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 - Class of 1948

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' .-.-,.-.f..-... ---as-A-IQ 74 4 a - 4,15 , fvg, 1 foo Zggf pg-JL COPYRIGHT 1948 by FRANK FREDERICK HARRADINE, III Editor MARY AMELIA SABATINI Assistant Editor ROBERT DUNCAN TONNINGSEN Busincsx Manager I-I-H-S VOLUME XLVIV Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL AALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA AIIIQIHN UEIIIIIZXTIUN TO EDNA REICHMUTH: who, expecting neither praise nor acknowledgment, gives generously of both her time and her talent to the end that the many projects undertaken by the students shall have artistic distinction. AIJMINISTHATIIJN 5 . 3 T i 5 it S 5. ? , 1 MR. BRYAN AT Woiziq lVlr. Br al1's .8. California is now celebrating the first of three great centennials. This year it is the discovery of gold. 1949 will commemorate the migration of thousands of people to this state, from other parts of the United States and from other nations, a movement that is commonly known as the Gold Rush. In 1950 California will have its one hundredth birthday party. These are impor- tant events in our state and they give us a motive for studying and thinking about the heritage that is ours. When gold was discovered, thousands of brave, adventure- some, active, and energetic men poured into California. They overcame untold dangers on the long journey and suffered many hardships in the new land. They set great value upon the qualities of courage, self-reliance, and generosity. Past position, for- tune, or previous social connec- tions counted for' little in the early history of our State. A man was accepted for what he was and then had to prove that he possessed in his own character the desired qualities. Thus the early character of California was molded by the Argonauts, who expressed the spirit of the Amer- ican frontier. In addition to the spirit of the early pioneers we have the heri- tage of a fair and fertile land with rich and varied resources. We have mountains, valleys, riv- ers, forests, deserts, and a vast deposit of oil. We have a most favorable climate and our scen- ery is so attractive that thousands of tourists come to our state ev- ery year. Our agricultural prod- ucts are now shipped to all parts of the world and our manufac- turing concerns have grown un- til they are now an important asset. It is our duty to see that the natural resources of our state, so rich when the pioneers first came, do not disappear as they have in other areas. We must make sure that the soil is not washed away from our fields and that the mountain slopes re- main protected by the forests, so that our water supply is main- tained. Our three centennial years should reawaken in us a desire to know more about our state and to rededicate ourselves to the preservation of its heri- tage. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Shep- herd, faculty adviser, to Frank Harradine, editor, Duncan Ton- ningsen, business manager, and the members of the ACORN staff for the splendid way in which they have handled the publica- tion of this AcoRN. Message MR. BRYAN AT HOME DON BELL Vice Principal EARL SHRIBER GRACE POWERS Dean of Boys Dean of Girl: . . President Fall 47 ' Vice President NANCY STROMBERG Recording Serretary DICK WUESTHOFF Finanfial Seeretary TERRY REED Yell Leader GLENN WELLER Spring-43 President LEN RATTO Vice Presfdcnl CONNIE DUNFORD Rcfordizzg Serrc'm1'y SAM IABER Financial Serretary IACK COPELAND H41 Leader GLENN VVELLER F LL 1947 ADMINISTRATION BOARD MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL Len Ratto Nance Blacl-churn Porter Davis Len Ratto Al Bedford Duncan ShirleyWarhurton lack Copeland Tom Ginley Mario Ratto Wally Rooks Tonnlngsen Connie Dunford liarhara Noia Carol Iohnson loe Totorica Roh Stanley George UPY-l'3fl-fra. George Osorio Prank Stalford Dick Mason lim Moore Mort. Kofman Duane Lewis Les Sachs Peggy Pearson Nanccy Griffen Frank Nereu Mel McCulloch Tom Glnlel' Nancy Stromherg Terry Curren Sue Hatch Rich Osorio Dave Vickers Fflmk Mcmhlnfe Dick Wuestholl' Barry Conner Harold Cox Harry Wetherald Terry Reed Florence Dobson Richard Sarafra Glenn VVeller Beverly Lagorio Nancy Anderson WOMENiS BOARD OF CONTROL Carolyn Kyle Delores Harold Coryl Shannon STUDENT FACULTY Peggy Pearson Sally McDowell Marge Perata Rich Osorio Terry Reed Ralph lackson Shirley VVarhurton Nadine Reed LeNore Wilson Les Sachs Glenn Weller lohn Dronkers Ianet Bruzzone Ioan Mallory Barbara Fisher Nancy Stroinberg Len Ratto Shirley Warburton Vona Gilmore Pat NVhisnand Part Kirhy Dick Wuesthofl' lack Copeland Eleanor Baronian .14- Dot Rokusek And rey Fra se r ADMINISTRATION 'ry Cnrrcn rlcy VVarhurton XVhisnantl n Uinlcy i Ratto mic Diinliortl 1 lahcr Q Copclantl nn NVcllcr I'Y2'IlM'FIIIL' I Iollywootl llzll licnncy Dnanc Lcwis licn Rantlal loc Totorica Pat XVhisnanil Margc Pcrata IXIYC Yiclicrs SPHI E 1943 Karen IiII'lil'lOIll1 Norman Rchin Sue Hatch Haroltl Cox Nancy .Xntlcrson Holm Dowtl Bev Lagorio Porter Davis Hob Cooper Vinla Lopolito STUDENT FACULTY 'y Sahatini .l. ry Rcctl I l'i'r'.f. yl Shannon rl.. I. Ratto lack Copclantl 1111, Aw. Mn. lifiilui' Glcnn VVL-llcr 'IFN lfilrf. 5111. lfurfl' Sh i rlcy VVarhnrton Tvrry Curran Dick XVncstholl' Miss M. Los Kainp Mr. If, Cummings Mr. Bt-ll Mr. I. NI. Bryan Xlrs. H. Hun 1 If. I' rx, .N'f111lr'11l lioifi' Mario Ratto Duane Lewis Frank Mclilhinncy Bill cle Bcll Icrry W'atliins .Xl Bellouinini Charles Borgia Holi Brown WOMEN Shirley IVarhnrton Ianct Hruzzone lean .-X. Wcmcmtl Barbara Villa Marge Pcrata Carol Iischcn Nancy Cirithn .Xlicc Gootllinn F' Siincion Cortcz Paxton Davis EI dc Silvia Ronalcl Guptil Torn Ginlcy Ancly Hcxcin Art Hiinlc Mort. lioliinan Don l.antlt'r Nlartin McMillan lcrry Nlcrritt licn Ramlal Frcml Shiplcy Holi Stanlcy llicli XVt1csthoIl' 'S BOARD OF CONTROL loycc Lorctz Dianc Ttirncr lilcanor Haronian Ican liowinan Iiarhara Mcycrin Ioannc Muchlhaucr Florcncc Dobson Marcia Gilhcrt liathcrinc Hollywootl Cforyl Shannon Norma Smith Iilcanor YValcs llclcn Nlahoncx liarhara Noia Pat XVhisnantl CLASSES O CHARl,OTTIi AYPR: Huutl Maiur- O ALFRED BIiI.l.UUMINl: Varsity E l a S S U f Dttc. '-lfi. '-lf: Auditorium Stall: llJ'lu'll'i'll' i'l6- 47- Dlx: ll- llmm Christmas Imngmlm Rui CHM RCP.. Comm.: MClll5l'lLl.lllClJI1U'fIl. G.A.:X. ' K 1 1 o IOANNE MQRNARU1sr.i1ny,-bsins 3 D r li Il. q . lnfvhll BROWN: Hcslmmn RCMP' rl1cChnrclmy": Hicl Com.. Ir. Prom: mm' Christmas Pageant. '47: Skit, Sr. Play: Circus Day: Sr. Hall. Chr. liitl . I4LVEIdX'N BARNHILIA: Adv. lmmx. Cum.: Rucl Cross Rep.: Adv. Prcs. 1 9 4 8 '-17: Mikado: Girls Glcc: Christmas Pageant. '45, '-l6, '-l7. I ELEANOR HIDIZMA: Ci.A.A.. Fin. 1 X VI Scc., Rec. Sec.: Girls Hlnuk "AN: Unk . NANCX BARRO5: X 'CU PNB" Ally' I,z'i1f,' Auditorium Stall: Fin. Svc. Atl. C BILL HARRY: Mgr. ZH Circus Day: Ir. Swcatcr Comm.: Christmas Pag- I NANCE HLACKHURN: Sr. Play: cam, '46, '-173 Mgigk and Sandal: Cu-Manager Sr. Ball: Atl. Board. Fall Passion Play: Public Schools XVcck: '-lf: R.O.T.C., lfall 47. Sp. '-H41 French Cluhg Latin Cluln Suu- :mil Stutlt-ntTalcnt: Opening DanccCcmi. Key: Rccl Cruss Rep.: Chcm. Cluh. "l7. 548: Circus Day: Ir. Prom Cum.: Adv. Rep.: CLA. Fashion Shows: Span. Club: Oulq Lmfq Sword anal . EUGENE BASS: N"n'C"'m Clulll Shield: Christmas Pagcant, '-l6: Sr. Lt. in R.O.T.C.: Swurtl and Shiclcl. W,,,,1Cn'S gunquctl I DONNA HEACHELL: French Cluh. I RALPH I. BOATMAN: Circus Dayg Aclv. Olliccr: Track: Mask and San- ' CATHERINE HELL: mlal. SAAA IABER Ij.kYIDAl.I.I-.Y I',xur.lvi.Avm.Rsiav Intl-is,-Xxni-.iwxv Hmm hunk Pl'c'x1'dc'71f, FMU '47 Fimxcis ARBIYCKLPI STAY Auxouu Dov rxSlILI-.Y lhuimiu Al si J TERRY Rlililb f7l'lI .Xl l ll lfx l ll lilulwx lax l l.YN llXIiYllII.l. NWN' li XRRUN lillalu l'll'l.lYl lixss ll1lYNXl5l U'IllI,I. lfrllll RlYl lil ll 'ff-lffff nf' 'sfving 43 lllll.l.I'IlN,llXl llmlxxl lllRNXRll RllHlR'l'lllN'1'l l'lIlXYURlll1JlNIX Nlxl l l4l,u'l4Hl'llx Rxl l'll liflllxllx U l'lXL'l.lNl'. .XNl7l'.RSlfN: l.llu Mum- C lll'.Rll .XNl7RliYV: V.ll'xlIl 'l'l'.lclx. Q STAN .XRNOl.ll: Oli" l"ollIl1.lll. 'lgl llcl' Sr.ll' .lllll Kul: l..llll1 Clllll: .Mlm '47, 'lX: "li" ,l'l'Llk'l'i. '-lil: Nrlllflflllm Nllxk .lllnl S.lllll.ll: SV. l'l.ll: "Nl-xl' Ulllccr. fllllll. Clllul' Clerk. Sgt. llt Arlllx: Mllllllu: '-fl.lL'N.lI' .lI1'l Cla-l1p,lll'.l," .Xvulax Stall l,llllUJl1l'llllllCl'Z IMA' l.m,,' V 4 V h SMH l7l1Illlbgl'.lllllL'l'CNlL'g.lPllllllL'llllllll I HM .XNlll',RSON: Sr, l'l.ll: Cllullx . . , , , ,. t t ' 5l71lI1lNll c,llll1Z C,llL'll1. l,lL1ll: ll'l'lllllll Q lyqjy Axgl llll-Yi ll.ll lf-ml.: tflll'lxllll.lx l,.l!L'.lIlI, '41 , b ' - 'V lr. RL-ll Lrms Rcp, lil. HH: "Xlllx.l4lll": lllsxllln lll.lx, l..ll-lll lillllw: flL'l'IIl.lIl flllll' tlllL' . HU-I U I I Y V1 V I, vllllli Sllllllxll ltllllll xllxlx .lml alll 0 lflllxlils .xRlsL1mtl4l.l1l 4 Q j ' l"'Nf"f'N f'w"" i , l,: Sllululll l.llvlll. -l,: 5l.ll' .lll.! ll.ll: lllllVlIx'5Cll1lHlNXxfflx. , 1 I lxrl: Plllllll Mllllulx XM-ck: Mll, U li.XRH.XR,X .XL'S'l'lY: Slnllllxll Lflllllz RL-ll.: Rrll Lflvm: SlW.llllxll llllllll lllll' O lit ill lil-.Yiil-,: Sl.lI'.1Illl Ku, llll l. .l9. Q PAUL l5RYAN'l': C.S.l".1 Stall' Rlllll IZ I 3 S S U f Key: Orllq Lmzf Staff: Circus Day: Chem. Club: French Club: Cermurl Club: Nun-Coms Club: Tri-Iota. D ll l Il H O l-lil..-X l'lUl.LARlD: Stuclenl Talent 5 I Show. 1 9 4 3 01-015 CAHALL: "Mllizulu"1 Sr. XVOINCHUS Banquet: Sr. Ball. Q CATHERINE CAN1iI'Az C lil.AlNlf CARMINATI: Allv. Pres.. Vice Pres.: Rccl Cross Rep.: Mega- phone Club. I I4liTTY CASE: OKENNETH H. CATICS: C.S.F.: Rl-NA l.IzRVl1l,l,I: C.5.l-.: Star :mel Key Life Member: Spun. Club: Alb. Oiiicer. Cl-ORlA CHAN: Trzlnnferreml from Oaklaml Technical High: Entering lmminess wllege. l'.lJXVARlJ Cl'l.'XSli: Zml. IJ. R.O.- 'I'.C.: Non-Cums Club: Swurcl .xml Shielcl Suciety. l'RlSClLLA CHAVHZ: Rerl Cross Rep.: Ailv. Ofllccr. CAROLYN CHRISTIAN: Suph. Hop Cum.: Circus lyill' Cum.: Sr. Play Com.: New Moon: Stuclent Tul- um: Chem. Club: French Club: Pub- lie Scllcmls VVeel-iz "Mik:ulu": l"'rL'sb- mam RL-sep.: Teacher Institute: Sr, Meeting: Sr. llunquer Cum.: Chrixt- mm Pzlgealnt. Sworrl and Shield. Sgt.-zu-Arms, Full Q MIXRIIQ CIARLUZ '-l7. Sp. '-lil: Non-Coma: Military liall Com., Pall 41, Sp., 48: C U. Company UA", Sp, '48 I MARII-f CIPRESSO: BARBARA KAUFIWAN Cu.uu.r-.s HURCI.-X M.'XRll,X'N limwrrr Nunn.-xx linrwl na lil YI su s Vita' Pl'l'5l'tl't'77l, Fall '47 lir.m,R1' llkortx Rum1R'l'BumvN lui-fl' Huuzzoxl-. Avrvxx lim 'Q' 1 I l3ARH.XR.X KAUFMAN 111. B1u'1v1 T,1f1.1 lll'I.I 11111 l.111s C,111x1.1. CYl'IH'RINI-. Cwhlu . V A c12C.1R1111w Yll H1 '1"1'1 f:X5P Hmm- 1'11 C111-s R1 N 1 C1 1u'1-1.1.1 VN" I7N"'A'df'U,' Sfwlng '48 f11111C111X: l'..lHYKRIlfTHX5l lyRlSlfII.l.XCIIAXIZ Cx1u11.x'v C11k1s1'1xx Mum C1111111 NlXRlI- C 111s Q CHARLIQS HURGI.-X: l,ll,L' Nfc111lx'1'. I llliVliRl,Y ISIUSTUNV: Sr. l' l'l'11- Rifle 'l.L'.lI1l, l".1ll '51 .Xml1. l,l'L'N.. "l-l. C.S.If.: l,l'k'N., Sp. 424: l.1tc ML'll!lVL'F. gram Cl1r11111.1 Ir. Pru111. Dec. C11111.: '45, '46, '47, Sur .uul Kay: l71111tl1:1ll llllflUlg,Il'.ll5llCl' Circus lilly. llinl Cum.: C.S.F.: Anlv. '-IT, WX: .Miokw Stuff: "NL-11' M111111' Olliucr. '-lb. 47. '-IX: Sr, Opp. ID.1y. French Club: filltlll Club: lhl. ul .XrtCl1r111n,:Sp.1n1shClub:RL-1lCrc1xs ' IANi.1'I'HRL:ZZfJNH.1Z pm' SMH GMX. C1111t1'11l. Sp. '-M: 511 l'l.11'. l'lXl'CLlIlYL' Cum.: Tri-Dcltx. O MARILYN IKRANIJT: C.S.l",: Aucl. Stuff: l'1l'L'I1Cll Club: fzlltlll, Club: Adv. Vice Pru. 411111 'I'r1-1151111-1': I1' P111111 llicl C11111.: U,:X,A. M.lHilgc'l' Icc Sk:1t111gg S11o1m11'. Sp. '48, Lt 0 Lol.: Swurml :md Sluclnl: QA!-lNl.lIlLlgL'l' M1l1L:11'1 H.1ll, I NORMAY BREWER: Rcp.: Mcgnpbfmc Club. lil.HliR'l' HROCK: Clll'lNllll.lS l':11:- uxml. '-l7Z "Nl1k1ulc1": Vice Prcx. Gul'- 111:111 Club: N+111,C11111s Club: l'1lll. 3CC.f,l1L'l1l.f,llll1Z br. Hull U1111. H014 BROWN: "IS" Ii.1wl1.1ll. Sp. '-li: Varsity li.1scbg1ll, Sp. '46, '-47. WX: lzllll 'lfi Xml. M-Il l.L'.lllL'r. l'.lll lf. 48: XVm1111L'l1K lhl. ul Cuntrnvl. l:ll'sf Vice Cr1L111scllf11', Suu.: fin-Nl.ll1.ljJUl'. 911 Play: M.1n.1gc1'. l'kl'L'Nlll1I.lll R1-cl-p.. Sp, 48: Fin, Src.. ZA ULN: .M-111m Stall: Spph I-Imp C41111.: lr. I'1'11111 C11111.: Sr. Bull C11111.: phlx. Rep.: vl'lNli .uul S.ll14l.ll. I 'XNITHONY liRY.XN'l': "IV Hankul' Hluck '-lim. '-lf. '48, Pres., bp. . . '4X. Src.. Full 'WL B1l.11fCc111t1'r1l. Sp. bull Mgr.. "lb: Xv.lI'NllX Il.1xkctl1.1ll HW: SCI'XlEL'PLlI1L'l.S11. '-lbl: R.O.T.C. Mgr., 41. 48: Block ,X . 41. -lb. .21. o 1l1.XNl'. 11.11.111x1. 1:.s.1f. sw., 0.11. 1JI.XZ: 1. 13 1f.,.,11...11, 41. "11- H S S U 611111:12111-111.lI11111: 11.1.1 11.1.11 1.11, 11.1-11.-111.111. '11 '-ii. -11" 11.11.1...11. 1111111 1': .X11x, RQ11: Mc-gz1111111m 1:1ll1WI V152 V.11'sit1' 1:f!l1117.l11, '-13. '111. '-IT: '1'1'i-111111. M1-11K 111llL'1i I O .X1.1lT1f. 11.'XY1S: S13 1112111 Ci1'c11x11.11: O M1-.I.I7ICK1NSUY:1i11i1111'0.11I.f'.1f. ll I' l ll q 111 1'rr1111: 51.11 .11111 Kc1:S1',114111: Sr. 1-'.111 '-17. Sp. '-15: 1.1. 11111. R.O.'1'.lI.: U1111r1rt1111i1x 13.111C111'ixt11111x1'.1g111111. 1J.ll'l1LL' 1111111 1'11M Coin.: S1.1111.llft1 F151 Music 13cxt11'a11: Unk 1.1'11,f 81.111-I 1111-ssC11111g-111111111 S11111'tx1i41...X1r111N: "N1i1x.14111": 111 R111 Crow: 111111115 S1111rtx 1f11.. UM' I,r11f, 15.111 '-111. 511. 1 9 4 3 Sc11r1111K VV111Q. '-17: Sw11r11 211111 S11ic111. 1,1AL'K, 811. '-114. 1'1iH,Sl'C,.1'1.l11"17I1x'1111l.1I'1 1i1111lI11111.. Q 1'101Y.'XR1D DAVIS: 1511s1i1'I11.111. '-111 V17. "1?1: 1111s1'11.111. '-Hi, 5172 N11111 517, '-1111 151111114111 11g111s1. 1311115cZ1ll15,cifl1Ul' Sgt.. 511. '-1113 Mug ' .111hm1c C11111: Sr. 1'1.1y: "N1ik.11111"1 I 1U,'SSl'.1.1. DAVIS: f,l'C11L'N1I'.l. R111c TLAA1111. '-114. I 1:13 131i 1i1i1.1.: C1011-'11L'Llll1. 411. F11 O DOROTHY IJ11.l,: R.O,'1'.l1. lilllll.. 48: S1111 .11111 Kc-1: C.S.1-'.: 1'1I'Ll1C11 S11. '-18: Military 11.1111 Swami 111111 11111132 Ir, Swc.1tc1'C1m111.: 1.:1t111 111ll1W1 S1111-111: 1r, 1'r11111 C11111,: N1L'12Ll1711H11k' l111L'l11. f:1l111Z "H" F1111t11.111. '-111. C11111: '1'1'i-1ot.1. O I'.X'1' 1J1iM1iUS1i: Girls' G14-11. '-111. I VIVLXN1 IJON.-XLIBSON: 1'1l'l'51l1l1.lll 414: A l1.l111X'112l C1111ir. '-17. 111111 13.111 Rau-111i1111. 4-18g "Mik.1c1o": c:1'lI'151lN2l5 1,.1gL1l111. '-16. 1-17: 1'L1111ic Schools VVc'uk. '-17. I 11M DOVVIJ: 5111111 111111 C11111.: Shu' .1r1r1 KLXL A1111 Rcp.: "H" 1511ul11z111. I DOROTHY INQVVARIJ: Prcs. 151115 '-1-1: Sr. Mvctinggz Circus IJ111' Coin.: Block 511. 411: Vice Prem, Gi1'1s , S11.1nis11 C11111: l:1ll'l11. fT1ll13. 111f1ck F1111 47: C11c111. 11111131 Service 1':111c1: Rul Cross Rep.. .'1'1. O15OUGl.AS IJOVVS1-1'1'T: "Nn'w '-15, V16, '-17: Song 1-1-11m1cr G.A.A.. M111111i': Truck '14L'Lll11. '-17: 1111111111111 F1111 "Hr: Sr. P1.11', "Silas the Churv- B.l1'll1. 1m1": Yin- Prcs. Adv.. l-X111 V171 Fin. Svc. :X41x.. Sp. '-111: G.A.A. Mgr.: Star I NANCY DRUNKERS: R111 Cross .11111 KL-1 1.111-ML'11111ur: A1111. 8111111 11: Rap., 214. SA, SH: MK'gL1171lIlHC C11111: 1'r11111 14141 c:1lI1l.Z MCgll17111lI1L' C1Ll13. S111111. C1u11g A1111 O11ic:-r: Tri-1111.1 8131111 f11l115, C1l111. Ntjllix 1.11111 C1.x1'111x MXll1I.N x C1 rmnx 1l'Nr 011111111 141 x 1:1111 RF1'01'1fl'!1g St'U'c'Z4f1'y, F1711 '47 lmw Ccmuw R11wA1.D Cimuig W -x1.'1'hR CL'Rl.1.'I"I' T1 111 vm-1. C1 wi lJ'Xl.IDlXl .Mui Du is Hmviku IJ.-ixis RLRSNI-LL Dmis TQIRRRY LURRIQ N iw Ili lin 1.1, I'-vi' Ihr Mimi Ilmurrm' Dl1XX'NRD .'XI.Hl'R'l' Um! RH-0"d"7g 5f'f"'f'f'1"Y' SP' 'ng 49 x Ibn :awww Ihnurriii Dim. XvIYIfXYl,UYAl.l7S17Y Iixiis Ilmvn llUl'l?l.llS Dnwsi 'Vr N-im i Iliuixiu RN O l,ll.l,ll'. l,l..'XX 'l ON: Ciirls film: Rul Crow Rap.: Frcshnmn Rccrp. I Nl.'XRll.YN CLOSSON: .-Ml. lil.. F.lll '-l-l. Sp. '-H: Snpli. Hop Ginn.: lr. Prom Cuni.: Circus 13.15. l-lfi, '-Hi: Chrixtinns Pageant. '46, '-47: Opening lxincc Skit: Sr. Hall Cum.: French lflulw: Rul lfrmx Rip.: Amlv. Uflicrr. I BEN CK Jl'l-1: Truck. U lljxli COOPER: Aclv. Oflifnrg .-Mli. Rcp.: Rell Grim Rep.: Sr. Swumr Cum.: Chrislnius Pageant. I IO.-XY COVVAN: C.S.l3.: Stal' .inal Key. I RONALD CROOK: Sr. Play: Christ- mas liigcglntz Mgr, Sr. Meeting: lilac' liall Varsity. Vlllz Ycll Lcaulcr. Mcnk Aww. O WAl.TliR'I'T: Vanity ILM lull. '-l5. Wlfv. '-l7. '-M: All Klnunti 'gli'-lllz Hluuk Vice l'ru.g Ir Prmn, TERRY CURRFN: Fin. Sui. ZH . , w . . Llamz Irvs., JA Llms: Roc. Mc.. 'Hi Claus: Spciikcr Acl. Bil.: lr. Pruni Suph Hup: Visa' Pro.. Clirm, Cluli l,fCm,fiCl'll1LlI1Cllll31SF. Play: .-Xml, lhl. Full "l7. Sp."lPl:M1.'n's Aswc. Ullicir Sp.'47:Mgr.Sr.H.ill:CircmlD.1i. f Nl.XRllf l'1.XSCll.l..X: ,Xsly Oilicnr: Q YlYl,XN l'lRlflT.XS: .XLlx. l,I'L'N.. E I H S S ll f .'XLlllllUl'lllll1 Stullf Clurimtruzu l,llj1K'LlllI. '-l5. Vlfw. 47. 'liz Public Scllunls l,I'UIQl'.ll1lI l,l'Ugl'.lIH lm 1l1cI'.'T.A.. 424. I CR.-Xlli l"lSl"llfR: l'iuyK SLIM: Lil: 5 l Muulbcr ct.s.F,1 Chem Club: Opur' I' I Il CHA- I FRANK G,-Xl,l.l: Cbcm. Club: Spun. I' q Club: Lzuin Club: Rccl Cum Rub. 0 NANCY H..-xsHM.xN1 Iqmn czlull. E Full '-l-l. Sp. WH: Latin Club. Full . lllzll-A l'AMll"lRlNl: il 9 4 8 45: Sp. '-5: Shu' .uul Key. F.1ll '-lb: Roll Crum Rcp.: Cl1CIl1.CllIlT. I-':1ll'40. . RIt:lIA,xRIj GAXXIUIUX: --ly' IJUUI, ball. '-H: l,l'L'S, Mcnk .Xwm:1t1un. Sp, DORX IXOXKY T f I M '-Hi: Stuclcnt Fncult3. Sp. '-Hi: Nlgr. . I, I A I ,XrTm,:,rrU lmm Circus Day lkumcc. WX: lr. Pmm: ll WL mn lg ' A l l' rmsulu' Suph Hup: Sr. Hull: Sr. My-cling: Hal. ol Lrrrmtrul. lwlll -lf: lllucla ".X": . Hkil FN l..'cjl7I7I.xNcJ, G Ax X gun., Varsity rlqfllili. V451 xlklI'NllX lialsliub l.c:1clc1'. Full 47: Aunl. Staff: Frcncb lull' 'dlll' JH' .MZ Olwmng -Hmm" Club: Viuc Pres. Adv.: Suph Hub 4X1Rf4'f""M REV: 'ldv' Ulllccr' Cuuuu.: ML'gLlIThllIlL' Club: lr. Pmm Music C'lmm': Ally' Ulm RCP' C IJON GIISHONS: 'lvl'.lIlNl1'l'l'L'll lnnu Mumlucinn. I IMLJGIQNK FORD: .-Xxlv. Rub.. '-l5: Frcxluuzm RL-ccpu '-W. "l?l. O DONNA Gll.l5liRT: Class Ycll I.c.ulf ur. '-47: Prcs. Mcggnplwnc Club: Alb. Ofliccr: lr. Prom Cum.: Rcnl Crmx CIACK FoS'1'IiR: Yell l,c.1LlcI', IA N Y A l v - Rcp.: Star and Key: Tri-lutn: UM f,l:w:l Xillhllf B2l5lxCFl5gll.. -lb. -lf. LM! CWI-:diwr lmgl. 2: Page I FIX- lll: ll llmkctbull' -lj' -lm lllmlx clmngu lizl.. Sp, WH: Latin Club: UA". 47. '-W: Ir. Prom Cum.: Open- Q I . I - .p.1n. Club. mg IJ:1ncc,'-lf, '-H43 Soph Hup Cum.: Student Talent. '-l7. '-48: Sr. Mccting: Rell Cross Rffp. I HAROLI7 CiIl.MlE'l'Tli: DOROTHY ROKUSEK H,x11B.xk.fx Ilrxlz.-xx CUYYII: llrwx-mum C.uw1,x'N Illvkluxr lxlkkhll-,RI'I'I lim FI.lldlll'l-df S6N'c'l11I'y, Sflflvilg '48 Lum' ELLIS Nxxm' EI.S'I'l-ill RUTH Iiklctksl-N ANN linux ii. F.tsctl1.i.,t Crum Flsman .N Fovvmxo Income Fonts wi-1 G,ti.i.i l'ifi'i1G.ixiimklwi O BARBARA DUNCAN: French Club. '-l7: Latin Club, '-l7. Star and Key. '-l7: Christmas Pageant. '-l7: Ir. Prom Bid Com.: Sec. Adv., '47: Plans to go to San lone State: Transferred from Notre Dame. CAROLYN DURHAM: Life Member Star and Key: Life Member C.S.F.: French Club: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Soph Hop Com.: Circus Day Com.: Adv, Olhcer: Rec. Sec. French Club. Sp. '-lil: "New Moonn: "Mi- kadohz Christmas Pageant, '46, '-l7: Public Schools Week Prog.: Aooiw Staff: Sr. Opp, Day Coin.: Teachers' Institute Program: Sr. Hall Cum. NANCY Fi.,tsxiM,iN DORA FONG I,-xox F0s1'i.R Vivmx FREITAS Rit:HARn GAxioi.A GEORGE GIBBONS O CONNIE DUNFORD: French Club: Chem. Club: Circus Day Com.: Red Cross Rep.: CoAManager Soph Hop: Ir. Prom Com.: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Adv. Pres.: Adv. Sec.: Vice Pres. A.S.A.H.S.: Vice Pres. of Class: Ad. Hd, Sec.: D.A.R. Good Student: Sword and Shield. MARGUERITE EDLEMAN: "Silas the Clioreboynz Ir. Prom Com.: Adv. Rep.: Adv. Officer: Ir. Red Crose Council: Sr. Ball: Sr. Meeting. RUTH ERICKSEN: French Club: Chem, Club: Red Cross Rep.: Adv. . . BOB STANLEY Yell Leader, Fall '47 DONNA GILBERT H.NROLD tin xii IT L Officer, Fall '45: Sopli Hop Com.: Ir. Prom Com.: Sr. Womt-n':a Banquet. NANCY ELSTER: Hd. of Control. Fall '-16: Ir. Prom Com.: Adv. Rep.: Life Member C.S.F.: Soph Hop Com.: Star and Key: Spaniah Club: French Club: Chem. Club: Christ- mas Pageant Com.: "Mikado" Com.: Adv. Pres., Vice Pres.. Sec.: Frexliman Rec. Com. Chrnin. Sp. 48. LUCY ELLIS: Triflota Club. ANN FARR: "Mikado": Chrixtmas Pageant, '-16: Circus Day Coin., "Hi: Sr. Wmnen's Banquet: Sr. Hall Com.: Latin Club: French Club. Class nf ' Spring - 1943 ' Ll? HANSOX: 'li liascliall. 411: Yarv-ity Baisuballl. '47. '-Hi: Christmas l,.lgl'LlIll. '-lf: Sr. lackt-t Cum.: Sr. Play lxllll. 'l'l-.IJ HANSUN:Tr.1ck. '43 '4f1. '-lf. FRANK HARRAIDINIQ: licl1t111'. .-Xtzuuvz Sr. Play: Capt., Chew TL-a111: Clirimtnizu Pageant: Life Mcnilicr. PALILINE HARRIS: KAY HASTINGS: LAMAR HEIJRICK: Adv. Otlitx-1'. DOLORIQS l'lliNNlNUliR: Rccl Cross Rcp.: Adv. Oflicur: Aucliturium Stall. 7 iZ.S.F.: Student Talunt: liuyk State: Q HILDA H1gNN1Nqg51gN: ,my 01131 lr. ljfllllll "M-ikatlo": Pawinii Play. K.,-1 RMI Crm, RCW: MIM RW.: Mm. aphum-Cluli:Sr.Pl:11'Cu111. O CAROL LllNORlf l'lARRlS: Aclv. Ullicrr: Mcgaplinnc Club: Rt-tl Cross: O NliLlA IIERZOG: Vicv Pres. Ci.A.A.. Tri-luta. Fall. '47: Atlv. Olliccr: Sr. Play Cum.: Span. Club: Rcul Crms Rcp.: G.A..-X. Mgr. O lJlXllf HARRIS: O LYNN HlLlJl'iMANN: Class Yale- . lRl5 lUNlf HARRIS: CSP.: Star tlicturian: Life Mcmlicr, CSF.: anal Kcy: KLA-A-I RCC- SVU-'5W"ffl N Arzmw Staff Phutogitiphcrz lim: Of- Shiclcl: Sponsor Co. li. Sp. '-483 Asst. figg 5l:1H', Fall. '-47. Spa '-48: Paxxiun Mgr. Aucl. Stafl: Military Hall Cmn.: Huy, Girls Block "A": "Mikamlo": Sr. Play: Ir. Prom: Sr. Swcatcr Cum.: Christ- mas Pageant. '-45. '46, '-lf: Public I TREVOR Hll.I.:Cl1ristn111sl'agca11t. Schuulx VVcck. '45, '46.'47:Ad1. Olli- '-47: "li" Baseball. "l51 V- llllwli-ill. ct-r: Circus Day Cum,: Megaphone '46, '-l7: Varsity Baseball. '-H41 "H" Club: UNCW Mmm" '11-iiglit-1-'S ln. lfuutliall Mgr.. '45: Spanish Club: :mutt-, Rc-cl Cross Rep.: Sports Rcpnrlcr. '-llw. BOB STANLEY Caluiixw fiI.U'Il r1.Ti' R1m1.x'1' GRA11.-1x1 I'.ft'1"1' flRll'UN ll-RV HM M l6HLt'dIil'1',Sf7I'I'7lg '48 Iluizux Hur Ru' HA1.1-. Owuw Hun A BARHARK H w HANSI-,V Tin Hawsuv ll-Q I-hams Ials Haart 5 v Hmmiwtx lluipru s Hi wwimk O CAROLYN Gl.O'l'F1-Q'I"l'Y: "Mika- ilrx": Christmas Pageant: Adv. Ofliccr. BOB GRAHAM: Transfer from Eng- land. l'A'l"I' GRIPON: Ret. Sec. Ili and SB Class: Adv. Ofliccr: Soph Hnp Coin.: Circua Day Cum.: Ir, Prum Skit: "New M-umm: Teaclieiw' Inst. '-lf: Sr. Play: Stu, Talent: Unk Lrirf Stall: Sr, XVuniens' llanquel Cram.: Christ- nias Pageant. '-l7: C..-X. l-'a liiein Show. '-lll: Freslinian Recep.. 47. FR.-WK H.ARR.NDI'fF C-nun. Hfikms fgfllfllj 411 work P.-Xl'l.lNfl' l'luuus Ku' HAs'r'.vcas , l"lll,D-X Hhvvlxczsi-,x Ni .um Hifnzm: l.i xx llti pixi ix Tm O HERE HACKETT: Baseball. '-lb: and Shield: Military Hall Cum.: Supl Varsity Track. '-47. '-lll: Unk Lrflf Stall. llus. Mgr,, '-l7. '-13: Stanford Prem Convention: Sr. Exec. Com.: Sr. Play Com.: Tri-Iota: Span. Club. Fin. Sec.: Chem. Club: Adv. Officer: Non- Cunis Club. Iiugler: Red Cram Rep.: Circus Day Cum.: Megaphone Club: Sr. Meeting, IJORHEN HAI.F:Latin Club: French Club: Chem. Club: Megaphone Club: Aud. Staff: Fin. Sec. CLA..-X.: Man- ager G.A.A.: Girls Block "AU: Spon- mr Cu. A Sp. '-Hi: Vice Pres. Sword .27. Hop Cum.: Circus Day Cum.: .-Xdx 1 Oflieerz Public Schools VVeek: Pmp- ertivs Mgr.. Chrixtniax Pageant: Serv iee Panel: Red Crum. RAY llAl.lf: ,-Xud. Stall: Swininiing Tealn. '45, OVVHN HAND: l. V. llaxeball. '-lfs: Varsity lflaseball. "l7. '-lx: "ll" liais- lietball: llufs lllcrcli "An: Christmas Pageant. 47: Sr. Iacket Cum. l'lARll:XR.-X l"l.-XNNA: Class nf Spring 1943 Alulllli IKOI..-X: Triflnta: iicriiian Q l,llYl.l.lS IAKSON: Lily Nlcnilwlx Club: Star nncl Key: Rr-il Cross Rn-p.: Oak I,ri1f. DAVID ISFNHART: Hlfirk "AN: I. V. Fimtball. '-l6. '-lf, LLOYD IZARD: SAM IABER: Swurrl anal Sliiclcl: Star anal Key: Latin Club: French Club: Chem. Club: Stags Manager "Silas, thc Cliurulmy": Music Cum.. Soph Hop: Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S.: Class Pres.. Fall '-l7: Stu. Fai.: Service Panel: Manager Circus Day: Music Loiii.. Sr. Ball. RALPH IACKSON: Pres. ZH Class. Sp., '-16: All. lid. Fall '-lfw. Sp. '-l7: Ir. Proni.: Chcni. Club: Manager, Sr, Oppor. Day: V. Pros. Mcn's Asso., Sp. '-l7: Pres. Mcn's Asso.. Fall '-l7: Man- ager Sr. Play: Soph Hop. Fall 46: Stu. Fac., Fall "W: Circus Day Com.: ull" Track, Fall '-H, Sp. '-li: Star anal Key: Spanish Club. Star .mil Key: Pres, lr. Rui Cfuss. lfall "lf: .Maxim Stall: liwf. Cum.. Star .mil Kuy: wk Lmf Stall: Ifruncli Club: Anil. Stall. RICHARD I.-XRRA'l"l4: Trails. 'lf 424: CSF.: Star .mil RL-5: Spanish Club: Latin Club: Cliuni. Club: Mcg' .iplimic Club. llll,l. IOHNSUN: 'liixinslici' frmii St. Helena, CHRISTINE IOHNSON: Asst. l.if brarian: Tri-lruta: Spanish Club. CIJFFORD IOIINSON: DORIS IONES: Girls Uluc. Fall '47 Sp. '-58: Freshman Rcccptimi. '-Hi. DOROTHY IONES: Sr, Mr-cling. KIYO KATHRINE KANIDA: Sr VVomcr.'s Hanquct. EDDIE KAl'l2l.l..-XS: MARc:.iiu-11' Hmziuw Bon Hoi-Huw Rum' Hocsiawu MARY Lui: Hom N Sam ' ea 5 . JP ll M.-XRlI.XN I-Iomiias BARBARA I-IOPPE Iovcia Hunus hvuix Hi w 1111, 1141111 1111111 151-v111R'1' 111,311-R 1211111 Sul 1,1111 11 '1 ' - 1 l .Sc 21101 11101111 11. ll Ixvxwx P111 I,I.lS 1114s11x 1111111111111 111111.'1'1"1' 11111 lulixsnx NI1X1 11111xs11x C1 ll 1-111111 11111u11x 11111115 lows 131111111111 111w1 s H1111 1'i.1w11,1 11111311 K-1111 ll O N1.'XRl1.YN 11OI.511iS: 1',I11i'l'L'K1 1.111111 O RUIDY 11OGI.L'N11: 11: R1-11 lT1'11M O 11.-XRIMXR,-K 1lOI'1'1i: G..-LX.: .X111, f1.l1'i1.l11l1 1111211 111 411 1Ll'1IlI S11 1'1111 R111.: 1"r1's111114111 13.111sg1111: R.U.'1',C. O111c1'1': R111 Crcm R1'11,: N11'g.1111111111 if11111.1 Rl11f1T11XNZ Sr,W111111'11R11.111- 12111131 Circm IJQ11' C11111,: S11 111.11 11LlQ1Zf11I'1qNf11C1, C11111. I MARY LOL' HOIIICNSLTIIILIJ: 111 1'r11111 C11111.: 8111111 111111 LY11111.: S11 M Y V4 1'1.11 f:IDII1.1 '1N11k.11111'A: 111 Sw1'.1111' I IOYCI-', 11Uii1 11-QS: .X111.O1111'1'1': M11. 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I Cf JNSTAXICE LAK Q.-XRI 3: 1 9 4 8 O SUZIIQ LANE: Sr. Play: Ir. Prnm Cum.: 'AMikadn": Cbrixtmas Pageant. '47: Acly. Oflieer: Ir. Retl Crrm: Span. Club: Chem. Club: Acly. Rep. lI4ARI5AR.'X LANCFORID: Ihl. ul Cun.. Sp. 41: Sr. Play: Sr. Sweater Cum.: "Mik:ulo": German Club OHI- eer: Sopb Hop: Ir. Prom: Span. Club: Chem, Club: Ally. Rep. Service Panel: Megaphone Club: Circus Day Cum. C XVAYNIQ LESLIE: I.V. Iianeball. "IS: "H" Football. 45: Varsity Track. '46, 47: Sr. Play: Span. Club: Pres. Span, Club. Sp. '-IX: Christmas Pageant. Fall '-I7: Rell Cross. '-IS: Acly. Rep.: Sr. Iaekets Cum. 0 Iil.SIIi LEWIS: Star :mal Key: Span. Club: Acly. Officer. YALHRIIQ LEWIS: Ifin. See. C..'X..X., "Ill: Cireux Day Cum.: Mlv. Otllcerz Unk l.z'ufSt.1H'. 47: IH Mnyie Cum.: Span. Club: Bluek "Au: Cbem. Club: Star ancl Key. IfVI".LYN LIM: Ivlegapbune Club: Iintering S. F. State. SHIRLEY LOIIR: 'I'ransferreml from Phoenix. Arizona: Aclx. -III'C.lSllI"L'I'. CZERRHT LOK: UH" Track. 'lfwz I-'netball Mgr.. Ifall '-lf: Maxk antl Samlal. Spf-lX:'I'r:1cli.'-Ill. BILL LOTL: Aurl. Stall: German Club: Nmr-Coins Club: Swurnl anal Sbielml Club. CHRIS'I'.'XL LOVIC: Life Member C.S.F.: Life Member Star and Key: Span. Club: C..-XA.: Otlicer Girls' Rlnek MA." NANCY LUIJIQVICI: .MIL Otlicerz Span. Club: Ir. Prum Cum.: Sr. Play Cum. us r Ku' -I x, NV.xuRrx Rr ww rn LI-II Kim: V1-RN x Ixlxr , I, S I, IMI Xl x 1 lxx . ,.. .. , . ..,.- Y I I I 'I HI H tml NUI IVIAKILYY KYIGIIT IVIURTON Km-M xv Rnsmr nu' lxrnnwx lm Ixur N? 3 KlXIl.XI KXIHIQXXKIXKII ul.xx4.lmm NYux1l.ulll lxxlmxi SIVIQIIX lnxu: O I3.XRl4.XR.X K.XL'lfl'N1.XN:lil.N Ym llI'k'N.. Sli. .451 RLT. SLT.. l,llm' Nlnxmlvvr Suu' Llllll Ku: C.S,l".: "Mi- lx.ulff': ill-111.u1.ugrr S11 SXYl'.lIt'l'N1 Mgr, Sl. Wmm-115 ll.lIlQlll'lZ Clmrlxl- mm lj.l-QL.lIll. 45. '-lfv. '-lf: llnslml-um Slww. Sp, 47: l'rfwp. Mgr. Sr. l' lr, l'rw+l11: l'nl. lion.: Rvml lfrmx R1 lv.: l mm ll.lx Uma.: l'I'LNlI. lil-Lp,l,Uu1u. . 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Slum, Clulvz R4-al ifnw: UM' l.f.f 'P3 'lfv 'lf1Sl1.111.l'l11lv lu.I'1 vu. 5I.lIl. lwlmk ,X . llwl. l.nl1.. lxlll l,: SIU, llxllnlll. O I.-XCQUll.lNli MAY: Public Sebools C S'l'.'XNl.l'iY MUl'il.l.liR: l.:ilin Club. E l H S S ll f Week: Tri-Iota: Chem. Club, Full Vice Pres., Song Leinler: Ceriiiuii 46. Sp. 47: Stair :incl Key: Rell Cross Club: :intl Kei' Life Member: Rep.: Amlv. Oflicer: Ir. Prom Com.: Life Member C.S.l".: Chess Club: Spun. Club: Atlv. Rep.: Going to Chc-m.Club: Non-CoiiisClub1Sworsl ' Proviclence College of Nursing. .intl Shielcl Society: Maior R.O.T.C,: p Il l Il I1 Raton lfxec. Officer: Auzl. Stull, '-lo. I CI.ll-'FORD Mttli.-XCHPRS: 47.481 Mgr. Militnri' llaill. '-lb. f CAROl.YNli Mt:Gl'iURGl'i: Christ- Q M1XRCl'il.lfNllf MYRFS: 1 9 4 8 m:is Pageant. '-lo: GA. Fzishion Show. Sp. '-lf: "Mik:ulo": Sr, Pl.ii C lill.l. NICHOLQXS: l"ootb:ill. '-l-l: Com.: Stu. Talent. Fall '-l7. Atlv. Pres.: Opening lkinee Com.: Political Convention: Acb. Rep.: Rel O MARTIN MtfMlI.l.AN: Musk :intl Cross Rep.: Spun. Club: Sopli llop Sgintlulz Mens' litl. of Control: Retl Com.: Ir. Prom Com.: Circus lJ.n' Cross Rep.: Chem. Club: Spun. Club: Com.: Skit Ir. Prom: Skit for Open- l.:itin Club. ing Iliinee: Truck. Sp. 45. 0 HOB Mc1fSll2ll.l.: Autl. Stull.: Nou' . IOAN NOl'll.lf: Rt-tl Cross Rep.: Coms Club. Chem. Club: Public Schools XVet-li, C PllYl.l.lS MIQHRTISNS: Sp:1n.Club: I BARBARA NCHA: Fin. See, 4A l-'reneb Club: Glee: Christmas Pate- Class: A.H.S. Atl. lltl., Sp. 47. llill ezmt. '-l7: Adv. Oflicer: Rerl Cross 47: R,0,T,C. Spunn Sp, '-lf, Full 47: Rep.: Teacliers Institute. '-lf: Circus Publicity Mgr. "Mik:ulo": Publieitx Uni Com. '-l5: Public Sebools Week. Mgr. Sr. Play: Mgr. Stu. 'I':ilent. Fall "l7: Publicity Mgr. Opening I HVIQLYN MPTSIITOSA: Fin. Sec. ZH llxlnce. Full '-iT: Ir. Prom Com.: Class: Sec. Trezls.. Girls' Block "Au: Sopb Hop Com.: Cbrislmns Pageant. Soph Ilop Com.: Stair :intl Key: Spain. '-l5. 'lin "New Moonu: Htl. of Con- Club: G.A.A. Sports: Circus Day trol, Sp. '-lb: Co-Cllr. Sr. Sweaters: Com.: Atlv. Officer: lA llzinsnnt Sr. VVomen's llunquel: Co-Mer. Sr. Com.: Uiilq Lmf Stull. Meeting: Circus Dui' Com.: Only Leu! Stall: Life Member Star :intl Kei: I CHARLIQS MURGAL: "li" Trails. C.S.F.: Serv. l'1lUCl- SP- .41 Fllll "l7. '-F: '-lo: Varsity Truck. ':l7. '-lb: "ll" lfootbslll, '-l5: Varsity Football. '-lf: O LOUISE NOl.l.: l-'rencb Club: Kllll-1" Spun. Club: lilock HA." teri:1 Stull. , . li.l.XlYI' l,l'YARDl XVAYYI-, l.l's'rx' l.URRXIYl' M.XlXKPYZIl lli i.i-.x Mulo Cm' filters' , , lots M.u.i.oiw SlllIiI.l'W'M41.I,lJltN lli.'i"i'i' M.Al'Rllil. i.i.iui.n Mm 1Il1YI N111 ffl '1 1111111 M1'1t11'111115 lf111111,1N1 M4111 11111.1 1X141K1'IX 1V1l'1x111l xx CI11,,11,l-N11-jf 11N1'11 111111115 M1111111x5 1'1XI1XN M1w1111x.1 C1111111sN111111.x1 lNN1l'l1,11R K11l11'1l,1Yl 5131115 11111. 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C111111, 11111171 .X1111. 511111: ii..-X..X.: 1'1'u. 211. 511: C11-111.111.1.LL1'1' 111 1'1'11111: U11'1s1S'11c14 "Xl S1'1'11c1' 11.1111'1: M1111 0111-R.-11.11 MAY: 1'1'11111NI 5.21. YHI1' lf1.1w S11.: xv1k'l'1,1'l'N.c1..'X..'X.I 1"1'1'x11- I11l'1 141111 C11111.: S11'111'11 111111 51111111 41111111 11111112 Q1.l1N1, R.O.'1'.C.: R1111' 111.111 R1:1111111111: Sr. 011111111 1J.11: 1111. S1111111: Sgt.-.11-,X1'111N 51111111 .11111 111111111 Sw111'1I .11111 511111111 R111 L'1:1M 111 4111111111: 5111111 111111: 11 S111-111115: 5111111111 fX11'g.1111111111- lfl1111: 1'1111111' RK'1Y.1 411 1111111111-5 17111113 S11 1.111111 Sr. 11,111 C11111. 5111111111 W1-111. '-111. L111111, . WW . 5:3 Class nf Spring 19113 lliltffz tfu' HliI'lf.Y,l I GIIQURCGF, l'l'1l.l,S: HB" lluslictlxall. '-li: Varsity Bnsclmll, '4R: Sr. Play. O .Xl. l'liR,XT1'X: Fontlmll. '4I1. I PIQRATA: G..-XA.. Sp. '43 F.1ll. '45: Adv. Ofliccr: Rml Cruxs Rap, O l4ll.l.llfQ PERKINS: Ir. Prom Com.: S11 Play Cum.: Red Cross Rep.: Sopli H1111 Cum.: Adv. Ofliccr. O ll.'XROl.l7 Pl-lll,l.ll'S: Star :xml Key: 4' 9 F I llf.XNNl'.'l'Tlf l,llfRONl: G..'X.,'X.. '45: CQI1-1'CI11li: Clmir:RcclCrossR1'p. I P,-XUI. PlliRRli: Tiunck, '46, '48 O RICNNIQTH POWERS: 'VOID O'CuNYUR Sri fJl.IJl 11 l.1fw 1 l'x1u41 11 B111 PXRKS llXl'I. Muviun .XI.l- I NI.-XRGARET l'R.XlD0: Choir: Stu. Talent, '46, '47: Sr. Mccting: Clilxx Olliccr: Snph llup Coin.: Sr. B.1ll Coin. lilfRN.Xl7lNlf l'RlCl',: l:1'csl1111:111 Ru- cuprifnn: Sr. ML'L'Ill1l!I Ciruus lJ:1y. RONALD Pljlill: TONIA R.'XT'I'O: l,l'L'N. .X1lx,: R1'1l Cross Rcp. l.liN R.XTTO: Pres. of A.S.A.ll.S,: l7v:otlw.1ll. '45. '46, '47: llAlSC'l71lll, '4lv. '-17. '4K: Spcnkvi' nt' Ml. Ro:11'ml. '-lf: Cliicf Clllllhtllll' My-nk l'41l. of Con- trol: Mcnk llcl, ul' Culilml. '45, '46. '47: Pres. .ill Cl.1ss: liluck Vice Prcs.: H1-:ul nl' Scrxicu P:111rl: Ailv. llrcs. MARIO R.X'l"l'O: lfimllmll. '-li '-lri. 41: rlfllili. 45: lhl, nl Umiilml. -lo. '47,'4H: VicePres.Mc11's.Xw1ui.1ti1111. '4H: liluck lluHU1,s1mw Rr1xx'1 xxn F A W J-1 312' 4. w WH?-- ,Z If .XX :lun Hugh. Rs I I'1l1N .Xl Pllulx lair xxu11I'oux1x Hll,I,lI l'x-kmxs lDl,Hl1.lII's I1-wlfrrl Pnxuwxn IH1 l,lHuuu KIYYI rul'1m'114N num, lin-nuzuwlw lhum R4wu,nl'l1.n Tux: x Ru 11. O lill,l. IKXRKS: 'l'1'.1uk, '-lf: Sr. l'l.u: C H014 OLSON: Clnwx flub 'llfl Ium: I N R.U.'l'.C.1 Kumi: Sr. .Xlmlwlllmccxxwlxl Sgmn. Clulv, l,-alll. O ROXVIUXNIH IHXRIS: lim-l1.1ll. '51 Av 1 Y Nu I aL I: Ul.lJI'.R: Sur .xml IXLSI Orch. fur "Hik.14lu." "Ynxv N11xuI1H1SI'. I'l.ny 1 Ir. Prfnn Cmxxg I'11-lmch Club: C.S.l'.: O I.I'.iDX.X l'.XRKl'.R: Ulu Llulv. lull! .Mlm Rvpx: 'l'c.ulu'l'X llhllllllx. '-5: Sur .mul KU, Sl' -IH . SS. '. Nilx 'l'r.1ck. '47, VIH. Xoflbd f:l'I1l7IK'fl'.Y I 1 x R xx 1.1 NI IUI1 OAFUYYUR: Il'.1l1xlvl'l1'ml lllrlll I l'.XL'l. NIOYRUIW Yu!!-lf-nun iflulw Mix. l'nN,, ln. ll:-1It.l-lm Rip O .XI,I-X I,I".lPl'.RSl-'Yg Klrylx, "N1lk.ul1. 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MARY 5fXllfXTlNli Vifi' l'Vl'S-- llll lrcs, ul' .'X1lx.: Mcmlur ul- 'llrl-lut.1. RCC. SAL. SA: Vice lJl'L'5. UNK.. l:.1ll '-U: l'rcs. CLA.. Sp, '4?4: G..-X..X,: Suph llup Cum.: Ir, Prom Gnu.: Chrixunus lhxgmnt. '-lb. '-l7: Asfixt. Iicl. Amlulcx, '-Hi: Assist. Dir, of Sr. Play. '-lf: l'lVllliLl1.lUu1Slll. I-':1c.Cfm1.: Nl' lTl"l: lull: Sm' ll'lml:.5f' cam nlmvk -'Aw sf. linll czfm., all Wfflw fll1"N'1'K': I'-'HCM +1 1,I'nlfSl2ll'l,I Rccl Cross Rcp.: Aclx. Offl- ucrz Mgr. Circua Day Dance: lfruslm, Rum-p,: Puliuczll Cmmwn.. Full '-Hi. I'1'c's.:Sl,plm llup Gnu.: Circus l5.u' Umm.: lr. l,l'Illl1.1 Rc-nl Lrrm Rl-p.: Spun. Llulv: 'l4L'llIllL'l'N lllqlllllltllll Gulx Ci'u': lfrulx. Ru.: Sr. llllllqllff, O S.Xl.l.Y Sl ll".l'.'XRl J: Supll l lup Gunn: lr, Prmu Cluu.: XVmu:'l1's ll l. ul Q lfI,OYlJ SAI,ASg Sfuqlym 'Rllkm Uuwlml. bp, :lfz 5:1 l'l.rx' C.fnu.1 Sr. l'l.1y: l'uliriua1l Cn11vL'ntlcm. XX'mx1cl1'-. lg.lI'lkl.I Rnp. lm Girls Stalls: l:I'i'l1Cll Club: Sr. llplll Cfuuu ,Mlm Rep.: C,,b.l'.: Lllllls limp Lum.: 0 IANPTI' SANIJIQRSUN1 sf. vuu llfwlw-111 Rfff1'Iil'11- Scxpll llrmpg Azlv, Ulllcrr. V C GIQYF. SHOl"lf: Xv.ll'5lIj' SKVll1ll11ll1g. '-li Vllvz lfuotlwglll. '-l5. '-lfw. '-l7: V.u'. l HERM.-KN SCHMlil-lNG: fitfllhlll " ' ' ' ' " 4' lI'.lL'lQ. 'lf. 'lui llius lllluli :X. Club: 'l4x'u:n. Hermann Clulw. Vlfi ,l4I'l' lou: Sr, Play. Full '-U: Clll'l5lllIllw l,.l4QL'.llll. "l7: lr. llrmn Cum.: Sul'l1 . l'l"'XINl' Sllnlxll' 'Alun Llull' Slhm' l1upCu1n.: Opuniug lluncc. '40, '-lf. Club' '-lli: Suu' :xml Kcy: Sr. llnll: l'uliIic.1l Cum.. "W: Musk 11ml Snmlnl. '-lil: O li.'XRlS.'XR.-X SlNCil.liFI'OY: CG..X,,-X.: flll'k'lINl,1ll. 'lfrz "Mll4glcln"Cfn11. Yun l'x'w. ul' Axlxiwry. Ruslxl Rruinsn ,l'lIlIiY Run llucmnu Rruv Mun Rwm' Rrm,R1xrm l,I1.nXXl3 Rom :us lixrxm Rmuxs lhmumn Rom W 1 1 IA' Room l,KRl.I-YI- Row N M nu' S xx XTINI FI.m'u SMAS Lum-h yjmf- 1,-jo S-Wm asm Ill-mx xx Smtlmr-1.lx:. GxRx'Svuwl-,1'1'zik l.l'.VVIS Sr-,WARD rx S1 XV!-l.I G1 mu x Suumxl Sum' Smvxan GEN:-, SHUPIE li1.uvlS1l-um lhnnuuS1v.1n14 I MXRY .Xl.lCl'. Rlfl'li'l'l'l: I Gl.l5.N Rlilll: l.V. li:ncb.1ll. '-lg: V.u'. I ROSE Nl.XRll'l RlVlfRS: llnsclmll. '-lf. '4N: liuskctlmll. '4tw: SllLll1.CllIlDC Cl1cm.Club. . DONYHH. ROKUSHK: H: HUA I 'l'lfRRY Rlflzllr Pro. l.-X Claws: Yell Src.: Roc. Src.. GMX.. Sp. 45: VVU l.c.ulur lli Claw: l,HllflLfLllfiUllV.ZPllll ' RUWNI3 Rlillllissf Fffnfll Clulll mcnk llnl. uf Control. lilll 47: Sr. Sclumlx Week. '-l5: Circus Daly Cum.. ll-lfln Ullllll C-5-FJ INV- Olllffli lixcc. Gunn.: GMX. lfauluun Slmw. Sp. 'log RC.. sf.. .-X.S..X.H.S., sp, 47. f?-A-A.. If. Prom C--m.: Rui Cwss 47. sp. 421. II..-.ll R.-up.. lilll. '47, Fin. Sec. A.S..'X.H.S.. Full 'l7: Splunk. RCP-5 CifcuSl911y'Cf'm. Sp, 'lllz l'uliuc.1l Con.. l".ull '-lf: Alb. uf lllc' All. llcl.. Sp. Hlf: A'Mik.ulu": l'rw. .xml Svc.: "'Sil.1s tba' Clmrm'lxm" Service Panel: Stu. lfuc. Coin.. Sp. O l.lil..XNI7 ROl5liR'l'S: rlllilllkftl' frum Um: .Xltuux Stull: Skit lm' lr. l'r-nn: '-l7. Fall '41 Sp. 'lllz All. Ilml.. Full Salt Lake City. Umb: Varsity lfhxw- Sur .xml Key Swc.:Sc1'.Cm1m1l. lilll '-lf: f:l1l'lNlllLIS l'.1gc.1nl: "Sil.lx lllc lull. '-lll. "lf: Circus llly l7:1nccCuu1..Sp. 'lllz Cl1m'clmuy": Mmk .xml Snmlalg Mgr. Sr. lhll Cum.: Sr. My-cling: Sr. Op. -lll Nlmic: Aclv. Olllccrz lr. Prom C EMMA UCAN ROBINS:Tcncl1cr's ln- lhy' Cum.: lr. Rell Cross lisp.: Sp.m. Umm.: Pro. -lli Claw: Mgr. Upuning atium-: Frmh. Rcucp.: Muslc lfustixul: Club: Clu-lu. Club: liml-ring S.lll IJ.mgL-. '-lf. Full. '-lf. Public Sulmpls VW-ck: Spun. Club. Ima Stxuz '57' Class nf Spring 1948 I IACK S1'1fNC1iR: O 1.-XCR Sl'1iY1iR: Band: Orchcslrix. HOB STANLEY: "H" lruutliglll. "lg: l.V. lloullmll. '-161 Var. Fmwtlwgill. '-lf: V:Ir.'1'raIck. 46. '47, '-124: I-laik lilnck Suu.: Hd. of Clan.. Sp, '-lf. F.Ill '11 Sp. '-18: "MilIIHln"g lr. Prum Conn.: Ya-ll 1.L'LlC1Cl'. -lA: Ycll Lcadcr. 415: Clmir: Cliristnms llilg.. '-17: Tri 151-ltzi lin-Iuz Sr. Hull Cum.: Sr. Meet. S'1'.'XN19UR1J S'1'1iV1lNSON: Art 15.41. Acoiw. '-18: Sr. Play "SilzIs": "MI- lilltltlui Sr. Oppur. Day: Sr. Ball: Ir. Prom: Supli Hop: Circus Day, VM: Olliccr Rad Cross Council: Dclcgam In Nut. Cmmv. Red Cross: Cliristiiim l'IIgc.II1I. 317: Stu. Talent, Full '-lf: C.S.F.: "Stage Dnur": Pulvlic Sclmnlx Week, '45, MARILYN s'I'ouT1 Circus Day Com.: Soph Hop Com.: lr. Prom Com.: Christmas 1,2lj1iI2ll'lI. '-17: Nlask and Sandal, '47: Frcsh. RI-cup.: Sr. Com.: Adv. Officer: "MikIHlo" Cum.: Only lfllf, '-18: Rnd Cross Rep.: Sp.In. Club. IOHN SlNGLk'I'lJN lomwn Slsun The Boys HART SINHTII IFANNI. SMITH NORMAN S'l'RA'l"l'ON: BONNIE S'1'RL1A'l': Sr. l'l.1y. '-lf: Asst. Mgr. Aud. Stull: Girls Glu-1 Choir: Ubliercttc Aud. Stull: lilrrixt- mzis Pngczinl. '-lfi. '-lf. 11.-XRI. S'1'L'1.l.: NHII-11111115 Clulmi 'l'I'i lk-ll.: linux: lr. Rrd Lrms: NI.. III 11.11 Aud. Stuff. ALMA 5 I UYH: li.A..'X.: 1V1i'g.ll3lI4IllL' Cllllvg Girl! Blwck "AU Socicty. MASAM1 SUKHYAMA: 1:lAL'l1Cl1L:lL1lV1 Tri Ilclts. lAM1:S SL'l.l.lV.-KN: DONNA SL'NlM.'X: .-Xlli. Ollicrrz Rrd Erma RCD. BARBARA SUTL11915: Aucl. Stull: "Mikado"g Teachefs lnstiturc, '-16. '-17: Christmas Pageant. NADINE SUTTON: Cmrumc Com. 'AMikIIdo", '-16: Red Crose Rcp.. '-15. '-lfu, '-111: Adv. Offifcr. ALI-onu SMITH BLT ix SMI Rm' SxII'rII Tumus SPII tw Slfhxm It Ifirix SP1-YI it ULYN Siotai Nuiumx Sw,-i'r"irx .MA sTL'X'll M.-morn St't,1x'.xxi t OIOHN SINGLETON: "li" Track. '-W: Base-hall: Mcn's Aswditirvn. IOANNE SISLER: Soph Hop Cum. Ir. Prom Com.: Sr. Ball Com.g Fresh Rccep.. Sp. '-lil: Political Conv., Fal '-48: Circus Day Com.: Star ancl Key l French Club: Chcm, Club: Atlv. Olli- cer: Rul Cross Rt-p. :XL SMITH: llnye Glcc: Sr. Mctting: tlliristniaa Pageant. Roiurivr S'rANLEx' STANFORD S1'Evr.Ns0N Spnjgr IM-kg-15-I BONNIE SWEAT Emi. Siirri. f Imulis Si'I.r.ivAN DONNA Stmrxrrt N-mix!-. St1'r'1'uN liuuxutt 51 11 I O BETTY SMITH: Hun. Major R.O.- I IEANNI-Q SMITH: CSF. Lift' Mun T.C., Sp. '-17: Sword and Shield OHi- bcr: Chem. Club: Gorman Club: Star cerg Military Ball Com.: Ir. Prom aml Km. Com.: Red Cross Rep.: C.S.F.g Star and Key: G.A.A.: Adv. Officer: BP Megaphone Club: Tri-Iota: Co-Erl. Page 2 and l Oak Leaf. HART SMITH: Chairman Dec. Coin.: Tin Can Tumble: French Club: Corp. R.O.T.C.: Red Cross Rep.: Cir- cus Day, '46, '4fl: Christ. Pageant '-lb: Sr. Playg Stu. Talent, Fall 47: Pulit. Conv. Sp. 148: Public Schuulx Atlt. Rcp.: Skit fur Opening Dance. A-lS. .-59. O RAY P. SMITH: LV. Baseball. '45 Vars. Baseball, '-16. '-lT. '-Hi: Basktt hall, '-l6: Mcn's lid, of Cnntml Men's Block "An: Latin Club: Atl Ofhccr: Chem. Club: Real Crum Rt-p. Scrvicc Panel: Track, '4T: Sec.7I'nm Block HA". O TOM Sl'IiliD: Class nf Spring 19113 M0'l'0Ko TOUAS,XKl: C.S.lj. Rcc. Svc.: Aaly. Ofliccr: Spun. Club: Suu' .uicl Key: Tri-Intel: Clit-ni. Club. lil.Ol.I.-X TOLLIVKR: lfimxliliigili Rc- ccptiun: Tri-Iota. MARY IiLlZ.XHliTH 'l'OMPKlN- SON: liMlkllllll'.Z Sr, Play: l',-TA. Soloist: Aclv. Ofliccr: Cliristmux Palg- cant. '43, '46. '47: UNQW Munnnz Pub. Scbnulx Weak: Clinir: Clcc: Spun. Club. GERALD TURNER: Span. Club: Chcm. Club. IAMIZS USHIIIMA: "H" Truck. '47 EARL VARCAS: "li" I'-lblllbllll. '45 I.V, Fnntbnll. '46: Var. Truck. '48 Var. Funtbull. '47: Var. Tmck. '43 Xcll I.c.ulcr. '4?4: Mt-nk Ami. Suu.. '-lT: Pcnplck Prnuzl llllfllIl1L'l'Ilill'l2lI1b1 Class Olliccr, '45, '46, '47: "Sikh thc Cburcbuy": Circus Day Cum., '-lb: Society of UA: "B" Baseball. '45: Ad. Iiogml. Fall '-45: Sp, '46: Mask anal Sundial. '47: Spun. Club: Sr. Bull Com. DARRELI, VICTOR: lfufillmll, '4li. '47: Truck, '46, '47. '4X: Cbcm. Club: Spun. Club: Stair and KL-y: Sr. Muct- ing: Public Schools Wc-uk. BARBARA VILLA: VVomcn's Htl. ul' Control. Sp. '4?l: Election Htl.: Src, of Htl. uf Control: Sr. Play: Mask :intl Snnclnl: Ir. Prom: Sr. Rall: Circux Day: Sr. Meeting: Frm-ncli Club: Acly. Officer. ECON VON KASCIINITZ: 'friimfci' frum Vienna. Atistriaiz Pro, of Cur- maln Club. '4H. O Ll-QON VVAlT: Clluir. '44, '4P41 "Nov Muuiiu: 'lMik:ulu": uln tht- Zoncu: . LYNN VAUX: R'O'T'C': Yell I-'mln Public Sclwols VVcck, '-46. '4X:Cl1riat- Ui' -ls' "lm LPN' llllllvlul' inns Pageant. '-lb. '47: Stu. Tnlcnl. '48: Sr. Mt-sting: R.O.T.C.: Funtlull R.1lly. '40, . lfl,l'.,XNOR Vl".l,.X5QUl'iZ: O IUHN XV.-XLI.: ligulictliull. '47: C-ill: C Cl.,XRl'lNClf VERNON: Nlrxfs Ami Hlnck UAH: lr. Prlmi Cum. Rui-1 Iluius 'I'xxii4oim4i Im Tiskrk l,L'1:I1.i.i 'I i in Look: Good Ln Yrgaw. Tuzm ys WAND x Tuuxivsnw Luis 'l'Hl'Rs'i'11w Wywox y 'I min 1 atv, n 'I'111.xmk1 I:1 lkll IX 'I'u11.1x114 Mun Ii. 'I'11x11'141xwx C51 11 KI 11 T1 km-11 Ffug fwfr -,-,'11t',-5 su IININ Iu1111,X'x1u.u IA wx Y,11'x I'II,l ,-wok V1fl.xsQ1,11-.1 -V1 nwmx Ilucm II V11 IIYIQ IQXRISXIKX XYIII 1 Iimw ww KAS1L11N1'1'L LUN XVIII Iu11x XX II . IIUII SXI'IfI'.Nl',Y: SHVII Ilup Cu111.: Q IINI 'l4.XSKI',R: LI.S.I-I. Sp, 'lip If.1Il O LUIS 'I4IlL'RS'I'UN:,XI1,I1,I,111 C111 C11'f11x U13 IIIPIILL I.Y. I4.1wl1.1ll: lr. '40, Sp. '-lf. I".1lI '-lf: C11'r11x IL11 tml: R.O.'I',1f. Sp-1111013 lf.1ll flag l'1'11111C11111.: .X1l1.0II1u-1'. 41111114 .Mlm Olliccr. I".1ll '-H: .Mlm 811.1111 Cilulw: Ir. I,I'IPIll iI1n111.g Supl, Il.lNlxL'llT.lll. Sp. IIT. lI11p1T11111.1Sr.I' Ol4II.I.II-QIliJRIS'l'.XNII!URSKl:HNI1- Slllclll: Sr. Il.1ll lf1v111.2 .Mlm I'1'1-N.. li.1cl11'A 47: NlL'2llIWl11111v Cllulv: Cl11'1xt- . IHXXTRNR THOMAS: ,.MlkMlU-11 IEIVLUN ll-'I IIUUIAI IIT SWK'-lU'l'.4I'1"l-1 IILIN I'.lQi'.lI1l. 447. VIH. 'lla livml Clww , , , , QNX. l'.lsl111111 5l1mx': Nlgr. 51. .III 'Q Q.lIl'INIIII.IN I'.1gc.111t: NILINIC I'L'NlIX.ll. Rvp: 'I 1'1-lnl.1: lyllllllf Sclmulx NY1'ck: ""l"1fl'1lll'l1lN. Cl11111': G11-11: Stu. N14-,'l111g R.1llx. O VI'YNUN.X ,I'iII".ROSS: .MIL I'1'1x.2 I l,L'lill.l.I'. 'IIIQRRIQI1IRIIQ: 1X1l1. CIII- Clfillx IL11 C11111.: Sr. NV11111z-11X Il.111- 0 WXNIXX 'l'lIUNlI'SfJN:liI1-1: Nlngm wr: S11 Ii.1lI U1111.: KT11'c11x II111 KIHIII. 11114-I: S11 li.1ll 410111. IYllUI1lIfllll'1 liwl VI'-N Rvlh . . O NORMA WHITNEY: Trunsfc-rrcrl O IEAN M. WOOD: Spam. Club: Star l at S S U from Richmond: Girls Cleo. :mul Keyg Adv. Olliccrz Ir. Rcd Cross Rcp.g Chem. Clulv: Snph Hop Com.g Ir. Prom Com.g Sr. W0men's Ban- . DON WHITT- CCH quntg Sr. Ball Cum.: Circus Dru' Com. A . I . I S P ll l Il q O BOB WYUUDXYURD: R,U.'l'.C.: Nun- o ll-IANNI-Q WILLIAMS: iiMlk2lllf1ll1 CHHIS Club- Sr. Play Com.: Chrisunzw Pageant. 1 9 4 3 'f'C'S""iF'fnC'f1C'L"'1HI'n'TW 0 IUNE woRs''l'..1rm.,mn MM will Kg' C Lm'.L'Ul, Clnux Pres.: "New Mounu: "Sila1s": Rc-cl Dau i,urn.g Sr. Women s Banquct. CNN: SVA Bull Cum.: Sr. Mmimw. 0 ORUQNE Wll.I.l.-XMS: ' DON WRIGUT1 O IOHN WULZEN: Zml Lt. R.O.T.C,l O VERLA WILSON: Vim Pro. Tri. Nun-Cnms Clulv: Mask nml Sanrlalg lou: Adv. Office-r: Circus Dru: Sr. ill'fl'5f1lH- Wurnn-nk lizrnquctz Sr. Hull Cmn. O YOSH YAMIMOTO: lluwlwall. '-lfx: l,V. Football. 461 Var. Balsclmll. 47: O lili'liTY VVISE: Var. Football. 47: Var. Baseball. '-18: Block "A", '-l8. ' YV-AWTER WUNW 0 JOSEPH zncnrovsmz 1 v A O BYRON .'XNllRliWS: O IRAN A. WOOD: Znrl Vicu Coun- selor Bd. of Control, Sp. WX: Vica- Prts. of Class, Fall '45, O Cl'lliSTliR HARIJliSTY: H I SHIRLEY WARBURTON Mzmciu WARNER SHHQLEY Whnu Down LS W1-.11 Pxr Wmsrfm mmmm mm SHIRLEY XVELLER RAY WhN'fXK'ORTH MINNIH WESTBROQK .ii XYxu1'xix' DQNALD Wim: lmx xb'lI.l.l4MS Oku xi. Wu.i.1.-ms .fri it XVUNLQ Ima: Woou ,LAN M. WOOD ROBERT Woonwmzu N XVVLZI N Yosirmmu Y.-xM.uw'i'o Iosri-'ir Zuovovsiu' BYRON ANDREWS I SHIRLEY VVARllUR'l'ON: Htl. ut Cmzntrul. Chief Cuunselur W'umen'5 Bel. of Control: Atl. Hel.. Fall '46, Sp. '47, Fall '47, Sp. '4P4: Vice Speaker ul Atl. Htl.. Fall '47, Sp. '4l'l: Stu. Fnc. Coin.: Service Panel: Election Btl.: Opening Dance Com.: Sr. lflzill Cum.: Sr. Play Cum.: Circus Day Com.: Ir. Prfnn Com.: Supl! Hop Cum.: lfiuli, Rec.: French Club: Spun. Club: Chem. Club. I MARGIE VVARNPR: Rc-tl Cruss Rep.: Latin Club: "New Moonuz "Mikatl0": Public Sehuols Week: lr. Pmm Cum.: Clirixtnms Pzigennt: Tri- lfnlal. O SHlRl.IiY Wlilillz DOLORHS VK'lil'l'Zlzl.: .-Kali. Utlictr. SIiIRI.IiY Wlil.l.IiR: Mgr. of Usher' cttes. Sp. '48: Preh. of Chem. Club: Span. Club: Life Member Stair :intl Key: Ir. Prom Cum.: Otflg Leaf Rc' pnrter: Tencher's Institute. Full '4fi. Fall '-lll: Christmas Ihigetint, '46, '47: Megnphune Club: Atlx. Rep.: Circus Day. '46, '-Hi: Public Scliuuls XVCL'k1 br. llzill Cum. RAY WEN'I'NW'OR'l'H: Rt-il Crum Rep.: "Mik1nln": Christmas Pzigeiuitz Adv. Otlicer: Sr. Bull Cum.: Spun. Club: Circus Day Cum.: Sr. Meeting: lfrtnch Club. MlNNlli XVljS'l'llRUUK: Rec, Sec. Stair :intl Key. l-'.1ll '-lb: Reel Crmc .43. Vl.llLA Wlrstw lli'1'i'x' Wlsie luxe XNORS'l'l:R Dux XVRIKIIFI CHES'l'l.R l' Rep.. liill '-lb: Cuunty Rep. Real Crms. Sp. '47: llitl Com. Ir. Prom: Sr. Play Coin.: l.:1tin Club. Pall '46, Sp. '4X: Life Member :tml Key: C.S.l".: Aeuitx Stull: .Mlm Ullicer: Sr. Meeting: hr. llnll. P.-YI' W'l'llSN:XNll: Vice Pres., li.:X.: Atl, litl. Full '45, Sp. '-lb. '4?4: Htl. nl' Control: Publicity Mgr. Opening Dance: Mgr. G..-X. Fnxliiun Shuw: Political Cunv.: Dec. Com. Snph llupg Ilitl Cum. Ir. Pmm: Openimg Dance Skit: Pres. Atlv. Ollicerz Sr. Meeting: Cum. for Sr. llnll: Star .mtl Key: Spun. Club: lfresli, Recep.: Pub. Cum. Sr. Play: Rec. Sec. ul Atl, Iltl.: Dec. Cum. Opening D.mce: Circus Dui: Circus Dm' Dnnct: CufMgr. Rift-ty Council. Vdkggj ' 'fxwwif m , H .. Q X EJ ' ' mv vu my l si DAVE VICKERS I A , H Immun ,Xlauxxls Io,-XI,HRraH'1 H1-.'r'1'x' Avrnx ffl-.Ulil 1 Ilvvfldwll' FUN 47 A1,l4rN1'1lul RIVHXRD Bfrrv Slllkmx' Bunn Sm KH I lxmxln Gunn 1 lv luxC1.l-,Nm-Nlx B11.1.Cmuw IS xnxx' Cuwxr R Bun Com-.Lxxn lurk I HOWARIJ CUMMINGS: Sr. Play: O Fl,ORliNCli IDOHSON: Nlmk .ln RAY l-ILKINS: Tri llclt, Public Sclnmls l':1gu.u1t. Sandgllg "Dear Rutl'x": ALI. Hd.. '47 ifllil'A"H':El"'l"lll' lgf"m'j4l o mm mvmcs: Suph Hup mm.: lr. Cruz Ian.. .U, Au.. 6,113-1. SIMD. Prnm Cum.: Sr. Play Com.: Lifs C IUAXN l7AXlAYZ AIU' 'mu 'Om' Mcmbcr Sun' :mil Key: French Club. Ollicurz Chcm. Club: Christmas Pug- C 'l'UNl DUNCAN: SXVll11I11ll1g. '45 mul: C"'l'5 lull umm' I RICHARIJ l7.XUlGliNl-Ilfliz "Milx.1- Ir. Prum Gnu.: uclllfmll' nml Clw- llff: K:lll'lNIIl1LlN lilglullll. '-lf: Rul llkllfllul Rccl Crum Rep.: Trl-lntgl: O .Xl.liliRT PXIINIQSTOCK: Shop Crow Rep.: Alb. l'ru.: UM', Mvggnplmm Club, lllptuin. .46. IJODDHQ ABR.-XMS: Adv. Otliccr: Sopli Hop: Ir. Prom: Rec. Sec., G..-X.: Freshman Rec.: G..-X. Fashion Show: Pnliticiil Cmivcntion. io .xi.nRic:iiT. iaia'1"i'x' .wioxi Gi-ioizcsi-Q BARIKICR: Al, BHNTHAM: Sr. Pluyg Mask :ind Sandal: Cliristiims Pugoaiit: Span. Clubg Red Cross Rep.: Var. Track, '-lf, '48: Supli. Hup Com.: Tri-lem: Megaphone Club. IUN Cl-lfNDfjNlN: Sfiph Hop Cum.: Ir. Prmn Cum.: Red Cross Rap.: Circux lhiy Cum.: Adv, Officer. llll.l. COMES: Sr. Play Com.: Nfvn- Cums Cluhg Sword and Shicld: Spain, Club: Clin-ni. Clulwg Ir. Prom Cum.: Red Cross Rcp.g Adv. Rep.: Adv. Ofliccr. BARRY CONNER: Ycll LCililCl' IA Class: Suph Hop Com.: Bd. of Con- trul. Sp. '-17g Ad. Bd., Sp. and Fall '46. 475 Mgr. Circus Dai. '46, '-l8: Asst. Yell Lczulcr. Fall '-171 Musk and Sandals. '-lfig Political Cnnv., '-lil: 'Dear Ruth"g ACORN Stuff. Class nf Fall 1949 I RICII.-XRD BOTZ: I SHIRLICY ISURKS: Tr.msfcrrccl frrmi x 1 V v A ' N Olkhml High- gr PIN Cum C HOBC,OPl1l.AND:X'1ir.l'ootb.xll. 41. i A S ' h ' l' ' 'Mx Var. Truck. '47g "MikucIu": Hluck "Au: Ir. Rod Cross. I SARAH l.lfl'i C.XlfS:XR: l:I'CSllIllLll1 Reception. O MCR COPEIANID: Soph Hop Com.: O ROSIQMARIPQ C.-XMFIIHLIJ: Rod Fin. Sec., A.S.A.H.S.: Ad. Board, '47, Crossg Adv. Ofliccr: Sr. Play Cum.: 43: Mgr. Ir. Prom.: Bd. of Control. NlCQIlPll0I'lC Clulw. "UQ "B" Fuutlmll, '-l6. Q i xixiiwm Ion: IMI. RICHARD Dwnl-.Ni-.clx 151,oR1f.NciiaIJuHsrw IOH Tc YIQORICO D1 vin: Rn' ELKIM Bon EXVING :XLR ERT F.xHNFs1'or'K PI'c'.fI't1't'!1l, Sprlhllg '48 ELFANUR VVALES 7' A V -. Wu,i.ii, Fov: Lmmv FoRki.s'i'i-ix Noium Fiusizu M.'xiu:i.-x ffILB I 'Mi P"f'-i'df"1f, FUN 4! Xv1JNNXfrIIXlURl' lrmiiwGu1.1umX Nuizxix Grrri 1.1.i IUNL- HAIHPZRHA ixxi lluu,-xv M xiii l,fJl'H1,YIir-.NNN .'Xia'i' II xiii Izxi llriisias Dow Hoi-x i-wnuu, Swim.-x Hum I K.-XTHIf.RlNE HOLLYWOOIJ: Cu- C Mgr. Supli Hrviv: I+kl.C1mrml. Sp. '41 '-lH: Shu' :xml Kcy: 'lllcair Ruthu: Frunch Cluh: Rc-C. Sec.. SB, -lA: Ir, O Prom Cuui.: Chcm. Cluh: Crmbfkigr. Circus lD.1y: Mask iinml Sainclul. O PAT HOPKINS: Sr. Play' Ccmiii. O Q ll.-XRRY llOVVlfl.l,: Sr. Play: l"4iutlJ.1ll. 46. "lf: Track l'lHZ Ir. Prom Cmii.: Sfiph Hnp Cum.: Yrux lfruvtlmll. 45: Nl:1slizlmlS.in1l11l, TOM HUNT: P,-XT HUTCHISON: Traimfr1'i'ccl from Riu Vista High: Sr. Play Cum. RICHARD I.-XNUSCH: Tcnnis, '-lfm. '-lf. '-48: Golf. '46, '47, '-18: Pro. 214: lr. Prom Coin.: Soph Hop Cum.: Cir- cus Dru' Cum.: French Cluhg RL-cl brim: Rec. Suu. H31 Aclv. Pru.: Chun. Cluh: lilrick "Aug Oak Lmf. ROLLlN JENSEN: Ir, Prom Cum.: C.S.F.: "Mikzulo": Sr. Play Cum.: Siu. 'Ilih-nr. 45. '-Hu. '-17. '-Hi: Spain. Cluh: Christnins Pageant, '46, '-lf: Sr. Uppor. Day Cum.: Sr. Vauclcvillc Show: Public Schrmls Week: Tcucli- cfn ll'l5IllLlIL'. '-ls. "l7.I Sripll llup Cum. OLLIE IOHNSON: Cliristiiiuw Pug- uint: Oiilq I,z'i1f. I WILLIIQ FONG: C l.liRUY lfURRl'QS'l'lfR: Nun-Cums Club: Stair :mil Key: Rillu Tuuu: Cc-rm.m llnml. I NORM.-X FRASER: Ir. Prom. Cum.: Sr. Play Cum.: G.A.A.: Spun. Club: Chcm. Club: Lifc Mn-mbcr Star :mil Key: C.S.F. I M.'XRCl.'X Cill.l5l'iRT: liml. ul' liumml. Sp, WX: Soph llop llinl Com.: Ir. Pmni Com.: Arlv. Oflicvr. I VONN,-X GILMORIQ: IMI. ut' Cun- trul. Full WW: Sr. Play: Mquk .mil Snnmlxil: Fin, Sac.. l.-X: Vice Prom.. -l.-X: Adv. Ofhccrz Christmas Pzigulntz lr. Sweater Com.: lr. Prruu: CLA. limb- ion Slmw. O lfll IN CUl.l DNLXN: I NORMQX UOTlil.l.l: Spam. Club: Frcucblflubz Tri-lul:1:Si'. I'I.iyCfiiu.: Aslv. Olliun r, IUNF H.-XUGFRISAUMERZ Latin Club: Tri-Inta: Rcrl Cross. '-16. '-lf. '-lil DONNA HARLAN: Adv. Pres, :xml Vin: Prcs.: Ir. Sweater Com.: Sopb Hop: Fzisliiun Show: G.A.A.. '46, '47, "W: Circus Day. MARY LOU llliNIIJliRSON: liliwcli "AU: G.A..X.: Spam Club: Adv. Olli- ccr: Star zinrl KU: Puhlic Sclmnla XVccli. Sp, '-l6. ART HIMLE: Bcl. uf Cunlrul: l.:ltin Club: Frnnuh Club: Chem. Club: Ciiv cus Dui' Cum.: lr. Prom Cum.: Sr. Plzu' Com,: Rn-cl Cross Rep.: Stair :mil Kc-Y. Nlon-Coins Club: .-Xmlv. Ollicrr. IIM llOl4liS: Suph Harp Cum.: lr. Primm Cum.: Ir. Rcrl Cross Com. DON llOFVliNlJHAI.: Circus Day Cum.: Sr. Opp. Ijllfl Sr. Play: Roll Crm, Rap.: Span. Club: Chem. Club: Suu' :incl Kvy: C.S.F. SANDRA HOl.l.lDAY: Stair :mil Key: Span. Club: French Club: Ausl. Stull: Ailv. Ofliccr: Sr. Play Cum. Blass nf Fall 1949 Ni llri1i.suuru l'xi llrvifxixs llXRRYllflNYll,l. 'llfVNl lll Yi' xlcJNN"X GILPK ,Rl ITIIISUY Riviiuui Iwi si ii Rfiiiw Ii-vs: Y flI,l,Il IHIIYSUV lfvlhff' Pl't'.i'l'Ifl'l1l, Sf7I'l'l1g -pf KAK1 HOLLYWOOD I w , G1F.o111p11 Iuxns IJON.-XLIJ Immow Rf'f'01'd1'1g 'sguuetulvyf Fall 47 11II.I. K1-Nwzx' Fuwxuu K1-,RNs FAN 1,.1MXS'l'ERS Dux 1..1x1111 RI f:11AR1.0'1"1'1-. 1.111:1o:1111 M 1111: 1111,T 1,l'K'1 I l1i.XNN1iMACKFNZ1li: 1.LlI111C1U17Z O BARBARA MAM1-31iR'1': A11v. 1111.2 A1111 Officer: CIAA.: Ir. Prmn liU111.Q R111 Crum Rcp. O GLORIA M.X1fV1UN1f: Sgt.-ill'.'x1'1115 .X11x.: Snpb H1111 C11111.: Ir. Prom C11111.: Mgr, 171- Frcs11. R1-ccp.: Musk 111111 5411111111: C1lI'1mI1111l5 Pllgflllll. 46: N1x1k1'-1111 C11111, ci11I'15ll11LlN 1'11gc.111t: Sr. 1'1g1y: M11i11111w: R1-1113111111 RQ11. O CONROY MARTIN: R.O.T.C. 1111. of Control: Rcc. Sec. ZA Clxmz A1111 Pres.: 5111111 Hop Cum.: Ir. 17111111 Cum.: Opening Dance Com.: Cbrim- 111z1sP11gc1111t: G.,-X. S1mg1.c:1111r: G..-X. If111.111c1111 Sec.: Fresh. Rcccp C11111.: Star 111111 Key: c1CI'lllLll'l C1ub: Rc11 Cross Rep.: K:11'LfLl5I,1l1'f:OI11.Z S1'.1,1Ll1' Cum.: GA. 13':1s11i1111 Sbnw. HUXVARIJ MANNING: UH" 1111x1iL't- 111111: "H" '1'r111:1a: Ir. Pl'Ulll 11111 LRIII1. 11mx luv, R.11.1f11 lil-.AKN IuNr,K1x1. lim: K111:11 Env 1 1,l'YIl'1'lJl1'1' Cl.kl'll1-'I"14I- 1,1' SH1R1-1'1Y MARTIN: A111'. O111f1'1': Lifu Member Star 111111 Kcy: C.S.F.: G.A.A.: I.z1l1n Club: C11c111.C1ub: hr. 1,1111 Cum.: Ciruux 11111 C11111.: Unk Lmj Stuff: Girlk Block KEITH MASS1NGI1.I.: 1'rm'1ms1 Sgt. NIP!!-KZKIIIIS. Club: 5111111411 111111 S1111-111: 21111 1,t. R.O.'1.l..: R111 Lmxx Rub, N11'11.V1N M1'CUl-I,OCH: "H" 1511111- 111111: I.V. F111v1b1111: Vnr, 1f1111tb:111: A11, 1i:1.1r11: 1i1111tk ".X": 1111. 111 Cun. O GHORCIQ IONHS: "li" Football: LV Fufmlbaill: Buys lllnck UA". 0 DON IORIJON: Publicity Mgr. Si- Planiz Amlv. Officer: Ir. Prum Com. IA Damam Cum.: Recl Cross Rep. Circus Ilan Cum.: Snph Hup Cum. lilectiun Cum.: Span. Club. I IOAN IUNU: CLA..-X.: Fin. Sec. Star aml Key: Block "Au: Mask and Sam- mlal: Span. Club: Sr. Play Cum.: Pub Schoolx XVL'1'li. O RALPH KHARNHY: Adi. Orch.: Hand: Swing lianllz lr. Prom Com.: Ham-ball '-l7: Orch. Sr. Play, lfall '4T. '4X. Sp. '-lf. '-Hi: Public Schuulx Wk. I BILL KIENNEY: A.S..-X.H.S. Adv. Bal.: "Dear Ruth" Cam: Amlv. Ollicer. '47: Mask anal Sanflal, '4X: Service Panel. '-47. '-IH: Stualent Talent. '47, '4?l: Real Cross Rep.: Chrrir Pres.- Span. Club: "Mika4lu": Ir. Prum Cum.: Buys Glec: Pulirical Cunv., '4?4: Opening Dance Cum., '4X: Circuw Dai Cum.: Megaphone Club: Chrisnnax Pageant. -lu, 41:51-.l'lau-Cum. I IQDVVARID KERNS: Star :tml Key: Chem. Club: Student Talent. Sp. '40, Fall '-lu. 'Qi '47, Fall '47: Real Cross Rep.: axec. Cum. Public Schuulf Night: ii-un to University oi' Colo. O IEAN I.xM.XSTliRS: Student Talent. K.-Xlil HOLLYWOOD C't'0l'l1'l'l1g S6c'l'c'tr1ry, Spring '48 I DON KOCH: "ll" Fuunball. '45: Class Trcas., '46: Mgr. nf Tinsel X L Class nf Fall 1949 Tuirl. Hml. uf Cuntrul. '47: Chrmn. uf Jixic Cum.. Ir. Prum: Sr. Play' Cum. Q IUNE KING: .'X1lY. Pres.: Real Cruss Rep. I DON I-,-XMHERT: Sr. Play. '43: Non- Coms Club: German Club: Chem. Club: Acuiw Staff: Ir. Prom: Circus Day: Lt. R.O.T.C.: Political Conv. '4P4: Adv. Oflicer. O CHARLOTTE I,OCKNIiRz Life Member Star anal Key: C.S.F.: Ger- man Club: Cham. Club: Aclv. Treau.: Sr. Play Publicity. I MARC.-XRIQT LUCK: Stair alllil Key' Life Member: C.S.F.: Snph Ham Cum.: Ad. Oflicerz Sr. Plan Cum. O l'il7Nl.-X LUNIJTOFT: Pres. Oirlx Clue. '4fv: Chrismiaa Pageant. '46, '47: Circus Day: G,A.A. Sport.: Adv. Prex.: Auml. Staff: Sr. Play Program Cum.: Ir. Prum Bid Cum. I CI.aXUl7Ii'l'Tli LUIJLUM: Chrislmax Pageant: Teachers' Institute: Public Schuulh XVeek: French Club: Spring Festival: Megaphone Club: Auil. Staff, '45, '46, '47, '4H: Orch. Sr. Play. Fall '-lf: "Mikaclu." Ii- ww- MXl1Kl'YZlI1 Gumi.-x M.KINlllYI1 lhlus um Maxim ur Huw um M XYNIYK Cowunx' M.AR'I'lY Sulkuix' M.XR'I'lN Krirrir M xsslNn1r.1. Mi-Lviw Nll'Cl'I.I.0l'lI 3, . mv-wr-vw" ,gp-.1-a-v-f' .5 N fx . ' 1 'L 1 '. V Illuilm IIN R XT X ' h Blkkl l'1.l.X 51113.-11111 llx1z1+x1u M1191 1111 I'Il7lI!1f'Itll .Sf'z'1'z'l111y, Full 41 'MK MVKNWR SH WW I. Ml VH l'111411111N'1xx1u1.x Smx Ymux l:Nll1l.l l,11u'1x fx111u.x111'1 lllIiXI I I'l'RRY l'l'Clilz'l'T: limp Glu: lf11111- O FRANCIS ROIHNSON: lmll. '-15. 'lin Track: S11pl1 H1111 L11111.: ll.1x1'l141ll. -lb. O IO ANN ROE: l,11t111 Clul1: 0 S1IlR1.l4.1' R.x'1'Tc1: .-1111. 411111111 01111. lr. l'r11111: Make-1111 51'- R111 Kffusg Rppg lr, l'1'11111 C11111,1 Cir- Clfills ljill clfllllj .'Xtl1'. Ufl:lCcl'1 cus llau lllilll. ll11l1C41111- O ROHI-'.R'l' Rllfl.: Sflllll H1111 C11111.: C111111 lllll C11111.: Sr. lllxll C11111.: C l'llfl.liN ROGERS: Stzu' .lllll ,X1l1, f,lll1'L'l'1 Rul Crow Hcp.: 811.111, 511.111, Clul1: lr. llftllll C11111.: Sr l lul1: llmx Clnc. C11111.: .'X1l.Olllcc1'. .5-2. l'ul1, I'l111: S11l1l1 Klll l'la11' 1.1 l311NM1'lx1111 li1vM1lx1x1 5 'l'1x11M1.u11x11 ll lim 1 llx1111x111l'1n111x Dux Xl I :XRTHUR ROKR: l:l'L'llCll Clul1. "lm 47: Life MCllll3L'F St111'a1l11l Ku: Supl l llup L11111.: lr. l'1'11111 L11111.: 51. l'l.11 cl11lIl.1 cillfilll. Clul1. '-lT: Circus lilly '-lg: YL-ll l.c:1cl1'1' XA Class: Chow Clulwz l'11l. C11111'.. Sp, '41 Full Ulf. C lll',N.:XRl7 S.'Xl,ClfllO: "ll" l341411l1:1ll 45: Sllklll. l,lul1: l.1lIlI1 Club: R111 Cum R111.: 51.111 11111l Key. '43 O NIARCl'll.l..X Mc'll.XVll73 Star .lllll Key: Spun, Club: l,-lflll Club: Ir. Pmiii Umm.: Cliciii. Club: Arlv. Olli.: "Umar Ruth." .li.'XRll.-XR.X Mm'CilfCJRfil'i.: Spun. Club: Glnv: Choir: Circux lilly Cuni.: Vicc Pres. uf Cluxs: Suigli Coin.: lr. Pruni Cum.: l'ulitic.ll lfunv.: Stu. Txiln-nt. Q DON MUIVOR: "Mili.ul 11" : l"ilL'LfllllI'IN Ciunp.. '47, '-Hi: Stu. Txilunt, '-lb: Spain. Club: Rcml Cross Rcp.: Cllriat- nms lilgczlllt, '-l7: Var. SXK'lII1I1liIlg TL-ziiii, '-45: Musk :incl Circux Daly. I KEN MvKlNI,liY: Cluw Olliwr. liill '4n:Spiii1. CllllilctllCI1l.lilLll7. . l.XCK MIKISSACK: Fuullmll, 143. '-lb. '-lf. WX: Real Cruss Rup.: Frm-nili Club: Opening Ilgincc Skit. '4l?l: Pol, Cun.. Sp, 47: Muxic F4-srivqil. O S'l'l'QVV.'XR'I' MIQNZIKS: Cin-M Club: Cliuni, Club: Slum. Club: Suph Ilnp Coin.: Sr. Play Cunig Life Mvmbur S1.u'.in4l Key: Rcml Crum Ren: Public Scluiuls Night, Fl.URliNCli DOHSON izimzllriul Scn'c'la1'y, Spring '48 I TAVIA ML.-XIDIVICH: French Club: Red Cmsag Aclv. Officer: Stuclcnt Tall- a S S U Fall 1949 cnt: Star zinml Koi: Pnl, Cunvcntiun I IIAVIIJ MOTT: Q 'roiniio N,-XK.'KYAlW.-X: Rul Crm. RL-p.: .'X4lY.fJfllCL'l'1 Suu' .llltl Key. O STAN NOREN: I liS'l'El,l.Ii I'ERA'I'A: Q MARGARET l'l'iR.-XT.-X: liil. ul' Cun- trol: "Mik:ulu": Class Oliiccr: All. Buurcl: Supb Hop Cnni.: Ir. Prim Cum.: Circus lkiy Guin.: Clii'isun.1N Pageant: Rral Cross Rep.: Sur :uul Kay: C.S.F.: Cbcm. Club: Spun. Club. I ILXRBARA PERRIN: Circux Christnms Pageant: Cu-Mgr. Ir. Prmn: Red Crum: Amlv. Olliccr: Glu. I IJON.'XLIJ l'HII,I.ll'S: Pimn' I'l 1 ni Vi' Suiiui-,v Rvriw Rum iv: Ri ii lfiuwvm Roiuxwx In Awx Rui- lil-I iw Rum-lu .Xki'iu'u Rum Hi-iwuuw Su wr im DALE SHARP PAT SNYDE BERT Smssrk RnHr.R'1'ScHx1ln1' CIINRX Ll wr, Sczo' Yfff Lfadw' Lorlsr. Sf'0'I4'I' Drwr Srrxklwrs CURYL Snfwwow ll.-XI.l-. SHARP Faro SHIP! H' Gun' Sm'1'rs KQURDUY SIHBALD NINRIIXY Sluwwrn 'ENVI-Ll.I, SMITH Irv Sxll'1'u I NORMA SMITH: "lieu Ruth' I MARILYN SUTTER: Chem. Club: gmnfmdz 'Mb-. Omit,-1 Cum, Dm: H"'Y' '4MikguIn": Adv. Ofliccr: Aucl. Staff Span. Club: Aclv. OHiccr: GAA.: Lift Mtmbu. Sm, and KU: Slum. ' Hal. of Cunlrolz Ilnncc Cm-n. Block "Au: Latin Club: Sr. PlnyCfm1. Club: Chtm' Club: RU! CHM Rw' O MARIANNIQ SOLEM: Q A - O LONNII4, 'I HOMPSON: Ffmrlmll '45 ' DAN SOUZQX: Claw Ylll I.L.xclCr: B1l5L'l31lll. '45 440. '-lf. '-lx: Aclx. OHL O IOSIQ STIQVVART: l O IOP TOTURICA: l.V, I-lmotlnlll. '-lfyg Var. Fnuthall. '47, '-H41 Bal. of Con. O DUNCAN TONNINGSON: Husi- "l7: All. Htl.. Sp. "lx: Sr. Play: llrcs. new Mgr. uf Arronxz Hal. of Cuntml. -lA Class: Buys' Block "Au: Opnning Fall '-lf: Rep. In Press Confurcncc at Ilancc Cum,. Sp. '-l8: Adv. Pro. .54. I l.OL7ISlf SlfO'l"l': Clmumm. lflulm: Span. . C CURYI. SHANNON: H'mmm,C.npr.lP1. I P.-YI SANIJI-.1 Hmm.KT.1pr.R.O.'I'.lT,: lflulm: Clmn-nm. Clulm: lilnck llJlI'lll.S1V,1'l7I Y. Pr, Swnnl S Slmmclmlz Nlllmtalm liallz Span. Clulm. Pros.: l.ifL xlL'I1llX'I' Star .xml Kuy: Ir. Prmmm: Sr. Star ammml Kry: C.S.lf,: Rul Cum Rep.: Play Lfummm.: Rul Cross R4-lm.: Cirrus fulv. Oflmcur: UM' Lmf Staff: Circux llam: .X1lm. Oilmcnr, Day Crnmm. I l4l',R'l' S,XSSl:R: 'll' llawlmall: Star .Im..U4m.1 SI1A,xRI7: gym, Umar- '41,- -'ml R455 SV- lil-U l7"'ll-5 V-'V' ll-IW' 47: Mgr, Sr. Plam: Var. Trafk. "ll Pflll- 45- 'Mx "Cacsar aml"g "H" Iiasulmall: "H" llaskctlmallz Star anrl o ROISKRT sumlllrmt mm-. Ili: Inf. KU' lf' P""1'Cl'm' Ummm. lr. Prmmm. I Flilill SlIlfPLliY: Vice Prw. ll! . QI1A.XR'Yl'I.'ANl.' SCOTT. Slum' fjlulvz Clam: .-Xmlv, Ulla.: lill. of czfllllffill Sr. . m ' ' - - l,l1ll',llCliL'IClYll1.Z Span. Clulm. Clmqnm. Llulm, lzmlmlur. l-.xg-c. hmmm.: lr, Prrmxmm Ummm.: Sr. Play Ummm.: lfmrcux "nl l""'l' o mmzm' SHUI.TSg xmmm Shnp. GORDON Slllll.-Xl,l3: Nflll-cillll15 cl . cm'-1 , P' C1 .1 S1 , . . ,. UP HMI lr mm lm I Llulm Sgt. Mum.: Swcmnl and Shmclcl: Pl. if .iff ' ll. C ..S .'-llf. , .. , ll Um 'nm ll Um P R.C,.rl.f:,C2l1WI.2Sl'.l,l2lj"llCliC'IfA1l11.I Rml Cnm R4-lm.: Aucl. Staff. O llU.'XNl-Q Sl'.liRlNG: f M.'XRll.YN SKl5lNl'.R: Transfcrrul frrumm Oaklaml. lf.: Swunl anml Slziclnlz Military Hall: "Mika1lu": Pulm. Mgr. GA..-X.: Prw. JXVURN Stall: lr. Prommm Cum.: Clmrin- mas Pageant. Fall 'lfmz Life Mummmlmur Class nf Fall 1949 . ' 5 O lliXYlil,l. SMITH: UJX..-K.: llcl. ul Cuntrrnl. lfzlll mlm. Sym. '-Hi: Scrmicu Paml: Srrmicu Cuuncil: Stu, Fai.: Sr, Play Comm.: l'lFt'HL'l1 Q IUNIQ SMITH: Num: -x SMITH Muzi xxwm- SUI ur IMN Sulllx lnsr Sl Hx xkl QVOOIIIIAIIH' .fl't'l1t'l'.V M.xn11.m'w Sl"I'I'I k Iamxwlr -l4IiUNIl'Sl1N Illwmvw 'I'nwvlw4gx4w Im lm u 3 .:a. X 5. g f W gt' r Mx 5 Clc'Uc'1' b0y, that Rollin liuusxm -I1l'I"I'l I I lI.XRIi.XR,'X 'l'U'l"l'I.lf.: Span. Club: Rul Cum: Public Sclmuls XVL'L'l'i. 45. O IOAN VAN Clil,lJliR: Mb. Ymu law.: lfrcxlm. Rcc.. Sp. 41. 424: Ir. Prmn Cum.: Sr. Play Cum.: Span. l,lub: IMI. Lum.. bp. -lf: Rl-ml lam-N Rn-p. Q IJXYIJ. YICRI-LRS: IILI. ul' Kltllllftlll Class l'u-N.. Sp, 40,lf.1lI 47: Fin. Sec. Claw. l'.1ll -IW: Aml. IMI.: Ir. IIIVHII thnng "li" lfuutlvalll. Ifall 46: Sr. l'run1: Star anll RL-3: Span, Club: Culux Iiay Cux11:'l'l'.n'lx.47.43. C l'.l.l-.NOR XV,'Xl,liS: Circux llay, 46: Rcf. Src.. fll: YIM I'u-N. SIG: llcc. Clun. Ir. Prfnn: Pub. Clnrm. Ir. Prmn: lfcc. Cbrln. Suplm Hop: S11 Play: llml. ul CnnumlzS1'.Oppnr.IJ.n:Tw1axk.m4l Sandal: I-ruslm. Rcccp.. lfall 48: GMX. 1,014 W u ru R lun Vw G1,l.m lx llovun Wum Rnmakrlx Worm Public Sclumlp NVccli. 4X: C.S.l7.: French Club: Chem. Club: Star and Kvy: Rall Crnsx Rep.: GA. lfashiulm Slum: I l.Ol.,X W.XI.l-iIiR: O IJONALD XVARIP: , , . . . I CLIQNN VIl',l.I.l1R: M-II I.I-.ulcr .X.S..X.II.S.. Sp. 47. Fall 43: 'ICM'- Nar annl Clcupalranz Stu. Talcnt, '44, 45: Prss. 5A Class: Ili Class Yell I.u.l-QM: SXVIIHIHIIIQ. 45. 46: Sr. Mucting. 47: Acl. li1I..47.'-I8: SL-rx, Pancl. 47. 43: Opening Dance Com.: Ycll I,ca1Icr 4A Class: Mcgaplmm Club: Christmas Pageant. 45, 46. I l.hNORlf WILSON: "Dear Rutlln: Nlasli and Sandal: lil. of Contrul. Ifaxllimm Slmw. I-gall 48: .MIL Utligcrz 47: Adv. Olllucrz SX Vice Pres.: Ilxw. Vlrtlu R5 lil.:-vm W GL:-NN XNl.l.l.I-R I.:-.Num-.VV1 linux XVl'r.s'I'1lm1 Nlmuua Zn-I C,S.l9.: Star anal Key: A'NIik.uln": Dance Cum.: Frcncll Club. I ROllliR'l'A XVOUIJ: Clwnl. Club: Laun C,lub. . DICK VVUl'lS'l4llUl"l": l'l'L's. NIUIIX .XMn.: RL-C. Sur. .X,S.:X.H.S.. lfall 47: Clan Pres. IA Claw: .Xnlxp Olllcurz block "AU: SL-rviuc l'ancI: Ml. IMI.: SILl.l:LlC.CUIl1..Sll. 46. Fall 47.841, 48: lid. ulvCwJI1l1'ul1SUpl1 HupCnn1.: Ir. IJYHIII Cum.: lfnmtbglll: "IS" liascball, Sp, 45: IV. li:uulwall. Sp. 46: Var. liawball. 47. 48: Ciruux Day Com.: Cunnan Club: I.alln Club: T1ckctCn1n. Sr, Play. I MORRIS Zllf.l.liNSKl: Frcncb Club: "li" Baseball: Var. Tennis: Rcnl Cum Rap.: Chrixtmas Paggcant. 40: Pubbc Sclwruls Wcck. I-. Muni OFFICERS, SPRING PI'C'SfdC'f1f , . .... . A HBILL DEBELL Vice PI'f'SI.dt'71l . . , , , . . . . . NADINE REED Rccorrifng Serrc'lu1'y . .... ELAINE LEONARD Financial Safr'1z'ta1'y , . ,LYMAN YONH.-XF Yell Lender. , , , , IERRY FERRO OFFICERS, FALL Pl'm'1'de11t ..,.. . , , , , ,..... DUANE LOUIS Viv: PI't'.ffIIt'!1f . . . . ,SALLY MCDOVVELL Rt'l'Ol'fil'71g Scff1'c'Ia1'y ELIZABETH VVOOD Filmnfirzl Scr'rf'ta1'y , . ..,... HESS SNOW - UNIIJHS I W M LI WW '...a.... 'll' .L-. -LW .un 6, MISS HARTH MISS CONNIiI.I,X MISS DrgCUl,MIiSNII- MR. HULL MISS I,.X'I'INiIiR MRS. LEHEW .60. Q V W t-, I V, ,x,. 1 .. , 1.-. , f - A ff x J .rg . m,,g...N Q ,buf 1' ' I ' X V. HRS, l.IiWlS HRS. I'.X'l"l'liN HRS. SILXRWIJCJID NIR. SULTUHDI MISS YICNAIQIJ NIR. I. ,X. YU . . LX! OFFICERS, SPRING Pl'6'J'f!l't'71Z , .....,....,, PAUL GERTMENIAN Vive President ..,. , .... CAROL CLOSSON Recording Sen'c'tm'y .... . . . IUYCE KOSINSKI F irzcznczlzl Seen-tz11'y ..., . . Yell Lvcldcv' , . NANCY GRIFFEN THOMAS CLIFFORD OFFICERS, FALL Prc'xidf'r1I . ,..A,, . . , , WALLEY SEAVERS Vind Pl'C'.YI'0,l'71l' .,..... . .IOYCE KOSINSKI Rl'C'0l'dl-71g Sc'frctm'y . . , DIANE WILLIAMS Ffl1lIllI4I-LII Sc'c'rc'hIf'y , . . . TERFSA CORICA Yell Leudcfr . . PAUL GERTMENIAN - U N Ill Q, E555 A H5511 MW w-1 gg ,, if 15-I wifi fl 374 33 fix. K HB6 'SW ww new QW Mm f M? Nm MM: 'H 'M x 55, 1 41 . V .1 ,ff 9 aff aw ?4 vl UQ M M. ay X 4 V vfqx,.fJ"Sxff. 4 Q' -"' vv'P ' L N A x.,,1 . , A k 155525 an 'i ' bil ve W1 ff' -- mm M + ig 3 ' X ,555 E M F 3 W- f S' W my se 5 32? mf ,, Q, iw if 'M nz A A ,-ny, , ,,,, Q L, X M,,.,,.M , 5 S R? ,. Gm is , . fx is K v-. V ' T A vw W , S fx: APPHEEIATIU 5 . .. The Acomz staff is greatly indebted to a number of people who have willingly given their time and effort that this book might be published: To Mr. Bryan who was always willing to help. To Mr. Bell for his assistance with the lower classmen. To Mr. Kerwin ofthe Oakland National Engraving Company for his much needed help with the photographic layouts and the fine job of photoengraving. To Mr. Franklin Cummings for helping us with the dedication. To Mr. Hooper and the Hooper Printing Company for the excellent job of printing. To Mr. Dobus of Dobus Studios for the good work on senior portraits and group pictures. To Bushman and the Bushman-Risin Company for the beautiful cover. To Mrs. Hall, Miss Powers and Mr. Shriber for the details and records they gave us. To Lynn Hildeman and Charles Borgia who spent all their spare time taking pictures To all those who contributed snap-shots and suggestions. .65. A 'Q'fe,5" " 2 5 1 SQ f' E W S ,ff ig 2 5 S.. X my 'Eg W E I .7 in 355 if? A Q S ,Q X ' f X m 1- if v WE ' v w i , f S A H X fd sf Q55 Q53 my E M V ,, IRISH 3. any S 3 .S f 5. 1 E . 7 P . X + N M ,Wi M x A rn ' vi A ' QW S k ,C wg 4, my M , Y M , ., A Fw 5 ' 4 -3 X -A f' fl W X Q .N ii- Q 1, ' , iq. Me: X ' K V V K M Ag 2 .. ,gl Q ,..' P f ,Q 6 km ,awllv 515 Y iris- .yli lrzs .I Y 'Q ' " 1... - 0 x V ' fr, WA ., i i .. wg ,N 5, 35 , 'L , V ., xr - - . kin " . wus Qkkk ,,. A imp ff W Rag, 1 J H 3' Nh W v 'ff gh, ' ' 313,34 if N .Aff-1-M gy -.-,-N Sas Q Y 5 ii 'S M i an OFFICERS, FALL Prc.vidc'1zt.., ,,., . . A RUNNIE OHLMEYER Vice Pl't'51.df'77f, . . A , . , ANDY BARBERA Rcc'o1'n'1'ng SC'fI'C'ltI1'y , . . . , DAN HOBBS Ff77H71L'I.HI Sc'U'ffu1'y , . , PAUL MAZZIE WI! Leader . , . ..., TOM LEVVIS - SUPHIQI UHES OFFICERS, Prexz dent .,.,..............,. SPRING .CHUCK WING Vive Pl'cx1'dcr1t .,....,.,,.. LORRAINE KNAPP Recording Secrelary ,...... F1'm1m'1'al Secretary. , . Yell Leader ,....,., SHIRLEY KILGORE , AKIRA TOGASAKI . , BILLY BARROS 'S' ww wk I 2 ' f gf S Q is Y' 9 g ,him mb ex A 14 V N W I ab, Y Q xi l E Q J 'QV v X ' wx 4 A ,RZ 'x rg x 1 ' K Q ' 4 ,, 9 4 , Y gn 3 , , W ,.,,W, :gf , 1' 'W f if '.'. 5:?E - Y ' W ' ,.Ii:fZf.3 ' V M f Rf 5 2 E as pr i 4' i 11 fx f , . , QQ. R r ,Q ""'r f 1 hw? fm K, KH, ,WZ 2 'W' :- W9 V -4, vm-.M A 4.40 X SSE Q W, X Q-1-:fwg 3 . vw , 2 N M51 ,, ,F ,, i 7 F 'iv fwff'+ Q it A Nix Q. -x A 5: 12 'Ti ,W V ,Q X, 1 ' S Q R- 'T '55 kg .mf .PQ V? fx Nu A. . v 3 K . 4 1 if Q 4-Q iw W 1 Af? K ik 5 - Q , -, iw A1.,A,A Y NA ' if X 57 A f wi f 5 if uxi , 'M it MW 3 A 5 L U W 0 'Q 1 . 'r - P OFFICERS, S Pl't'.f1'dt'l1I . , . . . . . . Vive Pl't'il.dt'!1l , . . . , Rerording Scrrf-tary . . Financial Secretary . A Ydl Leader ..,..,. HESH PRING STEVE TRAMMEL , . . . IOAN RALLS BARBARA O'HARE , .RICHARD FUNG , . . ,DAVE BROWN ACTIVITIES - The Burn Staff MRS. MARGUERITE SHEPHERD MARY SABATINI DUNCAN TONNINGSEN Faculty , Idviser Asxfstant Editor Bzmness Manager M141 l,l 11 lixiuiu X lJ1'1u1.1x1 BARRY Ccwxmz M1.1.D:r71uNsov S'l'.-XNFORD S'1''snow L15 Imasov Dov Lum: 111' Doko'1'Hx' RKJKVSI 1: I.1'NNH11.m,1u,1x I,-1N:1'1'B1u'zzow1. XY1 s'1111u1o14 linux 1, S11 wwov CHARLES Boizcu-1 H1-,L1-LN Morrow xr H1 RB ANDRIVW E 1 FRANK H.-XRR XDINI Editor Cuts, bleetls. crops, hall' tones. layouts, dead lines, and copy M will be forgotten terms to the stall, for the 1948 Aeoluvs soon will bc rolling off the presses. However, we, the stall, will never forget the experience of working together as a team Iowartl one goal. the production of the best Auoiix possible. The stall' wishes you all the best of luck and sincerely hopes that this .Mzoicx will serve :ls il future resnembrnnee ol' your high school years. limrok NIEL DICKINSON MRS. HELEN PATTEN WALLY ROOKS MEL DICKINSON, . .,... Editor-in-Chief ..... ,... M EL DICKINSON IERE I-IACKETT .A...,..I ...,.. M imager ...... ,.,....... W ALLY ROOKS MRS. MARY MURPHY. . ,... Faculty Advisor .... .,.. M RS. HELEN PATTEN FALL- 1947 Donna Gilbert Betty Smith Ioanne Muehlbauer Bob Weaver Sally McDowell Iackie Miller Gloria Scribante Shirley Weller Ioyce Durant Carol Gray Alice Ikola Marcia Larsen Ioan Spersch Barbara Hosicr' Nancy Silva Barbara Stewart Margie Fisher Phyllis Iakson Dolores Williamsen Mary Schneider Ioan Parker Marvin Everts Pat Rivers Alice Davis Margaret Duran Ioan Fieddermann Darlene Rossen Nelda Cavner Bettie Adonis Chairman Vcrgez Uala Leaf Staff Barbara Tener Alice lkola Alice Davis Florence Dobson Carolyn Glotfelty Ollie Iohnson Shirley Martin Marilyn Stout Sally McDowell George Cooper Vonna Gilmore Patt Gripon Paul Bryant Richard Ianusch Frank Mclilhinney Richard Monser R. B. Reno Helen Foppiano Marilyn Sutter Mary Sabatini Donna Gilbert Herb Andrews II LENIJI-IH '47-'48 SEPTEMBER IO.. SEPTEMBER I9.. OCTOBER 24 ...., NOVEMBER 7-8. . NOVEMBER 24-28 ......... DECEMBER I8. . . DECEMBER 22-IA IANUARY 9 ...... IANUARY 9 .... IANUARY 29 ..... JANUARY 30 ..... FEBRUARY 19. . . MARCH 3-5 ..., MARCH 12-I3 .... MARCH 22-26 .... APRIL 9 ...... APRIL 15 ..... MAY 5 ..,.. MAY 7 ..,.. MAY I9 .... MAY 22 .... MAY 28 .... IUNE 3 .... IUNE 4 .... IUNE 7 .... IUNE 8 .... JUNE I0 ..... IUNE I1 ..... N.5 ..... Back to the Ball and Chain Opening Dance-Kickoff Iunior Prom-H u ge Success Senior Play-Silas was here Thanksgiving Holidays- We were thankful too! Christmas Pageant-Very impressive Christmas Holidays-Oh my broken leg! Soph Hop-Lollipops galore. Elections-C on gratulations: Len, Conn Graduation-FREEDOM!! Senior Ball-Lots of memories too. Freshman Reception-Big sister. Exams-Coolie Labor Senior Play-Sincerely yours. Easter Vacation- We want the rabbits. Iunior Prom-Gershwin Sues. Student Talent-COMRADE!! Senior Opportunity Day-Opportunity fe, Sam, lack and Glen knocks. Soph Hop-We went round and round. Music Festival- Who hit the sour note? R.O.T.C. Competition-Steady Front! Military Ball-Sabre Dance. Senior Meeting-Pass the Kleenex. Frontier Day-Ohhhh! those beards Senior Women's Banquet-Meowuf! Senior Men's Banquet-AND the food was fine! GRADUATION-Au Revoir, Adfos, y Goodbye. Senior Ball- Watch that hoop skirt. . 79 . Auf Wiea'ershen, and SILAS THE CHORE BUY N Miss Marian Lns Ham DEAR RUTH SILAS THE CHORE BOY Of all the Senior Plays presented in the last few years "SILAS THE CHORE BOY" was one of the IHOSI unusual. lt was a revival of an old melodrama complete with hero, heroine and villain, made lively by a background of home spun comedy and musical olio acts. Silas fur- nished an evening of entertainment that delighted capacity audiences. The cast of characters include the following: Ioanne Bernard as Nancy Ridley, Hart Smith as Silas the Chore Boy, Herman Schmeling as Ied Perkins, Bonnie Streat as Pert, Ronald Crook as Hiram, Terry Reed as Arthur Ridley, Wally Rooks as Cinch, and Frank Harradine as Gerald Blake. Others in the cast were George Pells, Sam Iaber, Wayne Leslie, Bill Parks, Betty Tompkinson, Rosemary Kudrna, Dot Rokusek, Iune Worster, Barbara Villa, Ralph lackson, Clarence Vernon, Marguerite Edelman, Bruce Barber, Connie Dunford, Barbara Noia, Pat Gripon, Gloria Shadle, Carolyn Christian. Q DEAR RUTH "Dear Ruthf' one of the most light hearted comedies to come our of the last war, delighted audiences with its gay, fast moving comedy. The plot revolves around a patriotic young girl who writes letters in her sister's name to cheer a lonely soldier who suddenly appears to claim the sister as his bride just after she has announced her engagement to another. The cast consisted of the following: Florence Dobson as Dora, Norma Smith as Edith VVilkins, Eleanor Wales as Miriam Wilkins, Howard Cumming as Harry Wilkins, Le Nore Wilson as Ruth Wilkins, Harry Howell as Lt. Bill Seawright, Bill Kenny as Albert Kummer, Gloria Maimone as Martha Seawright, Al Bentham as Harold Klobbermeyer, Ioe Tortorico as Sgt. Chuck Vincent. .81. Hays' Glue Girls' Elec A Capel Ehnir fi L E E rchestra nnnerl Band MR. QUENTIN YOUNC I A special zfozfe of tlzanlqs should go zo our glee and band f0l'Iff1C'l'I'C'.l'C'C'f- lent worlq in the zfarlouf dramatic dCll.I!Z'fl.C'.f. BAD PUHT as-V X. 3 e f Uur Coaches MR, CADVVELL, MR. IONES, MR. IOLLY, MR. SOCOLOFSKY, MR. FREEMAN Alamccla Alamcda AlLlI'l1Cll2l Alameda Algimcda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda .Xlilmula Alam adn .-Xlamcda Alameda I-L II. .L. SIIIJHES I3 . ......,...,......... Vallejo 20 7 , , ..., Santa Rosa 13 25 .. ..... Albany 0 6. . . . Castlcmont 15 7 . , ..... El Cerrilo U 26 , Hayward 6 7 . , . . , Berkeley 14 I2 . . .... Richmond 13 T . . . ....,,.. Piedmont 14 O..-Xl.. Ns. .-X.C.A.l-. IH , .. .. Oakland ll BASEBALL I ., , ,.. . ... .. Albany 0 5 . , . El Ccrrito 4 T , , Hayward 6 Alzlmcdzl .il Al1imcda2X Alameda 25 Alameda 42 Alamcda 47 Alameda 25 Alameda 57 Alameda 32 Alameda 52 Alameda 52 Alameda 35 .-Xlgimcmlu 37 Alameda 34 Alameda 62 Alameda 65 , , . .,. .. Hayward 24 .,.... Albany 29 . . , Richmond 23 . . . . Piedmont 24 . . . . Berkeley 50 , . El Ccrrito24 . . . . Hayward Sl , . .. Albany 31 . . . Richmond 23 . , . . Piedmont 2-l . . . , B4-rkclcy 58 . . . El Ccrrito 23 TRACK . .,..... Richmond 79 . ..,..,,... Castlcmont 42 lPiedmont 45 BS ' ' ' ""' ll-Iaywzircl SON Vliwin MQCO ug, Hwwfw mswm Q ' K I A +1 wg ,wx M W . QV VARSITY .IUNIIIH VARSITY MBIS!! 1 . George Mareeline- 2. Bob Perona , 3. Frank Ncreu -1. Dave lsenhardt 5. Dayton Foote 6. Bob Stankey 7. Mel McCulloch 24. Len Ratto Wayne Armstrong Lloyd Boldt Bill Coffey Bill DeBell joe Gingerieh Stan Gogol E K-W .4181 USOCN SOCOLOFSKY, Coach 9. Gene Shofe 1U. Bob Copeland 11. Ioe Totorica 12. Chuck Tomas 13. Mario Ratto 1-1. Dave Henderson 15. jim Moore 16. George Updegraff 17. Rich Osorio 18. Al Diaz 19. Yosh Yamamoto 20. Iohn Dronkers 21. Earl Vargas 22. Calvin Simmons 23. George Iones 24. Russ Rahaneau CHET MILLETT, Couch Harry Haramaki Harry Howell Frank Lozano Frank Mclilhinncy lack McKissaek Don Myers Dick Monser Bill Pooley Clyde Pruett George Read Don Schleth Wally Seavere 25. 17uanel-ouis 26. Phil Leslie 27. Darrell Victor ZX. George Read 211. Harry Howell Wayne Van Nest Ierry Watkins Rich Welles Dave Williams Tom Williams ws E .W Alamedzfs fourth place in the '48 football race marked th'e third consecutive season the Hornets have been in the first division. This feat stands as a tribute to Coach "Soc" Socolofsky, who took the reigns of the faltering, hard luck club and lead it to a near championship and two strong finishes. In football, as in the other sports, the departure of sen- iors Will be sorely feltg but Coach Socolofsky will have several key returners with which to build his '49 club. Qs ix: Q Q 9 , QWQ3? , A H Ns' .1 2 ggvqgfg t .f:e 'L-.X T' i .,', W fs- Q . . 45:33. f Y ' '- ithfh MM JW fig .W ' www, WHA? is k A-.MT ,ke5Qi'Y,, fgmf, 'AE' 1, .- . hvwxf- 1. W M ..,f , b HK. 1 X N N7 1,1 X ,M 'Mx"fmw 'L fd ,f - ,uw W. . 1. wb Q+W,,PN L1 3244. X I - ' st ' -. W ww. F W1 1: : .F Qs' N wg 1.-V . ' - 'M ,K L, '.:'m,. yu X mf - x W, :il Q W A 5 , , JV fi? 12 5,94 Q . ' i ' in 5-Y Q HANK IONES, Coufh VARSITY .IUNIUH VARSITY MBIS!! ANTHONY BRYANT, Sr. Manager l. liclluumini. Alfred-Cr-lmtvr 5. Ginlcy.Tom-Forward fl. 2. liirrl, IllIlfCL'l'lICl' fm. Gzrxiola, RlCll1lTLl-CvUZll'Cl lfl. 3. Davis. llowzml-Forxvzxul 7. Schweitzer. Gary-Guard l l. -l. 1-'mu-r, luck-Forwarcl X. Mnlmncy. Inc-Forward 12. I. Greg B055-CIHUI' 2. Bill Finncsccy 9, Dun Lgrmlcr luhn Stunc Wnrrcn KCIlllL'llY' MATT BRANDES, Com-h STANFORD POLLOCK, Manager 4. Bill Pcnrlcrgrass 7. George Bacon 5. Tccl RUll1LlI'lflfY S. lid Dc Sylva 6. George Rcncl 9. Lcstcr Brown MR. CADWELL, Coufh Gcnc Hamilton Frul Fcrrcro Bill Mcilathrinn Hulwcrt Nyscr .92. Wing, Chuck-Forward Wridc, Gary-Guard Osorio, George-Guard Hunt. DeanfGuarcl Ill. Harvey LaFlan1c ll. Stanfurrl Gaim l.ll1lL'S Busan' Hub McShaHc ' ., +5 iff? A Q2 GW ' s Xl M Maw Y L ,.--"""'k M W . F N Pfam' W iq' Q of 4-viii? X , 231 ii K ' v I 5? X lf Q? , F' eww , ig, , wigs Vxkk Q it 5 1 5 X Q 1 ,Q X 4' f , Z ami l -QM ' Miz, i .-ph W ., U,- , W, , N X34 F 'iw' Q i K X Q we ,, , ps 'f , vw .R , Q it ,, ,W W if X H , .W ,.. Mqnamvwof fwvlflaww .WM M. ' XJ' A 1 W- K- A Eg, wk ,. We . x MN ,vw ' :A VARSITY HB!s!! l. Herb Addikon 2. Herb Andrew 3. Iillik Artis 4. Fred Artis . Will Baplixe fl. Al Bcnthiim 7. Paul Czippii X. Bob Cooper U. Simeon Cortex IU. Iere Hackett S Bill Buskirk Iim Hashimoto l,LlYCI'IUf'fI1lLll'l Duke Kahn Howard Manning lid Clflll f LEWIS IOLLY. Coach Hurry Howell Dick Izirriitt Gary Lok David Longman 15. Dick Mason lo. Charles Morgal 17. Dale Sharp IH. George Updegrnif W. Rowland Paris 211. Dave Vickers Lee Pauline Norman Rohm Keith Mblllllj' Keith Gordon Dave Henderson Homer Benson Don Beekee Roy Butley Sanford Gaines Richard Hargrnvcs CHARLES SOCOLOFSKY, Coach Barrett Ravenscriift Glenn Richards Don Staudc Bill Schindler Herschel Spurlock Don Walker NVilllLlIl1 Morrison H2lIfj'HHF1lIl1Jki George Iones Bob McSh:ine Bill Pooley SI. Rich Momer 32. Frank Mclilhinni x 35. Gene Shofe 34. Cal Simmons 35. Bob Stanley 36. Furl Vargas 57. Darrell Victor 58. Jerry Watkins 39. Don Schleth -ill. Bill lessup -ll. Dick Craig Tom Williams Dave Williztmm loc Gcngericli Bob Buttle Henry Carr FW, A ,WWW Q . W A , -x-uf .., -h"Lu-Q '- ,M ' Dcpcnnling upon thc strength of indivinhizil aura iinci their wise couch. Lewis Iolly. thc Algnncdzi finder- incn have proaluuccl :1 wry cvcntful season. The future locks hright. for the loss of thc seniors will hc more than winpciisnlcd for hy the rc- iurning, seasoned nmlcr- clnsslncn. who in thc follow- ing season will hc eyeing thc AX. C. .X. L. Chanipionship Lkl'0XX'l'l. v fw:ff5"lI',Z ft .wwv fqw .u W iv ,M .X K ,V O", Af' 'L uf' X A, ,FV x Q1 'XJ 6. awww r X 1 fi 3 ix Q ' X , Jvw ' -K ,rx Q 'wxaffgf .Q x , wi, ,.. nv, , vm., , K , A . v. R X . n RL- Q4 xi .Wk , .. , 6 I 3 M, 4 S A 4 . . " . Q--W- is "1 f ?.,.g,,,ip I xl 'Vx a F 4, A K K H H Q ' qs i ,, ,. f' ,1 :.M,'0j f I Q- . .. I 4 -.. , Awww' '-B it .ep A i ' 1 M, WM saw ..""' - M , an W V M -K 7 f Xwm " " . A, :N 5 Q .. A.. '4 P x - W-. w A ' W K ,Qi . , y , A K W -3 N mm-Q. x ' 4 Q , . , , L, . 1' 5 , .Q L4 as 5 , 4 5 ' A 4, . Q .Nu Zh, M SICNIURS l. Huh llrmvngl' 2. Ron Crook-l' 5 -l. Len Rattu-C 5. Ray Smith-lla Ili Ii. Dan Suuza- . . Dick WucsLliuH3- CHET MILLETT, Coach Ymh Y.1lii111miUi-- VVally Curlcttgkl l5. llucl Rulwcrts-S5 l'l Owcn Hanil-Sli lfll Il1lIl5lll1'f,F lfi Glcn Ruiml-Ulf I7 Trevor Hill-OF Burt Sasscr-Ol? RIETURNHRS 20 Gmrgc Rcacl-P Dun Lanrlcr-I' Chuck Toiiias-L IOE MEDAGLIA, Coafh lc'l'l' liailuy Dick Hartcll Iuhn llcalrilslcy Ray liiiunacnrsi Vcrtia lflmnrc Dick Furinu Mel Golzlsniitli Nichiilas Kcnnli' Roy Kirk Terry Suncr Dick Slifc Louis Stefani Gary Young Perry Puckett Bruce Morgan Angelo Galli Calvin Larson Allan Quintcll Tom Stani Dale LCC VARSITY .IUNIIJH VARSITY MBVs!! Icrry Msrritt-Zh Duane Lewis-SS Anmly HcxcinM5h Iohn Hcarclslcyf-OF Luycl Boldt-OF C. I. Pius-OF Ron Bargoncs 'lbiiy Chavez Ron Hacgc Gene Hamilton Ron Hand Mikc O'Riclly R. B. Rcnoh Dave Souza Chuck Wing mmm The hasehall squad. under the capable direction ol' Coach Chet Nlillett. started the season well, and ap- peared destined to he in the lirst division at the sezison's end. Posscssing plenty of power and depth. the Hor- nets' only glaring weakness was lilling the hole at short- stop with a capable fielder. Coach Millett. although losing fourteen seniors, has nine returners to use as a nu- eleus lor the '49 club. 1 it wwf s vivftwmzfmmwf ,ra Q qjms A X, . I www 1 .ww mrwzzua Q S9 .. J1'P"-N... BOB VAN CIELDER, DAVE CLARK, WHITNEY REED, EDWIN ANDERSON, ERNEST MALLORY', RICH IANUSCH, NORMAN PETERSON HERB NYSER, IOHN WOLL, DoN WHITT, ED DE BELL, RICH IANUSCH, GORDON BELL ' 101 ' .AML OFFICERS, FALL I'1'4-,I-1'zz'f'11f , FLORENCE SYLYESTRI I"1'z'vPl'z'xz'df'z1f , RC'f'01'f1II'l1g Sl'C'1'C'ZLII'y Fifzunrfrlf Sz'c'1'c'tm'y Publfffty Aflt17IClgC'I' Song L.:'u11w' . HELEN MAHONEY MARILYN KNIGHT ELEANOR BIDEMA CORYL SHANNON HELEN FOPPIANO OFFICERS, S P1'zar1'dc'11z , , . , Vfff' Prz'51'dz'r1l, . ,... . . Rcf'0ra'ing SC'Cl'l'l'lll'y , ,, . FI-Udl1l'fZI! Scczwary. . , . , . Publidly Manager . . , S on g Leader .,.. , PRING CORYL SHANNON . ,NEALIA HERZOO , . .VALERIE LEWIS ELEANOR BIDEMA ..,.. .JOAN IUNO . . . . IANET BRUCE 5 r 'Nfwf E1 '- ii.. ICE SKATING RIDING SPEEDI5.-Xl.l, GOLF CREW HASEBALI 'IO5' Sf 39" BADMINTON BASKETBALL BASEBALL HOCKEY TENNIS HIT PIN ' 104 ' FOLK DANCING SWIMMINC we 1 UHEANIZATIUNS .. my K ,W.,N..,. ' - -12511 L TI IILAB FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 CAROLEE WHEELER .... ..... P resident .4.. ...... H ERBERT ADDISON STAN MUELLER .,.., .,.., V ice President ...,.,.... VIRGINIA RANDOLPH ED LEAL .,..,...,.. ....., S ecretary ,... , .... CAROLEE WHEELER BILL BARRY .,....,... .,.. T rcasurer .... ....,....,. A NDY HOSEY EARLINE GARNER ..... ....I S ong Leader. . , . , . MINNIE WESTBROOK The Latin Club members have had lots of fun this year thanks to the hard work of the officers and the sponsor Mrs. Ambrosoli. CAROLEE WHEELER Recording Secretary Circubus Latinus '108' FALL, 1947 ROGER BULLOCK MARCIA LARSEN BOB EVVING ,,.... ARTHUR ROKE , A IOAN SPIERSCH , . PHE EH III, B . .. Pizfxident . Vice Presidc-n t ..,. . . . . Sen'c'tary , , . , . , . 'D'easzn'fr . . , . . Editor . , SPRING, 1948 , ROGER BULLOCK , A MARCIA LARSEN CAROLYN DURHAM A ROBERT BEHCTLE . . ., PAT RIVERS Le Ccrcle Franfaid is a club made up of French students who meet on the second Wednes- day of each month. With the help of our two advisers, Madame Lee and Madame Darison, the club has had two very successful terms. Respectively submitted '109' PAT RIVERS GERMAN III. B FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 STAN MUELLER , . , . . Prexident , . . , , EGON VON KASCHNITZ EVERETT ANDREW , . I , ,Vive Presidenz I . . ....,.., . BILL FARR LOUISE MQCARTI-IY . , Secretary-'II-casua-er . . . . MARY SCHNEIDER BARBARA LANGFORD , . , Song Leader .,,. . , . , BARBARA LANOFORD Die Vereinigren Deutschen Studenten "Die Vereinigten Deutschen Studenteif' has been very successful. Our meetings have pro- vided fun for alll. Mrs. AII1l3fOSOlI, our adviser, has given us much help in planning interesting and successful meetings and events. MARY SCHNEIDER Secretary '110' THE SPANISH EL B FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 PAT SANDE ...,,... . , . Prexident , . , . ,.,... WAYNE LESLIE CECIL S-EXSMITH ..., .... V ine Prcxfdenz ...,. . . SHIRLEY WELLER SALLY McDOWELL . .... 7I'C'Ll5ZlI'c"l ',,. , . . IERE I-IACKETT RONALD BARGONES . .....,.. , . Sc-wwary ....., ...., D ARRELL VICTOR Faculty 1'1dUI.56l'-'MISS ISABEL VENARD At the close of school on the second Thursday of each school month of this year, a large number of students of Spanish have come to the meetings of the Spanish Club. Congratulations are due to all who have made this year's Spanish Club a success. ' Ill ' The II. S. F. The first social affair of the year was a CSF house party at the home of the adviser in October. At this gathering Mr. and Mrs. Saunders gave an account of their trip to the Hawaiian Islands by air last summer. Craig Fisher and Mrs. Saunders rendered several delightful numbers on the piano. This was followed by games and refreshments. This spring the CSF group attended the opera, "La Traviata' in San Francisco. A few weeks later about thirty members of the chapter went to Centerville in the school bus to the CSF Student Conference, accompanied by their advisers, Mr. Coughlan and Mr. Saunders. At the Conference Everett Andrew was elected as treasurer for next year's regional conference to be held at the Asilamar near Monterey. '112' Ealifnrnia Scholarship lfadaralinn CSF Advisers MR. REGINALD F. SAUNDERS, Clmfrman MISS MARY CONNELLY MR. DARRELL COUGHLAN FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 EDWARD LEAL ......,... .,., P rc'51'der1t .,,,. . . i CHARLES BORGIA CAROL RUMMERFIELD . , . .,.. Vive Pl'C'5I.dC7Zf ,.., . . . . CAROL TOUSLEY BARBARA TENER ........ ..., S efretary ,..., , i . MOTOKO TOGASAKl ALLAN ABRAHAMSON .,., ..., 77 'easurer ..., . . . EVERETT ANDREW LIFE MEMBERS Borgia. Charles Elster. Nancy Hildeman, Lynn Lunardi. Elaine Cervelli, Rena Fisher. Craig Iensen, Rollin Mueller, Stanley Durham, Carolyn l-larradine, Frank Love, Christal Tasker. James MEMBERS Abrahamson. Allan Adam, Iean Andersen, Gloria Anderson, Marilyn Andrew, Everett Bartalini, Beverly Beehtle, Robert Bekker, Beverly Brandt, Marilyn Bristow, Beverly Burns, lean Cose, Le Roy Cowan, Ioan Coy, Lorraine Craig, Maynard De Silva, Edwin Eldred, Patricia Ellis, Lucy Erickson, Eleanor Esehen, Carol Fleddermann. Ioan Flory, Esther Gatts, Iohn Geary, julia Gooding, Alice Hammer, Arnold Harris, Iris Hoepner, Barbara Hofrendahl, Donald Iaber, Sam ' Iacoby, Ruth Iensen, Marlene Kauffman. Barbara Kelly, Mary Kerby-Miller, Iohn Keremitsis, Marilyn Kumagai, Yoneko Lamberson, Iohn Liebhart, Shirley Long, lay Luce, Margaret Lum, Iaequelinc Lum, Susan Mahoney, Ioella Martin, Shirley McDowell, Sally McElroy, Guy Meacham, lane Meloy, Todd Meyering, Barbara Moore, Lois Moore, Marilyn Nyser, Hubert Older, Sue ' 113 Pertino, Dorothy Pollock, Stanford Rath, Carole Ratto. Marie Reed, Nadine Rivers. Patricia Rummerlield, Carol Sanders, William Shannon, Corylbelle Shuil, Bonnie Shull, Geraldine Smith, Jeanne Stewart. Barbara Stiles, Dean Sylvestri, Pat Tener, Barbara Togasaki. Akira Togasaki, Motoko Tousley. Carol White, Kathleen Williams, lean Wong. lane Wong. Walter Zaehmann. Helen Zanaria, Rose ult- MEMBERS .XI IICIIULIIHIIHI In-fry ML-rrnu Nwr111g1nI'ctcrsul1 lack lfuslur IjLlYL'IIL'l1tlL'l'NI7I1 Yush RTLIIULIIDI I G.1ry Suhxvcitl r Own-n I'I.ll1ll Calvin Simmons Ilnvc lscnlmrt George Upnlcgralff I.L'llllj' Rzlttu Tum Ginlvx lJll.ll1L'I,fYlll'i licl lic liull ML-I Mdlulluck Al Dial Marin Rglttu licl llc IJCLILIX Ilick XVL1L-stlmtl Iulm Vvllll Bulv Cupclalnml Gcurgc Iumw Rich IZIFILINCII 811111-rm Cnrluz ,Xntlwny Hl'j'.ll1l Gcwrgu Raul Im"l'rrtoricg1 Phil Lcsllc IMD VVlIill liulw SI1lI1lL'Y H . f-I . lVI . I-I. OFFICERS, FALL OFFICERS, FALL 1Jl'l'jl-daflll' MARILYN IUHNSON PI'C'.x'lAdC'11f .. , . RALPH IACKSUN IIIVFC' P1'c'5flfc'I7Z . , NIARY SAIIATINI Ifift' Pl'L'5fdC'I1f . . , , DAVE WILLIAMS Rl'f'0l'lfI'l7g Sl'lTt'fLll'qY DOROTHY ABRAMS Recording Scwvtary . . CLARENCE VERNON Fifnzrzmzl Sc'c'1'c'!m'y . IANET HRUZZONF Fif11m:'1'ulSz'w'c'lu1'y . . RONNIE CROOK Song Lmdw' . . I-3.-XR HAR A MANHERT OFFICERS, SPRING OFFICERS, SPRING Pfmdwzz ,..I,,,I, ,.,,,..... 1 MCH GAXIOLA Pl'c'xIdez1t , . . , , . . MARY SABATINI Via' President. . . . ..,,,,, MARIO RATTO Vice Pl'C'Xl'lit'71l . PAT WHISNAND Recordirzg Svfrrlary . FRANK MCELHINNEY Rz'c'01'dlng Sw'1'cta1'y , DOROTHY ROKUSEK Financial Svfrelary . . GEORGE OSORIO Fffzzzncful Sn'c'r0tcz1'y . BARBARA MANBERT Yell Leader ..,. . .,,., STAN GOGOI, Song Leader . . . , .... SALLY McDOWELL '114' IIHE ISTHY EL B FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 SHIRLEY WELLER. . . . , . President ,.., . . . SHIRLEY WELLER MARCIA HEDGES. . . . . . . .Vice President ..., .... M ARCIA HEDGES PAT HILTON. . . . . . .... Sec'1'c'tury . . . . . . ...,,.. . PAT HILTON ALLAN ABRAHAMSON ,,.. .... Ti 'c'a5urc'r . . . . ALLAN ABRAHAMSON CHARYLENE SCOTT .... ...,.. . . Editor ...., . . .,,.. CHARYLENE SCOTT .'1dUI-567'-MR. W. DARRELL COUGHLAN The Chemistry Club has had an interesting and successful year under the supervision of our fine officers and the untiring efforts of Mr. Coughlan. At our meetings we have demonstrations of chemical experiments, movies or discussions and always refreshments. Respectively submitted, CHARYLENE SCOTT Editor '115' FALL, 1947 ELSIE POMEROY .....,.. ALLAN ABRAI-IAMSON EARLINE GARNER .... EVERETT ANDREWS . A , PAT RIVERS ,.. .. A H AND HEY . . . . President . . , . .Vice President. . , . . . . Secretary , , , . , . Treasurfr , .... Editor .. '116' SPRING, 1948 ALLAN ABRAI-IAMSON PATSANDE IAYLONG IOAN IUNG PAT RIVERS 'Abrahamson, Allan Adam, lean "Addison, Herbert Anderson, Gloria Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Nancy 'Anderson. Pauline Anderson, Sally Andreason, Ken "Andrew. Everett Asher, Cynthia Austin, Barbara Babcock, Lois Bargonis, Ronald Barchardt, Hilga Bartalini, Beverly Bayley, Betty Bennett, Marilyn Bekker, Beverly Berger, Dan 'Borgia, Charles Bowdish, Betty Brandes, Dale Brown, Mary Ann Burns, lean Cavnor, Nelda Cobb, Bobbie Connolly, Ioan 'Corica, Teresa 'Cose, Le Roy Cose, Ronald Cowan, Nancy Cowan, Ioan 'Coy, Lorraine Cudworth, Merrill Carty, Io 'Corvelli, Rena Conard, Io Anne CoFfelt, Desmond Davis, Alice De Bell, Ed Decker, Sally Dictos, Victoria Dowd, Bob 'Doyle, Pat "Durham, Carolyn Egan, Margie f'Life Membcrsj Emmal, Rod "'Eldred. Pat Ellis, Mary Ann Eschen, Carol Esehen, Ioan Farrington, Larry "Ferro, Ierry Fledrlermann, Ioan Flory, Esther 'Fraser, Norma Fritzler, Roberta "Fung, Edward, Ir. Galli, Betty 'Garner, Earline Geary, Iulie Goldenagon, Peter 'Goldsmith, Mel Gilligan, Edward Hammer, Arnold Harris, Dale Harris, Iris Hashimoto, Iim 'I-ledges, Marcia "Herrera, Marquerite Hewlett, Beverly Hiller, Helen "Hilton, Pat Hiyama, Ianet "Hockin, Marjaret Hoepner, Barbara 'Holliday, Sondra "'Hosey, Andy Irvin, Virginia "'Iackson, Phyllis Iackson, Ralph Iacoby, Ruth Ielly, Dorothy Iensen, Marlene Ioy, Ioan Iohnstad. Dianne lung. Ioan Kaufman, Barbara Kelly, Mary Kerns, Ed Klockner. Dolores "Kudrna, Rosemary Kunkle, Kathryn MEMBERS Lalor, Virginia "Lamherson, John Leonard. Elaine, Elsie Lindberg. Betty 'Little, Roberta "'Lockner, Charlotte Long, Iay Long, Phil "Love, Christol "Luce, Margaret Lum, Iacqueline Lunartle, Elaine 'Mahoney, Leal 'Martin, Shirley Mason, Ianice Mathews, Ioyce McDavid, Marcella McKenzie, Ianet McDowell, Sally McShane, Bob Meacham, lane Meloy, Todd Mendosa, Evelyn Menzies, Ioan 'Menzies, Stewart Michaleto, Anna "Miller, Helen Montelius, Kenneth More, Marilyn Mowery, Maureen 'Mueller, Stan Multz, Margaret Nakayama, Soyoka Nickolson, Carrol Orla, Ed "Older, Sue Pope, Marilyn Parker, Ieanne Parker, Ioan Parker, Leona Parrnelli, Dolores "Pedersen, Ianet Perata, Margaret Pertino, Dorothy Pollock, Stanford Powell, Le Roy X wl if if Powell, Gary "Pomeroy, Elsie Rath. Carole Ratio, Catherine Ratto. Marie Roun, Anita Reed, Nadine Risso, Georgia "Rivers. Pat "Rokusek, Dorothy Rokusek, Ioan 'Rummerlield, Carol Seydel, Ioanne Sande, Pat Shaw, William "Shannon, Coryle "ShuIl. Bonnie 'Shull, Ierry "Sibley, Betty Spiersch. Ioan 'Steele, Susan Togasaki, Akira "Toningsen, Duncan Tousley, Carol Turner, Diane Vergez, Charmaine 'Volz, Eugene 'Weller, Shirley Westernorf, Malon Westbrook, Minnie Wheeler, Carolee White, Kathleen Williams, Ieanne Wilson, Irma lean Wilson, Alice Zachmann, Helen Zishka, Gloria 'Ewing Bob 'Iabor, Sam "Mallory, Shirley "Tenet, Barbara 'Deward, Dorothy 'Nuia, Barbara 'Roke, Arthur "Sulvestro, Pat M 'S BLIJIIH A OFFICERS Prefidvnt. , , . . . . .,.. BOB BROWN Sec1'ela1'y-Y3'caszn'c'1'. , . .RAY SMITH Via' Prc'sfdc'nt, . . . .WALLY CURLETT Sc'rgez111t-at-Arrns. , GENE SHOFE 'H8' WIJME 'S BLUIIH FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 IJELURES BARTALINI . . . . P z'1'. f fdenr , , . DOROTHY DHWARI7 DOROTHY DEWARD , . ,lfjrc P 1'f', f l'!17t'I1I . , MARILYN SUTTER BARBARA GHISELLI Rrvording Srwczary . , EVELYN MENDOSO ANNA TURNER , . Swgwrzz-fzt-.Rl 14r11.v CHRISTAI, LC DVB 'll9' RED IIHU55 FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 PI-IYLLIS IAKSON ...,. ,..., P resident ..... ........ B ILL SPENCER BILL SPENCER ,.,..,.., .,... V ice President ...,. .,... B ONNIE SHULL BARBARA BERNSTON I . ..... Secretary ..,., . . . RAY FARLEY RAY FARLEY ........., ..... T rcasurer . . . REPRESENTATIVES TO THE COUNTY COUNCIL FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 BONNIE SI-IULL BARBARA BERNSTON MARY SCHNEIDER LARRAINE BOBB Through the art department, the Iunior Red Cross is able to send Christmas greeting cards and menu covers to men overseas and aboard ships. We also sent about 100 gift boxes to children in Europe, and Christmas gifts to American children on Guam. '120' THI-IUT FALL, 1947 SPRING, 1948 NILE IORDAN .,,.. ..... P resident ...., ...,.... N ILE IORDAN ED DEDEAUX ..... ..... V ice President ..... ..... E D DEDEAUX PAT RIVERS ..,... Recording Secretary ,... ....,....,.. P AT RIVERS NARRINE EARL ,.... .... F inaneiul Secretary ...,..... EARLENE GARDNER SIMEON CORTEZ ..... ..... S ergeant-al-Arms ..,. ...... S IMEON CORTEZ The purposes of the organization are expressed in its name. Tri-Iota stands for three "l's": international, interracial, and interincultural. The club hopes to make this a better community in the future by helping to make its members more broadminded toward people of a different nation, race, or cultural background. NILE IORDAN, President PAT RIVERS, Secretary '121' 5- 2 Q x - 'EXW-W ?W9,S' Ya N, . fs W S W Q? mf U Q W' xii?-QQ , lg, , W if iw? sv me 5 xi fi Xb Q 'Lg as W N wigs at 1 9 X-Swv ew S 2 -s 'MR N 5 Y 3' E uditnrium Staff Cafeteria Staff MILITARY I 1 Tvsagw-fr fl P Q WJQP5 1 F . Q 5 i I x. 5 T5 k 5 mimi:-I Aumzs .n. Q?w-Mai. Us U' "-Nunn! rm, 1 f lg 5 X1 ' pk s. W 'Lf , fy L8 3 4 ,z U figs if gg I 'W , in iff! TF -5' 3' ff? tgm 3 , 3 - tv 4 I 41 f Wa It wg - Eg Lf? JM ,. fi Q, 1 1' , ijt, ,N ,. K f ,X Q ,fl :N QQ in V is 5 S ,, M , L ,fm v , ,kr 5 x V .f fi f .iw h W " V 9 Q aw M F A ' eff ,f ' 5. I ,, f . 29' K QQ ,XT ' 5. 55' f Q 5 1 ,f 5 jf x H v A f 'r in 33" ,,.,: L . I I nw ,Af .- ,. .1 33 , Y C YM .. ,N lg Q 'Sis U Q 185551 THE STAFF Maj. Stanley Mueller, Ir. Lt. Col. Melvin Dickinson Capt. Gordon Sibbald Hon. Maj. Shirley Mallory Hon. Lt. Col. Marilyn Brandt Honi Capt. Dorothy Dill Capt. Craig Fisher Capt. Gerald May MfSgt. Kenneth Eberts, Ir Znd Lt. Edward Chase ' 127 ' 'HfiZ5'sY 3 if T "" 225433 f Q In x 3 Q Q ., ,Z Q E.: - sg A, - at tg' E 1, wwf' fffi iif F 5 A K 5 A3 U Q E is? 3 Q ' J . . Q 1 M V35 Q ' gf? ' ' K. 'A ' , Qi, Y 5 ,VWA 5 ' i . 2 , it uf Q, ,H fxxf? Q E2 O 1 , Y I ,Xse- z Q gl kg ,, , wb g . gf , . K ti A 7, Q i Sm Q 1. R 7 as V t Iggy A if N f- 'sg if H . . 6 5 ' Q d Q Z V. W . Q ,H ,A . ,, S wifi mg I , R : V E ' I YM gg . if , 56 W . f 1 ,W ., 4, , X - . , S "::' ' 'Q ' M A we .. . gf W 'A+ . R if ' Q . if 4? Q ' Ni , A 1 Q s , . ' Q t K ' Q Q H f , X Q2 1 ai 1 lf , 1 Q A.QJp. , , ,, U 5 A 5 19 . - , 1 K .' ,X K ,,, ....... 5 1 1 'ws 5 E 5 i 5, W , Y! . Q Q Wi 43 " P IU 3.1.0 94, I E , 41 1 SSW? Q Q g9 -uf 'B Q8 3 ' gi? vu- :N - W Q A ' A "" ,I 2 . ,,.,. ,Q wg. Zfgh 2 - SQWV, . M 3 ig ,lr X si' 5 ef- Q gw 9 Q N A Q . . . Q Q 1 W , . ' - fm sf , . wif ' M - ' .mf-' , . ' . E K O v . .' . i W ' ' ' " fx hx Q ' ' - 4 9 ' 2 Q ,G . ' ' A A , tx U W.,,W,,.,,.m.,f fx Jfazmwmag. NWWWWf,gf'fw cu fm 4 0 Pl O Qi in U ff 4.112 'al Tr ,, 4 WWMMWMW El , . . .f v ' ww : 30 f+mi ?g" . A .-455 1 . ' W , . Q ,M W' w ., f ' A W? i E 4 V , ff? " . ft 1 H . A o',g 'w y , "'4'f7H ...gjmw , x ,isa ..,Q jig -okmg U llsgfi' F '. f 'QE f 41 ' W .Q , 3.1.0 5? S 'll 'hw ifil KJ 1 ,, s 2 . Q lm A I Q1 s K u.,, 6 Sl X J W l -1 If agus K X . . 1 q .it 9 ' U f v 1 Q ng ' 0 4 , ni i o .RX 5 A 5 S Q, PT!-ll TS A D SPD S COMPANY A Capt. Kenneth Cates Hon. Capt. Doreen Hale COMPANY C Capt. Bill Lotz Hon. Capt. Nancy Blackburn COMPANY B Capt. Iohn W. Rooks I-Ion. Capt. Iris Harris BAND Capt. Sam Iaber Hon. Capt. Connie Dunford UBS -If . 8 at 41 22 -552 'V - 1 1: --4 . 5 1 D 3,51 . E - Q ..-.. Q , ES M 5 B if 5. .3' NL: :: ' -S 5 1 f 'A 2 K H4 K , law , 5 . L AL ew if 0 li , f Q X 'H r F fi . 3 f R ., f fflgilli 4, W 'V-S-IQAP h -I gT' X. .sz QW ' kr ws f w . .H ,M , W W . W ,mx . ,, , 3 gy 3' 'P . x 5 , gxw, f NT' , Q . rv K ' QV Q Q3 P D ,x K , 0 , 8 sm 5? A ' 1 , .5 a, , , N"" -1- ' 1 0 Q ' 4 . i . , s .QM x. O Q5 5 V, ll ka n O Q Q - 1 Q U 53 Q Q 'Q A 53 V as TNS V -W ' up ,Q 'gg 4-A 'ENV' I 'f,'. Q11 ,..., ,ft . f ' 59 fs f hm' 'Q is Q 9 ' A 9 ' 4 Q f aw H1 S' mg ' Q 3:- 5 as H Q Us gl sg www M 3,119 E 5 Q ! E U ' w i '? 1 ,W A 1 , Y ' V. AP ' K W s i W E Q 5 w 3 ggi ' X 9? . f-iv :Q E2 4 QB Q 3 ' pg. .1159 ' ' ' .s I , ' gd .v k 9 We ,, S , my '73 fire 5 'A Q 'A ' ,cf , ' f 4 vga, " 1 - wb THE EITY UE ALI-XMEIII-K THE Z-KLAIVIEHA EHFHVIHEH UE EUMMEHEE Alameda California l Hmgfafulufcs THE CLASSES of JUNE, 1948 and JANUARY, 1949 'BZ' Qwitglzanr snev Where you always find YOUR FAVORITE CAMPUS CLOTHES 1410 PARK STREET LA. 2-5033 idfi ame a Ladies Apparel We Specialize in Formals Budget Terms and Charge Accounts Invited COATS v SUITS 0 DRESSES 0 FURS 1428 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-8762 ALAMEDA, CALIF. delicious supreme Tucker's Ice Cream TUCKER'S Ma Corner Park and Webb '133' PORTRAITS :ll- CANDID WEDDINGS f'N S MAC IVEII, STUDIO 2421 Santa Clara LA 3-244 g E ilms to PIATT'S" CAMERAS RAMES GIFTS E7 Pia tt's '134' TOWING SERVICING CHAPLIN MOTOR SALES CO. BUICK PARTS SALES 243 1 Park St. Phone LA 2-6400 Good Health and Happiness is our wish to the Graduating Class GADSDEN'S STATIONERY STORE E. D. GADSDEN, Proprietor 'I-435 PARK STREET Phones: LAkehurst 2-T844 - LAkehurs1 2-T845 AGNEW REALTY CO. 1432 Park Street f Alameda, Calif. LA 2-4224 Mr. and Mrs. Agnew and' their Staff greet the Students of the ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY Banking Since T854 3 Alameda Omce PARK ST. and CENTRAL AVE. West Alameda Office WEBSTER ST. and SANTA CLARA AVE. ALAMEDA '135' Blanchard and White VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS DOBBS HATS HICKOK BELTS CATALINA SWIM WEAR ADLER SOCKS SLACKS, SPORT SHIRTS BANK OF AMERICA National Trusi and Savings Associalion 6 Alameda Branch PARK ST. and SANTA CLARA AVE. Webster Street Branch W wsssren sr. and HAIGHT Ave. 1 4 3 0 P A R K S T R E E T ALAMEDA - CALIFORNIA 1092 STUDENT RATES CASH ON CORSAGES o FLOWERS 0 GIFTS by V 06 2416 CENTRAL AVENUE Opposite Post Office TELEPHONE LA 2-0188 If no answer call LA 2-6683 BOBBY SOX COTTONS WOOL MIXTURES ANGORA CUFFS 6 . The QUALITY SHOP 1340 PARK STREET 6 Congratulations Grads '136' A SEE THE NEW W X CEHEBOQ 1948 MODELS + K Now in our Show Room w Q GARLAND CHEVROLET CO. ' 2424 SANTA CLARA LA. 2-9221 WHERE YOU FIND A FRIENDLY SMILE FOR HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS AND STYLES WORTHWHILE IN CAMPUS CLOTHES L E I D Y 'S "Two Friendly Stores for Your Shopping Convenience" 1425 PARK STREET 1451 WEBSTER STREET 1 KONIGSHOFER'S WOMEN,S and CHILDREN'S WEAR YV ' LA. 2-1922 1343 PARK ST. ALAMEDA T O W N S H O P Distinctive Women's Apparel 3 Open every Friday evening N until 9 p.m. 3 1 Telephone 1345 PARK ST. LA 3-0789 ALAMEDA, CALIF. '137' Since1934 B U T O M'S We wish the class of 1948 the Best of Wishes and Happy Days ALAMEDA SPORTING oons omPANv B im ' ' ' A ALAMEDA, CALIF. - H SI Q. Q 4: Y ye - For Your Education in 'N Better Buying , MSIIBEL TRY BARKER TILTON FIRST M. Everything for the Home X W 51 BA BARKER TILTON Vg- b Park St. at Alameda Ave. L 'MX X Home Furnishings . for 25 Years , '138' .F I PM . Www ,, XM , 2 ',,w: f . fn 'X' ,ex Q .hi 2 wi? 'Qi wq lg U ff? Xsjgf FSWM S5 wp- ff' I 5 m A ulograplzs V' W WU 4. QVW WH Y R W Q ' Autograph 5 ,? jjf,,f"Zw WWW fefkfffiff K fy MWF ,W QQMWW1 fl Efeiw QP 2 0 AA1Qto ra hs QF xi' X WW W 0 ESQTQ WW -2-x 4? M Hifi W f Q . X IL.. JW iff ffiisifx X iijlfy E Qxx I: -L x Q' xx xg N ,Q vga i A ETX CXNX 35 QE gm ffxi!-lk 33151 Q- 1-Ii-. .7 4-,uaf - I 7 1 1 ul i 41. ,.. ,gs .425 'in as Q, L-. -iii, , H sf. W Q.: .,,"?:vQ5f, -I fu: ,, N P 'fvrvv -.. 9511, 4 'A .1 a ' .B- -XE ,xr + - 'wus , ,W ,Y,, . , .WL 3 wa z 5 F 1 1 I it J. V.--I Ai, P- Q rr.. r .v Q, x . . 1 4 4- 1 if in k a .41 U 4 1 .rn Et -fi , A. ..l I . . i Autographs i'iI.IH6i. mf' -5k II 1 f. W. ju. .' 54...-r f JS y . rr -L !! -1-1' x k , . -.24 ,.' H'-'f' EV? ,W LL. . "" Y' 1 IL I Lb-IV 1 V 1, .1 EU- Un J' r N u w -v ..,LV,,g4:,g:,.f-3 Q'-all In V ., .4 1 4 1 i.: VI, -' '2r'',11. ii 92.111 ' N -if ' .A X, ,.'2v5:,1.- ge-..: .Sr .Tig .fr ' '- " 1 ' 3 fguw 'Il V '53 V , Q2 T ' r , f' F, Il tri' .i' 1,-,, ni If ,p, ' ',-.. rf , ., 5 im. I, , . .131 n vi-F. ,. ,wb w ,,A,.n-'- .- ,-,: . ..g - ,"n'- wff'vi".. 1 HI: I. .p .H gal? 'iycfzig T' V w F -'- ww,-1. 'N ',' '1 - Q 51 -fm 2 P.VLEEAinii3 ,i . pf' a A 1' ,u .. ,, pw., 2' .w ' ' 1 V -w . , , . . r 'L Iulxu. ?'JIU.5ni' ',,,,n XL ' - .I--g'3w1!4 1,34 Q 5' el f'-'fl-gk L M. -1 Q -J i'iJ1 :Enl- qnri' ak. Fl' J 1,-.1,, v ,., 1 .E IH, ,,. lf' 4,5 VM. - I L t5,,g.g.zggq, - .:.j'. ijfgg- 5 ,H q'.,31, ' -, ,, Mfa H, f--a - 1 ew W1 'J-Qr,. .-J S 2553i ' 3-Q' .ux if lf. Lr- ,!.,, ,IJ J-H 1. ,pm 4 -,li :I :I 1,, v1..,lK:, L+. .I- I -v -r- w -1- ! " , 1 " Y-I'1 ' x v, I Ir, i. ,.,.3-- yf i Pf- . V, L':.9g1-,,- r- 35: In iw , . - - L . D - f .5 L. r Al- IK ww L1 f. 1 , 4 I-'W H Q- ??'iUfi1 - ,- .- -l :Tj ,- Sv f- , ' iii! ,111 " ' 4: 1 1 ask- 591 gy 4? , ,3i'ghL. ' f'?iEfGjf:,1- xl--had if 1 2551 '17 ,W ff, NIL 'H -ek M' fl .J JL . .' rfL JB, '1 .x, i ,I xil --'- van? W Q, - -f ' - uf f, f i' 1 . --I , -X .3 V, ,-EQMV, ,W A 1 I HJ W U ff ff QMV WM , U, if W' Q53 SW ff M I iii? Www 5' L5 QM X ijf M, 3355 5' i,AN Sl FE 1. - 3 x . A 4 'W75 ? ww ' ' 5 . - '- , Q" '.1.f ?'im, P F I KE'-'ia '- gag '5,,5,..3'v-fav-Q'-f-'-f,,ff4 ,. if 4, -' ? 55' f P - rv viii: . 1 1 1 . -A , gigs? -b J' - fi Q J F r r L -1 A

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