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my 5, , :. fm ?"."g1 " 15"n'f"f'. f M , " .' A xr- :. 5 .. V A XV, H, .f, V. iw' ' v I ' ' Y JA " "0 W U , ,'.,"1V.J'1 1 1 ' ' , v 7 vu . ,. af, W A. , o q a ' , 0 . O ' ' W, 7 if s LM' ' J ' W W ' I 0 L v , L 0 I V I K, - f L 'L 'lx xg, 'x x 5- ' . gr' , I I M, A il ' v 1, O w I , 1 f f vmuqn U ' 1 I I I by a X -1- ' 1' wx, 1 A I X O . x ' 4' N '14 U' " . q ' noe 1 I, X . , Jr: S I .M Ng" .. -T 1 In 3 O Q L 'H JT' -1 v . O rx' o n I 4 4 P y A u 1,1 M ' 'I U ol' ,. '-,305 og A- 'Na ' 1 QI O. 1 I I , 0 . A 1 C I V 9 A I 5 1 , I Q.: s .' 1 ,. . '1- 6 . 0' ' bv ' -' .L- Z' , I .' J QL - f' 'Q O Q - -1 , 4.1 Z. ' na ' .. HW " , .r , 'MP .r 2-15 H i 1' el' ""3mb, i' I- - an , - . 'J7T'?.-?v,2'j"f"v'ff wr: f ' 1. fw ACQR v' . Q J i-:vs I Z' : H Os' , as -5' f-f ' ' 'sr A 231: - 'im " 5, -. 4,-' ?-aaaiicxilf I .r.' -an ' 2' ' 5' ' -J bl I ' for H' A 1 2 33,3 s 'J . kgs . . 5 0 Q6 xl , . Q' ' x I -S if 3122? N?i3-jf, gmix , GREG gl r - -..' .'1u L.., 1? "PM: :'31aaL3ii"f"'.. if -'fffigg 73" ' ,Q f4 "Q'.Ff- -'. 4 if 2.8, Q- waeff: an 5' 3-ajpgl 125 I' ff , 1.0 Xanax - xg ap- Lf ' I I 9 4 2 1 COPYRIGHT 1942 BY THGMAS PEAKE Editor A L A N S M I T H Assistant Editor SHERRILL CONNER Business Manager I VOLUME XXXXIII PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA THE ACQRN F onnwonn... Today our country is at war. We the students and faculty are attempting to do our part in Winning this War. Several members of the faculty and countless numbers of former students are in the armed forces of our country. Many of us are taking a course of study designed to fit us for a place in vital War industries, others of us plan to go to college not only to extend our education but also to increase our Worth to this nation. The incidental things which make up the background of our school lives have been greatly changed. We find our first aid Work intensified, We buy war stamps in the high school corridors, We assemble to listen to the President and the Congress of the United States declare war, and we accept these things as part of our school days. Indeed We must live our school days and take our school-time pleasures amidst reports of turmoil and of cata- clysmic events which are changing the course of history. We present this 1942 AcoRN as a crystallization of some of these moments. Through photographs, drawing, and Written records we have tried to fix an impression of classes, sports, clubs, and incidents from the daily life of Alameda High School. Years hence you may look through these pages, relive these hours, and recall that they took place in this year of emergency and peril. That is the purpose of an annual, We think, and we hope We have accomplished that end. Q LIST OF CONTENTS C BOOK I . . ADMINISTRATION BOOK II . .... CLASSES BOOK III . . ACTIVITIES BOOK IV . ..... SPORTS BOOK V . . ORGANIZATIONS ALA EDA HYMN Men who wear the Gold and White, Men who hear the call to fight, Battle now for school and right. On to Victory! Myriad yields of conflict won Stand behind, and like the sun, Brighten future paths to run. On to Victory! Let this legend ever stand, While in conflicts, which corninand Strength and courage, sturdy band. On to Victory! Gold and White the standard raise, Let its inotto brighter blaze Ever to the end of days. On to Victory! . I xx xi X , xxx xx N g , X H' ' ' e "X:Q'1:E " DEDICATIO .... "This is the wander, always, everywhere- Not that vast inutability which is event, The pits and pinnacles of change, But 1nan's desire and valiance that range All circninstance and corne to part nnspentf' JOHN DRINKWATER fAbraha1n Lincotnj The 1942 ACORN is dedicated to Major Fred A. Goldman, to Lieutenant- Commander Charles W Cox, and to Second Lieutenant Charles A. Briscoe who are now on leave of absence from our faculty to serve with the armed forces of the United States. The spirit of these men is symbolic of the tem- per of the many former Alameda High School students who are now in uniform. Our deepest gratitude for the service of these faculty members is hereby acknowledged. This dedication is a recognition of their desire for freedom which gives them a Willingness to serveg it is a tribute to their valiance in the service of their country. Qi xx' 3 YQ - Major FRED A. GOLDMAN Lf6Zlf6'7'ZU1ZZ'-C07717'l'lCZ7'ldC7' CHARLES W COX Second Lieutenant CHARLES A. BRISCOE 7 I fg ni W.,.,,.,M K "'-13' M-.-.W .......g 1 l I I H nn-4-ua, R. BRYAN,S MESSAGE . In the weeks since the sudden and treacherous attack upon Pearl Harbor, our first rush of anger and amazement has settled into grim determination. Now We see clearly what will be required of us for victory. This is a total War. It means total participation in the War effort by every citizen and every institution. What part can the secondary schools most appropriately play in Winning this War? All agencies of the government seem to agree that the promotion of health and physical efficiency is one of the most important tasks of the secondary school in the War effort. Alameda High School Will, therefore, continue to carry forward a vigorous program of health and physical edu- fSl cation designed to develop the physical strength and vigor of all of its students. Training workers for war industries and services is another part the high school can play in winning the war. Nearly all officers and many technicians of the Army and Navy need a background of mathematics and science. We are therefore urging our students to take three years of mathe- matics and a year each of chemistry and physics. We are also training students for War industries in our shops, in the defense classes. and in the commercial department. It is recognized that a thorough understanding of the history and politi- cal ideals of the United States is necessary if one wishes to participate intelligently in the war effort. The history and social studies courses offer the best opportunity for a consideration of the issues, aims, and progress of the War and the security of the peace to follow. We will adjust our history courses so that supervised study and organized discussion will help to make clear the difficult concepts that arise. The high school should also play a part in winning the war by helping to maintain the morale of pupils and adults. Morale is a matter of loyalty and dedication to cherished ideals and values. After December 7, 1941, our morale was high because the right and the wrong stood forth in bold relief. We then saw clearly that we were fighting not only for our country's freedom but for a civilized moral code. We must all help to keep alive the idealism which makes America great and strong. The individual student can help to Win this War by keeping his physical condition above that drab level We usually call normal. He can remain in school and prepare himself in English, Mathematics, Science, History, and vocational subjects so that he can serve the nation better when he is needed. He can help to keep morale high by serving his community today in civilian defense and Red Cross Work. I know that the students of Alameda High School will do their full part in wartime as in peacetime. To Miss Crever and the ACORN Staff I extend my sincere appreciation for their fine Work in preparing the 1942 ACORN. . s aff! 191 X Y KHUQ Solflvlffl' --J 1 . ,ifldi -,,,--"JA X I 5- lj Il 3 f Th, '..l g 4 , z r, vi-3 I - ' . -fm '- v. SGHNIIDT' ll Ao So Ao Ho E50 OFFICERS FALL, 1941 Prmzderzt . . ...... DICK IPI.-XLLIDAX Virf' P1'f'Xilff'IZf . . , , FRANCES TASKER Recording Sf'C7'l'ft1l'-V . .... LEE PARKER FilzafzrialS1'1'rI'tary . . SIIERRILL CQNNER IPI! Lmizifv' . . . . . CHARLIE SEGER When the Low Freshman Class entered Alameda High School in the fall of 1941, they were greeted by a fine administration under the leader- ship of President Dick Halliday. Other Inembers of this successful admin- istration were Frances Tasker, a lovely and capable vice-presidentg Lee Parker, an eflicient recording secretary, Sherrill Conner, a trustworthy and hard-Working financial secretary, and Charlie Seger, a "red hot" yell leader. The student meetings were as excellent as President Halliday had prom- ised in his campaign speech. An outstanding meeting was provided by Salum Riszk, the Syrian refugee, who contrasted the horrors of life under dictatorships with the blessings and opportunities for growth in a democ- racy such as the United States. At the vice-president's meeting Frances Tasker presented Alumni Talent for which Clarence Abbott, a former student body president, acted as master of ceremonies. The administration of Fall 1941 wishes to thank the Student Faculty Committee, the Administrative Board, and both the Women's Board of Control and the Men's Board of Control for help and guidance during this term. They also Wish to thank each Inember of the student body for his co-operation and for this opportunity to serve in oflice. LEE PARKER. i 12 l STL DENT if 9" ge FACULTY COXINIITTEE XDNIIN ISTRATIYE BO XRD Members of the Student Faculty Committee for the Fall term of 1941 were Dick Halliday, Frances Tasker, Lee Parker, Sherrill Conner, Charlie Seger, Ed Mazzini, Kay Ohanneson, Madeline Gross, Carol Moss, Walt Hutchinson, Mr. Bryan, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Cooperrider, Mr. Sisler, Thayer Hall. Members of the Administrative Board for the Fall term of 1941 were jean Anderson, Paul Arenson, Ross Bowman, Bill Boyd, Shirley Brown, Bob Bruns, Bob Burke. Russell Carlson, Bob Clifford, Sherrill Conner, Betty Doumitt, Peggy Gettle, Dick Halliday, Janice Hooven, Knox Kirk- land, Betty Mathews. Kay Ohanneson. Lee Parker, Evelyn Reese, Bill Roth. Charlie Seger, Shirley Schwarz, Barbara Scott, Frances Tasker, Eleanor Walker, jack Weeden, Charles Zell. ti' ,r la, rn is 'N""'V 'Fi .tiki f'1 N51 Nl ' A X Members of the Girls' Board of Control for the Fall term of 1941 were Jeanne Anderson, Nancy Branscheid, Gerda Bromley, Shirley Catton, Peggy Gettle, Phyllis Grant, Virginia Guisness, Ellen Haulman, Betty Jean Mathews, Jean MacKenzie, Carol Moss, Kay Ghanneson, Pat Pierce, Winifred Tasker, Dorothy Twist, Vivian Ursin, Betty Van Den Bergh, Jackie Worcott. Members of the Men's Board of Control for the Fall term of 1941 were Russell Carlson, Richard Gonsalves, Dean Hamilton, Walt Hutchinson, Ernie Kellberg, Knox Kirkland, jack Ludlam, Ed Mazzini, Jim Pingree, Bob Pollen, Bill Powell, Antone Ratto, Bill Roth, Doug Spencer, Bob Thorgerson, John Ward, Bob Yoas, Willard Lotter. GIRLS' BOARD 0f CONTROL 'gg ' 9' MEN'S BOARD Of CONTROL Ea A. S.A. H. S. OFFICERS SPRING, 1942 Prf zdfnt ..,...... CIIARLIIQ SIQULR Pr viflwzl . . . .... LX NN PHILLIP. 34 Q Ren rdnzg Svfretury . . . SHI-QRRILL CoNNi:R M 'Y ,L A D Fmuzrzzl Sf'frf'!ary , . . ERNH: SCHNEIDFR ' Q' X 1 lf!! Lf zrler . . . . . TOM PATERSON Our chief objective, as student body officers of the spring term of 1942, was to maintain the standard of the student meetings in spite of prevailing war conditions. We tried to do this in the following ways: Charlie Seger, president, added spirit in his manner of conducting the meetings, Ann Phillips, attractive vice-president, added the necessary charm to the ad- ministrationg Sherrill Conner, recording secretary, attempted to keep ac- curate and interesting minutesg Ernie Schneider, financial secretary, slaved to balance the budget and boost student card sales, Tom Paterson, yell leader, supplied the dynamo which kept the meetings lively and interesting. We hereby express our thanks to the Student-Faculty Committee who assisted us in securing a balanced program of entertainment for student meetings. For the comedy lovers we had several cartoons and the Gordon Magiciansg for the lovers of swing we engaged the Dixieland Band and a dance band presented by the Girls' Associationg for the more serious we secured a speaker who discussed our relations with South America and the VVPA. Negro choir whose members offered a most excellent program of negro spirituals. We, the officers of the A.S.A.H.S. for the spring term of 1942, sincerely hope that we accomplished our aims. We wish to express our thanks to students and faculty for their co-operation which gave us a successful and enjoyable term in office. SHERRILL CONNER. f 15 l ST UDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD Members for the Student Faculty Committee for the Spring term of 1942 were Charlie Seger, Ann Phillips, Sherrill Conner, Ernie Schneider, Tom Paterson, Russell Carlson, Dean Hamilton, Noel Smith, Emily Ben- nett, Jackie Finfrock, Esther Howard, Mr. Bryan, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Cum- mings, Mr. Cooperrider, Mr. Sisler. Members of the Administrative Board for the Spring term of 1942 were Paul Andriese, Paul Arenson, Dick Besoyon, Ross Bowman, Shirley Brown, b Bob Burke, Bob Clifford, Sherrill Conner, Betty Doumitt, Janice Hooven, Knox Kirkland, Will Lotter, Betty Mathews, joan McKean, Janice Ohanneson, Tom Paterson, Wesley Pease, Ray Perkins, Ann Phillips, Virginia Rieck, Bill Roth, Ernie Schneider, Shirley Schwarz, Charlie Seger, Jack Weeden, Paul Worthy, Charles Zell. I16l The members of the Girls' Board of Control for the Spring term of 1942 were Emily Bennett, Lillian Hosken, Dorothy Carlson, Barbara Munholland, Marjorie Lancaster, Shirley Brown, Lena Caviglia, Louise Devencenzi, Betty Gawthrop, june Mulholland, Lenore Oehlmann, Mary Plummer, Mary Powell, Beverly Seagren, Winifred Tasker, Barbara Wenderoth, Jacqueline Worcott, Marge Zirbel. The members of the Men's Board of Control for the Spring term of 1942 were Russell Carlson, Bob Yoas, Knox Kirkland, Frank Ratto, Willard Lotter, Paul Andriese, Scott Baxter, Pete Christie, Bob Clifford, Bob Eschen, Bill Garatt, Ernest Kellber, Walter Maclean, Lee Parker, Jim Pingree, Binford Randolph, Pete Vallerga, Bob Van Leiden. M y GIRLS' BOARD CONTROL MENS BOARD CONTROL -L ZB CLASS DANSANT J, llwwf P7 2 ,QQVY 1012 C.LX,?5DC'J. X x XX .- 'ff X Qiyaq X If CLASS OF OFFICERS FALL '41 TS? Preszdent ............... WILL LOTTER Vice-Presiderzt ......... SHIRLEY SPEER Recording Secretary ...... RAY PERKINS Financial Secretary ..... DICK BESOYAN Yell Leader ............ TOM PATERSON Ad Board ...... ..... J ANICE HOOVEN Ad Board ...... ....... B ILL Rorrr ,,w4W'59 The imprint of the class of june '42 is deep in the tradition of Alameda High School and will remain so long as our Alma Mater exists. Our class has produced leaders in practically every field of endeavor: sports, school entertainment, and the holding of offices. Each and every one of the mem- bers of our class has done his personal share in making the class of June '42 the most successful of any graduating class, but there are those who stand out vividly as the ones who will be remembered by us and the school. In sports, those who did outstanding work were Walt Moreno in basket- ball, Will Lotter and Bob Bierwith in football, Russ Carlson and jack McAuliffe in swimming, Les Mehrtens and Ernie Schneider in tennis, Bill Mcllveen, Bill Beckwith, Charlie Seger and Ross McMullin in track, Bill Serena, Mike Korich and Will Lotter in baseball. The boys mentioned would start an almost endless list of athletes in our class which would include Paul Worthy, Bob Pollen, Ross Ewing, and countless others. Our class has always provided ample entertainment in all of its social events such as the 'LTropical Promf, the HHayseed Hop," "The Black Flamingofl and many other activities such as dansants, skating parties, and student programs. Outstanding leaders have guided these functions thoroughly and well. Some of these have been Bill McCarty, Sumner f20l " GH Z1 OFFICERS SPRING '42 President ............... NVILL LIITTLR Vire-President ......... SIIIRLLY SPEER Recording Secretary . . R.-XLPII NVILIIELBI Finunrial Svrretizry ...... RAY PERKINS l'eII Leader ............ PAUL Aizuxsox .f1d Board ..... ..... J Axim: Houviix .-ld Board ..... ....... B ILL Roru Walters. Charles Matheny. Kathleen Hooper, Sherrill Conner, Janice Hooven, and Ellen Haulman. There is one group of individuals in our class who has always been at the top of the popularity list. Candidates for honors in this field are Lee Parker, Emily Bennett, Shirley Moser, Ann Phillips, Shirley Speer, Knox Kirk- land. Sherrill Conner, Tom Paterson, and last but positively not least "Tiny" Sanderson, that swell fellow who is a friend of everyone and every- thing. Honors for dramatic talent go to Mary Louise Johnson, Lois de Freitas, Carol Brumm, Dick Besoyan, Paul Worthy, Sherrill Conner, and Verna Schmidt. To our faculty advisers and to our other teachers as well as to Mrs. Hall and Mr. Bryan should go the credit and the praise for our successes. This small group of people has given its fullest cooperation in all matters which concerned us and our activities. Throughout the entire four years they did not once refuse to help us when we asked their advise or requested their aid in some class activity. RALPH XVILHELM. Recording Serrcfary. f2ll PAT ADAMY DENISE AGNEW: Red Cross Rep.: French Club: Star and Key: C.S.F.: Soph Hop Com.: jr. Prom. Com. JEAN ALLEN: Adv. Off.: Star and Key: C.S.F.: Spanish Club: Jr. Prom. Com.: Swimming. KATHLEEN ALLEN: Soph Hop Com.: Adv. Off.: Ice Skating: Jr. Prom Com. BEVERLY ANDERSON: Star and Key: Adv. Off.: Oak Leaf Staff: "Once in a Lifetimeu: "Ballad for Americans." PAUL ARENSON: Sgt. Major, NonComs Club: Mgr. "Firefly": Jr. Prom. Com.: R.O.T.C. Batallion Comdr.: Cadet Lt. Col.: Pres. Sword and Shield: C.S.F.: Ad Board: 4B Yell Leader: 'tThe Black Flamingou: German Club. TED ARRIOLA: Football "41": Crew "41-42": R.O.T.C.: Swimming "59": Red Cross Rep.: Military Ball Com.: Adv. Off.: Sen. Opp. Day Chair. JEWELL ASCHE NEAL ASTEN HAYWARD AULD: Defense Council, Exec. Board: Radio Club: German Club: Chess Club: Stamp Club: Red Cross Rep. RAY BAILEY: Dramatics: Band. ROY BAILEY: Music. FRANK BARRY: "Red Barry": "Firefiy": Boys' Glee. ROBERT BAYLIS: Non Com's Club: Sword and Shield: House Mgr. Aud. Staff: Military Ball: Jr. Prom Com.: Swimming. BILL BECKWITH: Student Fac.: Ad Board. JACQCELINE BELL: Adv. Ofticer. WILLIAM BENAVITZ: Capt. R.O.T.C.: Sec., Sword and Shield: Pres., Non Com's Club: Football "4O": Aud. Staff: Co-Mgr., Military Ball: "Red Mill": Chief S.S.-D.H.A. EMILY BENNETT: V-Pres., Girls' Ass. "41": Bd. of Control: Chief Counselor, Sp. "42": Ad Board "41": V-Pres. 2B Class: Co-Mgr. Jr, Prom: CSF.: French Club: Star and Key. me Wi? 'UW K .63 AO' W I MM' waqg, 1 BICRGICR "'I'lCX" BENSON: R.O,'I'.C.: Sgt.: Non Ctllllli Club: Rccl Crow Rm-p. I'Il..'XIXl'I BICNTZ StaranmlKcy3,Ir,I'romCnn1.: Sr. I'lay Coin.: .-Xurl, Staff: I'ub. Schonlf Prog. "4l": Y-Prcs., .-Xrlv. ICARI, BIQRRINGTON: "Rt-fl Mill": IA Yr.-ll Lcarlcr: Sturlcnt llvlivmc Cuumil: Rc-rl Cross: .-Xflv. Prcw.: R. O. T. C.: "Sunny Capcrf' Com. DICK BICSOYAN: Fin. Soc, IB: Yi-ll I.L'lIf,lfjI', ZB: Rcc. Sc-c. 4Ag Arl Board "42": Yarsity'I'rack U40-4Z": Opt-rm-tta's 'KW-42": Star anfl Kcy: "Thc Black I"lan1ingu": Author uf Musical Scnrc tJf"HIllhIlI1fl IJFYNQ.ll'.PI'OI1ICllUI. JIQANNE BETTIiNCOL'R'I': Lift- Mt-mbcr C. S.F.: Star anrl Key: -IA Iixt-my Buarrl: jr. Rc-rl Cross Rc-p.: Dcl. Council, "-UH: Latin Club: Archery. RALPH BICKFORDZ Asst. Blur. Football Tc-am, ZA: R. O. T. C, BOB BIICRWITH: Yarsity Fuutball. "AO-41": Block Socicty: Swimming, "SEV: Track, L'42": Board of Control, "IO-4O": Sc-niur Hi- Jinx: jr. Prom Com.: Soph Hop Com. RONALD BIRCH: Life Mt-mbcr C.S,I".3 Star and Key: Monk Board ul' Control: Frcnch Club: Latin Club: Golf, "4l": "B" Baslicthall, "41": Mg1r.Yarsity Basketball, "-IZ." BICX'ERI.l'IY BRAGG NANCY BRANSCHEID: Rec. Svc., ZA, BB: Suph. Hop Cum.: Board of Control: jr, Prom Com.: Fic-nch Club: Spanish Club: Star and Key: Circus Day Cum. ,IOSEPHINE B ROBICCK JIM BRODIH: Mgr. Baseball. "42": Opcrutta's, MRO-41": Aucl. Staff: Sgt. Major, Nun Confs Club: Circus Day U40-42": Spanhh Club: R. O. T. C. IS.-X B ISL B ROW N M :X RCA RET B ROWN C.-XROL BRCIVIINI2 "High :incl Ilrynl "Black Flamingo": "FirctIy": Lift' Mc-rnbcr C.S.I'. ancl Star anrl Kcy: Pres, Star anal Kcy "4l": Cbrixt- mm Pagcantf: "Rt-fl NIill": tilt-c Club: A Ca- pclla Chuir. ICI,-XIXIC BCGATTO: Star anrl Kvyl Swimminu. ROLLIIC I-ICGICIC: Swimming 'EW-t2.": Blmlg ".-X Suclcty: Intcr-C l1lSrIiLl'liL'Ill1lllI LlI'l'll5Il11j' Dancc Cnni. ROBERT BCRNS: Track "B" "4l": Track. Yariity '41 IJOl'GLAS BCRROWES: C.S.F. Life Member. ROSE MARIE CARBONE: Star and Key: Swimming: Cafeteria Staff. CAROL CARLETON: Spanish Club. DOROTHY CARLSON: Y-Pres. IA: Soph. Hop Com.: jr. Prom Corn.: French Club: Star and Key: Red Cross Rep.: Adv. Ofticerg Board of Cont1'ol. RCSSELL CARLSONf-1 years Swimming: Block Society: Chief Counselor, Board of Control: Student Faculty '42: Ad Board '41: Mgr, Circus Day Dance: "B" Football '-ll: Bch'mrs. LORRAINE CARPENTER ADELE CARTER: Adv. Ohicer: Jr. Prom Com.: Opening: Dance Com.: Golf. MARGARET CASE: Transfer from Santa Rosa. California. LEE CAYANAUGH: Co-Author Student Tal- ent '-12: Orchestra for "High and Dry": Oper- etta '40-41: Student Talent '59, '40, '-11: Cap- tain R. O. T. C. Band: Orch. '39, '4l: C.S.F. PACL CHAIX: Football. MARGARET CLARK SCE CLARK: Adv. Pres.: Spanish Club: Red Cross Rep.: Circus Day Com. FRANKLIN H. COBB: Reserve Football '-ll: R. O. T. C. GLENN COFFEY: Class Exec. Com. '40-'-11: Sr. Play Com.: Jr. Prom Com.: Soph Hop Com.: Circus Day '40, '4Z: Golf '4O: Spanish Club. YIRGINA COFFIN: Pres. Star and Key: Sp. 312: Ref. Sec. French Club: Aud. Staff: C,S.F.: Ice Skatinu: Jr. Prom Com.: Adv. Ofticer: Christmas Pageant '41, SHERRILL CONNER: Rec. Sec. A. S. A. H. S. M123 Fin. Sec. A. A. H. S. '-11: Bus. Mgr. Acorn: "Black Flamim1o": Varsity Track '-10: Ad Board: Student Fac. '41, '42: Mgr. Hayseed Hop: Tropical Prom: Circus Day Com. '40, '-12: Fin. Sec. IB: Bch'mrs. CARMELO CORICA: Baseball. IVIERIJIE CRANEZ 3 years of Gleeg URefl Mill": "Campus X'arieties": Christmas Program '39-'-ll. --um :C I 'Q' r vwwg-S W? -.avr NJ if N 8 . ,hx If -1 5 LJ up I,OlS IDE l"Rl'IlTAS: filbfllllllllbl' :incl l,earl in "High :incl lJr3"g Glee Vlubg "l"irelly"g One.- ln a l,il'etiine"g l"reneb Clubg Prop. Mer. ol' "Black Fl:imingo"g Star anrl Keyg "Rell Millug Campus Yarieties, ROBERT IDI-INNEY: Suinnninggg lilock Societyg Baseball. DORIS IJETHROW ANITA IJEWEY: Stair :incl Keyg Girls' lilork "Ang G. A. .A. Ollicerg Stuclent lfaculty Fall '41 1 Aclvisory Oflicerg Swimming, LOLA IJIANIJA: Star anrl Key 3 Arlvisory Olli- eerg Swimmingg Cafeteria Stall, GTQY DIFFENISACH: Cafeteria Stall. MILDRED IJISCHL: junior Prom Com.: Arl- visory Oflicerg German Clubg Golf. RALPH DL' ISOCEI R. O, T, C. CURTIS I.. IJVNN KENNETH ELLIS: Spanish Clubg Transfer from Placer Union High School. EUGENE ESCHEN ROSS EXVING: Reserve Basketball '-125 "B" Basketball '40-'41g Block Society: Yarsity Baseball '-tlg Spanish Club: "Hay Seerl Hop" Com.g "Tropical Prom" Com. TANET FERGUSON: Star :incl Key: French Club: Latin Club: LEA.:A.SXYlITlIDiI1LI1 G. A. A. Archery. HOBART FELLOWS: "Firm-ll5"': "Ballad for Americans"g "Spring Scenc-"3 ".-Lntony ancl Cleopatra"3 Student Talent: Boys' Glee Clubg Choirg Basketball: Tennis. JACQCELINE FINFROCK: Pres. Girls' Assn. '-12: Song: Leacler Girls' Assn, '41g Sturlent Fac- ulty Conrg junior Prom t'om,: Girls' Block Society: Operetta '40-'41 1 Girls' Glee Clubg Latin Club: French Clubg A Capella Choirg Ballad for Americans. ANITA FLEMING: French Clubg "Black Fla- rningoug "Once in a l,il'etime"g Chess Clubg Senior Hifjinx. MARGARET FORSTER: Arlvisory Pl't'Sifll'I'll 3 Yice-Pres. ol Aclxig Spanish Clubg Su imminu. HEYERLIE FRASERi Pres, anrl Yice-Pres. of Aflvisory: Senior Opportunity Day Corn: All' visory Rep.g junior Prom Com.: lfrencb t'lulig Spanish Club: SXX'lI11IT1lI1!l Hockey, GENEYIEYE FRECCERO: Star and Key, Life Member, Spanish Club, junior Prom Com., Red Cross Rep., C.S.F., Softball. ELAINE FREITAS HELEN FUNG: C.S.F. FRANCES GANS BETTY GAWTHROP: Womans Board of Control, Adv. Officer, Jr. Prom Com., "Black Flamingo", Latin Club, "High and Dry", Spanish Club, Oak Leaf Staff, Swimming. EMILY GA ZARIAN MARGARET GERAGHTY: G. A. A. Sports. CARL GERNER: Baseball '41, '42, Track '39, '-10. RUTH GIBSON: Star and Key, A. H. S. Or- chestra, G, A. A. Swimming. JIM GINLEY BARBARA GLAYZER: C. S. F. President, Life Member, German Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Star and Key, Life Member, G. A. A. Sports, Oak Leaf Contributor. BETTY GORMAN: Ala-Hi Forum, Ice Skat- ing, 1A Financial Sec'ty. ALMA GRABOWSKI: Advisory Treasurer. DOROTHY GRANT: Star and Key, French Club, Latin Club. PHYLLIS GRANT: Board of Control '41, Jr. Prom Com., Star and Key, French Club, Golf, Freshman Reception Com., Advisory Officer, Christmas Pageant '41. FERN GROYER YIRGINIA GUISNESS: Board of Control, Fall '41, .Advisory Ofhcer, French Club, Jr. Prom Com.: "High and Dry", transferred from Mas- sachusetts. JIM HAGMAN -RF, 01 mi ff? 41? ."""n 'Q Q' ff? . sql IQ ,Tw Q . vi 5 dl i L WARREN llAllN .ll Lll 5 llAMMl',Ri Spanish C lull, HICLICN HARDY: "Ontt' ln ll l,ilt'limt"': "Firm-lly"g tit-rn1z1nC'lulm. ICLLICN HAITLMAN: Prof. JB: Y-Prus, BA: All Bcl..4A1 lirl. off,'nI'1l..lA,BH,-lA: Supli Hpp zmrl jr. Prom Cum.: Virruw Day Cfmn.: Fra-nth :inrlSpz1nishC'lul1s: Adv. Pruf. DOROTHY HEAD: flaws liflitpr ul' Amrni t'.S.F,3 Tcnnis: French Flulm. ,IICAN HEINZZ Spunifh Club: Arlv. OfIit'vr: jr. Prom Gini.: Bzulminton: llowlinggg Lutin Fluli. T031 HIQVVITTZ MilitaI'y' Ball Corn.: Swnril zlnrl Shic-lfl Soc.: Non Cunik Club: Licut. R. O. T. C. BONNIIC JEAN HICKS: SCC.-Trrzls. of Arlv.: Transfer from Yzillcjo High Schuul. BETTE HILDHBRANDZ Aflv. l'rt'S.Q Girl? Gln-c Club: Rt-rl Cross. FRANK HOLMAN: Lzltin Clulm: Spanish Clulig "Rt-fl Mill": R. O. T. C. Mzlftur Sat.: Nun Cunfs: Aufl. Stuff, KATHLEEN HOOPICRZ Y-Prt-s. Sli: Roc. Svc. BA: Aflv. Pres.: jr. Prorn Corn: Rt-cl Crow: Dcfcnsc Council: Frcnfh Club: Stair :incl Kcyg Tcnnis, Gulf. JANICE HOOYEN: Afl. Board ZA, JB, -lA, 415: llrl. uf Cunt, ZA: Fu-Mgr. of Hznyiccfl Hupg Cnrfxigr. of Sr. Play: jr. Prom C'nm.: Spanish Fluh: Golf: Swimming: Tc-nnixg f,'.S.F.: Star :intl Key: Cirrus Daly Coin: T'l2lWl1ll1lI'l llgimv. MARY LOT' HOPIC RAYMOND HOPPICR LILLIAN HOFKICN: jr. Primm Olin.: Spanish Club: Star zinrl Kcyg Hurfclnzitk Rirlinui Swmwl :mtl Sliiclrl: Sponsor uf R. O. T. C.: Militxiry llz1llC'um.: litlllffl of Clonlrpl. ICSTHER HOWARD: Prvi. G. A. A.: Sun: l,t-aiflrr G. A. A. '41g Sturlcnt Fzifiilty Gun.: Girl! lilurk Smut: Stair :incl Kt-y. Lilit- Mcm.: CSF.: Opt-rt-ttn 30941: C'l11'ixlm11N Past-ant. JACK HVGHICTT: A. S, A. H. S, Ycll l.t-mlvr '-111 Stuflt-nt Tzllt-nt '41-'42: Latin Vluh: t'irrux Day: Gull' Tt-:im 'AS-l-lli Tcnnix '42: Stuflt-nt Faculty '-ll: Suph Hop Cnnr: Spnrh Scrgipf hunk '41: "Onrt- In ll I.ifcti1nt"'L Arl liwl. ISAHIZLLIC HLNTICRZ Star :incl Kuy. Lilu Mt-mhcr: Spanish Clulm: f1'cxx': Gulf. BILL HUTCHINSON BILL INGRAM: Jr. Prom Com.: C.S.F. Life Iyiember: Capt. R. O. T. C.: Sword and Shield: Military Ball Com.: Spanish Club: French Club: Pat. Bdr. Soc.: Reserve Football. CAROL JACKSON: Advisory Ohicer: Red Cross Rep.: Transfer from Fortuna. SHIRLEY JEFFSZ Jr. Prom Com.: Senior Play Com.: Star and Key: Oak Leaf: Latin Club: Tennis: Swimming: Jr. Red Cross: Christmas Pageant. HELEN JOHNS: French Club: Swimming: Tennis: jr. Prom Com.: "Firetly": "High and Dry": Oak Leaf: Star and Key: Senior Play Com. MARY JOHNSON: Co-author "High and Dry": "Black Flamingou: Dramatics: Tennis: French Club: R. O. T. C. Sponsor. ARLINE JONES: Auditorium Staff: Ir. Red Cross Rep.: French Club: Ir. Red Cross County Rep. JACK KANEY: Class Secretary: Baseball '59, '40, '41: Soph Hop Com.: Red Cross Rep.: Ad- visory Pres. PEGGY KAUFMAN: jr. Prom Com.: Student Talent '42: Spanish Club: Swimming: Ice Skating. GERTRUDE KENNARD: Star and Key: Latin Club: French Club: Advisory Officer. LORRAINE KERN: G. A. A. Sports. DOROTHY KEY: Spanish Club Secretary: Latin Club: Oak Leaf: Chairman Senior Oppor- tunity Day. BOB KILIAN: Rifle Team '39, '40, '41, '42, Swimming: Team '40, '41, Non Com. Club: German Club. YALERIE KILMAN: Auditorium Staff: Jr. Prom Co.: Advisory Treasurer. ROY KILPATRICK: Pres. Sword and Shield: Mgr. Military Ball: Major R. O. T. C.: Aucli- torium Staff. DONALD KING: Yarsity Track '4l.'42: Crew: Spanish Club: Pres. Spanish Club '40. KNOX KIRKLAND: Ad Board '39, '40, '41, '-12: Board Control '40, '41, '4Z: Student Faculty Com.: Scty Men's Assn.: Mgr. Tropical Prom: Varsity Track '40, '41, '42: Reserve Football: Block "A" Society. NOBLKO KICCHI "7 ""'ilb 'PHP 1 14" WK ul 3' -'SKY E E fm MIN in I wif -f X, Lag V V. 'I k vb.-17, CQ 'isa x 'UA 1 ,I af Q -I Aix' QX .ji L" ins. ., ,ft-:Q 'rf 1: :Xl N, uf' ff . I- .:' x 1 "US J 'Q' .ll M-Qu, IQ- ! -4? napa ? -J 'Q' 1 CHARLES KLINE: liziwlmll '4lg Golf '4lg Block Sovit-typ "I"irc1ly"g Hlilurk Iflzunin- gong Christmuf I':iy1t-ziiit. RUIJXEY KLINGMAXN: Sworcl unrl Shiclrlg Aucliloriuni Stsiflg Non Coml Cluhg Military Hull Com. SHERWOOIJ KNIGHT: lionrrl of Control '41g Rvcl Crosx Rvpg Alai. Hi School lizmrlg R, U. 'I'. C. Iillllfil jr. Prom Comg ArlviQory St-tty. LOLA KNOWLESZ Sturlvnt Tzilrnt '40, '41g "Firm-tly"g Ulizillurl for Aim-ricximng Girl! Glt-cg A Czipcllzi Choir. CHIEKO KONG: C.S.F.g Stair zinfl Key. BEN KUOLSZ Non Com's Cluh. BERNITA KOPF: Star and Kr-5' Sofia-tyg C.S.F.g Advisory Pri-sidcnt: jr. Prom Com.g Soph Hop Com,1 Germain Clubg TL-nnisg ICC Skating. j AXE KORKMAN: Star and Key, Lift- Mom- ln-rg Orclic-Strzig Opcrcttzi '41 3 junior Rcd Cross. DICK KUDRNA: R. O. T. C. Band: Alzimcda Hiuh SCIIUUI Iiilnfi. A RTH U R KL' GA MARjORIE LANCASTER: Womcn's Board of Control '423 jr. Prom Com.: Star and Kcyg Circus Day Com. '4O: Soph. Hop C0m.g Frc-nch Clubg Latin Club: G. A. A. Sports: jr. Rod Cross. CECILIA LANE: Stair and Kvy, Lifc Mcnihcrg jr. Rc-cl Cross: French Clubg Glcv Cluhg 'LMIRIICIIFIIQ "Tho Rcfl Mill"g Advisory Profi- rlcntg "Campus YZlI'IL'lIC5Ul Christmax P1111-ant. ACURA LONGLEY: C.S.F. Lift- Mvinl1cr,SCC- I't'f2ll'j'I Stair :incl Kcyg "Black Flamingo": Chu-fs Cluh, Sucrctziryz Swiinmingg Crew. j ERRY LANZIT: Christmas I"z1:c:1nt '-11 1 Star :incl Ki-yg Aclvisory Prcfirlcntg R. O. T. C. Iillllfil Swimminug Golf. HAZEL LEE ELIZABETH LEW: Im- Skzitinu: 'I'l'4ii1fl't'1'i'r-ml from Linroln jr. High SL'hool,UI1lil:lI1rl. IJORIS RAE LEWIS SHIRLEY LINIJ JUNE LINDQUIST: Glee Club: "Firet1y": "Campus Yarietiesn: Crew: "Red Mill": Bal- lad for Americans." MARY LITTLEFORD: "Once In a Lifetime": "Black Flamingo": Student Talent '41: Stu- dent Defense Council: Junior Red Cross: Staple Crew for "Tovarich": Auditorium Staff: 4B Advisory Treasurer: "Senior High Jinx." JACK LOBENBERG: French Club: RedCross: Crew '30, '40, '-11: Block Society: Adv. Treasurer: Football Mgr. WILLARD LOTTER: Pres. 4A Class: Pres. -LB Class: Reserve Football '41: Varsity Foot- ball 42: Yarsity Baseball '39-'-12: Board of Control '41-'42: Block Society: Ad Board, Spring '-12: Pat. Bclr. Soc. ROSE LOUIE: Life Member of C.S.F. EILENN LOWTHIAN: R. O. T. C. Batallion Sponsor Fall '41, Spring '4Z: Vice-Pres. Sword and Shield Society: Junior Prom Com.: Star and Key: Swimming: '38, 249: Tennis '41: Bowl- ing: '-12: Junior Red Cross. AL LUCAS CLIFF LUCIA: Soph Hop Com.: Junior Prom Com.: Circus Day Com.: Advisory Ohicer: "B" Basketball Fall '39, GEORGETTE LYNNDELLE: Latin Club: Spanish Club. JEAN MacKENZIE: Board of Control Fall '-11: Advisory Oflices. WALTER MACLEAN: Varsity Football '40, '-ll: Reserve Football 139: Board of Control Spring: '42: Star and Key. BETTY MARQUIS: Junior Prom Com.: Se- nior Play Com.: Snow Capers '-LO: Photo Lib., Acorn: Star and Key: Press Club: Bowling: Swimming. BILL MARTIN KATHERINE MARTIN: Transfer from Florida. DAN MASHIHARA CHARLES MATHENY: Football '59-'-ll: Block "A": Mgr. of "High and Dry": Circus Day Com.: Junior Prom Com.: Soph Hop Com.: Pat, Bdr. Soc. TOM MATHEWS: "Black Flaming:o": Crew '-12: Sword and Shield: German Club: Band: R. O. T. C. LESTER MEHRTENS: Crew '39-'42: Tennis '39-'40: Varsity Tennis '41-'42: Spanish Club: Sea Scout, Quartermaster, ,Ms lbw , .mv -.1 .4 Q 4 ,ffzawa 1 'WI Z . we , at 2 4 F' VS ' ' 1-l, f mt swx f Q f V13 NW 105 l --.Q IUS A "Thi dll, ffm. X 4119 Q T' .. gi MQ ".?.-H" I K 'R 9 LUIS MELLIXZ Board of Cont. WO: Sr. Illily Com., Jr. Prom Com.: CSI". Life Member: Star and Key: French Club: Adv. Pres.: Horse- back Riding. JACK MERRION LOIS MILLS: Star and Key, Life Member: Aud. Staff: Jr. Red Cross: Softball: Ice Skat- ing: Hawaiian Dancing: Jr. Prom Com.: Crew: Swimming. YERONICA MILO: "Campus Yarietia-s": "Black Flamingzoug "Once In a Lifetime": Jr. Prom Com.: CSF.: Star and Key: French Club Officer: Adv. Pres.: Student Talent: Jr. Red Cross: "High and Dry." GLORYA MINSHULL: Chairman for Sr. Op- portunity Day: Transfer from Lowell High School, S. F, JIM MITCHELL: Track "C" TRO: 'Varsity Track '40-'-12: Jr. Prom. Com.: Spanish Club. DON MOR RISON SHIRLEY MOSER: Circus Day Com.: Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Acorn '-11: Jr. Prom Com.: Co-Mgr. School Opening Dance: "Once In a Lifetime": Oak Leaf Staff: French Club: Golf: Tennis. LORRAINE MOTTA: Aclv. Pres.: Christmas Pageant '4l: "Ballad for Americans": "Firefly." JACK McACLIFFE: Bch'mrs: Block "A": Swimming "B" '39: Swimming Yarsity '-10. '41, Y 47 MARY ANN MCCAFFERY: Girls' Glee '41, '42, Circus Day Com.: Red Cross '30, '-10: Swimming '-LO. BILL McCARTY: Fin. Sec. SA: Mgr. Sr. Play: Circus Day Com.: Pat. Bdr. Soc. BILL McCAULEY: Yarsity Basketball '41-'42: Block Society: R. O. T. C., Corporal: Band. JERRY McCHESN EY FRANK McCONNELL: Reserve Football '41: Circus Day '4O. French Club, Drama: A Capella Choir: Girls Glee. DOT McDONA LD BILL McILYEEN: Basketball '30-'4O: Yarsity Track '40-'41 : Fin. Sec. SB: Block Society: Hayseed Hop: Jr. Prom Com.: Sr. Play Com.: Star and Key Society. PATRICIA NfcCOY: "The Black Flamingoug Christmas Pageant: C.S,F.: Star and Key. DAVE McINTOSH: Track '42: Yice Pres. of Adv. GLADYS McINTOSH: Yice Pres. Chess Club: G. A. A. Sports: A Capella Choir: Girls' Glee: Student Talent '41-'-12: "Red Mill": Christmas Pageant. YERD MCKEAN: Orchestra: Concert Band: Swing Hand: R. O. T. C. Band: Conductor of Orchestra for "High and Dry." JEAN McLAUGHLIN: C.S.F.: Star and Key: Christmas Pageant: Advertising: Com. for "High and Dry": "Slave with Two Faces": Fashion Show '4Z: Senior Opportunity Day Chairman. PHYLIS McQUAID: Star and Key: French Club. JEAN NEAL: Star and Key: Circus Day Com.: Sec. Treas. Red Cross: Treas. Spanish Club: Jr. Prom Com. HOWARD NEIDIGER: Reserve Football '39, '4O: Non-Com Club: Sword and Shield: Track '41, '42: "Red Mill": "Black Flamingo": French Club: Auditorium Stah': R. O. T. C. LILLIAN FERN NEITZEL: C.S.F.: German Club: Soph. Hop Com.: Swimming: Tennis: t'Firetly": Circus Day Com.: Adv. Pres. LORRAINE ROSE NIETZEL: C.S.F.: Ger- man Club Sec.: Soph Hop Com.: Swimming: Tennis: "Firelly": Circus Day Com.: Adv. Pres, DON NELSON: Jr. Prom: Soph Hop: Circus Day: Red Cross: Snow Capers: Adv. Rep. '41, MILLY NELSON LONNIE NESBITT MING SANG NG: Life Member C.S.F.: Ger- man Club: French Club: Red Cross: Inter- mural Basketball: Student Defense Council: Yice Pres. of Adv.: Circus Day '42. DOROTHY NOLL: Red Cross. JEAN NORTON: Yice Pres., Fin. Sec., Jr. Prom Com.: G. A. A.: Adv. Oflice1': Circus Day: CSF. CECILE O'CONNER: Spanish Club: Ice Skat- ing: Tennis. KAY OLDFIELD: Adv. Oflicer: Girls' Glee: Operettas: Transfer from VVashineton High in San Francisco. SHIRLEY O'NEIL: Transfer from Mariposa H. S. 'K hun. .um -A 'Q QW . .QW AK- 1 f:,,,,,k ,4-lv I-an K 'Our QA in QQ ll DOROTHY O"l'OOLl'I: Star and Key, Latin Club, Circus Day Com. HlQ'I"1'Y ANN PANTON: CSF., Star and Key, jr. Prom Coin, Campus Yarieties, Stu- dent Defense Council, Sr. Play Com., G. A. A., Tennis, Badminton, Christmas Pageant. LEE PARKER: Rec. Sec, A. A. H. S. '41, Fin. Sec. A. S. A. H. S. '41, Pres. lilork "A", Ad Board, lich'mrs: Bd. of Control, Varsity Football '40, '41, Varsity Track '40-'43, jr. Prom Com., Soph. Hop., Circus Day Com. JUNE LAYERNE PARKS ROSS PARMISRZ Life Member Star and Key, Spanish Club, CSF., Pat. Bdr. Soc. TOM PATICRSONZ Yell Leader A. S. A. H. S. '42, Yell Leader Mc-n's Assn. '41, Student Fac- ulty Com. '42, Ad Board '42, Class Yell Leader AA, 5 B, 4A g C,S.F,, Life Member Star and Key, Latin Club, French Club, Tropical Prom. Com,, Circus Day, Ex. Com. Star and Key, Pat. Bdr. Soc. TOM PEAKE: Editor .Acorn '42, Golf '40, '41, Yarsity Golf '41, Block "A", Tennis '42, CSF., German Club, Star and Key. BARTLEY PEASE: Varsity Football '40, '41, Reserve Football '39, Track '40, Yice-Pres. Men's Assn. Sp. '42, Yice-Pres. Spanish Club, jr. Prom Com., Block "A". DOROTHY PECK: Ir. Prom Com., Sr, Play Com., Photo Librarian Acorn, Oak Leaf Staff, Life Member Star and Key, Press Club, Crew, Tennis. CHARLENE ADELE PEHRSON: Ir. Prom. Com., Sec. Spanish Club, CSF.: Star and Key, Tennis, Golf, G. A. A. TOM PERATA RAY PERKINS: Yarsity Football '41, Reserve '40, Class Fin. Sec., Class Yell Leader: Circus Day Manager '42, Soph. Hop Com.: Jr. Prom Com., French Club, .Advisory Pres.: Pat. Bdr. Soc. FRANCES USANNYN PERRIN: Advisory Pres., jr, Prom Com., Spanish Club: Golf, jr. Red Cross, Circus Day Com. HAL PATERSEN: Latin Club, Circus Day'-10, Stamp Club, Spanish Club. RICHARD PFEIFER ANN PHILLIPS: Yice Pres. A. S. A. H. S.: D. A. R. Representative, Star and Key, "Once In a Lifetime", Ad Board: Student Faculty Com., Jr. Prom Com.: Swimming: Cirtus Day Com., Latin Club. BARBARA PHILPOTT: "Red Mill", "Cam- pus Yarieties", Song Leader Girls' Assn. Sp. '41, Sp. '-12: Star and Key: Oak Leaf: R. O. T. C. Fall '40, Sp. '41, A Capella Choir, hlr, Red Cross, French Club. MARGUERITE POSTAL: Fr. Reception Com.: Snow Capers, "Black Flamingo", Sr. Play Com., Chr. Senior Opportunity Day, Advisory Officer, Swimming, Crew, Archery. RUTH BYRDELL PURBECK: Glee Club, "Firefly", Christmas Pageant, "Ballad for Americans." ROBERT RAINSBERRY: Badminton Club. AGNES "SIS" RATTO: French Club, Spanish Club, Golf, Tennis, jr. Prom Com., Soph. Hop Com., Circus Day Com., Horseback Riding, Advisory Ofticer. LENARD REIFENSTEIN: Crew '40-'42, Oak Leaf, "Black Flamingo", French Club, Bad- minton Club, Jr. Prom Com., Soph. Hop Com., Block BOB RENARD: Yarsity Track '39-'42, Bad- minton Club, Circus Day Concession Mgr., French Club. LOIS RICHARDSON: Spanish Club, Latin Club, Jr. Prom Com., Advisory Otiicer, Star and Key, Bowling, G. A. A. ALYINA ROMMEL: German Club, jr. Red Cross. BILL ROTH: Varsity Basketball, Varsity Golf, Acl Board 13 yrs.J, Bcl. of Control, Block HA". MEL SANDERSON: Class Pres. 1A ancl IB, 3A, Pres. Block "A", Football '40, '41, Bd. of Control, Ad Board, "The Black Flamingo", jr. Prom. Com., Soph. Hop Com., "Mikado", "Red Mill", Circus Day Com. GLORIA SARGEANT: French Club, Jr. Red Cross, Advisory Treas. '38, Circus Day, "The Black Flamingo." IRENE SCARAMELLI: Girls' Glee, A Capella Choir, "Firefly", "Ballad For Americans", Auditorium Staff, Glee Club Oflicer, Christmas Pageant. YERNA SCHMIDT: "The Black Flamingo", Art Editor, Acorn '42, Advisory Pres., C,S.F., Jr. Prom. Com., "High and Dry." MCRIEL SCI-IMITZ: Tennis, Jr. Prom Com., Circus Day, Girls' Glee, Vice Pres. Girls' Glee '42, "Red Mill", Firetly", l'Ballafl For Ameri- cans", Christmas Pageant. ART J. SCHNEIDER: Defense Council, Track, 'Transfer from Sioux Trail H. S. ERNIE SCHNEIDER: Fin. Sec. A. S. A. H. S. '42, Yice Pres. Men's Assn. Sp. '41, Vice Pres. SA, Pres. ZA, Varsity Basketball '42, Tennis '41, '-12, Block "A", Ad Board, C.S.F., .Acorn Staff '42, "The Black Flamingo", jr. Prom Com., Hayseed Hop, Circus Day, Bch'mrs. JEAN SCHOENFELD: Star and Key, jr. Red Cross Yice Pres., French Club, Transfer from Chico I-I. S. CLEM SCHREIBER: War Stamp .Accounting Director, Sports, Track. RUTH SCHCLMAN: French Club, Latin Club, Circus Day Com., Advisory Ofticer. x li .535 in F AL .X- FN ,ffargi .1 I-34 yi. ,, , I '13 ro hh. 'WPS 1 M.KRI.'XN SCIIW XNICNHIQRII H.'XRIi.XR.X ICI.IC.XNtJR St'tl'I"I'1 .Ml Iingirfl I". '4lg "'I'Iit- Iilmtk I"lztnuin:u"g Stutlt-nl 'I':ilt-nt '41, '-423 Ifin. Sw. Spatnixli Vliilng Girl? Kilm- Sunu I,m':irlm'rg jr. I'runi t'w:ni.g Stxir :intl Kvyg I'.S.I",g tlnltg 'Il-nnix. IIICIQNIVIC SIQXRS INI I'1I, SIiI'IISI'X'K t'II:XRI,ICY SIQGICRZ "IiI1tt'k I"I:uningu"1 fVIt'n'x fkxli. Xt'II I.t':11lvr, ,X. S. .X II. S. Xt-II I.t':uIt'r, .-Xrl Iiuztrfl JIS, SIS, 4.VX, 4I33 I5z1wkt'tIi:lIIg Swim- mingg Iilmk ":X"g Trzirk JH, AH, 4Iig llrztmzi - V. v - -, V7 Ilulig Buys Stzitt- 403 A. S. .'X. II. S, I rt--. 4-. .-XVIJRICY SIiII"I'IR'I': NH. S. XVII1I1t'I'tbIAI'ilIII-, Iizinkt-rx' Iissziy Uvlitt-Ftg Intt-rnzit. Rt-I. Ifuruni, 3n4I VVinnt-rg Mgr. "I"i1't-tIy"g Vhr. I':1nt-I Iliff fuisinn for I'. T. .Xg "Gt-4mrgit'-I':r1':it"'3 Svniur Uppurttlnity Ilziyp .Xrlvt-rtisinu fum. Sr. Play tutltiffit- tht- Gusxipnlp jr. I'rnm. C'mn.3 Unk . , , . . . . I.L'ilIQ In-fs C Iulig I .S.I'.g jr. Rt-fl C rw- Rt-pg th-rm:1nC'IuIi. BILL SICRHXA: IILISCIJLIII 4 XI'S.l Pri'-. Buy-' Glue C Iuli. IJIC'K SHOOTM.-XN: ,IITIICIC 'SOL Snph. Hop C'on1.g Sr. IIDI7tJI'ILlT1IIj' Day C'on1.g R, tl, 'If if LUIS SHRIGLICY: .-X.H.S.Iiz1nfI. HOVV.-XRIJ SIMUN3 Orfhcstrzig ftmnft-1't IIIIINII SIZILIC Cru-wg "BI:u'k Flam' Hong Nun Vnnw t'IuIJg Military Ii:1II Fu 1iI4zuIu": "Rf-fl MiII"g Suph. Hnp Cum. wus Ijziy Cum.: Fzitbtcrizi Stuff. BARBARA SKINNIQR: Yin- I'1't'Q.GirIUqXfsn,1 Prt-s. of Arlvimryg Prca. GirIs'GIt-U1 "Rt-rl IVIiII"3 "FirutIy"3 A VLIIWIIII Choir: Fhriwtmzix P11- gczintsg Mar. Fr. Rt-ccptiun '423 "Ii:iIlzul Ftir .Xmcrim':1ns." ALAN W.-XYNIC SMITH: .M-istaint Iirlitm' ".'xf0I'I1i' '42g Truck '423 Swimming '40, '4lg Iinys' Stutc '-113 Stair and Rt-yg Lift- xIt'IHIbL'I' C'.S.F.3 'I'rnpit':iI Prom: "HI:1t'I4 Flziniingung Latin Clulmg Gt-rmain Clulig CIITLIS lmy Fam. '40,'421Stu1Icnt Ih-tl-nsc C'uunriI3 Pitt. I41Ir.Sm'. I4 IQYICRLY SMITH KENNY SNI'fI.I.: Vrt-xx' '41, '423 'I'r11rIa3 Sch. Opt-ning Iizinvt- Fnnig jr. Rt-41 C'r.vw Rt-p.: Fri-nfh Vlulig R. U. T. Cfg Flirixtmzt- Patut-gint. INIVRIICI, SUNNfXI5.'XI'INI SHIRLICY SPIQICR: St'h.Upt'nin:Ilglmt-t'un1,1 Flaw Yiiu Prt-N. '41, '42g I"rt-mlm Cltilig t'i1't'u- Ilxiy thin.: -I r. Prmn Funig F11 Rt-ct-ptinii '4lg Iirl. wt' I.'4lI1Il'iiI '40, IIICNRY ST.XXI.ICY, JR.: Sxiinnninui 'I'l'LltIiQ Spzinifh t'IuIi. NIAR'I'H.fX S'I'RIiIiIi: Ii.:x.,X.5IltbI'Inl-II'.I'I'ti!11 Gini. BETTY STURZINGER: Jr. Prom Com.: Cir- cus Day: French Club MARY TEIXEIRA: C.S.F. SB, -lA. EDITH THEOBALD: Pres. A Capella Choir: Advisory Pres.: Advisory Sec.: "Red Mill": "Firelly": "Ballad For Americans": Christmas Pageants: Girls' Glee. MILDRED TIETZ: R. O. T. C. Band Sponsor: Sword and Shield: Student Defense Council: German Club: C.S.F.: Student Talent '4Z: Mili- tary Ball Com.: Orchestra. DOROTHY TINDALL: Advisory Ofhcer: Christmas Pageant: Campus Yarieties: Tennis: Swimming: Badminton Mgr. EARL TINDALL: R. O. T. C. Riiie Team '39: '40, '-11: Swimming '40, '-11: .Advisory Sec.: Soph. Hop Com.: jr. Prom Com. KENJI TOMITA: Star and Key: Jr. Red Cross: French Club. MARIAN TUMMONDS: Soph. Hop Com.: Circus Dance Com.: Circus Day Com.: Spanish Club: French Club. BETTE TURNER: Crew: French Club: Ca- noeing: Folk Dancing: Ice Skating: Christmas Pageant, BETTY YAN CAMP: Spanish Club: Dancing: Campus Yarieties: Christmas Pageant: Star and Key. BOB YAN MALE ROSALIE YERNAZZA: Advisory .RB Pres.: Advisory Treas.: Advisory Rep.: Jr. Prom Com. CONNIE WALEN: C.S.F.g Star and Key: French Club: Latin Club: jr. Red Cross: Or- chestra. SLMXER WALTERS: C.S,F.: "Black Flamin- go": Advisory Ofticer: Pres. jr. Red Cross: Latin Club: French Club: Life Member Star and Key: Box Oflicc-Staff'-11-'-12. DOLGLAS XVEBB: Yarsity Crew '-12: R. O. T. C.: Sword and Shield: Military Ball Com. DOLLY WELCH: Advisory Officer: Swimminpr, DON WHITE: "Black Flamingou: Christmas Pageant: CSF. '40: Sword and Shield: R. O. T. C. Ritie Team '40, '41, '4Z: Military Ball: Pat. liclr. Sec. DOROTHY WHITE: t'Campus Yarietit-s": "Black Flamingon: jr. Red Cross: French Club: Advisory Officer: Christmas Pageant: P. T. A. Panel Discussion. lf' I 'W 'Wx -Q l 'O' PQ 14" ALICIC WI lil JM.-KN RALPH WILHICLM: Yzirsity liaskm-lbzill '4?: "li" liaiskelball '41, '42: Aclvertising Com. for "High zinrl lJry": Star :incl Key Society: Latin Club: French Club: Cirrus Day '40, '43, HIQNRIETTA WlI,I,IAlVlS: lfrenrli Club: Ten- nis: :AflYlSt11'A' Ollieer: junior Prom Com. CONNIE VVILSON: Latin Club: Spanish Club: Star and Key: Oak Lezil Stall: junior Prom Com.: Swimming: Tennis: Christmas Pageant. EDWARD WOLLENBICRG: CSF.: Star and Key: Freneh Club: R. O. T. C. PAUL WORTHY: Eflitor of Oak Leaf: Block Society: Pres. of .BH Class: Football '-11: Ad Board '-11,'-12: Board of Control: Track '-11: "Once In a Lifetime": jr, Prom Com.: Student Talent '41, '-12: Christmas Pageant: Senior Op- portunity Day. ROSEMARY WRIGHT: Pres. and Sec. of Girls' Block "A": G, A. A. Sports: Student Chairman of Senior Opportunity Day: Mgr. of Girls' Block "A" Booth in Circus Day. EMIKO YAMADA MAC YEAMAN CAROLINE YNZCNZA: Spanish Club. DORIS KOEXIG-BARKERt Girls' Block "A": G. A, A, Sports. W of CLASS OF ,I VFW OFFICERS SPRING '42 Recording Serretary ...... It was a Wonderful and never to be forgotten day when We, the class of January i43. became members of the Alameda High School. All We could realize was that We were 'fscrubsf' as they so rudely called us. We chose Frank Ratto to be our 1A President, and, after our Work adjusted itself, started our social career by giving a roller skating party. During our second term We found life more pleasantg We re-elected Frank ,Ratto and gave a profitable dansant. In the spring of 1940 Bob Dreyer became our chief executive. This was a 'fCircus Dayw term and We had a wonderful time. In the fall of 740 Bob Dreyer continued as President and We gave the 'tBellt eb Hop," our first social and financial success. Margie Zirbel Was manager of this dance with Vivian Ursin as co-manager. At last we became low juniors and upper classmen. Our choice for leader was Dean Hamilton. Highlight of this semester was the noon hour movie, an altogether new idea which We put over With great enthusiasm. After the summer of l4O We returned ready to put new fight into our school activities. With Jack Turner holding the reins We put on the great 'LCoral Promw which was a great success. The decorations, under the direc- tion of Allen Shrode, were very extraordinaryg the gym was completely f33l President ............... Lick TL Rum Vire President .......... Pigccx GETTL12 BARBARA WENDEROTII Financial Secretary ..... HARRY HLDC ES I 1 "'Ef Yell Leader ............. CHARLES SH A ff Ad Board ...... ..... P Al L Aixnninsr - - M3352 I Ad Board .... .... X VIRCINIA R11-:Ck 1l ...... ..,.. J Acre TFRNER I Il Pr zivzt ........,. YIYI.-XX URSIN ff d1 ig Se'rre't11r.v . . . Bora Y,-KN LEIDEN Ill Illtlll S 'rrrtizry ..... B013 KIRKLAND 11181 1rd ....... ..... B ILL Boro ld B1 zrd ..... .... I 'rpom' GETTLE NUARY '43 " .. OFFICERS FMLWI A TQ., 3 ' , V . W h T surrounded by murals of underwater scenes. The manager of the prom was Bill Boyd and Peggy Hausen was co-manager. Our interest in athletics was clear with Dean Hamilton and Harry Curlett as baseball stars, and Bob Yoas, Frank Ratto, and Harry Hedges as football stars. And so the junior year passed and we, the class of January 743 had entered our Senior year with jack Turner serving again as President. Becoming known as t'The Biggest Little Class" in the school, we retained our reputation by presenting the Senior Play, Ujune Mad," which, accord- ing to ticket sales. was one of the greatest performances Alameda High has ever staged. Those who saw it will never forget the expert acting of Margie Zirbel, Ed Plate, and their supporting cast. The play was managed by Allen Shrode and jean Mignacco. Bob Dryer will be remembered for the excellent work he did in "High and Dryfl Now, we the members of the Low Senior Class are planning for our final semester. We have tested the pleasures of each year, have gone up and up. and now stand on the last rung of the ladder. Our days at Alameda High are soon to become history. but we hope that our record will live on. BARBARA XVENDEROTH. Recordilzg Se1'1'1'f111'y. i39l Ell,lil-IN ADDISONZ Coll '40, '41l Swimming '40, '41: Girls' Cflee Club. PALL ANDRIESE: Chairman Student Defense Council: Ad Board '4Z: Board Control '42: A Capella Choir: Jr. Prom Com.: Senior Play: Circus Day Com.: Class Exec. Com. MARION BABCOCK BETTY BALES KEITH BEARDSLEY: Spanish Club: Circus Day Com.: Soph. Hop Com.: Senior Play Com.: Red Cross Rep.: Ice Skating. DAYE BELL BEVERLY BEQUETTE: Spanish Club. DORIS BOWMAN: Soph. Hop Com.: Advisory Pres.: Advisory Rep. JEAN BOYD: Spanish Club Sec.: Jr. Red Cross County Council: Soph. Hop Com.: Jr. Prom Com.: Star and Key: Auditorium Staff: French Club: Circus Day '4O. WILLIAM IBILLJ BOYD: Mgr. Coral Prom: Senior Play Cast: Ad Board '41: Soph Hop Com.: Circus Day Com. '40, '-11: Christmas Pageant '40. PALL BOWLER: C.S.F.: Football. JERRY BRAZE: A Capella Choir: Student Talent '41, '42: Girls' Glee: Christmas Pageant '4O. GERDA BROMLEY: Star and Key: Spanish Club: Swimming: Canoeing: Crew: Dancing: Girls' Board Control. DOROTHY BROWN: Star and Key: Red Cross Rep.: Advisory Officer: Class Executive Com : G. A, A. Sports: Bowling: Archery. JOHN BUDD: Yarsity Basketball '41, '4Z: Oak Leaf Sports Editor '40, '41. HAL CARD: Jr. Prom Com. MARY CHIN: C.S.F. Vice Pres.: Star and Key Life Member: C.S.F. Life Member: French Club: Chess Club. JEAN COBCRN: French Club Treas.: Latin Club: Red Cross Rep.: Oak Leaf Staff: Orches- tra: Advisory Officer. 4 NWN' f f e ,ki reri Jiri a: Q! laws 'T I 'hi'-. 'F 3 . f '91 1 WX ,XYAANR1 --ai' -ani ,11 NVQ :X '75 46' Gif!!! f. ,Jn IIM I OI,I.lN5: 51l1lI1lNl1 C llllb. EDRA C OSI lzl.l.O: l'1'1-fl1111:111 ln1I1:1t11111: 111'- 1'11s Day i'11111.g .X1lx', cylklllillllz 8111111141 l'l11l1. KENNETH C'ROWl,EY ALBERT C'l.'liIl.l.AS2 S1111l1. H1111 Corn.: C'l111i1'g C'h11r11s. I,Ol'ISE CUMMINGS HARRY Cl'Rl,ETT: Bas1'l1z1ll X':11'sity '-11, '-121 C.S.F,3 S1111h. H1111 C11m.g H1111-k Sr1ci1-ty. BEYERLEY1111. BRUYN: S1H1'1lDflKL'j'1 C.S.Fg ICC Skating. GEORGE DEPPEN: Aflv. Sec.: Spanish Clubg Inter-class Bnskutlmllg S1'111h H1111 c:OI'I1.1 Circus Day '4Og R011 Cross RQ11. BILL DORFMAN HOB DREYER: Pres. ZR Class: Fin, Soc. ZA' .KAQ Ad Board lA, 1131 "june lVlafl"3 "Firctly"L Varsity Swimming '-113 1211.111 C'11nt. '413 "High and Dry"g Stu111-nt Talent: S1111l1. H011 Com Q "Ballad F11rAmc1'ic11ns." ALAN DUNN CORINNE FENTON: Yicc Pros. IA, IH: Arlv. Ofliccrg S1111h. H1111 C'1'1n1.1 f'i1'1'11S Ijlly C11111 1 ICQ Skating: 13:1scl1z1llg Golf: N1-11' Y1':1r's Eve Dance C11111. MIYOKO FYRUNO BILL GARRATT: Roc. S011 SA: Ycll Lc:11l1-1' ZH: Varsity T1':111li '-10-'-123 Rc-sc1'x'v F1111tl1:1ll V103 Br1,1,1fC11nt.'-11,3123S1111l1.H1111C'11m.: R1-11 Trois: Aflv. Ol-ilCk'l', PEGGY GETTLE: Yifc Pics. IA. RA. 4.-X: Afl. Bc1z1r1l'413 B1l.11ff'1'111t1'11l '-111 Sl111l1,H4'117 Cum 5 ,l1'.Pr11m C'11n1.: Sc11i111' Play: F1'l'D1'l1 Cllllil R1-1l Crussg "High z1n1l D1'y"3 Arlv. Of1i11-1': C'i1'1'11i Day Dzmm- Cwllllql. DOROTHY GHIF-El.Ll: SiH1'f1I1fl R031 ,111 R ,-1l C'r11sS1 Aurl. Stuff: French C1l11l1, GEORGE GLASS: F1111tl1:1ll .l1'. Yz11'4it5' '41g li:1Q11l1:1ll "li" '40, '413 S1111l1. PIO11 C'11111.3 'I'1':111lQ "li" RICHARD GONSAI.X'ES: lirl, 111 C'1111t1-11l: Block "Aug li:1sk1-tl1f1ll '41, '41g S1111l1, H1111 Com.: S0121-:mt ill Arms Bl111'l4 v DEAN HAMILTON: Baseball Varsity '40-'42: Bloyk Society: Pres. of 3A Class: Fin. Sec. of Clgss: Boys' State '-ll: Board of Control, Fall '41: Pres. of Men's Association. CLAYTON HARDIN: Adv. Pres.: Adv, Sec.: Red Cross: Circus Day. Class Mgr.: Radio Club: Senior Play: 'High and Dry": Christmas Pageant '-11. JANE HARRIS LORRAINE HARTZ: Spanish Club: Circus Day Com.: Soph. Hop Com.: Red Cross: Ice Skating: Senior Play Ticket Com. oi jr. Executive Com.: Soph. Hop Com.: 'F ench Club: Red Cross: Spanish Club: "June Mad": Tennis. PEGGII' HAUSEN: Co-mar. Jr. Prom: Pi-QS. DAYID HAYICE: Oak Leaf Photographer: Chess Club: Track '42: Badminton Club. HARRY HEDGES: Football '40-'42: Fin. Sec, of Class: Student Defense Council: Board of Control: Block "A" Society: Reserve Football 39: Tennis '41, '-12. TIM HENDRICKSON: Red Cross: Track. CATHERINE HILL KITTY HIRAI PATRICIA HOLLIS BILL HOLLOMAN: Chess Club: Spanish Club. PAT HOLT PARKER HOWARD HELEN HOWEN: Tennis: Star and Key: Soph. Hop Com.: French Club: Junior Prom Com. BARBARA JOLLY: Girls' Board of Control '41: G. A. A. Sports: French Club: Senior Play Com.: Star and Key Life Member: Advisory Ofiicer. BLD MINES JANET KEATON Luk Ax I0 XJ. lm? X fn ?'J-M Fx- ,f-A WD A 'Wk i Q, gf. x Hx? 'D' "lt, L 'ND' '7dmf Q 1? A l M l'A'I' KICRAN: Rcc. Svc, Ili. ZAL Star anrl Kcyg Oak Lualg jr. Prom C'uin.g Swininiingl 18101 S1-niur Play C'om.g Suph. Ilop l.'on1.1 Sfahieh Flulm. fr HUB KIRKLANIJ: C'irruf Day '-U33 Sa-nior Play Ticks! lVlggr.g jr. Prom liirl lVIp1r.g Snpli. Hop liirl Mgrg Fin. Sul Class '4l1 lizm-liall '30, '40, '41 3 Barska-tlmzill YW, '4Og Flirislmaa Pagcanlg Rcrl Crows. BOB LAjOl IC: liafcliall. j ICUNIC LANIC: Fircus Day Cfnmg Suph Hop Cum.: Star anrl KL-yg Latin Clulig jr. Prom Omni.: Swimminggg Aclvanwrl Orclivstrag Oak Luafg Sm-niur Play Comg Frunch Club. jUYCE LAING ROSALIIC LICNZ: Roc, Svc. Adv.: jr. Rmrl Crussg Suph. Hop Cum.: JB Ilanfanlg Aunl. Staff. BARBARA LIYINGSTONIQ: Yicc Pros., Prcs., French Clulmg Rc-fl Cross RL-li.: CSF. '-LO, '-111 Star anrl KL-yg Snph. Hop Cum.: Scniur Plajfg Oak Lcaf Stalfg Asst. Ycll Lcaflcr '41. ARTHUR LOMBA: Foullnall. BETTY LYMAN1 Tranffcr from Orruwm. LITO A. MICHELI: R. O. T. C.: Sturlcnt Dc- fc-nSC Counfil Rcp. ,IRAN MIGNACCO: Aclv. Prci.: Arlv. Rep.: Frcnch Flulig Lifc Mcmlicr Star and Kejrg Freshman Initiationg Soph. Hop Coin: Adv. Mgr. jr. Prumg Co-nigr. Sr. Playg Cirrug Day. BARBARA NIONAHAN: After Srlnml Spurtf. SARA MUYI-IR jL'NE Ml'LHULLAXIJ: XYumc-n's Rnarrl nf Control '41 3 Frm-nch Clulmg Opp-ning lJ:iIifn'l'mi1.Q S1'.PlayL'mn.g Star anrl Kr-yg Supli. limp Coin.: jr. Prom Coin.: Rcfl Truss, BARBARA NIl'XHOI.I,ANlJ: Ref. Svc. Girl! Aim.: Ser. ull AYOINL'I'1.5 licl. of Cliritrml: Yin' Pri-S, 115. ZA: jr. Pruni.i'mn.1 Snpl1.Hupl'mn 1 Star anfl Ka-yg Latin Flulug Gulf. l,UI,A Xl',l.5UXi G11'l9Ulc1': Cfircu- Day Coin. MARIAN ULICNIK: jr. Ih-1lCrn++ Ra-gi 1 Latin Vlulm. HENRY PAVI Nl: Orrliwlra. J ANICE PERATA: G. A. A. Sports. PATRICIA BERNICE PEIRCE: French Club: Star and Keyg Girls' Board of Control, Fall '-LIL Senior Play Com.: Christmas Pageant '-11: Cir- Y- v-- cus Day toni. 09. ED PLATE: Swing Bandg "High and Dry"g A. H. S. Band: R. O. T. C. Bandg First Sgt. R. O. T. C.: C.S.F. MARY PLUMMER: Womenk Bd. Control, Spring '-123 Adv. Rep.g Soph. Hop Com.: Jr. Prom Com.g Senior Play Conrg Latin Clubg Star and Keyg French Club. TOM POWERS: Badminton. JIM PRYOR JIM PLRBECK HELEN RAMSEY BENNY RATTO: Fin. Sec. of Classy Yell Leader of Class. FRANK RATTO: Pres. of Low and High Froshg Ad Board '4Og Football '40-'42g Board of Control, Spring '42, RANDOLPH REED PAT REID: Ad Board BA, ZBQ Senior Play Com.: Junior Prom Coni.g Soph. Hop Coing C.S.F.g Circus Day Com.g Oak Leaf '4Og Span- ish Club: Star and Key: Yice Pres. of Adv. VIRGINIA RIECKZ Ad Board '-12g Junior Prom Com.g Senior Play Com.g Defense Coun- cilg Soph. Hop Com.g Star and Keyg Opening Dance Conrg French Club. BETTY RILEY: "June Mad"g Junior Prem Com.g Poster Winnerg Tennis '-LO: Volleyball 'SQQ Babe-ball '39, STERLING ROUNIJS JACK ROSEBLSH: Senior Play Com.g Adv. Pres.g R. O. T. C. ESTELLE RONVE: Life Member and Editor of Star and Keyg Orchestrag Concert Bandg Oper- etta '41 1 Christmaa Pageant '41g Red Cross. GARRETT RCPP: Foothallg Board of Control. X .sw Who 373' I..-2194459 "GMI" ..-qw pan. ' 'Q 971: f. We -5 -ov ,4 -n-JF' 'il .fi ,, J 1 I a iii, ri? "Q" '51 -- wg V, I J vtzrf. ge-ak, hqiq if ' ft ,1A' ' '..' . .5 :5,, f ,st ' -f A 61 A' 1" aasa f W A -'Q f- --A Y' ff I C ww X ' 'il itil Lp EVA SAXCII EZ li,-XRISARA SANDS: Sr. Play Com.: jr. Prom Com.: Jr. Rt-rl Cross Rt-p.: t'irc'us Day Com. '4O: Soph. Hop Com.: t'rt'xv: Swimming: Arlv. O ill C L' l'. REG SAUNDERS: Yt-Il Lt-arlvr tClassJ : Chvss Club: CSF.: jr. Prom Com.: Stamp Club: Non Coms Club. MARGARET SCHMITZ: Jr. Prom Com.: Rcd Cross: Orcht-stra: Circus Dayy Soph. Hop. .IOYCE SEAGRAYE: Oak Lcaf Staff: Rfgd Cross, CHARLES SHEA: Yarsity Baseball '40, '41, '42: Sports Ed. Oak Lt-al' '-12: Class Yull Lcadcr '-12: Christmas Pagcants: Boy's Gln-t-: "Oncc In a Lll'L'llI'I1C"Q Sr. Play Com. CECILE SHORT: Band: Orcht-stra: Swing Band '-11: Drum Majorcttu: Student Talt-nt: Sr. Yaric-ty Show. ALLEN SHRODE: Spanish Club: Rt-rl Cross: Circus Day: Mgr. Dec. Soph. Hop: Doc. Mgr. jr. Prom: Adv. Oflict-rg Mgr. St-n. Play: Snow Capers '39, '-10. ANNE SPAETH: SCC. Trcas. Gorman Club: Star and Key: Boll Hop Com.: Coral Prom Com.: Sr. Play Com.: jr. Rt-d Cross: Circus Day Com.: Adv. Pres. DOUGLAS SPENCER: "B" Iiaskt-tball '39,'-10: Yarsity Basketball '41: Mcn's lfioard of Control '-11: Adv. Oftlccrg C.S.F. ALRITA STAGNARO ELLEN STROEHE: Star and Kcyl lid. of Control '-11: Boll Hop Com.: Coral Prom Com.: "june Mad": Circus Day Com,: Christmas Pageant: French Club: Latin Club: Rnd Cross, PETER SCTTER1 St-nior Play Coni.: Rt-d Cross: Soph. Hop Com.: -I r. Prom Com. CHARLOTTE TALBOT: Adv, Ofllct-r: Sturlt-nt Talent: Christmas Pagt-ant: Choir: Glt-ta JANET TOWNSEND: Latin Club. JACK TURNER: R. O. T. C.: Conturt Band: Class Pros. RB, -lA: Cirrus Day: Aurl, Staff: Sr. Play: Ext-cutivc lioarfl: Sr, Opportunity Day: ,ll'. Pl'UI'IT.Q Sopl1.Hop. SHINGO LMENE FALL l'NSWORTHi Captain R. O, T. C.: C.S.F. Pros.: Boys' Statv '41 : Timt-s Star Staff: Class Ofliccr '30, '4O: Snorfl and Shit-lil Soc.: Latin Club: Frumli Club. YIYIAN CRSIN: Xice Pres. AB: Fin. Sec., Spring '42: Girls' State: Co-Mgr. Soph. Hop: Board ul Control '-11: "june Mad" cast: jr. Prom Com,: Spanish Club. DORRIS YERCOE: Choir: Glee Club: Oper- etta '-ll: Adv. Ofticer: Crew: Stage Design '41, MARIE WARD: French Club: Jr. Prom Com.: Soph. Hop Com.: Red Cross Rep.: Riding: Ice Skating: Circus Day Com. GENEYIEYE WASH: Sr. Play Com.: Jr. Prom Com.: Soph Hop Com.: Star and Key: Spanish Club: Christmas Pageant '-11: Circus Day Com.: Advisory Ofticer. BARBARA WEBER: Vice Pres. .KA Class: Basketball. MARIDEAN WELCH: Swimming: Crew: Bowling: Ice Skating: Baseball: Canoeing: Hula Dancing. DICK WELCH BARBARA WENDEROTH: Board of Control '4Z: Senior Play .Advertising Mgr.: Recording Sec. 4A: Star and Key: Jr. Prom Com.: Spanish Club: Circus Day Com. '-10: Soph. Hop Com. ARTHUR WHITMORE ELEANOR WILSON: Swimming: Bowling: Ice Skating: Crew: Baseball: Canoeing. RUTH WILSON: Advisory Ofticer: French Club Treas.: Soph. Hop Com.: Coral Prom Com.: "june Mad": Circus Day Com. '4O: Christmas Pageant '41: Jr. Red Cross Rep. RENA WOLLENBERG: Ir. Prom Com.: Ten- nis: Ice Skating: Latin Club: Advisory Sec. BRYANT WONG: Football '59-'-LZ: Boys' Glee. GEORGE WRIGHT: Track Team: National Defense Rep.: Football. TAEKO YAMASKI MARGIE ZIRBEL: Ad. Board '39, '-LO: Soph. Hop Mgr.: jr. Prom Com.: Senior Play Cast: Asst. Yell Leader: Vice Pres, AA: Red Cross Rep.: Latin Club: Circus Day Com. IW? "ha, iw-- ,way nv? he w yawn. as 'W I 'V' if Jmilm 'Usa what --H-lk: HIGH SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES CLASS OF JUNE 1942 AL BOOTHY BEATRICE BROWN LESLIE CAPLING FREID.-Q, DOUGLAS AL GLUCK ED HARVEY ALFONSO HERNANDEZ JEAN HESEMAN FREDERICK HUNT CHESTER JENSEN JEAN KELLEY DOLORES MOORE JACK MOORE WALTER MORENO GEORGE MURPHY ROSS MQMCLLIN JAMES OSBORN JACK OTTERYANGER ALFRED PATTIMORE BOB POLLEN FRED SCULLIN DONALD STARR CLIFFORD WELLER BARBARA WIESE LOW SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES CLASS OF JANUARY 1943 RUBY CAPLING CARL ENSTROM JIMMIE HELM KENNETH HOLDER LELAND HOLLE CHARLES KAUFFMAN MIKE KORICH TERRY LA CROIX EDDIE MATHEWS YYONNE MUTHS 47 ROSE PERENON DONALD PIERCE RICHARD PIMENTEL BETTY ROSE ANN SCHILDERS GERTRUDE SCHILDERS DOMINIC SCCCO BILL WARD JACK WATSON PAUL KYHITESTINE 1 in K bk l IQ 7: A HIGH JUNIOHS OFFICERS FALL 141 President .......... .... I ACK LUDLA11 Vire President ....... . . . MAXINE BROVVN Recording Secretary ....... MARILYN PHILLIPS Financial Secretary . . . ..,.. BARBARA ROTH Ie!! Leader ....... ........ E DDIE FRY Ad Board .... . . . BETTY MATTTIEWS Ad Board .... . .... BOB BURKE gi OFFICERS AIA 1"'1 2 SPRING '42 President .................. ERNIE KELLBERG Vice President ........ BETTY VAN DEN BEROH 1 A Recording Secretary .............. EDDIE FRY Financial Secretary . . . .... MAXINE BROWN I IAQI X Ie!! Leader ....... ...... B ILL COOPER ,, ,I Ad Board . . . . . . BETTY MATTHEVv'S Ad Board . . . ......... BOB BURKE Class Editor . . . . . BETTY MATTHEWS f asm , A-4,13 1 4 4 if N - J r '-if Wi M. ' N SQ' . . ' 1 gf The Class of june 1943, one of the most active classes in the school, is prominent in the social field and in athletics. Cn the evening of April IO, 1942, We presented the great Ujungle Prom" Which was capably managed by Paul Cox and his two co-managers, Phil Coney and Barbara von Schmidt. It will go down as the outstanding event of the year, socially as Well as financially. Since that fall of 1939, When we entered Alameda High School, the Class of june 743 has been a hard Working group and, therefore, We feel a justifiable pride in our financial successes. The outstanding successes were the 'fjungle Promf' the 'fScotch Hop,'l several noon dansants, the sales of gardenias, candy and book covers. Near the end of our high junior year a very enjoyable boys' breakfast was given. Undoubtedly our class is one of the best represented in school in almost every field of endeavor. The Words to HlVIargie,'l the hit song from the musical comedy 'cHigh and Dryfl Were Written by Lorraine Colbert. She U31 MISS POWERS assisted with parts of several other lyrics and contributed her talent in many other programs. In football we have Ernie Kellberg, Pete Christie, Buzz Roberts, Bill Cooper and Phil Coney. In baseball we have Dell Hall, Vern Hall, jim Pingree, Bob McCreery and Ray French who also played varsity basket- ball. In swimming we have Charley Dorr and Bob Young. In track we are represented by Bob Armstrong, Ralph Dolan, Bruce Rodgers, Dick Millar and Bob Saxton. XVe have a strong representation on the golf team with Ed Fry, the California Junior Amateur Champion. Bob Unthank, Ernie Kellberg, Bin Randolph, Paul Cox and john Roach have achieved high ratings as members of the golf team. Although the above mentioned students have been particularly active, it is realized that the success of a class depends upon each and every mem- ber and that successes are due to the work of all rather than the work of a few. Without the assistance of our class advisers, teachers and friends who have always shown deep interest in us, we should not be able to rank our- selves as one of the best 'fall aroundw classes in this school. To them, we ex ress a reciation and thanks. D pp BETTY INIATTHEXNS, Class Editor. X -, ' ' v kiwi? 4: ' ' - R-Hit." ' 1 is T , - -I, -1- :QA-M J ..-1 A PROMINENT 3 1 e- . HIGH ,fx JUNIORS 7 if T L. ' N51 . 'QQ' QL 1 'V 1 3-B W-sv' v 'V' Hvvx HIGH MR. COOPERRIDER MRS. LAYTON MR. SAUNDERS MRS. TARBOX X w K 2-qv .Q - vw gl 1, Hi . 1, -yu-A ' .ls 15? 'A1 lf: ' Thi 5' 'LI 'fl s V ...E 5 Ang., 3 1 il LOW ,I IDRS OFFICERS FALL '45 President ....... .... B EV SEAGRLN Vice President ........ . . . JACKIE DUFOUR Recording Secretary .... . . . BILL HOXVARD Financial Secretary . . . ..... GLORIA GINY Yell Leader ......... ..... B OB CLIFFORD Ad Board . . . .... SHIRLEY BROWN Ad Board . . . ..... BOB CLIFFORD OFFICERS SPRING '44 President ....... .... J OHN WENDI fm Vice President ........ ..... C LAIRE SINGER , Recording .Secretary ......... BEVERLIE FAOAN , Financial Secretary ....... JANICE ALLGOEWER , Yell Leader ......... ......... D ON CRAIK Ad Board ........ . . . SHIRLEY BROWN Ad Board . . . . . . BOB CLIFFORD We, the members of the class of January '41, have enjoyed being upper classmen for the last few months. It has been pleasant to feel that We had the privilege of holding student body Offices and that if given enough time We might become seniors. We scheduled the 4'Lollipop Hop" during the fall of 1941 and John Wendt Who was to have been the manager made excellent plans. However, this event had to be cancelled because of War conditions. This term, spring l52l PROMINENT LOW JUNIORS '42, we gave a very successful dansant at which we used the bids designed for the "Lollipop Hopf' We wish to express our gratitude to the student body for the aid extended us when our hop was cancelled. The future looks bright for us, and we are planning a Wonderful time for all those who attend our Prom next fall. BEVERLIE FAGAN, Recording Secretary. .gffsd 32"-"'s Elf? P' LO MISS CHAMBERLIN MR. SISLER MRS. DARISON MRS. HUNTER JNIORS MRS. DOMNICK MR. REDIGER MISS M.HERRICK MR. MCMULLIN M NA JW' K HIGH OFFICERS FALL '41 President ...... .... C ONXVAY CATTON Vice President ....... ...... B EVERLY BROWN Rerordirzg Secretary . . . . . . JEANNE VON SCHMIDT Financial Secretary ..., ...... B ERKLEY BAKER Yell Leader ......... ....... R AY SHELDON Ad Board . . . . . . . ELEANOR WALKER Ad Board . . . .... Ross BOWMAN We, the class of june '44, entered the school with the ambition of being one of the most active classes in school. So far, we have lived up to our goal. We gave two dansants this yearg one was supervised by each administra- tion. We just gave the 'tBlackout Hopl' under the management of Bill Goff and Norma Gambarini. We enjoyed presenting this social function for our friends. Our class has been well represented in other school activities such as sports. Although not many 2B's were on the varsity teams, most of Ala- 'Q SOPHS ' i M " "' ffl., OFFICERS SPRING '43 Prrsidevzt .......... . . . EDWARD Bt'L1.w1NKL1z Vice President ........ .... M ARJORIE MACLEAIJ Recording Secretary .... ..... E ARL GL'1sxEss Financial Sefrftrzry . . . .... PETE FISHER Yell Lender . ...... ...,.. B on EcKsTE1N Ad Board . . . .... ELEANOR WALKER .-ld Board . . . .... Ross BowM.,xN meda's B teams were composed of members of our class. Next year our class will be well represented in sports. Another field in which we have shown our spirit is in scholastic standing. We have one of the highest ratings of all the classes in the school, and we hope to keep this up throughout high school. PETE FISHER, Recording Secretary. fr fr LOW OFFICERS FALL '41 President ......... ....,........... . ALBERT WOOLVERTON Vire President ...... ........., B ARBARA HAZELTON Recording Secretary . . . . . . RICHARD FETHERSTONHAUGH Financial Serretary .... ..,........... B OB BUCKLEY Yell Leader ........, ........ V IRGINIA HEsnMAN Ad Board ..... . . .... SHIRLEY SCHWARZ Aa' Board . . . ..... JACK WEEDLN Our second year in Alameda High brings us more into the realization of our duties and responsibilities as a definite unit Within the student body. Our financial ventures have proved very successful and profitable with our original IB plastic ornament sale and our popcorn sale on Circus Day. Many members of our class excel in sports. Frank Reed has made a name for himself in football and tennis, Leo Kahn does Well in track, and Hugh Williams in pole vaulting. Leland Johnstone is on the Varsity basketball team and Jack Weeden is a most unusual swimmer. Among the girls Virginia Heseman, Joyce Wheatley, Betty Pederson and Carol Van Loo are known for accomplishments in G. A. A. Sports. fi-My OPHS ' A ,H,c., .. ,. , , -. OFFICERS SPRING '42 President ........ . . . . Ririuno F1zT111aRs'roNimuzii Vice Prvsidwzl ...... ....... , . . Tueklisix EVKLAND Reconling Srrrefary . .. ............ Nlxxcx' RHLCK Fimzizrirzl Sewrvtfzry . . .,.. JULIE Sixirrunzs H111 Leader ...... ..,..... D Avia Grosso .A1r1'Buard . . . .... SIIIRLIQY SCIINVARZ .41dBourd , . . , .... JACK XVILEDEN The class has entered whole-heartedly in many school activities. The co-manager of the Circus Day dance, Shirley Schwarz, was selected from our class. Don Ray has also made a name for himself in school activities by being on the NACORN7, and "Oak Leaf" staffs. Ray Barbera's name should go down in our class records because it was he who made the plastic ornaments for our sale. Many others are working to make our class really known. We feel sure that with the cooperation of every one of us We shall leave a good record on the pages of Alameda High when we graduate. NANCY RIECK, Recording Secretary. W HIGH OFFICERS FALL '41 President ........ .....,... ..... I 1 M MCQUAID Vice President ...... ...... B EVERLY GAY Recording Secretary .... MAURICE MURPHY Financial Secretary . ........ Lois SMITH Yell Leader ....... ..... S AM NAKAso When we entered school last fall We wished to participate in all the varied activities at Alameda High as often and in as many Ways as possible. At our first 1A meeting this spirit was instilled into us by A. S. A. H. S. President Dick Halliday. We had a fine percentage of student card holders during both semesters. Many of us turned out for sports. Of course We didn't expect to gain much except basic training and fundamentals during our first year. Baird .-u-r' :vw .., . ,Q RUSH " A OFFICERS SPRING '42 President ....... ......,.... . . . Howruzn Siarmoux Vice' Prmidmzt ...... ,... C lrmcia jos15P1I Rf'mrz1'i11g Srrrvtzzry . . . . SAM NAKASO Finmzriul Sf'l'l'l'fl1l',V . . . . . . SYBIL LIND ll-Il Leuza'rr ......... . .. SAM N.'XK.xSO Oswald made the varsity football squad and joe Kaney found a place on the second varsity baseball team. We have held a dansant each term in order to get a financial start. We hope to maintain our high standards of scholarship and to grow to be better known as useful members of the school in the next year or two. SAM NAKASO, Recording Secretary. 7.1-, Y- 2 .- X?" OFFICERS SPRING '42 Preszdent ....... ..,.......... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer . . . Ad Board . . . Ad Board ..... Ad Board ..... I r if 5 1. f ' iz. , lx Q yr , qi., ' . . . WAYNE JACKSON , ..... JOHNNY RAPP JEAN PERATA . . . . CLARENCE PHILLIPS JIM SHIELS . . . . WESLEY PEAsE . . . . JOAN MCKEAN In the latter part of January, 1942, the present Low Freshman class left grammar school behind and began an entirely new life in Alameda High School. Of course, We were frightened by this change, but upon en- tering high school We were so graciously received by all that we imme- ' diately realized that We were Alameda High students. Naturally, it took some time for us to get used to the many new things which faced us. 1 V I , 5 of 35 .. . ' Y . .- FROSH i Y 1 Y o f , lv u Q. A K ivy I ulili . ,pr f,,g' i ' H l Several changes had to be made which were made easy for us through the aid of our advisers, teachers and upper classmen. We want to thank everyone for the wonderful reception given us. When we are juniors and seniors we hope We shall be able to make the freshmen feel as much at home as we have been made to feel. JEAN PERATA, Recording Serretary. WJ .Jn X, x J h A gl 1' wf gc! Q kmm .sf THE AC TOM PEAKE SHERRILL CONNER The spring of 1942 brings the publication of another ACORN. This year is one to be remembered, and it is our hope that this ACORN will also be remembered. I know that we, the staff, will not soon forget the joys and troubles that we have enjoyed while working on this book. Without the help and cooperation of every member of this staff the book would never have been finished. The staff is grateful to Miss Crever for her advice and guidance. Mr. Bryan has encouraged us and given assistance wherever possible, and the members of the student body have cooperated whenever asked. Each sectiong sports, clubs, activities, has afforded its own peculiari- ties, and no two pages are the same. We have tried to do a little something different here and there, and it is our hope that you will receive as much pleasure from the reading of this book as we have received from its com- position. Those of you who remain in school can show your appreciation of this book by giving to next year's staff the same cooperation you have given us. I only wish that I, too, could be here to work on the next AcoRN. THE ED1ToR t 66 l EDITORIAL STAFF BLSINESS STAFF Erllfnr ........................ .-Isxidmlllf Ifrlitnr., .-Irt Edzlur ..,........,....... Sports Edilnr ..........,.... .lsxixiani Spnrlx Edilvr ....... . OfAQtIllf5tIffl7lI,Y Edilur ....... . Clan Edilnl' .........., .... P11010 Libnlriurz. . . . , . Plmta Lilmzrifzn .... .... Ofifz' .-I wistmzi ...., ALAN W, SMITH DOROTHY PECK DICK BESOYAN Tum A. I'11.,xR1Q ...JALAN WAYN14: SM1111 YKRNA SVIIMIDT ERNIIQ Sl'IINIiIDIiR .HARRY Hhnulcs .EIXIILY B1-LNNIQTT DIIRLITIIX' Hmm .IDOROTIIY P15014 BETTY MARQVIS ......DuN RAY DOROTHY H EAD ERNIE SCHNEIDER SHIRLEY SPEER lilzxinuss Illmmgrr ......... . .SIII4.RRII.I. IIONNIQR .'I,Y.Yi,Ytu11! B11.Yi1z1'xs QIIllllllAQf'l'. .Wlxsrux CVRRIER .IN.W7l'i1lI1' Ii11.si11e'.sx Illmzugrr ....... I.I'.Ii IXYYRKER .Ixwfiutr Iizzxifzerw xllfuzagwr ..,. Divx Iilasmnxx FI1ruIty.l1l1'i.wr ..... Miss IJURUTIIY R. CRLYIQR WINSTON CURRIER BETTY MARQUIS HARRY HEDGES YERNA SCHMIDT LEE PARKER EMILY BENNETT l an JCI' 46""" pin I-O' CDH -In 'f-23571 Wang A , Ahh 'V -FP' fly, f , 'B' 'I f m, L .nga WW' f.. STAFF FALL ,41 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ...........,........... THAXIER HALL Assistant Editor ........... EARLE PARKINSON Sports Editor ............ ...... J OHN BUDD Assistant Sports Editor . . . . .. CHARLES SHEA MANAGERIAL STAFF Business Manager ,............ WIN CURRIER Assistant Business Manager. . .VIRGINIA NORRIS Business Stajt. . .DICK BESOYAN, PEGGY BRODIE, BEVERLEY LUDLUM, BEVERLY NORRIS, BARBARA PHILPOTT, BARBARA ROXVLAND, JOYCE SAVILLE, JOHN WENDT Circulation Managers DORIS PHILPOTT, BEVERLEY LUDLUM Stajf Photographer ............ TOM GINTJEE Faculty Adviser ....... MISS GRACE S. POWERS OAK LE F I PAUL WORTHY WINSTON CURRIER STAFF SPRING '42 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ....................... PAUL WORTHY Assistant Editor .............. DICK BESOYAN Sports Editor ................ CHARLES SHEA Assistant Sports Editors LEN REIFENSTEIN, RALPH WILIIELNI MANAGERIAL STAFF Business Manager ............. WIN CURRIER Assistant Business Manager BARBARA PHILPOTT Advertising Manager .......... PEGGY BRODE Exchange Manager ......... BEVERLY NORRIS Ad Writing Manager ........ BEVERLIE FAGAN Cirrulation Managers JEAN COBURN, MLIRIEL LOEERG, JAN ALLGOEWER Adtvertising Staff VIRGINIA HESEMAN, BETTY WARREN, LORAINE COLBERT .-ld Writing Staff BARBARA LAMBERT, GLENN MCLEAN , Faculty Adviser .Q ..... MISS GRACE S. POWERS In the Fall of 1941, with an increased Student body allotment, the staff Worked under the capable leadership of Thayer Hall to produce five issues. Cuts and pictures added to the interest of the paper. Paul Worthy, present editor, and his staff are doing their best to publish an entertaining t'Oak Leaf" for the student body. Many suggestions were obtained at a jour- nalism convention held in November at U. C. With these ideas and our originality, We produced a newspaper that compares favorably with that of any other high school. ' We Wish to thank the Alameda merchants, Mr. Bryan, and above all Miss Powers, for their never-ending cooperation. THAYER DICK MISS GRACE LEONARD VIRGINIA HALL BESOYAN S. POWERS REIFENSTEIN NORRIS .. f wif"-.2 V 'Y' ' fzfl , 13' ' , 5 1.,-,-11 fi X ff I ' el ,, if f X E V' 'Z Wm , .ff .W M10-r"W,,,,, 5 I , ,, 'v ' I 1 . QW ,V was 5' are Qjl..,,L JLQLM. DRAMA GLEE CLUBS GRCHESTRA DRAMA The players of the Mask and Sandal have been extremely busy during the past year, giving performances of some of the most excellent plays that have ever been produced. Most of the credit is due to Mr. Lloyd Sisler, our well-liked dramatics coach, who has developed much latent talent. Anyone registering in his beginning classes receives a good foundation in speech, pantomime, and other necessary fundamentals. The second term is spent in doing things, performing in one-act plays such as NNO, Not the Russians," 'fGeorgie Porgie," and 'fThe Slave With Two Faces," all of which were enthusiastically received When they were presented be- fore the student body. Mr. Sisler is now in charge of the stage design class which constructs the sets used in all of the dramatic productions. When the Music and Drama Departments combine, their joint efforts usually produce smash hits such as the beautiful Christmas Pageant of last 3 fy, year or productions like "High and Dry." This outstanding musical com- edy was Written by three talented students. The music was directed by Mrs. Hazel Hunter, able head of the music department. and excellent orchestral arrangements were done by another gifted member of the high school. The results were especially fine: "High and Dry" was presented a second time for the benefit of the Red Cross after it had reimbursed the drama and music funds through its first performance. 'Watching the great cast work together for the success of the play was a very heartening and inspiring experience. Two very good senior plays, t'The Black Flamingo" and "june Mad," were presented. Each of these fitted the atmosphere of the term in which it was given. They are remembered as dramatic and financial successes. During the last few years. through the efforts of Mr. Sisler. the student productions have been consistently becoming better and better: it is hard to say what fine things are in store for the coming season. VERNA SCHMIDT. f 71 l BOYS' GLEE CLUB GIRLS' GLEE CLUB A CAPELLA CHOIR The Glee Clubs and A Capella Choir are under the direction of Mrs. Hazel B. Hunter. With the assistance of the Drama Department these groups staged the delightful Christmas pageant HGift of joy? The Glee Clubs often sing for P.-T. A. meetings or for other public programs. This spring the Girls' Glee Club revived an old custom and gave a lovely musical tea for their parents and friends. l72l A. H.b. B.-XND .-X. H. S. ORCHESTRA Instrumental music groups which include the A. H. S. Concert Band, R. O. T. C. Band. Swing Band, beginning orchestra and advanced orchestra are under the direction of Mr. John Kafka. This year, the R. O. T. C. Band played at the Public Celebration held by the Pacihc Bridge Company when they started construction on the largest lloating dry dock in the world. The swing band, which is a recently formed group, played at the supper held by the Oak Grove Lodge at the Masonic Temple. All of these organi- zations often assist at public functions, and, of course, no game would be complete without the stirring music of our band. MMM ,Q-:N 441 WW THOSE Most Attractive Girl .... ..... A NN PHILLIPS Best-Looking Boy .... .... B OB DREYER Most Likely to Succeed .... SHERRILL CONNER Most Outstanding Athlete ...... WALT MORENO I fl P . I gf , A Tl Best Actress ..... .... M ARY JOHNSON Best Actor ..... .... D ICK BESOYAN Most All-Around Girl ...... JACKIE FINFROCK Most All-Around Boy ........... RAY PERKINS RAY E ,V - Q Q2 Q, 17, f ,A -- , A A Z, V, U, ' V5 ' . ' .e:sf? 4-W ,nyx mg, , ,J . Q,-J' mix. . 1 1-f','j, Q? , rf ' ' M A A . 1 V Q , H 5 X f i . 41,2 . Niiin QQ... ' ' Zin iliilemnriam MRS EDITH H HEALD oFc Commercial Department Alameda High Sch ol a ulty X761 PPRECI TIONS On july first of this year three Well-known members of the faculty will terminate their service with us. We appreciate that they have shown an unfailing interest in their students and classes, loyalty to the Alameda High School and devotion to their ideals. We hope that their interest in us will deepen and that their friendship will continue to enrich the lives of all of us. To each we wish health and much enjoyment of the leisure which they so richly deserve. MR. WILLIS MIXILM i l'irc'-Priuripu! l lx MISS ELIZABETH DORN Lilmzrifzn MR. PAN. Icvaxs ---""'q..'VZS "- Ilrml ofC'm1zn14'n'i111Drpizrlnlruf X --W f W., X' ,, ' P ! , f X r v .BWP 330.-f J? ,fx , X X Q N kg NX-xx ,.+-T 'xf m 4 x ' 5-3 c MRLE9 MATH EN jf 4 ix SQ NI I LQQQ f V X M' 'N 21.4 Ayub 7557 Ji T, , 0 Q 1 X M 25 4 ib ' Cu CHPF1Lc.b MNH Ek-17' X 'lik wwf f+w,N.'--au4,.,...W '-"fo-ff...X.v.-,, mNw 'wM 2'- IYRVYDW f .4 Nt . ,,,.., ,,V, W A 4" fy ,- ,,, 1' , ' Q. X , X ff-J W in f, .V ,gf XJ. M .1 NW ' fs ,V W, 'f X 'uf YV I ' ' X 'j aff f A Q .J Z yr if W ff " I Q9 F A fr- IV,-N ..,,,f- V' 'vi 'wr' P' b .I - nb- .'1'f:f5': HATS OFF TO UUR COACHES! Alameda High's excellent coaching staff was augmented last fall by Mr. Bell and Mr. Millett. Don Bell arrived from Lodi to take over the position of head football coach. Mr. Bell had built an enviable record at Lodi, and he has Wasted no time in beginning an even more impressive stay at Ala- meda. Chet Millett was imported from Dos Palos High to assist in football and to become head baseball coach. A great favorite, Coach Millett trained an undefeated league championship nine this spring. Among the familiar faces is Lewis Jolley. head of our physical education department. Coach Jolley also finds time to devote to the track team of which he is head coach. Yirgil Gilcrease is the most versatile member of our staff. He coaches the Varsity and "B" basketball teams as well as golf and tennis. Rounding out our coaching staff, Chris Freeman handles Var- sity swimming and the football reserves. Alameda High is indeed fortunate to possess a coaching staff of such high caliber as the one pictured above. Not only because of their skill in coaching but also because of their policy of teaching clean play and sports- manship, do we say-HATS OFF TO OCR COACHES! ERNIE SCHNIQIIJER. f S1 l Yif ',. ,L- ' ' f" nr. ,- ,, 6, , , ,195 . M , gssfr-fa-2i'E:.f4'e-if-'f 5 is -MVQQQC FOOTBALL Surveying the football turnout in September, Coach Don Bell realized that he faced a difficult season in his first year at Alameda High. However, Coach Bell took the task in hand and turned out a team which, playing the underdog in every game and outweighed by every opponent, came through with third place in the A. C. A. L. standings. Captained by Bob Bierwith, the only returning first string man, our 1941 varsity was made up largely of gridders sent up from Chris Freemanls reserves. After an unsuccessful practice season in which we lost every game, Alameda hit top form and triumphed over a hard-fighting Albany team 12-6 in the league opener. The following week, we met a supposedly supe- rior Richmond team which scored on a long pass play to hold us to a 6-6 tie. f82l Suffering a let down against Hayward, our gridders earned a 6-6 tie through a second-half comeback. The season came to its climax against our traditional rival Berkeley, who won a real heart-breaker 6-O. The Yellowjackets scored their lone touchdown in the final 18 seconds on a prayer pass, after having been played to a standstill for four quarters by an inspired Hornet team. In the closing game, Alameda, riddled with injuries, took a walloping from a powerhouse Piedmont team 38-O. Returning to form a nucleus for next yearls team are Bryant Wong tall-county guard 5, Ernie Kellberg, Bob Yoas. Harry Hedges, Frank Ratto, and Pete Christie. Outstanding seniors who will be sorely missed next year are Will Lotter, Bill Mills, John Suronen, Ed Mazzini, Paul Worthy, Walt Maclean, Hal Towery, Bart Pease, Antone Ratto, Charles Matheny, Ray Perkins, Bill Powell, and Lee Parker, who was out for most of the season after an unfortunate accident in a practice game. ERNIE SCHNEIDER. A. c. A. L. GAMES Alameda 12 .... ...... . Albany 6 Alameda O .,.. ...... B erkeley 6 Alameda 6 ..... .... R ichmond 6 Alameda O .... .... P iedmont .58 Alameda 6 ..... .... H ayward 6 we Q C sl BASKETBALL Alameda High's varsity basketball team finished the league in second place after losing a hard-fought game to Piedmont 26-23. Although they failed to Win the league, Alameda had several good men. Among them Were: Walt tMoJ Moreno who broke the league scoring recordg Bob Pollen who made the all-county teamg Bill Roth, a steady guardg Richie Gonsalves, Ross Ewing, Ralph Wilhelm, Douglas Spencer, Bill McCauley, Ernest Schneider and John Budd. l34l Returning next year will be: Andy McCauley, Ray French, Leland Johnstone, jim lXIcQuaid, Ross Bowman, and several good men from the "B" team. Alameda should have another good year. The "B" team finished next to last but produced several good men who will be of value next year. Among them are: Stuart Inman, Bob Wuest- hoff, Jack Periera, Don Pries, joe Kaney and others. Much credit is due Coach Virgil Gilcrease for the fine Work he did with both teams. A. C. A. L. BASKETBALL SCORES Alameda 35 ....,............... Berkeley 11 Alameda 33 . . . . . Richmond 38 Alameda 32 ... .... Albany 33 Alameda 38 .... . . . Hayward 35 Alameda 41 .... . . . Piedmont 30 Alameda 35 .... .... B erkeley-16 Alameda 35 .... . . . Richmond 34 Alameda SO .... .... A lbany 40 Alameda 57 .... .. . Hayward 32 Alameda 23 . . . .. . Piedmont 26 ,, v-- ,iw -s Q T43 1.5 'Q gggiw. E if T ,V,A 'a i A BASEB LL 1942 The Alameda Varsity Baseball team Won the A. C. A. L. with eight victories and no defeats. They climaxed the season with a 20-3 victory over Berkeley as pitcher Dean Hamilton pitched a two-hit ball game. With many veterans returning the team started out strong and kept getting better. In the infield were Willard Lotter catcher, Bob McQueery first base, Carl Gerner second base, Bill Serena shortstop, and Del Hall third base. This infield proved air tight and they all played exceedingly Well. The outfield was undoubtedly the best in the league with Ray French, Mike Korich, and jim Pingree, all of Whom played Well. Behind the beau- tiful pitching of Dean Hamilton, this team proved invincible. l36l Good Work was done by Coach Chet Millet, who took over following Mr. Eifert's departure and, in his first year, achieved a perfect season. The prospect for next year is very good with McQueery, Hall, French, and Pingree returning from the first team and some good men from the reserves and junior varsity coming up. Alameda, with a little luck, should have another good season. HARRY HEDGES A. L. BASEBALL SCORES A. C, Richmond5 . . . . . . Hayward 4 Alameda 12 Alameda 11 Alameda 3 . . , .... Albany 2 Alameda 1 . . . .... Hayward O Alameda 10 . . . .... Albany 6 Alameda 3 . . . . . . Richmond 2 Alameda 8 . . . .... Berkeley 7 Alameda 20 . . . .,.. Berkeley 3 new , .mg Q -,ww 4 W - '5Mi'l ar' Y i ' an 5? ww tigihw 5Ql,jQgQfg. A,AV gi? TRACK Alameda's 1942 track team, coached by Lewis Jolley, placed fourth in the A. C. A. L. Meet. Our tracksters had a moderately successful practice season in which they defeated Albany and Hayward and tied Commerce. In the league meet Alameda was hampered by injuries, illness, and ineligi- bility rules. Ross McMullin, 1941 A. C. A. L. 440 champion, was unable to compete because of recurring illness and injuries, Charles Seger was i33l also out of competition because of illnessg and jack Van Allen, brilliant high jumper, was declared ineligible. Other consistent point winners for Alameda were Bill Mcllveen in the sprintsg Mac Yeaman and Ross Mclllullin in the quarter mile: Tim Hendrickson, distance man, who is A. C. A. L. half-mile champion: Ralph Dolan, league shot put champion, and Will Lotter in the shot putg Knok Kirkland and Bruce Rodgers in the pole vault: Bob Bierwith and Henry Stanley in the broad jumpg and Alan Smith in the high jump. Outstanding individual performance of the season came from jack Van Allen, who broke the school high jump record with a leap of six feet one inch. Tim Hendricksen won easily in A. C. A. L. 880 to upset the dopesters. Ralph Dolan placed first in shot-up in the A. C. A. L. Meet. 1' r iz 'Q 1 V Qkiiii as ff hawyn bpsy no y ffl- kg 1 ff-- -, UL ' K' ' vi K i C CRE Before the Atherton Code was adopted Ala- meda had made an excellent name for itself in crew against all competition. However, this year crew lacked competition and was dropped after several weeks of practice on the estuary. Those oarsnien who were slated for first boat positions were: Paul Worth tCaptain5, Lee Johnstone, Len Reifenstein, Ted Arriola, Don King, Bill Schill, Clayton Houston, Doug Webb, jim Mc- Allister CCoxswainl, and Tom Mathews falter- nate Oarsmanb. An invitation was extended to our crew to compete in a regatta in the East, but it couldnlt be accepted. It is hoped that crew will be started again next season. l90l ....,........... .- L W , 458 4 , ,J 5 ? J 'X W MMING Alameda's swimmers placed second to Berkeley in the A. C. A. L.: they Were overcome by sheer weight of numbers. The most outstanding indi- vidual performance of the season came from Jack McAuliffe who broke his brother's A. C. A. L. record in the 100-yard breast stroke in the time of 1:11.2. Our medley relay team, consisting of Jack McAuliffe, Jack Weeden. and Rollie Bugee. broke the league record by two seconds in 1:Z7.6. Seniors who will be missed next year are Russ Carlson, Rollie Bugee, and jack McAuliffe. A promising team is foreseen for next spring as Jack VVeeden, Bud Guisness. Lloyd Wagner. Don Mehrtens, and Joe Harp are returning. f91l TENN S With only one match remaining to be played, Alameda's tennis team is set for second place in the final league standings. Playing singles for Ala- meda are: Conway Catton, undefeated A. C. A. L. champion, Les Mehrtens, Harry Hedges, Ernie Schneider, and Frank Reed. Rounding out the team in doubles are Al Soulages, Bob Mason, Ben Gintjee, and Pete Vallerga. Coach Gilcrease is confident of a strong team next year as all players are returned with the exception of Les Mehrtens, Harry Hedges, and Ernie Schneider. A. C. A. L. SCORES Alameda 7 ...................... Hayward O Alameda 7 ...... ..... H ayward O Alameda 6 ...... .... A lbany 1 Alameda S .... .... A lbany 2 Alameda 2 . ..... Piedmont 5 Alameda 5 .... ..... P iedmont 4 Alameda 6 ...... ..... B erkeley 1 i92l M Z8 ' P P" , y is 4 4 . g ,. 3 l-Q . C . g ' ..- - ul- I...- Q -- -- , 4 -J Q K ' , , If' ,W I gh i .Ag 6 . 5 ..4"" tv. 5, fn A ULF By easily Winning its eighth straight A. C. A. L. championship. our golf team lived up to its repu- tation as one ofthe strongest powers on the Pacific Coast. The team was led by Eddie Fry. a junior gf' who Won his second straight Northern California t'X"'-:swf junior Championship. Seniors who will be missing from next year's team are Art Pollard. Bill Roth. and Tom Peake. Possibilities for another cham- pionship next fall are strong as Eddie Fry. Bob Unthank. and Bin Randolph are returning. ' . .,,' , ERNIE SCHNEIDER. J ' I - A, ci rex, I., sciokics Alzimerlzi ll ............,....... Richmond lm .Xlzuiierlzi 1? .. ... Berkeley 4 .'xl1iINt'flIl 14 .. . .... Piedmont 1 Mzlinerlri li . ... Richmond I ,Xlxiriit-flat 141: . .. Berkeley if . .-Xlumerlzi 10 ... .... l'ir-fliiion' s "' l93l if' Q 4, N f Lf -T4 A 3 f I' l F ALL ' President ............... Vice President ....... . Recording Secretary ..... Financial Secretary .... Yell Leader ......... Publicity Managei' ,... OFFICERS 41 . . . MADELINE GROSS . . . . ANIIA DEWEY ...... AMY YAMADA . . . VIRGINIA NAKASO . . . ESTHER HONVJXRD . . . . GERRY SIMON SPRING President .................. Vice President ...... . . . Recording Secretary Financial Secretary ....... Yell Leader ......... . . . Publicity .Manager ....... '42 ESTHER HOWARD . . . . . AMY YAMADA DOROTHY BARTALINI . . . . BETTY NAKASO VIRGINIA HESELIAN CHRISTIAN OlBRIEN The Girls' Athletic Association plays a prominent part in the activities of Alameda High School. The number of girls who claim membership in this association has steadily increased since the still rather new sports of bowling, badminton, and swimming have been added to the other many sports. A cabinet composed of five girls heads the association. A girl may become a member of the G. A. A. by participating in the various sports. Of the activities offered by this association the favorite ones are the semi-annual Federation Meet which several East Bay High Schools attend, and the Spread at which the girls are given their awards and new cabinet members are announced. On the following pages are pictures of the numerous G. A. A. sports. i94l SPORTS SOF'I'Ii.fXI.I, CANOIEING SPEEDBALL DANCING 1 Qv - I L: BADMINTON HOCKEY SMIMMING BASKETBALL ICE SKATING YOLLEY BA LL BOWLING ARCHERY px ..fy....f M 'S ,. ,, V 1 fx si 1 ' 1 1. 1: , , 2 6 ' 'A ' - 0 -1:3-113 : 3 -- 3 . ' ' A f ' - ' ' Q ' 4. -w .1 2-'1 P 'Q W L-I 'F x . . . 1If " f- UN. , N, 'L-is U , M A 'A ,th - 7 3? 1' U I gtxrivl Qi- ' Q . . if ' . Y A Y, r h j 147' d J 7 'N II " . L , -mfw 1 f -iff f - 4' M ' L V. N :ffl Nwlzi-'A-. I' V 'T V 'X 1135 1 L Y r L 1 ' 'Z JA X Q ,. X , N Nix V n A Ajlf, XR J :fugix l X 0'-'C+ , X 'Q-W Nw .- x vu x fx 'W' 'X - ' '. 'x .K - ,. Xx x xx ...mfs 3. ' W1 X 4'w X. X. .. Q Y ' X: xvvyv I. W 15: X ex Y X. XX ,TN Q- f., 'o wif' X P39 .1 1. edgy-sg . .- - 3 eg 1 Yr 1 4 QFE5 - K . ' ,Ny X 'X X N xx xxx X .-i X! 1 .X .Sl .Weak v-- .,... , N FSQIIH ',. X. XX xg? h N . W 6 10 El L-Q X agp px X' Ai -Y x M xx .ill 4 9 - Wyifx.. 's 8. an ,rg . ,ew 0361 1 , ,i,.f:.-'1.- . h C',a?s' , -3, r.: ,., ,,-V , .3 ,I U wi " . 5 , . i'?o.:..'A 0 53 ggfglv, ,Ziff-'fI.o',. ,I ,Q . .. K.. xxfl MW 1, , nv. :H 1'- .,' Q. 'SZQGQ -Q' il ff 3' f? ffhyz 4,1 ' f "RY A , V "F, by 1 1 - U S I I l V3 l J .":If.fnP". ' x '."'f4 :fx 'lfbirx Y-I-1 .ics Qxgixxx as 'Sli X N . X CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '41 SPRING '42 President ........... I ...... BARBARA GLAYZER President ............4..... PAUL UNswoRTII Vice President ........ BETTY VAN DEN BERGII Vive President ................ I. . MARY CHIN Refordiizg Secretary ............ CowL TAKAO Recording Sefretary . . . .... AUDRA LONGLEY Financial Secretary ......... VIRGINIA NoRRIs Financial Secretary . , ...... CHARLES HovEv During the fall semester 1941 the California Scholarship Federation was very active under the guidance of President Barbara Glayzer. The biggest event of the semester was the district meeting at George Wash- ington High School on the fifteenth of November. There were several social meetings and house parties held during the semester also. The spring semester was started off by an opera party on March 14. The outstanding event of the entire year took place on April 25 when the Regional Conference was held at Sequoia High School in Redwood City. Approximately twenty students from the Alameda Chapter attended. A week later eight students attended the district meeting at Acalanes High School in Lafayette. The activities of the entire year were guided ably by the faculty sponsors, Mr. Reginald F. Saunders, Miss Mary Geiger, Miss Mary Connelly and Mr. Darrell Coughlan. AUDRA LONGLEY, Recording Secretary. f 100 il Jean Anderson Jim Bufton Maurice Couchot Jeanne Bettencourt Ronald Birch Carol Brumm Emily Bennett Paul Bowler Albert Broughton Paul Baender Dorothy Bartalini Peggy Brodie Muriel Burnett Lee Cavanaugh Mary Chin Harry Curlett Bill Cooper Leo Collins Paul Cox Lena Caviglia Winston Currier Clifton Ashe Ed Bullwinkel Bob Christy Beverly Clausen Robert Durham Betty Doumitt Don Edwards Faye Davis Thayer Hall Barbara Glayzer Audra Longley Rose Louie LIFE MEMBERS FALL '41 Richard Halliday Masumi Imazumi SPRING '42 Lois Mellin Ming Sang Ng Bill Ingram Marceen Kindred Virginia Norris Tom Peake Verna Schmidt NOVITIATE MEMBERS Virginia Coffin Don Conway Faye Davis Frances de Coite Harlan Davidson Pat Fuller Miyoko Furuno Dick Frost Jack Gitfen Bob Greer Clifton Hughes Midoro Hashimoto Charles Hovey Akiko Higake Janice Hooven Barbara Hopper William Ingram Lois Mellin Ernest Lehtonen Barbara Livingston Joyce Leyland Albert Lomas Jack Ludlum Audra Longley Rose Louie Daphne Lynn Katherine Martin Veronica Milo Jeanne McLaughlin Thayer Hall Betty Ann Panton Tom Paterson Florence Oliver Lenore Oehlmann Norma Orford Edgar Pope Mary Powell Kathryn Perata Binford Randolph Kenneth Reeves Elvin Riley Reginald Saunders, Jr. Ted Sawyer Kenneth Smith Ernie Schneider ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Bill Erdman Peter Fisher Charles Holloman Barbara Hazelton Barbara Jansen Lowell Jensen Nancy Jones Leon Kahn Marilyn Kapci Laurella Love Elaine La Place Nancy Martin Roberta Maynard Barbara Moore Peggy Moore Fred Maurer Dale Noble Andrew Nielson Shirley Pugh Ruth Pennie June Petillon "'IlL1" William Powell George Price Alan Smith Constance Walen Bill Schill Alan Schumacher David Swift Mary Teixera Cowl Takao Paul Unsworth Betty Van Der Bergh Barbara Von Schmidt Muriel Van Male Constance Walen Bob Wiles Philip Wolfe Marilyn XVest Bob Young Sherman Prosser Don Ray Robert Roll Marie Ratto Carol Van Loo Nancy Waldear aww, 408 'WS ,AUM WWW -'mir STAR AND KEY OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL '41 SPRING '42 President .................... CAROL BRUMIVI President ,................. VIRGINIA COEFIN Vice President ..... . .. ...... PAUL Cox Vice President .... ....,... P AUL Cox Serretary ................... JEAN ANDERSON Secretary ....... .... M ARY POWELL Editor ...................... JANICE HoovEN Editor ........,............. ESTELLE ROWE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FALL '41 SPRING '42 VIRGINIA COFFIN Ross PARMER IRENE COUPE CHARLES HOVEY FAYE DAVIS SUMNER WALTERS CAROL BRUMM DONIS SHRIBER BILL INGRAM MARX' POWELL BINEORD RANDOLPH PAUL LARSON ALBERT BROUGHTON MELBA SMITH Wouldn't you like to belong to the honor society, the Star and Key? An average of 'CBI' for the term makes you eligible. An average of HBP' for three consecutive terms or four non-consecutive terms makes you a life member With a red seal on your diploma. Life members are entitled to the honor of Wearing the Star and Key pin. The Star and Key is a very active organization, which holds three meetings each term. The executive committee tries to provide programs of varying interests-educational, recreational, and social. Our Public Schools Superintendent, Mr. 'William G. Paden, Who is an eminent author and authority on early California history, gave us a very enjoyable talk on the HLost Mission of Santa Claraf' At another meeting our own Miss Faria took us on a very realistic trip With her to South America. fiozj STAR AND KEY MEMBERS FOR THE SPRING TERM OF 1942 L-fm -nh. The Star and Key Society does other things besides providing interest- ing entertainment for its members. It maintains a student loan fund to aid worthy students, who might otherwise be obliged to give up their ambition for higher education, to continue their studies. VVe, the members of the Star and Key, cordially invite all term honor students to join in fellowship with us. ESTELLE ROWE Editor. Denise Agnew Beverly Anderson Curtis Bangs Dorothy Bartalini Elaine Bent Emily Bennett Richard Besoyan Jean Bettencourt Barbara Birch Ronald Birch Nell Bolsten Gerda Bromley Albert Broughton Dorothy Brown Carol Brumm Beverly Bryant Betty Bugatto Elaine Bugatto Lillian Bugatto Robert Burke Geraldine Byrne Rose Marie Carbone Lena Caviglia Yirginia Coftin Leo Collins Irene Coupe Paul Cox Winston Currier Hal Davis Lillian Hosken Warren Parkinson Beverly de Bruyn Lois de Freitas Anita Dewey Lola Dianda Betty Donaldson Charles Dorr Bob Durham Bill Erdmann Pat Fletcher Luella Fowler Beverly Gay Dorothy Ghiselli Ruth Gibson Barbara Glayzer Doriel Goltz Dorothy Grant Nancy Grant Phylis Grant Jane Greenough june Harer Merlari Hashimoto Barbara Hazelton Sydney Hazelton Edna Healey Virginia Heseman Yvonne Hickok Janice Hooven Charles Hovey Barbara ,Tolly Gertrude Kennard Frances Koga Jane Korkman George Krusi Marjorie Lancaster jerry Lanzit Marjorie Lanzit Paul Larson Evelyn Leydecker Albert Lomas Laurella Love Daphne Lynn Walter Maclean Betty Marquis Bob Marquis Bill Mclleven Jean McLaughlin ,lean Mignacco Franklin Mulltborp Ben Neff Beverly Norris Lennore Oehlmann Dorothy O'Toole Betty Ann Panton f103l Dorothy Peck Betty Pederson Ruth Pennie Barbara Penburthy Martha Perkins Ann Phillips Mary Powell Patty Price Sherman Prosser Binford Randolph Marie Ratto Felicia Reuter Phyllis Rice Virginia Rieck Elvin Riley Estelle Rowe Ernie Schneider Jean Schoenfeld Barbara Scott Donis Schriber Virginia Sibley Melba Smith Genevieve Wash Sumner Walters Barbara Wenderoth Carol Wilson NL-f LF, CERCLE FRANCAIS In the past few months the activities of the French Club have greatly increased. It has been the purpose of the French Club to provide pleasure and to help students to better their understanding of French. This year We are doing our part in the War effort. At the present time the girls of the French Club are preparing an afghan for the Red Cross fromhwool pro- vided by the Club. Plans have been made to purchase a War Savings Bond. The meetings of the French Club have been made very enjoyable by plenty of refreshments, interesting games, and fine entertainment pro- vided by different students and groups. Under the direction of Annette Roscoe and Jean Watts a carnation sale which netted twelve dollars was held. We of the French Club express our appreciation to Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Darison for their help and interest which has contributed to the success of the French Club. 51043 MEMBERS 'ji' .ag 1 X Roger Allemand Lolly Allen Ronald Birch Maren Birkholm Nell Bolsten Jean Boyd Beverley Brown Stanley Bruns Shirley Bruzzone Jim Bryan Helen Burger Floy Cassidy Mary Chin Virginia Coflin Dick Conner Meta Copeland Marilyn Coughlan Jean Coughlan Winston Currier Betty Davis OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR 1941-1942 President ................. BEVERLY SEAGREN Vice President ....... ..... X lERoN1cA MILO Recording Secretary . . . . . . VIRGINIA COFFIN Financial Secretary ........... RUTH WILSOIJ Entertainment Chairman. .JACQUELINE DUFOUR Edztor .................. . ...... Bois MASON Eleanor Davis Charles Dorr Jacqueline Dufour Janice Eisert Beverlie Fagan Janet Ferguson Jackie Finfrock Bill Ford Laurine Gardner Alexine Garland Beverley Gay Dorothy Grant Doriel Goltz Peggy Haus-en Dorothy Hooker Susan Jaegar Carol Johnson Mildred Johnson Jean Kyriacos Gertrude Kennard Barbara Lambert Marjorie Lancaster June Lander Cecilia Lane Jeune Lane Elaine La Place Joyce Leyland Willard Lotter Laurella Love Bob Marquis Bob Mason Lois Mellin Jeanne McCoy Jean Mignacco June Mulholland Ming Sang Ng Joe Ohliger Warren Parkinson Tom Paterson Mary Plummer 51053 Virginia Pieck Annette Roscoe Herbert Sacks Victor Schutzky Jean Schoenfeld Beverley Seagren 'Virginia Sibley Lois Smith Kenneth Smith Dorothy Stewart Mary Tilley Elaine Thorgersen Paul Unsworth Jeanne Von Schmidt Betty Walker Marie Ward Ramona Westfall Connie Walen Ruth Wilson Rose Wong L TI CLUB OFFICERS OFFICERS A FALL l41 SPRING '42 Prerident ......... . ................ DON RAY President ...................... TED SAWYER Vice President ....... ..... D ONNA ANDREW Vire President ............ MARILYN HAEFNER Recording Secretary ...... MARILYN HAEENER Remrding Secretary .... BEVERLY RICHARDSON Financial Secretary . . . ....... TED SAWYIZR Financial Secretary ................ DON RAY The Latin Club Opened for the fall term of 1941 in Mrs. Ambrosoli's room. Meetings continued as usual, the main business being, to raise money. The most important thing we did that term was to give aLatin Club dansant. This took place on january 14, 1942, and proved a great success. The term of Spring 1942 has been a very exciting term. Mrs. Ambrosoli turned the club over to Miss Gamble who has been every bit as helpful and cooperative as Mrs. Ambrosoli had been. The main business for this term Was to plan for Circus Day, at Which the Latin Club sold candied apples as its concession. The students enjoy the Latin Club immensely as shown by their prompt and enthusiastic attendance. BEVERLY RICHARDSON, Recording Secretary. 51063 EL CL B ESPAN0 OFFICISRS OFFICERS FALL TERM 1941 SPRING TERM 1042 Prvxiflavzl .................. M.-xxlxli Buowx l'rvsizlr:zt ................... Yllulllli Ronufs Vin' Pn'xidc'nt . . . . .... Ii.-xm'u:x' P1-Qasi-2 Vin' Pre'.xiflw1l .... ..... l 31-Jrrx' Mf'Ml'I.I,IN Sefrvlizry ...... ..... I RICNIC Rizuou Sr'rrf'tr1r'v ...... .........,. I 'ZMILY Hixss Tn'f1,s1m'r . . . . .. I,Il.I.1.-xx ST.-XRICUO 7'rf'i1.x11rr'r .........,.. FRANKLIN Moimrlrimi- .lzlviwr ........... . . . Miss Isxizlil. Yitxmm The meetings of the Spanish Club this year have been characterized by enthusiasm, large attendance and general satisfaction with the pro- grams presented. During both terms student talent has been used exclusively as a means of entertainment. Among those who took part during the Fall Term were Betty Jean Matthews, Bobbie Digioia, and Merdie Crane. In addition, the officers of the term were ever ready to add their help to making each meeting the success that it was. In the spring We continued the idea of having members take leading parts in the meetings, with the result that each meeting has been interest- ing. The Pan American Day meeting, held on April 14, featured talks by Bruce Rodgers and Robert Coon, as well as the singing of popular Spanish songs by the club members, accompanied at the piano by Lillian Staricco. Entertainment given by Carol Carleton and Lorraine Colbert was enjoyed at another meeting. The last meeting of the term ended with a dance to Spanish-American music. The selling of tamales by Spanish Club mem- bers on Circus Day has ended the year's many activities. Thanks are due the officers of both terms for their constant interest and effort. I l GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL 1941 SPRING 1942 President .................... PHILIP WOLI-'E President ....................... BOB GREER Vice President ............. VIRGINIA POWELL Vice President ................. BILL HEANEX' Recording Secretary ........... ANNE SPEATH Recording Secretary ......... ALBERT SHAFER Financial Secretary . . . ..... ADA LANGDON Financial Secretary . . .... .. . . LEE JONES Sergeant-al-Arms . ............. LEO COLLINS One of the oldest and most active organizations of Alameda High School is the German Club. The meetings of the Fall Term, under the capable direction of President Philip Wolfe and his fellow officers, were outstanding in their appeal to the members. At these meetings, which were held every other week if possible, entertainment and refreshments followed the business of the day. The membership fee of twenty-five cents a semester was used for refresh- ments at the meetings and for a picnic. Last Fall we went to Marsh Creek where we went swimming, had lots of fun and also lots of picnic dishes to eat. At Christmas the girls dressed a doll to make some little girl's Christmas happier. The annual Christmas Party was held at Randall Dickey's house. Refreshments were served, games were played, and everybody had fun. As the guests left for home it rained a deluge and gave the party a touch of adventure. The activity planned for this Spring Term is an over-night picnic in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The lodging camp is near Big Basin National Red- wood Park. If the weather conditions are suitable, this will be a grand Outing, ALBERT SCHAFER, Recording Secretary. 51081 GIRLS' BLOCK HA" SOCIETY The purpose of the Girls Block NAU Society is to work with the teachers in the Physical Education Department in measures to improve the physi- cal condition of the school, to improve sports, and to develop a high standard of personal conduct in the classes. In the Fall term of 1941 the Block "A" members served as officials at the play day and luncheon at Alameda High School to which other G. A. A. members from all of East Bay Schools as well as some of the Block HA" alumni were invited. Other activities of this term were the sale of pom- pons at football games. collection for the Boys' Block 'LAM Thanksgiving baskets, a bowling party, and the Block HA" initiation which was held at the home of one of the girls after an evening of bowling. For the Spring term 1942 the Block "A" members along with some of the G. A. A. members went to the University of California Play Day to watch the Women's Athletic Association compete against each other in sports. The visiting girls were then given the privilege of swimming in the outdoor pool. During this term the Block "An Society bought a 325.00 Defense Bond which will fall due in twelve years ROSEMARY WRIGHT. OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL TERM 1941 SPRING TERM 1942 President ................. AVDREY HESEM.-W President ................ ROSENIARY VVRIGIIT Virf- President .............. IRENE BARTALINI Vire President ................. DCJLORES Ligu Fimzrzrial Secretary . ..... MADELON Gizoss Recording G Financial Secretary ANITA DLWEY Rerording Srfrrtizry ...... ROSEIXIARY WRIGHT Sergeaui-at-,-lrnz.v ............. JIQRRY SIIXIUN Sergeant-iz!-.Alrnzs .... .... J Aciuiz F1NFRocK MEMBERS JACKIE FIXFROCK Esri-ILR Howfuzo Donori-rx' BART.-XLINI Ilonorary .llenzlmr .......... EIXIIKO YIABIADA 1- I: Q P 1 r if Q 'll i 2 I Aa ,M I 2 1' 31? A A 'S + ,A -f 'Q ,C ,A .i A, , Q , ' l 'f' . ' I A . an 'I' ' Q, gy .. ' 4 1 - ,,. 1 n ,ii r 4 an , . H jg, f F ., gg is fs! O i I it BOYS BLOCK MA" SOCIETY OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL 1941 SPRING 1942 Prmidezzf ................... MEL SANDIZRSON President ...,.................. LEE PARKER View President .... . . . WALT MORENO Vice Presideni .... ....... B os POLLIZN Sf'l'1'f'fI11'j' ..,... .... B ILL ROTH Secretary ....... .... D EAN HAMILTIDN The Block "A" Society enjoyed a very successful term under President Mel Sanderson. We went up to Sequoia Park for a picnic and had our initiation. O This term under President Lee Parker we had a successful skating party. We were very busy on Circus Day assisting Mr. jolly in a great number of Ways. We again Went up to Sequoia Park on our annual picnic and initiation. The boys being initiated paid for this with the money they earned shining shoes. Respectfully submitted, DEAN HAIVIILTON, S ecretary. 51103 STAMP CLUB The old members and the recently welcomed new members have enjoyed the various meetings of the Stamp Club this year. Under the careful direction of Miss Grace Powers, faculty adviser, they have entertained themselves trading stamps, playing games, and learning new things about stamp collecting. All students who save stamps are invited to attend these meetings which are always interesting and profitable. DON RAY. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club meets regularly under the supervision of Mr. Reginald Saunders, faculty adviser, to try to master some of the points of this very interesting game. This year they won the match played with Hoover junior High of Oakland. Students who would like to learn this game are cordially invited to attend the meetings which are announced from time to time in the school bulletin. STAMP CLUB CHESS CLUB 1 2:1 x' .24 A Q.. V, .46 JUNIOR BED CROSS The Alameda High School junior Red Cross has been very active this past year. Last fall the members filled forty-nine Christmas bags for the Naval Hospital in San Diego. During the spring semester twenty-four com- fort kits for the soldiers at Kodiac were filled. Mrs. J. P. Clark is now city chairman of the Junior Red Cross, which position was formerly held by Mrs. Bryan. Officers of the last two terms were Sumner Walters, Evelyn Reese, Mary Haight, Jean Schoenfeld, and Jean Neal. JEAN NEAL. STUDENT DEFENSE COUNCIL The Student Defense Council is made up of one representative from each advisory. From this council, one member is chosen from each class group to make up the Executive Board. The members of this board are: john MacKenzie, Sydney Hazelton, Jack Weedon, Bill Schill, Beverlie Fagan, Emily Jean Hass, Jean Boyd, and Hayward Auld, with Paul An- dfi6SG EIS Chairman- KAY HOOPER, Secretary. .-XKDITORIYINI e 1 I ' 1 I 1 I 4 C'.-XFETERI.-X STAFF in-rf C FETERIA Thanks for the consistently good and wholesome meals served in the cafeteria are due to Mrs. Cora Duncan and her staff of seven ladies and forty-three students. On March 4. last, the cafeteria was thirteen years old. VICTOR ROBLES AUDITORIU STAFF The Auditorium Staff is an organization that is not heard of very much. and few students know what its functions are. The Staff is a school com- munity service organization that serves for graduation, plays, operettas and any other similar functions. l STAFF W2-Z 23? CLL77 "YQ-3' GIRLS' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL 1941 SPRING 1942 President .................. KAY OHANNIZSOB President ................. JACKIE FINFROCK Vice President ..... ..... E MILY BENNETT Vice President ............. BARBARA SKINNER Recording Secretary . . ..... JEAN ANDERSON Recording Secretary . . . BARBARA MLTNHOLLAND Financial Secretary ...., ..... V IVIAN URSIN Financial Secretary . . .. ......., HELEN Courrs Song Leader ........ .... I ACKIE FINEROCK Song Leader ..... .... B ARBARA PHILPOTT The Girls' Association of Alameda High School is an organization to which every girl belongs. Dues are not compulsory but all of the girls try to do their part, and in return for this cooperation they are provided with entertainment at the meetings. - This term Barbara Skinner, vice-president, was chairman of the Fresh- man Reception. This social afternoon is held every term in order to acquaint the new girls with the older girls and With the traditions of the school. The reception given this spring seemed particularly enjoyable to all those Who attended. A very enjoyable program of swing band music was presented by the Girls? Association to the student body this term. This was possible because most of the girls had paid their dues. The administrations of both terms Worked hard to make their meetings interesting and successful. The spring officers feel that jackie Finfrock has been a particularly capable officer and deserves praise. BARBARA MUNHOLLAND, Recording Secretary. f1141 H ,pl MEN'S ASSOCIATION OFFICERS OFFICERS FALL 1941 SPRING 1942 President ..........,..,. NV.-XLT HI'TCHINSON President .................. DEAN I'IA1X'IILTOW Vice' President .......,.......... ED MAZZINI Vice President ..,.,. ..... B ART PEASE Rerordirzg Secretary .. .... KNOX IQIRKLAYD Recording Srrretary . ...... BOB BURKE Yell Leader ........ ..... T OM PATERSON I2'lI Leader ,...... .... E DDIE FRY The chief objective of the Men's Association of the Alameda High School is the encouragement of greater participation in sports. Since the reorganization of this body, Alameda High has made a better showing in sports. This year our adviser was Mr. Don Bell, the new football coach. During the fall term the Men's Association, under the able leadership of Walt Hutchinson, sponsored a series of movies of the Alameda football games. He also presented a series of interesting speakers during the term. This spring Dean Hamilton brought to the lXIen's Association Bob Herwig, freshman basketball coach at the University of California, who gave us an interesting talk on physical fitness and the sports program in this war. At another meeting Coach Chet Millet gave a talk on baseball. The freshman reception held this term was so successful that it will probably become a permanent part of our program. BARTLEY PEASE. I 115 I The Alameda High School unit of the Reserve Ofiicers Training Corps was under the capable direction of Col. C. G. Lawrence and St. Sgt. Dale Frazier. Their capable management of the Alameda unit has just resulted in a successful year. The Staff ofhcers are: Lt. Col. Paul Arenson, Major Roy Kilpatrick, Capt. Paul Unsworth, Capt. William Benavitz, lst Lt. jack Ludlam. and 2nd Lt. Lloyd Horwitz. The ofiicers of Company HA" are: Capt. Rodney Klingmann, lst Lt. Robert Baylis, 2nd Lt. Ernest Kellberg, and Znd Lt. Arthur Velasco. The officers of Company "BH are: Capt. William Ingram, 1st Lt. Thomas Hewitt, lst Lt. Douglas Webb, Znd Lt. Paul Cox, and Znd Lt. Walter Hansford. The officers of Company HCM are: Capt. Donald White, Znd Lt. Robert Lander, 2nd Lt. Robert Wiles, and Znd Lt. James Helm. 51163 R.O.T C 3 .? V , gg . 2 , - H N , . Q"! i i -sv J i HEADQUARTERS STAFF The Alameda High School R. 0. T. C. unit consists of approximately two hundred and forty members. who are divided into three companies, the band and the staff. Under the guidance of regular army officers. the student staff has charge of plans and training of the unit. as well as the issuing of supplies. The annual competition, which was held this year at Thompson Field on May 12, always gives the student body a great deal of interest and en- joyment. Medals and trophies were awarded for excellence of perform- ance at the competition. Probably the Rifle Drill-Down afforded the tensest moments of the day for the spectators as well as the R. O. T. C. men. In this event the first place was won by Art Velasco. second place by Paul Cox, and third place by Ernie Kellberg. 51173 E -,ff M .f1, , , , XX NGN- COMSQ CLUB By SGT.B. FLOOD The Non-Coms Club is composed of the majority of the non-commis- sioned officers of the Alameda High Reserved Officers Training Corps. Any cadet from Corporal to Master Sergeant is eligible to be voted in by the other members. . The bi-weekly meetings, held at 7:30 p.m. in the R. O. T. C. Armory, are under the watchful supervision of two men to whom we owe a great deal. They are Staff Sergeant Dale Frasier, U. S. Army, and Mr. Millet, faculty adviser. These men give much of their time to help and advise us in our activities. The meetings are conducted by Cadet Staff Sergeant james Brodie who was elected Sergeant Major of the Club. Sergeant Brodie who is graduating in june, 1942, has been Sergeant Major for two terms and has done a memorable job. The other officers are by rank: Provost Sergeant ............. ........ S GT. B. FLOOD Chief Clerk ............... ........ S or. J. BLAMIOR Se-rgearzt ofthe Guard ...... .......... S T. SGT. R. COON Color Guard .............. .......... . .... S or. A. KOOLS Assistant Color Guard ..... ...... C ORPORAL W. ANDERSON Mess Sergeant .......... ....... F IRST SGT, E. RILEY Bugler ............... ......... S GT. R. CANEPA 51183 .ff ' .fy f it 1 SWORD D SHIELD OCIET Y OFFICERS FALL 1941 President. . .PAUL ARLxsoX. Lieutenant Colonel C0-President. ..EILEI1N LowTIII,xN, Hon. Major Vice Presidwzt ........... DON XVIIITE, Captain Srrrettzry ............. BILL BEN.-XYITZ, Captain Sergeant-at-.Irma ..... Rox' KILP.x'rRIcI4, Major OFFICERS SPRING 1942 President .,....,..... Roy IQILPATRIFK, fllujoz' C0-Prfxident. . .EILLILN LowTIIIAN, Hon. Major Vive Pre.tio'e11t. . .Ronxigy K1.INc:xIANN. Captain Refording Secretary ........... Romani' BAYLIs Fizzanrial Serrvtury .... BILL BENAVITZ, Captain Svrgeaizt-ut-Arnzx. .Dot'c:LAs XVI-ZBB, First Lieut. The Sword and Shield Society consists of the officers, past and present. of the R. O. T. C. Our purpose in this organization is to create a better fellowship and understanding between the officers and to promote social activity in the R. O. T. C. and Alameda High School. Social and amusement activities held throughout the term consist of initiations, socials. scavenger hunts, progressive dinners, and dances. We also held a very successful dansant during the Spring term. Main event of the season and a highlight on the school's social calendar is the famous Military Ball, held each Spring term in the school gym- nasium. This year the members of the unit entertained their friends at the Ball on May the eighth. ROBERT BAYLIS, Recording Secretary. f119l --Y - - x ix -.. X w M T, -WW-,H 'X-an ' -q,,,g,. Y xi . . COMPANY A COMPANY B If 3 5 xx , . . g, mv , M-V' . , Q .fry , X f ' 4 an .J ..1'3v1JLi1. .A COMPANY C R. 0. T. C. BAND f1211 . --W ,J K "-.:. N.. ...., RIFLE TEAM 51223 Q' ' rss ' 'WT , f P1tcr on - Boudoir Oops' IA Hunan Sap' Rat Men Stupormfm CL rt HU C lll -Km t I Purty? Manmedi VK Omen ' 2 P Mlcl dm IVIIXLID ? I I 1 . ' if ima, c"'m Y M'N.r" J! ! 'tangy wg . K- Q Ns. 'WN , Nw be V, 5' Q -uf 2 1 X E 1 A A K Q I 5 is , 1, 1. ' A .s -' 0 ,- fi mmm My Hero On Their Way Upsee DHISX Mammy I'm Breathless Maestro B. B. Eyes Watch the Birdy So I Sez to Hlm 51243 'Tir ,,-n an l K Gigi-N,,i,Sn11-Q ' 'is J a ffgk 'sz Sz1t'vCr:1ckc-r just Lozxfmu I Ijmul IL rwr Picklc Plum ut Pvzlcc Scrviu- With 41 Smlic Mainziuvr Glamour Boys Lawn Tcnnis Svltin: fp 51253 sinf A ij, 'fy gl I Timbcrtoppers Operators Hilarious Gloomy Gus A Couple a Fellows Ah !- !-! Lunch Batty Battery Happy I Chem Lab W F gt if 32 F 1 El? Alffi ,ir l UU' rlbigo "l -'if wry .., VX, 4 -Xlamcfla Varsity Gu 4' Tha' Hand Sccoml Chorus Rugucml Sweet Stuff t 'Em Whilc Thu Ruv1m'rs Rambling RL'lJlIl'Il'l1 .-XnySt:1n1p5 Tlbflllf' y'l'l' Hn! Fuluru Pilule -wmug..,..,., ,.,q 5 ' . 'UN 4 c f kN".--m'Ml5a,!'+-9 5 4 f W i , . 'F' '-" .1, -fx., - iw? 5 'Stay aw to A ft si' ,, T34 l-!'xfX8' K l E we-1......, .,,,, . px Q ,N gg? X 4 "lk is E V Z '-:Q s in 3 1 Q af X if t I Mj'HC1'4J I Don't Want to Walk Without You Concentration What's Cookin' Coniidentially fn- ff That's My Banana Barbells C:1nDoThisfor You Don't Leave Me, Daddx f128l ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In the publishing of this ACORN many people have gladly given their time and cooperation. The AcoRN staff, therefore, dedicates this page to the acknowledgment of their services. We hope that this page will express our sincere appreciation to these people. To Mr. Wilburn Smith and Miss Virginia Hull ofthe Oakland National Engraving Company, we express our thanks for the large measure of help which they have given us in the preparation of the photographic part of this book. To Mr, Hooper ofthe Hooper Printing Company, we extend our thanks for the line job of printing which he has done for us. To Mr. Piatt of Piatt Studio, we give thanks for his life-like photo- graph work. To Mr. George Rutan of Colbourn we extend our appreciation of his ine photographic work. To Mr. Bushman of Bushman-Risen Company, we extend our grati- tude. for the excellent work on the cover and in the binding of the book. To Mr. Ford of the Ford Printing Company. we give our appreciation for the Fine job of cover printing. To Mr. Bryan. principal of the Alameda High School. we extend our gratitude for the support and cooperation he has given us. VVe also thank the following students for the snap shots which they permitted us to use: Stanley Bruns, Glen Coffey. Sherrill Conner, Tom Mathews, B. Rowland. Cl. . xvn -' , 12- 'x " 1 ,i 'ag Wfifi h e f iff. X ALAMI-EDA DAIRY CO., LTD WINNER OF GOLD MEDALS IN BOTH MILK and ICE CREAM AT CALIFORNIA STATE F AIR 1938-39-40-41 9 Same High Quality Always o WEBSTER STR ET NT ENUE I.Akehurst 2-7577 FOUNTAIN ' STORE ' HOME DELIVERY O Y Il Can Wlaip Our Cream . . . but . . . Y C ,f Beat Our Milk f13O:I Signal Oil Conipanv niaintains i11 the City ol' Alanietla its Division Ollice wl1icl1 operates antl controls Signals activities in California from the lower San loaquin Valley antl Santa Maria to the Oregon horaler antl also in the State ol' Nevatla- The Local Bulk Plant antl Marine Dock is locatetl at the font of Oak Street, antl together with the Division Olhce at the satne location employs over 100 people. ln atltlition Signal has seven Retail Service Stations in Alainetla which are as follows : I. A. "IOHNNI1i" BRUZZONF. 9110 Central Avenue li. 13. "IiDlDII1'l CHILDS 251111 Central Avenue, opposite High School CLYDE VV DAVIS Broaclwav antl Santa Clara L. W "LIiNV" DE CELLH 1900 VVel1ster Street HERMAN SCHLAVIN 901 Lincoln Avenue XV H. "BILL" SINGLFTON 111111 Park Street SIGNAL OIL COMPANY 1701 VVehster Street tisij If you Want to he modern and up-to-date. Insist that the lighting in your home is the best. Good light means longer sight Save Vour eyes See your local electric appliance dealers for the latest in lighting and electric appliances BUREAU OF ELECNTRIC ITY CITY OF ALAMEDA f132l A AMED A Outstanding schools, beautiful homesites, superb climate, recre- ational facilities, and modern shopping districts combine to make . . J this a truly ideal home city. Alameda also offers the finest of industrial sites, with rapid rail and water transportation available at low cost. CITY OF ALAMEDA ann' ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA wif the ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE FEES: Week Days .....,............. . . .SSO Saturclays, Stiuclays, Huliflays ................. . . .75 Monthly Ticket ............................... 3.00 Monthly Ticket twirl Slllllffllly, Sunclay, Huliflays 2.00 O Lunch Room Open to the Public I Special Rates fo Alameda Higb smdmfx 250 After 2:30 on School Days 51333 Greetings to Our Young Friends of 014101716610 High . . . You are the Young Ameri and our country is safe in your hands We h1ve enjoyed your frnendshxp and actnvntnes Homes Investment Properties Insurance Notary Agnew Realty Co 7 318 Central Avenue ALAMFDA CALIFORNIA ca of tomorrow, Hansen and Carnes FLORIST 2305 Santa Clara Avenue LA 2 175 5 SPCCIHIIZB 1n Corsages DCIIVCFICS at All Hours B1 mv Yom Fzlms to P1att's 'C' .f f , ie: mow' KODAKS FRAMES G I F T S Platt s 1350 PARK STREET Phone LA 2 4074 DOROTHY'S SPORT SHOPS FOR SPORTS WEAR 1410 Park Street 1451 Webster Street Telephone LA 2 9229 LA 2 4200 ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA Tuo Smart Shops to Seize You U . . . . . O 0 C . O O 0 . . -' 1 H. A . A . . O , 1.-.-.-.'.-.-.-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- V - ' " E555EIE353S5E3E5E1Sr?1E23r52E1E2E1E2E2E2i1E1EfEr21:-1 ' "fp 155 l. .."'3":5:3f-:' 'im 12551 - 5 .gg 515152151-: .-:Ei ' '- 15.15 155555522 .,E5Ef?QE35f1" E ' "':E5EgE1Effs Q, .3 15513 ,kltiizl 1. . -:'f'i'f-,5f.f:5:f' -'.::5'g::, :::5:,:4 . Xq,5.:...:.,.: ::5:5E5iE:zjei5E5'rEg. ,. . - - - .. -1? 2 1 22:2 Q: .,:-:3:,,,.,. A " j.3:E15 'figgv '+2f:1- rj- 1.555551 3' 0 0 0 9 - 1 ' ' I 51343 Good Health 85 Happiness is our Wish to the Graduating Class 0 GADSDEN'S STATIONERY STORE O 1435 Park Street LA 2-1844 2-1845 E. D. GADSDEN, Proprietor EXPERIENCED AND SKILLFUL REPAIR SERVICE HUNT JEWELRY COMPANY Watches Diamonds Jewelry o Watchmakers and Jewelers o 1436 Park Street ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA LA 2-3280 ALAMEDA DRUG COMPANY PRESCRIPTIONS 0 1501 PARK STREET LA 2-2552 Free Delivery Open till Midnight 1346 PARK STREET LA 2-3322 W O L D ' S QJJALITY SHOES 0 follegiate Wfear 9 fomplimenfs of . . . S "Known thu Island Over" Sprouse-Reitz CO Inc Thick Shakes Hamburgers , Sundaes 1342 PARK STREET 1537 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Our Ice Cream is Creamery Fresh 1420 PARK STREET LA 2-4184 f1,351 GARLAND CHEVROLET CO. Service for Cars of All Makes I R 24-24 SANTA CLARA LA 2-9221 1 FRANCK'S Music, Record and Radio Headquarters - In Alameda - mmediate Delivery on New 1942 Zenith, CA Victor or GE Radios and Combinations 349 PARK ST. LA 3-1021 Vosbur gh Hardware Established 1876 J. F. 1"jIM"1 TASKER C Household Wares Electrical Supplies ALSO Sport'ng Goods F'sh' g Tackle Hu t' g 1 d F'sh' g L'censcs Free Del very Pho e LA 2 1882 2319 Sa ta Clara A e ALAMEDA CALIF ompliments of . . . CHAPIN'S School Supplies 2 316 Central Avenue Complzments 0 FORD The Printer LA 2 2434 1714 Everett Street WALKER'S FLORIST 2323 Central Avenue LA 2 4580 AMERICAN TRUST Park Street and Ce tral Ave ue Webster Str et at Santa Clara ALAMEDA GRADUATION TIME MQ' iw I 'Yi x X X WALTS MENSHOP Park at Santa Clara n In c Il I. ln l 6 - f . . . , - o ' COMPANY WALT'S TIME . n n V . 1 A e cwfkfxo A . 51563 . BANK OF AMERICA BEACHCOMBERS xl. ,, 1 .IIIUII-ll lrust .Ind Snings Assuniuiun 0 Alumvrlu Bruufb: LEE RUSS Park Street at Santa Clara Avenut SHERRY ERNIE Wfvlisiur Sirce! Branrlv: JACK Webster Street at Haight Avenue ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA , , For Greater 6'Ilf6'l'fllilllf1?71f.' For New Creatnons m Sportswear ALAMEDA ' VOGUE T and AY WYNES OCK J NEPTUNE 1408 PARK STREET THEATRES! . Slzozriug Hollyu'oocf's Grunrlest Hits! , . Co,,,p1i,,,e,,,S of . 0 . The Paterson s Boudolr Society BUENA VISTA . P R E S S BILL McCARTY DON WHITE E- C- TEMPLETON ROSS FARMER BILL INGRAM RAY PERKINS TOM PATERSON 783 Buena Vista Avenue - Alameda CHARLES MATHENY WILL LOTTER ALAN W AYNE SMITH Y DEFENSE B D AN STAM S! 51373 ' 0.1 , I.,', .F ' - A gnl ' . -A . .1-W im' - 'M X -3 W- 4 u .. J.. Bti, eh , JR BTL N-5 f0f'Cd!9 ? y 3 C74Zni07myQ,1 .1Xi'Nf6Pv5 l MMM? v IWTZWQL - Q aw faq? ' 24fW69yw 0, 5X'iyLy3J0A ww J, wwf? QVW75 ,XQKQWXLQQW Qfi? me M MQW 4 7 W fiifp' Ski X AX M QJM H401 WMM 1 V J M was rg!! bid' if G-LLff,7mfA4 2 f. fgfmix I V ! f X Y c:7fLf0 nz A, 2 . ' f o f ' - W '5557 LM l1.5'Hf-T' K H . ' . ' ' 6 . lip f Q' , 35,21 fy ,ji ,ff U 1 H, QW mf! JH ff WWW! '7ffgQfff7f f142j 07 E 1 SENIOR OPI IO Do you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads? .... What is your favorite orchestra? .... What is your favorite popular song?. Who is your favorite movie star? .... What is your favorite radio program? .... What is your favorite soft drink? .... Who is the wittiest person in school?. What is your favorite comic strip?. . . What is your favorite subject in high s What is your most hated subject? .... chool? .... What school do you consider our greatest athletic rival? ........ The best-looking butch haircut in high school? .... 51443 First Choice.. Second Choice Third Choice . First Choice. . Second Clzoice Third Choice. First Choice. . Second Choice Third Choice. First Choice. . OCD Q9 . . . .Brunettes . . . .Blondes . . , .Redheads . .... Glenn Miller ...Harry Iames . . . . . .Benny Goodman . . . .Tangerine . . . . .. .Skylark . . .Moonlight Cocktail . . . .... Lana Turner Second Choice ..... .... B ette Davis Third Choice. First Choice.. Second Choice . . .Errol Flynn . . .Red Skelton . . . .Bob Hope First Choice . . . ..... Coca-Cola Second Choice First Choice. . Second Choice First Choice . . . Second Choice Third Choice. First Choice . . Second Choice First Choice. . Second Choice First Choice. . Second Choice First Choice. . Second Choice Third Choice. . . .Root Beer . . . .Dick Besoyan ....Mr. Jones . . .Lil' Abner . . . . . .Blondie . . . .Dick Tracy . . . . .Gym . . . .History . . . .History . . . .English . . . .Piedmont . . , . .Berkeley . . ..... Tom Paterson Ernie Schneider Sherrill Conner 1 In 3 O Q L 'H JT' -1 v . O rx' o n I 4 4 P y A u 1,1 M ' 'I U ol' ,. '-,305 og A- 'Na ' 1 QI O. 1 I I , 0 . A 1 C I V 9 A I 5 1 , I Q.: s .' 1 ,. . '1- 6 . 0' ' bv ' -' .L- Z' , I .' J QL - f' 'Q O Q - -1 , 4.1 Z. ' na ' .. HW " , .r , I hd, n fl If Maui' 4 Q .L ,QA t vi -I O 4 dak Z...L 4-.C...m

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