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Volume LIII P xbh h d y the Asso mated Students i ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA in memoriam MISS Blanche DuBo1s tormer member ot Alameda Hrqh School Faculty West Pomt Cadet Allan Abrahamson Edwm Anderson Corporal Edward R Andrews Unrted States Army Prrvate Brlly Del-lart Unrted States Army Prrvate Frrst Class Darrel B H rschbach Unrted States Mannes Prlvate Frrst C ass Brlly J Keouqh Unrt d States Army Choyce Rockwell Tom Rush Prrvate Prrst Class Arnold Thomas Unrted States Army Joann Seaborn John Seahorn vu v A 1 - 1 . , . rw L 1 1 ' 1 1 . . X . .Q . . , C A 1 Table of Contents PAGE Dedlcahon Admmxstrahon Dr Paden s Message Mr Bryans Message Faculty Fall Student Body Offrcers Sprrnq Student Body Offlcers Classes Hugh Senrors Those Whom We Honor Low Semors Hlqh .Tumors Low Jumors Hrqh Sophomores Low Sophornores Hrqh Freshmen Low Freshmen Sports Coaches Yell Leaders Football Basketball Track Grrls Athletlc ASSOC15l1OH ACUVIUGS Calendar of Events Drama Oak Leaf Acorn Orgaxuzanons Glrls ASSOC1dl1OD Junror Red Cross Calrfornra Scholarshrp Federatron Star 6 Key French Club Lat1n Club Men s Block A Women s Block A Spamsh Club B O T C Appreclahons Adverusements 1 49 I Q Y ' X ' x ' ' ............,....,.,... . 4 ' ' ' ..................... . 6 . ' ...,,............. 8 . ' ..,...,........... 9 1 ,,,.,........... 16 ' ' ...,........... 19 ' ' ..................... 24 ' ............,.,...... 44 ' ' ..,.................. 56 ' ,.................... 60 ' ................... 63 ' ...... ............. 7 0 Baseball .................,..... 90 ' ' ' ' ' ............., . . .100 ' " ..............,......... 106 ' ' .,.............,...... 122 ' ' ' ' .................. .124 ' .................... 125 ' ' ' ' ......,.... . . 126 ' ...................... 133 ' " " ..,................ . 134 ' " " .,........,....... . 135 ' ..................... 136 ' ' ...................... 148 DEDICATION To thot Wh1Ch has qlven us the opportumty to produce or year book To that Whrch hos qlven us cr system of educotlon We are proud to deplct To that Wh1Ch has qlven us hope for or future cmd prrde m the pdst TQ CDUR AMERICAN WAY GF LIFE . We dedlcdte th1S book I . . .fn . I ..- . v ..- . . FOREWORD What has h1gh school been to you? Has 1t been our school? the tall columns r1s1ng from the front steps the old language bu1ld1ng W1th 1ts fam1l1ar cracks the gymnaslum scene of our exc1t1ng basketball games and Wonderful dances Has 1t been our faculty? the teachers who through the years have become our most understand1ng fr1ends and advlsors as Well as our 1nstructors Has lt been the students? the frrends wlth Whom we have shared our da1ly exper1ences ln and out of school Or has 1t been somethrng more? Has 1t been the Warm, 1ntang1ble feehng that creeps over us when We slng our school hymn after football games when We look up and suddenly understand the Lnscrlptlon over the stage when our favorlte teacher puts 1nto Words the same concept of l1fe We have, but can't express? The Staff of the l952 Acorn srncerely hopes that as you leaf through the pages of your yearbook, all these mem or1es and many more Wlll be yours and that, as the years pass, the book wlll keep these memor1es ahve. . V r ,Y-.ff1.,:-,,:, ... - ,,.. f-,W L .',.ne.-:1u:w.mmmn',..,,- ,- 5- ww U.-. guru- .hs-L..1.., , , V A I I r . . . . , I , . ADMINISTRATION W'-33' N , my , . V ,X 51 fm: -- 185' 4 DR WILLIAM G PADEN Supermtendent of Schools The people of Calrfornra have made or new resolve rt 15 that hereafter therr chrldren shall be taught porters of our Amerrcan Way of hte and counseled and qurded only by loyal patrrotrc sup- Th tance of lh1S resolve can scarcely be undereshrnated It means that e rrnpor educatron IS recoqmzed by the crtlzens of Calrtornra as the bulwark of Amerxcan lrberty and the source of strength and safety oi our Arnerrcan 1nst1tut1ons It h h w1ll th t hereaiter our ta1th wrll not consrst 1n blrnd trustrng t at t lnqs means a corne out all rlqht but that plannrnq w1ll take the place of drlfunq and purpose the place of chance Wm G Paden BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated Dr Donald D Lum Presrdent Standmq Mr M Har Marvm Rosefreld Mr A Hubbard Mcffxt Jr Mr Walter V Howe r ry Pennell tvs lf I f I af I I I .. , 8 Uwz, and Bnwwl of 6 15 1 MR JAMES M BRYAN Prrncrpol I was very happy mdeed when I learned that the staff of our yearbook had decrded to dedrcate thrs year S ed1t1on of the Acorn to the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE We follow a Way of lrfe 1n Amerrca that we have developed out of the customs hopes dreams and asprratrons of people from many lands from the desrre of the oppressed from the wrsdom of the great and from the expressrons of ordrnary men and women Thrs Way of lrfe has many aspects It IS a form of government m whlch guarantees of certarn polrtrcal and c1v1l lrbertres are secured It IS an order rn whrch freedom of enterprrse forms the basrs of the economy It rs a Way of l1fe that has the mdrvrdual at 1ts center Amerrcan democracy has polrtrcal economrc soclal and moral aspects Educatlon IS the chref mstrument rn enablmg democracy to l1ve and prosper Educatron must develop the basrc prmcrples and fundamental rdeas of Amerrcan democracy wrthm the mmds and hearts of Amerlcan youth It IS rmportant to mstrll a love of and an apprec1atron for the Amerrcan Way of Lrfe We must all have a deep abrdmg falth rn our democracy I am completely convmced that our young people w1ll not only carry on the Amerrcan system but Wrll strengthen and rmprove 1t To Mrss Wrlson and Mrss Shockey the faculty advrsors to Shannon Heath the edrtor to .I1m Hamrlton the busmess manager and to all other members of the staff we all say thanks for grvmg us such an outstandmg Acorn I M Bryan Z , I O Um 69 , Wh. BILQHIL, Q Um, Ulm ibunapal Mr Bel' our VIC Prmctpal acts 1n th abs nc of the Prmctpal As Vtce Prmcrpal of A H S he c astruc s h master p og am and dldS the adv1sors rn the programmrng of the enttre stuocnt body Wh le changmg pr grams at the begtnnmg and end of each term he can be s n trymg to satlsty the wlsh s of several hundred students He IS mdlspensable to the student body otflcers and to the Men s Board ot Control as he ac s as the1r advtsor He also acts as faculty representattve tor all athlettc events Gne of he bustest men IH the school he IS respected and admlred by all Mrs Hoeksema otfrctally known as Asslstant to the Prtncrpal tn Charge ot lnstructton has a b1g t1tle and a btg Job Among h r many duttes 1S the orrentatlon of the new teachers Audto vrsual and other mstructtonal materlals are channeled through her ottrce She serves th G A and Women s Board ot Control m an advtsory capacrty Her trrendltness and vrvactty are an 1nd1sp nsable part ot Alameda Hlgh Mr Shrrber whose t1tle 15 Asststant to the Pnncrpal rn Charge of Attendance and Gu1dance has as one ot hrs duttes the keeprng track ot the absences of two thousand students lt rs no wonder that he has tew spare moments because 1n addltron to supervrstng the statrsttcal reports on attendance he IS ln charge of the audltorrum statt and the box o ttce He works drrectly wrth the counselors and serves as chret counselor Any tellow or gtrl n A H S wtll tell you that Mr Shrtber IS a regular guy asm J' IE l H e rlcclcse 3 f Ec1lSh Y X? 51445 Chris Klifaaarl lzrn Tllillfer, Ecr, 'j',:1:11QIy, F.:':ha"' xi, c .112 Qazrzn, Nzrrnan D binscn lim Hamilton, Harry Muller, and 2:2 'Nalker uvctlc 'fra 'sri Haftr Saitra Q'h':g:r:.2'c and inane Hc 'nan have prcblems while Gerald Andersen Qccks cn, '.-J?" '.A:::k1:cj fcr 'he se..- cf :ur scr T W Mrs. Bea Anderson ' Mathematics Mrs. Helen Arfsten Bcckrscm Clerk Mrs. Bea Barrett Science Mrs. Marcella Berry Office Practice Mr. Charles Birkholm Machine Shcp Mr. Edward Boughton Mathematics Mr. Charles Bromley 9, -in Director cf Vccaiicnal ElLl1"lI'l7,fI Mr. George Cadwell Phys1calEducaticr1 Mrs. Emily Coke Science and Fra-nfl Mr. Ernest Coppo English Mr. Darrell Coughlan Science Mr. Franklin Cummings Enzglrslr Mrs. Edna Cundlll Science Miss Lucille di Vecchio Physical Educaticri Mr. Earl Fraley Accounting Mr. Chris Freeman General Shop be , -Q' fi W n E --X ' Rx n 'Er . ' f I f , I U' N' -3. nm luzlp,uA As 'Q 'M' ' . s 1 n . in OOO ILQ. Mrs. lnez Ginqrich .-.'Terg:a:.:e Office Mr. Fred Goldman Sxence Mrs. Pat Goodale 5,233 11219 -LCIZGQG Mrs. Elizabeth Hall Principal s Office Mr. Jack Hallock Xiakernatics Mr. Leonard Hancock Eriqlisli Mr. Calder Hayes Physical Ffducaticn Miss Ruth Hays ff'fa'heni'1fics Mrs. Elizabeth Hemrich LILETGIIGYT Miss Mildred Herrick Machine Calculation Mr. Lloyd Hopkins Industrial Arts Mrs. Charlolte Howell fcuriselcr, Senicr Pr: Mr. James Hull Science Mr. Lee Jackson Shcrtliand Mr. Lewis Jolley Physical Education Miss E. Louise Jolly fcunselcr, Mathematics c s..-Qe Fccger Gccjrnari, Jce childe s 1 1. rj at '. cr' in their Me hamcal l eca vi: getfbzhuibznumqond ' Mr. Lawrence Koehler Jeb Placement, Sclen Mrs. Frieda Kympton Physical Edu:'1'1C: Mrs. Dorothy Layton Art Mrs. Frances Lee French Mrs. Dorothy Lel-lew Mathematics Mr. Sam Levine Basic Miss Marian Los Kamp Drama, Enqllsk Mrs. Lenore Marker Lcztm Mrs. Esther McClara Bcmk Mr. Ed McMullin Autc Shep Mr. Chet Millett Counsemr, Sem' r Pri Mr. Arthur Moore Enqllsh Mr. Robert Pops Soc1clStud1es Mrs. Helen Patten English Mrs. Alma Pavid English Dr. John Peoples SCClCIlSl1lfi1fi'S ll M ,iq rx s Cl.-x.:s'ry M1155 Mu: .fer T rr' 3 :ser :ni Karen 'ffcxrflril IH --1-- 9 a3t"""""""' Qu fa.. Miss Pcw-sts hips J-sa: Sherwin' 3+ L22 Skinny Fzirtces ff-2Ff'i 'ypes iictcricn, 'md Mary Sue Chipper Heath, Citi Gerry Memes i"f13i 'J1P','J :mi f11Z'1::f"?. .kim Pitts mimenqripi. Modem Histcry. fygnib, XY Miss Grace Powers Src-1:11 Studms Dr. Joseph Rediger fl ' . Fmqiish V " Mr. George Reeves V, 0 Imfzustrlfr. Arts K :rss H V r Miss Edna Reichmuth 'rw lp ff .H Miss Leota Schroeder English . Mr. Charles Scott ff' f I!'.fiUS'IlG1Af'S , Q55 ' ' H' Mr. any shufer P11r1C1pGi,C:n'1n113f1:r1 Sched Miss Frances N. Shockey fiunselsz Eiqhsh rw 7 Mr. Lloyd Sisler Drama English pf Mrs. Anne Smith 9- 'W Nurse Mrs. Courtney Smith Pfrxqisit Mr. Einar Sorensen !5wc':'1r1'Lr.G Mr. Reuben Spaeth fwzrin Mrs. Aurelia Stanhope S." rrishfe Cffzie Mrs. Sue Starck Muni Miss June Smith p,.,.CT,v S New 14 aa, aww, ' munzmlofm Jlmq, n, nun, ' Mrs. Elizabeth Brooks .ysziz Mr. Ray Stowell , . . - .Af3'IiCIi1A'1. .,f'l'.'f'lf1 Mrs. Maria Toys pamsz. Mrs. Louise Thcxm Mrs. Rita Thompson F6119 Mrs. Jo Von Ogtrop Tygiiriz' Mrs. Helen Von Orden Nurse Miss Isabel Venard Spinisii Dr. Paul Viqness SCTVJI Silfizf-S Mrs. Nancy Vosper A'tQRj'1r1C-1 Offzff Mrs. Alma Wales VLC3'1if1'1. L'i'.l"fI'1',ll CI Miss Annabelle Wann MC1'hQ:11r111':5 Mr. Gordon Wai! W'.:dsr1',rz Miss Jean Wilson Tfsixrxcg SI1'QllSiY Mr. Eric Yeoman Science Mr. J. A. Young M'3T::9rt1f1':"F 15 IU! . Us 'G' D"'1's F' G 'K 7- my f 418 'K i 1 Wi. 43 A ' fi ,A . X 13: . R 3 :X Q " . CYCXY l w mowers Kxrpxnyl :.r3 " lrreffr Powell :r.::11':.1r.'-SE. zy -.Q L Xl. 1'X. i in 1 '?Wlus.- -41 VICE PBEQIDENT Bdrhdrcr Blcdew 05 fm PRESIDENT George Cdtomboy bw L. Bl: OBDTNV' SECRETARY Don Bctuk ElNANo Al. SE BETABY B n Derhyshtre r"El.I. LEADER Gml F' tcher Um, fall Workrng toqether our fall l951 Student Body othcers pre s1ded over many rnterestrnq stu dent rneetrnqs On our staqe we had such emoyable entertam ment as the Alexander Brothers and the annual Chrrstmas Paq eant We also had a speaker on narcotlcs whlch rs one of the lOD1CS of current rnterest Beslde therr Student Body ac l1V1l19S the student leaders also represented us at c1v1c rneehnqs and drnners and at other schools rn the Bay Area 'F S Q 1 t R I I .. KY - A - 54 it 16 0 I O I O O FALL ADBOARD Standing G Fletcher S lnqold C Aslin B Tuter D Roach D Mutch T Beiser R Goodman D Losee Mr Bell C Hollywood R Hmtz M J Decker Seated J Kirk G Del-taven B Bloden V Schott L Church D Baiuk R Derbyshire FALL STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE-Seated E Orla G Fl tcher Mr Moore Miss l.osKamp M Cummings B Bloden G Delrlaven W Arnold Standing L Church D Batuk C Heavey P Romame S Stafford R Derbyshire Miss Reichmuth The twenty two members of the Student Body who compose Alameda High s Administrative or Ad Board selected Larry Church to preside over the meetinqs of the tall term They decided the amount of money to be allotted to each athletic team to the president of the Student Body to each school organization and to all other school activities The Opening Dance was named Prevue and was managed by Don Baiuk and Barbara Bloden The decorations depicted all the coming events at A H S The fall Student Faculty Committee met every Monday during the noon hour They helped to obtain the entertainment for our Student Body meetings and reported the students' reactions to these meetings. The twelve student members and the six faculty members worked together with a smooth running fall term as a result. f:, mmm.- - - is . ..- N., -vv-ww:-A J, nwz, HHS Warren Arnold and Sybll Staltord were elected the Ch1et Counselors of the Men s and Women s Boards of Control The twenty four members ot each board orsststed ln keeplnq order ct our student meetlnqs ond 1n the holls of A H S The Board of Control members could be seen at all our football qames seetnq that everythtnq ran smoothly m the rooters tanots FALL WOMENS BOARD OF CONTROL Row I C N114 V r S Slot ord K edy C Hollywood M Forquer Row II J Sousa S Nonq K Korh B B thfve Kerrsl y B Toll ts r P Held A Hen er son How III Q VVond lleck C Plc F VU1ll1'xms P D1 duorth P C rn ts C Mdy P Lrmc H lpp rs n FALL MEN S BOARD OF CONTROL Row I A F Del-I Aan 1 Bow III C Shephard D Furbuslo L Chlcmr e D cron lx DCVIIFS T Swtshe N Dcxhl P Rtchcrdson i -1 i H' 0 0 I a 0 18 2. . 1 V . , . . . . I I o ' s L. ' - : . ' 1' ... Gerne t , f emi, . . . :. ,. ,,,fv'llf .,o,. f.ot,, . .Cl.- . . t T. O. , l. ro, e' ,. r , 77.-T G. CJ ' , ., . le mart, , ., , . , . I e o . ' - : . xlsz. F Goiirtizr' C1 hover Arnold ' '. zple' B, Hedrthex, Row II: S, lzxrzzes, R. Pliztrfzrfn G ?'1'1:1': 21- l. Ether, D. Roesch ll, Turner, B. Connolly. 2 . . , , ., . as., .Ro ', ', - ., , . J, . ., . . l' . ,H , K f 4 5 1 I A . f .f Q- , , ,I 1 I -I 1 ' I . f r mf . . , I. A y W , ,f 1,3 K A- i 'A t V . 1 ' V, ' I - , ff f 5 h dsx ,. f, yd I . - if :I X as 'l , , I .0 . , " ' I f' . W . M,-fgwlt Q 4 . 7 J gf , .ff v ,Q . . X , I 1 lu f nr- M k I. 1. 1.-si 1' I 7 1 'Mo l M I On January 24 1952 the f1V9 sprmq student body offlcers took over the1r respect1ve of hoes Gary Delrlaven took over the qavel and proved h1S worth as a leader Just as he had proved h1S ab1l1ty durlnq the fall wlth a football Leshe Marr1ott d1d an excellent Job as head of the serv 1ce panel Dave Mutch and Herb Turner fulfllled all the1r dutles as our secretarles Our sp1r1t wlth the help of Rod Langham was tops at athletlc events espe clally at the Tournament of Charnplons PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDEN T Gary Del-Iuven Leslie Marriott RECORDING SECRETARY Dove Mutch FINANCIAL SECRETARY Herb Turner Rod Langham 42 . . . F ' ' I 1 ' A V . YELL LEADER ' I I 13' . , . . Q 1 9 nun, 6' The Sprmq Student Faculty Commrttee sponsored the entertamment tor our Student Body meetmqs We had qu1te a few rnterestrnq movles alonq wrth the popular A C A L O A L Talent Show and our own Student Body Talent Show The Sprmg l952 Ad Board presented a very clever semr annual Openlnq Dance The theme was based on the ldea of a Fantastlc Venture rnto the hte at A H S 1n the year of 2052 Bon Goodman as Speaker presrded over the meetrnqs durmq whrch the members voted out the money tor school I1I'1dT1C1dl expendltures rncludmq gold basketballs for the members of our co champ1onsh1p team SPRING STUDENT I"ACUI.'I'Y COMMITTEE Seated Mtss L sKo'np Mx Mo re Nr Cumrn NCIS L Mdrrzott B Rothwell Stand ng Mr Bryon P Trento B Goodman H Turner D Mutclr S mme B Longhorn E AIIIS Mr Bell B Vern n Mrss Relchmuth C Hollywood R Derbysh e SPRING AD BOARD ii led L lV"J not B H R G d M J D C P G char' P Cumrmns Row I M Stuuds T Lubbock D Furbush J Barber R Hansen G Delfictven J Km: L Fox L, Asun Row II P Trento D Mulch D Roach D Losee K De Vrtes H Turner ff My 0 q-Q -L? 5- 1u4h.Lup.1m.tnp,nLfluLrJwwLL. 21 X -we eu- f .f-W.-n,m.e f H e y r--,--W --f-'f -fwrm.-,..-v--nw--u-wg-,,,.,nrm.,.-.. . A V, . v. ..,. . . M-mv--V-... Y...-vt-,-.-qv-mn..--W.-,-Mf.4..W... Y If I g 1 , N f A f - SPRING WOMEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL-Row I C. Vlatezlzvl, M, I'I'.'lY1b'Lfk':l, C Hzllywood, J, Kemsley, G. Cudwoxtn. Row II S, Vlona, M. Yr-dax, f. Crxlcett, C. Brenton, S. DeHu'.'e:1, A. Chvera, J. Lee, M, Love. Row III B, Tzllelson, P, Vlrrqht, li. l.rndf:E.Q, B. Wrese, D. Fresher, P. WE.e':tiill, M, Parquet, F. Fmcher, H. Swxsner. .L-In ' SPRING MENS BOARD OF CONTROL Row I l Barn R nn s M d so B :wphy BH pe IT'1 Gad nq M A u'rr The Sprlnq Men s Board of Cont ol wore tne usual yellow and wlnte hats wlule the qlrls apeared 1n very neat unrforrns wrth plam navy blue tles Stewart Iarnes and Coralee Hollywood as Chlet Counselors of the Boards conducted thqgtrlxls of all the students who were found brealanq a school rule All the members performed thelr dutles very well in order to keeo the Student Body tops , ' I z 5 - 49. 'I' Q . f' , A 0 'W 2 , , f ' ., . ' I . x V I F X NL- I - ' N 'E , ' x ' Q 'Q Z .-I1 1 L r ' ' 5' 'IL ' 5" , ,IW hi A I ' I I . ,V 1 l 1 i ' I X '- 4 ' ff... ii ff. ' - -. , .eft, D. ozch, S. f3..e , D. aux n, S. I , Row II D. Roesch, VJ. Guddal, S. Perkins I, 'Whidden B. M:C1:ry, L. Cdanese, C. Shephard. Haw III - '. at 7, . lcmcts, R. l ode , -. Vfxlniley B. arks, R. Qlllfff I. If rztigngs. . 1 - I. I l. , K , 1 CLASSES fy! U-Mn. Lorene Johns n Yell Leader Darlere F ley Recording Secre ary Jack Cecc ni Presiden Glenna Myers Vice Presiden Sham' n Heath Financial Secre ary Our high school days are over We re leaving school at last We re slarling mio the world With memories of 'he past Of Alameda High and her glories Oi Alameda High and her fame We re taking out her banner To make ourselves a name We had good times together ln our old beloved school We studied foughi and conquered Beneath her golden rule We started out four years ago Four years did seem quite long But now as seniors well we know The time rushed right along. The year as freshmen wasn I load As We look upon it now The tricks we pulled the fun we had Made up for it somehow. The Sophomore Hop was our next year s fling Since we were a happy lot And none of us will e er forget Jharlmmobiguna 15 That wonderous "Rag Mop Hop." Our Junior Year commenced with a hang The half-way mark was here For our Jr, Prom, the "Mardi Gras," Sent us oft to the coming year. Our seniors proved that they could act ln a scintillating play. The title was "Pink Magic" The attraction of the day. A senior and graduation Oh! the excitement of it all An educated scholar Would soon walk clown the hall. And now as we leave our worthy school, We have nothing at all to fear. For one bright time that is coming soon ls the "Loveliest Night of the Year" So now our story is over, Into the World We Pass. Good-bye, dear Alameda High, Don't forget this senior class. Mloan Whitchurch Bottom Row Kay Koch ond Glenno Myers Yell Leaders Top Row Evelyn Orlcz Financial Secretory Hon Derbyshire President Morgo Forquer Vice President cirol Wat rlow Recording Secretory 2 1-7 1 1 to AclwnL UL Sepiunlmn, aa, law, , ' . ' 7 , ' - ' : C e , ' 1 ,, 4, iw ,, . Q '- ' 2 5 5 , f-Q2 x . ,,,, 2 1 " .,.,,,m-,wmL,,,u- ,t,. . . I U 26 out in, Annu new : How I Row II Raw III GLORIA AMOTO Miss Hooks Advisory MEI. ANTHONY Mr. Birkholm's Advisory, "B" Base' ball, "B" Basketball, Star and Key. ANTIONETTE ARCHUT Miss Hooks Advisory, CSF, Tri-lota. ELAINE ARTIS Miss Hook's Advisory, Vice Pres. and Pres. of Girls' Block Lite Mem. Star and Key, Choir, Stud. Fac. Comm., Service Panel, CSF. DELORES AZCARATE Miss Hacks Advisory, Pub. Comm. Sr, Play, Latin Club, JOHN BARKER Mr. Birkhclrns Advisory, Soph Hop Comm., Fi.O.T.C. JAMES LARRY BARNETT Mr. Y'raley's Advisory Varsity Ten- nis, Bd. of Con. DEMOYNE BEKKER Mr. E1rkl'rolrn's Advisory, "Pink Magic," Oak Leaf Staff, "E" and "J, V." Baseball, "B" Basketball "B" Track, Star and Key. GARY BENNETT Mr. Birkliolm's Advisory. MARGARET BENSON Miss Hook's Advisory, "Pink Magic' Red Cross Rep. DONALD BEST Mr. Birkholms Advrscry. DOROTHY BIDEMA Miss Hcok's Advisory, Girls' Glee, Choir, Adv. Oli., lr. and Sr. Sweater Comm. DICK BISCHOFF Mr. Brrkholms Advisory, Jr. Red Cross, Sopli Hop Comm., Span. Club. MABEI. BOGUE Miss Hooks Advisory, CSF, Maqicf' Adv. Oil, LUCILLE BORROMEO Miss Hooks Advisory, Red Hep. BONNIE BOTHWELI. Miss Hooks Advisory, Pres. Ass't Bus. Mar. Acorn, Bd, of Ad Ecard, Rec. Sec. Stud. Pac.. Panel. RONALD BOWEN "Pink Crsss G.A., Con., Serv, Dr. Viqness' Advisory, "Pink Magic," Christmas Pageant, "J.V." Baseball. BILL BOZDECK Mr. Birkhclms Advisory, "J.V." Base ball, Varsity Baseball, Block .YA nv 'Fw fur- mr -, nv' X gy'- id 'Q' 'Af-L Qs Us ... I, 1-I L 'Us I 'ht- 1941 ft-1 7 'Ds .L I , " A' :V - 6 Row I JOHN BRADLEY Mr. Birlcl'io1m's Advisory, RO. and Concert Band, Orch., Treas. Non- Coms., Sword and Shield, Span. Club, 4B Exec. Comm. JO ANN BRANCHAUD Miss Hooks Advisory, Star and Key, Tri-Iota, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Off., Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. BENNY BRIEL Mr. Scotts Advisory, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Fin. Sec. Sword and Shield, Color Guard, Red Crcss Rep., Non- Coms, Club. BARBARA BRUBAKER Miss Hooks Advisory, Fl.O.T.C. Spon- sor, Pub. Mqr. G.A.A., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Soph Hcp Bid Comm., Block Sr. Play Prop Comm. DONALD BRUCK Mr. Birkl'iolm's Advisory, Red Cross Rep., Varsity Track. SHIRLEE BURROS Mrs. Cokes Advisory. ww. A5 Row Il JAMES CANE Mr. Birkliolms Advisory, SHARON CARMICHAEL Miss Hooks Advisory, Adv. Pres., Sr. Play Comm., CSF, Star and Key. MARGARET CAVIGLIA Miss Hooks Advisory, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., 3B Exec. Comm., Aud. Staff, Sr. Sweater Comm., CSF. JACK CECCONI Mr. Birkholms Advisory, Varsity Football, Ad. Board, 4A Class Pres., Mqr. Jr, Prom, Soph Hop Comm., Vice Pres. Block JEAN CORRIEA Miss Hooks Advisory. RON COWAN Mr. Sccfts Advisory. .n-'N rw 'il 'WY Row III JOYCE CRACKNELL Miss Reichmutlfis Advisory, Adv. Treas., Sr. Play Program Comm., CSF, Life Mem. Star and Key, Acorn. PAT DAME Mrs. Cakes Advisory Bd. of Con., Queen "Mardi Gras," Fashion Show, Jr, Prom Dec. Comm., Adv. Pres., Sr. Picnic Comm. BARBARA DAVIS Miss Wilson's Advisory, G,A,A., Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Off., Block PAT DAVIS Miss Re-ichmuths Advisory, Council Woman, Masque and Sandal, Star and Key, Trl-lofa, Usherette Inspec., Adv. Cti. JOYCE DEAL Miss Reichmuths Advisory, JOHN d'FONSECA Mrs. Cundiffs Advisory, "B" and "J.V." Football, "J,V." TrackvMqr, 48, Christmas Pageant, Boys' Glee, Choir, Tri-Iota. , ,and , d' ye 9' 1 ' Q 5 27 pluitlmmmpppulafe ' , ,, Row I GARY DE HAVEN Mrs. Cundiifs Advisory, Pres. A.S. A.H.S., Varsity Football '50, '5l, Var- sity Track '50, Bd. of Con., Ad Board. Stud. Fac. Comm. DICK DEHN Mrs. Cundifis Advisory, "J.V." Foote ball, "B" Football, ".T.V." Baseball, ".l.V," Basketball, "B" Baseball, Var- sity Baseball. RON DERBYSHIRE Mrs. Cundiif's Advisory, "B" and "J.V." Football, 2B and EB Fin. Sec., Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., Pres. 4B Class, CSF, Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Acorn, RON DUFFIN Mrs. Cundifis Advisory, Asst. Ed. Acorn, Mgr. Military Ball 'Sl and '52, R.O.T.C. Batt. Commander, Var- sity Rifle Team '50, '5l, '52, Mgr. Audit. Staff, Sword and Shield. MAYSIE EIKHOFF Miss Beichmuth's Advisory. WARREN ENOS Dr. Vigness' Advisory, Chem. Club, French Club, Non-Coms, Sword and Shield. 1' E . Row II HELEN EPPERSON Miss Beichmuths Advisory, "Pink Magic," Christmas Pageant, Acorn, Pres., Vice Pres., and Editor Star and Key, ROTC. Soon., Vice Pies. and Rec. Sec. G.A.A, ARLENE FAGAN Miss Reichmuths Advisory, Star and Key, Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Rep. TUSI FAHVAE Mrs. Cundiiis Advisory. FAYE FINCHER Miss Pteichmuths Advisory, Chair. Soph. Hop. Ad, Comm., lr. Prom Bid Comm., Chair. Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Dec. Chair. Sr. Ball, 3B Exec. Comm., Bd. of Con. JUANITA FINLEY Miss Beiclimuth's Advisory, Oak Leaf, Talent Show '5l. MARGIE FINLEY Miss Beicnmuths Advisory. 'E 5 nc' ft. Row III DOROTHY FISCHER Miss Reicl1muth's Advisory, "Pink Magic," Christmas Pageant, Masque and Sandal, Co-Mgr. Sr. Ball, Bd. oi Con., Acorn. DARLEEN FOLEY Miss Beichmuth's Advisory, Rec. Sec. 4A Class, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Sr. Play Program Comm., Jr. Sweater Comm., 3B Exec. Comm. ANDREW FORD Mrs. Cundiif's Advisory, Track '52. MARGO FORQUER Miss Beichmuth's Advisory, Vice Pres. 4B Class, Chr. Soph Hop Bid Comm., Chr. Sr. Play Set, Bid Chr, Opening Dance, B.O.T.C. Spon., Bd. of Con. JEANNE FOSS Miss Reichmuths Advisory, French Club, Fashion Show, Adv. Off. BERNARD FOURNIER Mr. Fraley's Advisory, "Pink Magic," 4B Exec. Comm. Ah.. Qi. Q93 7 9 5 is 4 mil 37" la lv if N A ,f I 5. I I 29 ....u..---m,.,--.a::..- - ---A '- --'---- ---A A-Y--Y-------M . YL-man.. ..e:,.s.. . - - ...fs ..,..-.,, - ---' - --..-.i.,,-.......,... ,,....--,.,4 .ff ..Qe--f-y,snLn,u- .. ,,,,,,,A , ,,,,,,,.,:: Y.-Y.- -.. ...,.......Y,.7 A YYY.. --. ---f----'sufmr .. ,V . :w..1ssng..xn.a - .J Row I RICHARD FRAIGE Mr. Birkholms Adviscry, Chem. Club, Photo, Club. BETTIE FREW Miss Reichmuths Adviscry. RON GARY Mrs, Cundifi's Advisory, Pres. Span. Club '52, Pres. Sword and Shield '52, Non-Coms, Life Mem, CSF, Aud. Staff, Red Cross Rep. MARGUERITE GOLDER Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Masque and Sandal, Christmas Paqeant, Adv. Off. NAOMI GOLDSMITH Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Pres. and Vice Pres. G.A.A., Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Block Star and Key. RON GOODMAN Mrs. Cur1diff's Advisory, Pres. 3A Class, Ad Board Speaker, Mqr. Sr. Play, Sec. Bd. of Con., Chr. 2B Fun- day, Stud. Fac. Comm. Ls, rv,- Q K ' S Q gs f x 'fix ' -s 1:3 x Row ll JACK GRAY Mrs, Curidiifs Advisory, Red Cross. PAULINE GRAY Mrs, Brooks' Advisory, Bed Rep., Vice Pres. Adv. BOB GREEN Mrs. Cundiifs Advisory. DOROTHY HALL Mrs. Brooks' Advisory. JIM HAMILTON Mrs, Curidifis Advisory, Bus. Acorn, ".T.V." Basketball, Stud. fs LFCSS Mar. Direc- tor Operetta, "Pink Magic," Life Mem. CSF, Mar. Senior Meeting. RONALD HAMLIN Mrs. Cund1ff's Advisory, Photo. Chem. Club, Non-Cams. Club, Row III RUSSELL HANN Mrs. Cuiidiffs Advisory, Sr, Ball Dec. Comm., B.O.T.C. Usher. JIM HANSON Mr. Fraleys Advisory, Varsity, J. Y." and "B" Football, "J.V." Basket- ball, Block JOANNE HANSON Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Off. lA, ZB, 3B, 4A, Scph Hop Skit, Tri-lota. IRENE HARATANI Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Pres., Adv. Rep., Sr. Sweater Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Chem. Club. SHIRLEY HARPER Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, G.A.A., ,Block Life Mem. and Off. Star and Key, Aud. Staff, Sr. Play Dec., Adv. Off. KATHLEEN HARRINGTON Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Adv. Off., Mod. Dance, Fashion Show, Adv. Rep., Chem. Club. Q' G' 1' D, Un- an -QQ Y ei ,Qi C - N Q xx 'ai ., 1 Row I PATT HARRINGTON Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Red Cross Rep., Fashion Show, Costumes Christ' mas Pageant, Jr. Prom Music Comm., Operetta, Adv. Rep. GEORGE HARRIS Mr. Fraley's Advisory, CSF, Sr. Jacket Comm., Military Ball Dec. Comm., Latin Club, Non-Coms, Sword and Shield. TOM HATCH Mr. Fraley's Advisory, B.O.T.C.. Con, Band, Con. Orchestra, Football, Block Sr. Play Set Comm. JUDY HATCHELL Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Vice Pres. 4B. SHANNON HEATH Miss Wilsan's Advisory, Fin. Sec, 4A Class, Sr. Ball Dec. Comm., "Pink Magic," EDITOR ACORN, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., CSF. NANCY HEBEL Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Matorette Masque and Sandal, Sr. Play Props. G.A.A., Christmas Pageant, French Club. 'K' gs' of -so lr 13' Q fr l 3 ... it 'ov Row Il MARILYN HEINBOCKEL Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, 2 terms lst Vice Coun. Bd. ot Con., Girls' State, Fin. Sec. G.A.A., Block Life Mem. CSF, Operetta. DONALD HERMAN Mr. Fraley's Advisory, "B" Track. "J.V." Baseball, Block School Service, Varsity Football, ".l.V." Football. JANET HESKIN Miss Wilsons Advisory, Copy Ed. Acorn Ed. Stud. Handbook, Life Mem. CSF, Lite Mem. Star and Key. Lain Club, Chem. Club. GARY HICKMAN Mr. Fraley's Advisory. MARGIE HICKS Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Pres. lA Adv., Vice Pres. IB Adv.. Red Cross Rep., Vice Pres. 2B Adv. BEVERLY HILL Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Christmas Pageant '50, Adv. Off. lA, ZA, 3B, and 4A, Bid Chair. Jr. Prom, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Star and Key, G.A. Fashion Show '51, Q'thQ. nv 1,1 Row Ill RUTH HINTZ Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Vice Speaker Ad Board, "Pink Magic," Operetta. Christmas Pageant, R.O.T.C. Spon- sor, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm. BONNIE HOFFMAN Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Adv. Off., Soph Hcp Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Christmas Pageant '51, Red Cross Bep., Beg. Girls' Glee. CORALEE HOLLYWOOD Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Chief Coun- selor Bd. of Con., Br. of Con. 2 yrs., Vice Pres. SA Class, Ad Board, Stud. Fac. Comm., Life Mem. Star and Key. WILBERT HOWARD Mr. Fraleys Advisory, Football, lA and IB Adv. Pres. VERA HOWE Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Off., Tri-Iota, Chem. Club Latin Club. ALLEN HUNT Mr. Fra!ey's Advisory, Christmas Pageant '52, Operetta Choir, Boys' Glee. is wmkndhand... fo, Pink Row I MAURINE IZARD Mrs. Erccks' Adviscry Adv. Cft. G.A,A., Sr. Play Dec, Ccmm. STEWART JAMES Mr. Fraleys !'-.dviscry, Sr, Play Cernm., Scph Cfmm. Chem. Club Chief Ccunselir Rd. if Cen., , . ,. E ars1'y lraik, RICHARD JEANETTE Mr. Sc:'t's Advzsiry. ALICE JEFFERSON Miss Wilscn's Advisory. Adv. Off., Choir. BARBARA JIMENES Miss Wilscn's Adviscry, French Club G.A.A., Choir. ANN JOHNSON Miss Wilsons Advisory. 55-' I one, of the mod, . . . 31 Row II Row III BARBARA JOHNSON JANICE KENNEDY Miss '-'-'ilscrfs Adviscry, Adv. Off. Miss Wilsons Adviscry Bd. cf Cart. Chem, Club, Latin Club. 'SC El, Star and Key, Ccflvfqr. Jr, LQRENE JOHNSON Prem, Adv. Off., Scph Hcp Dec. Miss '-'filscns Adviscry, French CVUT-1 OFQTQTTC- Club, Sr, Play Ccmm., Sr, Sweater naw . .. A Y . GARY KENNEY ffrf!j':nfOAl LCGJ3' 4A Class' Rgd Mr. Fraleys Adviscry, Boys Glee, " A' P' 'Bi Bqscmii. SHIRLEE .IOHNSTAD Twfiss '.'.'ilscn's Advisfry Adv. Pres. BETTY KING L' Jr. Sweater Ccrnm., Span. Club Miss Wilscns Adviscry. Fin. Set. Star and Key Ed., 4B Exec. MYRNA K G Ci. . IN ANN RIN-Es Ilgliss Wilscn's Advisory, Star and Miss Wilsons Advisory, Rec. Sec. ey' Gt'3'?j" 'ipgjk Mig? AGU? gms- JANET KLHMANN an res. ar an ey, ice res. Mr W-1 t Ad 13133 .S .I Block MA," our Leaf, coifiqf. Arid. ISS mms WSCW ec ec Staff. MILTON KANE Mr. Scett's Advisory, Varsity Basket- ball, Black Sr. Ball Ccmm., 4B Exec. Comm. GEORGE KEMPSTER Mr. l5'raley's Advisory. Sergeant-at-Arms Block G.A.A. Yell Leader, Life Mem. CSF, Star and Key Rec. Sec., Pub. Comm. Sr. Play. CHRIS KLITGAARD Mr. Scotts Adviscry, Non-Ccms, Sword and Shield, Boys' State, Milt. Ball Comm., Sr, Jacket Comm., Schccl Service. 6 'ET 5.4 , S bf' A' A I P2 IK fl f""-. Q' YZ. ' 'vi ' 3 K 51 . is A'- .A LX ' x Q -L A : ff. Row I DIETER KOCH Mr. Jacksons Advisory, French Club, Tri-Iota Fin. Sec., Chess Club. KAY KOCH Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Christmas Pageant, Bd. of Con., Operetta, Adv. Off., GA. Fashion Show, Yell Leader 4B Class, BARBARA KOHUT Miss Wilsons Advisory, Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. MARJORIE LAIRD Miss Vhlsori s Advisory Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Opp Day Comm. JOAN LAMASNEY Mrs. Berrys Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, CSF, 'Bid Chair. Sr. Ball, Co-Chair. Pub. Sr. Play, Adv. Pres. and Yzce Pres., Chrzstrnas Paa- eant Sets. BARBARA LANGENDAM Miss Wzlscds Advisory Adv. Pros., Tri-Iota. 32 PM 'JJ' Row II ROD LANGI-IAM Mr. Sccfts Advisory, Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., "Pink Magic," "Ouar- tette," Asst. Sports Ed. Oak Leaf, Stud, Talenf, Christmas Pageant. CLARA LANTZ Mrs. Berry s Advisory, Star and Key, Adv. Ott. RICHARD LARSON Mr. Fraloy s Advisory. VERNELI. LAUDERDALE Mrs. Cfkefs Advisory, Girls' Glee, Choir, Cpfretta, Usheretie, Triflota, Christmas Pageant. BOB LEE Mr. Scif' s Advisory, Sports Fd. Oak Leaf, Pres, Span. Club, Sr. Ball Corzzrri., 4E Exec. Comm. BOB LEIBEE Mr. Fraleys Advisory, Christmas Pageant 'E' Track, Varsity Track, Non-Corus Sword and Shield. Row III GINGER LINAM Miss Wilsons Advisory, Rec. Sec. IA Class, Rec. Sec. ZA Class, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Off. MURIEL LUNDINE Miss Wilsons Advisory, Aud. Staff, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Pres., Star and Key. JACK MARLO Dr, Viqness' Advisory, Span. Club, Chem. Club, Sr. Ball Comm., Sr. Picnic Comm., Sr. Mens Banquet Comm. LESLIE MARRIOTT Miss 'w'Jils:n's Advisory, Vice Pres. A.S.A.l-LS., Asst. Yell Leader A.S.A. l-l.S., Ad Board, Vice Pres. G.A., Fin. Sec. G.A., D.A.R. Good Citizen 52. NANCY MASSINGILI. Mrs. Berrys Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, Ir. Prom Comm., Soph Hop Comm., French Club, Adv. Off.. Chem. Club. BEN MARTIN Mr. Scott s Advisory. ' H315 had, mm . J ' I gp-, W 4 i G V' is I f 45 Row I RUTH MCCALISTER Miss I-look's Advisory, Christmas Pageant, G.A. Fashion Show, Mods ern Dance. LORITA MCCLARA Miss Wilson's Advisory, "Pink Magic," Asst. Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., 3B Class Yell Leader, Star and Key, CSF, Operetta. JACKIE IVICELVOGUE Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, CSF, Star and Key, Aud. Staff, Tri-Iota, G.A.A. KEN MCKENSIE Mrs. Cunditfs Advisory. ALICE McNEII.L Mrs. Coke's Advisory, R.O.T.C. Spon- sor, Sword and Shield, Tri-Iota, Aud. Staff. NOEL MCNEILL Dr. Vigness' Advisory, Sword and Shield, Aud. Staff, Capt. Co. Jfflzh- fl Z If 2 ,, , M, M Tx alll-gk it X Row II BARBARA MEDIN A Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Adv. Pres., G.A.A., Fashion Show, Soph Hop Comm., Usherette, Christmas Pag- eant. CHUCK MEUTER Dr. Vigness' Advisory, CSF, Non- Coms, Swcrd and Shield, Sr. Play Comm. JIM MILLER Dr. Vigness' Advisory, CSF, Star and Key, Sword and Shield, French Club, Boys' State, 4B Exec. Comm. SANDRA MORIG Mrs. Ccke's Advisory, Christmas Pageant Make-Up Comm., Masque and Sandal Make-up Comm. JOE MORPHEW Dr. Vigness' Advisory. ERMA MORRIS Mrs, Berry's Advisory. ' Umbnyarhom " .. X. Row III HARRY MUELLER Dr. Vigness' Advisory, Varsity Foot- ball, Exec. Comm., Pres. German Club. GLENNA MYERS Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Asst, Yell Leader A,S.A.l-LS. '50 and '52, "Pink Magic," 2B Rec. Sec., 4A Vice Pres., 4B Yell Leader, Operetta. ED NARAHARA Dr. Vigness' Advisory, "J.V.," and Varsity Football. JEAN NEELY Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Operetta, Christmas Pageant, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Sr. Play Make-Up. BOB NEFF Dr. Vigness' Advisory, Pres. 2B Class, Pub. Chair. Jr. Prom, Soph Hop Dec, Comm., Sr. Picnic Comm. BARBARA NELSON Miss Reichmuths Advisory, Adv. Pres., Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Adv. Sec. .. .,,.... V .. YUM. . ., nw .s.nLi.f.s,-, . N . 1-sn-1 nw-we +.v.-am:f::m..-- , 5.3 O 34 navy. blue, ' wzlfh. rhamoifx Alaiwm. Row I LOLA NEWELL Miss Reichmutlis Adviscry, Oper- etia, Rec. Sec. 3A, Chrisfmas Pag- eant, G.A. Faslxxzn Shaw 'Sl and '52. JOSEPHINE NYSER Mrs. Cakes Advisory. CLAYTON OLSON Dr. Viqrress' Advisory. PHYLLIS OLSON Mrs. Brooks' Adviscry, CSF, Star and Key, Library Assi. EVELYN ORLH Miss Reichmuflis Advisory, Pres.. Vice Pres., and Pub. Man. G.A.A., 2A Class Vice Pres., 4B Class Fin. Sec., Adv. Pres., Bd. of Cori., Star and Key. JUDY ORMSBEE Miss Reichmuths Advisory, ZA Vice Pres., Christmas Paqeani, Jr. Prom Eid Ccmm., Operetia, lB Fin. Sec. i '15- In as be .V -..-f.. J ' :ma fi 2 ,gk .7 , K D I i Row II SADIE ORTEGA Miss Reichrriuirrs Advisory. LENORE OSBORN lvfrs. Ericks' Aivxscry, Sepli Hcp Ccrrini., Taieiit Siiew, l-lcderri Dance in Fasbicn Shaw, Laiiri Clniit, Span- ish Club, Adv, Rep. STEPHEN OSWALD Dr. Vzcjness' A.dV1SCf'y',R.C.T.C.P'1l'iCi. ANDY PAISAI. Dr. Vrqriess' Advisrgry, Trrrfk, Pres. Chem. Club, Bti. Ci CCS., Spanish Club. NORMA PARKER Mrs. Breaks' Advisory, Opereila, Adv. Pres., Red Cross Rep., Adv. Off. ROBERT PASCALE Dr. Viqriess' Advisory, B" Baseball. ,sm 'Vs i I WUI: K, . V m. 7. 1 . I3 fg- , x. .s ' .. .far M' Row III ANGELO PASTORINO Mr. Scctt's Advisory. WENDELLEE PAYNE Mrs. Breaks' Adviscry, Pi.O.T.C. Spen- ser, Vice Pres. Lawn Club, Star and Key, Sr. Play Comm., Cliem. Club. ROXY PEARSON Dr. Viqriess' Advisery, Sr. Ball lliisic Cldair., Operetia. JIM PEHRSON Dr. Vianess' Advisory. MABLE PERRY Mrs. Cakes Advisory, Tri-lcfa, Siar and Key, CSF. DONNA POPE Miss Vsfilscrfs Advismy, Picd Crass Prep., Girls' Glee, K .7 QR 7 'YN I, ' ' 4- 1 ..' uf-, 1. 4 ' i , ' ". ,, , , ,AKWYOQ , .V Q .l . XJ 96 1' K .g fv. 4 ' . :A ' X Vg Y ' 'U5 tv- fix "UL 1-00 ix . .,,,.,,Ml .NW . . - 1 1 ,f ,.,. N I L Row I BRIAN POPE Mr, Jacksons Advisory, "B" and "J,V." Football, Scph Hop and Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., "Pink Magic," Adv. Pres., Mar. 4B Fun Day, Oper- ella. LINNELL POWERS Miss Wilsons Advisory, Star and Key Life Mem., Vice Pres. French Club, Sr. Play Comm.. Adv. Off., G.A.A. TOM PREST Mr. Fraleys Adviscry, Sr. Exec. Comm. "J.V.' Football, Varsity Track 'EI and '52, Choir. VAL PREWETT Mr. Jacksons Advisory, Baseball, Boys' Glee, YVONNE PRICE Miss l-leaks Advisory, Girls' Cvlee, Choir, Tr:-l:'ix, Mcdern Dance. GRACE PURVIS Miss Hooks Advrscry, Block C1.A.A,, 43 Exec. Ccmm., Latin Club Sr. Play Comm., Sr. Ball Dec. Ccmrn. ,N Qi '13- 'ltr Row II HELEN RAINES Mrs. Berry's Adviscry, Adv. Off., Aud, Staff, Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Ticket Comm., Tri-lord Sec, ROSAMOND RATH Mrs, Berrys Advisory, Girls' Glee, Aud. Staff, Red Cross Rep. MARIE RATTO Mrs, Berry s Advisory, Adv. Off., Star and Key. BETTY REDIESS Mrs. Eerrys Advisory, Adv. Off., French Club, BARBARA REID Mrs. Berry s Advisory, Rei Cross Rep., Adv. Rep., Scph Hip Dec. Ccmrn.. Sr, Sn-Jealer Comm. CAROL REINSTORF Mrs. Berrys Advisory, Star and Key, Adv. Off., Jr. Sweater Comm., CSF, Banque! Comm. jnqowdh, 1 as if A 4'- - Row III DARLENE REXINGER Mrs. Berry's Advisory. SHEILA REYNOLDS Miss Reichmulhs Advisory, Sr. Ball Comm., Sr. Play Comm. EVA RICHARDSON Mrs. Berry's Advisory. PETE RICHARDSON Mr. .lackson's Advisory, French Club, Photo. Club, Bd, of Con., Chem. Club. TOM RIGNEY Mr. Jacksons Adviscry. RICHARD RIVERA Mrs. Cundiffs Advisory, R.O.T.C.. Foctbdll, Boxing. XX, ' R 'K IN . OOO fx wi-. . . I .Q .....--.,-f.,g,...umu:Lsq..neuu 36 ' ' . WL wwl lnkmmva-my-Tummy-:mum-:uL.wg:nnx.a4wwe., rn. -i-fff..s.,.. f .f V- f- ..,-sy.'.x:n.u::uurxx:.:gana.m-a.m,u..mum.: vw- ..w.... A,..m, Row I DELORES ROBERTS Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Christmas Pageant, Operetta, Talent Show, Choir, Girls' Glee, Jr, Choir, ERCOLENA RUSCONI Mrs. Berry's Advisory, Star and Key Life Mem., CSF, Fashion Show, Adv. Pres. and Vice Pres., Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. RONALD SALCEDO Mr. Jackson's Advisory, "Pink Magic," Golf Team. NANCY SCHOLAR BRYSON Miss Wilsons Advisory, Star and Key. TONYA SCHROEDER Mrs. Berry's Advisory, Fashion Show, Soph Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Off., CSF. CRAIG SCHULLER Mr. Jacksons Advisory, Varsity and "J.V." Football, Red Cross, Sr. Jacket Comm., Golf Team, Jr. Sweater Comm. rf" K ,. Z -Q, , mr gy- I x. N Row II ALBERT SCHWENNING Mr. Birkholm's Advisory. FRED SEXAUER Mr. Jacksons Advisory, Sword and Shield, Band. VIRGINIA SHARP Miss l-look's Advisory, "Pink Magic" Comm. MARILYN SHAW Mrs. Berry's Advisory. CHARLES SHEPHARD Mr. Jacksons Advisory, Varsity Golf, "B" Baseball, "B" Track and Varsity, Chem. Club, Bd. of Con., Men's Block JOHN SHUMAKER Mr. Jackson's Advisory, Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Sr. Play Pub. Comm., 4B Exec. Comm., Sr. Picnic Comm., "B" Track, Golf Team. Row III PETE SIEBER Mr. Jacksons Advisory, Varsity and "J.V." Football, "J.V." Baseball, Adv. Pres. EUGENE SILLER Mr. Jackson's Advisory, Varsity and "J.V." Basketball, Varsity Track, Bed Cross Rep., "B" Football. CHARLOTTE SIMPSON Miss l-Iook's Advisory, Co-Mgr. "Pink Magic," Adv. Off., Christmas Pag- eant, Operetta, Modern Dance, Jr. Prom Comm. PAT SIMPSON Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Operetta, Christmas Pageant, G.A.A., Star and Key, Choir, Soph Hop Comm. WILLETTA SMITH Miss Wilsori's Advisory. RICHARD SMITH Mr. Jacksons Advisory. S' ! 'U'- jx 2 'Ffgg 335' "' asa 15'-K ofLflzL1rHrfa,aA,abzLuzca,A!zp.a, 37 . . . .,-w...e- -Maxx . . . . . 1-mumxws.. an Jung- mum: :::' '- . :mp-r -r 1 -1- v- n rx. . - . 1 . -wma..-u.'f..M-1.-spa., Q Row I MARY ELLEN SMITH Mrs. Berry's Advisory, G.A.A., Adv. Off., Sr. Play Set Comm., 4B Exec. Comm. JOHN STALKER Mrs. Cundiff's Advisory, Adv. Pres. KEN STANHOPE Mr. .lackscn's Advisory, "Pink Magic," Fire Chief Youth City, Bd. of Con., Fin. Sec. 3B Class, Operetta, Mgr. Sr. Ball. GINGER STANTON Mrs. Berry's Advisory, Rec. Sec. cmd Vice Pres. Class, Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Ticket and Finance Chair. Sr. Play, Co-Mgr. Fun Day, Jr. Prom Music Comm. DICK STEVENS Mr. Jacksons Advisory, Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Play Prop. Comm., Red Cross. WILMA STUGART Miss Reichmuth's Advisory. 3+ V .1-1-.eww -fr---1-1-.cuz :ua-N Row II CAROL TADLOCK Mrs. Berrys Advisory, Rec, Sec. G.A.A., Vice Pres. Star and Key, CSF, Block Orch., Spanish Club. MARILYN TARR Mrs. Berrys Advisory, Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep., Sr. Play Comm. WILLA TERRY Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, Bd. of Con., Star and Key, CSF, Soph Hop Comm., Adv. Pres., Cv.A.A. MARLENE THOMAS Mrs. Berry's Advisory, Fashion Show, Co-Mar. Soph I-lop, Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep. RUTHIE MAE THOMAS .- . ..-...-3 . 53. ..,..W . Row III SHEILA TRAIL Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Star and Key. Christmas Pageant, Music Festival, Girls' Glee, Choir, Mixed Chorus. LORRAIN E VELASQUEZ Mrs. Cakes Advisory, Star and Key, Spanish Club, Chem. Club, Sr. Play Program Comm., Library Asst, BERNARD VANDERHOOF Mr. Birkhclm's Advisory. TRUDY VAN MATHE Miss Hook's Advisory, G.A.A. BARBARA WALLIN Mrs. Coke's Advisory, Make-Up Chr. Christmas Pageant, Make-Up Chr. Sr. Play, Oak Leaf. Mrs. Coke's Advisory. KENT WAMPLER PARNELL THROWER Mr. Scotts Advisory, Track, Golf, Sr. Opp. Day Comm. K Y! 2 Mr. Scott's Advisory, Varsity Track, Block "A," Sql.-at-Arms Bd. of Con., Jr. Sweater Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., School Service. ...M 41'- ,- K . +223 5 .Qs 5 :- x l ' ' , I , l ' ' l. " 11' -.JF y at ,.A, I., . I tr, n U , 4, ,K '-A f' n 3 K ' hs. A Row I KAREN WARFIELD Mrs. Cakes Advisory, Block Adv. Pres., Operetta Comm., Chair. Grad. Announ., Sr, Play Comm., French Club. SONDRA WARNER Mrs. Cokes Advisory, Aud. Staff, G.A.A., Adv. Off. CAROL WATERLOW Mrs. Cokes Advisory, Editor Oak Leaf, Rec. Sec. 4B Class, Bus. Mgr. Oak Leaf, "Pink Magic," Yell Leader 3A Class, Rec. Sec. Bd, of Con. BILL WEATHERTON Mr. Scotts Advisory. DORA WEST Mrs. Brooks' Advisory, G.A.A., Star and Key, Aud, S'aff, Adv. Off., Dec. Sr. Play. .IOCK WHIDDEN Mr. Scotts Advisory, French Club, Latin Club, "Pink Magic," Bd. of Con., Choir. Jr. Sweater Comm. 38 IU' ir is ff' iv-D Row II JOAN WHITCHURCH Mrs. Cakes Advisory, Operetta, Acorn, Costume Chair. Sr. Play, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Cc-Mgr. Sr. Meets ing, Set Comm., Christmas Pageant. LOLA WILKEN Miss Wilsons Advisory, Asst. Ed. Oak Leaf, Christmas Pageant, Sr. Play Comm., Girls' Glee, Usherette lrispector, Star and Key. BARBARA WILLIAMS Mrs. Cokes Advisory, Vice Pres. 3B Class Operetta, Ed. of Con., Fashion Snow, Jr. Sweater Comm., Sopli Hop Bid Comm. LANDIS WILLIAMS Dr. Vigness' Advisory. LLOYD WILLIAMS Mr, Scotts Advisory. JACK WILLIAMSON Dr. Vzgness' Advisory, Pres. Latin Club, Rec, Sec. Chem. Club, "J.V." Basketball, Program Chair. Sr. Play. 5 ima as ga' fi. ' if Jin. A QV' Row III PEG WILSON Mrs. Cokes Advisory, Aud. Staff, R.O.T.C, Sponsor, Sopli Hop Bid Comm., Cc-Mgr. Military Ball, Adv. Off., CSF. RON WILSON Mr. Scotts Advisory, SI. Picnic Chair., Jr, Prom Comm., Sr. Jacket Comm., Pted Cross, "B" Football, "B" Track. PAT WIRT Miss Wilsons Advisory, "Pink Magic," Adv. Pres., Exec. Camrri. JOAN WISBERGER Mrs. Cokes Advisory, G.A.A. Yell Leader, Operetta, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross Rep., Adv, Oil., Stud. Talent. LOLA WOOD Tfirs. Cokes Advisory, Asst. Director Sr. Play, Cak Leaf, Aud, Staff, Christ- mas Pageant, Adv. Off., CSF. FUJIO YAMAMOTO Mr. Scotts Advisory, 'EH Track. lmtwmn, its I null long, lm, flux, . i...s:x.'1-- -. ., .. ,,,..,., W---3f'fwfr-Y:--1-'wnr,-.,Y-,f ..,.,..w...T- V- , , f - f ,-1: -W v.1f:.w...1-A -af fr :.-s..:-na-1v- fun.,-, ,,,, 5241-1- JACK BOWEN Mr Mgcres Advisory Opereta MEI. DAVIS Mr Bukhclms Advxsory ARLENE MON! 'virs Berry s ACIVISOIY RICHARD ROTTO Mr Jacksons Advxsory Golf Team Terxms Team LEANORE YOUNG Mrs Cakes AdV1SOfY Chrxstmas Pageant Fresh Recpt C mm Scph Pop Refreshme-rm Comm Fashxon Show Sud Tabm SF NADINE ZENS Wrss WN s Advxscry GAA . G!" 5 5.4 I . I I . , . . c ., , . . ,- , . . . , C . ., Qscn' , , . . 2- ' .A - 'C 1.-. gv A ' i 3 fvv A - - , it 4 ,f ' ' - :Q s - fi V5 'X r .2 I K . X dr r - Aff- . y. G.. Q . Lf I if L . fr ,Q 'Vx GRADUATES FEBRUARY '52 Row I DONNA CARROLL Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Adv. Pres., Adv. Off., Chem. Club, Advanced Orch., Star and Key. MARY SUE CLAPPER Mrs. Domniclis Advisory. GLENNA CREPEAU Mrs. Patterfs Advisory, Spring Music Festival, Operetta, Student Talent, Sr. Meeting. CAROL EVANS Mrs. Patten's Advisory. ALICE HUTCHINSON Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Aud. Staii, Star and Key, G.A.A. MABEL COX Mrs. Patten's Advisory. Row ll RUBY TERRY Miss Ouitzow's Advisory. RAYMON THOMPSON Dr. Rediqerfs Advisory, "B" and "J.V." Football, "J.V." Basketball, Varsity Track, Varsity Football, Block Adv. Pres. MARY LOUISE WILLIAMS Mrs. Patterfs Advisory, G.A.A. Adv. Pres. and Vice Pres. '32Muw,fa1uLuwuLmz. mans HIGH SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Imfy Baca r 1 Bo C39 ar s 1 RUM rcss Fa I C U21 into fha lug, wuia wnnld lea 1: Q rid Lucius F 3 LOL: Ca tIIIc . C ' Ijmye I rt ess M351 Llmqley Ifx','ii Tokerud Paul Ljzuq Cflrffiicg Pddiwfl YI SC c Bill Sixgrue H15 ,Iii TE1 ,IYTQFTIII I I I r" 'ff4'Iw-w--f--- -...inns 1:15111 -maxima Y . . ,I -ffm -vw1f.'v, Best Looking Boy Best Actress Best Actor BOB NEFF SHANNON HEATH JIM HAMILTON Most Attractive Grrl CORALEE HOLLYWOOD Best Athlete GARY DeHAVEN Most Talented GLENNA MYERS A11-Around Boy JACK CECCONI All-Around Girl LESLIE MARRIOTT JAMES MILLER MARILYN HEINBOCKEL R Best Lcckiriq Boy STEVE BROPHY Most Attractive Girl YVONNE DUNCAN Best Athlete HERB TURNER f, L6"""lfIA-Q A 4, , ' M v !' A 'fy ilyll yr Best Actcr Best Actress DAVE MADISON JUDY AASUM Girl Most Likely to Succeed Boy Most Likely to Succeed SANDRA WONG JIM BARBER . w...,..... - W, - ,,,,,, ,-,:,-1, ,,,.,, , Most Talented MARY JANE DECKER All-Around Boy DAVE MUTCH All-Around Girl GAIL FLETCHER -...L-..-Y--,V - - -Y V-'Anzac'-g -.-U.-.N . ......,. , ..Y ...v--.c-..e..-.1-.,-f. .annum .ff --. ff:--mmm-Q-Y .. , 43 auf.:-,fn',:r ' --- Af 11, ' , ,fr - . -wel ,.,.--sk:-f--:---fn 1-m..1.f-as-.4-aswwulavf A wwf.. x c 1 'rim awivwrw: : u'm4L,.wa...,1a -,..1n.-A --:gr --A-rum-.---f----Q-vm V' -.www-:gf-f.1,f4 J , , . 4, .vw rf jlwm who rpzaduata be, 326 0,2 53 sp.-M..--.., fr V ,. - t.,.,w--,. f .- ., V fx - f wx- .M W. - 1--mmnsarbuv-M-.2-4-wrs-an-K.-f..'x,.'-f- v-r.f,., 'V f . , - V r .lust one more term to go, And I'll have seen the light: The goal that to the freshman ls so far and yet so bright. The freshman that Was, oh, so green He knew not where to turn When all the upperclassmen His lowly cast would spurn. The elevator wasn't there, And the pool could not be found, And throughout all this hazing The seniors' laughs would sound. As a sophomore and full of vim He jumped from date to date And when his studies interfered His homework came 1n late The event that gave so many thrills Though it didnt make the papers Was that season s most enchanting dance Known as Cable Car Capers His Junior year was full of fun Delight was in the air Top Row Dale Richardson Yell Leader Nancy Beavers Recording Secretary B1t1T11ley Financial Secretary Seated Dave Mutch President Donna Taylor Vzce President 49 fl-an 'N if Aa, powdea, blue fm. gurum, .uvmtefm The New York Autumn Prom was held And everyone was ther And now I am a senror Full of learntnq and tne rest But I strll have one more term to qo In searchmq for my quest I m hnrshed wrth my senlor play The Father ot the Brrde The cherrshed dream wh1Cn Iles ahead I ll real1ze wrth prrde The thought of qraduatron I m loosrnq forward to The dream rs almost reahzed And I ll he leavmq you But thouqh I leave and you remarn Our hearts wrll heat toqe her Aloft we ll Ihng the Gold and Whlte No matter what the Weather Our love for Alameda I'I1qh And for the people rn 1t Goes on and so our farewell cry Is Play the qame and wrn rt' ve Br phy F1 d ct ry :I y une K tnq S cr ary on onnc Borncr d V1 e P s P r sr l1 I Frsher Yell Leader :- .. Y 6 i 2'-s arg Qxg 1.3 A -r-4' ,1 1'- fr' f , " 4. ' fy ,Vw ff h PRP yi 'V' 'kfh 'Bmpr' if -Q V if 'iyesw ,A.. - ry A r ' Pav B 1 Row I JUDY AASUM Mrs. Tays' Advisory, Vice Pres. G.A.. Rec. Sec. G.A., "Father ct the Bride," Vice Pres. ZA Class, Jr. Sweater Comm., Scpri Hcp Recep- tion Comm. HARRY AHLBORN Mr. Jones' Advisory, ".l.V." Base- ball '51, Varsity Baseball '52, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Schccl Service. ROSIE LEE ANDREWS Mrs. Lee's Advisory, Girls' Clee, Freshman Reception. DELMER ARMSTRONG Mr. Janes' Advisory, lr. Prem. Pub. Ccmm., "B" Baseball. JAMES AWALT Mr. Janes' Advisory, Spanish Club. JAMES BARBER Row ll DONNA BARNARD Mrs. 'lays' Advisory, "Father of the Bride," Vice Pres. 4A Class, Jr. Prcm Recepticn Chair., Soph Hop Recep- tion Chair., Oak Leaf, Adv. Pres. 3B. RODNEY BARTH Mr. Janes' Adviscry. NANCY BEAVERS Mrs. lays' Adviscry, Ad Beard, Bec. Sec. 3B Class, Fin. Sec. EA Class, Jr. Prom Skit, Scph I-lap Skit, Oak Leaf, Sr. Play Camrn. GLENN BENNETT Mr. Jones' Adviscry. CAROL BERTRAND Mrs. 'lays' Adviscry, Art Ed. Accrn, Bd. cf Con., lr. Prcrn Bid Chair., Chem. Club, Scpli Hap Bid Comm.. Pres. French Club, Rec. Sec. French '- E .V an . 9 .1 A l " 2 . X .Q QQ? y-4-,'gii. AQIL Eno , 115-5... CW S-ns in .4lllIII!V Row lil STEPHEN BROPHY Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Mar. Jr. Prom, Bd. of Con., Ad Board, Yell Leader lA Class, Sr. Play Comm. Chair., Pin. Sec. 4A Class. TRACY BURGETT Mr. Jones' Adviscry. DOUG BUTLER Mr. Mccre's Advisory. pm CABRAL 4641! Mrs. Tays' Advisory. Scph Hcp Bid Comm., Jr. Prcrn Bid Ccrnrn., G.A.A., lr. Red Cross, Adv. Pres. 4A, Sr. Play Pub. Comm. ROSE CLAREMOND Mrs. Tays' Adviscry, Adv. Off., Christmas Pageant. BOB CONNOLLY Mr. Janes' Advisory, Pres.?A Class Club- Mr. .lcnes Adviscrf, Scpb Hcp Mgr. Scph Hep. Ad Beard, Jr. Prim Music Chair., Jr. Prirr. Pub. Ccmm., Dec. Chair., Openma Zarice Pub- DON BRANNAN Sr. Play Asst. Dir. Tennis Bd. cf licity Chair., Bd. cf Cen. Mr. lines' Adviscry, Fcctball. Cen., Christmas Page-ant. -. - A V ff. -...f-f.. .fn 46 , ' ' ngflzateamwaafhnbn . . M ' ll ' ll RDIYI, LIL . 47 Row I Row II Row Ill JANE CROCKET YVONNE DUNCAN GEORGE FRASER Mrs. Tays Advzssry, Bd. ef Cori., lffrs. Tays' Advisery, CLA., Fashion Mr. Jcnes Adviscry. Adv. Pres. ZA, C:-Ed. Calc Leaf, Jr. Shen-J, Adv. Cff. Prim Muszc Cha1r., Sr. Play Ccmri., DONALD FREITAS I-:iq Meml CSF' A GORDON DUPREE Mr. lines Advzsiry. Hr. Jjxes' Adviszry, 'Rf "J.V.." RUTH CROSS Varsity F1'.fi3'rll, Pres. QE Class, JIM GERKE Mrs. lays' Adviscry. lfarsry Track, Father at trzf- Ervin," Mr. 'luzririiiriqs ,A'IVll3'ZI'Y, Jr. Red SYLVIA DAVIES Mrs. Tays Adviszry, G.A.A., Tri-lata. Adv. Pres. SB, Jr. Prim Berg. Comm. ELLA REE DAWKINS Mrs. Lees Advisory. MARY JANE DECKER Mrs. Tays' Advisory, Rec. Sec. 4A Class, Vice Pres. 2A Class, Ad Bd., Scna Leader CLA., Cc-Mqr. Jr. Prom, Bd. of Con. WALTER DICKINSON Mr. Jcnes' Advisory, Nan-Ccms Club. Mar. QA Mffvlfr. PATRICIA EPPLER Mrs. 'lays' A'l'l1S'ZYY. Lfrfm Club, Adv. CII., "Famer if the Brrflcf' BOB FISHBURN Mr. Jcnes' Adviscry. DON FISHER Mr. Jcries' Adviscry, Yell Leader 4A C ass, Scph Hcp Bid Comm., Jr. Prcm Dec. Comm., Sr. Play Comm. GAIL FLETCHER Mrs. 'Lays' Advisary, Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., Ad Beard, Serta Leader GA., Rec. Sec. Block Sona Leader G.A.A., Vice Pres 2B Class. Crass '49 - '52, Chess Club. YVONNE GILBERTSEN Mrs. fays Adviscry, Adv. Off., Sepii Hcp Music Cemm., Jr. Prcm Dec. Ccmrzi., Jr. Sweater Comm., Sr. Play Prep. Comm. ROYCE GLADDEN Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Bd. of Con., "Father cf the Bride," Masque and Sandal. LORRAINE GOLDMAN Mrs. Tays' Adviscry, Ad Board, Sopli I-Icp Dec. Comm., Jr. Prom Music Comm., Adv. Vice Pres., Christmas Pageant. A U' '99 25 .4-1 V. 'VN CN CP' 3-N 'X . 'N L if 've , ' .- r" 3? ' 'H 5 I W. --4' 0? fm 1 zw,' 4? K 48 'Q IS. .Tw a M - K. fix Q.. 1 Row l GARY GONZALES Mr, Cumminqs' Advisory. PATRICIA GREENE Mrs. Tays' Advisory, Adv. Oli., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm. HERBERT GRIER Mr. Cummings' Advisory. GAII. GRIFFIN Mrs. Tays' Advisory, Adv. Off., Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Sr, Play Ticket Comm., Spart- ish Club, Chemistry Club. WARREN GUDDAI. Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Ad Board, Adv. Pres., Bd. of Con., "B" Foot- ball, Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Off. ROY HALLIDAY Mr. Jones' Advisory, Stud. Talent. 11uunn--m-a-m,-.1,.n-n-.-v.u-r-,.....- A. ... . ...p-f-azunqsmrrm , N-0-.nn--'wmv-f.mvv.w,r.-.1 -fx . -- -- 'U ..-. Row II JANICE HANSON Mrs, Thompson's Advisory, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Latin Club, Chem. Club, Adv. Off. LORRAINE HART Mrs. Lee's Advisory, G.A.A. BARBARA HARTMAN Mrs. Thompson's Advisory, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Off., Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross. STUART HARVEY Mr. Cummings' Advisory, French Club, Chem. Club, Latin Club, Sr. Play Comm. GLADYS HASSNA Mrs. Thompson's Advisory. CHARLES HAUSEN Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Varsity Baseball, Band, B.O.T.C. Band. -.1-ff - i 3 Row III LE ROY HAWKINS Mr. Jones' Advisory, Jr. Prom Music Comm. SHIRLEY HEBERT Mrs. Thompson's Advisory, Adv. Pres., Mod. Dance, Jr. Prom Music Comm. CAMILLA HENRY Mrs. Thompson's Advisory. BARBARA HOISINGTON Mrs. Thcmpson's Advisory, Yell Leader 2B Class, G.A.A., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Christmas Pageant, CSF, Sr. Play Ticket Comm. BARBARA JELAVICH Mrs. Thcmpsons Advisory, "Father of the Bride." HERMAN JOHNSON Mr. Cummings' Advisory. Jnilmluhaallulw ' who K' Q1 'fm 6- 'Qs 7 In 'mx YV" Row I SELMA JOHNSON Mrs. Thompsons Advisory, Soph Hop Dec. Chair., Choir, Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Adv. Off., Girls' Glee. THOMAS KELLEHER Mr. Cummings' Advisory, RO. Band, Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club. JACKIE KEMSLEY Mrs. Thompson's Advisory, "Father of the Bride," Adv. Pres., Bd. of Con. Off., G.A. Fashion Show, Acorn, Soph Hop Bid Comm. DOUG KINNA Mr. Cummings' Advisory. "Father of the Bride," Sr. Jacket Comm., Adv. Off., Jr. Sweater Co-Chair., Soph Hcp Bid Comm., Latin Club. BETTY KOHUT Mrs. T'nompson's Advisory, Spanish Club, Chem. Club, Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Prom Comm. KENNEY KYRIACOS Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Adv. Pres. rr M Qs 1" x Row II MARILYN I.eCLERE Mrs.'s Advisory, Soph Hop Music Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Sr. Play Prop. Comm., Jr. Red Cross. SHIRLEY LEFLAR Mrs. Thompsons Advisory, "Father of the Bride," Jr. Prom Pub. Chair., Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Jr. Red Cross Pub. Mgr., Spanish Club, Adv. Off. FLOYD LEWIS Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Sr. Play Comm. BETTY LOFSTRAND Mrs. 'T'hor"psor"s Advisory, Phwf, Club Pres., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Adv. Off., Sr. Play Comm., Jr. Bed Cross. MAMIE MADDOX Mrs. Thompsons Advisory. RENEE MORCEL Mrs. Tay's Advisory, Jr. Prom Comm., Oak Leaf, Christmas Pag- eant, Jr. Prom Skit, Adv. Pres. rn. '54 ogtluv, midi," ' Row III CAROL MARCH Mrs. Thompsons Advisory, Adv. Pres., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., French Club, Girls' Glee. BILL MCCLARY Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Adv. Pres. "J.V." Football, Sr. Play Comm., Bd. of Con. BETH MCCORMICK Mrs. Thompson's Advisory, Fiec. Sec. 2A Class, French Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Star and Key, G.A. Fashion Show, Fun Day Comm. PAT MCCORMICK Mrs. Thompsorfs Advisory, French Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Off., Star and Key, G.A. Fashion Show, Fun Day Comm. GENETTE MCCOY Mrs. Tl':ompscn's Advisory. PATTI MCMAHON Mrs. Thompsons Advisory, Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Soph Hop Bid Comm., Life Mem. Star and Key, CSF, Adv. Off., Mod. Dance. ' 49 if 50 We Row I GERALD MORAES Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Mqr. Var- sity Basketball, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm DAVID MUTCH Mr. Cummings' Advisory, Rec. Sec. A.S.A.l-LS., Pres. 3B Class, Yell Leader 3A Class, Fin. Sec, 2A Class. Ad Board, "J.V," Football. JAMES O'CONNELL Mr. Cumminqs' Advisory. LOUIE O'CONNELL Mr. Moores Advisory, Sr. Play Prop. Comm., Choir. MERRY OHLMEYER Mrs. Lees Advisory. EILEEN O'TOOLE Mrs. Lees Advisory. Hfndq, will bn, 121, qnnd . . . Row II PATRICIA PETERSON Mrs, Lees Advisory. 'Father ci the Bride," Adv. Off., Soph Hop Pub, Comm., Jr. Prom Music Comm., Christmas Pageant, "Down in the Valley," JIM PIERCY Mr. Moores Advisory, Chess Club, Non-Coins Club, Boys' Glee, R.O.T.C. Staff, Acorn, Oak Loaf. IRMA POWELL Mrs. Tays' Advisory, Latin Club Off., Adv. Off., Star and Key, Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Jr, Prom Comm. Row III TOM REISER Mr. Moores Advisory, "Father of the Bride," Ad Board, Jr. Prom Music Comm. CAROL RICHARDSON Mrs. Lees Advisory, Rec. Sec. lB Class, Soph I-lop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Off., "Down in the Valley," French Club Off., Star and Key. DALE RICHARDSON Mrs. Lees Advisory, Yell Leader SB Class, Soph Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Pres., "Down in the Valley," Star and Key, French Club. CAROL RODRIGUES Dors,:LIl?AOEiz?AdViSOry ,,B,, Baseball Mrs. Lees Advisory, Jr. Red Cross, ' ' ' ' Soph I-lop Bid Comm. ORA LEE PRINCE RICHARD ROESCH Mrs, Tays' Advisory, Adv, Off., G.A.A. RONALD RATTO Mr. Moores Advisory, Bd. of Con. Oil., Stud. Talent, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph Hop Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Star and Ke , . , Y- Mr. Jones Advisr-ry, Varsity Foot- , , r , Y WILLIAM ROTI-I ixa.l, B Focbalr, Play Pub, Mr. Memes Advisory, Adv' OH., CCIIIIII. "Father of the Bride," Christmas Pageant, Soph Hop Skit, Jr. Sweater Comm., Scph Hcp Music Comm. 4? pm 'si Q.. is L Mm Q4 .AL Sf' 1 I Q 'G' 'V' ,-. , ,ff 'lifrf' .L Row I GEORGE SAUNDERS Mr. Moores Advisory, Mqr. Var- sity Track, Mar, ".l.V.," Varsity Football, Soph l-lop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Bd. of Con., Block HA ,, BARBARA SILVA Mrs. Tays' Advisory, Adv. Off. CHESTER SINGLEY Mr. Moores Advisory, Mgr. "Father ot' the Bride," M.C. Stud. Talent '51, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph l-lop Comm., Yell Leader lB Class, Pres. lA Class. FRED SPIERSCH Mr. Moores Advisory, French Club, Chem. Club, Soph Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm., "B" Baseball '49, TED SWISHER Mr. Moores Advisory, "J.V.," Varsity Football, Bd. of Cori., School Service, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Soph Hop Dec. Comm., Sr. Opp. Day. GARY TABLER Mr. Moores Advisory, Sr. Play Prop, Comm., Mgr. Varsity Basketball. 9 un 4' K 1 M V , gl , - Q i V' ...av ,gs Q A' Ti L A .Qi it ,- ,vs ii f2r : N .af ' '1V" ' TA Row Il NANCY TALBOT Mrs. Lees Advisory, Latin Club, Soph Hop Reception Comm., Mod. Dance, "Down in the Valley," Sr. Play Ticket Comm., Star and Key. DONNA TAYLOR Mrs. Lees Advisory, Rec. Sec. G.A., Rec. Sec. 2B Class, Vice Pres. 3B Class, Adv. Pres., Sr. Play Comm., Soph Hop Comm. HAROLD THOMPSON Mr. Moores Advisory. LESTER THOMPSON Mr. Jones' Advisory. BILL TILLEY Mr. Moores Advisory, Fin. Sec. TB Class, "Father of the Bride," Soph Hop Comm., Stud. Talent, Choir, 'Quarretf' FLEADA TOLLIVER Mrs. Lees Advisory, Concert Band, Triflota, Jr. Red Cross. '25 Vs. f ...S V, 1 .f 1 J' r 5 3 f"'5l 13" ,v" 'L Row III PAUL TR!-INTO Mr. Moores Advisory, Varsity Foot- Ball Pres, 4A Class, Pres. Block Ad Board, "Father of the Bride," Bd. of Con. GENENE TURNER Mrs. Lees Advisory, Bus. Mar. Oak ' Leaf, Soph l-lop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Sr. Play Pub. Comm., .lr. Sweater Comm., Adv. Pres. HERBERT TURNER Mr. Moores Advisory, Fin. Sec. A.S. A.H.S., Pres. ZA Class, Ad Board. Varsity Track, Varsity Football, Pres. Block DOUGLAS VERMILLION Mr. Moores Advisory, Varsity Track EO and '52, BEVERLY VERNON Mrs. Lees Advisory, Co-Mar. Soph Flop, Bd. of Con., Fin. Sec. G.A., Ad Board, Co-Mar. "Father of the Bride," Del. at Lange- Stud. Fac. Comm. NANCY WALLACE Mrs. Tays' Advisory, Adv. Off. . Play Pub. Comm. . 4,zsnmaf:gQ.L,. . vw :fr 'P vrfvwns vim-. 1 - f --fuss we f. wlumfhia, fHkQA.,ifd..1ZllhI'l.,Llf, ' 0215. 51 1433 G.. 6rJluzn,tlmq,wnllf,down, Lllh.lQ,g01,fll2,,l6lALfiWlQ Row I DORIS WALTON Mrs. Lees Advisory, Soph Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Eid Comm., Adv. Pres., Block CSP, Star and Key. PATRICIA WARDEN Mrs. Lees Advisory, Adv. Pres., Soph I-lop Pub. Comm., lr. Prom Reception Comm., Sr. Play Pub. Chair., Block FRANK WARREN Mr. Jones' Advisory, Sr. Play Prop. Comm. MARJORIE WETZEL Mrs. Lees Advisory, Scph Hop Ro- ception Comm., French Club, Tri-Iota, Life Mem. Star and Key, Jr, Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Play Prop. Comm. CLANCY WHITBECK Mi. Moores Advisory, Varsity, "l.V." Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Block "A," Boys' Gloe. CLAIRE WILK Mrs. Lees Advisory, Acorn, Ed. of Con., Sr. Play Ticket Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Soph Hop Eid Comm., Spanish Club. Ov Row II SANDRA WONG Mrs. Lees Advisory, Bd. of Con., Art Ffl. Acorn, Soph Hcp Bid Chair., lr. Prom Dec. Comm., Life Mem. Star and Key CSF. PATRICIA WRIGHT Mrs. Lees Advisory, Bd. of Con., Rec. Seo. SA Class, Sr. Play Cos- tumes Comm., Soph Hop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., G.A.A. MARY YEDA Mrs. Lees Advisory, Bd, of Con., Jr. Prom Eid Comm., Soph Hop Bid Ccmm., G.A.A,, CSF, Life Mem. Star and Key. MARY EMERY Mrs. Lees Advisory. DAVID MADISON Mr. Cuniminqs' Advisory, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, "Father of the Erzde' Fin. Sec, lB Class, Christ- rtas Pageant, Bd, of Con. YVONNE MYLES Mrs. Thcmpsons Advisory, Mod. Dance, Girls' Giee. Row III PATSY WILLIAMS Mrs, Thompsons Advis ry TED WILLIES Mr. Moores Advisorx S aY Ticket Com Club, Orch.. . K if , .r t .sf uf vw 5 ir 5. is 5, 6- 1 Q fghfp ..-- .: ' ' ,K ff' Q , 1 1 'cv 'ir ... tk' m., Spanish lub C e Band, N nComs LOW SENICMS 'WITHOUT PIFTUREQ Jo J B ardsley Ronald Caldwell Aloo Cappa Frawk Clasby John Color Dark Booby DGVIS Em Ty Fong Home-rt Haley Ro m Hobbs Ro mild Howard Bet y J hnson me rg Ke-mpster Frederlok Perrm Bet, Pmkard B My Vauqhn John Vfells Laucxen, Vfilson oumuhoniwzdaaqaunwnbufvanupmqnoup A25 frm-vr rm? 'if' gwrffe-.5 A HEEL avg, Low? , 7-,ff , AJ W . , fyww 'fa'-' Los: our Qi 40041 fg1HvP5 HHS swau. we wafsnfp JUST LUCK? I 1mlax.ancLlzau1z,.. quad nubude, of Aclwnl 'Mk mcwr owe " "WELL, Hi! OWRRE 71' os!""Q MM 4 W M V Q, , ,H , , 474 7'Qf W' f WWC J 'THE VEEPS KW' M' 1 . 4 AJ Z w 1, Mzlfwfgli I wgvgm ,,w, ,MEM SONS IIE G4 0 oo Q-+5 ci '44 Anson fskfqos- 'Dt IQ STV -HX 4 okqiv ww-.B-ix A Ag fs --1 VT rrv cf mer Th outstandrnq event ot th 3B terrn waQ the presentatron t ther Juntor Drom A N gn In R1 Head rn the Conn tteee wer Char Bentor and F3 S rly Gmc Cucw r h and B h Vfrn c at e W1 crz at Q h 1ty and Bette Stevene r eptton The therne was earned out by 51 h ad ru be kdrop deptctlnq a S 1, and Ot er f' Q added to the Sfmt n A ef a a pnere ot he da ce JG fn.. fmwfwiiwlf xg' dS 5 1tQ 'TOQT 'r f' We ny rr QG nt eQtdert S Y QCIQTG y To n Lu DO tc F ndnctdl Secretory Larry Tdver er dnd Yell Ledder Mary Dcur t T ey pre sented d 3B Ovle C FQ stmq et two CGITOODS cmd two ntereQt1 q class rneet1nCIQ e Q 'tcerb P es en Don ur UQLV lcn QLQQ-'w H5 Qld C rdtnq S cre ary B L Wh teldck Ca etQrX, J rt S der un ind Ye T L ader B iQ n Te ctaQe threugh a h gn y eucgebetul QA tent The twc claws n ee-trnqs were ents at dtng an were e eyed by t vx ES e C n Q n r Hqhh, Q lea re ntq The QVJSGTJQT ce rn tee was fteaded by Duane R ach and Jean Sdderlund y.Qa1z,af0,?f5mmaA,toa,doA.a,, Q' ' A 9 As lL1r.1QrS, tzgs Class hr ft d L t- .zerndrdde ferr: dt AHS., A "" . d ' T e-1'e.' Ken DeYr1es, Vtce Prey ' 1 ee . Tclletsezg Heccrdirg - S . , , 1 Q ,s , i ' N tt' ' . :tt 1. rx - I . t . T11 , Z .-1 r vi W -, . 1.. , gn , -A V A 1... K L Th f,.TTO.i Q, Ye 1d,t . F - cf 1 u vx . ,,,, x :L eh, V V Preq ,nt , t Re , Re- Q' .,e.t ' eh ine, ' 'V' x T:1r1anLTSeC1 Q ' ee. C T d, C7 Q. ' .T e e Tele we d the ' Q I 1 1 V Y 4 Y ,qi 'W x ' AP A , 1 . 'Q iw Q AL Xt-tffrd een:-QQ, he T fhtle CT es. The eler c1.e-e tc the .i 'nicr -'.- ,e Q was N reen. 4 Q ' 4 V - , in nit , Q 1 , , s Q , C ' n . r f V My V, S+' iliefsttr, E 2, War- ffk Fizz Spii' fZ'.lIt 1, 1772. Fprrzush Pct Hilti. L11 , T t eri 'f",QQ'ts :Z Kei 'fe'.'T1e: T.f'xr',' ftxrzzpt Tint L't1l,,tf,f'k. Q if ' .. - . A 'T ' e ' A e 4 . ' tl 1 ' P ,- ' CJ - 1 n ' .f e . liite ' A T 1-- ' I ,fel ta 1 e ', Q e C Q., ' . tereex, p de Cr Lcnsp Kent TLGYHS, music- A gg- Beb LO , skitp G l TN1l-en, pub' W' 'CN 7 ', ec . 4 MWMYW' " W tt 1 C ' .. :ene Qt A Rf he Qeceratlcn- wnzch T A i A I J if. T1T.,.lC n irnesf ' A X1 Lfcnzger Str Furbdsr, :nd Nitin: Aicxr Qick :ver facts fit 'hex f::1:: Przri A Niqh' in FLC. l C T f Miss BarLh's Advisory BOW l: B. Whitlcw, N. White, J. Dufour, C Tildesley, L. Verdcck. ROW ll: G. 'VVilscn, B. Tcllefsen, J. Villa D. Weir, T. Varvil, B, Williams S. James ROW Ill: L. Washmqtcn, P. Wrllzarns, D Tabler, C. Wcndolleck, Miss Barth, P Wheatfill, K. Whyte, B. Vinson. Mr Hull s Adwsory BOW! R Carmrqrranr A Ary VV Barnes B Br wn ROW II M Ccrr+er G Car er L Bracmns A Allmqer T Bealore ROW lll H Bradshaw B Armour L Baker B Beecher B Bomno R Abney Mxss Connellys Advxsory BOWJ D Campbell P Cum'nms ton P Clemens M Cruz BOW ll B Bradley N Berterc J Carter D Banqs S Cohen C Crltchlow A Bclen IDI BOW Ill C hurch N Church S C 1 S Beary M Shultrs D Arrale D Lrlly B Carero Mrs Le Hew s AdV1S0l'Y W I A D Crck J Du lf l. Chranese W ll Vt a 'lest ck fans s D Gbe W lll J' Casby crdc K 'N Vnes P Gerg A D bber N Da l 1 . . . - ' Y . 0 . . 4 l ' . , . :. r, .C .'.,C.Bren . I' '. 1 .C ., , ., . cllns 1 . . BO .: Czrtcz, J, Fuzxnxzri, M. Crran' l 1 RO' ' 3 F . 3 ', E, Gallagher, I Ccffee D. E' , W. Davx , , Furlzush C. rl r'. BO ' .1 L. l , J, Cummings G G n, ,De ' . . r' . Q ' to Izmir, lvaclr, alnlwtwim, Mlss Powers Advlsory S R Trowbrrdqe B J S rvey A Santos J Row n D L1 on l Sanders E Rrchard sw sara J Soderlun 4 n ey DV lll S anl y A Parlller M Steele Jens Sexauer W Kealcha B r y J Peprard Mr Slsler s Advlsory DCWI S rl-1 lns Jet D Hutclnson a ea Kn wles G Hartman NOW Ill J James R Johnson D Smrth VX. Assers n P Thomas Mrs Starck s Adv1sory SKOW l A Schr eder Jansen P Hale A J-laramam E Lrma D Johnson ROW ll S Hermerle F Jessen S Cotsrias A Jones 'sl Byrd S Newell A Keeler 'OW Ill F Hazard B Tefernller B John son P James C, Floyd E Lrndahl M l-la S Dye if Mrs Smxth s Advlsory 'J I J-l lVlGCKGIl2l6 J DeGran L nqanecker R Longman CN ll D Ncltremus E Alessx R Nereu 'J C1 Wlclvlullrn R OSD1mG s l B Lcrz J Gcnsav r sey Huhm Jlrs Sm o o I PCT." l: J. Snyder, . ' , . Stevens . -ke , . , , e . FC-W ll: M. .4 s , . .. , , ' , Req P, 3? 'en ' fr. . ' cl. L. Y',.' . '. FD J 1 C. -1 e , . ' ' , . gfrgkg fi, R. SQ' . . F .l A A V ,.' I ,ni l-1' ,J. .1 , ' ,R. EWCHI . RCW ll: B. Herrera, D. Hannah, D. Howe. X 1 . : , ' , . , . ' , . rl. '. . A ' ' ' A X . FVW : . . l ' , . C, 'l' Lghhock, G. C , . . M nn, 4 . ,' ,V .n ' ',' FCEM' Ill: E. X33 gr, . 3 , . l es F. 'ar l , Ll. 5 C . l . .J ith. Mxss Venard s Advisory ROWI P McKee K Multz K Ma Oqden E J Morris J Mats n POW II M Morris E Oq4en W Hudrcnl D Musso D Madsen S Nich ls M Mu ray E Nielsen ROW Ill E M ntqornery Y Myles Gominqer C Mack May P Hicks J Merrill E Noriye Mr Socolofsky s AdVlSOIY ROWI C Powell l. Pederson L Pugh N Radabauqh ROW Il Mr Socolofsky N Simpson F Pinkard J Wells J Ratio G Payne ROW lll B Ratto R Self B Pritchard Price J Sagen D Roach Mlss Wann s Advisory ROWI M Gallagher Euler S Gramma C Erltzler C Robertson M Furuno M Doumitt ROW ll: R. Dowen, J. Erickson, B. Elton, J Gibson, E. Collins, D. Elmore, G. Cudwortli D. Guy. ROW Ill: Miss Wann, J. Eisner, J. Morris, M. Emery, K. Eosterlinq, W. Frasheski, S. Parker, C. Foster, C. Robertson, G. Gilbert. Mr. Y0ung's Advisory ROW I: K. Zib, B. Whilelock, N, Vivien, G. Wells, K. Williams. ROW ll: J. Willer, J. Young, M. Weldon C. Georqi, J. Slife, B. Swancutt. ROW lll: B. Wilson, B. 'Wyslinq, Mr. Ycunq, D. Lynn, D. Smith, B. Johnson. , . fee. . ,f1swwsmuw: 'f,4f,.. :eff P , . . , ..u:un ..-r1,w' . 4 V .., -,wmQ -m.,.M- . .,-. . 'Fi .gs bk Jluz, low ww, lonlanq, back As Htqh Soph o es they presefr ed A H S Wlth a ctrtfere tt and orrqtnal Soph I-lop entrtled .luke Box Jam boree The brds small cut out ruke boxes ht ln well wrth the clever theme True rnanaqer and co rnanaqer ot thrs huqe success were Rrch Aqurrre and Shtr ey Dellaven respec trvely who were supported by Gwen Wrlllarns blds Pa Warner publtctty and John Cleary slcrt Morne T fnerlrr Bruce Erodl y M rcto Saud d y Ly Rrchord B rn Arlee Orverq e dc bs Bd bard Nltok r cz 'l Alrce Thor thrll AQ ltr y Delhldyert plan the Juke E X L e The fcxll oth er of thrs frne cldss were Pres1dent Bruce Bradley Vrce Presrdent Marcla Staude Hecordrnq Secretary Marte Tornerlrn Ftnanclal Secretary CaDDY Lyons and Yell Leader Kathleen Harrrson The sprrnq otttcers Prestdent Rtchard Born Vrce Presrdent Alrce Thornhrll Recordrnq Secretary Barbara Whrtalcer Ftnanclal secretary Sue Jacobs and Yell Leader Arleen Olrvera planned for therr class rneettnq whrch proved to o xery entertamrnq They selected a vartety ot musrcal entertatners from arnonq thetr schoolmates who are the known Dotty l-lutson Roy Hallx day Paul Trento and Barry Ttllson Mrs Barrett s Advisory ROW I V Schott B Wanless M Seger quxst M Saude R Sprller G Strrclcney C Pate W ll R Swrsher A T rnhrl Schroeder D Strey G W1ll1GmS B Nhx alcer A W1 hams M Tomerlln ROW lll P Sc gm W Sellers O Thomas J Ward L Wrllan P Warner G Thuu J Young B Simpson J Scott M Nrlk r son Mr Freeman s Advisory ROWI N Wong J S1mm ns T San cs M Tcmpkmson G Rath J Bowen B Reea ROW ll V Wxllyard D Stam R Stefanr H Walker R Singleton E Sarahan P Wyatt ROW Ill R Stanz W Srmth R Werrrna lc D Ross H Thomas R Spadom W Stan ton S Walmsley Miss Hays Advisory ROW l: K, Ocwell, S. Jaccbs, , S. Holliday, V. Bernardi, E. Gamma, . Alameda, I.. Eaton. R W ll: M. Harris, L. Pro- er, G. .aus- ni zer, J. campbcll, K, Harrlsun, E. Bnggs S. Jensen, 1 , rcpeau. ROW lll: E. Hall, G. Grimes, E. Caparc.: D. mlf: J. Fallavena, J. AYl'j.,fS'I , Brldg-, S. Hmtz, S. Bczdeck, G. Hammer, Mr. Goldman's Advisory ROW' 1: Earn R. Aguirre, T. Green, Figueroa, W. Crcthers. ROVV ll: Clough, P. Derias, J. Orowiius J. Ferney, C. Bruce, P. Coke. ROW llf: J. Geary, M. Vtfuesthcff, J.Hager- baurner, E. Bradley, R. Hansen J. Avery. lbw ,Sn,tzh, Jia and b ' RO I . . ' , . he ' l, B ROW IV: P. Stafford, N. Willrams. ' 1 ' r lf O er Cl u S ' r e n B 1 ij: Q gl'- 'iL 4.1 LA Mrs. Tham's Advisory ROW l: T. Ortega, A. Lind, l. Puckett, C. Mclsluqh, D. Potter, K. Krausse. ROW ll: S. Randall, L. Kamrn, S. Lipka, J. Kaye, J. McWhinriey, G. Williams, A. Short. ROW Ill: R. Lunardi, A. Kina. M. Garibaldi, D. McCcrnbs, Mrs. Tham, C. Parks, J. Lee, R. Humbert, l-l. Olivera. Mr. Watt's Advisory ROW l: S. l-litcher, B. Lahmann, C. Lyons, M. Myers, F. Cox, F. Irwin, W. Fiske, G. Ouirin. ROW ll: R. Hofmann, S. Price, J. l-lusinq, R. Lohr, B. Marks, A. Pattersen, T. Joseph. L. Oliphant. ROW Ill' B Perata P Lundberg R Mc Neill P Luce G Martin Mr Watt S Koi man E Murray I. Mason Jerelu Scott Bill Stanton Sharon Randall Arlene Olivera have a discussion about 3A affairs o ine prominent Low Juniors Check cut b cks from the book room Sally Holliday Gay Clausnitzer Marcia Staude Robbie Brown Judy Anderson and Sue I-lintz Q y . . U , , . fi L vw! 1 C J gd ' VA Q' 4 .k 5 ,J Jim, rm gp-.wma fo. ' ' prom 10.0 102222, lrrr Krrk ana Ja e Tur er S pl' As low sophomores thrs enthusras trc class was led rn the fall by P esr dent Gary Wood Vrce Presrdent Sylvra Duran Recordrnq Secretary lanet Turner Frnan 1al Secretary Maraorre Flernrnq and Yell Leader Dlane l-loffrrtan Takmq over rn tl e sprmq were Presldent Chuck S rtr Vrce Presrdent Sally Dowd Record y uylvlu LUIIOI1 IIHCIYI oral Secretary Drane Hoffman ard Yell Leader Sue Tuter i. www Q The Hrqh S phomores were qurte notrve thrs year and everyone at AHS ecarn aurte aware of the1r pres noe Nh P Hawanan Holrday thls Sprrnas Soph l-lop went over wrth an Jverwhelrnlna success Manager and Fo Manaqer lrm Krrl' and lanet Turner had ethcrcnt corn mrttees headed by Sally Orton Bob Andrew Gary Wood Dotne Hutson Pete Palmer Betty Carr Deb Dowsett and MarJor1e Flemrnq ylhr l I- 44' 'R 4 N 1l.:1 o 0 o 0 gr 1, 3 . ' ,. 4 X N ,A M S V I A . . be e ' ' at . V , H ., . ,f Q- T Q ,, S S , V ., , , , , , Y 6 N 1' 4 xJ ' 1 V x . X A , - , i . .. 1 I I 1 I I ' . ' ' RJ n lead 'he 1 .. Hcp Cr.rzr:gu"e' ll7f'1,: f .:'11, ..'::': '::1:i: fir U fxlir fi ' 13:1 - F' i1:i"r1, 'nd Ca: 'fi fi, ,T , Q ,ffm V - ' ,W ,WW .,W,.,- , . ,t 1 ' f vw A. an , , ., . ' B f, 7 'Y 1 K ' .J . A x lf ,L 1 r - f F X ' ' a , , , - , 'Y f S H f I E K F, , .. ' ' , -'iv rw. . v- 'fun A ' my l .. . , Q ' v . 4 I A 4 , - ing Secretary C'-'l-'t' ' I "' . N ' M' , w- .2 V - , , X , x i x l aim ' 5. S r r f g 1: EI if: Ii .' 1 f' 1 4:1 S112 Tye: S yygg. 1 Q5 JF war I Mr Boughton s Advzsory BONI A Mal' ws A Lewrs H Oransxy Maqrl H Landry .I Mrllet D N well A Medma Mr B ua Nll B Hu L rnba B News K lNCI1YE D Os K Lo qanecker J V es 73 N 'le w a H Mtn BOW Ill B Dlx n B LJl1Cl'Gll H M115 Oswald G Ll ya B. M1ra'nont D Lea V Owens F Perry Mlss dlveCCh.1O s Advisory BOW l B Terry Wood D Warren J Turner L Suqryarna B oler Dark M 1 West S Smrth BOW Il B Wflgh' J Thrower M Vaughn K Sullrvan M Henfro B Vay J Swanson B Taylor BOW lll A Waslunqton fl Stevens K Wlnte M Voxrol K Tompach S Vrllarre V Wmkler B Turner S Tuter Mr Coppo s AdV1S01'Y BOWl R Amsbauqh H Crossland J Bulmer R Borromeo F Castaldo L Cook B Armstrong L Hoffman BOW Ill G Cutler B Andrew B Boqqs R Cobb G Abralrarnson C Barth ROW IV Mr Coppo G Abrahamson K B rde C BUSS9l1D B Aubry H Berg Mrs Goodale s AdV1SOfY B ESKII ae Q Culver S Mu er F s er l C oper D D wsett L res t B Corno Duran V ll J 1 er Fro owar nlrr B FGIIIG Dowd J Dar emma L Efans lf C zz mo rs B Dedrnar C l ma urry c J nev C Duncan D Fo ey Gr Svplw " - ' I U .., Ii ' ' "lift ' . .. A 3 . ine , , ' , , ' 'U' A C. 1, . . , . ' 1 , . e D - . , . , C jfon. 'L Ro' 1 . fa, T. Q . . . 1 Q, ' X f ' . . I on, . rt , . De 3 ' ' A ri , r, eil r oe ', ,. 'l er. . Q .. .: , V o , . T . , . 'I' , D K . . . , . : . . C. . . , 4. I ru , ' ' - A , . I r , r ka , . Q, 0, . , . . , 1 A ' f . A ' ,L . 55 I . . . 2 , , -wg ' , A i - f ' f ' ' ta 1 f si . . . S., , I '91 ' 1 BOW ll: J. Bates, D. Carter, A. Burtleson, 'I -'5 . , , , . . 'i ,ot V G f : . , .. , . , 5 , K . , , G . , . . ,- ' U X 1 . . . , . X6 I o n, . , . , . . . . BOW' I: . 'CI .., r . "1 ' P. Q 1 , , o , . o , . C - Q A te' o, . C . r, S. ' . ' - A ' som 1 . sm , J, Se, s. C 1. J. Co ,, . ' r, S. , . 1, M. M' Fl . , . X , .. Co ol. . I BOVV lll: M . Goodale, , a ., M. "' :H Cross J. Connell, L. Gore n, C. C , --3-3 ' M.Cx, ,Cad A, .D , . l , ' , .t J. -mer. .vii .J-Q O O4 16 o Mr Coughlan s Advxsory BOWI W Thomas H Warren P Wese noff S Wl'1"den W I-Ialhqan BOW II W I. wry V VanI.andrnqha J Vern D No on J Wallac K Tennr WOW II Fe-mzna H TaIley L Tl' Wo d Mr C uqhlan I-I Thompson G 'Thomas Mxss Jolly s AdV1SOfY ROW l Mrss Jolly L Ratto L Spurloclc S mth B Seare L Srlva S Maror G Slupskr C Martrnez A Sanchez ROW II J Shroyer R Santos A Batto M Ouayle B Sargent K Bomanoff I. Bat ferty J Schwartz P Prrttle J Sprller BOW III M Brown V Adams B Bernstra C Btley C Shofe E Smrth R Scott C Sherman N Smrth Mr Hancock s AdV1SOl'Y smrh G Hernlon P Kapler J Grrffrn BOW II C Jepsen A Alama M Enos B avts J Kelly R Hann K I-lockab Mr Han ock BOW III B Jarrett D Johns n I-I Harp r A Hunter G N onan B Henry J Klrk D Gunn Mrs Kympton s Advxsory BOW I P Brooks S Chapln A Vrncert LJ Campts D rum L, Aaams A Barrett S Chapman N Akers BOW II W Brown J Carradme I. Ban ton M Brown B Burton B Carr G Bar bour C Berrle S Calvert J Grles ROW III R Eflwards A Bur' M AIder J Benn t H Brrmer J CampbeII J Bad lev M Pcta B Butom J AwaIt D qan n t rn advrs ry 5 1 -za. Bib ,un Svph HUP Asif Ao- l gg-1 . ,- . .3 . o , . ' . I fa.. i' Q. a :. . on, ... ' Qt . e, . er. I " 47- 1 ' A I' I 1 G. I ' , . , . relen, fl, ' ,Jw V G. Q , . o , . , . I , if X f ,'.5V - 1 . l 1 I ' , . I , . 4 , H- 1 t . , .I I. - ' ,o 2 . , . , . I I 4 .' I - A I . , . , . ' , . , . 1 I A , . ' . I ' . f It 1 ,f A O' , li . , I I A C . fb- r , . fi f BOW I: J. Hutchinson, B. Good, M. Gold- A' 4 - ' t , . ' , . , . ' . V ' . is v 7 . . , . , . 1 , 9 ' I D ' , . , . , . out ' I : . , . c , . e , I , , o , . , . ' , II A V I tl I , . . : . . ' . . it' I 'T C , '. C , C, ' , . ' , I . I if 1 . , . , . A f ' : . a , . .J ron, . I , er r - . , V . . . . ., . r . ,, . , . , . ., . Bro ' ' , o o . Ar' ' s 45. . .,,, ,. .gulf-f.-Qybwf-rr.. . . - - - - est, .A . Te- l I o o o Mr Pape s Advisory POWI Mr Pape R Rutley 'I' Summa A Sanford B Smith R Prado Stamps D Ronald D Pcupeney ROW II W Sasser D Robertson A Gas ter D Rolfe K Pedersen R Prtce O Pierre N Robinson R Rivers ROW III G Rogers R Powers L Helm B Poor W Rueda R Potter H Rediess L Rogers R Souza ROW IV N Smith P Palmer B Ross R Robinson ROW I S McFarlane J Medaglia P Needham E Ledbetter B Purvis B Lieb hart D Lindquist N Pratt B Morphew ROW II S Marie C Louie D Phillips S Orton C Perata J Little M Kropa M Love ROW III C Eakms S Alaxmo P Maclver S Nichols D Hutson P Mulkm R Long N Powers M Miller L Moore ROW IV Mrs Pavid Mr Yeoman s Advisory ROW I: G. Ferrier R. Fabian, R. Frayher J. Boyles, L. Scholar P. Genereux J. Stand- ridge. ROW II: J. Day, D. Buell, H. Davis C. Dexter, H. Davis D. Enarson, M. Godfrey J. Suffron. ROW III: B. Gates M. Tymn, B. Follroth J. Frost, R. Elrod W. Davis, G. Day D Dobson. Mrs Pitman s Advisory ROW I: P. Howell, M. Flack, K. Kohut, S Larson, J. Harrosh, S. Larrcn, C. Kriens, S Knowles, J. Mrcczkowski. ROW II: S, Vergez, P. Young, M. Crowley J. Lee, P. Hing, A. Westfall, J. Lewy C Kernple, T, Harris B. Hartman. ROW III: L. Kenney, M. Kempster, S Bowen, P. Heald, C. Hansen, J. Justin, D Hofmann, J. Henderson, S. Hook, G. Jack son, J. Lefevre, S. Kennedy. the. nthelz, 64012. ' movie Mrs. Pavid's Advisory This class, with its many new ideas Ceven going so far as to defy traditionl, has already shown signs of promise. For instance, '55 is the first to combine its boys and girls in mixed advisories, and the first to stage a cupcake sale. These new ideas, and many others, first appeared in their three class meetings, which were ably presided over by Larry Paxton, with the help of Dick Childs, Vice President, Bill Gould, Recording Secretary: Richard Freschi, Financial Secretary: and Irvin Nicholai, Yell Leader in the fall term. ln the spring term, President Bill Gould, Vice President Joan Buhles, Recording Secretary Barbara Conkel, Financial Secretary Sue Biggart, and Yell Leader Bill Arnold lead the class. The class has C1 successful cupcake sole fmpgumy atlaaf Umofawjopho bzquztoialmnotuzc Mrs Anderson s Adv1sory ROWI M Turner R DeLeau R Duran R Draper E Fletcher D Gardner P F1l1pell1 ROW II B Elmore C Jur1ch F F1l1pell1 N Gerherdt R Durham S Ducat R Crurckshank R Franck ROW III J Dawes J Garrett R Freschl S De Haan J de Trevrlle C Geraqhty J Gates W Floyd D Elliott Mxss Bennett s Adwsory ROWI P Graham J Keckler M Jones R Goodman B Hess R Blake J Van Dyck ROW II A Humphers M Grrer S Inqold J Jenson J Green B Gorden N Ghlsellr J Goodman ROW III B Haslam H Kameny B Haw ley A Hatch R Harper ROW IV B Goodman F Van Dyke R Gray A Hoppe B Gould W Hebel D Chrlds J Jackson Mr Koehler s Advxsory ROWI J Corrre V Arter L Votelho D Copper S Brqqart J Buhles ROW II D Armstrong B Walter B Conkle C Casorla W Almond P Asher ROW III R Canepa F Baca W Arnold M Johnson H Carroll F Carroll R Barnes J Correra Pat Romame rn Mrs Halls OIIICE answers QUSSIIOHS for the followmq Low Sorno mores Carol Moody Gmqer Walf w Kay Thompson Larry Paxton all Ed Powers ,.,,-p?"" rl B Y' a1wLtoluLn.of1.cecLby,alL wif nlm Miss Payne s AdV1SO1'Y ROWI V Scott M Pcusal D Rowen F Palva E Redman B Sncw J R1chards ROW ll E Powers N Rlce C Romano Wlttenau Mlss Payne P Perata ROW Ill J Peterson R Rocca J Ntkolal I. Paxton R Marshall R Staqnaro R Pederson J Rowney D Smlth Dr Peoples AdV1S0l'Y ROWI R Nelson G Lopez A Mederxos E Ntdxck D McGrew P Koemg ROW II D McKee C Lorenzana M Mor ley C Marshall M Ntcolson R Lofstrand W Nxcolson ROW Ill Dr Peoples B Mederros G Morris B Murray B Muller S Mangum J Mahoney D Loberq J Smlth Mr Stowell s Adv1sory ROW I B Wagner J Whlte N Westby K Rupp R West M Wallace S Wads worth ROW II I. Green R Wheeler F Wllk K Thomson V Waterlow D Wessllnq J Wendland ROW Ill Mr Stowell C Thornton M Wong R Wtllls E Cracraft G Ruperto G Thomas Susan Decker Catherme Rornancwxtz Bill Murray ard E'lene Fletcher wzsely pcmt ,tt the way t qc for your ACORN c . 6 , , , , ,. ., -.. A, :af ' 'r'1-gm:t1x-- fn ff: -V,-r-A-wfvsmzrrra. , . :gn-:v:e.'u.-x-'-:T-nfczv.,---.':,-Wfy. - , f , ,. ., . , .- I -si , --1-fe-If f - , 1: r-1. .-w-::12enmEf-nnvwana-fx-v-en1z:svrzu,,gnvf4-:- V f- w ' ' . , . -.I , - rg V , . - . . , V . - vi I rw Q " ' A 1 I - V . . . . . , V ' v 9 W T if . T I . . ' . - f nw, Q4 " 1 . ' ' 41' '55 , f' wltz, C. Graham, C. Moody, C. Noble, J. Q A ' ' - ' ge W , , . . . ' v l " 9 A Y 2 . . . 4 ' I 'rf ' . . , . , . , . i Z 1 A T 1 - r - I . ru ! 1 I 3 n R z V fl' 1 . ' - 2 f I I1 . , . , V. , if W, I I - I . I . . , V ,A , . Y A : , , . , . - , . g A fl , Q. , . , . , , "V" Q v D I ,t F A A f ' ' I . . , , , . I I' ' ' ji, . M . ' 3 I ,I ,, ... I -: I . . 4- 4 I . , . ' , . , 'Y I , 5 , 2 . , . , . , . - K I Q -2 in I . , . , . ' , . 4 91 8 r . 1 . V y . - fm 5 , Jerry Boone, Joan Parsons, Janet Ho:kin, Sandra Morey, and Jane Starr. 'H 'K 1 Jane Starr Sandro Smith Leroy Velasquez Barbara Barbis and Kathryn Smith They may be only High Freshmen now, but this IB class showed signs of becoming quite an outstanding group at A.H.S. in the past year. Fall term President .Terry Boone, Vice President Sandra Morey, Recording Secretary Joan Parson, Financial Sec- retary Jane Hockin, and Yell Leader Jane Starr planned the movie given by the class. This work was carried on by Spring term officers: President Leroy Velasquez, Vice-President Kath- ryn Smith, Recording Secretary San- dra Smith Financial Secretary Bar bara Barbis and Jane Starr who was again Yell Leader ,W Prominent ticket salesmen for the IB movie Jfzqhj HALIZOIDHQVJL, y, . I - E 1 .T E . . V 1 V ,N N XJ. 1? l W . 4 V V G , , g ,J . ' as , ,, xv ... az. ml- Y ,,. ,Y :Z vzzxvnauarwiwee...---sawn.-A-ytf.f1,... ,,,,,e,..a-.f- ' - e.,...4:' -1-. ,W ies-'rf-fan-: . -rt .Aww-X1 ' - ,...V.1-. -3- H- H 5-if -.6-7 2 -.- ',-Le,f,fY,n.w-m..,.- rr 1.1-1 -ff-f :ffl-fe.W,.eef.-.n41r... i Q . . - W V, M l: ,- -..rg ef, HJ, . , W.-- .,....-:,,mu-,.....,, nf- cr e,e-1e.,..-ww... .,,.,,..., . 46 0 0 Mr Gray s Advisory ROWI G Truullo S Morey G Smith J Woolley A Wisbrod S Owen ROW II I. Cole-rDark J Golobick G DYe S Rogers P Knox C Banta ROW III R Garver J Williams C Aslm N Purbeck B Davis W Davis Miss Hemck s Advisory ROWI G Ouintell R Bonino N Kennady L Burkhart K Smedley J Silva S Archey ROW II C Rothman N Anderson S Jack son M Ingram F Wilson E Dunn I.. Mc Kee ROW III B Hastie D Yeltman B Bow man A Mollart M Lewis S Guy J Frankland ROW IV J Villaqomez S Morris D Hark ness 'I' Stanz Miss Herrick R Hess A Meloy J Brooks C Davis Mr Hallocks Advisory ROW l: A. Schmeltzer, J. Camp, P. Cossick, G. Gunn, S. Crossland, J. Knapp, D. Rich- mond. ROW II: J. Ballwanz, B. Lenehan, I.. Kal- berer, N. Hall, K. Shaw, G. O'Donnell, M Marshall, G. Harper. ROW III: P. Euler, R. Pyne, D. Delashaw, J. Sellers, B, Saloman, G. Carlen, R Scheuermann, C. Carnahan Jr. Mrs. Howell's Advisory ROW I: L. Hinkle, V. Rosito, M. Aaltonen, J. Parsons, G. McCann. ROW II: R. Abram, J. Howard, C. Brown. I. Williams, M. McPhee, I.. Prelwm, C. Mc Carthy, M A. Nute, Mrs. Howell. ROW III: A. Barber, G. Ramirez, C. Greiq, C, Waller, I.. Kirwan, L. Nunnley, 'I' More gan, K. Owen, S. Hunter. '7 .viii nga! Hf0'L DZ Aw P00 .OIL fill 1100! . ,-'ff-E, ffm-fs-ff.,.-f-11:.,..,..e,..e.,.se..-...,...-- , ---......s .,41s--H--1 -I f--fee:-ET-sm--T-we ..,,,:-Ms, .,.. 11,---V , . ' 1 ., . 5 2 . , . , . , . L' , . ' , . . . , P ' Q ff I a ' L : , - , . ' , . if ,E I 9 3 - , . ' ' - . - .1 75 f In I I I . f 1 I 1 . , . 1 - I A A 1 - 1 - ' 5 . 'uf - A fl 1 . . Mr Hopkms Advzsory ROWI R Flynn B Barbrs E Starroco L Lmqel P L utr J Bayard J Epp rson ll Sn M Johnson M Johns n E R b rs S Barnes J Mtrrrauqh ROW lll G Davrs J Murdock C Jackson D Ma D nald if Lahmanr' J Mantonya S w Mrs Kmg s Advlsory ROW I J Law G Coleman Y Johnson J Wrlkerson A Tmer W Bradford N Tanaka A Sm1 h C Young B Alexander ROW ll M Klnq P Dunlap P Prerce R Rarnaqe E Natah M Armstrong B Hartford B Ogden M Bayley M Madsen J Arnool ROW lll J McRae J Mrlls D Lew1s R Eagle G Hurt' D McBr1de L W1ll1GmS C Hans L Alston F Crurrtp Mr Levme s Advisory l C Jaqer E Taylor J Hockln C Flynn S L1eber B Smrth C Suess W Hyde ROW ll J Green C Burk C Ftelds T Srlva W Davrs A Golden L Foster G Paulrne M Sweeter H Lowery ROW lll Mr Levme E Rarnes W W1 lams L M Kee V Rogers S Schulze G Myers R Goodell J May Mrs Layton s Advlsory ROWT N Kely T McDonnell L Esprnoza D Ho 'rnan D McClure K Kalman S lurrer M Hafnrl on ROW ll P Delaney C Erackrns M Rod qer C Marald C McDowell C De-Grar'O L1 'terland J Hassler S Taylor Paten rOW lll R Nong C Morton R Sarqen l es S H wes J New n A Krnq L E S Ada s A e naw nnlwlled uz, . . . . ' . , . Q ., . , . e . ROW' : J ell, - ., . 3 , . o e t . . ' . 4 , - f- ' C o . T. . , D o ers, . . . . : . , . , , . , : rs. ' , . , . ' , . . 1 . . , . . ROW : . , , , . ', . . 2 . , 1. , . ' , , V, r T- I 1 - 1 - 1 - . ' ' 't- l , V C , - 1 V t - 1 . . 1 . l , . , . ' , 4 H- . , 1 . , . ' , . - L. '11 , . , o. , L e 'D . Y 4 D vlil , o , , lo , ' , 'Warne-r, R ..r:wn o a rr. , Le o 0 0 o Mr McMu11ms AdV1S0fY ON rim r San Nu: I I-IcrrcsI' I I3 N1 PIGHDCI FOV! II D Murray M u1rr1 I Q1 QGIII ON I-A I:1"1s 1 J 'LI Mrs Marker s Advisory nf! 1 I'1 L V FJ IS DON f' Curr A A y 5 cut 11 JI III G ,Jr f1r1 1 1 Kmon Nu Ibczuer O IV R News D I-'I X, ur I be IJ 11 9 TICQ Mr Mrlletts Advlsory Mgt 1 ttm r H I, P I Kncwes M Dofhn RCW II M M015 I arp D S JI X S Div I. VV III R Arm Cr A Pe 4 WGN A GIII3 II V Qm1 I'1 A FrQCCD Nl CI Mrs Patiys Advxsory WCW 'I Ir11u CI G ROW I I-I I View I .1 If :IG Qe7L5'hadaA,dA,ZUzAL,t2!zn,Lax:L.. . , . . Fi ' I: C V, :L I. 1"ccs, H. : 1, '. Freifcs, I. S152 , ' Ive, Il. 1. 1: 1, Cale, R Ergwz, B Ichnscr, S 1 Q . Grin, I NIIGrd, E. f' 2, B 'fillmcn P I III: I? '1' .1 Feed, I. Tcylzr, Sherrnfer, I EQI-ev-fare, D Ifnschrnzff, F? Van Sliten, M I'-e'J-'Q 2 Chapman , . . PU' I: E Prayer, F Ezsky IC Smrfi, S SITZI , ' Cizrffis, 1' eff: C Fab ',r1 .1 I ' II: V, E Gu-Qrrz, S k-2 , B, G 1 I11er, PI. De I, Lis Ifhrker EOVV 11: 'W' .cr , I Etsch, R Ne-Viqer, N. ll T, K Nzrcrhcrcz, D. Cur:r11cE1ceI, I F W : . ' .I ,r , I Fcrrncn, cpper, H Ifickgn, K. "If Ic, f' spa-r, C 11:11 - . , . . ROW I: Mr. M1IIQft, I Rcbcrts, I. Scmders, FIw1fo.,DD9 9,2 irc., . I, I I I . 1 : S141 .,r ', "if h T1 53:1 VV, Sl: Hr, I. III"IIfl!IS',II, E. IIf::11:11'r1'I, VJ, I. IL, , 1 11-5 D 2599 RO' 1 " thi, N Enqhsh, . , eq, R .1, , G 1 If f.., A Irurltush, Y , 'A , mc, E 'J t's 1 . . 11 1 1:3 I+:-zzz I I7:'1yf'-: E CZIf'Z-Iixfk, N Ri' 1 S Rf4'vr1.QfIs fl S:r11'I1 K I I-1 rg II: I fl:r'i'.-ri, 1 Osnzrrzz, H Zzhn. C, 1 A, Szrrzzrvrrs, II niyle, G 15. Q, E Hzrrgifsty, 'N f.I:r11z, I' Izrzes ECW If: D Yciczsquez, Fi Axdriese 151. Frzclcm M Gciciruri I Cc' 11 PI Pugh ' C Baie: L C::l. E Lfecchcrz , I 1 1 u o o Hr' Iza. 1710.012 Mr Saunders Advlso ROW I E P pe M Werner S Carter an J Q C Wa er P Gra Bellucmrnl ROW II B Anderson P Brockell Wrnkel J Gllley B Tallefscn B Grem rnrnqer D Garver J Nrernan ROW III J Boone J Orr S Wynn Mason A Berry W Krnq D Souza Mxss Shockeys Advlsory HOWI H Barnnqer E Labore K Jett N Farnan H Storrs POW II L Slarnp N Wrllhorl H Pelerson E Hyde E Barnes A Rhodes ROW III N Hlvas S Hopkms H Blthel J Johnson J Henderson R Prrce C Grllette N Hamrl on In Mrs Tlrams CI thrnq B class some IB qrrls welp rang a skrrt cra Brow Ma y Bayley Juciee Arrold Lcrean Nun ley and Janet Hockm me rr rs c' Mr Hall ck s IB Algebra cr' 'gr hard at a szlmicn c' a prob em Alex nets' "ay Carr-en, Peqqy Lahrnann, zar. ":,Q1r.1c' and Qu-an Hep ins. Hope Vctquero Ethel Rodgers Su Stcmtcn Rebecca Newell, Nancy Davies. The Low Freshman class was cer- tainly one ot fine class spirit and wonderful talent Their officers Pres Hope Vaquera Vice Pres Ethel Rod gers Rec Secty Rebecca Newell Fm Secty Sue Stanton and Yell Leader Nancy Davies proved that this is no longer a man s world They planned for the1r fun day booth at a meetlng ot the otticers and are look ing forward to entering in on the other high school activities as they move through A H S A group of low freshmen working in Sccicxl Studies class dung, by, lui alms, and . 75 2 ' ziaupmivgf' Mr. Cadwe11's Advisory IQOVJ I: J Klrlcn, C Hcxrcwciy, L Ihttxf-I E Ccltzsl J F1111 A Landry, l.I Lnley. POV! II: T Tcnibarski, l.'I Saywcrd. A Flzvf-rs. UV. Dancer, L. Lucas H. Vcquerc, S. Cnsle HZ. Ccriwell, PCVV lll: D SLHC.U1l', J f.le'.l+21:f,s lf lvfivl' lmy, L Clevelcind, J. Srizqqms, L lfl',IIl5 C. Curry, C. Washington. Mrs Domn1cks Advxsory I v I rews u N cr as CI lm Ly Y Nan J Bn qe W Il H Cr s ley K Klcxys I Ru CI bauqh M Doyle S I-lu sled B Levemnq B Suns R Brcuq J LIITIG POW lll F Vclz J lVICDonOld A Huqqer I eqm e zum ur lnq llcw ll R VP C1 Mr Hayes Advlsory ROWI W Sonsom I Iicxufulcl I Snoros J Stlnnetl J Pearson S Pollard L Blyth ROW II Pl Loyd M Grlfflth G LG Fon 'cnnc L Jcxckscn C Bear' A Anders n RCW II D Brer on G B cclcs G em c P D lfuqers VV E rss T L T ornql on MISS Los Kamp s Adv1sory L 1 A I . , . . HCS' 1 M Anil , T. QIZZ rl, A. 'W l- lcurfa. E C 1 lilo Y If mnez, L. ncn, C, . 'd RO 3 , c 5 , , . d - , 1 ' IJ 'I, LB Mt ,IU DI ,Ii J Q , . .q . 1 . .' , , Q, . Q I 1 If ., , I , H ' - in lcfl, . I , , CH.. , , GIACGH, IN C f 1 . . , . FIQIN I: Elfkl-LY, ' CII, S',' C J Lf-'.':r.7f1 J Fsferscrg S Clirlf-n l2C'.A.' II: S Ssigley, F C'.'.'11Y' lk' f':'.'1' S S. Sfcnin Fgsslcnc. S. Emacs, PSHE' If E Lin? K Esnlffe F Ulffiffflf :Gy L Levy, L Fix F Eg11g:k,F P,:'.'.1e',' .f Tlfzn. H, Mrs Pattens AdVlSO1'Y ROWI W Harvest O Elmore R Hut chens J Gallagher R Ra1n1er S Branden berqer ROW II T D1xon G Tehada J Godfrey J Jackson D Phtlhps S Burqet ROW III T Mason B Baker P Bulman O Johnson J Hopkrns J Ammons D Burns Dr Redlgers Advlsory ROW I R Montgomery R Newell J Newton S Grlttm L Asher B Cryan ROW II M Larsen D Everton E Rodgers L Bertrand J Whttle J Hawley D Cosa R Enqllsh ROW Ill A St lnberq C Pl mqren R Jacobs n R Contreras L Brodeur T Weldon E Kerr A I-Iyer J Peterson Mlss Rego s AdV'1SO1'Y ROWI K Ruby D Maddex H Johnson J W 'ke C Te re'orte ROW ll C FIS ner rl Rrcrardscn R I. Carter N A TH rrpson S Crewell E J Dtckson B Burd'n RCW lll O C lemar J Wyate J R bln scr' l. La se R Brown A Wh1'6 H Dawk. s SPORTS ,jg w iff' COACH JOLLEY COACH SOCOLOFSKY COACH CADWELL A-vw "' 'yiigv W COACH JONES COACH HAYES COA H MILLETT Uuluhaaalw machm, and Bev Tollefscn Ken Signhope Gaye Clcxusnitzer -gn Clcmne Gnutzmcnn Kcrm Multz Hcxrry Forsberg Gini Fletduer e Q Myers. Rod Lcmqhcrm tial DJUL 'Hall aA,fluzq,da bd Hexmerle , , ., I :L 1" n - wr- A. 4 ' 'Wim -. X ' 2 ,x " Y ' . GI :art . '2x'v":l:AA35rl'9- " wr' -' HJFPH?VW 'fW'Ii'l"' 1-Ki.IS.L1'.,.1.Z3' Z. ' , ' . ' . ..,..LL2 EAL. SJW?-ll ' . l3l'36Q'5?v' . gf. ',::.amr-'-f:f:"'auT rf, , - sf-,.1mf.m4.f. 1 ,Lvl .f A , ,- , , ,umm my-q1,m,,,,. ,,,,..L K .,.-,, ' Y"':'7'4"3"xX'w"i'-:iii 'Y V Y -'LTQ1 W Y L "T .23!.xL?iE""',''l'l'.Z.,1.l.6'l4.ilbl4ii.-!'A.1l1'1,'2As.,51 C' .,. . , in ,:,xx1g LrQmuv , . 1: an: E4 Un, fr I ff-v""'x N s A 1 Vw e fx M fa 1 Q f a X K if 'N 5, J. f A QM B vt ek f 2 " '2 1 .W - , , ,P L A 4' Y' I .,.- ' f Q' s 1 ,, QV 5' Wag 3 Sie, 3' ' f M F '-3 Q , . P' A ,,.,m.w I "' Q f J- -..w,5x ' ' i .- w , K A A 1 -.4 1 Q , ,Hg , . 4 fi .1 W 11 Q? .5 , ,4 g ,gylrr f lofi , gfamgmum ,wma , -pr' if QA"f' M fi-,L lessle lviliilazns sczzes in the San Mare: sc: w Lnzmoqe. 's Paul Trent, Mack lwfCCIYh9I1Cfl, Crmg Shuner and Gf ove1itCachSocadtl'tarnl as'oL.chte an rr' r rs he '1 ld Above BbCo pe n nerdaround ntl1eLlCert CIIFE BERKELEY 12 - ALAMEDA 0 Berkeley was favored because it wa- rated one ot the top teams tn Northern California. To bcqin the game Alameda kicked off to Berkeley who went down almost to the goal line. Alameda defense team hold for six downs on the acal l'ne and then Berkeley scored. Through the second and third quarters Alameda with its new for- mation and Berkeley with its powerhouse team fought without sccrinq ln the fourh quarter Berkeley faked Alamedas defense and scored on a fifty yard pass play, PIEDMONT 0 - ALAMEDF. 0 Alarnedas first niqht qame cf the season turned into a disappoint- ment for both teams. After the teams banged heads for three quarters, the score still remained O-U. Piedmont scored from the seven yard line but the touchdown was called hack because of an infraction of rules. Later in the fourth quarter Alamedas Bch Cooper ran around end for fifty-five yards for a touchdown, hut, unfortunately, this touchdown was also called back. Both teams were at each others qcals several times during the game, but could not score Gordon Dupree for Yfdojner of Fremorif. Also C: the U' fight lm, 4oaL: football OOO . ,4 ... ii' , I ,L W"'0'liIn. ffm' .Q ,V A R V., . 3. The Hornets versus Bellarmine. The Hayward game. EL CERRITO 7 - ALAMEDA 0 ln Alameda's second night game the Hornets' offense began to roll, but due to fumbles and penalties they could not put the pigskin over for points. El Cerrito capitalized on a fifty-yard pass play in the third quarter and went on to win 7-O RICHMOND 34 - ALAMEDA 2 Again Alameda met with a stronger team which wen 34-2. Our boys played a splendid game, but Richmond showed us why they were rated the top team of Northern California. The score gave no Larry Spaulding catches a quickie agams. En-.i4e. y pass indication of the great game our team played. HAYWARD 7 - ALAMEDA 12 The Hornets finished the season by playing their best game. For the first time the defense and offense worked together to beat Hay- ward 12-7 The fellows proved that they had not given up by wirinirzg their last league game. The student body also showed great sports- manship in supporting the team win or lose .W :B O Lower left: Gary Dehlaven on one of his many runs which aeceuntefl for much of the yardage in the Berkeley game. Coming in 'L :ever ar:- Bob Cooper and Lee Pauline. Lower right: Larry Spauldtng and Jessie 'Williams ge in 1: step a Piedmont man. In the background are Eco Carmignarx, Mack Mcffafherien, and Lee Pauizne. uLf'a 2 FOOTBALL How Row Row lv' 1s B FOOTBALL Row I fu 1. 11 C1 P. ID 111 Row II 111 V lgsqu 11 l 11111 Mye 1 cl-c Mg J How III l'd 11 p .111 G ' D H NQ11,1l1u1G B Go d111Q11 J Howcnd Row IV H Slmm ns G .1111 me F' v111c C1 C '-1 w Row V G Burk M1111 1l C R c:f1.1rd H Wu k A Hu 1 1 Mux k B 1 The 1951 .Tumor Varsity started from s 1c1tJ'1 and became CI rc1p1dly 1V'1p J wg bull club under tl'1 dlrectlon of Ccczcn Cadwell He has helped mem QC1111 valuable expeme e C1 1d many 1ec1111 mem bers w1ll move up to the vorsny next yec11 Them- J11111 1 Vorb ty mem IS Mllll hndculnteclly 111'1ke VCITSITY stars and keep up 'he h1ql1 SlGV1'Xl As ' A 11116411 H1c1l 3 l f1 1 5 ".T.V." I l. I f' lf 'fe TC fit ff. l',::.p,. :. P. ll lvf:1.:. l 131.11 ::1l, l,. P, 1 1, II f lm 1l 11, lf 51.531 :. ll 'Q:1:..l1L1 E, .1'11l:-1111. 1 lil I :, 1 11.1-S11-1 li 912111. lf. fl.:.','- I P11-:.:.,z. Y. 2.11: .'f.- III Y, ,E..:.1 lllzzn E 51. Q.: KMQ1 Q Ii H1-.:. 3:1211-, E. QL:.:.L ':. .-3. Hippe l. .1'.':J1'1, H. Glxy, li. P:11C1111Ll, H M 'K' 11211, L E 1211: Q. F 1:.1 1,:' L' ff Jil. G' I .1 UV. Hebei f Kgk, D, lie-xv:-l 'JV' G' I9 D. Clipde l N1:kcla1, R F 411111, H. LG11 '1y, H. 'l1d, H S11 le-1i111, B. l2l111'3!fA. C H111g11:1, ll. G1 11, l. 1. 1. 1-Z, H A1 st 111, C. F1z.11:1, H P1111-, M ' VIS, H, Dr: :J C B13 1115, C 5111115 l ' 1. P. Perf. , E TMJ 1-11",G.1v'Z:1rkley,... 1.g111y,K C, Gyes, J. : , ' P1 1 , . V' 'l , L. Vlxllx ms, J Pete-zson, .1's. 3. -f . J. . 1, J. G1 i 111, . 1l' , l11, . 1'-1,L l.:r1e,l' flruv ,C. 111111. , , G 'Q by, Zldwm . a 5 E rw ,, , 46'Zi411- -' 87 fr"'r" 'uw'-N'f"""ff" . 1' " r ' "lr 'W '-'erurw-if-e'w1mf:m Vzff-f,e--fm , - ,.. ,. lf-N Ylrnff i'TifYVf"'r "N" of """f ' " ' ' ' " 'fr' 2 ir 'nw-vm --'- rf - fs' , ,. -. V E Mifttn Kane C253 Center, Rudy Abney C253 Guard, Eugene Siller S C243 Center, Bcb Vanderhoff C233 Guard, Warren Arnold C223 C Forward, Sam Hitcher C213 Guard, Lionel Braclcens C203 Forward, Larry Church C193 Guard, Isaiah Thomas C183 Forward, Bob Lahmann C173 Guard, Bob Bonino C163 Forward, Hosea Harper C153 Forward, Willie Davis C123 Forward, Don Gillespie C143 M Guard, Terry Gonzales C263 Center. . Q I .I ,, X V be . C U X - A 6 A 1 M ' . XM X l 5 Q X A s ,M Howl C Brakers B W1 balk E Prrce R Sefianr W Sasser B Smrlh Row II R Prrce M Mye s D Lewrs G Barnes Coach Cadwell Row III T Beal r J Mu d ck VV Barnes B Drxon L Lane The J V team s standrnq has to tlns date not been announced nevertheless wrth the two sparkpluqs 1n the form of B111 Wrebalk and Elmer PFICQ and under the capable coachrnq of Coach f'adwe11 we expect the team to place wrth the best rn the A CA L Lowell Acalanes Oakland Castlemcnt Fremcn' Lodr Technrcal St Joseph s St Elrzabeth s Cal Fresh Clear Lake George Washlrrq cn Rrchmcnf' Hayward Pre-dmcnt Berkeley Brchrncnd Hayward Predmcn E1 Cerrr c Berkeley lmatuzq. Bmlnaleq, twzca, " 5 y, 1 1 I f I I Q' 'i p 5 Q- L V 0 K I I 1 . ff IQ, ' 1 ,.... . , ..,, ,, ...., 47 38 , . ,, , . ..,. ,, 31 41 . , .. .. . ,, 44 43 . ,.,. , ,, ,. , ,. .... ,, 32 31 ' ,,,,, ,,,,,... . ,. .. .,...., ,, 56 38 ' .,,,.....,. ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,. .....,.,,..... 3 5 45 . ' ...., ,,. ... , ,,,,... 37 26 . ' ' ..,,, ,,,. ,,,. ...,...,, ,,,,.,....., 5 B 4 O .... , ,, ,, ,, 48 26 '. 1 . ..,, , 35 37 ' .5 , . ,, . 38 39 , , , , ,,,. ..... .,.., , , 53 33 ' .,.,, ,. .. ,, ,,,......., 51 31 E1 Cerrito ., ,, .,, .,..., , B2 47 ' ...,,,....,..., ,. ..,....,, ,.,,......,.. 4 O 35 .. ,, , ,. ....,,,,,,,.. 55 49 ' 2 , . , 51 34 't ,. .... . ., 45 51 ., , , .,,, ...,, , , , 49 48 Q I 0 Bob Lchrngnn is about to make g basket. Larry Church, Wgllre Duns, and Warren Arnold 'ffarrerz Arncld gs bemg blocked by 2 Fremont player Watch :s the ball lS about 2: gi through the b:ske'. Under the excellent coaching oi Hank Jones, our team had a season marked by tight defensive work and rugged backboard play. We shared the A.C.A.L. Championship with Berkeley: later going on to play in the Tournament of Champions at Cal. ln the Tournament we trounced Clear Lake 48-25, but unfortunately we were edged out in a hard fought game with Washington High CS.F.7 37-35. The Hornets were sparked to their wins in the A.C.A.L. games by five outstanding players: Sam Hitcher, and Bob Lahmann, two dazzling guardsg Willie Davis, and Lionel Brackins, both steady for- wards: lke Harper, center. Much support came from Bob Vanderhoii, Sylvester Harper, Warren Arnold, Larry Church, Eugene Siller, Aldore Moressette, Budy Abney, Bob Bonino, and Milton Kane. With nine of the old squad returning, the prospects for a championship next season look good. Larry Church guards Q Mustang farwdrd. A pass from Willie Dams to Surrirpy Hifcher. Vfzxrren Arnzld cnd ct Mustang both go otfter the bctll. X. l .ff ,f.w.fwe.:..-.-.-..-.,.:+...-.v....fAL-.,.e--.-... - ,. . , , Y V,.-, H... ,Am-W-..-l-pu-v CM.. .-,W-r.'.., wr , H6011 in, 'jnwuzafruzni 0,2 L' ' 'f 89 bauball - 1 I 'r Q1 A 'C' Ye 1 nv' 4 4 if W as-Xi Simba? , -,Ar 'ex y 1 , dx -vw' ,MCT xv' ffm as fx Tu X4 W 5 1 A r 3 'JW' h. + 'J- is. A-M AQVIWEQQ -,, 'fn I YVMZ-z' KW -1 6 fb if B., v S. 41-91- IF X Q, 90 ' ,CO , , , n xl- - N, . . 'W ,x ' 1 - K , ' ,,7 ' ff' .5 'XL ' lv ' ' ' ' .11 V . ' ' , V - - ,, . 4 ,-' .2 '. X- . . b , .' .' ,1 6 V . V . --',,1.. Que , ,b K , 'l A 1' .4 V' ' fhv "if els' it .A .Q .,-- - , U . , , .Z ,, 3 . .aj gg' , .--- . V ' ,V , , , , .W Q ', qlyzgfg-g xy-vs V ,X .- fr LQ E'1,J?7q' 4 " , A . :M X X '- l ' I' 1 5' V sf' 4' A . '-:fix MA 'r "P" '. ' 1 ' ' V ,f - V, , . - .. , - V . V ,ag .. , K . 5 wg-A shi' Vx ' - uf: , . ,V V ' .1 'V ff- fi f VV .,,'Q. ,Huw ' 1 V .1 ,'. l 5, Q. . . , , AW I Y 4 1 5, ,l F1 ,, V, N ' V gn., .f ' -'Ffa V ' V -JA A 'W j., . . V' ,V A ,, - 2? n ""4y1ff5 'fi xii ' 'ifsfykn' ' AX f. Q' 1" wx, , f x, I ., .V X :wx H" 1A Q . Y M S . k X , ' ' .A ,q, J.- ,gd -V r n ' 'N j :X .,'--'-,Z " ' ' . 'Alf' ,' i , 1 VY J . M VW Q we ml.. A - ,V VV ,QA . V. A bf . . 'V L' ' if . --51 -' ,:' H' ' -1- ' ' 0 , V Q fp-V 4 ' ' . ,' ".. jg , J-2.-1. ' '. 1 4, V . . I 3f'w,Ti+f-ik' fl. , ' ' .,-' ' O. ' "' ' V ' P x ' 1 ' ' ' Y k,'..Jk", 'A 41 TV 'A ,141 , . ,vig 'Q 'B , '72 1 w :fx gg4,1,:, V . ,, , ,. ' xi gfjxi V Vg. ,. VV 3 5-V I-3 Q , A in -xi' -"gy ,- V ,ij ,W I .L V xy., .LN J, ' ...gawk . 7, ,K ' . div i' ' 'ix ,C ,713 A, lm, AA, "gg V- , ,f can ' 14 'V zf. .rpg AL, kv'-,Ji Y VA ' , -i,.- It 5 my . V ,Ln 1 4- , 1 ,I ,, , . ,, ' lv! V, . Xt 'jpg -gf, Y , 1- 'x 4, . . D-xf. I ,Meg - -wane' u - , ' -- 4' -' -fm". 'V ..,'i.l.5j?. tu' ,L . .VV ,i . -U -A YV X .I it V ff" 'Q-27, , - A - , ' ' V . V ' ' K 1 Q L1 -ul' Q:-,'1,K,, . - . A .- ' V' , Q I V - ' I ' I Y V I :V jf:w,'X - -' f' n ' ' 1 2 ' + Q f, -lu' f. ' . . ' ' V' """Vf, - , as , 1 4 , In , U V 4, W, 1 4 ,W K I ' Wk ' 'x, ' , ' 1 F- ' Q, ' R ' . ' gpg lf 4 ' 3 'L XJ A ,Q 2, W, pta - L - ., . x T ' . ,L ,:?g, iv 'JK I A H, -. ' , , 4 g , pQZ'1A.'g-Q., ti ' ' I . ,I 1 V E, V. .3 ,v .air-V 2 QV 4, i p I V V - - I Q . . I , ax ' V . 'JN' - 1" ' ' , . ,fAi-V.- - 'K - ,. V A , 'iff " ' . , ' . ' A"g?"?1' "Tr", . " Wfcgffiii ff - V V f X -' 1 2... - ' ,I 1 - - ' l,fV,gf"'..w ' Vx f.1.-,'-7'5- . X . ' ' N I in 11 NV ' f" ' 1 Q ' f S ' ' 5' V. 1435. A M- :Tb A Q, 5 J . - V 4 1. .A V- , VV 5' Ly '. .1 7-":"'w , . Y A ' b I I ' as .3157 422- ' V , ' ?"' SV ' .fV- is 4 - V V - V . ::.Q..' ,'.i'l-fgf' 4' M -' . . ' : - , - ' 'I 9-4.,,'g'xg :' ,-V, ' L1 .L K V : ,XR 'A , ,X .- I t V V4 1 f '334x,.V'xP' - V' A ' A V V 1 . V V V:'igm'. .1 + V ,wr K ' r :qv gf...,-V uf - , V V 4 ' V v ' Y 2? f'7.fP1V - ' .' Z' Cfy, .C -.' 4 V -V- ' ,i ' 1 . , '. K' ,.,5wi55.5.' 5 2' ' V - A ,,'.V. v x fx! V '- . , , ' , f Q j ' . 'A . ' ff ' - ' , ' 'Q Q, , Fl - , ' . q P V . I I I l ' V , H! iV , S ', , 5 fx , Y' I ' I ' K 'tv A . - 4 , . 'f A - . A K- f .Q '15 T- , ' ,, ! " If ,Q f rig, y 1 '23 - avi , , .-52 ' ' Srl' V " '. '- -, 1,1 1 I -7 'V ' - I V V I ' . . :V-...ti-f x . ' A f' V N 5 P A ' 'L M M322 ' ' X 3 I I'Z:IIV:,! ,' ' a f ,J . V 'I " 'L ,ij 5' X ' . , 41 ' , 'Q J. - , - ef' XV 21 367 'M 'H' ' 1 . Q, L, 8 ' H 7 E f' . . 4 X ... A 4 Q . 'XX .wdh aUkl+ Mlke Weldon beats out a hrt Varsxty Baseball team on the bench VARSITY Chuck Hansen pltcher Tom Lubbock pxtcher Sylvester Harper pllcher Elmer Prrce prtcher Dale Reno catcher Ronrey Howard catcher Bon Slefam hrs! base B111 Bosdeck flrstbase Ike Thomas second base Lronel Brackens thxrd base Mxke Weldon hortstop Sam H11 che outfxeld Clancy Whxt bec outfzeld W1ll1e Dav1s outfleld Apnl Aprll Aprll Apnl Apr1l May May May May May VARSITY SCHEDULE Fhchmond San Lorenzo Berkeley El Cernto Hayward Blchmond San Lorenzo Berkeley El Cerrxto Hayward B111 Bosdeck runs make that base e Thomas slxdes mio thxrd base Here There There Here Here There Here Here There There .L--Q I I bugfom 1661 -I 4:-nuns-I :ann vu-nv-Q Jessre Murdock on frrst Allen Hdppee runnmg AU n makes rt home Tom Sounders cotchmq Chet M111ett agam coached a fme group ot boys on the J V s thls year A1 though they do not have a league or held of therr own they play the J V teams of the other schools m the A C AL These games tram them to be our future varslty men xl Row I -W, Sasser, G. Lcnqcrzecker, R. Aqutrre, C. Ercckins, T. Saunders, C. Lorenzzmc. Row II W. Dexter, I. Vizlson, F, Fzhpeltl, L. Hoffman, I. Nlkolgi, K. Norclhoxc, B. Nlxon. Row Ill- -A. Hunter, C. Hans, A. Hoppe, J, Murdock, H. Weirmcck, I.. Hogan, Couch Mxllett. QJL5, qpzgm uma . 1: Y 9 AlE1trf,es:n mtl lohnMclAu1ltn. I1 pl bb- """ so VVN's.- Tne Golf Team coached by Hank Jones has made a qood showtnq thts s ason on the puttmq qreen by runntnq a very close second to Rtchmond the A C A L leaders tn golf The members that composed Alameda s A C A L team conststed of the f l owtnq men Al Burtleson ,lack Cummtnqs John McMull1n Bobby Davts and Charles Sftepard ln the Words of thetr coach Hank Jones they are a credtt to the sport and the school and rt was a pleasure to work wtth them K v I J, W 1 , , . G I f I How I: Al Burtlesrn Chzrles Skepiiizd, Row II: film F.f:fvf'.:1l1: Fgbby D:'.'.s H1231 Czlningrijs. Herb Turr-er sprrnte Jrm Jackson sprznter Leohs Hunter sprmter Ike Harper 440 Vrrqll Owens 440 Gordon Dupree B80 ff' 'N VZ' QW Kem Wcrmpler 880 Bncn Pope BSO Pc1rrelIThrcwer mrl Bch Lrebxe mlle James C ffee shctput Den Bruck src put Rr-W' GRLLIT If 'f'u4m:f1 .- - ': -V ,...':.1f-.gem-14.-V A mzullvnnaktlzanlal Harold MacKenzie, shotpui Paul Trento, shotput Bob Mason, shotput Dave Madison, discus Luther Lane, discus Gerry Willer, broadjump ,Zi W x . 95 . xx GH AET r J 'S 3 8 N .S vi ga SSI 1' X N ' ., ,,,, , ,Y - .., ,- ---ew --V -1-vuuelmnr----va., A", H-ir. Q ,W um,- ,Y,. . .. . Y 7..-...v-:- - ----S!-:- :megan Doug Vermillion, broadjump Leoiis Hunter, broadjump Levi Mason, broadjump Levi Mason, hiqhjump Rosenda Barcela, polevault nn-sw..w.. J s 4 E NYM ,. xl ..,,. l 3 , 'f " 15 f 'fi' Howl L Alsten K Washmqton B Vtfrxqht B Smmth A Cort z W Bradford K Wxlhams W Hyde Row II D Loms R Andnes H Evans H Dawkms H Mann T Bealore J Wyatt Row III M Levme M Tornpkmson G Skells B Thompson E Rames J Jett L VV1ll1CI1'HS H Hunter Mr Soco lotsky Row IV A Medma A Dalsal '-I Dav1s O Pxerre B Lahmann R Cobb C Shepard O Beard The B Tracksters are domq very Well thls season under the watchlng of Soc The B s have done a commendable Job ln all the1r meets ln vlew of th1s fact and m VIGW of the valuable experlence they have qamed A H S W1ll Wlthout doubt have an outstand mg vars1ty team next season Jett and Samson m the relay 96 Um, - . , , , . . , . , . e , . , . , . . "7 . , . , . , . , . , . , . . f Y. A - r - r ' - 1 4 I - I - 1 ' I I ' . - . , , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . v v I I I I I . . - I I ' 4 4' A, v uaa,a.xm.,r,f.a',,,.i.,..,.t , ,L .hz - -f lf.-f if. ,ta.u.m..f n-fm --gem. -wa.fxeta.-,.,.af....,ff...:.fv.M.vw-a ..,f,..L,aefe,,4 W . . , .. o o .V I 1 .x X 'X r' - Mn . " Q X .W x I, 3 , 1 I I QRS, ,avunal fha. tual Vlarch March March 'Vlarch Aprll Aprll Apnl Apr1l Aprll May May May May M t h 21 29 CIF F El Cerrlto Rrchrnond Pledmont El Cerrlto Acalanes Cal Prosh Hayward Berkeley A C A L Trlals A C A L Ftnals Sub Sect1on CA C A I. Contra Costa County? State Meet os North Coost Chctmplonshlps Relays lBay Area compet1t1onl H I There There There There There Caht There There Callf Cal1f Angeles Coltt Milf M KWH Th1s year the tennzs team was under the drrectlon of Coach Hank Jones Due to the lack of engpenence Lh1s year the ieam d1d not fare so Well ln the A A L The members that were chosen for Alameda s team consrsted of the followlnq men Larry Barnett Dana Howe Ken DQVTIQS Rrch OSh1md Ted Lohr Brchard Born Bay Wa1'er Bod M,1rarnont,Bonn1e Elrod Walt Hebei Keint Rupp .Tack Bosch B111 Carnahan and Ralph Vega 9ZQLAtaM,Ahow fmfn,und!a1ncq,lvnf1vn'1l1 I i g Q if I X I if i A a . ' . .3 A r, , 'I Q ', J f V 4. ' ' ' Q if ,9 Ji A . " Q1 How I--R. Wallet, K. DeVriel, R, irumon , , ebel. 4 How!!!-D, Howe, L. Barna9!,NT. Lohr A Elrod, K. Rupp, R. Ratio, R. Bycrnf I 5 f 1 T 1 7 y A ' ' ' A ' QC ' f f , '1 . . 1 I A 1 1 1 1 1 7 f ' V 1 , 1 .99 Edd Row I Fv lyn Crla lxa rm G ldsn 1th Row II Knox ta Eosterlmq Jcar W1 D rge Pat Hal He n Epperson Evelyn Ona Naom1 Goldsmlth Helen Epperson Knoxetta Easterlmg Patt Hale Joan Wlsberger Helen Epperson arcl Tadlock Barbara Tuter Barbara Brubaker Anne Haramakl OFFICERS Fan 1951 Spung 1952 Pres1dent V1ce Presrdent Recordmq Secretary Fmancral Secretary Publ1c1ty Manager Yell Leader Presrdent V1c-eaagesxdent Recordmq Secretary F1r1anc1al Secretary Publ1c1ty Manager Yell Leader Row I Anne Haramalu Barbara Brubaker Row II Barbara Tuter Helen Epperson Naornr Goldsmlth Carol Tadlock The Guls Athleuc Assocxahon now an rndependent organ1zat1on was at one trrne a part of the Gtrls ASSOC1dllOH Not untrl the latter 20 s was G A A declared as such havlng offlcers and 1lS own constrtutron Before th1s tlme rt was under the leadershrp of a Sports and Pass Tlme Corn mrttee Charrman who was appornted by the Presrdent of Grrls ASSOC1dl1OH In the latter 30 s th1s became known as srxth perrod G A A sports where rn the past rt had been held after school The G A A sponsors a pencrl sale and a coolc1e and fudge sale each semester At the end of each semester the V1ce Prestdent IS 1n charge of the sem1 annual spread where letters and tro phres are awarded Each g1rl entermg G A A sets a goal for herself whlch IS to w1n her Block A ln achrevrng th1s goal she must acqu1re l200 pornts whrch are awarded accordlng to her part1c1pat1on 1n the w1de varrety of sports offered each season The pornts for part1c1pat1ng 1n a team sport are 100 for the w1nn1ng team and 75 for the losrng team For 1nd1v1dua1 sports 50 pornts are QIVSH for attendance and add1t1onal pornts accordrng to personal capab1l1t1es Helen Epperson, V1ce Pres1dent, G A A 0 0 0 A. was ,latch-.,. , . , . . 11. , ,, , n , ' L :' : 1 . Q tt , 1 s'e vr, I lo . 1 , Naomi Goldsmith ..,.,.... ,.., , ,,,,,.... , , ,,,,,..,.,.... .. ' I" 'na' c, ...,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.., .r..,, , , 1 I 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . . 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . , . . . . . 1 . . 1 1 , . . . . , . . . . , , . . ' , ' . . . . . 11 11 . . , . . , . 1 - 1 , . Winning Soccer BOW l: C Narahara, M Mcrrrs, D 'Naltcn E Lima, P, Hale, BOW ll: M. Furunc, S. Nichols, J. Soder- lund, A, Haramaki, E Lindahl, B Wzllzarns Archery BOWI W Almand J Green L Hart T Van Matre L Verdack BOW II D West C Brentary N Kennady M Smlih S Warner H Sm1th J Scart C Tadlock H Epperscn A Jones BOW Ill J Justln S Harper J Klemann M Bayley E Orlc S Gomrnqer J nell K Tompach C W1lscn B Maddax Golf and Tumblmg BOWI B Hclsmqton B Bndqe- J Wls be-rqer B Purvls L Powers N Powers M Hembockel C Marshall Mcllcnnel B Buechner BOW Il J Aasurn K Warfleld M Pa1sa B cnkle S DeHaan S lnqcld M cdy J Buhles C Nob e- Bay N Ham l'cr Swunmxnq HOWI M Wetzel We-stlsf B H IS n V BQYTIGIA1 I. Frcerer B C mc Paxsal S De-Haan lrDark M que: BOW Il C SV lday B Yeda M Ar e c e N ln N e qez B Purvrs P Ha R W Ill J 'VI cg e A M 91 V- ce er NJ urun J Splle VV sberqe P Slmps n S U T I Buechner VN Keal a V IZ ockel mf c.. 101 9 U :I . wi -:ef 'V 4- Q 43' if " ff mr-QV 1. QQQ 59 'BQQJ' Q lf , 1 Wlnnlnq Volleyball PC v l E l.11r1a C Jl.1 ray POW ll P Hale Q s A l-la amak1 J 5 derlurld Roller Skatmg Fall and Spnnq ROWI M Srmh K Srmtlc V Berr1ard1 ROW ll E Fle tcher Ealcms B Terry C Marshall E Dans P SIYTIDSOII B Med1 IG M Emery Q h POW lll N Whrte N Vves y B Brubaker Q Veraez G Jackscn 3 vlazld x T Var1 ll re L rlar A lVlCN61ll U rr1111qer J xlmsberqer J Mclflvcque Softball ROWI M Wallace M AYICULXS C Tacl 1 ck l-l Epperscn E C lerDar1c N Ken Pafly B Dav1s N bm1h '5-TOVV ll B Tu er B B r V Berr1ard1 1C Pcmandf J Creer- VV '-1ITOfld J G1rcl w ca K Ow rr 'fl J Sp1l'er l-l Srwth A Jones S l-la per ROW Ill J Rasmussen Fletcher K Srmth S Halhday J Qwans r R Matlock l Cacper C Pal-:ms J Klemarm E Orla M Furuno G Fletcher B Br1aqe ROW IV A Westfall H Hawes S Warner Wesl E Arlzs S V raez S Malcr r ere N Weslby G PUYVIS B HClSlUQ f Kealcwa O P 1 Modem Dance Ov 've za Q D Haan L J bNGI'1SC"'l ma r1 r 11-er E ra J Klernanrr ROW ll B Tuier J Ccnrell Shale C lf' 1 zler B PUYVIS G wer P l-la e e 1ur1d S N1 lc lN.1 ley D Wal M l-le1 l: ckcl O' ll lf M 1 C nel N Wes by l P1ass"1usse'1 C e B Te Qrm axer J W1sl:erq rl e :vers , 43 J 1 '39 "9 ,, 1. ,6 Q . . V FV' : ' Erentcx M1 F ' r in 1 1 , 1, Nzchcl '1 r ', 1 7 " . Qc 1 M : 'l , 1, 1 ., . '. I , 'AA : 2 , , N Srmfh, C. ' , 'T N K , I, A ..:11rced'er. I -'51 1 ' : ' , ' tb, . 1, Q - - 1 ' c 1 lla: , ' 1, ". "' ", S. 'Qc " ', 1 If w 1 Q V Qi c , 1 ,R ,O 3 - , 1 - - -1 , . .1 , . , , . . I Y- 9 5 1 : 1 1 , u tcm, . ', ' V Q' ' 1 1 1 , .J 1 . .'l 1 . ' - tu. ' , . V , , 1 c , 1 91, . Y da, . 1 , . if L ' Q5 fl' l' 11' , . , .A re . ,A A 1 ' , E , 1 6 Q 11 , , .1, C1, . , D1 Q J 1, . Q , , 1 ' , L1 ten, VY., A I , I rvrtce. I 5 RCW' l: M N' 5 K Srizih, s. e , B Hfg1s1:iqtcr1, B l.l"3v llllff Q' 1, K. Rc ncfl, C, Bre tcm, M Fc :q , . Ol , . . K 1 I n 1r't , . Q Flefcl , . l , J. Sod r' , . 'c1cls, l.. " rm , . - 4- rin, Jn rc -, N Pcwers, '- J Q' R M' l: 1 c:r's, P Er c' l,1. t , . 1 .1 1, Ray, N l-larmltcn, N Eiga , rry, I Cccper, N 1, E. - ' . E:-gb ' , ' er S Gcmz q r, l. og Apmu. Ylmq. aim well . . . known, them, Apuuiwwl Wmmnq Crew ROWI W Terry G Fletcher B Medma M Wetzel ROW II B HOISIUQIOH P Wr1al'1t P Cabral M Yeda P Srmpson Canoemg ROWI C Marshall .I Wrsberqer E Lm dahll S Gommqer N Powers ROW II E Orla J Klemann P Hansen L Powers Basketball ROWI N Westby, G Fletcher ROW II J Buhles M Wallace, W Almand M Pa1sal B Conkle S Delrlaan D Fletcher, M Wetzel ROW III L Froerer C I-Ieavey C Moody P Wrrqht L Wxllan B Bradford I. Hart Rxflery, Fall and Spr1ng ROWI P Warden P Cabral ROW II S Warner J Connell J Rasmus sen M Wetzel B I-Iorsmqton H Sm1th,N Kennady J Aasum L Verdock H Rames ROW III D Elmore B Tuter G Hammer M Boque T Van Matre D Rea N Hebel B Brubaker I. I-Iart G Jackson C Wrlson buh. e-Q-' I was In-.. o o o o . 103 , .wma ,,k,,v,,,4g,,Q-g-5,-1:5-35-em.. ..-1-11--....4:laf,e+-1.-hr um-nw -fflwwwvw-'-:nw-ff'-4, f-'H " "' ' - f ' ' " ' ' A 'VW' "S ' ' 6120! :Y 'fi . X'.i1.l'!'lff'lii'12..tE: ,.,, ,,Tff-i,I,BAiiT3-hw-7 , ,iiimiii 'Thu Y"fv QT'--17.7 "VR-il 'F' 'LTFETJFH "W-T"9' 'v' -wx ' -' rr - ' '- --- -4 - ' ' ' ' ' " A'A" 'P 13,31 we --- -'- 1:5 F-.we .w..ff:,.:a 4inn.r.n.:.'.:'.11.1,!,-,,.,-:.:nnxmi-23.112 if -1n:- ,C-an ' ' --fe - I 2 -7- M -f ,f 1 '57 , , ' -J ' ' M f if, ,r I . . :W I : . , , , . ' , .r 7 W V 5 M M - - Y C ., Z? A 7" 3 n ' ' I I ' I I I ,g , I I I W . , . ' . ' if fr 1 f 7 . .. , . . as A - l I 'ff 4 3 I N, s 1 I ' -- 5 f m , , an I 1 ' ,g as .1 ,, I ,. rx ' I A I V c U I . ' . I 2 ' ' ' ' ' , , 1 I I I I L, I 4 Winning Hockey BOW l: A. Hutchinson, C. Heavey, S. Clap- per, S. Harper, N. Hebel, H. Baines. ROW Il: S. Warner, C. Tadlcck, A. Jones, D West H Epperson Bowlmg F all and Spnnq BOWI C Tadlock A Jones ROW ll J Scott S Hollrday M Forquer S Harper D West K Warlleld P Slmpson B Medma E Artrs H Epperson BOW lll D Madsen M Furuno B Wll lrams M Yeda L Kenney K Tompach G Purvrs E Orla J Klemann O Prmce Tenrus BOWI K Owen J Grrdwood A Mollart BOW ll M Yeda J Scott S Holllday M Emery C Eakms A Haramakr E Llma M Powers J Swan on B Lrebhart ROW III H Rames J Rasmussen B Brtdqe B Conkle M Wallace C Marshall J Buhles C Moody L Kenny O Prmce Speedaway BOWl J Buhles E Coler Dark K Owen Saderlund S Nrchols B Wrllrams G Fletcher M Wallace BOW ll C Shofe B Burton C Moody S Inqold C Noble B Buechner T McDonnell N Westby B Brrdqe S DeHaan P Han sen B Tuter ROW lll l Cooper M Morrxs J Green W Almand B Ccnkle M Parsal A Haramakr E Lrma P Hale M Artonus N Hebel J Splller B Purvrs D West W Kealoha ROW IV N Hamrlton C Ray M Furuno J Bttterman L Suqryama M Bayley C Narahara L Nunnley E Lmdahl M Yeda L Froerer S Vlalor S Hrntz B Herd J Justen S Harper A. Mcllart, J. Ciirdwood,.C. lfritzler, J Muvluzq, and lwrclmq, and ny, . . . The G.A.A., officers atzired in their plaid scarfs, sell W cookies and fudge to raise money. .lanet Klemann, Naomi Goldsmith, Margo Forquer, and Barbara Brubaker are now full-fledged members of the Block HA." Garl Fletcher ready to rece-we a pass 'r m Charolctte Brenton as Betty Wllltams Dorrs Walton Karen Warfteld and others look on Ncw members of the Hlqh Qentor Class lr t tl en l sophomore crew wlurlz, quzb, mpg, A G U o , Ju t , ite ' 'U "' ' f1'xn.'nx'xnL: , 'M-1:-vasxgaa. r""'- :..-1. -,.,,. nwz, e.:z.,, , new-I - , , ,,......,...,..-...m,.,...W W.- o e 0 ACTIVITIES 57 9-Z V5 ws 2, A 392 I 'Go 'V O ' Z'o'?9-9 Aky x S if 22" SEPTEMBER School started End of summer fun F xrst Student Meetmg B1q 6 for Pres1clent Catambay Freshman Recephon Howdee SIS Fremont 7 0 We Wm our flrst game Opemng Dance Prevue Flrst look at commq attracuons OCTOBER 100 X Student Dues Congrats Derby Bellannme 6 0 We qet a look at Bmg Berkeley 0 12 Next year 9 Ex Week The rmdnlqht o1l burns Ptedmont 0 0 Excltementl Report cards We 'med' September 10 1951 1 1 September 1 1, 1951 A celebrtty m our mldst Bmq watched hrs boys cmd we watched Bmq Fall yell lenders lead cx rally the day of the game 26 31 2 2-3 7 9 12 15 16 19 23 E1 Cemto 0 7 Too Bad Halloween Booooo' NOVEMBER Richmond 2 34 We score our f1rst league pomts Senxor Play, "P1nk Magic" Best ever' G.A. Fashron Show The boys came' Hayward 12 7 Hooray for our sxdel Arnushce DaY Vacat1or1 and fun Student Talent Our show' Juruor Prom, "Autumn in New York" lt was DuckY' Thanksgwmg The Hatchet falls on Brother Tom da . . ng . 11 dl Hott' zo f H H I ' 27 I ' za D I - ' 28 I . .. I 3 0. 5 ' - A 12 . 16-1 ' I I 19 ' 1 - 24 I I A flmynamat JANUARY Vacatlon Recovery P01111Ca.1 Convenhon Polrce lrne up Elechons The vrctors Gary Les Dave Herb Ron G A Convenuon And rt I am elec ed G A Elecuon Wear and tear on the irnqer narls Mlhtary Ball Wmter Carnwal At ease men G A Installahon Cheers and tears Student Body Installatlon and Sr Meehnq The last m1le l Fmal Exams Another day another A7 Semor Men s Banquet What crqarsl Seruor Women s Banquet Talk talk talk Graduatlon Goodbye Forever Students decorate our trcxdrtronol Chnstmas tree m the hall Mrss Rs ctrt room Wcxs mdlspensctble to those workmq on the Pmk Mcxqrc set and on the Jumor Prom Autumn In New York DECEMBER Ex Week Crammmq and Jammmq Report Cards Dad qets out hrs harrbrush Soph Hop. "Juke Box Jamboree" The Jomt was Jumpmq 19 Chnstmas Pageant, "C1u'1stmas Carol" "God bless us everyone" 20 Advnsory Parties Pass the cake 20 Block "A" Faculty Game That was a qame? 21 St. Joseph's We reqarn the charnp1onsh1p 21-31 Christmas Vacahon Santa Claus Season 31 New Year's Eve "Should Auld Acquamtance Be Forqot" sham 11, Hank' racurty Block A Basketball game 1-2 - . K ' . . 4 . 1' 11 . . - 11 .. . . ., , 22 . . ' if . f 1 , 1 24 ' . ' ' A 28-3 ' , S 28 - ' ' 29 - A ' 31 ' ' all f 1 1 4-.1 12 , 14 1' E yan in conference with pclzficzcnsp Don Bgjuk ond n 'bysnire Just before they turn :ver their office Students wgtch he first night Tcu nctment cf Champions FEBRUARY Report Cards What a headache Senior Ball lt s all over now School started The gates close again Lincoln s Birthday Holiday for Honest Abe First Student Meeting Those new Senior Jackets Valentine s Day Sweets for sweets Washington s Birthday Father of our country Freshman Reception Howdee Sis ditto Opening Dance Fantastic Venture Greetings lA s MARCH Berkeley Game A tie for the champions up Announcement of Championship ll-14 Exams We tried again 13 Tournament of Champions-Clear Lake We slaughtered 'em 14 Tournament of Champions-Washington What spirit 17 St. Patrick's Day The wearin' of the green 19 Report cards Hmmm 20 First day ot Spring Spring fever 25 Hottest day on record Who can work 28-29 "Father oi the Bride" Al-l.S. becomes church APRIL 2 Fashion Show On an island with you - .. Easter Vacation We go away for a rest? Easter In your Easter Bonnet New spring fashions greet Park Street cn our first worm spring day A N hw :md mem able sd e fn emg studens ,th.Q,w 7 11 Q 13 I . 1 . , . I I I I I ll I ll 1 . 1 I ' ' ' :rin hile cr . " d nf . e t' : t W9 win The toss discuss the suhtect, 'Learning Tc Live Together." a- f,.aeJ,1e 1m,,...uf.:z,.,mae:--A it ,.tasw...a-awe-aaa..f..2.ema..f.m.,, , ,, a-1.....r..-......4.f-...-...:-..-..ef-..-...,.,t -.7 I o o o dh, alw Another AHS trcd1t1on The class of .Tune 52 has Sock Day 1 weekly student me hnqs Student Talent Hello Hollywood Jumor Prom Nmght 111. R10 Almost a Ramy Nrght rn RIO 30 Pubhc Schools Week Teacher vs Mama 30 Exams They get rouqher every t1me MAY Cards lt s only second quarter Semor Opportumty Day Future unl1m1ted Pohhcal Convenhon Clammy hands and knocky knees Elechons Tear your harr Soph Hop Hawauan Hohday We qo Hawa11an G A Pohucal Conventxon My worthy opponent 23 G A Elechon The results are R O T C Compehhon To the rrqht face Fun Day Hot Doqs Popcorn Semor Plcmc F un 1n the Sun Memonal Day Bask n the May sun JUNE G A Installahon Do your best Semor Meetmg and Installatlon lt s almost over Senxor Ball The Lovellest N1qht ot the Year Low Semor P1cn1c 4A s take advantage of Sprmq Exams A last pull before vacat1on Graduatlon And now What? Cards We need a vac,at1onl e re cmd After The A o off the press ix. A DIC ure f cen rot1 P 0 111 A Q 23 I 29 .I ' so I ' I 1 1 3 . . ' 5 I . . . s ' I I 7 I . . . I 9-11.. I 12 ' 13 l I l Etc , 2 2 ssss .- fli-'fyf iff lt V 24 Q' za- - I. . TI 29- I I W 1 W W S 7 1 8 . I I . 15 -- - 16 ' I 16 " ' " 21 . . -- - . . - l Orchestra Row I K Tenn N 'r t Row Il J Hctrs 'x I L cry W s rru D S Row R Ne 'te rf Co N:x'1 B S 'rn Su D C f u h rl ele Ft Addfns C ext Home Row IV B 'U 'ta 3 it H llduv lv' Dons L Caesar: ROPIFS ctr et L Band ow I Heb L Euler Srmth Wrlqht Row II lsptnozo B Rotnter M Kelle her R Stevens R MCNe1ll R Blackman G Flelds P Whlte H w III J Garrett L ox Mann J Jackson J Thomas C Muq1ll D Hanna Row IV Bradley N Dcxhl P Luce D Yeltmun H Hobbs R Bullock E Kurvonen A Shaw B Good man J Rrchordson How V N Smrth K Tenmer J Dulle J Scper K Kolmun The orchestra suophed beautlful muslc for our qraduattons and before and durmq the 1nterrn1ss1ons of the Seruor Plays The VB CAR TCI HA I s UP 'TLV' E A band added much to our Splut at games and ralhes Both groups were featured at the Annual MUSIC Festlval The entxre stu dent body has enloyed thetr muslc Q9 0 .J A-.-'unuzne nn. an 4 r-mv-am Jsuo .4-M., .Ar "'77'luAic, "-nun, . . . f, xg, , . . ter . S..1h. ltr. . 3. , J. Newton, , R , N. ' 'e tby, J. Scott, E. L1 . , . Stevens, S. Prlse. III - . tl r' ood, J. ' ., . ot. 1ox,L. :::ms, Mer:1ll, e k.-r, J. H'tC..xnso., L. Th, sn, . , .D er, H. r. . L, r. h n .ff 'qgeg G A TJ J. wil lzfs, G. Crump, R. Mrrdrnont, J. Mllleft, B. Tzllson, J. Bradley. l 5 'I ' . . R N. el, . ,H. Y v , , B. . --- I.. ' ' ' K . 'J 0 ' ,' fr ,Jf u f . , . , . 4 Y. . x ' L L of NSC? V ' Llcgfte 'rd ' ' ' BoYS Glee H WI V111-Q rs n J Lopez E a fran B Le bee J Cannon C Vlrll1a'ns Kenn y ' el' seca D :r Wrllqard Pon rs Row II A l. a n I. Werr G C A Hunt H V l Ard A GL. How III Caldwe' as cy H e Dans u Lorgmarr K Iv'cCf:rr y D u Brackers A A y VJ H NU d Chou' Row I C Ga s N Thomss V d dale S Tral E ackson C Powell G Mllls N Whrte J Dufour S Leflar P Hale Mrs Starck Row II C Rob rt son J Soderlund W Jones l.. Wrllan R Lauqhlan L Broadway W Fahn stock D Love G Mrller B Powers L D Hoberts B Jrmenes M Lews M W1lkerson A Hunt G Harrts D Ver mrlllorr H Turner S Johnson D Arr ones G Myers D Tabler How IV M Hembcc-:el M Feder G Crepeau R earson hrdden B Johnson B Brrel K DeVr1es J Wrller J Cecconx J Rowry R Butom Gu'1s Glee HOWI G Ma rar: C Lour A ers R Tayl r S Lueras H G Shupslcr R Claremorxd C W d Hoffman J Medaqlra Bow II ders W B own B Hastre T Ha C mprsr D F ley M John n D H son C Ada'rs R Mrxon Row III R rller J Peppard B Wrll C vo srer S Goodman J Barr t R a d x L Cole-'nan V Harrrs Row IV C Eakms J Wa Pat Sara n M Alder M loha D McGrew E Prnkard G e J B ucher Mrs Starck Row V C Church J Neely D Rob rts B Dtx r l. Spurlock D Powell D Broqan B Gordon P Graham V Cor opassr Bradford The three vocal groups at Alameda Hrqh School have performed marry trmes for the publlc as well as for the student body and we are proud of them 1 o J. ie Q , . - , . S rc G. I,-eA,..D'on ,V .,Gar:1.U X , E. ' e . . ewzs J. Be rdsley, '11, Barres, R. el.e'.:u, D , . arfer, . '. , . e asquez R. . rxese, . crrxa. R rf, J Px,r ', S. itch r, VJ ' , C. l.'.'h:thecl-c, G, D: zglas, R . . , ., . ' , . G nn, l. . le , . , . Lu er- Gorafharl, E. Alrtrsn, c. Foizef. new xii Q P Q J. W ', A, rtrlffyf Rf . I c ' , . e, . Hunt- ph , . 3 , . , ' Srrrrih, . , , .. . , . ' 'oo , N. , . . J. San- , . I , . , . 1115, D. a , , o , . so , . ut- Esp' I, . H I I , .I rams, Af re 1 , . , . et, . M d o , . . , . Scott, M, C. e, B, e t,- . V, "'. ' , , ' A , 1 ' 1 A l B1 I C I afanibia, pm "paul uma Jatlum, 40 'll '- his l"Tl-1 l.. 1: ' lp K '. 1 , "1 , -1-1 t L.: .fs .:. 4 I. .- .. Wally ilfill Lcxmbie. 'R25193l -Qatar isiiiull' 'runnin' r' : 1,1 '. A Mr. and Mrs, Prowder, Hester Hotch, Beulah-May, Bell Fezenden, ,zz 1 Clara Hotch. .lac A "Pink Maqicf' the completely different and nilarious comedy chosen by the .lune class of l952, was presented on November 2nd and 3rd. A hotel lobby in Mexico was the colorful set- ting designed by Miss Beichmutn for this ploy, which was magnificently directed by Mr. Lloyd Sisler, assisted by student director Lola Wood. Manager Bon Goodman and Co-Manager Char- lotte Simpson successfully co-ordinated all the behind-the-scene duties which were involved. "Pink Magic" was truly a success in every sense of the word. Noted for excellent acting in "Pink Magic" were: Jim l-lamilton, Wally: Shannon Heath, Lambie: Glenna Myers, Horty: Buth Hintz, Comey: Lorita McClara, Mrs. Candee: Demoyne Bekker, George Crater: Dorothy Fischer, Beulah Mae-Bell Fezenden: Ann Jones, Hester Hofch: Helen Epperson Clara Hotch: Bon Salcedo, Mari- ano: Brian Pope, Jose: Mabel Bogue, Waitress: Bod Langham, Guide: Bon- nie Bothwell, Mrs. Colby: Bernard Fournier, Kimball: Ken Stanhope, Holi: Bon Bowen, Mr. Prowder: Carol Waterlow, Estrelita: Marg- aret Benson, Queen for a Day. -Holt ble, 13:1 ".:g.-1-1, Crater, if" , Cvrlgaqti Xfux Horty, Wally :nd Lam- -own 3: the zz er . e surnm Corney :xc Kimball :re '11 11:1 met :ar unusual cndrcc ' sy Mrs. Colby. Georg. refs: Jon, the :wnerg Mariano, the Mrs. Camden. :rusty Eatrelltu: :nd Queen lor Day K Fi.-nv' Above: Ff-TU: 1: " e 'Jr 'r: Buckley Dunstan, 'zrri E.: 'i Above, right: " 1 " : ' " ': Z :mfr-r fzrf Joe: Kay Banks. ".- 2 ' : ': V ?'z:1k.s fir: fy Ben Banks, Tommy ' 2 e Mr. Masscula: ' Miss Bellamy: 'Vx' Banks, Mr. and Mrs. Banks, .' :ra tzie jf' .:.: - .pf , zz. . I . Mrs. Pulilzki: :' 1 " ' 1:1 Delilah. The DIOdL1FllCIl selevtea by the class of February '53 as its Sealer Play was the sparklmq, Rctrrarrfif' Comedy, "Father el We Bride." From Ms ererizruq V Yr 5 ' , i . 17- Tl!- scerle, a weacmq, lo true Above:f"'. 1' zz gz-2 time the Curtain rang dex-.rrr on the last act, the audr ermcelwas d9l1QIll9?1. Dave gevlolflffw 5 Q rims I 1 Peggy skkfin ':'- 51 B9hVBAAI1lig,,1I Madrsorr appearea as Mr. :ff-.-nz . . me 1 1 Butch. Banks: Judy Aasurvz as Kay Banks: Gordon Dux: pree, Buckley Dunstan: Shirley Lellar, Mrs. flir lf' Banks: Bill Ben Banks: Bzll Talley, Tommy lg, I Banks: Deira Earrfzrii, Delilah: Jackie Kezrisley, Pe99Y Swift: Tffil Fezser, Buzz Taylor: Pat Ep' 1 W., pler, Miss Bellamy: frpff Szrigley, Mr. Massoula. ' N ,I AlSC feafgrea were: Glaaaei, Pat Peter' sea, Deng Kiriria, Pnl Trerifx, Bib Cerirlelly, Steve Brepliy, lx: Barber, Dave lvlurcli, Drck Reesei Deana Fred Sfeiersclt, Barrera lelavxch, Pai Tfcfuliiizi 'farel Richaraseri, Staff f:r gli ',.' Ceisgstei if Chet Siigly, 'V X ftiariacera Ee? lferiir. 32-ttiaiazer' Bti Calf: ttally, asspstait airerif- S511 Fletcher, tzikets' .llfli Either iii 2311: Kxiria erecraiis' Pat 'Uferaei 1C'QfllClf'f' Sieve Erfphy Nlarjirie Vfetzel prcperiles Eefg' Lcistriia ccstgaies, helped tc riake ihe tke sqccess that lf was. 50101141 Ls 0rnSpaksD B kL MyJ Grande: yH H1qhtLcyBcxb BbM cxE y Ed Bbo Comes Romance and Sparkm were the two one act comedies presented by the Masque and Sandal for one of our fall student body meetings The cast of Comes Romance were Dorothy Fischer Chet Singley Bob Loorz Bob Mason Barbara Tuter and Evelyn Orla Those for Sparkin plays and the students of his drama class took care of all the properties and makeup MISS Retch rnuth s art class made the sets for both plays CHRISTMAS PAGEANT A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was presented as the Chrrstmas Pageant for 1951 under the direction ofM1ss Marlon Los Kamp Thls 1nsp1r1ng story went to the hearts of all the students Each character was skillfully portrayed by the cast consisting ot Bob Loorz Don Rlch mond Gaylen Gunn F E Gladden Jerry Roberts John Cannon Rod Langham Ron Bowen Harry Forsberg Don Baiuk Kent Wampler John Cleary Paig Dorais Jim Hamilton Bruce Knowles Doro- thy Fischer Claudia Tildesly Barbara Hoismgton Sue Brown and Joan Campbell The dancers were Joan Wisberger Ruth Hintz Kay Owen Jean Neely Carole Waterlow Bonnie Bothwell Pat Ravenscraft Glenna Myers Carol May Mary Jane Decker Lola Newell Judy Ormsbee and Bonnie Hoffman Passersby and Carolers Bob Leibee Kitty Crowell Ron McNeill Lola W1lken J1m K1rk Anne Benson Keith Storm Helen Epperson Larry Tavernrer Judy Assum The beautiful VOICES of the glee clubs and choir and the dances put on by the modern dance class combined to make this pageant one of the best J J Gyl B L l ft: 'e r , on cju p essie, or one Decker: m 1 Nano ebel. ' : u , r om Tuter, Homer, o cxsony Edn , vel n Orlug dia, o L orz. ll ll ll u ll - I . 11 11 l , , ' 12 . 11 I I I I I ' were Tillie Varvil, Nancy Hebel, Don Bajuk, and Mary Jane Decker. Mr. Lloyd Sisler directed the ll I ll I 1 I I . ' , ' ' : , ' - I I ' ' I I I I I 1 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I I I I ' Y oe ones, a en Gunn, ob oorz. lelbwzs, and qab, qauz, luwwlrzdqa Larry Spauldmq Chrxs Klrtqard Manlyn Hembockel Jxm Mxller and Ron Goodman BOYS AND GIRLS STATE Once aqarn Alameda Hlqh was representanve at Boys and Guls State held annually at Sac ramento and sponsored by the Arnerlcan Leqlon and Arnencan Leqlon Aux1l1ary At th1s tlrne students from all over Callfornla are QIVSH an opportumty to partlclpate ln a practlcal experlence 1n qovernrnent SENIOR OPPORTUNITY DAY On May 8th the H1qh and Low SGHIOI classes partlctpated 1n Senlor Opportunlty Day Future Unllmrted under the able co chalrmanshtp of Ron Gary and Janet Klernann All the members of the comrnrttee the students from the low and hugh senxor classes who acted as group charrmen and the1r advxsor Mr Koehler helped to make Senlor Opporturuty Day an lnformatlve and hxghly successful experlence Seated S Wong General Charr 'ran J Klemann CoCha1rman R Gary Co Chaxrman M Hem nockel General Chamrman 1 B Standxnq T Sw1sher General Charlman I. McClara Typlst M Laxrd Cover Desxqn I 117 I ,,, ,, -w v. A Q 'Q 5 5 ' f- ,"z'MJ ,"5.l,.,- W "f ' Q . , . . . , . , , I I f JIS' X Rh Faculty Adviser Fall OAK LEAF Staff EDITOR Don Martin ASSISTANT EDITORS Donna Barnard, Jane Crocket, Barbara Miller and Lola Wilken SPORTS EDITOR F. E. Gladden ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITORS Carol Tadlock, Ray Waller BUSINESS MANAGER Carol Waterlow ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Genene Turner, Nadine Zens STAFF ARTIST ' ram Lubbock PHOTOGRAPHER ... ' ,w Q Kent Williams ,Erbs 4:-nn., . X rwtsrs ..', Peqqy Clements, Pat Wheattill '..'1I.1:1 Kent W11l13n,S, l.:Qf1 V' I' Genen: T 1::.ff: N - K U . :Mum H- ,. fx, var'-'Q F L' Gnvsfeln Eva--W Wait 33, 45554 531' Hg,-5 JJ, mggug, .,a....-..i in...-. .J-ner., ,-.,,I., .... .,,.,... ,...l..,.. I i. R F Sasser. Lf: I'.'..,1':. F1321 "'fI3f+Y15'v'14 Uakcfnag--tlmwmka!wp,gm.nm, jo 119 L k IOAKLAF Spring OAK LEAF Stal! EDITOR Carol Waterlow CO EDITOR Jane Crocker ASSISTANT EDITORS Lola W11ken De Moyne Bekker SPORTS EDITOR Bob Lee ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR Ray WaIIer Rod Lanqharn CO BUSINESS MANAGERS Genene Turner Nad1ne Zens ART EDITOR Tom Lubbock ASSISTANT PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER Kent W1II1ams TYPISTS Peqqy Clements Pat Whea1I1Il FACULTY ADVISOR Mlss Grace S Powers Every year each ISSU9 of the OAK LEAF 1s put out w1th a c1eerIuI and cornpetmve SDIIII 1 year under the d1rect1on or Don IvIart1n 1'1 fall terrn and Carol Waterloxv IP the spr1r'q I we fee that we ave dCCOV1'IDI1SI'19d much 1 a or a pap r wh1cb IS 1' na IV vn s udenis Th1s year the paper w s .1r:I1shed 1 '1 v four or SIX pages Under 1 neIpI11l ga ance I MISS Pow rs the OAK LEAF tafi ends III r v1In a I or1tr1butedI an unportant p rt oi our I1 I CJFI cp L, Q'-vellum! F1 For eight months the Acorn Staff has thought, talked, and slept Acorn, and now that the final folder marked "copy to printer" is in, we can let out a big, relaxed sigh and wait to see the finished yearbook, symbol of our ideas, inspirations, and hard work. To each of the twelve members of the editorial staff l would like to give an individual thank you for the capable way in which each one carried out his or her specific duties. A very special thank you from all of us goes to Miss Wilson, advisor to the editorial staff and Miss Shockey, advisor to the business staff, for giving so willingly of their time and ability to make our Acorn a success. The staff sincerely hopes that the spirit of A.l-l.S.-the spirit with which this book was published ee will be transferred through its pages to you, and that our yearbook will always bring back the many memories of our four years of life at Alameda High. Ron Duffin ASSISTANT EDITOR Jia Shcxnnon Heath EDITOR Q' A rr' BUSHX SS IVAN AGVR ie V ley St ff S cretc y T "i Lubboc lf rch Editor Ummm ,l'ZllD1LdDg,fh2, 526mm B 5 'T' Herb Turner, Boys' Sports Edltor, Margo Forquer, Class Edrtcr Dorothy Fischer, Admimstrcxtron Edltor, Clcure Wrlk, Orqcmzz- trans Edrtcr, June! Heskin, Copy Edrtor, ,QD -qi 'Q i su D S s Vl'1DCrbysP'1e Cue v dBr .-Je Fckfrprospc e :nv lwpa 4011, ww. Mrss Ncrdme Sh ckey FACULTY ADVISOR Carcl Bertrand and Sandra Wong CO-ART EDITORS N s FA UL V ADVIQOR ORGANIZATIONS 4 1 'fr 123 wruaavaafrm ,mommy ' ' while, Pat Romdmc P 6S1d n Lfslre Marriott V1cePres1 dent lady Assam He-c rdrnq Stcr tdry Bev Vern Fmoncrdl Q c etary Mary dre Decker Song Leord The Grrls Assocratron has been hlqhly successful 1n all 1ts ventures thls past year Freshmen and Senlors en loyed the tradrtronal sernr annual fresh man recept1ons Untted Natlons and Crr cus were therr clever themes The G A also sponsored two Student Body meet IDQS whlch proved to be orlqrnal and en tertamlnq the Alexander Bros and the talent f om M1lls Colleoe were enloyed by all ry D un L d Judy Aosum V1cePres1 n D '1 Q Tay r e c c lfu z Frndncldl Secretary The fall fashlon show Around the Clock ably managed by Leslte Marrrott and An lsland Crurse the sprtnq show handled by Judy Aasum gave both boys and qtrls a pleasant look at seasonal fashrons ln addruon two very successful cake sales were held The capable faculty adv1sor of the G A has been Mrs Helen l-loelcsema S an-sl F ,IDG P 1 C Q. H, 6 mmhavz whale. ntluzzm Fall Term 1951 PRESIDENT K n DEV! es VICE PR SIDENT G VN ls '1 R CORDING S CRETARY P I-I le FINANCIAL SECRETARY Port Hg mg on COUNTY REPRESENTATIVES Kd1'1n Mu' z B b L orz PUBLICITY MANAGER Sh111ey Leflgr Spnnq Term 1952 PRESIDENT Ken DGVIIES VICE PRESIDENT Carlo G rdghty RECORDING SECRETARY Sh11'ley Leflor FINANCIAL SECRETARY Gmg r Wgterlow COUNTY REPRESENTATIVES Pcxtt Hole Dolores Weur PUBLICITY MANAGER Kczrm Multz FACULTY ADVISORS MISS Annclbel Wann Dr John Peoples Howl K I-Io r1ngto1' P gt n E l1ve Doyle J N Non K Reyr' lds B M Morley G Iorlls G McCann N W1 Wgt rlow .l Wrttencxu A rwphers B Cowdrt L S 11 MISS Wann K D Vr es Gr IQ L Cleveland Sedgley B I-Ioftmdn hum r Pov P r Dut ur K Multz C Wood J Pearson ow II G Tehodo R Gorler C Rodnques C Romonownz L Rcxtle ty C Geroghty G ck Row III R Vega R Andrew P Parsley ff Durmg the past term the .Tumor Red Cross at A I-l S has done a great deal of good work at Oak Knoll I-Iospltal The seasonal tray favors and entertamment tne members brought to the hosp1tal were emoyed tremendously by the convalescrng veterans The group also brought g1tts wh1ch gave the boys the cheer 1ng up they needed Along Wllh all the1r hard Work the members found t1me to have a skahng and a Chnstmas party The J' R C 15 really a hard worlcmg group C r A-Q -any I5 as 0 0 0 0 . . 125 c1l 'z' c. I :tt IZ I' V . r ., . Hcrrm Q , . Tcl r, P. Hole, J. 3 , . 1 , . , . , M. , , er 1 , . Tgkzo, S. .3 a , . Rcznxer. R - . , . 1 , . ' , . , . J 1' , D. Vie-Lf, . 1 , ' . nlcler, , . r , . , , e , . ' , , . , . , . p rlo . . , . , . , I , . e 1 , P. e , . , J. Scsggms, N. Wolloce, J. Glbscn, P. Cubrcrl, S. , , . , J. S.'1 .gke , J. fell, .Weste no . Iurtlit Red ross me-rribgs '.-:ith rn Zllflli Chrisfmi' :nd Ezste projects. 5 7 ' U ', , V , xxx, if x! . . S L T. I sv' A fx " - l """1 A - 'f A M A , '- ' M . v . NM ' ' r N' 15. 4 in Row I Heskxn D Wor en ' CH s S Per.: ns D Lear M Yedd McDonnell J Snell How II 'NI 'r C M do J D y r S M31 J Soderlund C Gercxg'1ty Buechner M Perry B Brxog J k l Cr cl-:et S W ng D Buell J Mlller How IIII E Lrmu Heath S Lor on M Flemmg S Hook J Do J Swanson P McMahon L McClorc1 M Hembockel Lcxmosney K Owen L W1ll1GmS K Smrth G Rodenborn Row IV M Bogue A Schroeder J Cracknell Carroll D Hutson D I-Ioffnnon A Kxnq A Allmqer A Furbush R Derbyshxre J I-Iom1lton T Lubbock Gcxry H Redless J Cowon B Wolton S Prxce C Moody R Shenif A Meloy J1m Kelly Peggy Clements Loy W1ese Term 1951 Spnng Term 1952 Vmce Pres1dent Recordmg Secretary Fmancral Secretary Nancy Powers Peggy Clements Dlck Lear VICE Pres1dent Re-cordmg Secretary F1nanc1al Secretary Faculty Advlsors-Mr Regmald Saunders M1ss Mary Connelly Mr Darrell Coughlan - 'ww Ar unu- - I, , . r , J, Scot., A. C, zse, P. Hale, N. Power , . '1 , . , . , T. , . . - . . Hs. .1It:n, . :xml , . ' ro e , . or, . , . I , B. , . , . 'ce J. Cclcbzc , J. c ' , . o , . , . ' . Y . ' , J. , . , . , . , . , - . , . , . , Fall ' Bob Hearther ......,....,..,,,,,,.............. President Skip Perkins .................................... Pf9Sld9I'1l 0 . . - totnp, aLd3L,.S, The Cczhfornrcr Scholorshrp Federotron more commonly known as the CSF has provrded for AH S students of hrqn scholastrc standrnqs a proqram both educatronal and entertarmnq The most rmportant functron of each term rs the Northern Calrfornra CSF conventron held thrs year at Pleasanton All CSF members are elrqr ble to emoy the fun of thrs full day qatherrnq Another actrvrty of the CSF 1S the party held at the end of each term for qraduatrnq senrors These actrvrtres plus other mterestmq partres and excursrons provrde a well rounded and enloyable program Presrdent Skrp Perkrn conductrnq me trnd Members of C S F and od ISOTS crtch sltdes ond Slup P kms M Sounder one t the CSF cldv if O . , , . s e . . . V VJ . A , . C.S.F. Offxcers, PEGGY Clements, Dick Lear, Nancy Powers er , I ' A S 'fee K 1 ffl W , Gordon Abrahamson Hrchard Adams Wxlma Almand Roy Andrrese Bob Andrew Blame Artis R Bruce Aubry Norme Bertero Ray Blackman Bonnre Bothwell Bonnre Bowman Barbara Brrdge Nancy Bryson Beverly Buechner Davrd Buell Jacquelyn Butler Helen Carroll Annette Chase Peggy Clements Betty Coler Dark Barbara Conkle Joan Conlrn Joyce Connell Joe Cowan Joyce Cracknell Jane Crocket Grace Cudworth Sue Culver Jack Cummrngs Pat Cummms Joan Dart Pat Davrs Joe DeVr1es Deborah Dowsett JoAnn Drayer Sherry Ducat Bon Duthn Claudette Eakrns Knoxetta Easterhnq Mary Emery Helen Epperson Mcrrlorre Flernmq Gall Fletcher Pat Foster Adrran Francken Claudra Frztzler Alan Furbush Carla Geraqhty Joan Grrdwood Naoml Goldsmrth 'oan Golobxck Sydney Goodman Pat Grahm Barbara Grammrnger Phrlrp Grelg Nancy Jo Hamrlton Ann Har makr Sh rl y Harper Tlnelma Harr s H lda Harrosh avg'-:ns --alyssa -I-ui """' '+'1 hlf-'K Frances Haza d Shrrley Hermer Marrlyn Hernbockel Brll Henera Janet Heskrn Pat Hrng Drane Hofmann Coralee Hollywood Sally Hook Anna Humphers Dottxe Hutson Sandy Ingold Claudra Jager Ann Jones Wrlma Jones Joanne Jushn Jackxe Kemsley Nancy Kennady Jrm Klrk Janet Klemann Nola Kmght Shzrley Knowles Ken Kofman Peggy Lahmann Joan Lamasney Sylvra Larron Dlck Lear Jane Lee Joyce Ledb tter El an rL1'na ll n Lvndahl n nc L u e T 'n Lubbock Carol McCarthy Lorrta McClara Tom McDonnell Carol McDowell Pattr McMahon Carol Mack Charles Magrll Shrrley MaJor Arlene Mollart Carol Maraldo Leslre Marrtott Chrrstme Marshall Nancy Massmgrll Joyce Matson Carol May James Mtller Dave Mutch Boland Newton Sa ly Nrchols Terry Olrver Phyllrs Olson Evelyn Orla Kathleen Owen Shannon Ow n Jrm Parke B ch rd Peders n Ange cr P rata LIFE MEMBER Slcrp Perlcms Mabel Perry Charlotte Peters Brll Poor Lrnnell Powers Nancy Powers Shrrley Prrce Betty Purvrs Marlene Quayle Janet Qurntell John Batto Marte Ratto Joyce Rasmussen Bernard Ratto Pat Ravenscraft Carol Remstorf Dale Reno Duane Roach Katreen Romanotf Catherrne Roy Ercol na Busconr Robert Sherzfi Jean Sher :ey Don Smrth Helen Smrth Jean Soderlund Danny Sowers Ruby Sprller Char s Stamps Ma cra Staude Loulse Sugryama ean Swanson Charlene Shofe Carol Tadlock Kay Takao Nancy Talbot Grlbert Thomas B111 Txlley Davrd Tofanellr Karol Tompach Sherla Trarl Paul Trento Betty Turner Janet Turner Beth Vay LeRoy Velasquez Lorrarne Velasquez Ray Waller Donna Warren Gmger Waterlow Marlorre Wetzel Pat Whea itll J cc Whrdden A nold W lhams Gwen Wrllrams Dora West Sandra Wong I. la Wood Na y Y da --sz xa- avuwwzmrpmzn. Wm -f f - V -F--f A A i Y , ,,. -X' -- , f ' x ' A I J' X, X f' 1 4 in fr S Y i f N K of, A A I A fe A , .,......-. ........... ..........,. , , W r P- - m .1 J.. ' 'X ' V 1-u-ur-an 7 1'ff"W' . . W Je , X, , , X ,wa ' A .. r fr, -I -' ' r E Q L ' ' ' ' A V ' ' ' le 'Co sta e c i 'f 4 . , . . O . . . . 4 . . . Q - ' ' . - g 1 ' i . i ' I , . - ' ' ' ' ' , . . . . . . , . V y , , , , , . A . 4 , . . . , . . . . , . , . - U I ' . Q D ' ' . v ' ' A . A , , . O I D ' v , V Lillian C1-esqeno 'Puff Hale 'Clara Lantz Dan Oswald James Snell Peggy Wxlson , , , e a ' U 9 ' ' , Q ' r ' O ' - e : ..a o le ' A Y 9 1 ' 9 C , l E Y - . . . -, -e,:.,..-3--8--fr-A--Af.. --,--1, ,,,, -e , -gieee-ne---fr... s 0 128 , , . MRS, COURTNEY SMITH Faculty Advisor The oldest organization at AHS is the Star G Key Honor Society Anyone who attains a B av rage is eligible to ioin and partake in th many interesting ac tivities ln th spring term the club awarded a S50 scholarship to one of its outstanding members Like the other groups at A H S the Star CS Key also has many enioyable parties and meetings Fal Helen Epperson Ann Jones ,,,a, ,, Shirley Harper a Nadine Zens , . Patricia Foster ,, Spring Term 1952 Ann Jones ....,,.., President Carol Tadloclc . Vice President Nancy Kennady Recording Secretary Barbara Bridged Financial Secretary Patt Hale ..,., ,. Editor q cup of St 5 Key Otfi ers Ann Jones Carol Tdcllock Nancy K rmcxdy gt Fire Sh ,' Har r Helen Eppers n cmd Barbara Brd fh1wuqlLlbbuJzq,b1,activ1Ziu.vL5fafL6Jfnq, lm nn ' and 11 .'- 1. V . . 4 . rm. ,Q .n1aE:-- -mai:-1---e,i.Hs-nu---fr... 1-::u:,1-f-51:--L 4...11.23-gif!----..,1l.....-,4,,,:,..........,....,.-1.-.4 - -AAV ' - - A hx:-.. I-Q.z.ue,.-:LJnuaz.x4zwszewsxma'1:.:.:.:.,.:znea.14:.,ww .-. ..,.. .'.: .. J. -Qz -.L...:.: ,.,..:m...f:14.u-nz-qu-mum H . ...f...-,. ....f..1-.uaiaaifauagaaxg Lung-mug-z. .-.. 1 z::,.L-:..,:.4:izL..s l. ' ...dp nf . . '. , . .f. . .,':.. .44-Aufgmsm--new M'I1Tf1'-:wary 77. Graxq, K. Kcfmcm, B. Gates Mx. Saunders, D. Hoqfm, R. Waller, F. Vnlz, B. Lone A. Gclden. Row I -c Row III 1 -J, Ecyxes, L. Eucl ley 2. Cistz F.. 'JICQQI Row ll Frcyher, J. Sufircn 211.15 E, Lcfsfcnz. Mr. Yfecrrzi '. fied na. Auditorium Staff How INA. Suntcs, S Vfczrner, S Harper, V. fax en, .f., C":'.1l1'1 A Eff-:'.:1:: 1. Eizrin, ' x'QQ:. 'N s V 1 p. A Benson, A. KQQEQY, N. Purb-ack. Row II D. 'Nesn G. f'I'1TT.I'T.?Y P, '.'f1.:'.:. L. Wcifi, L. Ecfferiy, D. Cfxmpzr f P. McKee, H. Rcmes, R, Sp11IQr, C. Suess, M. Vaughn. S, Qhiprnfzn, Row III G. TVJYFTEY. A. 79393, L VV11kin, D. Broqcm, D. Smxth, D. C3mpbeQ1, VJ. Payne H. Efpperswn, P. G-2:QrQ':x, R. P71115 G. Pfxyn Row IVfR. Powers, f. Mcfflvoque, A, McNeil, I.. Padixszri, E Gizy f Ffuifrir. Mills, R, Frzyhfi Row V-N. MCN-9:11, f. Mzller, E, Vfzltcn, D. Lundberg E, L'f:':'::'1 2 2.3.3 E 'f.'.ls:r., D. Riesnh Bccjqs, D. Rzbertszr. Cafetena Staff w I k Row II Row IV 5.Q!LULC.Q,f0fh2.ALhDDl.l.d.,fh.QUL . w Y Ho .Y-4'z'.A.' Sm:-':. 7 lfirtpznll F? E-31'1n1fH" 'K 'zzvf' ? F f3".-:SF f D, R21 Fx f,I1T'.'D: F' Ffxninri f1'nt'.'1i Row Ill Eff? ff? 7 f.f'i"1f1 132. W:"'1"' Mrs Su-rzshnr P.frs.2r'1F:1:rfi T V'-:W 2 nf--1-"1 " - --" 3 Q M1775 l o o o V32 'arfwfhwrfzga 5 3 ' l. C rcl Francats ts the French Cluc Nh Q rnemloe snrp IS drawr from those sfdoen s wrto talce French or speak French The purpose 1C soctal as well as educa tronal An effort IS rnade to rnterest students rn France and qrve them an 1nternat1onal v1ew,,o1nt Thetr actrvttres vary Every spnnq the cluc sponsors a flower sale to ralse money for awards to outstandrnq Stu dents rn the lanquaqe ln the sprlnq the club also sponsors our entrance rn the Natrcnal French Contest FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS Row I B Hue hner Row II N lm DQVIIES C B d P wer: Fall Term 1951 Spnng Term 1952 L1ane Froerer Prestdent Carol Bertrand Presldent Lrnnell Powers Vrce Presrdent Gwen Wrllrams Vlce Presldent Carol Bertrand Becordrng Secretary Jean Swanson Recordmq Secretary Gwen Wtllrarns Ftnancral Secretary Nancy Powers Ftnancral Secretary Ken DeVr1es Edrtor Beverly Buechner Edrtor WI J 'WH ids S eu S Rcrdotll I Kerrrsley M Soude 1 I C s rs Row 0 VI e B lurrer F I. rand Krk K DeVr1 I QI NI P I 'Fr B RWVQC A RowVI 'le G Tu rer lcmsen A Qc d J Compbell B Whttcker DeLIczv n B New ll M Doyle M Iredu J Turner L Suqrycrrcx V F r odmcm A r l r C I-I lywood C Br n r ckf M D ck H osh B Ecxrzns D Cosa Q Inrron S FI lc How III J Yelt'r cm P Genereux I Vlhtt s D Furbush N I-Iomllton J Merr I B Bu chmer M Bcyley D d I .r B Muller W A F r to B Brtdqe M e Pe r ard 3 I Froerer Lewy C Kemp mf A Q Q Q er Q gi , U I I e e e ' I . I , C . 'l S' zzisin, I.. Froerer, G. VIH ms, K. . , . ,rtrnn , N. Powf-rs, I,. o ,. Ho v.l'S, C. R621 1- , ,1. 'lY15., . r, , C. . ., ,.. hroe er, . , , . . . ,, . ,Lt ,,S. . 9,. 'e,. .,.' ,. ,. I J. Pct 2 II S D1-Clcx, K. N::r.s o quer, S. Go ., . '31 Ire , . of , . e ton, P. 3'1'.'l3 fl. Tlrornzs, D, Puff: zdson, I. C o. Qt, S. I-NDIIQ, . e er, zrr .. , . ' , . 1 , f. Ltl., ." t F, J, Su-Jznson, .. Crlc, D. t , . . oo . ffm. , .1 , . , . 'Y church, B. ofst , I. 1 , . 'e, . , . ' , . LI, . e.. , . ,T. Illcilonnel., '. .c.,oweQl, H Butorn l. Mzztrnsz, A, Ratio, J. Vflnsndnd Q. Dart, 1, Henderson. How IV- f. ' fe eville F. gP1fZ5f'I'T, G1r1'11L1:h, . B'esTl1 B An few, G. 'J'1terl:7'J, , . rncld B. Ff:'Ze:i B. Glen: 1.1.2 K. Cwerz F. G'1tiri't.-fri l, Frizfs L. Powers M. lenir 4, . , . H tn- bc I-:f-l, o C. ct::1t-:t, . Vxlcllzfe, ftr- szirn, S, Polf , C. P te, . , I. - , . . le C. :Z.- fr,--:.if ', B':f:'.': ' M... 1,12 :'I' rt, '. fe't, KDITXYIN .crxittly R. Spill r, .,. Ver? 7 ll It rv- rfrzit' A 'I:. :11l.:'., rzrl., P. :., S. .YL-rp:-Qzi, M Q',I1Q'l'W,l-I, '.'.'1nxl , ... Vrllcgre, E. fQ:,:.:'.:., Mis, Coke H111 Lac. 1-1 - 54.2.41 All Latln students past and present are 1nv1ted to Joln the Latln Club and attend 1ts meetmqs Thls club whlch meets the th1rd Tuesday of each month has had many soclal qathennqs durlnq the past year Among them were a pee wee golf outmq and parnes at Chr1stmas and on Valentrne s Day Latln students enroy the act1v1t1es of the Latln Club Fall Term 1951 D1Ck Lear Presxdent Dlane Smrth Vlce Pres1dent Donna Rea Recordmq Secretary Bruce Aubry F1I'16I'1C1dl Secretary Faculty AdVlSOf uzfmmiin 'viagr- Row II D L ar D Snsnh R Aubry Spnng Tenn 1952 Donna Rea Presldent Wendellee Payne Vlce Presldent Betty Purvrs Recordmq Secretary Karole Tompach F1nanc1al Secretary Joyce Rasmussen Sonq Leader Mrs Lenore Marker Row 1 K Takao J Basfnussen P Foster R Lloyd J Pears n S Fopplan J Newt n S Grtftln J bcott 5 Knowles B Ca nahan Row Il T Rerser J Shumake D Smrth B Purvzs K Tcmpach W Payne D Rea P Delaney C Mar Ido D Werr B Tuter T Lambert R w III J Ba b r B Wrlson J McCa1eb D Lear D Madsen A Chase J Corn I J But e G Thau B Ledb t Aaltoren R Pederson C Plomqren Row IV R Brown B Ma rn C KI1 aaard P Wes ernoff C Qh e N Enqlxsh J Ba lwang K Fmley G Harms B Aubr Cb U 0 l 0 t-- W- 11- V1-term- ,..,...,..f..f--f- f---T V -- 1 ---fee--,ef--me , -ee --V----V , fx-1 .T , V-1 w.fma.a-: AT J , , WH.-:me 1 1 - I 1 Row I -D. Rea, W. Payne, J. Rasmussen, B. Purvis, K. Tompach - e , . . , . . ,. .o .:e,. ,. ,. , . , . . ,. ..el,. lr, , ,. eter,M. . , . ,. . f. ,. :t,. '14 ,, t ,..,:f,. , . I , . , . , . , , , , o b. owl V1ll1CIY"S C 'T J C Dupr P1 r E C per L Church G Pmckn y Spduldmq lolr H u Row lI A W u T P1 st G CUTOHILDGY VJ Arndld C Wlxtt How III C Shepard T Cm st 1 B Mason oc V Lunslatd H Row C1 Vidlsrn 1-Ad Fall Term 1951 Spnng Term 1952 Herlo Turner Presrdent Paul Trento Presrdent Lee Paulme Vxce Presrdent .lack CQCCOUI Vrce Presrdent Larry Church Heccrdrnq Secretary Gordon Dupree Recordmq Secretary Gary DeHaven Prranclal Secretary Jrm Hanson Frnancral Secretary Al Burtleson Sqt at Arms Clancy Whltbeck Sqt at Arms Coach Socolotsky Faculty AdV1SOf r uve ha A nxudd The Men 5 Blcclc A Socrety whose lnemcershlp 15 composed ot holders of a oloclc letter has a semous purpose for ex rstmq as well as many soc1al actlvrtles Thls purpose rs to further sportmanshrp and nterest rn a hletlcs at Alameda Hugh and to draw athletes ot all sports closer together n a cond of cooperatron and frrendshlp Spam 1711 who R I. J . .. , J. r.,eI.:'.'e:. J. e- , L culxzi-.r . 33 , . . , . .e , L. , lj. . xnunn, .L Ce, A. Sri.: l. L' 'fl-fr, . ..: 'tlefin . , . , . ' , , - beck, M. K'1xxe,vE. Eosdlqk ffQc,zl1,l'l. Hfrrp 1' G Sdunderfi. - . , . .. 'L , . ' , V, Sul,--1, R. Trtuzhpizzp K r:1.g..t-1, ID R- 1. '. Her.: z P T:f.fnt.:, T. H t'h, D. Herntszi, . f , . 'luznt-1. IV MZ, F ' . Arty ', Tux: 1- .11 1. l l' 1: ::' l.. H'1:1!"z:zmrtZe, E, '1fr.1dr1f1:.1, ff. rt :Q , G, An err' -x., ' 31.19. . . , . . . . .. . r ,... ...... . .. Yo l e . fl Ay Eqlrlz A rmllrrtlxzn. 1 H .1 , N , Y T . . A, TT l ' v ' l t A t r I lJ4 .. I O I zaqh DL arm The Women s Block A Soclety al AHS supplres much of the sptnt dts played at the football games The pompons sold oy the club each term not only add to the color of the games but help ftnance thetr dCl1Vl119S for the term Grrls who earn l2UO pornts 1n the GA A are elrgthle for membershrp rn the Womens Block A Socrety Mr Bryan Mrs MCK nna Carole He-avey Evelyn Orla Mrss Rego and M1 Smrbe t lx KJ A A Spread Carole Heavey presrdent of the Gtrls ock A NJ Ntsr C len rtes Fall Term 1951 Spnng Term 1952 Carole Heavey Presrdent Elame Artrs Prestdent Llarne Artrs Vtce Presrclent Ann Jones Vtce Presrdent Garl Fletcher Secretary Margo Forquer Secretary Mary Sue Clapper Treasurer Evelyn C la Treasurer Janet Klemann Sgt at Arms Howl M Forqur N Goldsrnltl enamn L Arts C F G Purv L O1 u Row Il H Lpperson A ones B B ubuker V Warftcld M Hexnbccke C Tadlock Seatedmh wl Q p pill-I G B r IN D Row II cV V Cz wskr C., R m r z K Romonoff C I G Hugby C H1qby B N' uez FG 1e1 Row III P Re 'l P 1.d11111dr1n M Werner W1ll1GI1b 1 4 k 1111 Q C, Cdsoxld P Brocku N15-11 1 1 T O1 w IV E l. 11 A e .l Bm J11, G I 1 D HHopr ..,......."ff"',: 411-611011 1'v up Fall Term 1951 Spnng Tenn 1952 Robert Lee Pres1dent Ronald Gary Pres1dent Mary Ahce Nute V1ce Pres1dent Gerald Payne V1ce Presrdent Kar1n Multz Secretary Kann Multz Secretary Gerald Payne Treasurer Pall Hale Treasurer M1ss lsabel Venard Faculty Adv1sor The Span1sh Club has completed a suc cessful year of VdfI9d acl1v1t1es Span1sh vocal and mstrurnental TTIUSIC has been en1oyed, ond Spun sh qdrnes have been played at the rneennqs The Chnstrnas party afforded a hnanous trrne wnh the qrape eatlng contest and the breakxnq of the p1nata the outslandmq features Many members were present at ah the rneennqs Row I Row K Mulz Q mmm uJ1wL,0w,f1w gm Howl S Randall K Multz M Saud P MCM hon C Bren or F Lma C Jan en R Butom M Doum tt Row II S Perkins R Parsley K Wrllams B Vtfhrtorkcr C Pate B Brtdg D Madsen P Wheatflll G Ludworth Row III I Alexartde J Perkrns K Zrb J 'ett C Sh ptxard G la vrs P Clements C Won dolleck C, Mack Row IV D R esch S Spre sch R Harnlrn B Herrera T Wxlhes G Wxlson K De Vrres D Furbush J Shurnaker D R cch Mr Coughlan Fall Term 1951 Duane Roach Presrdent Charlo te Brenton Vrce Presldent Shrrley He1merle Recordmg Secretary Arlen Alllnger F1nanc1al Secretary Karrn Multz Edltor The Chemrstry Club members can look back over many pleasant and educatronal v1s1ted the West Oakland water flltratron plant and the Marrtrme School planetarlum They have watched ultravrolet lrght dem onstratxons and have seen phosphrne gas form smoke r1ngs upon exposure of thrs gas to arr The opportunrty to use a spec troscope was emoyed Slnce they are mem bers of a scrence group they have been tryrng to mcrease therr knowledge of sc1 ence Thrs year they have had many new and rnterestmg adventures ln the treld of scrence 'I'- 1 nn 1 Sprmg Term 1952 Arlen Allrnger Presldent Blll Herrera Vrce Presrdent Carol Mack Recordrng Secretary Pat Wheatflll Frnancral Secretary Bob Montgomery Edrtor How II A Allmger D Roach B Montgomery B Herrera nzwuasnumwu .I ,I .- , ,I A EH' , I il , .J 1 , -.t t, lv ,X .?l' -S , . I .' , , l' i ---nu-hun ' - ' ' ' - V Row I K. Multz, C, Brenton, S, Heirnerle, C. Mack, P. Wheatfrll activities this past year. Members have D c D D , W U C WA ,Y 4 ' 'T "'!'E'!'l'-C. ltD4-1'.l.'.zRIx . . 'L..:il!I,.m.l.!. F :'x:.,.-.unch-in'-ann-2 .ax ,.-a D D c. P acac c W f gQfrQ,Q'1l .gig..Q-..t,..,..t.f....Q.Q. Q 0 0 o o 0 o jlu gnta, jim Ofhcers Spnng and Fall Arlen Allrnq r Presrderrt Llaudette Eakrns Vrce Presrdent Helen Rarnes Ftecordrnq Secretary Carole Jansen Frnancral Secretary Ron Elrod Edrtor Trr lota rs an rnter racral club whose rnernbershrp rs representatrve of the many drfferent races and creeds found rn our hrqh school Its purpose rs to prove that these several groups can work study and play together tor the mutual benefrt of all Guest speakers are rnvrted to address the dub trrps are taken to pornts of rrrterest correspondence rs carrred cn wrth students of other courrtrres partres of varrous krnds rncrease trrendshro arrronq the rnernbers and plans are betnq rnade to sponsor the adoptron of a Vtlar Chrld and help pay for hrs or her care orrmr L Nurrrrley M Pery R r rulas G Ourrrr w II ow H G N Dovres N Knrqht C Waller J Bror lrdud L Morrrs S Prrpe A MpNerll 0 o 0 a 138 - . 0 . ng . -,,f. .iw W W , Row I C. Hokrns, A. Allrrrqer, R. Iflrcd, C. Jorrsf-rr. How II F. Tcrrlrver, C, Murcrldo, R. Waller, A Ballm- r . , . ' , . .1 , .Sur tos, V, Tr f , D ell. Ho I B. H ell, F. owley, M. rrtfrtlr, AXE Jw" -..J. fi li ?a4h"5ch0-0-lend' Phil LIL IUEU. . . . 149 54fVM yf f aa, wnlzlz, nn, Arhonl druid, and Jian fmlwwruamfrpr. E 19- MAJOR FISHER CAPTAIN BURGESS M Sgt HARDISON M Sgt WALKER The Reserve Offlcers Tfd1l'11I'1q Corps IH Alameda Hlqh School 1S composed of 1lS three com pet1t1ve companles the band and the staff The purpose of RO TC trammq IS to tram youths to be better cmzens and leaders Th1s qoal IS bemg attamed throuqh the very able and capable leadershrp ot the regular army rnstruc tors asslsted by the staff Other than leadershlp drrll and theoret1cal classes the R OTC umt pGI'l1ClpGlGS 1n many dCl1V1l19S such as the Annual Mxhtary Ball and ln thelr varrous mlhtary clubs Thrs year s M111 tary Ball was drfferent from the prevlous ones m that rt was held IH January rather than 1n the tradrtlonal month of May When the book comes out We hope to have attarned the honor school ratrnq durxnq our annual Federal lnspectron as We d1d rn l95l 1 norc surf Bowl R Duffm F Watson Row Il F Sexuuer R Hmtz M Forqu r Row III J C owdus R Perutcx R Wrlson R McN11l R Hofmann F Clusby -Hi-vsmiii I I 4 O C , f V 4 1 1 1 - ' 'Q - 'C ,E . 4 V 1 f ff V ff - . , , . , . . . . .L .. . , . . . . .. .... , . 1 .. 1 , . I f 1 . an 1 f. I' ,, , , ' Q, . C , . , . . vi F 'npany A 'vrpary npany C Band ANIVQ Mll LIB LAP Bl-NTY BR l C P L lx lkrl CAPT TOM HATCH znahnusw ,- :.f1.n'.x:.--'H:.z' - f magnum: .- - V ... - - 'gmxx Company A Row I Mnl l Whw-l-'urrh B Boaqs Andr w B Fablan Davrs B Chappell VV Burk hart L Blyth L Burkhart R Cochran E Cabral B Frayh r Row II B Lembee C Meutem P Coke J Alexander D Buell B Enalmh A Alama Vt! Barnes L Coler Dark Coxr ra D Delashaw Crmsxck Row III A Allmqer Abrahamson B Mltzner Dawes D Chapman Berry B Blackman R Ble far R Bartxnqer R Deal D Brenton Company B-Row I B Bum W Payne P Lure B Prado son Mar ln Genereux C Lenz R Mar shall B Hlks M Hamllton L I-Imkle P Koemq R Lf strand L Lltherland and D Hogan w II W L s L Pe sar G Payne B Mttchl Harris Hawl K1rq D Hoppes B Neh r wood B Mllls J Forney CCaleb E Nldlrla l I't L Prehm A Hua e Row III D Roesch P Lund he-ra G Huge naumes N a ley B P J n G M ers J K K1 war R Le Ierts D arr G1 be t A M B Clnards n analflmm, po um ICO tl Company C Row I N Mc e !' Neul Pederson R Rutley J Sui frcm R VVHeelf2r R Sherxff 'GIICCO Sykes R1 D P uponav S Oman Row II B Wyshnq G s lwq R St gnoro G Thfvrrus A Whlte R Ward A St b q E T ylor T Wllnfx N L Qtumpe Row III C Khtczccrd N lckms n R Vvo on Vslllls G N'mnr1n M Vfueit Rowma VP SHerrr1Qr R N xdlqer M G wan F Vfulz R Q1 fi . .T.C. Band-Row I . VVmk1,, N. Smlth. ow II ., :1.::t, . nr. G.,., . ...GL Row III f. Sc en D. Yeh- Qm, . Cxqzf, I. rank- and N. C... Row IV . Roe f. C2111 Row, I. . 9119.1 ., , . ei, -V Yf.'1r1: 3, .. 135' - .an R. .ffl . o 0 ., ',.L.'1f1lH?SI.f' " W , ' 7 I I N 111, A. L? ', Ki zfb, R F. S. ' A, PI., ' , J tzz, . 5 . A, . ' , Harris, D.fRcbQrt cn, K. Inn HIGS, L. Ramsey, D. W-ess Y. ' I ,V , I ,A .D gm if , . .G , . ' . n , D Q , . '41t ', R Hoff. J. ' M .yf .If IIIDII- H, . . , . fe ' , N. F fi , . ., , . . lv. H O T R "' H ' ' B zz v1 b If D TG- Q . m C M H F I D H' R d N L B d A I G Q W ' Q X1 R Q s V D K 'wr G Fla. 'J B 1 1' I cr, z fi B A 'r PF- F1 VX X T i K f F all Sponsors Clcrgne Gnutzmcxnn, Mmq: Forquffx, Form lessen, Peqqy 'J' H pp f 1 Spruxq Sponsors 9. Jim, .AML fluz, mm. ' I ntmb.aL Il'l.Ql7l.6.QlM.. nl Sword and Shield ,, ooo How I R. Duixm, P W1lson, F. Saxauer, R. Hmtz, M. Forcjuer How ll J, Mlllex, J. Vfhltchuxclx, B. Buel, W Payrw, TI I-lfrN-ill, A MET! Q.. T Hatch, E Bzunaker. Row III f. Bradley, D. Raesch, B. Wy51l1'1Q, C- Kl1fgard,L.Ped?-rS2n,G.Har:1s ff. Haas, B. Le-11:90. Non Coms Howl D 'N F H 'mumx Row II P vs ,f Row IV D 1: P 9 If y Q Wu Aa.-munuwx R Fcrylaer D R wfxey 'x P Inmdber, ,.,, , M, ,W ,,...,,,.., I , A i ,,,fm, , U, . ,. . - .aa A r E f.f1"':.f,-.Q F.. 111:51 1 F. LLM? F LTff'fI'1ITf C. ffflazll .. Vithfan, K. Tanner, .. a.. D Clszr. P-iaezsgr.. 'S Pzyxe, N"fI.f:f'l.'f,Zfi Q. Farm-ey, L. .a.. ef, I. Lille-tt, .. r . , Harns, F H555 Q 2155 F31-xezs D.:k.r.s1r.. Row III--E. '.'f'ali::1, G. Haqerbcrumer 2 Gexefeax 15.:are'f.' F L36 3 Siaahara R !.1:.IeL,l G fI::r.a:1 Harnlm, R. Fabian, I. a . 3, Thzrxas, --... '.'f1lls, D. Hcbergzx R. Sharif f. Cznraas E, Eaqas, I. Suxffri. . '. " ". erata ... Wilson, I. .anime 'N Latte: Lf. 7 ' esthzff Color Guard B. Pe:::t'1,B. 151.522, R. ,.-M' fam, ue, nxbza I .4-39 Rlfle Team 1 ,Q-9 x . ROWI M- -fll3lE' T ::'."l R Fvzffgti ,F Ffif' '.'.' , Row II ff 31' . . . S Jlwf. wnlzkncl with, HA, We the staff of the Acorn have many people to thank for thelr a1d 1n publlshrng our annual We smcerely apprec1ate all they have done for us Our thanks go To Mr Bryan tor all the a1cl he has grven us To Mr Thurlow of Calrforma Arts and Engravtng Co tor h1s flne Job of photo engravrng and also for h1s help whenever we sought rt To Mr Brazelton ot Fontes Prrntrng Co for an excellent prrntlng Job plus h1S many suggeshons tor the layout and especlally tor h1s remarkable patlence operatron about unusual calls To Mr Srlvxus of Sllvrus and Scheonhackler for producrng a tme cover To Mrs Hall and the ofhce statt tor therr cooperanon To Mrs I-loeksema tor her helpful advrce To Mrs Berry and her ottlc practlce classes for thetr ass1stance on du pl1cat1ng To Mlss Re1chmuth for her ttme spent on the art work and tor her sup plles To Mr Cummlngs for h1s alcl on the poem for the Low Senlor class To all the faculty and acttvlty advlsors tor the1r help on copy and ln ldentltylng plctures To Ron Plomgren for the fzne d1v1s1on pages and hrs other help on pho tography To Glenna Myers for her atd rn tdenutymg prctures To Ruth Hmtz for her asslstance on copy To all the students who turned rn snaps and To all who have helped us rn any way Thanks agaln The Edrtor and Staff To Mr. and Mrs. Barboni for their superior photography and their co- 'J JI, 4 9 ix. we " 'ies 41- r 12: ,..2 1+ 5,5 QM ' ff' , Su 1' 41 ft V JACK ERWIN MOTORS 149 th 011 . , L I ' W, E ". '. L fnfg J' 741' ,,5 L - . ' V - : - ' Q "2w1QQf'f', 7-A -N - , - . . gm, 1-w,,Y1a,.Ewff W-,qu ,gf qw, v.f3"?--.N .1 ' . ' .V J ' '- 4 ,, fivifig? fg?:',r'f,4f,"':,A4:5n':z 4, H1-45 im- ' .v . ' "fi w ' , . , a V ,Q fgirjgk.. A 13. .,1 .- -5 2, . ,nw-1 5 - 5 .x"" f, 'H r I 1 '1 J' iff? "5 F .f 2 ' ,,f:gX"Kfwf 1 ef? X'-A FV ' A. w. , ,f I b -, .. -vi.4 , X h ,.,,.. i ,.. 0" 'A A . x .. ' uixfxx V 1 NT M. - . 1 x Q I I , W . . ' Q x , ' ' ' - I . -J- . si-,Y -w 4 .4 , '- . XM' . . , A I f 'Q 1 J' X - qw, ..' v M h .A""'- . gf.. 'A-1 .I . -Y. .5-f25:4,,.,,: V V . A I ---, ' A' ' f-nv ,,-.h U i r 0-0,11 I V x 0 ge ' ' ' ly BERNARDI D Always the best of service at . . . CLEANERS and TAILORS FEATURING sPEcIAL ORDER LADIES' SLACKS GENTS' r Fourteen-Ninety-Five cmd up 1222 Park Street LA 2-2876 BONIERE BAKERY QUALITY ALWAYS Custom Designed Cakes "Buy the Best - We do" 1417 PARK STREET LA 20110 HOOPER CHOCOLATES Chews Creams I 1ove to make GOOD CANDY gui ,Q 1401 PARK STREET LA 3 4050 A1c1medG Ccrhf He reme bered but so dxd she' wi ' , ,I - , ' A 3 .0 E .- I I I I ' 1 1 ,. - f 4 , . 111 . i """"'7'A' - " -35' ' H' 'LIJZLTLW'pA6r4',1QA!!!J!l-':ClF4'f-.YfA1r1.'. 3.24 . , . ' . ' , .M , V3 Ii 11 , ,. 7.2ff:f , , -..l1AE.53l'S1 Q XQ lf, ,Nerf ,.ll5E',iz7m,-v-wig, f' a.':"j"""" ' ' ' " '. ' .. .ii ' i 7 .' Q,IU-'1fA:"TZ'I"""KA'YTI-.L.1"lZl"V!Y5'?Ff .-" ...Z lr, ,,,,' Z..-1' v----+A' ,vu-44.92 , i'11',,f:?i.' ' f. 'fi-'fl' 'TW 'Z V 41731 Ali- .!!6n!UV!! Tiers Follow then' exomple mmm TRY T U C K E R Super Creamed ICE CREAM 1518 Park St 2 4960 The guls look over QUALITY at GENSLERLEE IEWELERS DIAMOND SPECIALISTS RINGS WATCHES SILVER 1359 Park Street LA 2 4686 For luncheon desserts TRY CUPCAKES AND COOKIES Gi ELEA OR' FINE CAKES Beautlfully Decorated MADE TO ORDER For All Occas1ons 1414 Everett St. "We believe in A.H.S .... LA. 3-1060 We hire Hs sfudenfs! ,,,,7iH -:E-.lm ..-xnxx.-5I5JL1Vi.vGI-hifi. .l!.4XZ'. A .nz Ing if 'V P hu I -111934-l'42'dug'!.'Ll.EH5,'l.v!'.2'vAl . A 'J ' ' 'C .. . :,, f . ' Zl'GlIl:F!'2S'Dsl.1,'T'Z.SC' VANS!" "' 'AA "Y2.f'kl?":I!'1XL".ZLLQ7.l!1!v.v ...T'1l,,' ' Tl .TJ A . J ' ' - N' - N214 W 7 'fin vic 'lik1IiHl! A-.'1'1L'vaL.'fiV-K :J 'H . " ,, .:' . g'.,. R' ' ' , I ii I-A ' . , mash f--f ,W . ,, M, nu . . . ZS 0 15 I - Q .. fn., rr.fu.,,,, , 5 V' U' 4 R -L I-, ..-l A ... ' L-bv .- . LA. - . Q . - I XV' ,- -A er I 1 R , . SPRCJUSE REITZ CO IIC 1342 PARK STREET ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA LA 2 4034 CONGRATULATIONS G A L L E N K A M P S PERSONALIZED FITTING 1415P kStr t LA20744 ALAMEDA IEWELERS HQUSE OF REAL VALUES QUALITY DIAMONDS STANDARD MAKE WATCHES EXPERT WATCH d IEWELRY REPAIRING L h t2 8 1407 PARK STREET BIDS PROGRAMS TICKETS ENCINAL PRESS PRINTERS 1329 PARK STREET ALAMEDA LA 2 7667 HUNT S IEWELERS Watches Rmqs GIIIS WATCH AND IEWELRY REPAIR 143 P kStr t LA 23280 MENSHUP PARK AT SANTA CLARA LAFAYETTE MARKET GROCERIES MEATS 1910 ENCINAL CHESTNUT STATION BAKERY 6. GROCERY Homemade Bread Ples cmd ROIIS MAX 6 HELEN 19 En A A d Call! LA20855 152 vs cm , . Phone Ake urs -118 , . V2 I O I S I I I I P CY I un cc Styles 44 Colors A Sizes ' Akzmedcr, CcrIiIorr1ic1 cu' ee - - . - I . I . I e 0 0 ar ee . - 4 K ' 9 14 cinal ve. lcrme cx, ' Headquarters for FAMOUS BRANDS Nylon Hose Lmgene Blouses THE QUALITY SHOP 1340 PARK STREET CONGRATULATIONS GRADS ROSENTHAL S 1356 PARK STREET DEPFNDABLE DRY GOODS Smce 1896 Mmddres and Shorts CONGRATULATIONS GRADS COMPLIMENTS OF BARKER TILTON COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS 1330 PARK STREET 1540 WEBSTER STREET RCA 0 PHILCO ' ZENITH 0 ADMIRAL Sales TELEVISION Servlce Alameda s Largest TV and Applrance Store Webster Electrlc Co ALAMEDA 1819 WEBSTER LA 2 7543 PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS Camera Corner of Alameda Cameras Frlms Supplles Repa1rs Pronectors and Frlm RENTALS 2320 CENTRAL AVENUE Across from Alameda Theatre LA 2 5487 PENNEY S The opportumty to learn successful merchandlsrnq Wllh future securlty To share m the proflts of one of the largest compames m the world See Manager of any Penney Store I C Penney Co Inc Alameda Apothecary Professlonal Pharmacy 2237 CENTRAL AVENUE LA 36168 Western Meat Market Adr1ar1 Stlckney FEATURING THE FINEST MEATS OBTAINABLE 1424 PARK STREET LA 31808 I , D I - K -4-' A I - O O I 0 ll 0 . I 1 ' I Y i 7 ffi f'f'- 'rf o . - , - N - 4 ' Q ,,-,.,,h,,,,,mur,.,?n,,,3,,uL,,mu-- :,v.1..1 V, .q..w.u.a,....s., 1... . . Z, .., L , , . .N ,:.,. ' , . .,,, .1n...-'.:.. n,-1 ,ff-r... I ..... .... ..,. .-,.- - m .:zwm:,1:wxx:fssnLxmg1.3a.1f:1uLrmx4:11--nw: -r--wv:f41.1.:-:'u .L.xv'..L :, -iw - f, . , ,J rn, : V See fhe new Firedome Eighf af BEAN AND CAVANAUGH Your Alameda DeSo'l'o and Plymoufh Dealer fix! 1700 PARK STREET LA. 3-5246 TRADER BICKNELL TeIev1s1on and Apphcmces s A L E s s E R v 1 c 1: DONT THROW IT AWAY TRADE IT IN 1522 WEBSTER 3 8500 CHEVROLET Flrsf and Fmesf Af Lowesf Cost' GARLAND CHEVROLET COMPANY 2424 SANTA CLARA 2 9221 Th VARSITY g t ALBURTS MENSHOP Best ln Styles and Prlces 1511 WEBSTER LA 3 5577 I LA. - n c aaa one LA. - e 085 0-.- "Bring Your Films fo PiaH"s" Picxtt's Cameras - Picture Framing GIFTS "My picture is in Piatfs window" ,t,g 1350 PARK LA. 2-4074 CODIGA MOTORS LINCOLN and MERCURY SALES and SERVICE O LA 2 4617 1825 PARK STREET STUDENT DISCOUNT IO! D D SCOTT FLORIST CORSAGES AND BOUQUETS For fhe Graduafe 1520 WEBSTER STREET See the new NASH at GIL ASCHOM NASH Dealershmp 1911 Pcnk Street LA 3 5933 Alameda , . o . o , , D . . . iw! . . ' ' if 'lf' l, .!if'1lJ, W ""' i "4""' 41"" - . ' 1 HUGH B GRENFELL Alameda s HUDSON Dealer NEW HUDSONS NOW BEING DELIVERED 34 OOO m1Ie or 2Vz year Guarantee LA 38527 LA 31406 Park and Clement Alameda CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Lady Esthers Pastry Shop 1409 V1 PARK STREET LA 2 6622 O L E S Waffle Shop 1507 PARK STREET LA 28108 VOSBURGH HARDWARE Estabhshed 1876 I F CIIMD TASKER 2317 SANTA CLARA LA 21882 Alameda Cahf BOOKS PICTURE FRAMING EVERETT E FARWELL 2323 SANTA CLARA AVENUE IWest of Park Streetl BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1952 YOUR NEIGHBOR THE ALL DRUG CO A11 the Best m PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS COSMETICS A PARK AND CENTRAL A1arneda CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 FROM DICK AND BEA THUNDER OWNERS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Servxng Alameda Sxnce 1874 1438 PARK STREET LA 3 2020 156 O I I I I I I , - ' - ss I 'wx' Household Wares ' Electrical Supplies 0 o . I I --' - H,:--wa f : - V ' .-:msunnua1mn:q1raansr:znrf::.4"w- ' f--- 1 - ww, L , maa:nnnnsmnf.runxm1mrmxmmf.-+,-rm-uLf-- , ' Q1 GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IS OUR WISH TO THE GRADUATING CLASS GADSDEN'S STATIONERY STORE 1435 PARK STREET Phones: LAkel'1urst 2-1844 LAkel'1urst 2-1845 COMPLIMENTS OF GARDNER BROS 1429 HIGH STREET Alameda Cahforma Phone LA 2 4211 COMPLIMENTS OF THE RICKSHA CHINESE FOOD Sh 1323 HIGH STREET Alameda Cahforma LAkehurst 3 3783 HAMILTON BROS ALAMEDA BOOTERY 1434 PARK STREET SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Best of Luck on the Way Grads of Iune 52 and February 53 Remember on the Way IUMPING IACKS 6 SPALDING DAVIS FOOD STORE 1505 HIGH STREET COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE ROSS WRIGHT Wrxght Sells Right Pres1dent A H S Alumru ASSOCIGIIOD REAL ESTATE INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Bus LA 25733 Res LA 24081 2511 SANTA CLARA Alameda Telephone LA 2-4236 Alameda Palnt 6. Wallpaper Co Wallpaper and Pcnnters Supplxes FULLER DUPONT BOYSEN 1523 WEBSTER STREET Alameda Cahforma 1 . A I 'img Will Guide You Riqhf . I 1 Y Dollar for dollar you can't beat a P O N T I A C or R A Y P O N T I A C SALES 0 SERVICE 0 PARTS fix! ALAMEDA 2414 Central Avenue LA 2 1121 ALAMEDA sPon'r1NG Goons co 1516 PARK ST ALAMEDA Congratulations LA 3 7 121 TO THE CLASS WILSON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT HUNTING and FISHING 9 EQUIPMENT OUTBOARD MOTORS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 THE ALAMEDA FOOD SHOP Pat selects her sllver pattern at LEWIS B GROPER ALAMEDAS STERLING IEWELER fu, See the Fmest 1n Natlonally Known STERLING SILVER Dlarnonds Mountmqs Famous Watches 1503 WEBSTER LA 2 8300 OF w " Where Friends Meet Friends" O -1 ' 1 ' 1 AGN EW REALTY CO Extends Wlshes of 1-Iapplness and Success for the years to come tothe CLASS OF 1952 1432 PARK sr LA 34000 FAMILY SHOE STORE FRIENDLY SPORTS FOR THE SMART TEENAGERS IOHN C ROBERTS FOR YOUNG MEN 1507 WEBSTER Alameda Calrf Phone LA 26118 Kyle Rexall Drugs Phone LAkehurst 2 3843 VISITORS WELCOME ofa Umm PASTRY SHOPPE L ANOVICH Proprietor Special Cakes Made for All Occasxons 1436 WEBSTER ST Alameda Calif LAkehurst 2 6314 Telephone LA 2 7506 LUXUS LAUNDERIE SELF SERVICE Automatlc Ind1v1dua1 Washlnq COMPLETE DRYING SERVICE 1611 PARK STREET C CARL A1arneda Caht PHONE LA 29526 WARD S Auto Polntrnq Weldlnq Body and Fender Work 1539 OAK ST Alameda Calif CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES from PARISIAN LAUNDRY IS! DISCOUNT Cash and Carry 2319 LINCOLN AVE. LA 30626 Everett Street SGIVICGX, WEBB and LES Leave Your Squeaks mth Us 0 2449 Santa Clara 1 0 Alameda Cahforma 0 Phone LA 2 4644 L- M H M ' ' I 1433 HIGH STREET 0 ALAMEDA T T I C I I TI P P I ' ' ' ' 4 . . . . M 0 M 1 SAVE UP TG V2 SAVE UP TG 12 ALAMEDA SHOE WHSE 1338 PARK ST LAk h 1 3 8643 ALAMEDA CALIF FITZGERALD S IEWELERS WATCHES WATCI-IMAKING RINGS GIFTS DISTINCTIVE IEWELRY 1504 WEBSTER ST LA 3 3450 STUDENT RATES POPULAR PRICES Exotlc Corsaqes to Match Her Gown lat Your Prrceb 2416 CENTRAL fOpp t P tOff1 1 LA 20188 GENERAL TIRES DIRECT FACTORY DISTRIBUTOR DEALER CHRYSLER V8180 HP PLYMCUTH SALES PARTS SERVICE IIUFFMAN MOTOIl C0 630 PARK STREET LA 3 2751 ALAMEDA o - ' e urs - 0 , . 9 O I I Designers cmd Manufacturers of ' I osie os 'ce . - ll ll . . . - I I o 1 Alameda Launderette CLOTHES WASHED AND DRIED IN ONE HOUR w 2402 LINCOLN AVENUE lat Park Streeil NEW PARISIAN LAUNDRY CURTAINS f LACE CLOTHS OUR SPECIALTY DRY CLEANING 2811 ENCINAL AVE LA 2 1870 FRANK 6: ROSALEE IUNEA Good Luck, Class of l952 PETE'S MARKET GROCERIES 0 VEGETABLES FRUITS 0 DELICATESSEN BEST QUALITY MEATS Free Delivery w 1601 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2 6302 Alameda LA 33561 LA 3 3562 Esqulre Cleaners Inc SP8ClGlISfS m Qualify B M LEWY 2420 LINCOLN AVENUE Alameda Cahforma 10! STUDENT DISCOUNT 6ll'0y6ll'l 6 CHILDREN SHOPPE DISTINCTWE APPAREL 1513 PARK ST Alameda Calxl LAkehurst 3 7427 STONE S BICYCLES TOYS 2320 "Au" SANTA CLARA WHEEL GOODS 3 3264 Cmcn0 AUTHORIZED DEALER Lxonel cmd Amencan Flyer Trams WE SELL THE BEST REPAIR THE REST RUGS DRAPES ALL FINE CURTAINS APPAREL Getta ik E Cilgalftilo Partzcular Work or Partzcular People WALKER WILLIAMS O er Ope PICK UP DELIVERY SERVICE 1828 Lxncoln Ave Alameda Cah! LAkehurst 2 7258 Workm sh1pG a a t d 161 O I - n ' u ' 7 . I o . . . . SN I I I I O o Q - I . 1 1 ' n Q I 1 ' x ,Q ' fa I N' LA. ..,- . ., I I ' I I cs ' ' my x I f X x I 1 Wn - mmf ' I I o an ' u r n ee ' ' I ' . .amzzn-:ma.1..... 1 mm..-.53-U,,, - - A V.. ':muu1rw -:umm-ewIv . V 1, .,.,,,,,m,,-,,,, W ,VY Y ,,,.,,.,,,R.,2..,.,.. Uhoicz 1540 Park Street LAkehurst 2-5678 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 L C Robert S Realt C0 1223 PARK STREET LA 3 5677 Conqratulahons and Best W1Sh9S from Ralph Archmal ALAMEDA TYPEWRITER C0 2309 SANTA CLARA AVE ALAMEDA LA h t 2 4921 60 Fdffbff 654' W I 'I' H HQ 'P C-Q! 7 X Ll'-1. Q 5 I i, A 7-iigid Comphments of Your Nelqhborhood Slqnul Dealer I O 0 . A U . ' 0 ke urs - ,S h S T 7 fx 9 F A ' ' 7 ' - +-..w'i..... X --P --' ' 'Z in , , - - --- " JT "E-anim-A V ' PLAY GOLF af fhe ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE FEES WeekDays.... ,,,, , , Laaeeaa L A L I 1. Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays ., , . . Monthly Ticket Wold Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays? . LUNCH ROOM OPEN TO PUBLIC Special Rates to Alameda High Students 500 after 2:30 on school days STUDENT DISCOUNT IIIIIIISHIILL STEEL Qortiliod DRYCLEANING Quallty Launderers 1211 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2 7100 CONGRATULATIONS TCD THE CLASS OE JUNE l952 AND TC THE EDlTCRlAL STAFF EOR SUCH A ElNE BOOK from ALAMEDA RADIO AND TELEVISION Alameda s Televlslon Center SALES SERVlCE 2524 Santa Clara Ave LA 33481 Sf 00 l 25 Monthly Tlcket , .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,... , , , , 6.50 5 00 O Conqratulahons to the Class of June 52 and February from C .I CONNOLLY Exccxvatrnq v Pavrnq General Contractlnq Tenn1s Courts rr Concrete Alameda Calltornla ELECTRICITY IS CHEAP IN ALAMEDA IN PLANNING YOUR FUTURE HOME MAKE COOKING A PLEASURE BY INCLUDING A MODERN ELECTRIC RANGE A Greater Use of Electricity Means a Better Way of Life BUREAU OF ELECTRICITY DEPT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES CITY OF ALAMEDA 2440 SANTA CLARA AVE LAkehu.rst 2 7411 ' ' L ' '53 O O . . D . Phone: LA. 2-6738 123 Central Ave. Oak Park Chrld Care Center Operated Under .State License Well Equlppecl Elne Surroundmas Excellent Care Centrally Located For In ormatron Call LA 25839 ALAMEDA CALIF RALPH S OPEN SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS EIGHTH and LINCOLN 3 4747 Free Parkmg ALAMEDA SWEET SHOPPE Sandwrches Fountam Candy Next to Alameda Theafre RIO THEATRE STUDENT RATES Contmuous Da1ly Dunnq Vacat1on Whlte Front Cleaners Phone LA 31920 1457 Webster St Alameda C6112 ALAMEDA DELICATESSEN COMPLETE LINE OF DELICACIES 2327 CENTRAL AVE ALAMEDA CALIF Phone LA 2 2272 LAkehurst a aasv THOS. l. HEATON Pamhng ' Decoratmg 0 Paperhangmg Licensed and Insured FREE ESTIMATES 2170 Encinal Ave. Alameda. Cahi. VERSAILLES BAKERY BREAD f CAKES f PIES f PASTRY "Baked by Heck" 1306 VERSAILLES AVE. Near Enclnal Avenue, Alameda Phone LAkel'1urst 2 0344 C I f I I 0 f . v - COMPLETE MARKET 1413 PARK STREET - A 354' . I A . . 5 I For Everythmg nz Musxc TEMPO MUSIC SHOP R E C O R D S Instruments Renlol Puvate Instru tlons In truments Exoertly Revolt 1423 Webster St LA 3 6152 Alameda Glass 6: Pa1nt Company Alameda s House o Glass Your DUI CH BOY Dealer BEST WISHES TO T1-IE CLASS OF 1952 1617 Park St 1404 Webster S1 LA 2 2985 LA 3 2452 Grocenes Frults ACME GROCERY VEGETABLES AND DELICATESSEN Free Dellvery LA 3 7878 2172 Encmal Alameda Fmnk 'md 1 seph ne Pm lvoron Proprietors Best Wishes rom D O N IA M E S I A M E 5 WAESASER 1505 Park St LA 37516 STUDENT RATE 10 DISCOUNT lute Cleaners and Dyers 4I'IOUR SPECIAL SERVICE THREE DAY REGULAR SERVICE 1607 09 PARK STREET 2 1060 Alameda Sutherland Pharmacy RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 1500 Encmal Alameda LAkehurst 2 1422 S For the Fmest ln Swlm Su1ts Play Clothes Sweaters Sk1rts Blouses Su1ts Coats and Dresses 1410 Park Street LA 2 5033 166 KK l f Y, - ' KK 'S - ,P . , - DistribulorsofBOYSENPAINTS . . J, 2 1 '- - . . - LA. - ' It' tl 5 my 'wlefj V nd? S Saab!! C , , Wk, L, 'f K A A E AMEDA THE ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CONGRATULATE THE CLASSES f JUNE 52 AND FEBRUARY 53 L f q ' , fLLLf3Cf Vjv-klyvj ,M 5 A f V1 X l ,WH XV 167 fl' flu! 1, ,LW 'N PPL! . I 1 L of vin 5 AMW N L I Ll ' N' I , fx n A 5, N I if 'J CMV, u?V"yw0'VMf,L W' A , ' i . fx WL! ,UG v 'X I U ji ,X , J LU, lj X1 ' CL YLQX wax? WV , 161 l Qffy P I fx Jvxxx .JC 6 .Ly T, t f Q ULD V 1 L, V ,LV NL gvdb JI, X 'fy Uf K v U y .N , CW C3 Rfb i M K and I TIME Y U A YOUR CLCTI-IES CLEA E EM TO THE Cleaner III I Iss R MOST SCIENTIFIC CHI? IS ' O CLEANING INDUS XA, X cleaners ...X B Eg LIE 5 I E 3 X0iPO SSESS f 58 fx II I I I TSI I IIS i I X? fllll Cljllglclllllclllilllnlilllfl A ers Be-t W 1-116- to the' NF W fl IUXDU XTEQ hom IIIIF BXNKS IN XLXNIELDX ALAMEDA CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION Dont forget when graduation time comes there ll be excellent ,ob opportumtles for you at the telephone company There s lots of advantages ln workmg for the telephone com pany Here are a few Hlgh starting pay whlle you learn Regular ralses too Interesting lmportant work you d enjoy Meet old friends make n w ones Pald vacatlons and holldays vltal to defense Come Ln and talk ouer a telephone job now 'I52'I Franklin Sf. - OAKLAND 2112 Bancroft Way - BERKELEY Pncmc tmvuoni agoodplacetowork XXX ,fl , - Lf , ' I in U1 f' . 1'-' I ' ,Q - 1 ' I u or tl . 1 ' 7 rf - I. . V , A V n.T vt, J n, n .L I' Y 'II I i" l 4' ' g V 1 . '7 , f 5 J, I L. A I I 'rf V ljg, I tl . Q V! L ,LA . , JJ 'L f j r w T i 1 1 T '4 1 L J I' . u . . I J 4 L I 4 W , 5' my . If 'f' SIX h , 1 fx' 1 , f An' 1 . ' ' X XX I fr , I h ! X. I . . , . I X X X ' . ' . e 170 For Flowers of the l-lrqhest Quolrty CG JOAII 3 j0LUaf6l Alameda s Fmest Flower Shop 2305 Santa Clara Ave Modern Creatrons Styled by John LA 21314 D1str1butor BORDEN DAIRY PRODUCTS MMM QW KITTY s KUBBARD DAUN s DAIRY 1339 Burbcmk St Alameda Calxf Telephone LA 2 8887 1 .1 p de fzyo d JACK DAUN LOUIS EISENHAUER Food From Us Is I'c od or Thou5ht Burgers 0 Dogs 0 Shakes LA 39571 1320 OAK sr STOLTE INC GENERAL CONTRACTORS ywpfwm Jfwwzad 2 7064 8451 San Leandro St Oakland Cahiorma I I - . . 1 . - r If " ,J 1 j 1 1 'I I SN I 1 I I -I nern n Wnc ' ' Y kv Y O . I X ' ' l X K L" V n Q l ' - ' I - 's -J N A - ' - X I . . x ,iffy al, . ' , 1 -lfbwffl. if lf fx gi , 5, !,,g,,..M.LL1. Y! E10 QM wpfjifijfwki ,rw ff f dz fgfflfw Efiflfaei' mf X 243262, ZZ ,Z 2: QS Q Zfaiiii 42?-f:1l2'3f2?Q: CQ?-2-foal M fglff 2222312 www ff ig? 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