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Gaklanh 'L ir X W: A i 2-ff '- , af.xx.A,.wlumo1'o 1 ND, CALIFORNIA, m 0KKiXN'6 6'6EiPf6fg'6'IvT- '31 KHOWl2lnd WILD ArNEws 5m9Sh gasp S Senator Farewell 111111i H :..,0.L?l1!,3111f DAY, AUGUST 14, f945 lW A -0- 1512 sur-:DAY No. A an I 1 0 ' . . APAN ACCEPTS me Fouws ERMS ,WITHOUT RESERVATION WASHINGTON, Aug. 14..- qAPp...Pfesidem Truman announced at 7:00 pm. EW gfiltvlapanpseiaqcepltancepf surre-nderl terrfng. , rx Typ A wmq lr D 4 . ,.- A . 4: mf Q ,I 3' 3? Y ua 5 U. 1 n diff ' Q, , + q4L, f.sg2ff,s-QM? Y M ,.AgcQ?5 ,. I 1 w . 4 7 E V 1 ' 4 , W 1 W 'Kwai ! .2f 'f: , -. . . ww f gum , 4 A3 QQ, H, we A , ar , iff .,flZ07' u S 1 H ' L ' 'H 9 I1 .ff'4'2bQ4 l!4f Tif'3If 2- X5 fo I 11 I ,122 I . L . .7 ' Ffmf j,- STUD ifflifbi -4 .ip-. !'jt6I9 :clY9fQi ' 'gf' JK:-'. :'..kx' .u :rf 'HI' af COPYRIGHT T946 by WILLIAM MAX MUELLER Editor EDMOND FORREST REYNOLDS HARRISON COLYAR WHITE Assistant Edifors WILLIAM HECK Business Manager I 3 VOLUME xLvu O Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA H ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA IGH SCHOOL FUHEWUHH... As surely as the day followeth the night, even as the spring followeth the winter, so shall order be made out of chaos, and the fruits of peace from the seeds of war. True since the beginning of time, this statement is proving applicable today more than ever before. Yes, as it always has, peace has rescued the exhausted world from the turmoil of war, ancl, as they always have, men are again beating their swords into plowshares and are turn- ing again tothe labors of peace. Men, realizing the necessity for international cooperation, are banding together to form a great organization whose purpose it shall be to prevent future wars upon earth. They will look to us to perform the tasks which they are outlining. We do not fully realize how much the rest of the world will be looking to us in the years iust ahead, we have no idea of the great task or the grave responsibility ahead of us. When we entered this school, the world was en- gulfed in the greatest conflict man has ever seen, now, as we leave, the world is at peace. Yet, these things do not seem too important to us because we have not been affected directly by them. We have actually been sheltered from the cares of the world and have been allowed to spend four glorious years in a world apart, as it were. It is with this in mind that we, the staff of the 1946 Acorn, are compiling this book. We sincerely hope that we have been able to recapture the highlights of our stay here, so that in years to come we may look back with enioyment and wish that we could live over our carefree, happy high school days. WILLIAM MUELLER IJEDIII Tlll What every person becomes depends greatly upon his parents. Parents spend the best years of their lives working in order to provide a decent home tor their child to grow up in and in order to provide an education tor their child. They provide shelter, clothing, food and guidance over a period ot many years. Whenever we are despondent, whenever we need help or guidance of any kind, we always have our parents to turn to. They willingly give their all for us and yet ask nothing in return except that we always strive to do our best to be a credit to them. To our parents, the unseen people behind every success- ful man, this book is gratefully dedicated. . f n ..,- QQ, f I NQX' 5 ' A ' if A K, c N NN LX Q. - . J l X Wtrm M. K . Q 5 . f ,iw I L ,wi ef , 1 . ,IN A ' 'wn..,A V, g W ,,V.,mx X V -...ff Q'i,W,, . H5 3 .MAN if. ral fw, 1 il , , A ,, 4, mari N THE It is only natural that we who are young and still have the greater part of our lives to live should look with ever increasing interest toward the future. We all live with an eye to the future. Almost everything we do is done with regard to our future. Realizing this we are looking forward to what the future will bring to Alameda High School. 551 , , ' u f' si 42 M. -Q -. .W 2 -rm: -:5:.'.- I J i. Eff' J 3, L L ..'3, 'If 4 4 11. BRYAN' EDUCATION AND JOBS Since V-J Day hundreds of discharged servicemen have come to Alameda High School seeking advice about their future education and about job possi- bilities. Those who left high school before graduation see clearly that in order to compete for worthwhile jobs they must have more education. A common remark made by many of the men is something like this: Gee, I wish I hadn't fooled around in high school, a fellow needs all the education he can get to compete with the smart fellows who seem to be in every section and every squad of the service. Tell the kids who are in school now to make the most of their opportunities. We try to help the men in every way possible by suggest- ing means of securing a high school diploma and by arranging for them to enroll in a high school, a iunior college, or a college. They help us by encour- aging the students now in high school to stay in high school and to do better work. Education is important to the men who have fought World War II because it means better iobs and better jobs mean a higher standard of living and more security and happiness for a man's family. Education is power. It is the power behind the most important devices invented by man. Education has enabled us to learn how to send our voices around the earth, how to increase the yield of corn, how to organize men into modern armies or into great indus- tries and states. Education has made possible the discovery of atomic energy. Some form of education is back of every worthwhile iob or career. In order to get the best possible kind of education for a particular iob, it is desirable to choose one's occupation at an early age. The selection of a career is one of the most difficult tasks confronting the high school student. It is also one ofthe most important for his success and happiness. The people who are most enthusiastic about their jobs are the people who are doing what they like and who seem naturally fitted for their work. In making a selection, a student should examine himself carefully to see that he has the necessary requirements to handle the job. He should also examine the iob thoroughly to see that it meets his requirements. I6I MESS HE Intelligence, personality, special abilities, and health are all factors to be kept in mind in considering the requirements of a job. Different jobs require different levels of intelligence. The engineer requires a higher level of intelli- gence than does the day laborer. Personality is just as important as intelligence in many types of work. Try to find out if you have the personality necessary for the vocation you have selected. lf you wish to be a musician, you should have a keen sense of pitch and rhythm. An artist must have an eye for color and pro- portion. Examine yourself for special abilities required in the job. Also examine the physical demands of the iob and check to see that you have the necessary physique. Will the job meet your requirements? Far too many people in the United States are dissatisfied with their iobs. To be happy and successful you must examine your desires critically and carefully. Find out how much money you will need a month to maintain the kind of home you wish. Examine the chances for advancement in the iob. A good plan is to consult men and women who are successful in the job. Try hard to make an intelligent choice and then plan to attain the goal you seek. I wish to extend my congratulations and my thanks to Miss Brosnan, faculty adviser, to Bill Mueller, Editor, to Bill Heck, Business Manager, and to the Acorn Staff for the efficient and businesslike way in which the T946 Acorn was produced. EQ. GAA! T71 ..' A A gr ' 1 31 'IW U lf' , ' ldehi' - 1. 05539 i,:,gX 22251 1-5LLg55lDEN kilo-vb' thai. Bm -Wi1'i'5Q, -4502! f?,grf5'l5ieff?i?,5 - M A 5 1? Lgiurlg? .H 15 -and txefqv '09xOf,398nf?fxQVi 'flag -.f. R'31?Z2f:pi1ag Tq1.fofiteWfooEi.b The or yr 'yiiagpt Oi fw33'5g,3i?5a 1 Q'-, Q 5j:'jff!J11,'Qj, . .f ,uf gg HMA. :.4Q.t?1at of Wm: L , q,g3Fd80fy,,,!J.?,,,gv'5 - ,E . It ,,1 :'.1.., 1 it Ti 1- P Y ax S. ,mn 536 ple th rlzst 0 f ,gvf ' t Dari of his I S VHOQ 5 65 'FA ic Afidr he H ,4, ., 90, . . 7, 310 L Ek A Ut bmw ohz sk I evrsw l-L -, 6,-5 ..'f' .', -55 . L In .fa :'7,,g QZFIQ3-C, 4 -J, xg!! Ifggnegwgi giaof, . Y- ' I aw QQf4::ff!2Q i A 1 f f 'f mi?1?f1 fqf04wy ,g : ff 'Sgwfw iffipjr gifffi 4 , W' .. 'Lage V v 'Subg' ' - The A px 151' yr V' - I 'lj w' .R 5 -yl .r,'Vk QV 1.3 h ,-'25, I :Alf I-I I ' A J Y, , .r j -3 Q -, 5 4 gary.ggabQ1gqgqb3Sk'fL1-73,193.mE-g1,1ffi?5- I - fc, ' z ,gpm 2 -1 .'77' ' ' , ' ' WLQU, - rftbalif g. t Cali .3. 14:1 .v f, 'Juli v. A , -, --,'5. SA V I-A-'::!l' .T wk i, ,D Ur- ' 1 f '4 , ' 1611 - .4170 1:10 Y , A V , ,I .5 fn I, x..i31Qy7g.,jQ-,. I ,Ofgrgv ?fa5ffi2e.,ff1, 1. ,Q C+ 3 4.- - ?vff1q :oQf. ,??'.,f- 1 1.3 1 7: lg, if fl lg A V' f'42'.'T7,1,f 'Hifi 6119! ' A .visa T71 1 Wiz: 'El 1. rl, U 6-i D' . '- ,- -In V ,h N W fi Ur . meeung. f in. , beam .1uv,,... 6qe' ' 'THQ MQA'S-v'.AS'gO-Liil' r B I 1 . '- T. 1'. , . , - '521Qy111g. stgdentvf. -' FQ' 'gh 4 - 1 ' H ,U , A H I I ,. I A I 7... 5 V 3 ,Of A this Hdnfpeorg,F,. jh26.?..Stg1qg,.,' D - 02.3. ' .fy , ,S is -omg .agagv Htootm-'h1111xg :1 'mqet1ng1,6pf.,T Q0 , 9 ' .nam-H-fvlcg' 1 . A 1 2.-. A -A to -. 2- Y ' . ff. lr S. . T.- ' , wwf- , 'A - . ,. ' .- 1.-'f. ,',- ..-.X 'fbUL1Bh.'.1:s.'r--'f' ' '- .' f ' , . ', V. - -nt 'I L f'g54Q6eSx,f-Yfgfb 11xi?'f 'A'rfrJrH!6fiIf2'1f E 'I 'A im'ii'.'nf'fi-Zfl-,Pfcsid-4nf.1.?'J N- .. --'- 4 b- 'w-'urn .' . 1, , . My-' ?4 9,6-VIZ? v gf!! .6 -i . 4.4 ,I S l, , Cigvi-' -Y ' A P: I ,4091,-,406uQ1ja,P,F,.f,:xQ. vi -filAfh ,.ff11nl-Qt,Q'yIaI5S'i 6 h, -f H 1 , l E -- I 1' , fy, Ike.-1 1 '4,rfjm yihqy.-ggnig ,..g..SC-hdf,:l'6i2j,,,-- V , . I ' 4 I - , - f w:f,..:fS1ff4-. . -wr 'ef - - L A ' .A ,ZJYF-I lfgttilltfrri '.v I, L-U - il.-A' ,, ...-,. - It for 'h ' g ' yd .? if QDT . ,:g5,Yz,V,.p' N5 1 l 1 , .1 ,,4. Ay f, wtf I' .2 f 'gg gag-vb 9521 gag-VQU?-r' 4 U' ,1cXn,- 'Mug-2 Lug G Q . . ' guy- .fig L, if , , Dar ' V ' .A,. 4' I .Jr 14 -' 'g' 'g,., J'-ag 2 pf' ... vm.Q-9fffiafffMfffff. Pfzxi'Zi3Q-'ff 5 ,ff . ' Q -1' lAf?31.Q1f5-E, 14 , ,CQ-gr 'M Ou -.A' 32f7u7..',fg: .ffm .N Qmiinws--.uamwrmw,..pv-ral' 4,g ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD The Administrative Board is composed of twenty-seven members: six dele- gates-at-large, two representatives from each class, and the five student body officers. The Board's immediate function is to approve the school budget, and to approve payments of A.S.A.H.S. bills. It further has the power to initiate amendments to the A.S.A.H.S. constitution if an amendment is needed. The board also nominates and elects the Women's Board of Control. The members of the Administrative Board for Spring, I946, were Walt Jensen, sergeant-at-arms, Lois Francis, Don Weeden, speaker, Bill Rice, Mal- colm Morey, Lois Crowley, Bob Gray, Lynn Levo, Kathryn Moore, vice speaker, Ed Reynolds, Pat Steel, Boyd Quinn, secretary, Marguerite Ruisinger, Tom Col- lins, Janice Parkinson, Jack Caton, Nancy Etherton, Jackie Garcia, George Kell, Clarence Vernon, Pat Whisnand, Barry Conner, Jean Jensen, Jean Bow- man, Billy de Bell, Karen Birkholm, and Dick Nix. MEMBERS STUDENT FACULTY-SPRING, T946 Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Sisler, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Bell, Walt Jensen, Lois Francis, Don Weeden, Bill Rice, Malcolm Morey, Barbara Herrmann, Bob Dunn, Marguerite Ruisinger, Al Smith, Bill Schacht, Peggy Etherton, and Jim Psaltis. II4l fldministrallve Board Sludenlglfanully Ilnlnmillne Wnmen's Bnard lVIHn's Bnard uf Linntrnl ,X ,Alt sr . ,fligyfsf J iiQ,,s,l,V,lxiiQ,xM 'WI N nf Enntrnl s C F . is if l 'll' t t ,xii I , , W 5, ,lil MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL The Men's Board of Control is composed of eighteen boys, ten of these boys elected must be members of the Boys Block A Society, and the other eight must be upper classmen in good standing. Regulations state, further, that ten of the group must be seniors and eight must be iuniors. The officers and members of the Men's Board of Control for the Spring term of T946 were Al Smith, chief counselor, Dick Tingley, first vice counselor, Bill Simpson, second vice counselor, Boyd Quinn, secretary, Bill Thompson, ser- geant-at-arms, Carl Monser, Ed Childe, Jack Crook, Art Kahn, Jim Kerr, Don Peralta, Clarence Doyle, Gerald Warburton, John Dronkers, Russ Rabeneau, and Lawrence Vargas. WOMEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL The Women's Board of Control is composed of eighteen girls, whose duty it is to preserve order in student meetings, at games and at other gatherings where students have supervision of student conduct. The girls chosen for the Spring term of T946 were Marguerite Ruisinger, chief counselor, Lynn Levo, first counselor, Janice Parkinson, second counselor, Beverly Chauvet, recording secretary, Carol Gilfen, sergeant-at-arms, Jerry Price, Virginia Bullwinkel, Natalie Brown, Barbara Krausse, Sandra Dickinson, Pat Steel, Peggy Etherton, Nancy Etherton, Norah Johnson, Barbara Fisher, Peggy Pearson, Beverly McCauley, and Nancy Price. LISJ li X.. 3.5 sf. .J ,X THE FACULTY... Each year many of the alumni of Alameda High return for a visit to their alma mater. One of the first things they do is look up their former teachers and talk over old times with them. These visits are o tribute to our faculty. They show the great appreciation which the students who have passed through this school have for the teachers-appreciation of the years of willing, selfless service given by our faculty in order to make us better future citizens of America. It is with a sense of gratitude and a hope of perpetuating the memo- ries of our faculty that we add this picture to the 1946 Acorn. l16l let Ms up Tribute In the sweep of ecstasy which we are experiencing at the victorious ending of the war, it is most fitting that we pause to pay reverent tribute to the seventy-five boys from this school who have made the supreme sacrifice. They were young. They loved life. They did not want to die. Only a few short years ago they, too, were on our football teams and in our rooting sections. They were to be seen joking and laughing in our hallways between classes. They took their girl friends to the school dances. Then came Pearl Harbor and a world in flames. The campaigns of two hemispheres engulfed them. ln lonely and remote places their strength was forged in bloody battles. Manfully they cleared the seas, stormed the beachheads, flew their bombing missions, dug their foxholes, endured weariness, discouragement, and danger until finally, at scattered points of the far-flung fighting line, they kept their heroic rendezvous with destiny. Among the hedgerows of Normandy, in the deep German forests, along the steep Italian moun- tainsides they died and freedom lived. On the wooden crosses of Iwo Jima and Okinawa their names are shining symbols ofa fortitude that was sublime. Remembering their bravery, we, who are less brave, blink back the tears. May the winds blow gently, may the rains fall lightly on their hallowed graves. May the world which they left too soon learn the ways of peace so that this cruel toll will not have been exacted in vain. FRANKLIN CUMMINGS William Robert Addis Henry Andriese Jay Leon Bach William Barron Robert Behrman Joseph Carlo Bossi Robert S. Brown Dominic Cavallo Richard G. Chipchase Gordon Christoe Joseph Cirmelli Franklin Cobb Kenneth T. Donovan Roderick Doyle Paul Du Four Edward F. Eaton Daniel C. England William A. English Mario A. Fernandez Ernest Filipelli Earl Edward Fry Carl Gerner Charles Gibbs Harold Gonsalves John Hamilton Henry Harris Harry D. Hedges Bruce Hill Fred Hornett Leo King Charles Landers Seymour Nemo Leeman Robert J. Lindquist Arthur Lomba John Lucas Theodore J. Mamola Frank Martin Richard Montell James B. Moore John Mosley William F. Murray Minoru Nakayama William E. Neudorfer Richard C. Neuhaus William Neuhaus Frederick Nielsen James C. Parker John Parker, Jr. Bartley W. Pease Robert Price Donald Louis Roberts Robert Scherer Harold Shannon, Jr. Shigeomi Shiroishi Robert G. Silva Clifford Singleton John Skalko Robert Slater Alden Smith Charles B. Snead Nicholas Sotfiotto Frank Spadavecchia Willard Thau John R. Tiedemann John Albert Tingley George A. Turner Werner Von Berckefeldt William Van Hooser Frank Van Nest John Van Sicklen Harold Whalman John White Stanley CDanD Whitney Thomas Wuesthoff ilu jtltlemuriam MR. WILLIS MINIUM MR. PAUL EVANS GEORGE HAGEN former Vice-Principal and former head of the Com- Member A5AH5 Dean of Boys mercial Department and Principal of the Evening School. L17J 1,.-wfxf+ f.A Q., 13.3 A '- '. Q.. 4 f-4. ,V -.rm '1:y.,'V,.x-.4 ,. .J 4 h ' ' -- H- ,f,1f',.fAU 1 ,Lf 1 .1! .W wg ,,1.'-wwf., f4'7mn9 ' -ww -- ',,4,ffw',--,J 2 ' n f'- ff z!'g iii 7,3 fm . 'A 5-Ml,-'x,,,,-,1:A. '. , Q f'fj.f ' H112 ic. if'-2 ' X '5,.'1..g -' ffy 7,',. , fp.: 'V 1-af -1' 1-ww . 'Q 4 .ff-Y., , ,1.'-1..',..,f1.Lf.- U-gflumq, '-ff f- wr nk -2 J' blind'-f'U:L'p 'ffda 415' ' A H nuff ' U. F' 1, 'J' P H f , I -ff 'U nfl H. 5 . I , . ' fQ.f,'.,f'Z' L1 F.y.- -f- n,f. 1-. .x-3,-, a ' 4 ,ffm -A ffl' Q, , ,, ,I ,,' ,n ra .,,. fy V . f f, fn-1,4 U. I f r 1 . ! 1 'fy ', . 4 ' H 'i '5k4.' I' ,X -s .'k'x f-If Tfil' , f 1 f, , , , .'.,' ' 1 w, ..fLw,i.x 'AX Q. ' - Yr 'lf' Q'-,H '.' .J-Le . 4. Tw: H HN :fy 'dx Mx, ,,,.:s.5,I:,..1lt 3' ,,- Y. qv, ,WL V , flap v yP,5l, .A-Aj, Q - .' -4 , T,lR '. g'f'.K-.f , ji .fi f ,X ,K ,3 gg Mfg. ..,. gfj ,fmxz :J-1, ' if-,.i X .ff ,. 2 . -H ,3 '.'.'4-.Q ' ' -' K1-r , Ml . , A ' 1 J . - , I V . , - 1 ' Q , N . l1 ', .. C ?- -' '. ' m - , ww'ff7fX',4f.'. ,-hw -t-V . :L Q, 3 '- '-'q'L,.,,1-, . ,e J, ,ml g ff. '1 Xu- , - .wQ'x.:'il1 .' 'f ?1'f'. ,f , 7 ' 'lf ' 'J . ' ' .x.,,, 'ug'-,,,':,?,. - 3 ' '.-- x HV ' 4.5 .f ,- A.f rx .sg , ,.I N wx - .. ann. MM, : , .x .,. ,. fx X w. f W. . vxfwixi Fr. 3 . . Rw X X xxx xx 5 M ,W N i !':. c, 4 454. .. -N41 lv JF, 1 efkf' - A , . 1, . ey. ka '-5. Q x L' M' -xx '-avg. 5- x 1 X, f V. ff X 1 .pf I x X. x X xx . , X N wk , 1 f X 'v Y . w EL 55 UP OFFICERS-FALL, 1945 President .....4.......... BONNIE BoLs1EN Vice President ..... ..... S HIRLEY JACKSON Recording Secretary ......... CAROLINE LANE Financial Secretary ......... PAUL BUECHNER Yell Leader ......... . ........ ED REYNOLDS Administrative Board.MARGUERlTE RUISINGER Administrative Board ........,. BOYD QUINN It is with mixed feeling that we, the class of June, '46, leave Alameda High School. We leave with a deep sense of regret, but also with a keen sense of anticipation of what the future holds in store for us. Many of us will continue our education, and many of us will enter the business world, but whatever we undertake, we will be equipped with the fine background we have received from Alameda High School. Four years ago we entered this school as bewildered freshmen who were determined to be one of the outstanding classes of Alameda High School. Today we have reached our goal. What has our class done to be a success? The answer follows: We started our high school career with high spirits. During our freshman year we staged a noon dansant and by this put a considerable amount of money into our treasury. During our second year we felt a little bigger, and we presented The Honey Hop, under the capable management of Rocky Moun- tain and Beverly Chauvet. Our Junior Prom, Magic Mood, was given in our third year and was ably managed by Ed Childe and Lois Francis. But the E highlight of our four years in Alameda High was the presentation of Janie, our Senior Play. Honors to Aletha Kilian, Tom Rosqui, Bill Schacht, Audrey Sergeant, and Malcolm Morey for making this play a great success. l 20 l UNE 19115 OFFICERS-SPRING, 1946 s d nt .................. DON BRUZZONE P esidenf ........ ..... A LETHA KILIAN ll L oder .................. RENE VERGEZ Ad strolive Board.MARGUERITE RUISINGER Ad sirative Board .,........ BOYD QUINN ng Secretary ......... CAROLINE LANE al Secretary ........ BARBARA BOYSEN ' Our class has produced leaders in practically every field of endeavor: sports, school entertainment, and the holding of offices. Each and every one of our class has had his personal share in making the class of June '46 the most successful of any graduating class, but there are those who stand out vividly as the ones who will be remembered by us and the school. In sports, those who did outstanding work were Al Smith, Rocky Mountain, Carl Monser, Jim Psaltis, Ed Childe, and Glenn Camper. We will always remember Audrey Sergeant, Tom Rosqui, Gary Avilla, Bev Butler, Bill Schacht, Don Bruzzone, and Elsie Davis for their dramatic talent. Not to be forgotten are Bill Mueller, Marieann Gilligan, Elizabeth Roemer, and Richard Morris, who hold the top honors for scholastic achievements. Now, under the leadership ot President Don Bruzzone, we end our studies at Alameda High School. We take this opportunity to thank our adviser and teachers for their many kindnesses and courtesies shown us. And now, to all, goodbye. CAROLINE LANE Recording Secretary L21 Il rim .gm LEE ABRAMS: Sr. Play, Janie , G.A,A. sports, St Key, Spanish Club, Advisory Rep. ar and KEN ALLEN: Stuf-'ent Talent, '42, '43, '44, '45, Track '44, '45, Rio Rita , Ad Board, '45, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com. LOUIS ALLINGER: Captain, ROTC, Non-Coms Club, Jr. Prom Com., C.S.F., Circus Day Com., Stage Crew, Soph Hop, Janie , German Club, Chemistry Club, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Otticer, Sword and Shield Society, Star and Key, Student Talent, Latin Club, New Moon. PAT ANDERSON: I Hear America Singing , New Moon , Christmas Pageant, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, Choir, '44, '46. RAY ANDRIESE: Rio Rita , Class Exec, Com., New Moon , Manager Jr. Prom, Stage Door , Choir, Boys Glee, I Hear America Singing. DORIS ANOVICH: Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Rio Rita , Life Member Star and Key, Christmas Pageant, '43, '45, Adv. Officer, French Club, G.A.A. Sports, A Cappella Choir. CHARLES ARENSON: Rio Rita , Student Talent, '43, New Moon , Janie , Secretary Men's Association, Jr. Prom Com., Senior Jacket Com., Spanish Club, Chem. Club, Vaudeville Show, Circus Day Com. BARBARA ASH: Life Member, C.S.F., Life Member Star and Key, Acorn Staff, '46, G.A.A. Sports, Oak Leaf Staff, Christmas Pageant, '45, I Hear America Sing- ing, '44, Sr. Show, Music Club, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Announcement Com., Spanish Club, Student Talent, '46, Mask and Sandal. LAWRENCE AVERY: Chem. Club, Non-Com's Club, Spanish Club. GARY AVILLA: New Talent, '46, Freshman Moon , B Basketball, Student Reception, '46. MARGIE AVILLA: Jr, Member Star and Key, Prom Com., Sr. Play Com., Life C.S.F., Latin Club, G.A.A. Sports. DOLLY BALDWIN RONNIE BAUM: Bd. of Control Alt., Red Cross Rcp,, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Spanish Club. BOB BEAVERS: Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com, Adv Otticer,Tracl1Manager, Spanish Club, Chr-m. Club. EDITH BERQUIST TED BLAKESLEE: Soph Hop Com., Varsity Swimming, '42, '43, '44, Varsity Traclr, '46, Mgr. at Banluglllall, '46, Sr. Play Com. CHARLES BOATMAN BONNIE BOLSTEN: Pres. 4A Class, Colnanagvr Janie , Prrrs. French Club, Adv. Officer, Rio Rita , Adv. Rep., Student Talent '46, Christmas Pageant '45, XXX i 45- iys. . 4 f' f aiffmfre QW? ROBERT BORN: Sr. Announcement Committee JUNICE EOUTTE: B Track '44. BARBARA BOYSEN: Fin. Sec, 3A Class, Vice Pres. 3B Class, Fin. Sec. 43 Class, Ad Bd. '45f Com-JY. PYOFH: Com- Soph Hop, Opening Dance, F '451 Sr. Play: Acorn SIUE? Christmas Pageant '45, Freshmen Reception, F '45, S '46, Adv. Rep., Adv. Officer, Rec. Lite Member Star and Key, Circus Day Com. '44, Spanish Club: CS-F' WILLIAM BRANDT: Transferred from Roosevelt High School, St. Louis Mo., C.S.F. BUDDY BROCK: French Club, Stage Door. ELMAR BROCK: Sword and Shield Soc., Lt. R.O.T.C-, Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Corn.: SP'-'m'Sh Club, Non-Coms Club, Adv. Rep. DAVE BROOKSHIER JOHNNY BROWN: Football '45, '46, Block A '45, '46, Track '45, '46, DONALD BRUZZONE: Class Pres. 35, 4B, Janie , New Moon , Mask and Sandal '44, '45, Christmas Pageant, Chm. Sv. Opp. Day, Spanish Club, Star and Key, Sr. Vaudeville Show, Jr. Prom Com. MARIE BRYANT TOMMIE M. BRYANT: Transferred from Charlton Pollard High, Beaumont, Texas. PAUL BUECHNER: Treas. 4A Class, Maior, R.O.T.C., Asst. Bus. Mgr. Acorn '46, Bus. Mgr. Oak Leaf, Life Member C.S.F., Life Member Star 81 Key, Janie , Sword and Shield, Mil. Boll, Jr. Prom, Circus Day, Pres. Spanish Club, Latin Club, German Club, Chem. Club, Non- Coms Club, Auditorium Staff. VIRGINIA BULLWINKEL: Bd. Control, F '44, S '46, Yell Leader 2A Class, Chm. Sr. Opp. Day, Assoc. Bus. Mgr. Acorn, Freshman Rec., Sr. Play Com., Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Star and Key, German Club. BEVERLY BUTLER: Vice Pres. IA Class, Bd. Control, F '44, S '45, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, F '44, S '45, Rio Rita , New Moon , Star and Key, Adv. Officer, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Student Talent, French Club, Circus Day. JESSE CAIN: Swing Band. GLENN CAMPER: Var. Football '45, '46, Var. Track '45, '46, Rifle Team, Block A Soc., Latin Club, French Club, Chem. Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross Rep., Circus Day. CALVIN CARRINGTON: Lt. R.O.T.C., Sword and Shield Soc., Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Rec. Sec. Chem. Club, Soph Hop Com., Non-Coms Club, Spanish Club, Auditorium Stalif, Military Ball, Chess Club, Circus Dov. KEITH CARROLL: Track '46. WILLA CARTER: Spanish Club, Adv. Officer. DEAN CASSIDY: Fin. Sec. 3A Class, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Janie , B Football '43, French Club, Spanish Club, Chem. Club. BEVERLY CHAUVET: Class Rec. Sec. 2B, Co-manager Honey Hop , Bd. Control '44, '45, '46, Rec. Sec. and Sgt.-at-arms Bd. Control, Christmas Pageant '42, '45, C.S.F., Star and Key, Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Adv. Officer, Spanish Club, Circus Day Com., G.A. Entertainment. ED CHILDE: Var. Basketball '45, '46, Var. Baseball '44, '45, '46, Pres, Men's Assoc. '46, Jr. Prom Manager, Bd. of Control '45, '46, Block A Soc., Ad Board, Pres. 2A Class, Soph Hop Com., Boys State, Jr. Sweater Com., Circus Day Com. NINA JOY CHILDS: Adv. Rep. BETTY JO CLARK: Transferred from Atlanta, Ga., Adv. Oliicer, Christmas Pageant '44, '45, Janie , Red Cross Council. JOYCE CLARK NORMA CLAUSEN: Lite Member Star and Key, C.S.F., Adv. Officer, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Freshman Reception, Sr. Announcement Com., Latin Club, Spanish Club. BETTY LOU COLTON CHARLES COOK: Transferred from Talilcina High School, W J .X A '17 : X it S sw ,QQ Talikina, Oklahoma. Ti FRANCIS COOK THELMA COOKSEY NANCY CRAWLEY: Bd, of Control, R,O,T.C. Co. B Sponsor, Sword and Shield, Jr. Prom Com., French Club, Sopb Hop Com., Adv. Ofticer, New Moon , Rio Rita' , Christmas Pageant. VIVIAN CRISWELL: Christmas Pageant '42, '43, '44, '45, Rio Rita , Auditorium Stafl '43, LOIS CROWLEY: R,O.TC. Sponsor, S '46, Ad Board, S '46, Bd, of Control, S '45, Life Member C.S,F, Vic:- President C.S.F., Life Member Star and Key, Janie , Jr, Prom Com., Vicr: Prrrsirlr-nt Red Crocs, Circus Day Com., Adv. Otticn-r, Rio Rita , Spanish Club, Sworcl anrl Shield Soc., Glec Club ELSIE DAVIS: Janic , Girl! Glr-re. MARILYN DAVIS: Sr, Announcumrent Corn, Rio Rita , Christmas Pageant '43, l Hear Amrerica Singing , Glin- Club, Red Cross Rep., Aurl. Staff '43 FAYE DENNEN' Bd. Control, F '45, Arlv, Officer, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Chr-m. Club, lilo Mrrmbr-r Star anrl Key, C.S.F., Rio Rita , Christmas Pagi-ant, Circus Day Com. X, t1 ,sw A X ' I. Wi . 9? , .Sr S N 4 1 xxx , X 'QA I VW 0' 'QU is-4 -Q' vit XS. Xe x X X Q g X ef- . ROBERT DOUMITT. Vice Pres. Men's Assoc., F '45, Ad, Board, F '43, S '43, Football '42, QB Pres., lB Pres, '42, Rio Rita. MYRON DOWD: Adv. Pres. '44, Senior Play, VERONA DUNCAN BOB DUNN: Stage Door , Pres. Men's Assoc. FLOYD EASTMAN: Non-Coms Club, Sword and Shield, 2nd Lt. R.O.T.C., Auditorium Staff. LILLA ELDRIDGE ... l. 'W' DON EMMAL hn- A an U :U- K ax , 4 s ' S X . , XXX X cs Y 4 X S ' es Q s'X'5ff5'55 ' X A BOB FARLEY: Golf Team '46. ROBERT FEIERBACH: Red Cross Rep., Cafeteria Staff. ARTHUR FERGUSON: Life Member Star and Key, Life Member C,S.F., New Moon Orch., Rio Rita Orch, Ad. Treas., Jr, Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Red Cross Rep., Janie , Orch. DOLORES FISCHER: Jr, Prom Com., Oak Leaf Staff, Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club, Ad. Olticer, Girls' Glee, Choir. PHYLLIS FLASHMAN: Transferred from Notre Dame, Sr. Play Com., C.S.F. Member. PAT FOX: Vice Pres. 3A, New Moon , Christmas Pageant '43, '44, '45, Circus Day '44, Public Schools Week '43, '44, LOIS FRANCIS: Vice Pres. A.S.A.H.S. S '46, Vice Pres. G.A. F '45, Song Leader G.A. S '45, Pres. G.A.A., F '45, Vice Pres. G.A,A. S '45, Co-Manager Magic Mood , Ad. Board, '45, S '46, Student Faculty, F '45, S '46, Acorn Sta '46, Freshman Rec. Com., Rec. Sec. 2A, Spanis lub, Fin. Sec. G.A.A., Song Leader G.A,A., Soph Hop Com., Janie , Circus Day Com., Star and Key, C.S.F. L-5 JAMES FRAS R: Student Talent '44, Boys' Glee, R.O.T.C., Red Cross Re ., Spanish Club. FRANCES FREITAS: Glee Club, Christmas Pageant '46. HERBERT FRYBARGER: C.S.F., Star and Key, Cafeteria Staff. LOLA GARDNER: Spanish Club, Oak Leaf StaH, Girls' Glee, Freshman Reception. RONALD GERDES: Ist Lt. R.O.T.C., Sword and Shield Soc., Non-Cams Club, Life Member C.S.F., Star and Key Soc. BETTY GILBERT: Sr. Play Com., Adv. Ofiicer, G.A.A., Star and Key, French Club, Latin Club. MARIEANN GILLIGAN: Valedictorian of Class, Spon- sor R.O.T.C., S '46, Sword and Shield Soc., 4B Exec Corn., Acorn Staff, Sr. Play Com., Janie , Life Member C.S.F., Star and Key, Bd. of Control, F '44, Rec. Sec. IA, 'IB Class, Adv. Pres., Jr. Prom Com., Circus Day Com., French Club, Chem. Club Officer, Vice Pres. C.S.F., Sr. Sweater Com., Oak Leaf, Sr. Ball Com., Sr. Activities. JACK GINLEY: Varsity Football '44, '45, Vice Pres. Men's Assoc, S '46, Boys Glee, Spanish Club, Transfer from St. Joseph. BETTIE GIRARD: Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Adv. Officer, French Club, Circus Day Com., Christmas Pageant. HARVEY GOGOL: Life Member C.S.F., Adv. Officer, Red Cross Rep., Soph Hop Com., French Club. MARY GOLDMAN: Vice Pres. GirI's Assoc., S '46, Adv. Officer, Jr. Prom Com., Freshman Reception, Spanish Club, Circus Day Com., Sr. Meeting. NELL GREEN: C.S.F., Cafeteria Staff, G.A.A. MARION HABER: Transferred from Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, T.H., Glee Club, A Cappella Choir '44, '45, Red Cross Rep. DOROTHY HALL: Transferred from Beaumont High, St. Louis, Mo., G.A.A., GirI's Block A. EDWARD HARDIN: Rio Rita , Adv. Officer, Spanish Club. VERNE HARTMAN: Freshmen Rec. '46, Adv. President '46, Vice Pres. Adv., Red Cross Rep. HAROLD HARVEY: Jr. Varsity Football '43, '44, Band '43, '45, Boys' Glee '44. GEORGE HASHIMOTO: Baseball '46, Star and Key. BILL HASTINGS: Transferred from Fairbury High School, Red Cross Rep., Star and Key, C.S.F., Pres. Jr. Red Cross Council, Spanish Club '46, Adv. Officer. DOLORES HAYES: Adv. Pres., Christmas Pageant, Star and Key, Sr. Ball Com., Circus Day Com, Sr. Women's Banquet, Red Cross Rep. BILL HECK: Rio Rita , New Moon Orch, Life Mc-rn: ber C.S.F. and Star and Key, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop, Class Yell Leader, Janie , Ad. Board, F '45, Swimming '44, '45, R.O,T.C. Captain, Sword and Shield and Non Coms Club, German Club, Latin Club, Chem Club, Business Manager of Acorn, Chairman Senior Men's jackets. TED HELLWIG: Transferred from Hutchinson High School. 'fa Xi. ., . ,pw-K I 'HY 3 J rg X sr! , ,,, Q . . ... ii., z ...N gs , im- f is 3 J. it nur I- - . .1-I ,E . - wt- ' nf. -.. c Q S V' 'Q y . if ,, . Ls FN F YN -A C' is , '5- ' 1 x F x ' ' A is L if ' , rs-if ,.. 'FUI 'vw 'K vp. A. 145 ' yr f -L' .H u J. E. F 'ar fs- I, 0 , f Joh .. 1, X f 1, 1 Z if i N .-.1 bu' . , .1 J . ,. , -fs., fp., fa V ,cya if, 1' . 4 4. ir' gg 4 ,,, ., -, ' . , 4 A: v f 4 1,4 ff f 1 .s. 9-an W. M..-.,.,,-M iiig.. 5 S , ' M. Ke ef' X fi . 4 2 lv L f 'Q . . f 'br we gn ,yn .f-wwf, . 2 ,,f VVVJW . V 'VV, , .,, fy' 1 7 f f 7 'mr 'I 7 W 'K' f f 4 X f l ff W! 1 ,ff . 5' X945 Q X' .3 fy. a n 'fj i?W'.f'f 4 .. .pw .2-1. ,mar jg.. q .tex .. . b I A ' I if 153 . fl? 1' Y 'fgilltf i g.. . U 'WPW1 -Q th 5. l ,, 1 .. i f f f.,f',i' Hgh 'V ' :Q ' we? , ll I, l BARBARA HERRMANN: Transferred from Stadium High School, Tacoma, Wash., Pres, Girls Assn., S '46, Student Faculty Com., S '46, Acorn Staff, '46, Oak Leaf Stott, Life Member Star and Key, French Club, Chem. Club, Freshman Rec., Sr. Opp. Day, Sr. Play Com., Red Cross Rep., Circus Day Com., Jr. Pram, Cam., Sr. Meeting Com., Adv. Rep., Sr. Ball Com. PAT HERSEY: Class Pres. TB, Ad. Board, SA, 3B, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Opening Dance Com., Circus Day Com., Adv. Rep., French Club. MARY LEE HEWITT: Sr. Play Com. SETSUKO HIGAKE SUE HIMLE: Sec. Red Cross, G.A.A. Publicity Mgr., Fresh- man Rec., Adv. Officer, Star and Key, C.S.F., Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club, Music Club, Orchestra, Circus Day Com. ARNOLD HOFFMAN WALT HOFVENDAHL: Baseball '44, 45, '46, Spanish Club. JOY HOUSTON: Rio Rita , Christmas Pageant '43, Mask and Sandal, Adv. Oflicer, French Club Officer, C.S.F., Jr. Prom Com., Freshman Rec. '45, '46, G.A.A., Adv. Rep., Soph Hop Com., Glee Club, Star and Key, Sr. Play Com., Circus Day Com. GEORGE HUNT: Varsity Swimming '45, '46, Block A. SHIRLEY JACKSON: Vice Pres. 4A Class, Ad. Bd., F '43, S '44, Janie , Soph Hop Com., Star and Key, Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Sweater Com., Circus Day Com., G.A.A., Freshman Rec., Spanish Club, Chem. Club, Orchestra, Adv. Officer. HARRY JORDAN ARTHUR KEMALYAN: Usher to Peace Conference, Capt. R.O.T.C. Band, Life Member C.S.F. and Star and Key, Ofticer French Club, Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Opp. Day, Acorn Staff '46, Christmas Pageant '45, Latin Club, Chess Club, Sword and Shield, Chem. Club, Orchestra, Concert Band, Non-Cams Club. ALETHA KILIAN: Vice Pres. 4B Class, Mgr. Sr. Women's Banquet, Sponsor R.O.T.C., Vice Pres. Sword and Shield, Co-Mgr. Military Ball, Bd. Control, F '45, Janie , Student Talent, F '45, Christmas Pageant '42, '45, Mask and Sandal Productions, Life Member Star and Key, C.S.F., Adv. Pres., Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Circus Day, Sr. Ball Com., Sr. Vaudeville, Spanish Club, Latin Club. MARILYN KINDRED: Life Member C.S.F., Sr. Opp. Day, Bd. of Control, F '45, Jr. Prom Com., New Moon , Christmas Pageant '43, '45, Latin Club, Star and Key. BETTY KING: Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Play Com., Spanish Club, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Pres., Sr. Boll Com., Circus Day Com., Defense Council, Sr. Women's Banquet. ROBERT KING: Transferred from Lubbock High School, Lubbock, Texas. DOLORES KINSLOW PHYLLIS LAGUILLO: Red Cross Rep. CAROLINE LANE: Class Rec. Sec. 4A, 4B, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Life Member C.S.F. and Star and Key, Adv- Omcer: C.S.F. Officer, Acorn Staff '46, Rio Rita , Freshman Rec., Sr. Sweater Com., Circus Day Com., French Club Otticer, Sr. Ball Com., Glee Club, Sr. Women's Banquet. LYLE LANG: Transferred from Nebraska. BARBARA LANGFORD: Transferred from Atlanta, Ga., Janie , Christmas Pageant '45. VIVIAN LEETZ: Adv. Pres., Jr. Prom Com., Red Cross Rep., Sr. Vaudeville Show, Circus Day Com., Sr. Ball Com., Jr, Sweaters, Student Talent, Sr. Women's Ban- quet. PAUL LEIBER: Adv. Pres., Soph Hop Com., Janie , Foot- ball '42, Circus Day Com. '44, Mask and Sandal Pro- cluctions, New Moon , Rio Rita , Jr. Prom Com., Spanish Club. NAOMI LEMMONS: Transferred from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mask and Sandal, Adv. Officer, Operetta, Girls Glee. LYNN LEVO:Sopl1 Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Rio Rita , New Moon , Janie , Sr. Var. Show, Sr. Ball Co-Mgr., Circus Day Com., Adv. Pres., Red Cross Rep., Opening Dance Com., I Hear America Singing , Sr. Women's Banquet, First Counselor Women's Bd. of Control, S '46, Christmas Pageant. LORRAINE LOCKETT: Freshman Adv. Sec. BILL LOORZ: Adv. Pres., Sr. Play Com. TONY MARIANI: Non-Coms Club '44, '45, Sword and Shield Soc. '46, 2nd Lieutenant R.O.T.C. RICHARD MARONEY: Jr. Prom Com., Football '44, Sr. Play Com., Sr. Jacket Com., Adv. Officer '45, '46. LEE MARTIN: Art Editor of Acorn '46, Chm. of Sr. Ball Decorations, Sr. Play Com., Christmas Pageant '45, Sr. Women's Banquet. JOHN McCONKEY HAROLD MCCUTCHEN FRANK McMANUS HILDEGARD MENKE: C.S.F., Star and Key, Art Editor Acorn, '46, Oak Leaf Staff, Spanish Club, Mask and Sandal Productions, Girls' Glee, G.A.A., Red Cross Rep., Ria Rita , Christmas Pageant '44, Circus Day '44, '46, Public School Week, Opening Dance, Student Talent, Sr. Announcement Com., Aud. Staff, Adv. Officer, Freshman Rec. '46, Sr. Ball. SHIRLEY MERTENS: Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Corn.,SopI'1 Hop Com., Freshman Rec., F '45, S '46, Adv. Officer, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Star and Key, C.S.F., Chem. Club, Sr. Sweater Com., Sr. Variety Show, Rr.-cl Cross Rep., Jr. Sweater Com., Circus Day. DONNA MEUTER: Songleader Girls' Assoc., F '45, Hon. Capt. Band, F '45, S '46, Vice Pres Sword and Shield, F '45, S '46, Rec. Sec. 3A Class, 3B Class, Acorn Staff '46, Military Ball Com. '46, Sr. Variety Show '46, Jr Prom Com., Freshman Rec., Football Dance Com , Olticer Chem. Club, Jr. Sweater Com., Life Member C.S.F. and Star and Key, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Janie , Christ- mas Pageant '45, Adv. Pres., Circus Day. W if'--. I 'P' L I 1 1 tl 1 Q ff? fe 'Q' gf' 'lille Q .491 AH' In me el f. Q, 1, ng a .1 . 'V . w . ,,5.',:tQjfg fi I' - . .. -1:92 'sis' U. I fx ov' 'f ?:fxi5.?Ci' ,-gs-f--was W- 1: -' f.. . 1 ' . L. .s, .'t. I 'xii I IVO MICHELI: Soph Hop Com., life Member Star and Key, Tennis Team, F '44, S '46, Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Play Com., Spanish Club, French Club, Adv. Officer. ANN MILLER KENNETH MILLER ELVIRA MIRANDA CARL MONSER: Transferred from North Phoenix High School, Phoenix, Arizona, Var. Track '45, '46, Block A Soc., Janie , Jr. Prom Com., Men's Bd. of Control, F '45, S '46, Sports Ed. Acorn, Adv. Officer. MAL MOREY: Janie , Student Talent '43, '46, Sr. Vaudeville Show, Baseball Team, Adv. Pres., Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., S '46, Circus Day, Red Cross Rep, Jr. Prom Com., Ad Bd., Student Fac, Com. RICHARD MORRIS: Vuledictorion of Class, Editor Oak leaf, Life Member C.S.F. ROCK MOUNTAIN: Adv, Pres., Varsity Swimming '43, '44, '45, '46, Bd. of Control, Block A Soc., Student Talent '43, '46, Sr. Vaudeville Show, Class Pres. '44, Red Cross Rep., Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Rio Rita , New Moon , Soph. Hop Manager, Circus Day, Oak Leaf Stott, Adv. Rep. BILL MUELLER: Valedictorian of Class, Editor Acorn '46, Capt. R.O.T.C., Life Member C.S.F., Life Member Star and Key, Yell Leader 35, Ad. Bd., F '45, Sr. Opp. Day, Military Boll Com., Latin Club Officer, Janie , New Moon , Chem. Club, German Club, Non-Coms Club, Sword and Shield Sac., Chess Club, Stamp Club, Cafe- teria Staff, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Red Cross Rep. JUSTIN MURRISH: Transferred from Oakland, Sword and Shield, 2nd Lt, R.O.T.C., Special Drill Platoon, Mil. Boll Com. WARREN MUSSER: Acl. Bd., Soph Hop Com., Janie , Tennis, Circus Day, Sr. Announcement Com., Spanish Club, Red Cross. ROBERT NICOL: Adv. Officer, R.O.T.C., Non-Coms Club, Stage Crew, Soph Hop Com, FRANK NIELSON INGER NIELSEN: R.O.T.C. sponsor, Sword and Shield Omcer, Star and Key, Jr. Prom Com., Transferred from Miami Edison High School, Miami, Fla., Christmas Pageant, F '45, OLIVE NISLEY: Red Cross Rep., Adv. Officer, Spanish Club, Adv. Rep. CARL NISSER HELEN OLENIK: Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Adv Pres., Circus Day, Spanish Club, Red Cross Rep., Chem. Club, Latin Club. MARTHA PALMER: Life Member Star and Key, C.S.F., Oak Leaf Stati, Circus Day, Red Cross Rep., Red Cross Ofhcer, Christmas Pageant, Sr. Opp. Day, Rio Rita , Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Public Schools Week, French Club, Latin Club. DONELLA VIRJEAN PARKER: G.A.A., Latin Club. RAY PARKER: J, V. Football '43, B Basketball '43, Varsity Football '44, Bd. of Control, F '44, VIOLET PASCALE: Star and Key, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Aud. Staff '44, '46. EDMOND PATTIMORE: Mask and Sandal, R.O.T.C., Sr. Play Com. PAT PEARSON: Jr. Prom Com., Adv. Officer, Red Cross Rep., Latin Club. STAN PEREZ: Sr. Play Com., R.O.T.C. '45, '46, Non- Coms Club, Sr. Vaudeville Show, Jr. Prom Com. ELAINE PETERS: Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep. JEAN PIERCE BILL PLUMMER: Mgr. Sr. Play Janie , Circus Day, Sr. Vaucleville Show, Adv. Officer, C.S.F., Star and Key, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Exec. Com. '43, '44, '45, '46. JERRY PRICE: Sponsor Co. D , F '45, Ad. Board, S '45, Bd. of Control, S '46, Operetta '43, '45, Christmas Pageant '42, '43, '44, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Adv. Pres., Star and Key, Sword and Shield Soc., Span- ish Club. JIM PSALTIS: Var. Football '45, '46, Track '45, '46, Block A Pres., Basketball '46, Christmas Pageant '45- Bd. of Control '45, Adv. Officer. I BOYD QUINN: Sec. Men's Bd. of Control, S '46, Sec. Ad. Bd., F '45, S '46, Opening Dance Com., F '45, S '46, Sr. Opp. Day, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Acorn Staff, Janie , Tennis Team, F '44, Chrm. 7th War Loan Drive, S '45, Life Member Star and Key, C.S.F., French Club, Sr. Vaudeville Show, Public School Week '44, '45, Christmas Pageant '44, '45, Adv, Otticer, Class Exec. Com., Jr. Prom Skit Com., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Sr. Jacket Com., Circus Day Com. LORINDA QUlNTELz Transferred lrom Fremont High School, Oakland, Queen ol Doolittle Parade, Adv. Ofli- cer, Janie. KATHRYN RANKEN: Transferred from Los Angeles. JOAN RATTO BILL RAUST DONNA REID. G.A.A., spam Mgr. G.A.A., G.A.A Spread '46. ED REYNOLDS: Lt. Col. R.O.T.C., Asst. Ed. Acorn, Ad. Bd., Yell Leader 4A Class, Lile Mc-mber C.S.F., Mgr. Aud. Staff, Janie , Life Member Star and Key, Oak Leaf Staff, Chem. Club Omcur, Military Ball Com., Jr. Prom Com., Sgt.-Mai. Non Corns Club, Pres. C.S.F., French Club Oflicer, Spanish Club Officer, Lalin Club, German Club Officer, Star and Key Officer, Concert Band, Jr. Red Cross Council, Student Talent, Class Executive Com. f -.,f?.e.4p' 6'2- -Zk ' fyf, 1, . ,ff K, faf , 4.0.49 if ,. ., .f , ,.v.ff.. ,.. f..,.f,',,., s jf' WWW AQK in 'ltr' ' vs W T-1' Hs Q T' Y fi' K. vw 1 'N AIM il 'Q WILLIAM RICE: Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., S '46, Sr. Play Com., Golf Team, S '46, Baseball '43, '44, '45, Sr. Vaudeville Show, Opening Dance Com., S '46. WILLIAM RICHARD: Janie , Choir '45, '46, Boys Crlee '44, '46, Student Talent '46. BETTY RILEY PAT RITTER: Glee Club, Rio Rita. ELIZABETH ROEMER: Valedictorian of Class, Life Mem- ber C.S.F., Life Member Star and Key, Block A , G.A.A., Exec. Bd. Chem. Club, Star and Key Officer, War Memorial Symposium, Swimming Manager, Latin Club. TOM ROSQUI: Transferred from Walla Walla, Wash.: Sr. Play, Janie , Christmas Pageant '45, Mask and Sandal, Sr, Variety Show, Student Talent, S '46, Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Ball Com., Chm. Sr. Announcement Com., German Club, Sr. Jacket Com. JUNE ROSS: Star and Key, Acorn Stalf, Oak Leaf StaIT, Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Play Com., Latin Club, Adv. Officer, Red Cross Rep. MARGUERITE RUISINGER: Lite Member C.S.F., Rec. Sec. Girls' Assoc., Chief Counselor Bd. of Control, S '46, Student Faculty Com. S '46, Acorn Staff '46, Co-man- ager Circus Day, S '46, Ad. Bd., F '45, S '46, Bd. ol Control, S '45. LOIS RUMMERFIELD: Lile Member Star and Key, C.S.F., Music Club Olticer, Spanish Club, Red Cross Rep. '43, '44, Jr. Pram Cam. ANNA RUTLEDGE: Transferred from San Diego, Adv, Rep., Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club, Chess Club. BETTY RYAN SHOJI SAKURAI BILL SCHACHT: Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., F '45, Yell Leader A.S.A.H.S., F '44, S '45, New Moon , Janie , Mgr. Opening Dance, F '45, Jr. Prom Com., Student Talent '44, '45, '46, Choir, Student Faculty Com., Ad Board, I Hear America Singing , Adv. Officer. BILL SCHEUERMANN: Maior R.O.T.C., Pres. Sword and Shield, Sgt. Mai. Non-Coms Club, Bus. Mgr. Oak Leaf, Life Member C.S.F., Star and Key, Military Ball Mgr., Aud. StaHi, German Club Ofilicers, Spanish Club Olticerp Janie , Jr. Prom Com., Jr. Exec. Com., Jr. Red Cross Council, Sr. Announcement Com., Adv. Rep. BYRON SCHMIDT GEORGE SCHOTT: Orch. for New Moon , Sr. Talent Com., R.O.T.C. Band, Spanish Club, Orch. for Janie , Student Talent '44, '45, '46, Circus Day Com. JANET SCHREIBER: New Moon , Christmas Pageant '42, '43, '44, '45, Student Talent '44, '45, Adv. Officer, Rio Rita , French Club, Public Schools Week '42, '43, '44, '45, RUTH SCHULZ: Transferred from Wausau Sr. High School, Wausau, Wisconsin, Sr. Ball Com., Star and Key Soc., Sr. Play Com, Red Cross Rep., Adv. Olticer. JOH N SCHUMACHER DOROTHY SCOTT fw DON SEAGREN AUDREY SERGEANT: Rec. Sec. Girls Assoc., F '45, Fresh- man Rec. Corn '46, Soph Hop Com., Junior Prom Com., Janie , Circus Day Com. '44, '46, Life Member Star and Key, C.S.F., Chem. Club Officer, Adv. Pres. '44, '46, Christmas Pageant '43, '45, Variety Show Com., Foot- ball Dance Com., Sr. Opp. Day Com., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Red Cross Rep., G.A.A., Mask and Sandal Prod., Sr. Women's Banquet, Sr. Ball Com., Sr. Picnic Com. PRESTON SHORT EDWARD SIBLEY: Var. Track '45, '46, Block A Soc. '45, '46, Star and Key, R.O.T.C, '42, '44, Junior Prom Com. BONNIE SILVA: Head Usherette, '45, '46, Adv. Pres,, Red Cross Rep. WILLIAM SIMPSON: Sec. Men's Assoc., Counselor of Bd. of Control, Janie , Block A Society '43, '44, '45, '46, Sr, Opp. Day Com,, Chm. Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Adv. Officer. ROSA SIRI: C.S.F., Star and Key, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Play Com., Spanish Club, Sr. Sweater Com., Rio Rita '43, Circus Day Com. '44, Christmas Pageant '43, '44, Public School Week '43, '44, Adv. Ofhcer. LOIS SLEIGHT: Pres, Girls Block A , S '46, Star and Key, C:.A.A., G,A.A. Spread '46, Com, on Circus Day Queen '46, AL SMITH: Var. Baseball '44, '45, '46, Chief Counselor Men's Bd. of Control, Member Student Fac. Com., Men's Bd. of Control '45, '46, Secretary Men's Bd. of Control, F '45, Bloclc A Soc. '45, '46, Vice Pres. Block A Soc., Janie , Pres. 4B Adv. JEWELL SMITH: Transferred from Hayward, Calif., C.S,F., Star and Key. JUDY SMITH: Red Cross Rep, Chem. Club, Freshman Rec. RICHARD SMITH MERLAYNE SNELL: Christmas Pageant '45, Student Talent '46, Designed Program for Janie HENRY SOARES ps PATRICIA SOWERS: Transferred Irorn Fremont High, Oakland, Janie , C S F. CARLA STAPEL: Vice Pres. Adv 4B, GAA, Sr, Opp Day, C.S,F, Lite Member Star and Key, Jr, Prom Com., Chem. Club, Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club. iw. fm 10 ,X ' 4 if -.7 J w X A 75: ,E . fo W f ff f X f '47 -J Q 3 1 'ta We sg. 0 'IWW' ',. . , JCL jr ,V ' Z 'VJf i ' ' X fW:i, -. W. rwf JW . yirf' .f .ff , 44. 4, I ff , W yy! wwf, .,,f,fQ ., f . JM, Mus , 4, ar 1 1 W 1 ff 2 ., ILAH STARRETT: G.A.A. PEARL STEINBERG: Usherette '44, '45, '46, Red Cross Rep. JANET STEWART: Transferred from Oklahoma, Adv, Sec, 4B. DIANE STRAUGHEN: New Moon , Glee, Choir, Christe mas Pageant '45, Public School Week '42, '44, '45. RUSSELL STUVE ADA THOMAS DICK TINGLEY: Football '42, '45, Bd. ol Control '46, Capt. R.O.T.C., Circus Day Com. '44, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Sword and Shield Soc., Adv. Ofilicer. PAT TRAVIS: Adv. Pres., Vice Pres., Treas., Christmas Page-ants, Rio Rita. PAULINE TRIMBLE FRANK TURNER: R.O.T.C,, Adv. Ofticer, Aud. Stuff. RAYMOND VALLERGA: C.S,F., Star and Key, Treas. Spanish Club, Vice Pres., Sec. Adv., Red Cross Rep., Public School Week, Latin Club. GWEN VAN ALLEN: C.S.F., Jr. Prom Com., Red Cross, Adv, Pres. '45, French Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Soph Hop Com. WINIFRED VAN ALLEN: Red Cross Rep., Adv. Pres, '45, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Circus Day Com. '44, Adv. Sec. '44. NORMA VAN GEEM JACK VELTMAN: Adv. Rep. Red Cross, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Jr. Prom Com., R.O.T.C. RENE VERGEZ: Class Yell Leader '45, '46, Vice Pres French Club '46, Student Talent '46, Rio Rita , Adv Ofticer,SopI1 Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Play Com., Circus Day Com., Sr. Ball Com., Christmas Pageant '42 '43, Chem. Club, Public School Week. ALFRED VILLAIRE: C.S.F., Orch. New Moon , Adv Pres., Acorn Staff '46, Chem. Club, Jr. Prom Com., Jr Executive Com., Red Cross Rep. WARREN WALLIS: Red Cross Rep., Sec. Adv. 1 ALAN WARD HELEN WATKINS: Christmas Pa eant '43, '44, '45, '46, 9 Rio Rita. JOY WAYNE DREXEL WESLEDER: Var. Basketball '46, B Basketball '45, J. V. Baseball '45, Football '45, '46. WALDEMAR WESTPHAL HARRISON WHITE: Asst. Ed. Acorn '46, Life Member C.S.F., Chess Club, Chem. Club, Latin Club. LOUIS WHITMORE: Spanish Club. BILL WILLER: Student Talent '43, Football '42, Boys Glee '42, '44, '46, R.O.T.C. '46, Adv. Pres. '43, '44, Adv. Rep. '45, Red Cross '43, '44, Sr. Play Com., Circus Day Com., B Basketball Mgr. '43, Spanish Club. RUEBEN WILSON: Track '44, Concert Band, Orch., Adv. Officer. GAYLE WILLNER: Sr. Play Pub. Com., Jr. Prom Pub Com., Soph Hop Pub. Com., Chm. Freshman Rec. '46, Red Cross County Council Rep., Rio Rita , Christmas Pageant '45, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Chem. Club, Adv. Officer, Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Glee Club, G.A.A. Sports, Star and Key. ALLAN WONG: Star and Key, Spanish Club. FRED WONG: Chess Club. MARILEE WOOD NORMALEE YAGER: Queen Doolittle Parade, Adv. Pres., Vice Pres. Adv. DOROTHY YAMAMOTO BARBARA YOCUM: Transferred lrom Grass Vallr-y, Neal Moon , Student Talent '45, '46, C.S.F., Chrinlmua Pageant '44, '45, Freshman Rec. '44, '46, Star anrl Kr-y, French Club, Gorman Club, Circus Day Com AILEEN ZACHMANN: Sr Play Com., Jr. Prom Com, Soph Hop Com., Circus Day Com., Gorman Club Ollic:-r, Christmas Pageant '45, Adv. Pres. '44, Lift, Mr-mln-r Star and Key, C.S.F., Latin Club, G.A.A., Red Cross Pep, Chr-rn Club, Adv, Officer. l34I QQ-.4 W . Nl. '41 ' '11 xx 1' 'wwf' P3525 fi. ,X za . A nf' 5:4 ... NK . ss V v 'I . il. Q-'us QU' X ., S1 -N vs rg. , 2 X . , .XXX .. . X I N 5 - ...YQ X ell? X X N x X X is ix S A X is X 'N.,.,-t Xkwx 9 CALENDAR li' LI.'1l5 -f SPHI E216 SEPTEMBER 11, 1945 . OCTOBER 5, 1945 . NOVEMBER 2, 1945 . . NOVEMBER 19-23, 1945 NOVEMBER 30, 1945 . DECEMBER 14, 1945 . DEC. 17-JAN. 5, 1946 . JANUARY 5, 1946 . . JANUARY 18, 1946 . . JANUARY 31, 1946 . FEBRUARY 1, 1946 . . FEBRUARY 21, 1946 . . MARCH 22, 23, 1946 . APRIL 4, 1946 . APRIL 11, 1946 . APRIL 15-19, 1946 . APRIL 26, 1946 . MAY 1-3, 1946 . MAY 8, 1946 . MAY 17,1946 . MAY 22, 1946 . MAY 24, 1946 . MAY 31, 1946 . JUNE 6, 1946 . JUNE 10, 1946 . JUNE 11, 1946 . JUNE 13, 1946 . Fall Semester Opens-The Beginning ofthe End Opening Dance-Howdy Doody! Janie - Here Comes The Army Thanksgiving Vacation-Thank You! Winter Whirl -Sorta Dizzy Christmas Pageant-Very Impressive Christmas Vacation- Rest and Presents Elections- Congrats Walt, Lois, Don, Bill, Atomic Hop - Up and Atom Graduation- Hail and Farewell Senior Ball- A Little Bit of Heaven Opening Dance- Howdy Doody Ditto! Stage Door-Bang! Bang! Mal Cinderella Prom- Everyone was there but the mice Student Talent- Hollywood Calling Easter Vacation- Sun tans galore Tin Can Tumble-Gerber's did it again! Ex's-Another day, Another A Senior Opportunity Day- And Now Tomorrow Senior Picnic-Big Business for Linda Vista R.O.T.C. Competition-What! No Jeeps? Military Ball-This is it, men-be brave! Circus Day-We feed the monkeys! Senior Meeting-Dry those tears away! Senior Women's Banquet-Lotsa giggles Senior Men's Banquet-What! Was there Graduation-Finis i351 a dinner, too? ,V X, I ssqiszglq-sf ,552 , .ef i 3'Sif5Hii .1 3 fix' isis Mgiiii . Q ,g s sN XYL 5Wi. ,xi 5 HXQN QL 'NY 'NOSXYQ , ..i . , . K 1 I ,ss x c s. ss ag fms X 1 JN -.:Q1ss.5ss. TF 1 E 1 IWR .. . . 1 'L ish, ss ' Q X, 5 , .X 'Q Ms. - .: Q s , Qsfwb-T1 - , 1. S' M- 2 ei-2 ee. CLASS UP OFFICERS- FALL, T945 Presidenf .............. MICHAEL BRAVO Vice PresidenT ..... Recording Secrelary. . JANICE PARKINSON .........ART KAHN Financial Secretary ......... TOM COLLINS Yell Leader ........ ... ..... JOE BITHELL Ad-rninisTraTive Board ....... DON WEEDEN Adminisirafive Board. .JANICE PARKINSON When we, The class of February, '47, made our enTrance inTo Alameda High School, we looked above The porTaIs and gazed aT The numerous Types of learning ThaT were abouT To be offered us. We deTermined Then To make our class one of The mosT ouTsTanding in hisTory. Our class presidenTs Tor our Freshman year were RoIIeT GiambasTiani and Larry LeBlanc, who led us in presenTing a IA DansanT and a IB Movie. In our Sophomore year our presidenTs were Joe BiTheII and Natalie Brown. Our firsT financial underTaking, which proved To be a greaT social success, was The TurnabouT Hop. This dance was very well managed by Don Weeden and Shirley Gray. During our Third year under our class presidenTs Barbara SchmidT and Mike Bravo, we presenTed a 3A Movie, which broughT enioymenT To all who aT- Tended iT. Then The WinTer WhirI, The greaTesT of all Junior Proms, was presenTed and proved To be a huge success. Ray Andriese and KaThryn Moore managed This dance very well and To Them we owe our Thanks. Bill Hovey is our able presidenT This semesTer. The highlight of This Term was our great senior play, STage Door, which had a casT of ThirTy-seven. The play I36I FEBRUARY 19117 ' OFFICERS-SPRING, 1946 d nt ................... BILL HOVEY P esident .......... NATALIE BROWN d ng Secretary. . . BARBARA SCHMIDT ol Secretary ....... NANCY CROOK Il L oder .......... BARBARA KRAUSSE Ad strative Board ....... TOM COLLINS strative Board. .JANICE PARKINSON ,J- 'WW was ably managed by Tom Collins and Janice Parkinson and superbly directed by Mr. Lloyd Sisler. Among the leading characters were Kathryn Moore, Bob Wentz, Bob Dunn, Joyce Burroughs, Barbara Schmidt, Marilyn Spence, Lois Weber, and Sandra Dickinson. Our class goes down in history as being the first ever to present a senior play two nights in succession. Our clear profits topped the 800 dollar mark. In sports, our football star is Phil Thormalin, in basketball, Nelson Wright, in tennis, Don Weeden and Don Emmal. Don Weeden is also very active in swimming. On the baseball team are Jimmy Kerr and Harold Hutchinson. And last, but not least, is WaltJensen, who is outstanding in track. He was two years all county and two years the north coast champion pole-vaulter. We extend our heartiest thanks to Mr. Bryan, Mrs. Hall, and our faculty advisors for their inspiring and enthusiastic guidance in all our undertakings. Next term we will look forward to many happy and exciting events, and we will leave Alameda High School proud of our achievements. BARBARA SCHMIDT Recording Secretary L37il X -I r, , ,X-K Sr MARIE ADRAGNA: Red Cross Sec., F '45, Red Cross Rep. 28, 3A, 3B, Adv. Otticer. DENNIS ANDERSEN: Christmas Pageant, CECELIA ALEXANDER: Red Cross Rep. IB, QA, Adv. Officer QA, QB. JOYCE ANDERSON MATTIE LEE ASHWOOD GEORGE BALDING SHIRLEY BARNICKOL: Properties Com. Stage Door , Jr. Prom Com., Star and Key, Soph Hop Com., C.S.F., Red Cross, Cafeteria, Freshmen Rec. '46, Sr. Opp. Day Program. LESLIE BARONIAN: Track '45, '46. PAUL BELL: Star and Key, C.S.F., Ist. Lt. Band, Prop- erty Mgr. Stage Door , Sports Editor Oak Leaf, Orch., Concert Band. JOE BITHELL: Pres. IB, Yell Leader 38, Jr. Prom Com., Non Cams Club, Pres. of Adv., Spanish Club. MARIE BOLLA: Red Cross Rep. 2B, 3A, 3B, Adv. Officer F '45. ARNOLD BORSHAY: Stage Door , Advertisement Chm. Jr. Prom, Sr. Jackets '46, Adv. Pres. '43, Red Cross '43, Spanish Club. DICK BRANCHARD: Var. Track '45, '46, Soph Hop Com., Adv. Officer. MICHAEL BRAVO: Track '45, '46, Class Pres. 3B, Class Yell Leader BA, Yell Leader Men's Assoc., Red Cross Rep., New Moon , Sr. Opp. Day, Star and Key, Jr. Prom Com., Circus Day '44, '46, Adv. Officer. SHIRLEY BRENNER: Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Span- ish Club, Glee Club, Sr. Sweater Com, Red Cross Rep, NATALIE BROWN: Bd. ot Control, S '46, Ad Bd., F, S '43 Class Pres. YB, Vice Pres. 4A, Sr. Play Com., Latin Club- I Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Adv. Pres. JOHN BRUZZONE: Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com, Class Exec. Com., Tennis '45, Sr. Play Com., Red Cross Rep. MARIAN BUCK: Red Cross Rep., Sr. Play Com., Soph Hop Com., Adv. Officer. I Winn. wg' Q X ,if 1 ll--Q' S' Y .IW ' vr , 0' -an x vw. Qu-4 'N-.-ms? -5 Q' TNQ, Q. dl' FWD N.. N I. M 2I1fII.'f ,'Il l 3 1,-N422 I Q we-Q ,QQ vi. X f QS- T X A5- x li Q ,f K . X. K x Qs. X- :AX- kfi :Q I .N sw- 13 is . ' . . w. Qi NlQzNffS Q wi . QW' i ii :fli Z. 4 C ti as 1 A Q JOYCE BUGEE: Rio Rita : Adv. Officer: Circus Day Skit '44: Circus Day Com.: Soph Hop Com. RAMONA BURKE JOYCE BURROUGHS: French Club: Stage Door : Sr. Play Com.: Soph Hop Com.: Opening Dance Com., S '46: Red Cross: C.S.F.: Mask and Sandal Players: Adv. Officer: Circus Day Com. '44: Sr. Opp. Day Cam. NORMA BURTON LOIS CABRAL YVONNE CATES: Life Member Star and Key: Latin Club: Spanish Club: Life Member C.S.F.: G.A.A.: Chem. Club: Red Cross. DAVID CAVANAUGH: R.O.T.C. Band Otticer: C.S.F.: Orch.: Student Talent '43, '44: Adv. Ofticer, ALICE CHRISTIAN: Adv. Officer: Adv. Rep.: Sr. Play Com.: Sr. Sweater Com.: French Club. FRANK CIRMELLI GAYLENE CLAYSON BEVERLY CLEVELAND: G.A.A. TOM COLLINS: C.S.F.: Star and Key: Acl. Bd.: Sword and Shield Soc.: Mgr. Stage Door : Adv. Pres.: Red Cross: Chem. Club: Non Coms Club: Class Officer: Rifle Team. BETTY CONARD: Stage Door : C.S.F.: G.A.A.: Sr. Opp. Day '46: French Club: Sr. Sweater Com.: Student Talent '45: Sr. Play Com. NANCY CROOK: Fin. Sec. 4A: Block A : Bd. of Con- trol: Sponsor Co. C: Sr. Play Com.: Life Member Star and Key: C.S.F.: G.A.A.: Rio Rita : Adv. Officer: Sword and Shield. DIVO DIANDA: Var. Football '44, '45, '46. SANDRA DICKINSON: Bd. of Control: Stage Door : C.S.F.: Star and Key: Mask and Sandal: Adv. Otticer: Spanish Club: Latin Club: Soph. Hop Com.: Jr. Prom Com.: Red Cross: Public School Week Pageant. HARRIETT DORNSIFE GLENDA DOUGLAS LUCILLE DOYLE DONALD EVERS: Stage Door g Rifle Team: 4A Adv. Pres.: Ad. Com. Stage Door p Lt. Co. By Sword and Shield Soc.: French Club: Adv. Rep. JUNE FELLER BILL FINNEGAN ROLLETT GIAMBASTIANI: Pres. 'lAg Exec, Com. Star and Keyp Ad. Bd.: Jr. Prom Com.7 Ad. Com. Soph Hopf Opening Dance, S '45y Rio Rita y B Football, F '43 DOLORES GENNAI CAROL GIFFEN: Stage Door g Bd. of Controlg Life Member Star and Key: Jr. Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.: Rec. Sec. 257 Spanish Clubg Chem. Club: Red Crossg Exec. Com. TB, 2B. STANLEY GIFFIN AUDREY GRANT SHIRLEY GRAY: Vice Pres. IA, 2Ag Rio Rita g Circus Day Com.g Spanish Clubg Co-manager Soph Hopg Adv. Officer. BOB GUNDERSEN: Exec. Com. 3B, 4Ag Box OHice Mgr. S '46g Life Member Star and Keyp C.S.F.p Non Coms Clubg Sr. Play Com.5 Sr. Jacket Com.g Chess Clubg Adv. Pres.g Jr. Prom Com.g Aud. Staff. LAWRENCE HABER: Aud. Staffg Sr. Jacket Com. PEGGY HAILE: Transferred from Elmhurst Junior High. PATRICIA HALBHEER: Spanish Clubg Red Cross Rep.p Circus Day Com. PAT HAMMOND DIANA HARAMAKI: Transferred from Topaz High Schoolg Red Cross Re-p.g Spanish Clubg Chem. Club. PAT HARTER DOROTHY HAYES: Stage Door g Sr. Play Com.g Jr. Prom Com.g Jr, Exec. Com.g Soph Hopg New Moon g G.A.A.g Adv. Pres.g Sr. Sweater Com.g French Club. Christmas Pageantg Circus Day Com. I .-J ....,,, N. L 1.4 . ' 'HPF tgfffa, . W, . . ,, 1 j . f x , A ' is if if Q + 1 . N, ,f ,,. . may s .. is . 'N 7 W X f il 'LJ ! T , . W. .... .W if 5 4 S. 5 ...... e N ...far ' 's 'IX IU ix wmv l'WP 3. gnu-+-sv .swf 1 . I . , ,136 In Y., . Q. P, '.w:'I'iW 'xf.': . -45 ,M-r of - .0 wr- f A wi af U 1 f Q S iz ' 'I . - Q we , S 7 ffl E .Ss ,f It A 1 I c 1? s. X Qi at f v I? . GEORGE HEDGES: Stage Crew New Moon , Stage Door , Football '44, Stage Crew Rio Rita. PAT HENOCH: C.S.F., Lite Member Star and Key, G.A.A., Chem. Club, Sr. Play Ticket Com., Vice Pres. Chess Club, Exec. Com. Star and Key. WILLIAM HINIKER BILL HOVEY: Ist Lt. R.O.T.C., Life Member Star and Key, C.S.F., Class Pres. 4A, Stage Door , Sr. Opp. Day '46, Chm. Advertising Sr. Play, Sword and Shield Soc., Latin Club, Fin. Sec, '43, Pres. '44, Military Ball Com. '46, Jr. Prom Bid Com., Non Com's Club, Soph Hop Com., Circus Day '44, '46, French Club, Sr. Jacket Com., Red Cross Rep. IB, 3B, Adv. Officer, Exec. Com. BB, 4A, Sr. Play, Gen. Com., Adv. Rep. HAROLD HUTCHINSON: Men's Bd, of Control, S '45, F '45, Men's Block A , Var. Baseball, '44, '45, 46, B Basketball, Ad Bd. '43, Jr. Red Cross '43, Soph Hop Com., Adv. Pres. TA, IB, Election Bd. '45, New Moon Stage Hand. DON JACKSON: CONNIE JAEGER: Soph Hop Com., Sr. Play Com., Adv. Officer, Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club, Chem. Club, Exec. Com. HELEN JARVIS WALTER JENSEN: Pres. A.S.A.H.S., S '46, Yell Leader, F '45, Var. Track '43, '44, '45, '46, Block A , Bd. of Control, Var. Golf '45, '46, New Moon , Student Talent, Circus Day Com., Student Faculty, Ad Bd., Christmas Pageant, Stage Door. BRUNLA JOHANSEN JACK JOHNSTAD: Concert Band, R.O.T.C. Band, Orch. EVELYN JURS ARTHUR KAHN: Rec. Sec. Men's Assoc., Student Talent, Track, Rec. Sec. 38, Drum Major Football Band, Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Jacket Com., Bd. of Control, Swing Band, C.S.F. PAT KEEGAN: Jr. Prom Com., Adv. Officer, Spanish Club, Star and Key, Chem. Club, Chm. Girl's Sr. Sweater Com. LOIS KELTON: Stage Door , Vice Pres. Girls Block A , Pres. of Adv., Star and Key, Jr. Prom Decoration Com., Advertising Com. Sr. Play, G.A.A., Sr. Opp. Day Com., Spanish Club. SHIRLEY KING: Aud. Staff. BARBARA KRAUSSE: Song Leader Girls Assoc., Class Ofticer 4A, 2A, Bd. of Control, S '46, Sr. Play, Jr. Prom Com., Adv. Oliicer, Fin. Sec. G.A.A., Red Cross Rep., Sr. Opp. Day, Circus Day Com. '44. LORRAINE KUENTZ: Star and Key, Spanish Club. VIVIAN LA DIEU JOHN LAFLER JENNIE LONG NORMAN MACK PAT MANNING ETSUKO MARUBAYASHI: Red Cross Rep., Sr. Sweater Com., Sr. Play Com., G.A.A. LEON McCARTY: R.O.T.C. FRANCIS MCCLOY DOUGLAS McCUMSEY ANNE MCKENZIE: C.S.F.g French Club, Lalin Club, Jr. Prom Com., Sr. Play. FRANK MENDOSA: Adv, Rep., Spanish Club, French Club, Chem. Club. ART MILLER: Boy's Gleep New Moon. ROBERT MILLER: Track '46, KATHRYN MOORE: Stage Door , Fin. Sec. G.A., S '46, Vice Splr. Ad. Bd. S '46, Co-manager Jr. Prom, Chrislmas Pageanf '45, Bd. Conf. S, F '45, Life Member Slar and Key, C.S.F., Acorn Simi? '46, Rec. Sec. SA, Opening Dance Com. S '46, Fin. Sec. IA, Rio Rita S '43, Fin. Sec. Latin Club, S '43, Circus Day Com. '44, Vice Pres, QB, Soph Hop Com., Sr. Swealer Com., French Club, Adv. Pres., S '43, Mask and Sandal. WILLIAM MOUNTIORD1 Swing Band. DOROTHY MUIR: Sr. Play Com., Sr, Swcalnr Com., S' Opp. Day Com., Bd. C0nI., Jr. Prom Com., Fin. Sec 3A: Adv. Pres. and Vice Pres., Freshmen Rec. Com, '46, Chrislrnas Pageant '45, Spanish Club, Red Cross Rrrp CHARLES MURPHY: R.O,T,C., Stage Crew New Moon , Latin Club. BEATRICE ODERMATT: French Club, G.A.A. .prix 'af' ' ,, mr- A-A 3 'I 6' 1, 'N S I asia- 1' YF? LW W W' ' . IIE? 'L X xl ,A 'A x x,.l,, we K Q S X Wx 1 .u , ' . ffl ' X c'S??.,fis N - Y-fwilfx in .ll Sill I' . H - - 'Nz 1:-nyc H:-1 Q., Ke . Egk '-:Swv -lil. L 1 A 4 gh I' .Agp .c, 'QP' is-yr E .pf xx I 'J' 1' ' 'rx Q - I X,,3,fiJf,' X ,. ,air J' IX iz, Q 06 fir? fx. I. 7'--.E N.. Ns.- Je 'rv x, X. . Vti' ' f 4 , 1 My ,g. . . . E 1 0 W Y 'nl' 1 can its 96 52. . N 3 Q y,y .A-44 tm . fu-2 0 -u Ktssfff 1-. S,-. v-gi, I . . pl V' Ss..-f' A s ,sh 'SMA 1 ,Q sk 0 kj .. . Q 5 Q, Q is -r 4 'Q' .W J - , rl , JOAN OLESTON JANICE PARKINSON, Vice Pres. 38, Ad Bd. '44, '45, '46, Bd. of Control, F '45, S '46, Fin. Sec. IB, C.S.F., Life Member Star and Key, Circus Day Com., Co-man- ager Sr. Play, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Opening Dance Com., Mask and Sandal Plays '46, Red Cross, Spanish Club, Adv. Officer, Stage Door , Exec. Com. FRANK PEARSON DON PERALTA: Var. Baseball '46, Block A Soc., B Basketball '44, Men's Bd. of Control '46, J. V. Baseball '45, J. V. Football '44. JACK PERATA JEANNETTE PESENTI: Adv. Ofticer, Fin. Sec. G.A.A. WILBERT RAMOS: Var. Baseball '45, '46, J. V. Base- ball '44, B Baseball '43, Block A Soc., Mens Bd. of Control '45, Adv. Omcer, B Baslmetball, Red Cross. DOUGLAS RAMSEY WAYNE RASMUSSEN: New Moon , Christmas Pageant '44, Adv. Pres., Red Cross Rep., Spanish Club. SALLY REID: Sr. Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Adv. Rep., Adv. Oliicer, French Club, Latin Club. CAROLYN REISS: Stage Door , Song Leader G.A.A., Treas. Advisory, Advertising Com. Sr. Play, G.A.A., Jr. Prom Decorating Com. LAVERNE RENSTROM: Red Cross Rep. ED REXINGER MICHAEL RIVERA: R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Adv. Pres. '45, '46, Adv. Treas., Adv. Rep., Red Cross Council, Aud. Staff, Circus Day Com. DORIS ROLLINS: Stage Door , Christmas Pageant, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Play Com., Girl's Glee Club. ELLIOTT RYDER: Stage Door , Chem. Club, Officer Chem. Club, C.S.F., Star and Key. BARBARA SCHMIDT: Fin. Sec. TB, Rec. Sec. 2B, Pres. SA, Rec. Sec. 4A, Stage Door , C.S.F., Life Member Star and Key, Fin. Sec. and Editor French Club, Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Adv. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Circus Day Com. JOAN SETLOW: Stage Door , Adv. Pres., Rio Rita , Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Circus Day Com.: Span- ish Club, Christmas Pageant, Sr. Play Com., Class Oflicer. DORIS SHOOTMAN: Stage Door 7 Jr. Prom Com.: Soph. Hop Com.p Freshmen Reception: Adv. Ofticerg Spanish Club. ROBERT SIMPSON LLOYDINE SMIDT: Bd. of Controlp Stage Door g Sr. Play Com.: Jr. Prom Com.p Adv. Ofticerp Red Crossp C.S.F.g Star and Keyg French Cluby Chem. Clubg Latin Club. BOB SMITH RITA SNYDER ELEANOR SOFFIOTTO MARILYN SPENCE: Stage Door g Rio Rita g Adv. Ofticerg Christmas Pageant: Circus Day Com.: Spanish Club: Music Cluby Soph. Hop Com.5 Sr. Play Cam.y Jr. Prom Com. PAT STEVENS SARAH TAFF: Stage Door g Jr. Prom Com.: Soph Hop Com.g Freshmen Receptionp Adv. Ofticerp French Clubg Music Club. JOYCE THRALL: Girls' Gleeg Choirp Red Crossp Adv. Rep. PHILIP THORMAHLEN: Var. Football '44, '45, '46p Bd. of Controlg Block A Soc.: Christmas Pageantf Adv. Officerp Red Crossg Soph. Hop Com.: Jr. Prom Com.: Spanish Club. DEBORAH TIBBITTS: Rio Rita g New Moon g Stage Door g Christmas Pageant '45g Soph. Hop Com.5 Adv. Pres.5 Sr. Sweater Com.y French Clubp Latin Club. SHIRLEY VAN MALE: Red Cross. DONALD WATKINS: Jr. Var. Footballp Jr. Var. Traclcg Var. Track. BARBARA WATTS: Sr. Playg Oak Leaf Staftg Star and Keyg Red Crossg Adv. Ofticerg French Clubg Chem. Club. MARILYN WEATHERTON LOIS WEBER: Stage Do0r g Soph. Hop Com.g Student Talentg Christmas Pageant '44g I Hear America Sing- ing g German Clubg Chem. Clubg Glee Clubg Choirg Spanish Club. DON WEDEMEYER: C.S.F.g French Clubg Chem. Club. W , .Y vt' R s , f s .. 5 5. We S K ,K , Q 49, Q2 New 1 we A-ew.. , A s. S, ,, W A X gg I 3532, X A -Wim HQYM QV' 'B M9 sf ,Q :Aw tt 4 P Rm . ,ms N. x X. , ' I . t ins. Q' Nbr 'N 00' NX 'lk s. .N D . ev' 'Z 1, I it - --...Ek . X -?I3 ig .. -- SL,-iff Q3 X . wsjl gf: Q, .QSQQQXK Q v Q!-ff 'W WV VO 'nf . ,, ,W , 'm..J.f,,,,, MWW A7 , 1 . ,Anangu 'I ' ,M-41 ff: Limb , 'F ff I ' T' . ' ff 2' ,, ' .E .1 -, , gr I f ,1 if f f , uf f if , L f 'f ,-,...,W3 - f wif.-r W A AW. : ,, 'T' A fp-Q- b. FL. f DON WEEDEN: Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., S '46, Spkr. of Ad Bd., F '45, S '46, Var. Swimming, '44, '45, '46, Tennis '44, '46, Mgr. Turnabout Hop , Block A Soc., Stu- dent Fac. Com., Stage Door , Bd. of Control, Jr. Prom Com. Chm. VERLE WEHR: Soph, Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com, Stage Door , G.A.A,, Circus Day Com. '44, GirI's Block A , Adv. Rep., Adv. OtTicer, Sr. Play Com., Spanish Club. ROBERT WENTZ: Football '43, '44, Basketball '43, Sr. Play, New Moon , Christmas Pageant '44, '45, Track '44, Adv. Oflicer, Circus Day Com., Jr. Pram Com. MARILYN WILHELM: Soph. Hop Com., Sr. Play Com., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Adv. Officer, Chem. Club, Red Cross. EDWIN WINBERG: Latin Club, Life Member C.S,F., Star and Key, Stage Door , Spanish Club, German Club. BETTY WISE PEGGY WONG: Red Cross Rep., F '43, Public School Week '45, Spanish Club, Circus Day Com., Tri Iota. GLEN WORTH: Adv. Officer, Spanish Club, NELSON WRIGHT: Var. Basketball '44, '45, Var. Tennis '44, Football '44, Bd. of Control '45, lst Lt. R.O.T.C. HIGH SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES STAN CAVAGNARO STAN POTTER AGNES GOGARTY TOM SKELLY ERMEL LEE JOHNSON LESTER SPARKS DOLLY JORDAN PAT LEITcH JOSEPH LOMBA ROYCE FORD LOW SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES VIOLET BAILEY BILL MQEDONALD JACK CROOK JIM MARSHALL JIM KERR ELAINE MINOT SHIOEE KINOSHITO HENRY WONG L45J DOWN a rope for gathering up sail fix on a stake an alkaline You Can't Take -- With You soldier lead in Janie beverage performance a beam antonym of yes what a club gives at lunchtime a fish what R.O. boys do Pres. Class June '46 pronoun doctor Till the End of ---- use with a rowboat goodbye Faculty adviser ol Oak Leaf Greek goddess of dawn a hlament ol flax spelled backwards distress signal jewel an animal girl gym teacher Faculty advisor of Acorn Editor of Acorn Chief Counselor of Boys' Bri ol Control period ol time must:-r diftectivie boys hate to wear one Quiet on the Wusti-ri1 Front juniors gave ci antonym ol no solemn pronoun AC ROSS President of A.S.A.H.S. Fall '45 Where boys go after graduation part of foot jumps or skips word in physics, iner--- intelligence quotient drama teacher what we wanton our cards feminine plural ending in Latin boy's name kind of meat narrow opening o feathered friend neither, nor in Spanish master of ceremonies antonym of yes English teacher's first name senior play, Class Feb, '47 what we don't want on cards Principal of A,H.S. Lbackwardst note in musical scale rush upon best looking girl, Class June '46 abrev. of small German teacher period of time a girl Terry Randall senior play what kind of heat we have at school pulzling, isn't it? sick math teacher shouts a coat, as of paint Di-an of boys a hot fiddler Yes, H! my backwards SE IUH UPI IU What's Your Favorite: A. Subiect l. P.E. 2. Study B. Despised Subject 1. History 2. English C. Soft Drink l. Coke 2. Orange Pop D. Pastime l. Loafing 2. Sun Bathing E. Resort l. Tahoe 2. Boulder F. Song 'l. I Can't Begin to Tell You 2. Cement Mixer G. Sport l. Swimming 2. Football O Do You Approve of: A. Necking - Depends B. Blind Dates - Maybe C. Homework - No D. Going Steady - Yes lf47l Which Do You Prefer: A. 'l. Brunettes 2. Blondes B. l. Army 2. Navy C. l. Sport Dances 2. Formal Dances D. l. Levis 2. Slacks E. l. Loafers 2. Saddles F. 'l. Long Hair 2. Short Hair WHO'S A. Biggest B.T.O. in A.H.S Bill Schacht B. Wittiest Person in A.H.S Charlie Arenson C. Favorite Actor l. Cornel Wilde 2. Van Johnson D. Favorite Actress l. Jane Russell 2. Lana Turner E. Favorite Comedian l. Danny Kaye 2. Bob Hope F. Favorite Comedienne l. Cass Daley 2. Joan Davis s Y 'Na C m., 6 QW W Q , 1 II I III? 1'v Mosf Affrczcfive Girl Besf Looking Boy . . . BEV CHAUVET TOM ROSQUI Mosf Likely To Succeed . . . Mosf Oufsfcmding A Besf Acfress . . . RICHARD MORRIS fhlefe . . . JIM PSALTIS AUDREY SERGEANT Besf Acfor . . . Mos! All-Round Girl Most All-Round Boy BILL SCHACHT LOIS FRANCIS ED CHILDE Q--Y bw x new SYN A x X Qkwsw W? A 'Pig url M X I Q' Q x , V: x A Y . , . x N L . X A . X , 1 1-4. :5 3 wk X N.. . 1 W ,Q xixx SK Q x my Q THUSE WHI1 WE HU UH III. SS UF JUNE 19115 - K A x if ' 5 Q f . ,,.,A.,.,. W , , , Y , 2 Li x f'f' ' 1 wwk X x ' ' . , ,S , ,., 5 XM wg, -' x , uu- I I K 7 Z V fr . 2 'QQE3 f f N, M5 .I 7 x, XS ix A s S if. sw ? A ii in 3 K H Q6 N 5 ,f , 'WK .Q V K x. Z - , W Mme, N M Q. X ,, J Q 'ff ...wwe -, - if 4 f f I 'W 'X 'L+ , M4901 f f Wvxg , A 4 Q Q Z Www Bw f W V 4-wr -m?e??Q f iwmfw?? M X ew gy .L ' ' 5 lv:v::.,v rf?WU , legiaf iamwjmw 77 J! 7 SUN. Most Affrcicfive Girl . . Besf Looking Boy . . . JOYCE BUGEE RAY ANDRIESE Mosf Likely To Succeed . . . ELLIOTT RYDER Mosf Oufsfonding Afhlefe . . . Besf Adress . . . WALT JENSEN BARBARA SCHMIDT Besf Acfor . . . Mosf All-Round Girl BOB DUNN KATHERINE MOORE Mosf All-Round Boy n.. DON WEEDEN 1 THIQISE WHU WE HU UH CLASS UF FEBH AHY 1947 ,fig ' Z' ig an 'G W5 W' Qty if I is A ,v 1 ln, ,Q ,V W, V jf , W :- I ' .Luv- ' .ww -- - 2 ,L X . wx! V 4 Q ' ' 7' is' 'jvllf' '.,.,,, -1 , ' ' x W ' ' A , A 1, ki -AX I X V INV W - 'Q - ' D .8 J ' '- R' ix-rv: N' s ,uv , N my ilk. -..1' 31 'T 1. 5 X r v 'ml I - FN -n 4' R, , K2 ,i x,-.wrakh -1 . ,, x 'gf r wr qs' ' 1 .. z V .gg If 956 '93 J s - Q 1. WNW, ,- H, K N. , , , .,.,.., ,..,, 5 . Q. W , ,.,...,-Q g , Q1 H H., NWN. Wwmw.. JHON JIM STROUBE JEAN McINTOSH ,,,..i. Gig. PEGGY ETHERTON VIRGINIA GERKE DEAN SMITH JIM LENNOX AUDREY BESSEMER BILL DAVIS HIGH JUNIUHS Fall, 1945 JIM STROUBE ...... PEGGY ETHERTON ...... VIRGINIA GERKE ..,..... DEAN SMITH ...... .... KENNETH STOBIE ...,... NANCY ETHERTON ..... JACK CATON ,.... OFFICERS ....Presidenl . . .. . . Vice President ....,.. . Recording Secretary ...... Financial Secretary ...... Spring, 'I946 ...UDEAN sMm-I .JEAN Mclmosn .....JlM LENNOX AUDREY Bessemer: .......slLLoAvls . . , Yell Leader ....... .. Administrative Board Administrative Board, . . .. NANCY ETHERTON . . , . .JACK CATON We of the class of June, 1947, can now look back on three very successful years in Alameda High. While Low Juniors, we presented our third annual Election Dansant which was a great success. Our Cinderella Prom on April 5 was something new and different. It was semi-formal, and the high light ot the evening was the crowning of Prince Charming and Cinderella. A pair ot nylons was given away as a door prize. The Prom was very ably managed by Bill Thompson and Peggy Etherton. l52il Some of the outstanding athletes in our class are George Lagorio, Bill Thompson, Clarence Doyle, Jim Ortner, George Hinz, and Leo Halverson. Many members of the class are active in clubs, the Oak Leaf, and other school activities. Much credit for our success should be given to the faculty, and especially to our class advisers. lf it were not for them, we would not have been able to accomplish many of the things we did. We are looking forward to our next and last year in high school with great expectations and high hopes. JIM LENNOX Recording Secretary rift? PROMINENT HIGH JUNIORS MRS. AMBROSOLI MRS. GOFF I i J I , 1. Q-N MISS BROSNAN MISS GAMBLE MR. HOPKINS MRS. LAYTON MRS. MCINTIER MR. MCMULLIN MR. MILLETT MRS. PATTY MR. SAUNDERS MISS SHOCKEY .1 f A ny. Wyk . ,.. N.. . A Saks f Q if Q fffE,-.,..,.,,. X K 1 Z I ? 5 2 ...-' 'z Y if ' ... viil , I nt uit 2 - ' ' Y ' ' - SACHS PEGGY PEARSON MARILYN JOHNSON MORTON WISLER MARILYN MARTIN BARBARA FISHER AL BEDFORD Fall, 1945 OFFICERS Spring, 1946 LES SACHS .,.... PEGGY PEARSON,. BARBARA BENNETT. MARILYN JOHNSON MORTON WISLER .,.... . PEGGY PEARSON.. DON SPRENKEL .... ... President . .. . . Vice President , . .. .. Recording Secretary Financial Secretary . . . .. . . . Yell Leader . . . Administrative Board .,.. Adminisfralive Board . . . MARILYN JOHNSON .BEVERLY MACAULY . .MARILYN MARTIN ...BARBARA FISHER . . . .AL BEDFORD ...JACKIE GARCIA ....GEORGE KELL Now that we have reached the half-way mark ot our high school career, we are able to look back on our past Iwo years with satisfaction. In our first year at Alameda High School we held a dansant and a movie which were both a social and financial success. As we came upon our High Sophomore term, we proudly presented The l 56 l Atomic Hop which was ably managed by Art Alwen and Donna Pawlasek. Many in our class are active in school sports, both boys and girls are out- standing in athletic achievement. March 20, at the beginning of the Spring term, we held a successful class meeting at which President Marilyn Johnson presided. We wish to take this time to thank our 3A advisers who, through their guidance, have aided us in achieving success in all our activities. MARILYN MARTIN Recording Secretary PROMINENT LOW JUNIORS MISS CHAMBERLIN 1 n -v-..s w-x', vw ' wpvwixf www- -min Wu Z 'J f44'k, C 'in . .. J . K Kr f M , , 4 1 ,A K4 L ,W Q W 0 In v iwffx, Ark, . I E 112393, fikifff i at 54'c'1 , ' H J AQ? Sf W,. Q- H. rf FN Q 1 '1 613,56 Rx MRS. DARISON MRS. DOMNICK MRS. HUNTER DR. REDIGER MR. SISLER I-KPPHEIII TIU S... The Acorn Staff is greatly indebted to a number of people who have willingly given their time and effort that this book might be published. On this page we hope to express our gratitude to the following: To Mr. Bryan, who was never too busy to help. To Mr. Bell for his assistance with the large groups of lower classmen. To Mr. Kirwin and Mr. Smith of the Oakland National Engraving Company for their much-needed help with the photographic layouts and their fine job of photoengraving. To Mr. Hooper and the Hooper Printing Company for the excellent job of printing. To Mr. Edwards of Bay View Studios for the fine senior portraits and other photographic work. To Mr. Piatt of Piatt Studios, who left his busy store to help us, often on short notice. To Mr. Bushman and the Bushman-Risen Company for producing an excellent cover despite the restrictions on materials. To Mrs. LeHew for her excellent advice which made things much easier for us. To Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Winsby, Miss Powers, and Virginia Bartalini for assistance with bulletin notices, telephone calls, and verification of names and records. To Miss Edna Reichmuth for the assistance she gave to our art editors. To Gayle Wilner and Norma Clausen for typing a part of our copy, and to Bill Scheuermann, Lois Crowley, and Lynn Levo for the many small tasks which they performed for us. To the many students who aided us by turning in snapshots. f 59 il I if El 4' . M. i , , fl X 1 45914 174' ff ff J f . AA 4 GARY SCHWEITZER JEAN WOOD ,M C sig 'V' CONNIE DUNFORD JANET BRUZZONE LYNN VAUX HIGH SUPHIJMIJHES . .. Fall, 1945 GARY SCHWEITZER .... OFFICERS . . . Presidenf . . . . JEAN A. WOOD .......... Vice Presiclenf ,. CONNIE DUNFORD JANET BRUZZONE. LYNN VAUX ,...., CLARENCE VERNON PAT WHISNAND. . Spring, 1946 ...RALPH JACKSON . ..... CONNIE DUNFORD .....Recording Secrefary.. . . . . .HELEN MAHONEY ..... Financial Secrelory .........TERRY CURRAN . .... . . .Yell leader . . . . . . . .CLARENCE VERNON Adminislrnlive Boarfl ,Aclminisfrnlivo Bonrcl CLARENCE VERNON .. PAT WHISNAND We, the class of June, '48, ore now on the Threshold of becoming upper class- men. We have been looking forward to this for two yeors ond hope To be The best groduofing class ever. I6Ol W! 14?-fi 5 A Tiki 'far l ' l V . .qv -V l B . any ':.. N Tl Q' N R' --E. Q-frzs 1 T T , 4+ V--f . v L i .vwfec N sc , v frii l 'li 5 5,-ff, 1,', f yf4f?II'?'g'w3. RALPH JACKSON HELEN MAHONEY TERRY CURREN CLARENCE VERNON We gave our first movie when we were 'lBs and our second when we were 2As last fall. This semester as High Sophs we gave the great Tin Can Tumble, under the able management of Gary Schweitzer with Connie Dunford as co-manager. Another high point of our 2B semester was our participation on our first Circus Day at Alameda High School. In sports we have been outstanding. On the varsity teams alone we have fifteen men. ln baseball there are Wally Curlet, Bob Brown, Ray Smith, Glen Reid, and Len Ratto, in football, Dayton Foote, Al Diaz, Len Ratto, and George Marceline, in track, Delfano Crespin, Bob Stanley, and Lester Hall, and in basketball, Al Bellomine, Rich Gaxiola, and Howard Davis. In the future the Class of June, '48, hopes to be able to live up to the high standards we have had as lower classmen. We are grateful for the cooper- ation of all our class advisers. HELEN MAHONEY Recording Secretary L 6'l l ? A I ,V 'il A ,gpm . as.: X . A . is .LA BOB SCHMIDT FRED SHIPLEY RICH JANUSCH Fall, 1945 OFFICERS BOB SCHMIDT .... FRED SHIPLEY 4... RICH JANUSCH .....,., . DAVE VICKERS .... GLENN WELLER. .,.,.., . BARBARA MANBERT ..,. MELVIN McCULLOCH, .. ....President..., . , Vice President ....., . Recording Secretary ..... Financial Secretary ..... ...Yell Leader,..... Administrative Board Administrative Board .... AN UHES . Spring, 1946 . . . . .DAVE vucKERs .suzANNE ROGERS BARBARA MANBERT .......DON RocH ...SHIRLEY MARTIN ...BARRY CONNER ....1EAN JENSEN Having completed our first year in Alameda High, the class of February, 1949 is rapidly becoming adjusted to this school and is now taking part in many of its activities. i621 A Qt Q ef. I 1 ix, , i W - Q. Q23 'T ii Q, is. ',s .RH 'E 2, 1,391 As, fix, -QLKIYQ fi ' SUZANNE ROGERS BARBARA MANBERT DON KOCH SHIRLEY MARTIN In our TB term, proving that we were capable of selecting officers with high standards, we elected the following: Bob Schmidt as President and Fred Shipley as Vice President. ln the latter part of our High Freshman term, we gave a noon movie under the fine management of Dick Wuesthoff. This activity proved to be a great success. Also, showing that we have the school spirit, the lBs were 'IOO per cent for Student Body dues. Now that we are the mighty Sophomores, some of our boys are going out for sports. The future football stars are Ray Woods and Melvin McCulloch. Those who are going out for other sports are Dick Wuestholf for baseball and Richard Janusch for tennis. ln the near future, we are planning to give another of those wonderful noon movies and we expect a large turnout. With this and many other activities we hope to be one of the best classes ever to graduate from Alameda High. BARBARA MANBERT Recording Secretory T631 I I X - . Q .. N I1 Ig I Nw .L .,,,,.... , .,. ., . , QT QW .WP Xff- M t 2 W Aih ANDY HEXEM PATTY SIMPSON JERRY MERRITT RONNIE MGCKENZIE HIGH FHESHM N. Fall, 1945 ANDY HEXEM .,.. PATTY SIMPSON .. JERRY MERRITT .... RONNIE MocKENZlE .... BOB FINNEGAN. .. JEAN BOWMAN .....,. BILL DE BELL .,,... OFFICERS ....Presidenf . . .. .....Vice Presideni. .. . Recording Secrefory .Financial Secrefary .... ....YeH Leader... .Arlminislralive Board ..... Adminisfrnfive Board ..,.. l64l Spring, 1946 ...DAVID WILIAMS ...PATTY SIMPSON .CAROL JOHNSON .RONNIE MocKENZIE . . . . . .VAL WINKEL . . .JEAN BOWMAN .....BlLL DE BELL 'Q f:-Q. 1, gm DAVE WILLIAMS CAROL JOHNSON VAL WINKEL The doors of Alameda High opened, and the class ot June, 1949, walked somewhat bewildered into this strange new atmosphere. Our term as lAs passed very rapidly, and soon we had taken the step of High Freshman. This term, under the leadership of David Williams, was very successful. Our meetings were becoming more snappy, our movie was a great success and contributed quite an amount of money to the treasury. Now we hold a place in this large and wonderful student body, and we are very proud of this place. CAROL JOHNSON Recording Secretary L65l 3 a BOB FINNEGAN - w E M XS,-fx, . NE mi g 5 ' . Q C A 1 , , .ee I ..., - me-X. -- me Q, ,QQ fx, fm--iw , mx.Mr-www 9 I ' Xi F XNXZBQJA T 'R1YilLViiZN - wxssa.a:.a.,,,x I X M A Vx I 5' IM' if ' ' Nm , f ' ,,, f V ,,4, 1 'f f f f wf if 12-fif f 'ff FQ X W X- BOB FISHER NANCY GRIFFIN LUW PHESHIVI N... OFFICERS Presidenf ......... BOB FISHER Vice Presidenf . . . NANCY GRIFFIN Recording Secrefary . . . . PAT DOYLE Financial Secrefary . . . DIANE WILLIAMS Adminisfrafive Board . . . RICHARD NIX AdminisfraIiveBoard . . .KARENBIRKHOLM The AIameda High School was esIabIished in the year I874. Since then There have been many graduating cIasses. Each class, when they entered high school as freshmen, have repeated the same old phrase, We are going To be The I 66 I ..,,..,n - 4l'K,,S' PAT DOYLE best class ever to graduate from Alameda High, and each class has been the best, Yes, as each term comes to an end, the class that is graduating has been the best, because each year the classes improve. Now that we are freshmen it is our turn to repeat this phrase, and we repeat it with all our heart, we really and truly do want to be the best. We have a high goal to surpass, but we will stick to this goal, and we know that some day we will succeed. Already some of the members of our class are showing school spirit. Some are in Student Talent, and others are going out for athletics. We, the freshmen of Alameda High, are waiting for the day when the school will again say, They're the best class that have graduated from this school. PAT DOYLE Recording Secretary I 67 I DIANE WILLIAMS Sf' V : ff' ' Q55 9151, A wisely ,Y'1Lv.gv5VbJc,L- U ' w , . ., Q .V 0 -,Y JIQOS' zL ':69' U8 ,f, ,Q is G AM' gimp, ,' -,Q if 1,0 ,. 1 , , NE ., ' 'fy' X' U I 65,2 -, 21 - 'L 0552. G 'ii Y 99 -2, 09651. f DZ 0 Sf 1101? e 1 . , , - 6 We QL l es G -,Oel5f'QQvQ6M0Q'2 QQ? ,A HJ, , . I Vthxrxlq -, .got fig fn Q , lf, ,ge ,bjelfeijtlgfijfyf jo j ,. J 1 f - 5 171 QW? I I , A'f,, Zjw..,? 1 5 . emo. Q21 -A 1 'ffflg .Fffl?b. A ' Q0 ' J 4' 'E 1 1, 4 'Q??'la'S'1 J 6 32 'E pmczff v A' ' i!i2QQA?f. t 'Q QCQQQ d-We ups, 1 Q'7Z AiySllB5? Q1 3. Lg ' f -' Q W 1. , :,' ' ' ' 1 ' if fA?a:QQgQei'f??, : , q we I , Lfvfizklq -' - V' Fil, W-r2,,',' E 1' f f iv t'?4rQ,,1'?f 9 Q m'f.f-Aa-.f. qfQf4, Amvlfwf ' ,V A .. 1.-,.,. ., .LQ A 'xv , Y-1, fb '5' :el-f - ffai f f ' is 1-, ,x..Af+w+'W'7'1' 355121 B1 v fhf1?3?:?5fE11 WW ' ' nf-YQ' 'o ', I . Q,'+..I6I : .'kP- EDT I 5, . 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Ml' I ly - ,ft L . Bill Mueller Miss Brosnan Bill HGCIK If H SE E B H 5 T F F l l I Faculty Adviser 4.... MISS MARGUERITE BROSNAN Art Editor. ., ......,,. LEE MARTIN Editor ............,.,.......,.., BILL MUELLER Arl Editor. .. ...HILDEGARDE MENKE Assistant Editors. ED REYNOLDS, HARRISON WHITE Snaps Editor.. ....,....., JUNE ROSS Photo Librarian ..... .,,,.,.,I. A RT KEMALYAN R.o.1.c. ........ ..........,. T oM COLLINS Assistant Photo Librarians. .MARIEANN GILLIGAN, Stenogropher, .. ..,. BARBARA HERRMANN BARBARA ASH, KATHRYN MOORE Features Editor ..... ...... C AROLINE LANE Organizations Editor ,..,.,,..,. DONNA MEUTER Buginegg Manager ,,A,,, ,,,,,,.,, B ILL HECK CICISS Editor -......4-.., MARGUERITE RUISINGER Assistant Business Managers ,.... PAUL BUECHNER, Sports Editor.. ,,..,..........,. CARL MONSER VIRGINIA BULLWINKLE, BARBARA BOYSEN, Assistant Sports Editor. .. .... DON WEEDEN AI- VII-I-AIRE, BOYD QUINN, ELLIOTT RYDER Girls' Sports Editor. .. .,.. LOIS FRANCIS As the debris is slowly sifted out of the Acorn office and taken to be photo- engraved or printed, we can see the end of our task. For the past few months we have overcome obstacle after obstacle with but one thought in mind: to produce the best Acorn possible under existing circumstances. Although Miss Brosnan, our faculty adviser, was as new at the game as we were when we began, she has done an excellent job of directing our activities and she has solved our problems time and again. I should like to extend my appreciation to the staff for the prompt, efficient manner in which they have performed their duties. Although we have worked hard, we feel that it will have been well worth the effort if you, the readers, enjoy this book. THE EDITOR I 70 I di -0 'J-'-1+ ,41 1- I-.W ,MQ 5 'lm .1 gang . ,A. M31 vf ff Y ' wqm W 3, : ff. ,f , f W-.4 .. ,W-1 pwz vase. fi QV Q' A I - it-A4 :I R w ,N T4 As 'H fb , ,ZII 4 ,Q 2 AMW I I I ED REYNOLDS HARRISON WHITE ART KEMALYAN MARIEANN GILLIGAN MARGUERITE RUISINGER CARL MONSER DON WEEDEN BARBARA ASH LOIS FRANCIS LEE MARTIN HILDEGARDE MENKE JUNE ROSS CAROLYN LANE BARBARA HERRMANN PAUL BUECHNER VIRGINIA BULLWINKLE AL VILLAIRE BOYD QUINN ELLIOTT RYDER -11 if amy nw, V .fx I. fr 'R ' ,J I .- -w 1 ix . o '13 ff I 5 :.,,u -, v ., 1 ,Q f ...M Wg 34 f DONNA MEUTER KATHERINE MOORE TOM COLLINS BARBARA BOYSEN K Q. R X X X V' X R R W. A My 5 RQ f s X 'f S4 N, .P ... ES g' , x .sv Zi Yum... i 2.5 Y Xa X R RX 5 a VK Q 2 R s Q f 5 f X I R s S 4 A X N f VX ..... . ,f ' R , i xii Q 2 A we 3 '- s , . 'N I 62225 S , V, ,sff'.'Si , . A fi lf if st s! R s- . f .ffl X' ri ., . A A I f' f X f Q5 RICHARD MORRIS PATTY MILLER PAULINE HAHN BILL SCHEUERMANN THELI HLE EDITORIAL STAFF SPRING, 1946 Editor ............,....... RICHARD MORRIS Assistant Editors ..... ..... P ATTY MILLER, PAULINE HAHN Page One Editor .,.. ...BARBARA NORRIS Page Two Editor ..., .... M ARION GHISELLI Feature Page Editor ...... CAROLE CARPENTER Sports Editors ........ RUDY MULTZ, PAUL BELL Assistant Sports Editors ..... MARILYN KNIGHT, DOROTHY DEWARD FALL, 1945 Editor .................... RICHARD MORRIS .......PATTY MILLER Assistant Editor. , , Page Two Editor .... .... C AROLE CARPENTER ........RUDY MULTZ Feature Page Editor.. . . . .MARTHA PALMEF Sports Editor ,.... . , MANAGERIAL STAFF Business Manager ,...... BILL SCHEUERMANN Managerial Assistants ........ CHUCK KEEVER. NORAH JOHNSTON ....NAOMI KNIGHT, ALICE ROEMER Circulation Manager ............. JUNE ROSS Assistant Circulation Manager. BARBARA WATTS Faculty Adviser .,,..... MISS MARY N. JONES Business Managers ...... BILL SCHEUERMANN, PAUL BUECHNER Managerial Assistants .,,... MYRTLE GRAHAM, RAY VALLERGA Exchange Editors. . ., Exchange Editor .... ........ P AULINE HAHN Faculty Adviser ..... ,. .MISS MARY N. JONES REPORTERS: Geraldine Aday, Barbara Ash, AI Bedford, Nance Blackburn, Betty Bowyer, Bobbie Noio, Joy Wayne, Doris Roberts, Paul Bryant, Barbara Burke, Barbara Crumbaker, Pat Doyle, Nancy Etherton, Joan Rafto, Hildegarde Menke, Myrna Urick, Peggy Etherton, Marion Ghiselli, Don Gibson, Barbara Herrmann, Helen Kyriacos, Ed Reynolds, Dorothy McCartney, Norrine Woodbury, Marieann Gilligan, Verna Lowe, Beverly Koster, Eloise Kendall, Elaine Menot, Barbara Watts, June Radobaugh. The typewriter's click-click, the crumpling of wrong copies, and the iabbering of editors and managers: all these add up to the before-hand preparations for one issue of the OAK LEAF. The Student Body supplies a certain amount to the staff, and this, combined with the money gained from advertisements which the generous merchants of Alameda insert in the various issues, publishes the paper approximately every three weeks. The OAK LEAF is composed of two departments, the editorial staff and the managerial staff. Thirty-one students who are interested in procuring news and views of modern school life volunteer their efforts and inspirations to the publishing of the paper. The two staffs are kept in harmony by the untiring efforts of our faculty adviser, Miss Mary N. Jones. CAROLE CARPENTER MARION GHISELLI MISS JONES RUDY MULTZ BARBARA NORRIS 14, is X 'ly . few' ff' .F 5' N ' 7 ' V. ' 'Pt ml U A Q esxtm. L f my 4 ,QF .. 'E 'fs ' Ng. , lf I .lllhv -.-Aa Qiii s A ' lx ' ' . M M R S. H U N T E R G L E E E731 ' 'Y M R. K A F K A O R C H E S T R A DRAMA... Surpassing its achievements in previous years, the Drama Department, under the brilliant direction of Mr. Lloyd Sisler, had a season of sparkling triumphs. In the Fall term, the Class of June '46 presented Janie, with an all-star cast headed by Aletha Kilian, Tom Rosqui, and Mal Morey. During the Spring term, the Class of Feb. '47 presented Stage Door, starring Katherine Moore, Bob l74l Wentz, Bob Dunn, and one of the largest supporting casts in senior play history. The Drama Department also collaborated with the Music Department to produce the beautiful Christmas Pageant. At the end ot the Spring term, the Mask and Sandal drama students presented an evening ot one act plays. These included The Lost Elevator, Some Women Were Talking, The Pirate's Revenge, and Write Me a Love Scene. JIM CUNDALL hi, or is , s 4. 5 YQ , 1, f IJLEE... The Choir and Glee Club members combined to present the music for the Christmas Pageant, The Prince ot Peace, by Lloyd Sisler. Soloists were Janet Schreiber, Barbara Yocum, Dolores Hayes, Betty Jo Hull, Bill Schacht, and Rocky Mountain. A selected group ot choir members sang for Baccalaureate Service for the February '46 graduates. Several members ot the choir will sing tor the gradu- ating exercises in June. BARBARA YOCUM ORCHESTRA CONCERT BAND SWING BAND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC.. Under the capable direction of Mr. John Kafka the orchestra played tor Janie, Stage Door, and our Commencement. Spurring us on at football games and rallies was our school band. And rapidly gaining a place ot impor tance is our newest musical organization, the Swing Band. ,vf . . 'wg 'N 4 . ,W 44 UG L ywmks f 'N-Q i WS ,,g.,. Ie. -' M e- S . -- we Af, , ,M W ' X 41 X if mNy,e4 i. Presidential Carriage 2. He musf be cute 3. Wafch The birdie 4. Hard life! 5, Glamour 6. Sniff . 2 7. 8. 9. IO. li, 12. - 0 ww e y gf Xa ek , ,N S ! K i -S5 Nfki Charm Exhibifionist Beat if out Remember when? Freshmen Men! Wow! Alame-da's Own K . is-1 Ai fhe Freshman Reception Scene in the valley I'M a rose A Wing and o Prayer Q at ...Q , Hsu' S K ' 5 or 5. - Q 3 N S 2' X i ,xx 9 New Q. X x X-v . M si. f. . Xi X v S isvw l ix QR . y 5 QA X X f 5 ex , . . Q Xi, Q Q V 4 ' Nga,-55,6 X . ' M N A A f 1 N X. S 5. X SQ: 2 X Q A Q se Q ? is-.Wf ix ' xi xKi'N . 2 ,. M - + X if . w e X X , I M-W W 1 ,gk Ny. 1 , ,nv Aw, ww If fam! A fflz ff W ww f x if I Khaki Wocks 6. Harvey? 7. Noontime Loafing 8. The Steps 9. J.M. 'lO. f f QU, BOY H. Mr. Anthony Beauties und the Beust 12. Going our way? H93 flying high tl Gravel Gertie Sweet and Lovely Pals ,, -L ,queuuvwi F44 F 2 t N2 4 4 W 'Q' ' - ' f' . - ' 11 ' '-rn.. - 1- . '- , Y -1 ,. .5-05' ' I Qq'ff1??o3,, 'G '5ch,6o swtlic. Aiga1ECC'1H,.H1S II. AI. I. . ' ' v Q1fIS. sp!oI7,Q:,if-3I we 7. I 1. f 'gipifdeiixwgi ' Xiili. IWW, ' 5QrlfIahgi at-ZDYQS1.-.I 5, .WIMIQ IIWIQIQI I IaI.g. H34 I I I-jIIII.f.,mIMImIIbII.I?IIII.ef,-,525I2,4IIafgI 1: IIIIIIIIIIdSIS.I.III.e.Ip1I:I3sI,Ip1gf12III9?1fII4 5. ...ew '. wg B3 . -r . , . ' ' ' ' - I sf IWIIII - I .'I3iI,tIf.- 8 OX Q, .+I . 1 I fb I eb, turn v, . fb. , is - wa5 1 Q +g.l1....4.........f. . . . . .. , , I I. I II II ,., II,I I .I III I, I.3. J rI.II!III..I:I,:II, .:.II IIIIIIIIS ,II,IIII .I . IIKIIII. df. C Q C Xngui-T1 QYQXBSQE' 'Stix' a's ffi1Af?IQ'f19 ' gI'1Q 3'f'5Ig'?SQI ' r ' f' - -.-'firlsx-5 - . 4. 1 f j I. I -,III . . it I- .. , Iv VII. ,.I.IIfI 9, I II I,I..,I,IIIII.. lI,III I .I I I I I, I. egg .6 I 3 ,. . ,iI,II,, 'I IIS II .- ' I IIS., , J--1 ' QI-,II -5,2 :JI 5II.I,IIII7I2iI QIII- -I I I.: Ig? I Xl ig wxef' WEX ZZ iw QW . .. fe: ,W f ' IW ' H.. fn I Q ' .I J. QI J I! ' 0 I , 5 I4 lr I XI I 4. Qg, Q' r I I ' J 'wg I? K ta I fy 'vi II' 3,1 .sl ,. . ., if-1 o QQ' . ,. 'Q .. I ff I N Z5 'IIVCYFG E !Q,L-- ' 055 If-QQQWJ-' ' 3 JqfFfIII 'IL .3 , 'G f- ' jf.-I .f 'Ifffy Il. dy' . .2I' - .4 I C' 'AGM 9 ' X L NLSV1' 'f7E 55f fb V 49 OV ' 'NV 'W ' f.-eiif, If' wffI:5t5fi'5Q'if. fA6g,Ij.. 1.'g2y..IQ4Q,ig' .1 .f 5 I,-:. .391 .fc :+ I .., . QIIIII I . Ia' . ,.,QgZfXfaIiQxQ,f5II?III.II III III .VI Ig II ZIYIIQII Iqghrgt QIIIII A-I? ...MIC . ..LIIit, fl- . Im- -.I 55p 3 155 '1 'Q-' -Ax A N - r.. f'- -I, sl.. v' C. fu' ICU' Q ' ' 4'-f:?3', .f5.v: . ' ff ' .-,Iv' ' -y 'P - 'K L-' vga. 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Fw. -P . ,.,. -P -I p ., In a Lag Q :QI tal 1 6, DY,- 5 waz - U-1,1 II I' rl -4 06. QI f II -gg 3 4 x ff4f.+w:.f... fi .IIIM I IIIL-III ,II I II I, II-II .I,I:.g.I,gI5 II, I-1 .I ,JIIIJI V, L., 5.2.-I . I. .,,.. :I II. I III.I,tI I IWIII I I I . I,II . II Q' !r ?g.'ff. ':M,I.'F Iq I ...I--f ,-.-' ,If -.II,g5.. II,'-Q I I .IQ f . ' I I. -L: , I j,-,..- f . fi -.-,-,I ?Q,,.IIIi -...JI ,II ' sq fo. Y -ww: :K ' . Af. . - -3- - +, ff H.. ' fx .. germ 'ffm ' ' Q . . . Q 1 f f 1 . . - . vm. - . fa. -'. . .A -. r .,g SI, 5 I I. .II..'I- A- i ifrfgf-'Wm fl K QL NFL bfi I I 5 P ffhf' ' ' 'Q' QTY . V ,grae A .fgsiieknlt fx 'Wi . . X Q' -If ' , x ,Q ag, Gigi QW tl I, 2,2359 1 if 55. bac' 4 'IJ I 4333: I ww . if 9, 1 IE. TI939' X 1 gf? YA 1 is 4? 49 ,IIfL,ffpI.I Q:P - ' ' .. 5 321.354 , I - 'gal ' ' .i.' ' . .,v5af.!-., T . . ' I, . ., f - . ., . , I. I .. 'H he .w ', - -A .I ,.,.: -1: f.. 'A - 'IQ-: I- ' - - '- A -' -.'.- 1-v 4. . 'f , -.13 f- ' ,' I 5... ,, . 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IHIZ' V 'QV 1 f u CT ,H - ' fbi 4 1 2-ah Q t il , if .1 - A ff f w im Q2 I 1 , ' 1 ' ' 'fr EV' .lQ,gul - .,,, .. 'IJ' ' L NH m,.2 '2,.':Q. - I v ' 1 Q25 .kr ' -ff, ,W Q W V, P .' 4 A . 1, xmrkl w 1 it N E g, 'r A f : ,' - f,' f f 'WLW if vw 7' v ' ' ' S , 1 X w'W 0- f Wm ,,W,,,if-4 W js. - , , ff , -. Y ,, ,, ' J 'M ' 'Wx' I . wt ' Atv' SQA Mfg M ' Wm' ' ff' V 2571, fx X f- , 'f . . , , Q1 , , rs, . 'MAR PS -Q. . ' wb ww , K-4.x - ,. 5 M 4. ..f-- THE HHAI S BEHI Il THE BH!-lW This year the coaching staft at Alameda High School welcomed the addition of Charles Socolofsky from Kansas, and Bob Carlton, a former coach who has just returned from the Navy. The staff lost only one coach, R. W. Wiedman, and Chris Freeman is expected back next year. These men now compose the physical education department: Lewis Jolly, who is head of the staff and coaches track, Soc Socolofsky, who coaches football and B track, Chet Millett, who has the baseball and junior varsity football teams, Hank Jones, who coaches both basketball teams, Frank Young, coach of B baseball and B football, Bob Carlton, who coaches tennis and swimming, and Don Bell, who coaches golf. We thank the coaches for their patience and hard work in organizing our teams, for we appreciate their understanding and cooperation. cARL MONSER I 83 I .A li, - x . - ,.,. , -Q.. .WW .. ,.,, , .A,,, ' ' L ig! . V .,.. , X G im, if ' l V 3 i' t .ix X.: V fix A E ' L ' if 'V N l E l x t. -t , i -. .. X A ' , , , ,y V '11 V, . gf ..., - N A ' ' Y A ly ' ., H A ' ,. . - 71,3 1 A X s w f VARSITY f -, A ' ' 295 g:f T '.: , , X - 'L -f , 1 A . X I . ' V f , 'Y ' - I V ' .A NH- R - r , ' I An- ... .Aw fs: - . . JUNIOR VARSITY IIBISII F D Q T L IJ I I I Alameda I3 .,. . Valleio lB Alameda 27 ... ... St. Mary's 14 Alameda l9 .,. Bellarmine 6 Alameda 33 .., ,.. EI Cerrito 21 Alameda 12 ... Richmond 6 Alameda 8 ... , . Hayward 0 Alameda 7 ... Piedmont 7 Alameda 7 .... ... Berkeley 24 Alameda l9 ,.. Albany O Alameda's 1945 football team proved to be one of the strongest it has ever had. Until the last game the team had suffered no defeats and had tied once in league play. The only defeat, by Berkeley, left the squad in a tie for second place with Piedmont. On the honorary all-county team Alameda shared the honors with Berkeley, each team l84l having four men chosen. Alameda's representatives on this team were the following: Wayne Raymond, tackle, Jim Psaltis, back, Phil Thormahlen, end, and George Lagorio, back. Len Ratto was chosen as second team all-county center. These men deserved this honor as they played exceptionally hard-hitting ball all season. The men not returning next season are Wayne Raymond, Jim Psaltis, Cliff Asvitt, Bob Albers, Harold Braze, Johnny Brown, Glenn Camper, Larry Caviglia, Carlos Ingram, Don Leslie, Frank Ratto, Ed Reith, Dick Tingley, and Don Stewart. Coach Socolofsky will have the following players to work with again next year: Al Diaz, Divo Diandi, Dayton Foote, Keith Harold, George Lagorio, Len Ratto, Phil Thormahlen, Gerald Warburton, and Clyde Asvitt. The Junior Varsity turned in a successful year under Chet Millet and proved themselves excellent material for next year by winning four games, tying one, and losing one. The Bs under Coach Frank Young learned fundamentals and will have some good players for next season. CARL MONSER 'IWXNEN VW? -N V , ,Me Q 57,2 ,Sd leg gs ,K K - , S' l M, :XV ' - 'f' 1 Fifa ii .3 3 A W X E fx 1 x Q? Y ,S X N 6555 QQ Alameda 36 Alameda 38 Alameda 29 Alameda 46 Alameda 40 Alameda 67 Alameda 60 Alameda 50 Alameda 57 Alameda 31 SHETB LL St, Mary's 22 . . Valleio 32 Sl. Joseph 27 Concordia 53 . . . . Lodi 22 . N, A. S, 55 Sl. Joseph 29 Berkeley 53 EI Cerrilo 18 Hayward 33 l86l Alameda 38 Alameda 38 Alameda 24 Alameda 53 Alameda 31 Alameda 30 Alameda 60 Alameda 2l Alameda Sl Alameda 28 , Albany 29 Richmond 18 Pledmonl 22 Berkeley 27 El Cerrilo 23 Cal Cubs 33 Hayward 40 . Albany 23 Piedmont 30 Richmond 24 VARSITY Hank Jones, working with a small turnout, produced an excellent, fast-breaking team, which, after getting off to a bad start, proceeded to tie Berkeley for the all-county cham- pionship. Midseason, when faced with the loss of Big Bill Wirt and Chuck King, the prospect wasn't too bright, but when these players were replaced by Jim Marshall and Jack Spangler, the team functioned as smoothly during the remaining season. On the all-county team Alameda was represented by Ed Childe and Bill Thompson, two players who were able and very consistent at guard positions. Jack Spangler, playing only half the season, was second team all-county forward. The men not returning are Bill Wirt, Chuck King, Ed Childe, Ed Marshall, Jim Psaltis, and Drexel Wesleder. Coach Jones will have the following players back next year: Clarence Doyle, Bill Thompson, Jack Spangler, Howard Davis, Richard Gaxiola, and Al Belloumini. The B team, also under Hank, played a hard season. Members of the team are Sonny Vargas, Jim Segru, Jim Ortner, Bob Smith, Tom Ginley, Warren Kennedy, Jack Foster, George Pells, Harry Wetherall, and Jerry Watkins. CARL MONSER BASEBALL... Although Alameda High's Varsity Baseball Team got oft to a poor start in the ACAL, they are by no means out ofthe running for the league pennant. Losing the tirst two games to Richmond and Hayward, they came back to beat Albany, finally proving to be a hrst rate ball club. In the practice games Alameda showed its superiority over the O.A.L. teams by scoring a victory over all the teams in the O.A.L. with the exception of Tech High. As halt the hrst string is composed of juniors and sophomores, Coach Millett expects to have an experienced and well-balanced team next year, The players and their respective positions: PITCHERS Bill McDonald, Jaclc Stone, Balm Brown, Walt Haivr-nrlahl THIRD BASE AI Smith OUTFIELDERS Ed Childe, Wally Curlett, Don Per alta, Jim Ortnor, Drexel Wvslvdvr, Will Ramos Glen Rivd CATCHERS Gr-orqv Iaqorio, I.:-nny Rntto FIRST BASE Ray Smith SECOND BASE Harolrl Hutchinson SHORTSTOP Wally Saula UTILITY Jim IK0lr,CI10rIiv Smith I 88 I VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES OF GAMES PLAYED Alameda 2 Alameda 9 Alameda l0 Alameda 0 Alameda 5 Alameda 9 Alameda 4 Alameda l Alameda 8 Alameda 3 Alameda 7 . Concordia 3 San Leandro 5 . Casflemonf 7 . Casflemonl 6 . . Oakland 3 McClymonds 3 . . . Fremont 2 . . Technical 9 . Hayward ll . . Richmond 6 . . . Albany 4 A ...,,. ' Q. i Tick is Q. gf' i s l '-.. J x , J A , , S Q VARSITY T Y .1 A. Q k . I K f -4-W ' as iw N 'J V .. IQ eW ? fy u. ' ' 3 sg , -if -L f' -J A X 4 ,f 1 t . ,. MH. wk ,Mi ,, :- 'ff , vi' fy ' ' a f lu JMZ X NMA J f.M.f Ml A ' ,SlmT0RNi'! ' . x 1 twmirs Bower Huck U ,4ORNE.S RORNU, , J 5 iii t C f 1 i - IA HBISH i , . e TRACK... Again Coach Jolley has produced a first-rate track team. Winning its first four meets against Piedmont, Hayward, El Cerrito, and Berkeley, Alameda has proved to be a team that is going to place first in the A.C.A.L. and N.C.S. finals. Although Alameda has plenty of depth it isn't sacrificing quality, as shown in Walt Jensen, one of the top three high school polervaulters in the country, Jim Psaltis, steady winner in the discus and shotput, and Captain Carl Monser, consistent winner of the 'IOO and 220 yd. dashes and the broadiump. The rest of the team is composed of sophomores and iuniors who will be returning next year. I90l Sprints: Monser, Jordan, Cappa, and Watkins: 440: Brown: 880: Hall and Sibley: mile: Blaksley, Gaxiola, Carrotti, Fagnani: high hurdles: Jensen: low hurdles: Branchaud and Warburton: shotput: Psaltis cmd Allworthp discus: Psaltis, Osorio, and Dronkers: broad iump: Monser, Jordan, and Cappa: high iump and polevault: Jensen. The consistency which Alameda has in having a good track team is due to the training and coaching of Lewis Jolley. As track coach of Alameda High for the past 24 years, Coach Jolley has time after time produced some ofthe best tracksters in the state. DON WEEDEN ' fiwiiff T' 4 it 5 K a MXXWMWWI ss .,., . N-W ,. l:::: 'a-: i 5 ix ,.:c..,Ac. qlyh W .,GA N i R rrgr: 5 y 'K sf rf i 5 g S y I U I is 13, n -, , NN . - , ' : V A 9 M if R -- -'- A 'srf . ::,y Q E E Y ' .Q , ' V M ,- s ya, l 7 l I V5 :I ,.,,, A ll A N... W 7, U , 'K qw 1 Y, V 1 it X wp l-H ,wr V L V ,,,' V l - ' lx in J r , Q i A ,,,k kv. 'kk y V , .V g I 1 f. I A W ali Q W. 4 g .5 , , lj Q y J' 4 NH 'taxed A V, Q K f HQPQ' W K ,Q A Q . f 1 -t - s QW, ,,', fe A M, 13 : A J gf , M :L K ,, , ' T 432' W l , 1' . - 1 g,,,,:W, E ,, - Q f' 'Q . 4 4 S , 4 , . .....s..c f . ,. .,... 7 .I JA :sl VM , J J A rt, fc .. .1 H .r If A Z ef tu t A A f J Q Yi uzl, uqvv A . V AJ, i Q ll lt .- , ,,, . VV ,,,1 in K .,- , 1 R E ,-.A ,, :V A M, K . g.. 7 WI WWA A 3- J ,. J . -A mm ' M, J N- ,Q ' ' s s silviqi l ,J :L ,, My X U I Ig -MA. wrt' Quay A WW cs : f 'sf V K t' . ' -'U ' A 4.718 I x-- -Y ' A C ' 'Z ,g X - 1 5 5 Y ay .... S W I M I N . . . This year's team under the direction of Bob Carlton hopes to have a successful season Although Alameda still lacks it's own pool, there is a large turnout including N.C S back stroke champion Don Weeden, Bill Simpson and George Hunt, 220 yd. freestyle men Leo Halverson, 'IO0 yd. freestyle, Rocky Mountain, 100 yd. breast stroke, Byron Schmidt 50 yd freestyle, Bill Finnegan, diving, and quite a few other promising hopefuls. SCHEDULE OF MEETS April 30 . . ......... . St. Ignatius MGY 2 . . Berkeley May 10 . . A. C. A. L. May 17 . .... N. C. S, CARL MONSER l 92 l tif J? X 1121+ v ff i 4 TENNIS... Piedmont4 . . . Alameda3 Albanyl . . Alamedao Berkeley 7 . . . AlamedaO Piedmont4 . . Alameda3 Under the coaching of Bob Carlton the team is pulling out of its wartime slump. With only three other ACAL teams participating the season is comparatively short and the team does not have an opportunity to develop fully. Playing singles are the following: Whitney Reed, Don Emmal, Don Ansel, Don Weeden, and Ivo Micheli. The two doubles teams are com- posed of Warren Musser and Richard Janusch, and Bob Dunn and Ted Hellwig. CARL MoNsER K 93 J Ch'-1 Y .. ,N , X s sf '51 2-1 f, 1 1 , X-Qs -' 'F-1:3 1 Q - ' ' sei- , . T . , 'ti ri f iff ' s - ., WW ' . M Z' .f. - 1 qi- nc W, In fl X g IW M -51 A 4 ' c- s .-,,.. N X, E X f ' QQ 9115,-f ,. i W, W 2 .T F-62 X t ,p sf ' vii we il AY . K f' f X ,, V 2 WW 2 ' X' , ,QW , , ya f A NK 213 , .AQ v ity, :gays i , we I A 5 if K ii i I tv f i iff .QLMS T A 1' - we ff' A ' ' , A ff M if Vit' I S s I 4' R, JMX 'Ng f g -X M. .I . 4 N ggi! Q ' K'-ww IK' The G.A.A. was organized so that the girls who proved to be excellent athletes as well as good sportswomen, would be able to have a period a day in which they could participate in many unusual and sometimes difficult sports, not offered in regular gym. The G.A.A. is headed by six officers who plan the sports to be oftered and provide inter- esting and entertaining meetings for its members. This year we were able to re-obtain some of our prewar sports: horseback riding and golf. We hope to be able to offer the others soon. The lucky girls who amass enough points, which are awarded in varying amounts forthe different games, are eligible for, first, the Circle A, next, the Winged A, and lastly, the coveted Block A, Our teachers include this term, Mrs. Roberts, Miss Stockwell, Mrs, McKenna, Miss DiVec- chio, and Miss Visalli. PATTY MILLER Recording Secretary G.A.A. l94l I 1 ' 1 If X 1 I 2 f ? ..., ? , fr, ,f -A X r f1f . , ,Avz 0 T fa! 3, A Z M f 2, X 17 , i , 1 , 5 7 1 fl! , , by I .. f y f f ' W Q lv ,Z ' Q P 41 1 X 5 42- , vw , 9 A ,vw ' 1 n , 5 , 4 W DW uv Y 44 J' :fav x ,Aff 1 5-25 4 3 ' 9 f , S H ke ff 1 5 I f X 1 vy lu? . ANU -,.,...f , -.10 ,z v ' 1 . 1 -A 7 1' fp A ! V. f,x fr J 4' 42 ,, Wiz ---1x1-W-guna -1 2-,num 1 Q Juv If 5 1. Q ' 2 0 vi X IR 592 Q 1 2 f f f f - 5 Q! Min rw SPEEDBALL HOCKEY ARCHERY BASKETBALL BADMINTON VOLLEYBALL SOFTBALL SWIMMING 1 I LL :Cb Mn Q 13, Wxff v Nm A :E ,, My C wtf? K,-xx ,, 0 ' , milk E: 'l. Hmmm f 2. Af Lost 5 3. Look of me 'W 1 ' W 4, B.T.O.s ff, fi 7 J ' ZW f ' Congo line Fishing? Curly Locks Hold that Horse 1 S awww t i 1 r 9. Our Gracie 10. Pose Pretty 11. Look what the tide washed in 12, A.H.S, Women XX ww 'R 1 X , 'TW if 2 fa im ffM '7 2 X 7. -cfm 5. fy-u F ,ly Jn. or lla .X I Go ahead! It's your nickel 7- Nice CCW What- no food? 8, Lois and Jean Secretaries at work 9- Cl055Y' eh! Peoples' Parliamentary Pupils lo- Before the Bell Silentium Aurum Est ll- M9N?? Snake Charmer l2- Song Bl d5 Hubba, Hubba and Hubba One Potato, Two Potato Nervous Personality Plus Ah- Harmony! ,fr 4, 7 mx, , m , .ljfmdw I of in V'0 7 ,x-A , 2, q.'X-'g,X,gy,-isbn: V 4.0-. . ' 4'9 .gm Win-I ' 5 .,Q'5Ff Q9 'RQ' 3 . We i1S,ff,iu . Xe? 52 'Q Nmmsmiu' ' 'vC'WSz ...QM :NX .fy 01516.- :Qi 'fx'-C-f 1Ji'Q3Q5gv - 'f7r'-1 'LA,,w- V. ,f wx 1 'O Gy, .QE-.1 'SQL 3 y,t1Qut: I - , I jf as yi -.SN- 130 ,gas 'Ref , NMf11ai ug,i1:,Z'f'- ' ' 1' ' H 21194 ,f V Y QS f,'155cf5SY .f5 gow-,f+ 'fL5Q41:QQffQf?ff .' A ' .. .:, . f'141fxgQ. Yf I - 5S? ?1'f?'Sffff-- , .E 6 fQ2f17' Q54 25-' Q5, ' ,3' ,1 fgfg'fzQ init . VXQ 'D QL, ' ' ' Sffmiwyw. , vijigc-gs'5gf4v15,w,Q5,,,fcvk : my-Q5-. -A rhS-. . . . . QDIPI5 3 . 1. ,f3.f my ,QR 2 Qu. .6 ,-,fly -Yls' , ,, 58014 . ,. ,kg I . . ,. Q.: Q. 'A , 45 ' 9 x-ek :.O ,g.-a,' Y 'C'i5f.1QPSIW ' , ' gi' he f . .T M Be W0 -, of - '- L- 'fp' - z he Zl'5'59i1t-6QLX'ml?g :30Yi' , + ..' ' :A AL if' 1 H- ' :nwk Q f US' AQ: 'Qf1wff2.452?Ew11 ' ?NQ9???f32' -' ,hfeaix 6 .. , ','i..sf, ,, ,VAR .. 'NW YN 'J , w,'QQ' ..CJ'.'0'Qf1:i,Q gb HC?- 12552:-Sir , S i V ' '.lS'f'- fs 4 N 5f'4S?N'5h 9 'Q 6 '-. ,rL,',qf??r4g5'?0f43f5f?'57 ,gffn 1 , 'tg' gv. ,ga6g5.go'Q'1.'. gif? i1iig'iff'f,vf K? g.fef5E 'il V l an ,i,X9eQ,, H181 'myv' sga1f' f J' 'im fQI,-C 1, 4-,Q .. 5 an , ,. . .. xg., 1. 1--LJUL y,,l:11l1.v,4,..f,+:i . ,', --'Q ii, V . 'fl -Q N , Q -il, V9 Uv., Ykv . . , . , . .4 ,. .. , . , bt... , . A 4. I - - ,k,-1, , ,, I A I. .X Q el ,I my bl Ofhvr pxfg L L M. i lw.X ,fx , QQ ',. . . A I mm- U 569- ' .3 N H .fb rl an 'D 51' y v A L wsu lfqililx- 7 ' t, ,V V4 I ,IP A S V' 'g 'V K-If li l . D - Y b -A-2.1, L-x ' W. 1. I '. V .- rl DDQ.-,mm ,C t K., . , , , f. . .' . ,H f+...fx.f,U A f 1 V P isl li H if I' Y XJ GA Nfl 'P XX-an ' 'Hvtf .wx - 'Q' .4 . ' W' ..- 'X Aa L 4- ,r - -1, . ' ff. s ,4 ' Pe A' f E1'Qif55'6'iffQ i'tQs'3Qas'-'4 f ' . : 1 ' , 3354: 'HwI'E.c. ji! ,Q , ., -.,, n -, f . .,-- ' '. I 'mf?.fP',U1QipT1s2w . Ngnyflll iw ,'?lf 'io-V ' ' - ' . P. F. 1 , pw AM 1 5 1411? Lf , A , '.' 1 -F mm 1.3km W X ff 0r,fni'Huff?11.m amy .5 ,hm ,, FS.-Q0 QC' 217177155 yfHZr'fWe1fnr gffm. 1041. md f1,lfilJT1f'?f:' 'faqnfi 'C1i1:,Q f ' .',' .,' 'g.T'.,f,v'- ' . .. I' , Ai -. .fQ.':- ,.'l. 'Z-My 'U'i'?5f?'.'f ..i,.i. , .1 vx'ci'c.,,n'g,17 jg 4 3. f .M . ' - if -,.': A ' ., , l 5 - ' 'V V .', 'A4ai'v,l ' I '1 'L-. ::' 2 4 . ,, ., Q, he - 9+ . U ' I. J. I. , , V. N ,-I .4 W .4 X V f I 'I 4 . . Q . 'IJ . 4,2 730 1. - . .I I. . 'I ., .T- -L, M lv- ah Q ,V I X ' , .NX-.' . . , . 1, ,Gb Vlw..v .J v - R fn ,,-.V . 4 A.. ' J, . -i . .3 v .X- ,M A , 1, , ,,:. ., ,U y . fy-he .f A fSvPh5 Bf2S.Qv. 1 'b 4,1 -'-If ' ' I ' ' ' a , B' I, nfl . 4., ,.. ..'..,O W. H ' Q 45's ,gl 'l'omlc up -. 44 4 .Q '. - f..- - ww Q-msmiwulg Il'L'RN -ETX viH.'ACf.g.j -V Q55 L, Uifi'.l'I,OXyj-A rr, in , 'fb gQ,1.'1 is -011,41 .ifijln 1 r, A15 'idwbs ' ' ,-.. ' .v ..., I qw EJ . ,A x . ' , .' . A3 P' 4Lz,,.A ,if ' .,,' 4' 4 A J lt 1. . - ,1 - !.g -. , .Inj f rv W I C' ll ' -I , 1 -ry - ff' 4, .- K ,Q 'N ,'ugfI,.., .Tx 1 , . 7, X' 1'5f'f'.f' '. -,,'1'J,I' ,...'. ' 'f ' V f ,--V.,-Q.AQi',',J,'tJ-,mf x :J Ji . tl .z,gf1f,,i:., I , 7 33? fm . 1 ' 4... , M r v My QT! California Scholarship ailaratinn Fall, 1945 OFFICERS sprang, 1946 ARTHUR KEMALYAN .... ,... P resident ,... .,... C HARLES KEEVER LOIS CROWLEY ..,. . .. Vice President ,.,. ..... A LICE ROEMER PATTY MILLER ..... ,... S ecretary .... ....,. B RADLEY WYATT CHARLES KEEVER ........... Treasurer ....,.... CAROLE CARPENTER FACULTY ADVISERS MR. REGINALD F, SAUNDERS, Chairman MISS MARY CONNELLY MR. DARRELL COUGHLAN Chapter 240 of the California Scholarship Federation has had one ot its most outstanding years, with three of its members winning honors in national contests, and twenty-two Life Members, the largest number in our history, in the graduating class. Under Presidents Art Kemalyan and Chuck Keever and their officers, the CSF members attended the Barber ot Seville, produced by the San Carlo Opera Company, inspected NBC studios in San Francisco, and attended the Oakland Symphony. Our faculty advisers deserve much credit for their enthusiastic support ot all our CSF activities. To be a member of the CSF, the highest scholastic society in the school, one must have a term average of at Ieast three As and o B. Life membership requires tour terms ot membership, one of which is in the senior year. Lite membership entitles the student to a gold pin award, and gold seals on his diploma, office records and college transcripts. We are losing a large group at members by graduation, and invite all eligible students to ioin us, and help keep Chapter 240 one ofthe largest in the state, BRADLEY WYATT Recording Secretary I 102 I 1 2. 3. 4 5 6 7 B 9. 10. 11 12. 13. 14. 15 16 18 19 21 22 23. 24. 25 Members nf Chapter N, '- I -N f' me 7 if II!-LLIFUH I!-1 SEHULARSHIP 4B CLASS Ash, Barbara Avilla, Mariorie Baldwin, Dolores Brandt, Bill . Buechner, Paul Clausen, Norma . Crowley, Lois Dennan, Faye Emmal, Donald Ferguson, Arthur Flashman, Phyllis Gilligan, Marieann Gogol, Harvey Hastings, Bill Heck, William Higake, Setsulco Kemalyan, Arthur 17. .'Kindred, Marilyn .+Lane, Caroline 20. . Meuter, Donna Menke, Hildegard Morris, Richard 'Mueller, Bill tReynolds, Edmond 'Roemer, Elizabeth 26.5 Ruisinger, Marguerite 27 28 29 30 31 32 Sergeant, Audrey Siri, Rosa Smith, Jewel Sowers, Patricia Stapel, Carla . Vallerga, Raymond fStar indicates Life Memberl 33. Van Geem, Norma 34. Villaire, Alfred 35. White, Harrison 4A CLASS Bell, Paul Cates, Yvonne Crook, Nancy Lafler, John McCloy, Francis McKenzie, Anne Moore, Kathryn Ryder, Elliott 3B CLASS Allinger, Paul Andrew, Edith Joyce Baronian, Robert Buswell, Donald Carpenter, Carole Carroll, Madgelane Casey, Evelyn Etherton, Nancy Etherton, Peggy Ferguson, Thomas Gerke, Virginia Ghiselli, Marion Hahn, Pauline Hanson, Duane Inderbitzen, Lawrence . Johnston, Norah Keever, Charles Miller, Patty Ng, Lawrence Roemer, Alice Swift, Robert Williams, Bill Wyatt, Bradley 3A CLASS Enstrom, Bertil Ghiselli, Barbara Helms, Jay Horvoth, James Leal, Edward McKenzie, Margaret Perona, Robert Pierce, Tom Price, Nancy Ratto, Margherit Ruisinger, Muriel Sylvestri, Florence Turner, Ann Marie 2B CLASS Armentrout, Shirley Barros, Nancy Borgia, Charles Durham, Carolyn Elster, Nancy Hall, Lester Harradine, Frank Hildeman, Lynn Love, Christal Mueller, Stanley Shepard, Sally L1031 Hllll FEHEH!-LTIU Shull, Mariorie Smith, Betty Smith, Jeanne Wood, Jean Adelaide 2A CLASS Hockin, Margaret Jensen, Rollin Lockner, Charlotte Martin, Shirley McClellan, Kenneth Rediess, Rosine Shannon, Corylbelle Wales, Eleanor 1 B CLASS Bonino, Barbara Canfield, Jane Cose, LeRoy Coy, Lorraine Dooley, Joann Eldred, Patricia Hall, Jack Johnson, Chalmers Meyering, Barbara Lee Miner, Zella Lou Randall, Kenneth Reed, Nadine Joyce Rummertield, Carol Stevens, Edward Stiles, Dean Tuttle, Pearl Winter, Edward STAB A ll HEY Fall, I9-'15 OFFICERS Spring, I946 MARION GHISELLI ..., .... P resident .,.,..... NORAH JOHNSTON PAULINE HAHN .... .. .. Vice President ......... BRADLEY WYATT PATTY MILLER. ..,.. .... S ecretary .... .... B ARBARA GHISELLI ELLIOTT RYDER ........ .... T reasurer ., . ..., CAROLE CARPENTER ELIZABETH ROEMER ....,. .... E difor ....... CHUCK KEEVER The Star 8. Key Honor Society, one of the oldest organizations in Alameda High School, has, during the past year, remained true to its tradition of active participation in school aftairs. In addition to the regular meetings of the Society, the members visited Chabot Observatory. Presidents Marion Ghiselli and Norah Johnston have presided over many entertaining meetings and have accomplished a great deol in school affairs. Any student who is on the term honor roll is eligible for membership in the Star and Key. Membership for three consecutive or four non-consecutive terms entitles a student to life membership in the organization and a red seal on his diploma. Lite members are also entitled to wear the Star and Key pin. The Society wishes to take this opportunity to thank Miss DeCoImesniI tor her cooperation ond help during the past year. CHUCK KEEVER, Editor I104l ew N59 -of ,,,, M-www. un -5 6'- Abrahamson, Allan Abrams, Lea Lou Ainsworth, Ed Allinger, Paul 'Anderson, Marilyn Andrew, Joyce Anovich, Doris i Ash, Barbara Asher, Cynthia Avilla, Margie Bargones, Ronnie tBaronian, Bob Barron, Richard Bartalini, Delores Bell, Paul Bianco, Lea Babb, Lorraine Borgia, Charles Bowyer, Betty t'Boyland, Carmel 'Boysen, Barbara Brumm, Dick Bruun, Betty Burrowes, Doris 'iBuechner, Paul Buswell, Don 'Callan, Barbara fCane, Mary 'Carpenter, Carole Carroll, Madge Casey, Evelyn Cates, Kenneth Cates, Yvonne fChauvet, Beverly Clark, Janice t'Clausen, Norma Coburn, Gerald Collins, Tom iConard, Betty Cose, LeRoy -k iLife member. Members nf the Star and Huy Hnnnr Snuiely 'Coughlan, Jean iCox, Dave Coy, Lorraine 'Crook, Nancy Crook, Ronald Crowley, Lois Cundall, Jim Cupid, Margy if Danes, Jeri tDavis, Nancy 'Dennen, Faye Derr, Wallace Deward, Dorothy d'Fonseca, Lydia Dobson, Florence Dooley, Joann Dowd, James Dunmire, Bill Durham, Carolyn Edwards, Earl Eldred, Pat Elliott, Monte Ellis, Marie Elster, Nancy Enstrom, Bertil Etherton, Nancy Etherton, Peggy Ewing, Bob 'Ferguson, Tom Ferguson, Art Ferro, Jerry 4'Fletcher, Jackie Floyd, Gordon Forrester, LeRoy 'iFrancis, Lois Fraser, Audrey Fraser, Norma Frybarger, Herbert Fudge, June Fuhrman, Denyce Garner, Helen iGerdes, Ronald Gerke, Virginia 'Ghiselli, Barbara 'Gi-liselli, Marion 'GiFlen, Carol Gifford, Phyllis Gilbert, Jeanette iGilligan, Marieann Glasse, Marie Goldsmith, Melvin Green, George Gunderson, Bob tHahn, Pauline Hamilton, Pat Hanson, Duane Harradine, Frank Hartman, Verne Harvey, Wilfred Hashimoto, George Hastings, Bill iHeck, Bill Hedges, Marcia Helms, Jay Henoch, Pat Herrera, Marguerite t'Herrmann, Barbara Hicks, Sharon Hilton, Pat Himle, Sue Hinz, George Uensen, Eleanor Jensen, Jean Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Pat ljohnston, Norah Jung, Joan WKaster, Beverly Keever, Chuck Kemalyan, Art fKern, Clifford 'Kilian, Aletha Klein, Bernard 'Kuentz, Lorraine 'Lane, Carolyn Leal, Edward Levine, Jack Livingston, Allan Livingston, Don Livingston, Louise Lockner, Charlotte Love, Christol Ludlum, Claudette Lunardi, Elaine Mallory, Shirley Manbert, Barbara Martin, Shirley Mason, Janice May, Jacqueline i'McKenzie, Margot Hockin, Margaret Meadowcraft, Mae Hollywood, Kathyrine Mendosa, Barbara Horvoth, James i'Menke, Hildegarde 'iHovey, Bill Mertens, Shirley Meuter, Donna lnderbitzen, Lawrence Meyering, Barbara Haber, Sam Jackson, Ralph James, Georgia Jarvis, Helen Jennings, Dick LlO5J Mezies, Stewart i Micheli, lvo Miller, Jackie Miller, Patty Miner, Zella Lou Moore, Kathryn 'Morris, Richard Mueller, Bill 'Mueller, Stan Ng, Lawrence Nielson, lnger 'Noia, Barbara 'Norris, Barbara Norton, Marilyn Oakley, Virginia 'O'Connell, Dan Older, Sue Olotosson, Lillian 'Openshaw, Janet fPalmer, Martha 'Parkinson, Janice Pascale, Violet Phillips, Betty Phillips, Harold fPierce, Tom Post, Ruth Price, Nancy Priest, Betty Quinn, Boyd Reid, Joan fReynolds, Eddie Riley, Lois Roemer, Alice 'iRoemer, Elizabeth Rogers, Helen Roke, Arthur 1 Ruisinger, Marguerite Ruisinger, Muriel Rummerfield, Carol i'Rummerlield, Lois iRyder, Elliott Schmidt, Barbara Smidt, Lloydine Schultz, Ruth ' Sergeant, Audrey Sibley, Edward Schnelling, Herman Shannon, Coryl 'tShinkwin, June Shull, Margery Smith, Betty 'Smith, Dean Smith, Jewell iStapel, Carla Stevens, Edward Stone, Gerry Sylvestri, Florence fSimpson, Clem Tonningsen, Duncan fTrimborn, Madeline 'Turner, Anna Urick, Phyllis Vander Schuur, Bob Vickery, Kent Viss, Dorothy Weeden, Don Wetherald, Harry 'White, Harrison Wickman, Mary Lou Winberg, Ed Wilde, Beverly Willer, Shirley Williams, Bill Williams, Bernie Williams, Jean Willner, Gayle Wiseman, Phyllis Wood, Jean Woodbury, Norrine Wong, Allen fWyatt, Brad 'Zachmann, Aileen LE IIEHIILE FH!-I EMS Fall, 1945 RICHARD LANDER ...,. . ED REYNOLDS... CAROLINE LANE. ART KEMALYAN. OFFICERS . . . . President. . . . . . Vice President.. Recording Secretary ...,.. Financial Secretary MARIEANN GILLIGAN ........ Editor ..... Spring, 1946 . . .ART KEMALYAN .....BETTY PRIEST MARION GHISELLI ...JOY HousToN BARBARA SCHMIDT For the past two terms, Le Cercle Francais has had very enjoyable and interesting meetings. They occur once a month and dues are twenty-five cents per term. Refreshments, entertain- ment, as well as games lusually in Frenchj are enjoyed by all. Talented students of the club provide the entertainment. Plans tor the Spring term are under way which include: A noon movie for the general public, a film on France, to be shown at a regular meeting, participation in the events ot Circus Day, and a printing of a club newspaper. This paper consists of minutes from the previous meeting, a note from the President, a few jokes and other interesting reading matter. The majority of all this is written in French, while a little is in English for the benetit of the beginning classes. This latter eftort is the result of Mme. Darison's inspiration and untiring effort, members of her advanced classes writing up the reports. Everyone who takes French is urged to join Le Cercle Francais for plenty of enjoyment, besides improving one's education without much ettort. The club salutes Mme. Lee and Mme. Darison for their constant help in supervising the club. Respectfully submitted BARBARA SCHMIDT Editor lIO6l JEANNE SHANIS BARBARA NOIA SALLY REID RUTH ERICKSON JEAN WOOD SALLY SHEPARD MARILYN ANDERSON NANCY ELSTER CONNIE DUNFORD ELAINE LUNARDI SUE OLDER ALICE GOODING JIM JONES DOROTHY PERTINS ANNE MAXWELL TED ROMANOFF DOREEN HALE CAROL TOUSLEY BILL BALLEU BETTY PRIEST CORYL SHANNON BETTY CONARD BOB EWING ANNE MCKENZIE gh Z N .TXN French Club Members Spring 1945 BETTY LOU GERARD CAROLINE LANE NANCY DAVIS BARBARA GHISELLI MYRTLE GRAHAM BARBARA CALLAN BEVERLY McAULEY CAROL MCLEAN JUANITA ERWIN NANCY CRAWLEY MARIEANN GILLIGAN PAT GREEN CARMEL BOYLAND JOY HOUSTON MARION GHISELLI BARBARA SCHMIDT ARTHUR KEMALYAN DOROTHY HAYES HIRAM GATES MARGARET HOCKIN PAULYNE VIGNES5 KAREN BIRKHOLM BARBARA MEYERING CHUCK KEEVER H071 CLARA MAURER DON EVERS LES SACKS MARY LOU WICKMAN BARBARA HERRMANN LEE WILDE GWEN VAN ALLEN MARY LOU HOHENCHILD BARBARA VILLA JOANNE SISLER DORIS ROBERTS IVO MICHELI PAT STEEL ARTHUR ROKE JACK MCKISSACK CLAUDETTE LUDLUM MARYLIN ANDERSON ED DE SILVA RUTH POST SHIRLEY MALLORY TAVIA MLADIVICH CAROLINE DURHAM CONNIE JAEGER if LATI III. Fall, T945 EDWARD LEAL ..... STAN MUELLER 4.., NoRAH JOHNSTON CAROLE CARPENTER .,.. Financial Secretary .,.., Spring, T946 CAROLE CARPENTER .....DoREEN HALL .....EDWARD LEAL .....PATTY MILLER PAULINE HAHN .........,.. Song Leader ...... .... S TAN MUELLER The Latin Club ot Alameda High School has prospered for many years under the direction of the club advisor, Mrs. Ambrosoli. Our ranks of membership are increasing every term with each new group of freshmen, but we urge all Latin students, freshmen or not, to get in on the games and refreshments which we have at every meeting. The aims at our club are not only to promote good feeling among the members, and keep up school spirit, but to provide a more understanding knowledge of the classics and a cultural background tor each member. Respectfully submitted EDWARD LEAL Recording Secretary l lO8 l 51:6 SPANISH Fall, 1945 PAUL BUECHNER .... .IANICE CLARK ,.... RAY VALLERGA ..... BILL SCHEUERMANN MISS ISABEL VENARD ...,.. OFFICERS . . President . , Vice President . , Treasurer . . ..Secretary . . Faculty Adviser 3 I S III. Spring, l946 ,.,,DON BUSWELL .. . .BILL WILLIAMS ...,DICK BRUMM ,. ......... PATTY MILLER MISS ISABEL VENARD The Spanish Club has iust completed another successful year in its history. The tall term started out auspiciously with the election of energetic officers who arranged good meetings which were conducted with dignity and for the interest ot all. An innovation forthe club was the presentation of a Spanish talking tilm. The Christmas party was a pleasing one with the singing of Spanish carols and with talks about the holiday customs in Spanish-speaking countries. At the conclusion ot the meeting the tradi- tional breaking ofthe pinata afforded merriment to the participants and to the onlookers. The spring term has been equally enjoyable, with a recent meeting having as its enter- tainment a long awaited sound film in technicolor, showing personalities of importance in Mexico, and festivals held in that interesting country. Another ot the meetings featured student talent, with vocal and instrumental Spanish music. The club has now concluded this year's activities by taking its customary part in the celebration of Circus Day. LIO9l PATTY MILLER Secretary if . ge! 'I I -2 '- Q A.. I' if-' s'. . V . , , s:u 3s ' S 'sn po all hon, 0 11, 'tifslg .QQ , g l o GQ , nfs' . ni 4 'ah ' 0 ' 11 ,e,r,-,aa , 5 1,1955 I C A i5 'ii o'o 4 0 fit' R if Q 'fi in ai yea Q i 51' n 'v:it'kZ ' is ,.,, ff is f, Q, s ,J V, f ff f e,..e I' .,- X X. Qi' it S ,Q. . xsx if 5 I x 'w x Q x rsh? -ev , , E is 'Pi D n 039: n s Qc, 0 X A 'U DVI 2 'sci Q . . Q A mn - ' ' - E00 -it 02 N 5' 3'1 .5 -- 2' . ' . -'rs n , .. i, la W 1912.1 - . . ,, - -:.-g 'wan 'L u alt: 019' 'ous 'fu 'Q gl. gage' 0.-w::.:.- D M ., ., MM vw, l . fig vi. Q' 3,3 nk! CHEMISTRY EL Fall, I945 OFFICERS Spring, I946 CHUCK KEEVER ......,. ,.... P resident .,.,. ....,. B RADLEY WYATT MARGUERITE RUISINGER. . . Vice President .,.,... CAROLE CARPENTER CALVIN CARRINGTON ,. ...Secretory . .. ..... CHUCK KEEVER ELLIOTT RYDER ....,... CAROLE CARPENTER ,.... .... E ditor .....,..... MARION GHISELLI ....MR. W. DARRELL COUGHLAN . . . Treasurer . . ..... ALICE ROEMER Adviser. .. The Chemistry Club has had a very enioyable and eventful year. Under the fine supervision ot its officers, the club has been very active. All students who have taken chemistry or who are now taking it are eligible tor membership in the organization. The dues are twenty-five cents a semester. One ot the highlights ot last term was a discussion of nuclear energy given by Alice and Elizabeth Roemer, Marshall Loring, and Chuck Keever. Scientific movies, demonstrations of interesting chemistry experiments, and excursions to chemical plants in the bay region were thoroughly enjoyed. The club wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. W. Darrell Coughlan who has given such helpful cooperation and so much valuable time to the club's activities. Respectfully submitted MARION GHISELLI Editor lIIOl .?m 'C si 'm ,A at ff, :nil 'QI'-, 46 Q 915 LI ri e 2 W X rx .QP iv' EHEI IGTE DE TSIIHE ST IIE TE Fall, 1945 NORAH JOHNSTON. BILL SCHEUERMANN .... LORRAINE PENLAND BILL HECK .....,... FRANCIS MCCLOY. .. OFFICERS ... . President , . . . . . Vice President .. Recording Secretary ..,. Financial Secretary . Sergeant-at-Arms. Eclitor..... Spring, I9-46 ...NORAH JOHNSTON BARBARA NORRIS ,BILL SCHEUERMANN LORRAINE PENLAND .. .,...., ED REYNO'DS ....FRANCIS McCLOY The German Club, one of Alameda High's oldest language clubs, was revived this past year when the teaching of German was resumed. The Hrst few weeks were devoted to getting the club organized, but since then we have enjoyed such activities as attending German movies in San Francisco, hearing German music, and having refreshments served at our meetings. Because there was only one German class, the membership was small at first, but each semester will see more students of German joining the club and making it Alameda High's finest. FRANCIS MCCLOY Editor Liiil President ..,., ...,.,. .. B ARBARA HERRMANN vice Pfesideni I. . I , MARY GOIDMAN It ,fx vt Recording seffeiafy , , I VIRGINIA GERKE A , k,'5, Financial sem-vary HKATHRYN Moons Q ' I If Song Leader. .. , OFFICERS-FALL, 1945 . . . . .ALICE BREHL Vice President ........ .,..,.. L OIS FRANCIS Recording Secretary ..,.. .... A UDREY SERGEANT Financial Secretary ..,.. ....., A RLENE RALSTON Song Leader ....... .... D ONNA MEUTER I-W GIRLS' I-ISSUEIIITIU The Girls' Association is one of the largest organizations in Alameda High and consists of all the girls in the school. Dues are not compulsory, but we have had TOO per cent memberships in the past and the administration has set this as the goal again this year. The most outstanding activity of each term is the Freshman Reception. The reception during the Fall term had Autumn as its theme and was under the direction of Alice Brehl and Virginia Bullwinkel. The Spring term had a Carni- val theme under the direction of Barbara Herrmann. The decorations and entertainment were all centered around this idea and the side show which consisted of freaks, a snake charmer, and singers was a huge success. We have had many interesting meetings both terms with amateur hours, fashion shows, and movies. Last term we sponsored the football rally for the Student Body, and this term we presented Mr. Caro Miller and his vibra-harp. Under the capable leadership ot Presidents Alice Brehl and Barbara Herr- mann, the Girls' Association has lived up to the high standards set by the previous administrations. Respectfully submitted VIRGINIA GERKE Recording Secretary i ia OFFICERS-A SPRING, I946 . ,BARBARA KRAUSSF Q OFFICERS-FALL, 1945 ....BOBLAGLE V Recording Secretary .... .... B ILL SIMPSON -'Fl CHILDE ,...MIKE BRAVO NS' ASSUEIATIU During the current administrations, the Men's Association has been going through a process of general reorganization which has been very successful. As a result, the meetings have greatly improved. The Association has also been getting better support from its members- both in the support of its activities and in the payment of dues. With the dues, which are not compulsory, the Men's Association has been able to bring better entertainment to the meetings than ever before. The officers of the Men's Association wish to thank Mr. Lloyd Hopkins for his untailing guidance and we hope the future administrations will have as appreciative a group of boys to serve as we have had. ART KAHN Recording Secretary President .......,... . ....... Vice President ....... Recording Secretary .... . Financial Secretary. . .. .. Yell Leader ....... CK OFFICERS-SPRING 1946 'N N I vw N as K: ,M A ca, ' .' fx f iggwf' GIHLS'BLI1IIIi 5llIIIETY Fall, T945 CFFICERS Spring, T946 VIRGINIA BARTALINI ..,,..., President ..... .... L OIS SLEIGHT President..,.. ,,.,.l.OlS KELTON PHYLLIS DONALDSON. . .Secretary Treasurer .... NANCY CROOK MEMBERS JACKIE FLETCHER HELENA OW LOIS SLEIGHT ELIZABETH ROEMER NANCY CROOK LOIS FRANCIS PAT CORREA LOIS KELTON DOROTHY HALL The gold and white pom poms used at the football games during Fall, l945, were made by the Girls' Block A Society, membership in which is the highest goal for girls in the G.A.A. Membership is attained only after at least two years hard work. Girls must participate in almost every sport offered in order to win the coveted Block. The purpose of the Society is to develop leadership and build a greater interest in athletics for girls. The Society also has a Scholarship Fund to help girls who want to go to college and make athletics their career. Six new members were formally initiated last tall at a theater and dinner party held in San Francisco. This spring we are planning a week-end at Russian River. This term is a very busy one, with the Queen's Contest and a concession for Circus Day to be the responsibility of the Block A. NANCY CROOK Secretary-Treasurer BUYS' BLIJIIK A SUE ETY President ..... ................,......... .,... J l M PSALTIS Vice President ..., .... A L SMITH Secretary-Treasurer .....,... BOB LAGLE Sergeant-at-Arms .,.. .... G EORGE LAGORIO The Boys' Block A is an organization of boys who have won their blocks in various sports. It is a great honor to belong to this society. The activities of the Block A include the annual initiation and the picnic held at Sequoia National Park. Mr. Socolofsky is taking Mr. Jolley's place as faculty adviser. Soc is doing a swell iob. WALT JENSEN Acting Secretary lH5l JU IIJH RED LIHIJSS IIIIU EIL Fall, 1945 OFFICERS Spring, T946 BILL HASTINGS ............. President ............ MARTHA PALMER MARTHA PALMER .......... Vice President.STANFORD LEE STEVENSON STANFORD LEE STEVENSON. .Sec.-Treas. ,....... NORMA STROMBERG BILL BREWER ....... County Council Representative ...,... BILL BREWER GAYLE WILLNER .,.. County Council Representative .... GAYLE WILLNER During the war years the Junior Red Cross Council worked mainly to give uid and comfort to service men. The generous response to the roll call last toll made it possible for us to do much worth-while work this year. Christmas cards to be sent overseas were made by Mrs. Layton's and Miss Reichmuth's art classes. With the aid of donations, I50 Christmas stockings were filled by the council and were given to hospitalized veterans at the Naval Air Station. This first postwar year, we are renewing the practice of sending a delegate to the National Junior Red Cross convention in Philadelphia in June. We wish to thank the students of Alamedo High School and our faculty advisers, Mrs. Van Orden, Dr. Peoples, and Mrs. Holmes for their assistance. NORMA STROMBERG Secretcrrylreasurer I116l 134. erin' -K+ 92 CHESS EL B President . . . ART KEMALYAN Secretary . . DONALD BUSWELL Vice President . . BILL WILLIAMS Treasurer .... ROBERT SWIFT Faculty Adviser . . ..... . . . MR. REGINALD F. SAUNDERS RESULTS OF MATCHES PLAYED MEMBERS OF CHESS TEAM October 29, 1945. . .Alameda 5Vz-San Leandro High .... IV2 Wins Draws Losses November 14, 1945. .Alameda 6M-Cal. Blind School ..... V2 1. Tom Ferguson fCapt.J 4 2 0 January 9, 1946 ..... Alameda 7 -Oakland High ....... 0 2. Paul Allinger ..... 6 O 0 March 21, 1946 ..... Alameda 3V2-Cal. Blind School ..... 3Vz 3. Fred Wong ....... 3 1 1 March 28, 1946 ..... Alameda 6V2--Oakland High .....,. 1 4. John Lafler ....... 5 O 1 April 3, 1946 .....,. Alameda 4 -Hayward Union High.3 5. Arthur Kemalyan. .. 5 O 1 6. Charles Keever .... 3 2 1 7. Frank Harradine. .. 4 1 1 OTHER MEMBERS OF THE CHESS CLUB WHO ARE NOT ON THE TEAM ARE: Sol Altschuler, Donald Buswell, Bill Dunmire, Dick Goodman, Pat Henoch, Colin Howen, Marshall Loring, Robert Lovejoy, Lawrence Ng, Arthur Rake, Elliott Ryder, Robert Swift, Bill Williams, Edward Winter Many members ofthe club meet in room 111 during the noon hour to play chess as well as every Monday afternoon. From time to time on week-ends socials are held in the home of club members from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., with time out for refreshments at about 10 p.m. Both students and parents find these gatherings to be very enjoyable. L1171 YT? SE IUH IJPPUHTUNITY ll Y On Wednesday, May 8, 1946, anoTher successful Senior OpporTuniTy Day was held for The beneTiT of The seniors of Alameda High School. This year's Theme was And Now Tomorrow. Under The direcTion of Miss E. Louise Jolly, The Senior OpporTuniTy Day CommiTTee presided over The program. Follow- ing The excellenT opening program, Three round Table sessions were presenTed. In each of These sessions were a number of round Tables, each of which was addressed by a successful person in some vocaTion. In The aTTernoon There was a session on marriage problems Tor boys and one on The same Topic Tor girls. The aim of These Senior OpporTuniTy Days is To provide The seniors wiTh use- Tul information on vocaTional fields which They may enTer. This year's program, as well as Those held in The pasT, reached This goal in a mosT saTisTacTory manner. l118l A u D I T O g R I u M A F C 5 fix 5 5 Q E I R 1 L 3 A F F Q a E 1 -V Vu- W-V.. .NM . .f...:.,.kx,,,,f,,fn lf, mf -V f , A 1 , f Af - , A . fm ,Vw M f. , f , - -1- - -v E W x 6 sk mfs 1 THI-IDT!-I OFFICERS SPRING, T946 President ,..... ............ . .. LYDIA d'FONSECA Vice President. .. ..,.. VERLA WILSON Secretary ,.,. ....... P ATTY LOU MILLER Treasurer ...,... .,.. E TSUKO MARUBAYASHI Sergeant-at-Arms, .. ......... HARRY JORDAN FACULTY ADVISERS MISS ELIZABETH MURRAY MRS. DOROTHY LAYTON MR. JAMES F. HULL The Tri-Iota was organized in April, 1946. The name Tri-Iota was chosen because it means a three-fold I, which explains the nature of our club: International-lntercultural-Inter- racial. We believe that every nationality, every creed, every race has much to contribute toward the enrichment of humanity and that only by all peoples learning to live, to work, and to play together, can civilization continue. Membership is not restricted to any group, but each member should have a sincere concern to join in cooperative effort forthe betterment not only of the peoples of our own community but of all peoples throughout the world. ll2Ol 4 i li! '2 -NW ,gf 4Q , ll 1 du ff l Wm aaa. af al l all- '-A i tx k E illillwlll l. ATTENTION! 4. ls that rifle clean? 7. What now? K L ' 2, Shall we whlslle? 5. And the band played on 8. Guides Post 3. Calling Dr. Scholl 6. Arms presented Cami WA i P V , E I! IZ! , 92 1 5 ' , .2 E x, , mg , 1 , J, l ....,l ,if f fl 4 l Mlfrvv ,l l l 1.ala my fl - , W,-'ff jg. -I -6,2 , gi. A., ., ,- ' , AM , g fy. -4- If ,, ,ju-5 Q 2 ' - - ,gi - s- . 44 1 5 f , ,f vw N15 :iw-W ' W, ' f . ' Q 'x 1 Y X. Q., 5 -,uf g,,sE g!f Q 'img 1' ir-: 5f:V'a'f,v,1 v X . IWW, .. MI. A .Y .Vp-3 W1-Jyt . E. , ,Y ,faq -- ,fx 1, Nw HJ 4, :L35 A4 ,f 'mfg' 'fy v:-,,f,,1r., N Xx .,5. 3, nj ,qv -. A 5 f Hoff! 'DEH 'J.'f'4-'H 'Q-14 'CAM' .'-4,1 1 'T ' ' f 'af' - 1 ,, Q . '1 .' , Q' .,f' A 1 'x ,M N1 am. J: ,J-4, P ,'q,.- 'F vw' J' fy... - , fr, 'fn .-H,-1 .. M ,, - f ' If , 1 ' M f 1 1 'I ,- . -. flfiff' -'w 1-HJ M-4' U1 'I .' 3 'ff'fe'X' 'wif - it W ,,.f,,.' Jw' fu'-f,.n' 1 ,w lk 4,4 9, 'y'1f4'.4rf-,rl-,M uf Nj.: -,'QQqff',x 1'4,- g.x1Mr4. Nj, N '.' 3.-f 'Y 'X 1 ' ' 19' 1 , V ry 4 n, , n ,M II' Q f wi ' 5 . gg. 3' If,-V5 my ,.' Q: in X , N. S If X 4. +2-.vt , Y.. .k N . .-U ,V N 1 N .LH ,wwxx . .- 329 , f M . , 'J ff- w. v 'X X4 'w v x.. ., N I X , Q , .MF x , 5 KK 1 xv-K., Af, v .1 , xxkw ,. 1 K w x ,,., A 9 'V P' LQ K x -I. H' l I -- , :',I ., l,1 I .Fill ,I ale A -'1. ?1-'.-. ' 'W' No, BX L10 D :lb 9 V Liga! ' of fxue- 4pg.c1,,e,.pg xqq-arsa5,y',2 A.' P -1, , Yi2en.'1ilaUe51,i'H1'Q5.'f23a7 , 4 V5 o R i3?S',EcQI6?,'B1--sjtg ,, '1 ,. 1cL- I ' 5- -,,- In . t A 1 -:.'. Epsf- . ,b -'5IfzTctbfy':29xze31i gM.- aff , 1 1, gffjf f- 'Q6QE'huLCW i Hracl-if!,kp'11'b ' , xpiW Q1ai-'w2e?f1 f 4553 Q5geW' ?f3Z5w'10v f 'I 'ff QlfaZ ff f .'MQ'i?9'k?X?Y11A a?Y'Qa-WQQR 'A 7'i PfXmhe' 1 l1f:'iN'iYlE5ewTyXX2QV?'W9?t?74.f'5.'f'5i?,iff-y'7.':i1u f'ffY- -A flvr. .' -, L . P-' A. grim -'Q' .Wah A' -'. 'YQQ'-. 'au .' If-fo-:,fx4ifS9 k'x6'?00,': ds :9',.'.I.-,-,55 ' J ' 8 .QQKVZ 'Hx-ItQ',f -'f'6fQ2-.J MW,Wb'??fe19'eF2.Moaiif.fmeMirQiz'':'.f v '1 Ie.. 'Q f2,xeia622'27 1? ifGffz'?w e' vis? f- ' me 57' .fm 'a T' . -' '- 2 4',. gif: -4.' ' 53.111 'ful ' ' fn V ' W5 9 25759 I 25+:fv?ac1-rf'-.reamqp-hg,g,-. A' f-We 'VA ' '37 1 1, 'Fd N ' v'fgQ?4w -1- fb A + I 7 Y Us A .V I 1 ' Q35 Q--rf, , 1 'Z-EJ T99 A 5 we be T. CAPTAIN HENRY BUTHERUS MASTER SGT. HUNTINGTON H. U. T. E. The Alameda High School R.O.T.C. Battalion is composed of approximately 225 cadets in ranks from Private to Lieutenant Colonel. The primary obiect of our unit is to make better and more useful citizens for the future. ln addition to regular periods of marching and calisthenics, definite subiects relative to the Army Program are taught by Cadet Officers. Among the sub- jects taught are Map Reading, Rifle Marksmanship, Military Sanitation and First Aid, History and Policy of the Army, and others. Activities in the unit include a Sword and Shield Society for officers, a Non- Coms Club for non-commissioned officers, and a Rifle Team which is picked by competitive firing at our indoor range at school and an outdoor range outside of Alameda. To many the R.O.T.C. offers a diversion from regular studies in school. To others it gives a basic training to those who prefer a military career. Many go on to College R.O.T.C. and graduate as second lieutenants in the Army reserve. This year again we have attained the rating of honor school in the Ninth Service Command area. This rating is obtained by an outstanding Federal Inspection of our unit. IQ 124 ll ,nn 'Ur 'nf' A .c,, E 'fn yu If Y L , .r -47' 'YN Q- . 'x L ks L A Aw ff ' 5 I X JI ff ' , IVVV: I . L is Q I IW ff' fl Q, f f f 6' XZ? f W . 4' 4 IJ. I is , . LT. COL. ED REYNOLDS HON. LT. COL. PAULINE HAHN HON. MAJ. BARBARA NORRIS MAJ. BILL SCHEUERMANN MAJ. PAUL BUECHNER HON. MAJ. LOIS CROWLEY CAPT. TOM COLLINS CAPT. DON EMMAL Isl LT. BRAD WYATT THE ST FF A .w+ -1 -1- T-fl .7 - CAPTAIN LOUIS ALLINGER HON. CAPTAIN DOROTHY DICKENS FIRST LIEUTENANT DEAN SMITH SECOND LIELITENANT TED LAMB SECOND LIEUTENANT ELMAR BROCK - f'T1 9 ,qi Ji 36 and HON. CAPTAIN PATTY MILLER CAPTAIN BILL MUELLER SECOND LIEUTENANT DON EVERS SECOND LIEUTENANT FLOYD EASTMAN FIRST LIEUTENANT BILL HOVEY IIUIVIPA Y B Www ' P '1'fm . I ,J '14 71? 'N f fi ., M , -v ' U yi ff ' 441.1 Q ' gfi 2 b f , , If 4 ,IX W, , , ' 1' 'QM IIUIVIPII Y II ,104 't. 7- CAPTAIN BILL HECK HON. CAPTAIN MARIEANN GILLIGAN FIRST LIELITENANT DEAN CASSIDY SECOND LIEUTENANT GORDON FLOYD SECOND LIEUTENANT JUSTIN MLIRRISH WMILG, D -lui HON. CAPTAIN ALETHA KILIAN CAPTAIN DICK TINGLEY SECOND LIEUTENANT FRED BERLIN SECOND LIEUTENANT TONY MARIANI FIRST LIEUTENANT CALVIN CARRINGTON .., 7 PAYI1 qwr 'QM M - 'Q ff' , f ,ff X . f ' X f X ff? 'f .Q -,,.f:4.-5, . ,A W Q, ' . .Mi ,f f 4 42' '12 W 'ffpzf 'ff ff' 'f fl 73,1 ya, K ,IZ f . , X 'awww' ,1 QM T19 CAPTAIN ART KEMALYAN HON. CAPTAIN DONNA MEUTER 3 W Q runsr LIEUTENANT u- Ag MW., ' A fw.. X 4 ' 7 ., , . , kg 4 60 f A E ,:i,ff A A ' 1 I . K T F A xl J E712 AAW V ' A' A. fy . Tj H am i' 4 , Q 1. I r L PAUL BELL SECOND LIEUTENANT DAVE CAVANAUGH DRUM MAJOR ART KAHN S UHIJ A IJ SHIELD Fall, 1945 OFFICERS ART WEBB ,....... .... P resident .......,. BILL SCHEUERMANN Spring, 1946 DONNA MEUTER .,..... . . . Vice Presldenf ...,....... ALETHA KILIAN INGER NIELSEN ....... .Recording Secretary ....... MARTIN COLLINS RICHARD LANDER ....,. , Financial Secretary ........ PAUL BUECHNER CLIFF KERN .........,... Sergeant-at-Arms ........... BILL HECK and MARIEANN GILLIGAN The Sword and Shield Society of Alameda High School is composed of the Officers cmd Honorary sponsors of our R.O.T.C. unit. Its purpose is to promote a spirit of fellowship among otticers and to offer social activities to the Bat- talion as well as the school. In the past we have planned dances, picnics, and parties for the Ofiicers and Sponsors, as well as having helped in the direction and welfare ot the Battalion. This semester we hope to do even better. We wish to thank Capt. Butherus for his excellent sponsoring ot our Society as well as for his capable leadership ot our whole R.O.T.C. H311 V---f-gr Y Y . . , ,. -.- Y ,Y NUN-EUNIS CLUB The Non-Coms Club is an organization of the Non-Commissioned Officers ot the R.O.T.C. unit. The Non-Coms are cadets who have o rank from Corporal to First Sergeant. This club has been organized to give the cadets a chance to get together, have meetings, and learn of the duties and obligations of a Non-Com. The Club wishes to thank all those who have cooperated with the Club and helped to make it a success. We wish also to show our appreciation to Master Sergeant R. H. Huntington, who has acted as our adviser tor the Club. CPL. RUDOLPH MULTZ Chief Clerk lT32l RIFLE TEAM No Rifle Team this year has led a very successful season in competitive firing. The ten high scoring rifle team members in the Three important rifle matches of T946 will receive the Small Block A, minor sports award. The three matches included in this aggregate are the Service Command Intercollegiate Match, the National Intercollegiate Match, and the William Randolph Hearst Match. Eleven members completed all three matches, with aggregate scores as indicated below: l. White, Grady ........ 1327 7. Bedford, Alan.. .... 1212 Ed'-'ard .... .... l 323 8. Gray, John .... .... 'I 198 3. Berlin, Fred .....,.... T297 9. Harris, Robert ........ H88 4. Jorgensen, Edward .... T290 TO. Herald, Don ..... .... l l6l 5. Collins, Tom. .. ..,.. T240 ll. Bertson, Herman ...... l'l27 6. Evers, Don.. . ...'l238 The following did not compete in all three matches: Barber, Bruce May, Gerald Horvoth, James Welles, Richard Kilian, Frank li T33 J CalgWrnz'a's fbmous Name in jewelry Serving if if if ALAMEDA if ir 1 and the Young Generation JEWELRY OF QUALITY, from a tiny gold Baby Ring . . . to a magnificent Diamond Engagement Ring! LIBERAL CREDIT TERMS. Same price cash or credit. FOR EVERY OCCASION-a Birthday, your Gradua- tion, and when the day arrives for the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Ring . . . Gensler-Lee of Alameda can be of service to you. SO LET US BE OF SERVICE TO YOU . . now . . . and for the bright years ahead! Dckunondd Fwww Www GIENSILIEIR M 11,151 OF ALAMEDA 1359 PARK STREET ALAMEDA 11341 GOOD LUCK GRADUATES Our Presents Are YOU! A friend is a present you give yourself. That's one of our old time songs. So We put you down with the best of them, For you're where the best belongs. Among the gifts we've given ourselves Most comforting, tried and true Are the ones we so often think about That is our gift to ourselves of you. 1511 Webster St. 1321 E. 14th St. ALAMEDA, CALIF. SAN LEAN DRO, CALIF LA 2-4040 TR 2522 H351 ALAMEDA Outstanding Schools - Beautiful Homesites ' Superb Climate - Recreational Facilities, and Modern Shopping Districts combine to make this a truly ideal home city. Alameda also offers the finest of Industrial Sites, with rapid Rail and Water Transportation available at low cost. C CITY of ALAMEDA AND ALAMEDA CHAMBER of CGMMERCE ALAMEDA - CALIFORNIA PllIlTllIIITSr SHADOW LIGHTING CANDID WEDDINGS CHURCH-HOME-RECEPTION . Zag Wicca ' 2421 Santa Clara Avenue - LA 3-2445 ALAMEDA I136I CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF 1946! To all of you our best wishes for success in your future endeavors. 1 Joining with us in our congratulations are the high school graduates of former years-among them your own alumnae of Alameda High who are now mem- bers of our Metropolitan Head Office family. f There are many advantages in working at the Metropolitan and we would like to tell you about them. Maybe we have just the right position for you. Pay us a visit. We would be only too happy to show you around. PacifTc Coasf Head Offlce METROPOLITAN lIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ooo SToCIcToN STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA of MISS SAYLOR'S CHOCOLATES Topper Sandwich Company The Arisfocraf of Sandwiches sq? f CATERING FOR ALL OCCASIONS Wh COMMISSARY SERVICE if X D INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS fi-3 fw 5 COMMERCIAL, PARTY and SANDWICH SPECIALTIES f f X 1 J 1 X A f C2 2327 Central Ave. LA 2-2272 T137l STAGE K HARDWARE co. 0 D F O A R K A G Hardware S M I Tools E F Household Goods S ig Fishing Tackle PM PM ff' O 1350 PARK STREET 1334 PARK STREET l.Alcehurs1 2-4074 LAkehUrSl 22388 Bring Your Films fo PiaH's LEWIS B. GROPER Besf Wishes - - - DIAMONDS A- D. D. SCOTT W A T C H E S . florzst and J E W E L R Y C More than likely your graduation present come from Groper's Your Credit ls Good O T503 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 1520 WEBSTER STREET Telephone LAlcel1urs1 2-8300 l.Akehur5t 2-3456 l T38 l delicious-supreme Tucker's Ice Cream Tu c L e 'fs AM Corner Park and Webb .5 .f-5 'tiene l fix' 1 'T ' X ty' 1. llllfl . gf Tw ff k ,-fi' fi, Sour Hooper's Chocolates Calitornia's Finest Dining Room Air Conditioned For Your Comfort B U S 'I' E R'S Delicious Home Cooked Foods O 1510 PARK STREET ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurM 2-3474 We Cater to Parties, Banquets and Weddings III Atthe ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE FEES: Week Days ....... 5.60 High School Students after 2:30 an School Days ...... .35 Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays . . . .90 Monthly Ticket ...... 4.00 Monthly Ticket Cvoid Saturday, Sunday and Holidaysj ...... 3.00 O Lunch Room Open tothe Public Special Rates to Alameda High Students 35C After 2:30 on School Days l139l HUGH Il. GBENFELL C NEW HUDSONS NOW BEING DELIVERED Q PARK and CLEMENT ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Telephone LAkehurst 3-1406 I X ENCINAL YACHT CLUB L, 'XXX The Club Members Congratulate C 2--iz - the Graduates and extend a wish W VW ' for their future Success, Good q - Health and Happiness. -.-rss. Help Yourself Compliments of . . . to Charm . . . Edward SSSQSJSJSP ffuffwfhkff 1410 PARK STREET QQFINE FURSH o 6? Congratulations Grads 505 17th Street HI 7048 11401 Good Health and Happiness is our wish to the Graduating Class GADSDEN'S STATIONERY STORE T435 PARK STREET Phones: LAkehursI 2-T844 ' LAkehurst 2-T845 Vosburgh Hardware Esiablishecl T876 JAMES F. TASKER, ProprieIor HOUSEHOLD WARES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Also Sporiing Goods . . . Fishing Tackle Huniing and Fishing Licenses Free Delivery 2319 Sonia Clara Ave. LA ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Phone: LAIceI1ursI 2-I B82 Congratulations . . . To the Class of '46 AMILY SHOE TORE RIEDMAN HELBY HOES Imehurst 2-6118 1507 WEBSTER ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Experienced and SIKIIIIUI Repair Service Jewelry Ilnmpany MARSHALL BROS., Props. WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY Wochmcxkers and Jewelers T438 PARK STREET ALAMEDA - CALIFORNIA Phone: LAkeI1ursI 2-3280 ALAMEDA CHOICE MARKET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Veuaiffes B A K E RY. . . THE BEST BREAD, CAKES, PIES, ROLLS Baked BY HECK T306 VERSAILLES AVENUE LAkehurs't 2-0344 LI4II Compliments of C H A P I N ' S scHooL SUPPLIES O 1357 PARK STREET S A N I T A R Y BARBER SHOP 2322W SANTA CLARA AVENUE BANK OF AMERICA AMERICAN TRUST National Trust and Savings Association . Banking Since 1854 O Alameda Branch PARK ST. and SANTA CLARA AVE. Webster Street Branch WEBSTER ST. and HAIGHT AVE. Alameda Office PARK ST. and CENTRAL AVE. West Alameda Omce WEBSTER ST. and SANTA CLARA AVE. ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA ALAMEDA L U C I L E , S Phone: LAkehurst 2-1922 SWEATERS FOR YOUR OCCASION BLQUSES O SKIRTS 2416 CENTRAL AVENUE P-Q KoN1GsHoFER's L 'f 'S' MISS 1343 PARK STREET Blanchard 86 White Hickok Belts and Braces Catalina Swim Wear Van Heusen Sport Wear Champion Slacks Gaylord Loafer Coats Socks, Ties, T Shirts QUALITY DIAMONDS STANDARD MAKE WATCHES Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing O ALAMEDA .IEWELERS 140716 Park Street ' Alameda, Calif. LAl4el1ursI 2-1188 I 142 I B U T O M'S ALAMEDA elif MENSHOP ALAMEDA Complimenfs of ORDER or THE THIRTEEN Paul Buechner Richard Morris Cal Carrington Bill Mueller Art Ferguson Ed Reynolds Ronald Gerdes Tom Rosqui For the Enfire Family Bill Hastings Bill Scheuermann O 1363 PARK STREET Bill Heck Art Kemalyan Ray Vallerga Al Villaire Harrison White Telephone: LAkehurst 2-4580 Carl? Waffle Slmp MEMBER OF FLORISTS TELEGRAM . DELIVERY ASSOCIATION , Now oPEN 2323 Central Avenue from ALAMEDA, cAuFoRNiA 6 AM- fo I AM- C I' f Ompolmen S GOLDEN Gooslz BARKER TILTON DELICATESSEN Disfincfive Home Furnishing Q . 1348 PARK ST. T434 WEBSTER ST 1330 PARK 1540 wessren LA 2-319' LA 2-613' 51431 7 ? 7 1 i Y Y V 1 u Q XQXXJX .A Jdvgyl fy , ,., ,j ,'.1ff.J . . K, gaglv-I 11 'Jj' f'fwr fe 4 - J 5 Lyric J vff'-' AY '4 X al '12 YL JI'-x 'J -fi a M li Jjv x' J'-+L x ff f f ff 'A W 7fLy f2 A' . Z f -V! L',71. , '- -W '47 f' 1 Ji 43' 'Gila , bf' X fig J 'sv 1 ,, 7 ,QT if Q1 , tc' ,gf-g if ' V 55. , . AJ! 'L-Aff X , X J! K, L C1,a'6Z. . QQ? , '51,f', , yd' fbi R 'Lie ' 'LJ -'f 7 fQ 72Y'7,D ' WWW ,WAV W J , , 1 5 M A 1111 119 1 P, x W V s r 4 X 6 ,1 1 1 1 ,. 1,1 92? .Q 1 ' 1,1 , 1-,1 . 1- -1.3,1yhl11 Agn- A 1 -1 :r1.5f'Z4,1 Z A J wh .qv f.1'2'1M? '1' ,111 -- ,. 1 , 1 W Qc: . ..1,,g4r.:, ' ' 1 wr ff nw ' ,E .'lz3, 'fg5 -13 151rr , 11.. .1 111, .11,., , 1 1 5 1 1 '.V V' ' 1 1' K, ,PNA YH.. 111 1' ' 1111 1 5,1134 , , 2,1 .1 ,- 1, .A ., Q, 1 E 111,111 ,-:r F- A 'an A, 1 1, +.1. . 1-.-5 1 H 61 , 1 Q, 3 . 1 M' 1, ,1 1 1 n1 1':1 ' 1 - 1 '+,?Q4::-.F'-F P-?'-Hfiq.1.n:m iv 1 J 11 4 ka, 1 Jw.. 5111 -r T 1 55,5-2eJ:::fv4gJ,g' An 1.15143 fbmfl , . , , My 1 , 1 Y'L1:?E2g,'QigEf:gif X :.,,mL.f 1 .,1.1,,31,1 5 ' 'wf gzyj .k'3gj , ,. ,,! 1.-5111-1 5, , 'T .L,f 1131, ' f -l I.:-1' 4. -1 :f ff -N4 1 JW - M qu, .. 3. 4 , 5- ft RWE Q35 1 - rn. V1 mia, 1 in 1. . E, V .I1', -.11 , 1 1: if'- A 1. W , mx' 1 , 1 ,1:,, Jw 11. 5 .ui-1 1m--nn-.1-1r f 17s'41 ',9.1:'?-' 4 u 1. 4'- 11? g f un u 1 ' Nf A '..e?:1a:,,'..yjEf fi Qssmvaazruoro D, CALIFORNIA, + I m90AKlAND '66EY f6'ooTP'i5nE?. WILD ATNEWSSmaSh Japan' S- Senator QF, WARf Np llH 'Farewell' igg this 'W I 5 rihune 5 ssnAY, Aucusr 14, 1945A A 9 151 SUNDAY No A ,.4 0 ' x JAPAN ACCEPTS BIG FOUR'S TERMS W THOUT RESERVATION WASHINGTON, Aug. 14.0-CAP?--President Truman announced 'at 7:00 p.rn. E might Jabanese acceptance of surrender terms W 1 ,A A ,A Q

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