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in K' 5 Tx lx? .HW QQJ 111. we xx nga "" 2 W B 539 .W I z 5? ' 1 ' ' , Q W. as f U I ' A "' J -fl! -u,.,' fi? M12-LL 2 Ffa 29,9 fa X lysif 22:51-D ' .2 -y i f QE + Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OP ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL Alameda, California Volume L Copyright 1949 by BARBARA ELLEN TENER ................,... Ediior FRANK DENNIS MCELHINNEY, IR .....,......... Manager ROBERT FREDERICH O'HARE .... Art Editor CQBN Bcwk I If JUK WIN 1 C 1 'll 1 Ac mlm Twin, Twin? Qwgmlzfatloml W ,ill In U! ill ll 1 l is ' 4 1 Bffzk H Q' .5 ' if Bocnk IH Afitivitie Spcrf H kV . QIWLQ lust ohe huhdred year a go thot sands tt persor s heqal to stream mto Cdl1fOfHld IH ode ot the qreatest IT'llQI'dllOHb ot all ttme ahd as a result Cahtorhra oecame the cg eat state that tt lS today we have qweh atteht1or1 to the torty l'1l"lQF th our theme but we have centered lt arouhd Sah FTGHCISCO and the heautltul bay from Whrch 1t gets rts hame Such a theme lS lllllflig because rt IS here OH Saw Frahctsco Bay that we l ve ahd because there IS so much of Hhportahce ahd mterest m the hrstory ot the two San Frartcrscos 1h the story ot Calrtorma 6 ' s c 'A V 'U P K ar Ch this qoldeh ahrtiversary ot the beqihhihq ol the Gold Rush, . . . 1 . . . ' ' r ' l , t . ,, . 7 . . Qyeagcozfion T0 MRS HAZEL B HUNTER Attecnonately known as Ma to the thousands of students whose hves she has ennched W1th the warmth ot her understandlnq the radlance of her charm the 1nsp1rat1on of her teachmq and the depth of her devot1on She has d1s covered talent and 1nst1Hed confldence She has awakened an appreclatlon of what 1S f1ne and beautlful 1D rnuslc and 1n hte She has qlven us somethlnq n1ce to remember 7 . 11 If , 1 1 1 - ' OW SZAOJ In JHLIIILIFIEIIII CNFCHGE h RUSSUI RCDBERT PE I LRQON ' K 1 '1 "1 .IL1 . JJ .. v 1 f NJ mwqm Q t 1 DR WILLIAM PADEN Superlntendent of Schools F ew graduates of Alameda I-hgh School ever realrze the bee h1ve of dCl1V1lY that lS the Adrn1n1strat1on Bulldlng located Just across the Grrls P E fleld on the corner of Calc Street and Alameda Avenue It 1S here that the Superlntendent of Schools h1s ass1st ants and the Board of Educatron labor dlhgently to provlde us Wllh all the essentlals for a good educatlon Thelr effort 1n our behalf lS the reason we have chosen to 1nclude thrs page 1n the 1949 Acorn nf' Board of Educatton 1 tt ght MR A HUBBARD MOFFITT IR MR W H HITCHINGS MR R E BOSSHARD MR M C GODFREY tt g DR DONA D D LUM l3 . I . I . u I ' I . - ---- -A-, . ,.- --W - -ml--.. , ... ' W' "' ' J" '- . ---V ..--- ...W .. .1 M.. - X -- 5'--- - lx, .1 -.1 " 'A iw"-""' - 4 ,h --.- - -t- A--1- .- - -L-1 s Ip .1 . .. .,,, - .,, .. 'vu L, X - ef ori : .. , .. . .. , ... , ... gsiin: . L . . F' 66145 Q:5:56L 8 At times we are all disturbed about things that happen to us When such disturbances come to us we have to make adiustments ln order to make such adiustments we must be healthy physically and mentally I should like to use the space offered me by the Acom Staff this year to list a few of the principles that seem to develop the kind of wholesome personality that is necessary to meet our everyday problems This is done in the hope that one or more of the principles listed may help some student over a difficult time nize facts will do Learn to compensate in constructive Ways for unpleasant facts that you cannot change Attend to the present situation Ignore the past and the future except where they are vitally connected with the present Worrying is a complete circle of ineffectual thoughts around a pivot of fear Adiust your environment and way of life to a strain you can sustain Find desirable and adequate means of self expression Have many interests Achieve sofne satisfactory social relationship Develop a balance between self reliance and dependence Learn to recognize unhealthy reactions in yourself and deal with them effectually Keep physically fit l wish to congratulate Mrs Hoeksema and Miss Herrick faculty advisers Barbara Tener editor Prank McElh1nney business manager and the Acorn staff on the really outstanding work they have done on the Acom this year l also want to thank Miss Heichmuth and Bob O Hare for helping to provide the colored division pages 14 W .-,..u..-...a.........M- 1 WN W, .-..,,i..,A.L, '1 -vw,-W... 1 X K. X 1 1 L , Y A , . K I". y g 1. Learn to face facts with courage and optimism. Neither brooding nor failure to recog- 2. ' ' . 3. . ' ' . 5. ' ' ' . 6. ' . 7. ' i ' ' ' ' . 8. ' f ' , . 9. ' ' ' ' . lU. ' ' . DONALD BELL Vlce Prmclpal EARL SCHRIBER GRACE POWERS Dean of Boys Dean of GIIIS 15 clc'1 1 I 6 CJNTIWTIXTIJ HUGH fit Wf.Hf If 'QKDYXX 32.111 1, fi N' 'L If-Af 7211 AYi.f"kflI I Tl.-'f,'.'Iffil 3- 'T' ' n 'f.ff'!5 IST I .f5ff.-'afillfl " x 'Ty-fSELflFif-S IN . '11 . QDNFHI Si' R I I ,ff 1fY'2.: lvlyitt lx rf,-: 1 -":.f1:.f F 1-. " I . g ,.1:' U xSQlfLL!QlfLLl 0l!8lf'lfLlfIfL8lfLf It 1 1 fros f s 1 tfcn fw n nu v rch wr are very proud Wf startt d 111 Septernluer w1th Glenn Weller rn the presroent s charr ar1d soon lj Far 11 ff F HY lc 111 gc r wt 19 emo orattr 1 1 IC s u en fry prf urrd lUC er t1at he c d 1 1 rc a y en an urne an c 1 sc o 1 was t s unoe Yer eaofr arry G rner ar ara an err preveo to re 1 ery oapa as attractrye w1e1 pres1dent assrsttng Prestdent Glenn rn every way ts s rt e r ter ne gaxel and p1o1ed ht worth as a ea er was assrstec. 11 eyerw way ly the pettte and xryacrous Sal 3 M Dowell wh as yr e pres dent Under the leadershrp of Frnan 1al Secretary Brch Poltone lCU ce dues were secured and Duane Louts rnlnut s were ot the hnest qualtty Credrt should go to Blch Lundy for h1Q wdrlc tn naarntatnrng the h1gh standard rl schoet sptrrt ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD Much of the success ot ar1y adnunrstratron IS dependent upon the work ot the other loodres tn the student goyernrnent Banlxrng trrst rs the Adnuntstrattve Board cornposed of two representatrves trorn each class srx delegates at large and the hve student offtcers The Ad Board approves the budget approprrates rnoney for latlls and performs varrous other tasks STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE Next of unpertance IS Student Faculty Cornrntttee whtch 15 cornposeo ot the hve stud ent otttcers the Chret Co lnsellors of the Men s GRO Vvornert Q B ards ot Co 1tr a de e crate at large Prestdent or G A Presrdent ot the Men s Block A Presrdent of G A A Speaker of the Ad Board Mr Bryan Mr Bell and three other faculty rnernl ers It rs rn tht cornrruttee that SIUOQDIS and faculty work together a11d the result IS a srnooth runntrer Qudentgovenunent BOARDS OF CONTROL The Men s dlld Women s Boards of Control each composed et twenty tour n ernlcerq fourteen seruors a11d ten Juntors asstst tn keeprng order at game and studert 1 eetmg The other actrvttres of the Assoctated Students appear on tollowtng pages 17 DLI' , U1 st tclent 11c,'.f1-111r11c-11t 11lt1 the test tratntnfq for our tuiurc- roles is cgi This you, 11 thc A:1:'u1'f111tc-lcl Slt1ClC?Itl2S ol Ala1111e'la lltfgh Sehfful, l111'.'e acco zygltslrofl lny tl111113:1 xl 1 lr" 1 1 1 . 2 Q is rl l N1 A A A l El l lc , 'I I , A I 1' cL1l S 131 tr' C 'r 1 a Usort 1, 'th tl , ,C ap - or ft tt' .t df t ltfzf , ino 'P po cent1-st11de-:ttdur'-11. Nr, cite will ever forget those w'11dertul eifrfl very Gtllflflcllflllrxj zniruxtes E 'ec:r lll g Sic -'lt ry Ke Br .dall t' d out, 'S d ,erta1.1ly " ho Xl spirit 1 no op- 1 ' r 1' le 'D Br not . Br lf M 1 e J , 1 f ' 1 'J rlxle, as well Thi p lftfj Gefzrfg, Gsorira took one tl ' 1 'over f '1' lfdo . l-le ' Q- A 'r L" 1 1 ' l r' ' ll 1 c ,, 1 o was our "cc 1 . 1 ' ' o' A ' 1' . , per nt , -I , ' ' ' e , ' ' '. . ' - ' 1 . , . . . 1 N 1 - - c e . J J , . , , - ' V 1, 4 V . - 1 x I 1 1 ' A ' Y A1 1 1 , . . A 1 . M o 1. on -1- . , . , . , ,Q 3, . ' ' 's . i , v , V . " 5 ' ' j c' ' c " J ,s - 1 n 2'. s . . . , , . STUDENT BCDY CEETCERS President C GLENN WELLER Vice-President BARBARA MANBERT Recording Secretary KEN RANDALL Financial Secretary CECRGE QSORIC Yell Leader , BARRY CONNOR STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE Hunt r Ceorqe OSCTIO M159 l S lfa Ba ry C nnor r ryan Doddr A a IS r Tom Gmley l u'n lfar e P Earl a a Manl re P 1 K 1 Randall Paul Kar a cr l l Mrs. e 1 ' ' . ,rr , mp , r O Lf , Ei 'Q ltr rr M . Bell ' Ar. C . minqs r. cg erata Glenn 'vVf'?llPI Dave Plendersfpn - 6 r wrt Elsf Cn may , er ' 5 spa El, n Na es ADMINISTRATIVE BQAED 1 Qin C sl BIIYCIIII I' Q c fiit I I gc Pen 0 1 kms f G f ii DHI-'Iif iii Du mii y rd I DCAC 1 s fi Oti iSii 2C WOMEN S BQARD QE CCDNTRQL IIC! I C Ir ri lik ar I Rumiiiz ifi f Gariinr uavid Jfcuiii 1 vi S Nui V buf' If 1' Q II IC sc Efarc :AI Iva mif Id u vvfi MEN S BOARD OE CQNTROL HV' HEI 1' .fi ,LI ISI? " flfw 1:'.II A i"..' Ellis Artis Rvn I3ar.,onfis Dr ri Barnes , WF rt B 'IL Edwin CoI0man BIII Cr-mbs Pixtrrri Davis Ed D0 Deaux c my Form 'Ein STKE, :sin with Massir. 4 ' .Qin ,ew ' I Iikiri BIII Pendercgrass Cr urge Read 'IV ci Pcmancff G Imran SIISI aIci I II Smith ,Q l N n 1 0 -, 0 S, I 0 J Gfwriii Vim-IIfii Iidril 2 J aI I B1 YI,n1' YI' IIIJAII lQdv+s IWC.. 4 ' 7 , E Km. fifizifixf It-5111 I5:'.-:maxi ' ' G41 11- ON: r T'i1. inI -y - - " u ,V f I H0112 E' .I ,I 1 .Al I?--iitgfizii fl'1i::fmE1-I.1:i I ,, fi:-Hr: IIifIc1f- Strikir-1 ' 8 S.,f'i11tx':z I' :.r, 'S Iy Q Sfzfy IfI.'iD4 wr-.I I ' A1 frISf'.1 , ' If,-my Ii!Iw. ' IVII, ,' 'I EW' I.'.'c i.Iiy IEr:.i'- fxiiixfaf . Vi.I.iI,ryfIiI, C'IfII2,I I Hwfly I'1f'w I'fI Crap--1 l , I III ii fci 111 V, I V ' , .I IvIeirf:f I'If'Ic3fnl I.I.-r.'falIa I."Iv'f7ii':id - Lf imiiifi Ilf E I S:iI1y I.Ii'Df".'.'v'II I,CIIc21II"lEC y ."4.rr1If.'fiI'2LIi1--If IVIIIIIIII C ".vc'I7IL I.I11I1IyIi Iwlfiriic- I . . . ' ,. P ' " A III- 1 Er C, '- f-Id ' 1 h 4 Erfflii 1 f P611 ff . 0 I AQL"f- fx 1 X " 'J CEiarI . G .fffi 1 Q S Qin CY: ' I SIiariri'i1 K. .ILHIIIIEE IIcIIfy'.-.'c1f,fI Iii-kin Stzikf-1 Cuff Ich Shri Emi are Tfviifz ,Icyzw , 1' iirislzi In I T I.'.'aff2s IJ- . I Ez, wy II' IG A" A,If5IIIfIf K f I IL 1 IU ic' is ii I'i 'f 1 S Eyf 'I Fir - I If G A '71 ik Ifas ii 1 f' Kf " 'f1iII n TM i U I Y x FICIH fw'tIf1 WI NI -Lf ,V L A r ' I Iw if 1 -Aa STUDENT BODY OFFICERS President , , , ., . , .I LGEORGE OSORIO Vice-President ....,,,..,, A, SALLY MCDOVVELL Recording Secretary .,,,S ,S,,.A D UANE LOUIS Financial Secretary A, ,,,,... RICH FOLIONE Yell Leader. ,L . ii,i , ,ii,i.,ii RICH LUNDY STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE dd ivfr. Bryan Stan Goqol Mr. Bell Carol lonnson Mr. Cummings Duane Louis Mrs, Hunter Rich Lundy Miss Lcs Kamp Sally McDowell Bill De Bell Barb r Meyerinq Helen Fink Gecrqe Osoiio Tom Cwinley Flick Pclicne ,ASQJJQS ,f0m1fLgf94Q ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD George 050110 Sally Mn Dowoll Duane LQNVIS R1 l1 Pclmnrw Rlvh Ldndy Gregg Bessemer Bel Ccpn and F de B1 l Sue l'lalnl1 Chuck Tl1: mas Dan Sousa Lorrame Goldman Warren G 1ddal Gemgn Updemafl leannf Bev man TOIII G1nl y Paxtc Il Dans Kar f1E1YlC Fllll larkm S r1k r I Hn Da 111 L y A S Erm GL11ssu Carnl Rain Sylnll Stalfrrd Lee SL ne B tty Fw WOMEN S BOARD OE CONTROL helen Emk Nancy Anderson Idlxe Geary Slnrley K1lgcre Beverly Mull r Helen Zac nrnanr M rr1ll Cudvxcri Roberta Frllzler Sue Hatch lanet Pedersen Rue Worll1y Karen B1rkl1o11n Carcl Fl QQCTI Al1re Goodlng Nan: y Gflltm Icy LCrC'z Annf Nax e lean We lkf E anf r B Cn n l an Bc vrnan 1l Ed wan ane lf va a lan Mwen n 0 M110 l dl MEN S BOARD OE CONTROL ., 1 , . 3 .1 . , ' , -' 0 Q., , , ,f A Y' ', ' F ,' lif ' . 1 ' O .7 N ,l C. ly ,ill Nl To vvwis , ' Bell 111.l s111f:l1 ' j 'T 'D 4 1 1 , . T3 All ., I . ' . ' , re 1. e 1 1 x-.ull .' I X YV - e ' ' lx le at ia . ' e x . , Sl1':'.en ef . , . -, l 2 .i C ., , 1 ' ' l i T111 mr I E T' '. lxiti lrzies , 1 1'ile ' Ida. Av 1 lfllll l.GIT1lNf'YSfIl , . PE1'll.wsfir 1 1 l, ,1 , F11 .2 192 .nc , ,rw A, v1 l f rd r ' l-.fa1t'1-el N'DfO'.l 1 ton L 1 ' Nfzztn. , Pefersnn Bll ,- Bnll Ke .Kr l Bll Wd Graf r :ff Rm ul ' R. B. nenc , ' , E ' . l IS Arne Edx n CN man Rob CO1 nlind 1n1ecn Cnrtez Rc ni d C1 an Tnny Coslaldo TCC C alg Pax UHVIS 1 Dr 1 Dc Ed ard Fung Tmn Gmlny N 1F W 1 1111 L a D ll ld Man 11 mr Il ldiwla l 1 P lolm Stcne 1 After hours Pause ihai refreshes Qur watch dog Our owrr Mrs Smrth Trme out Bert at work . , 5. . . ' 2. . 6. ' . 3. So lorrq for a while. 7. Mr. S. and friend. 4. . 8, , 22 X mmf ma ofgafarg I 9 ci O x V V fl J HIGH SENIORS 11155 T v presen 11115 Howes T F11 y Jer n s p Gres the 49e s present ed the Gdlo R1sh te 1ur11q Cteye 1 1e ITWOV J '1 o or os R ap s dy 111 Gold 111111 111n1or pro111 Etfjdlll stressed the qolo then f It the hrds and deporatrons 'Xt out th1s t1111e the 1eaut11ul wrne colored 1un1C1 sweaters appeared on the scene Therr sen10 play was the hnanous Qur Hearts Were Young dlld Gay 011 both Crrcus Days they 1' ana ed the ICQ Qrearn booth Wlth qreat proht to the class The sen10r sweaters and Jackets were verv drtferent the sweaters bernq Southern M1nt and the Jackets black and whrte LOW SENIORS The Tow QGHIOTS prese11ted several 111ov1es when they frrst entered h1qh sch ol IH order to estabhsh a qood f1nanc1al status When 2Es they presented the Lolhpop Hop wh1ch was a qreat frnanctal as well as a socral supcess T101r 1un10r pro111 was entrtled The Moon M1st P10111 and 11ChdTKGd up another acoonphshm 1t tor the class t FJ Then Ju or sr. eaters were v necked qray shpovers When Crrcus Day rolled around they took charoe of th potato chrp hooth The chrnax of It all was the1r ex01t1nq senror play Seven Keys to Batdpate whrch qreatly added to the-11 treasury W f L T'."111 1'f1:111,1 C111s:'1?1:, the fiTf1:':: Ci 1.11111-, 15349, and the rifrfgs 1,1 P111111 ry, LSU, frx- hfg11f,1fEfj lfi thgs zffk. Th-ay VJEH su1g11 '51ad1111f0 after ti:1,11 :wry ful? 110t1'.'f1yf2111f3, 1111 ' 1? 11' fu: I'Ll1Ij'z'2f3KL t' 1f.'if1', i1:1fi- flriff? i:11'.'i11:,fi1:1f5 ut ther? f1:'t1'.'1i1eS. The 490115 Olltftffifi high school 11 131111111 ot howtidrfrod fTi?ST1!l!G?It, 1,111t they soon :got into the sw111f5 'af t1 '1: 0, t' 1, 1. ' As. Nhg. they 1: e e hllji 0 horn, , ' ,rs re ,- 2 .'- - ' " 1 ' LS ,' Fa' 'z foyer Ttt'e . sacks tiled 'mtl QE To V fa hi 'g. h A ' - ' 5' ' L 1 , , ' J . f , ' X 13 '1 -, 00 ' . f 3 1 '. , X 1 ' ' - 1 A ' Q 0 ,e 0 . ' ' r .1 . Q ,, i A nv 5 ,, , X . 1 'Q 0 Q . , 1. 14 - , ' ' . Q , ' 0 ' 1 , . . ' ' 1 Q er , - 0 '5.. .Q ' ni - 'Jo 0 0 - ' ' ' e - 1 . - Y ' 1 V 1 ., '. "1 J41! 9 ,SZVLLUM Lcem, Pres1der1t VICE-Pf9S1dGHt Recordmq Secretary F1nar1c1a1 Secretary Yell Leader C. J H1948 DAVE WILLIAMS ELEANOR BARONIAN RICHARD POLIONE IERRY FERRO BOB MULLIKIN AA in . -3 W I - , A if oy ,L 5 . 26 O l P5 gpflllg ff C Presldermt PETE GOEDEWAAGON V1C6-PIQS1d9HT MALOU WESTERNQEE Recordmq Secretary RON BARGONES FITIGTICIGI Secretary SIMEON CORTEZ Yell Leader DAVE HENDERSON EM? jzniord K X Q CYNTHIA ASHER: Life Mem. Star and Ke-y,C.S.F,, Sr. Play Com., Circus Day Com., Spanish Club. ELAINE BROCK: German Club Off., Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep. IACKIE AVERY:Vice-Pres. ZA, Sr, Play,Frosh. Recep. Com., Soph. Hop Corn., lr. Prom Com., Ir. Sweater Com. IIMMIE LOU BROWN 28 LOIS BABCOCK: Adv. Ott. and Rep., Life Mem, Star and Key, G.A.A., C.S,F,, Soph I-lop Com., Spanish Club. VIRGINIA BROWN: Block A, G.A.A., OAK LEAF Staff, Latin Club, Span. Club, Megaphone Club. ELEANOR BARON IAN: NADINE BEA Vice.-Pres. 4A, Sr. Play mas Paq., G.A.A,, lr. Com., Ir. Prom Com., Bd. Skit, Ir. and of Control, Frosh Recep. Com., OAK LEAF Com., Sr. Sweater Com, Spanish Club. GEORGETYE CALOIA IOAN CLARK: Trans. Oakland Hi, Adv. I Girls' Glee, RED M School Accomp. Without Pictures: HERMINE WEIR MARILYN DEMAREE BARBARA BERNTSON: ShI1SlIHr3S Faq., Sr. Play Cotta., Red Cross Off., French Club, Adv. Off. MYRNA INGOLD: OAK LEAF Staff, Sr. Play Pub. Com., Adv. Pres., Adv. Re-p.,F1'osh ReCQp.,C1rCus Day Com. 11 LORRAINE BOBB:Sr. Play, Bd. of Ccmrol, Star and Key, Adv, Pres., French Club, Rod Cross Off. SHIRLEY JENKINS WJ Z?cLrfA 15 .ydczcfzliznry BARBARA BONINO: C.S.F'.,Starar1d Key, Adv, Off., G.A.A. PEGGY BORROMEO DORENE LEE: Red Class BETTY l.lT'l'LE: Red Cross Rep. RQp,,Cl1Oir, Glow, T1-1-Iota, Aucl. Staff, Adv. Trees. 29 IIYANNK ROV-VMAN: Ad, Bd., Bd, Cf Control, Sr, Pluy Crm., Open. Deuce Ccxti., Qu. Pzau. Com., Sfxfierxt Talent. VERNA l.O7.'v'EI:Aci'.'.Prfs., Adv. Tween, Scph Hop Com., OAK LEAF, Cwlee, Sl. Play CQZI1. PAT EVADE: Adv. Cfi.. Soplt HopCo:11., Rmi Cross Rep., Sz, Play Com., Glrls' Glas, Fasluon Show. HOMER BENSON: Sec. Boys' Glee, Christmas Pag.,Bd. of Control,Choir, Pub. Schools Prog., Oper- etta. NILE IORDAN: Pres.Span. Club., Pres. Tri-Iota, Sr. Play, Bd. of Control, C.S.F., Star and Key. ANTONIO CASTALDO: Bd, of Control, Tri-Iota, Boys' Glee, School Serv- ice, Red Cross Rep. IOHN KERBY-MILLER 5 . HM A, ar. - , - it , . .- 5 '- "v. . lg .xkiag .iv W P l P A at ff W-,gli "K ' if f 54" f'fi7i' I 1 VV 4 A 2 1 I, ' W 1-"S ' ' . I 3 1 ' ,bk aAA,,. Q. ,L 5 ', 5 ' 7 .MA A J' f 9 M, - y . . .. ,,.: ' .. at ' V .- 30 ED DE DEAUX: Sr. Play, Block A, Bd. of Control, Stud. Talent, Boys' Glee, Chotr. FRANK KILIAN: Rifle Team, Tri Delta. DICK GOODMAN: Sr. Play Com., Sr, Iacket Com., Adv. Off., lr. Red Cross, Chess Club, Tri Delta. ROY KIRK: Baseball, Sr, lacket Com., Mask and Sandal, Stud. Tal., Adv. Off., Span. Club. HARRY I-IARAMAKI Football, I. V. Var. Football, Track, A. BOB O'l-IARE: Art ACORN, MIKADO, MILL, Sr. Play, Chris Paq., lr. Prorn Com. 'Without Pictures: BILL I-IYDFN DONALD LEBECK VICTOR HINZ: Stud. Tal., B Tlack, Tumbling Team, Boys' Glee-. RAY PERElRA:Cho1r, RED MILL, Stud. Tal., Christ- mas Paq., Ass't Mqr. Var. Basketball, Mgr. I. V, Bes- ketball. MILDRED COLEMAN: RED MILL, Red Cross Rep., Life Mem. C.S.F., Fashion Show '49, MURIEL KIMZEY: Advis- ory Off., Red Cross Rep., Ir. Prom Com., Sr. Play Com., Sr. Sweater Com., French Club. VERTIE LEE HALL: Advis- cry Officer, Spanish Club. DOROTHY MIMNAUGH: Advisory Pres., Red Cross Rep.. Girls' Glee. 32 is ANNA HANES: Cafeteria AROLYN HARDY Advis MARY LOU HAR Staff, Latin Club, Chem ory Officer A Cappella TON Red Cross Rep stry Club, Red Cross Rep Chou visory Vice Pres SALLY McDOWELL: Vice MARY NAKATA Latin l-IAZEL ROPER Pres. A. S. A. H. S., OAK Club Chem Club Star LEAF, Life Mem, C.S.F. and Key Tri Iota Ad. Board, Stud. Fac Com., Sonq Lead. G.A. Vifiihout Piciuresz MARY CNG HEDGES: Vice- G.A.A., Block A, Sr, Life Mem. C.S.F'., and Key, Ir. Prom SAKURAI: Tri-Iota, and Key, Red Cross ep., Adv. Off., Sr. Sweat- r Com., G.A.A. tar VERDELLI-IENNES: G.A.A. Christmas Paq., RED MILL. DORIS THOMPSON: Red Cross Rep.,Caie-teria Staff, Adv. Off., Spanish Club. 5 J MARGE HERRERA: OAK LEAF, Life Mem. Star and Key, C.S.F,, German Club, Latin Club, Adv. Off. CHARLOTTE THOSS:Adv. Pres., Red Cross Rep., Girls'Glee. WMA gonneffyk .!4Jl!i50l'y PAT H I L T O N: G.A.A., Block A, Sr. Play Com., Ir. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Life Mem. Star and Key. DORIS WELLS DIANE GRIFFEATI-I: Adv. CII., Soph I-lop Com., Frssh Rfcsp. '46, Studeni Talent '48, Circus Day Com, '45, 33 SUNNY IESSIEZ Rec. Sec. G.A., Adv. Off., Ir. Prom Com., RED MILL, Fresh Recep., Fashion Show. MALOU WESTERNOFF: Vice-Pres. 413, Song Lead- er G.A., ACORN, Bd. of Control, Service Panel, Ass'i. Dir, Sr. Play. HELEN WILLER: Liie Mem. C.S.F.. lr, Sweater Com.. Red Cross Rep., Girls' Glee. ALLAN ABRAHAMSON: B.O.T.C. Maj., Lite Mem. C,S,F., Life Mem. Star and Key, Non-Coms Cl u h, Treas. Sword and Shield Sr. Play Com. HM BOWMAN: Sr. Play Com., Christmas Paq., French Club. ANTHONY ALEXANDER SIMEON CORTEZ: Var. Football, Var. Track, Block A, Bd. of Control, Fin. Sec. 413, Sr. Iacket Com. gang, .... 34 BOB AMAYA BILL DE BELL: Var. Foot- CL ball, Chief Coun. Bd. of Control, Block A, Pres. 3B, Ad. Board, Stud. Pac. Com. Without Picture JOE GIBSON PJ. 4:-Z2 ewk ,fdcfuiwry ELLIS ARTIS: BTrack, Var Track, Bd. of Control, Sr. Play Corn., Mask and San dal, Sr. Iaclzet Corn. STANLEY IANSSON: Foot ball. FRED ARTIS: Track, Soph IEFF BAILEY: Var. Base- I-Iop Com., Sr. Play Com., ball, Spanish Club. Christmas Pang., Choir, Tri-Delta. ROBERT LEIBEL IAMES MURPHEY: Life Mem. Star and Key, Sr. Play Com, RON BARGONES: Rec. Sec. 4B, Bd. of Control, Var. Baseball, Ir. Prom. Com., Life Mem. Star and Key, B Track. RICH POLIONE: Fin. Sec, A. S. A. I-I. S., Stud. Pac. Com., Rec, Sec. 4A, Music Fest., Choir. Mask and Sandal. IAMES TAYLOR 35 RICHARD BARRON: R.O. T.C., Sword and Shield, Star and Key, C,S.F,, Aud. Staff, Non-Corns Club. SI-IIZUTOSHI TAKEDA LYMAN VONHOF: B Foot- ball, Ir, Prom Com., Fin. Sec. 3B, Sr. Play Com, Sr, Play, ACORN Staff. I I x I I Za ws I is N0-'fi if 3 .J lgxffal BETTY CCMBS: R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Advisory Ofi. IOAN POULIN: Advisory Sec., Audit. Staff, Advis- ory Rep. SHIRLEY DIXSON: Choir G.A.A,, Fashion Show Audit, Staff, Chem. Club Star and Key. NADINE REED: Life Mom C.S.E., R.O.T.C. Spcrisor, Girls' Block A, G.A.A., Vice-Pres. 38, Ed. of Con- trol. 36 5 DARLENE LAIRD: Advis- ory Rep., Art. Com., RED MILL. KATHLEEN REXINGER: Span. Club., Sr. Play Com. , I its af. DORIS LARRON: Christ! mas Paq., Sr. Play Props, lr. Prom Skit, Erosh Re- cap., Red Cross Rep., RED MILL. GEORGIA RISSO: News Ed. OAK LEAF, Girls' Block A, Life Mem. Star and Key, C.S.F., Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com. ELAINE LEONARD: Off., Life Mom. Star Key, Class Rep., Rec. 2B and 3B, Girls' Bloc Christmas Paq. CAROL RUMMERFI Bd. of Control, l C.S.E., Life Mem. C lr. Prom Com., Sr. Com,, Girls' Block A. .au -'73 GAY MASON: Trans. from Arizona. B O N N I E SHULL: Girls' Block A, Life Mem. Star and Key, C,S,F., MIKADO, Span. Club, Chem. Club. All 1 0 M. Jgaluhory IANE MEACHAM ANNA SIEBER: German Club, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Rep., Adv. Off. TERESA CORICA: C.S.F., Life Mem. Star and Key, Ir. Prom Com., Fin. Sec. SA, Circus Day Com., Adv. Off. ANNA MICHALETO: ACORN, Bd, of Control, C,S.F., Life Mem. Star and Key, Latin Club, French Club. BETTY SIBLEY: Life Mem. and Key, Sr, Play Star Com., C.S.F,, Circus Day Com., Ir, Prom Com.,Span. Club. BESS 3A, SNOW: Fin. Sec, Fin. Sec. G.A.A., Girls' Block A, lr. Prom Com., Star and Key, Sr. Play Com. ALMA PE'l'l'O: Advisory Rep., German Club, Red Cross Rep, PATTY SIMPSON: Vice- Pres. lA, lB, Pres. Girls' Block A, Audit. Staff, Mai- orette, Adv, Off., Star and Key. BARBARA TENER: Editor ACORN, Life Mem. C.S.F,, Life Mem. Star and Key, Red Crcss Rep., OAK LEAF, Bd. of Control. 37 ELSIE POMEROY: Pres. G,A.A., Pres. Star and Key, Girls' Block A, Pres. Adv., Life Mem. Star and Key. CATHERINE SLIFE: Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Ir. Sweater Com. MARY TOLLIVER: Span. Club, Tri-Iota, BRUCE BOTZ DUANE GRAHAM: Red Cross Rep., TriADelt, Span. Club, Chem. Club. WILLIAM MARIANI Red FRANK MCELHINNEY: Ad Cross Rep Advisory Rep Board, Bd. of Control, Spanish Club Advisory Fin. Sec. Men's Ass'n, Pres Football, Sports Ed. OAK LEAF, Bus. Mgr. ACORN, 38 , 54,3 K WILEY LEMMONS: R.O. T.C., Military Ball Com., Off. Non-Coms Club,Boys' Glee, Aud. Staff, Sword and Shield. GUY MCELROY: ACORN Staff, Ass't Yell Leader, Tumbling Team, Sr. Play Pub. Com., Soph Hop Com. DAVE LONGMAN: Con- cert Band, Varsity Track A Cappella Choir, Ml: KADO, RED MILL, Orch. MILTON MCNEILL: R.O. T.C., Sword and Shield, Non-Coms Club. DUANE LOUIS: Var. ball and Football, Rec. Sec. A, S. A. l-I. S., Pres Block A, Pres. 3A, Adv. Board. IERRY MERRITT: Var Baseball, Basketball, Board, Rec, Sec. IB, Boys Glee, Pub. Schools l qram. Without Pictures: RICHARD MONSER ALAN TUTTLE GARRY GOODWIN WM. paffen 3 .!gc!ui50r5! AUGUSTINE LUERAS: Boys' Glee, Choir, Music Fest., Student Talent, Christmas Paq.,RED MILL. BOB MULLIKIN: Yell Lead- er 4A, Sr. Play, Bd. of Control, Track. RICH LUNDY: A.S,A.H.S. Yell Leader, Stud. Talent, Tumbling Team, Open. Dance Com., Sr. Play Com., Soph Hop Com. KENNETH OKAMOTO DICK SLIFE: I. V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Radiu Club. RONALD MacKENZIE: Red Cross Rep, Span. Club, Fin. Sec. IB, Circus Day Com., Soph Hop Com, Ir. Prom Com. MARTIN ROTTO: Advis- ory Off., Tri-Delt, Chem. Club. BART SMITH: Bd. of Con- trol. ERNEST MALLORY: Ten- nis. PHILLIP SALCEDO: Red Cross Rep,, Advisory Off. MASAKI TAKANO: Span. Club, Tri-Iota, Tri-Delt, Chem. Club. 39 DON MANHARD: Bd, of Control, Track, Span .Club, Tri-Delt. CECIL SEIXSMITH, Span, Club Off., Star and Key, Chem, Club, Red Cross Rep., Tri-Delt. DON WALSH: Chem. Club, Red Cross Rep., Tri- Delt. 'V 1 ROMA CERMIN: Trans. SHIRLEE EDELMAN: Bd. GLORIAENLOE'RedCross HELEN KYRIACOS: Ad, DOROTHY LA FAVE from George Washinqton of Control, Sr. Play Com., Rep., OAK LEAF Staff, Board, Sr. Play, Christmas E-liqh School Guam. Ir. Prom Com., Circus Day Pao., Open. Dance Con om Adv Rep R F rrci Club Ad: Off MILL Com IACKIE M I L L E R: OAK ZELLA LOU MINER: Swing TAVIA MLADINICH: Stud, ISABELL MONTI ANN MONTROSS LEAF, Star and Key, Band, Concert Band, Or- Talent, Soph Hop Com G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Latin chestra, Adv. Off., Germ. Fresh Recep., Red Cross Club, Adv. Off. Club. C.S.F. Rep, French Club, Adv O Without Pictures: IOAN IOHNSON IEANNE MARTIN LORNA YOUNG 40 MASON: Bd. of Ir. Prom, Lrte Star and Key, Sr. Stud. Tal., Mask and Y MORSE: Supl: Com.,G1rls'Gl1e,lr. r Csrrr., Red Crcss Sr. Play Conn, Sr. Swceat r' Com. L O U I S E MCCARTHY: M. ,SZAQLAMB sfyrjuiaory PAT MCCULLOCH: Red Germ, Club Ott., Glec, Cross Rep., Tri-lota, Sr. Aud. Staff., Fresh Recep., Play Com., Girls' Glee. Fashron Show. GLORY MURPHY PAT MURPHY: Star and Key, Adv. Off. SUZANNE MKDINA' G.A.A., Star and Key, Sr. Play Ccttr., Sr. Sweater Com., lr. Prom Com., Aud, Staff. 'J I R C l N IA OAKLEY: Chrrstmas Paq., Pub. Schools Prcq., Stn and Key, Sr. Sweater Com., Adv. Ott., lrerxcir Club, 41 BARBARA MEYERING: G.A.A. Off., Student Pac. Corn, Black A, Sr. Play Com., Bd. et Control, C.S.F. FAYTEARA OSTHOFF: Red Cross Rep., Sr, Sweater Com., Chnstmas Peg. Com., Adv. Off, - A.. Q , I I . f DON BARNES: Football, Bd. of Control, Boys' State, Adv. Off. MELVIN GOLDSMITH: Var. Baseball, I. V. Base- ball, Life Mem, Star and Key, Span. Club, R.O.T.C. MONTE ELLIOT: Il.O.T.C., School Service. KEITH GORDON: Football, Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., Pol. Con., Var. Track, Adv. Off. ,W f f H 42 ai' if! Q LE BARON ESTY: Sr. Play Com., Mask and Sandal, Stud. Tal., Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep., Star and Key. ALAN GRANT: Boys' Glee, Usher Staff, Adv. Off., Swimming Team, Soph Hop Com., Circus Day Com, DON EVANS: Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep., Circus Day Com. EUGENE HAMILTON: Baseball, Basketball, Adv. Off., Stud. Tal., Circus Day Com., Soph Hop Com, RAY FARLEY: Band, Ger- man Band, Sword and Shield, Sec. and Treas, Ir, Red Cross, Star and Key. ARNOLD HAMMER: Life Mem. C.S.F., Life Mem. Star and Key, Spanish Club, Chem. Club, Iota, Adv. Off, BILL ACEBO WM. sS7miIfA3 Jgaluiwry GERALD FERRO: Mgr. Sr. Play, Ir. Prom Com., Bd. of Control, Soph I-lop Com., B Baseball, Life Mem. Star and Key, Class Off. DAVID HENDERSON: Bd. cf Control, Yell Leader 4B, Var. Football, Ir. Prom Com., Stud. Pac, Com., Vrce-Pres. Men's Ass'n. KEN RANDALL: Rec. Sec. A. S. A. H. S., Pres. ZA, Ad. Board, Yell Leader 23, Soph Hop Com., Bd. of Control. BILL FINLEY: Adv. Off, EDWARD LUNG, JR.: Bd. PETE GOEDEWAAGEN: Red Cross Rep. of Control. Pres. 4B Class, Fin. Sec. ROLIE HENDERSON: Bas- ketball, School Service, Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep, Soph Hop Com., lr. Prom Com. BOB SGARLATO: Trans. from Los Gatos, Sr. Play, School Serv., R.O,T,C., Tri-Delt. ANDY HEXEM: Pres. IA, BILL KOHUT Block A, Sr. Play, Base- ball, Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com. STANLEY GOGOL: Foot- ball, Mgr. Soph I-lop, Yell Leader Men's Ass'n, Block A, Star and Key, Stud. Pac. Com. GEORGE OSORIO: Pres. A. S. A. I-I. S., Fin. Sec, A. S. A. I-I. S., Ad. Board, Stud. Pac. Com., Sec, Me-n's Ass'n, Servrce Pan- el. BILL WATTS: Adv. Off., GENE WHITE: Tri-Delt. IIM I-IESS Red Cross Com. IANE CANFIELD: Tri-Iota, Star and Key, Red Cross Rep. HELEN PINK: Chief Court, Bd. C o n t r ol, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Stud. Fac., Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., Sr. Play Com. EDY COPELAND: Sr. Play, Circus Day Com., Girls Glee, Adv. Ott., Pol, Con., Red Cross Rep. IOYCE FLEISCHMANN: Girls' Glee, Decorations Committee. 44 HELEN COOK: Trans. from Oakland, Red Crass Rep., Spanish Club, Vice-Prcs. Adv. IACOUE IAUCH: Prosh Recep., Girls' Glee, Ml- KADO, Pol. Con., Red Cross Rep., Soph Hop Com. HELEN CORDOVA: G.A.A., Block A, Sr. Play Com., Spanish and French Clubs, Aud. Staff, Starand Key. CAROL IOHNSON: Pres, G.A.A., Bd. Control, Stud, Fac., Serv. Panel, Ad. Bd., Rec. Sec. 1B - ZA, Rec. Sec, G.A.A. LORRAINECOY: Life Mem. C.S,F., Bd. of Con- trol, ACORN Staft,Sr. Play Com., Sr. Oppor. Day. YVONNE MECUM: Christ- mas Paq., Mask and San- dal, Girls' Glee, Sr. Play Com, Var IOAN DE GRANO Soph Hop Com Cholr Adv Off GA A Block A Red Cross Rep CA R R O L L NICHOLSON Sr Play Com Ir Prom Com Soph Hop Com C S F Frosh Recep fl D0 I NANCY DERR Sar and Ke Red Cross Rep Span Club Dec Com lOAN OLSON Trans from Vallelo Sr Play Com Dec Com KLPWOOCJ4 ..!46!l!lJOI'y VlVlAN DRAKE G A A R O T C Sponsor Red Cross Rep BEVERLY RENO PATT WALL Malorette S F Star and Key Span Club Sr Play Chrlstmas Paq PAT ELDRED S Play Com Soph I-lop Com lr Prom Con Ir Sweater Com Llfe Mem Stal and Key C S P ANN STONE IEAN WIEBALK Sr Play Con Adv Off Cholr Pub Schools Paq Red Cross Rep 45 I O A N ETHRIDGE Red ross Rep Ir Prom Com Sopn l-lop Com Spanlsh Club MARIORIE THOMAS Red Cross Rep Star and Key German Club LIZ WOOD I1 Prom Com Rep and Youth Conf Sponsor R O T C Rec Sec 3B Soph Hop Com Span Club 7 M. ,SZ . ' A A 1-'A 5255? A lf l 2 LZ yy' 'V '.2, A S iw! X" 5, Q 'i 3,1 l A M 2 l lf A . Y ., ,I . y, H ., ' " 'J ' ' S 1 A .I, ,, ., T " I 4 . ' fr mx . C , . ., I Lf. I DON BUTLER: Basketball. TERRY CHAMBERLAIN DAVE WILLIAMS: Foot- ball, Pres. lB, Yell Leader ZB, Vice-Pres. Men's Assn., Sr. Play, Pres. 4A. HARTLEY WALEN 46 BOB COPELAND: Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Block A, Bd. of Control, Ad. Board, Mikado. CHARLES WARFIELD: Christmas Pag., Basket- ball Mqr., Red Cross Rep., Adv. Rep., Sr. Play Com., B Baseball. ALFONSO CRESPIN: IOE GINGERICH Va Span. Club, Boys' Glee. Football I V Football IERRY WATKINS: Varsity CHARLES WATTS Football, B Football, B Basketball, Ir, Prom Com., Vice-Pres. Block A, Bd. Control, r. agincogglgk .!dal1fi50r7 LA ROYE POPE: IOE RAVENSCRAFT: IOE STEFFL: B Football. I. V. Baseball, Red Cross Boys' Glee. Rep., Adv. Off., Boys' Glee. BILL WEI-IR: Boys' Glee, BOB WILLIAMS: B Base- IIM WINGER: Track Mgr. Choir, Circus Day Com., ball, Adv. Off., Red Cross Baseball Mgr., Adv. Rep., Rep., Boys' Glee. Christmas Paq. Without Pictures: GEORGE UPDEGRAFF: Varsity Football, I, V. Football, Varsity Track, Mqr. Ir. Prom, Block A Pres., Ad. Board. VAL WINKEL: Yell Leader IB, Fin. Sec. ZA, Football, Circus Day Com., French Club, Golf. BILL POOLEY BILL SOMMER EUGENE STILES LESLIE TOMPKINSON ANTHONY WELDEN 47 WAYNE VAN NEST: Ir. Prom Com., Circus Day Com., B Football, I. V. Football, Varsity Football, Block A. CALVIN WONG: Star and Key. MARGARET ANDERSON Trans. I r o m Nashville, Tenn. SHIRLEY SUTTON: Sr Play, Christmas Paq., Sr. Sweater Com., Adv. Oili- cer, Girls' Glee, Operetta ' SHIRLEY FORHAN: Sr. IANETTE HIYAMA: Bd. Play, Adv. Vice4Pres,, Control, G.A.A., Sr. Play OAK LEAFStaff,Sr,Sweat- Com., C.S.F., Star and er Com., Girls' Glee, Key, Music Fest. Choir, IEAN TENNIER: RedCross EDLOE THOMPSON: Sr. Rep., Advisory Officer. Play Com., Adv. Ofi., 4, UT. if .1 Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Sr. Sweater Com., Chem. Club, IOIE MUEHLBAUER: Mgr. Frosh Recep., Bd. Control, Girls' Block A, R.O.T.C, Sponsor, Sr. Play, G,A.A. L O U I S E THOMPSON: Spanish Club, Red Cross Rep., Glee, Music Fest, Without Picture: MARIORIE PIDLEY IOYCE ODOM DOROTHY VISS: F Club, G.A.A, 555 enaral .AJUZ5 org IANE PACI-IECO: Trans. fr o m Albany, Spanish Club. DORIS WACKERMANN G L O R I A SCRIBANTE: Adv. Offlcer, Sr. Play, Mask and Sandal, Spanish Club, Megaphone Club, Ir. Sweater Com. DONNA WAXE: Red Cross Rep., Adv. Ofhcer. LEE SPEI-IAR Soph Hop and Ir Prom Com Frosh Recap., Sr, Play Com., Adv, Off., Red Cross Rep. MARIORIE WAXE: Adv. OIIICEY, Red Cross Rep. LORAYN STAGE: Choir, Adv. Pres., Circus Day Com., Sr. Play Com., Stu- dent Tale-nl. FRANCINE WI-IITEI-IEAD: Adv. Ofhcer, Red Cross Rep. MARY IO WYATT: Advis- ory Officer. 49 VIOLA STAM: Operetla, Choir, Christmas Pang., Pub, Schools Paq. NORMA WOOD EMILY ZIMMERMAN: Ad- visory Ofhcer, Red Cross Rep, :we waz. as STEVEN ARIONUS: Boys' Glee, Basketball, Choir, Operetta. LEROY E. COSE, R.O.T.C. Sword and Shield Off. Non4Coms Off., Aud Staff, Military Ball Com. Sr. Play Com. IOE BRAVO CHARLES CUMMINGS: Red Cross Rep., Non- Coms, Sr. Iacket Com., Ir. Sweater Com., Tri-Deli. 50 EDWARD BRENNAN: R.O.T.C., Boys' Glee. SAMMY DAVIS: Trans. from Texas, Baseball, Boys' Glee. IOHNNY BROOKS R.O.T.C. Band, Boys Glee, Concert Band, Ad- vanced Orch. BILL HENSLEY: R.O.T.C. Sword and Shield, Non- Coms, Circus Day, Mili- tary Ball, Red Cross Rep. 'Q' PAUL CAPPA: V Track, Vice-Pres. Block Bd. of Control. PAUL MERRITT: Star Key, Non-Coms , l Cross Rep., Tri-Deli. Without Pictures: ELIZAH GORDON CARROLL WILLIAMS mr. youngk .xgcfuidory MARIO CARRARA: Red Cross Rep, Christmas Paq., Boys' Glee, Oper- eita Com. RONNIE CHASE: R.O.T.C. Major, Sword and Shield Off., Star and Key, C.S.F,, Aud. Staff, DEAR RUTH. R I C H A R D CITERLEY: EVERE'I"I' CLAPPER R.O.T.C,, S W o r d and Shield, Non-Coms Off., Aud, Staff, Ir. Prom Com,, HUBERT NYSER: Life Mem. Star and Key, Life Mem. C.S,F., Golf, Basket- ball, Tri-Deli. LEROY POWELL: R,O.T.C., Non'Coms Press MIKADO, Boys' C-flee, Choir, Vice-Pres, Non- Coms. Sr. Play Com, CHARLES ROBINSON: EMILE VILLIERME: Class Boys' Glee, Concert Band, Rep, Choir, Christmas Basketball. Paq., Boys' Glee, Pol. Con. 51 EDWIN COLEMAN: Foot- ball Mgr, Block A, Bd. of Conirol, Christmas Paq., Tumbling Team. ROBERT WAGENER RICHARD WONG wi 0156 WL Cfcldzi o dame, 1949 52 Most Attractlve Glrl IdCkl9 Avery Best Lookmq Boy Best Actor Ierry Wdtk1HS Dave Wllhams Glorra Scrtbante Most Outstandmq Athlete George Updeqraff Most Lrkely to Succeed Carol Bummertleld A11 around Gul All around Boy Carol Iohnson George Osono UA A0 ff Best Actress . . . Most Attracttve Gtrt It tot Sher Jey Best Ln omni Boy Best Actress N rt art Qehrrt Pnutt te Maroutas Best Actor Larry Blakestee Most Outstandmq Athlete Reno M st Ltkety to Sue eeo At around Gtrt All around Boy lay Long Karen Btrkhotm Daut Gertmeman 0lfL0lf' aff OM? Vllllfg 53 . . , - C7 ' Cf ' A , 1 1 A I ff 1 4 r' ' , 5 A ' A ' ' A3 :lj QV- V H , ' 5' X -fm .. , Y 'Y L I 4 ,, ' -- , sf iffszfk ' " Q ':,- A - ,mag . 2 if fN I' W ' o , o . . . , . t. U? f was ow-Q bl! QVLLOIAJ 1 mmm Q.. OMCQM, J ff 1948 Presldent PAXTON DAVIS V1ce Presldem IOYCE KELL Recordmq Secretary TOM CLIFFORD F11'1dI'1C1d1 Secretary ED DE SILVA Yell Leader GARRY WRIDE OXICQM SPIN? I Presment VICG Presldent F1I'1dI'1C1d1 Secretary Recordmq Secretary Yell Leader P ED DE SILVA ALICE GOODING PAUL GERTMENIAN NANCY GRIFFEN TCM CLIEFQRD bl! 8lfLL0l"I5 QQ GLORIA ANDERSEN: G.A.A., Adv. Off., C.S.F., Star and Key, Red Cross Rep., Sr. Play Com. RAE COFFMAN: Frosh Recep,, Ir, Prom Com., Red Cross Rep., Circus Day Com. MARILYN ANDERSON1 Life Mem. Star and Key, C.S.P., Operetta, Ir. Prom Com., Chnstmas Paq., Pub. Schools Vfeek, IO ANNE CONARD: C.S.F., Star and Key, French Club, Chem. Club, Latin Club, Circus Day Com. 56 NADINE BARNES: Star and Key, Latm Club, French Club, Adv. Off., Sr. Play Corn., Crrcus Day Corn. IOAN CONNOLLY: C.S.F., Soph. Hop Com., Ir, Prom Com., French Club, Latin Club, Block A Off, ALICE GOODING: Bd. of Control, VICG-PYFS. 4A, Sr. Play, Operettas, Stud. lalcnt, C.S,P. KAREN BIRKHOLM: Ad. Board, Co-Mqr. Soph. Hop, Fm. Sec. ZA, Bd. of Control, Open. Dance, Sr, Play. PHYLLIS CROSS CAROL GR AY If 0 .Y . 1 FRANCES BONINO G.A,A, Adv, Ott. G,A.A Mgr bHIRLEY DONALDSON Span. Club, Stud, Talent Circus Day Conn, Red Cross Rep NANCY GRIFFIN: Bd. ot Control Rec. Sec. 4A Co Mar. Ir. Prom, Pm. c 3B Ad, Board Vrce-Pres WM. arreffg .fdaluidory H E L G A BORCHARDT: Soph. Hop. Com., Adv Ott., Ir. Prom Com. Chrrstmas Paq., Llte Mem. Stax and Key. MIKADO. DOROTHY DORNSIFE VELMA BOOTH BERNICE DORNSIFE CAROL lACKSON: Star MARILYN PAPE: C.S.F., KATHERINE ROSE and Key, lr. Prom Com., Star and Key, French Soph Hop Com., Adv. Club, Chem. Club, RED Off., Span. Club, Frosh MILL, Adv. OH. Recep. Com. ELINOR BROGGIE: G.A.A., Block A., Adv. Ott., Meg. Club. PAT DOYLE: RCC. Sec. lA, Sr. Play, Ir. Prom Com., Mask and Sandal, lr. Sweat.Cc1n., Ltte Mem, Star and Key. PATT CHASE: lr. Prom Cpm., Fresh Recep. Com., C.S.F., Crrcus Day Com., RED MILL. CAROL ESCHLIN: Bd. of Control, Soph. Hop Com., I1. Prom Com., Sr, Play Com., Adv. Pres., C.S.F. MARY BETH STRECKER: Trans. from Tech High, Star and Key, Ir. Prom Com., Red Cross Parade Attend., Adv. Rep. 57 5 ui CAROL CLOSSON: G. A. Off., Bd. of Control, Vice- Pres. 3A, Circus Day Corn., Soph Hop Com., lr, Prom Com. MARGIE FISHER: Span. Club, Adv. Off., Soph. Hop Com., Circus Day Com., Latin Club. GERRY SUTTON :V 'gig' 4841 " V' l'f,iifi:ffE5" ,. 5 SANFORD GAINES: l. V. BARRETT RAVENSCRAFT: Basketball, Sr. Play Com., B Track, Var, Track, Yell Var. Track, Ir. Prom Com., Leader 2A, Ir. Prom Com., Chem, Club, Span. Club. Service Panel, Class Rep. LOUIS STEFANI: B Base- PAT SYLVESTRI: C.S.F., ball, I. V. Baseball, Music Life Mem, Star and Key, Fest, Boys' Glee, Choir, Chem, Club, Spanish School Service. Club. WHITNEY REED: Var Tennis, Block A, Span Club, Red Cross Rep, Cir cus Day Com, Adv. Rep ARNOLD THOMAS 'K 1 ' if if , 'f Q Z Qs NORMAN REHM: Pres. IB, Rec. Sec. Men's Assn., Ad Board, Ir. Prom Com., Var. Track, Sr. Play. EUGENE VOLZ: Sr. Play, C.S.F',, Life Mem. Star and Key, Aud. Staff, German Club, Chem. Club. lk GW-' was Q r. fjzeemank .xgcfuiwry R. B. RENO: Var. Foot- WILLIAM S A N D E R S: ball, Var. Track, Fin. Sec, C.S.F., Box Office Staff. NORMAN WEBER GARRY WRIDE: Sr. Play Com., Var, Baskelball '47, '48, 49, Yell Leader 3B Class, Ir. Prom Com. Wilhout Pictures: WALLY SEAVERS: Class Pres., Football, Sr, Play, RED MILL, Circus Day Com., Ir. Prom Com. FRANCIS WILLIAMSON: Concert Band, R.O,T.C. Band, French Club, Red Cross Rep. MARVIN GUNDERSON IACK KENNEY ARTHUR RICHARDSON 59 DON STAUDE: Var. Track, B Track, Sr, Play Com., Red Cross Rep., Ir. Prom Com., Span. Club. JACK REEL: Boys' Glee, Mus1c Fest., School Serv- ice, Red Cross Rep., Span. Club, B Football. f',.J DIANE CALVERT JOYCE KELL: V. Pres. 3B, Asst. Dir, Sr. Play, Ir. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Circus Day Com., Exec. Com. for Class. CAROLYN EAKIN: Trans Oakland Hxqh, OAK LEAF. IOYCE KOSCINSKI: V Pres. 2B, Rec. Sec. 3A Hostess Soph Hop, Ir . BEV GREENLAW: Trans. MARDEL HENSLEY: Rec. From Tech. High, Star Sec. IB, Ir. Prom Com., and Key, Circus Day Com., Soph Hop Com., German Club, Sr, Play Com. . IEAN LAMBERT: Red IOYCE LORETZ: Bd. of , Cross Rep., French Club, Control, Sr. Play Com., . Chem. Club, C.S.F., Star Ir. Prom Com., Soph Hop Prom Com., Bd. of Con- and Key. Com., German Club, Adv. trol, Star and Key. 60 Off. Without Pictures: BARBARA ANDREWS OLIVE BRANCH MARIAN MOREY EILEEN WILLIAMS MARILYN HOPKINS: Rec Sec. ZA, Ir. Prom Com Soph Hop Com., Circus Day Com., Span, Club. H E I. E N MACDONALD Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep Span. Club, Chem. Club French Club, Circus Day Com. PAT NEILL: Span. Club Chem. Club, Meq. Club Circus Day Com., Ir. Prom Com., G.A,A, Mqr, DOROTHY IRWIN: Star and Key, Span. Club, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Off. PAULINE MAROULAS: Fin. Sec. 2A, Sr. Play, Ir. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Mask and Sandal, Red Cross Rep. NANCY PATSNICK: Trans. from Albany, Adv. Treas., Adv. V. Pres., Span. Club. RUTH HELEN IACOBY: French Club, lr. Prom Com., Span. Club, Chem. Club, Life Mem. Star and Key. CLARA MAURER: ACORN, Fresh. Recep. Som., Sr. Play Com., Class Exec. Com., French Club, Span. Club. NANCY SWAIN: Adv. Off., Audit. Staff, Stud. Tal., Glee, Christmas Paq., Teachers' Institute Prog. CHRISTEL IANKE: R.O.T.C. Band Sponsor, Sword and Shield, Star and Key, Christmas Paq., Glee, Span. Club. ANNE MAXWELL: Pres. 2A, Bd. of Conirol, Co- Mqr. Sr. Play, Ir. Prom Com., Open. Dance Corn., French Club. BONNIE WILLIAMS WBA 6475 , :fin org DOROTHY IELLY: Star and Key, Span. Club. Pl-IYLLIS MERRITT: Sr. Play, Red Cross Rep., Span. Club, Soph I-lop Com., Ir. Prom Com., Circus Day Com. G W Y N N E MERRITTz Teachers' Institute Prog., Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., Christmas Paq., Glee, Red Cross Rep. 61 LORETTA IUE: Trans. from Oakland Tech, High. IOAN NARAHARA: C.S.F., French Club, G.A.A., Latin Club, Chem. Club. SYLVIA MYERS: Soph l-lop Com., Latin Club, Adv. Off. ,Sf Zfr f . TERRY BRUCE DAVID CHIN ROY EASTON: R.O,T.C., Audit. Staff. DICK MASON: Varsity JAMES NEAL: Boys' Glee. ERIC NIELSEN: Red Cross Track, Block A, Bd, of Rep., B Football, Adv. Control, Ad. Board, Mgr. Off., Pol. Con., Span. Soph. Hop. Club, Ir. Prom Com. 62 1 RICHARD I-IARGREAX Football, Sr. Play C1 Chem. Club, R.O.T.C. DICK NORIYE: B B ball, Ir. Prom Com, WA gofcfmarh .!4c!ui50rg Tfzv ' ' at I .ww ball, Span. Club, Latin Club, Adv. Election Com., Adv. Oli, IOI-IN I-IAYDEN: B Base- DAVID ISAKSON MIKE O'BRIEN: Sr. Play, DAVE PINCKNEY: Foot- Pub. Schools Prog., Ir, ball, Baseball, R.O.T.C., Prom. Com., Mask and Adv. Election Bd. Sandal, Soph Hop Com., Ir. Sweater Mgr. l ROBERT KELL IIM IONES: Band Drum Major, R. O. T. C. Band Drum Major, R. O. T. C., Bd. ot Control, Sr. Play Com., French Club. RICHARD WICKMAN: B Football, Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., Pol. Conv., Circus Day Com., Adv. Rep. Without Pictures: DEAN HUNT DON LANDER: Varsity Baseball, Bd. of Control, Ir. Prom Com., I. V. Bas- ketball. I, V. Baseball, R. O. T. C. BOB PYKE: Trans. from St. Ioseph's. Y NICHOLAS KEMSLEY 63 IAY LONG: C,S.F. Off., Star and Key, Chem, Club Off., Span. Club, Latin Club. TOM SMTH: R.O.T.C. PAT MONTGOMERY: Adv. Off., Christmas Paq., Sr. Play Com., Erosh Recep., Circus Day Com. WINIERED ROCKING- HAM: French Club, OAK LEAF Staff, Star and Key. gr . I DIANE OATES: Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., French Club., Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep., Chem. Club. MARY SCHNEIDER: Red Cross Rep., Germ. Club, Star and Key, French Club, Tri-Iota, Chem. Club, MARTIE O'CONNELl.: RUTH PARKS: Girls' Glee, Soph Hop Com., lr. Prom Tri-lata. Staff, Com., OAK LEAF' Sr. Play Com., Span, Club, Red Cross Rep. IANET SHERVEY: Ir. Prom BETTY SIMMONS: Ir. Com., Soph Hop Com., Prom Com., Soph Hop Frosh Recep, Adv. Off., Com., Sr. Play Com., Circus Day Com., Star and French Club, Chem. Club, Key. Without Picture: ROSE PARKS 64 r DOROTHY PEIRT C.S.F., Life Mem. Star KeY, French Club, C Day Com., Chem. I Frosh Recep. Io ANN STANLEY: C Star and Key, Block G.A.A., Frosh Recep., cus Day Com. IOANNE BOYES: Star Key, Concert Band. RADABAUGH: Sr. Orch., Ir. Prom Com., and Kcy, OAK LEAF CCKY STURM: Life Mem, tar and Key, French Club, irls' Glee, CIICUS Day cm., Tri-Iota. CAROLYN VVELCH MARIE RATTO: C. S. F., Life Mem. Star and Key, Adv. Ott., Sr. Flay Com.. Stud. Tal., Adv, Off. Cucus Day Com., Red Cross Rep. RUTH THOMAS DIANE WILLIAMS: Fin. Sec, IA, Rec. Sec. ZB, Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., C1rcus Day Com., Star and Key. BCBBIE RAY: Soph I-Iop Com., Block A, Red Cross Rep. SYLVIA TOLLIVER: Tri- Iota. IEAN WOLKE:V1ce-Pres. ZA, Adv. Off., French Club, Bd. of Control, Frosh Recep., Soph Hop Com. Wm. .J41Qrr17cA3 .xgc!ui5or7 x f ' , , fi RITA REEL: Span. Club, Frosh Recap., Circus Day Com. CAROL TOUSLEY: Life Mem. C.S.F., Lite Mem. Star and Key, Stud, Tal., Sr. Play Orch., Ir. Prom Com., Adv. Off, NADINE YEOMANS: Chem. Club, French Club, Adv. Off., Red Cross Rep., Circus Day Com., Tri-Iota. 65 NORMA ROARK: Red Cross Rep., OAK LEAF Staff, DIANE TURNER: Bd. of Control, C.S,F.,OAK LEAF Staff, Llfe. Mem. Star and Key, French Club, Span. Club, IOANNE LARSON: Trans, from Tech. High School, G. A. Fashxon Show, OAK LEAF Stati. MIKE BRYANT BOB BATTLE: B Football B Basketball, Music Fesii val, B Track, Stud. Tal, BILL FINNESEY: B Foot- ball, I. V. Basketball, Var sity Basketball. LARRY BLAKESLEE: Sr. Play, Ir. Prom Com,, Soph Hop Com., Chem. Club. Radlo Club, Red Cross Rep. PAULGERTMENIAN:Pres. 3A, Mgr, lr. Prom, Sr. Play, Ass't Editor ACORN, Bd. of Control, Class Oil. DONALD BOWEN RONALD GUPTILL: Y Leader 1B, Ir. Prom C Sr, Play. r. IMALIVQ .xgchbory I qf.,fa,, ART CANTOR: B Football I. V, Football, Sr. Play Mask and Sandal, Christ mas Faq. DONALD SCI-ILETI-I: Var. Football, Var. Track, I. V Football, Chem. Club Span. Club, Block A. TOM CLIFFORD: Yell Leader 3A, Rec. Sec. 3B, Yell Leader 4A, Mqr. Sr. Play, Red Cross Rep., Soph I-lop Com. TOM WILLIAMS: Var. Football, Var. Basketball, Stud. Tal., RED MILL, Block A, Christmas Paq. PAXTON DAVIS: Pres. 3B, Ad. Board, Bd. of Control, Star and Key, Sr. Play, Mqr. RED MILL. BCB RAUSCHER: Boys Glee, Music Festival, 'Without Pictures: HENRY BERG ED DE SILVA: Fin. Sec. 3B, Pres. 4A, Sr. Play, Bd. at Control, C,S.F,, lr. Prom Com, ' DAVID MICKLEBURGI-I HARVEY GAMELE DON MacKENZIE 67 BILL DOWD: Adv. OIL, Sr. Play, Ed, of Control, Latin Club, Red Cross Rep., Stud. Tal, CARL PHILLIPS NAI A JULVLLOIA5 The hlqh Jumors Sttll recoverlnq from the Success of thelr Soph Hop Record Ramble spent the mator part of last term rn makmq arrangements tor the1r exottc luntor Prom A Nrqht rn Cathay They were very proud of therr loeautrtul V necked deep blue Jumor sweaters and nqhtly so The QBS have su esstully qven movres and managed the ClICUb Day candy booth Qfzrm, of M1948 Presldent TIM BIRD Vu e rres dent KATFLEEN 'W HITE Hare ding St r txry PAT HTVERS Frnar' tal Qt c rnury EETTlE IJNDBERG L0 4 DIANA REGAS 0 ICQF4 Pflllg C Prestdent BOB BUHNERKEMPL V14 0 Pres dent BEHTIE LINDBERG Fmanr lal Secretary GREG BESSEMEH Rerordmq Secretary PHIL LESLIL Yell Leader MAYNAQD GPAIG 68 Q o , . , . . . ., I 1. . , , . I . . H . . H , . - I " V I ' 4 I fs G CC l ' X . . . V rl V ",-W , t., l , ' -Vt! 4 " 35' of . , . . H-,MN ' .5 . -Pr ,Q G 4 'V Yelr ' ,acer . .' A! 1 Q , - Wy ., G G 2 4 5, f. 5 . , , .T .- W. , i ,- Mrs Howell S AdV1SOfY MISS Cooke s Mrs McKenna s Advlsory Mrs Cundlff s Adwsory Advisory Mrs Pavld S AdVlSOTY Mr Coughlan s Mrs Pltman s Advlsory Mr Hall s AdV1SOTY Advisory Mrs Robert s AdV1SOF'y' Mr Renher s AdV1SOfY M153 Sargent S Adwsory Mr. Saundefs Advisory I. fl Vim' A. 3, 5 .A N I.. OM! lfLlfLLOIf':5 Tune marchee oh' And the memhere ot the law of al are now low Jufuhrs and thus have reached th level of upperclassmeh Though they are a shall c ass the r repertowe of act1v1t1es ts very outetand mcg sufmesstul movles the qreat Buckhoard Bounce Hop and the Cucus Day sahdwlch Cohcesstoh booth whtch had a complete S ll out ILQPJ Presxdent V1 e Presldent Re frdmq Secretary Y: ll Lf ader ILZIU, Plc s1dent N f Prrsxden Fmaufxal .uerretary Recordm, S cre ary Yell Leader 12 5 M1948 ANDY BARBERA CAROL SHADLE DANI HOEBS BROOKS KFY ,0I'll'Lg I 4 Q TED CRAIG OAROL LO 'BARD I-URI. Y IULOORE JOAN VlcWlLLIAMb GARY POWELL O . Q ,.- . . O . ., . C . S X . 1 O , 9 . A , 1 1 ' .N N N ' , AA 1 , . . . .. ' . . H . H ,f , . O 1 , . . . Q 1W f, af .PJ ' 7 A , ,,.,. , ,... , t Flrxarxvial Sefretary , .. TED CRAlG I l A . - Q 'Ve 1 t ,. .Wo lv. . - . f- Q ': , ,. . ., .. . . ' W e 1 ,. ., L 3 ' Mrs Anderson s Adwsory Advlsory MISS Bennett s Advlsory Mr. Koehlefs Dr Peoples AdVlSOTY Advlsory Mr Stowell s Adwsory Miss Payr1e's 5 ' " vffief 9' "W 'W I ,uf I 1 ! . f,,,,, A A' ' v lg K! Y V . " 'J' -9 L gf-f-f - . . MQ' '- Nia 41 -E 3 3 2 , f 1 we hi' , 3 Q X gi- 13 nf' 'w 293' ? JY ' F Q 5 1 ', :xi ' I X' 'Qtr' 5' A J " f' Jig ynft .1 W' 4 1 if ,M ...QQ H.-""'4-4 UMW, lf! 1948 President , L. . ,,,, CHARMAINE VERGEZ Vice-President . ,V,,, ,A.. BEVERLY LAGORIO Recording Secretary . LESTHER FLORY Financial Secretary ..........,w,. ..,.. I EANIE LONG Yell Leader.. ,. ........i..i i,i, P HIL SCHACHT The 2B's clirnaxed two very successful years ot high school with the pre- sentation of the very novel and different "Tepee Time Tumble" as their Soph Hop. JMQZL ,SZPAOMQVQJ On Circus Day they presenled a Talent Show and ihey have also qiven several movies. OMCZP5, 5 President .i,,.,ww.ii, Vice-President .....,i,,, Financial Secretary . Recording Secretary Yell Leader ,, .,,..,,... ., Ofheee, jeff 1948 President ...,.,.,. . it ..,,,,,,., LEE PAULINE Vice-President . ,.. . A. , .. A ........ IUNE SMITH 1 Recording S9Cf9fdTY. do ,. ., ,JOAN MERRITT 5, X A Financial Secretary, ,, ..,,,,,, ,RICHARD FUNG ,f a Yen Leader do to e GEoRGE PINKNEY The low sophomores are a class which boasts much enthusiasm and spirit. They have given several movies which added to their treasury. 0500 52pA0m0re5 ogg!!! 5Zl0A0lflfL0lf'8Z5 Many members of the class promise to become outstanding athletes, and others have taken an active part in other school functions. .1 Owcem, xS?9Pl.I1,g f President ,,w..,,, Vice-President ....,,,., ,cW,,,v.LARRY CHURCH cv.Y,..,.BETTY SEWARD Financial Secretary .....,o,o,....ti,o DIANA HARRIS Recording Secretary ....,oYY,... ROBERT COMES Yell Leader ,....c,,,Y .,.o... ....,,.., P A T PRENTER L N Ohm, Eff 1948 President ..,.... ..,,.,, ,, PETE STROMBERG VicefPresident .... ,, ,,A, ,...... ...., D A N MCNEIL Recording Secretary A.....,A..A... SHIRLEY MYERS Financial Secretary., ,,i.,,,... HGINGER LINAM Yell Leader .,....... ,. ,e,........ LONNIE MANNING The high freshman can now look back and regard their first year of high school as having been very successful. Under the direction of their excellent officers, two movies were given. ,Mg EZTQ5 men 80 Many of them have already made a name in school affairs, and they promise to be an outstanding class. My aired men Omcerq, ,gioring fQ4 Q President .,,.........,,, Vice-President a,a,.,... Financial Secretary.. Recording Secretary ,,r,.... Yell Leader .,Y,.Yr,rr,,,aaa SOUZA .LESLIE MARRIOTT ...WIUDY ORMSBEE GINGER STANTON LONNIE MANNING .12 I bug .fguluidory !Q'e5z'c!enfJ Mrs. F. Lee DALE RICHARDSON Mr. Cummmqs .AA...,. . ,AA,AA RONNY HOWARD Mrs. Tays DD,,,,,,,,, ...,DD IUDY AASUM Mr. lones . AD..,.. H AADADD .. DDDD.,.... HM BARBER Mrs. Thompson ................ BARBARA MEDINA Mr. Moore, . ,. . TENER Their small number has influenced in no Way the spirit and enthusiasm of the low freshmen, for they have been very active in all school affairs. After they held a political convention, they elected officers and planned and held a very successful movie. J bl! red lflflfglflf OW djllfeff IWLQVL Most ouistandinq is the fact that so many members oi the class are already taking a prominent place on the athletic field, in musical activities, and in other school funciions. Cergi, ,g?9r1'l1,g f Q President ii.,,, ,, Vice-President , Recording Secretary Financial Secreiaryu Yell leader, , , ,, .CHESTER SINGLEY a aaii..,iai TCM TENER BARBARA LEWALLEN ,a .aaaaai,,i WARD INDORF as a STEVE BROPHY "fS:?.'52 Defi U 1.k!'w D .ul in The radlo expert Al pohshes The world and MISS Shockey Mxss R and her art 9 Mrs Arfsten the 84 ' . 8. ' ' . V P qets a shme Brams behmd DIQSICITI team Mlss Hook tamt 1t'? Mlss WIISOU falthful 1 'hm CQLWJW 1948 1949 Seotember 13 Pa11 semester opens Point of no return Qctober 1 Cpemng Dance Glad to meet you' Qctober 22 Moon Mrst Prom A lunar success November B and 7 Qur Hearts Were Young and Gay Even the bed bugs came November 22 26 Thanksgrvrng vacatron A wlng and a prayer December 16 Chnstmas Pageant Why the Chlmes Rang December 19 Ianuary 3 Chrrstmas vaca ron All presents ln and accounted ior Ianuary 7 Erectrons Congrats George qally Duane RlCh and R1Ch 1anuary 14 Bur kboarcl Bounce Lots ot buttons and bows February 3 Graduatron Falewell February 4 Senror ba11 A sllver memory Febrm ry 24 G A Freshman Becepuon Howdy SIS' March 4 Qpenrng Dance Hello agam Apr11 7 Str c1ent Talent Vaudevllle returns Apr11 11 16 Faster vacat on Oh those tans' lXpn1 22 A Nrght rn Cathay Very exotlc May 6 Tepee Trme Tumble Heap Blgum Success May 17 and 13 Bed M111 Dutch treat May '75 Semor Opportumty Dayitudy of S64 questlon May 26 Po11t1ca1 Conventron I hereby promxse une 3 Mrhtary Ba11 What strategy' une 9 Senror Meetrng Keep your powder dry une 12 Baccalaureate Servrce Very xmpresslve une Senror Women s Banquet Yah ta ta Yah ta ta une Senlor Men s Banquet Smoke gets ln your eyes une GBADUATKDN The end of lt all une Senror Ba11 The Last Waltz 37 - . are 1' ,-. 1 ' ra ee . . , 1' e . ' . March 25 and 264 --l'Seven Keys to Ba1c1pate'?eSuspense. - e 1 e , . I - Q ' A . I - ' ' - . 1 ee ' M ' ' . 1 ' 13ee ' ' - - - - - . 1 14- ' ' - ' . 1 16e - Q ' . 1 17- ' -- . X ISS M IIURFD Hp PICK FRAINC M ELHTNNVY lt HOPKQFVA y Afwis Busin ss Vana Atlus BARBARA TENER Editor ii dam 52 y What once seerned an endless task is now over and it is hard to believe that the mounds of pictures, stacks cf copy, packages of green paper, and buckets of paint have finally evolved into the l949 Acorn We have had one goal before us at all times: to produce for you the very finest Acorn possible. lf you enjoy this hook, and if it serves to preserve a memory of your high school days, we will feel that we were successful in our effort. THE EDVFOR. 88 Ictt to R1 qht BOB O HARL Art Eoztor ANNA MIFHALLTO Qecre ary PAUL G RTMLNIAN A ststmt Edrtor Let to Rrqht TODD MELOY ROTC Edrtor MALOU WESTERNOFF LOR RAINE LOY LYMAN VONHOF Assrst ant Busmess Managers Lett to Rrqht CLARA MAURER Acttv 11195 Edrtor R B RENO Boys Sports Edrtor BARBARA MEYERING GITIS Sports Eoltor GUY MCELROY Orqaru zatrohs EOILOT IOAN CONNOLLY Class Edltor Lett to Rtght RONALD PLOMGRLN, DON GUBBINS, EVERETT ANDREW, DONAI D XVALKER, Photographers CHRIS FREEMAN, Coach --035 XS 5 89 JC V 'S G ir orcffgwf Mrs Helen Patten FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 SALLY McDOWELL Ed1tor ln ch1ei RICHARD MONSER GORDON SIBBALD Busmess Manager BARBARA MEYERING BARBARA 'IENER News Edltor GEORGIA RISSO Asa-nstant WINIFRED ROCKINGHAM VONNA GILMORE Feature Edltor MYRNA INGOLD FLORENCE DOBSON Assrstant FRANK MCELHINNEY RICH MONSER Boys Sports Edrtor R B RENO SHIRLEY MARTIN Glrls Sports Ed1tor MARILYN SUTTER Cuculahon Edmtor GLORIA ENLOE EVERETT ANDREW Photographer MRS HELEN PATTEN Faculty Advxser MRS HELEN PATTEN R porters BETTY AMSBAJC H MAUREEN CARTER TOM CLIFFORD BETTY C OK SIM CORTEZ SALLY DECKER PAT DOYLE CAROLYN LAKIN SHIRLEY FORHAN SANFO D GAINES MARDEL HENSLEY MARGUERITE HERRERA NARY KELLY IO LARSON BOB LEIBEL CHARLOTTE LOCKNER IOYCEIORETZ DICK MASON PATT MCGROREY NARIIE OCONNE L RONNIE OI-'LMEYER MARILYN PAPE NORMA ROARK GENE SHINKWIN DIANE TURNER ALICE WHITE MARY WILK GARRY WRIDE HELEN ZAICHMANN Wrth a lrvely and enthuslastrc staff headed by 9d1IOIS Sally McDowell and Rlchard Monser the Oak Lea! has developed th1s past year 1nto an lmportant part of A H S campus hte By supplernentmg the1r l1m1ted hnances wrth the proceeds from two noon movres the staff members have been able to rssue IO copres o the Oak Leaf thts year an average ot one a month A srx page senror ed1t1on has clrmaxed each semester New Irie was added to the paper also when the P TA of Alameda Hrgh School gave the Oak Leaf a gltt of S50 to use for DICIUTGS of vanous school actrvrtres The Oak Leaf staff looks back wrth prlde over rts accompltshments of the year a larger paper wroer coverage of events more prctures and 1t hopes to contrnue 1ts onward stnde untrl reachrng tts next goal an Oak Leaf rssued every two weeks SALLY McDOWELL GORDON SIBBALD BARBARA MEYERING RICH MONSER 90 T e on ea 61, x 4 I2 R. B. RENO ,,..,,,,,,,,,rrr, ,,,V,,,,rrrr,,,,, I ,rrrrr l,,Assistant rrrr,,,,, I I ff HFFIF ff. l"l.F.II fjftvtlrki BRYANT l"6ZWL6L O ,!4!earf5 mre young an g Our Hearts Were Young and Gay based on the story ot the same name IS Cornelra Otrs Skrn ner s tale ot her g1rll'1ood trrp to Europe wrth Emrly Ktmbrough The excellent d1rect1on and produc great success of thrs hrlarrous comedy The cast lncluded the followmg Lorrame Bobb Glorra Scrrbante Bob Sgarlato Andy Hexem Edy Copeland Dave 'W'1ll1ams LeBaron Esty Bob Mul lrkm Shrrley Forhan Lyman Vonhot Iamce Mason Sally McDowell Iackre Avery Helen Kyrr acos lore Muehlbauer and Ed De Deaux Ierry Ferro managed the play assrsted by co manager Eleanor Baronlan Malou Westernoff was assrstant dlrector 91 MISS Marran Los Kamp l l if J 77 t MJ' ' Ll tion, plus an outstanding cast, accounted for the 7 tA8 CALWLEJ Xdng Qlfell fo g6LA49d!Q A superb blend of mystery comedy and ro mance made Seven Keys to Baldpate one of the most exc1t1nq plays of recent years Much of the credit for the success of tlfns producnon belongs to Mrss Los Kamp whose excellent drrecuon al way makes a rut Th memb rs of the cast rncluded Pa Doyle Larry Blakeslee Ronald Guptxll Phyllrs Merrrtt Ed B rkholm Art cantor Paul Gertmenran Wally Sea fers Norman Rehm Brll Dowd Paxton Dav s and Eugene Vclz Torn Clrflord and Ann Wlaxv el we e mana cr nd co manafg r respe rlvely and loyce Kell was assrstant drrector 92 fi 77 V I - , . , - s ' . e e ' t , de Srlva, Pauline Marculas, Mike O'Brien, Karen l F' ' ' , , ' , i , ' V l f N . . 1 1 A r . ,- a - ac 3" , Glrls Glee Boys Glee A Cappella Choir .....4. HIL MIL PS HAZH. UF TV , . - ,, .x ., V ,F R. ,Q . 1 V ,X L. Mr Quentm Younq VL5 flf'lfLl4fLQIfLt6L MALE Qrchestra Concert Band J f W - 94 K' nav wily. Xl II teda All teda Alar teda Ali 1 eoa All teoa Alameda Ala neda Ala neoa To al 25l Alameda Alameda Alameda Alam da Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda 5500145 ,gDlfLlfIfLlf1fL0Llf' ECCTBALL Sea onal Reco d 7 wms and 2 losse Valleta Eren ont Castlemont 7 El Cerrtto 0 Berkeley Btchr ond l9 Ptedmont 8 Albany Agatnst 77 Altmioa s jrtdoer p aced secono m the AC A L last season htvmg played tmprosstve ball through the past s ison Our loss to Berk ey 3 l2J was lv a n re pomt ard 1t placed us rn second spot on the A C A L tootball ladder We tmtshed one ot the tmest seasons ot the past decade and leave a record to be beaten BASKETBALL Prachce Games A C A L League Games Poly Tech KS El Lowell CS Fl Ala Alumm Acalanes San Leandro Concordra H1gh St loseph s CAlal Oakland Tech Fremont Woodland lohn Swett Cal Erosh Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda To al 555 Total To al Hayward Albany B1chmond Ptedmont Berkeley Hayward Albany Blchmond Predmont Berkeley El Cernto Total 1 L 1 Q l3 V l8 , , , A , , - f rr 48 1 0 ' C 7 f' D ,A , l w, I . .- . . . L , C H K 1 x l 33 ' ' ' SQL 7 ' 1:1 l A tel K1 W D 7 9 C . 3 39 ' n . 1 , A X. 7 7 ' A ' r l3 ' ' A . - 1 ' 34 l4 - A ' 'f ' A t , . , . 55 . . . 43 38 38 . . 47 40 37 . ' 63 50 ' e 29 37 3l ' 30 26 48 Alameda 54 Oakland High 48 Alameda 43 El Cerrtto 60 ' ' 25 48 47 . ' . 27 48 l 39 . 33 50 ' 30 28 28 ' 45 48 35 47 32 34 ' 33 . 42 Q t 500 t 49l ' 3 ' ' .' ' ' lr! The hoopsters comple ed the r practrce sea on wth erght w ns and tue lo ses Cur boys complled 555 pomts to opponents 500 roundmg out the prdcttce season Durmg the A C A L season the Hornets gathered tn seven w ns and dropped f1V9 m league play Alameda hooped a total ot 49l pomts to the opposmon s 403 1n league play The casaba squad wound up rn thrrd spot and also contrrouted many players to the All ounty Tea r Stattsttcs here they are Total pomts for Alameda l 046 pomts agalnst 963 Average per game tor Alameda 43 pomts average per game agatnst 38 5 pomts TRACK Coaches lolly and Socolotsky have been confronted every year w1th a man power problem and thts sore thumb has turned up agam on the cmder squad The mentors complete organ1zat1on has brought torth wmntng teams wrth strong pomts the short dashes and tn the wetghts A few lettermen are back and we are sure to make the upper d1V1SlO1'W tn the A C A L BASEBALL Chet Mrllets horseh1de squad shows promtse for the tlag thts year The team has a sol1d mfreld tarr outfreld good prtchmg catchmg and over average hrttmg Chet and the squad have cruls J through the practrce games w1th a good aver ge and are now battlmg tor the A C A L crown Here s hopmg our boys emerge the vrctors 98 George Cadwell Chet Mrllett Lewrs Iolly Chrrs Freeman Charles Socolotsky Henry Jones .A j' Allie N7 O 6006485 The Brarns behlnd our teams have come through agam wrth a success ful year 1n sports Our mentors have pulled many tucks out ot thelr hats whtoh bullt sp1r1t and sentlrnent among therr players and the student body The fundamental values expressed by the lnstructors are centered around respon S1b1l1lY cooperatlon and frrendshlp among the fellows Our coaches George Cadwell Chrls Freeman Lewrs Iolly Henry Iones Chet Mrllett and Charles Socolotsky are a deflnlate asset to the school not only for the1r mfluenoe upon the athletlc ach1evements but also for the1r character bL11ld11'1q program 99 , il . K' '. .v " 6 1' fy L. . if 'fi rr 'I I I I I A ' I 0 bil' If . If . . . I I ' I I I I I I B011 Cop 11 1:1 S1mecn Cortez B D Bel1 G '1 r1 Stan GCQQ1 H rry Haramakr Dave 1-Ienderson Greg Bess rn Bch Buhn rn mp Roy But1cr Art Canter Toby C1'1av z Mah on C1 rn SOC SOCOLOFSKY Coach harry Hcwel ecrqc 101165 D1111 1. s11 Dtan Lc Frank 1.076110 1V191VlU M Cu11cc11 R1c1'1ard Mcnser B111 Pcoley Clyde Pruett Gccrqe Read R B R o Dcn SC Oth B111 Tarr Chuck Thcrnas C1-IET MILLETT Coach Maynard Cra1 Dcn C st tto D1 k F.1r1no Dan G1uc1c A1 Gcte111 Hcnald Haeqe 1:0 Hassna Ierry Mahcr O11ver M1ranc1a M1ke O Re111y Dev Plnckney VVa11y Seavers Varsity umor VdIS11Y me '1'otor1Ca ueorqe Updeqrafi Ierry Watkms Tom 1Nl11ldmS Felman V1f11116ITlS D1ck 11Jec1st11rff Wayne Van Nest Iac k Sharer Norman Tavarres Stan V1erra D1C1C Watkms 1 ll I ll . B s . e er. 8. ' , 1 15, ' 22. ' - '. ' 9. G - 16. 23. C 111 e '. 10. . " e 'Q 17. . 24. ' 11:42 1. qe 'wh 11. 1 e cis 18. . . en 25. ' ' 1 12. . . 13. , 26. ' ' e ' 13. ' rt 20. 27. '. ' ' . , . 1 . 14. ' , 21. , 28. . , Q er 7. 13. Q. 19. : , ' 1e'c- Q 8. . re e 14. . , 20. .1 9. 'C ' ' 15. ' ' 21. ' 10. 16. ' ' ' 22. ' ' e 11. ' 17, e ' 1 e 12. , 1 . 18. . 100 'L Gerald Anderson Frank liattle Dcnald Cardwell Robert Cooper Harvey Carr Harvey Dean Gary De Haven Arthur Froerer -Z ...L CHRIS Angelo Galli Sarn Giordarrella Eldon Grow 13, Tam Haynes 14, Carl Howard 15. loe lones Kenny Iohnson Ed Iohnscn FREEMAN, Coach Frank Mvaads Merrill Manninq Manuel Nowe Donald Pacheco . Lee Pauline . Stephen Roscoe Harold Rcmancwitz Ed Plowen Larry Spaulding . Ichn Stone Dick Stanhope Winstcn Vvlashin . Fujic: Yarnarnctc . Rod Bustamonte 'h. "fl 'f' 'MA Q., , i ,Q .nah x 'F i 'E if S Y 144, B K fi Varsity lumor Varsity George Bacon Greq Bessemer lim Bird Warren Arnold Les Brown Bob Cooper Ray Bowman David Brooks Tol y Chave7 Tod Cram HANK IONES Coach Don Butler Bill Flnnessy Tom Gmley LOUIS BRANDES Larry Fiscus Dan Gluck Maynard Malland R 1. Harrell B111 Penderqrass Georqe Read Coach James Mason D11 k McDowell Bch Robertson GEORGE CADWELL Coach Porter Davis Gary De Haven Fred Ferrero Angelo Galli Bruce Harkness B111 Losee Bill Mc'Cathrion Rolxort Mi Shane lim Sucrrue Chuck Wing Garry Wricle Nick Rcmanoff lsac Smith Dick Watkins Charles Robinson Ichn Slcne B' S or IIBISII 1. 4. 7. . . . 10, ' , 2. 5. ' ' 8. ' ll. ' 3. ' ' 6, ' Q. 12. ' 1. 5. A . 9. . 13. ' 2. 6. 10. ' . 14. ' 3. Bolo Buhnerkernpe 7. Larry Hendricks ll. Lee Pauline 15. Dave Souza 4, 8. 12. 16. " ' 1. 5. ' 9. . 13. ' 2. - 6. 10. - 14. 3A 5 . 7. 4 11. " ', 15. i.l urue 4. , ' 8. ' . ' 12. ' T 103 W x if K ' Q. 5 P Varsity Herb Acldrson lack Afrxca Ellrs Art1s Bob Battle Ronald Benson Sam Brown Roy Butl r Harvey Carr Paul Cappa Bob Cooper Srmeon Cortnz Wayne Atwo d Hugh Beebm, Von Roy Bmry Gerald Bryan LEWIS IOLLEY Coach Maynard Crarq Don Crestetlo Ed Fernensl Dlck Furme Bob Greene Koltl' Gordon Da fc H nd rsor Frank Lczano Dax ld Madzson Dxck Mason Bob McShane Rrch Monser Ed Crla Ralph Parsons use Paulme Glenr Rrchards BarrellRavenscraf1 Nor nan Rehm Herschel Spurlock CHARLES SOCOLOFSKY Coach Don 1:1 Herman Da rd Huffman '1'o'n Hatch Nlrlton Healh Georqe Calumby Dul Q Kahn S Gxordenellc cs K Cme Krnq Ollvcr Muanda lsoxo Narahara Mxkc Prenler Walt R dley Gcorcge Stacy lace Share Don S 111 th Don Staude Iohr Stone Br1l'1'ar1 Torn lfllt Hub r Turner Gcorcz Updcqraph Douglas Vcrmrllron Fclman Vlfrlllams Larry Spauldmq KcntWamp1er Don Walker lessxe Wxllrams Ronald Wrlson Funs Yamamota ll I ll B s 1, ' 12. ' 23. ' 34. I r 2. ' 13. 24. 35. :. e 3. ' ' 14. ey 25, ' 36, 4. 15. 26. 37. . 5. . 16. 27. 38. ' 6. 17. . 28. ' ' '. 39. , "'-- -r 7. e 18. lack Hales 29. ' . 43, e 1 V 8. 19, 1 H 2 c . 30. H 41, . K3 9, 20. 31. z 42. ' ' ' 10. 21, Dave Longman 32. R. B. Reno 43. Anthony Weldon 11. ' . -H 22. " ' 33. ' ' 44. ' . ' ' f 1. o 7. a 13. .r 19. - ' 2. ' ' a 8. 'v' 14. ' . " 20. . 3, . 9. . 15. ' 21. 4. f 10. . 16. ' ' ' 22. ' ' 5. . .f ll. .: 17. i 23. 6. am ' 12. lam- elly 18. 24. ' 105 as I 'rv Ieff Baxley Ron Barqones Ixm Blrd Mike Bryant Toby Chavez Sam Dans Charles Azarle Bob Buhnukempe Lee?-mon Brown Rod Bustamente Ted Craxq Shfldon Conexly CHET MILLETT Coach Booker Dawlun Shellle Edwardi Mel Gold 'rxth Gene Harmlton Andy Hfxern Roy K1 lc Don Lander Calvxn Larson Ph1l Leshe Dale Lee Duane Lou 5 Ierry Merrxtt CHRIS FREEMAN Coach Larry Church Vertis Elmore Earl Farnsu-.'orth Don Gubbms Dan Hobbs Sal Lencx Heron McDaniel Val Prewett Paul Rector Ken Roberts Anselmo Sun: Tom Slam La Roye Pope Dxck Slxie Dave Souza Chuck Thomas Thomas Wallace Chuck Wmq Lestm' Santiago Walter Travers Arlee Wesley Clancy Vlfhxtbeclc Bxll Lnwls Varslty Iumor Varslty 113 SOC SOCOLOFSKY Coach Edwm Anderson Dave Clark Fred DGVIS Don Day Rodney Emrnal Blll Lahrnann Rrchard McKay Ernest Mallory Norman Peterson Whrtney Reed I I ll 1 1' l 0' ' - ,f ,X . f au rt: f TT-YY' ' I L 2 :W ! 4 'N A- ., ,3 QQ' CHRIS FRLEMA Gordon Belt B111 Lahmarm Ray Halhday Harry Maroutas Hubert Nyser Harvey Peters Ronald Salcedo Iohrm Shumaker N Coach 016 QM 49 all ff xx MRS MCKENNA Advrser SPRING l948 BARBARA MEYERING CAROLEE WHEELER rALL 1948 ELSIE POMEROY Pres1dent IEANNIE WOLKE Ernancral Secretary BESS SNOW BARBARA MEYERING Recordrnq Secretary IEANNIE WOLKE BETTIE LINDBERG Publrcrty Manaqer SUSAN STEELE LEAL MAHONEY Song Leader BARBARA CRITTENDEN All q1rls mterested ln sports asprre to Jorn the Glrls Athletlc ASSOC1dl1OU whose number IS lrmlted to qrrls ach evmq and marntammq a hrqh average 1n every phase ot the P E program A wlde varrety of sports both team and 1nd1v1dual IS offered At the close ot each season letters and trophres are awarded at the seml annual spread Under the leadershlp of raculty adv1sers Mrs Myrtle McKenna and Mrs Darlene Lee the members are kept busy wrth many other actlvxtres such as the pencrl sale and the college play day IEANNIE WOLKE Be ordmq Secretary llU 3 l' I is I 'F an 36 :nr XR 5 " us Mn' --r -lv 'Y 5 ,tiff A 2 f it mb! L : A ff . A " , A ff' ' 1 R iz' Q1 N jx 1, .Q K -'W 1 A MA ' it A MARCIA HEDGES ..r.rr.rrrr,rrrrrr,rrrr Vice-President ,rrr.,rrrrrr.,,,.,,. ,gjoorfg Speedball Swlmmmq Bowhn Soft Ba11 YWQQIWN 1wM W FWQ 09 WQQQQQQ Q V 2695 111 Canoemq Folk Dance Llfe Savmq Roller Skatmq Volleyball Basketball Crew Golf Archery Tenms Q., 1. Senior men look at life. 2. 4. Georqe speaks. 7. Line up of hopefuls, Before the bell. Advisory scenery. Soruethirrq new. Hot rod boys. 117 7' w Freshmen VVOWT Pass the butter. 97 My weaklmqs. Cjagkrnzfa SAOKQPJALP cilgjerafion The Calrfornla Scholarsh1p Federatron 1S open to students who rece-we at least three As and one B dunnq the semester Our alms are threefold to provrde recoqnltlon for scholastlc excellence to encourage qood fe11owsh1p and to fulfrll Wherever possrble our theme Scholarshrp for Servrce Was entertalned wrth qames a sllent rnovte of the early 19005 and a few numbers on the plano by our talented host At Rlchmond Unlon Hrqh School D cember 4 1948 the C S F attended a rneetlnq of the thlrteenth d1Slf1Cl of the State Orqanlzatxon Everyone looked forward to the annual reqlonal conference held at Astlomar near Monterey At these student conferences we held debates and dtscussed ways ln whrch the chapters can make our orqanlzatron helpful To those who ma1nta1n membershrp for four terms are accorded a 11fe mern bersh1p pm and a qold seal on therr drplomas Respectfully subm1tted PAT RIVERS VICG Presrdent 118 The term beqan with a party at the home of Rollin lensen. The orqanizatton MRS. SI-IARWOOD MISS CONNELLY MR. COUGHLAN Advisers FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 ROLLIN IENSEN ,.... .........,.,,..w..., P resldent .,.,.........,Yw,....... CAROL RUMMERFIELD MARIE RATIO ..,,..........,..w......,.... Secretary ......,,,..,,.,,,,..I,,,,, MARILYN ANDERSON EVERETT ANDREW ,..Y,A.....,.,....L.. Treasurer ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IAY LONG LIFE MEMBERS ALLAN ABRAHAMSON ARNOLD HAMMER IIM MURPHEY MILDRED COLEMAN LE ROY COSE LORRAINE COY GERALD ANDERSEN MARILYN ANDERSON EVERETI' ANDREW CYNTHIA ASHER RICHARD BARRON RICHARD BARTALINI ROBERT BECHTLE IEAN BURNS NAN CERINI IOAN CONNOLLY BOBBY COOPER TERESA CORICA RONALD COWAN IOYCE ANN CRACKNELL RONALD DUFFIN ELEANOR ERICKSEN EUDINE FAROUHARSON MARGO FOROUER NILE IORDAN I-'UBERT NYSER SALLY McDOWELL NADINE REED MEMBERS EARLINE GARNER IULIE GEARY EDWARD GILLIGAN ALICE GOODING IAMES HAMILTON IUSTIN HARUYAMA BARBARA HOEPNER WILLIAM HUCKINS DAVID IAMES STEPHEN IAMES RUTH HELEN IACOBY MARLENE IENSEN BOB IULIAN MARY KELLY JANET KLEMANN IOHN LAMBERSON IAY LONG PHIL LONG IACOUELINE LUM DON MARTIN TED MAXWELL TODD MELOY PATRICIA MCMAHON ANNA MICHALETO IAMES MILLER MARILYN MOORE BERT MORRIS IOAN NARAHARA CARROL NICHOLSON MARILYN PAPE LINNELL POWERS PAT PRENTER KITTY RATTO MARIE RATTO FLORENCE RIVERS CAROL RUMMERFIELD DEAN STILES BARBARA TENER WILLIAM SANDERS BE'I'I'Y SIBLEY IO ANN STANLEY GERRY SHULL PAT SYLVESTRI AKIRA TOGOSAICI CAROL TOUSLEY DIANE TURNER EUGENE VOLZ PATI' WALL HELEN WILLER IEANE'I'I'E WILSON TONY WOLFE IANE WONG HELEN ZACHMANN ROSEMARY ZANARIA BOB ZBOYOVSKY CAROL RUMMERFIELD ......,.,..., Vice-Pre-sxdeni ,....L..,,,,.,,,,,,,L,w,,,,,L,V,,,,L PAT RIVERS 1 19 52W M1 Joy MRS SMITH Advtser FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 ALLAN ABRAHAMSON Presrdent TODD MELOY PAT RIVERS V1ce-Presrdent MARILYN MOORE TODD MELOY FIHGDCIGI Secretary CAROL IACKSON MARILYN MOORE Edttor VIRGINIA IRVIN Another year has been added to the annals of the Star and Key SOCIQIY and rt certalnly may be regarded as a year typlcal of the orgaruzatlon S past hlstory that of bemg one of the largest and most actlve groups of the school The Star and Key Socrety IS Alameda Hrgh s honor SOCIQIY wrth membershlp open to all students attarmng a B average for therr prevrous term s work Those who are members for three Consecutrve or four norlconsecutwe terms are grven the status of hte membershrp as well as a spec1al red seal afhxed to the dlploma and the prlvrlege of Wearmg the Star and Key pm MARILYN MOORE Vrce-Pres1dent l2O MARGARET MULTZ ,...r......,.....ww. Recording Secretary .,.w,.w,r.....w,,r..,. GERRY SHULL ALLAN ABRAHAMSON JEAN ADAM HERB ADDISON BETTY ADONIS MARJORIE ALEXANDER CLAUDETTE ANDERSEN GLORIA ANDERSEN MARILYN ANDERSON NANCY ANDERSON EVERETT ANDREW ELAINE ARTIS CYNTHIA ASHER LOIS BABCOCK RONALD BARGONES NADINE BARNES ELEANOR BARONIAN RICHARD BARRON BEVERLY BARTALINI RICHARD BARTALINI BETTY BAYLEY BEVERLY BEKKER BARBARA BLODEN BARBARA BONINO HELGA BORCHARDT BONNIE BOTHWELL LEE BRISTOW MENDEL BURKETT JEAN BURNS JANE CANFIELD NAN CERINI RONALD CHASE DICK CHILDS MARY SUE CLAPPER DESMOND COFFELT JO ANNE CONARD JOAN CONNOLLY HELEN CORDOVA TERESA CORICA LE ROY COSE RONALD COSE NANCY COWAN RONALD COWAN MAELE LEE COX LCRRAINE COY JOYCE CRACKNELL MERRILL CUDWORTH JOHANNE CULLINGHAM PAXTON DAVIS PORTER DAVIS NANCY DERR VICTORIA DICTOS SHIRLEY DIXSON BOB DOWD DIANE EBERT MARVIN EBERTS MARY ANN ELLIS Llfe Member MEMBERS ROD EMMAL ELEANOR ERICKSEN JOAN ESCHEN LEE EVANS ARLENL FAGAN HUCLINE FAROUHARSON RAY EARLEY LARRY TARRINGTON LETITIA FERGUSON JERRY FERRO JOAN FLEDDERMANN KATHLEEN FOLEY EMILY FONG ROBERTA FRITZLER IDVIARD FUNG BETTY GALLI EARLINE GARNER JULIE GEARY MARGARET' GIRSI' BENNIE JEAN GILLEITE EDWARD GILLICAN CLARINE GNUTZMANN PETE GOEDEWAAGON MEL GOLDSMJTH KENNON GOLIGHTHY KEITH GORDON CAROL GRAY ARNOLD HAMMER JIM HASHIMOTO CAROLE HEAVEY MARCA HEDGES MARILYN HEINBOCKEL ANDY HEXEM PAT HILTON RUTH HINTZ BARBARA HOEPNER CAROLEE HOLLYWOOD CLIVE HOLM BARBARA HOSIER BILL HUCKINS VIRGINIA IRVIN DOROTHY IRWIN CAROL JACKSON RUTH HELEN JACOBY BARBARA JAMES CHRISTEL JANKE DOROTHY JELLY CAROL JOHNSON DIANNE JOI-INSTAD JOAN JOY BCB JULIAN SONDRA KELLING MARY KELLY JANICE KENNEDY SHIRLEY KENYON BILL KOHUT . BARBARA ZBOYOVSKY JOYCE KOSCINSKI JOHN LAMBERSCN JEAN LAMBERT DOROTHY LARSSON MARCIA LARSEN ELAINE LEONARD ROBERTA LITTLE JAY LONG PHIL LONG JACOUELINE LUM LEAL MAHONEY DOROTHY MANNING LESLIE MARRIOTT DON MARTIN JANICE MASON JOYCE MATHLWS CLARA MAURLR TED MAXWELL JO MCCARTY GERRY MCCARTY SALLY McDOWELL PAT MCGROREY JANET MCKENZIE PATRICIA MCMAHON BOB MCSHANE JANE MEACHAM SUZANNE MEDINA TODD MELOY ANNA MICHALETO BARBARA MILLER HELEN MILLER JACKIE MILLER JAMES MILLER KENNETH MONTELIUS MARILYN MOORE BERT MORRIS MARGARET MULTZ JIM MURPHEY PAT MURPHY MARY NAKATA HUBERT NYSER ED ORLA IIVELYN ORLA MARILYN PAPE ELSIE POMEROY DELORES PARNELLI JANET PEDERSEN DOROTHY PERTINC BRIAN POPE GARY POWELL LINNEL POV-'ERS PAT PRENTER KITTY RATTO MARIE RATTO ANITA RALIN NADINE REED JOANN RHYNE NATALIE RIBA TANIA RICE CFCRGIA RISSO PA RIVERS RICHARD ROTTO PATSY ROMAINE CARCL RUMMEREIELD ERCOLENA RJSCONI KAY SAKURAI BILL SANDERS RICHARD SARAEIAN SHIRLEY SHAFER MARY SCHNEIDER JACK SCHEUERMANN JOANNE SEYDEL CECIL SEXSMITH JAMES SHAW WILLIAM SHAW BONNIE SHLJLL GERALDINE SHULL BETTY SJBLEY PATSY SIMPSON BESS SNOW JOANNE SOUSA JOAN SPIERSCH JO ANN STANLEY KEITH STORM MARY BETH STRECKER ROCKY STURM LEE SWEENEY BARBARA TENER MARJORIE THOMAS RUTH ANNE THOMAS CLIFF THOMPSON NANCY THOMPSON AKIRA TOGASAKI CAROL TOUSLEY DIANA TRIMBCRN DIANE TURNER EUGENE VOLZ PATT WALL 'MALOU WESTERNOFF TONY VVOLFE CAROLEE VUHEELER KATHLEEN VIHITE HELEN MILLER DIANE WILLIAMS IRMA JEAN WILSON JEANETTE 'WILSON JANE VJONG LOLA XNOOD RAE JNORTHY ALICE VIYNKOCP HELEN ZACHMANN ROSEMARY ZANARIA we Ofalfirz, N-Lk MRS AMBROSOL1 Adv1ser FALL 1948 SPR1NG 1949 BOB IULIAN Presrdent DIANE EBERT NAN GERINI V1CePreS1der1t RUTH 1-HNTZ HOOVER NG Treasurer BETTY BAYLEY GRACE PURVIS Sono Leader MIKE DANIELSON The Latm G1uo of A1ameda 1-hgh Schoo1 has orospered under +he capab1e asslstahce of our c1uo advlser Mrs Ambrosoh The c1ub meets everf month We urge each and every Latm student to om so that he can have as much fun as We BEVERLY BARTALINI Recordmq Secretary 122 E 7-7 ' 'Ti' th it W 1 1-P' PAT PRENTER .....,Lw,,LL,,L,,,o,,r......,, Secretary , ,L,,L,,,L,r.,.,1.,,.,,.w. BEVERLY BARTALIN1 - I 1 1 1- A I . A i . FALL 1948 ROGER BULLOCK , ,........... .I PAT RIVERS ...,YY,... BOB BECHTLE ,.,,. ARTHUR ROKE .A,,w IEAN PARKER ...A.,, MRS. LEE, Adviser SPRING 1949 President ,,,,,E, ,,..YEE,.,. .. ,BGB BECHTLE ,......,rr,,,,....,.V1ce-President ,,,..,,.rC'AROLEE WHEELER . .,,,,rrSecretary r,r,,rr,,,,rROGER BULLOCK ......,..Treasurer, ,, . PRITCHARD ,,.r,...Editorr .. RIVERS The French CIub has been very active this year. We collected money for a "Care" package to send to Erancey We gave two noon movies, one of which was a Erench filmy and We had a Wonderful Christmas party with gifts for everyone. We also ordered membership pins with the Heur de hs as the embIern AII persons who have taken French are eI1gibIe for membership PAT RIVERS Editor UA EWCA C74 I 1 4 If - ll 8 M, jk Qlflflfbdflfl MRS AMBROSOLI Advrser FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 EVERETT ANDREW' Presrdent BOB BUHNERKEMPE HELEN ZACHMANN Vrce Presrdent IEANETTE WILSON Secretary CLARINE GNUTZMAN ELAINE BROCK Treasurer GEORGE B15-ICON EUGENE VOLZ Song Leader HELEN ZACHMANN The German CIub under the sponsorsrnp of Mrs Ambrosoh has had many lnterestmq and educatlonal GCIIVIIIGS In December We Went to the San Franclsco Art Museum and v1ewed famous German art treasures taken from the German saIt mme at Merkers CLARINE GNUTZMANN Recordmq Secretary I24 MARY SCHNEIDER r.......,,u,u.r..www u,L,rr......ur......,.., , T MISS VENARD, Adviser FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 NILE IORDANS S. ..Y,SS, S. . .S President ,,,, SS ee,. S. . NILE IORDAN DULCENIA CORDOVA Vice-President S DULCENIA CORDOVA IOANNE ANDERSON SSSSS .Secretary S SSIOANNE ANDERSON ORTENSIA CORDOVAS S S. .S Treasurer SS.S S CHARLOTTE HENNINGSEN This year the meetings of the Spanish Club have been especially Well attended because the members realized that the officers had an interesting program arranged tor each session. One ot the best meetings of the tall term was the one before Christmas at which there was a procession, with members in cos- tume, and a play, using the Words of the Posadas as carried out in Mexico. The traditional pinata was broken. Another good meeting was one at which Spanish games were played and contests were held A moving prcture spoken in Spanrsh proved so popula during the fall term that a second one was obtained tor one of the meetings of the spring term Congratulations are due the otricers and members tor their en thusiastic Work during 1948 1949 Respectfully submitted IOANNE ANDERSON it sjmir cw . I. . - t if 1 A A y ' ii S ' 4. N. V S1 V y j 5. ff ' I S if it 'S A ' xxj' e ' M, CA8l'VLL15lL'? COUGHLAN Advlser FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 IAY LONG Pres1dent IAY LONG LEROY COSE Vxce-Presxdent LEROY COSE DESMOND COFFELT Recordmg Secretary DESMOND COFFELT EVEREIT ANDREW F1nanc1al Secretary EVERETT ANDREW CAROLEE WHEELER Ed1tor CAROLEE WHEELER EXECUTIVE COMMI'I'I'EE Glorla Anderson Iames Lynch Marvm Eberts Todd Meloy Marllyn Pape The Chem1stry Club was organlzed wrth a large membershrp of enthusrastrc budd1ng sc1ent1sts Emoyable monthly meetrngs were planned by the executlve councrl compr1sed of the offrcers and the executlve commlttee The more serrous s1de of each program rncluded student dem onstratrons of fascmatmg expenments mot1on prcture fllms on chem1cal toprcs lectures by experts and excurslons to varrous chem1cal plants where the members had an opportun1ty to see chemrstry applled 1n lndustry The club expresses rts apprecratron to Mr Coughlan for h1s unt1r1ng work and help dur1ng the term Respectfully Submllled CAROLEE WHEELER Ed1tor 126 . ' 14 Q 9 V- t A 3 - ' ..n. 3 ' U' 4-.'5'J.'Li' ' 2 . A -I . . . 4, .. ,- ,. , ' , ', ., ... ,.-M, 1.3, .. --,,..' -.,..,...,a,:.... ,...,m,:f'.. A MR. , ' , . , . I I I I MRS VAN ORDEN Advrser FALL I948 SPRING I949 MARY SCHNEIDER Presrdent CAROLEE WHEELER GORDON SIBBALD Vrce Presrdent BETTY ZELL LORRAINE BOBB Secretary SUE I-IARDESTY FLOYD MONTGOMERY Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES TO COUNTY COUNCIL Betty Adonts Mary Schnerder Carolee Wheeler Betty Adoms The lumor Red Cross Councrl ts orqanrzed tor the loenetrt ot needy puprls and to ard the Red Cross ln membershlp drtves We collect a penny per student tor memhershrp rn the natronal OI drstrrbutrnq as we see t1t Besldes a regular meetrnq every month we elect two repre sentatlves who qo to the County Counotl meetmqs m Oakland These two representattves keep us tntormed of the acttvrttes ot the other Chapters IH Alameda County and owe us many rdeas tor rmprovements Our advtsers Dr Peoples Mrs Van Orden and Mlss Vlfqllild Powell help us qreatlv and We thank them I ORRAINE BOBB Recordmq Secretary 4 1 'QQ l 1 . 127 , , qanization and any amount over that qoes into our treasury tor J I :550CL6tfL0lfL IVIISS POW ERS Adu er SPRING 1949 AROL 101-INSOIN IACKIE STRIKER SUNNY IESSIE MARGIE FISHER LEAL MAI-IONEY FALL 1948 DODDIE ABRAMS 1 e FLORENCE DOBSON Vtce Presrdent CAROL 1OI-INSON R ordrnj Se retary CAROL CLOSSON lfrnanclal Secretary MALOU WESTERNOFF Song L ader The purpo of the Grrls Ass C1611 n rs to pro te cornrncr rnte e ts among the qrrl o he ch ol The outs andrnq actrvrty of each term IS the rreshman receptrcn At th1s ex ent thc tresh men and nefv qrrls are the honored quests and each one IS escor ed by a semor s ster An I-lax ar an theme was u ed at the fall receptron whrle the sprlnq re eptron used the Count x Style Two Iashron shows were held and the C1 A also presented two outstandrnq student meet nqs Thanks to the help and cooperatron ot all the qrrls, the Grrls' Assocratron has had a xerv full and successful year under the leadershrp of presrdents Doddre Abrams and Carol Iohnson Respectfully sulcmrtted SUNNY IESSIE 128 ' . 7 . . Q I Nw- N' H' .V - I . ' . 1 , f , 'J Q ' 'T S, 4' , is sh " I 4 'J' ' A GWR E . A f , ,I ,, i. Jfff nl ' Q 4... 4 5 lic., A , 7 I HQ , - IN Y . Pres d nt C , ec . I 1' o c , f ,, , , 1 4 ,, , A A-J f e , I se ' ' o ' 'o mo' rt r s f , s I t s o . I I ' ' ' I ' ' . ' f 1 - . Y A , C. I ' t - Q i . V 1 . S 5' f V - - , - . ,, S . , . . - 1 ' 4 FALL 1948 NILE IORDAN ......A ..... ....... A. .A.A IAMES MILLER ,LL..LL,LLL.... ...L.L.,L OMER KING 4.LL.LLLLLL,LL.,ALL,LLLL.L .A.., IAMES LYNCH. MR. HULL, Adviser r.,Vice-President Secretary ,,,,....,,,,.,,,.,,,,.A.,.,,,....... SPRING 1949 President .,..,..,, ,...,,..... ,..,.........,,L.,,. N I LE IORDAN MILLER ,I ..,. OMER KING Treasurer w...r,..,,,,....,,,,w,,,.............,,, IAMES LYNCH Now, more than ever, is realized the necessity of promoting the feeling of brotherhood among the people of the World. The Tri- Iota Club has this thought in mind and its rneetlngs are the reflec tion of such NILE IORDAN Presldent 3 fora I - . J' V ' if ' " E . ' ,f , , ' b lf If f 1 O PL' 2 Wm BMJ ax MR SOCOLOF SKY Advrser FALL 1948 SPRING 1949 GEORGE UPDEGRAFF Pres1dent DUANE LOUIS DUANE LOUIS Recordmg Secretary ARIKA TOGASAKI CHUCK THOMAS F1nar1c1al Secretary R B RENO PHIL LESLIE Sergeant at Arms BILL TARR Dunng the school year the Bloclc A Soclety sponsored movles of the Fremont Hayward and Berkeley football games and a basket ball game of the top colleglate teams 1n actlon The pre1n1t1at1on stunt of hav1ng lncomlng members sh1ne shoes was enloyed by the faculty and student body FIIIGQH new members were admltted 1nto the Block A at the end of the fall semester In the spnng semes ter a successful Block A DICHIC was held at wh1ch new members were lnducted The Block A d1nner held after the Alumn1 Varslty garre was the hlghllght of a very GCIIVG year Our dlrector Coach Socolofsky was responstble for the great school Splfll shown by our members We owe a debt of gratltude to the Tlmes Star for tnelr Annual Ttmes Star Sports Dmner Aklra Togasalo 130 "n' l ' X 1 s 'P . ' PAUL CAPPA .,u,t.. u,,uuuuY,,wu,w. ...uru. V 1 ce-President .S,rYu.,wv..,..t.,.r.t.,.. GERRY WATKINS MRS COPFEY Advrser FALL l948 SPRING l949 MARILYN SUTTER Pres1dent PATTY SIMPSON PATTY SIMPSON V1cePres1dent IOAN CONNOLLY IOAN IUNG Sergeant at Arms BONNIE SHULL The purpose of the Women s Block A Socrety 1S to promote an mterest rn qrrls atheltlcs to develop leadershrp and to co operate Wlth the other orqanrzatlons of the school rn any worthy proJect By partrclpatrnq ln the many sports offered by the G A A any qrrl who has recelved the necessary twelve hundred pornts to belong to the Socrety lS awarded the coveted block The fourteen members under the sponsorshrp of Mrs Coffey have enJoyed many act1v1t1es such as bowhnq roller skatrnq a horseback r1de and a p OQTGSSIVQ drnner durmq the last term Monev makrnq actrvrt es rncluded the sale of decals and porn pons durrnq football season PAT HILTON Secretary Treasurer omen 3 6464 J4 NORMA FRASER ..r,..r.,.....,,,,,,.rr,. Secretary-Treasurer ..,,... ....r..,,,,rr.,,,, P AT HILTON CL CH MRS RICKARD AdV1SDf RobQrtCof1oy Robert Corfbs Ron Co .van Jack Damels Mxke Damolson Ilm Gerke Ianet1-1 skm Doug Kmna Mayward Mal'a'1d 1.or'me Manmnq 11m M111 r Tom Hexser F ank Sherl Robert Waqelner Tony Wolfe f i K 2 QVLLOP' J 0l"tlfLlfLLfg -Q9 'V Ji., Y 6 l T . f P , - My 1 1 1 Q 5 1 I 5,4 M H 1 i 1 , J X 1 ' 3 Q 1:3 Q 1 . 'Mi f fxx' 3 ' M 'er A ' Q Tv . V Q 0 ' ji 132 .J44 0 rfu rn 2 Sm! Ll efefld 5? 9 2 Q, ww 1 Sm f . Fa 35 Mi wiv? 34 1 :wp E ' . 45 M , Lf'-' X , . . ' PM ia K T wi W' '34 J' W ""?f"" 11" ,gn A ...- - M TV,1,,,,,,. A: I ll I iw. Q, A ,V , I ' Want, ,. Q, , .. Q its 1-.Ku it 8f58lf'l!8 icem raining 01795 Sze gag!! Lt Col Le Roy Cose Maj Allan Abr xhamson Mal Ronald Chase lst Lt Kenneth Ebets ?nd Lt Frank Orrell 2nd Lt Rxclmrd Baxron 7nd Lt Steven Calvert 9 ci Lt Fuqene Elllot 57 lZ4fI'llCf0I'4 -0 Capt C pt M Quit N' Sq 1itC Hot. Md Mceftatlx Brmwnux Pulley 1. Barlx l 1 clm 'ill pl tx wl l 1 l35 M W ,. fr .P g 4 yy Y' 'H Y' -" ' 'A '1 :,,. ff A 55 .. A A lf, A we -'sag .g,,. . .. w -if H. W 'ef -- 1 5, Q. 4 -, Vg. .V. -A Z v ., M' Y , ,uf, ,-+ A - ., , ,A 1 gli Y . x' 'A " W' . X' :R . W 53" S . A gh 'Y' , . Q -n' sw! -- Z' a 5' -1 O w :EEE 3 5g?ifg.."'5'f3,:'g . :A S X , 1 A I? gui? 'Mm-V ' 'xige-Ng, xiii? 'sg ax 5 , I' 1:-' 71' , , 1 ' ' ff ' ' :I 4 1 . Q f 5 at ' -:f 4 , 5, 3-,J 1 . V .gh -sq ., Q Z lwfsl Q.1 fy' V .W. q' ..1' H Q ' 1. g Ag E . -y- W . . V - gm . - U . fi? I DJ ...Q Q n -1 I5 c 1 Y D l K 43 A i B Zin :Q ,sl .4 T n. t WA Y If ' F 4 ,Q 'i e , , I J 3 A A m ' P1 3108 L q. ,- parm om, Q.. J ff 1948 pomom, ,Dfw 1949 UAB! Left to rzqht HON CAPT PAT RIVERS HON CAPT CORYL SHANNON HON CAPT IOIE MUEHLBAUER HON LT COL BARBARA CRITTENDEN HON MAIOR HELEN FINK HON CAPT LIZ WOOD HON CAPT CHRISTEL IANKE Left to uqht HON LT COL IOIE MUEHLBAUER HON MAIOR PAT RIVERS HON CAPT BETTY COMES HON CAPT ELAINE LEONARD HON CAPT NADINE REED HON CAPT BARBARA CPITTENDLN HON CAPT CHR STEL IANKE lo M 5.1 qi 'Q :Q -f 5 W, A Q 9 . q , if X V -+V' " ,, 1,3 X. :K 41 .I . rib as 6 , K-:J 4:5 ' S' w Q ' ff? if , X im, Avi f Z H, ,I -.. G wc.. A . A V ' .' ' . ' 4 ' ' , . 1 . ' . if A . r Qu ' Q R ftxv I Q I I S- Q X N 3, is Y Q -L gf I ' , - ,. 2 ' -v i vt ' gf: , A A 'V 4- 57 - 1' 'JJ gif i . 4, , Ny -'ff a 5-I N-' - ' ' ' nd A1 ' ' 'G 5 A f. n XA- Q . ,A-4 1 1 A. vs ffl u ' ' . 45? ' f . Sir' ff' + 4 Mk, , 1.4. I 'tn ., . 'N N 4 '. QQ ' 5 ' . A .y A 4 Q E, ,, v J Q fr-' 1 ' f' i f' 1 v fi ' ' A A! "V 'J . 1 ' ,.,, -fs' ' ' ' A ' 5' A ' " 1 ' -1 U41 ' "' V , 4,4 X E , , A, vu ' ,, 4 - 1 V, My Q K ,, 'yy' ' , ,. 3 , Uv!-H 5 A . ' - 4, J . , 'mf"2. V ,r Q? 'Q ' U ' 3,37 ' W .5 4 Q Q vs U' A - . 0 9' - 5. - M: V-A R -yn V -w . -W, . fg .Wg y 5 ' .p., . ' 5 1 - . . x IJWQCILZXLOPZ5 The Acorn statt lS greatly rnclehted to a number ot persons who have Wrllrnqly qrven ot therr trme and ettort that thrs h lc rnrqht he puhlrshed Mr Bryan tor hrs srncere mterest and help Mr Bell who assrsted wrth the larger group prctures Mr Kerwln ot Qalcland Natronal Bnqravrnq Cornparsy tor e trne Job ol photo enqravrnq Mr Deljoe ol the Zenrth Prrntrnq Company tor the excellent Mr Bushman ot Bushman Brsen tor our Cover and hrndrnq Mr Dolous tor the wonderful Work on the senror portrarts and other photoqraphlc work Mr Pratt tor helprnq us at the last mrnute Wrth some of our pro tures lVl1ss Berchrnuth and he art classes for therr qenerous assrst ance Wrth the srllc screenlnq Mr Cummlnqs tor Wrrtrnor our oeclrcauon Mrs Shepherd tor her excellent aolvrce and help Mrs Patten tor the rnany lrttle thrnqs she ord tor us All those who turned rn snaps and those who helped us rn any way 139 ' ' ' ' ' - ' oo- . ' ' ' . th job ot prlntinq. 1 IO19 does xt aqam 2 In from thp country 5 Truth whole truth and nothmq but 6 Chlkdren at play 9 Musflv Mmmv 140 3. Typical freshman qirl. 4. Faculty award for Shirley, l A Clmsimas carol '7 Nxce 3 P10-TPI and RIC 7 Splasn splash splash 8 THQ newer look 141 4. Silk Screeners. 5. Miss Powers. 6. The Avenue. 'Q wom Qm ua D xy hand N f ffm n na 11'f Wcunfaln I1 A 14? Qi fm ff 'rz1.ts Lxxfw lfxrlciffl. Y, ff .f f!',fc'1ffil'Sl 3, " ' ' 5 ' . Q Mfmkfvy sie, Trtcmkf'-y dc. 5. Men Cf distxufticrx. 6. A day fa? the zoo ff- ni ,Y , . . 3, :nd ',1f-r,yrif'- "zu-. Q, . . if , ' ter, Ofhce xn achon Ian at work What s cook1nq'P LIUIYIQ them up Fmancml wxzards Mr Cummings bnqht d1V9CChlO smlle 143 l 6. . . . Sweeping our dirt. 7. Clean up iime. ' ' . 8. . ' 9. The "" . The Cigy of ALAMEDA THE ALAZIIEDA CPIAZWBER UE C UMZMER CE I THE CLASSES 4 cl f ry ns FURN and Congm ulatef Uf fune '9mz anua 50 4 HU ll Next Time You Have Your Clothes Cleaned Send Them to the Crystal Cleaners Alameclas Clclest and Largest Cleaning Plant - Where You Get the Most Scientific Cleaning Known to the Cleaning lndustry All Your Clothes Are lnsurecl tor Fire and Thett While in Cur Possession Special Rates tor High School Students CLEANERS Phone LA 2 0433 S W Butler 2000 2008 Encinal Ave Owner 6 Mgr 145 DODGE PLYMOUTH Passenger Cars and Trucks Complete Servlce and Parts Department JACK ERWIN MOTORS 23l3 ENCINAL AVENUE .lust one block rom the Hzgh School 2511 Ofti ROSS WRIGHT Wmgbt Selly Right FRAMES !yP ' GIFTS C56 C Platts H 5, P LA 2 4074 Congmtulatzom to the Clan' 0 1949 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 3 2020 Scrvzng, Alameda Smcc 1874 1438 Park Street 146 ee f - sn Cf ' ' JJ Insurance, No ar ublic, Real Estate, Proper! f, lllanagcmenl l anta Clara Ave. Alameda, alif. . ' ce one: - Residence phone: LA Z-4081 fformvr Alameda ifh Grad! l350 arlr Sf, Phone - LA - ' I ' Royal Congratulations from . . . "The Home of Distinctive Typewriters' R. ARCHIN AL ALAMEDA TYPE WRITER COIVIPAIV Y 1424 Oak Street Alameda LA 2 4921 No Mass Production Here' T ' " LA " ' 2 7 05 lUllUS LIIUIIDERIE T H E V 0 G U E SELF SERVICE CLEANERS and Dyers Custom Work Only W Dy s + cg g l6II PARK ST I-A 209l2 F C CARL ALAMEDA CALIF emit 5 xlxtllllll Sin? llfsqruunre Cleaners llne Speumhsts IH ualltx All WURM DONE UN THIE PIRIERVIIIISIES 0 l In Mc nu Pickup and llDL,ll1WL.T'X mt 147 ' . eep une ke urs - 5 W Automatic Individual ashing Pau' GOQOI Complete r in Service San a Clara at Broadway Hotel Alame a Bld . - l,.-lk -l 's I-3651 l,f '- 's I-I ffl. D i s I J 0 I V L QU ,V ,. . x 5 ' KI li g gL-V i , , 21-2 f vnln " v x , .y X Y X. Y , , , A R 4 - :lla wlu. l.illllUl'Ill'i Best of Luck to the Class of '49 NE W PON T IA CS FOR LEESISI WARRANTED USED CARS GUARANTEED SERVICE GENUINE PONTIAC PARTS RAY PONTIAC ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA I of ,ewan The Speclalty Shop or Actwe Sportswear 1410 PARK STRFET 2 S033 ALAMEDA HUNUNG 5 mmg EISI-IING Goody ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT zh JOHNSON MOTORS WILSON DEALER 1516 PARK ST 3 7121 1612 I4 WEBSTER ST LA 3 2 03 W Jgfamec! I aflles Apparel I SI bt ll 7 148 . LA - Co. Au orized . LA - - . - 4 L55 CL Ye .' wvializc- in ITOFIIIZIIS Hlulge-t IIIITIIIS and fIIliII'gt' ACTUIIIIIS Invitecl finals ' 'ui s 0 Dresses ' I" rs H28 Park Strf-I-t ' I,.-Xlu-Imrst 1.-8712 ' :xIiillIl'4Iil. Calif. THE SMARTEST LINE FOR 49 Complete Super Serwce MEYERING MOTOR CO IJ Il XSSNII Y ANU IU IUXXFR LI XSSNIEN ml fn! slr AGNEW REALITY C0 I N rs S Xgnus 111 Stumn n N IIX II 1II1I1u1 L Im I IIILI N Ix1 g, 11 lu cr I IX 1 11111 I x 1 I 1 1 II 1111 Huwn 111114511111 Int Adnan Stloknoy WHITES MARKET Western Market Frocemes Cn Io M01 Ccmc'ete Food S"1opp1ng Center Frozen Foods I426 PARK STREET MCH LA R I8C8 G1 vu ry LA 7 I84U IH1 7 3o 1 IU TIC'IL1d1I'lCj S111 ml '74 Park SI LAkeI1u1QI 3 5017 GENERAL TIRES CHRYSLER MARINE ENGINES DISTRIBUTOR SALES AND PARTS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH SALES PARTS ssnvuce HUFFMAN MOTOR CO 1630 PARK STREET ALAMEDA CALIF LAkehurst 3 2751 145 ll ll I IlIiI'II'I'I'INIlS 'I'II UR-XIII ATINU SICNIUHS. TU I PICK 'Il . AI VI I TL If fro fu' 1 irv .' iff of o Mr. am .I Ii. .'. I f 1 ' II- .' sw AIf'Ia1'k .Iz 2 Iiflh A1' I3z11'1'y If M, " vm' Ilzuwmld C. XYz11'1I Y: 1 ' VIII 1' I'I21l'I G2 'bm' IM1NW'1-,-X111-1-S1111 A. II. 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X1 1'1 'l'1'1 ut 11m'1ull S11l11llll f Y I 1910 'fnci 111 f 'A - Your Satisfaction Is Our Business Con uciuA K i fbegilignecf 111' 0 ern .minifzg I-Iorace Fong, Mgr. 324I Lakeshore Avenue 0aI1Iand CaIiIornia IeIepIwone C5I.encourI I 4I I7 1I5 of PASTRY si-ioPPE I f slllllll I11f1 II1111 fm Ill U1111x11z11s ,XXI SNII XZ! Congmtulatzom and bert wzylaef to the clan 0 49 Butom J Since 1934 e Spudnut Sleep 2316 CENTRAL AVE Ac oss f om Ala eda Theater MENSHUP HITTV S HUBBHRD I 320 0ak St Ahmed.: gf!-Ael' !9a5lr1, fn 1 rx 1 ni IQIIIIN Imu m 1 1 I 1 ll 1 1' 12 I flll 511111111 01111 11111 I4O9If2P I1S+ LA I1 +26 22 Yisil Our NI111I1irn ICIIIIIIIIN' .Imp I ll ' , , I.. Av XI ill. l,I'U,1l'l'1'lIIl' f ,I :fs I4-fif A' il ' 'III ST. ' JXILIIIICIIQI. Calif, If '- rfil-1 Y f I'l'1 i America's Finest Special Rates for F d Conte t'on Social Events I 7 5 lk-sl in tho W1-sl by Tost o , Bak lQ1m1i1Is - IJ0'o1'al1f1I liakvze U11 'sI1I'11su-5 - Sp-"1 . 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ISOO Encmal Avenue Telephone l.Alcel'1ursl2 I422 Alameda Calulorma Marlo Corsuglna Propruefor SCHAEFER S Prescription Pharmacy Agents Schlaparelh ' DuBarry Rubinstein ' Dorothy Gray N Yardley ' Old Space Ogllvle Sisters ' White Shoulders l Photographxc Headquarters CAMERA BURNER of ALAMEDA CAMERAS ' FILM ' SUPPLIES Repairs ' Projectors and Film Rentals 2320 Central Ave LA 2 S487 Across from Alameda Theater as ,,,s ,far ,,,, ,-,, M, , ,Y ,L ,Mn Y , W, Ln, ff, , -,,, , Y ,L 1 I 2 -1: . .. pi., l 'A " New Plum- l,.-X ..-823.22 3 1 ' , .-2. l w 5 7' l 1 ' Q it 1 3 :ff l 11' ' ' ia X ,h .v xg l 4 f A , L ' SfIt'1'lAlllI-lI,II,Lf in S i ' . - l',-Xl A ' ' llxllll S'l'Yl.lX1L 'v'f,5..'ffINGTCN .1-,T Bill ' , . L14l1Sau1mlII.1m Pi." f3f.:::1 1. C75 f, f li, , , I l A r ' 1 Hr L 1 .lame-I llulsl llamllwlal,l.ul1fu1'mu l l l Q w V I, K ,.. , ,. 1. I A. ' '. '. I . . 21I5l Santa I' a Sl. Pllom- I.-K 1.-61011 . , , X F .lf w Q 'N for 152 ALAMEDA'S XQQQ Pgllg DEALER In Famous .... TOWLE GORHAM WALLACE and INTERNATIONAL STERLING WARE 8l,UL:5 P0 El" JEWELERS WEBSTER STREET Stage llarclwarv Co. IIzll'IIwalrI'. IIul1s1'IluI4I IIIIII SIHDFIIIIQL GUIIII- XX xl. IL. S'ru4l-2 Prnprivinr Il For the Fmest m Photography at Moderate Prices Sinn 1921 Smart Studrm Portraxt Photography Photo fopy Pzfture Framing 1305 Park St LA 2 6024 Weddings Babns Gradlntlon Organllnlons JUMBO CREPE SOLES By FRIENDLY Brown Green Gray Black and Whute Wold s Allen Shoes 2 3322 1346 PARK W J aAt1n Insurance Real Estate 1508 Park St 2 3567 IH I K1 1 I I I1 I 1 'lr I I 0 HUUPEH5 H 'gk' CHUCULATE5 I I'Z I I I I I I I I I53 I S I I I I U1 I O I w . S?" ' . I 1 1. I 'Kali I III ,. I - . I I us ,I I TQ:-,E f'N::::Lr. 373.95 .., on I1 0 X. I .-'5..:4- ,g N..x,f x,F ,:' , :rex ,lib gx S '--I A S., F I bzxl- N?-is 'N"-I. fowl-N I I r, L 2 Ear "' KI I f-,-": 5 '- gg- Q -3. I I 2: : 'ir 'P If I .fe F .-'. . .., H L I. X - ,, NN X-A ,1-X. "-N :ry 4: -4 ITS'-'E-'N' ,ob?1. 'Eff :' - , X, ,AM -.,:,:. - Q.-itvug LH- '35 f - ,S g if I Nm, X so.,-r -." ,.,,, ...N I IENNN. fxfgdgx ,N-2.5. 1'-I 3.1-L I NNN: fwwg :3N: - ., -- N' NN p gNs ,Ne-5.5 0 , I 72:3 :5'!o 2 Q" f . - - -el... S- , Lug' 2: - . , - .. W A - , .-. , I II I :N 2 , -42. ' Z"- ' I L., f A go,-If .A Q 0 . ... I ,bf 5- N' N: -I, . A I 7 gf .., 113: 2,52-, . .- I 3.-q Z 12 3.1: axe. - - I I N f SA. -' Q ", ,T-Ng R u ' I lewig 52.1 ,I ,J fr I,.- ' N.. A I- , , I4 .. I , ?-I4 I' :AN TTNQNE '- ' "T , lirg' L-,E 75 371,212 A I F ,N N, ,A f. -, I I N315 lr. N-, :N'1,' L-1 I ' ,I 'i , Q Q' L Rf' f F ' ' If ' 2 - rzrr i r , 3: Q . -:A I 1" - XFN F ' :44 I 2II.,'I 12 ' ' -X., b T' n . I ' "'- 1 "1 I , 5 -N -. I ' " Z. 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D. SCOTT - Florist f 1520 WEBSTER STREET 5 CORSAGES AND BOUQUETS a Specialty 5 SEE THE NE W 1949 CHE VR OLE T The Most Beautz ul Buy 0 All Garland Chevrolet Co 2424 Santa Clara Avenue LAndscape 2 9221 SPROUSE REITZ Co, Inc ahonery and School Supplies 537 + P Q ltyD dM W A lameda fewelen' LAI: h 2 1188 7 P C H arlquurt rs nr NYLON HOSE Full Fashioned Bareleqs BOBBY SOX Cottons Wool Muctures Angora Cuffs THE QUALITY SHOP 1340 PARK STREET G P N ff f M O I - 1' P fl l X . O l l s+ ' ' I Webs er S+. l342 arl: S+. 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