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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1936 volume:

936 Volume XXXVII P bl shed by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL Alameda Calnforma Do hDy I ull l Anolher year anolher Acorn WI'rh each new boolc new Ideas Your slall belIeves lhIs boolc IS especIally blesl wI+h novel Icealures Parhcularly IS hIs lrue IH lhe ever popular lnlormals lo whIch WGIUVIlG your a'r'ren+Ion 'rolerahon and charI'ry We Jrrusllhalyou wIllenIoy many pleasanlrnomenls now and ID lhe laler years brows ng lhrough lhese paqes Thcy bear sugqeshons of Treasured memorIes 'ro every wIde awalce sludenl of Alameda l-hgh We InvI+e you lo enloy The besf Acorn ever pro duced sv up my an P7 57 a I li V li I2 . aff If :W .I K . , . l I l f , l II II - , . L ' - II II - ' - I I I ' I ' I I v . A . , - . - - - II I I II 'E In flue mudsl of l-loly Week Deallm casl lwus shadow over a beloved member ol our lwnglw sclwool com mumly Mrs Verna L Cogbum for mme years a 'reaclwer nn flue Deparlrmenl of Marlwemarucs was 'ralcerw aller a brief nllrmess Conscuenluous un dufles sympaflweluc In assocaafuons ellnslw an all lu labors slwe made lnfe ruclwer and beller for all wlwom slwe served In deep apprecualruon of lwer service and rn 'rrrbule 'fo lwer memory This annual IS respecl fully dedncaled by +l'we sladenls ol Alameda l-lnob 5- ,V . . . . I kms . . er . . . . X - A Mabel Russell c o R N '3 6 E'lUyffYll JU 3 lu m s l have loved and l I had had lhe lume l would have mad un Sf ll r membcreo ll was a rn lp el 3 lh s gr al genaus lhal a crcaluv worlc was a oarl ol beauly llual bcauly ulsell was unuversal and Dcrvaded all ll And was he nol rlgh'r7 Somehmes we debale and quubblc over whal us Reallly The phul osoph rs arud scuenhsls and men ol +hough+ un all deparlmenls ol unlel leclual endeavor have slruven +o ana lyzo d lfne and declare wlual Realuly S Corlaunly we are very near lhe 'rrulh when we say +hal beauly us un u+s essence Realuly and al lhe hearl ol all lh ngs worlh whale We mughl even go so lar as lo say lhal beauly us lhe soul of Realuly wluelher lhal Reallly be musuc or paunl :ng or poelry or dramas lhal search llue soul wulru 'rheur llyung flames or greal achons ol splendud souls who sland lor pruncuple or lhe duslanl blazung unuverses whuclu move IU unlunule space mulluons ol lughl years away The Greelcs lhoughl muclu ol beauly and lollowed ul lo greal lengllu bollu un lheur unusual poefuc crealuons as lhe Odes of Pundar un 'rhe greal dramas ol Aescluylus un llueur ummorlal arcluuleclure and sculplure and mosl ol all un human form and lugure and conducl The Olymplc Games whlch we are celebralung lhus year were founded by The lovers ol beauly All ol llueur games were based upon and grew oul ol flue oruncuple ol beauly and lhe search lor beauly Socrales probably lhe grealesl ol all llueur lhunlcers had Iusl onc delecl wluuch even lhe Greelcs could hardly forgave and lhal was lhc- lacln ol personal beauly Probably ul he had had wulh all luus grace ol urulellecl and oower ol lhoughl personal beauly also he mughl have been wor shlobed as a God Today un our modern lule we are lollowlng closely llie lrulh 'rhal a lhung ol beauly us a loy lorever Our modern schools have cauglul llual spurul We are nol saluslued w llu ugluness un any form whelluer ul be un person or un conducl un household ample menls lor our homes un our aulomobsles un lolcluen ulensuls un llue clollues we wear or lhe buuldung ol our brudges And so un arl and musuc and luleralure and rn lhe luncluonung ol socuely ulsell we demand essenhal lrulh wluuch us beauly Amud llue dulhcullues llual besel us al 'rumes lhe duscouragemenls lhe loss of valued possessuons and lruends lhal are dearesl Lo us we lurn lo beauly as an escape Our Annual un :ls general appearance, ulluslrahons, and olluer malerual guves con crele evudence lhal good lasle, fulness and correcl slandards ol beauly are soughl lor, un lacl demanded by our able edulors, managers, conlrubulors, and lheur ex cellenl advuser My complumenls and congralulahonsl 1 flu ii 53113, ', fu lyy lorgvgur, l' - - 'u 1'-'uspui 3' wlll nuff'-r pix' ,,1n',.g,l,4,L- ,,,, K 'f . . W 1 wang lf ,-alz oroba: ly ll o o l "Iv- :yu of all Engifsn ooels. Hu: ag uri-U lat- 'ru his llfe: W lho prlnclple ol beauty in all llulngs Q I. ' , .1 r u, 3 O u 3 . . , llr ull , cl I e , ' ll A l I e. O . . I . V KW A , . " , 1 , , 1 . Y , u I I ' l . , - 1 ' ' 4 l V Y - . 1 . il 1 l I 1 -Q if T' YOUNG SCHACHT MORGAN GRAY YALE A S A H S lFc1l1l 35 YA NAARY YO N C FR PALJ SCHACH RE Oil HN 5 CAR DON MORGAN FINANC Al ECM WCTOR GRAY Y L The seruous problem encounlered lasl semesler namely 'rhal ol nol being able lo use our own audlloruum conllnued Through 'rhe fall 'rerm Mr Ruchard Nasser manager of lhe Alameda Thealre however helped us 'ro solve lhe problem by gnvung us lhe privilege of usnng his 'rhealre lor 'rhe ma Iorufy of our sludenf meehngs In addlhon To Jfhese regular meehngs ID The Thealre numerous ouldoor meehngs were e The programs secured for +he sludenls by Presldenl Tom Yale and The Sfudenf Facully Commnlrlee were varaed and well selecled Many promunen+ persons were oblaaned among whom were Dr Brlclc Muller famous end of lhe greaf Calncornua Wonder Teams Allen Benellu well l4nowr avnahon unslruclor af fhe Boeung School of Aeronauhcs Ph: Ray of 'rhe Oalcland Trlbune Rev Pelrue of +he Presby 'reruan Church and Mr Wm O Paden Superunlendenl o +he Alameda Publrc Schools ln adduhon 'ro 'rhe above men honed our old pal Jaclc Bur? was wufh us agann for Armushce a ln lhe absence of Presldenl Yale Vnce Presndenl Mary Young presided over a few meehngs and proved her worll by doing so wulh greal abulnly The manner In whnch Presndenl Tom and his admnnuslra hon carrued on ID face of many selbaclcs ns sn ulsell a greal achrevemenl ll as no Idle slafemenl lhal says l'ha+ Tom admnnnslrahon ranlcs wllh The besl ol Jrhem PAUL SCHACHT Recording Secrelary. WOMENS BOARD OF CONTROL Chuef Counsmof ELIZABETH EGGERS .ax 'ff AFA MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL Chid Counselor CURT BLANCHARD 3 gl-' mf'-Iam ADMINISTRATION BOARD Speakar HARRY H UTAFF I I I. I. SKERRY SMITH O NEILL HADEN MORGAN A H S TSPIIDQT 36 DON MORGAN PRESIDENT GERRY SKERRY V CE PRESIDENT CURT SMTTH RECORDTNO SECRETARY HUGH O NEILL FTNANCIAL SECRETARY BOB HADEN YE L LEADER The spring adminisTraTion oT I936 under The able lea ership oT Pres1denT Don Morgan broughT before The sTude body many varied sTudenT meeTings ThaT were boTh enTe Taming and educaTional The school was honored in presenTunq such aTTracTuons Virginia l-lang and Carl Ravazza The Pomona Glee Club N Thomas and his orchesTra Mr Bledsoe oT The Berlceley Poli DeparTmenT and one oT The mosT successTul STudenT Talen Days on record AlThough This admunisTraTuon was handicapped wiTh ou AudiTorium sTill condemned noThing lcepT PresudenT Mor gan from esTablishing himselT as Tops as a leader oT ou school government The sTudenT-TaculTy commiTTee which is responsible To our sTudenT meeTings was headed mosT ably by Mrs Haze B. HunTer CURT SMITH Recording SecreTary. womms sono OF CONTROL Chief Counselor ELIZABEYH EGGERS MEN'S BOARD OF CONTROL Chief Counselor HARRY HUTAFF ADMINISTRATION BOARD Speaker HARRY HUTAFF . M2 - f:4.r..L H z V T T , A '. 'Wm ., . ,E A.. .S A fx "H f- ,U F5 . .- .1 f ' ' G ' ' 'EFT - -ni I 'rw fi Q .iv ...Y xl 1 ,I HALL SUPERVISORS - Presidenf BARBARA CRAMER .. W- T- V fhj STUDENT-FACULTY communes T TQ fl fjgv ff 1 f' Chairman MRS. HAZEL B. HUNTER -Qs QB, ig IRT - , 3 . . ,' .:., .Q ' N T", I k ' ' A A 'T 'df 9 Q M A A TRAFFIC COMMITTEE l i " 6 Q" - A 2 --Q- V Q 'if ' Jj""""""' P es'denf i i MORRIS SUMMERFIELD ix SCH ACHT VIGNESS mx XX Acorn Staff G W d The ednfors of The Acorn desure 'ro express Their ap precuahon fo The members of Jrhe slaTT who gave so luber ally of 'rheur 'nme and eflforls un preparlng 'rhus book Espec :ally as our 'rhanks due 'ro Mrs Smulh and The Arl' Deparl menl for The excellenl arl work which we belueve dns hnguushes our produchon The s'ralT deslres also +o Thank Dr Thompson for has conlrubuluon 'ro 'rhus book and hus words of encouragemenl and good wull We regrel fhal' lack of space prevenled The edulors from usung some excellen+ maleruals offered by varuous members of The sludenl' body Also If has been nmpossuble 'ro nnclude lndnvudual names un der The malorufy of group puclures Where Teasuble how ever name have been used The ednlors call your aldrenluon lo 'rhe adverluslng secluon and commend your palronage of Those concerns whlch have Supporled publncaflon of Thus book They are enhlled To lhal special consrderahon S andl-l f XI - ' N x . X I '1 T. ', Au. of Dr, Paul .Vlgncu E1 Q. Vp, Srl-fachl Buslness Mana V: Harry l-lufax A,:'E1" r CWSY -W S"ih'r A,s?Mana1':r Ra oh B-wl'f?D Al.yf5,ll,'1- Enllf-f, Associafvr Managers Edna Qwfw E zabwn Eggers Eleanor Howe, Dorolhy Cole-l'a Qiys Src" Mpwn Baker Alurnnl Sv vla Moss Girls Sr f ' l, wrna Tla-,iw Classc. Marqf: Callenberg Cyref-n C "':' af' prowe 'er C ako' Pclffzrrl' . ,. ,. . . I I I . - I . I - I I - , I 5 . .4-zv an .M Vnolei Johnson I , . A I vs qu, 1 I JP X '5 . 1 - M . ,. J fr, f. n'1r": if ' , 13. 'N - f Q ' rgg. T f 1.1 . 5 kuiifv, . 9-521 ' 1-553,hs' '. , , " t 1, 4 : ' , '1.,gg,..f:- . ' .fx F . V . ge' - f Tiff' .f .- . " 1" 1 ' sz, V f""1a - 6 f x. .M , K. ,QW A Q. r - .- , x A - HUTAFF H1gh Senlor Class HARVEY N BMT HART JSE? SE ll NA HANT A IAN E R X MALJRHQ ANJ G BU ADDlS WA T R OTTC The Clupper Ship June 36 was launched Augusl I4 N732 when a group ol Freshmen were ushered info 'rhe hugh school Their hrsl buf ol acluon was lo elecl a pulol' Thus was Dorward Henderson For Jrhe l-lugh Freshman lerrn Charlie Slrohrn was selecled The begunnung ol Jrhe Sopho more year was hauled as a bug slep un lhe uflughl Towards lhe porl ol Gradualuon The pulols lor lhus uourney were Mario Fernandez and Don Morgan Vuclor Gray and Paul Schachl successfully sleered l'he Ship lhrough lhe Junior year sloppung lo enuoy 'rhe Naulucal Prom whuch was a huge suc cess ln lhe Low Senuor presuded over by l-larvey Nelson Jusl Ouf of College was prosenled as The Senior Play Cverry Slcerry and l-larry l-lulalll were slarred During lhe Tour years many successful dansanls were held al lhe varu- ous slops ol 'rhe Ship. And now on ifs lasl hop lowards Gradualion Porl lhe Clipper Ship- June 36 is being piloled by l-larry l-lulafl. The class is looking forward lo +he happy landing ol Jrhe Clipper as our lasl bil of aclion in The high school, lhe Senior-Ball. JEANNE GGGGIN. Edifor. 19 u CALLENBERG NELSON HARLOWE 53.1 l 4 , '55 1 lg 55 1' ti!-' Q lla : .1 H W1 rg H xl e ELIZABETH EGGERS Egqre Assls' Edrlrr Acorn 36 Sen lor Play Slar and Key Junlor Prom COW1 ASAHS Ad Scam 35 36 Cl1lQfCourse or Norrer s Board ol Conlrol 35 36 Pres Sluoenr Affarrs Com 34 Fm Sec G A Pres 3A Ad Board 33 Siu dent Facully Corn 34 35 36 French Club Swrrnrnlnq Co Mgr Senlor Ball To Bus: ness College SAM RODENBORN P RUSSELL Hleav cLAuolA HERBERT Glce Club rnlor ay om Jurror WILLIAM FISHER n u J r ru e S rwor ay Corn Junlor Prom Corn l oolball u Spanlslw Club Prorn Corn Sludorr Abars Corn Spanusn Club ANE RYERSON H n Capl ROTC Banc Sword and Shreld Non Corns Club Junior Prom Com Sensor Play Sludenl Players Gulld Swlrnrnrnq French Club MILTON KESSLER LYDM FRENCH Sensor Play Corn Women s Board of Control 35 French Club lnlernallonal Club Rrd ROBERT MORRIN Bob BETTY SEAVERS r 5 Slar and Key Senlor Play Senuor Play Com Junror Prorn Com Frenclw C ub Traffrc Club Hall Supervrsor T U MYRON K BAKER BETTE HARLOWE Senior Play Corn Boxlrg To GERALDINE SKERRY Gerry VPres ASAHS Sprung 6 Pres 6 A Sono Leader 6 l-'lon Cap ROTC o EVIOF la Ass Mgr Junlor Prom Women s Board of Confrol V Pres Sludenl Faculty Comm Sfudenl Af falrs Cornrn 34 Senlorpheurn 34 Operella '34 35 Traffnc Club French Club Ad Board 33 34 36, Tennis Rudung, Badminton To U C Slar and Key Vlce Pres 3 4a Junror Prom orn Womens Board of Conlrol 35 36 Sludenf Aflalrs Corn oard of Publrcallons enrls Rldlnq Badrmn on Traflrc Club French Club To AUL SCHACHT Shack rrlor Agorn 36 Rec eg A HS Fal 35 Pres ack ASOCIPTY 36 Pres 3b Sensor Play Asst Mgr Crrcus Day 36 Varsrly Track 35 36 Base ball 34 35 Counsellor Men, Board of Conlrol 36 Sensor Play Corn Slurienl Faculy Corn Sludenl Ar'arrs Com 34 Junlor Prom Com Board 34 35 German Club lnlerclass Baslcelbw Semor Corn To U fqpx --- -T ':'?-FE? E1 l 1 . s , 2:55-Q SA V a ' 1 , Bl. , 5 ' ' . 3 ?'5f55'?l T 7 ' TT? -: , ' . ' I V W - ' .: Ad Ball , 4. fill ' l si ' Pl c .1 5 flfflll Sla a K yg e l' Pl O r ' ,- - A ' T , Ag ' , ,g 30 , . 3 ' 'S 5511323 A lb. F '351 Lafin cl bp ,I A T V5 W' rms ' Q w' . - . T infer l I l A Y T .: ar f H-' Z in ru P e . ' ' C554 1 ' I.: ' sail ,g . , bl . L.5f'3i'l 6 '35. o . K Wi , ilk y 1 . ' ,g ' . 5 ' - . 26, I U. C. a, 1 ' . C .Q B ' ' ' E ' 032 . T Q : ' ' : ' 1 1 u. C. ' ' ' 3 Lg r., - H - , r 3 , A - 4 T3 l 355 T' up I ' . Q.fSi."p, 'Meg r f" .' 2 1, T -v. V. , HARRY HUTAFF pf., 4, A. I-'Im MW, 3bg I,l,,,,,t,g.I ,A .,- '1H'fs'f,1. 4 5 . Vnrf v,f Bus-f' ,, 3f.- Cn gf,Q..f' M.. f 5 yy: A 1, 35 gh A',Av1'u A1 Bfmws 34 'jp' jg, ipm..-r A: Bmw: 'ix '3b I ' 7" " fl " Sw .,rIm1v'S"f' B.: Cx " . E+ ww 33 34 3E V-MI 53. L. JACK McMANUS MMVS Bcmrvi :II Covr: 36 .I.InInr Pmm, Curry: SIw1f" Auyrg Cwtj l3O 1- 8.12-1' zz 1I301r..Fl,fvr1e . ILE F J..' .J Cr, 1-qu CAROLYN HAMILTON WALTER OTT0-"W-SW' 5.3. 3. A KM 55,13 L ,, V cf- PM-s B on A Soc 'M' CUNA- Jury pfyvg C, . 3,v'ff Prrwx. Cwng Vafsm' Nm.. Q., 5 gon., ,lg Cm ff, INV- 34 35, 36: Yf-' If'L1'!9" QL, SV. ,,,r,,, V., 34- QQ, ,N 45' C ssc B Fmltha 33 34 L ,..., 114 , LMS 'HW' CW' ' Swv Cu" C.: I.Lj C. FREDERICK HENKEL-"Fred" LOUISE HULL , Varwv Imcx '3bg Fforr SGVIIIB alrrfjrc 3iwJi,L, Cm: II LAL S3"a Cmi Ca If Sf ' wr: fr-" 341 FW-'LJ' IU' J C-c' Sw "VN: T.: U. C. MABEL FOERSTER DAN PAULINE Sqar yd KQV- Sf,-My Cav YQN Loader 351 Mgr, IBO c. Juwfor Prow. Com.: Circus Fcofcaf MIT- FOOIUGII Re' Dav Comp Ao, Board '33, '34g SUVQS: Yafwv Baseba' 35 Suze" A4'a5's Co"1.j Rec, I36? Tf0L"1CwC- Src. IA IBQ Prefs' CJL' Swlffmvqg Go I. MARJORIE CALLENBER6- ALLEN MIRK Acofv Stan '36g Sevfof Wav Svricr PIayqSw7'n'vwfwg Vafsin MGP.: Jufc' Prom. CQ"" 363 Jwiof Wo". Cord' Ac. VIQQ-Pr'-s. 3A 48g Ccwsvf' Beef: 35 '3bj C?rc.s Da. Wcmews Boar! of Co"'c Cofv. 343 Swhv-rvvwg Cwass E 36: Frencw Cub: Eclfor cf' '34 '35: Inferoass Baskefbm' 'Rowd S0100 To Favfo' 341 Ivfofc ass Swlmrrzkg 34. AFI SCHOOL '35g TQWIL. MARJORIE HELLER-"Marge" JOHN LUCAS Hui CALM. R O.I.C. Cc. C' C SP1 Bock A' Socwr-fx' Smr mf: Ken' Svfcf Pav Vmsw Tram '33, '34, '35, '36- Jurlor Prof'-. Com j Wcwfw 5 Fm' Sm' "Avy Spa'7s' C Mc. Boyz of Cwwg 35' Sr" frs"m"w '34 If'e'faII:':u C un. Io B.Isv'n-ss Cc oc'-. KATHLEEN SUTH ERLAND I - I Jil' BARBARA WRIGHT 1-V -f vm, mm Ha-wa If' 5' HIQ5 Hu Yr 1 l -.ffm Ex, Q' IV' 3 21- .fu v 14. s z 'ff . If Mm It , . , I, 49' Ig I' I 1 A Ig ,-I S III' I 'L IW 4' 9 IIB 15 , gl Ir! .1 3. ,if Q ' ,., In Im' 502' ,,. .yin :ii 3: ff' X S1 2. 2' 199 , -ez' AHL QQ? Mgr. 1-If F3 aifi. if I 'I' . i' . wS........-- GORDON FLUNO HAROLD HANSEN 9... Ogg CAFJUNG ELAINE WARD EDWARD CALBERT .osA' wo FERRERO VERNON TWELE CHAR' o TE HAMMOND V lil ALYCE BRADLEY ROSE KEARNEY ,mor 3B C: sg aim CYD' yi VL Qf . f U Cas' 3 DOUGLAS HOWARD DQRQTHY Wggg NWOT 1 nm Fr n H D D rrvmmq QJV7 J BILL LYNCH KATHLEEN WYLIE Fruwfb C J 1 ur 1 , mp ,QM Roeefu AKAMATSU vmsm Mmm M my BARBARA NELSON DOROTHY GALE ss E HULON EVERETT Worm s BETTE SUTHERLAND 'Pl1F'. ED POWERS A A ARYHUR R MATHIESEN Bob ROGER ALTON DORRELL I CHRIS WARD nr 5 raw LMC w C 9 Ju SS 55 5 GEORGE POWELL rf. Fm 'uf ,cflof o , nf. X gfyj mor Sxm .v O .Q ff fo,-E OT, MN' ,V - + ,M . 5, QSSC. 'C' 7 IRVENE RAMSEY SHIRLEY ANN LITTLEEORD u. fl 3 75 v -..A AA. QL E w 'wh 'Q' 4.201 2 5' .4 mf- x 153 5595, M VJ I ,YS 5 f I A ,si 541, Q24 s,r,Ji 4 M Nw 4 5 1 sqf af- WILLARD THAU opk Socwcv Varsw oufbw ass ooIbaI 32 il' FRANKLIN VARNEY Ex Q ,s. GEORGE SCHWAB Com To ArmapoIws 'Qui .auf Hall' Non Coms Club Spanrsh CIub Traflvc CIub Traffxc EARL SMITH JR Orcbcsvra Bard Siafe Tcachers MARIAN BUESTED MASANO KASUDA MARJORIE SMITH LOUIS OPPECCHI EMILY SANTOS T ARTHUR BESEMER Arf 'oak Socwch Varsrfy ovru 4 36 Camus Dqy Cow 3b Mor s oar : vw ru 4A Fr: S men cms Nm Com 36 TOS C 1 EDWARD JOHN RITELLI MARIE ZANA55I CSF Siarand Key Fm Sec IB ZA Ad Board 35 rench ub Toll DORIS DICKENSON JEAN DOOLEY f?2?f.- 7 -- -- 7 - - f I 3 , . O S. F. E "Ai 135 ji ,A L T. ,, L nf QI' I 1 Nh ' L Jun' cl:-ge. . I+' . :' 'W BI - "A" 'fx Q 'W 4 F , '34, '35g C: B ' - -43,2 X f ' f I : I YQJQ' - ,- J' 32312: - ' , . If . 1 1 : I - 2 P5235 Q - ' PML . :SWT ' : sm! 5 :AI fivi' ff T i x ., X L, I . . .gl L ly ' E. . CU .' .c. I I Eowm MA-jggylg FRANK SPADAVECCHIA F r arl y Cart T C Tnam 35 36 Nor Cmvws u f rr arms' u rw HELEN OL5EN ROBERT McALLISTER CSF 'C VERA JANE CHAMPION GK-e Cubg Frencf Cub. EVEUNE POMME ALBERT BOLENTINI ' V K A 55" Cx Basxema N C ass B 3 FVFUCV' CW-'b HOUWY 'errahona Club Ha ran C adm Mon ascbd W yme,-dass Baskmbay ALMA AVILLA ERNEST GRIFFIN Ernie 1051110 KAKO ANDREW LAWRENSON Nor P5ayj Oporwfa '2' oe mar Club R OT C VICTOR G. BERRINGTON enior P avg Junior Prcgm. Cofng S9uder1fP5averS' G-Udo. NORMA ANNE PICKERING RUTH VESPER Junior Prom. Com, Ffofqh Cmbp Bafuj Hom Sradvs Cahaba Hiqb Sdwooi, Elrmirqhlrvy Aiabama. rw! J Q Cv ,J .af -'fr 3 if A H? 94 Q 5.14 J- mf 5,11 M L. LOUIS LARSON t 'hr HARRY LOUX it -1- Y' S MABEL INGALLS ESTHER HOLGERSEN C.S.F,j SIG' OW! KIN Sf" ' CS F, SY1' ar:f1Kfw G A A' D ay Cfvvi Jw-fw Pr ' qw- Q AD- US- -w-'-f- Sm-4 Cavxj I"'ef'aII'rIJ C .L T: U C, Parc" C JIU' Ha Snow-v'sQ' 35 ROBERT WILLIAM Aoons J,-,Ng KM CHESTER HACKE- chef SETSUKO MIK' JIM VOLZ DELORES MITCHELL RIX MAURER, JR. MARIO FERNANDEZ P' fm! sw ,I , N. A - fx , I' , X' v -, c, 1' V V- I I4 IH If 3 CL ' "1 - 36 I 'z I U ' 34 A' :S 5.1 '-v, , 33 3-I 3' F' I - -f I 4 Cul, Sim' Vw L .:, Ivf,., r 1 I4 'VI 1' ,ni QW ,, ,. , I I, ., , g.: nf ,IA I V-, ' l. ,, 1 .f . 1 Ia' 4- : I, 3.1 ,, I CHIYOKO FURUNO L, V. -V f, A A GERALDINE LEGOURI MONQIS SUMMERFIELD DAVID LLOYD DOWD L 1 HI K "5 36 C.S.F.: Shar and Kr-yj Acorn gl If S H' 75 F F Irvvr V I if , j NWC' yunf ' ' '.1',f,'d CML, If Sa'Iwri Uv-w rs"w, JERRY ROBERTS JACK HOVEY Sw ' PJ, Cc"' Jwwor Prfrv Cnwg SpffvIsF Cmh' wfww CECILE ALLEN LESLIE BRADBROOK nf' ' C ,L' Frm'1" C vt: To 2 C CATHERINE STEPHENSON WALT HUSING SMH mv: Kevg Frercrx Cmbj Verify Fcotbax '34 I35 LAM' C nbj Ir?ernafIorvaI ' ' C my P20533 Te-'rig Mgr, U4 '35, IG U. C. SHIRLEY RAIBLE HARVEY NELSON-Holarkux Sv' rf Fvav' J..fIo' P'o". Prgg, -'QA' B00 'A' Socigf, Coff 'Ser Qrrifeurrv 342 CDU' Junior Prom. 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C S F rc Cr C 1 L v r' S WRIGHT 3 r- In -16'-2 'V 70 ' f 1 ,V or rw EMIL COUSTIER CLARA MILLER A lv- Q' Prvsj Q-' ' LORRAINE JOHNSON DOROTHY JONES ,FQ 9 51 I ,rv f L1 Y ,,,, .. Q .AA r-r, Mg' 34 Oo' rf"'.x fv J K ','.f1fmP.1,ffrg G, , Cf Exfsvrrfku ' f1"f"'1 Vf Eu ,Hlzsmn . 26 1 X N iCK PERATA V.:V5?fTV-Fir 35. 26. ROBERTA DU RIIE JEAN SMITH BERTHA SIRI JANICE VAN CAMP Soavish Can' Gcffrua 35 I-wr-fx C ..Lf' Cffw. LILLIAN NICHTER-"Billie" Freshmen Rvcrotlof '3bj Sm- zcvf P'avP'S GJ C13 Cafoer 'gg Swf'-""c. TC S. 5. S'e'e T'-acwvs. HOWARD SCHWEITZER Acorn Smff '36j C ass B Flu KM. '35. JACK LAING R,O.T.C. Band Cow: Sword and Shlcidg Hvarsf REU? Team 35: Non Cows Oubj Rourd Tabwe Cub' O'c"e-swag Trad Cass B '33j Sparish Cmb. CHARLES SCHWAB ED HEYN ALBERT JACOBS-"AI" Sha' afc Kew Seflcr Vex RAO.T CJ F'o'c' ODe"a '35 Frefrfw Cub' Lc"f CLD T: U.C. ELEANOR FAY POLMERE qs C' :':": Cum. K F' f ' A Y I 13 1 5532, f r . K f 'Y 115 ' 7 if 1 1'r'?' gz- ff, M ftjf v. Q 1 ' x f , fx VI tif .F as 'F ,hi . . rw 51' 5 mv 'lui' -'fx Y ., 1 .fy Q5 5 , Ii, , 'VX U! I Q .,-0-as .Xu V .vs "' R 'Wi . HQ? '0- '17 Vf eff fp, I ,,x ,, I Ya N 'S " v 53521 . wk? L.7,. VERNAJO SOANES Serum P eu La"" Clubj Span- ish C ubg F'verm31ioraI CIubg Shams Cucj Ridinqg Swlm- "v7'1o' Cyierqj Crew, To U C Qi" J ' 'FF' .evil U14 . dpkg A-.. 'Of ae ' .F gs . 3 ' ft-1 ' S A , II I 4 H Q I ,I wa-I , 7" I, Y MARY IMURA MARTHA DAVIS S' "hr Pm' JJ ,ff 'WU' fn 'Pen' V C II" Gm' NA " I. NADYNE JOHNSTONE 7 KA - Sonfsw C uc' Tfaifk C my Twmisq Gif! Reserves '34 E. LOUISE JOLLY C.SAF,p Star and Keyj Girfs' FMC' "A" SQCIPMQ G-.A.A.j Sonrfsg SoaP's'w Ouog German C ,mg Smum-' Plawrs' GuiIdj C- Hs' Re-snfvf-s '34, To U. C. GERTRUDE MILIAN Prf-s, SWK' B wk 'AN Socifzfvj G A.A,f Frevth Ouog lrferna- firmer: Clubj Hockey: Speed- rn! s ISABELLE J. RICHARD C.S.F.j Sfar and Kev: Ffewdv CIubj To U. C. BETTY NAKANO CHARLOTTE MICHAEL MARCELLA GRAMOLA MINNIE REIS ALICE TIETZ Gelfmav C .::' Osers-Na '35g To Busfwss Co! nge, GERTRUDE VANDEWAL LORNA TAYLER Acorn S9a'f '34 '36g G,A,Ag Senior Pwdff Smaen? Pmyers' Guilog French Clubq G-lee CIubj Ooereffa '34, '35, To S. F. Stuff- Teac"er5. ivx 'Y' VIQGINM MHHAN ALTHEA BILLINGYON ELNA LANGE ASANO IAARUYAMA ELEANOR GUSIAW-ON SARAMAE HASKIKIS Q0 1 PATRICIA PLUMMER LUCILLE FRANCIS v fx EJ' JEANNE GOGGIN BEATRICE KETTWIG ALVERA LAMBA ELIZABETH McGREGOR O P G' :or off' Jumyr tSS :JP ALTHEA McCRAITH LUCILLE CAZAZZA Sv ro' Q 'i si JAMES LOWERY FLORENCE SIKORA KEITH COCHRAN FRANCES SMALLEY A ARTHUR BUCKLEY Archie DON MORGAN 1 A 4 A S M DONALD Low Semor Class 9 CRP ALLAN M DONATD ARBARA CRAMFR BARBARA CRAMER H: 'v1A O BAN ON JACK MALLMAN I-l O NE JACK HANLY A AN M DONALD BOB SULLIVAN The Class oT January T937 us now compleTnng :Ts sevenTh Term aT Alameda l-hgh and uT1s appropr1aTe ThaT we pause and review The record oT our accompllshmenT On Circus Day IQ34 we asTounded The school by wnn ning The pennanT Tor besT represenTaTson an The parade and we made The school peanuT conscnous wuTh Les Jaclc ChneT PeanuT as Sales Manager We capTured The school s mnTeresT nn I935 when our Rococo Prom was announced so much so ThaT we pro ceeded To malce hlsTory by having Tl-TE mosT successTul prom on record Talce a bow Manager CurT SmnThl Again un I936 we creaTed someThnng oT a sensaTlon when we presenTed The Tamous Tour acT comedy BAB sTarrung popular Jo Frederuc and super dramaTuc Udo l-lnnclc lT was a Tremendous success wuTh a supporT1ng casT oT gen ulne sTars consnsTnng oT BeTh l3unTroclc DoroThy Zampa Mabel Russell Peggy Graves T-lugh O Neull Jaclc l-lanly CurT SmnTh KenTh WadsworTh and RoberT O KeeTe The Capable manager was Ozzne Torrucells When The nexT Acorn appears we wull have Taken our place among The greaT classes oT husTory only modesTy pre venTs our claumnng The dusTuncTaon oT benng The greaTesT BTLL PARKER Class Ednor CRAMER TORRICELLI HANLY ,, 522 ' 5 QI ,I , . M1 . NT' L. mr- ,4 ,: 5,-4 ai. f"'E if , 'FG 1 :gps vw JOHN SHARTSTEEN KEITH WADSWORTH SHHYOV Plnvj Sword and Shield Suclefvg Merfs Board of Cor 'fc 35 '36j Senior Play Conv Jw lor Prorw, Czmwq Smdm" Pmwrrs' Cuildg Cmus Day '34j Clubj Iniornaiiorms Fflihih Tf.a553: Cnc' Sumo" A"mrs Cwv. KATHLEEN MARKHAM 341 Va' TAF! SPEES ANN EGGERS I fSF'S'v',E':Kf,,C.w4.'S' ' iw' "' ' S B' Jr! A K, ' Eb I'-"LN: 11' :R !-- 5. V: 34 30 1 Blu' PARKER LORRAINE HEARTHER 3 Fr F Q f 1',-'- Tr' If Sea' Q' C-:: A: JOHN HENDERSON DOROTHEA FLYNN W4 -v-1 wg B0grr1ofCa'VrO"3bj Su' qw: Key Fr.-'-:V C ng .av Dafco Corn '342 Golf. To iff I 1, " 5 ' PHILIPS oLsoN MARION SHIELS Q ' Q C,S.Fg Snr and Kev F-rr-nc" " "" C4152 Lain- Chxbj W:,rvxovw'S Boaro of Comrow '35g 60151 Swimminqg Hoclreyg Comf- ,,i 5 'Hg' Crew: Acofv S'aff. TO 5, Cc, eqry Q ,9 .Ja ' lv "" W f . COMNNE ELSNER ELEANOR WINBERG Shar and Kev? R101-C, SDM' To Umvfrsaryr,1Crr'qr':. sor Co. Cg Sefior Pway Com. Junior Prom, Corrmg Swan, and Shieidq Miiiiarv Bal! Cong Operefva '34, '35' Owe? C JL' Franc' Cub. Tc U, C. HUGH O'NIELL 5'rs. A.S.A.H S Fa '36, Fin. 211. Surlnq '36 A: Board '34, Ev- A Mqr, C' ' 361 Serif if No- Cum Wm.. JOHN TIEDEMANN when g L A'AH5 rl' ron rmr I 'I L I I U L Y + I 3 v , 1 v Vvsufy Baseball 33 34 C B Foorball 33 Tralllc om 35 German Club To U C DOROTHY ANN JESSEN BOB SULLIVAN ff rcs Glrs A f or o s ASAHSA1 B 1 r I I ocl r ofvls rv: Play 4' Cor We I S 1' -Q- -11592 Cav ,an f' JACK HAN LY JEAN MARIE GALVIN DOROTHY ZAMPA UDO HINCK Frm Cub C J Icr Prof' Germa C O 'J v Sludc lay r Clrcus 4 ur N T U C SHIRLEY DORIS CARTER CHARLES GIBBS Qc P es Class mor Pla, Com C r 5 Ir: 33 3: Smdewv Boar m 34 Ad Boaro 34 O Cormfro 3B 4A SOSUI 3 Board of Cowfrol Trga K Clulv Ass? Mqr Semor Play C'assA an B 6 wlmmm Jumor P orw Com To U C ass B 33 um H I BETTY MCALLISTER OZZIE TORRICELLI rcrwch Club Lam lu onuor lay Com Junior Prom Com Hall Supervnsor Rldmq Gof Ii s B Cass Ad oar 35 Counselor Men s Board of C nlrol 35 36 Block A So clefy Mgr Semor Play Jun nor Prom Com Class B Fool 35 Swlmmmg Class 3 34 Swnmmmq Class A 35 36 To Jumor Colleqc' BETTY ANN READ Jun-nor Prom Com Serlor Play Com Rldmq To Umver srty of Oregon in BARBARA CRAMER Vnce Pres C ass 3B 4A Board ol Ccnfrol 35 36 Ao Board 36 R OTC Ba'Iallon Spon sor Swo d e d S'-vcld Socvely F r a K La In Club Frerck C .Ib Mvlnary a I om Jumor Prom om Semor Play om Freshmen Receohon Hostess 4 To U C I A' 1 sf Ms c 1. 4 .5 ,5 -5f!I iii! if ' 3 1+ 4 -1- Q :Sh if '-Q23 . 'fd ?? '34 :g 'auf A.-1 : .I If , ffl I Ffffffff fem ' 6 5231 351- ' E51 - ig? if 4 riff." igZsQ'2I D113 :ai ' ': EQPQP? 4'-.4 , I E23 Ti. 7.-1 ,I- ii: Fifa.. IJ IEW 4:4-I if ' iff.: .W 5. KJ 212 .V I.. Lg, WI, DOROTHY WRIGHT SQA' 1' C Im In IJ LESLIE JACK-"Les" if" ' P Jv C.J"u2 Ju' .vf "2 "" Cum QC F.',i Ui. Cum' 34 Q' ses Y,. bww' 'A IB 34 N: 1' S" if :- GEORGE CANTRELL MASAO NAKATA Ssyrwsk C .rx Bas-ffca In '- 'K ass 33 C mes 5 '33 34 WALLACE WALSH F2 O.T.C.g New Crfs Quo Varsm' BasIfo?baI '34g Hn' Suv-fv So' Cow. RALPH WALTON, JR. BERYL HERRMANN Sm' ami Key: Gfvfrmun CIuIw Lxvf CIUIDQ Junfor Prom Cvv' Tw Muwsvfs BIISIVWS YQ, 'Nl'- WILLIAM S. STONE Sf,:- v-ITU . L. TEENA KOOLS JUNE CARLSEN C S L Iv ELS'--as ELIZABETH MCCOY MARGARET PERRY DORIS LUDLAM A ,,,r r' G., ' I ,LG ELLIOT BALL WMM CHARLES cukrzwman ELEANOR HOWE KENNETH DAIRS P'1'qjfvf'T1"'ST3J C JOSEPHINE FREDERIC RICHARD CURTIS Pres GA. Soffq '36' Srwn sm R.O,T.C. CO. B3 ASAHS A1 Board 343 Svflor Pdf Smr :md Kffyj Sword afd S"Ff':1j Worvzefs Boafi of Ccwfrow '35j Sfudervf Facu fy Com, '363 Junio' Prom. Conn' Vlce Pres, 4Ag Vice-Pres. IBQ Ad. Board '3-43 Smdeh' Au1?'s Cgmj Ir"Prrvg'f:7r3 Cyn' fifdimfj ESSiE LOUISE FRENCH Soma LO-vie' GMS' Asst 36' Nanvf-fs Boys of Covvro 357 Semorofeumi Soawsfv Cutq Ha Supervise' '35g Twfws. To Busfess COM-qv PEGGY GRAVES BESRNARD ROBERT? C.S,F.j Shar' a":J Kefj Fr:-rzh ,V ang ex k '3 5 C ,cj Laff C?uD1Se:v1or Piavj 34 35 36 FOO 5 VMS Jwmor Prom. Com ' One-rf-'fn 36 Trackpoass 4 as mu 34' Cm-W Gm To U. . ooms L. BAILEY LOGAN S 1 Cx -.J 'X "L .J A N, ,fm Eff. ian- fjggf-rh .- UA g ,,, .b ,ui L., ww 1-5135 'A I Q, Lyn: L, , Lg.- AK f 17:19 r f ' . A s I 4 .Q-fig-fi-K ,L I . -.. A EMA 'SITA VULLEP ,.f,,,, uswsa Cc f-fn f GEORGE BECKWITH HAROLD MERRICK EOBERT O'KEEFE L. - refv ML: af '- R' 1' "- IW!! N'f14f'.:Sf.'1 SUMNER E, BURMEISTER Sw-rg .1 1 S" 1 N ' C " C Ir- PIM- T'-.lm '14 '35 36 gs, Q.. . 3, v I C,:ILC HERBERT BLACKWELL- "Ben R, C 1 C- My rx Bn 'Cary C2 B. CARMELLA NORMA JOST Jur 'J Pfcfv. CIWQ Sf' ' P av Corfu' Smr .wo Kmp P '1 fq. Tu U. C. ED. FARRELL DOROTHY MITCHELL ANN JOHNSON JEANNETTE ELIZABETH GUTLEBEN 5 . ,Ai :AQ ', FLORENCE EDWARDS VIOLET I. JOHNSON -..f f- Frm" Cc" In C.w?c'fin Schmwx f' Arfs CMMS BILL EIVON G: -sf x G HERBERT KlM8AlL FHADWICK WELBURN .. g .zhaixgh QN l 6 MAQION cowomzr 'WVFOYD C G'E O Hn V ' MARION P-UNDJ JACK C N.4fm.L .XANVJ MARY NAGLE JAVES WALnOJ WINNIFRED JOHNSON ALg:RT BELL A us C 1 -l' 6' GERTRUDE TAYLOR MAseL SILVERTHORN 3 s , ,- ' 4 -41 . x, 2 . I ' x .,.. i .x , ,' ,j xx, M, fl Q f 5: . Q . A. 3 F51 1 4 Q A L' N' Q 1 w ' U' Y' A Z 1 2 ' - C 7 ' . Y- y ?fH U fy ' ff 1- j ' f w V Q - 2 QQ 1 1,. ' W 11 fn W , 0 - - H, -- -A - . . . V , W , X-3 ' ' Q. - . A ' ' A ' . ' T ZA m wg - , 4 A i 4 ' Y - -- ,x - 2 . E if ' ' 5 ' - 3, ..p.w'-pr '1 , ' rw N' I Z' 1' X Q , 7 3 2 I ' I fr ' f Q 2 ' " ' ' 1' 5. .J - ' .E FQ'-m':x,,,w 5' 54 U- I I N 4 - ' x: 3 ,Q - L .1 K I ' 1 ,Q A ' X mf' 3 1 ' ' 4' nf O ,E .. : F ' ' - 5: x P 1.1 ' 4 U , "df . 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C .zz ODPPHN1 34 35 Sv'wfr1'P," 33 34 Swv' Pw.,-fs Tv, 1' '-W C In 11.. g,3.,x. SN,,.,. ,J Q, ' 1' C'-QM LURA FERN ECHENBERGER SL' X- D y. cpm, Jf CJ" ' S'-A ww P 3.f"s fy, 1'SQv,S'CuogB11"' M' T, B .sv L-ss C'Wf-wx. JAMES WINSLOW .rev ""' MABEL HEALY 'T-mg 1,14 QA.: 34 331SF'fVO"' B.s'ff' C' ' 11 DOROTHY KING MARIAN PEDERSEN 5.7, K J I.. 'Y -HU Ps, Cr E u F AA N" 1: . SINCH5 Juv YS MASAKO ABE .Pj '1'.Irf: K MAUDE CLOUGH S A F. Car 'Nj Bam' Nor' Bcasm.-Q Ig Sim-uno 1 I-Ircxfv' VrW'r-me 'BasImvba'Iq S'rar'd' rr! Q' 'H Q fy Fa " Sr'cn'.- SFU!-Q 351Pf'aIo'0 Sr""z 33 'fIBn1fss C:- sm VIRGINIA BIELECK MARIE SMITH Frffzk C,:Z C'c,s Da: Com. 34- Hwswss 4A' Ha Supr-'v'sc' 35. 'In r-we cs Bus 'ess CL fun 5? 4 if . 15 ' I5 Y Jf .L 1 iv' L 'H 1 xi 1 Y, 1 A 9 , iz A :EE : If yi. 591 fig. 53:-4 W. L -'fig '1 I 35:13 Tig 145,91 41? I I get , gg? LA 4.55 --Q". Jef?- ."I 31541. ' -r x J .IL ,AB ..q, 1 .Q :L 1 . -- 'v 3 Mi if gb' : '45, 5 I 88' YN N54 nv- 'D-vw. ,Q ...,,. MARIE BERTERO CSF Sm and Kry '5 Cmb Inman Cum Cfdg Day Com 34 GAA Opf Nha 35 Hosff-ss 36 TU U C ALLEN MCDONALD 'ANL f EW OWELL DUCQAN ELSIE RIESL PEGGY HARRIS MILDRED LOUISE SANDERSON ' aws' C O Sw 3f1Krw Ar 'wr-rf T B s 1 ss Cn' qv WINTON WARD 'XIORMA FERRERO DTH JOHNSON DOROTHY MOORE A RUTH LEE DOROTHY MASON JACK MCCULLOUGH 4' 50' T' 36 -me-' is-1 T ggrS 'EFGARDEN PHYLLIS FOARD FLORA BRAUN VARCARU CARD fa qy ARUE cC'Un BEVERLY HECKOK ELEANOR CARTER fy .AA HELEN R. SCHWAB MARION DICKIE LA VERNE ARMSTRONG AA C1 v Uffe PHYLLIS RATTO 1:-pm-'E 3- 'V A A IDB ROSA RAVA DELFINA J. CARRAI FRANCES BUSH G.A,A.j Shar and Keyg Se-mo' C' PP C JD. Wav Comg Junior Pm:-v Cofw' From" C ubj lfa 1' C any Shmofvv Pavers O4 s To Fashvwv AH School ,.. fiery 13" f Jah "REF: 'iii 5 55.1 ,pai g- DT f-- 'I' gseif 556: H2 E 'Egg 'J' 5 ' 1 51? 2-22 Q ' Q T 'MM wALcHow LEONA GANZALES CC SF Sim' av.: Km' Spun-S5 C, T Busvrss C' fm EVELYN BESSEY HA 5,01 'v Snr 36. LORRAINE BROCK C-Ah sw" 1: MILDRED ARNBERGER Scnws' C ,r'. wz Bus was Cc 'eqff JANE l. HOPKINS GAAQ Sur in: K- ,, T EAM'-ss Cc wffzv MARGARET RATTO CHARLOTTE E. CLOUGH LORRAINE COOK Fun" C ,z- 31, Cn-,. 37 f- A In Uwvwsw. A DOROTHY ZELL STELLA PISANO KATHLEEN PETRTE JANE H. BARTLING CSFQ SW' A21 Keg Ju L'c,r'v Crit, G,A.A, SDCWS. If B,s'1f-ss CQ W1-QP. SUSAN WALLACE 'Erma' sf Cdr S., A A K GIVU C L slwm-f 10' Alumnl .f '55 DR ROY AKAGI r n 1 an I- w IVYIQ mbf s r rcf C IG re s rom Ihe Unve-rslIes o a Iorn a n f aoc Idarvard ano Pennsylvanla rn mocr oI Ih Japanese dc lc f Inn crrnce r QII a I Dr Akagl a ma 1 lr fl hls lu ry and ha serv 6 WVIIIGVT H ILJFTIOCF ol oooks OVW JGDGVI dfid her lpomahr la'o s Dr Akag s now Counse lrr Io h Gencral Iv1anagemenI DeoarImenI oI I e SauIh vla FITUVIGU allway Dalren an chukuo DR ROY AKAGI MISS HEATH ANDERSON The Pame oIIv1lss I-leaIh Anderson IS well known all uo and down Ah pac Tc Co s Ior her colorlul and reallshc Ilower waIercolors and olls A grcaf many ol Ihese have appeared on Ihe covers of nahonal magazlnes Mlss Anderson s you G ard her oe IlghIIul personallIy reIlecIs ln all her work When IU h gh school she ma,ored IU ar+ and upon graduahon Irom Alameda she wenl Io lhe Calllornla School or ArI CraIIs SIOCC IhaI Ilme wllh Ihe ald oI only a Iew prlvaIe cour es she has made a nahonal namc Io herselI Flne arI IS noI Ihe only Iyoe oI work Mlss Anderson does however she IS a very good commerclal arIlsI and palnls many oI Ihe dellc ous looklno Iood whlch aooear on blll boards and IU rnagazme aoverhsemems AIGWGOG I-I g School s oroud Io have among our alumnl anyone as cnarmlng and da d ng a MISS I-leafh Anderson MR NEILC WILSON Mr Ncl C W lson gradualed Irom Alameda Illgn Schoc I Inc Ilme he has bccomc Ihe well known aulhor oI Treasure Express a book Illed Io ovc Ilowlng wlIh sagas oI Callfornla IH Ihe early days and Ihe sIory o ne Wells he O mall servlce Ihal penefraled Ihe greal wesl aI IhaI Ilrne AIIer hls graduahon Iron' Alameda Mr Wllson was edlIor of Ihe Tlmes Sfar Ior aboul slx monlhs lncldenI ally II was he who sIarIed IhaI llIIle column They Say Along Ihe Campus Then cnfered SIanIord UDIVGVSIIY where he magored ln economlcs Upon graouahng I' worke on Ihe sIaIIIs of several ncwspaoers and s now IU an adverhs no buslness San Franclsco AIIer meehng Mr W lson II IS easy Io unders and h s succ ss I-le nas a pleasanI and wlnnlng oersonallIy and a remarkable abIl Iy Ior Ihe I r Iha' dolng MISS ESTH ER BRUTON el laughed Ivllss BruIon Ihe work I do canI be ou' uno r I cre are so many oha es Io II And so she oroceeded +o name 'he GI r n' Ielo of arI ID whlch she works and Io Iell me whaI she has done SIDCG she graouaIeo Ir ro Alameda I-llgh School I:lrsI she wenI easl Io Ihe New York ArI SIudenIs l. GQJL When she Ilnlshed her courses Ihere she slayed ln New York Ior abou Iwo ycar beIore comlng wesl She has worked ID San Franclsco slnc Ihen Sh does cn mcrclal lllusfrahng mural palnllng and elchlngs lvllss Bru+on hers l sl you and uIIerly charmlng She sIar+ed her arI career as Ar+ D recIo II A n P. -,X -"' ' , Q Q 9 v - Q- : .D ' fy. A I .s Q Q D -0 Q ' PI .I W 51' 5 1, , . . . g ,, I Dr, RIN! fi-ag7 one ol Ihr- rnflzl b IllIa I fnd 'I IIrrI4rn:,lIl,'I-5: 'ud :Ns Irorn Alfr eda Ii h ax I , Q , , f 4-rd 'h., clayol JuIeIl4. SI: Q Ihen hf: I , . . . . ' II ' ' has f43.C'V..:'1 g ,e I , I I, I , CII , I C I' XJ, I, I , I , In IQQ7 he was a L? I A Q , s 3 3 - qglj 'fi 'H f Tnfrd BIennI::l CcynIX ,f N JI Ihrg A ln. Ifule II Dal IIIC Re? Vors. . I h s de y I lc-v,: ai icffufg ' JILJHI I I CT nI - S 1 ed x as vIsI'Ing lw,'urer al ColumbIa UnIversIIy. He h S X. f g T , X I. dIl I-Ore In. . II ,lf .1 I L3 'I r h If I nc I I R I , I M f TIT' - L51 I , . , .. I , y I Ie I I I Ia" . . , . - I I . I , I ' n , I , - . . . y . I 1 I , 1 . . . I f A S and . . . . C . I 1 r , I I I . I I I O S I I I I I I I-, I I. I n I I I I oui n I 1 s . BI . I - I I II In 908. . G Illa' ' I , , , . ,Q are . . . . . I V , y y. I. F C , I ' he . . . . . , . N , 3 d 1 E . 4 .g.y Y. .A I , .I , I ,I I ,I Is e . I . I I I X I 1 II ,. -:ark ,. , he If 'IW Il II I I , II I I X I e one headed ha N 3 ' I , II"e e I 7 5 y I I ' o I . . W . V7 W 5 S , I , I I I e . e If cm- J I I I I I I , I eI Is fm ro ' , I I A r of II 'e Ce' MASTICK ALEXANDF? KAY TERZIAN Hlgh J un1or Class F 5 Pfnq 16 ERN:Si ALEXANDER HRAYR TERZNA NATAl lE KAW MARlLYN MAST Tl-WDY KEANE ary JACK HAMIUC HRAYR TERZIAN a er ar NED EISENHA AN Y BOFNNGER L ROBERT PAR This lerm lhe l-liqh Juniors launched lhe Clipper Pror wilh greal success and acclaim from all 'rhe school Tl our lirsl large school aclivily lorecasfs a brillianl lulur Members ol our class are prommenl in all phases of sclio lil . Three members ol lhe Girls Associariori Adminislrs- 'cw and lhe A.S.A.l-4.5. yell leader are l-ligh Juniors. W er Well represeriled in bolh boys and girls sporrs. Terzia' Kai and l-loelseriqa were chosen sp akers for The 1.molfllrmerr1a'rional Relalions Forum. We have highh and expecralions lor our senior year and are looking ward lo malcirig il as suc esslul as 'rhe pasl wo ferms. 3 SYLVIA MOSS - Edilor. i y 35 DOROTHY 'FEVER M? J A YOUNG Mx JAMES HLJLL N7 GEORGE RUSSELL i x.,v gnu --v i 'VH -1.- 1541 an-oh-D --..-........, il in-ua .nn Q Q -nun.-.- I 14 x-.' , fi, iraq . h H "' 9 l 'a 5 A A A LQ---..- 1 ff nuns rainy lx ' 'K -f-N Ax P ' . . .hr Y, ff-3 X . Q A Vx l Y fir Sf w lr" iw 21 W M4 k 5 ' -11 Ty" 'fi xg N 5 I 1 M1 si!-.px Q -qv ffm . S 'Q an F s 2 K Q 'W K H X Q , f' RATTO Low Jun1or Class Q C JACK RATTO NX- BEVERLY STEELE LAR NORMA PRENZEN A A ERY BOB S1LVA rARrHA LMAN e1 L BOB LYNCH Unoer The capable leadership of fhe class presndenfs and fherr asslshng ofhcers nn 'rhe pas? year Jrhree dansanrs Two skahng parhes and one fheafer par'ry were guven by The presenf Low Junuor class Due fo +he eooperahon given by members of 'rhe class 'rhese affairs were complefe suc cesses Much progress has been made and we hope ro accom plush even more an +he fufure Than rn +he pasf NORMA PRENZEN Recordunq Secre+ary BALL SILVA HATFIELD xrplu -:Aw I I II I rl ,as halo' MQ-wr Ii i 1-g E V I i ' l Q Vf -1 .0 -ni s 56 ,Y 'Q' inns-Q lun on un. mv vermxx CCGC NR MAURICE PHEI .E. . MCMULL Mnss THERESA Mm-4 1 I TELLA HERRICK J STRAIT LMA PAVID ' har big .is 'I 4 -S -vw Y 'S' kk ffm f ww v Yiiiig 31153 2' Fife. 542532 FW g .. ' ' . - ,' . ' 45,1 ,, , 4 iff M 4 N Q , 4 .Y ' ' Q x . 1 ' I Y ff 4' ' i . ' 1 x , " , ' -.1 . 1. 4 -, - . A A K- - ' S D lr, ' e - - -' I ' ,, - . - U f f ' M ' i - ' ' . . I ' ' - - . A , D ' 4 1 vp! P I ' - N ' -' A V . . .If - ' ii . f.: K . :- - . ' 3 S 3' ij 1 F - ' ' ' , - ' . ' ' .429 X ' - A 153' " 3 ' Y ' jqiz 4 ' 4 ' " ' ' . q A ' ' I ' 'fix , f- . i A 1 -nd' ' X ' ' ' ' H' A' , , , 5:2 v 5 A XXL I 'A37 x ' - 'f ff " , 5 'ff ' s 4 I ' ,rg V. 1 :cj . ' .5 . 2 . f , 1 ' " Ui? .- . Sant , , 535' .A . , . ' ' ' s , y - K - , 1 5 , ' . f -. , , Q' - - Y W 1 Y X"" ' s' ' ' - EE: . . - 1. ,, Q N , ,653 . A 1 ' A I . ...Q-,Q . . 4 A " - ' Q - ' ' 0 any V ' , - - ,J ,f lv A , - ' ff: , . . , ff O , - 1.45. x , h ,v"'N! x Q J f jk A . fx XJ 71 N Y 1,7 - D5 A 5 T52- ffiif' .,,.i, -,sy - S SCHREIBER KLETIKER L OY lm: OSKEA Hlgh Sophomore Class 9 ED KLETZKER BOB OSK ANE LEROY NATALIE SCHRUB ARY EAN CHAMBERS JANE WH TMOR B LL PALMER BILL PALME DAN M DONALD JACK BENNET The 2B class of June 38 under lhe leadership of our Tacully advisors Pre-siden+ Bob Oslrea and 'rhe Adminis lralion is enloying anolher successful 'lerm ln The pasl we have sponsored lhree original dansanls Each was a finan cial success The class is well represenled in alhlelic evenls club achvilies and social affairs of 'rhe school Our shining 'rennis slars are Bull Canning Marion Ganns and Louis Marlin: Louis is also gifled wilh a beaulnful singing voice ln swim ming we are represenfed by Bob Korn and Bob Bowles Bob is also good al baslcelball and Track Baseball Jaclr Rallo and Teddy Bergold. Traclc. Dlclc Genlry Rolano Mifcheli Waller Sherman and John Bricker. Wilh all This a+hle+ic rnalerial l fhinlc you can expecl' many greal 'rhinqs lo come from lhe class in lhe fulure. We are looking for- ward 'ro giving 'rhe besl Junior Prom ever sponsored by any class. JANE WHITMORE. Recording Secrefary. MI OPEN LY SHERM LZ BETH SARGENY QI 3 V QF! G'-ik! Un Qi! i 3 L 1- l. -ng -vvkv rf' ifnfx it 12 Q-, I l J y W ,-V'-V' ini in u anal P-N 'Nc -5mm 1'-xu 'i ,., A Q' Q' i A Far 'IR 'L'DRDCx AY' v ISS MARION coo N R DARRE v he Y f' 1 MR EARL rum if! 4 L Q 1 um A ,Y W ' I , ,M,. Q ,nm I . Bev 1 ' " V I 2 g 1 , 0 n WJ . ' .la " 1 gg .. "cove- nnx 'Y fq xv W x I I , 5 1 , ilx KX 1 i Q i, . fx ?rf?gQ, .A CN ' A avg 42 1 if X , A 1. 1 ng ZQQ3 . i ' rv' 5 L, Z , , an 1 - .m l , nn H HEALD wzs LUCYE PITMAN w ss LOUISE JOLLY unaba- -main -an-and -u-aiu VY Psfx 1 1 rs ff justin: l i SRV XGE LINID IANIN BM EY 4""' ns 4.5 CANEPA Low Sophmore Class LO3 NDEYVIANJN FAT QYNNVCNFSS P HUTTON b PLUMMER 9 BEN CAN ARM M CLWT EORGE MAN MARVERY BA JANE LJN The class ol January 39 has had a year ol unusual sua cess Under 'rhe leadership ol lwo capable presidenls Bo Lindemann and Ben Canepa we have passed from The lowl ness of lreshmen info 'rhe long soughl posilions of Low Sophomores Our lirsl loy of becoming Sophomores came when we inilialed lhe incoming Freshmen in fhe presenc of lhe Sludenf Body Under The managemenl ol lhe clas officers and wulh lhe gracious help ol Miss Bennell we helc a lheafer parfy which we considered lo be Jrhe class oul slanding acfivify during our lime in Alameda l-ligh. Tli. class has many promising alhleles and slalesmen i 'if midsl. Roland Micheli is oulrslanding in lraclc John VG Siclclen in swimming and Jane Lundin in lennis. We onl' hope we can fare as well in Jrhe lufure as we have in 'rhe pa i GEORGE MAILLOT. Recording Secrelary. A 3 3 -. .Mn .Embm Q .I ' :Q X Li ,,, KX A P1 M -'r FN W W 'Af I . "N C' K. - M..-- .A , 'rf . ' 'K' wr A ff-Q Fw' 6 qpgqg- ., 2 .A - A v4Jc:NweoPLes -W 3 ' qv I U " tr , 49 if MF RA JONES W EARL SHRIBER ARLE DANIELS 6 Univ' ii: Y S in VNU- imma' x any -lg uf , tissu- anu- ln in aneurin ' 'v-vw A iduis 'Cf' X ' -1 W ' V -1 J f V 5 i Y - --TJ gi 4' .ag F .f Aa' ' y 4 N"9 .. - Q w A' E: gl , .v . H i ' xv P- . I "' 2 4 W '.' 2 'tl 1-nb fi 7 . L1 , . Q. if L. Ll, - N K' f-a.. i Evil: as If 3 ' v it i' ' ' E .ff , 1 . 1 + J , Nu ' A1 N " an J' gr. k L 3 9 -v Vt, 4 ' A '4 'Q " - V Y A -D if Y A 4 Q, I ' t ,Q I, 'gg Q '-y Q - f: W V -Q 1 , i R429 S .Haw 1, Ng by A x .A ,. g V ,, l 5 X ,, ' xg as us' xx 1 1 -. 'Fir I - - ' 3 1 If V, 6 ' I ' -- E A - fx' 3 , " j XX f , ,f , .. -if . ' h , " ': ' Qi A QA wbxx Rf 4 Mass BEATRICE ON 1? X 3"'v-f 1 V B 3 5 n QA t MRS MARIZA cmd ln- 1-anna f lhnD 4-nnagil' 'QV QM'- M ii 1' T -x F Y O0 MISS HAZEL BENN , 9433 A W NISS FRANCEN PAXE fauna- 5 S 5 I I 5 M ' ,. W fx. ' '2"f?f?iT2 A I .4 Y 4' w . ' ' .3 E , ' A w ' mr N f ,1 ,,. r'n 4 An t- .5 4 A 4 I Yu A K If N X I A 'H f' My -4 I - -- f f 4 ix """' ' V u Q. 2 ,, . ' ' ............. V AJ , I 'i K P Q insig- . , . V x i 4 Q 5 ' ' R V A . i l, ,' I 4 P .11 iii ' . s. 1 p A I 'vb Q K - , X 1 A-T nassaui- A X: K ' ' Q 1 . - I . , y ' I 1 X 5' f Y , - Q n 3 -. l ai -- 3 5 ' ne K 'Q - if E 3 4 I ' S B ' ri 1 xi. Iflgtk .lf x '-' W! fxxxl .5 h Q , -V , : X ,vs fvs KEREMITSIS Hlgh Freshman Class Sprung 36 D E TED KEREMTTSTS ' 'NE 'Q pp MAXTNE TURNER ' V A EN n Sl-TTRLEY DOW D'CK GOGGIN L 'J STAN' EY SEAGREN We The class oT June l939 under The leadershnp oT our preslaerfrs Bob EleTcher and Ted KeremoTsls and wnTh The relp c our advrsors have been very succc-ssTul as a class AT The bresenT rnany oT The class have been Turning ouT Tor racf colT bas ball and swlmrnung TryungToTollow1n he oc ffrcs oT The upper classnnen Qc Tar we have had Two successTul dansanTs The T1rsT 'r by Teo KerernuTsus and The l-hgh Scrub l-Top l by D cr Goqg ns Because oT These acTuvrTues Th Cu f Sl yery good cond: on Low Freshman Class num, i,,i'5"-ff: 2535 39,5 o T '3 S,c,RETA Y 'inf 'EQ ,D. rl'XlA'Nlv'A- SE BETA Y . l.r,,L TQ' ,ES YEL, LEADER TF have b en Trying To live up To The repuTaTion DocTor VCV C500 gave us ThaT we are The be-ST class ever To enTer "W S l-Tlgh School. During The TirsT Term we have spon- 5'f L ry successTul dansanT. Asslshng our presidenT Bob ' are Lawrence Thomas vice-presidenT' Eleanor Ber- 'rdf recording secreTary3 Mercedes Lowell, Tinancial sec- T'f?3'- and Lowell STyles, yell leader. :J J! TURNER CROWN BERRIGAN LCK UW gi I 'lux fc qt, iv' "Yr- fiii lx 1 5-6. ,,... ,z kx,akJ 34.5 gk.. A c o R N '3 6 FREDERIC G1r1s ASSOC1Gt10n q 6 GERRY SKERRY JO FREDERIC ALOHA KNOBLICK DOROTHY JESSEN CATHERINE MTLLER EDNA OTTQ ELOISE BUTTERFIELD WANDA FENTON EDNA OTTO BESSIE FRENCH The Girls Assocualuon of 'rhe Alameda l-lugh School be longs lo every gurl un our l-lugh School whe+her she pays The Assocuafuon dues of len cenfs a lerm or noi We issue no luclcels we lceep no records of 'rhose who do no? pay we lusl' 'rrusl 'rhal every gurl wull wanl' fo be a member of The or ganuzafuon whuch programs gurls acfuvulues gurls unleresfs and gurls socual servuce un Jrhe l-lugh School When ul us fume 'ro welcome lhe uncomung Freshmen we are especially busy malcung plans for an aT+ernoon of fashion shows 'rea and dancung We make a slughf charge for fhus enferlaunmenf lo everyone excepfung new gurls and Fresh men The Senuor gurls acl as bug susfers a+ fhus fume each one beung assugned +o care Tor a Freshman Our organuzaluon belongs 'ro +he Bay Councul League of Girls Assocuaruons To which once a year we send our dele gales. They in +urn reporl' fo our associalion maflers of un- leresl from olher high schools aboul 'rhe bay. ll cos'r us in a lerm aboul 550.00 To cover our various acfivilies and we fake greal' pride in +he facl l'ha+ our Girls Associalion is ready in spirif and in efforf fo help puf over Gnylhing which will be a benefif +o our school. EDNA OTTO Recording Secrefary. JESSEN OTTO FEVTON Cahfornm Scholarshlp F ederatlon FRED MULHOLLAND JANE KAY NATALIE KAY NATALIE KAY ANE KAY CHARLES VWLSON Members of Clwapler 240 of llne Calnfornna Sclwolarslwnp Federallon have engoyed a very evenllul year Lasl +erm s presrdenl Fred Mullmol land gave a Halloween masquerade parfy nn l'ns home rn Cclober lvlusuc sfory lellung games dancing and relreslwmenls were all a par? ol 'rlwe eve mng program This Sprung Term Mr Regnnald F Saunders lC S F Ad vu or arranged lransporlralnon for Jrlwose members who could allend +wo C S F conferences namely 'flue Bay Sechon Dnsfruclr Meelnng al Pleas anlon and The Cenlral Regnonal S'ra're Conference al Walsonvnlle Srnce Jrlmen llne members vusnled llwe zoo and bad a swlmmung parly al Flenslw baclcer pool an San Francisco lwad an ulluslralred lallc on lns lravel IU Iceland and Norway by Mr Franlclnn Cummings and a sumular one on Swulzerland and llaly b Mr Saunders The Sprung Semosler closed wrllu a very de lolmllul parly al llwe lwome ol llwe presnden+ and v ce presndenl Jane Kay and Nalalue Kay Evelyn l-leald a C S F Sealbcarer of Jrlwe mud year class nas won a 300 sclnolarslwup lo Pomona College by means ol a compelmve examunaluon Sl'1e wall enler Pomona Colleoe nn S prember ,S V -Ja , A .b Y A 1 l ' k t 'Y YW ul . 4 I . O I . Fall '35 Spring '36 ' Presfofrc' Vlf,1'fp'Qs'Uf-P' , CHARLES ZANG A Rcccromd Sf-ffelary JOHN SUGDEN c X Fmarrla. Secw,-Qary .S yi . . I ll V ' I . - . . Y l s l - I J I ' ' J ' e l . YW' Star and Key 9 DORWARD HENDERSON ROBERT MORRNN MARIAN MVLWS MARNAN MIL 5 ESTHER HOL ERSON DF RWARD H NDERSC The Sfar and Key Socnery has held several rnreresrung meehnqs durung Jrne pasf year A+ one of 'rlne recenr meer nngs members of fhe soc:ue'ry were enferranned by Mr Gra barn of Hwe Pan Amerucan Anrways who fold us abou? 'rhe lafesf arrplanes and The roufes of Hwe Cllppers The execu rave commurfee and offlcers are planning several nnferesr :ng meehnqs for +ne ensuung year SYLVIA M058 Ednfor L. i, -'X ' R , Fall '35 Sprin '36 Pf,Kj3,3,-' f EEOwSE BUTTERE Em PM aw JUNE WOO: E R .?f, Nam y LE ' r er ' r-,-45 -aff rf ,uf 5' K, n-vu-11 EK mf'- gn 'Nh 1 'f I W U1 Clrculus Lc1t1nus g 6 ENE YN T-TEAL DORTS MTLLS CHARLES WTLSON BILL COX FOX MARTAN M L S Pxccordung To our consTrTuTron The arm oT The LaTrn Club s To promoTe Tr endshrp and a more general unTeresT rn The classucs among The l.aTun sTudenTs Thus 5 ear much To our surprise and delughT our member sh p has doubled We have had ThereTore a very success Tul Term AnoTher Thang oT which we are proud ns The TacT ThaT our club newspapcr Tempora Tounded IU I925 has been reissued aTTer a lapse oT several years P copy as qrven To each member aT each meehnq rn addrTuon To Thus a spe clal edlTuon was drsTrnbuTed To all l.aTnn classes aT The begun :ng oT The Term Each assue consrsTs oT humorous sTorues bo TThe Romans lolces and club news CHARLES WILSQN Ednor fi l i s- A ' 7- A FN . - I L C L ' ' tl ,P im-aw .Y ' 4 Q Y" ' , , 'Q' p Cf , ,, : . H ,, I ,,, V n .. .- I ll A l t 1 . ima f I L . T ,Il lf' v - O O Fall '35 Sprin '3 l c C Pwyslflr-nl Acvfk LTBBEY VZ:-Pri-5de" ALVA UBBEY . Vranfal SfArre'a V' fhl , L R'-""1'1S'-zff-var. 1 L E ,T T. . - . I . , - - l , . X l I , is dll, JM Ill I 12 5 Wm A We E1 Club Espanol EONA CONZALEZ LEONA GONLA EZ ONS ECHENBVRGER MAG-DA EN HERNANDEZ WFANETTE SOEDER LESLIE JACK ARY UATTFRSON AM ARKER g 6 The Spanush Club has meT regularly Thus year on The sec ond Thursday oT each school monTh AT all meeTungs There has been a Tull aTTendance Durung The Fall and Sprung semesTers The Tour oTTTcers oT The club have arranged Tor sunTable and varned enTerTa n menT Many oT The numbers on The programs have been Turnushed by The members Themselves OuTsTandung among Those who have onTrubuTed The1rTaTenTsThls year have been Don Jenlcnns Bull Pusher Rux Maurer and l2oberT O KeeTe A new TeaTure was unTroduced during The Sprung Term oy BITI Parlccr The Treasurer A novel membershlp cerTuTu aTe prlnTed un Spanush has been guven To each member upon The paymenT oT hus dues Thus new udea w TT undoubT edh be conhnued ln TuTure semesTers LEONA GCNZFNLC7 Ed Tor ls' 'X al f F German Club q 6 K LOT ERN E ALEXANDER QAN MTCTHE SERNTCE R TTLER TE EMA RUTH SMON -W T FQEMANN RQTH STMON The German Club consusls ol members who have lalcen German and Those who are now lalcnnq German The club offers many socual acluvuhes for Those who belong The dues are very small nn comparison wnrh all The social achvuhes fha? The club guves Hrs members Each Term There are new offlcers elecled Tor 'rhal Term Eour or Tnve meerungs a lerm are held wnh refreshmenls being served al' each meehng Each semesler The club holds several dnllerenl achvmes Tor Hrs members such as a boal rude 'ro Yeroa Buena Island an ouhnq To Lrverm re Caves and a Chrusl mas parly , all of which were held lasl Term To creale school splrul The German Club manufaclures and sells a duflerenl lond of emblem each loolball season RUTH SIMGN, Secrelary Treasurer D I A - ' ' . , Q A 2: " 6 "" ' Q- 1 n A -A f T s . , . .5-Hx 1' 7 ' 1 - , , V! , K . v xl N ! :gk-uv A T, :TJ 11 v ., 8 NN' n .,- v A J.- Q F l n Q K x . x Y, J qpnunnss- ,A' J 5 I w 4 P . YA! T , f I Fall '35 Sorin '3 DTC TER Prefdn l E. HK , , L VT' r- Pr'-mira" l -CHN -D V NN R'?',"3v"1S'?F"?' ' l JC EE T f Ffryr'Aa Sfvfrf-'HH l I .L . . . . . I . T I I . . C V 1 . Y Le Cercle Franccus 9 FRED MULHOLLAND MAXTNE NELSON DOROTHY GODFREY JUNE WOOD RUTH LUDLAM NATALIE KAY ChueT Enguneer Fred Mulholland wuTh a sTaTT composed of Marge Callenberg assusTanT enguneer DoroThy GodTrey keeper oT records RuTh Ludlam Tunance manager and Rose Marue Gage reporTer have successTully compleTed The brudge beTween Fall 35 and Sprung 36 The play Apres la Guerre and The dansanT were some oT The many achueve menTs whuch were accomplushed The new brudge exTendung Trom Sprung 36 To Fall 35 has also been compleTed Thus Tume under The able leader shup oT Maxurue Nelson The sTaTT whuch uncluded Jeanne Goggun June Wood NaTalue Kay and Evelune Pomme make possuble The successTul uounung oT The Two Terms The Cercle Francaus exTends uTs many Thanks To Those who make The success OT Thus Term possuble Good luck To TuTure buuldersll EVEUNE POMME EduTor ZDUOGIH Z . , y 1' l W o . G5 3 , , rru , . 3 . - - O ' 3' , r- u . u- . TTT . I Z I - G . TTT Q W L y . O u -. l . ' 5 A . T4 X Q P - ' . . 0 fu 5: va ,W , ' 2 S 1 5. ""' ' fo Q. , E 5' 2. rn u . - rn 1 Q- 3 ' . ' 1 K CD 4 Z . . 3 , 4 - . I L , ,-ru N. ' J' , . Z A I E V, Q . . - -2 u 1,1 8 5' u Inf. . - G3 2 l fl - u - u - Z , u . - 'Y' W3 Boys Block A SOC19tY g 6 A EX ALLOWAY PAuL Sci-mcie ALLAN rvi DONALD WALTER OTTO MJ SCPIACHT ROLAND G06-GLN SCHACH ROLAND 6066 N y NFORD EU ER STANTON BLERW H A+ no 'rime since I924 when The Block A Socieiy was s'rar+ed by Coach Qllo Rirrler has rhe sociely had such a busy Time as if had in 'rhe Fall lerm of 35 and 'rhe Spring lerm of 36 The slricl enlrance examinalion which calls for an averagc grade of C lor admilfance has had a lol 'ro do wirh rhis The morale of lhe socieiy has been very high and cue lo lhis we have been able To have many social funcfions and enlerlainmenrs Among lhe oulslanding evenls which lhe sociely par licioaled in were: giving our 75 Thanksgiving baskelsy ush- ering al loorball games and lrack meels' a 'rhree day slay ar Jrhe Russian River' Public Schools week alhlelic show' lhe orealresl Circus Alameda l-ligh ever had' Freshman boys sporls nighl' Elks circus, skaiing parry' Elks sporls nighl ano candy sale. The sccielry is also wearing lhe new blocks rhar rhe ad- rninislralive board has voled our. RQLAND GQGGIN. Recording Secrerary. 555' l as! J'N 1rls Block A SOCIETY n 6 AQHA! V wa f JP-a A A4 ARA e G Ns B ofx A was orqanlzeo lasf year un eff heaoershmp of Presnderf Aloha Krobhdc who uns aled fhe neonn na of? cers as fohows Presluen+ Bab M uan wee presueenf Mahon Dickie and seerefary Heasurer Marian Peeersen The orgamzaf on has mcreased n numbef I ac v + e ave duoed a wfaeulf Bwou A par? a Sww ar +he Vkfonnen 5 fx+h ehe Club a 'rheafe parfy ahd a dah a Une TD ro cf the dues of the sooefy oo Info resem for Charufy lhe Confeuf for 'rhe ueen of Camus Day was run off un acfnwade fash en 'ro bong over I IO Info The C cus Day funo Thus he omg fo insure a succ ssfuh Cay We w fe very pfouo +o have one of our Bfoelc A WWGVWDGVS Manoa Fe 'en ehoserf Near fha crown Fur presenf Weaou Babe Mxhan ha eo euefed u +fou awrfbccessf 'fernnevn owl aof ncx+ aerf Ura? n MARIAN PEDEQCC W Recofon CU if I- L--.- ilu: inn ilk 9 'X si STAMP CLUB INTERNATIONAL CLUB 'Kik- g unin- W f' ,....:.3,l 'U -an-as vii .1 l GIRLS GLEE BOYS GLEE T 43' wi W' ,, fx fnyzfl QQ, irq 1,1-1-.5 L .A I 94263 5 :0 1 7' Q mmf F89 BW-w li i l STUDENT PLAYERS GUILD ORCHESTRA P04 Selv- ME YJ of .2210 is A u ii -as Dil CONTINUATION GIRLS CONTINUATION BOYS -we 4.-.+,, Sword and Shleld SOC19tY q 6 RTCKARD E RKHOLM GEOR E STEPHENSON AR DE FOJN JOHN OSTERDOCK GEORGE STEPHENSON JOHNSON HALL CTARENCE KAW 'AMES WALTON The Sword and Shueld Socuefy us fhe offucers club of fhe Alameda Hugh School R OTC unuf Thus us organuzed fo uncrease effucuency of fhe cadef offucers by hayung socual gafherungs whuch allows fhe offucers fo become beffer ac guaunfed Thus club accordung fo fradufuon gave a Mulufary Ballon May I5 whuch was fhe fourfh annual ball fo be guven by fhus organuzafuor Thus successful affaur was managed by Cadef Cap aun Herberf Blaclcwell whule Faculfy Advusor Capfaun Goldman and fhe sponsors Musses Barbara Cramer Jane Ryerson Marulyn Masfuclc Dorofhy Jessen Jo Erede c Corrune Elsfer a d Gwen Maguure gave yalu ab asslsfa ce JOHNSON HALL Qecordung Secrefa ry Mcuor Johnson ln accordance wnTh The rules oT The War DeparTmenT :T becomes necessary Tor Malor l-larold S Johnson commandung oTTucer oT The R 0 T C To be relueyed oT hrs local com mand The Three years h has served our hugh school unuT The organzzahon has de yeloped and mannTauned an excellenf morale The Tune presence and personal1Ty oT The oT The :deal Amerxcan clTlzen and soldier IT as wrTh The deepesT regreT ThaT The ng school TaculTy and all The sTudenTs bud good oye To The magor BuT They wnsh hum God speed and all good Thungs ThaT should come To The True genTleman major has given To The R.0.T.C. an example . . H h ,. is 5 fi ,fi 53? PK, 1. Q A HEAD-D,.xD'g BAN COMPANY A 1 " En my nd im f N19 ei? ,. I G.. J, 71 'lfui f:-iff: lm! 55553 MEL: ,yin ids?-I VY. gr, ii? 5 'wc 2:24 F2325 11:19 ,- . 5, if YQEQZE VST .',.,-. 79:51 The R1fle Team Showung dushncl' xmprovemenl over lasf year 'rhe Ala meda l-llgh school rnfle feam promises fo bring new laurels +o +he school an rhe course of lhe nexl 'rwo or 'rhree years In fhe Nnnfh Corps area our +eam las+ year placed 28'rh Thus year due To 'rhe splendud work of some of +he new men as well as Improved worlc by 'rhe older fhe feam placed I Hh an 'rhe Corps area confesl' Since any leam placung I5+h or beH'er receuves special recognlhon our ream fhus year was granfed one half posnr on fhe area honor school rahno Mayor Johnson and Sergeanf Boyer are conhdenf +ha+ wnfh 'rhe adduhon of four promnsung freshmen Wallace Allan Ted Keremnfsus Eugene Powell and Earl Shuberr 'rhe 'ream will go places Ten men who sho+ an 'rhus year s compehhon wull be In lhe feam for several years To come Our ream of l93I I+ wall be recalled won 'rhe nahonal champuonshup 5 1 The Non Coms Club 9 GEORGE POWELL CON M KEAN JACK DARMS DICK GENMZY ACK DARMS EICK GENTR The oTTicers oT The Non Coms Club Tor The Spring were elecTed as Tollows SergeanTlv1alor Donald McKean chie clerlc Richard GenTry provosT sergeanT Gordon Dean Due To The TacT ThaT SerqeanT McKean was promoTed To a lieu TenanT he became ineligible Tor oTTice SergeanT C-3enTry was elecTed To This oTTice and SergeanT Doran replaced Ser geanT GenTry as chieT clerlc The main business oT The Tei m I was The revising oT The old consTiTuTion The new consTiTu Tion provided Tor Three addiTional oTTucers who were elecT ed as Tollows color sergeanT SerqeanT Bedinqer mess ser geanT SerqeanT VenTon and sergeanT oT The guard Cor- poral BryanT. The social evenTs oT The Term were in con- iuncTion wiTh The Sword and Shield SocieTy. They were: A picnic, a swim, and a Leap Year parTy conducTed by l-lon- orary CapTain DoroThy Jessen. This by Tar was The ouTsTand- Eng social evenT oT The Term. DUN MCKEAN, President M ww'-'WM .uu-QQIUW' 1-4-5- 3 EM I lsiffwx Q f ,sf:',":eg ' +. fn., 1 - .-, ,. I . '21 1 . 's .gf . . vffoff. , 6 . . 'Q Doris Dickenson RITTLER Our Coaches A rc uch pers as on on lhc parr of lhe Acorn slall our Phys Eo men consenred o have heir p crures 'ralen r s ion iha r indi :dual r co ds and persona: i w cwn o lne sludenls 3 h culled in special slr ll lh sc rn n conslnlule a corps ol coaches of which A a meca l-l ch is prouo Udo Rirrle well lnovvn veler ri 1 lh realm oi sporl dom heads rho group l-las rccoro resls in The hosl of suc cesslul a+hleres vvhom he has dcvclop all o whom holo him in high rega d Carl Young has devoled much 'rme and allenrion ro correclive worlc and his achievemerfs have earned lhe erernal grarirude ol many boys who have been be-nelnled by his sympafhehc care and allenhon Chris Freeman famous 'loolball slar has been 'rhe coach logelher wirh Carl Young of our varsily foolball Teams These men have mainfained a line morale despife 'rhe hand: Caps and discouragemenrs which seem lo hound Thar sporl. Lewis Jolley has been especially successful in his 'rraclc 'reams of recenr years. l-lis Jrraclc records are a pride ro our school. Vergil Gilcrease our lalesr acguisilion has eslablished himself as a versarile compefenl ins+ruclor in baslcelball foorball, golf and ofher sporls. l-lere's +o lhe coaches! YOUNG JOLLEY FREEMAN GILCREASE ZBUOOIPI 07 VARSITY FOOTBALL M Varslty Football Prachce Games Alameda Tamalpaus Alameda PuedmonT Alameda PIT sburg Alameda Ruchmond Alameda SI' Marys Alameda Hayward Alameda Berkeley Alameda sTarTed uTs I935 TooTball season wuTh hugh hopes wunnung by laroe scores uTs TursT Two prac:Tuce games In The A C A L The I-lorneTs were less TorTunaTe alThough They played Two very good games Alameda 0 Ruchmond Alameda was The only A C A I. Team whuch held Ruchmond The TasT Quler Team was held To a scoreless Tue by drenchung raun gumbo mud and a hard TughTung I-lorneT eleven Alameda 0 Berkeley Durung The closung munuTes OT Tlus game The Alameda varsuTy had The ball wuThun unches OT The Berlfeley goal lune Three Tumes lvlany ThoughT The ball v as carrued over The l ne on These plays Among The OUISTGHAIUQ players OT The Alameda varsuTy were CapTaun George Rudeaux WalT r I-Iusung Sam Rodenborn Wullard Ihau lvlaruo Fernardez John CoTella ErnesT Pereura and Don lvlorgan Class B Football Alameda 0 San Leandro Alameda I4 Oakland Alameda 26 RoosevelT 0 Alameda 0 Berkeley Among The sTars OT Thus Team were Bull Pusher Bob I-laden Kazumu Son aaa Allan McDonald and Bob fxhapnna I . , 1 ' - . . , T' '-55 i , , Is . O V I X Qi .,"xVmm. .N K A., aff, , ss T' TQ: Raw- Clair Yang Swrwr' C-safrgk See-1 cCJ"o,gh Ma. Lamghfa- V,u.r-rg Cgyfa My Pnygy Mig: S5 rp, px X 3 M-,gy N9 ,- 5,.,,, AL Wren' C ,,, .1 R,4lC,D,T., BMT, RTA, ya, , 35 Diff-P Huswu R uf-31 Sfvrvs P-wars Ira, 0 ' A. C. A. L. I4 ' 6 0 ' 35 ZI 'T 0 0 ' , 0 0 . ' 6 6 I4 0 I3 X I J . . . . ., , . ' o u u I3 u , , , I v ' I . , U. ' . . . 9 . . . I I Y I Y I ' 6 0 , 46 I I - I . , u V.. - l"'. ,L 1? nfl 5.4 RESERVE FOOTBALL D os 1 M s 45 0 w N 33 za Rose N3 K s Wa a rv' CLASS B FOOTBALL 3 3 v fv H 1 Wa 'WCS an-, 1.44. 4'-if' w J LL 415' nw ,....--- 'WSW L-Wil 4 VARSMY TRACK CLASS B AND C TRACK Varslty Track DUAL MEETS 'X C A L Track Mee+ Nor+h Coas+ Meef fffi Cl 4 GJ md uw W sf am QL? mche T Wf QWQVQ QP 44 , Wm QV W U r L yard dash dvd 220 ye OOSHGS was 5 orc af pomf Cdlecfof Archae BJ -4 Sv fmd Russo' Pe Us +A H W arc he A D PriV1QOVTW C uc S Harb? cmd OMG was a fcfam +C Q sea Ov fmmm4Tr1C rc fix fw M mode mclucj P 4 HM A C Gfacuafc v R 'awcxmpf mor WWJEC1 fV1dCc3U!6X 8 O yawn fur Shafs M Cho 1 emo Sam Yaqw We C wad ump W C P 'udor fc TUC mem' Fvameoa V N + . 'A'i'VC"1f1 44 , , , ., .. 1,.,,,:: I : l'.1' f"f.1 ' Vpwt ig ' 1""1,: -I' .l. L' ,'f,". 24 41 5 f. if il lf ,. Lf . In N . , A4 ,,,,H , l, A. f,', ,, Q Ulf" x 2 ' 1' , L15 'Lu' fl? LJWK C11 ' xr 1' Qi!" 's , fff,-9F3"" ' if .-'ff ' "S ' 'N M r , iyw11:,.1f,4 " ' P- A 1 "" 1- 11 "1fL'1,'f1" 1 A fc: A 'Q M, H ' 1' gf f"'fAC1VC' fuuiils fx' 5,1 K vi: 'NQQIV ., f-A " TM-va' "'C-f Tv VVE1 m -,, M lm 775 , A , , :, J . A . W ,, ,, ,A Q ,, L-, ,WU , , W S:?mcHM1'wc1Q'11 N ,fo v.'MC"Q 4' Wi- Q0 METC Viv M:'0 GQ' -Vi 'Cf f,m,, V fi Vim! 51, ly, ,. , 1g Q, ', .,1C,r.,y 'pm 5. Nt, 256.5 KV ,VQ,mL-5 ,kd 4 ,.' ,VA ,d,w'N4. 4 4 :N up 237. SUN Y f 'U 'H .F . CH Mp Q 1 M, Cfu jumpiriq 22 fv- IO I S' C ' R O , W n We NC "fv.asNa".ff'ms ,ff ' PE G VF 'ne WO . X, rg - 5 ' . ' fm V l U if wcff-51 wavs Cf 'N' .p of T C1 f' W A ,nxoa f !' 1 ,f E Vf, 3-'Xi251f'fC', rg' ' X A C- ,J W. 1 l ,f W' fm-V3 sxyv K . X. wp 1 . JNL. . . f Y - H +5 Q U '6'4Ci1CCVC Q L p w H wo Pefefsfn vfc E , F We 23 ' . 2 J' In NE . f1f"'f'1f?x- ' F A i 'e.,7.y. VARSITY BASEBALL Baseball Qlro Rrfrler veferan baseball coach of Alameda I-hgh 'rurned oul a well framed bul rnexperrenced nine 'rhrs season The boys won 7 our of I2 praclr ce games and 'roolc second pIace rn Ihe A C A L Roland Gogqrn ours an uno sourhpaw prrcher and Bob Wrrgh+ are bofh gradualrrnq y harles Souza Jr Ienrecl prrcher wrIl playf no more baseball for fAIam a en her I-owever 'rhe resl of Ihe Team wall be bac' nexr year and a sr eng I-Iornel nine rs expeclred CLASS B BASEBALL AIame-ca S+ Joseph Alameoa Alame a Alameda Alameoa SI Mary s I-hah S+ Joseph Allendale I-Iayfward The ou sran rg players of Ihrs Ieam whrch lor on game were Parmer Fr clce V r az a Ihornas Wolverlon Fish ard B rqold Alame a Aam a Alameoa Alameda Alameoa Alameda ACAL Bcrlceleyf I-Iayfwar I Rrchmond Berkeley I-layfwaro 6 Richmond s Y . " , ,'I' ,Q VK W L QHIIIQ, IR ' y '- A' I Q 'I y fx II . I . 5' v I ,gl ' I' I B Q , lx in law 'Q ., X Q is y lf r, , X r is 5 I ' FUN. . , ' ' ia , A , q , . . - aim. b M 4. ' ' . -, ' . ' eg 5 Q I . . "' ' - . 1 x 54 ' VJ' SJ?"-: . I' "p, F":x We verb' 7 '. I N' A ' If An-J'1f' S r ' Ds- f- rc- Jr- wf Y, r 4- f rw' Ria RH V su- or--rr s ,V Ill" ., fn' ' fi I' Bw' Frfsv Rnw Mglrlm' Cr:.4qr" Ik. R'-H O B 'del Wnr':-. I I I I , A , . y. . . . . . . ' , " I o J , . . J , CI ' , I . l . x I GC ' . I , rl l ,F A . . , . . as ll I 7 . 5 I 8 ' 'AA 'Q I e I ! . ' 4 , I' cai ,' 1 ' ' . s I I rn fw 7 h 'wr In y , , X. rr 4. , -I , , rc., cl 5 A I M as f N.fyJ N. . I 2 ' 2 ff I 5 I - I r""l ..--f- I Lf VARSITY SWIMMING MA UF VARSITY CREW F14 1--s Dwarf YC' ,ar- 49' 'vi hr? 1 . L 1 La fy: , ' .1 4 Q, V 1 52. A 5 5' . , ' if . buf . 1 1:-'I , Jifil' V Q23 . Q 3 - A 'uf' ig! l 1 sa is u "' P . 25, , . 3:35. .- af: ' dw +V l ' ' ' ' -- . . A-, 323.1 Z, - f k ' Q, I - Q l Sidi . ' K . Z , x , M I Y 'f 'Q w 1 . 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