nr1.,l.hin,XN.Ilznnxt.. I'.1'r-nd . . - ... 4 v, In. Illvtmll--1.1- I'r1t1l1-1 Hun' I N. H2lIIlilIUIl. .X, fg1iIldSl1lH, firim D ehzxw, XI, luruuu. I. Hxxlv. lwllltfxlll. bud wood, P. Hinu Ron' 11' L. fQi1IIlUl't'. B. fQlxiII1IlliIlMl'1, P. Hugo fi, HllIIlIIll'I. .X. Hlllklllllllki, U. llkillllll, 5, Flux' HllII1l?1'll.S. I.:nx1-11. S. Hullxdzu. P. I.llhIIlllIlIl Ron 11 X. lv-xmgndx. X. IXIIIMIII. lx. fxlqu, N Jmm. . '11r1f.ff..L14N11.,.A N' . K1-zxluhgx ur I I-.,L.UlL-1-IJ.11lg.M.tmqm, XI. IJ:-X 111-5 'oil I H. Hook, R. iillllllilil. B. howlwlk. sl 1 5 YN' lI11:1l l',NI1lx1-1. .. .1 -, , ,' 1 , I..f'11J1'I', R. I,1111Q. fx. I.111cl, I. XIlf.l11I'X, ,X. NI d1-11111. lx. 1.111111 H1151 Il IJ. L1111-111.11111. lu. l,111d11l1l, R, l.l11' K.. NIg11wl111ll, S.I11u11ld,I7.fNI11d151111.i..NI:1g ,111v1', f. 1' 1' 1 111 S. H1151 I C.. X.11.1h.1111. ll, R111, lu. Rmg 1, Y11l111lx, Ii. I'111'x1f, N1'wl1111. S. Nl1111'x'. R. NI11:111ds, B, P11-1111. M, R:1tt11, M.R1'111111 11'11:1' ll U, xillII.lX,f1. N11l1l1-, 11. N111111l1-xg .X. XI11ll411t, N. l'11w1-1w, ll. Ray. KI, 4P'S11ll1x1111. K x11'11N, -I. R.1111111111-11, XI. 51111111 N11:1 I C1. S1111111111-11l11'1'u1'1', X. R1'11x1a, S. S1 1. 1. . Q 4 1, . . 11111'a. S. S1'clgl1'x, X. Xllllll l S11 IX 11111 l S1 911 11111. S1111l1'1. Il. 51111111 H1111 II S11d1-1'l1111cl, 511111, Sw1111x1111, K Rilllllllllitf, SVIII'llI'1'l'IlIi!Ill1, RlJXX'l'Il. .X. fikll' tm, XI. R1lllXX'l'lll'l' H1111 I fx. I11k.111. lx. xsLllll'l', B. lllll'l', N. ' QQ1 'T WIN. B. YN11xl1111ul1111. B. I1-111, L.. X1-111111 Q.. I11w.1t.1 l311:1 ll W1111l1-11, lx. ltvlllpllkh. I,. X 1'1d111l1. BEY., .. ,. . ., S1ll1.1111N. I.. l.11l111'. C., S1-u1'1'11111NI, S. X1-1'g1-1, X. XN,1'slf-.Ill 40 nn , . ., Vi. s, , K. . 5,-'mf I. Q f :M - -111115 ,JI , ,V ,'!f'f"' , . .ffjp 'dim- . f' .ffffltliv r-f .. :,- -L ,af 54.1 ,. .4 rl ' - . fav if f f ,'.v.,1f!7,-V-1 Af f . . .,f,-. , ., 1'.1 e2PL?'-? ,.-44 0115 , .1432 , .. .,., .qwwf me , 'F' 541,11 .A , 4 A ' ' v , - , I , Ilif f ,.y- 1,5-8 :..3,- " ' -.Vg ,-1 -, X f , kg + . ,jji"f:5ff,3- -. 51:3-:gy if 1 , J -af 1 in ,2'fL5521f3Q ,n P " 4 ' b :fi-w'+:-"' .1 ref W - - V 'ff '4",51.-f 1.- , J., 3.1, 7.1. ,f nge' -1 ' is-V-QPF' ,v QE ,sag M- J' F4 rm 1 Fm V-L3 , A 1 4' ' Lf"Qf-ffffisff-+ if -Y, 5.1, z., flvff-1-H ' 'ww fm' 4,932 E 5-if Ugg,a'gzgf.wr-14-.r 1, , - -af., "Mu 'LW' 'vw' , - -, ' W 5-4""L.' ' -- .iff 'E N 'a"" , u-,irflifitqayi-xvg. QV: 5 fl vw'l." P' '- 11.2 ,Q-1 , . . H 1 , ww afu.1zf1Av.+. ., ,, Riff: ffzNE.?'?F":,,z- '-.'-'flgii' 1 f f' - 1' 1 ' f Q f zu -.Q-,'--,QV-N1 -LCA M ' .-fm.: :-rf '- -:kj-' -.--Asmgfs A :::5f3'.-.-g.:v:sA.9,a . . I-zijggi ,'.1f.f?K'3',1.Xj-ffik 'f -f'vJ'4'?i9?i-"-35725 ' pw ff.Qf?r-332,22 'auf 1:2 47 5 V I .,,.,,. , M. :Ny M-gwgvg-.. -4 . - --'Fa wf : .f 1 '?i5?,7p'1iff5,'ii'm '1tf'i.Fi-f3Ei-F:'- fflfxlf .ph -- ' QL!v.,p,:, L-Y.f,2,-.,, -,,'f,y L , W lx 1 A V 400 U-A U5 3 . nw f,- : X :QA 'rg' X ' -F1 ,221 vw " L' x li' 'V .. -' ,,7x,. Q YH l f' ,x,U f5,j -K A 1 it g " ,gl-'Y ' V ' ,952 'ig Q' W., A . .Sf w-. A J, .V ' viii: v k' 'ill 3 -1 . ,":l".X . f ' -f ,g1'f'3. ., 'QL' f f OM yea ,I QCIC 64 R016 IlNS'I RLCFIURS t I ld L N11 NI S t jam ph YN llkrr SLI Nilll nd H1ldlSCJIl C Xin d Illnien 1 C 1 N , 1 lllllfll IDIXISIOII 0 ll m Q O IIN 11 1111 ll Ji I tl11 su N Xxmx st nfl 1lt14h1dlOlh1Sl1I11t md m supp I R4 UU II' III X KIUIIJHII Ill 1 Nt 1X 1 i0l1Ild1tl0Il oi lntclllgcnt lltlltI'1S IIN 1111 dm 111 U x II 111 to hun shou 1 x th: L mtr d St 1 Q N KN lp I Ill ex '11 '1 ic '1 so 1'1s in it 1-ight A 'sifvrntvd '18 11 ll1lI"lI'Y 'f ' , V i ' ' " 'I fo' thi' posit' s 4' "1d -I OHS 'm-rx wl 1' '1 ' " 0 RL .'l'.C1. STA 1" F 1 111' K, fx u 7, . '1fOt'l'l'l K. Riu' ou ll . Q' 1-15011 .- . q . fUH'n1:1r1, I.Lv ins:-r B. XN'yslinL, ff Puvru- Phil Colw, Com Company A Ccmlpany B 'Z I? ,fs M. CADI'1T CAPTAINS fmrzli' A Bob W'ilson, Comprzrzy I3 Boll Pr-rata, Crmzjzrirzri If jon Sum-n, Bnnfl -'-wav'-qwo Row1fR. Prz1d0,G, Fc-rric'r, L, Clolvr-Dark, R, B2llIll1Q!'l', R. Yin, R. Divkon, Brandt, P. Euli-ig R. Brcwvr, R. Andre-w, R. Dalby, L. Blyth Row II--P. Cfolw, H1'ndf'rs0n, 'lf Fcvwnmn, L. Burm. R. .XIlill'I'SOD, R. Cloning R. Bziinri. Doc-hlvr, CI. Hyzvr, E. Hord, Bounc- Rouf 111 R, Rutlc-y, B, W'allon, R, cifflllllly VV. Burkliurt, R. lIm'h1'z1n, ,X. Iluilv, .Xriclviwori A. Bvrry, B. Erwin, Hoopvr, KA-lly, B, tll'Utlll'1'5, llvtrivk Hou' I--B. YVils0n, S. Turf-r, D. Xlc'Bride, M, Hamilton. WV. Lvnhi-im. YY. Jnvohs, CI. Murray. L- Kcriwan, R. Powvrs, M. Lvarli, Fornvy, R. Mvliwinu, C. Lu-, L. Nlunshowvr, R. Nwthvrwood Ron' 11-D. Lundlwrfl, Crowdus, P. Cc'nvx'r-ux. I.. Hinlxlv, B. Nlvtynm-r, CI, Pl0in!l"'H. H- Orzlnskv, D, Izard, L. Hatrh, R. Goodman. CL. xIC'DClIllllCl, E. Munshowm-r. E. Knopf, R. Mills Rozy Ifl B. Bogus. .X. King. D. Harris, R. Housf-. P. Kovniu. J. Knapp, G. H1l2'fxTlT1lllI1lf'l'. B- Onklcy, R. Lofstrnnd. D. Mitvh:-ll. M. I4lllllll5IlI'Y, G. Muirison Y lu fu llf SWORD AND SHllZl.lJ liilKXI ' " " " " ' nz . . ultl. l,. l'i'rw1m', B. lu!v-1', lx. Rilr-y, S. ll1I"l'. 5- uf'SIlU'. ff- l5l'f'l1U'll limi II L. Pr'clr'1'smi..X. .Xlliiiumg B. Wysliiiu. Ci. l':aylw, B. Wilson, B. l,l'I'2llil, cll'OXYLlK15 'VM1 7 NOX-CCHS limi I- fR. .Xndrs-w, l'. Cil'l'll'I'4'LlX, R. I'111do.Cl. llIl!L'I'l72ll1II11'l', R. Nr-tliwwuocl, D. Olson, R. Mills lx. 'l11'IlI1lf'1', P. Eulm-1'. L, Colm'-Dzii'k 1:1 II---R. Wlird, lf. 'liziyloiy X, Mn-lm, .X. Kina, lflillllilillld, D. VYQ-sslinu, R. ciOl'h1ilI1, fl llioiiizis, L. Kirwan. KI. Lvnl vii III -D. XIc'B1'idf-. R. ljl'd!'lxSfWIl. R. Builinuvr. C. l'-I'l'X'll'l', R, XN'hm'lvi', R. Goodiiizm, R I vfatixmd. D. Hziiri-. 'lf Williams Ii fri II' CL. Mryiix. Gillixnii. R. l'uw11x, NI. xxvll1'wlllUll, R. Uicilmii, R. Sluuiinru, I.. llzitmli nn Ill R. N11 Nvill. ll. I.v':n', CI. N11-gill. B. Boggs. P. Luiidlme-ru, B. Wlxltcmii, R. Rutl1'y,G. Mzutiii 2' u I if C 'H ,V I5 J-UE4f " fl' if' ,WWF A,-f' ...- IV f me w rm M' fb f ai My . , . . .. ,Jw- .w'L.,- . -4.4 -,LVL-" 5. 7 TH N . . . to Mr. Bryan whose help and advice proved invaluable. . . .to Mr. Thurlow and Miss Prichard of California Art St Engraving Co. for their assistance with artistic design and for providing answers to our endless stream of questions. . . . to Mr. and Mrs. Penny of Hartsook Studio for the excellent photography and unfailing co- operation. . . . to Mr. Retchin of S. K. Smith and Co. who helped select our cover. . . . to M r. Kennedy, Mr. Morrison and M r. Shaw of the Times-Star Press who have composed and printed the entire book, and especially for their understanding and co-operation. . . . to Mrs. Hall and the office staff for their patience and aid. . . . to Mrs. Hoeksema and the Counsellors for the use of their ofhce facilities. . . . to Miss Powers and the Oak Leaf Staff for the wonderful publicity throughout the year. . . . to Mrs. Berry and her office practice classes for the many requests for mimeographing. . . . to Miss Reichmuth for her helpful advice and for advertising supplies. . . . to Dr. Vigness for contributing the dedication! . . . to Barbara Bridge, Ann Haugen and Ed Wundrum for eir help in editing copy. . . . to Carol Mack for her untiring effort in helping to type the reams of copy. . . . to the class of June ,52 for their generous gift. . . . to all the factulty and students for their help with copy and picture identification. ERTISEMENTS "A good turn deserves another" is a time-honored adage which the staff eon- siders appropriate for consideration at this time. You have enjoyed your bookg your staff has enjoyed bringing it to you. Now, as you leaf through the remaining pages, remember the individuals and firms who have contributed a great deal to the success of this book by the purchase of advertising spaee. They have supported usg now let's support them. The next time you are near one of these firms, drop in, look around, say "hello," and thank them, as we do. CONGRATULATIONS TO T STAFF . .. fx N Y bl gh IAXQ li' THE PAPER AND PAINT SPOT ,I QUALITY WALL PAPER WINDOW SHADES A KEYS , fClPIlNT P I F! SPECIAL DISCOUNT A I N T S ' - . Il- V FOR EVERY PURPOSE , THEIR FAMILIES SI DevRIES OLYMPIC 3-0986 KEN DeVRIES 5025 TELEGRAPH AVE 7 Joan MacWilliams FEBRUARY '51 A X fs' Yell Leader and Vice President A.S.A.H.S. To particular young women, like Joan, Pacific Telephone offers a variety of interesting occupations. Joan started in the Accounting Department in March, 1951, and since that date has had t1ve different assignments, and regularly scheduled and promotional increases. If you are planning to enter the business world, discuss the oppor- tunities offered at our employment office. PACIFIC TELEPHCNE J.-uf! eL.ec1xua:rY IS CHEAP IN ALAMEDA ,'- - FAX In Planning Your Future Home . . . T Make Geokiflgfa Pleasure-by Including ,QJOIL A MODERN ,QAM A Greater Use ofElec-t-Fic-ity Means a Better Way of Lite .ft-.-,0.Q.....lf-A DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC S ' CITY OF ALAMEDA P.O. DrawerSH, 2440 Santa Clara Avenue LA. 2-74'I'I ,wud " CAMISA BROS. Established 1931 ROOFING ' SHEET METAL ' HEATING FRASER GAS FURNACES ' CERTAIN-TEED ROOFING T901 BROADWAY LA. 2-7266 GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF T953 GENSLER-LEE 0 ' ...... DIAMOND SPECIALISTS DRHPERIES Diamond Rings ' Watches T528 PARK STREET LA. 3-7073 T359 Park Street LA. 2-4686 Congratuiations to the CLASS OF JUNE I953 and to the Editorial Staff for such a fine book from ALAMEDA RADIO AND TELEVISION ALAMEDA'S TELEVISION CENTER SALES AND SERVICE ON ALL RADIO TELEVISION TELEVISION IS GOOD WHEN ITS 2524 SANTA CI-ARA SYLVANIA - HOFFMAN PHILCO PACKARD BELL LA. 3-3481 wEsIINOHOusE Our Cong T H E ratulations and Very Best Wishes to the A P , , from BANKS IN ALAMEDA 92446 ALAMEDA CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION 1' ' I Shop Phone LA. 2-1146 Res. Phone LA. 2-8650 ERNIE'S APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE SALES AND SERVICING ALL HOME APPLIANCES PICK-UP AND DELIVERY ' "STUDENT RATES" 2170 Encinal Aveune, Alameda Ernie C. Littler, Owner Congratulations and Best Wishes from RALPH ARCHINAL ALAMEDA TYPEWRITER COMPANY 2309 SANTA CLARA AVE. ' ALAMEDA ' LAkehurst 2-4921 FOR FLOWERS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY CALL V fi K 1,3-L JOHN S. I I Alameda's Finest Flower Shop .- at 2305 Santa Clara Ave. Modern Creations - Styled by John Alameda High Alumnus 2305 Santa Clara Avenue LAQ.+Q14 1' f f" "' s L C CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Fmm INSURANLE and DICK THUNDER p DICK GROVES Owner REAL ESTATE Mgr. Insurance Dept. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Serving Alameda Since 1874 1438 PARK STREET LA. 3-2020 CODIGA MOTORS LINCOLN and MERCURY SALES and SERVICE LA. 2-4617 1825 PARK STREET Students like Shirley ond Jamie buy their clothes ct . . . OLGA ADAMS DRESS SHOP ll- I425 PARK STREET PHONE ALAMEDA LA. 3-7373 Shirley, Joan cmd Ginger like . . . H O O P E R ' S CHOCOLATES CHEWS - CREAMS 'I4OI PARK STREET PHONE ALAMEDA LA. 3-4050 Compliments of Lady Es+I1er's Pas'rry Shop PERSONALIZED EFFORTS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS 'I409Ifi Park Street LAIcehurst 2-6622 PERMANENTS OUR SPECIALTY Webster Permanent Wave Shop Machine - Machineless - Cold Wave 57.50 and up Hair Shaping - Tinting - Bleaches The George F. Penny? HARTSOOK STUDIO 370 - 17th St., Oakland GLencourt 1-4560 Thousands ot East Bay students have been Bus. LA. 2-2833 VELMA L. HALL PhOf0grC1phed by our photographer l'lOm9 LA- 2-9388 OWl"tel"OPef0f0" Take advantage of our special low student rates 1516 WEBSTER 51-f ALAMEDA ACORN PHOTOGRAPHER FOR 1953 BEST WISHES TO THE FACULTY, STUDENTS AND THE CLASSES OF '53-'54 OSCAR A. LEHN INSURANCE BROKER AII Forms ot Insurance 8- Surety Bonds 913 Syndicate Building 1440 Broadway Oakland 12, California TWinoaks 3-3205 O L E' S Wattle Shop i1 1507 PARK STREET LA. 2-8108 COMPLIMENTS OF THE RICKSHA CHINESE FOOD 1323 HIGH STREET Alameda, California LAkehurst 3-3783 Alameda Delicatessen A COMPLETE LINE OF DELICACIES 2327 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA PHONE LA. 2-2272 AGNEW REALTY CO. Extends Wishes of Happiness and Success for the years to come to the Classes ot 1953-'54 1432 PARK ST. LA. 3-4000 Alameda Apothecary PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY 2237 CENTRAL AVENUE LA. 3-6168 178 Pat selects her silver pattern at . . . LEWIS B. GROPER ALAMEDA'S STERLING JEWELER See the Finest in Nationally Known STERLING SILVER Diamonds ' Mountings ' Famous Watches Registered Jewelers, American Gem Society 1503 WEBSTER LA. 2-8300 ALAMEDA SPORTING Gooos co. 'l5l6 PARK STREET ' LA. 3-7121 Wilson Athletic Equipment ' Johnson Outboard Motors Hunting and Fishing Equipment CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Robbie and Dick know it's the best sports store Sally, Joyce, Anne 8. Joan Buy. . . MISS SAYLOR'S UNUSUAL CANDIES THEY KNOW THEY'RE THE FINEST THERE'S NONE SO NEW AS NASH SEE THE WORLD FAMOUS NASH RAMBLER AT GIL ASHCOM-NASH SALES AND SERVICE 1911 PARK STREET, ALAMEDA LA. 3-5933 "A PLACE YOU CAN TRUST," SAY LORETTA AND BARBARA Western Meat Market Phone LA. 2-9526 Phone LA. 3-7685 I FEATURING THE FINEST MEATS R D S OBTAINABLE AUTO PAINTING ' WELDING ""' BODY AND FENDER WORK 1424 PARK STREET USED CARS ' RADIATOR REPAIR LA. 3-1808 1539 Oak Street Alameda R A L P H I S "FOR EVERYTHING IN MUSIC" COMPLETE MARKET OPEN SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS EIGHTH and LINCOLN LA. 3-4747 Free Parking TEMPO MUSIC SHOP R E C O R D S INSTRUMENTS ' RENTALS PRIVATE INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUMENTS EXPERTLY REPAIRED 1423 WEBSTER ST LA. 3-6152 LA. 3-3561 LA. 3-3562 Esquire Cleaners, Inc. swEAtERs ouR SPECIALTY 2420 LINCOLN AVENUE Alameda, California 10M STUDENT DISCOUNT RCA ' PHILCO ' ZENITH ' SYLVANIA Sales TELEVISION Service WEBSTER ELECTRIC CO. AIameda's Largest TV and Appliance Store ALAMEDA 1819 Webster LA. 2-7543 HAMILTON BROS. ALAMEDA BOOTERY 1434 PARK STREET "SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" Best of Luck to the Grads of June '53 and February '54 Remember on the Way POLLY DEBS 8. SPALDINGS Will Guide You Right RIO THEATRE 1413 PARK STREET STUDENT RATES - 401 Continuous Daily During Vacation 180 ALAMEDA LAUNDERETTE Clothes Washed ond Drlecl In One Hour 2402 Lincoln Avenue fat Park Streetj LA 3 3348 LARRY KNOWS HIS CLOTHES WILL GET THE BEST CARE MARSHALL STEEL Certltled Dry Cleaning Quality Lounderers 2318A Central LA 2 7I00 DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR YOU CAN T BEAT A PONTIAC OR RAY PONTIAC SALES ' SERVICE ' PARTS ALAMEDA 2414 Central Avenue LA. 2-1121 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES OF JUNE '53-FEB. '54 il- L. C. ROBERTS REALTY CO. I223 Pork Street LA. 3-5677 '19 1 FITZGERALD'S JEWELERS WATCHES ' WATCHMAKING ' RINGS ' GIFTS Designers and Manufacturers of DISTINCTIVE JEWELRY 1504 WEBSTER STREET LA. 3-3450 GOODYEAR TIRES DIRECT FACTORY DEALER CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH "V-8 T80 H.P." SALES ' PARTS ' SERVICE HUFFMAN MOTOR CO. LA. 3-2751 1630 PARK STREET ALAMEDA GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IS OUR WISH TO THE GRADUATING CLASS GADSDEN'S STATIONERY STORE T435 PARK STREET Phones:LAkehurst 2-T844 ' LAkehurst 2-'I845 PLAY GOLF at the ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE FEES: Week Days , 51.00 Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays 1.25 Monthly Ticket , , , , YY7,7 6.50 Monthly Ticket IVoid Saturdays, Sundays, Holidaysl 5.00 Special Rates to Alameda High Students 501 after 2:30 on school days LA. 2-8567 Jim and Pete know they'II always find the best service at . . BERNARDI EXCLUSIVE DRY CLEANERS Also Featuring Ladies' Tailored Slacks and Pedal Pushers Men's Slacks Made to Special Order Button Holes Made to Order ' Knits Hand Blocked I222 PARK STREET LA. 2-2876 - LA. 2-2877 T953 CHEVROLET 3 All-New Series Wonderfully DIFFERENT GARLAND CHEVROLET CO. 2424 SANTA CLARA LA. 2-9221 PHIL COKE SELECTS A CORSAGE AT . . . D. D. SCOTT - FLORIST CORSAGES AND BOUQUETS FOR THE GRADUATE STUDENT DISCOUNT 1096 LA. 2-3456 T520 Webster Street THE HIGH sENloR Bovs GO TO . . . I ALBURTS MEN SHOP BEST IN STYLES AND PRICES 1511 WEBSTER STREET LA. 3-5577 Qu- fnllax SUTHERLAND PHARMACY RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 1500 ENCINAL ALAMEDA LAKEHURST 2-1422 S T O N E ' S BICYCLES ' TOYS ' WHEEL GOODS qu my 2320 ,,f H x PHONE SANTA 'A - PZI' Q LAKEHURST CLARA E ' 3-3264 xx ,' X Clucnov I ' AUTHORIZED DEALER LIONEL AND AMERICAN FLYER TRAINS AGENCY FOR ENGLISH RALEIGH BICYCLES I WE SELL THE BEST- REPAIR THE REST Sprouse-Rei+z Co., Inc. HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS KITTY'S KUBBARD Come and E01 Where Old Friends Meet DELICIOUS BEEF BURGERS ' Docs - SHAKES 1341 PARK smear LA. 2-4034 ALAMEDA 1320 OAK STREET LA. 3-9571 LAFAYETTE MARKET NEW CARS USED CARS GROCERIES 0 MEATS O 1910 ENCINAL Randall and Hill MoI'ors HUDSON SALES a. SERVICE 1828 PARK STREET LA. 3-1406 FAMILY SHOE STORE FRIENDLY SPORTS FOR THE SMART TEENAGERS JOHN C. ROBERTS FOR YOUNG MEN 0 1507 WEBSTER ALAMEDA Phone: LA. 2-6118 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES from PARISIAN LAUNDRY 1596 DISCOUNT-CASH AND CARRY 2319 LINCOLN AVENUE LA. 3-0626 COMPLIMENTS OF Alameda Sweet' Shoppe BARKER-TILTON SANDWICHES - FOUNTAIN COMPLETE HOME EURNLSHERS CANDY T330 PARK STREET Nextto T540 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA THEATRE RUGS, DRAPES, CURTAINS ALL FINE APPAREL Gettaqze N Gltanmo "PARTICULAR WORK FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE" Walker Williams, Owner-Operator Alameda Glass 8: Pain'r Co. "ALAMEDA'S HOUSE or GLASS" "YOUR DUTCH-BOY DEALER" Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '53 PICK-uP-DELIVERY SERVICE 1828 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda LA. 2-7258 1617 PARK STREET WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED LA' H985 LA' 34452 ' BOOKS 0 PICTURE FRAMING BIDS ' PROGRAMS ' TICKETS ENCINAL PRESS PRINTERS EVERETT E. FARWELL 1329 PARK STREET 2323 SANTA CLARA AVENUE iWest of Park Streetl ALAMEDA LA. 2-7667 PENNEY'S The opportunity to learn successful merchandising with future security. To Share in the profits of one of the largest companies in the world. SEE MANAGER OF ANY PENNEY STORE J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. BEST WISHES FROM DON JAMES JAMES PAINTS - WALLPAPER DISTRIBUTORS OF BOYSEN PAINTS 1505 PARK STREET LA. 3-7516 PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS VERSAILLES BAKERY Camera Corner of Alameda Cameras ' Films ' Supplies Repairs ' Projectors and Film BREAD ' CAKES ' PIES ' PASTRY "Baked by Heck" o R E N TA L S 1306 VERVAILLES AVENUE 2320 CENTRAL AVENUE Near Encinal Avenue, Alameda Across from Alameda Theatre LA. 2-5487 Phone LAkehursI 2-0344 s DAVIS FOOD STORE 1505 HIGH STREET 0 NEW PARISIAN LAUNDRY CURTAINS ' LACE CLOTHS OUR SPECIALTY O COMPLETE DRY CLEANING 2811 ENCINAL AVE. LA. 2-1870 FOOD SE RVICE FRANK 8: ROSALEE JUNEA TRY ROSS WRIGHT "WRIGHT SELLS RIGHT" C K E R ' S President A.H.S. Alumni Association REAL ESTATE ' INSURANCE Supe' ' Creamed NOTARY PUBLIC I C E C R E A M PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BUS. LA. 2-5733 RES. LA. 2-4081 1518 PARK STREET LA. 2-4960 2511 SANTA CLARA, ALAMEDA Exotic Corsages to Match Her Gown SAVE UP TO V2 LUCII-E'S ALAMEDA SHOE STUDENT RATES - POPULAR PRICES 2416 CENTRAL AVE. COpposite Post Omcel SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LA. 2-0188 1338 PARK STREET LA. 3-8643 186 FOR LUNCHEON DESSERTS Barbara and Walt sample the tlne bakery TRY CUPCAKES AND COOKIES products that Eleanor's have to olter ELEANOR'S FINE CAKES Beautifully Decorated GRADUATION BIRTHDAY WEDDING CAKES Made to Order UI 'l4'l4 EVERETT STREET LAkehurst 3-I060 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS or '53 HUNT JEWELRY CO. FOR THAT GIFT OF A LIFETIME -. Mary and Carol look over Graduation Watches 1430 PARK STREET ALAMEDA LA. 2-3280 M MENSHOP PARK AT SANTA CLARA PETE'S MARKET GROCERIES ' VEGETABLES FRUITS ' DELICATESSEN BEST QUALITY MEATS Free Delivery 1601 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-6302 Alameda Telephone LA. 2-7506 LUXUS LAUNDERIE S E L F S E R V I C E Automatic Individual Washing COMPLETE DRYING SERVICE 1611 PARK STREET F. C. Carl Alameda VOSBURGH HARDWARE Established 1876 J. F. UIMJ TASKER Household Wares ' Electrical Supplies 2317 SANTA CLARA LA. 2-1882 ALAMEDA TELEPHONE LA. 2-4236 ALAMEDA PAINT 8: WALLPAPER CO. WALLPAPER AND PAINTERS' SUPPLIES FULLER ' DUPONT ' BOYSEN 1523 Webster Street Alameda ALAMEDA JEWELERS HOUSE OF REAL VALUES QUALITY DIAMONDS STANDARD MAKE WATCHES EXPERT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING Phone LAkehurst 2-1188 1407172 PARK STREET CHESTNUT STATION BAKERY 8: GROCERY Homemade Bread Pies and Rolls MAX 81 HELEN 1914 Encinal Ave. Alameda LA. 2-0855 HELEN'S KITCHEN STUDENT SPECIALS FOUNTAIN ' SHORT ORDERS 1451 - 9th Street Open Every Day ayffd' SO YOU WANT A CONVERTIBLE! SO YOU WANT PRETTY CLOTHES! Then you want to be a graduate COMPTOMETER OPERATOR YOU MA 'YM TRYNV-4' FREE FOR Two DAYS OR EVENINGS How? Call the COMPTOMETER SCHOOL - 534 - 20th Street - GL. 1-5680 The Only Authorized Comptometer Diploma School in the East Bay SO YOU WANT TO TRAVEL! SO YOU WANT MONEY! ,elif FOR THE FINEST IN SWIM SUITS ' PLAY CLOTHES ' SWEATERS ' SKIRTS BLOUSES ' SUITS ' COATS AND DRESSES T410 Park Street LA. 2-5033 '?r'1vs. 7 ALAMEDA CHOICE no 4 !770uMJ -3 '4 575' LAKEHURST 26678- eo FURTHER wm-I . .. SIGNAL GAS Compliments of PETE LUNARDI YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SIGNAL DEALER gi TH NEXT TIME YOU HAVE YOUR G ES CLEANED SEND THEM TO THE 1 . CRYSTAL CLEANERS ALAMEDA'S DELUXE CLEANERS WHERE YOU GET THE MOST SCIENTIFIC CLEANING KNOWN TO THE CLEANING INDUSTRY main ALL YOUR C'I.' 'S ARE INSURED FOR FIRE AND THEFT WHILE IN OUR POSSESSION STUDENT RATES Crysial Cleaners Phone: LA. 2-0433 S. W. BUTLER 2000 - 2008 ENCINAL Owner 81 Manager FOLLOW CARLA'S AND DOTTIE'S EXAMPLE . . . GO TO BONIERE BAKERY QUALITY ALWAYS CUSTOM DESIGNED CAKES -iii "BUY THE BEST-WE DO" 'l4'I7 Park Street LA. 2-OI I0 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 - THE ALAMEDA FOOD SHOP "Where Friends Meet Friends" See the new Firedome Eight at BEAN AND CAVANAUGH Your Alameda DeSoto and Plymouth Dealer T700 PARK STREET LA. 3-5246 SANDRA, SANDY AND CAROL SEE THEIR PICTURES IN PIATT'S WINDOW Pia H ' s Cameras ' Picture Framing ' Gifts "BRING YOUR FILMS TO PlATT'S" T350 PARK LA. 2-4074 I? .f....a-f ISS? THE CITY OF ALAMEDA and 3 NJ THE ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CONGRATULATE THE CLASSES JUNE 'U AND E 0 '- I JV fyff fx Efiliili M WM ff M22 Q, NN A3 N W www X R gztjijivg-xpixgi ,QA jim 3 Q21 'Q Mg? X SQ - 3'-fl "5 ' f fi'-Q , 'V - 1 WJ 0 3-fifizaqffz' fy b Iiaixq 1 W QV I I J N665 My 46" vfafyh ' I X, ' R 'XA Q R REQ JY, 939 .Ei xx fx WWQQA. . ' ' ' Q6 --sx...qw K-Q M Q wi E . ,X -Q- gifs? GX 'X X f +5 JKWZQQQAWKWWLM gfmwigfmfiafw J QQ-MY? 8 HL, W6 Qqipzdk- 5 X ,f 1 M wa L f pf Jim? f S OMQEHWQ' Jgwcfffit, M f qwfdiff Sffff M fx' 'Ti . f x' : XD Z f 5 1 G ' E 1 1- ' aqggof 'U' 'fa B"-4 .91 L -51' Kffuqd xx? F '37 1 xg X X: vi? 54- 'lf' fre? L A X QQ '4"5,J""-f 1 A f fy? xx' W , ixfgf ' ,O REX J JM 2' 1 Jdyl' If I fl" I f 'IV E E M QV f:li4 UV l ' - ' 2 O V yi, J A A We 'W Mf If , v, Vw' Q I M V fff M? 4fy! : 1 v R X h 5 ' Xl. , 4 A . ' ' . C b rd ,YW 1 f X W Zi . ' X JA, JLG ' f 1 ff I . fbffxh W f FHM 5 I 'X U . f" ' ' F WM V'-"KY ,' M01 4 X Y U .. cf fo M -c nf' WEWBW fW? 4' f , 1 Q f WJ 1,RN.ft'r . Nb QX, x Y QM JM 3 xwl gf! Qgw Aj!-JV' 3 55 f ,5- X-1 2927 ,J"'KNM 'X 'N vw jffflzf? N S X XFN xeb 1 X xjxfx SRHJMA Q 1. - .ff Od UNL . x XX 2 Qlx, , . 96 9,1 . ,,fj -V 'CC JY DJ '. ,,' 4.2 iw 10" - ,V : ' Ji?x.33 f , A 4' N X . '7 , X N' N x. gf Q ' Q 3 Q' 1 +ENb vM 1 A , Q X nl . ,4 TA xx, Qx Wx P N 3 - xy .xii X X 1 . A A A-1 RQ! 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