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V5 . I F , yr: lis ki . , A N Y I -vp if Q1 lx - 4-.QQ -.- .riifif -X .m fx .Ax fx ,x fx f.v.L -1,11 IN -L 1- COM MEMORATION Two hundred years ago in the 'lO1d Dominionv of Virginia, George Washington Was born. In honor of that event our nation in this year of 1932 is observing special commemoration in which are reviewed the qualities, thoughts, hopes, ambitions and achievements of that magnificent personal- ity. From his deeds the students and faculty of this high school, as do all good American citizens, experience a thrill of pride in our history, inspiration to better the tasks at our hand, and strengthen hope in the increasing glory of our United States. 1 1 1 1 7bf3.E'4TQ'i1i-14-1'2f11'1X5C5+:'11'1X? QV 45, i,'5,fQV -gy , xv-,X -,X-,X-,N 6,-X-,Xie-,X-,X-,X-,Q 3' THE 1952 ACORN PUBLISHEDBY TI-IE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA VOLUME XXXIII ,-.F-X,-- ,-. .-. --x,-, .A. .-- .-Q1 ,A. .A n .-. .-. .-X,-X, 1-xfxzxfxl-x1-gl OREWORD SAN FRANCISCO BAY region has been chosen by the staff of the 1932 ACORN as the motif around which to build this yearbook. The selection Was due to its intimate relationship to the island and city of Alameda. The staff has tried to summarize the events of the school year 1931-1932 in graphic history. If, in addition to pres- ent acceptance this Volume is used for future reference to refresh pleasant memories of student life, the staff will feel greatly rewarded. fsfxfsfsfsfxfsfsfxfxfxf ,IL .QA 'L 'RI DEDICAFIO To WILLIAM G. PADEN, superintend- ent of schools in Alameda, this Annual is respectfully dedicated. In this manner the students and faculty of Alameda High School desire to recognize his seven and twenty years in educational service in Alameda, to acknowledge his fine abili- ties as an administrator and man of af- fairsg his accomplishments in the Held of scholarship and letters,-all permeated as they are by a genial personality gifted with justice, sympathy and understanding. X --- ,-x,A. ,-x .-. fx,-. ,-. --x,-. .-, -xv:-gw1-xv4xY1x 1x 45 4-g ix 1 CONTENTS ' BOOK ONE - - PERSONNEL 'ffgiff'-.IQQ -T' ' BOOK TWO - - - CLASSES I A BOOK THREE ORGANIZATIONS BOOK FOUR - - ACTIVITIES BOOK FIVE - ATHLETICS BOOK SIX ---- FEATURES BOOK SEVEN ADVERTISEMENTS 31111:,1f,:,':,1:,Txj,x'j,xf-,-.I,-x:,xf,-xt,-xj,-x:,4 . 1,gA7',..x. .2'1: .QM ,'.- .xv-N -. H.. .uf-.av .1 W.,fg43s 3353: ,V ,. ffl' 'Dbl 'kvw,,9.C"- "': 'ly 5 A. vjfx-'11, . MJ, M , , ,1 , fi. M., 4-1.2f'?Q:2-,.s.f. -3Z,:ffgf1.:mLf . 3512.245 -5-C3251 4 'frL,q,-ff, v' .1 -3-vzffiw f -WSF " Sym- az ws 'jg 1: .- . 12,-31, :f L42 4 .Ir- ,,:. . 1 uf, ,f.V'r?1Tf T. : .w My ,, 'X . Q- Q S X-fxllxzfx-,xv-1-x'1-xt,-xrfx-,xii-x fxvlx fx ,x , PERSO NEL f'x.,-x,'x.f- 'xf'xf'x,-x.,-yr -QQ A -, ,A- r i Y Q J,-Li ix! xx ,Ax .-.73 .x-,-. .x-f.-.-x-,-. .avixvzx DR. GEORGE C. P1-in ci pal THE PRIMARY function Alameda High School, consisting ninety- nine highly competent men and women, is to impart their knowledge and experience to future citizens. Aside from this, they are constantly working for the interests of the students, such as assisting them with their activities, advising their organizations, and promoting spirit and good fellowship among the two thousand students in Alameda High School. True friends and helpers, the Faculty. MR. WILLIS MINIUM MRS. ADELAIDE FISKE Vice-Prinfilml Dem: of Girls 'Sv"-v- A xflxfxf-xflxf-s.,'x?x.,'y,'x.f -ssgf 9 kg..- SW THE l932 ACORN 10 ESM., FACULTY 2 Q X ENGLISH , Mr.Arthur F. Agard Miss Helen Campbell Miss Era Chamberlin Mr. Franklin Cummings Mrs. Majel J. Domnick Mrs. A. Conneau Kleen-ian Miss Edith Latimer Miss Ethel B. Lawson Mr. Clelle LeHeW . Miss Beatrice Ludlow Mr. John M. Peoples Mr. Joseph L. Rediger HISTORY Miss Mary F. Connelly Miss Elsa Jean Barber Miss Florence Barth Miss Mildred A. Hook Miss Grace S. Powers Dr. Paul G. Vigness MATHEMATICS Miss Beatrice B. Conley J' 'iv gburn Mis orothy Crever Miss Blanche DuBois Miss Ruth I. Hays Mr. James A. Hull Mrs. Lucye M. Pitman ART Miss Emily Sherman Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Mrs. Dorothy Layton HOME ECONOMICS Miss Hazel I. Bennett DMM Ethel E. Finch Mrs. Estelle D. Herrick Miss Elizabeth Sargent COMMERCIAL Mr. Paul L. Evans Miss Luella Armitage THE I932 ACORN FACULTY .Miss Amy Jean Ayres LANGUAGE Miss Phyllis Bates it Mr. Charles M. Daniels Mr. Earl J. Fraley lp ' xfu J iss Marin Clow MISS 1096 Gard r Alice H. Darison Mrs. Edith H. eald Mr. Leeilil. acq 'i Miss E.:Louise Joi y. Miss Theresa I. Mulligan Mr. Reginald Fi Saunders Mr. Reuben L. Spaeth INDUSTRIAL Mr. Charles W. Cox Mr. Charles M. Birkholm Mr. Charles Bromley Mr. James H. Burton Mr. F. A. Goldman Mr. Earl W. Shriber Mr. Gordon Watt PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Maria Faria Miss Edith Gamble Miss Frances Hitchcock Miss Hanna M. Oehlmann Miss Isabel Venard Mrs. Margery G.Weisenborn SCIENCE Mr. W. Darrell Coughlan Mrs. Beatrice M. Barret? Miss Marian D. Cooke Miss Mary B. Geiger Miss Helen Golclthwaite Mr. Ira L. Jones Miss Frances Payne FAQVVF GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Myrtle G. Danielson Miss Elda M. M. Eggert Miss Dorothy Elliott Miss Lillian Stockwell CONTINUATION BOYS Mr. Otto Rittler Mr. Chris Freeman Mr. Lewis C. Jolley Mr. Carl H. Young SCHOOL R. o. T. C. Mr. R. A. Shafer Mr. Thayer D. Hall Miss Edna Hardy Mr. Carl Opdahl Miss Lillian Steindorff MI LLA E U5 GRAPHIC ARTS Mr. Harry F. Morehead Mr. George E. Russell MUSIC Mrs. Hazel B. Hunter Mr. John'F. Kafka -..if 11 Major Jose Perez-Brown Sergeant Merritt W. Boyer Mrs. C ra Duncan Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hall Miss Ethel Fayen ,6 . Mrs. Helen L. Freeman Miss Betty Loughran Mrs. Esther McClara Mrs. Helen Van Orden Mr. Alfred E. White Mr. Elven T. Ellefson lla.. -glxvfxixfgl-xl-x1x1-x1x1-x1-g, A. S.A.H.S. FALL 1931 AL HUNTER DOROTHY RICHARDSON Pl'USi!1U1lf Vice-P rt-sidrnl , , l HORACE MILLER DICK BRACE DALE PEAK Rrrnrding Secretary Yell Lender Financial Secretary THE MEETINGS of the fall term of 1931 were highly diversified in their endeavor. They ranged from the purely intellectual, i. e., the Wliite Brothers' presentation on Chinese Art, to the purely physical, repre- sented by an exotic little scrap by a Japanese Judo Team. Several orchestras contortionized for us, but the one that remains in our mind was Jack Souder's Grand Lake Band. Thus, even the most unimaginative crud can at least, in a measure, visualize the gigantic scope of our Assembly programs-from the spec- tacular to the soul stirringg from the bizarre to the joyously super-animated. HORACE MILLER, Recording Secretary. ,-, ,-X,-, ,-- .A- --x-,1 .-- .-. ,-xg-. .Ax 12 Pg..- THE 1932 ACORN I .Pix-. ssgyflfslizim ,VY is is Mm fi ,rg-'rss 3. we . . ' r . ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD, FALL, 1931 Third Roux: Hunter, Hornung, Ursin, Blum, Helmstein, Truesdell, Marsh, Cnrlomagno, Roby Secorzrl Row: Peak, Hordness, Kint, Benton, Lubbock, Beach, Norton, Specs First Row: Zimmerman, Craig, Halvorsen, Schultz, Schroeder, Hansen, Pollard TRAFFIC COMMITTEE, FALL. 1931 Second Row: Hodgkins, Grazzini, Pond, Johnson, Ames, Gilman, Scott, Hoekenga, Asher First Row: London, Stubbs, Agnew, Franklin, Winsor, Wilson, Desch, Frombolo, Cooper, Gibbs -..ggi 13 5514..- THE I932 ACORN BOYS' JUDICIARY BOARD, FALL, 1931 Brace, Ursin, Blum, Hunter, Reynolds, Kint, Truesdell, Peak GIRLS' JUDICIARY BOARD, FALL, 1931 Craig, Tlmnms, Pollard, Schultz, Halvorscn, Schroeder, Wl1ire, Giffen, Crawford 14 -,Xv,A.-,-,-,-,:,A,v Ig-,-.-,-.-.-.-.-.vlxvfg DALE PEAK GERTRUDE SCHROEDER President Virc-Presizlcnl TRAVIS WINSOR JOE BEACH DXCK BRACE Rrrarrlirzg Serrrlnry 'rl rider iuanrial Sfrrvlnrgr THE INSTALLATION of the Spring, 1932, administration brought many Varied student meetings, the majority of which had a lean- ing toward adventure. "Bolos and Bullets", an exciting Philip- pine subject Which had as its teller, Colonel White, who has appeared here on previous occasions. 0ther meetings of this nature included: Sir Hubert Williens' story of his polar submarine expedition, and Father Bernard Hubbard, the Glacier Priest, and his Alaska Volcano thriller. The Julean Arnold Forum Debate, School Talent Day, and the political convention, were the other important meetings of the Spring term. TRAVIS WINSOR, f Rc'c01'di11g Secretary. 'if T if ' if ' if ' if ' Q 'S!'5f' 'x.? 15 Baa- THE l932 ACORN ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD, SPRING, 1932 Fourth Row: Carlomagno, Cooper, Brace, Currier, Beach, Peak Third Row: Roby, Kint, Guslander, Marsh, Hornung, Helmstein Second Row: Norton, Craig, McKay, Schultz, Sutherland First Row: Schroeder, White, Hansen, Favier, Stahl, Miller, Siegfried TRAFFIC COMMITTEE, SPRING, 1932 Third Row: Minium, Pond, London, Stubbs, Gilman, Ames, Wecdin, Johnson Semnd Row: R. Cooper, Parker, Franklin, B. Cooper, Gibbs, Grazzini, Dobbins First Row: Dickey, Asher, Hoekenga, Agnew, Wilson, Staricco, Kepler, Frombolo 16 Ep..- THE l932 ACORN I I BOYS' JUDICIARY BOARD, SPRING, 1932 Second Row: Blum, Hackett, Guslander, Clune, Ursin, Peak First Row: Brace, Hornung, Kinc, Beach, Lowry GIRLS' JUDICIARY BOARD, SPRING, 1932 Second Row: Nason, Eden, White, Johnson, Schroeder, Giffen First Row: Craig, Ullner, Schultz, McKay, Thomson 17 Bb.- -7: ' .4 J- - - - 1 Tfa - tr' -n-rTh-r-hr- - 7 ,xv,-.Y,-,f,-.-fx-,-.-,-.-fx-fi,xxx-lx-fx-,-.-,Q Sf-nfi kd' 'Qn-fspf'-gp-AQ., 'Q- .-,xY,-x-,s- ,x-,x-,xjf-xv,-xv,x-,xv,xv,xv,-X-,xjf f'x1Ax1Ax.f4xf'yf-xx-xl ' X,'x.f'sf'xf'x.1'x?x.1A- SENIORS THE l932 ACORN giffbiifiil' cildiliii? Rlcfiliiiiiii-50N LI'19'lgLliiI:i!bN FWEFEIZN Hlgh Senlor Class OFFICERS Fall, 'JI Spring, '32 Wendell Littleton, ...,.. .- ..., .,a,-.Presiderzt .,.....,w., ......,v B ob Gardiner Betty Crawford ,,.,, mm ,,,n,,,L,,, V ice-President ,,,-,,,,,, .-,,..,. B arbara Pollard Kenneth Richardson .... . ....... Recording Secretary ....,.. - ..,e.....,.,. Hosmer Auger Bob Grafe ..... l,......,.......,.. F ifumcial Secretary ....,.. .....,. W endell Littleton Bill Franklin .....,... H .... ..,........... Y all Le:m'er ,,.,....A..,..,, ...,..., C harles Mullen J21Ck Hornun g. .......,.,....... Ar1mi1zis1fra1fi'Lfe Board l.... - ........,,. -,-Eric Roby Aclminixfrafive Board ,,,,,,...,.,.... Virginia Schultz ON JUNE 2, 1932, we will cease to be students of Alameda High School, but the memories of pleasant days Will never be forgotten. The graduates will leave, some to attend institutions of higher learn- ing, and others to start in business. But always they will look back and remember that their fundamental training was acquired at Alameda High School. We were led in our Freshman year by Bob Castro and Eddie Eckhardt, and Walter Grazzini and Dale Peak took the reins in the second year. Eddie Eckhardt and Irving Leheney took the wheel when We "grad- uated" to the coveted "upperclass" position. In our Senior year Wendell Littleton and Bob Gardiner were chosen to run our school year. This they did Well. Kenneth Richardson and Eric Roby managed the Senior Play and Seniorpheum, respectively. ROBEKTA MONKS, Editor. -...,gf 20 Es..- THE l932 ACORN RUTH JOHNSEN-"Rulbiv" G. A. A.g Ad Board, Zag Vice-Pres. 2b classy Spanish Clubg Junior Prom Committceg Senior Playg Financial Secretary Glee Clubg Judiciary Board. RUSSELL GIBBS-"Rims" ROTC Bandg Concert Bandg Traiiic Com- mitteeg Opcretta 2b-4bg Glue Clubg Student Players Guildg Senior Play. NORMAN PETERSON-"Pele" Latin Clubg Orchestrag Star and Keyg Opercttag ROTC Bandg Concert Band. ELOISE SHUBERT-"Dutch" Star and Keyg G. A. A.g junior Prom Com- mitteeg Astronomical Clubg Pres. G.A.A., 4b. CHARLOTTE CHRISTENSON-"Charly" G. A. A.g Vice-Pres. G. A. A. 4a-4b. HARLAN WINSLOW-"Mizz', Spanish Clubg Star and Key. WILLIAM WANDERER-"Wi1lic"' junior French Clubg International Clula. FUMIKO ITAHARA-"Nellie" Star and Kcyg Spanish Clubg International Club. TANIYO IWATAKI-"Al', Spanish Club. HOXVARD LOOMIS-"Piccolo Pele" Orchcstrag ROTC Bandg Concert Band. SHIGESHI MADOKORO-"Sbug" Star and Keyg 110-lb. Basketballg 130-lb. Baskctballg Captain, 4bg Spanish Fiestag Senior Play Prop Managerg l Inrcrclass Basketball Comm, MARY HOPPING Operetta, 2a-4bg G. A. A.g Seniorphcum, 3b- 4ag Eurydice Club. -...,5f 21 lja..- .,N.,-THE I932 ACORN WILLIAM FRANKLIN-"Willie" Secy. Junior Spanish Clubg Spanish Clubg Non-Com's 4ag Acoim Staff, 4b. GERALDINE SNYDERS-"jerry" French Clubg Star and Keyg Seniorpheum, la-4:15 Glee Clubg Senior Playg Operetta,4b. ADELE KELNI-"Az1r1'fc"' Spanish Clubg International Clubg G. A. A. WILLIAM SPADONI-"Bill" ROTC Banclg Concert Bandg Military Coun- cilg Trackg Elk's Show. DAVE SWAN-"S1uur1r1ic" Basketball. GLORY WYCKOFF Seniorpheum, 3:1-4:15 G. A. A.: Spanish Fiestag Star and Keyg Senior Play Committee. FAYE COOPER-"Koopie" Eurydice Clubg Glee Clubg Operetta, 2b--1-la. KENNETH SUTHERLAND-"Su:" International Cluhg Spanish Club. XVENDELL LITTLETON-"W'eenie" Spanish Clubg Star and Keyg International Clubg Trea- surer 3a Classg Student Players Guildg Junior Prom Comm.g Pres. 4:1 Classg Treasurer 411 Class. MADELYN RODGERS-"Mugs" Latin Clubg Star and Keyg G. A. A.g French Clubg Players Guildg Operetta, 3b-4bg ROTC Sponsorg Junior Prom Committee. HAZEL BRUUN Vollcy Ballg Crew. EDWARD HEINBOCKEL-"Heinie" French Clubg Art Clubg Star and Keyg Round Table Club. 22 Clubg Student Players Guildg Traffic Committee, Secy. THE I932 ACORN EDNA FURRER-"Eddie" Seniorpheumg Junior Prom Committeeg ROTC Sponsorg Senior Playg G. A. A.g Treasurer, 4b. BILL KINT-"Bill" 110-lb. Basketballg Capt. Za-Zbg 130-lb. Bas- ketballg Capt. 3a-3bg Ad Boarclg Ju Boardg Basketball, Varsityg Senior Playg Student Faculty Comm. JACK GILBERT-"jack" International Clubg Latin Clubg Non-Com's Clubg Junior Prom Comm.g Golfg Opcretta, Sb-4bg Star and Keyg Senior Play Comm.g French Club. MARIAN GILMAN-"Ra-rl" Olympic Games fAmstcrdamQ 19285 Swim- ming Managerg G. A. A. Publicity Mnnagcrg Secy. G. A. A., 3a-Sb. TESSIE JAMIESON-"Twin Seniorpheum, Ia-lb-Za-2b-3a-4ag Opcrctta, lb-2b-Jbg Spanish Clubg Student Players Guildg Senior Playg Secy. Student Players Guild, 4a. BOB GARDINER-"Bob" 110-lb. Footballg 110-lb. Bascballg 110-lb. Baskctballg Pres. jr. Spanish Clubg 2b Yell Leaderg Senior Playg Pres. 4b Classy 130-lb. Basketball. CURT HAXTI-IAUSEN Star and Keyg French Clubg Junior Prom Committeeg Tennis. KATHRYN LEWIST"KUJV,, Seniorplleum, la-Zag G. A. A.g Spanish Clubg Orchestrag Student Players Guildg Eurydicc Clubg Band. VIRGINIA JORY-"Ding" Art Clubg French Clubg Seniorpheumg Junior Prom Committeeg Program Manager Senior Playg Girl Mana- ger Circus Day. JOHN DURNEY-"Moose" Aviation Clubg Golfg International Clubg junior Prom Committceg Traekg Non Com's Clubg Senior Playg Sword and Shieldg Mana- ger, Golf. BILL TULLOI-I-"B1ztcby', International Clubg Spanish Clubg Varsity Footballg Block "A" Societyg Varsity Track. LOUISE GRAZZINI-"Lou" Crewg Spanish Ficstag Seniorpheumg Glce Clubg Operctta. -qgf 23 Ea..- THE l932 ACORN EVELYN GISH Concert Bandg Orchestrag Spanish Clubg Star and Keyg Junior Prom Committee. KENNETH RICHARDSON-"Kenny" Interclass Basketballg Star and Keyg 110-lb. Track Mgr. Sbg Senior Play Managcrg Rec. -l Secy. 4a Classy Track Manager, 4bg Constitu- tion Comm. - ERIC ROBY-"Hype" Interclass Basketballg Star and Kcyg Junior Prom Comm.g Spanish Ficstag Ad Boardg Senior Playg Senior- pheum Manager. DOROTHY JANE COOPER-"Dain G. A. A.g Latin Club, junior Prom Com- mitteeg Art Club. KATHRYN YOUNG--"Kitty" G. A. A.g Seniorpheumg 1a-lb-Za-2b-Sa-4ag Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg Operettag Student Players Guild. ED NICHOLS-"Wa1't" International Clubg Aviation Clubg Star and Keyg junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play. RONALD PANTON-"Ronnie" Bandg Operctta, 4bg Glee Club. BETTY CRAWFORD G. A. A.g Pub. Mgr. Zag Vice-Pres. zbg Secy. 3:15 Pres. 3b-4ag Ad Boardg Star and Keyg Student Faculty Comm.g ACORN Staff, 3b-4bg Seniorpheumg Vice-Pres. 4a Classg Ju Boardg Crew Mgr. EVELYN PETERSON-"Ev" G. A. A.g Seniorpheumg Junior Prom Committecg Sen- ior Play Committee. 1 VICTOR COOK-"Vic" ROTCg Ice Hockeyg Round Table Clubg Non-Com's Club. EDWARD MITCHELL-"Ed" Spanish Club. DORIS JOHNS-"Dada" G. A. A.g Seniorpheumg Tcnnisg Glec Club. -.,.,5f 24 yy..- Basketballg Latin Clubg Chess Clubg Ass't. THE I932 ACORN GARDNER McFARLAND-"Mac" Chess Clubg Non C0m's Clubg Sword and Shield S0- ietyg Senior Playg Latin Club. EDITH FREER-"Keri" Senior Playg Scniorphcunig Student Players Guild. MIZLBA PIAGENTINI-"Tiffin Spanish Club. EDWARD McMULLlN-"MM" 130-lb. Footballg Varsity Baseball, 2b-3b-4bg Varsity Football, Sa-4a. JAMIE BARTON-"lim" Interclass Baskctballg Spanish Clubg Track, 3b-4b. BESSIE VINSON-"Bef-' FLORENCE KOGLAN Latin Clubg Star and Kcyg International Clubg French Clubg Vice-Pres. :incl Editor, Latin Club. IVAR JOHNSON-"IW Trafiic Committee, 4a-4b. RAY COOPER-"Goofy" 130-lb Footballg 130-lb. Trackg Varsity Football, 321-4L1Q Varsity Trackg Star and Key. MURIEL SHAIKPSTEEN-"Dllfc'l7,' Star and Keyg G. A. A.g Spanisli Club. LOUISE LAWRENCE-"L111r" Junior Prom Committceg Senior Play. FRANK KAPPELER Intcrclnss Swimmingg Icc Hockeyg Inrerclass Basketballg Footballg Track. -. .33 Eg..- THE I932 ACORN FRED BODINSON-"Corley" Ice Hockey, Swimmingg Cafeteria Club: Junior Prom Committee, Financial Mgr. Senior Playg Pres. Cafeteria Club, Senior Ball Comm.g Feature Editor, THE ACORN, Editor, "Cafeteria Club." VIRGINIA SCHULTZ rrGiIIiU,, Star and Keyg Riding Clubg French Clubg Ad Board, ju Boardg Pres. 4bg Vice-Pres. Sb Class, Junior Prom Comm., Senior Playg Senior Ball Comm. BARBARA POI.LARD-"Bobbie" Tennis Teamg Riding Clubg Ad Board, Ju Board, Vice- Pres. Girls' Ass'n., 5bg Junior Prom Comm., Senior Playg Vice-Pres. 4b Class. VERNON LOWRY-"V01'll" Varsity Football, Sa-4ag Varsity Basketball, sb, Varsity Track, 3b-4bg Spanish Club, Ju Board. ' JACK HORNUNG-"B03fC0fl" Varsity Track, 3b-4bg Block "A" Societyg Capt. Var- sity Football, 4:15 ju Boardg Ad Boardg Associate Editor T1-112 Acormg Transferred from Hayward. GERTRUDE SCI-IROEDER Vice-Pres. 3a Class, junior Prom Comm.g Scniorpheumg ju Board, Ad Board, ROTC Sponsor, Rec.-Secy. G. A. A.g Vice-Pres. ASAHS, 4bg Student Faculty Committeeg Constitution Committee. ,IESSIE sT13ET-"lem Star and Keyg Student Players Guildg ROTC Sponsor, Senior Play Committee. JOHN K. HICKS-"johnny" Assistant Football Manngerg Spanish Clubg International Clubg ROTCg Editor "The Alameda Hornet", Senior Playg Constitution Committeeg Publicity Mgr. Circus Day, Edi- tor, THE Aco11N. SID TRUESDELL-"SIofo0I" 130-lb. Footballg Spanish Club, lb Editorg Operettag Varsity Football, Sa-4:19 Ad Boardg ju Board: Senior- pheumg Constitution Committee, Decoration Mgr., Cir- cus Dayg Student Faculty Committeeg Aco1tN Staff. JOYCE DODGE Vice-Pres. lb Classg Star and Key. JANET COOK1lr.'llII,, Transferred from Tacoma, Wasli. CURTIS MARCUNI-"Curt" Football, Trackg Spanish Club. 26 THE l932 ACORN JAMESINA SORRELL Star and Keyg Quill and Scrollg Student Players' Guild. LE ON VVILKINS-"Bu 11" ROTC. DALE PEAK 110-lb. Basketballg Ad Boardg Star and Keyg 130-lb. Basketballg Latin Clubg Pres. 2b classg International Clubg Varsity Basketballg Ju Boardg Fin. Szcy. and Pres. ASAHS, 4a-4-bg Senior Playg Trackg Constitution Comm.g Boy Mgr. Circus Day. KATHLEEN THOMSON-"Kr1j"' Latin Clubg Operetta, lb-2b-Sbg G. A. A.: Glee Clubg Senior Playg Seniorpheumg ROTC Sponsorg Ju Board. SPRING KIDO Star and Keyg French Club. DAVID SCOTT-"st-any" Star and Keyg Aviation Club. JOHN BARNI-"Al Capone" Latin Club. IDA BEEBE Spanish Club. EVELYN SIMPSON-"EW Astronomical Club. MARTIN HODGKINS-"Burl" Block UA" Societyg Swimmingg Capt. Swim- ming Team. HOWARD LEE-"Howie" Star and Keyg French Clubg Interclass Basketball Com- mittceg 130-lb. Basketballg Varsity Basketball. EMILIE BROOKS-"Em" Star and Keyg Crewg Spanish Fiesta. -Wgf 27 THE l932 ACORN DON NOLTHENIUS-"'Tiny" International Clubg Ass't. Basketball Mgr., zbg 130-lb. Basketball Mgr., Sbg Junior Prom Comm.g Publicity Manager, Football, 4a. PAULINE GRABOWSKI Seniorpheum, 2a, 3bg G. A. A. ZOLA PALMER-"jolly" G. A. A.g Circus Day Comm., 2bg Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play Committee. GAINES PAR KE R-"Sli lzffyv Footballg Seniorplieum. GEORGE NISSEN-"Niss" Baseball. VIRGINIA STOUT-"Ginn G. A. A.g Opercttng Seniorplleum. MARIE ROBBINS-"Minnie" French Clubg Baseballg Glee Clubg Eurydice Clubg Senior Play Committee. ALBERT HOFMANN Astronomical Club. JEAN CUNNINGHAM Operetta. ERWIN BRODERSON Spanish Club. ARCADIO GARCIA DcVERA Spanish Clubg Art Club. WINIFRED HACKETT-"W'iunie" l G. A. A.g International Club. l 28 Ee..- T H E ll 9 3 2 A c c ROBERTA MONKS-"Bobbie" Spanish Clubq International Clubg Seniorphcumg Senior Play Editor, 4b Class. EDWARD ECKHARDT-"Eddie" 110-lb. Footballg Pres. 1b Classg Swimmingg Block "A" Societyg Yell Leader, 2a Classg Ad Boardg Pres. 3:1 Classg Players Guildg Mgr. Junior Promg Rec. Secy. 3b Classg Trackg Ju Board. TAIZO IMURA-"Tigm"' 110 lb Footballg Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg French MARY LOU WILSON-"Mf1re', Senior Play. EMILY AZEVEDO-"Em" Transferred from San Rafael. GILRALD BARNARD-"jerry" ROTCQ Star and Key. LEWIS A HOBE-"Doc" unll and Scrollg Junior Prom Committceg Cafeteria Club Sccy.-Treasurer, Cafeteria Club. LOUISE BARNHARDT-"Lo" G. A. A.g Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play. CARRIE CORICA-"Currie" Star and Keyg Spanish Club. ROBERT GRAPE-"Bob" French Clubg International Clubg Debating Clubg 130-lb. Footballg Traffic Comm.g Ad. Boardg Student Players Guildg Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Playg Fin. Sccy. 3b-4a Class, DOUGLAS JOHN YOUNG-"Carman-13all Masai" Astronomical Clubg Star and Keyg International Clubg Latin Clubg Chess Clubg Senior Playg Contract Bridge GRACE BERTELSEN Latin Clubg Operettag International Clubg Senior Play Committecg G. A. A. -..qgf 29 THE I932 ACORN -AAS, -.,.,gf 30 13..- BERNICE FRICKE-"Bee" G. A. A. STEPHEN HARPER-"SfeL'c" Interclass Basketballg Varsity Basketball. Transferred from San Francisco. MARGARET MCELHINNIE-"Muggs" G. A. A.g Latin Clubg Seniorpheurng Student Players Guild. KATHRYN MARSHALL Spanish Club. CHARLES MULLEN-"M00lz" Glee Clubg Chess Clubg 130-lb. Footballg Operettag Chemistry Clubg Yell Leader, 3b Classg Debating Sociecyg Non-Com's Yell Leader. 4b Class. ALBERT KALIS-"Babe" 3:1 Dansant Manager. LUCINA SULLIVAN-"Lu" Star and Keyg Glee Clubg Operetta, BARBARA SCHXVERTFEGER-"Bobby" Art Clubg Spanish Clubg International Clubg Clubg Seniorphcumg G. A. A. Cabinetg Junior Committeeg Student Players Guild. CLARK VAN OR DEN Star and Keyg French Clubg Round Clubg Sword and Shield Society. CLARENCE WEEDIN-"Cla1'c" Track, Sb-4bg Traffic Committee. V ELSIE RIMASSA French Club. FRANKLIN SCHURR-"Pc-ter" Clubg lb-3b. Chess Prom Table 110-lb. Footballg German Clubg Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg Senior Playg Basketball Managerg Seniorpheum. .-A-A.A,A,A,A.1 T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N LOUISE BERTERO-"Lou" Star and Keyg G. A. A.g Spanish Club. JACK JESSEN Electricity Club. ROBERT TAYLOR-"Iflu17y Feel" Student Players Guildg International Clubg Senior- phcumg Spanish Clubg Debating Societyg Star and Kcyg Chess Clubg Non-Com's Clubg Sword and Shicldg Con- tract Bridge Club. NEVADA XVARREN Spanish Club. HELEN CASAL G. A. A.g International Clubg Star and Keyg Latin Clubg French Clubg Senior Play. WESLEY HASLAM-"Hallk,' Baskctballg Baseballg Baseball Manager, 4b. TSUTOMU MIKI-"Mika Spanish Clubg Star and Kcyg Contract Bridge Club. HISAE KONDO Star and Keyg French Club. JUANITA AYALA-"mfg" G. A. A.g Glcc Clubg Operettag Spanish Clubg Senior- pheum. TOM PARODI Latin Clubg Baseball. LENA NAPOLETANO-"Lee" G. A. A. MASAKO OTSUKA Opercttag Scniorpheum. 31 THE I932 ACORN JACK VVESTFALL-"Mn:zy" Varsity Football, 3a-4:13 Varsity Track, 3b-4bg Block "A" Society. LUCILLE PATTESON-"Put" G. A. A.g Junior Prom Committee. IVIARJORIE REED-"Mary", Entered from Honolulu. BERNARD ARVIN-"RL'll', Transferred from Oakland. KENNETH RICHARDSON-"Kenny" ROTC Bandg Concert Bandg Orchcstrag 110-lb. Foot- ballg International Clubg Non-Com's Clubg 3b Yell Lenderg junior Prom Committceg Senior Play. MARGARET PLUMMER-"Marg" Senior Play Committee. PEARL LEE-"Pal" Star and Keyg French Clubg International Clubg G. A. A. MILTON VENTRE-"Vawnlray" German Club. BERT JOHNSEN International Club. NORMA JANE ALLGEO Girl Reservesg French Clubg Star and Keyg International Club. DAVID MITCHELL-"DaL'L"' Astronomical Club. ALICE SWANSON-"Srzookx" G. A. .A.g International Clubg Swimmingg Ice Skating. 32 Ee..- ,AvA,AnA-A-A- T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N ELEANOR LUNAR DI O peretta. LUCIILLE WALDEAR-"Lola" Spanish Clubg Debating Societyg Operctta, 1-2-3-43 Seniorpheum, lb-2:1-2b-4bg Student Players Guildg Senior Playg Glcc Club. fx lg' M ' GEORGIA STROMBERG G. A. A.g French Clubg Junior Prom Committceg Scar and Key. MARGARET MILLER-ffpfxqgyff Spanish Club. ERMA SMITI-I-"l7l'z'1lcby" G. A. A. HAZEL RICE-"Hula" JANET LOVV-"jan" G. A. A.g Junior Prom Committecg Art Club. ANTI-IONETTE VIGNOLO-"Anne" Spanish Clubg G. A. A. HERMINA CARLETON-"Hermiv" Star and Key. VIRGINIA BARTLING-"Gin" Chorusg French Clubg G. A. A.g Junior Prom Com- mittee. ALVERN PARKIN-"Al" Transferred from Maine High School. RALPH HOFER Spanish Clubg International Clubg Senior Playg Seniorpheum Comm. -...,3f 3 3 THE l932 ACORN JAMES WALPOLE-"Iilll" Transferred from Oakdale High School. PI-IYLLIS RODGERS-"Felix" G. A. A. JEAN JOHNSTEN-"frank" French Clubg Operettag International Clubg Junior Prom Committee. RICHARD VVILLET-"Dick" Aviation Club, SUSUMI KINOSHITA Intcrclass Basketballg ROTCg 110-lb. Basketballg Round Table Clubg Contract Bridge Club. DAISY HING-"Kid Ala media" G. A. A.g Astronomical Clubg International Clubg Chemistry Clubg Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Art Club. BETTY COLLINS Transferred from Alhambrag Junior Prom Committee. JACK FREITAS SHELDON AMES-"Shel" Ice Hockcyg Rec. Secy. 3:1 Classy Fin. Secy. 3b Classg Traflic Committceg Student Players Guildg Junior Prom Committee. ELLEN COLE-"Dee" G. A. A. JACQUELINE HADER-"jackie" International Clubg G. A. A.g French Clubg Star and Key. l WALTER HORXVEGE-"Boobs" Bandg Orchestrag Swimmingg Block "A" So- Cietyg Senior Play. 34 13..- THE I932 ACORN NORENE MCCURDY-"NOJy,' Seniorpheumg Spanish Club. TOIQI EGGERS Editor, 2b Classg Rec. Secy. 3a Classg Adver- tising Manager, Senior Playg Senior Playg Pres. Star and Key, 4bg ROTC. FRED FILIPELLI-"Phil" Baskctballg Footbnllg Bascballg Trackg Block "A" Society. GRAY RODDA-"Bim,' G. A. A.g International Club. MOLLIE RIDGE-"S00ky" G. A. A.g Senior Play Committee. BOB DAHLLOF-"Swer1'c" Non-Com's Clubg Sword and Shield Societyg junior Prom Cornmitteeg Footballg Block "A" Societyg ROTC Major. BERTRAM SIMMONS-"Berlin" ROTCg International Clubg junior French Clubg French Club. GERALDINE HOXWE-"jerry" Vice-Pres. la Clnssg International Clubg Star and Kcyg G. A. A.g Latin Clubg French Club. BETTY BAUSCH-"Bel" Seniorpheumg G. A. A. BRUNO MARTINI-"Br1L11" Intcrclass Baskctballg Interclass Baseball. HOSMER AUGER--"Kew1Jir."' Aviation Clubg Junior French Clubg Golfg Senior Playg Rec. Secy. 4b Classg Track. FRANCES FURRER-"Fra11,' Star :ind Keyg Orchestrag Operctta. -...,Sf 35 EH.- THE l932 ACORN JOE BRUMMER Concert Bandg Operettag ROTC Band. INGERD ANDERSON-"Ding" Senior Play Committee. EVELYN CLAUSEN EDWARD FERREIRA IRVING LEHENEY Pres. sb Classy Ju Board. CLARA HAYES MARGUERITE RODENBORN-"Marlin" G. A. A. JAMES SOBAJE Transferred from Fresno High School. ALBERT IRVING-"Al" Star and Keyg Astronomical Clubg Chess Club. YSOBEL WRIGHT-"N00kie" Latin Clubg Star and Keyg International Club ELEANOR RIDLEY-"El" Spanish Club. LOUIS BARDOFF-"Son 11" Non-Com's Clubg Book Locker Assistant ' Sword and Shield Societyg ROTC. l M 36 Eg..- French Clubg Orchestrng Basketballg Srar' and Keyg THE l932 ACORN BERNICE MIRANDA-"Brlrv-KINGS" Spanish Clubg G. A. A. THERESA FROMBOLO-"Tren" Star and Key. JEANETTE GILMAN Star and Kcyg French Clubg Pres., 4b. AGNES MARTIN-"lVal1cy,' G. A. A.g Glce Clubg Christmas Pageant. HELEN SPAULT-"Duifb" MARGUERETTE WILSON JOSEPHINE TACCI-II-"Josie" MARIE ROSCHITSCH-"RW ANITA VALLERGA-"Nec" G. A. A. NVILI-IELM INA WE BSTER-"W'iIlic" Star :md Kcyg Spanish Clubg G. A. A.g French Club. RUTH BORSUK International Clubg Tcnnisg French Clubg G. A. A.g Junior Prom Committee. KATHERINE HILL-"Kay" ax. . -wif 37 Jig- .... H.- THE l932 ACORN tumzocii MCKAY F1TzsiMMoNs AMES MULLEN PATTEN NASON FITZSIMMONS MEYER LUBBOCK Low Senior Class OFFICERS Fall, '31 Silfillg, '3 Z Bill Lubbock. .....,, .....,... P rexident .......... . ......... Wdliam Patten Jean McKay ................ .. ..,,.. Vice-Presirlwzt ..,...,.w.,,. . ...,.......... ,Jean Nason Jeanette Fitzsimmons.-. ,,.... Recording Sccrefargf ,,...... Jeanette Fitzsimmons Sheldon Ames ......,....,. . ........ Financial Secretary .,.,,.,-. , ,............. George Meyer Charles Mullen ,..... , ,............... Yell Leader ,,.,. C ,,,,,., .,,.,.,.. . Bill Lubbock Ed Ursin. ..ev,Ye........ ....... A fl'rni11isfrafi1Je Board ........ ..... . Richard Heller Bill Lubbock. ...... M ....,,..... Ad-Jrzinistmtivc Board .,,,,,-,,.,.,,,..,,,,,,, Jean McKay THE TIME DRAWS NEAR for us to leave you. One short term remains for us to grace these "halls of learningf' Surely no other class has made such record-breaking history as has the class of December, 1932. As High Freshmen, we inaugurated a new idea with our 1-B party which turned out quite profitably. A skating party was given in our Sophomore year which again was a great success. The Prom which we gave in our High Junior year was known as the "Circus Promf, This Prom was unique and set a new high standard for the ones to follow. The idea of entertainment at a Prom was introduced by us, and met with success. Our Senior play, "Nathan Hale," proved conclusively that the Class of December, 1932, is capable of success artistically, as well as financially. Throughout our career We have various entertainments to our credit which certainly spell success to the class. ELEANOR MAILLOT, Editor. -..gif 38 Ea..- .THE l932 ACORN INEZ STAUPFER Star and Kcyg Seniorpheum, lb-2:13 Vice-Pres., Quill and Scrollg French Clubg Junior French Clubg Editor, 3b Classy Junior Prom Committeeg Fin. Sccy. Girls' Associa- tiong Senior Play. ED URSIN-"Axel" ROTCg Fin. Secy., lb Classg junior French Clubg Pres., 2:1 Clnssg Star and Kcyg Non- Com's Clubg Ad Boardg Ju Boardg Glee Clubg Interclass Basketballg Senior Playg Vice-Pres., Ju Board. JAMES BRYE-"jim" VERA JARDINE Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play. ELEANOR JESSEN-"Pee Wav" Quill and Scrollg G. A. A.g French Clubg Swimmingg Junior Prom Committee. BILL LUBBOCK 110-lb. Basketballg Junior Spanish Clubg Rec. Secy., 2b Classy Ad Boardg Pres., 3b Classg Yell Leader, 4a Classg Senior Play Manager. PAUL YAGYU ' Trackg Star and Keyg ROTC Bandg Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Science Clubg Student Players Guildg German Clubg Senior Play. ELEANOR MAILLOT-"Norma" International Clubg French Clubg Star and Keyg Circus Day Comm.g junior Prom Com- -mitteeg Editor, 4:1 Clnssg Senior Play Com- mittee. ELIZABETH PE 5'UnEf.:"" French Club. M WILLIAM L. GROTHE4'C73gl' junior Prom Committeeg ROTC. Aviation Clubg Gelfg Glee Clubg Senior Play Com- mittee. TRAVIS XVINSOR-"Tran" Rec. Secy., lb Classy 130-lb. Footballg Fin. Secy., 2a Classg Scar and Keyg Pres., 2b Classy Debating Societyg Seniorphcumg Non-Com's Clubg Student Players Guildg Rifle Teamg Manager Acorn, 4215 Senior Playg ROTCQ Mgr. Junior Promg Pres.-Elect of Student Body. MINNIE LEE LEWIS Spanish Club. -..if 39 THE I'-732 ACORN RICHARD BRACE-"Dirk" Ad Boardg Pres. lb Classg Junior French Clubg 2b Yell Leaclerg Star and Keyg Varsity Track, 3a-4:15 ASAHS Yell Leader, sbg Tribune Marathong Seniorphcumg ju Boardg Financial Secy. ASAHS, 4aq Senior Playg Fin. Mgr. Circus Day. CARMEN ULLNER French Clubg lb Editorg Fin. Sccy. Girls' Ass'n.g Seniorplieumg Ju Boardg Junior Prom Com.g Pres. Girls' Ass'n., -lag Student Faculty Committee. SHIRLEY WHITE Vice-Pres. 2b Classy Circus Day Comm.g Riding Clubg Ju Boardg junior Prom Comm.g Ad Boardg Vice-Pres. Girls' Ass'n, 4-a. LAWRENCE VINCENT BLUM-"Burl" Interclass Swimmingg 1:1 Yell Leadcrg Foot- ball, lb-2b-3bg Opercttag Glce Clubg Sen- iorpheumg Senior Playg Block "A" Societyg Ad Boardg Ju Boardg Swimming Managerg Golf. BILL CLUNE-"Prior" ' Spanish Clubg Star and Key: Interclass Basketballg Pres. 3a Classy Glee Clubg Opcrettag 130-lb. Basketballg Ju Boardg Senior Play. JEAN MCKAY French Clubg International Clubg Star and Keyg Latin Club: Vice-Pres. 3b Classy Junior . Prom Comm.g Ad Boardg ju Board. LORENE GIFFEN Rec. Sccy. la Classg Quill and Scrollg French Clubg Vice-Pres. 3a Classg junior Prom Committeeg Ju Boardg Senior Playg Star and Key. w"ILI.IAM PATTEN-"Bill" Swimmingg Baseball: 2a Yell Lcaclerg Fin. Secy. 3a Classy 4a Class Pres.g Senior Play. yu EDWARD CCESETTE-"Ga:fm'e' Golfg Senior Play. " JEANETTE FITZSIMMONS-"Fii:" Vice-Pres. la Classy Quill and Scrollg Junior French Clubg 2b Editorg Rec. Secy. 5b-4b Classg Star and Keyg Senior Play. JEAN NASON-"Sue" Circus Day Comm.g Riding Clubg Junior Prom Comm.g Ju Boarclg Vice-Pres. 40. Clrissg Stndent-Faculty Comm. FRED SCHNIALENBERGER--"Real" 110-lb. Baseballg Block "A" Societyg Capt. Basketball, 4:13 Footballg German Clubg Golf. 40 Ig..- THE I'-732 ACORN EVELYN WOODARD-'fcbfm-inf' Operettag Glee Clubg G. A. A.g Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play. GEORGE MEYER-"Moose" 130-lb. Footballg lb Yell Leaderg Rifle Teamg Varsity Footbnllg Junior Prom Comm.g Sen- iorphcumg Block "A" Socoetyg Glec Clubg Senior Playg Fin. Secy., 4a Class. JOHN GREELEY-"jolJ1111y" Aviation Clubg ROTCg Junior Prom Committee. MARIAN LARSEN Swimmingg junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play. ' JANICE ELLIOTT-"jan" International Clubg Spanish Clubg Circus Day Comm.g junior Prom Comm.g Chemistry Clubg Senior Play. MERTEN SASS RICHARD HELLER-"Dick" 110-lb. Buseballg 110-lb. Baskctballg Non-Com's Clubg ROTCg Junior Prom Comm.g Ad Board. MARJORIE HUNT G. A. A.g Opcrettag Latin Clubg Star and Keyg Glee Club. ALTI-IEA COFFIN International Clubg Latin Clubg junior Prom Comm. LEXVIS BURXVELL ROTC Bandg Spanish Fiestag ROTCQ Con- tract Bridge Clubg Non-Com's Clubg Sword and Shield Society. HERBERT DAVIS-"1'Ic'rb" ROTCg Non-Com's Clubg Sword and Shield Society. DORIS DU RIVAGE "Dar" I G. A. A.g International Clubg Junior French Clubg Art Clubg Senior Play. 41 .- THE I932 ACORN l l l RUSSELL AGNEW-"Russ" Traffic Comn-1.5 Pres. 4ag lnterclass Swimming: Block "A" Socictyg Swimming. GRACE NELSON G. A. A.g Basketballg Glee Club: Junior Prom Comm. GLADYS GALLANT French Clubg Star and Key: Latin Clubg Senior Play. BOB VERMILLION-"Red" Baseball Manager, Za-3:15 Block "A" Societyg Secy. Zb-3:13 Pres. 3bg Program Mgr. Circus Day. DAVE LANE-"Bu.rlf'r" junior Prom Comm.g ROTCg Senior Playg Spanish Clubg Round Table Club. MAE TAYLOR Star and Keyg G. A. A.g Art Clubg Spanish Club: Contract Bridge Club. ROMILDA STAGNARO-"Billie" Spanish Clubg junior Prom Committee. BIRDSALL HAWKS Ad Boardg Star and Key: Senior Play. KIYOMITSU NOGAMI--"Kiyo" Star and Keyg Intcrclass Bascballg Latin Club: Varsity Baseball. HELEN LEVY Star and Keyg Senior Play. NORNIA SElKENA-"N0rll1"' Cv. A. A.5 Latin Clubg Senior Play. WILFRED SIMS-"L1lkL"' Transferred from Berkeley. -..ggi 42 Be..- THE l932 ACORN JOHN CRANE-"Imp" Football. RAEANNA BRANN-"Ray,' International Clubg Latin Club: Art Cru Star and Key. , lb. MEYER KAPLER-"CHIP" Baseballg Trackg junior Prom Comm.g Traffic Com.. DORIS PARKER--"Do Do" HARRY JOHNSON-"Ted" Seniorpheumg Cafeteria Orchestra. AGNES WENDELBO JACK BERNARD DOROTHY FLEMING KENNA VVHEATER-"Red" Opcrcttag Seniorpheumg Glee Clubg French Clubg ROTCg Chess Clubg Astronomical Clubg Non-Com's Clubg International Clubg Spanish Clubg Radio Club. OLGA COUPE-"OSU" Star and Key. WILLIAM BODDY-"Biff" 130-lb. Footballg Opercttag Junior Prom Committccg In- ternational Clubg Senior Playg Art Club. THELMA IMBRULIA G. A. A. -MEI 43 EQ..- V THE I932 ACORN HAROLD DOWNS1-'DI11LflI57, junior Prom Comm.g Intcrclass Basketbnllg Senior Playg ROTC. v ISARBARA ELLIOTT-"Bobby" W, French Clubg International Clubg Junior ,-- Prom Comnng Senior Play. MARIAN PATTERSON-"Pai" In Editorg Quill and Scrollg Latin Clubg Star and Keyg French Clubg Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play Comm. BOB STUBBS-"Sl1LlJby" 130-lb. Basketball: 150-lb. Footballg Traffic Comm.g Block "A" Societyg Swimmingg I30- lb. Basketball Mgr., 3b. HER MAN NISSEN-"Hc'rmir" Football. DOROTHY JOHNSON-"Dol" Star and Keyg Senior Play. JANET WALTHALL International Clubg Latin Clubg Senior Play. ADRIAN SIMMONS-"Adv" JAMES SHAFER-"Jim Trackg Ass't. Football Mgr., Ib-Bbg Junior Prom Comm. VIRGINIA O'DONNELL-"Ginger Arc Club. ALICE ALEXANDER-"Snacks" A junior Prom Comm.g Senior Playg Opcretta. LEO M. CRANE . Non-Com's Clubg Round Table Clubg Senior Play. -- 44 lies-- N, f THE l932 ACORN NADINE THOMAS-"Dennis" Writers' Clubg French Clubg Orchestrag Opcrcttag Quill and Scrollg Glec Clubg Scniorplieumg Eurydice Clubg Senior Play. BILL NVADSXVORTH-"Cecil" ROTC: International Clubg Non-Com's Clubg Round Table Club. LEIGH JONES-"jamie" International Clubg Star and Key. KATHLEEN ISYRNES-"Kay" Latin Clubg G. A. A.g Girl Reserves. VIOLA THOMSEN International Clubg Latin Club. GEORGE FISHER Fin. Secy., Za Classy Intcrclass Baskctbnllg 130-lb. Footballg Varsity Footbnllg Ticket Manager, Senior.Play. WARREN ASBACH MARGARET PATTERSON-"Pai" Star and Keyg Quill and Scrollq French Clubg Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play. GEORGIA LEE McKAY JOHN OLDER International Clubg Junior Prom Comm.: Senior Play. SIDNEY STYLES-"Sid" junior Prom Comm.g Star and Key. ELIZABETH WANNER-"Belf3"' Star and Keyg French Clubg G. A. A. -'Q-Q45 ' THE I932 ACORN f v LOUISE RICE. I 1 ----if 46 HENRY REESE ROTCg Radio Clubg Round Table Club. SHIRLEY IVES Operetrag Star and Keyg Circus Prom Comm. ENET EIQRREN , I GILLETTE ROTCg junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play Comm.g Ice Hockeyg Operetta. LILLIAN HANSON-"Sook3f" Girl Reservesg Star and Keyg Spanish Clubg junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play Committee. EMIKO KONO-"Amy" Spanish Clubg International Club. LORETTA BATTEN International Clubg Glee Clubg Opcrcrta. ISABEL LACY-"Izzy" Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play. PATRICIA FICKEL-"Pat" Scniorpheumg G. A. A.g Girl Reservesg Latin Clubg junior Prom Comm. CAROL KNIGHT Star and Keyg Seniorpheumg International Clubg 2a Vice-Pres.g Senior Play. MARY SHURTLEFF G. A. A.g Seniorpheumg Basketball. f--V . 4523.5 g THE l932 ACORN RUTH ELICK-"Clit-kia" Glee Clubg Operettag Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play. TH OMAS YEE TSANG-"Tom mic" German Clubg Star and Keyg Ice Hockcyg Scniorphcumg Art Club. RUSSELL PYNE IONE JOHNSON-"Slivcr', G. A. A. C MARIAN SUTHERLAND Quill and Scrollg Latin Clubg Star and Kcyg French Clubg junior Prom C0mm.g Senior Play. XVILLIAM SCOTT-"Bill" Latin Clubg Star and Keyg International Clubg Student Players Guildg Rifle Teamg Non-Com's Clubg Sword and Shield Socictyg Senior Play. ALFRED MATJESTIC VERA BRODERSON--"VC-VL',, G. A. A.g Spanish Clubg Latin Club. SUE THOMPSON-"Smit", G. A. A.g Senior Playg International Club. SYDNEY FEY'-"Syd" lnterclass Trackg Senior Play. GOLSON YOUNG, JR.-"Goldie,' Interclass Basketballg Astronomical Clubg Golfg junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play. HELEN GARZOLI Latin Clubg G. A. A.g Star and Keyg French Clubg junior Prom Comm.g Senior Play Comm.g Senior Play. -'H-224 47 file-- THE l932 ACORN GREIG MCRITCHIE-"Srolcby" ROTC Bandg Concert Bandg Orchestrag Interclass Trackg junior Prom. Comm.g Senior Play Comnmg Oper- etra Mnnagerg Music Mgr. Circus Day. ELIZABETH MacINTOSH-"FrL'r1c'bie" French Clubg Star and Keyg Eurydice Clubg Operettag Glce Clubg German Club. JANE BLAIR junior French Clubg International Club: Star and Keyg Latin-Clubg Senior Play. HERBERT PUNCHES Capt. Iirosh Baskecballg Star and Kcyg Inter- clnss Basketballg Varsity Basketball. HUGH SMITH FRANCES THOMPSON-"Fran" Spanish Clubg International Clubg Quill and Scrollg Junior Prom Comm.g French Club. LUCY EULER-"Lon" Junior Prom Committee. WESLEY JORDAN-"Fancy Pauls" Operettag Senior Play Committee. GEORGE BRONVN Senior Play. HELEN DOWNER Aviation Clubg Star and Key. GRACE KNEEDLER International Clubg G. A. A.g Star and Keyg Latin Clubg Student Players Guildg Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Playg Pres. Girls' Reserves, 4a. CHAS. J. PETERSEN Transferred from Spokane, Wash. --wif 48 THE I932 ACORN ALBERTA MACHEN-"Barra" International Clubg Star and Kcyg Manager G. A. A. Tennis, 3b-424. BESSIE BOVVLER-"Bc-Ile" G. A. A.g Senior Play. DOROTHY TI-IOM AS-"Dol" Latin Clubg Scar and Keyg Circus Day Comm.g G. A. A.g International Clubg junior Prom Comm. FRANCES G LOVER-"Tom myi' G. A. A. Cabinccg G. A. A. Yell Lendcrg Tcnnisg Balslictballg Hockeyg Swimming. GERTRUDE WALKER-"G:'rl', Spanish Clubg Student Players Guildg Art Club. DORIS SNOW-"Della" G. A. A. RUTH PAULSEN Star and Kcyg Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Playg Arr Clubg Latin Club. BETTY BR OCK-"Dym11nilc"' Scar and Keyg G. A. A.g Scniorphcumg Sen- ior Play. CECILE BUCHEi"BJllI1Ij',, Orchcstrag Bandg Spanish Clubg Junior Prom Comm.g Senior Playg G. A. A. ELLA FOUTS""'Sl1IlllIlC,, NAN DAVIS-"Hul1lesy" French Clubg Star and Keyg Senior Play. DOROTHY BURROUGHS 49 Egg.-- THE I932 ACORN GEORGE TANAKA-"Tn1mk" 110-lb. Baskctballg Interclass Baseballg Astronomical Clubg Tennisg Contract Bridge Club. MARGARET ALLEN-"Snookie" junior Prom Comm.g Senior Plnyg G. A. A. BILLIE FAULKNER ARNOLD sOUSA"'S0llSiE,, Transferred from San Leandro High School. CHARLES DICKEY-"Dickie" Seniorphcumg Operettag Footballg Interclass Trackg Tribune Marathong Trafiic Comm.g Track. HELEN SMITH Star and Keyg French Clubg G. A. A. , NAYDEANE MCCUNE-'r'DP6l1L',, Girl Reserves. WALTER GRAZZINI-"Wally" Operettag Seniorpheumg Glce Clubg Swim- mingg Traffic Comm.g Pres. 2b Classg Ass't. Mgr. Football, 3bg Footballg Block "A" So- ciety MASATO MARUYUMA-"Mas0t" Non-Com's Clubg Sword and Shield Societyg Round Table Club. KATHERINE NAKASO LORRAINE SPENCER-"Larry" G. A. A.g Seniorpheumg Girl Rescrveg Latin Clubg Star and Key. ANTHONY RIZZO-"Ben" Operettag Interclass Baseballg Circ. Mgr. The 1 Hornetg junior Prom. Comm.g Footballg Bnsketballg Senior Play. 50 Ee..- Alameda Hymn Men who Wear che Gold and White, Men who hear the call to Hght, Battle now for School and right. On to victory! Myriad fields of conflict Won Stand behind, and like the sun, Brighten future paths to run. On to victory! Let this legend ever stand, While in conflicts, which command Strength and courage, sturdy band. On to victory! Gold and White the standard raise Let its motto brighter blaze Ever to the end of days. On to Victory! -gf 51 134..,.- THE I932 ACORN BEACH D. DOWNER GUSLANDER HACKETT XVELCI-I R. DOWNER SWANSON HORST LIKENS High Junior Class 1 ' OFFICERS Fall, '51 Spring, '32 Joe Beach... ........ , ,,...,... , ,,,,,,. President ,,,,..,,,,,,, ,,,-,,,. . Dick Downer Eileen Horst ,,,...... .,......., V ice-Prcside11t ....,..w. ..,.... R ita Downer June Swanson. .....,.. ,....... R ecording Secretary .,.,,.. ....... M ildred Likens Elias Welch ,......... -- ...,... Financial Secretary ......,. ..,,.... T erry Hackett Mark Battersby ........,...,,,.,...,,-,,, Yell Leader ..,....,.,.,..,. ,. -..,,., Lyle Guslander Marjorie Zimmerman .,...... Adminisfrafivc' Board ..........,....,.. Margaret Craig Alf7l1fl1iSfl'dfi'LfB Board .,.....,....,. Homer Helmstein THE SUCCESS of our class, the Class of June '33, has been and will continue to be based on full co-operation of every member of the class. Two dansants were given in the past year by our class. Both dan- sants Were managed by Homer Helmstein. Large prohts were received. In athletics, our boys have been most outstanding. They, have par- ticipated in football, basketball, swimming and track. T The most important event for all past and future Junior classes is the Junior Prom. Our class gave one of the most unique proms in the history of Alameda High School. This prom was under the able management of Lyle Guslander. We must also pay a Word of thanks to Mr. Goldman and the High Junior advisers, who helped to make our prom a success. a In all, the Class of June ,35 has proven itself Worthy to take its stand t t L 'ors. . nex erm as OW Sem VALORA WLYLLEY, Eciztor. -..-if S2 3-Q:-U.- NiTHE l932 ACORN , V . I 53 33 CLASS OF JUNE, 19 -.A,AvA.A,A,A,4 T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N EGGERS BRUZZQNE SIEGFRIED RILEY 'momvsox smets Ntirziax. Low Junior Class OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Bob Eggers .,.... ....... ..... - . .President .,,. Tun-- .... .,.., - .... C leveland Riley Eleanor Siegfried ..,.... ...,,,., V ice-President ,................ Dorothy Thompson Lucille Neitzel ....... ..,., - ,Secretary ,..,.,., , .,..........,....., Margaret Shiels Louis Bruzzone ....... ..... ---Treasurer ...,..,.. ,,,..... 1. ouis Bruzzone Charles Borden ..r,... ............. Y ell Leader .......,... .,,...,.. - .Bob Eggers Bill Spees ...........,,....,,,...,. .Arlminisfratitfe Board .................... Lucille Neitzel fi' Administrative Board ....,,.....,.,.. Eleanor Siegfried How SHORT the past two years have seemed! At last we are Juniors. No longer lower classmen, but still able to call Alameda High School our own for several terms to come. We have been piloted through the first years of our high school career by very able leaders, and many of our class have taken an active part in athletics, clubs, and other activities. Our most recent dansant was a novel and successful affair, and our coming Junior Prom, already being planned, promises to be unusual. With so much to look back on and so much to look forward to, we have decided that the position of being Juniors is one that gives us plea- sure, pride and profit. WANDA GREGG, Editor. -wif S4 ,gen THE I932 ACORN -..gif 5 5 gn ASS OF DECEMBER, 1933 CL THE I932 ACORN THOMAS PICK LONDON EVERETT COTELLA High Sophomore Class OFFICERS Full, 'si Spring, '32 Dick Reilly ..,....,,. -- .... ......... P residemf ,.,,...,. ....., J can Thomas jean Thomas .....,. - ........., Vice-Prexizlent ,..,..,. .....Laverne Kahl Jimmy Dobbins ..... - ,,.,,, .R6C0fdiI1g Secretary ,..,,, ..,..,,... M elvin London Norton Peck ....,.. ,....., , Fi71tl77C'illl Secretary ..,..... .,....,,. B ill Everett Carl Cotellamg- ......,...,,,., Yell Leader ..,,-,,,,, ,..,,,, N orton Peck YV1ll1s Cooper ,.,., ,,,,,.,., Adnzinistrniive Board .,.,,..,, ...CM At11lZi11iSfVdfiUE Board ..........,.,-,-,,. --.Virginia Stahl Sal. Carlomagno THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1934, has so far been guided successfully through three terms by three of the ablest leaders. Dick Reilly led our class last term in a splendid Way, with the help of his officers and the co- operation of the class. This term there is a decided change in the class, for a girl, Jean Thomas, was chosen to fill the office of president. Last term We held a dansant under the able management of Carl Teideman. This dansant was a success and We netted quite a profit. So far in sports our class has been outstanding. We are Well repre- sented in baseball and football, and for interclass activities We are always on top as far as turnouts are concerned. Our class meetings have been both entertaining and business-like. We have had talented pupils who were so appreciated by the class that they were secured for other meetings. And now that We are in "Sophdom," our next step is to look forward to our Junior year and We hope to surpass all of the past Junior classes. SAL. CARLOMAGNO, Editor. 55 THE I932 ACORN 57 lggu.- CLASS OF JUNE, 1934 A ,.,x,,-THEl932 ACORN BARRY I'ITZS!MMONS camo I-IOLLINGSXVORTH Histor zimitnimx Low Sophomore Class OFFICERS Fall, '51 Spring, '32 Jack Ullner ,..... --, .,...,,,......,. Presiclent ...........,......A,.,,.....,....,,.. Bob Barry Mary Calkins ,... -- ...,...,. Vice-Presicferzhn .,......, Dorothy Fitzsimmons Jim Hislop .......,.,............, Recording Secretary ,..,, ,,,..Louise Hollingsworth Dorothy Fitzsimmons ,...,.... Financial Secrefarji .......,,................... Jean Caird Jack Morrison ,,..,..o.,.,, , . ,,.7 ...,. Y all Leader ....,,,..,. .,........ J ack Zimmerman HAVING finally attained their long sought position of Sophomores, the present class of "Wise fools," as they are often termed, realize that they have reached another step in the ladder of life, providing the rung does not break. During the past and present terms our class has shown an excellent spirit of Willingness and co-operation. We have had a large membership in the numerous clubs, and some of our members have shown marked ability in the Seniorpheums and operettas. As a result of two very successful dansants a substantial sum was added to our treasury. Interesting and amusing class meetings have been held under the direction of our capable ofhcers. The class is especially noted for its honor students and during the remaining years We will strive with the greatest of determination to uphold the high standards of the school. HOPE ASTEN, Editor- ss THE I932 ACORN S9 DECEMBER, 1934 OF CLASS THE I932 ACORN -'NNDRUS HORDNESS BRODERSON LUKES KIDO CASSANI CLEAVES CROCKER Hlgh Freshman Class OFFICERS FHM, ,31 Spring, '32 Bob Andrus .......... - .........,. President ,......... ...,,.... A nthony Cassani Ann Broderson ...,.... .......,...... V ice-President ......,.. -,m-,.Pauline Cleaves Ruth Lukes ...... -Aa ....... . ........ Recording Secretary ...,..., ..,..,,. , Ralph Crocker Ge0rgC Kido ......... -- .,,. Financial Secretary ......,,, ..,.... B ob Andrus Bill Hordness .............. ............. Y ell Leader Dorothy Eggers.- .,...,....... Administrative Board ....... ......,,.. B ob Norton Administrative Board ......... ....,... B ernice Hansen THE HIGH FRESHMAN CLASS has enjoyed two very successful terms in Alameda High School. During this time we have done things which any class would be proud to list among its accomplishments. To start off, we won the trophy for the largest percentage of stu- dents holding student body cards. Then came the "Nathan Hale" con- test Which Was won by two High Freshman students. This was followed by two successful dansants. Members of the class have turned out for athletics in a big way. The sports include football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, swimming, and track. We have made a good start, but wait until you see how we finish! P BOB NORTON, Editor. 50 lg..- THE I932 ACORN -..if 61 Ek..- JUNE, 1935 OF SS CLA X,-x,,x THEl932 ACORN l 1 -A-154 62 .A fi CLASS OF DECEMBER, :Isla 63 55 1 O O Z 3 fa lo 3 3 -? SS CLA ST-GRADUATE PO : 5 m ln U 'cs r: 41 uf D .C U : o I!! 'I rs wr cn :-.1 U vi 1- 0 B0 O od E o v. .ff 3 Lf an -J Q u N G Z 'u L -- Q- E-1 ,. D U S mah 5 413 va En Old C 52 M55 ,,y'F-I Cu iq NG U2 V3 -331 if-1 :Cz L4 og I-Y-1 Q12 Q EI 5-7' ,im .am Ev: .2 65. Nl-I 50515 La ,, , W, ,L-fn. :E NLD Q , .JE BE 'Si LEE His 0 ex Q: ,: E-YL. 2 9 5 V5 - - - - - .5 - ,I P 6 i L 1 '1 i ,-X ,1".1w.x A A .K ,X ,K .K .-.-.A ,x .K A MMM V , W ,Ml L sig Qgggig-www ffqfswmg. W M .H 35523225 W--mms . ,. Q '-WEBER -su vi - HB B H X54 V 88535881518 miigmmmm 2352- 25329395 W H Mai- w N5 E H Zhu is HW V 3 awww W2 H Hggmwmmm H2285 M K M I ww H 3 E M E- K sm E fgiikxnnm f Q22 -HE E -Xi E RNIB I H H A MM mm H H :H wi Hg H mwhgggm W mn n .E H . H mx xanga! gms amz w. E mm msx,m1x:5E xnxx . 'nw 'W ss sw Nw ma mf MNH EQEQ Massa 'UH' F' . ix ix lx-lxvlxrfx zxr,-g fx fx lx fx 151-x 4 QRGANIZATIO xfAx14x.f'x1's1 ' xflsf-xr - X1-xflsf - uf ' xi ' ia K- Q- 4? -4? Y Y W W- Y 1- .-A,,x-A,A,A,A-1 T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N ' BLOCK "A" SOCIETY Second Row: Rittler, Blum, Pete, Guslander, Andragna, Hornung, Euler, Gilman, Dahllof, Meyer, Helmstein, Lowry, Barnard, Westfall, Schmalenberger, Skinner, Stubbs. First Row: Medaglia, Vermillion, Filipelli, Tulloh, Mnrcum, Horwege, Thorpe, Grazzini. Block "A" Society OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Bob Vermillion ,...., ,.......,... . President ...,..,., -. ................ Phelps Euler Phelps Euler ........... ,.... M ---Vice-President ,....... - ......... Joe Medaglia Norman Vargas ..,.. -.- - ,......... .Secretary .....l,.,,,, ..... Ralph Gilman Herman Petein.-- ...,..., - ......... Sergeant-ai-A1'r11sY .,,....... h .,........, .Herman Pete THIS YEAR the Block "A" Society had one of the biggest years since it was started. Last Thanksgiving they fed more families than ever be- fore. Fifty-four families were taken care of at that time by the boys of the high school. With the passing of the new constitution, football players received Block "A's." This year fifteen men received that award. Six blocks were awarded to the basketball team. On Circus Day the society had one of the best initiations in history. Stunts, which were enjoyed by all, were put on by the new members. The Block "A" Society, which this term made history, is planning bigger and better times for the future. BOB VERMILLION, Editor. ...sgf 55 ly.- -.A,f-.A,fa.AvA.- T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N ,- MILLER IEGGIZRS KNEEDI-ER XVRIGHT 111Tzs1MMoNs BRACE uusm Star and Key Society OFFICERS Fall, '31 Sjrring, '32 Horace Miller, ,,.,,., ,... Prvsiderzt ,...... . .....,.,,....,,.. ,Tom Eggers Thelma Rice .v,............ .,,.... Y 'ice-Presizle11t .,......,.,.A. Jeanette Fitzsimmons Florence Brownnns .,.,. .. .....,A .SCC1'L'f!ll'jl A....,,,, ......,,,,., Ysobel Wright Grace Kneedler ..,.,, ..,.,..... T reasurcr ........,,,, ,.....,...,. E d Ursin Cyril Wood ....... ...,,. S ergcant-at-Arfzzs 7 .,..,. ..,,.....,. D ick Brace Erlilor ,.,........... ..,..,., C arol Guerin THE STAR AND KEY SOCIETY has had a social, as Well as a financial success during this past year. L Due to our extensive selling of book covers, which not only provided the students With very satisfactory covers, but gave the society a reason- able amount of income, it Was not necessary to charge dues. Our main social event of the season was the Star and Key Shenanigan. Guests as Well as members enjoyed the games, dancing and refreshments. Finishing the school year With success urges us to a still better organi- zation to represent the honor student of Alameda High School When the fall term starts next August. CAROL GUERIN, Editor. -..gif 66 95...- THE l932 ACORN 67 STAR AND KEY SOCIETY THE l932 ACORN Fourth Row: Daniels, Welch, Pellerite, Garzoli, Langren, Skelly Third Row: Templeton, Leimbach, Kemalyon, Eggers. Robertson, Kajiwara Second Row: Ownbey, Dubbins, Spangler, Fuller, V. Broderson, A. Broderson, Blair, Sutherland, Keith, Heald First Row: Hoy, Girton, Casnl, Swanson, Smith, Parodi, Zimmerman, Shiels Circulus Latinus OFFICERS Fall, ,31 Spring, '32 Cyril Wood ......,. ......... P resident ........... --- ............,.. Bob Smith Louise Parodi ...... ...,... V ice-Prcsidclzt ........ ...............,. I.. ouise Parodi June Swanson ........ ...... S ecrcftary ....,... .,,.,... M arjorie Zimmerman Bob Smith ........... ........ T 'reasurer ,........ ......... M -June Swanson Grace Kneedler ......... ..... ...... . E zlifor ...,..., ,,l,,. ,...,,.. M a rgaret Shiels THE PAST YEAR has been a successful one for the Circulus Latinus. The Circulus is probably one of the oldest and largest clubs in school. We can boast: that we are the only club to serve refreshments at every meeting. A skating party and a hike were the principal social activi- ties of the club this year. Any student of Latin is welcome to come to these meetings. Our own paper, the Tempom is another feature of our enterprising club. Now, although we have told you only a small part of the club,s ac- tivities, do you not think we are an organization of which Caesar, Cicero, and several other Roman gentlemen, who help to make us miser- able, might be Proud? MARGARET SHIELS, Editor. -..if 68 Et..- - T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N .,A,A,A.AuA,A,4 1 sNAs,..,g --H-N71 ,s , 4 Y, . ,s .,i.,, El Club Espanol OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Frank De Luchi ...,,...,... ........, P resirlent .....,..., -....... J ack Desch Betty Andrus ..,,... ..,..,...., . . ........ Vice-President ..,...., .,..,. . jack I-Iallinan Maurine Middlesworrh ...........,...., Secretary ......... ......... R ita Downer Lucille Waldear ...,......, ,..,..,..,...,.. T reusurer .,..,..........., ............. G eorge Haller THE SPANISH CLUB has completed a successful year under the leader- ship of its iirst and second term presidents, Frank De Luchi and Jack Desch. These oflicers have held to the custom of having each meeting of a distinctive type. An especially interesting meeting was one at which the program con- sisted entirely of Spanish music. Several well known selections, including the ever popular "La Palomaf, were played by Richard Downer. Mar- garet Thomas and Louise McClure, accompanied at the piano by June Maze, sang "El Capitann and "Rosita." The club members sang one of their favorite songs, "Carmela." At other meetings Spanish games have been played, much to the en- joyment of those present. The club is looking forward to the coming term, when it plans to continue its activities to a much greater extent. RITA DOWNER, Editor. -..ggi 69 Ev.- THEI932 ACORN-xf .fx - 'U we as . ., ,-1. and Le Cercle Franeais OFFICERS Full, '5 I Spring, ,32 Kenneth Plummer ,,..... ....,... P residerzt-- ,,.,, ., ,..... Jeanette Gilman Helen Casal w............. ......... V ire-Prcsidemf ,.,....., .. ....... ,Dominic Cavallo Jeanette Gilman ...,.. .,.... S ecreiary ....... ......, L aurence Burnley Laurence Burnley ,,...... ..,..., T rc'asurc'r ....... .....,...,,. E lias XVelch Betty Baker .............. ...,.,tt, E rlifor ..,,.. .. v..., , Helen Casal THE FRENCH CLUB has come to be one of the most outstanding clubs in Alameda High School. Our membership is large and is growing all the time. Usually there are about fifty boys and girls at the meetings. We always have entertainment, refreshments, and a club paper, L'Ecb0. During the last term, we have had about two hundred foreign corre- spondents. Thirty members of the club subscribe to French newspapers. The entertainment at club meetings has consisted of motion pictures of France, lectures, singing and dancing. Sometimes we play interesting games. And so if vous parlez francais, you are cordially invited to attend our meetings. HELEN CASAL, Editor. 70 THE l932 ACORN Third Rauf: Ochlmann, Smith, Hansen, Lewis, Desch, C. Janes, Priest, Scliurr, Birchinnll Seroml Row: Parr, Schmidt, Barnett, Rotli, H. Janes, Gutlcben, Dallas, Tsang, Lipskcr First Row: Boyson, Walliman, M. Boyson, McElroy, Siegfried, Winsor, Meyer, Fritscli, Maynard, Schwertfeger. Horst The German Club OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Vincent Harriman. .,.... . ....... Prcsidenf. ...,,... ......, T ravis Winsor Eleanor Siegfried ...,.... ,....,.. V ice-President ..,,... -,w,-.Marion Meyer Marion Meyer ..,.... ,....., R L'C0f'lI,i77g Secretary Louis Bardof ..,... . ........ Fimmcial Secretary ,...... ...,, E leanor Siegfried Richard Burnley ...... ,.... . Sergmnzf-at-Ar-ms UNDER the leadership of Vincent Harriman and Travis Winsor, the German Club has passed a very successful year. Our entertainment has variety and is of an enjoyable nature. Two speakers on Germany were heard. Herr Gustav A. Gedat spoke on German schools and Miss Eggert spoke of her travels in that country. We also gave a skating party and a modern German play, both of which provided a great deal of fun. DAPHNE BOYSON, Editor. 71 Eg..- THE l932 ACORN Tbird Row: Scott, Clerk, Davis, Barnard, Strong, Eggers, Waterbury, Wheater, Lindsey Second Row: Brown, Dahllof, Jenkins, Bardoff, Frombolo, Winsor, McFarland, Maruyuma First Row: Bruzzone, Rice, Skelly, Burwell, Staricco Sword and Shield Society OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Richard Shephard A..... .,......,.,.. P resident ....,....,... .....,.., L ouis Bruzzone William Rea. ........... .....,,.. V ire-President ........ ............ . Elden Rice Jack Weart. ...,....,... ....... R ecording Secretary .,.,.,, ........ J . Evan Skelly Arnold Buckley ......... ,....... F inancinl Secretary .......,,..........,.. Lewis Burwell Travis Winsor ........ ,.i,,,,i , Scrgemzt-at-Ar1ns,m, .-,., - ..,.. n .... John Staricco Editor .....,.,. n- ....,... ....,... J . Evan Skelly AT THE BEGINNING of this term, the Sword and Shield Society was reorganized under the leadership of Sidney Jenkins who, however, refused to hold an oiiice in the club. At the second meeting of this term, Presi- dent Bruzzone appointed Elden Rice, Sidney Jenkins and J. Evan Skelly, a committee of three, to revise and rewrite the constitution of the society. At the present time this constitution is looked upon by many to be the most modern and legally correct constitution in the school. This society is for the commissioned oflicers of the R. O. T. C. unit and has Major Brown for its adviser. Throughout this term the Sword and Shield has given several parties all of which were huge successes. Our motto is "One for all and all for one." J. EVAN SKELLY, Editor. 72 Jga..- THE I932 ACORN 4.41. ' t T x t ' , . . ..,. - s- ,,,., 1- . . Fnurlb Row: Jenkins, Bruzzonc, Boyer, Clerk, Burwell, Prombolo Tbirrl Row: Lane, Anderson, Bardoff, R. Holmes, Inonye, Birch, Crane, Robertson, Cavallo Second Row: Peterson, Stevenson, Smith, Aspinall, Plummer, Percival, Buhl, Bell, Riddle, Wadswortlv Firxf Row: Cook, Hallinnn, L. Holmes, Greig Non-Com's Club OFFICERS Sergeant Major ,,,,7., 7,,....o,,.........,... ,....,7 . . .Victor Cook Chief Clerk ..........,. .....r., J ack Hallinan Provost Scrgealzi ,7,...., ...... L awrence Holmes Editor ...................,. ,......,...,, J ack Greig LAST SEMESTER, the Non-Com's Club appeared defunct, all interest lost and the club,s financial standing at a low ebb. Several of the non- commissioned oiiicers of the unit assembled and decided that the club was worth saving. A meeting was held and a tentative reorganization was proposed and adopted. A constitution was drafted, voted upon, approved, and finally adopted. Chief among the changes, was a change in the names of the oflicers, to-Wit: President to Sergeant Major, Secretary- Treasurer to Chief Clerk, and Sergeant-at-Arms to Provost Sergeant. The adviser of the club is Sergeant Boyer, R. O. T. C. instructor. His attendance is most helpful. The reorganized Non-Com's Club is a success and ought to become a factor in the life of the R. O. T. C. unit. JACK GREIG, Editor. -'QQ 73 -.A-A.A.f,AnA,- T H E I9 3 2 A C O R N ,- Round Table Club OFFICERS President .,........... ........................... .. ....,............ T ravis Winsor Vice-President ,,................ .-- ....,... .Jack Hallinan Recording Secretary ..... - ........ - ....... ...... Evan Skelly Financial Scrrelary ..,...... , .....,. .John Staricco Parlimnentariun ,,.,........ ,,.....,. Bob Dahllof Editor... ...........,..... - ...................................,.....,o...,,,,...,....... ,.Tony Frombolo THE ROUND TABLE CLUB of the Alameda High School was formed at the close of the last fall term. Its purpose is merely to bring the mem- bers of the R. O. T. C. closer together and to promote friendship among the oflicers, the non-com's, and the privates of the unit. Any member of the R. O. T. C. unit is eligible for membership. During this fall semester, the members have enjoyed many inter- esting meetings. One meeting featured motion pictures, showing the course of instruction at West Point. At another meeting held in the cafeteria, the main attraction was a boxing match, which Was parti- cipated in by several members of the unit. The meeting was concluded with entertainment and refreshments. A skating party Was also held at Rollerland. TONY FROMBOLO, Editor. 74 151-11- THE l932 ACORN Smith, Spees, Hnsselgrcn, Doyle, Ghiorso, Scott, McKinney Fall, '31 Y' Kenneth Plummer ,... Bill Specs. ..,...... . ..., . Fred Hassclgren ...,...,.. ,.,,.,-,, Ed. Ferriera .A..,.,... - ...,. . .- ,... Bob Dickson ..... -. Aviation Club OFFICERS ..-.--..-..t.Preside11t.--.,.---.-.. ...----..V1C6-PT6SldCl1f .-...,...El1lf0f,,--,,,. Treasurer , ,...,,,. .... Spring, '32 -Kenneth Plummer Al Ghiorso Secretary ,.,..,,, ....... F red Hasselgren ..-.Willis McAdam -..,.nRobert Smith IN THE LAST Oakland Tribune Airplane Contest, the Aviation Club made a very good showing. Two first places, one second place, and one third place were taken by members of the club. This year we hope to bring more honors to Alameda High School through the Aviation Club. During the last year we have had two successful dansants which have put our finances above the board. This alone should be an inducement for new members whom we are always glad to receive. All students in the high school are invited to join the club. Mr. T. D. Hall is its adviser. ROBERT SMITH, Editor. 75 Ee-- THE l932 ACORN Fourib Row: Smith, Descl1,'Winfor, LcHew, Gurley, W'ilson Tbir1fRou': Morse, Taylor, Gibbs, Cooke, Deeney, Thomas, Long, Grazzini, McKinney Svfoml Row: Zimmerman, Parodi, Schwertfeger, Sturgiss, Von Schmidt, Otto, Brown, Van Pelt, Boyce, Rodgers , First Row: Crawford, Young, Jamieson, Greene, Mcllhennie, Rice, NValdear, Neirzel, Gerberding, Lewis Student Players' Guild OFFICERS Presirferzt .....,...,. .............,...., ,.,,..,, E l den Rice Vive-Presirfclif. .,... ,...,.. Kathryn Lewis SL'L'l't'flll'JV ......,,, , ,.,.,. ,....,. L aurel Greene T1'cas11rr'r .,...... ...,, L ouise Parodi . THE STUDENT PLAYERS, GUILD, an organization for the advancement of drama in Alameda High School, has had a none too active semester. Mr. C. T. LeHeW,g,adViser of the organization, had planned several plays during the past year, but for some reason, they were not presented. - Whern school vacation begins next fall the officers are planning to make the guildwhat it Was several' years ago 'and attempt to Hnd suitable talent so that the student body may realiie the importance of the American stage and have abetter understanding of drama in general. - JACK JARVIS, Editor. -A--1534 76 13-M- --A-,K-A,A,A,A-4 T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N Third Row: Battcrsby, Skelly, Robertson, Knight, Appel, Burgall, Littleton, Grafe, Hallinnn Serond Raw: Elliott, Farrell, Trantvetter, Hernandez, Hagerstrom, Webb, Dcsch, Chrichton, Haller First Row: Sturgiss, Pearson, Brown, Greene, Zimmerman, Schwertfcger, Harris, Smith, McKinney, Vargas International Club OFFICERS Full, '31 Spring, '32 J. Evan Skelly ,...... .,.,,,,,,,. , Prc'sic1e11t ........... - ...............,. Bart Harris June Swanson .,...... ...,,.. V ic'c'-Prcsirlenlf ......, ..,........... Laurel Greene Kent Sturgiss. ..,..,. ..... . Sec'rc'fary ........ ..... . , Marjorie Zimmerman Helen Casal, ......, ,..., T rz'asu1'c'1' .,.. n ......,. ...,. ,.......,. K e nt Sturgiss Bart Harris, ,.... ........ E rfifor. ....... ...... R obert Smith DURING the Christmas recess our club sent nine delegates to the Junior International Institue in Berkeley. The members have had inter- esting discussions with Dr. Thompson and a round table discussion con- cerning the institute. This discussion was held for all students who wished to attend. V The club has had two Very interesting talks by the faculty in the last year. One was on Spain by Miss Isabel Venard and the other was on Pompeii, the buried city, by Miss Campbell. We have also had much foreign correspondence, and at a future date, all the members who have received letters are going to read them for the other members of the club. ROBERT SMITH, Editor --I-ii 77 figh- THE I932 ACORN Tbirrl' Row: Adams, Currie, Paetz, Skelly, McKinney, Hallinan Second Row: Helmstein, Schleicher, Schultz, Hall, Carver, Taylor, Mullen Firsi Row: Smith, Sturgiss, Greene, Rice, Zimmerman, Brown, Harris r Debating Society OFFICERS F111l,'31 Spring, '32 Robert Taylor ............. . .....,..,......, Presidenta ....... ....,,....., E lden Rice Elizabeth Sturgiss ........ - .......... Vice-President ......., ,,...,..,, L aurel Greene Marjorie Zimmerman ....... -H ........ Secretary ........, .,,.,. E lizabeth Srurgiss L0lliSC L60I121'Cl ........... ..,r.. T rmsurer ,,....... .... . ,.,,..........,... B art Harris 13014 Hallinan ...... ......... E ciitor ......., ..,.,., M arjorie Zimmerman THE DEBATING SOCIETY in the past year has participated in very few activities which demand a great deal of attention, but instead it has been undergoing a complete reformation by a few interested students. There has been a complete change of the constitution and of the policies of the society. Next 'year an active program is being planned, including interclass and interschool debates, an initiation party, and several other interesting events. Any student Who is at all interested in debating or Wishes to gain experience for the Forum will profit greatly by joining the De- bating Society. MARJORIE ZIMMERMAN, Editor. 78 lla..- T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N -.A,A,A.A.A.A-A Third Row: Plummer, Rice, London, D. johnson, Gilman, Reese, Bales, Duncan, W1Dl10PC, C. McKinney, Simon, Carroll, Axdel, Miller Svcoml Raw: Percival, Helmstein, Jordan, Evatt, Hobe, Styles, Hoclgkins, Cooper, Parker, Parodi, Bell, Scallon Firsi Row: H. McKinney, Taylor, Erickson, Wadswortll, Bodinson, Lunardi, Sass, H. Johnson Bony, Kools, Gaskell, Lucas Uneeda-Eta Club OFFICERS Pull, '31 Spring, '32 Fred Bodinson. ,..... ......, P resident ,...,.... . r....,. Ralph Gilman Lucille Neitzel ,...r, ,,....., Vice-President.- .,,..., ....., M yrtle Lucas Jack Styles ...... ..,.,. . Sc'c'rr'far3f and Treasurer ,,.w., ,,....... L ewis A. Hobe Ed ilvr ...... C .,,,..... .,..,....,,.. F red Bodinson A11 visor ....,.. ..-...Miss Beatrice Conley ALTHOUGH it was only started last term, the Uneeda-Eta Club has forged ahead, both in membership and the scope of its usefulness. Last term Lewis Hobe drew up a ine constitution. We also had a Hallowe'en spread for the students. We then gave a Cafeteria anniversary party March 4. The club, with its fifty-four members, plan bigger and better surprises for the coming year, so just watch our smoke from now on. We Wish to thank Miss Conley for all she has done to make this club possible, and for its success. We sincerely appreciate her enthusiasm and help' FRED BoDINsoN, Editor. 79 THE l932 ACORN , Q Sl'COIId Row: M. Riley, Gray, Cooper, Crcver, Farrell, Rainey, Kopyn First Row: Landstra, De Bernardi, Casal, Kneedler, Alscead, Hollingsworth, W. Riley, Carrie Girl Reserves OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Helen Mallard ........ ...,... . Pl'C'SfflI?lIf .,.,.,.,... ......,,,, , Grace Kneedler Thelma Rice. ,,,....., .....,.r. V ice-Presia'c'l1t ............ . ............ .Marjorie Casal Betty Youngman. ..... .,.,,, R cfcordilfg-Srvrcfary ,...... Louise Hollingsworth Ellen Alstcad ......,.. ....,.. . Filfanvinl Secretary .....,,.. ..,...,...,... E llen Alstead THE GIRL RESERVES CLUB, which is the junior organization of the Y. W. C. A., has had another active year. In the fall term we held an- other sale of footballs from which the treasury was replenished. We decided to use some of the money and add personal donations to help a family recommended by the health center. Persons who would enjoy helping in this project were asked to participate with us. In response to this notice the R. O. T. C. gave a most generous donation of food and clothing. Individual students also helped with this and we were able to care for two families instead of one as was first planned. In the spring we held a most enjoyable Valentine party at the home of Gertrude Landstra. The last meeting was an installation of new of- ficers which was followed by a party. LoU1sE I-IOLLINGSWORTH, Editor. -..if 80 Ea..- THE I932 ACORN Tbirfl Row: Yagyu, Ursin, Smart, Held, Zoller, Bratten, Hunter, XValdcar Srconzl Row: Clark, Chapman, Holbrook, Braun, Lovett, Dc juran, Taylor, Wlebstcr, Bertelson, Cooper, Lowe, Peutti Firsl Rojo: Poulsen Johnson, jory, Neirzcl, Long, O'Donncll, Peirson, Du Rivagc, Fitzsimmons, Koglan Les Beaux Arts OFFICERS P1'c'sirl'c'11f ,,.., - ...,.... ....,..........,...,.,..,..,, ............,.. Z e lda Long Vice'-Prcsiderlf ,r....... - .,..... r,.,..... D oris Du Rivage Secretary ,,...... ,. ..... ---- ,,......... Lewis Adams Fimznfial Secretary ........ ......... H oraee Sterdeman Eafifor ,,...,....,.,......,..,., ,.,,.. . Jeanette Fitzsimmons To FURTHER art interests in the Alameda High School, a club was organized this term under the supervision of the art department and was appropriately called Les Beaux Arts. Under Zelda Long's leader- ship, honor elections Were originated to which the more gifted members were invited to join. These sections are to contribute to a bazaar to be held next Christmas. An excursion to the De Young Museum in San Francisco was enjoyed by all While many successful meetings, both social and business, are attracting an ever-increasing membership. JEANETTE FITZSMMONS, Editor. 81 .-AnA,,A-AvA,A,, T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N - HALVORSEN FAVIER scmtoiaotx uttxizn WHITE snurrtx FxTzs1MMoNs Girls' Association OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Doris Halvorsen ........ ........., P resident--- ........, ...,.,. C armen Ullner Hanalla Thomas .....,.... , ......... V ice-President ...,,,,..,.. T w.......,.... Shirley White Gertrude Schroeder ...,..... ..,....... S ecretary .........,. - .,.. .Jeanette Fitzsimmons Carmen Ullner ......... - ........ ..,... T reasurer ....... ........,,.. H -nclnez Stauifer Alyce Goldfarb-- ...................,, Song Leader .,,,,,.,..-,,,....-,..,.... -mjean Favier THE GIRLS, ASSOCIATION of Alameda High School passed an eventful term during the fall of 1931 under Doris Halvorsen. The honor of introducing noon dansants fell on this administration and also donating to charity on Thanksgiving. The Girls' Association of the spring term survived the "depression', without even noticing the wolf that seemed to be at the door of so many of our neighbors. Our dansant brought us a surprising amount and at the same time We contributed to the aid of the unemployed. Some novel ideas were originated at our meetings-at one, in having a special meeting to Welcome the Freshmen, While at another the men students of the school had the honorable distinction of being our guests to listen to the crooning of the popular Fox singer, Joaquin Garay. Pins were given the new administration and corsages the old, in appreciation of their leadership. JEANETTE FITZSIMMONS, Secretary. 82 .fh-A-A,AvA-Av. T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N Strom! Row: Cooper, Machen, Glover, Shubcrt, Christenson, Jude, Furrer First Row: Sutherland, Crawford, Thompson, Ferren Girls' Athletic Association . OFFICERS Fall, '31 Spring, '32 Betty Crawford .,-.,.,,,-- .. .........,. President ......,.....,.......,... --r-.Eloise Shubert Charlotte Christenson, ,.,,,,.,,,, --Vice-PresirIc'11t ..,.,.,..,..,. Charlotte Christenson Marion Gilman, ,...,....,. ...... . Secretary .....,. ...V.. . Dorothy Sutherland Bobbie Schwertfeger .... .,,.,.. Treasurer v...,,. ..,............. E dna Furrer Anna Wallimann ...,..... ....... , Song Leader ..,., ,,.,.., A nna Wallinlann Mary Virginia Flett ,,... ..... ........ P 1 zblicity THE G. A. A.'s first big event of the fall term of '31 was the annual jinx. This HalloWe'en costume party was under the managership of Marion Gilman who arranged that prizes should be offered for the pret- tiest, the funniest and the most original costumes. The affair was voted a huge success. The next item of importance was a High School Sports Day which Was held at Castlemont High and in which more than one hundred and fifty girls participated. This present term a similar play-day was held at San Leandro, and it met with as much success as did the preceding one. In the spring term the University of California entertained the girls from the various high schools of the bay region, and our girls had the opportunity of having a swim in California's famous Hearst Pool. -in-if ss ire'- BOYS' GLEE CLUB x -1 iiw M 1 ,Maw .. , 'HWY .Q W, Lfwiiw W .8 Mqww. Z-me -I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 84 1,g9,.- fqflI.:1ffQ",2:,Tx:,i3,x"'-,x:,-XI,-.""'I-J:,x:,x:,4 I ax. , ,,. ., A., .-....- .,..., :T...l..-..,,...., 1 af f X XX ,gf -... 2 A isa " .- 5 VS! xx n if -, .3 V... 1 I , jg? . f nw 4' Efx:.-l'5-YI-1..fl'tf-Ziff--ilfz.-Z-.I-.-if ACTIVITIE Y - '-. -1-vi-Tl-Y-2-4?- COMPANY "A T. NVinsor A. Buckley L. Btn-well K. Wheater J. Greig B. Wadsworth V. Cook R. Taylor G. Freehan H. Aspinall A. Christenson D. Lane S. Plummer XV. Aspinall D. Bernal XV. Chaplin XV. Johanson XV. Jordon L. Kint H. McKinney C. Miller XV. Ormsby A. Smith D. Zoller J. Bergman R. Bottarini B. Floyd L. Gillette H. Reece O. Ommundsen COMPANY "B" B. Scott C. Burbank L. Crane L. Bruzzone D. Cavallo J. Styles N. Zumsteg Y. Inouye F. Amery NV. Nelson F. Cobb R. Hamilton ,THE l932 ACORN..AY R. O. T. C. ROSTER OF CADETS G. Kennedy N. Locbl E. O'Brien R. Stein L. Bittleston J. Farner E. Ferriera P. Freeman C. Hanson H. Hoy A. Luscher H. Norton L. Teegarden W. Morrison B. French A. NVaterbury W. Birch C. Evatt J. Buckingham R. Smith N. Eastwood R. Nelson R. Bosshard J. Carvin A. Cherry R. Dickson N. Durkee E. Heinbockel F. Livcsey W. Rogers W. Webb R. Darcey J. Del Papa B. Hand P. Harris B. Jordan C. Davis COMPANY "C" E. Rice F. Clerk M. Cleland G. XVilson D. McCoy E. Skelly T. Eggers K. Robertson W. McKenna S. Date J. Bardoff W. Leatham P. Chandler J. Chevallier S. Kinoshita A. Skeel T. Steinmetz V. Strong B. Walker P. Weinberger E. Carpenter XV. Grazzini A. Kilman L Loomis A. Lukes O. Rupe B. Woods J. Stariceo G. Paetz 'X J. Stephenson if E. Polak d W. Priest lg D. Reading, . J. Ruebel 7 J. RuseoniJ R. Watson C. Forslund B. Horton P. McKenna B. Bryan B. Zoller W. Middlesworth G. Jones G. Brown P. Lindsey L. Holmes G. Percival W. Bagley R. Holmes B. Anderson 35 1x,x,-xv,-C M. Buhl D. Ashby H. Berrington G. Cavagnaro R. Chaix J. Dallas E. Hunt H. Kain G. Lewis J. Schultz G. Seider N. Shevchenko R. Skerry O. Sundberg M. Thompson J. Bell M. Cattran L. Morrison B. Harris H. Davis J. Hallinan D. Johnson R. Riddle B. Bell S. Collins J. Franklin S. Adams J. Affleck C. Blake J. Brosnan J. Bulman B. Coleman E. Covert C. Chriehton D. Dickson B. Groce XV. Parker H. Randlett L. Rothman E. Templeton H. Yamashita F. Poulsen B. Hordness J. Gullman THE l932 ACORN W V V y , -M. --- wmv- A - Q-.fxmfw MILITARY STAFF T011 Row: Frombolo, Bardoff, Barnard, Hockenga, Mariyuma, Boyer. Bottom Row: Wadswortlm, Brown, Dahllof, Jenkins, Rodgers, Strong, McFarland, Wilson MILITARY COUNCIL Jenkins, Winsor, Gillette, Scott, Locbl, Rice, Ruebel, Frombulo. -..,-ng 86 334-a.- THEl932 ACORNx,- ,X vm- f fuemvaiif RIFLE TEAM Top Row: Lindsay, Scott, Davis, Winsor, Steinmetz, V. Strong, Johansen. Bottom Row: Peterson, Teegardcn, Rice, Barnard, L. Strong. fr: First Row: 'ffgx R. O. T. C. BAND Third Row: Munroe, Bernard, Richardson, Garzoli, Yoshino. Secoml Row: Loomis, Panton, Mcliitchie, Peterson, Mitchell, Brummer. Walker, Yagyu, Aitchison, Anderson, Spadoni, Morrison, Blackwell, Fish, Frnley, Furrcr, Kafka. -..qgtf 87 THE i932 ACORN iz F ,ffgikig f 4 ww 1-mt-4 521 mn' . 'iii O V ffx M COMPANY "A" COMPANY "B" COMPANY "C" THE I'-732 ACORN ORCHESTRA bf. , , 16 in U fgnzk -.-X ,Hx iigf Ziyi CONCERT BAND 89 kk..- Fl sf :Z L11 E a an U F41 Q cz. O CII U3 4 .-1 U ,I .-1 4 1' Z 4 I I-4 4 Z THE I932 ACORN 91 THE I932 ACORN Acorn Staff JOHN HICKS DR. PAUL G. VIGNESS TRAVIS WINSOR Erlilor Faculty Adviser Business Manager CLASS AND ORGANIZATION EDITORS T011 Row: Lindeman, Smith, Frombolo, Hallinan, Bodinson, Hunter, Hicks. Boflom Row: Monks, Downer, Shiels, Wyllcy, Guerin. -.,.,jf 9 2 Ee..- THE I932 ACORN EDITORIAL STAFF , 1 I w HORNUNG BODINSON GUSLANDER TRUESDELI. CRAWFORD BUSINESS STAFF FRANKLIN ROGERS ANOTHER YEAR has ended and as usual another ACORN is presented to the students. As far back as 1899, the student body of Alameda High School has regarded the ACORN as part of the school, and undoubtedly whenever the alumni wish to remember faces they get out their old ACORNS. It is impossible to tell at this time if this volume will serve that same purpose, but here are the names of the associates, both editorial and business, who contributed much of their time in the forming of the 1932 ACORN! EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Associate Editor ..,..-,...r,,,..,, jack Hornung Assistant Nfunager .,,..,... -,-,Bill Franklin Feature Editor ........ ....,,.. F red Bodinson Assistant Manager ,........r..r..,., Donn Smart Sports Editor .....i. ...,..., L yle Guslander Sales Manager ............ ,....., H arry Rogers Sports Editor .... - ,,..,..,.......,... .Sid Truesdell Girls' Sports Editor ......... Betty Crawford 9 3 V-urfufap--ur-1. +rfuni34f-nnfavfurfvffhdfvfj: ATHLETICS X1-xr'-v"-v"-v"-v"-v"-''sf'-v"-W"-Y'' xr'-W-'-W' THE l932 ACORN ootball if .. as a ss ali T if 55-ard .d-.. 1931 VARSITY FGOTBALL SQUAD Tbir11Ro1u: Coach Freeman, Wilson, Cassani, Fisher, Pond, George, Reid, Tcnney, W. Cooper, Unswortli, Rizzo, R. Cooper, Christie, Spadoni, Coach Young. Srcoml Row: Grazzini, Westfall, Crane, Fraser, Tulloh, Pete, Dahllof, Clerk, Helmstein, Lowry, Meyer, Smart, Simpson. First Row: Blum, Plummer, Skinner, Herbert, Truesdcll, Schmzxlenberger, Hornung LCD, Condare, Colburn, Harris, McL:iverty. " li ., , - .eg N f 1, 51 2' ' l-- , 2- ,. N -L., p, F I W , I1 . - lil ' X' "L, Tv i , 411- ' 1,5 C ry :,, . , z 3. Mu' l , 'vw , - " . , ,A ,, 1 M A, N I ' 2 ,, Q e Q COACHES YOUNG nncl FREEMAN HORNUNG HELMSTEIN HERBERT ---v-:Zi 95 THE I932 ACORN F 5551 THE PIEDMONT GAME ALBEE STADIUM. EUREKA FOOTBALL last season Was not quite what it should have been. The team just Was not getting the breaks, so to speak, except in one game. That Was with Mission, in which the Hornets took the San Francisco boys With a 6-0 score. Lack of experience Was possibly the main ob- stacle that the coaches had to contend with, but the team as a Whole showed a Wonderful spirit and iight was not lacking at any time. PRACTICE GAMES 0 .... Alameda-Oakland Tech-- 6 6 ........ Alameda-Eureka ........ 7 0 .... Alameda-Castlemont .... 27 ' 6 ...... Alameda-St. Mary's ...... 19 0 ..., Alameda-McClymonds .... 6 6 .... Alameda-Mission QSFJ .... 0 0 ....,... Alameda-Vallejo .,..... ., 12 LEAGUE GAMES ALAMEDA 19-PIEDMONT 26 This was the opening A.C.A.L. game and Alameda fought valiantly, but not quite hard enough to cope with Dick Moyer, the Highlandefs triple-threat man. As an all-around team Alameda was outstanding in Y as TRUESDELL SKINNLR DAHLLOF BLUM -..if 96 THE l932 ACORN BERKELEY AGAIN THE MISSION GAME this game. The stars were Captain Hornung, who pulled down two touchdowns, Schmalenberger, who was responsible for many of the passes which netted the touchdownsg Blum, Herbert, Helmstein and Harris also contributed greatly to one of the best games of the season. ALAMEDA 0-BERKELEY 13 For the eleventh time Alameda met Berkeley on the gridiron, only to meet defeat at the hands of a slightly more experienced team. A11 the men on the team fought their hardest under the leadership of the captain, Jack Hornung. Hornung played line offensive and defensive football at all times throughout the game. Herman Pete, Tom McLaverty, "Red" Schmalenberger, and Bob Colburn creditably handled the backfield, while Jack Westfall, Del Harris and Bill Tulloh took care of the defense. Bill Herbert, Bob Dahl- lof, Homer Helmstein, Vernon Lowry, Bud Blum, Jack Skinner, Sid Truesdell, and Jerry Fraser also fought a hard game. The whole team de- serves a great amount of credit for their gameness and spirit. The coaches, Chris Freeman and Carl Young also deserve credit for trying to build a winning team out of fellows who had very little former experience. . .1 . l Xe .I hh . . , E ,J jj X -F -'A -a ' I 'VI uf' ' -- ' I Q: 35. - U. 4' H- A 'g 5 A 5239 1 7. Y' a- -LJ ,N TULLOH M LAVERTY WESTFALL SCHMALENBLXGER -wif 9 7 u '-J "SIGNALS" , THE OAKLAND GAME One of the practice games which deserve mention was the Eureka game. For this game the team journeyed some three hundred miles to Eureka to tangle for the second time with the northern school. The sensational part of this game was a ninety-five yard run in the lirst quarter. The fast work on the part of Hornung almost chalked a second touchdown, but Kencard of Eureka was able to stop the Alameda player. Other players deserving mention were Herbert, McLaverty, Condare, and Helmstein. Another game was the only one that Alameda won during the season. This was against Mission High School of San Francisco, and was played at Neptune Beach. In this game the whole team clicked and Hornung again showed the boys what could be done with a football when he tore through the Mission line, outrunning three of the San Francisco men for fifty-ive yards for a touchdown. When Vallejo journeyed to Alameda to play the Hornets, some mis- understanding arose, and the entire Vallejo team walked off the Held, but after smoothing matters over, they returned, only to put over their second touchdown to take Alameda by a 12-0 score. Both the Alameda line and backfield played a good game. t I Q sa LOWRY Poouzr Munn 98 Ear- I932 ACORN 1931 CLASS B FOOTBALL SQUAD Fonrib Row: Eckhardt, Barber, Brandenberg, Goldt, Lukcs, Johnson Tbirrl Row: London, Stubbs, Wooley, Henderson, Carver, Gundlach, McClaren Sfroml Row: Steinberg, Burbank, M. Hunter, Sharpsteen, Thompson, Giachino Firsi Row: Nason, McCall, Fernandez, Dickey, F. Hunter, Noyes, Beach, Hopping, Souza SEASON RECORD 6 -- ...... Oakland .............. -- 7 ' 6 -- ...... Roosevelt ..,.... -- 1 3 20 -, ...... San Leandro ...... - 7 20 -- ..,.,.., Castlemont .... - O 26 -- B ,.e.e. McClymonds --- 6 13 -- ........,. ..... . St. Mary's ....... -- -- 0 7 ............................ Berkeley .................................... 13 THE CLASS "B" TEAM, or the 13O,s, completed their season with four victories and three defeats, with practically each game an improvement over the preceding one. For the first time the team was coached by a member of the faculty. Coach Lewis Jolley took the time to develop quite a scrappy little team this year. In former years the coaching Was handled by a post-graduate who was ineligible to play on the varsity. Class "B" stars included: Joe Beach, Bob Stubbs, Frank and Morris Hun- ter, Eddie Eckhardt, George Gundlach and Rolland Dickey. Jolley appointed a captain for each game, except in the Berkeley game. The team in this game elected Frank Hunter to lead them. In most cases the 130's tangled with second-string teams of the other schools, so the fellows deserve a lot of credit. 99 1510-- iTHE l932 ACORN Basketball A 1932 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Firsl Row: Coach Young, Lee, Stuart, Harper, Stade, Punches, Olson, Sclxurr Second Row: Kint, Pete, Reid, Brock, Peak Schmalenberger CCJ TI-IIS YEAR the varsity had a hard time organizing as no men were returning from last year's team. When the All-A. C. A. L. team was picked, two Hornets Were there. Both these men will return next year. A4 .xx '1 E 91- . px . N Q V I X ' X " 5. ' '- " - -A .-I 1 ' NE ' x ' .pa ,un g AN l Q ,ffl L L-.V if I 'HJ ' ,Q 'lf + lf-1-91" ,X ami.. fn, 'f - . , N"- ' W 1 E lf" ' T' . ' -,1 -"QP r if ' ' P ze 4 .. 1. 8 3 5 SCHMALENBERGER KINT BROCK PETE -..agf 100 Ea..- .A.A.A-A.A,A,. T H E I9 3 2 A C O R N ,- LEAGUE GAMES ALAMEDA 22-RICHMOND 32 This was the first game of the season. Play was slow at first, and did not quicken enough to overcome the lead. Schmalenberger starred. ALAMEDA 16-PIEDMONT 28 Alameda played hard, but the Piedmont boys were a little too much for the Hornets. Herman Pete and Bill Reid played an excellent game. ALAMEDA 22-BERKELEY 27 This game was one of the best in the season as the whole team was playing on about a par. Bill Brock was high-point man. ALAMEDA 23-RICHMOND 26 One of the hardest fought games of the season, with Richmond able to nose out a victory in the last few seconds of play. ALAMEDA 26-PIEDMONT 50 The second game with Piedmont. At the half Alameda was far behind when Bill Kint Went into the game. The team rallied, and came close to a victory, being again nosed out in the last few minutes of play. ALAMEDA 28-BERKELEY 39 Although this was the closing game in the A. C. A. L., and Alameda had not a chance in the world to place in the league, the fellows battled hard and showed the spectators that fight was there at all times. Even though with poor scores of previous games, this did not dishearten them in the least. Six men received Block "A's" this season. They were: Capt. Fred Schmalenberger, Bill Kint, Bill Brock, Herman Pete, Bill Reid, and Franklin Schurr, who earned his as an efficient manager. Coach Carl Young worked long and hard with the team, but things just did not seem to break as they should have done. Even though the team lost many games, they did not lose heart and fought to the very last of every game with a great deal of enthusiasm. . is-,' FAI' . ' 6 .li .11 .x' , - V . iii 4+ f- -. 2 f 1 1 f 4 l - 'I 7 ' I COACH XOUAG REID SCHURR 101 19-M- THE I932 ACORN 1932 CLASS B BASKETBALL SQUAD Iiirsl Row: Coach Jolley, Barber, Brandenbcrg, Warwick, Gardiner, Camisa, Johnson, Stubbs S f R R ll S l l Cl P t Cl K ll ccom ow: icc ini, urier an , e ersen, Madakoro, une, enda SEASON RECORD Alameda 17 g Richmond 25 Alameda 15 5 Richmond 13 Alameda 185 Piedmont 20 Alameda 21g Piedmont 18 Alameda 31g Berkeley 20 Alameda 305 Berkeley 27 Winning the A. C. A. L. Class "B" championship in the last few minutes of play in the Berkeley game, was the work of Alameda 150's headed by Captain Shigeshi Madakoro, otherwise known as "Shug." Bob Gardiner was high point man of the season with well over one hundred points to his credit. Gther men who truly represented the school were Dave Warwick, Norman Johnson, Camisa. Bill Clune, Dick Brace, and Leland Barbour. Bob Stubbs was manager. Ordinarily the varsity games are the games that attract and bring in the crowds, but more interest was focused on the Class "B" season this year. They offered real basketball and were fast. Coach Lewis Jolley coached them to A. C. A. L. victory. The team was by no means a one-man outfit, but every man played his part and played it well. Many of these fellows will possibly go into varsity next season, so chances for next yearis varsity at this time look quite promising. -..agf 102 1 I LL , . 10 3 EQ.- fr 1? nl ll 3 ll ll Qu E' I 0 0 Z l fa tl 9 ll ll 5 5 1932 BASEBALL SQUAD Fourth Row: Pingree, Hackmacir, Salel, Pete, McMullin,Warwick, Nissen, Ricleaux, Stacle, Gcrsicll, Hclnastein, Buxton Third Row: Coach Rittler, Irving, Carlomagno, Hooper, Nogami, Szmdzlhl, Church, Haslam, Filipelli, Mcdaglia, Amaral, Parodi, Burns, London, Coach Vigness Srranrl Row: Souza, Medaglin, Helstrom, Petersen, Sharpsteen, Pingree, Souza, Brady, Larson, Appel, Archer, Sutherland, Dorfman clmrd C1I1 errero, Bl B Galloway, Merrill, Eff, OV Imbruglia, Andrus, C Row: johnson, rs! E. THE I932 ACORN 'i i?'5.? , we ay. A ll lr ll ax H ' , 5 r , X , ,Kilt fy, nxt ,, , A y i i 1,-f Y, '- " xi ' ' TXX T2i:v",fp A ' X--1'-XXX V '-11-ii' lfsiv i - Q fa, i , -5 er- get 4, '1' u . . - ' , I xg .41 92, iii-A A ' ,7 1 9 Q A A - COACH RITTLYR HELMSTEIN AMARAI. STADE Rictler for good team. Alameda 83 Emeryville 2 Alameda 6g Stanford Frosh S' Alameda Og McClymonds 2 Alameda 45 Oakland Tech 2 Alameda 35 Fremont 1 15 Roosevelt 6 1g'25 All Stars 5 15 Mission CSFJ 0 Alameda Alameda Alameda Baseball THE ALAMEDA HORNETS responded to the call of Coach Otto a baseball team this year, and managed to turn out a fairly Following are the scores of the practice games: ' Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda Alameda . LEAGUE GAMES ALAMEDA 6-RICHMOND 5 8g Balboa QSFJ 0 lg Cal Frosh 3 85 San Mateo 3. 9g Galileo QSFJ 2 55 San Leandro 3 16g San Jose 3 2gCastlemont 4 3g San Jose State 7 In the first league game of the season, with Richmond, Amaral and Hooper shared the honors on the mound for the Hornets. These two allowed the Oilers only 8 hits. Six errors almost cost Alameda the game, but Sandahl saved the day by a run in the last inning. on X - f 1 il ff E A ww M . . . , . . '?,i.J .L ff , q M J- ,g 1 2 A 2 4 .51 as J S ' A PARODI FILII ELLI -1 gl ib - X al " RE, ,r -n i NF . - .i,. r it E , 1 ,if ,ray ij QUT swf E lr 'Y . HOOPER McMULLEN -...,3f 104 THE I932 ACORN r- 'ff , , A :mx , if 1' . I Q ? Sfffulir i - l 'if 1 ,J -' ' R57 i i -e Q' y ,gqys J 1 .. 1 lf 55-' . TM' L'Tf'.':f5 1' r'.i. ' ...'M,. l- R: 7 ' . ' 5. fi ' - ', '. 1 , 1 I W I Yi . '.':.f"!'i 4:.:- I , ...J 'i ' V' ll will ,, Wh' 'Q at Wg +z':. , 1: ,fi fi iq: + 'fm i pr , X1 il 4' 'Jw' L will ,, - '. L - -,Q 1 " J'- f an PETE CHURCH NOGAMI GERSICH ALAMEDA 7-BERKELEY 8 Another close game. Helmstein occupying the box, but not quite able to hold the Yellowjackets. Alameda almost staged a comeback by getting four runs in the last two innings, but could not quite make the grade. ALAMEDA 3-RICHMOND 4 A run in the last inning spelled victory for Richmond. Helmstein allowed the opponents only four hits, while Alameda reached Hrst seven times. ALAMEDA 2-BERKELEY 3 Another one-run victory game for the opposition. Hooper pitched a six-hit game, but the last run in the last inning was the deciding score. Alameda had seven hits and three errors to Berkeley's six hits and two errors. The regulars on this year's baseball team who are to receive Block "A,s" are: Joe Church, Tom Parodi, Kiyomisu Nogami, Fred Filipelli, Elmer Sandahl, Edward McMullen, Ralph Warwick, Douglas Hooper, Beverley Randall, and Homer Helmstein. Dr. Paul Vigness, history teacher, took over the Class "BD team this year and developed quite a team, so material for next year's varsity turn- out looks promising at this stage of the game. X aa' 1 f 1, 1, 'af J , .fi- iif -2-1' 3'-if 'ff' -, , + 'si fm if-wQ1.,115ff2 tary, A' .J-3 ? 1 ' i a '?:.?.:"f l' ' 'V - gfll' 1 ima ' N Q 2, LE- 2 Q 'f-gg' ik ? X X, ' jzf i . V :jj I 4 4 SANDAHL Mumcrm vmnwicx HASLAM 10 5 Ra..- THE l932 ACORN Track .I --1 1932 VARSITY TRACK TEAM Third Row: Coach Jolley, Rice, Teegarden, Dickey, Kapler, Cooper, Dahllof, Westfall, Brace, Richardson Second Row: Barton, Auger, Franklin, W'cedin, Lowry, Tulloh, Crane, Thorpe, C. Marcum, Iwahashi First Row: Yagyu, Teslxima, Eckhardt, Ursin, Euler, Hornung, L. Marcum, Sclxwartze, Sundby, Beach TRACK AGAIN proved a successful athletic activity for Alameda. Be- side Winning the A. C. A. L. the boys showed other schools that Alameda H. X4 Y., x :ai .5 could hold its own on the field and track. WX E "1 A "is 2:2 . - , 5.2 if ., 1 .. W3 . R q El v ' I ea . T1 COACH JOLLEY HORNUNG BRACE L. MARCUM 106 THE l932 ACORN PRACTICE MEETS Alameda 555 San Jose State 58 Alameda 52 1-35 McClym's 60 2-3 Alameda beat Roosevelt Alameda 783 Castlemont 35 Alameda 65 Mg University 3 8 M Alameda 5 3 M5 Oakland 50 M All-Stars 635 Stanford Frosh 59 Alameda 5 9, Commerce fS.F.j 54 THE A. C. A. L. MEET In an exciting and spectacular meet held at the old California oval, Alameda's track team came through to win the .. C. A. L. The final scores Were: Alameda, 65 Mtg Piedmont, 4125 erkeley, 33mg Rich- mond, 14. - Brace Won the 880, but had to run a hard race. Hornung took a first place in the 100 finals, and took a second in the 220, 7being just nosed out of a first by Helmer of Piedmont. Rice Won the mile in 4 minutes, 37M seconds. Les and Curtis Marcum tied for first in the pole vault, and then Les set a new record of 12 feet for the A. C. A. L. Haller, a new man in track circles, tied for Hrst in the high jump With Raymond of Berkeley at 5 feet, nine inches. Jack Westfall took first place in the discus and a third place in the shot. Iwahashi won the broad jump with a jump of 20 feet, nine and one-half inches. Barton took a second in this event. Tulloh took a second in the javelin with Cross of Berkeley taking a first. As the ACORN goes to press one meet yet remains. That is the State meet in Modesto on May 21. Kenneth Richardson was track manager this year. It was his duty to arrange meets and see that the business end functioned properly. Last minute flash: As the ACORN was running on the press, the track team won the North Coast meet with 26M points. ,I .f 'T , f .4 . Q W . 1 LOWRY WESTFALL RICE EULER -Q-if 107 Ee- , Tl-151932 ACORN 1932 CLASS B TRACK TEAM Third Row: Iwahashi, Kido, Olson, Cirmelli, Sanday, Tuttle, Ucovich Second Roiu: Euler, Hook, Foley, Burbank, Spadoni, Ashby, Crocker First Row: Pooley, Kinoshita, Bench, Brace, Sundby, Iwataki - Alameda did not fare so well in Class "B" track. Piedmont took the meet with 602 points, taking almost every point. Berkeley was second with 40M points, and Alameda brought up the rear with 17 points. Dick Brace turned Class "B" for the day, and although he set a slow pace in the sso-yard run, he still went fast enough to set a new Class "B" record. Iwahashi took the broad jump without much trouble. His jump of 20 feet, three inches, marked ive points for Alameda. Sundby's second place in the quarter-mile helped out the score, as did a few scat- tered third and fourth places. Promising material is seen in future years in Class "B" track with many freshmen entering school. Frank Ucovich was manager. Ucovich, although a fast man himself, was forced to stay out of competition through an illness. 108 Jie-- THE I932 ACORN Swimming Secourl Raw: Agnew, First Row: Evatt, Bodinson, 1 932 SWIMMING SQUAD Gilman, Sherrard, Horwege, Hodgkins, Blum, Stubbs, G Hall, Grazzini Humphries, Brandenberg, Werson, Heller, Smith, Durkee, Ba Oertl, Battersby try, Cima, C SEASON RECORD Alameda ....,.. ....... 3 6 -California Frosh ......... , 3 7 Alameda ....... ....... 3 7 -Y. M. C. A. QSFJ ....... ..... 3 6 Alameda ....... ....... 3 2 M-Sequoia ................. ....... 4 0 M Alameda ....... ....... 3 0 -Palo Alto .... - ......... ........ 4 3 Alameda ....... ....... 5 3 -Stockton ............ ........ 2 0 Alameda .................... 29 -Menlo J. C. ...................... 45 1 - As THIS book goes to press the A. C. A. L. meet remains to be swum, so one cannot judge the swimming team fairly. Although the above scores do not look too encouraging, Alameda this year had some fine swimmers. Many of these fellows took consistent first places. They Were: Ralph Gilman, who usually swam the distances, Russ Agnew, med- ley man, Hodgkins, divesg Lyle Guslander, Sam Hall, Bob Stubbs, Bill Sherrard, Walt Grazzini, and Roy Siem, also took many firsts. If it was not a first, one could always count on a second. Chris Freeman was coach and Bud Blum did a fine job as manager. -..ff 109 Bw- Golf 1932 GOLF SQUAD Second Row: W. Minium, Keane, E. Minium, Shevanko, Durney, Foerster, Blanchard, Peak First Row: Andrus, McCall, Hunter, Young, Norton, Brown SEASON RECORD Alameda ........ ........ 6 -Commerce CSFJ ............ A- 0 Alameda ........ ........ 1 S -Galileo QSF Q .............,.,.... 0 Alameda ........ ..... 6 M-Polytechnic QSFJ ............ 8 M Alameda ........ ..... 1 M-Piedmont ............ - .......... 1 3 M2 Alameda ........ ........ 1 5 -Oakland Tech ..... M ........... 0 Alameda .................... 142-Oakland ..,................... lk THIS TERM will mark the fourth season of golf in Alameda High School. Since the beginning it has changed from a minor sport until now it is regarded as a major sport. Over forty fellows turned out for golf, with varsity and Class "B", The fellows who constitute the first team are as follows: Al Foerster, Capt. Fred Blanchard, Bill McCall, John Durney, A1 Lukes, Ed Minium, Bill Hunter, Golson Young, Nick Shevanko, and Bob Norton. Substitutes are: Dale Peak, Bob Andrus, Kendall Brown, and Garet Keane. The golf team was coached by Coach Willis Minium and was man- aged by John Durney, -..ggi 110 Bc..- Tennis 1932 TENNIS TEAM Second Row: Coach La Croix, Haxthausen, Hill, Amery, Tanaka, Watson, Lubbock Firsl Row: Latham, Noyes, Morrison, Skinner, Spees SEASON RECORD Alameda ......... ..... 0 -Cal Frosh ......... .... 9 Alameda. ....... ..... 9 -Willis College ........., . 0 Alameda ......... . .... S-Concordia ..................,... .... 0 Alameda ......... ..... 8 -Alameda Tennis Clubn ,.,........ 1 Alameda ...... .,............ 5 -Alameda Elks ....................,.,... 4 THIS YEAR the tennis team was co-coached by Clovey La Croix and Lewis Jolley. The practice games were fairly successful, but the team did not fare so well in the A. C. A. L. This was possibly due to lack of experience. The members that composed Alameda,s A.C.A.L. team consisted of the following men: Bill Hill, George Tanaka, Bill Spees, Curt Haxthausen, and Stanley Noyes. The final score of the A. C. A. L. was: Richmond, 5 3 Berkeley, 25 Alameda, Og Piedmont, 0. With more boys signifying their intention of turning out, the chances for a better team next year are better. -..if 1 1 1 fga..- GIRLS' ATHLETICS THE I'-732 ACORN Basketball THE BASKETBALL season of Fall, 1931, was exciting to say the least. With Miss Danielson as coach and Catherine Ratto as manager, there was an unusually large turnout, the result of which was, of course, keen com- petition. For the third consecutive time the present 4-A class won the championship, and it was a victory that was well earned. The members of the winning team were: Dorothy Fleming, Jeanette Fitzsimmons, Mary Shurtleff, Lorraine Spencer, Frances Glover, Grace Kneedler, Thelma lmbrulia, Daisy I-ling, and Dorothy Dean. Tennis IN BOTH the Fall and Spring terms tennis was managed by Alberta Machen and was coached by Miss Eggert. In the Fall term the round robin system was used, while in the present term a ladder system was devised. It is believed that the ladder form will be more successful than any of the previous systems, as it gives the girls the opportunity to challenge anyone they wish. The six highest winners for the Fall term were: Louise Shanahan, Gladys Ross, Alberta Machen, Frances Glover, Katherine Currie, and Ruth Borsuk. Hockey OF ALL THE sports in Alameda High, hockey is usually considered to be the most dangerous of them all. After many a Herce battle, the 3AB team proved themselves to be the victors. The management of this pop- ular sport was under the direction of Bertis Talbot, and Miss Eggert acted as coach. The victors were: Vera DeBernardi, Mary Rainey, Thelma Imbrulia, Ellen Allstead, Grace Kneedler, Marjorie Zimmerman, Lor- raine Spencer, Olive Lunderman, Evelyn Dodge, Daisy Hing, Frances Glover, Virginia Brown, and Dorothy Sutherland. Speedball THE G. A. A. sports' season for Spring, 1932, was opened by a most interesting season of speedball. For the first time in the history of G. A. A. sports the freshmen had a really good team. However, the 4AB's proved to be too much for them. Speedball was ably managed by Dorothy Thompson and was coached by Miss Eggert. The winners were: Pearl Lee, Charlotte Christenson, Muriel Sharpsteen, Anita Vallerga, Eloise Shubert, Lorraine Spencer, Mary Shurtleff, Betty Crawford, Frances Glover, Kathryn Lewis, Bernice Frick, and Glory Wfyckoff. 114 lga..- THE I932 ACORN Golf GOLF HAS WON over many admirers as shown by the exceptionally large turnout. Mr. Earl Fry has been the instructor for the girls, and his teachings have proved to be very successful, as shown by the scores. For the Spring term Frances Glover acted as manager. The girls who earned their points in this particular sport are: Dorothy Cooper, Frances Thomp- son, Wilhelmena Webster, Frances Glover, Georgina Winn, Winifred Dole, Jane Thomas, Jane Borton, Alexa Coney, Virginia Stahl, Gladys Klapp, Marjory Welch, and Betty McClintock. Swimming - THE SWIMMING turnout for Fall, 1931, was small because of the con- flicts with other sports. Janet Ferren was manager and Miss Elliott was coach, and both have held their positions through the Spring term. In the Spring term there was a larger turnout, and a swimming meet was held later in the term. It is still a deep secret as to who will emerge victors of the forthcoming meet, but it has been rumored that the Seniors have a strong team. More power to you, Seniors! Baseball As IN THE case of swimming and crew, this ACORN will go to press before the victors of baseball will be named. This year baseball is under the student direction of Glory Wyckoff, and it is being coached by Miss Stockwell. At the present time the 3A's, 4AB's and 2B's are all tied for Iirst place. The winners, whoever they may be, will receive their num- erals and one hundred points. The tie will probably be played off by the last of May. Congratulations to the victors of the baseball diamond. Crew I 'X THE TURNOUT for crew in the Spring term, 1932, has been exceed- ingly large. On some days there have been as many as eighty girls at the boat house on Lake Merritt. Miss Danielson is a very efficient coach, and it would be hard to get along without her. Betty Crawford is the student manager for the present term. At this moment the victory of the crew regatta is a toss-up between the 3B's and the combined 4AB's. After the race a weinie roast was held for the winners. At this picnic the crew manager for next year was elected. 1 1 5 1139..- lTHE I932 ACORN K 'Kimi BASKETBALL TEAM msn mn was uk, ss mxmxsa mmf-. w m m m mn Fleming, Fitzsimmons, Shurtleff, Spencer, Glover, Kneedler, Imbrulia, Hing, Dean TENNIS TEAM Shanahan, Ross, Machen, Glover, Currie, Borsuk -..ff 116 51..- sa aim N E34 n : :xi nm-main va-A sf 1 mms ss H sa xx A-A-AvA..THE I932 ACORN,-N HOCKEY TEAM ' Scrofm' Row: De Bernardi, Rainey, Imbrulia, Allstcncl, Kneedler, Zimmerman Firsl Row: Londcrman, Dodge, Hing, Glover, Brown, Sutherland SPEEDBALI. TEAM Second Row: Lcc, Christensen, Sharpstecn, Vallerga, Sliubert, Spencer First Row: Shurtleff, Crawford, Glover, Lewis, Fricke -,..,gf 1 17 fig..- -THE l932 ACORN GOLF TEAM Second Row: Cooper, Thompson, Webster, Glover, Win11, Dole, Thomas First Row: Borton, Coney, Stahl, Klapp, Welch, McClintock SWIMMING TEAM Second Row: Rodda, Gaskill, Arada, Spencer, Winn, McAuliffe, Perfect, Baker, Swanson, Bertelson First Row: Schwertfeger, Shubert, Johnson, Fcrren, Likens, Griesemer Favier, Miller -..agf 118 Qge.- THE I932 ACORN BASEBALL TEAM CREW -..if 119 Q-xj,-x:.-3,x3,-,:,x:,-Lf1-X"-,-,:,A.f.-if,-Q,-XZ,-x:,4 f-A fn 1 an -, U55 ss 5.1: m mwix: 2, xx -1- . N X W5 rw-A 2 F-w-,X , , ' ,aww Q.1,g,f -ss xx www-' fwf Tiff Q -' Lgigpwzkg'-L mmf- .,1wn5f.:.w,-Z R E Sig A Nmnggmgg- Ms QM-W5 mf:-S1 H- E :Xiang ,Wm Q . T, . Q. -.W ,, 5, S8593 E N-, ri '-.K NE 2 A B B '51 M w mms: .- H E M A H .1 Q mm E5 B BHK' 555331 " W mm H ,Q M-win , mm mm ,. ,, was Q H W N ,,..,::ff mama msn .au sewage g 1 E wxmwsa fam mmm Q nm sawing X ass mamwwx y was nm my ss was wa ss mam, - .msgs 5 a - - - - - A, QZAEIE-Q-,x:.-,-,x-,-XY.-.:.-.vix-flffxj' f'x1'x.f sflyf sf'x.f-xl-x1'x,'sf'sz'x.f-xr-x11 CAMPUS LIFE THE l932 ACORN Campus Views 122 1.3,.,.- TAHE I'-732 ACOARN Campus Views 12 3 Em.- THE l932 ACORN L I 'iv ii, A : I 31 :Iv -. -I 1 T .H-1. I! A- Filas-gnfj IF- JOURNEY's END THE GOOE EQUAD INDUSTRIOUS up MEDITATION JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE GET 'EM, Russ! -..if 124 gt..- ., ,, q THE I932 ACORN "5'1-21 i ,49 . 'N "YELL, YOU GUYS!" "POP" .. WHATS THIS? E f'PEP IT UP IN THERE" MAYBE IT'S THE WEATHER AL 'AND JOE' 12 5 EQ... 'R THE I932 ACORN E' ,-N POLITICIAN SKINNER JUST FRIENDS JEAN AND MARGARET HERMAN, THE GREAT DALE AND JEAN NICE KITTY -...,Ef 126 Ep..- .-A-AYA,A,A,f,,,-T H E I 9 3 2 A C O R N Erie Roby: "This big Italian fighter has to have a bed over seven feet long." Ken Ricbfzrclson: "Aw, that's a lot of bunk." 1 1 1 jean N ason: "When do you grad- uate?', Dale Peak: "End of this quarterf' jean: "Surprised?" Dale: "No, I've been expecting it for yearsf' 1 1 1 Simile: As scarce as ferryboats on Mount Diablo. 1 1 1 Doris Towzzserzrl Cin a soda foun- tainj: "I think I will have one of those frozen assets. 1 1 1 Bill Grofhe: "NVhat's an outboard motorboat?" B019 Dczbllof: "Why it's a row- boat with athlete's phutf' 1 1 1 EDUCATION Matriculation Incarceration Probation Hibernation Conversation Vegetation Relaxation Perturbation Examination Graduation -Notre Danze Iuggler. 'iff Then there was the Buddhist who sold books for his bread and Buddha. Ralph Gilrmznz "What is it that you part your hair with, ride all over town in, and feed the baby with?" Grazzini: "I can,t possibly ima- ginef' Gilman: "A comb, an automo- bile, and a bottle." 1 1 1 The song of the Psyche: "Way Down Upon the Swami River." 1 1 1 "You say you can recommend this hair restorer?" "Yes, sir. I know a fellow who pulled the cork out of the bottle with his teeth and grew a mustache in twenty-four hoursf, 1 1 1 Real Estate Agent: "Now, there is a house without a flawf, VValterHorwege: "My gosh, what do you walk on?" 1 1 1 Speaking of force of habit, how about the bootlegger's son who was kicked out of school for cutting. 1 1 1 The Poker Song: "Waiting for Chips That Never Come Inf' 1 1 1 Userl Car Salesman: "I-Iow's the car that you bought from me last week?,' Champ Parker: "Well, the only thing that doesn't make a noise is the hornf, 1 1 1 Do they call them gags because they make you so sick? 1 1 1 Webster revised: Military Teeth: Out in Front. --:sf 12,7 113-9- The barber is the only man who can keep on trimming people and still get away with it. iff Miss Geiger: "Which combina- tion dissolves gold the fastest?" jean Favier: "The marriage com- binationf' 1 1 1 The most desirable second-hand article that we know of, is a rich young widow. 1 1 1 Major Brown: "Your name?" ROTC Man: "Lawrence Strongf, Major again: "Your age?', Strong: "Twenty-onef, Major: "Your rank?" Strong: "I know it." 1 1 1 Homer H elrnstein C entering cafe- teriaj : "Under what name is soup being served today?" 1 1 1 Coach Rittler: "I-Iow long did it take your wife to learn to drive, Chris?', Coach Freeman: "It will be five years this next July." 1 1 1 Terry H ackett: "I want a camel's hair brushf' Lyle Gnslanrlerz "Since when did camels begin using hair brushes?" 1 1 1 Bob Grafe: "Say, did you hear about that fellow who swallowed some fertilizer." Ed. Ecklaarrtt: "Yeah, he's com- plaining about growing pains." 1 1 1 Beggars cannot be cigarette choosers. ACORN Ruth Johnson thinks that Marco Polo should be played on horse- back. 1 1 1 Sid T-ruesctell: "You must have been a movie actor to be able to kiss like thatf, Ed Ursin: "No, I play the saxo- phone." 1 1 1 Anthony Rizzo: "Officer, some- one stole my carf' Ojficerz "Those antique collec- tors will stop at nothing." 1 1 1 Russ Agnew: "Pardon me, but your stockings are wrinkled." Maetelyn Rodgers: "You brute, I have no stockings onf, 1 1 1 Parting advice: "Put a little water on the comb." 1 1 1 Photographer Cto Winsorj: "Please look pleasant for a while, then you can assume your natural expression." 1 1 1 Les Marcmn Qto butcherj : "Did I say four pounds of salami, I meant only two. Golly, I must be losing my mind." Butcher: "We sell brains." 1 1 1 Bill Kint Centering Promj : "Shall we join the ladies?', Bob Gardiner: "Say, what do you think I am, a carpenter?" 1 1 1 Irate Professor: "There's a stu- dent in this class who persists in making ga jackass out of himself. When he has finished I shall begin." -asf 128 154-- THE l932 ACORN Frank Cuvmvzings: "Now, tell me why one should put a hyphen in bird-cage." foyce Dodge: "Why, that's for the bird to stand on." 1 1 1 Falfbeirz "Son, I never kissed a girl until I met your mother. Will you be able to say the same thing to your son?" Sam Hall: "No, Dad, not with such a straight facef, 1 1 1 Soph: "Will you give ten cents to help the old ladies home?" Frosla: "What, are they out again?"-Log. 1 1 1 "Traveled all over the world, eh? Went to the Volga, I suppose?" "Climbed it to the top." Saw the lion of St. Mark?" Fed it." -Real Caf. 1 1 1 t'Dear fatherf' wrote the college student, "would it be presumptuous for me to ask for S5 of the money you received in 'Bright Sayings of the Baby' contest when I was a child?,'-Co-opemfive Engilzeer. 1 1 1 Bus PIlSS6'IIgC'l'Z "Driver, does this stage stop at the President Hotel?" Bus Driver: "Oh, no ma'am, we leave it in the sheds at night." 1 1 1 Edward Cossette's idea of the meanest man in the world, is the fellow who was deaf and never told his barber. Cl ll 1 1 1 "Don't bring that up in class," said the professor of the floating university.-Vfamjms. Harold Brooks: "'Who was driv- ing when you collided with that car?" fuck Skillllffi "None of usg we were all in the back seat." 1 1 1 "Do you believe in the survival of the finest?" "I don't believe in the survival of anybody, I'm an undertakerf' 1 1 1 Cmzdidaie for the Poison Ivy Club: The fellow who signs your ACORN in four-inch letters across the inside cover. 1 1 1 "And what did the dean of the University of Tokyo tell you?" "I-Ie told me to make myself use- ful as well as Orientalf' 1 1 1 Bob Vermillion: "Pop, what is a highway?" Pop: "It's the space between the billboards." 1 1 1 "What was that explosion on Si's farm?" "He gave a chick some of the 'Lay or Bust' chicken feed, and it turned out to be a rooster." 1 1 1 Italian Hot Dog Slinger: "Hey, I gotta da winner." Race Frm: "What's his name?" I. H. D. S.: "Hot winner wit da mustard on it." 1 1 1 He fputting his hands over her eyesjz "Guess who it is in three guesses or I'll kiss you." Sfoe: "Al Jolson, Jack Dempsey, Paul Whiteman." 129 BW.- -.A,A,A-,LA,A,A T H E I9 3 2 A C O R N ,- Circus Day ONE OF THE BEST Circus Days Alameda High School, or the entire city of Alameda, for that matter, has witnessed was the event which took place on May 20. In the first place, Dr. Thompson, principal, gave orders that the periods should be shortened in the morning and that study periods would be eliminated entirely, the students going to the auditorium where they witnessed a movie instead. At noon school was dismissed and the stu- dents and faculty alike swarmed to the concessions which were operated by classes and organizations. Here they were able to buy anything from soda pop to peanuts. Promptly at 1 o,clock, Major Jose Perez-Brown, instructor in Mili- tary Science and Tactics, gave the order for the bugle call which started the parade. The floats and cars assembled at Walnut and Alameda Ave- nues. The line of march was as follows: Down Walnut to Lincoln, Lin- coln to Park Street, to Santa Clara, to Broadway where the parade went before the reviewing stand to be judged. The parade then continued on to Central, thence to Park Street again where it swung to the left to Alameda Avenue. The queen of the day was made officially the queen at the halt of the parade at Walnut and Alameda. During the parade different circus acts were taking place. Among these were clowns, bare- back riding, stunts, cowboy antics, and many other circus familiarities. During the day the initiation of the new Block "Av Society members took place. This gave the students a good opportunity to see a lot of fun and suffering on the part of the victims who took it all with a grin. This initiation was the biggest in the history of athletics in the school. It was also the first time that golf was regarded as a major sport and players were eligible to receive the coveted award. That evening a dance which featured homecoming for the alumni was held in the gym. Both of the gyms were opened and decorated so as to appear like a circus tent. Lyle Guslander was responsible for the success of this dance and he has had experience, of course, as was remembered by the most excellent Junior Prom which he handled. Miss Crever and Mr. Goldman assisted Guslander as faculty aids in the evening dance. Jean Nason was elected by popular vote of the school to reign as Queen of the 1932 Circus Day. 130 Ea..- Cgxl-xg,-g THE 1932 ACORN INTDINTTO TNAT7' 'AKAKFYDWTT ix,-x- DC' Sccwlrl Row: Hicks, Brace, Young, McRitchie, Jenkins, Freeman, Jolley. Firs! Row: Rittler, Guslandcr, Cliristenson, Crever, jory, Peak, Vigness, Richardson. Following are the names of the students and faculty Who were re- sponsible for one of the most successful Circus Days ever given by the Alameda High School: Coach Otto Rittler - - Dr. George C. Thompson, Willis Minium ---- STUDENT MANAGERS Dale Peak .......,........,,.,.........V Boys' Adviser Virginia Jory .,...... ,,.. - ..,GirIs' Adviser Dick Brace. ....,.c.,....V ..,.,.. - ..... F immccs Kenny Richardson ....... ,.,... C onccssions Johnny Hicks. ......... - ...... Publicity Lyle Guslander. .,...... Sidney Jenkins ....,.,,, Dance .-.-,..-.-.Parade Greig McR1tch1e ......,, ..........,.,,., M usic Alfred Anderson ....,.. --.....C0r1sfruclion Bob Vermillion ,........ ........... P rogra rn - Gelzewzl Chai-rflizan Mrs. Adelaide Fiske, and Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Lewis Jolley-- i........ -- Dr. Paul G. Vigness ..,., Fred Goldman il Chris Freeman Advisory Board FACULTY MANAGERS . Paul Evans -.- ..,,,,.,,,.. ..,,,,,,, Co ..-.--.--.Decoratio11s Finaffces ncessions ,-. ......, Publicity Miss Dorothy C1-ever .....,,,,,,, ,,4,,, , , Dam-e Major Jose Perez-Brown .,,,,.,... ,,,-,--, P grade Mr. John Kafka. ..... M ,-,,..,. .,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, M ugic Mf- Charles Cox M- .............. Consfructiovz C03Cl'l Carl Young mn ,....,, ,,,, , , ,,,, ,Program Miss Eggert, .,.................... Queen Contest ---1-sf 131 yaw- - - 15,75-' - ,-t,-..,f ' -,YQQG - Q 'L-x:,x:,x-,-xv,x:,-x-,x-,x-,x:,x:,x-,x',x:,x1,x X, E X , H .. ,, V 23 if ' LQ fs Eff? ., 3 2 ,nz ,j54,w,ftQ'gg 5 X. L' ,1 am? .Q- gf 14 E wang . EH k ,i Aw .. an ,1xf.1xv,x',x,-x1s,mf.f.1x ADVERTISE sf xl -T' sf xr xr xfiflxl xii! xzzxf xflsf W - f'-ii' - 336, A-A-A-.THE I932 ACORN E' 'EI JAMES D. FAYEN considers it a privilege to have been printers to Alameda High School and the staff of the ACORN in producing this 1932 edition. JBL, Y yin, 5. HF H-V .. -' 121' THE ENCINAL PRESS 1254 PARK STREET, ALAMEDA PHONE ALAMEDA s4ss E1 :El 13 3 jg..- T.H,E,I932 ACORN-C, lay GOLF... AT THE A AMEDA MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE Q? ONE OF THE MOST ATTRACTIXL AND SUCCESSFUL GOLF COURSES IN CALIFORNIA o Spwial Rafvs Madc' fo Alzzuzcfzla High Sfbool Sfznlwzfs -wif 134 5+ 51 E Alameda airy CO. Ice Cream 9 DELIVERED ANYTIME ANYWHERE 55' MILK - CREAM FOUNTAIN LUNCH BUTTER - EGGS MILK SI-IAKES FROZEN PUDDINGS CANDIES - CAKES EJ til --H-if 1 3 s Few- E I'-732 ACORN I9 'El STUDENTS, ATTENTION! PQIVOYQIZ6 Your azj?fe1fi.L, MODERATE PRICES DANCING FINE FGOD -wegf 13 5 EIU.- C'017l-fJIi'77'l-617fS of THE STERLING PRINT SHOP TRAVIS NVINSOR SAY IT WITH FLOWERS upon every occasion. For the holiday remembrance, in the sick room, at the wedding . . . flowers express your sentiment best. Just phone us . . . We'll do the 1'CSt. CORSAGES 1 BASKET FLOWERS HAYASHI FLORAL COMPANY .I'IARRY H. KONLJ, PI'0l7l'il'fUl' 2305 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda Phone ALzuneda 0539 Nlflllbfl' Florisfs' TC1l'gFd1JlJ DC'lil'l'FJl Associalfiorl, Inv. 1 3 7 1559..- THE l932 ACORN KODAKS DEVELOPING f PRINTING 1 ENLARGING PICTURE FRAMING PIATT PHOTO COMPANY KODAKS FRAMES GIFTS 141 1 PARK STREET PHONE ALAMEDA 3 560 COl7Zl7lf7l1617fS of . . . AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY BANK OF ALAMEDA BRANCH ALAMEDA NVEBSTER STREET BRANCH JOHN KITCHEN JR. COMPANY P1'i1ZfC'1'S, Lizfbograpbers, Bookbinclers S11 perjivzisb Fabrikoid Products 152 FREMONT STREET, SAN FRANCISCO This Cawr Wax A'IllIl1lf!lt'fIH'l'll in Our Plan! C0llZIl1i1llC?llfS of SAM BLUM DE LUXE MOTOR CAR Co. HIGH GRADE NEXV AND USED CARS 72 Twelfth Street, Oakland, Calif. BELL, THE DRUGGIST 1746 Park Struct Phone ALnmed 7UD Phone HOlliday 993 8 -..if 1 3 g ?3g....- THE I932 ACORN,N.,- E - '51 C0'17Zl7Iil7lL'l7fS of . ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Office: HOTEL ALAMEDA MISSES SPENCER AND STOLTE PHOTOGRAPHERS Special Rates fo Simlvnfs 1328 Park St., Alameda Phone ALamecla 2 3 79 BEST WISHES A. H. S. CLASS OF 1932 ZIMZ GOLDIPT CORN SHOP Corner Central and Park ALAMEDA DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Park St. at Santa Clara Ave. Phone AL:lmcd:l 2000 Alameda, Calif BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Park Street at Santa Clara Avenue and Wfebster Street at I-Iniglmr Street Suwingx - CUNIllll'I'l'itl1 - FUITIIQII - Trlrsl Sufi' Dvlioxilf DIETZ MOTOR CO. ALAMEDA'S FORD DEALER In Our New Building, Park Street and Buena Vista Avenue Phone AI.nmeda 2321 ff W--1 ---H- .-.-+151 --H-if 139 T THEI932 TI-IE EAST BAY'S LARGEST SPORTING GOODS DEPARTMENT Everything fur the athlete, featuring Goldsmith Athletic Goods Special Prices in High School Students Rfatmwell ACORN "" BROWN AND COMPANY Elerfrir, P11lllIl7i'I7g, I-Ierliillg, Roofing Szlpjmliex ami Equipmwzz' OWNED AND OPERATED by ALAMEDANS V Phone AL3IllCLlRl 4568 OAKLAND 1537-1539 Wfebster St. Alameda ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT - SECOND FLOOR Opru Ezwlingx and Szzlnlayx For MURPHY STUDIO Portraits . . . Kodak Finishing Copying, Enlarging, Coloring Films lefr at 9:00 a. m., our at 3:00 p. m. Phone ALametla 1850 2319 Alameda Avenue Near Park Street QUALITY PRINTING REASONABLE PRICES QUICK SERVICE Give Your Nm-I Orrin' fo BUENA VISTA PRESS 783 Buena Vista Avenue, Alameda Telephone ALameda SSSOXV MAKE YOUR WHOOPEE AT NEPTUNE BEACH I CALIFORNIA'S GREATEST BEACH AMUSEMENT PARK Fountain Pen I'Ie:u.lquarterS - Stationery HAROLD I-IOVET S1n'rrsxm' In CHAS. A. NEWCOMB 1435 Park Street Alameda, Calif. Phone ALamcda 2050 Mildred Collins Hinkley MILMAY BEAUTY SALON 2415 Santa Clara Ave. We Specialize in Ringlerte Permanent NY'aving All Branches ol' Beauty Culture Steaks, Chupv, and Shoestring Potatoes served 5:001u 8:00 p. m. WAFFLE S HOP OLUFHANSEN from Closed All Day Sundays and Holidays 2-H0 Santa Clara Avenue Near Park Street, Alameda Ilrm1q1lur1'r'rx for Bllxlrr Brozwl fum' Brown Bnili Shoes FILIPELLI BROS. 1507 Webster Street Alameda, Calif. Our thanks to the graduates of Alameda Hi for their patronage during their school days ALEC GRINTON Sc CO. Slnlioncry um! Grevling Cards 1357 Park Street Alameda, Calif. C L I F F O R D ' S ALAMEDA DELICATESSEN 327 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone AI.amedn 3331 1 "L, , -.-E ---- A Elnjiil 140 ,wi- 1. El THE 1932 ACORN J. C. PENRNEY CO. q1Nc.p ' . rw . We arf' bare in srrn' you with Caurli-xy and Value 1351 PARK STREET ALAMEDA STUDENTS Ge! Your ICE CREAM a:1:f MILK SHAIQES :lf . . . B G R D E N ' S Park St. near Central Ave., Alameda FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS EDDIE,S FLOWER SHOPPE iguwuxnn R. XVITTUSEN 1545 Webster Phone ALamedn 3377 IVuff'h for Our Daily Slwcirlls ALamcda 0413 SUPERIOR BAKERY L. ANOVICH, Pmp. All Goods Bakml on fha' Pl'l'IlIiSC'1i Frasb Ez.'cry Day Birthday and Wedding Cakes a Specialty 1519 Webster Street Alameda, Calif. Plmnus: AI.nmc1l:1 0-151 - 0452 VICTOR L. SCI-IAEFER PRESCRIIWION SPECIALIST Miwrlfrr Slali' limml of Plm1'umr3' XVcbslcr St. at Snntn Clara Ave. Alameda. Calif. .Xl,amcdn 4000 "Tuberculin Tested" Cows CALIFORNIA DAIRIES ' FROM COW' TO CONSUMER 1347 Park Street Alameda, Calif. Please l'l'1UnC fXl.nn1Dd.l 51105 Swirl ll I0 illl lfxfrrrf H E R B E R T , S Cl.IfANING, DYEING 411111 REPAIRING 1207 Park Street Alameda, Calif. NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY Bass-Hllafrr Painlx 111111 Varnixbfx DFIIIIL' aml Pfllllg Ari Slljajwlirx 1337 Park Street Alameda, Calif. "lf Pays io Trazfcf wiffa fbcf' WESTERN FOOD SI-IOP 1424 Park Street Phone ALamcd:1 0770 THE MOST COMPLETE STOCK OF GROBON-WEEMS Youn spam' snov 2417 Santa Clam Avenue GROCERIES - FRUITS - VEGETABLES TENNIS BASEBALL IN ALAMEDA GOLF RACKETS RESTRUNC L11 7 ,, 77,7 7, V, 7,4 7,7 ' " ' ' 7 'WWW AW T 771' E -Q-if 141 Ein-- THE l932 ACORN V411 Acknowledgmenb It is with the utmost pleasure that the staff of the 1932 ACORN acknowledges its debt of grati- tude to those who have so generously oiered their services and time. Prinfing by JAIVIES D. FAYEN, Alameda Eugrazfings by PHOENIX PHOTO ENGRAVING Co., Oakland Cowrx by Joi-IN K11'cHxzN ju. Co., San Francisco Plyotograpby by PIATT PHo'ro COMPANY, Alameda Misses SPENCER AND S1'oL'rr3, Alameda Other photographs which helped to carry out the general theme of the book Were lent through the courtesy of the following: GABRIEL MOULIN SOUTHERN PACIFIC CO. ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OAKLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CALIFORNIANS, INC. SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER PANAMA-PACIFIC LINE MATSON NAVIGATION COMPANY DOLLAR STEAMSHI1' LINE lf'l'1'I PI-IOTO SECTION, AIR CORPS, U. S. ARMY Yearbook Mrfmbcfr NATIONAL SCI-IoLAsTIc PRESS ASSOCIATION CALIFORNIA SCHOLASTIC PRESS AssocIAT1oN lc HT Eflifor, 19,52 Arorn. 142 U1 bu gleam. Sf C FWHM , .grjfyfjf ,i 1 -. -.... ual-9 6'.l'i.m, :swam 'c JmiI'lZ75R? ' 7 Y-" """'-'f" 7 54514: "' ' . . '3 1 I .

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