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QS' A3955 N Q,-1-:-9 7e' FFEQFFEQ 431143: mmimimmq "THE ACORN" PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 1930-1931 1? Fifi? Fifi? A V I w ? ? I xx ...DEDICATIONW In dedicating the Alameda High School Annual to Sergeant George E. Davis, we are confident that every member of the Student Body and of the Faculty will feel that such an honor is richly de- served. Sergeant George Davis was loyal to our school and to its ideals. His life among us was a source of strength and inspiration. He Was modest and unassuming, and gave in full measure a devoted service that made for him a permanent place in the esteem and af- fection of the R. O. T. C., and of the school at large. 1 1 1 1 xjxfxfyfgfyxxfyxyf ...i xx D D D D D D iff' 32 ii -Z .flkd J rl 5+ J D D NICKOLSON COURT f'xf'xfNfNf'NfN fx Y- J N 1 1 1 ??r'Z-5f:- ,I xx il- 331. 9 C ff k In and abouf fire Jclzool I L1,M, , FACULTY Db is xx xx J C Dr C Dr C Dr C Faculty DR. GEO. C. THOMPSON, Principal MR. XVILLIS MINIUM, Vice-Principal MRS. ADELAIDE FISKE, Dean of Girls English Department Social Studies Commercial Department Cont Agard f SOILWHY ' Gardiner Chamberlin Biff' ' Heald Conneau Hook Jackson Cummings Pqwers Jolly D ' k Vlgness Mulligan ommc Latimer Language Department Spaerh Lawson Daniels Urey Ludlow Clow 4 A - McClara Pavid Darien A Fafla Industrial Department Rediger Gamble 'l ,iss ,X ' Le Haw, Oehlmann Cox Venard G ld Peoples Weisenborn 0 man Welty Welty Shriber Hull Mathematics Graphic Arts Department Burton DuBois lgiorelifad Bromley usse Conley ' Sherman Birkholm Crever LaYf0f1 Watt H . ays Home Making Depart-ment P- E- GW15 Cogburn Pitman Herrick Danielson S Bennett Stockwell argent gglggilnt Fltzgerald Science Department Dlvecchlo Music Department Coughlan , w p E Boys , Y. K y , I '1 -LC ' Cooke is Jolley Geiger Commercial Department reeman M Goldthwaite Evans Young Jones irmitage yres R O T C Payne Bates Russell Fraley Brown if -..if 13 Be..- 5 f Rirrler V F L' A L' fx 0,34 xfyfxf XJ X, ED. MORGAN PAUL G. VIGNESS ALDEN STANTON Ezlilor-i17-Chief Fdrulfy Advisor' Buxinexs Marmgrr' . F . f C ' tgfi' Q,UtfAc.J In Appreciation THE EDITOR takes this opportunity to thank all of the members of his staff for the splendid Work that they have contributed. Especially do We Wish to thank ggEleanior Pickersgill for the art Work which she did. Betty Crawford and Jeanette Eitzimons handled girls, sports in very fine style. The staff Wishes to thank Dr. Paul G. Vigness for the time and Work which he gave to the ACORN , for Without his help and cooperation it would have been impossible to publish this book. We also Wish to thank the students of the school Who have helped to make this project a success. ED MORGAN, Editor. 14 Eg..- IN The Sta 15 Eh.- NINJXJNJ N! NIL Foreword Ladies and Gentlemen: The Acorn! While it is customarv for editors to point with pride to the excel lencies of their productions, the Acorn Staff chooses rather to pay C Q he 9:1 :Q IL C ' - C the reader of this book the subtle compliment of leaving to him the pleasure of discovering its virtues. With becoming modesty We commit this book to your information, instruc- tion, and delight. D l D K ADMINI KAR MRS. FISR Dean of Girls ii J DR. THOMPSON Principal MR. MINIUM Vice Principal N, - xJxJCfxfC1x.1'x1xz .. Ji MCCONNELL REEVES TRIOLO EVANS Lbbvudamy 69-M20 1,3 Afbbvbkq A.S.A.H.S.,Fall Term, 1930 THIS TERM,S administration, consisting of Presi- dent Dick Bordeaux, Vice-President Pauline Reeves, Re- cording Secretary Jim Triolo, Financial Secretary George McConnell, and Yell Leader Dave Evans, was up to par in the number of meetings provided and perhaps a little above standard in the variety of entertainment presented. The entertainment ranged, in variety, from that Wild and Woolly melodrama of the Wide open spaces, "West of the Rio Grande," produced by Modesto High School through music provided by Brick Morse and Tom Coakley to serious addresses by Messrs. Ford Samuel and James C Fogarty. Less serious talks were given by members of the U. C. Deputations Committee, and members of the Cali- fornia Football team. Local talent of course was not neglected. In short, "a good time was had by all 19 Ea..- 5 rf .fi vw U O Z O 4 F Z .. U3 3 ' 5 P-1 -I I m Q Q Q . .. .. Q Q Q Q Q W is --.iis,w,,, ,,i,i i 1fAO,g50fg5,,30,550fA0fA5OfNo73Qoi"4fg07AQ0 0,30 02-QQ'-'fiofso' 'ojx F' ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD, FALL, 1930 Top Row: Cauikins, Hazmvik, Stanton, Triolo, Boucher. Sz'comf Row: Parker, Brace, Hackett, Beach, Schwartze, Hclmstcin. Third Rmb: McConnell, Peak, Fitting, C. Schwartze, Durein, McDowell, Peck Billion Row: Crawford, Richardson, Reeves, Schultz, Makins. , , if ' L A HOUSE COMMITTEE, FALL, 1930 Top Row: Nova, Gibbs, Essex, Wright, Euler, Morgan. Boitom Row: Theile, Wilson, Walker, Lacey, Blum. GIRLS' JUDICIARY BOARD, FALL, 1930 Lcfl fo Right: Elichardson, Wagner, Slater, Makins, Baxter, Peck, Rccvcs. BOYS' JUDICIARY BOARD, FALL, 1950 Left lo Righlz McDowell, Durcin, Beach, Triolo, McConnell, Walkup, Reynolds x.1yfx.fx.fxfx.1xJ yfx-,yfg-, D C DI Q D C TRIOLO MAKINS SMITH PEAK DAWSON 14. S. A. H. S., spmg, 1931 THIS TERM'S administration presented its first Student Meeting without a president, for Jim Triolo was home sick in bed, so the meet- ing was conducted by Vice-President Marge Makins. This was Jim,s only absence. The other student officers present at this first Student Meeting were Financial Secretay Dale Peak, Yell Leader Miles Dawson and Recording Secretary Donovan Smith. Prominent among the speakers appearing before the Student Body were Charles Keeler, Berkeley poetg William Gallanders, of the Oakland Y. M. C. A., and Ernie Smith, of radio fame. Musical entertainment was presented not only by local talent but also by musicians from U. C., the Pomona Glee Club, Howard Eastwood, of the Rotary Club, and George Sheller, Alameda graduate, who appeared twice. Dramatic en- tertainment was provided by the Student Players Guild and by the San Jose State Teachers' College Verse Choir. During this administration the school was fortunate in many Ways. For example: the Track team won the A. C. A. L., the Rifle team took first place in the Hearst National Rifle Shoot, and the Orchestra won first honors for all northern California. We hope the Alameda High School continues to fare as well under future administrations. DONOVAN SMITH, Recording Secretary. -..agf 22 Ea..- -., ,1-5 s 'if' -J ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD, SPRING, 1931 Top Row: Stanton, Feldhammer, Triolo, Boucher. Third Row: Truesdale, Cook, Hitchings, Haavik, Hackett, Schwartze, Helmstein. Svromz' Row: Benton, Fitting, Peak, C. Schwnrtze, Ursin, Lubbock, Archer. First Row: Peck, Richardson, Crawford, Makins, Pollard, Schultz. HOUSE CoMM1T'r15E, SPRING, 193l Top Row: Hall, Winsor, Nova, Euler. Srroml Row: Truesdalc, W'ilson, Theilc, Wriglit, Blum Bolfom Row: Morgan, Gibbs, Walker, Lacey, Essex. GIRLS' JUDICIARY BOARD, SPRING, 1931 Tofu Row: Makins, Pollard, Slater, Guerin, Schultz, Hart. 150110111 Row: Richardsonl, Craig, Thomas, Reeves, Eschen, Peck. g.fL5kf,r,,,,x BOYS' JUDICIARY BOARD, SPRING, 1931 Taj: Row: McD9well, Trgolo, Peak, Reynolds. Boilom Row: Caulkins, Hnnvik, Beach, McConnell, Leheney, Hunter N, ' Xxg rl .N X' V' CLA HKKRGXX E N76 'W fyn' ---, F5 ,lg fw. 441 K W I X.. x.f x.7nQ.7xJx.1x7' Y ' -jaxdjv Hig'h Senior Class OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING '31 Stuart Stephens ,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,, P res. ,,,,,,, .M...,,,.. G eorge McConnell Barbara Baxter .. ,.,,, Vice-Presb.. ,.,,,A...., Pauline Reeves Louis Roy 7,,,,,,,,7,7,, .,,. . Rec.-Ser. 7,,,.. .,,.,,,,, C orley Schwarrze Russell Calkins ,,,,,,,..,, Fin. Sec. ,,,, ,. ,.,,i,,..,,, Ray Hitchings Jim Simpson .,,, ,,,,,..,,,, Y ell Leader ..,,,, .. . ,,,,,,,., Frank Van Nest AS THIS High Senior Class leaves the high school to go out into the world and take up our Various occupations, we look back on a very successful high school career. Some of our members will go to Stanford, California, business colleges, and others will go to work, but whatever occupation calls us we feel that we have had enough experiences to be well suited for future occupations. As low freshmen we entered, only to wander around in bewilder- ment. Louis Roy was our president in the low freshman year, and Alden Stanton in the high freshman. In this year two of our boys won their block A,s. In our Sophomore year, we had Fred Langdon and Bob Blanchard for our Presidents. Under Bob Blanchard, we inaugurated the idea of using petitions for class elections as well as the student body-an idea used by all the class now. As Juniors, we inaugurated the addition of year numerals to our Junior pins. This idea was sponsored by our president, George McConnell. Stuart Stephens, as our Low Senior president, appointed Ray Hitchings manager of the Senior Play. "The College Widow" was selected, and it was a great financial and social success. It had a very large cast, and played before a record house. George McConnell was elected High Senior president, and he ap- pointed Dick Bare and Donovan Smith co-managers of the Seniorpheum, and Glen Brackett manager of the Senior Ball. Our class had twice won the student card trophy, a trophy awarded to the class who sells the most student cards. To name the students responsible for making the class such a success, it would require the naming of 249 students-the whole class. ALISON PECK, Editor. -..ggi 26 Ilya.- fxfx fxfx .xxx xl - x.1x!x1x.1xxx1xfx.x RUTH WHELDEN EDWIN STEELE R. O. T. C. Asst. Property Mgr. '30 Senior Plav Operetta '29 French Club, Spanish Club DAVID JONES R. O. T. C. Astronomical Club FRANCIS BLODGETT ADA HAXTHAUSEN Secy. Star and Key Secy. French Club International Club Latin Club EDWARD WALTEN Track CClass BJ '29, '30, 'JI Track QVarsityJ 330, '31 Tribune Marathon '28, '29, '30 ' Cross Country Team '31 Spanish Club +5 27 Fw-- ALICE BLINN Star and Key Riding Club Crew Vice-President German Club Tennis BOB BLANCHARD Tennis Block "A" Society President 2B Class Circus Day '28 Inter-Class Basketball FRANKLIN BESLEY FLORENCE LANGFORD G. A. A. MARGARET INGALLS Student Players Guild International Club Star and Key Debating Club ROBERT CLELAND R. O. T. C. Sword and Shield Society Non-Com Club Ass't. Editor Latin Club Football Ice Hockey Acorn Staff, R. O. T. C. W IN f'XrxfxfNfx xx x.1x.1x.xgfxfx.fx.1gfx.f V! 'kf 5 C MARGARET CUNDALI. French Club Orchestra Band LESLIE HAEFNER Tennis GEORGE TOWNS Class B Basketball '29 Varsity '29, '30 Golf '50 Tribune Marathon Interclass Track NORMA NICHOLS Spanish Club DOROTHY ALEXANDER G. A. A. Girls' Glee Club Eurydice Club VERNAL KNIGHT Rifle Club Editor-1-Ps German Class Paper Db 28 L.. MARGE MAKINS Ad Board Ju Pres. Ju Board '30 Board Fin. Secy. Girls' Association Operetta Senior Seniorpheum R. O. T. C. Sponsor Play Vice-President A. S. A. H. S TOM BORDEN Star and Key Latin Club 130 lb. Football Team Aviation Club Intcrclass Track JACK HANSON Pres. Latin Club Star and Key Debating Society International Club Sword and Shield Society ELSIE REED ESTHER JOHNSON Glce Club Eurydicc G. A. A. Operetta President Advisory GEORGE MCCONNELL Secy. 2B Class President 3A Class President 4B Class Ju Board Financial Sect. A. S. Senior Play A.H.S f'xlNfXfxlN fN xl T xfgfyfxfxxxfxfxlxl PAULINE RAY Spanish Club G. A. A. HAROLD SEGERQUIST Lake Merritt Marathon JACK IJORWAR D Star and Key Latin Club Pres.-Editor Aviation C MABEL CLARK "Bells of Capistrano" "Marriage of Nanctten junior French Club STELLA CAIRNCROSS Star and Key French Club Operetta Crew Swimming Stunts CHARLES MOSELEY lub BETTY SPANN Pres. Glce Club Eurydice Club G. A. A. "Marriage of Nanctten JACK HOLMIfS Star and Key Non-Com. Club German Club Latin Club ALFRED HAFSAL German Club Sgt. Arms Debating Club Football-Varsity Circus Day Committee IZLIESE GOHliliN G. A. A. Seniorpheum SHIRLEY STOVVELL International Club Seniorpheum '30 -,fstar and Key Girl Reserve T LEGA 1 -ruff 2 9 ge..- ' i f'xfNf'xfxf'xlNf'xfN Db yfxfxfyfxfxyxuyfxf yfgx xJyfx.1x.1 MARJORIE SLATER Ju Board Fall and Spring Operetta Seniorpheum Vice-Pres. of Girls' Asso. Pres. of Advisory Queen of Circus Day Sponsor of R. O. T. C. ALVIE CARRAI Senior Spanish Club Baseball Interclass Basketball St Senior Play of Fall '30 HANS SCHWERTFEGER Track '28, ,30, '31 Operetta '31 Student Players Guild ar and Kc Boys' Glee Club Ice Hockey 130 Lb. Football '29 HELEN HORDNESS Star and Key THELMA MASSERA G. A. A., G. A. JOHN STEVENS Aviators' Club Editor Latin Club, Debating Club Track, Football Y MARGARITE HUMPHREYS LOUIS ROY Class President 1A Secy.-Treasurer 1B Secy.-Treasurer 2A Recording Secy. 3A Financial Secy. 4A Track '29-,31 Glee Club Vice-Pres, '31 Operetta Won Calif. Essay Prize VICTOR RULOFSON Spanish Club International Club Football Basketball Track MARY MORAN BLANCHE VIGNOLO Spanish Club WILL GINTJEE President German Club Varsity Basketball Assistant Manager Senior Play Circus Day Committee ,gf 30 age..- fxfNfxlNfNf'xfXfx xl xl ... X! THELMA CLEAVES BOB F AIRWEATHER Orchestra R. O. T. C. Band Concert Band Star and Key JOE CASTRO Sword and Shield, Non-Com. Club Military Council, Star and Key Operetta, Seniorpheum Latin Club, Senior Play '30 Student Players Guild Glee Club, French Club Spanish Fiesta INA HUNTER Latin Club, French Club Fin. Secy. Star and Key Secy. International Club Vice-President G. A. A. Secy. Girl Reserves Debating Club German Club MABEL HANSEN Star and Key French Club E International Club Crew ALFRED ALLEN ANDERSON 31 lg..- FRANCES BAJUK Spanish Club G. A. A. Crew Basketball HOWARD BERNAD French Club Spanish Club Interclass Track Interclass Swimming R. O. T. C. Boys' Glee Club MILTON LACEY Glee Club Acorn Staff House Committee Operctta MARION BELL German Club Latin Club Fin. Secy. Girl Reserves LUCY CHIPPENDALL ARMAND WANNER - -l TxAA "' f ' 0. .g nu A - A 45515, XJS!LlLlX!X.!k.!xfx.! XJXISJXX JANEKAHL LEAH OSBORNE DAVE EVANS Class President Yell Leader Student Body RAY HITCHINGS Interclass Track Mgr. D Track '28, '29, 30, '31 Class "B" Track '28, '29 Track Captain Block "A" Society French Club Latin Club Ad. Board '31 Fin. Secy. 4B Class X Manager Senior Play Traffic Committee '30 fx NADINE BROWN U' Operetta Glce Club Spanish Club Tennis CAROL HADYN Latin Club Girl Reserves Swimming Za-2b Operetta '29 HENRY PERENON Football '27, '30 Program Com. junior Prom '31 Basketball '30, '31 Track '30, '31 Star and Key Cast Low Senior Play '30 Manager Riding '31 G. A. A. Cabinet French Club LOUIS VEZELICH Varsity Baseball RUSSELL SOLOMON Spanish Club Debating Club ,gf 32 ig..- Art Club R. O. T. C. Scniorpheum '29 Senior Play '30 Aviation Club Star and Key Society International Club ELEANOR CHRISTENSON MURIEL SILVER G, A. A. Girl Reserves Seniorplieum FRED TI-IEILE Sword and Shield Traffic Committee D 1 rNfNfNfXfXfxf'xfX 'Cx X.: xfxJx1'x.1C1 i G c C I 74 I c ALICE GIBSON Tennis Basketball Seniorpheum Senior Play '30 Operetta Glee Club WARREN WESSEL Football Baseball R. O. T. C. HERBERT HEDRICK NEVA MCCABE Seniorpheum '29 Seniorpheum '30 Swimming HELEN BURNS Senior Play Seniorpheum Operetta Star and Key Swimming Tennis Spanish Club Basketball EUGENE JUSTIN Non-Com. Club Latin Club Star and Key Debating Society Student Players Guild NANCY DOWNER Debating Club International Club Star and Key French Club Latin Club G. A. A. Seniorpheum Student Players Guild I CHARLES RAY f , Spanish Club L RUSSELL PAULA C MARJORIE MILLER G Glee Club, Eurydice Club G French Club, Student Players Guild f Drama-"Archibald" gl Seniorpheum '31 lm X JUNE JOHANSEN E I French Club Q Star and Key G. A. A. G ,IOHNNIE LOMBARDI Q Ad. Board '28, '29 K Varsity Track '28, '29 , Captain Varsity Basketball '31 Varsity Baseball '30, '31 ' Gym Team '28, '29 Q Rally Committee '29 House Committee '29 o ' I if 33 I 9 C 9 1 .A 'xnrm fx rx fx fx fx I l x1x.xx1x.fx.fy1xfx.1x1 D D D I D D PAULINE BURCKHALTER Pres. Girl Reserves Vice-Pres. Latin Club French Club Star and Key DAVID RUTHERFORD French Club Latin Club D Track '30, '31 Traflic Committee '30 D Junior Prom Committee D Senior Play Chemistry Club Ass't. Mgr. Acorn '31 P SIDNEY BORSUK Star and Key D Golf '31 German Club D BRIS CRESTETTO Operetta D Spanish Club G. A. A. f EUNICE LANGFORD D Tennis Club International Club D Swimming Club BILL BENN D Spanish Club D Varsity Track 4 years Interclass Swimming D Tribune Marathon 7 Interclass Golf Football Class B D Basketball Class B D 34 lg..- D D D ESTHER ERICKSON HOWARD GROTTS French Club International Club Non-Com. Club Rifle Team '30 R. O. T. C ALBERT WESTINGTON NORMA BETTS President Glee Club '30 Eurydice Club PAULINE REEVES 4B Vice-President Vice-Pres. Student Body Pres. Girls' Ju. Bd. '31 Junior Prom Committee Senior Plays House Committee Student Faculty Committee TED HALL Electricity Club R. O. T. C Aviation Club Basketball Track Swimming fxf'NfNfNfx fxfx xlxl xJ , yfxfxfxfxfxl N1 FRITZI BUSH Senior Play Scniorphcum Operetta Star and Key Spanish Club Glee Club Eurydice Club JIM TRIOLO Block "A" Society Swimming Class and Student Body Yell Leader Class President Star and Key Senior Play Rec. Secy. of Student Body President Student Body Ju. Board Ad. Board Student-Faculty Committee RICHARD ELROD Non-Com. Club RUBY YOSHINO Girls' Glee Club Girl Reserves G. A. A. Seniorpheum Operetta International Club MARJORIE TRIPP ROBERT DONALDSON Tribune Marathon -A if 35 Elf-- MARION VIGEN Star and Key Spanish Club Senior Play MASANOBU IWAIHARA Star and Key LAXVRENCE MESSENGER Star and Key Latin Club Spanish Club Chemistry Club Orchestra Tennis Team ALLISON PECK Ad Board Girls' Ju Board ELVA GISH R. O. T. C. Sponsor Band JOE DUREIN Ad Board, Ju Board Class Olicer 1 fNfNfNfxfNf'xfN 7 xfxfxzxjgfxuxjyfgz ELEANOR PICKERSGILL Editor 2B Class Manager Riding French Club Girls' Ju. Board Acorn Staff '31 Swimming Mgr. Freshman Reception ROBERT SCHMIDT BILL BIRCHENALL Aviation Club Glider Club EDITH MIDDLETON G. A. A. Star and Key Chess Club Art Club Spanish Club JANE MUNHOLLAND Secretary 1A Class BILL CALKINS Football '29, '30 Track '51 Secretary 3B Class A. S. A. H. S. Ad. Board Ju. Board TrafIic Squad D D D D D D D Fall '29 BERNICE PATTEN Vice-President Spring '28 junior Prom Committee Tennis Mgr. Senior Play RAY MARSH Operetta '28, '29 Seniorpheum '28, '29, '30 Senior Play Latin Club Sword and Shield Society Ass't. Editor of Acorn Major R. O. T. C. Primavera Military Council Golf Team Varsity HOLLY FITTING Ad, Board '28, '29, '50, '31 Block "A" President Swimming '29, '30 Star and Key Spanish Club Basketball Mgr. Swimming Mgr. Senior Play Junior Prom BEULAI-I WOODS ALLEN ESCHEN Ad. Board, Ju. Board Pres. Girls' Ass'n. House Committee Spr. '29 Operetta Pres. Advisory Board RUSSELL TOWLE 130 Lb. Football, Operetta Glce Club, Elect. Club ,gf 36 fNfx1NrNfNf'xf'x FRANCES DAILEY "Bells of Capistrano" "Marriage of Nannette' PHIL BARTON Operetta '30 Mgr. Operetta '31 Glee Club Oak Leaf Circulation Mgr. FRANK VIERRA Baseball Basketball Block "A" Society Four-Star "A" Man, Baseball Captain of Baseball '51 DOROTHY GEE Star and Key French Club G. A. A. JENNIE FAY ED MORGAN House Committee Junior Prom Committee Senior Play Opcretta '29, '30, '31 Seniorpheum '29, '30 Primavera Football 130-lb. Traflic Committee Boys' Glee Club Editor of Acorn Interclass Golf French Club Golf Team if 37 xfxfyzxlxxxxyl xx ELINOR JACQUELIN Spanish Club Crew Operettas Senior Play Usherette CHARLIE BANNWORTH Freshman Pres. '26 Seniorpheum Secy.-Treas. German Club Track, two years Football, four years BOB BARTON Varsity Track Interclass Basketball Varsity Football Freshman Debating Team German Club Primavera Junior Prom Committee Senior Play Oak Leaf Staff H E LEN HOUSE PEGGY CLEAVELAND DONALD FASSETT Pres. Star and Key Society Pres. French Club, Vice-Pres., Secy., Editor '30 4 Secy. Debating Society Pres. International Club Editor Non-Com. Club '30 Editor Sword and Shield Soc. '31 Student Players Guild Captain Co. B, R. O. T. C. -fNf'xfN xxxzxfxzxfxifxzyzxf .l ,,,,,, ., MAXINE WRIDE BILL CRAWFORD Star and Key Spanish Club International Club Treasurer Star and Key Sgt.-at-Arms Star and Key Astronomical Club JOHN CARLETON Pres. German Club ' Star and Key Spanish Club Astronomical Club MABEL MORRIS Star and Key Latin Club French Club International Club MII.ES DAWSON Student Body Yell Leader Senior Play '30 "Mikado" '31 Student Players Fresno High Yell Leader NOBORU TAKAGI Non-Com. Officers Club Star and Key Spanish Club Latin Club International Club OLGA FLINK G. A. A. Seniorpheum Spring '29 Seniorpheum Fall '29 Seniorpheum Fall '30 French Club Star and Key . ROSEMARY COLLIER I Riding Club Senior Play Latin Club French Club Seniorpheum JIM ARRASMITH Executive Council, Chem. Club BILLIE SMITH Star and Key Freshman Reception Ad. Mgr. Seniorpheum LYNDALL STILES International Club Spanish Club G. A. A. Aviation Club RUSSELL MORRIS sg.. R. o. T. C. Non-Com. Club ,gf 38 E.-- Junior French Club Senior Play Astronomical Club Football '30 fNrNfX fNrxfxrN A xdxz xx Nfgfxf-Cfxfxfxfxuxf ARLA SOLAX PAUL MONETT EARL D. SEXAUER Spanish Club International Club Chemistry Assistant JESSIE HODGKINS EVE LYN MATTSON G. A. A. Art Club G. A. HENRY HOFFMAN 3 9 Ea..- HELEN MCCONNELL JOE DELEAU Class B Track '29 Gym Team '29 Seniorpheum '29 Boys' Glee Club French Club Operetta '31 THOMAS BETTERTON Varsity Football '30 Star and Key MARIE THOMPSON Star and Key Editor French Club Girl Reserves PEGGY CORLESS Glee Club Yell Leader G. A. A. Seniorpheum Operetta French Club G. A. A. Sports Swimming SCOTT WALKER Glee Club lnterclass Basketball Track House Committee International Club Trafnc Committee f1fNr'xfxfxfxfx,fX A, Cfx.xxzx,fxf-Cfyffu,-',,1 .1 TRECE OLD Student Players Guild Seniorpheum, Operetta '31 Operetta '31 R. O. T. C. Sponsor Glee Club French NORMAN JENSEN Latin Club Treas. '30, Debating Soc. Sgt.-at-Arms '..9, '30 Club '31 7 International Club French Club Non-Com. Club R. O. T. C. Sgt D V ALDEN s'rANToN 1B Class President Track Swimming '30 3A Trafiic Squad 3B Pres. Traiiic Squad Varsity Football IB, 2B, 3B Operettas Swimming Team 4B Vice-Pres. ju. Board Manager uAeorn" SHIGEKO IWAIHARA Spanish Club Seniorpheum Operetta gf K ATHRYN WALKER Student Players Guild French Club FRANK VAN NEST Varsity Football '29, '30 Senior Play 4B Yell Leader D D D BERNICE BULLWINCKEL get K ' JACK BEACH Football '28, '29, '30 Track '29, '30, '31 Secy. 2A, 2B Classes Low Senior Play High Seniorpheum Student-Faculty Committee Track, Baseball Basketball, Football Star and Key Society Pres. Boys' Ju. Board Speaker Ad, Board Primavera French Club '27, '28 Boys' Glee Club Operetta Chorus HORACE SNYDERS Major K. o. T. C. Sword and Shield Non-Com. Club French Club Manager Golf Team Baseball 110-130-lb. Senior Play Seniorpheum Star and Key IMA SCHAEFER HARRIET SEPHTON Latin Club Star and Key CPIARLES ERICKSON Star and Key Astronomical Club Operetta '31 Orchestra if 40 aw- 5 fNf1fNf'xfN f'Xl3 ,NJ x.1 xx xx xx x1 xfnxz NJ Xl C C C C RUTH JACOBSON Spanish Club Crew LIELMAR SOWICK lVlARTl'lA HEITSMITH Rec. Secy. Latin Club French Club ' International Club l Girl Reserves G. A. A. I Star and Key LILLIAN RUNGE LAWRENCE STRONG Captain R. o. T. C. Sword and Shield Club Rifle Team Non-Com. Club Hockey Team Swimming Team HAZEL CLARK BILLIE LEE-FRIEDMAN Eurydice Club Glee Club "Marriage of Nzmnetten "Mikado" ' Star and Key Society Forum Debate B Bon EVANS C Star and Key P Sword and Shield A R. O. T. C. German Club C FRANCES MANION ' Riding Club i '. Vice-Pres, German Club JESSIE SIMPSON Frcncn Club IL Star and Key EY Usherette "Marriage of Nannetten L G. A. A. C O ALBERT PEACOCK ll Baseball Basketball f Senior Play C Circus Day Committee C EDWARD SHEPHERD if Captain R. 0. T. C. n Sword and Shield lr Non-Com. Club L Scniorpheum I C g f . . Q . . O O o 41 B., 1 T TT 'iN'3" ' . 5 I1 RRQY, +1.l.,,, -if MARJORIE SHARP Spanish Club Star and Key Society Opererra v' SAL PUCCI Football Basketball Track Ice Hockey Swimming Baseball JAMES KENNEDY ANN SHEARER CALIFORNIA EADS JAMES KELBER Track Circus Day Committee junior Spanish Club ,gf 42 Ea-, ANITA BRUIN Seniorpheum Spanish Club GERALD BROWN Latin Club Student Players Guild Star and Key Debating Society Non-Com. Club First Sgt. R. O. T. C. Seniorpheum '29 STANLEY TSUCHIYA Latin Club French Club Junior French Club Interclass Basketball International Club MARCELLA LUCKHARDT HERDIS BENTSON Vice-Pres. Latin Club Treas. German Club International Club Girl Reserves Junior French Club Star and Key Society ARTHUR SULLIVAN Orchestra Concert Band Non-Com. Club Fin. Secy. Sword and Shield Capt.-Bandmaster R. O. T. C. Band Operetta '31 Latin Club Star and Key Society fxfx rNlN IN Cl C C I C C C C C C C C C C . C C C . C r l l l I x.!x! - gfg1g1X.!L!RlX!YlYf VALERIA BROWN L, GLENN BRACKETT Traffic Committee House Committee Basketball Gym Team Star and Key Society Seniorpheum '28, '29 Operetta '29 Mgr. Senior Ba L DONALD CAUGHEY Operetta '28, '29, '31 Senior Play Fall '30 Military Council Glee Club French Club Seniorpheum '29, '30, '31 Spanish Fiesta Star and Key Dramatics Editor of "Acorn" LUCILLE CONROY Star and Key Pres. IA and IB Class JEAN HOPPS Seniorpheum Star and Key Junior Prom Committee Mgr. Freshman Reception NVALTER PLOWM AN Star and Key Spanish Club Junior Prom Senior Play Circus Day Committee Track Basketball C MILDRED KELBER Latin Club Star and Key Debating Club Crew Manager Operetta Seniorpheum G. A. A. If RICHARD BARE ' C Football Seniorpheum . Acorn Staff Operetta ' ROBERT VEALE G Capt. Ice Hockey Team , FRANCES PANIETS ll Players Guild G Q FLORENCE BROWN Q ROBERT FELDHAMMER Football Q Operetta P Baseball I Interclass Baseball ' Basketball , Advisory Board C 1? 0 C ,i F, O +4 45 Q Q - I C A 'A CT A ' Q i an C C Q D l 3 x.1xJ'C!x.Jxxx1sC1'n1xx 1 xxx! NJ DICK WILKENS Football 130's ,so Baseball Traffic Squads-gi BARBARA BAXTER Vice-Pres. 4-A Class Rec. Secy. Girls' Ass,n. ju. Board Fall '30 Senior Play Star' and Key Operctta SenioRADIOrpl1eum EDITH DERBY G. A. A. Art Club FRANCES ASHBY Star and Key Spanish Club Seniorpheum BERNYS ELLISON J DONOVAN SMITH Rec. Secy. A. S. A. H. S. Pres. Star and Key Pres. Debating Club Pres. German Club Editor and Pres. Latin Club Vice-Pres. Sword and Shield I Mgr. Seniorpheum Spring '31 International Club 1930 Sen. Play, l'College Widow" Secy. Aviation Club Advisory Board First Lt. R. O. T. C. D D D Forum ARTHUR RAY .gf 44 Acorn Staff International Club VIIIGINIA MCCRIMMON Spanish Club G. A. A. A. H. S. Band Orchestra ROMA TAYLOR LAURA ALLSTEAD ANNETTE NEEDHAM LOUIS NOVA Football Basketball Track Swimming Glee Club Player's Guild House Committee Senior Play Seniorplieum Operetta fin fx fx IX IN HERBERT SCHAEFER Latin Club Star and Key German Club Circus Day Bldg. Com. ELLEN PYE G. A. A. Latin Club Debating Club French Club Star and Key Opcrctta ROBERTA KNEEDLFR Star and Key International Club Latin Club German Club Girl Reserves Student Player,s Guild Debating Club G. A. A. Seniorplacum Freshman Reception Com. HARRY NVINKLER Boys' Glec Club Operetta '31 Senior Play '30 SHUNSO MAEDA German Club DOROTHEA HAY Star and Key G. A. A. G. A. A. Vice-Pres. G. A. A. Treasurer French Club x.x'.f HARI AN THOMAS Swimming, Traelt Interelass Basketball lleetric Club lunior Prom Com. C erm in Club Senior Ball Decorating XIARJORII MILLS EVlil.YNI PETERSON . ARTHUR PENNIE Block "A" Track Senior Play French Club HERBERT MCNIEL NIZLSENA NELSON -if 45 fS',rN1Nf'xr'xfNfN -yxfgfgfxxxzxf xfxzxzxfxfxfxfyfyf gf x1xJ xfgf D D D D D BEVERIY PIERCE Student Players Guild Semorpheum Debating Club Latin Club D CORLEY SCHWARTZE Class Officer D Traiiic Committee Senior Play D Seniorpheum D Basketball D Football I Swimming D WINNIE BAGLEY Aviation Club J Chess Club Football D Operetta D PETE Nlzzou D Ad Board Block A D Star and Key 7 Basketball Baseball D Senior Play D D D D D D D .gf 4 5 kg.-- J VIRGINIA GUERIN Ju. Board Operetta Seniorpheum Freshman Reception French Club Pres. Advisory Board JACK CLINTON Interclass Swimming '31 Operetta '31 JOE THOMSON Varsity Track '30, '31 Class "B" Track '28, '29, '30, Varsity Basketball '31 Class "B" Basketball '29, '30 Tribune Marathon '29 WYNN LEWIS STUART STEPHENS Lt.-Col. R. O. T. C., Sword and Shield Society Star and Key Society 4A Class President Seniorpheum Spring '30 Ad. Board lA, IB, 2A, 2B fNfxfxfNf'xf'xf'xf'x xfxzyfxfxlxl Low Senior Class OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING '31 Billie Hart ..,..,.,, ,. ..,.,,..,,..,.,,,,,,., President ,,,,A,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,A Norman Haavik V .. Dot Richardson ,,,7,,,,,..,,,7,., ,,Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,7 Doris Halverson 1, x, Earl Powell ..... . .,,,.,,,, Y,.,,, - .,Ree.See .,,,......., .,,,,,,, I-I arry Rogers V Alfred Hunter .,... ,,.,.,,,, F in.SeC .,....,.,,., . ,.,.,,,,, Alfred Hunter 2 , Vaughn Samuels 7.7.. 7,,,,7 Yell Leader ..,,..., ,,...,,, E verett Farwell V HISTORY OF THE LOW SENIOR CLASS AS FRESHMEN We entered just as green as most freshmen, but with a spirit of willingness and cooperation. Under "Hap" Boucher and Billie Hart in the first part of our freshman year, and with Dave Evans and Marjorie Cranston in our high freshman, we were led safely and securely to Sophdom. Again "Hap" Boucher took the reins, and in this year we Won the "Student Card Trophy." Jim Simpson and Marge Cranston then as- sumed leadership, and under Hap Boucher as our manager, "Hisahop" was a financial success. During our Low Junior term the ofhces were turned over to Norman Haavik and Hanalla Thomas. Billie Lee Friedman conferred a great honor upon us by Winning the first Julean Arnold Forum Debate. In our High Junior year Billie Hart and Dorothy Richardson took charge of the class. A great deal of credit goes to Al Hunter, who had charge of the Junior Prom. He set a record that all the other classes should follow. In the Low Senior year Norman Haavik and Doris Halverson led the class to a very successful term. The most outstanding feature of the term activities was the Senior Play, "Billie.,' In this performance A1 Hunter and Madge Conway had the leading parts. Under Harry Rogers, management the play added a neat sum to the rapidly increasing class treasury. 47 .- rXlNfN fx xfxfxyxfxfxlxfxfxf l XJ SID STARK r' Basketball '30-,Sl Baseball '30-'31 Trafhc Committee Swimming '29 VIENNA WHITE Spanish Club MARCELLA LUCKHARDT IRENE SMALLEY Business College HALUE MATSURA Operetta 31 Seniorpheum French Club BILL POOLEY Spanish Club Aviatlon Club Chess Club International Club Go f Mgr 2nCl Team Baseball Mgr 2nd Team Baskcstball BURTON HART 4 g Ba..- DOROTHY ECKERT JUNE SCHULZ MARGARET BARTLING International Club Spanish Club Operetta '30 Operetta '31 Swimming Crcw Seniorpheum DOREEN LISHMAN Spanish Club Astronomical Club Primavera Bells of Capistrano Tennis Swimming Crew Basketball , . BEN WARENSKJ OLD Spanish Club Aviation Club QPres.j Non. Com. Club Operetta Orchestra Band CConccrtj D I 5 ' V, Basketball Manager '30-'31 l . . I l I. l fi" " " ' 4 xx xfxzxfxlxfxfxlxf EDITH SERYAN OVICH EVERETT FARWELL Primavera Operetta Senior Play Non. Com. Club Debating Club House Committee Football '30-Varsity R. O. T. C. Yell Leader Boys' Glee Club Seniorpheum Junior Prom Committee MORRIS HUNTER Basketball ,JO Football '30 Non. Com. Club Rifle Team Swimming French Club MAXINE LAHR BERNICE FREDERIC Star and Key Society International Club Spanish Club Operetta Tennis Swimming Crew Seniorplieum CHARLES MCNEIL Debating Club Star and Key Non. Com. Club R. O. T. C. Astronomical Club -...,gf 49 13..- BARBARA KOHLER Star and Key rench Club Latin Club ADRIAN STICKNEY Baseball Basketball SHELDON AMES JULIA WIETENBLCK ILSE HAY VICTOR SCHALPLR Latin Club Senior Play umor Prom Orchestra Band " 5 ' fx rx fx F , , S . Q v I . , if ' ..,,, French Club if S J ' f ' 1 x.1x.1x1x.fx.J xx-,,'Czx' l LIN-I D C J HANALLA THOMAS Vice-Pres. 3A Class BYRON BATEMAN BUB BEHLOW MARVIS ALBERT ELVERA COTTINO FRANK HUNTER Football '29, '30, '31 Track . Interclass Track Swimming Interclass Baseball, Tennis Swimming Non-Com's Club Military Council Senior Play French Club International Club Staff R. O. T. C. if 50 Bet.- Sf FLORENCE POSTEL G. A. A. HIJIRNI KONDO ALLEN POWERS DOLORES MESSA MARJORIE SHORNEY Junior Prom Com. Senior Play Com. Latin Club International Club Art Club Star and Key SA NOLDS in. ary IB-SA 401412 C rXr'x1'NfNf'Nr'x,"xA'N. y, V HARRIET TODD V' AL HUNTER Star and Key Mgr. Junior Pins Mgr. Junior Prom Operetta Senior Play Gym Team '28-'29 Ju. Board Spanish Club Pres. Student Body Fall '31 French Club Fin. Sec. SB-4A Seniorpheums L MARY HOPPE LURA MORSE Debating Club Student Players' Guild Star and Key International Club Latin Club Debating Team JACK TIBBETTS HELEN MALLARD International Club Girl Reserves Star and Key Girls' Crew Speedball Basketball Volleyball Quill and Scroll xf .,gf51E,..- 532-'Ai-VAvlV+ XRQLLLA BAKER Spanish Club Jrew -Canoeing Orpheus Eurydice Swimming Semorpheum PHILIP OLIVER SMITH 'EQ' v Stage Mgr Senior Play Asst Stage Mgr Operetta 29 30 Asst Track Mgr 31 French Club Student Players I DITH BERG RUTH PETERSON G A A Semorpheum WORM HAVI Class X IRGINIA PULLEN A 'PAXVAW 'fAN'f'NVAN'fAN' Q . junior Prom Com. J Y K on 7 xxx! xjxfyfxfxjyf 1- xx XJ .pa V BILL HERBERT Football Class B '28 Football Varsity '29-'50 Swimming Varsity Track Junior Prom Committee Class Officer Swimming Inter Class Spanish Club Latin Club Star and Key BETTIE MANTELL Art Club International Club Debating Club Star and Key French Club Ice Skating Student Players' Guild THELMA RIEZ International Club Girl Reserves G. A. A. Junior Prom Com. JEAN FLEMING Vi IRMA TIEDEMAN Senior Play "Billie" . RAYMOND BARBOUR Orchestra Band Concert Band Spanish Club .J +2l52l2+ gf EARL POWELL Yell Leader IB Spanish Club Junior Prom Rec. Secretary 3B BARBARA DURFEE RUTH WAGNER Ju. Board MADGE CONWAY Financial Sec. of Girls Association '29 Operetta Senior Play '51 Student Players' Guild BERNICE LCGAN ' SID ALLEN if Basketball A SeniQxPlay Committm M fNlNfNfNfNfNfNlN J an ,,x,xf xxx! Q C C C C C MARIE RASMUSSEN Hockey Speedball Volleyball Basketball Baseball Crew Seniorpheum BILL MITCHELL Aviation Club MARJORIE KELLY FLORENCE KOGLAN Vice-Pres. Latin Club Editor Latin Club French Club International Club Sports JACK HAMMOND R. O. T. C. Band Orchestra Non. Com. Club Sword and Shield Society Band OLIVE CONNELL QXYIO 9X?QL?4oi'!oLY!o "ii V SHIRLEY RIDLEY French Club Glee Club Secretary Eurydlce Club Operetras International Club CARL HANSEN Baseball vf ELOISE PEACOCK Operetta Latin Club Writers Club French Club VIRGINIA SHADBURNI: Ad Board Vice Pres 2A Class French Club Primavera Junior Prom Commit! Senior Play Committee Riding Club Senior Play '31 Operetras CLAUDE LIPKA CONSTANCE HORTON ,gf S3 Ba..- 0 .Q Q o Yi o 1 fl ...i........1-1. 9 0 VAN' VAN'flK'f1N I1 -.1-.L Q XJ Q X' X' XJ V X' xx xx xx XJ x.1 x.f D 7 5 7 D TOM MCLAVERTY Senior Play KAY CRAIG MAUREEN MIDDLESWORTH LOUISE ESCHENBERGER 'MEREDITH STOWE French Club Operetras G. A. A. Junior Prom Committee Glee Club Eurydice Club Senior Play LINDSAY PETERS Golf GLEN CRAIG Astronomical Club D Band D Concert Band 5 D JOHANNA KOOYMAN RUTH BRANDT Dr AUDREY MCDONALD SYLVIA HICKEY U V, DICK TALT 5 D D 54 lgh.- D 7 D D I rx fx fx fi fx fx fx ' '- .JX-I Xfxx xx 'Cf 'Ci' xljxx 'Cf xfxfwxfxu C C C C C BILLIE HART IA Vice-President IA Freshmen Float Committee 2A Soph. Hop Manager SB Pres. Class 4A Senior Play House Mgr. Song Leader Girls' Ass'n. Recording Sec. Girls' Ass'n. Sargeant Arms ju. Board Going to Brownell Hall ANNABELLE MCLOUD Student Meetings Seniorpheum 3 Times Operetta 3 Times Glee Club BILL PAULSON Ad Board IA Ad Board IB House Committee ALICE GOLDFARB ETHEL SANDAY G. A. A. Spanish Club EUGENE WIXSON Operetta Glee Club Basketball Seniorpheum Track Tennis C VIOLET PRELLE G. A. A. JOSEPH FERNANDEZ Football Swimming Golf Track Inter-Class Swimming C Inter-Class Baseball Senior Play Non-Com. Club C International Club French Club Spanish Club C RICHARD BURNLEY Chemistry Club Going to College JEANETTE MUKOYAMA Spanish Club Tennis Basketball DORIS HALVORSEN Q X4 Vice-Pres. 4A Class Prom Committee Student Players' Guild G. A. A. NORMAN VARGAS C Ad Board Basketball Basketball Varsity Baseball Block "A" Society C. C +ef5sy3+H-- C C C C YIM t, I I C ,af .am A 25,55 x1x.1 D D D I D D 7 I1 ,H rf 9 ' ' 1 Q3 l Q 1 ll Q lm Q VINSON Y BOUCHER Art School Pres. 1A Class Pres. 2A Class Varsity Swimming Ad Board 30 and 31 Senior Play unior Prom Art Club Spanish Club ARTHUR ROWLEY ELSA PETERSON Seniorpheums 2 Marriage of Nanette ' "Mikado" Virgils Anniversary Washington Play G. A. A. LOUISE LEONARD Star and Key Latin Club French Club Quill and Scroll Senior Play International Club 1931 Forum 1931 State Shakespeare Contest ROGER COOK College Inter-Class Football Inter-Class Basketball Varsity Basketball Ad Board '31 Rec. Secretary Spring '50 XJ XJ X! Q X' Q Q ' EVQNQQQIQYIQ 0N!oSlo ' I V , , J MARY GRASSI BRUCE THOMSON '-I Track Star and Key I VAUGHN SAMUE LS A v WEALTHY RYLEY Primavera Eurydice Club Glee Club French Club "Bells of Capistrano" "Marriage of Nanetteu "Mikado" Girl Reserves Hockey PHYLLIS JONES VINCENT HARRIMAN bl 1 Star and Key I German Club Chemistry Club l Track '30 ,gf 55 BM.- 7 3 D 3 rx rx rx - F ' E sf. ELSIE MUSSO SOFRONIO R. DULAY Spanish Club International Club Chess Club Sgt.-at-Arms Chess Club R. O. T. C. TOM DICKER Star and Key Secy.-Treas. 2A, 2B Business College NJ v oi 1o?!oN?lo, ,0 v V KATHERINE DOYLE X L 2 BETTY BAKER Star and Key German Club French Club Intentions: Armstrong College JACK McDOWELL Rec. Secy. 2A Class Ad. Board Fall '30 Sgt. Arms Boys' ju. Bd. Fall '30 Ju. Board Spring ,Sl MAREN HOWEN Glee Club Eurydice Club Band and Orchestra Intentions: Business College KEN PLUMMER Pres. and Treas. ju. French Club Treas. French Club Pres. Aviation Club Interclass Swimming ,fi kfrom GHIGLIAZZO 130-lb. Basketball 110-lb. Basketball Intentions: Junior College FLORENCE ANDERSEN DOROTHEA KERR Star and Key Society French Club Intentions: U. C. HAROLD WILLIS Star and Key -MEI S7 Be..- . H Ofab o Q 0,550 4 xJyfx1xjxfx.!x!xfxx k.fxJx!x!x.1 JULIA SIBRIAN if X! LESLIE WARDROXV MILTON LARSEN MIYOSHI YAMASI-IITA Spanish Club French Club International Club Seniorpheum Primavera "Yokohama Maid" "Mikado" SYLVIA RICHIT French Club International Club Writers' Club Golf Crew Tennis G. A. A. BERT VALLERGA ...D ELEANORE SLAUSON if ss KENNETH HENRY Cafe Orchestra High School Orchestra High School Band R. O. T. C. Band Traiiic Squad Swimming ERIC ESSEX 4 Yell Leader of ZA Class Rec. Secy. ZB Class Football 110-lb. Sw House Committee '31 Z French Club Track Qlnterclass Swimming Tennis '28 LUCILLE BYRNE junior Prom Committee ELINOR DOLE French Club imming IA I Star and Key German Club RENATO S NI "Yo h Maid" " ge of Nanetten s of Capistrano" so-lb. Football '28 arsity Football '29, '30 Glee Club Spanish Club "Mikado" Ticket fNfNfXfNfXf'XfNf'N W IA Track Turnout Xl .1 xxx! .xfgxxf xzxl HARRIET HARDY Star and Key Society International Club Debating Club Tennis Advisory Offices SAM COHN IB Football Turnout SA Interclass Track Meet Tennis Polo Club MARY JANE CAVANARO CECIL BREHMAN Quill and Scroll Arts and Crafts MAssA1o MAZZAGUCI-II , EVELYN MacDONALD Seniorpheum '28, '29 Student Players Guild G. A. A. -..ff 59 E, if v AGNES MARTIN BOB TAYLOR Chess Club International Club Star and Key Debating Club Spanish Club Non-Com. Club Seniorpheum Players Guild Senior Play DELINA PERETTO DOROTHY RICHARDSON Vice-Pres. Class SB Vice-Pres. Eurydice Club Vice-Pres. Glee Club Song Leader G. A. Fin. Secretary G. A. French Club Latin Club Star and Key Student Players Guild Senior Play Two Operettas Swimming NORMAN DANIELS R. O. T. C. Non-Com. Club MARJORIE CRANSTON 2A Vice-President 3A Vice-President ,QB Junior Prom-Com.T. .- - Senior Play Committee 77 rXfxfN fxfx,-X ,-X Advisory Board Ju. Board '30, '31 x.1xfx.lx.1xJy1y1x.x N! X' MILDRED ROSS "Marriage of Nanetten "Mikado" Crew Ice Skating FRANCIS CRADDOCK Xt Sgt. R. O. T. C. Non-Com. Club Senior Play JAMES LYLE Aviation Club Spanish C Interclass Basketball International Club Interclass Track MILDRED HUTCHINS G. A. A. CHARLOTTE PEARSON Orchestra Star and Key Latin Club French Club Ice Skating Art Club CECIL VORHEIS Basketball 'J Varsity 31 Baseball Class B lub 50 EQ..- CATHERINE RATTO G. A. A. Sports Hockey Speedball Volleyball Baseball Basketball WILLIAM REA Sword and Shield Non-Com. Club Captain R. O. T. C. "Billy" Staff HENRY BUCHE Tennis Senior Play TOMOE YAMASHITA Star and Key French Club Spanish Club 'QYokohama Maid" Seniorpheum Primavera GENEVIEVE KLOTZ Latin Club German Club Star and Key RICHARD SHEPHARD Star and Key Society Sword and Shield Society Senior Play R. O. T. C. 0-0 0 ' va' ' " 130-lb. Class B '28, '29, '30 X, xzyz J C , C 5 C C EILEEN NURICH BOB ROOS Operetta FLORENCE RAWITZER Opercrra BETTY HORNWIVC MARCUS SWCEENEY International Club VERNA ZUMSTEG Star and Key ,gf 6 1 EQ..- ANITA STINDT TOM EGGERS ADELINE PETERSON VIRGINIA FLETT Opereru TATSUMI IWAHASHO tar and Key R O T C HELEN HANSEN Gnrls Sfaorts C 9 . If C S E IL EEO. , E ,W EEE 2, E E K - x.1xzx1 gfxzyzxf VIRGINIA HISLOP HORACE MILLER V- Star and Key Chem. Club Rec. Sec. Fall '31 BERTICE TALBOT KATHERINE SHEPHARD Star and Key French Club International Club BOB YOUNGMAN R. O. T. C. Band 0 List of High Seniors Whose Pictures D0 N oi Appear T. Parker Christensen Virginia Elliott Edward James Farrell Vfiloris-Marie Gritzmaker Charles Warren Haydn Jack H. Henning Grace Mathilda Jensen Minnette Valerie Luckner Richard Peter MacIntosh Gladys Valera Olds List of Low Seniors Whose Pictur Kathleen Lorber Miargaret Martin Adeline Peterson Mildred Patterson Erna Schaefer Alma Scheuermann Marion Shaver Vera Mote jack Coombs Henry Eberstein john Friedrich Harry George Donald Keleher Wayne Kint Eugene Larsen Stanley Presco Rex Rideout Albert Spadavechio David Green G. Hale Edward Eggers Joel Frankel Morris Hunter Leslie Woodrow James Simpson Frank Albright Wilbert Fischer 62 Ea..- Doris Pollard Edythe Katherine Saiford Leon Donald Shuhert Cecille Singleton Frank Thomas Torpey J Doris E. Westlake es D0 Not Appear Philip Flatow Wesley Haslam Wayne Hess Sidney jenkins Harry Rogers Carl Wolter Renwick Strechan Belle-Merle Durkee Merle Haughem Helen Foster Jean Cunningham Winfred James Robert Kennard ,NIQXJ Llo o o o -y,,, mlm C,x,fx.zx.fyfx.J j x Pl C 3 C The Julecm A mold Debating Trophy AFTER hearing the inspiring ad- dress of Mr. Julean Arnold, Commer- cial Attache at Peiping, on America's relations with China, a committee of the class of December, 1929, conceived the idea of causing an annual debate to be held, and of offering a perpetual trophy to encourage this excellent plan. They easily persuaded Mr. Arnold to secure for their class a Chinese silver image to serve as the trophy for the debate on East-West relations, the pur- pose of these debates is to encourage a more intelligent interest in our relations with the Far East. When Mr. Arnold returned to Pei- ping, he chose from the score or more beautiful stone tablets surrounding the Confucian temple, the most outstanding and appropriate one. Both the original stone tablet and our silver replica have four parts-the head, the body, the base and the foundation. Because in Chinese mythology, the dragon is considered the most sacred of animals, the head is usually formed of a double set of dragons, and just beyond the dragon's mouth are pearls, symbolical of all wisdom. On each side of the body dragons rise from the water to the clouds. One face of the body is inscribed in Chinese characters meaning, "Men of Learning Are Brothers," on the other the following dedication- "Presented to the Alameda High School to serve as an Annual Debating Trophy to Encourage a More Intelligent Interest in America's Relations with the Far East by the Class of December, 1929.,' The base is a tortoise shown rising from the waves which form the foundation. Four species of fish are carved on the corners of this foun- dationg first, a common fishg second, a lobster, third, a crab, and fourth, a turtle. The replica, twenty-four inches high, is hollow, and contains a scroll of Chinese silk on which are written the names of the winners. The Hrst two debates were won by Billy Lee Friedman and Horace Miller in the order named. s v :"',,":"..--- 63 Ei..- - fxfxfxfxfxfx xxoxfoxflz ,gf 64 x.x IN HIGH JUNIORS INKN -SF High Junior Class OFFICERS S . Eddie Eckhardt President Y'--""""""" """"""w' A N -"' ---"w- I Irving Leheney Vice-Presidentn- ,,.,,, ...,., Virginia Schultz Q Recording Secrelary.....,. ,,,,,,7,,.,, ,Eddie Eckhardt Financial Secretary ....,.., ,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,w. B ob Grafe Yell Leader ,,,,,,,,..,,.,, Y, ..,,..,, Kenneth Richardson Advisory Board ,,..,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,.,..,.. S id Truesdale Advisory Board ....,,, ,,,,,,,, V irginia Schultz? Advisory Boards, .,..,,t, .,.,t,,Y,..,,,,,t,i,,,,,t,,.,,,,,,t,,,,,,,,,t,,,,,,t,,.,,,, D ale Peak v" DURING THE last two terms our class has been under the success- ful leadership of Eddie Eckhardt and Irving Leheney. Last year We gave the best dansant of the term, and we made the largest proht ever made on a dansant. Our junior Prom was managed by Eddie Eckhardt, and was in every way a great success. In spring athletics we have been most outstanding. Our boys won the interclass basketball championship, and in track and swimming We Were well represented. This year our meetings have been very good, and We have had all kinds of entertainment. Next term when we are seniors, we hope to surpass all of the past senior classes. iii S GERTRUDE SCHROEDER, Editor. 65 Ear- fXVf'xfXfNf1fN g1g,fLfX.lX!k!Xf J5j":i'. yJx.1X.1xJx.!x! wif 66 531-24- xf JUNIORS LOW 5:52-1- x!xfx.fx.1xJxlNf Q c an c 4? c Low Juniors OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING 31 Travis Winsorn. ,,,,,,. Shirley White Bill Lubbockr President ..,,,,,,, .....,,,,,....,. B ill Clune .,,,,.,..,Vice. Pres...,,- ,..,..-,-.Lorene Giffen -,--,-..,Rec. Sec.,,---, ,,,.----,,Sheldon Ames Y Dick Brace-.. .,...,,. , , ..l,., Treasurer ,,,.,. ,,,,,.....,i B ill Patten Birdsall Hawks .,...,,. ,.,,,,, , Ad. Board A l,,,.. ....,l,, B ill Lubbock HAIL THE CLASS of December '32, which crowds more nove ideas into one term than the average class thinks of in a year Under the able leadership of Travis Winsor, our president of las term, We held a skating party which turned out to be one of the most original and successful affairs of the season. With Bill Clune as our leader this semester we staged a new kind of dansant in which the best dancers in school competed for prizes. We also put on a colorful andgenjoyable Junior Jig. This new ideaLfor.L name was suggested Eddie Ursin, who was in charge of the affair We owe a debt of thanks to Miss Faria and Mr. Cummings for their generous cooperation in connection with our Junior pins which were adopted by the class this term. JEAN BARR, Editor. -ggi 6 7 ?3,.,.- Henry Perry ...,,.....,,..,,.,........., Ad. Board .,.....,,...,,i,,,......,..,,.., Ed. Ursin 1 .KC E " fiN" 9 9 r -,gf as 3 5 'c HIGH SOPHOMORES r mv. f Nmxv. .xv V VSV VC f 9 2 E H 1 gh S ophomores L FALL 30 SPRING 31 V Joe Beach ,,,,, ...,,,,A,,,,.,.. . .,,,,,,, P resident .,,.,7,.. ,,.,,A.... M argaret Craig Marjorie Zimmerman ...,....,,,, Vice-Pres ..,... ,,,..,,,,,,,r. ,.,, ,...r D o r is Galvin Bob Asher .... ,.....,,...,...,,,..,,,r,.. S eerefary ,.,..Y,,,,.. Marjorie Zimmerman Jack Desch A..,......,.,,..,,....,,,,,.., Treasurer ,,,,.,,,,.....,,....,,. .Lyle Guslander Ned Farrell ..,....r....,,,, .,,,.... Y ell Leader .,,,,.. ,,....,,,.... , Stanley Noyes Homer Helmstem ..,,...,.l....., ,Ad. Board ....,.,. ,....., - --.Terry Hackett Karl Schwartze .....,.......,,,....,, Ad. Board ....,.,...,,,,...,..,e.7 Karl Schwartze Q FROM THE TIME of our entrance into the Alameda High School, L the ideal of the members of this class has been to develop a spirit of V The class had a very instructive term under the leadership of Jo 1 Beach The spring term showed a decided change in the affairs of the L class for a girl, Margaret Craig was elected to till the office of president Our activities this year have been few in number but high in qual- 1 ity The largest of our activities this term was a Sophomore Soiree, an entertainmeneggiven lqutalentgadrawn entirely from the class which proves our ability to work together for a common purpose. EMILY OVERHOLTZER, Editor -.,.,sf 69 la.. - mi Ji c E' c Ei 4 gs bfi Lg Eb! HE? Q, !5 i We L M OFFICERS y i, L 'Q U i 2 . IG i 'G l . iQ ! . . IG i ' IG E 6 'IG B Q ' - ' ' .G H ' , ' IG L ' , IG G . C C 5 C H 3 c f T -' 'Viv ' "r.m'?Q'nQval1 I it unity in the class itself, and a spirit of loyalty toward the school j' lo r 1...gyfxfx1x1kJ -..ggi 70 Eh.- LOW SOPHOMORES I. in I Low Sophomores OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING '31 Hart Benton ....,.,... .,.....,,.,... P resident ...... - ...,.,,, .,,,.... B ob Eggers Vice-President .......... ,.....v..,.. Z elda Long Jane Thomas ,.,., ...,,,,,A R ecording-Secretary ........,...,,A.., Bob Peterson Jane 'Thomas ..., .,...,.,,s F inancial-Secretary ......,,A...,s,A Lucille Neitzel Yell Leader ....,v.......,......,, Charles Borden LOW SOPHOMORES! We haven't quite comprehended it yet, the fact that we are no longer "scrubs" It seems to us but yesterday that the doors of Alameda High opened to a new freshman class, who gazed wide-eyed and tremulous at the constant wonders that took place all about them in this new strange school, this land of higher education. As the term wore on, gradually our furtive glances and fearful timidity were replaced by sunny grins and an air of almost complete self-assurance came upon us. Now we are sophomores. This term we gave a very successful dan- sant, which placed a sum of money in our treasury. A number of our members have shown great ability in school sports and, to our credit we have been accepted. We have become a part of this great student body, and We are very proud of our place. JEAN CooK, Editor. 71 B+., ' rNf'if'XfXf-xxx if 72 HIGH FRESHMEN H 1 gh Freshmen OFFICERS SPRING 31 Melvin on 0 5 ..,,,A,,.., ,Presideni ,,,..,..,,,.,,,.........,,,. Jim Dobbins Norman Eastwood ,-tRecording Secretary .... Salvatore Caromagno John Nicholas ,,tFinancial Secretary ....,............, Charles Marsh Paul Chipchase ,........ Yell Leader ,,,,...,,,,,....,...,7 Melvin London Norton Peck ,................w..., Advisory Board ,,,.. ..., .....,.,., N o rton Peck Bill Everett ..... ........,.. . , .,ev,,. Advisory Board t......,..,.,.........,, Bill Everett THE CLASS of June 1934 began the first lap of its journey along the seas of learning under the piloting of Melvin London President and here we became acquainted wich our school We became impressed with the beauty of our school buildings, and more fully possessed the loyalty and school spirit char every student of this school should possess This anuary, continuing on the second lap of our voyage we found many more things to admire and appreciate in our school Our Presi- dent Jim Dobbins piloted us through a very successful administration with the cooperation of the other officers We shall endeaver, with the careful guidance of our chosen leaders with the help of our advisors, and with the determination of the mem- bers of the class to sail our good ship of Progress across the sea of learning . We shall strive to make next year a banner year and to make the school proud of our achievement JEAN THOMAS, Editor. -. ,gf 73 L x.Ax.1.52.y4.g4.574.gz ' v e-' V V ----- - if' Z L , , ,ff ' P ii,rrrwrrir 'E V' Betty Triolo ..........,,.. .P ....., ---Vice-President .,v.,tt.,,,...,.,... Barbara Durfee 3 7 3 7 J , I 7 9 7 7 :zz :s l V 'O O wr r -mm-U----.--,WM,, ,,.s ,,,,w,-, as - :I fafzxrafafxf-sf-xxx IQ 9 C 5 C .ggi 74 13..- C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C XJ X!k!k!g!xfX.! Low Freshmen JUST A SHORT time a go We Were big frogs in a small puddle, now We are ,the little ones in a big puddle. Our first meeting was called for the purpose of electing class officers. Herbert Graves Was elected presi- dent, Mary Calkins, vice-presidentg Edgar Allen, secretary, and Marceil Brubaker, treasurer. A dansant was given to help fill our treasury, and it was a large financial success. This is just a beginning, but Oh Boy! Just Watch our finish. ' LORENS FOARD, Editor. -...,5f 75 Epi.- N o 0 I it g ,F 2 1 'I lr N .Y .4 iq lfLC,m,fyxA,0-yy L ' J . ,X Y' I , S g 5 x NK Y URW I J 3 x'v.v1.x9.xY1.xv.i9'E1.x?A " """"""""""' ' Q ' V v v 0 0 0 ' D 2 ' I 9 K l L 3 f' 'N l v I f R mn lv ' Xxj l PQ O 'f .Xl D c 'J ls 4 xl . Gzrls Assoczation OFFICERS FALL 30 SPRING 31 Beryl Hollingbury ...,.,..,,,,,,,,7 President ,,,,,,,,,.. ,....,,, , Anne Eschen ' Marjorie Slater .....,,,,,,.,,..,,,, Vice-Presideni ,.......,,,,,,,,.... Barbara Pollard Barbara Baxter .,......,,,...., Recording Secretary ,..,......,.,..,.,,.,. Billie Hart Marjorie Makins ,.,,V,.., Y.,,A....,,,.,. T reasurer .............. Dorothy Richardson 'e ' V I fDorothy Richardson, ,,,....,,.... Song Leader ....,,,.,,,,,...... .Frances Blodgett THE FIRST activity presented by the Girls Association this term Was the Freshman Reception under the management of M3jOf1C Slater. On March 20 the Association again honored the Student Body with their semi annual presentatlon This t1me we had Mr A T Freeman, the Indian lecturer, who has spoken to us before For one of the meet ings we had as our guests, oiiicers of the Girls Association of Piedmont and Technical High Schools They spoke to the girls of their term ac- tivities The Girls Association gave as their term present a group of pictures of the Byrd Expedition We feel that we have had a very successful year with Ann Eschen and the Association just a little better than we found them BILLIE HART, Secretary "5i76l'r ll H H . , . X 7 W I . . I , . . . 1 . J - " Q u , n 1 u EI . . . ' . , . . . , . . . aa A ' A as our President and Leader, and We are hoping that We leave our offices li ' l 4 J l Q, T 3 Q X Q su. Q 5 1' g , ,. e 2 'I 'IN' 'fN' KNVN d . Y 6 f? V fwffNfXNNX 5 f L : Ja-5.155 'lla-fm., 51 ff ds 'Y-51 ff 'N .4 lf A .' I , 1 1 a 'I . ' ,, 1 f I if A X- H .. 1 x , '. - Q PT X ' '. li...-A , g K . 1' . n. - w f .f:af'1',a:- we - !ll H V+ -5521 HL P H "---... F I F' tw S -r. 5? ff--. "luua '.'7'U L I E IFII! Sl YIQX "'!ffw f""'mx n H x x W' ll .-E747 '??'QLiZga:Ff ii "2"'7i6 xt?-E U :il 4 X I ,i -I if Qsxlut Q ! 1 ,I Qyvgg :wat-5g5',.,15 I' an , 5 ' 'a'fqg,,. I I 1?'rvw:?.f1" 1 l, Fl I ' Q I- .I ,ji I ily , ' , :.i'1,w'gf I - lx , . .. . ,. . , . 8, V I. 4 5 E Q ix 'K , . 4.1 fp T A 1 IX 3 i W ' 5 ' . , . 2 G14 ' ' ' ' ' i 1 ' II Q . 3 1 1 N1 1 1 'f mi? f 3 X , ' H251 ' 'W A ' N M ' i 4 If 1 - 4 .- ,, , l. -r , , ,..w A , 4, ' 1 ,' , - , ' 4 , , FN- YfXfXf"v"- -'g, x.1x1x1x.1xJ I I C M y Travels in the Southwest e I a I By DICK BARE FOR MONTHS I had a craving to get out on the open road, to get a taste of adventure and wilderness. I was tired of staying home, and doing conventional things. I wanted to get so much off schedule that it would be quite impos- sible for anyone to set his watch by my actions, as had been more or less the situation in the past. For years it had been the custom for me to rise at a certain time, to eat at a certain time, and to go to bed at a certain time. Everything was done at a certain time. How I detested those words! So, when the opportunity came, I resolved to get out into the "wide open spacesf' I-Iere, and had never seen a real western ranch. "Posi- tively disgraceful," thought Duke and I. Duke was the other half of the expedition whose purpose was to see America first-our half, at least. We Htted up a Ford light-delivery truck with everything imaginable on the back. We carried a twenty-gallon reserve gasoline tank, a three- gallon reserve oil tank, a twenty-gallon water tank, two weeks' rations of food, bedding, all sorts of tools and car accessories, our personal wardrobe Cwhich wasn't very muchj , cooking utensils, and a complete motion picture-taking outfit with 1500 feet of film. All this was securely tied down under a canvas on the bed of the truck. We also took along with us maps, guns, flashlights, knives, compasses, etc. These were car- ried under the seat so as to be accessible at all times. After a lengthy good-bye, we left Modesto at 11:00 A. M. on the day after Christmas. At last we were on our way. Where didn't matter, so long as it was a long way from home. We could decide the places of interest which we wanted to see after we got near their vicinity. Right now the only thought that occurred to us was to travel. However, our I had lived all my life, fNf'XlN.fx. general objective was to see the Southwest and Mexico. The trip to Los Angeles was uneventful, except that we lost our horn. The vibration of the car caused it to work its way loose. Fortunately, V we had another one. We got to Los Angeles at eight , pssy g o,clock that night. After getting maps from the auto I l!Q, ::.,,3-1 association, we continued on to El Centro, where we FII. ii' . x W - . - arrived the next morning at 4:30, thus going over 500 miles in seventeen hours. On this drive Duke and I --.gif 78 Ea..- fx s-Q im-- XJ xJx,i-, X,x,x,fCfx.fxJ alternated driving and sleeping. A cheap hotel offered accommodations until ten o'clock the next morning, when we jumped up and off to the Mexican border--only a few miles away. At Mexicali, the border town, we were to see the Secretary of State of Lower California, but unfor- tunately, he and the rest of the members of his cabinet were just over- thrown. Three sets of officers had been installed in this territory during the year. Frank C. Jordan, Secretary of State of California, gave us letters of introduction to any official that we might meet throughout our travels, and at this time we were trying to see the Mexican Secretary of State to ask him if we could carry our movie cameras into his country. We had to leave the car on the American side of the line and walk in, per instructions received from the customs officials. After walking two miles to the "Palacio de Gobernacio," and then finding out that the man we wanted to see was no longer in office, we started to go out of the palace, and I proceeded to walk in back of one of the Mexican soldiers, who was on duty in front of the palace. But no sooner did I get behind him, than he swung around and grabbed me by the arm and, with a tumult of incomprehensible language, I was made to pass in front. I guess he thought I was going to knife him. We left Mexicali at noon the same day and traveled in an easterly direction across the great deserts of Southern California. Here is where all the Sahara Desert scenes for the movies are taken. Upon entering Arizona, we had to unpack everything, and witness an inspection by the customs officials, but everything passed all right and we continued across the Colorado River. I have never seen such a muddy body of water in my life as the Colorado. We stopped and ate dinner in Yuma, Arizona. This was the Hrst good meal we had had since we left home. The roads in Arizona certainly don't compare with those of Cali- fornia. We traveled practically all over the State, and only saw one paved highway, the others all being gravel, and some of them were hardly even graded. Detours were thick in this part of the country, and the roads are numerous with "dips." "Dips" are gullies running across the road, which the state has neglected to bridge. Nothing happened outside of a flat tire until we arrived in Tucson, at 1:30 A. M. the next day, where we lodged in an old hotel, and had our first real night,s sleep. The next morning, on the way out of Tucson, we encountered the first of the bad roads on which we were to travel the remainder of the trip. Also we viewed from here the far-off purple tinged mountains, and the dry, barren deserts spotted with massive cactus plants. From Tucson to Benson we travelled miles without even coming within sight of a town or village of any kind. Vultures soared above 79 Ea..- I - C 1' f'xf'XfXfNr'x , w M t M ' Qv. vw. and defied my Cprobably mis- aimedj pistol shots. At Benson, after quenching our thirst with i sodas, we turned northward to- ward Wilcox, our next stop. Wil- cox was out of the way of our route, but we headed toward the "76', Cattle Ranch, near Bonita, Arizona. Harold Duncan, brother of the famous Duncan Sisters and personal friend of Duke and myself, was located at this ranch, so we de- cided that we would run up and see him. At Wilcox, after getting in- formation regarding the location of the ranch, we set out to go up a forty-mile valley toward the largest cattle ranch in Arizona. We pulled in to the ranch at about five in the evening, much to the surprise of Harold Duncan. I'll say surprise! He almost fell over. Imagine seeing us way down there over a thousand miles from home! V' vvf 'cms - , up The ranch was certainly beautiful, being at the very end of the val- ley overlooking 250,000 acres. It is owned by W. T. Webb, former gov- , ernor of Arizona. It is also a "Dude,' Ranch, taking in Easterners who have come out West to get a taste of adventure and what-not. The in- , 5 terior of the house is decorated with various 2 cattle brands stamped into the stucco walls. Lt There are over one hundred and fifty brands on f i the walls throughout the house. That night we ate dinner in the kitchen with p T all the cow hands, and the food certainly tasted QI. ' ' 11, M good, that is, what we got of it between the so N 1 R. pm X ,ls 1 mighty reaches of the workingmen. lf There probably could have been a much bet- 1' ter time to arrive at the ranch, according to the A . stories which Hlled our ears upon arriving. It 4 . seemed as though the day before we pulled in, three young hands had stolen several horses and 5 ,, had run away. Before leaving they calmly re- Q9 3 E55 moved the distributor caps from all the ranch M is cars, so as to guarantee their escape. M The next morning we were promptly awak- ened at six o'clock by Harold Duncan shooting off his shotgun just outside our window. Duke .53 and I did chores all day around the ranch, in- cluding working on a one-lunger buzz-saw, , Il S 53 . 1 Q, 1 1 Q 5 QV 1 x 1 Y . vw, Y Q S 2' 1 4 e U ax sv, f , - I ' 9 , 'Q 7. I ,'.V'.:43' 1 K.. . g ay sus: jjgggr,-geklv -.T -1 mx-ar V 1 Li' 2 , if ,, .gy . '. ...E,.'q .. ., at ra, xv M .-. I I L ggi-,Sv '17, Q. "Q -. f 111 41.1'3f'f?.-ga-1 1 ' ir4"i"..Q--,f ' Wien. 80 Ea..- f'xfNf'xfNfN li- XJ xx xx - xzgzx.."CxXJX.! which just wouldn't work. Later on in the day Harold and I went to Bonita, the nearest town, for the mail. While there I learned that the three boys who stole the horses had been found. Arizona is a most beautiful spot. The sun- sets can only be equalled in the South Seas. The "76" Cattle Ranch is exactly one mile above sea level. Yet one is not conscious of this fact because the place is nestled in one end of this immense valley and surrounded by high mountains. It is an ideal spot for hunting, for rest and health. It struck me also as a perfect place for a honeymoon. The third day of our stay, Duke and Iwere again awakened by Harold,s practical jokes, this time with reports of guns, loud yelling, and two skunk skins thrown in our bed. Well, if you have ever slept with a skunk you understand just how it is! That morning I took some stills and movies of various objects of interest on the ranch, including all the animals. The ranch was a menag- erie-having tame crows, ringtails, ducks, dogs, cats, tame deer, canaries, foxes, coyotes, chickens, turtles, guinea pigs, white mice, etc., and skunks. But the object of our excursion was to travel, and so after raking fare- wells, the old car, again fueled and rarin' to go, rattled down the road toward El Paso, Texas. The trip to El Paso can be summarized as follows: through the Stockton Pass we crossed forty-two large creeks, with no bridges, in less than twenty miles. There was a fairly level road after the pass. We traveled over the first paved road that we had seen in Arizona, although only ten miles long. Enroute to Lordsburg, New Mexico, our fan froze on us and we had to disconnect the fan belt and generator, and then drive twenty miles without lights to save our battery. No customs in- spection between Arizona and New Mexico, nor between New Mexico and Texas. We crossed over the famous Rio Grande at 11:30 P. M. that night and had never seen such a ditch. Admiring the Rio Grande is like calling our own Estuary beautiful. The next morning we decided to see the Grand Canyon. So, leaving El Paso, Texas, on December 31, we arrived at the Canyon on New Years day. One cannot imagine the beauty and majesty of this beautiful Canyon. One must see it himself. If ever you have occasion to stand on the brim of the Canyon, you will immediately become conscious of how small and insignificant you are compared with such a masterpiece of Nature. -,,,,f,f 81 jj, .- , c 11- tl-nflxl ' Tfw. .fxifx xfkuxfxfxfyf xl glx! After seeing our fill of the Canyon we headed toward old 7 6--arriv- ing there on January 4. On the following evening a few of the boys and myself went over to Fort Grant, which is now the state reformatory for boys, to see a movie show. Of course the machine broke down-a common occurrence, we were informed. There certainly were a bunch of tough looking kids in that hall. One fellow came hopping in the door with huge chains around his feet. He had been caught trying to escape that day. The next morning we left the ranch and headed for home. We arrived home just in time for dinner on Friday, January 9, 1931. Although we had planned to see Mexico more than we did, I am inclined to think a great deal of the old popular saying: "See America Firstln A SYMPHONY To witness and Not to know That nature is One mad color show. Built without thought Of you or me Piece by piece To a symphony. Each color a note, Of nature's passion A royal song She doth fashion. The mountain, a drum Of might and main, A trickling stream A flute-like strain. A sunlight meadow A drawn bow On a violin Soft and low. The mighty waters Of a capricious sea Wax strong with the Voice of the symphony. LoTUs LERENE INGER. 82 fNf'Nf1fNgNfX X! xl XJ - xfxfxfxfxfxf D ramrz Senior Play-FALL, 19 3 0 "THE COLLEGE WIDOW," a comedy in four acts by George Ade, Was presented under the direction of Mr. Fred Carlisle by the Class of June, 1931, on the evening of September 19, 1930. The play was a comedy, and it dealt with life at a small college during football season. The cast included a large number of characters varying from a college flirt and a football hero, to a dignified teacher of the Well-known anthropology. Marge Makins and Ed Morgan headed a cast of twenty-five which included Donovan Smith, Ray Marsh, Jose Castro, Don Fassett, Miles Dawson, Dave Evans, Don Caughey, Jim Triolo, Holly Fitting, Dave Rutherford, George McConnell, Joe Durien, Hans Schwertfeger, Barbara Baxter, Rosemary Collier, Fritzi Bush, Nelsena Nelson, Helen Burns, Allison Peck, Horace Snyders, Pauline Reeves, and Marion Vigen. The plot: the Well-known story of college life-the beautiful heroine, the football hero and his rival for the lady's affections, the "Big Game," and the inevitable happy ending. The play Was produced before the largest audience the school has ever had to Witness a Senior Play, and the financial returns have been equalled only once. junior P70171-FALL, 193 0 All our compliments to the class of December, 1931, on the splendid Prom which they gave on the evening of November 7, 1930, under the able leadership of A1 Hunter, assisted by Billie Hart, Dorothy Richardson and Harry Rogers. The financial returns instead of being merely enough for the class to break even as happens in most cases, amounted to the unprecedented sum of over eighty dollars. Glen Brackett's orchestra furnished the music. It was voted by all to be Some Prom! -.,.,3f 3 3 FM- f ,w gg, c l i1lf'xfxfNrxfx,x x.1x.!xJxJx.!x,'x.1 xl Seniorpbeum-FALL, 1 9 3 0 ON THE evening of November 21, 1930, the High Senior Class of December, 1930, presented their Seniorpheum. Bill Sweetland was the manager. The program consisted of musical numbers by the A. H. S. orchestra under the direction of Mr. Kafka, and a one-act ,play was pre- sented. Also a boys' trio, a girls, gym team, selections by the newly formed Harmonica Club. A unique feature was the appearance of a Japanese quartette which sang several numbers. The program Was con- cluded with a revue carrying out the country club idea. Altogether, it was a successful Orpheum. S6l1i0RADIOYpb6M171--SPRING, 1931 THE CLASS of June, 1931, presented their orpheum on the eve- ning of May 1, 1931, with a different title-the "SenioRADIOrpheum." As the title suggests, the orpheum was on the order of a radio program beginning with a Women's program and continuing through the day with an organ recital, supplied by the Harmonica Club, a colored skit, selec- tions from a quartette and piano, "The Ghost Hunters,', a one-act play, and that classic masterpiece, "Wild Nell, the Pet of the Plains, or Her Final Sacrificef, The German Club from San Francisco sent over their gym team. This team is considered one of the best teams in the State of California, and the audience received a real thrill from this act. The stage Was decorated to represent a radio station, and each num- ber was announced by an announcer. The auditorium was equipped with a microphone and loud speaker, making the performance unique in its idea. The dance orchestra Was Glenn Brackett,s. The co-managers, Donovan Smith and Dick Bare, with their staff are to be congratulated on arranging such an interesting program. Every person Who saw the SenioRADIOrpheum said that it was the best and most original orpheum that had ever been presented before the high school. The SenioRADIOrpheum was a great success both financially and socially. It played before the largest Orpheum audience that the school has had. junior Prom-SPRING, 193 1 THIS YEAR,S Junior Prom was managed by Eddie Eckhardt, and given under the auspices of the class of June, '32. A distinctive feature of this Prom was that it Was held in the high school gym instead of in the Porter auditorium Where it is usually held. We hope that this change in location will set a precedent for future classes. The gym was deco- rated to represent a garden, and it Was lighted with different colored Neon lights. Sport clothes were Worn to harmonize with the decorations. -..if 84 fNfXfXf1fNf'x NJ M rl A J i S Senior Play-SPRING, 193 1 ON THE evening of February 27, 1931, the class of December, ,31, presented "Billy," a comedy in three acts. The cast was headed by Madge Conway and Alfred Hunter. Tom McLaverty, Everett Farwell, Meredith Stowe, Dorothy Richardson, Dick Shephard, Joe Fernandez, Bob Taylor, Harry Boucher, Irma Tiedemann, Horace Miller, and Louise Leonard all did themselves honor. The plot deals with a football player, who loses four front teeth in a game. He goes on an ocean voyage to get used to them, and while on board he meets the girl he loves. He does not want her to find out that he has lost the teeth, and around this idea the plot grows. The Managerial staff was headed by Harry Rogers, and consisted of Eric Essex, Victor Schaeffer, Jim Simpson, Bill Rea, Philip Oliver-Smith, and Billie Hart. UTI-IE MIKADOH The well known Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera, "The Mikadof' was presented by the combined Glee Clubs under the musical direction 85 had J . - -- i? . xfxfxjxfxfxx x, ,,x! , of Mrs. Hazel B. Hunter, and coached by Mr. Fred Carlisle, on the eve- nings of March 26 and 27, 1931. The cast included Miles Dawson, as the blase Mikado of Japan, Louis Roy and Walter Grazzini sharing the honors as Nanki-Poo, the Mikado,s son, disguised as the wandering minstrelg Jose Castro, who portrayed cleverly the character of Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executionerg Donald Caughey, who played the part of Poo-Bah, the Lord High Every- thing Else in a very haughty and dignified manner even though his garters persisted in showing occasionally, Ed Morgan in the role of Pish Tush, a noble, played in a noble manner, Al Hunter played the part of Ni-Bon. He had no lines, but turned his part into one of the best char- acter sketches in the play, Virginia Elliot, Thelma Marshall, and Betty Burns as the Three Little Maids just fresh from a ladies seminary, and lastly, Katisha, an elderly lady of rather decayed vintage, played equally well by Billie-Lee Friedman and Florence Fisher. Everyone connected with the production of the opera is to be con- gratulated on the part he played in making it a success. The cast, stage settings, direction, and the special Japanese dancers all combined to make this operetta, in the opinion of a professional dramatic coach, who was in the audience, one of the best performances of Gilbert and Sulli- van that she had ever witnessed. The business end of the undertaking was ably cared for by Manager Phil Barton and an excellent staff which included Dick Bare, Renato Cassani, and Joe Durein. The cast and staff wish to thank Miss Myrtle Danielson, Mr. Kafka and Stella Cairncross for their untiring efforts to make this oper- etta a success. Especially do they wish to thank Mrs. Hazel B. Hunter for her splendid leadership and inspiration. -..ei 8 6 fx fxfx 4 ORGA fafxxx Ii. K x.xx!x.1 x.fg1 ss STAR AND KEY W - -- YKYJO-:fd-X14-:fb-Ni, V Star and Key Honor Society OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING '31 ,K Donovan Smith ,,,. .A,v,..... Presidenf ,,,,,,,, ,,.. E- f,,Donald Fassett Roberta Kneedler. ,,..,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,,... . .,,, ,,,,,,, B etty Crawford Betty Crawford. 7,.,,..,,..,, Recording Secretary Y,,,.... ,,,, A da Haxthausen Bill Crawford ,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, F immrial Secretary ,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,-,,,,., Ina Hunter Jack Hanson ,, ,...,..,,,.,,,,, ,Sergeant-af-Arms , ,,,....,,,, Vincent Harriman Editor ..,,.w..,..,......,,,, Roberta Kneecller UNDER TWO active leaders, Presidents Smith and Fassett, We have had a most successful year. During the fall term we managed to en- rich our treasury by a nice tidy sum, because of Mrs. Freeman's decree that all books must be covered. The Star and Key book covers were very popular around school, and still are, for that matter. At the end of the term We "indulged" in a most delicious luncheon. In the beginning of March of this term, the Star and Key gave a card party and dance in the Little Theatre, but nobody Wanted to go home when it was over, for everyone was having a perfect time. This banner year was closed by our serni-annual luncheon. So you see "these bright people" don't study all the time. On the contrary, they devote quite a bit of time to fun and frolic ROBERTA KNEEDLER, Editor -..if 3 9 fx gfxf QQQXJ -1- xfyzgzyfxfxz Circulus Latinas Mr. Charles Daniels, Advisor OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING ,31 Donovan Smith. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Presidcnf ,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,7,,,,, ,,,, J erry Brown Herdis Bentson ...,,,,... 7nvn,,.. V ice-President-. ,,nn,.n,7, Pauline Burckhalter Jerry Brown ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, Secrefary ,,.A.... ..A, ..A. ,.,.A, N 0 r man Jensen Florence Koglan ..,,,,,,,7,,,, Editor of Temjuom 7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Louise Parodi THE NCIRCULUS LATINUS', is one of the largest active clubs in the school. We do not like to boast about ourselves, but We will admit that we have a very good club. Our meetings are held on the second Monday of every month, and the club prides itself on having the most nourishing refreshments. This term We sponsored a most invigorating hike, which proved to' be the outstanding social event of the term. The idea of publishing a club paper was originated with the Latin Club. The paper is called the "Tempora,' and it makes its appearance at each meeting. LOUISE PARODI, Editor. ll D l 90 1 rx XIX! xz------ xygfxfyfxzxj Le Carole Francais OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING '31 Horace Snyder ,,,, .A.,,, .,,,., , ,.Presidt'ni ,,7. ,,,. ,,,,....,, , ,,,,, D o nald Fassett Donald Fassett ,,,,,,7,,,,,,.,,,, Vice-Presideni ,,,,,,,...,,,,,, Kathleen Shephard Catherine McQuay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary ....,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, Ada Haxthausen Elmer Borden .,,,,,,,,,..,,, .,,.,,,, T reasurcr ...., ,,,,,,,, , Kenneth Plummer Richard Holden 7. ,,,,,,,., .,,,.,,,, E difor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,e Marie Thompson DURING THE past year members of the French Club and other students have corresponded with boys and girls in France who are study- ing our language. Some delightful and often amusing letters have been received, and a great deal of enjoyment for everyone has resulted from this experiment. This year also a group of students attended the French Theatre in San Francisco to see that wholly lovable character "Monsieur Parrichonf' We have looked forward to the monthly meetings with great antici- pation. Those two dear gentlemen, St. Valentine and St. Patrick, have helped to carry out the note of two of our sessions, and there have been many other interesting and entertaining ones. May there be more to come. MARIE THOMPSON, Editor -Maj 91 Ee..- 715 l'XfXf'X xJx.1xJxJyfxz yzgfxlxlxl El Club Espanol OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING ,31 James Triolo J ,,,,,, ,,Prc'xir1a'11f ,,,, W . ,,,.R.., Franklin Schurr Marjorie Slater ,.,,,, ,,.,,., V ice-Pr0sicfw1lf ,,,,,,,,,, Gertrude Walker Jeanne Smeltzer ,,., ,,,,,., S ecrefary. ,...r,. .. .r,,,,,..,, Wendell Littleton Harlan Winslow ,,,,...,.,,,..,,.,,,,, Trc'as1u'er ,,,.,,,,,,,.......,...,. Trevor Thomas THE SPANISH CLUB has just concluded a year,s activities which rank Well with hopes of preceding terms. The meetings of the Hrst term Were usually of a social nature with games and songs often found on the programs. During the second term each meeting held was of a different type from any other of the term. One meeting featured motion pictures showing holidays in Spain. At another meeting held on April 14, the entire program dealt with Pan-American Day. Recently, a short play, Written by the Quintero Brothers, was given before the club. The roles were taken by Gertrude Walker, Rita Downer, Thornton Gapen, Bill Lubbock, and Frank De Luchi. At intervals during the year, several members of the club have formed groups, and have gone to San Francisco to enjoy the Spanish talking pic- tures Which have been given there. -wif 9 2 fNfNfNfNf'x xx xxx! gfx!x.1x.1xfxf Aviation Club OFFICERS FALL '30 sPR1NG ,31 jack Dorward ,,., ,,,,, , Presidcnl ,,,,,,,,, , .,,,,,,, Kenneth Plummer Rod Doyle, H Y,77, 7 ,,.,.Vice-Presidentut, wY,,....,,, , jack Dorward Donovan Smith 7 ,7,,,,7, Secrefary ,,,,,,, Bob Smith Bob Smith i,,,,,.,,.i,,. .t iii, TY?tlS1lf!'7'.i ,,,,,,io, ,, , ,Ed Ferreira Ezlifor ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, J o hn Stevens THE YEAR 1930-31 was a very successful one for the Aviation Club. In the fall President Jack Dorward started the club's paper, the "Fly Leaf," and acted as editor until the end of the term, when one was elected. Three dansants were held, one in the fall and two in the spring, enabling us to hold two model contests. The contests were held without any outside help whatsoever. The purpose was to stimulate interest in aviation. All students of the high school interested in Avia- tion are invited to join the club. JOHN STEVENS, Editor. -..if 93 E..- C , C fXf'NfNfNf'x xjxfxfxfxyyf a,xJx,x,X, Sword and Shield Society THE COMMISSIONED ofhcers of the Alameda High School Rerserve Officers' Training Corps formed a club in November, 1923. This organization, to be known as the Sword and Shield Society, was formed to promote friendship and brotherhood among the officers of the unit. Since the club's existence it has not enjoyed a more successful year than it has just completed under the leadership of Cadet Majors Castro and Scheuermann. During the past year the members of the unit enjoyed many social contacts among themselves. Their social gatherings have included many jolly meetings and dinners held at the different members' homes. The society also received a great deal of pleasure from some competitive football with the Non-Corn's Club and other organizations of the high school and community. Late in this term the Sword and Shield Society held a skating party over at Rollerland. They shared this pleasure with the rest of the school, as the society extended an invitation to all the students of the high school. STUART STEPHENS. -deaf Ein.- fNf'XfNfNf'XNL1- ' vmyh v o A x, - xx xf x.f xx xx The Student Players' Guild OFFICERS FOR THE SPRING s12MrsTLR Travis Winsor ,,,,,,,,,,,,e, ,e,,,,,, , ,,,, Presidenl Esther Erickson ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,e,,, Vice-Presidenf Beverley Pierce . , ,, Seerefury Bill Franklin . . .. Treasurer George Wilson r7erer,e,,e,e, Edifm' Mr, Le Hew W Y ,,,,,,,,,, 7, , U ,,e,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Farulfy Advisor THE Student Players' Guild, a dramatic club, prominent in the life of Alameda High, has a membership of forty-five members. Membership depends upon the merit of recommendation bv a member. The student must show signs of dramatic ability, and be vitally interested in dramatic work. During this year, the Guild presented eight one-act plays for the Student Body, Seniorpheum and Guild programs. The biggest event during the year was a full evening performance with a choice variety program of four one-act plays on April 17, 1931. The play "Submerged" was the paramount production. By request, it was presented a second time. -. 95 f'xf'XfNlNfN. xlxfxfxfxzyz -L xfg1x.1xlXJ D C D C The German Club OFFICERS President ,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,, ,,.,..,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,.,. . ,, ,,,, , .,William Gintjie Vice-Prcsidemf ...,,...,, ,,7, .,,,,,,,,, R o berta Kneedler Fimmrial Secretary ,..,.7.,,, ,, ..,,,,,,,7 Herdis Benton Recording Secretary ,.,,,,,, .,,,,,.. H orace Miller Sergeant-ni-Arms ,,.,,,..,,,.,,,,..,,., . ,,,,.,,, . ,,,,,,,...,..,.,,,,..,,.,,,,,,, Jack Hanson THE GERMAN CLUB enjoys the reputation of being one of the most active and popular clubs in this school. At its meetings, students of German congregate to experience, at least to a small degree, the social side of German study. The club provides a closer afhliation with German customs and people than is afforded by the rigid grammatical instruc- tion in the German classes. The activities of the club, aside from the regular social meetings, include lectures, and did space permit the club could even enumerate some notable dramatic achievements. -..if 9 6 ,X,X,N,X,.X -:...... . x,,,,,x., .lv-iC--v-'J . ' ' f ' 1 f The International Club OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING ,31 Donald Fassett ,. . ,. PYl'SfllC'lZf .A7, 7..,,,,,7 R oberta Kneedler Bettie Mantel ,,,,,,,, . ,,7,,, ,,,,,,,, V iff'-Presidwif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7, ...Helen Caral Kathleen Shephard . .. RFl'0fllilIg Secrefary ,,,,..,.,,,, . June Lwaneon Thelma Rice ,,,,,,,,,,,7,,7,,,,7 Finanrial Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Thelma Rice Roberta Kneedler . , .. ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 7.,, E d ifor .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ........Evan Skelly OUR CLUB has shared in the work of the World Federation to help create a better understanding of the peoples of other lands. Mr. Ford Samuels presented two illustrated lectures on Rome, Miss Barber and Miss B. Conley told of their experiences in China, and Mrs. Culbert des- cribed life in Egypt and Southern Europe. Major Brown explained our relations with the Philippines, and Miss Mary Connelly pictured our own Washington, D. C., and Mount Vernon. Not only have we enjoyed a number of parties, hikes, and picnics among ourselves, but we have shared in the various activities of clubs around the bay, including a Christmas party at Richmond, a picnic at Hayward, and the Inter-Club luncheon at Oakland. EVAN SKELLY, Editor. -eil 97 ' M' . LTii,1Qj,Tf:f - S Q 77 34 P xfxfgfxfxfxf 1 QX, The Astronomical Club OFFICERS SPRING '31 David Jones ,,,,,,,,.., ....,,,,,,,,,.R..,,.... .,,,........,,.,,,,,,,,, P r esident Eloise Schubert ,,,,,, ..,,....,,...,. .,,.......,,,,,,,,. V i ce-President Cyril Wood, ,...,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, S e cretury-Treasurer Evan Skelly ,,.....,...,.,,,,,,., . .....,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,, . ......,.,,,,,.,,..,.....,,.... ..,,, , .Editor REORGANIZING this term under the able supervision of Miss Mary Geiger, the Astronomical Club has enjoyed a very successful term. The Whist party given in February by the club was a financial and social success. Mr. T. B. Hall, an authority on aviation and a teacher in the high school, gave a talk discussing the various methods of finding oneis loca- tion at sea. The club has made several trips to Chabot Observatory, Where Dr. Earl Linsley has shown us many interesting objects in the heavens. Mr. Skaggs, President of the East Bay Astronomical Society, invited the club on May 8 to his private observatory. He gave the club a very interesting talk, and showed us all his astronomical instruments which included an eight-inch telescope. DAVID JONES. 98 f'NfNfNfN.fN Y1,JxJx.fyJx.fxJ xx N-fxfx-fkfxfxf D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D 1 l I 1 The Debating Society . THE DEBATING SOCIETY, although not having a very active year, has demonstrated the ability of its members. Two of the Hnalists yi of the Forum debate were members of our society. The society has had l an increase in membership, and next year We will aim for a bigger and 1 I better year. 5 D Some inter-school debates have been planned for next year, and We . are in hopes that We will be able to carry off our debates in fine shape. lj All students who are interested in debating are invited to join our i society. l a JAMES SHELLY, Editor. I i 4 l -- 99 ff-- fi 'K xx l ' fNf-xfxfxfxf-X vvvvy,vvvQ v'u,yfow D D D D sr.- D D CAFETERIA PERSONNEL OUR CAFETERIA is one of the finest of its kind in the East Bay. The cafeteria is headed by Mrs. Duncan, Who has a number of students and help, and every day feeds about S00 students. It cost a great deal of money to run our cafeteria, and the students should try to use it, for if more students used the cafeteria it would be able to give you more service. Next year Mrs. Duncan plans to have a much bigger and better i year, and with the students support she can do this very thing. D D D QD D D D 3.. D D D 7 ORCHESTRA D 5 100 1394-- D D D D i nr, , y'lfNf'xfXf'wrNfNfNf'x'c:-im'-" GIRLS' GLIEE CLUB CONCERT BAND 101 EQ.- x.fxJx.1x,fxfy1x.f xJ,,,,,, Girls' Reserves OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING '31 Roberta Kneedler. ,,,,,,.,,w.,,..,,, ,President .....,.,,,,,,,,s Pauline Burckhalter Helen Mallard, ,,.,,,,... ., ....,,,, Vice-President ......,,..,,,,,., Marian Bell, ,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,, , Recording Secretary ,,.......,,,,,,,,.... Ina Hunter Thelma Rice ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.l, Financial Secretary ,.... ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Marian Bell THE GIRLS' RESERVES have been very active both in the Fall and Spring terms. In the Fall term, in addition to the regular meetings, the organization held a Christmas party - one which proved a most enjoyable affair for all the members. Also in that term We were enriched in treasury by the sale of footballs-an activity which met a splendid response among the students of the high school. In the Spring semester the Reserves, led by Pauline Burckhalter, held many interesting and amusing sessions. A Valentine party Was held at the home of the Presidentg later a picnic was enjoyed at the John Garber Parkg on March 17 the organization sold green carnations in honor of the patron saint of the day, and also We participated in the Girls' Re- serve Garden Party held in Piedmont. All clubs in the school cordially invite anyone to attend or to join. The meetings are held weekly and will appear in the bulletin, as to when they are held. Many students belong already and We Want you to join. These clubs are school organizations and are supported by the Student Body. -wg 102 BN.- fNfNfxfNf'xf'x --l --In xjgfxx The Gypsy Boy A gypsy boy with a tambourine, And a monkey, wizened and old, And a ragged hat and a ragged coat, Went trotting by in the cold. He paused to rest at a noble door, And played on the tambourine, And the little old monkey danced like mad, In his velvet jacket of green. The great black eyes of the gypsy boy Blazed like the fire of coals. And his satin brown skin, bare to the Wind, Was seen through a hundred holes. His body swayed with the tambourine, And he sang a snatch of a song, And his White teeth gleamed in a smile so gay, Though the day had gone dead Wrong. But the noble door was deaf to his song, And never there dropped any gold, And the wind in the tree tops came with a roar The gypsy boy shivered with cold. He gathered the monkey up in his arms, Close to the tambourine, And the snatch of a song died on his lips, Like Waking from a dream. They trudged through the streets the long, long night, Hungry and having no bed, And when che church bells rang at dawn, The old wizened monkey was dead. Other October days passed by And some strangers came with a start On a gypsy boy lying very still, Still, from a broken heart. FRANKLIN CUMMINGS -,..,jf 103 1.g..,.- i f'xfNf'xfx .155 104 52 XJ, X X-jg,'x!'gfX.!'X.f' Pa rent- Teachers' A ssocicztion THE Alameda High School Parent-Teachers' Association, organized October 31, 1921, is an organization active in the affairs of the High School. Its objective is to bring into closer contact and sympathy the school and the home. As an indication of the varied enterprises by which this objective is reached, we mention the following activities: C11 Revolving fund: Money is left with Mrs. Fisk, Dean of Girls, and 1VIr. Minium, Dean of iBoys, to assist students in special need of Hnancial aid. C23 Scholarship fund: Fifty dollars are appropriated each year to be used at the discretion of an advisory board for aid of students desiring higher education. C31 R. O. T. C.: Fifty dollars each year is given to the R. O. T. C. unit to send it to the Army-Navy game, played on Armistice Day. Last year our Alameda unit won the silver cup in competitive drill at this game. C45 Social Service: Each year the Asso- ciation appropriates a fund for sending under-nourished children to Summer Camp. This year we were materially assisted by Head Coach Otto Rittler, who sponsored a basketball game, the proceeds of which were turned over to us for this fund. A tag day in March was held for the same purpose. These are examples of the splendid cooperation between the parents and teachers. CSD Donations: These consist of our annual contribution of jellies and jams and other Christmas gifts to Del Valle, a home for tubercular children. Contributions are also made to Red Cross, Boy Scouts and Campfire Girls, and a layette is given each year to the Health Center. The Association participated in the last Circus Day and sold home- made cakes. Also, it had charge of seat sale in the grandstand. Proceeds from these participations went to the High School athletic fund. Later we sponsored a theater party for the baseball team, proceeds from which we used to purchase gold baseballs. These trophies were presented to the team at a dinner given in the High School cafeteria by the Asso- ciation. Officers for 1931 are: President, Mrs. P. S. Barton, First Vice-Presi- dent, Mrs. A. Powell, Second Vice-President, Mrs. A. A. Horwege, Recording Secretary, Mrs. W. K. Morrison, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. E. S. Goelzer, Treasurer, Mrs. W. T. Belvel, Financial Secretary, Mrs. V. E. Thorp, Parliamentarian, Mrs. P. A. Mulcahy, Historian, Mrs. S. Heller, Auditor, Mrs. W. C. Watson. The Parent-Teachers' Association holds its meetings at the High School the third Thursday of each month. These meetings are open to the public. Our programs, consisting of able speakers and musical num- bers, are always most interesting. MRS. S. HELLER, MRS. A. B. STODDARD. 105 Ea..- 1 C -1-m fNfNfNfNfN BATTALION A-Si 106 1390- xJX! x.1 y1x,fx.fx!x.f The R. O. T. C. THE PAST year has been a good one in the history of the R. O. T. C. Early in the term the unit prepared to compete for the Mont- gomery Ward Cup. All the R. O. T. C. units of the Bay region entered the competition for this trophy, which was to be awarded at the Army and Navy game in the Berkeley Memorial Stadium. The companies were judged according to neatness and precision. To the joy of the cadets and townspeople of Alameda, our unit won the cup. On the day following the Army and Navy game, Sergeant Davis, the R. O. T. C. instructor, was taken seriously ill. Not long afterward he passed away. Major Brown and the members of the unit were greatly saddened as they realized that they had lost a close friend. ' The spring term opened with enthusiasm. All the cadet officers were back and there was a full enrollment in the unit. During the preceding spring the R. O. T. C. men had done exceptionally well in the inspec- tion conducted by Colonel Waddel. They had missed becoming an Honor Unit in the Ninth Corp Area by only one-tenth of a point. The inspec- tion this year was conducted by Colonel Pillow, and although the results are not yet known at this writing, it is felt that the men did even better this term than before. On Wednesday, May 6, the R. O. T. C. had its annual Inter-Com- pany Competition. This took place before the public and the students of the school. The unit presented two special features, the Battalion Rifle Drill and the Guard Mount. "BH company was declared Honor Com- pany and winner of the Kiwanis Cup for rifle drill, and also the Chamber of Commerce Cup for platoon drill. Company "A" won the Rotary Cup for Guard Mount and the American Legion Cup for the inter- company rifle shoot. Cadet Lieut.-Colonel Stuart Stephens won highest individual honors. The exhibit was creditable in every respect. THE RIFLE TEAM This year in the rifle matches the team representing our school rfid marvelously well considering they were handicapped by the un- timely death of Sergeant Davis, who had coached the team. In the Na- tional Intercollegiate match our team took first place in the Ninth Corps Area, and seventh in the National. In the Hearst National Rifle Match our team took all the honors for the school. We won first place with a score of nine hundred and fifty-nine points. This fact means a great deal to the school, since our team competed against over five hundred colleges, military schools and the Junior R. O. T. C. units throughout the United States. And so, the name of the Alameda High School has been flashed all over the world. 107 E.-- "T'l fNf'XfNrxfx X, RIFLE TEANI Top Row: M. Hunter, Winsor, Teagarden, Clark, Barnard. Bottom Row: Tomlin, Strong, Schcucrman, Shephard. ENOUGH honor cannot be given our rifle team. In the National contest out of a possible 1000 points our boys scored 959 pointsg by Vir- tue of this admirable record they Won first place in competition with 505 schools in the United States. Laurence Strong, captain of the team, was high point man with a score of 196 out of a possible 200 points. R. O. T. C. BAND 108 COMPANY A COMPANY B COMPANY C MILITARY STAFF Top Row: F. Hunter, Barnard, M. Hunter. Second Row: Evans, Cleland, Hanson, Strong, Grotts First Row: Rea, Major Brown, Slater, Stephens, Scheuerman, Smith. MILITARY COUNCIL T011 Row: Spaddoni, Wilson, Bagley, Behlow, Marsh. Fin! Row: Theile, Caughey, Hunter, Stephens, Durkee, Shepherd. THL S ff ,L 1 dam -qw , 1 k , 1 ru iw, A , snqffl 1 1 -few -11 W xv-Ns! f XX ryy' Lgfxv 1 kim 'mn 'Q W M Xq 72 171 ,tqfau sa'-QQ' R L 2 xx ffm R 1Zii11511 551551111 11111 fiisgixgwg .iid dr, -fx 11 3?w??-Ekggy in xv 45Ef?nA,ff'ig 511 5 1 1115- 11?f?m1::'iQ11 UL' 11 1533 mira '11 1 fa , E1 1 x 'rs R121 1145 L' 1' 2-Q 14 1.' 1 .1 v -f'- ,j .Aft : 'i " 1 an Alt viva iwirlthk j3hNz-113. N XX W" ' ' ,FEA 1 1111 1 ,V .1 ff 1 P M 1 'N 1 J. 1 I' 21 '151'11'1 Y C ,, 1 1. 11 115 , 1 ff ,711 1 11 11 I 'fs 11 2 1 15 1 1 ' ' 1-15, 1 . 1 1 -gn-'..v1m:f,zn.4.+.1m5s-1:ff .- 'ww -1 - 1 1 1w4ff.1:fff:awa'i'A:S1R-"'r1e 1. whim ja,11.5,-af-,Mr-71qftilffiiiiifsy-5,.g-45511 11-11 1,31 111 1 Mgr!1-.'P:,5gig1,.,i,gjli1,1 ",-'-::35.,,'xf? N. ' "'-1,5-A Qiie41 11 - 1 , H-,-fge,-w,,.-:.1rfp "-t,.,,m11g ,V X7-Q -- - 1 1. mul 1 , SQ' Q1 1 lm - A T, .,.1. 1 1 11 M1 1 1 'X-1 1 Hari, g 1 Q- 1 x fJ1??f',:19? ' "Tu ., 1' M991- 1 -111 f,"ms.g , . 1- Twx 11:11 i f 1 '1 1 if 1 3 1' 'I' 'iii' 'V f'3f1'A:i1 - 1. x N -1111 .1 .1 V .1 uf tgp - 115 ,w-F 1-f Signs- 1-1, - N 1:5 1 ' 1 1 0 N V-5 1 . ii R 1, . 1 1. , 1 1 1 "SM, 112311 gf'--,in VTX-4 1. A 5,4-V 5 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E X? ii:-X? +1 in 11 15 111 1 ' A3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1141 1 --.1 1 .1 "3 T1 ' 1 1 1 1111 111 1 11111 1 1 1' f 1 1 1 1 1 111 1111 -1110 1112 , 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 9 4 1 1 1 1 A 91 1 1: 1 151 1 5 111.1 P w 11111 1111 1 1 ' il 'F Milfs 1 1111.11 1 1 111.11 1. 1 wif 1 ' 1 1111 1 ,1.:,fg1gi 11 1 ,11 91 1 'P Y 1 . L W? M v 1 I 1,1 ,F :1 .1 L f 1513117 1 1 3 5' 7 1 If " f U 1 1 A , 1 :A I is R 1' -ik? fr .-1 :L 'fl Y 1 1 , .. gyxJx.1x1x1x1 -kJk.f'.'x1xJ B lock "A " Society OFFICERS FALL '30 SPRING ,31 Bill Smith ..,.,..... ,,,,,,,,,, P residenf .....,,., ,,.,.. , HI-Iolly Fitting Jim Triolo ,..,.,. ...., V ice-Presideni ,,,,,,,,,, ......., P ere Nizzoli Bob Vermillion ,,...,......,,.,...,,,,, Secrefary ,,,,...,,.,,...,.,,,,,,, Bob Vermillion THIS YEAR the Block "A" Society again came through and at Thanksgiving time fed more families than ever before. Due to the de- pression and hard times it was necessary to feed more families. The Block "A" men also helped at the football games in keeping order and as ushers. This term there are to be given three four-star "Av sweaters. The men to get these awards are Frank Vierra, Baseballg Ray Hitchings, Track, and Jim Triolo, Swimming. BOB VERMILLION, Manager. -..ff 1 12 f'xfNfXfNfNlN R, X, x, -l Cf-Cfxfyfxxgf 5, t F I VARSITY FOOTBALL, 193 0 T011 Row: Coaches Freeman and Young, Hadyn, Helmstein, Bannworth, Peat, XValkup, Weed, Nova, Brodcrson, Mullins, Schleichcr, Scheucrman. Nfirfzflc Row: Stanton, Oliver, Cassoni, W'estphal, Lowry, Perenon, Loring, Blum, Farwell, McClure. Bollom Rout Bernhard, Beach, Caulkins, Schwartze, Feldhammer, Smith fCapt.j, Bordeaux, Truesdalc, Bettcrton, Grazzini. PRACTICE GAMES ALALIEDA OPPONENT ALAMEDA OPPONENT 2 0 Castlemont 6 2 McClymonds 13 12 San Leandro 0 0 Polytechnic 6 0 Technical 6 0 St. Mary's 0 0 Roosevelt 1 3 3 0 Eureka 0 LAST FALL,S football season was built of a series of winning and losing episodes. Coach Chris Freeman, who had Carl Young as his assist- ant, kept long hours of practice, and had the team in good shape. But injuries, sickless, and bad "breaks,' seemed to follow the team. Alameda played eight practice games, of which four were won, two tied, and two lost. Of the three Alameda County League games that we played, two were lost. Alameda scored a total of 82 points for the season while their opponents tallied but 46. --f-33113 -1- fNfNfNfxf-XA xl xx XJ xj xl ,'f, -', ,- ,TY-- i x.!g1xf'gjxJx1x! A , X . FRANK VANNEST ,Q- ilsi v Q l "3 Bon FELDHAMMER f ,, -ig! M . 2- H1 L. HASSEL I E Cajwfaiu, BILL SMITH fs 1, Q . 5 M Couch, CHRIS FREIZIAXN . r 13' Y ' iw? ' V E 'I 'z -.Zi 'H fl M CORLEY SCHWRRTZE 'S 3- l 'R .. W T 1.1. N H ' se :I V LL HERBERT 114 N zz Louis Nom XV,xRR1iN HADYN 'ff 2 X 4 'O ALUEN STANTUN 1 1 ,, , 'JNJX-'NJ A-Ill X1---fxfvv ' 4 4 2 X 5 x r M 'Aw 5 , I 3 4' CHARLES BANNWORTH I i 4 Tom Bn'rT11m'oN 1 i I 1 ' . gf fi 1 l ' v f t if 1 BILL CALxxws JACK BEACH F ,J DICK BORDEAUX 4 31+ f vi Bon SCHLEICHER m " wif, . ,L y 4 'f ,ff , ' v if 1 4 UART" PERENON -' 'iff 1 1 5 -si AI f . I' 1 x H WAY 'Q R 1, X MAURIQE BRODERSON Fm NK WALKUP Dum BAKE fXf'xfNf'Nn.fxf4. KNFX xxyfxxyxyfyfxf N! League Games THE PIEDMONT game was a very hard fought battle. In the first quarter the two teams battled on about even terms, but the Ala- meda High boys seemed to be lacking the punch that they had displayed in the last game that we had seen them in QSt. Mary,sj , and soon we began to tire. Dick Bordeaux gained the fans, eye by his spectacular stopping and the breaking up of the Highlanders' plays. The half ended with Piedmont in the lead, as they kicked a field goal in the second quarter. When the second half started our boys were full of fight and all ready to go. We made some good gains, but bad breaks gave the ball to Pied- mont. The teams then went up and down the field, and at the close of the third quarter Piedmont pushed over another score. This time it was a touchdown. Charles Bannworth broke through the opponents, line and blocked the try-for-point, and the score stood nine to nothing. This did not stop our boys, and they came back to fight the Piedmont team all the harder. In the closing minutes of the game we tried desperately to put over a score, but Piedmont, knowing that the time was short fought very hard and our boys were held oif. At this time the gun went off, and the first league game for Alameda was over-the final score being in Piedmont's favor, 9 to O. It had been a good football game. The students turned out to support the team in line style, and one of the largest crowds that ever witnessed an Alameda High School foot- ball game were present to see this game. -, 116 fNf'xfNfNfNfX XJ ,, yxyfxfxfxlyfxl THE BERKELEY game, although the score was rather one-sfded, was a good football game. Berkeley High School should be very proud of its football team, for it was one of the Hnest high school teams a person could wish to see. When the game started it looked as if Berkeley would walk right down to a touchdown, but our boys came to life just at our goal line, and Jack Beach punted out of danger for the time. Berkeley then tried four stabs at our line, and much to their surprise we held them. For the first time in the game, Alameda had the ball where she could try some running plays. After two plays at the line, and a short pass, we made first down, and the Alameda fans went wild with joy. On the next play we tried a pass and Berkeley intercepted it- bringing to an end our chance to score. In five or six plays Berkeley had pushed over the first score of the game, with "Chili" Bertoli doing most of the work. Berkeley started the second quarter by kicking off to us. Throughout this quarter Berkeley held the upper hand, and had it not' been for che great punting of Jack Beach the score might have been much larger Berkeley managed to put over nother score before the half ended to make the score 12 to 0 The second quarter opened with Alameda fighting for dear life The boys managed to hold Berkeley on just about even terms in the third quarter At this point of the game the line was working as one man and Berkeley found it hard to get through Toward the end of this quarter was again missed In the fourth quarter vs e held off the threats of Berke ley until the final minutes of the game when Berkeley scored again t make the score 25 to 0 We can well be proud of our boys for we held Berkeley to the lowest score of their season. Smith, Stanton Beach Feldhammer, Bannworth and Calkins played a great game -'--wif 117 1 U . 7 a Bertoli managed to get over another touchdown, but the try for point I A I I - Y . . x . , 0 . , . 5 5 , . rx " 1-x rx ef ese?ew-twat 'W' :w- gtiEsf,..,effe..f'- Q V Alameda closed her football season with a victory over Richmond. All of the scoring was done in the final minutes of the game, by Captain Smith and Nova. As the timers, gun was out these players fought to get in their last touchdowns for the high school. Richmond put up a good fight but our boys had the upper hand of the battle at all times. The final score was in our favor, 12 to 0. Alameda loses over nine first string players, and a number of second string men this year. A number of these men played their last football game for Alameda High School at this time. Q12 1 v we is The class B Football team did not score up a lot of victories last season, but showed a lor of spirit in their games. The team was coached by Homer Dobbins, former varsity football man, and Captain Jim Simp- son led the men. The two important games, St. Mary's and Berkeley, were both lost, but the team showed a lot of fight and pep. With Berkeley our boys played a very fine game, and for the first half we out-played them. We got as far as their one-yard line but here Berkeley held us, and we lost our one big chance to score. Berkeley had come over with the idea that they could walk right through our line, but much to their surprise, we held them. In the second half Berkeley took to the air, and as most of our back- Held ment were short, they were very successful. 1 18 Eg.-- D D c cc , ij ,N ,X ,-X, fy ,e'Tf5 A24-L-W? , -Q xzxfxjxxxz -1 r, pf'-.,'x.f Top Row: Perenon, Schwartze, Lowry, Breed, Vorheis, Peat, Peacock. Third Row: Coach Young. Cook. Lee. Gintice. Brock. Punches. Kim. Second Row: Nizzoli, Nova, Thompson, Pooley. Fin! Roux: Vargas, Vierra. Bollom: Lombardi fCapt.j. Varsity Basketball THE 1930-31 basketball season was fairly successful at Alameda High. In thirteen practice games played, seven were won. In the Alameda County Athletic League six games were played. This schedule left us with a S00 average. The Hornet quintet tallied a total score of 484 for the season while our opponents caged 442. Head Coach Otto Rittler took charge of the squad at the beginning of the season, until Coach Carl Young, Who assisted Chris Freeman on the gridiron, could take over the Work at the end of the football season. Coach Young is to be congratulated on his good Work in this, his Hrst season at Alameda. Sixteen members of the team are to be graduated this year. This leaves much room for new material. The Class B will provide some ex- cellent talent. We take this opportunity to wish Coach Young all the success pos- sible, and We feel sure the next basketball season will be a bigger and better one under his guidance-Good Luck, Carl. 119 Ea..- m.i' 5'.'Nf,'f?N',..f,,'fx- A xuyfxfxfyzxfxfgf AAXA ,. , w NORMAN VARGAS xy Y gf I Ji 'V E F EL D, X I Q. JOE THOIVISON 6' xf x1X.! Q a X QUZY5 I . ,g VV I V 3 V 5 f B 5. u ef I if V Nr ' , rt., 3 5 WM 1 ,X w 'fm A C L- - Captain, JOHN Lommuml PETE ,Q " Us 1 , A , M -gf x , 5 4k 5, X xX Couch, CARL YOUNG 1 V , n WILI. GINT'klIiE-AI. PEACOCK L GEORGE TUW'NS i' V 'LOUIS Novfx 1' T HSV? ' W , V f - I E rj 2- ' MINE A Y 1 ' . 5:5 E X, ' wk: -E KH. Q Kll v K, K Vi VV 'A l . ky , ' if ! 5 i -'. V' ' an 3 , I ZI, V 14 3 Q V O if :I " h LOWIU' COOK LEE PEAT RIED A CORLEY SCHXVARTII ,gf 129 hen.- fNfNfNfN fNf'XlN XJ yfxfxzxfxfxf League Games ALAMEDA 30-BERKELEY 33 THERE WAS a lot of fight in the first Alameda County Athletic League game, and some dispute as to the last basket shot. Alameda played a hard game, but Berkeley won out in the last few minutes. ALAMEDA 29-RICHMOND 23 Alameda won its first home game of the League. Nizzoli was the star and high-point man, with a total of thirteen points. The game was a thriller and our boys fought hard. ALAMEDA 29-PIEDMONT 25 We played the best game in our career against Piedmont. Louis Nova, better known in football circles, sunk a long shot to win the game and place this school in a tie for Hrst place in the League. ALAMEDA 27LBERKELEY 29 After a good game the week before with Piedmont, the Alameda team seemed "ragged" in this game. Defeat from Berkeley put the team out of running for the championship. ALAMEDA 26-RICHMOND 28 This game was played in the opponent's court before a large crowd. It was a fast, rough game, with a large number of fouls. Alameda took an early lead, but fouls soon forced the regulars out of the game. ALAMEDA 42-PIEDMONT 25 In this game Alameda cut loose. Piedmont never had the lead, and the boys were dropping them from all corners of the court. Class "B" Basketball The Class "B" Basketball team had a colorful, if not successful, season this year. They played a total of twelve games, of which we won five. While the figures do not show victories, all of the games were good. Extra periods were common, and in many cases accounted for the de- feat of the team. In the second Richmond game, three extra periods were necessary to break a tie. Lead by Bill Kint, captain, Bob Gardiner, Dale Peak, and others showed promising varsity material for the future. Tenms '3 I This year a great deal of interest has been shown in tennis, that in previous years was lacking. The team composed of Bill Hill, Jack Morrison, Lawrence Messinger, Henry Bouche, and Leslie Haefner, who acted as their coach, had a very fine season. We played several games and broke about even. We hope that next year we will be able to form a league, and get tennis really going as a sport at Alameda High. 121 EW- YfXfNfxf'xfxfX l 3' di I , XY ,. wi CLASS B BASKETBALL Firsl Row: Hunter, johnson, Stubbs, Coach Jolley. Second Row: Haslam, Cottelo, Amaral Third Row: Allen, Smallenbergcr, Peak, Madakora. Bottom: Kint, Gardner. Coach Freeman, Chamberlain, Manager. Standing: Irving, Dobbins, McLaren, Hopping, Caird, Peterson, Richardson. Kneeling: McCall, Peck, Noyes, Prendable, Johansen, McKate, McCloud. Ldbglogvmv g V V g , -, N-lf":2L V V V -C, U . . C C C C , C M I - - 3 - i U aww .L - an. ..,.., ,ag-aw. K- , ,M . . . , . .331--MM Q E i . . 'H ll II T017 Row: Haskins. Peacock, Wessel, Andragna, Mullins, Church, Feldhammer, Madaglia, King, Everett, Sandals, Lombardi, Vezalich. Second Row: McCall, Carrie. Helmstein, Ashley, Vargas, Hadden, Vermillion, Vierra, Coach Rittler, Fillipelle, Amarell, Stark, Sylvester, Grazzini. First Row: Tiedeman. Carlamagno, Hopper. Randell, Downer. A C A L L ' fl . . . . fag U5 16177165 ALAMEDA " 7 . ,,,,,,, Richmond ,,,, .... . 8 8 .,.. Berkeley . 4 C 8 ..,, W Richmond i...... 5 Q 10 ..,,,, Berkeley ,,,,,,, 5 C Final S ......,,,,,,,,,,.... , ,.,., ,. Centerville ....,,,.,,,,..,....,,....,,. 6 AT THE beginning of the league, Alameda was considered the under C dog because of its poor showing in the practice games. In the first league game with Richmond, we lost a hard gfought 11 inning game. In our next game We did better, and took our old rivals into camp, by winning 8 to 4. In the second game with Richmond we defeated them, and this put us into the lead for the Class A league. The following H Week we Went to Berkeley, and again we Won from them by the score C of 10 to 5. C Coach Otto Rittler, head of the physical education department and C veteran coach of the Alameda ball team gave untiring efforts in an K --if 123 E C C -g vnnr C yfyfxxxfyfxf xfgfglxzxl attempt to take the team to Japan on the invitation paper, but failed to meet the requirements by not Coast championship. In the final game of the baseball season we lost had won the class B league, by the score of 5 to ahead a number of time, but couldl not stay there. of a Japanese news- winning the North to Centerville, who 6. Our boys were In baseball, Alameda had a fairly successful season, winning nine of the games played in the practice season, tieing one game, and losing eight. In the Alameda County Athletic League, Hve games were played, of which three were won and two lost. The ball team will have plenty of material for the next baseball season, for a number of veterans will be back to meet Coach Rittler. On the other hand we will lose a number of veterans, among them Captain Vierra, Peacock, Lombardi, Nizzoli, Stark and others. Wfe hope that the ball team will get an other chance to take a trip to some other land, and show the outside world just what kind of ball players Alameda can turn out. 'Y v i , , N LN g an I : ' .'M"i'3 i. it ff - L ' Q V fa- h A , Q7 ' 'x , , , JOHN LONIBARDI Louis XIFZALICH ' ITTLER W xv' fig , Q-.mains i , ll XQ if . ag I RED ILIPEL 4 Cu fain, FRANK VIEKKA AI. PEACOCK 124 fNfxfxfNfN -' l' Q 1 xx y -1 x - Y xx yfxJxJx1x1 lx - ,. X-fkfxfxfkf f 1, xi. gig., . . , f IN TI-IE A.C.A.L. track meet the Alameda boys did themselves credit. Twenty-five men from Alameda took places in this meet. In the 440 Capt. Hitchings took a first place, and set a new record of 52.5. Joe Thompson was right behind Ray to take a second place. The 880 run was one of the most exciting races that Alameda track fans have ever seen. All of the men entered in the race finished within five yards of the leader. Eddy Walten ran a great race. losing out to Eggert of Piedmont by about a yard. Dick Brace finished third. In both the 100 and 200 Euler finished second, and Hornung third, both men ran great races. In the low hurdles Jack Beach took first place, and Schwertfeger took a fourth. In the high hurdles Hans Schwertfeger did better, and he took second place, to finish right behind Wood of Berkeley, who broke the record. In the mile run We did not do so well, and we finished fourth, Walten looked tired in this race, no doubt he had given a good part of his strength in running the 440. In the pole vault both Marcum broth- ers tied for third. In the shot Calkins and Nova finished second and third, and in the discus Lowery and Westfall finished second and third. Nova set a new javelin record of 165 feet 8 inches and Calkins took third. Taking two places in the broad jump, and winning the relay Cnew recordj. W'e won the meet by over 15 points. -. ag 125 -i-- fXfNfNfNfx -VL-1- xl v- XJXJXILJXJ Top Row: Patten, Hall, Blum, Stanton, Coach Freeman. Second Row: Boclinson, Fitting, Tr'olo fCapt.j, Barcersby, Brandenburg, Cima. First Row: Colburn, Horwegg Guslander, Gilman, Boucher, Essex, Barry. fx fi- THE ALAMEDA swimming team has not had such a successful season this year, but as the season neared its close hopes for winning the Alameda County Athletic League were higher. Chances do not look so good for winning the North Coast Section meet at Redwood City, as Palo Alto has been turning out fast times and lots of Hrst places. The loss of Alden Stanton, three year first string swimmer, was a blow to the team. PRACTICE GAMES ALAMEDA OPPONENT 45 H ,,.., California Frosh .,,, W 30 45 .,.,,,...,, Sequoya ,,,.,,,.... 2 8 3 3 ....,,... ,, .,,, Palo Alto ....,..,....,, 3 6 2 3 .,.,.,, Menlo Junior College ,.,,,., 42 2 S M W ,,,.,,.,,,, Palo Alto ...,.,,,,, 48 Z 2 8 ,....i,,, .,,,,,...,, S tockton ,,,.... .,,.r., .,,.,, 6 3 The Alameda team will lose a number of Veterans this year, but some promising lower classmen will try to fill their places. 126 Eg.- '1 ' 1. , 1 '. ' ,N me fs, X x, N , -V-, xv, cz N.,fx1f.f uf 'cf l Girls' A thletic Association OFFICERS FALL ,3O SPRING '31 Genevieve Caron. .,7,. .. .v..7,7.77,., Prcsidenf ....A . ., Betty Crawford Dorothea Hay ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,V.. Vice-President ..7..,, ,,7,,,,,,,,,,,7 I na Hunter Betty Crawford ,,,,,,, ..,,,.,.. . Secretary .....,. ,,,,,,,, M arion Gilman Peggy Corless ....,,,,,,,,,, ,...,., , ,Treasurer ,,,,, .. . .,..,,, Dorothea Hay Frances Glover ,...,,,.,,,........., Song Leader ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,Peggy Corless Marion Gilman, ,,,.,,,,.,,,.,.., Pubiicify ,,,,.,,.... Bobbie Schwertfeger MORE AND more the G.A.A. is becoming active in school affairs. Last term the annual Jinx was a big success under the management of Jeanette Fitzsimmons. All those who went to the Roosevelt Hi Play- day agreed that they had a rousing good time. As for this term the girls were guests of the University of California and also of Oakland Hi. About twenty-five girls attended these get-togethers and enjoyed them- selves immensely. As a new feature of the G.A.A., pins were adopted, which proved to arouse a great deal of enthusiasm among the G.A.A. members. Although the spread has not yet taken place, it has been planned to have some field competition before the spread, after which there will be guest speakers. The girls will receive their letter and numerals, as usual. BASEBALL This year, baseball was as popular as ever, it having its full quota of enthusiasts. A new schedule was tried this year-each game being a 127 l C ' ,-x',x',-Q',X ,N ,X yfxfxfxfxfxf - - QQ Q league game, thus affording more competition. It was ably managed by Olga' Flink, and Miss Stockwell proved to be a very good coach. The winning team of this sport was the combined forces of the 1A's and the 1B's. SPEEDBALL The turnout for Speedball this term was not very large, but what they lacked in numbers they made up with lots of enthusiasm. The games were unusually close, and in the final game between the Juniors and the Seniors, only three points stood between the 3AB's and victory. The Seniors won, thus earning their numerals. Dot Eckert managed this sport, and Miss DiVecchio was the coach of this sport. LETTER WINNERS At the end of each term the G.A.A. holds its semi-annual spread, at which numerals and letters are awarded to the lucky girls. Last Novem- ber at the spread, Circle A's were awarded to nine girlsg winged A's to five girls and block A's were awarded to Alwyn Arnold, Grace Ghiorso, Roberta Kneedler, Bertis Talbot and Dot Eckert. For each 300 points over 1200, a star is awarded. Alice Bartlett, Elsie Martenson, Virginia Flett and Betty Crawford received this honor. -...,Z+ 128 Ea..- fxfNfNfXfNfN XJxJx.1x1x1 Q99 KJ I SWIMMING SO FAR this term swimming has been very successful. It is being held at Neptune Beach, and proves to be quite popular. Due to the large turnout, we have two coaches, Miss DeVecchio and Miss Fitzgerald. The meet has not yet been held, so it is still a deep, dark mystery as to who the final winners will be. The girls, however, are practicing. Some are passing the various tests, while others are taking a course in Red Cross Life Saving. It is hoped that many will be able to become members of this organization. CREW As with swimming, the outcome of the crew races are yet unknown. The turnouts have been fairly large, although some have become dis- couraged by the bad weather that always seems to come on Wednesdays. All crews are practicing hard, and it is quite difficult to decide who will be the final winner. The annual crew supper is being planned, which will take place after the final races are over. Mildred Kelber is the man- ager this term, and Miss Danielson is the coach. ICE SKATING Although Ice Skating is a comparatively new sport in the high school, it has many enthusiasts, judging from the number of girls who turned out for it. They certainly had fun slipping and sliding around the Arena. Ice skating is considered only a minor sport at this time, and 25 points are given to those who are out for the sport. -sq 12 9 I c ---i fXf'Nf'xfNfN yjxlyfxfm xx - y1g!y1xJxJ HOCKEY PERHAPS one of the best and most interesting Hockey seasons fin- ished with a bang, having the most exciting game in the history of sports at Alameda High. The team composed of the 3a's, 4a's and 4b,s won by a close margin over the 3b's. The sport was managed by Mary Flett, and coached by Miss Fitzgerald, which probably accounts for the suc- cessful season. The winning team was composed of Alice Bartlett Ccap- tainj, Charlotte Christenson, Dorothy Cooper, Betty Crawford, Ber- nice Fricke, Daisy Hing, Ilse Hoy, Pearl Lee, Bobbie Schwertfeger, Eloise Schubert, Helen Houser, Dorothea Hay, Ina Hunter, Roberta Kneedler, and Olwyn Arnold. STUNTS The stunt team of the Fall '30 made quite a name for itself by put- ting on a splendid act for the High Seniorpheum, following the novel idea of making themselves human golf balls and rolling around on a mini- ature golf course. The girls who took the part of golf balls were: Dorothy Eckert Cmanagerj , Alice Bartlett, Lois Bunn, Edith Derby, Janet Ferren, Olga Flink, Betty Howell, Helen Houser, Margerite Hobbs, Doris Johns, Juanita King, Rebecca McKenna, Mamie Perato, Mary Rainey, Dorothy Sutherland, Ethelyn Seeman, Lorraine Spencer, Bobbie Schwertfeger, and Glory Wfychoff. Miss Fitzgerald deserves a lot of credit for having coached such a good team. 130 Ee-- fNlNlNfNf'x C1 X,-C,'xJ"4..l,.. TENNIS, FALL, '30 IN THE fall interclass tennis elimination tournament, Alice Gibson again succeeded in capturing the laurels, while Frances Glover, her van- quished rival, came in second. Other winners were Ruth Borsuk, Kath- ryn Currier, Alberta Machen, Helen Hauser, and Jean Smeltzer. We rather wonder if there,s hope for anyone else after Alice takes a hand. In the meantime, we are watching and waiting. GOLF, FALL, I3 0 Though the turnout was small among those who qualified, the results made up in quality for the deficit in numbers. Under the efficient tutelage of our poular instructor, Earl Fry, the girls became quite professional, some of them actually shooting under one hundred. RIDING This sport is held each week at the Lake Aliso Riding School at Mills College, under the instruction of Miss Cornelia Cress. At the Oakland Annual Horse Show on February 7th, our repre- sentatives were Edna Furrer, Eleanor Pickersgill, Alice Blinn, and Jane Kahl. This term a novel picnic was held, the participants enjoying a six- hour ride in Sequoia Park. Under the able management of Jane Kahl, a horse show is to be staged later in the term among the girls themselves The Third Annual Lake Aliso Horse Show will be held on Saturday May 30, and will be participated in by several Oakland riding groups Those turning out are Eleanor Pickersgill, Alice Blinn, Edna Furrer Zelda Long, Laverne Kahl, Mary Pond, Jane Kahl Cmanagerj , Hanalla Thomas, Virginia Schultz, Carol Guerin, Frances Manion, Rosemary Collier, and Valora Wylley. CANOEING A new course for enjoyment was opened last term with the com mencement of canoeing, under the able management of Miss DiVecchi0 The turnout was past all expectations. Tournaments will be held among the members next year. This term we were learning the fundamentals We had a wienie and marshmallow roast and a moonlight ride on the lake All those who turned out for this sport seemed to have a wonderful time 131 Ea..- 9 , of this sport. Similar to the crew supper, a canoeing picnic was held. rx rx ' fx W - Y . , L , ,anew-..-.M V - +- Vxfxjxjvxjxy ---Y. XJXIXIX-IX-I' THIS year the basketball season Went over with a bang. More girls than ever turned out for this favorite sport, and some wonderful con- tests Were held. Each year this sport is becoming more and more popular, and in time it may become the leading girls' sport. VOLLEY BALL This year the 3B team Won this sport, those Who were on the winning team were: Bertis Talbot CCapt.j, Louise Echenberger, Marie Rasmussen, Florence Postel, Dot Eckert, Mary Flett, Meredith Stowe, Phyllis Jones, Catherine Ratto and Elsie Martensen. Miss Stockwell Was the coach and Elsie Martensen the manager. -..,.,3+ 1 3 2 Ea..- lXfNf'xfXf'Nf'x FNNN Tv 'W P+ P C I 2 D r Q q LEDERER, STREET SLZEUS CO.,INC. consider it a privilege to have been printers to Alameda High School and the staff of the Acorn in producing this 1931 edition. z 'ff' , L J , iiii Q ,, PRINTERS TO SCHOLASTIC INSTITUTIONS FOR MORE THAN TNVENTY YEARS - xxx! ..., ,,-, x,1xJ'y! x.1 El W - -- ---- - --- -- 'El C l c E 1 I I STUDENTS ATTENTION! PATRQNIZE I YGUR CAFETERIA Moderate Prices X z r DANCING FINE Foon Q T j T 'Twig IC T C A,xf,X,sfawi,a-fi x,1x1x,fx.!x.fx.x xxx! qi- H!! 5, AM if 1 RI-menzbrr , , . You can save time and money by buying your Party and Dinner Favors from us. A larger :Issorh ment at much lower price than at the larger storee elsewhere. C. A. NEWCOMB 1435 Park Street Alameda, Calif. SERVICIQ VOGUE QUALITY CLEANERS AND DYERS FORD H. THOMASON ITIOTEI, ALANIEDIX BLDG. -542 Santa Clara Ave. Pham' :XI.anIcd.I 0510 S l XVEBSTER ST. 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DOWD D I E T Z C OP'roMETmsT - OPTICIAN M O T O R C O M P A N Y Complete Optical Service ALAMEDA,S Ci FORD DEALER C Hours: 8:30 to 6:00, or by appointment Pbww AL2fned3 1544 In Our New Building, Park Street if 2331 SANTA CLARA AVENUE and Buena Vista Avenuc V: 3 Alameda, California T Pbolzc ALa111cr1a 2321 in T STAT l SAY IT WITH FLOWERS I 1 1 1 ' upon every occasion. For the holiday remembrance, in the r sick rom, at the wedding . . . flowers express your senti- V ment best. just phone us . . . we'1l do the rest. CORSAGES 1 BASKET FLOWERS f-Q HAYASHI FLORAL COMPANY l HARRY H. KONO, Proprietor W 2305 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda Phone ALameda 0539 Member Florixts' Trlvgrapb Dcliurry Associaiion, Inc. l... ... Y,i7,,,, i ,...Y .DW Y L E Q 1 D i fx il N 39 Ilmmn Sinus Alu RRIILY x Co., lxn r 1

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