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fqgnw-54m sf V X 0 f ,fog x X I X U 0 SS f Q-2 E 3 W ,X dl X J mf M . K l 1 , JM!! D ibiza?-?'f I al D f Z' W ' ? fig 52 I X S 42 M f J in Nga 'J S? 2 , CHROLEW GP --------+--- rgh-jH'5"' - I. tr. 'E-' , 1 '4 N-. Sm. . . 1: 4 1 ' 2 EJ' 1, 'L y I I H ff,:"'aJ? . .ajjgz ,W . ' 3.9 . vQWlm -Q1 'LG 4 : --dc . , 3.- 'LL-fr':i ,,, 2, - -mix 1 if ,fu- i'MEi Jil. ,ff EL-fi!54f - sis? ' 'iff -f ij. AJ? . 7 E., F 1 - X fi . ' 'ir ' ,L-ff. ' 'g ,Q '11 '-: ,-If 2 5 H' 2351 QTL 1 '- 1 I1 - .N 3 f f 1- .1 '.4,, - 1 in J J, if 1' .' g ', , " 'ci'-, 4' ? -rg K -5, rr . . 'Q47' '15 , 353112, I '-' -.'- ' f 'VY -. ,L ff- , ' 'Ve' ' "li 11 iii: I -L , 4 Y, 5, . --, fl? , , , M34 ? 1 1' ff , f "nf .I 7 ' vs, ., .gg-Q15-,"'5.N ,fp--42-1-.4 1, . A .-1-. 1"-,q,,"..,,-+I .. 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F1 gt I:-"--4 , .r v'r-. , A W' yfjdff J ,,,,--1- , L, 1 f ,f.- 1,--J - -1- . 1-gy LL 1 I-.. .A ,. " f.-1. 1 3 M , ,. fy- ,. .alfa ff' 4 , .-,,- :,,..,, .M,.f- -..-uf A-.-fl' ., fA-....,, . .-4..g-rx."-. -C4f,L.'.'-14 A'1--u ,a f - P ,. ,,' "'..- '-1, T':1f 11-v!f:.,,,, '. MF- ' u.,,A mv j :,44',g.. fi? 5-.-gf J., '- -- Q .. -+- - ' fps 4,-lL:-' ':::i,, . A 1 Li, -,vpx ' pf fu oc r- U Pi-,: .-,-- ,rf n fp in --I ,L Hip' ft .J ...I X 1- J ,r, , Q I !..4-"r4' - ' 'ff-,-.. V' , . 'H' .' Aff' fffff-f.. ff., "1 -af, fa, VAW.-"'f'-J-J tx. -ff.-- 1-31-ff' 'r--0-"'L.'.rC' -. ff., if -4-..,gI",f...L?."y 4' 1","' fm" f. mt' '- ',f 'J N"-'-',"" -, Aff ' fd J n , . , I .,, :':'f":.' .-.'1J Ziff'-J "' fr. ' g D Q: Y J!-,T--w 5- -3-I f' ,L , .r A 1 -U , ylqz- ,..,.- - 1111, .I .I W x v QP Q., A 1,-',. ..-'f, . . ,' ", 1 K . I . 4,2 KZ., Q1"'.f,.f: -I-',""..'lQ 1. 'iff . vfiu-, .-s.,:'.4,n,,,Q-,,5.-.1-34,-' " ..f, 3,-Z A 'Q-,,E"PT"f7' "'-4 ""'f1?5?,i'kf..'f"'f' '1-'Graaf - ' - 0- " ' xy . I -v-f" - f'."1"4..i"" v-I--V ,- . ' ,.r!"4-,A:":!'??::r- 3"r-j,:f,tQ'li-if-ws wT E.!g,g' I E 2 i H ! IE s i a Q Our School Men who wear the Gold and White Men whe hear the call fo fight. Bcrtiisw new ict school cm-iii right. ,2j""3m ,r.f,,! 4 Y' - 146. W new ':,, L, mb N. ...1 W. 1.93. Em- 3?.,ai,fs.aff3 :mf 3f.5.,sa2:?5 Ever to the end of days. On to Victory! 'n Memoriam FACULTY Mr. Thayer D. HalL member of ihe iaculiy for 28 years. Maier James F. Beaver. P.M.S. and T. STUDENTS Sheila Drummond and the following boys who gave their lives in Korea. We have tried io mcxke this lisi completeg we sincerely regret the omission of any name. Sam Brown Robert Finnegan Earl Montaque Lester Sowell BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK I Adminisirafion . . eighf Il Classes . . fwenfy-fwo Ill Sporis . . eighfy-six IV Aciivifies . . one hundred fwelve V Organizai-ions . . one fwenfy-eighf edicaiion . . . TO THE FACULTY OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL pp lt is largely due to your untiring efforts in our behalf that we can face an uncertain future with courage. Drawing upon your wealth of experience and your power to inspire, you have given generously of yourselves that we might gain a foothold in the realm of learning. The knowledge derived in our daily contact is the more valuable because of the friendliness with which is was im- parted. You have been fair and patient and rich in understanding, overlooking our faults and encouraging our aspira- tions. With sincere gratitude for your loyalty to us and your devotion to teach- ing, this issue of the ACORN is dedi- cated to you, the faculty. Foreword WE. THE STAFF OF THE 'I951 ACORN. have endeavored not only to capture the spirit and life of Alameda High, but also to set down an imperishable re- minder of our four school years. That this book might be as complete as possible, We have included some of the yells and songs, the faculty and dance committee pictures, along with the other materials which are all a vital part of our school life. We have not only tried hardy but, We hope, succeeded in presenting to you, the students, a color- ful and complete "scrapbook" of one high school year. Administratian... Q aoAnn OF EnucATloN Q MR. BRYAN'S MESSAGE Q oun FACULTY Q s'ruoENT GQVERNMENT 1' - .' . ' I '-, .fn - 'QM' - -, fu .'.. . ,-., ,xffh -- -H ..... r, J-,, -., f. . --4, , -4.-M, --. P- '- -- - .I ,:,:,,::-.41-, ,,,.- W h..41f "'-L, -.Q f,-- - . -' f. - --.-4,,,g,,g 4 .- ,,-:fx y".. . . '- - -H-,4 1,-,Lt - X '-L: . l 1 . A lib-'Lb' V iF'--Q! ' eg AL, ,g 1 rr- v-15, Y 'v..,,' 4 A '-..,. -' 1 .. .- hs. . 1 A ' u ' " . . . X f f , f , w - I - :im 'f 1 1' ' P4 ' Z I I A , , .I .' 'gi '-5 '.' ,"- .f f "' , 4 am- 1" V, 1- - , y '. f' -4' -,.-f -'Q-.-f,.-: - - ffg f . 4 4 --, '-, ' r ,113 U . 1 1? Bn J',' -. ,,, ,"f ---,A-. ., -.1 ,z-.-. . ','1f-'. , 4 ' ," '..' .', "-'. ' -. . ,'.'q --,J .fA".-C- .---fiffgf Q 1- .,', -J .- igj-f..' --W: 'g ..'--,ff-,:., -6.-vj,,':,-jf. . A .I --, -Lv - ,.,- -,-,wg-' .-1--. I. -1 Ciwsfg 5141"-4 ,gvf -.J , --- .,, U - ., gl, I-, ': L,,,,.- i. ...I A4 1' F. ' . 4 "Z, .' , . ' .-. , ,", '. -'-. - 4' if 'lv L., .,-'f -, H -,",-A--,,.f . , ,-,,,'f', ,uf-n 1LCl?, -L, , '-, -' ,-, ,". ' "M 1f,'-' ' '-,,,--,1'.- ffl" i Q. fA.'- VJ-,E 4 -Q.. , . J AJ: ,. , 4 -,I ,f f - ', 13 . -,L .,, -.-.,r ,,-4-.ry-f, 7,-4' rl lb, u,. , , ' .A ., ,. V, ,. Av , P ,, jv--. nf-p,nx .- , -- . , -4 -.- ' 4 - - , -- ,,J ,- A -Q 'Tjfff f"lff"'f, . TY'.,'--',' , 5-Q." , 'A ' ffff 1 9"-Q,,,.,g,:,,'-fffgl' '.' ' 'V-"'Tf "--7, ' f- ,' ,'- Q' -, 'SIA' ' '-,' ' lf' f"',"'-'- "-,,,f','f' fk, KT --,'r 'V . -, ' -. '.- f -, f ', ' 1,"-- , 'f,,f-'gn ,-", ,,,r' x , 0.jr:.'T-',, , - ., ,T ' 'f "- ,ju , 'fin 1-'gg-3-1"',w '-.ig 'zgi' I W, A,..,.f'- , L - , - . , 3- -i ,. ,E 1.1-',.. , fyfif . ,f H, , wr, , ,. fx. A ,L ., ' D- ,7.--,. .f .,., ,- ff.. vw-. .. -A - rr.. I .f,. - -. .-, --.. .f,.,,"- ,J ,l,V, ,1'1'."f5:'4L."-1' - 1 ," . - - - --T? - -Svc!-x ' - ' T ' x ' ,7"ff,4t."-- '. -, - 'T' . ' , Q ,'-,. ,' Lip,-..,,'--.' .' . -,,' 7414 r--'71,-"r,'f'f-iQ' ' 7- - ' . TM." 4'-"7..4:-3x T' .L-C. ' tj.-H: ....,'.', i L '-1 . - ',- ' v fly, .1 ,.Lf.- - ' .' 1 1 ,f rf...--,gf fx, -- --1 ,K ,,, , ,, :, , , e . - WY- 14, ,,-.L ,,- .- , A .f , Q , ,U ..-5.1-Q'-,,. X X .x - X. . gd , A. ,' '- , . , . 1- .4 --- , L- A XXX v Q , fm -Mr, .b r, N ,F , . .W .J ,lu-1 , 4 ,ll 6 ' .f - -- '- - ' f- "--V, -' - -. '7 445 'f..-7" - '- '. -A . 1 f,,'- - 1, ,q - ,ff .,nz , 14-,.. - -.,, -. . .L ,. 7' q I"-- ff' -' '- " Z , 'f-- fr. ' - . ',- -,f ',"- 1 ' ' 'l - V' V ,,.- 1. : "-' - ' . 4 L..g-... 1 1 4' -.T. -5-"'.-.f, Q -. .. -... ' . ' if , ,Q f..- V - , . f -1-- ' f-,I .,'-,J ' r -..,:L,' r' I' ' -' --L,, - ' A -Y, f F 5. ,f,,,,.,, x -!.r?7, D - .,, -' ..- i. 4 1 A .Intl-,,,A.-. 4 'a ,U -4. , . ' V, 1 K -'inf - .-" 4 -.,,"- ..... ,1-v, -4 .42 . I 4, i ,I -, 1,--4 , I Y 'Z '41-'f.7!E-,Ez .4 ri., 'ez ,- -u I rf' ,A'v I 4 fiarv I- , 4,1-.A - , ' 1 f' . 1 ,- g " . -s- J . 1.1, 41" :A - - , ..', ,' Q, ,-lf"-:Eff-A...'s7f dai,"-,f V- - L- -'.H'. 5, ,,' --1' ,-'-',f."j- 1"""' -4 "4,.1f'.,, 1 -..- V-515 , -. ".-f'! .f,:-- - f, . -f f ff - -:f4I7ffCf" ' L -' A ' -' . " -A--'fls - Q-N.-,'z,,,f4..- ,' ,f '-. -,,,'- '- , -' - ,gf , a .,. '- ' -' f- "' -, . - . ', 1' .' -4.411 f. - 'f - ' - ' ' '-I ' ' - -.5 1- "fl:-f,".f', "pf" , -. ',' - -- W ,.', " '., vii' -' 24 P- 4 ,- ' ..' .41- -1 'A-,.' v ..- '5 , -- - A A ' , ' . Ur ' ,w ff., ' f"," . - '-' " '- " . ' .""-' -aff. ,f -. -.ff , .4 VIH b L ' 'U-,ii , .-v - - .,Y. v . --,J I. M 1 Nj'-.,.' -" - , I--' V-1 "' . ,,,' Q 3-r.',.f.,1zL - '- . - , 1, . A ,-, -. , V - 1:r.1- in -A 0 -L: rw '--.- f. -..- - f ' . '- . 9 . 'L-."',.1. -nr -. 4--.ff--ft--' '-,gf+- Q- ' '- ' asf'-Eff .4-. -, b , -,-,. f. -.,fJ-.- -. , , --,' f,-. .-j.- -, I.: ,f,P Wy Ax D -L-- ,, ,. ,H .4217 1 I Z. , , .K . - K 1 I if Y -, 1,J,Y-rch, R . , -, 1 ., ,R . l 1. , , - ,. ,, . f 'xx 1 2,4-, . ff . ,,,- ' -- .'1??'J ' A---. A-ff ,.l', w.. 1 , 'il , 1, . A -1 K-L J M , .,,v A-4-,f. ,,., .,. f,-,,0-, .A ff f, .1 3 xx: , I, 4.4 1,1 , ',,. , h -, A , , L ...I ,..,-l r'-4-vJF- gh- -,,-V :-Ar,v,flx Z-,ul 'X V -'jf . Jr i I 5, , f ,- v--.- Q1 p:.',Q1 ..,'- ' 1 f ' , ,. 'fb ,,rlx Af lr 11, -4 , -.,, , Y Q' , K .-,XI 5 - I4 - 731 - uri 4-"v., ' - f . 'I . '44 I 7-K ,gf 4-,,r- Nr... ww :,,,' .. ' , f H., .1 .,,. 1 ' 1 ,.-Q gc.:-' ,afar aaa" "v f , - ff- --g4:'-z- '-'mf--'f' X K' ' .- 'f ,r ef-:V-f",, A '-5: '-:r"1' f'f 'Q-"NJ ,4 f-.vm f-, V. '1 -,Y . .., Y -f.,.,,p ,.-'. - -, . mv-- 'ZI ' " ,7"'.-5 J' G, 45.7.1 Q .,. 4 ' ,H-2' ' 4' " .-,"f..:-'r"'? 1' -1 -Y-'f-.rn ,QA 1 Board of Educafion DR. WILLIAM G. PADEN Superintendent of Schools OUR BUILDING PROGRAM ln June, 1948, due to the tremendous increase in school population, it became necessary for the Board of Education to call f b d 1 ' ' ' high school. or a on e ection ol 32,840,000 for the purpose of building four elementary schools and a A two-story concrete building of eight classrooms and an additional one-story wing consisting of two classroom d s, a epartment for industrial arts and homemaking, and a multi-use room, were added to the Long- fellow School. This construction has been completed and is now occupied by intermediate school grades. A live-acre site was purchased at the corner of 3rd and Brush Streets. The completed 22-room Woodstock School now occupies this site. Woodstock School, of most modern design, was named for one of the three original villages situated on the island of Alameda. At the corner of San .lose Avenue and Paru Street, a beautiful new two-story concrete building of nine classrooms, multi-use room and kindergarten, has taken the place ol the old Franklin School. lt is now occu- pied and was dedicated on April 23 during the Public Schools' Week program. Frank Otis School, located at the corner of Court and Fillmore streets is a primar s ho l 1' f' , y c o o ive rooms and kindergarten. This is now in the process of construction and will be ready tor occupancy in September, 1951. The first unit of the new Encinal 1-ligh School, costing approximately one million dollars, is now in the process of erection. lt is located on a 24-acre site between 3rd and 4th streets, south of Central Avenue. lt will be completed and ready for occupancy the tall term ot 1952. Due to the proposed additional housing to be erected by the Congress Construction Company in the west end and the Johnson, Drake 6- Piper Company on Bay Farm Island, the Board is already making plans for the erection of two and possibly three additional elemSntGfY SCl1COlS- Seated: Dr. Donald D. Lum, President. Standing tleit to riqhtl: Mr Marvin Roseiield, Mr. A. Huh- bard Moliitt, Jr.. Mr. Walter V. Howe, Mr. Harry Pennell. ,K 10 . M. BRYAN MR. J Principal ' essage M r. B r y a n s Several students have recently discussed with me the question of whether to remain in school until graduation or to enlist in some branch of the service. I would urge you all, boys and girls alike, to remain in school until you graduate. High school graduation today is considered essential in order to enter any of the numerous civil service positions that are open in cities, counties, states, and in the Federal government. Private business concerns are now filling all ot their important positions with high school or college graduates. The leaders in all branches of the armed services are asking students to remain in high school until graduation. Only high school graduates are allowed to go to higher institu- tions oi learning. Graduation from high school usually means that the graduate has assumed responsibility for acquiring certain skills and knowledges that will aid him in his work and in his contact with others. It means, too, that he has accepted responsi- bility for self-control, self-direction, and for self-discipline. It is important for your own self-esteem to finish that which you have started, so once again I urge you to complete your high school education. To Miss Wilson and Miss Shockey, faculty advisors, to Bill Dowd, editor, Bobby Cooper, assistant editor, Carole Rath, art editor, Mike Prenter, business manager, and to the entire Acorn staff, l extend my thanks and appreciation for the difficult task of producing the 1951 Acorn. 1 I handling 0ur Faculfy MR. DONALD J. BELL Vice-Principal MRS. HELEN I-IOEKSEMA Assistant to the Principal in charge of Instruction MR. EARL W. SHRIBER Assistant to the Principal in charge of Attendance and Guidance MISS E. LOUISE JOLLY MRS. CHARLOTTE HOWELL MR. CHESTER MILLETT MISS FRANCES N. SHOCKEY Counselors MRS. VIRGINIA WARE Psychometrlst Absent from picture: Mr. Lawrence Koehler. Job Placement. Counselor. 12 The faculty of any school is in reality the backbone oi the school, and we at Alameda High are fortunate enough to have what is possibly one of the strongest backbones in the state. Our faculty, headed by Principal J. M. Bryan and his assistants, Mr. Donald Bell, Mrs. Helen Hoeksema, and Mr. Earl Shriber, is one of the most helpful and understand- inq faculties any student could ever hope or wish for. Foreign Language Department Seated: Miss Isabel Venard, Spanish: Mrs. Margery Weisenborn, Spanish: Mrs. Frances Lee. French and Spanish. Standing: Mrs. l.eNore Marker, Latin: Mrs. Alice Dari- son, French. Absent from picture: Mrs. Marla Toys. Spanish. Art, Music, and Drama Departments Seated: Mr. Carlton Hanson, Orchestra: Mrs. Sue Starck, Choir and Glee: Miss Edna Reichrnuth. Art, Commercial Art, Stagecratt: Mr. Lloyd Slsler, Drama and English. Standing: Miss Marian Los Kamp, Drama and English: Mr. Ed Lee, Band: Mrs. Dorothy Layton, Art, Pottery and Leather. English Department Seated: Mrs. Elizabeth Hemrich, Librarian: Dr. Joseph Rediger, Chairman ot the Department: Mrs. Joyce King, Mrs. Helen Patten. Standing: Mr. Ernest Coppo, Mrs. Maiel Domnick, Mrs. Courtney Smith, Mr. Franklin Cummings, Miss Jean Wilson, Mr. Arthur Moore. Absent from picture: Mrs. Alma Pavid, Mr. Leonard Hancock. Science Department Seated: Mrs. Bea Ryan, Chemistry: Mr. Darrell Cough- lan, Chairman ot Department, Chemistry: Mrs. Emily Coke, Biology and Science lA: Miss Frances Payne, Biology. Standing: Mr. Fred Goldman, Physics: Mr. Lawrence Koehler, Science IA: Mr. Harold Wendlandt, Biology: Mr. James A. Hull, Biology and Science: Mr. Eric Yeoman, Physiology. History Department Seated: Miss Grace Powers, U. S. History, California History, European History: Dr. Paul Vignels, U. S. History: Miss Florence Barth, U. S. History: Miss Frances Shockey, World History, Social Studies IA. Counselor. Standing: Dr. John Peoples, U. S. History, World His- tory: Mr. Robert Pape, Social Studies IA, World His- tory: Mrs. Charlotte Howell, Senior Problems. Coun- selor: Mr. Chester Millett, Senior Problems, Counselor: Miss Mary Connelly, Chairman of Department, U. S. History, Social Problems. Absent from picture: Miss Mildred Hook, U. S. History, World History. Commercial Department Seated: Mrs. Margaret Rickard, Typing: Mrs. Evelyn Neale, Typing: Miss Mildred Herrick, Machine Cal: Mrs. Marcella Berry, Oitice Practice. Standing: Mr. Reuben Spaeth, Banking: Mr. Earl Fra- ley. Business English, Business Math, Accounting: Mr. Lee Jackson, Shorthand, Transcription, Student Accounts. Absent trom picture: Mrs. Elsie Roemer, Typing, Short- hand: Mrs. Sara Patty, Shorthand: Mr. Einar Soren- sen, Accounting. Mathematics Department Seated: Mr. Edward Boughton: Mrs. Dorothy l.eHew, Chairman of Department: Mr. Jack Hallock, Miss E. Louise Jolly. Standing: Mr. Einar Sorensen, Miss Ruth Hays, Mrs. Lucye Pitman, Mr. James Young, Mrs. Beatrice Ander- son, Miss Annabelle Wann. Shop. Industrial Arts and Mechanical Drawing Seated: Mr. Charles Birkholm, Machine Shop, Mr. Ed- mund Kirby-Smith, Mechanical Drawing: Mr. Gordon Watt, Wood Shop: Mr. Edward McMullin, Auto Shop. Standing: Mr. Charles Bromley, Director, Vocational Education: Mr. Chris Freeman, General Shop: Mr. Charles Scott, Industrial Arts: Mr. John Williamson, Radio Shop: Mr. Lloyd Hopkins, Industrial Arts, Su- pervisor ot Elementary School Shop: Mr. Reginald Saunders, Mechanical Drawing. Absent from picture: Mr. Ray Stowell, Industrial Arts. Home Economics Department -flrs, Rita Thompson, Foods, Hcmemalcing: Miss Hazel lennett, Clothing: Mrs. Louise Thom, Clothing: Mrs. 'atricia Goodale, Clothing, Foods. Xbsent from picture: Mrs. Carol Heche, Boys' Cooking. Physical Education Departments and Nurses Seated: Mrs. Helen Van Orden, Nurse: Mr. Charles Socolofsky, Miss Lucille diVecchio, Mrs. Myrtle Mc- Kenna, Chairman, Girls' P.E. Standing: Mr. George Cadwell, Mrs. Darlene Lee, Mr. Henry Jones, Miss Lois Dusenberry, Mrs. Anne Smith, Nurse, Mrs. Ruth Hawkins. Mr. Lewis Jolley, Chair- man, Boys' P.E. Continuation High School Mr. Charles Scott, Industrial Arts: Mr. Einar Sorensen. Commercial: Mrs. Josephine Van Oqtrop. Typing, Of- fice Practice: Miss Leota Schroeder, Coordinator. English: Mr. Ray Shafer, Principal, Director of Job Placement. Office Staff Seated: Mrs. Helen Aristen, Bookroom: Mrs. Esther McClara, Bank: Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, Principal's Of- tice, Mrs. Inez Gingrich, Attendance Office. Standing: Miss Nancy Granville, Attendance Ottice: Miss Virginia Bartalini, Principal's Office: Mrs. Alma Wales, Vocational Shop Office: Mrs. Aurelia Stan- hope, Attendance Office. ' 1417 15 Sfudenf Body f9"R aFall 7 BILL LOSEE Recording Secretary PORTER DAVIS Financial Secretary MARILYN BENNETT Yell Leader 1950 TED CRAIG JOAN MacWILLlAMS President Vice-President ff The student body ot Alameda High was once again favored with assemblies which were both entertaining and edu- cational. Ted Craig did an excellent job in the capacity of President, and attrac- tive .loan MacWilliams more than adequately performed her duties as Vice-President. The rest of the cabinet also did superb jobs. Recording Secre- tary Bill Losee kept perfect minutes: Financial Secretary Porter Davis secured 100 per cent student body dues in record time, and yell leader Marilyn Bennett kept the school's spirit above par. Officers . . . Spring 1951 L BILL LOSEE CAROLE BATH President Vice-President 2 Amiable Bill Losee was rewarded for his conscientious job as recording secre- tary by being chosen President of the student body for the spring term. Presi- dent Losee's cabinet consisted of popu- lar Carole Hath, vice-presidentg Les Brown, recording secretaryp Lee Swee' ney, financial secretary, and Dan Gluck, yell leader. Each of the officers per- formed his duties well and set a high standard for his successor to attempt to emulate. The school has every right to be proud of the student administra- tion of the spring of 1951. 17 'V' LES BROWN Recording Secretary LEE SWEENEY Financial Secretary DAN GLUCK Yell Loader 'KU mt Seated. left to right: Mr. Bell, Miss Reichmuth. Mr. Bryan. Mx. Cummings. Mr. Moore. Miss Los Kamp. Porter Davis. Standing. left to riqht: Tom Lewis. Akira Togasalri, Joan Macwilliams, Bill Losee. Susan Lum. Les Brown. Herb Tumer. Sfudenf-Faculfy CommiHee The students thot moke up the Student-Foculty Committee are the tive Student Body officers, President of the Girls' Association, Chief Counselors of the Men's and Womens Boards ot Control, a delegate at large, President ot G.A.A., and the Presidents ot the Men's and Women's Block "A" Societies. The Committee also has six faculty members. One ot the chief purposes of this committee is to help obtain entertainment for our student meetings and also to report the reactions of the students to these meetings. This committee has proved itselt time and time again and will continue to as each new student administration depends more upon it. Seated. left to right: Betty Bayley. Miss Los Kamp. Gloria Zishka. Mr. Cummings. Bill Losee. Mr. Bell. Carole Rath, Les Brown. Mr. Moore. Dick Furino. Standing. left to right: Miss Reichmuth. Dan Gluck. Bill Dowd. Lee Sweeney. Mr. Bryan. 18 First Row: Leslie Marriott, Porter Davis. Marilyn Bennett, Lee Sweeney, Tom Lewis. PAM ORMSBEE, Vice-Speaker Pam On-nsbee, Sally Decker, George Catambay, JoAnn Rokusek, Margaret Multz. TOM LEWIS' speaker Back Row: Beverly Tollelson, Bill Dowd, Bob Lahmann, Margo Forquer, Shirley DeHaven, Bev Vernon, Mike Danielson, Larry Tavernier, Clarine Gnutzmann. Bill Losee. Carole Rath. Adminisfrafive Board Twenty-two members of the student body compose Alameda l-ligh's Ad Board. These students, a boy and a girl from each class, and six students elected by the student body each term, decide the amount of money to be alloted to each school activity, they vote the disbursement ot all student body funds. The Ad Board has had an exceedingly successful year. Each of the three dances, two opening dances and the "Last Roundup," which it sponsored, was an outstanding social event. This term, as in the past, a committee was appointed tor securing a new table top to replace the old stained one in the Student Council room. . 'f SRX f , I K First Row: Carole Rath. Dan Gluck, Lee Sweeney, Ted Maxwell, JoAnn Rokuselz, JOANN ROKUSEK. Vice-Speaker Les Brown, Clarine Gnutzmann. Bill Losee. -1-ED MAXWELL' speaker Back Row: Fred Davis, Bev Tollelson. Larry Spaulding, Tom Reiser, Larry Tavernier, Don MacGinnis, Herb Turner. Nick Romanolf, Warren Arnold. 19 .NEW t , .. :IK .vi th 4 SUSAN LUM-Chief Counselor ROW I: P. Ormsbee. C. Shcdle. S. Lum, J. Van Lundinqham. G. Zishkcx. ROW II: K. Sakurai. B. Burtclini, E. Simpson. J. Rokusek, E. Orla. C. Hollywood, H. Zuchmun, J. Kennedy. ROW III: C. Cravens. I.. Harrison, P. Romuine. S. Stafford. C. Gnutzmcnn, B. Bothwell. M. Heinbockel. M. Kelly. D. Ebert. Women's Board of Control The Women's Board ot Control is composed ot 24 qirls. Ten ot these are se- lected by the Ad Board, tour Seniors by the President and Vice-President oi the Associated Students, tour Juniors by their class advisors, and a committee, com- posed of the Principal, Assistant to the Principal, Chief Counselor of the Board ot Control and President of Girls' Association, selects six. The duties ot both the Mens and Women's Boards ot Control are to preserve order at all student tunctions such as qarnes, meetings, dances, and all other activities ot the Associated Students. GLORIA ZISHKA Row I: M. E. Lewis. M. J. Decker. B. Bcntalini. N. Ccvnar, G. Zishkcr. C. Hollywood. M. Roth. Chiei Counselor Row II: B. Vernon, S. Wong, B. Williams, J. Kennedy. B. Bothwell. K. Foley. W. Terry. J. Smith Row Ill: N. Cerini, J. Crocket, H. Epperson. B. O'Hcxre, C. Cravens, M. Heinbockel, E. Simpson 20 Row I: N. Homanotf. I.. Spaulding. L. Pauline. A. Togasuki. M. O'Reilly, AKIRA TOGASAKI R. Derbyshire. R. Plomqren. Chief Counselor Row ll: G. Catambay, E. Bowen. D. Furino. C. Turner. F. E. Gladden. Men's Board of Confrol A committee composed ot the Principal, Vice Principal, President of the Stu' dent Body, Speaker of the Ad Board and Chief Counselor of the Men's Board ot Control, has full power to appoint all 24 members oi the Board. At least 10 ot these must be members of the Men's Block On both Boards there are seven low seniors, seven hiqh seniors, five hiqh juniors, and tive low juniors. Each qroup also has the power to sit in judgment upon all cases oi miscon- duct, and ii a student is found guilty it may determine what penalty or punish- ment is to be administered. Row I: A. Froerer. J. Barber. H. Turner. A. Bustamante. DICK FURINO Row Il: H. Romanowitz. L. Spaulding, W. Arnold. D. Furino. G. Del-Iaven. Chief Counselor R. Plomqren. S. Lenci. D. Stevens. Row III: D. Madison. P. Trento. B. Freeman. R. Derbyshire, R. Stanley. J. Hamilton. F. E. Gludden. L. Kinney. 21 Classes... Q sENloRs 4B Q THOSE wl-loM we HONOR Q ssmons 4A Q Jumons Q soPHoMonEs Q FRESHMEN 1' 'fviif-J-of ' Af' 7' "-.,A- -Q", ln- Jfgikffp, .-'gi - f '..,:g. 1 - - 'i' ,..,"' " .- -...4 J, ...- - - -. ..,,, .... Q L. F-.1 ' -' L----any . -1 , ' l .V '.,' . 1. - , T555 ' ' ,gig , "'-f,.C:'4-,.-'f. A 1:- . -f P I wifi' - -- ,. --44" 27-Zff' 1 -' -11 Q.. r ..,4, - .L'..Z"T::-," - ...,,'Li,. ,QL . nf? ' , ., I 1 IJ? . , , J ,,.f,4 - .9f.L"-., , Y-, . f., v? . J I I f ' ' A-s 0 1 X ,f 9 1 " Q f f . .- , " , 09 A x 'j,7'+' ' ' 0 A -.4 - 5 L W J , Ja xx , .,'. f , 1 r L f X Q. . " I X r - 'f ' .- ' f J 1- , 1 . , ,- f' f 1 1 XX '1 ., X 1 x ,- X 'rg , ' 5, f-, I ,.f ' ' ' I , A. "' - Q -5:4 K .- f f . - X, . . ' L I A ,-,sv-.r I f A Aw -Q -mera-,,-:f' M . ', " Q' . I r 1 f , 1 I . U 9 N 49 I ,X A 9 I ? rim! I ' O. ry AX , . . 0 I -r "NX an h ' l " I , 7' EU. j,, ' , X , 0 Y Xmpk ' J 5355 V lx '! , .sfs .... b. J X '- . - . ..-4.-, -..f I , V-...n-.'..-..,. I 5. fxzijr -5. .I f '-4 TT- -Eg..-'gli --,."f,:-up ,- ff. . f iff? "'4..-QT, ?,.':',142 f.-,na - ...I -..S ' . r. ' Lf.. 4 "fl-4, ""':7l1,.. '41 A. - A -- ..,. - f'- ," - ' Z--'--' - -.-' '--."-'-- 2' .1 , Jr ff'-.f --, , . .,..' -... ,L-- ',.- 1.4.-.,! - A, -H ff, ,"f', -- . ."' 4 ,-A . .4 ..., P., f-AJCJ' - zz., -' . . 5 ., V . .-,' V. ' ,,---, A--1, --.fy 0-,:f. ff fr, - . A- -, - ' ' f,..., ,., . 4-' .I ' 41, - -. .',' ,V --- -,-,V - I , - .-1 - .A:. af --A .A -- .r.... avfd-v - -L f' , "' "'- , 1--l.."5. -,, "'-5123: ' 7 . ' 1 ' ' --. .- . , --' '--,'-'-..'v ""Q',,C,- ,, , . , , . N, . . 1 1 .,-,f.fff. 4 -A I - -- An- . Jai .,v H: l-.:,:a,.A-J, .- -, .-.f F ,. if ,. I - J.- f ..-AL - - ,,,A 1 -u 4,0 ,V ,ff-7" .- 0 , ' '-.." ',.,..-' , ' --wg, 21,-', '- 1. ' ..: . .fra - ff-, i - ' - ..o' -' ,' , , ' 1' .'.'f'b- -,fltgyg-. 'I' I . . , ,Z , 0 , . 5.31. Q' '0'. f w i 5 -, . ,-g 0 - ' ' s If Q4 -, -': ft. l ,. , l I . ' ,T--. 9 J Y--iblcf. 1 -1-.- '-, -- , . 3 - ' V gg' . ff-gf 741 " ,A Af -.L, f .- I .1 " , , ' Q .' -1 "1 "f - ' ' ' .-- .5 ' , ', -1-" - -5 ., ,. Y . wh ,-,F--. -' - - P -'V' - , lj.: , - Q ' 'r ,I - - ,- , 1 : . ,. LPXQS. - A -X-. , . - . '- r..f'.v.13Mv' '--3 ,-- - -.. -,, N 'J .,.. gif- - - - . .- - . , .f.. fp- f , , fi, V '- s V ,.. r ,.,, 1 L, Q, ,,,- , ' - V. , Q ' fl 'jx , "',,.c1'-, 'A - qx ,f ,.. , N -. ' -'. XX, 1. .f.- - , ,- f g ' 1, . ' A ' - I ' , X f.'.'Z X ' .J f sr.. -, " - A . J,-.'xN V .'X , - .A '... . I ' I4 7' .'f'+.' - " X -Q ' jf-I-2 if 4- 1 '. . ,4 xx 9 I f- --,-43 - --,, 1 -1 - - ,. . ' -. - 4 1, ,- '. ',,j - --'- V A ... ..- , Y' " 3 2. . C ' - - 'IZ , , f ' - , . - - ff -' ' . '1,. L- f: '. ..s..4 4,- P .E -ZZ' . , . '1..- E s b ji rdf' -1 :,:,r, I' .Qs '7"v"', " NX " - ffm - -..' ' ' - , ' -' 3- "' ' ' """'.:. Q 1- 12+ " "' - . -1g'f-f-L, , -I ,,,.-, px ,- I, A--h -U V, . ' . ,-- y. af. .--f.--,-.- v . - -. . -. -- 7 -- Q- ' - -'1....' - - -Q -. ' -Q A ' .. "c..11'-" ff, ig f' if Viv 1- , 'win . P '-1' -.',--'11-' 5 ' LI' W - "P ' 'f ,v "-. , .-, .-'--1 T- . ' ' 1 ' -1."I" "- "' QQ ,,-.,,"' ,.f. ,X 3, I, 1. -.L'- , 3. , -"-.:-1A,'-f, ,X .,.-s -,--, .xx ,.. QI., , - . A-, , . '- . -. - - ,' tx 4 ' - -..,- ',-- ' . .f.4,'y .- dh, H, 1. --- . .j..,,5f,f, ,. -4 - ., 5 ,,.- .A-, ... Qu .A I - X -I ,lr ... ,.,,,, ., I .- N, , .f -.1 .- .. M ,rv -. - 1- f.. , ,. . 'f -f 'vy- .+.f 'I V, ".g. .',1,,f,fLfr4,g '1.,,,'--,...,. A ..'.,".Q-,,',,'f'15,,,:,- XV. - T -. -- gg A p Z4 N:--.AI .- . - .-.., ..,., .IAQI , IQ -r .41 -:V X' ax'!c.- ' Qfdflf, -CLA 1 ,V .-' f- 'A-H"" At., 1-Q5 . xgx qs. .. .1--:'.r, !40'JLV5-f,f',.--, ,i f .' - ,,, V ,. I -.rv V., 'Y x- ,,-I., If-7,-,-,'1.,,.,!-AL'9, - . , -41,3 -vig, . V ,if yo r'-Q- Inf. 4, ,.,?, ,WI z, V.--.., J,, ,, ,fry -Map' .,. 1 "",f ' 4: ,-gf'-, ...A.--,,. .pf X :l'3l:7..," p.."".,u... .1 1' p. L'3?4v...,,.,.- , V ' . ' "' "4 vw- ' -' ,- iz-- .' ' "f'3:.,:'.gu'fH-4 .f ,. .4, I' .V I "f"l""f-A't'fo' f2f':"z"'-17. J' +7-v pn., 'Y 1f'::4:7? ' Officers . . . Class Fall 1950 DAVE LOK RAMONA BARNES HAROLD ROMANOWITZ Recording Secretary PAT WILSON Financial Secretary DUKE KAHN Yell Leader President Vice-President 24 During the fall term, the high senior class held two class meetings. The meetings were very successful, because they were both interesting and entertaining. "Heaven Can Wait," a humorous play, was given as the class' senior play. The class of June, 1951, also added money to its treasury by having a noon movie. As the semester drew to an end, the members of the now 4B class were awaiting with great anxiety such senior activities as the senior ball, picnic, banquets and meeting. of June '51 Spring I9 Sl The graduating class of June, 1951, has completed tour highly successful years of high school. lt is now looking forward to taking its rightful place in the "outside world" with an odd mixture of feelings: CD happiness, because they have completed their high school educationg CZ? sadness, because they are leaving many friends, both students and teachers, and C39 determi- nation, because they want to, and expect to, be successful in the career they individ- ually choose. BILL DOWD MARILYN BENNETT President Vice-President Z5 KIRBY HOLMES Recording Secretary ERN IE GIUSSO Financial Secretary TED MAXWELL and DAVE LOK Yell Leaders 4A, 4B Advisors Miss Frances Shockey Mrs. Dorothy Layton Mrs. Ruth Hawkins Mr. J ack Hallock Mrs. Sara Patty Miss Mildred Herrick Mr. George Cadwell Mrs. Helen Patten ,Z YV' xy 252 X 5 14' gi , Mr. John Williamson Mrs. Charlotte Howell Mrs. I.eNore Marker Mrs. Joyce King Mr. Reginald Saunders Miss Marian Los Kamp Mrs. Mariel Domnick Dr. Joseph Hediqer Mrs. Alice H. Darison Seniors - - 4B JEAN ADAM Mrs. Howel1's Advisory, Senior Play Cast, V.-Pres. G.A.A., Fin. Sec. C-.A.A., Ft.O.T.C. Sponsor, Soph Hop and Jr. Prom Comm., Rec. Sec. Girls' Block BETTIE ADONIS Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Pub. Mqr. G.A.A., Block Senior Play, OAK LEAF, Star and Key, Xmas Pageant Costumes. JOANN ALEXANDER Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Adv. Oi- iicer, Star and Key. FRED AXTELI. Mr. Saunders' Advisory. HAMON A BARNES Mrs. Howell's Advisory, V.-Pres. 4A Class, Co.-Mgr. Senior Ball, Co-Editor OAK LEAF, Chairman Decorations Soph. Hop, Operetta, Ji. Prom Publicity. '9"N FRANCES ADAMS Mrs. Howell's Advisory, lA Adv, Pres., IB, ZA Adv. Represen- tative, French Club, Costumt Comm. Xmas Paqetint. BETTY ALBERT Mrs. Howells Advisory, G.A. En- tertainment, Adv. Pres., Jr, Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm., C.S.F., Star and Key. DORIE AMPAC Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Star and Key, Rec. Sec. Tri-Iota, Span. Club, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Oiiie Cer, Photo Club. BILL BARNCASTLE Mr. Mi1lett's Advisory, Mgr. Stu- dent Talent '-49, Pub. Comm. Sen- ior Play, Pub. Mqr. Varsity Basel ball '48, Music Comm. Soph. Hop, Senior Jacket Comm., Jr. Jacket Comm. MELVIN BARROS Mr. Millet's Advisory, R.O.T.C., Aud. Staff, "B" Baseball, "J.V." Baseball, Radio Club. BEVERLY BARTALINI Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Board of Control, Prop. Comm. Sr. Play, Girls' Sports Ed. ACORN, Girls' Block G.A.A., Life Member Star and Key. .I EAN NE BEATY Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Spanish Club, Soph. Hop Comm., Ir. Prom Comm., Senior Play Comm., Adv. Officer. EVELYN BELL Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Yell Leader IA Class, Red Cross Rep., G.A.A., Masque and Sandal, Photo. Club. DWAYNE BERG Mr. Millett's Advisory, Xmas Pag- eant, Choir. DELORES BOLDT Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Xmas Paqeant '50, Adv. Oil., Girls' Glee '50, '5l. AGNES BRATTON Mrs. Howell's Advisory, C.S.F. BETTY BAYLEY Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Pres. and Fin. Sec. G.A.A., Student Faculty, "Heaven Can Wait," Life Member Star and Key, Sr. Sweater Comm., Girls' Block BEVERLY BEKKER Mrs. Howell's Advisory, G.A. Entertainment, Soph. Hop Bid Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Star and Key, C.S.F. MARILYN BENNETT Mrs. Howell's Advisory, Yell Leader, A.S.A.H.S., Sonq Leader, G.A., Assistant Yell Leader oi A.S.A.l-LS., Ad. Bd., Fin. Sec. of lB Class, Sr. Play. MARGARET BERRY Mrs. Marker's Advisory. DALE BORNGRABER Mr, Hallock's Advisory, German Club, Star and Key, Boys' Glee. DAN BRINKMAN Mr. Millett's Advisory, Non-Coms Club, Sword and Shield, "Heaven Can Wait," Chem. Club, French Club, Masque and Sandal. JOHN BROWN Mr, Millett's Advisory, Masque and Sandal, "J.V." Baseball, Tum- blinq Team, "J.V." Football, Non- Coms Club, Student Talent '49. PAT BRUUN Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory. VINNIE BURKE Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Adv. Of- ficer, Xmas Pageant, Masque and Sandal, Music Festival, Audito- rium Staff. BOB BUSKIRK Mr. Saunders' Advisory, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr, Prom Comm., Sr. Jacket Comm., Varsity Football, Track, Adv, Officer. VIVIAN CABRAL Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Soph. Hop Comm,, lr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Program Head, Adv. Officer, Red Cross Club, OAK LEAF' Staff. JOAN CAMPISI Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Star and Key, Jr. Prom, Soph, Hop, Cir:us Day, Audtorium Staff, Glee. LESLIE BROWN Mr. Millett's Advisory, Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., Student Pac. Comm., Ad. Board, "Heaven Can Wait,' Board of Control, Mqr. Soph. Hop. GERALD BRYAN Mr. Millett's Advisory, "B" Track, Varsity Track. JEAN BURNS Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Life Mem. C.S.F., Sr. Play Ticket and Prog. Comm., Life Mem. Star and Key. PETE BYRNE Mr. Milleit's Advisory, Transferred from Annapolis, Md., "Heaven Can Wait," Pres. Camera Club, Chess Club. PETE CALPESTRI Mr. Milletf's Advisory, Golf Team, Senior Play, Chemistry Club, Star and Key, Spanish Club. NELDA CAVNAR Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, V.-Pres. 3B Class, First Vice Counselor Board of Control, Operetia '51, "Heaven Can Wait," Star and Key, Jr. Prom and Soph. Hop Comm. N AN CERINI Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, C.S.F. Life Member, Star and Key Life Member, Co-Chairman of Program Comm., Sr. Play, Latin Club Vice Pres., Women's Board of Control. PHIL CHAPMAN Mr. Millett's Advisory, "B" Base- ball, "J.V." Baseball, Var. Base- ball, "Heaven Can Wait." RICHARD CHILDS Mr. Millett's Advisory, Sword and Shield, C.S.F., Star and Key, Fun Day, Chemistry Club, Non-Coms Club. ROBERT CLAYTON Mr. McMullin's Advisory, R.O.T.C. Band, Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Pres., Operetta. LEDA COKER Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Sr. Play Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Officer. MARY CONSUI. Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Ad Bd., Xmas Pageant, Choir, Jr. Prom Comm., Board of Control, Oper- GHG. FRED CHAMPION Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Varsity Baseball '50, '5l. DONNA CHELSON Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Red Cross, Spanish Club, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Operetta '51, Senior Play Comm. BERT CIARLO Mr. McMullin's Advisory, Varsity Baseball Mgr., Boys' Block MARY LU CLINKENBEARD Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Girls' Block "A," G.A.A., German Club, Red Cross Rep., Photoq. Club, G.A.A. Mgr. BARBARA COLE Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Decorations Comm., Jr. Prom, Sr. Play Costumes Comm., Adv. Officer Spanish Club. BOBBY COOPER Mr. Williamsorfs Advisory, Asst. Editor ACORN, Life Mem. and Pres. C.S.F., Life Member and Pres. Star and Key, Vice-Pres. Chem. Club, Spanish Club, 3B, 4A, Exec. Comm. RICHARD CULLIN S Mr. McMullin's Advisory, R.O.T.C. Lt. Colonel, Rifle Team, Audito- rium Staff, Pres. Sword and Shield, Non-Cams Cluh. PORTER DAVIS Mr. McMullin's Advisory, Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., Ad. Board '49, Pres, 3B Class, Basketball '48, '49, '50, Student Faculty Comm. '49, '50, Pres. Spanish Club. PAULINE DeGUZMAN Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Transfer from San Pedro Hiali School. RON DeVRIES Miss Sliockoy's Advisory, Sopli. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm. PHILLIP DOBBERT Mr. McMullin's Advisory, Red Cross Rep., Xmas Paqoant. BILL DOWD Mr. McMullin's Advisory, Pros. 4B Class. "Heaven Can Wait," Varsity Track, Class Pros., lA, IB, Roys' State, Ad Roard. F W J! is . , 7-1 31 -r q S4 " 'L xr, ... 2 , ' t l KW? FRED DAVIS Mr. McMullin's Advisory, "Heav- en Can Wait," Ad Bd. '51, Pres. Jr. Red Cross, OAK LEAF Staff, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Hop Comm. NORMA DUGRANO Mrs, Hawkins' Advisory, C-flee, Choir, Adv. Sec., Circus Day Ac- tivities. BETTIE DeVRIES Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Sopli. Hop Bids Comm., Jr. Prom Public- ity Comm., Jr. Red Cross, Xmas Pageant '49, Adv. Officer, Latin Club. MARVIN DICKINSON Mr. McMullin's Advisory, R.O.T.C., Military Ball '48, '49, '50, Non- Coms Club, Sword and Shield. MABEI. DOUGLAS Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Star and Key, C.S.F., Soph. Hop, Jr. Prom, Auditorium Staff, Choir. JOYCE DURANT Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, Asst, Bus. Mgr. OAK LEAF, Girls' Block Star and Key, Rec. Sec. Adv., C1.A.A. Mgr., Spanish Club. DIANE EBERT Mrs. Marker's Advisory, President G.A.A., Pub. Mgr. G.A.A., Co- Mgr. Prop Sr. Play, Soph. l-lop and Jr. Prom Comm., Pres. Latin Club, 4A Exec. Comm. TI-IELMA EMERY Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Trans- ferred trom Tech. High, Latin Club, Adisory Officer. LORRAINE ERHAHDT Mrs. Marker's Advisory, OAK LEAF Staff, Xmas Pageant, French Club, Adv. Off. BILLIE ESKRIDGE Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep., Aud. Staff. JIM EVANS Mr. McMullin's Advisory, Xmas Pageant, Operetta, Adv. Ott., lA, IB. JUNE FILIAU Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Soph. Hop Adv. Comm., Jr. Prom Recep. Comm., Si. Play Props Comm.. Red Cross Rep., Modern Dance, Adv. Off. MARGIE EGAN Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Modern Dance, Sr, Sweater Comm., Soph. l-lop Dec. Comm., Star and Key. Adv. Pres., Adv. Exec. MARILYN ENGLISH Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Adv. Off., Soph. Hop Comm., Spanish Club, Xmas Pageant, Red Cross Rep. ELEANOR ERICKSEN Mrs. Marker's Advisory, ACORN Class Editor, Adv. V.-Pres., Soph. Hop and Jr. Prom Comm., G.A.A., Xmas Pageant, Sr. Play Pub. Comm. DOUG EVANS Mr. Mu1lin's Advisory, "B" Foot- ball, School Srv., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Sr. Jacket Comm. JAY FEDERLINE Mr. McMullin's Advisory, Student Talent '50, "J.V." Basketball Mgr., Xmas Pageant, Masque and San- dal, Sword and Shield. KATHLEEN FOLEY Mrs. Hawkins' Advisory, 3B Exec. Comm., Jr, Prom Bid Comm., Bd. of Control, Play Day Comm., Star and Key, Operetta. EDMUND FORSBERG Mr. Hal1ock's Advisory, Xmas Pageant '47, Fun Day Comm., Red Cross Rep., Chem. Club, Sr. 3lay Ticket Comm., 4B Ex. Comm. JENEAN FRANE Virs. Marker's Advisory, Soph. Flop Comm., Xmas Paqeant, Cir- :us Day, Sr, Play Comm., Adv. Pres., Operetta. BRUCE FREEMAN Vir. Millett's Advisory, Board of Control, Mgr. Tennis Team, Red Iross Club, Chem. Club, Sr. Play, DAK LEAF' Staff. ROBERT FUCHS vlr. l-lallock's Advisory, Red Iross, Baseball, Circus Day Comm. DICK FURINO Vlr. McMullin's Advisory, Varsity 'ootball, Varsity Baseball, Boys' 3lock "A," Men's Bd. of Control. JANET GARGUS llrs. Marker's Advisory, Choir, Xdv. Off., Xmas Pageant. lv .1 33 "il" MILDRED FOSTER Miss Schroeder's Advisory, Con- tinuation School. FRANCIS FRECCERO Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Adv. V.- Pres., Adv. Pres. ARTHUR FROERER Mr. McMullin's Advisory, Bd. of Control, Football, Sr. Play Comm., Span. Club, Chem. Club, Tennis. RICHARD FUNG Miss Sl'1ockey's Advisory, Non- Coms Club, Sword and Shield, R.O.T.C., ACORN Staff. JENNIE GALLAGHER Mrs. King's Advisory, Sr. Ball. DORIS GERMAN Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Choir, Adv. V.'Pres., Transfer from Salinas. MARGARET GERST Mrs. Marker's Advisory, V.-Pres. G.A.A., Jr. Prom and Soph. Hop Comm., "Red Mill," lB Talent Show, Sr. Play Pub. Comm., Xmas Pageant. SAM GIORDANELLA Mr. Williarnson's Advisory, "B" Track, "B" Football, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Track, President 3A Class, Board of Control. DAN GLUCK Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., Yell Leader 3A Class, Ad. Board '50, '51, Var- sity, ".I.V.," "B" Football, Block "A," Jr. Sweater Chairman. ROBERT GREEN Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Var. Foot- ball, Block CAROL GUSTAVESON Mrs. Marker's Advisory, lB Talent Show, Freshmen Reception, Adv. Oli., Spanish Club. JOHN HALES Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Varsity Track, ".l.V." Football, "B" Foot- ball. HANNAH GILMORE Mrs. Marker's Advisory, G.A.A., Band '49, '5O. ERNEST GIUSSO Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Assistant Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., Fin. Sec. 1B Class, Ad. Board '48, '49, Bd. of Control '49, Yell Leader 3B Class, Assist. Dir. "Heaven Can Wait." JACK GOSNEY Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Jr. Prom Adv. Comm., Sr. Play, Masque and Sandal Fall '50, Student Tal- ent '49, '50, Spanish Club '47, '48, BILLY JEAN GRIFFIN Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Adv. Of- ficer, G.A. Fashion Show, Audi- torium Stafl, Tri-Iota. TOM HALE Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, lst Lt. R.O.T.C,, Life Member Star and Key, Sword and Shield, Sr. Play Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Xmas Pageant '49, MARK HAPP Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Co-Mgr. Prop. Sr. Play, French Club, Exec. Comm., Star and Key. SUE HARDESTY Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Adv. Oli., Red Cross Rep., Red Cross Oil., Spanish Club. TOM HARPER Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Audito- rium Stafi, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, N.C.O. Club. IRENE HARVEST Mrs. Marker's Advisory. PHIL HERBST Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, "B" Foot- ball Mqr., Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Comm. SHARLENE HERDE Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm.. "Red Mill," Xmas Pageant, Tal- ent Show, Sr. Opp. Day. KIRBY HOLMES Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Baseball "J.V." and Varsity, 4B Class Rec. Sec., Transfer Student, Var. Foot- ball Tennessee. df' BRUCE HARKNESS Mr. Hopkins' Advisory. RICHARD HARRIS Mr, Hopkins' Advisory, Public Ad- dress Asst., R.O.T.C. Battalion Ad- jutant, N.C.O. Club, Sword and Shield Club, Auditorium Staff. ROBERT HAYES Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, R.O.T.C Sergeant. BARBARA HOEPNER Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Sec. and Pres. Girls' Block "A," R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Life Mem. Star and Key, G.A.A. Spread, C.S.F. DORIS HICKENBOTTOM Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Xmas Pageant, Cafeteria Staff, Jr. Red Cross Rep., G.A.A. PAT HOPPE Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Soph. Hop Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Sr. Play Prop. Comm., Adv. Off., German Club, Red Cross Rep. COLLEEN HULL Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Pres., Soph. Hop Comm., Girls' Glee, Sr. Meeting. MYRNA HUNT Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Transfer from San Diego. AN'l'OINE'1"I'E JACKSON Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Xmas Pag- eant, Student Meeting, Adv. Oil., Operetta. JACKIE JOINER Mrs. Layton's Advisory. BARBARA JONES Mrs. Patty's Advisory, C.S.F.. G.A.A., Bd. of Control, OAK LEAF Staff, lnspec. Aud. Staff, Sec. of Spanish Club. ROBERT J ULIAN Mr. Saunders' Advisory, Life Member C.S.P., V.-Pres. Star and Key, Life Mem. Star and Key, Pres. Latin Club, Treas. Chem. Club, Jr. Prom Bid Comm. DUANE HUNT Mr. I-lal1ock's Advisory, Student Talent '48, Sr. Play Comm.. Xmas Pageant '50, Operetta '5l. VlRGlNlA IRVIN Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Girls' Block V.-Pres. and Editor Star and Key, Fin. Sec. Photo. Club., Sr. Play, C1.A.A. Mgr. GEORGE JEPSEN Mr. Saunders' Advisory, V.-Pres. Chem. Club, Latin Club, Orch. DIANE JOHNSTAD Mrs. King's Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, .lr. Prom Pub. Comm., Soph. Hop Pub. Comm., Sr. Play, OAK LEAF Staff, G.A. Fashion Show. CARLENE JORGENSEN Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Sr. Play Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Life Mem. Star and Key, Soph. Hop Comm., Adv. Off., French Club. DUKE KAHN Mr. Saunders' Advisory, Varsity Track, 4A Class Yell Leader, OAK LEAF Staff '50, '51, Student Talent '49, Block Chairman Fun Day Pub. Comm. ROSEMAIIY KASTER Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Co-Mgr. Sr. Play, Chairman Bids Jr. Prom, Adv. Off., Soph. l-lop Bid Comm., Star and Key, Spanish Club. SONDRA KELLING Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, V.-Pres. Block Adv. Pres. '50, Music Comm. Soph. Hop, Bid Comm., Jr. Prom, Financial Sec. Block "A," Star and Key. LEE KINNEY Mr. l'lallocl:'s Advisory, Var. Foot- ball, "J.V." Football, Boys' Block Bd. ot Control, Star and Key, Soph. Hop Comm. BETTY KNOOP Mrs. Layton's Advisory, G.A.A., Star and Key. WILLIAM LAHMANN Mr. Hallock's Advisory, "Heaven Can Wait," "Red Mi1l," Student Talent '49, Masque and Sandal, Adv. Off. LOUISE LAYCOCK Mrs. King's Advisory, French Club, Mgr. French Fun Day, 4A Class Rep., Xmas Pageant, Star and Key, Chemistry Club. KENNETH KECKLER Mr. Hallock's Advisory, Varsity Track Mgr., School Ser., Radio Club. MARILYN KEREMITSIS Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Bus. Mgr. OAK LEAF, C.S.F., Fin. Sec. Star and Key, Life Member Star and Key, French Club. BILL KLEMANN Mr. l-lal1ock's Advisory, "Heaven Can Wait," Sr. Play Ticket Comm. JOHN KROPA Miss Shockey's Advisory, Trans- ter from Modesto High. VIRGINIA LALOR Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Jr. Prom. Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Off., Star and Key, Spanish Club, Red Cross. RONALD LEE Mr. Milleti's Advisory, Board of Control, "J.V." Football '49, Var. Football '50, All-County Football Team '5O. SALVADOR LENCI Mr. I-lallock's Advisory, Board of Control, Span. Club, Varsity and ".I.V" Baseball, Boys' Glee, Latin Club, Circus Day Comm. SHIRLEY LIEBHART Mrs. King's Advisory, Span. Club, French Club, Choir '50, Girls' Glee. .IEANIE LONG Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, V.-Pres. 3A Class, Fin. Sec. ZA Class, Chair- man Jr. Sweater Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Hop Skit, Adv. Pres. VIDA LOPOLITO Mrs. Layton's Advisory, lA Adv. Treasurer, Ad. Bd., Circus Day Comm., Opening Dance, Xmas Pageant, Adv. V.-Pres. MAXINE LUDOVICI Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Soph. Hop Dec. Comm., Jr. Prom. Comm., Adv Off., Glee Club, French Club. JAMES LYNCH Mr. Wi1liamson's Advisory, Trans- fer from Richmond, Track Team, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Non-Coms Club. JANICE LEVY Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, Adv. Pres., Star and Key, French Club, Trans- fer from Piedmont. DAVID LOK Mr. I-la1lock's Advisory, V.-Pres. ZA Class, Rec. Sec. 2B Class. Chr. Pub. Comm. Soph. Hop, Edi- tor OAK LEAF, Pres. 4A Class, Yell Leader 4B Class. PHILLIP LONG Mr. Saunders' Advisory, Life Mem. C.S.F., Life Mem. Star and Key, Pres. Chem. Club, V.'Pres. C.S.F., Spanish Club. WILLIAM LOSEE Mr. Mi1lett's Advisory, President A.S.A.H.S., Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., Mgr. Jr. Prom, Boys' State, Board cf Control, Ad Board. MARY LUJAN Mrs. Kinq's Advisory, V. - Pres. Adv., Red Cross Rep., Span. Club, Sr. Meeting, Soph. Hop Comm. GEORGE MCCCONNACHIE Mr. Hal1ock's Advisory, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Red Cross Rep., Adv. Off., Fun Day Comm., Circus Day Comm. DON MQCGINNIS Mr. Hallock's Advisory, Rec. Sec. 3A Class, Boys' State, Asst. Bus. Viqr. of ACORN, "Heaven Can Wait, Mem. Star and Key, Sr. Jacket Comm., Clir. Sr. Opportu- nity Day. JERRY MAHONEY Mr. l-lallock's Advisory, Transfer from Winlock High, Washington. MAYNARD MALLAND Mr. l-lalloclc's Advisory, Varsity Football, Jr. Var. Football, 4A Ex. Comm., Jr. Var. Basketball. DOROTHY MANNING Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Stu- dent Talent '49, Star and Key, Block "A" Sgt. at Arms, Pub. Comm. Chr, Sr. Play, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Adv. Pres. TED MAXWELL Mr. Hallock's Advisory, Speaker of Ad. Bd., Yell Leader 4B Class, Fin. Sec. 3A Class, Student Fac- ulty Comm., "Heaven Can Wait," C.S.F. RICH MCKONE Mr. Hopkins' Advisory. JERRY MAHER Mr. Hallock's Advisory, Varsity Football, "J.V." Football, Adv. Off., Jr. Prom Comm., Star and Key, Trielota. JOELLA MAHONEY Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Sr. Exec. Comm., "Down In the Val- ley" Set Designer, Sr. Ball Dec. Comm., G.A.A., Adv. Pres. lA, 4B, Freshman Talent Show. AGNES MANNING Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Adv. Ott. MERRILL MANNING Mr. Hopkins' Advisory, Varsity "J.V." "B" Football, Bd. of Con- trol, School Service. BARBARA MAYNE Miss M. Herriclds Advisory, Adv. Pres., G.A.A., Xmas Pageant, Fr. Club, Circus Day Talent Show, Red Cross. JACKIE MEDAGLIA Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Star and Key, Soph. Hop Comm., Adv. V.-Pres., OAK LEAF Staff, Girls' Glee, Xmas Pageant. DON MOORE Mr. l-lallock's Advisory, Soph. Hop Advertisement Comm., "B" Football, Jr. Prom, Fun Day Comm., Red Cross. PAT MORRIS Miss M. l'lerrick's Advisory, 1B Talent Show, Student Talent, Adv. V.-Pres., Sr, Play Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Photo. Club. CLARA MUCCI Miss M. I-lerrick's Advisory, Fin. Sec. Block Adv. Off, G.A.A., Soph. I-lop Pub, Comm., Sr. Play Props and Stage Crew, Xmas Pageant Costumes. JOAN MURRAY Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, V.- Pres. 2B Class, Co-Mgr. Jr. Prom, Adv. Off., G.A. Fashion Show, Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom, Soph. Hop Dec. Comm. RICH NAYLOR Miss Shockey's Advisory. ROANNE OAKS Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Star and Key, Pub. Comm., Sr. Play, Adv. Off., Choir, Red Cross Rep., Girls' Glee. LOIS MOORE Miss M. l-lerrick's Advisory, Star and Key. MAUREEN MOWERY Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Pub Comm. Sr. Play, Xmas Pageant, Masque and Sandal, Jr. and Sr. Sweater Comm., Star and Key. MARGARET MULTZ Miss M. I-Ierrick's Advisory, Pres. G.A. '51, V.APres. G.A. '50, "Heaven Can Wait," Ad. Bd. '50, Bd. ot' Control '49, Pub. Chr. Soph. Hop. MARGARET MYLES Mrs. Kinq's Advisory. MYRTLE NEWELL Miss M. I-lerrick's Advisory, Xmas Pageant, Masque and Sandal, Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Pres.-V.-Pres. JANET OLSON Mrs. Kincfs Advisory. DOLLY ORR Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Choir, Student Talent, Jr. Prom Comm. RODNEY PASHAYAN Miss Shockey's Advisory, V.-Pres. Adv., Sr. Jacket Comm. BETTY PETERSEN Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Choir, Girls' Glee, Red Cross Rep., Tri- lota, Photo. Club, Cafeteria Cash- ier. STANFORD POLLOCK Miss Shockey's Advisory, "Heav- en Can Wait," Basketball Mgr., Track Mgr., Lite Member Star and Key, C.S.F. MIKE PRENTER Miss's Advisory, Class Pres. ZB, Rec. Sec. 3B, Mgr. Sr. Play, Bus. Mgr. ACORN. Soph. Hop Dec. Comm., Student Fac. Comm. ZOLA PUCKETT Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Sr. Pla Comm Soph Hop Comm., y ., . Red Cross Rep., Adv. Off. JOAN PARKER Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, "Red Mill," "Down in the Valley," "Heaven Can Wait," Masque and Sandal, Xmas Pageant, G.A. Fashion Show, Class Meetinq. ANTOINETTA PERATA Mrs, Marker's Advisory. NOHMA PIKE Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Adv. Off. DEREK POPE Miss Shockey's Advisory, Non- Coms Club, R.O.T.C., Boys' Glee. PAT PRENTER Mrs. Marker's Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, Lite Mem. C.S.F., Pres. 6. Sec. French Club, Pres. 6 Sec. Latin Club, Spanish Club, Chem. Club. JOHN QUINTELI. Miss Shockey's Advisory, Boys' Glee, R.O.T.C., Xmas Pageant '49, DON RALPH Miss Shockey's Advisory, Concert Band. ARGATHA RAULSTON Mrs. Layton's Advisory. MARJORIE REGO Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Jr. Prom and Soph. l-lop Bid Comm., Prop. Comm., Sr. Play, G.A.A., Adv. Pres. '47, '48, '51, Exec. Comm. '47, '48, '49, '51, Xmas Pageant Prop. Comm. '48, '49, '5U. JACK REIMER Miss Shockey's Advisory, Soph. Hop Comm., "B" Football. NATALIE RIBA Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Lite Mem. of Star and Key, Mgr. Usherettes, Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Off., Jr. Red Cross Rep. GEORGIA RISLOV Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Red Cross Rep., OAK LEAF Staff, Girls' Glee, Tri-Iota, Student Talent. CAROLE RATH Mrs. Layton's Advisory, V.-Pres. A.S.A.l'l.S., Art Ed. ACORN, Fin. Sec. G.A., Girls' State, D.A.R. Good Citizen, Co-Mgr. Soph. l-lop and Opening Dance. MARJORIE RECAGNO Mrs. Layton's Advisory, G.A. Meeting, Adv. Off., Xmas Pageant Modern Dance, Class Entertain- ment. JOAN REID Mrs, King's Advisory, V.-Pres. ZB, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Pres. JOAN' REIMER Mrs. Layton's Advisory. WALTER RIDLEY Miss Shockey's Advisory, Chem. Club Editor, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Soph. Hop Bid Comm., Star and Key, Sr. Play Stage Comm. DONALD ROBERTSON Mr. Hal1ock's Advisory. JOHNNIE ROBINSON rs. Howell's Advisory, Tri-Iota, .A. Fashion Show, Glee Club. JO ANN ROKUSEK rs. Layton's Advisory, Co-Edi- r OAK LEAF, V.-Speaker Ad :l., Girls' Board ot Control, G.A. zshion Show, Soph. l-lop Skit, . Prom Bid Comm. HAROLD ROMAN OWITZ iss Shockey's Advisory, Rec. ac. 4A, Var. Football, Board ot ontrol, Var. Track, Sr. Play age Comm., C.S.F. MARIAN ROTH rs. Layton's Advisory, Board of Jntrol, Sr. Play Comm., Jr. Prom umm., Adv. Off., French Club, Janish Club. KIYO SAKURAI rs. Layton's Advisory, Board of mtrol, Adv. Off., Sr. Play Comm. ANTHONY SANTOS r, Williamson's Advisory, Um- red "J.V." Games, Red Cross ap. K. lt suv:-fx ARN IE RODIA Miss Shockey's Advisory, "J.V." Baseball, "B" Baseball, Soph. Hop Comm., Var. Baseball. NICK ROMAN OF F Miss Shockey's Advisory, Ad Bd., "J.V." and Var. Basketball, Bd. of Control, Stage Mgr. Sr. Play, Soph. Hop Dec. Comm., Boys' Block BETSY ROSS Miss Schroedefs Advisory. EDWARD SAF!-'ORD Mr. Williamson's Advisory. JOYCE SANFORD Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Pub. Comm., Sr. Play, Adv. Pres., Aud. Staff, Red Cross Rep. BARBARA SCHILI. Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Sr. Play Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Xmas Pageant, Adv. Off., Chem. Club, Spanish Club. HERBERT SCHMID1' Mr. Saunders' Advisory. PAT SCHWARTZ Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Off., German Club, Auditorium Staff. BETTY SEWARD Mrs. King's Advisory, V.-Pres. ZA Class, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Adv. Off. RONALD SHELDON Mr. McMullin's Advisory, "B" Football. SHIRLEY SHROYER Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Sr. Play. GAINARD SISTI Mr. McMu1lin's Advisory. CATHERINE SHULTZ Mrs. Markers Advisory, Studen Talent, Xmas Pageant, Germai Club, French Club, Spanish Clul: C.S.F. MARK SETLOW Miss Shoclcey's Adviscry, "I-Ieav en Can Wait," Mgr. Jr. Sweate Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Jr Prom Comm., Xmas Pageant. WILLIAM SHAW Miss Shockey's Advisory, C,S.F. Ticket Mgr. Sr. Play, Box Office Staff, Pres. Chem. Club, Life Mem Star and Key. JIM SHERMAN Miss Shockey's Advisory, "J.V.' Baseball, Var. Baseball, "J,V.' Football, "B" Baseball. EMMA SIMPSON Mrs. l.ayton's Advisory, Board o Control, '50, '51, V. -Pres. Rec Cross, Star and Key, Jr. Prom Comm., Treas. Span. Club, Chem Club. TERRY SMART Mr. Williamson's Advisory, Var Baseball, Sr. Jacket Comm., 4A 4B Exec. Comm., Pub. Comm. Sr Play. DORIS SMEDLEY 'lrs. Layton's Advisory, Operetta il, Dec. Comm. lr. Prom, Xmas 'ageant '49, '50, Cv.A. Fashion how. PEGGY SMITH flrs. l..ayton's Advisory, Sr. Play, r. Prom Pub. Comm., Choir, Ad- anced Orch. '48, '49, '50, '51, Advanced Band, Latin Club Ott. DONALD SOUZA fir. Saunders' Advisory, Football, aseball, French Club, Star and iey, Bd. of Control, Chem. Club. BARBARA STANTON 'liss M. Herrick's Advisory, Soph. lop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Fhoir, Mod. Dance, Adv. V,-Pres. JOE STEEL liss Shockey's Advisory, C.S.F., r. Prom Comm., Soph. l-lop Zomm., Circus Day '48, DONN STEVENS lr. Saunders' Advisory, Board of Tontrol, Sr. Play, Sr. Jacket fomm., Circus Day Comm., Star nd Key, Adv. Off. PAT SMITH Mrs. Layton's Advisory. SHIRLEY SNYDER Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Co-Mgr. Usherettes '51, Pres. Photo. Club '51, Bal. Mgr. Usherettes '50, G.A.A., Chem. Club, French Club. RAYMON STANSBURY Mr. Saunders' Advisory, "Heaven Can Wait," C.S.F., Xmas Pageant '50, Student Talent, A.H.S. Quar- tette, Choir. MIKE STARR Mr. Saunders' Advisory, R.O.T.C. Band, Band, Orchestra. LENNIE STEIMER Miss Shockey's Advisory. Soph. Hop Comm., "J.V." Baseball, Var. Baseball, Choir. School Service. ERNEST STONE Miss Sl1cckey's Advisory, Student Talent, Xmas Pageant '50, Asst. Stage Mgr. Sr. Play, Red Cross. Exec. Comm. 48. MARY SUGGS Mrs. Layton's Advisory, Trans. from Hayward High School. LELAND SWEENEY Miss Shockey's Advisory, Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., Student Fac. Comm., Ad Board, Fin. Sec. 3B Class, Yell Leader 3A Class, "Heaven Can Wait." GERALDlNE TAYLOR Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Adv. Off., Latin Club. CONRAD THRUSH Mr. Williamson's Advisory, Xmas Pageant, Boys' State Alternate, Latin Club, C.S.F., Red Cross Rep., Sword and Shield. DOLORES TIMMON S Mrs. Patty's Advisory. ZANE- 'IIICIQER Mr. Williamson's Advisory, Pres. and Sec. of French Club, Student Body Accompanist. ALICE SWEENEY Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Xmas Paf eant '49, Red Cross Rep., Au: Staff, Tri-Iota. DALE TAFF Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Xmas Pac eant '50, Masque and Sanda Latin Club, French Club, Chen Club, Tri-Iota. CLIFFORD THOMPSON Mr. Saunders' Advisory. RONALD TIEGS Mr. Williamson's Advisory, Adv V.-Pres., Jr. Prom Comm., Schoc Service. BEVERLEY TREE Mrs. Patty's Advisory, 1B Talen Show, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm., Sr Play Prog. Comm., Adv. Pres. ZA 4A, ACORN Sec. MARY TURNER Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Sr. Play Comm., Red Cross Rep., Xmas Pageant Comm. CHARMAINE VERGEZ Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Pres. 2A Class, Star and Key, Student Tal- ent '47, '48, '49, '50, Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Play Comm., Soph. Hop Comm. J OE WATSON - Mr. Williamson's Advisory, Stu- dent Talent, Choir, A.I-I.S. Quar- 19119. JOHN WELDON Mr. Williamsorfs Advisory. NANCY WHITE Mrs. Potty's Advisory, 4B Exec. Comm., Adv. Off. NORMA WILLIAMS Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Chairman Sr. Sweater Comm., "Heaven Can Wait," Freshman Reception, Adv. Off., Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. BETTY WILLSON Mrs. Patty's Advisory. we 'M ,aw lf' DONALD WALLACE Mr. Williamson's Advisory. GLORIA WAYMIRE Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep. DONALD WHITE Mr. Wi11iamson's Advisory, Bas- ketball, Track, School Service. JOHN WILKERSON Continuation School. DOLORES WILLIAMSON Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Soph. I-lop Skit Comm., OAK LEAF Stall. Adv. V.-Pres., Adv. Rec. Sec., Chem. Club. IRMA JEAN WILSON Mrs. Patty's Advisory, "Heaven Can Wait," Xmas Pageant '50, Masque and Sandal, Adv. Ofl., Jr. Prom Comm., C.S.I', PAT WILSON Miss M. Herrick's Advisory, Fin. Sec. 4A Class, Councilman Youth City, Public Speaking Rep., C.S.F., OAK LEAF Staff, Jr. Prom Bid Comm. PHYLLIS WINGER Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Adv. Off., "Heaven Can Wait," Latin Club. Xmas Pageant, Student Talent, Red Cross Rep. HERMAN WITTORFF Mr. Mi1lett's Advisory, Trans. from St. Joseph's High School. BARBARA ZBOYOVSKY Mrs. Patty's Advisory, ACORN Sec., R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Maiorette Mgr. Usherettes, Life Mem. C.S.F., and Star and Key, Co-Mgr. Mili- tary Ball. GLORIA ZISHKA Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Board of Control '49, '50, '51, V.-Pres. lA- lB Class, "Heaven Can Wait," Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Adv. Off. DIANE WINDSOR Mrs. Patty's Advisory, "Heaven Can Wait," Masque and Sandal, Chairman Recep. Comm. Soph. Hop, Pres. Music Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Circus Day Comm. DIANE WINTON Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Xmas Pag- eant '5O, Chem. Club, Latin Club, Adv. Off., Masque and Sandal, Photo. Club. GARY YOUNG Mr. Williamson's Advisory, Var. Baseball, Sr. Play, Chairman Sr. Jacket Comm., Pres. Adv. 4B. KAY ZBOYOVSKY Mrs. Patty's Advisory, Aud. Staff, Majorette, Red Cross Rep,, "Red Mill," Student Talent, Adv. Off. High Seniors wifhouf Pidures LAWRENCE BROWNING Mr. Sounders' Advisory. MARJOHIE CANTERE Mrs. Polty's Advisory. FRANK CURRAN Mr. Sounders' Advsiory. NORMAN DUNCAN Mr. McMullin's Advisory. JOE HARROSH Mr, Hopkins' Advisory. MARILYN KNOWLES Mrs. Kinq's Advisory. J OE MCDANIEI. Vir, Millelfs Advisory, Transferred from Nopo High School, R.O.T.C., ".l.V." Baseball, Swimming Team, Football. BETH McMUI.LIN Miss M. l-lerrick's Advisory. LOIS SNYDER Mrs. Polly's Advisory, Adv. Pres., Adv. Rec. Sec. ROBERT VAN GELDER Mr. Willic1mson's Advisory. 49 Mos! Attractive Girl BARBARA COLE Best Acior LES BROWN Bes! Athleie DICK FURINO All-Around Girl CAROLE RATH Those Whom Class of June, 1951 Best Looking Boy BILL DOWD Best Adress MARGARET MULTZ Mos! Likely to Succeed PHIL LONG All-Around Boy BILL LOSEE 50 Honor Class of February, 1952 Moat Attractive Girl JUNE SMITH Best Actor BOB MOTT Beat Athlete LEE PAULINE All-Around Girl BARBARA BLODEN 0 Best Looking Boy RON STANLEY Best Actress PAT ROMAINE Most Likely to Succeed DON MARTIN All-Around Boy JOE JONES Officers . . . Class LARRY CHURCH BARBARA O'HA President Vice-President PAT ROMAINE Recording Secretary BARBARA BROWN Financial Secretary SYBIL STAFFORD Yell Leader 52 Fall l950 RE The low seniors had many outstanding activities in the fall term. Receiving their junior sweaters and giving their Junior Prom, "Deep Sea Magic," were their most notable activities. The class also had a class meeting which was highly entertain- ing. The entertainment consisted of a va- riety of excellent acts by talented members ot the class of February, 1952. of F bruary '52 Spring I9 5 I '63 wi DON MARTIN CAROLE HEAVEY President Vice-President The class of February, 1952, after three and a half long years, is at last a high senior class. The class has had many events on which they can look back and be proud. The members of the class have found a sure formula for success-hard work. They have worked exceedingly hard and have been extremely successful. They have al- ready enjoyed their senior picnic, they have been informed on Senior Opportunity Day, and they have given their Senior Play. Now, they are looking forward to their graduation day. 'inf' 53 RON STANLEY Recording Secretary DON BAJUK Financial Secretary HARRY I-'ORSBERG Yell Leader Seniors - - 4A WILLIAM ALEXANDER Mr. Hayes' Advisory. WARREN ARNOLD Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Ad Board, Bd. of Control, Block "A," Spanish Club, "You Can't Take It With You." CAROL BAXTER Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Trans- ferred to Panama Canal Zone. DONALD BIDEMA Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Boys' Glee, "B" Track. JOYCE BOUCHER Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Sr. Play Costumes Comm., Red Cross Rep. GERALD ANDERSEN Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Football '48, '49, '50, C.S.F., Men's Block Pres. 2B Class, Adv. Pres. DONALD BAJUK Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Sr. Play, Jr. Prom Comm., Jr. Sweater Comm., Pres. 3A Class, Soph. Hop Comm., Fin. Sec. 4A Class. WYLENE BELL Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Adv. Sec., Adv. Treas., Red Cross Rep. BARBARA BLODEN Mrs. Darison's Advisory, V.-Pres. G.A., Song Leader G.A., Asst. Bus. Mgr. ACORN, Board of Con trol, Rec, Sec. 3A Class, Life Mem. Star and Key. BARBARA BRADFORD Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Adv, Off. Sr. Play Comm. BARBARA BROWN Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Rec. Sec, G.A., Fin. Sec. 3B Class, Star and Key, Soph. l-lop Skit and Bid Comms., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Costume Comm., Sr. Play. PATRICIA CARLETON Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Red Cross Rep., French Club, Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Off. SANDRA CASORLA Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Soph. Hop Skit and Bid Comms., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club, Fun Day Comm. LARRY CHURCH Mr. Hayes' Advisory, "B" Basket- ball, "J.V." Baseball, Var. Bas- ketball '5O, '51, Pres. 2A, 3B Class, Fin. Sec. 2B, 3A Class. A,S.A.ll.S. Ad Board. ROBERT COOPER Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Men's Block Ad Board, Football lA-4B, Track lA-4B, Sr. Play, Jr. Prom Pub. Comm. HARRIS COTGIAS Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Trans. from Grass Valley, Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom, "J.V." Basketball lB. "J.V." Baseball, lB, Span. Club. Adv. Sec., Radio Club. MARY JANE BROWN Mrs. Darison's Advisory, G.A.A., Sr. Play Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. GEORGE CARMIGNANI Mr. Hayes' Advisory, "B," "J.V." Football. GEORGE CATAMBAY Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Chief Just. Sup. Court, Boys' State, Men's Block Ad Board, Board of Control, Student Talent, Football. Track, Tennis. BOB COLDREN Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Soph. Hop Dec. Comm., "J.V." Football, "B" Baseball. VELMA CORTOPASSI Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Off., Jr. Prom Comm. L. C. COTTON Mr, Hayes' Advisory, Soph. Hop Dec. Comm. CAROL CRAVENS Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Bal. Mqr. Aud. Staff, Life Mem. Star cmd Key, Board of Control, Jr. Prom Recep. Comm. Chr., Adv. Ott., C.S.F. ROBERT CUMMINGS Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, C.S.P., Student Handbook Staff, Chess Club, R.O.T.C. Non-Coms Club, Chem. Club, Spanish Club. JACK DANIELS Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Chem. Club, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Orch. '48 f DOROTHY EATON Mrs. Patten's Advisory. EDWARD FLETCHER Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Red Cross, R.O.T.C., Aud. Staff. HARRY FORSBERG Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Yell Leader 4A Class, Xmas Pageant, Jr. Prom Skit Comm. ALICE CREVOISIER Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Costume Comm. Sr. Play, Adv. Treasurer. VIRGINIA CURTIS Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Chem. Club, Aud. Staff, Girls' Glee, Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club. KATHERINE DUBOSE Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Adv. Off., "You Can't Take lt With You." MARILYN FEDER Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Red Cross Rep., Sr. Play Comm. RUDOLPH FOERTSCH Miss Los Kamp's Advisory. DUANE FOSTER Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Pres. of Adv., Red Cross, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., French Club. CLIMMER GALES Vtrs. Patten's Advisory, Student Vale-nt, Girls' Glee Adv. Rep., Sr. Dlay Comm. WANDA GIAMPOLI Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Sopli. Hop Comm., Xmas Pageant '5O. F. E. GLADDEN Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, "B" and "J.V." Football, Bd. of Con- trol, Bid and Dec. Comm. Jr. Prom, "B" Baseball, Sr. Play. MANUEL GONSALVES Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, Varsity Track. LUANN HARRISON Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Board of Control, Jr. Prom Comm., Lite Mem. Star and Key, C.S.F., Latin and Chem. Clubs, Sr. Play Comm. ROBERT HEARTHER Dr. Recliqer's Advisory, French Club, Star and Key, Chem. Club. MARILYN GERNER Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Star and Key, Sr. Play Comm., Adv, Ott. BARBARA GILMETTE Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Girls' Glee. CLARINE GNUTZMANN Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Asst. Yell Leader, A.S.A.H.S., "You Can't Take It With You," Rec. Sec. Bd. of Control, Ad. Bd., Jr. Prom, Soph. Hop, Openinq Dance Comm., Lite Mem. Star and Key. DIANE HARRIS Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Oper- etta, Xmas Pageant, Fin. Sec. 3A Class, Chr, Dec. Jr. Prom, Sr. Play, Soph. Hop Dec. Comm. PATRICIA HAYS Mrs Dcmnick's Advisory, Jr. Prom Bid Comm. CAROLE HEAVEY Mrs. Dcrnnick's Advisory, Co-Mqr. lr. Prom, Rec. Sec. 2B Class, V.- Pres. 4A Class, V.-Pres. Girls' Block "A" '51, C.S.F., Board of Control. ANN HENDERSON Mrs, Domr1ick's Advisory, G.A. Fash. Show, Star and Key, Chem. Club, French Club, G.A.A., Soph. Hop Comm. CARL HOWARD Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Foot- ball, Choir, Orchestra. EVERETT JACKSON Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Boys' Glee, Choir, Football, Band. KAY JOHNSON Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, Soph. Hop and Jr. Prom Comms., Sr. Play Comm., Adv. Ott., French Club. JOE JONES Miss Lcs Kamp's Advisory, Mqr. Jr. Prom, Varsity Baseball. JAMES KELLEY Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, C.S.F., Adv, Sec. gin fififg? + FRANCES HERMAN Mrs. Domr1ick's Advisory, Spanish Club, Sr. Play Comm., Orch., Stal and Key. STUART HUGHES Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Chess Club, Adv. Off. DAVID JOHNSON Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Pres. Non-Coms Club, Sword G Shield, Adv. Oii., Sr. Play. KINNEY JOHNSON Mr. Hayes' Advisory, "B" Foot- ball, "J.V." Football, Var. Foot- ball, Track, Stage Mgr. Xmas Pageant, Men's Block I HAROLD KAYE Miss Los Karnp's Advisory, Adv. Off. OMER KING Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Adv. Off., Star and Key, Non-Coms Club, OAK LEAF Staff, C.S.F. RICHARD KIRKLAND Jr, Rediger's Advisory, Radio Ilub, Adv. Band. DONALD KUBAN 'I' lliss Los Kamp's Advisory, Adv. Sec., Non-Coms Club. PATRICIA LIMA vlrs. Domnick's Advisory, G.A.A., Star and Key, Chem. Club, G.A, 'ashion Show. RAY LUCE vlr. Cadwell's Advisory, Varsity Baseball '51, "J.V." Baseball '49, Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. ROBERT LUNDBERG Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, Star and Key, R.O.T.C. Capt., Aud. Staff, Sword and Shield Club, Non- Coms Club, Chem. Club. WILLIAM MGCLEAN Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, "J.V." Basketball Mgr., Jr. Prom. Comm., Latin Club, Red Cross Rep. CORNELIUS KOOYMAN Miss Los Kamp's Advisory. MARY LEWIS Mrs. Domnick's Advisory, C.S.F., Board of Control, Star and Key, Adv. Off., Orch., Latin and Chem. Clubs. DICK LOVE Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Tum- bling Team, Soph. I-lop Adv Comm., "B" Football. PETER LUN ARDI Mr. Cadwell's Adv-iscry, ".l.V.' ball '51, Soph. Hop Comm., ".l.V.' Baseball. VERNON LUNTSFORD Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, "B" Foot ball, "J.V." Football, Boys' Glee Span. Club, Radio Club, R.O.T.C DELORES MANZER Mrs. Darison's Advisory, Trans from Fremont, Adv. V.-Pres. Basketball '49, ,5O, Var. Basket- DONALD MARTIN Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, Pres. 4A Class, "You Can't Take It With You," OAK LEAF Sports Editor, C.S.F., R.O.T.C. Capt., Sword and Shield. BARBARA MILLER Mrs. Domnick's Advsiory, Sr. Play, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Sweater Comm., Star and Key, OAK LEAF Staff. ROBERT MOTT Mr. Cadwell's Advisory: Choir, Soph. l-lop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Xmas Pageant '50, "You Can't Take It With You," Student Talent. LEE PAULINE Mr. Cadwell's- Advisory, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Block "A" Society, Bd. of Control, Soph. l-lop Comm., Pres. lB Class. RON PLOMGREN Mr. Cadwel1's Advisory, ACORN '49, '50, '51, "You Can't Take lt With You," R.O.T.C. Capt., C.S.F., OAK LEAF, Bd. of Control '50, '5l. JOAN RALLS Mrs. Patten's Advisory, V.-Pres. lA Class, Dec, Comm. Soph. Hop, Pres. Adv., Pub. Mgr. Jr. Prom, V.-Pres. Adv., Fin. Sec. Adv. JAMES MCCALL Mr. Cadwe-ll's Advisory, Track. GERALD MILLS Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Track, Choir, Football. BARBARA 0'HARE Mrs. Patten's Advisory, V.-Pres. 3B Class, Rec. Sec, 1A Class, Bd. of Control, Chairman Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Adv. Pres., Soph Hop Pub. and Bid Comms. GEORGE PINCKNEY Mr. Cadwe1l's Advisory, Spanish Club, Var. Football '50, '51, 1B Class Officer, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Chem. Club. ELIZABETH POWERS Mrs. Patten's Advisory, C.S.F., Star and Key. KENNETH ROBERTS Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Var. Base- ball, "J.V." Baseball, "B" Basket- ball. RONNIE ROBLES Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Trans. lrom Oakland Hiqh, Assistant to the Director Sr. Play, Adv. Treas. SHIRLEY ROUNDS Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Hop Comm., Aud. Staff, Tri-Iota. VIRGINIA SCHLETH Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Student Talent, Xmas Paqeant, Red Cross Rep., Trielota, Sr. Play Comm. DALE SINCLAIR Dr. Rediqer's Advisory. JUNE SMITH Mrs. Patte-n's Advisory, V.-Pres. 3A Class, Fin. Sec. G.A., V.-Pres. lB Class, Bd. of Control, Bid Chr. Soph. Hop, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. EUGENIA SPACKMAN Mrs. Darison's Advisory. t..., . QQ gl PAT ROMAINE Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Rec. Sec. G.A., "You Can't Take It With You," Bd. of Control, Rec. Sec. 3B Class, Jr. Prom and Soph. Hop Comms., Life Mem. Star and Key. JOHN SALAS Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, "J.V." Football, C.S.F., Jr. Prom Comm.. Soph. Hop Comm. ANSELMO SIMI Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, Radio Club, Var. Baseball '51, "J.V." Baseball '49, '5O. ETTA PEARL SMITH Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Fin. Sec. Adv. .IOANNE SOUSA Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Life Mem. Star and Key, Bid Comm., Jr. Prom, V.-Pres. Adv., Red Cross Rep., Span. Club, Sr. Play Comm. LARRY SPAULDING Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, Varsity Football '50, '51, Soph. Hop Mqr.. Bd. of Control, Ad Board, Student Faculty Comm., Pres. 2A Class, "B" Track. SYBIL STAFFORD Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Board of Control, Ad Board, R.O.T.C. Spon- sor, Yell Leader 3B Class, Pub. Comm., Sr. Play, C.S.F. RONALD STANLEY Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, "B" and "J.V." Football, "You Can't Take lt With You," Soph. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., ZB 61 4A Class Oli., Bd. of Control, Circus Day Comm. KEITH STORM Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, Mgr. Sr. Play, Jr. Prom Comm., Life Mem. Star and Key, Chem. Club, Span. Club, Photoq. Club. RICHARD THOMAS Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, Jr. Prom Comm., "You Can't Take lt With You," Adv. Band 6: Orch., Span. Club. WILLIAM VARGAS Dr. Bediqefs Advisory. NORMA WATSON Mrs. Patterfs Advisory, Co-Mgr. Sr. Play, Jr. Sweater Comm., Jr. Prom Bid Comm., Soph. Hop Bid Comm., Xmas Page-ant, Masque and Sandal. TOM STAM Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Var. Baseball, "J.V." Baseball, Xmas Pageant. MARILYN STOLPE Mrs. Darison's Advisory. DOROTHY TAYLOR Mrs. Darison's Advisory, "You Can't Take lt With You," G.A.A., Adv. Treas., Red Cross Rep. FAYE TIPPETT .Mrs. Patten's Advisory, Jr. Prom Bid and Dec. Comms., "You Can't Take It With You," Jr. Sweater Comm., Adv. Off. DONALD WALKER Dr. Rediqer's Advisory, "The Red Mill," R.O.T.C. Non-Coms. Club, ACORN Photoq. Aud. Liqht Asst., Choir. ' LOY WIESE Dr. Rediger's Advisory, R.O.T.C., Sword G Shield, Non-Coms. Club, Pub. Comm. Military Ball. GEORGE BRIGNOLA Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, Tumbling Team. FRANK JOHNSON Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Xmas Pageant, Make-up Comm., "You Can't Take lt With You." JESSIE WILLIAMS Miss Los Kamp's Advisory, Var. Football, Var. Track, Block "B" Basketball. JAMES DAWES Dr. Rediger's Advisory, R.O.T.C Non-Coms Club. MARCY MATLOCK Mrs. Patten's Advisory. Mx? . F .X 2 4 if' . ,..,,,., . . , A ' ' W . ,, g.,, X f LOW SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES RODERICK BUSTAMENTE Mr. Hayes' Advisory, Var. Foot- ball Mgr., Var. Track Mgr. Block Board of Control. ERNEL MERCER Mrs. Patten's Advisory. JACK LANGLEY Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, Stamp Club, Latin Club. GILBERT MILLER Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, Tumbling '47, '48, '49, Choir, Xmas Pageant '50 EDDIE BOWEN' Mr. Cadwell's Advisory, Varsity Football, "J.V." Football, Base- ball, Board of Control, Stage Mgr. Masque and Sandal, Jr. Prom Comm. ROYCE WHITNEY Dr. Rediger's Advisory. Hep'ccl 2 Picnickin' 3 Bongo. bongo Tom. Dick 6. Leslie 5 My old flume 6 "Our Town" Jailbirds 8 Senior men 9 98+lb. weaklinq A.H.S. qemlemen 11 Seance 64 17,1 F2 few I D-dw 1 King's English 2 Dat's it 3 Tsk! Tsk! Calories! 4 Hough, tough and ready 5 Flower girls 6 Egg Shampoo 7 You were meant for me 8 Joan and Jack 9 Atlas 10 Police Lineup 65 ff' High Juniors Fall '50 - Spring '51 wwf, President RON GOODMAN MIKE DANIELSON Vice-President CORALEE HOLLYWOOD BARBARA WILLIAMS Recording Secretary KEN STANHOPE JANET KLEMANN Financial Secretary LOLA NEWELI. RON DERBYSHIRE Yell Leaders CAROL WATERLOW LORITA MCCLARA 66 The class of June, 1952, has had a very eventful year. As low juniors they gave a success- ful noon movie and chose light beige cashmere for their junior sweaters. During the next se- mester they were very proud to present their colorful Junior Prom, the "Mardi Gras," which was managed by Jack Cecconi with co-manager Janice Ken- nedy. The class meetings and a second noon movie finished the term. Mrs. Berry's Advisory Row I M. Thomas J. Camacho H- Raines A. Elders T. Schroeder Row In M. Hatto C. Lantz Mrs. Berry HOW U c. Tadlock R. Rath M. Shaw M. Smith D. Bexinger E. Rusconi M. Tarr E. Richardson G. Stanton N. Thomas L. Howell B. Johnson C. Reinstorf W. Ruby J. Lamasney B. Reid B. Rediess Mr. Birkho1m's Advisory Row I Row II A. Schwenning A. Bruce D. Bruck J. Cane R. Bischoff F. Clasby C. Campbell W. Bozdeclc J. Bradley G. Bennett J. Childers R. Benson M. Danielson R. Fraiqe D. Best F. Anthony Mr. Birkholm Mrs. Coke's Advisory Row l J. Wisberqer C. Waterlow R' Elllnqlon D. Roberts B. Wall'n Bow UI L. Velasquez Row ll B. Williams V. Lauderdale A. McNeill S. Trail M- While L, Young I.. Williams C. Thomason S- Warner L, Wood J. Nyser J. Worley J- NSBJY P. Wilson G. Mvers M, Wilgqm B. Hoffmann Mrs. Coke Mr. Fraley's Advisory Hqw I Row ll D. Hermann Not a member G. Fraser T- PICS' A. Hunt J. Bowen G. Hickman B. Fournier J. Hanson G- Kenney E, Hyde S. James G. Harris C. Hausen D. Coursen G. KemPSl9f W. Howard V. Luntsford C. Leon 'l'. Hatch Mr. Fraley Miss Hook's Advisory Row I Row II L. Borromeo A. Archul G. Corrriea G. Purvis J. Branchaud E. Ariis V. Cerasl V. Campbell G. Linder J. Moore P. Dully M. Caviqlia M. Cox S. Carmichael 'l'. Nixon S. Clapper B. Bnzbaker D. Azcarale D. Bidema B. Boihwell Mr. Iackson's Advisory Row I E. Siller J. Aslin I.. Snyder P. Richardson D- Riel' K' Stanhope R. Slevens B. pop, F. Sexauer D. Souza P. Sieber C. Schuller L' Spaulding T' Hiqney H. Sdlcedo I.. Tokerud P' skombefg D. nomield M- Calle' J. Shumaker ROW U c. shepherd Mr. Jackson R. Rollo J. Peralta Miss Reichmuth's Advisory Row I M. Eilrholi M. Eichenauer A' F9993 J. Finley M. Esplnza ROW IU B. Nelson D. Foley H. Epperson M. Lesinsky J. Ormsbee ROW H W. Cummings E. Orla J. Craclznell G. Crepeau M. Gates M. Finley J. Foss F. Fincher L. Newell R. Gaines Miss Reichmulh P. Davis S. Orleqa J. Drew M. Forquer Mr. Kirby-Smilh's Advisory Row I Row II K. Wampler Mr. Kirby-Smith R. Wilson R. Ratio R. Langham F. Yamamoto A. Pasiorino R. D. Jeanne!! W. Wealherlon M. Kane J. Widden L. Williams T. Rush B. Briel H. Keller P. Thrower C. Klitqaard T. Wallace Mrs. Rickard's Advisory ticw I N. Go!dsmTth W. Payne Row ll Mrs. Rickard K. Ha rlnqton N. Parker J. Hatchell P. Gray I. Hcratani S. Harper J. Hanson D. West C. Hollywood Mr. Wenzilandt' Row I R. Rivera R. Duitin R. Hann J. Delonseca li. Goodman Row Ill M. lzard M. Golder P. Olson J. McElvoque V. Howe Hunter G. D. Hall E. Dischert P. Hafrinqton N. Hebei L. Osborne s Advisory Row II H. C. Wendlandt A. Ford J. Stalker H. Grier D. Esty M. Davis J. Holley J. Hamilton Advisory Row ll M. Feder B. Kohut B. Johnson D. Pope M. Laird I.. Mc.C'ara Miss Wilson J. Kennrdy R. Young A. Jelterson Dr. Viqness' Advisory G. Deliaven R. Derbyshire R. Dehn Miss Wi1son's Row l I.. Powers B. Davis B. King L. Marlott J. Johnstad D. Carroll L. Johnson J. Klemann S. Heath Rcw l N. McNeill R. Peatscn J. Miller W. Enos Row ll C. Meuter l. Narahara A. Paisal B. Moore M. McCathrion B. Neff G. Gonzalez R. Orr Row Ill A Viqncss W. Kerk J. Morphew J. Pehrson C. Olson R. Bowen T. Paden S. Oswald W Fall '50 - Spring '51 l af' Juniors President GORDON DUPREE J IM BARBER Vice-Presidenl GAIL FLETCHER JUDY AASUM Recording Secretary DONNA TAYLOR PAT WRIGHT Financial Secretary JIM BARBER NANCY BEAVERS Yell Leader BARBARA HOISINGTON DAVE MUTCH 70 The class of February, l953, has had a very busy and inter- esting year, highlighted by the eminently successful Soph Hop, "Cable Car Capers," given soon after the Christmas holidays. The dance was one of the school year's outstanding social events, and it made a handsome profit for the class treasury. Entertain- ing class meetings were held in the tall and spring terms, and a movie was sponsored. Mr. Cummings' Advisory Row I Row Il M Kelleher P. Long J. Graham F. Lewis B. McClary D. Mutch K. Kyriacos D. Kinna D. Gresham J. O'Connell I.. Hagan W. Guddal S. Harvey H. Gladden B. Haley Mrs. F. Lee's Advisory ROW l D. Walton M. I.eClere G' Tune' C. Will: ROW III Row n C. Rodrigues D. Taylor Y. Price M. Wetsel B. Paul P. Simpson P. Peterson P. Warden N. Talbot P. Wright S. Wong D. Richardson R. Andrews C. Richardson M. Ohlmeyer M. Yeda B. Vernon Mr. Iones' Advisory How l Row II I.. Ceasar R. Cole R. Caldwell R. Boyes T. Burgett R. Fishburn R. Barth J. Awalt H. Fisher G. Dupree J. Barber H. Ahlborn D. Brannan G. Bennett D. F reitas Spectators at "Cable Car Capers": Rudy. Jake Helen. Mae Ellen. Frank. and Rita. Mrs. Tays' Advisory Row I J. Aasum M. Doolan B- Clem ?.CGrii:in Row H ci me et I. Powell . Fletcher M. Decker D- Barnard N. Beavers C. Bertrand L. Goldman 6 Mr. Moore's Advisory Rcw I . Row II F. Lara Not a member L. O'Connell G. Tabler F. Spiersch C. Sinqley D. Roesch P. Trento T. Reiser D. Pozo B. Roth G. Saunders H. Schmidt B. Tillson Mr. Moore B. Tilley T. Swisher H. Turner Mrs. Thompson' Row I M. Maddox S. Herbert N. Hoffman J. Moyer P. McCormick B. McCormick Row II B. Lotstrand J. Hanson J. Kernsley D. Jackson B. Hartman s Advisory P. Hicks J. Heskin G. McCoy B. Hoisinqton Row III G. Hassna B. Kohut B. Jelavich C. March S. Johnson S. Lellar E. Koch N. Massinqill C. Henry Geometry Geniuses High Sophomores The class oi June, 1953, is con- tinuing to set a high standard for the classes which will follow it. The members of the class are do- ing excellent work in classes, in athletics, and in extra-curricular activities. Their class meetings this year were both entertaining and interesting. President ELMER PRICE DUANE ROACH Vice-President MARY DOUMITT PAT CUMMINS Recording Secretary PAT REID TOM LUBBOCK Financial Secretary DUANE EVANS JEAN SODERLUND Yell Leader NORMA ADAIR 73 Full '50 - Spring '51 , if ,, -:f i -. ' Q H" . i R .s-5.5 .1 ' 'Zire' " I ' f . 1 'grtii Miss Barth's Advisory Row I Row III B. Williams R. Tamborski C. Fodrini K. Whyte S. James D. Tabler R H G. Wilson ow M. Tompach B- Tme' C. Wondolleck D' wel' T. Varvil G- V-ua B. Vinson B. Tolleison L. wa.hin9lon G. Dufour N. whim M- C1111 P. william- P. Wheatiill M. Davis L. Verdock G. Walker P. Whitaker Mr. Hu1l's Advisory How I W. Armour T. Bealore A' Aumqer R. Brown Row m Mr. Hull RW' H H. Bradshaw K. Henry W. Barnes B. Brown A. Ary H. Bruce I.. Brackens J. Bergman R. Abney J. Cannon L. Baker E. Anderson R. Harper H. Andrews R. Carmignani Miss Connelly's Advisory Row I D. Airale D. Janis C. Critchlow B. Andxews P. Clements C. Church Row In B. Carero . . . G. Jarvis A. Bolentml B. Bradley N. Church ROW H S. Beaty S. Collins N. Adair M. Cruz M. Shultis P. Archinal P. Cardwell D. Campbell S. Cohen R. Byrd D. Bangs P. Cummins N. Berterov G. Cudvlorth J. Carter Mrs. LeHew's Advisory Row I Row II D. Evans M. Clasby J. Fuiimori B. Dischert J. Dulle J. Cummings J. Dukes K. DeVries D. Furbush A. Dobbert J. Coiiee P. Greig M. Grant G. Erqenbriqht N. Dahl G. Gordon B. Fahnestock E. Garrison E. Gallagher Miss Powers' Advisory ,ow I C. Stanley . Soderlund J- Peppmd . Sherrley ,Q Row I. Suqrue Miss Powers W. Stevens M. Steele D. Stevens low H A. Sexauer l. Paillier A. Santos 1. Snyder B. Reid I. Dickerson E. Richard '. Ravenscrait D. Smith I. Smith D. Rea . Rowan M. Robison l. Pinkard I. Sanders Mr. Sisler's Advisory low I J. Jett 5. Hartman W' 'lone' . Gillian i. Perkins How If K. Knowles T. Leonard i. Howe Not a member .. Hunter B. Crusberq I. Herrera R. Johnson Mrs. Starclz's Advisory low I A. Hararnaki L Lueras B' Huff J. Jamison D. Johnson How UI S. Catsifas low H O. Harrosh Z. Lindahl L. DeHart '. Galiaqher F. Jessen '. Hale B. Hubbard S. Helmerle B. Johnson I. Jansen R. Byrd L Keeler M. Henry '. Hazard D. Espinoza E. Lima Mrs. Smith's Advisory low I R. Okamoto L Noni. R. Parsley i. Longman Row III Row H H. Mackenzie 5. Mason B. Nereu R. Musgrave W. Moore I. DeGrano G. Nieman W. Malone P. Mullaly Pl. Mann B. Loorz l'. Lubbock B. Oakley S. Lonqanecker C. Paxton D. Oshima W. Teeter Miss Venard's Advisory Row l K. Multz C. May C. Mack R. Dcwen D. Musso Row ll G. Chaney Y. Myles M. Morris E. Morris K. Mark M. Ogden Mr. -Socolofsky ROW I J. Sagen C. Powell C. Powell L. Pugh N. Hudabaugh L. Powell F. Pinkard ROW ll R. Perkins J. Thorsen N. Simpson L. Pederson K. Ogden J. Matson D. M.Combs M. Mu:ray Row III S. Gominqer E. Noriye S. Nichols K. Ow: n K. McCarty S. Mann J. Merrill F. Montgomery E. Nielsen 's Advisory B. Kock J. Gunn C. Sell C. Wallace ROW III J. Ratto B. Ratto J. Koblein W. Pritchard B. Powell W. Reno D. Roach Mr. Socolotslry Miss Wann's Advisory Row I D. Guy E. Daubenech J. Daniels Row ll C. Robertson E. Collins S. Parker W. Frasheski B. Elton M. Furuno M. Doumitt L. Euler M. Emery C. Fritzler Row Ill C. Foster A. Wann M. Gargas J. Morris M. Gallagher K. Easterling J. Gibson M. Mason P. Dikes C. Robertson Mr. Young's Advisory Row I B. Whitelock J. Bledsoe L. Pirkey D. Thysse J. Young D. Smith B. Wysling 'l'. Willies Rcw II M. Wuesthotf L. Tavemier J. Willer B. Wilson C. Wells R. Spalteholz N. Vivion M. Weldon K. Williams Low Sophomores Having completed one full year in high school, the low sophomore class is now looking forward with great anticipation to their first big social affair, their Soph Hop: they ore sure it will be the greatest yet. This year the class of February, 1954, held one entertaining class meeting and presented a noon movie which was a financial success. President RICHARD AGUIRRE BOB BROWN Vice-President VERNA SCHATI' SHIRLEY DeHAVEN Recording Secretary BARBARA WHITAKER SHARON RANDALL Financial Secretary ALICE THORNE SUE JACOBS 77 Fall '50 - Spring '51 Yell Leader JOAN PRIEST Mrs. Ryan's Advisory Row I B. Wanless P. saqfma C' gzgggms A. Thornhill ' N. Williams Row m B. Whitaker M. Tomemn W. Sellers P' warner B. Simpson Row H J. Scott J. Ward D. Stray G. Thau A. Wacherman L. Willan O. Thomas B. Schroeder R. Spiller M. Seqerquist M. Wilkerson M. Staude R. Swisher G. Williams P. Scoqin Mr. Freeman's Advisory Row I R. Spadoni p' wyait J. Simmons R. swfcmi M. Tompkinson J. Smith D. shepherd HOW UI I. Thomas ROW ll R. Singleton R. Stam H. Rath V. Willyard D. Rivers H. Walker A. Santos B. Silva R. Weirmack S. Walmsley E. Saralian W. Reed G. Rodenborn Mrs. Tham's Advisory Row I M. Love R. Lunardi A. Rita S. Lipka K. Krausse J. McWhinney I. Puckett R. Humbert S. Maloney Row Il M. Elledqe F. Sarmicnto J. Lee N. McNeill Miss Reichmuth's Prospects Mr. Goldman's Advisory ROW I R. Brown J. Camlield P. Colle J. Crowdul R. Figueroa W. Crotherl ROW II S. Harper J. Alexander G. Fomey R. Barn H. Aguirre Miss H ROW I E. Gramrna K. Crowell E. Alameda D. Crepeau L. Eaton ROW II M. Harris B. Hall S. Brown V. Bernardl S. Jacobs G. Clausnltzer L. Froerer E. Briggs Mr. W ROW I C. Lyons E. Murray F. Cox L. Mason A. Pellersen W. Flke Il. Oliphanl .l. Cleary D. Gillell J. Duckworth ROW Ill C. Bruce P. Dorais 'l'. Farias H. Clough D. Hall J. Avery D. Boreland G. Hagerbaumer U. Harper J. Bull ays' Advsiory S. Holliday J. F allavena ROW III S. Cochran E. Carpanelo J. Anderson B. Bridge S. Jensen K. Harrison M. Lynch G. Hammer G. Grimes 5. Hint: J. Campbell B. Darling att's Advisory B. Penland ROW II S. Kofman Il. Lohr Mr. Watt S. Prlce M. Myers A.S.A.H.S. Eleclion Board Fall '50 High Spring '51 Freshmen President CHUCK SMITH JIM KIRK Vice-President DEBORAH DOWSETT DEBORAH DOWSETT Recording Secretary PAT RANDALL MARJORIE FLEMING Financial Secretary FRED CASTALDO SALLY DOWD Yell Leader NARVELLE SMITH NARVELLE SMITH 80 The lB class had their firs' class meeting on March 14, 1951 In addition to excellent entertain- ment, they discussed their firs movie, which they held witl great financial success April 4 l95l, in the auditorium. The members of the class are showing excellent school spiri' by becoming members ot the A.S.A.H.S. and by taking an ac- tive part in the school's activi ties. Miss Dusenberry's Advisory vw I M. Botelho Vincent N' Akers Chapin Row In Brooks B. Burton Barrett B Bos' Carr ' J. Campbell .Burt J B . ennett grimy P. Black cms D. Broqan S. Berry 'W ll G. Barrett . Brown J. Barrett Carradine J. Awalt Burton A. Chase Brown C. Berrie Campisi S. Calvert Banton G. Barbour Crum R. Butom Mr. Coppo's Advisory nw I F. Castaldo Cutler W' Boggs Conkle Cook Row III Buchanan C. Barth Avriett C. Busselen Bruce A. Burtleson Aubry R. Ceder K. Borden W H G. Abrahamson '. Coppo H. Berq Carter J. Bates Borromeo L. Bickner . Burkhart G. Abrahamson Bulmer R. Andrew Cobb R. Chan Andrews Miss diVecchio's Advisory w I Row III Whisnand J. Thrower Turner Miss diVecchio Warren M. Vaughn Stuart S. Tuter N. McCarthy W H D. Wallace Iles J. Webster Swanson B. Dixon Washington S. Villaire Totten M. Voirol Terry S. Wenners Winkler M. Thompson Wright B. Turner Suqiyama K. Sullivan Towata B. Vay Stevens Mr. Boughton's Advisory w I R. I.aJeunesse Larson C. Magill Yeany T. Lomba Momgomery R. Netherwood Medina Row m Lewis Mathews R Newton Leu, R. Mills Millet' B. Mitchell K Noriye W H V. Owens . Boughton R Moore Milner J. Mann Lloyd K Longaneclrer Oswald A. McGwynn Oransky D. Olson Miss J o11y's Advisory ROW l A. Ratto G. Reaves ?' scott G. Slupski . cheuermann L Spurlock C. Sherman ' J. Shroyer Row In 3' Eagan! R. Santos J 'S .u S. Sherman ' P' Q' N smith B. Seare ' M. Brown J. Schwartz Row H B. Sargent E. Louise Jolly K. Romanoit L. Ratto E. Smith A. Sanchez M. Quayle J. Rasmussen H. Smith L. Silva D. Holland A. Severance L. Rafferty Mr. Coughlan's Advisory Row I J. Vernon C. Valenzuela G' wood D. waiters P- Tones D. Laughlan J- Walks' K. Tennier J. Brickett How m R. Thornton D. Tyler R. Winton D. White Mr. Coughlan ROW H L. Thelen S. Whidden L. Tennison D. Couqlin T. Williams J. Wallace R. Thompson H. Talley W. Thomas J. Pirkey P. Westbrook C. Adams Mrs. Pavid's Advisory Row I D. Lindquist J. Little D. Phillips E. Pender S' Orion ll:LLI-OR Row III . ie art L. .mzzsazr L' core B. Lockhart S. Marie ROW U c. O'Sullivan A. Perata N. Powers C. Perata S. Murray N. Pratt M. Kropa . B. Purvis D. Powell C. Louie R. Long S. McFarland J. Medaqlia S. Nicholas P. Needram Mrs. Nea1e's Advisory ROW I C. Gonzales K. Hockabout P. Kapler ROW II J. Griffin A. Alfred H. Harper L. Izard R. Kubu C. Harris J. Hutchson R. Hicks W. Shields ROW III J. Kelly D. Harris B. Good J. Kirk R. Hurtubise Mrs. Neale B. Henry C. Jepsen R. Johnson B. Jarrett Mrs. Pitman's Advisory D. Row l J. Henderson ?. Howell S- Lunch P. Heald J- I-HY " Ktiens D. Hofmann C. Kemple new nl f' J. Mroczkowski ' S. Kelley L. Kenney RCW H S. Kennedy 3. Harrosh M. Kempster I. Lee B Hartman M. Hunt G. Jackson Vi. Wilcox P. Hansen M. Brown J. Justin R. Kempster P. Hinq Vi. Johnson S. Hook Mr. Pape's Advisory Plow I Row ll Vlr. Pape F. Peterson N. Read D. Bolle 3. Stamps R Potter l'. Summa T. Slavan R. Rutley D Robertson R. Sanford B. Poor R. Price C Smith R. Prado R Powers W. Sasser R. Ross 3. Pierre J. Pugh H. Rediess Mrs. Goodale's Advisory low l J. Dart N. Green J. Conlin r. sua. 5' Duran J. Loomis Row lu I' Glle? J. Gomer 3' Ferns' L. Coleman . Cooper M. Cox C. Curry low H J. Cudney i. Miller J. Dischert i. Coward D. Dowsett VI. Cross S. Dowd 3. Eskridqe D. Foley '. Foster S. Goodman i. Frost B. Connors 3. Dedman J. Connell vi. Fleming L. Crestetto Mr. Yeoman's Advisory low l W. Dubbs 3. Dexter T. Dicker D. Bailey G' DUY N. Marchman J- DUY Q- Ifodffev Row nr .. ox 1. saffron M" Y"'m"" I Ferrier A' Gamer ' R. Silvey R. Frayher low H D. Buell L Follrath J. Francis '. Frost W. Davis '. Genereux H. Davis K. Gingrich W. Rueda l. Fabian H. G. Davis l. Dampler R. Elrod Low Freshmen RICHARD FRESCI-ll Financial Secretary MODA WALLACE Yell Leader 84 DICK CHILDS. President PAT GRAHAM. Vice-President SUSAN BIGGART. Recording Secretary The low freshman class successfully in- troduced co-educational advisories to Ala- meda High in the spring of this year. The class is now quite different from the class which entered high school in February. Nc longer do they look bewildered or get lost inside this large institution. The class has had its first class meeting and participated in its first A.l-l.S. election: it is now looking forward to three and a half more Wonderful years of high school life. Mr. Koehler's Advisory ROW I B. Waller w. Arnold ization C. Childress S' Bi an R. Canepa ' qq 3. :rmsironq How m . arnen . J. Coireia Hint., P- ' A. Perry C. Casorla Row H Mr. Koehler V. Arier L. Botelha H. Carroll D. Cooper W. Almand J. Childers J. Pukles F. Carroll B. Conkle G. Azcaraie J. Carrie B. Burton Mrs. Bennett's Advisory HOW I A. Humphers B. Hallam M- Grief J. Jackson D- Kmon J. Keclrler R. Goodman Row UI H. Kameny A. Hoppe D. Childs R. Gray B. Gould D. Kiely S. Inqold HOW H N. Ghiselli B. Hess M. Johnson I.. Haich M. Jones R. Blake J. Jensen B. Halley J. Goodman P. Graham J. Green B. Gordon R. Harper Mrs. Anderson's Advisory lOW I S. Ducal 5. Fisher C- Gel'-'9h'Y F. De'l'reville 2. Fletcher ROW U1 F. F lllpelli 10W I1 D. muon W. Turner B. Elmore W. Gerhard! W. Floyd l. Duran J. Dawes l. Franck B. Crulclrshank V. Daly B. Durham L DeHaven P. Flllpelli I. Jurlch B. Draper J. Davis R. Freschi '. Dunlap J. Garret! Miss Payne's Advisory lOW I E. Powers 3. Rown B. Penman qi mc, I.. Payton 3. Romanowilz R- Sheriff :I Noble J. Peterson '. Richards G' Nom '. Paira D- SP'-Uk' 4. pabul R. Pederson R. Stagnaro low H J. Seclborn 3. Shaw Mr. Stowe11's Advisory lOW I K. Thomson 5. Tores J' whiie l. Wheeler RQW m I' Rupp J Anderson K' wen G. Thomas 'OW H 1'5i.F"2Y.?.'.5... L Waqner G. lluperlo '. Wendland F. Will: '. Slamats J. Thomas fl. Wallace W. Moon . Slagner ll. Willis V. Walerlow ll. Sleinecke I. Weslby D. Wesslinq Dr. Peoples' Advisory KOW I . Mahoney . Lopez l'. McGowan Z. Nideck I. Nicolson IOW ll I. Mclnlosh I. Nicolson l. Morlay Z. Marshall l. Kleeman K. Muller l. Medelros S. Mangum J. Ludlke ROW lll R. Mlxon V. Lewis D. Loberq B. Murray R. Nelson B. Medelros G. Morris Dr. Peoples D. McKee R. Lofslrand G. Lopez Sparts... 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I ' sl 'YL . , K l . 1 if 'f 2 M l.O,1.'mx.:.f.-'..aZ-3 Rudy Abney Lewis Jolley Lee Pauline Charles Socololsky Charlie Shephard Hank Jones Fred Champion Calder Hayes 88 Chet Millett George Cadwell Foofball . VARSITY ROW l: Mgr. C. Gowanl, Mgr. A. Toqasald, S. Glordanella, M. Man- ning, A. Gotelll, D. Walklns, D. Cre- stetto, Asst. Coach C. Mllleit. HOW ll: Mgr. G. Saunders. H. Tur- ner, J. Collee, M. 0'Hollly, M. Ne- reu, D. Furlno, M. Clem, Coach C. Socololslry. ROW Ill: O. Miranda, B. Green, I.. Spaulding, G. Anderson. C. Tumor. D. Stanhope, Mgr. L. Bustamante. ROW IV: I.. Klnney, G. Pinckney, B. Cooper, D. Madlson, J. Hansard, T. Snyder, R. Lee. ROW V: D. Gluck. H. Romanowltz. G. DeHaven, L. Pauline, li. Bowen, M. Malland. B. Bulklrk. K. Johnson. JUNIOR VARSITY BOW I: W. Jones, J. Salas, T. San tos, T. Bealore, B. Pope, J. Wlller C. Schuller, H. Grler. HOW II: C. Gowans, T. Swisher, R Thompson. G. Dupree, I. Narahara J. Cecconl, F. E. Gladden, V. Lunts lord. G. Saunders. ROW III: Coach G. Cadwell. D. Her man, I.. Gross, R. Stanley, D. Bran nan, R. Derbyshire, R. Benson, P. Trento, J. I-Iamllton, P. Sieber, M. Kobleln. D. Reno, B. Carmlqnanl. The Hornets of Alameda High probably had the most unusual season any Alameda team has ever had: although they won only two games, they were defeated but once. Strange as it may seem, three, or SUV., of the Hornets' games ended in a tie. An inexperienced Alameda team lost one and tied two of their first three games, but helped immensely by Coach Socolofsky's coaching, and by the confidence gained after each game, the Hornets finished the season in a blaze of glory, they slaughtered Piedmont and Albany, and held the powerful El Cerrito Gauchos to a tie. 89 tg an ll I ' s , . v ti! , i an iii S Stl ROW I: D. Evans, G. Longanocker, I.. Rogers, H. Davis, F. Plnkatd, J. McMullln, H. Mann, R. Oshima. R. Brown. F. Cox, D. Mutch. ROW II: T. Raiser, Mgr., W. Barnes, L. Lanham, H. Oranslroy, A. Hansard, K. Noriyo, B. Johnson, R. Aguirre, B. Marks, B. Ratto, J. Conkle, H. MacKenzie. ROW III: I.. Tavernior, C. Bruce. B. Heyn, V. Owens. N. Dahl, J. Reece, B. Bradley, I.. Baker, B. Pritchard, J. Camilold, B. Knowles. E. Price, D. Hurlubise, D. Boroland, I.. Hunter, B. Moore, A. AlqY. R. Elrod, Coach C. Hayes. The future football stars of Alameda High had a rugged year: the Junior Var- sity won 3 games cmd lost 3, cmd "B" tegm tied l and lost 5. However, the boys gained a great deal of experience and greatly improved their ability as the season progressed. Next year many of the boys will move up to the Varsity. As Varsity men they will match the records of other good Hornet teams, because they have been exceedingly well coached by Coaches Cadwell and Hayes. , " 1 h -:.f"":.,L. ..1:.".z..L.. -ix.,-f - . ff-, "Q tw5S.,Q'x""',.4.E ::r11.-fiRf-3-'X asf. ...M-, -A ae-5 '-'1-fs-N- - H. D., ' -f-f-A N. .5-S. :tj-'Pg 3, , '1 'U-HN -- 1. -N: 5. I.: -jeg' ",',.N" ,::",q.:7f'-r-..:l T.. 7g.,,.K.. fximm, X li -.---ri --'3::'g,,'b.." -.. .Jk-':-75i'H:.'1w'-41mannbl?'WfH1hUHs0h4h:t!p1g1?ff21cr'9 'E""i'L'1"f!69Dl1'4l9hl' TTS? --'51 las.-f' 11.3, 'lliickaa-5.1-tag-ohuaumarg-',g1.'-gr:,.4f.'.,1+ gg ' wr' Fikggr' ,4:v4R'ahkl-Hdhl Rs c.f"1' 715'-.I--' QL?-1: -Q-L "' -A-Mhlaalg' 'S a., Uorvietarzkf 1 "11.L '1'-.IN 7'-ff aaa.-nqhuarfgntz-r1,iiu - ' 7"'g'N.:-g'.T3.'1'- 127954: - q w A fgklgv'-. su I nJ11'iH1sim02-- 1- '- ' is f -AP' 2-..11."1'-Ai". K, .5 , - -A -.-- -1 1, 1351: f 4'......- -r -7 l'- wi-0,3-,"-".n1dmaaaTJLraEt.Ja. Han .11 giant toiilbbi fx, L75 'Q :JW O .. . ax, -., ,cl 5 ,I , .,., . .. sd kk- ---as,-51- 51.21. - 4.-5131.2 5-"5'L"n'?1"!'?Efl1'!T'?'.'-'. -:-- - :fr -f"t- i"f' 2.497 'K YW- frm- 'f it 'l...:": ...L--'ff-XF'--W :Xl -- iff.,-' '- 1, . 9-.'BQhLLBs1h.'1'Z,-1'-.--.,gff"g,:i-g"".3c?" N-gf.,-,9,'x .Gb1d-gndNVhlte'-gur j.'5'lidh1L,1,,.'eC-...:'Qz- 2g3'Qq'3:1,',,4.W3'I1 r3zBAT6Rciaar.3- i-'LN-r:,,i,"". ,is .- if -, aywa4,.3as:n..." -qw' on'9v.-e-- .-wr., gill' wah'h:N.J'o 'bid-'X-',,, : g'?'- md 'W NX Q,-r-wig, - " "- ' -- '---we if P---Elf.-gg.-1: rr-L'-14213-XZ?-rw - ' Fa -9- -.fs-'-a..,'-:"..1-C:5'..?-s:.1..1'f M.-4? -matt. , . .5 ..95- Lx :FY-'Ss :X ' "'2',3..-'ai '...-'IL-5515 ' 1 N- ".:95." 4 i V x .Lee .L . i' .4 . ALAMEDA 0 - HAYWARD 0 In their first A.C.A.L. game, the Alameda Hornets and the Hayward Farmers, both determined to get off to a good start, fumbled their way to a U to O tie. Each team seemed capable of playing an excellent game, but the players' anxiety often caused them to move toward the goal line leaving the pigskin behind. ALAMEDA 0 - BERKELEY 18 The Hornets, in playing the Berkeley Yellow Jackets, opposed a football team equipped with a good running game and a better than average aerial attack. The Yellow Jackets scored 18 points while holding the Homets scorelessy the game was practically even for the first half, but Alameda's gameness was no match for Berkeley's power. ALAMEDA 19 -- RICHMOND 19 Coach Socolofsky's team surprised the Richmond Oilers by battling the Oilers to a 19 to 19 tie. The team appeared to have found itself and gave promise of being a much better team for the rest of the season. The Hornets played an inspired game, and their rugged determination enabled them to hold the favored Richmond team to a standstill. ALAMEDA 25 -- PIEDMONT D Coach Socolofsky's revived Hornets stung the Piedmont High- landers to the tune of a 25 to 0 defeat. The Alamedans lived up to the student body's expectations, and they really made the Highlanders feel low. The Hornets' offense clicked well, and the defensive team, for the second time in four games, held the opponents scoreless. ALAMEDA 34 - ALBANY 0 The Albany Cougar found the Hornets' sting much more deadly than his claws: after being pushed up and down the gridiron for 60 minutes, the badly beaten Cougar was sent home licking his newly acquired bruises and murmuring "wait until next year." The once green Hornet team was now a powerful unit. ALAMEDA 6 - EI. CERRITO 6 A determined, confident, and well-coached group of Hornets went into the game with El Cerrito a definite underdog. The Ala- medans were expected to lie down and play dead, but the inspired Hornets, helped by a wet field, furiously battled the unbeaten, untied Gauchos to a 6 to 6 deadlock. ln the last half of the season the Hornets were definitely one of the powers of the league. 92 f J I I QEVSIK 'X 15 jim ii 'fm FQ, M335 .41 Q' N A , J -Q3 fm ' ff '1"'L 1 M4 A mf, Q, ugx S F, 1 iiiizx an in A iaifr- in Q3 by m,, 33, . g '. x '54 l 1 I ,ggi T9 sh 9 v nf X we Q fs fffw. Aigszt,-A 'S' H6511 V .gif 'il .A . k Jw? W yixyvlv. v 2355 ? A , A if .. 1- f f a i Baskefball VARSITY Row I-J. Aslin, B. Lehmann. L. Church, J. Mares. Mgr. Row ll-B. Suqrue. I. Thomas. N. Romanofi, H. Jones. Coach. Row III-P. Lunmdi, W. Arnold. R. Abney. J. Kane, G. Tablet. Mgr. The Alameda High cagers had an interesting and exciting year. Though the team won only two games, their spirit and determination made them one of the toughest teams to beat in the league: Coach Hank J ones' Hornets never accepted defeat and hustled as hard as ever until the final buzzer was sounded. The major- ity of the boys will be back next year, and the Hornets should be one of the best teams in the A.C.A.L. T? Q " , fi11'Wit'W. . i1t35tttt?ttttt5fff.f.'ttiiitttt?,ft.'- -H, 5 t,,. i .A,Ly ' ' l ll fi' 'T 5 Al ' fl ' All l'lf6'Qbf":i1ksA-if 2 -'f' ' 1 ' 'R 1' vfi 't'f'-ll? 11"'.amftw.'B-f+A-M' T i 5 t2'fft't'4fis ill' TW-4 QQ' Q bm fh9f'f'Q4 'he MWA - ' 'i A-'itfil' fl bil l '9 qefg11gr"l1e15to,3Bd,iiye,' x ., 61? , ' 'SA rl gm-H-4, feien1yHsfree--'.s1+4n:bwve1p.fg'g.-tlsggifg. I H mill lil. Li Qxlfl ,fl 'g !.i1.4'fk,l'1' u if: 7. i i 9 ':f5l?f'.Z'i.VIyf.-:lflfftA1-'ll,"?.'.l.,:'l,lG21'lL',iil .F 'A ,tLl,di'L.' -S-WM .dl-gl?"'Q5""1' e fi 5' s 51.55.53 JUNIOR VARSITY HOW I: R. Stefani. W. Davis, J. Wil liamson, D. Butler, Couch G. Cad well. HOW II: P. Trento. E. Price, R. Bo nino, I.. Brcxckins, J. Hanson. ROW III: H. Thompson, J. Hamilton B. Johnson, E. Siller, S. Hilcher. The Junior Varsity basketball team, under the superb coaching ot Coach Cad- well, had a very good year. The J.V.'s played Very good ball in each game and several of them proved themselves to be capable of making the grade as Varsity men next year. Coach Cadwell's instruction and the boys' desire to learn made the team a success. 1 Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda First Half 33 Berkeley .1 42 32 Richmond 45 4U Hayward , .. 38 22 Piedmont 26 46 El Cerrito , 49 Second Half 31 Berkeley , , 30 45 Richmond , 51 29 Hayward 38 23 Piedmont. 28 41 El Cerrito , , 50 97 i' seball .,.........-......-f,...w.,..,- . ,. M . vat , W . , K ' . A n -, ,,,.,,., ffl. .A -..sq . .. r.. my . . 9 --M - -J. .f'.7'QW.M.M'1-rw'!e'E'EaT.f ...Wye ,-H .a Y' 'tj ' , v. A 1K9l'f'i...,. .:' ' A , . . " A 'N st' ' 1 VARSITY ROW I: B. Carir, J. Sherman, P. Chatman, K. Roberts, C. Whitbsck A. Simi, H. Howard, K. Holmel. N Johnson, Mgr. ROW II: F. Champion, B. Bozdeck G. Young, D. Purina, S. Lnnci, L. Church, H. Luce, I. Thomas. L. Smart, J. Jonol. Couch C. Hayes. JUNIOR VARSITY ROW I: W. Thomas D. Pouponoy, L. Hogan. M. Weldon, W. Davin, G. Longaneckor. R. Bowen, R. DoI.ouu. ROW Il D. Shephard, E. Price, D. Herman, W. Sauer. D. Reno. J. Aslin, H. Ahlborn, C. Dexter, C. Loronzuncx. ROW Ill: T. Lubbock, H. MucK0nzi0, L. Brackins, D. Hannah, C. Hanlon, S. I-Iitchor, W. Jones, G. Roqon, G. Froshour, A. Hunter. Under guidance of Coach Calder Hayes, the Alameda High baseball team had a very good year. The team was very well balanced, and its hitting and fielding were ot a good quality. This was Coach Hayes' first year coaching the varsity, and he did an excellent job: he seems to know a great deal about baseball and to be able to get the most out of the available material. April April April April BASEBALL SCHEDULE ,Berkeley AEI Cerrito .,.......iHayWard Richmond May May May May ,ii, ,,i,,i,iii B erkeley El Cerriio ,Hayward ,Richmond 100 1 . "MDM-wi. . e ,.. W ...nk ., ,. March 16 March 30 April 6 , April 12 , April 14 , u-, Xfw. TRACK SCHEDULE .Richmond ., ,..... Piedmont p.El Cerrito ..,.Acalar1es e.,Cal Fresh April 20 May 4 May 12 May 19 May 26 .e .Y,,.,,.. B erkeley ...A.C.A.L. .Sub-Section ,State Meet -W ww-H-vs-1.-u.....,.,,,,,,, -.Q ... 101 2 Track ........L. VARSITY HOW 1: R. Slansbury, I.. Williams K. Wampler. J. Willer, J. Williams G. Bryan, J. Coffee. P. Thrower. G Mills. HOW II: L. Bustamante, K. Stanhope C. Bruce, L. Mason, G. Dupree, T Prest, H. Turner, N. Romanofi, H Thompson, A. Allred, H. Harper, 5 Harper, B. Pope, G. Saunders. ROW III: K. Johnson. B. Dowd. H Romanowitz, L. Pauline. D. Reis, J Hales, D. Madison, D. Vermillion E. Siller. M. Gonsalves, B. Cooper. B's ROW I: B. West. Mgr.. J. Jackson. H. Davis, J. McMullin. D. Mulch. J. Gahbard, T. Bealore, H. Mann, C. Gowans, J. Seaborn, Mgr. HOW II: L. Chianese, Mqr., B. Knowles, R. Cobb, R. Thompson, F. Yamamoto, R. Brown, I.. Hunter, B. Leibie, C. Shephard, H. Oshima, M. Tompkinson, Coach Socololsky. ROW Ill: J. Mann, Mgr., N. Simp- son, S. Giordanella, G. DeHaven, W. Barnes, J. Griflin, D. Bekker, F. Pinkard, A. Paisal, 0. Pierre, l.. Tavernier, J. Schumaker. H. Felix. Coach Lewis Jolley started this year's track season with four returninq letter- men. As the season qot underway, Coach Jolley's team improved steadily due to excellent coaching and experience qained at each meet. Bill Dowd, l-lerhie Turner, .lack Hales and lim Coffee did very well as the Alameda squad edged out Piedmont and El Cerrito. Our "B" track squad coached by Charles Socolotsky has turned out to he one ot the hest in A.H.S. history. Track records were hroken as they won the El Cerrito and San .lose 20-30 relays. We can look forward to having a very successful track season next year. 105 Row I-K. Rudd. B. Connelly. R. Miramont. Row II-G. Caiambay. R. Elrod. K. DeVries, L. Barnett, W. Hebei. Tennis With only one returning member oi the l95U team, Coach Jones did a fine job oi building another good tennis team out ot almost completely new material. His advice helped the boys develop a better backhand and iorehand stroke and greatly improved their game. The tennis playing Hornets are one of the smallest and most interesting school teams. 'fig-FQ J C ti 1 5 3 A. Burtleson. P. "K.1W-I ' V'l' z3,,.QnnFL I vs WW et' Q? Thrower, R. Ratio. C. Shephard. J. Cummings. Golf The qoli team is Alameda Highs smallest sport team. The team is com- posed of tive boys and is coached by Coach Jolley. The boys did a qood job of representing Alameda l-liqh in compe- tion against other schools in the A.C.A.L. Coach Jolley kept the spirit and determi- nation of his team at a hiqh point. 105 G. A. A. Fall Officers DIANE EBERT President JEAN ADAM Vice-President BOBBIE COBB Recording Secretary BETTY BAYLEY Financial Secretary EVELYN ORLA Publicity Manager GAIL FLETCHER Sonq Leader Spring Officers BETTY BAYLEY President EVELYN CRLA Vice-President ANN JONES Recording Secretary MARILYN HEINBOCKEL Financial Secretary BETTIE ADONIS Publicity Manager JANET KLEMANN Song Leader All girls interested in sports aspire to become members ot the Girls' Athletic Association. Qnly qirls who have achieved and maintained a hiqh averaqe in PE. are allowed to join. A wide assortment of sports, both team and individual, is offered. The qirls who are on winning teams or those who are outstanding in individual sports are presented with letters and trophies at the semi-annual spread. Also at this time the newly-elected officers are announced. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Myrtle McKenna, faculty advisor, the girls are kept lousy with other activities such as the pencil sale, movie, play days, and colleqe play days. 106 Spori BADMINTON Row I C. Heavey B. Hoepner B. Williams high score ' B. Tuier D. Hberl V. Irvin hlgh score B. Schill K. Easlerlinq HOW II J. Levy S. Nickoll S. Hiniz VOLLEY BALL WINNING TEAM Row I D. Manning M. Rego M. Mull: E. Ball CREW WINNING TEAM Row I B. Medina Simpson P. P. Warden P. Wright HOCKEY WINNING TEAM Row I S. Snyder M. Gorst M. Rego V. Irvin B. Barlalini B. Hoepner Row II S. Snyder B. Jones M. Clinkenbeurd C. Mucci B. Adonis Row II J. Ausum W. Terry M. Yedc M. Welzel B. Hoisinglon G. Flelcher Row II S. Kelling J. Adam E. Ericksen E. Simpson M. Myles B. Adonis B. Hayley 08 WINNING BASKETBALL M. Heinbockel J. Moyer B. Davis W. Terry N. Goldsmith J. Klemann L. Williams DANCE Modern, Folk, Ballet ROW I ROW Il J. Aasum D. Manning C. Brenton M. Wetzel P. Hale N. Hebel D. Ebert B. Bridge C. Mucci B. Tuter D. Foster B. Schill I. Cooper K. Easterlinq M. Rego E. Bell B. Davis J. Levy ARCHERY ROW I ROW ll B. Bayley A. Haramaki B. Bartalini M. Furuno H. Epperson B. Tuter S. Wamer C. Brenton J. Adam G. Purvis C. Narahara M. Forquer C. Tadlock B. Brubaker A. Jones S. Snyder N. Hebel D. Jackson E. Bell ROLLER SKATING ROW I B. Bayley W. Brown M. Wetzel D. Elmore R. Tamborski B. Terry M. Smith R. Byrd B. Knoop M Yedd Row m J. Rasmussen C. 1-ompach M- Emefll D. Wallace C. Narahara 5. Marie ROW II C. Wilson B. Jones S. Berry B. Medina C. Shofe J. Moyer M. Clinlrenbeard B. Bradley P. Simpson W. Terry J. Connell M. Clapper D. Stevens A. Bowman B. Paul RIFLERY ROW I: BOW ll: M. Clapper A. Bowen, D. Rea E. Morris B. Bartalini B Bayley P. Wright M. Forquer J. Acsum B. Brubaker P. Cabral G. Purvis C. Brenton N. Hebei B. Bradley M. Multz M. Gerst J. Adam S. Warner SOFTBALL HOW l: D. Wallace J- Moyer J. Rasmussen J. Klemann B. Davis ROW Ill: E. Orla A' J N. Goldsmith B, Hggge, K. Easterlinq E. Morris B- TNF' B. Bridge P' Wnqhl S. Harper H. Epperlon Row U: A. Bowman H. Gilmore M. Clapper M. Rego M. Smith D. Manning C. Tadlock D. Ebert D. West C. Mucci P. Cabral B. Terry G. Fletcher I. Cooper G. Purvis SPEEDAWAY ROW I: J. Moyer S. Harper A. H h' H. Smith D. Weli H. Esgirggion D. Taylor A. James K' gusterlinq M. Myres G. Purvis L. E-roam, B. Hoepner E. Orla B. william! N. Goldsmith C. Tadlock K. Warfield B. Wiese ROW III: ROW IV: W. Powers J. Levy ROW U1 B. 'rum B. Liebherr E. Lima J. Dart B. Butom I.. Powers S. Kellinq C. Frltzler M. Heinbockel S. Snyder D. Manning E. Lindahl A. Haramaki M. Rego V. Irvin B. Schill B. Davis B. Adonis M. Williams N. Hebei G. Fletcher E. Simpson J. Morris J. Winberqer H. Gilmore SWIMMING-Spring and Fall ROW I: E. Lima S. Marie 5-U J k J. Wisbeger B. Bridge sf Ggiiaglr M. Hai-tbockel B. wma A. Haramaki G. Purvis M. Forquer A. Huwhinson C. Tadlcck C. Mucci K. Warfield A. Jones D. Ebert N- Goldsmhh H. Epporson W. Terry J' Klemmm D. Rea B. Medina E. Ona B. Bradley P. Sirnu'on MA Muuz M. Gerst M. Yeda J. Rasmussen S. K'-lling S. Harper M. Emery E. Ariis D. West C- I,-,inlet D. Taylor M. Myles E. Lindam B. Adonis R. Tamborski J' Annum M. Williams D Stevens P. wriqh' M. Morris M. Clapper P. Hale B. Terry P. Cahral Ecaoper ROW IV: E' Simpson ' more J. Morris G. Fletcher N. Powers 1. Heskin now III: R. Bmom D- wuhon D. Foster B. Liebhart D. Hickenbottom C. Shofe Row U7 J. Connell D. Wallace M. Wetzel M. Furuno L. Powers -QQ, . Willan H. Smith S. Berry J. Scott K. Tompach R. Byrd S. James W. Brown L. Suqiyama . Froerer C. Wilson M. Murray 109 P. Warden J. Carter K. Easterling A. Bowman N. Bertero . Bangs 110 CANOEING B. Hoepner E. Lindahl B. Bayley B. Adonis . J. Morris V. Irvin BOWLING ROW I ROW II D. Rea J. I-Ieskin M. Furuno M. Smith L. Sugiycma E. Bell D. Hickenbottom B. Knoop P. DeGuzman D. Jackson M. Emery M. Izard E. Ariis G. Jackson M Yeda: S. Gominger M Clapper M. Guies A. Bowman J. Soderlund P. Hale S. James M. Gerst W. Terry M. Wetzel E. Ericksen TENNIS TOURNAMENT RIDING . . . GOLF ROW II S. Kellinq L. Powers N- Hebel N' powers M. I-Ieinbockel D. Ebert D. Manninq ROW H M. Rego J. Levy B. Davis B. Schill P? Q H' ggmigilux 7 , , , f Vi., "-" bf iff' Q M513 V 9 1 Wonder "Boys" 2 Behind the scenes 3 'ien-shun!! 4 Dragnet 5 6 6 Heaven Can Wait 7 No comment 8 Box seals III Activities... Q AcoRN...oAK LEAF STAFFS Q CLASS oANcEs Q DRAMA Q AnT...oANclNe Q Music ,4 - 'S , ffl! ' 1 I , . L-'46,-yr ' f' .., , .ff--255-, ' ' ,f' . .J - ' f'- 'in-"' ' .f"r""f '. '-".' ' "- ' 'fab-, F' .Alu-C1-1, ,L r ,- , . ,f-114.1-J 'I 4 "fy ,J .'.v""k- 'r f " ' - ..,A-:N 74 ,Sn-9' 3 " A 1 -419.4 ,..4. .4-"S" ' 6 " " . 'jf ' x ' , ' 1 - " I- " '-, ' r A '.',f1'l J, ', '.,-: -' JY J -'95-,,. . -.f.. .' 'guy Agbf' L? - " Qc. I . .sf --ff- fry ' -' -'P ' ' '- f-.L+ lx J: fj,.rf,.-'.4,':1 1-.. f.-,- -kt J, 11.2-A, 'Qjr "-If fAl:"!-"4--",4:u, r" V -""',,'3 P- g 4. "- f -f -' ,, ,, 4-. 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W ' '-.X .j :-,f-- ' :Juv fry' . ,Zif- 7 7' ,- ,'f'x' ' ' ,-' , .' f .wfrn -T", , ,V 'U'-' .f!.'-T-is -1 ','.',.L,. --' , F .-':,.- "ly -,,.:- .I a .in A aC.f.'-,A ..l-.jg-,V . -.-v ,Q - ,, - I f 5. ..- 3.74.4 + -. 'rf 1- .,'K- nf ,v. ?l:1""'1'ff-""' -- L' . W - - ' A 1' ' 4- If iffy- 1-J' .1 1 ,jf f.-'-:- - Ar ..-, ' A 4-,V - A --.- qsvi ,,,r!o',.Q, '-f -f, ,I - .--., I I, 1 lor, - I, I., '-4 'J L --1-,--'-:-rw ' " ' f 1 .- ,J--1-,--1' 4 '-.Y,'L,.j,x-,I fb.h-4,-: -:X xx -, 4---, - -..'2f '. ', ' ,lu-tu.. I -,.-"If . d .-1,. , Y-.,p,,,:'. ."-f,f' '- 2' N I ,"1 I -- -' -' ,:.- ----1-.2 'v fyff ' ' Ex I "-. "','- - - ' "'f-f' f' 2 .1-S-0 .J - .. X 1 1 - - 'I- - YL,-in if I'-. 1 -0 xx -Il-I - - . .' I V1.5 xii' - 'lt' 73 A-' L - -.f - A 'A ," A 4,'.fI7 - - . . '- . - I . . , f .- - I,-f. f ' L. 412- V' -1 ,jg - ,, " 35f,". ,ff 'Lff-,f ' 'Y'-:-'L"'-'J 'X 'T' '4' ',, ff ' ', L--I-N91 ' 1 Q v fl,-:-,L".f',"1' , T"V' ,fC...f"-.-4'1i,----g1'-g- ' N ' '.- if-,' "-3:.f,5fff vf "' 'Ja TL- 7 '1 v' 5 ' " ' ' ".P'Ie- " Z:-:Z-S 'Q1"'3""'f """ ' ' -7 ' '- - -1-C if . A- .1 . ' , .. V , . , xv..- ft-."-f. - '.f,5.-V-- - - - , - .-.":1cJ! 4 'lv - 0 qs, -,f . 3.4,-', fd. - ' Sl' .,-?',' ,n - 'I , . -X N., I ' ' n- 'ws ' V '.'. -,,'.",-' ,- 9 , . ,-,P .ff--' ' ' 'VA' 'I -' "'T.fL,f v 'F '7 'f-'I' ,N J,,,r ,r .- 1 -r AA ,- ...Ci .l -7.-.'-I , :Pug ,.:,' , g ,, 4---f. ,.',. 4 . ,f -,,, - 43 -.. ',-, '- '-5-. 'if' 2.5 arf,-ff: r"- L4 1-iv" I 'VL' -!T"." V' I -1' .- ,. JT- P - , I 1414. Y' fa:--fhpt' "Ltr pf ' - fgj WEL- ,' ' 3 ' A ' - Zfl '1"" - -If I -2- .'ff.I" - "4 ' ,-,- . . .,' ' ' -'31-. 2 fr-We-' I "'f'J'1 , . N-,2':Q"6'.-'Z "N .14 ' ' "- 7 f-'ff' ' L. 471 4 frfn1.,4"-,l - ..-- .A " '- "fn ' ,'l', ' A1-41 ','.:' "'--, '- 'Cv 2K4-:L ig? M.,-' -, 1,,- 4.-Y - U J V -7 .1 L 1.,.f',f.f' ..,-' gg -'f Lf 4.- ,,,,-...,'.- y. - -V ,'fA" L,4f,Y -' 'HI 'H 'f'- """ " l'1'.' f ,- .r -' ' -1.1, -.A-1 11:-""'lA "' I P fvlff' "l:p:v"-"' "' ' '.a"" '7'...,.1.', -1'L - , -- -1-' '.- a 1 - .1 -1f.- Y"- ' --A:- - -- ' - --'I' J',9f"- ' '51-4' Av-1:5"'j",-.-v' .f - -,'. f ,,g1":--' u- if 1' ,.'j:'1 jy- -Ii? --1 -.J-"f' .1,s-4.-,QA '- r f -1 .. -' jf- 'A ' - .v ,tiff-Qfy N A , 1, ,-' L, , fl, ,,-LJ' , -ff,-L-,f-, "'1",L,lf gf"f"--'-'-f" .- 1'-"-1'-'lf' ' f 1 -..-J l f J-, f f ,-. n J.-g --f.. Q- 7 ' '+-f-- ,'-"- - :ff-'f-7 -l-i'jf'."f "-'T-"5-" x 'f'?,f1'f T'F"7-v7?"'-If 1' f -f' f Q'A:,.f- --145-.- ,b. .-.f fmfyi.. ,gy-'ff-"" " f f1'ff f P -,z,f,f. ',-L ,-5-4-491 Q W' !',- 1,1 15:1 V.. -,115 N4f'I V' 9'I"'f J 74" -x .0 '-1 "',1Hy, , 'B' Wy ll.,'. , li , I. Cf g.!. -9' ' 7.4- 7' Editor BILL DOWD Acorn What seemed at one time complete chaos has a last taken shape, no longer do our statt members, ir cluding the editor, wander around in a daze with tha blank, confused look on their faces. Most ot our woi ries are over and what were only ideas roughl' sketched on paper have now formed a yearbool which, we hope, will take a place among the bes' Most ot the credit, however, should go to our taculti advisors, Miss Wilson and Miss Shockey, for thei not only kept things going all the time, but gave u that necessary push when We needed it most. l want to thank the members of the staff tor thei cooperation and the many hours which they have pu in. We hope that you, the readers, get as much enjoy ment out ot this book as We did preparing it for you -BILL DOWD, Editor Assistant Editor Art Editor Business Manager BOBBY COOPER CAROLE RATH MIKE PRENTER 114 Sfaff FACULTY ADVISORS pw :sm 1 - X Miss Jean Wilson Miss Frances Shockey SISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Barbara Bloden Don MacGinnis Put Romaine EDITORIAL STAFF. Seated: Barbara Zboyovsky. Secretary: Eleanor Ericksen, Clan Editor: Clarine Gnutzmann. Organizations Editor: Richard Fung, R.O.T.C. Editor. Standing: Beverly Bartalini. Girls' Sports Editor: Beverley Tree, Secretary: Peqqy Smith. Activities Editor. Not in picture. George Catambay, Boys' Sports Editor. 113 PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Kent Williams Ron Plomqren Tom Lubbock 0ak Leaf Sfaff FALL STAFF Ramona Barnes. JoAnn Rokusek. Co-Editors: SPRING STAFF, Row I-Ernie Giusso, Ramona Barnes J Don Maxim spons: Ron Plomqren' Photography. Rokusek, Duke Kahn. How ll-Jackie Medcxqlia Barbara lt Carol Waterlow, Diane Windsor, Vivian Cabral. DAVE LOK. Editor MISS POWERS. Faculty Advisor BUSINESS MANAGERS Marilyn Keremitsls Full Ernie Giusso, Spring This year, 1951, the OAK LEAF Statt has Worked to give to you, the students, the best possible editions. We have learned many things in connection with Iournalism, its "do's" and "don'ts," dummy-proofing, deadlines, and so iorth, but most of all we learned the idea oi working together as a team toward the goal of success, for which each team strives. Both tall and spring terms were headed by Dave Lok, who proved to be capa- ble and willing to work. Always ready to help and encourage us was our ever- needed Faculty Advisor, Miss Grace S. Powers. Without her, we're sure success would have been doubtful. We hope the editions have been pleasing and welcome, tor we can say, in all sincerity, that we have striven for the pleasure oi you students to the best of our ability. 116 September l l September 29 ..,....e. October 13 ,w,,,,,,e, November 3 6. 4 November 17 November 20-24'... December 15 January 5 . ..e, .. January 12 .. January 24 . February l February 2 . February 23 . March l. . . March 19-23 April 6 6. 7 April 20. . May ll . .. .. May 23 .,.,V.w. MaY 17 6: 18. . ,... June 1 . ... June7 ,...p,, June8 . June ll. ,,rrr . June 12. . June 14 .. June 15. A,rrrr . Calendar of Events Opening Dance ,..,....r,....r.. Berkeley Beats Alameda ..,r.,v.,r,,r "Heaven Can Wait" ,,,,r "Deep Sea Magic"... Thanksgiving Holidays ,,............, Christmas Pageant . .... . Elections .r.r. Y,,,,,w,rs "Cable Car Capers" Final Exams ,,,,,...,r.. Graduation . .. Senior Ball Opening Dance ,,e,,,,,, Freshman Reception v,,w,, . .Easter Vacation .........,.., ,,,,,,,,...,... ."You Can't Take It With You"... n . u . Mardi Gras ..,.Ys...Y,..........,....,.... ."Rockin' Horse Ramble" Senior Opportunity Day. ,"Down In the Valley" ....rr Military Ball .,..,.,r...w. .Senior Meeting ..,... .Senior Picnic ..,.ooos.o......,.Y,w .Senior Women's Banquet ,s,sllllll. Senior Men's Banquet ,l.rr .Graduation ....,,,,Y..,..,,,., .Senior Ball .,r.... "School Daze" .What can you expect on Friday the l3th? .It'll have to .Lovesick or seasick? Stuitin' or stufied? Toyland, toylcrnd, little girl cmd boy lcmd Congrats. Bill. Carole. Les, Lee. and Dan What a ride! The midnight oil burns again End ofthe trail The night before and the morning after .What say. gang? Meet the girls .HaPPY days are here again Who cares about money? New Orleans was never like this Back in the saddle again .Enlist or be drafted? .Orchids to everyone .At ease men Wipe those tears from your eyes Delicious ants It can be so lonesome without men Love those cigars! .So long, it's been good to know You .Last dance, last chance Class Joe Jones, Manager Diane Harris, Decorations: Keith Storm, Refreshments: Joan Halls. Publicity: Bob Mott. Music: Carole Heavey, Co-Manager Barbara 0'Hare, Bids: Bob Cooper, Publicity: Carol Cravens, Reception. "DEEP SEA MAGIC" "Deep Sea Magic" was the name oi the Junior Prom ot the class of February, l952. The dance was managed and coemanaged by Joe Jones and Carole Heavey. The co-managers and each of their committees worked extremely hard, and they succeeded in making the dance a success. The original and novel theme was followed from the unique bids to the beautiful decorations. Jim Barber, Manager Selma Johnson, Decorations: Sandra Wonq, Bids: Donna Barnard, Reception: Bev Vernon, Co-Manager Bob Connolly, Music: Bill Tilley, Publicity. "CABLE CAR CAPERSH A very energetic group of last term's high sophomores made their Soph Hop a success. The dance was a success both socially and financially. Jim Barber and Bev Vernon were the manager and co-manager of the dance. The class ob- viously made wise choices in selecting their manager, co-manager and commit- tees, because they all did their job excellently. 1 18 Dances JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE HEADS: Bob Neff, Publicity: Beverly Hill, Bids: Ken Stanhope, Music: Jack Cecconi, Manager Glenna Meyers, Decorations: George Fraser, Refreshments. Janice Kennedy, CoAManuqer A "MARDI GRAS" On the 20th of April, the high junior class presented the "Mardi Gras," their Junior Prom. The atmosphere ol the dance was unusual, the decorations were magnificent, and the music was enjoyed by everyone who went to the dance. Jack Cecconi and Janice Kennedy, the manager and co-manager, and each corn- mittee worked hard and successfully. Soph Hop Committee Heads: Bev. Tolleison, Reception: Joan Villa. Bids: Gary Longaneckor. Decorations: Grant Nieman, Manager Tom Lubbock, Publicity: Duane Evans, Music. Barbara Tuter, Co-Manager "ROCKIN' HORSE RAMBLEH One of the best attended social events of the year was the "Rockin Horse Ramble." The dance was given by the High Sophornores as their Soph Hop. The bids were novel, and the atmosphere was certainly unique and interesting. Grant Nieman and Barbara Tuter were the manager and co-manager. 119 Drama Scene One Mr. Jordan. Bill Dowd Scene Two Messenqer 7013, Fred Davis Joe, Les Brown Betty. Marilyn Bennett Mgr. and Co-Mgr. Assistant Director Mike Prenter Ernie Giusso Rosemary Kaster "HEAVEN CAN WAIT" "Heaven Can Wait" was chosen as the senior play ot the class of June, 1951. The humorous and fasci- nating play, superbly directed by Mr. Lloyd Sisler, was managed and co-managed by Mike Prenter and Rosemary Kaster, Ernie Giusso was the student director. The cast consisted ot: Don MacGinnis, Lee Swee- ney, Bill Dowd, Les Brown, Fred Davis, Jean Adam, Bill Lahmann, Virginia Whisenhunt, Peggy Smith, Marilyn Bennett, Phil Chapman, Norma Williams, Bay Stansbury, Margaret Multz, Stanford Pollock, Mark Setlow, Bill Losee, Jack Gosney, Donn Stevens, Betty Adonis, Betty Bayley, Dan Brinkman, Peter Byrne, Peter Calpestri, Nelda Cavnar, Diane Ebert, Mark Happ, Virginia Irvin, Diane Johnstad, Duke Kahn, Bill Klemann, Dave Lok, Ted Maxwell, Joan Parker, Mike Prenter, Carole Bath, Irma Jean Wilson, Diane Wind- sor, Gary Young, Gloria Zishka. The Managerial Staff consisted of: Stage Sets, Car- ole Bathg Programs, Vivian Cabral, Nan Cerinip Prop- erties, Diane Ebert, Mark Happy Publicity, Doug Evans, Dorothy Manning, Tickets, Bill Shaw, 120 Mr. Sycamore. F. E. Gladden. SCENE I Mrs. Sycamore, Pat Rcmaine. SCENE II "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" Mr. Lloyd Sxsler On the niqhts of April 6 and 7, senior may Director 'ou Can't Take lt With You," lauqh - packed corriedy, was ven by the class of February, t52. This hilarious play, which apt the audience lauqhinq al- ost from the beginning to the idinq, was directed by Mr. oyd Sisler. Keith Storm and Drrna Watson were the rnanaoer and co-rnanaqer of the play, annie Robles was assistant to the director. Each of the play's irnrnittees performed his duties excellently. The cast consisted of: Don Martin, Pat Bomaine, Clarine nutzrnan, Bon Stanley, Faye Tippett, Dorothy Taylor, F. E. tadden, Bon Plomqren, Don Bajuk, Frank Johnson, Bob Mott, nb Cooper, Kathy DuBose, Barbara Miller, Dave Johnson, ,ane Harris, Georqe Pinckney, Warren Arnold, Rich Thomas. The Managerial Staff consisted of: Sybil Stafford, Publicity, my Wiese, Sound Etfectsg Harry Forsberq, Properties: Don ibant, Proqrarnsg F. E. Gladden, Tickets: Barbara Bloden, Dsturnes. Assistant to the Director Ronnie Robles Keith Storm, Manager Norma Watson. CoAManaqor 121 ANNUAL MERRY-G0-ROUND CHUHCHGOERS CHRISTMAS PAGEANT "Christmas Magic" was the title of the unique 1950 Christmas pageant. The pageant, a panto- mime, featured the modern dancing class Whose original and expressive dances completely cap- tivated the members of the student body. Beautiful setting by the art department, appropriate costumes worn by the cdst, cmd the hcirmonious singing by the Choir and Glees mode the pcxgeomt one which will not be forgotten soon. my-3 '97 t . I Miss Mancm Los Kamp 'Q-....,.:v.,..wJ Set for "DOWN IN THE VALLEY" J. Watson, K. DeVries, J. Whitchurch T. Stum, K. Owen, E. Stone, J. A. Bowen, G. Mills. OPERETTA "Down in the Valley" was the operetta given by the music department this spring. The home- spun texture, the native American tone of the music, the rustic lives of the characters, and its beautiful simplicity made the operetta, the story of a condemned man and his sweetheart, a huge success. Each member of the cast did an excellent job. 122 Commercial Ari Marilyn Feder, Rosemary Kaster, Joella Mahoney, Ramona Barnes, Doug Evans, Bill Lahmann, Jeanne Baaty. Jim Evans. Jack Gosney, Fred Davis. The students in the cornniercial art class and others in the advanced and senior general art classes do a superb job each year, and this year is no exception. The students seein to be inter- ested in their work and work diligently and un tiringly in an effort to do a good joh. The stage settings, banners, dance decorations, and posters used by the school's various organizations are examples ol their success. The art classes are taught by Miss Edna Reichinuth and Mrs. Dorothy Layton, whose excellent work as teachers is reflected in the work of their students. Modern Dancing " 4 . Harris, J. Macwilliarm, C. Lombard, M. Bennett, G. Meyers. I.. Newell, R. Hintz, B. Bothwell, J. Wllborqor L. McClaru, A. Jackson. C. Shadle, I.. McClure, J. Smeclly. I.. Marriott, M. Bennett. Although modern dancing is one of the newest activities oi the girls' gym classes, it is cer- tainly one ot the niost popular and fascinating classes. The class this year participated in several student body meetings: their dancing in each of these meetings was captivating. Mrs. Darlene Lee is the closs's very copdble instructress. IZ! Music MR C HANSON MR E, 1,55 Orchestra Bqnd 124 ORCHESTRA CLARINETS: P. Smith, B. Bridge, C Tatlock, D. Stevens, J. Merrill. SAXOPHONES: M. Davis, C. Lane B. Stanton. FIRST VIOLINS: S. Pollock. N. Kooy man, F. Herman, F. Hazard, G. Perzigian, V. Schott. TRUMPETS: T. Hatch, R. Clayton. TROMBONES: M. Starr, S. Oswald. BASS VIOL: C. Howard. SECOND VIOLINS: J. Scott, N. Rob- inson, J. Hutchinson, W. Teeter, N. Westby. PIANO: D. Weir, M. Lewis. DRUMMER: R. Longman. TYMPANI: A. Chase. FRENCH HORN: B. Tillson, R. New- ton. CELLO: C. Towata. ACCORDlON: Dick Lear. DlREC'l'0R: Mr. Hanson. BAND MAJORETTES: B. Zboyovsky, K Zboyovsky, N. Hebei. L. Euler. CLARINETS: J. Millett. L. Thelen. C. Robertson. J. Crowdus. B. Vay. FRENCH HORNS: C. Maqill. D. Os- wald. TENOR SAXOPHONE: D. Bakker. BARITONES: N. Dahl. J. Hanson. TRUMPETS: R. Clayton, C. Dexter. B. Crusberg, R. McNeill, J. Beards- ley. TROMBONES: S. Oswald. R. Nether- wood, J. Sagan, N. Vivion. P. Luce. TUBAS: J. Bradley, F. Sexauer. MAJORETTES AND DRUMS: B. Zboy- ovsky, K. Zboyovsky, W. Marchman. N. Hebei, L. Euler. DIRECTOR: Mr. Lee. The Alameda l-hah School Band and Orchestra contributed much to the musical activities ot the school. The band played at the iooiball games and provided the fans with entertainment be- tween halves, and the orchestra played beauti- ful music at each senior play and at the biennial operetta. Mr. l-lanson and Mr. Lee did an ex- tremely qood job in directina the students. ! xlfi MRS. STARCK Musical Director for Operetta and Christmas Pageant GIRLS' GLEE ROW l: V. Curtis, V. Lauderdale, C Gales, C. Robertson, L. Willan, D Smith, D. Rea, D. Powell, S. Calvert P. Hale, J. Soderlund. C. Brenton R. Claremond, J. Dufour. Accompa nist, B. Powers. ROW II: H. Smith, R. Spiller, C. Louie, C. Pate, P. Hansen, B. Sar gent. G. Chaney, B. Lindquist, L Banton, L. Coleman, M. Newell, N. Hoffman, M. Tomerlin, R. Usberti. ROW III: W. Johnson, L. Eaton, M Elledqe, J. Robinson, M. Wilkerson S. Thompson, C. Duncan, A. Hut D chinson, G. Sprout, L. Spurlock, . Manning, I. Puckett, D. Harris, D. Smedley, J. Thrower, M. Harris, M. Cox. ROW IV: C. Eakins. P. Dikes. N. Thomas, O. Prince, B. Johnson. G. Rislov, G. Beardsley, D. Espinoza. M. Feder, J. Ward. M. Mason, B. Bayley, J. Erickson, B. Druppal, B. Elton, E. Pender, M. Johnson, D. Boldt. CHOIR ROW I: G. Wilson, N. Williams, . V Schleth, P. Simpson, G. Crepeau, E D Jackson, K. Williams. G. Mills, . Love, E. Giusso, N. White, A. May hew, P. Smith, M. Gerst, M. Consul. ROW II: G. Zishka, N. De Grano, S Maloney, B. Mayne, D. German, D Orr, J. Bowen, T. Maxwell, R. Pas hayan, J. Whidden. L. Steimer. S Herde, M. Staude, S. Jensen, O Thomas, M. Douqlas. ROW III: W. Jones, P. Ravenscrafl J. Garqus, K. Foley, J. Watson, J Cecconi, 0. Miranda, D. Gluck, B Stansbury, C. Howard, G. Miller G. Carmiqnani, S. Wong, S. John son, D. Tabler, D. Ebert, L. Gold man, R. Butom. ROW IV: P. Winger, J. Parker, D Windsor, D. Roberts, P. Dobbert. R Coffey, R. Pearson, B. Mott, L. Swee ney, M. Setlow, B. Lahmann, M Douglas, D. Hutt, R. Johnson, H Turner, K. Easterlinq, C. Richard son, D. Richardson, J. Crockett, V Burke, J. Reimer. BOYS' GLEE ROW I: J. Lopez, B. Fahnestock R. Caldwell, F. Peterson, B. Murray A. Hunt, M. Barros, T. Santos, G Young, J. Harrosh, L. Ramsey, N Johnson. ROW II: B. Ratto, N. Smith, J. d'Fon seca, D. Pope, P. Torres, D. Ver million, N. Robinson, W. Howard H. Cooper. ROW III: R. Pashayan, C. Powell O. Foster, D. Bidema, R. Silvey, J Quintell, J. Willer, T. Slavan, M McCathrion. ROW IV: J. F. Bowen, R. Pearson E. Brunson, E. Sarafian, D. Born qraber, D. Ireland, H. Williams, F Johnson, D. Slam, K. DeVries, A Ford, D. Powell, J. Watson, M. Set low. The music depfrrtrnent of Alameda Hiqlw has provided tlrc student lrodx with beautiful and lrarrnonious rnusic lor the past two semesters. The Choir Boys' Glee, and Girls' Glee participated in several Student Body rneetinos and performed exceedingly well eaclr tirne. Psirticularly outstandintg were the rnelodious soncrs Sunqdnrirrrirtl1eClnistrnas pfiqeeirrt under the tlirecftiorr of Mrs, Starck. l.?5 Senior Opporfunify Day SENIOR OPPORTUNITY DAY COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Phil Long, Rosemary Kaster, Shirley Liebhart, Kathleen Foley, Joe Steel. FRONT ROW: Joella Mahoney, Don MacGinnis, Chairman: Jean Adam, Assist. Chairman. Each year in the Spring the Senior Class has a day set aside called Senior Opportunity Day. At this time the seniors have an opportunity to hear authorities speak of careers in which the seniors themselves have indicated a special interest. There are five sections, one on advanced education, three on different kinds of specialized training, and the last is on marriage and social relations. This year the theme was "Our Tomorrow." .lean Adam and Don MacGinnis were co-chairmen, and Joella Mahoney, Joe Steel, Phil Long, and Shirley Liebhart were general chairmen. Rosemary Kaster designed the program cover, Kathleen Foley was the secretary. Mr. Lawrence Koehler was faculty advisor. City Officials f Each year the Optimist Club sponsors a day in which students from St. .loseph's and Alameda high schools take over the various city offices. This year the representatives, elected by the student body, were Fred Davis, Vice Mayor: Pat Wilson, Councilman: Pat Davis, Councilman: Ken Stan- hope, Fire Chief: Dick Stan- hope, Police Chief. Officers from St. Joseph's were: Larry Isom, City Manager: Jerry Smith, Councilman, Lett to right: Pat Wilson, Ken Stanhope, Fred Davis, Dick Stanhope, Pat Davis a1'1Cl Bob Barone, MGYOT. 126 Boys' Sfafe :ses erm Don MacGlnnis, Ball!! of Supreme Court: Leo Sweeney, Councilman: Porter Davis. Socnlary of Flnanco on Govornor'l Council: George Cutombuy, Chlef Justlco ol tho Suporlor Court: Bill Dowd, District Attorney: Bill Loses, Senator. Each year Alameda High School sends five of its outstanding young men to Boys' State, sponsored by the American Legion of California. These young men are selected from the junior class of that year and are sent to Sacramento, where Boys' State is held, to get prac- tical knowledge of how our state government functions. The boys are allowed to run for the various offices which comprise a state government. This year each of our representa- tives was elected to an office. The student body of Alameda High is very proud of its rep- resentatives to California Boys' State. Girls' Siafe Girls' State is an annual event spon- sored by the American Legion Auxiliary and held in Sacramento. Girls from al- most every high school in California attend and take part in the many activi- ties planned in their behalf. City, county and state elections, conducted in the same manner as corresponding regular elections, are the highlights of the eight educational and fun-packed days. CAROLE BATH Lieutenant Governor Girls' State IST' Organization Q Guns' AssoclATloN Q cLuas Q MEN's...woMEN's aLocK "A Q R.O.T.C. .T ff' fy If ,J I. -.4 ..I, ,II ,In 1' 4' 4' QI"-1 "T--.a a, 1 - -- ' M - - - -- V. -sf.. .fa ,n 4- '.' 1-I I' 'fr-" 27,53 J':7 "A "II I- -, ' ...f4I:'?'4, Q11 : -- -J-14 :-fn Y . f-. A - In .. . 5" wg? f.."' f ' -' """'Zlj- .A,f. -- - ., .' .-4:'-f-- fm, r I Z, - I ,I -I I - . , .- .5-I . ". A, A 4--, -.ff 'h,A""-sr'-' fi: 1 'f- ',-.. ',.f!5,fJ,- , -,-I .IIl.A I -'- I , - .- .4 -'?-r 'V 7- rfqa , '15, - I, ' nil:'If? V.1 4',L"Q 52" A nv, .1 nifl -Il-I' ' : A- LIJA' .- fi-2'4" A, .e.'j.-.4 il ' ff, ,f AAAQ5 A, I H7 .Q I I' ,. -' nf -4 ,I A f -ff 'fAfAf, - l-- '1 ..- I. -A Ii... ' . f . ' ...,a an 'ij L , --J, I ' I' 'maya I Ai ,552 .., '- ' ., , '7"'f" ' 1 -4 V , ' .z,,,IN!?4.-I:7,I I A'f::"""",I..fA, 3',f,,,:y-r .- " 5..' 4 --' , .--,, . ., .'-VA --I I,,. '. ,.4.. , '-. ...-... .. ' 1 ' 4 A I I, IQ .1 ' I I ' 4- I, .III 1, 4 I, f- , , 1 ' 1 I 1, - ' 1. -... , I, , I 1 , f-1 -,, - 'i 1 "' f , - , - v ,. 4' I I I, ,. I , Inv Il, ,II-KVI-- . I, '1, -- J' lj , .' I I I 'H ' -..' I 2 f - 1 4 'I' , r L- - - I , - - f I , 1 .. .- vx., ' r A'. ' U I 1 x ,- 'Q-4 7 I v A ' ' t v- ! I "1 ' -.. r -' 'f .. 'f,f' -I '1 r J L - - .1 p I- --, 'fi gf' - .. .-. . , , ..g' ff., - - ' A -4 ,-I.f 7 - 1' -A f f 1 1 . fs- ' -- - f ww,"-. - - '- ar --Iy - '-,Q,I'- Q' -.."-- A X ' 1' ln . . u "v 45.4 . v , fl.: - f.. sII"1-, 'J .- ' f " i, ff .,1 . I 1 1 ja ff, ,I f W ,Q A. .,,,L" -I 'Q' ziid -A if w lsi -+c"--.- -I fl.- A ' . ' , , , , . A"f.-ff" A i-if Nx 'A .- fflfl-.1 ff' , f-. Qx if '?m-L"- I f . ...'B-,4, -i,..,I:A- , " - ' Ar - . If - .,7'5'.-I.. 1 I .Ly ' - 'luv ' -'71,-.-. ru.- I' Juv, 9' 9 I, III. zu. A. p. ,f-. 'ffaf wi, f-. 1 5 ' I K? fan! -.-,I ,,,- ... ' o ,..- 'vx ' .v , 4 I aa I. fu -. , 1-.A ' ' ,- . :,f' .I'-... --f-df", I, .I,- . A -, '7:,"'u' -,r-f.. 1 . ?x"' -f-fi? 'F M7- ':'L..?-14 .L ,f . N3 . ff A 0 x.. ,- 32 A ,J I I I. . f I l,x?I.v , . ..'3.I 4'i-iq "!Cn, 1 - ---'. . Q 14 "A-1 - ' -- ,Q ,ff- ih- ix "4-39 .I XX , -1- ,lu .., -A ,v " 'rid -X -. ff A ff" "... ' II':rZ,II .5 .fi-.C . ' J." " J T1-. I., fw- - .1 f ,-'. 1 A f.4' I, "1 '-:flew - ..,,I,, -nv-I :,:,.- cdr ,xx I --1 .. Q-4 " f fa ..,. 4' 'ilrf v I 'rj-,,. I . fi' - A.'4',f"'1 f x I :IIA-le 'ff' A 'r 39 'l. lf 'Q . 1 . .KI ' I I I, ,4 I, U A ,. A 5. 915' ' v 'r I V ' X f v X ' ' X - I f f 'JI' ' , ,X f . rg- , f X IA , - ' ' z .2 ,r f ' I 1, .. 6' rf, J ' r 1 , 1 In 1 4 :n I ., fl . , NX ' ' ' ' wx If " I 1 If ", , T' 1 f QX I N ff!! ,, If' I r, - X , 1 ' II xl., 4' -' Q Xxx I 1-. II ' I JI- I, -I 1 I X Y F ,I - .- I' 4 'ya ' f ' x ' 1- ,- X . 'f I I, 7 -J .. . I ' "'.,. - ' ' A ' - . ,A 'X " 1 f'-- 91 1 4-3, - -. . I ll. I , . I, , ,,.J I, v ' 7 - ' --. fl ' ' -' ' "'-' ' .- - -'Q . v f-- , - W! -AA QA 4- fifj-Aff f, 'Lx .I1. . I.-. ,If-' I ' ' ., , I II " II.,,' If o ?? - 4' 'ff-f '.'L,f:'4A.?'--'." 1' 'J I ff -7-. - ' 31i":f ' 1 1 ' ' I , 5 1 4' Aj I , f.:g.-4 - -', :I ,gf A J- f -- ' . . .4 "ig . . ---ff A v X ff 3 -, f, - ' A :-- '--,- - '?1c'f72'.f -'L,"",V..""".g5'-.f'u'73-, f " . f,""'11 ' -- - ,f f -' if - - 1 - - .- AI. ,fr eff?"- -y I , -.4 ,- I - .- ,A. J2.,,'l 9' 2, 'VA -1' jf-,AA-9 .'.. ,:9.. --r.!'Tf'Q,f','-f-- , ', f A 1, '4,. , x,"'Vf ' - fin n.f?.,1I,,""' 'ppf'1,,af1.-7 AIA' vIA.-.-, ,III ff-. -,I I '.-,g"I 1 17 ,, '-- A ,---f, 1:-1' -'-, -,"-1 -- ,I-44, .4 , , -y I , - 1.4-r,F-x-,,,,vA, I4 -, ,. 1 f., .Y..,,,, 4 AK I - Y! -... fi 15.1, .1 - .7 .7' - - . ' ,f .v -. - I4n,, , I. I IA, fI'Df,l-no-, f'A.- ,.f,4v- .If ,yr ,1y'9::-67.1. -' ' 12.504 ".--- A. fflfi-,-Ing 'L'--4,,f 'fan-may 'I,"r.f I, ' ' 1. "f,g.. Iyx '-- . 1' I- -, .. . "' vi " ,lt " of 4 n I f ,,?-.5'f,..:Y .H sf-7'-of : "WF--,,L'9 I rprnff Girls' ssociafion OF FICERS-F all 1950 CAROL LOMBARD President MARGARET MULTZ Vice-President BARBARA BROWN Recording Secretary JUNE SMITH Financial Secretary BARBARA BLODEN Sonq Leader OFFICERS-Spring 1951 MARGARET MULTZ President BARBARA BLODEN Vice-President PAT HOMAINE Recording Secretary LESLIE MARRIOT Financial Secretary GAIL FLETCHER Sonq Leader The purpose of the Girls' Association is to promote common interests among the girls of the school. The outstanding octivity of each term is the freshmen reception. At this event the freshmen and new girls are the honored guests, and each one is escorted by a senior sister. A South Pacific theme was used at the fall reception, while the spring reception used the Tyrolictn theme. Two fashion shows were held, and the GA. also presented several cake sales, a movie, and two outstanding student meetings. Mrs. Helen Hoeksema has been their fine Advisor. 130 Junior Red Cross OFFICERS ROW l: K. Multz, Miss Wann. ROW Il: P. Hale. P. Harrington. ROW Ill: G. Wilson. E. Simpson. ROW IV: F. Davis. K. DeVries, B. Loorz. , . . ., . ...H , , . +1 MEMBERS - HOW l: J. Boucher, D. Ampac. I.. Volastques, P. Hansen, J. Justin, N. Riba, P. Randall, B. L. Sar- gent, J. Soderlund, M. Emery. C. Fritzlor. P. Smith. ROW Il: S. Heath, N. Cavnar, D. Cholson, E. Burgs, S. Jacobs. B. Vernon. W. Terry. B. Eslzridqe, D. Hickenbottom, C. Moody, C. Eaklnl, J. Matson. ROW Ill: S. Decker. J. Whidden, B. Gordon, P. Gra- ham, H. Lunardi, G. Waterlow. C. Graham, K. Thomson, M. Murry, P. Chapman. ROW IV: F. Carroll, C. Powell, C. Lyonl, P. Greig. J. Merrill, D. Wallace, D. German, M. Morley, I.. Botelho. ROW V: M. Feder. C. Simpson. K. Romanoll, R. Parsley, B. Knowles. B. Wysllnq, B. Leibo. B. Carr, B. Ferrier. , ,....... . , . , 4 W The Junior Red Cross, sponsored by Miss Wann and Dr. Peoples, has been very active this year. Its main activities were acting as the host tor the Junior Red Cross Regional Conference and raising funds for the Red Cross. The organiza- tion also gave a talent show at Oak Knoll and several parties which were im- mensely enjoyed by those who attended thern. The Junior Red Cross is, and always has been, one oi the most active and worthy organizations at Alameda High. 131 CSF ROW I: J. Klemann, P. Wilson, C. Reinstori, E. Husconi, S. Wong, W. Terry, J. Heskin, N. Cerini, J. Burns, M. E. Lewis, R. Stansbury, W. Shaw. ROW II: D. Warren, S. Goodman, J. Lamasney, S. Hook, J. Dart, D. Hofmann, J. Swanson, B. I-Ioepner, B. Bartalini, B. Powers, B. Albert, L. Wiese, B. Julian. ROW III: T. Lubbock, B. Zboyovsky, P. Foster, J. Rasmussen, J. Connell, B. Bridge, E. Lima, H. Perkins, M. Keremitsis, D. Martin, R. Plomgren, B. Cooper. ROW IV: M. Starr, H. Romanowitz, D. Furbush, R. Walton, J. Ratio, B. Andrew, P. Romaine. D. Ebert, M. I-Ieinbockel, C. Tadlock, P. Long. ROW V: Mr. Saunders, M. Danielson, E. Ericksen, B. Wilson, H. Cummings, J. Miller, P. Coke. M. Glasby. The CSP members of this year have many events onwhich they can look back with pleasant memories. The Alameda High Chapter of the California Scholarship Federation gave its traditional Christmas party, and once again it was a huge success. On the l4th of April, the CSF'ers celebrated Pan-American Day with a party at the home of Mr. Saunders. On the 28th of April, several of them attended the annual Regional CSF Conference of Central California, and in May, a party at the home of Jean Burns, and another party in honor of the grad- uoting life members completed the yecrr's activities. Mr. Reginald Saunders, Miss Mary Connelly, and Mr. Darrell Coughlan are the CSF's sponsors. 132 Bobby Cooper. Jean Bums. Pat Prenier. Bill Shaw. James Miller. Jean Burns. Pat Prenier, Nan Cerini. Bobby Cooper. Skip Perkins. FALL-1950 Bcbby Cooper Jean Burns Pat Prenier Bill Shaw James Miller CSF OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Editor 133 SPRING-1951 .lecm Burns Put Prenter Nun Cerini Bobby Cooper Skip Perkins Sfar and Key Jean Adam' Betty Albert' Joan Alexander Dorie Ampac Judith Anderson Elaine Artis' Ramona Barnes Beverly Bartalini' Betty Bayley' Beverly Bekker' Norine Bertero Barbara Bloden' Bonnie Bothwell' Charlotte Brenton Barbara Bridge Jean Burns' Bina Burton Pete Calpestri Carter Campbell Joan Campisi Nelda Cavnar' Nan Cerini' Mary Sue Clapper' Joan Conlin Joyce Connell Bobby Cooper' Ida Cooper Mable Cox' Carol Cravens Lillian Crestetto Jane Crocket' Jeanne Cudney Pat Cummins Joan Dart Mable Douglas Sally Dowd Deborah Dowsett Joyce Durant Claudette Eakins Knoxetta Easterlinq Diane Ebert' Mary Emery' Helen Epperson' Eleanor Bricksen' MEMBERSHIP Gail Fletcher' Claudia Fritzler' Sandra Frost Clarine Gnutzmann Naomi Goldsmith Sydney Goodman Wanda Lee Green Phil Greig Patt Hale' Tom Hale' Pauline Hansen Shirley Harper' Thelma Harris Luann Harrison' Frances Hazard' Bob Hearther Shirley Heimerle' Marilyn Heinbockel' Jane Henderson Janet Heskin' Beverly Hill Pat Hinq Barbara Hoopner' Sally Hook Diane Hofmann Virginia Irvin' Shirlee Johnstad Ann Jones' Wilma Jones Carlene Jorqenson Joanne Justin Rosemary Kaster Sondra Kellinq' Marilyn Keremitsis Lee Kinney Janet Klemann Michail Koblein Carole Kriens Joan Lamasney Clara Lantz Sylvia Larron Sharon Larson Dick Lear Joan Lewy Janice Levy Eleanor Lima Pat Lima Constance Louie Tom Lubbock' Paul Lundberg Robert Lundberg Muriel Lundine Peqqy Maclver Carol Mack Don Martin' Nancy Massinqill Joyce Matson Carol May Lorita McClara' Patricia McMahon Jackie Medaqlia Clara Mucci' Joan Murray Marianne Murray Alfred Musqrove Shirley Nichols James Nulla Roanne Oaks Don Olson Richard Parsley Skippe Perkins Ocie Pierre Bettis Ane Powers' Linnell Powers' Nancy Powers Betty Purvis Pat Randall Joyce Rasmussen Ann Ratto Bernard Ratto' John Ratto Pat Ravenscratt Nelson Read Herman Redless Pat Reid Carol Reinstorf Dale Reno Natalie Riba' Duane Roach' Dick Roesch Katreen Romanott Harold Romanowitz Ercolena Rusconi' Charlene Shoie Bill Shaw Pat Simpson Genevieve Slupski Helen Smith Shirley Snyder Jean Soderlund Don Souza' Joanne Sousa' Ray Stansbury Barbara Stanton Donn Stevens Keith Storm' Louise Suqiyama Kathie Suqrue Jean Swanson Carol Tadlock Willa Terry Larry Thelen Marlene Quayle Janet Turner Louise Verdock Charmaine Verqez Donna Warren Dolores Weir Shirley Wenners Mariorie Wetzel' Pat Wheatiill Steve Whidden Beth Wiese Gail Wilson Irma Jean Wilson' Pat Wilson Sandra Wong' Mary Yoda' Barbara Zboyovsky' 'Lite Members STAR AND KEY OFFICERS-Fall Term BOBBY COOPER, President VIRGINIA IRVIN. Vice-President ANN JONES. Recording Secretary MARILYN KEREMITSIS. Financial Secretary HELEN EPPERSON. Editor STAR AND KEY OFFICERS-Spring Term BOBBY COOPER. President ' HELEN EPPERSON. Vice-President JANET KLEMANN. Recording Secretary MARILYN HEINBOCKEI.. Financial Secretary SHIRLBE JOHNSTAD, Editor 1 The Star and Key Honor Society membership is open to every student who has a "B" scholastic average. The club has a meeting once a month: refreshments are served at each meeting. The membership of the Star and Key varies from 75 to 200 members per se- mester. Students who are in the society for three consecutive, or four non-con- secutive terms become life members. 135 Chess - - Pho ography CHESS CLUB BOW I: J. Munn. J. Daniels. D. Koch. ROW II: J, Miller, J. McMul1in. Mr. Saunders, Advisor: B. Hayes. it we B-:- PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB ROW I: J. Mahoney. D. Ebert, J. Bulmer. S. Snyder, B. Adonis. ROW II: B. Lofsirand. J. DeTrevi11e. S. Ingold. D. Kiely, M. Rego, D. Ampuc. ROW III: Mr. Yeomcm. Advisor: D. Cooper, D. Winion, B. Wyslinq. 136 Audiforium - - Cafeieria CAFETERIA STAFF ROW I: E. Powers. J. Bulmer. ROW ll: P. Dikcs. D. Campbell. B. Snyder. D. Rea. J. Brown. ROW III: Mrs. I. Ravenscralt, Mrs. N. Young. Mrs. E. Swisher. Mrs. E. Brassard. Mrs. B. Hunt. ROW IV: Mrs. F. Mason, Mrs. E. McClara, Mrs. B. Couqhlin. Mrs. L. Axdal. AUDITORIUM STAFF OW I: J. Sanlord, P. Dikes, C. Church, P. McMahon, B. Adonis, S. ROW IV: B. Griffin, G. Crepeau, B. Medina, B. Jones, P. Simpson, R nyder, B. Zhoyovsky, N. Ribu. D. West, H. Epperson. M. Cox. P. andall, W. Green. OW II: B. Lindquist, A. Santos, A. Bolentini, M. Caviglia, J. Rowan, . Grimes, G. Hummer, C. Jansen, P. Harrington, L. Powers, B. Esk- dge, M. Heinbockel. A. Jones, G. Walker, B. Snyder. OW III: H. Raines, M. Tomerlin, R. Humbert. K. Zboyovsky, N. Dick- rson, L. Willan, D. Smith, J. Bennett, B. Schroeder, T. Varvil, J. Mer- ll, W. Payne. A. McNeill, C. Wondolleck, D. Campbell. Tamborski, R. Spiller. D. Hea, B. Bradley, M. Vaughn, A. Bowman P. Wilson. C. Thomason. HOW V: M. Douglas, M. Wilson, M. Clapper, L. Wilken, B. Paul, D Espiraoza, C. Robertson, B. Leibee, G. Harris, B. Gary, N. McNeill J. Mi ler. ROW VI: R. Dulfin, G. Payne, L. Powell, C. Campbell, R. Cullins. T Harper, E. Fletcher, R. Lundberg, J. Carter, A. Keeler. 137 en's Block " " ROW I: D. Crestetto, A. Gotelli, D. Furino. M. Clem. M. O'Reilly, B. S. Giordanella. H. Romanowitz, J. Cummings. Ciarlo, A. Togasaki, G. Catumbay. J. Hales- ROW Ill: Coach Socoloisky, C. Shepard. L. Bustamante E W Grow ROW II: H. Turner, D. Kahn, D. Gluck, L. Kinney. D. Watkins, T. Craiq. B. Green, N. Romanott, C. Turner, C. Larson, D. Stanhope FALL TERM-1950 Herb Turner Felman Williams Aki Toqasaki Dick Furino Curtis Turner OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Sgt. at Arms SPRING TERM-1951 Dick Furino Nick Homanott Gerald Anderson Larry Spaulding Gary DeHaven Advsior-Coach Socolotsky The Men's Block "A" is a very exclusive and active organization. Only those boys who have earned a varsity block "A" are eligible tor membership: to be- come a member the boy must conform to the rules of the initiation. The outstand- ing event of each year is a show the Block "A" presents in the gymnasium. This year the show consisted of a basketball game in which each player wore a box- inq qlove on his riqht hand. 138 Women's Block "A" FALL TERM-1950 Julie Geary Sondra Kellinq Barbara Hoepner Clara Mucci Janet Bruce ROW I: V. Irvin, B. Bartalini, J. Geary, B. Hoepner. C. Mucci. ROW Il: M. Multz, S. Kelling, D. Manning. B. Bayley, L. Haramaki, J. Bruce. HOW III: C. Heavey, M. Garst, M. Clinlrenbeard. J. Durant. J. Adam, D. Ebert. OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Sql. at Arms Advisor-Mrs. Darlene Lee "N-Q. MW, Sammi A SPRING TERM-1951 Barbara Hoepner Carole Heavey Jean Adam Sondra Kellinq Dorothy Mannniq The Womens Block "A" Society consists of qirls who have earned l,2UO points in G.A.A. activities. The purpose ot the organization is to stimulate interest in girls' sports, to develop leadership, and to co-operate with other school orqarii- zatioris in worthy projects. The Womerfs Block "A" establishes a scholarship fund for girls interested in sports and donates one-third of its dues to a Worthy Cause. 139 French Club , .re ,J K , . A ,..-' . ' . g is .2 5, ra . - ' F V -A , , .i ,..., an 5 we-wmw.,..,K.J. ww-.mums V ,.. 4. l . . fa...-.m.-'uw mamnwmmw-1 wmawfem we KNEELING: M. Quayle, Z. Tucker, N. Powers, J. Kirk, P. Prenter. ROW I: G. Waterlow, D. Furbush, P. Heald. C. Bertrand, J. Kemsley. N. Massinqill, J. Burns, C. Brenton, M. Wetzel, P. Hale, K. Multz, J. Merrill. C. Graham. N. Westby, S. Liebhart, P. Randall, L. Sugiyama, D. Warren, S. Decker. ROW II: B. Jimenes, R. Kleeman, B. Bloden, G. Staqner, C. Mucci, B Bayley, N. Rice, R. Born, S. Goodma.n J. Erickson. L. Laycock, M Yoda, B. I-Ioisington, J. Swanson, J. Whisnand, J. Lewy, B. Ferrier. ROW III: S. Marie, K. Harrison, S. DeHaven, M. Forquer, C. Holly wood. V. Bernardi, E. Briggs, N. Adair, S. Jensen, B. Hubbard. C May, B. Wiese, B. Bridge, A. Batto, J. Dart, S. Larron, J. Little, J Justin. ROW IV: R. Butom, J. Matson, L. Froerer. M. Heinbockel, C. Marshall S. Villaire, M. Gerst, J. Levy, B. Muller, M. Fleming, J. Henderson B. Turner, J. Turner, S. Hook. P. Howell. ROW V: S. Wong, R. Spiller, V. Yates, K. Warfield, L. Powers, J. Whit church, B. Murray, D. Robertson, K. DeVries, D. Carroll, J. Jensen, P Hansen. V. Winkler. ROW IV: J. Crocket, M. J. Decker, C. Richardson. P. Peterson, D. Richardson. B. Whitaker. G. Williams, S. Randall, D. Koch, J. Barber D. Roesch, C. March. B. McCormick, P. McCormick. BOW VII: M. Clashy, P. Coke, J. Miller, J. Ochoa, R. Hearther, F Pinkard. S. Harvey. J. Jett. FALL TERM-1950 OFFICERS SPRING TERM-1951 Zane Tucker President Pat Prenter Linnell Powers Vice-President Jim Kirk Pat Prenter Secretary Zane Tucker Nancy Powers Treasurer Nancy Powers Marlene Quayle Editor Marlene Quayle Advisors--Mrs. Alice Darison, Mrs. Frances Lee Another year is past, and the French Club says qoool-bye to two very success- ful terms. The entry of French students in the National French Contest is spon- sored by the club as part of its spring activities. The qroup also donates a silver cup to the best student in fourth year French. ln the spring the club holds its flower sale, a colorful event which is now traditional. The proceeds of the sale oo in part to some Worthy cause. Mrs. Darison and Mrs. Lee, the club's faculty advisors, work with the officers in an effort to make the French Club's meetinqs both educational and social. Any student who is taking, or has taken, French is eligible for membership in Le Cercle Francais. 140 - Lafin Club ROW I: S. Lipka, C. Kriens. D. Dowsett, B. Bayley. P. Reid. J. Cudney. B. Purvis, B. Vay, J. Rasmussen, S. Frost, K. Tompach, S. Knowles J. Siamats. ROW II: J. Seaborn, S. Dowd, S. Cowari, G. Wilson, B. Conkle, M. E Lewis, P. Love, C. Fritzler. L. Verdock, J. Connell, K. Thomson. R. Lunardi, R. Tamfzcrski. ' ROW IV: S. Whidden, D. Lear, J. Ratio, A. Chase S Wenners K White, J. Gibson, B. Briel, G. Harris. ROW III: D. Jarvis, D. Smith, D. Rea, S. Beaiy, D. Weir, K. Easierlinq, FALL TERM-1950 Jock Whidden Dolores Weir Irma Powell Sharon Lipka Charles Powell OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Song Leader Advisor-Mrs. LeNore Marker ' ROW V: F. Canepa, J. Barber, B. Aubry, P. Lundberg B Wilson B Perata, S. Harvey, J. Slife. SPRING TERM-1951 Deborah Dowsett Sally Dowd Dick Lear Diane Smith The Latin Club, under the sponsorship oi Mrs. Marker, has enjoyed another successful year. its variety of activities included a wonderful picnic, a reception for freshmen Latin students, and a Weil-attended and enjoyed Christmas party. The club has a meeting once a month, and there are entertainment and refresh- ments at each meeting, I-ll Spanish Club M'?E....,,., t r , .. - ' ROW I: J. Shumaker, W. Arnold. A. Froerer, G. Pinckney, E. Stone. BOW II: N. Adair, J. Sousa, S. Liebhart, S. Jacobs, A. Olivera, S. Mozs, D. MacGinnis, B. Bothwell, L. Marriott, P. Davis, F. Gladden, D. Ampac, J. Burns. V. Campbell, B. Vernon, K. Multz, C. Jansen. HOW III: P. Archinal, G. Clausnilzer, P. Maclver, K. Romanoff, C Wood, L. Crestetto, C. Smith, S. Duran, C. Dexter, J. Hales, D. Baiuk D. Johnson, J. Peterson. D. Stevens, A. Paisal, L. Benson. ROW IV: B. Kaherl, S. Heimerle, P. Cummins, K. Suque, C. Tadlock E. Gallagher, D. Mutch, B. Armour, C. Lyons, C. Wallace, B. Herrera W. Sasser, P. Greig. HOW V: C. McHugh, B. Burton, J. Mroczkowski, B. Conner, D. Ho!- 1... X we . .fi .X w ... 8' mann, S. Orton, J. Awalt. L. Kenney. M. Cox, G. Jackson, P. Palmer L. Kinney, B. Leibee, P. Wishon, J. Frane, M. Doumiit, R. Dowen, S DeHaven, N. Beavers. HOW VI: S. Maloney, A. Sanchez, J. Snider, P. Chapman, C. Mack F. Hazard, D. Musso. S. Hintz, B. Powers, C. Robertson, M. Vaughn M. Brown, P. Calpestri, P. Stromberq, D. Taylor, B. Jelavich, C. Wa terlow, C. Simpson, P. Wheatiill, K. Crowell, V. Arter. ROW VII: J. Anderson, G. Hammer, C. Wondolleck, D. Bangs, B Tuter, D. Roach, J. Rokusek, D. Wallace. H. Brimer, B. Bost, S. Kelley S. Lenci. S. Baker, H. Harper, B. Cooper. ROW VIII: W. Almand. L. Ramsey, T. Lubbock, C. Wells. FALL TERM-1950 OFFICERS SPRING TERM-1951 Leslie Marriott President Porter Davis Bonnie Bothwell Vice-President Don MacGinnis Stevely Moss Secretary F. E. Gladden Emma Simpson Treasurer Emma Simpson Advisor-Miss Isabel Venard The Spanish Club has had regular and well-attended meetings this year. The officers with the assistance ot Miss Venard, the sponsor oi the Spanish Club, have arranged varied and interesting programs tor each meeting. The Christmas party with its pinata was the highlight ot the club's activities. All the members oi the club have been enthusiastic and have contributed to the success ot each meeting. 142 Chemisfry Club ROW I: M. Cox. G. Campbell, D. Carroll. K. Harrington, E. Simpson, L. Velasquez, J. Heskin, B. Hoisinqton, M. Yoda, J. Whiichurch. ROW II: J. Burns. M. Forquer, P. Harrington, S. Snyder, L. Powers. D. Manning, B. Powers. N. Beavers, A. Paisal. HOW Ill: S. Wong, W. Payne, N. Cerini, A. Jones, H. Epperson, K. Warfield, M. Heinbockel, P. Calpestri, J. Shumaker, J. Williamson S. Harvey. I HOW IV: D. Richardson. P. Peterson, G. Griliin. V. Howe. G. Fletcher C. Wilk, L. Laycock, C. Campbell, N. Massinqill, B. Jackson. ROW V: B. Jelabick, D. Taylor, J. Crockel, D. Barnard, A. Froerer, B Vernon, J. Miller, J. Kemsley. ROW VI: B. Cooper, S. James. P. Richardson. J. Barber. D. Mulch. S Lenci, C. Bertrand, M. Starr, D. Freitas. HOW VII: Mr. Coughlan, K. Storm, J. Driver, D. Stevens. D. Souza. FALL TERM' -1950 Bill Shaw Bobby Cooper Jack Williamson Pal Wilson Stuart James OFFICERS President Vice-President Recordinq Secretary Financial Secretary Editor Advisor-Mr. Darrell Coughlan SPRING TERM-1951 Andy Paisal Joan Whitchurch Pete Calpestri Pat Wilson Jack Williamson The Chemistry Club is composed ol students who are taking, or have taken chemistry. Meetings, at which student demonstrations of chemical projects are given, are held twice a month. The club has gone on several excursions to cheni- ical plants and places of scientific interest. A very interesting trip to the San Francisco Mint was made last tall. 143 Tri-lofa FALL TERM-1950 Shirley James Henry Wong Jack Day Joyce Matson Claudette Eakins ROW I: E. Simpson. M. Grant, D. Ampac. D. Koch, J. Matson. ROW II: N. Akers. M. Cax. P. Smith, J. Burns. B. Eskridqe. ROW III: P. Greig. D. Carter. J. Day, R. Cobb, B. Boggs, Mr. Hull. OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Editor Advisors-Mr. James Hull, Miss Annabel Wann SPRING TERM-1951 Emma Simpson Marvin Grant Dorie Ampac Dieter Koch Joyce Matson The Tri-lota, an international, intercultural, and interracial club, is open to any student who wishes to join. The activities of the club tor the past year included a demonstration oi liquid nitrogen by Bobby Cooper with the assistance of Bill Shaw and a very enjoyable Christmas party at the home of Shirley James. Mr, Hull and Miss Wann the club's sponsors, and the officers have worked very hard to make this another extremely successful year for the Tri-lota. 144 I C O I R.O.T.C. INSTRUCTORS swf Capt. Sherwood D. Burgess Mfsgt. John T. Shepherd SfFc. Harold M. Engle MfSqt. Charles O. Stevens The Alameda High School R.O.T.C. unit consists of approximately 220 members who are di- vided into three companies, the bond, and the statt. Under the guidance ot the regular army instructors, the cadet statt has charge of the plans and training of the unit. ln addition to the military, leadership, and citizenship training, the highlights ot the R.O.T.C. year include at least one street parade, the Federal Inspection, and the annual competition. The competition held this year on May 25th at Lincoln Park provided a spectacular display tor the students and other spectators. The rifle drill down afforded the most tense moments for the spec- tators and cadets. The ceremony was capped by the award ot numerous medals to outstanding R.O.T.C. students. These medals were proudly displayed at the gala Military Ball, held a Week later. R.O.T.C. STAFF ROW I: J. Adam. B. Cole. B. Zboyovsky. ROW ll: R. Fung. C. Campwell, R. Cullins. ROW III: G. Skells, E. Fletcher. J. Miller, B. Hoffman. I-16 Company A ROW l: R. Hann, J. Alexander, H. Davis, E. Anderson, A. Allinger, D. Carter, B. Armstrong, R. Blake, D. Armstrong. H. Cochran, H. Barnes, R. Cumminqs. ROW Il: C. Gnutzman, P. Coke, B. Boggs, P. Deal, J. Conkle. R. Frayher, R. Fabian, J. Dawes, D. Dobson, R. Gary. M. Dickinson. ROW III: D. Brinkman, D. Martin, J. Crowdus, M. Clasby, A. Alqy, D. Buell, L. Avriell, G. Abrahclmson J. Bulmer, H. Freschi, J. Bledsoe, J. Correia, B. Briel, H. Forsberq. I Cdpl. Don Marlin Company B ROW l: G. Harris, P. Luce, L. Snyder, M. McCracken, E. Havens, L. lzard, J. Keckler, H. Kameny, B. John' son, A. McGwynn, R. Prado, R. Goodman, L. Weise. ROW ll: B. Hoepner, R. Lundberg, P. Lundberg, R. McNeill, B. Mills, H. Hamlin, L. Hatch, H. Price, D. Olson M. Godfrey, R. Hawley, J. Lynch, N. McNeill, R. Duliin. HOW Ill: R. Liehie, G. Forney, R. Hann, T. Joseph, B. Hollman, B. Mitchell, J. Millelt, B. Poor, V. Harper, W. Johnson, B. Cooper. ROW IV: R. Powers, C. Thrush, F. Sexauer, G. Mahoney, G. Haqerbauer. J. Garrett, C. Gaorqi, G. Martin R. Kubu, D. Lambert, J. Hawley, B. Oakley, O. King, D. Pope. 147 Capt. Robert Lundberg Company C ROW I: R. Plomgren, S. Staiiord, D. Walker, K. Zib, R. Walion, K. Tennier, F. Warren, R. Millner, P. Tyler S. Whidden, R. Lolsiand, D. Winsor, D. Wesslinq. ROW II: T. Hale, C. Klitqaard, W. Howard, G. Payne, L. Pederson, J. Thorsen, L. Ramsey, D. Robertson N. Read, T. Williams. G. Thomas, R. Pederson, C. Wallace, J. Federline. ROW III: D. Thysse, D. Roesch, M. Wuesihoif, R. Wilson, R. Souza, W. Dickinson, R. Sheriii, C. Stamps R. Wheeler, O. Thomas, R. Steinecke, D. Johnson. ROW IV: B. Wysling, B. Perata, R. Willis, J. Vemon, J. Rowney, T. Slavan, L. Powell, W. Rueda, N. Mc Capl. Ron Plomqren Gowan, B. Traxler, T. Harper. me R. O. T. C. B a n d ROW I: J. Saqen, G. Ferrier, I.. Jackson, T. Kelleher, R. Nelherwood. ROW II: C. Magill, N. Smith, T. Hatch, W. Murschman, W. Davis, T. Summa. ROW III: R. Lear, B. Jackson, J. Bradley, M. Starr. I-K8 ww J ,L is '22 3' nd an , 5 1 . Q, e 'Y A , 'f I .. .A f . X aw 4 wi .- I W ,J.. ,V , i. MN , av Y ' 'K 1 .Q-A 0 X ,. m 8 3' 1 EE lg? if 2 E gi? Athi, 3 WW xg iw. Vx! :UNM . 5 ' f M - V Wh-4w ,,, M ,, 0 F .2 ' hi ,, T1 W , as WX jw W it X has W5 mix nu' I 3' aa' 'ff B ' 9 5 . w ' . -a . 21? F w -T ,w MA 614 ,. E, me . ,?'5'gif5, ug' T I ' S "ll X 2 CS 13 EQ? if' if' V221 R. 0. T. C. Rifle Team STANDING: B. Boggs, C. Keeler. B. Briel. R. Willis. KNEELING: F. Clasby. R. Duffin, T. Hatch. R. Cullins, M. Clasby. R. O. T. C. Color Guard Left to right: B. Briel, F. Sexauer, R. Hoesch. D. Walker. 1 50 R.O.T.C. SPONSORS Lett to right: Barbara Zboyovsky. Honorary Captain. Statt: Barbara Cole, Honorary Captain. Co. A: Marlene Jensen. Honorary Captain, Staff: Emily Fong. Honorary Captain. Co. C: Betty Isabel, Hon- araxy Captain Co. B: Lois Coffin, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel. Lett to right: Honorary Lieutenant Colonel. Barbara Zboyovsky: Honorary Maior. Barbara Cole: Honorary Captain. Jean Adam: Honorary Captain. Clarine Gnutzmann: Honorary Captain. Barbara Hoepner: Honorary Captain. Sybil Stafford. 151 WN C ei ,ht e fit? C 11+-w Ml " l Camera Shy? 2 Advisory Party 3 Sleepy Time Gals 4 Candidates lor Bamum 6 Bailey 5 Sourpusses 6 Cheer Leaders 7 Noon Time Pastime 8 Which Side is Up 9 Alter Hours 10 Concentration 152 ve.. ,ZW 55,3 Hot Rod 2 Is There a Doctor in the House? 3 Totem Pole Photogenic 5 Blow Gabriel. Blow 6 Gunbocxts "Mr. Getz" 8 Snowbunnies 9 Christmas Cclrolers Anything for cl Lcuqh 11 Oath of Office 12 Biq Don 153 Appreciafions . . . In publishing this year's Acorn many people have given their time and assist- ance. We hope that this page will to some measure, express our thanks to the following: To Mr. Bryan for his help and co-operation at all times. To Mr. Thurlow of California Arts and Engraving Co. for his helpful sugges- tions and a fine job of photo-engraving. To Mr. Brazelton of Fontes Printing Co. not only for his excellent job of print- ing but also for his unending help and patience. To Mr. and Mrs. Barboni for the fine photography, more than prompt delivery, and patience about unusual calls. To Mr. Silvius of Silvius and Schoenbackler for producing a fine cover. To Mrs. Hall, Virginia Bartalini and the office staffs for supplying us With nec- essary information. To Mrs. Hoeksema for her helpful advice and the indispensible use of her telephone. To Mrs. Berry for the use of her typing equipment. To Glenna Meyers for her assistance in identifying pictures. To Miss Reichmuth for her unlimited time and supplies. To Mrs. R. E. Rath for her unending supply of black coffee and aspirin. To all the faculty and activity advisors for their splendid help in identifying the many pictures. To the many students who aided us by contributing snapshots-we only re- gret that We could not use all of them. 154 RB KLAND DA SUBU qLLl OZ 4 .-I 4 5 .1 .1 I cz 1: I- V --I D .i ' 2. ST X. vxvsoswxz QQQCQNQ JACK ERWIN MOTORS DODGE W"m3.ff'2'Tf'5, "5" Y nunsf : 4 fffmgl DQR X ' gf X ALAMEDA N X CAUFURNAA AST ,I X52 X41 Of I- 2 b CO ? x fm f ll Y f "' -f STUAQ 253 fl ALAMEOA E V 39' H A-0 'O ' -I :QW IN UJLU A Af VH- " an gg: Jgggfifns gg x906Wf95TER QO o Ni,b Afimnc AVE? 1 ,,,, 1 'fd' ':b 21 TO NAV 51 STA-SEQIREQ m ,N f A W WASHIN T ARK Q91 mf A -5?-Jig?- .N AREA F 5 OADS 5 -, c Tv if E 'Q SER E EN E ix-S XL? ALAMEOA AVE UEW X l v scaool. 1 Rf-We 3 l ALAMEDA AVENUE Eu f A S .,.ll-l 2 fag. ' com "-Tiff G ow P U .pvsaenn -pf' x S allaclz, ffuvbf, fmafafm, 155 CORSAGES! OUR SPECIALTY MADE TO SATISFY EVERY TEEN-AGER TASTE L CILE' 2416 CENTRAL AVENUE ff LA. 2-0188 102 DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS ON CORSAGES mf 5 .2 A ,:3Wi Twfw' OF ALAMEDA THE SPECIALTY SHOP EGP ACTIVE SPORTSWEAR 1410 PARK STREET LA. 2-5033 sAv1: UP TO V2 SAVE UP TO V2 ALAMEDA SHOE WHSE. Shoes for fhe Enfire Family T 1338 Park Street ww LAkehurst 3-8643 1- Alameda, Calif. T DELICIOUS 44 SUPREME TUCKERS ICE CREAM 1518 PARK ST. LA. 2-4960 156 Sutherland Girls, Graduate fo a Telephone Company Job lllllill B. ORENFELL fxf "ALAMEDA'S Ch COS are II Telephone Company has just the kind of work you wcmt. New Hudsons HOW being Drop in new cmd talk it over ct delivered 1521 Franklin Street, Oakland 34,000 mile cr ZW ywm Guuruntwt RELIABLE . LA. 3-1406 PRESCRIPTION THE PACWIC TELEPHONE Co. Park and Clement Alameda SERVICE M C. .LCONNOLLY GENERAL CONTRACTOR Iso-o ENCINAL Kg ALAMEDA Y Z2 123 CENTRAL AVENUE I-A' 2" 'S 2 Ph0ne:LAkehufs+ 2-6738 ALAMEDA. CALIFORNIA Our C011gl'2llll1ZllLi0llS and Very Best Wishes tothe NEW GRADUATES from THE BANKS IN ALAMEDA QICGXQ ALAMEDA CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION 157 X CONGRATULATIONS! BEAN AND CAVANAUGH YOUR ALAMEDA DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH DEALER FS! 1700 PARK STREET LA. 3-5246 TAILORING DEPT. LADIES' GENTS' SPECIAL ORDER FOURTEEN-NINETY-FIVE AND UP! 1222 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-2876 SPORTING GOODS CO. 15112135-1?: ST- Congrafulafions LA. 3.7121 TO THE CLASS OF ATHLETIC HUNTING Ctrld FISHING EQUIPMENT HEADQUARTERS JDM Budget Terms Invited - SUITS, COATS, DRESSES, FORMALS AND FURS 1428 PARK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 158 ' CODIGA MOTORS LiNcoLN AND MERCURY . . . Sales and Service . . . IE LA. 2-4617 1825 PARK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA GIL ASHCOM D NASH Corclially Invites the People oi Alameda to Inspect the New NASI-I Dealership O 1911 PARK STREET ALAMEDA LA. 3-5933 General Tires Direct Factory Distributor Decrler CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH SALES f PARTS f SERVICE HUF F MAN MOTOR CO. LAkehurst 3-2751 1630 PARK STREET ALAMEDA CHAPLIN MOTOR SALES COMPANY SALES - SERVICE R. B. CHAPLIN -- 2431 SANTA CLARA 1 LA. 2-6400 f ALAMEDA 15 7 '65 o O 1 GS At Low Finest And 'hi U1 I-I lllll l-I-I C LET VR CH RL U LAkehurs'I' 2-9221 2424 SANTA CLARA AVENUE CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF 1951 BUNIERE BAKERY "Buy the Best - We Do" . O 1417 PARK STREET PARK AT SANTA CLARA LA, 2,0110 BIDS I PROGRAMS . 1300143 TICKETS - PICTURE FRAMING ENGINAL PRESS p R I N 1 E R 5 EUERETT E. FARWELL O I 1329 EIQXRBEEEZREET 2323 SANTA CLARA AVE. LA 2-7667 KWest of Park Slrecil P E N ll E Y'S Kyle Rexall Drugs The opportunily to learn successf 1 If merchandising with future securiiy T share in the proft of one of the largest mpanies in the world. . See Manager of any Penney Store 1433 HIGH STREET 0 ALAMEDA J. C. PENNEY CO.. INC. Phone: LAkehurst 2-3843 C 0 M P EPM E N T 5 HAMILTON BROS. ALAMEDA BUUTERY BAHKER ' Tu-Ton 1434 PARK STREET COMPLETE "SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" Best of Luck on lhe Way Grads . of Ju 51 and February '52 1330 PARK STREET 1540 WEBSTER STREET 160 Reme ber on the Way JUMPING JACKS 61 SPALDING Will Guide You R qht THE RIGKSHA Versailles Bakery C H I N E S E F Q Q D BREAD - CAKES - PIES - PASTRY Alameda "BAKED BY HECK" sweef " W Shoppe 1323 HIGH STREET 1306 VERSAILLES AVE. Near Encinul Avenue, Alameda sandwiches LAkehurSt 3-3783 Phone LAkehurSt 2,0344 founfuin candy QUALITY DIAMONDS Alameda Apolhecary STANDARD MAKE WATCHES Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing 2237 CENTRAL Across IYOIII the I-Iiqh School UN W . Alameda Jewelers l407W PARK STREET PRESCRIPTIONS ., DRUGS ALAMENi"':-'l D T LAkehursl 2-1188 Alameda. Calif. FIGS DGIIVQFY LA- 3-6168 EATRE l VISITORS WELCOME Sprousegilellz Go. LA VERNE LA. 2-4990 ' Paslry Shoppe W L. Anovich, Proprietor 1342 PARK STREET MADE SEIISLQIALLCCCCEASIONS Phafmagy ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA w LA' 2-4034 1436 WEBSTER STREET JACK Alameda, Cum. LA. 2-6314 PELLERITE '33 V 0 S B U ll li ll FAMILY SIIUE STURE . H A R D R E FRIENDLY SPORTS PCR THE GIRLS Rsrqbmheq 1876 ' J. F. UIMJ TASKER HOUSEHOLD WARES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 2317 SANTA CLARA LA. 2-1882 Alameda, Calif. JOHN C. ROBERTS EOR BOYS NS 1507 WEBSTER ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Phone: LA, 246118 161 1546 PARK ST. Cor. Park 61 Lincoln ALAMEDA Congrafulafions ALB RT CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE ZESADVUIISLEESOF 1951 FROM YOUR NEIGHBOR GaIIenKamp'S THE ALL DRUG UU. "A1I" the Best in A Prescriptions - Drugs - Cosmetics A 1415 PARK STREET PARK AND CENTRAL In Alameda It's Alameda Steam Laundry AND DRY CLEANERS IIEALY 84 RUGERS MEN'S PINE APPAREL A Student Rates 44 . W , zzas LINCOLN AVE. 1400 PF-RK STREET LA. 2-1727 LA- 2-2002 LAkehurst 2-9647 S T 0 N E , S The EIcYcLEs 1 Toys 1 WHEEL GOODS Congratulations quam, X ' v---'-, I .,,. 1 v-.,. . Class of pi :I xx ai-3264 IUNE 1951 5' CLARA Q V:..r,,A2 :r:1,,Z I ,1Z:. :.V I. g 2316 CENTRAL AVENUE , x P, if-',' Across from Alameda Theatre CWIC UD - I' "': , ALAMEDA,i CALIFORNIA AUTHQRIIED S Americds Finest Focd Coniection I Special Rates for Social Events Lionel and American Flyer Trains WE SELL THE BEST, REPAIR THE REST SN 1409 M PARK STREET LA. 2-6622 I'lALL'S FURNITURE "Nude" and Finished NEW, DIFFERENT AND DISTINCTIVE DESIGNS YOUR IDEAS MADE TO ORDER 1623 PARK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Phone LAkehurst 2-1933 "1-1ERM" SCHLICI-ITING, Owner 162 LA. 3-3561 LA. 3-3562 Esquire Gleaners, Inc. SPECIALISIIS IN QUALITY B. M. LEWY KN 2420 LINCOLN AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA All Work Done on the Premises Telephone LA. 2-4236 Alameda Painl 81 Wallpaper 00. WALLPAPER AND PAINTERS' R 0 S S W ll I G H T "WRIGHT SELLS R1GHT" President A.H.S. Alumni Association REAL ESTATE f INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SUPPLIES FULLER f DUPONT f BOYSEN M + Bus. LA. 2-5733 Res. LA. 2-4081 1523 WEBSTER STREET 2511 SANTA CLARA ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA U AL-AMEDA FOR THE BEST IN ' . . CONGRATULATIONS AND .71'l21w1wI1- BEST WISHES WEBSTERT 1151511111111 To THE CLASS OF A51 I '30 46QufomZ, L 1819 WEBSTER STREET O H9 17 YEARS IN MOIIPSEIIZI Iliru Eirirfi-ay LA. 2-7543 COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS + Schaefer's Pharmacy Prescription Specialists , COSMETICS If PERFUMES REVELATION CLEANING Decide dly Different + 2309 ENCINAL AVENUE LA. 2-9131 1 Alameda 1096 CLEANING DISCOUNT WITH PRESENTATION OE STUDENT CARD ROSENTl'IAL'S 1356 PARK STREET DEPENDABLE GOODS SINCE 1896 MIDDIES AND SHORTS vs CONGRATULATIONS GRADS HEADQUARTERS EOR FAMOUS BRANDS Nylon Hose f Lingerie Uniform Shirts The Qualily Shop 1340 PARK STREET CONGRATULATIONS GRADS 163 S 4 3 4 1: 2 35 QE I1 1-1- 1' Z O D .I .I Ill 2 N M u.l 3 TR J EDA'S .9-.2 'UCL fum MQ ALAM es'l Televlsion ervice ppllance S U1 L 'U ,J4 TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU Oak and Santa Clara CENTER - MALTBY 'I 522 WEBSTER ST. 3-8500 Akehursl' ay L 'U PS L.. su S aa E d. o I C av n. O Fred ll. Nichols STUDEBAKER DEALER SALES SERVICE PARTS 1711 WEBSTER ST. ALAMEDA LA. 3-7472 F rmerly Meyerinq Motorsl JOHll DE GRANO I as SSSSl S S ALTERATIONS OF ALL KINDS CLEANING AND PRESSING 653 BUENA VISTA LA. 3-2136 ALAMEDA DAVIS F000 ST0l1E 1505 High sf. V9 COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE o Br: te The Prosperity System 0leaners and llyers 4-HR. SPECIAL SERVICE 3-DAY REGULAR SERVICE 1607 PARK STREET LA. 2-1060 ALAMEDA IO A.M. Till . . . ALAMEDA BOWL STUDENT RATES On Week Days Till 5:30 FOUNTAIN 0 LUNCH 2418 SANTA CLARA LA. 2-2737 Alameda 0ake Box "Cakes of Cllaracl'er" SN 2402 Santa Clara LA. 3-9313 PETE'S MARKET GROCERIES 1 VEGETABLES FRUITS 1 DELICATESSEN BEST QUALITY MEATS Free Delivery Alameda Launderelle CLOTHES WASHED AND DRIED IN ONE HOUR I I 1601 PARK LSTREET 2402 LINCOLN AVENUE LAkehursl 2-0302 Alameda Im Park Street, G"s:,w?g,,:::1,':1z:f"'g OF V ' Uglle 0An0NEn anus. ml, Lounge A 1429 HIGH STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Phone LA. 2-421 I 164 INDIVIDUALIZED SERVICE 3 QPERATOHS TO SERVE You 'SN 2511 SANTA CLARA LA. 2-1144 Telephone LA. 2-7506 Luxus Laumlerie SELF SERVICE JUST AROUND THE CORNER STILL THE BEST PLACE TO EAT Kitty's Kubhard "Bring Your Films to Piatt's" Automatic Individual Washing Q COMPLETE DRYING SERVICE . BEEFBURGERS 1 HOT DOGS 1611 PARK STREET AND MILK SHAKES F. C. Carl Alameda, Calif Best in the West by Ta te Test PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS CONGRATULATIONS 9 AND BEST WISHES ' from Gamera Gomer Cameg! AE?ml:'?2:wplies ,CAMERAS 9 Repairs - Projectors and Film PICTURE FRAMING RENTALS GIFTS 2319 LINCOLN AVENUE 0 w LA. 3-0626 2320 CENTRAL AVENUE 1350 PARK STREET V Across from Alameda Theatre I5 fo DISCOUNT Cash and Carry LA. 2-5487 LA, 2-4074 ll I 0 T ll E A T H E Western Meal Market Te,eP,,,,ne 1413 PARK STREET PLAY BINGO Mon. - Wed. - Fri. w Student Rates- 35g' w Continuous Daily During Vacation MOVING f STORING 1 PACKING SHIPPING 1 WAREHOUSING CAR LOADING CAR POOL DISTRIBUTING GLINTDN IIRAYAGE THE ALAMEDA EXPRESS STATE-WIDE HAULING Telephone LA. 2-8622 - Day G Night OFFICE: 1615 PARK STREET ALAMEDA ADRIAN STICKNEY FEATURING THE FINEST MEATS OBTAINABLE I 1424 PARK STREET LA. 3-1808 AGNES BROPHY MR. ROLLINS Stylist Alameda Hotel Beauty Salon KS! 1419 BROADWAY LA. 2-9902 Alameda 165 LAkehursl' 2-2388 STAGE HARDWARE 00. HARDWARE Houses-loin and SPORTING GOODS WM. G. STAGE Proprietor vs 1334 PARK STREET Alameda, California 5 wi. "nib FITZGERALD' JEWELERS WATCHES M WATCI-IMAKING RINGS X GIFTS Designers and Manufacturers of DISTINCTIVE IEWELRY - TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU -- 1504 Webster Street MALTBY CENTER 2312 Santa Clara Ave. LA. 3-3450 . REALTORS , Q INSURANCE I Q susDIvIsIoNs 0 REAL ESTATE LOANS REA'-TY CO- FOR INTENSE SALES ACTIVITY TO FIND THE RIG-I-IT HOME- III1 G,,,,e,,.,1 ,,,,,,,,,.,e, POR CANDID SALES ANALYSIS 1223 PARK ST. Phone LAkehursI' 3-5677-8-9 JAMES F. WINGER Play Golf af The ALAMEDA MUNIGIPAL GULF GUURSE FEES: Week Days ..................................................,......... .....,.... S -75 Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays .....,,...... ......,...,... ..... .....Y.... 35 I . UU Monthly Ticket ...,..............,..............................Y......,...,..,,,...,.....,,,..,. 55-UU Monthly Ticket Woid Saturdays, Sundays, Holidaysl l...l,,,,,...,.. 334.00 LUNCH ROOM OPEN TO PUBLIC Special Rafes to Alameda High Students 35? after 2:30 on school days L e i dy 's SCHOOL AND CAMPUS STYLES YOU LIKE . . . "IOAN MARIE" and "LANAMERE" SWEATERS "BETTY BARCLAYH DRESSES "MAIDENFORM" BRAS 1425 PARK ST. 1451 WEBSTER ST. 166 MARSHALL sfrnnn co I LEADING CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS SINCE 190 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1951 FROM FRANK G MARIA LOMBARD Alameda Representatives 1211 PARK STREET Phone: LA. 2-7100 la fakes 1 lo W 60 4 Q Q 1 Compliments of YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SIGNAL DEALER GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IS OUR WISH TO THE GRADUATING CLASS GADSDEWS STATIUNERY STURE 1435 PARK STREET Phones: LAkel'1urst 2-1844 fc LAkel'1urst2-1845 Congratulations and Best Wishes From Ralph Archinal ALAIVIEDA TYPEWRITER C0. 2309 SANTA CLARA AVE. I, ALAMEDA ff LA. 2-4921 167 FV o STUDENT DISCOUNT IOM D. D. SCOTT n FLORIST CORSAGES AND BOUOUETS Pon THE GRADUATE 'E 1520 WEBSTER STREET CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1951 is THE ALAMEDA FOOD SHOP CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 FROM DICK AND BEA THUNDER, OWNERS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Serving Alameda Since 1874 1438 PARK STREET LA. 3-2020 ALAMEDA'S STERLING JEWELER Sterling Silver by Towle - 'Gorham - Wallace - Reed CS Barton Lunt - International and others Grcmat Bros. Diamond Rings and Mfounlings Omega - Hamilton - Lonqines - Elgin - Bulova Watches LEWIS B. GROPER IEWELER AND SILVERSMITH 1503 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA. CALIF. 168 Success and Happiness fo Our Young Friends of A.H.S. MR. AND MRS. E. S. AGNEW BEN STEVENSON C. M. TOWER MARY HALBHEER ESTER BARRY EARL G-ARBER HAROLD C. WARD AL CLARK ISABEL HICKS DENIECE ANDERSON Moy you continue fo enjoy the successes and pleasures of those who preceded you in Alameda High 1432 PARK STREET "Where Buyers and Sellers Meef' nv Fm- to N. go: JJ 8 GQQN . I N My WNW QV qw M, I I QM? as AV NEXT TIME YOU HAVE YOUR CLOTHES CLEANED SEND THEM TO THE rystal Cleaners ALAMEDA'S OLDEST AND LARGEST CLEANING PLANT WHERE YOU GET THE MOST SCIENTIFIC CLEANING KNOWN TO THE CLEANING INDUSTRY ALL YOUR CLOTHES ARE INSURED FOR FIRE AND THEFT WHILE IN OUR POSSESSION STUDENT RATES cleaners PHONE: LA. 2-0433 S. W. BUTLER 2000-2008 ENCINI-IL Owner CS Manager 170 , Th 0 I 'ily of ALAMEDA THE ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF CUMMERCE CONGRATULATE THE CLASSES Aufographs Aufographs Aufographs Aufographs Aufographs Aufographs Aufographs Aufographs Autographs Aufographs Aufographs I Q s l ! 5 1 I 1 Q B ,.. K A .1 ix 5,3-' fl - W6 W .dm xv Mlf gax . 9 ff Iv Q, 45 05 2, ,ii Q1 W f Q 1 I V L ITVFA - zu- - A W A-gf. x -. . -A if f 'sg 52 I A, QS 6 , , X' Eg f 9? 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Suggestions in the Alameda High School - Acorn Yearbook (Alameda, CA) collection:

Alameda High School - Acorn Yearbook (Alameda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Alameda High School - Acorn Yearbook (Alameda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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