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H E A C O R 1933 VOLUME XXXIV PUBLISHEDBY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA For the past few years each succeeding ACORN has been of a stereotyped pattern with little change being effected from year to year. In this issue, how- ever, in accordance with the spirit of the 'inew deal we have revolutionized the annual completely. We have created an ACORN new and modernistic in every respect. We hope that it meets with your approval. Here it is!! MR. BURTON DICATIO To the late James H. Burton, affectionately known as Jim,', member of the Alameda High School faculty for a score of years until his recent death, this annual is gratefully dedicated. Jim instruct- ed in the industrial department and contributed substantially to the growth of that branch of our activities. In his years of service he impressed upon all who knew him the attractiveness of his char- acter, his complete democracy, and a cheerfulness of voice and spirit always to be remembered. Ala- meda High School and the community will cherish his memory. ADMINISTRATIQN wr -1-J. , if 3122 Y .1 ,I ik 131. is E ' 'ik K q, E 1 , ina - zzf,:,.1,fh.g:.,u fm- 5 FE 555 , fi 1 :,,I :i i - ,,,' I ' Pioneering I CONGRATULATE the boys and girls of the Alameda High School that they are living in this age, when the old order is passing and they have an opportunity of helping establish the new. I have always envied the pioneers. They made history. It is only the pio- neers that ever do make history. All empire westward takes its flight. Conser- vatism is apt to be only another word for timidity and self-complacency. Prog- ress comes through the brave souls that always look beyond and are never satisfied -eager souls, dreaming of perfection, whose reach exceeds their grasp, as Browning puts it. But no pioneering is ever done except by the spirit of youth, and to the youth of the world there opens up today a new opportunity for adventure. We have con- stantly heard that the whole social order as well as the economic order is chaotic. But scientists tell us that our universe is a constantly expanding one, with new . DR. THOMPSON worlds beyond. In the world of the mind and of the spirit the process of development is yet in its infancy. We cannot again land at Jamestown or at Plymouth Rock. No longer are we called upon to fight our way across the hostile plains to the Golden West. But more glorious and unexplored territory in the realm of Science, Art, Literature, and Service to mankind challenges us. What our social adjustment will be is a matter of conjecture, but we do know that the new call is for an age that gives to every man and every woman what our forefathers hoped for, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-an ideal which is well-nigh forgotten at this time. To win demands courage, faithfulness, and a new search for truth. May we all unite in a new spirit of pioneering and blaze the trail which will lead ultimately to individual and national happiness. Glori- ous youth, the future is yours. You must win and win nobly. Your motto must ever be the Latin proverb, Inveniam viam aut faciam, - I will find a way or make one. Rejoice that the quest is unending! To the ACORN staff and the faculty members assisting, to the senior classes which they represent and to their able advisor, Dr. Paul Vigness, I extend my appreciation for the publication of such a splendid edition of our Annual. GEORGE C. THOMPSON, WINSOR WHITE BEACH GUSLANDER BURBANK A. S. A. H. S. Fall ,32 THE FALL administration of ,32 brought before the student body a diversified brand of entertainment. In a more serious vein of thought We heard speeches from Brother Leo of St. Mary,s, who spoke on Barbarianism, and Dr. Walter Merritt, who spoke on his travels in Russia. We also heard less formal talks by Major McReady and Rufe Klawans. Among the musical programs We were entertained by Del Courtneyis Orchestra and several not- able singers, the one probably best remembered being Mr. George Sheller, an Alameda alumnus. Student talent was represented in selections by Walter Grazzini, Alexa Coney, Grieg McRitchie, and James Alexander. One of the outstanding events of the term was a foot- ball rally at the Alameda Theatre on the eve of the Pied- mont game. On the whole the Fall term of 1932 may be considered an outstanding success-one long to be remembered. CORBIN BURBANK, Recording Secretary. BOYS' JU. BOARD FALL '32 Helmstcin, Beach, Skinner, Vermillion, Colburn, Benton, Lubbock, Guslander. GIRLS' JU. BOARD FALL '32 Nason, Galvin, Craig, Otto, Wessel, Fitzsimmons, Andrus, White, Giffen, Ullner, Goheen. McKay-Crnlfr V f J ' 1 1 1 f , :JJ I jx! . 'v ,I . I1 '.rl,Kf, 1 TRAFFIC COMMITTEE FALL ,32 Bark row: Miller, Pete, Gil- man, Cooper, Burwell. Cenler row: Dobbins, Loebl, Ander- son, Helmstein, Evatt, We- chesser, Monroe. Fran! row Pond, Barker, Gee, Wilson Staricco, Frombolo, Booth. ifwrri 1 ui I GUSLA 9511 CRAIG HALLINAN IS Jvj HELMSTEIN A. Spring 1933 AFTER A closely contested election for the presidency and other stu- dent body offices, the following members of A. S. A. H. S. were seated: Lyle Guslander, presidentg Margaret Craig, vice-presidentg Homer Helmstein, recording secretaryg Jack Hallinan, financial secretary, and Donn Smart, yell leader. The meetings of the term had variety and at times educational quality. The student body had the honor of presenting such outstanding men as Colonel John R. White, superintendent of Sequoia National Park, Dr. Thomas McQuarrie, president of San Jose State Teachers College, and Professor Watson of the California Institute of Technology Who gave a most interesting lecture with experiments on liquid air. Bill Miller and Ben Eastman, both of Stanford University and each an Olympic Games star, were also present at a meeting. Due to the conditions of the time and as an experiment, student cards were reduced from seventy-five cents to fifty cents. This reduction was met with great approval by the student body. The student-talent day was a complete success due to the fact that much unknown talent was discovered. The student-faculty committee, which arranges student meetings, functioned smoothly under the leadership of Mrs. Hunter. HOMER HELMSTEIN, Recording Secretary. -Nei 10 BOYS' JU. BOARD SPRING '33 Back row: Spees, Durney, Skinner, Marcum, Eggers. Front row: Lindsey, Rogers, Beach, London, Burbank. GIRLS' JU. BOARD SPRING '33 Bark row: Green, Townsend, Andrus, Ono, Favier. Front row: Von Schmidt, Ramsey, Kahl, Siegfried, Cadman. 3 yt' , TRAFFIC COMMITTEE SPRING '33 Bark row: Miller, Huff, Cooper, Pete, Hasselgrcn, Paetz, Leacham, Burwell, Cenlrr row: Dobbins, Roby Loebl, Anderson, Helmstein, Evatt, Wechesser, Monroe, Steinberg. Front row: Pond Bottarini, Barker, Gee, Wil- son, Staricco, Frombnlo Booth, Sundberg. , r . X x p 2 , ' ? 'f ' A ef M Wa. f- gg , L,V,q,fQ K ,V f ' 'W' 7 -f H-' f- ,, f:.:.W'M'M-I L Q -14922 3 if U 1.1 Li -mr' A-' wg - ' ew I ,, ' - . ,, .vw . mf- . Q- IW F h-'iw fx A rv ,ff Hifi f ' f A - 4 '26 1 3 E vb ef Hgxxj x 9 mn., 4. mi BEACH VIGNESS BURBANK ROGERS HARRIS corn Staff Editor ...,......,..,,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,...........,,,..,,,,,,,.,,,, Corbin Burbank Assistant Editore. ....,,,, ,,,,,,7,,, B art Harris Assistant Editor ...,,,..,, ,,,,,,,.,, Z elda Long Assistant Editor .,,,,,...A ,,A,,,,,.. J ean Favier Art Editor ,,,...,.,,,, ..,..,.,,.,.,,, Donn Smart Sports Editor .,.,.,s, .,,,,s.,,,,,,,,,7 G ordon Paetz Girls, Sports ..,s I s,,..s.,.,,.ss,,.s,.r....r,,,ss,,,s Marjorie Zimmerman BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager rr.,......,,.r,..,,,,,.. r.,r,r,,,..,,,r,,,r,,,,r,,, J oe Beach Assistant Business Manager ,...,,..,,,. ,, ,,,,,,,r,.., ,Stephen Rogers Iokes Cartoons ,,r7,r,r Sketches ,,,,.,,,....,... I n forinals ,,v,..,.....,,,,, Advertiseinents-,,,,,,,,. Activities .,,,..,,.,.,.. Athletics ,..,.,..,,, Organizations .,..r,, Classes ..,,,........,,,,,,,,, Aolrninistration ,...,.., Title ,,s..,.,....,,.., CONTRIBUTORS Herman McKinney Love ARTISTS ,,----..--..Donn Smart .-.,,.,--.-.,,-,,Louis Heid ,, ,..,,.,...,.... Ed. Anderson -.-,,,,,,Martin Provenson ,,,,,,,,,---.Rosetta Clark Angus Robertson ,,...,.Louise McC1use -....,,,,Jean Du Bose .-,,,,.-Dudley Zoller J ZIMMERMAN 4 IJSMART FAVIER LONG .X SMART GOHEEN DESCH HOOPER EDILN DOWNER DOWNER SCHWARTZE H' I1 S ' Cl lg 2l1101' GSS OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, ,H ,lack Desch ......,,,..., ,,,,.,,, . ,President ,,,,,,,,,,, N,,,,,,,, D ick Downer Madeline Goheen ,,,,,,, ,.Y,.,,,,, V ice-President ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,.... B etty Eden Rita Downer ,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,..,,, R ecording Secretary ,.,., , ,,,,,..,.. Douglas Hooper Donn Smart ,,....,, ,,,.... F immcial Secretary ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,, Karl Schwartze Joe Beach ..,,..... .Y..,,,,,,,,,,,, Y ell Leader ,,,,,,,,...., ,, ,,,,, ,Beverly Randall Doris Galvin ,,,.... Administrative Board, ., ,,,.,,.,,,, Doris Galvin Lyle Guslander ,,,,,,, ,- ..,,,, Administrative Boardi .. ,...,,,, Lyle Guslander Dick Downer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,, Aihninistralive Boarzlu ..,.,...,,,, W ,,,,Dick Downer WE FINISH but to begin. How true this is. We finish one task, only to be confronted with another of equal if not greater importance. So it is with the graduating class of June '33. Our four years as students of the Alameda High School are rapidly coming to a close, and We are now giving serious thought to what we will do in the future. Training in Alameda High School has equipped us with the ability to meet many of the serious problems of life, and we, one and all, Want to give a vote of thanks to the faculty. In our freshman year we were led by Bill Brock and Terry Hackett. Joe Beach and Margaret Craig were chosen in our sophomore year as presidents. This year we held a Soiree, which was Very successful. When we graduated to the rank of upper classmen we chose Joe Beach and Dick Downer to lead us through our junior year in which We presented the Colonial Prom. This proved to be a big success, financially and socially. At last, in the rank of the high and mighty seniors, we elected Jack Desch and Dick Downer as presidents. This year We have presented with equal success, 'iThe Admirable Crichton , The Kermess, and the Senior Ball. VIRGINIA BROWN, Editor. 1 5 BETTY VI MORSE- Bet International Clubg Student Players Guildg Star and Kcyg French Club: To U. of C. JOSEPH CAGWIN BEACH- Buzz Pres., 2a, 3ag Yell Leader, la, 4ag ASAHS Yell Leader S'32g ASAHS Fin. Secty., F'32g Ad Board '30, 'Hg Pres. Ju. Board 'Hg French Clubg Busi- ness Mgr. ACORN '33g Varsity Track and Foot- ballg Block Ang Student Faculty Comm.g To Stanford University. HOWARD R. GRIMES Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. DORIS TOWNSEND ju Board '33. EMILY E. OVERHOLTZER International Clubg Latin Clulng G. A. A: Editor 4a. JAMES WALTER PRATT- lim Latin Clubg To U. of C. HANS SYDNEY HANSEN Radio Clubg Electricity Clubg Scniorpheum. EILEEN HORST Star and Keyg German Clubg G. A. A.g Vice- President Sag Senior Play '32g Sponsor ROTCg Sword and Shield. MILDRED LIKENS- Millie Star and Keyg Recording Secretary, 3bg French Clubg International Clubg Operetta '31g Senior Ball Committee. CYRIL WOOD Latin Clubg Star and Keyg Track '33g Decathlon Winner '32g Tribune Marathon. ADOLPH ADRAGNA Block Ang Baseball Varsityg Glee Clubg Track. DOROTHY BORDEN JOSEPHINE MIGUEL Star and Keyg International Club. WARREN SMITH- Smitty Swimmingg Star and Kcyg Latin Clubg To U. of C. 17 ELIZABETH GHIGLIAZZO junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. j. EVAN SKELLY- Ego Sword and Shieldg Non Com Clubg Latin Club Debating Societyg International Clubg Editor , '33 Reveille' '30g Constitution Committee julean Arnold Debateg To U. of Chicago. RUSSELL HUNTER- Rust Spanish Clubg Senior Play '32g Oak Leaf Staff '32g International Club. LOIS HALL From Washington High, Los Angeles. BETTY EDEN French Clubg Spanish Clubg Vice-President, 4bg ju Board 'Hg To U. of C. STEPHEN .JOHN ROGERS+ Slf'1.'t ' Ju Board 'Hg Mgr. Senior Ball 'Hg Assoc Bus Mgr. ACDRN 'Hg French Club: Star and Key: Tennisg Track '32g Senior Play 'J2g From Berke- ley Highg To U. of C. RICHARD TERRY I-IACKETT President, Ibg Ju Board '32g Ad Board '29g Track '29g Senior Play '32g Star and Keyg Crew, EILEEN MERLE FOULDS International Cluhg French Clubg Tennis. MARGARET ELEANOR EDWARDS International Clubg Latin Clubg G. A. and Key. A.g Star ANTHONY CAMISA Basketball Varsity '33. GERALD ROY PRAGER- jerry Swimmingg Junior Prom Committee. JUNE MARIE SWANSON Senior Play '32g Latin Clubg International Clubg Star and Key: C. S. F. VIOLA PERETTI- Vi Beaux Art Clubg G. A. A.g Operetta 'Hg Constitution Committee. MINORU IWAHASHI- Mi11 Track 'Hg Block A, 18 OLIVE FISHER G. A. A.g Seniorpheumg Star and Key. PHELPS EULER Track 4 Yearsg Block Ang 4 Star HA . JOHN HAROLD PETERSON Spanish Clubg Star and Kcyg To U. of C. FLORENCE WILKINSON GENEVIEVE PERATA Opererra '30, '31. LEWIS BOYD ADAMS Track '32, '33: Golfg Bcaux Art Clubg Star and Keyg Tribune Marathon '32. C. LEONARD DOWNER, JR. Star and Keyg C. S. F.3 Decathlon Winner '32. DAVID A. IRVING Swimming '29g Track '3J. WILLIAM J. WADSWORTH- Cecil,' Sword and Shield, Non Com Clubg International Cluhg ROTC. IEVELYN BELLE ARMSTRONG Girl Reservesg G. A. A.g Glee Clubg Latin Clubg Operetta '32, '33g Eurydice Club. RITA EDNA DOWNER Spanish Clubg International Clubg Star and Keyg Vice-President, 3bg Recording Secretary, 4ag Opererra '31g G. A. A. WESLEY WARREN WALKER Crewg Star and Keyg Concert Bandg Circus Day Committeeg Winner Arnold Forum 'Hg From Casrlemonr High agxuxillwfx. M ARK WILLIAM BATTERSBY Swimmingq Crewg International Cluhg Yell Leader, 4ag Seniorpheum 'ilg Orchestra: To U. of C. JOHN THOMAS BROSNAN- lark French Clubg Spanish Clubg St. Mary's High. 19 ly..- ROBERT LLOYD MCFATE- Bob Basketball l1O'sg Star and Key. VALEDA MAY SXVEENEY Operettag G. A. A. ANALINDA HASKINS Ann HORACE GERALD CAMPBELL Star and Keyg C. S. F.g From Oakland High WILLIAM R. REID Bill Block Ang Football Varsity '31, '32g Baseball 1l0's and Varsityg Basketball Varsity '31, ,32, 'Hg Basketball 110's '30. KATSUE DOROTHY IWAIHARA- Dot DOROTHY FERN JOHNSON Operetta 'Sly G. A. A., Star and Key. RUDOLPH SAND Footballg Tennis: Non Com Club. SHELTON MCMILLAN Football '3 2 3 From Polytechnic High, San Fran- cisco, California. AURELIA M. BECK From St. Ceryrudes, Santa Clara, Calif. CATHERINE MARIE BOLLA- Diddy French Club. HAROLD A. WESCOTT Senior Play Committeeg Senior Ball Committccg From Del Norte High, Crescent City, Calif. FRANK O. BEHRMAN Aviation Clubg From Vallejo High, Vallejo, California. MARY ESTHER RAINEY G. A.g G. A. A.g Seniorpheum '29, '30, Girl Re- serves 3 Crewg Swimming. 20 MARGARET CRAIG ju Board '32g President, Zbg Ad Board '32, '33: House Committeeg Student Faculty Committee '33g Vice-Pres. ASAHS S'33g French Clubg Latin Clubg Star and Keyg Operctta '31g Ridingg To U. of C. BART HARRIS Assoc. Editor ACORN 'Hg Editor Oak Leaf '32g Editor Reveille 'llg French Clubg Inter- national Clubg Debating Societyg Non Com Clubg To U. of C. RICHARD I-'IELDING DOVVNER- Dick Baseball '29, '30, '31g Track '33g President, 4b, Sbg President C. S. F.g Spanish Clubg Manager Senior Play '32g Star and Keyg Ad Board '32, I '33g Constitution Committeeg To California Col- lege of Agriculture. DOROTHY STARRICO ALMA TEDDY VAN NIEL- Ted International Clubg G. A, A.g Swimming. JOHN HERMAN LOVE Crewg Football '32g Art Clubg Operetta '32, '33. JOHN E. HALLINAN'- lurk ASAHS Fin. Sec. 'Hg Editor Oak Leaf '32q Senior Play '32g Editor i'Reveille '3lg Sword -' and Shieldg Spanish Clubg Debating Societyg I 7 Non Com Clubg Ad Board '33g Student Faculty VM, Committee 'Hg To U. of C. ' A 4 V K VA-A ,vig AUDREY NURICK Hf,.L4' 1 MARY CAROL HILL Spanish Club, Oak Leaf Staff 'Hg Senior An- nouncement Committee. WILLIAM HOOD BIRCH- Bill Aviation Clubg Non Com Clubg Sword and Shieldg Rifle Team. Q, . G .. WILLIAM WOODWARD- Hap Interclass Basketball. MARIE PETRA I-IERNANDEZ- Pal G. A. A.g Spanish Clubg International Clubg Star and Key. BETTY MA IE AND 21 Pres.i.den41?gu. oarajjg Star and Keyg Student Facultyxfom ' , rewg Seniorpheum '29g Operefta 3g International Clubg Spanish Club. MORRIS CLELAND- Mo Debating Societyg Latin Clubg French Clubg Non Com Clubg Sword and Shieldg Star and Keyg C. S. F.g ROTCg To U. of C. Ea..- FLORENCE GERTRUDE HOLLYWOOD ERWIN I. STRONG Rifle Team. PAUL L. FREEMAN-- Vilapbone Baseballg Operetta 'Mg International Clubg man Clubg Glee Clubg Non Com Club. Ger- HELEN HOWE Latin Clubg French Clubg C. S. Operetta '31. RUTH ALICE FARRELL Tennisg C. S. F.g Operetta 'Hg Star and Keyg Girl Reservesg International Club: G. A. A. IRVING ARVID PETERSON Block Ang Crewg Rifle Teamg HERMAN RAY MCKINNEY- MHC Aviation Clubg International Clubg Student Players Guilclg Debating Society: Editor Re- veille' '30g Constitution Committeeg Non Com Club. KATHRYN VICTORIA CURRIE F.g Star and Keyg Non Com Club. Star and Keyg Latin Clubg Tennisg Debating So- Cietyg International Clubg G. A. A. VIRGINIA RUTH HYGELUND German Clubg G. A. A. JACK GREIG International Clubg Non Com Clubg Sword and Shieldg junior Prom Comm.g Senior Ball Comm. JAMES PETERSEN BETTY REEVES MCCLINTOCK y -' Star and Keyg International Clubg Latin Clubg G. A. A.g Golfg Tennisg C. S. F.g Swimming. ELIZABETH LOUISE ROSCHITSCH Operettag G. A. A. HARRY L. BRANCHAUD Ice Hockey. X 22 RAYMOND ALFRED BOKIELUND- Ray KASSIE SPANGLER- Kass Seniorpheum '32g junior Prom Comm.g Circus Dance Committee. CONSTANCE NORDEN To U. of C. KARL GUSTAV SCHWARTZE- Emil Football Varsity '31, '32g Track '31, '32, '33g Fin. Sec. 4bg Operetta '33g Ad Board '3l. NORBERT W. KING Glee Clubg Trackg Seniorpheum. MARJORIE ZIMMERMAN- Murge Rec. Sec. 2ag Vice'Pres. zbg Ad Board '32g Star and Keyg International Clubg Spanish Clubg Latin Clubg Sword and Shieldg Sponsor ROTCQ Oak Leaf Staff '32g Senior Play '52g ACORN Staff 'Mg G. A. A. ALTA MAE MIDDLESWORTH Latin Clubg French Clubg International Clubg Star and Keyg Senior Play 'azg Student Players Guildg To Mills College. JOSEPH BALDWIN- joe Operetta '33. JESS LAWRENCE BOTELHO Swimmingg Radio Club. BETTY FUDGE Senior Play '32. EOLA LOUISE PEARSON International Clubg Senior Play Committee. WILLIAM CAMERON ROBERTSON- Bill Latin Clubg Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg Inter- national Club, ALVIN LUHR MARGARET R. GLOVER C. S. F.g Star and Keyg Latin Clubg Euryclice Club: To U. of C. 23 MATT CONNELLY Basketball, Trackg Latin Club, Star and Key, Senior Ball Committeeg From East High, Salt Lake City, Utah. ELEANOR VIOLET HAGERSTROM International Club, G. A. A.g Spanish Club. Donaisf. ISLIELLER Beaux Art Club, International Club, Oak Leaf Staff '32g Speedballg From Burlingame High. J. ALEX Cl-IRISTENSEN Non Com Clubg International Club, Crew, To U. of C. PAUL J. HOEKENGA C. F. S.g Star and Key: German Club, Debating Society, Non Com Clubg ROTC Band, Concert Band. YOSHIKO NAK ATAf Yo FADELMA BENICIA PARKER- Dell Star and Key, Spanish Club, Seniorpheum '30. WILLIAM EDWARD WI-IELAN Crew '32. '33, TAKESHI YAMASHITA- Tuk CATHERINE DOLORES RATTO- Diddy Beaux Art: G. A. A. MARGUERITE KAJNVARA- Marge ROBERT G. PETERSEN- Bob Baseball ll0's and l30'sg Basketball ll0'sg Oak Leaf Staff '53, Rec. Secty. 2a. ALEC LUNARDI Baseball '29g Football Varsity '32g Block A g Track '33. ELEANOR FREDERICKSON- Sufenska Star and Key, Flower Show Comm.g From Castle- mont High, Oakland, Calif. -Nfl 24 OLGA MARTA BOSE Student Players Guildg International Club. CARL YEAGER Football. JAMES F. O'BRIEN-- jim Football l30'sg Baseball Varsity. LOUISE SHANAHAN G. A. A.g Tennisg Baseballg Glee Clubg G. A.g Speedball. ELLEN LORRAINE ALLSTEAD Girl Reservesg C. S. F.g G. A. A.g Sports. YOSHIHARU R. INOUYE-- Yo:b Baseballg Tracltg Non Com Club. JAMES W. BUXTON- Iimmie Baseballg To Healds. ESTHER VIRGINIA COOPER Latin Clubg International Clubg Girl Reservesg French Clubg G. A. A. ROSETTA CLARK From Whittier High. CLAUDE MERRILL WILLIAM HENRY JENKINS- Bill International Clubg Spanish Club. BETTY E. STALEY G. A. A.g Glee Clubg Operetta 'Z-05 Eurydice Club. VERA DE BERNARDI G. A. A.g Basltetballg Girl Reservesg Radio Clubg Graduated December '32. DOMINIC JOHN CAVALLO Star and Keyg International Clubg Non Com Clubg Sword and Shieldg Senior Play '32g C. S. FJ French Clubg To U. of C. 25 Java-- DORIS IRENE GALVIN Vice-Pres. lb, zbg Ad Board '32, '33, Ju Board '325 Senior Play '325 Seniorpheum '32, French Clubg ROTC Sponsor, Sword and Shield. CORBIN BURBANK ASAHS Rec. Secty. F '32g Winner Forum De- bate '32, Ad Boardg Ju Board 'Sig Student Faculty Comm. '32, Constitution Comm.q Foot- ball l30'sg Star and Key, Editor ACORN '33, To U. of C. I . V' DONN EDWARD SMART A ' 'V-7Qf 3'4f ASAHS Yell Leader S'33g Beaux Art Clubg Foot- ballg Rec. Secty., Zag Fin. Secty., 4ag Senior Play, Art Editor Acomsr '33, Student Faculty Committee '33g Ad Boardg To U. of C. ANNA ANITA VVEERTS- Ann Glee Club, Operetta '30g Eurydice Club. ANNA MARIE WALLIMAN G. A. A., German Clubg Seniorpheum '30g Swimmingg Hockey, Basketball, Crew. JOHN THOMAS DESCH- jack ,P Senior Play '32g Pres. 4ag Spanish Clubg German jf Clubg Student Players Guildg International Clubg Swimmingg Seniorpheum '31g Basketball '32. SAM MIKI Basketball l30's. MADELINE GOHEEN Senior Play '32g Sponsor ROTCQ Ju Board '32g Vice-Pres. 4ag Sword and Shield JENNIE JEAN KOOLS Star and Keyg Crew. LAURENCE B. BURNLEY C. S. F.g Star and Keyg French '32g To U. of C. Club, Senior Play ELIAS P. WELCH Senior Kermess Mgr.: Fin. Secty., Sag Latin Clubg French Clubg Senior Play Committee. MAXINE HUNT ELIZABETH VAN PELT- Chien Student Players Guildg Operetta '32, '33g Seni- Orpheum '32, Glee Club. FRANK STEPHEN DE LUCHI Spanish Clubg C. S. F., Interna and Keyg French Club, To U. tional Club, Star of C. 26 EUNICE EVA BROWN- Rell Spanish Club, Operetta '31, Seniorpheum '52, LOUIS ROBERT HEID Beaux Art Clubg French Clubg Seniorpheum '32g Senior Ball Comm.g International Cluhg Star and Key, Senior Kermess Comm.: Operetta. v is goie HENSLEY- Texas UL ' - -1 4' ' Operettag Baseball, Fron marillo High, Am- arillo, Texas. NORMA MARIE PENWELL G. A. A., From Jennings High, Fort Worth, Texas. ROSEMARY PAULINE FRANK ARTHUR JOSEPHS FRANKLYN CLERK- Bobby 206 QM Non Com Clubg Sword and Shield, International Clubg To Stanford University. ANNA IVANIVNA POTAPOFF- Ann From Galileo High, San Francisco, Calif, EVELYN EILEEN WILLIAMS Spanish Club, G. A. A.g Senior Play U23 Inter- national Club, Student Players Guildg Circus Day Committee. CARROLL EVATT French Club, Non Com Club, ROTC Band. WILLIAM MCMAHON MCCALL- Bill Yell Leader, Ia, Block A , Student Players Guild, Crewg Golf, Trackg Basketball, Football 130's, Baseball Varsity. MARYLY D. GRIESEMER Spanish Club, Seniorpheum '29g G. A. A4 Oper- etta '32, LAUREL PEARL GREENE Student Players Guildg Debating Society, Inter- national Clubg Star and Keyg ju Board 'Hg Ad Board '33g Senior Play '32g ROTC Sponsor, Sword and Shield, From Bryant High, Salt Lake City, Utah. ROY POND Football '30, Varsity, Traific Committee Vice- Presidentg President Traffic Clubg Senior Ball Committee. 27 fgat.- AUDREY LEEMAN Transfer from Los Angeles. CHESTER CHARLES VARGAS- Chef, C. S. F.g Pres. '32g Star and Keyq Seniorpheum '3 I, '32g International Club: French Clubg Julean Arnold Debateg To Stanford University. R OBERT T. SM ITH- Bob Latin Club, Aviation Clubg International Clubg Non Com Club, Star and Key, Seniorpheum '32, Debating Societyg Student Players Guildg To U. of C. DORIS JENKINS BRUNILDA PENA G. A. A., Seniorpheum. WILLIAM C. BROCK- Bill Block Ang Pres. lag Basketball I30'S. LESTER P. MARCUM Track '31, '32, '33, Captain '33g Block A g ju Board '33. MARGARET GUY MCQUARRIE Crew, Golf, French Club. TUGIYE SHIROISHI- GiggIex Girl Reservesg Star and Key. ALBERT W. PLUNKETT- Al Varsity and C.S.F.g Star and Key, French Clubg Orchestrag Seniorphcum '31g Concert Band, To U. of C. DAVID R. JOHNSON Non Com Clubg Radio Club, Senior Ball Committee. ELIZABETH ANNE FRIEZE- Betty Senior Ball Comm., To Armstrong College. JUANITA FLORENCE KINFRNIIM' Seniorpheum '30, '31, '32g Mikadog Chimes of Normandyg Eurydice Club. FRED HOONG GEE Star and Key, Traffic Comm. '32, 33. 28 RICHARD L. WATSON Tennis '32, '33 JOHN M. ALLEN International Club, French Club, Star and Key, Senior Play, To U. of C. BURT DIGNON Crew. JAMES RANDOLPH CHAMBERLIN Ass't. Mgr. Football '30, '51, Basketball 11o's '31, German Club. EDWIN MELVIN FARRELL- Ned Crew, Oak Leaf Staff '32, Yell Leader, lb, Mgr. Football and Basketball, Frosh. GEORGE T. HALLER Track ,32, '33, Spanish Club, Block A , Inter- national Club, French Club, Star and Key, Band, To Stanford University, BEVERLY M. RANDALL Block A , '33, Baseba Yell Leader, 4b, Oak Leaf Staff ll Varsity, Tribune Marathon, Basketball 11 0's. RENO BOTTARINI Aviation Club, Non Com Club, Rifle Team, Traffic Comm. EDWARD T. ZOLLNER German Club. WARREN ASPINALL Non Com Club. ANTHONY J. BERNARD Track '30, '31, German Club, International Club, Tennis '30, Football '29, '30. MIKE VIGLIANI 2 9 Ee..- GERALD T. TRAIL Football 130's, '30, Basketball 130,s, Mgr. Track '33, From Technical High, Oakland. DOUGLAS HOOPER- Doug Block A , Baseball Varsity, Oak Leaf Staff '33, Rec. Sec. 4b, Ad Board, Yell Leader lb, Spanish Club. WINNIFRED DOLE-- Fri-il Star and Key, C. S. F., Operctta '32, Inter- national Club, Golf, Glen: Club, To U. of C. ANTHONY J. FRoMBo1.o- Tony Sword and Shield, Non Com Club, Traific Comm., Operetta '33, C. S. F., Star and Key. LOUIS BRUZZONE Sword and shield. Fin. Secty., Zb, 33, Star and Key, C. S. F., Non Com Club, International Club. DOROTHY MAE GERBERDING- jackie G. A. A., Student Players Guild, G. A., Chimes of Normandy, Glee Club, Vice-Pres. 3b. VALORA MARIE WYLLEY Editor, 3b, Riding, French Club, Seniorpheum, Star and Key, To U. of C. LY LE L. GUSLANDER- Gus .lu Board '32, Ad Board, Student Faculty Comm. '32, '33, ACORN Staff '32, Oak Leaf Staff '32, Swimming '31, '32, '33, Block A , Mgr. Junior Prom,, ASAHS Pres. '33, Yell Leader '32, Con- stitution Comm. RAYMOND WHEELER POLLEY Tennis, To U. of C. ALMA L. SPEYER G. A. A., French Club, Star and Key, From Castlemont High, Oakland. JANE JENNINGS KNIGHT French Club, International Club. ROBERT ELMER COOPER- Bob Football, Swimming Mgr. '33, Traffic Comm., Swimming '33, To Sacramento C. KENNETH BOYD BOOTH Football, Opcretta, Traffic Committee, Glee Club. HELEN WATT Opcrctta, Glee Club, Tennis, Eurydicc Club. LOUISE MARIE PARODI- CfJ1'cxir- Latin Club, International Club, Student Players Guild, Star and Key, Eurydicc Club. ROBERT MCEWING Operetta. 30 HENRY MORTON SPRINGER- Mort Latin Clubg From Washington High, Centerville, California. GERTR UDE SOLTAU German Club. JEANNE ADELE STODDARD Star and Keyg International Clubg Latin Clubg G. A. A.g Tennisg Swimming. ,A A JOHN DAMON STARRICO -gif, e Non Com Clubg Sword and Shieldg Traffic Comm '31, '32, '33g To of C. DONALD F. BERNAL Baseball lI0's and Varsityq Spanish Clubg ROTC. GLADYS PERENON Seniorphcum 'Hg G. A. VIRGINIA CLAIRE BROWN French Clubg G. A. A.g Editor, 4bg Spanish Club. ROBERT W. DICKSON ROTCg Star and Keyg Aviation Club. MILTON WALKER- Bunny Star and Keyg French Clubg International Clubg To U. of C. JEANNETTE KAUFMAN LOA IVA BROWN International Clubg Student Players Guildg French Clubg Senior Play '52g Operettag Icc Skating. HOMER J. HELMSTEIN- Hammar Varsity Footballg Varsity Bascballg Speaker Ad Board '32, 'Hg Ju Board 'J2g Student Faculty Comm. '33g Block Ang Rec. Secty. ASAHS '33g Constitution Boarclg Trathc Comm. '30. JAMES ROBERT BRUMMER Star and Keyg C. S. F.g ROTC Bandg Concert Bandg To U. of C. ALICE ANNE NOYES French Clubg International Clubg Star and Keyg To U. of C. 3 1 ig.-- High Seniors Whose DUDLEY ZOLLER GEORGE H. WULZEN JR. RALPH WARWICK JANET M. WALTHALL JOHN VIERRA JACK W. STYLES LESLIE PIERRE ARTHUR NOBLE YOSHIKO NOKATA MARY LUCILLE McKEE JOHN CRANE EVELYN KOPYN BERNARD P. HEALY- Bam1'y Operetta '33g From St. Fredericks High, Pontiac, Michigan. LeROY FULTON NELSON- Lefiy Baseballg Non Com Clubg ROTC. WII.LIAM C. CHAPLIN- Bill Track '335 International Club. NORMAN LEONARD ZUMSTEG Non Com Clubg ROTC. H. WOODARD NELSON Baseballg Non Com Club. WALTER JOHANSEN Pictures Do Not Appear ALTHEA LAINER VERA MAY LEVINE THERON E. ADOLPSON FRANK JESS AMARAL JOHN BUFTON FRANK JESS CRAIG JOE CHURCH ROWLAND W. DICKEY GEORGE FRAIMHEIN WARREN LEROY KINT JACK JACOBY HIROSHI KANDA May Trautvetter's picture was inadvertently omitted from the 1932 ACORN. 32 Vs. THOMAS NEITZEL EGGERS GERBERDING CULBERT MAYRISCH FORST PELLERITE QW 2910? ass ' Cl OFFICERS Fall, '32 spring, '33 Bob Eggers ,,,7,,, .7,,,...,.. ,7,77.., . P resident ,,,7,,,, .. ,,,....,.. jack Pellerite DOr0tl1y Gerberding ., ,,,,,,,, . Vice-President ,,,,,,.... .,..,,, L ucile Neitzel Jane Forst ..,,,,Y..,,,,...,,,,,,,,, Recording Secretary ,,...,,, ,,,,,, U rsula Culbert Jane Thomas Y,.,,, ,,,.., F immcial Secretary ,.,,,, ,,,..,.,. L enard Mayrisch Stall Noyes YY,Y, . ..,,, ,,YY.,Y..,,,. . . Yell Leader ,,,,,, ..... ..,,.,,, H o mer Kemalyan Lucile Neirzel Y,,Y,., W. ..... Azfminisiruiive Board ,,,,, ,,,,,,...... ..., J a ne Thomas Bill Spees .,,YY,..,,Y,.,.,,,,,,,.Y.. .Administrative Board. ,,,,, .,,,,,...,,,, H erbert Fields SINCE ONE term remains for our illustrious class to complete its career in these halls of learning, we may safely venture back over our rocky road of securing an education and point out stepping stones to success. As lowly freshmen we selected Jack Johannsen and Hart Benton as presidents. We then achieved the high position of sophs. Bob Eggers was elected president for our Whole sophomore year. During our low junior term the presidential office was put in the hands of Cleveland Riley. Bob Eggers presided over our high junior class and this term under the managership of Barbara Otto our successful Patio Prom was put over. Now at last We have safely reached our senior year. Jack Pellerite is our president and has already proved his Worth. Our senior play, Daddy Long Legsi' with Zelda Long and Paul Lindsay playing the lead- ing roles, has already been proclaimed a success. With one term remaining before us We do not consider our journey over. Keep your eyes and ears open for We promise you will hear more from the illustrious class of December 1933. JEAN FAVIER, Editor. as ELSO RAZZANO Orchestrag HELEN McMU WILLIAM C. R ESTHER NISSE Seniorpheumg Operett a. ELLOUISE SHYER Oak Leaf Staffg Spanish Clubg Art Clubg Star and Key: C. S. F.g Hockeyg From Roosevelt High Fresno. i LLEN GEORGE R. WILSON Traffic Comm. 4 yearsg Student Players Guildg ROTC Banclg Concert Banclg Senior Play '33g Sword and Shieldg Glec Clubg Operetta '32, '33. ADEMACHER ELEANOR DOROTHY ALDEN Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg Crew: Beaux Art Clubg Skatingg To San jose State Teachers' Col- lege. N URSULA NELL CULBERT French Clubg Latin Clubg International Clubg Star and Keyg Senior Playg Rec. Secty. 4ag Crew. GRACE A. NOMURA Star and Keyg G. A. A.g C. S. F. KILBOURNE S. DONALD SIMMONS OLSON Basketball Varsity. RETTA ALICE HARBIN Operetta '32g Senior Play '33g G. A. A. CHARLOTTE GENEVIEVE BURNHAM MURIEL HELEN SMITH -wif 34 FREDERIC HARVEY COBB- Red Non Com Clubg ROTC. RUBY E. ERICKSON Orchestra. KATHERINE KANYUCK- Kuy Seniorpheum '31, '32. EMMETT O'BRIEN German Club, Nun Com Club. MILDRED JUDE- Judy, G. A. A.g Crewg Baskerballg Badmintong French Club. BETTYE BURGESS BURNS Star and Keyg Eurydice Clubg Glee Clubg Oper etta '30, '31, '32g To U. of Oregon. SAKAE D. DATE Latin Clubg Non Com Club. MARGARET BOWLES JEAN E. HERSEY JAMES A. RUSCONI junior Prom Comm.g To Healds. ELIZABETH VIVIAN GRAY Girl Reservesg Operettag Eurydice Clubg Seni- orpheum. TOSHI YAMADA Operena '31, CARLTON FREDERICK LIPPERT ROTC Bandg Concert Bandg Spanish Club. MARY CATHERINE 0'BRIEN Girl Reservesg French Clubg G. A. A. 35131- ELIO LUCHINI MARIAN ROACH G. A.5 Glee Club. MERLE RUTH WESSEL Crewg Baseballg Seniorpheum '32g ju Board '32. EMERSON DOBLE WILORA PAUSCH Interclass Basketball. Operetta '30, '33g Swimmingg French Clubg Senior Play '33. ELEANOR JANE MILLER- Tuy House Comm.q Ridingg To U, of C. ,IOl'lN EDWARD BARNARD- E1f', ROTC Bandg Concert Bandg Non Com Club. NANCY UDELL MITSUE OZEKI Star and Key. Swimmingg G. A. BILL FLOYD Oak Leaf Staff '32, AULI HILDA WHITE Hockcyg Tennis. BETTY ELLIOT VERNON WILSON Football. G. A. A,g Bascballg Opcrctta '3l. MARIAN A. MEYER German Club, Riding. 36 WILLIAM CLARK- Bill Basketball Mgr. '32, 'Hg Block Ang To San Mateo junior College. RHEA I.. FRANKEI. Oakland High. MARGARET MONETT Girl Reserves. MURRAY ELROD To University of San Francisco MABEL SHUMAKER MARGARET ELIZABETH MESSENGER French Clubg Glee Clubg Euryclice Clubg Oak Leaf Staff 'SZQ International Clubg Mikadog Pirates of Penzanceg Seniorphcum '32. ROBERT ANDERSON- Andy Concert Bandg ROTC Bandg French Club. BER NICE ARMSTRONG Senior Playg G. A. A.g Star and Kcyg From Sacramento High, Sacramento, California. VERNA SMIDT JANE R CARL ROBERT DANA COLBURN- Bob Football 330, '31, '32g Varsityg Swimmingg Block Ang Basketball '31, '32g ju Board '32q Rec. Secty. Block Ang Junior Prom Comm.g To U. S. C. EARNESTINE FORST ec. Secty., Bbq Junior Prom Committee. GLADYS VIRGINIA FICKETT- Giggs Scniorpheum '3Ig G. A. WILLIAM HANSEN- Bill AUDREY PEARL SIMPSON C. S. F.g Operetta '31g To Secretarial School. 3 7 HERBERT FIELDS- Herb Spanish Clubg Student Players Guild. ZELDA JANE LONG- Zip Ridingg Swimmingg Student Players Guildg French Club, Student Faculty Committee '33g Beaux Art Cluhg ACORN Staff '33g Oak Leaf' Staff '33, C. S. F., Pres. G. A. '33g Fin. Secty. zbg Vice-Pres. 3b. THELMA ANTOINETTE MARSHALL Glee Club, Operetta '30, '31, '32, '33g Oak Leaf Staffg Eurydice Clubg Star and Keyg Seni- orpheum '32. TOMMY FERRO VIRGINIA DEENEY French Clubg Vice-Pres., 3 Student Players Guild, Senior Playg Seniorpheum '30g Eurydice Clubg Oak Leaf Staff. JOAN VON SCHMIDT Operetta '32g G. A.g ju Board '33, Senior Play '33, French Clubg Star and Keyg Riding. DONALD MITCHELL Concert Bandg Star and Keyg Aviation Clubg ROTC Band. JANE THOMAS Fin. Secty. lbg Star and Key, Debating Clubg Ad Board '33, Student Players Guild, C. S. F.g Oak Leaf Staff '32, '33g Forum Speaker. BARBARA JANE OTTO Student Players Guildg Vice-Pres., lbg G. A., Ju Board '32, '33g Oak Leaf Staff '32, '33g Mgr. Junior Prom '33g Student Faculty Com- mittee '32, '33g Constitution Committee '32g Star and Keyg French Clubg Operetta '32, LENARD MAYRISCH Fin. Secty. 4ag Star and Keyg Student Players Guildg Spanish Clubg Football 130's. MARGARET D. SHIELS- Margie Rec. Secty. 3bg Latin Clubg Senior Play, Forum Debate '31g Debating Clubg C. S. F.g Star and Keyg French Clubg Crewg Swimming. JEAN cooxct 9-lk 'Q5 'U- Senior Playg perettag Seniorpheumg Vice-Pres. Class. ROBERT H. JORDAN- Bob HELEN CLAUSEN International Clubg Latin Clubg French Clubg Star and Keyg Crewg To U. of C. -..ggi 3 8 ROBERT LANGREN BETTY BURN OLIVETTE DEANE BOWLER Operetta '33g Senior Playg Eurydice Clubg Glee Club. HOMER DERAN KEMALYAN Yell Leader 4a' O eretta 'Hg , p Glee Clubg Latin Clubg Football 130's, ELEANOR DOROTHY SIEGFRIED Ju Board '33g Ad Board '32g Vice-Pres. 2bg Oper- etta '33g Crewg Star and Key MARGERY CAROL du RIVAGE Tennis: Crewg G. A. A.g Fren ball. U ch Clubg Basket- ' I sffl MALCOLM CAMPBELL- Mac B Basketball '32. MYRTLE S. BOYCE- My rl Operetta '29, '31, 'Sig Glee Cl 'Hg Student Players Guild. ubg Seniorpheum LUCILLE ALBERTHA NEITZEL- Lou Star and Keyg Student Players Guilclg Senior Playg Vice-Pres. 4ag Ad Board '32g Beaux Art Club: Fin. Secty. Zag Rec. Secty. 2b. U CHARLES C. BORDEN-- Charley Yell Leader lb, Zag Latin Clubg Spanish Clubg To U. of C. RUTH PRIESTLEY- Ruthie Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg Concert Band. THELMA PICKRELL Spanish Clubg Baseballg Basketballg Hockeyg G. A. A. JACK PELLERITE Pres. 4ag Star and Keyg Latin Clubg Trackg Senior Play '33. ALICE LARSSON 39 lg.-- ROBERT DAVIES EGGERS Pres. Za, Zb, 3bg Yell Leader 3ag ju Board '33g Ad Board '33g Mgr. Senior Playg To U. of C. BETTY CADMAN ju Board '33g G. A.g Fin. Sec. DOROTHY EVERETT Seniorpheum '32g Operettag Baseball: Basketball. GABRIEL VERGEZ WANDA GREGG Spanish Clubg Seniorpheum '3lg To U. of C. BERNICE GUNDERSON Ad Boardg Senior Playg G. A. A. FRANK UCOVICH Track Varsity '30, '31, '33g German Clubg International Clubg Tribune Marathon. HELENE HOPPE SUMIYE KUGE- Sonny C. S. F.g Operctta '31. HUGO E. HOY ROTC. MYRA ELICE LLOYD Crewg Star and Keyg G. A. A.g Baseballg Basketball. French Club DIMNEY LONG WESLEY JOHN ROGERS- Wm GEORGINA WINN Ridingg Golfg French Clubg Latin Club. --.if 40 MELVIN LONDON- Md Pres. la, Yell Leader lb, 31-1, Ad Board '32, ju Board '33, Student Players Guild, Trafhc Committee '32, Football '32, '33, Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance. CLAIRE A. ZAMPA Star and Key, Latin Club, C. S. F., Riding, Senior Play '33, French Club. JEAN RULOFSON Spanish Club, International Club, G. A. A., Glee Club. RICHARD SCOTT DOBBINS- Dirk Seniorpheum '30, '31, Opcrctra '31, '32, '33, Senior Play '33, Traffic Comm. '32, '33, Inter- national Club. LEONA BONY BARBARA BAKER Riding, Swimming, French Club, Oak Leaf Staff, Operetta '30. ii CLEVELAND MATTHEW RILEY Pres. Ba, To St. Mary's. CHARLOTTE WRIGHT Crew, Basketball. GRACE EVELYN TEEGARDEN Senior Play '33, Glee Club, Opcrctta '31, '32, Spanish Club, G. A. A., Seniorpheum '31. LESTER A. TEEGAR DEN- Lex Track '32, '33, Rifle Team '31, '32, '33, Non Com Club, Block A , ESTELLE THORP Crew, Tennis, French Club. ARLENE SCHMIDT Star and Key. LEROY KAJIWARA- Row JULIA WILSON Glee Club, Orchestra, Operetta '32. 41 GEORGE P. MCCLOUD- Bud Football 1103 Basketball 110: Baseballg Glee Clubg Operetta '33, DOROTHY THOMPSON G. A. A.g Vice-Pres. Sag Ad Boardg Star and Keyg French Clubg C. S. F.g International Club. PHYLLIS M. KENNADY Star and Keyg C. S. F. I PAUL LINDSEY- Sa1gie grtaklx' Block A g Rifle Team U25 Senior Play 'Hg 'z 1 Sword and Shieldg Football Varsiry '32g Ju gbvshukql Board '33. JEAN FAVIER- Zurich Seniorplmeumg Operettag Senior Playg G. A.g ju Boardg Ad Boardg House Comm.g Oak Leaf Staffg junior Prom Comm.g Mgr. Freshman Re- ceptiong Swimmingg ACORN Staff. LOUISE TOWATA WILLIS MacADAM DELMA RUTH LYNCH EUGENIA BENJAMIN- Bennif Ridingg Junior Prom Committee. CHAMP. V. PARKER Ad Board '30, 'SL PATRICIA CARTER- Pal URSULA FRITZEN ARTHUR MEYER- Cape Operetta '32g Glee Club. MARGERY CHASE- Margie Glee Clubg Operetta. 42 THOMAS BOSCACCI- Tom B Football '31, 'SZQ B Swimming '32g To Sr. Mary's. DOROTHY MARGUERITE GROOME- Dol Star and Keyg International Clubg G. A. A.g Girl Reserves. DAPHNE BOYSON Ridingg To U. of C. DUANE HARRIETT WINNIE Euryclice Clubg Operetta '30g French Clubg Span- ish Clubg Glee Club. JEAN MILDRED MILLER- Blondie 43 Germ an Club. RAYMOND NEWMAN- Ray Junior Prom Comm. Low Seniors Whose Pictures EVELYN BROWN JOE YOSHINO RUTH DRENKEL DON BENEMELIS BERTHA ECKMAN HART BENTON MARGARET HARVEY JIM COOPER CAMILLE SMITH WILLIAM GREGORY KENNETH ASBACH BYRON HORTON HILTON CORNFORTH HUGO HOY JOE FERNANDEZ NORMAN JOHNSON JOHN FONSECA KARL KRAMER RUSSELL HIGBY ROBERT MERRICK WALTER LEATHAM ROY SIEM JACK MACKRODT ROBERT TRUAX WARREN PEERY FRANK VOLZ JERRY PRAGER NORMAN DURKEE RICHARD TRUAX CARLTON HANSEN WILLIAM WECKESSER ROMOLA LUPORI ROBERT GEORGE Jge..- Do Not Appear ELMER SANDAHL JACK SKINNER BILL SPEES CARLO VELLA CARL HANSON JOHN ISAKSEN HERMIONE DAVIS FRANCES ESCHENBEROER ELEANOR GRAFE EVELYN JOHNSON MARGARET LAIRD CERTRUDE LANDSTRA OWEN Roos ETIIELYN SEEMAN ROMA TAYLOR STANLEY NOYES F if fs l 'iffy l C JA , 'J l'l,J ! T puxfl- KX xl SUNDBERG POND COOPER RUEBEL KAHL LONDON l l1gl1 ,lumor Class OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, '33 Willis Cooper ,,,,,,,, , ,.... President ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, O scar Sundberg Mary Pond ,..,,,,,, ..,.,,,, V irc'-President ,,,,,.,.,.. ,,,...,,,, L averne Kahl Evan Thomas ,.,, Bill Everett Melvin Londo Il ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Rrcorcling Set'rc'fary,....,, E , Financial Secretary .,,,,,,O ,.,,,, , Yell Leader Laverne Kahl ,,A,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Frank Medaglia Melvin London .Joe Reubel Aa'minislrativt' Board ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, C harles Marsh Advnlnlslratl ve Board ,,,,,,,,,,,.,......,,,, jim Durney DURING THE last two terms the class of june, 1934, has been success- fully led by Willis Cooper and Oscar Sundberg. A dansant was given last term, managed by Jim Durney, from which the treasury was greatly enlarged. This term came the chance all classes wait for, that of presenting a Junior Prom. In this enterprise a class really shows its worth. There- fore we offered something unusual in Junior Proms and presented the Promenade Moderne . Howard Steinburg was manager, assisted by Gladys Ross. Anyone who attended will tell you of its great success. This semester, for the first time, we put representatives from our class on the Judiciary Board-another reason to increase the feeling of having a finger in the pie . We have been well represented in sports and have given our full co- operation in any matter which has been required of us. All in all, we believe we are fully prepared to enter the ranks of seniors next term. BETTY HOWELL, Editor. ----434 44 A --vv M , ,. .,,.. 1 wx ,.,,,.. ..,., W A L ,,,,, L ,, .... , .,,. k ,.,, ,.., , ,Nr a 'L ,L iran' WJ -f J J. X in 2,53 ,,,,,, 1 g,.14.,,V ' dfnZf.::5'5.H1 ' J 24 . :.:,, .,,. ,,... ,M-+n,,A,..., . H . , .1 ,,,, zg, ,i,,, , ,,, J V wg-QE, I ,,,,f1' -1 . - Ww'i izi' L K i 'ris ,x,gea2ssa2aaeffff2EQ1fp:Q. - V V ' - '-'- fy V ---v- f, ,..... . ...... , M f X , A A Ai ,wig v , L Q, fliz i,, Q f . ,, N,,,, , ,,,,.,... M, H. is .KLL Vzihlili x,VJ X VIVII, i .. ,X . 5 Q fa.. 1' , M- A ' , P -' 1? -- 7 tl ,,... Q. ii, N,.. W ga , J K U -.-. v . X ' -- Sff'-W Aff R' m ,, -A if . -if T - UW'59':: -5'-'ff H-1i'?im ' r Sli, iii. 'i . ,,,.. ii -- . 175. 53-9 843331 my .. if V U Qggkyi -. df. f 3, .:..A. b ,,,, ,:-:.. , . U Ji 1 QUTHERLAND ULLNER FISHER ZIMMERMAN GRAY IRWIN CURRIER CAIRD l OW 1111 101' 6 SS l ' Cl OFFICERS ' Fall, '52 N jack Ullner ,,,,,,, W Sallie Fisher ,,,,,,,,,, 1 Jean Caird .,,, ,,,,,,, , . ,,,, , Jack Zimmerman ,,,, , ,, Jack Sutherland . ,,,,,,,,.,,Prexident Vice-President ..,, ..,,,, ,,,. ,,,Yr'll Lcader,,,,,,,,, Ralph Currier, ,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,, A d rninislrrzti ve Board Jack Sutherland ,,,,,,, , ,Administrative Board. Recording Secretary ,,,, ,,,, ,,,Fif1ancial Serrflary Spring, 'H Ralph Currier Mary Calkins .,Martha Gray Richard Irwin ,wjack Ullner ,,,Ken Appel ,.Fred Bergold Ad1ninistruti1Je Board ,. .Y,,, Dorothy Fitzsimmons X MORE THAN one-half of the sands in the hour-glass of high school l . time have sifted into the past. Three school quarters still remain to us in which To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yieldf, 3 Thus far leadership in social and athletic activities has been ours. Jack Ullner and Ralph Currier, with the cooperation of their administrations, I i l l have successfully led our class during the past year. N Two successful dansants were managed by Tom Nason. T As upperclassmen we hope to excel in all social and intellectual activi- ties in which we are privileged to engage. SYLVIA JACOBY, Editor. i 46 l HF NDERSON HORDNESS BRODERSON ANDRUS CLIIAVES CARVER BARBOUR High Sophomore Class OFFICERS Fall, '52 Spring, ,N Lee Barbour ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , P resident ,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,A,.,, B ob Andrus Pauline Cleaves .... ,,,.,,,,,, V ice-President ..,.,,.... ..,,,, A nne Broderson Tom Carver ,,,.,., ,,,,..,, R efording Secretary ,... , . ,,,....,,, Tom Carver Bob Andrus ,,,,,,.,,, , ..,,,,,, Financial Secretary ,,,,,,,,, ,..,,., K arl Henderson Ralph Crocker .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,., A dministratiw Board ,,,,,, , ,,,,.,,.,,, Ralph Crocker Herbert Matthew ,,,,,,,,,,,,... Administrative Board ,,,,,, . ,,,,, .Herbert Matthew Anthony Cassani ,,,,..,.. ,,,,,.,,v.,...,, E ditor .,,v,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,, L ee Barbour THE CLASS of '35 has made an enviable record during the past year. In cooperation with the class of December '34 We secured a program by Doctor Cross of radio fame who presented Crosscuts to the student body. Under the direction of Presidents Barbour and Andrus we held several peppy meetings. Our scholastic record is very high. We have an out- standing record in sports, football, basketball, track, and golf. Our dan- sants were managed by Bill Pearson and Ronald Good. In two of the last three semesters the high sophomores have won the silver cup given by the student body to that class which buys the largest percentage of student cards. We expect to continue our record-breaking progress in our upper class years. LEE BARBOUR, Editor. 48 y 'EI W ' 1-2 L fr qgk 'K 1 Q E 1 1-:W 1 x iii? W i 1 ,.. ,, f- wsfw -.41 -gf W ...,.q::: W.. .. - .ww-.1 1 rw F 1,, ,,,,... W, 1 .ZIL V 1 M ,,fi ,f,, 'ZAXA 1 5 m,,,, al ' X Qgipg hif f A g X ig, Mai ff ,zu as. A .Q is ,fi af Fig if mv u 'fx Q.: H rg Ms 7:1-.wigs Y, U: ww Q. .wi- szifxsig 11 if NB ,JI f ew W XS! fi? ix 113 Q, ' . ww New . THOMSEN YALE BUTTERFIELD HUMPHRIES OTTO McMILLAN KELLEY GODFREY OW Sophcfnofe Class OFFICERS Fall, 332 Spring, '33 Tom Yale ,,,,,,.b,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,...,. P resident ,,,,.,.,. ., ,,,,,,,, Dick Humphries ,t.,Vice-Presidentw,...., ,,,.....,Elouise Butterfield Claibourne McMillin,,r ,,,,,.,. Financial Secretary., Dorothy Godfrey ,,,,, Walter Thomsen ,,,..,,. .,,.,, Jack Peak ,,,......,,,,,,,. Catherine Miller. ,,,, , Dick Humphries W ,Recording Secretary, ,,.,.,.,,,,,,,Tom Yale Administrative Board ,,,,, .........,Margaret Otto ,,......,,,Jack Peak Ad minzstrative Board ,,,,, ,,,.,,........ Bob Scott Administrative Board ,,,,,,, ,i,, Elizabeth Eggers Editor .,....,...... . ,..,, ...,...,.,, D on Pooley ,,Yell Leader,,,,,,...., ,Don Kelly THE SPRING semester has seen another group of lowly frosh gradually becoming civilized and Worthy of the title of mighty sophomores, and earning a name for themselves as an active and industrious class. The sophomore dansant, held in February, was a huge success, result- ing in supplying the treasury with adequate funds for use during its second year. Several social events are planned for next semester, including a dance or a skating party. DoN POOLEY, Editor. 50 Jw ,f , J 3 N3 bm .K J . . ' L m,,, . ' Qin H ,, ,, . , , k 2 A kry, , .. X ,, K .f . ' Af' , I . Q LVAV Vrrr W2 . 1 4-er' kkkk Y Q ' I 2 m, ,', - . . Lmkm ' . . 5 '? I ' 12 ,, 5 A I . if 'frm A -- ' 'l'f':-'T , .f-51757 Qfiif ,.,. ,,,, V V-fy ',.L. l lk ,f ' , x 7 . 'L L wg . A fy 9, fs.. E ,Q A. 'aff' . ' , . 1 W K b' , ,r 4. x .2 ' V ' ' ,L xx Q.. - 7.5. V X U M: 1 '- mk I , W h ... gg., gg. h ii.. 5 A gy. if li' L f if E Q' f g T ', I Ziff A . 'Q' ' ' , Wwe 1' ' , , . ' n X f 'Yi Q N 1 - A ..,, ' 9 f H M . .... LM .. fx-31 ,:'-RYE ' W' .5-5 '5 V' A S. ' y . . , .V 3' , ff 3, ' Y' l.. , Q' ,J wif' W 1 H ' f ,, f , mf ik' Mawr' 'Y Wm.. f 5 k fa ' MV'-iip m,,, api, V 'ff 1iiw, b L,AA N ,,,,,,, N, ..,, I YL 'J H . 4 if gZx4 -Sf' If rf .5 3525 -A' Q' W ', tiysl --K-- .,-, ' - , ,, ' . fu --5 - . ' ii W 11 , -E -' 4 ff. 'V' ' -9' 7 1 . .g.w,,.. :M th ,..w..8g. W in ,,,, ,, Q55 , .K WJ . - va H z . My i ff ff' ' I I A if f .-'.r L' Y, , , ,,,,. if , V. i ,riyqgs .,S:5' ,,,:E. '! Ezi 'ff iff 3245? rc. Gil ,E'fk'Q ' 5 V ' - D ' 5-'Q51QJ?545i' ,, V' gg .... . .. . ..... . . ... : f,-.'LSif.iqm ,JLQ-ii-V53 .f:uf:, '--rs--NdV5'f!QV1f-3?5Z?f'7'Yf'Y!1?:??f1,M1jf?ElE,5gz,Qg-gk. ,,' 'f,' -' g- in - 5 .K '.'. Y iff' K ' A ig- . L' L' 1' 1 , Qi H., L , 4 5 V,,,'. gi K ggi H Am' N -' - , f ..,,... i xv K - 1 A w M ,... K is if ,V .I V Ar its SF ww ,if 2sf Fg G2 HH A Y ., H, ...- .gi ,,,,. .. ,,, 3 H17 ,,., J. f -aww X' Q A , 1. W ffgy a f ' ' K in H Gi 3 ' ' .. Wyy, ' I I ' , A ,, b 1 , I ' - 'V V . ,..,V , ,f . .. I .I M ,,, ,Q ,g 12:-,Q 153 EM' 5' .N lf 'iii' .EQ F ,. 4 4 :ffl nf wwy?L VAR Q K. Q53 kg? ,AW9 . ' ,515 7. 'W' J K ,g an 924 '14 Jef 'ff A V fl Q, ' ix? E? , ..... , D L IHZH in Qi? ,M WP' JESIW. in , v ..-H4 H 33' ,fn ..-4 fiiifia HENDERSON FOERSTER F12 RNANDEZ STROHM SKERRY GRAY FREDERIC BUCKLEY Hugh Freshman Class OFFICERS Full, '32 Spring, '33 Dorward Henderson ,,,,,,,,, President ,,,,,,,,,, H ., ...., Charles Strohm Geraldine Skerry ,,,,,,,, , ,. ,,Vir'e-Presidenlm, ,,,, ,,.,..,... G eraldine Skerry Stella Treno ,,,,, ,,.,,,, ,,,,, R cf fording Secretary ,, ,,,,,,,,..,...,.., Mabel Foerster X Frances Amen .,,.,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,, F immcial Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,A.,,, Mario Fernandez Charles Strohm ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,l Yell Leader ,,,Y,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,a,,,,,.,,., V ictor Gray UNDER THE leadership of the above officers, the high freshman class of Alameda High is just completing its first successful year. Our meet- ings have not been numerous but have been peppy and interesting. We held our first dansant in February under the able management of Paul Schacht. We hope the remaining three years of our school life here will be as fl th fi . . Success u as C rst BETTY SUTHERLAND, Edztor. Low FI'2Sl1I'l1afl Class INHERITING A great tradition of leadership from the class which graduated in December the low freshmen have set out to fulfill the des- tiny expected of them. In our Hrst term We held four lively class meet- ings and sponsored a successful dansant. Of the first three advisories in the school to go 100 percent in student body memberships, two were from our class. President Arthur Buckley has been assisted by Josephine Frederic, vice-presidentg Dorothy Jessen, recording secretaryg Clinton Ward, financial secretaryg and Leslie Jack, yell leader. ss DRGANIZATIQNS Buck row: Sandahl, Skinner lion, Reid, Gilman, Horwege Marcum, Helmstein, Norton Center row: McCall, Church has. Front row: Adragna Johansen, Lindsey, Haller hashi, Strong. Bloclc i'A,, ociety OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, '33 Joe Medaglia ,,,, ..,,,,,,, Presideni ,,,.,,.., ...,,,,,,,, H erman Pete Herman Pete ,,.,.,. .,,,,,,,,, V ice-President ,,,,, ..,.,,,,, D ouglas Hooper Russ Agnew .,,,,,,, ,,,, , .,Recom'ing Secretary ,v..A. ,,,..,,,,,,,,,, Bill Reid George Meyer ,.,,., ,,,,.,,, S ergeant-at-Arms ,,,,,,,, ,,..,,,, A lex Lunardi LAST YEAR the Block A Society fed more than fifty families, or about two hundred and sixty people, on Thanksgiving Day. Due to the depression it was hard to raise money, but the members Worked hard and put the drive over in a big Way. We had one of the biggest initiations in the history of the Block A Society. Twenty-two new candidates came in and besides having the regular initiation in the gymnasium, a public initiation Was staged on Park Street for the benefit of the student body. BILL REID, Recording Secretary. -qss Medaglia, Randall, Vermil- Warwiek,Hooper, Pete, Greg- ory, Lunardi, Teegarden, Na- Beach, Cooper, Weedin, Iwa: Burk row: Ackerman, Pond Guerin, Ramsey, Miss Powers Favier, Otto, Callenberg Ruth. Cenier row: Miller Cadman, Townsend, Craig Siegfried, Andrus, Thomas Kahl. Frou! row: Makins, Arnold, Caird, Fitzsimmons von Schmidt, Green. ouse ommittee OFFICERS Fall, 132 spring, '13 Margaret Craig ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, P resident ,,,,,,,., ,.,..., M argaret Craig Laverne Kahl ,,,,,., ,,,,,,,, V ire-President ,,,,,,,, ,,,YY,, L averne Kahl Mary Pond ,.,.. W ,. ,,,, Secretary-Treasurer .,.,,,, Y,,,,Y,, M ary Pond AFTER A period of inactivity the House Committee was reorganized in the Fall of 1932 under the able presidency of Margaret Craig. The members of the committee have endeavored to carry out the purpose of their association-to beautify the school and keep it neat. In order to make neatness in the halls a simple matter, certain lockers at intervals in the hallway have been converted into waste containers. The many beautiful pictures of the school have been catalogued so that people can locate and identify them. Students have been urged to keep away from the lawns and steps across the street, so permission has been obtained to use a lot on Central Avenue without fear of a UNO Trespassingn sign. The committee plans to clear it and place benches on it for the students' use. The committee has held two very successful dansants under the man- agership of Jean Favier-successful financially as Well as socially. MARY POND, Editor. S7 Bw'- HACKETT ZIMMERMAN BURBANK NDRUS W ROGERS Star and Key OFFICERS Full, '32 ' Spring, '53 Marjorie Zimmerman .,.,., President ,,,,,,,,,,...,, .Marjorie Zimmerman Nan Metzner .,.,.,..,,.,..,,.,,,,,,,,,, Via'-Presidenl ....,,.....,,,,,,,....,,, Daphne Dean Carol Guerin ,.,,,,..., ,,,,,,,,,,,, S ecretury ,,..,r.... ,,,,...., I rene Keremitsis Terry Hackett, ,,.,,,,,, v,,,,,,,,,, .,.. T 1 easwer .,.,,,.,, ,,,,,,r, B etty Andrus Corbin Burbank ,,,,,,rr ,....,.,, S ergeant-at-Arnzs ..,,,,, ,,,,,,r..., D ixie Wilson Editor .,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. S tephen Rogers THE STAR and Key again leads the organizations of the high school in membership and activities. More than 375 students Were eligible at the beginning of the semester. The activities of the club have been numer- ous, ranging from dansants to evening parties. Last semester the club completed its term Work by having a success- ful party in the Little Theatre. Thelma Smith conducted a 12-piece orchestra as a part of the entertainment. Dance music was furnished by Chet Vargas' Orchestra. Games and refreshments were enjoyed by all. This semester We continued our favorable policies. With Mr. Saun- ders as faculty advisor, we have enjoyed a most pleasant and active term. A skating party was held at Rollerland and everyone present had a fine time. We are closing this semester's work by holding another party in the Social Hall. STEPHEN ROGERS, Editor. 58 wr' E' Le Carole Francais OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, '33 Dominic Cavallo ,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,, P resident.. ......,, ,..,,,, E lias Welch John Allen ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, V ice-President ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, D oris Gilman Doris Gilman ,,., ,,,,,,,, Recording Secretary ,,,,.,,, ......,, F rancine Leube Elias Welch .,,... .. ,,.,,,.., Financial Secretary ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, Stephen Rogers Helen Barrhes .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E ditor ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. .,,,....,., L eona Bony ON THE first Thursday of every month Le Cercle Francais meets. From forty to seventy-five members are present to enjoy the varied pro- grams and to participate in many unusual and interesting games, which serve both to provide entertainment and to bring the French language into play. Business and good refreshments complete the meetings. At each meeting is distributed l'Echo du Cercle Francais, the club's own paper. During the past year we have had on our programs motion pic- tures of France, short plays in French by the students, French songs and instrumental music. A dansant is given each term to help finance the club's activities. Anyone who has taken French or who is now taking it is eligible for membership and is invited to join us. LEONA BONY, Editor. -..ff 50 l N irculus Latinos OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, W? , June Swanson ,,,,,, ,.,,,,, , . President , ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, D ick Humphries Margaret Shiels . ,,., , ,, ,, Vice-President ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, A Iane Fritch Marjorie Zimmerman , ,, Rerording Serrrfary ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, E lias Welch Louise Parodi ,,,,,,..,,,,, ,,,,.,, F inanrial Sccrcfary ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,, B ill Robertson Bob Smith ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,. E d itor ,A.,.,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,, M att Connelly THE CIRCULUS Latinus, Latin Club to you, has had a very successful term. Some of the activities Were: a dansant, which was a success socially and Hnanciallyg the hike to Mt. Tamalpais, which was a nice social gath- ering to which Mr. Daniels carried all the lunches as usual. Our very distinguished organization is the only one in the school that can boast of having refreshments at every meeting. The games are very simple but nevertheless amusing and are participated in by all. The club has the largest number of active members it has had in recent years. Our club paper, Tempora, is one of the features of which the club is proud. MATT CONNELLY, Editor. 11? ,.f- 61 Eg... 1, for ,J . El Espana OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, 'H Richard Downer., ,,,, , ,, ,,,Presia'enL, ,.,,,,,,,, ,,.. . ,awjune Maze June Maze ,,,.,.v,...,. ,,,,,,, V ice-President ,,,,,,,,., i,,Rita Downer Jack Hallinan ,.,,,.. , ..,,,.. .Sefretary ,,..Y ,,,,, , ,, ,,..... Bill Hordness jack Desch ,,,.,.,,,. .,,, T reasurer ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, L ouise McCluse Ealifor ,,,,,, W Margaret Thomas WE ARE pleased to state that during this year the interest in the meet- ings of the Spanish Club and the attendance have continued without abatement. As usual, the activities have been of a varied nature. At a recent meeting We had Spanish solos sung by Wilbur Gurley, who Was accom- panied at the piano by June Maze. A humorous skit, El Baron y Carlos,', in which the parts were taken by George Montealegre and Bill Hordness, amused those present. Carmela, a favorite club song, Was sung by all. During the fall term a number of club members Went to San Fran- cisco to see a Spanish film, made in Spain, and which showed many phases of life in Seville. The club officers have worked diligently to keep up the high stand- ards of the meetings and have now brought the activities of the Spanish Club for the school year to a close with a broche de oro. MARGARET THOMAS, Editor. 62 Zfmah OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, '33 Leland Weise ,.,,,,,,., ,,,,.,, ,,,..,, P r esidemf ,,,,,,,., ,,,, ..,...., O 1 ive McElroy Alice McElroy ,..,,,, ,,,..,,,,,,.,. V ice-Presidents, ,,,,,,, ,.,,.,,,,,,,,, I ean Miller Jean Miller ,,,,,,,,., .,,.,,..., S ecretury-Treaszwen, ........,......,, Al Johnson Editor ....., ., . ,,,,..,. James Dallas, Jr. THE GERMAN Club has completed a year of unique interest. The first event was an ice skating party with Charles Schwab as our host. The annual Christmas festival began with German songs by an A. H. S. alumnus, and featured a comedy, Die Liebe und das Geld, starring Eleanor Siegfried and Leland Wiese. The orchestra was Ernest Gloe with his accordion. The evening closed with feasting and singing. In the Spring, Paul Gutleben's father took us on a launch ride and sight- seeing tour along San Francisco's Waterfront. For the next meeting the 2b class dramatized the old Ballad of the Crusades, and presented it as a shadow play. An evening picnic at a very special spot in the hills, procured for us by James Dallas, Jr., closed the term. JAMES DALLAS, JR., Editor. 63 law-- International OFFICERS Fall, '52 Spring, '34 Marjorie Zimmerman , Y YYY,,, , Y Presiclenl , ,,,, , , Marjorie Zimmerman Loa Brown W ,,,,,,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, Vice-Prexidenfc, ,,,,, , Loa Brown Mark Battersby, ,, ,,,,, Recording Secretary W Richard Irwin Helen Emerson .,,,,, ,,,,, Financial Srcrrlury ,,., ,,.,,, Helen Emerson Herman McKinney, ,, ,,,, , Erfilor' , , , Herman McKinney THE INTERNATIONAL Club of the Alameda High School is a member of the World League of International Education Associations. Its aim is to try for a better understanding of peoples of other countries and to develop toward them a spirit of tolerance and good will. Some of our members have carried on an exchange of friendly letters with foreign students for several years. During each semester interesting and profitable talks about foreign countries have been presented bv members of the faculty and guests. For our own entertainment We have held several parties for initiation of members and inauguration of oflicers. 64 OTTO CADM AN FAVIER '1 HOMAS LONG VON SCHMIDT GALVIN Girls' Association OFFICERS Fall, '32 Spring, '33 Jeanette Fitzsimmons ...,,...,.,,,,,,, President , ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.., Z elda Long Inez Stauffer ,...,..,..,,.., ,,...,A..,... V ice-President ,,,, ,,,,,,, ......,,,, B a rbara Otto Jean Favier ,,..,..,..,...,,.,,.,,,,, Recording Secretary ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,A J ean Thomas Joan von Schmidt. .,,,,.,,,,,,,. Financial Secretary ,,,, ,,,,,,,, Betty Cadman Barbara Otto ,,,,,,... ...,,, , Song Leader ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.., R eva Galvin THE GIRLS, Association is one of the most active and outstanding organizations in Alameda High School. It stands for the finest and best in girls, activities and upholds a high standard of friendship among the girls in the school. Under the Fall administration numerous and excellent meetings were conducted. A Girls' Council consisting of the presidents of every girls' advisory was organized and a movement for the Wearing of middies and skirts begun. President Zelda Long and her administration furthered the Work started by Jeanette Fitzsimmons in regard to the Presidents' Council and the middy and skirt project. In addition, a new policy of social service work was adopted and baby clothes were made by the girls in sewing classes, financed by the Girls' Association. Several very interesting programs Were presented to the girls and on one occasion to the entire student body. These included addresses by Dr. Aurelia Reinhardt of Mills College and Dr. Paul Cadman of the Uni- versity of California. JEAN THOMAS, Editor. 65 +31-M Girls, THE BOYS, and Girls, Glee Clubs have participated in many civic and school affairs this year, the most important being the Gilbert and Sulli- van opera, Pirates of Penzancef' For the first time, the proceeds Were divided between the student body fund and the music fund. This was done to help increase the budget and to interest everyone in our musical productions. The clubs have sung for various church groups, service organizations, and student body meetings. When the city was asked to assist in furthering relief for the earthquake sufferers in Southern Cali- fornia, the Glee Clubs presented a program to the commuters on trains and ferry boats. Since our country is steadily growing more choral conscious, we feel gratified in preparing these students for further participation in this splendid movement. HAZEL B. HUNTER. Boys, Glu Club Gln Club BAND CAFETERIA ORCHESTRA R. O. DURING THE last two semesters some really remarkable changes have been effected in the organization and operation of Alameda's unit of Reserve Officers, Training Corps. Eihciency and cooperation, those two essentials without which any large undertaking would be lost, were sup- plied by the enthusiastic cadets whole-heartedly in all cases. In the middle of the Fall term, through an Act of Congress, Major Jose Perez-Brown, professor of Military Science and Tactics, was replaced as head of the unit by Captain Harold Johnson, U. S. A. The entire group buckled down to learn the new routine and familiarize itself with its new head. How well this was accomplished may be seen by the tremendous popu- larity Captain Johnson has achieved since his arrival here. Since Janu- ary 1933, some remarkable new ideas have been incorporated into the life of the unit and have been received with great enthusiasm by all con- cerned. The entire system of marking attendance was modernized, the ofhce put on a systematic basis, company rifle teams organized, the idea of weekly problem hikesv to the hills installed, and absolute teamwork ---iii as T. C. stressed throughout. Incidentally the Sword and Shield Society gave its first Annual Military Ball on May 12 in the gymnasium. The Non- Com,s Club, under the leadership of Sergeant Merritt Boyer, blossomed out into a better organization than it has ever been before. During basketball season, an R. O. T. C. Basketball League was established with Company An taking the title. The annual federal inspection, held in March, was pronounced the most successful of any yet held in the school, and Colonel Jerome Pillow, inspecting officer, declared the unit perfect. The competition, a Spring term event, was unusually different from those of other years, with some organizations appearing in steel helmets and army equipment plus white gloves to add smartness. When one considers all that has been accom- plished, and also the fact that enrollment this time was the highest in the unit's history, it is not hard to say that this past Spring term was the best and most efficient from every viewpoint which the R. O. T. C. has en- joyed. 69 lg..- A 2 :eff -V H , f if i .1-A , f . M , gg. - + . fp . ff A f if V ing' g ' if 9 f 3' Q 's i f '21 E IU ' Q ,, - 7 O K x- ' t ' El . ,V 4 ' ' - I 1 I A I l ' ...,. W 2.-Ja -W ! 'wand 'MRS 1 v I 1 v v , A qu. -.. 5 - ' ,,,, S 'ff' EW W 4, V N ,,,,,,,,,N ' F1 . ff .. 4 P I V , .,m,,? Q 1 nv ' X 45 Q A ' Jw?-!l'? ,,i ff'4 'ff 5' M195 . J l gm. .,, - N ,,, 1 In . W Lx ,V i 35. 4 ' ' 1? iyfisafn ,AI nf, f 'b .1 Qfw Q 48? 'n as ,Z Y Z Q , yi W5 2 Q 1' s 1 any V ,fi gg 14, X. I If I Bi, , ,,,, , ,,,,, ix , V Mm , ,Nw,, fm' ' fvgyi ,A ,-, , , K AQ . I Q' 9 ,FH , 1 . x W Jil H im- ,W , , I -- - 'Z :Mu Q f' Z 51.2 -' Yi - wg fa ta , .Q, Q 'Lg f 1 E nfl V4.5 ', fy-I ff . , :, -Q-:.. 3 n -1 X! 'wi nf? dx f .M-5 ' gs f X Q f .as kr .sis 15' 7 rv V M 1 f 1. ,Z .W Q .3 i if Q14 vf y if wx ,, A ,J ., 1 Jw xl K 3, f I, R., V M 2, 0 W . N' ,U mf if 1 P -f v 5 K 4 Q Q f Q N1 AN rl ii, 1 91 i , 3 , 59 . .-G. v 3.1.08 1.1 U K 1 , V' .'.eif++wf4?H-f , K, f,gY53'S5' 1 3 3 3955 35,5 Z5 543 ' 5 ',g. A:a.w7Qf-1: af . H P . F L . ' f ,3 ' I ' ' A: JV E ,Af .fwfr - J ' - Q '.l D' . vi ,Af A ' W izf ff xy V , ' - , - 'qw Y . ' 5' K5 I W ' 5 Z O V 3 , K . H , EH .eu ' Uv Q ,, M v V. . qi - c fi Q V ,' F - ,T ' , ' Q9 , - ' , L 2 r x Q J 7 A , , If . W . Q 5 1, 5 x K Q A E ,45 z1, H . N ,,,:,, ,, ff Q 1 V' ' - 'i 'lf , kk ll i iglx wr an ,xr .31 I ,wtf X, iff? A - 3, 5,41 I .wr -wf 'Jn 'I Wx 'J' .HQ fn 'N ' J' 1, 1 Q' ,4 ,11 ' L' 1 tri ' W M 'xi V -ww 5,,f1 'V 4, YA 'VH X' iz w 1 ?N! I ' 1,--.. . B? Glu M... df 1 1, qv, X :mn Lnln V, ' ,.,- -v W we EFFICIENCY MEDAL MEN enson, Rupe. RIFLE TEAM Kenna, Strong, Grace, Truax Middle: Polak, Steinmetz Amery, Bottarini, Frombolo Front: Scott, Petersen, Birch Teegarden, Johansen. The Competition MAY the 12th was a big day for the R. O. T. C. The 10th annual competition was held in the morning, a Sword 86 Shield Society rifle school in the afternoon, and the Military Ball in the evening. A large crowd attended the competition of which Co. A was judged honor company, Co. C Won the platoon competition and Co. D the rifle match. A number of individual trophies Were also awarded. The Military Ball, a brilliant success, ended the day. Buhl, Frombolo, Staricco, Captain johnson, Scott, Stev- Bark Row: Stevenson, Mc- Ofl- 01115 OFFICERS Full, 'sz Spring, '52 Julian Bardoff ,,,, ,. ,, Sergeant-Nlajor ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, R obert Smith Joe Reubel ,,,,,,,,, A.., . ,,,., , Chief Clerk ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, C a rroll Evatt Lawrence Holmes ,, W ,,,,, Provost-Sergeant ,,,,,,, .,,,, E mmet O'Brien Sergeant Boyer ,,,,,, Farulfy Advisor .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, S ergeant Boyer THE NON-COMS Club, composed of non-commissioned oflicers of the R. O. T. C. Unit, has just completed a successful year. During the past year Sergeant Boyer, the faculty advisor, has built the Non-Coms Club up to its present high standard. One year ago the club was on the verge of collapse, but since then the club hasibeen thoroughly reorgan- ized and is now on a paying basis. Bi-monthly meetings are now held at the homes of the members and refreshments are served at every meeting. One of the regular parts of the meetings is the radio program, Sherlock Holmes, which is always enjoyed by the members. All the meetings are held in a strictly military manner. A dansant was held in the Fall semester that Was a financial benefit to the club. This semester a rifle shoot was held. This also was of finan- cial aid to the club. Next year We hope to increase our enrollment and become the largest club in the school. CARROLL EVATT, Chief Clerk. 73 lie-- HLET FOOTBALL TEAM Back row: Coach Freeman, Grazzini, Nahas, Wilson, Mc- Millan, Nissen, Hall, Hill, Meyer, Skinner, Pete, Coach Young. Center row: Yeager, Husing, Kozinchik, Cooper, Blum, Goldt, Cooper, Fisher, Gregory, Schmallenberger. Front row: Smith, Schwartze, Lunardi, Helmstein, Kim- brough, Beach, Watson, Sutherland, Dickey. Footba PRACTICE GAMES 0 W , Alameda-Oakland ,,,,..., W , 6 6 ,,,,, , ,,,,, , Alameda-St. Mai-y's , ,, 26 0 Y,,,Y,, W , Alameda-Castlemont ,,,,,,,,,, , 6 14 ,,,,,,,,,,,, Alameda-St. Ignatius ,, 6 0 ,Y,,,Y,,,, Alameda-Oakland Tech .,,,...,,,, 0 0 .,,,,...,,,, Alameda-Cal. Frosh , ,, 6 LEAGUE GAMES ALAMEDA 01PIEDMONT 13 A LARGE number of injuries sustained in the battle of the century a Week previously with Berkeley, probably robbed the Hornets of a chance to successfully combat the Highlanders. With both line and backfield completely out, the coaches had a hard time gathering to- gether a team to put on the field. Only the accurate punting of Joe Beach kept the visitors from putting the Hornets to rout. On the offen- sive Helmsrein worked excellently in the signal-calling department while Herman Pete was the spark plug of the attack. ALAMEDA 0-BERKELEY 14 This contest will always stand out to loyal Alamedans as perhaps the finest of the series of Berkeley-Alameda games. It packed more thrills and excitement inside its limit than any game this season, what PETE SKINNER BEACH HELMSTEIN LUNARDI REID ' r with long passes, punts, fumbles, and dashes through the line by ambi- tious gridmen of both institutions. The Hornet offensive functioned beautifully but was at a disadvantage against the heavier Berkeleyans. The line-smashing tactics of Hugh Smith and Herman Pete, The Mid- night Express, coupled with the punting of Beach and the headwork of Helmstein on offense had the Yellowjackets guessing more than once, while Alameda's plucky line did their best to halt the ramblers from the college city. All in all, the spectators experienced a thrill a minute from the kickoff to the final gun. Probably due in a large part to the fact that a number of the finest ball carriers and linesmen on the team were taken by graduation, the 1932 Varsity football team did not measure up to expectations in Win- ning ability. However, it more than made up for this lack, in sheer tenacity and magnificent Hghting spirit which stood them in good stead when they Were in the shadows of their own goalposts. Nevertheless, despite the poor showing they made in practice contests, those two fiercely fought A. C. A. L. contests will forever live in the minds of students to commemorate a team of real fighters who struggled valianrly and hopefully to the Hnal whistle. CLASS B FOOTBALL Alameda ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,, , O-San Leandro ,,,, s,s, , ,13 Alameda .,..,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 4-Castlemont , ,,,, ,,,.,, , 7 Alameda .,,.,,,, , .,,,, 7-St. Mary's ,,,, . ,,l. 0 Alameda ,,,,,,,, ,,.,. , ,13-University ,,,,,, 8 Alameda Vs,.s,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, , . , .,,,, 6-Oakland Tech ,.,,, W 6 Alameda ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0-Berkeley ,,,...,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,.,.,. 6 Coming through a fast season against some tough opponents, the Class BU football team did themselves proud with three victories, one tie, and two defeats to their credit. This squad developed players worthy of the Varsity and gave each one of their opponents a run for their money. Their power may be realized when one sees that they scored six touchdowns in four games, only being held scoreless by the strong San Leandro team in the initial scrap of the season, and by the ever- powerful Berkeleyans. The coaching ability on the part of Lewis Jolley made for a successful season. Players who proved themselves stars were Corbin Burbank, Tom Nason, Joe Cima, Stan Noyes, Frank O'Brien, Norman Johnson, and Spencer Archer. f ' ,f L GREGORY COLBURN Back row: Coach Freeman, Smith, Brandenburg, Win- berg, Gilman, Siem, Durney, Cooper. Center row: Maurer, Barry, Simons, Cima, Bos- cacci, Battersby, Siem. Front row: Evatt, Stein, Peck, Goertz, MacDonald, Torri- celli, Werson, Albright. w I I wtmmmg PRACTICE MEETS Alameda ,,,,,, ,,..... 3 3-Cal Frosh. ,..........,,... ..,.., 3 8 Alameda .,,,.. ,,,.,,, 2 3-S. F. Y. M. C. A .,,.,,. ...... 4 8 Alameda ,.,,,, ...,,,, 2 8--Palo Alto .,....,,.....,... ...... 4 5 Alameda ,...,, ....... 4 5-Sequoia .,,. ...... 2 8 PROBABLY DUE in a large part to their lack of practice and loss of stars by graduation, the Hornet mermen did not show up as Well as ex- pected in the regular practice season. They cannot be judged from these performances as they began swimming in meets as soon as they turned out, Without any time for concentrated practice. A sensational thrill of the Palo Alto meet was the shattering of the North Coast relay record in the time of 59.1 by Ralph Gilman, Warren Smith, and Roy Siem. Even as this article goes to press the A. C. A. L. swimming meet remains to be competed in, and it is hoped that the Hornets will have improved by then enough to be serious contenders in this event. --'ati 78 Back row: Coach Young Carlton, Spackman, johnson, Bennett, Hornig, Kozinchik, Clark. Cenfvr row: Johnson, Barbour, Warwick, Stuart McClaren. Fran! row Olsen Gregory, Brock, Reid, Pete Camicia. Alameda ,..,,,, Alameda ,,.,,., Alameda ,,,,,,, Alameda ,,..,,, Alameda ,,...,, Basketball SCORES A. C. A. L. ...........,.39-Piedmont 2 I-Berkeley 9-Richmond ,..,,,.2 S--Piedmont .......2 2-Berkeley Alameda ,,..,.e.,,,,,,,.,.e.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 2 7-Richmond WHEN THE A. C. A. L. opened the consensus of opinion was doubt- ful as to whether the Hornet basketball teams stood a chance or not. Up- setting the dope, they started off with a bang by decisively beating the Highlanders by a 39 to 34 score. Following a loss to the ancient enemy, Berkeley, the home team stole a march on the Richmond Oilers to Win 29 to 28. However, the last half of the league fared hard with Alameda with each game being lost after heart-breaking effort seemed to put victory within grasp. Despite defeat, several promising stars were de- veloped, namely: Herman Pete, Bill Reid, Bill Brock, and Bill Gregory. BROCK REID STEWART GREGORY Buck vow: Riccini, Hook , Caird. we A ass as et a l Cl B B L ls ll Alameda ,,,,,,, ., 20-Piedmont , . ..17 Alameda ,,,,,, ., 15-Berkeley , , . , . 29 Alameda ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 6-Richmond .. 23 Alameda ,,,,, . . 17-Piedmont . . . . .16 Alameda ,.,.. ,,,,,, , 20-Berkeley ,,,, , . .. 24 Alameda . ,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, , , , ,, .10-Richmond , ,,,,,,,, .. ., , , 31 CAMICIA Dlssvms THE fact that they won but a third of their A. C. A. L. games and a quarter of their practice contests, the Alameda BD basket- ball squad was really a classy little team when one considers the sad truth that not one veteran returned from last year's A. C. A. L. cham- pions. Coach Jolley was forced to struggle along with new and untried material, and he succeeded in molding it into a smooth-running machine. Among the teams to fall against the Hornet babes Were: Piedmont, McClymonds, Castlemont, and San Leandro. However, the strong out- Hts of Richmond and Berkeley proved just too much for the home team. Individual stars who made themselves conspicuous by their good playing Were: Noyes, Petersen, Miki, Cima, and Caird. OLSEN WARWICK Hanamura, Peak, Hopping. Center row: Williams, Yale, Campbell, Connelly, Bergold, Imbruglia. Front row: Noyes, Bertero, Peterson, Cima, JOHNSON Back raw: Coach Rittler, Bradford, Sharpsteen, Bufton, Tiedemann, Byrne, Rideaux, O'Brien, Sutherland, Archer, Isaksen. Center raw: Bernal, Carlomagno, Medaglia, San- dahl, Medaglia, Randall, Church, Hooper, Helmstein, Pete, Ashley. Front row: Fog- gi, Rokat ani, Marchello, Tiedemann, Davies, Hart - wick, Henderson, Larsen, Gray, Alameda ,,,,,,,, Alameda ,.,,,,,, Alameda... Alameda ,,...,,, Baseball PRACTICE GAMES 35 St. Mary's College S 53 1925 All Stars ,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 2g Marin Jr. College .,,.,. 3 2, Oakland Tech ,,,,,,,,,,,, 0 Alameda Alameda Alameda ,,,,,,,, 4, St. Ignatius ,,,,,,... ,,,,,,,,22 Alameda ....,,,, 11 6 5 Amador Valley... 5 Fremont ,,,,,,,,,,, 5 Roosevelt .,,,,,,,, Alameda ,f,.,,.. 3g San Jose State ,,,,,,,,,,., 9 Alameda .....,,, 6 Emeryville .....,.,. Alameda ..,,,,,. 35 Castlemont ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 Alameda 3 U. C. Frosh ,,,,.f, Alameda .,,,,,,, 2g Oakland ,.,,,,,,., ,,,,,,, 4 Alameda ,,,,,,,, 8 Merritt Bus. Sch Alameda .,,,,,,, 35 Balboa ,,,,,,,,, ,,YYYYY S Alameda ,,,,A,,, 4 San Mateo C., Alameda ,,...,,, Alameda ,,,.,,.. . . I A. C. A. L. 25 Berkeley ,,,.,,, ....... 1 Alameda 9 3 Berkeley ,,,.,.. ...,.., S Alameda 0 S g Richmond ,,,,,,, 5 Richmond ,,,, AFTER A successful practice season in which they Won eight games and lost but twice to high school teams, the Alameda baseball team came up fast to take the A. C. A. L. championship with a clean sweep of all four games. This year's team developed some champions who will long be remembered at the school for their playing ability and ex- HELMSTEIN MEDAGLIA PETE SANDAHL . . -.., ,,,,,,. , .., , .. K K ig treme coolness. Among these are Joe Church, Elmer Sandahl, Frank Medaglia, pitcher with eight straight victories to his credit, and Don Bernal, Alameda sultan of swat. This team, working with machine-like precision, cleaned up all local competition and threw a scare into several highly-touted college nines. Several scouts from Paciiic Coast teams have been looking over some of the boys and some of them may Win a berth in professional baseball. The last game with Berkeley proved the most thrilling, with Bernal, Ashley, and Sandahl connecting with home runs to cinch the game for Alameda at 9 to S and capture the A. C. A. L. for the Hornets. The Richmond game saw Alameda Winning its fourth straight league contest by a score of 5 to 4. The outstanding performers in this contest were Herman Pete and Doug Hooper. Pete did the heavy hitting while Hooper pitched a fine game. DECATHLON 1932 Class A: Les Marcum flstj, George Meyer f2ndj. Class B: Frank Ucovich flstj, M. Iwahashi f2ndj. Class C: T. Iwahashi flstj, C. Wood 12ndj. RANDALL CARLOM AGNO CHURCH VKVV .,. K ' V K . 3 .1 . N , It A' ' I iywgngigw -' is fi s' sf M- 4 , ,,,, ,, . ..,h ..,. - . . ,.,,,w l , A., i - fi, 'Q i . E 5,, Q .yfjrgy g t ix , s 2'-EQQ5 ' f' 14 E1 it ' ' f- ' . aa , A , , .. ., , . , , .. , ..,, . . - .. . . . ' 'Y . , . 4 . f. ,,,, . A- . ' -- --an '- S H ' . 'W W ' F if a t ,, ' i , i .' .. K -5, N, ' - -- msn.. . J 5 A an ia , 4 L, rl F vw gh E Q1 7 Q v S , xg, F, 1 is H .Lip I H ,. cb rf 9' we YZW ALAMEDA HIGH enjoys the distinction of being the only public high school in the United States that boasts a rowing crew, shells and equip- ment. Through the courtesy of Ky Ebright and the University of California two shells were obtained, and during the year a strong crew was developed under the coaching of Lee Cavanaugh, an alumnus of Alameda High. During the Fall term two races were staged-one with Sacra- mento Junior College freshmen and the second with California second- string frosh. Alameda won both races. In the spring term the crew met with stiffer competition. It raced the first string crew of Sacra- mento J. C. at Sacramento and lost this race by ten feet, due to a mis- understanding as to what was the Hnish line. A week later these crews met, with the addition of the California first-string frosh, in a hot race on the Alameda estuary speedway. California, Sacramento and Ala- meda came in in the order named. Members of the Fall crew were Bert Dignon, Herbert Punches, Lane Theriault, Leigh Jones, Mark Battersby, Bill Whelan, George Storkman, and Bob Anderson. In the Spring term graduations were replaced by Terry Hackett, Arvid Peterson and John Love. Bill McCall, coxswain, was the spark plug. Ned Farrell was the crew substitute. -1--swa.,mf:f1,.,,, V.. , : mf,-M . ,.f.x...,e....ffr fi. . 5 f. ,,, ....- -ui , i I l A f5i...+ , F I 7 f,v4,:a,w.iLl ,?ffiif 'V i s s . ,ii ,L V K A 5 i . , ...., .. T X 54 , , 'er as . ' n 4 Q k A swf' , if it W' ' 11' ' . . , . .v ' A I- ,, , . . . af. . . .-N, I M ,... ,, . ,, 1 . -f , gm.. 1- --.f - Y , V f t ' . .Aa 75,5 W., 1, , ...aim fy ,fff-'fc .,..2ua. .. A .. . . ,E . MARCUM V Follrila row: Burbank, Beach, Cooper, Kido, Trail, Iwahashi. Third row: Lucas, Haller, Phillips, F os t e r, Singleton, Adolfson, Hook, Irving. Sec- ond row: Buckley, Zoller, Sanday, Chaplin, Lu n a r di, Caird, Crocker, Teshima. Fin! raw: Wood, Ucovich,Thomas, Adams, Marcum, Scott, Sund- by, Downer, Nason, Iwahashi. faC PRACTICE MEETS Alameda ...,.,.,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,. 3 4 -Stanford Frosh ,,,,, ,,,,, . 74 Alameda ,,.,.,.., ,,,,,,, S 1 -McClymonds ,,,,,, ,,,,, . S 1 Alameda ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 4 -Burlingame ,,,,, ,,,,,,, S 9 Alameda ,,,,, ,,,,.,, S2 -Roosevelt ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , .52 Alameda ,..,,,. 51 -San Jose State ,,,,,,, W ...61 Alameda ,,..,... , ,,,i,,, 68 -Fremont ,,,...,.. .. , ,,,.,.. ......35 Alameda ..,,.,,,..,,,,,,i,,,,,,.,,..,,,..,,,,,,. 36321-California Frosh ....,,.,,,,,. H66 1f3 THIS YEAR,S track squad suffered badly by graduations-losing such stars as Dick Brace, Jack Hornung, Elden Rice, and Jack Westfall, and Coach Jolley was faced with the task of turning last year,s second team men into good varsity men and possible winners. The practice season was spent in developing some place winners for the big A. C. A. L. meet, and only one meet was lost to a high school squad. The team at the end of its season of practice games, had as products of its Work: Les Marcum, Lewis Adams, Minoru Iwahashi, George Kido and other out- standing performers. A. C. A. L. MEET In the 1933 A. C. A. L. track meet, held at Edwards Field, U. C., the Hornet cindermen did not do as Well as last year when they captured the championship, due to previously mentioned reasons. Although our BEACH LUNARDI HALLER ADAMS WOOD Burk Row: Wood, Crocker, Hook, Emma. Thin! Row: Ashby, Lucas, Charlot, Circ- oml Row. Campe, Petersen, Sanday, Kidu, Sundby, Hed- om, Tuttle, Crichton. Firsl 10: Iwahashi, Bor erstron, lli, Walthall, Buckley. Ser- g Zeller, Polley, Thomas, Nason, Grant. men gave the best in them, Alameda was forced to take a third place at 33 points behind Berkeley's 50 and Piedmont's 372 points. The Oilers were decisively beaten, taking only IOM points. The high point of the meet was the record-breaking vault of Les Marcum, 1932 A. C. A. L. champion, who sailed over the bar at 12 feet 6 inches to better his own record by half a foot. NORTH COAST SECTION MEET For the third successive year Alameda has won the N. C. S. meet. First place winners were Captain Marcum, George Haller, and Minoru Iwahashi. Other point winners were Teshima, Lunardi, and Ucovich. Scoring a total of 202 points Alameda climaxed che season with an im- pressive victory after the defeat by Berkeley and Piedmont in the A. C. A. L. CLASS B TRACK This year,s Class B track squad did rather better than their bigger brothers, the varsity, in the annual A. C. A. L. meet when they followed closely on Berkeley's 45 points with a score of 41. Piedmont brought up the rear with 33 points to their credit. In the 300-yard dash George Sundby smashed the old record and hung up a new one of 35 seconds. The broad jump record fell before the prodigious leap of George Kido who sailed for 19 feet 10 inches, and Joe Beach hurdled the 120 for a new mark of 14.4 seconds. IRVING UCOVICH TEEGARDEN IWAHASHI Golf PRACTICE GAMES Bark row: Foster, Skinner Miller, Hunter, Keane, Hord- ness. Front row: Hunter Brown, Minium, Norton. Alameda ,.,,.., ,,,,,,,,,,.,,, S M-Bellarmine Prep ....... 322 Alameda ,,,.,,, ,,,.,,, 6 -Casrlemonr ......,,, ..,.,.. 3 Alameda ,,,,,,, .,,..,. 6 -University .,,,.,, .....,. 0 Alameda ,..,,.. ,,,,,,, 9 -Castlemont .,,,.. ,,,,,,, 0 A. C. A. L. Alameda .....,, ..,.... S -Piedmont YY,,YY.,YY ....... 4 Alameda ,,,..., ....... 6 M-Richmond .,,,.,. ,... 2 M Alameda .......,...,..,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,..,,,.,,,. 8 M-Berkeley .,,,,,,,,,,.Y,,,YY,,Y,..,., . M Alameda .......,..,....,......,,.,,,., .,,,,,..,, 2 M-Piedmont ...............,,,,,.,Y,,.,. 6 M IN ITS seventh year of competition and its first in A. C. A. L. circles the Alameda golf team under the coaching of Willis Minium seems to be definitely on the Way to its first A. C. A. L. championship. As this is written the only serious obstacle in the Hornet,s way is Piedmont. The fellows have cleaned up every bit of competition they have encountered except over Berkeley and Richmond earlier in the season. They will have to stage a play-off on the Alameda course between the two leaders to decide the champions. However, if the Scots lose to either of the others, Alameda will succeed to the title and vice versa. A number of students will also compete in the annual Tribune golf tournament, held late in May. Such stars as Frank Miller, Ed Minium, Bob Andrus, and Bill Hunter make Alameda's chances for the title just that much more secure. -..qgf 86 Burk row: Watson, Rogers, Mal-cami, Specs. Fran! row: Hutaif, Noyes, Morrison. ennis PRACTICE SEASON Alameda ,..... .,.,,,,,,,,.,., 0 -California Frosh ,,,,,,Y Y,Y,.. 9 Alameda .,,,,,... ,..,, 1 -Berkeley High ,.,,,, ....., 3 Alameda ,,,..,,,, ,,,,. 6 -Richmond .. ,,,, Y,..Y . 1 Alameda ,..... ....i 5 -Oakland Tech ,,,.. ...... 2 Alameda .,,,,Y ,.,., 4 -St. Ignatius ,,.... ,.f.., 3 Alameda ,,...,,,..,,...,...,,,,.,..,,,,.,,...,,, 4-Piedmont ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.Y......f....Y..v. 3 AFTER COMING through a successful practice season Coach Lewis Jolley's netmen faced the A. C. A. L. matches with plenty of confi- dence and an excellent chance of coming through on top. However, the racqueteers did not reckon with the stars of Berkeley and Piedmont and so were defeated rather badly. Nevertheless stamina and spirit were not lacking and the absolute essential, good sportsmanship, was always present. The Hrst team consisted of: Morrison, Noyes, Spees, Watson, and Makami. 3 7 Ee..- Girls, Athletic Association OFFICERS Full, ,32 Spring, ,JJ Frances Glover ,,,,,,,.,,,, W ,,,,,, President ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.., ,.,, A n na Walliman Grace Kneedler ,,.,.,..,,, ,,,,,,,, , Vire-President ,,,A,,..,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,.,,, Mildred Jude Dorothy Thompson W, ,,,,,,,, Finanrial Secreturyw ,,,,, ,,,, D orothy Thompson Anna Walliman ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R ecording Secretary ,,,,, ,,,, B ernice Armstrong Aloha Knoblick ,..,.,., ,,r,,,, , ,Yell Leader ,,,,....,,.., .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, I da Schwartz Alberta Machen ,.,..,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,.. .,.., P ublirity. ,v,.,,.,,...,.,.,,,,, Margery DuRivage SUCCESS! THAT is the keynote of this year's Girls' Athletic Associa- tion's program. Under capable leadership the girl athletes participated in one continuous round of activities. Among these in the fall term were: a Welcome party to the freshman girls, a play day visit to Hay- ward Union High School, one to the San Francisco State Teachers, College, and the semi-annual Girls' Association Spread. The Spring program was ushered in with a highly successful dansant after which the girls enjoyed a Sports Day at the University of Cali- fornia. These events led up to the big gesture of the season, the Jig- Saw Play Day, in which the Alameda girls acted as hostesses to the East Bay Federation of Girls' Athletic Associations. Bringing the year's acgviiies to a close, the girls attended a Play Day at San Mateo High Sc oo. Both in the sports and the social activities the G. A. A. has striven to carry on the highest ideals of sportsmanship and traditions of the society. gg ll, 'VJ wx, 'VJ .. ,,,, f H , 7 5 ,, 4.22 f A .mu MQ Rl, Q- V I A . Zi I 'ilu ik 1? 32- 5 ! WEP? if , HOCKEY Buck row: Thompson, judo, Grooms, Lloyd, Shires. Front row: Furuno, du Rivage, Armstrong. SPEEDBALL Groome, Lloyd, ju de, All- sread, Downer, Hernandez, Armstrong, Thompson, du Rivage, Walliman, Nomura. CANOEING Burk row: Hansen, Rainey, Hersey, Groome, Burnett, Knoblich, Booth. Frou! row: Ferren, Lloyd, Rose, Smith, Spencer. BADMINTON Bark row: Miller, Dodge, All stead, Lloyd, Holgcrson Groome, Cooper, N o m u r n Jolley, Miss DiVecchio, Frou row: Ken t, Knoblich Schwartz, Pickrell, Booth Walliman, Jude, du Rivagc, BASKETBALL Back row: Groomc, Nomura, Armstrong, du Rivagc, Thompson, Shires, Furuno, Jude, Walliman. TENNIS Baclz row: Ratio, Groome, Jude, Pena. Center Raw: Howe, Kent, Kilman, Kover, Masters, Pcrata, Gullman Front row: Schwartz, Jolley, du Rivage, McClintock, Shan- ahan, Farrell, Currie, Booth. 3 Burk row: Guerin, Vineys Thomson, Gibbs, Klicgard Mes, Coureen, Muchmor Front mul: Joust, Frederic Fitzsimmons, Arnold, Baker Morris. R'd' 1 mg THIS year riding has attained its greatest success as a Girls' Athletic Association sport. Under the management of Carol Guerin and Ann Arnold, this sport has had the largest turnout in its history. Fifteen to twenty girls came out regularly on Thursdays. The total sign-up included about thirty, five of whom were enthusiastic faculty members. Sequoia Riding Academy was chosen as an ideal riding school. C. S. F. points are given for this sport as well as G. A. A. points, which are given for passing certain requirements for the three classes: beginners, intermediates, and advanced. The beginners spend most of the time in a well-equipped ring where they learn the ABC's of riding, while the intermediates may stay in the ring for further instruction or venture out on the trail under the supervision of an instructor. The advanced class is allowed to ride the trail without an instructor. Carol Guerin and Ann Arnold exhibited Master Mars and Collegian, two Hackney ponies, at the Mills College Horse Show on April 28 and 29. The riding group has learned a great deal, and skillful horsemanship has been developed in some of the individual members. CAROL GUERIN, Editor. -..Q 92 INFQRMALS Cv-oorfevg All. A R OUND .SCHOOL K iig L--- 1 KA X N ,M ' 'Q ' QX .Q ,Q , vi! Q - Qoel' WA4i' The -FH'-ec't' Cff4NQl' Graf V - Q x. . 'W Uu... 5 3525 JDJ? ex 72a360vQr- Q 2. ' CN M' Nfffv 2 f f 4' :X , i f Q Q s ,J nf- Q' - 'Si Xl 73:-ee ?n-nf e Chests . f. -xlk K . I sp W , . ,Q , GNN My 5 A lgamfv swgsr ew' H01-11:-f L o Vey-4,5 Move 00-Gr ??? L me GA1vnvlzeJ Foaloua ?l6 Refs 2P5Mame5R WHEN -.i.- V. ,,,. .,.M,,.4.,! .,,, 4 3,51 A P o yx - -A -1Y,,f f ,I s I I W ' . Z vp A . , ,fr ':f,L , , , A g , ,445 'A' 3f?4kff , m' ' 95 L mv pf ' 1 ' g fWf 'W HQ, , , when you cmd: vm Pell' 'A l VV. A,?V f A Gof129N? W Y0o-jy00,l8effy ., - 5n6 6.011- as 1 Q ,V 45 v , Q - V . Loudon - : Q11 Av'-4721 C A JM 0 N no6f :hom 54104, Jiaurke Elliot Accenfj 7'v-ro ,Alt Jann GN!! 3e'f7,L' .. 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Reveremi Ju 15oa.voL A 5 Hacvsete 'E 5 5' 'E Q FA 'E-ved taxes Yus - J V f M fx Bedvty SICK? x.! 0 ,qjjw - gif? 1' xx , W HDWXQ RUR 5105 gy- Gus 1 4 UL 3 A LESsoN m ENGL-LSH Mealag Inq ' :sw ,Z A .K-': 5- A M .emma 'LL Q. : iwf-, - if k.h. I S a n 4,9 xx xx W 3 fa-9 . 2 -lf 1342 V V f i Q - A ' Mx- ,:i, 'Q- sm bw 90? C07 UPS 1 JMB I L HQNIO e cke af 57' r S K mn W d Awe' , , Z, it , ' ug I N- ,,4.AN, A ,, G oo - G a a mia I-'Zn-M A0fPa! A, 44,4 fm- Q 41 ALQVQ Tikes K, X Aff! OOPS! Prfsofver-s of L ove Col fzrrpreflne g Co..D, ' A Rare. Koi c. alponsors Col Pnffdw Jdfu'5'1NG 7'5e , Cologr TIVIT Excerpts from a High Senioris Diary SEPT. 7, 1932-I'm exhausted! Been working so hard on the Fresh- man Reception committee but, at last, it's over! Margaret Craig did the managing. It was fun seeing those infants out on parade-but then I guess it hasnit been so very long since I was only a freshman. 1 1 1 1 SEPT. 12-Startling news! That bi-monthly scandal sheet, The Oak Leaf, made its first appearance today. A keen issue! I guess that this time our newspaper is here to stay. 1 1 1 1 SEPT. 23-'lim quite inspired by our low senior play, The Ad- mirable Crichton, which our class presented tonight. Dick Downer managed it. Between Doris Galvin,s English accent and Jack Desch's butlery bearing, we got a lot of laughs out of an otherwise serious play. 1 1 1 1 OCT. 21-Just a line before retiring. My feet are simply killing me, but I never have had such a good time as I've had this day and night. First, the Alameda vs. Berkeley football game. Though we did lose, our fellows certainly put up a good fight. And then to cap the climax, the High Juniors' Patio Prom. Ooops! pardon the yawn-I'm just too sleepy to write any more. Anon . . . 1 1 1 1 OCT. 22 CSaturday morningj-Dreamed about the Prom last night. It seemed very real. Decorations in that torrid Spanishy manner, music by Ceremelli's orchestra in such Gay Caballero costumes and the best punch! What romance dancing in the patio of a Spanish hacienda. Barbara Otto is certainly a clever manager. 1 1 1 1 DEC. 16-Went to the graduation of the class of December 1932 last night and to their Senior Ball tonight, and am tired but happy. Jim Brye managed the ball, and whoever did the decorations surely made wonderful use of his Christmas trees and snowflakes. Feldman and Jacobsen's orchestra and, of course, my Tom completed this won- derful evening. if 102 JAN. 3, 193 3-Well, back to the old grind! The Freshman Recep- tion on Jan. 26, to be managed by Jean Favier, is the first social event and then-off to a merry season! 1 1 1 1 FEB. 14-We won the Alameda vs. Richmond b-asketball game and are we all speechless and I mean literally, too. CPage the cough drops.j Imagine winning the game by one point, and that in the last few minutes of play. Many more games like this and we,ll have the championship. 1 1 1 1 MAR. 17-Enjoyed myself thoroughly tonight at the low senior play, Daddy Long Legs. Mr. Carlyle, our customary coach, made a reg- ular orphan girl out of Zelda Long, and Paul Lindsey quite startled us with his man of the world performance. Must have been a financial as well as a social success. 1 1 1 1 MAR. 24-Another keen Junior Prom tonight! They called theirs Promenade Moderne -and it was! Howard Steinberg, Gladys Ross, Miss Sherman and their committees certainly created a veritable roof- garden out of our good old gym and with Feldman-Jacobsen's orchestra, one really felt as though this were New York, not little old Alameda. 1 1 1 1 APRIL 7-They say that the operetta, The Pirates of Penzancef, Went over beautifully tonight. I went yesterday to the matinee per- formance Cfirst time they ever had onej . The voices were divine. Ruby Yoshino, Bob George, Walter Grazzini, Barney Healy, the trio, and Thelma Marshall, took the leads and plus an exceptionally fine chorus they put on a musical entertainment that made us proud of the music department, Mrs. Hunter, and her staff of teachers and students. 1 1 1 1 APRIL 21-Talking about surprises! Our hi-senior class certainly pulled a good one this term. Instead of the customary boring Seni- orpheum we put on a Senior Kermess, managed by Elias Welch and Betty Andrus. It was a real carnival-serpentine, confetti and all that goes with it. For an inexpensive dance with a good orchestra we all certainly had a good time. Tom is such a dear! 103 law APRIL 28-I'm still cold from the A. C. A. L. track meet this after- noon at Edwards Field. Though they tried hard, our boys didn't win -but, Les Marcum, that superb pole-vaulter, broke a record by doing 12 feet 6 inches-and if we aren't all puffed up? I've been practically eating, thinking, and sleeping uflowersv for the past week and now our first student flower show is over-till next year. Our committee finally did choose the prizes-they were potted plants which the florist called gloxinia Cor som'nj but they overcame even that handicap and were lovely. We had been doubtful if boys' ad- visories would enter anything, gut gee! you ought to see those big, husky athletic fellows entering the most delicate of exhibits and being most solicitous about water and arrangements of their plants. With our flower display, the art exhibit and the evening program tonight, Public Schools Week certainly was finished with a flourish. 1 1 1 1 MAY 12-Oh! Those uniforms! Many are the hearts that are flut- tering tonight after going to that keen military ball. Girls in formals, fellows in uniforms. What a sight! A galaxy of flags and guns and balloons made a most elaborate display. Paul Lindsey managed this end of it, I think. Lewis Burwell, manager, his committees and the Sword and Shield Society are responsible for the first dance of this kind- What a success! 1 1 1 1 JUNE 7-Oh diary! Tomorrow comes the night-graduation! My head's in a whirl-I can't eat-I can,t sleep-Fm a nervous wreck! Suppose I should stumble up the steps? Suppose they forget my diploma? Suppose . . . Friday night is the ball. Steve Rogers and Betty Andrus have worked out an Oriental idea-quite fantastical, you know-Oooh! But tomorrow! Tomorrow night I'll graduate!-Tomorrow will witness the graduation of the best class that ever . . . -wtf 104 l KA il W 5 r gd WL L .V . Lgyi, ,,,,, , Aw - X, fs- or W A . fa r,,, , ki A ! 5' ik. ,Q 4 , I i - ?gaVrf5 .,.... L X H 1 V 19 f . H ' ' J' 7 ff' ,,,' V , . ,,,,, . P , 1 kkkk 5 HW , ... , Yi in I ST. ,ti K Q , T . , ,mi 3 V .- 1:5 rw: 1-13.J,,3:-ici X, an dw 3 M 'ig ww J W 5 KT? S I 3 S E Y 1. :ai-1 Q: if 2iiE, f12sT'51- Z' ai? if . 2 fix. Y ia M Hi Q E U ,, ' 5,1 .5 -'K 5 5 5 5 ' YW U Lf x A . ' ' fh F Q - m Q .. in L.ig2mliM,3sgEiga, 5 fy A K wt . .S , 3 1 if E, an ,, ' fzfgsiw LA . af . -f . , Y '- i ff mf 5 Q 'KT' me X M -32' ' '- 71- . if mfr 'am a?m '5zS Q f , fr - , .V.. M. M . I ' : ' '-:iii me U ,iw . .W H f I . ,, if K V, , 4-,W ., if lf W ,N Q i. ,':fN1'f ' ,N A H S? we-Q5 Bark row: Burwell, Harris Randall, Peterson, Hooper Thomas, Otto, Co n n a w a y Echenberger, Neitzel, Thomas Zimmerman, Sturgiss,Wright Keremitsis, Favier. Galt Leaf A VERY definite sentiment pointing to the reestablishment of the school paper took shape a year ago, and as a result of popular demand the Oak Leaf was reborn. With President Travis Winsor fathering the sheet as the major project of his administration, with faculty advisor Franklin Cummings throwing himself heart and soul into the r6le of godfather, and with the administrative board generously appropriating the necessary funds, it needed only the loyal and sincere efforts of the staff of student editors and managers to make the paper the brilliant success that teachers and students alike have whole-heartedly voted it. Several factors have contributed to this enthusiastic response. For one thing the paper has been regular in appearance. For another, it has consistently sought to appeal to the entire student body rather than to any clique or faction. Willingness to learn by experience has proved of great advantage. Careful attention to make-up has reaped its har- vest of praise. Probably most important of all, however, has been the policy of balancing the serious with the gay, the personal with the im- personal, the general with the special. Jack Hallinan and Bart Harris shared the editorial responsibility in the Fall term, While Lewis Burwell managed the finances. In the Spring term, Gordon Paetz has served as editor-in-chief and Ed Temple- ton as business manager. The girls have also been ably represented on the staff, especially in the work of Jean Thomas and Frances Echen- berger. --if 106 , Mr. Cummings, Paetz, Halli- nan, Templeton. Center row: Hunter, Yeager, Harris, Walker, Henchel. Front row: , 'FA ADVERTISEMENTS JAMES D. FAYEN considers it a privilege to have been printers to Alameda High School and the staff of the ACORN in producing this 1933 edition. 1N!y x HIL' Z Ji, J? in i 1 Q ll W in QI, N W M , 7 THE ENCINAL PRESS 2324 ALAMEDA AVE., ALAMEDA PHONE ALAMEDA S435 108 Alameda airy Co. Ire C1f'66ZWL.: G DELIVERED ANYTIME ANYWHERE MILK - CREAM FOUNTAIN LUNCH BUTTER - EGGS MILK SHAKES FROZEN PUDDINGS CANDIES - CAKES -..if 109 yy.- an -- we 'El lay GOLF... AT THE ALAMEDA M U N I C I PA L GOLF COURSE FEES: Week Days ,..........,.,.......,.................. .....,... Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays .............. ......... Monthly Ticket C good every dayj .................,..,,,,,, Monthly Ticket fnot good Sat., Sun., Hol.J ...,,,,, L LUNCH ROOM IN CLUB HOUSE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Special Rate for Alameda High School Students 2Sc After 2:30 on School Days S .50 S .75 53.00 52.00 Ez El -..ii 1 10 EQ..- SAY IT WITH FLOWERS upon every occasion. For the holiday remem- brance, in the sick room, at the wedding . . . flowers express your sentiment best. Just phone us . . . we'll do the rest. CORSAGES 1 BASKET FLOWERS -Slew 'QP HAYASHI FLORAL COMPANY HARRY H. KoNo, Proprielor 2305 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda Phone ALameda 0539 Member Florists, Telegraph Delivery Association, Inc. Mrs. Duncan Qto student drinking soupj : It looks like rain, doesn't it? Student drinking soup: Yeh, but it tastes like dishwater. 1 f 1 Porter: How would you like to sleep-head first or feet first? Lyle: Ulf its all the same to you Fll sleep all at once? Graduating Seniors, Attention! These are times of economic unrest. As prospective graduates it is time to think of what provisions you are going to make for your future security. Thousands of college graduates, as well as high school graduates, are doomed to a life of mediocrity and struggle because the white-collared class far out-numbers the available jobs. Do you want to train yourself for an occupation which finds a ready application? Would you like to have your life-work characterized by service to humanity as well as by pecuniary reward? Then consider the healing art as a profession. It will pay you to investigate the training offered by the Pacific College of Chiropractic and Drugless Therapeutics to prepare you for this profession. Make an appointment with the Dean of the College by telephone, and he will explain the benefits of the College more fully. A S4-page pros- pectus of the College will be given free on personal application. PACIFIC COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC AND DRUGLESS THERAPEUTICS 207 Pacific Building, Oakland, California Phone GLencourt 6855 1 11 Ea., IE EEE ee ew E I q STUDENTS3 ATTENTION PATRONIZE YOUR CAFETERI MODERATE PRICES MUSICFORDANCING FINE FOODS 'fDid you vote for the honor system? Bet I did-four timesf' 1 1 f Did you make the Debating Team? UN-N-N-0. They s-s-s-aid I W-W-W-asn't t-t-t-all enough. Compliments of AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY BANK OF ALAMEDA BRANCH ALAMEDA WEBSTER STREET BRANCH TI-IE SPORT SHOP C. PENNEY CO. 2417 Santa Clara Ave. CI O, I CTO ' Tmmis Headq11arlc'rx Wt url' bcrc Io Serve' you wiih Cmzvtcsy und Value SWIMBIING SUITS GOLF TRACK BASEBALL 13 51 PARK STREET ALAMEDA 1 12 334. ., P H E A L D C O L L E G E Watch for Our Daily Specials ALameda 0418 i f70TH YE RJ A SUPERIOR BAKERY Ogeni L. ANOVICH, Prop. I All Goods Bakea' on lhe Premises i Adzfanrvd Courses FYl'Sh E1 l'fJ' DJJ' LL in Birthday and Wedding Cakes a Specialty STENOGRAPHY TYPEWRITING 1519 WEBSTER ST. ALAMEDA, CALIF. 1 SECRETARIAL TECHNIQUE I ACCOUNTING l OFFICE APPLIANCES W BUSINESS 1 ADMINISTRATION BANK OF AMERICA W C. P. A. PREPARATION 7 Y INATIOISAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 3 Enlrantc Reqzfimrzzwzls- I High School Graduation Park Street at Santa Clara Aveaue and ll Webster Street at Haight Street Write or phone for catalog 1 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA S!lL'il1gK - Conzrrmrcial - Foreign - Trusf l Hlghgate 0201 sis-17th Street Safe Deposit sign - - Mr. Kafka: That last note was D flat. 1 Bob Andrus: I thought so too, but I didn't like to say so. I 1 1 1 ll Jean Caird: I don't see how football players ever get clean. ' Dot Fitzsimmons: Silly, what do you suppose scrub teams are for. THE EAST BAY,S LARGEST SPORTING GOODS K O D A K 5 W DEPARTMENT F R A M E S E1!l'l'J'fhil1g for the u!lJlclz', fl'llf1H iI1g N G I F T S Golrlsmith Athletic Goods Special Prices to High School Students - I HOV El. PIATT PHOTO in ' HSQELAND ' co' 1411 PARK STREET I ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT'-SECOND FLOOR Phone Aliameda 3560 I Z- F-V , A ,l 7 W ECW YYYY 1 fr W Y 1,11 C A TH -..Qi 1 1 3 jg..- For- QUALITY PRINTING REASONABLE PRICES QUICK SERVICE Give Your Next Order to BUENA VISTA PRESS E. C. TEMI-LETON 783 Buena Vista Ave. Alameda Telephone ALameda 2312 ALAMEDA DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Park St. at Santa Clara Ave. Phone ALameda 2000 Alameda, Calif. Compliments of THE ALAMEDA THEATER Complimenisof THE STERLING PRINT SHOP li. . Al- TRAVIS WINSOR Frosh: May I have an R. O. T. C. uniform, sir? Sarge Boyer: Okay. How do you want it, too large or too small? 1 1 1 A political platform is just like the one on the back of a street car-not meant to stand on, just to get in THE ELITE CAFE FOIQMERLY Wmnhs Good Tbingx to Ea! School Lunches a Specialty Across from the Alameda Theatre Phones: ALamer1a 0451-0452 OIL l DIETZ MOTOR CO. Alameda? Ford Dealer In our new building, Park Street and Buena Vista Avenue Phone ALameda 2321 l Fountain Pen Headquarters-Stationery VICTOR L. SCHAEFER PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST H A R Q L D H O V E T Sucfrssor lo CI-ms. A. NEWCOMB Mcnzbrr Slate Board of Plmrmary Webster St. at Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, Cal. 1435 Park Street Alameda, Calif. Ez li 77114---i gg, W- -'-'-ff W W iffif' ii: .Y Zi IE! asf 114 SUNNY COVE BEACH Special rates to 5111110111 turd holders SURF-EATS-TANK BELL 543 1 1339 PARK STRELT ALAMEDA 1030 GOLDEN GOOSE DELICATESSEN Tusly Foods for Particular Palalrx M STUDENTS p Get Your ICE CREAM and MILK SHAKES at . . V The Druggzsb 1 1 1 BORDENW 3 1546 Park Street, Phone ALameda 2700 1 Park SI- Heal' Central Ave., Alameda 1 Oflisl1er, I'm looking for a parkin' plashef' But you've no carf' 1 '2Oh yesh I have. It's in the parkin, plashe I'm lookin' forf' 1 1 1 1 What are the best ten years of a woman's life? X Between 28 and 30. 1 1 ALEC GRINTONSLCO. l FILIPELLI BROS. W 5511001 Suppliw, Siationery and X Buster Brown and Brownbilt Shoes Greeting Cards Expert Repairing l 1 1357 Park SUCH Allmedl, Calif- 3 1507 WEBSTER STREET ,,,, ALAMEDA 3336-J ll 1 . , 1 If P0325 to Trade wiilo Hoe 'NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY 5 l l . ' 1' Vamishex W E S T E R N F O O D S H O P 1 Bax.: Hurler Pamls am l Devon- and Pmng Ar! Supplif-x 1424 Park Street Phone ALameda 0770 1 1337 Park Street Alameda, Calif- ,W , f-f Vi--in ig -.,,5f 11 5 13.1- WANX we-1- f XX . f l W ,l i f nj 15745 TOGRAPHS . if my g ,,f,T7f'f N- 6 I . bf-ff: I L!Q ,,.ffijfj p J i7'lZ,r,x JZJJ fig: QM! , 7 ,f.J-255 'iliifw ig.-fQf J,-,VY QAMWM ' .'q. J A Lin Aj! QQ ' W5 x and ' A ' ,' yy X ,L - + n 1 W'Zg'jj,Nff W E w X W .pf ,YN J ' ik YW? W ' Q -f ' 9 MU X J xJ..n.a.xXxu-AABN w J, J M Q wfw f J 3 Xb 'lf My Q A j J AX, Q, X SQ A Vex? 'x X ' .my X4 , V UJQJJ wxgfk LA lf- ..

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