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Afgggj' -Tuma P+ it 3 has Book, belongs 0. f.-N ,H-sg. ww- Q E DP 'M Il xl q S x AMI, .l vi .. fs, A .f'-1-...N . ' t , ,rl M3 - z '+- 5 inf? -Q,7....,-.'.,LL,1 1, ,M C2 f-11131,-Q ' ' 1 -.ff ,RIPE -. gf... 1 ' . ,, I .W ' . ' . 'Qi gg' 1, F .QR V 2, .gin agar, 5 ,fe ' V A U ' T' 3Q:e9y4',. W' ix 3.' -o'gi:S?. cC.....n .,- , , . afzjirf - -- nl ' f ' -WY!-., ert'.f:5H3 . vx sv N ' , S' 'Q , "ff FF",-fl ' N ,. ,. . all N. 'N' , H - ' Q--S - . I 'A A-':..5 1 --1 HQMW: I lv: ' ga . ' 4, 1' '71 41:74- P' ' lk- ,fi : in V t W' ' 1 COPYRIGHT 1943 BY KENNETH SMITH B I I. C O O P E R Assistant Editor 1 , WINSTON CURRIER Business Manager VOLUME XLIV PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK LIST OF CONTENTS I . . . ADMINISTRATION II . . CLASSES III . . . ACTIVITIES IV . ..... SPORTS V . . ORGANIZATIONS VI . . R.O.T.C. FUHEWURB . .. In these times of war we must make two basic changes in our way of life, a complete change in our actions and a complete change in our thinking. Our change in actions in school is brought about primarily by the change in our opportunities and courses. Our school in former years has leaned more towards the cultural type of education. Now, as the entire world is engulfed in war, we have had to convert every concern and institution to all out War effort. This transition can easily be seen in Alameda High School. Many courses have been introduced into high school for the first time within the last year. In the shops instructors prepare us for the production, repair, and maintenance of products used in the war. The academic courses prepare us for further training in the varied fields supported by the armed forces. Science courses prepare us for essential civilian and military occu- pations. In the R.O.T.C. the boys are given much valuable training which will be of great use when they join the armed forces. Our change in thoughts is something less tangible, something not fostered by marching in parades or making speeches, but something nur- tured from within. It is an urge to do the utmost for the furtherance of the war. The majority of students probably have this feeling although they cannot express it. We of the staff of the 1943 AcoRN have endeavored to capture the spirit and life of the Alameda High School during war and to retain some of the peaceful school life of normal times. We hope as you read your 1943 ACORN you may recall many forgotten, happy thoughts and pleasant events. I I W1 u DEDIII TIIJ "There are in the world two powers-the sword and the spirit. The spirit has always vanquished the sword." -NAPOLEON To the spirit in which the men and Women who were former students of Alameda High School serve their country at home and abroad, this book is reverently dedicated. A AWE Qu 9' .. 14432 W ,A v A ,,,, f--5 mf. -.1 ,. xg, .,, " ' x ' , ' -LA-'. - -B, , , , , - xr- ha. ,JQIM ,- - gag 'N Q ,iffy L.. 1 5 -if I -7:1 , ' f ff'-sw-, - , ' , , 1-' V e .,h , 1 . . ,:, 4 3 ,. .,... ,W 5, by 7, 1 . 3 psf 4 '-if n ' Q 1. 4" I -' n. , , U .NT ,. ,,..f'-f"-'-.-i.,,,-Q,.f - i - 'fzR5.:C'1 f-fa . E . V I n ,M-wfkstx F 'f ,. .Q +-iiwnjsws , .-.-N.. ,.,,, ,,, f 555' ff N , in V f ' Y, , , MJ. . ,M T n i l W , , - ,if ,Tql . . H 1 ri-if rr - I , 5.2 is .H l l gm .I -rl 7 MH. BHYllN'S MESS EE The students of the class of June, 1943, are to be congratulated on the splendid record they made during their four years of high school. Seventy members of the class made a "B" average or better, and one hundred sixty members of the class, or 63 75 , made a "B-" or better. If the class roster of two hundred fifty-three names were arranged according to rank in schol- arship, two hundred twenty-five names would be passed before a student with an average mark of UC" was reached. Only twenty-eight students fell below a "CH average and only tive below a 'KC-". Marks made in high school play a most important part in the future success of a student. Universities, colleges, civil service bureaus, many branches of the armed services, and almost all business concerns now ask for a transcript of a student's high school record when he applies for admis- sion to a higher school or seeks employment in some branch of the govern- ment or in a business. Good marks open the way to better positions and to higher education, while poor marks block the individual on every side. Bet- l6l ter positions naturally carry with them higher incomes, which in turn mean higher standards of living. Employing concerns want to know many other things about the student before they make him a member of their organizations. They want to know if the student is honest, if he is trustworthy, if he is regular in attendance, if he is prompt in doing assigned tasks, and if he gets along well with other people. Inquiries differ somewhat, but they all want to know if the student's citizenship was satisfactory and if we can recommend him. It is a real pleasure for us to answer an inquiry when we can say nice things about a student and when we can send a transcript of record that shows good marks throughout four years of high school. It is not such a pleasure to answer letters for the small percentage of students who make poor marks, who think it is smart to cut classes, and who are unreliable in other ways. For the past several years, the average mark for all students in Alameda High School in all subjects has been closer to a "B" than to a HC". Any student can determine his position in the school in relation to other stu- dents by an examination of his marks. If he has more "A's" and "B's" than "C's',, he is better or at least equal to the average student. If he has more 'fC's" than UBB", he will fall below the average. Absence from school causes more poor marks than any other single rea- son. A student cannot do good work when he has a poor attendance record. The Work in a class goes forward each day. A student who is often absent soon finds himself behind in his lessons and is likely to lose interest. Regu- lar attendance and reasonable application to school work will assure almost any student good marks. Home study is absolutely necessary for the stu- dent who takes heavy courses and who wants to make recommending marks for college. A good high school record is probably the best investment a student can make. It will pay high dividends in the years ahead. Make your high school record count. To Mrs. LeHew, faculty adviser, Kenneth Smith, editor, and to the ACORN Staff, I express my deep appreciation and thanks for the splendid manner in which they have worked together to make the 1943 ACORN a success. They have overcome many difficulties and have quietly and effi- ciently published an ACORN of which we can all be proud. , GNL! l7l ADMIN r ,rgfy -Kly-..4,5 ,.. -Q " ' .'-f :If-i'...,r isrff' "ws 9"-E. 5 -sc K 3 V . .V .5 A., , ' 1 v -' c ,Q .. . 5 4- X 1 x ISTHATIU "mf -L. ill-15524 1: H FALL 1942 President . .............. .... . . .DEAN HAMILTON V cc P es dent .................... VIVIAN URSIN Recording Secretary.. .... ....... B OB BURKE Financial Secretary ,... ..... J ACK TURNER Vell Leader. . . . . .........EnFRY The fall term of 1942 was the most trying term ever faced by an A. S. A. H. S. administration. The Alameda student body was forced to face the fact that the United States of America was at War with the Axis and school was not to be "as usual." President Dean Hamilton arranged some splendid meetings for the pleasure of the students. A highlight of this administration Was the enlistment of our president, Dean Hamilton, in the United States Navy. Dean was called to active duty shortly before his term of office expired. Vivian Ursin, vice-president, completed the term as president. She filled her office admirably as both students and faculty will testify. Recording Secretary Bob Burke, con- scientiously fulfilled the duties of his office and, also, presented the student body with a new leather minute book to be used by future recording secre- taries. Jack Turner, financial secretary, achieved the "impossible" when he announced that for the first time in many years the student body was paid up one hundred percent for student card dues. Ed Fry was a fine and spirited yell leader. Ed's fine leadership, the support and yells of the students, and the splendid coaching of Frank Collin, inspired the football team to capture second place in the A.C.A.L. The officers of the A.S.A.H.S. for the fall 1942 Wish to thank the student faculty committee, both boards of control, the administrative board and all persons who helped make this an outstanding administration. Respectfully submitted, BOB BURKE, Recording Secretary, A.S.A.H.S. Fall Term 1942 l1Ol -i STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD The members of the Student Faculty Committee for the Fall 1942 were: Dean Hamilton, Vivian Ursin, Bob Burke, Jack Turner, Ed Fry, Bob Yoas, Barbara Wenderoth, Barbara Munholland, Ernie Kellberg, Geral- dine Simone, Mr. Bryan, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Sisler, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Cooperrider. The members of the Administrative Board Fall 1942 were: Ernie Kell- berg CSpeakerj, Shirley Brown CVice Speakerj, Dean Hamilton, Vivian Ursin, Bob Burke, jack Turner, Maxine Brown, Peter Christie, Betty Matthews, Marilyn Phillips, Reginald Saunders, Paul Andriese, Virginia Reick, Betty Van Den Bergh, Paul Cox, Bob Clifford, Beverly Brown, Conway Catton, Shirley Schwarz, Grace Joseph, Jack Weeden, Colin Devine, joan McKean, Wesley Pease, Romona Burke, Louis Bach. Members of the Girls' Board of Control for term of Fall, 1942 were: Shirley Brown, Beverley Fagan, Peggy Gettle, Yvonne Hickok, Barbara Livingstone, Betty Matthews, Kathy Malmquist, Jan McGuire, Janice Ohanneson, Virginia Reick, Beverley Seagren, Connie Snell, Winnie Tasker, Betty Van Den Bergh, Jeanne von Schmidt, Barbara Wenderoth, Genevieve Wash, Carol Wales. Members of the Men's Board of Control for term of Fall, 1942 were: Paul Andriese, Scott Baxter, Jim Bishop, Ed Bullwinkel, Bob McCreery, Ralph Dolan, Bob Eschen, Victor Lagorio, Bob Mason, Jim Pingree, Frank Ratto, Ted Sawyer, Doug Spencer, Rudy Taube, Ray Teakle, Paul Unsworth, Bob Yoas. fy, fe s,"f"" GIRLS' BOARD OF CONTROL MEN 'S BOARD OF CONTROL A. . .H.5. Preszdent .................... Vzce Preszdent ............... Recording Secretary. . . . . . . Financial Secretary ..... .... Yell Leader ........... SPRING 1943 FRY . . .MAXINE BROWN .Bmronn RANDOLPH ..CoNwAY CATTON . . . . . .BILL Coomzn In the spring term of 1943 the administration promised to secure enter- taining student meetings and to promote athletic events. Each ofiicer has helped to fuliill this promise. Ed Fry's fine spirit and ability as a leader assured a successful administration, Maxine Brown, our popular and cap- able vice-president, was always ready to help in any Way possible, Bin Randolph kept accurate minutes, Connie Catton Worked hard for a 100 70 student body, Bill Cooper provided lots of spirit and was a fine yell leader. The Student-Faculty Committee receives our thanks for the assistance given us in securing entertaining student meetings. Among the outstanding meetings were the Government Island Coast Guard Band Concert, the student talent program, the 21 7th Coast Artillery Band Concert, the enter- tainment by the Camp Ashby Singers, and the program by the Blind Asso- ciation which was climaxed by the remarkable performance of Pierce Knox at the Xylophone. We Wish to thank all the committees and organizations for the splendid help given us in the past term. We especially Want to thank each member of the student body for his fine cooperation. BIN RANDOLPH Recording Secretary A .S.A .H.S. Spring '43 i13l STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE ADM INIS TRATIVE B OARD I The members of the Student Faculty Committee for Spring, 1943 were: Ed Fry, Maxine Brown, Binford Randolph, Conway Catton, Bill Cooper, Bob McCreery, Winnie Tasker, Barbara Roth, Bob Clifford, Paul Cox, Peter Christie, Donna Markman, Mr. Bryan, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Cum- mings, Mr. Sisler, Mr. Cooperrider, and Mr. Bell. The members of the Administrative Board Spring 1943 were: Paul Cox C Speakerj, Betty Van Den Bergh QVice Speakerj, Ed Fry, Maxine Brown, George Randolph, Conway Catton, Bill Cooper, Shirley Bell, Lorraine Colbert, john Gorman, Phil Coney, Leo Collins, Don Ray, Shirley Brown, Ken Reeves, Beverly Brown, jack Weeden, Elaine Frontjos, Grace joseph, Colin Devine, Bob Albers, Jean Perata, Romona Burke, Louis Bach, Harold Hutchinson, Natalie Brown. l14l Members of the Girls' Board of Control for the term of Spring, 1943 were: Winnie Tasker, Betty Van Den Bergh, Marilyn Phillips, Bonnie Burke, Claire Singer, Shirley Bell, Beverley Brown, Doris Pederson, Nancy Rieck, Shirley Schwarz, Betty Matthews, Shirley Bruzzone, Mar- jorie Nield, Mary Powell, June Coryse, Billie Baggett, Carol Van Loo, Sally Howen. Members of the Men's Board of Control for the term of Spring 1943 Were: Tony Ratto, Ralph Dolan, Ernie Kellberg, Bob McCreery, Rudy Taube, Jim Pingree, John Wendt, Bob Kneedler, Peter Vallerga, Larry Means, Bob Mason, Bill Schill, Al Van Dale, Hugh Williams, Harry Gon- zales, Sherry Merrick, jack Weeden, jim Blamire. GIRLS' BOARD OF CONTROL MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL THE Q Q. 'u 4?- ,A-,:"' ,,..,v CLASSES FALL '42 Prexident ........... GEORGE Vice President. . . . Recording Secretary ...... Yell Leader ....... .-ld Board ........ As Freshmen, we, the Class of June, 1943, were dazed and somewhat awed by the immensity of the buildings and the complexity of high school life. However, through the kind help of advisers and teachers, we soon became adjusted andlproceeded to make ourselves a necessary part of all school activities. We were consoled by the fact that our new principal, Mr. Bryan, could also be called a " Froshf' Phil Coney was our president during both the Low and High Freshman terms. Activities in our Sophomore year included the "Scotch Hopf' which was ably managed by Barbara Roth, Shirley Kihn, Bob Burke, and Noel Smith. We elected Jack WOOdf1H president-in our ZA term and Eddie Fry presi- dent in the ZB term. Then came the time which is looked forward to by all students, when we could proudly say, "Pm an upperclassmanfi In football we had Ernie Kell- berg, Pete Christie, Buzz Roberts, Bill Cooper, and Phil Coneyg in base- ball we were represented by Dell Hall, Vern Hall, Jim Pingree, Bob Mc- Creery, and Ray French, who also played Varsity Basketball, in swimming by Charles Dorr and Bob Youngg in track by Ralph Dolan, Bob Arm- strong, Bruce Rodgers, Dick Millar and Bob Saxtong in golf, by Eddie Fry, Bob Unthank, Ernie Kellberg, George Randolph, Paul Cox and john Roach. Our Junior Year was finished off successfully, with the Jungle Prom which was managed by Paul Cox, ably assisted by Phil Coney and Barbara von Schmidt. Jack Ludlam was the President of the class in our Low junior term, Ernie Kellberg was president in our High Junior term. f18l IIL SS UP RANDOLPH .....MAx1NE BROVVN .EMILY HAAS Financial Secretary ...... SHIRLEY KIHN . . . . .BRUCE RoncERs PAUL Cox Ad Board ....... BETTY VAN DEN BERGH UNE '43 President ................... PAUL Cox 35214 Vice President. . .BETTY VAN DEN BERGH 5? Recording Secretary ....... LEO COLLINS Financial Secretary. .SHIRLEY BRUZZONE Yell Leader ....,..... GEORGE RANDOLPH Ad Board .................. PAUL Cox Ad Board ....... BETTY VAN DEN BERG11 We entered our Senior year with George Randolph our chief executive. One of our first activities was the presentation of "George Washington Slept Here," the most successful Senior Play ever presented in Alameda High School. This production, under the able direction of Mr. Lloyd Sisler and management of Paul Cox, Betty Van Den Bergh, and Phil Coney, broke all records for the sale of tickets. The cast included Bob Burke, Jeanne Cohn, Eddie Fry, Happy Matthews, Bruce Rodgers, Donna McMillin, Bob McCreery, and Leo Collins. We had our traditional Senior Picnic in our High Senior year, under the leadership of Paul Cox, at Lake Anza and it was agreed by all that it was a picnic they would never forget. Yes, We had a grand time, but We also studied. Fifteen of our classmates are life members of the C.S.F., and a large number are members of the Star and Key Society. Top honors go to Lena Caviglia, our valedictorian, and to Barbara Ackley and to Paul Cox, who took second and third places respectively, in a class whose average Was exceptionally high. To the faculty advisors and to our other teachers, as Well as to Mr. Bryan, should go the credit for our success. Throughout the entire four years they have never refused to help and guide us in social and class activities. To them, We express appreciation and thanks. LEO COLLINS Recording Secrezfary l19l BERNICE PARIS-ACKERMAN BARBARA ACKLEY: C.S.F.g Star and Keyg Operetta-Leadg G.A.A.g Christmas Pageantg Student Talentg Public Schols Week. JOAN ADAMY: Advisory Officer. DORIS ANDERSON: Advisory Officerg Soph Hopg Junior Prom Com.g Senior Play Com.g Student Defense Councilg Jr. Red Crossg Swim- mingg Ice Skatingg Latin Club. FRANCES ARNBERGER: Block "Aug G.A.A. Financial Sec.-Fall '42. ANNA ASMUS: Choirg Spanish Clubg "Fire- Hy 1: BEATRICE BAGGETT: Advisory Ofticerg Vice President 1B Classy G.A.A. FLORENCE BAILEY: Secretary French Clubg Jr. Red Crossg Victory Corps. BETTE BAKER: Junior Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.g Senior Play Com.g Swirnmingg Ice Skatingg Com. 'LI-Iigh and Dry." DON BARGELT: Senior Play Com.g Red Cross Rep.g Senior Ball Com.g French Clubg Star and Key. EMILY BARNETT: Transferred from Fresnog Canoeing-G.A.A.-'4Zg Red Cross. DOROTHY BARTALINI: Pres. Girls Block "Ang Rec. Sec. G.A.A.g Publicity Mgr. G.A.A.g Life Member C.S.F.g Life Member Star and Keyg Student Defense Councilg Rep. Ir. Red Crossg Public Information Corps G.A.A. Sports. DAVID BERNSTEIN: R.O.T.C.g Color Guard. TOM BRADSHAW: Co-editor-AcoRNg Sen- ior Play Properties Mgr.g Oak Leaf Circulation Mgr.g Senior Ballg Ir. Promg Men's Banquetg Soph Hopg Spanish Clubg Victory Corpsg Star and Key. MARIAN BROULLET: Girls Block UAV-Vice Pres.g Star and Keyg Latin Clubg French Clubg G.A.A. BEVERLY BROWN: Senior Play Com.3 Ir. Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.g French Clubg Star and Key. MAXINE BROWN: Vice Pres. A.S.A.H.S. Spring '43g D.A.R. Rep. '43g Vice Pres. 3A-4Ag Financial Sec. BBQ R.O.T.C. Battalion Sponsor Spring '43g R.O.T.C. Staff Sponsor Fall '42g Sword and Shieldg Co-Mgr. Military Ball Spring '43g Ad-Board Fall '42g Rec. Sec. Ad- Board Spring '43g Student Fac. Com,g Spanish Clubg Student Talent Spring '41g Jr. Prom Com.g Senior Play Com. STANLEY BRUNS: ACORN Staff '43g Senior Playg Oak Leaf. SHIRLEY BRUZZONE: Fin. Sec. 4B Classg Board of Control Spring '43, C.S.F.g Star and Key, French Clubg Victory Corps, Advisory Pres. 4Bg Ticket Mgr. "Rio Rita", ACORN '43, LILLIAN BUGATTO: Life Member of Star and Key, CSF., Red Cross Rep., Advisory Officer. WILLIAM BURKE: Lieut. R.O.T.C. Bandg Concert Bandg Orchestra, "High and Dry"g "Rio Rita". BOB BURKE: Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S. Fall '42g Lead in "George Washington Slept Here"g Ad Boardg Student Fac. Com.g Mgr. "Scotch Hop"g Chairman Orch. Com.-Junior Prom. ARLINE BURTON KATIE CALBERT: Student Talent, Choir, Girl's Gleeg Christmas Pageant, Public School's Week Program. KATHELENE CAPLING: Advisory Officer. DOROTHY CARPENTER: Transfer from Minneapolis, Minn. MIMI CATHCART: Senior Playg Christmas Pageant, Star and Keyg Soph Hop Com.g Latin Clubg Spanish Clubg Advisory President. LENA CAVIGLIA: Life Member C.S.F.g Life Member Star and Keyg Board of Control Spring '42g Spanish Clubg Advisory Officer. ERNEST CHAIX THERESA CHRISAND: "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Soph Hop Com., Red Cross Rep., Ad- visory Ofticer. . PETER BOWELL CHRISTIE: Football '39, '40, '41, '4Zg Ad Boardg Board of Control, Stu- dent Facultyg Spanish Clubg "Firefly", Glee Club. LENNIS EDNA CLEMENT JEANNE COI-IN: Lead in "George Washington Slept I-Iere"g Advisory Officer, Soph Hop Com.g Junior Prom Com., Officer of French Clubg Swimmingg Ice Skatingg 'tBallad for Ameri- cans"g Tennis. LORAINE COLBERT: Ad Board Spring '43g Song Leader G.A. Spring '43, Co-Mgr. "High and Dry"g "You Can't Take It With You"g "George Washington Slept Here"g Advisory Pres.g Vice-Pres. and Sec.g Student Talents '39, 740, Jr. Prom Com., Star and Key. LEO COLLINS: Rec. Sec. 4B Class, "George Washington Slept Here"g Ad Board '43 9 C.S.F.- Life Memberg "Rio Rita"g Student Talent '42g Christmas Pageant '42g Military Ball '42, '43. KENNETH COMBS: Oak Leaf Contributerg Stamp Club. PHILIP CONEY: Pres. Freshman Class: Ad Board Low and High Sophomore: Mgr. Soph Hop: Junior Prom Com.: Senior Play Mgr.: Football '41, '42: Swimming '4O: Ad Board '-43. JOHN CONLON: Transfer from Washington, D.C. BILL COOPER: A.S.A.H.S.-Yell Leader: Men's Assn.: Class Yell Leader SB: Life Mem- ber Star and Key: Varsity Football '41, '42: Ad Board: C.S.F.: Advisory Officer: Student Fac. Com.: Military Ball Com.: R.O.T.C. MARILYN COUGHLAN: Vice Pres. C.S.F.: Star and Key: "Rio Rita": "George Washington Slept Here": A Capella Choir: French Club: Advisory Officer: Senior Executive Com. PAUL COX: Pres. 4B Class: Mgr. "George Washington Slept Here": Jungle Prom Mgr.: Mgr. "Rio Rita": Editor Oak Leaf: Men's Assn.: C.S.F., Vice Pres.: Star and Key, Vice Pres.: Student Fac. Com.: Pres. Sword and Shield Society: Military Ball Mgr. LOUISE CUMMINGS: Senior Opportunity Day '42, WIN CURRIER: ACORN Assoc. Mgr. '41 : Asst. '42: Bus. Mgr. '43: Oak Leaf Bus. Mgr, '40, '41, '42, '43: Editor: "Rio Rita" Mgr.: "High and Dry" Com.: "FireHy" Asst. Mgr.: C.S.F.: Star and Key: Baseball: Football: Basketball: Ten- nis promotion: Junior Prom Adv. Mgr.: Soph Hop Com.: French Club: R.O.T.C.: Class Exec. Com.: Circus Day '40, '42, Adv. Pres. ROBERT DAUGHERTY: German Club: R.O.T.C.: Chess Club: Stage Crew. DON DAVIS: Football: C.S.F.: Star and Key: President County Council Jr. Red Cross: Fin. Sec. Class Sophomore Year. DOUGLAS DAY: Spanish Club: C,S,F.: Rifle Team '41: Advisory Officer, "Scotch Hop" Com.: Announcement Com. ANNE DEMARIA: Advisory Officer. RALPH E. DOLAN: Block "A" Society: Board of Control: Track '42, '43: Football '42: Crew '4O: Student Talent '40, '41, '43, FREDERICK CHARLES DORR: C.S.F.: Life Member Star and Key: Swimming: Soph Hop Com.: Jr. Prom Com.: Latin Club: French Club. GERALDINE DOUMITT: Yell Leader A. S. A. H. S.: Vice-Pres. ZA Class: Pres. Jr. Red Cross: R.O.T.C. Sponsor Co. A: French Club: Spanish Club: Star and Key: Advisory Ofiicer. MARY JANE DUNCAN: 4B Advisory Rep.: Advisory Officer: Bowling: Tennis: Swimming: Sutdent Talent Corn. MARY JO FARRAR: Letter in Volleyball: Treasurer and Secretary of Class: Soph. Play A.H.S. BRUCE EDWARD FAUTH: Star and Key. VIVIAN FIORA Fi li. if BECKY JANE FISH: "Rio Rita": Operetta '41: Student Rep. '42 A.H.S. PATRICIA FLETCHER: Life Member Star and Key: Executive Board Star and Key: C.S.F.: Spanish Club: .Auditorium Staff: G.A.A. Sports. RAY FRENCH: 3 years varsity baseball: 2 years varsity basketball. EDDIE FRY: Pres. Student Body 4B Spring '43: Cast of "George Washington Slept Here": Yell Leader Student Body 4A: Yell Leader Men's Assn. 3B Spring '42: Rec. Sec. Class '4Z: Yell Leader Fall '41: Block "A" 4 yrs.: Golf 4 yrs.: Ad Board 4A and 413: Student Fac. 4A and 4B. BERNICE FUDGE: Spanish Club: Operetta '41: "Rio Ritan '43: Soph Hop Com.: Senior Play: Junior From Com.: Advisory Officer '39 and '4O: Student Talent '43, GLORIA GAY: Financial Sec. Fall '41 and '42: French Club: Advisory Officer: Horesback Rid- ing. KATHERINE GERAGHTY: JACK GIEMONT: Yell Leader '43: "Rio Rita": Best Platoon Sgt. '43: Advisory Pres., Vice-Pres., Rep,: Tennis Club: Golf Club: Transfer from Roosevelt High School, T.H.: R.O.T.C. JACK LAWRENCE GRIFFIN: C.S.F.: French Club. LESLIE GLEB: Advisory Oflicer 39-42: Foot- ball '4O. CHARLES "CHUCK" GLIDEWELL: Foot- ball: Rifle Team: Basketball: Yeadon Hi School, Penn. BARBARA GORDON: Red Cross. JOHN GORMAN: Ad Board: Jr. Prom Com.: Senior Play Com.: Jr. Sweater Com.: Senior Jacket Com.: Circus Day. FAYE GREEN: Transfer from San Diego: Ad- visory Sec.: Christmas Pageant. JANE GREENOUGH: Star and Key: French Club: Soph Hop Com.: Advisory Ofiicer: Red Cross Rep.: Ice Skating. ROBERT GREER: R.O.T.C.: Jungle Prom: German Club: French Club: C.S.F.: Jr. Mgr. Football. PAUL GRIMARD JEAN GUTIERREZ: Transferred from an- other school. ROBERT HAKE: Captain Co. D9 Military Ball Com.g Sword and Shieldg Jr. Prom Com.g French Clubg Non Coms Clubg R.O.T.C. WALTER HANSFORD: Sword and Shield Clubg Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. EMILY JEAN HASS: Rec. Sec. 4A Classg Vic- tory Corpsg Spanish Clubg Soph Hop Com.g Jr. Prom Com.g Senior Play Com.g Co-Mgr. "Rio Ritavg French Clubg Star and Keyg Ice Skat- ingg Advisory Pres. EDNA HEALY: Life Member Star and Keyg C.S.F.g Swimmingg Hula Dancingg Crewg Chess Club. ELTON HECTOR: Transfer from Santa Mon- ica High. EVELYN HERRMANN: Hockeyg Swimmingg Hula Dancingg German Club. EUNICE HILL: Auditorium Staffg Red Cross Rep.g Badminton and Tennisg Ballad for Amer- icans. PAT HOBBS: Advisory Presg Soph Hop Com.g Archery. LEE HOLLADAY: Latin Clubg C.S.F.-Life Memberg French Clubg Chess Clubg Non Coms Club. LA VERNE HOLLE JOY HOPKINS JOHN J. HUBBELL: Alameda Track "C" '-113 Alameda Track "A" '43, LYDIA I-IUFT CLIFTON HUGHES: French Clubg C.S.F. LLOYD HURWITZ: Captain R.O.T.C.g Per- sonnel Adjutant R.O.T.C.g Sword and Shieldg Provost Sgt.g Non Coms, ESTHER INGEMAN: C,S,F.g Star and Keyg Red Crossg Stamp Clubg Chess Clubg Circus Day Com. FRANCIS JACKSON LOIS JACKSON: Star and Keyg "George Washington Slept Here"g "Senior Hi- Jinks"g "Campus Varieties of 1939"g French Clubg Senior Play Com.g Ice Skating. .M i , '-rf-'Ili' -4 JANE JAECKLE: Junior Prom Decoration Com.g Star and Key. JACK JOHANNES: Art Editor 1943 ACORN. BETTY JONES: Sponsor Co. D, R.O.T.C., Fall '42g Member Sword and Shieldg "High and Dry"g Soph Hop Com.g Jr. Prom Com.g Senior Play Corn.g French Clubg G.A.A. Sports. DAVID JUSTICE: Spanish Clubg French Club. LOIS KEARLEY: Soph Hop Com.g Jr. Prom Com.g Circus Dayg Senior Play Com. SHERMAN KECK: Tennisg Football. ERNIE KELLBERG: Pres.-Men's Assn., Fall '42g Pres. Class 3Bg Lt. Col. R.O.T.C.g Football '41, '42g Golf '39-'41g Track '43g Board of Con- trol Fall '41, Sp. '42, '43g Speaker Ad Board CFall '42D g Block "A" Society-3 yrs. AUDREY MORIN-KENNEDY: Transferred from another school. ART KENNERSON: Football '42g Basketball '42, '43g Track '42, '43g Senior Jacket Com.g Swimming Team '43. CARL KETCHUM: ACORN Staffg Varsity Bas- ketball '42, '43g Varsity Baseball '43, HENRIETTA KICHERER SHIRLEY KIHN: Fin. Sec. 2Ag Fin. Sec. 4Ag Co-Mgr. "Scotch Hop"g Spanish Clubg Star and Keyg French Clubg Jungle Prom Com.g "George Washington Slept Hcrc"g G.A.A. Sportsg Hi Senior Ex. Com. ED KING: Varsity Basketball '42, '43 3 Fin. Sec. Spanish Clubg Soph Hop Com.3 Jr. Prom Com.g Circus Day Com.g C.S.F.g Star and Key Soc. LEO KING VALENTINE KINGWELL DOROTHY KIRK: Auditorium Staffg Girl's Gleeg "High and Dry"g Senior Announcement Com. ' LOIS LAGE: Advisory Rep. to Red Crossg Transfer from Lodi High. ERNEST LEHTONEN ROBERT LANDER: lst Lieutenant R.O.T.C. DON LANE: Soph Hop Corn.g Tennis '42g French Clubg A.H.S. Bandg Basketball '42g Ad- visory Officer. BRUCE LAUSTEN: Wrestling team 19415 Transfer from Redwood City, Calif. VIOLET LEGGE GIM-POCK LEW: Transfer from Technical Highg Swimming Team. JOYCE LEYLAND: Life Member of C.S.F.g Star and Key, R.O.T.C. Sponsor Cheadquar- tersj 5 Sword and Shieldg French Clubg Spanish Clubg Student Talent Fall 19425 ACORN Staff '43g G.A.A. Sports. EDITH LIECHTI: Latin Clubg German Clubg Orchestrag Ice Skatingg Advisory Vice-Pres. DALE LIND: Red Crossg Advisory Ofiicerg Soph Hop Com. EDWIN LINDBORG ALBERT LOMAS: Latin Clubg Member C.S.F. 2Vz yrs. ANNA LOUIE KATHERINE MALMQUIST: Vice-Pres. Girl's Assn., Spring '43g Board of Control, Fall '42g Jr. Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.g Ballad for Americansg Firellyg Christmas Pageant. KENNETH MANFUL: f'Rio Rita"g "Firefiy"g Glee Clubg Choir. BETTY MATTHEWS: R.O.T.C. Sponsor Co. A, '41, '42, Freshman Reception Mgr., Fall '42g Board of Control, '41, '42, '43g Sponsor Co- Mgr., Military Ball, Spring '42g Rec. Sec. 1Bg Fin. Sec. ZBQ Soph Hop Com.g Ir. Prom Com., Senior Cast "George Washington Slept Here" 5 Ad Board IW yrs.g Spanish Clubg Star and Key, '39, '40, '41, Circus Day Com. DICK MILLAR: Block "A" Societyg Trackg Football. HELEN MINER: Junior Prom Com., Soph Hop Com.g Circus Dayg Senior Opportunity Dayg Advisory Oflicerg Red Cross Rep.g Span- ish Club. BRIAN MOORE: Non-Com's Club. PATSY MULLIKIN: Advisory-Sec. and Treasurerg Operettag Spanish Club, Majorette fOther High Schoollg Pep Club COther High Schoolj. fi ,ar if f JIM MCCLOY BOB MCCREERY: Baseball '42, '43g Student Fac. Com.g Chief Counsellor Board of Control '42, '43g Pres. Block "A" Soc. '42, '43g "George Washington Slept Herevg ACORN Staff 3 Oak Leaf Staffg Transfer from San Diego '42. JANET EVELYN MCGUIRE: Board of Con- trol, Fall '42g Soph Hop Com.g Jr. Prom Com.g Co-Mgr. "Juke Box Jig"g Freshman Reception Fall '42, Spring '43 3 Opening Dance Com.g Sen- ior Play Com. DONNA MCMILLANZ Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg ACORN Staff '43g 'tGeorge Washington Slept Heren Castg Soph Hop Com.g Jr. Prom Com.g Circus Day Com.g Drum Majoretteg Dramag Ice Skating. BETTY MCMULLINZ Chairman Art Com. Jr. Promg Mgr. "Juke Box Jigng Program Chair- man "Firefly"g Oak Leaf Staffg ACORN Staffg Circus Day Com.g Vice-Pres. Spanish Clubg Ad- visory Pres. Fall '43g Freshman Receptiong Star and Keyg Soph I-Iopg Opening Dance. HELEN NESBIT: Advisory Vice-Pres. and Treasurerg G.A.A. Volleyball and Basketballg Red Crossg Star and Key Soc.g C.S.F. u DOROTHY NEWMAN: C.S.F.g Star and Keyg Soph Hop Com.g '42 Circus Day Com.g "George Washington Slept Here"g 4B Executive Com.g French Clubg Spanish Clubg Ice Skatingg Ad- visory Officer. BEVERLY NIX: Ad Board 2A and 2B Termg Jr. Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.3 Freshman Reception Com.g C.S.F.g Star and Keyg Span- ish Clubg Circus Day Com. JACK NIX DORTHA NOBLE: Transferred from Wellston High. BOB NOLTHENIUS: "B" Football '39g Star and Keyg Soph Hop Corn.g Circus Day Com.g Oak Leaf Staff. MERNA OLDFIELD JOAN OVERACKER LIDO PACINI: Christmas Pageant. MARION PARIS: Jr. Red Cross Rep.g French Club Editorg Latin Clubg Swimming Club. GLORIA PELLISSIER: French Club. RICHARD PENBERTHY JOAQUIN PEREIRA FRANCES LOUISE "SUE" PERRY: G.A.A.g Red Cross Rep.g Defense Council. ALICE PETERSEN: Soph HOD Corn.g Ir. Prom Com.g Senior Play Com.g Public School Week Programg Spanish Clubg French Clubg Circus Day Com.g Senior Activities. BARBARA PETERSEN MARILYN PHILLIPS: Vice-Counselor Board of Controlg Ad Boardg Rec. Sec. 3Ag Spanish Clubg Adv, Pres.g Victory Corpsg Ir. Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.g Freshman Reception Com.g Circus Day Com. JOYCE PIERCE: Advisory Ofiicerg Red Cross Rep.g Girls Glee. JIM PINGREE: Varsity Baseballg Varsity Footballg Vice Chief Counselor of Men's Board of Controlg Block "A" Society. CATHERINE POLIZZI: Red Cross Rep.g Ad- visory Ofiicerg G.A.A. Sportsg Swimmingg Bad- mintong Bowlingg Star and Keyg Latin Club. ARVILLA MARIE PROCTOR THELMA CLEVELAND-PRYOR BIN RANDOLPH: Rec. Sec. A.S.A.H.S.g Pres. 4A Classg Yell Leader ZB-4Bg Boy's State Rep.g "Rio Rita"g "George Washington Slept Here"g Co-editor Oak Leafg Pres. Star and Keyg Golf Teamg Pres. C.S.F.g Life Member C.S.F.g Star and Keyg Block "A" Society. MARGARET RATTO: Advisory Ofiicerg Red Crossg Spanish Clubg G.A.A. Swimming. TONY RATTO: Member of All-County Foot- ball Teamg Varsity Football '42g Reserve Foot- ball '4O, '41g Sec. Board of Controlg Sec. Block "A" Societyg C.S.F MILDRED REDIESS: Transfer from Sutter Highg C.S.F.g G.A.A. IRENE REGOLI: Riding '41g "Rio Rita"g Sec. Spanish Club '42g Jr. Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.g Circus Day Com. TALMADGE RICE: C.S.Fg Star and Keyg Military Ball Com.g Sword and Shield Societyg Non Com's Clubg ACORNQ R.O.T.C. editorg German Clubg Spanish Club. JOHN McDONALD ROACI-I: Sports Editor ACORNQ Golig Trackg 'tGeorge Washington Slept Here"g "Rio Ritang A.H.S. Public Speak- ing Rep. DONALD "BUD" ROBARTS: Footballg Cir- cur Day Com.g "High and Dry"g R.O,T.C.g Soph Hop Com. GLORIA RODDICK tu wb 've BRUCE RODGERS: t'George Washington Slept Here"g "Rio Rita"g Yell Leader 4A Classg Yell Leader Men's Assn.g AcoRN Staffg Oak Leafg Jungle Promg Assistant Yell Leader A. S. A. H. S.g Student Talent '43g Track '41, '42g Block 'tA"g Circus Day '42. VELMA RODRIQUES: Red Cross Rep.g Ad- visory Vice-Pres.g Victory Corps. Rep. MILLY ROLLASON: Star and Keyg Soph Hop Com.g '42 Circus Day Com.g Jr. Prom Corn.g "George Washington Slept Here"g French Clubg Spanish Clubg Golf '4Og Ice Skat- ing '40 3 Advisory Oficer. BARBARA ANN ROTH: Pres. G.A.5 Song Leader G.A.g Fin. Sec. 3A Classg Co-Mgr. Soph Hopg Jr. Prom Com.g Asslt Yell Leader Fall '42g Freshman Receptiong Circus Dayg Span- ish Clubg Student Fac. Com. Fall '42, Spring '43g Senior Play Com. ERIC RUZICKA: Army Air Corps CEnlisted Reservel. RUTHE SACHS: 1A Adv. Treasurerg 1B Adv. Sec.g 2A Adv. Vice-Pres.g 2A and SA Red Cross Rep.g Soph Hop Com. PATTY SAYRE: Senior Play Com.g Operetta Com. 19433 Star and Keyg Soph Hop Com.g Opening Dance Com.g Spanish Clubg Horseback Riding '41g Circus Day Com.g Red Cross Rep. BOB SAXTON: "Bn Swimming '41g Varsity Track '42g Cast "George Washington Slept Hereng Adv. Oflicerg Ir. Prom Com.3 Senior Play Com.g Oak Leaf Staffg Scotch Hop Com. PAUL SCHLAGETER: 4F Club. VIVIAN SCHMIDT: Ir. Prom Com.g Senior Play Com.g Tennisg Ice Skatingg Advisory Offi- cerg Circus Day Com. MARIE SCOTT: Treasurer 2 terms French Clubg Red Cross Rep.g Jr. Prom Com.g Scen- ery "George Washington Slept I-Iere"g Adv. Sec.g Circus Dayg Red Crossg French Club. IRENE SHARP: Vice-Pres. of Advisoryg Pres. of Advisoryg Red Cross. DAVID SHEARS WANDA SHIPMAN: Adv. Otiicerg Student Talent Programg Freshman Initiationg Red Cross Rep. ALDURA SHRIGLEY: Spanish Club. VIRGINIA SIBLEY: Life Member Star and Keyg G.A.A. Sportsg French Clubg Red Crossg Christmas Pageant Cast 19423 Senior Play Com. GERALDINE SIMONE: Pres. G.A.A.9 Vice- Pres. Girls Block "Aug Student Fac. Com. Fall '42g Lead Christmas Pageant '4Zg Cast of "George Washington Slept Here." KATHLEEN SIMON HOWARD RUSSELL SIMPSON: "George Washington Slept Here", Ir. Prom Com., Adv. Sec., Track 1941, French Club, Spanish Club, Scotch Hop Com., "Ballad For Americans." IEANNE SMITH: Rec. See. G.A.A., Ir. Prom Com., Soph Hop Corn., Adv. Pres., French Club, G.A.A. Golf, "High and Dry" Com. KENNETH SMITH: Editor 1943 ACORN, French Club, Latin Club, Stamp Club, Jr. Red Cross National Delegate, C.S.F. Life Mem- ber, Star and Key, Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., Senior Ball Corn., Circus Day, Senior Play. RUTH E. SMITH: Spanish Club, Portland, Ore., Pep Club, Sec. and Pres. of Adv., Van- couver, Wash. SHIRLEY SNYDER: Adv. Sec., Ir. Prom Com., Transferred from University High. ELIZABETH SPINGLOLA: Adv. Officer, Sen- ior Announcement Com., Red Cross. LILLIAN STARICCO: Treasurer of Spanish Club, Soph Hop Com., Ir. Prom Com., Ice Skating, Adv. Officer, Circus Day Com., "Fire- fly", Glee Club. MARJORIE STEFFENSEN MARY STONE BOB STREHLOW: Football 1939, '40, '41, Swimming '39, '40, "Red Mill", "Firefly", R.O.T.C., "Hi and Dry", "Rio Rita", Non Com Club, Boy's Glee. LAWRENCE SUNDBERG: Golf '40, '41 , Jun- ior Prom Com., Track '43, Soph Hop Com., Circus Day Com. HARRY I. TALBOT: Sword and Shield, Swing Band, Concert Band, Student Talent, "High and Dry" Orchestra, Military Ball Orch. Com., Commander of R.O.T.C. Band. WINNIE TASKER: Chief Counselor Board of Control, Board of Control 3A, SB, 4A, 4B, Opening Dance Com., Spanish Club, Adv. Offi- cer, Circus Day. RUDY TAUBE: Board of Control Fall '42 and Spring '43, Reserve Football '42, Varsity Foot- ball '43 , Vice-Pres. Block "A" Soc., War Saving Stamps Sales Com. ELEANOR TEBALDI: Sec. Adv., G.A.A., Crew. dl FRANK MAXWELL THOMAS, IR.: Army 9, Air Corps fEnlisted Reservej . BETTY THOMPSON EDA JUNE THOMSEN: G.A.A. '41, '42, '43, Adv. Officer, Class Officer 1, Transferred from Benton High School, St. Joseph, Mo. IACKY TILLEY: Red Crossg French Clubg Adv. Officer. YVONNE TREMP: Adv. Offlcerg Soph Hop Com.5 Ir. Prom Com.5 Opening Dance Com.5 Circus Day Com.5 Senior Play Com.5 Red Cross Rep. BOB UNTHANK BETTY VAN DEN BERGH: Vice-Pres. ZB, 3B, 4B Class5 Vice-Pres. Gir1's Ass'n Fall '425 R.O.T.C. Sponsor Co. B Fall '42, '435 Ad Board Rec. Sec. Fall '425 Vice-Speaker Spring '435 Girls' Board of Control Fall 742-Spring '435 Co- Mgr. Senior Playg Sword and Shield Soc. Mgr. Freshman Reception Spring '435 Military Ball. BETTY VARGAS ART VELASCO: Major in R.O.T.C.5 Rec. Sec. of Sword and Shield5 Military Ball Com.5 Com- petition Com.5 Rifle Team '42, '43 5 First in Drill Down '4Z5 Spanish Club. STEVE VERCOE: Student Defense Council. HELEN VIERRA: Vice-Pres. of Advisory. JEROME VOHL BARBARA VON SCHMIDT: Member Ad Boardg Co-Mgr. Jungle Promg Scotch Hop Com.5 Class Ofi'icer5 C.S.F.5 Star and Keyg Pres. Latin Clubg Oak Leaf Staffg Acoruv Staff 5 Stage Mgr. G.W.S.H.5 Red Cross Rep.5 Sponsor Co, A-R.O.T.C,5 Sword and Shield Soc.5 Mili- tary Ball Com. SUMNER WAITE: R.O.T.C. Rifle Team '42, '43 5 Non Coms Club '42, DARREL WARD KEN WEBB JOHN WEDELL: Track '41, '42, ,435 "Black Flamingon cast 5 R.O.T.C. WALTER WEDEMEYER BEVERLY WEISBERGER: Junior Prom Com.5 Soph Hop Com.5 Red Crossg Adv. Pres.5 Adv. Treasurerg Defense Counci15 G.A.A. Sports. MARILYN WEST: Advisory Secretaryg Ad- visory Presiclentg Star and Keyg C.S.F.5 Spanish Club. ELEANOR WESTERGAARD: Spanish Club5 "Rio Rita"5 Advisory Officer ZA. DOTTIE WHISNAND: Transferred from Port- landg Junior Prom Com.g Senior Play Com. ELVA WHITACRE: Advisory Officer. ELMA WIEBALK: Star and Key Life Mem- berg C.S.F.g Spanish Clubg Advisory Ofiicerg Junior Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com.g Archery. CLAUDEEN WILBOURN BOB WILES: Captain Co. C '42, '43g Secretary Sword and Shield '42, l43 5 Lifc Member C.S.F.: Military Ball '42, '43g Competition Corn. '43g Non Com's '41. BOB WILLER WILBUR WILLETT EUGENE WILLIAMS DICK WINN: "High and Dry"g R.O.T.C.g Footballg Swimmingg Track. PHILIP S. WOLFE: Pres. German Clubg Pres. Radio Clubg Pres. Chess Clubg Latin Club Offi- cerg Znd Place Annual Drill Down '43g Life Member C.S.F.g Non Com's Club. ROSE WONG JACKIE WORCOTT JIM WORKMAN: "Rio Rita" leadg HFirefly'7g "Red Millwg Red Cross Rep.g Advisory Ofiicerg "Ballad For Americansng Student Talentg Boy's Gleeg Choirg Christmas Pageant '41, '42, HARRY WRIGHT: Basketball Managerg Trackg Asst. Property Mgr. for Senior Play. JUNE WRIGHT RONALD WRIGHT WILLIAM WRIGHT ll LENIJAH FUR 1942-113 o Opening Dance-Starting all over again .... .... S eptember 25, 1942 Pom-Pom Sale-Pretty ones rnade by G.A.A.. . . .... October 15 and 16, 1942 t'George Washington Slept Herel' .............................. November 6, 1942 Oscars to Bob Burke, Ed Fry, Lorraine Colbert, Jeanne Cohn. Paradise Prom-A beautiful evening! ......................... November 20, 1942 Snow Flake Fling-A really preppy Soph Hop ..... ..... D ecember 11, 1942 Semester Grades-Wotta headache! ................,... February 3, 1943 Graduation-Will it be sheepskin or ersatz stuj by Jzine?. . .... February 4, 1943 Senior Ball-Our turn next .......................... February 5, 1943 New Semester starts-This time we're going to get all A's. . . February 8, 1943 Opening Dance-Greetings 1-A's ................... . . .February 19, 1943 4B Gardenia Sale-We made another nickel ..............,........ March 26, 1943 Senior Play-"Arsenic and Old Lacel'-M ore fun-more people killed! .March 26, 1943 Senior Picnic-Low seniors got wet ............................... April 28, 1943 Senior Opportunity Dayfflnd they weren't all seniors! ..... .... A pril 30, 1943 Starlit Prom-The Stars fell early! ..................... .... A pril 30, 1943 R. O. T. C. Federal Inspection-Honor School Again-Yes? .... .... M ay 12, 1943 Carefree Capers-All girl orchestra does better than expected ..... . . . Senior English EX-Just a practice upper ...,............. R. O. T. C. Competition-Congratulations C 0. B .................... .May 14,1943 May 18, 1943 Drill Down-Morris, First, Wolfe, Second, Blamire, Third. May19,1943 A.S.A.H.S. Elections-Congratulations Bob, Bev, Ed, Bud and "Chick". .May 21, Military Ball-Financial K ? Q Success .............................. May 21, Senior English Ex-Weather fair and warmer-big headache!. . . .... May 22, Rio Rita-Lotsa people doing lotsa stnj! ................. May 27, 28, Senior Meeting-Big Laugh! ......... .... I une 10, Senior Mens, Banquet-What cigars! .... .... J une 14, Senior Girls' Banquet-All so feminine! .... .... J une 15, Graduation-Such beautiful clocuinentsf. . . .... june 17, Senior Ball-"It's all over now" ....... .... J une 18, 1333 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 EL ESU OFFICERS FALL '42 President ................. KEN Reeves Vice President ........... SHIRLEY BELL Recording SeereLary..BEvERLEY SEAGREN Financial Secretary ....... FLOY Cfxssmv Yell Leader ............. LOUIS PATRONE A Ad Board ............. SHIRLEY BROWN Ad Board ...... ....,. B OB CLIFFORD N-mu. With the meekness and humility becoming freshmen, the Class of Jan- uary 1944 entered Alameda High School. Who would recognize them as the sponsors of the great Paradise Prom and that hit "Arsenic and Old Lace?" The Lollipop Hop, which promised to be a great success, was canceled because of unexpected war conditions. It was being capably managed by John Wendt and Shirley Brown. The memorable Paradise Prom made up for the disappointment by proving itself a complete linancial and social success. This was managed by Ray Teakle and his co-manager was Jan Allgoewer. Our next venture was to select the Broadway hit "Arsenic and Old Lacei' as our unforgettable Senior Play. The cast included Theresa Chrisand, and jean Morris as the two old maids, Dick Frost and Aileen Nielsen supplied the love interest, Teddy portrayed by Rodger Witham, gave the play a I 34 l I-XNUAHY '44 OFFICERS SPRING '43 President ..........,..... Bon CLIFFORD if Vice President ........... CLARE SINGER Recording Secretary. . .BEVERLEY NOREN Financial Secretary ........ JACK ALVVEN Yell Leader ......... WALTER SCHROEDER Ad Board ..... ...... S HIRLEY BROWN Ad Board .... ........ K EN Rmzvns more humorous touch, while Bob Moss' likeness to Boris Karloff created a hair-raising atmosphere. Directed by one of our class advisers, Mr. Sisler, and managed by john Wendt and jackie Dufour, it was a record breaking performance. We not only excel in social activities but our class is also represented in sports. Connie Catton, Ben Gintjee, Bill Priest and Ross Bedford are on our undefeated tennis team. A1 Broughton and john Archibald are out- standing in track and Pete Vallerga in football. Our class advisers have helped us immensely in all our ventures. We sincerely appreciate their assistance and counsel. Now as our four years stay at Alameda High will soon draw to a close, we hope the classes after us will have the good times that we have had here. BEVERLY NOREN Recording Secretary f35l JANIS ALLGOEWER: Financial Sec. 3A Class, Co-Mgr. Junior Prom, Soph Hop Com., Circus Day Com., "Rio Rita", Oak Leaf Staff, Senior Play Com., Latin Club, JACK ALWEN: Financial Secretary 4A Class, Box Oflice Staff '42, '43, '44, Track '42, Soph Hop Com., "Arsenic and Old Lace", "Victory" Corps, French Club, Advisory Oflicer. JOHN ARCHIBALD: Varsity Track '43, "B" Basketball '41, '42, "High and Dry", "Georgie Porgie", Red Cross, Latin Club, Spanish Club, 1B Yell Leader. GLORIA BANKS EARL BEAN: Red Cross Representative. ROSS BEDFORD: Tennis. EDNA MAE BEIERLEIN SHIRLEY BELL: Vice Pres. 3B Class, Pres. Advisory, Soph Hop Com., Jr. Prom Com., Senior Play Com., ACORN Staff, Ad Board 4A, Board of Control 4A. DOREEN BOWMAN: Advisory Officer, G.A.A. Sports. ROSS BOWMAN: Fin. Sec. 1A Class, Pres. 1B Class, Ad Board '41, '42, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, "High and Dry", "Rio Rita", Soph Hop Com. ELEANOR BRICKER: Pres. of Advisory, Rec. Sec, of Advisory, Red Cross Rep., Latin Club, Spanish Club, Executive Com. of Class, Soph Hop Com. PEGGY BRODIE: Bus. Mgr. Oak Leaf Fall '42, Spring '43, C.S.F. Spring '41, '42, '43, Star and Key, Spanish Club, Jr. Red Cross, Circus Day, Senior Play Com., Jr. Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., "Rio Rita" Com. Q! f , ALBERT BROUGHTO : C.S.F., Life Mem- ber Star and Key, Varsity Track '43, C Track '42, Soph Hop Com., Junior Prom Com., "Ar- senic and Old Lace", Red Cross Rep., French Club. SHIRLEY BROWN: Fin. Sec. Girls' Assoc.: Recording Sec. 1B, Girls' Board of Control Spring, Fall '42, Ad Board Spring Fall '41, '42, '43, Vice-Speaker Ad Board Spring, Fall '42, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Sword and Shield Society. BEVERLY BRYANT: Star and Key, G,A.A. Cabinet, Latin Club, French Club, Cafeteria Staff, Red Cross Rep., Crew '41, '42, LORRAINE BURKARD: Head of .Auditorium Staff '42, '43, Aud. Staff '40, '41, '42, '43, Christ- mas Pageant, Advisory Ofhcer, Spanish Club, Soph Hop Com. BONNIE BURKE: Co. Mgr. Opening Night Dance Spring '43, Board of Control Spring '43, Jr. Prom Com., Senior Play Com., Spanish and Latin Club, Golf, Adv. Officer, Drama. BRUCE BURTON ifi 43 FLOY CASSIDY: Vice Pres. IB, Financial Sec. 3B, French Club, Junior Prom Com., Senior Play Com., Soph Hop Com., Sports, Advisory Officer. CONWAY CATTON: Fin. Sec. A.S.A.H.S., Tennis, Block "A" Society, Class President, NORMA CELLIER: Sec. G.A.A., Girls' Block "A" Society, Adv. Pres. SA, Adv. Sec,-Treas. 1B , Star and Key Society '42, Play Day '41, '42, '43, Crew '42, JOE CIRMELLI BOB CLIFFORD: Pres. Elect A.S.A.H.S, Pres. Men's Assoc., Vice-Pres. Men's Assoc., Pres. Class 4A, Ad Board '41, '42, Board of Con. '42, Student Faculty Com. '45, Varsity Track '42, '43, Varsity Football '42, Res. Football '41, Yell Leader ZB. CHARLES CLINKENBEARD: "Arsenic and Old Lace", "Rio Rita", Sword and Shield, Military Ball Com., Non Com's Club, R.O.T.C. BARBARA VIRGINIA COBB: Glee Club, Cv.A.A., Sports. PATSY COFFEY: Transfer from Santa Mon- ica High. SHIRLEY COSTELLO: G.A.A. Sports. DONALD COY DON CRAIK: "B" Basketball '41, Spanish Club, ACORN Business Staff '43 , Oak Leaf Staff, Soph Hop Com,, Junior Prom Com., Senior Play Com., "Rio Rita", Three years Executive Council, Class Yell Leader, fall '41, Student Defense Council, Circus Day, Junior Sweater Com. PETER DAMIANAKES HARLAN DAVIDSON: "Arsenic and Old Lace", C.S.F., Star and Key, Junior Prom Com., "Rio Rita", Soph Hop Com., Executive Com. of Class. ELIZABETH DeMARIA BARBARA DESCH: Block "A" Treasurer and Rec. Sec., fall '42, G.A.A. Sports, Swimming Mgr., spring '42, Advisory Rep., French Club, Spanish Club, Soph Hop Com., Junior Prom Com. THERESA DOLAN BETTY ELLEN DONALDSON: Life Member Star and Key, C.S.F., Girls' Block "A" Treas., '43,-G.A.A. Sports, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Senior Hi Jinx, Junior Prom Com. JACQUELINE DUFOUR: Vice-Pres. 2B Class, Co-Mgr. of Senior Play, Student Talent '40, '41, Senior Hi. Jinx, "Ballad For Americans", Christmas Pageant, '40, '41, Junior Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., French Club, Girls' Glee, A Capella Choir, Junior Red Cross, Drama, Advisory Ofiicer. PI-IYLLIS ANN EDINGTON: G.A.A. Sports: Vise-President Advisory: Latin Club: Sec. of Advisory: Executive Com.g Red Cross Rep.g Transfer from Hawaii. MANETTE ELWOOD: Soph Hop Com.g Ad- visory Presidcntg Executive Com.: Circus Day: Junior Prom Com.: Red Cross Senior Play. BOB ESCI-IEN: Football '41, '42, '43: Board of Control '42g Senior Playg Soph Hop Com.g French Clubg Circus Day. EDWARD THOMAS EVANS: Junior Varsity Football: Varsity Football '41, '42: Varsity Trackg Red Cross Rep. '41g Christmas Pageant '42. BEVERLY FAGAN: Board of Controlg Rec. Sec. SA: Soph Hop Com.g Junior Prom Com.: Senior Play Com.: French Club: Latin Club. OTHEDA FLEMING: G.A.A. DORIS FRANCHI: Advisory Ofticer. MARGIE FRICKE: Pub. Mgr. G.A.A. Fall '4-29 Circus Day Com.g Red Cross Rep.g Soft- ballg Ice Skating: Crewg Speedballg Latin Club, DICK FROST: "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Vars- ity Swimming Team '42: Soph Hop Com.: "Paradise Prom"g C.S.F. '40-'43g R.O.T.C. LAURINE GARDNER: G.A.A. Cabinet spring '43g Block "A" Socictyg G.A.A. Sportsg Swirn- ming '42g Advisory Ofiicerg French Club lA, 1Bg Girls' Playday '41, '42, '-43: Crew '42. BENNY GINTJEE: Junior Prom 5 "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Tennis '42, '43g Block "A" Society. BILL GRIPP: "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Junior Prom Com.3 Soph Hop Com.g 4A Class Exec- utive Com.g Latin Club Ofllcer '42. GENEVIEVE GRIFFITTS: Spanish Clubg Girls' Sports. ' JEAN HAIGHT: Junior Prom Com.: French Clubg Victory Corpsg Executive Com.g Red Crossg Advisory Officer. ANN HOEKENGA: Star and Keyg Executiveg French Club: Latin Club: Advisory Officer. WILLIAM HOWARD: Lt. R.O.T.C. Band: Rec. Sec. Alameda High Band: Christmas Pag- eantg Junior Prom. KENNETH LEE JACKSON: Football '41, '42g UAYSCDIC and Old Lace"g R.O.T.C.: Ger- man Clubg Latin Club. ELIZABETH MARIE JACOBY: Spanish Club. MAE JEAN JOHNSON: President of Advis- oryg Vice-Pres. of Advisoryg Red Cross. LEE JONES: German Clubg Latin Clubg Chess Clubg Red Cross Rep. ARITIE KAPAMAS: Operettag Choirg Girls' Gleeg Red Cross Rep., 3A. LEATRICE KILLE BOB KNEEDLER: Men's Board of Control, '43g "High and Dryn Orchestrag "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Circus Day Skitg Student Talentg Track '4Og Tennis '43g "Intra-Mural Basket- ball", '40, '41g Latin Club. ADA LANGDON: Pres. German Club '41g Vice-Pres. German Club '41g Treas. German Club ,425 Swimming. ELLEN LEITENSDORFER: Spanish Clubg Advisory Ofiicer. ANN LIVESAY DONNA MARKMAN: Pres. of G.A.A. '43g Vice-Pres, of G,A.A. '4Zg Pres. of Advisory '43g Vice-Pres. of Advisory '4Zg Block "AU Society '42g G.A.A. Sportsg Student Faculty Com.g Red Cross Rep. '41. PEGGY MARTIN: Star and Keyg Advisory Officerg Junior Prom Com.g Defense Com.g Cafeteria Staff. JEAN MARGARET MORRIS: Senior Playg Red Crossg Swimming ,41. BOB MOSS: "Arsenic and Old Laceng Junior Prom Com.g Spanish Clubg Stage Setting "Rio Ritaug Circus Day '42. JEAN MCCOY: French Clubg G.A.A. Sportsg Swimmingg Tennisg Crew. DOLORES MCCLOY: Star and Key Societyg Advisory Oflieerg Christmas Pageant '41g Exec- utive Com. MILDRED MCINTOSH: Star and Keyg Con- cert Band. TOM MCLAUGHLIN: Concert Bandg R.O.T.C. Bandg Christmas Pageant. MARJORIE UMIDGEH NIELD: R.O.T.C. Battalion Sponsorg Sword and Shield Soc.g Girls' Board Control '43 5 Senior Play Com. '43g "Rio Rita" Com.g Soph Hop Com.g Spanish Clubg Latin Clubg Circus Day Com.g Christ- mas Pageantg Advisory Officerg Oak Leaf Staffg Executive Com. AILEEN NIELSEN: Latin Clubg Senior Playg Advisory Ofiicerg Junior Prom Com.g Execu- tive Com. Spanish Clubg Golf. LOUISE NOFFSINGER: G.A.A. Sports '41, Red Cross, Sec, of Advisory, Victory Corps, Bowling '43, BEVERLY NOREN: Rec. Sec. 4A Class, Spring '43 , ACORN Staff '43 , Latin Club, Spanish Club, Junior Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Star and Key, Victory Corps, Exec. Com. of Class. CHARLES NORTHUP: "Rio Rita", Choir. CHRISTIAN O'BRIEN: Pres. of Girls' Block "A", Spring 43, Rec. Sec, G.A.A., Fall '42, Ad- visory Ofiicer, G.A.A. Sports, Badminton. JOE OHLIGER: C.S.F., Latin Club, French Club, Stamp Club, Soph Hop Com. ADELINE OLSON: Girls' Block "A" Rec. Sec., Spring '43 , Canoe Mgr., Fall '42, Victory Corps, Spring '43, G.A.A. Sports '41, '42, '43, French Club '41. NORMA ORFORD: C.S.F., Junior Prom Com,. Soph Hop Com., Advisory Officer: G.A.A. Sports, Latin Club, French Club, Red Cross. GEORGE ORR JEANNE PARR: Glee Club, Christmas Pag- eant. JOHN PATTERSON: Ad Board '39, '40, Span- ish Club, Star and Key, Circus Day '42, Christmas Pageant '42, C.S.F. LORETTA PATTERSON: Mgr. of Badminton G.A.A., Girls' Block "A" Society, Badminton, G.A.A. Sports. BERNICE JOAN PERRY: Pres. of Advisory, Treas. of Advisory, Red Cross, Victory Corps, Bowling '42, VIOLET PINIZOTTO MARY POWELL: Bd. of Control, Spring '42, '43, Rec. Sec. ZA, ACORN Staff, Senior Play Com., Junior Prom Com., Soph Hop Com., Star and Key Clife memberlg C.S.F., Latin Club, Spanish Club, Ex. Com. of Class, Christ- mas Pageant, Rec. Sec. of Star and Key, BILL PRIEST: Pres. 1B Class, "Arsenic and Old Lace", Football '41, Track '42, Tennis '43, French Club, Soph Hop Com., Class Exec. Com. '40, '41, '42, '43, Circus Day '42, Junior Prom Com. KEN REEVES: Pres. 3B Class, "Arsenic and Old Lace", Ad Board, Spring '43, Junior Prom Com., Junior Sweater Com., C.S.F.,' French Club, Soph Hop Com., Circus Day '42. BILL REID: Soph Hop Com., Junior Prom Com., "Arsenic and Old Lace", Ass't. Bus. Mgr. of '43 ACORN, Boys' State '42, Class Exec. Com., Circus Day, Track '42, Stamp Club. WALTER SCI-IROEDER: Class Yell Leader, Spring '44, Christmas Pageant '41, Rilie Team '41, '42, '43, Track '40. tx! E 'Q 'fi is A , .. . S X i ,,.,, - l it fi - ' l "YSL was 41 LUCILLE SCOTT: Defense Corn.: Cafeteria Staff: Advisory Oliicer. BEVERLEY SEAGREN: Rec. Sec. Girls' Asso- ciation: Bd. of Control ISA, 3B: Class Pres. ZB: Pres. French Club: Vice-Pres. ZA: Ad Board lA, 1B: Rec. Sec. CSB: Star and Key Society. CLAIRE SINGER: 1B Fin. Sec.: Vice-Pres. 3A, 4A: Latin Club: Bd. of Control: Senior Opp. Day Com.: Spanish Club: Soph Hop Corn.: Star and Key. NOEL SMITH: Student Faculty Com. '42: Mgr. Soph Hop, Spring l41: Track '40, '41, '42: Student Talent '41. JACK ST. CLAIR: Spanish Club: Non-Com Club: Stage Crew, "Arsenic and Old Lace": Sgt. R.O.T.C. MARTHA STROHM: C.S.F.: Star and Key Society: Circus Day Com.: Soph Hop Corn.: Advisory Officer: Executive Com.: Latin Club: Red Cross. WILEY STROUBE: C.S.F.: "Arsenic and Old Lace": Junior Prom Com.: Soph Hop Com.: Non-Com's Club: Auditorium Staff: Latin Club: Circus Day '42: Oak Leaf Staff: R.O.T.C. JOY TAFF BETTY UNVERZAGT PETER VALLERGA: Varsity Football '41, '42, '43: C.S.F.: Varsity Tennis '42: Varsity Track '42, '43: Board of Control: Block "A" Society: Pres. of Spanish Club: Sword and Shield So- ciety: Non-Com's Club: Rifle Team: Junior Prom Com.: "Arsenic and Old Lace." MURIEL VAN MALE: C.S.F.: Advisory Pres.: Advisory Treasu.: Red Cross Rep. CAROL WALES: Bd. of Control, Fall '42: junior Prom Com.: Soph Hop Com.: Circus Day Com.: Advisory Ofiicer: French Club: Victory Corps: Executive Com. IOHN WENDT: Pres. 3A: Mgr. Soph Hop: Mgr. and Cast of "Arsenic and Old Lace": Yell Leader ZA: Bd. of Control: "High and Dry" Com.: Stage Mgr. "Rio Rita": Oak Leaf Staff: Rec. Sec. Latin Club: C.S.F.: Circus Day: Jun- ior Prom Corn. LILA WHITMARSH LaVERNE NVILSON GREETICE WISLER: C.S.F.: Glee Club: Public Schools Week: Student Talent Program. ROGER WITHAM: Football '41, '42, '43: "Arsenic and Old Lace": Sword and Shield So- ciety: Non-Com's Club: Junior Prom Com.: Aud. Staff : Class Executive C4 yearsj : Spanish Club: Soph Hop Com.: Star and Key Society: Circus Day Com. CORRINE'WONG: Auditorium Staff: Red Cross Corps. x " V -U if 4 lr f--r 44: HIGH SENIORS VVITHOUT PICTURES ROBERT L. ARMSTRONG KENNTH BAKER LARRY A. BERGMAN ANTHONY CROSS JOHN CROWE GERALDEANE ELLISON GLORIA FENCL THOMAS FINNERAN TIMOTHY P. HENDRICKSEN MILDRED VIVIAN HUNTER WESLEY LEROY JOHNSTON KATHRYN BERNICE KELLY JUNE MCCOY-APPLING STANLEY L. MUCCI BETTY LOU MUSSELMAN JUNE LUCILLE SANDERSON PATRICIA FRANCES SERVAES GEORGE ROSCOE TEBBETS DOLORES MAY TONKIN JOHN PAUL WARD WILLIAM WATT JOHN ROWLAND WOODFIN ALICE MAY YOUNG LOW SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES MARY LOU BALDING CONCETTA CANNULE DON CARROLL VICTOR DUBOCE MARJORIE FATE CARL FORSBERG RUSSELL GANTZ ROBERT GOLTZ JOYCE HENDRICKS FRED HILL GORDON OTTO VICTOR ROBLES IVALTER RYAN ROBERT SCHEILE HAROLD SOMMER HARRY SOUZA RAY TEAKLE DONNA WARD I42I XVHATiS YOUR FAVORITE: a. Band: 1. Harry James. 2. Tommy Dorsey. 3. Glenn Miller. b. Subject: 1. History. 2. Gym. 3. English. c. Despised Subject: 1. History. 2. English. 3. Gym. d. Movie Actress: 1. Greer Garson. 2. Ingrid Bergman. 3. Bette Davis. e. Movie Actor: 1. Alan Ladd. 2. Paul Henreid. 3. Errol Flynn. f. Picture for 42-43: 1. "Casablanca" 2. '4Now Voyagerf' 3. "Random Harvest." WHICH DO YOU PREFER: a. 1. Brunettes. 2. Blondes. 3. Redheads. b. 1. Navy. 2. Army. 3. Marines. c. 1. Waves. . Z. Waacs. 3. Marines-Waafs. d. 1. Saddles. 2. Moccassins. e. 1. Long Hair. 2. Victory Bobs. f. 1. Mediums. 2. Butchs. 3. Hollywoods. g. 1. Normal. 2. Witty. 3. Sophisticated. SE IIJH IJPINIIJN RESULTS g. Song: 1. "As Time Goes BV 2. t'I1ve Heard That Song Before 3. "Black Magic h. Sport Cto watchj: 1. Football. 2. Swimming. 3. Basketball. i. Sport fto playjz 1. Football. 2. Baseball. 3. Swimming. j. Radio Program: 1. Lucky Lager Dance Time 2. Bob Hope. 3. Red Skelton. k. Comic Strip: 1. Lil Abner. 2. Blondie. 3. Flash Gordon l. Soft Drink: DO 1. Coke. 2. Root Beer. 3. Ratto's Mineral Water YOU APPROVE OI' a. Blind Dates-Y es. b. Mugging-Yes. WHO'S: a. Biggest B.T.O.: 1. Paul Cox. 2. Ed Fry. 3 . Ernie Kellberg b. W ittiest Person: 1. Bev Nix. 2. Mr. Jones. 3. Mr. Cummings c. Favorite f'Pin-up'l Girl 1. jane Russell. 2. Lana Turner. 3. Gypsy Rose Lee d. Favorite Comedian: T431 1. Bob Hope. fHands Down j We 6 v 'Q' Al Q .1-qi . HIGH .IUNIUHS President ....... OFFICERS FALL 1942 . . . . .LARRY COMBS Vice President ..,..... ....... D oR1s PEDERSON Recording Secretary. Financial Secretary. . Yell Leader ......... A d B oard ........ A d B oard ..... C f NORMA GADIBARINI . . . .RAY WALDRON . . . . .Bon ECKSTEIN .. . . . . .BEV BROWN . .CONWAY CATTON OFFICERS SPRING 1943 ,MQ K- President ....... ................... B UD GUISNESS Pt' Vice President ........ ........... K AY PERATA 6' Recording Secretary .... .... N ORM.-x GAMBARINI Financial Secretary .,... . . . Yell Leader ......... Ad Board ..... . . . . . Ad Baard. . . , . ..AL SCHUMACHER . . .META COPELAND .. . . . . .BEV BROWN . . .CONXVAY CATTON In September of 1940 another freshman class passed into the portals of Alameda High School. At the time, it seemed they yvere just another group of "scrubs,H but in the ensuing terms amazing changes took place. The school traditions and standards began to mean more to the class of June '44 and soon they had absorbed the school spirit. The urge to achieve was cre- ated and as a result many outstanding talents were displayed in athletics, drama, and class politics. l 44 l Now, in our high junior year, another achievement has been added to the score. The "Starlit Prom," given on April 30, was a huge success. The manager Was Dan Rourke and the co-manager was Doris Pederson. Hon- orable mention should be given to all the others who helped to put it over. In our progress the class of '44 has learned to appreciate the helpful and cooperative attitude of the Alameda High school faculty. - NORMA GAMBARINI Recording S retary fN ixxq ' f -xx fl 4- PROMINENT HIGH JUNIORS MR. BIRKHOLM'S ADVISORY I 4,5 0 IUHS MISS ARM ITAGE'S ADVISORY MISS AYRES'S ADVISORY MISS HOOK'S ADVISORY MISS VAN PELT'S ADVISORY MISS LAWSON'S ADVISORY LUW .IUNIIJH5 Freszdent. . , ...................... . Vice President ..... Recording Secretary ..... .... Financial Secretary. Ad Board ......... Ad Board ..... . . . A . . . .JERRY TURNER VIRGINIA I'I1-ZSEIVIAN .MAREN BIRKIIOLM .DORIS BL.-XCKNVELL .....jAcK WEILIJEN .SHIRLEY SCIIXVAR7 OFFICERS SPRING 1943 is-JJ President ........ V ice President ...... Recording Secretary. . . . . . Financial Secretary. Ad Board ........ Ad Board ...... ..... .BILL ORVVIG . . .M11llILYN KAPC1 . BARBARA HAZELTON VIRGINIA HESELLAN . . . . .JACK WEEDEN . .ELAINE FRoNrJos The past year has been an outstanding one for us, the class of January, 1945. In the fall of 1942 We successfully presented the "SnoWilake Fling." Thanks go to Don Ray and June Goltz for their fine Work as Managers. Our main event this term was the "Junior Jive", an afternoon dansant at which the chief attraction consisted of door prizes of two partly-filled War Stamp books. The boys in our class have taken part in a varied program of sports this past year. Bill Orwig, A1 Van Dale, Harry Gonsalves, and Frank Reed triumphed in football, Jack Weeden, Dick Fetherstonhaugh, Don Mehr- tens, and Bruce Jennings are good swimmers, and Fred Von Bargen has contributed his talent to the baseball team. Leo Kahn and Hugh Williams Went out for track, and Frank Reed is on the tennis team. Several of our girls are also taking an active part in sports. This term Virginia Heseman won her Block A, which requires much hard work. Now that We are upper classmen we plan to take an even more active part in student body affairs. We look forward to presenting our Prom next term and to the time when we will become Seniors. BARBARA HAZELTON, Recording Secretary E481 . J , b 55 L- 2.2 ,..- " , ' .1 9' 3 Q V W' RFQ? 'Jw A." 'M , YY I 56 - al El I ul, r K mi" i Q? in Q x - , 4' 3 15 EM 1,gw1 4 ,H 1 HU' - b V, .. ,Q ' x,. A , - - :" f" 1 5, , l 1 4 in g . 0 X - : 4 ' 1 l - 1 in ' -M . r ff- . 22 . fr :Ti ., ,, E ,z - " ' Nw fw ' 1" , ' 2I'E3f'w A 'f fl, ' X N 'iran fi' 11... ' ' V ,. M '- . Q Y' 2 ia1flff'M " ff --X : M' , iii!-ff ,, X WHA' ff- ,,,9fL"' A X 'f' 1'3H'a 11 A ' X -1 fy- V 3 ,L ' hr .I 4 I -2: , l, ' I s , is ?! M 55" wf- A W fs , " "F -, X, 1,1 'L gr , ' A ' qw -. ,gt wil 1 5 A ww . fi 574, A i A MQ. ,, , .W , 52. Qi- 'ge Y I - A ' V ' X -J ,iii ' ww ' g 4 ' 5 ' I 'J ' , 'f f - . 44 - gi , I I , L V A 3 '1 K: JQWA A 2 x '55 L., 1 ,wr B, " ' , 'giifiig . 91 K 5? :EAW ., - :EER ' ' V 1 L V' 5 5.7 Q -gk, W 4 2 5 3? kihii j Y W t X . 41574, :Wy A 2112 x . V ,gn J Ish, with W My R ig: -h H , Y 'Q fi Vmlf W m ,X V X ' E 3 EV Q 5 1 ww TW' xg Q- :jg L... -, A -A V , ,V g ,y,, W V fdzz.-suv 'lgluk 'Wg -Q TL 1 ' " ,X K -V:-3 r. 1 A " N ' . T? ' 1 M J i p lf J . . .aw f- 4 ' mf ' ' ' A Q 1, . J A -al A w .,,f g.2fl 2 ,L -- 41 v -L1 . E - I pw g , NA, , 1 1 I Xl , Q I ,rj A,-f 4 - A 45 'Q45'HQ ffwnsg1,Q -xx ' E9 N -" g, -Y " A A V' "lfZ.Q.S' - i , 5-Pg - , , 3 I 'M-wife 'E ,, X W- 'ffi'-:X X gf fi 'I li,-.Wg -5' '. V Ai wr i ,Q ii. ,, X iv., ' . 92? ,W 4, " . ffm ' H a ' "du V , .... . ' 'Q 5 W lar.-SQL-lm: ?f ejg..nJ Tw ig. F 1 w'f,, Me' mmjgxfqi ww Q MEQQTEQEA , V 1- -QL, . ' frr. , ,, I N 'Nl i:"" 1 1 ' M. " I P N 1 " Tiflsgfp ,Hg , 1 Q A ' . L V wvufiffy. A w ' , '- f f N ' . , r Y ' , f H Y N W QW l I M ih. I V E Y A , , , , f wi 1 'FJ ' fp fr M? 1 'I A , "' ' X 'uf , ' H ' " 5,8 ,, 53' .,,LU, 4 , N535 ' W? :R '9' 7 ,lxyif H , 1 W fN1-',TNf X1 .. Wf,':TiD?s.,s''.--H W z ' ' E ' ' .. T'V??Ql'N" Wm ' ' N' x I , , 'WW , f7fif5x:,'3g"x , 1 , 1, ieiggfkx ggigf':Qilgf!'.1Q!' Q, M 5 .' W K gi Y! ' E T. F ' Qi, Q lx A :Fr - l . , va fff 1 2-fMQJsWfMx gas A V Y U 1 ' 1 President .......... Vice President. . . . . Recording Secretary .... Financial Secretary. Ad Board ......... Ad Board .... OFFICERS FALL 1942 HOWARD SEYMOUR . . . . . .CHARLES ZELL ...BETTY DOUNITT . . . . .PEGGY Moon . . . . .GRACE JOSEPH . . . . COLIN Dnvnve HIGH The class of June, 1945, has become one of the most active classes in the school. We have participated in as many class activities as were open to us. We have among our members many who are active in school sports. These include joe Kaney, who has proved himself an outstanding athlete by becoming the high point man on our basketball team. Donald Pries, Fred Terry, and Jin McQuaid were also members of the baseball team. Many from our class participated in the presentation of "Rio Rita." We presented the semi-annual Sophomore Hop, "The Carefree Capers," SUPHS OFFICERS SPRING 1943 President. ...... .... ......................... J o HN SLATER Vice President ......... ..... I o ANN VAN Voorzrus Recording Secretary ..... .... M ARGARET OHANNESON Financial Secretary .... ............ , BEN NEFF Yell Leader .......... ........ C OLDNT DEVINE Ad Board ..... .... G RACE JOSEPH Ad Board ..... .... C OLIN DEVINE with much success. Donald Pries was the able manager, and Jane Formosa was the co-manager. Maralyn Merril's all-girl orchestra furnished excel- lent music and despite shortages and other difliculties resulting from the War, the dance Was of great benefit to the class and to all who attended. All those in our class have enjoyed our activities and they hope that the next two years will be as successful as the last two have been. jo ANN VAN VooRH1s Recording Secretary ADVISORY PRESIDENTS President .......... Vice President ..... Recording Secretary .... Financial Secretary . Yell Leader ........ Ad Board .......... Ad Board .... OFFICERS FALL 1942 JOHNNY RAPP .JEAN PERM-A BONNIE TIIORP . ..D1cK GANS .DAVE Cox . .... JOAN MCKEAN . . . . .WESLEY PEASE LUW We, the members of the class of January, 1946, having entered upon our second year in high school may well look back upon our freshman year with satisfaction. Each semester's activities in which we have participated have been so successful that We can enjoy the assurance of truly great achievement in the coming years. This term our class events have included a dansant, the "Bunny Hop", and a gardenia sale, both of which were brilliant successes. Our class boasts many outstanding members in the field of sports. On the "B" basketball team We are represented by our president, Dick Gans, PROMINENT mow JUNIORS MR. CUMMINGS' ADVISORY MR. FANCHER'S ADVISORY MR. MOREHEAD'S ADVISORY MRS. BARRETTS ADVISORY MISS FARIA'S ADVISORY MRS. LEE'S ADVISORY MRS. R. THOMPSO ADVISORY SUPH5 OFFICERS SPRING 1945 President ........... ................... .... D 1 CK GANS Vice President ..,........ . ....... ......... P AT KELLY Recording Secretary .... .. ........ JEAN COUGHLAN Financial Secretary .... ..... M ARILYN ANDERSON Yell Leader ......... ...,....... D AVE Cox Ad Board ......... ....... J EAN PERATA Ad Board. ..,. .... B os ALBERS and Rodney Merrick, Bryon Schmidt has made a name for himself on the swimming team. In the student talent program our class was well represented by talented Joan Kellberg. We wish to take this opportunity to thank our ZA advisers for their Willing assistance. These advisers are: Mrs. Pavid, Mrs. Ambrosoli, Miss Hays, Mrs. E. Herrick, Mr. F. Young, Mr. Watt, and Mrs. Neu. JEAN COUGHLAN, Recording Secretary 49 1603 1 HIGH OFFICERS FALL 1942 President .... . ...... ...,.... . . . ....... ........ D ICK KENNY Vice President ........ , ............ .... . . .KENNETH ALLEN Recording Secretary .,... ...... M ARIEANN GILLIGAN Financial Secretary ...... ............ P AT FISHER Yell Leader ........... ......... B ILL WIDGER Ad Board ........,. ...... R AMONA BURKE Ad Board .... .. ....... LOUIS BACH September 14, 1942, marked a big day in the lives of each and every one of the members of the class of june, 1946, for We entered high school at that time. On that day we were a little coy and not as "big time" as We Were when We graduated from grammar school the previous june. But, as the Weeks passed, We gained confidence, and elected our execu- tive committee. Starting out with high spirits, the class staged a dansant which was both financially and socially a success. Our class made another showing by being 100 '72 student body members. As one may easily see, all of us take interest in school affairs. FHUSH OFFICERS SPRING 1943 President ........... ....................... R OBERT DOUMITT Vice President ......... .......................... P AT HERSEY Recording Secretary ..... .... M ARIEANN GILLIGAN Financial Secretary ..... ......... D ICK KENNY Yell Leader .......... ..... G LENN CAMPER Ad Board ......... .... R AMONA BURKE Ad Board .... .. ...... LoU1s BACH During our 1B term We felt a little bigger and We gave a dansant at noon. This dansant put a considerable amount of money into our treasury. We were 100 76 studeent body members this term also. With the frne class spirit which prevails and the splendid cooperation of our class advisors, We, the Class of june 1946, know that We will be able to uphold the high standard of our school and that We will play a promin- ent and Worthy part in school activities. MARIEANN GILLIGAN, Recording Secretary ... , ,., V Y... N.-.....u.. ADVISORY PRESIDENTS President ........ Vice President ..,...... Recording Secretary ..... Financial Secretary . Yell Leader ........ A d B oard ........ A d B card ..... OFFICERS SPRING 1943 ROLLET GIAMABASTIANI .. .. ....Su1RL1zY GRAY .....ToM CoLL1Ns . . . ,KATHRYN MOORE . . . . . .BARBARA SHULT1s . .HAROLD HUTCIIINSON ......NATALIE BROWN LUW The low freshman class has made a start that promises to make it a great success in Alameda High. Many of the students have turned out for sports and have Won recognition. Among these are Phil Thormahlen, for football, and Wilbur Ramos, for baseball. These boys really have the school spirit and we all Wish them lots of luck in the future. FHUSH CLASS OFFICERS All of us are enjoying every minute here and appreciate the cooperation that the rest of the students have given to us in this our hrst semester at Alameda High. We will strive to keep up the spirit, teamwork and efii- ciency the other students have shown us. At present all of us have Worked hard and are looking forward to vacation. ToM COLLINS Recording Secretary -,- ,. , ! v , r 'L ' f f' , ,,,,,...., f . A Q . . V l..g2g3i:.n,. ,.1' , ff .fl -1 i X. X. e dxf W ' 2' "1 :fifigll -. f-,H-rs .g. '- Eg Fiigi 1354355 AIITIVI Q. f -xi K 2-. 2 1 E .: . . 'S+ WM-.Maw 2-3-- I X5 3-'Lf 'LY THE EUR This year we have published a war-time ACORN. Because of scarcities and priorities, some features in the book have had to be lengthened while others were shortened. Many government regulations have come at crucial times and have made it necessary to alter plans again and again. In fact, the staff developed the elasticity of thought so characteristic of the present day American housewife. They simply did not plan until they had asked the question, "What will be available?" The staff has Worked in many fields but We have all had the same goal in mind, the successful completion of the 1943 ACORN. Now, as the last copy goes to press, We shall confine our Worries to wondering Whether or not the book will really reach the students on the day planned. To the business manager, Win Currier, I Want to extend my greatest thanks for the orderly and efficient Way in which he has handled the many business problems of the ACORN. I wish to thank Mrs. Lerljew, ou faculty adviser, for her useful advice and untiring work on the'book. A'l , I ,wish to thank Mr. Bryan for the encouragement and support which he has given us during the Whole time We have been Working. There are many others who have helped us by Writing articles, by taking pictures, and by giving ST FF advice when it was needed. Often a book of this type is compiled by the staff and students have little to do with its production. This year innumerable students have assisted in many Ways and We feel this 1943 ACORN represents the students. ' KEN SMITH ' tn EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Q Edifvf ---4-- - --------------- A---- K E N SMITH Business M anager. . ............ WIN CURRIER A'A'.' . ."'.' Associate Business Manager ..... SIIIRLEY BELL 14,1 Edith, 'l'.' '-'... . l ...I JACK JOHANNES Assistant Business Manager ..... PEGGY BRODIE Sports Editor ................ BOB MCCRIEERY Assistant Sports Editor ....... CARL KETCIIUM Girls' Sports Editor ....... VIRGINIA HESEINIAN Organizations Editor ......... BEVERLY NOREN Class Editor .................. MARY PowELL Photo-Librarian ..,..... BARBARA voN SCHMIET Assistant Photo-Librarian. . .DONNA MCMILLIN Assistant Photo-Librarian ..... JOYCE LEYLAND Assistant Photo-Librarian. . .BETTY MCMULLIN Snaps Editor ............. . .... STANLEY BRUNS R.O.T.C. Editor ........ .... T ALLIADGE RICE Assistant Business Manager. . . , , .... BILL REID Assistant Business Manager. .......DONCRAIK Assistant Business Manager .... BRUCE RODGERS Assistant Business Manager. Assistant Business Manager. f62l .IEANETTE BALLEWV . . . . .Bos CLIFFORD WWW fl BILL COOPER TOM BRADSHAW JACK JOHANNES BOB MCCREERY CARL KETCHUM VIRGINIA I-IESEMAN BEVERLY NOREN MARY POWELL BARBARA VON SCHMIDT DONNA MCMILLIN JOYCE LEYLAND BETTY MCMULLIN STANLEY BRUNS TALMADGE RICE SHIRLEY BELL PEGGY BRODIE DON CRAIK BRUCE RODGERS BILL REID f Wt M H ...Mg ,.-. fs , OAK LEAF STAFF FOR SPRING 1943 OAK LEAF STAFF FOR FALL 1942 Editorial Stal? Editorial Staff Co-Editors .......... WIN CURRIER, PAUL COX C 0-Editors ......... PAUL Cox, Bm RANDOLPH Sports Editor ,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,, B013 MCCREERY Assistant Editor ............. PAUL UNSXVORTIT Columnist ........... , . ....... . . .BUD JONES , Mmmgmalsfg Sports Editors. .BERKELEY BAKER, JOHN ROACH 3115211955 Mlmflgef -'-- y- - -'-- PEGGY BRODIE Assistant Sports Editor ......... BOB ECKSTEIN Assistant Business M nagpff. . .BETTY WARREN , Circulation M anagffg , 9 ...... TOM BRADSHAW Mamg'-mal Stall Assistant Ci1g0V'orQanage'r Business C 0-M ana gers BAREAR ICHARDS, MARGARET OHANNESON PEGGY BRODIE, WIN CURRIER Exchange ..................... JACK FISCHER Ad COMPUSHV ---------'---' ,"' J OHN WENDT Faculty Adviser ....,... MISS GRACE S. POWERS EIUHWEC '----------'-'-'------- BOB SAXTON Circulation. . .TOM BRADSHAVV, MAXINE BROWN Assistant Circulation BRUCE RODGERS, BETTY MCMULLTN Faculty Adviser ........ Miss GRACE S. POWERS This past year the Oak Leaf has enjoyed considerable success and has distributed more issues than for many years previous. This greater number of issues was due in great part to the efforts of our advertising staffs, Whose hard Work made our generous A.S.A.H.S. appropriation last longer. Thus, for the first time, an issue was put on a profit basis, also, another first was realized on June 9 with the eight page issue, the first of its kind ever pub- lished. Under the capable managership of Editors Cox, Currier and Ran- doph, and their hard working Managerial aind Editorial Staffs, the Oak Leaf can boast of one of the best years it has ever experienced. DHAMZX The players of the drama classes have been very busy during the past year, giving performances of some of the most popular plays that have been produced. All dramatic productions are under the direction and supervision of Mr. Lloyd Sisler, an excellent teacher and director. Mr. Sisler, with the assis- tance of his students, design the costumes and with the help of Mr. Bert Getz construct the sets used in his productions. XM ,YvY,,V,, 1,Qi - A MR. LLOYD SISLER MRS, HAZEL HUNTER MR. JOHN KAFKA Students spend the time in the first semester of Drama in acquiring some of the fundamentals of dramatics such as improving their speech, develop- ing the habit of better posture and understanding the principles that ,go into making a young actor. The second term is spent in actual practice, performing in one-act plays, such as "Comes Romance" and "Life Eter- nal," which were presented before the student body and were enthusi- astically received. When the Drama and Music departments combine their efforts, they usually produce smash hits such as the beautiful Christmas Pageant of last year and the very colorful operetta 'fRio Rita." The music for both of these productions was directed by Mrs. Hazel Hunter, the head of the music department. .' V,-" ij Y Two very good senior plays "George Washington Slept Here" and "Arsenic and Old Lace" were presented. Both of these plays will be re- membered as dramatic successes. Students in the drama classes are making a definite contribution to civilian morale in their production of entertaining plays. Several boys, former drama students now in the armed service, have Written of having participated in camp shows, thus putting their dramatics experience to a very practical use. In spite of the success of our recent offerings, the students and drama coach look forward to future productions as an opportunity for progress. THERESA CHRISAND i67l B OYS' GLEE CLUB GIRLS' GLEE CLUB A CAPELL CHOIR ,Z-9 .div gi S r-il ' QL 3 i , "'f ,gag E - 'V ,EVM Q-sig? .. A- A ,. . .5 ,.,.- Mrs. Hazel B. Hunter is director of the Glee Clubs and A Capella Choir, which, along with the Drama Department, presented "Rio Rita" as the biennial operetta and 'tGloria" as the annual Christmas Pageant. The Girls' Glee provided entertainment for the Parent Teachers Association at several programs. A special voice class was inaugurated under the direc- tion of Mr. Lloyd Sisler. This group meets regularly for advanced vocal training. l68l A.H.S. BAND A.H.S. CHESTRA A.H.S. NG BAND All instrumental musical organizations which include A.H.S. Concert Band, R.O.T.C. Band, Swing Band, and Orchestra are under the direction of Mr. john Kafka. The swing band this year was scheduled to appear at three grammar schools to play for graduations. The orchestra has played for Carita Chapter of the Eastern Star at the Masonic Temple, and for the Parent Teachers' Association at the high school. The R.O.T.C. Band as usual played an important part in the organization's Weekly parade, and the band Was, of course, present at the football games with its stirring and inspiring music. 1:2fm"f"'w . ,, , 5 HQ'-fm MQ, df' ' 5 it 5,4 5 :fn ,, ,E ' I M aj 6 1 EP' ' 5 , THUSE X Mast Attractive Girl .... .... M AXINE BROWN Best Looking Boy .... ..... I ACK GIEMON1' Has Done M ost F or A.H.S. ..... GEORGE RANDOLPH Most Outstanding Athlete ......... BOB MCCREERY Best Actress .... ,... T HERESA CHRISAND Best Actor .... .... B os BURKE M ost All-Around Girl .... . . .BARBARA ROTH Most All-Around Boy .... ..... E D FRY WHU WE HU UH Those students whom we honor on this page were chosen by the mem- bers of the high and low senior classes from a ballot compiled by the ACORN staff. Congratulations from the ACORN staff and from your fellow classmen. Zin Memoriam MR. ED KIRBY Head of Custodian Staff of Alameda High School WILLIAM HERRMANN Member A.S.A.H.S. E721 JOSEPH MERRION Member A.S.A.H.S. RICHARD PULIS MemberXA.S.A.H.S. GREETINGS During the last year a number of instructors have resigned or taken non- military leaves. The student body sends greetings and best Wishes. Mrs. Adelaide Fisk, our Dean of Women, took a year's leave of absence beginning in February. Miss Hannah Oehlmann resigned her position in the language depart- ment. Sister Dolores Mary who was known to us as Miss Marry Geiger re- signed her position in Alameda High to enter the Convent of Sisters of the Presentation in San Francisco. Mrs. Beatrice Barrett has taken a yearls leave to begin in June. She will do full time Red Cross work. i73l HTH I lf n W N , " , ' :mn 1 w U .,,af""' E54-,Lam-,:i" . ,,,,1, f-4"" - Lff' . ,.-1' .,'J2"' . ,-fffp' , f ...rv ' 1 ' N , '-, '- 25,1.-vi-' A 5 .. 4 f 1 ,U ,. N W: ,. ..,, . A- , ..H.f.-:aff I' . . - .2 'W fy I ,'fi.,g,1'?, fa, ff--. --f"-fx ,ff ,4 N J 1 H D I in -. " .,:-hvamqr LETIIIS nd' ,,.,.' -"- 4 21-9-5 . - ,.- . W I H -3:1:Iq:. " gf,- Q-ifr'5"'f1fii 'f'.1 "'?fL"!'9'6ek1i'Z.. 1f3:":PZ?lfi5'1f'l fv- L ' Tian . '-gbzmvsikgf-wfY2,,::rg141xQggm+.:f,i2 121 2 , N L -' if -:gb - I - v , :: . qw -,:-f . -U ' X " :7 v+ff2'f,-,v- . ... f . ' " , MB' ' " ' " 4 gf? 1 if H "Hw'E E- dw" FE Q. J a m ww Saw . iw, 0 1 1 12 Q 1 U fi, 5.1 Z5 ww ,W w was 'sig Av.. x ' 'Run .- 4 5 as 1, 1 -if. 1-.-r W 1 .X W- M , 'wah'-vw ,... . e,5 N" v i 'J N 5 gf 'W m H A X ga 2' H vi- AL , S, LW I 'S v 4 HATS UPF Tll UUH IIUAIIHES Though several members of the coaching staff either enlisted or Were called into the nation's armed forces, they have been replaced by others who have been equally successful in the quest for Alameda championships in the A.C.A.L. Virgil Gilcrease, Chris Freeman and Chet Millett entered our fighting forces, though Mr. Millett returned to his former post after being released from the service. The present physical education department consists of Lewis jolly, who heads the staff and coaches track, Chet Millett, baseball mentor and assistant football coach, Frank Collin, who turned out excellent football and basketball teamsg Frank Young, coach of the swimming and boxing teams, and Stan Schnepple, who handled the tennis and HB" basketball teams. Never before has there been such a difficult task confronting the coaches throughout the country and Alameda High is indeed fortunate in having men with the ability and skill of our present staff. For the preparation given the students for the crisis at hand and for their policy of developing clean play and sportsmanship, We sincerely say-HATS OFF TO OUR COACHES! I BOB MCCREERY i77l - " fl faq 4 FUUTBALL The fighting Hornets of Alameda'High had one of the most successful seasons ever earned on an Alameda gridiron. Coach Frank Collin, in his first year at the Alameda High school, was greeted by several returning lettermen and by many good men sent up from Chris Freeman's reserve team. Collin developed them into a fighting squad that was good enough to take second place in the rugged A.C.A.L. competition. After subduing San Mateo and jefferson High schools in practice games, the Hornets trounced Richmond High by the decisive score of 18 to 6. The following week Alameda went from one end of the field to the other While being held to a scoreless tie by a scrappy, underdog Hayward eleven. Alamedafs traditional rival, Berkeley, held the high-flying Hornets to seven points while one of the strongest lines in Alameda history forced the Yellowjackets to score their only touchdown on a pass. A blocked conver- sion gave Alameda the victory. The real climax of the season came the afternoon when Alameda lost to an unbeaten Piedmont squad by a 14 to 7 score. A disputed touchdown A E781 ' assured the Highlanders of the heart-breaking game over the inspired Hornets. Suffering from injuries, Alameda still controlled the ball a large portion of the struggle. Suffering a let-down on the Albany 'Crock-pile," the Hornets managed to win only by a pass in the end zone shortly before the gun sounded. A post season game at Lodi High resulted in a scoreless tie. Three Alameda seniors, Bryant Wong f two yearsl and Frank Ratto, co-captains, and Tony Ratto made the All-County Honorary Team. Had it not been for injuries, several more might have been selected. Senior let- termen not returning for next year's squad are Bryant Wong, Frank Ratto, Tony Ratto, Ralph Dolan, Dick Millar, Bob Yoas, Will Watt, Rudy Taube, jim Pingree, Vic Lagorio, Ernie Kellberg, Harry Hedges, Richard Gonsalves, Pete Christie, and Paul Bowler. Next year's team will be built around lettermen Bill Orwig, Carl La- gorio, Pete Valerga, Al Van Dale, and Harry Gonzales. A. C. A. L. GAMES LEAGUE STANDINGS Alameda Opponent Piedmont 18 ........ Richmond ........ 6 Alameda O ..... . . .Hayward ,........ 0 Hayward 7 ..,...... Berkeley .... . . 6 Albany 7 ......... Piedmont ...,,.... 14 Berkeley 6 .......... Albany ..... . . . O Richmond BASKETBALL Alameda I-Iigh's varsity Basketball Team captured the A.C.A.L. Cham- pionship after trouncing their co-champions, Berkeley, 39-19 in their last game before an hilarious home crowd. Coach Frank Collin, who succeeded Virgil Gilcrease, did a very line job in producing a championship team. The Hornets were sparked to seven Wins out of eight games by five outstanding players: joe Kaney, high scorer of the A.C.A.L.g Bob Wuest- hoff, a steady forward, Ray French, all-county guard, Wes Robinson, and Don "Duckie" Pries. Much support came from: Fred Terry, Bert Guis- ness, Stuart Inman, Ed King, Carl Ketchum, Jim McQuaid and Bill Wirt. l8Ol Only three players will be lost by graduation: Captain Ray French, Ed King and Carl Ketchum. Hence, prospects for a championship next season look good, with added strength from the "BU team. The "B" team placed second in league competition, with Spangler, Pereira, Goltz, Babcock, Gans and others under the capable leadership of Stan Schnepple, also new to the Alameda coaching staff. A.C.A.L. BASKETBALL SCORES Alameda Opponent 33 . ............ Albany ............. . . . 24 32 . .... Hayward ..... . . . Z6 34 . .... Piedmont ..... . . . 30 29 . . . ...... Berkeley ...... . . . 38 32 . ...... Albany .... . . . 25 39 . ..... Hayward ..... . . . 28 26 .... ..,.. P iedmont ..... . . . 23 39 .... ...... B erkeley ...... . . . 19 BASEBALL The Alameda Varsity Baseball team became A.C.A.L. Co-champs by Winning all but two of their league games. Their title defense began with a 4 to 1 victory over the Albany squad. Next came a weird 15 to 9 win over a scrappy Berkeley team. Hayward was the next team to fall before the Hornets, and were defeated by a 7 to 1 count. Alameda then hit a mid-season slump and dropped to a co-champion- ship. The first of the reversals came at the hands of an inspired Albany team, the score standing at 4 to 2. i82l The next game was evena more miserable defeat. It was a wild tussle played at the Berkeley 'fDust Bowl" and ended in an 8 to 7 victory. Ala- meda came to life just in time to end the season by drubbing Hayward 7 to O. With three first string players from the undefeated 1942 team back to play their last season, the Hornets were definitely the 'fteam to beat" throughout the season. The starting lineup consisted of Bob Curlett, catcher, Fred Von Bargen, pitcher, Don Pries, first base, Captain Bob McCreery, second base, Jim Pingree, left held, Ray French, centerheld and pitcher, and Carl Ketchum, George Childe and Jack Pereira, right field. Coach Chet Millett deserves much credit in coaching his second cham- pionship team in his two years at the school. The prospect for next year's team is once again very good, as only French, Pingree, McCreery, Ketchum and Pereira are not returning. BOB MCCREERY gi it ig TRACK Following several postponements due to bad weather, Alameda's 1943 track team is rapidly gaining strength. With a meet against Hayward and the A.C.A.L. finals to be held after the ACORN goes to press, the Hornets are determined to beat Hayward and take one of the first three places in the A.C.A.L. meet. Two outstanding men developed by Coach Lewis Jolley are Ralph "Moose" Dolan and Al Broughton, who placed first in the shot put and i84l pole vault, respectively, in the N.C.S. meet at Stanford. Consistent point Winners for Alameda have been: ' Hugh Williams, in the hurdles and broad jump, Dick Millar, in the 440 yard rung jack Hubbell, in the broad jump and 220 yard dash, Frank Deines, in the pole vault, Lloyd Wagner, distance man, Leo Kahn, in the sprintsg George Barry, Ray Teakle, John Archibald, Walt Jensen, Bert Guisness, Fred Terry, and Archie Bowles. CARL KETCHUM Due to the fact no track action pictures are available, photographs of Bob Curlett and Jim Pingree of the championship baseball team are being silbstituted. lr Y - BIJXINE With Coach Frank Young, former middle- Weight at U.C.L.A., serving as instructer, a box- ing team has been organized at Alameda High. Though no blocks are awarded for their ef- forts, there is a possibility of inter-scholastic competition for the squad next year. Members of the team are Wes Robinson, Tom Conlon, Bert joy, Bob Lovvthian, Ernie Butler, Ronald Quinn, jack Cook, Bob Faria, and Carl Rose. BoB MCCREERY E861 SWIMMING A1ameda's swimming team placed second to Berkeley in the A.C.A.L., they were overcome by sheer weight of numbers. Frank Young, who re- placed Chris Freeman, did a iine job of coaching. The best performance of the year was by Jack Weeden, who won the 100 yard back stroke in the A.C.A.L. meet. Other Hornet mermen were: Bud Guisness, who placed second in the 50 yard freestyle at the A.C.A.L. iinals. Bruce Jennings, 100 yard freestyle, jim Shields, 220 yard freestyle, Ted Sawyer, 100 yard freestyle, Rocky Mountain, 100 yard breast stroke, Warren Parkinson, 220 yard freestyle, Bill Simpson, 100 yard breast stroke, John Correa, 50 yard freestyleg Chuck King, in the class "B" diving. With the N.C.S. meet to take place after the ACORN goes to press, our swimmers will close a very short season, which has been marked by can- celled meets and other difiicultiesg however the boys have obtained fine results when up against stiff competition and prospects are very bright for next year's team. CARL KETCHUM i87l TENNIS Alameda, the undefeated championship team, had the most successful season ever ex- perienced by a Hornet net team. The team was lead by Connie Catton, num- ber one singles player, who completed his sec- ond consecutive undefeated season. The first doubles team of Dick Strehlow and Ray Lewis also Went undefeated in A.C.A.L. competition. The team was expertly coached by Stan Schnepple, who has come to the Alameda coach- ing staff only this year. Not since 1936 have the Hornets had a championship squad. Aside from Catton, Strehlow, and Lewis, other members of the team are Bob Mason, Sherman Keck, Ben Gintjee, and Frank Reed, in the singles, and Ross Bedford and Bill Priest, who complete the doubles. Standings: Alameda, Piedmont, Berkeley, Albany. BOB MCCREERY f88l FACULTY IN THE SEHVIIIE Lt. Cj.g.j Chris Freeman, whose picture is here, is better known to us as friend and coach. Mr. Freeman is working in the Navy's physical fitness program for the duration. He is stationed in the college at Athens, Georgia. The Staff planned to get pictures of some of the other faculty members in service. However, it proved to be a pretty hard task to get in touch with them. On behalf of the student body we would like to send greetings to the following list as well as to Mr. Freeman: To Lt. Charles Briscoe who is now stationed in Louisiana. To Lt. Bob Carlton who is stationed at St. Mary's College. To Lt. Col. Fred Goldman who is at Fort Mason. To C.P.O. Virgil Gilcrease who is now in T exas-or so we heard. To Lt. Comdr. Charles Cox who is stationed at Alameda Naval Base. To Pvt. Al White who is in the medical administration corps at Camp Barkley, Texas. To Lt. C j .gl Kenneth Cooperrider who is leaving for training in the east as this goes to press. l89l The Girl's Athletic Association is unique in our school in that it is the only organization that meets every day, during sixth period. The girls have the opportunity of engaging in a Wide variety of activities as well as team games. One war casualty has been the much-lamented crew on Lake Mer- ritt. The transportation for a hundred girls proved too much of a problem. Events Which will always be remembered include the playday in Berk- eley, the two playdays at the University of California, and the playday at S. F. Stateg our Victory Corps Spread, at which Lieutenant Tova Peter- son was guest speakerg the student meeting at which Donna Markman presented her cabinetg the construction of joke books for the Army and Navy hospitalsg knitting for the afghang the sneak party after the Cali- fornia playday,-Candyard Yankee Doodle Dandy. T901 .l-LA. OFFICERS FALL '42 President ................... Gram Snsro Vice President ............. DONNA MARKHA Recording Secretary ....... CHRISTIAN O BR Financial Secretary ....... FRANCFS ARINBERGI Publicity ............ ..... M Anon-: FRIC Cheer Leader. . . ..... BETH MARKM OFFICERS SPRING '43 President ...,........,..... Dovw A MARKM Vice President ......... NORMA DONNEXIWIR Recording Secretary ......... NORMA CELL Financial Secretary ......... LALRHNE GARDN Publicity ................. Vrnclvm HESEM Cheer Leader ..... .... P HYLLIS Mckrvw SPUHTS BON ARC CANO BASKETBALL HGCKEY HULA BADMINTON SOCCER SOFTBALL SWIMMING VOLLEY BALL ICE SKATING URBAN 1. g, 5 . 155'- .-'g fm h .'Q.H..: ' -T. u,,.a.- AV--,..,?jf5?:-wg1:g,iiTAffM, H W M H ,-4. 'VW '-ff-f ' ' fv w . ,f -- 'fi' "'-'-"ffl-ff , - . "V' V -1:-.5".-r-':V..-ww V:- -1' if .-'.f as - .V -:a z 'ff-27 - QV ' r .-' ,1 Q-ye!-f 'Q' 1, .ij Xl 1 ' " F' 'S-5 -1 - . - - 'luv' -- 3 nf .sf .f 1"Q:L--1'?5Z7- :Q K . W- ' r .' 553: .: i. .,,-Q -V. .if V I U' V . 4- -5334.3 ' . -.. ...-', 4. -.,.A ..-71' -.Lf'- ' 1? .7151 -fl 2fQ,r1'ff ? 13-TEE' iz- '14 V ii.. . 553-EL A :f if ' 4, 2: -' T55551--9.-.5fA.-'gigffff . F,-. .. 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' vig! -rg .: .-r ' . --Aziz ..-, ,R A -U-,Q , - ,-.,.. 5. ,, Hq.., .. 1- 55.-. '32 "-,. -W" . "iw if A -V gil..-"""" . A Q " za- ,. - .V.,,VWvV.y5,, ff- .ff . -. A-V-f .,. .- 1-s , -2.-. ' V--f- -uiigiy, ' , 1. N'?fLAC21-E""i'--- ""431-1.1-f' fV':7?'f ff- - MV ffze-uf?-5a.3.'-V--2 ,, --v.-.15-,-V'-w:2V1 -ff -, . . 'V-, A ,+-G .55 ,--f--- . T'-'+V1'1'Vf--Q-xy., .Gaia-T ' 1 ' , - ':'f?e?ff'f' "E +'3"2iff .- '-V4-Sn:::f4Vr.Q '- Q - in """:ggy-f .Aff ,. 'Q," 2L . Q?V,'11'f-323,15-,--7' fi- - Vwffsaf f 14- - - . V .. ., -51.4 .:,w 1 -I 34-g,,.g ..F'5.:5 .-. ' 7 W9 - - - ' . L:V1'H7f'V'937 ' ' V A 5 - IZATIII 5 - A Nkifiefigl:-'.35f5-:ff ' '3.bi1?T:'-sf IT .L V 1-me , U aww LIFUH lil SIIHUL HSHIP FEIIEH TIU OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President ................... PAUL UNswoRrrI President ..................... BIN RANDOLPH Vice President ............... CHARLES Hovxav Vice President ........... MARILYN COUGIILAN Recording Secretary ....... BARBARA HAZELTON Recording Secretary ........... BILL ERDMANN Financial Secretary ......... ERNEST LLIIIONEN Financial Secretary ........ BARBARA HAZELTON - FACULTY ADVISERS MR. REGINALD F. SAUNDERS, Chairman Miss MARY CONNELLY MR. DARRELL COUGHLAN The California Scholarship Federation is the biggest scholastic club in the school. A member who is in the club three terms, excluding his fresh- man year, and one senior term is a life member and is entitled to a life mem- bership pin and a gold seal on his diploma. We are proud to announce that one of our life members, Joyce Leyland, has won a Freshman Competitive Scholarship of 3400 to Mills College. Also, Paul Cox, a life member, was elected Vice President of our Regional Division. The War has limited our activities but We have had two very enjoyable terms under excellent officers and splendid supervision by our faculty advisors. We invite all students, who are interested and eligible, to join. BILL ERDMANN, Recording Secretary E961 N SPRING TERM 1943 Members of Chapter 240, California Scholarship Federation 4B CLASS 1. Ackley, Barbara 2?"Bartalini, Dorothy 3. Bruzzone, Shirley 4."'Caviglia, Lena 5."1Collins, Leo 6.'tCoughlan, Marilyn 7RtCox, Paul 8.'lfHolladay, Lee 9. King, Ed 1O.'FLehtonen, Ernest 11 12 fl'Leyland, Joyce . Nesbit, Helen 13. Newman, Dorothy 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 .:FRandoluh, Binford . Ratto, Tony . Rediess, Mildred . Rice, Talmadge . Simone, Geraldine .tSmith, Kenneth fkvon Schmidt, Barbara fl'West, Marilynri 22. Wiebalk Elma Doris 3.ffWiles, Bob 4A CLASS 1. Broughton,Albert 2. Davidson, Harlan , 3. Donaldson, Betty 4. Frost, Richard "'Life Members. Reeves, Kenneth Wisler, Greetice 3B CLASS Baender, Paul Brown, Frances Bryan, James Conard, Dorothy Conway, Don 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 1. Ferguson, Rosamay 2. Herrera, Leo Lytal, Janice Mason, Robert Oliver, Florence Pennie, Ruth Perona, Juanita Powell. James Riley, Elvin Sawyer, Ted Schill, William Schumacher, Allen Stanley, Ronald Thayer, Howard 3A CLASS Conard, Connie Hazelton, Barbara Heseman, Virginia Kahn, Leo Love, Laurella 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 1. Z. 3. l97l Kyriacos, Karl Messing, Robert Ratto, Marie Ratto, Theresa Reuter, Felicia Weeden, John 2B CLASS Bergman, Margaret Divine, Ray Edwards, Donald Emmal, Nadine Erdmann, William Jaeger, Susan Jensen, Lowell Martin, Nancy Maurer, Frederick Moore, Peggy Norris, Beverly Rediess, Helen Roesch, Dolores Rule, Charlene Smith, Lois Thomnsor-, Addison Waldear, Nancy ZA CLASS Anderson, Marilyn Clayson, Harold Cox, David Gans, Dick Kern, Clifford Rusing, Maryann Lander, Richard Merrick, Rodney Moore, Sally Perata, Jean Pavid, Michel Schnabel, Lucille Schutzky, Victor 1B CLASS Bullwinkel, Virginia Chauvet, Beverly Crowley, Lois F ei-guson, Arthur Gerdes, Ronald Gilligan, Marieann Himle, Sue Kilian, Aletha Lane, Caroline Mertens, Shirley Morris, Richard Mueller, Bill Nelson, Florence Reynolds, Edmond Roemer, Elizabeth Ruisiriger, Marguerite Rumrnerfield, Lois Sergeant, Audrey Wilson, Donald STAR A ll HEY OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President .... ............. B INFORD RANDOLPII President ,..... ........... B INFORD RANDOLPH Vice President ..... .......... P AUL Cox Vice President ..... ........... I RENE COUPE Secretary ....... . ....... IRENE COUPE Secretary ........ ..... V IROINIA HESEMAN Editor ...................... CHARLES HOVEY Editor ............................ DON RAY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FALL '42 SPRING '43 CURTIS BANGS BETTY WARREN BETTY PEoERsoN SIDNEY HAZELTON SIDNEY HAZELTON DONIS SHRIBER MARY POWELL PAUL Cox MARY POWELL DON RAY BEVERLY NOREN BILL SCHILL PAT FLETCHER BARBARA HAZELTON The Star and Key Society, one of the oldest organizations in Alameda High School, has, during the past year, remained true to its tradition of active participation in school affairs. In addition to the regular meetings of the Society, the members have sponsored a student meeting and have made a one hundred dollar War Bond purchase. President Binford Randolph, and the other oflicers who Were Irene Coupe, Vice President, and Virginia Heseman, Secretary, have presided over many entertaining meetings and have accomplished a great deal in the Society's affairs. A A student on the term honor roll is eligible for membership in the Society. Membership for three consecutive or four non-consecutive semesters en- titles a student to life membership in the organization and a red seal on his diploma. Life members may also Wear the Star and Key pin. So, if you find that you have these qualifications to join the Star and Key,ynntodayandtakepanjnthefunthatawansyouatthenmedngs IXEIRAY liditor f98l Lea Lou Abrams Barbara Ackley Don Alexander Marilyn Anderson Paul Baender Curtis Bangs Dorothy Bartalini Eddie Blamire Nell Bolsten Barbara Boysen Betty Bugatto Lillian Bugatto Virginia Bullwinkel Doris Burrowes Beverley Butler Barbara Birch Robert Brown Ed Bullwinkel Albert Broughton Gerda. Bromley Lena Cavliglia Doris Cosino Lorraine Colbert Irene Coupe Paul Cox Beverly Chauvet Lois Crowley ,lean Coughlan Harold Clayson Dick Conner Joseph Cervelli Barbara Cowin Winston Currier Don Conway Bill Cooper Beverly de Bruyn Betty Donaldson Robert Durham Faye Dennen Dorthea Darling Charles Donner STAR AND KEY MEMBERS Harlan Davidson Bruce F auth Pat Fletcher Art F ergusen Lois Francis Rosamay Fergusen Betty Gilbert Mariean Gilligan Beverly Gay Doriel Goltz Dick Gans Noreen Willner Betty Wilton Jim Bryan Jane Greenough J une Harer Barbara Hazelton Sidney Hazelton Edna Healy Bob Herrara Virginia Heseman Ann Hoekenga Barbara Hopper Charles Hovey Sue Himle Joy Houston Gloria Haley Elaine Hughes Yvonne Hickok Shirley Jackson Susan Jaeger Barbara Jannsen Marjorie Johnson Jane Jaeckle Aletha Kilian Marilyn King Clifford Kern Mary Knight Ed King Leo Kahn Jean Knowles June Lane Laurella Love Carolyn Lane Philip Lorens Aileen Lachmann Shirley Mertens Joan Manbert Elayne Mautino Ruth McAllister - Glenn McLean Fred Maurer Ray McMullin Dolores McCoy Nancy Martin John MacKenzie Jean Martin Dale Noble Beverly Noilen . F lo rence"N'elson Marilyn Norton Marilyn Nenneman Florence Nizzoli Beverly Norris Helen Nesbitt Leo Collins Esther Ingeman Florence Oliver Jean Perata Esta Parker Barbara Penberthy Shirley Pugh Elden Puckett Betty Pedersen Edgar Pope Kathryn Perata Catherine Polizzi Mary Powell Ruth Pennie Virginia Purinton Bin Randolph Marie Ratto t99l Don Ray Elvin Riley James Roberts Estelle Rowe Elizabeth Roemer Marguerite Ruisiuger Lois Rummerlield Wayne Raymond Gordon Richards Ronald Robinson Theresa Ratto Lowell Rothschield Talmadge Rice Neale Smith Rosa Siri Lois Sleight Lois Smith Marilyn Stoker Maxine Setlow Albert Schafer Bill Schill Virginia Sibley Audrey Sergeant Nancy Stanberry Arthur Schnable Patty Sayre John Slater Melba Smith Marilyn Stom Barbara von Schmidt Carol Van Loo Elma Wiebalk Nancy Waldear Betty Welton Lorraine Wolf Marilyn West Roger Witham Betty Warren Doris Weber Evelyn White ,CU f LE EEHIILE FIU-l IIAI5 OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President .,................. PAUL UNSWORTH President .......,................ KAY CUPID Vice President ...... ..... D OROTHY STEWART Vice President ..... .... B ARBARA HAZELTON Secretary ........ ........ M Ann: SCOTT Secretary ....... ..... F LORENCE BAILEY Treasurer ...... .... R onlin ALLEMAND Treasurer .... ....... M Ann: SCOTT Editor .... .... , .... I ACK EGGA Editor. . . ........ DON RAY The French Club, one of the largest language clubs in the school, has, during 1942-1943 maintained its high standard of activity in school affairs. Added to this, the members have been very busy Working for defense by buying war bonds and stamps. The girls of the club are finishing an afghan for use of service men in one of the navy hospitals of our country, and soon expect to make many more. To carry on With our club activities, a very successful gardenia sale was sponsored this spring. ' Even in War time the meetings have been very entertaining and Le Cercle Francais is looking forward to many happy meetings in the future. i100l ,D iffy' an Lolly Allen Roger Allemand Nell Bolsten Helen Burger Beverly K. Brown Marcia Birkholm Beverly Bryant Barbara Birch Shirley Bruzzone Florence Bailey Floy Cassidy Alice Christian Dick Conner Jean Coughlan Jeanne Cohn Kathryn Cupid Marjorie Davis Janice Eisert Laurella Fowler FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS Beverly Gay Jim Goggin Doriel Goltz Dorothy Hayes Dorothy Hooker Barbara Hazelton Ann Hoekenga Nelson Jacobs Eileen Jarvis David Justice Betty Lemos Joyce Leyland Robert Mason Frances McCormick Beverly Moffatt Dale Noble Beatrice Odcrrnath Marion Paris Shirley Pugh l101l Don Ray Marie Scott Kenneth Smith I Merna Schreiber Lois Smith Janet Schreiber Barbara Schmidt Allen Schumacher Jo Ann Taff Sarah Taff Bill Taylor Don Vanderschurr Carol Van Loo Renee Vergez Jean Watts Rodna Walls Ramona Westfall EI. CLUB ESPANUL OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President ............... ,...... D AN ROURKE President .....,................ DAN Rounmz Vice President ..... ......... J EAN PERATA Vice President. ,.... ...... .,,. K A Y RA'r'ro Secretary ....... ..... D oius PEDERSON Secretary ........ ...... L ENORE POLLEN Treasurer .... ........ J OHNNY RAPP Treasurer ..... ......... L ARRY WYNNE Faculty Adviser, ...,. Miss ISABEL VENARD Faculty Adviser. . . . .... Miss ISABEL VENARD This term the Spanish Club celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its founding. Each year since its beginning, the Club has been an active organ- ization with a good number of students of Spanish taking part in the meetings. This year, however, the Club has the largest enrollment in its history, with more than a hundred students holding membership cards. The meetings of the year have been up to the standards set by previous groups. The meeting with the largest attendance of the Fall term was the annual Christmas party, with entertainment typical of a Mexican Christ- mas party. During the Spring term the outstanding meeting was the one held on April 14, Pan American Day. Among those who contributed to its success were Robert Coon, Maxine Brown, and jack St. Claire. The last meeting of the term was the showing of a new color film of Mexico. The officers of the year merit the thanks of the members for their con- stant efforts to provide interesting meetings. l I THE IATI III. B OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President ...... .................. D ON RAY President ........... . ........... DON RAY Vice President ....... .... M ARY POWELL Vice President ....... .,... M ARILYN KING Recording Secretary .... .... I OHN WEND1' Recording Secretary ......... ANNE MCKENZIE Financial Secretary .... ..... B ILL GRIPP Financial Secretary ........ KATHERINE Moom: Song Leader .... . ..... .... P HILIP WULFE Song Leader, ........ ...... D API-INE LYNN Our Latin Club is composed of students Who take or have taken Latin. We meet in Mrs. Ambrosoli's room the second and fourth Thursday of every month. It costs only twenty-live cents a semester to join the Latin Club. We have had many entertaining meetings under the leadership of our president, Don Ray. We plan to have a dansant soon. ANNE MCKENZIE Recording Secretary l103l GIRLS' ASSIJIIIATIUN OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL 1942 SPRING '43 President .............. BARBARA MUNHOLLAND President ....,................ BARBARA ROTH Vice President ......... BETTY VAN DEN BERGH Vice President ............ KATHY MALMQUIS1' Recording Secretary ........... JEANNE SMITH Recording Secretary ............. Bev SEAGREN Financial Secretary. ....... NON:-:TTE BRUNGARD Financial Secretary ........... SHIRLEY BROYVN Song Leader .................. BARBARA ROTH Song Leader. ............. LORRAINE COLBERT The Girls' Association of Alameda High School is open to every girl in the school whether she pays the Association dues of ten cents a term or not. We issue no tickets, We keep no records of those who do not pay, We just trust that every girl will Want to be a member of the organization which directs girls' activities, girls' interests, and girls' social service in the High School. When it is time to Welcome the incoming Freshmen, We are especially busy making plans for an afternoon of fashion shows, refreshments, and dancing. The Senior girls act as "big sisters" at this time. This term Kathy Malquist, Vice-president, was chairman of the Freshman Reception. A very enjoyable band from the Coast Artillery was presented by the Girls' Association to the student body this term. This was enjoyed by all of the students. This past term has been a very successful one under capable leadership of President Barbara Roth. The meetings were very interesting and in- structive to all. It is our sincere hope that the girls will always be as proud of this organi- zation as they have been in the past. BEVERLY SEAGREN, Recording Secretary f104l l lVIEN'5 ASSIJIIIATIU OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 Prexident .................. .ERNIE KELLBERG President ...................... Bon CLIFFORD Vice President ...... . ...... Bos CLIFFORD Vice President ..... ..... B Un MILLMAN Secretary ......... ....... P AUL Cox Secretary ......... ....... P ETE FISHER Yell Leader ..... ..... B ILL COOPER Yell Leader .......... . .... BERKELEY BAKER Succeeded by ............ BRUCE RODGERS When the Men's Association was reorganized in 1941 the purpose was to sponsor Alameda High School Sports. The first two administrations, under the management of Bob Clifford and Ernie Kellberg, have lived up to this standard. Last fall We sponsored a football rally and this spring We held a very successful boxing match featuring Alameda High School boxers. We had several interesting meetings including some sports talks, and an Army Air Corps picture. The Menls Association held a very success- ful dansant this spring. We hope that future lVIen's Association presidents will be as active as the last two have been. PETE FISHER, Recording Secretary f105l GIRLS' BI.IJlIIi "il" SIJIIIETY The Girl's Block "A" Society is an organization of the G.A.A. Its pur- pose is to promote an interest in girl's athletics, to develop leadership, to cooperate with the school and other organizations in any worthy project. The large yellow and white pom poms which the Block "A's7' sold in the fall were a colorful note at the football games. Seven new members were initiated at the end of the fall term. The initiation was followed by a roller skating party. This term the society has been particularly interested in assembling materials needed by the Red Cross for child care. ADELINE OLSON, Recording Secretary OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President ................ Donori-:Y BARTALINI President ............... . .CHius'rrAN O,BR1EN Vice President ............ MARION BROUILETT Vice President ........ ...... GERRY SIMONE Recording Secretary .......... BARBARA DESHE Recording Secretary .... ..... A DELINE OLsoN Financial Secretary ......... Berry DONALDSON Financial Secretary ......... B1-:TTY DONALDSON Sergeant at Arms .... .... M ARION BRoU1Lx-:TT Sergeant at Arms .......... MARION BROUILETT l l BUYS' BLIJIQH "A" SUIIIETY OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President ...................... FRANK RATTO President .................,.. BOB MCCREERY Vice President .... .... B OB MCCREERY Vice President ..... .,.... R UDV TAUBE Secretary ............. ..... B IN RANDOLPH Secretary ............. ...... T oNy R1-xrro Sergeant at Arms ..... ..... R ALPH DQLAN Sergeant at Arms ..... ..... R ALPH DOLAN The membership of the Boy's Block "AH Society is selected from those boys Who have Won a block "A" in some sport. Because of gas rationing the annual picnic was a matter of doubt for some time. However, under the able guidance of Bob McCreery and the other officers, both the picnic and the initiation of new members were held late this semester. TONY RATIO, Recording Secretary l107l c . , . VIETIJHY IIIIHPS The Victory Corps was organized to sponsor sales of War bonds and stamps. Through their efforts the student body qualifled for the U. S. Treasury Minute Man Flag on May 24th. IIAFETEHIA STAFF In spite of rationing and shortages, Mrs. Duncan and the cafeteria staff are serving a greater number of students than at any time in the fourteen years during which the cafeteria has operated. JUNIIJH BED IIHUSS The junior Red Cross in the Alameda High School has done a large amount of Work this year. Many items have been sent to the armed services such as comfort bags, canes, ash trays, game boards and many joke books. The new system of corps has Worked out very well this year and We are looking forward to even better Work in the years to come. AUIJITIIHIUM STAFF The Auditorium Staff is a school Civic Service Group of trained per- sonnel who aid in handling the public at all auditorium functions. It con- sists of three groups: Box Oflice, Doormen, and Usherettes. These volun- teer Workers have, Without praise or glory, rendered an invaluable service to the various classes and organizations. RESERVE UEEIEEH5 TRAINING EUHP5 HE!-lIll1U!-lHTlE'.HS The Alameda High School R.O.T.C. unit consists of approximately two hundred and forty members who are divided into four companies, a band, and the staff. The unit is under the direction of Col. C. G. Lawrence and Staff Sergeant R. H. Huntington. The staff officers are Lt. Col.. Ernie Kellberg, Honorary Major Maxine Brown, Major Art Velasco, Honorary Captain Joyce Leyland, Captain Peter Valerga, Captain Lloyd Hurwitz, Znd Lt. Gaylord Helm, 2nd Lt. Charles Hovey, Color Sgt. Walter Schroeder, P.F.C. Arthgr Webb, P.F.C. Gene Maurice, Members of the color guard pictured above are as follows: Pvt. David Bernstein, Pvt. John Egga, Pvt. Baily Clinkenbeard, Sgt. Wal- ter Schroeder. The Alameda R.O.T.C. has the distinction of being one of the few units to have attained honor school standing in the whole western area for the last four successive years. This means the unit has been outstanding in the last four Federal Inspections and has been ranked high by the War De- partment Inspector. I t112l P ,, xr r 1 1 I-2,......, , , ' -5' r EU PAY CAPTAIN KENNETH SMITH SPONSOR BARBA VON SCHMIDT Znd. LIEUTENANT ,TACK GIEMONT if113I Ist. LIEUTENANT BILL COOPER lst. LIEUTENANT LEO COLLINS Znd. LIEUTENANT CHARLES MORINE IIUM!-KYB lst. LIEUTENANT ELVIN RILEY Znd. LIEUTENANT JIM BLAMIRE Znd. LI EUTENANT BRUCE FLOOD l.!GJ'V'T' ' L . 4 En PAffmnBPl7A7 CAPTAIN SPONSOR SHIRLEY BROWN Znd. LIEUTENANT CHARLES CLINKENBEARD I K' lst. LIEUTENANT TALMADGE RICE lst. LIEUTENANT ROBERT LANDER Znd. LIEUTENANT AL SCHUMACHER I , at 3, ,X ' ' 3, EU PAYE lst. LIEUTENANT DICK SHORTRIDGE Znd. LIEUTENANT JIM BRYAN Znd. LIEUTENANT RODGER WITHAM lst. LIEUTENANT BILL HOWARD Znd. LIEUTENANT ED KAUFMAN Znd. LIEUTENANT BILL BURKE Jlnanawv- it. . , -.uv .1,,.w ,.. - f.. ,. -0' .. .Y ...N --fl SWUHIJ AND SHIELD IIIFFIIIEHS OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '42 SPRING '43 President .... , ..................... PAUL Cox President .... . ..................... PAUL Cox Vice President .... , . .... ERNIE KELLBERG Vice President ..... ...... M Ax1NL BROWN Recording Secretary. . ....,. ART VELASCO Recording Secretary . . ........ BOB WILES Financial Secretary. . . ..... Bon WILES Financial Secretary. . . ...... DAN RoURKE Sergeant at Arms ..., . ............ ELVIN RILEY Sergeant at Arms .... . ............ ELWN RILEY The Sword and Shield Society is a club composed of the officers and sponsors of the R.O.T.C. Its purpose is to promote a spirit of fellowship among oflicers and to further social activities and build up the morale of the R.O.T.C. unit. Last term the members enjoyed themselves at an initiation and a social. We also presented a very successful dansant. This spring, aside from having a picnic and planning the 20th annual Competition, we had the honor of presenting the 11th annual Military Ball, which has always been a highlight of Alameda I-Iigh's social calendar. BOB WILES Recording Secretary il18l H "S . M I l, X N I 299 -C 1 af 1 X X Sergeant Major ............ Provost Sergeant .... . ...... NIIN-IIII . . . .ROBERT COON .SQUIRI3 OPENSHAXV Chzef Clerk ................ DONALD EDNVARDS Sergeant of the Guard .... ....... R ODERT ROLL C olor Guard ............... Assistant Color Guard ..... Mess Sergeant. . B ugler .,....... . .TIIoMAs CATON .WILLIAM PLARSON ............MARSI'IALL DOYLB .RICHARD CANEPA 'X I .swat K ' I E- F sis, X. .N a . , - xr 'wr at ! 4 1. 'S III. B OFFICERS SPRING '43 Sergeant Major ................ ROBERT COON Provost Sergeant ............,, COLIN DEVINE C hirf Clerk ................ DONALD EDXVARD5 Sergeant of the Guard ...... WILLIANI PIQARSON C otor Guard .............. WILLIAM ERDLMANN Assistant Color Guard ..,...., . ...., DAVE Cox Mess Sergeant ..........,... MARSHALL DOYLE Bugle-r ............... ..... R OBERT Srour The Non Com's Club is composed of the non-commissioned officers of the Alameda High Reserve Ofiicers Training Corps. Any cadet of rank from Corporal to Master Sergeant is eligible for membership. The Non Com's Club has had a very successful term under the able di- rection of Sergeant Coon, twice elected Sergeant Maior of this organiza- tion. During the past year We have attained one of the highest membership standards in the history of the club, a year in which a great many took interest in our activities. Business meetings are held bi-Weekly under the direction of the Sergeant Major and the supervision of our faculty adviser, Staff Sergeant Hunting- ton. SERGEANT D. A. EDWARDS, C hte f C Zark f119l "if: I ' . Y - W , .. . . , . . W A 'IIW . , , , - 3 ini if . -, I ! . . ' L -. 1 RIFLE TEAM Front Row, left to right: ARTHUR V. VELASCO, PETER J. VALLERGA, JAMES B. BRYAN, DANIEL J ROITRKE, RICHARD B. SHORTRIDGE, JOHN E. HIMMELRICK Second Row, left to right: JAMES B. NOBLE, ROBERT S. WILSON, ROBERT J. ROLL, WALTER R. SCHROEDER, SUMNER R. WAITE, WESLEY P, PEASE, THOMAS E. CATON. Y.. . . .M LL f1201 .9 .... , LJ Q N , ' an I !4 JMX- 5152337 U Qgxgi, ,. . V i , xr Y -'I X . 'Vx . , Q fn. Q seq V. V ,4 IV X. W cf' 9-, 4 3 1. H 1 1 'T Vw M A 14555 I ' MUN ., i, . ,1l. - 1 'zyijy 5-iikzwgfm L, , , .L ' I if- A' V, '-5"' 1 I A -K' ' . f "' "fd ' 1 1 5 76 jk 5 C- ' ,.. f l in ,E , N U'- Ag fem w wg, Ei if ii' Pr N' ' 'Mfr ' f 3 i s .N fait'-gig ,Yi I 11" -V ,, 2 fi' .Z , .1 U xy V ' Y i, ,f Y - 'fx 'HQ N ' ' i TE ii J? gy . - gi -' L in ,A 9 4 . 5 E "nf V- -A Q ,,: .NU g5i ""x .EF 2.7.15 K 1 ww .QJ ,gf .PL L, Mm .ri s ?"'9g ," ' 8 . , 'S' .AI C1 x ,' H w Iii.- W AMW ww W Ei '. H H ,1 X 5 we 551 'f .x 1 w Y fer ,, Q 44 , 5' Vg 1 V wax :L Q A J 5555 W3 ! -ygggifiwgrgxg ,Q ax 1 mr Z5 'E ,,.. K mgfggz, 3 fs. , , , 1' HE , ,, i .,, ,:,ji,f'..ii-'3:: 1 " ,iz M325 K I ' 'gif V X' ., . - 'K Q1 :iii k"' f , N .- "' C s' ' ,ab ,Q .1111 ,F -- , ' 2 .fn , ,H . -,.,-' ' 3" :T M zsisezifaziff 'SMH nam m l ms-Q '1 ,il . . ,m,f,,f -Sis M maxi' , in V , ' Q. :lf in " W 1 V Y" ai-Q1 r K U-, , g L-,11xj, . "" ' - , x , ,xx . , :fi ap as M , ,, f-sz - sn., 1 Q: ,H Ae-v , ., an -. A ERE., -1. V I H Y VFVL F 3 ':. -. 1 T' ,7 -M . - Tw- - L' M Mm N, fawmm mir , ,G K , '5'i 4 f3? ..:5T'5i::wq,. wif i .,...b. U ,H - Y ,n b , LM! ' ' ,swf 'lE5'! rife" ,, sr 'W' 'EEN " ' f, -V s.sf:.EEs: ' "t?:1':'5? ,Z '- .,., . L M N . , : 5:5223 " LF! 1 in W 1 ,f ,Q mn V ffm- ., .-, kc. mb, H U if K A , f Y ww .. 1gwL:f,,,aTmW'g,5di,f 'P .QL ' 4 -1323 'fx - r f , .ws A F55 , l .Y ' , , y vs.. an .mv- if i- 1 v A f F1 ,, f ' i A M . i ,,A. , , ML .. Enlf' L , f '72, D ws ful, 'f' W A Ngf' as-Fila ' -limi' 'j YT' n- 'ji S Q 3.2 K sg 1:5 -Q 1 . -xx , M -'5 if-1. S ' ,, by M 11 1111, Q 1 , , ,-, my -3, 1,1 nas Q s. if f:.mg5,g, S55 ""'fff 31? -... 119553 . '.-:S 523' Y, alfa . 5 ., 1. 29549 .K 1 1 f Y i, :f'1 1,ga-.,5g11?nf111 . ' " 21?fvf' .,' l'1f,Q1 ' if, s L4 uv ff 1 4.1 WA ---1 11 Q - 1 Qi M -.1 1 1 Y ,W12211 1 ' ' 1,551 at .. an ,.1. Qff gv a 1 , ws 1 Qi-2 . 1 ff +L- , 3Q 11? 1 11. 111 F V1 JN 15 v ' '. N A: ,l -2- - , , sjjfqa. 12 L S' " 1- .rev uh 1 1 ffaasimg - , Y in Y . 1 11 31,4-' 1 X' .J 1-.f-:-.,,, I. .K-.. 11-, 1.. . J-1 LJ' 1-1 VV.. 5 ,- Q 11 - J, 4 1. 'A 1 A 4 . .' H-I Am.. .1 .,.. A 1 E K 1 F" 1 ll fx 1x., ' ' -1" 1 1 fk111 - 1111111el?S1r" 5 5-52452 get 11 ,K 1 sais ' " KL? ,fm 1 11 :gg r 'Ugh- Yas FE 11, M -- ' -111' 111 E 1 1 .J if Rl: --All Q- :jj A. me 1 as 1 K ,,12. I :. , -s.5' -vviwwxge 1 .N ,xx k K in 3...,. 1, 'Ph ,. . 1 2' ra1,.1l,wff1-11 Ifvhilllg K, ' 11? ' ji? fr Yew 1 F 1 L , 1.-i-sk, L fl JV' a. , wi? , . F' " K . 4., up 5, 1 f Y. Nm f,-B 4 w ?M f 'w 2 J N. My df X' STH . - -F10 i m - 5 ' Y- - T W?-E ? i fi - L., ,wb- z 1 N x 2' 42 rl- , , -6 N .1-'Ms " ,min , wa me-. 1 H ' 4. QW WF if 31' :iff X' E 27 5- , S1 V 4 IQ?" , , E ' Q ff f , Eg'-up 'sm A , -'41, W 5.3 H LA 'Q V U' -' ' .r g,y,.VHY , if ' - ' 2" Nfl Q32 x 265 " -3 ' wx , , - 3 Q Av J. ,. 'msg if ,S , , -E .--, E5 .1 1:6 f ' 'YW . 'tijagi , A Pb:..if'+n il! I 3 J H W S in 8 , 6 U.-f Fil' HM: Q, fw- ,af 1-is . r gn k fi37i l1iW11f ,f m 5L'Tifff, ff - ' - ff, ,A fmxggklwfia xxi, 7 ' AX: L i ' 7" tn F! 1 f-4 0 gd' A -1.1 .: -E G- b El ., . W Q , Mu., :ww,,,, in vw M ii 4 I" --- ,, 1 SL- . 'X -, ., .ui . 0 Wi, V E mm fx U W - U' -1 Big deal. Oh-I don't know. AIamcda's All-around boy. Ipana? Saboteur. 6. Pottery Puttery. 7. Like this kids? 8. Put your little foot here. 9. You too can be the life of the party. f12Sfl Wanta buy a ish? Industry P Personality kids. Yes or No? if HPPHEIII!-KTIIINS In publishing the ACORN many people have gladly given their time and cooperation. Gn this page We Wish to express our thanks for their many courtesies. To Mr. W'ilburn Smith and Miss Virginia Hull of the Oakland National Engraving Company for the help they have gladly given at times when it was so direly needed. To Mr. Piatt of Piatt Studios who has done such fine photographic Work for us. To Mr. and Mrs. Penny of Hartsook Studios for the senior and group pictures they have taken for us. To Mr. Maclver Who has been always ready to come to school and take pictures for us. To Mr. Bushman of Bushman-Risen who has done such a splendid job of bookbinding on our AcoRN. To Mr. Hooper of Hooper Printing Company we Wish to express our thanks for the printing of the book. To Mr. Bryan for his sincere help at all times. To Miss M. Herrick, her typing classes, and Margie Frickie who have helped us type the copy for the ACORN. To those who turned in snapshots to us we Want to give our highest praise for their contributions. A l126l IITICE T0 Y UN MEN over 16 years of age who wish to employ their vacation time to help the national War effort and to Work at a trade which will be an ace in the hole for their future life, should apply to the employment office of the UNITED ENGINEERING CO., LTD., at the foot of Main Street near the Naval Air Base in Alameda. WORK NEAR HOME and help pay for your next term in school or college. OPPORTUNITIES are open to you in the following trades: Machinists, electricians, pipe Htters, shipfitters, or in office Work. H271 Signal Oil Company maintains in the City of Alameda its Division Office which operates and controls Signal's activities in California from the lower San Ioaquin Valley and Santa Maria to the Oregon border and also in the State of Nevada The Local Bulk Plant and Marine Dock is located at the foot of Oak Street, and together with the Division Office at the same location employs over 100 people. In addition Signal has seven Retail Service Stations in Alameda which are as follows: I. A. "IOHNNIE" BRUZZONE 900 Central Avenue ROBERT E. NELSON 2300 Central Avenue, opposite High School CLYDE W. DAVIS Broadway and Santa Clara L. W. HLEWM DE CELLE 1900 Webster Street HERMAN SCHLAVIN 901 Lincoln Avenue W. H. "BILL', SINGLETON 1801 Park Street ROWLAND B. BARKER 1701 Webster Street l128l E IIIIIIIIIEIIII R IIIIIIIEI IIIIIIIPIIIIEI, Inn. 0 Same High Quality Always . I 1500 WEBSTER STREET 2320 CENTRAL AVENUE LAkehurst 2-7577 0 FOUNTAIN ' STORE ' HOME DELIVERY 0 You Can Whip Our Cdfeam . . but . . You Ca1z't Beat Our Milk f1Z9J A ALAMEDA A Outstanding schools, beautiful homesites, superb climate, recre- ational facilities, and modern shopping districts combine to make ' this a truly ideal home city. Alameda also offers the finest of industrial sites, with rapid rail and water transportation available at low cost. 0 I CITY OF ALAMEDA and ALAMEDA CHAMBER of COMMERCE ALAMEDA 0 CALIFORNIA ma, M . . . At the ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE FEES: I Week Days ..,................. .... 3 .60 I Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays ................... .85 Monthly Ticket ........,..................... 4.00 Monthly Ticket fvoid Saturday, Sunday, Holidaysj . 3.00 o Lunch Room Open to the Public o Special Rates to Alameda H igla Students I 25c after 2:30 on School Days L. - l f130l .Mn "Bring Your Films to Piatt's" , Fon SPORTS WEAR -:1:fi5E5 iEE E: '11A if. .. . .s:2:z:s:s:s:z:sf 1: .-:1:f:a:f:1:1:1.. 6. 25111 1 3152 25255222. 2250 , i "" 2 11 PARK 14s 1 WEBSTER STREET K O D A K S Telephone: LA kehurst 2-9229 F R A M E S LA kehurst 2-4200 G I F T S , ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA I P I AT 'I' S . 1 3 5 0 PARK STREET Phone LA kehurst 2-4074 Two Smart Shops to Serve You EARL D. GARBER DIAMONDS WATCHES and JEWELRY More than likely your graduation present came from Garbers. Your credit is good. 1 503 Webster Street ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Telephone: LA kehurst 2-8300 Good Health and Happi- ness is our Wish to the Graduating Class GADSDEN'S STATIONERY STORE 1435 PARK STREET A LA kehurst 2-1844 LA kehurst 2-1 845 E. D. GADSDEN, Proprietor 51311 Luke Watson Compliments of 1 . SCHAFFNER AND 1 WATSON MEN,S SHOP Webster at Haight Avenue ALAMEDA, CALIF. 52 625151 51911 j'.2E1511 ' '--.::5ij:j1515?'I, 15: 1 55555. QEEEEESSQEQSZEQEE:ffi-525-ZEQEEEQEFQ " 455252 1 525555 If 5 55i5f5 ':'5:':''Wills Q25 jzisgzgfz,.,f,..:.:.g..s5s2siz2z:sffSi25f' 725-" .212 :3:Q:f:3:T":T,- 1:3,i.7:i:f:if33ff:ifF3' :een :s:.:f:5:s: :f...1:s:.:s:s:1 1 . .-aa2:e:s:s:z w 255552255553EgE1E12rE:2:5:1 1 ':1 5555232555122 , -:5:2f:51:5:1:3:izfiiiffi-f1E:,'.'f 4127+ ' 25tK3:7:5:5:5f: rgqfzggzgz5:3:5:5:5:g:5:3:5:35.Q.5:5E5E5: " ,E5E5E552E5E5EgE5E5E, , fm.-1.1 's:s:s:a:s:. 225222sf5:.2Z?E51?25fi2E?5f?fs:5?sE525?fSE52L:.15 ..?iEfi3E2iEI 2 , if 5551 '- J I'.iif1E5QfEj.QQ3l'.:5 - . Q .. . , ,f V..:. Glenn Schaffner Dress Up Time IS WALT,S TIME Distinctive Flowers and Gifts by LUCILE ' 241 6 CENTRAL AVENUE W A S fOpposice Pose Officel Tel. LA kehurst 2-0188 MENSHOP , 3 Style Scouts for Men S Apparel If no answer call LA kehurst 2-6683 F R A N C K' S MUSIC and ELECTRIC SHOP Experienced and Skillful Repair Service HUNT JEWELRY COMPANY ALAMEDA . WATCHES DIAMONDS RECORD AND MUSIC JEWELRY Headquarters Watchmakers and Jewelers O 1438 PARK STREET 1349 Park Street ALA3252 LA 11.h...iAffffl12NIA General Industrial Compliments of Supply Corp. , 1532 Park Street 0 1515 Webster Street S T 1. LA 2-2002 T l. LA 2-2004 e ALAMEDA e KUSTOM MADE o assortment of All Wool Sleeveless Has a large Belts . . . 49c to 51.95 Khaki Hats .... 5.98 Sports Jackets . . 36.95 Undershirts .... 55.40 k Sh S 45 ,loc ey ons . . . T. Shirts . 8.65 to 351.98 SHOES For The Entire Family Sweaters . . 551.49-2.25 Sweat Socks 3 for 81.00 O Sweat Shirts 31.25-1.85 Boys Jeans . . 8.98-1.69 1363 PARK STREET l132l Greeting Cards For All Occasions AMERICAN TRUST T 2.33 COMPANY Banking Since 1854 Alameda Branch PARK ST. AND CENTRAL AVE. West Alameda Branch 1357 PARK STREET WEBSTER ST. and SANTA CLARA AVE. ALAMEDA ALAMEDA Telephone: LA kehurst 2-4580 WALKER'S FLORIST Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery Association 2 3 2 3 Central Avenue ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Vosburgh Hardware Established 1876 J. F. f"JIM"J TASKER HOUSEHOLD WARES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Also Sporting Goods . . . Fishing Tackle . . . Hunting and Fishing Licenses Free Delivery 23 19 Santa Clara Ave. ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Phone: LA kehurst 2-1882 B U T O M ' S ALAMEDA BANK OF AMERICA National Trust and Savings Association Alameda Branch Park St. and Santa Clara Ave. W'ebste1' Street Branch Webster Sc. and Haight Ave. ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA Compliments of NASSER BROTHERS THEATRES In Alameda ALAMEDA . . . and VOGUE STRAND NEPTUNE Theatres Showing HollyWood's Grandest Hits! Sfnce 1 9 06 WYNESTOCK'S Men's Furnishings and Sportswear O 1 40 5 PARK STREET I133l 90 1 S EQ THE George F. Pen H A R T S O S T U D I O ARTISTIC PORTRAI o Specializing in School Portraiture 0 NINETEENTH ST. OAKL AND T l phone : GL encourt 4560 B0 'N- nag TUR Q 'pf O 6-fa xx im as ' LX .rx Km NK K WW' Qrgod Vic!-Urn cr-IYX' xl-Vx' l f-' Q 'YQQQCLXZERQDGX .Semen CX 655197 " ' ' lf' f I!! ' w MQ xv N N l .Q .9 M 0' 9 Axyx msvx-r xr-.Q.,r-, -4 E,,,f"v'gul-'ww MQ "T"J"W"'Kv .Pwv F5 5-MM iv..-,,, L-Q0 Nxxww 'gL'9""'TD f'-JL awk EM -VN! HH- A-9 swf-em +G. 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Suggestions in the Alameda High School - Acorn Yearbook (Alameda, CA) collection:

Alameda High School - Acorn Yearbook (Alameda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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Alameda High School - Acorn Yearbook (Alameda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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