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CY x Fam TP7 D 'Q'-.L lr S eh If 'I 3 oh J Q Q:- O ffl U4 gr? -t-l 'U I A 5 li 5. gi D F 'fd S KE X 4'-u -Li YA -P .Y . .Y -5-' j 3551, ,rm X wi Q 5125. ' ' ' lf 'IL uf 'Q A . QM' dag: l -732 .Q- 'Q- 4 I 1 ..- .mp Hg.- 'Ta 'x MSA, ,-l,. .f .t 4 .1,,, vw , mm J .. .05 4 . vii F ic, . ,nw J A L -v 1 '-"m if A-. .-f fffx r 91 K , .-.H "4,,1 bm . ufjwbw ilififkv Ed. at 'mv 1 .. V- g': .' . Agif, A Xa , 'lf .. , ,, .1 V, . - L --1' , -Q. g r :rf 4 ,QT-, 't 1,-.av gi . J.. W, ,. f 3 n '- -awp 1 . .. ,A 1- 3..,,,: , - -,.-U ... 'Q-,N . I - ,-.::. H "'! V ,' if Z- f' ef,-' if . - '.i.-. .' if -fig, . fff- " 1 ' '.' 1 TJ. .1f. .V-:lf f.-5-,Y Q., Q. . -in . ' -' Q f if, -,,. ,- I .V xr, --1, - -1. V .-I., .Lr -. , - 711' 'L -,3,:'s,g"1+' "Q 12.1 1 fi, 4ii,',h.-,,.f,..wl? 'J-' -1 'Q,.-"1-fj'NQ"- fsrffiarff 22,52 zfig if gigiwh-, ,' 11+ ' - uf . -fl-. 4.7 .t-:f-- L-,. up :g , ,I ,.-.. Arg- , 731. - - ' f" '-4' -'Q-' x .s iff- 4 J 7: -lfmrfiij, fi!Af,- , -VE -Q 4-9,1 A 'ZS my kr 4 Q, ML 4 H 4 YPA L . A ...x -,1-J. 5 I ,qs-...,..,.,,. :pw -. 1 QQ! W 1 fnpxv I 'Q' V. .- 4 -' F , 1 4-I '- ..,1 fix im., M1 4? 1 Ve ,vw " 1 1- R. Q: 5 1. A wr 'A A x 1 ..f L . H-5' --V.-uv. :x:f,:-'T' , - ,.,,. . . ',,,-af.. -Ar.. -'N-Q' 'L - .ang " - .fwf-523. IL .- -445 .f ,3..,,t:1 y 4. -, .41 . -1. - -'..: r mf. 'i-- f--- A 'J' Lil: jx, - A -52251 1-f-ywzgf. 3 'f fui-L-, P , 3515131 fin 'ik-. 3lff+eQ'x '. ' -.5 g . ft. 1, Ar - . ., ,,,a'1..-754-fq.1J,Q'-f 'v,.f3 ,,x,,-:.. F. .4-H-sh. mcg., '- Liu 4 5? f ,-,.f,- . .- mfk fi -'M ., , ,Va Y... Q., gg, .. 1 ff-'W rel" .N 'S:.'lfl Q-1 ' - z ' QA:ffg'f- f' 'td' ' Nfl' xg. IA 1-1, ',. -.t K, 1- -. .. 4 M +5 ,-1, +L Li, L f ww if V, 1 e V. LV F. , . Y. L, i . - ojjk, '-.'1 -,W -N , 1 'V-3 5, -fy, .' ,Tx V-..-mn, -,-' ' .J 2"-.-ffilfz. - 113 f- ' ' ' ' "" ' X" fel,-1-V ,-Vmgef. 'T 7133 fm: 1'i,f,:.---1.113 . . - - . 1 - "' ,.?": 'i " "" .-,ll in H ,. 1. -.11 '- ,4, .f f ,. . . 'i a"-1.-Q-vfg-"",.:1 9 ' 5 1' "'h'f.':29' ," -. f-'jf : -1.5 4131. - , ,L-Egqgba 1,31-1" , - uf,-A-: ,, L+ , 'Q-2e3:q,gX'l5',i1j1 . -, 4. f I A 3 .4 N. - -, , 1, W, KL. . W .. ,. Q ,N . ,. V - 4,1 : .v 'Q -v-13' -1 .,.f,Fw..' -, ,, !""w. , H -,S hr --w,!.':..'-.u Y X, Af 1 ' 10 - ,- A 'af , 1+ .V 1' '23 .Tf. 'Q ' ' Jggig ' - ' HT. Pr if . , Y ' : ' U37 ' 'A Lgwar- , V., A H' Y . , , 1' . 2551 vkt. 4- ' "' iii- 5 -A ,- if . V - . Q, Y, A'.,,i., . -. dn v,- ,A 1 4 ,- "' Ui!-F. fi --'22-7'1" . . . ' f' 'fl , , 4 . V - 1 - ii. 'Y W, lp. 'n ,... V. Q +- ,-. nj- ..f. L. -.,,.-S 5' 449 ibm s. ' s ' is-.xx I COPYRIGHT 1947 by BRADLEY WILLIAM WYATT, Jn. Editor MYRTLE GRAHAM LAWRENCE NG Assistant Editors JAMES LENNGX Business Manager AHS VOLUME XLVIII Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAM1-:Im HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA . I FUQQWORD . .. Yet much remains to conquer still 5 peace hath her victories no less renown'd than war- The war years are overg yet remains a world divided by conflict in ideologies. We must prepare ourselves for our place in this idea torn world. Of the greatest importance to all of us is our heritage as American citizens, the right to vote. In order to vote intelligently, we must be well-educated in all fields. Those of us attending the higher institutions of learning will ensure our heritage by added understanding of cultures and governments, and those who are entering the field of business' immediately will enrich their education by meeting other people and by observing closely the happenings of state and nation. In this, the second year after victory, we can envision our future. We who are planning to attend unive1'si- ties and colleges need not interrupt our scholastic careers with service in our armed forces, and those entering business will with renewed security build foundations for the future. Let us now prepare ourselves by increasing our knowledge of the American way so that as we become the leaders of tomorrow, our background in the American tradition will be indelibly engraved on our minds. As we are planning for the future, so should we lay away remembrances of youth. Witll this fact in mind, we of the 194-7 ACORN have tried to compile an annual that will in later years bring back the joy and pleasure that is our youth. BRADLEY WYATT, JR. "5"5!4El' DEDICATIO DR. GEORGE C. THOMPSON Prinripal Alameda High School 1904 - 1939 Zin Memoriam Let those of us who down the years have felt The touch of Dr. Thompson on our lives And have been better men and women for it Attest his right proudly to say with Horace: Exegi monumentum acre perennius regalique situ pyramidum altius, quod non ilnber edax, non Aquilo impotens possit diruere aut innumerabilis annorum series et fuga temporum. Non olnnis moriar. Carmina: 3, 30 Now have I reared a monument more durable than brass, And one that doth the royal scale of pyramids surpass, Nor shall defeated Aquila destroy, nor soaking rain, Nor yet the countless tide of years, nor seasons in their train Not all of me shall die. Translation by William Ewart Gladstone My message this year is one of thanks and appreciation to all of the students and faculty members who have made this a banner year for Alameda High School..We started out in September with a large enrollment and in a very short time the financial secretary was able to announce that the school was one hundred per cent in student body memberships. That announcement was important because it meant that all were working as a unit for the welfare of the school. It meant that the students had confidence in their elected officers. Our first football games demonstrated that we had an outstanding team and that the students were solidly behind it. Our rooters attended the games in large numbers, had lots of fun, gave the team the necessary inspiration, and, what is most important, conducted themselves exceptionally well. We received numerous compliments from the other A.C.A.L. schools concerning our spirit and our con- duct at the games. The basketball season, which resulted in a championship, gave us further opportunity to demonstrate our loyalty and enthusiasm in a sportsman- like manner. I congratulate the teams and thank the students and faculty members who helped to make the football and basketball seasons so successful. My congratu- lations are also extended to the teams which are just starting their league competi- tion as this is written. The student body oflicers all worked hard to secure the very best talent that was obtainable for student meetings. The Administrative Board used good judgment in handling the funds of the school and in supplying the teams with new equip- l6l . BRYAN S MESSAGE . . . ment.New football uniforms, new basketball uniforms, and new baseball uniforms were purchased at a cost of more than three thousand dollars. Another worthwhile investment is the new 16mm moving picture camera, which enables us to keep a valuable pictorial record of our athletic activities. The two Boards of Control have served efficiently and well in handling meetings and in helping to solve the traffic congestion in the hallways and on the stairs. They deserve and receive our sincere thanks. The student body officers for the spring semester are carrying forward the fine work of their predecessors and are reaching out for new goals. The Service Council under the leadership of the President of the Associated Students is creating for us a vast storehouse of good will among the merchants of Park Street. I especially want to commend them for their work and to thank the students who are coop- erating with them. Excellent service has been given the school by our bands, our orchestras, our glee clubs, our choir, our dramatic groups, our auditorium staff, our Oak Leaf staff and our ACORN staff. The classes and the clubs, the Girls' Association and the Men's Association, the athletic groups, and the scholarship societies have all contributed to making this a happy and successful year. Let us all continue to work to make our school a better school so that we can speak of Alameda High School with pride at all times. To Miss Brosnan, faculty adviser, Bradley Wyatt, editor, J im Lennox, business manager, and to the ACORN Staff, I extend my thanks and appreciation for handling the difficult task of producing the 1947 ACORN. 3 auvkf E71 Refrain: 313411011 DON WEEDEN Your representatives for Fall '46 If I say so myself, were quite a nice mix. Don and Bimbo planned lots of good meetings, And many good speakers paid us their greetings: Armand Gerard and fellows like him, including Mr. Wetmore from the Key System. Bob got his dues in a skip and a hop, And even a rate at Leo,s Toy Shop. The monotony of 100 per cent minutes was broken, But the dance that Dick managed was good. fThat's no jokinlj Paul and his gang led the songs and the yells, And wetried everything but 'flingly Bells." KATHRYN MOORE DICK .IENNINGS A. S. A. H. S. ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS-Full, 1946 President ,..,....,........,....,.,..... DON WEEDEN Vice President ..,.,... ...... K Arnsmm-: Moom-: Recording Secretary ..... ......, D :CK JENNINGS Financial Secretary ...... .,... Bo B BARONIAN Yell Leader ......... , . .,., , . .PAUL B1-:LL Our thanks to the Student-Faculty Committeeg The advice that they gave was the best in the city. The same to the Ad Board who spent all our dollars, Bought football equipment and things for the scholars. Each of the members of the Boards of Control Kept watchful vigilance like a keen-eyed mole. And we're truly most grateful-no if's and no but's- For the hearty assistance of all you stewed nuts. Respectfully submitted, RICHARD fLONGFELLOWl JENNINGS Recording Secretary, Fall '46 BOB BARONIAN PAUL BELL ADMINISTRATIVE STUDENT FACULTY BOARD COMMITTEE ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD The members of the Administrative Board for Fall, 194-6, were ,lack Caton, speaker, Katherine Moore, vice speaker, Virginia Gerke, secretary, Don Weeden, sgt. at arms, Dick Jennings, Bob Baronian, Paul Bell, Audrey Bessemer, Nancy Etherton, Peggy Etherton, Barbara Krausse, Shirlee Warlmtlrton, Marguerite Chapman, Ralph Jackson, Nancy Stromberg, Helen Kyriaeos, Frank McElhinncy, Richard Nix, and Karen Birkholm. STUDENT FACULTY The members of thc Student Faculty Committee are the five Student Body offi- cers, president of Girls' Association, president of Men,s Association, Chief Coun- selor of Women's Board of Control, Chief Counselor of Men's Board of Control, delegate at large, president of G.A.A., and president of Men's Block GA." The members for Fall, 1946, were Mrs. Hunter, Miss Loskamp, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Bell, Don Weeden, Katherine Moore, Dick Jennings, Bob Baronian, Paul Bell, Barbara Krausse, Janet Openshaw, Bob Lagle, Art Kahn, Natalie Brown. llll MEN 'S BOARD OF CONTROL OF CONTROL MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL The Men's Board of Control is composed of eighteen boys who are chosen by a group composed of the Principal, President of the Student Body, Chief Counselor of the Men's Board of Control, and Speaker of the Administrative Board. Oliicers and members for the fall term of 1946 were Art Kahn, Chief Counselor, Gerald Warburton, first vice counselor, John Dronkers, second vice counselor, ,lim Lennox, secretary, Bill Thompson, sgt. at arms, Don Peralta, J im Kerr, Divo Dianda, Dick Branchaud, Larry Vargas, Dan O'Connell, Russ Rabeneau, Richard Osorio, Alan Bedford, Len Ratto, Maurio Ratto, John Rooks, and Ray Smith. WOMEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL The Womenis Board of Control is composed of eighteen girls. Ten are appointed by the Administrative Board, four are appointed by joint action of the President and Vice President of the Student Body, and four are appointed by advisers of Junior and Senior girls. The oHicers and members of the Women's Board of Control for the fall term of 1946 were Natalie Brown, chief counselor, Sandra Dickinson, first vice counselor, Pat Steel, second vice counselor, Janice Parkinson, sgt. at arms, Carol Giifen, sec- retary, Shirlee Warburton, Pat Whisnand, Nancy Elster, Shirley Mallory, Peggy Pearson, Jackie Garcia, Barbara Callan, Barbara Ghiselli, Muriel Ruisinger, Jackie Hicks, Audrey Bessemer., Jean Mclntosh, Dorothy Hayes. E121 WOMEN'S BOARD A. S. A. H. S OFFICERS-Spring, 1947 BOB BARONIAN The spring term of 1947 was no doubt one of thc most outstanding semesters in A.H.S. history. With the top quality leadership of President Bob Baronian, always striving to his utmost to bring the student body an unparalleled term, we have had a most successful semester. Vice President Virginia Gerkc, an inspiring figure at our meetings, has taken a large part in our student meetings, and has assisted President Baronian immeasurahly. Recording Secretary Terry Reed has con- scientiously filled the duties of his office. Financial Secretary Les Sachs has set an unbelievable mark in achieving 100 per cent student dues within the first month, and in procuring numerous new student rates. Yell Leader Keith I-Iarold's spark- ling personality and untiring energy added greatly to each meeting. We were indeed fortunate in having a wide variety of excellent entertainment, the more outstanding being Mr. Johnny O'Bricn, the Pomona Glee Club, and our annual student talent show. Through the Ad Board, the Student Faculty Committee, the Men's and Wo1nen's Boards of Control, this semester has been a most successful one. As we have dis- covered at the Alameda County High School conclave at Albany, Alameda High School ranks tops in the Bay area. On behalf of the administration I wish to thank each member of the student body for his fine cooperation shown during this administration. TERRY REED Recording Secretary VIRGINIA GERKE TERRY REED LES SACHS KEITH HAROLD D INISTR T10 President .........,..,. . . . ......, Bos Bimomw Vive President .,... .... I IIRGINIA ILRKE Recording Secretary .. , TERRX REEn Financial Secretary .... ,,.... L ES SACHS Ibll Leader ......,. , KEITH HAROLD BOARD COMMITTEE MEMBERS, FALL 1946, SPRING 1947 ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD The Administrative Board is composed of twenty-seven memhers: six delegates-ab larfre two re Jresentatives from each class, and the five student hod oflicers. The Q 9 hoard's immediate function is to a Jrove the school hudvet. U The members of the Administrative Board for spring, 1947, were: Terry Reed, speakerg Nancy Stromherg, vice speaker, Shirlee Warlwiirton, secrctaryg Barry Connor. sergeant-at-arms, Boh Baroniang Virginia Cerke, Les Sachs, Keith Harold, Barhara Fisher, Gadgie Hicks, Patt Kirby, Barhara Noia, Brad Wryatt, ,lack Caton, Frank Stafford, Peggy Pearson, Ralph Jackson, Florence Dohson, Frank McElhinney, Helen Kyriacos, Dick Mason, Nancy Griffin, Greg Bessemer, Phyllis Hancock, Richard Sarafian, Nancy Anderson. STUDENT FACULTY The memhers of the Student Faculty Committee for spring, 1947, were: Boh Baronian, Virginia Gerke, Terry Reed, Les Sachs, Keith Harold, George Lagorio, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. ClllllllllHgS., Miss Los Kamp, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Bell, Patt Kirby, Gadgie Hicks, Richard Osorio, Nancy Etherton, ,lim Lennox. T141 ADMINISTRATIVE STUDENT FACULTY MENS BOARD WOMENS BOARD l OF CONTROL OF CONTROL MENS BOARD OF CONTROL The Men's Board of Control is composed of eighteen boys, ten of these boys elected must be members of the Boys' Block HA" Society, and the other eight must be upper classmen in good standing. Regulations state, further, that ten of the group must be seniors and eight must be juniors. The officers and members of the Men's Board of Control for the spring term of 1947 were: Richard Osorio, chief counselor, Len Ratto, first vice counselorg John Books, second vice counselor, Dick Jennings, secretary, Frank Nereu, sergeant-ab arms, Bill Lane, Joe Roach, Clarence Doyle, Jack Caton, Alan Bedford, Robert Perona, James Moore, Maurio Batto, Bob Stanley, Barry Conner, Jack Copeland, Don Koek, Dave Vickers. WOMENS BOARD OF CONTROL The Wfomen's Board of Control is composed of eighteen girls, whose duty it is to preserve order in student meetings, at games, and at other gatherings where students have supervision of student conduct. The girls chosen for the spring term of 1947 were: Jackie Hicks, chief counselor: Audrey Bessemer, first vice counselor, Carolyn Kyle, second vice counselorg Marge Cupid, secretary, Shirlee Warliurton, sergeant-at-arms, Barbara Manbert, Marge Perata, Katherine Hollywood, Eleanor Wales, Joan Mallory, Barbara Lang- ford, Sally Shepard, Barbara Fisher, Jackie Garcia, Peggy Pearson, Joan Willialixs, Jean McIntosh, Pat Steel. U51 IASSBS ' CLASS OFFICERS-Fall, 1946 President ........ . Vice President ...... Recording Secretary. Financial Secretary. . Yell Leader ............ .... Administrative Board ,.., GERALD WARBURTON Una destinatio, viae diversae . . . for four years we have traveled the many ways, searching for that one destination. Today we have reached our goal: graduation is around the corner. How did our class accomplish this task? The evidence follows: We have given a number of eminently successful events. During our freshman year we gave our Election Dansant with which we obtained a good start in financial affairsg then we gave the Hop Scotch Hop, which provided fun and a pleasant evening for everyone there. During our junior year we gave the Cinderella Prom, which was a great success, largely because of the efforts and originality of the manager and co-manager, Bill Thompson and Peggy Ethertong then we presented our senior play, "What a Lifef' a light comedy, produced under the direction of Miss Marian Los Kamp. Those who attended enjoyed the play and appreciated the work done by Rudy Multz and Jean Mclntosh in the leading roles, as well as the fine support furnished by Lois Riley, Brad Wyatt, Dick Jennings, Gordon Floyd, Dean Berg, Nancy Etherton, Bob Baronian, Gadgie Hicks, Jack Shrieber, Jim Cundall, and Patty Miller. A number of our members have become well known throughout the school. Bob Baronian, Virginia Gerke, and Keith "Tiger" Harold were president, vice presi- dent, and yell leader respectively of our student body. Rudy Multz and Nancy Administrative Board, . . . ...... . . . . . . OF ...........,.....,.......GERALDWARBUR'l'0N . .,... CAROL:-: CARPENTER . . . . . . . . .BARBARA Nomus DoN Hmncsn Lao Cam-:cmNo .JACK CA'roN . . . . ,MARCUERITE CHAPMAN CAROLE CARPENTER BARBARA NORRIS DON HINIKER LEO CEREGHINO' UNE 1947 resident ........,...,,...,..........,.,.,...,. JIM LENNOX use President ....... .... S HIRLEY SEVERNS ecordmg Secretary .... .... L AWRENCE Nc manual Secretary ..,.. ...... D ON HINIKER ell Leader ......,... ..... L EO CEREGHINO 'dmuustratwe Board ,.... ,.,........... J ACK CATON 'dmmzstratwe Board ,.... ..... M ARGUERITE CHAPMAN OFFICERS-Spring, 1947 JIM LENNOY Etherton have shown their dramatic talents, Gadgie Hicks has distinguished herself in art. George Lagorio earned block letters in football and baseballg ,lack Spangler earned block letters in football and basketball, Bill Thompson and Clarence Doyle were chosen All-County in basketball. Pauline Hahn, Patty Miller, Barbara Norris, Nancy Etherton, Lois Riley, Marion Ghiselli, Gerry Stone, Betty Pryor, Norah Johnston, Norma Stromberg., Dot Dickens, and Marie Glasse were R.0.T.C. Sponsors. We had a grand time here, but we also studied. Seventeen members of a class of 300 are life members of the C.S.F., and a large number are members of the Star and Key Society. Honors go to Alice Roemer and Nancy Etherton, our vale- dictorians. To our faculty advisers and to our other teachers as well as to Mrs. Hall and Mr. Bryan should go the credit and the praise for our success. This small group of people has given its fullest cooperation in all matters which concerned us and our activities. Throughout the entire four years they did not once refuse to help us when we asked their advice or requested their aid in some class activity. And now, to all, we leave our best wishes and fond farewell. LAWRENCE Nc Recording Secretary RLEY SEVERNS LAWRENCE NG DON HINIKER LEO CERFC HINO AIIDREY ADAMS: C.A.A.: Sr. Play Comm.: .Ir. Prom Comm.: Christmas Pageant 746: Spanish Club: Auditorium Staff: Oak Leaf Reporter: Sr. Executive Comm.: 4B Adv. Pres. MARY ADAMS: French Club: Adv. Officer. PAUL ALLINCER: Cerman Club: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Chess Club: Sword and Shield: Non Coms Club: Life Member Star Ki Key: Life Member C.S.F.: The Clique: The Radical Party: Orchestra: R.O.T.C. FRED ALWORTH: Block "A" Society: Vars- ity Track: Spanish Club: Chem. Club: SBR Football: J. V. Football: Varsity Football: Glee Club: R.O.T.C. .IOYCE ANDREW: Red Cross Council: Life Member Star K Key: Life Member C.S.F.: Latin Club Secty.: Vice Pres. Star 81 Key: Tri Iota Pres. 4A and 4B: Tri Delt Member: Entering San Francisco State. CLYDE ASVITT: Football: Block NAR: ACORN Staff. LESTER BAKER: French Club: Chem. Club: Tri Delta Beta: "R" Basketball. '44. BOB BARONIAN: Pres. A.S.A.I-I.S. Sp.. '47: Financial Secty. A.S.A.H.S. Fall. '46: Circus Day Comm. Sp.. 516: .Ir. Prom Comm.: "What a Life', Fall. '11-6: Student Faculty Comm.. Fall, '46: Sp.. '47: Ad Board. Fall. ,4-6. Sp. 547: Life Member C.S.F.: Life Member Star 8 Key: Service Council: Student Talent. Fall. '46: Christmas Pageant. Fall 46: ACORN Staff: Red Cross Rep.: Tri Delta Beta Society: Spanish Club: Adv. Officer. Fall '4-4: Opening Dance Comm.: Fall. '46. Sp. '47: Service Panel: Sr. Play Comm.: Entering Stanford University or IIC. MARIE ANTOINETTE BECK: Girls' Clee- Sp.. '46 to Fall. '46: Choir. Fall '47: "I Hear America Singingv: Public Schools Week. '46-517: Red Cross Rep.: Christmas Pageant. '-1-5346: Vice Pres. Adv.. Sp.. '47: Circus Day Comm.. '45: Ticket Comm. Sr. Play: aNew Moon": Teachers Institute. '45-'46: Camp and Hosp. Corps. DIANA BEHR: Going to Alaska. MARILYN BENSHOOF: Adv. Pres. and Vice Pres.: Operetta: Choir: Sr. Play Comm.: Public Schools Week. '45-'46: Christmas Pag- eant. '44. '45. '46. DEAN BERC: Concert Rand: Swing Band: Orchestra: R.O.T.C. Band: Mgr. Sr. Picnic: Mgr. 'LMikado": Red Cross: Adv. Pres.. '44, '45: Football. '-14. '45: Baseball. '44-: Sr. Op. Day: Jr. Prom Com. Mgr.: Soph Hop: Sr. Play: Circus Day Comm.: Sr. Jacket Comm.: Oak Leaf. FRED BERLIN: Rifle Team. '43, '-1-4. '45, '46, '4T: Capt. R.O.T.C. Staff. AUDREY BESSEMER: Fin. Secty. Girls, Assn.. Fall. 316: Student Fac. Comm.. Sp.. '-17: Bd. of Control. Fall. '45. '46. Sp.. '47: Ad. Bd.. Fall. '4-1. '46. Sp.. ,45: Co-Chair. Sr. Op. Day: Co-Mgr. Soph Hop: Co-Mgr. Sr. Play: ACORN Staff: Rec. Secty. 2R: Fin. Secty. 3B: A.H.S. Rep. D.A.R.: Star K Key: Spanish Club: Latin Club: "New Moon": Red Cross Rep.: Adv. Pres.: Circus Day Comm.. '44. I4-6: Jr. Prom Comm.: Christmas Pageant. '45: Open- ing Dance Comm.. 744. '45. '47: Mgr. G. A. Fashion Show. '46. LEA BIANCO: Red Cross Rep.: Block "LAM: G.A.A.: French Club: Spanish Club: Chem. Club: Oak Leaf: Editor Chem. Club: Star 81 Key: Service Council. BOB BODIFORD: Red Cross Rep. JOHN RONWELL: French Club: Pres. Tri Delta Betas: Underground. ALFRED BOUTTE: Spanish Club: Boys, Glee. BETTY LOUISE BOWYER: Adv. Oli.: Life Member Star 81 Key: C.S.F.: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Exec. Comm. Chem. Club. Sp., '4-6: Red Cross Rep.. Sp.. '46. Fall. '45: G.A.A.: Girls' Block 5'A": Oak Leaf Staff: Asst. Fea- ture Ed.. Fall. '4-6: ACORN Staff: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Service Council: Planning to enter college. CARMEL BOYLAND: French Club: C.S.F.: Life Member Star 81 Key: Clee Club: Chem. Club: ul Hear America Singing": Student Talent. '43, '4-4. '45: Teachers' Institute Solo- ist, '45. '46: Public Schools' Week: Soloist Christmas Pageant. '46. BILL BREWER: Red Cross Rep.. '-15. '46, '47: Spanish Club: Chem. Club: Track. '45. '46, '47: Ticket Sales 'gWhat a Life": Megaphone Club. FRANK BROWN. JR.: Red Cross. '-1-3. '41-, '4-6: Boys' Glee: "Mikado," NORMA BROWN: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: DICK BRUMM: Spanish Club Treas.. Sp., '46: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Property Mgr.: Circus Day Comm., '46: Star 8: Key: Chem. Club: Yell I.-wrler Tri Delta Beta: Student Talent. Sp.. '47, BETTY BRUUN: Star 81 Key: Tri Iota: G.A.A.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Pres. Adv. CHARLES BUCK: Music Club: Adv. Pres.: Color Guard, R.O.T.C.: Christmas Pageant, '43, '44, '46: "I Hear America Singing": Sr. Play Comnl. DONALD BUSWELL: Capt. R.O.T.C.: Sword and Shield. Life Member: C.S.F. Officer: Span. Club Officer: ACORN Staff: Chess Club Officer: Tri Delta Beta: Stage Crew. '44, '45, '46, '47: Adv. Officer: Jr. Prom Comm.: "Mikado," LOIS BUTCHER: Recording Secty. G.A.: Adv. Officer: Sr. Play: Christmas Pageant, '46: Spanish Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: C.A. Fashion Show. '46: Fresh. Recep.. Fall. '4-6. Sp.. '46, Fall. '47: Circus Day Comm.: C.A.A. Sports: G.A.M.A. Dance Comm. ART CAMPANILE: Transferred from Tren- ton High School. Trenton. New Jersey. BETTY CARLETON: CAROLE CARPENTER: 4A Class Vice Pres.: Chm. Sr. Sweater Comm.: Life Member C.S.E: Life Member Star 81 Key: Sr. Play Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm. Chm.: Soph Hop Comm. Chm.: Oak Leaf Asst. Ed.. Fall. 'l6: Features Ed. Sp., '46: Pg. 2 Ed. Fall, '4-6: G.A.A. Sports: Adv. Officer: Jr. Red Cross: C.S.F. Treas. Sp.. '46: Star 81 Key Fin. Secty. Sp.. '46: Pres. and Fin. Secty. Latin Club: Vice Pres. and Ed. Chem. Club: Tri Delts. MADCE CARROLL: Red Cross Rep. 2B. 3A: Member Star K Key: C.S.F.: Spanish Club: Adv. Pres. 3B: Tri Delts: U. of Illinois. ALFRED CARTER: EVALYN CASEY: Life Member Star St Key: C.S.F.: Spanish Club. JACK CATON: Red Cross Rep.: Adv. Pres. Fall, '43: Class Treas. Fall, '44: Adv. Bd. Fall, '45. Sp.. '46, Fall. '46: Sp.. '4'I: Speaker Adv. Bd., Fall. '4-6: Circus Day Comm. Chm.: Tri Delts Past Bouncer: Opening Dance Comm. Fall, '45, Sp.. '46, Fall. '4-6. Sp., '47: Baseball '44, '45, '4-7: Football, '45, '46: R.O.T.C.: Non Com's: Bd. of Control Sp., 47: C.S.F.: Bd. of Publications, Fall, '46: Student Fac. Comm., Fall, '46: Sr. Exec. Comm.: Soph Hop Comm. LEO CEREGHINO: R.O.T.C.: Adv. Fin. Secty.: Yell Leader. 4A. 4-B: Choir: Bids, .lr. Prom.: Tickets, Sr. Play: "Mikado": Spanish Club. w x Q 21. Wx 1 11 f QW Q :EE N4 mm- an W "Nw ,QQ BILL DAVIS: R.O.T.C.: Yell Leader Class: Adv. Bd.. '4-5: Circus Day Comm.. '-M. 316: Jr. Prom Comm.: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: "What a Life" Comm.: Track. 717: Red Cross Rep.: Adv. Ofiicer: French Club: Political Campaign. '46: ACORN Staff. '47: Mgr. Sr. Men's Banquet. GLORIA DEMEITSE: "I Hear America Sing- ingn: Public School Week: "New Moonn: French Clllb: Latin Club: Red Cross Rep. SUZANNE DERMODY: French Club: Soph Hop Comm.: Star K Key. WAl,LACE DERR: C.S.F.: Star Sa Key: Span- ish Club: Tri Delta Beta: Entering University of California to major in Engineering. MARION DEWEY: Christmas Pageant. 716: Lake Merritt Business School. LYDIA d'FONSECA: Fresh. Recep. Fall. '-1-6: Adv. Officer: Red Cross Rep.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Pres. Tri Iota. Sp.. '46: Sr. Play Comm.: Chem. Club: Spanish Club: Life Member Star K Key. DOROTHY MONA UICKENS: Adv. Pres.: Soph Hop Comm.: Sponsor Company HA". Sp.. 'sl-6: French Club: Housewife. SID IJOWLING: Class Pres.. Sp.. '4-L: Circus Day Comnl.. Sp.. 'fl-4: Christmas Pageant. Fall. '44: Boys, Glee. Sp.. '-14: Mgr. Soph Hop. Sp.. '45: Mask and Sandal. Sp.. 716: Jr. Prom Comm.. '46: Christmas Pageant. Fall. '-16. BILL DUNMIRE: Star K Key: Chess Club: Chem. Club: Public Schools Wk.. 13: Track. '43: Latin Club: Non Coins Club: "Mikado": Pres. Tri Delta Beta Entering University of California. JERRY ELDRIDGE: Spanish Club: Oak Leaf Staff: Megaphone Club: Adv. Officer: Sr. Play Comm.: Sr. Play: Red Cross Rep.: G.A.A. Fresh. Recep.: Soph Hop Comm.: Cir- cus Day Comm.: Going to college in Florida. PAMELA ELFERS: Soph Hop Comm.: Red Cross: Alternate Bd. of Control: Spanish Club: Adv. Officer: Fresh. Recep.. 716. '4-7: Jr. Prom Comm.: G.A. Fashion Show: Mask and Sandal: Christmas Pageant. 715: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Be a Fashion Model. GEORGE ELSASSER: s'Mikado": GolfTeam NANCY ETHERTON: Valedictorian of Class: Pres.. Vice Pres.. Rec. Secty.. G.A.A.: Sr. Play Cast: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Rd. of Con- trol: Life Member C.S.F.: Chem. Club: Span- ish Club: Service Council Student Fac. Comm.: Girls' Block MAN: Fr. Recep. Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Going to San Jose Col. PEGGY ETHERTON: Pres.. Vice Pres.. Fin. Secty. G.A.A.: Co-Mgr. "Cinderella Promn: Adv. Bd.. Fall. 717: Vice Pres. 3A Class: Rd. of Con.. Sp..,46: Rlockg'A":Span.Club: Chess Club: Life Member. C.S.F.: ACORN Staff: Stu. Fac. Comm.: Service Council: 0ukI.enfStaf'f: Tri Delta Beta: Chem. Club: Going to Salt Jose State College. ERNEST FAGNANI: Christmas Pageant. 'l6: Sr. Play Cast: Chem. Club: Tri Iota: Spanish Club: Track 6'l3..' 'AH-: Varsity Track. 315. '46, Going to S. F. Junior College. DICK FARLEY: Basketball. '44, '-15: Golf. 'rl-6. 717: Tennis. ,46. PHYLLIS FASSO: Transfer from Campbell High in San Jose: Choir. '46. '-1-T: uMikado." CLAUDE E. FENNER: Chem. Club: Spanish Club: Red Cross: Tri Iota: Adv. Rep.. Fall. '46. Sp.. '47: "'Mikado": Going to Jr. College. TOM FERGUSON: Life Member Star 8: Key: Chess Club Pres.: Chem. Club: C.S.F. Pres.: Circus Day. '44, '46: Latin Club: German Club: Red Cross Rep.: Adv. Pres.: Orchestra: Choir: '6Rio Rita": MNew Moonw: Jr. Prom Comm.: uMikado'i: Non Coms Club: R.O.T.C. Band: Radical Pa1'ty Pres.: Going to U.C. MARY LEA FISHER: G.A.A. Sports. ,43. UL BONNIE FLETCHER: French Club: Cafe- teria Staff: And. Staff: Head Usherette. GORDON FLOYD: Sr. Play: c'Mikad0": Capt. R.O.T.C.: Non Coms Club: Sword and Shield: Rec. Sec. Sword and Shield: Christ- mas Pageant. '46: Star St Key: Cal. School Fed.: Military Ball Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Spanish Club: Circus Day. '46. VIRGINIA FROLING: Soph Hop Comm.: Oak Leaf Reporter: Concert Orch.: Star K Key: Entering S. F. State. JUNE FUDGE: "New Moonw: iiwllill a Life" Comm.: Opening Dance Comm.: Adv. Pres.. Fall. '46, Sp.. '4-6: Adv. Vice Pres.: Baccalau- reate Service: Christmas Pageant. '44-. ,45. '-1-6: Red Cross Rep.: Sr. Exec. Comm.: Entering Armstrong School of Business. .JEAN FURITNO: Entering hair designing school. JACKIE GAICH: German Club: Latin Club: Circus Day. '46: 'LI Hear America Singingw: Chem. Club: G.A.A.: Entering S. F. State. JACK GAINES: Swing Band: R.0.'I1C. Band: Concert Band: Sr. Play Band: German Band. HELEN GARNER: Life Member Star 8: Key: C.S.F.: Student Talent. '43. 746: Sr. Op. Day Comm.: Sr. Ball Comm.: Sr. Meeting: Span- ish Club: Tri Iota. PHIL GEORGE: Band. '43. 514: Baseball, '-15. '-I-6: Oak Leaf: Adv. Officer. '43. '44. JAMES GERAGHTY: R.O.T.C.: Vice Pres. Adv.: Sgt. at Arms Adv.: Entering S. F. J. C. VIRGINIA GERKE: Vice Pres. Stu. Body: Asst. Yell Leader. Fall. 546: Adv. Bd.: Rec. Secty. Girls Assn.: Vice Pres. G.A.: Fin. Secty. G.A.A.: Rec. Secty. G.A.A.: Student Fac.. Sp.. '47: Block NAM: Service Council Panel: Mgr. Fresh. Recep.. Fall. ,46: Christmas Pageant. '45. 546: Life Member C.S.F.: Co-Mgr. Open- ing Dance. Sp.. 547: Tri Delt. GRACE GERTMENIAN: Sr.Play:Red Cross Rep.. ,43: Music Club: French Club: Star 81 Key: Entering San Jose State. MARION GHISELLI: Bd. of Control. Fall. 545: Oak Leaf Page Editor: Rec. Secty. French Club: Pres. Star 31 Key: Jr. Prom Comm.: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Vice Pres. Star 8: Key: Pub. Mgr. G.A.A.: Vice Pres. G.A.A.: Treas.- Secty. Girls, Block "An: Life Member. C.S.F.: Service Council: Vice Pres. Girls' Block NAU: NNew Mooni' Orch.: '4Mikado" Orch.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Vice Pres. C.S.F.: Chem. Club Editor: Asst. Ed. Oak Leaf: ACORN Staff: Tri Delta Beta.: Ent. ILC. DON GIBSON: Adv. Officer: C.S.F.: Star K Key: Spanish Club: Christmas Pageant: Sr. Play: ACORN Staff: Oak Leaf: Pub. Schools' Week: "Mikado": Sr. Exec. Comm. MARIE GLASSE: Adv. Pres.: R.O.T.C. Spon- sor: G.A.A. Vice Pres.: G.A.A. Pub. Mgr.: Life Member Star K Key: Pub. Schools Wk.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Tri Deltas: Spanish Club: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Red Cross Rep.: Girls' Block "A,'. ESTELLE COLDBERG: Transferred from Joliet Township High School: G.A.A.. 'l6. '-17: Adv. Secty. '47. MARION GORDON: Girls' Glee. '4S: 4'New Moon": Choir. '46. '-H: Christmas Pageant, '45, '46: Pub. Schools Week. 716. '47. MYRTLE GRAHAM: Asso. Ed. ACORN : Stan- ford Press Conference: French Club: Star 81 Key: Chem. Club: Red Cross Rep.: Ad. Ofli- cer: Oak Leaf, Fall. -l-5: Christmas Pageant. '44. '45: "I Hear America Singingn: Sr. Play Comm.: Circus Day. '-l-3: L'Mikado": Sr. Opp. Day: Going to S. F. State. GEORGE ARTHUR GREEN: Star Xa Key: Platoon Sgt. R.O.T.C. GEORGE LEE GREEN PAT GREEN: French Club: Star 31 Key: Sr. Exec. Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Chem. Club: Red Cross Rep.. '-46. '47: Transferred from Holy Names. Oakland. FLOYD GREGG: Football, '4-4. 'el-5. '-l-6: R.O.T.C.: Block MA." JACK GRUNEWALD: Sr. Jacket Comm.: Sr. Opp. Day Comm.: Baseball. Sp.. 745: Spanish Club. PAULINE HAHN: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Exec. Com. C.S.F.: Asst. Ed.. Exchange Ed.. Asst. Bus. Mgr. Oak Leaf: Exec. Comm. Chem. Club: Vice Pres. Latin Club: Vice Pres.. Life Member Star 81 Key: Jr. Red Cross Delegate to Nat. Convention: Pres. ,I.R.C. Council: Girls' Bd. of Con.. Fall. '4-5: Hon. Capt. Batt. Sponsor, Fall. ,sl-5: Hon. Lt. Col. Batt. Sponsor. Sp.. '46: Sword and Shield: Military Ball, Sp.. '46: Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Vice Pres.. Sec.-Treas. Girls' Block "Au: Pub. School Week. '-H. 'Al-5. '-46: Service Council: Underground. LEO A. HALVERSON: "B" Football. '4-4: .I.V. Football. '4-5: Varsity Football. '4-6: Varsity Swimming. 715: Block HAR. '45. '46. '4-7: Ad. Ofhcer. DUANE HANSON: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: Ad. Officer: Spanish Club: German Club: French Club. KEITH HAROLD: A.S.A.H.S. Yell Leader. Sp.. '47: Megaphone Club: Boys Glee: Choir: Christmas Pageant: .I.V. Football. '-13. 514: Varsity Football. '45, 716: St. Fac. Connn.: Opening Dance Comm.: Ad. Board. JOHNNY HARRIS: Block HAH. '4-7: "B" Bas- ketball, ,44. '45: Golf. ,46. '-1-7: Circus Day Comm.: Ad. Officer: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Sweater Comm. BOB HARRIS: R.O.T.C. Rifle Team: Choir: Future plans aviation. .IACQUELINE HICKS: Dansant Comm.: Soph Hop Skit Comm.: Jr. Sweat. Comm.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Spanish Club: Ad. Offi- cer: Sr. Play: Bd. of Con., Fall. '45, Fall, '46: Chief Counselor Girls' Bd. of Con., Sp.. ,47: Ad. Bd.: St. Fac. Comm.: Circus Day: Open- ing Dance Dec.. Fall. '-46: Art Ed. ACORN. Sp., '47: Sr. Opp. Day: Service Council Panel. JOHNNY LEE HINES DON HINIKER: Fin. Sec. 4A. 4B Class: Foot- ball, '4-4. '4-6: Track. '45: Christmas Paageant, 546: "Mikado',: Pol. Con. '4-7: Circus Day Comm., '44: Jr. Prom Comm.: Public Schools Week, ,4-7: Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Exec. Comm.: Tri Delta Beta. LILLIAN HINSVARK SHIRLEY HOOPER: "New Moon": Chris- mas Pageant, '44, '45, '46: Pub. Schools Week: Oak Leaf Staff: Ad. Vice Pres.. Fin. Sec.: Election Dansant Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Baccalaureate Services: Choir, '44, '45, '46: Music Club Fin. Sec. ? we Q ..,,2, 8, N? 3 KN Q 3551 la f ,K 8 5 ,Q .- Q X S. an M 5 ,ffm 5 Saw, N551 5. uf W , V i? ' figs, ' 42 55? , Jh A-- H ' riffw,5f,f , A W 2jfQw.s:A ,, ff A Q 1 .,':.:z:1:1 g,:.,wgim hgff . 1 , V if NAOMI KNIGHT: C.A.A.: Star K Key: Oak Leaf Staff: Sr. Play Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Spanish Club. DELORES KNOWLES: Tri Iota. MILDRED KNUCKLES GEORGE LAGORIO: Football, '44, '45, '46: Baseball '44, '45, '46, '47: All-County Football, '4-5. '46: All-County Baseball, '45, '46: Block "An: Pres. Block "A", '47: Bd. of Control, '45: Political Convention. TED LAMB: Lt. Col. R.O.T.C.: French Club: Pres. Sword and Shield: Military Ball Comm. '46. '47: ACORN Staff: Mess Sgt.. Provost Sgt., Chief Clerk. Non Coms' Club. BILL LANE: ,l.V. Football. '44. '45: Varsity Football. '46: Block "A" Soc.: Bd. of Control: R.O.T.C.: Going to U.S.C. RAY LEHMKUHL: .l.V. Football. '45: Vars- ity Football: Christmas Pageant. '45: Student Talent, '4-7: Boys' Glee: Operetta. MARY LEMMONS: Taking Business Course JAMES LENNOX: Pres. 4B Class: Bus. Mgr. ACORN, '47: Mgr. Sr. Play: Rec. Sec. 3B: Ad. Bd., Fall. '44, Sp.. '45: Spanish Club Pres., Fall, '44, Spr., '45: Sec. Men's Bd. of Control, "46: Star 81 Key: Service Panel: Class Exec. Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Circus Day, '44, '46: Red Cross Rep.: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Ad. Officer: Tri Delta Beta: Dansant Comm., Fall. '45: Christmas Pageant, '45: Planning to enter Stanford. DON LIVINGSTON: Choir: Christmas Pag- eant, '4-6: Star 81 Key: Sr. Play: Cafeteria Staff. '44 to '47: Public Schools Week. '4-7: Indian Work in Arizona. FLORINE LONG: Red Cross Rep.: Ad. Rep.: .Ir. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Christmas Pageant. '46: Latin Club: Ad. Officer: Oak Leaf Staff: Going to Business College. C. MARSHALL LORING: P. A. Crew, '45, '46, '47 : Chess Club: Chem. Club: Spanish Club: Sound for Sr. Play: Tri Delta Beta: Under- ground. GARY LYONS: R.0.T.C.: Circus Day Comm. BARBARA MACIVER: Red Cross: Election Dansant: Public Schools Yveekg Spanish Club: G.A.A.: Oak Leaf Staff. FRANCIS MILTON MANDEL: Spanish Club: R.O,T.C. DAVE MARTINSON: Choir: "Mikado"' Public Schools' Week, '46, '47. 9 ROBERT MASON: Aud. Staff: R.O.T.C.' Football. s DOROTHY McCARTNEY: Trans. from Mc- Clatchy High School: "Wltat a Life": Christ- mas Pageant, '46: Oak Leaf Page Ed.: Adv. Pres.: C.S.F.: French Club. ,UE X.-1,5 ,F D311 A,., M 'rw www-.wwivm , W 3'--'FF 75, . -Mwfw 4 me f hmiwufzffff' NW w, ,, .: my ,WWA W .2 r 6 -1 ygf,Qm,24w 75, Efgzf ' fax mn: NL ggi-,wigs V Q3w3bS+r 4' gy W? 15' , .Vwvxx as me ' aw P . 1,5 -NYRISSKQ wwwvz L.,f,sg.xzw K, ,W r,,,,S,Xw: 353' .. ,K y J if if H Q A X Ri gm Q M ::. ,,if 3 ww W :S 'P , , A2 wmM,+s2 Q, U r 5:5 1 - m,g,fK,,., 11- , ex W ,, ,y .- . M, ,A ,f3yQw,1,W,.: X MSW .ee K zz .V 12,35 B4 , f, A, Q.: 5 Tig: 1 P - ,. KW -. ,, W . 5,5 g M x m wa gm gqrqg - 1 .kvawgg - Mig A va- T U ,Q k 539 l 5 '.,-. ' . A Q A-nf ,fe si, HERB OATES: Jr. Prom Comm.: "Cleo- patra". 716: Jr. Red Cross Council: Spanish Club: Star K Key: Chem. Club: Track. '-16: Sr. Play Comm.: Public Schools Vfeek. '-17: Circus Day, 514. LILLIAN OLOFSSON: Star K Key: Red Cross Rep.. Fall. '-16: Ad. Yice Pres.. Sp.. 715. CARL OLSON: Swimming Mgr. "R". '-14: 5'New Moon": P. A. Crew: Picture Projection- ist: Stage Crew: Spanish Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play: Christmas Pageant. '-1-1. '15. '46: Public Schools' Vlleek. '-15. '-16. '-17: Tri Delta Beta. JANET OPENSHAW: Life Mem. Star K Key: Pres. G.A.A.. Fall. 'f16: G.A.A. Mgr.: Red Cross Rep.: Ad. Pres.: Girls' Block "A" Soc.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Service Control Council: Latin Club: Aud. Staff: Sr. Opp. Day Comm.: Planning to attend ILC. GLENN ORR .IIM ORTNER: Red Cross. 713: Varsity Base- ball. '45. '46. '-17: Block "A" Soc.: "B" Base- ball. '4-1: "B" Basketball. '-1-1. '-15: Circus Day Comm.: Christmas Pageant. .IOANN OSTERBERG: Red Cross Rep.: Band: Orchestra: Ad. Officer: Planning to go to University of Minnesota. GLORIA OW LAURA PACINI: Choir. '-15. 716. '-17: Girls' Glee. '44. 516: Operetta "New Moon" and "Mikado": 'sl Hear America Singingn: Christ- mas Pageant. '-15. '46: Planning to do office work. BOB PATTERSON: Baseball Mgr.. Sp.. -1-1: Ad. Officer. LORRAINE PENLAND: German Club: Soph Hop Comm.: .lr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Going to Merritt Business College. LORINE RUTH PERRY: Girls' Glee. Sp., '11: C.S.F.: Star K Key. GENE PETERSEN: R.O.T.C. Band: Concert Band. BETTE PHILLIPS: Star X Key: French Club: Spanish Club: Christmas Pageant. '11-1. '-15: Public Schools' W'eek. '-11. '45: "New Moon": "Mikad0": Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: G.A.A. Sports: Block "A" Assn.: And. Staff: Ad. Officer: Freshman Reception. '16. '-17: Chem. Club: Service Council. RETTY PRIEST: Rec. Sec. IA Class: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: Red Cross Rep.: Vice Pres. Ad.: Student Talent. '46: Christmas Pageant. 716: Chem. Club: Unk Leaf Stall: "New Moonn: "Mikado": Freshman Reception. 715: Ed. and Vice Pres. French Club: Sr. Play Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Choir: Glee Club: Public Schools' Wlcek. '-17: Circus Comm.. 51-1: Planning to go to work and then to college to become a dental asst. BETTY PRYOR: Sword and Shield: French Club: Sr. Play Comm.: R.O.T.C. Sponsor Staff. '47: Ad. Officer: Red Cross Rep.: Teach- ers' Institute: Christmas Pageant. '16: G.A.A.: Glee Club: Circus Comm.: Planning to go to Gemological School. DONNEL E. RAVENSCRAFT DOROTHY REDIESS: Tri Iota. X W wi we 'W' A W ff 2 H , ' in ' Egg Aw A iff? gi rw 2:26, -Yi X' "7 .. .. f ' 'FR 1' g Qiff ! gg . W ,,, .wif NL 31123 . my ff X I Y-'P If V -xrx SHIRLEY SEVERNS: Vice Pres. 4B Class: Mgr. Sr. Women's Banquet: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Meeting: Stu- dent Talent. Fall. '45: Red Cross Rep.: Ad. Ollicer: Service Council: Circus Day Comm.: Sr. Exec. Comm.: Spanish Club: Chem. Club: Going to Lux College in S. F. LOURENE SHEPARD: Latin Club: GA.: Ad. Officer: Undecided. JACK SHRIBER: Red Cross Rep.: Yell Leader 1B Class: Star 81 Key: Boys' Clee. '4-7: Box Oilice Staff. '44. 515. ,el-6. 'rl-7: Spanish Club: Megaphone Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Cast: "The Mikadon: Baseball. '-16: Tri Delta Beta: Christmas Pageant. 544. JOYCE SKILLRUD: Girls' Clee Club: Choir: L'Mikado": Transferred from Roose- velt Jr. High School. JACK SIMONE: Football. 'l3. '-15. '1-6: Roys' Clee Pres.: Student Talent: g'New Moon": Swimming. '4-1: Pres. Ad.: Lead "Caesar and Cleopatran: 4'Mikado": Mask and Sandal: Christmas Pageant: Block MA." GERALD SIMPSON: Capt. Adj. R.O.T.C.2 Fin. Sec. Sword and Shield: Sgt. Maior Non Coms' Club: And. Stali: Mil. Ball Comm.: Red Cross Rep. DEAN SMITH: Class Pres. 313: Class Fin. Sec. 3A: Pres. German Club. Sp.. '4-5: Major R.0.T.C.: Sword and Shield: Chm. Jr. Prom Comm.: Non Com's Club: Red Cross Rep.. '43: Ad. Officer. '43. '4-L '45. '-16. '47: C.S.F.: Spanish Club: Track. '-16: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: Military Ball Comm.: Circus Day: Chm. Sr. Play Comm.: Tri Delta Pres.: "New Moonv: Chem. Club. FAYE SMITH: 'LNew Moon": Clee: Choir: St. Talent. 715: Fresh. Recep.. 'l6: Red Cross Rep.. 'Mg Christmas Pageant. 915. '46. LUCILE SMITH DORIS SPACKMAN: Ad. Oil.. '-1-5: C.A.A.: Continue in job as telephone operator. SELDEN SPANGLER: Trans. from Wzlslling- ton. D.C.. March. 716: Chem. Club Pres.: C.S.F.: ACORN Stall: Co to Massachusetts ln- stitute of Technology. JANE STECCONE: Spanish Club: Latin Club: Chem. Club: Star 81 Key: Ad. Officer: Wailt to be a nurse. PAT STEEL: A.H.S. Ad. Rd.. Sp.. '46: WOHICIIJS Bd. of Con.. Sp.. '-1-6: Vice Counselor Fall. '46: Bd. of Con.. Sp. '-VI: Vice Pres. Class: Fin. Sec. Class: Jr. Prom Com.: Soph Hop Comm.: Christmas Pag.. '-l6: Circus Day Comm.. '-1-4: Circus Day. 546: Circus Nite Dance Comm.: Vice Pres. Ad.: Jr. Red Cross Rep.: French Club: Latin Club: C.S.F.: Star 81 Key. Am going to college. BILL STEINECKE : "New Moon" : "Mikado": "Cleopatra" playette. RALPH STEVANS BEVERLY STILES: C.A.A.: Chorus: Latin Club Treas.. Fall. '-H: Pres.. Sp.. '-15: A.H.S.: Cirl's State. '-16: Rep. to Asilomar: "What a Life": G.A.A.. Fall. 515. 'l6. 717: Pub. Mgr. C.A.A.. Sp.. '47: Christmas Pageant. WS. '51-6: Baccalaureate. Jan. '46. June. 716: Exec. Comm. Cinderella Prom: Star K Key. Sp.. WT. To college. IRA STOGNER: Ad. Off.: Football. 'LL '-l-5. '46: Track. '45. 'el-6: And. Staff: Roys Clee: Christmas Pag.. 15. 16: R.O.T.C.: Dramatics: Boys Block WA." CHARLES STOLTE: R.O.T.C. GERRY STONE: R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Sp.. '-17: Sword and Shield: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: Ad. Pres.: Ad. Sec.: ACORN Staii: Jr. Prom. Comm. Chm.: Tri Iota: Chem. Club: Span- ish Club: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Sports Mgr.: Co- Mgr. "Mikado": Girls' Block "Aw: Mil. Ball Comm.: Going to college. WARREN STORM: Capt. R.O.T.C.: Star X Key: Sr. Play Comm.: Mil. Ball Comm.: Tri Deli Pres.: Pub. Sch. Wk.. '46: Sr. Opp. Day: Spanish Club: Red Cross Rep.. '4-3: Sword and Shield. NORMA STROMBERG: R.0.T.C. Sponsor. Fall, 746. Sp.. 747: Sr. Play Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Pub. Comm.: Fresh. Re- ception Comm.. Fall. '46: Circus Day Comm., '46: Alt. Bd. of Con.. Sp.. '47: Christmas Pag. '46: Spanish Club: German Club Pres.. Sp., 347: Ad. Sec.: Red Cross Rep. and Officer: Star 81 Key Life Mem.: Sword and Shield Soc.. Fall, '4-6. Sp.. '47. Plan to go to Cal. JIM STROUBE: Fin. Sec.. '4-4: Election Dan- sant Comm.. 'Al-4. 'fl-5: Circus Day Comm.. '44, '46: Class Pres. '4-4. 545: Track. '45: Jr. Prom Comm.. '41-6: Soph Hop Comm.. '45: Jr. Sweater Comm.: R.O.T.C.. 347: Spanish Club, 545. '46: Christmas Pag.. 745. YOSH SUCIYAMA: Track. '46. '47: Jr. Foot- ball Mgr. Goto Auto Mechanic Trade School. JACQUELINE SIWTTON: Go to business college. JEANNE SWANSON: Soph Hop Comm.: Ad. Officer. BOB SWIFT: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Star 81 Key: Sword and Shield: Non Coms Club: Chess Club Pres.: Latin Club: Capt. R.O.T.C.: Chem. Club Pres.: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Sr. Exec. Comm.: Military Ball Comm.: Tri Delt Pres.: Underground. LEON TAGER: J.V. Football. ,fl-5: Varsity Football. i46: Ad. Off.. 744. '4-5. 346. 347: Pub. Comnl. Soph Hop: Pub. Com. Jr. Prom: Cir- cus Day Comm.. 46: St. Talent. '4-7: Chem Club: Spanish Club: Red Cross Rep.: Polit- ical Con.. Fall. '46: Pub. Comm. Sr. Play. G0 to college. SUMI TAJIMA: French Club. Fall. 'fl-6. Sp.. '47: Star 81 Key, Sp.. '47. To business school or a secretarial job. SACHIO TAKEDO: "B" Track Team. NONA TERRY: Glee Club. Sp.. 546. '47: wants to be a medical record librarian. BERTIE THOMAS: Tice Pres. of 2B Ad.: Fin. Sec.. SA Ad. W'ant lo work in San Fran- cisco. BESSIE THOMPSON: Spanish Club tTex.l. BILL THOMPSON: Yarsity Basketball. '46, '4-7: "B" Basketball. '45: Mgr. HB" Basketball. 514: Block NA". '46. '47: Political Con.. Fall. '46: Bd. of Con.. Fall. 'Ll-5. Sp.. '46. Fall. 74-6: Soph Hop Comm.: Mgr. of Jr. Prom: Circus Day Comm.: Spanish Club: Election Dan- sant: Electorial Comm.. Sp.. '46. Fall. ,463 Jr. Sweater Comm. DIANE THOBNE: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Circus Day. '44. '4-6: Red Cross Rep.: Spanish Club: Chem. Club: G.A. Fashion Show. '46: Christ- mas Pageant. '-16: Sr. Play Comm.: Ad. Pres. Rep.: Sr. Opp. Comm.: Sr. WOIIICDJS Ban- quet: Sr. Ball Comm. Attend College of Arts and Crafts. LESLIE T. TOMEI: J.V. Football. '44: Vars- ity. '4-5. '46: Baseball. 744: Circus Day Comm.: Track '47: Political Con.: Block HA." MADELINE TRIMBORN: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: Chem. Club: Latin Club: Oak Leaf Staff: G.A.A. Sports. Plans to attend Cal. and major in History and Education. ANNA TURNER: Star 8: Key Life Mem.' C.S.F.. Sp.. Fall. '4-6: Girls' Glee: G.A.A.: Ciri cus Day Comm.. Sp., 516: Ad. Vice Pres.. Sp. 46. Office job. LARRY VARGAS: Bd. of Con. one yr.: Ad. Pres. four yrs.: J.V. Baseball: ,l.V. Football. two yrs.: "B" Basketball: Red Cross Rep.: Varsity Track, 'Al-6. '4-7: Circus Day Comm.: IA Dansant Comm. YOSHIMI UMENE: Varsity Baseball. Do stock room work. MYRNA URICK: Ad. Pres.: Dec. Com. Jr. Prom. Plans to get a job. - PEARL VANCE: Ad. Pres.: G.A.A. Wants to get an oflice job. JEAN VAN DALE: Christmas Pag.. '44: Red Cross Rep.: Sr. Play: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Ad. Off.: Circus Day Comm.. '44: Spanish Club: "New Moon": Puh. Sch. Wk. Going to San .lose State. BOB VICKERS: R.0.T.C.: Red Cross Rep.: Track. '44-717: Ad. Off.: "Captain Applejackv: Spanish Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Sr.,lacket Comm. HENRY VILLIERME: Pres. French Club: Circus Day Comm.: Christmas Pageant. '-1-6: Political Convention. MIKI WADA GERALD W'ARBURTON: Varsity Football. '-15. '-1-6: ,l.V. Football. UH: Varsity Baseball. '45: Varsity Track. 316. 317: Bd. of Con.. Fall. 315. Sp.. 316. Fall. 316: Block MA". 116. '4-72 Christmas Pag.. '-15: Pres. 4A Class: Circus Day Comm.: Polit. Con.. Fall. 'J-6: Electorial Comm.. Fall. 546: Sr. Play Comm.. Fall. '4-6. ELLIE DEAN WARREN: Red Cross. Fall. 116: Glee Club. Sp.. '47, Going to S. F. State. MARIORIE WEST: Ad. Off.. '-H. '45. Wants to become beauty operator: getting job with telephone company. GRADY WHITE: Rifle Team: Non Comis Club: Sword and Shield: Sr. Play: Men's Assn.: French Club: R.0.T.C.g Megaphone Club: Military Ball: Tri Iota: Star 81 Key: Intercollegiate Rifle Team: Chem. Club: Fr. Red Cross Council: Band: Aud. Staff: Fr. Prom: Sr. Ball: Fin. Sec. of Ad. MARY LOU WICKMAN: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Circus Day Comm.. Sp.. '4'i. '46: Christmas Pag.. 544. '4-6: Red Cross Rep.. Sp.. 74-7: G.A. Fashion Show. 316: French Club: Latin Club: Star 8: Key: Sr. Play: Ad. Pres. and Offi.: f'Mikado": Sr. Sweater Comm.: A Cappella Choir: Sr. Ball Comm.: Ad. Bd.. '47, Attend College of Arts and Crafts. BENNIE WILLIAMS: Star K Key. To be a railway postal clerk. BILL WILLIAMS: Pres. Spanish Club: Chess Club: Sword and Shield: C.S.F. Vice Pres.: Capt. R.O.T.C. Band: Swing Band: Concert Band: Orchestra: Gertnan Band: Circus Day. '46: Fresh. Recep., 516: "Mikado',: Vice Pres. Radical Party. BEVERLY WILLIS BETH WILSON: Choir: Red Cross Rep.. 313. '4-lg "New Moon": Aud. Staff: Music Club: Pub. Sch. Wk.: Sr. Play Comm.: Songleadcr Ad.. '-15. '46: Student Talent. '11-3. '45, 1 PHYLLIS WISEMAN: Bid Comm. Jr. Prom, Pub. Comm., Sr. Play, Choir, Christmas Pag., '46, G.A.A. Spread, Fall, '46, Song- leader, G.A.A.. Sp., '47, Freshman Recep. Comm., '47, Pub. Sch. Wk. Pgm., Sp., '47, Star Kc Key, Chem. Club, Spanish Club, Treas. Ad., Sp., '47, Planning to go to San .lose State to major in music. KENNETH WOLFF: R.O.T.C., Spanish Club, Aud. Staff. DEWITH WOODS, Red Cross Rep., Tri Iota Club, lA Dansant, Circus Day Conces- sion. VIDA MAE WRIGHT BRAD WYATT: Ed. ACORN, '47, Major R.O.T.C. Staff, C.S.F. Life Mem., Pres., Rec. Sec., Ad. Bd., Sp., '47, Star 81 Key Life Mem., Pres., Vice Pres., Boys' State, '46, Mgr. Mili- tary Ball, "What a Life", Chem. Club Pres., Megaphone Club, Spanish Club, Non Coms' Club, Sword and Shield Soc., Soph Hop Comm., .Ir. Prom Comm., Opening Dance Comm., Sp., '47, Swimming, '45, Asst. Foot- ball Yell Leader, Fall, '46, Aud. Staff Mgr. Mask and Sandal, Circus Day, Concert Band, Tri Delta Beta, Underground, Service Coun- cil, Sr. Opp. Day, to Stanford. YONEKO YAMASAKI: Tri Iota. GLORIA YOUNG: A.S.A.H.S. Asst. Yell Leader, '45, Ad. Oiiicer, Soph Hop Comm., "New Moon", "Mikado", Girls' Glee, Pub. Sch. Week., Christmas Pageant, '43, Circus Day Comm., '44, Freshman Recep., Attend- ing Bourroughs Calculator School. MORRIS ZIMMERMAN: R.O.T.C. Band, Concert Band. KATHERINE ZUCCA: Red Cross Rep., Oak Leaf Staff., Christmas Pageant, Choir, G.A.A., Ad. Officer, Chem. Club, Chem. Club Exec. Comm. l34l CLEDR SEPTEMBER 10 .,... OCTOBER 4. ........ OCTOBER 9 ..,..,... OCTOBER 18 .,,..... NOVEMBER 8 and 9. . NOVEMBER 24-28 . . . DECEMBER 6 ....... DECEMBER 18 and 22. DECEMBER 19-JAN. 6. JANUARY 10 ......,. JANUARY 27-29 ..... JANUARY 30 V..,.... JANUARY 31 ,....... FEBRUARY 14 ,..... FEBRUARY 20 ...... MARCH 21 and 22 .... MARCH 31-APRIL 6. . APRIL 18 ,,..,...... APRIL 23 .........., APRIL 28-MAY 4 ..... MAY 9 ,,...,,....,.. MAY 15 and 16 ....... MAY 21 MAY 23 .... .... MAY 29 .,.. .... JUNE 5 ,... ,... JUNE 9 .... .... JUNE 10 ,,... .... JUNE 12 V.,4. .... JUNE 13 .4... .... First day of the new term-The Gates close behind us. . Opening Dance-Howdy Doody to you! Dansant-F ree Flamingo Prom-Financial success, too! "What a Lifei'-and how! Thanksgiving-good turkey! . Tinsel Twirl-Wheel Christmas Pageant-a great success. Christmas Vacation-yingle, yingle. Elections-Congrats Bob, Virginia, Terry, Les and Tiger Exams-"I Didn't Sleep a Wink Last Nightf' Graduation-S.WA.K. Rhapsody in Blue-super! Opening Dance-hearts and flowers .Freshman Reception-good food! 4'Captain Apple jack"-Did he ever find his treasure? Easter Vacation-heavy on the ultra-violet .Arabian Fantasy-nomad's land Senior Opportunity Day-Which Way Now? .Public Schools' Week-Momma vs. Teacher .The Gold Rush Hop- We struck it rich! The Mikado-Willow, Tit Willow R. O. T. C. Competition-Hup 2-3-4- Military Ball-Please, sir, my feet! .Senior Picnic-Where's my towel? . Senior Meeting-sob! !- .Senior Women's Banquet-Yah-ta-ta, Yah-ta-ta! Senior Men's Banquet-Men of Distinction. . Graduation-at last. . Senior Ball-thirty. 1351 President ..,.... . . Vice President .,.... Recording Secretary. Financial Secretary. . Administrative Board DON SPRENKEL CLASS OF OFFICERS-Fall, 1946 ..DoN SPRENKEL . . ,JACKIE GARCIA MARILYN MARTIN . . , . .Avica Hows Yell Leader ......... CYNTHIA COTGIAS Administrative Board .,... ...,.. J Acme GARCIA . . . .Gaoncs KI:I.I, Wve, the class of February, 194-8, were once bewildered freshmen, roaming through the halls in search of an elevator and being sent hither and yon hy unfeeling upper classmen. As our first money making project we presented a noon dansant with Russ Rahenau, manager, and Eddie Leal, co-manager. It was a huge success hoth finan- cially and socially. In our sophomore year we gained a little confidence and began uribbingw tlIe timid freshmen. Wlien we were high sophomores, we presented the 'IATOMIC HOP," capahly managed by Art Alwen and Donna Pawlasek. Our great venture came when we were upper classmen. In our 3B term we pre- sented the "FLAlVIINGO" Prom under the lIlal'lagCIIlCIlt of Frank Stafford and Barbara Fisher. It was a success and added a tiny sum to our treasury. JACKIE GARCIA In MARILYN MARTIN AVICE HOPPS CYNTHIA COTGIP 'EBRUARY 1948 'resident , . .................,...........,.... RICHARD OSORIO 'ice President .... .... N ANCY CI-IAMBERLAIN 'immcial Secretary . . . ..,.. MARILY'N MARTIN Teeording Secretary .... .,., B ARBARA GI-IISELLI Qgll Leader ,...,....... .,., B ARBARA FISHER ldministrative Board ,,.,. .... P Eccv PEARSON dministrative Board ...... ..... F RANK STAFFORD RICHARD OSORIO Un the twenty-first and twenty-second of March we presented the best senior play ever given: HCAPTAIN APPLEJACK7 Among the leading characters were Ruth Ferrari, Marilyn Martin, Dana Manser and Eddie Leal. In sports we were well represented: James Updegraff, Richard Osorio, Russ Rabeneau, Frank Nereu, and John Dronkers in foothallg Harry Wetllerald in baskethallg Dana Mauser and Richard Osorio in track. At this time we should like to express our appreciation to our class advisers. Next term we are looking forward to many happy and exciting events. BARBARA GHISELLI Recording Secretary CY CHAMBERLAIN BARBARA GHISELLI MARILYN MARTIN BARBARA FISHER ww, ek, M, ',-, . as , if Q? S 2, ,C+ at? ,A f:-' SEQ DAVE CHAPMAN: Track Team. 715. '46. '47: Circus Day Comm.: Spanish Club. JEAN CLARK: Red Cross Rep.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Christmas Pag- eant. MARY COOKE: Soph Hop Comm.: Spanish Club: Jr. Prom Comm.: Christmas Pageant, '46: Circus Day Comm.: Sr. Play Comm. CYNTHIA COTGIAS: Ad. Officer: Sr. Play. NANCY DAVIS: French Club: Spanish Club: Chem. Club: Megaphone Club: Star St Key fLife Memberl : Jr. Prom Comm.: Cir- cus Day Comm.: Soph Hop: Red Cross Rep. LOIS DICLOIA CAROL DITVVELL: Ad. Officer: Fr. Club Officer: Christmas Pageant: Jr. Prom Chm.: "Capt, Applejacki' Comm.: Red Cross Rep. JOHN DRONKERS: Bd. of Control. Sp.. 716. '4-7: Jr. Prom Comm.: Block NAP: J.V. Foot- ball. '45: Varsity Football. '-16. '47: Varsity Track. '46. '47: Sr. Play. NORRINE EARL: Ad. Ofhcer: Red Cross Rep.: Latin Club: Star 31 Key: C.S.F.: Tri Iota: Megaphone Club: Soph Hop Comm.: And. Staff: Oak Leaf Staff. '46, '47, VIRGINIA EDWARDS: Red Cross Rep.: Soph Hop Comm.: Ad. Officer: Spanish Club. MARIE ELLIS: Star K Key. BERT ENSTROM: R.O.T.C. Officer: Star K Key: C.S.F.: "Man Who Came to Dinnerpz Concert Band: Jr. Prom Comm.: R.O.T.C. Band: Sword and Shield. RUTH FERRARI: i'Capt. Applejackn: Ad. Pres.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Red Cross Rep. BARBARA FISHER: Vice Pres. C.A.. Sp., '47: Ad. Board., Sp., '47: Bd. of Control: Vice Pres. 2A Class: Rec. Sec. 2B Class: Fin. Sec. 3A Class: Sr. Opp. Day Comm.: Service Coun- cil: Span. Club: Latin Club: Jr. Sweater Comm.: 'fCapt. Applejackn: Circus Day: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Connn.: Freshman Rec.: Star 81 Key: Ad. Oflicer: Ad. Rep.: Opening Dance Comm.: Pub. Schools YVeek: C.A.A.: Sr. Sweater Comm. AUDREY FRASER: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Circus Day, 744. '46: Red Cross Rep.: Pub. Schools XVeek. 744. '45, ,46. '47: Christmas Pageant "Mikado": "New Moon": Ad. Ofiicerg Freshman Reception: Spanish Club: Star 8 Key: Chem. Club: Entering college. JOAN FREELAND SOPHIE FRONTJOS: Sr. Play Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Ad. Officer: Enter. Business College. JACKIE GARCIA: Ad. Oflicer: Vice Pres. 3B Class: Chm. Soph Hop: Chm. Jr. Prom: Ad. Bd., '46: Bd. Control, '47: Sr. Opp. Day: Christmas Pageant, '46: Sd. Play Comm.: Sd. Sweater Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: Circus Day. '44, "46: Spanish Club: Service Council. '-17: Freshman Recentinn. 316. BARBARA GHISELLI: Rec. Sec. IA Class: Bd. of Control: Pub. Mgr. G.A.A.: Rec. Sec. G.A.A.: Rec. Sec. Star 8 Key: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: C.S.F.: Chem. Club: French Club: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Jr. Red Cross Entering College. SALLY GOLDMAN: Ad. Pres. and Treas.: Circus Day Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Freshman Reception. DARLEAN GORDON: Soph Hop Comm French Club. NYLE GROW: Christmas Pageant. 'l6: Sr. Play. MARVYN HAERA: Jr. Prom Comm. Enter- ing S. F. Junior College. EVELYN HAMMITT JAY HELMS: Life Mem. C.S.F.: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: Sr. Opp. Day Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Latin Club: Non Coms Club: R.O.T.C.: "Heaven Can Wait" Orch.: a'Janie" Orch.: 6'Man Who Came to Dinner" Orch. Entering U.C. AVICE HOPPS: Fin. Sec. 3B Class: Yell Leader 4A Class: Ad. Officer: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Freshman Recep.: Latin Club: Spanish Club: Chem. Club: Red Cross Rep.: Jr. Sweater: Exec. Comm.: Megaphone Club. JAMES HORVOTH: R.O.T.C. OfHcer: Star 8: Key: C.S.F.: Latin Club: Sword and Shield: Non Coms Club: R.O.T.C. Rilie Team: Circus Day Comm. Entering U.C. CLAIRE HOWARD: Spanish Club: Christ- mas Pageant: Girls' Glee Club: Circus Day Comm. LORETTA JARDINE: Soph Hop Comm. MARILYN JOHNSON: Fin. Sec. 2B Class: Pres. 3A Class: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Star 81 Key: C.S.F.: Latin Club: Cir- cus Day Comm.: Freshman Recep.. Fall, '46, Sp., '4-7. GEORGE KELL: Football. '44, 15. ,46: Ad. Officer: Soph Hop Comm.: Spanish Club: Ad. Bd.. ,45, ,4-6: Red Cross: Opening Dance Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm. JACK KENNEDY: Circus Day Comm.. '44-: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Ad. Bd., 14: Sr. Play: Jr. Red Cross: Sr. Jacket Comm. PATT KIRBY: Pres. G.A.. Sp.. '47: Ad. Bd.: Student Faculty: Sr. Play Comm.: Yell Lead- er 3B Class: Rec. Sec. IA Class: Exec.Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: G.A. Fashion Show: Soph Hop Comm.: Circus Day, Sp., '44, '4-6: Open- ing Dance Comm.: Freshman Recep.: 6'New Moon": Mask and Sandal: Sr. Sweater Comm.: Student Talent: Pub. Sch. Week: Christmas Pageant: Star 81 Key: Oak Leaf Staff: Red Cross Rep.: Girls Glee: Choir: Ad. Pres.: Spanish Club: French Club. MARGARET KNIGHT: Pres. IA Ad.: Red Cross Rep.: Christmas Pageant: Girls' Glee: Teachers' Inst. CAROLYN KYLE: Vice Pres. 1B Class: Ad. Officer: Circus Day Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Co-Mgr. Sr. Play: Bd. of Control: Latin Club: Exec. Comm.: Chem. Club. ROBERT BOONE LAGLE: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Opening Dance Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: "New Moon": "Mikado": Mask and Sandal: Pres. Men's Assn.: Vice Pres. Men's Assn.: Sec. Boy's Block HAM: Pres. ZB Class: Yell Leader 2A Class: Student Faculty Comm.: Ad Board. EDWARD LEAL: Star K Key: C.S.F.: Latin Club: Rox Office: Sr. Play: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Rifle Team: Non Coms Club: Aud. Staff: Class Pres.: Chem. Club: Sr. Opp. Day Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: 2nd Lieut. R.O.T.C.: Circus Day Comm.: Sr. .Jackets Comm. EDWIN LEWIS JOHN LOBERG: Circus Day Comm.: Sr. Play: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: Spanish Club: Jr. Sweater Comm.: Christmas Pageant. MARILYN MARTIN: Rec. Sec. 3A Class: Rec. Sec. 3B Class: Fin. Sec. IA Class: Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: "Capt, Apple- jack": French Club: Fin. Sec. French Club: Circus Day Comm.: Ad. Olhcer: Star 81 Key: C.S.F.: Christmas Pageant. HISASHI MARUBAYASHI: Trans. from Topaz High School. Utah. MARCOT MCKENZIE: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: C.S.F: Jr. Prom. Comm.: French Club: G.A.A.: Circus Day Comm.: Chem. Club. CAROL Mt:LEAN: Star 81 Key: C.S.F.: Vice Pres. French Club: Fi-n. Sec. Class: Ad. Olli- cer: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Red Cross Rep.: Alternate-Rd. of Control. JIM MOORE: "R" Football. '-15: J.V. Foot- ball. '46: Bd. of Control: Dec. Comm. Soph Hop: C.S.F.: Sr. Play: Spanish Club. STANLEY E. MORRIS: Christmas Pageant: Choir: Entering Bible School. CLEEFORD MYERS: Swing Rand: Student Talent: R.O.T.C. Band. Work after gradua- tion. GAYLE NAVARRE: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph Hop Comm. FRANK NEREU: Varsity Football. '-16. 'el-7: Bd. of Control. LOUISE NICHOLS DAN O'CONNELL: Chm. Sr. Opp. Day: Life Mem. Star Sz Key: Baseball. '44-. '45: Men's Bd. of Control: Chm. Sr. Jacket Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Spanish Club: Circus Day. 'fl-6: Sr. Play Comm.: Ad. Olhcer: Soph Hop Comm.: Red Cross Rep. .IENNIE OKAMOTO RICHARD OSORIO: Pres. 4-A Class: Chief Council Men's Bd. of Control: Circus Day: Track, '45, '46, ,4-7. 71-8: Football. UT. '-18. JOHN OSWALD: Sr. Play: Football: French Club: Circus Day Comm.. 'el L. 'l-6: Soph Hop Comm.: Ad. OHicer: Spanish Club: Red Cross Rep. DONNA PAWl.ASEK: Co-Mgr. Soph Hop: U. Pres. 2B Class: Ad. Ollicer. PEGGY PEARSON: Ad. Pres., Ad. Board, '44, '45, Vice Pres. Class, Bd. of Control, Sr. Play Comm. LORRAINE PELLS: Student Talent. i43, '44, ,45. ,46, Red Cross, Ad. Officer, Operettag Freshman Recep. Comm. BOB PERONA: lst Lt. R.O.T.C., Dec. Comm. Soph Hop, .I.V. Football, C.S.F.:, Circus Day Comm., Sr. Play, Bd. of Control, Aud. Staff, Spanish Club. TOM PIERCE: Life Member Star 81 Key, C.S.F., Dec. Comm., Soph Hop, French Club, Circus Day Comm., Mgr. "Bw Football, Sr. Play, Spanish Club. KITTY PLUMMER: French Club, Circus Day, 744. '46, Red Cross Rep., Jr. Prom, Soph Hop Comm., Ad. Officer. NANCY PRICE: Fin. Sec. IA Class, C.S.F., Star 81 Key, Ad. Officer, Red Cross Comm., Sr. Play Comm., C.A.A., Bd. of Control. RUSS RABENEAU: 6'B,' Football, J.V. Foot- ball, Varsity Football, Bd. of Control, Prom- inent Low Jr., "B" Track, Spanish Club, Soph Hop Comm. Entering J. C. ANGELA RATTO LEN RATTO: Football. '45, '46, Pres. 3B Class, Baseball, '46, '47, Bd. Control, ,46, '47, Block "An Vice Pres. MARGHERIT RATTO: "New Moon", Ad. Officer, "Mikado", C.S.F. JOAN REID: Star 81 Key, French Club, Latin Club, Ad. Officer, Soph Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. THOMAS J. RHINEHART. JR.: Football, '44, '45, Baseball. '44. ,45, ,46, Mask and Sandal, '45, '46, "New Moon", Boys' Clee, Red Cross Rep., Jr. Prom Comm. BOB ROBERTSON: Ad. Pres., Swimming. JANE ROSS: Class Officer. BOB ROWEN: Football. '44, '45, ,46., '47, Sr. Play, Wrestling, Track, Mask and Sandal, Christmas Pageant. LES SACHS: Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S.:, Sr. Play, Student Faculty, Ad. Board, Yell Leader 2A Class, Soph Hop, Opening Dance Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Red Cross Rep., French Club, Ad. Officer, Service Panel, Prom. Low Jr., "B" Basketball, Jr. Sweater Comm., "New Moon' Comm., Circus Day Comm. Entering Stanford. SHUZA SAKURAI: Red Cross. Entering trade school. JOAN SCHROEDER: Pres. 1A Advisory, IB Dansant Comm., Soph Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Girl's Glee, "Mikado", Sr. Play Comm. JEANNE SHANIS: Christmas Pageant. 516: Sr. Play Comm.: Sr. Sweaters: Circus Day Comm.. '44-. '46: Fresh. Recep.: Public Sch. Week: Jr. Prom Comm.: Jr. Rings Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Ad. Officer: Red Cross Rep.: Star Sa Key: Chem. Club: French Club: Spanish Club: G.A.A. Sports. MARJORIE SHULL: G.A.A.: Orchestra: Concert Band: Football Band: Girls Glee: C.S.F.: Star K Key: "Mikado" Orch. CLEM SIMPSON. JR.: 2nd Lieut. R.O.T.C.: Life Mem. Star 81 Key: Varsity Track: Boys Glee. GENE SIROIS: Football. 714. '-15: Baseball: Ad. Ofhcer: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Circus Day Comm.: Red Cross Rep. Trans. from St. Joseph. KATHERINE SLATER: Red Cross Rep.: Soph Hop Comm.: Ad. Officer: Circus Day Comm. CHARLIE SMITH: MIT, Baseball: Jr. Prom: Spanish Club: Basketball. '4-4. 317: Football, "47: Varsity Baseball, 546. '47, Entering pro- fessional baseball. MASOTO SONEDO: Transfer from Topaz High. BETTIE SORENSEN: Ad. Officer: IB Dan- sant: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Girls, Glee: Christmas Pag.. 716: Sr. Play Comm.: "Mikado," CHARLIE SORRELS: Christmas Pag.. 315: Swimming, '44, '45: Concert Band: R.O.T.C.: Band, ,45, '46: Student Talent, '45, EVELYN SPEARS: Trans. from McKinley High School. DON SPRENKEL: Pres. 3B Class: Ad. Bd., '45: g'New Moon": Circus Day Comm.: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Opening Dance Comm.: Sr. Play: Ad. Pres.: Prom. Low Jr.: Track. '44-: MB" Basketball: Class Exec. Comm.: Safety Council Rep.: Latin Club: Chem. Club: IB Dansant Mgr. Going to college. FRANK STAFFORD: Mgr. Jr. Prom: Circus Day Comm.: Swimming: Football: Rec. Sec. 2A Class: Mgr. Sr. Play: Co-Mgr. "New Moon": Ad. Bd.: Soph Hop Comm.: Opening Dance Comm.: Jr. Red Cross Comm.: French Club: Sword and Shield: Non Coms Club: Prom. Low Jr.: Ad. Officer: Ist Lt. R.0.T.C.: Sr. Opp. Day Colnm.: Service Council. FLORENCE SYLVESTRI: Girls' Block "AM: Chem. Club: Spanish Club: Fin. Sec. G.A.A.: Star 81 Key: C.S.F. PATT TAFF: Bd. of Control Alt.: French Club: Ad. Officer: Soph Hop Comm.: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Play Comm.: Circus Day Comm. ROSEMARY TAWSE JEAN TURNER TED TURNER: J.V. Football: R.O.T.C.: Going to work in forestry service. JAMES UPDEGRAFF: "B" Track. 744: "Bw Football. '44: J.V. Football: Varsity Football: Spanish Club: Star 81 Key: Ad. Pres.: Sr. Play Comm.: Soph Hop Comm. Going to college. MARY LOU VAZ: Soph Hop Comm.g Jr. Prom Comm.g Sr. Play Comm.g Circus Day. '44, ,465 Ad. Pres. and Sec. HARRY WETHERA LD: Student Talent, '46g "The Man Who Came to Dinner"g HBR Track, '45g Varsity Basketball, '463 66Atomic Hop"3 Latin Clubg Chem. Clubg uFlamingo Promng Star Sz Key. MILDRED WHITE: Transfer from Texas. DICK WILIJIAMS: MB" Football, '45, Going to work for Kraft Cheese Co. GARY WILLIAMS: Reserve Footballg NB" Basketballg Band. Going to C.O.P. JOAN WILLIAMS: Chem. Clubg Red Cross Rep.g C.S.F.g Circus Day Comm.g Star 8z Keyg Latin Clubg German Cluhg Christmas Ping.: Sr. Opp. Dayg Soph Hop Comm.g Bd. of Controlg Ad. Pres. and Vice Pres.g Sr. Play Comm.g Jr. Prom Comm.g Sr. Sweater Comm.g uMikado',g Service Council. HOOVER WONC: Track, ,453 'LMan Who Came to Dinner"g German Club. Going to .I.C. DORIS WRIGHT BURRELL WYLE: Track, '47g Span. Club: Chem. Clubg Jr. Red Crossg "B" Trackg Going to Cal. BOB YNZUNZA: R.0.T.C.g Boys Gleeg Span. Club. 44 APPRECIATION S . . . The ACORN staff wishes to acknowledge its indebtedness and gratitude to the fol- ing people for the willingness with which they helped us complete this book: Mr. Bryan, who was always ready to help. Miss Era Chamberlin and Miss Edith Gamble, who most generously contributed their time and labor that we might have a dedication worthy of Dr. Thompson. Mr. Bell, who organized the lower classmen for pictures. Mr. Smith of the Oakland National Engraving Company for his help with the photographic layouts and for the fine job of photoengraving. Mr. Hooper and the Hooper Printing Company for the excellent job of printing. Mr. Edwards of the Bay View Studios for the good job on senior portraits. Mr. Piatt of Piatt Studios, who worked patiently with the group pictures. Mr. Bushman and the Bushman-Risen Company for the beautiful cover. Miss Edna Reiehmuth, who smiled understandingly despite all our demands upon ber time, her property, and her peace of mind. Miss Mildred Hook, who obtained the picture of Dr. Thompson. Mrs. Hall, Jean Baggett, Miss Powers, and Mr. Shriber for the details and records they gave us. .lohn Bonwell and Dale Koby who spent all their spare time taking pictures. Those who contributed snapshots and suggestions. l45l QANCY ETHERTON BOB BARONIAN VIRGINIA GERKE RUDX MLLTZ JEORGE LAGORIO THOSE WHO Most Attractive Girl ...,. Best Looking Boy. . . . , Nlost Likvly to Succeed . , Iwost Outstanding Athlete. . . . Best Actress ..,., , Best Actor ......... . ,Most All-Round Girl I Most All-Round Boy , . IQADGIE HICKS . , . BILL DAVIS . ALICE ROEMER . GEORGE LAc0mo NANCY ETHERTON . I , RUIIY IVIULTZ . .VIRGINIA GERKE . Bon BAIIONIAN BILL DAVIS ALICE ROEMER I ADI IE HICKS OAN WILLIAMS BARBARA FISHER RICHARD OSORIO RUTH FERRARI LES SACHS CLASS OF JANUARY, 1948 Most Attractive Girl ...,. Best Looking Boy ..., fwost Likely to Succeed, . Most Outstanding Athlete ..,. ...,. Best Actress. . . Best Actor ...... . Most All-Round Girl. . Most All-Ro zarz d Boy , . J JOHN DRONKERS .JOAN WILLIAMS RICHARD OSORIO .......EDLEAL JOHN DRONKERS I .RUTH FARRARI . ,DANA MANSUR BARBARA FISHER ...MLES SACHS DANA MANSUR ED LEAL SENIOR OPI IO What is your favorite? C- SINGER KMALEJ PERRY CoMo 3- RIEi2S?AH BINC CROSBY OE YOSEMI1-E d. SINGER QFEMALEJ Jo STAFFORD h SONG DINAH SHORE C. cl C. f. ff D II "ANNIVERSARY SONGN HFOR SENTIMENTAL REASoNs', SPORT CTO WATCHD FOOTBALL BASKETBALL SPORT QTO PLAYJ BASKETBALL SMOOCHING SUBJ ECT P. E. STUDY MEN COMIC STRIP CHARACTER LIL, ABNER PRINCE vALIANT EATING PLACE EDY,S BUTOM,S FOOD HAMBURGERS FRIED CHICKEN GNAT,S BRAIN ON HALF SHELL H710 is your favorite? a. ACTOR GREGORY PECK ALAN LADD h. ACTRESS INGRID BERGMAN JANE RUSSELL E481 e. ANIMAL ACTOR BUGS BUNNY SUPER MOUSE Which do you prefer? a. GIRL 1. BRUNETTES LONG HAIR, SOME BRAINS 2. BLONDES SHORT HAIR, N0 BRAINS 3. REDHEADS MEDIUM CUT, BRAINS lm. BOY 1. BRUNETTES SLACKS, LOAFERS 2. BLONDES LEVI,S, SADDLES 3. REDHEADS KHAKI,S Do you approve of: a. CO-EDUCATION? WHO,S KIDDINC? b. GIRLS TAKING MECHAN- ICAL DRAWING? YES c. GOING STEADY? YES d. SMOOCHING? UH-HUH K - mai :E A 5 'Q' . ag. ,ff i 1 H Wi vi in iw w. NE . an M x X X X .EMR Eg - wi? 'BR x ,SSA vw 4 J, yn DONNA GIl.BF1R1' CLARENCE VERNON PAT1' GRIPON CONNIE DUN!-'ORD LEN RATTO JANE Ross LYNN VAUx MARY SABATINI HELEN MAI-loNEY TERRY CURRE OFFICERS-Fall, 1946 OFFICERS-Spring, 1947 President .....,........,,.. .TERRY CURREN President ...,...,.....,...,..... LEN RATTO Vice President. , ,. . .,.. HELEN MAHONEY Vice President ....... ..,. C ONNIE DUNFORD Recording Secretary. . . .,.. MARY SABATINI Recording Secretary. . . . . .PAT GRIPON Financial Secretary. . . ...., JANE Ross Financial Secretary, . CLARENCE VERNON Yell Leader .,.......,.. .,...,. L YNN VAUX Yell Leader .........,...... DONNA GILBERT Administrative Board ...... RALPH JACKSON Administrative Board ..... NANCY STROMBERG Administrative Board Administrative Board ..... . .RALPH JACKSON NANCX' STROMBERG Looking hack O11 the past three years in Alameda High Sehool. we, the class of r June, 1948, have many reasons to he proud. As we are one of the largest elasses in the school, a great many members of the various varsity teams belong to our class. There is also much tlramatie and musical talent among us. we have heen hoth socially and financially sueeessful in all our past enter- prisesg anfl our Junior Prom, the uArahian Fantasyfl was. thanks to the capahle management of Wially Rooks and Helen lVlahoney, an event long to he 1'l'IllClllllPl'Cfl. Wie are looking forward to an eventful and happy senior year. PATT GRIPON Recording Secretary l50l MISS ARMITACE MRS. BERRY MR. BIRKHOLM MRS. COKE MR. FRALEY 9 rf I MRS. HOEKSEMA MISS HOOK MR. JACKSON MISS REICHMUTH 'X l-We s N 5" " Q . -wa EK g .. sky? 3 Simi QA W 2 im QS A Q N2 GLENN WELLER LENORE WILSON KEN MCKINLEY DALE SHARP ARTHUR RICH .IANUSCH FLORENCE DORSON ELEANOR WALES EvELYN MENnosA OFFICERS-Fall, 1946 OFFICERS-Spring, 1947 President .......,........,,. RICH JANUSCH President ...............,.,. GLENN WELLER Vice President ,.,..,..,.., FLORENCE DOBSON Vice President ....... .... L ENoRE WILSON Recording Secretary ......., ELEANOR WALES Recording Secretary .,.. . . .KEN MCKINLEY Financial Secretary ........ EVELYN MENDOSA Financial Secretary ..,,. ,.,., D ALE SHARP Yell Leader ...,....... ...... D AN SoUzA Yell Leader .......,...,.,.., ARTHUR ROKE Administrative Board ,....... BARRY CONNER Administrative Board ..... FLORENCE DoasoN Administrative Board .... ...., J EAN JENSEN Administrative Board ........ BARRY CONNER Time marches on! We are now Low Juniorsg and if you notice that we strut a little as we walk through the halls, it must be because we are proud of having reached the enviable status of upperclassmen. In the fall term, when Rich Janusch was our president and Florence Dobson our vice president, we staged the Wfinsel Twirlf' It was a beautiful dance and an enjoyable one, but tlIe expenses ran high and our class treasury lIad to stand the burden. i541 Glenn Welle1', who does those hackflips in front of the rooting section with such careless ease, is our new president and Lenore W'ilson, as vice president, is second in command. Some of our other class members who are making names for themselves in school affairs are Barry Conner, Jack Copeland, Harry Howell, Rollin Jensen, Don Koch, Mel McCulloch, Joe Totorica, Dave Vickers, Dick Wvuesthoff and such charming representatives of the gentler sex as Dorothy Abrams, Katherine Hollywood, Barbara Manbert, Shirley Martins, Marge Perata, Pat Sande, Coryl Shannon and Eleanor Wales. KEN lWCKlNLEY Recording Secretary MR. CUMMINGS MR. H. JONES rx A Q 1., A 7 , 7, 5-Ziff ' , , T312 K AM " figi XW' 5 S ,- 9' 34? 5 X 'AHF 1 V ' .eff 2 f www if r 7 fi N 5 QR in kr , - : gk sig, A ' 'W 7 A .f lvl' A k gf ' YV I 5, .if , K X gg ESE k ,.X. A335 WM X, I . N W , W avi W 12 MT A hz? 4' frm M 41 NL 'ff WE, A - fi, ' V by . -Q31 fri-,353-: fwj,gj,- :il ' Ns PROMINENT HIGH JUNIORS PROMIN ENT LOW J UN IORS EN RANDALL JACKIE AVERY CAROL JOHNSON VAL WINKEL DAVE WILLIA HIGH SOPHOMORES President ..,........ Vice President ....,. Rerorriing Secretary. Financial Secretary. . Yell Leader ......... Arlministrative Board, . . Administrative Board. , .. , ,. KEN RANDALL JACKIE AVERY , . . .CAROL JOHNSON .,...w'AI. WINKI-:L . . . . DAVE WILLIAMS . . .HELEN KYRIACOS FRANK MCELHINNI' 58 President .....,........... WARREN EYERSON Vice President ....,..... BARBARA MCG EORIQE Recording Secretary. Financial Serretary. . Yell Leader ..,...... A dministrative Board . . A riminislrative Hoarrl , . . . .ELAINE LEONARI1 . . . .GEORGE OSORIO .,.... KEN RANDALL HELEN IQYRIACOS FRANK MCELHEINNEY ARREN EVERSON BARBARA MeGEORCE ELAINE LEONARD GEORGE OSORIO After having successfully completed our freshman and sophomore years at Ala- Ineda High, we have shown and proved our high standards as students. During our sophomore terms, our presidents, Ken Randall, and Warren Everson. have given us both successful and interesting meetings. The movies we had this term really supported our treasury and helped the class of June ,49 give the hest Soph Hop Alameda High has ever known. Under the spotlight of sports, Frank McElheinney and Tom Ginley have already helped us reach our peak. Now that we have reached the halfway mark in our high school career, we have made our lIlHI'kQ and in the future we hope to have lnore social activities and hring forth more leaders in sports. During the coming years, we hope to he ahle to maintain our high standards. We look forward to the brilliant future that awaits the class of June, 1949. ELAINE LEONARD Recording Secretary i591 X i, si ,, M, 3 NORMAN REHM PAULYNE VIGNESS MARDEL HENSLEY PAULINE OFFICERS-Fall,1946 OFFICERS-swing, 1947 Prexident .,.,.. ..,,......, N OIIMAN REHM President ..,.......... . . . ANNE MAXVK'El.l. Vice President .,.. ......, P AULYNE VIGNESS Vice President .,..., ,.... J EAN Wouu-3 Rec-ording Secretary. . . . .MARIJEL HENSLEY' Recording Secretary. . . . BIARILYN HOPKINS Financial Secretary ..... PAULINE DIAROULAS Financial Secretary . . . KAREN HIRKHOLM Sell Leader ,.,,..,......,.. DON GUPTILI. Hfll Leader . . . . BARRI-:TT RAVENSCRAFT Administrative Board ,...,... RICHARD NIX Administrative Board ...... NANCY GRIFFIN Administrative Board Ii.-XREN BIRKHOLM Administrative Board .... . . . DICK MASUN i601 NE MAXWELL JEAN WOLKE MARILYN HOPKINS KAREN BIRKHOLM BARRETT RAYENSCRAF Just one year ago this spring, the class of 1950 entered Alameda High School. Wie were filled with school spirit, and we gave our first class activity-our IA movie. This activity heing successful financially we followed hy having two class meetings, hoth proving entertaining and worthwhile. Although our class, as a whole, has yet to make a namc for itself, wc are proud of our many individual mcmhers who are making A records, who arc going out lor athletics, who are participating in the student body, and who are aiding Alameda High to keep up the high standards for which it has always lxeen known. Our only hope is that the class of 1950 will become very active in all the affairs of Alameda High and that our contributions to the welfare of our school will he hoth great and lasting. MARILYN I'I0l-'KINS Recording Secretary l 61 l W 1 if 'E ,S - KV of M l i Q 5 in l .,,.. .. : . 1 1 IAROLD COX LEAI. MAHONEY SPSAN STEELE JIM BIRD OFFICERS-Sprillg. 1947 UFFICHRS-Fall. 19-16 l'rv.wiflv111 . HA1m1.11 flux President . ,.... ., lhck HAm'1:1.1. fin' I,l'P.'iilll'lI1 Hvvorlling Sevrelury 1"illlUlf'illI Sl'l'l'Pf!ll',' Yvll l.Pl1lil'f . ,. ,l1l111i11islrr1li1'e lfourrl !1,llli7liSIl'II1il'P Board . R uc W1111'1'11x' . L1111, M,xH1w1:v . . S1 sw 8111111.13 . . 1131 811111 . QLRI-Ili B1-zssmwix l'11x1,1,1s H,fSYl101lk 1621 five l'rPsi11P11I . . Rerorrling SPl'l'Pfllfj' Fillfllllilll Serrvtary N-ll Leader . 14rIn1 in istrutirv Ifourfl A1I111ir1ixlr111i1'e Bllllfll .. . S113 HkT11H , R ug vi'Y0ll'l'H1 l1x1m1,1-11: WH1:1:1.1:11 . .ln 01111111111 fllilili Blassmlmx P111 l.l.lS Hw11m11g K BARTELL SUE HATCH RAE WORTHY CAROLEE WHEELER JAY GARBER The elass of June. '50, came to Alameda High looking forward to a grand time and a sueeessful four years. Our low freshman year, under the leadership of Dick Bartell, our president. went hy very rapidly and we were soon high freshmen. With Harold Cox as our president, the high freshman movie was sueeessful. and so we had our first real activity. During hasehall season almost half of the B hasehall team eonsisted of high freshman hoys. Wye had three hoys on the haskethall team and several hoys in traek. We also had an encouraging turn out for foothall. The high freshman elass has an unusually good turn out in all sports. We plan to have a great number of activities and in this way make ourselves one ofthe leading elasses of the sehool. LEAL MAHONI-:Y Recording Seeretnry H31 nv' EPDM CHUCK WING CATHERINE MCKINLEY HELEN FINNEGAN OFFICERS President ....... .,.....,................... C Huck WING Vive President ..... Recording Secretary Finnnriul Secretary, . Yell Leader ......... Administrative Hoarzl Adlninistratilfe Board .... i641 CATHERINE MCKINl.E Y .... RONALD OHLIIIEIER , . . . SHIRLEY KII.f:0IzE . . . . HELEN FINNEGAN . . RICHARD SARA!-'IAN .,..NANfIY' ANDERSON L 5 , Af , . x SHIRLEY KILGORE RONALD OHLMEYER ive, the class of Fall, l95l. have participated in laying the foundation of our goalg that is, one of the finest classes in Alameda High School. Wie have held successful meetings, had students in sehool ehoral, sports, and many other activities. Mr. Larry Koehler has helped us a great deal as ehairman of the lA advisories, and we are very grateful to him for it. Wiell, it's just natural, and we expect to keep it up, a elass of good school spirit. So in the following years we will reach that goal-Wllllere goes the lmest Class to leave Alameda Highf, 65 RONNIE OHLMEYER Recording Seeretary C TW! T163 BRAD Wx ATT MIss BROSNAN JIM LENNOX THE CDRN STAFF Editor ..........,.,. . Business Manager ....,,... Assistant Editor. . Assistant Editor. . Photo Librarian, . Photo Librarian ..... .... Photo Librarian. , Photo Librarian. . Snaps Editor ,..... Stenographer .,.. Art Editor ..... Sports Editor .... Sports Editor .... .. . .BRAD WYATT ,....JIM LENNOX MYRTLE GRAHAM ...,...LARRY Nc SELDEN SPANGLER MARION GHISELLI . . .ALICE ROEMER . . .DON BUSWELL . . . .AL BEDFORD . . . .GERRY STONE . . . .GADGIE HICKS .PEGGY ETIIERTON . . . .CLYDE Asv1TT R. 0. 'II C. .,...... ..,....... T ED LAMB Features Editor ,......... MURIEL RUISINGER Organizations Editor ,..,...,, BETTY BOWYER Class Editor ........... ,... D ICK JENNINGS Asst. Business Manager. , . .... DON GIBSON Asst. Business Manager ,....,.. BILL BREWER Asst. Business Manager. . . ....,. BILL DAVIS Asst. Business Manager ....... Bos BARON IAN Asst. Business Manager ,.... FRANK STAFFORD Asst. Business Manager ....... DoN SPRENIQLE Asst. Business Manager . . .AUIIREY BI-:ssEMER Faculty Adviser. .MISS MARGUI-:RITE BROSNAN As our table is finally cleared and the ACORN is on its way, we can sit back and enjoy life again. We ofthe 1947 ACORN staff have worked extremely hard at our many tasks. Most of the credit, however, should go to Miss Brosnan who has pulled us out of many difficult situations. Under her able hands and with the splendid cooperation of' the members of the staff, the hook was assembled and sent on its way. I want to thank the members of' the staff who have ut in man ' lone hours re- P 3 D P paring the book aIId also those students who are too numerous to mention who have contributed to the success of' the ACORN. We ho e that Ou, the readers, will P Y derive as much joy from reading this annual as we have had in compiling it. 68 THE EDITOR l ITLH GR UI nl I Hliswl-:I,I. III: ASYITT I GIBSON ,f I,mI:I:N41I:N1: AI. Blelwolm Tun IAMII BILL limiu I-:R SI:I.nIeN SI'ANuI.I:I: M-KHIIIN GIIIsI:I,I.I .MICE Rohm-:II f:l'IRRY STONE fLADlilE HICKS l'I:u:I' l'l'I'IIr1II'I'nN MI'RII:I, Rl'IsINuI:I: BI:I'I'I' BUNYYHR lluzu J+:NNIN1:s BILL D XVIS Bon BARONIIN FR INK S11wI'oun 'num' Ihzssmnzlc DUN SI'III-:NIQLI-3 OAKWITEMEVQQT FF ' Fall, 1946 Editor, .,...,................ PATTY MlLI.ER Assistant Editor ........,. CARoLE CARPENTER Assistant Editor .,... .,.. M ARION GI-IIsELLI Page One Editor ...,. ...... B ARRARA NORRIS Page Two Editor ..., ..,.. D OT MCCARTNEY Sports Editor .,...,....,.,.. MEL DICKINSON Feature Page Editor ,....,.... ALICE ROEMER Assistant Feature Editor ,...., BETTY BowYER Faculty Advisor ......... MRS. MARY MURPHY Fall, 1946 Business Manager ,............ RUDY MULTZ Assistant Business Manager. , PAULINE HAHN Assistant Business Manager, . BERNARD KLEIN Assistant Business Manager, .NAOMI KNIGHT Circulation Manager .....,....... PAUL BELL Circulation Manager .,.,.... BARBARA WATTS Exchange Editor .i..,,........ NORRINE EARL Asst. Exchange Editor .... ,...... L EA BIANCO Asst. Exchange Editor. . .MADELINE TRIMBORN Reporters: Spring, 1947 Editor ...,..,............,... PATTY MILLER Assistant Editor .,............ ALICE ROEMER . . . , .ALICE ROEMER Page One Editor. . . Page Two Editor ..... .... D ONNA GILBERT Page Two Editor. ,... ......, B ETTY SMITH Sports Editor ..,... ......, M EL DICKINSON Feature Editor. . . ........ DoT MCCARTNEY Faculty Advisor ......... MRS. MARY MURPHY Spring, 1947 Business Manager .....,......, RUDY MULTZ Assistant Business Manager. , PAULINE HAI-IN Assistant Business Manager. .LEO CEREGHINO Assistant Business Manager, . BERNARD KLEIN Circulation Manager .....,.... NORRINE EARL Exchange Editor .......... GLORIA SCRIBANTE Exchange Editor. . . . . . EVELYN MENDOSA Exchange Editor. . . ,... SHIRLEY MARTIN PAGE 1-Marion Ghiselli, Beverly Kaster, Audrey Adams, Sarah Spangler. PACE 2-Diane Daldine, Marilyn Knight, Ginger Brown, Jeanne Songer, Grace Johnston., Sally McDowell. PAGE 3-Morris Zulenski, Dorothy Deward, Eleanor Bidema., Jere Hackett. PAGE 4-Shirley Weller, Don McKinley, Coryl Shannon, Valerie Lewis, Don Gibson. The hurried clack-clack of typewritersg the worried expressions of reporters who are trying to make deadlinesg the harried attempts of editors to make live column inches of printed material fit into a four-inch columng the verbal battles between tlIe editor and the business manager about whether or not a half-page advertisement is advisable or notg all these are only pieces of the puzzle that finally evolve into one issue of the Oak Leaf. PATTY MILLER ALICE ROEMER DOT McCARTNEY MEL DICKINSON BETTY SMITH DONNA CILBEP DRAMA ' GLEE ' BAND J 9 9 MISS DOS RAMP DRAMA 66 WHAT A LIFE CAPTAIN APPLEJ ACK ll gms x A .. f 1 ff 3 .QQ Q ....,, . , . 5.5 -. ,fm X. :wwww.w5wlvk 1 9 4 -, X, Awgfrgfx, A QX H,-gg :W ml ' ' X X -::ft.Efa::. gm, F55-KZ? f csgfggqig sw? N 5 f :J if-' . ': w Y:55.5,LMi?5K2fX.Sq ig! A-X Akzvlpsjssgug-' 'fa' , V . 3, Q. FP ' GQ, Mi P "wh 21. f i ... f :gmt 1, was -13 V Z , M IS X , s fg. '5 S ggi Jimi? W 55 -ww ,Mm . .......m i K A . S, 'xii W, ww sa--5 7 5155 1 1. K xg? ., ,. , 7 X , 6 i as we as Q yi, 5 ii W X ai 'S 1' if A xx a ,kg WM.- I Q S . X 'iw SQ, W K 1 " W 'X gg 'J x V ,gif Q . F gl 1' ' y' 5 " x l W f - wif ' Ns y wi , M 55' X V N., X H YQ , xx, f ' hz f wwfii as XX 533 I 5' sgyff' i . , gi gl 1 U -I 17: 55:1 . 3 5 "" 'V-1. i ,MQW is A rf ,4 wi if 5 if 'V Qi U 7 2 . gg kk W W A 551 4 9 VM ff 7 gg ,SRS 'X 7 X is ,F , gs. as , my fl F, VY g I 8 Ag , 6,5 W X . wk I 51 1, 5 A, V Q sf we Q gi 'Q Q, Q? V Kai 5 1 ' F gf N ' Q ,Ti L W 4 214 W aww is A N' ,fi I is hsffix ' in 5' gk I 55 ? f-s QQ ' :,:i.' 1 , N 5 fx 5 ff 5 pg if 44 x X 551 A 1 . U - K figs? N52 ,, gg U ' ,gl .L,. 1 Y , -x W t X V ,Q - 1 f Y V W W k I ' , Q 1- D ' 2 X W - "" A vs 'M M5 A X . .ff 1 QAAH Vg -:Xi 5 - . an N HIIIIHQI nlsunnmu was :nn 'ln' sux nam ll!! X L ,Q E 33 'Q 9 - X X - ? i5:fX,QQY? 7 ZA ,Q vigliigl' :aft 'LT gif' 4 A 1 vii!!! . 'PJ Eg 7 fl wwf., Win: R 1 gg! 21: fi , SWK EVA N fx w -fpqjxl X' N Q, xx' . 4 yqvw. . ,N 5' yg3,.g. - , R 'fiifwwiv Ka,'W,w 1 W 3515: iw -SS mgaw . ' ff f ,I L f 5 'fn -4 ,IS ky- hex, M Q E f ag H 3 ,f , , iw 1 six W is W f WNW Y 3 'wi A 1 .6 I me '2 5 A s my 't K , . N Y , 8 Ulu: w L W 54 ' an 'inf' "' A U , H 7 ki m ' ' Sb N W W R si Q3 ' ff LX.,443.gif h -Y ,s " g f - 5 is F- M My - L , M -R M N CQQQ X .Nm -r"1--W l ms' '91 ii Aw Q an zz' ' Y W pm 4 ma Ri 1 D " nm NZ' W..-Q 5 ,, , , A, ww 2,3 w 1 JffQ??grwg:,q,1 ,. ,. Qi 3: A -gf- f ' .b 3 . Ma , ii mfg-QR g?H24,'eg5f1,1,zA,zsL2 Q, I wsQf3?,,X Y 4' xx-14ew'BMwx+vseaw"' "Fw - " 2 aw w , Q Q HAH-M, 'Q an W. wx . ,-a::g Kgs' 2 fi ' .2525 ' 'W ' " XMQ4, , 345 Ijij? r.. '1 igialmw . LQ 7 WFHQX rxafvaf? X . . if - x X 3 is 'fkv WWW I , . , Q I , W 5 in 'V we x E , J ul' -.- M R-.9 POT T3 The Men Who Back Uur Teams A vote of gratitude is due to these men who coach our teams and make them what they arc. They are the ones who help mold a boy's character and help determine what'he will bc in later life. Coach Frank Young left the school and was replaced by Chris Freeman, who has returned from the Navy. Head coach is Louis Jolley, who is in charge of the track department. Coach Charles Socolfsky coaches football and B trackg Coach uflankw Jones takes care of basketball and tennisg baseball and B football are under the direction of Bob Carletong Chris Freeman handles B basketball, golf, and B footballg last but not least, Chet Millett coaches baseball and .l. V. football. CLYDE Asvrrr I 80 I X ' If f, 1 . X, ,,l. 5"fffffj'fQ, ' 7 X . 1 ' 'uff' I, xxx H COACEIES if f IHII VARSITY A3 JUNIOR VARSITY WQWQ ccBsS9s Alameda 6 . Piedmont 14 Alameda 13 Hayward 6 Alameda 32 . .,... Albany 0 Alameda 13 . . Berkeley 13 Alameda: 26 . . , . . El Cerrilo 0 Alameda 13 . . .Richmond 12 H321 When you think of the 1946 football team under 'gSoc" Socolofsky, remember their size and how well they did and give a cheer. After a bad start with Piedmont, Alameda finished the remainder of the season without losing a game. The boys, almost all seniors, fought hard, turning in a fifie season, one of which we can all be proud. Alameda placed six players on the honorary all-county team and two on the North Coast team. Len Ratto, Jack. Spangler, and honorary captain George Lagorio were together on the all-county team. Phil Thormahlen, Dayton Foote, and Al Diaz were on the second team. ,lack Spangler was the North Coast end, and George Lagorio received honorable men- tion for his work at quarterback. Graduating seniors are Bob Braund, ,lack Caton, Dan Cooper, Divo Dianda, Floyd Gregg, Leo Halverson, Keith Harold, Don Hiniker, Bill Lane, George Lagorio, Ray Lehmkuhl, Jack Perata, Ed Rexinger, ,lack Simone, .lack Spangler, Ira Stogner, Leon Tager, Phil Thormahlen, Les Tomei, Gerald Wfarburton. and Don Wlatkins. The team gave the grandstand a lot of excitement and worry last year causing pandemonium several times as they came from behind to win. Those returning lettermen are Al Diaz, John Dronkers, Dayton Foote. George Marceline, Frank Nereu, and Len Ratto. mass. ,. -.. -fm s . VARSITY 66B9S'f7 BASKETBALL . . . Featuring a fast-hrvaking offvnsv, the varsity, umlvr tho clirvvtion of G'Hank" ,lom-s, turnf-ml in a vm-ry SllC'l'PSSl.lll season capturing the A.C..-ML. title with cle-vvn dvr-isivv vivtorics and placing third in the all-high school tournainvnt at the University of California. The team flcsvrvcs a Chvor for its finv work. Bill Thompson and Clarcncc Doyle mprfrsclitf-fl Alainmla on thc- first string all- vounty tc-am. Rich Gaxiola Illfldff second team, and ,lavk Spangler rvcf-ived hon- oralilc mf-ntion. Clarvnvv Doyle' also was elm-tt-fl to thx- all-Northvrn California E841 tcam. Bill Thompson was seleeted as one of the five most valuahle players in the East-W'est game and made the first team at the Cal tournament. While losing his valuahlc lf'llt'l'lllCll-rllll0lllllSOIl., Boyle. and Spangler-to the cold. cruel-world of post-graduation, Coach Jones will still have plenty of material with wlligll .to work next year and should produee a winning team again. ,lack Foster, Hsieh Gaxiola. Tom Ginley. Gary Sehweitzer, Al Belloumini. Howard Davis. ,loe Mahoney, ,lohn Vlfall. and ,lim Bird will all he haek next year. Bis Under the direetion of Chris Freeman the Bis gained in experienee than is neees- sary to play varsity hall. The players are Greg Bessemer. Harvey Gamlrle. Warren Kennedy. Art Martinez. Diek Nelson. George Osorio. George Read. Hiehard Taylor. Jerry Watkins, Tom xxvllllilllli and Gene Hamilton. Cunldi Asvrrr BASEBALL . . . VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY 66B"S99 f:0ill'llNl1lICIM Mille-tt is turning out another fine lrasolball team. H0 has tlw material' and the allility to vapturv the league title and walk away witll all the honors. Aflvr ds-feating Hayward in a close game, Alameda is tied with Bcrkf-Icy in first place? at tho vlose of the first half of the season. Tho team itsvlf is 0llISI3I'lfliIlg. As a group the playcrs are in the Class of all- I86l county men. Individually, George Lagorio, Wally Souza, Chas. Smith, Jim Ortner, Gene Anthony, and Bob Brown are outstanding. Six of the players will not be back next year, due to graduation. Coach Millett will have a lot of material to work with next year as the team is composed mostly of juniors. Seniors who will not return are George Lagorio, Charlie Smith, Wally Souza, Gene Anthony, Jim Ortner, and Gene Sirois. . The Junior Varsity is under the direction of Coach Millett and is also doing a good job to date. Next year it will he using its experience to beat the other teams and capture an A. C. A. L. title. The players are "Chuck" Thomas, Dan Souza, Joyes Reedburg, Duane Hood, Toby Chavez, Andy Hexem, Ronnie Crooks, Lloyd Bolo, LeRoy Pope, John Beardsley, C. J. Pitts, Tuvoz Hill, Mel Dickinson, and Jim Bird. Coach Bob Carlton is giving his time to the L'B,' baseball team to give them some of his knowledge and speed them on the way of being future stars. The "B's" are doing a good job and deserve a little credit too. The "Bw team is made up of fresh- men and sophomores and its players are "Chuck,' Wing, Dave Souza, Bob Wil- liams, Mickey 0'Reilly, Bill Pendegrass, Stan Denton, Ronald Bargones, Gene Hamilton, Ray Bowman, Dave Pinkney, J ack Rodenborn., Frank Orrell, Roy Kirk, and Hiron McDaniel. The players on the varsity and their positions are: Pitchers-Bob Brown, George Read and Dick Wuesthoff , Catchers-George Lagorio, Len Ratto and Bob Sutter, First Base-Ray Smith and Gene Anthony, Second Base-Charlie Smith and Yosh Yamamoto, Third Base-Owen Hand and Jerry Merritt, Shortstop-Wally Souza and Duane Louis, Left Field-Jim Ortner and Glen Read, Center Field-Wally Curlett and Ed Hanson, Right Field-Gene Sirois, Managers-Merle Gates and Phil Leslie. The J. V.'s are under Coach Millett. These boys are mostly juniors with an occa- sional sophomore or freshman in the group. They too, have turned in a successful season and you should keep an eye on them, they are your next year's stars. The players are Bruce Gardner, Dave Isenhart, George Jones, Mel McCulloch, Jim Moore, Bob Myers, John Oswald, Bob Perona, Mario Ratto, Bob Sheldon, Cabin Simmons, Joe Totorica, George Updegraff, Jim Updegraff, Earl Vargas, Darrell Victor, Jerry VVatkins, Don Ansel, Duane Louis, Gene Shofe, George Price, Bob Stanley, Bob Rowen, Russ Rabeneau fcaptainj , Richard Osorio, Dave Hen-' derson, Yosh Yamamoto, and Phil Leslie. The "B's", with "Chris,' Freeman coaching, and Bob Carlton assisting, gained the "know how" necessary to play football and showed quite a bit of promise. The "B's', are always the underdog and always have to meet heavier odds. CLYDE Asvrrr SCORES OF GAMES PLAYED Alameda 4 .....,,..,.,....,.... Richmond 3 Alameda 8 .,,... ..,.. A lbany 3 Alameda l ..... ..... B erkeley 5 Alameda 8 ...,., ..... E l Cerrito l Alameda 3 ...... ..,., H ayward 2 l37l VARSITY sy. M L-'gnvltg kk yh In E ,AME PN 5 afswlti' ORNETS TR CK... The lraek team untler tho clireetion of Coach ,lolley is not having a goocl year he- eause the majority of the team is Composed of sophomores. They are putting up a valiant struggle, hut lack the neeessary experience. Following are the members of the Varsity and some of their events: l00yar1l flash-Dan Cooper and Paul Kappa, who also runs the 220 with George Hinz. Darrel Victor and Calvin Simmons run the 440. Ernest Fagnani and Dale Sharp do the 880. Larry Vargas, Rowland Paris., and Herhert Andrew all run the mile. Gerald W'arhurton and Dave Chapman leap the low hurdles. Ted Hanson H381 s and Selden Spangler go over the high hurdles. Leo Halverson and Ira Stogner put the shot. John Dronkers, Bob Stanley, and Gene Shofe handle the discus. Others on the team are Burrell Wyle, Jerry Watkins, Earl Vargas, Bill Brewer, Bill Davis, Wayne Leslie, Charles Morgol, Richard Osorio, and Bill Barks. Watcll these boys, next year they'll he champions. The B's are doing very well winning more events than expected, and they show a great deal of promise. The team is composed of Fred Artis, Ellis Artis, Julius Kahn, Barrett Ravenscraft, Jim Reed, Hirschel Spurlock, Yosh Sugiyama, Sulio Takeda. Jim Ushyima, Dave Williallls, Boh Muliker, Jim Hashimoto, Bob Belt, Harry Haramki, Bob McShane, Sumion Cortez, and Dale Kohy. Q sxhlk 1 is ll! a 'W RQ, 85 'L ' Q ,f , n Q 3 'E ki K Sv 'ws '75 A " if f kX'3T?i"H, eg g W WR A V -All 16-fx ,W Jew fm Z . ,V 1 k 555 Q ,MQQ Vs S M525 Y if L MA Q T? W 4 Miiliw-L aims Q M 'fwsii' ii TENN S Tho tvnnis tvanl. untlvr the rlircvtion of Coach "Hank" ,lont-S. has not lwt-n doing so wvll dm- to tho small turnout and. tll6'l'0fOl'l'. lack of vompotition. As ye-t tlu- tvam has not won a gann' in spite- of tht' fart tlwrv arc' two outstanding playors in Wllitnvy Rm-cl, a S0lJll0IllOl'l'. aml Norman Pt-tt-rsoll. a frvslnnzm. 'llln-y provvfl flll'll' wortll lly tltt-ir fine playing in tlw statv l0lll'Il1iIIll'Ill. 'llllv 0llll'l' playcrs arv Boll Laglv. Don Anst-1. Rollin Hoscficlcl. Tom Snyrlvr. Gary Srllwvitzvr. Morris Zim-lc-nski. and Daw- Clark. l,EAlll'E SCHEIN LE FIRST H ALF March 12 . , AlZll'Il9ll1l vs. Albany Marrh 10 . Alamerlal va. Piedmont Mar1'l12fr . Alanledzl vs. Hayward April 0 Alanxedan vs. Berkeley l9 April 23 April 30 May 8 May 15 Ll. sl-11:oNn H NLF . . Alilltltntlil vs. Alllilllj' ,Al1llIlPd1l vs. Piednmnt Alanna-da vs. Hayward , .Alannetla vs. Us-rlwle-y Y lllfl ASX l'l"l' .A. . Full, 1946 OFFICERS Spring, 19-17 JANET OPESSHAW. . . . . President . . , NAN ci' ETHERTON Nwci' ETHERTON . . ,Vice President . .,., BEVERLY ICASTER BEVERLY KAs'rEi: . Recording Secretary . , BARBARA Cnlsl-:LLI Dom-:EN Hrkl.E . lfinmzeial Secretary . FLORENCE Si'LvEs1'Ri DOT DEYVARD ' ..,.. Song Lender . . . ...,.. PHIL Wlsmux Hmnxnx GliISrIl.l.l Publicity Manager , , , . , . . BEVERLY S'I'lI.l'1S The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization composed of high-standing gym students who arc working for their Girls' Block HA." Everyday we meet during sixth period. At this time wc participate in our fav- orite individual or team sports. Some of our favorite sports which have been enjoyed for the first time since prewar days are ice skating. crew, horseback riding. and golf. Un Circus Day the Girls' Athletic Association sponsored a fortune-telling hooth and sold popcorn. Our other money-making activities include movies, selling decals, and Alameda High pencils. The money earned hy these projects is used for our student hody meeting entertainment, G.A.A. Spread, oliicers7 pins, etc. The higgzest event of the term is our semi-annual G.A.A. spread. At this time the athletic awards are presented to the girls. The awards consist of the Block NA," winged "A," and ercle NA." The G.A.A. develops good sportsmanship, training in leadership, and alvility in a large nmnher of sports. BARBARA GIIISELLI Recording Secretary C.A.A. E921 PORT SPEEDBALL IIVFPIN SOFTBALL HOCKEY Mmm: N! ST ARCHERY BOWLING TENNIS BADMINTON my QTY, A494 'WW' .ww Q wick gf we if HN i 5 wifi 'Kms 'fs A . .PP ' fm 7 9 J. ww., ,.,g,,qp-ns. nuns.. DICK .IENNINUS ROYAL ADVISER DOWN THE HATCH COl'Pl,E OF OLD BAGS STEAM SHOVEL 'ii 8411124110113 I alifornia eholarship Federation CSF ADVISERS MR. Rl-IISINALD F. SAUNDERS. Chairnmn Miss MARY CoNNm.i,x' MR. lJAnm:l,l, CoUr:HL.AN Fuzz, 1946 OFFICERS s,,ring,1o47 BRAD Wi ATT ..., . ..., President ..., TOM FERGUSON MARION Cnisi-:Lu ,.,. , . .Vice President .,.. Blu. WIl.I,lAMS Tom Fsncttsow . . , . ..,. Secretary .... PAUL ALLINGER En Ll-:AL .,,. .,,., ,...... ,....,,. T r e asurer ............. .DON Busweu. The one big CSF event of the fall term was a Conducted tour through the Alameda Naval Air Station. This included a trip through the Repair and Assembly building. the new wind tunnel building, then an exploring tour aboard the airplane carrier, "Boxer," and the giant Trans-Pacific Clipper MMars," just before its departure for the Philippine Islands. The outstanding spring term event was the annual opera party. This year our CSF'ers attended an evening merformanee of 6'Aida" and a matinee of "Madame 1- I Butterflvf' Our chapter received an invitation to attend a CSF Students' Conference at Fresno on April 12, but due to the necessity of an early departure, only Bonnie and Marjorie Shull, accompanied by their adviser, accepted. The most enjoyable outing of the year was a hike from Mill Valley to the top of Mt. Tamalpais then down into Muir Woods. PAUL ALLINGER Record i n g Seeretary I 100 1 1947 C S F Members, Fall 1946, Sprin Allinger. Paul Andrew, Joyce Baronian. Bob Carpenter, Carole Etherton. Nancy Etherton, Peggy Anderson. .loanne Babcock, Lois Bartalini, Dolores Biebush, Barbara Borgia, Charles Boyland, Carmel Brandt, Marilyn Buswell. Donald Cervelli. Rena Conard, .lo Anne Coy. Lorraine Derr. Wallace Durham. Carolyn Earl, Norrine Elster. Nancy Enstrom. Bert Fisher. Craig Gaede, Rex Garner, Helen Gibson, Don Gooding. Alice Hammer. Arnold Harradine. Frank Life Members Ferguson, Tom Gerke, Virginia Chiselli, Marion Hahn, Pauline Hanson, Duane Miller, Patty Members Helms. .lay Hildeman, Lynn Hiyama, .lanet Hockin, Margaret Hofvendahl, Don Hosier, Barbara laber, Sam Jacoby, Ruth Jensen, Rollin Kudrna, Rosemary Kumagai, Yoneko Lamberson. .lohn Leal, Edward Love, Christal Lunardi, Elaine Mallory, .loan Martin, Shirley McCartney, Dorothy McDowell. Sally Michael, Stanley Muehlbauer, Joanne Mueller. Stanley Noia. Barbara Lon f101l Ng. Lawrence Roemer, Alice Spangler. Selden Swift, Robert Wyatt. Brad Older, Sue Pavlich, Lorraine Perry, Lorinne Price, Nancy Reed, Nadine Riley, Lois Rivers. Pat Ruisinger, Muriel Rummerfield, Carol Sanders, Bill Scheuermann. Kenneth Shannon, Coryl Shall, Bonnie Shull, Marjorie Spangler. Sarah Spencer, Bill Stiles, Dean Tener. Barbara Thompson. Nancy Volz, Eugene Wales, Eleanor Williams. Bill Williarns, .loan 6-1 'If - 'F it I '45 M? 'Q Abrahamson. Allan Adams, Theresa Addison. Herbert Alexander. Marjorie Allinger. Paul Anderson, Gloria Anderson. Pauline Andrew. Everett Andrews. Joyce Babcock. Lois Barnes. Nadine Baronian. Bob Bell. Paul Borchardt. Helga Borgia. Charles Bowyer. Betty Boyes. Joanne Boyland. Carmel Busw ell. Don Cane. Mary Canfield. Jane Carpenter. Carole Cereghino. Leo Cervelli. Rena Chapman. Marguerite Chrisco. Yvonne Clark. David Clark. Janice Coffman. Rae Collins. Tom Conard. Jo Anne Connolly. Joan Cordova. Dulccnia Cordova. Ortensia Corica. Tllcrcs-a Cosc. Lc Roy Coy. Lorraine Crooke. Nancy Davis. Billie Mae Davis. Nancy Davis. Paxton Dem ard. Dorothy d'Fonseca. Lydia Doyle. Pat Duncan. Barbara Dunmire. Bill Durham. Carolyn Dyke. Shirley Earl. Norrine Eldred. Pat Zi Denotes Life Mem bers. :X Ferguson. Tom .L tar and Key Members Elster, Nancy i2Enstrom. Bob Eschen. Carol 2Etherton, Nancy :kEtherton. Peggy :kEwing, Bob Farley, Ray Ferro. Jerry Fink. Helen Flashman. Nancy Frasser, Norma Fung. Edward Gaede. Rex Garner. Earline Garner. Helen Gerke, Virginia Gertmenian. G racc Gertmenian. Paul Ghiselli. Barbara Ghiselli. Marion Gibson. Don Gilbert. Donna Glasse. Maric Gogal. Stanley Goldsmith. Melvin Graham. Myrtle Green. Pat Gundersen. Bob Hahn. Olive Hahn. Pauline Hammer. Arnold Hanson. Duane Hedges. Marcia Helms. Jay Henock. Pat Herrera. Marguerite Hexem. Andy :::Hilton. Pat Himle. Art Hinkle. Cynthia Hockin. Margaret Hofvendahl. Don Hollywood. Kathery ne Hujama. Janet Jaber. Sam Jackson. Ralph Jacoby. Ruth Helen Jakson. Phylis Johnston. Norah Sc Jordan. Nile Kaster. Beverley Kenyon. Shirley Koscinski. Joyce Kudrna. Rosemary Kumagai. Yoneko Kunkle. Kathryn Lamberson. John Leal. Edward Lindberg. Bettie Mae Livingston, Don Livingston. Louise Lockner. Charlotte Love. Christal Luce. Margaret Ludlum. Claudette Lunardi. Elaine Mahoney. Leal Mallory. Shirley Martin. Marilyn Martin. Shirley Matthews. Joyce Maurer. Clara Mengius. Stewart Meyering. Barbara Michael. Stanley Michaleto. Anna Miller. Helen Miller. Patty Jo Mladinich. Lavia Moore. Marilyn Mueller. Stan Multz. Rudy McDowell. Sally McKenzie. Margot Ng. Lao rence Noia. Barbara Norris. Barbara Older. Sue Ujeda. Dave Pameroy. Eloise Pedersen. Janet Perry. Lorine Perry. Mable Pertino. Dorothy Priest. Betty Radabough. June Ratto. Catherine 'kRiley. Lois Rivers. Pat Roberts, Paul i'Roemer. Alice :iR0ke. Arthur 'fRuisinger. Muriel ?Rummerfield. Carol Sande, Pat Shafer. Shirley :kShannon. Coryl Shervey. Janet :iShull. Bonnie Shull. Geraldine 'iShull. Marjorie Sibley. Betty Sisler. Joanne Smith. Betty Smith. .Jeanne Snow. Bess Spaulding. Maureen Spencer. Bill Spiersch. Joan Steel. Joan :5:Stevens. Edward Stiles. Beverly Stiles. Dean :kStone. Gerry Storm. Wfarren iilitromberg. Norma Sutter. Marilyn :iSwift. Robert Sylvestri. Pat :liSylvestri. Florence Tajima. Sumi Tanningsen. Duncan Tener. Barham Thomas. Ruth Ann Thompson. Nancy Toyasaki. Matoko i1Turner. Anna Yiss. Dorothy Volz. Eugene R. Wellel'. Shirley Westbrook. Minnie vVllt'Cl8l'. Carolee W'hite. Grady Wickman. Mary Lou Williams. Joan Wiseman. Phyllis :kW'ood. Jean A iwyatt. Bradley STAR D KEY H0 OR SOCIETY Tlirough the vcars the Star and Kvy Honor Society has sponsored many projvcts. ,Nllllll'l'0llS Ines-tings, partivs. and trips have lu-vu cnjoyml hy the- mmnlwrs. Tha- Socioty has umlc-rwrittcn two student hotly llll'0llllgS and prvsvntvcl two noon-time' lnovivs. Nll'lIllll'l'SllllD in this organization rc'quirl's a NBA' 2lVl'l'2'l:10 for tht- prcvious tc-rm. It rr-ally must hs' Daisy or you wouhlnit st-0 all tlu- bll1llillQIfill'l"S in tht- aliovv picture-. Nlzlny of these- are life lllt'lllll0l'51 they have maintainwl a "B" uvvmgv for thrve- 1'0llSl'l'llllV4'lPI'llIS or for four ll0ll-i'OIlS1'I'llllYP tt-rms. Only lift- illmlllwrs may we-su thc- Star annul Kvy pin. This group is one of tht- olflvst and largest I'lllllS in Alznnmla High Svhool. XX 4 hopv it will lN?l'0lllt' Q-veil larger. lllARClA HI-:males Editor I IU3 I 1 LE CERCLE FR CAIS The French Cluh is one of the oldest cluhs of A.H.S. and also one of the most interesting. It has some fine memhers led hy President Pat Rivers, and hacked hy Mme. Lee and Mme. Darison. At the meetings we suggest and discuss different plans for future entertainment for our memhers, and ways of raising money for the treasury. One of the most interesting meetings was our last Christmas party. when we ex- changed gifts and ate ice cream. At the end of this meeting we were entertained hy Pauline Vigness who sang the Cantique de Noel which was enjoyed hy everyone. Lately we have heen discussing plans for the purchase of some pins which would he worn hy the memhers of the French Cluh. The new ollicers will always welcome any student who would like to join the eluh. Memhership is open to anyone who takes French, will pay a quarter a semester for dues. and can come to the meetings which are held once a month in Madame Lee's room. Room BITLLOCK Editor Spring '47 I 104 I Members du Cercle Francais Pat Rivers Dolores Parrnelli Ed Gilligan Arthur Roke Roger Bullock Bob Ewing Eleanor Wales Barbara Duncan Virginia Oakley Suzanne Dermody Muriel Kimsey Carolyn Durham Les Sachs Barbara Meyering Ronnie Pugh Helen Fink Tavia Mladinich Dorothy Viss Dorothy McCartney Mary Lou Wickman Elaine Siead Richard .lanusch Richard Bartalini Duane Hanson Bill Huckins Sarah Dean Spangler .lean Severance Norma Hager Kathleen Wllite Merrill Gudworth Carol Ortner .loan Spiersch Emile Villiarme Francis Williamson Sharon White Rosine Rediess Maureen Spaulding Nadine Yeomans Bill Barry .loan Menzies Barbara Tener Katherine Hollywood Marilyn Pape Sachi Motoyoshi .lean Wolke Frank McElhinney layne Alfrey Marilyn Martin Eleanor Wales Sumi Tajima Don Lander Bob Zcoyousky .loan Narahara Sam .laber Diane Oates Doreen Hale Bob O'Hare .loan Ross Diane Thrall Shirley Ross Dennon Golightly Grady White Stan Gogol Nancy Orme Janet Pederson LeNore Wilson .loAnn Sisler .lean Wood Margaret Rosenberger Mary Lou Hohensrhild .lim Cundall Charles Bargia Grace Gertmenian Nancy Elster Connie Dunford Goryl Shannon Lin Vaux Bob Graham I 105 1 Dick Spann Alilon Wynkoop .loan Connolly Susan Lum Earl Lander Charmaine Paris Patt McGrarey .loan Reimer Nadine Barnes Betty Isbell Art Himle Carol Lombard Carol Shadle Pat Green Carol McLean Betty Priest Carmel Boyland Nancy Davis Marianne Ghiselli Barbara Ghiselli Dorothy Pertino Roxane Sturn Alice Gooding Clara Maurer Ann Maxwell Margery Adams Val Winkel Janet Shervey .lim .lones Karen Birkholm Betty Simmons Carol Closson Margaret Hockin Edy Copeland Ernest Lee Betty Ambough Betty Pryor Donna Beachell Paul Gertmenian f , Q ' Lf, 4 f ,W Q Q LTI CLB As lllff SCIIIPSICI' flrziws to u vlosv. W0 can look lbavk 011 thc- flffliglltful timvs WP. as lm-lnlrvrs of ilu' Latin Clulr. ll2lVl' llarl. Uur p1'r'si1l4-nl. Bill Barry. has mzulo ilw meetings intcrvsting and lots of fun. V870 all illllll'l'l'lilll' ilu' vxvvllf-llt sponsorship of Mrs. Amlnrosoli who lliIS slum' lHll1'll 10 lllklkl' our 4-lul1 aa Slli'K'l'SSl Slmlvnlf pus! and prc-sr-nt arf' wvlconu- to join. Thv 4luvs arf- only lwvl1ly-Gvv l'4'IllS for za Fl'llll'Hlfxl' of fun mul P11-joy nu-ni. CARol.lar1 NX'llr1r1L1-in lfl'I'0l'Illil1g Sv1'r1't11ry L los 1 THE SPA ISH CL B Full. 1046 OFFICERS Spring, 1047 Blu. Wll,l,lA1x1s, . , President ..,... ,. , Winn' Books Dow Bl'swr:l.l. . .Vice President . .. . . . , I,AT SANDIC Pwr SANM: , . . Sec-rvlury . , . . , . .Bn,l. Wll.l,IAMS Wnm Rooks 'I'rpusurnr , , ,SnlRl.m' Wm.l.isn Miss Immzl. Yrivunv . . Fur-zllly .lzlviser ., . . Miss ISM!!-ii, Vr:N,mn Tha' Spanish Clnh has just l'0lllllll"lPll an Sll1'C1'SSl'lll your. Syl-vial Hlllllltlll tulvnl, founcl during tho Full ll'l'lll. imuh- it possihlv to lmvv nnusunl nn-vtings. Among thosv who l'0llll'llIlIU'll to thi- progrznns we-rv Dlllvvlmizl and Urtvnsiu llorilovn who sung Mc-xii-zum songs in ll2It'ltl0llY. Clwuch- FPIIIIFI' "" wc' . ' r' un lIlll'l'l'SllllQ1lillli.l'0lllI'iiSllIl:I, somv of thi- PIISIOIIIS of Mmm-ilu High Sc-hool with thosc' of sf-hools which hv haul zittvmlvtl in SIl2llllSl1-Slll'illilllg vountrivs. SllIlll'lllS who pn-si-lltiwl ai Spanish skit wvrv Boll NYIIZIIIIZZI. Hill NX llli2IlllS. and lillily Multz. Hollin ,lvllsvll si-rvvfl us thc- Nxfjlllill' alvvolllpzlllist for thc' singing hy thv vlnh invin- H ln-rs. ns wx-ll as having givvn piano solos 0l.Sli2lI1iSll musiv. l ho f,3lll'lSllIl1IS nn-vting was thi- most livf-ly of thi' yt-ar. with its olnsvwmnw' of typii-ul lYll'Xll'2lll party rnstoms. 'llll1'tIl1'l'llllflS of tho Slll'lIlfIl1'l'lIl llilYI'lN'l'lll'llll'l'lillIllIlQQ. .Nt om' llll'l'lllIQL il Spam- isln-sgu-uking film was shown :mil at illl0lllPl' soviul Illl'l'llllfl Spanish gznnvs wx-rv play 1-sl. Uni- of lhv noluhlv llll'l'llllf,IS was thu- one' in April with za prolfr-nn in honor ol' Pun 'xIlll'l'll'1lIl Day. 'lihv Uflii-vrs aml lVlvmhvrs of tho Chill huvv worlwil togvtllvr to lllilkl' ilu- yvanfs uvtivitic-s 0lllSlllll1IiIlg. it 1071 ' 5 . .Q 3 ,R CHEMISTRY CLUB Under the efficient leadership of Boh Swift as president during the Fall term of 1946, and of Selrlon Spangler as president :luring the Spring term 1947, the Chem- istry Cluh has had a very sueeessful year. Dues for the semester are twenty-five cents and meetings take plaee once a month. These meetings usually include experiments hy various members of the eluh, refreshments and occasionally an excursion to seientifie plaees of interest. Mem- hership is limited to students who have taken or are now ta-king Chemistry. The Alameda High Sehool Chemistry Cluh is Hgllillllxfl with Seience Cluhs of Ameriea: and we flo all that we ean to eneourage our excellent students to eompete eaeh Deeemher in the Seienee Talent Search eomluetefl hy Seienee Cluhs of Amer- iea and sponsored hy the Vlfestinghouse Edueational Foundation. with the help of Mr. Coughlan. the exeeutive eommittee, and the ofifieers, the Chemistry Cluh hopes to eontinue its present aetivities and many more. LEA Buxco Editor Lmsj GERMAN CLUB Die Wfreinigten Deutsehen Studenten Wie are all proud of the progress that has heen made hy nDie Vereinigten Deut- sehen Studentenw during the past year. We have all enjoyed the soeiahility of our meetings. The sueeess of these meetings was due to the enthusiastic cooperation of every member. In the past we have presented movies for entertainment and we plan to present one to raise money in the future. Wie are all especially grateful to our adviser, Mrs. Amhrosoli, for her guidance and interestg and we appreeiate the enjoyahle entertainment presented hy our members. BARBARA LANCFORD Seeretary I 109 l OFFICERS-Fall. 1946 President. , . . . Bskmn.-x Klurssa Vive President, , VIRGINIA Cl-:mu-: Recording Sei-retury. . Nwm' Erlmnrox Financial Ser-remry. . . . Atnkm' Br-:ssmmu Song Leader . , CARULYN Rlelss GIRLS' ASSOCIATIO The Girls' Association, of which each girl in the Alameda High Student Body is il lllClllilt'l'. is organized for the purpose of ercatingconunon interests among the girls. The new students are weleomefl into the school hy the seniors who give a Fresh- rnzln Reception in their honor. This spring term the theme for the affair was a Cay Ninety Review. The eonnnittee, with the help of the girls. nnmagerl the fleeorations unrl entertainment in a elever fashion. lt is eustolnary for the Girls'Assoeiation to entertain the stuflent hotly with at program. Aeeoniillgly' this term we presented the Frisco Jazz Bansl. Thanks to the eoo reration of the Girls, the Assoeiation has en'ove4l a sueeessful z- J . spring and fall term. under the eapahle leadership of Presidents Bkil'llill'El Krausse and Patt liirhy. Lois BUTCHICR Reeorrling Sevretury OFFICERS-Spring, 1 94 7 President . PAT1' Kmm' Vive President. BARBARA FISHER Rewarding Secretary , Lois BU1't:Hi:R Financial Secretary M1 RNA CHRISTIANSEN Sung Leader. . Nfwtzx' STROMBERI. OFFICERS-Fall, 1946 President .......,..... . ..... Bon LAGLE Vice President . . . . . Rum' MULTZ 3 Secretary-Treasurer. . ,..., BERNARD KI.ElN ' Yell Lender ,... . 4 . . , . CLARENCE VERNON MENS' ASSOCIATION Sinrc M0n'p Association was rv-organized in 194-l, its purpose has hovn the ad- Viilll"f'llN"lll of sports in Alameda High. The promotion of the general wvlfarv of the hoys of this svhool is also u goal of our assoviation. This tl'l'lll. under the ahlc lll'0Slfl9llf'y of Dick wYll0Slll0lT. two nu-Otings were In-lil. l would like to thank Mr. Hopkins for his help to llll' anfl wish tllf' host of lurk to future axlministrations. T1-:RRY CURREN Revording Svvrf-fury U OFFICERS-Spring, 1947 President ,..,. . . DICK Wuasruorr Vice President. , . . . RALPH Iiuzksox Serretary'-Treasllrer . . ..., TERRY CURREW Yell Leader.. . , , Rum Mumrz GIRLS' BLOCK "A" SOCIETY Fall, 1946 OFFICERS Spring, 1947 DOROTHY HAX'ES . . . ...... President ..... ....... A LICE ROEMER PAULINE HAHN ..... ,..... I fice President, . . . .... lwARION GHISELLI MARION GHISELLI ,,.. . , . Secretary-Treaszlrer .... . . . PAIILINE HAHN VERLE WIEHR ....,.. .... S ergeunt-at-Arms . . . MEMBERS LEA BIANCO VIRGINIA GERKE PATTY' Mll,l,ER BETTY BOYVYER MARION GHISELLI JANET OPENSHAW NANCY ETI-IERTON M.ARIE GLASSE BETTE PHILLIPS PEGGY ETHERTON PAULINE HAHN ALICE ROEMER FLORENCE SYLVESTRI The past term has been a very successful one in the history ofthe Society. We have added a savings bond to the scholarship fund established to assist members who plan to go on to college, and the membership received a substantial boost when eight girls became eligible at the end of the fall term. Several others are expected to have obtained the necessary twelve hundred points by the end of the present term. Funds obtained by the Society's fall project-furnishing pompoms for the foot- ball season-helped to make possible the formal initiation of new members at the traditional dinner and theater party held in San Francisco. Last term the girls attended a very enjoyable performance of Maurice Evan's aGH3lIllCl.l, PAULINE HAHN Secretary-Treasurer aw W '.-, i if ' i QW mv 1 LW: wx 'QQ t BOYS' BLOCK "A" SOCIETY Tho Block 'asf' Sovif-ty, umlvr the Czlpalrlv lvzulvrsllip of CilHl'lPS Sovolosky. has P01110 into its own ut last in our school. By lll'OYi1iillfl tin' stulii-nts with SOIIH' noon lllOVi1'S. wr- haw' nnuiv ll tidy littlv Slllll. XX 1'iIilY0kllhO givvn an utlllvtic' show whit-ll provide-:I tlw stmlvnt lrmly with il lnnnorons and we-ll-likf-tl progruin. Wv urv also holding an alumni football Qilllll'illiilP1'lI4l0i-till' sm-1114,-stvi'. xxi4'1'XlHW'l an i1ll':l1'l'l'0ll of nvw lIl4'lIliH'l'S lo 1-ntm-r at our f0l'Ill1'0lllilllLI. spring initiation. Our lrvusury is il11'l'c-zlsillgrullnl wv Shall soon lu- alrlv to attain tin' position in srllool wv l'ig.fIliiilIliy rivsvrvv. H131 UNIOR RED CRO S COUNCIL Full, 1946 OFFICERS Spring, 1947 lJAl'l,INE HAHN , . ..,. President .... . . . S1'ANFoRn Smvlswsom Blu, Hmm rin , , . . . Vive President .,.. , . . PHYLLIS JAcKsoN Priram Wow. . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer , .,.... ARTHUR Rom-1 Nolwm Smomm-:ms . . , .... County Council Rep. . . . . BIINNIE Wxsisnooli Smwlfonn Swv:-:NsoN . , , , . .County Council Rep. . , The generous response to the roll 4-all this year on the part of the stuflent hotly enahlefl the Junior Heil Cross Couneil to aeeomplish its various projects. Two lllIllfll'Cll dollars was given to the National Children Fund. Over a thousand menu eovers mzulo hy the art Classes were sent to the Navy. Two hunllrefl and fifty gift hoxes were sent overseas. This year again we are sending a delegate to the national eonvention. Stanford Stevenson is the delegate this yearg and he will he leaving for Cleveland in June. We wish to thank our faeulty aulvisers for their help: Mrs. Cundiff, Dr. Peoples, and Wrs. Van Orden. ARTHUR Roma SOCTl'fllTy-TTl'fISllT!'T L 114 J X wif' x Y MW-wr fmggg- iw M3 - 51.35 +5 P957 .if .yi NSF? 0 M fl? wif Kiwi ,M fre, 5 .-: 3, L .Q ,I Wmww X max Q: A are 'wh-U it A f if wie X35 X f f .51 3, .. .:. we iixsy SENIOR OPPORTUNITY DAY Senior Opportunity Day was successfully held this semester for the low and high seniors on April 23, 194-7. The theme ehosen was uwfhich Wfay Now?" Under the direction of Miss E. Louise Jolly the committee heads presided over the program. The day was divided into groups. The main divisions were as follows: Wliicll Way Now if l want to work with People? . . . Things? . . . Facts and Figures? The groups were addressed hy people successful in various vocations or professions. One ses- sion was allotted to the marriage problems of young n1en and women. The purpose of Senior Opportunity Day is to give the seniors information on the vocational fields which they may enter. This year's program fulfilled this purpose in the usual satisfactory manner. The General Chairman were Audrey Bessemer and Dan Oiflonnell. The various committee memhers were Dean Berg, Margaret Cupid, Lydia De Fonseca, Barbara Fisher, .Iaekie Garcia, Helen Garner, ,lack Crunewald, ,lay Helms, ,laequeline Hicks, Edward Leal, ,lean Melntosh, Rudolph Multz, Jr., Lawrence Ng, Muriel Huisinger, Frank Stafford, War1'en Storm, and ,loan Vllilliams. H UDOLPH ML?L'l'Z. JR. Publicity iwamzger 51161 A U D I T 0 S R T I A U F M F C A F E T S E T R A I F A F TRI - IOTA The Tri-Iota was organized in April of 194-6. Since that time the members and many visitors have enjoyed parties and movies. At one meeting there was pre- sented a young speaker from lVlill's College who talked ahout youth in the world of today, her experiences in the mining states ofthe east and in England. The talk was followed hy a movie and racial prejudices. The purposes of the organization are expressed in its name. Tri-Iota stands for three l's: international, interracial, and intercultural. The cluh hopes to make this a hetter community in the future hy helping to make its members more hroad- minded toward people of a different nation, race. or eultural haekground. Future plans include: taking a trip to Chinatown, hearing a panel discussion on SOIIIC question of national importance, and writing letters to young people in other countries. ,IoYcI-1 ANDREW, President EUGENE VoLz. Secretary L1181 THE MEGAPHONE CLUB OF AHS The Megaphone Cluh was started in the Fall of '46 for the purpose of having a regular cheering section. With the cooperation of the memhers and Miss Murray, our sponsor, it soared to great heights during the football season. We have made great plans for the coming sports seasons. Wl'iger" Harold, yell leader for the term of Spring 717, introduced many new yells through our organization. One of our most important plans, suggested hy Tiger, is that of the forming the L'Hollerin' Fifty." This part ofthe Megaphone Cluh will he limited to fifty students who will pledge themselves to go to all the games. Any student who, during the coming term, Wishes to join this organization is welcome. DONNA GILBERT, President Barry SMITH., Vice President f119I R.0.'fB , K IT COL BAKER CAPT. MCGRATH This year the Cadet Corps, under the very inspiring leadership of Lt. Col. James L. Baker, has intensified its training and added several new theoretical subjects to widen the scope of R.O.T.C. training. The purpose of R.O.T.C. training is to develop leadership, discipline and make more useful citizens. This is carried on hy leadership drill and theoretical classes, such as Military Teaching Methods, World Military Situation, Individual Weap- ons, Military History of the United States, and others. These classes are conducted hy Regular Army instructors assisted by cadet instructors. For theoretical purposes the Corps is divided into three groups: The First Year which covers elementary courses and orients the Cadet with esprit de corps. The Second Year takes up tactical work, and prepares the cadet for his duties as a Non- Commissioned Officer and Officer. The Third and Fourth year cadets are grouped together for advanced tactical training. Activities in the Unit include a Sword and Shield Society for Officers and Spon- sors and a Non-Coms' Cluh for Non-Commissioned Officers. There is also a rifle team which is open to all cadets. On April 17 the Corps made a very interesting trip to the Benicia Arsenal. The all-day trip included a visit to the ammunition dumps, an inspection of the small arms shop, where we observed test firing of various weapons. At the optical shop we were shown how range finders, automatic gun controls and other complicated instruments were repaired. The Benicia Arsenal Fire Department also put on a very snappy fire drill. We are hoping to obtain honor school rating during our annual Federal Inspec- tion for the eighth consecutive year. TED LAMB Lt. Col. R.O.T.C. MASTER SCT. HUNTINGTON FIRST SGT. SHEPHERD MASTER SGT. BACHELOR RE ERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS Cul.. 'l'r1nl,.n1ls Huw. MA.l.I3r:1"l'x FN1l'lLH Nl.x.lul: DEAN Smrrll N. liyufr. Nolmm S'I'KOMISl-IIN. Muni: lilulr Wx .x'r'r HHN. 11M-'l'. NIAIKII-I 1ll,xssr: fr. XY umm S'l0lI'Nl How. 11w'r. limml s Pxaxmc llwr. BERN-XIII! Kuclw I-'l'.1Ll4lul.l1SlMl'sox llufr. lflcrm HI'I!Il.l'N Zhu lxr. Tu xn M1111-xl s'l'l,,x 1 ,y as 'ae' Q gl Mau F if ,gf ,,,.,.,,. L.,. 4-Wqwlifi, 1 Q if 5 4 5 g 3 4115: Z if n U U X Ig sw 'yliyzgi QQQQSQTF bwllfih 2, A , x N gk 5 2 f f 9 X S ' SQ Q ff E S3 g f gl fm W 2 1 4 if Ui Q is 3 W Ag 3 QQ? F 5235 1 'ug 5 W Q ff if 3 if Y W A V , Wi , gr Z W , if ,Y , ,H ,. I 3 " g, Q Q ,QS 'fin W 'iT 1-.A is 5 if .1 Y' ' 9 . 2 Q 6 f ,, if V f , 4 f .L-::.,.I'f A ' "5 fy x ff 1, - A X, Q SQ wg? g , Ri If 'Y ,K .Fits 19 I 4 A Qi S fm Xhwvvw--'KQWSHN S113 J. U59 agdm Q30 ,Q fm f 3 Sim 1 T ..,, - ."' Q " 5 , it K ' ' ifif Q Q V if " x as X, .V lg S W . I 'A X ,M 1 4 'J Q "R Q C o . , 1 Il ""6 1 N- E: C if bi D 9 , 'W l my . 5.5 a 'Q' ,Q ' ' ' . EK . ' f ', B Q ' Q , 921 ' M Q I' K . I ' . -if . , 8 -Q T X .L. O ,'.xmg5Qws's.effs4 Q i' N S 1 :-, f,. 6 25... fax? I L, ' AN. if .V n xi T. K .A g ., . gmt 'X f ' '-wif ' ., ' .xi .Q K ' . A , Y W- . WN. , , gf K kk Q - K A , Q . xl.. Q ffl ..,.,, , ,Z ' . ' - . -ww my R Q ' ' ' ' . ' J... A . 1' ' 5 g . fx 43, a ,-Y ,ff 1 N if ,z W. - ge, ., 1 af ,ff , f 4 f ,ffm 35, Q5 , :W ki Q M4 . D H, A .. Q 4 X , Q2 5 4 M 5 Y X 1 X A Q ,,, ,, xv 7. '-' V W2 wat N 4 F3 Q L . 9 K I' :.,.:.:.. V Q gg V, Q l A if ,ggw Q. . , ,fi-B 1' E ,F 529 ,W Q W ,ww Q3 an Vf . -,if . Lg. if . . 6 . g ,Vs X N f ix l il Q' 4 Q e , VQAAA. Y 8 X4 Q js, gi Q 'L an-4 I f Q 'Sf Q9 2 1 it X J, 1 '45, -ef i i fl U4 , Al 'xx we his YS Q 1 3. as'- , . 1 gs vs A A 1? l 92 i fl 1 Q " K if Q 'Nr .. ' U Q PM ff I , Y 9 X, ' . z' Lg. ' 'mf ' 5 A 4. ' -73? 4 J A 'X 0 , wg , 21,2 .gf Q sf 1 Q X ' X x x.. X Q N f' Q1 v w .W W ,, - 5 ' xv 1 + '. f ' J 'YZ fy , ,, V X 1- .A 'f . i v' S f 'N f .. :,, Swv . EXW 3 , 5 ,,. 26 f j x .t. Q gf. Sa , -'Six f 21 , - A if kim? . 5 " ix :Kg ,xp 'x ., .V x ,M x K 19" Q5 if Wy' it i jiggyx Q ,' X., San K X Sqqy 55: 'Y 3 lf 'WR , QS ii I X wx E? Q 5 if Q Q5 E P yi ht . x 'W , Egfx 6 ' Y .Hhs Q .11 - Si? 'W' A Q x, x 'X gx ggi 'Q 2 'lf F W1 Q f Mg: 7 3 . Q 1 .wa fg C 3 Mm Us KW af I-P ni 4522, , ' X Q 4' I X535 VV, . 6 2 Q , iviw X60 1 i MN AK , Q r . lx F f 51 , .... 1 A iv L, 4' ,5. 'Q ,xl 5. 3 5 A R, s 1 ' E we Vi I lv 3 LS? SWORD AND SHIELD The Sword and Shield Society is an organization composed of officers and honorary sponsors of the Alameda High School R.O.T.C. Battalion. Its purpose is to promote friendship among officers and to provide various social activities for the Battalion during the school year. The past year has been very successful. One of the outstanding social events was the Military Ball which was held on the 23rd of May. This ball was both a financial and social success. We wish to thank Col. Baker for his able assistance and time which he has so generously given us throughout the year. WARREN STORM Recording Secretary I 129 1 N -COM ' CL OFFICERS: Sgt. Major: M Sm: GolmoN SIBBALD Sgt. of the Guard: TVSGT. WIALLY Rooks Provost Sgt.: T 'Sr:T. GERALD MAY Mess Sgt.: T "SGT, JM' HELMS Chief Clerk: SCT. DONALD LAMBER1' Color Sgt: S Sm. Elini-:NE BASS Tho Non-Coins' Cluh is matlc up of the non-coms of tht- High Svliool H.O.T.C. unit. A non-cont is a cadet with the rank of Corporal to First Sergeant. Meetings are ht-ltl f-very other Tllursrlay night in the armory at 7:00 p.m. The meetings arc started with a llllSlllf?SS meeting followed by a movie and refrcslnnents. Our advisers First Sgt. Sllopltcrcl antl lVlr. Millctt are of mum-li ht-lp to us in our activi- ties. The ollicers in the club are 1-lectcd at the start of ouch new term, and arc elected hy the lll0IllllCI'S of tht- vluh. Many new outings are hoing plannt-tl for tho coming tvrm. DoN LAMBERT Chivf Clerk I l30 1 RIFLE TEAM The Rifle Team this year has proved to he another very good one. It has shown its ahility in the three major rifle matehes, including the Service Command Inter- collegiate Matvh, the National Intercollegiate Mateh, and the Vliilliam Randolph Hearst Nlateh. These matches, especially the National Match, are contests hetween schools in the United States. Our team has placed well up on the high ten in all these matehes. This alone will show you how good this R.0.T.C. rifle team is. Members of the tealn are as follows: I,1-LAI.. Enwfum WHITE. Crum' BERLIN. Fnsn Bl-znrolm. ALAN Honvo1'H. JAMES BERTSON. HERNIAN KILIAN. FRANK MA1'.fLEIRAl.ll WYl'Il.Ll-ZS. Richman BIANSUR, DANA Ii 1311 CLAUSI-IN. DoUc:LAs ABRAHAMSON. ALAN Corn. Bl-:N IAANDER. DoN.u.n Cosa. LEROY 'fgalfofuukz 3 fwzmouo Jlfcune he jemelayv Serving -f -f v ALAMEDA .f ., -f and the Young Generation JEWELRY OF QUALITY, from a tiny gold Baby Ring . . . to a magnificent Diamond Engagement Ring! LIBERAL CREDIT TERMS. Same price cash or credit. FOR EVERY OCCASION-a Birthday, your Gradua- tion, and when the day arrives for the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Ring . . . Gensler-Lee of Alameda can be of service to you. SO LET US BE OF SERVICE TO YOU . . . now . . . and for the bright years ahead! Diamonda fwmff wdldfdd 20!4W"? GENSLER -' LEE OF ALAMEDA 1359 PARK STREET ALAMEDA S F o 1 ii L1321 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS CDF 1947 To all of you, our Best Wishes for success in your future. You are "AMERICA," and We are proud of it. GULDE GUUSE DELIII TESSE 1348 PARK STREET 3 It is our endeavor to serve the students of your school with the FINEST FOOD from our steam tables at the LOWEST PRICES. Feel at home during your lunch period . . . H331 CCDNGRATULATKDNS CLASS of 19417 S H E B Nl A W 9 S plete food shop Froze f THE CITY UF ALAMEHA T H E A L A M E H A IIHAMBEH UF IIUMIVIEHIIE Alameda California 60l'l9l'a,tll,!afe5 THE CLASSES f J d J Best of luck to Me Class of 1947 N. CLARK SL SONS Division o f Pacwc Clay Products Modernize your store fronts with TERRA COTTA 0ur 60M year in Alameda 401 PACIFIC AVENUE LA 2 3377 ALAMEDA Sronnuc Goons COMPANY 'w x' w WILSON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Smi,2,'Z'f50" SQ, BASEBALL - TENNIS FOOTBALL - BASKETBALL X I Q .- . GOLFING - BOWLING - SKIING ' I E Maman 1: X i , HUNTING and FISHING ' A Pflueger, Shakespeare, Montague Reels i Winchester, Remington, S 8K W and Colt v TENNIS RESTRINGING 'LQEI5 ROD and GUN REPAIRING 9 P w LA 3 -2403 1 516 Park Street Alameda l1361 13 "Bring Your Films to PIATT'S" KODAKS FRAMES GIFTS 6 Piatt's ENCINAL YACHT CLUB The Club Members Congratulate Pa F the Graduates and extend a wish for their future Success, Good Health and Happiness. 50 Park Street N N f X l 4 W X V '- - ' 1 l' HUGH Il. GRENFELL "Alameda's Hudson Dealer" W NEW HUDSONS NOW BEING DELIVERED 6 ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA PARK and CLEMENT Telephone LAkehurst 3-1406 f137l V N PORTRAITS AN DID EDDINGS K5 141 . J. EDWARDS 2421 Santa Clara LA 3-2445 THE CLIQUE WALKER'S W F L 0 R 1 s T Bill Williams Tom Fergoson W Paul Allinger Chuck Keever 5 LAI-xehurst 2-4580 ,,eMc,mm 2323 CENTRAL AVENUE AMERICAN TRUST BANK OF AMERICA Nafional Trusf and Savings Associafion Banking Since T854 6 5 Alameda Office PARK ST. and CENTRAL AVE. West Alameda Omce WEBSTER ST. and SANTA CLARA AVE. ALAMEDA Alameda Branch PARK ST. and SANTA CLARA AVE. Websier Street Branch WEBSTER ST. and HAIGHT AVE. ALAMEDA - CALIFORNIA f1381 delicious,supreme M'Q' T AIR CONDITIONED M FOR YOUR COMFORT TUCKER'S BUSTEIVS Delicious Home Cooked Foods 5 MA 1510 PARK STREET ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurst 2-3474 We Cater to Parties, Banquets Corner Park and Webb and Weddings AGNEW REALTY C0 1432 PARK STREET 0 ALAMEDA CALIF. LA. 2-4224 3 6 Mr. and Mrs. Agnew and their Staf greet the Students of the Alameda High School. The personnel of our office is made up of people well qualified to assist you on problems involving REAL ESTATE OR INSURANCE. 6 WHERE BUYERS AND SELLERS MEET f1391 I OF MEN'S SHOP 1 511 Webster St. 1321 E. 14th St. ALAMEDA SAN LEANDRO W Congratulations to ALAN BEDFORD B U T O M ' S 'md FRANK STAFFORD ' our Nth Year Catch-All Casket Co. in Alameda W Ask about our LAY-AWAY-PLAN If We Please You, Tell Your Friendsg IfNot,TellUs. Alameda Sea Cave E5 Steak House Fon LADIES SERVING GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES 5 George Panos, Proprietor 6 Telephone 1 5 1 8 Webster Street LAkehurst 2-9766 Alameda, California 142 5 Park 145 1 Webster IMOI POP'S UNDERGROUND Computers and Profuzgators John Bonwell Pauline Hahn Alice Roemer Wallace Derr Marshall Loring Ken Scheuermann Tom Ferguson Patty Miller Bob Swift Marion Ghiselli Lawrence Ng Brad Wyatt Consultant Liz Roemer Good Health and Happiness is our Wish to the Graduating Class GADSDEN'S STATIONERY STORE E. D. GADSDEN, Propriefor T435 PARK STREET Phones: LAkehurst 2-T844 0 LAkehurs1 2-1845 29756519111 snow Where you always find YOUR FAVORITE CAMPUS CLOTHES 1410 PARK STREET LA. 2-5033 -,-,I-.j4l, X R !nli SEE T1-112 NEW 9095.9 X915 YROLEU 1 9 4 7 M o D E L s fgfikx "nf CH Evno LET Q "- I Now in our Show Room GARLAND CHEVROLET CO. 2424 SANTA CLARA LA. 2-9221 f141j HUUPERS UHUCULHTES STAGE HARDWARE CO 6 Hardware Tools Household Goods W Fishing Tackle Paints f'cAL1FoRN1A2s W 1334 PARK STREET F I H N E S T LAkehurst 2-2388 Blanchard and White 1 VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS DOBBS HATS Hlcxox BELTS CATALINA SWIM WEAR ADLER SOCKS X SLACKS, SPORT SHIRTS VERSAILLES BAKERY The Best Bread, Cakes, Pies, Rolls Baked FAMILY SHOE STORE RIEDMAN HELBY HOES RED GOOSE SHOES FOR CHILDREN B Y H E C K W W 1507 WEBSTER 1306 VERSAILLES Phone LA. 2-6118 LAkehurst 2 0344 ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA f1421 '4P0P" GOLDMAN'S ROYAL ORDER OF TRI DELTA BETA Dick Jennings-member most likely to go to seed. Dick Brumm-member with highest mental deficiency. Highly contemptible members Bill Dunmire Nancy Etherton Peggy Etherton Tom Ferguson Virginia Cerke Marion Chiselli Warren Storm Les Baker Bob Baronian John E. Bonwell, III Don Buswell Jack Caton Wallace Derr Carl William Olsen A. Quirin Roemer Ken Scheuermann Jaques Shriber Dean Smith Chuck Stolte Brad Wyatt Jim Lennox Charles M. Loring, Jr. Patty Miller Rudy Multz Stan Norren Lawrence Ng 017 Q", Topper Scmelwic f is , - ofsand l1es"!f'1 fm 1 coryjxektll Ja, af s sPEcuAmEs Q IM!! J Dfigl M O RY O 1 EIONS f 'J Vlfimaus AJARATIONS Q2 2327 Central Ave. LA 2-2272 LEWIS B. GROPER DIAMONDS WATCHES and JEWELRY W More Tlran Likely Your Graduation Present Came from Groper's 6 1503 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Telephone LAkehurst 2-8300 Headquarters for NYLON HOSE! FULL FASHIONED!! BARELEGS BOBBY SOX COTTONS WOOL MIXTURES ANGORA CUFFS 6 The QUALITY SHOP 1340 PARK STREET YV Congratulations Grads f1431 il' e ' 1 ul I J U S A N I T A R Y ALAMEDA CHOICE BARBER SHOP MARKET W W zszzm SANTA CLARA AVENUE Alameda, California SIGNAL OIL CO. KONIGSHOFER'S WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S WEAR 5 VV 2 3 0 1 BLANDING LA. 2-1922 1343 PARK ST. ALAMEDA ALAMEDA 10? STUDENT RATE CASH ON CORSAGES Marshall Bros., Props. ' FLOWERS 0 GIFTS BY WATCHES 0 DIAMONDS JEWELRY L U C I L E 2416 Central Avenue Opposite Post Ojfce LA. 2-3280 1436 PARK ST. Telephone: LA. 2,0188 ALAMEDA If no answer call LA. 2-6683 w l V Q S B U R G H Quality Diamonds I H A R D W A RE Standard Make Watches E-ffabn-'bed 1 3 7 5 Expert Watch and jewelry Repairing W J. F. Uimj Tasker A L A M E D A ' HOUSEHOLD WARES lx ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES J E W E L E R S 6 6 P11056 LA, 2-1882 LA. 2-1188 1407M PARK ST. Q 23 19 Santa Clara Alameda, Calif. ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA H441 b ,' . 0' ' 'V XI ' yy JQx?y,afC7luf,,7-m,,,A, Mild? iff? sf Wfffff- diff WWW ifwf ff V Qjww mfg f'24f"'v.,fd2, 9. c"-2-Q74 ,- Q QQ: ? M fwcf Ziff, M y,Jd'f,l7f'3'Hh'f wgpjfjfjw Mmm Wapgfzwwfyv Q, ea M .05 1634 NR if W Vfmwwm W W QM f V AMWM wiifwavw :W . Wflm 0-L,,1f W MIN W QNX JAM MQW 5 j7M'QgWw,,WjwA ww Q7 wif YI ff M W WM ff' JJMWA' Wg' we MQW M gf KV M . J Vjfgy 6,gf'l,cg.:sZPf?0i 9 K M,.,4,n, VM My J ' Q0 0 4 . jf 4 g 7' I ,V . W ff M M If wx M Zfjjzgf M M WMM J! MJ Qc uiv?zafL4 gE.i+QX wfiifa, 1 Q34 Exim Ziff M11 Zig? M fi, wx M , N, af fff W MX JP W M 1 "::v, . , + 5 2 2 ,Q , 1' A ' ' -1 1 - '-1, ' . ,J- HT FQ". i f '. if -' R "fi , . Y , X X T1 .n ' " ' Y 1.42 , . V . l . 5 A N 1. .. 5 1 . 1 FE , . ' '. 9 K ' w - . 1 ri-, 1 - ,jg 3 . , Si :A - .5 u Q W 'WWJM Vg? W gjmjyffj j5l'?:ff5?zaKAVyj,i If 5' if 2jfQQm" f dj Ja H lj 4962! Y Sv! 656 vw' J X' JU ,V - X L ., JN jg JPY 0 Xl 1" 4 x fa 19,4 at XV KY'v4'v'XyqV Q22 0-T 'Jwqo X .Lb J' X X X Whig 9 My Nnxgx,-X OEM iii wg wfffwf J MTW J+M5'Vv,,,wW WVR AF WU, ' ,, . i wwf' l big 'rl -, 1 ev x ,E . --. ., Q . x a El I JE -. a- PSU 1 M . V ,f Q- 0 ' 0 n AQ f Q K u M .F- x ' ' L ., ,FJ "R, J 1f P 1 . .1 . - , - .- . K- ,- L ,. , , . Y ,4 im fg.,L ,q,1 .- 3:5 I U - ' 1' S If W 31 It 1 4 ' - ' AF-I -." 1 1 I 1 V L iffgq ay J 1 1 " 9" 5 W 'a -1 ,V ,-Q4 :' 'fr ,, .. L ' 17' f .x ..1 1 -vfffwk., 4: A if

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